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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 17, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
81.00 PER YEAR
Department of Agriculture
Will Follow Its Former
Custom this Winter
The department ol agriculture, in
accordance with its polioy of the
past four years, will continue the
fruit packing schools during tbe
coming winter. The packing schools
proved even more popular in 1913
tban previously, and it is expected
that tbere will be a great growth in
tbe work this winter. It is hoped
that this year schools will be placed
in every fruit growing district ol
tbe province were a sufficient number of pupils can be secured.
Tbe class of instruction furnished
by the experts employed by tbe department in previous years bas
demonstrated its efficiency in meeting tbe competition of Oregon and
Washington in fruit packing. Tbe
experience and standing of the instructors secured and the confidence
reposed in them by the department
guarantee to tbe fruit growers tbe
highest cla.s of instruction.
As in previous years, the local ad
ministration of the packing schools
will be placed in the hands of a responsible-local body,such as the
Farmers' institute, the Fruit Growers' association or the board of
The department of agriculture
provides the instructor, and pays
his expenses. The department will
also bear tbe cost of ths packing
paper, tbe fruit and all otber legiti
mate expenses, except tbat of tbe
secretarial work, wbicb it has been
found most satisfactory to leave to
local arrangement, and tbe 'rent of
the hall, and its heating and lighting.
The responsible organization in
eacb case will be required to guarantee a minimum of twelve pupils,
but not more tban fifteen, witb tbe
proper qualifications, at a fee of 93
eaoh, to take the twelve leeeons ot
two and a balf hours a lesson, the
school extending over tbe week,
In a limited number of districts a
double pacxiqg school can be arranged for, in wbich tbe minimum
guarantee will be twenty-four pupils,
but not more than thirty, for the
same number of lesBons.
The hall for fifteen pupils must be
at least 30 feet by 15 feet, and well
lighted. It must be sufficiently
bested to prevent chilling of the
fingers of the packers, and to pre-
vent freezing of tbe fruit at night.
Tbe department will, as far as
possible, use local fruit. At tbe
time of making application for the
packing school, parii sare n quested
to reserve fruit at the rate of 2} to 3
boxes per pupil. The harder varie
ties, .such as Ben Davis, are pre
ferred. Tbe fruit must be in good
condition, but need not be graded,
and none should run under 2}
inohes in diameter. Tbe department
will pay tbe legitimate market price
as determined' by the instructor on
inspection, lf local fruit oan not be
seoured, the department sbould be
expressly notified and w 11 undertake to eecure the same.
Tbe instructor will bring with bim
the necessary packing tables and
fruit paper.   The  department- ex
pects that he will be met on his arrival by some responsible person,
wbo sbould provide bim with all
necessary information, bo as to get
tbe school under way without loss of
It seems hardly necessary to present to the fruit growers tbe important advantages to be gained from
tbs paoking school, particularly in
the way of practical and thorough
instruction in actual commercial
Fruit growers will gain, in addition, a good deal of information
about the methods and equipment
used by tbe most progressive associations; also about the iuter,.iela-
tions of the fruit marks act, and
•bout exhibition packing by attending the packing school for instruction.      -    *
Puiiils who gain a scoe of 75 i er
cent for efficiency in tne pncking
school, and who put up' a ere ita
ble pack for tbe department prizes
tbe lolljflviiig autumn, »M receive a
diploma certi ying to the same from
the department.
Riflemen Finished Their Annual Shoot the First of
the Week
Two Lots Sold and Routine
Business Transacted on
Monday Night
Event 13 of the annual shoot of
the Kettle River Valley Rifle association, which was postponed laBt
Thursday, Was shot off the first of
the week. The following scores
were made:
Event 13—1000 yards:
J. Hutton  31
Neil McCallum  25
R. Lamond ,  24
Leo Mader  IU
W. Dinsmore  17
F. Hutton  17
D.Gue ... 16
. Tbe winners of the grand aggre
gate of 200, 500, 600, 800, 900 and
1000 yards for tbe championship
medal and prizes were:
Leo Mader, first; F. Hutton, second; Neil McCallum, third; D. Gue,
fourth, R. Lamond, fifth; W. Liddicoat, sixth; W. Dinsmore, seventh.
■.ISO 500 600 Total
8. G. Kirk  0 0 0      0
R. Lamond  0 0 0       0
N, McOallum  0 0 0       0
F. Hutton 0 0 0      0
J. HuttOn  0 0 0      0
W. Liddicoat  0 0 0       0
Leo Mailer  0 0 0       0
W. Dinsmure  112       4
8. Hnll  2 12       5
E. Spraggett  0 0 4       4
H.Talbot  2 2 3       7
E   Harrison  2 2 3       7
P. Clark ..'■     2 2 3       7
W. Sayer  2 2 3        7
A. Savage  2 2 3       7
I. Evans  2 2 3       7
W. Farmer  2 2 3       7
T. Coy  2 2 3       7
J. A. McCullum... 2 3 4
T. A. Mclntyre  2 3 4
H. J  McDougail... 3 3 4
Don Manly  3 4 5
E E.Gibson....... 3 4 5
W. B. Cochrane... 3 4 5
W. J. Mclntyre  3 4 6
M. Frankovitch  3 4 5
J. D. Hunsbei-ger ..8 4 5
R. Rowell  2 4 5
C. C. Heaven  3 4 5
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the meetiug of tbe
city council on Monday evening.
An oiler of 1150 was received
from J. W. Walker for lots 7 and 8,
block 7, plau 22. The offer was accepted.
Mr. Harkness was granted permission to erect a grandstand on
city property for the use of the recently organized drum and fife
Aid. Manly, Wright, Smith and
Woodland were appointed a committee to canvass the fire limits by
law with a view to making re-ioin-
mendations fo amendments to the
The report of the tax sale lor 1913
was adopted.
The citv clerk was authorized to
accept redemption money from R
W. Trotter for bis property near the
cemetery, and to issue a cheque to
B. Lequime for bis deposit, witb in
The city clerk was instructed tn
bave notices or circulars of instructions to assessed owners regarding
registration for voting printed and
An amendment to the Grand
Forks waterworks bylaw was introduced by Aid. Manly.
The clerk was authorized to purchase eight cords of wood for city
A grant of f 180 was made to the
Grand Forks Amateur Athletic association.
-«l|Xpi.Itame,and'wili.beusedas* store
■'  ' room for flour and feed. ,   ,'•'
Tbe three new dwellings being
constructed near tbe Central sohool
by H. Aikens, contractor, ior C. A.
Wallace, are nearly completed,
Tbey will cost about SI 1,000.
The gold medal offered as first
prize by the Kettle River Valley
Rifle association at its annual sboot,
which was won by Leo Mader, wu
manufactured by S. G. Kirk of this
Club Reorganized for the
Season Last Monday
Preliminary Steps Taken in
Formation oi Military
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer an E. F. Laws' ranch:
Oct. 10—Friday  30
11—Saturday .... 32
12—Suudiy,  34
13—Monday  38
14—Tuesday  30
15—Wednesday.. 28
16 -Thursday  8J
A meeting was held in the city
hall on Monday evening for the
purpus-of reorganizing the Grand
Forks hockey club The iittendance
was large and a great deal of interest was taken in the proceedings
The following officers were elected:
Honorary president, W. A.Williams;
honorary vice-prefideiits, H. C.
Kerman, H. C. Niles, W. B. Bishop,
E. E. Qibson; president, N. L. Mclnnes; vice-president, H. A. Nichols;
executive committee, Roy Curran,
Hugb Johnson, George Lee, Fred
Clark, George Allen, Mr. Patterson.
Arthur Mann and Roy Curran were
elected delgafes to the meeting nf
the Boundary hockey league in
Greenwood. The club is in com
munication with several good players, and the prospects of the cily
being represented by a strong team
during the coming season are very
After voluminous correspondence,
covering a period of a couple of
year, with the military authorities
at tbe coast, a meeting was held in
E. Spraggett's office at tbe old court
house on Wednesday night for the
purpose of organizing a military
company in Grand Forks. There
was a large attendance, and mucb
interest was taken in the discussion
on the subject. It was decided to
proceed witb the formation of tbe
company, and tbe preliminary steps
were taken by tbe election of S. G.
Kirk as captain and W, Morris as
first lieutenant. The rank will be
selected after these officers bave
passed their examinations, wbich
will take place before some military
officer sent bere from the coast. Tbe
company must consist of forty-two
men, including officers, and it is
not anticipated that tbere will be
the slightest difficulty in securing
ibis number. It is intended to make
the organization an independent
company of sharpshooters, unattached to any other military organ
The masons bave completed tbeir
work on Dr. Kingston's new two-
storey cement-block hospital, and
tbe roof is now being put on tbe
J. F Kraus bas finished installing a hot-water heating plant in tbe
Pacific hotel at a cost of $2700.
Instructions Re Voters' Lists
All   others   not mentioned
will be dealt with by the handicap in the, West end.
Persons entitled to vote for any person who is duly
nominated as a candidate for any elective oflice at any election in City Municipalities:
Any male or female of the full age of twenty-one years;
(a) Who is the assessed owner of land or real property
in the municipality of the assessed value of not less than one
hundred dollars:
Provided, that the assessed owner (as defined in this
Act) is the holder of the last agreement to purchase said land
or real property or the last assignee of said agreement, such
assessed owner, before having his name entered on the Voters'
List, shall have filed with the Clerk or Assessor of the municipality before the closing of the Voters' List, a statutory
declaration proving that he or she is the holder of the last
agreement to purchase land .or real property or is the last
''o 58 ass'fe'nee -thereof, by the terms of which such holder or assignee
Snowfall    5 7 is liable to pay the taxes, has paid the current year's taxes,
| and is a British subject:
|       (b) Wiio, being a resident of tlie Province, is the duly
NEWS OF THE CITY IN BRIEF authorized representative of an incorporated company, which
 — j company is tlte assessed owner.of lands or of improvements
The Empress theatre was trans- of lands situate within the said municipality of tne assessed
fened on Wednesday by tbe present, value of not less than one hundred dollars: or
manager to local parties, and the!       (c) Who carries on business in the said municipality and
bouse will in future be under  the is the holder of a trade licence, the annual fee of which is
management   of   F. II.  S.  Barlee.'. not less than five dollars:
The new owners announce that< (d) Who is a householder (as defined by Sec. 2, Chap.
9 nothing bnt high grade films will bej"l, It. S. B. C. 1011, and Sec. 2 of Municipal Elections' Act,
"shown, and every endeavor win be 1011)1 within the said municipality and shall therefore be en-
^i made furnish the public witb clean * titled to have his or her inline entered on the Voters' List of
\ and first-class entertdinments.   The the said municipality:
Provided, however, that in the case of a holder of a trade
licence or in the case of a householder, he or she shall during
the month of October in each year, make and cause to l)e delivered to the Clerk of the said municipality a statutory
declaration made and subscribed before a Supreme or County
Court Judge, Stipendiary or Police Magistrate, Commissioner
.   for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court, Justice of the
lhe  building  .8  peace  of Notwy pul|1JC) 01, M„nicipa| C]erki j„ form ft|1(i t0
1 in the Schedule to this Act in the case of
12 transfer includes the management
12 of tbe Grand Forks opera house.
111    McNeil   &   Henniger have com-
12 pleted   their  new two-storey ware-
here house, located near tlje C.P.R. track
committee on the range. 40x66 feet. The first storey, which is tiflTpHp^f oi'forni
R Campbell's ten  days' special 1°"* °' 8t°ne' "."' *" bMl """"'^ the hdd» of a trade li^ncel'anToTform 'Jin mid Soheduk.
iv. v.ampueii s  len   uays   special ,be   putp0M   0f   |lorlng   rootfl an,l   •,,.„„_,_.,..     ,.-,.,,..    .i
sale is proving a great success.
vegetables.   The upper structure is
in the caso of a householder. THE SUN. GBAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Canadians None Too Willing to Leave
Their Jobs for Training at Annual
That Canadians are a war-like people when their home or liberty Is
threatened or when the Motherland requires assistance, has been amply evidenced by the Part taiten by Canadian
militiamen In the war ot 1812-16, in
tbe Fenian Raids ot 1866 and 1870, the
Red River RebellUn ot 1886, the operations on the Nile and throughout
Uie South African war. But ln the
piping days of peace, when the department ot militia and defence Issues
Us call to the rural regiments to muster for a two weeks' training camp,
tlie amateur soldiers are not so ready
to respond to the stirring notes of the
bugle. Well the officers of the rural
batalllons understand the effort necessary ln recruiting for camp and they
have come to talf-dread the annual
training period. One of them le authority for the statement that approximately one-half of the members of a
rural corps are sens of the farmers,
farm hands, and men llgltlmately recruited in the regimental recruiting
area. The other half are men who
out of work through circumstance or
Inclination, and without prospect of
Immediate employment, ar» ready to
shoulder a rifle and draw the government's good money for two weeks, or
four wc-l.a lf they can reenllst with
another regiment when the first c.mp
breaks up, as some do.
