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The Evening Sun Jan 15, 1909

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.Iicl-lWO "8SG/J.1
Eighth Year—No. 11.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. January 15, 1909.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Mayor and Two Aldermen
Were Elected Last
Vacancies  on   Aldermanic
Board Filled by Appointment
The municipal election this week
proved a surprise. An election by
acclamation had been expected in
some quarters, but no one had an
idea there would be less candidates
than offices. Monday waB nomination day, and only one candidate
was placed in nomination for mayor
and two for aldermen. These were
Mayor, G. M. Fripp; alderman. East
ward, H. A. Sheads; alderman,
West ward, Jeff Davis. The returning officer declared these elected
by acclamation. This left four vacancies on the aldermanic board.
In cases of this nature, the statutes empowers the mayor and aldermen-elect to fill vacancies by ap-
paintment, and yesterday the newly
elected members of the 1909 council
met and appointed the following al
dermen: East ward, Dave Whiteside and W. K. C. Manly; West
ward, B. Lequime and D. McCal-
•lum. The first meeting of the new
council will be held next Monday.
Wm. Cooper was re-elected school
trustee, and C. A. S. Atwood was
electeu to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of H. C. Hanington.
Geo. Hull has been appointed secretary of the board.
Mineral Output for 1908
The mineral output of British
Columbia forthe year 1908, as prepared for the New Year's edition of
the Nelson Daily News by E. Jacobs, of Victoria, waB.
Gold, placer, ounces 34,100, worth
$682,000; gold.lode, 256,000 ounces,
virtue, 85,291,520.
Total gold output, #5,973,520;
silver. 3,637,000 ounces, worth 81,-
518,500; leid, 43,775,000 pounds,
worth $1,654,695; zinc and iron,
10,000 tons, worth8280,000; cooper,
43,885,000 pounds, worth $5,792,-
820. Total metalliferous output
for 1908, 815,219,525. Coal, 1,700,-
000 long tons worth #5,950,000;
cuke, 248,000 long tons, worth #1,-
4*8,000; building material, etc.,
81,200,000. Total mineral production for year, 823,857,535.
Last year's total was #25,882,560.
There is a drop in lead and copper
values, the figures for 1907 being
82,291,825 and $8,166,544 respectively. The other figures are about
the same for both years.
Letter From the North
The Sun considers the following
letter of sufficient general interest for
publication in thiB journal:
Athabasca Landing, Alta., Jan. 4.
—Editor of The Sun, Grand Forks,
B. C—Dear Sir: I enclose money
order to renew my subscription to
The Sun and the Globe. I would
not like to be without either.
This town is 106 miles north of
Edmonton, and the water of the
Athabasca  river, which flows paBt
this place, goes to the Arctic ocean.
The climate is mild, however. There
is very little snow, and the wagons
were running till a few days ago.
The Northern News, published here,
is the most northerly paper published in America enst of the
Rockies. The Grand Union hotel
here is the most northerly hotel in
America east of the Rookies. It
contains forty-two bedrooms. Tliere
are five general stores here. Settlers
are taking up the land in this neighborhood rapidly. We get two mails
from Edmonton every week.
The Grand Forks people have
been very highly honored in having
a beautiful picture of thu town
placed among Tuck's post cards.
Raphael Tuck & Sons are the greatest publishers of picture poet cards
in the world, and aro art publishers
to the king and queen of England.
Their post cards are sold everywhere. This means that pictures of
Grand ForkB will be sold in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, St. Petersburg, Constantinople, Cairo, Calcutta. Melbourne, Tokio, and, in
fact, throughout the world. Yours
truly, John Simpson.
Mining at Danville
The first payment on the Knob
Hill mine was made on December
29th. The purchasers are capitalists
from Philadelphia, Pa., represented
locally by S. L. Boyer. They have
completed about 1000 feet of development since taking the option last
spring, installed a compressor and
made a great many other improvements. Mr. Boyer will assume
personal charge upon his return
from the east.
The Lucile Dreyfus mine is working two shifts, sinking the shaft another hundred feet, from which
pointa crosscut will be run to again
cut the ledge. If the ore proves to
be as good on this level as on the
upper, a long tunnel will be driven
from near the Great Northern railway track, wDich will obviate the
expense of 81.50 per ton haulage, as
the ore can then be dumped directly into the railway cars.
The LaFleur Mountain Mining &
Smelting company is still operating
a small force at their property southwest of town. They are crosscutting an altered granite, highly mineralized, but of too low a grade to be
of any commercial value,
The Mineral Hill Tunnel ifc Mining company huve extracted the
water out of the shaft of the Hercules mine. This property has all the
earmarks of a good mine, having
produced some ore that gave smelter
retiuns of about 840 per ton.—He-
public News Miner.
R. A. Henderson returned home
on Saturday from Chilliwack, where
he spent the holidays with his parents. Mrs. Henderson and child,
who have been visiting at the coast
for some months, returned with him.
F. W. Reid, city engineer, left for
Seattle on Tuesday, having been in-
jormed by wire that his father is
dangerously ill in that city.
W. A. Williams, superintendent
of the Granby smelter, made a business trip to Spokane thil week.
M. Feeney, of Colville, Wash.,
was a visitor in the city  yesterday.
