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The Evening Sun Nov 23, 1906

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 LegWatWe Library
Ma Tear-No. 7
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, November 23,1906
Semi-Weekly—91.00 Per Year In Advance
Grand Forks Union Celebrate
First Anniversary of Eight-
hour Day
Evening of Good Cheer and
and an  Excellent Program
panied by Wm. George on the piano,
Tom Duffy then made his cremona
talk. Tom has a way of making his instrument talk that invariably induces 	
ones toes to sit up and listen. Sever Greenwood Smeltermen Out
al persons present were accordingly j
obliged to let their feet respond.    Mr.      00   Strike  for  a  Higher
Buri'il being called upon for a few re-                          Waoe
marks responded in his usual humorous  style.    Also G. F. Stephens was 	
One of the most sociable and cheery
crowds of men ever gathered together
in our city at a snioker was without a
doubt the one at the opera house on
Tuesday night. Stupendous preparations had been made by the loeal
Miners' Union for some time to celebrate the first anniversary of their
victory in securing an jeight-hour day
at the Granby smelter, and the members are to be congratulated on the
success they achieved in making the
event so delightful. The city band
had been secured for the occasion and
lelighted the crowd with a repertoire
of choice selections throughout the
evening. Happy Hooligan, with his
Irish brogue; Tom Duffy, with his
cremona, Walter Dudney, of pianist
fame; Barry, the Kentucky Colonel;
Gilmore, who sings better than he
talks; Olaf Sona, the ginger toe man;
Mullen and Bunting, the men with
the dukes; Scotty's curly-haired dog
and several others of note were there.
There was absolutely no excuse for
anyone to go off mad, hungry of thirsty, as there *as plenty of entertainment, plenty to eat, and non-intoxi
eating beverages flowed as freely and
as smoothly as the picturisque Kootenay. Everybody hail come to have a
good time and they had it. Throngh
the thick smoke that hovered in midair like an *kpril storm cloud this fact
was easily discerned in the many smiling faces.
Chas. Bunting, president, opened
the program with a few well chosen
remarks. He expressed satisfaction
in the Union's f-uccess in having secured an eight hour work day and also
in the fact that the Western Federation of Miners was considered 'taf- be!|
one of the largest and strongest or
ganizations in the world. He then an-
nunced the initial number of the en-
t'l'tainiueiit, a song, by Stendall SB-
titled "Tell Me Why, Litttle Girl,"
which was sung in g<H>d voice. Mr.
Stendall responded to an encore with
"Among the Clover and the Bees."
Mr. Bishop followed with a bass solo
in his usual pleasing style. "Annie
Laurie," that oltl favorite, was rendered iii an impressive manner by Scotty
G.hnore, the band accompaniment
unking it one of thc most appreciated
numbers of the evening. "The Man
in the Overalls" was sung by Chu
Bunting and made a hit, everybody
joining in the chorus. A three round
boxing contest was then announced
between Wm. Bunting aud Billy Mullen, of P. E. I., champion of the
northwest. The bout was a lively
one and the best yet witnessed in the
city, A selection by the band follow-
ed, a popular ballad by Ed Miller,
and then came Hooligan. He' hud
lost none of his original charm and
with his inimitable "Hooligan," "I'm
a Man You Don't Meet Every Day"
and "Don't Tread on the Tail' of Me
Coat" made himself eligible to a huge
hunch  from   tho rose  cart.    Accoin
asked for remarks, a song or anything
suitable to the occasion. He undo a
hit as well as surprised himself by
composing "My Bespects to Benni-
ger" on short notice. Olaf Sona executed some fancy steps in perfect time
to Toti's lightning-like swings of the
bow. In this turn Scotty's curly-
haired dog also came in for a fair
share of applause. "Kentucky" was
called for and responded with a coon
song, "The Old Musketeer" was well
rendered by E. H. Vaughan. Stendall was down on the roster for another song, and won the house with
"Just Across the Bridge of Gold.
Further songs were sung by Wm
Bunting, J. Kellet, G. Nye, Chas.
Bunting, Scotty Gilmore, Ed Miller
aud N. Addison. Genial Walter
Dudney ably presided at the piano
throughout tne evening.
The refreshments served were excel
lent aud abundent; in fact the whole
affair was distinctive for its general
liberality, and the Grand Forks
Union is easily the prince of enter
tainers. It was about 12 o'clock
when the crowd dispersed.
VV. J. Mclntyre Tells of Experi-
ience In the Saskatchewan
Gold District
Jack Reilly, of Seattle, was declared
a draw at the end of the eight round
owing to an accident. The four-ronnd
exhibition between Billy Bunting, of
this city, and Bob Breen alsi resulted
in a draw.
One hundred men went on strike at
the B. C. Copper company's smelter
at noon Wednesday because no reply
to their demands for an increase in
wages had been received. The officials having gone as far in the matter as they deemed consistent, referred the question to the New York office, and no reply, beyond that the
head official were considering the matter, having been received, the demands of the men have not been submitted to and they are out.
A number of yonng ladies in the
city are of the opinion that they have
good grounds for entering complaints
of unchivalrity against a considerable
number of the resident gentlmen.
They point out as an instance the
treatment accorded them on the occasion of a function in the city recently. One married iimn, they contend,
brought as many as live young ladies
there. They state that the unmarried
male element will have to change
their mode of procedure or take tho
consequences of becoming ostrasized
from their midst.