When a recruit takes the oath and
signs the muster roll of a company, he
swears that he will turn out with the
regiment on all occasions during a
perloc of three years. Less than oi.e-
quarter of those enlisting every year
ever come to camp again. New men
have to he found to tako their places
ln the ranks and the regimental drag
net is spread out, bringing In a motley
One reason, ot course, for lack of
enthusiasm is that the pay is small
compared with what an aveiage mas
can earn In almost any line ot Industry. The system of efficiency pay la
another ..one ot conten Jon. If a man
cannot shoot he cannot get the extra
money. Naturally in the eyes of the
militia department this ls - wise provision, but. ot so does It appear to the
recruiting oHlcer. The men whom he
ihould have under his uimmand, the
iteady, Industrious citizens or workmen can earn more money at home
tnd not take any chances of not getting It because they cannot shoot.
Most Unusual  ,
3ueer mix up over that Wombat es-
Ab to lio.v?
Seems tbe heirs got more than the
Only * Trifle
Is it true lhat both youi husband
ind the man who lives next door to
rou have failed In business?
Yes, but Ned's failure Isn't nearly
iu bad as Mr. Naybor's. He failed for
lfty cents on the dollar, while my
msb id failed for only tet cents on
he dollar.
Prisoners Shrujd be Examined by Phy-
sicsna to Determine Whether Insane of Criminal
That crime is a good thing because
lt brings ua to understand social problems Is the staullng theory recently
advanced by Prof. Benjamin Moore of
University College, Liverpool, at the
recent annual meeting ot tbe British
Medical Association.    A special session was -held at which the treatment
of crime and criminals was discussed.
Perfect laws would show that we
were no longer progressing, said Doctor Moore.    Old crimes are disappearing and new crimes are arising, and I
trust new crimes will always rise.
Following Doctor Moore's address,
Doctor Passmorc, superintendent of
Uie Croydon hospital for the insane,
urged that wben a man who commits
a crime ls apprehended, someone be
appointed to examine the prisoner to
ascertain whether he ls insane or
criminal. After such an examination
Doctor Passmore Bald, the proper
treatment could be prescribed.
The Rev. 0. B. Simpson, chaplain
Inspector of prisons, who had been Invited to give bis conclusions as to the
proper treatment of crime, defended
the present penal system, especially
emphasising his belief that imprisonment ls an effective deterrent io
crime, He maintained that the attitude of many who are sent to Jail ls
that ot once bitten, twice shy.
Directly contrary to conventional
Ideas of criminology were the theories
of Captain St. John, the honorary secretary of the Penal Reform League.
All the harm done to society by all the
burglars and all the thieves is a mere
bagatelle compared with the harm
done by the law courts of England, he
Everybody knows the law courts
are making criminals day by day, said
Captain St. John. We have to protect ourselves not only from criminals
but also from people who deal with
criminals. '
The experience ot a period of Imprisonment as a suffragette was given
in 'Woman's- Social and Political Union.'    Miss Allen satd:
I have asked suffragists in Jail what
Is the one thing they most craved
while ln prison. Their reply was: Coffee, vinegar or alcohol. As for jny-
self, during* the three weei.s I spent in
Holloway Jail I used to He awake between 3 and 6 in the morning and say
to myself that if I got out I would
take green chartreuse, although I had
never taken any in my lite before. But
when I came out I refralued from doing so because I was afraid. There
Is not enough sunshine and fresh air
ln prison, and long sentences undoubtedly cause a weakening of the will.
Perhaps the most interesting speaker at the meeting was Prince Peter
Kropotkln, the famous Russian scientist and enemy of despoUsm, who.
since his escape from St. Peter-and
St. Paul prison, has spent most of his
time in Enyand. The prince Is 71
years old and has recently recovered
from a severe Illness. He was Introduced to bis audience as an old Jailbird who had cpent two years tn Russian Jails and a further period ln
French prisons. The prince asserted
tbat Imprisonment ls not an effective
force in deterring crime.
Twenty-four hours i r. bread and water- and a plank bed might be a deterrent to people accuBtomcl to good
food, he said, but It ls no deterrent
to those who sleep under bridges or by
the shores of the Thames. Prisons are
tbe universities of crime. We must
do something to cbange our system
. For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
. Druggist's.
National On, *ai Chemical Co.
ef Cauda. Limited.    I7S
Anecdotes of Qreat Msn
It Is related of Mendelssohn at a
public dinner, at which women were
present and where he was surrounded
by a chorus ot aggressive ones clamoring for his autograph, that he allowed himself to be victimized with
good nature until Anally a .fleshy matron of mature years handed him her
card. The composer wrote upon the
card the music and wirds from Haydn's 'Creation'; 'And Ood created great
whales. This brought the autograph
hunting to an end and Mendelssohn
was allowed to go on with his dinner.
The Duke ot Wellington had many
titles that he never ueed, but for which
once he had to pay dear. Ho told a
man to order dinner for him at a particular hotel and the man did so, mentioning all the duke's tltl«3. Presently the duke came and waited a long
time. Is the dinner not coming? he
asked. Why don't you brlpg the dinner*? We are waiting, replied the
waiter, for th© rest ot the party. They
had prepared dinner for about twenty
An American gentleman went recently over the Held of Waterloo with
a guide, who boasted that he had escorted Oen. Sheridan over the. scene
ot Napoleon's defeat. What did Oen.
Sheridan say? asked the American.
Oh, nothing. He must have said
something. Well, he only said: It
was a good place for 1
A Happy Isle
Teacher—Willie, can you tell me
what a trust company Is?
Willie—Yes, Mr, It's a bunch of men
surrounded by other people'. money.
On Arms for Years. Used to Crack,
Burned and Itched Terribly,
Clothes Irritated the Sores. Completely Cured by Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment,
trootlatork, Nova Scotia.—"I had nit
I'-iruin on my arms for yean, The trouble
1 iwi ivltb little scaly ipoti, which kept
K,~-. enlarging and my sr mi mod to
*** ";*^-"- crack and bother me awfully.
My clothee Irritated the tone
very much and they burned and
l-rhccl terrible. I could not
belp scratching them. I kept
them out of water at much ae
I could, for the water made
I horn worse. 1 uaed to rub different kinds of ointment on
Ihem, but nothing did me any good, until
I tried Cuticura Ointment and Cuticura
Soap. I put the Cuticura Ointment on at
ulgbt and waabed next morning with tbe
Cuticura Soap. They soon relieved me and
In two montha I was completely cured."
<SI|ned) Mn. Henry Allen, Nov. 20, Itl I.
For plmplee and blackhead- the following
Is a most effective and economical treatment: OeoUy smear the affected parte with
.'uUcura Ointment, on tbe end of the Oncer,
but do not rub. Wash oil tb* Cuticura
Ointment In St* minutes with Cuticura
Soap and hot water and eoutlnae hatUac
(er mow minutes. Thle treatment la best
x rising aad ntlrta*. At other times um
Ouilcura Soap freely for tho toilet and balk,
to assist In preventing Inflammation, Ini-
ation and dogging of tbe pom, the common
.-amc of theso facial eruption.. Sold everywhere. Liberal sample of each mailed free,
with W-p. Skin Book. Address poet card
rotter Drug It Chcm. Corp., Dept. 46D,
Boston. U. S. A.
W  N. U. »56
A Study in Joy
Here Is a little human interest story
told by a writer In an eastern exchange. Yesterday I saw walking
along a Street a mother and her young
child, a boy of, I should say, about 3
years. Despite the boy's extreme
youth there was about these two a
pleasing air ot comradeship as well as
that of their relation of mother and
son. She was a widow, no doubt, and
the boy was all that was left to her.
.They were poor: they lived ln a little
world of their own. The mother worked at whatever she could And to do to
support tbem, and now from somewhere they were on their way home.
In front of a little store Ibat they
came to they halted, with deliberation,
evidently In pursuance of a plan previously discussed and arranged. Then
Into this little store the mo.her went,
leaving tho small boy standing outside
tbere on the sidewalk. Why she left
him outside I couldn't understand then
and I don't understand now, but this
detail, also, had evidently been prearranged, .and there he stood, though he.
followed her with hla eyea, eagerly,
and ln a minute sbe came out with a
stick of candy having a piece of paper
wrapped around one end, which the
handed over to tbe boy.
But It set me to wondering, as I have
often wondered before, as to the measure of enjoyment that we, one and
another of ua, find at the various
stages and ln the various conditions
of life:
Tbe development of delight depends
first, upon our capacity for enjoyment,
and secondly, upon the frequency with
whioh we are able to attain the objects of our desires. In our earlier
youth we might be as fully tatlafled
with a Btlck of candy aa we wOuM be
later with an automobile.
Men are so Inconsistent,
Said Ysobel the flirt
They say a girl ls speedy 3
When she wears a hobble skirt .
. Vast Amount of 8uj;r la Ui»ed;... ..
It all the sugar that la eaten In the
course of a year were to be equally divided, evory person In the vorld wquld
have at least twenty pounds, according to an xchange. Bu. besides being used as food, sugar has many Industrial uses. It Is the cheapest form
ot chemically pure carbohydrate/and
ls often used ln place of starch, dextrin, or glucose. Su. r is frequently
put in compounds for removing and
preventlbg boiler scale. It ls used in
the manufacture of shoe blacking, transparent soap, copying ink, and ink rollers for printing presses. Certain explosives contain from six to 40 per
cent, of It. It ls employe' in dyeing
establishments by tanneries for filling
leather, and in a large number of other
Industries. 3ugar has a hardening
and strengthening action ln mortar.
The mortar UBed to build the museum
of natural history ln Berlin consisted
of one part lime, one part sand, and
two partB sugar. Evei a very small
quantity, however, even aB little as
one quarter of one per cent, exerts a
very harmful effect on cement.
Favors Intensive Farml.j
if farmers were to grow more hay
and feed more cattle, as well as go
moro largely Into dairying, it would
not be necessary for us .. Import
7.000,000 pounds of butter from New.
Zealand, as well as Import a large
quantity of beef, veal i.nd raiif .n from
Australia, New Zealand and the United
States. Canada Is sadly ln need ot
adopting better lntenslv. farming
methods. l. .
Deafne.? Cannot bc Cured
by loeal -ippllcatlons, as they eannot
reach the diseased portion of tha ear.
There la only one way to eure deafness,
and that Is b. constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is reused by an Inflamed con-
dition of the mucous lining of the Sue-
tachlan Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect heannf. and when It Is entirely eltsed, neatness la the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out
ano* tbls tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for ever;
condition of *.I-e mucous surfaces.
We will pi 'e One Hundred Dollars fer
any case of Deafness (caused bjr catarrh)
lhat cannot bo cured by Hall'a Catarrh
Cure.     Send mr circulars, free.
J*.   . CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
field by Druggists, 7Be.
Take Hail's Family Pilla for conation-
The Busy Man's Creed
I believe in the stuff I ..m handing
out, In the firm I am working for, and
In my. ability to get results. I believe
in working, not weeping, < boosting,
not knocking, and ln the pleasure of
my job. I believe a man gets what
he goes after, that one deed done today ls worth two deeds tomorrow, and
that no man 13 down anil out until he
has lOBt faith ln himself. I believe
1.; today and the work I am doing. In
tomorrow and the work I hope to do,
and the sure reward the future holdss.
I believe In courtesy, in kindness, tn
generosity, ln gocd cheer,... friendship
and In honest competition. I believe
there ls something doing somewhere
for evcryman ready to do li.
Angelina's Lett .
Edwin said Angelin* couldn't write
a letter without a postcrlpt, and tbey
decided on a wager. Angelina wrote
the letter, and would ha won the
prize, but she spoilt everything by
. '.ding to the finale of 'Your loving
wife, Angelina,' these words: P.S. -
Now, who's won the wager?
Thoughtful Farmer Ler.rns About Tea
and Coffee
Many people exist In a more or less
haiy condition and lt often takes years
before they realise that tea and coft
are often the cause of the cloudiness,
and that there Is a simple way to let
tbe light break In.
A worthy farmer hau euch an experience and tells about It, In a letter.
He says:
"For about forty years, I have had
Indigestion and stomach trouble ln
various forms. During the last 25
years I would not more than get ov.r
one spell of bilious colic until another
would be upon me.
"The best doctors I could get un-!
all the mi.'.:_.lnes I could bu *, only
gave me temporary relief.
'Change of climate was tried without results. I could not sleep nights,
had rheumatism and my heart would
palpitate at times so that it seemed
lt would jump out of my body.
"I came to the conclusion that there
was no relief fs: me and that 1 was
about wound up, rhen I saw a Poatum ..dvertlsement. I hnJ always
been a coffee drinker, and got on Idea
from tbe ad- that maybe coffee was
the cause of my trouble." Ten is Just
as har.mful, because lt contains caffeine, fhe same drug found In coffeu,
"I began to use Postutg : istead of
coffee and ln less than three weeks I
felt like a new man. The rheumatism
left me, and I have never had a spell
of bilious colic since.
"My appetite ls good, m. digestion
never was better and 1 cau do more
work than before for 40 year...
Name given.b: Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont Writ-: for copy of
tbe little book. "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum ccm-s In tw. forms:
.Regular Postum—must be well boiled.
Instant * Postum ls a soluble
powder. A teaspoonful dissolves
quickly ln a cup "of hot water and
with the addition of cream and sugar
makes a delicious beverage Instantly.
: "There's a reason" for Postum.
Building the Bagdad Railway
Always there Is a different way 01
doing things. A photograph from the
East Illustrated the building ot the
Bagdad Railway shows the laborers
carrying the heavy metal sleepers, not
on their shoulders, but on th. lower
part of Iheir .backs, wbere a wide belt
helni to sustain the load. Both arms
are looped over the burden, holding it
securely, and ' e scluro «< 11s to be
a   aod one.
