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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 14, 1913

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 /,       - 1013   M
Kettle Valley Orchardist
Twelfth year-No. ie
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Thirty telephone wires are cut by
suffragettes in England.
William Rockefeller's life is endan-
geied following trouble to his throat
during giving of evidence.
' Disclosures made by the British
consul lead to further investigation of
the Putumayo rubber outrages.
Fresh fighting continues around
Qallipoli. Hundreds of civilians are
drowned while trying to make their
Tammany's boss is believed to be
implicated in the New York police
graft, following confessions to the
district attorney.
Hon. J. D. Ilazen is strongly in favor of Canada having a representative
at Washington to act in conjunction
with the British embassy.
Although Premier McBride is tender toward the capitalists, it is alleged he does uot feel badly because
women and children are suffering.
Party whips agree to allow division
on the navy proposals at Ottawa next
Thursday. Members advocate unanimity of opinion betwoeu the parties
on the Laurier policy.
Serious chargas of maladministra-
tration are lodged against United
States reclamation officials.
Nine or possibly ten indictments
against prominent New York police
officials are expected from the grand
ury today.
The London Telegraph publishes a
story that the British government
supporters are working together to
defeat Borden's navy bill.
There is nn reason to believe that,
the Taft administration will change
its policy of refusing tu intervene in
.Mexico's  internal   dffairs,
The Liberal members of the Dominion parliament will continue their
opposition to Premier Borden's navy
contribution after the division on
The Mexican army in open revolt
releases Felix Diai from prison, and
under his leaile-ship uaolures the
public bui'dings of Mexii o City. Ma
deri) flees to the coast.
Four members of the West Virginia
house of representatives and one senator ar* arrested un a charge of accepting bribes,
Turkey is believed to be making
further overtures toward a resumption of peace negotiation with the
Balkan allies.
Premier McBride speak* strongly
on a resolution that Canada support
Great Britain's attitude in the Panama canals tolls controversy.
The Ontario inspector of charities
aud prisons declares that immorality
is responsible for a great percentage
of the poverty in Canada.
London newspapers unite in laud
ing Captain Scott and other members
of his expedition who died as national
heroes, never to be forgotten.
The United States government
lends three more warships to tha coait
of Mexico, and will send troops if
neeessary to protect Americans.
The sUeets of Mexico City run with
blood after a flewe pitched battle, in
which a thousand soldiers are thought
to have been killed and several foreigners injured.
Premier Borden's naval policy of
contribution is declared unconstitutional by a member of the house, whu
uiovea a second amendment asking for
a plebiscite before deciding.
A Correspondent Predicts a
Great Future for Orand
Constant appearance of mvaterious
foreign airships living over England
causes strong press comment.
Premier McBride plans to aell off
the timber nf British Columbia, and is
criticised by Parker Williams.
Members of   the Winnipeg   Ministerial association heinina heated when I [|le Dominion hou
discussing whether a naval emergency
The dean of the medical college at
the University of Minnesota is offered
the presidency of the British C'olum-
Sixteen people are killed following
an attack by the police upi-B a crowd
of striking miners miners at Charleston, W. Va.
A Conservative member asks for a
division of the Dominion house on
the government bill permitting navigation companies to increase stock
Col. Roosevelt ci iticizes the Idaho
supreme court.
Militant suffragettes in London resort to incendiarism.
A new municipal election in Victoria is ordered by the appeal court.
"Mansion House" fund opened in
London for a memorial to Captain
Robert F. Scott.
Emperor William tell his experiences as a farmer before the German
Agricultural council.
Canadian Northeru railway receives
further aid and concessions from the
provincial government.
All records are recovered of Captain
Scott's Antarctic expedition The
bodies of those who perished are left
in a mantle of anow.
Co ope.ii_.tive banks are advocated
by a member of the Dominion house.
The minister, of finance is not favor
able to government   loans to farmers.
New York stale factory investigating committee unearth a .horrible condition of child labor. Many babies
slave for hours in canning sheds. Excessive hours for women.
Another day of fierce fighting in
the City nf Mexico President Ma
dero is calm amid the bombardment
The United States is preparing to intervene. Battleships ure in readiness.
