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The Evening Sun Apr 28, 1911

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Tenth Year—No. 25
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. April 28, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
High Estimate for Building
of Subway—Lumber
Contract Let
Tbe mayor and all tbe aldermen
except Aid. Davis were present at
the council meeting on Monday
The following tenders were received from lumber firms to supply
the city with lumber for sidewalks:
Danville Lumber 4 Milling company, $13.50 per 1000 feet, f.o.b.
Qrand Forks; Karamin Lumber
company, Republic, 12 to 16 feet
lengths $11.50, 18 feet $12.50 per
1000 f.o.b. Grand Forks; Republic
Lumber company, rough $11.50,
surfaced one side $12.50, f.o.b.
Grand Forks; Allen & Norris, $13.50
f.o.b. Grand Foras. On motion ot
Aid. Lequime and Bonthron, tbe
tender of tbe Karamin Lumber
company was accepted.
A communication from W. O,
Miller, district superintendent of the
C.P.R., stated that it would cost
$8800 to construct a standard subway at the Winnipeg avenue crossing, and nothing but a standard
subway would be considered by tbe
company at present. He adviced
the council to hold tbe matter in
abeyance unti.l the company's plan
for more extensive improvements in
this city were more fully matured
T.ie repair of the Winnipeg avenue
bridge was referred to tbe chairman
of tbe board of works. He was instructed to examine tbe structure
and call for tenders tor tbe work.
A letter Irom Ihe provincial secretary stated that a permit admitting Jas. Dent to the Old Men's
Home at Kamloops will be issued
as soon as there is vacancy in tbat
Tenders for the city's range were
received as follows: Mrs. Henry
Eyre, $25; H. C. Kerman, $35. It
was sold to Mr. Kerman. A number of the aldermen stated that they
had not seen the advertisement in
the mayor's personal organ offering
this article for sale.
A letter from a Vancouver insurance agency informed the council
that the insurance on the city had
expired and asked if tbe council
desired the same renewed The
clerk was instructed to renew the
policy with a local agency if possible.
A letter irom tbe Vancouver Rubber Co., Ltd., stated tbat 500 feet ol
hose and other appliances for the
tire department, ordered by former
Clerk Minhinnick, had been shipped.
The mayor informed the council
that Mr. Minhinnick had ordered
these goods without authority from
the council,'and he, the mayor, had
subsequently cancelled the order,
but the company had refused to accept the cancellation because tbe
goods had already been shipped
from Toronto. The city solicitor
expressed the opinion that the city
would nnt be obliged to accept the
order. On motion, the clerk was instructed to explain the situation to
the company, and to show them
where they erred in not accepting
the cancellation.
The usual number of accounts
were-ordered to be paid, and John j
Hay was voted a salary of $3 per
day while acting ae assistant city
The chairman ol the water and
light committee reported that L. A.
Campbell bad notified the committee
that, the power contract, which expired the second week of the. present month, would be extended until
he had time to draft a new one.
M.' Frankovitch, of the Grand
Forks hotel, addressed the council
in support of tbe construction oi a
sidewalk from his hotel to Woodland's drug Btore on First street.
He stated he had been unable to secure tbe signatures of the interested
property owners to a petition asking
for the construction of the walk, as
it had been destroyed by fire, and
they claimed it waa lbe duty oi the
city to rebuild it. On motion oi
Aid. Lequime and Smith, the .counoil decided to build an eight-foot
walk between tbe points mentioned.
Aid. Downey'b curiew bylaw was
given its second reading, considered
and adopted in committee, and tben
read ior the third time.
A request was received from the
Black Hawk livery that the city
bouse the ambulance in its own
barn. The clerk was instructed to
notify tbe owners oi the vehicle
that tbe city had no room for it.
On motion, the hours (or sprinkling lawns were set irom 6 to 10 a.
m. and from 4 to 9 p.m.
On motion of Aid. Lequime, the
time ior the return of the assessment
roll was extended-to May 8.
The water and light committee
was authorized to place two street
lights on Sixth street.
Tbe city engineer was instructed
to check up tbe water taps, tbe
council authorizing him to ' employ
a man to take his place at the pump
station while he performed tbe
The Spinners
Mrs. Gowland's sewing class will
hold their first sale uf useful antl
fancy articles, on Mr, Gowland's
lawn, on Saturday, May 6th. from 4
to 7 o'clock. The girls will serve
tea, sandwiches and cake for 15 cents.
Also on sale, home-made candy. Come
and take a cup uf tea or a dish of ice
cream with the girls.
Thirty Feet of the Granby
Flume Collapsed This
Morning      ■.  *
lie, 12; New Republic, 20; Gold
Coin, 4. Many oi these faces are in
the same ledges, but a large number
of them are in independent   shoots.
The manager of the New Republic mine expects to have the first
250-ton unit ol the new mill in
operation by June 1.
At about 9:30 this morning a
break occurred in tbe Granby flume,
300 yards above the power house,
and thirty ieet oi the structure were
carried away. The accident to the
flume will not affect the operation
oi tbe smelter, as it simply means
that more oi the Bonnington Falls
power will be used at the works.
Tbe flume waB constructed about
twelve years ago, when the smeller
was built, and the accident bas been
expected for some time past.
The high winds during tbe first oi
tbe week blew a laundry in Chinatown askew. It now resembles
the leaning tower oi Pisa. The
sky end oi the building occu
pies the air space oi another Chinaman's ground property. This has
raised serious legal complications
among tbe Celestials. The man
who oww the lot on which the atmosphere has been pushed off by
the top story oi the building claims
that he is entitled to ground rent,
while the laundryman points to the
fact tbat bis building does not occupy any ol bis neighbor's ground.
Tbe controversy has been quite ani
mated during the past tew days.
None oi the local barristers appear
to be able to satisfy tbe disputants
as to their legal rights.
. At a meeting of the Grand Forks
Tennis club, held recently, the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: President, George M.
Lee; vice-president, J. D. Campbell;
secretary-Treasurer, C. E. Smith;
executive committee, Messrs. Lee,
Campbell, Smith, Hamilton and
Lathe. Two courts are now being
put in shape ior the season's playing, and will be ready shortly. A
tournament is contemplated, as in
former years. Any one wishing to
join the club, which has a limited
membership, is requested to com
municate witb the secretary.
A late issue of the Florists' Review,
published in Chicago, contains an
illustrated article descriptive of Frache
Bros.'s greenhouses in Lethbridge,
Alta. The establishment of this enterprising firm in the prairie province comprises two greenhouses, 32x
140 and 32x200 feet, ond a handsome
two-story residence.
The ore bunkers and a combined
compressor  room  and   shaft  house,
hich have under construction at
the Lone Star mine for some time,
have been finished. The five and one-
half miles long aerial tramway from
the mine to Boundary Falls, constructed at a cost of $1.10,000, is working
Local Talent Pleased a Large
Audience at Opera House
Last Night
Tom Donan, a well known   mining
man, has returned to   Danville   after
spending the winter in southern  Cali-     The jury which has heen  inquir
tornia. ing into the canse of  the death  of
Contracts to nurseries have been J"«« C' Fuller at Roflf,land held i,s
awarded to set out two million ap- BmI siuinB on Tuesday morning,
pie and other fruit trees in eastern »»y» the Miner. After some fifteen
Washington and north and central mimUe8 deliberation in private, the
Idaho this season. Of these more >V returned 8 v«rd,ot thit lhe de
than 400.000 will be planted in |ceased, James C Fulles-. oame to his
Spokane county, which already has dealh °» Al'ril 10 ,rom acci<lent«lly
1,600,000 growing trees. drinking or otherwise partaking oi
cyanide of potassium, which he was
working with ti the assay laboratory at the Le Roi mine.
F. L. Churchill, of Rossland, baa
just returned to the city irom a fit-
teen days' trip in the Kalaineen
mountains, where platinum and
diamonds   have   recently  been dis-
Some of the ranchers of the vulley have already begun to make
preparations to grow  a    superior
covered. On a prospect, owned by <luaHlv of fruit „n(i (i4rm pr0llucti
F. L. Churchhill  and J.  R.   Cran-' ,or exhibition at ,he  fair thU fall.
ston, tbe  government   assayer  has■ 	
found the ore to run .'U ounces of, Tbe News-Miner says that a re-
platinum and some diamonds of j cent inventory of the resources of
great value. There has been a great Republic camp showed that the
boom in this country, and great coal ( number of ore faces had been raised
fields have been discovered at Coal- approximately 200 under the new
mont; sixteen miles irom the plati- {regime. Prominent among tbe
num claims. A large mobntain oi '■ properties so fortified are the Pearl,
what is supposed to be gypsum ore' with 16 faces; Lone Pine, IS; Sur-
was also round, and on this Mr. | prise, 10; Imperator-Quilp, 30;
Churchill holds options.—Rossland! Hope, 10; Knob Hill, .7; Trade Dui-
Miner. Iar, 5; San Poil,   7; Princess Reptib-
Game Laws
The following circular in reference
to corrections in the game laws has
beeu received at the government otlice
from the provincial secretary:
You are hereby notified that the
game licenses issued in the province
are as follows:
General license (to include all game
and fish), good from January 1 to
December 31 of years of issue, £100.
Spring bear hunting license, good
from January 1 to July 14 of years of
issue, $25.
Anglers' license, good for twelve
months from date of issue, $5.
Bird license, good for season, $50.
Bird license, good for one week, only
to be issued to British subjects by the
provincial gam* warden, $5.
All other game license forms are
now obsolete and must  not be issued.
The attention of government agents
is particularly d'rjcted to the necessity
of forwarding to A. Bryan Williams,
provincial game warden, Vancouver,
on the date of the issue of each license, a memorandum giving number
of the license, the name to whom
issued, the denomination, date, and
The attention of government agents
is also called to the bounty of $2
each for the destruction of the big
horned owl, payable throughout the
, province. The bounty on this species
I can be paid on presentation of the
birds to any government agent, or ou
the production of a certificate from a
justice (if the pence that the birds ;
. were presented to him and destroyed.
The bounty on golden eagle is $3
each, anil applies only within the
counties of Cariboo, Yale and Route
nay, hut must nut be paid until the I
' legs have been furwanleil to and inspected by the provincial game ward- I
en, upon whose certificate only the
bounty will bu payable.
The buuiilv   uu   wolves,   panthers
and coyotes must not lie   paid  except
on presentation of   the whole skin, or;
a certificate from a justice uf the peace
stating   the   name   of   the person to
Whom payable, the locality where the-
animal was killed, and that a hule nut
less than a i|uarter uf an inch in   dia j
meter must by him lie punched in the'
left on   the   date  the certificate wus
granted.    Any     government   agent,
upon the presentation uf said   certificate, is authorized tu pay  the bounty
un same. ,
One oi tbe largest audiences ever
seen inside tbe opera bouse witnessed tbe presententation oi the
"Spinsters' Return," a spinsters'
convention comedy, by tbe ladies of
tbe city, assisted by three or lour
gentlemen, last night. Every Beat
wa* occupied, and some oi the
standing room had been rented. The
stage bad been beautifully decorated
ior the occasion, and it presented
pretty picture, crowded, as it was,
witb handsomely attired "spinsters"
and children.
From a dramatic standpoint the
play was not very pretentious. But
it gave ample scope for tbe display
oi the musical and literary talents
of those taking part in tbe performance, and every one acquitted themselves in a highly complimentary
manner. The numbers tbat appealed most strongly to the audience were solos by Mrs. Mclnnes,
Mies Edna Traunweiser, and little
Kathleen Kerby, the youngest member oi the company oi artists. Theae
were all heartily encored. A violin
solo by Miss Kerman waa also one
oi tbe treats oi the evening, and she
I was tendered several encores. Bet-
, sy Van Tassell's eight talented children all played their parts well, and
came in ior a round oi applause.
The ladies' orchestra bad, apparently, been organized primarily for
laughing purposes, and it had tbe
desired effect. The experiences oi
the spinsters in tbeir search for husbands were related in a manner that
produced much merriment. Tbe
chairwoman of the convention and
leader of the orchestra, and Prof.
Dinkenspiel, the hypnotist, handled
their parts well. The bachelors of
the city furnished tbe subjects for
the local hits, which were cunningly constructed and well received.
Ii the spinsters will only persevere,
undoubtedly a large percentage oi
thehachelors in the city can be
teastd into becoming benedits.
