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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 18, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
The 223rd Anniversary of
the Battle ofthe Boyne
Observed Here
Saturday evening, July 12, the
members of Observation L,0 L,
No, 52, celebrated the 223rd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne
in their lodge room. There was a
good turn out of members, besides
quite a number of visiting brothers,
After a short time spent in conversation and getting acquainted, tbe
W. M.. F. R Scott, called the meeting to order.
Io his opening remarks, Mr. Scott
said tbat be waB pleased to see so
many present, and on behalf of tbe
lodge be extended a hearty welcome
to the visiting brothers.
Rev Brother Barlow, pastor of
tbe Methodist church, was tbe first
speaker called on, and spoke on the
present day need of the Orange association and its opportunities of
doing good at this period of foundation laying in Canada.
Rev, Brother King, pastor of the
Baptist church, was tbe next speaker. In tbe course of his remarks be
said tbat there mucb expected of
Orangemen, and the reason so much
was expected was because the principle they stand for is so high, viz.,
religious liberty. Mr. King was.
1 stened to with rapt attention.
The otber visitors who spoke were
Brothers Patterson of Creston,.Fra
ser of Cranbrook, and Pell of Manitoba. Quite a number of tbe members of tbe lodge also gave sbort
speeches. Ice cream, cake and
lemonade were served, and some selections were given on tbe grapho-
phone, after which the meeting
closed witb "God Save the King."
On Sunday evening the brothers
marched to the Methodist church,
where the pastor preached a strong
sermon, his text being taken from
Jude, I chap., 3rd verse, "Earnestly
contend for the faith wbicb was once
delivered unto tbe Saints."
kind. Tbe cubic yards of dirt and
cement transcend experience, but
only in bulk. It is the organization
that is without precedent in the
whole history of public works—it is
this that is tbe eighth wonder of
the world, ln this organization
there ia no detail so minute but to
have received attention. From the
most puzzling problems in engineering to tbe American youth's love of
ice cream, nothing seems to have
been lef unconsidered Tbis elaboration of detail hns doubtless been
gradual, but the visitor coming upon
its completeness today the impression ia staggHrinii and not unmixed
with envy.—Mary-Gay Humphreys
in Scribner's.
_. mn
Grand Forks Produce Association Will Meet Tomorrow Night
ceived their money back than to
bave listened to the histrionic efforts of the noble red man.
An Appalling Total
The 125,000,000 worth nf financial engagements lightly submitted
to the house of commons at the-late
Bession of tbe Dominion parliament
is rightly regarded as "an appalling
total" by the Weekly Sun of Toronto, which adds:
This is over eight times the total
disbursements of the Dominion government in tbe last year Alexander
Mackenzie was in power. It is nearly
six times the aggregate expenditure
of the last year of' the Tupper government. It is mote than twice as
mucb as was spent in tbe laat year
of the Laurier administration.
The Grand Forks Produce association will hold an important meeting in tbe Miners' Union hall on
Saturday evening, July 19 Tbe
facilities for marketing this season's
products of tbe valley will be fully
discussed. All members are requested to attend.
The Grand Forks Agricultural association will held a meeting in the
Miners'* Union ball tomorrow afternoon.
The local Oddfellow lodge last
night tendered a farewell social to
Harry Mann and Jack Ford, who
will leave tomorrow fjr Hidden
Creek. Mr. Mann has accepted a
position in the hardware department
of the Granby store at that place,
and Mr. Ford will enter the electrical department. Both these gentlemen will be missed hero. Mr. Mann
has been employed in Manly's
hardware store here for six or seven
years, during whicb time bas taken
an active interest in sporting matters.   . **** "•"
Panama Canal Zone
In all tbis wide world the most
orderly community is tbat of the
Panama canal zone. Here is the
least crime; here are tbe fewest misdemeanors, the least exercise uf tbe
functions of the courts; the most industrious, the fewest idlers, absolutely no poor, equally conspicuous
the absence of the rich.
Witb its steam shovels working
like sentient beings, its locomotives
rushing about like screaming busy-
bodies, its cement buckets skimming over the earth and riding the
air to perforin their varied tasks,
with tbe long trains weaving, and
turning on their tortuous tracks like
pythons, still the most persistent
impression is of beauty, orderliness
and propriety.
Tbe greatest public work the
world has ever seen is carried on not
only with unremitting diligence, enthusiasm and honesty, but with elegance, a higb standard of living and
a morale to wbich the oldest and
most opulent cities have never attained. These are tbe words of
truth and soberness. Tbe problems
of the engineer are greater than man
has ever before encountered but in
The following is tbe  minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day  during the  past
as re
corded by the government thermom
eter on E. F. Laws' ranch:
July 11—Friday	
,   12—Saturday ...
. 0.09
On Monday evening the Odd
fellows' lodge of Phoenix installed
the following officers: R. Ross, P G ;
E. Barnes, N.G.; A. Reed, V.G.; S.
McLeod, Rec. Sec; VV. Daley, Per.
Sec; W. Ross, Treas.; J. Pierce,
Chap ; 6. Barnes, Con,; A. Broom-
geld, warden; H. Cameron, R.S.N.
G.; H. Booth, L.8.N.G.; D. O.
Hughes, OG.; J. Porjer, I.G.; E.
Blundell. R.S.S.; A. McKinnon, L.
S8. The installing officers were:
John Kavanagh, D.DG.M.; F N,
Dougall, Q.M j D. Patterson. G W.;
VV. A. Pick bard, G. Treas.; D. J.
McLeod, G. Chap.; J. McKenzie,
O. Guardian.
Rev. D. Long, Vancouver, of the
Baptist convention executive of tbis Sidewalk Building for Pr68-
province, is in the city, the guest of
Rev. C. W. King. He will speak at
both tbe 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. services in tbe Baptist church on Sunday, aad address the Sunday school
at 2.30 p.m.
Half a million protests have been
made to Tbe Sun tbis week against
allowing a burly imported loafer to
sleep in a vacant store window,
where women aud children could
gaze at bim. The couiplaiuauta aay
tbat sucb things are oot allowed in
other cities, and that tbey should
be barred from this town.
At the Presbyterian church next
Sabbath, tbe evening service will be
given over lo tbe beariug of reports
uu the Presbyterian congress lately
beld in Toronto. Tbe reports will
be given by Jobn Donaldson, Mrs.
MeKee and tbe pastor. Tbe choir
will furnish some special music.
W. J. Morris and Peter Chisholm,
of Alexandra, Ont., two gentlemen
looking for a location in the west,
were in the city this week. They
were shown through tbe valley by
Messrs. Traunweiser and McArdle.
eent Year Has Been
Grand Forks theater patrons will
be compelled to submit to another
presentation of ''Uncle Tom's Cabin."
Tbis makes about tbe hundredth
time tbe play bas been presented
here during the past year or two,
Tbree or four decades back tbe piece
evidently served a purpose, but today it has outgrown its usefulness.
It bas become a wormy chestnnt to
such an extent that managers only
play it in towns wbere tbey tbink
the Ibeater-goers are illiterate and
behind tbe times. We are promised
the usual grotesque street parade,
with its nideous noises, sometimes
called music.
Two freight cars were derailed in
the C.P.R. yards tbis morning in a
collision with a hand car. A switch
engine was backing up, with a
couple of cars in front, from the
Kettle Valley line junction. Wben
rounding the curve tbis side the
bridge the train met the handcar.
Tbe section men only had time to
partially get the car off the track.'
No one was injured.
Clarence Howard, while endeavoring to immitate tbe riders in tbe
Calgary stampede Wednesday evening after watering bis borse, was
thrown and rendered unconscious
by the fall for a few seconds!
The Colville Mission Indian baseball club defeated the Grand Forks
intermediates by a score of 13 to 1
at the Agricultural park Wednesday afternoon Yesterday afternoon
the same club defeated Clunis' Colts
by a score of 12 to 10. The Colts
came very near winning, hut they
fell down in tbe last inning and lost
tbe game.
In the so-called amusement line
the city has been inundated during
the past week with sleight-of-hand,
mesmeric, and hypnotic artists.
Tbe tricks performed were
of the variety that street fakirs usu
ally perform to attract a crowd.
Tbe hypnotic artist bad nothing
new on his program. Any old game
catches the peoplsja money.
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright were present at the
meeting of the city council on Monday night.
An offer of $35 from Mr. Spratt
for lot 13, block 12, plan 22, was refused.
Tbe council offered to supply
water pipe for city water to Mrs.
Liddicpate.'s house, provided sbe
would pay for the installation of tbe
The board of works reported that
the construction of new sidewalks
had been practically completed for
tbe present year.
Wm. Farmer, whd was appointed
by tbe council some time to inspect
and report ou tbe condition of the
Bridge street bridge, stated tbat' tbe
structure was unsafe for traffic, and
the board of works was instructed to
post a notice to thiB effect.
Tbe cemetery committee reported
that the cemetery bad been cleaned
up and that tbe grounds were now
in good condition.
Tbe finance committee was instructed to arrange for the collection of dog and road taxes on a per-
cenage basis. The rebate rate will
remain tbe same as heretofore until
altered by the council.
A modern opera house would do
more than any other agency to put
the city off the route of the numerous travelling barn-storming theatrical organizations.
Tiie Oddfellows' lodge of Greenwood installed tbe following officers x
on Tuesday evening: N.G., .'.mile
Clerf; V.G., William Phillips; Rec.
See, VV. G Pond; Fin. Sec, G. B.
Taylor; Sec, R. W, Halcrow; warden, R. McMillan; Con., L. L. Matthews; R.S N.G, W. B. Fleming;
I.G., R. J. Muir.
officers were: John Kavanagh, D.D.
G.M.; J. McKenzie, G.M.; VV. Ross,
G.W.;   W. B.  Fleming, G. Tress.;
The Grand Forks brewery jb in
stalling one of the most modern bottling plants, which will be ready
operation in about a week's
time. Since Mr. Wolfram acquired
an interest in this enterprise, new
and sanitary machinery have been
added to every department, and, as
Mr. Wibner is one of tbe best brew-
.      era  in   the province, tbe output of
The installing  brewery .g equ_., ,n qu_.,ity  ,0 any |    The   rural   mail    delievery    has
imported   beer, and  is  superior ts started  nt  Bridesville.   II T. Letts
many brands.   The capacity of   the has the contract to carry
brewery is steadily being increased.
The Intlinn students from the Colville Mission will play lhe Danville
baseball club at Danville on Saturday afternoon, June 19. An admission fee of ,'i0 cents will be
charged, antl the entire gate receipts
will be turned over to the Indians.
Trout fishing in the main Kettle
river at tbis point is very profitable.
A number of business men caught
their dinners off the First street on
Wednesday afternoon.
A large number of Grand Forks
people are camping at Christina
lake. The weather at that resort is
now quite comfortable, and overcoats have been discarded.
The Greenwood tennis club last
Sunday defeated Phoenix 9 sets
ta 2.
Tbe man wbo is continually recounting his own feats bas a
monopoly of this kind of conversation.
the   mail
from Bridesville  to Myncaster and
Rock Creek and return three times a
Tho service will be extended
W. A. Pick hard, G. Rec. Sec; R. J
Muir, G. Fin. Sec; S. Matthews, G.    The Indian isentitled to respect and ,veek.
Chap. ; admiration as the original   Ameri- to Sidley in a short time.
Th. man whoTTpTpularity   rests «°i but' ?ven afler hi" '0"g   ^ j 	
on blusterand braggadocio soon loses dence on *» con,'nent' h° doe8 n0t Mr»' Neil McC"llum and Mre* J*
his friends                                         appear to have made much progress a.  McCallum  and   daughter 8arah
                        in the dramatic art.   A great num- returned on Tuesday from Toronto,
The Greenwood .juniors defeated ber of tbose wbo attended the Em- where they have been visiting roia-
the Phoenix baseball team last Sun- press on Wendesday night say they tives for the pnsi three  months and
day by a score of 14 to 9.                ' would a great deal rather have   re- „ half.
Frank Taylor, a member of the
Vancouver lire department, arrived
in the city on Wednesday, and will
visit bis parents here for  a week.
Fretl Demuth, superintendent of
the Kettle Valley line, returned
from the wesl yesterday.
The Grand Forks band will give
a dance in the opera house in the
near future for ths purpose of raising money for new uniforms.
All people are anxious to give
advice. Last week a man informed
Tbe Sun that white clover would
keep Hies ont of a room. Tbe Sun
printed the information for what it
was worth. A great number of people tried the alleged remedy, relying
on our customary veracity. Now
they threaten to bring an action for
libel against the paper.
Tbe market for all farm products
is good at present, and the ranchers
are gradually learning to resume the
smile they wore two years ago. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Outing Shoes
On the Instalment System
Tliey were experts ln many tblngs,
but chlofly ln the art of bragging. At
tbe moment they were discussing
thgjr own triumphs as vocalists.
Why, said the American, looking at
his companion tbrough the smoke-
rings from bis cigar, the flrst time I
sang ln publio tbe audience literally
showered me with bouquets—flowers
ot every sort, size and description.
Bless you, there were enougb ot then*
to fill a flower shop.
Faith, an' I oan beat that! cried the
Irishman. Tbe first time 1 sang was
at an open-air concert, and begorra,
Ibe audience were that delolgbted
they presented me with a bouse!
What! exclaimec. tbe American,
presented you with a house? You must
be off your head.
Not a bit of It, replied Pat. I tell
ye, they gave me a house. True, he
added, In a whisper, they cave me a
brick at a time.