Annual Meeting of Kettle
Vallfty Farmers' Insti-
'    tute the 27th
Knights of Pythias' and Oddfellows' Installation of ■
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley Farmers' Institute will be
held in the city hall on Wednesday
night, January 27th, at 8 o'clock.
Every member is asked to be present. Any member who has not
paid his dues for 1909, which is 50
cents, should do so before January
30th.   The secretary is Fred  Clark.
Grand Chancellor District Deputy
Geo. Chappie went up to Phoenix
on the 12th and installed the officers
of Phoenix Lodge No. 28 and o
Grand Forks Lodge No. 30, K. of
P., the officers of Grand Forks lodge
accompanying him on this occasion
to Phoenix. Phoenix lodge made
it most interesting for the visitors,
tendering them an elaborate banquet
at the Hotel Brooklyn, about 75
persons participating'in the festivities. Both lodges show a good report for the term, and great enthusiasm prevails. The officers of the
Grand Forks lodge for the ensuing
term are: CC, Duncan McDonald;
V.C., E. W.Stuart; Prelate, E. C.
Henniger; M. of A., W. F. Stuart;
M. of W., D. D. Munro; K. of R.
and M of E., S. T. Hull; M. of F„
Geo. Chappie; I.G., H. EyerjO.G.,
NelsSutterlund; P.C., R. F. Petrie.
Gateway Lodge No. 45, I.O.O. F.,
last Wednesday installed its officers for the ensuing term. The installation ceremonies were conducted
District Deputy Grand Master W.
B. Bower, assisted by he following
grand lodge officers: D. Whiteside,
D. D. Munro, Geo. Rutherford and
John Kavanagh. The following are
the new officers: W. R. Dewdney,
N.G.; G. S. Henderson, V.G.; Geo.
Chappie, R.S.; W. B. Bower, P.S.;
J. Allen, Treas.; N. Rose, Chaplain;
Geo. Murphy, "Warden; J. Bugby,
Con.; R. Falkner, R.S.N.G; B,
Eastern, L.S N.G.; H. B. Chapman,
R.S.V.G.; H Lntley, L.8.V.G.; J.
Heaven, R.S S.; W. Sliarpe, L.S.S.
After the installation an excellent
luncheon was served.
Don't overlook the good things
wc are offering at cost. Sale closes
January 20th.   D, D. Munro & Co.
Mrs. H. P. White intends to enter the Spokesman-Review contest,
and desires the support of the people
of the city. If successful she will
select as her prize a year'* tuition in
music from some  eminent teacher.
Get btiBy. Our big reduction sale
will end Wednesday, January 2Cth.
D. D. Munro & Co.
The following prices of admission
will prevail at the carnival at the
rink next Wednesda In costume,
adults 25c, children 15c; spectators
adults 35c, children 25c.
The lowest recorded in this city
during the cold snap of the prenent
week was 35 degrees below zero.
This waB sufficient to put the entire
Sun staff out of commission for two
days. During the balance of the
week the editor has managed to exist by placing himself on  top of the
Queen stove, while the compositors
huve healed the antimony to a
bearable handling temperature by a
liberal use of scientific cuss words.
The public sehool closed fnr the
week on Monday, partly owing to
the frigid atmosphere, both inside
and outside the building, and partly
on account of the illness of Principal
May, who is suffering from an attack
of tonsililis. It is expected that the
school will be reopened next Monday morning.
Don't  worry.     It  will   be   hot
enough next summer.
Don't forget that pound of Tuck-
awilla tea you were going to try.
If all the complaints thnt have
come to The Sun nre founded on
facts, a real up-to-date department
dry good store would he a dividend
paying institution in Grand Forks.
It would also be the means of keeping money in the city that now goes
Don't forget the next time you
want BOine tea to try a pound of
Tuckawilla from John Donaldson.
It only costs 50 cents a pound, and
is as good as most teas at 60 cents or
There has been only one furnace
in blast at the Granby smelter during the greater part of the present
week owing to shortage of coke, ore
and power, these three essentials
having been frost-bitten by the cold
Don't forget Donaldson's telephone
number, A 30 Coliimbiu, B. C
There appears to be some compensation for living in a high altitude. In Phoenix, it is said, the
people can watch the thermometers
all over the province during the
present cold snap.
Strayed or Stolen from Mother
Lode mine, Greenwood.—One sorrel
horse; brand resembles a square-
cornered R; white star on forehead;
white stocking on hind leg; long and
pointed tail; bell and short rope on
neck; was purchased in Grand
Forks a few months ago; $5 reward.
Joe Beran, Mother Lode mine,
The Masquerade Carnival
The Masquerade Carnival will
take place at the rink next Wednesday night, January 20th, providing
the weather is mild. Last Wednesday was so extremely cold that the
trustees of the rink decided to postpone tbeir annual event one week.
Great preparations are being made
in the shape of costumes. Every
ono skates is getting ready—so don't
miss it.
The following prizes will lieawanleel:
Best Gentleman's Fancy Costume
—First prize, 83.00; second prize,
82.00; third prize, S2.00.
Best Lady's Fancy Costume—First
prize, 83.00: second prize,82.00; third
prize, 82.00.
Best Gill's Fancy Costume—First
prize, 82.00; second prize,82.00; third
prize, #1.00.
Best Boy's Fancy Costume—First
prize, 82.00; second prize, 82.00; third
prize, 81.00.
