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The Evening Sun Jan 27, 1911

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 ,- •
Tenth Year—No. 12
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. January 27, 1911
A Large Attendance and
.<Many Beautiful Costumes
First Boundary Bonspiel
Smith Cup Competition  '
The annual fancy dress carnival,
held under the auspices of the Grand
Forks Athletic association at the
skating rink on Tuesday evening,
was a more brilliant success than on
any former occasion. Tbe ice was
crowded with maequeraders. Tbere
were many handsome and original
costumes, tbe Eastern countries and
Greek and Scandinavian mythology
having been drawn upon for ideas.
Tbe comic and grotesque were also
well represented, and tbe scene on
' the ice from 8 until 11 o'clock was
enchanting. The spectators present outnumbered those in attendance at previous carnivals. The
band furnished excellent music,
which added ssest to the enjoyment
ot the participants in tbe merrymaking.
Tbe following were tbe price-
Best Gent's Costume—First, $3.00,
won by Clinton Atwood; second,
$2.00, won by Mr. Muir.
Best Liidy's Costume—First,|3.00,
won by Miss Barlee; second, $2.00,
won by Miss M. Kerman.
Best Boy's Costume—First.$2.00,
won by Bert Mclntyre; second, $1,
won by U. McCallum.
Best Girl's Costume—First,£2.00,
won by Annie Reburn; second, $1,
won by Maud lteburn.
Best Sustained Comic Character—
First, 83.00, won by H. F. Broad;
second, 82.00, won by H. M. Mann.
Brown  8|
Mclnnes 12)
Atwood nf
Gardner 11/
Morrin  6f
lclnnes 11]
[ Gardner  8
l8f "00" ••-■••••■ I3")
8 rHo°d
™| McKim  8j
Marshall  81 ~ .
Greenwood 2 G™enw°od '3\
McNicol ,4} M v.   . [Greenwood 13
Williams  7 McN,co1  ?>
Mclnnes 9")
Greenwood 12
Burns Cup Competition
  J} Mclnnes	
Motrin.. .Z.'.'.'.'.'.'.:.5}Morrin ,a-l„     ■
Williams, ,V\  _-M<»™  9]
'•■g\ Williams tof
K!!:::z=.:,nMcKira • «j
* J ]■ Greenwood  9,
j-Greenwood....:  9.
Greenwood 1
Grand Forks Cup Competition
Morrin til
Mclnnes 12}
Williams  6)
Marshall l6(
Atwood 13*
Gardner it J
McNicol    i
Perkins     J
Brown it)
McKim  3}
Greenwood ul
Hood 13C
Mclnnes  6
Marshall  8
Alwoot. lol
McNicol... 20)
Brown  9)
\ Hood	
Hood 14)
Marshall  51
j-      Nicol..
ii .
McNicol 12 J
1 Hood..
..li J
^/ill-Comers Competition
1 Atwood..
Rod and Gun for January
Variety, and plenty of it, is the
keynote of the January issue of Rod
and Gun in L'anada. The opening
article deals with thn outfit required
for the backwoods, nnd though
sportsmen may differ on' many of
the trimmings, there will be a general agreement as to the essentials.
This is followed by a number of
personal experiences in hunting,
fishing, canoeing and mountaineering throughout Canada, while a
(taper on the birds of Manitoba and
some iight verses add materially to
the interest of thc number and recommend it as one in which sportsmen of all tnstes can find something
which cannot fail to prove both
pleasurable and profitable to themselves.
The Copper Situation
Discussing the copper situation,
former Senator William A. Clark,
president of the United Verde Copper company, says:
I consider that there is a fair copper outlook for 1911. While domestic deliveries are off, January so
far bas produced twice the nmount
of inquiry ns compared with the
corresponding period in December.
The stagnation in the steel industry
is, of course, bound to he reflected
in c, at I look for  improve
ment in ,oth lines in the near fu.
Hood 141 -
Morrin  6/
Atwood 13 j
Perkins 11 1
Mclnnes 16 \ ,,. _,
Marshall  ,} Mclnnes..
"cJ$!mV '31 McKim....
McNicol 12 }
Gardner '-^Gardner     \
Oreenwoott..  9 J 1
b^":::::::::::::::::i}n°'>«'''1^'1  /
Z. Pare contracted cold feet last
winter, and there nre no indications
that they have been thawed out.
Some time ago the chief of police
promised us a game, but signs are
not lacking that be is beginning to
Chinese New Year starts on Sunday, the 29th inst. The inhabitants
of Chinatown will receive all next
Meetings Under Auspices of
Department of Agriculture
The provincial department of
agriculture has arranged for a series
of "short courses" in fruit growing.
The department recognizes the importance of having every fruit
grower acquainted with the principles of soil culture, tfee growth, etc.,
that underlie his everyday operations. The principles of fruit growing are not less important than the
practice. The application of principle to practice will be a feature of
all the lectures. The different
methods of culture necessary for
most economical production in each
particular district will be emphasized. Men in every branch of
farming will find the lectures on
soils, plant growth, nnd cultivation,
of value to them, and all interested
in agriculture are invited to attend
these meetings.
The meetings in this city will be
held on Thursday and Friday, February i) and 10. The following is
tbe program:
Thursday.Februnry 9—2:00 p.m.,
"TypeB of Soils in Relation to Practical Ft nit Growing," B. Hoy; 3:30
p.m., "Physiology of Plants in Relation to Practical Fruit Growing,"
J. F. Carpenter; 7:30 p.m., "Orchard
Pests and Their Control," B. Hoy;
8:30 p.m., "Sprays and Spraying,"
J. F. Carpenter.
Friday, February 10—2:00 p.m.,
"Selection of Nursery Stoek. Orchard Plans and Planting," M. 8. Middleton; 3:30 p.m., "Irrigation and
the Control of Soil Moisture," B.
Hoy; 7:90 p.m., "Winter Injury,
and ItB Prevention," B. Hoy; 8:00
p.m., "Pruning: Summer and Winter," M. S. Middleton.
Grand Forks Rinks Are Victorious in Three of the
The local hockeyists appear to be
nfraid of The Sun's team. At any
rate, they are not anxious to meet
our aggregation on the ice.  Peter A.
Rev. Father J. A. Bedard, of
Greenwood, who until recently con
ducted services in Phoenix, is lenv
ing for St. Mary's hospital, New
Westminister, for a complete rest,
He was tendered a big farewell testi
monial in Greenwood this week,
His successor is Rev. Fnther Lam
bat, O.M.I.D.D., formerly director
of St. I.ouiB college, New Westminster.
Show cartls for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terso and pointed]
Print them plainly, to bc read at a
Some business men arc so fund of
being deceived thnt they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
Ihe consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
Thinking possibilities makes mora
people happy than counting probaj
The three days' bonspiel of the
Boundary curling clubs at the local
rink wound up the three of thc
events lust night, nnd the last of the
visitors departed for their home today. Tho fourth event, the All-
Comers, is now confined to the
play-off among the local rinks, and
will be finished tonight.
The following local and visiting
riuks participated in the bonspiel:
Geo. Traunweiser Geo. Rutherford
H. Mills N. Taylor
H. W. Gregory    J. D. Campbell
N.L.McInnes.skip R. J. Gardtiei'.skip
Jas. McArdle        Hov. 11. Steele
A. E. Savage F. Coryell
F. W. Russell       R. Lamond
A. B  Hood, skip Judge Brown, skip
A. F. Fraser        E. W. Ltuart
G. Massie W. Hamilton
G. M. Fripp F, Haverty
C.A.S.Atwuod,skipW. Williams, skip
D. McCallum
T. A. Wright
W. Bonthron
A. S. McKiiu, skip
F. J. McDougail   W. X. McDonald
C. W, Hunter        C. Davidson
J. Batemati E. Carter
J. A. Morrin, skip Li McNicol, skip
D. McDougail      O. F. Edwards
P. Cook T. A. Love
.1. Miller H. J. Mathews
J. Marshall, skip   W. X. iVt'kiits,skip
Hev. J. A. Petrie
Dr. McLean
A. McDonuld
W.G. McMynn,sklp.
The results were as follows:
Grand Forks Cup—Won by A. il.
' Hood, of Grnnd Forks; L. McNicol,
of Phoenix, second.
Burns Cup—Won by N. L. Mclnnes, of Grand Forks; Greenwood
rink second.
Smith Cup—Won by Greenwood;
N. L. Mclnnes second.
In addition to the cups, the foi-
i lowing individual prizes were given
!for tbe members of the first and scc-
[ond rinks in each event:
Smith Cup-First prize, four uiii-
I brellns; second prize, four pipes.
Burns Cup—First prize, four cut-
glass bowls; second prize, four sels
of safety razors.
Grand Forks Cup—First prize,
four club bngs; secmd prize, four
sets of military brushes.
All-Comers—First prize, four silver touacco jars; second prize, four
pairs of gloves.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Friday. January 27, to Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. W. Cooper, a son.
In the proposed reciprocity trcaly
between Canada and the  United
States fruit and potatoes are on the
free list.
The hockey game at Phoenix this
evening between Grand Forks and
Phoenix resulted in a victory for the
latter club by a score of five goals to
three. At half time the score was
L. MncAdaiii arrived in the city
this week from New Zealand, and
visited nt the home of hi" sister-in-
law, Mrs. A. MacAdnni, for a few
days, lie lefl for tbe const later in
tlie week.
The net earnings of the British
Columbia Copper company iu December were _J25,(i0O.
Thc Grnnd Forks nnd I'hoenix
hockey tennis will meet on thc local
ice next Monday night.
The fourteenth annual RWsland
winter carnival will be held ou
February 1-I-18, inclusive. A long
program of sports bus been prepared.
Trophies nnd prizes are hung up for
British Columbia and international
hockey championships, ski jumping,
skating, tobogganing, curling, horse
racing and other events THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Oily Clerk Sells Him a Preside*
tial Panartia Blook.
"What do jrnu mean?"
"Why, thin Isn't yonr four dollar hat
Thbt one never cottt the half of that"
"By tbe Jumping JlngoP' he shouted
aa be grabbed for tha hat    -
"It lan't yoUntJ"
"Of rtmtw It bin't. Some one baa
taken mine and left tbti behind. 8ay.
FLATTERY DOES THE TRICK.! £«5? taT* b~ •°B" nntT "
  "It waa.   I'll bet a hundred dollara
I *_■
Para Top Price and Then Llea About
It te Hia Wife—Exchange at Barber
•hop Ciuhi a Whole Lot of Trouble,
Another Exchange et Midnight Makce
Matter* Straight
By   M.  QUAD.
ICopyrlpht,  1910.   by   AflnoclateO   Literary
Press. |
WHEN Mr. Bowser went to
buy a straw hat be In
tended to Invert just $'_!.
He bad said to Mrs. Bow.
•er tbat the man who paid more man
tbat sum was a reckless Idlut When
he reached tbe store und asked for a
two dollar but tbe salesman looked at
him In a puzzled way and tben queried:
"It ta for yonr choffer. I suppose?
Tea. a two dollar hut Is good enough
(or bim. Senator, wby don't you buy
one for yourself at tbe same lime?
Taken for a senator right off the
reel-taken for a capitalist who could
afford an auto and a chauffeur, a
man to whom a few dollara wus nothing:
Mr. Bowser waa flattered. He
wouldn't burp been human otherwise,
especially wben tbe salesman contln
"I can give yon a duplicate of President Taft'a panama. This way.
"But I tbougbt"-
"Just In this morning, aenator, ami
I don't want tbem picked over before
you get your choice. Now, look ut
them. Here are style, wear and dignity.
Wben you see a man wearing one ot
these hats you cun place bim al once.
Been buying any more autos lately?"
"Well, half a dozen ought to do you.
Things In Wall street looking up it lilt?
Tbey say tbat all you senators keep
"T-e-s, we do."
"Here's tbe mate to Taft'a pannma.
made of Ihe same model.   We asked
bim f30 for his because Uncle Sam has
to pay the bill, but In your case It's
'*_!!>      Examine   It      Keel   nf  It      Let
aowaait, rLAiruiiD, nm
me put it on your head.   Senator, you
never had anything like It"
"l-thouuhi of something a little
cheaper," aaid Mr. Bowser.
"Don't seuan.i. You are as good as
Taft You waul somelblug above Ibe
common herd. l_ook In Ihe glass again.
Just your lit. and you dou't lose a
•bade of dignity."
ChuoKIca at His Bargain.
Mr. Bowser thought of wbal be had
•aid about lite reckless Idiot, but be
also fell lhal be was cornered. He
bad been mistaken for a senator wbo
bad six auios and speculated In Wall
street and be baled to let himself
down. As a result ha took Ibe bat.
Wben he rent-bed home and met Mra.
Bowser's accusing eye be said:
"Friend of mine Introduced ma to
the batler. and I got this for ti. I
think It's a bargain."
"But did you go and pay $4 for a bat
wben you knew I hadn't a glove to
put on my hand:" abe exclaimed.
"I was rather dragged Into It. but It
looks like a pretty good bat Yon
ahall bave aome pin money next week."
Mr. Bowser swelled around under
that panuwa bat. B* pul the price
at Kin. He called attention lo H. He
fell a warm glow wben he saw the
alreet ear conductor looking at ll. He
gave It a rakish slant ou bis head and
fell lo pity other men. As be came In
to dinner Ihe other evening Mrs. Bow-
•er was not at band to notice the
change of hata. It waa only after the
meal bad been finished and tbey had
come up f^om tbe dining room to alt
on the front steps tbat abe glanced at
Ibe ball tree and exclaimed:
"Why, Mr. Bowser, have yon been
trading hats?"
to a cent tbat It waa that Infernal
Profeaaor Swlggs'.    Tea. It waa.    Ha
bad craaae oo bla hair and smelt ot
wintergreen. Look on tbla sweat band.
Smell of lt"
"But If be made ■ mistake you can
telephone bim."
A Loud Smelling Discovery.
"Telephone nothing I saw him looking at my hat and I know he changed
on purpose. I don't know where ha
lives. I never heard of him before.
"He called to see if I was interested In
astronomy. By. thunder. I'll put him
where he can't see stars or planets tor
the next year!"
"I hope yon get yonr bat back," said
Mm Bowser, "bin don't get too excited about It Yours only coat 84. yoo
"Four dollars! Four dollars! Why,
I planked down $_!5 for tbat hat!"
"But you told me $4. You said a
friend introduced yon to the bat man.
"If I said $4 I waa absentmlnded.
Twenty-live   big   dollara.   and   that
greasy haired astronomer baa got It!"
"Well,   wbat are you  going to do
about Itr
"Uo? Do? Wby, I'll follow on hla
trail for the next 100 yeara. I'll never
let up till I bave him ln my clutches.
