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The Evening Sun Oct 2, 1907

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Sixth Year---No. 62.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, October 2, 1S07.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Leader Borden Proved a Disappointment to All But
the Stalwarts
Mr. Bergeron, Party Comedian, Greatly Amused the
Monday last was a big day for the
Conservatives of the Boundary country, the occasion being the visit of
Mr. R. L. Borden, leader of the opposition in the federfl house, wW is
making a campaigning tour over
the entire Dominion, although the
geneir-'ji ""tactions may not be brought
on fcjy*tf*r a year hence. Mr. Borden
was-^Rcoibpanied by J. C. H. Ber-
gords-r, member for Beauharnois Bince
1878, Premier McBride had also
1 advertised as one of the party,
(it he was called to the coast Sunday
Evening from Nelson. The party
traveled by special train, and a  few
s   U'Uveiou uy opobia.    vies..., «uu   »    «...
I of the faithful in this city went down
ff to Cascade to meet the distinguished
politicians. The train arrived here
about 5 o'clock—two hours behind
schedule time. A publio reception
was held in the Yale lobby after dinner.
An excursion train was run from
Greenwood, Phoenix and Midway,
and a large number of people from
these points were in attendance. Even
far-away Hedley contributed one pilgrim.
The meeting in the opera house in
the evening was not as largely attended as had been anticipated. Although the hall was comfortably well
filled, everybody were able to find
seats. There were larger audiences
present at a number of the meetings
during the last provincial election.
There was a noticeable lack of enthusiasm throughout the evening, the applause accorded the speakers being
meagre and occurring at widely separated intervals.
Mr. E. Miller acted as chairman
In opening the meeting, he said that
Grand Forks had been greatly honored
by Mr. Borden's visit, as he had cut
important points from his itinerary
in order to be here. He had also been
requested to express Premier McBride's
regrets at not being able to attend the
Martin Burrell followed in a brief
speech. After paying homage to his
leader, he devoted the balance of the
time allotted hiin to an explanation of
his defeat in the last general election.
He claimed that Duncan Ross had
been passed up like a white chip by
the Laurier government, and that the
latter had in turn passed up Grand
Forks. He was strongly in favor of
civil service reform. The present system, he claimed, was honeycombed
with corruption.
The chairman, in introducing Mr.
Borden, said the latter was the best
friend the west had ever had. He
also took occasion to remark that he
was as much entitled to sympathy as
Mr. Burrell as a defeated candidate.
Mr. Borden opened his address by
paying the customary compliments to
the city of Grand Forks and to the
ladies. He congratulated Mr. Burrell on the splendid fight he had made
in  the  last election, and condoled
with him on his defeat. Outsitle of
a few remarks of a local coloring, Mr
Borden's speech was inditical with
that reported by the daily press in
other cities of this province. He
impresses one as a man who is thoroughly honest. His speech, which
was brief, was at times forceful; but
Mr. Borden is by no means what
might be termed a great or eloquent
orator, and he appears to lack that
personal magnetism which is so essential to the successful politician.
Mr. Borden deprecated the lack of
interest taken in politics by the better
class of our citizens. Every man and
woman owed a certain duty to the
state if Canadian ideals were ever to
be attained.
The speaker approved of Premier-
McBride's withdrawal from the con
ference of provincial premiers in Ot
tawa, and said the question uf better
terms was not a dead issue. The east
should deal generously with the west.
He had nothing to withdraw on the
question of transportation, particularly as to the Grand Trunk Pacific
bill of 1903 and the amendments of
1904. The proposal of the Conservatives in 19031 would have meant two
new lines to the Pacific ports, the Canadian Northern as well as the Grand
Trunk Pacific.
On the question of immigration he
would not emulate Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier.   If returned to power he would
be guided   not by the wishes of the
Conservatives. of   British   Columbia
only, but by the  whole  people   of
British Columbia. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
let matters drift. Finally he accepted
the recommendations of a commission
and raised the tax on Chinese.  In the
session of 1906 a treaty with Japan
made Canada a party to  the   Anglo-
Japanese  treaty of 1894 The Conservative government had not ratified
it between 1894 and 1896, and as far
Canada was concerned it had no effect.
"We  all  deplore  the violence with
fhich   subjects  of a great friendly
power were treated  in  Vancouver,"
he continued.  "We were told by Mr.
Fisher after his visit to Japan in 1903
that there was nothing to fear   from
the immigration, as  only merchants,
travellers and students would come.
Even now, I say that either the government is  in  a position to abrogate
that treaty or   parliament has   been
grossly deceived.   The  Conservative
party is  prepared   to deal with the
question according to the views of the
people of British Columbia,   constitutionally expressed.    Above all   considerations   of  material   growth and
prosperity, we must keep British Columbia for our own great pioneer race."
Mr. Borden referred briefly to the
policy which he has enuniciated.   Ho
had been accused of stealing from the
Liberals.   If he had done so  lie had
only followed them,   They   had   borrowed the whole tariff policy from the
Conservative party.    Another of Sir
John Macdonald's cherished ideas was
the nationalization of public utilities.
In many countries the railways   are
owned bv the state now.   We already
own 1700 miles of  road.   What  he
wanted was management of that and
other roads  by  an independent commission.   He gave the Laurier government credit for one forward move,
the creation of a railway commission.
He thought the credit was due to the
late A. G. Blair.   The   Conservatives
did   not oppose it.    They helped to
make it as effective as possible.   It
should now become a public utilities
commission with two branches, one to
deal with questions of policy,the other
The Miniature Fair Great'y
Admired by Large Number of Visitors
G. P. R. Mechanics at Eholt
Looking for Property
Near Station
with E. C. Lane, Hairy Hunter and
Mr. Gibson, have been camped for a
couple of weeks in search of big game.
i He reports having had a good time,
and says that he got a few shots at a
big bear, but the animal did not seem
to mind it. The only thrilling adventure, he says, the party met with
i was Mr Hunter's persistence in getting lost every time he strayed four oi
live feet away from the camp.
Liberal Conven tion Places lt-
aelf un Recurd on the
Question' j
Mr. Thomas Powers, one of our
successful and enterprising ranchers of
the valley, assisted by Fred Cooper,
fitted up a miniature fair in the vacant building on the corner of Bridge
and First streets last Monday. An
attractive display of the fruits and
vegetables grown in the valley was
made, nearly all of the local prize
winners at the Nelson and Kaslo fairs
being exhibited. The silver cup won
by Grand Forks for the best district
display at the Nelson fair also occupied a prominent place in the room.