The following people contributed
their best efforts toward making tbe
entertainment a brilliant success:
Josephine .lane Solferno,Mrs. Atwool
Priscilla Abigale Hodge... Mrs.Kerby
Calamity Jane Wireworker 	
 Miss Barrett
Tiny Short Miss Davis
Rebecca Rachel Malaprop.Miss Herr
Countess Ketchum Miss Olding
Violet Ann Ruggles Mibb Miller
Charily Loiigfuce Puddytoot	
 Miss Kennan
Sophia Stuckup Bennei...,Mrs, Hay
Juliet Long Hopkinson	
 Mrs. Lawrence
Betsy Babbel Van Tassell	
 Mrs. White
Cleopatra Belle Van  Katsenjaininer
Ilaffenstein Mrs. Mclntyre
Belinda Bluegrass Afraid-ofhis-
iuce Miss Barlee
Young iiiaii-nfraid nf bis-fuce	
 Mr. Manly
Count Ketchum Mr. I). Barlee
Prof. Dinkenspiel Mr. Hay
His Assistant Mr. D. Manly
Miss McArthur
.Miss M. Barlee
 Glen Manly
Betsy  Van   Tag-    .  ..Oswald Hay
sell's children „| ...Grace  Barron
....Archer Davis
Kathleen Kerby
 Freda Davis THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
'Author ol
The Crimson Blind; Tho Cardinal
Moth; Tho Woliht of tho Crown;
Tho Oorner House; The 8laves of
alienee; Oraven Fortune; The
Fatal  Dose;  Netta.
Venner had scarcely ceased speaking before Fenwick and Vera appeared. She gave one timid glance at
Venner; then, averting her eyes, she
walked demurely across to her place
at the table. Fenwick followed, looking downcast und moody, nnd altogether unlike a man who is supposed
to be the happy possessor of millions.
Hie manner was curt and irritable,
and he seemed disposed to find fault
with everything. Venner noticed, too
that though the man ate very little,
he partook of far more champagne
than was good for anyone. Thanks
no doubt to the wine, the man's dark
mood lifted presently, and he began
chatting to Vera. The two men at the
other table appeared to be deeply interested in their dinner, though, as o
matter of fact, they were listening intently to every word thnt Fenwick
was saying. He wus talking glibly
enough now about some large house
in the country which he appeared to
have taken for the winter months
Vera listened with polite indifference.
. "In Kent," Fenwick was saying.
"Not far from Canterbury. A fine old
house, filled with grand furniture,
just the sort of place you'd like. I've
made all arrangements, nnd the sooner we get away from London the better I shall be pleased."
"It will be rather dull, I fear."
Vera replied. "I don't suppose that
I shall get on very well with county
people "
"Hang the county people," Fenwick
growled. "Who cares a straw for
them? Not but what they'll come
along fust enough when they hear
Mark Fenwick, the millionaire, is fn
their midst. Still, there is a fine park,
round the house, and you'll be able
to get as much riding as you want."
Venner watching furtively, saw that
Vera was interested for the first time.
He had not forgotten the fact that
she was an exceedingly fine horsewoman; he recollected now Uie glorious rides they had had together.
Interested as he was in tbe mysterious set of circumstances which had
wound themselves into his life, he
was not without hope now that this
change would enable him to see more
of Vera than was possible in London.
In the lonely country he would be
able to plan meetings with her; indeed, he had made up his mind to
leave London as soon as    Vera had
§one. Moreover, in this instance,
uty and inclination pointed the same
way. If the mystery was to be solved and Vera freed from her intolem-
We burden, it would ba essential that
every movement of Fenwick's should
be carefully watched. The only way
to carry out this plan successfully
would be to follow him into Kent.
"You heard that?1" he murmured to
Gurdon. "We must find out exactly
where this place is, and then look
out some likely quarters in the neighborhood. I must contrive to see Vera
and learn her new address before she
"No reason to worry about that,"
Gurdon snid. "It will all be in the
papers, the doings of these nionied
men are chrunicled as carefully -now
ng the movements of Royalty. It i«
any odds when you take up your
Morning Post in the morning that
you will know not only exactly where
Fenwick ia going to spend the winter,
but get an exact history of fhe house.
80 far as I ean see we might finish
our dinner and go off to a theatre.
We lire not likely to henr nny more
to-night, and all this mystery and
worry is beginning to get on my
nerves. What do yuu wiy to an hour
or two at the Gaiety."
Venner pleaded for a few moments
delay. So far as he was personally
concerned he felt very unlike the
frivolity uf the typical musical comedy i but still, be had finished his!
dinner by this time anil was not disposed to he churlish. Fenwiek had
now completed his repast also, and
Was sip|itng his coffee in an amiable
frame .if mind, heedless apparently of
business worries of nil kinds.
At the name moment a waiter eame
into the room and advanced lo the
millionaire's table with u small parcel
in his hand.
"A letter for von. sir. An express
letter which has just nrrived. Will
you he good enough to sign the re-
"Confound  the   people,"    Fenwick
!;rowled. "Can't yon leave me alone
or half an hour when J am having
my dinner? Take it up to my room.
You sign it. Vera."
"I'll sign it, of course," Vera replied. 'But don't you think you hnd
better open the parcel? It may be of
some importance, People don't usually send express letters at this time of
night unless they are urgent. Or,
shall I open it for you?"
The waiter had gone by this time,
taking the receipt for thc letter with
him. With a gesture Fenwick signified to Vera that she might open the
parcel. Sh,* cut the string and opened the flat packet disclosing a small
object In tissue paper inside. This
ahe handed to Fenwick who tore the
paper off leisurely. Then the decorous silence of the room was startled
by the sound of an oath uttered in
tones of intense fury.
"Curse the thing!" Fenwick cried
His yellow face was wet and ghastly
now.   The big purple veins stood out
like cords on his forehead.    "Am  I
j never to be free from the   terror of
I this mystery?      Where, did it come
j from?   How could it be possible when
the very mnn I have most reason to
dread is no longer in a position "
The speaker broke off suddenly, as
if conscious that he was betraying
himself. The little object in the tissue pnper lny on the table in such a
position that it was impossible for
Venner or Gurdon to see what it wns,
but they could give a pretty shrewd
gueis. Venner looked Inquiringly at
his friend.
"Well, what do you suppose it is?"
he nsked.
"Personally, I have no doubt what-
ever as to what It is," Gurdon said.
"I am as sure as if I held the thing
in my hand nt the present moment.
It is the second finger which nt some
time or nnother was attached to Fenwick's hand,"
"You've got it," Venner said. "Upon my word, the further we go with
this thing the more complicated it
becomes. No sooner do we clear up
one point than a dozen fresh ones
arrive. Now, is not this amazing?
We know perfectly well that the man
whom we have to cnll Bntes has been
kidnapped by our interesting friend
opposite, nnd yet here the second
warning arrives just as if Bntes were
(till free fci carry out his vengeance.
What ean one mnke of it?"
"Well, the logicnl conclusion is that
Bates has an accomplice. I fail to
see any other way of accounting
for it."
Fenwick still sat there mopping his
heated face nnd turning n disgusted
eye upon the little object on the table.
He seemed to be terribly distressed
nnd upset, though there wns nothing
like the scene on the previous occhs
ion, and doubtless few diners besides
Venner and Gurdon knew that anything out of the ordinary wns tailing
place there. But they were watohirg
everything carefully; they noted Fenwick's anxious fnce, they could henr
his stentorious breathing. Though he
had dined so freely he called for
brandy now, a lnrge glass of -which
he drank without any addition whatever. Then his agitation became lesB
uncontrollable, a little naturnl color
crept into his cheeks. Without glancing at it he slipped the little object
on the table Into his pocket and rose
more or less unsteadily to his feet.
"I hnve hnd *a shock." he muttered.
"I don't deny that I have hnd a terrible shock. You don't understand it
Vera, nnd I hope you never will. I
wish I had never touched thnt accursed mine. I wish it had hen fathoms under tbe sea beiore I heard
of it, but the mischief has b°en done
now and I shall have to go on to the
end. You oan stay here if you like—
as to me, I am going to my own
room. I want to be alone for a bit
and think this matter out.'"
Fenwick lurched across the room
with the nir of a man who is more
or less intoxicated, though his head
was clear enough and his faculties
undimmed. Still, his limbs were
trembling under him and he groped
his wny to the door with the aid of
a tnble here and there. It wns per-
Imps n rnther risky thing to do, but
Venner immediately crossed over nnd
took the sent vacnted by Fenwick.
Vera welcomed him shyly, but it was
palpable that she was ill at ease.
She would have risen had not Venner detained her.
"Don't you think you are very imprudent?" she said. "Suppose he
should change his mind and come
back here again?"
"I don't think there is much chance
of that," Venner said grimly. "Fenwick will be only too glad to be by
himself for' a bit. But tell mc, dear.
est, whit was it that gave him such
a shock?"
"I don't understand it. nt nil," Vera
snid. "lt wns something to do with
tint dreadful mine and the vengeance
connected with it. This is ihe second time the same thing hns happened within the Inst few dnys and I
fear that it wil] culminate sooner or
later ill some fenrful tragedy. I have
sonic ha/.y i'l-n of the old leifend,
but I hnve almost forgotten what it
"I don't think you need worry
about thnt," Venner said. "Though
it will have tu be spoken uf again
when the whole thing is cleared up;
but now I wish to talk to you on
more personal mutters Bid I understand Fenwick to say that he was
Inking 11 large house somewhere in
"Thnt is his intention, I believe,"
Vera replied. "I understand II is a
large dull place in the heart, of the
country. Personally I am not looking forward to it with the least V'en-
sure. Things nre bad enough here in
London, but there is always the comfortable feeling that one is protected
here, whereas in a lonely neighborhood the feeling of helplessness grows
very strong."
"You are not likely to be lonely or
neglected," Venner smiled. "As soon
ns 1 have definitely ascertained where
you are going, Gurdon and myself
will follow. It is quite necessary that
we should be somewhere near you;
but, of course, if you object "
But Vera wns not objecting. Her
face flushed with a sudden happiness.
The knowledge thnt the man she loved wns going to be so near her filled
her with a sense of comfort,
"Don't you think it will be dangerous?" she asked.
"Not in the least." Venner sai.l.
"Don't forget thai I nm a stranger
to Mark Fenwick, whioh remark ap
plies with equal force to Gurdon. And
if we take a fancy to spend a month
or two hunting in the neighborhood
of Canterbury, surely there is nothing
suspicious in that. I am looking forward to the hunting as a means by
which we may manage to get some
long rides together. And even if Fenwick does find it out, ii will be easy
to explain to him that you made my
acquaintance on the field of sport."
Vena whispered, "I may be wrong,
of course, but I feel that strange
things nre going to hnppen, nnd that
I oha'l need your presence to giv»
nie  courage."
Vera might Have said more, but a
waiter came into the room at the
same moment with an intimation to
the effect that Mr. Fenwick deeired
to speak to her. She flitted away
now, and there was nothing for it
but for Venner to fall in with Gurdon's suggestion as to a visit to the
(To ue continued.)
Warm  Pan  Neetsiary te  Handle  Ih*
Early Litters.
If the sow bas been properly fed
nnd handled dining pregnancy very
little nttention will be required ut tar-
tiwlug unless the weather should be
severe. Each sow should be placed.
Iu a pen by herself three or four days'
before due. For the early litter a
warm pen Is necessary. It sbould be
dry uud supplied with a small amount
of straw or chuff. Too much bedding
Is dangerous, ns tbe pigs are much
more apt to be lain on by the sow. A
guard rail sbould be placed elgbt
Inches from the floor nnd six or eight
Inches out from the null ns a further
menus of safety tu the pigs.
Tbe nttenduiit cun easily tell when n
sow is about to furrow by tbe milk
appoarlug in her teuts 11 few hours ln
advance. Iu cold weather It may be
necessary to dry and warm the pigs
by nrtiliclnl bent A barrel or box*
with some, bot bricks or stones
wrapped lu blankets Is excellent for
this purpose. The pigs may lie placed
In the warm box or barrel aud when
thoroughly dry and warm put back
with the sow to suckle. Sometimes lt
happens that a bow will be too cross
aud nervous to submit to bavlng tbe
pigs removed In tbis way. The man
wbo has mnde friends with bis sows
previously will cummuuly have little
difficulty In working about tbem at
this time.