It Didn't Matter
When Fred Kelly made a start ln
Journalism he was put on reporting.
One night he was sent to a,big Are
down the town. A reporter named
Brown was sent with him. It was
a large fire, and presently Brown disappeared. A wall had fallen, and
Kelly was sure Brown was under lt.
He rushed to tho telephone and called up his City editor.
Say, he shouted Into the telephone,
Brown Is gone.     He's burned up!
What's that? asked the City editor.
Brown is burned up, I tell you. He
tell into the Are.
All right, said the City editor,
hanging I'.i the telephone, I'll send
down another man.
The Horlrd Man
It says here that sttrgeonB have
discovered that orange-blossoms may
be used as an anaesthetic, said Mrs.
1 always did believe that I was unconscious when we were married, remarked Mr. Henpeck.
No Fasting
No, slr-ee, said Uncle Sheepskin,
you don't ketch me takln' a fast train
right threw tew Chicargey. I kin
ilew without most anythinR else on
the k?ers except eatln'.
Oh my! she exclaimed Impatiently,
we'll be sure to miss the first act.
We've been waiting a good many minutes for tbat mother ot mine.
Hours, 1 should say, he replied, rat*
er tartly.
Ours? she cried joyfully. Oh
George, this is su sudden!
How did the moving-pictures of the
wedding turn out?
Oh, splendidly. They caught the
bride when she was knocked sense
less by being hit with an old shoe, so
that .. is Just as natural as life.
Tortured With Terrible Itching and
Burning, Scratched Until Tore
Flesh. Lay Awake for Nights at a
Time. Used Cuticura Remedies
and Found a Cure.
Bt. 01», Ontario.—" When I wu Wn years
old I Iflogan to be tortured with a terrible
Itching and burning of the ikln, and wm
told It wu eciemx I bare had It rlilit
along tor Boron years steady. It letting
worse every yoar. I wu affected from head
to ankles, lt teemed to appoar Uke Urea
at flrat, then I would begin to scratch until
I ton my flee!.. It would always bo at ita
wont at nlgbt, I have waked myself upet
nights scratching and ray Angers would be
Just stiff and cramped from scratching, so
that I would be hardly able to atralghton
tliom out. My, how I have suffered! My
face and whole body wonld be Jiut a nun
ot Mntcl-.ee red u lira and after having soap
ond water on my fsce then I would begin
to burn. I have lain awoke for nights al
a Ume when my ecxoma wu at Its wont.
"I would be tortured for montbaat a time.
I wu getting not only disheartened, for
nothing helped, but completely disfigured
also, but dame fortune nulled upon mo oao
day In the summer of 1010 and laid before
my eye* an advertisement of Cuticura
Remedies. I used tbem according to direction, and after a few applications I began
to feel and to* rollof ahead. It la nearly
sis months since 1 dnt began and I caa
truthfully eay I've found a cura." (Signed)
Mlaa Loulte r„ Wilson, Dm. 12, 1911.
CuMcura Soap and Cuticura Ointment ara
eold by druggist* and dealers everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p,
book, aend poet card to Totter Drug fc Chan.
Corp., Copt. 33D, Boston. V.«. A.
W. N. U. 953
Some Extraordinary Inatances of
Their Travela
The ornithologists tell us that birds
are not so invariable in their migratory habits as most persons suppose.
If for Instance, the season Is warm,
or their ls sufficient food for them
in the north, the birds are late starting south.
Nevertheless, the month of October
is a sort of starting-point In the records of the ornithological-societies.
But lt is not infrequently the case
that birds lhat migrate In large numbers on October Slst one year, have
either not arrived or have passed
south earlier on the corresponding
date of previous years.
The Accidental Visitors' 1.1st, kept
by the London Zoological Society, is
a record of all birds observed In
Qreat Britain and on the British
coasts that ure not indigenous to the
British Isles, but have flown thither
trom the Continent. In England, naturalists, ornithologists, lighthouse-
keepers, masters of vessels, coast-
guardsmen, farmer., and several
country gentlemen gladly report
strange birds which they may observe, and give the date and circumstances of the observation. An examination of 'The Accidental Visitors
List reveals many curious happenings.
Birds native to eastern Siberia and
China, North Africa and the arctic
regions have thus been observed in
Qreat Britain. An extraordinary instance was that of a Canada owl that
alighted ln an exhausted condition on
board a vessel off the coast of Cornwall ln 1830. The bird was so fatigued with its long flight across tbe
Atlantic that it offered not the Blight-
est resistance when handled by the
sailors / A Carolina cuckoo waB shot
in Wales in February, 1831, by Lord
Cawdor. In 1831 an American Wood-
duck was killed at Dorking, England.
In 1872 three specimens of Cassln's
snow-goose, a native of Labrador, were
seen on the west coast of Ireland.
The American societies bave also a
record of five individuals of this species shot ln Chesapeake Bay ln 1871.
The    London      Zoological So
ciety also maintains an accidental visitor's list of fishes, as well as of birds,
and the same thing Is done at the
Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
Tbese curious wanderers Into another continent are doubtless the
young of Bome migratory flock. Such
a flock ls led by an old and experienced bird, which knowB the route
north and south. Occasionally birds
that have never before been over the
aerial road may get separated from
the flock. They become bewildered,
and fly about, quite at a loss until
they reach land; where that may be
Is entirely a matter ot chance.
Now and then birds that are uot
strictly migratory gather ln enormous
flocks, and sweep over several hundred miles of country. The cause that
Impels them to such action ls still a
mystery. Many years ago Turkey
and Bulgaria were Invaded by enormous flocks of the rose-colored pastor.
These birds proved destructive to
vine-yards and growing crops, and the
peasants had to turn out In force and
kill them by the hundreds. A flock
of these birds would strip a tree of
fruit in less time than it takes to tell
of it, aud there were public rejoicings
ln places after the vast flocks had
passed. So little Is known of the
cause of such migration that the bird
societies everywhere are constantly
on the alert to note any unusual happenings ot this sort.
Mark Twain wa_t In a restaurant
one day and found himself next to
two young men wbo were putting on
a great many airs and ordering the
waiters about in a most impressive
fashion. One of tbem gave an order
and told the waiter to Inform the
cook whom lt was for.
Yes, said the other, better tell him
my name, too, so as to make cettaln
of its being all right.
Mark, who hated swagger, called the
waiter and said ln a loud voice—Bring
me a dozen oysters, and whisper my
name to each of them.
terrogated the old tar thereon.
Well, tur, was his reply, It be like
this,    'Tlsn't as I care a hang wheth
be when you grow up?   A lawyer?
Oh, I know.   You want to be a policeman or an engineer.
Naw, I don't.   I wanna be a bricklayer.
A bricklayer?   Why,   that'B   hard
Bo's everything.     But there's   so let^
many days a bricklayer don't hatter
work, on account ot the wenther—an'
there's so much rotten weather.
You will find relief In Zam-Buk I
It eaiet th* burning, alii
pain, (tops bleeding ind bi
ease. Perteverance, witb Zam-
Buk, meant cure. Why not prove
thi,?   MJeTw^^aarttn-
-yo^AL^ptJ^^en aoiai-^
A Great Job
Tramp (recognising friend)—Is thut
yerself, Tcoley? An' what are ye
doln' in that hole?
Friend—Don t say a word. 'T1b
a folne Job job I have. The feller
what runs the hotel Just below here
pays me fifteen shillings a week to
live here, and he culls me 'The Hermit of Scrub-Oak Hill. The people
comes up 1 ere be the dozen to luk at
me and It's good cigars I'n smoking
the whole day long!
Wanted a Change
Simpson—Whatever Induced your
uncle to many the widow of a man
who was hanged?
Jlmps-jn—He has been married to
widows before, and says be was tired
of bavlng the virtues of a former husband flung ln his face.
Well, my little man, what can I do
for you? asked the grocer, as he rubbed Mb hands genially together.
Please sir, mother says these matches she bought this morning ain't no
No good! exclaimed the grocer,
now almost as much worried as the
boy. What'B the matter with them?
This is the flrst complaint I've had.
Can't help that. Bald the small boy.
Mother says they ain't no good.
Nonsense! replied the grocer. Then
taking a match from one of the boxes
he gave It a smart rub, whicli ignited
it Immediately, and turned to the boy
again. Well, he inquired, what
have you got to say now"
The small complainant returned the
disdainful look, undaunted
That's orl right, guv'nor, he remarked, but d'you link my muvver's
coming 'ere to strike matches on your
pants every time she wants a light.
Asthma Can be cured. Ils suffering Is aB needless as lt Ib terrible to
endure. After its many years of relief of the most stubborn cures no sufferer can CJUbt the perfect effectiveness of Dr. r. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. Comfort of body and peace
ot mind return with Us use and nights
of sound sleep come back for good.
ABk your druggist; he can supply
A Simple Answer
Mother—Well, dearB, did you meet
anyone you know?
The Three Children (who have just
returned from their morning walk)
Yes; Ruby and Derek,
Mother—Where did you meet them?
Barbara (the younr*-st)—At the
same place as we was.
Family Cherub—Miss Kitty, won't
you sound your head for me?
Young Lady Visitor—Sound my
head! What do you mean, dearie?
Family Cherub—Can't you do It?
Why, mamma told papa yott were rattle-brained.     	
Now Edgar, Bald the teacher to one
of the members of the primary class
In grammar, what Ib the plural of tomato.
Ketchup, waB the prompt but unexpected reply.
Since Leaving Off Tea and Coffee
Many persons suffer from poor memory who never susp.'ct tea and coffee
have anythlngjo do with lt.
The drug—-caffeine--ln tea -nd coffee, acts Injuriously on lbe nerves and
heart, causing Imperfect circulation,
too much blood ln the brain i.t one
Scene—One of the piers at South- _uu »,™, —»--• —
ampton.   A group of boys playing ln time, too little in another part,
dangerous proximity to the edge. Sud- often causes a dullness which makes
denly an old salt, who has been a fid- a good memory nearly Impossible,
getty   onlooker   .(   their   gambols, *'I am nearly 70 years old and did
leaves his favorite post and proceeds not know ihat coffee was thei cause or
soundly to cuff one of   the   lads   ln the stomach and heart trouble I sunc.-
questlon ' *— *"" """"'   ■s"r'*
"■«<"»• e"4"from for jS^-JS? .""we'stTn
Surprised by his action several in- four yens ago,    writes   a   western
W "A. lund neighbor Induced me to quit
ffee hnd try Postum.     1 had been
this.     Tisnt aa i care a nang wnetn- c nee una"* ■ <»•-■■••     -,_-,,„ *_
er they fall ln or whether they don't, .uttering severely and was jreatiy re
but It's the bloomin' uncertainty about duced ln flesh.     AWJM«B {™sium
It that t can't stand. . iltt.e ^^^^K^
  l„.       My heart oeaia -,,...»...>, .-_>-
Well, Tommy, wbat do you want, to ^"V^l&^^Z
Lost His Memory
Hewllt—Qruet    bus  lost   all    his
money. a big cup r«uui>"» -•;■" --- -—-
.lewett—But   I   thought  be  was  a ^..^ who like strong things put In
Napoleon of finance, Theaping spoonful and   Umper   It
Hewitt—He was, but he met a Wei- :! 1th a large supply of crea.-
„.-.___. ***_;"....__.__,__. until   vou   kn
ivmmom. of my old stomach .rouble
'a al My nWve, are steady and
my memory   decidedly   better   than
"^me^n'by Canadian Postum
^WlhdC Out.     Write,for book-
t '-Th-Road to* allvllle
Postum comes In two forms.
Re«ul.r (must bo boiled).
want Poatum 00*»nt re',ulre bf>11"
S. level teaspoonful lu an ordinary cup of hot water, which makes
right tor most persons.
. bla cup requires more and eome
"■    W1*    .     '...   _    _i __.„__».»    . Vilrurn    nut    Iti
Experiment until   you   know   the
amount that rfffsssjssr pah'I.> and
 — I amount mat _■-<.■■•" 1,1— !r~;\ —
You can help a lot sometimes by I hftve lt servo-, that way ln the future
not giving advice. "There's a Reasrn*  for . ostim
Nearly a Million Passengers Defrauded Government in a Year
The statistical report ot the State
Railways of Russia Just published
shows by an amusing array of figures
that for some people, at least It costs
little Indeed to travel by rail ln Russia. Among tbe dismissals and punishments Inflicted ln tho course of a
year, 315 guards and 133 subordinates
dismissed, and 6,576 guards and 10,-
473 others fined, are all catalogued as
having helped wayfarers along without
sufficient regard for the law, which
decrees that Journeys by railway ln
Russia shall be paid for.
But these odd 20,000 punishments
can scarcely be said to meet tbe
needs of the .-ase, as ln the course of
a year nearly a million passengers defrauded tli.' State Railways management. Tho exact number is 004,118.
Altogether as much as $560,000 was
found to be due for fares unpaid.
Nearly half the money waB paid at
once, a quarter was paid later of free
will, and for the payment of the rest
the authorities were compelled to go
to law.
Naturally most of the guards and
subordinate employees received slight
commissions from the passengers
they helped. Calculating that only
a third, or at the highest estimate a
half, ot the cheap travellers are
caught, the effect on the railway balance-sheet must.be very considerable.
It is amusing to note, however, that
tor tbe tlm -i being the department expresses Itself almost satisfied. In
earlier years, It ls explained, the number of passengers without tickets who
got oS free was much greater.
I could go through hardships with
the man I loved.
I'd rather go through n million dollars.
$100 Reward, $10v.