A pleasant medicine for liildren Is
Mother Graves' Worn*. Exterminator,
and there is ncthlng better tor driving
worms from the system.
Use them outside, in or near
the garbage barrel, as well as
in the house or store.    k
All Druggists, Grocers and
General Storekeepers sell Wilson's Fly Pads.
Literary Contest In Whioh , Prise is
Cask of Burgundy
Knights of the kitchen with literary
aspirations are to have an opportunity
of indulging their hobby. The Paris
publication Le Cnrnet d Epicure, which
Is the official organ of the league f
Gourmands, has organized a literary
competition for Its readers.
Candidates are Invite to send In
contributions either In prose or verse
on some subject of cullnery Interest,
which will be judged on their literary
and Instructive merits. The prizes
will be appropriate, consisting of cases
•of champagne, llquers, vines, hams,
pates de fole gras and other dainties.
The best poet will receive'a special
prize of a cask ot flno old Burgundy,
and ln .uld'-tlon to all these good
things there Is the Increased prestige
In tbelr calling which success ln the
competition will bring t'.*e prize winners.
Do Shark*-. Attack Humansf
A subscriber, apropos of the newspaper controversy ns to whether
sharks ever r.ttack human beings, tha;
in Sydney, New South Wales, all the
bathing beaches are surrounded by
submerged fences to protect bathers
from the sharks. And, any wa}-, wha.
are all those sharp teeth for, If not-to
make an occasional experiment on.a
new kind ot fish that comei Into Wa
-    How to Read the Moon
.Few people can tell at a glanc.
whether the moon is waxing or waning. Here Is a whimsical rule to re-
tiember by. It Is ver} simple to those
who know Latin, and ls not difficult
for those who do not. The first thi g
ls to notice whether the moon Is like
a D or a C—that la whe'her the full
semicircular curve Is on the right or
the left. If the moon shown a D that
naturally sti.nds for decrescit. !t
But then comes in the great principle. The moon ls always deceltf. .
and one has to understand the opposite of what the moon says, so that 1
moon which shows a D is a waxing
moon, while a waning moon Is like a
Those who have no Latin will 0
doubt look to see whether the moon
says It ls decreasing, In which case
they will understand that H Is wailng.
while a waning moon will deny that It
li decreasing.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Eto-
Mrs. Kxe— How could you lie so to
Mr. Dauber about that absurd picture
he has at the exhibition.' You told
lilm his picture was worth the price
of admission alone.
Exe—Well, Oreat Scott! the (rame Is
\ orth more than flfty cent,, Isn't it?
In This Rapid Age
Mamma's good little   boy   want  ■
slice of bread and—
O mother, cut out that sort of thing.
I'm nearly tour year* old.
Are Packed in Glass and
Gold Cans.
Absolutely Sanitary---
Demonstration Wanted
The girl war. willing but the baseb: 1
player was diffident She iad to re
sort to strategy.
Jim, she said, thi - are several
points of the game that I wish yon
would exploit
Where shall t begin.' he asked d»-
1 ghted.
I should Uk} to—er—she iiesltated,
blushing — know r-ore about tha
squeeie play.
-/.Inard'o Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
The Mosquito '- ap
Dr. Alvah • -. Doty, former.} heattt.
officer of the port of New '/ork, in *
recent Intivvlew declare- tbat tha
work of mosqulto-extermlnatlon has
made good pros ess lately. On Sta
ten Island the pests bave diminished
80 per cent., and on the Long-Island.
New Jersey, Connecticut an'- Massachusetts coast-, the reduction has beeo
about 40 per cent.
Corns cause . ict* suffering.- but Hd>
loway's Corn Cure offers a speedy,
sure, and satisfactory relief.
Foi-.mrly the Alaskan Indians dress
ed ln blankets, and some cf the well
to-do wore those of great beauty, says
the Progressive Teac'aor. These goi*
getttb covof'.cgs were mad.i by tha
Chilkat tribe of Indlars. wh.) are the
wes,era of Alaska. Th<> blankets a«»
mude from the wool of mountain goats
which Is dye*, In brllil nt colon, art
woven Intc fsn_v design.-.. The border,
are rich _>nd heavy, nnd finished on on»
side by a .ieo- Irlnge elmo.r as wide
as the blanket Itself. They sre ..(«
worn on all public occasions and conv
manil li. price as much as |K0.
"A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned     i
ToWarn, to Comfort and Command"
Nature never Intended woman to be delicate, ailing, er a sufferer irom,
"nerves." Women In middle aaa complain of "hot flashes." Many
women suffer needlessly from girlhood to womanhood, and from moth-'
cr hood to middle life, With backache, or headache, dlulneM, laintner*. or-
bearlng-downeenssUons. Fora permanent relief from these .Mt-uiot.
symptom* nothing It to good as
as a soothing and strengthening ner-
vine--.law and uiMucs nervous cacttaMHty.
Irritability, nervous e-Juuttton, and oilier
distressing symptoms commonly attendant
upon lunctional and onanle dlissin ol Iha
feminine owns. II Induces nfiethlni sleep
aad itllevst mental anaiaty and as-mnil ■->,
Tha "Favorite
S^wtSwi (<»»;<».
(or eves 4S vests aa
Don't Persecute
your Bowel*
Cut out cathartic* Md pumtiret.  They ai*
•rutaMtfnih-unncceuinr. Try
Purely vegetable. >
Stilly on theliw,
urinate bilcan*
      kw- _-^_n>ma.ea_i_.^A
•«*     t^ rfT'-V-r^^^™^^**********************-********"
ft,   A,        f f      ,     JL ||_L *       mmmXJW       '        * -       . J, . —* _________■_____■
Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Pile*.
Genuine mat be* Signature
ksurancs     Ixarxerxmi US*       Compa~y
rnw aew Esfle da. polkr CMlncb tn the .Mit Ice entodioB..
■leS-eiel. ti cevexS* fundi fir liquid-tins n-wtstiet, eta'
H.M7 t. UU
Vee-ae-u tee emu srrJM dniBientlre «IMS lin*
As**) -.IW-ti.! 0.li_«. Slxmnm, UmcMm, Su-alua,
Vesuuie n tt Ht-4 Ww* Tmett
aurna tram kiohbv, bladder, mbrvous dimaii*
■*• Itr av FHIS book, thb host imbtructiti
k eejuvHStoca aa, uwrsiau. loiukm,m*
WANTED at once
Parsons to work for us
In spare tlm. at home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvas.Ine. Write
for Instructions (free).
SIS College Street.        Toronto, Canada.
Una. Wiifat-ow-s Soothing Svbup hat be
nilTHINO. with  PBKPBCT SUCCESS,    i.
a, Ika best remedy tor DIAKRHCEA.   It is at»
astutely harmless.  Be sure and ask for "Mrs,
wlasaM's 8ootbtnt Syrup," and take ao other
Wad, Twenty-Sec cents a bottle.
Rometblng   better  than  linen  and  no
sundry bills.     Wash It with soap and
Water.    All atorea or direct. State atyle
and alee.     For 26c. we will mall you.
SS Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
| "Otto Hlgel"
i Piano Action
r's (Treat work on Hearen and Hell
Jiercleath.   400pa.es,
leath.   tMpagex. only 25cents
A Sweet Refrain
Bachelor—Before the wedding you
Wld me that married life would be
one grand sweet song.
Benedict (gloomily)—Yes, and since
tten I have found It ls one grand
oweet refrain.
Bachelor—Refrain?        . .
Benedict—Yes; my wife Insists that
I 'refrain from cards, refrain from
Banking, and retrain from the club.
Tight Skirt. Hi Emporia
An Emporia girl met a Iriend the
ether day nn'd said: Why weren't you
at the party last night? Tho friend
replied: Oh, 1 had a dreadf"! accident.
I'sat on the lawn and a mosquito lilt
ae, and I could not get my ne*r skirt
oa over the bite.
DODDS  '■>;
7, PILLS 4
V-KIDNCV.J'    /
{We. a tea or sis box., for 12.60,
at all dealers, er The Dodds Medicine Compsny, Limited, Toronto,
VV. N. U.
Lord Mayor Appeals to London Tlhiea
to Raise Money to Make It Public
At the urgent request of tbe Lord
Mayor of London, Sir David Burnett,
The London '-. imes ha> undertaken to
raise $460,000 to Bave the Crystal Palace which .he Court of Chancery nad
ordered sold by auction, and make tb >
palace and Its grounds, covering some
200 acres, public property instead ot
being BPlIt up into building lots.
For nearly two years the present
Lord Mayor and two predecessors had
been seeking to raise (1,160,000 necessary to make the purchase, and despairing ot completing the fund, Sir
David Burnett appealed t the London
Times to open Us columns for sub-
scrlbtlons to the amount of $450,000,
that being bis estimate of the balance
he will be unable to obtain. The Times
responded to the anpeal with tbe explanation:
So far as we are awar-i The Times
has never before, ln all Its long history
made so direct an appeal to Its readers tor a large sum of money for an
important national object as we make
today. But the circumstances are ; n-
usual and the case, ln our opinion, as
cogent as it ls Intrinsically good.
King Oeorge promptly subscribed
$1,000, Queen Mary $600 and* Queen
Alexandra $600..
Lord Plymouth, whose means and
public spirit enabled blm to advance
the $1,160,000 needed tj preserve tbe
property, gave $26,000.
A private citizen, wbose Identity ls
to remain unknown except to the Lord
Mayor and The Times, offered to contribute ten shillings for every sovereign subscribed by the end c. a certain
month, limiting his responslb'lity in
this respect, however, to $160,000.
The Times gave $6,000,</the Duke of
Westminster $6,000, W. Perkins Ball
$6,000, tbe Ilothschllds $1,260, and further targe and small sums were soon
Tbe other i.ewspapers of England
Immediately rallied to the support of
The Times, and the prospect Is favorable for spe«dily securing Crystal Palace for the ration.
Requisite on the Farm.—Kvery farmer and stock-raiser should keep a supply of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil on
hand, not only as a ready remedy for
tils In tbe family, but because lt ls
a borse and cattle medicine of great
potency. As a substitute for sweet
oil for horses and cattle affected by
colic lt far sui passes anything that
can be administered.
Only a Difference In the Kind
Professor Nichols, a famous physicist, during tbe recitation of a freshman class in natural philosophy, observed a tall, lanky youth in tbe rear
seat, his head ln a recumbent position, his body ln a languid pose, his
eyes half closed, and bis legs, extended
far out. He was either asleep.or
about tv lose consciousness.
Mr. Rlcardo, said the scientist, you
may recite.
Tbe freshman opened his eyes slowly. He did not change Mb somnolent
Mr. Rica.do, what Is work?
Everything is work, was the drawling ri-ply.
What?     Everything ls work?
Yes, sir.
Then I tako It you would like the
class to belltve That this desk is work?
Yes, sir, replied tbe youth wearily,
wood work.
Meeting r. Negro, a certain southern
gentleman asked blm bow he was getting on.
The Negro assumed a t:oubled look
and replied:
Oh, so far's physlcallty goes, I'm all
right, but I sure do have ma troubles
wit ma wife.
Well, Sam, I'm sorry to Lear that.
What seems to be the matter?
Bhe thinks money grows on trees,
I reckon. All the time she keeps on
pestering me fob pinch o' change. If
it ain't a dollah, It's a half or a quarter ahe wants.
Wbat on earth does sbe do with the
I dunno.    Ain't nevah give her none
Tommy's Aunt—Won't you have another piece ot cake, Tommy?
Tommy (on a visit) — No, I thank
Tommy's Aunt—You seem to be suffering from loss of appetite.
Tommy—That ain't loss o: appetite.
Wbat I'm suffering from Is po'teness.
Lime in Water
In answer to a communication trom
a* lay correspondent, who expresses
his belief that the lime In common
water has much to do wltb the bringing on of old age, the Lancet says
that while that opinion ls common,
lt Is of course, fatuous. To tboBe
people who believe tbat wat. • ls the
only possible channel by which lime
salts are conve. :d to the organism
tbe writer says: Lime salts are Inseparable from tbe common, everyday articles ot food, so that lf hard
water were left out of the dietary
there would still bs secured a large
dietary Intake ot lime-salts, which
could enly be avoided by a hunger
strike. '
Easy to Get A.„,.g With
Hew  are you  getting along with
your neighbors? I
Fine. They don't seem :o care what j
our children do to theirs.
.* . Canadian Peace Centenary
' The Canadian Peace Centenary Association Is now actively at work organising Provincial Committees and
prosecuting its campaign tor the coming celebration of one hundred years
of peace between' the British Empire
and the United States.
E. H. Scammell, tbe organizing secretary, has just returned trom a brief
visit to the Maritime Provinces, where
the movement haa been most cordially received. In New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island
strong Provincial Committees are being formed, and there ls every Indication of a large and growing Interest.
. Mr. Scammell will visit Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with a view to considerably enlarging the membership of tbe Association, and securing the active co-operation ot the Provincial Governments
and the leading professional and business men ln the four Western provinces. As tbls celebration will be
more than a gathering and demonstration lt la desired to secure the assistance of tbe Educational authorities, Churches, National Societies, Women's. Organizations and Labor Unions.
In addition to the Canadian Association there are two others at work, one
In the United States and one In Qreat
Britain, both ot wbich have extensive
programmes. Sir Edmund Walker is
President of the Canadian Association,
Mr. Andrew Carnegie chairman of the
American, and Rt. Hon. Earl Orey, late
Governor General ot Canada, chairman
ot the British Committee.