Possibly some may not be nwnre of
the fnct that n newly farrowed pig will
very seldom squeal If picked up by the
tall or ear. Many pigs nre lost annually through carelessness at furrowing time, probably more tban by over
attention nt this time, although tou
much solicitude may result lu harm
The sow should be kept ns quiet ns
possible the first Iweuty-fonr huiirs. receiving nothing but waler, which
should be warmed, especially If the
weather Is ut nil cold. The fcedlur
for three or four days should be light
a warm brnn slop being given nt Hist
gradually working up to n full feec
at tbe end of a week or ten days.- |
Kansas Farmer.
Whan Spoons Were Rare
Silver spoons were not counted b)
the host in the days of goud Qui en
Bess, for tben every lady and gentle
man curried hit or her own spoon
when going out to dine. Substantia
spoons they were, too, not used tor
mincing bites, but half-grown Indies
with oviform bowls and square shanks
Only persons of wealth could afford
During the reign of Henry VIII. the
apostle spoon came into vogue. At the
top of the shanks were small figure'
of the apostles and in the days when
they were made it became the custom
to give a set of 13, including one with
an effigy of the Christ, to brides. It
was considered generous, however, to
give the wedded pair two spoons, one
for each, with their initials plainly
marked, so there would be no confu
sion at fushiouable tables. There were
nlso spoons which were a combination
of marrow borer for handle and just
plain siioon for the bowl.
How lhe Koundheads rebelled against
the religion of the Catholics is shown
by spuuus from which the saints have
been chopped. This made the shanks
hard lo hold and gradually a concession tu ornament was made by flattening tbe shanks at the end. This lorm
developed into the modern spoon with
its widetopped handle. In the past
two hundred years spoons have varied
little in form.	
Gladstone and Peel.
Gladstone's literary alms never fall*
ed lo aunu.f Sir Hubert Peel.   Thai literature would seduce Gladstone from
politics was nls tear.
Th* Battle ef Bam**.
"Ine of tbe greatest battles tbat ever
lock place lu Kugisnd was fuugbr un
nn Easter Sunday- tne great battle of
Burnet, waged during tbe Wan ot tb*
Ruse*. Tbe exact day was April 14,
Breaking Iran,
A simple way nt m-easing a num of
Iron two feet square una four feet
lung Is to bore a perpendicular Bui*
one Inch In diameter and between
three aud fnnr Inches deep. It this la
filled wltb water and closed wltb an
accurately fitting Iron boit ont oeary
olow on tbe bolt will break tli*
Into two pieces.
I* the Standard Article |
Fer making soap, aof toning water, romoviag old pals,; I
disinfecting sinks, closets, drain and for many other J
■rpotos.   A can equals 20 lba. SAL SODA.
Uttfel ftr 100 peraattt-JtU Ettrettltirt.
Shipping Fever
Influent*, pink eye, eplsootlc, distemper »nd alt noee and throat
ia, pink eye, eplsootlc, distemper
ired, and all others, no matter how "exi
any of these diseases with SFOHN'S LIQDII
Three to six doses often cure a ease.  One w-c
posed," kept from havlnff
        ■-cent bottle guaranteed to
do so. Best thing for brood mares. Acts on the blood. 50c and 11»
bottle. IB and 111 a dozen bottles. Druggists and harness shops.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. ChsmisU, Gosbea, ladlaaa. V. S. A.
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West.  We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
We art  everywhere wilh the   ttendard good*,
Paper and Matehee are our •ptcialtlat.    Lei ue
knew yeur want*—we'll da tha raat
TEH ft PERSSE, LIMITED, At'nto, Wlnrln-   'Nlgary, Edmonton,
Regina, Part William and Part Ar hur.
and OH lest:
The best equipped factory for pro
during Counter Check Books
in Canada.
5 per Day.
We are supplying the Larg-
_ \ est users of Counter Check
Company, \ Books in Canada with our
(Nat In the Tru.l.)
W* want publlihere te act aa our agantt In all Manitoba, Satk.tchewan,
Alberta and Britlah Columbia town*   Write ut lor condition! and price*
Feminine Weaknett
A very homely clergyman was severely buttered ill a railroad wreck, in
which lie suffered the loan ul a loot.
One duy, noon niter, marrying a
bcnutilul woman, thc ill-used minister met nn old Iriend on the street,
who banteringly asked how in the
world such a pretty girl came to
marry him.
"Oh, ladies like remnants I" was
the cheerful reply.
Minard't Llnlmtnt rtlitvtt Neuralgia
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs.
Topkins, "do you think you and I
will over see serious trouble with the
"No," replied he husband wearily;
"not unless we happen to get a Japanese cook."—Washington 8tar.
"The tips you give me on the market are always wrong," said Mr.
"Well," replied Mr. Chilllnerve, "il
you know tney're wrong why don't
you make a fortune playing them the
other wayP"—Louisville Courier-Journal.
"What arc you laughing at, Jos-
"I've just been thinking what a
joke it would have been on Delilah if
Samson had worn a wig."—Chicago*
Yarmouth. N.8., June 2., 1908.—"I
have been bothered with Rheumatism
for the past year and have taken a
?:ood many kinds of   medicine   and
ound no relief for it.
"One day a friend advised' me tc
try Qin Pills, so I did, and alter taking only one box of them, I felt like
a new man.
"I thought I would write you a few
lines to let you know how thankful
I feel for the relief they gave me, and.
would advise all sufferers from Rheumatism to get Gin Pills."
Sample free if you write National
Drug and Chemical Co. (Dept. N.U.),
Toronto. All dealers have Gin Pills
at 50c. a box—6 boxes for $2.60.
W. N. U., No. Ml. ..'
The Old Folks
find advancing years bring an Increasing tendency
to constipation.   The corrective they need is
" NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirety different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses ndver needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists. Money back If not satisfactory.
2Se. a box.   If your druggist hat not yet stocked them.
und 25c. and we will mall '.hem.
parauons, dj
Tttt Supreme
Host—"Well, Jones, have you looked over my new dining room?"
Jones—"Oh, yes, very carefully."
Host—"How do you like it?"
Jones—"Ah I   I'll tell you that better after dinner."
A girl practices smiling before her
looking glass, but does it much better
• before a man.
That is LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE.   Look for the signature of E. W.
GROVE,    Used   the   World   over   to
Cure a Cold in One Day.   25c.
"And when shall I take the sleeping draught, doctor?"
"Well, about fifteen minutes before
you go to sleep."—Fliegende Blaetter.
It one be troubled with oorns and
warts he will And in Holloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
He—"Well, dear, I had my life insured today."
8he—"That's just like you, always
thinking of yourself."
Mr. Andrews pral*M Dr.
Mora*'* Indian Root Pill*.
Mr. George Andrew* of Halifax, U.S.,
"For many yean I have been troubled
with chronic Constipation. This ailment never comes single-handed, and I
have been a victim to the many illnesses
that constipation brings in its train.
Medicine after medicine I have taken in
order to find relief, but one and all left
me in the same hopeless condition. It
seemed that nothing would expel from
me the one ailment that caused so much
trouble, yet at hat I read about these
Indian Root Pitts.
That was indeed a lucky day for me,
for I was so impressed with the statements made that I determined to
give them a fair trial.
They have regulated my stomach and
bowels. I am cured of constipation, and
I claim they have no equal as a medicine."
' For over half a century Dr. Horse's
Indian Root Pitta have been curing con*
atipatkm and clogged, inactive kidneys,
with all the ailments which result from
them. They cleanse the whole system
and purify the blood. Sold everywhere
at 25c. a box 2
Somewhat Dubious
'I wonder would the judge consider a plea of insanity?"
"Doubtless lie would. Why do you
"Well, my client only stole $25
A Prime Dr.stln* for Woundt,—In
some faotorles and workshops carbolic
acid is kept (or use in cauterizing
wounds and cuts sustained by the workmen. Far better to keep on hand a
bottle ol Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. It
Is just as quick ln action and does not
scar the skin or burn the flesh. There
is no other Oil that has its curative
"I've took the pledge, Bill. I'm never goin' to touch another drop as long
as I live."
"Oh! well, cheer up I Maybe ye
won't live long."
Minard't Liniment for tale everywhere
Gardening is not only a fascinating
past-time, but a philanthropic, as our
neighbor who keeps chickens will
gladly testify.
Few other troubles afflict the little ones as does constipation. Every
change of diet seems to bring this
trouble on and baby suffers from
headaches, fever, disturbed sleep and
often vomiting. No baby who suffers from constipation can thrive
well. Constipated babies nre cross
all the time and give mothers constant worry. The one sure relief for
baby constipation is Baby's Own
Tablets—they never fail to cure this
trouble and can be given to the little one with absolute safety. Concerning them Mrs. W. 8. McKenzie,
Prairie Grange, Alta., writes: "I
used Baby's Own Tablets for my
baby who was constipated from birth
and they rapidly helped her and left
her bowels in a natural condition."
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or at 25 cents a box from
The' Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.       .
Hi* Money's Worth
"Sixtane shilluns a da' did they
charrge me for my room at the hotel
in Lunnonl" roaded Sandy, indignantly, on his return to Croburgh
burghs from a sight-seeing expedition.
"Ou, aye, it wasna cheap," agreed
his father; "but ye must 'a' had a
gey fine time seein' the sichts."
"Seein' the sichts!" roared Sandy.
"I didna see a sicht a' the time I was
in Lunnon. Mon, mon, ye dinna suppose I was going to be stuck that
much for a room, an' then no get the
proper use o't!"
Blotting paper saturated with turpentine is a sure preventive against
People seem to be afraid they will
be considered common if they have
a good time in a natural way.
Plllt That Have Benefitted Thoulandl.—
Known far and near as a sure remedy in
the treatment of indigestion and all derangements of the stomach, liver and
kidneys, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills have
brought relief to thousands when other
specifics have failed. Innumerable testimonials can be produced to establish the
truth of this assertion. Once tried they
will be found superior to all other pills
ln the treatment of the ailments for
which they are prescribed.
Canadian farmland is highest in
British Columbia, where it is largely
occupied for fruit growing.
It would seem that Zam-Buk, the
famous healing balm we hear so highly spoken of everywhere, is particularly useful in the family circle. A
report sent by Mrs. E. Davey, 786
Ellicc Ave., Winnipeg, will illustrate
this. She says: "My little boy, of
three, while ploying, fell from a high
verandah to the ground, cutting his
forehead badly. Instead of calling a
doctor who would undoubtedly have
put in a number of stitches, I bathed
the wound well, and applied Zam-
Buk. The little fellow, although suffering keenly, soon had relief from
his pain. In the course of three
weeks, by applying Zam-Buk daily,
the wound was nicely healed.
"Since then I have also used
Zam-Buk for a boil which came on
my check, and which proved very
painful and looked unsightly. Zam-
Buk soon drew the boil to a head
and it then quickly banished it.
"Another time my baby was scalded on her left thigh and calf of leg
with boiling water. Directly it was
done I thought to use Zam-Buk, and
spreading some on lint I wrapped up
the baby's limb. Next morning she
rested much easier and I applied a
fresh bandage with Zam-Buk. I kept
this, treatment up daily, and was rewarded by seeing a great improvement eaeh time I dressed the wound.
In a very short space of time the
scalds were all nicely healed.
"I cannot recommend this wonderful healing preparation too highly for,
family use, and I have suoh great
faith in its healing powers that my
house is never without a box."
For all skin injuries and diseasus,
piles, eczema, salt rheum, and face
sores, Zam-Buk is absolutely unequalled. 50c. box all druggists and
stores, or post free from Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto, for price. Try Zam-Buk
Soap too!   Only 25c. tablet.
Life would be a monotonous grind
if we lived always un the sunny side
of the street!
Shilohs Gure
aaiekly slope eonaka, earoa oold*, heala
the throat aad  lnngt. .   .   . M
All 8paninrds are grent smokers
The most popular article used is the
package of twenty-five cigarettes sold
at 8 cents.
Minard't   Liniment   Curse   DandruH
"All thc publishers in the country
have turned my song down!"
"Cheer up! Think what a laugh
we've got on the fellow you stole the
music from."—Toledo Blade.
Whioh of These Picture*
Beet Represents Yonr Stable ?
Ir year Otalble Interior It ef wood, you'll do
well to tear down thot*  old,  unsightly ,
stall* and manure—and ibulld naw one*
of Concrete.
In fact, the entire Stable—Inilde and out—
■hould be built, of Concrete.
Thi* It the modern material—It haa tha
merit* of sightliness, endurance, and economy
—and la aanltary.
The farmer himself ean, 1>y It* um, make
many little Improvement! that, with any other
material, would require the employment of
skilled lahor.