Best Original Costume (lady or
gentleman)—First prize,$3.00; second
prize, 82.00; third prize, $2.00.
The band will lie in attendance.
Wall Street Journal Points
Out Undeveloped Wealth
of Canada
Prairie Provinces Will Soon
Produce 500,000,000 Bu.
of Wheat Annually
"Facts," says the New York Wall
Street Journal, "are stubborn things
and they won't down. Mr. Hill and
Mr. Harriman are clamoring fur
higher freight rates, notwithstanding
the fact that they are dividing up
twice and three times the profit that
the Canadian Pacific is dividing
among its shareholders. These are
great but stubborn facts, and Wall
street should study them seriously.
The Canadian northwest in 18,84
had only a million bushels of wheat
for export; this year it had one hundred million bushels, and in ten
years it will have five hundred million bushels. This year the Canadian Northern has bandied thirty
million bushels of wheat, and the
Canadian Pacific seventy million
bushels. In five years these two
railroads will haul more wheat to the
seaboard than all the railroads of
ths United States combined."
Tbe Journal goes on to say: "The
Canadian northwest is fast becoming
the granary of the world. Kansas
grows but twelve bushels of wheat
to the acre. Alberta has an average
winter wheat production of thirty-
three bushels to the acre this fall,
and in the Canadian northwest theie
are two hundred million acres of virgin soil wheat lands. Alberta and
British Columbia possess the greatest quantity of coal in the world,
outside, perhaps, of Pennsylvania
and its adjoining states. British
Columbia possesses lumber resources
greater than all the states of the
union east of the Rocky mountains,
British Columbia is, moreover, now
recognized aa thc orchard of the empire.
"The Canadian northwest is now
drawing 100,000 of America's lust
farm population away to the virgin
lands of the north. Thnt country is
being developed, and be it remembered that the climate of Alberta
and Saskatchewan is the e.liinaie of
Germany, and that Edmonton and
Berlin have the same climate and
latitude. The Mackenzie valley will
grow liner wheat and more of it than
tbe Missouri valley or the Arkansas,
jnst as the valley ofjthe Neva will
grow it, unci fur like causes. However UnplCQ8ant these fuels may be
to an American, it is folly to blind
one's telf to the fact that the Canadian northwest is destined to supply
beef and pork, and cheese and butter and bread to the world. It has
the soil, the climate, and the cheap
transportation, and it will have the
The fat man doesn't mind if you cal
him portly.
If you live too far away lo call
and see see us, send your orders by
mail to John Donaldson, Columbia,
B. C, and they will receive our best
The  Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81 per year. H\)t Ibntttuj _htn
Published at Grand Korku, British Columbia.
Q. A. Kv*N8 Editor and Publisher
A 11 le cef this jieeppr race be spec) at the office
or Messrs. K. A .1. Hardy A Co., 811. al eeeiel S2.
Fleet Street, fi.l'.. London. litiiriiciiil, free of
'    — ictflnii will ho ufail to receive
first part of the week, and mining
in Phoenix and Greenwood camps
was entirely suspended. Conditions
are now assuming their former
standard, and it is hope that the
worst is over.
iced advert!.ementB oei our be-
One Tear I1.B0
Ocee Vcicr (in advance)  1.00
Aelvertlsleecr evilce fllrillfhe I oil t|e:l
l.e-ceel eeotices, 10 and .1 cenli per line.
Address all communications to
Tub Bveninq Sun,
Phonb B74 Okand Fohks, B.C.
■ In the hockey game between the
Grnnd Forks and Phoenix clubs at
the latter city this evening.the Grand
Forks team won hy a score of 5 to 2.
The members appointed by Mayor
Gripp and Aid. Davis and Sheads
to fill the vacancies on the alder-
niimic board are a representative
body of Grand Forks business men;
and, as the ratepayers failed to take
enough interest in the election to
nominate persons for these positions,
they should be accepted without
grumbling. One or two of the appointees are credited with having
made the statement, a couple of
years ago, that one business house
of each class was enough for this
city; but with the entrance of these
men into public life, their views regarding the future of Grand Forks
will undoubtedly expand, and there
is no reason why they should not
make efficient and progressive
Mayors Elected
The mayors elected at various
points in British Columbia yesterday:
Nelson—Harold Selous.
Vancouver—Chas. S. Douglas.
Victoria—Dr. Lewis Hall.
Rossland—John Martin.
Phoenix—Geo. W. Rumberger.
Fernie—Sherwood Herchmer.
Greenwood—H. Hunting.
Kaslo—F. E. Archer.
Revelstoke—C. F. Lindmark.
Golden—Peter Sebastian.
North Vancouver—W. H. May.
Nanaimo—Thomas Hodgson.
Cumberland—D. R. McDonald.
Meeting of School Trustees
The regular monthly meeting of
the school trustees wns held on
January 12th. Present: Trustees
Win. Cooper, C. A. S. Atwood and
Geo. If. Hull.
The following accounts were
R. F. Petrie 82.00
Geo. Chappie  7.50
Jeff Davis & Co  1.25
Steinberger-Hendry Co .'... 1.30
A*. F. Michener  5.00
Tom Lee    1.75
Wm. Biinthron  3.00
And the usual   monthly salaries.
In future the board will meet in
the high school building on the second Tuesday evening of each month.
Geo. II. Hull was oppointed secretary of the hoard.