During the afternoon and evening the
place was crowded by admiring visitors, including the Borden party and
excursionists from neighboring towns.
Mr. Powers' enterprise should produce good results.
It appears to be a settle fact that
the C.P.R. intends to make some important improvements here, and the
indications are thut this city will be a
divisional point on that line in the
near future. During the latter part
last week three mechanics from the
company's shops at Eholt were in the
city looking for residential property
near the station in the West end.
John Peterson, formerly proprietor
of the Columbia hotel in this city,
but who has been engaged in the hotel
business in Hedley for the past two
or three yea»s, returned to the city
the latter part of last week for a short
visit. He reports having sold his interest in the Great Northern hotel at
Hedley to his partner, John Lind.
He is endeavoring to dispose of his
property in this city, and is thinking
of purchasing an hotel in Princeton.
Died—In the Grand Forks hospital, on Friday, September 27th,
Thomas S. Thompson, aged 32 years,
of typhoid fever. Deceased was sick
for a short time only. He was an
employee of the Granby smelter, and
has been a resident of the city for
about three years. He came here
from South Dakota, where he leaves
relatives. The funeral took place at
4 o'clock Sunday afternoon from
Cooper's undertaking parlors under
the auspices of Grand Forks Union
No. 180.
By Passing Strong Resolutions Against Asiatic Immigration
Gus Parker returned Saturday evening from twenty-five miles up the
North   Fork, where   he, in company
The hearing of Joseph LaBlanch,
Great Northern roadniaster, charged
with adding fictitious names to the
payroll, came up before Judge Cochrane on Tuesday Ust, and resulted in
the accused being remanded fur trial.
Bail was fixed at $11)00, with three
sureties, which was furnished. A. H,
MacNeill, K.C., of Rossland, appeared for the V., V. & E. Railway
company, and Ernest Miller for the
antl  it should
with  administration
have executive power.
He also favored civil service reform,
that in  future appointments  should
be made by competitive examination.
In concluding his speech,  he   suid:
"There are threae essentials of democratic government: honest appropriation and expenditure of public money,
decent appointment  to pnblic office,
and decent elections untainted by the
work   of   the   briber  und the ballot
thief."    He charged that the Liberal
government hud been  lucking  in  all
three   of   these  essentials, but failed
utterly   to   substantiate   any of  his
charges.    The   latter   part    of   his
speech consisted   ut'  u  fluent flow of
slanders, vituperative epithets ami untenable oharges  ugainst the Laurier
administration, which hud  the   effect
of considerably lowering the churacter
of the speaker in the estimation of ull
fair-minded men.     From a ward   politician snch language   might be overlooked, from a man professing to lie a
statesman   it   was   decidedly  out of
place, especially as the other side was
Mr. J. G. H. Bergeron, member for
Beauharnois since 1878, followed Mr.
Borden. Mr. Bergeron prefaced his
speech by telling a falsehood, und he
spoke in thut strain during the entire
evening. He alleged that The bun,
by saying that the Conservatives were
lacking in ability and integrity to
conduot the affairs of the country, had
furnished him with a subject for his
speech ; but as he merely repeated the
■harges he has made against the Liberal administration ever since he
sturted on his present tour, no further
proof us to the falsity of this state-
other charges
At the Liberal convention, now
in session at Vancoucouver, the
greatest enthusiasm was aroused on
Wednesday last over the discussion
of the Asiatic immigration question.
A delegation from tbe Asiatic Exclusion League were given leave to
present their views, ifter their retirement, resolutions on the subject
were presented, and J. A. Macdonald in a masterly speech outlined
the attitude of the Liberal party.
W. A. Galliher, M.P., R. G. Mac-
pherson, M.P., Ralph Smith, M.P.,
and W. W. B. Mclnnes also spoke
to the question. The resolution
adopted reads:
Tbat  the   provincial   legislature
pass, and, if  disallowed,   then  by
special session or sessions, repass the
Natal Act for the  exclusion of undesirable immigrants,   unless  and
until the highest court of the realm
declares such an act beyond the jurisdiction of  the provincial legislature,   or  until  the  Dominion has
passed effective exclusion measures.
Tbat aa the opinion o; British Columbia generally is against the immigration   of Orientals, and as the
Liberal party of tbe   Dominion hag
successfully excluded   the Chinese,
the party should adopt an immediate policy which will accomplish tbe
same  object  against all Orientals,
and that in tbe opinion of this convention   the Natal  Act, which has
been effective in restricting Oriental
immigration in other British countries,   should be passed as federal
enactment, and any existing treaty
ment is required.    His
were evidently of a like nature. I , . , , ,
,,    „ ,-,.. .     ..,       .     , or act which prevents the passage of
Mr. Bergeron felt terribly  grieved   ,    „ r        Ju    k ,
at The Suit for its audacity in making
such a statement—a capital indication that it contained moie truth
than fiction.
Mr. Bergeron is the comedian if the
Borden combination. Whether he is
u low or refined cometliun we leuve to
our readers to decide. At any rate,
his charming habitant patois and
unique stage mannerisms captivated
the audience, und they were in excellent humor while he wus before the
fiintlights. if ho cun only be trained
from insulting the intelligence of his
audiences with out-of-date almanac
jokes, there is no reason why ho should
not uchieve a complete success in
modern comedy parts. That sort of
literature may be ull right whero Mr.
Bergeron resides, but in Grand Forks
The Sun has educated the people to
a higher standard of humor.
Bergeron's antics on the stage were
both comical and ludicrous. First he
would revile The Sun for a few minutes, then he slandered the Liberal
administration until he ran ont of
breath, and this was invariably followed by an old almanac joke. In
this order he continued until the
meeting closed.
The party left the same night for
Ciauhrui'k by special train.
the Natal-Act should be abrogated at
the earliest possible date.
The second section of the above
resolution on the Asiatic immigration question, affecting Dominion
leg slation, was ordered to be telegraphed to Sir Wilfrid Laurier immediately upon its adoption.