Methodist Church—Services on
next Sunday at usual hours. Morning sublect, "The Cross;" evening snb-
ject, "Running from God, but too
Honest to Steal a Ride." Everybody
welcome.    E. Manuel, pastor.
Baptist Churoh—Rev. F. W.
Auvache, pastor. Services at 11a.
in. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subjeot,
"Christian Stewardship;" evening subject, "The Immortality of Memory."''
A welcome to all.
A D. Morrison, the Bridge street
jeweller, has just installed two of
the latest style of show cases. Besides being ornamental, they are a
gie it improvement over fie old style
style for displaying goods to the best
advantage being built almost entirely
of glass and having numerous tiers
for the display of the fancy wares to
bo found in the store
Owing to the sudden change from
mild to extreme cold weather, the
Hindus in the ruilwuy camps nre
suffering terribly. An nppeal has
been mude lo tin* people, mul the
W. C. T. U hiivi* been asked lo take
the mutter up, nnd are doing so.
Any one huviug i*nstnfT clothing—
anything limn n m mi's nii'dlTVitst to
mi overconl foohveiir lining especially needed, bin. in fin", any article
that will keep out ihe mil, will he
acceptnble, and if left with Mrs. F.
W. Anviiclie will be forwarded to
ihe en in pt) without del y.
The winter schedule on the C.P.1".
became effective Inst Monday. The
west-bound train now arrives nt 2:12
p.m., and the east-bound leaves nt
3:55 p. m.
J. H. Feeney nnd Frank McFarlane, who huve Itceii on a timber
cruising tour through the upper
North Fork country for the Yale-
Columbia Lumber company since
the 1st of the month, returned to
the city yesterday.
W. J. Mclntyre returned yesterday
from North Battleford, Sask,, for
which place he started about ten days
ago in search of Gold. He gives the
following account of his trip: "I
have evperienced several gold rushes
in Alaska and elsewhere, but while
the Birling affair was comparatively a
small matter, it was serious enough
while it lasted. Over one -thousand
persons were drawn there. The gold
teiritory was said to cover 26 square
miles, and thousands of feet were located on all sorts of ground. Notices
were posted up, and land was located
for chicken ranches, fruit lands, and
in every imaginable- manner. Upon
my arrival I was offered several valuable claims for varying amounts of
cash, but when I asked the vendors
for their licences I found they had not
got that far and did not seem to know
that such documents were necessary.
The origin of the affair is laughable.
The pumpman at the railway station
tank found the supply pipe had been
choked up and in investigating dug
down a few feet. He announced that
the pipe was tilled with equal quantities of black sand and gold,and I under
stand,offered to sell a cupful for $o()0
The story got out and then the telegraph got in its deadly work, with the
result that over one thousand people
rushed in, staked out claims and dug
for gold. There is plenty of line white
sand all over the neighborhood but of
gold, there is of course, no sign whatever, although on the Saskatchewan
river neur Prince Albert a dredge is
doing some good placer mining work.
The whole thing was a father stupid
li.nix and if you ask ine I fancy whisky
was at the iHittoiii of the pipe   lieam.'
Jerry Iron Kerry wns ihe attraction nt the opera house last uigliit
The show is n good one from n
vaudeville stiindpoini nnd gnve good
siiisfiiction. Severn I Inugbprovok-
ing skeiehi-s showed Jerry in his
elements. The acrobatic knockabout turn by two members was
remarkable for its astonishing feats
and originality nnd would be hard
to equal. Other specialties pleased
well. The work of the orchestra wns
above the average in discriptive
scores and popular medlies.
The boxing contest at Phoenix last
Monday night between Barney Mullen,  of  Prince  Edward   Island, and
Harry LaDow, who has heen connected with the Great Northern office
in this oity since February last, has
tendered his resignation, to accept a
more lucrative position in the office of
the Northport smelter, and will leave
for tlat place between the 1st and
10th of next month.
Suspected Dynamiter ot the
Niagara   Hotel Still  at
Remains of Laura King Recovered and Inquest Now
In Progress
Several people in the province who
took sick with Saskatchewan gold
fever a few weeks ago and betook
themselves to North Battleford to obtain relief have returned to their respective homes entirely cured, not a
trace of fever remaining. The lichi
strike which created such a commotion among all classes was a huge
fake; yet as such it proved effective in
bringing the pulse back to its normal
degree. There is no irdcation of
gold anywhere in the district. All
there is is a lot of hood-winked people and lots of more pouring in to get
wised up. Many claims are staked,
and aa many ure daily being abandoned. It appears that Hughes, the
original discoverer.is a rascal pure and
simple. He was looking for boosters
for himself and his alleged find.
"You can make a whole lot of money, and never turn a shovelful of
dirt," said he. When they intimated
that they had no desire to go into any
wild-cat scheme, he promised to "show
them" They were accordingly
"shown" to a spot where he said gold
would be shoveled out by the barrel
at the ridiculous depth of four feet.
Tools were then secured and everybody got busy. Heroic digging failed to reveal anything but a slight
layer of rusty sand and underneath
thnt mure sand. But no gold. It
developed that Hughes had discovorea
his golden nuggets in a water Wnk.
This is about midway between the
Battle and Saskatchewan rivers.