I'll go to the police. I'll advertise a
reward for bim. My twenty-live dollar hat"—
"Which yon told me waa a oat-gam
for $4."
Mr. Bowser rushed Into the telephone and railed up police headquarters and stated bla case. After he bad
spent ten minutes In giving details tbe
reply waa:
"Very sorry, but we are not tbe
straw hat police. Inquire next door."
Then he rushed out to the policeman
on the corner. The officer heard the
sad tale without being affected. Un
the contrary, he calmly said:
"Yes, life Is full of Just such harrowing things, bin we must make the best
of them. I rather Ilka the smell of
wintergreen myself."
A rnsb wus made for home, and,
with a wild hope in hla heart Mr.
Bowser wild:
"Look bere. Mrs. Bowser. 1 am not
going to threaten you!"
"1 am going tn roox you. You may
have slipped ibis old bat on to the
peg lust for a Juke on me. If yon did
I will lake ll as a joke. Ha, ha. ha:
It would be quite a little joke."
"Yes. but I didn't Thia ta tbe bnt
you wore home und bung up"
'"Theu I'll have tbe professor's life:
I'll dabble my hands ln his winter--
green blond! I'll catch hint by tbe
throat, and I'll t-w-l-s-t his brazen bead
Hat Recovered, but His Lio Stands.
All the rest of the evening Mrs. Bowser tried to quiet and console hiin. lint
wltb poor success Mr. Bowser walked
the Hour and abused tbe professor. He
walked the floor nud planned bow to
overhaul hint. He even went out to
the gale with hla mind so full of tli"
event tbat be stopped the butcher's
hoy lo relate particulars. ■
"It's au awful case." replied the boy,
"hut I know something awfuler. Cork
goes up another rent tomorrer!"
Midnight hud come. Bowser had
tossed nnd grinned and grunted and
fallen asleep. Mrs. Bowser wns nlsiut
In go to dreamland wben tbere wits a
wild ling at the doorbell. Mr. Bowser Jumped out of bed and pnt bis bend
out of ibe wludow.
"Dues s   mun   named   Bowser  live
here?" asked a man below.
"Yes. sir "
"Is his name In hla straw hatT
"It la."
"Well,   I've  got  yonr Infernal  old '
headpiece here, and I want my own ;
hat.    Yon look mine when  we were j
gelling  abaved   In   tbe  barber  shop
about 1 o'clock.   Nice old party, you
"Are yon Profeaaor Swlggs?"
"Professor nothing!   And 1 don't go
round ateallng hata either!"
Mr. Bowser went downstairs and
passed ont the wintergreen bai and re-
reived bla own, and Mra. Bowser bad
ootblng to say until he fell asleep
again. Tben sbe softly wblapered to
"And he came home and aaid It coat
only $4."	
"Only Granny."
Sir Douglas Powell, one of tha royal
physicians-in-ordinary, tells a pretty
•tory of how some years ago he waa
waiting in an ante-room to be summoned tor an interview with Queen
Victoria. Out nf the royal apartment
came tumbling two of King George's
ions. "Why don't you go' In?" inquired the elder prince. "Because," said
Sir Douglas, "it might not be convenient." "Oh." was the cheerful response, "there's nobody there — only
London Dispatch Writer   Liked   tha
Canadian Boya.
Part of this week my lot haa fallen
In pleasant places, says a writer in
The London Weekly Dispatch. I have
been living with the Queen's Own
Rifles of Canada. They are a very
fine body of men. They might, in
fact, be our Queen's Westminsters
with an American accent. The accent
la all they have got which associates
them with the United Statea. I have
never imagined that it was possible
to hate a Yankee aa much as these
fellow-subjects of ours do. To suggest annexation to the States is to
run the chance of "bayonpt, get it In
your innards," as Drummer Lew
SBid to the Afghan. The regiment is
one with traditions diiting back over
fifty years. As it is a rifle regiment,
It carries no flag, otherwise it would
have at least lour honors upon the
Colonel Sir Henry Pellatt is a Una
man, who is devoted to his regiment,
where he served for years in the
ranks. He told me that he does not
wish people to think he is an overwhelmingly rich man..He is spending
fluo.OuO out of his store because he
loves his men-, his colony, and Great
Britain. He is the head of a big firm
of brokers in Toronto.
The men are keen to learn and
have much to pick up. The notion
of one man being as good as another
—which is sheer nonsense—which
has arisen through close neighborhood, with the United States leads
them to be less disciplined than, is a
British territorial regiment of the'
same class. They obey their officers
smartly enough, but no battalion is
good until it heeds even the whispered beherts of its non-commissioned
officers. I dislike intensely to hear
a sergeant cnsuelly say to a private,
"Ain't you going to full in on thia
parade?" and the private respond,
"Why certainly." The men will,
when once they are away fighting
cheek by jowl in manoeuvres with
the Buds or the Faugh-a-BuIlaghs
(which latter meats "Clear the way"l
and see the Regular sergeants at
work begin to realize how vital it
is to jump to the co. nands nf their
They have a strong element nf Ihe
Scot in them. One of the most interesting men 1 have met foi a long
time is old Sergeant Elllnis'vnrth.
who is spending the we.l- .-nd amid
the scenes of his youth nt Edinburgh
and Glasgow, when he whs a guy
voung soldier of the primus fllrd. He
has heen out of the army for forty-
seven years, but ever since etni'-fsting
to Canada he hHS heen with the
Queen's Own, nnd they are irnud to
have the sturdy, self-reliant old man
rfith them. He still hns lire, and
takes pride in Cannda and Great
Britain, and above all in his soldiering. We gossipped a day or two ago
in his tent, a few of us, on his career,
"e had nnt on'y soldi'red in tin
Crimea and in India, but he Is one
of the few men who remain who have
journeyed frnm Puris to Marseilles by
road in a carriage in the davs when
there was no other way of doing it.
He was traveling w'th one of his
Now he made one of the famous
"thin red line" which on a certain
occasion did the impossible in the
Crimea. He has the bar on his
medal for Sebastopol. He went to
India, and his medal bears "Relief
J of I.ucknow" and "Lucknnw." Yet
of actual fighting it is dPflettlt to get
him to talk. He will insist thnt the
(13rd were the first at the relief of
I.ucknow. but ac for feelings, fancies,
mental attitudes in general you will
learn nothing. A young Canadian
ventured the question: "8ergeant,
were you ever aware that you killed
s man?" "Weel, lnddie," said the
old warrior, "I was never conscious
that I killed anybody in the Crimea,
but I wish I hnd a pound for ev>ry
one I stirkit in India. We didna'
care Wc just drove the bayonet in
them. I dinna think you can under-
stun' what Cawnpnre meant to us
That was a terrible time." It is not
often ihat one can get sn much frnm
a man who has neaged in the dread
arbitrament of battle.
Tha Peel MacLachlan.
Alexander MacLachlan was a Catta
dian poet, whose writings wete attracting much admiration fifty years
-ago. He was born in Scotland in
1820. and though without any advan
lages of rank and fortune, and nppre.i-
tioed to a tailor, he was a voracious
reader, and soon familiarized himself
with the wotks of the principal Brit
ish authors. Several of his poems ap
peared in volumes published by him
in 1856 and following years. He contributed very materially to the establishment of a notional literature lb
Canada. His chief aim aa a poet was
to be considered the exponent of the
views of the working classes of tha
country, ln this effort, it has beeu
claimed that he stands shoulder to
shoulder with such men as Burns an 1
Miller, while a proof of the excellence
and popularity of hia verse is to ba
found m the fact that he wsn tha
winner of the prize offered by Tha
Glasgow Workman for a national
song for the Scot.
For those whose enjoyment"of Canadian winter
weather is marred by frost-bites, eczemas, rashes,
chafings, chapped faces and hands, and other
annoying conditions incident to cold, wind, and
tender skins, there is speedy and grateful relief in
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. For many,
Cuticura Soap
alone, used regularly for the toilet and bath, is
sufficient to preserve skin comfort in the severest
weather. Skin and scalp troubles, from pimples
and dandruff to eczema and psoriasis, yield to
Cuticura Soap and Ointment when all elsi fails..
It is always advisable to know j Morocco uses about two thousand
something about what you arc trying j barrels of American cottonseed oil
to teach. yearly.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
•top the meanest, nastiest, most persistent headaches In half an
hour or leu. We guarantee that they contain no opium,
morphine or other poisonous drugs. 25c. a box at your druggists',
er by mall from X
MiMistl Piss cad tte___leel Ce. el Casals. taiiaaX    ....
We are   everywhere with tha   standard goods.
Paper and Matches ara our specialties.    Let us
know your wanti—we'll do the rest.
TEES & PERSSE, LIMITED, Agents, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,
Regina, Fort William and Port Arthur.
Chivalry la from chevalier and aim.
piv means a horseman, originally used
to distinguish one who rode from ont
wbo waul to tha ware afoot.
W. N. U., No. 825.
A Burroughs Adding and Listing    Machine Will
Help You
It automatically adds and Hats all aorta of figures, fraction a. decimala, feet snd inches, pounds
and ounces, etc. You eimply register each number
on the keyboard (much after the fashion of a typewriter) and then pull the handle while you press a
lever—and it » printed I When all have been registered, press a key and pull the handle Anally
and the total is printed I Simple, eaay, economical.
A Burroughs relieves you of all routine figuring:
gives you time to think out new Bailing plans; enables you to know that your accounts are right,
so you can puah the money-making departments
of your business to the limit.
A  Burroughs enables you to get your day's work
done in the lay—leaving your nights free and undisturbed fc- rest.
We make 78 different stylea of adding and Hating
machines.     Any on* of these you may try and test
in your own   way in your own office, at your own
convenience,    and at our expense.
We  are not philanthronists.   but we ara anxious
that vou should know the advantages of Burroughs
Machines.    The best wav to know is to try one of
them.    We'll stand nil the expense-of a reasonable
trial H you will accord it to a Burroughs,.
A note addressed to us at Detroit will bring full
IM Burroughs Block,  Detroit, Mich.
■_■_____■_____■■__■■■■■■■■>< THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The Rayo Lamp la a high trade lamp, sold at a low prlca
Th»r« ara lainpi tbit task non, Mt then li in hatter lanp msAs sA %\t\i
prioa. Cnottrnetxt of Mild brut; alektl pUtart-aaaUy fcapt cU»n; u
ornaraant tn any rooM <■ smj hotna. Than la nothln» known to tha art
oOUi»p-m*Wn| thnt ean add tn tha *»'» nf tha HAVO Ump at a light*
*W»_r darlot. artrr daalar avarrwhara. If not at yon rt, writ* lorit*
""" tAatiMiMaraatuatmrnf
naaratt amincr of
The Imperial Oil Company,
By An Old Hand.
How to tan or dress all light fur
skins, such as mink, muskrat, weasel,
fox, fisher, lynx cat, &c.j how to tan
dog skins, sheep skins, wolf skins,
badger, &c, for mats, rugs, robes,
gauntlets, 4c.; how to dye sheep skin
mats any desired shade; how to remove the grease from furs or fur skins
without wetting the skin, making the
fur as clean and lively as new; how to
clean white fur, such as thibet, angora, white rabbit, &c, making them
ns white and fresh as new; now to
ttan cow and horse hides for coats,
robes, &c; how to make easily and
quickly a good tough leather for repairing harness and general use on
the farm; how to care for hides and
skins that are to be sold, and how to
sell them to get the most money for
Any of thc above recipes will be
sent to any address on receipt of 60
cents, or the booklet complete for
$2.00. Address:
Box 363, Winnipeg, Man.
Hit One Need
"Then you think the Indian doesn't
need civilizing?"
"Certainly not. With its blankets
and beadwork, his tjpee looks like
the regulation cosy corn_r now. All
the Indian needs is a chafing dish."
—Courier Journal.
To discern and deal immediately
with causes and overcome them,
rather than to battle with effects after
the disease has secured a lodgment,
is the chief aim of the medical man,
and Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
is the result of patient study along
this particular line. At the first appearance of a cold the Syrup will be
found a most efficient remedy, arresting further development and
speedily healing the affected parts, so
that the ailment disappears.
New Yorker  (astonished)—But you
really love me, dear?
Mr.   Eat   (ardently)—Do   I?     My
How He Proved  It
An Irishman was once serving in a
regiment in India. Not liking the
climate. Pat tried to evolve a trick
by whioh he could get home. Accordingly he went to the doctor and
told him his eyesight was bad. The
doctor looked at him for a while and
then said: "How can you prove to
me that your eyesight is bad?"
Pat lokctl about the room and at
last said: "Well,' doctor, do ye see
that nail upon the wall?" ,
"Yes," replied the doctor.
"Well, then," said Pat, "I can't."
"Ah„ah!" exclaimed the great explorer, as he crawled from beneath
the bed and proceeded ftr put the gold
affair into his clean cuff. "At last I
have found the missing link."
"Just hear how the wind howls!"
"But can you blame it?   When it's
out in the cold all night?"
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ste.
The domesticated ostrich had just
been relieved of his "tips." "Trimmed again!" he groaned; "I wonder
why the C.P.C.A. doesn't agitate for
anti-tipping legislation?"
Brown—"Is it correct to speak of a
man as 'of the male persuasion?'."
Jones—"Yes, if the subject is not
"What has that to do with the matter?"   "Why, when he is married his
precious one, you're a piece of cheese !|wife persuad'e9 him
Removes Banal Enlargements,
Ihlokened,    gwolleo    Tinsel.
Curbs. Filled Tendons, SoreaeH
team  any   Brulte   or   Strain,
gores Spavin Lameness, Allays
rain   Does aot Boater, nmi
tb. hair or l.f the *,„,.. up. 92.00 a
touie. d.HT.»d.     Beck ID tree"
■    _. AnaOBIIINK. SU., (mtntltdn.M
**smSf   ""lit,)   Tor SynoTlil., Strain., Gniur
«e UAjsetle OeaotlU, Tirlaoit Valna, Vatic*
••'•."Tdmcale.   AUwtMla.   Book Ir...
«. t. roum, p. 0. f., WW. St. i(«i"ffl«w, »■•»•
ih.i_T.ba.. -7 aiir.il Mil a »niii)5_!»i..ii»«i
ara Mose which last. Far Nils I
rtaioa gifts of film an alwayi
appreciated. To disfinguJaft lie
btti, lack In tbt md, auk
Handsome presents may bt
selected la spoons, taints,
forts, or fincy strains pieces.
"SihtrTlatt that Wear,"
tut Its Hit, Oil Im, Wtn,
aotp ST t.« .wtq jwataa.
A Gentle One
Mrs. Stoplnte—"Do you remember
when wc were children and I used to
come and play with you?"