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Uth.   Seats  on  sale  at  the usual
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at8:3oeharp. Qlljr Aliening 0un
Published at Grand Porks, BrltUh Columbia.
O. A. Evans Editor and Publisher
A tile of this paper oan be seen at the office
of Me»r*. 17 & J. Hardy & Co., 80,81 ami 82.
Fleet Street, B.C., London. Eughiud, freo ut
charge, and that firm will be ul.nl to receive
subscriptions aud advert!.emeuta on our behalf.
One Year $1.50
Une Year (In advance)  1,00
Advertising rare* f nr-iUbed on '•"■»
Legal notices, ]u aud 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phonb B74 Guano Fohks, B.C.
lofiders — Messrs. Rordfetij BurrellJ
Bergeron et al.—last Monday evening, we are more fully convinced than
ever before that N. P. spells no policy,
and not national policy."
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER 2,   1907
Mr. Bwgopon devofcod ovav nn hour
lust Monday night in an attempt to
disprove The Sun's assertion that the
Conservative purty lacked executive
ability and integrity to conduct the
affairs of the country, and, even with
that time at his disposal, we fear that
his arguments failed to convince his
audience. His bitterness against The
Sun must have satisfied the unprejudiced that we had good grounds for
using the term of which he complained; ami if we had occasion to use
the sentence again, we should write it
exactly the same as we did last week.
While we have no intention of imputing lack of integrity to Leader
Borden, because we be believe him to
be thoroughly honest and honorable,
it is quite certain that, if by some miracle he should be returned to power,
Hon. G. E. Foster would be one of
his ministers. And we do not stand
alone in questioni ng this gentleman's
integrity. As for ability, every citizen bus u perfect right to form his own
views on this subject when public men
ure under discussion.
it is yet a disputed question whether Premier McBride had urgent business at the coast, or whether he
merely feared to face the Grand Forks
coal barons.
Metal Quotations
New York, Oct. 2.—Silver, GfiJ;
lead, $-1.75; electrolytic copper, 14J*J
14 J; casting copper, 14 5-6.
London, Oct. 2.—Lead, .819 15s;
silver, 30J.
The Conservutive leaders profess to
favor civil service. The Liberal party
also advocates this reform, and it
practices what it preaches to a certain
extent. A notable instance in this
province is the Vancouver postoffice,
which was held, up to a few months
ago, by a Conservative under a Liberal
administration. We venture to say
that it would take more than a search
warrant to find a Liberal in the employ of the McBride government.
Even their Socialist allies are completely ignored.
Premier McBride says that "better
trains" will bo the puramount issue in
this province in the next general elections. It is quite certain that this
will not be the issue in Ontario. In
fact, instead of a national policy, at
present it looks very much as if the
Tories in every province intended to
conduot tho campaign on local   issues.
Whon the Conservative speakers
tire of complaining of the injustice of
postponing elections in certain ridings,
they might devote a little time to explaining why Premier McBride did
the same thing in the last provincial
election. If it is an injustice, the
Liberals have us much right to coin-
plain us the Tories.
Mr. Borden's time is his own, und
he lias a perfect right to spend it as
he sees fit. But Premier McBride's
case is diiTorciit, Mr. McBride is
paid by all the people of the provinco
to perform certain duties, and while
holding office should keep off the
It is not so very long since federal
interference in provincial polititics
raised a loud ululation from the Tory
press in this province. But provincial
interference in federal politics is highly commendable.
It was rather unkind of Mr. Bergeron to inform the people of Grand
Forks that there were other papers
besides The Sun published here.
After listening to the Conservative
County Court Cases
His honor Judge J. R. Brown, of
Greenwood, presided over the regular October sitting of the county
court, which opened nt 10 o'clock
this morning in the court house in
this city.
The following adjourned cusps
were on the docket:
International Harvester Coinpany
vs. Gustaf Larson; $70 l.'i promissory note and interest.
John A. Almstroin and GusWnss-
holm vs. Fred C. Lane; 8132.25 for
board and lodging.
Peter Arena vs. F. C. Lnne; $160
for damages.
F. C. Lane vs. M. H. Roy; $200
for use of teams hired.
A. J. Stewart vs. G. A. MacLeod,
W. C. Thomas and W. H. Warrington; H98.65 to collect for work done
and money paid out'on Maple Leaf
claim in Frunklin camp.
New cases—
W. M. Wolverton vs. Chns. Sandner; $260.49 for goods supplied and
money loaned.
Joseph L. Wiseman vs. Thomas
Graham; $103.45 for work, goods
and horse hire.
A. E. Smith & Co. vs. Wall Lee;
$400 damages to horse nntl  buggy.
Mrs. G. Elwell and child, of Bonnington Falls, are visiting at the
home of Mrs. J. B. Henderson. Her
husband is one of the officers of the
South Kootenay Water Power company* 	
A German scientist has discovered
that it is 148 degrees below zero on
the equator—if you go twelve miles
straight up.
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comfort of visitors, the fourteenth
annual Spokane Interstate fair, nt
Spoknne, from September 23 to October 5, is going to prove n record-
breaker from every standpoint.
Exceptionally low rates hnve been
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there will be something of interest
every minute of every day at the
fair. The management hns made
especial provision this yenr for handling large crowds expeditiously) nnd
every visitor will be properly cured
A number of ndditi mul entrance
gntes have been provided both al the
main entrance ami nt the entrance
to the grandstand. The Spokane
Traction company has completed its
line to the fair grounds and will give
a one-minute service during the rush
hour of the dny, a sintiilar service also being given by the Washington Water Power com pany. For
the convenience of those coming on
the traction lines a new entrance
gate haB been provided.
The management of the fair has
constructed a number of new roads
nnd walks about the grounds this
year, and every road and walk has
been coated with finely rolled cinders, making the roadways hoth
dustless and mudless.
A number of new iron benches
have also been purchased, and these
will be placed at various points
ahout the grounds for the convenience of visitors.
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Similkameen     Land    H-fstriet,    District of
TAKE NOTICE that C. 0.   Harrigan. of the
city of (iriuul Korks. Hritish Columbia,
occupation Prospector, intend! to apply for
speeiul timher license*-* over the following described lands, all situate in SimiJl-fiinirfMi
Division of Vale District, Province of British
No.l. Commencing at h post marked "C.
