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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 7, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
^B 13 m^%
litMlpm YEAR
Muat Important Events at
Some and Abroad During the Past Week
General Castro is allowed to stay in
New York for one weelt.
Sis persons are killed outright in
a, railway disaster in Austiaha.
A Conservative member of parliament asks that the Canadian navy be
built and manned by Canadians.
A resumption of the Balkan war i«
declared to be inevitable by the delegates in London ewing to the attitude
of Turkey.
An express car is held up by a bandit in Chicago. The man escapes
with his plunder after a fight with the
A statement is made by Conservative in the house at Ottawa that Toronto is a place where high handed
theft is prevalent.
A Toronto newspaper says that On
tario haa today an electric trust which
rivals in power the Standard Oil com
pan^and the American Tobacco com1
A London cable to the New York
Herald srys that the Earl of Beau-
champ, one of the few Liberal peers,
will succeed the Duke of Cotiuaught
ae governor-general of Canada.
Lloyd George makes the moment
ous declaration before the National
Liberal club that "the foremost task
of Liberalism in the near future is the
regeneration rural life—the emancipa
tion of the land of England from the
paralyzing grip of a rusty, effete and
unprofitable system."
An unconfirmed report states that,
the allies have already begun the
bombardment of Adrianople.
A boy's cry of fire results in a panic
at a moving picture show in New York
and two women are trampled to death
Liberal association of Ward 3, Vancouver, pass a resolution heartily endorsing Sir Wilfrid Laurier naval
A petition is being circulated in the
middle west to ask the government for
a permanent reduction of the duty on
The Prince of Wales sets the style
at Oxford which results in undergraduates filling the university with bagpipe discords.
A big schooner is sunk by an Atlantic liner It is alleged that the
■sjwerful rays of a lighthouse blinded
the lookout men.
The deputy minister of trade and
commerce declares that fnrther great
increases in Canadian trade may be
expected during the present pear.
An explosion and fire in an epait-
ment house io Sacramento, Oil.,
causes the death of four persons and
results in sending eleven more to tho
Main estimates are broutiht tlown
in the house at Ottawa.
Chancellor Lloyd George will com
meiice his land reform platform cam-;
paign in March.
Sir Thomas Sha.ighnesay may be
made a peer if the imperial naturaliza-'
tion laws are passed.
Bombardment of Adrianople and a.
-skirmish at the Tchatalja lines mark
the   reopening of   hostilities in   tlie j
Sockeye salmon fresh caught in
British Columhia may not be exported
under the fishery regulation brought
into force.
The Canadian grain commissioners,
in their report, strongly   advises  t
establishment of federal  grain elevators for the Pacific coast.
The labor leader in the provincial
house declares that British Columbia
fund* were wrongly spent in London
by Agent General Turner.
Australia is alarmed at a statement
made by a visitor from Japan to the
effect that the Japanese cabinet pro
poses to have a formidable navy.
The United States seuate will fight
the free tolls measure.
Vancouver promoters ask federal
aid for the Pacitlc it Hudson Bay
The water in the Seine ia nearing
the danger mark, and the people of
Paris are alarmed.
Rossland's great winter carnival attracts large orowds Both hockey
games are won hv Rosslan i.
The New York police uncover three
bomb outrages. An attempt is made
on the life of a judge for revenge.
King George says the Panama canal
dispute cau be settled by the application ofthe doctrine of honest dealing
It iB rumored in London that the
Earl of Dudley will succeed the Duke
of Connaught as governor-general of
Provincial minister of lands says
that large tracts have been set aside
fir parks: Favors preserving the
scenic spots.
Forty new Servian guns bombard
Adrianople. Aeroplane Hies over the
besieged eity Turks have a. good
supply bread, and show more energy.
Would-be assassin wounds "the
president ef Salvador.
Welsh disestablishment bill passes
the British house of commons,
Farmers' convention at Saskatoon
is in favor of licensing grain buyers.
The people of Eyebrow, Sask.,
threaten to make a raid on the C.P.R.
coal bins
Fernie wines both of the hockey
games at the Bossland carnival in
speedy contests.
A French officer is entrusted with
the organization of an aerial fleet for
the Chinese army.
The senator from Colorado declares
that the Denver women drink more
highballs than men.
Provincial government will appoint
another special commissioner to investigate the coal question.
The Greek navy supports an attack
on the Dardanelles, and Constantino
pie is threatened. Turkey is short of
Many members want to amend the
new Bank Act. The hill is one of
the most contentious that has come
np iu the house for years.
Rossland . win* the international
hockey championship at the winter
carnival in that city.
The Liberal members make lengthy
speeches on the naval in the house at
Ottawa. The session is continued
until after midnight.
An Ontario apple grower, in hie
evidencs before the agricultural committee, says that co-operation, is the
first essential.
Bulgarians win all along the line at
Gallipoli, Turkish losses five thousand. Balkan allies refuse to establish a neutral zone at Adrianople.
President elect Wilson's attitude on
the Panama canal question will, it is
expected, have an important bearing
on the settlement of the case.
A. L Wisner <fe Co., New York,
made a million and a half dollars by
wildcatting mining properties
The Saskatchewan government
takes tne initiative in asking for the
summoning at an early date of another session of the inter-provincial
conference of premiers,
$215,000 Set Aside by C.'P*
R. for Renewing Old Ones
in the Boundary
According to a dispatch to the
NelBon Daily Newa from Winnipeg,
appropriations totalling about 11,-
-.'25,000 for the betterment and extension of work in British Columbia
have been passed by the Canadian
Pacific railway, and will be announced from Vancouver in the
course of the next few days. Memoranda uf the appropriations have
been mailed to \V. Peters, general
This large Bute is but little short
of last year's appropriations, and includes all tbe planned work except
ing tbe double iraeking, which is
proceeding as rapidly as possible.
This year's appropriations for tbe
British Columbia division, apart
from the completion of the new sta
lion at Vancouver, and the construction of a new wbarf and docks there,
include new steamer*., barges and
tugs for the Okanagan, Arrow and
Kootenay lakes, washed rock bar
lusting, oil fuel apparatus and tanks
on the Cascade division from North
Bead to Vancouver, tie renewals,
new steel and bridge renewals.
Tbere is also a sum for- the com
pletion of the telephone dispatching
system on the British Columbia division and various repair and ex
tension schemes of smaller magui
New equipment for tbe British
Columbia lakes will cost 1350,000,
aud will include a new passenger
Bteamer, an additional tug, and an
eight car barge for Okanagan lake,
one fifteen-car barge and a deck
barge for Kootenay lakes and one
eight car barge for Arrow lakes.
For tbe oil burning apparatus on
tbe Cascade division from Vancou
ver to North Bend $130,000 has
been set aside. All locomotives are
lo be changed over from coal to oil
burners, aud this change is takeu
eare of in tbe appropriations. A
portion of tbe division from North
Beud lo Kamloops is to be supplied
wilh coal burning sngines. These
will be served with coal from the
Nicolu mines. Tie renewals fur ihe
British Columbia division will cost
$100,000. For the completion o.,tlie
Vanoouver terminals $2,500,01*0 has
been set aside. New heavy steel iu
three British Columbia districts will
coat 1180.000.
In the Boundary district $2l5,()u0
will be spent in the renewing of
the northwest corner of the Sunbeam ranch, and before it could be
extinguished tbe interior of the
building had been damaged to tbe
extent of about $200. Tbe department responded tii a call far aid, but
wben it got ready for action tbe fire
was well under control. Tbe fire
caught between the ceiling and the
upstairs floor, and the axe w._« used
freely' before the flames were
A number of uttthges were made
this week in the Brilish Columbia
Copper company's staff A. F. H.
Meyer succeeds \V. C. H. Wilson; B.
N. Ouituette succeeds Meyer; T.
Larguesucceeds C.Charlton; J. F.
Manson succeeds Largue, and Ed
McCutcheon fills Manson's position.
A new man will he appointed as
stenographer in place of Jo Apple-
quist. F. S. Norcross becomes su
pcriiitendent of the mines in place
IC. Hibbert, and J. J. Johns has
been appointed superintendent of
the Mather Lode, witb C. Hammer-
stadias foreman
Charles Lorent, of Carmi, crossed
the divide last by cutting bis tbroat
with a razor. He wsb a native of
France, about fifty years old, and
leaves a wife, to mourn nis tragic
end. He was worth about $10,000
in cash and farm lands. Failing
health is supposed to have been lbe
cause of tbe rash deed.
At the annual meeting of the Kettle River Valley Rifle association, in
the city ball last Monday night, E.
Spraggett was re-elected captain.
Leo Mader, secretary; N. McCallum,
treasurer, and S. G. Kirk, range
ufliser, were also re-elected. Other
officers choseu were: A. E. Savage
and R Lamond, executive committee: Frank Hutton, Wm. Sayers and
John Hay, range committee.
At noon today fire broke out- in
the residence formerly owned by
Ralph Trotter, at present occupied
Mr. Gillespie ind family, situated at
Tbe Sun is read by everybody in
Grand Forks because it contains all
tbe news af tbe city and district
worth printing, besides a resume of
tbe most important happenings of
ibe world. Il also endeavors to be
entertaining and ins .uclive. New
feature are under contemplation.
Next Monday Division VII of tbe
public school will begin attendance
al Uie Parish ball, wbich has been
si-cured temporarily by lite trustees
for b :i>• »• .1 purposes. All beginners,
six yeatB old or ovir, will be admitted at tbe Central school -up till
February 17 upon presentation of
health certificates
Fred Clark returned on Wednes
day from a week's visit to Victoria.
Mr, Clark believes tbat the chances
ol Ibe Grand Forks Pair association
receiving a $5000 grant from the
government towards tbe construction
of an exhibition building are favorable.
Last week Miss Norma E Manly,
who is attending St. Ann's Academy, Victoria, passed with honors
in hei senior examinations of music,
In piano she received 128 murks
and iu theory 144 marks, and she
will now enter the graduating class
of this year.
Mrs. Lloyd A. Manly returned
this week from Victoria, where she
visited her husband and daughter.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer on E. It. Laws'ranch:
JU.ii.     Mar
Friday, 31st  12 25
Saturday, 1st     4 28
Sundiy, 2nd  19 28
Monday, 3rd  23 32
Tuesday,   4th    10 20
Wednesday,  5th  -11 10
Thursday,   7th  -5 8
Snowfall  1.1
The Oranby Company Proposes to Make an Issue
of $5,000,000
President Nichols, of the Granby
Consolidated company, bas issued a
statement relative to tne proposed
issue (if convertible bonds. He says:
"The bonds will bear 5 per cent
interest and run for fifteen years. A
mortgage covering all mining antl
smelting properties in British Columbia will secure the issue.
"Of the $5,000,000 to be tsked
for, there will be issued at once $1,.
600,000, to be known as series 'A.'
for wbich stockholders may subscribe pro rata for cash at par pirn*
accrued interest.
"The bonds will be redeemable
after ten years at 105 and interest.
Provision will be made that 4 per
cent retire annually either by purchase at not more than 110 or by
redemption by lot at tbat figure.
"Tbe bonds may be converted
into stock at par within ten years.
Tbe $3,500,000 bonds to be placed
in the treasury may issue as tbe directors deem advisable, for either
property or cash.
"Final estimates are now in for
the new 2000-ton smelter, power
plant, etc., indicating tbat the eost
of the Hidden, creek property and
development down to tbe date of
commencing ihiptnents will amount
to $2,944,554.
"Of this, $1,324,554 has been expended, leaving $1,620,000 to be
expended during 1913. Against tbis
we bave on nand in cash and copper
net over and above all liabilitier,,
"Development nt Hidden creek
has increased our reserves by an
amount which we believe is greater
in tomlage and far greater in values
than the total amount so far mined
from all our properties. Operations
at Grand Forks and Pboenix have
yielded a profit for tbe laBt six
months of $7(16,054.
"During the first week of January
the Granby smelter treated 22,54**
tons of ore, of which all but 250 tons
were from the Granby mines. It
shipped 348,000 pounds of blister
cupper in tbe same period."
Will Test New Discovery
New York, Feb. 2,—Dr. K. E.
Friedmann, of Berlin, who claims
that a serum be has discovered will
cure tuberculosis, will sail for New
York frnm Liverpool today on tbe
Mauretauia. Charles F. Finlay,
president of the Aetna National
bank, is bringing tbe German scientist here to teal bis discovery on 10'*
patients, and Dr. Friedmann will lie
his guest during bis saty bere.
Tbe greatest difficulty tbat confronts Dr, Friedman is the fact that
Dr. Lnwranson Brown, of Saranac
Lake, and Mr Finlay are to pick
out tbe I0o persons on whom to
make the tests. The embarrassment
will not be because of lack of material, but because ot the great number of would-be patients.
Mr. Finlay said yesterday tbat
since his announcement that h>
would give $1,000,000 to bring the
Friedmann serum to this country,
be had received 3000 applications.
and that they are coming at the rate
cBrltish Pro-Consul Rules Half Million
Square Miles That he Wrested
From France
Sir Frederick Lugard. the ruler o.
Nigeria, is the man of whom the
French publicists eulpgized as one ol
the greatest Britons. He has fairly
and squarely beaten them in the race
for one of the greatest prizes remain
ing in Africa.
