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The Evening Sun Nov 18, 1910

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Tenth Year—No. 3
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, November
Premier McBride Reviews
the Growth ofthe Industry in Province a -
The first Canadian National Apple Show, held in Vancouver, came
at an opportune time, when the
fruit industry of British Columbia
is receiving such widespread attention.
While, all the fruit districts of
Canada have made encouraging
growth in tbe last decade, none has
made so rapid and substantial a progress as those of British Columbia.
While tbe census of 1901 shows that
all tbe fruit in British Columbia was
then grown on about 6000 acres of
land, of which the apple occupied
two-thirds, the total area devoted to
fruit is today probably in the neighborhood of 100,000 acres, though
accurate figures are not to Band.
This industry has created large and
prosperous communities throughout
the province, and the great success
which lias attended the' exhibits of
fruit in' the < prairie provinces, the
east and the old country proves
the magnificent quality of the orchard products of British Columbia.
Many parts, as in the Okanagan,
which were only a few years ago devoted to cattle range?, and in the
Kootenay country, where the land
was at one time only thi ught to be
fit for mining, bave been devoted to
fruit culture with splended  success.
The shipments of fruit for this
year will total fully three times
those of any previous year.
As an outlet for our fruit the prairie provinces furnish a ready market,
which can absorb many times the
present supply of fruit I believe
that, whereas the value of the fruit
was in 1902 not quite $400,000, this
year it is estimated it will amount
to the splendid sum of about $2,-
000,000, an eloquent proof of the
growth of the industry,
The work of those engaged in the
industry has received the careful assistance of the provincial government, with a view to encouraging it,
as far as possible,, along right lines.
Not ouly has there been a large expenditure on roads and otber transportation facilities, but the Waler
Act, its enforcement for the protection of the rights of water users in
irrigation districts and the creation
and development of the lruit branch
of the department of agriculture for
the technical assistancs of fruit
growers in the study of their business, have done much towards advancing the orchard industry.
The government has seen the
need forgiving information on all
features of this work, and through
the department of agriculture is
giving technical instruction in tree-
planting, pruning, spraying, irrigation, fruit-thinning, picking and
packing, so that tbe settler may procure all available information on
fruit suited to bis particular district.
This work will be extended, as thtf
results thus far have proven exceedingly beneficial.
Another feature that the government is inaugurating is that of establishing demonstration orchards
throughout tbe province for the purpose of instruction in tbe best com-
! mercial methods of fruit growing as ;
suited to each particular district.       j
i    One more satisfactory feature has,
been the work of the board of horticulture, dealing principally with the
inspection of nursery stock and fruit
coming into tbe province. The magnitude of this work may be   noted
from   the fact tnat this year some
four  millions   of trees and shrubs
will be inspected.
Another feature of tbe assistance
given {o our fruit growers is the requirement of nurserymen doing business in tbe province to guarantee
tbat tbe stock supplied is true to
name. I think it cannot be questioned that the publicity work ofthe
government, done through the department of agriculture has acbteved
remarkable results, which may be
noted from the success attending tbe
exhibition of fruit, in Great Britain
especially, where we have won at tbe
great shows there the highest awards
for excellence. This, in addition to
the lectures by men experienced in
tbe business, wbo are able to give
exact information, bas made a name
for British Columbia fruit in the
old country.
The very satisfactory results so fas
attained prove conclusively the magnificent future in store for this exceedingly productive branch of industry in British Columbia.
In closing, let me express my
congratulations that there is published today in tbis province so
creditable a publication as The Fruit
Magazine, exclusively devoted to the
fruit industry.—Premier McBride,
in tbe Fruit Magazine.
Teddy Waldron's Eesidence
Damage by Fire to Extent of $500
A fire in Teddy Waldron's residence, on First street, Sunday
morning, damaged the property and
furniture to tbe extent of about
$500 before it was extinguished by
the'fire brigade. The loss was covered by insurance.
Found Dead in Bed
Frank Sherwood, United Statfs
customs officer at Ferry, Wash,
was found dead in his bed at the
customs office in that town on Monday night. He was 50 years of age.
Mr. Sherwood was a prominent Mason and Shriner, and was widely
known throughout the west. In
this city be bad a wide circle of
friends, having formerly been stationed at Danville and Lanrier
His family, consisting of Mrs. Sherwood and six children, were residing at his ranch,-half a mile below
Ferry. The funeral was held on
Wednesday from the late home of
Keeping Orchards Clean
In order to assist fruit growers to
keep their orchards clean, Thomas
Cunningham, provincial fiuit inspector, is issuing 5000 posters
printed on calico, which are to be
distributed throughout the province.
These posters contain directions for
spraying for various diseases, and
also a warning that if persons in
possession of infected or diseased
fruit trees neglect to apply cleansing
measures the orchard will be quarantined or trees destroyed at the
expense of the owners. Furthej-
more, all prunings and debris must
be burned at the time of pruning.
Mr. Cunningham will gladly give
further information to anyone applying to him.
Since acquiring the Nickel Plate
mine at Hedley in 1909, the Hedley Gold Mining company has paid
$143,520 in dividends, its total earnings to August 31 last being $284,-
403. Net profits for the first eight
months this year totalled $ 169,841,
and are $25,000 in excess of the 3
per cent dividend requirements for
the entire year.
perity." The scripture basis will be,
the story of Gideon in the Book of
Judges. "Wanted, a Man," is the
first subject on the litt. Everyone
is made welcome at tbese and all
services of tbe church.
W. A. Pounder, the North Fork
mining man, rancher, stock raiser
and timber man, who had bis residence destroyed by forest fires last
summer, has completed a new bouse,
and is now ready to receive tnd entertain bis friends.
About fifty of the members and
friends of the Baptist church met
Thursday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mis. it C. Henniger, Columbia, to Show their appreciation of
Mr. and Mre. J. C. Taylor and Miss
Gilmour, wbo are soon leaving tbe
city. The gathering was characterized by a spirit of good-fellowship
and the best wishes of all present for
those who were about to take their
departure from this community.
During the evening vocal selections
were rendered by B. R. Allan and
readings by Mrs. F. W. Elmore and
A.S. McKim. Short addresses expressive of the helpful influence and
work of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and
Miss Gilmour in the chuich and
community were given by Messrs
Miller, Rutherford, Elliot, Robinson
and Htnniger, and Rev. H. W.
Wright, the pastor of the Baptist
church. Mr. Taylor responded by
a few remarks, although his usual
happy style of speech was somewhat
interfered wilh by the evident feeling of sadness with which he was
contending. Mr. Taylor said some
of the best people on earth were in
Grand Forks, and everybody else
thought at least three of the best
were leaving.
Tbe managers of the Dreamland
theatre have been very forrunate in
engaging Miss Avery, soprano, a
of Mme. Marcbesi, Paris, and the
Conservertoire, Brussels, for their
opening week. No doubt ber singing will be a treat to the residents of
Grand Forks.
Mrs. A. B. W, Hodges, of Lima,
Peru, arrived in the city Wednesday
evening from Spokane on a visit to
friends and relatives.
The executive committee in charge
of the mission services recently held
here under the direction ol the assembly's committee of the Presbyterian church desire to make public
the financial statement, which shows
the money received and how it was
disposed of. The oOerings at all the
meetings amounted to $184.90, Of
this $98.55 was left in the city to
meet local expenses, and $86.35 was
tbe amount sent to the committee's
headquarters in Toronto. As such
services cost the churches an average of $200 for each place visited, it
will be seen Grand Forks people
were the gainers in every way by
having particpated in the mission.
Last Frid-iy evening at the closing
service the local ministerred referred
to their appreciation of the work of
all the niissioners wbo had come.
Jeff Davis & Co.'s delivery team,
dming a ilively runaway Wednesday
afternoon, attempted to break a
telegraph pole, but the wagon tongue
broke instead. That was the only
damage done.
Improvements to the Water
Works System Discussed
by the Council  .
The old Vernon & Midway {grade,
acquired by the Kettle Valley line,
is now ready for the steel, and
tracklaying will be started in a few
Work has been started on the
Phoenix Amalgamated, known as
thfe War Eagle, and that property
will soon be added to the list of
Boundary shippers.
A special meeting of the city
council was held Tuesday evening
for the purpose of considering the
advisability of taking steps to have a
new tank or reservoir constructed for
the city water works, as the present
tank is nearing the end of its usefulness, and to appoint a collector of
road and dog taxes. C. G. Wheeler
was appointed tax collector. The
discussion on the tank proposition
appeared to be largely in favor of a
reservoir, 60x60 feet, 10 feet below
ground and 4 feet above the surface,
or one that would hold 300,000 gol-
lous of water. The estimated cost
of such a reservoir was $12,000.
City Engineer Reid, on being appealed to, said it was a difficult matter to make a definite statement as
to the life of the present tank. It
might last seven or eight months;
perhaps longer. On motion of Aid.
Manly, the council decided to have
the ground surveyed for the proposed reservoir. If the proposition is found to be feasible, it will
be submitted to the ratepayers. Mr.
Reid and Aid. Follick were appointed a committee to accompany
thg surveyor, and they were instructed io bring in a report at tbe
next regular meeting of the council.
The   new  Methodist  church   in
Pboenix was dedicated last Sunday.
J. D. Honsberger returned on
Wednesday from the National Apple Show in Vancouver, having been
detained in the coast city for a week
in order to assist in repacking the
Grand Forks exhibit, which has
been Bbipped to England for exhibition purposes. Mr. Honsberger
states that the show was a brilliant
success, and that the exhibits surpassed ' his expectations. Messrs.
Collins and Lawson will return home
earty next week.
Starting  next  Sunday  eveninsr,
Rev. H, W, Wright, pastor of  the
Baptist church, will preach a   series
of sermons from the general subject,
i "A people led from poverty to pros-
"Ole Olson," that most popular
of Swedish-American plays, will he
the opera house Tuesday, November
22. "Ole" is awkward, phlegmatic,
imperturbable, slow to anger, rarely
excitable, hut amiable, honest,
straightforward and frank, and open
a< the blue eyes which gaze at you
so innocently Ordinarily, he is
as stolid as one of J. M. Barrie's
"auld lichts," but his sense of
humor is keen and he is strong in
sentiment. He is, in fact, a studv,
a creation worthy of a place ainoing
the best known stage characters of
our time. As for the play itself, it
seems destined, like Tennyson's
brook, to go on forever. It has been
playing steadily now for about seventeen years, and the interest in it,
judging from crowded houses, is as
great as ever. During the many
years of its existence, it has been
.presented without interruption
throughout the United States and
Canada, and in many places, includ-
: ing Minneapolis, it hns been seen
j every season, always to phenomenal
business. Since the play was last
i seen here, it lias been almost entire-
' ly rewritten, one or two new characters having been added, and the
dialogue brought up to the present,
so that the comedy lines might hot
he considered stale. Vet the plot is
the same. It tells of a youngJ.Swede
I who encounters vicissitudes on his
arrival in this country, but who
finally overcomes them all by his
sterling honesty and bland innocence. The cast is said to bea thoroughly competent one, nnd as the
scenery and eleetrical i fleets are all
new, the best production of the piece
seen in years i.s assured.
Extension Elect Officers
Theannual stockholders' meeting
of the First Thought Extension Gold
Mining company was held in Orient
last week. The following were elected as directors: Dr. C. M. Kingston, H. E. Woodland and N. S.
Ross, of this city; A. McArthur, of
Moscow, Ida.; Nels Laplant, of Marcus, and J. M. Ross, of Orient. Dr.
Kingston was elected president, Mr.
McArthur vice-president, and J M.
Ross secretary and treasurer. Work
at the mine will be continued with
B. N. Sharp as superintendent.
Canal Across Prairies
Survey parties of the Dominion
government are returning from their
season's work, among them being
those engaged in enquiring into the
feasibility of construction of the
waterway from Winnipeg to tbe
Rockies by way of tbe Saskatchewan
river. While the survey has not heen
completed, it is stated that it has
demonstrated that the waterway can
be built without any insuperable
difficulties. That part of it from the
head of Lake Winnipeg to bipas
Would cost $8,006,000, and roughly
I speaking, the whole would entail an
[expenditureof $10,000,000. Revenue
I from the development of 80,000
horsepower of Grand Falls would, it,
is estimated, be more than sufficient
j lo pay the interest on the total outlay. From Lapns a five-foot waterway is proposed. If this needed
grain route is constructed, Canada
will have the greatest system of inland waterways in the world, extending from the sea to the Rockies
save for.the distance between Fort
William and Winnipeg. Tbe survey of the .Saskatchewan will be
continued next year, but until it is
completed of course no appropriation for construction will  be made. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
High Honor Is Paid to Mr. Bertram
Mackennal, Who Wat tht Flrtt
Overttat Artist to Be Elected to
tht Royal Academy—Ht Designed
the Mtdalt for the Olympic Garnet
—Hat Done Many Fine Statues.
It is announced that Mr. Bertram
Mackennal. A.R.A., haB been chosen
to design and model the new coinage
and the Coronation medal, which
will be struck next year in com-
memoriition nf Kinji Genrtie's accession. The appointment has n special
fitness from tbe fnr»t tlmt Mr. Mackennal was the first artist from the
Overseas Dominions to secure election to the Royal Academy. Hut
apart from sentiment, he hns justified
his latest commission by the beautiful series of medals which he executed for the Olympic cames of 1909.
The son of nn Australian sculptor,
Mr. Mackennal   wat   born   in   Mel-
bourne tn 1863. nnd eomin" to Eurone
in early manhood, studied for some
years in Paris. His name first came
into public notice throviah tbe controversy aroused by his Hfe-stae nude
"Circe," which was exhibited nt the
■Politicals" Get Sanctuary When 1 hey
Reach Foreign Soil.
When a man commits an ordinary
crime and then flies to another
jountry, the Government of that country it, as a general rule, only too glad
to hand him over on demand, and
cry "Good riddance to bad rubb'sh."
When, howevet, the crime happens
to be a political one, the case is alto,
pettier different. In such an event
it not infrequently welcomes firm with
open arms. In any case it almost invariably refuses to surrender him.
This is in accordance witb both the
written and unwritten law of nations,
which decrees "right of sanctuary" to
political offenders, and for this reason
a good deal more ia likely to be heard
in the near future of the "8avarkar
incident," as it is now beginning to be
Savarkar, it will be remembered,
was tbe Hindoo student who was arrested in London for carrying on a
seditious propaganda in India, and
was deported to that country for trial.
3n the way out there, however, the
steamer tbat was conveying him put
into the harbor of Marseilles, and
Sarvarkar seized the opportunity to
jump overboard and swim ashore.