Fifty-two men are at present em-
loyed by Robinson it Lequime at
their timber camp on the North
Fork about twenty miles above this
city. The men are cutting tie timber, which will be floated down the
river in spring and sawed up at the
Lequime mill on Smelter lake. The
ties have been contracted for by the
Canadian Pacific railway.
The Grand Forks orchestra will
furnish the music at the dance in
Danville next Tuesday night.
E. Jacobs, secretary of the western branch of the Canadian Mining
institute, has sent out notices stating
that the meeting of the association
which was lo have taken place at
Greenwood yesterday has been postponed to Monday, the 25th inst.
The Twelfth Annual Winter Carnival will be held in Rosslnnd this
year February 2ud to 6th.
Thomas McPhee, an old time
mining man of this city, who is now
living in Vancouver, visited friends
here this week.
The schol trustees state that all
divisions of the public school will
re-open on Monday morning next nt
the usual time.
The Granby smelter is today operating six of its eight furnaces,
after a temporary shut-down of all
but one during the past cold snap
The furnaces now idle will probably
be blown in next week.
Three bottles of cold   Nelson  Beer,
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
After all, the weather is not ns
much to blame for the suffering
caused when lhe mercury goes down
to zero as the numerous south-
Florida buildings in the city. Half
an inoh of ventilation between every
board m a house is a little too much
for the British Columbia climate.
Dr. Zath, superintendent of education, has order such words as
honor, rigor, favor, etc., to be spelled
with a "u" in the new public school
readers. This announcement indicates that the children will have to
start to lenrn to spell in a businesslike manner after they leave school.
Make It Yourself
There is so much rheumatism here
m our neighborhood now that the
following advice will be highly appreciated by those who suffer:
Get from any good pharmacy one-
half ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion,
oneounce Compound Kargon, three
ounces Compound Syrup Snrsiipa-
rilla. Shake these well in a bottle
and tnke in teaspoonful doses after
eaeh meal and at bedtime; also
drink plenty of good water.
It is claimed that there are few
victims of this dread and torturous
disease who will fail to find ready
relief in this simple home-made mixture, and in most cases a permanent
cure is the result.
This simple recipe is said to
strengthen and cleanse lhe diminutive tissues of the kidneys bo that
they can filter and strain from the
blond nnd system the pciisnns, acids
and waste mutter, which cause not
only rheumatism, but numerous
other diseases. Every man or woman here who feels that their kidneys are not heAlthy and active, or
who suffers from any urinary trouble whatever, should not hesitate to
make up this mixture, as it iscer-i
min to do much good, nnd may save!
you from much misery and suffering after while.
Our home druggists say tbey will
either supply the ingredients or mix
[ the prescription ready to take if our
renders nsk them.
Mning Stock Quotations
New   York, Jan. 14.—Tbe   Following
are today's opening quotations fur  tbe
stocks mentioned:
Asked. Bid
Granby Consolidated. 110.00 105.00
B.C. Copper      8.50 S.31%
Dominion Copper 02^ .50
Metal Quotations
I_w Yoiik, Jan. 15 —Silver, 5t%;
electrolytic copper, U%@U 1-2
London, Jan. 14.—anver, 23 516;
lead. £13.
The value of the gold output of
Alaska since the country was purchased by the United States is fifteen
times th* amount of the purchase
Alaska will exhibit 81,000,000 in
virgin gold—dust, nuggests and brick
:—at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition.
What's the matter with the wedding
ring as an exclusive circle?
There's No Other Way
To reach the largo anil ever-increasing
circle of our readers than through Tun
Sun's advertising columns.
Under the Auspices of
the Citizens of Rossland
Splendid Sport
Handsome Trophies and
A Grand Program From
Tuesday Night Until
Saturday Night
Championship of B.C.
Ski Jumping
Championship of B.C.
Snowshoe Races
Championship of B.C.
Championship of B.C.
Curling Bonspiel
Horse Races
Masquerade and Dance
And Other Events
Reduced Transportation
Tor information apply to
H. P. McCRANEY, Sec.
The cold weather put the West
Kootenay Power & Light company's
plant at Bonnington Falls temporarily out of   business   during  the
Wc are still offering Thc Sun and
'the Toronto Weeklv Globe and Canada Fanner for 81 per year in advance. The illustrated supplement
that accompanies the Globe is worth
twice the money we ask for the two
For Sale—One heavy horse, wagons, harness, hay baler, harrows,
plows, and cooking outfit. Inquire
of Mrs. George Taylor.
Ladles' and Children's Hosiery
The Leaders In Corsets ffi'L*""-
styles tind prices.
Hand-Embroidered Waist Drawn Work
Cushions and Braid Centers
Noxt   11 "hi   neeV, Brlclxo steel.
Dealers in all Kinds tf
Fish and Game in .Season
Borated Talcum Powder
In childhood, youth and old age, Borated
Talcum Powder allays all irritation ofthe
skin caused by~ frost and wintry winds
Price 25 cents a tin.
Prescription Specialists
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just ut
Thk Sun job office.
Montatm Mineral Claim, situate In the
Grand Porks Mining Division uf Yale District.
Where located:   In Gloucester camp, and
adjoining the    TiffOr,   Upher and Pinto
Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICK that I, R. A. Henderson, acting as agent for Seymour   Birch,  free
Miner's Certificate No. B107BU, Intend, sixty
days from the dnte hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im-
p ..venifiii» lot ttie purpose of obtaining a
(irown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice thut action, under
section  87,   must  be commenced before the
iKHtiunce   of   suoh   Certificate   of   Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, A.D. 1906.