His career comprises matter enough
for a score of novels. He Is a mixture of Cllve and General Gordon—
wlih the former's breadth of vision,
and Gordon's fierce hatred of cruelty
end wrong, his scorn of danger, his
tenderness for the weak and the oppressed. He ls the only British sol-
dicr who has calmly made war ln his
own name. "These operations
(against  the  Emir of Sokoto)   have
beeu decided upon by Sir Frederick
Lugard," Mr. Austen Chamberlain. Informed Parliament nine years ago, and
Parliament, though it grumbled, yet
acq.uiei.ed, simply because, although
lt was dangerous precedent, hero was
a man whose lightness and justice
were matched only by his gallantry
and clear-sightedness. He had his
way and his war, the result was that
slavery, the scourge and shame of the
land, was smashed, after four-hundred
Sir Frederick is a son of an Indian
military chaplain, an old Itossallon.
He entered the army at twenty^and
within a year took part In
the Afghan war. He served
in the Soudan (1885) and
Burma campaigns, and, fighting with
splendid valor, was several times mentioned in despatches before gaining
his D.S.O. A breakdown ln health
,-cni him, us it sent Rhodes and Dr
Jameson, to Africa. It Is a curious
fact that Africa's sick men have been
later-day giants of the Dark Continent.
Slavery no longer exists ln Nigeria.
It has gone, gone with the cannibal-
Ism that Sir Frederick suppressed,
and now he governs all, and will gov-
em nobly.
The sun may shine tomorrow, but
that won't serve as an umbrella today.
Waste makes haste—In the direct
Ion of tlie poorhouse.
Body Covered With Running Sores.
Could Not Sleep from Itching and
Pain. Cross and Fretful. Tried
Fifty Remedies Without Result.
Cured in Nine Days by Cuticura
Soap and Ointment,
30 Champagne Si., Montreal, Quebec.—•
" I hsve a flve-year-old boy who wm suffer-
Ins from what the doctor said wss "Is
m-atelle." HU body was all
covered with running sore*.
The trouble etsrled with
pimples and opened up Into
' sores. Of course scratching
mado lt worse. The eruption* appeared on his face -
and disfigured him awfully,
t CN (-s^n The boy could not sleep at
VSS VW „|gi,t from the ilcliing and
pain, and 1 did not know what to do with
him. It made him cross and fretful. If I
havo tried ono, I have tri.-d fifty remedies
without result. At last 1 got samples of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and after
using thorn Iwo days I noticed a change.
1 then bought a full-sized cuke of Cuticura
Hoap and one box of Cuticura Ointment and
I used to give the boy a hot bath dally
using Cuticura Soap freely, and then applied
the Cuticura Ointment. Ho hid suffered
three months with the horrible disease before I started to 11-.5 .no Cuticura Soap and
Ointment, an.i nine days after the boy wu
curad a^d has not been troubled since.".
tSlgned) E, Clouller, Dec. 12,1011.
Ci'!.sura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
A-.niti.jlo set Is often sufficient, Liberal
aample of each mailed .ru.,' with 32-p. Skin
Hook. Address poet card Potter Drug *
Cheat. Corp., Dept. 40D, Boston, V. 8. A.
.    930
Buddhist  Solomon  Enforces .Wisdom
by  Personal Chastisement—
A Strange Ceremony
in Tokio, Japan, a quaint religious
ceremony is one in which priests seeking promotion have to undergo a beating with a thick stick wielded by the
head of their sect.
The ceremony was the climax ot :i
five days' festival near here, ln celebration of tin death of Kelznra Dais-
hu, founder of the Soto sect, the principal subsect of the Zens, one of tlie
most important offshoots of Buddhism in Japan.
. -.enlsm, which is said to be the most
abstruse and profound of ull sects,
alms entirely at salvation by the elimination of m-lf and Its disciples are
called upon to undergo the test of
beating to prove their ability to pass
through hardships In the cause of Bud
dha for the development of their endurance and spirit of self-control
From the fact that the Lord Abbot
—as the head of the sect Is known
broke twelve stick-- ln the course ot
the ceremony, each stick a yard long
and as thick as a well-developed
thumb, it may be imagined that the
test was eminently practical.
The Lord Abbot's arrival, In a gorgeous robe, was marked by tremendous
beating of huge drums and the shrill
piping of reed instruments, and when
he had taken his place ln the pulpit,
the holiest place In the temple—made
from a bundle of stones—the candl
dates advanced one by one, with
bowed heads and submitted to the
Lord Abbot questions which had resulted from previous meditations
The first candidate asked: What
would be the color of the maple leaves
in the mountains ln the present
Up went the right arm of the Lord
Abbot, down came the thick stick on
the shoulders of the candidate.
My son, thslr color would be redder than the tints of the flowers in
May. Up went the arm, down again
came the stick, and the candidates
retired, gratefully thanking his holiness for the wisdom of his reply.
The second candidate then advanced and bowed before Lord Abbot:
What, he said, ln a piping voice,
should we do to escape the heat ln
summer and the cold In winter? Dowu
came the stick with a smart crack.
Go where there ls neither heat nor
cold, neither summer nor winter.
Candidate number three offered only
an assertion: The moon is tn the
blue sky.
The Lord Abbot laid on with increased vehemence as he thundered
And water Is in a jar, and the parting
stroke broke the stick in his hand
French Anarchists Iseue  Beld Manifesto Against International
. In Paris, in order tolmt a stop to
' war, should France become Involved
ln an international conflict, the French
anarchists have Issued a manifesto recommending sabotage In the army.
As a consequence M. Jules Lecomte,
secretary of the Communist Anarchist Federation, has been arrested on
the charge of inciting to theft, pillage
and murder. The Incriminating manifesto declares:
The Communist Anarchist Federation, which comprises all the anarchists In this country, Ib preparing ln
a practical manner the sabotage of the
army and of the mobilization ln case
of war. We shall take advantage of
the dlsarrajvcaused by war to realise
tlie social revolution and to install
They recommend the sabotage ot locomotives, the unbolting ot rails, the
cutting of the telegraph wires, the destruction ot bridges and tunnels and
the railway rolling stock.
It ls pointed out thac In the barracks
many things can be saboted, particularly the guns. Also the military
aeroplanes and dirigibles can be rendered useless and tbe horses poisoned
Court Asked to Decide Whether she
is   Properly  Reared or  Not—
Tracked by Detectives
In Paris, a rather strange question
whether a little girl of 9 had been
well brought up was argued solemnly
in tbe Paris law courts on the evidence of sheriff's officers who had
been set to watcb her manners at
in Gills '
The' little girl. Mile. Glsele. ls the
daughter of a'Paris doctor. He and
his wife separated eighteen months
ago, and the mother, who was given
the custody ot the child, has since
married again. Tho father petitlflhs
to have the child given Into his care
on the ground that she Is being
badly brought up. The officer appointed by the father reported that
he sat at the next table at Dieppe.
The little girl leaned her elbows on
the table, laughed ostentatiously,
spoke loudly and made herself remarked by her language and attitude.
When her fa'.her reproached her she
only laughed or made faces at him.
But the officer for thc other side
found that at a Bols de Boulogne restaurant Mile. Gisele's manners were
irreproachable, except that sbe soma-
times took up her bread affd bit It
Instead ot breaking It -with her fin-
tiers, that she helped herself to tho
salad with her fingers, and occasionally forgot to wipe her mouth after
drinking. She handled her knife
and fork properly, sat up well at table,
never raised her voice louder than a
little lady ought to do and always answered her mother with a smile. When
finger bowls were brought Mile.
Glsele showed her good breeding by
moistening her lips and lhe tips of her
fingers and drying them with her table
Tho Judges decided to take time for
Taking It Easy
He is too lazy 10 walk upstairs.
I suppose the coming down doesn't
bother him.
He enn fall down.
Easing the Burden
Her spending money doesn't amount
to more than $20 a year.
How In the world does she live?
Oh, they have a charge -account.
Suffragettes hadn't thought of horrifying the men by appearing ln their
last year's hats.
A really good graft Is, after all, a
hard thing to And, and when found
Is generally working.
Why angleworms were Invented ls
no mystery lo the small boy.
With the development of the ages
we cradle neither grain nor babies
any longer.
We effer fine Hundred Dollars Reward
for any esse o* Cr.tarrh that cannot bt
cuipd bv Halt's Catarrh Cure.
F. 1. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo. O.
We. the unde-elimed, have known F.
J. Cheney for *he Wat IR yeara. and believe him perfecll" honest in ett business
transactions an.I financially able to carry
out any obligation-; made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall'e Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
anting directly upon the blood and mucoua surface-, of tho system. Teatimontala
aent free. Price 76 cents per bottle.
Sold by all Dnigglats.
Take Hail's Family Fills for constipation.
No Danger
City CouBln—But Cousin Eben, you
can't go to the party ln those clothes.
Your grandfather wore those at least
forty years ago.
Cousin Ebn—That's all right. You
don't suppose there'll be anybody at
the party that saw him In them, do
There ls no poisonous Ingredient in
Holloway's Corn Cure, and it can bo
used without danger of Injury.
Uses an Antidote
I shouldn't think you could stand it
to associate with Jones so much. He
is wrong In tbe head on the subject
of chickens, and you must know it.
He talks about them in |its sleep,
thinks about them during the sermon,
and Interrupts an Intelligent baseball
conversation to give us the scores his
hens made last week. He would put
me to the bad In a week.
You don't k*iow how to utilize him.
I would be tempted to use him as a
punching bag.
You are too Impetuous. Now, 1
find Jones a valuable ally. When
Binks comes along and starts talking
about his baby I wait until he has to
draw a breath and then mention
chickens. That sets Jones going, and
I slip out and let them enjoy themselves. I turn over all bores to him,
on the theory lhat like cures like.
Mlnsrd's Liniment puree Gargit  In
there Is a rhyme, you will recall,
Which says tne farmer feedeth all,
I know tbat used to be the way,
But it ls not the case today. •
The farmer turns the basis In.
And then the monkey shines begin.
The fellows who adulterate
Work early, often, soon and late,
They take the products to the mines,
They  take  the  roots and  creeping
They grind up rock, and shovel.sand
Or anything lhat cornea to hand-
Old bricks, tunorella rime and hats
And speak it softly, alley cats-
Mix with the -tuff the farmer brought,]
If by the government uncaught.
All duly seasoned to the taste.
On this a pure food label paste
And put lt ln the market place.
Where folks may buy to feed their
The farmer legend does not lit,      ,
He Is helped out a little bit.
Worms feed upon the vitality if
children and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure Is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
They Cest Money
He Is get.Ing rich by saving hts
That Is the only way.
But too expensive.
How Is It?
See how mucb It costs hlm to gel
George never told a single He.
We know that fact full well,
On one point nistory seems shy—
What didn't William Tell?
Too Shallow
What alls him?
A college education.
Trying to put a quart ot knowledge
Into a pint measure, I presume.
Hie Idee of It -   .
Cltlman—You ought to know something ahout flora and that sort of
thing. Tell me, what ls a forgetme-
Subbubs—Why, it's a piece ot string
that your wife ties around your flnger,
when you go in town on an errand.
No Skill Required
Litigant—Your tee is outrageous.
Why, it's more than three-fourths of
what I recovered.
Lawyer—I furnished the skill and
the legal learning for your case.
Litigant—But I furnished ine case.
Lawyer—Oh, anybody can fall down
a coal hole.
In Olden Daya
Old man Aesop had just promised
his wife he woul.'. be home early.
You don't seem to put much dependence ln his promise? remarked
the friend.
No, laughed Aesop's wife; I thought
perhaps it might be another of his
Congratulations, old man. How
much does your new baby weigh?
A ton.
Quit your kidding.
Honestly. I am a coal dealer and
I weighed the boy on my own scales.
Too Easy for Him
Can I sell you a   vacuum   cleaner,
ma'am? said the agent at the door.
You cannot, replied the lady.      If
I didn't make my husband beat rugs
every now and then he might forget
that he Is married.
Continuous Performance
Wifey—Henry, I will have to have
some new clothes this spring.
Hubby—Good heavens, how long la
this  thing to go on?     That's just
wha. you said last fall.
It Is distressing to think that .1
number of innocent babes of today
will develop into United States senators..
Proved Hie Cats
Every one knew Jonathan Skinflint
as a millionaire, with the exception
so it appeared, ot Skinflint himself. .
He invariably wore the shabbiest ot
clothes and is reported to have dined
one day on a couple of peas and -.,
grape skin.
One day an old friend endeavored to
persuade the miser to dress better.
I am surprised, he said, that you
should let yourself become so shabby.
But I am not shabby, expostulated
Oh, yes you are, replied the friend.
Remember your father.     He was al--
waya, neatly   dressed.   Ills   clothes
were very handsome.
Skinflint gave utterance to a hearty
laugh. Why, he shouted triumphantly, these clothes I've got on now
were father's.
With the Tide
It had been raining for twerity-four
hours, and the ground was more like
a lake than a football field; but the
referee could not see his way to postpone the match.
Surely you aren't going to make ui
play in this? asked the visiting captain.   •
Ot course you must play, declared
the man with the whistle. Now.
don't hang about. You've won the
toss.     Which end are you taking?
Oh, well, came the reply, with a sigh
of resignation, I reckon we'd better
kick with the tide.
Some Paradox
The aeroplane Is here to stay
Would'st know the reason why?
Because—well, written records say
The aeroplane can fly.
The truth is, If It couldn't go   ,
That   it   would   have  to,   don't  you
The standard
of excellence
in kid gloves.
