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The Evening Sun Mar 29, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 22
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. cTVtarch 29, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Assistant HorticulturistTells
How to Plant and Cultivate Them
Tbe Demands of the Market
Will Not Be Met for
Tbere are few sections in British
Columbia io wbich the growing of
•small fruits is not practised to eome
extent. Climatic and soil conditiins
in most sections are especially favor
able to tbeir production. Tbe crop
of 1911' wait far short of tbe market
requirements, and indications are
that the market demands will not be
met for some years. With the in
creased quantities being u.ed in the
canning and jam factories, tbe increasing demand in the prairie provinces and in our local markets, a
good incentive is afforded for an increased production.
To tbe man who goes into fruit
raising with the purpose of obtaining sufficient remuneration to provide for himself and family, and
who bas very little capital other
than what is required for tha, pur
chase of bis ranch, the production
of small fruits offers bim a means of
livelihood until such times as his
tree fruits come into profitable bear
ing. It also affordb bim an opportunity to remain on bis ranch during tbe early years of its development, and thus ensures better treatment for bis trees and otber crops.
' The first few years in tbe life of an
orchard is a critical one, so this is
an important consideration.
Some of the main points to be considered before setting out a small
fruit plantation are:
.1. Proximity to transportation
lines, markets and canning and jam
2, Sufficient labor available at
harvesting time and for the proper
care of tbe plantation. Do not plant
any more than can be properly cared
for, ns the profitable small fruit
plantaiions are those whicb rtc Ire
the best of care.
.1. Is ymir soil of a type and in a
rondiiion in wbich it will produce a
good crop of small fruits? (This has
special reference to non-irrigated
districts )
4. Are you in a district wbere
small fruits are giown to any extent?
The larger the production in a district the better aro the facilities for
marketing, as a general rule.
Strawberries—Ths best soils for a
strawberry plantation are a sandy
loam, loam, or clay loam, well sup-
|ilii*d wi b organic matter. Straw-
li. iru's require a large amount of
moisture and a good supply of plant
food for profitable culture. Soil tbat
does not drain well should be under-
drained. Where the soil is light it
wonld* be advisable to grow and
plow under a green crop, preferable
of a leguminous nature, before
planting. Fall plowing to a good
depth, and in heavy soils the use of
a sub toiler, is advisable, especially
in districts which bave a heavy pre
cipitation in fall and winter, and a
fairly dry summer.
As soon ae tbe ground is dry
enough in spring to work it, cultivate it well in the same manner as
you would to obtain a good seed bed.
A good soil mulch should be kept
ou the ground until tbe plants are
Propagation—Plants are obtained
from tbe bearing patch by thking
the new plants wbich bave set on
the runners. It is advisable to use
only ibe first two plants on a run
ner coming from a bearing plant, so
as to ensure good strong ones. Tbose
farther distant are as a rule poorly
It is a good plan to set apart a
section of the patch for the prodtic
tion of new plants. By noting care
fully in the bearing patch tbe bear
ing habits, yield, growth, strength
of vine, etc., of the different plants,
you can pick out those which come
nearest your ideal and use their
runner plants for yonr propagating
section. Where tbis system is prac
ticed abetter class of larger yielding
plants are generally obtained.
Planting—This can be done either
in the fall or spring, depending
largely on tbe condition of the soil
and the time of the grower. Spring
planting is generally recommeuded
Tbere are several systems of piloting, some of wbich are: Tbe matted
row, tbe double row and the Hill
systems. With tbe matted row
system the plants are set about 18
inches apart in the rows, with the
rows 40 inches to four feet apari.
Tbe runners are kept off until about
tbe 1st , of June, after wbich they
are allowed to set and make a matted row. With tbis system it is advisable not to allow tbe runners to
sst leas than six inches apart or the
rows to be over two feet wide. With
tbe double row system the plants
are set about 18 inches apart with
tbe rowB 36 to 40 ihcbis. Four
runners from eacb plant are allowed
to start, each producing one plant,
two of wbich are placed on either
Bide of the main plant, thus making
a double row. Witb tbe Hill sys
tern tbe plants are usually placed 18
inches apart in the row with the
rows three feet apart. No runners
ire allowed to form. The distance
for planting varies witb tbe condition of the soil, with the distriet,
and the variety planted. In compar
ing the results obtained from tbe
tbree syste-ns tbe Hill system seems
to be giving the best satisfaction in
tbe non irrigated districts wbere the
summers are dry and where the
early market berry Is not desired. A
better size, berry can be produced,
tbe patch is more easily kept clean,
less moisture is required, and tbe
crop is often as large as is produced
under the other systems. In tbe dry
belt and in districts and on sites
where tbe early varieties such as
Senator Dunlop are grown, the
matted row system is mainly used.
It matures the fruit a few days
earlier tban the Hill Byslem. Some
growers'claim tbat the matted row
is less subject to injury by frost, but
in districts where frost injury is
probable, tbe plantation should be
protected by a mulch.
Planting should be done only after
tbe ground has been thoroughly prepared. Some of the main points to
be observed in planting are:
1. Plant only in straight rows.
For this purpose a marker, wire or
line should be used.
R. Hughes Pays $30i)0 for
Wm. i'earce's Five-Acre
uunch and House
Plans for the Addition to
the Public School
Win.Pearce this week sold his five-
acre orchard and cottage, a mile
south of tbe city, to R. W. Hughes,
whose ranch adjoins the property.
Tbe price paid was (3000 cash. Mr.
Pence and family will leave next
Monday for Willows, in tbe Sacra1
menta valley, California, where they
will locate. Tbey have resided in
the valley for ths past ten years,
and their many fiiends here wish
them success in their new home.
son in this city until the old Ynle
was destroyed by fire, wben Bbe
moved to Calgary, and haa since
made her borne in that city. She
was well known in Orand Forks,
and was highly esteemed by all ber
friends here. Four sons survive
At the meeting of the city council
on Monday evening C. .F. Anderson,
of Greenwood, was elected city electrician, to succeed W. J. Shannon,
A petition is being Bent ta the
minister of public works asking that
a wagon road be built from a point 8
miles north of Greenwood to a point
on the main Kettle river, a distance
of fourteen miles.
The British.. Columbia Copper
company reports $37,500 net profits
for the month of Februarv.
Directors of Fair Consider
Plans for New Exhibit
Baseball Club Granted Permission to Use the
A. Carey, architect of the Nelson
school, will vis t the city next week
for the pifrpose of inspecting the
grounds hefore preparing plans
for an addition to the public school
Al. Traunweiser, of the Yale, on
Saturday received a telegram from
Calgary stating that his mother had
just died, and he left for that city
on Monday to attend the funeral
Deceased had reached the riue age
of 89 years.   She resided witb her
2. Keep tbe plants fresh between
the time thev are removed from tbe
ground until they are planted in tbe
new patch.
3. Use only good, strong plants.
4. If there are any large leaves on
the plants it is advisable to remove
them, leaving only two or thiee of
the small ooes. Trim off any black
or diseased roots, and if the root
system is very large, it is better to
shorten it.
5. Pack the soil firmly sr.und
the roots and make eure that tbe
crown of the plant is level with tbe
surface of the ground. Do not cover
tbs crown or leave nny of tbe roots
Cultivation should begin immediately after planting and he kept dp
until the early fall. Two or three
inches deep ia sufficient in moat
soils. Deep cultivation, ,t specially
in the young patch, is to bc discouraged. All blossoms should be kept
off the first year. On soils, and in
districts where the plants are in danger of being injured during the win
ter, it is advisable to protect them
witb a covering of straw, prairie
hay, or soms cheap material con
tainine no weed seeds. Most damage is done in early spring tbrough
the alternate freezing and thawing of
tbe ground, so the covering should
not be removed too early. This can
be lefl between tbe rows to act as a
mulch until the crop is harvested.
Successful growers seldom take
more than two crops from a plantation, nfter which it is plowed under.
The cost of production is usually
higher as the plantations become
older. Soms varieties have imperfect flowers and require another variety in tbs patch to ensure pollination. Make sure of tbis point bo-
fore setting out.
Superintendent Demuth, of the
Keltle Valley line, left ibis week for
a business trip to New York.
P. D. McDonald, formerly proprietor of the Hotel Colin, spent a
couple of days in the city tbis week.
He is now living in Penticton,wbere
be iB installing an electric lighting
system for tbat city.
E. Miller returned yesterday from
a campaigning tour of tbe Slocan
The Gun Club
A meeting of tbe Grand Forks
Gun club was beld Monday evening
for tbe purpose of electing officers
and to discuss tbe work of tbe club
for tbe ensuing year. On motion,
tbe old officers—E. E. Gibson, presi
dent; A. Traunweiser, vice-president, and D. McRae, secretary-
treasurer—were re-elected by accla
The club decided to tbe furnish
tbe weekly scores to both tbe local
papers for publication.
A motion was adopted to assess
the members for tbe cost of tbe con
struction of a platform for tbe
shooters to stand on.
It waa decided to charge members
of tbe club l|c, and outside members 2ic, for birds, outside members
to pay for tbe birds on the day of
tbe shoot. Club members in arrears
for birds on the 15th of any month
for the calendar month next preced
ing will not eligible to shoot.
On motion, it was decided that
the club members of record March
1, 1912. be assesed $5, and birds as
shot be debited to their account.
The secretary-treasurer was au
thorized to pay all outstanding accounts as soon as sufficient money
is collected.
Saturday was decided on ns tbe
weekly shooting day. The buttons
donated by Dr. Simmons will be
allotted to tbe three club members
having the three highest scores for
the week.
The secretary was instructed to
write to Dr. Simmons acknowledging the receipt of the buttons, and
to inform him that the club had
tendered him a vote of thanks.
A special meeting of the directors
of the Giitnd Forks Agricultural association was held in the office of
Sheads k Hadden last Monday evening. Plans for the new fair buildings were considered, and it is the
intention of the directors to commence construction work ou them
in the neur future. A large volume
of other business was transacted,
and tbe preliminary arrangements
tor the next annual fair materially
Tbe Grand Forks Baseball club
made application for the use of the
fair grounds, whicb was freely
granted, as it is the intention of thc
agricultural association to make thu
grounds a public benefaction by
improving the same, year by year,
in tbe nature of a park,
The membership list of the association is growing rapidly. It bas
now passed over the 300 mark. The
cost of a single ticket is $2, and of
family tickets, which admits the
holder to any part of the fair
grounds, with tbe single exception
of the grsndsiand, and also permits
tbe holder to enter any of tbe numerous classes of exhibits, and to
compete for the prizes.
Her Fate
-"Bridget—What does "Kismet'
mean, mum.
Tlie Mistress—lt ii the Arabic for
(Threedays later.)
Ths Mistress—What makes you
imp, Bridget?
Bridget—Shure, mc kismet hurt
Holy Trinity Church
The following services will bo held
in Holy Trinity church during holy
week, April 1 to C:
Morning prayer, every day at 10
a.m.;special service, everyday except Saturday, at 4 p.m.; l.itany
and address, Wadnesday evening at
7:30 p.m.
Good Friday—Morning prayer
and address at 10 a.m.; special service at 4 p.m ; I.itany and address
at 7:30 p.m.
Easter Day, April 7—Holy communion at 8 s.m.i morning prayer
and holy communion at Iln. m.;
children's service at 3 p.m.; evening
prnyer and sermon ut 7:80 p.iri.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, us recorded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
Friday  40
Saturday  44
Sundiy  42
Monday   55
Tuesday   60
Wednesday  01
Thursday  C4
Kanfall during week, 0.01
snowfall, 0.0.
Behind tbe Times
"Did-you read about the $800,000
pearl necklace that iho Philadelphia
banker gave Iiii bride the other day?"'
■a,   ..
'Goodness! Don't you ever try to
keep posted oil the important hspfni
Picturesque Rulers to Whose Power
George V. Has Succeeded
The Coronntlon of George V. at Delhi, the city of the Great Moguls, made
him heir and successor to their Imperial power, says the Knglish
Queen. The history of these his predecessors is one of strange contrasts.
First of the Great Moguls was Tamerlane, the mighty conqueror, a type
of overweening urrogance, unrestrained by nny fear ol' God or man. In
Marlowe's drama he kills his son Ca-
lyphas, for skulking from the buttle,
nnd with insensate fury urges on the
captive kings who draw his chariot.
The sombre story is only relieved by
the tenderness of the fierce wrrior
for his wife Zenocrate, and IiIb bitter
grief when she Is lost lo him by dajuali.
In wild exultation at Ihe CBnquesi
of Western Asia, towards the cud cf
the,14th century. Tamerlane descend-
ed with his victorious hordes on iho
plains of northern India. In feeble
helplessness Muhniud eat still In his
palace trusting vainly to the old proverb:—"It Is u far cry to Delhi."