Forty-Sixth Anniversary of Great Ammunition Company
Just forty-six years ago, with the
spirit of reconstruction then abroad ln
the land as a moving influence, began
the first successful manufacture of
metallic cartridges ln the United
-Hates. Some while before, when
journeying tbrough tbe West, Marcel-
lus Hartley had seen a roughly made
metallic shell or case made to contain
the charge of a gun and had given this
idea considerable thought. After the
Civil War some ten years later, realizing the importance of metallic cartridges tor the new breech loading
arms, Mr. Hartley's Arm bought up the
plants and patents of several unsuccessful factories and on August 9th,
1867, the Union Metallic Cartridge
Company was Incorporated,.-. balf century after tbe first Remington gun was
made at Illon, N.Y.
In the 60's, skin cartridges and tbose
of parchment and linen holding tbe
powder and bullet and percussion caps
had. been made, together with a few
Inferior rim fire cartridges; but now
came this new Industry more Important than all the rest combined. A
mechanical genius was sought and
found In the person of Alfred O. Hobbs
Whose master skill had brought him
the $1,000 ln gold ottered by tbe English Government for the man who
could pick the look of tbe bank of
England. Nearly all tbe special machines required were the Inventions ot
Mr. Hobbs. At first, rim firs cartridges were turned out, but wltb Col.
Berdan's revolutionary Invention of the
primer, central fire cartridges became
tbe bulk of the output. The far-famed primers developed by the Remington U.M.C. experts have enabled the
company's ammunition to go through
all climatic conditions and prove absolutely normal ln any test.
In 1873 equipment for making shotgun shells was installed and ln the
early 80's shotgun loads were supplied.
As our readers well know the two
great companies, the Remington Arms
Com: any and the Union Metallic Car
tridge Company, amalgamated several
years ago, and since have teec-. doing
business as one.
Good Dope
Boost when you can, and when you
Close down   you.-   own   talk-tuaklv-g
For, thoug'-i It sounds queer, I'll admit,
No knocker ever made a hit.
Ethel, didn't I see you out walking
yesterday with Mr. Wombat?
You -Id not. I have no acquaintances below the taxlcab mark.
From the captain of industry lo Uw
hod carrier—from milady in the auto to
the woman with the scrubbing brush—
tbe accomplishments of every one of us
depend absolutely on tbe accomplish*
ments of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a man can give the beet
that is iu him. Wben his stomach falls,
he becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of tbe human mind and body.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. They
go to the assistance of the weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud get tha
benefit of tlie food eaten. With tbls
assistance, the digestive organs regain
their tone, and soon the use of tbe tablets
is no longer necessary.
If your stomach is not working property, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
50c. at your druggist's. National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Monlml. ua
jreeaoie uaor fn
. jather because there
Em? to Uw, Good for tho Shoot
_____   FREE   1	
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Bags.
Send us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list—it's free.   let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selllni. and grading of all
car..    Our Car Tracing and  Claim Dopnrtmonts  work In our
clients' Interests. We have every facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers.
Band to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with
firm whose business hns been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital,' $150,000
References,    any    Bank    0
Commercial Agency,
Muscallonge, P.Ike and Pickerel are
all Closely Related.
Three divisions of tbe pike family
are known to anglers, and these are
named muscallonge, pike and pickerel. Tbe gamest of the group, of
course Is the muscallonge, and students claim that two varieties are
found. This may or may not be
true, but they contuse the Great
Northern pike with tbe muskle ln
many parts of the country.
In this section we generally consider the muscallonge as the largest
member of the pike family as specimens as large as 100 pounds have
been reported, but in Europe tbe common pike often runs to a corresponding size.
Muscallonge, pike and pickerel of
course, are all more or less similar
ln shape, and their fins are of the
same number, the base body coloring
of green or yellow also being similar In the different species. In all
too, the belly color ranges from white
to cream. But tbls ls as far as the
similarity goes. In the muscallonge
the body markings are always and
invariably a dark brown or black aud
are either round spots or vertical
blotches, according to one well
known author.
~  PorKs,
St. Ijldore, P.Q., Aug. 18, 1904.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—I have -requently usee*
MINARD'S LINIMENT and also prescribe It for my patients always with
the most gratifying results, and I consider lt the best all-rounl Liniment
Yours truly,
Professional Criticism
At a banquet ot New York newspaper men recently, a Btory was told to
exemplify ,-'.ie pride wltb which every
man should take In tbe work by which
he makes a living.
Two street sweepe.s, seated   on   a
* curbstone, were discussing a comrade
who had died the day befor..
Bill certainly was u gcod sweeper,
said one. Yes, conceded the other,
thoughtfully, but —don't you think he
was a little weak nroui. 1 the lamp
There was a travelling man once
who found himself short of turds. His
flrst thought, of course, wsb to wire
his Arm, which he did. In a night
letter he explained the situation and
How shall I act?
Tbe next morning he got a day message, which was nothing lt not Illuminative.
Act as lt you were broke.
There was 1 cow on the track. The
shoe drummer, who had geen cutting
cards for the cigars, beckoned to the
Boy, la that cow still on tbe track?
Yeas sir.
How fast Is the train moving?
'Bout to* miles an bouah wbile de
oow am on de track.
And bow fast ls tho cow going?
'Bout five miles an houah, sah.
Well, here Is a quarter. Take a few
yards of rope up to the engineer and
tell hm to hitch the train to the cow.
Wo might make make better time.
I understand Harry, remarked th?
acquaintance, that your wife bas started to practice economy. The missus
was saying sonmtblng about It last
Yes, replied Harry, she Is practicing
economy, all right, and lf your wlte is
thinking of taking a turn In tbe same
direction you had better get busy and
head her off before It Is too late.
I don't understand you, Harry, said
the acquaintance, with a perplex*1
expression. I should regard economy
as something to commend.
Yes, was the smiling rejoinder of
Harry, but not when your wife Ib buying your shirts at three for a dollar
so that she can get herself a $20 hat.
Mabel (apropos of new evening
dress which has just arrived from the
dressmaker)—Oh, mother, how lovely!
Do wear It tonight.
Mother—No, dear, not tonight. This
ls tor when ladles and gentlemen come
to dinner.
Mabel—Mother, dear, do let's pretend Just for once that fr.ther's a gentleman.
Sleeplessness.—Sleep Is the great
restorer and to be deprived ot it ls
vital loss. Whatever may be the
cause of tt, Indigestion, nervous derangement or mental worry, try a
course of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
By .egulating the actio', of the stomaoh, where the trouble lies, they will
restore normal conditions and healthful sleep will follow. They exert a
sedative force upon the nerves and
where tbere is unrest they bring re.L
Senator Ashurst, of Arizona, tho other day discussed a fellow senator who
had geen sitting on the political fence
with great skill for months. Every
one suspects his true position, but no
one can probe tt. It reminded Ashurst of the Incident that followed the
kidding of Jesse James, the outlaw.
A stranger entered the morgue, said
Ashurst, and raising his hat politely,
addressed tlu nnrgue keeper.
Sir, said he, would you do me' a
great favor? Will you permit me to
see all that ls mortal of thc honorable
Jesse James?
Sure, said the morgue keeper. He
walked to the marble Blab and pulled
out the dead robler. The stranger
gazed earnestly. Then, replacing his
hat, he darted to leave.
One moment, said Ilia morgue keeper. Why did you call the dead man,
tli3 honorable Jesse James?
Because, said the stranger. I wasn't
quite certain he was dead.
An Oversight
My home for cats Is not n success.
I have provided good food, nice sleeping quarters and yet the cats are not
You are shy on amiis.>nienl features,
old man. You haven't provided auy
back fence.
Confidence In
the efficacy of this thoroughly tried
home remedy is never misplaced. Ia
every way—in health, strength, spirits and in looks—women find them*
selves  better after timely use of
•mmmitywhit.. kUeM.tSc.-ria. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Wat (Srattli-tortus Htm
G. A. Evans, Editor ano Publisher
,i m
>)ue tear (In
One Year, in
Address all
Jutted States	
oominihiloutloiis to
TheUband Poiikh Su
praise services Sunday at 11 am.
and 7130 p.m. "Tbe Angel Sandal-
phon and Thanksgiving" will be the
subject of a seriuonette by Rev. C.
W. King at tbe morning service and
at the evening Bervice he will speak
on "The Unspeakable Gift:-What Is
It.and What Then?" The junior and
senior choirs will sing.
The result in Chateauguay did
not surprise those who hnd watched
the campaign. Hon. "Bob" Rogers
elected Mr. Morris with his extmva
gant promises of grants to the constituency and patronage to the constituents. Some people may think
that there is a difference between
bribing the electorate with these
promises and buying votes at ten
dollars per vote, hut there isn't. The
moral effect is the same.
Premier McBride is on his way to
Victoria, and joy Cometh to every
rubber-stamp editar in the province.
Soon Mr. McBride's picture will
once more blossom on every front
Tory page in the laud. We have
missed it while he has been basking
in the royal sunshine at the foot of
the throne.    Let us pray.
It was one of the merry wiveB of
Windsor, according to William
Shakespeare, who dreamt that she
had becume enamored of an ass.
But tbat was only a dream Nowa
days people want something more
substantial. Therefore it is not
strange that whole communities
should actually become enamored
of an ass.
One of the modern wonders of
the world appears to be the construction of tbe Panama canal without a Bcandal or a churge of graft.
Governor Sulzer of New York has
been found guilty by the court of
impeachment, and will be removed
from office.
\V. Weiece, whorecintly arrived
here from Calgnry nnd purchased ii
lot i n Bridge street opposite, the new
post office, is culling for tender for
the construction of a two storey
cemt-nt-hlnek building, 60x80 feet
It is understood thst lhe grouml
floor will be lined tip as a liilliitnl
hall and bowling nllay,
The Baptist congregation will oh
serve   Thanksgiving   with    special
Wesley Hilliar, the seven-year-
old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hilliar,
while coasting down a hill in Phoenix on Wednesday was killed nlmost insluntly by struck by a heavily loaded wagon owned by the
i'hoenix brewery
S. .1 . Is best done in a
•fisll semi-dark room.
T.. . I have fitted up
CSling such a room,
j which enables my optician to
do the very best work. If
I troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
t_>4.   D.   oMorrison
Jeweler and Optician
The Kettle River Valley Rifle
association will hold a turkey shoot
nn the range next Monday, Octoher
20, Thanksgiving day, commencing
at 9 o'clock in the morning. Coffee
and sandwiches will be served on
the range.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sweeney ar
rived in the city this week from the
prairie provinces, and are now visiting at the home of Mrs. Chas. Kirk
at Volcanic. Mr. Sweezey was formerly employed at the Granby
R«v. A. A. McLeod, a pioneer
missionary from India, will visit
Grand Forks next week, and on
Thursday evening give a lantern
view illustrated address in the Bap
tist church on the Telugus, theit
strange citHtoms.costuines and country.
Grand Master Dudley visited
Gateway Lodge 4">, I O.O.F., on
Wednesday night at a special meeting, called for the purpose of wel
coming him.
Alex Robinson, formerly of thir
city, is now manager of the Sally
mine, near Beaverdell. There are
nine men at work at the mine A car
of seennd grade oreha? been shipped
to the Trail smelters.
The orchardists of the val|ey are
now busy pickingand shipping their
winter apples. About one half of
the crop has been shipped.
When a man hangs on a   woman's
words they are not married.
A. R. Cox, one nf The Sun's pa-
t'ons ut Reavnrdell, has opened »
furniture store nt Kelowna.
Potatoes nre in good demand. Th«
price ran es around £20 per ton.
The British Columhia Tele-ibnne
company installed  14 new phones
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutoly
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Grand Forks Transfer
Sole Atfenti for
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietors
last month, mil i ga  total of   142
now in the city.
Rapid progress hns heen mnde
during the past week on the new 60
x90 foot garage.
Sample Books
The Sun Office
Our wagons won't work your horses to death
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and seo if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre <& Smith
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The MantiDrugCo. 's Store
■   ■ ■■   PHONB jj
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, ^Mutton, Veai
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums C&> Co. Limited
Willand's Chocolates
•    .   .   .
t3fe Highest Grade Confectionery
give a lady a box of  the   Chocolates.
75c to $3.00 a Box.
Woodland C&, Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
T   n
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burns 8 O'Ray, Prop.
Phone 68 Second Street
No need having piles any longer!
No need of sutterlng another dayi
Steam's Pile Retnedv (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remerly Is a combination of the
lately discovered, U'gh-prlced Adrenalin Chloride with oiher powerful our*,
tive principles, ai.d IT 8TOP8 THt
So sure are we tlmt Stearn's Pile
Remedy will benellt you that we -will
not satisfied.
This Is the only pile remedy thet
we can guarantee and we know yoa
will thank ue for telling you sheet tt
We have tho exclusive agenoy.
SK.M.KI) TI-:M>KK.S will !>•• rrnnlvinl br tba
uuil.'r.liri cil um tit !'- 'i'i't-.iK iimoii (ill
Tliiir.iliiy.tl.f _:lrtl ilny nf iiQtntier. 1*115. for
the iiuri'lniKw of thn illiilrrnientloliMl mill*
,'rnl cluim Im-Mli-il ti, Uu? crown.