Considerable prospecting was done
around the tank but tho only strike
made was of alkali water. This tank
served as an abode of rest for those
who became weary at the early stages
of the game. Before long a tent was
put up, and in the happy thought of
an imminent real estate boom Hughes
now wore a smile that could readily
be seen in Toronto. It, also appears
that Htighes has a fondness for the
oil of glbdness and that it was during
one of his gladest moments that he
discovered the golden goose, but in
his wild chase became sufficiently sober to kill it. At any rate his wildcat has been let out of the bag, and
if strange jowls are heard in and near
Grand Forks the citizens should need
no interpreter to inform them as tithe meaning thereof.
Coroner Kingston empanelled a
jury on Wednesday to enquire into
the cause of the death of Louise
King, who was killed in the Niagara dynamite outrage, and'the first
session was held at 4 o'clock on that
day. The following jurymen took
the oath: Neil McCallum, foreman;
J. E. Stephens, E. Spraggett, W. H.
Covert, J. Wilson, E. M. George.
In opening.the proceedings, Coroner
Kingston stated that while the oath
required an examination of the deceased to assist jurymen in coming
to conclusions as to the cause of
death, yet in this case there only remained a few charred bones which it
was difficult to identify even as human remains, and it might itot
therefore be necessary to view them.
The jury decided that it was unnecessary.
Mrs. King, whose husband conducted the hotel destroyed, was the
first witness called. Her testimi ny
went to show that Frank Cedio, alias
Painblanc and his partner, Sam
Rovello, had been the cause of tbe
disburbance, and that there had been
a "rough house" all Sunday afternoon, lasting until the explosion occurred at night. Much of her testimony is covered by the account published iu last Tuesday's edition of
The Sun. She stated that Frank
Painblanc was "mad" when he
was told that he could not be
boarded any longer. At 6 o'lock
the hearing was adjourned until 4
o'clock Thursday afternoon.
The hearing was resumed at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon, and Mr.
King, the proprietor of the wrecked
hotel, gave evidence until 7 o'clock,
when another adjournment was
taken until 4 today. It is expected
that the taking of evidence will be
completed nt today's session. The
witness stated that he had notified
the boarders he had decided to close
the house, and that there had been
quarrels and disturbances all afternoon. Guns, knives and razors had
been freely displayed. Painblanc
and his partner, Sam Rovello, were
thc leading spirits in the disturbances. He had been afraid of his
life and had tried to borrow a gun
from his neighbors to protect himself with, but he didn't get one.
Towards night he closed up the
house, and after dark he extinguished the lights in the bar, to pre-
yent, he Baid, any one taking a shot
at him through the cracks in the
ceiling. There had been a terrible
noise, as if the furniture were being
broken up, in the room above the
bar. This room was occupied by
Painblanc and Revello, who were
roommates. He had taken a lamp
to go up and investigate. The lamp
globe had been knocked off onto the
bed as he entered tbe door.   He ad-
(Continued, on Page Two) WW1THE *iLASSES >'011 **■-*"• **°
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AM- examined. We guarantee all
our corrections for errors of
Our stock of Spectacle and EyeGlass
Frame* now contains a lurirc ussort-
ment of the very latest style*- and Improvements in guards, bridges and
mountings, while the lenses we use
are the best money ean buy—absolutely faultless.
Our line of Barometers, Thermometers, Field und Opera Glasses, Magnifying, Reading Glasses, Compasses,
etc., iB unsurpassed in the Houndury,
at prices within the reach ot all.
Expert Watchmakers, Jewellers
and Opticians,
Many years' experience In the optical
business iu Loudon, England.
tUlf? lEbfttmg §un
Published at Grand Forks, British Columbia.
Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings.
...Editor aud Publisher
One Tear $1.50
One Year (in advance)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished on apt'lioafclii
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents pot- line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phone B74 Ghand Fohks, B.C
fl-RIDA*!, NOVEMBER 23 1906
According to advices form the
coast, the decision has heen leached
by Premier McBride to hold the provincial elections early in January, as
soon after the New Year as possible.
There will be no session of the legislature before the elections. Notici
of dissolution may be looked for any
day now. This information comes
from an authoritative source, and
will be officially confirmed befon
many days elapse, unless some new
and wholly unexpected incident arise
to necessitate further delay.
J. A. Hartley k Co, are repapei'irig
and otherwise beuutifyiii!! their First
street jewelry store. They intend tt.
make a big display of fancy holiday
goods in the course of a week  or two.
FOUND—Purse containing a sum of
money. Owner enn have same by
paying (or this notice. Apply at
Jack Pallet, an old tinier of Orand
Forks, who has been visiting friends
here for a week past, returned to Spokane today.
The hidies' Aid of the Methodist
church will serve supper and hold a
sale of fancy work on December loth.
This will be your opportunity to secure articles for Christmas presents.
Arthur Hi ndersi.n, son of J. B.
Henderson, returned to his home in
this city yslerdnv frnm Totiapnh
ami GnldHeld, Nov., where he bus
been living for the past two years.