The only sure and satisfactory -way tn whioh the Western Farmer
ran secure the highest possible market value for his wheat, oats, barley ana
flax Is by shipping It by the carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or tm
Duluth If cars cannot be got for the other terminals (loading It If possible
direct Into the.car over the loading platform so as to save elevator charges.
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission firm to handle and dlsi
]>m_« of lt.
We continue to act aa the Farmers' Agents solely on a commission basis.
We are not trackbuyers and we never buy the Farmers' grain on our own
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entrusted to us, as ths
agents of those who employ us, and It Is our desire and endeavor to give
everyone the very beat service possible. We make liberal uuvuncea against
car shipping bills, and will also carry the jrrnln for a time under advances al
n moderate commercial rate of Interest, if considered advltmuie. We Invite
all Farmers to write to ua for shipping Instructions and market Informat.on.
etc.   ■
Thompson Sons & Company
•s* often—the
builders' and.
shacks —the
ihgs for every;
sort of purpose.:
 [Almost invariably  they are;
warm and comfortable in*
weather by the
-am^am a&g£S*}
naces or ordinary ^^ —
StOVet CannOt   be USCd,      Jmm—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....—
or wherever ordinary heat is not sufficient—there you
find need for one of these handy Perfection Heaters.
If you've!a house without a chimney, or,a cold
spare room, or a bailey furnace, you will appreciate the
Perfection Heater.
Made with nickel triramhigi (pitta Heel or enameled turquoiia-
Wuedrame).    Ornamental.     Inexpensive.     Latts for yeara.
Baittjr moved from place to place.  At dealers everywhere.
.float Military Men Exeept   Germane
Conclude That Prance haa Beit
Artillery In the. World
The French during the time.of the
Susso-Japanese campaign Frenchmen
Backed the wrong horae, and the humiliation ot their allieB was a sore
disappointment to them. to the Balkan, war, however, French sympathies
Bave from the Btart been with the al-l
Hed states, and their victories have**
Been .hailed with Jubilant satisfaction.
»ut apart trom the pleasure felt by
Frenchmen at the successful efforts
of the llftle powers to overthrow the
,Turk', there ls a national pride bora
of the conviction that the Bulgarians
snd the Servians and the Greeks have
vanquished the troops of the sultan
Because they learned the art of war
an French military colleges and fought
with French cannon.
When, further, lt is remembered
that at Kirk Klllsse and Lule Burgas
lhe French guns were matched against
Serman artillery, it will be conceded
that the crushing defeat inflicted on
the Turks at these battles Is some
Justification for French complacency.
The Balkan war has been very largely
a question of guns, and the duel between the French artillery of the allies and the German artillery of the
Turks has resulted in the triumph of
the cannon made at Creusot.
The selection of French guns by tho
armies of the allies was not due to accident or hazard. Those responsible
for the war material, which was to decide the future ot the Balkans knew
that they could tako no chances, that
iheir very existence was at stake, and
so, after testing the material of all
the ordinance manufacturers of Europe they came to the conclusion that
the Schneider guns were the most
suitable for their' purpose. That Is
why General Savoff, who recognized
.he-Bulgarian army, selected the splendid-75-milllmeter French guu.to annihilate the Turk, and the war ministers
of Servla and Greece did the same.
Most of their material ls comparatively modern and bears the date of 1901,
1905,  and 1907.
MoBt military men—Kaiser Wll-
Helm's officers excepted—openly admit
that the French have the best artillery In the %>rld. It ls especially
suitable for a campaign In the hilly
country of the Balkans, because of its
lightness. The.nature of the terrain,
which has been reddened by the blood
of-Bulgarians and Turks, precludes the
uso of heavy, cumbersome guns, and
that ls why the light, handy field and
mountain guns of the allies have
proved Invaluable. Foreign attaches
who have followed the operations ln
the Balkans during the last few weeks
ire at one ln their admiration of the
rapidity, accuracy and murderous effect of the French-made guns,
A German artillery officer, who witnessed the battle of Lule Burgas, declared that the day was won not by
the rifle fire of the Bulgarians, but
by their cannon, the batteries placing,
•hell after shell with astonishing rapidity at polnti five feet apart. The
gunners fired with automatic precision
and the officer added that he was con-
Iinced that one of the most Import-
nt results of the present war would
be a modification of the German artillery. Krupp guns, he declared, can
neither fire so rapidly nor wjth so
much precision as the murderous
Creusot guns.
But lt le the special pneumatic
brake that gives the man who serves
the French-made artillery his greatest
advantage. When the shot ls flraJ
and the recoil take.! - place, the g in
co-nes back In a strait lit line, and Is
ready to be redlscharged Immedlat.-ly
That ls lo ray, once the gunner lias
(tot the range ii» ._<*■ no further Iron.
Ule. * He BC.trally gets the rang* 'n
the flrst thrca nhots, and he can ko>r-
the gun going at lhe rate of tr>*<i{
twenty-flvs _o thirty five shots a minute. Tet lhe ca.r'age remain:! io
eieady that if a glaaa of water be
placed on the wheel during the firing
not a drop will be spilled. On the
other hand, when the Krupp gun re-
colls; there ls always a certain amount
of lateral displacement, and the cannon has to be relighted every time.
The murderous effect of the allies'
artillery was demonstrated during the
bombardment ot Preschevo, when the
Servians had seventy men rendered
hors de combat, while the Turkish
losses exceeded a thousand. The
Bulgarians and their comrades-in-arms
never fired at random. Taking his
orders from the officer beside him,
who through his glasses watches th_-
results of the firing, thc gunner lands
T. A. Crerar, E. J. Fream, Jolm Kennedy. William Moffat.
Manitoba—T.   A.   Crerar    John   Kennedy,   Wm.   Moffat.   R.   McKenzie.    Saskatchewan—Geo.
jangley, J. A. Mahara, F.. W. Greet!, .1.  Morrison.   Alberta—E. J. Fream.
lf you consign your grain to us it will be locked after in the best possible manner.
To better the condition of Ihe farmer und cut out tlie spread between the producer and the.
his projectiles exactly in the zone corresponding to the square marked on
the little chart before him. And,
whether the enemy be slow-moving
infantry, or galloping cavalry, the
gunner does not need to wait for tho
officer's assurance, when the smoke
has cleared away, that not a living
thing remains in the fatal zone.
The terrible ravages of modern
shrapnel can hardly be exaggerated,
and remembering how ill-prepared
were the sultan's troops—Btarvlng,
disorganized, and dispirited—to give]
battle to the enemy, is It any wonder
that in the accounts of successive engagements we find the same sad record of what happened to the Turks:
Panic broke out in their ranks,.they
quickly became disorganized, and the
defeat became a rout. In every artillery combat since the outbreak of
hostilities the ranks of the Turks have
been decimated by the swift and deadly batteries of their enemies, and as
they watched the broken columns of
their foes scattering before their
merciless fire, the victors broke into
fierce, exultant shouts of Joy and the
gunners kissed the cannon which ltad
won them conquest and glory.
Vos canons francals sont epatants!
(Your guns are astonishing) exclaimed Prince Alexis, cousin to the king
of Servla, when speaking to the war
correspondent of a Paris paper after
the Turks had'been hurled from the
fortress of Ferisovlc. He could not
have paid a better tribute to the wisdom ot King Peter, who learned the
art ot war as a pupil at the military
college of St. Cyr and knew what
French methods and French artillery
were capable of. The best officers
ln the Servian army have all passed
long periods ln the French army and
at the Ecole Superleure de Guerre,
and when the Gree]i_ army was reorganized two years ago that important task was confided to a French
. For a score of years the Turkish
array was tn the hands of Germany's
Instructors. .The Ottoman generals
are the pupils of the celebrated Von
der Goltz, and their military tuition
was received at the Academy of War
In Berlin. In the struggle which Is
now drawing to a close the Turks
have relied on German strategy and
fought with German cannon. The
Balkan troops have put Into practice
the lessoqs they learned ln French
military schools, and their gunners
have served French' ar.Illery. The
duel between Krupp and Creusot has
been all to the advantage ot the
What ls the Inference drawn ty
Frenchmen? A very natural one—that
lt such admirable results have been
attained In the latest contest between
French-trained officers and French
guns, when pitted against generals who
studied ln German' colleges and cannon made ln Germany, the French
army has no reason to fear a war
with Germany. The kaiser may pride
himself on possessing the most colossal army ln Europe, but If the
enemy has tbe best guns ln the world
then superior numbers are only so
much chair a canon. Dash, lnlatla-
tive and strategy—no one denies
these qualities to the French, and
when the race from which King Ferdinand sprang asserts that French In
telltgence has been victorious in the
Balkans, and that the triumph ot the
allies ls a moral victory for France,
Impartial onlookers are bound to ad-
mit that events have largely justified
their claims.
One of the Remarkable Engineering
Feats of the Age
The Roosevelt dam in Arizona, tho
most important masonry structure yet
undertaken by the reclamation service,
Chief Warder,. His  Wife, ar
ant and a Mutineer
.    in   Paris,    some   horrible    ...........
was formally dedicated on the after-    f slallghter accompanled the revolt
Se°nT TtoMd^^vye.f°.?SePn^:| * *'=' oTpXenelTlB"th."cfvii
**£ l^^^^:tVLt,nfr.%\ and naval prison of Rochefort.
ence of the prominent territorial officers, the government engineers and
citizen: from all parts of the southwest. '
This dam ts on? of the most impressive Irrigation structures ln the
world, and Its construction is one of
the great engineering feats of the ag..
From foundation rock to top of parapet walls lt ls 284 feet high, its length
on crest is 1,080 feet, and Its cubical
contents are 326,000 yards. Its base
covers approximately an acre of
ground. The first stone was laid on
Sept. 20, 1906, and the structure was
finally completed on Feb. 5,1911.
The Roosevelt dam serves a dual
purpose—flrBt as a conserver of floods
and, second, to develop power. The
storage reservoir created by the dam
ls one of the largest artificial bodies
of water in the .world. Spread out a
foot deep, It would more than cover
the entire state of Delaware.
With the water supply now guaranteed by the Roosevelt reservoir nearly a quarter of a million acres will
Boon .be In cultivation. The annual
Income from this land when fully developed will be greater than the entire
cost of the whole project, which is
estimated at approximately $9,000,000.
So rich ls the soil and so assured and
abundant are the crops, it is conservative to estimate that the irrigable
area ts capable ot supporting ln comfort and ln homes of their own not
less than 16,000 families on the farms.
The little ills of babyhood and child'
hood should be treated promptly, or
they may prove serious. An occasional dose of Baby's Own Tablets will
regulate the stomach and bowels and
keep your little ones well. Or they
will promptly ri store health lt sickness comes unexpectedly. Mrs. Lienors M. Thompson, Oil Springs, Ont.,
says:—"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for my little girls aa occasion required, and have found them always
of the greatest help. No mother, in
my opinion, should be without the Tab
lets." Sold by medicine dealers or
by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
We. a box or six boxes tor 12.60,
it all diileru, or The Dsddi Midi*
mm Company. Limited,   Toronto,
The change of dietary that comes
with spring and summer has the effect
In weak stomachs of setting up Inflammation, resulting ln dysentery and
cholera morbus. The abnormal condition will continue It not attended to
and will cause an exhaustive drain on
the system. The best available medicine Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial. It clears the stomach and
bowels of Irritants, counteracts the
Inflammation and restores the organs
to healthy notion.
I    mmmmm
King Raises Wagis
In London the king has recently
granted an Increase ln wages ot 31
cents per week to all the Frogmore
garden laborers, In view of the increased cost of living. This Increase
was made on the king's own lniatlvo.
A Humane Mlstresi
And are you still rejoicing In that
splendid cook, Mrs. Malaprop? Inquired the caller.
Well, we are and we ain't, said Mrs.
Malaprop. The fact ls Mary was so
completely procrastinated by the work
of my household that I've given her
a three weeks' vaccination. I was
afraid It I didn't she would be inval-
dated termagantly.
Minard's Liniment Curse Olstimpir
Heard Him
First Caddie—Billy got a crack on
de head dis mornln' but all he said
was: My goodness; Oh, sugar! My
gracious!. I wonder what's de matter wld him
Second Caddie—He's been caddying
fer de past week fer a preacher wot
joined de club.
The Deeper Hurt
Blow, blow, thou winter windl
Thou art not bo unkind   i
As man's Ingratitude. ■
Thy tooth Is not so keen
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath ls rude.
Kick, kick, thou soulless mule!
Thou dost not, as a rule.
Hurt half as much, alack,
As he who flatters me
When I may hear and see
■'..nd scoffs behind my back!
W.  N.  U. -930'
Absent-Mlndsd Bridal Pair
A Geneva couple who recently
had arranged for their marriage by
the civil and religious authorities at
Clarus, Switzerland, failed to appear
at the appointed time, having na they
declared, forgotten nil about lt.
To What Baae Uses
The very ancient Gothic Priory
of Rochefoucauld, France, dating from
the year 1000 has been acquired by
a butcher, who will use lt as a pig.
breeding establishment.
Second Thought
She has given up the Idea of getting a d'voice.
I thought she was determined?
Determined. She had her court
dresses picked.
Did he win her tack?
No; she heard that alimonies were
not being worn as lurge as formerly this season.
The pollll-.lnti doesn't appreciate
persons with long memories
Honors Even
You aro the first man I eve.
mitted to kiss me.
And you arc the first girl I
kissed.    Will you marry me.