Builder 8 Architect
Downey's Cigar Store
A Comp,Mm: Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (-'(liiBlgnmoutof
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
Winnipeg    Avenue
PHONE   18
Purlieu intending to build ni,I do well to consult mc
Excelsior, Greenwood fttirl Exchange Mineral
I'lufiiis, sihi.iti" In iii- ilnnnl Fork*  .Mining Di-
vision id v»ie District.
Where Located:  i'ass Creek Camp and East
ni Original Mineral' hum.
TAKK NOTIOE that i. R. A. Henderson, as
Agent fnrseviinitir lllreh, Free Miners' Cer-
illlnile So. B10780, M||(1 P. W MeHreKor, FrCO
Miners' (Viniiriile No. MM/I.s. intend. Hlxfy
dayi from dnte hereof, to Apply tn the Minim:
Kc'vnler for u (Vi titiente <••  Improvement*, for
the purtKHo of obtaining crown mmm of the
it bovu claims.
Ami further tiike milieu  Hint action, under
Section 87, niUHt l innl*-) t lief,.re  tlte imjtl-
Ancuofauoh Certificate of Improvements,
Anouofauoh Certificate of Improvements.
Muted ut linnet Fork*. H.C ,  this Kill | duy o
Cotobo.fi A. l> 1008
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190G.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 463fi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fuels it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is fS in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may lie returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
High grade Bicycles. A complete line of accessories. Come
in and see the liJOS models.
Wheel repairing.
b. a.Henderson. | Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
45.') Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Local -advertisers should make a
note of the fact that The Sun is the
most widely read paper in Grand
B. C. Land Surveyor
&,___»"       Grand Fork, B. C.
We have a large supply of all kinds
of visiting cards in stock, and th*
most fashionable styles of type to
print them with. The Sun Job Office.
For Sale—160 acreB of good
timothy land.   Apply this office.
Good paying business for sale.   Ih-
buire at Sun office. A Seven Million-Acre Ranch
The Texas ranch of seven million
acres whioh is said to be engaging
the |contemplation of Jams J. Hill
and associates will comprise about
one twenty-sixth of the land in the
Lone Star state. But within that
ranch could be placed entire the
states of Connecticut, Rhode Island
and Delaware, and there stil would
remain room for another Delaware
and the District of Columbia. If
Massachusetts, Vermont, New
Hampshire or New Jersey were
placed within a seven million-acre
zone there would be space for a
promenade all around the border.
Texas has an area of more than
265,000 square miles. The German
empire in Europe includes 208,830
square miles.
The pooulation of Texaseis about
3,600,000. Germany's last census
presented a total of more than 60,-
600,000, yet the empire haB some
room left at home for expansion.
By squeezing Mr. Hill a trifle as
to his ranch the ninety million people of the United States could still
make themselves at home in Texas,
each with almost a two-acre plot.
Rutherford's Wild Cherry, Spruce and Tar
Cough Syrup
An effective preparation for Coughs, Colds and
Hoarseness. A full line of Rowntree's Pastilles and
Rutherford & Mann
Phone 35 A. R. MANN, Manager
and, besides, there will be no sour
food left over in the stomach to poison
your breath with nauseous odors.
Pape's Diapepsin is a certain cure
for all stomach misery, because it will
take hold of your fond and digest it
jnst the same as if your stomach
wasn't tliere.
Actual, prompt relief for all your
stomach misery is at your pharmacist
waiting for you.
These large 50-eent cases contain
more than sufficient to cure a case of
dyspepsia or indigestion.
For Sale—One heavy horse, wagons, harness, liny baler, harrows,
plows, and cooking outfit. Inquire
of Mrs. George Taylor.
Stomach Distress
Every family here ought to keep
some Diapepsin in the houso, as any
one of you may have an attack of indigestion or stomach taoublo at any
time, day or night.
This harmless preparation will digest anything you eat and overcome a
sour stymaoh five minutes  afterawds
If your 'meals don't tempt you, or
what little you do eat seems to fill you,
or lays like a lump of lead in your
stomach, or if you have heartburn,
that is a sign of Indigestion,
Ask your pharmacist for a 50-cent
Knox Presbyterian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and ':'M p.
m.j Sabbath school ami Bible class at
9:45 a.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7: SO p.
m. Midweek prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p.m. All are. cordially
invited; seats free.
Methodist Church, Rev. Sublich
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30.
Everybody will be welcome.
,    , Baptist Church, Rev. F. W. Au-
case of Papes Diapepsin and lake one .^  ptt!)tor._Service8 on  Sunday
triangle after  supper  tonight.   There  Bt   11  a.  m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
will be no sour risings, no belching of j school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
undigested food mixed   with  acid, no, 	
stomach gas or heartburn, fullness or)        There's No Other Way
heavy feeling in the stomach, nausea, >[■„ mu^ t|ie iarge ftn,i ever-increasing
debilitating   headaches,   dizziness or circle of our readers than through The
intestinal griping.    This  wili  all go,  Sun's advertising columus.