All tt'inli-r" ..nut lin nt ItMi.t equal to tha
upfli't price ni uivco below, which repreieiitn
the taxei, en.u. Intercut, i-ti'.. Crown Grant
Fe>-« ami Hout of (iilverllfllnir
Tha name of the  inlneial   claim In   tba
"line, ii  of   Ihe   H IN '■ Lot tin*, iltuate In
tlrni.it   forki Mlolnu Dlvliloii.   Upnat price
__W.n  I'-ae'i tender mint he accompanied hy
a ccrtltli'il olieqilepoyiibleat par al IVntle-
toli.   Thp oheiine nf any  un .ui-coH.flil ten-
ilcrcri r will he letilrin'il nt mice.
Dated nt Fairview. 18th September, Win.
Government Aicent.
Fairview, H. O.
If vou read The Sun youl get the
news nl the city, the province anrl
the world. It is possihle for a Sun
render to keep nhrenst of the times
without the aid nf the daily papers.
Hk'licHt cash price-paid for old
Stovi i nnd RnnRes. E. C. Peckham,
Seem d hand Store.
Rr 'il The Sun nnrt keep   posted
on cm-rent eveiits.
Notice is hereby given that W. 0.
Mclnnis hus purchased the interest nf
Ed Clayton in the Grand Fords Transfer coinpany. All accounts due the
old firm are payable to Mclntyre A-
Clayton. Any accounts against the
nld firm will be paid on presentation
to Mclntyre & Clayton.
W. J. MoIntyke,
Ed Clayton.
iondon Directory
(Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
oommunlcate direct with English
In each olaniof good... Besides being it com-
plete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbi. the directory contain*** lUt*- of
with the HooiIk they >Mp, and the Colonial
nnd Foreign Market! they ■npply;
Arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating thu approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchants, etc.. In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
nentreiof the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fnr $5.
Dealers neektng Agencies ean advert!.-*
their trade cards for ts. orlerger adfertise*
ment* from £15.
25, Ahchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tarn c. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrro.
Adopt (he use of Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money maker* (or other*.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, as Ihey enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can (Ind hi* requirement*.
Will he (Ind your business
represented r THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
But one victory squids between the
Philadelphia Athletics and the world's
championship in baseball tonight, for
the Mackmen defeated the New York
Giants this afternoon at Philadelphia
by the score of 6 to 5.
Ono hundred and ten members of
the Mexican chamber of deputies who
had signed resolutions of warning to
President Huerta as the result of the
disappearance of Dr. Belizaro Doinin-
guez, senator for Chiapas, last uight,
were arrested tonight and lodged in
the penitentiary.
Yuan Shi Kai .was today inaugurated as president o tin- Chinese
repuhlic with great ceremony, and
takes otlice in furbidd til city.
Made Like a
The Arcadian Malleable Non-Breakable Range is not made of cheap coke
steel, Sit of the best Charcoal Iron Plates, and its castings are not made ol
common gray iron, but ot the Highest Quality of Halleable Iron.
Malleable Iron is the ideal material for a practical, durable and economical
range. Owing to its close, dense and ("impact texture, it is better fitted to
resist the strain ol heating and cooling. It possesses treat strength.
Charcoal Iron, of which the best and largest steam boilers are made, in
order that they may endure the greatest strain, is what is used for the body oi
the Arcadian Range. This charcoal iron has a density and fineness ot grain
which gives it great power ol resistance against rust and cryatalizadon, making
it practically indestructible.
A pure asbestos mill-board is used to line the flues and other parts oi the
range.  It is held between a sheet of charcoal iron and the charcoal iron body.
All joints ofthe Arcadian Range ire riveted so closely and solidly snd
with such skill that they are as tight as a locomotive boiler and will never
open from expansion or contraction.
British Columbia is well  represent-' monopoly, and was greeted with wilil
ed at the Winnipeg Land   and Apple enthusiasm.    He wou    pay   the la-
show, where the competition for fruit; °°T r befor  lh" W-"-*
prizes is keen
The headquarters  of the   medical
serves o
will   sail  from
profession suffers from the vengeance
of the London suffragettes. Many
windows are broken.
An electrical and    win I   storm   in
Wisconsin leaves death and ruin in \m   e concession
its wake. I ll"ld*
England for home on Wednesday.
Fifty thousand   people  attended  a
home rule demonstration at Limeri.k
today    John mond o
r a   u e-
James Morris, Conservative, is
elected in theChautauguny by-election
by a majority of 144,
London suffragettes make a rush
for the royal carriage. They are re
pulsed by the police, but escape arrest.
The latest accounts of the disaster
to the steamship Volturno, burned
and abandoned in midocean on Friday morning, confirm that the loss of
life will be limited to about 136.
The Russian flag is raised over uninhabited territory found north of
Siberia whieh mav be an unknown
continent. Reindeer, walrus and bird
life is plentiful aud vegetation is
Lloyd Qeorge opened his campaign
in  Bedford today  agiiust  the   lnnd
The own.     of   t •'      •   •   e
be ieve th      lie  t r at
the Volturno was the result of a de
liberately planned plot to destr
vessel, as a<direct result of a bitter light between thn German and
Dutch immigrant i-ui-i-ying lines to
put the Uranium line out of business
Senator Lougheed expects the naval
bill to be reintroduced at the next
session of parliament.
The Canadian Northern wil! have
trains operating from Montreal to
the Pacific by August next.
After a fierce struggle (he pn ice
arrested Miss Sylvia Pankhurst tonight itl the east end ui London,
where she was making a speech.
"""A score of lives were ilstroyed in
the recent storm at  Nome,   Alask
Sohool houses and coal  destroyed   by
a tidal wave.
Germany's decision io dispatch a
warship to Mexico attnuted attntion
in official circles at Washington to
night. Great Britain may repudiate
President Huerta.
I have rc-opened a harness shop at my . old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Maw Harn _»cc ,lIK* do all kinds of
new Harness harness'rehiring. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
A disaster, possibly e g ati st in
the hi tory of the South Wales coal
fields, whns nna are bristling with
terrible catastrophes, occurred yesterday through an explosion in the Uni
vet-sal colliery, near t ff. The
works were shattered by the explo
sion, and it is estimated that 400
persons are dead in the mine. Fire
is blazing in the tunnel, and a dis
traded crowd surrounds the  pithead
The secretary of Parker Williams
is acquitted at Nanaimo of rioting
The relations between Mexi-o and
the United States are strained. Presi
dent Hucrta's latest action is regarded with adholrenceand amazement by
the Washington government. It is
reported in Mexico City that the
American representative will be given
his passnorts.
The supreme court of Camilla on
rising for luncheon this afternoon
handed down a memorandum of jud,'
ments iu the Companies act and in
surance case. Generally speaking,the
provinces win. The case may go to
the psivy council.
Suffragettes antl male adherents
managed to invade Chancellor Lloyd
George's second meeting in Bedford
tonight. They distribute chemicals
which clears the hall.
disponse the tastiest
cold drinks in
nf  tho   country.    \V
*   use the  best
i>sani and tlm finest fruits
and syrups to
nis reputation.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused hy unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having yrtur plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
British Columbia wins the gold
medal at the Canada land and apple
show in Winnipeg for its exhibit of
natural resources,and apples.
The lilial vote of the court of im-
pi'iii'liineiit in the Sulzer case will be
taken ut Albany today.
Mexico defies the United States A
syeolal dispatch from Mexico City
says, Relations between the United
States and Mexico arc   fust   nearing
the breAklng point The situation is far
more grave than ever before, The
crisis has been precipitated by the
notes from President Wilfion,delivered
through American Charge d'Affairea
0'Shiui_.hiiessy to Huerta,
Three by eleotiotis will b« held in
Ontario, for the house of commons before the opening of parliament—Kust
Middlesex next Tues lay, South Bruce
Oetober 30, and South Lanark, for
which the date has uot been fixed.
Ten persons are killed in a collision
between a local train nnd tho Manchester express near Liverpool, England.
Tho government will increase the
grant to Ottawa city.
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our 'large sales, small
profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancy" Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts     Boots  and  Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce    Tobaccos
and Pipes
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have il done before the hot summer months. Sickness i.s soon caused by u
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
The old Graham ranch of X'lO acres
iieiit-Cast ade is for sale. Kite years
n which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. K. ling, Bossland, B. C.
Money is Tight
But there is no need of
yon getting "tight" if you
Tlie pure and health*
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by tlie
Scientific Hmericai GRAND FORKS BREWING
A Imnt-somely illustrated weekly.   Largo* cr-    I WHIHUf   I VIIIW Vllkfl HIV
r.i.:..:"n of jHiy fcient.i.o j-.tinial.   Twm lor _*_»•«_».*i»»
all nov.-Mlcalen. ! UUHIrnR I
Trade Marks
,^.^.^.^.^__      Copyrights 4c.
Anyono raiding ■ sfectrti nnd dowriptton ms*
Qulcuiy ascertain onr opinion froowi.ct.n_r 0.1
invention H probably pn,Unit«M«>, ('-mimuriln-
tlnnii-trlcllycnnUtlentlfil. HANDBOOK <*n I'aieuta
■ent free. Oldest auotiry for si-i-uninf patenis.
Patent* taken ttimufMi Mmm it Co, noalr-a
sfttutinotice, without clmrse, lathe
ftfe busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a home, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
Boundary Trust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
"Yeast Cakes
An Historic Boat
What New Yorker hasn't taken a
trip on the Hudson River steamboat
Mary Powell? What American hat
not at least heard th. name of thhi
wlilL-halred grandmother of steamboats? So questions thj New York
Outlook, and 1 adds: She has travelled 1,154,000 mllea. She has carried
millions of passengers, and never lost
a life. She has been practically rebuilt three times. Now, like a veteran preparing to go on the retired list
she is, It ts announced, to be relieved
from continuous service. She -will
continue however, to make special
trips an' some regular ones.
More little ones die during hot
weather than at any other time of
the year. Diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera infantum and stomach disorders
come without warning, and when a
medicine is not at hand to give promptly the short delay too frequently
means that the child has passed beyond aid. Baby's Own Tablets should
always be kept in the home where
there are young children. An occasional doue of the Tablets will prevent
stomach and bowel troubles, or lf the
trouble comes suddenly the prompt use
of the Tablets will cure the baby. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvlll-, Ont.
Alpine Tunnels
By thc forthcoming opening to traffic of the great Loetschberg Tunnel ln
Switzerland, and the full advantages
of the L'lmplon Tunnnel route, with
which it connects, will be available (Or
the first tlm.', greatly Improving the
railway route from England and
France ti Italy. The Loetschberg Is
nine and one-quarter miles In length
—a uge tunnel, but one surpassed ty
the St. Gothard, which Is about a
quarter l.f a mile longer and the slm-
plon, twelve and one-quarter mileB In
Mrs. Beck's Fondest Hopes
Realized—Health, Hap-
pines* and Baby.
Upper Lahave, N. S„Can.,-"I wish
to thank you for the benefit I received
by taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for
female troubles
from which I was a
great sufferer, ao
that I was completely tun down in
health. Other medicine did not help
me, but Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable Compound mad*
me well and strong. I now have a big,
hearty baby boy, and praise your medicine for the wonderful lot of good It hu
done me." - Mrs. Israel Beck, Jr.,
Upper Lahave, Lunenburg Co., N. S.,
The darkest days of husband and wife
are when they come to look forward to
a childless and lonely old age.
Many a wife haa found herself Incapable of motherhood owing to tome derangement of the feminine system,
often curable by the proper remedies.
In many homes once childless there
ire now children because of the fact
lhat Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable
Compound makes women normal.
If you Imve the slightest doubt
lhat I-ydln E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you.wrlte
lo Lydia E.Plnkham MedlclneOo.
(confidential) l.y nn,Mass., for advice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held In strict confidence.
W. N. U. Ml
The Output of Dlamondi
Forty-live years have elapsed since
the first diamond was found In Africa
*>nd it ls calculated that since the development of the diamond mines the
world has paid more than $2,000,000,-
000 for their products. This represents a weight of 90,000,000 carats.
If the immense loss froir. theft in the
early years be taken Into consideration, and the diamonds taken from
Brazilian mines and others In different parts ot the world be added to the
estimate, lt ls probable that not less
than 100,000,000 carats would be a conservative estimate of the outp t. The
value of theso in the rough would be
more than |750;000,000; to this must
be added the cost of cutting and the
profits to the syndicate, to the exporter, to the middleman and the retailer.
Among the most famous diamonds
are those ot the royal houses of Bra-
ganza, and among the most valuable
of the Braganza collection ls that called the King of Portugal, which weighs
1,680 carats. It was found ln Brazil
and has never been cut The most
Important cut stone of Brazil ls that
called the Star of the South, which
was found by a negresa in 1863. it
was appropriated by the mine owner
who gave her ln return a pension for
life. The stone was sold for $15,000,
the new owner depositing it lo the
Bank ot Rio Janeiro and receiving
on this security a loan many times
greater than the value paid for the
gem. The diamond wat at length
sold tor ten times the amount paid.
It waB finally acquired by a syndicate
and cut ln oval form at a cost rf
$2,600 by a firm In Amsterdam. An
Indian Rajah offered more than half
a million dollars for lt, but was refused. A little later lt was bought for
the Gaekwar ot Baroda.