IP you would know tomethlng of the pout-
bllltlaa of Concrete, nil out the coupon and
. aend It to ue. By return mall, we will tend
yeu a copy of our free 160-page book, "What
tht Farmer Can Do with Ctnentt."
In tht* book you'll nnd complete Instructions for the construction of almost everything you can think of, In the way of farm
building*, floor*, vats, trough*, etc., etc.
Nowaday*,   for   a   farmer   not   to   know
how to mix and uae concrete, le to co/ifee*
himself away behind the tlmea.
"What tke Farmer Can Do  With Concrete" Will
not only Inform you—It will also Interest you.
"What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete"'
Telle yeu hew te us* concrete In conetrucllnjt
Hem' Nettt
Hltehlnp Potts
Hone Blocke
Dipping Tanka
Poultry Heutet
Fence Pottl
Root Cellars
Feeding Fleer*
Shelter Walla
Canada Cement Co., luiw
81.00 Ifatlaaal Baal. Btilldla*
Yeu   Literally  Take   Up  Your  Bed
Wherever You Go.
You are supposed to carry your own
beddinfc with you just as you carry
your own toothbrush. In the trains—
and there are very lonjj train journey*
by slow trains in India—in the guest
houses of the native princes, in camp,
of course, always, and in the hotel*
and inns your own bedding is a necessity. Indeed, you can scarcely carry
too much in India if you wish to be
comfortable. All sorts of clothing
from fur coats to the thinnest linen,
all sorts of hats from a Cap to a pith
helmet, a spirit lamp, a folding table
and chair, a small amount of tinned
or bottled food and a supply of mineral water for the train, a large supply of linen and under-clothing, for
one changes often, and the laundry
work is done by beating on flat stones.
The changes of temperature from noon
till midnight are startling. One must
give up cold baths and take to tepid
or hot water and be careful indeed
what and how much one eats and
drinks—no alcohol before sunset, and
very little then, and the plainest and
most nourishing food.
In this land, as large almost as the
whole of Europe, there are only a few
large cities where one can buy any
of the luxuries or comforts of life outside the obvious, and what you need
you must carry with you. On a large
scale you do what the native does—
you carry your household gods aud
goods about with you.
How differently "pick up your bed
and walk" sounds in your ears when
you see a whole population of hundreds of millions actually carrying
their beds with them whenever they
move. Why should one take heed as
to what one shall eat or drink or wear
when a handful -of rice, a thimbleful
of water and a loin cloth sufilce? The
group of servants in front of their
master's door at the hotel or the hundreds of families I have seen traveling by train, by bullock cart or even,
on foot have squeezed and sifted life'*
necessities down to the vanishing
point.—Price Collier in 8cribner's.
Goldsmith,  M.D.
The lovable character of the author
of "The Vicar of Wakefield" shine*
through and irradiates a brief story
which Richard Ashe King has incorporated in his biography of Goldsmith.
Goldsmith, who set up as a physician on the Bankside, Southwark,
anticipated modern therapeutics in
recognizing that every sick man is a
special case, demanding ipec.al
He was once called to a poor patient who plainly stood in greater need
of food than of physic. The tenderhearted doctor put all the money li*
had iu his pocket into a pill box and
wrote on the label:
' -o be taken aa occasion requires."
f_t*_(? *" »'A,,N curbs wind colic, aad
,"_e_b*St "»n«dy tf DIARRHOEA. It U T*\
solutely harmlett. Be ture tnd ask for 'Via
WiBilow't Soothing syrup," and take oo other
kind.   Twenty-five cents t bottle ■»«■"•»
Far Rt< Weak; Waary.Watwy Eyea oae
Unrine Doean'tSmart-Soothe* Eye Pain
SteaMt M Mri. 1,0 Utah. Ufa* St, Mt, ILN
Markia Eye Sake, la Aieatle T .Ims, lSc.tl.00
Special Notice
Agentt Wanted by B. SHRAGGE,
396 Princett St., Winnipeg, to pur
chate for him tcrap copper and braid
catt and wrought Iron, old rubber
boot* and thoet and crown lager
quart, pint and whiskey bottlei.
IESSfroest Boo* Seatm, Rlna
SHInt. CarbTSIde Bone or slilX
bit tto Do ttopped with
ho»il9.f_.Ms li'ittltatdMUrtordtllttrta,
Hone Book 9 D tree.
A.isOKHINK, JR., for ntnklnd.lt
a bottle. itstoTM Fatornt Swtlllnts, *n-
ltritd Glands. Oottrt. Went, Braltat, Vet*
tttt Velat. Vtrloottltat, Old lorn, Alleys rale,
t. F. fOUm. P. D. F„ 1" Ttmtle«t„»erisrf.ld, Ira.
IU MU *, BSBT1I auia o »titl "tf,*no*rw.
THS St rills Al. IISVIl II t'lltal CIL IU. WIssHn* * Ms
tun us auaiuiww aaue. to, lu, i—»
"The Whitecoati."
When the first Duke of Newcastle
•et about raising a regiment for the
king in the civil war his men were
known as "Whitecoats." The reason
of the nickname L told in a letter
from the duchess, which is printed
in the life of the duke:
"My lord, being resolved to give
them new liveries and there not tie-
ing red cloth enough to be had, took
up so much of white as would serve
to clothe them, desiring withal their
patience until he got it dyed, but
they, impatient of stay, requested my
lord that he would be pleased to let
them have it undyed a* it was, prom,
ising they themselves would dye it
in the enemies' blood. Which request
my lord granted them, and irom that
time they  were called "Whitecoati."
Keep Your Coat Collar Cltan.
Often the collar of a coat begins to
look shabby when the coat itself is
still quite fresh, and it is wonderful
what a difference a thorough cleaning
will make.
First of all take a piece of clean
rag, dip it in spirits ot turpentine and
rub the collar thoroughly with it.
Leave it for ten minutes, and tlu n ruh
it again with the turpentine and
scrape > it carefully to remove any
loose dirt.
Next sponge it with a l.ttle alcohol
or chloroform and keep wiping it until it is almost dry. Hang it up in
an airy place for an hour or two, and
you will be delighted with tho resu.t.
How te Make Paper Stick.
In papering a room which has hitherto been whitewashed it is not easy
to make the paper adhere satisfactorily. The experiment should be n mini forming the paste with skiniinilk
instead ol water. The milk must, however, be carefully skimmed to that
every drop ol cream has been removed, the whey of separated milk being
the best for the purpose. The paste
must be scalded well and should oa
no account be too thick.
Known by Name
Slim plate of bttt quality tad 1
life-long durability fi known
by lie name
Oa inhres, forts, spoons, etc.,
IWi fs a mart of distinction,
k ivpcrforffy and exefusiratess.
i But In tttt, disks, waders,
tit., art mated
f'Sileer tlate that Wear*
Here's » Home Dye
Oan Um.
always been more or
leil of a. difficult under-
- Nol so whon
you um
Ssad lot mssspls
Cirri and Story
Boo m.i n
CO.. United,
Montr—I, Cm,
With DV-O-LA yon can color either Wool,
Cotton, Silk or Mixed Goods Perfectly with
the SAMI Dye.    No chance of utinf tht
WRONG Dye for the Goode you haw to color.
Boys I Baseball Outfit Free
eotitistt of a
Bow I We trajirtoi a dmodjr I
Outrft po_Wvt.y_r_UBeaae._y the
taowa In tbe above eat.   II eoui
glove and Oateher't mitt, bote,
Md horatkldt leather, a nwletlon
a iood strong milk and a mauler
tap.  lead today far UM worth
........     .      . . ,j
Wkta told, rototo at the emey, and ae
will seed »e« the /store eaatt all than as
.Dept  • *.      VUalaee, Canada
Returnt to Study.
Sir William Christie, having retired from the position of Astronomer
Royal, hns taken up his residence at
Woldlngham, near Belgate, almost
due south of Greenwich. A part of
llntley Hill close by is on the meridian ol the observatory, and. Sir William hopes tliere to study further the
results of his observations nf total
eclipses of the sun, co-ordinating
ther with others. Sir William is a
son of that distinguished scientist.
Professor Christie. Fellow of the
Royal Society. He succeeded Sir
George Airy ai Astronomer Royal ln
1881, and since then has been a voluminous writer on scientific subjccti.
"Now, Willie Jenkins," said the
master, "how many Mounds make a
minute?" "Mule or female?" "Male
or female; whnt do you mean?"
"There's a big difference. When
father snys he'll he down in a minute, it takes him 60 seconds I but sister's minutes are about 600 seconds."
>%kidneV S ",(
*-  "WinTt 5   \,-
W. N, U„ No. HI.
Published at Qrand dirks. British Oolumlii
. ..Editor nml Publisher
The Greenwood Tennis  club
elected the following officers for the
current year:   President,   W. G. McMynn;   vice-president,   A.   E.   H.
Meyer; secretary, Mr. Loring.
—~ C.  J.  liunbury,   who   hns   been
A Wool this paper oan he seen at the office   chief of the   provincial    police   force
of Messrs.'B.  4 J. Hardy 4 Co., ail, 81 anil na    . ' .    '
Fleet street, E.c London. Knuluiid, free of. in the Boundary district lor  nearly
oharae, and that flriii will be glad to receive , ,
siihscrinloiis und advertisements on <mr be- three   years, has retired  from   the
 .service,   and   will   move   to   Vancouver.'   The lias been an   efficient
.'officer, and his departure   from  the
One Year    *1.!>U '
•ine Year tin advance!         1,00 district wi   he regretted by  a   host
One Year, lu I idled Slates  PI * J
frieudn.    I. A. Dinsmore, formerly
of this city, will succeed him.        ,
sunsouiPTioN HAias ;
Address ull eoiniiiiinioattoiis to
Tub Bvbninu Sun,
Phonb R74 Uiiami Point a, II.C
FRIDAY, APRIL 28,   1911
A NUMBER, of the more enterprising towns in this section of the
province hnve had clenning-np days
this spring, nnd ns a further incentive lo the citizens to beautify their
premises, free shade and ornamental
trees have been distributed by the
municipalities. This is a policy
that is worthy oMmitation.
Vancouver enjoys the distinction
of being the only city in the world in
which Henry George's single tax
doctrine is literally applied to the
management of civic affairs, and the
city is obtaining a great deal of free
advertising for ils progressiveness in
being the,flrst municipality to adopt
this piinciple. All improvements
in that city are absolutely free from
taxation, the required revenue being
ruised from taxing tbe land alone.
A tremendous impetus in building
operations is said to be directly
traceable to this policy, which is
a''0 given credit for much of Vancouver's rapid growth in recent
The  ranchers   in   the  vnl
now busy planting potatoes.
ey are
The officers of the Greenwood
Rifle association for the current vear
are: Captain, * E, Hibbert; first
lieutenant, Ur. MacLean; secretary,
Mr. Walsh.
The nights have been pretty
chilly during the present week,
but the frost has heen too light to
damage the fruit buds.
day, will be proclaimed as legal holidays in Canada. Some time ago his
has/ majesty instructed, through the
colonial offi'je, that he would prefer to
have his birthday celebrated on the
actual aniversary of his birth, instead
of adhering to the precedent set by
the late sovereign, King Edward,
whose birthday was officially celebrated on Victoria day. instead of No-
veinbei- 9. Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria day and Dominion day
are now statutory holidays, and with
June 3 milled as a fixed holiday from
now on, and coronation day made an
extra holiday this year, the Dominion
will be well served with public holidays this summer.
There are now 1500 tons nf Lone
Star ore in the bins nt Boundary
Falls. It will be shipped to the
Greenwood smelter. •
War is unpopular because this
is tbe twentieth century, and barbarism is on the decline. Other
causes haying tending diminish interest in the military profession are:
The increasing lack of interest shown
by the people in martial parades,
the hostility of the,banks, the increase in wages everywhere except
in the army, and the opportunity
offered by the Latin'republics to see
ourselves ns posterity wjll see us.
The military expenditures of powers
—England, America, • Germany,
France, Austria, Russia nnd Japan
—in time of peace (1909 1910)
amounted to $994,303,000 forthe
army, and JS09,538,000 for the
navy. If all, the expenditures for
forts, fortifications, pensions and the
like, which are the result of wars,
armies and navies, were included,
these figures would be greatly enlarged. Some authorities, for instance, have estimated that 75 per
cent of the government's expenditures in America are directly and
indirectly due to miritarism. The fig- ■
tires are of sufficient magnitude to
convert the most ardent jingolst to
the   doctrine nf  international nrlii-
Sunday work has been discontinued at the Granby mines until
there is an improvement in the coke
The No, 7 mine now employs
nine men. The force is being gradually increased.