1 wouldn't marry a Hur,
1 would.
The mutineers killed the chief warder, his wife, and the chief assistant
warder. A number of other people
were badly hurt. The mutineers
shut themselves Into one of the cells,
and when they were overpowered one
mun was killed and the ringleader of
the mutiny hanged himself.
The mutiny began at 4.3.0 tn the
afternoon, when the prisoners' evening meal was being taken around. It
began with a violent complaint against
tho food by a navy cook, a man
named Drahonnet.
The chief warder ordered the man
to be quiet, and threatened him with
punishment, Drahonnet who had a
razor hidden ln his right hand, rushed
at the chief warder, Archinard, and
as Archinard tried to get at hie revolver other prisoners dashed at blm
and Drahonnet cut his throat.
Archlnard's wife heard his shrieks
as he fell. She rushed into the mob
of mutineers and flew at the ringleader. A prisoner tried to help her
to seize Drahonnet, but the man, who
was a giant ln stature and in strength,
caught Mme, Archinard by the hair,
bent her back over his knee and with
ono Btroke severed her head from her
The assistant chief warder, Bonnet,
who had been in another part ot the
prison, hurried up with other warders
and a pitched battle began in the corridors of the prison.
Drahonnet had found a long-handled
hatchet with which he did terrible
damage, and a few minutes after the
death of his chief, Bonnet was killed
by a crushing stroke of the ringleader's axe whioh cleft his skull ln
The fight had taken place on the
ground floor of the prison. The
noise was heard outside, and a lieu-
tenant of Colonial Infantry, Lieutenant Pernin, who happened to be passing, rushed ln to give assistance to the
warders. He received two knife
wounds ln the throat and another ln
the left side, and Ib not expected to
Close en the heels of Lieutenant
Pernin came the commissioner of police, but the mutineers tore his clothes
to pieces, rushed him out ot the prison and locked the doors. The ward-
ers followed, for by this time the prisoners on the upper floors had been
released, and outnumbering their Jailors, they expelled' them and barricaded themselves ln the prison.
An Immense crowd of civilians, police, gendarmes and soldiers surrounded the prison. The representative ot
the government and the commissioner
of police took command, and after
three hours' selge the outer doors
were forced.
The ground floor corridors were
dark and silent. The mutineers had
cut off the electric light supply.
An acetylene lamp was brought and
the white walls were seen to be dripping with blood. There was not a
mutineer in sight, and ln the middle
of the corridor lay the bodies of the
chief, warder, his wife and his assistant. Mme. Archlnard's head had
rolled down the corridor, and was
stopped by the open door ot an empty
With every precaution the soldiers
and gendarmes and police, with revolvers In their hands, marched up the
stairs to the second floor. The mutineers were waiting for them', aud
when more doors were forced there
was a short but fierce hand to hand
A volley cowed the mutineers. One
ot them, a sailor named Magnaud, was
found dead in a cell. Behind him
the dead body ot Drahonnet, the ringleader, hung from a nail ln the celling.
The victims, dead and wounded,
were taken to the civil hospital and
all the mutineers were safely locked
In cells by midnight, Today everything waa calm ln the prison.
Sanol's Anti Diabetes
is tho only remedy which has
a record of complete cures.
Price $2.00 at Most Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
W.H. Storey s Son, lt»;
In this aee of research and experiment,
all nature is ransacked by the scientific
for the comfort and happiness of man.
Science has Indeed made giant strides
in the past century, and among the—by
no means least Important—discoveries in
medicine ls tbat or Theraplon, which ban
been used with great success ln French
Hospitals and that It Is worthy the attention of those who suffer from kidney,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic weak*
nesses. ulcers, skin eruptions, piles, &c,
there Is no doubt. In fact It seems evident from the biff stir created amongst
specialists, that THERAPION Is destined
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sole reliance of medical men. It Is of
course Impossible to tell sufferers all wo
should like to tell them in this short
article, but those wbo would like to know
moro about this remedy that has effected ao many—we might almost say, miraculous cures, should send addressed en-
velopo for FREE book to Dr. Le Clero
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stead, London, England, and decide fo.*
themselves whether tbe New French
Remedy "THEnAPION" No. 1, No. ! or
No. 3 ls what they require and have bcen
seeking ln vain during a life of misery,
suffering, 111 health and unhapplnei.9.
Theraplon Is sold by druggists ond ail
leading medicine dealers In Canada.
We give you a Home Study Course
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3haw, President, Shaw Correspond*
ence School, Toronto, Canada.
All In
old  man
from Lake
There was
Whose ailment was tuberculosis
He slept on the lawn
From sunset to dawn
And called It a bum diagnosis
Whenever the weather man docs
turn out an article guaranteed to suit
some storm or other comes along and
spoils lt.
Man wants a llttlo here below every
tew minutes.
It ts easier to be foolish than dignified, and sometimes lt pays just ns
The fellow who doesn't collide with
eome one's opinion every llttlo while
ls bo busy dodging tvt he Isn't of
much force
Persistent Asthma. A most distressing characteristic of this deblllta-
Ing disease, ls the persistence with
which recurring attacks come to Bap
away strength and leave the sufferer
in a state of almost continual exhaustion. No wiser precaution can be
taken than that of keeping at hand a
6upply ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg'B Asthma
Remedy,* famous as the most' potent
remedy for eradicating thc disease
from the tender air passages.
Feared the Worst
Oh, mother, cried little Benny
breathless to be the flrst with tbe
news: Uncle George has ete some
thing that don't agree with him.
8ay eaten, child. But what of that'
Is ho sick?
Do you suppose it was Aunt Lizzie or one of the children that he
Where did you get such an Idea?
I heard you tell father that none
of the family agreed with him.
A girl who knows sho Is pretty likes
I to have her suspicions corroborated
stock broking business? I want a llva
ambitious representative ln every city
and town to hundlo stocks, bonds and
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and have from $100 to $500 personal capital. Write or call M. It. Ddgar
& Co., ii Victoria Street, Toronto.
Economical Wife
Henry dear, the children are needing shoes.
Needing shoes again. Do you think
I am made of money. Where are
the ones 1 bought for them Just u
few days ago? I suppose you havo
given them to some beggars under the
Impression that their father's amusement was to buy new ones.
No, my dear, I havo not given them
away. I have put them through tho
meat chopper and will servo them tomorrow as hath. Be home early for
dinner, dear.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ae.
Help for the Dense
That Was a IJne Joke you had In lhe
Glad you liked It.
But wasn't thero something missing?
What wos It?
Don't you throw In a diagram?
After a few years the storage egs
must begin to think that this is it cold
world! THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Provincial Poultry Show
In Grand Forks
and get your eggs from R. C.
Reds and Barred Rocks
tor hatching from
uu. Year   ... ..4   *j*J9
Ins tear (In adwiM)  J.00
line Vear, in United State!  IM
Addreii sll oommunloatlout to
£% fm**m*m |M|   ■ *t_m maa a gu|,d foundation and that an   in-
l3|tL I   INLINE-  vestorhada   reasonable chance   of
having hie money returned with interest. As a result of thii requirement, enacted nearly two years ago,
lens than one in fifteen corporations
that proposed to sell stocks and
bonds iu Kansas received the necessary certificate. Last week the state
bank commissioner, J. N. Dolley,
made bit biennial report to the governor regarding the working of his
department. It makeB the same exam nation of companies desiring tn
sell stock in Kansas as it does of the
nine hundred state banks. Tlie
G. a. Evans, eoitob »nd PuBLiaMiB ' p.()1_e   jIK.iude9 an investigation of
the applying company1! bookB ami
the personnel of its officers, while in
addition the promoters must show a
clean record in tbeir previous business transactions. According to Mr
Dolley, the blue-sky law has saved
KanBas investors no less than th,-
000,000 during the twenty months
it has been in force.—Calgary Al-
Men   who  are sitting smugly in
high places, and those who add   to
their incomes liy their power to influence  governments to   tax  where
there should be no tax, should Hive
heed to warnings.   There  are com
mon laws in the world that apply to
all nations.    Where common condi
tions exist, the same common  laws
will finally prevail. There jb a strik
ing similarity between certain   laws
in Canada and the United States, the
laws  tbat  impose burdens on the
poorer   to   benefit  the richer.   So.
whan a prophet speaks in the republic, the wise man in Canada will ask
himself   the  question,   does    tbis
warning apply to me and my coun
try?   The prophets of old were   not
British subjects, yet their words are
as applicable to our   times as   tbey
were in tha days of Elijah.
Tbe Boundary district does not
figure to a great extend in the main
estimates brought down in the house
at Ottawa. The 135,000 which the
dispatches tell us has been appropriated for a public building at
Grand Forks, is evidently a mis
take. It ie apparent that this is tbe
grant for the Greenwood public
building. Grand Forks gets £2000
forthe completion of the new post
office. These two grijnta ere the
only ones made for the district.
endar, Ash Wednesday will not' fall
until February 25, a difference of
nearjy three weeks, while in 1915 it
will not fall until March 8. Of the
thousands of people who observe
the solemn season of prayer, penitence, fasting and almsgiving, comparatively few" are aware that the
date of Easter Sunday depends absolutely upon the moon, for to quote
the words of the Book of Common
Prayer, "Easter Sunday, on which
tbe rest depend, is always the first
Sunday after tha full moon which
happens upon or next after tbe
twenty-first day of March; and if the
full moon happens upon a Sunday,
Easter day is the Sunday after."
.Caster day therefore, depending as
it does upon tbe Pascal moon, is
necessarily a movable feast.
There   are   three  logging  camps
within four miles of Beaverdell.
The ice in the Kettle river at Mid-
wat is fourteen inches thick.
All the wildcatters are not iden
tified witb the mining business.
Some are selling worthless towtisites,
others are peddling suburban city
and village real estate at fabulous
prices, while still others are paid to
extoll the non < xistant virtues of the
McBride administration. The Tory
press of British Columbia belongs to
the latter class.
All criticism of the provincial
government is Btyled buncombe by
Premier McBride. This is the class
of arrogance that usually precedes a
Kansas is the only state in the
neighboring republic that has whal
is known as a "blue sky" law Ils
intention was to prevent any stock
or bonds being sold in the state unless the company on whose credit
they were offered satisfied the state
banking department tbat it was on
Sun Up-to-Date From First
With this issue the Mail Herald
joins the class of up-to date news
papers by banishing advertisements
upon the front page, thus allowing
uf the beet possible display thereon
of items reflecting tbe progress of
the citv and district. —Revelstoke
Brownie Gamferas
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
The CP.R. has ordered five thousand tons of steel rails from tbe
United States Steel corporation.
There thev go again. Trade routes
north and south; greedy American
trusts; parting of the ways; adjunct;
annexation; the old Hag; blow at the
empire, nnd a few others —Victoria
The day previous to yesterday
was Ash Wednesday. Some inquiry
das been made why Li-ni commences so enrlv this year It will be
tbe earliest coiiiinencment nf Lent
in thirty-four years. The nearest to
it was in 1883 and 1894, when the
day fell upnn February 7. N< xt
yenr, according 0 tbe Church  Cul-
Scores and Schedule
Following are the scores nf the
games played, and the schedule of
gnnies to be played, in the Boundary
Hockey league during the present
Jno. 8   Grand  Forks at Phoenix-
(iimid Fnrks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan 13—Phoenix at Gtand Forks
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan. 17—Greenwood at Pboenix.
Phoenix 11, Greenwood 5.
Jan. 21—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Phoenix 5, Greenwood 4.
Jan. 24—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood 2, Grand Forks 0.
Jan 27—Grand Forks at Phoenix
Phoenix 7, Grand Forks 3.
Jan. 30—Grand Forks at Greenwood
Grand Forks 8, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Phoenix 11, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 7—Phoenix al Grand Forks.
Phoenix 3, Grand Foiks 1.
Feb. II—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb. 14—Greenwood     at       Granil
Feb 18—Grand   Forks    at,  Greenwood.
We Offer to Our Patrons
Tjfe finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb.   Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
is a guarantee of good quality.
Fish of all kinds m season.
P. BURNS <& CO., ^
If ynu read The Sun you gpt the
news of the city, the province snd
the world It is possible for a Sun
render In keep iibrenst of the times
without tbe aid nf tbe daily  papers.
NOTICE is hereby given  that. I have
impounded the  following   animals,
Une dark Chestnut Gelding, ahnit
nine v9) years old; and one Buckskin
'Ure, about twelve (ll*) years old.
And notice ia further Kiven that
utiles*) all pound fue-t, charge* and
expenses are paid un said animals,
• lie .hum1 will lie olFei-t'il fnr ssate by
iibliii mil-linn in front of the City
iUll, (.jam! Full*. B C, on the
X'h day of February,  1913, at the
"•'III- nf   12 o'clock Hunn
Dated at Grand Forks the 30th
dav of Juiiiiiii v„ 1913
City Poundkeeper.
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
Claims. Hl'iint* in the i,rami Korks MIiiIiir
Dlvl slim nf Yale District.
Where I ..cmrd: On the f.a»t Fork nf tha
North Fork of Kettle Rlv.-r. .
TAKK  NOTICE that I.   Jacob  H.  Paulien.
free Miner'! Crrtlntate  Nn.   8581811, for
myielf and m anntfor William'!!. HoiTmnn
i-xeoutor, and Rom Maipr. executrix, of the
will ol  Catherine Hoffman.   Free Miner i
Certificate No. B817B. Intend, -Ixty daya
(mm date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Kei-erder fora Cettlflcale ol Improvements, for
lhe purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims
And further take notice that action, under
section M, must he commenced hefore the Issuance of such Cerlncales nf improvement
Dated this Ith day of May, A.D 1912.
jacub m. Paulsen.