Amid scenes of indescribable horror
the city was taken, but Tamerlane
came as destroyer, not as founder. He
returned to Samarkand to die, leaving
the Kmpire of the Moguls tu India to
he established one hundred years later liy Babui', his great desceudant.
Babar the Adventurer was the most
fascinating of his race. Poet, philosopher, artist and musician, he was
skilled in the lore of nature and in
the knowledge of men. Withal he
set himself to become a strong military leader and. chose Tamerlane as
Ii' evanv le. It was iu the I'untab
thai he met the Kajah Sanga, "the old
l.lon of the Uajputs, minus an eye and
an arm a'nd'lame of one leg," and won
that great victory of India over Hin-
doolsm by which was achieved the
great Kmpire of the Great Moguls in
His ambition accomplished Babar
lived for three years at the palace of
Agra, ruling his newly acquired country with justice and severity. No romance threw Its glamor over Barbar's
union with his wife.' All his affection was lavished on bis three daughters, Kose-face, Hose-blush and Kose-
body, and on his son Humayon, for
whom he is said to have given his
life. As tlie young man lay sick, at
Agra, the loechi s declared mat he
could only he saved by Ihe mercy of
God and at the cost of some supreme
sacrifice. Whereupon the father exclaimed:—
"I can give my life! It is the dearest thing on earth to my son."
Standing by the bed he said earnestly, "On me he thy sufferings."
His desire was granted his son recovered, but Bulbar died and was burled in the pleasant gardens ot Kabul.
Treasures of Empress Dowager Said
to Have Been Sent to. Europe
Sales of gold have undoubtedly
been made by the Chinese authorities,
aud from cables which aro now coming to hand from China it would seem
that there Is some prospect of the
movement assuming rather large proportions.
No one has ever known the extent
of the hoarded wealth of the late Empress Downger, though all kinds of
rumors have been current as to Ihe
accumulation of colossal arms. Now
that by reason of the present disturbed condition of the country (he meeting of the Interest charged on the
debt must impose considerable strain,
It would certainly not. bo surprising
If sales were made of some of this
hoarded gold, if only with the obieci
of facilitating the prompt payment of
the coupons on the foreign debt, a matter concerning which the Chinese Government has always displayed with
scrupulous care.
At present the only amount definitely known to have left China in the
shape of gold Is .£150,000, but there
were reports in the city recently that
something like another half million
had been' despatched, though there
seems to be some doubt as to whether th^ destination is Berlin or London.
Wilh an exercise book on his kuaes.
a sharp looking school-hoy sat iu ihe
corner of the street car scribbling for
dear life. Occasionally he glanced
through the window, evidently for inspiration, sonietiiiirs thero was an
anxious frown on his (ace.
Impressed by the youngster's activity, an old gentleman In the oonns-
He ('-.'ner had bis curiosity aroused.
"Can't you manage lt?" he asked In
u sympathetic lone.
"Manage what, sir?" the youngster
"Wby lhat problem you're working
out for your home-work."
"Homo work!" exlnlmed the Ind.
with a sunny smile. "This is ten tlm-
< s worse than home-work. I'm picking
our hockey learn for Saturday, and
I've got twelve men for seven places."
Yonr wife certainly win
appreciate lt -when yon
bring home a can of SNAP
Soap won't clean her hands,
after filling the lamps, milking
the cows, peeling potatoes and
onions. SNAP banishes dirt and
every odor without hard rubbing
and healing —
keeps the skin
smooth and free
ofcharm". Bring
119 home a can—15c
Health Hints
Having consulted William .Muldooi.,"
Kngene Sandow, Dr. Woods- Hutchinson, Pierpont Morgan, Mayor Gaynor,
Dr. William Robinson, Upton Sinclair,
and many other well-known authorities on health, we are enabled to present the following rules, these being
the latest concensus of opinion:
• .Eat nothing.
Eat everything you.want.
Walk at leaBt ton mileB a day.
Do not stir unless you ride in ai carriage or some other vehicle.        1
Den't worry. \
It is absoultely necessary that you
study yourself. Remember, you are
an animal.
Chew food until nothing remains.
Bolt everything. Only iu this way
will you keep your stomach strong.
Never go on a vacation.
Change is absolutely necessary.
Eschew alcohol and tobacco.
Smoke all you want to, drink everything.
Keep cool.
Perspire profusely.
Successful Appeal
A college graduate, after years of
almost unbelievable misfortunes, decided to appeal to a classmate who
had been very successful. He sought
out the rich banker and was soon escorted into his presence. The banker,
Impressed by jhe signs of suffering
and misfortune It. both the face and
clothing of his old associate, said in
a shocked manner:
"Goodness, man, what haB happened
to you?"
The unfortunate one began to toll
his story. He passed from one disaster to another. He told of the loss
of his wife, of the unfortunate speculation that had left him penniless, of
broken health, of the death of hie only-
son, and of his future search for employment. As the tale unfolded tlie
banker's eyes began to dim with tears.
His shoulders shook with sobs. He
arose and walked unsteadily to a bell.
A porter entered ln response to the
summons, and tho banker said to him
"James, throw this man out. He is
breaking my heart."
""Ml|-T C J
(•HT"-.   0^',,ir ..,.
W. N. U. No. IU
- About Teheran
Teheran, to which the Russian
troops are now marching, has more
than doubled its population I nearly
a quarter of a million) during the past
fifty years. There Is very little left
of the spirit of Haroun nt Rnschid except the surrounding mud villages aud
the pits that dip down to the underground water courses. Civilization,
due mainly to British Influence has
thrown 11b spell over the ancient city;
and so we have up-to-date telegraphy,
telephony, gus. electricity and tram-
cars. But the finest development of
the spirit of the age le to be found in
tho exodus to the giant mountains
nearer to the Caspian. Tliere. as at
Simla, fashion and wealth own magnificent houses and live iu a beautifully dry and cool climate. The Shah
sets the example for there are at least
half a dozen places where His Majesty may take his seasonable pleasure.
The Traok of Bird Migration
Some more remarkable "recoveries"
have been made by ringed birds, and
once again Portugal takes a prominent place. Two terns, first ringed ln
their nest, oue In Roseshlre and one
lu Renfrewshire, have been reported
fils autumn, the first 15 mileB south
of Oporto, the other near Avelro In
These "recoveries" In Portugal are
becoming so considerable that It may
soon be possible to track out a regular
line of migration along the coast and
acrosB Spain, parts of which perhaps
are the best bird paradise in the
world. Quite a nuniher of English ornithologists are now engaged in studying those birds and Investigating migration.
A Sad Case
The greatest buttonhole.- itl London,
ou his return from a winter holiday,
was telling his acquaintances at his
club that he had been occupying a
house at Davos, not far from Mr.
Labouchere, who, he added, was ln a
very melancholy state. "I am truly
sorry for that," Bald one of hla melancholy' hearers, "What Ib the matter
with him?"
"Well," replied the bore, "I was out
walking one day, when I saw Labouchere coming down the lane towards me.
The moment he caught Bight of mc he
darted Into the fir wood which was
close by, and hid behind a tree till I
had pasted.   Oh, very sal, indeed I"
Great London still depends upon lis
army of cats to handle the rats among
the ships that come up the Thames.
The port of London estimates it's
bill for cats' milk for the ctirrc*t
year at i4fl(>0.
Blobba.—Now, lhat Highflyer has
lost his fortune, I guess he's glad his
wife has been frugal enough to put
something by.
Slobbs.—Yes, I understand she had
saved enough to pay for a divorce.
Could be Used in Winter if Built to
Fit Sledge Tracks
Automobiles of suitable construction
could be used in the Yukon. Local
tests ln the last two years in all kinds
of weather have proved that the gasoline does not congeal in the cold weather.
Two years ago a large automobile
waB used successfully ln Dawson and
011 suitable country roads. Last winter
the White Pass and Yukon Route
Company, which operates a 320-mlle
stage line in winter between White
Horse and Dawson, tried an automobile, but lt did not prove satisfactory,
as the automobile's guage was much
wider than that of the sleds which
tliey were using and the sled track
could not be used.
The snowfall In Ihe Yukon basin
between the first of October and the
last of April—usually about Iwo feet
—remains on the ground until melted
by the sun In the spring. By midwinter the track is worn down in the
snow by these narrow gang*, sleds
until the banks on either side are 18
to 24 Inches high, making it difficult,
if not impossible, for a wide-gauge
vehicle of any kind to pass over the
There being no blizzards aud little
wind iu the winter In the Yukon Valley there are no snowdrifts to contend with, except on tlmberlesB ridges. The roads usually have low and
even grades and were they of suitable
width would be well suited for motor
vehicles. Tliose roads or trails, were
originally made fifteen to twenty-five
inches wide to accommodate the dog
When horses took the place ot dogs
these trails wore widened to accommodate the "doublo-ender" one-horse
"led, which is long nnd .narrow, with
the runners turned up at both ends
lo save reversing the sled, whicli is
difficult to do on such narrow roads
when turning hack. In recent years
some of these roads have been widened for the use of wagons in summer, over which heavy loads are
-trawn by two, four and six horses.
If some motor-vehicle coinpany
would construct a car of the width of
the sled now in uke in this country, it
"nnld be used to great advantage
throughout the whole Yukon Valley for
speedy travel in conveying mails, passengers and freight. Tho time now
occupied by stage between White
Horse and Dawson is five to eight
■tsys. with relay stations at Jo-mile Intervals, while an automobile should
-flake the Journey at any time In tlie
year within two days.
Children Often Need • ••™l•»r-,>*■• >» ■*»• * ■«•
careful what you give them.  Harsh:
pur jativau Injure the bowels and pave tho way for
Ilfe-lont troubles.   The new
does the work most .
effectively without Irritating the bowels* I
or causing any discomfort.   The children like them for Ihey. taste
like candy.  One of ths most popular ef Ihe NA-D8U-C0 preparations,
25c > hex. II rear druttlit hu not mt stocked them, Hnd 25c. mil wt will null th.m. 20
Natleaal Drag aad Ch.nld Ci_m__f<. Caaaih. U»UW,      .      .      Montr..!.
Smokeless Powder Shells
These shells cost a little more than black powder loads,
but for bird shooting they are worth man/ times the difference,
as there is no smoke to hinder the second barrel. They are
by far the best low priced smokeless load on the
market When you buy, insist upon having them.
^.-^JHE  RED   W    BRAND
Motor Boat  Exploration by  Member
of American Colony in Jerusalem
An Interesting trip around the Dead
Sen was made in a motor bout hy
.'acoh E. Spafford, a member ot the
American colony in Jerusalem.
In circumnavigating the lake four
or five \ery fertile plains or gliors
were mot with. "These plains," writes Mr. Spafford. "naturally bring to
Hind the connection of thc Dead Sea
with Sodom and Gomorrah, tlie 'cities
of tlie plain,' that were overthrown.
They have been variously placet! 011
every Bide of the Sea.
"TheBe plains and the small oasis
i, Engedi are the only points where
life of any kind and water are to be
found. Engedi our first stopping
place, is Iho only spot on the West
side where fresh water Is lo be bad.
This evidently was a litle paradise In
the time of Solomon, and is frequently
mentioned in the Old Testament.
"The cliffa on the west side of the
sea which form an almost unbroken
wall, excepting for the rugged torrent
neds, und which vary from *!00 to
'.wm feet in height, are all of limestone, whereas on the east side of the
take the formation iB entirely nojuS-
-tone ot exouisite hues. The abundance of water on this side ae compared with the other is very striking, too.
"About teu tnll°fi from Engendi lies
tho peerless natural fortress of Ma-
«uda ISebbeh), first fortified hy the
Maccabees, then used as a place of
refuge hy llerod. At the foot, nt the
tableland can be Been the Roman wall
of circumvallation and the two Roman camps on either side of tho small
"The fortress, which is 1.700 feet
above the sea. has Bleep sides at an
ungle nf about 7f> degrees and cannot
bo approached, except from 11 connecting neck called the Serpentine. A
"■ore Inhospitable plucu or one morn
disadvantageous to bcaclgers could not
he Imagined. •
••Eight miles away Is .Tobel l.sduni,
a mountain of rock salt rising to a
height of 500 feet. In thia mountain
Is a large cave which was explored to
tho extent of about 200 yards, at whicli
point a tattering cylindrical shaft of
about 20 feet in diameter was discovered, piercing the solid rock salt DO
feet high, as though through nollBhed
marble, evidently effects of Ihe rain.