F. Harridan's southwest corner," planted on
the west side of .McFarlane Creek l!*J miles
west of suid creek.aud ahout four miles from
the junction between McKurlune ('reek and
the North Tork of the Kettle River? thence
north 80 chains, thence eust 81) ciiuins, thence
south Ml chains, tlieuce west 80 chains to
point of commencement, and contninlin,- (M0
acres, more or less.   Duted August --ml, 1907.
No. 2. Commencing nt a post marked "C.
P. Hurrlguti's S. li. Corner," planted one-
half mile west of the iiortheu*-t corner uf Locution No. 1) thence north 80 chains, theuce
west HI) chains, them-n south 8ll chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing Oil) acres, more or less. Dated
August "ii, l.'"7.
No. 8, Com men ntti ir at a post murked -•('.
V. Harrlgau's IS. fi. Comer," planted at the
nni -il---*--.- corner of Location No, *»; thenee
north 80 ciiuins, thence w* st Btiohulni, thence
south 80 ohahiii thenoe east 80 chains to
I'oiut of commencement- uml containing t.4u
acres, moreor less.   Duted August 'i'iuti, 1907,
No. 1. Commencing at a coot murked "C.
17 Hurrignu'h S. E. Corner,   planted at the
ortheasl   corner Ot Locution   No. U|   thenee
orth 80 Uhaihl- tbence west SO ohains. thenee
■hiih BOohatnMhenoe ettot Souhalui to point
t commencement, containing tMn aore*t,morc
r lens.
Dated August Hnd, A. D. 11*0?
Similkameen   Lund   District,   DUtrlot    of
TAKE NOTICE that  O.   P. Hairlgan,   of
Grand Porks, M.C.- occupation Prospector,
Intends to apply fur special timber licenses
ovnr the follow ing de*-*- rlhed Kinds, ull-.Dilute lu the --'iiiiilliiiiiitM.il Division ot Vale District, Province of Britlah (Jo umblai
No. l. Commencing at a post marked "C.
F, tiiirrigun's s h. Oorner," plnnted at
the junction of Mel (lrlan**. Creek and thc
North Pork of Kettle Klver, und about three
miles north of Gloucester townsite: theuce
west go ehaina, thence north .sfichuliH, theuce
eust 80 chains, thence south so chuins to
point of commencement, containing 040
ucres, moreor less.
No. 2. Commencing at it pott marked "C.
P. llurrlgan's N. E. Corner," planted ut the
lontlieust corner of Location No. 1: thence
•,011th .Ml chains thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point
of commeucmeut, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Duted this 23rd duy of August, 1007.
0. P. rJARRlGAN.
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Second- D|nc
Hand      HlljJS
and Harness
o-Uso an Assortment tf
We Want
As we have a number of enquiries   for
small   farms.    We expect   a   number of \
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Great Northern Railway
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Similkameen Land Dlltrlot- DUtrlot of Yale.
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, Albert B. Sloan, of
(irand Forks, I). (7, occupation Hotel Man*
mrcr, ltttfii-.lt* to apply for a special timber
liceime over the folluwiriir described hinds:
Commencing at a pott planted about
-.i-veii miles distant, and In an easterly direction from Cascade, 11.(7, and Ik ly inn south of
and ndjolnlttg the Went Kootenay Power
Company'* line; thenoe tooth 80 chalm,
thence east mi chalm, theaee north (JOehalns,
thence went 80 chalm to point of commence -
Donald McCallum, Agent.
Doted Attend 5th, 1907.
SliiillUunuHMi Land DUtrlot, DUtrlot of Yale.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert  B. Sloan, of
Grand Forks, B.C .occupation Hotel Manager, Intends to apply for a special timber
license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles distant, and In an easterly direction
from Cascade, B.C., and Is lying north of and
adjoining the West Kootenay Power Com-
pun v's line; thence north 80 chains, thence
eust' 80 chuins. tbence south 80 chains, thence
west SO chnitiM to point of commencement,
Donald McCallum, Agent.
Dated August 5th, 1907.
"Black Eye No. 1" mineral claim, situate In
the Urand Korks Mining division of Yale
Where located:   Iu Brown's camp.
TAKE NOTICE that  I, Peter T.  .McCallum,
acting as agent for Nell McCallum, Free
Mlner's Certificate No. 1H05M, und Donald
Morrison, Free Miner's Certllleate No. Hinr.sn,
Intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement* tm the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87. must he commenced hefore the
Issuance of such Certiiicute of Improvements.
Dated this 8th dny of June, A.D. 1907.
fohm of notice.
Similkameen Land District, District of Yale,
Province of British Columbia.
TAKE NOTICB that I, M.D. White. Jeweler,
of tbe city of Grand Forks, In the province
of British Columbia, Intends to apply for
a special timber license over the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 80 chnins
south of the northeast corner of Lot No
3*>2S, on Deer Creek, on the North Fork of
Kettle River, in the County of Yale; thence
south HO chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
uorth 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Duted this 7th duy of August, A. D.1907.
M. D. WHITE. 4
Put It in a Safe Place, for
It    May   Come   in
Tells You How to Overcome
Rheumatism With Simple Recipe
tlmt these drugs ai - liarmess and can
be bought separati'lv, or tile druggists
here will mix the prescriptiou fur our
readers if asked to.
A wall-known authority on rlieu
mutism gives the reader*, of u large
New York daily paper tlte following
prescription, which any una ean easily
prepare at home:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce Caiiipound Kargon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sursaparilla, three
Mix by shaking well in a bottle, and
take a teaspoonful after each meal
and at bedtime.
He states that the ingredients can
be obtained from any good prescription pharmacy at small cost, and being of vegetable extraction are harmless to take.
This pleasant mixture, if taken regularly for a few days, is said to overcome almost any case of rheumatism.
The pain and swelling, if any, diminishes with each dose, until permanent
results are obtained, and without injuring the stomach. While there ure
many so-called rheumatism remedies,
patent medicines, etc., some of which
do give relief, few really give permanent results, and the above will, no
doubt, be greatly appreciated by
many sufferers here at this time.
Inquiry at the drug stores of this
neighborhood elicits   the information
Married, at Spion Kop, Cascade,
B. C, at the residence of E. Bangs; on
Wednesday, September 25. by llev.