Tbe readers ot thi- paper will be pleued to learn
that tbere to at least one dreaded disease that science
his hew able to cure in all its Itasca, and that is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh euro Is tbe only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's CatArh Cure la taken In-
ternally. Rcf.it directly upon the blood and mucous
lurfares of the system, thereby destroytni tbe
-oundatlon ot tho disease, t id Rivlnic thc patient
itrenith by iHUIdini up the constitution and s_s_.t-
J-t nature I. doing Its work. The proprietors have
so much faith In Its curative powers that tbey otter
One Hundred Dollars for any case that It tails to
■mre.  Send for list ot testimonials
Address r. J. CHENEY * CO   Toledo. 0.
8..J by all Pruntsts. 7.V.
Tlake Hall's rami'*. "1"-:- .-n-.flilpn.loo.
Was a Dandy Story
He Invented a dandy story to tell
his wife when he got bome after mid-
Good one, was it?
A peach; it wou'd sa'tlE/ any woman.
lt would have but he couldn't tell
Minard's Liniment usjd by Physician'
Small Sadie—Mamma, this nickel
you gave me this morning must be
Mamma—Why tlo you think so,
Small SadL' -Well, I heard para say
one tlmo that money talks, am! I've
had this ino.v y a wljolu ilny an.l It
hasn't Ba'd a word.
Warts are disfigurements that disappear when tr ate.1 with Holloway's
Corn Cure.
Every Dialect to be Preserved
Prof. Ferdinand Brunot, Is establishing a museum of voices with a
view to preserving for future generation the voices and word.: of today.
He seemB to belle- e that the phonograph Is quite as wonderful an Invention as that ot printing. He is making a world tour from Peking around
by way of America, nnd he 'j even
going to catch some of the Sioux Indians . He means that this collection'
sliall embrace every spoken luiguage
In the world and even has hopes of
making It as vast and complete as tho
national library. Every dialect representing every national character-
statesman, preacher, actor, or orator
—Is to be collecte:'. nnd 'canned' ln
this vast phonograph museum.
They were enjoying a motor t'.. .,
and had just entered a country road.
May I kiss your hand? he asketl a
little confusedly.
She removed her veil.
No, she replied.     I have my gloves
So the appendix Is useless, then,
doctor? We could live without It?
Well, the patients, perhaps, but not
tho surgeons.
When the Line was Busy
Mayor of a .ir distant State, he
was talking to the little man from
I dunno how you manage these affairs over there, he was saying, but
over here, when some of our boys got
tied up ln that thar bankrupt telephone company I wae telling yer about
they became mighty crusty.
Yus; they didn't like the-way the
receiver was handlln' the business nohow.
Indeed? commented the earnest listener.    Then may I ask what tbey did!
Sartlnly; I wus going ter tell yer.
They just hung up the receiver.
Mrs, John Kenny, St. Norbert,
Man., says: "*. lave used Baby's Own
Tablets and am well satisfied with
them " Thousands ot otnei li others
say lie same thing simply because
there ls no medicine for little ones .
to equal the Tablets. They act as a
gentle laxative, regulate the bowels
and stomach, break up colds, expel
worms and make teething ea .. The
Tablets are sold by meet-Ine dealer*
oi- by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Wllliamr' Medicine .Co,,
Br.ckvllle, Ont.
Mabel's au.itle was expect.' on a
visit. Just as she was almost due
to arrive a telegram camt which read:
Missed train. '/Ill start same
time to-morrow.
Mabel rushed home from school expecting to meet auntie. Instead of
doing so, however, she was Blown
the telegram. She read it through
carefully and laboriously and then
How silly of am tic, mamma.
Wl.y, dear? Inquired her mother.
Well, don't you see? If sbe starts
to-morrow ; t the same time ohe'll- loje
her train again.
Keep Mlnard'a Liniment In the house
A man wbose chimney was smoking
was looking tor someone to stop It
from doing so. An old mason went
to him one day and Bald:
I will tell you a way to stop your
chimney from smoking if you give me
a pint of stout.
The man, pleased with the offer,
gave him the stout.- When the maa
on waB finished the other asked him
what he woul*. do with the chimney,
to which the mason replied:
Never put a fire In It.
Russian pcasanti produce great
quantities of hand-made goods. There
are villages In which every home is a
workshop for tho production ot furniture.
The body contains phosphorus sufficient to nuke 483,000 matches. Phor
phorui is one ol fourteen elements composing the body-divided among
bones, flesh, nervous system and other organs. The perfect health of body
requires a perfect balance of the elements. These elements come from the
food we cat—the stomach extracts and distributes them.
But If stomach Is deranged-Uie balance of health U destroyed and the
blood does not carry the proper elements to the different organs, and there
Is blood trouble—nerve trouble-heart trouble. Pain U the hungry cry of
starved organs. Put the liver, stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition into a condition of health. That is Just what is done by
which has been so favorably known for over 40 years, it is now put up In
tablet form, as well as liquid, and can be obtained of medicine dealen
everywhere or by mall by sending 50 cents In lc stamps (or trial bo»—
address R.V. Picree, M. D., Buffalo, N.Y.
It » fcools ol 1008 pagsa handaemtly boaad la clolh-treata
ot rhyslology-Hyglane. Anatomy, Madk-_iw_u.il laa laasajrta
„ _.   .._._,--  emalv botsw
el l'h)Slolfl,sy-HyjaUoe. Anatomy. Madk-sw a
Uouc Pbyajciaa-SaaiSlW, le atau-p* te 8.V -PI
I, le ataiaps to 8.V -Platea?
Utterly Hopeless
She brought him a neat memoran-
lum sheet.
Here, she said, read that. It's a
little Ust of things I want you to get.
Your memory has become so bad that
1 couldn't trust you to buy a pound
of cheese. You'd probably bring
home a clothes line. Can you read
!t through?
YeB, he replied. Is that pearl button or cold mutton?
It's talcum powder.   Good gracious
are you losing your Bight too?
,    All right, said the man wearily.    I
jron't forget anything this time.
But he came home empty handed.
Mercy! she cried. What's the excuse now
He gasped.
I*—I couldn't remember where I put
the memorandum you gave ine.
You remembered that I gave you
a memorandum?
N-no, he stammered. I forgot that,
tool  >
A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles.
—Matiy testimonials could be presented ehowing the great efficacy of Dr.
Thomas' Dielectric Oil ln curing disorders ot the respiratory processes,
but the best testimonial Is experience
snd the Oil is recommended to all who
suffer, from these disorders with the
certainty that they will find relief.
It will allay Inflammation ln the bronchial tubes as no other preparation
Dry-Farming Helped Alberta
Alberta's share of the 1912 Immigration Into Canada amounted to 90,-
000 people, according to Charles S.
Hotohkiss, provincial statistician.
This brings the population of the province to approximately a halt million
people, the gain in 1912 being 21 per
cent. It ls believed that this percentage will be largely exceeded ln
1913, on account of the work which
the International Dry-Farming Congress did for the province last fall.
The seventh annual Congress was held
ln Lethbridge ln October with delegates from practically every American state and from seventeen foreign
nations. It wae the most Important
gathering ever held In Alberta.
Though its work had nothing to do
with colonization the publicity given
Its meetings was world-wide and the
result la that Alberta, ls better and
more favorably known today especially ln the United States, than ever before. Reports from all sections ot
the United States Indicate a very
heavy Immigration to Alberta this
year, largely exceeding that ot 1912,
when the states contributed 30,000
people and $40,000,000 ln cash and
effects to the prosperity ot this province. The Dry-Farming Congress
will be held this year In Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Judging from Alberta's
results, that state will reap great benefit.
A picture postcard which was mailed at Constantinople was received ln
New York a few days ago. It bears
the portrait of a tall, grizzled soldier,
ln full campaign uniform, holding ln
1.1s right hand a musket with fixed
bayonet. He weara many medals on
his breast, and a full knapsack ls
strapped to his back. Under the picture ..re the words ln French: Djemll
Pacha, formerly governor of Bagdad.
He Is 85 years old, but volunteered
as a private to take part In the Balkan war—a fighting patriot.
When Sciatic Pains
Burn Uke Fire
Rub In "Nerviline1
It Kills the Pain, Cores the Suffering, Destroys Every
Trace of Sciatica.
"I tblnk you ou°*ht to make your
claims stronger about the marvelous
power ot Nerviline on Sciatica, and
Lumbago." This ls how Mrs. A. C.
Corrigan opens her letter, written
from Victoria. "So n,any people are
suffering, and so few get proper treatment, that I am anxious that thousands should know ol how Nerviline
cured me. Sciatica ls just about the
most awful pain humans are called upon to bear, and ln my case there was
at times the additional misery ot
Lumbago, Nothing attracts attention to particular forms ot suffering
like personal experience, and tbat ls
why I am so enthusiastic about Nerviline. I had the luck to use the rlgbt
remedy (Nerviline) almost at the beginning, and cleaned lt right out of
my system. But most people use the
wrong remedy and get Sciatica in
chronic form. Nerviline eases the
pain at once, and stops the lnflama-
tlon before' lt becomes chronic. I
say that a liniment tbat Las power
enough to kill the pain of Sciatica la
a remedy everybody Bhould know
about, for lt would snuff out ln a wink
little ailments like Neuralgia, Lumbago, Strains, tired muscles and Inflammation from cold."
No home should ever be without
Nerviline—gel the large 50c. family
size; trial size 26c, at all storekeepers and druggists, or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
Summer Weights
It's ithe season now most everywhere
To suit the people's tastes,
With summer weight ln underwear,
Summer weight in waists,
3ummer weight in meat, at 1 drink,
Summer weight In Spice—
But most of   all   the   weights   that
Is summer weight In Ice.
Good Breeders
Familiarity with dress suits breeds
contempt, says a Chicago exchange.
It also breeds fleas lf the dress suit
Is-rented from a hock shop.
Careless With Hla Vowels
Ethel—Have you noticed how Lord
Blinker drops his aspirates?
Fred—It's nothing to the way he
drops his vowels; I've got more than
\ dozen of his 1.0 U's myself.
Speaking of Signs
You can sometimes tell a good fellow by the swell way ln which his
wife doesn't dress.
keep a ton at your office, workshop or
home.   Always useful, antiseptic   Good
~iu_. -"•- -     *■-
for your hands. All iieaFe'-t. sell buapT
W. N. U. SS3
Dresden Man, Who Inherited Trouble
Finds Speedy Relief and Permanent
Cure in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Dresden, Ont. (Special) .—Whether
Kidney disease is hereditary or not
ts a matter ot opinion.     Mr. Samuel Burkett, a well-known resident of
this place, is convinced that he inherited his from his parents.    He knows
thait Dodd's Kidney PIUs cured It.
"I Inherited my Kidney Disease
from my parents," Mr. Burkett states.
I was treated by a doctor, and tried
various medicines, but lt was not till
about eighteen months ago, when I
started to use Dodd's Kidney PIUs
tbat I got any permanent relief.
Since then I have not felt any effect of my old trouble, and I feel that
anybody troubled with kidney disease
will be benefited by the use of Dodd's
Kidney PIUs if they follow directions
"I hope that otherB may be helped
by Dodd's Kidney Pills. I am well-
known bore, and anybody who wishes
more particulars of my cure can have
them by writing me and enclosing
stamps for reply."
Dodd's Kidney Pills never fall to
cure any form ot kidney dlBease.
_ Keeping Ever at it
Some men make poor farmers because they are easily discouraged.
Other men make good farmers because
of the simple reason that they never
know when they are beaten—always
working, plowing, toeing or harvesting in season. These latter kind of
fellows have not time to become discouraged nor sour upon their calling
In life. Industry breeds happiness;
loose application fosters discouragement . A man may be buffeted about
by adverse fates, his morrow looked
upon to bring nothing good; and be
he a farme.-, a mechanic or a laborer,
he can search the univers. and he
will find only one rule to help him.
That rule says that whatever his trade
or his calling be, he must keep ever
at It, because perseverance Is the
only hope that any man (An have If
he would gain success.
More Attractive
Tremendous crowd up at our church
last night.
New minister.'
No, lt waB burned down.
Soup With a Past
An Englishman went Into a restaurant in a New Englt.nd town and waB
served for the first course with a delicacy unknown to htm. '-o he asked the waiter what lt was and the
waiter replied:
It's bean soup, sir.
Upon this the Englishman rejoined
in high dudgeon. I don't care what
it's been. I want to know what it
Ready-Made Home
Her Suitor—I wish to marry your
daughter, sir.
Her Dad (sternly)—My   daughter,
sir, will, continue under her parental
Her Suitor—Well, sir, the parental
roof looks good to me.
A woman woke Iter husband during
a storm the other night, and said:
I do wish you would stop snoring for
I want to hear It thunder.
Above Suspicion
Some sound, common-sense remarks
were made by Hon. O. P. Graham
and Hon Robert Rogers ln the House
ot Commons tbe other day when the
question of Increasing the salary ot
the Chairman of the Dominion Railway Board was under consideration
It Ib not often that the leaders ot the
opposing parties can agree on anything, but the ex-Mlnlster of Railways and the present Minister ot Public Works found themselves In hearty
accord on the necessity of regarding
the Railway Board as something entirely removt-d from party politics,
"The Railway Board Is as high
above party as is a Judge on tbe
bench, and should be so considered,"
aaid Mr. Graham, and The Herald
hopes that as wide publicity as possible will be given to hts words. Mr.