"Great enow white stalactites hung
from the crillng. The approach 'o
ihis mountain presents most fantastic appearances of walls, buttresses.
parapets, prolactins, towers, etc, ctius-
ed by the stratification and i-iy of the
salt boulders.
"A little south of Masada ties (no
rich Ghor-el-Mlzra. Here and elw*-
vhero abound the annle of Sodom de-
t'cribed by Joaephus." -,
A favorite sport ln New Zealand, as
also in Australia and Tasmania, Is
competition In wood-chopping and
sawing; and in these contests, which
attract a great deal of Interest, the
championships are always won
through the us-> ot American tools. In
fact, the expert woodsman working for
a prize would never think of using
any other kind of tools.
Matrimony Course for Girls
Years ago Sir W. S. Gilbert depicted
a school of matrimony for young men.
The Jack in search of his Jill "should
prentice himself at fourteen and
study from morning till e'en." 'Twas
purely a matter, of skill, which all
might attain if they willed.
In Los Angeles, California, there Ib
an evident belief that what- is sauce
tor the gander Ib equally sauce for the
goose. The announcement is made
that a course of matrimony has been
included in the curriculum of the
Gardens Agricultural High School.
According to a despatch to the "New
York World," five classes of girls are
daily taking advantage of instruction
in courtship, matrimony, the care ot
babies, mother craft and domestic
"It Ib planned," we read, "that boys
in Los Angeles shall bo permitted to
take tho course next year, but some
doubt is expressed about the ueed of
this. It is regarded that lhe 'female
ot the species' will bc bo adept in the
matter of courtship and matrimony
by lhe end nf lhe year that she will
have little difficulty in imparting her
knowledge to the less deadly male.
"The girls aro taught how to deport
iheniBelves during courtBhip, and instructed lu household management,
house dlelies, housekeeping accounts, dressmaking, millinery, and
even in such practical matters as how
plumbers are supposed to do their
work and how much they should be
A Legal Distinction
A long-winded, prosy counsellor was
arguing a technical case recently before one of the Judges of the supreme
court, lie had drifted along in su _.'.•.
a desultory way that It was hard to
kocp track of what he was trying to
present, and the Judge had Just vented a very suggestive yawn.
"I sincerely trust that I am not trespassing unduly on the time of this
court." eald the lawyer, with a suspicion of sarcasm in his voice.
"There is some difference," the
Judge quietly observed, "between trespassing on time, antl encroaching on
V-.rrt      STEAMSHIP'
Weekly    Sailings   to   and' From
Liverpool.    •
Prepaid Passages
All Railway Stations
Manitoba, Alberta,  Saskatchewan,
British Columbia.
At lowest rateB.   For reservations,
tickets, details, see local agents or
J. 8. Calder, Gen'l Agent, Winnipeg
The Best Way is to Laugh
Trouble comes to all of us, but they
come least heavily to those who meet
them with a good humor and fight
them dowu.
The best way to drive dull care
away is with a laugh, for It hates
merriment, and vanishes in tho sunshine of a smile.
If you are worried from overwork,
take a rest, read, walk, and try to forget your cares.
If you are gloomy and sad, seek the
society of peoplo who are not, and let
them charm your sombre inood away.
The worst misfortune that can befall a man Is to surrender himself to
a morbid brooding over his cares.
UAVE Vflll » Lump in ihe Bread, 01
llnVC IUU * Growth ooaoyputot
lhe body, or a Sore that will aot heal ?
If you have, write, describe the trouble, and
mention thli paper and we will mail FREE I.
plain envelope, particular of the
Painless Home Treatment
Write to.d»y.
1 10 Cherchl I A-*., Toronto.
Send (or Free    Book    .
full, particulars of TRENCH1
particulars of TRENCH'S
REMEDY, the World-famous
Curo (or Epilepsy and Fits.
Simple home treatment
Aiinrn Ho years' success.
II IUU 11 Testimonials 'rom all
lllJrit.Upa':1" et lho world. Over
ww< ■*-**» \,n»0 in nne year.
107    St.    Jamei*    Chambers,    Toronto.
Cuba Imports most ot its stone from
The Professor's Calculation
A professor of McGill, Montreal, who
has greatly endeared himself to the
students on account of his kind-heartedness, has on3 particular failing—
that of absent-mindedness.
He visited his married, nephew /he
other day and had listened to the
young wife's praise of ber first born.
The gentleman felt that he must sat
something to give the impression thai
he was interested.
"Can the.dear little fellow walk*}"
he Inquired quietly. •   -
"Walk," the mother cried indignantly. "Why, ho has-been walking for
five months."
"Dear me!" the professor exclaimed,
lapsing again into abstraction, "what
a long way be must have got."
Whli Some Reason
' The only thing I find to say against
you" is that your washing bill Is tar
too extravagant. Last week you had
six blouses ln the wash. Why, Jans,
my own daughter never Bends mors
than two." "Ah, that may be, mum,"
replied Jane, "but I 'ave to!
Your daughter's sweetheart Is a bank
clerk, whllo my young man Is a
rhlmnoy-Bwecp.. It makes a differ,
ence, mum."
Womaats Ills
Msay women suffer needlessly irom girlhood te womaa-
hood and from motherhood to old age—with baokaohe,
dizziness or headache. She becomes broken-down, sleepless, nervous, irritable snd (eels tired Irom- morning 10
night. When psias apd aches raok tho womanly system st
Irequent intervals, ett year aelihhr that
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
TAI* Preeerlptlon Aae, tor or er DO yeart, Seen
carina delicate, west, ealn.wrackad mamea.
Ay lAs hundred* ett thsneaade sad tUs too la
tAe privacy ot their hames wltAaut their has. '
1st ts tukmlt te Indelicate uaettlealnse aad
otleasleely rsaataaat examination*.
Siok women srs iavited to cooiult in eontdenee by letter frit.   Address
World's Dispensary Medioal Asa'n, R. V. Pleroe, M. D„ Proa't, Buffalo, N. Y.
Da. Pibbcb's Gasar Pamii-v Docroa Boos, The People's Common Seas*
Medical Adviser, newly revised up-to-date edition-1000 pages, aaswsfs to
-Tlal* English hosts oi delicate questions whioh every woman, sing!* or married,
ought td know about. Sent free to sny address oa receipt of SO one-eeat
-   stamps to cover cos. oi wrapping sad mailing **ly, In French cloth binding. A
A Magistrate's Wonderful Experience
-With Zam-Buk.
Mr. J. E. Arsnault, a Justice of
the Peace, and stationmaBter at Wellington, on the Prince Edward Island
Rj., has had a wonderful proof of the
healing power of Zam-Buk. He eayB.
"Four years- ago, I had an accident.
I slipped in the station aud tell on a
freight truck, sustaining a bad'cut on
tho front ot my leg. I thought this
would heal, but instead of doing bo
lt developed Into a bad ulcer and later
Into a form ot eczema which spread
very rapidly and also started on the
other- leg. Both legs became so swollen and sore that I could only go about
my work by having them bandaged.
My doctor said I must slop work and
lay up.
"After six months of this trouble
I consulted another doctor, but with
no better result. I tried all the salves,
liniments and lotions I heard of, but
Instead of getting better I got worse.
"This was my condition when 1 got
mf first box of Zam-Buk. Greatly to
my delight that first box gave me relief. I continued to apply It to the
sores, and day by day they got better. I could see that at last I had got
hold of something that would cure
mo, and In the end it did.
"It is now over a year since Zam-
Buk Worked a cure In my case, and
there has beeu no return of the eczema or any trace of It."
Such is the nature of the great cures
which Zam-Buk Is daily effecting.
Purely herbal in composition, this
grcat-.balm Is a sure cure for all skin
diseases, cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, blood-poisoning, varicose - sores, piles, scalp sores, ringworm, inflamed patches, cuts, burns
and bruises. Ail druggists and stores
sell at 60c. bo)/, or post freo from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
"He preacheth beBt who stealeth bost
All thoughts both great and small;
For the great mind that preached
,    them first,
From nature" stole them nil."
womenItill ARE
       —-1--- — e—■•-' Aflfli.-CaaKWYine. Anti.Frirtion and Accurate Sowing features. '
Carrie.—May seems to be very good
to Jack.
Edith.—-Yes. They were playmates
when they were children.
Carrie.—But that ts no reaBon.
Edith.—Isn't it? Ho knows her age
and Bhe hns to be good to him for fear
he'll tell.
Pills That Have Benefitted Thousands.—Known far and near as a sure
remedy In the treatment of indigestion
and all derangements of the stomach,
liver and kidneys, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills have brought relief to
thousands when other specifics have
failed. Innumerable testimonials
can be produced to establish tlie.truth
of thiB assertion. Once tried* they
will be found superior to all other.
pills in the treatment of thfl, ailments
for whicli they are prescribed.
She was tired, nervous and run down,
and suffered from pains In the
back.—Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
Paquetvllle, Gloucester Co., N. B.,
(Special)—That Dodd's Kidney Pills
are suffering woman's beat friend was
never better demonstrated than in the
case ot Mrs. Geo. Butler, a well-known
and highly respected resident of this
"My trouble was brought on by hard
work," Mrs. Butler tells her friends.
"For four years I suffered from pain
in the back. I was always tired and
nervous. My head ached and I had
dark circles under my eyes, which
were also puffed and swollen.
"I was ln a generally run-down condition and feeling very much discouraged when I started to take
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and I can only
say I found relief at once."
The mainspring of woman's health
is the kidneys, if the kidneys are
right the blood will be pure. Pure
blood Is absolutely essential to good
health. Dodd's Kidney Pills make
tho Kidneys right.
An Alarming Remedy
"Every Christmas   present   should
be appropriate," Bald W. C. McDonald,
New Mexico's new governor, at a dinner ln Santa Fe.
"We should none of ua bestow our
Christmas presents so foolishly as did
the rich widow of Vbamberlno. who
sent 10,000 alarm clocks to Uganda to
help the poor sufferers from sleeping
Clean Living
Tampo—A bath bun an* two sponge
cakes, please. n  ,
The Wailress.-Two sponges .and
a talk tor the gentleman, pleaBe.
A Case That Should Bring Hope to
Other Sufferers.
Enlleos'y is one of the most serious
troE that afflicts the human rac •
This trouble is a so knOwn as    aU
sans? 2W2y£j3
fane The muscles become rigid and
Sere is a twitching of the,. fac *, and
Hams Pmk ';''"'•" BVBtenl| thus en-
blood, strengthen thej-y"™1' , Ule
abling it to resist the «W* °    b
disease.   ™°J^&&?bo7tal*
of interest to any wbo bui«
terrible malady.   Mrs. Jone son_
Bancroft, pnt., smb. ' » stricken
dive, at the age of We »as ^
with spasms of tits and *»»^    year8
did tor him. £01 "te next in    y
wafl afflicted with tuem, app      ^
growing worse.    Hei WM u
care at «^S3l&£ *> *?000-
ont doctors, but JUW™"  „ tbo time,
He was growing worse au t
untilI he got so bad that n    ^
sometimes have ! tweirye t
TT  I Sick Sen's Hospital,
llepsy, but did not help »       but
p„ls and Bfnved,rtSnt1)0aaTo diet. He
following the directions »        ^^
One Fellow Said
He Spent $10,000
This all went Into that old Stomach ot his—In tho form of whiskey,
but now This Fellow has just completed the Neal 3 Day Drink Cure
He had hecn a Good Old Sport and hit the pace that kills, but he finally woke up to
the fact that he couldn't handle it like he used to and threw up both hands, acknowledging it had him beat.
Why, It will get the best of 'em—all you can do is to stick to lt.
It wasn't so long ago be said he could handle about 20 or 30 a day and wake up in
the morning and take a full glass of whiskey and it would put him ln shape to go to
work. But as yeai'B roll by It's a different story. Now-a couple ot shots before breakfast
is just starting a little drunk.
This fellow admitted he used to Drink a little—say 30 or 40 a day—but when last
seen said he never felt better in his lite—is hungry before dressing and gained 20 pounds.
Sure he took this treatment last May, and furthermore, says the very Bight of liquor
nauseates him.
If you are a Farmer, Skilled Mechanic, Travelling Salesman or a business man-
Take time to investigate our claims, and not condemn lt without investigating.
This treatment is backed hy physicians the world over—administered here by a
physician, with every comfort of Club. Write tho nearest Neal Institute for tti*%%t
NEAL   INSTITUTE   CO.,   Limited
fsOAA   Cmiil   et,
820 Thirteenth Ave. West,
405 Broadway,
2244 Smith St.,
If your kidneys are not right, your whole
hotly suffers. Neglect that condition and
your sufferings will ue increased tenfold. The
best time to treat kidney trouble is in the
beginning. Take DR. CLARK'S SWEET
NITRE TILLS nt, once, when you have
lame back, headache-*, spots before the
eyes, pains in tho joints, ete.