Miss Tersbep—"Yes—and your
mamma never let you stay more than
un hour. Tnoie were the happy
days!"—Cleveland Leader.
I wns cured of Rheumatic Gout by
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis   by
Sussex.    Lt.-Col. C. CREWE READ.
I wns cured of acute rheumatism by
Msrkham, Ont.        C. S. BILLINGS.
Lukefleld, Que., Oct. 9, 1907.
Insistent Salesman—And another
great feature of our typewriter is the
two-color ribbon. You can't be up-
to-date nowadays without that long-
felt want.
Business Man — Great Caesar!
Young man, do I look as if I wanted
to inject yellow journalism into my
It Eases Pain.—Ask any druggist or
dealer in medicines what is the most
popular of the medicinal oils for
pains in the joints, in the muscles or
nerves, or for neuralgia and rheumatism, and he will tell you that Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is in greater
demand than any other. The reason
for this is thnt it possesses greater
healing power than any other oil.
"Did you marry your ideal?" asked
a new acquaintance of a bright
matron. Mercy, no! I married my
"Are    those    eggs    any
Grocer—"Can't beat 'em, sir."
Customer—"My gracious! are
as far gone as that?"
Black Heavy Substance
The returned traveller was exhibiting some souvenirs. Presently he
cjpie to a queer black heavy substance wrapped up securely in some
paper. "ThiB," he snid impressively,
"is a fragment of air that I gouged
from upper berth No. 9 in our Pullman."—Judge.
An Always Ready Pill.—To those
of regular habit medicine is of little
concern, but the great majority of
men are not of regular habit. The
worry and cares of business prevent
it, and out of the irregularity of
life conies dyspepsia, indigestion,
liver nnd kidney troubles as a protest. The run-down system demands
a corrective and there is none better
than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
They are simple in their composition
and can be tnken by the most delicately constituted.
"In sooth, Charity, we should not
judge unrighteously, but I fear that
Brother Turnaside is next to an im-
"How canst thou say so, Elder
"Hush; but it cometh privately to
my ears that he is making nutmegs
out of soft pine, instead of our good
old hickery.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
He was an observant little chap
with a knack of storing knowledge
wonderful in one so young. But he
rather spoilt himself the other day.
"Pa," he said, "I hear Uncle Joe is
going to be married on Friday."
"Yes," said his father, "Uncle Joe
hos only three days more."
The little boy sighed. "The last
three dnys," he said, "they give them
everything to eat that they ask for,
don't they, pa?"
Manager (of Prostville Academy of
Music)—We got the darndest cutup
of a trap-drummer here you ever ^ee
—always injectin' little touches uv
comedy into a show.
Visiting Actor—For instnnce?
Manager—Well, Inst week a feller
played "Richard the Third" here an
when he roared "A horse! A horBe!
My kingdom for a horse!" what did
that comical drummer do but blow
his autohorn real derisively!"
Scott's Emulsion
is the original—has been
the standard for thirty-five
There are thousands of
so-called "just as good"
Emulsions, but they are
not—they are simply imitations which are never
as good as the original.
They are like thin milk—
SCOTT'S is thick-like a
heavy cream.
If you want it thin, do
it yourself—with water-
but dont buy it thin.
Bon, ste., __aaaa ot paper »t_4 1Mb ad. for oar
boautltul Barlnta Bank and Child'. Skatoh-Book.
Km* bask oonUloa a Good Luck Pauar.
iaa WtWartoa StrML Wa*      TanMa.OM.
Report of Annual Meeting
A Boon for the Bilious.—The liver is
a very sensitive organ nnd easily deranged. When this occurs there is
undue secretion of bile and the acrid
liquid flows into the stomach and
sours it. It is a most distressing ailment, and ninny are prone to it. In
this condition 11 man finds the best
remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
which nre warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There is no better
medicine in the entire list of pill preparations.
D'Auhist—"Do you think my battle
scene expresses, as 1 have meant it
to, all thc poignant horrors of war?"
Krittick— Oil, yes, it is the awfull-
«st tiling I ever saw."
Hubby—"Your milliner's bill last
year lias cost mc as much as the salary of my two book-keepers. That is
more than I can afford.'
Wife—"Well, discharge one of
t£L KlDNE\,<   .ci-
H|CHT S   Dl5,X
1 « 11 C T C S   ' _-'
Shilohs Gure
talskly sieve etubt, cures colds, beds
Its throat aad  luaie. •   -   ■  »» coats.
Bachelor (to intimnte friend)—
What would you say if I should—er—
tell you thnt—er—I am going to—cr—
mnrry a sweet litle widow with six
Friend—I should sny you were putting on heirs.—Hnrvnrd Lampoon.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this*paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
ine dreaded disease that science has
oeen uble to cure in all its stages,
nnd that in Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blond
and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation ol
the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors hnve bo much
Inith in its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for ary
case that, it fails to cure. Send for
list of testimonials.   Address:
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
A certain business man of Rochester is of the opinion that he has an exceedingly bright office boy, ond nothing pleases him better than to tell
how he acquired the youngster's services. A notice had been pOBted in
I the man's shop window, which rend
as follows: "Boy wanted about fourteen years."
A lad of that age, with little that
wns prepossessing in his appearance,
came into thc office nnd stated that he
had read the notice.
"So you think that, you would like
lo have the position?" asked the merchant, patronizingly, as he goned at
the lad over the rim of his spectacles.
"Yes, sir," wns the reply; "I want
the job, but I don't know that I can
promise to keep it for the full fourteen years."
The most noticeable and immediate
result of rheumatism is a marked
thinning of the blood, and iu no disease dues it develop more rapidly.
Mot only does tlie blood become weak
but it is soon filled with impurities,
which the different organs of tne body
have been unable to throw off. One
of the most harmful of these impurities is uric acid, wnich is formed from
tne waste products of the body. In
health it is readily passed off by the
kidneys with the help of oxygen from
tlie red corpuscles of the blood.
Without oxygen the kidneys are unable to rid tne system of this acid and
it is retained in the blood and distributed to all parts of the body. The
weak back, pains across the kidneys
and thin, scunty, highly colored secretions, which follow, show that the
acid is already in tlie blood ond often
leads the sufferer to think he has kidney trouble. If the disease is not
driven out of the blood, rheumatism
can never be cured, and the sufferer
will always be subject to uttacks,
whenever exposed to damp or cold.
Witli ench returning attack tlie pain
becomes more severe and complications often arise making necessary
tlie use of habit, forming drugs to relieve pain.
lt is readily seen thnt the only wny
to cure rheumatism is through the
blood. Dr. William's Pink Pills afford such a treatment ns they contain
all the elements necessary to build up
and purify the blood. They increase
its oxygen currying enpucity enabling
tlie kidneys to pass the uric acid
from the body nnd the otlier organs
to do their work. Thus rheumatism
is reached at its root ami permanently cured. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
nre absolutely free from all habit-
forming drugs, nnd nre not nn experiment as the following esse will show:
—Mr. W. Studley Lewis, Pilot Mound,
Mnn., snvs:—"I nm a Arm believer in
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and always
keep some by me in case of need. A
few years ago while teaching school I
suffered so much with rheumotism in
my urnis and shoulders that I had the
greatest difficulty in writing on the
blackboard, and after trying a number
of remedies without benefit, I was almost in despair, and felt inclined to
abandon teaching. But one dny I
happened to pick up one of Dr. Williams' almanacs, and read of the cure
of a" number of severe cases of rheumatism through the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. This decided me
to give the Pills a trial, and I had
only token them a few weeks when I
felt much better. In the course of a
few weeks more the pains nnd stiffness hnd nil left me. and I had no
more difficulty in doing my work. I
cannot sny enouirh in praise of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for they nnd
they alone cured me of my rheumu-
tism." ,
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box. or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Cures all chronic diseases. Write
him. His valuable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW YORK CITY.
The 93rd annual general meeting
of the shareholders of the Bank of
Montreal was held on December 5th,
with Mr. R. B. Angus, the president,
in the chair. The annual statement
submitted was one of the best in the
history of thiB finnnciul institution.
The Bank of Montreal which is so
ultimately bound up with the financial history of this country has be-
come the strongest of our financial
institutions. At the present her total
assets have reached the enormous
sum of $240,000,000. With her 147
branches scattered throughout the
country the bunk is able to keep in
close touch with the business interests
of every community, and is doing her
full share in promoting the financial
and industrial development of the
The annual report showed a balance of profit and loss on Oct. 31,
1909, of $603,796. The profits for the
year ended Oct. 31, 1910, after deducting charges of management and
making full provision for all bad
and doubtful debts, was $1,797,992,
making the total profits $2,401,789.
From this was deducted four quarterly dividends at 2 1-2 per cent.,
amounting altogether to $1,440,000,
leaving a balance of profit and loss
carried forward nt the end of October, 1910, of $961,789.
A further examination of tlie report shows that the hank has deposits
bearing interest of over $154,000,000,
while considerably over $43,000,000 is
on deposit not bearing interest. During the year the deposits hnd increased hy $18,000,000, an indication
of the bank's growth. The note circulation of the bank nmoiinted to
$14,502,000, being slightly larger thnn
the paid-up capital. Thc bonk has a
rest or reserved account of the lnrge
sum of $12,000000. The nmount of
call and short loans in Great Britain
nnd the United States wns reduced hy
$14,000,000 dining the year and now
amounts to $01,918,000. This amount
of money is kept on call in New York
and London nt a low rate of Interest
lis the bnnk finds it l»ss disturbing to
Oanadlan business interests lo hove it
on deposit in foreign centres. If it
were nn deposit in Canada and were
demanded nt a few hours' notice-it
might seriously eniharass local institutions.
The loans ond advance made hy
the bnnk during the year show an
incr"nsp of $21,000,000, indicating Hint
the bnnk is doing its full share in ns-
sistin<! in the development of our
rnpidly growing country. Altogether
the finnnciul stntement is one of the
most creditnble ever presented by
Canada's premier financial institution. The business transacted has
heen satisfactory, the deposits, lonns,
circulation, as well ns the assets,
hnve all increased throughout the
yenr. Today the hank is in a better
position thnn ever to enter tn the
needs of the business communities,
and better able to nssist in thn fi'inn-
fi"l development of the country than
-ver before.
Awarded First Priie at World's Exposition on its Work and Msthodi—
Catalogue Free.   Address.
Cor. Portage Av» ht Kort 8t. Winnlpea
MM.WiM.uWe Soot-UNO svur hu btea
until lor over SIXTY YBARSby Mil.LIONS.oi
MOTHERS  lor   their  CH1_,AkRM   WHIU.
tbkthino, with reamer svectsa.  u
B00TH8B tht CHILD, SOFTBNS the OtJltt
H the beet remedy tot MAMHtSA. It U to-
■clittely hinnliu. Bt tutt sad sak far "Hn
Wlstltw'i Soothing Syrup," ted take ae ether
kind.   Twenty-Svtttettt kettle.
Bibbs—"That was a remarkable
escape of Bori'leigh's. It is a wonder
he is alive to tell the tale."
Gibbs—"Yes; and such a pity, too!
Sore throat leads to Tonsililis,
Quinsy nnd Diphtheria. Hamlins
Wisnrd Oil used aB a gnrgle upon the
first symptoms of a sore thront will
invariably prevent all three of these
dread diseases.
Canadian Pacific
WESTERN      <
Plus $2.00 for the
Round Trip   -   -
From all stations in Ontario, Port
Arthur and West, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to
Tickets on Bale December 15, 16 and
17, 1910; January 20, 21, 22 and 23,
and February 14, 15 und 16, 1911;
good to return within three months
from date of issue.
Apply to nearest C. P. Ry. agent
lor fulj information.
Daily during Dcqgmhcr.      3 months
limit.   Stop over privileges,
The Doable Track Route
Reduced Pares for
Steamship Passengers.
November  11th  to  December    31st.
Five months limit.    Write    for   full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent, Passenger Dent.
Representative for all Steamship Lines
and Conk's Tours.
280 Portsge Ave. Winnipeg.
W. N. U., Ns. 125. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B, C.
Published at Grand Forks. British Coliiinlil
Editor anil Publisher
A lllp of thli paper cun be seen lit tho olliee
of « •-. B, & J. Hardy at Co., SI),81 and a_,
Fleet street. K.U., London. EiiiriuiiJ, free of
eliiirtre. anil tlint firm will lie triad to receive
sul.-iTii tlutis uml inlvei 'ttsenieuts on our behalf.
The nou'snnpera In Orand   Porks, Grcou-
wood nnd Bnnenlx have adopted the follow-
itltrtcnii' for Iqgsl inlvenlslnir:
Appllotltlntl for Liquor Lioense (80 Hii.vk).. I.n
Certllliiite of   llii|»i'nvenieut   Notice (6(1
dayi)    7..W
Application to Purchase l.iiml Notice (SO
dayi)    7 60
lielliiquent Co-owner Notice (aodm.-),... in.no
Water Notices (80 days)  13.00
All otlier Icl-iiI advertising, 1- cents a Hue.
Bingle'onluniti, forthe first insertl  and 8
lent* ii line for each -nili-equenl insertion.
Oil.e: Hilvctisliig rates furnished tm npp li
One Teat       	
One Yoar (In advance)     .
line Veor. In I'nited S'ates	
Address all ooinmunientiolis to
Thb Evening Sun.
Phonb B7I Qband Fours.B.0
FRIDAV,   JANUARY   27, 1911
The Canadian Pacific Kail-
way coinpany will erect a
magnificent hotel, at a cost of
a quarter of a million, in Calgary next spring. The big corporation is dotting the landscape between the two oceans
with handsome edifices. There
i.s one spot, however, that appears to have escaped the ar-
gus eyes of the company, and
that is Christina lake. There
is no prettier body of water in
thc province than this lake;
no otlier spot in Brittsh Columbia where tourists could
enjoy grander mountain scenery, and no other body of
water where the followers of
Izaak Walton would be half
so well repaid for their labor.
The lake is of. suilicient size
to afford splendid yachting
and motor boat sport. A
tourist hotel fit this point
would be a good investment
for the company, and it would
also j jut the Boundary country more in evidence on the
map, This district is really
entitled to some ennsideration
of this nature from the big
company. Since line was built
into section it litis been a
fruitful source of revenue to
the company. The road should
show its appreciation liy doing something for the Boundary.
a call foi' an irrigation meeting, whicli will he held in tlie
city hall ;it 8 o'clock on Friday evening. February 3. It
is desirable that as many people interested in the subject
be present as possible.
At a meeting of the directors of tlie British Columbia
Copper company in New Vork
last week an annual dividend
at the rate of 10 per cent was
declared, payable on February 1.
Mrs. A. S. Sinclair and son
arrived in the city on Monday last from WartonJ Out.