The wifeless dispatch to Tbe Sun
list week, stating the coal miners in
East Kootenay and Alberta had returned to work, appears to have
reached this office ahead of schedule
time. According to late reports, the
men ar; still out.
S. T. Hall has moved to Vancouver He has rented his property in this city.
The British Columbia Cement
company, of Princeton, is constructing buildings and getting ready to
turn out cement next fall. For its
own use the company is now making
300,000 bricks. No cement will be
sold until it is three months old,
and 60,000 barrels will always be
kept iu stock. The present price of
cement iu Princeton is $6.75 a barrel, which will be reduced to $3
when the works are in operation. Il
is estimated that the works will
employ about 800 people.
J. H.   Bush  has   purchased   Dr.
Xewcombe's residence iu Midway.
Dr. H. 8. Simmons, the dentist,
who has been practicing his profession in the city during the present
week, will return to Greenwood on
Monday. Mrs. Simmons aosoin-
panies her husband on  his'present
The   coal  minis at Coalmonl, in
the Similkameen, contain, il is esti-
tration.    The world cannot be culled  mated, lit least I _.'(),000,000  tons of
wholly civilized until ibis  law   has coul.
been plucml   on  the *t itutc nook of
every nation.
COLLIER'S had a very appropriate ground floor plan for n city
hall in its last issue. Most people who
have had anything to do with mu-J Operations at the Snowshoe mine
nicipnl politics aic familiar with the have been saspended. It is not
board   of   stealth   aud the private probably that work will be resumed
Some of tho fruit trees on lhe
Sun ranch are now clothed in their
pielliest garb of blossoms. It would
reipiire J. P. Morgan's money to
purchase thc property.
According to an announcement
made by R. M. Winslow, provincial
horticulturist, steps are being taken
by the provincial government to establish a comprehensive system of
market reporting for the benefit of the
fruit industry this year. Agents will
be stationed in tho chief distributing
markets, and from telegraphic reports
sent to Victoria bulletins wil] be issued to affiliated associations, thus
keeping them posted to within twenty-
four hours of the actual market.
There will also be a representative in
the valleys south of the line to forward information of market conditions there ,
Show cards for wulnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print tliem plainly, to be read at a
PHONF 64        JiRAND FORKS, B. C.
Clothes   Gleaned
Pressed  and Repaired
S. D. CURRI has re-opened
tlie business formerly owned
by Mrs. Lew Johnson.at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
c_AU 'Work Neatly Done
(Jive us a call.
trusts hoard.
in the neat future.
TELLING the truth is not always
wise. Those who adhere to this
policy invariably die in the poor
The English suffragettes who
slept in the parks while the enumerators were abroad have lost their
C. J. Leggatt is moving   his   law
office from Midway  lo  Greenwood.
Dr Paxton, of Midway, Dominion veterinary surguon, has been
spendiug a few days in the city this
June 3, the birthday of his majesty,
King George, and June:.:!, coronation
Are read by the people be
cause Tiik .Sun gives them
news of vital interest. People
no longer go looking about fur
things they want—they goto
their newspaper for iiiforuia
tion as to where sueh things
may be found. This method
saves time and trouble. If
you want tit bring ynur wares
to the attention of this community, our advertising columns •
, New
Concentrated Lemonade
A pure Fruit Product.
Make a Splendid Lemonade.
One bottle makes 12 glasses.
Price 20c, 3 for 50c
-3 WOOD LAND    Sc   CO.fc-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Garden H
200 feet of Rubber and
Cotton Hose left over
from last season. I am
closing out this line of
goods at a bargain.
Practical Plumber
Winnipeg    Avenue
Molno Fraction Mineral Claim,situate In I
tin- Urninl Forks Milling Division of Yule
Where loi-nti-il: In Brown's oamp.
TAKK NOTICE tliat I, Patrick J. Byrne,
I Free Miners'Certificate No. H20.mii, in-1
temi. sixty nays from the date heri-of, In up-I
ply to the Mlnini; Recorder for it Cer tllleate
in Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
im: a Crow n lirunt of tin* a'xivt- claim.
And further tnke notice Ilmt action, under
section .17, must lie i>iunmi.|ice<l hefore the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 2nd day of April, A I)  lull.
2,500,00 feet of commercial
tiiiUwr nn property; folKS hewn
lug house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clenr. $875 cash, balanco terms.
For further particulars apply
City and Suburban
4l»4fca_H Jfc-n-\n.'> FT. LOT lietwepn
IC lIKll "<•"••<""■ Thl-il Htreeu,
JJ^mZjU Jnst iili'vi-.IuiIu<> U.Hmy'j
***W *9W ***& **%%* innl K. Ghw'h [ilncM) "ep-
united from nil other propertied liy UU-ft.
•0hej as lurircii* si'vph or citfht ordinary lott.
adjoining lot* lire worth *|..n. would make
nice home, with Mtitfirlent trrmiud for chick-
tm. fruit, imrdeu uu<l Iwvit; must den!ruble
locution in city.
SB ACHKS adjoining
• Hy limit- on I'Hith;
14 neret* elciirrd. |M
fruit itfi'«; ni'W- four-
hum ftr tdx homcM; le'rne,
but:try. ilouhlc hnrue»K nml tunning Implement*.   All f.T s;ijiki.   Baiytermt.
und three lut* within
one hlni'k of luiiliieiiii
centre;   limn,   iihnde
'recti, fruit tree*, berry hlladlci, liirtre iriir<len.
Ui||ulK<in#llfiiriiftui4 of lionise  If  deiilred.
OiicliHlf cnnh. hiiliMice iim in*.
IJa inileu from town;
7-room holme, pln»*.-
• ri'd: liirtff I'd iirvuhct,
-bed:     |Ml     Unit
tree*, ?<> bearing! %\*i h<tui itrHwherrtf.ii,
KotMeherrlfN, eu.riuit.-_, rmtpherriey. free from
Irnitl the hi'Nt locutionnrniid Oriiml Fork*;
plenty nf ko.hI witter; iruit mul crop included.
•Between :i and 4 ncren
lu Went end of city;
tir-t-rlttv. Mill, nil under mil iviitlun; Hinull
house, woodshed nnd outliiiildtnp; well und
pump; irnnd fence. 'i'lil* i* tinncrrilce,iniowii-
er imihotii to Icitvudty.  Termi.
___*»   aM    W* tttrn Sm*m\ Jfc-$**» Clllh,    hill-
iric ririri >•«•■•- one
31 I IjiUUU ":l"'" !">'«»■»»
aW   I f#7 WWW  the htic.liipt.it
Ire of Urand Pol kit now doing n proHtahln
bUHiiet'il owner de»lie* to remove to the
count, Thi* Im the heat bnritnln In this pnrt
of the province, iih there ure but ■even hotel
li reuse* In the tlrnlld Korku. City b urnwhii
r (Mildly. No otlier town hi Rnutlu-rn HrltlaJ
Coin mill ii hun n« bright future plotted*.
For further information re
garditjg tlie above properties
call or luldrt's*
IllL.   ti.ILlM.lU   (till
^"*,    *•».    '.  > ' t l   i _* *V
Claaslfied Want Ad*,
will fill all your requirement*. They act
a* a lens which will
concentrate all your
needs, and bring them
to a perfect focus of
*ati«f«ctory results.   I
JKKIII.KVi'llKK ii.niti.lt.. ilo ill Ilium-.   Coll
t   nn * rt. Win   Kcrmi. SMOHQ tlrt-et.
Gnon PASTI'llAUK for. iittln rlnwtu l :y;
.ufn fi-i : iiliiiii.liii'i. nl fei*il.   Fur ipiiii :
111.1*1 > in -loiiu lliiniiniT, Ki,iii tli uf July orwN.
WANTKIt   Slt.iati.it. .. Jmiitnr nr liitrtn.nl-
.*r.   Aililri-s* W.  J., lii-ni'r.il   ll.-livi'i.v.
Ilnnnl Kiirka, II. C.
ri'ltMSHKii KiitiMS  Annlv Mrs. K.Cruw
I     I ir.l.
AUVKItTISlNIl SPACK hi Thn Siin.thn must
« lili'ly reuil newsimiic-r In the Kettle Valley.
TYI'EWRITEK-Ollven  lie*.
I    nlfice.
Apply Sun
TURKU   BOTTLES colli   Nelson  Heer   SOc.
I    Ltuu lliittllnir Works.
BARN ANIIIIiiDSK-'I'lie Korrestor liarii, 9
lots ntnl house, lu Colunibiu,   Apply J. H.
pinih, iinx in.
I AIIOK IIOTTLK Port Wlile 7.W.   Lion Hot.
tllnir Works.
LAND-I6II aores good timothy Intnl.   Apply
Ihis office.
H ro"'i> CnpVl) » r    CP*V,'K f,,r »d»«rtl«liig  purposes  ln The
., U.U...U lol.l.o, U.I)    O  am.. \0
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
■Pills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six" years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at uight. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to huve frequent
headaches, and the least exertion
would tire her.
1'iVe had tried
lnmiiy remedies,
■hut she ditl not
improve. Finally
■we learned of
ll.iintli's Kidney
(Pills and procured a box. In a
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal, and she plays around
the house with no apparent fatigue
We always recenmiend Booth's Kidney Pi|ls."
Booth'B Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will he refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, .Wc box, or postpaid from the R. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H. K'WoodUnd&Co.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The high price of living hq»s
not affected our job printing
Erices. We're are still doing
igh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
The Lloyd-George budget in Great
Britain was called "the people's budget" because it was intended to benefit the many, ar.d riot the privileged
few. The reciprocity tariff is a people's budget for Canada. It is in
tended to bring into closer touch the
toiler who produces food and the
toiler who consumes food. It does
not find favor with the privileged
classes, for it lessens their power of
taking toll from food as it passes-frnni
the toiler in the field to the toiler in
the factory. The Lloyd George budget triumphed in Englaud because the
people saw it at work. Eftorts wefe
made to scare the people, to convince
them that it would ruin the country.
But the budget went into operation,
and its practical benefits were so great
that the house of lords abandoned
their opposition, and today they are
sorry they began the fight. If the
people's budget of Canada goes into
effect, there will be a similar experience. Those who are now predicting
ruin, annexation, commercial and industrial chaos, will be silenced. The
workers on the farm and the workers
in the factories will have enjoyed the
benefits of f.-eedom, will not surrender them, and will assert their Tights
at the polls. The opponents of reciprocity are making a tremendous outcry today, because they know that
this is their last chance If they can
influence either Ottawa or Washing-.
ton to prevent the ratification of the
agreement, their interests will be safe,
and they can continue to pose as defenders of their country. If the measure goes into operation, their predictions will be falsified, and t*ne masses
of the people, in Canada and the
United States, will make it forever
impossible to restore the taxes that
hurt the farmer and the consumer by
checking the production and distribution of food.—Toronto Star.
XTIIK MlTl'KII or lhe Land Registry *tet
■tuil in the matter of the title to Lot 1.35
tlronp 1. Osoyoos division, (now known as
SimilkAmee'i) division of Vale lllstrlet.
llritish Columbia.
WIIKKKArl CertlHeate of Title of Patrick
Terrinn, IigIiik Certificate of Title No.
104 a, to the aliovo here'l(turnouts has been
lost or destroyed, an application has been
made to me (or a iliiplti'at*' thereof.
Notioe It liereliy (liven thnt a duplicate Cur-
finoHteol Title to the above hereditament!
will be Issued st thi* expiration of one month
from the date hereof, unless in the meantime
valid objections to the cuntrary be made to
me in writing.
lllstrlet Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office.
Kamloops, B. (;., Sept. 7,1910.
$4.00 Per Year.   Singla Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Frii.
•hWi.iioSriK' 4t wsBHSKSrvN*
(I'ubllihed Annually)
Knnlilex traders   tlmiii.__lii.iit   tin*   world   tu
communicate direct with EuitlUli
Iii each class of roods, Kesldes helnc a own*
pli'tfl cnmme'ciul ifiiltlt- t<> l.iiiiilnii nml ittt
suburbs, the directory contains lists _.f
witlVthe OooiU they ship, and the Uolonlul
hiiiI Kuri'itfii Market ti thoy supply;
'arranged under the forts to which they mil,
ami indicating the approximate SuUIiikk;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincialtowiwaud Industrial
cK'iitro* of the United Kingdom.
A oopv of the current edition alll be forwarded, f might paid, on receipt uf Postal
Order for 208.
