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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 17, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Moat Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
The yield »*id value of the cereal
ero|a of the Dominion for 1912 were
inferior to 1911.
A decided turn for the better in the
e mdi tion of the Duchess of Connaught
in announced in a bulletin.
The Mancle t-.r Courier declare*
that Germany has built warships no
provided fnr in the estimates.
The fall of Adrianople or actios by
the powers is said to be the only
means of stopping the Balkan war.
The chairman of the English rubber oompany admits that employees
of the company have killed 30,000 natives in Peru.
Counsel charges before the railway
commission that the C N.R. has he-n
routing new lines through the prairie
t'o.i the benefit of its own property.
The condition of the Duchess of
Connaught continues to improve.
Thy French minister of war resigns
hi-, portfolio lo save the cabinet.
A two million dollar fire destroys
the meat packing plant of P, burns tt
Co, in Calgary.
The western freight rate onquiry.be-
fore the railway commission, is concluded in Ottawa,
Owing to the attitude oj Turkey,
the allies threaten to resume hostilities within four day..
Sir John Simon, solicitor general,
sarcastically attacks the Unionist
party on tariff reform.
Great losses to shipping and life are
reported when tierce storms sweep
over the United Kingdom.
More .than eight hundred passenger, are saved when a liner is wrecked
off the coast of Nova Scotia.
Canadian capitalists ask Great
Britain to interfere in the Mexican
struggle to ensure safety of invest
The snowfall in the Cascades is the
heaviest in twenty-two. years.
Schools for mothers will be instituted under Premier Asquith's educational scheme,
Crisis is thought to be past for the
Duchess of Connaught. A favorable
bulletin is issued.
Presidedt Taft announces his intention of residing in Canada during the
coming summer.
The steamer Uranium is fast on the
coast of Nova Scotia, and fear is expressed for her removal.
The Balkan powers are warned hy
the ambassadors that it resumption of
hostilities will meet with disfavor.
A Canadian audience in Vancouver
app'iiuds a speech hy Hon. Frank
Oliver against the Borden naval
Manufacturer, organize to fight
th* strike of the garment' workers in
New Vork. They favor the open
shop. <*
Bonar Law and Lord Lansdowne
abandon food taxes, but they will not
The Hamburg-American line freighter Abyssinia, crippled in a storm, is'
adrift on the Atlantic, i
The steel companies in the United |
States increase wage, to the amount
»f 11,000,000 a month. ,
Debate on the naval bill is resumed
in the house at Ottawa. Miss Violet
Asquith is an interested spectator.
Britain's war vessels lying in readiness off Malta in case of reopening of
hostilities in the Balkans,
Earl Grey defends Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's polioy and tells of benefit
reciprocity would have been.
J. H. Burnham, M.P. for West
Peterboro, introduces a - bill in the
house to abolish title, of honor in
Immigration to Canada increases.
The greatest number of arrivals are
from Great Britain, but the influx
from the United State, continues
Balkan delegates are determined to
end parleying, and fighting may be
resumed within a week. If victorious,
they will demand a heavy war indemnity and more territory.
Nanaimo is shaken when a bluze
breaks out on a powder ship in the
harbor. ,
Nelson civic election is postponed
on account of the death of Alderman
The Balkan kingdoms have not
weake ind in their determination tore
open the war unless Turkey accepts
tin ir terms quickly.
Home rule bill started on its final
s'a e in the British parliament. Remarkable Speeches by Premier Asquith and A. J. Balfour.
The Dominion government is considering the establishment of a parcels
post service. The new departure in
the United States is being studied.
Claims amounting to ten million
dollars have been filed against the
owners of the steamship Titanic One
widow values her late husband at a
million dollars.
United States senate, although controlled by the Democrat., will defeat
the free sugar bill.
Resolution committee of Federation
of Labor, at convention in Victotia,
rejects a proposal for a labor party.
Note from the power, not yet presented to Turkey. Bulgarians are preparing to begin war again in earness.
Liberal members at Ottawa will
await the result of the discussion on
the government's naval policy before
fighting for dissolution.
Home rule bill passes the house of
commons. The upper house met especially to receive the measure, and formally pnssed its first reading.
Provincial legislature opens in Vic
toria with usual formalities. Hon.
D. M. Eberts is unanimously selected
speaker.    The session will be short.
A Disturbing Revelation
Senator Luke Lea, of Tennessee,
tells this story:
"A political 'spellbinder' was de*
nouncing bis opponent wben s member of tbe maligned-party arose and
started for the door.
"He had moved a few steps down
the main aisle wben the speaker
" -That man who is just going nut
reminds mn of a little story.'
" 'A colored lady,' said ths speaker, 'once upon a time attended a
sleight-of-hand performance, and
was apparently greatly delighted
with the conjuror's tricks until,
spreading a newspaper upon the
table and placing a heavy blanket
over it, the man of magic proceeded
to read the newspaper.
1' "Fo' de Lawd's sake," exclaimed Dinah, making for the door,
dis ain't no place fob a lady 'n a
caliker dress." '"
H. L. Bassett Meets Witb
Painful Accident at K.V.
switching, however, the five stalls
oan be used for housing locomotives
until it is installed.
As far as is known, Kavanagh tk,
McCutcheon and Angus McDougail
are tbe only local people wbo bave
tendered tor tbe fittings in tbe new
post oflice building. The tenders
close on tbe 20th inst.
H. L. Bassett, blacksmith at the
Kettle Valley line roundhouse, met
witb a serious accident on Monday.
While at work in the shop his left
arm became entangled in the belting and pulleys, and before it could
be extricated tbe limb was broken
in several places and nearly pulled
out of its socket. He was removed
to tbe hospital, wbere he was given
medical attention. Tbe doctors bave
hopes of .paving the arm. Mr. Bun
sett has been a resident of Grand
Forks but for a short lime. His son
arrived iu the city today from Walla
Walla, and he will remain witb bis
father for a few days.
Tbe public meeting ef the ratepayers of the city, held in tbe opera
house on Tuesday evening for tbe
purpose of a general discussion of
civic affairs, was very poorly attended, undoubtedly owkig to the fact
that tbe original object for which
the gathering was called had been
deftly sidetracked. Even some of
tbe supporters and prime movers of
tbe meeting kept away from it. A
number oi candidates were present,
however, and the audience gained
considerable knowledge of tbe condition of the city from tbeir
Four or five families ef the C. P R.
employees at Eholt moved to-tbe
city yesterday. It was stated early
in the week tbat it was tbe intention of the company to mwve its entire orew of forty employees down
here on Wednesday, but a slip apparently occurred to prevent this
arrangement from being carried out.
Some of the men have engaged
quarters at the Pacific hotel, while
tbe majority of them will take up
tbeii temporary residence in curs
provided and fitted up for tbat purpose by the company,
William Esser, aged 54 years, a
rancher living four miles northwest
of Orient, was fouud dead iu the
road near that place last week. A
thorough invesrigation of the death
was made by Sheriff Moran and
Coroner Crossen. Their opinion is
that Esser died from heart trouble
and fell from his sleigh while returning from Orient. He leaves a
wife, Kate Esser, who lives in San
Jose, Cal. Two sons live somewhere
in the east. The body was buried in
the Orient cemetery.
Wee. Fee has Bold bis small residence and three lots near tbe Pacific botel to Arthur Jackson, a C.
P, R. bridgeman, for $900.
Ten Minorca Roosters year old
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
The oatli of office was udininis-
lered to Mayor elect Fripp this
Thomas Kelly, tbe lineman who
wus injured by falling Irom a pole
ut Phoenix some mouths ago, is
still in tbe hospital at Spokane,
and is not recovering very rapidly.
Oscar Lachmund bas been appointed general manager of the
British Columbia Copper oompany,
and took charge of affairs in Greenwood this week.
Miss Alice Graeme McMynn, of
Greenwood, and Charles V. Bren-
nan, M E., of Bingham, Utah, were
married in Greenwood this week.
E. Miller, M.P.P., left for Victoria
laBt Saturday.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pupils Late—Division I 96.15, 0 late;
Division II 92 95, 1 late; Division
III 94.25, 10 late; Division IV 93.47,
7 late; Division V 89.73, 2 late;
Division VI 98.64, 4 late; Division
II, 95.80, 7 late.
Division VI won the banner for
highest average attendance, and Division I gained the punctuality, banner,
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eaeh
day during the past week, ns re
corded by the government tlierinom
eteron E. F. Laws'ranch:
Mitt. Slut
Friday. 10th  14 ■Jo-
Saturday, Uth   12 18
Sunday, 12th    3 11
Monday, 13th -13 10
Tuesday, 14th      6 24
Wednesday. 15th    8 23
Thursday, 16th  18 30
Snowfall  10.3
From reading tbe account of the
recent illness of Ernest Miller, M.P.'
P., in the newspapers of the district,;
one might easily imagine tbat that
gentleman is at death's door. Few
people in Grand Forks were aware
that Mr. Miller wu laid up with the
grip for a coupie of days. Great
newspaper business these Hessian
journals are doing, working for government pap,
Copper Shipments The roof bas now been completed
Shipments of blister copper from over five stalls of  the C.P.R. round-
the  Granhy company's smelter in house in the West  end,   The turn-
tbis city for the past week amounted table has not yet arrived, and il msy
to 523,000  pounds. not  reach  here until spring.   By
Scores and Schedule
Following, are  the scores of thc I
gumes  pliiyed,  antl the schedule of!
gstnes to lie played, in the rloiiiidnry
Hockey league during  the   present
Jan. 8   Grand  Forks at Phoenix— ,
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  13—Phoenix at Giand Forks
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan. 17—(ireenwood at  I'hoenix.
Jun. 21—Phoenix  al Greenwood.
Jan.  24—Greenwood     ul     (irand
J ii n  27—Grand Forks nt I'hoenix
Jun. 30—Grand   Forks    at Greenwood.
Felt. :l—Pboenix nt Greenwood,
Feb. 7—Phoenix at Grantl Forks.
Feb. 11—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feh. 14—Greenwood    at      Grand
Feb. 18—Grand   Forks   at Greenwood .
One Vote DeciaeBthe Mayoralty Contest in This
Grand Forks yesterday established a record for a close
vote in a mayoralty contest,
Mr. G. M. Fripp being elected
mayor by a majority of one.
The contest was quite animated, all the candidates
working vigorously in their
respective interests, which
undoubtedly accounts for the
heavy vote, the total number
of ballots cast being 253, as
against 222 last year.
The members of the old
council in the field for re
election appeared to be determined to regain office, and
during the last stages of the
camgaign the provincial political machine was set in motion
on a small scale in the interest of the defeated mayoralty
candidate. With the exception of Mr. Taylor, however,
every member ofthe old board
seeking re-election went down
to defeat, plainly indicating
that the citizens thought it
was time for a change.
The official count of the vote
G. M. Fripp  127
Robert Gaw  12<i
W. K. C. Manly  101
J. A. Smith     81
T. A, Wright : •   75
Fred Downey     -37
The first three are elected.
H.E. Woodland  87
Frank Miller Sr  72
Edward Taylor  71
W. H. Dinsmore  •">••
E. C. Henniger  68
Messrs. Woodland, Miller
and Taylor are elected.
J. A. McCallum  233
Forbes M. Kerby  160
G.T. Moir  1»3
H.W.Hughes  148
Messrs. McCallum, Kerby
and Moir are elected.
The new council is regarded
as being composed of the
strongest body of men that
have yet administered the affairs of the city. Mr. Fripp
ifiade a good record as chief
executive during his previous
administrations in 1008 and
1000. Mr. Woodland mado
one of the best finance ministers the city has ever had.
Mr. Manly discharged the
duties of chairman of the
water and light committee
when he was a member of the
council, and Mr. Smith has
also held the chairmanship, of
an important committee, rhe
other members are substantial citizens of community.
The school trustees elected
are all good and progressive
men. and will undoubtedly develop good records.
The Sun takes leave of the
late mayor. There is no use of
pursuing him beyond the political grave. 3.HE SUJf. GBAND FOHKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Dressed in Man's rjitfiiirg, Mrs Marguerite rlob>» travels 31500 Miles
Mrs. Marguerite Roby has returned to London after a 3500
mile journey in the Congo. She traveled In man's clothing, and was attended ouly by a constantly changing
company ot lialt-^tali-ced blacks.
Sirs. Roby, who Is still suffering
from lho affects ot tropical Illness,
ilesc.'ljed her adventure ln an Interview, •
She was frequently descried liy her
porters and guides and left stranded.
Sho narrowly escaped death ln a
eharge made by a herd of wild but-
I'aloa. She shot four of the animals
In less than twenty minutes, when all
her attendant*! hatl fled.
In many districts she was the first
white woman to bo seen hy tho natives. On one occasion sho had a lively hour or two ln a wild, almost barbaric, part of the tower Cougo. She
had only one black boy lo escort her
and . ho sat down hy tho side of a
narrow road.