Hotel Colin
OPposite Great Northern Station
P.D.McDONALD  Pr.jprietor
Recently completed uml
newly furni-iie.i throughout. Conveniently located
for   mil wuy    men.     I -i rst-
olass aocotninodatloui fur
transients.    It o ii r d    u ti d
rooms by the week ut pre*
vnilliiir rntes. I'tne line of
vYtue*t Liquors and Clears
always in stoek nt the bar,
Grand Forks, B. C.
Regular Price _ 3.00
Ao Otter Which Meets ihe Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is made up chiolly of these classes
Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period and are out and out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Country, from the United
States arid from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, but by this combination offer every special need is mot
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has spcc'i.1
departments for American and British settlers. Tho Family Herald and
Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with news of the
Eastern portion of the Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides
the local and Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
Find enclosed $2.00, for which sond mo Weekly Free Press and Prairie
Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreat; and the Grand
Forks Sun, for one year each.
A lot of workmen imagine tho "industrial problem" to be how they
can put in the time until tbe whistle
blows and to knock off work without
letting the boss know they aro "soldiering on the job."
The news that the "comic supplements" are to be discarded by the daily
newspapers is the liast tiling we've
in connection with them to laugh
Men would have less time for
business if they worried as much
over getting a new suit of clothes as
a woman does over having a new dress
We have often wondered if some
women really imagine that us fellows
can's distinguish the difference between paint and  natural   complexion.
One good thing about being ou the
losing political side is that you are
not worried about fixing up any combination to land a political job.
When a man's business get so big
be hasn't time to wave a farewell to
the baby, it is time he took a vacation.
About the silliest object we is a
the young fellow who is pretending
to be a D.G.S.—dead game sport.
This would be a better world if
people were as quick to commend as
they are to condemn.
The iiiuii who "takes the world as
it comes" is usually left stranded
when the tide turns.
The foolishness of a moment may
mean the regret of a lifetime.
No matter hov many children
there may be in the family, the first
step taken by the newest one is always v Gieat Event.
The reason why lightning never
strikes twice ill the same place may
be that there is nothing left to hit
the second time.
Our idea of wealth is to be able to
buy shoes for the children whenever
they need them without missing thc
The poorest way to set about converting a hungry mun is to hand him
a tract and then leave him to read it.
A lot of young men spend a mint of
money to acquire that cheapest of all
titles—"Dead Game Sport."
A short sermon is the one that contains the most meat, no matter how
long it may take to deliver it.
A man may profit temporarily by
stealing playtime from youth, but his
loss will be permanent.
The man who is always taking
tilings us they come sooner of later
finds everything going.
Tliere is always room at tho top,
but it isn't so lonesome at the hut-
The foolish man wastes the present
worrying about the future.
A man in good health finds it easy
to laugh ut the ills of others.
We ull feel the need of piety when
we are up against hard luck.
Twice nine tailors couldn't iniilce a
mull of somo male bipeds.
The pics aro just as good—the degeneration is in the eater.
Tho roud to heaven was not constructed for lazy travelers.
A pastorless church is like an engine without steam.
Tho answer to prayer is not always
easily understood.
Faith ss the oil that keeps tho light
of love burning.
Heaven is not won by success, but
by effort.
Genuine charity is never nearsighted.
Optimism is not indifference.
Physicians are about tho only men
who really enjoy ill-health
Ynle  Lnnd  DUtrlot.    DUtrlet of Slinillui
meeu i
TAKK    NOTICE    thnt    Smith    Cnrtl
AM, NOTICE thnt Smith Curtis, of
KoHslmiii, H.C., occupation mine operator,
intends to applv f<ir permission to purohase
the following described lunds:
Oommenolnji at » post planted on the western side Uue of the Nelson A Fort Shepherd
Hallway company's Land Orunuand at tiie
southeast corner of Peter Shaw's preemption on Hiit 8h«ep Creek; thence westlO
ehaiust thenee south 15 chains, more or less,
to the north line of.J..I. Gill's pre-emption;
theuce enst its ohains, more or less, to north-
eust corner of suid Sill's preemption;:
thenee couth 15chains." thenee east UR chuins,
more or less, to the western line of aforesaid
Railway Land Grant? thenee north 81) elm ins
to point of commencement, containing 160
ncres, more or lefs.
Dated December Uth, l'ms .
M. Inst. M. £.
Plumber by Examination
and Sanitary Engineer
Repairs of Every Description
Sikh* :
Second Street
Paonk B77
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANV available Dominion Lauds within the
™ Railway Belt of Hritish Columbia muy lie
tioniesteaded by nny person who is the heud
of n family, or any mule over eighteen yenrs
ofaae, to the extent of otuvquarter section
of Hill ucres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally ut the local
land otlice for the district in which lbe laud
is situate.
The homesteader Is required to perform
the conditions connected therewith under
one of tbe following plnus*.
(1) At leatot six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the luud in each yenr fur three
(2) If thc ful her (or mother, if tbe father is
deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a
farm lu the viotnlty of the land entered fnr,
the requirements us to residence may be sat*
istied by such per*ou residing with the father
or mother.
(.1) If tlte settler hus his permanent rest'
deuce upon farming lund owned by him in
the vicinity of his hoiii'-steud, the require*
incuts as to residence may hn sutisficd by
residence upon thc said laud .
Six mouths' notice in writing should be
given the Commissioner nf Dominion Lunds
at Ottawa of Intention to apply fur patent.