A French policeman arretted him
aa he clambered up the quay tide, and
handed him over to the crew of the
ship's boat that was sent to fetch him
back, in ignorance of the fact that he
was a political offender. But he waa
one. in fact. He bad set foot on French
toil; and he had tberebj entitled himself to his "right ol sanctuary." As a
consequence, the French Government,
ns soon as it learned the truth of the
matter, started to make "friendly representations" to the British Government, and these are still in progress.
What the result will be remains to
be seen.
Nor are other nations much lest
tender of the rights of "politicals," aa
this class of offender is generally designed for short. Switzerland, for in-
stnce, refused to give up the notorious Vera Zassoulich, who shot Gen
Trepoff, the chief of police, at St.
Petersburg. 8tepniak, the famous
Nihilist, lived in France, Germany,
and Italy before finally taking refuge
in Kngland, and by each of these
three nations in turn was hia extradition refused.
Stage Pun Unrehearsed.
Actors and actresses have a good
deal of fun among themselves on the
stage, though guying is strongly discountenanced by good managers. Gen
uu«,    mm-.,  .-no ..-   erally the fun is quite impromptu, but
Royal Academy in the 'nineties. In sometimes a Joke is carefully planned
the opinion of th- Hnntsing. Commit- beforehand. Once, in a performance ot
tee, the bnse nf the statue wns too I "The Lady of the Lake," one of the
realistic for exhibition at Burlington i principal  actora—Roderick  Dhu—wa<
House, and thnt was discreetly covered. The "Circe" wns shown at the
Franco-British Exhibition three years
ago, without drapery. After executing several memorial statues of
Queen Victoria, one of which wns
erected nt Blackburn, Mr. Mackennal received two important London
commissions—the South African War
Memorial at Islington and the pedi-
mental group for the offices of the
Local Government Board, In 1907
the artist's "Earth and the Elements"
waa purchased for the nation under
the terms of the Chantry Bequest,
and in the following year he wns
even more fortunate, the same trustees purchasing for $5,000 his life-
sized    mnrble    "Diana    Wounded,"
known to be in pecuniary difficulties.
When Roderick gave the line, "1 nni
Roderick Dhu," Fits-James respond-
er, "Yes, and your rent's due too."
A piece called "The Spy" was once
produced. The early acts showed that
it was going to be a dead failure. At
a certain point a character bad to
rush on and shout, "Five hundred
pounds for the Spy!" The author,
who was concealed behind a rock,
arose and cried, "It's yours — copy
right, manuscript and parts I" That
was the end of the performance.
Artist and Social Worker.
Always keenly interested in social
problems,    Sir    William    Richmond,
B.A.,  who opened   an  exhibition   nt
now in the lnrge sculpture hall at Whitechapel," London, recently, ha,
the- Tate Gallery. Tn the present I great ideals for transforming London
Academy tbe Australian sculptor is into a beautiful city. The thanks al
represented by a beautiful statuette, the public are due to him for his un-
"The Mother." In addition to the i ceasing efforts to get the smoke nui"
new coinage and the Coronation \ ance of London stopped. He hates
medal, Mr. Mackennal is also en- j ugliness as much aa he hates noise,
gaged upon the stntiuiry which is to and some time ago announced his in-
decorate the St. Pnul's Cross, now I tention of designing a motor-car on
being put up in the cathedral gar-; graceful lines, because he considered
dens. The bite Mr. H. C. Richards, i the motor-car of Way a very ugly
K.C., left $25,000 in his will for the ! machine. The famous Academician
rebuilding of St. Paul's Cross. After was one of London's boy prodigies
prolonged discussion, Mr. Blomfield, | some fifty years ago. and often aston
the architect, wns commissioned to i ished his friends and relatives by car-
design a Doric column tn be set up I tooning them upon walls, doors, ta-
oft the northeastern aider of the j hies—upon anything, in fact, which
cathedral, the "preaching"   platform   would bear the mark ot hit pencil.
being enclosed by a baluster wall of ■—
Portland  stone   nnd    black   marble.
Mr. Mnckennal    has   modelled    four
cherubs for the base, nnd is also designing and modelling the bronze
figure of St. Paul, which it to sur.
mount the column, lt mny be snid
in brief that none of the younger
British sculptors enn claim n more
varied experience in public and private work than Mr. Mackennal.
They Took No Chances.
When Khedive Ismail established a
Parliament, so that Egypt might be
ih the western fnshion, he explained
beforehand to the members bow in
England and in France those in favor
ol the "general policy of the Government" sat on one side of the House
and those in opposition to it on tbe
other. When he nrrived to open tbe
proceedings lie found all the membets
sitting on the Government side. Tbe
opposite benches were empty. There
was no opposition. To oppose the
Government, which was really Ismail,
would, in the minds of those sheiks
and ulema, hove been an act of madness, likely to result.in their losing
their liberty, if not their lives.
Trees to Rent.
"When I read on the buainesa card
of a decorator the legend, 'Treea to
rent,' I was curious to know more
about it and made Inquiries," sai.l
an inquisitive man.
"1 learned thnt one could rent tree.
In this city nt $30 a tree for nn occasion. The kind most in demand is the
bay laurel, which in ancient times wa«
held sacred to Apollo. These trees are
raised in a large transportable box
a.id stand about ten feet high. A
pleasant aromatic odor ia given off
the leaves. The tree it symbolic of
victory in the arte of peace aa well as
victory in war. One man in thia city
has found a good business in main
a  nursery  of  these  scented
"Skin the Goat" Dead.
"Skin the goat, otherwise Fitzharrii.
a prominent figure in one of the most
startling political crimes ott record,
died the other dny in a Dublin work-
bouse hospital. This individual was
the driver of one of the cabs containing the assassins of Lord Frederick
Cavendish and Mr. Burke, and for hu
participation in the atrocious dee I
terved twenty years of a life acuteuce.
A Hard Momtnt.
Jim," taid Bingleton, aa he
     showed   off   hia   first-born.
what do you think of that for a kid?"
"He's some kid. all right, all right,''
returned Jim unemotionally.
"Think he looks like me, old man?''
persisted Bingleton.
"H-m!   Well—er—ah — hum — well,
Bill. I—well, old pal, to tell you the
truth, I'm afraid he doeal" replied the
embarrassed Jim.
Tht Grain Centut.
Grain and other field crops for thel
harvest of 1911 will be taken by areas,
only, as none of these crops will bei
ripe at the taking of the census. The
products of these cropt will be gath.
ered later in the year from tbe re-
uortn ol correannndeuut.
Zam-Buk Once Again the Only Curel
Mr. H. Allison, of 457 King Street,
London, Ont., says: "While a member of the East Kent Division Football Team, and during a rough and
exciting game of football. I fell on
the hard gravel, sustaining a badly
lacerated knee. This required prompt
medical attendance, as s..nd and gravel filled the open wound, which was
very painful and sore.
"For several weeks the doctor treated my injury, and it was thought to
be well healed over; but no sooner
had I begun to move about than the
skin broke, and 1 suffered more tban
at first. For seven long weeks I was
actually laid up. It tnen developed
into a running sore, and I was alarmed for fear the result might be a permanently stiff knee. The doctor's
treatment failed to heal the wound,
so I procured a supply of Zam-Buk.
"It was almost magical in. its effect
on the sore. The discharging soon
ceased. The soreness and pains were
banished, and perseverance with Zam-
Buk made the badly-lacerated knee as
good and firm aa ever. Zam-Buk has
no equal in clearing and healing open
wounds, and I recommend it to all
athletes and sportsmen."
Zam-Buk will also be found a sure-
cure for cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, eczema, blood-poison, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores,
ringworm inflamed patches babies'
eruptions and chapped places, vcuts,
burns, bruises and skin injuries generally. All druggists and stores sell
at 50c. box, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
price. You are warned against harmful imitations and substitutes. 8ee
the registered nnme "Znm-Buk" on
every package before buying.
Ready For the Heckler.
At his name indicates, Mr. Andrew
Boner Law, M.P., who has complete..
jiis fifty-second year, ia a Scot. How-
iver, he can also claim to be a Cana
dian, for he first saw the light in the
Dominion, bis father being the Rev.
James Law, M.A., of New Brunswick
Mr. Bonar Law first entered Parlia
ment in 1900. At a demonstration in
Glasgow he referred to Mr. Balfour's
attitude on the fiscal question. He
pointed out that "the English peoplii
love a compromise," and instances
tne course taken by Henry VIII. at
the time of the Reformation, where-
Xn the following question was hand
up to be answered: "Is the candidate aware that Mr. Balfour it a
bachelor, and that Henry V11I. was
much thc reverse?'' "Yes," replied
the candidate, "hut possibly Mr. Balfour might not be a bachelor if he
could be sure of getting rid of hia
wives as easily as Henry VUI."
"Farmer Brown."
An interesting centenarian it Mr.
William Brown, of Eltham. Eng.,
—known in the district as Furmer
Brown—who recently celebrated his
100th birthday. His vitality is amazing. A dny or two before hi3 birthday, for instance, he mowed tbe lawn
witb a scythe, and in thc afternoon
went for a walk. He enjoys a smoke,
but says that he "ought to ha' gone
years ago. I have always enjoyed
uncommon health," he continued.
"Keep clear of doctors and lawyers.
I say." A noteworthy tact regarding
Farmer Brown is that in his youth
he helped George Stephenson to make
the railway from Liverpool to Cheater.
Sword Stands In Churche*
Sword stands came into uae In
London churches when it became customary to carry the city sword before
the lord mayor as he went to church
in state. During service the sword
was placed in the stand or case pro
vided for ii, and in his own church
the lord mayor generally had the
stand placed conveniently near to ot
in his family pew. This custom,
which was quite common before the
end of the sixteenth century, apparently began in the reign of Elizabeth.
Tbe state visits to the city churches
were discontinued in the mayoralty
of Sir R. N. Fowler, 1883. -London
High Praitt For GIN  PILLS.
Smithville, Ont.
"I suffered for three yeurs with a
Pain in My Back. I am now taking
GIN PILL8 and find a great relief
after taking only one box."
Ia it nny wonder that we sell GIN
PILLS with an iron-clad guarantee of
money back if they fail to give relief?
We know that GIN PILLS will stop
the pain in the back—relieve the bladder—and cure every trace of Kidney
Trouble nnd Rheumatism.
GIN PILLS have cured thousands
of cases of Kidney Trouble that were
regarded as hopeless.
We don't ask you to buy GIN
PILLS to find out what they will do
for you.
Simply write us, mentioning this
paper, and we will send you a sample
box free. Then, if you are unable to
get the regular size boxes at your
dealer's, write us, and we will supply
you at the retnil price—50c. a box, 6
for $2.50. GIN PILLS are made and
guaranteed by the largest wholeaale
drug house in the British Empire.
National Drug and Chemical Co.,
Dept. N. U., Toronto. -tf
It Kept Getting Worse Until He Got
to tho Doctor.
Mr. Percy waa naturally inclined te
be aristocratic. He kept on tho wallt
of bis library portraits of hia ancestors
aa far back as he could be sure of
them and, furthermore, took unusual
pleasure in recounting to guests their
distinguishing virtues. The trouble
began when Mr. Percy put on his
shoes and found some little difficulty
in lacing his right one. It was a tight,
close fit, and when he walked round
the room he limped a little.
"Whnt's the matter?" asked Mrs.
Percy as he limped into the dining-
"Oh, one of my shoes pinches; that's
Whereupon he attacked the liver and
bacon and sipped away at hie coffee.
Wben he had finished hia breakfast
he put on his hat, picked up a walking stick which he bad not used for
months and months and sallied forth
into the world,   ln the elevator ot his
apartment house he met Mr. Stowe,
one of his neighbor!.
"Hello!" said Stowe.
"Good morning," said Mr. Percy.
"What's the matter witb your toot?
Gone lame?"
"Ye-eh; shoe fits pretty tight this
"Mebbe you've got the gout, hull?"
Mr. Percy grinned. They parted at
the door, Mr. Stowe going toward the
subway and Mr. Percy making for
the elevated.
"Good morning, Mr. Percy," said
the janitor, who wat standing on the
basement steps.
"Morning! How are you this
"Oh, I'm all right, but you seem to
be lame."
"Yes, seems to." ,
'P'r'aps you've got a touch of the
gout," said the janitor. "I wish I
could catch it too. But I can't even
afford to get the stomach ache, let
alone the gout."
Hallway down the block Mr. Percy
met another of hit acquaintances.
"Hello, Percy!" said this one.
"What's the matter? Got the gout?"
Mr. Percy looked rather serious.
"I don't know what it is," he said.
"It's swollen more or less, and it's
painful too. Every time 1 bring my
foot down—oh, how it hurts!"
"That's the gout, all right. You
ought to lay off from rich food and
stuff like that and go it easy."
"1 guess I will too. This is no joke,
I'm telling you."
And when Mr. Percy left his friend
and moved on one more block his limp
became more and more pronounced,
and he even seemed to take a certain
sort of pride in it.
"Rheumatism, Mr. Percy?" asked a
friend later on.
"No, sir!   Gout, sir I"
"Excruciating pain, sir! Still, the
Percys have always had it, and I suppose 1 must put up with it. Old family infirmity, you know. I think I'll
get off here and see my physician,
Well, so long!"
He limped off and lu due course ot
time limped into his doctor's office
md described his symptoms.
"I see," said the doctor, writing a
proscription. "We'll soon get you all
right again.   Don't worry.'
"But — aw — doctor, if n't gout
"Gout? Yes, gout's chronic. But
you havn't got the gout. You've got
thc chilblains."
"N-n-n-n-n-o-o-o-o I" laid Mr. Percy.
"Is that all?"
A Doubtlul Msmber.
In Miss Wood's kindergarten class
there were eight pupils, four girls an!
four boys. One of the boys, however,
bad not yet reached the estate of kilts,
not to mention trousers. Accordingly
when little Susan Phelps was asked by
a visitor to tell how many boys and
how many girls there were, her confused rensoning went at follows:
"There's eight, one, two three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, Miss Elliot." she replied. "And if he's a girl"
—she pointed at the one who wore
dresses instead of manly garb—"why,
then there's five girls and one, two
three boys. But if she's a boy, there's
one, two, three, four girls, and one,
two—four boys. She'n renlly a boy,
you know, Mies Elliot," she confided,
in conclusion.
"And you think you are willing to
endure the hardships of married life
with me?" h« asked tenderly.
"Yes," sbe answered, without a
"But you know," he went on,
"they'll pelt ut with shoes and you
may get rice in your eye.   Our bag-
t:nge will be placarded, and most like-
y they'll ride us to tbe station in
wheelbarrows, with a band ahead, and
everyhody'll have a bell or a horn.
They'll tip the Pullman porter to give
us away and wi-e th* Dolice of some
town ahead to artest us at an eloping couple."
She shuddered, but it was only a
passing weakness.