Official report ..n Commander
Sisitt's ill fated Antarctic expedition
has been received
Partv lines are drawn in the di vis-
inn on Premier Borden's naval bill   in
Commander Scott, of tho British
A-narctic expedition.reached the South
pole on January 18. With death
creeping slowly upon him, he writes
manly but intensely tragic' diary
to the world.    He avers   that faulty
Fifth day of fighting in the streets
of the Citv of Mexico without decisive
result. The rebel fortifications are
intact.    Artillery fire is heavy.
The wife of Hou. Joseph Martin
dies in London.
A London mob seeks revenge on
the suffragette leaders.
Nova Scotia apples are shipped to
Europe. «
Striking West Virginia miners en
ter Charleston, and the riot call is
The arbitration treaty between the
United States and France is extended
for five years.
The Welsh disestablishment bill is
rejected by the house of lords.
During the ten months, -April -to
management was not responsible, hut I February 1, of the current fiscal year,
a series of mishaps. ' .'141,98.1 immigrants arrived in Canada
Eilitor Grand Forks Sun
I was informed recently that there
a general impression everywhere
that Grand Forks is destined to become the largest city in the interior of
British Columbia, and that it has already started on its career of pros
perity. Some people will be sure to
rush to the conclusion that the pres
ent condition of affairs is due wholly
to the work of dealers in real estate,
but I think it can be clearly shown that
what such people will assume tu be the
uause of the rise iu values is merely
an effect, and that the real estate
men, instead of being the cause of an
artificial boom, are really shrewd ob
servers who have discovered that
Grand Forks is placed iu such a posi
tion that it must uf necessity become
the largest and most prosperous city
in the interior of British Columbia,
Grand Forks has many resources,
but 1 will deal at present with the
t iwn as a railwy centre It ia known
that the new southern line of the C.
P. R., which will not touch the present main line between Winnipeg and
Hope, and which, even from Hope
into Vancover, will share a double
track with that line, will be several
huupred miles shorter than the pres
ent main liue. When it is completed
two passenger traius might leave Win
nrpeg for Vancouver at the same time,
and the one going by Grand Forks
would bc in Vancouver twenty hours
before the one going by Revelstoke.
This difference is due, not only to
the shortness of the distance, but also
to the superiority of the grade. Grand
Forks will be the chief point in the
interior of British Columbia on this
line, and have large railway shops
What has made Revelstoke a town of
three or four thousand inhabitants'?
This one thing that 1 have mentioned
It is a C.P.U. railway town, and
nothing else, unless the presence uf a
few prospeceors among the hills around
it be takeu into consideration. What
is, therefore, the sole source of the
prosperity of Revelstoke Is merely one
item in the list of the resources of
Grand Forks.
Grand Forks is, however, a dvision-
al point on the Great Northern also.
Years ago, in the old Yale hotel, Mr.
Kennedy, chief engineer of the V„ V.
■k K.Jrailway, showed me on a map a
short route by which the Great North
ern would come in time. This route
was j.ist south of the United States
boundary, and led from Bonner's
I Ferry, or near it, west to the line on
| which Northport is situated, and
thence on tu Grand Forks. From lion
| tier's Ferry to Vancouver by way of
Grand Forks it will be at least two
hundred miles shorter than from Bon
' ner's Ferry to Seattle by way of Spo-
' kane. But the distance is not the
onlv thing to be considered. The
gra le will bo altogether superior For
three days thia winter the Great
Northern could not run a train over
the Ca. cades because the snuw was
fourteen feet deep Can any one for
a moment suppose that they will send
their through trains by a route hundreds of miles longer, and of much
greater altitude, after thoir new route
to the sea through Grand Forks is
finished! They will undoubtedly build
shops at Grand Forks also and have a
continuous succession of trains of
trains passing through the valley
within a few years.
There is a strong probability also
that the Canadian Northern will build
through Grand Forks, coining in by
way of the North Fork. They aro now
building frnm Kamloops to Vernon,
and on to Luiuby, whicli is nut very
far from the source uf the Notth Fork
Last July I had an interview with Sir
Donald Mann in his own office in Toronto, and pointed out that the route
from Lumby to Grand Forks on   the
map, strongly impressing him with the
idea that thut was the only feasible
route to take in extending their road
east to the Crow's Nest Pass, where
they will connect with the line which
they are building ft om the east to
that pass, thus securing a southern
short liue in order to compete with
the Canadian Pacific.