Most people know tlio value of sweet
nitre in its notion on tho kidneys. Five
other proved specifics are used in DR.
cleanse, tone and stimulate impaired kidneys.
Fut you right and keep you lieht. Sold
everywhere At fifty cents a box or mailed
direct by 40
Winnipeg, Canada.
. keeps children
healthful and happy.
Give them a few drops of
this strengthening food-
medicine every dey and
watch them grow.
I     Croup
Loss of Flesh
aad mujr oilier troubles
all oeuee.sTs
W. N. U. Ns. 883
'oliowing tho aireciioiin ■». *v -	
continued taking the pills for several
months, the spasms gradually coming less frequent, and with less severity, and finally they ceased altogether.
It ts now about two years since he
took the last of the pills, and he hss
not had a tit in that time, and Is uow
ib well and strong as any other boys
of his age. I have great reason to be
grateful for what the pills have done
for him, and hope this may be of
value to. some other sufferer."
These pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or may he had hy mall at BO
cents a box or six boxes for ¥2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
"tn the Paddlngton borough of London, lt you operate a tenement or
•floartmont house, you must sweep tho
floori. of all rooms at least once a
day, wash them once a week and open
tho windows of all sleeping rooms at
least one hour each day or pay a tine
if $25. It may not be possible to make
the people moral by law, but the Borough Council of Paddlngton believes
*nuch can bo done to make them
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
"Do you love your parents, Reginald."
"Oh, yes."
"And why do you love your parents,
"Or, It's the conventional thing."
It Testifies for Itself.—ttr. Thomas'
Kclectrlc OU needs no testimonial of
its powers other than Itself. Whoever
tries it tor coughs and colds, for cuts
or contusions, tor sprains or burns,
for pains in the limbs or body, well
know that the medicine proves Itself
and needs no guarantee. This shows
wby this OU Is ln general use.
■—'■■■■   i Am*,stmm*
Sure of ths Scotch .
A Scottish laird overheard some
Lowland cattle-dealers discussing the i
UBe of "England" Instead of "Britain"
In Nelson's famous Bignal. "England
expects that every man will do hiB
duty." According to one patriotic
Scot, thore was no question of the
admiral's forgetfulness, and when a
companion expressed surprise at the
"Injustice," tho patriot reassured him
Nelson," he explained, "only expects
of the English; he said naethlng of
Scotland, for he kent tho Scotch
would do theirs."
Visitor.—So your agricultural show
was a great success. Big exhibit ot
live stock, I suppose?
Native.—Not a one. Yo.u see, we
had to use that space to pack the
automobiles ln.
lulckly stops coughs, cores colds, baels
ue throat •&__, lusals -      30 cents.
Tho wrist contains eight bones, the
palm five and the fingers fourteen.
Many mothers havo reason to bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because lt has relieved the litt'.e ones
ot suffering and made them healthy.
•'Why wero Adam nnd Eve driven
from the Garden of ''don?" asked the
Shnday school teacher. "I suppose
because they started to raise Cain,"
replied the boy at the foot of tho class.
WeU, WeU!
High Finance
- "What makes him look bo solemn?
He gets his month's salary to-morrow."
"That's just the trouble. Ills wife
and his mother-in-law allow him 50
cents a week out of It, and he's trying
to make up his mind to strike for a
Hamllns Wizard Oil Is recommended
by many physicians. It Is used in
many public and private hospitals.
Why not keep a bottle on hand in your
own home?
Kymer.—What is the secret of success in business? Selling the people
what they want?
Muntobum.—No, not exactly, educating them Into the things you have
to sell.
Your druggist will refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT  tails  to  cure any cue of
Itching,  Blind,  Bleeding or   Protruding
flies in S to M days.    60c.
Tho Central London Hallway Company Is Installing a ventilating system designed to supply 80,000,000 cubic feet of'ozonized air dally ln the
stations of Its tunnel system.
Mlnsrd's liniment cures garget in cows
President Van Buren established the
10-hour system In the navy yards of
the United States ln 1840.
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
.8 I'aflS-r  Av.Toronto. Ont.laio
■■ ■ ■ B^ ____% Trappors.Deslers.ta
■ ■ ■ rl erm anyaandottswryrs.
1 I ■ 1 ■ >V" cannot affaaral tn dis-
■■ ■ ■ WSSZ ^S-x nose of tbelr collect.
I     Ml    I II  ■l°n»  without   flrst
■ ****( I 1^^ obtsininR our prices
^^  - ^^ sent iipaan request.
Remittance forwarded day goods received.
i Express and mail charges on all shipments
paidby us. Canada's L-fSest Fut Operator.
1 Ynur correspondence solicited.
John BtOlsv Toronto
The Substitute
Kitty—Are you Bending many things
away this year?
Daisy—Dear me, no. Nothing but
picture postal cards.
When Your Evil Heed Care
Try Murine E^e Remedy- No Smarting—Feel*
Fine— AutH Quickly. Try It for Red, Weak,
Watery Eyes and Gramit&tetl Eyeliils. Illustrated  Book In eaeh Package.    Murine  It
mmpoundfu by onr Oet.1l_.i_i -nut a "Patent Mrd-
Urine"—bnt mnd In BuciTMifnl Physlc-liiim' Practice fur Lianr years. Now dedicated lo thn Public nnd Bold br Drug gluts at 25c nnd (flcjw*r Bottle.
Murine tye Bahrein Aseptic Tubes, 25c and fiOo.
Murine Eye Remedy Co.! Chicago
Is a splendid P#rk Producer
The successful hog-raiser is the man who bends every effort
to prevent disease ami-KEEP HIS HOGS HEALTHY.
He provides his hoes with warm, clean quarters—and adds
a little "INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD'to every feed.
This wonderful tonic keeps the blood pure—regulates the
bowels-makes the animal* cat well—and thus fortifies them
against those banes of tha breeder—Hog Cholera and Pneumonia.
You can easily raise " Fall Pigs" and hava them Tina
ind fut for the market In May or June, if yon feed
Your sows will mine two OfOli i ittkms of ktroni* healthy
l rack vhah if you feed INTERNATIONAL STOCK
-•-    »■     i.......:_.. „■„. tnr ,.„|„i, »t thp rate of atu.-i
FOOD,   For fatteaiirag p'gat for market, st the rsie oi i aaa .1
pound- cstra a day, tharra at nothing In the world to compare
Willi it.
The bis here— ptize winner.., nriahins from 300 10 60a
Pflaand.-ara,    regularly fed  "INTERNATIONAL    STOCK
OOD." Why don't yau feed it snd make mora money out of
your hogs?   s Paeda for one cent For tale at all Dealers,
International Stock Food Co., Limited. Toronto
I dyed ALL <!■«»•
of Gooda
^•Ith the SAME 0,e.
I used
NO tonnes of ■ tlnf the WRONG Oye for tha Good*
one haa to color, AIW'O. tin from your Dfunriit or
Dr.lar. FltF.P. Color CsrJ un-l STORY Booklet II,
The Jolww.HichsrJ.on Co.. UwltwL Montreal.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
— - Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HameSS Oil   The IMPERIAL OIL CO,, Umlted
Economy in little things U juat a>
important as economy in big taiigi
will answer one'of your "economy question*" 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
1_ TIIE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If your eyes trouble you at all,
itis the height of folly to neglect
theni. " Properly adjusted glasses
afford the only relief for those
tired, overworked, achins eyes.
Wn make a specialty of relieving
tired eyes, and guarantee satisfaction.
An HI        • JEWBM.BR8
.L>.I.Vlorr.son, optician
'aiblt-ahaaal a_T, (Irnual Kork,, British Columhl
i. A. K.vanb  Editor and Publisher
A Ita of this papar oan ba aeen at the office
all Maura. K. A I. Hardjr A Co., 80,81 sud «2,
Pleat Street, K.C., London. Kaaarlaaaa.l, free of
shame, and that firm will be glad to reoelve
- «ubaeri|.tlons Hnd advertisements on our be-
•aalt.       "
•lu. Tear    	
One Tear (in advance)	
One Year, in United Slates .
.. 1.00
.. I.M)
Addreaa all communications to
Thi Evbnino Sun,
fHONB H.t Gkakd KomB, B.C
FRIDAY,'MARCH 29,  1912
By playing with loaded dice the
McBride government has secured
another four years' lease of life.
Premier McBride wanted a snap
verdict, and he got it. Ninety per
cent of the electors did not know
what they voted for.
The Next Legislature
The following members-elect were
victorious in the provincial elections yesterday. A large percentage
of them undoubtedly owe their success to the distribution of 816,000,-
000 by the late legislature:
Vancouver—Conservatives, \V. H.
Bowser, H. H. Watson, C. ErTis-
dall, A. H. B. MacGowan, Dr. G.
A. McGuire.
Victoria—Conservatives, Hon. R.
McBride, H. B. Thomson, Frederick  Davey, H.   F.   \V.   Behnsen.
New Westminster —^onsertivt-,
Tom  Giilord.
Grand Forks—Conservative, E.
Rossland—Conservative, L. A,
Nelson— Conservative,..'. R. Maclean
Cranbrook—Conservative, T. D.
Kaslo—Conservative.Neil T. Mac-
Ymir—Conservative, J. H. Schofield.
Fernie—Conservative, W. It.
Columbia—Conservative, H. G.
Greenwood—Conservative, J. R.
Slocan — Conservative, William
Alberni — Conservative, J. G.
Saanich—Conservative, Hon. D.
M. Eberts.
The Islands—Conservative, Hon.
A. E. McPhillips.
Cowichan—Conservative, W. F.
Esquimalt—Conservative, II. H
Newcastle—Conservative, R. B*
Revelstoke—Conservative, Hon.
Thomis Taylor.
Similkameen — Conservative, L.
W. Shatford.
Richmond—Conservative, Carter
Delta—Conservative, F. J. A. Mac
Skeena — Conservative, William
Yale—Conservative, Alex  Lucas.
Nanaimo—Socialist, J. Place.
Okanagan — Conservative, Hon-
Price Ellison.
Atlin—Conservative, Hon. 11. E.
Chilliwack—Conservative, S. A.
The following scores were made
by the members of the Grand Forks
Gun club at their weekly shoot last
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty:
W. B. Cochrane  42
II. Goepel  42
T. A. Mclntyre  39
F. W.Russell  38
Dr. Acres  34
H. N. Niles  31
G. M. Fripp  30
Mr. Rickelson  44
E. E. Gibson 22 out of 25
Robert Mcintosh, the architect,
will leave next week for the const,
where lie intends to locate permanently.
James McArdle will leave next
Monday for n business trip In Van
That's tlie first thing you want in  Hardware.   Thc
brands we sell have stood thc test of time.
That's the next thing you want to know is right.
We arc the ones who think it will pay ns to charge
you only a fair price.
The city council has purchased a
reservoir's!te, and will import an expert from Spokane to examine it.
Alexander Milroy, of Myncaster,
and Elizabeth Stewart, of Greenwood, were married in the latter
town last Friday.
Mrs. Ed Davis visited Greenwood
this week.
Holy Trinity Cnuncii, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
tbe 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Pkesbytkrun Chcrcii—
Sabbath services at 11 a, in. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class) at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Itev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8.00 p. ra.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev., H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
uksH and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 25,112      243,003
Mother Lode....... 8,740       85,785
Rawhide  4,78G       22,704
Jackpot.      122        3,669
Athelstan  '...  .        340
Emma      436        4,901
Others      220        2,633
Smelter treatment—
Grnnbv 25,111      288,672
B. C. Copper Co... 13,955     119,994
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
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Eli* Stontefc
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Ini.H, procuring tho photographs from
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P. O. BOX 1353
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Muknrs of Gas Producer Plants and Oil
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lijt-itittir purposes.
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Kntrlntid. Kumpmeut tor Mines ami Contractor* Light Locomotives (steam and
clecirloat), do.
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ulit'iition.   Willi* for information.
(I'lll'llshed Annually)
KuaMi" fruiters throughout  the  world  to
communicate direct with Hughs!)
in eaoh clattsof goods* Hosldes being h complete emu uie total guide to London ami Its
suburbs, the directory uontalus lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
and foreign Markets tbey supply;
-irrnuired under the Torts to whioh they sail,
and liidlcattug the approximate Sailings; *
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.. In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centre* of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight puid, on receipt of Postal
Order (or 209.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
tliclr trade curds Tor 11, or larger advertise-
men.* frqin 13,
•25, Abuhurch I-niio, London, E.G.
Original Mineral Cluim. situate In tli.
Orand Porks Mining Division of Ynle Hi,
Where located: In Brown's oamp.