Consoling. '
Ot Mr. Justice Jell, the London jurist, whose illness has been causing
tome anxiety lately, the following
story is told. "Why do you weep?" he
once asked a lachrymose prisoner,
who appeared before him when he
was Recorder of Shrewsbury. "Oh,
my lord, my dear lord," came the
tearful answer. "I have never, nevoi
been to prison before." "Don't cry.
prisoner at the bar," came the cheerful response; "I am going to send you
there now."
"lam pleased to inform you that
I have been cured by Cuticura Socn
and Ointment. Since I waa a boy I
have Buffered with dandruff, not only
from the itching but from its disagreeable appearance ln a scaly form
all over my head. I had to brush it
off my clothes all day long. I usrd
every kind of preparation supposed
to cure dandruff, also soaps and
shampoos, but it seemed to me that,
instead of improving with these remedies, the dandruff increased, cvrn
my hair began to fall out and the
result was that two months ago
eczema developed on mv scalp.
"I suffered so from this lhat as a
last resource I thought I would try
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. Thev nad the most gratifying
results for I had used only one box
of Cuticura Ointment and a single
cake of Cuticura Soap when I was
cured, the eczema and dandruff were
gone and my head perfectly clear.
"I oan assure you that so long as
I live no other soap than Cuticura
will be used by me and all those near
to me. I will also add that I will
always use Cuticura Ointment as a
dressing for the hair. I feel that you
should lcnow of my cure and if you
desire you may use this as a true
testimonial which comes from a sufferer of thirty years' standing. 1
will be happy to tell any one of my
experience in order to assist those
who may be suffering from the same
disease.0 (Signed) J. Acbvbdo,
. General Commission Merchant,
I 50 Pearl St., New York.
CoUcurm Soap and Ointment afford the
speediest and moat economical treatment tor
Itching, burning. scaly humoin ot Infants, children and adult*. At In thin cane, a alnitle art la
often sufficient. Bold throughout the world.
Bend to Potter Drug ir. Chem. Corp., Boston,
V. S. A., for 32-ptte Cuticura Book on treatment of akin and scalp tSUottona.
Canadian Pacific
Low Round Trip Rates to
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, inclusive,  good to return within three
Tickets   issued   in   connection   with
Atlantic Steamship   will   be on sale
Irom Nov. 11,   and   limited   to   five
months from date of issue.
Finest     equipment.    Standard    first
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compartment - Library - Observation
Car on "Imperial Limited."
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.10k, making connections   at   Toronto   for   all
points East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winni
teg daily at 8.25k, and the "Atlantic
xprtss" at 19.00k daily, making connections  at  Montreal  for  all  pointa
East thereof.
Apply  at the  nearest C.P.R.  Agent
for full information
Good Ttam Work, Thli
The preacher's evening discourse
was dry and long, and the congregation gradually melted away. The
s»xton tiptoed up to the pulpit and
slipped a note under one corner of
the Bible,   lt read:
"When you are through, will you
please turn off the lights, lock the
door, and put the key under the mat?"
After a woman has made another
man of her husband is she another
man's wife?
JIv:r'g,hts d;Y»
W. N. U., No. 820. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Used in Canadian homes to produce
delicious home-made bread, and m aup>
ply ia always included in Sportsmens'
and Campers'Outfita. Decline
nil Imitations. They never
give satisfaction and cost Just
as much.
Wlnnlptg     Toronto, Ont.     Montreel
AoJard.4 highlit lienors at ait
No. 127 Exposition).
Wt art  tvtrywhsrt with the   standard goods.
Paptr and Matchtt art our ipecialtltt.   Ltt u«
know your wtntt—we'll de tht rttt.
TEE8 & PER3SE, LIMITED, Agtntt, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,
Regina, Fort William and Port Arthur.
Cobble—"I should like to lend you
tliat ten dollars old man, but I know
how it would be if I did—it would
end our friendship."
Stone—"Well, old chap, there has
been a great deal of friendship between us. I think if you could
make it five we might worry along
on half as much."—Life.
A Novel Use for Paptr
Out of the sheets of an Austrian
paper, an ingenious engineer constructed for his own use a small yacht
twenty feet long. In the construction
of the hull, deck, masts, sails and rudder several thousand copies of the
journal were used. Eacli plank required 2.600 leaves, nnd enormous
pressure was used to procure the
necessary solidity.
Rather Tough
"Women may he weak," boasted tlie
landlady, "hut there is certainly no
weakness in my poultry raising."
"I should say not," commented the
stellar boarded ns bo picked a section
of a leatherlzed chicken wing, "you
are there with the bone and sinew."
SMoh's Cure
Quiokly steps coughs, cures colds, heals
the  throat and lungs. •   ■   •  25 cent*.
Daily during December.      3 months
limit.   Stop over privileges,
The Dooble TracK Route.
Reduced Fares for
Steamship Passengers.
Novefnber 11th to December   31st.
Five months limit.   Write   for   full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General AgenJ, Passenger Dept.
Representative for all Steamship Lines
and Cook's Tours.
260 Portage Ave.        -        Winnipeg.
Tht Correct Antwer
The late Professor Sophocles, of
Harvard, wns a short but finely built
man, with bushy, snow-white hair and
beard, olive complexion, and piercing
black eyes, and looked like some venerable Arab sheik. Reserved and shy
in manner, he was yet full of geniul
humor. Once, in the class-room, he
asked a student, "What was done with
the bodies of the Greeks who were
killed at Marathon?" "They were
buried, sir." "Next!" "Why, they—
they were burned." "Next!" "I
don't know, professor." "Right, Nobody knows."—Literary Digest.
Not Impretted
Farmer (proudly)—See what fine
'biters I get by industry." Lazy Jefl
(complacently)—"Huh! Ah gits 'uact.
ly de same kind by moonlight."—
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
family for years, and for the every
day ills and accidents of life I consider it haa no equal.
I would not start on a voyage witb
out it, if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Sehr. "Storke," St. Andre, Kanv
Many a man is so stingy that he
won't even tell, a joke at bis own expense.
show the beneficial  effects of
Liquid Cures Eczema
Where Salves Fail.
In regard to skin disease, medical
authorities are now agreed on this.
Don't iniprisou the disease germs in
your skin by the use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all eczematous diseases
can be brought about only by using
the healing agent in the form of a
A simple wash: a compound of Oil
of Wintergreen, Thymol, and other
ingredients as combined in the D.D.D.
Prescription. Tbis penetrates to the
disease germs and destroys them, then
soothes and heals the skin as nothing
else has ever done.
A trial bottle' will start the cure,
and give you instant relief. Write
for it to-day to the. D.D.D. Laboratories, Dept. T.F., 4§ Colborne St.,
For sale by all druggists
"Now," said the physician, "you
will bave to eat plain food, and not
slay out late at night." "Yes," replied the patient. "That is wbat I
have been thinking ever since you
sent in your bill."
And Find Out If You Have Kidney
Ditordert, Alto Make Thit Test.
Have you pains in the back over
the kidneys?
Have you urinary disorders?
Do you suffer from severe headaches, dizziness or defective eyesight?
Is the skin dry and harsh?
Are you failing in health and
.strength and suffering from rheumatic pains or swelling of the limbs?
These are a few of the symptoms of
kidney disease, ond here is the test.
If the urine, after standing for
twenty-four hours is cloudy, milky or
has particles floating about in it, or
if there is a sediment in the bottom of
the vessel, your kidneys are diseased.
There is no time to lose in beginning the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney
and Liver Pills. Delay means the development of Bright's Disease, and
you do not want to take any chances
with that. Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills will help you more quickly than any other treatment you can
obtain, and that is one reason why
they nre so successful and popular.
Mr. W. H. Mosher, South Augusta,
Grenville county, Ont., writes:—"I
used Dr. Chase's Kidney and Liver
Pills and firmly believe there is no
medicine to equal them, I was
troubled for years with kidney disease, and this treatment has cured
me. When I began the use of these
pills I could only walk from my bed
to a chair. Now I can go to the field
and work like any other man. Dr.
Chase's Kidney and Liver Pills are an
excellent medicine." This statement
is certified to by the Rev. E. H.
Emett, Baptist minister, of Brockville,
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney and Liver
Pills, one pill a dose, 25 cents a box
at all dealers or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto. The portrait and signature of A. W. Chase, M.D., the famous Receipt Book author, are ou
every box. Tbese are for your protection against imitations and substitutes.
The Dodger
Many a man sees his duty in time
to dodgs it.—Chicago News.
Away With Depression and Melancholy.—These two evils ore the accompaniment of a disordered stomach
and torpid liver nnd mean wretchedness to all whom they visit. The
surest and speediest way to combnt
tbem is with Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, which will restore the healthful action of the stomach and bring
relief. They have proved their usefulness in thousands of cases and will
continue to give relief to the suffering
who are wise enough to use them.
Bread Almost  100 Years Old
Beneath a glass case at the home
of Joseph Hummel, a Muncie, Ind.,
business man, nre two small loaves
of bread, euch weighing an ounce and
a half. They were baked 9.3 years
ago and are relics of the famine tbat
swept Germany in 1816 and 1817.
Wheat then sold for $84 a bushel.
The loaves were heirlooms in the
Hummel furnily and came into Mr.
Hummej's hands when he wns visiting
his old home in Wurtemberg 20 years
ego.—Baker's Weekly.
To have the children sound and
healthy is the first care of a mother.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
No. ill George St., Sorel, Que.
"For seven years I suffered from
womb disease and dreadful torturing
pains, and I had constant Dyspepsia and
Chronic Constipation—the latter so bad
that some times I went ten days without
.ction of tbe bowels. Six different doc-
ors treated me anil for a year I was in
_«.., constantly facing death. Then
tnv husband coaxed ine to try "Fruit-
a-tives " and this medicine, and nothing
else, cured me and saved my life."
50c. box—6 for $2 50—or trial l>ox
25c—at dealers or from Fruit-a-tivet
Limited, Ottiwa.
She Completed the Sentence
"You mean to tell me that you married that old miser for love?"
"Yes, for love of money."
Kidneys Wrong?	
if they nre you are in danger.
When through weakness or diseuse
the kidneys fail to filter the impurities from the blood, trouble
comes nt once. Backache, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Gravel, Diabetes, Gall Stones and the deadly
Bright's Disease are some of the
results of neglected kidneys. Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills contain
a most effective diuretic which
strengthens and stimulates the
kidneys so that they do their work
thoroughly and well.   Trv
Family friend (after the funeral)—
Dearie me, Silas, how you do tnke on!
Obscure relative (yearning for dis-
stinction)—Hub I this ain't nothin'!
orter see me at the grave!
Scott's Emulsion
in a very short time.   It
There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than nil other dis
enses put together, and until the last
few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a locul disease and prescribed locnl remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Cntnrrh Cure, manufactured
hy F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the
market.    It   is   taken   internally   in
serious pulmonary afflictions, yet
there is 11 simple cure within the
reach of nil in Biekle's Anti-Consump-
tive 8vrup, an old-time and widely
recognized remedy, which, if resorted
,..,., to at the inception of a cold, will in-
nOt  Only   DUlldS   her   Up,   variably give relief, and hy overcom-
; ing the trouble, guard the system
ftoin nny serious consequences.   Price
J25 cents, at nil dealers.   '
A cough is often the forerunner of I doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful
but enrickes thc mother's
milk and properly nourishes the child.
Nearly all mothers vho
nurse theirchildren should
"I see you've advertised for a lost
I dnwg, ma'am, and "
"Yes, but thnt isn't by little Jewel,
That's a mongrel.   Take him "
"I know that, ma'am.     No   dawg
could tnke the place of your lost darling, but if you'd like to have a gentle
, , . ,      ,. ,    r      j     little creetur   to   love   while   you're
take   this   Splendid   IOOd-   hUntitf' for your Joel I'll sell you this
1  . • un for 50   cents,    ma'am."—Chicago
tonic, not only to keep Tribune.       .
Up their OWn Strength but   Min»rd'» Liniment Curet Diphtheria.
to properly nourish their
roa SiL* st iu, iiBnooisti
"I understand Brindle and his wife
hnve   qunrrelled.      Whnt    was    the
enuse?"   "Why Brindle lost his wife
in the crowd nnd went peeking about
'under all the peach basket hats thnt
  looked  like hers—and   she  snw  him
tm* io.., .... ot on., ,o* thi. .d. _„_ ™   JJ& «ot   mad-" - Cleveland   Plain
IM-Hutirul S.Tlng. Bank .nd Child', hk, tob-Ooolu     Denier.
fc-,oh t».k tonulM ■ Onod Lu_k Pen./. '  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
laeW.lllMto.SttMI.WMt     TM.|..0_< . W. N. U., No. 120,
It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and
testimonials.   Address:
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Fold bv Drugeists.'JS".
Tnke Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Still In the Offing
Interviewer to Sage—WhaP wns the
happiest moment of your life?   .
"It bus not come yet."
"Not yet?   Wben?"
"When people stop asking silly
Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyet
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy
Try Murine for your Eye Troubles
You will like Murine. It Soothes
60c at Your Druugista. Write for Eye
Books Free. Murine Eye Remedy
Co., Toronto 2
Soon after the arrival of the first
baby his wife went upstair. one evening and found him gazing earnestly at
the child. She was touched by the
sight and tears filled her eyes. Her
nrms stole softly around his neck as
she rubbed her cheek caressingly
against his shoulder. He started
slightly at the touch.
"Darling," he murmured dreamily
"it  '    ■
they get such a crib ns that for
cents."—Tbe World's Work.
*r 8fU.il d.ri. II IH do B-t with to ettrtlen* a** fna
.o.h't>_   I .di tr^liiif e»Urrh, D_..n.M, «Md KoJmi,  .u I
., ,       , ,    -       Bu IfouMw, with. r._n»rk.M. i»w _...tmeu_.   I ".nl 1
is  incomprehensible  to  me  how  _m.4ft_M.Mo_ thliirMNn.ni witbiwoiwi»iin»i.to.T_.f
•-- - —    tuB.t.r. _,, innll, .11 eh.nt.. pntwld. toUJ IJd.Ji.
btn . nn im.**.   Writ* lor mr hit If*. If 1.1 Irnlmnt to-
*.,, flrlot Mil rt-M.rloll.in nl ,,,....»•
Pr. w. O. corrut, o.pt. ft"  Oh Msin... low*
Liniment Curet
Garget  in
Irritnble Spouse-Jhere were plenty
of men wiio wanted me.
Logical Husband—But think how
happy you hnve made tliem by taking
Knpeck's will wns being drnwn un
by the lawyer. "I hereby hequenth all
my property to my wife," dictated
Enpeck. "Got thut down?" "Yes."
"On condition," continued Enpeck,
"thnt she merries within a year."
"But why thnt condition?" asked the
mnn of law. "Because," answered the
meek and lowly testator. "I want
somebody to be sorry that I died."