Everything was still, Mrs. Rohy
said, and the country around seemed
as lonely and uninhabited ns n long
forgotten graveyard. In a moment
two or throe thousand savage-eyed
black men, with spears and clubs, appeared as if from the ground, and
surrounded mn. The mon were repulsively ugly, and fearsome streaks
of brilliant, red paint marked out the
lines of their eyos and mouths.
The chief demanded that I should
stay in his village, but 1 refused.
Fortunately 1 had my revolver nnd several guns with me, and tbat Bcemed
to terrify tho most ovil-looking of my
unwelcome visitors but it was a long
tlmo before I could quite placate
them. The chief I heard later had
sounded the war drum that night and
had called his people from miles
around to see lho white woman dance,
but fortunately foe the audience I did
not attend.
Mrs, Roby has a very poor opinion
of the natives Ot the lower Congo.
Sho declares that tho missionaries
have spoiled them. Their insolence
is absolutely abominable, sho said.
I won't work, they will say, and if yoi
(ouch me I shall make a report to
the magistrate.
My experience has taught me tha!
the mission boy is tie biggest roguo,
thief, and murderer, even that one
can find.
This is the second journey, Mrs.
itohy has undertaken in too Congo
and in all she has covered sonic 8ti0*)
miles through some of the wildest
and most isolated purts of thc coun1
Wanted Good Farm Land
We have clients who will pay cash for Improved or unimproved farm
Quote legal dlscrlptlon, improvements, best price and terms. A good
investments is worth a life of labor. Let us obtain this by exchanging
what you havo for what you want. What have you for sale or exchange"
We have investments for $100 upward in Winnipeg whore the population is increasing 30,000 per year, building permits for 1912, $20,000,000,
whieh is sufficient guarantee that prices will double in the ensuing year,
Write for list of investments.
Good representatives wanted at every point. ',-.
22 Canada Life Building Winnipeg, Man.
We hear much of compromise nowadays, said a politician recently, and
it. ls sometimes a Rood thing, lie
itnev; ti young man who got married
about a year ugo, and he and ills wife
wero constantly arguing as to whetli-
' it thoyshould buy two cycles or an
up-to-date motorcycle. Meeting him
one day, ho said:
My wlfo and 1 wr.mgl.-_l for nionihs
but thank goodness, we've compromised at last.
What have you compromised on?
A baby carriage, ho proudly tins-
Priest as Architect
It Is stated lhat Father Uenc-
dlot, rector of the l.arlsfleld Roman
I'titholic Church, lias executed the
plans for a new Roman Catholic
ehureh, to l.-o erected near Wimbledon railway Gallon. Ho has also designed plans for a largo church for
himself, at Kursfleld, which will bo
a replica of Orvlelo Cathedral, Italy.
Englishwoman     Places      Proverbial
Father  of  Evil   In  Favorable
A novel nnd entirely new
conception of satan was an intcres*.-
itig feature ot tho Hon. Sybil Amherst's dramatized version of the Uoo.t
ot Job, performed by the Norwich
Players at the King's Hull, Covent
Garden, on November 28,
Instead ot following the popular notion, satan was represented as au
Angel of Trial.
Many learned professors have Indorsed this theory, reading the Bool:
of Job, ns meaning that satan only acted as a judge of tho evildoer, Instead
of being tlio Evil One himself.
Miss Amhirst's reading of Job is
that satan is depicted as one of tho
Sons of God--or the Elohim.
"He I3 represented," said Miss Amherst yesterday, "as tho Angel ot
Trial or tho Accuser. His function la
to search out and weigh the deeds o,"
men, to see if their service to God
is perfetly disinterested or not.
It is only iu later years that satan
was thought of as nu evildoer, probably owing to the misunderstanding
of his function as judge.
Among scholars who are interested
in this theory, and who will probably
attend the performance, are I'rof. A,
S. Pealto, of Manchester University!
Canon Kennett, regius professor of
Hebrew, Cambridge; Canon Driver,
regius professor of Hebrew, Oxford;
and Prof. C. M. Montlflore, who edited tlie Bible for home reading.      \
Tho drama aroused Intense ciithus-1
iaam among church students wben
produced last year at Norwich, and
Miss Amherst received great praise
for hev beautiful and delicate rendering of the book for stage purposes. It
has received the approval of tho Bishop of London.
No objection ca:i be taken to Uie
performance on the ground of want
of reverence. The Divinity is represented by a Voice.
The Lr.teet Suggestion
Advanced legislation wo sll must admire,
Thu' most of It is hut a bubble;
That Federal Bureau of Women's At-
Would   prove   but  a   bureau    of
It's all right, my dear; go ahead,
and call me down.
I will, and you deserve it, too.
That's right. Rub tt into me _j*BW.
Have the lost word if you want to.
Have the last hundred words, lt yon
like, but I'll got eve.t with yon.
Oh, you will, eh?
Yes, you bet I will, I'll square this
little argument.
And what may I ask are you going
to do?
Do? I'm going to voto against giving you the ballot; that'B what I'm
going to do.
And with a triumphant air he walked out of the house.
Do you believe In lov_e at flrst sight'
Of coin-so I ,\o, my dear.     Do you
suppose I'd have man-led your father
if I'd taken a second look.
Constipation ■    ■■
it an enemy within the camp. 11 will
■ndermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness,
impure blood, bad complexion, oleic
headaches, and is one of the most
fre<iuent causes ot appendicitis. Ta
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or gripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dr. Morse's   " *
Indian Root Pills
The girl that can't sing and won't
try to sing Is a bird that any young -
man should be anxious to furnish »
cage for.
Every day we havo letters from
thankful mothers telling us what
Baby's Own Tablets havo done for
their little oneB. Some praise thorn
for constipation, others for teething
troubles, and still others for vomiting, indigestion and (lie many ether
ills of babyhood and childhood. We
have received thousands of letters—
*>ll giving praise. Mrs. W. G.
Crowe, Midland, Out., aayB-. "1 think
very highly of Baby's Own Tablet*.
T nave tlftem to my baby when troubled \vlt_h constipation and thoy helped
her so much I always keep them. In
the house and now use uo other medicine." The Tahlots aro sold by medicine dealers 'or by mail at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, On,t.
Minister-—Now, Elmer, can you teil
ine what a gentleman ia?
Little Elmer—Yes, sir. He's n
grown up boy tliat used to mind his
Small Tommy hurt his Auger and his
mother look him in her arms and began to dry away his tears with her
D-doh't wipe m-my eyes yet, m-inam-
ma, sho sobbed.     I aini done c-cryin'.
Warts are diUiguroinenls that disappear when treated with llollaway'e
Corn Cure. ,
Until She was Nearly Crazy. Began
with Watery Blisters. On Ears,
Eyes, Hands and Ankles. Could
Not Sleep for Scratching. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured.
' Braamvli'k St., I'mdn-k'ton, N. B.- ■ " I
tiA.J a % try bad en** of Meana, The trouble
Imyhu *lili watery bHtter-i und Itched und
itiintf d until I ww. nearly era*j-. It was on
my ears, eyea. hand* nnd ankle. 1 could
not l.< ,-i, tlie lurt tint he. ovor mo at night
for tlio Miianlm; and Itc'ilua. My cars
would swell. I vnti.il Mjfttch until tlio blood
would run und thru form a Nab, I Nt an
It I could tako u knit' und cut. tlio flesh on
my hum!.. It world disfigure ray fo-'o untl
make ll smart, and liiirn and ant-It, 1 could
mil alei-p at night for scratching.
*"I ttjed everything I li.-ard of without
(filing utiy l„-n,-fll. I used loti ot homo
imrtnUin, KUrh at In itl nnd sulphur, and aim
won tn'aiod for It, Then I trlwl Cuticura
Snap und t llntmeat antl thev gave uie grot
ram. 1 u^'-il Mieni about four month. and I
am happy to nay I atn never troubled now.
Tho t'titli-ura Roup and tilntmont cured mo
complotdj-." (Signed) Mra. A. 8. T-iorap-
■on, Mar. O, 1012.
TH) regular uae of ruiteun. Soap for toilet.
and Lui h not only tautls In proem-.., purify
•ad iH-autlfy the t-lilu, ftcalp, hair and hands-,
but asfl-htfli In preventlni: Inflanuuatlon, irritation and t-loggliig of thn pore.., the common
ratine of pimp)!*, blackhead-., rwlncM and
rougliu.—. yellow, Oily, inollty and oi her un-
i-h-ili-Aoiiu; ..m-Ilit-m. of the akin. Cuticura
hoap and Cv.ttcuru Ointment are aold
throughout tho world. Liberal aample of
eaeh mailed free wilh :;_-p. Kl.ln nook.
_t .'drew poet rant l>et{sr I "rug A Chats.
' CC T-. Wept, t >.!>- Button, U. 8. A-
W.N.U. »27
More Than Half the Sine ot the Culli-
nan Its Value is not Estimated
An urticlo in the Hand Daily
Mail slates tliat a diamond of 1840
carats was found iu the Premier mine,
this being Uie second largest diamond
ever found iu tlie world.
The new stono is moro than hail'
tho size of tlio Cullinan diamond,
which eamo from the samo mluo.
The new stono has black streaks but
lho experts consider thnt lho flaws
aro only on the surface.
Tho weights of soms of the most
famous diamonds in tho world ur.*
ns follows:
Cullinan        .1025%
Koh-i-nor I86s,i
(.rent Mogul 787'
Tho Cullinan diamond tfas alito
found in the Transvaal at the Premie:-
Transvaal diamond mine, "and was
named after '.he then chairman of the
company. It was presented to tho
king hy tho Transvaal government,
and was cut Into eleven flawless
stones. The largest of 61014 carats, Is ln the imperial crown and two
great stones are worn hy the queen
as jewels , as a pendant on state occasions .
Imitation humor may provoke more
genuine laughter -than the real thing.
Somo men aro modest enough to
admit that Ihey only Itnow everything
worth knowing.
Teacher—la there any connection
between  mind  and matloi'V
Small liov—Ves, if a - hoy doesn't
mind there'll he something the matter.
It tul.es a smart man to conceal hla
The best for
all occasions
Always suitable. Always stylish
Baron Rothschild Complains ot Effects
of Vibration In Celiar
Baron Henri de Rothschild
complains that wine iu his cellar ls
suffering deterioration ns tho result
of tho shaking caused by motor-omnibuses in 'io Faubourg Saint-lion-
oro. llepreaenlatltions havo -i.lso
been been made by the British embassy to tlio ' onrd of works lu Whitehall wlih the abject of suggesting n
remedy for ilio motor-omnibus mils-
»nco In tho B.-.U10 s'reot.
' Toduy the Paris municipal count:',!
decided to open nn Inquiry into the
tjuosiion of inotor-oinnlbus vibration.
We, c.tt, i- due Hundred Dollars ftewnrd j
for nny case o.* Cf-.tarrh that cannot be
cured bv Kail's Catarrh Cure.
V.  .T.  CHENEY __ CO.. Toledo, 0_
Wc. lho ltlido'-alsnod' have Known V.
.1. Qboney fer -he lui.t lit years, and believe bim pci-fectl- homst. in ull business
transactions un-i flnanoltilly able to carry
out any obligation-: made- by hla llrni.
■WALl-iiNO RINNAN & _V-.U!V1N,
Wholesale DrugaisUi, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Citi-o Is taken Internally,
r.ctlna dil-eotly upon lhe blood nnd mucous surfao-..-: nf tbo system. TeMtlindnlnla
nent free. _V.ee IT, cents licv bottle.
Sold by nil DjllSRIsls.
Tako Hull's Family l'Uls for constipation.
Give the baby a full dinner pail and
i-^oin to kick and he will lio happy.
A llttlo learning is not us dangerous as the big conceit that goes with
Some women are known by the husband*, they support.
They Soothe Excited Nerves.—
Nervous affections are usually attributable to defective digestion, as tlie
stomach dominate*, the nerve centre.