TAKK MH'K'K that I, Alexander C. Burr.
I Free Miners' Certificate No. ILVliMR, for
myself snd st agent for Charles K. Hake-,
Free Miners' (VrilHcate No, iWOtH. Intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, io lip-
lily to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain-
lug a Crow ii Wrapt of the atioveclshn*
And further tnke notice that action, undo
section :17, must he cninnu-iiced before thn
Issuance of curl. Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 2tth dny of June, A.D. 1011.
Yale Land District, Distrlot of Slmilkaineeu.,
TAKK notice that Kobert F. Pajre of Old*.
Alberta, occupation Fnrmer, Intends to
applv for ^permission to purchase the foi
lowing described lands:
Com mend tiff at a post planted about "u
chains north ofthe northwest oorner of Lot
1186 S.,011 Deep Creek, and about Ave miles
eost of the town of Cascade; thence north
40 .'lin.1.9; thence west 40 chains; theuci-
si.nth 40chalus;thonceeast40ohalns to point
of commencement.
J. R. Cranston, A pent.
Dated September Uud, 1911. ?
This Offer Should Gain the
Confidence ofthe Most
We pay for all the -medicine used
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Remember, you can get them in Grand
Forks only at our store. 12 tablets,
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Egg-Laying Contest
The fourth monthly record of the international egg-laying contest, under
the joint auspices of the British Columbia. Poultry association, Vancouver
exhibition board and the provincial
government, from February 20 to
March 20, 1912:
Ten.       Class I. Eggs Laid
2—White Leghorns 331
9—White Leghorns  177
4—White Leghorns  230
14—White Leghorns 211
10—White Leghorns  204
3—White Leghorns  201
5—White Leghorns  1D0
23—White Leghorns:;  152
8--White Leghorns  143
22—Buff Leghorns 143
19—Whtie Leghorns  141
12 -White Leghorna  130
20—White Laghbrna  130
6—Brown Leghorns  114
I—White Leghorns  109
13—White Leghorns  108
18—WhiU Leghorns  108
17    White Leghorns  103
16—White Leghorns....    95
21—Mottled Anconas....'    82
7—White Leghorns    78
11—White Leghorns    44
15—White Leghorns    43
Pen.       Class II. Egi;« Laid
39—Buff Orpingtons 264
33—Rhode Island Reds  248
31-Rhode Island Reds  242
38—White Wyaudottes  230
34—White Wyaudottes  228
40—Silver Laced Wvandot.es... 223
2(1—Barred Rocks..'.   167
29—Buff Rocks  150
37—Barred Rocks  140
32—Rhode Island Beds   112
30—White Wyandottes  102
36—Partridge WySnduttes    101
35—Barred Rocks    99
25—Buff Orpingtons    92
27—Silver Pencilled Wyandottes   69
28—Columbian Wyandottes     30
Average price reoeivecl for eggs dui'
ing the month, 30 cents per dozen.
Pen temperature: Highest 52 de
grees, lowest 25, average mt*an 39.24
Rain fell on fi^ur daiys, anils now fell
on one day (19th), and frost occurred
on 22 days. Ou -several mornings
during the frost the water pipe was
frozen. Heavy charges of stumping
powder are being continually fired
during the daytime. Except for the
heaviest concussions, the birds do
not seem to be disturbed as fur us
Class 11 is concerned. The lightweights do uot stand the noise so
well. It is evident that the•> egg
yields from the whole pens has been
seriously affected by these ' adverse
Considerable changes will be noted
in the various pens' positions siuce
last month. Pen 3 has dropped from
fourth to sixth place and has been
replaced by Pen 14. Pen 10 hus
climbed two notches and Pen 5 has
dropped two. Pen 20 has jumped
over four competitors.
The star performers in Class I for
ths month were Pen 2, 98 eggs: Pen
9, 88 eggs; Pens 4 und 20, 84 eggs
apiece: Pens 10 and 14, 80 eggsapiece;
Pen 8, 74 eggs; Pen 12, 73 eggs;Pens
17, 7 and 19, 69 eggs; Pens 16 and
22, 06 eggs.
The following pens deserve special
mention for having laid six eggs in
one day: Pen 8, t*ice; Pens, 9j 10,
12, 14, 18 und 21, once each.
Owing to the confined quarters,
feather eating has been rife among
the   pens   com prising  Cluaw I.   The
principal offenders have been Pens 22,
1, 9, 10, 3, 4, 2, 6. Birds in each
pen have been successfully treated
with a mixture of pure lard and Bar-
badoes aloes. This pernicious habit
has been found very hard to treat,
owing to the fact that the birds can
not be removed from the pens, because of jeopardizing their egg yields.
During the month (29 days), a
greut variance in food consnuiption
and results has been noted. For instance, Pen 40, producing 88 eggs, ate
only one pound more fowl than Pen
28, which produced only 18 eggs, nnd
Pen 2, while laying 98 eggs.consumed
two pounds more than Pen 1, which
produced 45 eggs.
Just one hundredweight of clam
shells was consumed during the
- In Class II even greater changes
have taken place. For the first time
luring the contest Pen 40 have had
lo yield up the premier position. By
inly producing 28 eggs during, the
mouth, they have dropped to fifth
place. The eggs from this pen have
bjen even smaller duriug the past
minth than previously. Pen 39 have
clruwn away from the pens succeeding. Their performance during the
month hus been the more praiseworthy
owing to the fact thlit three bn.ody
hens had to be removed. These were
broken up very easily; in fact, all the
broodies have been returned to their
respective pens within tnree days of
their removal. The following pens
have supplied broodies during the
month: 39 (3-). 'JG (*.), 31, 35,25
(1 euch).
The following pens have bettered
their positions: 39. 38, 38, 25 (1 hen
short for 9 days) 30.
The fa.loving are tho" month's
henviest producers: 39 (88 eggs), 33
(77), 38 (74), 20 (72), 31 (71), U
(69), and 25 (G6).
It was a faithful Swede girl who,
when the winter was caldest and the
furnace was not working right, was
admonished by her mistress to' tako
un iron to bed with her to warm it.
In the morning the kindly woma^
asked Lena how it worked. "Pritty
gude," she said. "Ah had it almost
warm by morning."—The  Argonaut.
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED—A  full lino of Seed Grain
and Garden Seed.
McNeil  & Henniger
NOTICK U Iierfib' irlvwn tlmt George Alex-
auder .JtuartBell,of.l..ot 8671, I*. O, Box
■'■I:*, Ur 1111(1 Forks, will apply fur a lleenoe to
tnke und Use one cubic lout pur aecoini *,t
water out of Nortli Kork Kettle Kiver Creek,
which flows lu a southerly direction ihioueh
Lot _H371 uml ui.iuiie* Into Kettle Klver near
Grand Forki), The water will be diverted opposite the townsite of Niagara, and will he
used for Irrigttt io i pnrpo-ei on the lit tl described as Fruit L md, about IM aor< s
This notioe was posted on the tr ii'iil on
the DOth day oi March, 1912 I he -tppiu-atioii
will be tiled in the office of thc Water He-
conler at Kuirview.
Objections may be tiled with the said
Water Recorder »r with the cmtiptrnlior of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoriu, It. C.
G. A.». PKM-,
&? Shoe Shop
Repairing of every de- -
scription neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
wood and ice:
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   e^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—r^A Picture that will be like a
Member of the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PllK Kiimily Herald nnd Weakly Stnrnf Montreal, aoknowlwlgeij to lit*
I     On* '-.'i.'iitrxt and beat family and farm paper nn the continent, liax on
many oeeanionH given its readers most delightful premium picture,
lint thin Hi'iifon they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
iln; best picture ever offered newspaper reader*. It is entitled "Home
Again'! and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
wbo meet after anxious separation. e
"Imddie," a collio dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of many prlau at dog snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence lie escapes one night from
bis eaplor and returns homo on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
whieh he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from bis collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to thc door and
she throws ber arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring hor mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, whicb in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
nnal parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy witb hair like
lifl mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walla of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J, Bisley, famous for
bis skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "lloms Again" on heavy j.Mte paper 22x*20
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1012.
The small sum of $1.30 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," wbich alone is
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Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth tbis
A fnrmer buy and his litist girl
»ere Miit ii in a buggy in town,
watching the people fata. Near by
was n pup-corn vender's stand.
lVs-ently the lady remarked: "My!
that pop corn smells good!"
"That's right," said the gallant.
"I'll drive up a little closer so you
can smell it better."—Everybody's
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It lists and desi-ribes 4<iMi copper
mines and companies in nil parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is cancelled
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Hook on Copper
Tlie mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him ahout mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
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Hew SnlwHr'lwH Receive^   ' T'.'i ?.. THE STTN. On ANTI FOTtTCS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
. Where the Good Onei Were Put
One of Uncle Sam's bright young
men attached to the embassy at '.on
don tells of a cab driver h» mat In
that town who was evidently ot 'he
opinion that there Is no better motto
than "A place for everything, and
everything in its place.".
On one occasion as he swung down
tho Strand a viBltor from this country
asked hiin to point out the places of
Interest. In a moment the driver
"There, sir, Is Luggit '111, whevc !lwy
hangs 'em."
Then a little later he added:
"There's Parliament 'Ouses, where
they makes the laws wot does ia
across the way. An1 there's Westminster Habby, where they burie.i the
good 'uns that didn't get 'anged.
Very many persons die annually
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complaints, who might have been
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In and Out
"Live within your income," was a
maxim uttered by Mr. Carnegie ou
his seventy-sixth birthday. This Is
easy; the-difficulty Is to live without
Plessisvllle, Que.
"I suffered from Kidney Trouble for
several years, and tried numerous
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When Tommy had the tnminyache
And the doctor came, said he,     z
"Are you.ln pain?" and Tommy sobbed
"No. sir, the pain's ln me'.'
Minard's Liniment Cures Olph'narli.
"Gent," is an abbreviation which
has never been accepted by polite society, as a witness appearing Itcfore
Judge Whightman once found to his
cost. He was testifying to the excellent character of the defendant, and
among poiuts in his character remarked tbat he was "an Independent gent."
"An Independent what?" Interrupted
Judge Wight-nan. "A gent, my Lord."
repeated the witness. "Oh, I understand," repeated the judge. "That's
something short of a gentleman, isn't
Four Children Constantly Scratching,
NearlyTore Limbs Off. Cured in
a Month by Cuticura Soap
/    and Ointment
"Two of my daughters and two ol my aoni
Were MiuYrtaK Irom very bid heads, tlie doc*
tor onlorlng my daughters to havo sll tlai-lr
lull cut oil xo M to prevent It trom spreading
all over tlielr
llcuda, tnd tO
ot tlio trouble
In order to tie
able to rub
' some  o I n t-
, ment,   which
. he save them,
' well Into the
Bores.   These
sores   sturud
ta ■ in a 11
which got
lamer tnd liner tnd then bum anal sprcail
all over their heads, tnd In some casta down
their backs and bodies. The doctor aaid It
was eczema, but they seemed to be daily
getting worse. The aores formed like little
bolls, then Oiled with matter, and looked
like abscesses. They lata ami- til Inflamed
and irritated, causing them to he constantly
scratching themselves. This mado tho sores
burst, era the matter flowed all over their
heads. We had to cut their linger nails
snd at timet to put gloves on their hands,
the Irritation waa to bad, to keep them from
digging Into the flesh, tnd tt night they
would nearly tear their limbs off. Tho
twisters would bo literally covered with blood.
"The teachers would not let them attend
ethool for let of infection spreading amonn
the other children, No I resolved to try the
Cuticura Remedies, which 1 found to benefit
mv children greatly. I continued with the
Cuticura Hoap tnd Cuticura Ointment for
one month, tnd the result Is t marvelous
Entitled to Some Fun
"What are you doing at a balllet?"
demanded Aurora Borealis of Santa
"Well, I've finished my Christmas
job," replied the jolly old gentleman.
I thought I'd enjoy seeing some stockings tnat were already filled.'
Whether the corn be of old or new
growth, it must yield to liolloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest and best cure
offered to the public
cure.''   (Signed) Oeoj
87, Flttwlllitm SI
„.. Arthur Robinson,
inland Common, nr,
a'titiev, Yorka., Eng., Jan. 3,1011.
Although Cuticura Hoap and Ointment iro
_jfd throughout tlie world, a liberal sample
of each, with ii'.'-p. book on the akin will ho
sent free, on application to Potter D. A C.
Corp., 4S Columoua Ave., Boston, U. H. A.
W. N. U. No. B85
The Passenger.—This car is colder
than usual this morning.