Grat.ua..y Growing
Our "Went »d." columns an
•tear: ./ era- •■»•; a* pontile «0..
prcaleto tt--.'• : ;luo.
Th-/ ti i oa* »»or many or
IhVe drtT-.u..:.,*.
Have you jet .-^.ethl-Arr you
do not ftftt-i, nr rmott sciv.c.lilnr
yeu hav* not cot f
Do you wont te lend, barrow,
buy x,   ..ll
A Want Ad will O* the werk.
We can't be on the level and sell poor tools.
Be on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools. Our policy has always been, the best is the cheapest
in the end. We want your business, we want your confidence and we want your'good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
Mclntyre <& Smith
At the Head
Tht man at the head of affatrt
whether at home or in butineu, ts
the one who* attention you with
to attract.
Our paper ^on into the bt-M rUu
of homes and ti nad hy thc hr.nl nf
the family. That accounts for Ihe
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Adt.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Don't forget that The Sun haa the
brut job printing deparnuent in tbe
Boundary country.
littU of (-e-iple get atone bruises on
their ctinatiiencna.traveiling the rocky
mad to fortune.
Wu jtaatak
THB 8TANDARD la the National
Weekly Newspaper ot the Dominion
of Canada.     It la national In all Ita
Don't he mialed by false elate-
mentH of competitor*. Advertise in
The Sun, because it ia read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary diatnet.
Electric Restorer for Men
ilm ud rltillty. Pr saistsi e itcxj and atl teiusl
1 weikntta anrted tt enn. PMsphaaal will
mike tou • n.w mm.   Pries Mi bos. or two lor
It usea the most expensive eftgrav-
tnss, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
It* articles are carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy la thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address It-
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Co*
Limited, Publishers. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Sixteenth Annual
Rossland, Feb. 3-7
Horse Racing
Hockey B. C, and International Championships.
Ski Runing and Jumping
Curling Bonspiel
Children's Sports
Band of 25 Plecea
=       ^
Reduced Railway Rates
A. M. BETTS, Pre..
Alfalfa on Small Farms
An acre of alfalfa will yield eaeh
yeal from four to eix tons of hay
that is north more for feed than any
otber kind of hay that can be grown.
In the market it bring more than
timothy or clover; last year it sold
for from 125 to $30 a ton in the markets of central and eastern United
States. Alfulfa will produce from
three to six cuttings tbat average
from a ton to a ton and a balf an
acre. North of tbe fortieth degree of
latitude it is seldom advisable to cut
alfalfa more than tbree times each
seasou. But in tbe southern states,
and particularly in the irrigated
ltuds in the southwest, alfalfa is fre
quently cut five and six times every
Alfalfa ia no new plant, as is commonly supposed. Columbia, the Human agricultural writer, described it
two thousand yeara ago in terms
tbat would satisfy tbe most enthusi
astic alfalfa grower of tbe piesent
Besides growing so abundantly,
alfalfa increases tbe fertility of tbe
lnnd on whicb it is grown eo tbat
the ground will produce larger
yields of other crops after alfalfa
than it would before. Tbal is purlly
because alfalfa is very deep-rootetl;
it often goes down four and rive feet
into the ground for its food supply,
and draws from greater depths than
other plants. Bat more important
still is tbe fact that il is a clover,
and bas tbe valuable power of taking tbe free nitrogen from the air
and using it in building up its own
Alfalfa, however, is more diflicull
to grow than other crop*. There are
certain things tbat alfalfa must have.
First, the land on which it is grown
must be well drain-it. Second, tbe
soil must not be deficient in linie.
Third, the particular kind of bar
teria that grow on lbe roots of alfal
fa and take the free nitrogen from
tbe air must be present in tbe soil.
In land on which alfalfa bas never
been raised, and especially in communities where alfalfa has never
been grown, the land will probably
have to be inoculated wilh tbe riglit
kind of bacteria in order to make
alfalfa growing successful. This is
most easily done by getting soil from
a field in wbich alfalfa bas been
growing aud spreading it on 'the
Held ou which the alfalfa iB to be
sown at thejrate of 3oO peunds of soil
to the acre.
Th three things to be done to insure success in alfalfa growing are to
drain the land thoroughly, lime the
soil at the rate uf o e thfius d or
more pounds of lime to the acre—in
case tbere is any sign of acidity of
tbe soil, which will be indicated by
difficulty of growing common red
clover—and lastly tn inoculate the
field witb soil from an old alfalfa
field. When these three things have
been done, alfal fn sbould grow on
dny land that will grow corn.
To the village farmer who farms
an acre or two and keeps a cow, and
possibly a horse, alfalfa offers the
greatest returns One acre will give
him enough to keep three cows for
six months; and when fed alfalfa
bay tbey will need little grain in
addition. For poultry there is no
better feed than chopped alfalfa bay
mixed in tbeir mashes.
Besides furnishing large quantities
of valuable feed, alfalfa is an ideal
crop to grow on the home acre in rotation with the uegetable garden.
Let one half of the ground be sown
with alfalfa, and the other balf
planted to vegetables. The alfalfa
may remain four years, and then the
ground should be plowed and planted to vegetables, wbile tbe other
half is sown to alfalfa for four years.
Under this arrangement the vegetable garden will grow better all tbe
The ideal way to seed alfalfa is to
sow it after a crop of early potatoes,
peas, heels, or other early vegetable*.
The land sbould be thoroughly prepared, and worked as smooth as
possible. iTuring tbe laa balf of
July or the first of August it should
be sown at tbe rale of twenty pounds
of seed to the acre. The seed should
be broadcasted and the ground bar-
rowed lightly to cover the seed. If
tbe season is favorable, the plants
will make enough growth to occupy
all the ground by winter, and tbe
following year they will begin to
yield tbeir three to six crops of hay
to sandy soil. It is the intention of
the government to make it one of
the staple products of the United
States. The flavor of tbe cooked
food is suggestive of hoiled chest
nuts and appeals to all tastes. The
leaf stems may be eaten like a»i tragus, and be leaves make an excellent substitute for spinach or greens.
Dasheen flour is excellent in invalid
A Hush Job
The public accounts committee
did not meet yesterday morning. Il
waB decided to wait until Monday.
When Monday comes it will proha
bly defer the meeting for another
week, and finally after repeated adjournments it will be prepared lo investigate ibe expenditure of sixteen
million dollars about two hours before the time set for prorogation —
Victoria Times.
A New Vegetable
A new vegetable which promises
much for Ihe country has heen tested out by the United States government and quite a large output sent
to the Babble Creek sanitarium,
where experiments are In be made
with its cooking and serving. This
new vegetable is called dasheen, a
new sort ol crop especially adapted
To Our Customers
On Sunduy onr packing house, with all its contents,
was burned to the ground. We are urgently in
need of funds, and would be grateful if all our customers owing us would settle their accounts as soon
as possible.
Frache Bros.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for Ihe attendance
banners at the public Bchool this
week resulted as follow*:
Percentages and Number of Pu
pits Late—Division I 99.23, 1 late;
Division II 94 hi, 6 late; Division
III 96.4(1, 3 late; Division IV 92.35
5 late; Division V 94.29, 6 lale;
Division VI 96.27, 4 late; Division
11,90.4, 6 late.
Division I won the banner for
highest average attendance, and alt-o
tbe banner for punctuality.
.    We      I I
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Wns ijiratth JFnrlta frot
and the Montreal
IrnmUj if mxli mbWttkl$%>twc
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasurer," for
The following are the returns of
the ore production" of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granhy 24,189 114,039
Mother Lode  5,642 32,784
Rawhide      406 19,304
Napoleon      391 3,311
Queen Victoria     679 2,798
Others        59 502
Smelter treatmen—
GraBby 24,415 113,653
B. C. CopperCo...11,291 50,023
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granhy company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
lo 370,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for tbe year to 1,088,-
000 pounds.
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to Rive
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a sub
HCiiher Hues not take his paper out of
the postofliee, antl state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsi
ble to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must., pay all arrear
ages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the otlice or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of thc (Hist ullice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether lie hits
subscribed or Aot, is responsible for
the pav.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the suli-iciibei- is hound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. Thia proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what,
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that re.
fusing to take newspapers or periisli-
cals frnm the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
j§ $1,500
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp  ffi
2,500 000 feet of commercial km
timber on the property KK
&500 hewn log house
t£j    North Fork runs through w
rfj    the land jg
fjfc    Kettle Valley Line  survey JQ
rj>    crosses property
04    Deed Clear, &875 Gash,
Srg Balance Terms
flj **
Wsi For Further Particulars Aypl
§ The    Sun   Office jJJ
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that Ihey even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertising^ Tbe Sun.
Promoter Wanted
Mure capital required in a going
business returning t2.00 un every
11.00 invested. Incorporated
for 11,000,000. $100,00 yours if
you are the right man. References required. Apply A. B. IV,
this office.
Bridtfe Street,
Hot aid Cold Bathe
Firai-CleM Bar, Tool
Bind llllerd Roone
in Oonnf 1 tine.
Emil Larsen,
are actually weak,1 rundown—they are slowly
deteriorating—they need
strength and nourishment
for body and brain.
Scott's Emulsion corrects
nervousness—it is essentially a
food—a concentrated, nourishing, curative (ood to restore the
healthy action of body cells,
fortify the blood, sharpen the
appetite, make strength,
health, energy and vigor.
As pure as milk, it is readily
assimilated—nourishes every
organ and every tissue. Physicians everywhere recommend Scott's Emulsion -with
absolute confidence in its
beneficial results. Don't wait
—start now, but insist on
No alcohol or drugs.
Scott & Bownc. Toronto, Ontario 12-65
Made a Difference
Uncle Henry Altman had a two-year
old colt of which he was very proud.
Many were the disputes he had with
his neighbors over the weight ot the
animal, and he considered that it was
Jealousy that caused many ot them
who wero regarded as experts to put
the weight at a figure a few hundred
pounds below the weight on which he
had set his heart.
One day he sent him to town with
the boys to have him weighed. A
few days later a neighbor came along
and said to him:
Well, Uncle Henry, did the colt
weigh as much as you expected?
He might have been a trifle shy,
said tbe old man, but I can explain
that. It was all on account of a mistake by the boys. I told them to
have him weighed on a scale they
weigh coal on to sell, and they had
him weighed on the scales of a fellow
who buys hay.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Dlphthsrlt
The Responsible Party
I am looking for the man higher
up, said the stern officer ot the law,
stepping stealthily into the mahogany furnished office ot Percy Pigs-
feet, the originator and head perpetrator of the odorous cigar clipper
Percy tossed the better two-third;
of a forty cent cigar Into the cut
glass cuspidor and trembled visibly.
Well he knew on whose trail the relentless sleuths of tho law were camping, but he determined to bear the
blows with fortitude.
The man higher up? be inquired
Yes, hissed the detective, biting a
chunk out of the back of a chair ln
unison to show that he meant business.
Oh, very well, said Percy, touching
a button and turning to a messenger
as he said: Call the office boy. Some
men are here after him.
A PHI for Brain Workers.—The
man who works with his brains is
more liable to derangement ot the digestive system than the man who
works with his hands, because the one
calls upon his nervous energy while
the other applies only his muscular
strength. Brain fag begets Irregularities of the stomach and liver, and
the best remedy that can be used Is
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They
are specially compounded for such
cases and all those who use them can
certify to their superior power.
Pheasant Visits a Town
A lino plump young cock phev
sant which flew Into Melbourne street,
Royston, Her.s, alighted in the roadway, and was promptly captured by a
motor scout stationed close by.
Much of the original sin to be observed about us doesn't show many
signs of originality.
Clipped Hinds
Wob'I Bother
if instead of
soap you use
original hnnd
SNAP con-
tains no lye or
scids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep thc skin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Tty SNAP for a week and notice
the difference. 47
Onler from your ileal,r to-day.  E»T_ coupon!.
W.  N.  U    930
Six Walk From Edinburgh to London
With Petition to Prime minister
The BU young and .pretty women suffragists ln brown and green
who have marched from Bdlnburgn
with a petition to the prime minister
completed their Journey. They
tramped 393 miles in five weeks.
Tally-Ho Corner, Flnchley, was ths
Btartlng point of the last stage. A
procession ot 4000'or 6000 sympathizers joined the band and to the stirring
strains of the "Women's March" and
"See the Conquering Hero Comes,"
the women marched to Trafalgar
square, whera a demonstration was
Mrs. de Ponblanque, the organlzar
of the campugn, was at their head
and the cart containing the petition
brought tn lhe rear. After the demonstration two of the marchers, Mrs.
do Fonblnnque and Miss Byham, took
the petition to 10 Downing street,
where It was received by one of Mr
Asqulth's secretaries. '   ,
All along our march we found every
class of person, excepting the hooligan, absolutely friendly towards us,
said Mrs. de Fonblanque, and ln all
parts of the country we have been
Incited to kill Lloyd George.
Usually we had breakfast at 8.SO
and fell In to start walking at 9.30 or
10. Luncheon was a vo y light affair
of bread and cheese by the wayside,
and as a rule we reached our night's
headquarters about 6 o'clock.