Coal-Coal mining rights ma* be leased
for a period of twenty-one yeuri at an annual rental of $1.00 per acre. Nut mure t bun
J.-MKUieres wluill In- leased to one Individual or
coinpany. A royulty ut the rate uf live cents
per ton shull he collected on the merchant*
alile coal mined,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.R.-Unauthorized publication nf this
advertisement wilt uot lie paid for.
Furniture  Made to Oder.
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
AllKST von—
London Mutual fire Insurance Co,
Montreal mul Canada,
And other substantial companies.
Prints more live Boundarv news than
any other paper published in the
distriet. Tho price of Tiik Hun is
only §1.00 per yenr—oiie-hulf the cost
pf its.competitors. Tiik Sun is never
un the fence regarding questions of
public interest. Tin; Sun is acknowledged to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at the offica
of publication.
Tiik Kvknini; .Sun and theToronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Fanner,
$1.00 per year in advance.
Tiik Evkning .Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farm-
r and   the  Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, $2,00  per  year in
■id vauce.
Thk Sun is  read   by  everybdy  be
cause it prints all the Houndary news
Good   milch   cow, party  femee
and calf fur sale.    Apply this odice
Cur pet n Cleaned uud Laid.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered nud Cleaned, nnd
other John In the house*
olenultlffltUe, Rubber Tires
for Ruby Carriuuo-.
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
_i»„»er 47 W. 2STU ST., NSW Yclux
EMIL LARSEN. proprietor
Hot ami Cold Bathi. Nicelv Purnlkhed
Stove-Heated Rooms. I'.utir-lv re
furnished and renovated throughout.
first, clnss    hoard   hy   duy.   wee I*   nr
month, Speeiul rates to stead) board*
em.   American and European plans.
Finest Mar iii I Iti in Connection.
Reoelve both Ladlei and Gentleman ai reel*
ele'let  eer eieiy  Itlltlfllltlll lieen a OOlnpletO Com"
moralalor Susjuen Courflei prepare, sue-
clcieistee eriiiii   Teacher.' CertlHoatuc eel cell
KracJell nrlvei tie" fecir yean' ceeierKC- fe.r lien
il. A. degree, need tbe flrit year of the Sohool
ol Solemn oouriee in affiliation wltb the Tee-
rocetoUielver.lty; hue ec .pvclul pro.pcptort"
oonrifl fcer mlneri who work lee II 0. lu.truo*
lieell lee ecle.ee BlVOn lei Art, UllllOi Physical ''eel-
turn unci hlocletloie. Tcereii oponi Sept, 11,
WUS,   Fur Culececlicree. etc., uclclrcsw
The .Sun unci  the Toronto Weeklv
Globe fell-81.U0 per venr.
Bicycles ash Repair Work—A
complete line nf 1 !K)S models, A few
second-hand wheels cheap, Wheels
to rent.   Geo.   Ciiapple, Wlanipog
Avenue. Aids Nature
The great success oi Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in curia* weak stomachs, wasted bodices, weak
lungs, and obstiaate and lingering coughs, is based on
the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden
Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building, tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in condensed and concentrated form. With this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength to the stomach to digest
food, build up the body and thereby throw off lingering
obstinate coughs. The "Discovery" re-establishes the
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purifies
and enriches the blood, and nourishes the nervea—in
short establishes sound vigorous health.
// your dealer otter, something "laat aa S—**,**
It Is probably better FOR MlM—lt pmyo heUer.
But vou are tMnklni ol tha euro not tha profit, aa
there's nothiui "lust aa Hood" for yon.   Say so.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or, Medicine! Simplified. 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Tuition, pciper-bound, sent for 31 one-cent stamps, to ooter cost of mailing
ck/j..   Cloth-bouud, 50 stamps.   Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Predicts 18-0ent Copper
Questioned as to the effect of the
piwpdctive rise in the price of copper on the electrical engineering
husiiie-s, the president of a corporation which is a considerable consumer i if tbat metal is quoted by the
Wall .Street Summary us saying:
"We iln not worry ahout the price
of copper. Of course it is going
hiulicr. In my opinion it will he 1.S
centB a pound in February. More
thin one-half the world's copper
consumption is in small factories
and shops. The little foundries of
our country and Europe use twice
as much copper, in the aggregate, as
is worked up by the great engineering corporations. It is the little
fellows that pay the big price-". My
corporation did not buy any copper
to speak of when it wns iibe \,- •.:(!
cents a pound. We boughi i . i"
at 1G cents to 18 cents, in nfter
that we depended upon copn .ins
owned by directors in our
"As trade is going, we nr- lo
supply all the copper consumed by
our electrical factories from our own
copper mines. One of our copper
mines is doingso well in production
that we are doubling our smelter
capacity. In six months this smelter will turn out copper at the rate
of two million pounds a month. The
metal costs us about 10 cents a
pound loaded on the cars at the
smelter for a 3,500 mile haul lo tidewater."
An Industrial Departments
The Canadian Pacific Railway
com pany, with a view of encouraging the development of cities, towns
| and villages along its lines in
the west, and supplying their
needs, has estnblined an industrial
Enquiries are constantly coming
in through the various departments
of the company, from manufacturers,
importers, wholesale merchants and
individuals in eastern Canada and
elsewhere, as to the openings in the
west for manufacturers, wholesale
and retail houses, etc. Many of the
new, as well as the older established
points along the main line and
branches throughout the west are desirous of securing industries which
will supply their needs and assist
in their growth and prosperity. The
desire of the oompany is, therefore,
to obtain frnm all stations along the
western lines full information as to
their requirements and the attractions their particular localities pre-
s-nt to sell lenient, as well as to
manufactories, jobbing or any industry thai will assist in the development of our great west and bring
i a profitable return for investment.