Conquers Asthma. To be relieved
trom the terrible suffocating due to
asthma ls a great thing, but to be safe
guarded for the future ls even greater. Not only does Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bring prompt
relief but lt Introduces a new era of
of life for the afflicted. Systematic
Inhaling of smoke or fumes from the
remedy prevents re-attacks and often
effects a permanent cure.
A mlcnAe it an imaginary being invented by doctors to scare ped_>le out
of dying a natural death. Microbes
bave taken the placo of tbe evil spirits in vogue before the period when
people grew so intelligent that they
wouldn't believe anything they didn't
Microbes come in assorted packages
and spend their entire tl_ne ln multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing. They multiply scrums, add to
tbe fears, subtract you trom your money and divide all the profits among the
Just as everything was once represented by a deity, so everytLlng it now
represented by a microbe. Some men
are born with microbes, tome achieve
microbes, but all at some time have
mlci bes thrust upon them.
Minard't Llnimtnt for tait everywhere
Helping a Brother
Suddenly tbe man with tht chin
beard who wat eating hla luncheon
In a restaurant, reached across the
table, touched the button tn the lapel
of the coat worn by the man directly
opposite him and gave him the grip ot
the secret order to which both belong Od.
Brothei*, bo said, I tet you're ln
need, and to live up to my own sworn
duty I am compelled to—
In need! Interrupted the other, ln
wide-eyed astoalshment, in need of
Of somebody to tell you that a knife
Is not the proper Implement to use
when you are eating corned beet
By prompt action half t. dozen wait-
era quelled tbe dlsturbanc that began .mmedlntely, but they were too
late to prevent the destruction of
about $10 worth of tableware.
A New England mother had come
upon her eight-year-old eon enjoying a
feast whereof the components were
Jam, butter and bread.
Son, said the mother, don't you
think It a bit extravagant to eat butter with that fine Jam?
No, ma'am, was the response. It s
economical; the piece of bread does
for both.
The Kite In War
Kites are tb form part ot the regular
equipment ot French warships hereafter, being classed as aeronautic apparatus with aeroplanes and dirigibles.
They will be powerful enough to take
up an observer and will be used tor
purposes of military observation, for
which we are told they aro vastly superior'to balloons. The greater the
wind the more easily they are handled,
say a writer In L'lllustratlon.
The mounted kites ot Captain Sac-
onney have been used by the French
army for some months. After a long
series of experiments, they are also
to be used by the navy, which has laid
out an aeronautic programme, as follows: The use of aeroplanes is to be
limited to coast defense. Dirigibles
of great radius of action will be utilized for naval scanting. Recourse
will be had to tbe kite for lightering
the squadron as a whole a..d for surveying a foreign blockaded coast.
The kite has the advantage that tho
wind, the great enemy of other aerial
devices, facilitates Its evolutions. If
the weather ls calm, the ship makes
Its own wind by Its motion. A speed
of 18 knots is necessary to elevate the
observer. These kites, dismounted
and stowed away ln gome corner, can
be mounted five minutes after being
brought to the bridge of the ship;
while this ls being done another party
makes ready the apparatus tor sending
up. There are required fifteen minutes for sending, getting ready the basket, and installing the observer, who
remains connected with tte ship by
telephone. Five minutes Ib necessary
for an ascension of 1,000 feet. Ten
suffice for hauling in the rig and stowing it away.
curejor nerves
Irritable,   Hysterical,   Sleepless,   Dr.
Chate't Nerve Food Restores Health.
There is a message in this letter'for
thousands of women who are suffering
from broken-down nervous systems.
Sleepless nights, much Irritability over
little things, spells of dizziness and
nervous sick headaches are among the
symptoms. '
You may not realize the nature of
your ailment until nervous prostration
comes upon you. But, ln whatever
stage you find yourself, Dr. Chase'B
Nerve Food Is ready tb help you.
Mrs, W. J. May, 88 Annette street,
Toronto, -wrttu:  "Some years ago I
suffered from   nervous  trouble   and!
took Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, which |
completely cured   me.      About   six
months ago I received a shock which |
again shattered my nervous system I
to such an extent that I was irritable
and hysterical, and could   not   sleep
nights.     I be0an to use the Nerve
Food again and was not disappointed.
Improvement was apparent from the
first box, and now I am entirely well."
Df'. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, 6 for $260, all dealers.
Moral Clean-Up
A Sunday school teacher on the
Park Slope, la Brooklyn, told her boys
ot the city's spring clean up, and of the
admonition that oven the cellars and
backyards should be cleaned. Thence
the drew a lesson In moral cleanliness,
telling the youngsters that while regard for outward appearance was com.
nfendable inward purity was much
more meritorious. To make them further interested she offered a prize to
the boy wbo should bring the written
or printed motto tbat best expressed
Remember she said, that the motto
must bear especially on the necessity
for Inward cleanliness—the purity of
a heart at pure and polished a spotless gold.
Last Sunday one of the smallest ot
the boyt handed ln a placard printed
in big black letters.
Where did you get this? the teacher
Swiped it this morning off Tonys
bootblack stand outside tbe corner barroom.
The mot.o read: Shine Inside.
Looking for Polnttrt
Huthand («t police station)— They
tay you bave caught the fellow who
robbed our bouse night before last.
Sergeant—Yes | do you want to see
him? ,,  .
Husband—Sure. I'd 1'ke to talk to
him. I want to know how he got ln
without waking the wife. I've been
trying to do that for the last twenty
Evldtnoe of Expertnetc,
Does vhat young   man   understand
I think he must, repllef. the man
who always gives the beneflt    When
he plays he sounds exactly like a piano
MrB. Bugglns—Do you darn your
husband's sockc * ."   • -.
Mre. Dashaway—No, I speak of them
a little more profanely than that.
TW17T T?       Slide
Kir LEi      Action
Solid Bncdt Haaunerleu-Safe
xj all over Canada have
been quick to recognize the
thoroughbred in tha new Rem. ,
ington-UMC high-power slide action       \,
repeating rifle. ***
Just the lightweight and balance (or the
woods.   The action is completely protected
by the Remington-UMC tolid breech conitmcdon
—the protruding hi mmer eliminated.
We will be ,\.S to und yoa * booklet apUInbs
■imply why these features are of vita Importance
to you in your choice ol an arm. -ws,        -^*i
Remln|lon Arms-Union Metilllo Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
Service! from Montreal, Doiton, New York
'Tne Canard Line has long been famous for the comfort and luxury of Itt
passenger accommodation, and In thlt, aa ln other respects, the tteamart
of the Canadian Bervice which carry one olass cabin (II) and third olasa
only and sail for London, calling at Plymouth, maintain ths high reputation
of tbe Company,
For particulars and reservations on the Company's various services (Montreal, N.Y., Boston), Including the World's fastest steamships, Mau.-etanla-
Lusltanla, apply to local agents everywhere, or
SM Main Street)
Grain Commission Merchants
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William.
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Notify Peter Jar-ten
Best Grades
Ontario Veterinary College
Temperance Street, Toronto
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control
of the Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
N. B.—Calendar on application
E, A. A. GRANGE, V. S,, M. So,, Principal
Try Murine Eye Remedy
It you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Fain. Druggists Sell
Murine Bye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c.    Eye Books Free by Mall.
Aa tm TMh am* Mr *a en* ttx-t NmS Cm.
Murine Ere K.m.tj Ce.. Chicago
Grain Comtnlsalon Merchants, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Man.
Your consignments to ut will reoelve Immediate,   efficient,   and   Honest
Best Grades,     Bast Prices,     Quick Battlement Guaranteed.     Know yeur
Market.   Keep Posted
Write for our Market Letter and Shipping-instructions
Animals Make Poor Sailors
Probably many people bave not witnessed the performance ot animals
when on a sea Journey. It would no
doubt be as interesting to watcb their
antics on board ship at on the stage.
Most animals make poor sailors.
Horses and tigers tuffer most ot all;
they whine pitifully, and their eyes
water continually. Elephants, too,
aufter greatly, but they are very amenable to medical attention.
When the elephant falls seasick, a
bucket of fresh water, containing seven ounces of quinine and three and
one-halt pintt of wbitky, ia supplied.
Birds, howevei, delight in-sea voyages. Recently a number ot English
songbirds, such at the lark and robin
were dispatched to Britlah Columbia.
The polar bear, too, enjoys a sea
Journey. He ls described at very
gay while on beard ship. But most
other animals greatly resent tea trips.
Do not allow worms to tap the vitality ot your children. If not attended to, worms may work Irreparable harm to the constitution of the
Infant. The little sufferers cannot
voice their ailment, but there are many
signs by which mothers are made
aware that a dose ot Mlller't Worm
Powder ls necessary. Theee powders act quickly and will expel worms
from the system without any Inconvenience to the child.
Blrdt Build Nettt In Gourds*
By hollowing out gourdr and suspending them irom tre.s and poles, an
Illinois farmer provides nesting places
tor the native American birds, the
wren and the bluebird, and protects
them trom the aggressive English
sparrow, which bas a tendency to monopolize the desirable nesting placet.
The gourds designed for wrens hara
entrace holes ab?ut the siz.* ot a silver
quarter. This is sufficiently large toy
a wren to Pose through but not largj
enough for a sparrow.
The bluebird ls ahout the same size
at the sparrow, to a different arrangement was necessary. Th' farmer
discovered that the English sparrows
would not use the gourls if they were
placed in the sun, but that the bluebirds wouid. Secure nesting places
were therefore provided for the latter
by suspending the gourds from polet
placed out ln the open.
Minard't Liniment Curet Dandruff
There It a delicious flavor about this
story of a Virginia lady married to a
man who, though uniformly unsuccessful ln his hunting trips, boastlngly
spoke ot his Killings.
One day, returning from a trip with
the usual accompaniment of an empty
bag, lt occurred to him that bis wife
would make fun of him If he returned
without even one proof ot his oft-boaet-
ed aklll. So be purchased a brace of
partridges to deceive hit trusting
spouse. At he threw ihem on the
table In front of her he observed:
Well, my dear, you tee I am not to
awkward with the gun after a.l.
Dick, replied the wife, turning from
the birds with a grimace, after a brief
examination, you were quite right ln
shooting theae birds today; tomor.ow
It would h..ve been too lite.
I had a dream the other night, said
the Joker at a luncheon table recently. I dreamed I was In business with
a rich man, selling potted flowers. But
business was' bad and we decided to
discontinue busl-ess. I wanted the
pott and flowers and took them.
Wlit did the rich man want? asked
one of the guests, Innocent!.'.
He wanted the earth, replied the
Jutllce James W. Gerard, at tha
Tuxedo Club, once deflned a flirt In
a scorching epigram tba. It still remembered.
A flirt, he aaid, ls a rose from which
everybody takes a petal; the thorns remain for the future husband.
All He Got
Struck Wombat for a quarter Just
now. A rich relative had Juat sent
him ten dollars and tome advice
Did he give you the quarter?
No; but he pasted along tbe advice.
It will dean your handsthorouihlyand quickly no matter Iww toiled they
titeand leave them smooth
end soft. Ink, paint, oil or
grease nut ns, off they come
with Snap. Git aCai To-far.
Im tks Chum,
_____«_■ *      ■ I *—'*■ *   ___■________________._■
vnp wnpm MM) Mnn iU
How They Were Punished
For Fighting
Csrdlntl Richelieu was sitting st bb
Sttk In Ms palace In Paris attondlnt
tt official business wben an attendant
antered snd said:
"Flsate, your eminence, a womai
feat been arretted for masquerading tl
ana's apparel. She desires to bi
brought baton your eminence."
"Wby sbonld I bt troubled by a mat
Itr tbst pertains to tbe watcb 1" atket
tht cardinal, looking np from Ms paters.
"Tbs young lady says, yonr emt
■ence, tbst sbt bat Information to giv«
which yon wonM value."
"Ot wbat natural"
"Dueling. Bbe will give yon tbi
Mines of two officers of tbe army wbt
are to Dgbt today."
Tbo cardinal's manner changed al
•are. "Another ot tbese affairs, eh,
Respite my orders but.just pnbllsbtdl
If I don't put a ttop to tbls practice 1
•Hall In time lose every officer In tbi
service. 1 will stop lt lf I bars tl
tsng the whole army. Admit tbi
Sbe eame In. blushing for ber ap
garni, tall for a woman and trail form-
ad. Bhe stood before tbt cardinal wltt
bent hend.
wdii.tr never meet again. Only a raw
Hays before two men bad been beheaded for n like affair, and wltb every
esse the cardinal had grown mora determined. Bavlng pressed tbe band ot
ench of Ihem, he set out for tha Palais
Richelieu, afterward called Ibe Palais
llo.rale nnd today occupied by shops.
Meanwhile Lieutenant Durant wu a
prisoner, bewailing bis tete. Proud
tnd sensitive, Ms mind dwelt on tbs
contempt with which bis brother offl-
eert would receive Mm wben bs mst
them again for not keeping an engagement to light Ba btard tha clocks
Without rtrlke IL   For tn bour ba
chafed, and whsa tbey clanged thi
hour of noon be groaned. Bs knew
bis betrothed had locked Mm tn, but
did not know that sbs bsd intended to
light In bis place. Hsd bs sven suppot- j
td thlt ht would bavt wall Mgb gont
mad. j
Presently, bearing a step In ths hall,
hs listened Intently, hoping for a release and tbat hs would not bs too lata
to ksep bis appointment Tbe door was
unlocked, snd hs wss about to push
ont into ths corridor when he was
stopped by s man, wbo said: i
"The cardinal desires your presence
at tha palace."