John Forbes and MissMnry Emily
James, two popular young people
from the North Fork country, were
united in marriage Inst Wednesday
at the vicarage of Holy Trinity
cbnreh, Bev. Henry Steele performing the ceremony.
mitted that Rovello had been pressing his attention on his wife, to
which he had objected, Shortly
after 8 o'lock there were, .including
the family, eleoven persons in the
house. The last time he had seen
his daughter she was seated behind
the lunch counter. 801111 after 9 one
of the Italians wanted lo go awtiy,
and King lighted the lantern nnd
went to the door wilh him to let
him out. As he piaced his baud on
the door he noticed Barnes showing
through the crack in the ceiling
and shouted "lire, lire!" The words
were hardly out of his mouth when
the house was shaken by two f-x-
plosions, one from above and iln
other from under (he house. The
explosion hurled him six or eight
feet, and rendered him unconscious
for a few seconds. After he recov
erecl he went to Nine of his
neighbors. He did not return to hi.*,
owu home because he was afraid ol
Mb life. King appears to stand in
dread of Painblanc and Rovello.
Rovello is under arrest in this city,
but Painblanc is still at large.
P. S. Hussey, superintendsnt provincial police, arrived in the city on
Wednesday from Victoria, and is investigating the Niagara outrage. Immediately on his arrival here he telegraphed the attorney general advis-
ingthat a 81000 reward be offered for
the capture and conviction of Frank
Cedio, alias Frank Agilio Piinblanc,
the Italian suspected of having been
the perpetrator of the crime, and his
advice has since been noted upon.
Provincial Constable I. A. Dinsmore is using every endeavor to lo
cate the criminal, but up to the
present no clue as to his where
abouts hae been received. The police authorities throughout the country have been notified to keep a
sharp lookout for the man. All trains
in this section are being closely
watched: The inclement weathei
now prevailing will probably forct
him to soon show himself, and thi
incentive of the reward will certamh
tiring early word of his whereabouts
Painblanc's name is entered in thi
contractor's books as Agilio. He appears to be known to other Italian.*
is Cedio, but they generally seen
loath to say much about bim, as h
ippcars lo bear an unenviable repu
i li.- charred remains of Louise
King, the victim of the Ningan
lynatiiiie outrage, hatfe been recovered! and were interred yesler-
"Handy" and Clarence Smith wei.t
to Spokane on Wednesday, and are
expected to return today or toinorrow
on the Overland Hod Route. The
band will likely be iu attendance.
A Topographical Survey of
We litiar inu-li and we read inucl.
• if tiie eiH'i'ili.iiis strides made by this
Dominion during the past decade, yet
in one very important matter pro
gress seems to have lieen at almost u
standstill. We refer to the fact thai
there is not now—and there seems vet''
little chance of being in the futuie—
au accurate topographical map of this
northern portion of the American
continent. Maps ure in plenty of i'i
sort, but of the sparsely Inhabited or
semi-explored regions, which, after all.
comprise ninety-live per cent of the
Dominion, maps with any pretence to
accuracy are few and fur between.
It may indeed, be said that beyond
some lately made contour maps of the
Rocky mountains, the only maps
worth having of the less known regions of Canada are those issued by
the geological survey. It is not, however, the duty of that department to
map the topography of the country,
aril the natural result is that, though
the survey's maps satisfy the miner,
prospector and scientist, they aro of
little yalue to the lumberman and settler.
This absence of reliable topographic
mapping is all the more incongruous
Quality f««.
then Prices
That is tin* proper
H-fli-i nf things in
oon-iid-ji-iiij n pur-
(-liaxe uf jewelry or
ij reoiu u ■■ a to nes.
Ninety-tit tie people
out of 11 hit mul led
must rely absolutely
on tin* pel son Who
Serves them nml tin-
store wub.ro tlieyare
piireliu- n**.. • J* j*hi-
Vict* is 11 lit nf ■ >■
pCH'tH* nni yoll nmy
trust nnpli.-itly their
wonl.f-ir Kiey know.
The tjuulity is jlii-it
what ihey sin It Ih,
Jeweller tint] Opticlsn
Grand forks, B. G.
when we reniemher that there is a
plentitude of mapping departments
that would seem to guiuurttee, not 11
dearth but ail excess, of such io formation.' The department of agriculture
issues maps, the post office issues
maps; the dominion land brtuiuh issues
maps, the astronomical branch, the
boundary surveys, the department of
marine and many others—all, from
time, to time, issue maps; and yet remains the bald result—the topograph^ of Canada is yet un mapped.
For many years a cry has gone up
from tin- survey officers—but it has
often literally been a cry in the wilderness—that they have had to employ
fifty per cent of their field time in
mapping the topographical features
before they could attack the geological. This was manifestly unfair to
the field officer and is bad business
for the Dominion, for it is always bad
business to pay a special salary for
ordinary work: Any one with average intelligence can aspire to be a
topographer; a first-class geologist can
only be rightly so-called when he has
had a special training, both in science
ind the art of observation.
What is required are maps showing
accurately, the surface features of the
country, which would not only be of
great value for depicting upon them
the geology, mineral wealth, forests
ind other natural resources, but would
ilso be very useful in ordinary commercial enterprises by showing accur-
itely the distances between various
ilaces, the nature of the intervening
jountry, the catchment or drainage
basins of streams, the location and
size of waterpowers, the grade he-
tween points where railways, canals,
drainage and irrigation works are contemplated and many other purposes.
With such a map many of the preliminary surveys for railways and canals
now made by the government and by
private companies, often at great cost,
would be uuecessary, and a saving annually of large sums would be made
,n these undertakings.
The present methods of producing
maps are costly and not up to a snffi
cienl high standard, while an amoui.t
of duplication is entailed that would
never be allowed in any but a government, undertaking.