The Grand Trunk Pacific must also
secure a southern short line, aa their
line passes through the Yellowhead
pass, which is about two hundred
miles north of the Kicking Horse
pass, through which the present main
line of the C.P.R. passes. TheCanadian Northern g< ei through the Yel
lowhead pass also. These two lines
can never compete with the Canadian
Paciflo unless they seeure southern
short lines, and both are bent on securing them. The Grand Trunk Pacific has men out now exploring for a
southern road through the Crow's
Nest Pass. They are in close alliance
wirh the Great Northern railway, and
will undoubtedly use the tracks of
that company in some places. They
must pass through the valley at Grand
Forks There is no other way by
which they can go. The passage
through the mountains at (irand
Forks is the best between the Oregon
boundary at the south and the main
line of the CPR at the north.
{John Simpson.
Will Open in the Miners'
Union  Hall   Next
The third annual apple packing
schorl to be beld in thia city under
tbe auspices of the provincial department of agriculture will com
inencc next Monday, and will continue until the 22nd inst. Tbe class
this year promises to larger tban in
any previous year. It is gratifying
tu learn that lbe fruit growers of
the valley are taking a keen interest
in Ihis matter, as the sale of the
frut frequently depends tin thc way
in which it is packed.
Tbe school this year will be beld
under lbe direction of J, B Castner,
who baa bad twenty years' exper
ience aa a fruit grower and packer in
tbe famous Hood River district iu
Oregon. Mr. Castner ia highly rec
oiiniiciieil as a instructor by Deputy
Minister of Agriculture Winslow.
In connection witb the school a
' lecture will be given oue evening, to
be aim niiiced laler.during tbe week.
All ranchers should attend thia
lecture, us tbe su'ijeot of farmers'
organizations will lio dealt wilh.
T. Bowen, lhe pnultryiiian. on
Monday shipped Uo Rhode Island
Red cockerels to Win. E. Butt-man,
uf Salmon Arm, and on Wednesday
be shipped a llutiiliin cockerel, winner of three lirst prizes, to Wm.
Smith, of Smith <fc llryaoiis, Ash-
City Council Also Names a
Committee to Set Value
on City's Realty
The Grand Forks intermediate
bockey club defeated lbe Greenwood
intermediates at tbe rink in tbia
eity on Wednesday nigdt by a score
of 10 to ft.
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Millpr, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright were present at the
meeting of the city council on Monday night. Tbe session was short,
but a number of subjects were discussed.
The most important business
transacted was the appointment, on
motion of the chairman of tha
finance committee, of J. A. McCallum as city auditor at a salary of
$250 a year, A special committee
consisting of Aid. Wright, Smith
and .Miller to investigate tbe city's
real eslste holdings, and to recommend a scale of prices for tbe same.
The committee was instructed to
report to the council at a fulure
The chairman of tbe water and
light conriiittee reported that Allen
tit Norris bad made application for
more electric power. The committee
was instructed to endeavor to make
some satisfactory arrangement witb
the firm. The committee also recommended tbat a cbange be made
in the lighting system so fbat business houses can be illuminated until about midnight.
Revs. McKee and Quigley were
were present, and invited tbe members of tbe council to attend a lecture to be given in Knox Presbyterian church on Thursday evening
by Dr. Shearer of Toronto.
Tbe finance committee recommended that a price be Bet on tbe
real estate owned by lhe city; that
ibe clerk be authorized to purchase
a book for tbe assessment roll and
other supplies; tbat J. A. McCallum
be appointed cily auditor at a salary
o! $250 per year, and tbat tbe new
waterworks debentures be executed
and lbe old ones destroyed. Tbe report was received and the recommendations concurred in.
Aid. Manly informed the council
that a representative of tbs Crane
company would visit tbe city during tbe week, and tbe clerk was
authorized to purchase any electrical supplies that may be needed.
Aid. Woodland stated that the
finance committee had received a
communication from the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, informing the
c iuiii-U tbal the bank was willing tu
: grant tbe cily a temporary loan.
Aid. Miller, ol the health ami re
i lief committee, reported thai bc had
; investigated lhe case of the destitute
! man now in tbe Cottage hospital.
| He was of the opinion tnat it was a
j provincial case instead of a cily
i charge.
After a discussion relative te
* health and relief matters and ar-
1 rearages of water and ligbt rates, the
council adjourned.