I'CAleri necking Agencies enn advertise
Hielr trade cards mr £1, or larger advertisements from K$,
lb, Abuliuruh Lane, London, E.C.
I If his weight lessens he works to
excess; if his weight increases he has
not expended the maximum effort.
Amur found that the human machine
gives a profit of 25 to 35 per cent on
the expenditure, but that the best artificial machine returns only 11 per
It would seem from these experiments that man is indeed superior to
all mechanism; with the very slight
exception that he always wastes inj
ergy during the first five minutes of
work before regaining his equilibrium.
It would seem that Monday's hu
man labor is the most inferjo-i, antl
Tuesday's the most superior, owing
to the curious action of Sunday as a
rest day; the Monday lassitude of the
French workingman is proverbial.
And it is found that the workman
"■ho does not rest gradually loses his
enercry, and this is now a subject of
keen interest among scientttts
The relation between fatigue and
accidents receives much more attention in Europe than here, as do all
matters relating to the conservation
of human energy and the safety of thu
workingman. The relation between
fatigue and accidents has indeed been
noted in practically all forms of hu-
many energy. Rank clerks make
most of their -mistakes late in the
afternoon, and this is said to have had
something to do with the early closinsr
of such institutions. Bankers, at any
rate, have had the sense to note the
mistakes of their employees are likely
to prove expensive.        -
A suggestion has been made that
Premier McBride be presented with
an address on the eve of his departure
for the coronation ceremonies. But
Mr! Bowse.! is going to the coronation
also. Why not include the ittorney-
general in the pro-coronation function? Presumably his expenses will
also be met from the public funds.
= Victoria Times.
O fatal gift! What cruel touch,
At once too little and too much;
The spark that never is a fire,
The hope that ends in vain desire.
The eye to see and understand,
III served by will, nr tongue, or hand;
The eager heart that chafes to find
Life shower her gifts upon the blind.
And yet, O bruised and baffled heart,
Thine, after all, the better part;
What toil can win; iviliatgold can buy
The deathless spark,the unclouded eye?
These ara thy birthright; these.indeed,
Approve thee of the royal seed;
And these shall s«t thee, soon or late,
A king, within thy palace gate.
1 he O'iver l ypewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
P1i*bbi. remi the hp&nlliic'nver ngnlii.  Then its
treraendoiii sltmiilmuico will lawn ni  you
An Oliver Tyuewrlter-tlie suttilsrtl visible
writer—the must hlgbty p_>r, teil typewriter
un the market—yours for 17 rents    day!
The typewriter wh,.se conquest u( the roin
mnralal woriu It a matter of hlsto «■ —yours lot
17 i-ents n ilsv!
The typewriter that Is equipped with snores ol
sueh ooiiveti.et.uea as "i'he Btilantn. Shift"—
"The Killing Uevli-e"-"The  Double Release'—
The    Locomotive    Base"—-'The     Automatic
Spacer"—"The    Automatic   Tabulator"—I'The
—  Ill* -Adjustable  IV
per Klii|jer.s"-"Tho Bill*
entile condensed Keyboard"—all . -*\
Yours for 17
Grata a Day!
We annuiiced tbih
new sales plan recently, jnst to feel the pulse of
the people, simply a small c_thh payment—
then 17 cents a day. That is tb* plan lu a nutshell.
The result lias been such a deluge of applications (or machines thai we are slmplv astounded. \
Thc demand comes (rum people o( all cluss,'-.
all ages, all occupations.
Tilt- majority ol Inquiries has cnmejiruia pen-
le of known tlnillleial standing whu were attracted by the nuvelty o( the pmpot. 'nil. An
impressive demonstration of tile iniumiise pop-
u.arltyof the Oliver Typewriter
A startling I'oiifl.liiH.ioil of uur belief that
Ihe Km of Universal Typewriting lb at hand.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money with
The Canadian reciprocity bill was
conveyed from the United States
house of representatives to the senate
on Monday, and without comment
was referred to the committee on
finance. It cannot be taken up until
the organization of the committee is
The Human Machine
Prof. Jules Atuar recently submit
ted to the Academy of Medicine in
Paris the results nf his study of the
man machine. He pioceeded upon
the principle that a man who eats
liberally ought to recuperate in weight
every twenty-four hours.
NOTICK Im hereby irlven thnt M application
will he mnde under 1'iirt V. of tint "Water
Act. .l'«<."fo obtain a license In tin- Hi mi Ik a-
int-iii DIvlilnnnfYfllaDiitriot.
(il) Tlie imilli'M. ilddrcN* .itld'H'CUpilfliill   nf Hie
Hpplii'Mi'tH: rt'. a. (Viner and A. J« ('ooppr(
(Jruml HWbs.'B. 0.< Ranchers. (If f<>r niiti-
IliK (Hir)K»tie»i) rrur Miner's I'ertluVH'c Nn 	
(ii) Tho unmoor tlio lake, itfo*m or touroa (if
unimnied, tlir description  Ih)   SmiiiII   lake (nn
name) Wholly situate upon I.nt Number shi,
(Iroup I. Slmllkmiieen Division ut Yale Ms*
trlot, »t. (3.
(<•) Tlifpnlnt of   illvrr-liin:    At    southwest
portion of said like in snid Ut Num ber SOO,
(il) Tho quantity of water applied fnr (in 011-
lilr fi-et per second): One cubic font |*itm'<"
(0) 'llif rhrtinctor <if tho propuwl   work*:
Pumping plant nml pi]M-,
(t) iTbo prt'iuhe* nn wlilcti the water In tn be
IIHd  ('li'scrllif   Kiinif):    I'li'tlini    nf   |,nl    MHI,
OroupOm?, siniiiiiiiiiii'rii hjviM.in nf Vuii'in-,
i rift, owned by iinpllcantti.
(k) Tho ptlrpnsee for whirl) tbo wator Is to be
liwai  Inluiitiiin hiiiI airrieultnri'.
(1) d'for I'fiL-ii inn ili-crilif Iln- liiiul Inti'inl
cil tn lit* irrlviiriMi, ulvlntr aoroafte' K»"t fifty
iii'ii h oi'iiiiil Lni '.ihi, liniun (inr. SfiiMlkimii'i ii
IMvlsiiin nf Vale Dlmrit't, II. C., OWtlOd by flit*
(1) li lhe water Is to In- UHKl Inr power nr mlii-
ini! inirjiiisi-Mli'M'i'ilii' ihe plHce Whoro the water
is to he rernrnod In Ronie minimi channel, ami
the difference III altitude between the point of
divernlnii and the point of return: Nnt to be
lined for power or minim, pnrp '-en.
(j) Area nf Crown Nml Intended tn be occupied l>v the proposed umkn:   M|.
(k)* Thia notice Was ported nn tho fltn dav of
■lunitnt'.v. Il'tl. ami iii'|.li'iitii»n will in- made
lo'tlieCommlosloiieroii the IMh dav of 1'ci.rn-
ary, 1911.
(I) (.jive the hatnei and adilre_xNe*i of any
rlpHrlan pr Retort or Mcenaoea who or whote
liuul** an-Ukalv to lie affected by the ntopoted
wnrkd.i'hi ero'i've hi In-lurt tin-iiiilli't: W. A.
Cooper mi..   A. S,   Cooper,   thu   appllcanta.
(riiirnatnte)    W. A.COOFKR,
(P.O. AddreiN)      Urntid Porki, H.C
Reware of the man who (gives you
a tip on the races. He mav have an
ingrown grudge against you.
Run for office and read the opposition newspapers if you would see yourself as others see you.    ,
A good dinner has about Ihe same
effect oh a man that a good cry has
on a woman.
What puzzles a small boy is how
his mother can stand to wear such a
hot slipper
Somo people never know when to
stop and others never know when to
We always feel sorry for a dignified
man when the tally is being passed.
Holy Thinitv (,'iintiii,Henry .Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:.')0 p.in.; Suntlay xcliixil, •!
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
tin- 11 a.m. service as well as atlS
tain.    Week day und special   services
jas thoy are announced from time to
time You are cordially invitis! to
worship with us, mid wu would Ihi
please I to met you.
Knox PrbsbYTRRIAII Ciii'iioii—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and ":.'I0 p.
in.; Sabbath sehool antl Bible class at
9:46 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M, I). McKee, pastor.
Methodist Uburoh J, Rev. Calvert, U. I)., Pastor. —Sunday services,
II a. in. and 7:80 p.m.;Sunday school,
_!:30 p.m.; Kpwnrth l/cugiic, Monday
at b:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, K p.m.; .Intiiiii' League, Fridays, 7:00 p.in. Everybody will 1st
Baptist Chuiich, Roy. H. W,
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at II a. ID, and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at 2:30 p.m.
The Standard Visible Writer
The Ollvor Typewriter It a mimey-miilier
right (mm the word "got" So easy to run that
beginners sunn ect In thc 'Viport" i.|hs«. Kum
at vou leant. Kit the mnrhlne rsy lhe 17 cents
a iliiy-Hiiil nil alinve that Is yniirs.
vtlii'reveryiiu are, there Is work lo he done
and money to be made by using the Oliver The
business world Isealllng (or Oliver operators.
There nre nnt eiiinigli lo supply the demand.
llielrsalaries uru ennui.iombly above tliose ol
many musses of workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thst is the bailie dry Indny. ite Huve made
he Oliver supreme In usefulnessi.iulalisiiluloli
Indispensable In l.u-ineas. Now comes the coll
ijllcst of the Inline,
The simplicity uud strength ofthe Oliver lit II
for fnmlly use. It |, beootnlllg un ImiHirtnlil
taolor in ihe home training of young people.
An educator t, well„ a money maknr.
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New Edition'Issued Nov. 15, 190B.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and Hnances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
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gaged in any branch of the coppes
industry. /
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
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Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
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The CopperHand'jook is conceded
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World's Standard Retrace
Book on Copper
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Receive hoth Ladle* nnd Gentlemen as resident or day students; bill comnleteConr
nii-ri-iiil or Miislness Course; prepares stil>
dnutsto train Teachers' Certificates of all
ifrades; irivei thn four years' course for tin
M. A. detcren.and the first year of the Kclioo'
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llfllft.   For ( aleudars. etc.. address
Mining Stock Quotations
BOSTOS, April '27.— The follow-
ing an' todajrH opening quotatfdna foi
the stocks mentioned;
Asked,        Hid
Oranby Consolidated,   40 00   88,00
It. C.   Copper      7.25     0.50
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, April '21.— 8ilvort53Jj
standard eopper,lll,60@ 11,75,steady,
London, April 27.—Silver, 24-J:
lead, £12 18s 9d.
SOOIQ business men are ho fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they pin reneh
the consumers of thin district without advertising in The Sun.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lands within the
Hiolway Belt of llritish Uolunihla may he
homesteaded hy any iierson who Is the head
of a faintly, or any male over eighteen years
of aire, to the extent of one-quarter section
of I'Kt ni'i-es, more or less.
Kutry must he made personally at the local
laud office for the distrlot In which the land
Is situate.
The homesteader Is required to perform
the conditions counejted therewith under
one ofthe following plans:
(1) At lea»t six month*' residence upon and
cultivation ofthe land In each year for three
(2) If the father fur mother, If the father it
decea*>pd), ofthe homesteader resides unon a
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may he satisfied hy such person residing with the father
or mother.
{\i) If the settler has his permanent resi-
ileiioe unon fiirminir land owned hy him lu
the vicinity of his homestead*the requirements its to residence may he satisfied hy
residence upon thesaid laud,
Six months' notice lu wi-iling should he
iri*i'u the Commissioner uf Dominion Lauds
at ' Mtii« h of intention to apply for patent.
Coal ('oai mlulutr rights nuiv he leascl
for a period of twenty-one years at an null ual rental of 11,00 jut acre. Not nioretliiiu
_!.MOaora shall lie leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at thi* rate,if five cent*
per ton shall he collected on the uiercliaiit-
ahte coal mined.
Deputy (d the Minister of the Interior.
n.h.-Unauthorised  publication of  thi.
advertisement will not he paid for.
Stewart'i a
Iiiiiii Im;:::h
ICheaperthanwuM. WIIIImI nVf-"i,e.\
HKMtl Imdl Wwlil'i Ftlr, SI. LM1,1..4.    \\
„°'*«^tWARr IrokV,mks <^MPAir-.», ^
V Ot tf 100 Jciifcl ol trot Frste s'.-".n Is osr ctlf '.