Three quart bottles of Nelson beer
for olio at the Lion Bottling   Works
yOTICB In hereby Klven thnt thirty day
•1 dnte 1  Intend   making mppl-cutioi
the    Chief Commissioner  of   Lands   nud
N  aft
Works for 1* special Ueetise to out nntl remove timber from the following deforibed
lands: Commencing nt this pout, located ou
the eust bunk of Snv.ii.-e creek, n west bruiieh
ofthe North Fork of Kettlo river, nt ti point
7." feet sciiithenst of where n landslide or dry
wosh enters mild creek from the west side,
uud where u small jiun or pond is formed on.
ii'ud about three miles from the mouth of
laid creek; thence ruimiiur west -ID chains;
thence gout li 80 chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains: thence nest 40 chains
to place of beginning, containing 60-1 acres,
Locntt-il this 20th day of October, 1906.
J. P. MAJOIt, Locator.
H. C. Sluifei* and Alex Miller, two
Grand Forks pioneers who are now
endeavoring to make a fortune out of,
the Greenwood high-grade mines,1
were v.sitors iu tin-* eity this week.    \
Tin*-* Hindus "are. heuojniug Caut-ldi*
ani/.t'i;. Several uf them have been
observed wearing lu.ta recently.
Tenacious form of systematic catarrh
Nol an Hii-sy thinii to cure, and a
reinedv that m-tkes *»und deserves the
■•reilil. 0;it.iit!W.-iiii* eured Chns. H.
Wei)., nf WoiKistnek.N.ll.wli'o writes:
"For a number of years I was troubled
with sy-Ue-n itjr iviturrli. If was a
very tenacious forni of the disease ami
nothing helped, I used Cutarrhozone
and got relief. To build up my system 1 used FelTn'zoiiH This euinbi-
natiim eau't he beaten They cured
me.'' Your ease may be-chronic but
Catarrhozone will drivu out catarrh
and keep it out. Tw6 sizes, £5o und
■**?! at all dealers, sold under guarantee
nt satisf letion
Max Sclmfer returned   Wed ik-s
from   a   hunting   trip   up tbe North
Fork,     lie   brought   back   one   lonn
deer from Desolation bridge.
If both the provincial and municipal elections nre pulled off in Janu.-ov
rhey should ett'ect a greati saving < f
in re wood.
invsiiioliic for Nursing Kdtliew
With UUt'-Hpg eoines nn uiice-is u^
(train on the mother's vitality. The
lilood is w\ai;eued. Nih'VVn ate m -
table through loss of sleep.     Anxiety
and c-iitt- break down even the btroou-
es|. Experii'iiee teaches tlmt notbinr
is more helpful than Ferrozone. Will t
an appetite it brings! Ko blood-t'oi*
mur or tonic more potent, no medicine known that so .ste.oiilv bl'illj.8
batik the health, vigot and .spirit tlmt
mothers require, It'.s because Fern-
zone nourishes, because it Supplies tie '
materials for rebuilding that it does
permanent good. Kit'tv cents |,er box
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small profits. Satisfaction assured. Prompt delivery.
Second Street
Phone No. 12
A, Erskine Smith & Co
To Franklin Camp by Stage, Private Vehicle, Freight Team or
Horseback, ask for our prices.
Bridge and First Sts
lyO'XICB Is hereby (riven that thirty dnya
I™ utter itiite I Intend nutklutr application
to the Cliii'f CommlKiiUiner of LiwhIs and
Works for a special license to out nnd remove tiinlii'i- from the following described
lands: Coimnencliifr at this post, located on
thn ens! hunk of Savaire creek, a west branch
of the North Pork of Kettle river, at. a point
7*1 foet sontheust of where a lmidHiide or dry
wash enteri said creek from the went aide,
and where n small jam and pond Informed on,
and ahout three miles from the mouth of
-idd creek: thenoe miinhur west 40 chains;
thenre north SOchaliia, thence east 80 ohains;
thet"" smith SI) ehuinsi thence west 40 chains'
tn place of lie-riiiniii!,', containing 640 Aores.
Looted this 20th dn v of October. 190(3.
J. F, MAJOR, Locator.
Fish and Game in Season
GRAND FORKS, B.C. Buy Your Wife
Her Supply of
At our store. It will save her a lot of inconvenience and hard work in
preparing your dinner, as we only handle the best of everything.
Everything for the kitchen. We advertise "The Best"—and we've
got the goods. The main factor in keeping the stock always fresh is
our Low Prices.
It will pay you to inspect our goods in this department before
buying elsewhere. We can save you*money, and guarantee satisfaction,
Phone 30 Opposite C.P.R. Station
The season of navigation of the
St. Lawrence is drawing to a close,
and only two more passenger steamers are due this fall, which will
close the immigration. One hundred and ten thousand immigrants
were landed at the port of Quebec,
being twenty-eight thousand more
than last year. The immigrants
were composed not only of a superior class nf settlers from the British
Islands, but of people of fair means.
The last two ships brought out quite
a number of foreigners including
Norwegians, which is usual at this
season of the year.
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
Hotel V
Newly Refurnished Throughout.
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smeltcrmen's Trade
Solicited. Terms Reasonable.
Table Supplied with tho Best the
Market Affords..
The Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars are Always in Stock at the Bar.
A Complete Line of 1906 Models.
Second-hand wheels always un
hand,   and   will  be  sold cheap.
S. F. & N. RY.
10.10 a m.
10:10 a.m.
5:15 p,ro.