Dr. Simmons,   late  of   Ibis city,      Because of Easter being so   near,
has opened a dental office  in Nurth "■■J beginners who  would   be  six
Vancouver. years of age hefore Easier,   will   be
  ; admitted at   the public school up
Phoenix defeated Fernie at hockev f'» FfWlty next, on  presentation  -if
on Tuesday evening in Phoenix  by
a score **> to .'I,
health certificate.    None will oe admitted after tbat dale.
Several  Greenwood  miners
gone lo the Arizona camps,
A. B.   Brewer's house and   con
naTC,tenti were destroyed by tire at Dan-
Trick That Makes a Yellow Stone Appear Clear Blue White
Let me show you a little trick lhal
1 would advise you not to put Into
practice, said a jewel fancier to a
number ot friends the other day.
The conversation had turned to diamonds during the midday luncheon,
and the expert had been holding forth
on his favorite subject. The little
group of St. I,ous!ans were interest
ed still more when the speaker drew
a big solitaire from his finger an,,
beckoned a waitress across the cafe
Bring me a glass of water and an
Indelible pencil, said ho when the
servitor came over to the table.
This Is a trick 'hat Is essentially
crooked, said the jewel fancier, and
will get by nine times out of ten even
when the examiner is an expert at
judging stones and detecting trier.-
ery. It will make a yellow off color
diamond look like a stone of the very
flrst water. Pawnbrokers innumerable have been fooled by this same
trick, as it Is extremely difficult lo
detect even with a powerful glass.
The expert took the pencil and allowed the lead to dissolve ln the glass
of water, ln a couple of minutes the
water was as blue as Indigo water.
Now watch, said the man who kntty
the lore of jewels.
Ite took the ring and dropped it Into
the glass. Ils brilliancy was dimmed
by the hazy, bluish water until it
looked like a dead stone.
Now, you noted, said the demonstrator, that the diamond I placed in
there was a bit yellow. It will be _.
clear bluish white when it comes oui
of its bath.
At the end of a minute the atom,
was taken out. The top of the gem
was dried with a soft handkerchief and
then the ring was waved to and fro
for a few minutes. It was held up
for inspection. Not a gleam of yellow was to be seen. The stone was
apparently a magnificent blue white
1 gem that any one would be proud to
I own and loathe to pledge.
■ It is the blue pigment deposited on
the back of the stone that has made
the difference, said the jewel expert.
The deposit is so filmy that a strong
glass cannot detect it. You cannot
see lt from the rear of the mounting
and only a bath of alcohol will remov,
It. It will stay on the gem for weeks
If it Is not removed in that way. It
used to be a favorite trick of many
folks who now and again had to put
a diamond Into the hands of a pawnbroker.
The trick is called doctoring a stone
but as I said ln the beginning, I would
not advise you to try it. I don't
know what the law on such matters
Is ln Missouri, but there are states
where a person convicted of such an
offense would serve a long penitentiary term for his cleverness.
The Brick and the Rose
A friend of ours travelling ln Ireland stopped for a drink of milk at a
wblte cottage with a thatched roof,
and as he sipped his refreshment, ha
noted on a centre table, under a glass
dome, a brick witb a faded rose upon
the top of lt.
Why do you cherish in this way, our
friend said to his host, that common
brick and that dead rose?
Shure, sir, waa the reply, there's a
certain memory attachln' to them. t~Si
you. Bee this big dent In my head*!
Well, lt was made with that brick.
But the rose? said our friend.
His host smiled quietly. The rose
he remarked, is off the grave of tho
man tbat threw the brick.
Itched So Kept from Sleeping.
Passed the Nights Scratching.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment Stopped the Itching at
Once and Entirely Cured.
CO 3rd Ave.; Villa Emard, Montreal. Que.
—" My trouble started with small plmplcn
en my hands, which Itchod so tbat It kept
mo from .Imping, and 1 paused the nights
scratching it. I did not know what to do
with myself. I became so discouraged that'
I did not have the heart to do mr work.
My hands were all covered with little watery
pimples, tor three weeks I bid my hands
don* up to keep them from touching tbs
bed, for I tossed and scratched so that I
made them all bloody on the bed-hoard. I
had aullered for three years like this when
I saw an advertisement for Cuticura Hoap
and Cuticura Ointment. I decided to send
for Mmplea of them.