Rogers echoed them, and ot his sincerity there can be no question,
The Chairman ot tbe Dominion Railway Board occupies a position second
only tn Importance perhaps to that of
the Premier of Canada. The right
man in this very Important position
can do much tor Canada; what the
wrong man could do lt ls unpleasant
to contemplate.
Tbe Board was the crctlou of the
Laurier administration; the man they
selected as Its head was the best possible man (or the position. Mr,
Rogers generously admitted all this,
and we believe that he spoke only the
truth when he said that the selection
of a successor to the late Hon.
James P. Mabee waB not made without moat serious thought by the government.
Newspapers, Irrespective of party,
will do well to pay more tban passing
attention to what Mr. Graham said.
They have, lt would appear, been the
chief offenders ln attributing political
motives to the action of the Board In
different caseB. The Herald, tof one
does not believe that any action
whatever of the late James Pitt Mabee was influenced ln the very slightest degree by political considerations.
It believes also that In H. L. Drayton, the Government was fortunate
enough to secure a. man who measures up to Mr. Mabee's standard.
We do not believe that politics have
the slightest weight with the present
Dominion Railway Board. Certainly
the railways do not want any sua*
thing Those who attribute political
motives to whatever decisions the
Board sees fit to make, are paying a
poor compliment, not only to the
Board which should be, as Mr. Graham declared, as much above suspicion as a Judge upon the bench, but
to the Government under which the
Board flbes Us very useful wovk.-
Montreal Herald, 17-5-13.
— —-" t*
Have you decided what oflice you
want, asked one statesman.
Yes, replied the constituent. 1 do
not care what the duties *wc, but 1
want one of those offices with a Persian rug on the floor and pl.nty ot
easy chairs scattered around.
Get In Early
John Milton received »25 for Paradise Lost, said Mie scornful author.
Well, replied the practical publisher, he was lucky ln gettlnT the work
out when the market for that sort of
thing w..s comparatively good.
A' tramp called at a farm. When
the farmer offered him a good Job and
three meals a day the tramp asked
what kind of work It would be. The
farmer replied: Digging potatoes. The
tramp therefore stretched himself and
yawned. Don't you think, he suggested, you'd better get the man-who
planted them? He knows lust where
they are.
Canadian Going to Ghent
The European division ot the International Congress of Farm Women, to
be held at Ghent, Belgium, June 12-15,
will have as one ot Its star speakers
Prof, George A. Putnam, of Toronto,
Canada. Prof. Putnam has charge
of the women's farm Institute work In
Ontario and he has been asked to tell
the women ot Europe how it Is done.
Prof. John Hamilton, farm institute
specialist ot the V. 8. department ot
agriculture at Washington, D.C., will
cover the eame subject tor the United
States ln a paper whieh he haa written to be read at the Ghent meeting.
Dr. H. M. Speechly ot Pilot Mound,
Manitoba, ls also on the programe for
an address on "The Kitchen Garden." Special reports of the session
at Ghent, which will be attended by
delegates from a dozen nations ot
Europe, will be given by Prof. Putnam and otherB at the Third International Congress of Farm Women at
Tulsa, Okla., October 22 to November
1, 1913.
Relief for the Depressed.—Physical
and mental depression usually have
their origin ln a disordered state of
the stomach and liver, as when these
organs are deranged In their action
the whole system ls affected. Try
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They revive the digestive processes, aot beneficially on the nerves and restore the
spirits as no other pills will. They
are cheap, simple and sure, and the
effects are lasting.
A Hint to our Town Cousins
How many of the well-groomed,
well-fed people ln the cities ever stop
to think what would happen to them
lf the farmer Bhould quit, or to ask
whence comes their dally bread? The
only occasions on which they think
ot the farmer at all Is when they Bean
their grocer's bill and conjure up vis-
Ions ot a rapacious robber out on the
land, who ln fiendish glee Is boosting
the cost of living. They do not know
or lt they do very often they do not
care, that the man on the farm, at
the mercy of flood, drought, epidemic,
and all the Insect plagues ot Egypt,
is patiently and Industriously doing
his duty, and that very little of the
ultimate price of his product finds Its
way Into his purse. It would be well
if our cousins ln town should see the
man with the hoe from a new and
more correct angle.
When through old^S^^^^
age the bodily
functions become sluggish
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
^discomfort or distress.
a box at  your
Druggist's. 173
W» only bsndli propsrty of a.srMu
merit, oa Which ws srt prepare* t»
guarantee profits.
end "DEER LODOB-' properties art
iood Investments. Wa want a good
stent to repneaest us I* evert towi.
For terms aiply,
Sterling Bank Building, \.'ir.nlpt|
"Don't watts ilmt writing u yoa
do not mean buainesa."
writ* for my FRIft book,  the most iN-vtm'CTivi
.li'tthBrtroedr(orVoUEOWHaliment. Don'tltwUctat.
WMlutilrNIIB. No'folloWBR'clrcmari. De LKCUBO
tfEDflCO.lUVUSTOCftttU.HAMrtiiAD, LOKDU-i, limfc
Ask for Minard's and take ni other
From hill to hill he harried me,
He stalked me day and night;
■He neither knew nor bated me;
Nor his nor mine the fight.
He killed the man who stood by me,
For such they made his law;
Then, foot by foot, 1 fought to him,
Wbo neither knew nor saw.
I trained my rifle on his heart;
He leapt into the air,
My screaming   ball tore tbrough his
And lay embedded there.
It lay embedded there, and yet,
Hissed home o'er hill and sea
Straight through the aching heart of
Who ne'er did harm to me.
Something  better  than   linen,   snd no
laundry bills.     Y, -sh   with   Soap   and
Water.     All stores, or direct. State ctyla
nnd BlT-.e.      For 25c.  we will mall yon.
68 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Tne Soul of a Piano is thc
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Mat.Winslow's Soot-iimo Syrl-p has been
Wed tor orer SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
b'trrfbeit remedy for DIAKRI10..V. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs,
Wiatlow'a Soothing Syrup," and tulce oo olhe.
kind. Twesty-fiveceutia tnUl..
folder to
eration L
Do girls do as well is college as
boys?   •
As well or better.
Indeed? And how do you account
for that?
Well, they have more opportunities
to study, for one thing. A girl does
not havo to put ln a lot of time coloring a meerschaum i-lpe.
* And a Severe One
The Income tax ls nothing new.
For months and months, doggone
The cost upsoarlng to the blue,
It things to--roast and thing i t. stew
Aud bake and brew and warm us, too
Has been a tax upon lt.
A Thoughtful Husband
A very prominent man recently died
and shortly after a friend of the family called to console with the widow.
He had been a very warm friend of
the deceased and as he was about to
depart he asked:
Did Will leave you much?
Oh, yes, Indeed, responded thc widow, nearly every night.
Bonds,   Profit  Sharing.    Series      5100,
1500, $1,000.   Terms
years.   Withdrawable after one y ar.
Send    for     special
National Securities
oi*. Limited, Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto.
Rheumatism or Sciatica Is one of the
most obstinate of dlBeaaf-n to cure. Wo
have a remedy that In a large percentage
of cases cures. This Is a prescription
of a practicing physician nf forty three
years' experience. One dollar only, by
mall postpaid. If no reliel or cure follows we refund your money. See your
(IrupftlBt or write ub today for full information. Tompleton Rheumatic <*'ap»til>.
Company, 315 Collcgo Street, Toronto,
Coin Sllverplate Tableware. Extraordinary prices. Handsome gift with
orders, prepaid. Write quickly for
Box 1(2, Westmount, Quebec.
Quite Right, Too
Two next-door neighbors quarrelled
and one of them exclaimed excitedly,
"Call yourself a man of sense.    Why
you are next door to an idiot!
She costs her father two thousand
a yeur for clothes alone.
I don't believe It.
Why not?
He would not let me marry her.
Nerves on Edge
Every Sound Annoys
Weak, worn-out nerves keep one In
a constant state ot Irritability and
excitement. The eyes are sensitive
to light, and every noise Jars on the
overwrought nerve...
If children are about they are a constant source of annoyance nnd irritation .    Every door seems to slam, and
little extra excitement or exertion
leads to wakeful nights, nervous headache or Indigestion.
ln this condition women are likely
to be hysterical, and suffer greatly at
regular periods. The nerves must
be nourished back to vigor by such
treatment as Dr. Chasc'B Nerve Food.
Being gentle and natural ln action,
this food cure Is highly ,,ri/.i .1 by
women and used with most remarkable results In building up the broken-
down nerve ceUs.
In a few days after beginning this
treatment you will find yourself resting and sleeping naturally anil taking your food vith n regular relish.
As vigor Is restored to the system It
will bc apparent ln improved complexion and building up of the tissues of
the body.
With the nerves revitalized the organs of the body resume th * natural
functions and weakness nnd dlstase
give way to new hope aud confidence,
new vigor antl health.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
GO cents a box, 0 fer $2.60, at all dealers, or Edmnnsoa. Ba.es is. '.'o.. Mm-
tt-d, Toronto.
[ti THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
(lty*%tmb$atkB &mt
Jno Year $1.-0
One Yea> (In advanee)  1.00
One Year, In United Statea   1.60
Address all communications to
* Thb Grand Forks Suh,
'ui 111 Guano Fohks. B.C
FRIDAY,   JULY   18,  1913
The clock tower on the new  poet
olliee is a timely improvement.
Hostilities in the Balkan stntes
have heen suspended during lunch
William Blakemore, of Victoria,
was married last week. Every
Doukhobor in the province should
have sent him a wedding present.
In the light of modern horticultural science, orchardists oflen wonder how Adam and Eve managed
to grow apples in Eden^ fit to eat
without spraying, pruning, cultivating and a horticulturist to name the
various fruit pests.
The provincial government's
string of suhsidized newppnpere have
not printed Premier Mchridejs pic-
tnre fnr a couple of weeks. The
government must he saving the taxpayers money for the junketing
trips of the ministers to the old
When the United was content lo
worry along without |i navy nnd a
large standing army, it was the most
prosperous country on the face of
tbe earth. When she began to spend
the nation's wealth on hattleships
and armies, the condition of the
masses gradually grew works. And
with the steady increase of her fleets
the standard of living of the common people is rapidly approaching
the standard that prevails in the
military ridden countries of Europe
The following from a recent issue
of the Catholic Record will meet
with approval frnm a large number
ef ppnnle who nre heartily sick of
thi t ab imtnatii.n nf modern journil
ism, the enmic supplement The
Record says:
ITnw Ihe children nf the present
day pounce upon the colored
comic (?) supplements. They spread
them nut upnn tbe floor and snnn
their innocent laughter resnunds
through the rnom. The parents
beam nn them; it is a sort   nf   new
children's hour, though it be no'
Longfellow's. The parents turn to
their own section of the paper and
feast upon Macbetbean banquets of
the world's assorted horrors. The
little ones are engrossed in the mishaps of Happy Hooligan or Mutt
and Jeff, or in the demoniacal ingenuity of the Kalsehjaiiinier Kids.
Yet while the minds of the adults
have been dwelling upon the murder, dishonesty and vice so entertainingly supplied by the papers,
the impressionable minds of the
children have heen saturated with a
debauchery nf fancy, a harmful
travesty of life and truth as bnneful
in its effect as the black news in
reality. They have heen feeding
upnn moral poison—the clownish
crudities nf the comic supplement.
But how few parents realize the in-
siduous effect of these coarse nnd
malignant horrors perpetrated as
jokes upon their tender children.
Years ago a hue and cry was raised
against the evil influence of "Peck's
Bad Boy." It whr wretched stuff
and soon forgotten. Very young
children were unable to read it, so
its power for tutoring them into disrespect and rebellion against their
elders was insignificant. But the
wide reaching evil influence of these
cheap and cruder pictorial representations of cruelty, cunning, trickery
and brutality is momentous and im
mediate. It is in fact a national
peril, and students of juvenile crime
can nn longer ignore its influence
upon the receptive child-mind
To laugh at the discomfiture of nn
elder person to whom affection is
owing, to seek revenge hy under-
banded means, to betray guileless
and trusting confidence, to be su
premely selfish, untruthful, brutal
and crafty, these are the qualities of
the heroes of the comic supplement.
Were a person to enter a household
and induce the young poodle to indulge in malicious practical jokes he
would soon be shown the door by
tbe irate mrster of the house. Yet
every week such a visitor is received
by the parents, nay, even welcomed,
for it "amuses ihe children." Proper
pictnrial amusement is easily and
cheaply obtainable. The cbild
should never be permitted to be
merely amused. That whicli induces
his laugh Jhould also impart a. les
son-—not a moral—however milii
and subtle.
The comic supplement is not
comic; it is incipiently criminal. It
appeals tn one nf Ihe has'-st traits in
human nature—'joy at another's
misfortune. It wrecks the concep
tions of right and wrong io the   un-
Only A Few
A comparatively small number of Hamilton U atches are made every year. Their
extreme accuracy and Que adjustment
forbids making them lu lurge quantities.
.flpfamUtim Wairtj
liThe Railroad Timekeeper oj' America"
Not ouly the man or woman who wants a
very accurate watch buys the Hamilton -
but tbe individual wbo knows about
wtttches ueuaily demands a Hamilton, w e
sell Hamilton watches complete, or supply
a Hamilton movement for your present
watch case. All sixes for meu tind women,
i Ut munniOUn grand forks.'b.c.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
formed minds of   the young    You
parents   who    say     these    things
"amuse" your children, can you af
ford the price you will hereafter pay
for tbis indulgence?
Your Bitof need not be high.