Durant quailed.  Bs could fnce death
1 like a gentleman snd a soldier, bnt to
be executed In cold blood was not to
his liking, snd bs did not doubt that
i hs would suffer the execution of a
felon.   As hs accompanied tbe tnessen.
rare psrosps you ars ngnt, mit JOB
wrong Mo tf yon think hs could aet
such a part toward this nobis girl.
Tou, Captain ds la Tour, go to your
quarters and bs assured that If yon
offend again tbat masked person yon*
der will see thst yon do not offend a
third time. Lieutenant Durant, I give
you to Mile. Remercler."
The lady seized tbe minister's band
and kissed It rapturously, while tha
two msn, kneeling before blm, begged
tbst he wonld sdd his blessing to tbelr
pardon. Bs gave It snd Ds Is Tour
departed alone. Durant and Mile.
Remercler were driven swsy In ths
cardinal's carriage.        **
Ths practice that Richelieu strove so
hard to eradicate still exists in Francs
to a greater extent then In sny other
country. While tbs Anglo-Saxon bas
abandoned It the Latin and Teutonic
races still retain lt But nowhere ls It
so deadly ss It wss ln France wben
Cardinal Richelieu tried to break It
op. Today there ara ssveral hundred
duels fougbt annually In France, bnt
rarely does one result fatally, tbe object of each of tbo combatants being
to "pink" ths otbsr, and st tbs letting
of s tew drops of Mood the sffalr ts
bsusIIt called off.
Plenty ef Change.
FasMonsbla Physician - What yon
really need Is a cbange ot climate.
Tbe Patient-Change of climate! Why,
I've never had anything elsel    I'v*
ger to the palace be wondered lf tbs lived ln New Xork all my mfc-Lift.
girt hs loved could bave given away
tbe secret of tbe meeting. No; tbe bad
lacked bim np to prevent hit being
MUed by De Is Tour.  Sbe surely would
not tnrn Mm over to another fata ter
more terrible.   Be wss wondering bow:
tbs secret could have got out and
whether there was sny bops for Mm | Young Parents.
wben bs and the messenger entered |   "What is tbe baby crying for,
tbe palace.   Be was taken to a cbam-1 (,and?"
Hon. Walter Runclm n Is Doing
Better In Agriculture.
The Rt. Bon. Walter Runeiman bids
fair to acbie.e - grater Pleasure of
success at the head of thi Board of
Agriculture in Great Britain tl-an he
did when superintending the education ol that country. There can be
little doubt as to <Ws ability, but hs
was never happy when chief of the
Board oi Education, and In several
instances he was the victim of circumstances. ....
Mr. Runeiman li the eon ol that
staunch Radical, Sir Walter Runci*
man, founder ot the Moor Line of
tteamers . The Runcimana are a nasp
tlcal family, and both Mr. Runeiman t
great-grandfathers fought at Trafalgar
ss midshipmen. The family has also
played no email part ln the literary
world, and It nas at the house ot bit
uncle that Mr. Rnnciman, when a
boy, often used to meet Robert Louit
Stevenson. According to hia account:
"Stevenson was generosity itself. Ot
course, he was egotistic, -rat hi- very
vanity was part of his charm. 3e used
to stand in the middle of the hearth
Its Course From Chaos to Itt
Hopeless Death Struggle.
The Pint It Shewn by Jupiter, tn.
Second by the Earth and the Third
by Mart, Whllt tht Moon Shows tht
Empty Sttgt After the Pity It Dona.
No ttnge wat ever set for stub a
tragedy as tbe planet Mors presents.
It ls tbe last set In the drama of a
world's history I
Tho lirst net in such a drama consists
ol scenes from chaos. Tbe huge plai>
et .lupltcr offers ns a spectacle of Ilmt
kind In Its streaming belts of thick
clouds and Ils whirling vapors, glowing like steam nbove n furani-o.
The second net Is represented by the
"Pt, wbst is a rocelverr
"A receiver, my son, ts a msn who
winds np a business after It bss ran
down."—Boston Transcript
Why ara you so sttlredr b. asked   »* »««« * «•*«->'» '?™>« I  .''Wife- I can't imagine   H,it. only
"Because I Intended to take tbeplaci
st a mau In a duel today."
"Von tight a duel!" snarled bis end-
aence. "Shall I hnve to bring tbs wo-
Ben of the kingdom to tbs Mock sf
Well as tbe ment"
"Hear me, your eminence. Ons ol
the hest swordsmen tn Francs ls ta
meet on tbe Held of honor one of tbi
worst 1 learned ot the meeting Is
time, sent for tbe letter nnd succeeded
In locking bim In a room from which
he csnnot escape. 1 Intended to light
in his stesd."
"Tbelr names!"
"I will die, yonr eminence, tstbei
than reveal Ihem without yonr promlst
tli months old, and be doesn't know
that tbere are euch tblngs as moving
picture shows or candy."—Louisville
that their Ikes shtll bs spsred.1 . ,- ..„,_._., .„„, „_.. ... «..,»»u»a.,
Tbs cardinal hesitated ter a moment   *j£^J*,£S»,S2 "• to'Mt*-
then gave the required promise.
"Captain da la Tour, tha fsmoui ■
swordsman, snd Lieutenant Dnraat"
a guard and notice of his snivel sent
to the cardinal.
Presently an attendant came for Mm
and led blm to another apartment and
as bs antered by one door he saw De
la Tour ushered ln by another. Tbs
csrdinal sat ln sn armchair at one side,
and near Mm stood Id lie. Remercler tn
men's apparel. -Tba two duelists ed-
vanced snd bowsd to tbe cardlnnl. Bnl
wbat was most astonishing were a
headsman's block snd ax at one end of
ths room. Tbere was no executioner ^
present bnt tbs culprits expected to' °'j hnrt nnyr.
see bim enter st sny moment "Waal," drawled the other, "1 dunno
"Gentlemen," snld ths minister, "yon j , ,,„,„., fuuna lt -et,•_Yuutb's Com
srs doubtless swsre of tbe recent edict | pinion.
i sgalnst dueling, snd, baring conspired	
Cautious Hiram.
Two farmers met ln a certain tows
a day or two after a cyclone had visited tbitt particular neighborhood.
"She shook things up pretty bnd out
at my place," said one, stroking hli
whiskers meditatively. "By thu wny,
Hi," he added, "that uew burn o'_ yours
tald the girl.
On the cold visage of tba csrdlntl
appeared a trace of admiration tor tbU
womau who was going to meet death
In place of another.
"Vou are Mile. Remercler, I betters,
one of Ihe queen's mslds of honor.
This nefarious dueling pest thst Is Mil-
ing off every year hundreds of tbl
king's best officers seems to be mora tn
vogue among persons of quality than
the lower orders. 1 wish you wert s
nun. I would behead Da Is Tour snt)
glre yon his commission. Why wen
you about to give your lite for tbat ot
Lieutenant Durantr
"Ita-nime I would rather die than
low him."
Tlie cardinal patiaed a moment la
thonjl.t "Singular." ha ssM, half to
himself snd half to the girl, "this thing
called love! I can conceive of all other
passions, bat not this one, and a lore
tbnt will ascrlflce a lite for the object
loved Is to mo ns greet a mystery ss
Dto Itself." Then, looking up. he asked. "Where It this duel to tske placer'
"In t wood on tha outskirts of tbt
city, en the bank of tba Belne."
"At noon."
"It It now near noon."
"Yes, your eminence. I wna going to
the ground when a gendarme of keen
er eye thnu others suspected my sex
ami arrested ms.
"I presume Captain ds la Tour Is
now waiting for his victim."
"Doubtless hs Is, snd wondering why
he dues not appear."
Something wss running wltb electric rnpltllty through the cardinal's
brain. Whnterer It wss, It cams to a
hend st once. Summoning sn attend*,
ant. hs directed hliu to proceed to ths
dueling ground snd bring Captain de
ts Tour to Ihe palace. Tben. turning
to Mile. Hcmereler, he asked If sbo
bid tbo key to tba room where her
lover wns confined. S.he gave It to Mm,
and he serf another attendant for Du.
rant. Thru he sent the girl to another
apartment to await the coming of tba
woold be duelists.
The messenger who went for De la
Tour found btm pacing bark and forth
Impatiently waiting ter his enemy, bis
seconds ttnndlug together chatting tc
Roth men bowed low.
"I hare decided, however, to permit
tbis meeting and to witness it myself.
Then'is aa unfairness about thess
duels wMcb tn tbls ona I hope to counteract Ton, Captain de la Tour, ara
accounted tbe best swordsman In
France. Xou, Ltentensnt Durant 1
learn, srs ons of tbs poorest To enable
you to Dgbt equitably I havo decided
tbat yon shall continue tbe contest till
one Mils tbe otber. He wbo remains
alive will be dispatched by tbe heads,
"Bnt, yonr eminence," interposed the
Informant, destbly pale, "you promised
me thst tbelr lives sbould be spared."
"And my promise ts not broken by
tbls disposition. Bnt for you botb ol
them would be ordered to execution st
once. I csnnot conceive s more nofile
part than thst you bars acted. Slnci
In tbls realm a practice exists by wblcb
an expert swordsmsn msy kill one wbo
Is practically defenseless you wen
shout to suffer destb to sare^ka un-
skilled combatant Falling W this,
knowing thst** 1 sions bnd power to
prevent this Injustice, you Informed
me of It but not till you bnd received
my promise tbst lbe combatants sbould
not bs punished by death. It ts not uy
Intention to punish either of tbem foi
disobeying the edict, but to render tbt
sffalr between tbem perfectly equitable. Gentlemen, tbers Is smple room
for you on lhe floor of tbls spnrtment
Take your positions snd sn attendant
will band you your weapons."
At tbe cardinal spoke the Inst words
ths men were given rapiers, snd st the
same time a door opened, nnd a masked
msn In tight fitting garments entered,
wont to the block, took up the sx and
stood ready for doty. The duelists,
wbo understood tbst this wns « men
subterfuge of the crafty cardinal to
keep bis promise to Mile. Remercler In
ths letter snd break It In the spirit
snd that one was to execute the other
snd ths besdstnan the victor, stood
teeing escb other, awaiting a slgnsl to
begin tbs combat They had lieen
friends, and their quarrel had been in
tbeir cups. Neither bnd tbe faintest
remembrance of Its cause. Realising
tbat tbey were abont to die, tbey stepped forward nnd embraced escb otber.
Meanwhile Mile. Remercler had
thrown herself st tbe feet of the cardinal to beg for. their lives.   Her back
being turned to tbe combatants and
Folding a Cost
Here Is the way to fold a men's cost
when you want to psck It .In a box
or a trunk. Lny lhe cont out perfectly
flat, right side np. Spread tbe sleeves
out smoothly, then fold them back to
the elbow until the bottoms of tbs
cuffs nre even with the collnr. Fold
the revere bnck and double tlte cont
over, folding It on the center eesm.
Smooth out all wrinkles snd lay It of
a level surface tn the trunk.
Wild Schemes of Oinocra.es.
Tbe most remarkable proposal ever
made about Mount Athos was tbnt nf
tbe architect Dlnocrntes. Ills plan
was to cut It Into the shapo of a gigantic statue of Alexntitler. the Qreat,
holding In the right hnnd n city. In tbe
left a tank that wns to receive all tbe
waters of tbe region. Alexander was
mucb lakeu Willi the scheme. But II
was eventually rejected on tbe ground
tbat the neighboring country wns not
fertile enough to feed the Inhabitants
of the projected city. Another of Uinoc
rates* plans wns n temple to the wife
of King l'tolemy of Egypt with a root
of losdstoues that wonld keep an Iron
ststue of ber floating ln tbe air.
tug, with his back to '.he fire, dressed I cMht w|t|, )ts fertne cl.„st_ its cool. In.
always in a velvet jacket and waist- TlBuri„)nB „tmospbere and Its life sua-
coat, and smoke his pipe in silence
whilst the rest talked. Thci he would
suddenly break in, and for the half-
henr together weave thc most fantastic but brilliant perversions of the sub.
ject of discussion. He was a splendid
fellow, too. I remember once, when
I was six years of age, I was staying
at Greenwich, and we had a splendid
game together, Louis and I. making
boats out of furniture, and having all
torts of delightful adventures—though
my aunt did not much like the way
h*. milled thinps ahmit tn amn<e. me.
After I had gone .to b-.d I woke and
heard the voice of Louis Stevenson
downstairs. So up I got. and ran
down in my nightshirt and bare-loot
to the room where all those fellowi
were smoking and talking."
As a child, young Walter Runeiman
often went to sea with his father, and
when his Cambridge days were over ba
entered his father's shipping business
on Tyneside. Then he c-me under
the influence of Mr. John Morley. who
at the time was one ol the membert
for Newcastle, and resolved to enter
public life. He put up for the Newcastle School Board, and was returned
along with a Miss Stevenson, a Glr-
ton girl, who polled more votes than
he did. This election had Important
results In more senses than one, for
Miss Stevenson eventually became
M-s. Runeiman.
Mr. Runeiman first endeavored to
enter Parliament by way of Graves-
end, but was defeated. At a later period when on a yachting tour round
Norway he received a telegram asking
him to stand for Oldham. His oppon-
ent was Mr. Winston Churchill, whom
he defeated. Not long afterwards Mr.