John Fernie, John Henry Shcapnul,
CP.R. locomotive engineer,'.to A nets
Catherine Tinglay, youngest sister uf
Mrs. Hangs, and daughter of John W.
Tingley, of Amherst, N.I'.
It in said that the Bowman Lumber
company has seven million feet oi'
lumber piled up in its yards at Cas
Arthur James Oiddens has disappeared, and anyone knowing Ins
whereabouts, or tiny news of him .since
the 5th of January I H(>7, when he
left Hostner, B.C.,bound for Phoenix,
will confer a great favor by communi*
eating with his troubled mother, Mrs.
Giddens, Harmer Green, W'elwyn,
England, or communicate with '1'.
Puge, 1997 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, B. 0.
The Dominion Copper company has
been asking for bids for hauling ore
from the Athelstan mine to Hartford
Junction, a distance of a mile or two.
Ralph Smailes, one of the M. k V.
promoters, has returned to Greenwood.
Seyward L. Graham, formerly in
charge of the Oro Denoro mine in
Summitcamp, was drowned recently
in a lake near Cobalt, Ont.
All the mines in the I'hoenix district are reported to be oparating full
forces, and the prod uction  is   heavy.
The   Granby    company's    annual
meeting of shareholders   was  held in
Family Herald '*£&+'
Grand Forks Sun
Regular Price $3.00 *V***1
An Oiler Which Meets the Special Wants of All Cusses uf Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is made up chiefly of tin's.'
classes: Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period
und are out and out Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old
Country, from the United States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction
to all these classes, but by this combination ofTer every special need
is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete re
cord week by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In
addition it has special departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with the news of tho Eastern portion of the
Dominion iu detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides the local and
Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
 1 OU	
Find enclosed 62.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press
and Prairie Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star,
Montreat; and the Grand Forks Sun, for one year each.
their New York oflice last Tuesday,
The company'*! eighth dividend*,
amounting to So | er .share or ?405,-
11(10 for the l'33,CK>0 issued shares, was
payable, last .Monday.
Indian Village at Pair
Indian war ami medicine dun-es,
hv the light tifn blazing eampfi e will
be one nl'the very numerous strong
nigh I shows given at the Inttrslnte
fair litis year, iirriingciiieiits having
already lieen made by the lair unit -
iig.-n.ciil l(t hnve about one hundred
re'l men. mostly "f the Flathead
tribe, br.itighi to tin- lair this year.
A tent it-ill he erected on the Midway, and the Indian dances will be
held h"re. Hung iilmig the walls of
the tent will be n number of scalps
taken at the lime of Ihe Custer massacre on the Little Hju Horn, and a
nuniher of warrior- who took part in
the massa*-!.'. >"« old and decrepit,
will he in niieiuhipet! ni the lair.
A realistic battle between a pony
express rider and a hand of redskins
will be given every afternoon in front
of the grandstand. This will be a
presentation of an occurrence common enough during the frontier
days. The running fight and the
final escape of the rider will he shown
in a life-like manner.
A packing contest, when a  num
ber i.fstpiaws nil [.nek four O.i-ln
sacks of floi'ii'.-in a horse,ridoiiroiwd
the track ome, and then unpack,
will be another interesting feature.
A tepee contest consisting of Ihe
erection of a tepee in*llie shirli'si
possible time, will also be held Expert bareback riding and brunch"
busting   exhibitions   will   also    lie
gi ceo.
The Fl'utheii'd braves will bring
with the.ni all their finery, and the
showing ut the In.linn village this
year should he an unusually uttrac*
live once.
Similkameen Land   District,   District   ot
TAKE NOTj[pB that   Frank   McFarlane,   of
Grand Forks, Hritish Columbia, oecupu-,
lloo a Minor, intends to apply for i-pedal
timher licenses over the following* describe*!
la mis. all silnnte In theSiniilkaineeu Division
of Ynle District, Province of British Columbia:
Location No. 1. Commencing at a post
marked "FrankMcFarlane's N. B. comer,"
planted about twenty chains north of Wallace Creek and about three and One-half
miles north of the North-Eust corner of Paul
Meyer's pre-emption lot 09-i; thence south 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains, thenee north si.
chains, thence east SOchnlus to the point of
commencement, contain! ny 140 acres, nu r..*
or less.   Located July 'liud, 11)07.
Locntiou No. 2. Commenci'it? at a pcist
marked "Frank McFurlane's N. E. corner,"
plnnted atthe northwest corner nf said Location No. 1; theuce south 80 chaius, thence
west 80 chains, thenee north B0 chat lis,' thence
east 80 chaius to the point of commencement,
i-NNtaiiiintr Uf1'iii-i.,. mure or Jess. Located
the-isliul of July, 19(r7.
Location No. 3. Commencing at a post
markpd "Frank McFarlniie'-n S. E corner,"
planted nt the North-West corner of said
Location No. "i; theuco west 80 chains, thenoe
north 80 chains, thenoe east 8U ohains, theuce
south 80 chaius to thc point of commencement, containing 6*1*9 acres, more or less.
Located July tind, ]'.'■'.
Location No, 4, Commencing at a post
marked "Frank Mcl-'arlauc's S. 17 comer,"
planted near the north-east corner nf said
Locution Nf). :i; thence west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, thence east SOchalns, theuce
south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less
Located July 22nd, 1907.
Location No. 6. Commencing ut a post
marked "Frank .McFttrlnne's S. W, corner,"
planted near the North-east comer of said
■•ocation No. 3; thenee east SO chaius, thence
north 80 chains, thence west mi chains' thenee
south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located July 22nd, JH07.
Location No, 7. Commencing ut a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's o. E. corner,"
planted about one mile north of the Nnrht-
east corner of said Locution Nu. 6;
thence north ]00 chaius, theuce west -Iti
ciiuins, theuce south 160 chains, theuce nut
40 chains to point of com" eiieeineut, containing <>40 ncres. more or less. Located ,< uly
22ud, l.uiT.
Location No. 8. Commencing at u | osi
marked''Frank McFarlane's S. K. Corner,11
planted near the north-east ei-irner of said,
Location No. 4; theuce west SO chains, tbence
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains
tlieuce south 80 chains tntlie point of commencement, contuinlng 640 acres, more or
less.   Located the 22nd of July. 1W>7.