On an average we walked fifteen
miles a day, except oh Sundays when
we rested, but of course sometimes we
put in an extra ten miles or more.
On more than one occasion we were
the guests of the townpeople. Except
though, for those spells of hospitality
we each stood our own expenses
Roughly speaking, I should say we did
it on $3.25 a week per head.
The Old  Pains and Aches are Now
Only a Memory
Telli of the Wonderful Benefits   Obtained From
Like many another Newfoundlander living far from doctors, Mr. Stone
feels unbounded gratitude for the
benefits obtained from the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
For years he had suffered from 1
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys, with headaches, backaches,
pains ln limbs and body. Words fall
to describe his sufferings as well as
the gratitude he wants to express for
the cure.
Mr. Alex J. Stone, West Point,
Nfld., writes.—"I suppose you thought
I had forgotten all about you when
I got Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills,
but I haven't. You must excuse mistakes, for like many Newfoundland
men I have not much education, but
I want to thank you many times for
your medicine.
"I cannot tell you what I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
Indigestion and constipation, nor can
I find words to express how much good
this medicine has done me. I feel
better than I have for Ave years and
have given some of these pills to
friends, who tell me they have done
them a wonderful lot of good. I
want to express my heartfelt gratitude
for the benefit derived from the great
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, on.
pill a dose, i***.-. a box, at all dealers
or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
No Size to It
He Is a big man—in his own opinion.
Don't see liow that could be.
Never thought he had the capacity
lo carry an opinion of any dimension.
Obeyed Orders
■I thought I told you not to cut your
corns with my razor! thundered thi
exasperated husband who was trying
to lose a fow of his whiskers.
Anil I haven't since you told me
you wero so particular with your old
butcher knife, replied the wife sweet
Well, lt feels that way.
1 did opeu a can of tomatoes With
It. Would that hurt lt any? You
didn't say I wasn't to do that.
Playing Even
Can't you set your husband to give
up smoking?
I don't want to.
Do you like smoke?
1 am not particularly enamored of
it, but. there are too many things I
might have to give up In return.
Fixed for Emergencies    _
I shall always wear your picture
next my heart.
But Buppose yon should learn  .0
love another?
Oh, that pocket will hold a dozen.
■ .      1— ■ _..
A Hot Time
What Is the reason they can't get
along together?
A matter ot temperament.
Matter of temperature,   I.  should
think. '
Your Liver        -*<
is Clogged up    '
That's Why You're Tind—Oat af
Sorts—Hast a* rippeUte.
will put j
ia * few
their duty.
BilloisneshlrJittstJonTtot Sick Headache.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine nut bev Signature
Clothing Made for' Poor by Queen,
Son and Daughter
It ls reported that Prince George,
their majesties' fourth son, Is something more than a lively boy who will
be 10 years of age this month.
He has developed the unusual talent
for a boy ot knitting. And so expert
ls he with with needle and Wool that
he has knitted a pair of red mittens
for the London Needlework Guild.
His work with that of Queen and
Princess Mary, Is Included in an exhibition at the Imperial Institute,
South Kensington.
The total number of articles contributed this year by members of the
guild is 60,230, and all will shortly
be distributed free to the sick and
Prince George has also presented
two woolen scarfs and two pairs of
socks, while Prince Albert and Prince
Henry present two pairs of socks,
none of the articles being their own
Queen Mary has worked hard, however, In making six petticoats for
children, w.hilo Princess Mary has
made no fewer than nine woolen
lioods. one pair of mittens, one comforter and one hug-me-tlght Jacket.
He married a woman who likes to
That Is lucky for him autl pleasant
Oh, I don't know.
She believes In self sacrifice and In
Inclined to deny herself the pleasure.
No Dream
Suddenly, said the man with a three
days' growth of beard and an out of
date necktie: I found myself falling
400,000 feet Into the depths of a bottomless pit.
Dreaming, I suppose.
No; just getting from under a corner in wheat.
I was cured of Rheumatic Gout by
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
I was cured of Acuto Rheumatism by
Markham, Ont.      C. S. BILLING.
I.akefield. Que., Oct, 9,1907.
Novel In a Nutshell
NIcotnedes Mendez who was thc
former chief executioner of Spain
has died at Barcelona from grief at
the death of his daughter, who never
recovered from a nervous shock
caused by being abandoned by her
sweetheart when he learned the nat-
tiro of her father's occupation.
Ideal Glee Party
One of the items appoaring on
the program of a charity concert at
Llthgow, New South Wales, was a
vocal quartet ln which the singers
were the Anglican minister, the local
doctor, tho coroner and tho undertaker.
8choolmatter ai Mayor
Recently six days leave of
absence has been granted by the London county council to Mr. Welsh, a
head master, that he may attend
functions as mayor of Chelsea during
the year.
Hopeleii Cases
Speak gently. It ls better far.
But witli some men you know
You throw a brick to turn tlio trick.
That kind of argument you pick,
For lt Is all they know.
Woman's Best Help
to the good health which comes
from regular action of the organs
of digestion and elimination—to
freedom from pain and suffering—
to physical grace and beauty—'
is the harmless, vegetable remedy
leU -rerrsrtx**.. t* *.*m, Uf 1
Steady Increase In Price Make Them
Good Speculation
In London, pearls bought as an Investment are extremely popular today,
said the manager ot Messrs. Elklng-
ton's yesterday.
During the last ten years they have
Increased In price by more than 50
per cent, and at the moment the demand for them Is greater than ever.
There ls little fluctuation ln the supply, which Is controlled by a pearl-
fishing ring, and the number of jewels
thrown for a second time on the market ls not enough sufficient to make
much difference.
The consequence lj that many people ere buying pearls just aB they
might buy securities, confident of a
considerable further increase ln their
value—lt has been 6 per cent per
year for some time—with the additional assurance that they form beautiful
ornaments. .
Pearls, he added, will be the dominant note of high-class jewelry this
Oil for Toothache.—There ls no
pain so acute and distressing as
toothache. When you have so unwelcome a visitor apply Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil according to directions
and you will find Immediate relief.
It touches the nerve with soothing effect and the pain departs at once.
That lt will ease toothache ls another
fine quality of this Oil, showing tho
many uses it has.
Kills Hli Infant Boy In Perambulataor,
Then Cuts His Own Throat
The result of a violent toothache
is believed to have been the cause of
a terrible tragedy which occurred at
Bromley-by-Bow, the victims being
a waterside laborer named Ager and
his little son, a blind boy nearly 2
Ager, who was 33 years of age, Is
stated to have been an industrious
worker and to have lived happily with
his Wife and two children at 18 Fern
street. For some time he had suffered from violent toothache, and yesterday morning he went ln to the
London Hospital to ask that two teeth
might be drawn, He was too late,
however, and on being given a card
with which to attend this morning be
return ed'home.
He declined dinner, saying his teeth
were too bad for him, and sat la the
kitchen whllo his wife returned to her
work tn the tcullery. A few minutes
later Mrs. Ager missed him. She
sent her boy upstairs to see tt his
father had gone to bed, but the lad
could not find him. She then went
herself, and was ho.-rl.led to discover
her husband lying at the foot of the
bed with his throat cut, evidently by
a razor which the boy had seen him
take from a kitchen drawer.  .
Mrs. Ager rushed to a neighbor,
and together they made the further
terrible discovery that Ager had slain
hia Infant boy as he lay In his perambulator. There Is little doubt
that Ager's mind had been deranged
by the pain through which   ha   had
Handbells at the Graveilde
As a sign of respect at the funeral of
Henry Hopson, a noted Suffolk   bell-
ringer at Beccles. a peal of handbells
was rung at thel graveside.
John Kuszenoff of St. Petersburg,
who was formerly Labor deputy In the
last Russian duma, was caught In thc
act of comml'tlng a burglary at a St.
Petersburg mansion.
Centenarian's 600 Mile Walk
It is stated that Mrs. Naml Shim-
ooka, certified to be 113 years old,
walked 600 miles from her native village of Yamaguchi to Toklo ln ordor
to render homage to the new emperor
$8200 for a Manuscript
In London an old illuminated
manuscript of "The Chronicles of
England," with ornamental Initials
and miniatures, was sold for $8200 at
Sotheby's yeBterday.
What are you waiting for?
First ot July, replied Mr. Smartle.
Why not kill two birds with one
stone and Walt for Christmas at the
same time.
Disposition Faultleii
Is Bhe a good musician?
Good musician?
You bet. She always stops when
you tell her to.
He calls this a historical romance.
I believe so.
Where did he get his history?
The Bame place he got his romance.
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble,   Kidney   and   Bladder
Stones,   Gravel,     Lumbago,
Uric Acid.
Prloe $1.50,  Most  Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
Send Post Card to-
day for, how to make
"Easy Pocket
Now'i the Time. Address
P.O. Bon 1266, Montreal
BmU Free.    A •■■»_•
Hone treatment removed
Intra froa thia ladVabreaal
Old sores, .leers sad
,,  drowlhs cured.    Describa
mr triable: wa will send boob and testimonials.
$65 to $200
f. Month. T_6»rn a new profosulon.
uvea weeks. wehAveJoDsforthree
uiulrmt men before May 1st, 1918.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing svrup has bees
used tor Over SIXTV YEARS by MIIAIONB ol
is the best remedy tor DIARRlla-A. It is ah-
solutely harmless. Be sure and ask tor "Mra.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," ond take no other
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Bellers   ot   all     klndi— En<li_ei,
Pumps, and Heavy Flats Work
Writ, us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
All grocers 25c. Ib. Tin
Ship Your —
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
,   Winnipeg, Manitoba
A few deere south ot C.P.R. Dtpo.
Rites I..W to 12.00 per Sst
Cvlsln. unexcelled
Het and celd water In every reere
H.tel  practically   Firepreet
All Outside Rsome
Proper Treatment
A big fish has been playing around
here tot* some time, but It ls a bad
Give it the hook.
No More Than Natural
That girl may be a- popular favorite, but she is entirely too prominent,
not to Bay spectacular.
That's all right. Isn't It right and
proper for n belle to have a striking
The Limit
I Buppose the oflice furnishes the
typewriter's supplies'!
Everything but chewing gum, explained the cashier.
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the- year
around is a Trademark
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your  nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the specia
Xmas Columbia Records.  (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Oiit.
Good Thing. For the Spring Table.
Cocoa Flavored With Cinnamon.—If
Ihe afternoon cocoa served In place of
ten at tbe sewing meet or at the little
•upper Is especially delicious It might
be well to Inquire Into Us secret If
such .familiarity Is warranted by acquaintance with the hostess. Tbe mix*
lure of some such delicious cup li
often a surprise to women wbo have always supposed that chocolate Is choco-
Inte and cocoa cocoa. For Instance, one
woman flavors her cocoa with cinnamon, sben-y and vanilla and often adds
• cupful of strong coffee to the potfuL
And she gives a creamy consistency
by using a tablespoonful of arrowroot
for every quart of hot milk. Fonr
tablespoonfuls of cocoa aro allowed
to this nmount, and lt Is cooked slowly
for twelve minutes with tbe cinnamon, arrowroot and abont three tablespoonfuls of sugar. At tbe eud of tbi*
time a tablespoonful of sherry Ib stirred In witb n teaspoonful of vanilla
and a saltsponuful of salt Then tbe
cocoa Is whipped wltb a revolving
egg beater until lt ts a mass ot foam.
Tbe coffee, very strong, 1* turned
In at the very last It lt Is wanted.
Swiss Steak.-rut two and a half
pounds of round steak Into a saucepan
With Just enough cold water to keep It
from burning us lt slowly cooks until
tender enough to fall to pieces. Keep
tbo saucepan well covered. A casserole
Is the best dish for cooking this tender,
l'hen removo the bones, fat and gristle
and mince v,ery fine. Add salt and
pepper to suit tbe taste, a pinch of
nutmeg and a little catsup or hot table
' sauce. Press out tbe juices and work
Into the meat one unbeaten egg. Mold
Into shapes four Inches long and three
Inches wide. Snute these a nice brown
In good sweet dripping or bacon fat;
arrange on a hot platter and garnish
With parsley. Make a sauce by adding
t a large tablespoonful of butter to the
pressed out Juices, a cupful ot milk,
balf s cupful of water and aalt and
pepper to taste. Thicken with a little
flour paste and add balf a can of bat-
Ion mushrooms or a dozen small oysters parboiled In tbelr own liquor. It
the oysters are used take tbe oyster
liquor Instead of the water tor making
the sauce.
Jelly Filled Oranges.-Tske a* many
large China oranges ss liked, then with
(he point of a sharp knife cut out
from the top of each a round about
tbe size of a quarter; tben empty out
the pulp, taking care not to break th*
Throw Into cold water. Make som*
Jelly of the Juice pressed from the pulp
and (trained quite clear. Color one-
half a bright rose color wltb prepared
cochineal, leaving the other very pal*.
When the jelly ls nearly cold, drain
and wipe tbe oranges and Oil with alternate itrlpe* of th* different colored
jelly, eacb color being allowed to get
quite cold before the otber ls poured In.
When they are perfectly cold cut Into
quarter* with a very sharp knife and
arrange tastefully on a dlah wltb
•prigs of myrtle between.