"As loon u I received them, I applied
the Cuticura Ointment and washed my
hands with Cuticura Soap at night before
going to bed, This stopped the Itching at
once. 1 continued to use tbem, using not
quite two boxes of Cuticura Ointment with
the Cutloura Soap, and I waa entirely cured.
My husbuid had a bum on one of his hands.
Re anointed H two nlghta with Cuticura
Ointment aad haa not felt It since. We
kave great eonfldeace ta Cntlcura Seep and
Ointment, aad I assure you I ihall tell all
who rafter with tha aame disease about
thorn." (Signed) Mrs. Roger Ilebert, Dee.
as, mil. «.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p,
book, send post card to Potter Drug fc Chun,
Corp.,Dept.31D,Boston, U.S. A.
VV.  N.  U. Ill
Turning a Greedy Water evil Into a
Trussed up Mummy
It is known that a crocodile will
sometimes leave a liver stocked with
food, explore for miles an unsuitable
tributary, then wander inland until it
finds a pool.
ln this way three crocodiles one?
found their way to Talping lake, in
tbe Malay peninsula. So long as they
confined their attention to the fish and
au occasional duck no one objected
to their presence, but when one of
them began to take sheep off the bank
as they came down to drink lt was
felt that the saurians ought to be exterminated, and an Englishman and
his servant made the attempt.
Obtaining a dugout, they paddled
Into deep water. The servant was
already barefooted und the Englishman himself took off his shoes and
stockings so that his bare feet might
have as good a hold as possible on the
smooth bottom of the canoe. A bait
was attached to a heavy rattan, and
soon a tug and a plunge indicated that
the crocodile was fast to one end. Immediately the canoe began to move
through the water. After a protracted struggle the Englishman managed to get the crocodile within a few
yards of the canoe. At one moment
the open jaws would surge out of the
broken water ahd snap together ln
unpleasant proximity to the men's
legs; the next moment the heavy tail
would swing free of the water and
with the weight ot a falling pole would
hit the side of the canoe a blow that
made it shiver.
As the crocodile surged close to the
canoe and the open mouth appeared
above the water the servant sllppel
a noose of stout cord over the upper
jaw and pulled it tight some six Inches
behind the point of Its nostrils. Then
with a quick turn of the wrist, he
s.tppetl the slack ot the cord round
under the lower jaw. He drew the
cord tight, and the teeth of each jaw
pressed home into the sockets of the
other. The servant now grasped the
point of the long, narrow head with
one hand and with the other rapidly
wound the cord round the clinched
Another noose was slipped over a
fore leg. It pulled tho leg up to
the animal's side. The servant slipped the line over the creature's back
and caught up the other fore leg.
Then he noosed and tied together the
hind legs.
The effect he had achieved was wonderful. In a few minutes he had
transformed a ravening water devil
Into a trussed up mummy, and his
only weapon had been three pieces
of box cord.
The beast was afterwards dispatched, and the servant received ths
government  reward.
Cape Cod's Treacherous Shoals and
the Prey they Grip
Secrets ot the sands of Cape Cod
are constantly being disclosed by the
sea. In the many storm tides that
flood the desolate beaches the hulks
of stanch ships lost along the coast
on the half hundred miles of beaches
between Monomoy at Chatham and
Wood End at Provincetown are frequently exhumed from tombs ot sand
Sometimes a wreck appears that
has been burled a centur, or more, 49
in the en*.-, a fe» years ago of tie
bones of the British frigate Somerset
whose timbers of oak were disclosed
to view back, of Provincetown, near
the life saving station ln Dead Man's
Hollow. The Somerset was lost on
Peaked Hill mrs Nov. 2 or 3, 1778
Once a vessel Is gripped b_* •'•lie
sands the process of entombing her
goeB on with great rapidity, the craft
appearing to sink steadily ln the
yielding beach. All around the
doomed vessel the sand piles up ln
great drifts, like snow. Every crevice of the hull Is quickly filled. The
sand rises in a solid barrier outside
It and flows about tt as the tides flood
the shelving beaches. Finally lt
sweeps over the wreck and the process of entombing goes on until the
entombed craft Is covered many feet,
Rlddlea Him With  Revolver Bullets
on Account ef Hla Violent
In Paris, a cabinetmaker, who Is
named Francois Delarue has been
killed by his wife, a woman suffering
from tuberculosis, because, as she declares, his violent temper prevented
her from dying in peace.