A course of Parmcloo's Vegetable
Pills will still all disturbances of this
character, and by restoring the stomach to lionm.l action- relievo the
nerves trom Irritation. There Ib no
sedative llko tliem and in the correction of irregularities of tho digestive
processes, no preparation has done so
effective work, ns can be testified to
by thousands, ,
Advantages and Saving by Usihg
The Loading Platform
\- lit.-., writing we desire to p ut before our Western Farmers the
saving snd advantage of loading grain dlreo*. on cars. Shipping grain
through nn elevator, it matters no*, whether n Government elevatbr or
one run by an elevutor company or individual owner, does not i add
the loi.t fraction of a cent to tbe value of .ho. grain, nor does It give
the farmer any better chnnce ot marketing it to advantage than when
loaded direct on cars. But loading direct jn cars cuts out ln the first
place iLe elevator charge, which Is usually lfte. per bushel, say
J17.5.1 on a thousand bushel car. The elevator dockage li else
levcd- this may bo worth more or loss, depending partly on how ditty
ihe grain ls, but mostly on tho farmer's ability In holding hia own
with the elevator man taking it ln. On the average the dochage
may le considered worth 3c per tushel to the farmer, or say $30 per
cm- of 1,000 bushels. Whon grain Is load.d direct Into car over ths *
Loading Platform, ths farmer knowo for sire that It ls hli very own
grain that wlU he graded hy the inspector, ar.d that he will without
doubt recelve.tho full and exact outturn of his car at whichever terminal elevator it is unloaded: for sll grain 's unloaded from the care
under government superlntendance and weighed by properly qualified
Roveruntent weighmen under tho rules anl rupervtslon of the Domta"
Ion Government Board of Grain Commissioners.
Of eourse, it makes no differ eneo In our loading ot the farmer.?
grain whether It has been shipped through sn elevator or over the
I.oadliig Platform, hut. It can easily be seen from what wo have slated
above where tha farmer's advantage lies, when It saves him around
$50 or more on every car ho Bhlps.
We c-iiitlnue to act ns the farmers' agen* In looking after and dis-
poslny of carlot shipments of wlicpf, oats, bailey and flax strictly ony
s cora-jilaslon of 1 cent per bushel. We r.re pnot connected with.
nor In.crested Jn any elevator companies nr elevators, cither local or
terminal, neither are we track buyers. In fact, wo never buy farmers' grain ou our own account, but only to kindle and dispose of tke
grain --..'.mated to us as tho agents ot those who employ us. Many
vcars' r\pcrlence, with a wldo connection and ample facilities for •«•
(tajtin_! In Ihis special branch of the grain trade, have given ue a reputation of lhe highest character In it. Wi make liberal advance*
on car hills of lading. Write us for shipping instructions and market info-mat Ion. Wc give as references to otr reliability, eBlclenfy
and nt.fcr.cla! standing any city or country Bank Manacsi* In Weitsn
Cnnla ':-
Thompson Sons & Company
T01-73J Y  Grain   Exchange.
Winr.lpeg, Canada.
Boy Climbs i20-Foot Cliln-.n-y
.Challenged by some other boys
a 10-year-old llurlon schoolboy has
just, accomplished the daring feat of
climbing u ehluiney shall IL'O teet ln
height, which la being repaired, By
lho time lho intrepid youngster had
reached thu top of tho ladder, a large
crowd had collected, and tho onlookers had un anxious few minutes while
tho liny figure was seen walking calmly down a small, unproteotod staging.
rouelod stagn
aior for Sals
Robert Burn's Raxor
Robert Burns' liuzor ls to
lo bo snld nt Sotheby's, In London, ln
a fortnight's '.lme. It has a bono handle boarlug sliver plates, which glvo
Its pedigree—The last razor that ltob-
ert Bums ever "shaved with, llach
successive owner slnco It was presented by Robert Burns, Jr.. lo William Dunbar, in is.'.'i, has added n
phi ie, indicating tlte purchase, tho last
being Edward Quailln, who died In
Even light wine hus been known to
produce e dark brown last.*.
A sentimental young lady from tuv.-n
wus on tho steamship quay, whole
sho saw n young girl iliting on n
trunk in nn attitude of utter dejection, and despair.
Poor tiling, thought tlio romantic
young lady. Bite Is probably alone
and a Btraiigor. Iltn- pule cheeks
and great snd eyes tell of a broken
heart and a yearning sympathy.
Bhe Weill, over to Ilie tnivelh.v 16
win her roiifldcnce.
Crossed In love? she asked sympathetically.
No, replied Ihe girl with n sigh;
crossed In tlio Frolic, and an awfully
rough vussugc.
Mlnard'e Liniment Curae Colds, Ac.
Judge, Giles Baker, of a Pennsylvania county, wan llkcwlso eushior of ills
home bunk. A man presented, n
chotiuo ono day for payment. Ho
waa a Btrangor. Ills evidence of
Identification was not satisfactory to
the cashier.
Why Judge, said tlie man, I've
known you to sentenco men to bo
'.lunge-J ou no bctttf evidouce than
Very likely, replied the Judge, bui
when It t.-omes to letting go of cold
cash we have to he mighty careful.
There are Four Things which nevej
come back
Ttioro is an old i:ay!ng that '.'Opportunity
litis bull' in front nnd Is bald behind. If
you seise, her by '.lie forelock you may do*
tain her, but if you suffer her to escnpo not
even Jupiter hluisolf can catch her again."
Jinny people do with "Opportunity" r.',
children do at the Ren-shore—-thoy fill their
hands wlih sand ana let the grains fail
through, one by ono, till Ihey arc gone.
This Is Iho day of tlio turners* oppor
t-mliy, wilh n new country whoro new Institutions nul new lines of uusiucss are
coming up. Why uet chango the order nf
things? The old methods have been a failure so far as the* farmer WOO concerned; he
produced lho wealth and handed it over to
otlier corporations for distribution, gating
buck lhe measly share they grudgingly gave
Think this over aad decide to help build
"up a new ordor of t.'iings.
Tlte Spoken Word
The Sped Arrow
The Past Life
The Neglected
Subscribe for Stock
and ship
Your Grain to
Winnipeg, Man.   *uug^£ararREM   CalgaT.AUa.; IHE SUX, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Vanishes Forever
Prompt fisticf—PemaMRt Curs
Sail. Purely veg«
able—-act wnely
W. gently on
Qhe Fiver.
tuteindi-i _. —
xettion—*np.ove the compleiion— brijhtea
iWeyisi. Small Pill, Small D,u, Small frit*.
Genuine Buttbcii Signature
After the busy season is over, pack
_tp and ccme cast and spend three
months in ono of our schools. Busi-
mees education will help you to win
out. - It costs but llttlo to got it.
Write us for our uew Curriiculum and
plan to let us help you. Address
W. H. Shnw, President, "Shaw's
Schools," Toronto, Canada.
No manor what you want to sew or
dam, you'll find just thc needle you
CASE. Would cost double It
bought separately • These needles
nro thn niwBt silver Steel and mnteh-
lefls for sharpness und llulsh. Bend
tic. for tlio Family Nocale Case.
Post Paid.
Montreal Canada	
lu tbls orc of roseareh and experiment,
all nautro Im ransacked, by the- selentiuo
eor tho comfort and Impptnc-w. of man.
Science lues Indued matlo giant sli-ldct
in tho poet century, and among the—by
•no menus letist Important— discover cri in
-uodlclno Is thut of Theraplon, which has
titim used with ercnt success In 1-rone-b
Hospitals ond that It Is worthy tlio ut-
lontion of those who suffer irom Kidney,
t.laudcr, norvous diseases, chronic wealc-
nPM.es. ulcers, eltlll crupltons. piles, &C,
thero Is no doubt. In fact lt seems evident from the big stir created amongst
•peciaHsts, that THERAPION Is destined
to cast into oblivion nil those tiuestion-
»ble remedies that were formerly tho
.olo reliance of medical men. It Is of
course Impossible lo tell sufferers all we
nhould 111(0 to tell them lu this sholt
-irtlclc, but those who would llhe to ltnov.
moro about this remedy lhat has effected so many—wo might almost say. miraculous cures, Bhould eend addressed e.n-
t-elopo for l'tll*!. book to I"r. I.o Cipro
Med <'c. Hovcrtttrick Road. Hamp-
Btoad, London, JSngland, and decide for
ilicniFClvi'S whether the New French
P.ente-dv "TUEr.Al'ION" No. 1. No. 2 or
No. 3 Is what they rcciulr.. ond havo been
seeking In vain during it life of misery,
suffering, 111 heulth nud unliapplncsi.
Theraplon Is sold by di-ufrglstB nnd all
leading medicine dealera lu Cunadn.
town to iiilrodiice our lino to the public; big money can be made and permanent position secured. Apply lo
The Queeit City Silver Co., Toronto
Net Yet
Now that tae election is over lot
its quit regarding each oilier us a
fool uud he friends again.
It ls too «oon to tnlk ot that. Don't
forget that you havo a bet with mo
which makes It necessary for you to
eat your hat.
In tlio crisp, bright October air. tho
iweet young tuing had been for a drive
■with her sweetheart and returned
freshened und glowing with excitement.
Oh, mother, tho cried, Tom and I
had tho narrowest escape from an
awful accident. The horse neurly
bolted and I don't know what would
have happened.
Wo wero going through n narrow
lano when, all of a sudden a pheasant
got np from tho hedge antl flow acros.
iho horse's head and before Tom could
grasp thc reins—
Er, enquired tlio young brother—
wasn't, ho holding thoni then?
And It took a long tlmo to osplai'.t
clearly what actually did happen.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dlstempar
(To the Girl who sat on my pipe)
I loved you for your blushes ripe
And tempting lips—ahem—
.Until you flounced upon my plpo
And crushed tho nniher stem.
Mo. a ban sr alx boxes rar «2.50,
at all dsaUiu, or Th* Dodds Medicine Company. Limited, Toronto,
W.N.U. 127
Unrecognized In London Stores, She
Purchases Articles In the Or.
dlnary Way
Queen Mary has already begun her
Christinas shopping.
Hor majesty likes to buy things
privately In her o-.vn quiet way, aud
prefers to visit a shop ln person
rather than to have a number ol articles sent to Buckingham palace from
which sho can make a selection,
Fow, if any. of the busy crowds
ot people going their various ways
through Cambridge circus on Thursday afternoon knew that tho queen
was buying Christmas preseuts quite
closo at baud.
Hundreds passed nnd repassed the
private motor brougham standing outside tho oltl bookshop at the corner
of Shaftesbury n venue, and within
the boundaries of tho notorious Seven
Dials, without giving It tho Bllghtest
Tito bookshop wsb that of Joseph
Zachsuedorf. Here her majesty,
who wss accompanied by a lady in
waiting, spont considerably more than
an hour, purchasing many hand-
bound volumes ou a variety of subjects, as well an one or two novels.
Credited with being au exceedingly
good shopper, Queen Mary glvea a
minimum amount ot trouble to those
detailed to attend to her requirements .
Sho knew exactly what she wanted
when she wont into tho bookshop, and
spared no pains to explain her wishes to tho assistant.
Most ot the time she was in the
shop her majesty was inspecting
other books, which sho had not come
to buy, but whicli interested her.
Sho purchased several volumes,
which silie at flrst pickod off the bookshelves and bookcases quite casually.
The^eeble, Wasted Nerves Were Restored and Revitalized by
Nervous prostration is a terrible disease to all who understand its symptoms. At times the sufferer feeht
comparatively well, but with slight
exertion the dreadfttl helplessness returns and all strength und vitality
seems to leave tho system.
This letter from Mrs. Martin very
well describes tho terrible condition
ln which many a sufferer finds herself. Sho also tells how she regained health and strength by using Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food after all other
treatment had failed.
Mrs. Edwin Martin. Ayer's Cliff,
Quo., writes:—"Hefore I begun using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food I was In a
terrible condition from nervous exhaustion and prostration. Dizzy
spells would come over mo and I
would fall to thu floor. The weakness waB bo great that I could not so
much as sweep lho floor without fainting, but tho nerve food helped mo
after the "doctors failed. It has done
wonders in building my nervous system. I cun tlo my own housework now
and washing, and feel that this great
medicine has' been a God-send to me.
I think it is the best of medicines."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50c. a box,
6 for J1..50, at all dealers or Ediiiiin-
son, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
The Woman Thou Gavest Ue for
England and America
Iftll Calne ls at present nt woTk on
a stage version of his latest book:
Tho Woman Thou Gavest M,*.; and
that ho haa already entered into an
agreement with the well-known
American theatrical managers, MesarB,
Klaw and Eh-langer, tor its production
in Now York iu the autumn of next
Negotiations are proceeding for an
elaborate presentation of the play in
London, simultaneously with that in
New York, but these negotiations aro
not yet far enough advanced to justify an allusion to tho management
concerned in them.
It will he remembered that "The
Christian," dramatized by himself,
was first produced Iu America, and
"Tho Eternal- City," in whicli Sir
Herbert Tree appeared as Baron
Bonelll, had a New York production
ou the same dny that it was presented
at Ills Majesty's Theatre.
For Asthma and Catarrh.—-It ls one
of the chief recommendations of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil that .it can be
used Internally will) us much succesB
as it can outwardly. Sufferers from
asthma and catarrh will flud that the
Oil when used according to directions
will give immediate relief. Many sufferers from these ailments have found
relief in tlio Oil and hnve Beat testimonials .
A fire lnsurar.de ngen.t tells this one.