What is Needed is the Rich,
Red Blood Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills Actually
Perhaps you hnve already noticed
that your diiugbter in her "teens"
hns developed a fitful temper, is restless and excitable. In that case remember that the march of yenrs is
leading her on to womanhood, nnd
at this time a grent responsibility
rests upon you ns parents. If your
daughter is pale, complains of weakness and depression, feels "all tired
out" nfter n little exertion; if she
teils of headaches, or backaches, or
pain In the side, do not disregard
these warnings. Your daughter needs
help for she is most probably uniio-
mic—that is, bloodless.
Should you notice nny of these
signs, lose no time, but procure Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, for her unhealthy girlhood is hound to lend to
unhealthy womanhood. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills enrich impoverished blood
and hy doing so they repair waste
and prevent disease, Tbey give to
sickly, drooping girls, health, brightness and charm, with col ir in the
cheek i, bright eyes, a lightness of
step nnd high spirit... A case typical of thousands cured through the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is
that of Miss Grace Cunningham,
Winnipeg, Man., wbo says: "I really
cannot sny enough in praise of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, ns tbey have
made me feel like a new girl. I wns
paie nnd almost bloodless nnd think
thut on nn average I missed at least
three school sessions n week, be-
cnuse I felt like it broken down person, mul too weak to do anything.
The doctor's medicine I took did little more than keep me ill hope; it
certainly did not cure me. Then 1
was advised to take Dr. Williams.'
Pink Pills, nnd they soon mnde me
feel like a new person. Dny by ilny
I gained strength and color, and I
! hnve your medicine to t'innk for it."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nre sold
by nil medicine dealers or may be
had bv mail nt 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Dominion Express
Jf one/ Order j  and
foreign Cheques
art payahh all ovtr th, Wtrld.
Absolutely the best way
to remit money by mall.
Monty tint by Talagraph and Cabla
Foralgn Money bought an* told.
fUtcs for M«nar Ordoro
$t and under   .      ,       I coots
Otot  I to $10 S    "
"     II to   W        .     .     TO    "
"     10 to   60 .      .      II    "
On Salt in mil Cmn. Pat. Ry. Stations,
Our $5.00
Cuff Links
ne.lly   engraved   with   "hit"
monogram, would make a moit
L acceptable Christum gilt. They >■
■   ire made in extra heavy 14k (old s'
tnd are enclosed in a fine velvet
lined cue.
Send (or Catalogue K
It contains 132 pafei in colore of
[    Jewelry, Silverware,    f;
China, Glass, Stationery,
i       Leather Goods,        3;
Novelties, etc. |
Diamond Memhante, Jewelera        I
and aiivaremitha I
134-131 YONCE ST.      -     TORONTO THE   SUN, .GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
W fewtefl Sm  I   NEWS 0F THE C,TY
Published nt 'Irand Korks. BritUh Cnlunilil u
were  married  in (ireenwood
1 last week.
tl. A.KVANB   ..
Editor "and P»blUh«r
A Hie *if this paper cun be Been at the olliee
t»f Me»ar«. B, A .1. Hardy ft <'„_,%.. :ii mul 82.
Pleet Street, B.G.. Loudon. Uii;rlii.i.l, free of
charge, mid tl_ut firm «ill lit* «)ml to receive
■ubiorli tlom and aaveHi.teniet.ti on our be*
Una Yenr *].!W
One Year (In advance) 1.00
.\ilvertinl_i_; ratei furuU'vi I ftll [if
Leva) iintlcei, 10 and 5 oenti, cr line.
Atlilrcs* nil cmniniiiiii'iititiiiM to
Tub KvKNiNfi Sun,
Phonic HU (iUASIi I'ohkh, B.O,
FBIDA\.r NOVEMBER   18,  1910
Sir Oliver Lbdlge, in the
course of airaddress on the
subject of incarnation, in London last week, said: "There is
no real ending-to anything in
this universe, nor was tliere
any beginning. The death of
the bony does not eonvey any
assurance of the soul's aeath.
Every physical analogy i.s
against such a superficial notion in nature. We never see
things beginning or coming to
an end. Change is what we
see, not origin or termination.
I )eath is a change indeed—a
sort of emigration, a wrenching away from tlwildfamiliar
scene's, a solemn and portentu-
ous fact. But it is not annihilation. No thoughtful person can believe he is destined
to drop head foremost into a
vacant nothing and cease to
be. Existence is itself a great
adventure—a series of tliem.
Some lead placid lives, seek to
avoid adventure, but none can
altogether escape, none can
escape that great adveuture—
death. There arc three adventures in life—birth, death
and mairiage, and comparatively few escape all three."
Sir Oliver's message was that
there is some great truth in
the idea of a pre-existence—
not an obvious truth and one
easily formulated, but a truth
difficult of expression and not
to be identified with reincarnation. Persons living now
might not have been individuals before, but they were chips
or fragments of a great master
mind, of spirit and ligh}. He
did not mean to say only that
they were parts of the deity.
lie meant something more detailed than that. The idea of
angels was treated as imaginative, it might be not altogether fanciful. The facts indicated that we were not really lonely in our struggle, that
our destiny was not haphazard, anil that there was no
such tiling as "laisser laire"
ill the highly organized universe. The help might, said
Sir Oliver, be rejected, but
help was available. The ministry of benevolence was
around us, he added. We were
still barely emerging from the
ruthlessness of savage competition. The earth still was
full of darkness and cruel
habitations, but it was our
fault and not tlie fault of nature, ■ There was room for
all hi a properly organized
universe. The civilized people should be above a mere
animal distress, Humanity
was good enough if lt obtained a chance, and real badness was exceptional. There
was hope in the air, and the
time would come, when they
would realize that Christ was
walking, not on the waters of
Oenresaret but on the Thames.
Tbe pen is mightier thnn thn sword
in getting a mnn into difficulties.
The Meyers Creek Coke &
Coal company, a close corpor-
tion, was formed at a meeting
held in I'hoenix last Friday,
E. Spraggett, of this city, being chosen president, and I).
.1. Darraugh. of I'hoenix, secretary-treasurer, The following are some of the members
ofthe company: (1. W. Rumberger, John A. Swanson, K.
V. Chilholm, A. s. Hood. .1.
E. Thompson, X. J, Carson,
John MulliSan, T. Biner, J.
11. Vivian, W. Delahay, Carl
Hehner, of I'hoenix, and S. R,
Almond, D. A. McKinnon,
(i. D.Clark and C. E. Johnson, of (irand Forks.
C-. S. Campbell, formerly
ehiefof provincial police in
Victoria, and now provincial
license inspector, has returned
to the coast from a tour of inspection through the Boundary and Kootenays. In an
interview in a Vancouver
paper, he says that the new
provincial liquor act is working out well, and i.s effecting
improvement in the handling
of the liquor traffic and in the
standard of accommodations
provided by licensed houses.
Referring to British Columhia Copper, a New York financial journal says: The present
accumulation of stock i.s believed to be against the time
when the coinpany will pay
dividends, which seems to be
not far off, in view of the rapidly accumulating treasury
surplus. We advice the purchase of-this stock for investment and speculative profits.
E. E. Gibson, local manager
of the West Kootenay Power
company, is expected to return on Monday next from a
month's vacation, spent in the
east. Paris mutuals are being sold on whether he is a
bachelor or a benedict.
Work on the Greenwood-
Phoenix tunnel was resumed
on Tuesday last with twenty-
two men.
George Bryan and Miss Alexandria Murdock, both of
Boundary Kails, were married
this week.
John Moran, wdio has been
mining all .summer at Danville, has returned to (ireenwood.
The running time of thc C.
l'.R. trains on the Phoenix
hill is ten miles an hour, up or
V. Kistler, district agent of
the Groat Northern, made a
business trip to Nelson this
Th" light snowfall ot yeateniny
is r.i| i 1 ty <1iwifSpe_ir.ng. Ii it should
no away entirely, and there is no
fresh fall of the '.'beautiful" .before
January I, we are almost certain to
ha.v.v a green Christinas.
OUR HOLIDAY GOODS W better than last year,
and that says a great deal.
Call early and select goods, and we will lie
pleased to keep them for you. See tha goods,
anyway, whether you buy or not.
■^WOODLAND    8c   CO.K-
The first carload of coal
from the Midway coal mine,
consisring of thirty tons, arrived in the city last week,
being consigned to Dr. Kingston. The quality of the coal
is said to lie good.
Very little interest is being
taken in the forthcoming municipal election in Phoenix,
(ieo. Rumberger will probably be elected mayor by acclamation.
Saturday night thelO-round
light between Bob Eorshaw
and Bill Baker, in Phoenix,
was won bv the, former in
three rounds.
E. Miller, M.P.P., E. Spraggett and Jeff Davis attended
the big Conservative convention and rally in  Nelson  this
1 week.
The merchants of   Grand
Tories and (Ireenwood are importing eggs and butter from
Ontario by the carload.
Frank Rees.a youngbrother
of King Rees. of Greenwood,
! was murdered in   Dorchester,
Mass., last week.
Ki;lney Disease Causes Hal f the Common Aches anrl Ills of Grand
Fori s ?< op.e
As one weak link weakens a chain
so weak kidneys weaken tbe Whole
body and hasten the final breaking
Overwork, strains, eolis and other
causes injure the kidneys, and when
their activity is lessened the Whole
body sutlers from the excess of uric
poison circulated in the blood.
Aches und pains anil languor and
iirinai'v ills come, and there is an
ever-increasing tendency towards diabetes and fatal Blight's disease
There is no real help for ttie sufferer
except kidney help.
Booth's Kidney ['ills   act  directly
on the kidneys and cure every kidney
Mrs. Jane Fehery, of OH.) Pacific ave.,
Winnipeg, Man., says:
"After suffering dreadfully with
rheumatism ir. my riglit. hip anrl ter
rible pains across my back for years,
I am more than pleased to say that
Booth's Kidney Pills have cuied me.
Tbe rheumatic pains in my hip were
so severe that I could not lie on tny
right hip at all and could hufdly
move in bed. My back was so weak
and painful that after stooping over 1
could not straighten up for some moments' and when 1 would attempt to
do so, I could scarcely bear the pains
thut would shoot all through me. i
had tried all kinds of remedies for
ihis trouble, without finding relief.
Booth's Kidney PilU have done their
work well iu inv case, and I shall always have a good word of praise for
tbem," Por sale in (irand Korks by
H. E. Woodland it Co.
Sold by' dealers. Price .10 cents.
The R, I'.' Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Krie,
Out, Sole Cnnadian Agents.
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, or
money back.   Sold and guaranteed by
i Woodland & Co.
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy' your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
in Bulk
;orists an
Lowest Prices
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Winnipeg    Avenue
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $ou0 hewn
log bouse; Nortli Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
City and Suburban
The Greenwood smelter is
turning out monthly over
$200,000 worth nt* ' copper,
gold nml silver.
The  Dominion   parliament
is now in session.
Antonio Lucente and  Miss
Rachel Grant, both of Farron,
vn M '.it late of Grand frirlu. It. U, <lu*
i" aatil, inti'stiitt*
Nunc.; HUEKEBY UIVEN Mint on the 18th
iti.y ut <'(!'c>I>hi\ 1910, It wns ordered by
His Honor Judjie Hrown tluM A, 0 Button,
Public AfluiluUtratoPi i>o HdmluUtratur of
tm' estnte uf Tony Vldiiiar,late nf Untie!
Eorks, li. 0., cleoqated. hit- suite.
Eve y perron indebted to snid deceased is
required to make payment nirthwith to the
Under*Iguedtftud every pi'rgpu luivnur In poi-
*_«*.»!■ u I'titeiis belonging lo di'ecasud Is ie*
•in 11 <<l tu notify iln- undersigned*
j'.very creditor br otber person having uuy
olaim Ui "ti or Interest in the distribution of
tne estate of the deceased is reuuired before
lue u5iik day of November, l'!". to send by
iMirisiiiril letter, add e« ed to the tinder*
si tf< ed| hit nnme and tt.dilre§i>ii_id full par leu*
liir.-in hlseialm or interest, and a statement
if Ins ncooittit mul tlio nature of tlte security
(Uniiv) iii-lti by bim, verified by statutory
dealti ration.
After i he mid 23th November. 1810, the Ad-
luinislriitur will proeeen with thc dUtrlliu-
tion of -In? Bstoie, having renard io those
elaimsoiily of which he shall thou Imve luul
l>i_ti'U at Qrand   Korks, B.C., lilst■ October,
Public AilminUtriitoJ,
Giuti'l Forks, H.C
attn, d*K DM Jik-nrtXliri FT. LOT between
%_C^#_Wfll Second and Third streets,
r?a^J_iIj)ftJ lostttbuvi'Judire Unniy's
**\W19MW^aWy*mw uud It, Gaw's plnees; lep.
muted from ull other properties by 20-It.
lane) as tardea* seven or eight ordinary lots.
Hdjoining lots ure worth tp\t*Q\ would mnke
nice home, with Sufficient Bround for chick-
eiig, frnlt, garden and lawn; most desirable
location in eity.
:■■:< ACRES adjoining
i-l'y limits on south;
M aeres clearedi 150
j, frtllt lieen; new four*
loin lionsd-: ham fir sis hottest horse,
bui!try. double harness ami tamilng implements.   All for ItfJOO.   Easy terms.
and three lots within
one block of litixini'ss
     centre;   lawn,   shade
fruit trees, berry bushes, large garden,
W ill also sell furniture of house If desired,
< Inc-balf cash, hnlii'ice terms.
-I'.j' miles from town;
7-room house, plant*
crPdi large boirgyihod,
^^^^^^ Woodshed;    I'll     il'iilt
trees, "n benrfnjjt -S acre* strawberries,
goosoherrlesi nufrauty, raspberriesi free from
irost: the best tnoatlutiaround Grain) Porks;
plenty of good water; fruit ami crop In
Between :i bud t aores
In West end of eity;
first class soil, all nude r '-ul Iva tlo it; small ,
 _.    .   hdied and outbulldlngm Well ao<M
(llimp L-noil tenets, 'this is a saerl lice, us owner isaboiil to leave(ity. Teriun.
S8(HX)eash, bal-
aiiec lerniM. One
oi hest hotels in
__ the business oeii
tie of liriuid Coiks; ti'iw lining a profitable
business; owner desi'es tu remove to the
coast, This is the bent bargain in this part
of the province, as there are nut S"veli hotel
liuenseslp the Qrand [forks,  city is growing
rapidly. No other town in southern Hritish
Coltimblx has as hriyrhi future ploS|iect».
For further information re
garding tho above properties
rail or address
Bicvui.ks and Kkpaih Work—A
complete line of 1310 models. A te*
sec'ond-himd wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. BO. \V. CjJPHIt, VVnmipt) g
Accomplishes Much
A two cent stamp doc! a lot foi
very little money, but it would re*
quire thousands of two cent stamps
and personal letters to make your
wants known, to as many people as
a 25c. investment in our Classified 1]
Want Ads.