The woman Delarue, whose case had
become hopeless, has for the last tew
months been confined to bed.
Repeated violent disputes arose between her and her husband, who complained that his mother-in-law, whose
services had heen requisitioned when
the wife was no longer able to attend
to her household duties, neglected
When Delarue found that Ms supper was not prepared, there was another violent scene.
During the night the mother-in-law
was awakened by loud reports pillowed by frantic cries emanating from' the
sick woman's bed.
Delarue'e dead body, riddled wilh
bullets, was then found lying hy the
side of his wife, who had fired at him
tour times with a revolver..
The woman, who ls eemtdellrlous
from excitement, ls not expected to
live many days. No proceedings of
any kind will therefore, be Instituted against her.
Dread of Atthma makes countless
thousands miserable. Night after
night the. attacks return and even
when brief respite ls given the mind
ls still ln torment from continual anticipation. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Renv.dy changes all this. Relief comes, and at once, while future
attacks are warded off, leaving the afflicted one ln a state of peace and happiness he once believed he could never
enjoy. ' Inexpensive and sold almost
Smith (to member ot vested choir)
—-I hear you've got a new tenor in
the choir. What kind of a voice has
Jones—Good? I should say so! It's
so good none of the otber tenors will
speak to him.
$100 Reward, $IUV.
The readers of thi. paper will be pleued to lean
that tbere lx at least one dreaded disease that eplcnce
baa been able to cure Id all Ita itaaes. nod that a
-Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure b the only positive
cure now known to tbe medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional rtueaae. require, a constitutional treatment. Hall s. Catarrh (flare to taken Internally, act'ag directly upon tbe blood and mu_o.t>
mrfacc. ot tbe cystcm, thereby denroytnit the
toundatlon of the diseaae, ..id living the patient
itrength by building up the constitution .nd Ms-.t-
Idb nature In down Its work. I'he proprietors have
so much faith in ita curative power, that tbey offer
One Hundred Dollar, for any caw that It f.lla to
<ure.  Send for list of testimonials
Aril*..eta F. J. CHI'NEY * CO . Toledo. O.
Bed by .11 Drupels... 76c.
Take HaU'a Family Fills for eonstlpatlOD.
Men are ao Uncertain
Why  did you jilt that man  who
wanted to marry you?
Because replied the prima donna, I
couldn't decide  whether he  was   in
love with me or merely wanted t>
hear me sing for nothing.
A Famoua Cook's Lament on the
Death of Hla Royal Master
The most successful book that was
published by William Harrison Aim-
worth during his flrst year of business
says Mr. S. M. Ellis in his biography
of the English author and publisher,
was a cookbook. It was "The
French Cook," by I.ouls Eustache
Ude, the Oil Bias of the kitchen. —
This unique study of the culinary
art brought iu a handsome sum to the
astute young publisher who had purchased the copyright and the cook
was ln the hands of every gourmet ln
Ude had been chef of Louis XVL. of
Mme. Letlzla Bonaparte and then of
the Earl of Setton, at a salary of 300
guineas a year. At another time he
presided over the culinary department
of the CrockfordB, but his favorite
master was Frederick, duke of York.
When the royal gormand died his be-
renved chef pathetically  ejaculated:
"Ah, mon par.vre due, how much you
will miss me, wherever you are gone
Prior to lhe Revolution Indigo was,
uc.-l to rice, tho most valuable product of South Carolina. It was first
planted ln South Carolina by Elizabeth Luca. who Is 1744 became the
wife of Chief Justice Charles Plnck-
ney. The annual crop before the
Revolution amounted to upward ot
1.100,000 pounds.
Mlrarfi's Liniment Curea Dlttampar
Gentle Reminder
It was midnight. The man had entered the house as quietly as possible.
His shoes made some noise. He had
just reached the door of the bedroom
when he heard some one moving ln
the bed as if about to get up, and he
paused. The sound ot a woman's
voice floated to his ears.
If you don't take your boots off
when yon -come into this house, it
said, there's going to be trouble, and
a whole lot of lt. Here It's been
raining for three hours, and you dare
to tramp over my carpets with your
muddy boots on! Go downstairs and
take them off this minute! ,
He went downstairs without a word,
but he didn't take off his boots. Instead he went straight out Into the
night again, and the pal who was
waiting for him saw a tear glisten in
his eye.
I can't rob that house, he said. It
reminds me of home.