Wo have some funny experiences In
our business. Oue day a small lnor-
cliuut ot tlio Hill section eniuo to me
and Insured his stock of ready-mudi
clothing for *J3,000. He was going
out with the policy when 1 reminded
him that ho had forgotten to pay tho
How much is it? enquired lhe cut.-
Oh', just a llttlo matter of JIM.
Wolf, sn'.il he, suppose you just let
tlio premium stnnd and deduct it when
tho store burn') down.
A small negro boy stood by tlie
Bide of the road near a river, standing
on one fun., holding his bead ou one
side und pounding the top ol it with
hla band,
What's the niatlor? Inquired tlie
traveller? «,
Wutiih in mull onr, grinned the boy.
Well, well, I declare, suhl Uie travelling man. To think I'll forgotten
I've done tlio selfsame thing many u
tlmo when I've been In swliinmlng
ami got. Avatar in my,ears.
I nln't been cr BWlmniln, tiaid the
I-Iow'd you get water In your car,
Ah bcen eatin' wntcrinlllions, was
tho reply.
Many a nun has had u close shav.-.
who never patronized a barber.
When a man begins to abuse his
homo towu It'a time for him to move
'••Jo matter how poor a woman la . n-
can alw',ys toast of having rich reu,
A foolish gir. niaki-3 n litisban I out
of her lover; n wise one makes a
lover out of ii.:- husband.
Some pcoplo tall to
others do not lose.
win   became
Good afternoon, Jimmy, said the
nice young lady visiting his mothers
house in tlio sweet cause of charity.
Why don't, you conic to our Sunday
school? A lot of your little friends
have joined and we are going to have
a lovely party at Christmas.
Jimmy shook his head. Then suddenly he exclaimed:
Has a boy culled* Snooks, with re.l
hair, joined yet?
Yes dear, said the nice young lad:,-,
and he seems to Uke it. lie's such
a good little boy.
Huh, ls Be? muttered Jimmy. Weil
it he's there I'll come, too. I've been
looking for him for three months and
never know where to find him beforo.
If #You Value Your Eyesight
You will equip your     D&«yfit I amM
reading table with a   ./YOVV/ LiOUip
Authorities agree that a good kerosene oil lamp is the best for
reading. The Rayo is the best oil lamp made-the result of years
of scientific study. It gives a steady, white light, clear—mellow.
Made of solid brass, nickel plated. Can be lighted without removing chimney or shade. Easy to clean and rewlcls.
At Dtelere Ecerywhert.
Mlnsrd's  Liniment Curet Diphtheria
Prize Fighter (entering school with
his son)—You give tills boy of mine
a thrashing yesterday, didn't you?
Schoolmaster (very nervously)-—I—
Prize Fighter—-Well, give us   your
hand, you're a champion.   I can't do
nothing with him myself.
Help for Asthma. Neglect glv.s
asthma n great advantage. The trouble
once it has secured a foothold, fastens Its grip ou the bronchial passages
tenaciously. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy Is daily curing cases
of asthma of long standing. Years
of suffering, however, might have
been prevented hud the remedy been
used when the troublo was ln its first
stages. Do not neglect asthma, but
uso this preparation at once.
A lawsuit was recently In full
swing and during thc progress a witness was cross-examined ub to the
habits and character of tile defendant.
Has Mr. M— a reputation for being
abnormally lassy? asked the counsel
Well, sir, it's this way—
Will you kindly answer the question
Well, sir, I wna going to say it's
this way. I don't want to do the gon-
tloiniin In question an injustice. And
I don't go so far as to say, sir, that
lie's lazy, exactly; but If It required
any voluntary work on his part to digest his food—why, he'd die from lack
of nourishment.
Found He Had to Leave Off Tea and
Many persons do not reallzo that a
bad stomach will cause insomnia.
Tea and coffee drinking being such
an ancient and respectable form ot
habit, few realize that tho drug—caffeine— contained In tea and coffee, Is
one ot tlio principal causes of Uys-
pepBia and norvous trouble!'.
Without their usunl portion 'of toa
or coffee, tlio caffeine topers nre nervous, lrritablei and fretful. That's (lio
way wilh a whiskey drinker. He has
gol to havo his dram "to settle his
To leave oft tea or coffee is nn easy
mutter If ynu want to try It. because
Postum gives a gentle but natural Flip-
part to tlio nerves and tloeB not contain any drug—nothing but food.
l'hjuh iui-.ii know this to be true, ub
one from th<> South writes:
"I have cur,=d lAysulf cf u longstanding caao of Nervous Dyspepsia by leaving off coffee and using Postum," ..ays
tho doctor.
"I also enjoy refreshing steep, lo
whioh I've been an utter stranger for
20 years.
"In treating dvsiiopBla in Us various
type.., I find Utile troublo when I ran
Induce patients to quit coffee aud
sdont Postum."
Tho dootor is riglit and "there's a
reason.-* Head lho little book, "The
Rond to Wellvillo," In pkgs.
Postum now comes In concentrated
powder fori.! called Instant Postum.
It is proparcd by stirring a level toa-
spoonful In a cup of hot wator, adding
sugar to taste, and* enough cream to
bring the color to golden brown.
Instant Postum is convenient;
there's no waste; and the flavor ls
always uniform. Sold by grocers—
CO-cup tin 30 ct.!., 100-cup tin CO cte.
A C-cup trial tin mailed tor grocer's name and 2-cent stamp foi' postage. Canadian Postum Cereal Co.,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
New  Light Thrown   Upon the  Mys-
terlous Illness of the Little
The Czar's eight year oltl heir,
hla only sou, ls recovering from his
Illness, but the mystery maintained
by the RusBlan court and police dally
The report of an attempt on his life
in tho imperial yacht Stundurt Is now
given ln Paris with circumstantial do-
tail. Tho explanation ot tho admiral's suicide, followed by tho attempted suicide of a girl with whom ho had
relations, ls said to be that tlie girl,!
a revolutionary, used her Influence
with tho admiral to secure the pro-1
seuce of n'nihilist in tho crew. The
other conflicting uccounts of the illness or accident of the czar's son ascribe it to a fall from a potty, or a
bicycle, or a spar In thc yacht, an
accident in his bath, a hemorrhage,
kidney disease, or peritonitis, lu-
Ilamatlon of the meinbrano lining
of tho lnlestlnes.
Tho story accepted here as truo is
that the prlnco was shot with a
Browning iilstol, nnd he owed Mb
life to tlio fact that when he saw an
Individual approaching with a pistol
pointed at him ho attempted to escape. But his assailant was too quick
and as tho startled boy turned to one
side he lircd and tlte bullet inflicted
a deep wound in tho lowor part of
the abdomen.
In the confusion the person who had
fired slid down a rope over t.he side
of tho Stanilart mid escaped either
In a boat or by swimming ashore.
Ho has succeeded in getting out of
Russia. lt was through his con
fession that tlle attempt became
known outside court circlos.
Admiral Cliagin was not on board
the yacht when the prince was
wounded. The role playotl 'by the
girl student, Helen Soqoloff, who tried
to commit suicide after the admiral's
suicide and to whom he left a sum
of money tn his will, Is moro serious
thnn has been hinted nt. and In view
of tier responsibility lu the matter lt
is perhaps uot surprising tliot she attempted her life.
It ls necessary to recall that In
1S82, the yoar following tho assassination Ot the. Czar Alexander II. by a
bomb, a military revolutionary party
was formed in St, Petersburg, with!
tranches at Cronstudt. Nk-oluk-ff. and
Sebastopol. It hie! ns Us chief Colonel Asclienbreuner, with whom were
ntsochitod Lieutenants Huron Strom-
berg and Suohanoft. The famous nl-
lilllat, Mario Vera I-'Iguer, was also a
member, Suchanoir. ntler being
tried for complicity in u nihilist plot,
was shot, and Marie Fignt-r and Colonel Asclitiiibrenner were condemned
lo death, but their seutences were
commuted to twenty years' detention
in a fortress.
The military organisation to which
theso revolutionaries belonged was
disbanded, but lt In holicved tliat lt
wns recently re-formed. Helen Uo-
koloff, with whom Admiral Cliagin
Was In love, is reported tn have been
one of lis emissaries. Thanks to her
Influence With him, the unsuspecting
officer was made use of to facilitate
•ho access of revolutionaries to the
Imperial yaoht, anil the attempt on
the czar's sua was rendered poaslblo.
A Frenchman wlih a name spoiled
a la Paris and pronounced roMi-thlng
like Cuoiioo hod never learned to read
or write, but lio managed to disguise
the fact pretty well until he moved lo
a uew coinnitiiiliy,  where the name
was not common,   doing to tlio post-
ofllco ono morning, lie enquired:
Ool any nail for Joe Cachoo.
How do you spoil lt?
Can't you spell Joe Cachoo?
No, said tho clerk. I never heard
it before.
Then the disgust of the Frenchman,
boiled over, and lie tuorted:
Well, If you con*i spoil, why don't
you soil your old po3tofflco to someone who can?
When tho average man doeB make
au honest confession, lie makes It lu
strict confidence to himself.
A tew di.n touth of C.P.R. Depot
Rates 11.10 to 12.00 per dar
Cuisine unexcelled
Het and old water In every r«or»
Httel  practically  Flrtprtet
All Outside Rooms
Ask your Clothier to show you
No others as good
Many a man who howls (or justice
would probably try to sneak up an
alley lf be saw lt coming.
A cat may look at a king but a man
with hay fever would inecse at anything.
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
Geo. Wright & Mack Carroll
|^ Send Post Card lc-
DOjS   day for, how toinako
•nd  "Easy Pocket
Now'stheTiiiii*. AtUreu
All grocers 26c. Ib. Tin
Engineers and Dollermakers
•oilers   ot   sll     kinds- BoDsss,
Pumps, snd Heavy r.a.s Work
Writ* os fer Prlets
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canads
Mu.Viwm'1 SOOTHIK,-. SvRt;f liw bft*
wntforovcr SIXTY YUARShy MILLIONS ««
TBKT1I1NO, with MiKfRCr ht CCl-SS. It
SOOTHRS lhe CHILI., SOPTIiNS tilt lifMb.
S the bnt renrttr Inr iiiaukiiiKa. , It lx.*~
•obleto henni.... Se eure »4Mk tw "Un.
WlMlaVl SeothliE Synip/' **A take M «Mf
WaS. Twcaty-Svt otau a Wilt. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fine Display of Jewelry
A. D. Morrison baa now the finest
display of goods suitable for Christmas gifts ever brought to Grand
Forks. He has a great variety of
silverware, llat%-are, cut glass, diamonds, watches, clocks and other
useful and ornamental gooda suitable for presents. Tbe seeker after
pretty, appropriate and inexpensive
gift articles should not fail to visit
Mr. Morrison's store.
Q. A. Evans, Editor and Publisher
One fear    IJ,»
One Year (In advance)  1-IKI
One Year, in United States  I j*
Address all aommiinieatlotii to
Thi Bvsnimii Sen,
Thk city election is over, and the
citizens are to he congratulated nn
the personnel of the new council
and school hoard. We think these
bodies are now composed of the
mnst capable men that could possibly have been selected, and The Sun
takes considerable pride in having
been instrumental in stirring the
ratepayers to take a keener interest
in municipal matters. The new
council by no means starts its administration in smooth waters. It
bas many weighty problems to
solve, and if it solves them successfully, ss we believe it will, it will
earn the everlasting gratitude of tbe
citizens of Grand Forks.
Lack of intellectual argumentative power is usually manifested
by a resort to billinsgate and physical encounters.   "'
VV. B. Kose, of Winnipeg, is re-
lievins Iinniigralion Inspector P. T.
M Callum.
Second International
Laying Contest
Held under the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria.
First monthly total, from December
2, 1912, to January 2, 1913:
No of
I'm     Owner and Breed. Egijt
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, An-
conns  40
3—V Cleeves.Hagan PO., Saan-
ichton, White Leghorns   48
3—R W- Russell,PO. Box 450,
Nanaimo, White Leghorns... 2(1
4—A. Unsworth, Bardie, White
Leghorns     ... 55
5—E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns    27
0—V.   H.   Wilson,    Koltsilah,
White Leghorns      80
7—J.   Kmery,   Sidney,    White
Leghorns     G4
8—W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. 0.,
Buff Minorcas     0
9—F. P. Hearns & Son, 1557
Uth Av. E , Vancouver,An-
conas  ....   10
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. 0„
Saanichton, White Leghorns,  16
11—C. N . Borton, Summerland,
Brown Leghorns      3
12—A. H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hiiininiiiid, S S. Hum-
burgs  30
13—-Mrs. CrtiflS,2138 Belmont av„
Victoria, White   Leghorns... 54
14—A. Easton, Duncan, B, C,
White Leghorns   62
I "i—Norie Bros , Cowichan, White
Leghorns   93
Hi—J Amsden,Box 1, Deerholine
P.O., White Leghorns  77
17—E. Soole, Cowichan, White
Leghorns  Ill
18—Seymour Breen, Duncan, B
C, White Leghorns  55
19—J. E, Baines, Saanichton,
White Leghorna    32
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Ruff Leghorns    26
21 — It Wilson. Langley Prairie,
Burred Rocks      11
22—L F. Solly, Westholme,
White Wyandottes  67
23—A. C. Lovekin, Glengarry-
farm, Metchosin.Biir'd Rocks 17
24—0. E Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Black Orpingtons     14
25—Snseph Arnotiltl.Sardis,White
Wyaudottes  49
211—I. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoria, Buff Orpingtons ..   25
27—Dean Bros , Keatings, White
Wyandottes  ...    33
28—W. Miller Higgs, Snoke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Game   0
29—.7. J. Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. R-d,   35
30—F. Horth, Sidney, U. C, Col.