Thev are visiting Mrs. (Rev.)
H. W. Wright, who is Mrs.
Sinclair's daughter.
It is resorted that the owners of the First Thought mine
at Orient have determined to
give the ore a thorough milling test ln the Napoleon cyjm-
ide mill.
Fourth Circuit—Vancouver,
August 31-*to September Si:
North Vancouver, September
8 and 9; Central Park, September 15 and 1(>; Delta (Ladner), September •__!___ and 2'.i;
Surrey, September "iti; Pang-
ley, September 27; New Westminster, October 8 to 7; Richmond, September "28,
Fifth   Circuit—Cranl irook,
[September 18 and '20; Nelson,
September '2(, to 28; (Irand
J Forks, September 20 and, 30;
Kaslo, October 2 and 3.
The only policy holder who
1 doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the ■ man who has retired
from business.
Tiik patient people on the
coast are beginning to show
indications of impatience regarding tlie construction ofthe
Canadian Notliern in this
province, To allay their rest-
lestness, we suggest that Sir
William borrow one of his
son-in-law's aeroplanes forthe
purpose of making a preliminary survey of the route.
Some people like tolly high.
A few weeks ago Sir William
Mackenzie received hisknight-
hood. Now his daughter has
married a French aviator.
I5Tiik provincial government
has a surplus of $2,500,000.
It will he considerably smaller
after the present session.
^^^^^ srt went up
Phoenix and Greenwood on
Wednesday and sold 150 gallons of cider and 150 boxes of
The Granby company this
week commenced to ship 01 e
from its Cliff mine at Rossland to the smelter in this
The Phoenix hockey team
defeated (ireenwood by a score
of four goals to three at (ireenwood on Tuesday night.
Mrs. W. K. C. Manly visited Spokane this. week.
J. P. Manly left today for a
business trip to Vancouver.
If a man can't invent anything else he always can invent deviltry.
Some people imagine they
are up-to-date, when they are
merely erratic.
The real upper class will
be presently those who own
their own aeroplanes.
A girl can imagine romance
that is more real to her than
steak and fried potatoes are
to a man.
Just as soon as you begin to
give anybody charity he begins
to think you owe it to him
right along, and t% lot more besides.
W. Carruthers, travelling
passenger and freight agent of
the Southern Pacific railway,
has some original ideas on sizing the worth of a town.
"When I enter a new city," he
says, "I*do not look up the
newspapers to see tiie amount
of sensational news they print,
but turn to the advertising
columns to see the character
and volume of advertising carried by the local advertisers'.
I can always tell whether aI
town is a live or dead one by I
Woodland's for Quality
Everything: sold here i.s selected with regard
to Quality and Service. When you want anything, ask Woodland first, and get satisfaction.
-2WOODLAND    So   CO.£-
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy' your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
I business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Clothes   Cleaned
and Pressed
S. D. CURRY has re-ppened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. Pew Johnson.at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
zjUl Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
Ynle Land Distrli'l, District ol Similkameen.
TAKh NOTICK tliat Silas Untile, at Onbden,
I Illinois. U.S.A., oct-lipntiou Funner, Intends to apply for pcmii.sloti to purchase the
following deiicrilil'd lands:
Cnnitneiii'lnu at a post planted about 20
chnins east of -the southeast corner nf Lot
lllll S.. on Deep Creek: thenee well SO eliains:
tPence south -li i-luiin-; thence east till chains;
thenee south 20 eliains: thenoe east __0olltllnei
thenee north 111 elniini to point of commencement.
SILAS LINGI.E, Applicant
.I.R  Crnnston. Agent.
Dated December I2lh, 1910.
The manish woman should
not complain when she is
treated as roughly as if she
were a man.
Common sense is an uncommon quantity in this world.
President   Rooke,   ol'  tlio Septeml
Farmers! institute, has issued
Fair Dates
The dates of the British
Columbia fairs for this year,
us fixed at the annual meeting
ofthe Hritish Columbia Fairs
association in Victoria, are as
| follows:
First Circuit—Alberni, October^ Nanaimo, September
•-'(I and 21: Islands, September
(J; Comox, September 26 and
27; Victoria, September 12 to
I Pi Cowichan, September 22
and •___:!; X. and S. Saanich,
j September •_'!> and 30.
Second Circuit— Coquitlam,
September 1">; Chilliwack,
September l!i and 21: Kent,
September 12 and PI; Maple
Ridge, September 18 and lit.
Third Circuit—Nicola, September 7: Revelstoke, September 11 and 12: Kamloops, Sep-
Itember 14 and ..">; Vernon,
September 1.0 and 21: Kelowna, September 20 and 27;
Salmon Ann, September 28
and 211: Armstrong, September 21 and 22: Snniinei'land,
September 17 a"d I*: Peach-
ind, August 20 find 30,
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen,
TAKK NOTICE that Thorns! Henrv Paul-
I son of I'Hill-oii, H. C, peculation Merchant. Intends to npply tor permission to
purchase the following described binds:
Commencingat upost planted about sixty
chains north of the northeast corner nf Mlllci
llrotber's pre eiiip'inn. Lot 1181 8„ on Deep
Greek I thence north 80 dhnlllll thenee west
40 chnins: theneesonth 80 chains: thence east
40 chainsto point of coinmciji'etnetit.
.1. K. Cmtitton. Agent,
Dated December 12th. I'.'l".
in Bulk
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Lowest Prices
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
YiiIp I,uml DUtrb't. DUtrlut of SiinllkiitiH'i'n.
TAKK notice thnt I. AxneiiRlleii Paulson(
oi PiiiiImiii, tt. c ocfiiiuntioii W|fo. hi"
tt'iiiU iii iippi' for m'ii.iissioi. to puronastJ
the followingdworlbed latiasi
(  (IIIlllH'lll'tliU    lit     II     I'dst        I'luil't'il      Hi     til''
M.inthw(".t    oorrtcr   of   J,   Miller'*   prO*i'm)i*
tion. Lut ||8B8.,on DeopCrpek; thenoe nortli
txiohnlim: thence wi-i SfOohelntt thence youth
-iu rtiuiim; thenee wa*t   411 oh a Ini! tln-ncp
fotitii i'i I'liuiiiN; tin'iif- nisi fiOohatm to thu
point of (•uinni.'lie.-merit
J. K.Qranitoti. Akoui.
Iiiit«il December 13th, 1910.
-17AX17S PT. LOT between
Second mid Thin] street*,
jiiNt almvi? Jtidfro Lctmjr'a
and It. OaW'l plHCM! Iep>
united from nil other properties by 20-ft.
tenet an lurue hh tteveti <»r ffcht ordinary lots,
adjoining Intu ure worth $r>0; would make
nice liiime, with wiiffleleiit irroimd for chick*
aim; fruit, mirileii and Uiwn; mo»t desirable
locution iu city.
85 ACRHS adjoining
city limit* on 10uth;
It ucrpN cleared; lfiO
fruit lieen; new four-
Kiin houset burn fur six home*; horse.
bltugy.double hiiriifjss and tHrmlng Implements    All for fSitOO.    Kuh.v terms.
und three lotu within
one block of buiiliieia
eentre;   lii'.vn,  ilmde
, berry hu»hf>i, lurifu tenrden.
Will aNi) >ell fui nit uie   01   lioii-e   if   ill-wired.
ireew, fruit ire
wlFlnlioeellf       -
iliie-lmlf cii-li, biitanue terniN.
lh the Estate of Margaret E. Coryell.
Deceas id.
Nona: m hkrkby given that on the wth
day ot November. A.D. li'lli, probate of
lhe will of Vai'uaret li. Co' yell, deeeaacil, hue
of thet ity of timnd Korks, it (' , was urunted
out of the Mipreme Tout of Hritish O'dnin-
bin, at Vancouver, B.C., lo John Abraham
t'oi-yell and Krauk <Ji orue<,oi'J«ll. executory.
botliof Otatld forks. H.C.
Kvery   peHon   indebted to suid estate  Is
rei|UM'ed to make piiymetit   lorthwith   tojtbe
exemiturs, nud every person having in pus
sesi.ii.u elii'i'trt belouuthg to estate in ie*
quired forthwltli tu deliver Mime over to said
Kvery creditor or other tiersomt having any
cluim upon or interest in the distribution of
tne est'ite <d the deceased '•* required before
the louileei.th dny o' .Iiiniini\. A;1D, 1911, to
send by registered letter, add rested to the
itudersigtieu his ii<inie[aitu addicso nud lull
pin-iieuhirs oi his claim or interest, and a
Mat erne ot >\ his ncoount, verified by statu
tor.v ilcelni ation, ti mi tlie nature of the security (If Mir) lu-lil by him.
Alter Hie said Hist d iy ef February   the e.\-
 itoi-    will proceed   with tlie iiduiini.-trii-
tioii of ilie estnle. having repaid lo tlm-e
elalms onlv  of  which   they sbail then bave
hided this Wtjj day of November, A.D. lOiti.
~V,j  miles from town;
7-romii house,   plait*
ered: lartrc liuagyiued,
 woodshed]   Wu   fruit
rees, 7U neiirfllgl li'ij acres strawlicrrios.
gooseberries, cinrniith, raspberries: free fttiin
trust: ttie licit locutioniii'ouml Orand Korks;
plenty of tfo.nl water; trait and crop in
-Between 8 hnd 4 acres
In West end  of city;
first class soil, nil iiu-
__, iter cul ivatiou: small
bouse, wood-died und outbuildings: well mid
pump: «00d fence- This Is asucrllice, as owner iti about tO leave City.   Terms.
$9000 rash, balance lerms. One
ol best hotels iu
a .     . the business cen
tre nf (.Irand 1'oiks; now doing a profitable
business', owner desires to remove to the
coast. This li the bent bargaiu In this part
of tlie province, an there are but wen hotel
licenses in tlie (irand Porks, ''ity li growing
rapidly. No other town lu southern llritish
Columbia linn us bright future piospeetN.
For further information re
giftrdiug tlie above properties
call or address
HiuYci.i.s and Kkpaih Work—A
complete line of 1910 models. A few
.econd-hand wheels oheap. Wheels
to vent. ko. W . Cooi'Mi, Winnipeg
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $oU0 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. 1878 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
"VmmIi Large May
Venture More, but
Little Ships Mutt Stay
Near Shore."
Ite large ilepUr ate. *r* good
fee ike large bveinew end the
ClwelAed Weill Ada. are prapor-
•iMalalr tfaad far tha smell firm.
I* feel mttmr large Arma became
avail fcr Uie dlUgent uae of »he
Cleaaiiad C«lumna. There •«•
■■pie la gaad - etart aow.
•MpMiVNI ■ Mini
J KKDMCWORK wmitwl to do « home. Call
1   on Hn. Wm. Keron, Seooiid itrcet.
GOOD I'ASTUHAUIC for rattle oltwj to oity:
unfa fenvei almii'laoe ol feed.   For term:
upplv to John iliimiti.-r. Fourth of July creek.
WANTI.il   Sltlliitl'in un Jin.itor or liurtend-
it,   AiMri'na VV.  J., (ienerul  Delivery,
Grinul Fin-In, 11. C.
llVKRTISINii SPAOK in The Suii.thn mint
widely read newnpa|ier iu the Kettlo Vnl -
TYPKWRITEK-Ollver.   new.    Apply Suu
I    uHloe.
THRKK  BOTTLES cold N'clion  Beer   Uo.
I    Lion HiittlhiK Worki.
BARN ANIlllilliSE-The Forrester burn, i
ltitn and holme, in Columbia.   Apply J. H.
IMinh, Dux 111.
■ Aimn imiTLK Pert Wino 7.-.c. Lion Bot
tling WorlM.
LAND-ISO acreHitood timothy land.   Apply
tlita otlice.
for  advertising   purnosos   In The THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0.
FEBRUARY 14 TO 18, 1911
Under the auspices ofthe Carnival Committee, J.
D. McDonald, President. For information apply
to Percy Hunt, Secretary.
S Short Session  and Only
Routine Business Transacted '
day night.   Reduced Transportation Rates.
UnPI/TV Championship of R C. and Interna-
nUul\LI tional championship. Ski Jumping—
Championship of Canada. Skating—Championship
of the Province. Tobogganing, Curling Bonspiel,
Horse Races and other events. Masquerade and
Dance, Good Music.
Our time, knowledge and j The high price of living has
experience in the printing not affected our job printing
business is at your disposal j prices. We're are still doing
when you are in need of some- high class commercial work of
thing ir this line.   Don't for- all kinds at prices satisfactory
get this.
to you.
Remember that every added'
ibscriber helps to make t
paper better for everybody.
You might as well cut off
,     -,     ii.       t     _.!•   your legs because you are run-
subscriber helps to make tins f- fn •   „  ..   {„_,„,   „    .
-' -   -        ning well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising be
your  business   is   too
NOTICE Is herehv tlven thnt nn application
will he mnde under Pnrt V   of lhe "VV-iter
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pilla cured our little daughter, Chris-  A,,, ,.„„..,„ „,„„,,, „ „,.,,,„. ,„ ,,„    	
tina, aged six   yeara, of   many HVlrip- f nieeit OTvfalon nf Valo District;
7...       •       . ...    J    ■       00 "he iintneM. nddrotl nnuoootipntton nfihi
tuiiis nt Kidney weakness. She- pom- applicant*! »'. A. Cooper nnd A. .1. ronner,
nlaliinH nf u nnrn lim.L- tin. Iriiinnv _u_ Orand Forks.Ml. ,-.. Rnnoher*. (If f"r inin-
piaineu oi a soie hulk, tne Kinney so- (D, p„rpl„w) yree Miner's .vriiiline Nn . ..
actions were frequent and iincoiitrnl-! <b> Theifnmonf the hike, stream w source (|l
,li -   ii      .    ■   i .       _-i ' linniliiieil, the ilt-Hi-rli.tI.iii Is)  Small Inke („„
lable, especially ut Ulf(ht. Her atom- name) wholly situate upon Lol Number B0(),
ach wus weak ami her appetite  poor.   Orm'iiI.w.nllkameenDlybl.m of Vale Die-
This    caused     her    to   huve   fmiuellt      ('')'Tho point of   inversion:    At   aniithnea!
' portion of said like III
snid l.ot Number •'"«.
(d) The t|iifliitltv nf wnler applied fnr (in cil-
bll'roetper  mrtillil):   One  rlllile foot per sec-
headaches, and the least exertion
would tiro her.