JBKDLKWORK wanted to do HtlKimo.  Cull
1   ou Mr*. Win  Ki>ron, Siioond atruet.
GiMII>PAST.JH..iil. r,irnittli! doioto oity:
hiifo feiioei iiliiiiuliicu ut foi'd.   Kor term:
npply lo .I11I111 ttilmmor, I'ourtli (if Inly creou.
WAN run  situation ns jmiltor ur bartender,   Adilri'Ns \V.  .1.. ileiier.il  Dulivery,
annul Koi'K-i, II. C.
rUKNISHIili KOOMS-Apply.Mrs, K.Cmw
I"    I nd
AbVBRTiaiNG SPACE In Tlm Sim.tlie most
widely read newspiip.-r lu the Kettle Vnl*
TYPEWRITKR-Ollvers   new.
I    olliee.
Apply Suu
THREK  RoVri.liS coll)  Nelson  Beer   BUc.
I    Lion Bottll nu Works.
BARN ANI)lltlUSIi-Tlie Korreater lilirn, i
lots uud hoiine, in Columliin.   Apply J. H.
I'lsth, Hox 11).
A HOE BOTTLE Pert Wine ?."'c.   Lion Bot-
_.   tliiij; Worlis.
AND—ltWneres [food timothy laud.   Apply
_s   this office.
SPAf.'E for ndvcrtisluij-   purposes   lu The
SPECIAL OLD PORT Si per gallon.   Lion
bottliiif. Works. ™
** S. T. HULL, Manual*
Ben Hendrick's Famous Comedy,
The Swellest Swagger Swedish-American Play ever Produced.
Years of Cpntinual Success.
All New Songs, Dances and Music.
Seats on Sale at H. E. Woodland & Co.'s
Now Open
With a First-Class
Moving Picture Show
Under entirely New Management.
endid Singing 0~-a?geofprog- ^onday'
Admission 15c.
Wednesday and Friday.
Children 10c
The Best Christmas Gift for
a Little Money
Sent as a year's subscription to
The Youth's Companion, ^.OO'will
buy, for any Canadian subscriber,
the fifty-two weekly issues of The
Youth's Companion for 1911.
It will buy the two hundred and
fifty fascinating Btories in the n*w
It will buy the fifty exclusive contributions to the new volume by famous men and women.
It will entile the new Canadian
subscriber for 1911 who sends in his
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The Companion for the remaining'
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It will entitle the new Cnnadian
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It the subscription in a Christmas
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extra copy, of the 1911 Calendar.
The illustrated Announcement of
the larger and better Companion for
1911 will be sent to any Canadian
address free.
The Youth's Companion, U4
Berkeley St., . Boston, Mass. New
subscriptions received at this office.
Don't forget that The Bun nns the
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
(I'ublUhed Annually)
Knahles tnulera  throughout  the   world   tu
communicate direct with Kiitfliidi
tn eaeh clnss of good". Besides hcintr il com* j
pleto oo mi ne rem 1 gnldu tn London ni.il its
miburbs, the directory contain?, lint* of
with the (ioods they ship, u"d the Colonial
nml Foreign Market* they supply;
arranged under the Port it to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading-Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
ccntrci of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will hn for-:
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal |
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards ior £1, or larger advertise*
incuts from £3, !
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Holy Trinity'Cuubcii,Henry Steele,
Rector*—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:0Q a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of. the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox PRBHnYTEHiAN Ciiuhoii—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; .Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats freo. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Chuiich Rev. Calvert.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church; Rev. H. VV.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11a. m. and 7:30 Jp, in.; Bible
class and Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
N TII KM TTKI: of Hie Uml Registry Aot
mul In the innttnr of thc title tu Lot 1*3:15
Oroiiii I, Oioyoqt DIvtllQlt; (uow known n_
sliiillKiuneen) Division uf Yulo District,
llritish Columbia
WIIKKE\s Ortlticnte of Title of I'utrlok
T»rrlnu, lielllu Certificate of Title No.
STllla. to the ahove lu're'llt.imeiits Ims been
lost or ilcstroyud, nn lloliltcHtloii tins been
IlintlQ to mc lor ii iluiitti'itt ■ thereof.
Notioe Is hereby id veil thnt luliiptlc'ito Cor-
tllloilteof Titln tu the nhOMi heiviUtliiiicuts
will he issued ut thc cxiiinitii.n uf one mouth
frnm the date herenf, .infos. In thc iiii'ituttme
valid objections tu thc contrary he mude to
me in wfitini..
Ill,trlct Hoglitrar of Titles.
Laud Registry Oflice,
KniiiluiipH, II.C. Sold, i.r.nii.
Yule Land District. District nl Similltaineeu.
TAKE notice tlmt I, Amiesa Bllen Paulson,
of Hnssluud, it. C. uccuuiitiou " He. intends lo upplv for liermihsinu tu |nlrchasc
the folluwiug described lunds:      _>
rinnincncinir at a post planted at thc
southwest comer of James Miller's pre-emption, Lot 1 IMS., on Deep Creek: tbence north
60 eliains: theuce west '-•Oolmlus: tbence south
'20 ciiuins: thenee west 40 chains: theuce
south 20 chains; tbeuoc east so chains tu thc
noillt of commencement
J. R.Crunstnn, Au-eul.
Dated May 18th, 1901.
Show cards for widnows antl inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at u
Kvery father knows he never wus
such a driveling idiot in his youth as
his son is, and the son hugs himself
in the mild delusion that he never
will be such a buck number as his
dad is.
Every mun has plenty of friends
who can tell hiin just where he mnde
his mistake, but the friend who tun
and will give him a straight tip is
more rare than fresh water pearls.
lf'the average man could run his
own affairs as well as he knows he
could run the other fellow's, theie
would he a bij^ decrease iu the failures
reported by Ilunn and Bradstreet.
The man who is miserable because
a black cat crossed his path Friday always tlid hate cuts anyway, so he ex
c'uses himself fur his superstition.
Getting away with a lie would he a
much simpler matter if it wore not for
the numerous persons who are always
around keeping tab.
A man really can make more fuss
over the way a barber trims his inus
tache than a woman over the way a
tailor cuts her gown.
A woman who tries to mend her
husband's clothes is usually more successful than the one who tries to
memd his ways.
The chief trouble about getting married is all the money you will think
you would, have had if you hadn't
done it.
One reason why women don't want
to vote is because they haven't time
to spare from the servant problem.
The spider which tried seven times
in succession isn't in it with the exploiter who scents a rich graft.
., Too much faith is to be deplored
even as too little, especially when dealing with a green goods man.
If people take you for an easy mark
it's your cue to get busy and mark
them oft your calling list.
If the average person worked only
when he felt like it the world would
starve before Christmas.
Continual pegging away and going
without sleep is the price of three
squaie meals a day.
There is no more ridiculous spectacle than to see a slow, stupid fellow
trying to be a sport.
Some women select their beauty
doctors with more cure than they do
their milkman.
Some women won't be happy in
heaven unless they can clean house
twice a year.
Why doesn't the interstate commerce commission go after fishermen
for rebating.
When a woman delivers an ul.ima-
tum it indicates tha) she is willing to
ai bi'.rate.
The girl who doesn't appreciate her
father is hKely to acquire a mean
Most of us can bear the troubles of
theother fellow much better than he
A dog doesn't appreciate the simple
life until he has had a can tied to his
Call no many happy till the graft
investigating committee has O. K.'d
The end seat hog is the only one of
his species that hasn't a market value
Money is about, the only thing that
can get tight without taking a drink.
Make your own footprints instead
of following in the other fellow's.
The world is full of men who oan
tell the other fehow how to do it
Women cork up secrets so tight
that the bottle always bursts.
He's a pour house painter who is
unable to put on a good front. *
Paddle your own canoe, but don't
let a large pink idiot rock it.
Woman is a thing of beauty und an
expensive joy forever.
A man always tries to conceal his.
vices under his virtues.
Doesn't a chicken fight come under
the head of fowl play?
Flytiiue is responsible for a good
many elopements.
Ma.Tying seems to bo> a religjon
with some people.
The way to keep friends is to let
them use you.
Many, alas, too many, cooks spoil
l he broth.
Mauy'a headstrong man is weak-
Hotel C°l»n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently cnmnleted nnd
newlv furnished thrniinh-
out. "Conveniently locuted
tor rnilwuy men- Kirst-
clnss uecnmmodntloiis for
transients. Boanl mi"
rooms bytheweeli nt prevailing rutes.    l*'ine Hue ot
wines, Liquors and Cleurs
always in stock nt tlio bur.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Yule Land District, OUtrlct of Similkameen.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt Walter Hery, of Prut..
1 nun, Man,, occupation (fariu-r, intends 1 o
applv for permission to purchase tho follow
im: described lands!
Commotio!im nt u post planted on th •
south boundary of Lot 11418, mul about mi
ciiuins norl li Of the N.W. corner of Lot 747 o.i
Bin sheep Creek; thence west 160 chnins;
thenee south 40 chain") thence enst #0 chuins;
thence north -'li chnitii; theuce east HOchalns:
thence north 'JUchitliH to pofut nf commence*
Hy J.R Cranston, His Agent.
Dated thin 12th duy of March, mo.
1 he O'iver 1 ype writer
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17 cents a duy!
The typewriter that is equipped with scores ol
such conveniences an   'ilie Uulaucc Shift' —
The Ruling [>i'Vice"-'The   Double Rcloftbe""
The   Locomotive    Base"—-The    Automatic
Spacer"—"The   Automatic  Tabulator"—"The
Disappearing! udlcat or"
—'"Die Adjustable Paper Fingers1'—"The Scientific Uoiideused Keyboard"—all *-*
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
_ We anoiinced   thi;.
nev pules pimi receutly, just to feel the pulse of
hd people. Simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day. That is the plan lu a nnt-
The result hits been such a deluge of applicant for machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all ages, all occupation*. -
The majority oi inquiries has conic frnm pco-
h-i.f known lluanelal atainliiiK who were attracted by the novelty of the piiipos. ou. An
impressive de ran ust ration of the Immense pop*
uiarity nf tlie Oliver Typewriter
A siartlitiK confirmation of our belief that
the Bra of Universal Typewriting ih aiiiaud.
A   Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
Mot Air. hone Pine nnd Lookout Mineral
Hni his, situate in the Orand Forks Mining
Div sion of Yule District.
Yheto locuted: In McKinley cnmp.
TAKE NOTIOE that I. Fred W. Reid; Free
I Miners' Certtfloate No. BM298. fnr myself
and as agent (or J, \V. Cook, rtee Miners'
C-rtiti ntc No. R20200, and A.I. Whiteside,
Free Miners' Certificate No. B188B6, Intend,
sixty daVS from the date hereof, 10 apply to
the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining
Crow o Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice thnt  action, under
section  83,  must he commenced before the
Issuance   uf   such  Certificates of   Improvement.
Dated this 28rd day of July, A 1) 1910.
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter is u monev-muki'i
right from the word "goI"   So easy to fun that
beginnerg soon vet In the ^expert" olass,  Earn
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Wherever you Hre, there is work to he done
and money to be mad- bv using the Oliver The
business world is calling for ullver operators.
There are not em.ugh tn supply the demand.
Theirsiilarlos are considerably nbove those ol
iuuny.cnissesof worker*.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That Is tho bailie cry today, Ae have made
the Oliver supreme It) usefulness and absolutely
i Indispensable In limitless. Now conies thu con'
quest of thehoiue,
I The simplicity anrl strength ofthe Oliver tit ii
for family use, ii is becoming an Important
factor in the nnme training of voting people.
An educator »s well as ii monev maker.
Our new selling pisu puts the (itiver on the
threshold of every home in Ameriea will vou
cloM- tlo' door of ymir home itrOtllCB on thia re-
inarMtle Oliver olT-r?
•Write lor fumier details nf our easy oll'er  and
ti free copy ul the new Oliver catalog,   Address
The Oliver Typewriter Oompany,
lv<rTypewriter Building,
Receive both Ladles and Gentlemen ns resi*
dent or dny students! bus a complete Commercial or Business Course; prepares ste-
dentsto train Teachers* Certificates of nil
.grades) gives the four years1 course for tin
B. A. degree, nnd the first yenr oF the Bohou
of Science course, In affiliation.with the To
route University; hus u special prospectors
course for mluers who work-in B.C. in true
tion is also given iu Art, Music, Physical I nl
tore uud Elocution. Term opens Sept. 11,
190.).   For Calendars, etc., address
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Tuk Hun job otlice.
We have some of tht) h.ghept grade
paper and .stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
tbe boundary,    bun Job Olliee.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracieal book, useful
lo all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppea
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 46U6 copper
mines and companies iu all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pnges, according
to importance of the property,
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs tbe book for
the facts it gives bim about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him ubout mining, mining investments und copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is .$5 in Buckram- with gilt*
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory,
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY nvatlnble Domini...
Ifuilwuv u.-it of British <
homestended hy nny pen
d n family, or any mule
.f hl'c. tothftextnnt of i
or If
• h-u.l
Of IW Il'l'Co,   |MI 'I   '■--->
Kiitrv must he mads personally at die Imui
land office fu% the distrlot In whhh the land
is situate,
Tiie homesteader i- rcnuln-d ta perform
the conditions  incited therewith under
•• .ith.- following plans:
di At lentft six mouths' residence upon und
cultivation ofthe lnnd In each yenr for three
(_•) if the father (or mother, if the father ii
deceased), ofthe homesteader resides upon «
farm lo the vlolnlty of the land entered for,
the requirements ns to residence may be sat-
Isflcd hv Milch periOti rcddlinf with (lie futher
nr mother.
(_()   If the settler Ims his permanent rSsl«
deuce upon farming lnnd owned by  him in
the vicinity of his homestead, the requirement! as to residence may he satlsHeJ hy
residence iipOn th" snid .,.:.).
Six mniittis' notice   in writing   -diotild   he
IvonUieOqmmlisiunernf Uumluion  Lauds
t Ottawa of Intention to .n>plv for patent.
Coal Coul mining rlghti ina* be leased
for a period of twenty-one yenrs at an an*
mini rentul uf f 1.00 per ucre. Sot iimn tiin
2,116(1 acres hIiuII be leased to one individunl or
company. A royalty at tha rute of five cents
per ton shall be collected on tlie meroh&fit*
,ide coul mined,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.H. -Unauthorised  publication or   thi*
idvurtiscuii.iit will not he tmid for.
Thk Sun is  read by everybdy  Ih;
cause it prints all the Boundary news THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Her Terrible Experience Shows
How Reruns Should Be in Every
Home to Prevent Colds.
Mrs. C. S.