Wyandottes   30
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victoria,
White Wyandottes      6
32—C. W. Rnbbins, Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons     7
33—Ferd Matthews, Kamloops,
Bawd   Hocks  33
34—0. B. Orm md, It D 3, Victoria. R.C   Reds    11
35—H.E. Wabr, Entlerby,Barred
Rocks .'    ?1
36—Dr. W. H. B. Metld, Mount
Tulini'-, Black Orpingtons     7
37—Mrs E McC Mottley, Kamloops, S. C Re-Is     8
38—W. H. Van Arum, 2390 Cud-
boro Pay Roud, Victoria,
White  Orpingtons   19
39—A E Smith, Maywood P.O,
Victoria, SC. Reds   22
40—S. D  Evans. Box   201,  Pen
tieton, White Orpingtons     0
Average  pricr   received   for egg*1,
■14   cents per   dozen.   Fnr the same
period lust year   thf i-khs   in   Vnn
cm ver averaged 70 cen s per  dozen.
The lirst three urates supplied In tin-
reputed   lending   fancy grocer here
Tools in our
realized 38 cents per dozen. A better customer has since been secured.
During this period packed eggs were
retailing at 35 to 40 cents per dozen.
Wholesale complaints have been received from local poultrymen relating to this matter. From a perusal
of the above figures, it can be easily
Been who is getting the Cream of the
profits in the egg business.
The first month's yield exceeded
last year's total fnr the same period
by no less than 610 eggs, tbe exact
fignres being: Last year, 717 eggs,
and 1327 eggs during tbe past
In accounting for the better eWTZ
ing thiB year, much of the credit is
rightly due to the owners of the
competing pens. Much better judgment has been used this year in selecting pullets. At this period last
year no less than nearly a dozen
penB were moulting, caused by sending pullets which were in full lay at
time of shipping. This year the only
feathers noticed in litter are chick-
Better housing arrangements have
also sssisted. The weather has not
been very propitious. On account of
this, the birds bave only been allowed out on one or two occasions
The additional floor space provided
this year, together with better light
and ventilation, has helped considerably. Given plenty of pen-room,
together witb a palatable ration,
green food, plenty of water and exercise, fowls will thrive and prove
more profitable than tbose allowed
out in all weathers.
In Class 1 the following pens
started to lay on dates enclosed in
parentheses: Pens 6 and 10 (14th),
2 and 12 (18th), 3 (21st), 11 (27th)
The occupants of pen 8, owing to
their youth, bave grown considerably during the month, and greatly
relish the dry mash. Pen 10 was received several days late, owing to
another competitor failing to forward birds. Quite a few tinted eggB
are laid by several pens in Class 1.
Pen 12 lays good sized eggs, hy no
msatis the smallest in the class.
In Blass 2 the following pens
started to lay on dates given after
the pen number: Pen 29, 15th; 33
and 39, 18th; 35, 20lh; 21. 21sl;
37, 23rd; 14 and 31, 2fith; 34, 27th;
3*2, 301 h.
Pens 26 and 21 produce exceedingly large eggs. Three pens have
not laid yet in this class. Pen 28 has
developed considerably during the
Rations—Mornings anil evenings,
mixtuie nf half corn and half wheal,
fed in litter. Dry mash in hopper
consists of around gruins in following proportions! I*U lbs outs, 421
lbs. middlings, and 15 lbs. of-beef
siaps. Three times weekly, a wet
niiisb is fed in the morning, composed ss follows: By weight, one
part middlings, one-balf part ground
outs, unit 2D per cent milk albumen
Mclntyre <& Smith I,
We can't be on tlie level and sell poor tools.
Be on ft level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools.   Our policy has always lieen, the best is the cheapest
in the end.    We want your business, we   want  your oon
(idence antl we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
We Offer to Our Patrons
tlfe finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb. Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
is a guarantee of good quality.
Pish of all kinds m season.
P. BURNS ti% CO., ^
Silver King and Sliver Queen Mineral
Claim., annate lu tlle Urand forks Mining
Division or Yale District.
Where Located:  On tha East Fork of the
North Fork ot Kettle Biver.      «
TAKK  NOTICK that I,   Jacob Tl.   Paulsen.
■    Kr.ii Mluer'a Certificate  No.   8581811, for
myself and as agent for Willi nm IL Hoffman
executor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of thf
will or  Catherine Hoffman.   Free Miner's
Certificate Mo. K817B. Intend, sixty clays
Trom dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recerder fora Ceitlflcate of Improvements, for
the purpose or obtaining crown grants ol thc
above claims
And further take notice that action, miner
section:!7, must be commenced hefore the Issuance of such CeriHcaics of Improvement.
Dated this Ith day of Hay, A.D 11112.
Needless Waste
Of tine and energy can be avoided
by tbe use of aur Clai.iicd Want
Ada, Time aad' energy represent
good dollars ia (bit age. Do not exhaust tbem in aa ahalctt search foi
good help. Use aar Want Ads. and
the help will comt ta yau.
Some business men are so (ond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
llm consumer--, of this district without advertising^ The Sun.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
There are lots of honest people in
tlle world. If you have lost some,
thing perhaps tin honorable person
lound it.
This is an honest paper and honest
people read il.
Tell them about youi 'os. in our
Classiiied Want Adt.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
1 best job printing deparrment in the
' Boundary country,
Lots of peuple get atone bruises tm
their consciences travelling tho rocky
road to fortune.
I    Don't he misled by false  state.
i nients nf competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read bv more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Electric Restorer for Men
vim and vitality, t'reinature derny and all sexual
weakliest averted al once. -Phoaphoaol will
make you a new man.  PrlMJES* S9?v°U'SL'!!J
Mailed to any address.
i.. It. CMtarlnea. Oat.
Wit #tenkrfc
THE 8TANDARD 1* tho National
Weekly Newspaper ot the Dominion
of Canada. It la national In all Ita
It uaes tho most oxppnslve engravings, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world. -
Its articles are carefully selected anil
Its editorial policy la thoroughly
Independent, *
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 par yoar to any address ln
Canada or Creat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal .Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers,
• !»'.'. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Snaps for tke Live Ones
JTwo choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
Grand Forks Wins Again    I
Tbe flrst hockey game this season
on the local ice was played Monday
night between Grand Forks and
Phoenix, and resulted in a victory
for the home team by a score of 7
goals to 4. Tbere was a large attendance of local and Phoenix enthusiasts. The game was remarkably fast and free from rude plays.
During the flrst period neither
side scored; at the end of the second
period the score waB 4 to 2 in favor
of the home team, and in the third
period Orand Forks scored three
goals and Phoenix two.
The line up was as follows.
Grand forks    Position Phoenix
Clark Goal Lang
Qninn Point Taylor
IVlann .. ..Cover Point Neil
: McGregor   Hover Davidson
Lynn". Centre MoKeiiie
Demutll Riglit Wing .. Stanway
Wiire Left Wing   Sayers
Keferee, Harry Mann, of Grand
Forks; judge of play, A, B. McQueen,
J.  A.  McCallum left today   for
Victoria,  where  he will attend the
Provincial   Poultry Show -^as   the
delegate from   the Grand    Forks
Poultry association.
"I don't quite understand that,"
said the old gentleman.
"What don't you understand?"
inquired the daughter.
"That part about Mrs. William
Morritts, nay Black. What does
'nay Rlack' mean?"
"Oh, that's French and means
that she waa horn Black."
"Born black!" exclaimed the
father excitedly."
"Yes. 'Nee'is French for'born.'"
"Well, it ain't so," ejaculated the
old man, jumping up and shakine
his fist. "I knew her parents, and
they were as while as anybodyjthat
ever lived, and I'll write to that editor about it."
Before he started off, however, the
daughter explained matters, and the
old gentleman cooled off.
Wonderfully Improved
True to promise, the publishers
of The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal have vastly improved that already great paper during Ihe past few months. It is said
several new editors have heen added
to the staff, and still greater improvements are contemplated. The
beautiful picture. "Mother's Treasures," is in great demand. Everyone who sees it wonders how such 5
picture can be given wilh .uch a
great paper at one dollar a year. It
is the hest dollar's worth to be had,
and those who iniss it will regret it.
Old subscribers should see thai their
renewal subscription is sent in at
once to guarantee the picture.
Owing, bo doubt, to numerous
counter-attractions, the ice carnival
at the skating rink on Thursday
night waB not very largely attended.
There were not many people on
tbe ice, and tbe costumes were not
of an elaborate nature.
Didn't Understand
The daughter of an old farmer
wss reading the local newspaper to
him. Sbe got to the personal paia-
graphs and read this:
"Mrs. William Morritts.nee Black,
has returned from a visit to her parents in London."
Tell the truth, but be careful to
whom you tell it.
Newspaper Law
1 A postmaster is requited to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when iksub-
scriber does not take his paper uut of
the postoffice, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do ho makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders bis paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his namo or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5. The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Sl)f <_katti> If arks &«n
and the Montreal
Jamtlg ^rnlii mi H-e.ek.Uj Star
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Bridge Street,
Hot ind Cold Batbi
Rl._t.CliM Bar, Pool
Bind lllUrd Room.
Is Connection. hi,
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Urge-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet.   In refining this oil we use a double process,  which takes
out all bad odors; this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large  White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot bt bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one barrel of our famous Silver  White Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon.    We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and if you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will refund your money" cheer-
Kippire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11.65. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of yonr Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
fully.    We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
cannot be broken.   We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so fi  out coupon below and send us your order at
Address a  orders to—
Empire Oil Co.,
BOX 2196               Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty*
•                                                                       •
should have rich, red blood
and sturdy, healthy bodies to
-withstand cold rains, changing
seasons and winter storms.
' If your child is weary when
rising—lacks energy and ambition—has no appetite or
possibly sallow skin or a pinched
face—it is for want of vital body-
nourishment; this growing
period demands special, concentrated, easily digested food
tor body-development— metital
strain—physical changes.
Scoff's Emulsion is the
greatest body-builder known—it
is nature's wholesome strength-
maker—without alcohol or
stimulant—make* rosy cheek,,
actio, blood, ttardy frame, ana*
sound bodiet.       ,
But yon mutt have SCOTTS,
Scolt & Uowiie, Toronto, OiitHiio 1
Tlio blifnt-taced man did not look
up from his dealt, when the woman
witli-the subscription hook .entered
his office.
1 hopo sir, the caller began tentatively, that you arc familiar with
foreign missions?
Madam, he snarled, his ryes still
unrnlsed, all missions uve foreign to
Of course, you wouldn't get so angry
tulking poliths if the otht-v follow 1ml
any sense or- reason.
Trailed by Passenger* They are Cap,
tured and Put In Irons by
Thieves have recently been active
recently on Soard steamerB voyaging
dow-^the Brazilian coast, and the experiences of the British Royal Mall
Company's uhlp Amazon on her last
homeward voyage probably supply tho
A few hours after tho Amazon left
Sautos a man weaving « startling
gray suit was seen to enter several
of the flrst clasB cabins as if ho wero
looking for Ws own.   .
Whon the passeifSers went down to
tea one of thorn said: A man canto
into my cahin while I wns resting. As
I thought ho looked rather a auspicious character I followod him to another cabin belonging to a Mend of
mine, und found him putting his hand
Into tho wardrobe. I asked blm-what
lie was doing, whereupon ho fled.
A man came Into my cahin, too,
Minimi's Liniment Co., Limited, said another passenger.     I wonder iI
Gentleman,—Last winter I received  it was tho same man?
-*  -       "■- •■-" "' fain.     'rho news caused   general   excite-
mont on board nnd inquiries showed
By Inducing a man tn run for ofilco
a woman can discover hi., faults without marrying him.
Help comes to those who are willing to pay for it.