Locution No. il. Conimencini; at a post
marked "Fruuk McFarlane's S. 17 Corner."
plauted about hail' ti mil. smith of ihe Northwest cor. of laid Locution Nu. 4; ti e ice west
160 chains, tlici.it' north 40 chains, thenee
i'ii'1- I'i" chilli's, fhciict- south I'i chains to the
point of coin ineueeineut, contain lug tJ40 ncres.
more or less.   Located the 'i'iud of .Inly, r.'i-7.
Locution No. Ill* Commencing tit a post
marked "Frank ..IcFarliine's N- 17 Corner.'
olanted near the South-eusl corner of said
I.iicatjnu No. 1'; tIll-lire west 16" chains, theuce
south 40 chains, thence east JiiUcliains, thenee
iMirth 40 chains to the point of coiiimcncc-
uieut, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located the 22nd of July, IWil.
Location No. 11. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank .McFarlane's S. K. corner,"
planted about half a mile south of Hie Southeast corner of said Locuti in No. t> : thenee
wist PHI chains tlieuce north 40 ehulus.th -nee
east 160 chains, tl ce IO lltli 40 chuins to thc
point   ot   coinlueiieeiueut.    containing    64*'
ucres, more
Locution No. 12. Commencing at n pOll
marked "Frank McFarhineri N. 17 corner,"
planted near the South-east comer of said
Locution No. II: thence west UHi chuins
theuce south 10 chi-iln-*, thence east lOOoliallll-
thence north 40 chains to tin- point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
less.   Located the 1.2nd of J uly, ml.
Location No. 13. Commencing at a post
marked "Frauk .Me Fur hi tie's S. F„ corner,"
plunted ubout one-halt' mile south ofthe
South-east corner of said Location No. l_:
theuce west 160 chains,thence north 40 chains,
thence enst 160 ciiuins, thence south 40 chains
to the point of commencement, containing
HO acres, more or less. Located the Una of
July, 11*07.
Locution No, 14. ConimencinK nt u post
marked "Frank McFurlune's N. E. corner."
planted near the South-east corner of suhl
Location No. IH; thenee west 160 ciiuins,
thence "outh 40 chains, theuce east lt)u
chains, thence north 40 chains to the point
of commencement- containing 6-10 aorei-raore
or less.   Located the 22nd of July, VMn.
Locution No, 1.1. .'oinmeueing ut n post
marked   "Frank Mel'arlnne's N. E. corner."
Ehinted near the .South-west corner of tald
ocation No. 2] theuco west 160 chains.thence
south 40 chains, thenseeast 160 chnliiH,thence
uorth 40 chains to the point of commence-
tnent. containing 610 acres, more or less, bO*
cated the22nd of July, 1907,
Dated nt (irand Forks, II.C., this 14th •hoof August, 1907.
coin lueneciuout,    contain Ing    Ot
■ or less. Located thc Und of Jul}
Knox Phksuytbrian Gnu ho a—
Sab-hath servicew at li a.m. -unl 7 f.
ni.: Sabbath school and Bible bliim at
2:30 p.ui.; Yomij*; Peoplfi's Society of
Clii'iHtian Ktu'l.'-.v.-i-. MunHay, 7:30 |*.
ni. All am cordially invite.!; seatn free,
BJA.—Services next Sunday at 11
a< iu. and 7:30 p.m.; .Sunday sohool
and Bible clans at 2:30 jun. AH
are welcome,
U.WT18T Churoh, Hev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at II a. m. and 7:30 p. in,* Sunday
sohool and liible claws at 3 p.m.
Great Distress In Her Throat
Not an uncoinmoii experience was
that of Mrs. H. S. AVlltoot of Shuler,
N.S. Doctors failed, still a quick cure
was found iu Catarrhozone. Notice
this statement: "I have been a must
dreadful sufferer from bronchial trouble and catarrh, On damp days I
would hawk and suffer KftHLt distress
in my throat. I used all kinds of medicines but didn't get permanent relief
till T used Catarrhozone. It has
strengthened my throat, cured my
cough and made me entitely well."
Refuse substitutes for the one reliable
bronchial and throat cure. All dealers
sell Catarrhozone in 25o and $1.00
The Sun and  the Toronto Weekly
Globe for $ 1.00 per year.
Always Carries iu Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Hot nml Cold Rutin. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Roomi. Entirely re-
ftirnithed nml renovated throughout.
Fir*-t-*-ltuN hoard by day, week or
month. Special rut-*-* to steady board-
era. American nml European plane.
i-incr Har in City in Connection,
*y rt-'^-fa-fc-*,?
ci t ■ * M; C11 c i ■:..• 11 i *■
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
AW avnilable Dominion l.-nnl- within the
Railway iiettorilrfti-.li Columbia muy be
homeiteaded by any penoiiwho i*** the head
nl a family, or an) male over eighteen year«
of it if. to the extent Of one-t'uarter  ueetion
of Itwaeraji more or len,
Entry mutt be inmlr iiernonally at tho loral
l.o..I offlee for the dlltrtCt in H'bicli  tin- land
The nomeeteader li required to perform
the ootidltlom oonnejtea therewith under
one of the fullowin-r j.J.-ms.
11; At leimt llx motlthl' rexidencc upon mid
• ■ii It i\iit ti.. n of the lain) in each year for three
Ci) If tho father (or mot her, if the father lo
deceased), ofthe homesteader resides noun a
farm In the vicinity of tbe hind entered for,
the i ■■'iniremrni*. as to residence may he satisfied by mch person rr-UU nc with the father
of mother.
(8) If tbe iettler hint hli permanent resilience upon farming land owned by him In
the vicinity of his homestead.the require*
merits as to residence may be iatislied by
residence Upon thet-aid hind.
Bin months' notice In writ in-*- should be
given the Commissioner of Dominion Land*,
nt Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal-Coal mlnlnu' rlifhU mar be leased
for a period of twenty-one year« at an annual i I'M n i of sl i-H -.cr acre. Not more than
1,560acres shull be h>a-*ed to one individual or
company, a royalty nt the rate of five rents
per ton shall be collected oe the merchantable eoal mined,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.lt.  Unauthorlied  publication of   thli
mlvertisemenl wdl uot he paid for.