.Ve    I ad     tried     (,-) The character of lhe proposed   works:
iinnv     roi,mi I ini    PnmiilliB plant mid pipe,
nun)     ruinous,     ((| Tliapronlmn an which the water Is to be
•ut siio  dill   not  n»d (d-si-rlbe mime):   Portion   of   l,i   ihh),
y.1      „      UrnupOnc  -ii.iili.on n   I'll i-i.oi ..f . ,i n Ills.
mprove   I'iniillv triet, owned by aopjloiinta,
,■_•     Ivui-umI   .If     (111 The pnrpoiea for whleli the water la lol*
'"      leailltu    nr „„.,!.  Irrleiiliini ainliiirrleolliiri'.
I liiiith's    Kidney     <■'•> Hfnr Irrigation deacr the land Ini I-
... .        - ed to be imitated. iilvi n-reme    Rant llfty
Ills      llllll     pro-   nor. I of said   Lot Mm. lirnill, HiiV -linllkiiino n
uied u latx. In a J},*!^™ "' V»le I>i.irl<-i. li.r.. owned by »»■
short tiniuslie wus    (') H 'he water is to be tiseil for power or mfn-
....                                   i   .       ,          Ine I'lirposi'sde'erloi. the pliiee where the wntei
Well and (Inns not now complain about  I- to be returned to snni tural channel, mul
hrir liui-li    tin. Iililnnt-   sui-rotiiins   have   ""'HlVer -e In altitude h "tween   the polllt n
mi nam. me Kioney  setieiions nave dtvoralon and the point ol return t  Not to b
become normal, untl she plays around need for power or mining pnrposea.
.    , . , '   *   .   . (J) vroa of Grown lnnd iateutlud to be oeou-
tno house with    nil   apparent   fatigue     p....lhr ih..|.i-i.|Kiaei| u-nrVs:   Ml.
       (It)- .This uoilie ivm pn.te-1 oh tho Bt 3 da
January, h'll. and  appllcaflnit will he mmlt
to tin- tiomtnlMloner on the 16th dav of I'V'ru
ary. 1911.
(I) Hive the   nsines   atul addresses of nny
iIoioimi im 1. .tit   ri|'»rinii i.rii|.rleior»orlli...ii.ei.< who or whose
ili'iite no nenelit i,',,.!. ,re itkelr to beam-cled bv tli" nropnaed
ntll's   works, eln-.or above io-below the outlet:   W. A.
 CoO|Mr,   ibe   n|>|ilieants,
We always recommend   Booth's   Kidney Pills "
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a gunr-
antee  thut   if yuu
ynur money will he refunded. Hi
Kiknt-y I'illi nre u specilic for ull   dis ,miy
euses   ut'   the   kidneys mul   bladder-
Sold hy ull druggists, oPo box, or post-
pnid from the It 'I'.  Booth Co., Ltd., —
Fort Brie, Ont.   Snid ami guaranteed
by 11   Iv Woodland >v Co.
Cupper a,i.i  A. .1.
(Signal liro)
(P. o. Address)
A..i. niini'Kit.
Ilrnud Forlis, ILL-
NTIIKMtlTKH „f 'he Land lle^lstry Aet
and lathe matter ol the rib, to i.nt ITU
lirtiint l.ilsiiyons -ilvUi.iii. (UOW Known as
Sl.nlll.nm I   IHvlsli f    Vale   lllstnet,
Hrltlsli Columbia.
Wl I K It I-: V ~ Ortlllenln nf Titlenf I'atrlek
i-ri-imi, bring Certllleate nl Title No.
7iil a, to the above hereditaments has been
tost or ecstrnyed, an a|i|illeiitl<m tins been
made to me for a iloiilieiit" thereof.
Notice Is hereby ulve'i that ailnpllente Cer-
tillenteof Title to the above   liereditaiiients
Mivpi' * / i'i',- pppa  ,, iiiMi l,'|>u   will be lnileu nt the -s iiir.it Inn of one ninoth
AftUl'AOlU III. KM A   ni.AI.l_l>!>   from the date herenf, unless In the meantime
(i'dhjlthed Annually)
Knnbli."* tivi'li'f-*  throughout   tin-  world  to
(•riimmihlcute tin I witli K-mholi
In ciu'li olanof B00f)*j   Mr> .id<-« lieliiK n OODl*
pi to c.iiiniu"i'i,il ifiifilc ru Loiidnii nml \u
siiiinr.ts. the director)' fnititiu- lUtH uf
with ihe Gooda thoy shiji. nml Dio Col on ltd
mid Ko it I tfi i   'liirltotx 'lirv ltlp|)ty;
itiTiLtipo'i inider the Porti ti> whicli they lall*
iiimI IndloiititiK thuuiMiroxiiiiiito Siiilin.:-.
uf ii'iiHn;' .MnmifuoturiTti, Merohtttltl, otr., iti ,
tin- iirliioliiHi i>r ivlimlti! towiiJtund Indti^trlii!
vnll'l nhjortimiv to tin' ciiiitniiy ho nimlti to
iiib in wrltltifi.
Hist riit Registrar of Titles.
Land Kptrlstrv '"lift*
Komloapi, H.C. S('|.t. 7, l.NJ.
i in
iitro«orthe Unitod KhiK<hnii.
A «dpy of the current edltluii will ho for*
witnted, froitrht paid, on tvrtdpt of Puatnl
oplur ior 208.
MfHlcri -oi'Uintr AfOtielN Oft'i ndvertl«o
tliolr 11 Mile ctirdti for £1, or lurtfor a<lvertlflo*
nients front £3.      *
-■i, Aliuhuruli Linn, LOoduu, !•' ('.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
u.NAu.H.        47 t, • 28tu W«i «■* * una.
The regular meeting of tlie
city council was held on Monday evening, the mayor and
Aid. Atwood, Downey, DaVis
and S/nith being in attendancei
Two more applications ior
the position of city clerk were
received, one being from H. J.
Minhimick, of Phoenix, Ariz.,
who visited this city a couple
of years ago. The members
of the council were of the
opininion that this gentleman
was competent to discharge
the duties of the office, and
on motion of Aid. Davis and
Atwood, the clerk was instructed to send a telegram to
Mr. Minhimick inviting him to
come here on a month's trial,
and if he proved eapable he
would receive the appointment.
F. M. Kerby, G.E., reported
that it would cost aboutij.1500
to grade the road from the
Bridge street bridge to the
Cascade government road. On
motion of Aid. Davis and
Smith, the city solicitor was
instructed to draft a resolution
asking the government for a
grant toward defraying a portion of the cost, and to forward the same to our member
at Victoria.
A communication from Dr.
Kingston contained a proposition to treat and care ior the
city's indigent patients at the
Cottage hospital at a cost of
ifi'MO per annum, Laid on the
table till the next meeting.
A letter from the city health
officer stated that his present
salary was too low for tlie services performed, and asked for
a raise to $35 per month. Laid
on the table till tlie next meeting.
Aid. Atwood gave notice
that at the next mooting he
would introduce a resolution
rescinding the resolution
adopted at the last meeting
providing for a raise in the
city solicitor's salary to ^7.)
per month, giving as his reason for so doing that action
was taken in the matter without p.ioperly investigating the
All bills sanctioned by the
finance committee, including
the city solicitor's salary of
$75, were ordered paid.
The council authorized the
chairman of the water and
light committee to purchase
Till electric light poles and 5(1
electric light metres.
The council then adjourned
till next Monday night.
Pirns.- redd tbe lieadHne'nver BgHln, Then Its
rri'iiR'ii<t<"_s .-.'_tr<;■■ moe will  Jaw ii  upmi  yoti
An Oliver 'fyiewriter—the ntuudtird visii>l.>
writer—tlju mow highly pi-r. ted typewriter
iin tlit' nniiktr -yiiur.s for 1/ cetltfl     dny!
TliL' typfwrltur whupecouquesl: of the com*
nierolnl world is a matter of tiUto v— yoort" i»>i
Tlte typewriter that in equipped with booi-os ol
meh coiivenletim us "Tin; Ituluueu Shift'-
'Ilie (tiding Device"—"The Dotiblo Reletine"-
"Mii! Locomotive Bane"—"Tlie Aufbrnmio
ipaeer —'The Automat In 'ralmlator"—"The
— DisiippeiiHiKrlntllCHior"
—"'lie AdltiBtablu i'a-
perKliiticw,'-"Tlie s.-i-
enTliie Condensed Key-
boat a"—all *-+%
Yours (or  17
Gents a Day!
We anon need this
new mils jhiui ruuetttly, jjinl tu feol iln- pnisi- nl
tlie people. Pimply a fiinttil cui*h payment—
then IT cents uilay. That lithe plan lu a nutshell.
The result Ims lieen uuch a deluge of ii|)plien-
iiiiiin fnr m.irliincs that wn nm islinplv an-
Tin1 ileiutui'i comes from people of nil etaesefi.
all ages, all ncetipatlnns.
Th« majority ul inquiries Ims come,'from peo
leof known llnaiieial stamiiiiK who were attracted by the novelty of thu prupOit. "nu, An
impressive (iemmistrntlon of the inuneiisu pop-
inarityof ihe Oliver Typewriter
A startling 1'Onflrm'atlou of our belief that
the Km nf Universal Typewriting ih at hand.
A Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money with
The Sta,ndardVisible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter 1h a mnni'v-inalcri
right fwlna the word "ro!" So eaiv tn run Hun
beginners booh irel in the "expert" olais. Karn
iisyou learn. Lot the much Ine pay the J" cent*
a day—and nil abn'te that 1b yours.
Wherever you are,there Is (vork to be dohe
and im y to be made by using the Oliver Tbe
bnslness world Is ealllng for Oliver oponit"rs.
I here are imt enough to Mipplv the deimuui
riielrsalaries ure couaiderably ahove tim.se ol
maiiy.c'iassospf worlten.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is tho battle (try today, >u* have madi
the Oliver supreme In usefulness ami absolutely
Indispensable f" biHuess. Now comes the con
quest of th<- home,
Tbe slmpllclfy and strength ofthe Oliver fit it
mr family use. It Is becoming an Importani
f.Ktor in the home training ol young people.
An educator as woll as n money maker.
onr urn sellihL'plan puis die Oliver on iln-
ilire-lnd'hif every home In America. Will von
close the door i>i your home urottlee on this re-
marlrableOlfveroII r?
Write for Further details of our easy olfer and
n free copy of the uew Oliver catalog.  Adi ress
The Olfver Typewriter Company,
Oliver T»pnwrIlor Miilldlng,
R. A. Brown, of Volcanic,
reports having received anai'
dition to his poultry
during the present winter from
the wilds. Every night two
wild birds come to his henery
and roost with the chickens.
Ue does not know the species,
but they are very pretty specimen of the wild feathered
trilie. They feed with thc
hens in the daytime, and at
night nestle as close to them
on the perch as it' they were
blood relations. They have
become quite tame, and are
not averse to being petted by
human beings.
Reoslva Imtli I.ti'llo. mul Gentleman as rci-
• Iimi, or ilny itnilontrj naia oomolnta Cum-
■neroinl or Builuott Oouriei prAtwroi .tn-
doutitorain 'lVm-ln-iV CiTiiiii-iiti-H of nil
irnuli"': t-lv... tin-fmir ypiim' oouin for tnl
ii. A.degree,nntl tho Brrt -.,-.,r.»r tr... Sofaoo
of 8oleno lurao, „ miii; .1 ultli tin- Io
ru11tuU11iver.lt)-; Im. u »|.i-.iiil pru.tienture
uoiirio for mlneri who worn in B.C. In-irur-
tii.n i. alio given In Art, Minti.-, Pnyileel Cul
turn mil h.liii-litluti. Term opone Sept. II.
Wa,   Kiir i iilnutliirH, etc., HililrcH.
Hotel C°l<n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly tnrninheH throughout. Cotlvenlently loeated
for railway metij nrst-
olau ttoeommodatloni 'or
translenta. Board and
rndtns hy the week al pre-
Vail I UK rates. Fine lin*' '»'
fVlnei. Llquorsand Glenn
alwayx in _ttoeh nt the bur
Grand Forks, B. C.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is >i dozen liooks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, .statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracieal hook, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in nny branch of the coppes
Its facts will puss muster with the
trained scientists, unci its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4(i3fi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lilies to sixteen pages, according
to importance of thc property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Hook on Copper
The mining man needs the book- for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining antl the metal.
The investor needs the book for tho
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is !<5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
483 Postoflice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
the weather conditions will
permit, Timber work i.s bding
done on tlit- shaft, and considerable lumber will be
hauled to the mine for the
purpose of building the terminal of the tram Mini tn construct ore bunkers.
Work toward the completion of the Lone Star t nun way
js progressing as  rapidly as
Aliens McDougail, the contractor and, carpenter, has
completed a handsome store
building for J, Bell ni Danville. Mr. Hell is making
preparations to move into the
Friends of The Sun should
Ipatronizo (lie local merchants
who advertise in this paper.
ANTnviiiliiltlr-niiiniiilnii Land, ivltliln tint
Hallway Ui-lt of llrltuh Columbia mav lin
t...i,i.^ii..i'l...l bj 1111.V imrsnn wiio i. tlip in1:..)
nf it family, nr any mala over etgbtean v.-ar.
of iiiri'. to too extent ot one-tiuarter natlott
of 160 aore., mnrt> nr let..
Kntiv mimi In- ...itdi- per.otially nt tin* 1 -. * -. * 1
land offloe for tie dlltrlot la which the luml
Unit nntl*.
Tin. bqmuteader li required to perforra
tlio oondltloti. oonnejtea therewith umli-r
one of tho following plan.!
(II At lea.1 six month.' resident pott nml
riiltivntiiiii nf tin- liitnl ini'iii'li yi-nr for tlirop
(I) If tin- fiiilii-riiir mother, 11 th- father I.
ih ceaied), of th* homoateanor reaide. upon „
farm In the vleltrity of the land enteral for,
lhe ii"iiiiri.in(.iii- nn to reildenoe may be eat.
1 iflod by nmi-Ii pernn realdlni with the father
ui mother.
(I)   II th ttli-r ti..-. bit permanent reel'
donee upon forming Imnl ow I liy liim lu
th.. vlolnlty nl Ink liiimi'-tiM I.iln- reqtilre.
mepteaa to■re.luenea may i>„ -....^ii.-■ 1 hy
reildenoe upon tin- i.iiil inml.
.-is  liimitli.' niiliri.   Ill  lyrlllnir   mIhiiiIiI   Iih
given the Commliilotier of I [nlon Laud.
ut Ottawa nf intention in apply for patent.
Qoal—Ooal mining riuiiti tnav be leaied
for a period nl iHi.iity-uiii> year, at an an*
nn 1. 111 I'.l nf .-l.im linrm-ro. Nnt lllnri'tlnin
2.Mnii-r..s -.Im.II In. li.tiM.il In nm. indlvlililill nr
I'liiiuuitiy-.   A mynlt.i at the rate of Civ. nt,
per ton iball In' OOlleoted nn tlm iiii-ri'liiint-
able ooal ralued.