Revolver and Pistol Cartridges
Some people take a lot of care in selecting a revolver or
pistol, and then buy anv cartridges whatever. No wonder
they don't always get good results. There is just as much
difference in cartridges as in firearms. Always get Winchester make of cartridges and you wilt have cartridges
that are reliable and uniform in shooting and give maximum velocity.    They cost no more than inferior makes.
great benefit from tlio uso of MIX
AUD'S LINIMENT in tt severe attack of LaGrlppe, nud 1 have frequent
ly proved M to be very effective In
cases ol Inflammation,
Easily Understood
There are words that arc common in
all tongues aliko
On the heart and tympanum tliey tunefully striko
Though tve can't talk in Turkish and
won't try to bluff.
Why, we know tliat the sultan is -foil
ing "Enough."
Benham—-Thoro is n good deal of
unrest, in the country.
Mrs. Benham—Thore wouldn't bo
so much If wives didn't have to sit
up for their hushuuds.
Iu tlds great and glorious country
of ours, exclaimed tho political orator, there Is r.o nortli, no south, uo
cast, no west.
No wonder wc don't know whore wo
lire nt, came a querulous voice from
the outskirts of the crowd.
.          _>W  1.-J.J.A,
Ves, 1 really must go to-nion-ow.    \
"Vou can Juat as well stay till Monday.
But the folks are expecting me.
Telegraph tliem thnt you're going
to stay.
I'm sorry, but il I stay I'm liable to
lose a thousand dollar*, ou tlio deal I
told you of.
Oh, p_ihaw, the deal cnn wait a few
days. j
My manager lias written me that my |
business needs my attention.
. Ves, but he is only afraid to assume
a little   responsibility.       Tlio   business will be t-.ll right.
There is au important meeting or lhe
directors that I really must, attend,
Oh, they'll get alon;; all right without you.
You know how much I'd like to stay
but the fact is my railroad ticket runs
out tomorrow.
Well, In that case I suppose you
will hu ve to go. lli- sure and come
up to seo in. again iu u month or two.
Thousands ot mothers can testify
to tho virtue ot Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, because they know from
I experience how useful it. Is,
When the now minister, n handsome and unmarried man. made his
llr.t pastoral call at tlio Frosdlcks,
,ho look Utile Anna up in his arms
and tried to kis-s her. But the Child
refused to bo kissed, sho struggled
looso antl ran off Into the nest room
wliero her mother was getting a few
that a quantity of money aud jewelry
had been Btolen,
Tho   captain   ordered    a   special
watch to bo kept at night.
It was then discovered lhat. the two
men wero prisoners recently discharged from Ban Paulo jail, and put j
on hoard to ship at Santos without
<my warning to the captain. Two
other ex-prisoners had also been put,
on board at Santos.
The authorities at llio-Janeiro refused to accept the inoii, and thoy
had to bo taken to Lisbon. They
wore kept in irons, and wore continually watched during-tho voyage.
Every ono iu tho ship waB relieved
wlieutho last man walked off tho
gangway at Lisbon.
To Cure  Common Ailments the
Blood Muit  be Made Rich
and Red
When Yon Buy*Matches,
Ask for    «d ""
They have a true safety base
head,  with oilent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches havs satisfied Can.
adians sines 1151—accept nt other*
Th« E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards, Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
DYE, one r.n t»„y--Wli? you don't pv.n have to
know .■ hi, KINDol Cloth your Good, -rt Bad.
ol.-.So MUt.kc• ... liapoetlble.
Send lor Vi.o Color Card, Story floo'-lft. and
Booklet giving reiullfl of l>y fling over other colon.
Ite JOUNSON-niCHMlDSON CO., Limited,
Montreal. Canada.	
finishing  touches  to  lur
before going bade Into the drawing
room to greet tlio clergyman.
Mamma, tho little girl whispered,
the man in lho drawing room wanted me to kiss him.
Well, replied mamma, why tlidu't
yott let him?    I would il I wcro you.
Thereupon Anna nut back into the
drawing room, and the minister asked:
Well, lililo lady, won't you kiss me
No, I won't, replied Anna promptly,
but mamma rays sho will.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget  In
Neurly all tho diseases tliat afflict
luinitttiity are caused by bad blood—
wettl., watery blood poisoned by Impurities.   Had blood is the cause o£
headaches and   backaches,   lumbago
and rheumatism; debility uud indigestion,    neuralgia    antl    other   nerve
troubles, and disfiguring skin diseases like eozema antl salt rheum sho.v
hov Impure the blood actually is. No
use trying n different remedy tor each
tlisc-aso, because thoy all spring from I
the ono cause—bad blood.     To euro!
any ot theso troubles you must got
right down to tlio root of the trouble
lu the blood, ond that  is just what
tug „ xw~t ]■„._ Wllllalns' l'lnk I'ills tlo.     Thoy
adornment  uuli!0 n,,w, rich blood and thus cure
' " —'—- — -»™ t,a-.1i„1ii>
dealer pays
more for this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisiied
those discuses when common niedlclno
fulls. Mrs. John Jackson, Wood-
stock, Ont,. suffered from both nervous troubles r.nd a run down condition
and experienced a complete euro
through tlie ust- of Dr. Williams' Pink
KHs, She says: "I was a sufferer
for a number cf years from neuralgia,
and ii general debility of tlio nerves
and system, l lyid ttiod several doctors antl many medicines but to no
avail until I began Dr. Williams' l'iul.
Pills, At the tlmo I began tho I'ills
I litid grown so bnd Hint 1 could hardly bc on my feet and wus forced to
wear elastic bandages about, tlie ankles.     Tho pain 1 suffered at time.
flood morning, b'u-, said the polite
book agent cheerfully.
t'gli, grunted tho prospect, nol so
If it is not trespassing en your valuable time 1 should like to s'.iow you
some books which—
1 don't want no books.
Vardon inc. If yon gkinee nt lliein
1 think—
1 don't, want none, 1 itll you. Oil
out or I'll throw j ou out. I don't nee i
yet darned books,
Yes you  do.      You  need  two  of
them—ibis ouk on grammar nnd thlsj
one on etiquette.    You may uot want
them, but—
Then ho wont away from there to
save argument.
Dysentery Corrodos the intestines
and speedily cats awny tho lining,
bringing about dangerous conditions
that may eamo death. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial clears
the Intestinal canals ot the gonna thai
cause tho Inflammation, nud by pro-
tenting lho Doing (roin further ru*--
Hflfll. fl"..    mm—    .    	
from the neuralgia wns le'.-riblo. I
had almost given up hope when I hogan -the use of Dr. Williams' l'lnk
l'llla. In tho course o*n few weeks
1 felt an Improvement, nnd I gladly
continued tlie use of the I'ills until
I wus once, more quite well and nble
to attend to ail my household duties."
lf you nro nilliig begin to euro yourself toduy with Dr. Williams' l'lnk
I'ills. Sold by all medicine dealers
or by mall at 30 cents a bos or eIs
lK.Tflt.3 for $2.50 from Tbo Dr. Wll-
linins' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
to do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
More Bread
and Better
JSS restores- th»m to lumKhJoondfc ,,,..., nlolluM. „alit
The old ludy 'from tho cotinlry and
her small son were driving to town
when it huge motor car boro down
iilHin them, Tho horse was badly
frightened and begun to prance, where
upon the old lady leaped down uu<l
waved wildly to tho chauffeur, screaming tit the top of her voice,
The chauffeur stopped tho ear and
offered to help to get the horso .pilot
I    That's all right, said the boy, who
j rcinnlnod composedly in lho currlnge.
I can manage tlio noise.     Yon just
Ion,    Tliose subject   to   dysentery
should not bo without ihis simple yet
powerful remedy.
itilson, wiio Is a stout man, was run-,
ning to catch a train thc other day.
when ids friend Jones called not: j
Halloa, Ullson. Iu ll htirrs*'.' (loin?;
somewhere? ,
Keeping Ills lirenlh for Oilier purpose.! Ullaoti made Do reply, but he
determined to tako a terrible revenge.
About 1 o'clock next moruing ho called Joiie-s up on thu telephone. After
a deal cf ringing, a sleepy volco tit
the other end of iho wire told him
Jones was their.
Thot you Jones?
What do yott want? nsked Jonea
I've been In bed thoso two hours.
I'm Ullson, went on the other. Ho-
mouther seeing mc ruunlng this morn-
Ing, di? Yes? Well, 1 wns goln:;
somewhere, und I was In a burr",
Good night.
Then Ullson hung np tbe receiver!
nnd got back Into bed a hnppy man.
She Had Sncb
Beautiful Hands
that it was perfectly evident
Uut ibfl used  SN*Ai\   the
original   li.iml
cleaner, to re-
ut housevrurt.
.   £*\*0> fttttlMM.
How Much of Your Road Money u
Spent in Filling Rub?
T If the millions of dollars that have been spent repairing worn-
out, washed-out streets and roads had been used to build
more miles of good highways, fewer farmers would now be
wasting valuable time and money taking "round-about" routes
to town.
piRST cost of an ordinary dirt or macadam road is usually
only a "starter." The cost of upkeep soon equals that
first cost and there is always an ever-increasing annual expense
fot repairs. The worst feature of it is that tuch a road is
never a really first-class highway.
TN estimating the cost of a road you should include the ex-
pense of keeping it in good condition for at least twenty
years. If you don't, you're figuring on the first payment for
tliat road, only. And the remaining payments are as certain
s* taxes.   The upkeep cost of concrete roads is practically
Concrete roads are tke beat roads from tke firat -end
the beat and cheapest road* at the end of ten, fifteen
and twenty years.
/"■ONCRETl'. i« the ideal paving material for streets in Wull towns M
*"* well as for main highway) in the country.
Edward N. Hinei, Wayne County, Michigan, Road Commissioner,
and one of Anieriea'i foremost authorities on good roadt, tayii
Aar eoainualtrllut w,*\x , * -"V-ele___.e_.Mf ton
tlaa* **m*. fairly heavy im
* eaelvetr -aalalalatS, a r
allpeerr.a raa* Uut •..«-.- .-	
ua yew.. raed that ta Iha leal ma, aaf 10. 1
okeepeit al all lead re ale, •_.<, tiM Ibt eftliata Ika -.„- _	
"AXyRITE tor the facti about Concrete highways.   When convinced,
"  uie your influence ta Inve the roads for which you pay built to last.
We have highway experts who will visit tny community Intending
to build more toads and explain just why and how concrete roads are best
and cheapest.
Canada Cement Company Limited
|JO; Har.ldBulUi»f, Montreal
//_..-_- Mil -l copy ofout- t-'t fife ios, for formers " Whit IheFilrm.
ircaii J, wit\ Oitciflef If nil, tvrltefor il. Its absolutely ft el.
No man ean atand ln hts own lUht
without casting a shadow.
Ii   i
She la Indeed a clever woman lf she
ls too clover to show It.
Thc light that lies ln ft wonial
eyes may tell the truth,
.   It's tho eftUest tblng In the wc|
I to go from bnd to worso. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Foe or
Friend It Was
to Be
Bad luck had followod Joe Pebble for.
three years—in fact, ever since ho bad
tired of tho mouotouy of supporting
Ills wlfo ami her father on his wages
as a cattle herder and bad suddenly deserted them to follow tbo call ot his
•Id freo life.
He had simply disappeared to let
them think wbat they would of hiin.
lie had left all Ihe money lhat ho possessed except a single silver dollar, aud
he had used his own horse to rldo
away from them.    -
Bod luck bad followed bim In bb
roTlngs. He had been unhappy ln his
freedom. His heart ached, for the
sweet companionship of Gertrude, his
wife, aud for ths placid philosophy of
the good natural old man, her father.
Today be wns riding down a ravine
among lho Tepee bills. Once more lio
.was free. Ho had discharged himself
from a ranch on the western side of
the watershed and wns riding forth on
•tie of those strange, restless quests for
sew scones which had become a habit
with him since ho had deserted bis
wife. Happiness ho never expected to
He drew rein I hero and looked
through nn opening down upon a pleasant alluvial plain dotted with cattle.
A low adobe winch bouse was there,
surrounded by bnrns nud a corral.
Hmoko wreathed up from a chimney.
It looked very peaceful nnd pleasant—
the sort of home he and Gertie had
your ankle Is better," said tbe doctoi I jret recognize him: tben he sat bolt
decisively. upright in bed and stared with whiten-
Tha doctor left the room, and 3o*
heart him talking to some one In an
ether room. There were other voices
that seemed to vibrate strangely on
his hearing. What memories of thi
past they revived! Whose voices did
they resemblo?
He tormented blmself wltb these
questions uutil be -fell asleep from
sheer exhaustion. He was awakcneC
after a refreshing sleep by the sound1
of a pump handle creaking outside,
Shortly afterward a heavy, deliberate
ing face Into the kind, forgiving eyes
ef—his father-in-law.  -
"Father!" he taurumrcd brokenly and
hid his face in his bands.
"Son!" said tbo older man solemnly,
and he laid his band upon Joe's dnrlc
hair In the old familiar caress, for
the two had been very fond ot eaeh
"It has been you all along?" asked
Joe after ejtvhlle.