Like a Thief In the Slylit
That's how pu'u oomen. We sit neur
all (ipen window, yet stiff neck or s..re
buck. Perhaps cool off too quick I J*
nfter exertion—rheumatism develops.
Spend whnt you uiuv, but inonev cannot buy anything better than Poison's
Nerviline. It's penetrating power en.
nl.les it to reach deep tissues—that's
why it cures aches that all else can't
touch. For outward application «'e
guarantee live times more strongth
than in any other liniment. Inwardly
it's harmless and as sure as the hereafter to ease at.once. Don't accept a
substitute for Poison's Xervilinc,
which is the one great household panacea of today.
Mining Stock Quotations
New Yohk, Oct. 2.—The following are today's opening quotations for
tiie stock mentioned:
Asked,     Bid
Granby 100.00      80.00
Dominion Copper     A.Vlh     lurA
B. 0. Copper     6.00        5.62-J
The Cause oi Sore (eel
Examine them carefully and you'll
probably find corns. Whether hard,
soft or bleeding, apply Putnam's Corn
Extractor. It's painless, it's sure,
and above all quick to act. Insist on
onlv "Putnam's."
Bicycles axd Repair Wourc—A
complete line of 11.07 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
Carpets Cleaned am) I.al'l.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, nnd
other jobi In the hoiis-*-
cleauttiKliiie. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriage*-).
Second Hand Goods
Receive both Ladles and Gentlemen nn resident or day itiidentsj bas n complete Com*
merelalor fiuklnets Course: prepares -.tui
dentt;to .rain TeacheiV CertiilcateH of al
■rraden (rive* the four yean' course for the
B, A. (lei*Tee. ami the first year of tbe Sohou
of Science course, in affiliation wltb the Toronto University; hat a special prospector*---;
eotirie for miners who worlt in H.C. Instruction is also (riven In Art, Music, Physical i'iiI-
ture antl hlocntloti. Term opens Sept.l th
1906,   For Calendars, etc , addren
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most enre-
lully prepared meals
mid tin1 boat liniiuls
of wines, liquors nml
Finest Humus In the City
First and Bridge Strests
A. J. Stewart
lii'neral Blacksmlthlng
and Repairing
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street
Grand luifc.B. t. The Granby Hotel
John Temple, Proprietor
zJHost Centrally Located Hotel in the City.
First-class accommocations for the traveling
public. Nicely" furnished rooms and an excellent
cuisine. Board by the week or month at prevailing rates. The Bar is supplied with the best
brands   of Cigars   and   Liquid Refreshments.
First Street
Grand Forks, B. C.
Following is the report of the Grand
Forks |pnblie  sehool, as compiled  by
Principal   May,   for   the   month  of
En-   Ac-   Acer- Percent-
rolled, ual.    age.
Division 1.. 35    610i   30.52
Division 2.. 46   814}   40.72
Division 3.. 35    578}   28.92
Division 4.. 42    720     36.00
Division 5.. 51    874     43.70
Division 6.. 35   581     29.05
Division 7.. 35   568}   28.42
Totals....279 4747   237.33
1906 278 4532 238.50
Difference..     1     215      1.17
Mrs. J. B. Henderson visited her
husband at Boundary Falls last Sunday and Monday.
James McArdle returned last Saturday from a three days' business trip
to Republic.
Maj. Megraw, editor of the Hedley
Gazette, arrived in the city last Monday to hear Mr. Borden's speech. He
stated that he expected to see the V.,
V, it E. completed to Hedley by
next spring.
W. B. Willcox, of the Phoenix Pioneer, and James Grier, of the Greenwood Ledge, attended the Borden
meeting in this city Monday evening,
states. Mr. Burr came west thirty-
seven years ago, and this is his first
trip back to the scenes of his childhood. He owns the Queen Victoria
copper property, near Nelson. B. C,
recently bonded, and on which the
first payment has heen made.
J. P. Welch, formerly master mechanic at the Granby smelter, now
holding a smilar position nt the Boundary Falls, was a visitor in the city
last Sunday.
H. Sheedy, local agent of the Great
Northern   railway,  returned S.inday
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Taylor returned
last Sunday evening from Spokane,
where Mr. Taylor has been in a hospital for a short time receiving treatment for ulceration of the stomach.
It is feared that he will have to submit to a dangerous operation before a
complete cure can be effected.
We notice in the Calgary Morning
Albertan that James Addison and W.
Davey, pioneers of Grand Forks, but
who are now prominent contractors
in the Alberta capital, have just completed the new postotfiqe building in
that city, and are about to commence
work on the city ball.
Grand Chancellor Hammar returned
Monday evening from a two weeks'
trip to the coast and interior cities.
During his journey he paid official
visits to the Knights of Pythias
lodges in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Kamloops,
Revelstoke and other places. He reports having had a very enjoyable
R.   R. Gilpin,  customs officer at
this port, makes the following  dc-
•vening from his vacation trip to the tailed report of the customs receipts
coast cities. at the various sub-customs offices, ns
reported to the chief office in this
city, for the month of September
Chief of Police Savage is in Nelson
this week as a witness in the case of
Rex vs. Maurice J. O'Connor, which
is being tried in that city. .
James Burr, of this city, left Wed-
for an extended  vacation  trip
to Eastern Canada and   the   eastern
Are Prepared
Grand Forks $2,408.41
Phoenix   1,979.15
Carson        51.58
Cascade        43.29
Total 84,482.43
To Do Your
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in tbe Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads nml Statements,
Letterheads nnd Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags. Circulars and Placards,
Bill" nf Fine and Menu Cnrds,
Announcements nnd Counter I'nds,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out ill iiii
Up-to-date 1'iintery.
The surest way to evaporate business troubles is to give your stationery
the nacessary talking qualities by
having it printed in u modern offi-e
by competent workmen. The Son
job office is the most up-to-date in the
Bouudary, and our workmen are capable and of wide experience. This is
the reason why we do the piinting for
the best firms and corporations in this
This Tonic Build* Up
Many medicines stimulate, break
down, leave you worse than ever.
Ferrozone is different—it's a blood
former, a nerve strengthened a body
builder. Pale, anaemic girls are given
color and vigor. The tired and sleepless are strengthened and restored.