Deputy nt tlii< Mlniater of tlm Interior.
N.n.-Unnuthorlaed  p'ublloatlon nf   thi.
advertlaeinenl nil! nnt In- imlil fur.
lwlW^K1 'iM'$M-*'on ll
\\0&',i   ,\    '■■ .ti-ix;'
ICheapefthaq wood. Will la-.i 1 llfi-tlme.I'.
»HlillUaiillllV.iJ,ir'i',3i.toi.l,l..l.    \\
f M»v ■c!r^l£WAi57' Imx'noMiiQ.'.w.\'
ClNCIit-'-.l. O. il
(.v nl !i... P -:  ilaun In Ml c»:»-' /
I Onr 10(1 drill., n
lo....   lu. b:,    ',,, ..-.,,..
c:l. I
lac ' .
Y THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0.
Added to the Long List due
to This Famous Remedy.
GlanfordStation, Ont.—"I have taken
I LydiaE.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound for vears
I and never found
any medicine tc
compare with it !
had ulcers and fait
ing of the uterua,
and doctors did me
I no good. 1 suffered
I dreadfully until I
I began taking your
I medicine. It hait
I also helped other
women to whom I
have recommended it."—Mra. Henry
Clark, Glanford Station, Ontario.
Gardiner, Me.—"I was a great suf-
ferer from a female disease. The doctor said I would have to go, to tha
hospital for an operation, but Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetaole Compound com.
Sletely cured me in three months."—
[rs. 8. A. Williams, B. F. D. No. 14,
Box 39, Gardiner, Maine.
Because your case is a difficult one,
doctors having done you no good, do
not continue to suffer without giving
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound a trial. It surely has cured
many cases of female ills, such as inflammation, ulceration, displacements,
fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic
pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, indigestion, dizziness, and nervous prostration. It costs but a trifle
to try it, and the result is worth millions to many suffering women.
If yon want special advice write
It is free and always helpful.
Too Late
"And you really think, doctor, that
you must peiform the operation today?" "Oh, yes. There may be no
necessity (or it tomorrow."—Cleveland Plain-Dealer.
amiaalj slope coos hs, .
tha throat aad lunga.
Women linve been known to shake
hands for the purpose of trying to
shake secrets out of each other.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Garget  in
Expect little from those who promise a great deal.
Worms cause fretfulneas and rob
the infant of sleep, the great nourishes Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will clear the stomach and
intestines and restore healthfulness.
It is estimated tliat over one thousand aeroplanes are being built in
England at the present moment.
A Mother's
Made in kindness is often an injustice
to herself and to her family.
It is u common thing tor mothers
to sacrifice comfort, strength, and
sometimes life it-elf. for her family.
So common, Indeed, tliat little notice
is taken oi It.
II anyone else i* tired or weak or
sick, intjtlii'r waits tm them. Hut there
is no time for mother to lie sick or to
get the much-needed rest. So she neglects her ailments until she gets beyond the reach of human aid,
This is an injustice to herself nud
to her family. Health must bo preserved, lt is a mother's duly to herself and to those about her. >'
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will restore
you. It makes new, rich blood. It
creates new nerve force. The feelings of weakness nntl fatigue cannot
long exist when this restorative treatment is used, lt sharpens the appetite, improves digestion and removes
the cause of headaches.
You cannot get well in n day. Nature's cures lire gin dual nud lasting.
Dr. A. W. Chiisy's Nerve Food works
hand in hand with nature by supplying the elements which go to build
up the system.
Mrs. H. A. l.oynes, nurse, Philips-
burg, Que., writes:—"I was llll run
down antl coul I not do my own work.
Everything I ate made me sick. In
nursing others I had seen the good I
results of Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Kood and resolved to try it. As n result of this treatment I have gained
ten pounds, do my own work alone,
and feel like an entirely different
person."     •
Dr. A. W. Clinsc's Nerve Food, BO
cents a box, 6 boxes for $2.50, nt all
dealers, or Kdmnnson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. Portrait and signnture ol A.
W, Chase, M.I)., the famous Receipt
Book author, on every box.
Some Facts and  Figures  About tha
World's  Metropolis.
No man living has ever yet seen
London as it really is. There are, in
fact, twelve Londons, one of which—
the county — is controlled by 4,300
popularly elected men and women who
sit on U4 public bodies.
The biggest London of all is the
police Loudon, covering 602 square
miles-i the smallest is Jhe City of London, extending to one square mile.
Yvhen  uue   speaks  of   London  ono
must put an adjective in to describe
what London is referred to.   Here are
tiie    Londons    with   thoir   areas   as
known to the law:
Cily of Loudon, one square mile.
County of London, 115 square miles.
\tater London, 537 square miles.
Postal London, 220 square miles.
Telephone London, 630 square miles.
Parliamentary  London,  lit  square
Ecclesiastical   London,   ISO   square
Greater London, 898 square miles.
Police London, 691 square miles.
Police   Court   London,  114 square
Central Criminal Court, London,
420 square miles.
County Court London, 206 square
The smallest population of one London is 26,000—in the City—and the
largest population 6,550,000—in Greater Loudon.
In the County of London 16,000 companies own property of the yearly value of $70,000,000, the rentals oi
which are about $100,000,000 a year,
aud yet they have no vote for the
election of a single person to represent
them for their total payment every
year of $25,000,000 in rates. They pay
one-third of the total rates raised
Less than half the people who have &
vote ior tho rates they pay ever use
them. So far as taxation and representation is concerned a third of the
tax-paying property has no share in
controlling the expenditure, lu Ber
mondsey and Poplar hall the rates
paid have no voters behind them.
Every year at least 7,000 Londoners
die violent or sudden deaths, 300 are
sent to prison for long terms, and
120,000 are brought before the police
magistrates on various charges.
Within the 113 square miles of the
County of London there are 135,000
people who have come from foreign
countries. Russians number 38.IXK).
Germans 27,000. Poles 15,000. French
11,000, Italians 10,000, and American.
5,000. >
On the average there are ten tires a
day in London. To keep tho metro
liolis well protected from fire nearly
$1,500,000 a year is spent by the Coun
ty Council,
Th water, which is abundant and
pure, is poured through millions ol
pipes daily, by one responsible body,
into the homes of seven million people, a population nearly equal to that
oi Norway and Sweden, about the
sane as lhat of the Dominion of Canada, more than two million above
that of Australia and New Zealand
combined, and larger than the whole
population of Scotland and Wales.
This population of seven millions uses
up 224,000,000 gallons of water a day,
drawn from the reservoirs, in which
there are always over 11,000,000,000
gallons ready for use.
The wealth of London is astounding and can only be gauged by taking the twenty-eight boroughs ot
which it is composed and comparing
the yearly value of their property
with that of provincial towns. Thus
Westminster is richer than Glasgow,
the one square mile of the city than
the whole of Liverpool or Manchester,
Kensington is richer than Leeds, and
Lambeth than Bristol, Sheffield or
The smallest boroughs of London-
Stoke New.ngton — has more valuable
property than some twenty-eight ot
the best-known towns, including Bath,
Exeter, Yarmouth, Londonderry, oi
even Cork.
Tlixrc are more people in Islington
thai, there are in Edinburgh, more in
Lambeth and Stepney than ill Brad-
lord, more in Camberwell than in
Hull or Nottingham. Twenty-four of
the Loiraon boroughs have populations equal to some of the thirty greatest towns ol the kingdom, while the
remaining (our have populations equal
to some lifly other towns, the smallest ol which is Burton-on-Treut.
Heard on the Train
"Mamma, is 'josh' swearin'?"
"No, hush dear."
"Say, mamma, would it be swearin'
if 1 was to spell it with a 'g'?"
"Tommy, everybody in the car is
looking at you! If you don't stop
talking I'll spank you."
No surgical operation is necessary
in removing corns if Holloway's Corn
Cure is used.
Dr. Wines, principal   of    a   boyi
school, just before he went on a holiday,  had occasion  to  cane  a pupil,
and it is supposed did the work thoroughly.
The lad took his revenge in a way
that the doctor himself could not help
laughing at. *
Dr. Wines' front door bore a plate
on which was the one word, "Wines."
The boy wrote an addition to this
in big letters, so that when the doctor
came    home    the    inscription    ran
"Wines and other lickers."
While talking ol missions, laymen'*
movements, etc., it naturally occurs to
property owners who huve suffered
from the depredations of bnd boys
tliat the most important of all is the
home mission. Boys who break costly glass in houses just because they
are vacant, who disfigure granolithic
walks while they are in process of setting, who strip their neighbors' fruit
trees and vines and are constantly
doing some damage, are as much in
need of mellowing influence us the
people in distant rlaces. Citizens who
improve their properties should be
protected and encouraged.—Uxbridge
W. N. U., No. 825.
Victoria and the  Northerners.
II rumor be true, Victoria is to be
visited by the Hudson Bay Co. The
fur traders are going to keep store in
thc Outpost. Victoria is excited. Ix>rd
Strathcona is said to have cabled an
order for an eight-storey concrete
building. The company has such establishments in Winnipeg, Nelson and
Vancouver.   Why not in Victoria?
Retire I factors come down from the
Arctic to bask with Indian army colonels in the charm ol her briar hedges
am. lotus land gardens—that is all
Victoria so tar as known ol the lords
of the north.
He Suffered three years, but the great
Canadian Kidney Remedy made
short work of his trouble.
Edenbridge, Sask. (Special) .—"It
was one box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
thut fixed me up." This is the cheerful answer Mr. Sam. D. Vickar is
giving his inquiring neighbors in this
district. Ev rybody around here
knows thut for three years he has
been suffering from Lumbago. Now
he's strong and well again.
"My Lumbago developed from a
cold," Mr. Vickar goes on to say.
"My head wou'd uclie. I was always
tired nnd neraous. I had a bitter
taste in my mouth in the morning,
wns troubled with dizzy spells, and
was always thirsty. The doctor told
me I had Lumbago, hift did not help
me very much. Dodl's Kidney Pills
cured me."
Dodd's Kidney Pills went straight
to the root of the trouble. They cured his kidneys. The cured kidneys
strained the uric acid out of the blood
and Mr. Vickar's Lumbago vanished.
Dodd's Kidney Pills nre no /cure-oll.
They simply sure sick kidneys. They
never fail to do that.
Can be handled Terr easily. The sick are en rod, and another.
In name stable, do matter now "eipwod," kept f rain burin,
the dlaeaae, b, o.lo, 8P0H_*S L1UU1U DlBTfcMFKB OUBlf
aire on tho tongue or lu feed. Acta on tbe blood and eipeli
Knnaofailfunn.of distemper. Best remedy ever knows
r mares In foul. Ue and It . bottle: N and 111 down, ot
I dnigitlstsand haraen dealers. Cnt shows now to poultice
1 t_.r_.__u. Our free BoqKietgWeaeTcrythlne. Largeslselllng
horse remedy in existence—lb years.   Distributors—AI_L
BfOHN MIDICAL CO., Chemists end Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind., U. •• A.
A lady, who seemed rnther vain, entered a bootmaker's, ^thop one day
with the usual complaint.
"Why, Mr. Smith, these boots you
last made for me nre much too big;
1 really can't understand how you
nlways make thnt mistake. Can you
not make small boots?"
"Oh, oye," responded the man,
quickly. "I can mak' sma' buits, but
I'm sorry I canna mak' sma' feet!"
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Some men will have their little joke
at any cost. Saitl Badpun, meeting
his friend Jollyboy in the street.
"Halloa, old fellow, you loole pale.
What's up?"
'Had rather a nasty turn." was
the response. "Just seen Weakly in
a fit."
Indeed!" answered B. "Then all
I can say is, he must have changed
his tailor."
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
Sclf-Loading Rifle!
As its name indicates, this rifle reloads itself, t
recoil of the exploded cartridge doing the work.'
This places the complete control of the rifle under
the trigger finger, which, permits rapid shooting
with great ease and accuracy. The .351 Caliber
High-Power cartridge, has tremendoue killing
power, making it heavy enough for the largest game
Ctolone till, tOsertUnt (Uf rule, "Tin Ou
that ikoots Tkrentk Stilt,** list tpem reeaest.
Concrete Fence  Posts Like These
are sightly, strong, permanent.
Concrete is, in many localities, cheaper than
wood, for fence posts, and more durable than
stone, brick or iron.   Our book,
"What The Farmer Can Do With
ConcreR" ia sent FREE.
It tells how to make, not only fence posts, but
walks, curbs, horse blocks, barn foundations,
feeding floors, well curbs, drinking troughs, silos,
dairies, and many other farm utilities where
cleanliness, strength and durability are required.
Many of these things are simple and inexpensive to make, and may easily be put together in
your spare time. The book carefully and simply
tells all. The regular price of the book is 50c.
We are distributing free, a limited number, however, and charging up the cost to advertising.
That's why you get your copy free, if you sign
the coupon and send it to-day.   Do it now.
■end   me
De With
a copy
81-60 National
Story of a Man Who Always Got
What He Wanted.
If lt usually happened tbat Mallory
(ot wbat be wanted ln tbe world It
was by no means due to chance. Wben
he wanted anything be began by looking tbe Held over carefully, noting all
tbe salient points—tbe advantages and j
tbe disadvantages. Tben wltb-bis feet
up and a cigar between bis lips be
would consider all available methods
of securing tbe thing desired.
Bavlng dually arrived at a decision
as to tbe best course of action to pursue, be pursued It wltb an energy and
a single mludedness that were open to
no discouragement, admitting no defeat. And tbe result was tbat, as life
goes. Mallory wus accounted lucky.
He was a handsome, vigorous man of
fifty wben, business affairs making It
necessary for him to spend a uuiuber
of months ln New York, a letter of Introduction secured him tbe very delightful privilege of rooms wltb tbe
Fosters, whose story of waning fortunes be bad beard from tbe friend
wbo sent bim to tbem. Tbe ominous
length of bis upper Up was bidden under a short gray tnustucbe, ur Miss
Foster would btive known from lbe
Brst tbat lt was useless to oppose bim
once bis nilud was set upon anything.
Tbe romance of bis youth was a
beautiful memory, a ihlng as faint and
elusive aa tbe scent of lavender. Bui
be bad been loyal to It for twenty
years, baring beeu left at thirty a widower wltb two children. Aa be sat ln
tbe great dim drawing room where
everything was eloquent of other days
be policed several things—touches unusual iu stiff city drawing ruouis, but
wblcb mude for homeliness. Ue sighed
wltb a sudden wistfuluesa altogether
out of keeping wltb bis beigbt, breadth
and dondnesa.
in tbe midst of his reverie Miss Foster uppeured. her delicate sllghiucss
helghieut-d by tbe massive doorway in
wblcb sbe stood framed for a iiHiuieiu.