"Yes," said the other. And in a few
words be told tbe repentant man tbat
football entered his room, snd he wan I lft p hI   dcseM|on 0crtr a„ a„a „
conscious that some one was bending m m w-.om|ng and <,„„,„ dowu int0
0T.?,!_.b.,m' . „     ,,     i .'1Texas to start anew.   Tbo old man
"Well, stranger," said a deep, reso- \    . _. ___h|ch „,
nont voice, "1 reckon you re «-"•■• ,10U(fllUbc ,.„„,„.  They had never e*
"1",, ,„ ,   .   ,  _,.a petted to see Joe again.   When they
••■Who ore you."* was Joes hurried ; vmmtm blm ,„ lh" ,nJ,lrcd stranger
question. . ,.J whom Starbtw bad led them to tbey
There was a little pause before the
answer came. "My name's Smith.
"Nothing, only I thought It sounded
—like-somebody 1 used lo know,"
murmured Joe, sinking buck upon hli
"I wonder lf yon wouldn't tike me to
help you outer tboso clothes you got on
and get you Into bed Iu ;; decent way7"
went on the voice, nnd when Joe grntt-
had hastily assumed the name ot
Bmltb for the time being.
"And Gertrude?" nsked Joe brokenly.
"Can she remember me and believe ma
to become what she's worthy of?"
"I'm bere, Joel" cam* Certrude'i
voice- ln answer.
Tims Told by Shadewe,
Among curious clock novelties Is tbe
fully assented tbo owner of the voice shadow boudoir clock. With t there Is
helped him with a woman's tenderness «9 necd oi f/11 nf,up *? ,?':? " "gUt
to undress and clothed blm tn clean <" to™ »" tho bulb. All tha s necessary is to (oucli a button aud tlio lime
Is flashed on tho wall, aftot lho snme
fashion lhat signs are tinsticd on I lie
.idewnlU. When lho owner of Ihe clock
retires bo turns a ulgbt dial to the ceiling, and wheu bc presses a bulb the
electric light reflects from the dlnl
Ihrongh the iena nnd appear*, giving
lho correct time In shadow ou the <-cil-
underwear and- a clenu coarse nightshirt.
"I'm mightily obliged to you. stranger," murmured Joe drowsily as ha
sank on bis pillow after swallowing a
enp of bot broth.
"You're welcome," eald the other
solemnly, and, tiptoeing out, be closed
the door.
Joo did not awake again until tbe
neit morning. Do knew lhat tho windows wcro wide open, for hs breathed
I ho fresh, sweet air, and be could hear
tho song ot birds. His eyelids felt
very stiff aud sore, and he was grateful for lho bandage that covered them.*
Mr. Smith came ln presently and,
after a pleasant greeting to tbo Injured man, bathed his faco nnd hands
and brought some breakfast to him.
i Joo bit Into a hot corn uiufi'.n. nnd
bis band fell upon tho counterpane.
1 He turned Ills blindfolded eyes toward
the stranger.
"Who made these muffins?" he asked ln a choking voice.
Thero wns a hesitating 6i!ence beforo Mr. Smith replied. Tben. "Uy
daughter mado litem," lio replied.
••Your daughter! Wliy-wbo-oxcus»
me," stumbled Joe, "but Ihey are like
those my wlfo makes, and 1 never tasted any others liko 'emI" He hastily
resumed bis breakfast, nnd the portion
of bis faco below the bandage glowed
redly. |
Mr. Smith said nothing.
It Shows In Inventiveness as Well el
In Statesmanship.
"It Is not only in statesmen nud soldiers nnd presidents thnt Ohio has
been great, ln invention Ohio stands |
supreme." snid John A. i'oland, a lawyer of Cblllicothe. "Tlio Wright brothers are lbe most recent Inventors who
bave given lo the world a revolutions-
Ing Invention. !
"The first friction match made in tbe
United States was mnde In Znnesville.
0. Iu 184" a man of Ilie namo of
McGinnis kept a general store there,
where bo sold everything, including
drugs. One dny a clerk in McGinnis'
was givon nn order to mix In it mortar
a iiunntlty of sulphur nnd phosphorus.
He did It hud delivered the compound
lo his customer; ,
"That evening the store boy. a lad
named Sbewnrd, iu cleaning out tho
mortar used some shavings to scrape
out the mixture that wns left.    Ho
MeTm^altm^ he de-' ^^ *,othi,« more nbout it until
dared that Joe bad a llllle fever, and
bo changed his medicine. Once mora
Joe heard three voices In consultation in the next room. Bo could now
recognize Smith's voice and tbst of
the doctor, but the third one was that
of a woman, pitched low nnd soft, and
eluded his searching mlud.
"Where have I beard that voice before?" he asked blmsolt ngain nnd
again as tbo dnys passed by, but the
suswer did uot come-lhcn.
During those long d«ys snd nights
of pnln nnd helplessness Joe-Pebble
the neit dny, when he picked up ono
of tho shavings and carelessly drew
one.across the counter, lt ignited, lie
directed the intention of .McGinnis to
lho phenomenon; uud lho latter began
to study.
"The result was th.il JlaGlnnls manufactured the first sulphur matches
made in tbo Dnlted Slates. The store
boy afterward became Judge Shcward
of Dunkirk. N. Y.
"The first photographs produced in
(bc United States were made at /.Mies-
ville.   Dagueri-e, who discovered pho-
With the Increased Representation It
Will Have 632 Vein.
Under the new apportionment ot representatives in congress and with the
admlsslou of New Mexico and Arlzons
the Electoral collego will be reconstituted and a new basis established fot
representation at tho national conventions.
Each slate bas ss many electoral
votes as it has senators nud representatives. In 1909 thero were 483 members of tbo Electoral college. Next
year there will bo 032. So 267 votes
,wtll be necessary to elect.
Confusion has arisen In some of the
tables of electoral votes heretofore
published, which wrongly give tbo to
tal as 031. Tbo mistake bas arisen on
tbo assumption that Now Mexico had
only ono representative In cougress,
whereas It bas two.
Tho Republicans, and Democrats
bavo bases of representation In their
conventions that differ slightly. Both
parties admit twice as many delegates
from each stato ns It has senators and
representatives. So tho states will be
represented toih nt Chicago and Baltimore with 1,064 delegates. The difference arises in the territorial representation.     .
The Republicans admit six delegates
from Hawaii and two each from
Aiaslra, District of Columbia, Porto
Rico and the Philippines, thus making
a total of 1,078 delegates.
The Democrats admit six delegates
from each ot theso five divisions, malt.
lag a total of 1,004.
In tbo Republican convention a majority, 540 votes, will nominate. In the
Democratic convention a two-thirds
vote Is necessary, or 730.-Knnsas City
Star.. -	
Our Great- Territory Hae Became One
Vast Game Preserve.
Quietly but surely Alaska has become one vast game preserve. A new
division of Uie lisherles bureau lu the
department of commerce and labor ls
called the Alaska lisherles survey. The
function of this survey ls to look nfter
ell tho Alaska fur seats, tlie lesser fur
bearing nnimals, the beaver nnd tbe
sea otter and almost all the varieties
of bear. Ity a strange arrangement,
however, tho Kadlak bear, the largest
of tho tribe, is placed underjbe jurisdiction of lhe biological survey.
From now on, so far ns game Is concerned, the territory will be controlled
like n huge zoological park. No fur
bearing animals may bo killed, except
under tbo rules laid down by tbe fisheries survey. Tho see otter ls not to
ho hunted for niuo years and thc beat
not for four yenrs. Tho movement ls
going to take iho greatest caro of fur
eenis. I'lve gnmo vsrdens to be maintained for the territory, nnd tbey are
to guard aud study the animals.
On tbo south coust nnd where the
Kndink bear abounds these animals
are becoming so numerous as to bo-
come n positive nuisance and an actual
menace.—Chicago News.
la breeding operations there are
many disappointments to the breedei
of dairy cattle. Oftentimes tbe breedei
ts proud when be has bad dropped
upon his farm a heifer calf, lbe oft'
spring of tbe best cow be ever owned
and a bull whose worth and value ban
been verified by older offspring and by
tho many excellent hotter records set
forth in his pedigree, writes J. -*.
l-'letcher In the American Cultivator.
Only the breeder with long expert-
enco can tell yon bow often his hopes
havo boon blighted and bow Often when
I hla calf comes to cowbood she proves
herself to be one of tbe commonest et
This result will often occur, no matter bow efficient her care and feeding
hare bcen during ber younger dayi,
vt-lille abe was coming to maturity, bat
oftentimes her worthlessness can rightfully be attributed te a lack ot proper
conditions at somo period In her Ufa
tbtt tend toward proper development
In many Instances tbe first year of the
heifer's life she is well fed and cared
for, because the breeder and feeder
well known tbe aliments that beset
poorly fed calves. He well knows that
unless good care and feed are provided
the calf will die, but when tho belfet
.    *» -t\*,* *«-k9 -»
planned before. A lump camp lulo bla
Ihroat, and he brushed his brown hand
across his weVeycs. T1>cn bis young
fa<*e sank Into those stern, brooding
lines tbat had replaced the old careless expression.
Joe Trlbble, as be called himself, rode
en. A few yards farther on bis horse
stumbled and fell so suddenly that Joe
,wss pitched over his hesd, to fall In s
crushed heap among some rocks. Hi
l«y very still, while the horse scrambled to hli feet, sniffed tjf bis master's
unconscious form and ibeu limped away
for assistance, whinnylos pitifully.
Joe oponod his eyes upon darkness.
There wse a bandage over bis eyes, and
he could see nothing, but bo know thnl
lie rested upon a soft bed. A law cool
hand touched bis wrist, aud s llngci
* pressed upon his pulse.
"Doctor," Joe huskily whispered.
"Ahal" said a mellow voice. '.'Coming oround, sre you? I'eel.prelly well
banged to pieces?"
"Pretty sore," admitted Joe. "Wh«U
the mstter wltb my eyes?"
"You fell on a lot of broken ro.k.
aud got some splinters In your eyea
You csn't come Into the light uutil
they've healed up a bit. Nothing to
worry about; mere scratches. Yon have
got a broken ankle, tbough."
"Whoreaui IV" wss Joe's neit qties
"At'a ranch close by-lbe spot when
your horse threw you. Pretty Intelll
gent beast, tbat borse! Came llmplne,
down here to thc ranch and nlmost told
Vr. Smith what had happened. Yoo
csn bet he's well tnken care of too!"
"Poor old Starbrow!" murmured Joe
Then, turning to tba doctor, be asked
lu a loiv -olce, "Wbere can 1 stay-
"Ob, jes!  Ioj. "a»'t bc moved until
bad leisure to think over whnt he had tograpby. bad made known his secret,
done, nnd he resolved that when be «"<* Alexander C. Ross, rending It. im-
i-eeovercfl that he would go uorth provlsed a camera from nn old nc-
sgaln and endeavor to become recou- j cordion and produced the first dallied to his wife aud her father. guerreolypes. There ure some of l hose
Tho thought of tbis coming journey ; old pictures still treasured by lhe poo-
id much to bnsten his recovery.         ' P'e of Zanesville."-Wnsb!nstoii Post.
On tho evening of this particular i
■lay-a Sunday It was-ho lay there |
sloue In tbe room.   Ptesently Smith
eamo In and talked to him;   They
talked on various matters, and finally
Joo told him ubout his former life In
Wyoming snd ended by confiding bis
tin to thc old man.   Ho told It all—ol
his wild longing for freedom, bow be
bad fought It for days before making
up his mind to lenvo his wife and
bow, after the Irrevocable step had I
lieen taken, ot the remorse he had ]
Tha Etlina Club, Which Is Both Intellectual and Aesthetic.
Tbe latest freak club In London Is
Mltod (he ..thim. It bas rooms on a
street .iust oft Piccadilly, and here lis
men and women members meet for in-
tollcctuul converge.
The rule of Ihe club demands that
there sball bo as little distinction lu
(he dress and appearance of Ilie mem-
... . . hers as possible, nnd both men and wo-
"I think of then, two MAw«H „„,', ,       flowinR „.u,t0 Bttl.mcn,8
dey and night,* he groaned.     What       McUlkc .,„,, snml|Us More
has   become   of    liemt   A   cojot. .       ., ,.,.„...„   .
wouldnt have acted meaner n l uw, i
Don't God ever glvo folks a chance to
make good whon they've sinned?"
tlio club, writes the London correspondent of lho Huston Advertiser, Most of
the men arc clean shaven, and tt few
Th. older man did not answer for . , y^^i tar. *£* K. while
long time. Then be arose and bent,
over tbe bad for a brief instant. "I
believe be docs, son; I believe be will,"
he snld solemnly, and Joo beard lilra
pass from the room nnd close tbe door.