Spokane, Seattle,
Everett, Bellltiff-
liimn, Vancouver,
Victoria nud all
Coast polnu......
Spokane. Ferule,
aud Mhmcapojia..
Northuort, Rosi
laud, Nelson, Kas-
loand Sandon....
Kepubllc, Curlew
and Ferry (Mid-
5 .OS p.m.
5:05 p.m.
5:05 p.m.
10:05 a.m.
6:2Q p.m. | Phoenix, B.CTTTTT 9:M *-.m.
GEO. CHAPPLF,    Opposite Postotltce
Con unvoting at Spokane with the fa-
2—Daily Overland Traina—2
From Sp-iktt--* fnr Winnipeg. St. Paul.
MlniiHitpuil-i, St. I,on in, Chicago and all
point*. east.
riii co m t»l (--if information, rates,
berth reservation*, etc, call on or ad*
H. SHEEDY. Agent,
Grand Forki.
S. G. YKRKRH, A.G. P. A..
nrr. c.p.k. station
Fkst-Oas In Every Respect.
Sample rooms lor commercial
Re mi ColJ Bath*..
Fines' Brands of Wlr.es,
liquors and Ggars.
fH-tt. PETERSON, Prop.
R. H. TRUEMAN, the well
known Vancouver Photographer,
will be at Blome's Old, Studio,
Bridge   Street, until
Wednesday, November 28th
This Will be Your Only Opportunity to Secure
Christmas Photos
■a a iiio vv ui u
> Chri
08 J
C. S. B A K E R
Samples Given Prompt Attention.
Correspondence Solicited.
Complete Superintendence of Ore Shipments.
F. 0. BOX 43 FH0NE 53
9 V."1' UfflBBH
A reduction in working hours
h is been given to the carpenter?,
machinists and blacksmiths ciiiploy-
el at the St. Eugene-ninu, Moyie. j
Up to this they had been working
10 hums per dny. The reduction
to 9 I ion is ciinic ns a surprise lo the
men, ns it wns dune voluntarily by
the company and hnd not been asked for.
The work of the department of
agriculture in regard to bringing
immigrants from Great Britain to
the the province is well in hand.
It is understood that from 1000 to
2000 selected people can easily be
induced to come to this country.
The B. C. Copper company made
a full cash payment for the B. C.
mine on Monday. This property
was acquired under bund some
months ago.
A syndicate of Phoenix people
have acquired the Cariboo McKinney under lease and bond and have
bjgnn work on this famous mine.
Work is soon to be resumed on
the Moreen, in Deadwood camp,
An electric compressor and hoii-t
will be installed.
New York is said to have invested
■^60,000.000 in Cobalt. Buying is
now said to come from London and
During tbe past season 20,000 im
migrants arrived in Toronto.
You May be Sick Tonight
Without a menienl's warning pain
springs upon us. At the outset it is
iustuutly cured by Nerviline. Su
prising what fifteen drops of this marvelous medicine will do. Its external
action is no less certain than its won
derful effect when taken ii ternally.
Of course Nerviline is powerful or it
couldn't be so penetrating. But not
irritating or caustic. There are other
I mi il remedies, but when you use Ner
viline you see tlte difference. That
liui teiiiu* is this, - iitiiers relieve, but
Vrvi ine dues etire sprains, strum-,
welliii't-i, eiirache, tisithachc, neural
gia, lumbago, in fact all muscular
pains. Large bottles 25c at all deal
Gotyour wedding invitations printed
at The Sun office. We have the closest
■cript type imitation of a steel engraving made.
X*"jrHEN Traveling to Franklin
*" Slop at the
First-Class Accommodations.
Finest Brand'' of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars always
in stock.
R. A. Brown, Proprietor
Foo Leo
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Booms In Ihe City
First and Bridge Strests
' 6
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
Wlniil|H"i Hotel  7llWn.m.
Province Hotel 7:15 n.m.
To any part -jf the North
Fork Country
Saddle and Pack Hones
and Feed Stable at upper end.
First Street
Grand Forks, B.C
Geo. Taylor
AH Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor.
Route of the famous and favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,  Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul.
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Kansas Oity and St. Louis.
Trade Marks
Anyone stndlng asketph and dtMrlptlon may
fl?iclt!*f «9*pt»l» «nr oplnion_*JW* whether an
uvrintinn tt probably pateiii
 '-*' iflde-
"Patent* taken. throu?lrMona'
Mom strict]* oonfldenS\" HAHDwOC on Patent*
•ant free. Oldest •f*nryto.ra-~
•pMWnotfc*,' without olinme, in IK
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Larnest circulation of any anient IH*.- journu. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, $1. Suid byall newsdealera.
JMUNN & Co.36 ■*- «-•"•-' New York
Brawn OOce. a F St.. Wuhlmtou, D. C.
Heavy aDd Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and From All Trains
Tki.kI'IIOxk A.129
Ili'iiiKiiFoHii  Bhos., Piiora.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
and St. Louis in Union Depots foi all
points East and South-^t.
To enable parties wnu so -let-Ira to viiit
friends and "relatives in the East during the
(dimmer season of .1806, the NORTHERN PA- i
i IK1C will on JULY 2nd and 3rd, AUGUST
7th, nth" and 9th, and SEPTEMBER 8th and
10rh h'-II round-trip tickets from points In
thi.-territory to Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul,
Minneapolis, O'-ohaand Kansas City at one
lowest first elasi fare plus Ten Dollars, with
final return limit ninety days from date of
Mle, hut not beyond October 31st, 1906.