"Better than all tonics I found Ferrozone," writes Mrs. E. F. Castleton of
Woodstock. "I was completely run
down, cheeks were blanched,lips white
and had every sign of anaemia. Ferrozone added to my weight, gave me
strength, ambition and good health."
Nothing better, try Ferrozone yourself, 50c per box at all dealers.
, TAKE NOTIOE that M. H. Unn.s. occupation
i Carpenter, intend to apply for n special
timher license over the following iiescrll.e.1
lunds* Ou Hear Creek, west of C.P.K. Line.
Commenci!!**- at a post plnnted ..limit eiiflit
ciiuins trim, south lino of 1.. 30-141, tliei.ee west
80 chains. Ihettce south 811 chains, thence etut
SI) chains, thonce north 8ti chains to point of
'Oiniiieni'einent, and eoiitaltlltltf UHI acres,
noreor less.
Dated this lltli dny of August, 191.7.
CAKE NOTICB that M. II. Hums oupntlnn
Carpenter, intend to npply for a sin-i-m!
tlluhni* llc.'i.se over the fnllotvluK iti-M-i-lln- I
lauds: Iln HiurCooL,.vest of r.l*ll. I.i .c.
Oommouoltlff at II post planted ttbollt 20
attains south uf No 1; thencoso it,i Sli ..bums
thence east 8.1 i-l.alns, theuce nnm. *v> olinlus,
tllelice west 81. chains to poluf of c.'.n-
incncainont, itn.l cnutuiuinif i'.Ik acres, mure
or less.
Hated thk Uth ilny ol Anxusi, llm?.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906 and for the past week:
shipments of  Boundary mines
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur KingjSummit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Cnrmi, West Fork	
Sully, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance", Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark ;	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundary Falls	
1907   Past Week
472,481      15,688
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, ami a trial order will convince
you that uur stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
tJite Evening   Sun
Job Department
TAKB NOTICK tlmt I.Jfrail A If ft d Saii.mo-.t.,
olMid Wuy, In tile lJltirli-t oi iiii*-, hnti-.li
n -ilumliii.-i-u.i.l-t".-!! nn, »fiti -.ixtj ii'..-- troll*
tlit-ilme of tin- in<' piililiftitiuii ui si.is 'i'i-
iloe- iiii-ti*!, -.I'l-Mi'ini to tlit* "Ki.ur-j uml
Sticimn Act' itiiil Ameit-Ohirf Aura- to •iiblliff
a   in .'i-n-iil i"   tin    U.li-t   l. oii'i. i--.-iw.i--r 4ji
lAitd* and Works tu Plerii uu.] umi-v-*) --i--
Htriiotlutiu ft""' '•"- weitle Rlvei, mid tit
lirtiiti-.it*-* from whir-re hIiuij pivhi on ■*■*,.--•, iiii-
luUTi'iitioiiul Hotiiidai'.v Lint-, near ...iilwu*--
hi'tlie Dintttet <>f l mi*-, tti it -lu-d their souvitt;
(ull in i nt; Ureuiiwt'ud Mining Divlaiiii- pf tald
Distrk-t j; and tiie Km tie Hi ver fi-ow whole
it croi--**'** tiie Intel national Hoiuit*ui*j l,iii>*
from tin- Mate of Washington Into fir Irish
Culiiniliin i'1'i.i* Carson, tn the Ulitrictol
Yule),to CaH-ndr.iiiNil-i District (nil in the
(iruii'i    I'ui*.,*. .Mining   Division of   sit 1(1   llis-
tiotji l>v oleorliitf and rerttuvlMK ohntruotloni
nntl mukliit; llm aiuue tit tor rafting and
driving t nn itl lOff«i tinuipf, and lumher,
and uuiiBtrnct ilmns, foii-im-*-. uli-lo*,, und
uhute'l, nnd make -m.-li other improvement*-
*ts may he nt-i-i-re-ui■)■ fur »uul purpose--, 1 lie
Inml*' aHecled are j-iivt*i'inii--.it Iuu id-., nun
Lots8708.2704.8108, Wti aud 8tW8. ami Town'
-.1)1)18 66,67,68,69,71.78,78. SI mid &, all iu the
Simllkuuieeii Division ut  Uile District.
Dated nt Midi.-ly, U.C., tills lliirteeuth dn)
ol July, -\. D.1907.
Total, tons  1,158,991
Smeller Treatment—
•"iranby Smelter  828,879
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
918,558      32,581
Total treated..
902,407      32,054
Authorised .--SHIMS—s Paid    Total to    Latest      Per
Name op Company.             Capital.   Issued. Par. 1906.      Date.      Date    Sharp
Granby Consolidated-Copper.   $15,000,000     155,1)00 $100 $1,620,000 $'2,563,630 June 1907 $3.10
Cnrihoo McKimier-Qold     1,250,000   1,250,000     $1          546,861 Feb. 1904     .114
       200,000      11,000     $5 16.000        -----
8.221 Sept. 1906
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
A.11 Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks^B. C
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
60   YEARS'
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sen cling a sketch and deactlption may
quickly aaoertntn our opinion free whether an
Invention la probably t-nteiitable.mCommnntca-
tlonftf-lrlctlyciiiiHdeiu.al. HANDBOOK on Patents
lent free. Oldest aiienry for flecnnngpatanU.
Patents taken throiuli Munn A Co. racelTt
tptcial notice, without connie, la tha
Scientific American.
A hanrtflntnely lllnstraipd weekly. T-nniMt elr>
dilution of nny *-r1amlU<* ■■.iinial. Terms, 13 a
yenr; lottr months, fl. Sola i-.ynli newsdeolers.
INN iCo.36-^ New York
Bra-nob Ofllcw. 6% V ft. <\ n Mm-aon, D. C.
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hctel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forks, B. C.
Bicycle Sundries
and Repairing
Foo Lee
Pacific Hotel
Flr*t*claas iti every respect.
Sample rooms for cummer-
Dial travelers.
Hn: lind i ..M i.'.tli*,.
Uur til.CotiifectlllH.
Ki.'ittat Hi'*jii<U<»f *\}> ei.
Li.iiHsi*-, anil Ui'kq ••
X   ■       ■                 '   |
*>•■■-•                                                    ssssssssssssssssssV     '
gTlHBi* f^ifflr iBaB'
Tiie Purest and Best In tne City.
On Draught Exclusively at


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