' Secretaries and boards of trade
are invited to correspond freely with
I the undersigned and furnish all particulars possible as outlined above,
and manufacturers or intending investors are also asked to conimuni-
i eate with me if they desire any  in-
The  following  table gives the ore
for 1905, 191)6  and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix 	
Snowshoe. Phoenix.'.	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
15. C. Mine, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Hose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Canip	
Morrison, I leal I wood	
Sulphur King,Suiiiinit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Hig Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sully, West Pork	
Rambler, Wesl Kork	
Butcher Hoy, West Kork	
Providenco, (Ireenwood	
Elkhorn, (ireenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Golden Eagle	
Preston. Skvlark	
I rince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark ('amp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skvlark Camp	
Bay, Skylark .'	
Mavis, Skylark ,	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Houndnry Falls	
shipments of   Boundary  mines
1907 1908   Post Week
Gl:!,0:!7 1,032,519       22.72a
I85;d0l 45,956        3,500
208,321 314,029         9,828
14,401 05,800            340
formation. Such enquiries will receive the most careful and prompt
attention, and it will be my endeavor to give information that will be
reliable. F. W, Peters,
Assistant to First Vice-President.
Cheapness of Human Life
During the year 1908 labor in the
United States lost nearly 35,000
lives in the course of employment.
Tliere was also about two million
accidents. Most industries involve
risks, some greater than others. The
accident rate of electricians is excessive. That of coal miners is 3.10 per
100Q in lhe United gtates to 1.29 per
1000 in the united kingdom. This
proportion holds among the railway
employes. The United States lost
2.50 per 1000 to Germany's .98 per
1000. In otherjwords, the United
Slates slaughtered on the average
915 more conl miners than England,
and 1735 more railway employes
than Germany.
All groceries you get from John
Donaldson are guaranteed to be No.
I fresh stock.
Large Bottle Port Wine, 75c. Lion
Bottling Works.
The demand for our coffee at three
pounds for a dollar is still increasing. This is the best recommendation any article :an have. Call up
John Donaldson the next time you
need some.
Special   Old   Port $1   per  gallon-
Lion Bottling Works.
I am prepared to deliver good,
clean fresh milk to any part of the
city. Any person wanting it may
call on me or leave orders at N. L.
Mclnnes cfe Co.'s store. _. Mayliew,
For Sale, Cheap—A course of bookkeeping in the 1. C. S. Apply at this
For   Sale—150 acres of good fruit
land.    Apply this office.
We are prepared to do all kinds of	
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plnnl
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars anil Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
in   itself  an
a  trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee
satisfaction. •
For Homes Orchards and
Residence Grounds.
Oun Motto:
Not the cheapest in price
but the best in quality.
Burbank's New Stoneless
Capital City Nursery Company
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor [lonlntr a Specialty.
Grand Forks Sun
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doob Noutii of Guaxby Hotel,
' Fihst Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone Al 29
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anyone lending a sketch and deicrlptton may
mtclriy aicertaln our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Comimmica-
tloinitrioUypitiitldeiitfaL HANDBOOK on Patente
lent free. Olden agency fojrieca —-
tent free. Oldest agency for Boourliigj
Patente taken through Munn * Ci
special notice, without charge, In the
Scientific Hmerican.
A haneUomiilr Illustrated weekly. Lament olr-
elation of any iclentlflo journal. Terms for
—■•», $3.75 m year, postage prepaid.   Sold by
Hilton. D. 0,
" 5 V St, Waauuigtc>if,
Job Department
Total, tons  1,148,2.17
Smelter Treatment—'
(Iranby Smelter  637,6215
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  811,952
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  153,439
1,479,682       36,510
Total Treated      1,133,017    1,420,272
3    10
Pacific Hotel
First-class In every respect.
Setlniile rooms foe colleener-
eleil travelers.
Hot and Cold Unties.
Ilecr in Connection.
Finest Brnndsof Wines.
Liquors cued Oiejeirce,
Alltliortzed---8HAHE8—, Paid    Total to    Latest      Per
NAMI 0»COMPAST.              Capitol.    Issued. Par. 1806.       Date.       Date.   Share
Granby Consolidated-Copper.   *I5,I»KI.I««I      ISA.000  (100 $1,820,000 »8,!V88,B80 lice. 19(11  (8.00
CiirlliooMcKlneeej-Uold     1,250.000   1,250,000     *1           548,881 Fab. 1804     .00
l'rovleloiioe-Silver          21X1000       81000     *5 16,000        88.221 Sept. 1908     .60
U.C. Copper-Copper      3,000,000     508.000     15          201,200 Sept. 1907     .04
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the lioun
dary country. And we are the only
olliee in this section that, have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tliem brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Bounaary.   ibun Job Office.
For Sale Cheap, or Trade—Business lot on Winnipeg nvenue near
The Sun office. Enquire of Lew
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming year,
read the tempting clubbing offer we
make on tbe third page.
You might as well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other


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