Sa«e r s e r,
1311 Woodland Ave.,
City, Mo,
"I feel lt
a duty to
you and to
others that
may be afflicted like
myself, to
speak for
"My trou-
ble first
came after
la gr I p p o
c I g li t or
nine years
ago, a {lathering in my
head and
neuralgia. I
au tt e red
most all the
t i m e. My
nose, ears
and eyes
were badly
affected   for
the last two years. I think from your
description of Internal catarrh that I
must have had that also. I suffered
very severely.
"Nothing ever relieved me like Peruna. It keeps me from taking cold.
"With the exception of some deafness 1 am feeling perfectly cured. I
am forty-six years old.
"I feel that words are Inadequate to
express my praise for Peruna."
Catarrh In Bad Form,
Mrs. Jennie Darling, E. F, D. 1,
Smyrna Mills, Maine, writes: "I was
unable to do my work for four years,
as 1 had catarrh In a bad form. I
coughed incessantly, and got so weak
and was confined to my bed.
"Peruna came to my relief and by
faithfully using it. I am able to do my
work Peruna is the best medicine that
1 evei  took"
Speaking of  Isms
"The worst of isms," said the lecturer, "is pugilism."
"Pardon me, my friends," rejoined
a man who had just entered tlie hall
on crutches, "but I know a worse one
than that."
"What is it sir?" queried the lee-
"Rheumatism," answer'ed the other
—Chicago News.
Mra. C. S. Sagerser.
Mils. WiifSLnw's Soothing SvlU'r bas beet,
iwtii for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
ia the bent remedy for D1ARRHU.A. It is ao
solutelv harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs
Wins'.w's Soothing Syrup," and tak- ao othet
kind **Twentv-five cents a bottle       *
Cures Men and Women. Write
hiin. His valuable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW YORK  CITY.
Awarded First Prize at World's Ex-
position on its Work and Methods-
Catalogue Free.   Address.
Cor. Portage Ave It Fort St, Winnipeg
tonight may mean suffering tomorrow, but not if your stomach,
liver, and bowels are helped
to do their  natural  work  by
tttM PvfrvwhirB.
SMohs Cure
quiekly stops coughs, euros oolda, heala
Ik* throat aad lilacs. •   •   •  »S ont*.
Appearance Often Deceptive
"What a fine looking man that is!"
exclaimed a young lady as a gentle-
mnn passed by who would attract attention anywhere.
"Yes," replied hor companion. "Ho
looks like an encyclopedia, but lie
talks like a premier."
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Removing the Cause
Gosling—Doctah, I've insomnia.
What 11 I do?
"Do you hung up that necktie in
your room?"
"Well, leave it on the fire escape.
Five dollars."
A Simple and Cheap Medicine.—
A simple, cheap and effective medicine is something to be desired. There
is no medicine so effective a regulator of the digestive system ns Pnr-
melee's Vegetable Pills. They are
simple, they are cheap, they can be
got anywhere, and their beneficial
action will prove their recommendation. They are the medicine of the
poor man and tliose who wish to escape doctor's bills will do well in giving them a trial.
Poor Stuff
Miss Boneleigh—Did you get tlie
volume of Ibsen I sent you through
the mails?
Mrs. Stuffy—I did. But it was
marked "Third Clnss Matter," and I
didn't think it could be anything
worth looking at.
We go to all parts of the world for the wonderful ingredients of Psychine  (pronounced Si-keen).   We combine
these ingredients in the finest chemical laboratories    »
in Canada, and so great is our 30-year-old faith
in this preparation that we'll buy a 50-
cent bottle of it from your druggist
and give it to you to try.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
■ An Intimation
Melindy Jones—Mistah Jewelryman,
mah intended done gimme de privilege ob selectin' de stone fo' de ring.
What am de suitablest?    '
Jeweler—Better get a tombstone.
Seaside Visitor (admiring a seagull)
—How nice and clenn he looks.
Boatman—Ah, ma'am, if you spent
as much time in the water as he does,
you'd look clean, too.—Punch.
Father, Mother and Daughter after
years of suffering are made healthy
and happy by great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
£t. Leon Standon, Dorchester Co.,
Que. (Special).—That Dodd's Kidney
Pills have no equal as a family
medicine is proved conclusively by
thc statement of Mr. George Lucasse,
a well-known resident of this plnce,
His statement given for publication
"For twelve years I had pains in
the small of my back. My head would
ache and my muscles would crump.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured nie.
"My wife wns troubled with Kidney
Disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
"My little girl had nervous trouble.
She wns so bad that she could not
keep iter hands nnd feet quiet. Doddjs
Kidney Pills cured her."
Is it any wonder thnt Mr. I.ncasse
is shouting the praises of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. He hns learned through
experience ns have thousands of
other Canadians that Dodd's Kidney
Pills cure Kidney Disease no mutter
where it appears, or ln whnt form it
is found. Dodd's Kidney Pills should
always find n place in the family
medicine chest.
The Preacher—"I'm going to prny
thnt you'll forgive O'ltourke for huviug thrown that brick at •fan."
p'Rafferty (propped   up   in bed)—
His Sudden Suspicion
"Lnuncelot,"   murmured   the   maid,
"I wish you would join our churoh."
.     . , "Mildred," faltered the youth, "does
Wo, wait until I get well, and then | that until that vou don't want me to
pray for O'ltourke." be anything but a brother to vou?"
Ni better cigarette the world over than
For nearly the third of a century wo
have known what Psychine will da.
We have known it to cure hundreds of
thousands in that time, of some of the
most desperate cases bf disease known
to medical science.
We have received thousands of unsolicited testimonials, which we will
gladly let you look over should you
Think of it, a third of a century's
experience with one preparation, a
third of a century's Intimate knowledge of what extraordinary cures it
has made—almost a lifetime!
Do you wonder then with that perfect knowledge of Psychine, that we
are anxious to bring lt to tbe notice
of everyone in Canada suffering from
Do you wonder that we want those
to know who are using wrong methods
of cure, who are cot getting well, and
vho we know will be benefited by
Do you wonder that we can buy
hundreds of thousands of 50-cent bottles of Psychine from the druggists of
Canada to give to those who wish to
try ltv
* * *
Psychine builds vitality.
' It strengthens and Increeses the
white corpuscles of the blood—the
phagocytes the policemen or scavengers of the blood.
,These white corpuscles of the blood,
when strong enough, destroy ever;.*
disease germ that gets into the body
keeps ihe body healthy.
If these white eorpnscles are not In
sufficient numbers or are not sufficiently strong, then these disease germs
destroy them and disease holds the
body. That's the cause of nearly every
disease that afflicts the human race.
For years, centuries, in fact. It has
been recognised that herbs are the most
effective treatment for disease.
It is only within recent times that
we bave been able to tell Just wby they
were so effective.
Because certain of them increased
and strengthened the white corpuscles
or phagocytes.
These herbs are employed ln compounding Psychine.
We go el! over this world to obtain
these herbs. Arabia, South America,
China and Japan all contribute.
And the result Is a preparation that
will restore health and build vitality as
no other preparation will.
That has proven Itself In nearly the
third of a century's use as no other
preparation has proven Itself.
That Is a most effective treatment
for: "
LeOrlji-e  , Bronchial rough.
Bronchi'N     . Weak Lungs
Ht-nio; rhrnren U rn.lt Voire
So e Throat Hpnnj vVmkneM
AnaoiiiU Karl- fteclln"
Frmale Weakness rntarrh-t, Affee'.o'n*
IndigAKllon t'.- rrhofBtomseh
P mr Aiinetit". Ni__htP<v.R «
OhilUmid F vera Olvilrahi fit aha
Sle_.pl sir..'* And l/tryn-'ltlaand
Vervott* Tniuhl(.x ItyaiMwtia
Alti'r-eflW'H  of Pleurisy.  Pneumonia and
La Grippe
.Vow we don't ask you lo take our
ord for the  tremendously  beneficial
effect of Psychine.   Fill out the coupon
below, mall tt to ns and we'll fire yoar
druggist an order (for which we pay
him the regulat retail price) for a 50-
cent bottle of Psychine to be fives
you free of cost.
We will undoubtedly buy and distribute ln this manner hundreds of thou-,
sands of these 50-cent bottles of Psychine.
And we do that to show our entire
confidence ln this wonderful preparation.
A confidence that has been based on
our 30 years' experience with thli
splendid preparation, witb a full knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of
cures lt haa made.
To the Dr. T. A. SLOCUM.  Ud.
193-195 Spedin* Ave., Toronto
I accept your offer to try n £flc. hott'e
of Ppychine (protiouncwi Si-keen) at
your ex pen-iv l h»- r not bed a Mr.
bottle of Puychiiu) under »hin plan.
Kindly advU* my druggist to deliver
thin bottlo to me.
My Name	
Street nnd Number „,
My DrogRlflt'H Name ,„,.,
Street end Number f,t
Tb'» coupon Knot MM fornfilK bottle
of I »• oblne it pronm ted to tbe drnjtviat
it nitt't be oent u*— we will then buy
the 40c b ttie of Psychine f-om your
drugget«nd direct him tort ell ver it to
jou. Thi* offer may be withdrawn at
an.r t'me witnoiit notice. Send coupon
Keep Still
The man who can nuver think of
tlie right thing to say at the right
time can help some by making a
violent effort at self-control and
keeping still.—Somerville Journal.
rnlekly stope oonitu, earn
i» thr
throat and lunta. '
25 seats.
He Knew
A certain jurist was an enthusiastic
golfer. Once he had occasion to interrogate, in a criminal suit, a boy witness from Bala.
"Now, my lad," he said, "are you
acquainted with the nature and significance of an oath?"
The boy, raising his brows in surprise, answered:
"Of course,-1 am, sir. Don't I caddy
for you at the Country club?"
* *
*   *
* What  mother does    not    look *
* upon her baby as a little treas- *
* sure.   What mother   would   not *
* rather suffer herself    than    see *
* her  precious  little    one    suffer. *
* The well child bring? joy to the *
* home—the    sick    child      brings *
* misery, despair and care.     But, *
* mothers, there   is   no   need for *
* your baby to be cross and ail- *
* ing;    even    during    the    much *
* dreaded    teething   time.     What *
* baby needs to keep him well is *
* an occasional    dose   of   Baby's
* Own   Tablets.       These    Tnhlets
* cure    all    stomtich    and    bowel
A Reward  of Merit
Bank Teller (to lady depositor)—
Will you take it as presumptous,
madam, if I offer you these roses?
"But I don't know you, sir."
"I am aware of that, but you are the
only one of your sex that ever endorsed a check on the right end."
Holloway'tf Corn Cure takes tl.e
corn out by the roots. Try H end
prove it.
The less important a thing is the
more fuss the average woman makes
over it.
Knicker—"How much money have
they saved?"
Bocker—"Enough not to buy an
auto."—New York Sun.
SMohh Cure
aaleUy stops roughs, auweolda, heal*
B* .throat amd lnnas. •  •   • 28 Mala.
"I hear that the get-rich-quick
scheme that Doop went into was a
great success.   Did he get rich."
"No, but the scheme did."
* troubles;     destroy   worms   and
* make teething easy.   Mrs. Pierre
* M.    Cormier,    New    Richmond
* Centre,    Que.,    writes:—"Baby's
* Own Tablets hnve been of grent
* benefit to my little one nnd now
* he sleeps well nnd ents well and
* is linripy   all   thn   time."   The
* Tablets    nre    sold by nil medi-
* cine dealers   at   25   cents a box *
* or dlreot frnm The Dr. Williams' *
* Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.      *
* *
Something in That
Customer—Mr. Cutter, why is bacon
so high?
Grocer—Because, ma'am, the supply is limited; there's only one kind
of animal that grows it.
For Sprains and Bruises.—There Is
nothing better for sprains and contusions than Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
It will reduce the swelling that follows a sprain, will cool the inflamed
flesh and draw the pain as if by
magic. It will take the ache out of
a bruise and prevent the flesh from
discoloring. It seems ns if there was
magic in it, so speedily does the injury disappear under treatment.
The Result
"What is the meaning of this expression two to one?" •.
"Frequently when two get married
one gets it divorce."
VV. N. U„ No. 820.
Children Often Need * '""""-boi y>" °«u>°t tw too
careful what you give them.  Harsh
purgatives Injure tho bowels and pave the way for
life-long troubles.   The new
does the work most
effecHvely without irritating the bowels
or causing any discomfort.   The children like them for they taste
like candy.   One of the most popular of the NA-DRU-CO preparation*
Mc. « Ut. It rota drutfiit hu not yet sleeked them, und 3Sc md we will mall them. JO
NoMoojl Dnit omi ChosUcel Ceopw of Cessdo. Umiloi,
Temporary Heat Quickly
Did you ever stop to think of the many ways In which ■
perfect oil heater Is of value ? If you want to sleep with your win-
dow open in winter, you can get sufficient heat from an oil heater
while you undress at night, and then turn it off. Apply a match
in the morning, when you get out of
bed, and you have heat while you dress.
Those who have to eat an early
breakfast before the stove is radiating
heat can get immediate warmth from
an oil heater, and then turn it off.
The girl who practices on the piano
In • cold room in the morning can
have warmth from an oil heater while
she plays, and then turn it off.
The member of the family who
has to walk the floor on a cold winter's night with a restless baby can get
temporary heat with an oil heater, and
then turn It off.  Tbe
_»IL HEATtfi
AltohUiy uutltlm ni ajarim
Is Invaluable In its capacity ef quickly giving heat. Apply a match and It ia Inf.
mediately at work. It will burn lor nine hours without refilling. It ia aafe,
smokeless and odorless. It bas a damper top and a cool handle. An Indicator
tlways shows the amount of oil In the font.
It hss an aatomaUe-loeklng flame spreader which prevents the
stick from being turned high enough to amoke, and is easy to remove and drop
back so that the wick can be cleaned In an Instant.
The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, and can be quicklv
mscrewed for rewicklng. Finished In japan or nickel, strong, durable, well-
made, built for service, and yet light and ornamental.
Dotliri Smyaktrt.   If mt tt yen, trrll, for ditcriftk. euntltr
to th, wm tint/ of tki
___________■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0.
The Report ts Embodied in a Lengthy
Document of 68 Pages, and Practically Exonerates the Late Government from  any   Imputations Cast
Upon   Ite   Members—No Personal
Interest Proven.
Edmonton.—There was nearly a lull
attendance of members when the legislature convened for the special session.    Proceedings were opened with
Lieut. Gov. Bulyea's speech from the
throne. .   .
The report of the royal commission,
whose members investigated the Alberta and Great Waterways railway
deal, was'presented to the legislature.
The report is embodied in a pamphlet
of 58 pages and is in reality two separ-
ate reports, one of which is signed by
Judge Harvey and Judge Scott, and
the other by Judge Beck. Judge Beck
flndB that the imputations cast upon
Hon. Mr. Rutherford, Hon. C. W.