Tho Conductor.—It seems so. You
see, we've always depended on the
heat of the pipes and cigars and didn't
count on so many men swearing off
smoking on New Year's Day.        >
Ssickly atope condhst caret colds, heala
io ikraol .-,* Imm   '       -39 cots.
A Follow-Up
The north wind doth blow, and we
shall have snow,
And what will the ice-man do then,
poor thing?       ,,
Lest hiB lot be too hard, lie will start
a coal yard ,
And gouge the   consumer   again,
poor thing.
During the winter months the mother finds it very difficult to keep her
little ones well. Colds come on quickly aud the discomfort to the baby affects the whole household. To keep
baby well during the winter lie Bhould
be warmly clothed, have a dally bath,
lots of fresh air, and Baby's Own Tablets should he given him occasionally
to keep his little bowelB working regularly, as nothing will bring on colds
bc quickly as a clogged condition of
the bowels. Baby's Own Tablets nf*e
tho best medicine a mother can give
her little onaB. They break up colds,
cure constipation and indigeBtlon, expel worms and make baby bright nnd
happy. The Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 26 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Cook's Feat"
A woman instructor at Wellesley
college who presides over one of Ihe
dining tables nt which sit a dozen
students, snys thnt ono morning some
surly lettuce was brought on.
A freshman looked nt it, then exclaimed:
"liow clever of the cook lo crimp
it that way! I wonder how she docs
"TheBe," said the author ot a volume of poems, "are the children of my
"Yes," replied Mrs. Cayenne, "but
such a large number ot them are
adopted children."
Blood is
Like Water
When    Lips   Are   Pallid   and   the
Gums Lose Their Color
Falnille. Sept. SO. 1002.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs.—Wc wlah to inform you
that wo consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT a very Bttperlor article,
and wo use It aa a sure relief for sore
throat and chest. When 1 tell you I
would not be without lt if the price
was ono dollar a bottle, I mean it.
.Yours truly,
Some modern cities built all at once,
completo and ready for occupancy,
havo been successes, but the Port of
Heiingchow, laid out In the spring of
1009, on the shore of Yehli Bay, ten
mllos from Macoa Harbor, China, has
failed to become a rival of Macoa and
Hong-Kong, as was hoped. Despite
Its telephones, water works, light and
street car service and other up-to-
date features, its population Is only
There are about 10 deaths for every
bliih occurring ai <■"■•
You Can Make the Blood Rich and Red
by Using
If you find yourself easily tired,
lacking In vigor and energy, unable
to properly digest the food you eat
and generally out of sorts, look in the
mirror and carefully examine the lips,
guniB and oyelids. If color Is lacking
you may be sure that you are anaemic
—that your blood is thin, weak and
It would be a mlstake,.under these
circumstances, to use purging medicines; what you need Is more blood-
richer blood—and you can Increase
tlio amount of rich, red Wood in the
body by using. Dr. Chase's Nerve
Not In any miraculous way does
this treatment work, but just sb naturally as do any of the laws of nature, lt supplies to the body the elements which go to the formation of
new, rich blood. These are found in
condensed and easily assimilated
form in Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and
therefore do not bother even tho weakest stomach.
It will take a litle patience and perseverance to thoroughly restore the
system, but hy noting your increase
of weight and the return of color to
your faded complexion you will be
convinced that the lost vigor and vitality is being restored to your system.
Dr. ChaBe's Nervo Food, liOc, a box,
11 for $2.50, at all dealers or Edmonson,
Hales & Co., Limited, Toronto.
A London organization supplier
penny dinners to invalid mothers, gl -
i<ii; them tho choice of fish and chicken.
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—usedinevery corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and ita
resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them.
25c. a boxa
Bluffed It Out
Tho stories of the embarrassment of
unsophisticated diners when faced
with highly unsophisticated menu
cards are endless and usually amusing. A man whose career had confined his Knowledge of things to eat
to such standard produces aB ham and
eggs and pork and beans found himself among a company who ordered intelligently from an extensive bill of
tare, lt contains so many classified
dishes tliat lt mnkes a fair-sized book,
thc pages of which he paved aimlessly and in dismay. The waiter, who
needed only his order to go to the
kitchen was standing at one side deferentially, with his order slip and
pencil in hand. The delay was noticeable and Irritating to tlie unskilled
diner, and finally he pointed blindly
to the middle ot thc page with hia
"Give me some of that," he said.
The waiter looked over his Blioulder
and remarked:—
"That's Mayonnaise dressing, sir."
"I know it, I can read."
"But," apologetically, "what will
you have It on?"
"On a plate, you bonehead. Do you
feed your customers ln troughs here?"
A Pill That It Prized.—There have
been many pills put upon the market
and pressed upon public attention,
but none has endured so long or met
with so much fuvor an Parmelee's
?ills. Widespread use of Ihem lias
attested their great value, and they
ooed no further advertisement than
his. Having firmly established themselves in public esteem, they now
rank without a peer in the lint of
.i.aniliiid vegetable preparations.
Only  One  Who  Knew
A little boy who had Just joined the
Anglican  Sunday  School  was asked
by his mother how he liked it.
"Why!" exclaimed Charlie, "they
don't know much! The teacher asked
what was tho Collect, and I was the
only one who knew."
"And what did you say, dear?"
"Why, I told them pretty quick that
It wns n ajialti ln the stomach."
$100 Reward, $1W.
The renders ol till, paper will bo pleased lo learn
'hat there m at feast one droaucd (Uiaa-.taac that menes
aas been able to core lu all lis staal.es, and tliat ll
Jalurrh. Hall's Catarrh cure la Una only positive
aara- now known to the medical IraU'l-nlly. i'-aaarrh
acinar la constitutional disease, requires a conctllu-
laaaaial treatment, mil's Calurrh Cure I, taken In*
.aaaaailay. aaat':a_j directly upon the blood and mucous
airfares of the system, thereby dntfroyhur tbe
oiianlaalliaai of Ilie disease, . id slvlnir thc patient
trcnKth lay building up the constitution and awaHl-
■|R nature la doing Us work. The proprietors hav,
.aa much faith In Its curative powers that they offer
Dnc Hundred lliallars for any caso that lt lolls to
■lire.  Send fnr list aif testimonials
Aaldrrn P... I'HKNKY & 10 Toledo, O
Sold by sll lirusKlsta. 7_a\
Take Hull's Iamlly PUIS for -onitlpallon.
Only Scratching His Leg
Tho young Scotsman, after having
been entertained all day by a friend,
without making an offer to "stand"
anything himself, was nt last seen to
put his hand ln his pocket.
"Oh, don't you offer to pay," said
his friend a little contemptuously,
"you'd better leave lhat to me."
"1 never thought o' paying," exclaimed the Scotsman with indignation, "I was ainly scratching mo leg."
Tako LAXATIVE BROMO Qulnlno Tnblets.    Druggists refund money If it foils
to cure.   M. W. GROVE'S signature U on
each  box.    25c.
Too Honeet
Mrs. Youngbrlde.—Mrs. Smith sayB
thero Is lots of cream on her milk-bottles overy morning. Why is there
never any on yourB?
The Milkman—I'm too honest, lady,
that's why. "I fills my hottles so full
that there never Is any room left for
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Did you ever do anything to help
your fellowmen?"
"Sure. 1 gavo constant employment
to three detectives."
Mas. Winslow's Soothing Syrup lias beea
used for over SIXTY YKAKStiy MILLIONS ol
is the best remedy for HIARKIKKA. It is absolutely harmless. _ae aure and ask for " Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take DO otber
kind.  Twcntvhve cents a bottle.
Tli'lc-lis can lie  made fiom Clu...  Bl'e-i
ni- Bund,    l-'iill information upou 1-ernu-a.i.
The Berg Machinery Mfg. Co., Limited,
Toronto, Ont.
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
Mrs. Willis has been very watchful
of her husband's diet lately, and Ib in
constant fear lest he overeats.
"John," she asked anxiously ono
morning when Willis had been telling
her about tho banquet he had attended the night beforo, "how many help-
ingB did you have last night?"
"Two," answered Willis absently;
"one at tho banquet tnd ono on tha
way home."
DIXIE tobacco
......-.. MMIMHHnn /V
And the Sin of Omission Alice.
Charged Against Herself.
Elinor for the flrst time in ber life
was looking the future squarely in the
eye. Hitherto she bad been content to
nibble at life, munching away conteut-
edly enough, satlsfled with the joy ot
the moment. And she might bave gone
on so for an indefinite time had It not
heen for tbe occurrence ot the 3d of
New Year's day is slguiBcant only
because tben, by common consent,
time moves up a number,. Tbls particular June 3 made aii indelible Impression on Elinor's mlud because on tbat
dny sbe began to be thirty-two-began
at the very beginning, of course, but
still she begun.
"I shall soy I'm thirty-one all tbls
year anyway,;' she announced defiantly to that other self that receives onr
dearest confidences. "It's such bad
form to Boy you're thirty-one years
and two months old, or whatever lt
may happen to be. And If I hare to
write It I'll make It thirty-one In round
numbers-not even thirty-one plus."
All of vejiich, as Ibe reader can see,
was very unscrupulous.
However, as she fouud, by far tbe
worst thing about beginning to bo
thirty-two was tbe fact tbat you
couldn't -forget It.'' The harder you
tried tbe better you remembered It.
"Well, wbat if I am?"
This wns the remark that our heroine slung luto space wben. after a
week of torment, she sat down with
her chin resting ou ber hands to have
the thing out "What If I am? So
are plenty of other gir-woiiien, I
mean. Alice is thirty, Mary thirty-one,
Mabel twenty-eight"
She paused In her enumeration, struck
by tbe thought thnt nil these friends
wore married. Matrimony was it subject to which sbe bad given the minimum of thought She supposed sbe'd
come to it some time, but sbe was ln
no hurry to enter that narrow pasture
so long os there was pleasant browsing
1   to be hod outside.
When she had thought of It at all lt
had seemed to mean chiefly a tiresome
round of housekeeping that resulted In
three perpendicular lines Jnst over the
nose, a memorandum of worry tbnt sbe
secretly determined to mold ns long ns
possible. But now tbnt sbe wns beginning to bo thirty-two the thing was
Could It be, she asked herself, thnt
■be had made a mistake after all aud
that tbose tbree Incisive lines were ns
much ot an honor as an officer's bars?
Could it bo that there was a polut
wben one begau to be tblrty-t'wo, for
Instance, when becominguess demanded that one should lay aside "Miss"
Just ns lt required that ono sbould
■top wearing pink?
Sbe faced her plight with a stiff upper lip, realising (but she bad no ono
but herself to blame. Tbere bad been
■ number of men—thc mischievous dimple at tbe corner of her mouth danced
into sight for a second nt the thought
of how mnuy-who had done tbelr best
to stop ber In what she now recognized
for tbe flrst lime her mad career. Sho
had declined their offers kindly, but
with a certain royiil carelessness tbnt
recked not of possible durk hours to
eome. When did any womnn born to
tbe belief lu the divine right of queens
ever'foresee dethronement?
She hud Inadvertently "lived over,"
■■ she bad once heard It quaintly
phrased. There was no donbt about It,
■he wns an old maid! She repented It
■loud in all Its brutal truth, scorning
such euphemisms as "spinster" uud
"bachelor woman."
"You're nn old muld-just a plain old
maid!" she said audibly. Bnt It sounded llko n Joke-like .one of I Hose things
too bad to lie trtto. She wuuld probably wake up after a bit to find that
■he had been married since ber eighteenth year and bud n son ready to enter college nud n daugbtcr about to
make ber debut,
No sucb happy awakening cume,
however, und with desperate phlloso-
' pby sbe deckled that since she was
in old maid she would enter into tbo
role for all It was worth. At least
■be would avoid the error of being
Little by little ber ploiucst gowns
were brought Into requisition. Certain
llttlo graces and frivolities of tbe toilet
were one by ono abandoned. Sbe timidly asked Alice, her closest friend, to
teach Ibe children to call ber "ntiutle."
• thing which she had hitherto forbidden uuder the penalty of n sudden
death to the cherub that sbould flrst
be guilty of It
"What Is thc mutter with you?"
gasped Alice, with u since of amuse-
ment "And what hare you been doing with your hair, and whv are vou
wear»g fbat ugly old dress, with all
the handsome things tbat you have?'
"I'm Just Wearing tbe things suitable
to my age before the dear friends bave
a chanco to point them ont to me,"
was the answer. And that night her
Wend confided to ber husband, with
thoughtful regret, tbat Elinor was becoming a regular old maid.
Another of her friends nnd comrades, Mai Anderson, also noticed the
subtle change.  Theirs bad been a sort
How Brother Smathere Came Out ef
the Churoh Organ Fracas.