If sound against the rain;
Your Cloak may keep you dry
Though coarse its Cloth and plain;
Your Food need not be rare
If strengthening and clean,
Nor need your Wife be fair
If. good and sweet of mien.
—Yauth's Companion.
A college for women orators is to
be started in Chicago. Next thing
you know some college will have a
professor to teach young ducks how
to swim.—Orient Journal.
The best celebration nf the hun
dred years of peace with Great Britain is of a negative sort. It lies in the
absence of a single fort or menacing
gun alona the boundary line that
stretches 3000 miles from Passama
quoddy bay to Puget sound.—Youth's
The Fruit Rancher
We -Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet,'tzJWutton, Veal
and Young Pork
F.res.h Fisli Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums CSt> Co. Limited
T? T7 A PT-J baseball
.lXJL^.riVy.n GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qna[ity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls $1.25 each
Woodland CS, Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
"R. C." aud "Copper King" Mineral Claims,
situate tu tht* Grand Forks Mining Division
of Yale District.
When, located: In Frau'-'llii camp.
TAKE NOTrCE|thatI.Wim.tin II. Hjffman,
I formvself as executor ol the will of tlte!
lute Catherine Hoffman, and as agent for!
Jacob M. ['unison, Pree Miners' Certified tea
Nos. 61849B and 85M5B, respectively, intend, !
sixty ,dn-s from the date hereof, to ap- *
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates ■
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crow ti -irantw of the a'-ovo claims.
And further tnke nor Ice that action, under!
section 37, must be commenced before the I
Issuance of Much Certifloatei of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of May, A.D. 1018.
Modern Kigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burns 8 O'Ray, Prop*.
Phone 68 Second Street
sees   the  rosy  apples cling like
flowers to the bough;
Ke plucks  the  purple   plums and
spills the cherries on the grass;
He   wanted   peace and silence—God
gives hiin plenty now—
His feet upon tlie-mountain  and   his
shadow on the pass.
He built himself a cabin from red ce
dars of his own.
He   blasted   out   the  stumps and
,.twitched  the  boulders  from the
And with an axe and chisel  he  fashioned out a throne
Where he might dine in gra'deuroff
the first fruits of his toil.
His orchard is a treasure house alive
with song and sun,
Where currants ripe as rubies gleam
and golden pippins glow;
His servants are the  wind  and   lain
whose work is never done
Till winier rends the   scarlet    roof
and hunks the halls with snow.
He stiouts across the wil lev, and ranges
answer back;
His   brushwood   smoke at evening
lifts a column to the moon;
And dim beyond the  distance, where
the Kootcnni winds black,
He heats the  silence  shattered hy
the laughter ofthe loon.
—Youth's Companion.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (S^Smith
We wish to inform the people of
(Irand Forks that we have purchased
1 the bicycle business from Oeorge W.
Cooper, and will conduct the same in
! future. We will carry a complete
| line of wheels. In addition to dealing in wheels, we will do all kinds of
! bicycle repairing. AH work will be
' done by competent mechanics, and
| 'ully guaranteed.
Mooyiiokr it Postma.
This is to inform the public that I
have   sold   my   bicycle   business to
\ Monyboer it Postma. The members of
this firm are thoroughly reliable, besides being first class mechanics, and
I take great pleasure  in  recommend-
; ing them to the people of the city and
vicinity. Any business or work entrusted to them, I feel sure will receive prompt and conscientious consideration.       Ukorok W. Coopeh.
IN THK MATTER of an Application for lbs
Issue of Duplicate Certllleate, of Title to
lets 1 to 13 inclusive, llloek 4, Mnp'_% awl I
Lots 6 nml IK, Blook 1, Subdivision of Lot
KB. Ntup-,7.
intention to issue at tbe expiration of, _-..,._■.,,._,
one month after the first publication hereof! MANUFACTURERS it DEALERS
duplicates nf the C.rtlllciiM ol Title, to the
above-mentioned Lots In the name of Henry   1
White, whioh CertifloHtes sre dnti'd  the 19th
day ol 1 lei-ember, 1899, and the 9th day of Vay.
I'M), respectively, and numbered S178A and
3_t*4A. respectively.
Duted at Kamloops, B. C, April -4th, 1918.
11 11. DUNHAM,
Dial riot Hub 1st. ar.
(Published Annually)
| Enable, traders "Ihroiifihout the world to
communicate direct with Kngrllsh
In each olass of poods. Reside, being a com-
plite commercial guide to Loudon and Its
suburbs, the directory eoutalu. Hats of
R.S. B.C. 1911, Cal>. !■»*, 3ec. 27.
In the mutter of the Estate of Harriett
Amelia I-each, lute of <<raml Forki, tf **■,
Widow deceased
NOTI' K  IS HEKBBY   OIVKN that all per-
nous   having   any   chitnm   i-nniimt the
Estate of the late Hurriett Amelia  I .eaeh.
wh" died on or about the lfltli day of April,
1013, nt Grand Forks aforesaid, are requested
to »eiid by posi prepaid, or to deliver to the
undersigned Solicitor lie-eln for Margaret
Rein-ceil Hrau ami Kvallne M. Thompson.
Executrixes and Trustees under tha will ol
the wild Harriett Ann lia Leach, their names
ami addrenet and full t'ttrticu'arsln writing
of their fliiimh and st'iteuients of tht Ir up-
cunt*, and the nature of security (If any)
held hy them.
Au I tnke notice, that nfter the 21tt day of
.'un- ,191.1, the ca ■' I xecutilxes aud Trustees
will proceed todlltrlbllt the assets of the
vnid deceuie'd amonu the persons enti led
thereto, having regard only to lhe eial ms of
whieh th y Khali then Imve h>id notioe, and
that the miiI.I Kxneiitrixes>'nd Trustees will
not he Un'- e fnr the si-Id n-.set* or any part
thereof, to auy person whose claim they
shall not have hnd or received notioe.
Dated at Grand Forks, 11 C„ thi« First dny
of May. 1918.
7 mid SI) vis Block.
Grand Korks, B. C-
Solicitor for the mild Margaret Kehecca Urtui
nml Kvallne ''.Thompson,
with tbe Goods they ship, and the Colonial
aud Foreign Markets they supply;
Arranged uuder the Ports to which they nail,
and ludleating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of tbe United Kingdom.
A copy nf the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20«.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their tradeeards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Ahchurch Ijimo. London,  R.C.
Electric Restorer for Men
Ph OSphonol rwtorea every nerve la the body
" a>"' '«- Its proper tension; restores
rim and vitality. Premature decny nnd all sexual
weakness averted at ence. Phoephoaol will
make you a new man. Price 18 a box. or two for
SB. Mailed to any address. The toobeU Drag
0»m It. Cathar In e#. Ont.
SBALEDTKNDBRS will be received by the
underslgi ed up to I'i o'clock noon on Tties-
day, 22ud July. 1911. for the purchase of the
undermentioned mineral claim forfeited to
the orowu. All teudersmuttt be nt lenr-t pijiial
to the upHet price al nlven below, whieh represents the MXeii oOfta, interest, etc., Crowu
<iraut Fees and cost of tulvertIslng.
The name of lho mineral (-latin is "Annua."
Lot 124? situate neur Grand   Forks,  in the
0<-oyoos Dlvlelou, Vale District.   Upset price
fl06.8H.   Kaoh tender must h..* accompanied by
u certified f;lie(|iio pnynhle at par at Penticton.   The  cheque of any unsuccessful tenderers will be returned nt mice.
Dated at Fairview 10th day of June, 1018.
Government Agent.
Fairview, B. C.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-band Store.
— ~~~~~**
Take ynur repairs to Armsons
Boot anH Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
At the Head
Tht man <t the head of (flairs
whether at home or in business, ii
Ihe one whose attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the best class
of homes and is read hy the head nf
th* family. That accounts for the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Ads.
II you read The Sun you get tbe
news of the city, the province and
tbe world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the ilaily  papers. tt
Most Important Events at
Home and .Abroad During the Past Week
Hostilities in the Balkan are virtually ended, and Bulgaria shows herself
anxious for peace.    The Greeks win a I
brilliant victory over the   Bulgarians.
Lloyd Oeorge, speaking at a bank- [
ers' banquet in London, says there is
no cause for alarm owing to the
money stringency. The nations are
hubbanding their resources.
Damage to the extent of almost
$10,000 was caused tonight by a Are
which broke out in the provincial industrial school at Point Grey, seven
miles from Vuncouvsr.
Col. Sam Hughes, minister of militia, entertained the permanent and
active militia officers of the Halifax
garrison at dinner tonight, and created somewhat of a sensation bv
soundly tar-turing the regular officers
for idling and neglecting ther duties.
' 8ylvia Pankhurst was released from
Holloway jail tonight as the result of
her hunger strike.
Eighty thousand conductors and
trainmen on fortv-five lines in the
eastern states ratify the vote to strike.
Since January 13S people have been
killej while trespassing nn the western
lines of the Canadian Pacific railway.
Four parsons are killed and a score
injured at Cambridge, Ohio, when an
express train dashes into a street car.
Chief officer of the White Star
liner Cymric and seven othet persons
are drowned in Boston harbor when a
sloop capsizes.
Water from the heavy rains of last
Friday and Saturday is several feet
deep in the avenues between Fort
William and Port Arthur.
. There is no sign of peace at present
in the Balkan states. Greece and
Servia have refused so far to agree to
an armistice. The Turkish armv iB
advancing by forced marches from
Tchatalfa and Bulair, apparently with
the consent of Greece and Servia, to
attemnt the recapture of Adrianople
and Thrace.
Manitoba hopes to get laborers for
the harvest fields from the west.
A victory for arbitration is won at
Washington,   and   the   big   railway
Great Removal
For 10 days, beginning
July 10th, we will offer
- special inducements for
cash on all our large
Stock of High Class
Home Furnishings
See Hand Bills for
Special Announcements
Miller &Gardner
Hardware    Home Furnishers    Crockery
strike is averted.    A board of conciliation and mediation to be appointed.
Mrs. Pankhurst appears at a meeting in defiance of the court, and is
again arrested.
Two thousand Bulgarians evacuate
Saloniki, alarmed by the ruse of the
Greek naval commander.
Hon. J. I). Hazen, minister of ma
rine, left Ottawa this afternoon for
Vancouver to represent the government at the welcome of the battleship New Zealand.
Fourteen persons aie dead as the
result of the wreck at Vineyard station, California, last night, when two
Pacific Electric trains collided. The
number of injured is said to exceed
one hundred and fifty.
A compromise between the Dominion and the provinces in respect to the
long contested issue of company incorporations may bo reached when the
conference of provincial premiers and
attorney-generals is held in Ottawa
this fall.
The Austalian | olioy of defence
will be non-partisan
The strike declared in the shipbuilding yards in Hamburg extended
today toother trades, and  it is esti
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drag
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
mated   that   '20,000   have    stopped
The engagement of Prince Arthur
to Duchess of Fife is announced in
Premier McBride will go to London
next month. His visit to the old
couutry will relate chiefly to finuncial
A motion for the second reading i f
the home rule for 1 reland bill was defeated in the house of lords this evening by a vote of 302 to 64.
Early next month the Russian
volunteer fleet will inaugurate a ser
vice between Vladivostok, Victoria,
Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle.
Official dispatches from Athens
confirm the announcement from Saloniki that Greece is prepared to sign
an armistice on condition that the
frontier questions, the payment of indemnity by Bulgaria and guarantees
for tbe welfare of the Greeks under
Bulgarian rule shall be settled on the
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt, Plaster,
Lime, Cement,
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority of pases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing?   Avoid this
"risk liy having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The Ontario apple crop will be
light this year.
The Winnipeg exhibition closed last
night with a magnificent display of
Several officers of the Prussian war
office are accused of taking bribes
from the Krupp company.
The formal signing of tke contract
for the new Manitoba parliament
buildings took place in Winnipeg today.
The independent Doukhobors of
Thrums, B.C., ask for a share of compensation from the Dominion government.
J. E. Martin, K.C, of Montreal,
has been appointed as counsel to take
care ot the Dominion's interests lie-
fore the better terms commission for
British Columbia.
The Dominion government will establish an es|s'i-iiiieutal farm ut a
point on the Grand Trunk Pacilic bc
tween Hazelton and Fort (jeoige, as
well us oue in the Okanagan vulley,
The Turkish army presses forwaisl
and occupies the great battlefields of
the late wur. The allied armies will
march on Sofia, lioumania is determined to acquire a new southern
Conditions in China are chaotic.
Bridges are blown up and desperate
fighting is expected.
Humors of the attempted murder
of the crown prince of Norway cause
excitement in Cristfknia.
President Mellen, of the New
York, New Haven & Hartford railway, has tendered his resignation.
Lord Arthur Cecil, a half brother of
the late Lord Salisbury, died at hi
residence, Mount Lymington, yesterday.
The Roumanian troops are at Plevna   and   Mesedra,   the  latter within
cAlmost zA New Store
The carpenters have conver
modern plate
Straw Hats ™9Jd'
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V.D underwear. Prices
range from 90c to S3 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
ted our old building into a
glass store.
CUj-j.- A fine line of Neg-
OIllI lb |igee ghirts, attached and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices tl to 13.50.
Wnoiort^' Fancy Hosiery
n.us>ierjr for men and
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
realize that we have solved the problem,   The re
duction in their hills prove it.    No matter whethea you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing -shop in the Boundary.
thirty miles of Sofia, and King Ferdinand of Bulgaria is a suppliant tu the
king of Roumania for peace.