Cross and J. K. Cornwall, M.L.A.,
were groundless. In other wordB he
absolves them'of blame in connection
with the transaction. A summary of
the report follows:
"Your commissioners, appointed by
your commission issued on the 16th
day of March, 1910, to enquire whether any, and if any, which officer or
officers of the government or member or members of the legislature of
the province were or are interested,
either directly or indirectly, by themselves or through others, in the erection, incorporation or organisation of
the Alberta and Great Waterways
Railway company, or in the making of
or entering into or carrying out of a
certain contract between the government of the province and the Alberta
and Great Waterways Railway company, or the guaranteeing by the prov-
ince of the securities of the aaid company, or the sale thereof, or in the
proceeds of or in the amount realised
from the disposition or sale of the said
securities or otherwise howsoever in
connection with the said company,
and to report thereon for the information of the legislature, beg to submit
the following report:"
Thirty-eight pages are occupied by
a report of Messrs. Scott and Harvey.
They state "the evidence does not
warrant the finding that there was or
is any personal interest on the part of
Dr. Rutherford or Mr. Cross."
The remaining 20 pages of the report are contributed by Judge Beck,
who gives the result of his finding:
"(1) That Mr. Cornwall had prior to
the 20th of July, 1908, or thereabouts,
an interest in the Athabasca Railway
company, which was oh that date or
thereabouts acquired by Mr.-Clarke;
<2) that with the above exception with
respect to Mr. Cornwall, neither Mr.
Rutherford, Mr. Cross nor Mr. Cornwall were at any time up to the (late
of this inquiry interested, either directly or indirectly, by himself or
through others, in the erection, incorporation or organisation of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway
company, or in the making or entering
into or carrying out a certain contract
between the government und the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway
company, or the guaranteeing by thc
province of the securities of the said
company, or the Bale thereof, or in the
proceeds of or the amount realized
from the disposition or the sale of the
aaid securities, or otherwise howsoever
in connection with the said company."
J. K. Cornwall Will Take Press Party
Into N.  E. Alberta Next
Edmonton.—For the purpose ol
giving the world, through the medium
of some of the cleverest writers and
newspapermen in America, some
knowledge of the vast mineral resources said to exist in the north
eastern portion of the province, particularly in the vicinity of Fort Mc-
Murray and north of the Athabasca
river, J. K. Cornwall, M.L.A., for
Peace River, is planning to conduct
into that country next summer, a
press party similar to that which he
took into the Peace River country last
He expects that several of the
writers who were with him last summer, will be with him again.
"I have shown these writers what
the agricultural resources of the north
west corner of the province are, now
I am gding to show them what the
mineral resources of the north east
corner are. We have got the goods
both in an agricultural and mineral
line. We have shown them in one
instance and we arc going to show
them in the other."
Mr. Cornwall will take the party
down the Athabasca to Fort McMur-
ray during which trip he will give
them a 100 mile ride through rapids
on flat boats, traversing the famous
Grand Rapids. on the way. He will
not only take the party through the
mineral section of the province, but
will also take them to within 400 miles
of Fort Churchill on Hudson's Bay.
"The trip will be almost entirely
by water," said Cornwall. "I expect
to be able to go right from the Landing to the end of the journey in
Chinese Arrest Some of the Countrymen in the Employ of the
Victoria, B.C.--Friction between the
Chinese and Japanese in Manchuria
increases, according to advices received here by mail, and the Tokio
newspapers say the situation is becoming alarming.
Recently the Chinese police in Muk-
den arrested two Chinese employees
of the Japanese consulate, who called
at the German consulate to enquire
concerning the movements of the
German minister in Pekin.
The Chinese employees are said to
have been tortured and Bntenced to
three years in prison, despite the
strenuous protests by the Japanese
C. N. R. May Build  Into the Peace
River and Grande Prairie
Edmonton, Alta.—A railway line into the Peace River and Grande Prairie
country, striking off the main line of
the C. N. R. just east of Lac Ste.
Anne, is now being surveyed by engineers of the Canadian Northern, according to word brought to the city by settlers. Parties have been working in
the neighborhood of Lac Ste. Anne for
several weeks, headed northwest toward the crossing of the Athabasca at
old Fort Assiniboine. This new survey will connect with the old survey
made to Fort Assiniboine several years
ago. The construction of a line Into
the Peace River country has been contemplated by the C. N. R. for some
time. The provincial government has
guaranteed the bonds of the compuny
for the first fifty miles of the line.
Prize B. C. Fruit for England
Vancouver.—A car of prise-winning
fruit from the first Canadian National
Apple show is being shipped to England for exhibition purposes by the
provincial government. The shipment
consists of the mixed car which was
shown by the Grand Forks Board of
Trade, and a number of smaller selections of the smaller exhibits from box
classes and district displays.
Double Tragedy Caused by an Insult
to the Gunner at the Rainbow
Victoria—Corporal John Bowlan
was shot dead at MacAulay Point fort
hy Gunner Charles Radcliffe, who
then committed suicide.
The affnir is supposed to have arisen
out of an incident at the Rainbow ban-
quet, when Bowlan reprimanded Radcliffe for being boisterous.
Radcliffe, after killing Bowlan, terrorized the other men in the fort with
his rifle nnd fired upon soldiers and
police, who attempted to advance over
exposed ground around the fort.
When he saw that captu'e vas certain, be put a bullet into his right eye
and died immediately. Other soldiers
who were in the fort are now under
guard antl a military inquiry will be
Conference Between .Representatives
of Canada and U. S. on Subject of
Improved Trade Relations Has
Terminated—No Conclusions Have
Been Reached, but Further Progress is expected at Next Meeting.
Ottawa.—At the conclusion of the
meeting of the Canadian and United
States trude negotiations, the following satement was given out by Mr.
Fielding, finance minister:
"The conference between the representatives of Canada and the United
States on the subject of improved
trade relations hus terminated.
"The conference began on Saturday,
the fifth instant, and was continued
on Monday, Tuesduy and Thursday.
The whole session was of moat frank
and friendly nature. While no conclusion was reached, the ground was
cleared and a further conference will
be held in Washington probably early
in January. The members of the
conference, MeBflrs. Hoyt, Pepper and
Foster of the United States, and
Messrs. Fielding and Paterson for
Canada, separated with the strong
hope that on the resumption of the
conference at Washington an arrangement can be reached that will prove
acceptable to the people on. both .sides
of the boundary."
Mr. Pepper, speaking for the American members, said:
"We leave Ottawa feeling the outlook is for a successful issue of negotiations when they are resumed at
Washington. We have appreciated
very much the cordial manner in
which we have been received in Canada, and the frank and friendly spirit
in which the Canadian negotiators
have met us. However, we cannot
make a statement as to any conclusions which have been reached because
there have been none."
Mr. Pepper explained that there had
been a general discussion of the situation, and that the ground had been
cleared of preliminaries and that January would find much pioneer work
done. It is understood that the commissioners of both countries believe
that the January meeting will result
in an agreement being reached. The
feeling at Ottawa is that natural products from Canada will be given easier
access to the United States, and that
Borne American manufactures will be
given ireer admission to Canada.
There are a good many lines of those
which Canada could admit on easier
terms without disturbing any vested
interests. Among these are watches
and clocks, instruments and many
other lines of refined manufactures.
C. P. R. Takes interest in Flower Bed
as Well as Road Bed
That a great railroad should take an
interest in the flower bed as well as
the road bed, iB a new departure—
yet not new, for it has passed the experimental stage and is now an assured fact. The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company has a floral department
whicli dispenses freely to the Agents
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, flower
seeds, bulbs, shrubs, etc., for the beau-
fication of its stations. All who have
travelled extensively have vivid recollections of the beautiful surroundings
at some wayside station, not only in
this country but also in Europe. To
a traveller who Bees nothing of a
town, what un inspiration to see the
name of the stopping place in a beautiful design. There is an instant desire to see more of the town. The
Canadian Pacific is aggressive and
progressive. The first transcontinental road to put ships on the Pacific
now puts a floral belt across the continent.
Just now the annual' distribution of
bulbs is being made, the seeds, etc.,
being sent out in the spring, and over
half a million are being forwarded to
the employees all along the road. After sixteen years operation the Company finds it has 1.500 gardens at its
stations, and this is a result that. is
encouraging not only to the management of the rofld, but to the lovers of
flowers that travel along its lines.
NOV. 20,  1910.
The London   Times   Urges   that   the
King Hold Courts in Overseas
London—The Times editorially
again dwells upon the probability ol
the King and Queen visiting the overseas Dominions, saying: "With the ac
cession ol King George, the Empire
enters upon a new and more spacious
era. His responsibility to the Empire
can only be discharged fully by per
sonal contact with it.
"Therefore it is right nnd seemly,
that His Majesty should contemplate
holding courts in tlie overseas Domiii.
Northern Honors for Grey
Vancouver.—Officers of the Arctic
Brotherhood, which recently closed its
tenth annual convention in thiB city
appointed Earl Grey to the post of
Deputy Grand Arctic Chief at large.
His Excellency became a member of
the Arctic Brotherhood about a year
ago on a trip to Dawson.
Will Medicine Hat Change Its Name?
Medicine Hat.—At the regular meet-
ing of the city council Aid. Adsit nnd
Spencer moved that at the time of the
next municipal election a plebiscite
be taken as to the advisibility of
changing the city's name.
To Open New Industry
Medicine Hat, Alta.—The board ol
.trade and the Progressive club have
been given carte blanche by the management ol the Alberta Clay Product
Co., in arranging the details for the
great banquet which will formally
open the big works of the eompany at
Medicine Hat, Nov. 25. The boards
of trade councils of Alberta and Saskatchewan will be invited to send representatives.
To Cement the Empire
London.—Forecasting en imperinl
federation wherein Britain will only
be first among her equnls, the Duke of
Marlborough at the Colonial institute
suggested, with safe confidence that it
should become the custom to select nil
governors-general of the great dominions, as far as possible, from the ranks
of royal princes.
McBride Sits for Victoria
Victoria, B. C—Premier McBride
has decided to sit for Victoria City.
The announcement will be made early
that Yale seat is vncant and the bye-
election will be held before the cloBe
of November,
Sir  Gilbert   Parker  Delivers  an  Address   on   Canada's
London—Sir Gilbert Parker, speaking at Manchester said: "This is silly
talk about Canada going back to tree
trade, because a handful of fu.mera of
the west are demanding, not j'ee t'ae'e
as we understand it, but a „rcvked
tariff, which gives them as good advantage as the present tariff gives the
manufacturers of the country. That is
a matter for adjustment, but no candidate dares go to his constituency in
Canada offering a system of free imports as England has it. No government would last a week that proposed
it, and right well Sir Wilfrid Laurier
knows it. His pious reflections about
free trade have about as much meaning or force behind them as the sentimental reminiscences of nn octogenarian over the dnys of his youth.
A Number ef Towns Will Hold Fairs
In  November and
The following dates have been decided upon for seed fairs in Alberta
during the months of November and
Group  No.  I.
Cardston, Nov. 22; Magrath, Nov.
23; Raymond, Nov. 24; Maeleod, Nov.
26; Pincher Creek, Nov. 28; Taber,
Nov. 29; Medicine Hat. Dec. Ij Glei-
chen, Dec. 2; Strathmore, Dec. 3.
Group No. 2.
Alix, Nov. 22; Vermilion, Nov. 24;
Innisfroe, Nov. 25; Vegreville, Nov.
26; Viking, Nov. 30; Holden, Dec. 1;
Tofield, Dec. 2.
Group No. 3.
Three Hills, Dec. 7.
Several additions to eneh of thc
groups will probably be announced in
a lew tlays.
About twenty more seed lairs will be
held in Alberta during January and
General Election In December Unlikely
London.—The Canadian Associated
Press understnnds that general election in Great Britain in December is
most unlikely.
Edmonton   is   the   Favored City for
1913 is the Announcement
Edmonton.—Edmonton is to have
the Dominion Fair in 1913, according
to latest word received in tliat connection at the offices of the exhibition
association. The Dominion Fair this
year is being held in Regina.
A grant of $60,000 Irom the Dominion government goes with the Dominion Fair, and the dates are fixed
for some months ahead, generally Ior
tlie first two weeks in Juiy.
By 1913 the directors ol the Edmonton association expect to hnve the
plans ot the new grounds about completed, and be in particularly goml
shape to handle the Dominion Fair.
By that year practically nil the large
buildings that are still included in the
plans ol the new grounds will be completed and the directors will be in a
position to handle Iroin 25,000 to 50,000
people per day.
Tait May Join C. P. R.
Montreal—Thc Herald prints the
following: "While the heads of tlie
company preserve reticence on the
subject, the belief is quite genernl nt
the Canadian Pacific headquarters
that when Thomas Tint returns irom
Australia to Canada it will be to a
high position in thnt company. It is
not likely there will be any announcement on the subject until Mr. Tait
returns to Cannda."
The River Seine Again on Rampage
Paris—The River Seine is again on
the rampage. The rapidity ol its elf-
rent forced all steamers on the strec"i
to suspend onerntions. The lubu'b'
of Paris in the vicinity of the river
bed are already slightly flooded.
Geographically It Belongs to Canada
and Union Would be Mutually
Charlottetown, P.E.I .—The political
union oi the state of Maine with Canada is advocated by The Charlottetown
Daily Guardian, which says, "lt is
high time that the statesmen of Canada give Bcrious consideration to the
possibility, to use no stronger term, ol
admitting Maine to Canada."
A glance at the map is sufficient to
show that tiie state of Maine belongs
geographically to Canada, rather than
to tlie United States.
Being now a foreign country, it is
to some extent nlso an obstacle to
the right development of our grent
transportation systems, while at the
same time, thc state is shut out from
Many on Western Farms Lose Minds
Because of Lonliness of
Liverpool.—Archdencon Madden, on
his return here from Canadn, gives
out an interview in which he says, in
part: "Many women on homentaads
and farms in the far west suffer from
melancholia cnused by the loneliness
of their existence on the great prairie
farms. The passion for property is
crUBliing out from the hearts of men
their pas-ion for God. The influx of
Americans into Winnipeg and other
progressive cities of the west is inoculating old-fashioned Canadians with
the spirit of hustle and the worship of
the almighty dollar. Wheat is the one
subject on their tongues."
Dominion   Statesmen   Attended    His
Meetings Which Were Largest
Ever Held
London.—T. P. O'Connor, interview,
ed on his return Kays, "Canada is entirely iu favor of Home Rule ior Ireland.   The meetings were the largest
ever held in Canada for Home Rule
nnd the sums collected were the largest except during  l'nrnell's  palmiest
T. P. O'Connor referred to the fuel
thnt the statesmen of the Dominion
figured at Ihe meetings nnd emphatically denied he hnd watered down the
Home Rule proposals.