As be rose lo greet ber be wondered
Idly wbat could bave given ber tbai
harassed look, tbis little womau wltb
tbe oval face aud tbe piled up hair.
Her smile, be thought, was oddly shy
and girlish, und ln a few minutes tbey
were tiilklug witb tbe ease uf old acquaintance.
Wltb a businesslike air tbat sat
amusingly un ber sbe showed bim tbe
rooms tbut she and ber mother rented
to eke uut their small and uncertain
Income, and the next day found bim
Installed lu tbem.
Often during the following months
he would speud no buur witb the
mother nud daughter, noting witb bidden amusement tbe latter's unnatural
little air of elderllness. Sbe would forget aud luugb uud cbat gnyly at times;
tbeu in a moment she seemed to remember thut sbe was no longer young,
and sbe became In a trice the prosaic,
careworn woman agalu. drawing her
mantle of years ungraciously about
ber. It waa ns If sbe bad determined
not to be surprised by old age aud so
had rushed out to meet IL
Her references to herself were
■lighting always, as If to one to wbom
nothing but the dregs of life waa lefl.
whom romance could not possibly
touch, whose role wai on* of duty untouched by grace.
At first Mallory took ber at ber own
estimate, concluding tbat abe was
about bis own age. Tben on* nlgbt
•be appeared In a gown of filmy violet,
with ber brown balr rising In a swirl
above ber face, nud be looked at ber
with puzzled but admiring wonder.
She turned ber head, and the surprise
of ber profile fairly made him start
It was singularly delicate and youthful, with a small, high bred nos* and
full llpp.-d moutb.
His speculative glance now told bim
that she could not be more tban forty,
If'ihe were that But by tbe way In
which sbe waa always putting forward tbe young girls of ber acquaintance It was evident tbat sbe thought
herself too old a womau to be of Interest to any man.
"Sbe belongs to the old regime," Mallory soliloquized, "and haa probably
considered herself an old lady ever
since sbe emerged from her teens. Bhe
haan't been able to assimilate this
bachelor woman Idea." And be smiled
to himself.
"By tbe way, Miss Marlon." he aaid
nonchalantly. "I have tickets for Ihe
opera tomorrow nlgbt. Be good and
come too."
Tbere was a flash of surprise In ber
face tbnt for one brief, fleeting moment said frankly that he must bave
taken leave uf his senses. Tben courtesy prevailed, and after hesitating for
an appreciable moment. In which tt
waa apparent tbat ahe waa casting
anout in ner mind tor aome piansioie
excuse, sbe accepted.
When tbe time arrived sbe wan disturbed by an uncomfortable consciousness. Sbe bad tbe air of a person wbo
felt that she was going to be a subject of quickly exchanged glaures and
half laughing comment. All this Mallory divined, and he pnt forth every
effort to make ber forget herself to
sucb good purpose tbat by tbe end ot
tbe evening sbe was laughing and
chatting as unconcernedly aa If Mrs.
Grundy did not exist
With this excellent beginning things
•rent smoothly tor awhile. Walks
drives and theaters followed, and apparently Miss Foster's fear of appearing "kittenish" slumbered. To Mallory eacb hour spent tn ber society
made bim long for more. She waa deliriously contradictory.
Tben of a sudden all tbe old prim restraint returned to ber manner. Three
consecutive Invitations wero refused
wltb excuses so filmsy tbnt even tbe ■
most obtuse person must bave seen
through tbem.
As before, be divined the meaning ot
It all—same Idle word that had aroused
all ber dormant sensitiveness, nnd sbt,
was writhing under lt Sbe doubtless
Imagined tbat people were saying tbat
that old maid. Marlon Foster, was try-
Ine to catch Mr. Mallory, and her manner was her tierce, wordless refutation
of It. Tbe lines of care were deepening In ber face day by day. and bla
heart ached for help.
"1 want to speak to you. Miss Foster." be said ln a determined way as
sbe was about to pass bim in tbe hall
one day wltb her usual brief greeting.
"Certainly." she replied, somewhat
uncomfortably, snd tbey sat down In
tbe quiet drawing room together.
"Something is bothering you." be began, fixing bis glance senrcblngly upon
ber. "Come now. be frank. If there Is
any way ln wblcb I can be of service
to you tell me."
"It's nothing." she protested hastily,
"or. at least, nothing much." Then
wltb an attempt at lightness sbe added. "Women who bave neither fathers
nor brothers to look out for tbem often
bave to worry, you know."
Another sort of woman might bave
added "husbands." but to Mlsa Foster,
wbose consciousness upon tbe subjects
of lore aud matrimony wus ns shrinking as that of a young girl, such u re-
murk would have been impossible.
Even In thut moment Mallory chuckled
lo hlmseif. yet would have liked to
take her In his anus nnd put liimseif
between her und tbe world forever.
"Marry me." be said softly. "Olve
me the right to take care of you. I
shall count lt a great happiness."
Her race went scarlet.
"Sucb a subject seems scarcely the
proper one for Jest." sbe retorted witb
dignity. "If you will excuse me. I
have duties to attend to," and sbe rose
to leave bim.
"tine moment."
His voice rang a trifle sharp nnd
cleur wltb command. The Mallory who
achieved wbat he wanted in life was
speaking. Miss Foster seemed to teel
this, and she sat down again as obediently as a child, though he itinld see
thai her bunds were quivering nervously.
"Yon hnve misunderstood me," he
said In a calm, decided voice which
somehow thrilled ber with tbe certainty rnut be would bend her to his will.
"I Imve no intention of Indulging in
the sentimental talk of a mau uf twenty-live." be went on. taking one of her
slim bauds in bis and looking ut ber
a bit quizzically. "Love, of course, la
a matter uf'years. A mau and woman
of fifty would only be ridiculous If
they essayed to speak tbat language."
"Itut I'm only thirty-nine!" sbe exclaimed, surprised Into protest.
Mallory could bave roared with laughter at the Innocent "only." As be had
supposed, tben It was nut that sbe really thought herself outside the pale; It
wns only as one sensitively afraid
tbat she ought to tblnk so. He could
not entirely banish the teasing smile
from his eyes, and she felt vaguely
that sbe had walked Into tbo trap be
bud set for ber.
"Hut of course It's absurd for you to
say sucb things to a woman of my
uge-iuid for me to llsteu." she contln-
. lied courageously, though Mallory uo-
Heed tbat abe uo longer made aa If to
leave bim.
"My dear Miss Foster." he said persuasively, "we won't talk of tbat phase
of the matter at all. I should not be
saying this to yon If 1 bud not a ter,
deep regard for you. and you, I faucj,
would not be listening.'
There was a little Incoherent murmur which be took tor assent. Then
he continued with an anxious air:
"But there Is ar. ethical side to lb*
matter that persons of our age should
consider. You would be doing a beautiful act if yon would take my children
and me In baud, and I could make
tluugs so much easier for you aud your
"Thnt will bring ber," be exulted te
"Cut I tbougbt your children were
grown ?"
"They're over twenty," he admitted
boldly, "but tbat is tbe very age al
whicb young people most need the
controlling influence of borne."
He could see tbut sbe was awaken*
Ing, ami be wisely refrained from fur
ther persuasion, murmuring ouiy, "We
need you. dear."
......       a
On the steps of her new home aa the
carriage dasbed up tbe drive abe noticed tbat a small group awaited them.
A moment later sbe was clasped ln •
bear hug by a bright faced girl, who
■aid "My dear little new mother" eo
warmly thnt she loved her on tbe spot,
as well as tbe manly youth who laughingly took her next pleudlng, "Me
"And this is my husband. Ralph,"
tbe girl explained as another young
mnn stepped forward. "And thia la
Jauot. Harry's wife."
Then a nurse moved forward Into
the circle, holding a bulky armful.
"Aud tbis. mother," continued the
girl proudly, "la your little granddaughter."
So tbese were the "children" who
needed her.
Tbe second Mra. Mallory swept the
group wltb an eye tbat sought ber perfidious husband. He had disappeared.
Then she buried her convulsed face ln
the soft sweet smelling bundle containing ber new grandchild to smother
her laughter.
Fishing In Sydnsy Harbor.
A tenant ot most ot the shores
around Sydney is the toad-fish,
tfhich looks like a toad elongated into
a lish, with a tough, leathery, scale-
less skin, and a bloated body, dark-
mottled brown above, an_l white be-
It is usually about five inches long,
and disproportionately broad, but
Swims veiy swiftly, and is, ior its
size, as bold and voracious as the
'ihe toad-fish, which swarm every,
where, no sooner sees u bait dropped
into the water than they dart towards
it by dozens, and fight among them-
selves f..r the honor of swallowing
your hook, generally taking the precaution to bite off your line at the
same time.
This extreme anxiety to be caught-
aiight perhaps be pardoned were the
ijreeuy little wretches fit to eat, but
tney ure highly poisonous.
As they thus effectually put a stop
to angling by biting off every hook
dropped in the water before any otner
lish hud time to look at it, they especially enjoy the benefit of the fishing
spear, upon which many hundreds, if
uot thousands, are frequently impaled
in succession.
This sounds wantonly cruel, but let
ao one pronounce it so who is not well
acquainted with the tond-lish; from
those who are, 1 fear no reproof. When
sj eared, tney directly inflate their
leathery skins like a balloon, and eject
a stream ol liquid Irom their moutus,
with a report as if they had burst.
H flung again into tne water, however wounded, t.iey instantly swim
about, and begin eating; and should
one be a little less active than his fellows, they forthwith attack him and
eat him up.
King Edward and Labor Guest.
King Edward had—a fact which ia
recalled by the recent indisposition oi
Mr. Henry Broadhurst—a most courteous and considerate manner towards
! the old type of Labor politician. Mr.
Broadhurst was a member of Mr.
| uladstone's Ministry. He was, indeed,
| the tirst Labor member to be admit-
ter to Ministerial distinction; thus
the then Prince of Wales invited him
to spend the week-end at Sandring-
ham. On the night of his arrival, the
prince and his guest sat up over a
cigar until the "wee sma' hours ayont
the twal'." As a fact, when the pair
proceeded to retire the entire household was a rest. The prince escorted
his guest to his room. "Ah, Broadhurst," said he, as he supplied a
light, "I thought I'd like to see you
safe in bed." Is there any other Labor
Parliamentarian who cad say he has
been "tucked in"—thus Mr. Broadhurst describes the incident — by a
Where Will Manuel Live?
Where will the ex-King ol Portugal
livef In older times Twickenham wan
a refuge Ior dispossessed royalties,
and it was here that Louis Philippe
and the Prince de Joinvilie came alter the Revolution oi 1848 had driven
tbem Irom France, says The London
Chronicle. Orleans House—Louis Philippe's Twickenham home—is now "to
let." By the park gates there is a
public-bouse known as the Crown.
Many years ago a loriner landlord oi
this hostelry saluted the ex-King ol
the French as he was walking through
tbe streets ol Twickenham. "What
were you when I lived here?" asked
Louis Philippe. "Please your Royal
Highness," replied the man, "I kept
the Crown." "Did you?" said the ex-
King. "Weil, you were lucky; you did
what I was unable to do I"
The Useful Crouton,
The simplest way to prepare ■
crouton ts tp cut slices of white bread
three-quarters of an Inch thick. Butter lightly on both sides: then cut
Into three-quarter Inch squares and
brown In a skillet over a moderate
Are. Turn oftci. As soon as lightly
browned put on browned paper on i
colander to drain and keep bot Serve
quickly. ^^
Ham and Cheese Canapes.
Ham antl cheese canapes are appetising tidbits. Spread finger lengths of
bread wltb butter und a layer of deviled bam. Over the whole sprinkle s
layer of Parmcsnn cheese Put thi
canapes In an oven to become but Ue
♦ore serving.
One Day Should Be 8et Aside Fer
Their Cleaning.
"A whole day for tbe pillows!"
gasps the busy housewife, altogether
unwilling to lavish so much time on
one article out of a houseful, but pillows are precious tn tbe estimation of
tbe careful householder, and eight or
ten hours spent upon tbe family supply
of pillows once a year will prove anything but a waste of time.
Tbey require beating with a rattan
beater, wblcb will neither cut tbe seam
nor wear the ticking, bnt If done on a
dry, windy day, will clear out almost
as much of the collected dust (and
with lt u fair supply of germs) aa tbe
most modern vacuum process.
Scrubbing is resorted to wben oltl
ticking covers have been removed and
are still strong and firm enough for
continued use. Wltb a band brush a
liberal supply of soapy latber ts rubbed Into the ticking, wblcb Is spread
out upon a table, preferably out ot
doors, and which later Is scrubbed
with force and tben rinsed through
several cold, clear waters and sunned
to tbe point of absolute dryness.
Pillows themselves may. according
to the latest authority, be treated slm
llarly wltb tbe exception of the com.
plete rinse, for It is well to remember
tbat tbere are feathers within and tbat
it Is well therefore to use more semi-
dry lather aud less rinse water, adding
a fair quantity of ammonia for cleansing purposes, fallows thus treated are
bung In tbe open air and tbe hottest
sun to dry dny after day until tbeir
feathers are dry without a shadow of
a doubt.
Cork dust ta ■ clean filling for tbe
coucb pillow, as are also old letters
torn Into small bits. Bran and sawdust are too heavy, while excelsior and
hair are too bard. Rose leaves are
a delight and balsam pine needles
stand In a class by themselves.
Putting His Foot In It.
Charles Dickens once wrote to a
friend i
"I have distinguished myself in
two respects lately. I took a young
lady, unknown, down to dinner, and
talked to her about the Bishop of
Durham's nepotism in the matter of
cheese. I found she was Mrs. Cheese.
And I expatiated to the member for
Marylebone, thinking him to be an
Irish member, on the contemptible
character of the Marylebone constituency and the Marylebone representative."
Two such mishaps in one evening
were enough to reduce the most brilliant talker to the condition ol tbe
three inside passengers of a London-
bound coach, who beguiled tbe
tedium of the journey from Southampton by discussing the demerits
of William Cobbett until one of the
party went so far as to assert that
the object ol their denunciation was
a domestic tyrant, given to beating
his wife.
Much to his dismay the solitary
woman passenger, who had hitherto
sat a silent listener, remarked:
"Pardon me, sir, a kinder husband
and lather never breathed; and I
ought to know, lor I am William Cob-
bett's wile."
"I do think," said Mrs. McGooslc,
"my husband is the most persistently
argumentative man I ever saw. He'll
controvert any proposition, no matter what it is. This morning while
ve were waiting on a platform ol one
oi the elevated railway stations for
a train he saw the sign 'Out oi order'
on one of those chewing gum slot
" 'I'm willing to bet a cent it isn't
out oi order,' he said.