Is^st.   Uwsilrwwi]! mpilltlM,     J J
Call nl
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Bad Onss
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fisaaaaaaBccBfififia .
THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0.
i: The Japanese
A Chinese Episode and lit
Horrible EMect
Copyright, 1911, by American Press •
Association. *
* *♦♦♦♦<♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦».
A whole year passed after Nelson's
return from Asia before be found himself again treading an orleutal street
and rubbing elbows wltb slant eyed,
blue bloused Chinese. His present position In tbe custom bouse made It
necessary tbat be sbould visit a well
known silk Importer, wbose place of
buslnesa lay ln the heart ot San Francisco's reconstructed Chinatown.
Jay Nelson had been glad enough to
. eliminate all memory of bis last year
In China. Tbere bad been one horrible Incident from which he bad fled,
but whose shadow had lurked In the
background of bis daily life since hla
return to America. In broad daylight
be had laughed at the fears* tbat pursued his flrst sleepless, fear baunted
nights. After awhile the fear gave
place to a sense ot security fostered
by tbe practical workaday happenings
of bis busy life.
Today, however, as he passed aiuug
Dupont street and turned Into a narrower thoroughfare tbere burst npon
bim tbe significant fact that this part
of a great city was but a fragment of
tbe old eastern world after all.
He had to pause once or twice and
Inquire his way, for the house of tbe
Importer was set In the heart of the
web ot streets and alleys. Tben wben
bis goal lay but a few yards ahead
tbere sprang Into sudden view, bobbing along In the trowd before bim, a
certain green nnd gold paper parasol.
tbe meaning of wblcb was all too
clear to Jay Nelson, Be had a vague
realization that tbis emblem of an <-ld
horror might have been evolved from
bis own morbid fancy.
He pressed forward, eager to stretch
forth his hand and prove that Ihe
Japanese umbrella was a thing of air.
was an optical Illusion. But slways It
danced before bim like a wlll-o'-the-
wisp, now showing a glint of gold end
green and tben melting Into a. doi,en
Illusive tints.
Where It went there be too mast
follow until be could prove by scraal
contact wltb Ils surface that It was a
creation ot bis fancy and not the
dreaded emblem of tha White Brotherhood.
It drew bim on down Into ibe very
bowels of tbe earth.
Tbe paper umbrella collapsed and
wu cast aside, wbile the hearer turned to confront Nelson Hen tbe latter awoke from bis mmce-llke state
•nd stared flrst at I .» strange tar*
that confronted him. tben aboui the
•mall dungeon-like room, empty of fur
nlture and reeking wltb foul ouors
•nd lighted by ■ single swinging oil
lamp. Nelson's gate came back to tbe
face of the Chinese, and he shivered
•lightly, for tbe face was thst of a
member of tbe dreaded order-the sign
w»s written on tbe man's brow.
Instantly Nelson whipped off his
coat holding It beforo Mm as a shield
■nd backed lo tb* stairway leading
"Hold a moment" said tbe Chinese
In the Cantonese dialect; "1 am not
'"Who else?" demanded Nelson
aharply In tbe same tongue.
"The brotberbood-st eacb stair
head tbey await your coming If you
contemplate flight." relurned tbe Chinese Imperturbably.
"What do you want with me?"
"Command of the big brother that
yon be brought before him for trial."
"He came on from Hongkong to
■rek meV"
Tbe Chinese cackled shrilly. Tben
tie spat contemptuously. "The brotherhood Is everywhere. Csptaln Leeson
—wherever tbere aro offenders there
•Iso will be found • tribunal tit tb*
"Wby do yon call me by Captain
Leeson's name?" questioned Nelson
"Because yon' an ha."
"Suppose I am not?"
"Tou are!" asserted tbe man roughly. "Tb* brotherhood does not mske
"Ton blonder tbis time. 1 am Nel-
The otber laughed derisively. "I
waa told you would claim tbat nam*.
Nelson died tbat nlgbt"
"Ab." cried Nelson suddenly, "yon
•re tb* big brother! This Is tbe tribunal. Tou are alone; yon thought to
fool me; see yon later, Tal Uiol" Hs
started to leap op tb* stain and then
stopped short
Tal Laao mad* no move to arrest bla
flight He merely folded bla long claw
tlpiied Augers Into either capacious
sleeve and smiled widely.
II waa tbis smile that baited Nelson's
departure, tbe smlla and a certain bussing whisper tbat sang down tb* *ttli»
way and bore warning on Its brents.
Again be turned to the Chinese.
"Have lt over wltb-tbls court of
yours! Be quick, for I have business
to attend to—matters of Importance."
"Very good. Captain Leeson," commented the man called Tal Laao. "hollow me."
He led tbe way to a shadowy corner
and pushed open a door into another
dimly lighted room. At a long table
sat seven men. three on either side
and one at tbe end. At tbe farther
•nd ot tbe table tbere stood a wide
armed empty chair. Except for a luw
swung lamp above tbe table tbe room
waa devoid of otber furnishing.
"Captain Leeson," be announced In
• low voice, "on trial for betraying secrets of tbe White Brothers."
"''aptatn Leeson died, as you all
know," said Nelson sternly. "1 saw
bim die, killed by your orders. He
died tn tbe street of"—
"Silencer' menaced tb* leader. "He
claims to be Nelson, tbe one wbo died
tbat night"
Tbe seven nodded In unison, bnt did
not remove tbeir gate from Nelson's
angry face.
He kept silence now, briefly reviewing tbe strange events tbat bad snatched him from tbe busy streets of tbe
city into as dismal a den of murderers
as one mlgbt hope to tind along the
water front of any Chinese city.
Before his eyes tbere flashed a picture of bis last year ln Cblna. Tben
be bad been ln tbe diplomatic service
of bis country. Leeson, bis friend, an
Englishman In tbe British employ at
Hongkong—Inspector of health or something of that sort—bad Interested Nelson In bis establishment of a leper colony down In Anam.
It was Leeson's ambition to clean
out the lepers bidden In the city, to
roof tbem out from tbeir places ot concealment and transport tbem to tbe
colony where preparations had been
made for their segregation, where
tbeir cases sbould be studied and
modern methods be employed.
It happened tbat the afflicted onea
looked on tbe Idea of banishment with
distaste. Tbey cared little to be herded together In a foreign province far
from friends and familiar scenes.
Tbey cared nothing whatever for tb*
benefits tbat mlgbt accrue to posterity
through tbeir segregation.
Leeson's efforts met witb little success, and be brought tbe law to bis
aid. Tbua he gained permission to
capture the afflicted ones, and so bis
colony prospered for awhile. Tben
tbere waa formed against him the society of the White Brothers, created to
protect tbe lepera scattered throughout
the city from Leeson's agents. Eacb
one bore some mark of tbe disease,
and tbey had some otber emblem by
wblcb tbey might be known to eacb
otber If tbe mark ot tb* disease waa
not plain enough. And tbis emblem
was tbe green and gold paper umbrella, with Ita snaky twisting golden
dragon colling In and out of tb* green
painted bamboo shoots.
Nelson remembered tbe flrst time ha
had seen them—that nlgbt of Leeson's
carefully planned expedition Into a
suspected quarter. It whs ai night,
and red lanterns hnd lighted the street
down Its crooked length Suddenly
tbere bad burst upon them and tb*
three agents who accompanied Leeson
a hideous babel of cracked voices; a
horrible spectacle of ghastly faces; a
leprous mob that leered and Jeered at
tbem; tbat drove tbem point by point
toward tbe end of the street of lepers;
a yelling crowd tbat received tbe bullets from their revolvers snd died
noisily; a filthy crew tbat tried to
toucb tbem, tbnt longed to render
tbem as loathsome aa Itself.
Leeson bud been killed, arid Nelson
tried to forget tbe sight as tbe rest ot
tbem got away. Tbe next duy he led
a party back to tbe street, but it wns
deserted. Even poor Leeson's body
bud disappeared. After tbis outbreak
the matter went under lhe supervision of a large medical corps, aud the
colony nt Anam was augmented hy
several hundred cases. Nelsou resigned from tbe service and went borne,
sii'kened of Ibe whole dubious web ot
oriental lire, thankful thnt ne hud escaped oouth.t—that be was clean.
Now they hnd round him out they
would take tbeir revenge for bis betrayal ot tbeir outbreak. It pleased
tbem to call bim by Leeson's name.
As Leeson be would probably die In
this bole In lb* ground under Hsu
Nelson determined to force some Immediate action from tbe men wbo bad
sprung up In tbis faraway city to call
him to account for bis setting tb*
hounds of Is w upon their trail. Alibis
hideous dreama of tbe past year aeemed
to bave been realised In the Strang*
events of tbis day that would undoubtedly be bis last on earth.
It bad been a strange day. and even
now. face to face wltb death-fur tb*
presence of these Whit* Brothers
meant nothing less—be seemed to b*
moving in a dream mora frightful tban
anything bis sleeping mind bsd conceived.
"Fir* ahead." be aaid recklessly;
"I'm not afraid of you. Com* on,
•very devil's Imp of youl" Hs flashed
oat tbe revolver he always carried just
aa tbey arose In a body and earn* at
bim, a ghastly company wltb stretching, clawing fingers and fiendish eyes.
Tben Jay Nelson awoke. He sat up
ln bed. bis brow dripping sweat and
his heart pounding wltb excitement
for once more be had dreamed of tbe
Japanese umbrella and tbe horrible
band whose emblem lt was. Tbis was
tbe worst dream of all, and be murmured devout thanks that It bad been
a dream.
Sitting there with the morning sunshine streaming into the room and a
fresh breeze from tbe bay ruffling his
hair. Nelson saw tbe early newspaper
slid under bis door. Eager to be in
toucb wltb tbe commonplaces of everyday life, be fetebed It and read th*
headlines. After awhile, tn a corner
of the sheet be read^that the Hongkong authorities were satisfied tbat
they bud rid tbat city of Its lepers.
The White Brotherhood bad been
broken up, and most of Its members
were In Anam colony. Tbe leader, Tal
Laao, was dead. Captain Leeson's
deatb had been avenged.
Jay Nelson weut forth that morning
a care free man to interview the silk
importer In Chinatown. At last he waa
emancipated from fear. H* would
dream no more.
The Pet Cat
Cats need careful feeding, and It Is
not generally believed that they can
and will (If taught) eat green vegetables. Tbey should be given tbese
In tbe form of cabbage, cauliflower
and asparagus once every day, and
tbat at. noon.
Strangely enough, the pet caf s heaviest meal, consisting of four ounces of
meat should be given at night and lt
should Invariably be run through a
chopper. Potatoes are excluded fron.
the diet of all well cared for cats, but
sardines are given twice a week and
only ln cold weather.
Cats have Individual tastes tbat may
be gratified within reason. Tbe ordinary American cat—and lt Is more satisfactory tban tbe Angora—may even
be given peaches or currants or cocoa-
nut These are mentioned because
tbey were tbe peculiar dainties most
liked by s cat of the writer's acquaintance.
All of tbe cat's milk Is boiled and
given warm and well diluted, and last,
but very Important a dally supply of
fresh water and green grass la absolutely necessary.
Where "Cranford" Was Written.
To lovers of that English classic
"Cranford" this picture of the house
In Manchester. England, where Mra
Oaskell wrote ber Inimitable story
will doubtless be of great Interest.
Tbe centenary of Mra. Haskell's
birth was recently celebrated at Knuts-
ford, Cheshire, tbe English village
wblcb furnished the author wltb
character studies for "Cranford," In
which she reproduced to tbe life tbe
everyday existence of the "maiden ladles and widows of limited means"
who formed the social life of tbe village.
Going Motoring.
Have you seen the new knitted hoods
wltb border and ties tbat are brought
round the neck, cross In front and tie
low at back? Tbey are cone shape
like the caps of early Tudor reign.
Another quaint motor cap of velvet
folds with brocade or cretonne border
In lighter tone, ornamented on each
side with a huge velvet colored button mold. Is peaked like tbe caps of
colonial days.
A close titling motor bonnet for cold
weather Is of line colored beaver wltb
tbe brim turned back on tho fulled
crown to a depth of Ave Inches and
studded on edge wltb small silk rosettes.    ________
A Family Trslt.
A school teacher had occasion lo
•sod one of the pupils home to hli
lather, giving him a not* to eipA n
why.  Tne note mid:
Dear Mr. Jones—Your boy Johnnie
talk* a great deal during study hours.