Fror.1 lbe room overhead be hoard
Ibe murmur," of voices long Into lbe
ulgbt. They were talking when be
foil asleep, nud once ho started wide
awake because ho thought ho heard a
woman's sobs. "Don't cry, Gertie; everything Is nil rlgbt," ho murmured
drowsily eud went to sleep egnln.
Tbe neit day the doctor enmo and
removed tbe bandn-je.
After the doctor had gone Joe waited Impatiently for Mr. Smith to come
In. He was coger lo see the face of
tbe man wbo bad bcen so kind lo blm.
All at once a bulky form filled tbe
doorway, and Mr. Smith's slow, deliberate step approached the tied. In the
dim light Joe's eager eyes did uot at
Ihoio who huve long ball' twist their
Hocks nbout tbcll' bonds ai tightly ns
| possible.
No Introductions are ever mad*'. Any
member in permitted to talk to any
! other nnd to talk freely und openly on
any subject. The object of tlie club
ls to foster free discussion Between
men nud women, Visitors nre occasionally ullowed, but tbey must, of
course, wear the flowing robes and
Tbe membership is very limited, and
a positive requisite is Intellectual work
of some sort. Most of tho members nre
writers, others nro Interested in socinl
problems aud work on committees,
while still others nre members ot tlie
great band of men nud women In Loudon wlio seem iilwuys on tlie outlook
for lho very latest thing in fads ami
Odd Wsy to Make Steel Rods,
There Is employed In Great Britain
a comparatively uow process of making bars of steel and other metal.
This process consists In heating metal
until It becomes plastic and tben forcing It, with the aid of a hydraulic
ram, from tbo compressing cylinder
through a die. It Issues from the die
In tbe form of a rod, llko sausage
from a sausage machine. Tbe rods
are rouud, square or hexagoual, according to thc shape of the die. and I*
Is said Hint tbey possess greater tensile strength thnn rolled bars of equal
size. Wire so small that It weighs
ouly one-bundredtb of a pound to the
foot lu length, as well As heavy bars,
aro produced In Ihis way.-St. Louis
A Forgotten Tyrant ef Chins.
The nbdioallou-or dcposltlon-of tha
Emperor of China recalls tbat the rather lengthy list of ex-sovereigns includes another oriental ruler who ouce
figured very prominently In the public
eye-tho notorious Tbeebaw. who succeeded his father on the tbrono of Ava
In 1S78 and Immediately began to murder bla relatives und generally misrule
bis kiugdoin. Protests fulling to effect blm the llritish government (lis-
patched an expedition uuder Ucneral
Prondergnst lo depose blm. Ava wae
added to lbe empire end Thccbaw wes
sent into exile lu India, where, powerless bnt well provided for, lie still sur-
fives.—London Chronicle.
Immediate Effect.
"What is thc matter witb .lones?"
"t bndu't noticed."
"He hardly speaks Io common folks."
'•Theso leap year proposals do swell
up a mau terribly."
8urs Proof.
"JIa, the doctor tbiuks we are millionaires."
"Wbat makes you lliluk so?"
"He said Hint I should eat two egg.
tor breakfast."
The Jersey has been established
ti a (lletlii.t breed for a very Ions
time. For at leaet M» years lt
has been kept free from crossing
with otlier breeds of cattle on Ita
native Island, to which no cnttla
ara allowed to be Imported except
for Immediate alaughter. I'lila long
maintained purity ot blood haa
fixed tha breed charactcrtlatlea of
tha Jersey and siven the race ita
renowned prepotency—the abilily to
transmit to uffsprhix tha cl-.arnc-
tei-tlaies of the parents. Tbe Jer-
eey ehown herewith la of tha American type.
becomes a yearling she presents a well
grown and vigorous body, nud tn case
tho cows in milk and ihe younger
calves fill the born sho Is tlie ono tbal
must remain out ln the cold and suffer
tlle effects of snow, cold rains and
As a matter of fact, good cows nre
tbose tbut hare bod good enre from the
day they wore born until Ihey rcaeli
maturity, but 1 am confident that those
which have a setback In growth while
they are' calves develop into better
cows than those whose growth and
development nre checked wben tbey
sre yearlings, bocauso before tbey
bavo time to recuperate tbey are bred,
aud tben a portion of their food and
energy 1st'devoted to producing a
fetus, and milk production following
this keeps the heifer ever afterward
busy, so that hor time for development
Is past In view of tbe fact tbat dairy
heifers are bred young, tbey should be
cared for In sucb a way that tbey may
attain tbe greatest amount of growth,
stamina and power during their younger daya During the llr.it two winters
tbey should hnvo access to well bedded, dry and warm quarters. Tbey
should bo well fed on foods that te;d
lo stimulate bone and muscle production, and for tbls oats and bran, with
clover or alfalfa hay for roughsge,
hare no superior.
Prenatal Influence.
rrofeasor Kvvard of Iowa experimented to find what Ihe influence ot
different feeds given to tbo sows wonld
bave upon lhe number snd vigor ofthe
Thirty-five gilts were divided Into
scion lots of five each, and corn was
mado the basis of tbe various feeds fed
to each lot. Tbo lot which wns fed
corn alone produced tho smallest number ln litters, tbo weakest pigs nul the
lightest weight per pig. The sows fed
corn nnd alfalfa produced tho largest
and fattest pigs, though tbeir number
was a trifle smaller than tbose produced by sows fed on a ration consisting of four pounds of meat meal to
thirty pounds of ear corn, snd another
lot fed on a mixture of coin, oats,
bran, middlings and oil meal. Tbt
corn slono pigs averaged 1.74 pounds
at blrtb, whllo tbo corn nnd alfalfa
pigs averaged 2.29 pounds, which wae
tbe heaviest average of any end'
showed n galu of 32 per cent In weight
besides being much .better pigs.
"She's tbe most uucouselous girl •
aver saw."
"Well, wby shouldn't sbe be? Shea
pretty aud knows It. Sbo*s clever uud
knows It, snd she's good and knows it
What bas eht tt b*» cousosns of?"-
Kivihanft. THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Soap Lake Salt Baths
Given at
Good for Rheumatism, Skin
Diseases, and Many Ailments.    As  Cleansing
as a Turkish Bath
Try One
Former Grand Former Resident Threatens Life of
Premier McBride
The following dispatch from Spokane is nf considerable local interest:
"At the request of Colin S. Camp
bell, supeiintendent pf provincial
police, the local authorities are
searching for William Milsom, who
is accused by theCanadian authorities of sending threatening letters
from here to Sir Richard McBride,
premier of British Columbia. Milsom is believed by tbe police to be
mentally unbalanced."
The letter was received in Vi .toria
last week by the premier and bore
the signature, William Milsom,
held a Spokane, WaBh., postmark
on the envelope, and read as follows: »
"I write this as a challehge to
you, also the people of the Presby
terian church and the people of the
Church of England, for having accused me falsely, both by word and
deed, and while the Scotchman likes
to be looked upon as the hero uf the
British nation, I can prove that he
has acted tbe coward. So I write
asking both you and your countrymen to don yonr kilts, for I wish
to meet you fair and square, and I
will prove to you that it is mit God's
will that the b g Scotchman should
have his revenge. For vengeance is
mine, saith the Lord. And I will re
pay. You attacked me becaua■: you
thought I was weak and ignorant.
But I wiith to prove to you that the
one who is for us is more than all
they which are against us and that
justice does and shall rule the world
I remain yours very truly, William
The letter was placed in Ihehandt,
of Superintendent Colin S. Camp-
hell, of the provincial police force,
wbo has communicated with thn
Spokane Iorce, asking them to
search for the man. Nothing is
known of him by the Victoria police. From the character of the letter the police believe that the writer
of it is insane.
Oltl-tiniiis   of Grand  Forks say
that Milsom formerly lived here,
nnd thit he is still the owner of a
lot on Bridge street. He removed
from the city some years ago, and
lived for a short time in a small
town on Vancouver island. Then
he returned to Ihe citv, but did not
remain long, Smut* who knew him-
reiiarded him ns mentally unbalanced. He used to be in the habit
of provisioning his room, and then
lock himself in for weeks at a time.
This is probably his present method
of eluding the police. Other citizens say that a few yeurs ago he
went violently insane, nnd they
supposed that at present he was con-
lined in some asylum,
The Nominations
The nominations laBt Monday for
civic officers resulted as follows:
Mayor—G. M. Fripp antl R. Gnw.
Aldermen—East ward, W. K, C.
Manly, J. A. Smith, T. A. Wright,
F. Downey; West wnrd,tj E. Woo I-
land, Edward Taylor, F. Miller, E.
C  Henniger, W. H. DinBmorp.
Sohool Trustees—J. A. McCallum,
F. M. Kerby, R. W. Hughes, Donald McCallum, G. T. Moir.
D. V. Mott, of Fernie, represent
ing IheStudebaker Automobile company, was in the cily on Tuesday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
var to date: •
Granby 23,116        45,115
Mother Lode....... 6,900       14,180
Rawhide  5,124 9,452
Napoleon      757 1,553
t^ueen Vit toria    2 84 64C
Others      110 275
Smelter treatmen—
Granhy 22,405       46,465
B.C. Copper Co... 11,991       26,744
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Jan. 16 —The follow
ing nre today s opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Coppor       5.25    5.76
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
bis behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one wbo desires itl will send (free
of chat ge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description,] which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York_City.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
iii-ki.k, kiis ffK-l -Meant
H»N»EN*ii Ui.8id__.ici.. R.I8 nHI 01(1)61
(Published Annually)
KnaUeN triitlf.ru throughout the  world  to
.•oii.imiiii-i.itte direct with KnjftUh
In eueli clam*of iroods. Hesl,lfl» tjplntf ,1 com-
ph'te oommerclal guide to London anil Ita
suburbs, the directory contains Hits of
with the lloodi they ship, and the Colonial
and t-'ori-ign Market!they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they aall,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres ol tbe United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cnrds.Ior *l, or 1.
menu irom £3.
r larger advertls
26, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to plione orders.
A. GALLOWAY. JsL. Columbia p. o.
Mt. C. A. ABBOTT, August it, i*ifr
6* Ann St., New York City.
Dear Sir:   I hare Icunv/n for over 40 y-parsof the
effecuof Wilson'* Kent <:y [Wilson's Preparation
«f HjrpopbotphitHatu) Hlo-lwiU] in cum of pulmonary trouble*.    At tm* |> mt I will ssy to yoa
what you have nnt before known of-that 4a Teart
•ince, whila I wait a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
•everelyill with lung tro.il.1e.   Physicians said I waa
• consumptive and my family physician told my wifa
that he thought I cauM net rfovtr,   Myattention
was directed tn the Wilson Kemedy, which I used
with splendid effect.   I hnve been on my feet and at
work ever linuc *nycu*t.   Yourstruly.
Pastor U. E. Cnurch, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N, Y*
On Dec 1, iqit, Mr. Sager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is very g..od,'r
If you Mill write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furni.-li you any further
information yuu desire.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
W« have the must Diadem jobbing plnnt
in the Boundnry Country, .employ com
|ietent workmen, and curry a complete
line of -Stationery. .
Suits to Order &18 iWds
li We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the ea,st. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you thc
best made clothes in tho country at tlie lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and wo can give you satisfaction.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Billn nf   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
/^rinr^ PDiKiTiiyfi-the kind *e do—m in
■LllA/lf  rRILlllLlU   an advertisement, and
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor' %»#»^»^^j^HM^Nfr
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the het>t. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Wist #«tt frtttt $hop
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yobk,. Jan. 16—8ilver 6\};
standard copper, $17.25@17.50;
London, Jan. 16.—Silver, 28J;
lead, _£!<_ 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
aud fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, type-
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of thc
London Royal Academy and Hoyal.
College of Music
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A i oHri,KTB Stock nr
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A K.vh.1 CntiBtgnmeotof
l..-1-.'ivpci Weikly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaiiir "nii'nir a Speclaiy.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st IJoott NoiiTii of UltANur  IIo-itl,
FlIIST Sthkkt.
Anyone rending a rtett.li end
qnlti-ly aaceruln onr opinion |
TMdc Mabm
 _ onroplnl
__  i probably]	
tent free.
'Cflflnodcntl-i. HANDBC
„_ — .Ja_M_u.cncr.for mow
reunite UMn throoeh lloiin
W«ial notice, withoutcheff* la
Scientific JUnertcan.
A fitndMnnely Illustrated weekly. Uneetctr-
- ilallon of .or ecientlflo Journal.   Terac tor
■   - 76 e reer.poatHO prelwld.   Sold br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A telieble French regulator I never hilt. These
pills ere exceedingly powerful tn regulating the
generative portion ol tlie lemale system. Refute
•II cheap Imitations. Dr. *****'* •'• told it
»5 a box, or throe lor 110. Mailed to any address.
VIM Scobell Uroc Co., St. CMbarloae, Oat.


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