Extremely low rates are in effect from
; February loth to April 7th and September
115th to October 31st, 1906, from all points iti
| the East to points In this territory. If you
| desire to send for a friend or relative on
these rates we telegraph tiokets to Eastern
points without extra cost.
The NOTHERS PACIFIC have all announced very low round-trip rates from
points iu the East to points In this territory,
nud tickets will boon sale from .hine 1st to
September llith inclusive, final limit for return October 31st, 1906.
For further information address any one of
A. D. Charlton,    G.A. Mitchell
a. g. P. A.,
Portland, Ore,
W. H. Ude,
Travel!nu I'aKsenger Agent,
* Spokane, Wash.
In tli-* matter of the "Land Registry Act,"
and m i,<4' mattorof the Title to An undivided ', interest in i-'n-t of Lot 700, Group I,
.'mimi.-s Di-.i--.i-.il. Ynle District.
WHEREAS, Oitliieate of Title of Lloyd
A Manly, heli.tr Orlitu-ate of Title No.
7l**7u,tn the dbqve hereditaments. haH been
Lost nr destroyed,' and application lms been
iini'li' to me i'iiim, (Ini'llcate thereof.
NOTIfR U hereby given that a duplicate
Certificate of Title to the above hereditament* will be l-.--.iipd nt the ex ill ration of
nlie iiHiuMi from tin*dute lnM-piif, iiiili'ss in
the ineantiiiin valid objection to the contrary Im mini.' tn mc In writing.
\\7 11. EDMONDS.
District Ki-f-i-strar,
I'.ited Se|'tt'iiib"i- 10. Un'..      Kamloops, H.C.
The Liun Bottling Works are selling (T-i.j-loriiiiin -fe Wort's Rye Whiskey, t if \m*st I've whiskey in Catuula-
t'.ir &#.() i jn'.r guliun.
Gen. Ant.,
Spokane, Wash.
.NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the under-
'' Ktgned, John Carlson, liolder of an hotel
liquor license, for the Ufa Hotel, situate at
Fife Station on the Columbia and Western
Railway, will nt the first meeting of tbe License (Join m Innl oners for the Grand Porks
License District, next after the last publication of this notice fur 80 dnys, apply to said
License Commissioners to transfer said hotel
liquor license for said Fife Hotel to John
Jai'Unoii of Fife aforesaid.
Dated at Grand Forks, ll. C, 14th September, 1906.
IN the matter of the "Land Registry Act"
and lu the matter of the title to Lot 10 Block
6 Flan 52, In the City of Grand Forks, It. C.
WHEKEAS. Certificate of title of William
Thompson, deceased, to the above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed, aud application Im*. been made to me for a duplicate thereof.
NOTICE Is hereby given that a duplicate
Certificate of title to the above hereditaments will be Issuon at the expiration of
one month hereof, unless In the meantime
valid objection to the contrary he made to
me In writing.
Dated 22nd September. 1906.
Dlntrl.t Registrar.
Kamlooptr, It. C SNAP—nine-room   house in     *,
North ,addition for Bale ft a barga
terms.    Inquire of Geo. Pound or at
The Sun office.
Bicycles and Rbpair Wohk—A
complete line of 1906 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Chappi.k, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
IT ALSO keeps them •«». Time will
be no old, dull looking furniture or
dingy woodwork in homes where this
wonder-worker is used. No rennishing oi
revsmishing necewary. Liquid Veneer is
not a varnish, but m surface food and
cleaner that builds up the original finish
and makes it brighter than ever.
It instantly restores the brilliant newness
and finish of Pianos, Furniture, Picture
Frames, Interior Woodwork, Hardwood
Floors and all polished, varnished or
enameled surfaces. Removes scratches,
stains, dirt and dullness.
A child can apply it. Nothing but a
piece of cheese cloth is needed and there
is no drying to wail for.
4-ounce bottle 25 eta.
12-ounce bottle 50 eta.
QUID   r'0«4.  B.   O.
You c/lre Next
eAt the
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hriel,
Bridge Strn't, Oraml . nrlis, B. ti.
Nominations have closed for the
election of officers by the United
Mine Wockers of America. John
Mitchell, for president; T. L. Lewis,
fpr vice-president, and W. B. Wilson,
for secretary-treasurer, have no oppo
si tion.
A contract has been let to G. Barn-
hart by the owners of the Highland
mine at Ainsworth to crosscut 1,900
feet for 815,000. This crosscut will
cut the Kruo vein, which property recently sold in New York for $io0,-
000. A ;;l' ! h'-i'lie wm made on the
Xo. 1 a few dnys ago, which lies lo
the west of the Krao.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines
for  I905, 1906 and for the past week:
Qhinhy Mines, Phoenix       653,889
Sini\\ shop,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Doiiclwoiid        174,567
Biiiinie Belle. Dendwood	
| Brnoklyn-Steinivinder, Phoenix	
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
■"unset, Deaihvood	
Receive both UttdleK n-.d Gentlemen as resi-
dent or day studfiit--; im- it i: t'lcto Com-
niHi>*ial or i*!ii*.t,i*i'*-s Ct'ur^e; T-reimre-* student to fain Teat'lieiV ('eitilfootHa of all
-jradet*.'. ttiVBS t.-efunr year**-' course for the
B.A. ile-jree. and the Hrst year of too School
of ole ■'■♦■ four.'-p, In alflliti-inn with ti,.- To-
voiitf University; has a mh-i-.h! prosuci'tors'
pours-' for inii.it: whowork in 1*1,(7 Iii-truc*-
tlon is also jjiven in Art, Mu -lo, Physh al Culture ami hlotrittiou. Term u|ien** Sept. 17,
For    iilemlai'M. ete., addiea***;
, mre
! 19,-6.