-' Nkw England Plt.-Use • deep pi*
plate. Pare Baldwin or greening ap-
ties, core and cut In tbln slices. Un*
■ your pie plate with pastry, plac* a later ot apple* over tbl* and sprinkle
With brown sugar. Then another layer of apple with th* sugar until th*
pt* plat* I* well Oiled and heaped ln
the middle. Over the top dot bit* of
butter, shake a pinch ot *alt over tb*
jvbole and a small dasb of red pepper,
•which will give a rich, pungent seasoning that other spices will not Wet
the edge of the lower crust, sprinkle
with Hour, put on the upper crust and
press the edges Ormly together. Bake
■ rich brown.
' Parsnip Stew.-Waib and icrip*
half a doien parsnips and slice th*
round wsy. Pnt on to cook In Just
enough water to cover. Add balf a
down thin slices of fat salt pork, tw*
large onions, diced, half a doien medium sized potatoes. Stew all together
•lowly, adding ult pepper and a dash
•f cayenne fifteen minute* before serving. Wben done, add balf a cup of
cream, s small piece af butter and
flour enough to thicken tb* gravy.
Serv* hot on a platter around boiled
■alt mackerel or finnan huddle cooked
fc milk or brolle<
•lackd-w oa Scholar.
In ths little village ot Upton, in
Berkshire, England, there is a twelve-
year-old boy who has so trained a
jackdaw that he can take it to sohool
with him, and the bird will sit upon
his desk during, lessons. None of the
other boys take any notice oi tbis
strange scholar, so used have they got
ta its presence.
6l.vwtlin.ea ef D.n-iestio Often Results
From Lack of B.tt.r Example.
When modern mistresses anathematize tbe shortcomings of modern
maids do they realize their own Ignorance of housewifery Is In a great
measure to blame for the existing
state of things? A large proportion
of the servants nowsdsys are Inefficient, careless and devoted to pleasure
aad their own advancement, but surely the reason for this lies partly In
the fact tbat tbey bave never been
taught to do their work properly.
Therefore tbey never take an Intelligent pride In doing It well. Tbey are
aware tbat the majority ot mistresses
•hare tbelr Ignorance as to tbe rlgbt
and wrong ways of doing a thing.
Consequently, tbey perform their dally
tasks lo a slovenly,. Inefficient manner,
wltb tbe pleasing conviction tbat they
will never be found out
Many girls leave homes where both
order and method are unknown and
start, say, as generals In situations
where an Incompetent mistress expects one pair of hands to do more
than can possibly be well done.
It may be that tbe mistress' sole
Idea of housework consists In flicking
about a duster In tbe drawing room—
a performance erroneously termed
dustlng-and thc untaught maid Is
left to manage tbe rest of the house-
bold affairs In the muddling, slovenly
manner practiced In her own home.
Such a girl will probably remain Inefficient for the rest of her days, and
If she marries her husband's bouse
will be quite as uncomfortable as she
made that of her mistress.
In s properly conducted household
•be Is shown how to scrub a floor ln
the proper way; how to sweep a room
without collecting all the dust Into corners and leaving It there. She Is mado
to take an Interest In her work and
very soon a pride In It ns well.
She can be conscientiously rceom
mended when the time comes for her
to better herself, and If she Is so disposed she can always .Main good situations nnd keep them. In larger establishments the nntutored servants'
education naturally depends upon the
other servants, whose business lt Is to
train her. But even here the mistress,
provided sh* herself knows anything
of household matters, csn, tf she wish
es, do a great desl ln the way of super,
vision and encouragement.
Mixed up tn th. Persian nuu
-Wai that 'era Bhuet.r in. n.
When It got so thick that In couldn't
-Chicago Trlbuna.
His Luck.
Kind Old Lady-Kow, don't cry, little
aan.   What's the matter?
Jimmy—Booboo! I had arranged to
play truant tomorrow with Billy Mlggs,
and now they've gone and given us •
holiday l-Comtc Cut*.
Deed M.n T.ll Ne Tales.
Motorcar Owoer-Tou just hit him •
planting blow.  I don't tblnk he's dead.
Chauffeur-Then I'd better go back
and finish htm. When he comes to lie
might remember our number.—Hon*
Tork Times.
Baseball Approach.*.
Th. buckwheat cak* Is passing
Its aeaaon soon will Hit
Another kind of batter soon
I* da. to make a hit.
-Ksnrai City (tor.
"Where Is tbe wild west?"
"Gosh, atranger, can't you read? In
tb* current magazines. Where'd yon
expect to find It—running around
loose?"—New York Evening Sun.
Party Successful.
"Do you know, little bay, that yonr
(later promised to marry ma at th*
party last nlgbt?"
"Of coarse. That'* wbat th* party
was for."-Bystandsri
ieo'* Hardly Think th* Tw* War* «•-
lated, but They Ar*.
Everybody know* comethlng about
nsurance. Almost everybody carries
tome—life, accident Are, fidelity, plate
glass, partnership, burglary, marine
ir what not-and many occasionally
Ind the payment of tbe regularly re-
.urring premiums a heavy tax, how-
•ver greatly tbey may appreciate tb*
idvsntages of holding the policies,
everybody knows something about
toats, but few would tblnk ot asso*
slating goats with Insurance or of acquiring goats with a view to reducing
Ibe amount of tbeir premiums. Yet
l large contracting firm ln Kansas
City keeps s herd of Angora goats for
lhat very purpose.
Tbe company'* yards cover many
teres of ground, and tbe buildings snd
>ther equipment thereon represent an |
Investment ot several hundred thou* j
land dollars. Wben tbe yards were
Brst established tbe weeds and other
vegetation on tbe property were con-
lidered by the underwriters to be dangerous Are hazards, so mucb so tbat
Ihe rates charged were almost pro*
blbltlve. It was agreed, however, that
If the weeds were kept down th*
premiums would be. greatly reduced.
But tbe cost of mowing tbe weeds
■nd cutting down the undergrowth
would hare been ln Itself no lncon-
ilderable Item ln the yearly budget
the company accordingly bougbt ■
Bock of Angora goats and turned them
loose in the extrahazardous yards.
The goats now keep tbe yards cropped
is close ss s mowed lawn and not
only save the firm a large amount an-
aually ln Are Insurance premiums, but
thriv* to well on tb* objectloqabl*
vegetation and multiply ao abundantly
lhat they bar* actually returned a con-
ilderable profit on the amount of tb*
company'* capital that tbelr purchase
tepresents.-Detrolt Free Press.
Miners, Sailors and Fishermen Llv*
In a Supernatural R.alm.
Colliers, miners, ssilors, fishers-
all men who come closely into contact with the elemental forces and secrets of nature—are Btrongly disposed
to believe in omens and superstitions.
The Celtic races, which include the
Welsh collier and the Cornish miner,
are extra susceptible to occult influences and symbolism of every kind.
It Is in their blood; they seem to
live on « borderland between the natural and the supernatural.
HI* fil.nar.sity In Bacsming R.c»n»
cilad to His Fath.r.
Lord Dufferin used to tell tbe following story about bis mother and Disraeli:
My mother was among tbe first ol
Disraeli's acquaintances to recognize
bis grent ability, and sbe saw n great
deal of him when at Mrs. Norton's,
wben be was a young man ubout town.
Sbe did sot see very much of blm after
be bad ouce entered upon bis pollilt-nl
career.   Here, however, Is a little ance-
Tiie Welsh colliers cannot bear to; dote wbich ls very characteristic und
.   _.i___._   fl.i_.fl_   1 : 1   iu. I. . .. .. __ > ,   _     .  ....
A Deserved Fat..
Soms post wrote the following:
"Long is that morn that brings no
eve.; tall Is the corn thst no cobs
leave; blue is the sky that never looks
yeller; hard is ths apple that never
grows msller. But longer and bluer
and harder and tall is my own ladylove—my adorable Poll." P.S.—The
author has since di*d la great agony.
-London Tit-Bits.
A Faith Cur*.
"Hav* you «ver mlly known et a
enr* by filth r
"Ves. Wb*n I wa* alxtecn yeart *M
I foil madly In lor* with a widow of
thirty, but my mother ind father bad
faith that I wonld Ur* if I didn't get
b*r, and I dld."-Judge*s Library.
Th* W.rm Turn*.
Ocean  Voyager-Don't tb* patten
ten make yon tired wltb tbe que*-
tions tbty tsk?   Ctptnln-Tet, vtry.
What else I* It JSS) wat fp kBtwC-
Ingenious ind Convincing T.st Thai
Coifuae- an Impo.t.r.
In somo circumstances It become.
Important to criminal aut.ioil.ies and
others to be able to distinguish posi-
tlvely between real and simulated
deafness. Hitherto tbe tests havi
proved unsatisfactory, inasmuch ai
tbey could be cheated by a subject
sufficiently astute.
Now, however, a Russian scientist
has hit on a means as Ingenious as 11
ls convincing. It Is based on tbe theory
that sometimes tbe deaf person enjoys
in advantage over, the ono ln possession of all hit faculties, and this Is the
manner of lt:
Tbe patient, wearing an overcoat,
ttands In front ot tbe observer, but
wltb bis back turned. He ls instructed
to the effect that he should be able to
distinguish tbe feeling of a brusb
passed down over bis back and the
feeling of a hand executing tbe same
movement Tbls fact Is illustrated by
in experiment wltb each, tiie subject
noting the difference In his sensations.
Then the band ts rubbed down the suh
Ject's bock, wbile at the same time tht
observer passes a brush down bis own
coat, wblcb sbould be of material similar to that of the subject's. Next tbt
brush ls passed down the subject's
back; while tbs hand Is moved down
the observer's coat Tbnt the operations are reversed, and these alternations ire continued for tome time.
Soon th* observer wbo is ible to
bear ceases to be ablo to tell wblcb
movement Is going on on bis back.
His brain receives simultaneously an
Impression front bis ean and one from
kit back. In consequence be confuses the two nnd It utterly tt a loss,
Tbe deaf man, however, Is never de.
celved, for the simple reason tbat be
ls compelled to depend wholly on tactile sensation. His brain receives only
tbe one Impression, tbat ot toucb, and
tbercfore be Is easily able to distinguish precisely what It the ctust ot
It, whether brush or thumb. This test
bss bcen carefully tppllcd tu Francs
and fouud entirely aatiifactory.—New
Xork Tribune.
see white birds hovering sround the
pits, for they presage death; and the
collier who goes below alter seeing
them is heroically stout-hearted. The
Welsh collier has. moreover, a prejudice ' aeainst all white animals
through this lear. He would not dare,
for instance, to tempt Providence by
keeping a white cat as a pet, jmd ii
one came to the house he would consider it very unlucky. While doves
flitting about the coal mines are peculiarly ominous.
The bird as an omen of death Is also
held in Ireland (not necessarily a
white bird), where some families are
attended by the phantoms of ravens
before a death. Mr. Yeats has said
that "everyone is a visionary if you
scratch him deep enough. But the
Celt is a visionary without scratching." He lias n note in one ot his
books relating to McManus, of M8
fsme. McManus was sitting with his
brother, who was dying, when a bird
of vulture-like appearance came in
through the window and alighted on
the breast of the dying man. Both
men watched it in terror, but dared
not drive it forth. And there the bird
crouched solemnly, bright-eyed, until
the man's soul left his body. The
incident was worked into a tale by
Le Fanu.
Yorkshire and other colliers regard
whistling as a portentous sound. If
the* miner should thoughtlessly whistle on the way to his work he fancies
that it will evoke "tie Whistlers"—
mysterious, invisible birds that are
supposed to whistle seven times on
the day of a pit accident. Similarly
the Cornishman dreads the sound of
whistling In his mine. Fow, except
the Arab, would understand the collier's horror of a whistle before or
during his work, for in the ordinary
circumstances of life no sound seems
more cheery, friendly, and human
than whistling. To the Arab it is
"the devil's music."
A curious custom prevails among
the Durham colliery women. Whenever they put clean sheets on the bed,
they also place three small bits of
coal on it. If tliey omit to do this,
they think the husband will meet
.with an accident before the sheets are
changed next time.
Many of the Lancashire mines are
supposed to be haunted by the "Bless-
amusing. My mother had a great ud-
nilrotlon for tbe "Curiosities of Literature" and was anxious to mnke the acquaintance of Disraeli's father, but
tbere was a difficulty about tbls, as at
tbe moment he was not on good terms
witb his father.
However, be appeared one day wltb
his father ln tow. As soon aa tbey
were both seated Disraeli turned around
nnd, looking at his father as tf be were
a piece of ornamental china, said to
isy mother: "Madam, I bare brought
you my father. 1 have become reconciled to my futher on two conditions.
Tbe flrst was tbat he sbould come to
see you and the second tbst he Bhould
pay my debts." ,
Why Elizabtth Ord.r.d Fith.
The connection between fish eating
during Lent anj a strong navy may
appear remote, but to Eliza bet lum
statesmen lt seemed very real anil vital. So much so that every one should
est fish oo every day of Lent, as welt
as on certain appointed days throughout the year, under penalty of a heavy
fine.. And tbe reasons set forth for thin
enactment made no mention of religious observance. It was simply stated
tbst tbe queen needed ships for the
defense of the realm, and ns not only
was tbe fishing Industry "tho chlefest
nurse for tbe bringing up of youth tor
shipping," but "great numbers ot sjilps
be used therein, furnished with sniff
and men at nil times In readiness for
ber majesty's service," the consutn'i-
tlon ot fish must fe« antectnL-l-ondon
Flit Wm*.
"Wi* tber* a lelepbou* call for m*
this morning?" 1 tsked tb* West It-
dim bellboy.