The Anglican synod will msmoriai
ize the Alberta legislature asking
that those contemplating matrimony
publish their intentions in some newspaper one week before the ceremony is
At the request of Greece.the French
government, which has assumed the
protection of Greek interests in the
war region, has instructed the secretary of the French legation at Athens
and au officer of the French military
mission to proceed immediately to the
seat of war to investigate the alleged Bulgarian atrocities.
Ore Shipments
The following were tbe shipments
from the Boundary mines during
tbe past week. Granby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
865 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
Don't forget that The Sun has thj
beBt job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Read Tbe Sun and keep   posted
on current events.
A contemporary sayg modern warfare is yet far from iieing civilized
Slrictly speaking there is no such
thing as civilized warfare. Warfare
is a condition of savagery, occasionally illuminated by a cause nnd ul
ways by deeds of valor. Tho object
of the successful strategist is to place
the enemy in a position best adapt..
ed for his extermination A competent authority—one who bad been
through, perhaps, the worst conflict
of history—said war was hell, and
in thnt pnrticulnr region, we may as
suine, there is civilization.—Victoria
'rake your repnirs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, (irand Forks.
How About Your Car?
Is it insured against loss liy tin*. There
i.s an ever present danger with gasoline,
and are you sure you could get it out in
time should an adjacent lmilding catch on
tire?   We furnish
Automobile Insurance
and shall lie pleased to quote you rates.
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Co.
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Caa qutcUy be overcome hy
Purely vsj-staMa
—act surely and
Esntly oa ttta
ver. Cu.*e
Dial- _  .
ne», and Indigestion.   They do thcu dirty.
Small PiU, Small Dmo, SmaU Moe.
Genuine mwtbeai Signature
By The Year
If you want the best and longest,
wearing gloves or mitts ever turned
outot a factory bs suro and ask for
the l.-.mous
These gloves are specially tanned
for hard service and will save you
money and reduce your glove
expense by the year. Send for our
descriptive pamphlet—Tha Pinto's
CauSa'sbpnl Wove ui HIU-taken,
IBRB'S • Hit
that won't
1'c»k»* —
"No Ma'am, there's nothing
In ft but ealt—Just pure dean, whole-ome
Hit—ud sll eolt"
_ "ET-Tylodj* around hers an* Wbdie*
Sell, end I don't fellm thli More could tell
•»r Mhet ku_d of lihlo StiW*
"No Ma'am, we wouldn't wist to handle
any other salt—we like to telt wlnd-or Salt
In Summer
Save -where a fleet breeze bowed tbe
And aet lt flowlnj like a river,
The steady beat of ardent heat
Kept all the air a-qulver.
The brooklet spent Its merriment
While dancing down the i'aisy meadow;
Where willows bent. It silent went.
All flecked with shine and shadow.
Amid the eky hawks drifted by,
And swallows darted, rising, falling
The cricket's cry rang shrill and high.
And quail kept calling, calling.
Grim Monarch Care mtglit rule elsewhere;
We watched the cloud, go trailing
A placid, rare peace filled tbe air
And far-borno scent of clover.
Thousands ot mothers can testify to
tlie virtue ot Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, because they know
from experience how useful It Is.
Mars Ancient.
They -ay that chess U the oldest
game, remarked on Old Fogy.
Poker ls older than chess, said th*
Wise Guy.
How uo you know? askel the Old
Didn't Noah draw to pairs on ths
ark and got a full house? replied the
Wise Guy.
%. P|LLS 4<
:.. 'H1PHT-S   ort?r,; .
1 * ii c t c i ' .*, *'
Ms. a box or alx Lcxss for *2.B0,
■t all dealers, er Ths Dodds Medietas Compsny, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. 0. Wt
Plenty of It
But do you think your daughter
would succeed on the stage? Hu
she enough of the artistic temperament?
Oh, yes, plenty of lt. When bus
had to wipe the dishes on the maid's
day out last week shs flew Into a
tantrum, and smashed the best salad
dish we had ln the house.
Willie's Mamma—Is James a nlos
boy tor you to play marbles with?
Willie—Sure. I can beat him every
Miller's Wo.m Fowders act mildly
and without Injury to the child, and
there can be no doubt ot their deadly
effect upon worms. They have been
in successful use tor a long time and
are recognizee as a leadlne preparation for tho purposo. They bav*
proved their power ln numberless
cases and ha-e given relief to thousands ot children, who, but for the
good ofllces of this superior compound
would have continued weak and enfeebled.
I seem to remember that lady. Who
ls she?
She was m, typist last year.
She's charming. Why did shs
leave you?
She was too conscientious tor ms.
One day I proposed marriage to her,
and what do you think sbe did? She
took all that I said down lu shorthand
and brought lt, nicely typewritten, tor
me to sign.
Should be the Birthright ol Every
Woman and Growing Girl.
Many women and growing girls
who should have bright eyea, rosy
cheeks, strong nerves and elastic Btep,
and a good appetite, are seen to decline In health. Their spirits grow
sluggish, the cheeks become pale,
temper fitful, and the nerves oversensitive. They may have Inherited
a tendency to Ill-health, or they may
have over-worked, over studied or
worried until tne strength of the body
was not equal to the demands made
upon It.
To guard against a complete breakdown ln health tho blood must be
kept pure and rich. No other medicine can do this bo well as Dr. Williams' Fink PIUs, for they act both
on the blood and nerves, restore the
appetite and keep every organ toned
up. All women cannot rest whenever they should, but this strengthening medicine is within every woman's
reach, and will keep them ln the enjoyment of good health. And lt is
especially Important that ln every
Stage ot woman's life the blood supply be kept pure and rich. The value of Dr, Williama' Pink PIUs ls well
illustrated by the case ot Mrs. David
Chambers, Bensfort, Ont,, who says:
"Some years ago I suffered greatly
from Impoverished blood. I was very
pale and thin and had no strength, I
took a lot of doctor's medicine without getting any benefit, and at last decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs,
which I had heard highly recommended. It was not long before I began
to feel better, and after taking the
Pills for perhaps a couple ot months
my health was fully restored, and although some years have passed I have
continued strong and healthy, and I
think I owe it entirely to Dr. WU-
Hams' Pink PIUs.
"Sometime later my daughter, then
about tw-'lve years of age, had been
working very hard at school and her
health gave way. She. was weak
and listless and her bands and face
were badly swollen, and we feared
dropsy was setting in. However, we
started to give her Dr. Williams' Pink
PIUs and she was soon quite well
again. I always recommend Dr.
Williams* Pink Pills to tny suffering
as we did, knowing the beneflt our
family receivid from them "
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold
by all medicine dealers orjrlll be sent
ty mall, post paid, at 50 centt a box
or alx boxes for (2.60 by writing The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
■.—i    —..■■. i **
Fifty-five whales, yielding $630,000
were killed ln the North Pacific. But
It ls represented that lt whales ar*
decimated the millions ot herrings
that now stay close to the shores to
escape the predatory big fish will venture Into deep water, the salmon
which live on them, will follow, and
the salmon Industry will be menaced,
lt not ruined. This ls as bad a complication as any forseen by manufacturing interests from tariff rcductiou
a:.d obviously points to the need of
prohibitive tariff of some kind ou
whaling for the protection of saloon
A motion picture show arranged under the survislon c. the directors ot
the Children's Aid and Protective society of Vienna took place ln that city
recently. It i-etteC the cause a large
sum of money and furnlchcd a novel
feature. At the close of the film
programme the spectators were requested to remain seated so that a
film might be shown with portraits ot
many persons known to those present. It was a picture ot tha patrons
arriving at the theatre, taking thslr
places and waiting for the flrst number. The picture had been prepared
ln two hours, and was the feature of
the occasion.
•lumping Pith
Jumping at a meant ot locomotion
ll shared by a variety of . .nlrnal* ot
Widely different classes. Kangaroot
and Jerboas among the mammals,
thrushes and robins among ths birds,
as well as such familiar forms as
frogs, cockles, crickets and fleas—sil
Illustrate this proneness to leap,
mostly'as a means of getting quickly
over the ground, and even lions and
tigers, whioh never spring In ordinary circumstances, readily adopt thlt
method of attacking their victims.
A considerable number ot fishes ar*
remarkable tor their leaping powers,
and several ot these performers are
on that account specially favored by
anglers, since by Jumping clear of the
water, ln some cases many times ln
succession, they tax the fisherman's
skill more severely than fishes less
active, and thereby give added zest
to their capture.
Members ot the salmon family are
universally famous for their high
Jumps. The sea trout, which gladden Devon waters under tbe seasonable name ot 'harvest peal,' ars untiring acrobats, and a flsh ot a pound
weight will more than Jump several
times Its own length out ot the water
when hooked before coming to the
net. Unless th* fisherman responds
by promptly lowering the top of his
rod, th* fragile gut ls likely to break,
and as lt It part of every sportsman's
oreed to appreciate his pastime In
proportion to the difficulties lt presents, the sea trout stands high in
the cngler's estimation.
At their best salmon can Jump at
least ten teet above the surface, a
feat achieved by slapping the water
with the powerful till and flexing the
body until the head r.nd tall all but
The grandest of air these leaoers
Is the tarpon, otherwise 'silver king,"
or 'grand ecallle,' a monster herring
wWch may measure six or seven feet
and weigh 200 pounds.
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Boy's
Camp, held at Tusket Falls ia August,
beneficial for sun b im, an immediate
relief for colic and toothache.
Generul Secretary.
Left to Guess
First Broker—Did you win or lose
In tnat big drop In stock?
Second Broker (loftily)—That Is
my business, sir. Say, can you direct me to a five cent lunch counter?
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
are made according to a formula in
•se nearly a century ago among the
Indians, and learned from them by
Dr. Morse. Though repeated attempts have been made, by physicians and chemists, it has been found
impossible to improve the formula or
the pills. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills are a household remedy throughout the world for Constipation and
all Kidney and Liver troubles. They
act promptly and effectively, and
Cleanse the System
-The new "Ses-qui"
The only matches of the kind
In Canada.
Tho "tips" are positively
harmless. You or your children can bite ur swallow them
without danger.   "
Sold tn two sizes—regular
and pocket. Protect yourself
by using none bu'. Eddy's
ne,w "8,-s-qul "
Another Swallow   Wanted
A jarvey was driving with an English visitor on a bitterly cold day ln
December through the wilds ot Conne-
mara. They became quite sociable
on the way, and the native, in a burst
pi confidence, pointed out a shebeen
where the 'best potheen In Connaught'
might be obtained. The Englishman
only too glad to get an opportunity
ot warming himself off ere I refreshment, which offer was readily accepted.
'Tis n very cold day In theae parts,
Pat, observed th- tourist.
'Tis, yer honor, replied Pat. He
raise 1 his glass, aud the contents
speedily vanished And there's
truth in the old sayln,' he suggestively added, smacking his lips, one swallow never made a summer.
You have never suffered from financial reverses? No, replied Mr.
Dustln Stax. Finance ls like dancing. When the market turns around
and goes the other way you must reverse with it.
CoBtomor—I want a novel good for
summer reading.
Book Clerk—Hero's Just the thing.
A def ectlvo story that will make your
blood run cold.
British Conservatism
An inquisitive member ot the Hous*
ot Commons was struck one day by
the presence of a policeman In ona
of the lobbies. He wondered why
this particular lobby should alwaya
have a guardian strolling up and down
and made Inquiries. The records of
the House were searched and It was
found that fifty years previously,
when the lobby was being decorated, a
policeman had been stationed there to
keep member;; from Boiling their
clothes. Tho order never having
been conuterflKnded, the constable
had kept his beat tor half a century.
Because He Took GIN PILLS
Mr. II. A. Jukes ef Winnipeg writes I
"I have been a sufferer from Lumbago
tor some years past I met your Mr.
Hill aud he advised mc to take GIN
PILLS. I hire been taking them at
Intervals during the early part of th*
present winter, and up-to-date have had
no return of my old trouble—in fact I
feel better than I have for years, and
think that my old enemy has vanished
tor good and all."
Soc. a box, 6 for $3.jo. Sample free tt
rou write National Drag and Chemical
(\a nf r.hacla. Limited, Toronto    UO
Concrete is the best
building material
A BROAD statement—Yet literally true. Tb* nun of man from the
Dl beginning hai been to make bis building materials as nearly take mt>
•** urafitone as possible. The great labor required to quury stone led
him to seek various minufsctured substitutes. The only reason he ev«
wed wood wu thst it was easiest to get and most convenient to m*.. . *
Wood is no longer easy to get. Like most building matcml. m cost u t*
aeaiingatanJamiingtate. --1 '
The cost ol concrete ii decreasing.   So, from the standpoint of either ie*.
vice ot economy, Concrete is the best building material.
Canada's farmer* are using more concrete, m proportion to then numbers,
than the fatmen of any other counby.   Why?
Because they are being supplied with
Canada Cement-
■ cemsat el th* highest possible quality, which la.
euiet the succass el thslr concrete work.
Th* secret of eoneret*'* popularity In Caaada lias la
th* (act that while we have b«n adwtlaia* A* us*
ol connote, -w* star* ale* baea produaaa, by seljav
tific methods, a corneal as aaltanttf Mat ia mar
Out dl* concrete at.de witli it 4*-jf* ***WM*
aatishctioa our adnrttsMMnt* W*—.
Concrete would aet hav* keen ia suehuniversal am
today, had aalaf*ilorrad*oleem*iitW»asuppU*d.
halt* upon gettiai Canada Comsat   111* yew Wo*
-WithoutthisUmI ill*
 ' Cement
swuraac* ofthoreyiWy eetisfaetory rasuks hem
la work. Then
your coaer*!* -»»...   .—■
dealer in year aeighboihood
in is a Canada Corneal
Writ, ftr*urFret teo-Hmbmb "trial TUrermtr Caa t>tWUb Ctnttset*.