"And he dropped a coin in the slot.
He didn't get any stick oi gum and
he didn't get his money hack.
" 'There, I said, 'I hope you're satisfied now.'
" 'That doesn't prove anything, Al-
vira,' he grunted. 'The machine isn't
out oi order; it's built tbat way on
"But that's Lysander all over."
He Has Spsnt Half a Century In the
Ons Community Attending to Three
Charges and Speaking English and
Qaslic—Is Ons of ths First Graduates of Queen's and Is a Hebrew
Scholar of High Repute.
The patriarch ol Canadian presby-
terianism lives in King 'township.
County oi York, Ontario, and he ia
the nev. Dr. uuruncituel. tor fifty
whole years iu one community he has
been preachiug with tue Scutch tang
in bis voice. To live generations ho
has been sky pilot. He lias baptized
six hundred uud forty children—tbe
children of infants whom he hud rocked in the cradle, some uf them. And
he belongs to the present just as much
as the past, he tells tue same story
to the Hired man with the bicycle as
he did forty yeurs ago to his father
Sunday morning iu tue boss's pew at
the kirk; one difference: his three-
hour disquisition bus beon cut to twenty minutes—O tempore, O mores I
"The Doc. has kept himself posted;
he speaks Greek everyday, he does."
A King farmer pounded his knee with
a hand like a ham fas he made the
above remark the other day. Dr. Car-
michael is one of Queen's first graduates, with a yeur of Glasgow brushing. He is one of the most eloquent
men in the councils of his church.
A prominent city pastor said the other
day that Dr. Curinichael could go
down to Queen's or Toronto and fill
the chair in Hebrew or church history with the savoir faire of the best
intellectual fibre on the staff ol the
theological colleges.
But this gentle scholar has given
the best that is in him to a small,
rural congregation.   He has shut his
The Glowworm.
Pesplte tbe fact science baa been
puzzling over tbe problem for many
years—experimenting and analyzing
and dlsaectlng-tbe glowworm's secret
Is still unsolved. We know very little
more about lta mysterious lamp-pbys-
lologlc light the experts call lt-tban
did our forefathers. Even IU purpose
ts still hidden.
eyes to the lure of fashionable, metro
poiitun ecclesiasticism; he lias seen
confident, young clerics succeed to
good jobs with tut salaries which letters in the King postotiice had offered
him. Always there was the Call. And
every Sunday morning lor fifty years
his buggy has been trotted uut, and
his horse hitched; and he has jogged
over corduroy roads and the new highways of macadam to meet his flock—
twenty-two miles of a drive, three
charges to be visited, three sermons in
his black coat to be delivered ill English and the soft speech of the Gael,
advice to be rendered, consolation given. Then on the week days toilers
in the field have seen his buggy—
sometimes long, white ribbons at the
whip; and often, too, a weary sufferer
in dead ol night has heard the hooi
of the manse horse clicking among
the stones.
Nothing ostentatious has there been
about Dr. Carmichael's ministry. But
there has been a great deuL of sell-
sacrifice. When wc speak of city
chaps in this connection we call it
heroism; Ior we are a nation oi hero-
worshippers. In the making of a raw
country, wc tend to be impressed alone
by feats spectacular; if J^ines builds
a railroad he is a "big' man"; who
gives a continental about the wrin- '
klcd uid schoolmaster or the sympathetic minister at home who first
inspiretl the mind oi Jones with visions ol mighty deeds? Yet, after all,
these unadvertised men are the pillars oi our civilization.
Table Etiquette.
Tbe little difference between lifting
a dish and shoving It aloug makes
tbe btg difference between a sloven
and tbe punctilious observer of good
manners at the table and has an effect
In marring lbe harmony of tbe table.
whereby In congenlalness and table en-
Joyment all are best conserved.
Sucking lbe fingers ur teeth, picking
tbe teetb al Ihe table before all are
dune eating, gazing about tbe table
while drinking, tipping bark Ihe chair
on two leg*, taking any uf Ibe dessert.
as fruit, nuts ur swseimeals, sway
from tbe table. Is tbe worst possible
A Man's Arm.
Nowadays It Is nol tbe custom for a
woman to lean upon the arm uf the
man wbo Is walking beside her during
tbe daytime, and she seldom accepts
this support after nightfall unless she
la Infirm or elderly or tbe mau Is ber
lance or husband. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
When You Think
Of the pain whioh many women experience with every
month it makes tbe gentleness snd kindness always associated with womanhood seem to be almost a miracle.
While in general no woman rebels against what she regards at a natural necessity there is no woman who would
wit gladly be tree from this recurring period of pain.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription makes
weak women stroni and alck woolen
well, antl fives them freedom from pain,
it establishes regularity, subdues Inflam.
mation, heals ulceration and cures le.
male weakness.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce hy letter,
free.    Ail  correspondence  strictly  privnte  und  sucredly
confidential     Write without feur and without fee to World's Dispensary Med*
icai As ociation, 11. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N, Y.
If you want ti book that tells nil. about woman's diseases, end how to cure
tlnsr.. uf borne, send V one-coilt stamps to Dr. Pierce to pay cost ol mailing
0,.i.,   ,,.,. ir,  ,.;ti ...n(i you a free copy of  lib great thousand-page illustrated
1 A Ivlscr- revised, up-to-date edition, in paper covers.
. i . .  ' :       ■" stamps.
B. C. Fruit Growers
At the recent meeting of tlte
British Columbia Fruit Growers' association at Victoria it
was made abundantly clear
that tlie principal market for
British Columbia fruit for at
least tlie present will he the
prairie provinces, and particularly }lie non-competitive ter-;
ritory on the Canadian Pacific
nnd to a less extent on the
Canadian Northern, where
British Columbia has an advantage as to freight rates.
Tlie report of Mr. Metcalfe,
markets commissioner, was
approved and will he issued
by the department later.
With regard to transportation, tliere was considerable
discussion on the need forcer-
tain reduction in rates and
certain improvements in sei'-;
vice. The association passed
a resolution asking for the appointment of a strong' transportation committee to deal
ffeetively with these problems by thta means. Experience has also shown that
we cannot secure from tbo
railway companies any considerate improvement through
the medium of general meetings.
On the lahor question and
on the need for more rapidly
colonizing the province by. a
working class of agriculturists,
the resolutions were exceedingly strong. It ishopedtbat
the provincial government will
do something in this matter in
the near future.
The association closed last
year witli the support of practically every prominent fruit
grower in the province. It' is
expected that the coming year
will see it very much stronger
and much more fitted to carry
on the work of securing the
great reformations necessary
to the continued progress of
the fruit industry here.
IIhi.yTiiinity Ciii'ui'ii.lli'iirv Steele,
Robtor—Sunday Burvlcos: llolv communion, ri-ssis  n.in.;  morning prayer
nnd st'i'itutn.   11   a.iii.: cvciislinw und
sermon, 7;80 p.m.; Sunday school, !i
p.m. First Sunday of tbo month
holy communion will he celsbratbd at
tha 11 a in. survica us well1 ns ntS.
a m. Week day ami speeiul services
aa they are announced from,'.time to
time Yuu arc cordially invited to|
worship with us, antl we would bo
pleased to met you. ' •• '
Knox Piiksbytkhian Chiucii—'
Sabbath Bervioes at Iln. in. and Tj30 p,
in.; Sabbath sohool and Hible class at
9.4l. a.m. All arc cordiilltainvited,
Heats fire. Hev. M. L). MeKee, pustor,
Boundary Hockey League
Jan. 27— Grand Porks nt Phoenix
Jun. 30—Phoenix at Grnnd Forks
Feb. 3—Grand   Forks at Green
Feb. fi—Greenwood nt Phoenix.
Feb.   9—Greenwood   nt    Grnnc
Feb. 134-Phoenix nt Greenwood
' If you arc suffering from indigestion
and tlie attendant distressed stomach
vou should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Shafer, of 230 Qneens St. S., Berlin,
Ont., says: ''For years 1 have been a.
sufferer from acuie indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach, 1 decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na 'tablets and they have done
nie more good than anything 1 have
ever lined. 1 am now more free from
this trouble than 1 have been for
years. 1 am pleased to endorse ami
i econiinend this remedy to all who
suffer with .Uiinnch trouble."
Katneitiher Mi-o na Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acuie chronic indigestion and turn the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
The H. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
.0 nt. Std and guaranteen by H. E.
Woodland il Co.
For Sale—Two bedroom suites,
solid walnut, inclndine poring* and
mattress, nt 815 and 822. Apply
Mrs. J. Brantleyi nenrG. N. depot,
Mining Stock Quotations
Roston, .Tan. 26.—The follow-
ing nre today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
Grntihv Consolidated.    45 Of)    3800
B. 0.   Copper      7.25     6.50
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath; box 10, city.
Don't forget thnt The Pun nns the
hest job printing depnrrment in the
Boundarv country.
Situation wanted hy young lndy
on fir»t of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or tenchini! preferred;
speaks English, French, German
und Dutch. Address P. O. Box 31 li,
Grand Forks, B. C.
Parisian Sage  Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time nntl stop scalp itch at once
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As u hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—It is
not sticky, oily or greasy, antl pre
vents as well as curet diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing and no
home is complete without it. Money
hack if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask II.
E Woodland it Co., druggists, what
thev think of it. They sell it at 50e
per huge bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Ginmx Munn
facturitlg Co., Fort Erie, Out. Sec
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold ami guaranteed by 11  E. Woodland k Co.
Metal Quotations
Ni.w V i, Jim. 26.—Silver. 51J
standard copper,812,20(« 12.25.steady,
LoNDON, .bin. 2fi.—Silver, ib\
lead, 1. Wl os.
' MwilolilsT CHURCH J. Hey. Culvert, 1J.I> , I'tisioi-.-Sunibw .services,
11 n.in. and 7:30 p.ui.;Sunday ■•'clmol,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8.00 p.ni.; prayer meeting, Wed-
nesdavs, s p.m.; Junior League; Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Ciiuhoii, ftey, 11. W,
Wriglitj pastor.—Servioes mi Sunday
at 11 a. in. awl 7:30 p. in.; Biblu
nidus und Sunday sohool  al 2:30 p.m.
The lliealheiilili' Remedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
is the llvoinei way, viz, by breathing,
Scientists for years hnve heen agreed
o'i this point, Init tailed tuget au itn-
tiscpti" strong enough tu kill eatanh
gei'ms and not destroy the tissues of
the nieiiihrniit. at the same time, until the discovery of Hyonii'i (pronounced High-o-nie.)
Hyomei is the most powerful  yet
healing antiseptic known Breathe t
through the inhaler over the iiillaineil
ami germ-ridden membrane fp.ut   ur
Rye times a duv, nnd in n few days tlie
germs will disappear.
A complete flyomei outfit, Inolud
ing the inhaler, costs 81.00, and extra
hottliw, if afterwards needed, cost, but
60 cent. Obtainable from your druggie! or postpaid from the li. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort  Erie, Ont;   Hyomei
isgu minted! to cure asthma, crimp.
sure throat, eoimhs, colds or grip ur
refund yonr money buck. Sold and
guaranteed by II, E Woodland A Co,
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest, tlesigns of pro
gram an I menu cards just received at
'I'he Sun job office.
The following are the returnR of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, anil also for the
year to date:
Granbv 21,831      66,484
Mother Lode..  6,498      22,022
Jackpot     413        1,242
Kaw.iii.e  5,712       12.903
Snowshoe  2,250       6,610
Xo. 7      180 655
Total 36,964 109,868
Smelter treatment—
Granby 23,060 05,915
B. C. Copper Co...12,215 37,096
New York Mineral CliOum. situate In the
Ornnil Forks Mining Illusion of Yule Dis-
Where located*. In Brnwii'snamii.
TIKE NOTICB tlmt 1. William A. I'owniler.
I Kfi'B Miners' t'ertlHcutc No. H2H..1II, In-
total, sixty ilio's from the ilnte hereof, lo imply to the Mitilni. Recorder for u CertlHente
ol Improvement, forthe purpose of ohtuln
int. n Crown ' limit of tlio above 1'lnlinn-
Atnl further t.ilte notioe llmt notion, Hurler
RCOtion 81, must he oiimnii'noe'l hefore the
issuance of tnioh Certiticute of Improvement.
llnteil this 21st ilny of January. A n WU.
Bridge Street,
The bent uml niost
-nlittiuiti.il iirt-i.r<i<'f
l.uiliiinsr in tin* Bonn-
_Wy country, Recently fiinnilt'tiM] .mi.1
ii i' w I v furnished
th route limit. Bqttip-
lied with nil modern
eleptrlcal conveii-
lettCPI, t'"iitially We
rated. I'ir-W'l'iss m-
coinniMilatinTis for the
ravelling plitoUo,
Hot and Gold Baffin
First-Glass Bar, Fool
and Billiard Room*
In Connection.
4f Printing*^
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wu hnve the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads ami Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nntl Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars antl Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in nn
Up-to-date Printery.
3—the kind wo do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Lot us estimate on vour order. We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
, II! VI II KN ns 1
Aiithorltett^-BimiM-.      Palil   Total to   Latest     Per
,._,...ri,uii,,v i iioltnl     Issnoil. Par.       1906.       Dnte.       Oute.   Share
n,viir.Nit.Ki,,,,ey-iioi.i  w^ \}""im   «»&&•«« M
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. mccutcheon
R. _______ MILES
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Compi.ktk Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frr8h (lotisitiiinu'iu ot
KettetveA Weikly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of J
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ior Honing a
ttazor Honing a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nohtii op Oiunby Hotkl,
Fibbt Strew.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklrphonr A129
Hutiikrporo Bros., Props.
60 YEAItr
Trade Mams
Anyone imillng . nketob and tleeerlptlini mt
 '_Un onr orlnloa frMWhetr	
rotmlilr pMentflblii,. C
lent tree. Olilost aeener t
qnicior ucertaln onr opinion free itliothor as
Invention li probahlr MtanMblarcommnnlea.
t lorn in tictir roimiiont foL HANDBOOK on Patenta
pntoiita tdton tEtouiifi kunii ito-reoelra
rxcialtullu, wlttiontwunta, In tin
Scientific Hmcricatu
Alinndsomuir Ulustrati>dwcoUly. tnrdest ctr-
culuuon of any IfllWHlflfl Joumiil. TerpU Ior
Canatln, ^:t.:ri n yoat, fustiuto vrt»ialil. gold by
■U DffVMMlQr<_
861 Btouhity,
in. rU rp Hu waahiai:
iniitcri. p. c,.
We carry the most lashionablo stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are tho only
olliee in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job otlice.


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