Churchill turned the tables, and Mr.
Runeiman had to seek a refuge st
The Berth's 8hadew.
Tbe earth hns a shadow, hut very
fsw ever see It except In eclipses of
the moon, or else few recognise II
when tbey seo It Nevertheless msny
of ns hsve noticed on line, cloudless
evenings In summer shortly before
sunset s rosy pink sre on ihe horlxon
opposite tbe sun, wltb a bluish gray
segment under It. As tbe sun sinks
the aro rises until It nttnlns the senltb
and even pnsses It Tbls it tbe shndow
of the earth.
He wns brought to llellevue hospital
with some Injury tu the skull, and n surgeon, linrlng examined the wound, tie. j
tern-Inert to keep lbe man lu Ibe ward
for n dny or two.
"Oh, doctor," cried the patient, "do I
you think that I'll lose my bead}"- -
New York Times.
Tee Slow.
"Why hns yonr daughter dropped her
hospital work so soon)"
"Bbe found she'd Imve to nurse poor
patients for two years before tbey In-
^.'7h\7lm;:""vbe» the- «~*W   SlSTErS '£ JTESi «**. ! "** J" "'V^« IT.^
- man coming wearing tho cardinal's   ";b°"a Thedardlt.nl raised her snd ! ■■>•'■ "«■••« »n ■*»• '*«* "* ° mn,nl
livery he turned pale.
"Mun  Dleul" he exclaimed.   -The'
cardinal hns got wind of tba affair.   I
am lost!"
"His eminence desires yonr presence
■I the pnlsee." snld Ihe messenger.
lie la Tunr bade hi* comrades good-
ky. he snd they believing that they
turned ber toward them.
"Louk!" be said. 'The affair Is ended lhe wsy 1 would have sll snch affairs endod-ln a reconciliation. Gentlemen, put awny your swords. If you
suppum-d Itlchelleit to be eo crafty ss
thus to lintnk his word to ono whose
Ufe ts demnuded br the king's wet-
comedy."-Kansas City Journal.
Centenary ol Pansy.
Just one hundred years ago Lady
Mary Bennett, A daughter oi the Earl
of Tankerville, was so struck with tbe
simple beauty of a tiny wildling, viola
tricolor, that she collected some of tbe
best plants and gave them careful cultivation, says The Pall Mall Gazette.
The first batch of seedlings raised
by her gave such promise that system*
atic selection was at once instituted,
and thereafter the improvement of the
genus was taken up by the leading
growers. Thus to an enthusiastic amateur we are-indebted for one of tbe
most popular and beautiful ot our
garden flowers, a flower which has
marvelously developed in site, and
with wonderful snd bizsrre markings
snd colorings.
Msny fanciful nsmes have been
given to the pansy by country folk,
the best known of which is heartsease,
from the notion that it was efficacious
in diseases of the heart. This favorite
blossom can indeed boast a longer lilt
of pet names than most of her com.
panlons, a sure sign of popularity.
Among these an butterfly-flower, kiss-
me-quick, herb trinity, three-little*
faces-under-a-hood, snd love-in-idle,
Labor's Spokesman.
The return of Mr. Ramsay Macdonald to the House of Commons, alter
his tour in India, has added greatly
to the debating strength of the Labor
Psrty, for whom be is ususlly ths
official spokesmen. Mr. Macdonald
created a  very  good Impression  on
Sromincnt Indian Civil Servants by.
is eultured manner and hit general
abilities, and he intends to write t
book on his experiences.
Mr. Mscdonsld is tbe son of sn
Elgin (srm lsborer, snd begsn Ufa
ss a pupil teacher. He then became
a clerk In a private warehouse. Ha
obtsined his insight into political affairs whilst acting as private secretary
to Mr. T. Lough, M.P., and alter working herd in the cause ol Socialism, ha
was elected member for Leicester.
Jumbled Wreng.
Manager-My denr madam, yonr complaint Is a very foolish ona Ths stags
I llrector did not slander yon becnuse bt
| gave yonr role to another actress.   Ac-
lress-Of   course   he  slandered   ma
Didn't he take swsy my character?-*
Baltimore Amerlcau.
"Of what use Is a fly, anyway r asks
an exchange.
Well, If mere Is only ons ont and it
Hs Knsw.
Lady Customer-t wish to tell yoa
tow (best tboea vt mint are to ba
„ „,„ .„,„. lunde.   Shoemaker-Ob. t know that
happens to Niiilu.ilio    HwMI score enongh_,nrge ImM. .n« gusli
a man from thlrd-lMrolt urea l-r**sa ,Mrtiiati_||,Mtoaottef Mattes
talnlng sens tbat giro birth to the
cluuils wldeh. condensing on the
ntuiintalus, furnish tbe ruins and set
Ihe rivers flowing.
- The closing net Is tbe role uf Mars,
where tbe sens have vanished, the nt-
mtispbi-it! hns thinned ont. tho rivers
bnve disappeared, tbe continents bnve
turned Intu deserts, and life, driven lute
a corner, Is battling ugulust Hunt ex-
Tbnt tbere la yet Intelligent life on
Mars Is tbe universal belief of nil lite
observers whom Mr. Lowell tuts gull.-
i ered about him tit bis Flagstaff i.b*
! servntory, wbere tbe extraordinary plie-
I nuuiena of tbat wonderful plauet tire
I studied ns nowhere else lu the wurld.
I    More than tbnt, tbey tell us wilh.
ever Increasing emphasis lhat tbe people of Mars, compelled by necessity.
have developed a command over tin* lira I forces which would seem miraculous ir exhibited upon lbe earth.
Wllb them It hns became simply a
question of brain power against Iha
Inanimate powers of nature.
Tbey have nights and days of tba
some length as outs.  Tbey hare seasons almost  precisely correapoudlng
with ours, except that tbey are each
{ twice as long.   But tbelr oceans ara
: dried up, no rains tell (tbough tbere
! may be dews), and nearly all the atmospheric moisture ts alternately locked np In one or tbe other ot tbe polar
In snch a situation no vegetation can
flourish unless artificially stimulated
by a gigantic system of Irrigation. Aad
without vegetation animal existence Is
|    But wbence can tbo Inhabitants of
j Mars derlra tba water needed for irrl-
gntftun? Tbe answer given Is that they
gel It periodically from tbe melting of
tbe polar snows.   Being without sens
I and rivers they bavo no otber source
ot supply.
Ou Mars tbo reign of universal pence
must hara begun agea ago, Introduced
not by moral or sentimental could-
erutlons, but by tbo necessity of uniting oil tbo engineering skill, all the In*
vcntlre powers and. oil tbt physical
tercet of tbo entire population of tho
planet ln a common battle for Ufa.
Tho only thought of tbelr Inrenton
Is ot Improved meant for controlling
the slowly fastening tuppllet ot moisture thnt once lu about two of our
years moy bo drawn away from ono
of tbe poles while tbe summer sunshine Is dissolving IU thin snows.
Tbls universal concentration of mental energy upon n tingle Mm It conceived nt bavlng developed upon Mem
n knowledge ct tbo bidden forces ol
nature sucb as bas np to tht present
merely been dreamed of on tbo enrlh.
Wo bave Just begun to learn bow ts
use electricity In tba mcchsulc arte,
but they msy bare unlocked tbo secret
forces Inclosed In tbo atoms ot matter
which our tclenco haa recently tistired
us exist without showing us bow to
utilize thero.
Only by such suppositions csn tbo
"cnnals," hundreds of miles wlda and
thousands ot miles long, bt accounted
for, If, it tbo Flagstaff observers Insist tliose objects ara really of artificial origin. U sbonld bs said. bow.
tvsr, tbst In Mr. Lowell's oplt-tun the
bands called canals are, In ft-vt Irrigated belt*.
Tba roal canals within tbem era Invisible, while tba progressiva darkening of tbese balta, at tbo poltr melting
Increases, ts due to tht growth of vegetation, stimulated by tha water.
After tha world lite drama closes
there Is left an empty Mage, and this
Is represented by tho moon. Tba lunar
world has lost all Ita water. IU trar
edy Is finished. Tha actors ara all dead.
Millions of ytare ago thore may havo
been a battle ter tlte than Ilka that
which now appears to ta raging em
Man. And miniona of years la tha
future tha sts ge of the earth will probably bo aet ter a stmllar tragedy. For.
to tha ayes of tbe overlooking godt Ite
(bangs a little Shakttpeira'a figure):
All Ike akrt a stsae,
Aal all ths worlds aal aaaa an i
te New Tort «rt» THE   SUN,   QRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Now is the Time for   .
Horse Blankets
We have a Large Stock Assortment
c/411 Sizes and Prices
Get Them Now Before It's Too Cold
he sent to work it aod take out ore-'
The sale is understood to have been
a cash transaction.
It. is further announced tbat tbe
Grmiby people may put on a line of'
* steamers on the run to southwestern
Alaska, and tfiat it would not be *
surprising if they intend further to-'
fight the Guggenheims for control of
the copper business of Alaska.
i    It is easier to break a   man's, will)
than to sidetrack a woman's won't.
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
John Zsbroff. one ol the_Doukho-
bur colony leadere, spent Sunday in
jail, having been arrested on a
charge of contempt of court in connection with the summonses issued
last week. On Monday he came up
for a hearing before Judge Cochrane, and was allowed to go free
after being given a warning and a
Pat Maginnis returned to the
Union mine in Gloucester camp on
Wednesday. Tbe returns from tbe
second car of ore, wbicb arrived at
the Granby smelter last week, were
■lightly higher than from the first
car. The third car is expected at
smelter this week. As soon as the
sleighing between Gloucester and
Lynch creek gets good, tbe owners
ol tbe Union expect to ship a carload
of ore per week. About fifteen men
will be employed at the mine all
H. B Cannon returned to Voigt's
Camp on Saturday after a week's
visit in tbe city.
0. A. and A. E. Bennett, music
dealers, after a week's visit ln the
oity, returned to tbeir home in Penticton yesterday.
James McArdle went down to Colville on Tuesday to visit bis son,
wbo ia attending school in tbat
H. Rolston, local manager of the
British Oilumaia Telephone company, returned on Monday from
Greenwood, wbere opened tbe company's new office.
W. J.  Galipeau left on Monday
for a business trip to Spokane.
The Grand Forks Orchard company will have about 1700 boxes of
apples this fall This is the first
year of bearing for tbe trees.
Granby a Mine in the North
The report has reached this oity
.that tbo famous Midas   mine,  near
tailoring will find their wav into
your Suit or Overcoat or anything you order here. It's our
plan to please our customers—
to give sll we csn—to tske hs
as little ss we, can afford. Take
advantage nl every advsntsge.
Hunt among the biggest variety
of thn most fashionable Fall
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not a cent more than yon ought.
These conditions rule here.
some of the leading tailoring establishments in
the East. When you
order from us you hnve
the advantage of being
measured by a practical
tailor, ensuring perfect
fit. A trial will convince
you these clothes are the best on
the market for the money. We
guarantee satisfaction. -
AnuHon the shoe man haa removed !    T, __,•_•, <
to his new atand, corner  Bridge and ;     " >'ou want to 1,ve tMr^ eomlctrt'-
Fourth streets, j ble   and   undisturbed,   ne'er     grow
  I famous; your friends may derive some
Don't forget that Tbe Sun haa the pleasure in gaging at your monument
Val.lea, has heen sold to the Granhy! bJ!Hl J''h rrintinK ''epHrrmont in the' after you are dead, but it doesn't do
company and thit a hig crew  will
Houndnry country
you any good.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at higb prices, |try Tbe Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
we will put on a
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
While we have run as close to the CASH SYSTEM as possible since starting business
in Grand Forks, and our prices compare very favourably" with Catalogue Houses: we will
for ihe next ten days give special prices that will even eclipse our previous efforts.
We are in a position to handle the
Made to Order* Clothing
business ot Grand Forks, and relying on the satisfaction we have already given in fit,
quality and price, we are making a further effort to secure ihe lion's share of this trade. In
order to do so we will during this Special Sale give very low prices on "Made-to-Order
Garments" and it will be a price that will accomplish the desired result.
Our Watchword jp "Quality First"
We have put on extra help to ^handle our increasing business.
We feel sor,*v fur the chap   who is I    Much reading will not make a full
known only as his wife's husband,      | ****** <-» qnickly as muoh feeding.
Happy is the wife who believes her
husband tells her all he known.
Grand Fork* people who have atom
ach and bowel trouble should guard
against appendicitis by taking simple
buckthorn lun-k, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adleri-kn, the Oer
man remedy which became famous hy
curing appendicitis JU8T ONE
DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas nn
the stomach and ennstipatiou INSTANTLY because this siimple mixture draws off auch a surprising
ninnunt of old foul matter f-torn the
body.   Woodland & Quinn, druggists
Success at  poker depends on the
way a man is raised.
Marriage is a uuion that is   respon
i sible for a lot of strikes, i
\Z Gait Goal
F. Downey's Cigar Store
HtNiii'i BsaiDBses. BSD ****** SmM!!
A cheerful liar sometimes scatters
more sunshine and happiness than the
so called truthful man who lies to
hitnsalf. Lies we tell tu ourselves are
reflected in our lives and make us
poor company, The shadow of a lie
is always worse than the lie itself.
If you would get np in the world
get down to business.
Most of us admire a fool as long as
he has money.
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Spect»:5 jr.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Obanbt Hotkl,
First Street.


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