—N,farmer ttut eftrittm withiut a etpjr. Mffjjr.**
Canada Cemrat Company United   T  Moatraal THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
He and His Alleviator Keep on
Doing Business.
And a Certain Bland and Smiling Oan*
tleman Is Relieved sf $40—An Adventure With a Grass Widow and a
Safe Qat Away.
(Copyright, IMS, by Associated Literary
TAKE It for any ache that ever
Take lt for any pain that
ever pained.
lf yon are on your dying bed and ar*
able to talk ln a whisper, demand that
they get you a bottle of Pilgrim Joe'*
Can be applied externally with a
woolen rag or taken Internally with
safety.  Don't take the rag with lt
No politics or religion mixed with lt
It cures tbe sinner as well as the saint
Bits tbe case of a gambler as well ss
that ot the church deacon.
Statements have been made by envious rivals ln business that call for
prompt denial. My Pilgrim Joe's alleviator ls not made by a trust. I am
the original and sole Inventor and e.va
putting It out trom humanitarian motives.  It I can make 80 per cent and
"i was rRtaurr in the front bases.
keep my humanltorian motives to the
front at thc same time 1 shull nsk for
no greater reward.
My alleviator contains no breakfast
It bas nothing to do with life In-
su ranee.
Tbere is no rebate attached to lt.
Tbere Is no "yellow dog" behind.
1 have no United States senators ln
. my pay.
1 have never bribed members of tbe
legislature to mnke It go.
From digging the roots to waxing
the cork, tliere Is no boodle attached
to It.
I offer $1,000 In gold for every drop
of alcohol found In my alienator.
'     It contains nothing to mnke tbe old
drunkard worse.   It contains nothing
to start the child on a career of vice.
My enemies point to the fnct thnt It
failed to alleviate a man lu Connecticut who wns Mown np by a powder
magazine. Nothing but his left ear
was found, but I do not pretend to alleviate fragments.
There nre forty-eight doses in every
bottle, nnd tbo empty bottle makes a
beautiful yard ornament at a seaside
Booming th* Alleviator.
The price Is thc same the year
around. It cures frostbites ln winter
nml dog biles In summer. After licking the blade of an ux on u frosty win-
ter morning nothing will soothe your
Injured feelings like an alleviator.
Thc bottle is so thick that the children cnn piny liu.se with It. In the
west It is a favorite missile for farmers to throw ut hogs. No matter whnt
other so called alleviators appear In
market, do not be deceived. Ask for
the old and time tried and tnke no
After three months from dat* sll
bottles will he made earthquake proof.
(juakes may come by dny or by nlgbt
ami with whnt force tbey will, but the
bottle of alleviator sitting on tbe parlor table will remain undisturbed and
be nu asset to begin business anew.
At tbe Unlreston flood one of my bottles floated across to the West Indies
and cured four patients when opened.
At tbe S:in Francisco Ure one was
warped (o the shape of the letter "8"
and still preserved Its contonla.
Ascertain that your family druggist
Is not n borse thlet before asking blm
If he sells Pilgrim Joe's alleviator.
I wu* making for tho town ot Busied
Ben on* day last week, feeling In my
usual good spirits and wondering wby
(II men could not flgger out that Integrity paid 35 per cent profit nnd no
, ifterclap, wnen i meets op with an om
kuss on foot wbo seemed to be made of
smiles and blandness.   We stopped tc
: pass tbe time of day, and by ind by hs
"Pilgrim, it warms tbe cockles of my
heart to meet thee. 1 have Just bought
n site for an orphan asylum, nnd I
] wonldst have your opinion on tbe same.
Come  wltb  me—and  view  tbe spot
1 where the fatherless will gambol for
the dny and sleep by tbe night. Later
on. If thee sees fit. thou mny contribute
to the grnnd charity."
As founding orphan asylums has always bcen right In my line, I turned
aside o'er the prairie and follered blm.
After walking balf a mile lie stopped
and said:
"Behold the spot: Here Is peace and
rest and quietness, lt Ib Ave miles to
the next habitation, no corner saloon.
no ward heelers, no trouble und travail. Bere shall tbe orpbau rest and
ling his song and fear no danger."
A Striking Argument.
I was silently admiring the landscape, which consisted of a hundred
acres ot prairie and a lame horse, when
I felt something bit me on the back
of my neck, and two hours had passed
when I opened my eyes to earthly affairs ag'ln. Tben the bland and smiling old kuss had long departed, and
witb bim bad gone my outfit. It bnd
been a put up job on a good and Innocent man, and It had succeeded. For
a time I knew not which way to turn.
My speerlts were down to zero and
my faith In integrity nil. Tbus for a
few minutes, and then I rallied nnd set
out on foot to tbe town mentioned.
It was after dark when I got into
the town, and what was my surprise to
find that smiling and blnnd old kuss
selling my alleviator on tlie public
square and passing blmself off for me!
I gave blm more rope and then nt a
critical Juncture closed In on him.
When tbe populace found that It had
been deceived tbere wns no more work
for me to do. The people did It themselves. During tbe fervid excitement
I managed to turn the victim's pockets
wrong side out and possess myself ot
their contents, nnd when Invited fo see
htm tarred and feathered nnd ridden
out of town on a rail I wus present on
the front ranks.
Integrity mnde one ot the biggest
triumphs of tbe decade. It wns nlmost
hr good as uncovering the operations
of a coal road. I sought my couch
amid the plaudits of thc innlltltmlo beforo I thought to count my cash. When
1 did so I found thnt nnt only my own
had been restored, but I lind $40 belonging to tbe blnnd. smiling old kuss
who was coated with tnr. It was then
thnt I determined never to doubt integrity again.
Integrity Wins.
Two days later I was Jogging between tbe towns of Bell Rent and Angle's Boost wbeu I encountered n female. It Is agin my primaries to butt
ln, but tbls female wan weeping, and
It seemed my dooty to cheer her up. She
wns going my wny, nnd I offered her
a lift. Tearfully she climbed np beside me. and wben 1 bnd given her five
minutes to subdue ber emotions I
"Feller woman, hast the world given
you the icy heart?"
"Alas, It's all Ice!" she replied.
"Is It about thc old man'."
"She lie. He got tired of my looks
and bade me take a skate."
Then I looked more closely nt ber
and did not find It in my heart to
blame lilm, tbough I bold that no woman is to blame for looking nnbeautl-
ful. She can't belp lt more'n a mulley
cow can help being born without
"Aud where goest thou?" I continued.
"1 goeth ln search."
•"Of another man'."
"The same—that Is, I was ln search
of another, but I have found him.
Where thou goest I will go."
She stole her arm nround my wnlst.
and snuggled up to me, and the tears
went away, nnd sunshine Illumined her
"I nm uot free to marry." I said after
awhile. "Back in the state of Indiana
dwells an old woman wbo watches and
wulls for me. Sbs may amtlner to
watch and wait for yenrs and yeurs to
como for all she'll ever see mc, but
nevertheless tbe legal pnrt still holds.
Love and matrimony arc not for Joo."
"Never In tbis vein world will I let
tbee go," ssys the woman, with n grent
deal of fervor.
It was then that I called upon integrity to get a bump on herself and pull
mo out of a bad bole, nnd It wus also
.then that my faith In her was rewarded. The off fore wheel fell Into tbe rut,
and the female was pitched out on tbe
prnlrle on her head, and by the time
she bad scrambled op I had tho old
boss under moshun, and her efforts to
overtake me were In vain.
As a Rule They Mak* Loan* matt
Per C*nt Margin.
■ Most Wall street banks Inslat est
having a twenty point margin behind
each loan. That mean* that a maa
borrowing (100,000 mnst pnt up aa security stocks or bonds ot (120,000 market value. If th* securities decline to
a point where tbe $20,000 margin 1*
reduced to $15,000 the borrower I* called upon to put up additional securities. Most brokerage houses do oot
wait for such a summons, but send
the necessary collateral to tbe bank a*
soon as they see that the price ot their
securities bas declined.
Bnt tbe banks are guided always by.
the character and tbe financial standing of eacb borrower. Eacb bank ha*
a list of favorite borrowers who caa,
secure whatever money tbey need lai
times of stress or In time* of calo.1
The loan clerks know who the favor
Ites are and show them every courtesy. It means a good deal tor a Stock
Exchange hous* to get on tb* "farottj
ed list" of a Wall street bank.
Some borrowers, ln order to stand
well wltb a bank, never complain
wben the bank raises the rate on their-
loans. Tbey go on the theory that 11
ls foolish to dispute a rate with a bank
wben tbe difference between 2 per
cent and 2V4 means only $1.39 a day
on the Interest charge for a $100,000
loan.—New York Post
Whst a Two Dollar Bill of th* Y»ar
1774 Looked Lik*.
One of the few pieces of continental
scrip now in existence Is owned by a
former teacher ut Sbortridge high
school. It wsb given to her nt Christmas time In ISfiS by a fellow teacher.
The piece measures about 5-14 by Ztf
Inches and Is framed to show both
sides. Within an intricate leaf and
branch border design, on the front
side, Is printed:
"This Indented bill of $2 shall entitle1
tbe bearer thereof to receive bills of
exchange, payable in London, or gold
and silver, at tbe rate of 4s. Od. steeling per dollar for the said bill, according to the directions of an act of
assembly of Maryland. Dated In Annapolis, tbls 10th day of April anno
Domini, 1774. William Eddis a. Lap-
ln an upper corner of the reverse
side Is a picture, nbout an Inch nnd a
halt square, representing the British
crown, at eacb side of which is a tiny
picture of a man. One of the men I*
represented as holding a spade, while
from the band of the otber dangles a
fish on n string. At encb end on this
side of the scrip are tbe words. " "TI*
deatb to counterfeit," and at the bottom are the names of tbe printers, A.
O. and F. Green.-Indlnnapolis New*.
Moon Rivers.
The so called craters, ring mountain*
and empty sea beds of the moon are
not tbe only Interestiug phenomena
which our satellite presents to tb*
view. Tbere are on many parts ot tbe
moon's surface long, narrow lines called "rills." evldeutly much below tb*
general level of the ground, some ot
them comparable In breadth and depth
to the greut canyons of our western
country. Certain astronomers bav*
been disposed to regard these rills a*
crack* and rente In tbe crust of tb*
moon, but others have adopted the sur
gestlon, made long ago, that tbey ar*
river channels. It may be remarked
of tbese ancient lunar river cbaunela.
If sucb tbey really are, that their wider
ends always terminate In pear shaped
hollows like little craters, snd tbls end
Is nenrly always higher than the otber,
sn thnt if tbe craters were once lake*
their waters must have flowed ont Into
tbe rivers Instead of tbe waters of th*
river* emptying Into th* lukes.-Bar-
Th* Educstlen ef a Gentleman.
Frldny afternoon wns "debate day"
ln a school. On that afternoon classes after 2 o'clock were let go, and th*
assembled school listened to shyly spoken pieces of poetry and addresses to
gladiators. Then cumo the ellmm. tb*
debate when world Issues were settled for one* nnd nil; Tbe speeches
were after the pattern of tbl* one,
wblcb one teacher recalls:
"Mr. Chnlrmnn. Indies snd gentlemen, I rise to defend the afflrmatlv*
of th* question whether It I* better to
bave wealth or education. Mr. Chairman, If yon was to get a kiss letter
tram a lady and couldn't read It,
wouldn't you Just feel like going away
and dying? I close now lo give place
to an abler siwaker."-New York Pott
Memory Experiences Them "20, and
30, and 40 Years On."
What has become of the circus ol
our youth? Where is the fellow who
used to bring his girl to town on circus days and treat her to pink lemonade? He always wore ,a bright red,
tightly rolled artificial rosebud in the
left lapel of his coat, carried a striped
cane and tried to ride the trick mules.
That circus—the old circus—was a
one-ring affair, with few elephants,
like as not no carmine sweating hippopotamus at all, and few specialists.
The acrobats doubled in brass in the
street parade, and the bareback riders, clowns and trapeze artists sang
and danced in the refined concert
after the big show. We have always
suspected that the bearded lady in
the side show wore trousers under
her petticoats and drove one of the
vans in the procession; we knew she
drank beer and wiped the foam off hei
beard on a flounce of her dress.
This wsb the old circus. Those who
have dwelt always in urban places
know little ol the delights of watching
it come into town. Like everything
else in this country it was doomed to
But in growing—and this is perhaps
a surprising fact—the old circus hsa
not lost its characters. It is still the
same agglomeration of wonders that
thrilled and held our youth; it is so
big that it is overwhelming, but it
has not lost its glamor. It is thc
only thing in the World that ever grew
up and still retained its youth.
Or, if youth does not breathe out ol |
the circus -upon you now, that is not
the fault of the circus; it is your fault,
You are getting old. You need attempt |
to lie to yourself no longer; frost has
touched your spirit. For the circus is
the touch-stone. If you are one of that
rare breed of men who never grow old
at heart you can laugh at the clown,
eat peanuts with relish, applaud the
elephant and thrill to the feats of the
trapeze artists when you are 98, il
rour grandchildren will take you to
the show when you are 98. But if
jv.u don't care for the circus, even
though you may be only 35, you ore
in the sere and yellow leaf.
Rebuilding Pompeii.