"No. Mr," be answered positively.
"Dey ain't been no «uch call tub yoa
tub two dtys. tab."
"Ar* you rar*?'
"Ve*. tub, pos'tlve."
"Well, If on* come* for m* this .ft-
•moon My I'll be In liter.
"Cut. sub-what's yooan Dim*, «ubp
-Toledo Wide.
"" Th* Pettmtrk.
Great Britain, It It tald. can, without fear ot contradiction, claim tb*
honor ot bavlng originated the postmark. Tb* flrst one, wblcb was usetl
In London ** long ago as ioi». was
a very simple affair, consisting nf a
■mall circle divided Into two porta.
In th* top portion were two hrttora
Indicating the month, wbile In tbe
lower halt tbe day of the month wus
shown. No endeavor was made to denote the year, and lt ls only by the
dates of tbe letters on which the mark
ed" Bairne-'-the  tiny children  who, ,£**'" "J£V!2S", u,m"J^h "".„ ,7
before legislation forb.de it. used to tiJ^^ti^.^lmlTTJl"'
toil like beasts in the mine until tliey
died from exhaustion er want of light
and air. Their wraiths appear, harnessed to ghostly trolleys, Just beforo a
disaster, to warn the miners eo tliat
they may not be snatched by desth
unawares. Some mines aro said to be
haunted by "White Ladies," who appear just before an explosion. Tliey
have no connection, presumably, with
the White Lady spectre who hauutt
tha Hohenzollerns and Hspsburgs.
Sporting Notes.
Mist Rose Pltonof, the tlxteen-year-
old girl twtmmer, hit signed contracts
to mike an attempt to twlm the English channel the coming summer. Mist
Pltonof claims to be the champion woman awlmmer of the world.
Polo It to be added to the list ot Intercollegiate sports if tbe program of
■everal enthusiasts at Yale, Princeton
•nd Harvard Is carried out. Efforts
.will be msde to enroll a fourth college,
possibly Columbin or Pennsylvania.
Andover's decision to abolish basketball la a serious blow to tb* gam*
since the reason given ls that lt 1*
too rough and does not furnish a better
training sport tban others which ar*
available and wbtcb are less strenuous
—swimming, for example, and track
tad hockey as well. «,
the date of Its use.—Loudou Standard.
 -'    .     Venue.
Tenut it both a morning and evening
iter because the always accompanlm
the tun, never receding from him lie-
yond certain limits, while tbe rest of
the planets, with the exception of .Mi'.-
cury, are teen it all possible unguliir
distances from the sun. Wheu Venus
Is to the west of the sun she rises lie-
fore him and ls a morning star, lint
wben she It to tbe east of the suu sho
llses after him and ls an evening Star.
Tw* UnplM.ant Habits.
"Isn't It 'orrlblo tb* way 'Obbet dropt
•It hisplretes?"
"No more 'orrld than tb* way h.
drop* 'Is vowels. I've got 'alf a dozen
of 'It IOD*tI"-I.ondon Mall.
Opinion of Him.
Blobbt-Doe* young Dr. Bqulllt know
' much about medicine? 81obb**-W*ll, I
tbould uy tbit wbit he doiio't know
I about medicine wonld SU • morgue,-«
1 Wlltdelph la Record.
Old Earth's Pole*.
Anywty, tbe slurs and stripes float
over tbe north pole, which Is concede!
to be tb* top of tb* etrtb.-Ch(ctg*
With hoth north snd south poles attained tud tbe vcrlflcitlon ot tbt ftct
already self evident that botb are surrounded either by frozen wster or btr-
ren Itud, the lure of the magnetic north
will be reduced to Iti lowest terms.-
Pltfsburgh Dispatch.
For our part, ever slnct Peary discovered tbe north pole we hare enjoyed a deep au4 abiding and toul satisfying conviction that a south pole existed somewhere to match it, ind It*
discovery ls no surprise to us whst-
•m.-St. Louis Republic. >
I . <
A Oentle S,*r,»t.
Tb* Charming \Vlf*-Cbirll*, If a
tsan wer* to lit on your bat what
would you tay t Charlle-I ihould cell
him i silly asi. Th* Charming Wife-
Then don't alt on mint sny longer,
tttn'i s detr.-l'earton't Weekly.
"*■'"''       Oranted.
"Ah," erted the count gnllsiXly n» h.
bent low before tbe American brainy.
"I would I wtt ze glove upon vmit
"You may let In thnt capm-Hy.
count,'" the replied graciously. "I u.-v
er wosr a glove more titan inui*. in'id
then I give lt to my nisld,"-"' tit "
Te. Much Lumber.
Mr. Csrney, new timber impe-dor i>l
the district of British Culiiiiihin.
bounded by the Okanagan water sh* i.
states that the dumping of American
lumber has made the prospec-U lor
the coming season dull. He nays 30tl.-
000,000 het have bean thrown in Ih.
prairie Market by United Statue
A Baek Yard Osrd.n.
One. m.r. I LU. my luniy S|)»d»
And work begin.
I'll hav. lo hav. a aubtmll n..<na
Of battered tin.
I'll mash a let of rusty pain
Into a masa,
Top drill tb. lam. Willi empty can.
And broken *!a»s.
Itmi sah.. on tb. Set. I'll dump
Frost llm. lo tlmo.
With now anl than a li.ndj- lump
Of builder's lima.
And aoon I'll hav. a garden tin.
In my back yard
And alt btnnth a spreading vine,
A happy bard.
-Kulavlll. Courier-Join nul.
Modern Beauty.
A young msn tbe other dny said to
his best girl:
"I visited thst fashionable Fifth avenue palmist this afternoon, and be told
me I'd marry a blond."
Th* girl, who wa* very dark, snld
thoughtfully, "Did he say when lb*
marriage would tsk* plsce?"
"Yet; In three months."
"Well, I cm easily be i blond br
thit Une, dnr," tald tht girl, with
• thy •jille.-WMblaitra Stir. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C
\ (^Announcement
I am now ready to serve your
Hardware Wants in My
Big New Store
/ extend to you an invitation to
visit and see the up-to-date store.
e^Make this Your Headquarters.
I shall tn future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
W. K.   C ^MANLYl
t^EALED TENDERS will be re-
,j ceived by the undersigned up to
and including Munday, February
the 10th, 1913, for supplying , fifty
curds green wood, four-foot length,
split fir or tainock. *^'.~
Same to be delivered and  piled  at
the Central School as and where  directed.
Tenders to state time of delivery.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C., January 30, 1913.
Secretary to Board of Trustees.
Mining Stock Quotations   j
Spokank,    Fell.    6 —The   follow
j intt ure today h opening quotations fot
(1'iibllahoil Annually)
J. T. Lawrence returned last Friday from Victoria, where he attended the annual meeting of the
Provincial Farmers' institute as a
delegate from the local institute.
Mr. Lawrence reports ao interesting
' and successful session. Seventy-live
of the eighty institues in tbe province wer* represented,
Frache Bros., of tbe Columbia
greenhouses, snnounced this week
tbat as soon as the frost is out ef the
ground they will commence the construction of a fireproof ceuieul-block
packing house, tu leplace the building destroyed hy fire last. week.
John Simpson has been appointed chief constable of tb* Boundary
district in succession to I. A. Dinsmore, deceased. Mr. Simpson has
been in the service at Poplar and
Kaslo for ten years, and is an ef-
ticiant and reliable officer.
It it stated that lbe grade on the
Kettle Valley line between Carmi
and the summit will be finished tbis
spring. The construstion of four
long bridges may delay tbe laying of
the steel until well on in tlie summer, however.
The Boundary district leads all
United Slates consular disliicls in
Canada in exports. Tbe greater bulk
of the exports consist nl olister copper from tbe Orand Forks und Green
wood smelters.
A young child of Mr. and Mrs.
Patterson, of Eliolt, died in the hos
pital lust week from lbe effects of
whooping  cough.   Tbe body   wsb
West Kootenay Power & Light company's plant at Bonnington Falls,
was in the city on Sunday.
The Boundary Trust & Invest-
ment company has moved into its
new building on the Corner uf First
and Bridge streets,
An unconfirmed rumor says the
I, W, VV. w II ma ,- a raid upon the
Kettle Valley camps ahove Carmi in
the spring.
Mr and Mrs. W. J. Penrose re-
tinned nn Wednesday from a two
weeks' vacation trip to Seattle and
Wm. Huffman had his right eye
badly burned by a piece of matte at
the Granhy smelter last Saturday.
the stocks menti nn-d:
Granby  Consolidated.
B, C.   Copper 	
57 00
From a Minister In New Tork: "T wai
"severely Ul wltb lung trouble. My attention was directed to the Wilson Remedy
"which I used with splendid effect"
From n lndy ln Michigan: "1 used yonr
"medicine flrst 43 or 44 years ago and It
"laved me from end Inr my days with ctw-
"snmptlon. There would be no use of so
"many people dying with consumption If
"tliey could be persuaded to try Wilson's
Tf you nre suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble lt Ih your duty to invest!-
gnie.  Send for free full Information to.
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood, N, J.
KiiftMef trader*  throughout  the   World   to
communicate direct with English
In each elan* of srbodi*. Besides belli* a complete commercial guide to London and its
suburbs, the directory centahu lint*- of
with the Moods they ship, and the Colonial
and foreign Markets they •imply;
arranged uuder tbo Port* to which they sell,
and indicating th** approximate Sailings;
of leading MrMiufautiirflirR, Mai-chants, etc., Id
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
(.entresol the United Kingdom.
__ copy ot the current edition will be for-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20ft.
Dealers seeking Agencies oan advertise
their trade cards lor tl, ur larger advertue-
merits from £3,
Metal Quotations
New York, Feb. «.—Silver   61$;
standard copper, $17.25(5)17.50;
London,    Feb. 6.—Silver,   28£;
lead, £16 10b.
Grand Forks Transfer
MONK 119
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
B   f>  n   raised
n       dollars by subs
six   enth ami al wint
two thou
r'ption for its
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for n
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Kmbroiderv,plain
and ianey needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Bnyal Academy and Boyal
College of Music.
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone oiders.
Take your repairs.to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The British Columbia Copper
company paid tS8,675 in dividends
in Jaumiry.
The men on on Kittle Valley line
grade near Carmi are p-<id $3 per
T-n Minorca lionsters, one year
ohl, fqr sale. Apply Dick Malm
Ruckle addition.
Ul. C. A. ABBOTT,   ' August ll, ieo*
Dear Sir:  l have known for over 40 years o. the
affects olWil«o.>'aK_rv./ i Wilson's Preparatloa
• alHjrpophoephlte.and -.lidltetUlin '-"'-
— .....        a, ,i, ,.t I W,l
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Commercial Printing % ^W8i!£r.s,<m
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
At tm
'.t 1 will xx, to yon !
Wl)OOpll)g    cougu.     *.*>*.   ..^j     ..—    whMm'ha-n not before known of: that 4« I**'
buried ii) the cemetery in thi. city. 1 JSa^ffllgSSK w^lVi™
1 *coMO»pti«and r-" family phyiician told mywifa
that bt thought I cauiU tt i rt ov.-r. My attention
traa dir*cted to the Wil .in kerne ly, which I aie*
-witbipUndideflect.   I h.tve bren on ay feetand tt
A large number of Urand   Forks „,.  nm»»™.
people   are   attending   the  annual | ^^^-f«-s^^f*
winter   carnival   in   Rowland   thto! — M.B.O-.B—. It—
week, among them Being A.  P. Jordan and Geo. McCabe.
 M, «. Church, Hunter, (Crsene Co.,) N.Y,
Oa Dae t, 1911, Mr. Sager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My hull*, is very _>«..*
If yon will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furni H you any further
information you desire
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, em piny com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Htationery.
■\ ' oMi-I.K... SmrK )>P
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kr. nd 1'iniMirnnt.'iit ul
Hia vlviil  iVu-kly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Khihi i"..ifl'n_r k SiHMla^i-.
John Kirkup, hit** of Rosslnnd, is
now government agent at l'orl Al :
berni, He has been ihirly-two yeara 1
in the employ of lhe British Columbia government.
In thirty months the poiice   have
only made two arrests of men work-,
ing   on the   railway grade west  of  WOOD   AND   IOE1
Midway,   This is said lo establish a', 	
world's record. «._.__.._.__.   _.
  ornot ar petrie*s store
A. Wylie, who bas charge of  the PHQNF 64 GRAND FORKS, B. C
SuitS  tO   Order   M8   Upwards
.    1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring estab
lishments in the east.   When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
Thev arc the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want vour trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
•*_....________. ta* ma-a*.        m sT   m FW*I
Billheads nnd Statement*,
l/Htterhende nml Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Bylaws
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill*, of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and  Counter
Pads,   Wedding  .Stationery.
Everything turned out in un
Up-to-date Printery.
GOOD PRIOTISG-2rr,ir»-''.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Iar Door North or Oranby Horn.
First Strict.
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the hest. Let us estimate nn vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Geo. L Massie, the Reliable Tailor l^l»»»»/»j
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French regulator; never hill. These
lilt «• eiceedlngly nowerlul In r ifulatlnf tba
jnaratlve portion oll_.e_emile_syi_.rm. Keluse
•fl cheap Imitallona. Dr. da Vka'a are sold at
»a box, or three lor 110.   Mailed to any address.
a Soofcall Um Co. M. CMk-U-liea, Oat.


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