Petition   is  Largely  Signed
London.—-Ministers of all denominations, actors, actresses, military officers and medical men figure in the
list of signers of the petition of Crip-
pen, the condemned murderer. Hurry
DeWindt, the well-known explorer und
hunter, 1ms signed it.
Ethel Leneve ia said ,to be on her
way to Montreal.
Conference Over Immigration
Ottawa.—A deputation ot rnilrond
nnd steamship ofUciuls from Montreal
nnd Quebec waited on Hon. Frank
Oliver, minister of the interior, and
conferr'd with him about the proposed
new accommodation for immigrants at
Text of the Lesson, Matt, xxvi, 36-66.
Memory Verses, 38, 39—Golden
Text, Matt, xxvi, 45—Commentary
Prepared by Rev. D, M. Stearns,
It may have been, as some think,
not far from midnight when Jesus
went forth with His uisciples over the
brook Kedron on His way to Ueth-
seitiatie. We think of another ingtit
whicli in some small measure fure-
shaiiowed tnis one, when the king of
Israel Hed lor his life across this same
brook, accompanied by a tew faithful
followers, because of the rebellion of
ins son Absalom. In our lesson we
see the true King of Israel about to be
put to death by His firstborn (Ex. iv,
22) und ubout to enter into un agony
tne like of whicli was never beforo
seen by men or angels on this earth.
Possibly He had spoken tne words of
Jolin xv and xvi on His way to the
garden and had prayed the prayer of
chapter xvii after reacning the garden.
Oi this we cannot be certain. Bui
now He leaves tlie eight disciples
somewhere in the garden, and, taking
Peter and J nines and John, He wus
withdrawn irom tlie others about a
stone's eust and began to be sorrowful
and very heavy, saying unto them,
"My soul is exceeding sorrowful even
unto death; tarry ye here and watch
wilh Me." Then, leaving tlie three,
He went a little farther and kneeled
down and fell on His face on the
ground and prayed the prayer of verse
39. Luke says that an angel from
heaven appeared unto Him and
strengthened Him, and, being in an
agony, He prayed more earnestly, und
His sweat was us it were great drops
of blood falling down to thc ground.
He came to the disciples and found
them asleep and said to Peter, "What,
could ye not watch with Me one
hour?" Watch and pruy (verses 40,
41). He went away the second time
and prayed the same prayer. Then Ho
came again ,to them and found them
asleep again and went away the third
time and prayed the same words.
Then He came the third time unto
His disciples and said unto them,
"Sleep on now and take your reat;
behold, the hour is at hand, and the
Son of Man is betrayed into the hands
of sinners." Luke xxii, 45, 46, looks
us if when He returned to the eight
He found them asleep also and said
to them: "Why Bleep ye? Rise and
prny lest ye enter into temptation."
We can rend it and write it and meditate upon it, but who ean understand
What wns the cup from which Hu
asked if possible to be delivered and
yet in the drinking of which He submitted wholly to the Father's will?
Was it the same cup as that of John
xviii, 11, concerning which He said,
"The cup wiiich my Father hath giveu
me, shall 1 not drink it?" It looks as
if the devil did not know what he wa*
doing when he killed the Lord Jesus,
for it is written in Heb. ii, 12, that
Jesus took a botly of flesh and blood
thnt through death He might destroy
hiin that hud the power of death—that
is, the devil. We know that he tried
to kill li im at His birth, ami possibly
he tried to drown Him in that storm
on the sea. Perhaps hn thought that
if he could kill Him hefore he reached
the cross he would frustrate the whole
plan of redemption. If that be so and
we can consider Geth emime as tho
devil's attempt to kill Him in the garden, then the Saviour's prayer may
have heen a prayer that He might not
die In the garden and leave His great
work unfinished, but thnt He might
huve victory in the garden nnd go on
to Golgotha und finish His work of
atonement for sin. Thot would explain the reason why im ungel
strengthened Him. Ii wc are right in
Ihis supposition, then His willingness
to die in the garden, if His Father
should so will it, and leave Hia work
unfinished iu very sight ol the goal
is the greatest, instance of submission
on record. To be willing not to succeed with success in sight—who ever
heard of such a thing?
But the cup ol dying in the garden
pnsseil from Hint, and he was
strengthened supernaturally nnd went
on glnilly to drink the cup which His
Father hnd prepared for Him. In that
light listen to Heb. v, 7. "Who in the
dnys of His flesh, when He hnd offered
up prayers and supplications, with
strong crying nml tears, unto Him
that was able to save Him from denth
nnd was heard in that He feared." In
I. John v, 16, it is written, "If we
know that He hear us whatsoever we
ask we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him." He
prayed tn Hiin who was able to snvu
Hiin Irom death, nnd He wns heard;
therefore He wns saved from denth in
the garden in order thnt He might
finish His work of ntonement by dying
on the cross for our sins. II these
thoughts are wrong mny tho Lord for-
give us for daring to tolerate them,
hut if tln-y ate of Him may He bloss
them n"d grant us victory to do His
will and perfect submission to it.
Now see the agent of the devil daring
to kiss our Lord, nnd behold our Lord
submitting to it knowing him to be
who and what he waa. Simon Pete?
would have done better without a
sword, hut how ninny blunders of his
and ours has our blessed Lord remedied! Are we helping people to hear,
or nre we hy inconsistencies hindering
them from hearing?
Canadian Cadets Ranked Ninth
London.—The corrected returns of
the results in the competition nmong
tennis of cadets for Eprl Roberts' im-
"erin! tronhy show thnt the boys from
Canada stood ninth, and tho»e from
Prince Edward Island thirteenth. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Woman s Power
Over Man
Woman's most glorious endowment is the power
to awaken and hold the pure and honest love of a
worthy man. When she loses it and still loves on,
no one in the wide world can know the heart agony
she endures. The woman who suffers from weakness and derangement of her special womanly organism soon loses the power to sway the heart of
a man. Her general health suffers and she loses
her good looks, her attractiveness, her amiability
and her power and prestige a^a woman. Dr. R.V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y., with
the assistance of his staff of tible physicians, has prescribed for and cured many
thousands of women. He has devised a successful remedy for woman's ailments. It is known as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is a positive
specific for the weaknesses and disorders peculiar to women. It purifies, regulates, strengthens and heals. Medicine dealers sell it. No honest dealer will
advise yuu to accept a subacute in order to make a little larger profit.
Or, Plvrcu'a Ptenuni Pellets regulate nnd strengthen stomach. Liver nml Bowels.
Dr. Paxton, of Midway, Dominion veterinary snrgpnn, was in the
city Inst Wednesday on professional
W. J. Gospel, of Victoria, inspector of government ollices, was io the
city on a tour of inspection last
Fred Downey left on Monday
morning for a business trip to (Spokane.
Lloyd A. Manly arrived in the
city on Wednesday from Golemnn,
Alta., and is spending a few days
with his family here.
The following nre thp returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to dnte:
hmby 19,317     fi65,307
Mother Lode   7.1 f!0      3011,139
ll'iwhide  ...200       19.100
Snow-shoe  2,390'    129,425
Oro D.'iioro  9,3.(9
■'"''knot      350       12 613
No. 7        75 745
Golden Eagle  ]■>!)
saiiy :.::     32
Head what Mrs. H. Lawrence, 158
VV. 17th Street, Holland, Mich.,
writes illiout the marvelous resnlts obtained from the use of Parisian Sage,
the delightful hair tonic, which is
now on sale all over Canada.""
"For several months my hair had
been fulling out, and dandruff also appealed. I used some so-called hair
tonics and renewal's, but never re
ceived any relief from the scalp disease until I procured Parisian Huge,
antl used it for ubout two weeks.
Parisian Sage made the hair stop falling out, and caused it. to grow in quito
heavily, stopped tbe dandruff, and
untile the scalp cool, clean and comfortable. It u'so leaves tbe hair silky,
and tloes not make it stiff or sticky.
I endorse the use of Parisian Sage. It
is all right."— October 30, 1908.
Woodland & Co are the agents for
Parisian Sage in Grand Forks, and
they think so well of it that they
gua.-antee it   to   cure   dandruff, stop
felling Of spilling hair or itching of
scalp in two weeks, or money back.
It will make any woman's hair soft
and luxuriant in a few days. Price 50
cents a large bottle at Woodland ifc
Co.'s, or direct, all charges prepaid,
from the Canadian makers, theGiroux
Mfg. Co., Fort Erie, Ont.
Concerning The Sun
The Grand Forks Sun last week
celebrated its tenth birthday by
coming out in 8-pn«e form. The
Sun is now in perihelion, and Editor
Evans, an old time friend of the
writer, is enjoying a goodly share of
prosperity.—Marous Messenger.
Last week the Grand Forks Sun
appeared in enlarged form—eight
pages, live columns—just double its
former size. When Gus Evans took
charge the plant . was a dead one,
just junk shop with a record of failures. Gus has made a success of it
hy bard work, and plenty of it. He
hasn't had much time for pink teas
or barroom politics, but he has made
a success of his newspaper.—New
Denver Record.
Total 32.345 1,433,349
•Smelter treatment—
Qranby 18.125 889.488
B. C. Copper Co... 13,525 32o,461
John Coryell, P.L.S., left on.Monday for trip east.
K. Miller, M.P. P.. made a professional visit to Greenwood this week.
W. T. Heck an.i F. Demuth, of
the Kettle Valley line, made a trip
to Midway this week to inspect the
Midway A Vernon grade..   .
Lost—Light bay mare and bavcolt;
mare has wall eve and three white
feet; brand ' U" on thph. Reward
offered to any one returninjf'the same
to P. Andrew*, Grand F'orks, B. C.
Take yonr repairs to Armnon's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks, B. C.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Nov.J 17.—The follow-
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentianed:
Asked. .     Bid
GranhyConsolidated.    47.00   46 00
B, C. Copper       7.00     6.50
Metal Quotations
Nkw York/Nov. 17.— Silver, 55|;
standard copper, 8l^.45fe]2.65, easy.
London, Nov. 17.—Silver, 25 13-16;
lead, _£13 3s9d.
SEALED TKNPERH addressed to the nnder-
r-ilfiifld. und endorsed "Tender for iid-
[I itl on g and iilteratioiifl tu the 1'ulil.i' Bu.jd-
ing. Nunnimo, ',('.," will he received u!
thin ofthe until -1.00 p.m., on Monday, November 20,1910, forthe work mentioned.
1'itiiiH, si'iM-itii'itth'N and form o! contract
«nn be seen and forms of tender obtained at
this Department, ou application to tbe Care*
taker, I'u lie BuiMlug, Nanaimo, H.C, and
nt the office of Mr. Win. Henderson. Resident
Architect, Victoria, HO.
Persons tendering are notified that tender*
will n»t he considered unlean made on the
printed form supplied, and signed with their
actual fugnatures. itatlng their occupations
am) place* of residence. In tlie case ol ilrms,
tbe actual signature, tbe nature of the occitjia-
ton and place of residence of each member of
the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable the
Minister of Publio Works, equal to ten per
cent (Hi p.c.) of ibe amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person tendering deoline to enter Into a contract when
ealled tipou to do ho, or fall to complete tbe
work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted tbe cheque will be returned.
The Department does nut bind Itself  to accept the lowest or any tender
By order.
Department of Public Worka,
Ottawa, Ootober 27.1010.
Newspapers  will not  be paid for this ad.
vt-rtisement if they iuaert it without authority Irom the Department.
Bridge Street,
The best anil most
*iibntantial lire-proof
building iu tlie Hoiiii'
dary country. Recently completed and
u c w I v fiiriiKln'tl
throughout. Equipped «ith all modern
electrical conveniences. Out roily lo-
(uted. Kfrst-duss ue*
ravelling public.
Hot and Gold Baths
FlrM-Clsss Bar, Foil
and Billiard Rooms
la Connection.
If Printing ^
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
The real opportunity for wealth comes to every person
once, if they are prepared to take the chance.
There are fifteen million dollare buried on an island on
the Pacific, and the man who knows where it is, and has the
original charts, and has been on the ground, is now in Vancouver and ready to go.
Remember, he is the only man now living who can get it.
He, Captain Hackett, can get the treasure. He made the trip
with the widow of 'thel man who brought away $100,000 of it.
Now the proposition is this: Some of the best business
men of Vancouver have examined the records, and have satisfied themselves that thc money was put there.and that Capt.
Hackett has all the papers and information necessary to get it.
A coinpany has lieen organized—the Cocos Island Hydraulic & Treasure' Co., Ltd.—with a capital of $300,000 divided into $1 shares, fully paid and nonassessable. Captain
gets for his information the same amount of stock as is issued
to tlie public.
Itis estimated that $25,Q00 will be required to outfit the
X pedition. It was at first planned to purchase a ship, but it
has since lieen considered wiser to charter the ship and thus
save a great deal of money to the shareholders. The ship is
at present being outfitted for the voyage at Vancouver.
There are no salaried officials. The directors are local
men of good business standing.
Stock is now selling at 75 cents per share (par value $1)
fully paid and non-assessable.
If you are ready to take a chance of losing a few dollars
to make a fortune this i.s your opportunity1! For instance, a
man risking $10.00 stands to win #___,;. 00.00, or for $100 00 vou
may win $26,000.00.
For literature anrl full information, address:
Suite 5, 44.5 Richards Street Vancouver, B. C.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates anrl Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping fags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A fresh OoiiBliri.nientof
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of,
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ior Hon Ine: a
Kaior Hon In e: a Speoialty.
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st DooriNorth of Granby Hotel,
Fiiist Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone Al-29
RuTiiEiiFoiin Bros., Props.
60 VRAM*
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c
Name of Tompany. , uimm.
Grnnby Consolidated-Copper...*15,(K»l,0i«l
Cariboo McKlntiay-Uold      1.25U.UJO
Providence-Silver        .1X1000
Lou. Cooper-Copper     S.OUU.OUO
Authorized ,-bhaki.s-. Paid    Total to    Lutest      Per
i apital.    lmued. Par. 1BWI. ."»«•>•     t,u,,t«™Sli"^
-5.MMI.UIK).      185,000   fllKl IIMMOO $9,588,830  I>M. 1908   (8.00
uauuui 1.250.™   *i      I46'??? I01': _?__   '88
.WOOD        81.000      *5 18.000         8S.22I Sept. 1906     .50
50S.000     15         201,200 Sept. 1807     .00
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
otlice in this section time have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office. t   '
Anyone lending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably PaCanlablA, Communlca.
sent free, OKost airencr for securlntrpatents.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. MCMVff
l*Kc.al notice, without chertre, Into*
Scientific American.
A tmndaoniei y illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scionti.io Journal. Terras for
Canada, 83.78 a year, postage prepaid.   Bold by
"Ll DOV/BrtClC^. ■
IWOMM & Goj"*8'-—*- W-iv Ycrk        I


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