When first they began to dig out
long buried Pompeii everything found
there wns taken to Naples, leaving
nothing in the excavated places but
the bare ruined walls. Of late years
a more rational plan has been followed of leaving in place everything but
the smaller objects of interest and reproducing roughly the houses uncovered. Under tho present director, Professor Spinazzola, this idea has been
developed still further. He has almost entirely rebuilt some of the
houses, using all the material found,
even to the fragments of the roof tiles.
On the famous street of Abundance he
has rebuilt even the upper stories and
balconies and restored the windows
and facades. This gives a new idea
ol the style of the city of pleasure. A
recently uncovered fresco represents
Venus standing in a chariot drawn
by four elephants.
Compound Interest.
All interest is payable annually ol
oftener; therclore there is no such
thing as simple interest in the long
run. One dollar at compound interest
at 1 per cent, per annum will double
in a little less than seventy years—
to be exact, it doubles in 69.R6 years.
As near aa we can calculate, this
earth is about 3,000,000,000 years old.
If it took the earth 3,000,000,000 years
to grow, how much will interest grow
in that time? One cent at compound
interest at one per cent, per annum
for 3,000,000,000 years wi'.l amount to
to mucli that one vigintiilion balls of
gold, each as large as the sun, will
not then pay the interest for a billionth part of one second ol time.
Wetting an Actor.
Even water has its substitute on tht
stage. This is not water for drinking,
however, but for garments where an
effect of being wet is wanted. An actor
might come upon the stage actually
wet to the skin in real water, and
aside irom his dripping hair he would
not look wet. To make an actor look
actually wet a great quantity of vase-
lini is rubbed over hts clothes, when,
with hair dripping wet and tho lights
reflected upon the vaseline on hit
clothes, he hss every appearance ol
hiving just been fished out ol ths
river or ocean or whatever particular
body of water he is supposed to hav*
fallen or been thrown into.
Neat  *•  ■   Pin  Is
This  Spring   Cost,
There I* nothing dashing and pic-
turesque about tbls new outing coat
which la conservatively severe and
trim In style. It ls made of dark
worsted mixture -In modified coat
style, witb a stitched belt passing
through a buckle of the material.
Pocket* at the sides emphasise the
outing character of tbe model
1 ~-.at Won.
j    They were talking abont trees.
I    "My favorite," the said, "is the oak.
It is so noble, so magnificent in its
i massive strength!  But what ls your
' lavoritef"
!    "Yew," he replied.
| beflnlng a Qrsftar.
A grafter is a man who lives by th*
1 iweat of another man'* brow.
First Ben-Whut a ridiculously giddy creature young Miss Dorking Isl
Second Hen-Ob, she'* young yet
Watt till sbe hns known tbe sorrow
of sitting for tbree weeks on a cblna
egg and two doorknobs. She'll sober
down tben.—Xlt-Blta.
Way Out
Knlcker-A Judge ha* ruled that a
woman shouldn't spend more on clotbeg
than on rent.
Mr*. Knlcker-Wsll, then, we shnll
ban to par a bUrsar rent- *'
Perpetual Pensions,
rorpetual pensions are to bs found
tn .France as well as ln England. On
Aug. SI, 1765, the dauphin, ton ol
t,ouis XV., whon out rabbiting accidentally shot Yves de la Boissiere, one
of his suit. As a compensation t
ptnslon of £240 was conferred on Boissiere, with remainder to hi) heirs In
perpetuity. Despite the many changes
in the (orm oi government, tbls pension hss been paid ever linos, and no
member oi tho budget committee has
ner suggested stopping it
Tb* People oi (he Solomon* (th*
Csnnibsl Islands) are rapidly decreasing in numbers. Dr. W. Thorold
Quelle, medical officer in tha islands,
declares that ths decrease in popu.
lation is due to the (act that tribal
warfare has ceased and th* natives no
longer kill one another. This warlar*
need to keep the native "At" and so*
ergctte. Sow they hav* become Iuy
and Inert, and th* race is (ut deteriorating, and seems likely to die rat la
•ours* of tisaa
Expansive New Cotton Fabric*.
Among tb* washable materials which
are newly displayed Frencb ratines are
prominent They are to be had ln Ave"
colon, blue gray, brown gray, apricot
lavender and green. All ar* In doubla -
width goods and witb an Inwoven border ar* priced at $3.75 a yard. Tb*
plain color* ar* less. Some slso have a
fine black stripe, almost a hair line
stripe, running tbrough tbem. Thess
cost $2.00 a yard. One of oranga color
and white ba* tbe effect of * shepherd'* plaid. Chenille roll* Is another
of th* novelty materials, but tbls Is
not washable It Is of wool voile
foundations for a chenille stripe, wblcb
Is closely placed and stands op like
small ridges on tbe goods, so thst tbe
effect Is tbat of uncut velvet White
stripes of chenille on black and white
on lavender are the only tones ln which
It may be procured. It la forty-five
Inches wide snd costs $2.05 a yard. It
la particularly lovely for tbe early
•prlng costume
Good t* Know.
If you bave ever attempted to embroider or stencil * piece ef beavy bur
lap you bave doubtless grown angry
and discouraged at the tendency of th*
edge* to ravel.
lf you bad taken tlm* to overcast all
th* edge* tbl* could hav* been prevented But It take* tlm*. Next time you
hav* to work wltb burlap la making a
cushion top or curtains simply stltcb
th* cut edges on tbe tewing machine.
Mak* tb* stltcb long aod tli* tension
loos* and then low ih* edge in a wavy
line, keeping close to the edge all th*
time. It won't fray, and It won't Uk*
long to fix It this wsy. The stitching
won't show wben tb* cushion Is sewed
np or tb* curtain* »r* hemmed.
A Proverb 8crutiniied.
"A prophet bi not without bonor ss r*
In bl* own country,1' uld th* msn
wbo complsln*.
"Well," replied Farmer Cornlccrel.
"that's on* way •' saylo' It Yon
mlgbt slso mention thst lfs easier fur
a man to sell a gold brick In a town
wber* they don't know IUm."-Wasb-
Ington Star.
Trlsd to Do Setter.
A tramp told a woman a bard inch
story abont taring nil wlfs and family
•nd bom* la an explosion.
"But" tba woman aaid. "tbat lint
tb* Mm* itory yoo told o* lut w**k."
"1 know, lady," uld th* tramp, "bnl
yoa didn't b*II*v* lut week'* ttory."
Won* Stilt
Wllll*-Do** yonr pa mr and yoa
to bed befor* T when yoo'r* woghtyl
Bobby-Wor*»*n tbat Wh*n Tr* b***.
bad ha make* *>• t*t up befm-e .e~Sss*
■otter Still.
' "No woman knowi bow to drive I
■'And what ol thttf E«ry womu
knowi how to drit* a nan aay *a| THE  SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Onr Paint Advice is Free
Grand Forks Camp No 15317,
Modern Woodmen of American, will
hold their annual picnic at Lynch
creek on Wednesday, July 23, when
an excursion train will be run from
this city. A program of sports, with
good prizes, has been drawn up; a
large dancing pavilion will be con
structed, und the grounds are .being
put in shape to accommodate the people who attend.
The Oranby Bay smelter will be
the most modern plant of its
kind ever built on this continent, and
it is expected to produce copper at
from li to 2 cents per pound cheaper
than any other smelter. According
to an estimate of Engineer 0 B.
Smith, the ore now in sight in the
mines at Granby Bay is about 8,000,-
000 tons, from *hich it is expected
recovery of values to double those
from the mines at Phoenix.
For Hale—Ten acres of good fruit
land in the West end nf the city,
about half of which is planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to bear.
Apply to E. Barron, Grand Korks,
Bev. and Mrs. M I). McKee returned last Saturday from Toronto,
where they attended the general as
sembly of the Presbyterian Church
of Canada.
W. O Easton returned last Saturday from Victoria, to which place he
was recently called owing to the death
of his father.
Dave Stafford, muster mechanic for
the Granbv company at, Phoenix, was
in the city for a few homs ou Wednesday.
Principal Glaspell and Miss Jessie
Stuart are the only teachers of the old
staff that have decided to remain here
another year. The new teachers engaged su far are: Miss H Olding, of
Nelson; Miss Caroline Munro, of this
city, and A. S. Matheson, of Union j
Bay.   I
Last Saturday was the glorious
12th, and for a few hours in the morn-.
ing the Union Jack waved over the
new court house. Then the gentle
man who had charge of it evidently
became confused in his dates and
pulled it down.
A successful ice cream social was
given in the parish hall of Holy
Trinity church on Tuesday evening.
The attendance was large A good
musical progrnm was rendered.
K R. Gilpin, collector of customs
at this port, is spending his vacation
with his family at Christina Lake.
Rev. C VV. Kine returned on Friday
from Vancouver, where he attended
the Baptist convention.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Thurs
day, July 10, to Or. and Mrs. C. M.
Kingston, a daughter.
Mrs. N. E. Cronant will shortly
open a store on Winnipeg avenue.
Miss Mary Ehlers,  of   Vancouver,
W. E. Chandler, a real estate deal
er of Superior, Wis., has  been spending the mist week in the city,    tie  is
making   a   tour   of  the west, with a
view nf locating ut some point.
James F. Wilkinson and Helen
Robertson Murray, both of Fife, H.C,
were married in Holy Trinity church
on Tuesday evening, July 15, by the
Hev Henry Steele.
John Simpson, principal of the
Vienna, Out, high school, arrived in
the city on Monday, and will spend a
month here looking after his orchard
in the West end.
J C llulo. is having aJj-:!000
residence on.the property lie recently
purchased from L G. fowler, iMc-
lioiiald ,. Williams, coiltractors, sre
doing the work
Mrs Connelly, accompanied hy her
daughter, Mrs. Til ton, ami eliildrni,
arrived in the eity on Saturday and
are visiting at thu home of Mrs,
A small blaze in K. C. Ilennigr.-r's
barn culled out tho lire brigade on
Monday. Thc lire was put uut bofore
the department readied the scene. Nu
We have just added
another Silent Salesman for the purpose
of displaying Neckties
ojily, so that our patrons can choose their
neckwear without any
In Neckwear
Our shapes, styles and
prires will compare favorably with any stock
in the Boundary, and
has the advantage of
being new and up-to-
R. Campbell
Andy Johnson, Ihe big Phosnix
hotelman, was in the city on Wednesday.
Some people get paid for sleeping in
windows, while others pay good money
for the privilege of seeing them perform this act.
Bonthron and McKie's new block
is nearly completed.
Miss Haddon—London trained—
is prepared to give elementary les
sons on tbe violin. For terms and
arrangements apply P. (*)• Drawer M.
J. E. Spur, in his "Geology Ap
plied to Mining," sayB. "There is no
general rule as to whether veins and
otner ore bodies grow richer or poorer
in depth. Sometimes they may grow
richer, sometimes poorer or richer,
then poorer, then richer again.
Sometimes the distribution nf values
may be fairly equable to considerable
depth. Each case must be taken up
and investigated separately before
probabilities can be ariived at."
Suits to Order &18 Upward.
1 We are agents for some of tho leading tailoring estab
lishmenta in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect (it.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
visited   the   Misses Sloan  for a few
days this week.
John Kavanagh has been spending
the past week in Greenwood, and
Met Her Match
A few days ago two young women
entered a trolley car and found only
standing room.
'I'm going to get a seat," said one
to the other.  "Now, yon see!"
Selecting a sedate looking gentleman, she walked up to him.
i?AD *C A f 17 A 5-roomed
r UK. iJ ALL cottage with
all modern improvements-
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
For Quick Sale We Are Offering the Following
Full size wood body, regular $2.5.00, for 120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter size brown wicker, " $17.75, lor 15.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for.... 10.50
Full collapsable, all steely regular $12.00, for....    9.00
Pi&in Frimhtf, Etc. Tlie Complete House Furnishers
Grand Forks Furniture Go
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
"My dear Mr. Green," she exclaimed, "how delighted I am to meet
you, You are almost a stranger. Will
I accept your seat? Well, I do feel
tired, 1 admit.   Thank you so much."
The man arose. "Sit down, Jane,
my girl," said he as he courteously
pointed to the vacant seat. "I don't
often see you out now on a washing
day. You must feel tired, I'm' sure.
How is your mistress?"
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Hon,uk a Specially.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noktii of Uiianby Hotkl,
F1118T Stiikkt.
oven ea vcars*
"Pnt-niJ ton I_TOuih"_Hum'*'torr»Mli
itKtml-mtue, withoutSerge, In lbe
Scientific American.
A lundM-molr lUii-treted weekly. Lusoitelr-
S-ation of any icleiulfto journal.   Terms ror
n»dv|i?5-, r.ar.potuge pr»p_..d.   Sold by
Ul ww-jetlera.
1 #v1BrtMwai,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fails, These
pills nre exceedingly powerful in regulating tht
generative portion of the female system. Refuse
ill chenp Imitations. Dr* de Van'a ara sold at
tfi a box, or three (or 110. Mailed to any address.
Tli* lc*b«U Drag Co.. St. Catharines, Out,
F. Downey's Cigar store
OFFICE, Rli6 Chef ■SlrPPt
H4_.a_t_.*« Kraiim.at. RS8 ">"' illoBI
Billhead-, and Statement..,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Pouters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
' Rills of   Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Puds,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
the kind we do—is in   itself
mmmmmmmmmmmmm------mmmm-m-St'    "^ VeT^SelU''lst,    ft-l-l        U        tHs!
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
We)* &mt print i\\n*\t
- - ■ —*—*~—-


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