B longer I lives ln dis world de
mo' I 'minds musse'f of a blame
fool in de face an' de keener I
sees dat 1 isn't got no sense," pessimistically remarked old Brother Smatti
era. "I rlz dar ln de midst o' de bid
ness mcetin  an' 'maglned ln mub lg-
of brother and sister frleadshlpof long l "UD™ ^ °h""« d* L**wd.J?as "!"
_..„_..—    ., . icflfluouipui iung , jjj |-d ,noly cut some impawtance In
standing. For years he bad'scolded
and criticised and bullied her. Tha
one thing tbnt he hadn't done was to
make lore; and Elinor had long since
given up trying to make him.
"Haven't you ever bean ln love.
de 'scussion.   But-bubl
"De razoo was 'bout de new cabinet
awgln. Some was. In favor of lt un-
kaze Darld danced beto' Saul, an'
some was agin it ub-kaze music am de
devil's 'tlcement, an' 1 was tor peace
Max?" sbe bad asked bim once, with J ub-kaze it's good for brudders an' sis
genuine curiosity ln the gray eyes that
had been more than one man's undoing.   A. dull flush came up Into his
ffcee, and ho looked at her strangely.
*!Yes." he answered shortly, " I hare.
Bcantlfnl nlgbt, Isn't it?" sbe went
on nfter a moment, and there was a
toucb of mockery In his voice that
made tbe questioner wince. After tbat
she asked him no more. *>
"What's up?" bo demanded, surveying her cynically as sbe came down
to receive blm one crcnlng, witb re-,
nunclation speaking from every line
of her plain gown and her smooth,
parted bair. "Is lt some sort of lay
sackcloth'and ashes? What particular sin are you mourning?"
"Tbe great sin of omission!" sbe
tabs to dwell togedder In noonlty; but,
dess as usual, nobody paid no tention
to mc. Ue slzzum rlz blgber an' Higher twell finally de nnty-awgtn side
drummed up all de lazy an' keerless
members an' voted de awgln out nn'
hauled It off on a dray to de secondhand store an' 'dess crowed. Ob-well,
den de awgln crowd girded up delr
lawns an' drug In all de newcome cut-
lud folks In town mighty nigh an' a
peck o' dem dog gaw u low brush Bab
dlsts dot was widout a pastab at de
time an' voted de awgln lo an' hauled
lt back, an dey crowed.
"Well, next de nnty-awglns dep herded togedder a pussci o dem fetch tnued
Campbellltes dat will do anything un'
a gang o   gamblln'  men an   baiter
answered demurely as they sat down idozen cumbersome Presbyterians an'
opposite eacb other. But he looked Incredulous. He bad not known her fifteen years for nothing.
"Commission, you mean," he said
dryly, with an air ot remembering
"No; omission! I'd tell yon about
it, ouly you're never any comfort to
a person. You're Just like n stone,
Max. I don't know' how I've endured
you so long."
Ho turned bis eyes lazily upon ber
wltb a look long, steady. Inscrutable.
Neither spoke, but after n moment
Elinor, with n beautifully nssumed air
of perfect ease, sought refuge ln a
study of the pattern of thc carpet
"Possibly 1 ,uiny tell you some time,"
be snid. with a nonchalant laugb, "but
go on: let me bear whin's the trouble.
You u!waj»tcll me eventually."
And bo. In fact, she did. It was tbe
beauty of Max that he made you like
and hate him simultaneously. But no
matter what you felt you wanted him,
and you usually confided In blm. That
at least had beeu Elinor's experience,
packed de. meetln an' voted de awgln
out agin an' toted It down to de crick.
But de awglu people rallied an' come
wid a buncb o' stray Noonitsrlnns dnt
isn't got no bldness wid a church uo-
how an' a cuilud minstrel show dat
was In town an a lot o' nappy beaded
scoun'rels fum over to Tumlinrilie an'
set upon de anty-awglns an' run all
over 'em dess as de instymunt was
'bout to be flung out
"Next, de anty-awglns spent twenty-
fl' dollabs on. de law an' didn't git
nothin' but long words, an' took to
rlngln* de bell every time de awgln
was playtn', an' pulnted de pews wid
varnish ono Sat'dy nlgbt an' stuck de
awgln pabty down by the pants, an'
slch like, o' Sunduy, an' all snwts o'
penurlnusness dut uti-wuy. An' de ynd-
der side banded 'em right buck, an eye
for an eye an' a toot for a toof. twell
de whole affa'r was a sa-un'al an' a
shame. '
"Final a bldnesa meeting, wns beld
to settle once nn' for all whndder
we'd Bare nn nwgln In de church or
we wouldn't have    An' I gat up In de
and it wus being repented for tbe hun*-. midst of enli ,Wnkln. Id wt .em r|ght
flWulfk       ll»A      «.-_,... 0k_>        ______ _._>___■       1...       ____.il       '_.__..__ *=*
dredtb time now. She wanted to tell
him; she always wanted to tell him everything. Sbe leaned forward suddenly, wltb a childish bid for sympathy in
her eyes.
"You see. Max, I've omitted to get
married.   And now I'm thirty-one"—
"Plus," he corrected grarely.
"Thirty-one," she continued (Irmly,
"and, though it's been great fun-well,
all at once I realized that I'm nu old
maid. It's so unexpected. Wby haven't
I married? That's wbat I don't understand."
There was a pause lu wblcb it seemed to ber thut sbe suddenly heard the
beating of ber own heart. Before sbe
fully realized whnt had happened ber
hands were beld close and Max was
"Look at ine, Elinor, and sec if yon
can't And out. I've waited years for
you to finish sowing your wild oats."
Part ef the Game.
Thc best kind of wit Is not tbe bVond
Joke or quip, but tbe remark which
summarizes lbe truth of a situation In
a striking nnd, if possible, humorous
fashion. President Lowell ot Harvard
Is credited wltb u reply whicb meets
theso conditions. It was nt a dinner
In Englnnd where John Burns, tbe labor leader, wns present Mr. Burns
was talking ubout some bygone custom af-govcrnment.
"Thut Is us obsolete," he said, "as
the constitution of tbe United States.
Am I not rlgbt. Mr. Lowell J"
"I am reminded." returned tbe other,
"of n remark which I overheard at a
tennis tournament. Two old ladles i
were watching tho game. One of
tbem snid, 'How much eusler It would
bo for Ibe players If tbat net were
uot lu the way!' The constitution is
our net"
an' de Lnwd was wid me. Hub! I
was like a dog I once knowed dnt
went wid de pack on a- coon bunt
He'd got de notion som'rs dat be was
a knowtn' dog—keener dun common—
au' when u coon wus skivered wsy
up In a leiinln' tree be dumb up as fnr
an de slant would let him an' den fell
off Into de midst o' de rest o' de dogs,
dat fo'twld mistook him for de coon.
I dunnnh wheu de light dat fotlered
wouid-ub quit If u hullstawm hadn't
come up on' bent dem yudder dogs
off'm 'Ant cunnln' one. 1 was like dst
dog-dat's nil 'limit mc!
- "I 'maglned ub-kaze de Lawd was
wid me I could settle de mess. Shucks!
1 better took n heavy broadax along."
—Tom P. Morgan in I'uik.
Half Past Kissing Time.
"Young mau. do you Uouw wool time
It Isr"
"Kr-er-ves. sir!"
"Well, what? My watch has stop.
ped/'-Cbicugo Kretilng Post.
His Impression.
Mrs Knicker-Now, win you remember ereryioiug. Joan?
Knicker-\,*p. I ni to turn Ibe flowers oui at nieut nnu sprinkle the cnt.-
Hnrper's Ituiur.
' The tftusl T*inj.
Mrs. Cnuaie- Henry, aid you
me tbe ingut i was awny'/
Mi. Candle - No; i went lo a lecture.
-Boston I'runavm.t.
Fan Mad
Bai hobbled is ner » anting 'klrt
In striale the a innl in v§in.
■he • ff.at (tie foal so verv Md
but s r.ottaien nr net oraira
-Cisveu.ua run. Dealer.
Magistrate ito chuuOcnri-Wbr didn't
you siow up wben yuu bad ruii over
the man?
"Wbut for?"
"To see It be was hurt"
"I knew be was.'
A Different Tone.
"I see your unsound ims wen witting
and dining a goud deul abroad, Mrs.
"Ue may be wining nnd dining
abroad, but at home it is dining and
wb.mug."-Bnitimure American.
"Mamma, the iluke has proposed."
"Wheu did you see blm?" .
"Ob. I haven't seen him.   I Jnst got
a telephone from papa."- Life.
Melancholy Days.
"Hare you got n tireless cooker it
your bouse r*
"Worsen"! llwt.r We're got « tireless
heater."—Clcrelaqid Leader.
Father Didn't Do So Bad.
Father didn't do so bad,
After all.   I guess it roust
Have been along 'bout hve o'clock -
When Mr. Wilkin; come with dust
Upon his knees an' says to pa,
"Now, Mr. Perrj^-I'm Juat mad
About Miss Mary."  "Ah!" an' "Er!"—
No; father didn't do eo bad.
"She'll have me," Mr. Wllkins said,
"If you wm only aay the word."
And father made a line pretense
At thinking it was all absurd.
"I eay!" an' "Ehl" an' "Wot's this nowt"
An' all the time he waa so glad
Hla head was going round an' round.
No; father didn't do so bad.
"We've talked it over," Wllkins said,
"An* Mary says it is a go."
But father settled In hia chair
.An* mustered a protesting "No!
"We couldn't think of losing her,"
An'   "Damme,   airl"   an'   "Weill"   an'
An* Mary with her costly tastes-
No; father didn't do so bad.
Of course he got lief, Wllkins did.
An' welcome to her, for a guess.
To buy her furbelows an' furs
. An' every now nn' then e dress.
I saw pa smokln' after that.
An', lo, that careworn face an' sad
Waa smiling like a Bllllklnt
No; father didn't do so bad. .
—St. Louis Poet-Dispatch.
Worthy of His Hire.
Two Ways to Bake Cookies.
Almond Cookies.—Ouo-balf pound ot
butter, one-half pound of sugar, three
yolks of eggs, one-half cupful of milk,
three cupfuls of flour, rind of one lemon
grated, four tenspoonfuls of baking
powder. Mix, roll out thin nnd cut Into
■mall cookies with tbe following en
top of each: Three whites of eggs
beaten, threo-fourtbs pound of pulverized sugar, one-half pound of chopped
almonds. Mix well together. Mak*
this ono hour before mixing cooky
Oatmeal Cookies.—Cream one cupful
of butter, one aud one-balf cupfuls ot
sugar till light. Add three eggs beaten
light, one-half teaspoonful of salt, ont
teaspoonful of cinnamon, One cupful of
chopped nuts, oue-balf cupful of raisins
blended with flour, two cupfuls of oatmeal. Put nuts, oatmeal and rulsina
through meat grinder. When thoroughly mixed add two cupfuls of flour sifted twice and one teaspoonful of soda
dissolved ln one tableapoonful and a
balf of boiling hot water. Drop on
cooky pans by tenspoonfuls and bake.
"Boy,  can  you direct  me
"Yes, for a quarter."
"Isn't that pretty high?"
"Yes, but bauk directors got
Doctor's Diagnosis Only.
Tbe pretty daughter of a physician
is engaged to a college student of
whom ber fnther does not nltogether
approve. His daughter Is too fonns
to think of marriage, tbe doctor asserts. Tbe college student Is too
young to tblnk of it likewise. It Is
out of the question.
She explained all this to her lover
the other night
"Father says," she summed lt up,
"fnther says, dear, that 1 will bave to
give you up."
The young man sighed. "Tben It's
all over," be murmured, with gloomy
interrogation. And the girl laughed
nnd blushed.
"Well," sho said, "well, you—you—
know tbat when tbe doctor gives you
up that's just the time for you to take
mors hope. Isn't It sometimes tbat
way?"—Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Sandwich Filling.
Cold ham and cold chicken mlncetl
together make a most delicious filling
for sandwiches. Fried bam ground-Una
Is always more savory than boiled bam
for sandwiches. In fact, some persons
fry the chicken which they aro going
to use for sandwiches ln order to get
the delicate browned flavor. The potted meats wblcb come for sandwich
fillings are more delicious If tbey sre
mixed liberally wltb mayonnaise dressing. And tbese same potted meats are
useful In croquettes, souffles and other
made dishes. The smallest can of tha
highly flavored potted meat mixed with
the minced -.neat of which such disbes
are to 'ie made Is sufficient to give a
rich flavor to quite a large amount.