For Sale
That beautiful and centrally located property
belonging to P. T. McCallum, being Lot A, Plan 76;
Lot A, Plan 72, and Lots 10 and 11, Plan 22, in the
city of Grand Forks, being adjoining and containing
in all three acres, more or less. There is erected on
this property a good frame dwelling house containing
ten rooms, with bathroom, pantries, closets, etc, together with summer kitchen and woodshed. .There
is electric light, city and good well water, as well .is
a never failing stream running through the property;
a good orchard of apples, pears, plums, cherries and
small fruits. Stable containing four stalls, together
with hay-loft, feed and carriage room.
AIro 19 acres adjoining the Van Ness Addition;
peveral lots in the city, and 95 acres situated at
Niagara, on the North Fork of Kettle River, on
which there nre ten acres of meadow, some good timber, nnd balance Al fruit land. Fisherman Creek
runs through Ihe property; small cabin nnd good
outbuildings. Water record for 100 inches goes
with the place.
An undivided one-half (A) interest in 160 acres
of range land within two miles of the city.
For further particulars, prices, terms, etc., apply
to the owner,
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Einiiin, Summit	
! Or' Denoro. SummitCamp	
jSeiinli|r. < nu unit Tump	
■ Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipru. Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper ,..,..
i Carmi. West Fork	
'Sally. Went F..rk 	
It is reported that the equity which j"*"' Walt K"rk	
,,,„ -*,„-ijL      p   .,,       *, I Buli'l'iT Boy, West Fork	
the  Northern   Pacihc   railway   now   u     ., ,, ,
,        . ' I Providence, Greenwood	
holds in the Burlington will pass into  Rljy.'*-**,. Greenwood  	
the hands of the Great Northern, and  Strut hmniT, Providence	
Preston] Skylark \.
Prince Hl-nrv, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Lnt-l I'liniice, Skvlark Camp	
12. P. U. Mine, Skvlark Camp...   	
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Repultlic,Boundnry Falls	
Past Week
within ii few days the Burlington and
Great Northern will be merged into
one vast system, with James J. Hill
in control.
The Hall mines people have become
interested in central camp and [are
preparing to do some work on the Oro
claim, not far from tho No. 7, owned
by interests allied with the B. C. Copper company. It is understood that
Frederick Keffi r, of the B. C. Copper
company, will superintend the work
of the Oro for the non-resident parties
Total, tons..
933,548    1,048,638      18,873
The Miners' union of Greenwood
have submitted a new scale of wages
to the B. C, Copper coinpany.
Cablegrams received lately frnm
London states that at the annual
meeting of the LeRoi Mining company held there, a dividend of two
shillings a share was declared. The
report of A. J. McMillan, managing
director, was read and it gave a most
favorable account of the condition of
the mine. The present dividend is
8100,000; This, added to $1,377,000
previously paid, gives a total of 81,-
477,000. The condition of the mine
is most favorable, owing to discoveries
west of the Josie dike, which makes
the LeRoi practically a new mine,and
important discoveries in the old workings. There is more ore in the mine
than ever before in its history. Its
ross yield has been $ 18,000,000.
To Improve 111 Temper
Relieve the physical suffering of
corns. Quickly done by the reliable
Putnam'-, Corn Extractor. Beware
of acid,—flesh-eating substitutes and
insist on "Putnam's;" it's the one sure
and painless cure.
Smelter Treatment—
•iranby Smelter  687,988
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter .-.  220,830
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  84,059
Total treated       982,877   1,059,644    19,042
The Forest and Best Id tbe City.
On Draught Exclusively** at
For a nice hair cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Bridge street.
Baths 50c, three for $1.00.
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms
with bath, near the smelter. Apply
Mrs. Ritchie's.
The Tremble ol Old Age
With the advance of years the vital
functions of the body slow down. In
consequence the organs of secretion
suffer, the action of the bowels aie
lessened,and there is no longer healthy
circulation, The brain is congested
with blood, giddiness, trembling and
cold extremities are common. No assistance is so potent as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. By their direct action on
the stomach, liver and kidneys they
cause un immediate change Mild,
free from gripe, strengthening and
cleansing the whole system, no medicine is so valuable in old age as Dr.
Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and
Butternut. Tr.f these pills, 2f"C per
box at all dealers.
Second Hand Goods
Cur-ietti Cleaned and Laid,
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaued, and
other jobs in the house-
eh luihitf line.
Cull or leave orders at
Next Door to Lion Bottling Works,
Job Printing
We have	
The most modern jobbing plant in '
the Boundary Gountry
Employ competent workmen, and
Carry a complete line of stationery
Billheads and Statements
Letterheads and Envelopes
Posters, Dates and Dodgers
Wedding Stationery
business and visiting cards
Lodge constitutions and by-laws
Shipping tags, circulars and placards
(^Announcements and counter pads
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printer^
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
Job Department
-■■  •


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