The n»xt mornin? Johnnie returned
lo school ind handed an answer to hit
■iuu- lo tin Maulilsr, JoOiinie's lather
had written sens, il. proh-ih y w tn
a pen dipped into the bluing bottla:
near i*,,—il.» ,iu wonu.r. You
ought to hear Ils mother.
Some Notable Examples of Prevision
In Sleep.
Considerable interest has been taken in the story of a dream which
come true, the person concerned being the wife of a Calcutta business
man. While in Scotland, where she
was on a visit home, news came from
India that her husband had been
drowned, and as the snd intelligence
was about to be gradually broken *o
her she immediately declared that
ahe knew her huBband waa dead, as
she hud been warned of his death in
a dreom. The circumstance is curious, and difficult to explain. Whatever the explanation, this case ol a
dream coming true is only one of
many well authenticated insiunecs.
Perhans the best known o' all is
that which Lady William Russell,
mother of the ninth Duke of Bedford, used to tell about the death of
her uncle, the first Marq'iis of Hastings, who had brought her up. Lady
William dreamed tha* she saw a
long hall, in which was a couch,
round which a number ol female
figures were standing in on attitude
of grief. There was nobody on the
couch, but she seemed to meet her
uncle, who embraced her.
She remarked to Lord Hastings
that he was terribly cold; whereupon
he replied. "Did you not know I was
dead?" In her dream, she asked
how it looked on the other side, and
Lord Hastings told her quite different from what was imagined, "and
far more beautiful." Then she
awoke. Much upset. Lady William
Russell told her dream; and some
dnys later news came from Malta,
where Lord Hastings was governor,
that her uncle had died on a couch
in a hall at the time her dream occurred.
The third Lord Waterford, husband of Louisa, Lady Waterford,
was able to verify a story of s dream
coming true. Talking one day with
the landlord of the inn in the village
close lo Curraghmore, a man rush
up and said there had been a murder on Ihe hills. Then it must be the
little one, said the landlord; at
which Lord Waterford became very
susnicious, not unnaturally. The
landlord proceeded to explain that in
the nielli he dreamt that two men
had come to the inn, and that the
taller of the two had murdered the
shorter with a very curious knife.
He told his dream to his wife, who
laughed at him. But, to his horror
the men he had seen while asleep
came to the inn, and one used the
curious knife to cut up his food.
They left, and soon afterwards news
of the murder arrived. 8eareh was*
made for a tall man answering to
the landlord's description, and one
was quickly arrested. In prison he
confessed he had murdered his short
Dreams have been more than once
the means of preventing a murder,
as in the case of the wife of one of
the Ruthcrfords of Edgerston. in
Roxburghshire. Dreaming that an
aunt, who had brought her up anil
who lived in Kifeshire, was going tn
be murdered, she. very much against
her husband's wish, went off to see
her relative. When she arrived the
door was opened by the man who.
accord;ni! to her dream, was gnini; tu
commit the murder. Mrs. Rutherford slept in her aunt's room, and
arranged fnr her two cousins to be in
the adjoining room. And the precaution wns justified, for in the niplit
the butler tried to enter, hut Mrs
Rutherford threw open the door, nnd
called her cousins. The man hnd a
coal-scuttle, in which was a large
knife, with which he confessed he
had intended to murder his mistress
to obtain the rents that she hud just
It's ths Smart Outing
Wrap of ths Season.
The Vogue ef Ribbon Work.
There Is a daintiness about pompadour ribbon work tbat never falls to
please. A tiny ribbon has Just been
put on tbe market wltb a crimped edge
tbat works up effectives    Tbe pin-
TBI saw k>lo opat.
When Is a polo coat net a polo coat?
Tbat Is tbe question which may be answered In tbe same breath—wben
you see It worn by smart girls and
women as an outing wrap, for motoring, on the tennis court as a blanket
tor tbe feminine champion as sbe
stands to receive tbe congratulations
of ber friends after tbe game tbese
cold autumn daya. on tbe field of conquest or at football games.
Tbe coat will be worn on cold and
stormy days by swagger girls during
tbe winter, and. In abort it's mighty
useful all round wrnp. but where It
gets Ita name nobody.knows.
The material of the polo coat Is not
unlike s heavy eiderdown fabric, audi
a snuffy brown shade is tbe approved,
color of Dame Fashion.
The coat Is long, loose and double*
breasted und fastened wltb a double
row uf large buttons. Tbere are a wide
belt of Ibe material drawn through
straps and n collar that buttons up
tightly about tbe throat or lt may be
turned down at will. Tbese coats
range In price from $40 to $20. according to finish and material.
cushion top Illustrated la made with
this ribbon, which Is used as ordinary
embroidery silk. Tbe flowers snd
Itsves must be carefully done and all
be of a uniform alae If a good easel
Is desired.
The Bjltsrmaksr.
Absolute cleanliness Is the first requisite In making good butter: sanitary surroundings come next, and
right temperature, wltb attention to
detail.*, lu tbe care of cream third.
A Van Home Story.
They tell a good Van Home story
In Montreal. One day, with n friend,
he was st the Windsor Station entrance. An old woman burdened wit!:
satchels and bundles, entered bound
lor a train. Half a doien red caps
stood by poyiug no heed. At that moment the carriage ol a prominent
business man rolled up to the kerb.
Instantly the red caps, eager and
alert, rushed to the carriage dour lo
help wilh a single bag. Van Horn*
roared ut the boys, and there on tlio
spot gave them such a lecture oil
manners na they hod never henrd
beiore. , .    . •     ,      i   j
"After it was over his friend usked
Van Home why he should bother
with such details. 'Details,' exclaimed Van Home, 'it's the hardest tiling
I know to get men to look after dee
tails. I can lind plenty pi men lor
five, ten. twenty thousand dollars a
I year jobs, hut the man who is able
and willing to look' after details is a
Dr. Nesbltt at Vanity.
There   is   u story   ol  Dr.   Beattie
Nesbltt concerning his career in the
University ol Toronto resilience when
he wns a student. At an Informal re.
union ol several men who had been
at the university with htm, Nesbitt
began u speech by laying: "I want
to tell you how I think residence, tile
spoiled inc."
"Residence spoil you!" roared one
ol lhe pnrty. "You everlastingly
•iw.il...I  resilience "
A Lesson In Anstomy.
A professor st one of our universities
Is very willy upon occasion.
A medical student once asked tf tbere
were not some works on anatomy
more recent than those In tbo college
"Young man." tald the professor,
"tbere bave not been many new bones*
added to tbe bnman body during tbe
Ust ten rears."-Londou Standard. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
"Bedding Plants"
tit'Bedding Plants and Shrubs.   Ask for our Trice List.
frache:  BROS.,
Phone B20 COLUMBIA, B. C.
Dry1 four-foot Fir and Tamarac from Hardy
Mountain.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY, « Columbia p. o.
An alien who had been detained for
deportation by Immigration Inspector
MoCallum, made his escape on Saturday night by striking the officer and
an assistant. The man ran in the direction of Danville. It is supposed
that he went to Phoenix.
Mrs. Lathe will  not receive again
this season.
The United last week began proceedings in the federal court of Ferry
county to recover from the Great
Northern railway and allied Hill cor-
porations ground on the Colville Indian reservation granted to tho defendant for purposes of railway construction. The government contends
that the defendant corporations have
failed to live up to an act of congress,
which required the construction of
twenty-live miles of railway in two
Lome A. Campbell, of Spokane,
manager of the West Kootenay Power
& Light company, arrived in the city
Wednesday evening.
Lady Travelling Companion Wanted—Any one who intends to leave
for England on or before May 1st,
kindly communicate with Mis. L. C.
Rogers, Grand Forks, B. C.
Situation Wanted aa house servant,
experienced. Tom Hamano (Japanese),
P. 0. Box 535, Grand Forks B.C.
Six or seven workmen are now en
gaged in digging trenches and laying
pipe for the irrigation system on the
Doull and Campbell ranches, a mile
south of the city.
W. A. Wflliams, local manager of
the Granby Consolidated, lias returned from New York city
For Sale—No. 7 Remington Typewriter. Apply Great Northern freight
Robert Mcintosh returned on
Tuesday from a short business trip to
For Sale—One Kingsbury piano.
Apply Eva Leach, near Columbia fire
Geo. W. Wooster, treasurer of the
Granby Consolidated, left this week
for the coast cities.
endorsed by a large body of the Republicans, the bill to put the agreement in force was adopted with no
amendments and in almost the identical form in which it passed the hou«e
in tho last session preceding this session. The passage of the bill marked
the close of a fight that had raged in
the house for six days. During that
time the safety of the measure was at
no time threatened, but the Democratic and Republican leaders working
for its passage conceded all the opportunity desired by its opponents fur debate and protest against it. Following the same policy, amendments were
admitted in the house for almost every
section of the bill, and in each case
they were rejected by an overwhelming vote given by the friends of the
measure on both sides of the house on
the theory that any amendment
would nullify it.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time and stop scalp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—it is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing and nn
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H
E Woodland & Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Qiroux Manu
facturitig Co., Fort Erie, Ont. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. , Sold and guaran
teed by H E. Woodland ifc Co.
If you arc suffering from indigestion
and the attendant distressed stomach
you should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Shafer, of 230 Queens St. 8., Berlin,
Ont., says: ''For years I have been a
sufferer from acu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na Tiblets and they have done
me more g iod than anything I have
ever used. I am now more free from
this trouble _han I have been for
years. I am pleased to endorse and
recommend this* remedy to all who
suffer with stomach trouble."
Ranieiiiher Mi-o na Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chronic indigestion and turn the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
TheR. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Scd and guaranteed bv H. E.
Woodland &'Co.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
The Sun job oflice.
The following are the returns of
lhe ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 20,380 375,258
Mother Lode  7,276 101,523
Jackpot      4-23 9,817
Rawhide  4,835 54,811
Napoleon      247 	
Snowshoe  2,100 40,900
No. 7  1,350
Phoenix Amal  1,950
Athelstan   23
Fife  60
Totnl 35,261 555,754
Smelter treatment—
Granby 19,975 360,479
B. C. Copper Co..44,097 179,075
Foi; Sale at a Bargain—Twohorss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
For Sale—At once, at Christina
Lake, the property of A. B. W
Hodges, consisting of one acre of
ground and bungalow. Property
bas 200 feet water frontage. A bar
gain; terms reasonable. Inquire W.
A. Williams, Granny Smelter.
Fred Mattice, who has been break
ing on the Great Northern's Phoenix
branch fur the past two years, has
been piomoted to conductor of a
freight running between Spokane and
For Sale—A 16 foot gssoline
launch and half interest in boat
house at Christina Lake; cheap for
cub. VV. A. Williams, Granby
The reciprocity agreement, sup
ported by all but a handful of Democrats, and opposed by a majority of
the Republicans, has passed the United States house of representatives by
a vote of 265 to 89. With nearly 200
Democrats in control, and their action
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay hia premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Bridge Street.
The best and in*»st
**iihs_aiitini lire-nro'il
ImiliiiiiK in the Boundary country. Recently completed and
newly - furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
eleotrical conveniences. Centrally located. First-class accommodations for the
ravelling publio.
Hot aad Cold Baths
First-Glass Bar, Fool
aad Billiard Room
Is Connection.
!* Printing ^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
'in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
The Breathcable Remedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, via., by breathing.
Scientists for years have been agreed
on this point, but failed to get an antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs and not destroy the tissues of
the membrane at the same time, un-.
til the discovery of Hyomei (pronounced Higli-oiiie.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
Ave times a day, and in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs 81.00, and extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your druggist or postpaid from the R. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Ont. Hyomei
is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money back. Sold and
guaranteed by H. E. Woodland & Co.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and 1'lncards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
/"",/"M"VI\ ODIlVITIlVIfi-'t',e '"'"' we <*o—is ,n 'i*"8" an
V.lV'vL' rftlLlllLlVI   advertisement, and  a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best.    let us estimate on vour ordor.    We guarantee
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (loqnlgiiment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice  Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of j
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kasor Honinc a Specialty.
Grand Forks Sun
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granby Hotux,
First Struct.       ,
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from'all I rains.
eo viA*r
A»j*o»Msn_i_..niasi»Mhnna description _na»
Coles ir ascertain Onr opinion fric» better ao
Irteoilon Mprooal.lrM_aMwT~Cor_imun.c__.
llonasttlotlrcnnOJ--•' '   ■"""■•'—      •	
•ant freo. Ol.lre. a
Patents USon t
d fauna
5 a year, poatain prepaid.   Bold m
■ •» SU WasbHwi'o-i. I).
Job Department
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding statipnery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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