Half of a small can is nbunduut with
the meat for croquettes or souffle which
ts to serve four persons. Most ot theso
meats bave a bit of garlic and qther
high sensonlngs wbich Ibe American
housekeeper Is unwilling to test for
herself, bnt wbich sbe Is willing enough
to use If somo oue else, like the csnner,
makes the blend for her.
The Power ef Music.
A manufacturer who made bis fortune "with his cont off," as be expressed It, was Induced by bis daughters to attend n Wagner concert, the
first he bad ever attended.
The next day bc happened to meet
nn acquaintance wbo had seen htm the
nlgbt before, wbo asked, "I suppose
you enjoyed the concert last nlgbt,
Mr. Smith?" x
"Yes; It took me back to the days of
my youth," tho father suid, with a
reminiscent smile.
"Ah. summer dnys In tbe country,
girl ln a lawn dress, birds singing, nnd
all tbnt!" cxclnlmed his friend.
"No; the days wbeu I worked la a
boiler shop," replied tbe manufacturer.
-Hartford Times.
Gave Himself Away. .
A farmer and bis wife killed thoir
last hog and left tho carcass out ot
nlgbt to cool, it wns gone lbe next
morning. They ugrced io soy nothing
about it nnd then ihey would know
that the lirst person mentioning tbe
loss wns the thief. Sunday as they
entered cburcb the preacher rend his
text, "I bare meat to eat tbut you
know uot of." Nudging his wife, tbe
old mau whispered, "Murluh. wc uever
did suspect him, did we}"—Thomas
(Okla.) Tribune.
Te Bake a Turkey.
Bake lt with tbe breast down. In
this way all the fino flavoring of tha
turkey, the Juice of the dressing and
alt the daintier Juices flow down toward the breast of tbe fowl, and when
tbe. wblte meat Is served yon get tha
full beneflt of every flavor added during the processes of preparing and baking tbe turkey, ln addition to the distinctive taste of the fowl Itself. If you
desire to place (be fowl on tbe table
before caning yon will And tbat lt will
look qu'lto unwell aa it would if baked
In the usual way. and certainly It will
taste much better.
Crafty Wooer.
"How did Smlgglcs win Mrs. Will-
Jums over to giving her consent to his
mnrrylng ber 'daughter?" nsks the
young tuun wllb Ihe large pipe.
"Met die old ludy iu the durk hallway and kissed her, then apologized,
saying be was sure she was the daughter," explains tbe young mnn wltb tbt
excited socks.—Judge.
The Bar Brooch.
ln every collection of beautiful ornn-
Clouts tbe bar broach ttnils a place. It
Is very long und absolutely rigid and It
ornamented In various ways. One pat-
torn Is set closely with emeralds and
rubles alternating, und another is a
flashing rivulet of lirilllonts from eud
to ond. A third bus a large pearl In
the center Honked by pearls of dwindling sizes lo the tiniest possible gems
at the ends.       t
Then again tbere Is the absolutely
plain gold bar brooch, which It used
for various purposes, from fixing the
squish hut In Ils pluct to securing tht
oat tided tabot
Walnut Coffee Cake.
One-half cupful uf butter, eat cupful
sugar, one-balf cupful of ttrong coffee Infusion, one ond three-fourths
cupfuls of flour, two and one-half level
tenspoonfuls of baking powder, whites
ot three eggs, one cupful of walnut
meats broken In pieces.
Cream tbe butter, add gradually tha
sugar, then the coffee and the flour
sifted with baking powder. Beat well
and add tho egg whites beaten stiff,
tben tbo nut meats. Beat again and
bako In shallow pan In moderate oven
for forty-five minutes. YWrVn cool cover wllb frosting.
Creamed Celery.
Take the white stalks and hearts of
two bunches of celery and boll in salted water until nearly tender. Drain
and put In a dish to keep hot while
tho sauce is prepared. Put Into a
saucepan Iwo tnblespooufals each of
butter und flour and as soon as melted
add half a cupful of tho water la
which the celery wis cooked and a
generous cup of cream. Cook until
thick and smooth, season wltb salt and
pepper, pour over tbe celery, grate a
Utile nu.'-neg over tbe top and serve,   ■
Hard Per tne Funny Mao.
"I see they're got a macbloo for tewing on buttons now," said the humorist's wife.
"That's Just my luck." mid tbe humorist. "Thc flrst thing you know
somebody will invent n machine for
finding lost collar buttons, and my
business will be ruined .""-Yonkert
Their Tongue Had a Wag-on.
"I'm going to be ynur bub." remarked
lbe young carriage builder at the altar.
"Yes," snid the blushing partner,
"and I'll supply the ipokea."
"And I," added ibe clergyman, "na
Ihe tier. Wheel now proceed Wltb tb*
teremony."—Boston Transcript THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone 11 39.
There will be a meeting of the Kettle Vulley Fanners' institute in the
Miners' Union .hull next Monday
evening, March 31, when nil members are requested to be present. J.
T. Lawrence, delegate te tlie ahnual
meeting ot the Btitisli Culumbia
Fanners' institute, recently belli in
Victoria, will submit his report. Jas.
-Hooke will lead in a general iliscua-
sion nil "Cold Storage," and VV., A.
Cooper will spent} iiii "Cultivation."
A grent deal of other important business will be brought to the attention
uf tlie members. Everybody, including Indies, invited to attend, und will
be wtjjuotne.
Nearly Any One May Secure
a Splendid Growth
of Hair
J. A. McCallum, who lias been
openting tbe past three months in
southern California, returned home
on Tuesday. Mr. McCallum reports
having lind a delightful vacation.
He is now in splendid health.
Six Austrian* were deported by
Immigration Inspector McCullum last
Monday. The men eamo up as far
as Orient on the Great Northern on
Saturday. The inspector suspected
that they intended to enter the couutry illegujly, and on Sunday ho sent
S. Dinsmore down to Cascade, where
they were-apprehended. They were
brought to this city, and then escorted uci'uss the boundary line. One
of them hud a diseased bund, und another was affected with trachoma.
Glen E. Votaw, formerly passenger
conductor on the Great Nornthern
between Marcus nnd Republic, und
nf late trainmaster iu Spokane, bus
again been piomoted. He lias heen
appointed by the Great Northern company a member of the board of examiners, and left for St. Paul lust
week to take up his new duties.
Gall Stones removed. Appendecitis
corrected in 2-i hours without pain.
Operation unnecessary. Mrs. Geo. Almas, lirantfoid, Ont., General Agent
Mis. Stark, who lias been visiting
ber daughter in Phoenix, has returned to her linii'P in .Jils eity.
I have for sale, .Silver Spangled
Hainbut'gs.Partridge Wyandottes, sc
11. Leghorn cockerels; nlso eggs of
Brown Leghorns, HIuh Andalusians
ami .Silver Spangled Hamburg".—
Kobert Clark, ninth of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
Commercial travelers liuvo been
very numerous in the city during tlie
past week, indicating improved business conditions.'
Take yonr repairs to Armson't
Hoot  and  Shop Hospital,   Bridge!
street, Grand Forks.
.   _
The nume of Goose Hay bus been
changed to Granby.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, March 28.—Tbo following are tixluy's opening quotations for
tlio stocks inenti Hied:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 36.00 30.00
B. C.   Copper       400      4.To
We bavo-a remedy that bus ni led
to grow linir uud prevented ii._klut_.-s
in IK) out of 10H casus where used ac
cording to directions .for a reasonable
length of time. That may seem like
a strong statement—it is, and we
mean it to be, and no one should
doubt it until they huve put our claim
tu an actual test
'We are so eertain Uexall *'93"
Hair Tonic will cure danilruff,prevent
baldness, stimulate the sculp and hair
roots, stop falling hair and grow new
hair, that we personally give our
positive guarantee to refund every
penny paid us for it in every instance
where it does not give entire satisf. c-
tion to the user.
Uexall "93" Hair Tonic is as pleasant to use as clear spring water. It
is delightfully perfumed, and does not
grease or gum the bail-. Two sizes,
50c, and #1.00. With our.guarantee
back of it, you certainly take no risk.
Sold only at our store—The Uexall
Store.     H. E. Woodland.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men nre so fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor to believe thnt tbey can reach
the consumers of tbis district without ndvertisingin The Sun.    .
Show curds for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tbem brief, terse and pointed
Print tbem plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
PHONE   A 14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, «S__., Columbia p, o,
The Public Be D—
It may be assumed without doing
violence to common sense, that the
government is quite satisfied with ths
public accounts. The government may
be assumed to know bow and why the
several expenditures were mads, and
to believe that every expenditure cm
be justified.—Phoenix Pinneer.
Eggs for Sale
From thoroughbred utility birds
Single-comb Rhode Island lteds and
single-comb White Leghorns. Won
18 firsts und 9 seconds, besides 8 specials, at Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Trail lust fall and winter; cup nt
Trail for best-pen in shew on S.C.
Rhode island Hcds, also special for
best Hed in show, either comb. Eggs,
tl} 00 and $5.00 per setting. T.
B6WKN, Grand Forks (Columbia P.O.)
A Hint
Two witnesses wore at the Waterford assizes iu a case which concerned
long-continued poultry stealing. As
usual, nothing could be got from them
in tlin wuy of evidence until lho nearly ballleil prosecuting counsel nsked,
in an angry tone, of voice; "Will you
swear un your viul, pat Murphy, that
Phady Hooligin lias never to your
knowledge stolen chickens."
Tlie responsibility of this was too
muen, even for Pat. "Uedad, I would
hardly swear by my S'inl," ho said:
"but 1 do know that if I was a
chicken and Plntdy about I'd roost
Metal Quotations
NKW VoHK.Mareh 2S. -Silver 58*1
standard copper, |14.20(3)14.374.
nil let,
I.ONI.ON, Mara-li __>.. —Silver, 2(1 J;
lead, £15 His .id.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A Tclable Francti reguUtprt Dover (nils. Then
pilla are exceedingly powerful in nunlutlmr thn
BMemtlvQ portion <>l tin: female .system. Refuse
nil ctifMp ImlUtloni, Vt* do \*\a'e ure snid nl
IB n boi, nr three I-t $10. Mailed to nnv address.
Tli» BeobeU l»ruic Co., Ht. Catharines, Ont
Suits to Order M8
■ We are agepta for some of tht? leading tailoring ostnli-
lislniiciits in the east, When you order from us you Imve
tlie ad vantage of 1 *euig measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfeGt fit. We.guarantee satit'action.
• Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They arc the best you can buy.
We guarantee you thc best made clothes in the country
at thc lowest prices. Wc always havo men that know
. their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we pan give
you satisfaction.    .
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Bridtfe Street,
The bent nnd mnst
"nliHtntitlal lire-pronf
building in the Muuii-
dtiry country. Recently completed mid
n e w I y furnished
throughout. Equipped witb all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally located. Firat-clauH ac-
(.inn ni'id ut inns fur tbe
travelling public.
Hot snd Gold Baths
First-GUu Bar, Pool
and  Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
*~lf".  I'-i*. „
ft \m-3i
*^P?S -i   «
'_t_.'»_rt;: •■*'
.E1MIL-   LARSEN,   Prop.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
BECAUSE      /
Wo hnve the must modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
potent workmen, nnd curry a complete
line of Stationery.
w"e print
Billhead!! and Statements,
Li'tti'ihi'iiilf and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
BusinesH nntl Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Uy-lauH
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and Menu   Card*,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
I'p-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that bur stock and workman"
ship are of the best, Let us estimate on vour order.
Wn gunl'iintee satisfaction.
®l|f Situ firm! S»hop
Furniture  Made  to, Ordor.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
k. mccutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A Compi.ktk Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh OonBlgtimmitol
tiecclvea] Wwiily.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Hontng a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor'
FlltST StflBHT.
Trade Marks
Copy nioMTi 4c.
Anrono rending * rteteta end dMeriMlon nn?
flulcklr uoertala onr opinion fret wlaantac-. mai
laa, _a|acta.O II PTaaa.lt.lr PWlMlSui' •'"•nMinifi
Wait Iras*. OlrtaMt auencr for■aKonugMtent..
Patent* taken tSroniti ilnnn AVe, noxln
NNCUIM.IM, without dwrn lata*
Scientific American.
A bindiomelfUluitritail weekly. LugMtelr-
EiUtlOQ of SAT Ktontlflo Journal,   Tarma for
aii«in,t;U5 •»•»!, pottage prepaid.   Bold br
No Room for Disappointiacat
Have you expended considerable
money and energy to make a dwelling
attractive tp lodgers and boarders and
then   been   disappointed   in   your !
putrunagc. '
There will be no room for disap- ,
pointment if you use our Want Ads. '
They  will" bring   you   lodgers and i
boarders of a desirable class.
———     mm 'I i ■ W
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
oflice in this section that have tht*
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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