Baggagemen Wearied of Handling
Them as Big aa Small Cottages
Railway baggage agents ln Canada
and the United States have decide!
that the long trunk must be banned,
as far as possible from the baggage
car. The Canadian agents have received the sanction of the Dominion
Railway Commission to place dlscrlm-
atory charges on all trunks more than
forty-five Inches long, and they are
waiting for the conceding of permission to the railways of the Republic
to do likewise by tho United/States
Railway Commission before putting
the new regulations ln force in Canada.
For a long time the baggagemen
groaned at lbe constant encroachment ot a part ot the travelling pub*
He on the size of baggage, and consequently on the available space In the
baggage car. Their patience de-
came exhausted with the Introduction
Into use ot .lia huge wardrobe trunk.
Wonderful Klndnesa
Hatterns-Is Ohlvers good pay?
Hanchett—Good pay? Wby once
when bis assets were twice as much
aa his liabilities he went Into bankruptcy so his creditors would get 209
cents on the dollar.
I suppose your clerks are all Re-
No, said the merchant. 1 hire
the best men, Irrespective of their
What a queer way to run a business,
commented the politician.
Will Have Better Facilities In Future
During the coming winter the officers ln charge ot the Brazeau and
Athabaska divisions of the Rocky
Mountains forest, reserve propose to
make "administrative Bite" surveys at
different points on the Reserves. Upon these sites lt Is proposed to ere.t
ranger and look-out stations which
will be no farther apart than one day's
trln by pack train, along the primary
trail system ot the Brazeau Reserve.
It is the Intention to erect, this winter,
at least three or four log cabins for
the rangers. A telephone system
is also being planned whereby these
Ranger Stations will be connected
by telephone to the forest supervisor's office. This office ls 'centrally
located and telephone Hues will run
tn from all directions, much ln the
manner ot the spokes of a wheel with
the central office as the hub.
This region ts one of the richest
coal regions ln Canada and the future
development of these coal fields will
be amazing. A number of large
coal mines are aready tn operation,
and with the completion of tho
branches of the G.T.P. railway now
under construction, will be shipping
thousands of tons daily.
With the future development of
this country, the' timber must be preserved. This region has once been
forested with very valuable timher.
which has largely been destroyed by
fires in the past. There ls still an
abundant supply of niine-prop timber,
however, and the whole region Is
green with young lodgepole pine from
ten to thirty years ln age. If preserved from fire this will be en invaluable asset to the country, both
for economic uses and as protection
to Ihe head waters of all the rivers
which rise In the foothills of the
eastern slope.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Colds, Ae.
How Artificial Furs are Made
The raw pieces of pelt are frozen
and the skin carefully shaved off.
thawed and sent to the tanneries to
he made Into leather. The frozen
fiir which remains Ib allowed to thaw
slightly at. the bottom, so that a small
part of the hair Is freed from Ice.
Thia thawed portion Is then covered
with a solution of rubber, which Is
allowed to set.
The result Is that large seamless
pieces ot fui* are obtained much
cheaper than those which come with
the natural skin. These same artificial furs are said to be more lasting
than the real, because they are Immune trom the atlacks of moths.
The Beauty of a Clear Skin. -The
condition of the liver regulates the
condition of the blood. A disordered liver causes impurities ln the blood
and these show themselves ln blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon the liver
act upon the blood and a clear, healthv
ski i will follow intelligent use ot this
standard medicine. Ladies, who will
fully appreciate this prime quality
of these pills, can use them witli the
certainty that the effect will be most
The Leaning Tower
The campaniles of St. Mark'and
Pisa were built or begun ln the same
century—viz, the twelfth. The leaning tower ls 179 teet high aud 51 feet
8 inches In diameter, cylindrical in
form, the exterior entirely built o[
white marble and the Interior ot Verruca stone.
Many growing girls in school
or business are frail—delicate—
anemic—lack energy and ambition and have thin blood. Itis
all unnatural and unless checked
leads to serious and chronic ills.
Nourishment, not drags, is the
law of reason to build strength
—but when appetite is poor and
digestion weak, ordinary foods
do not nourish—then SCOTT'S
EMULSION is necessary.
SCOTT'S EMULSION overcomes just such conditions; its
tissue material enters
the blood without digestive effort and makes
it rich. It tones the
whole system and starts
the healthy action of
cells throughout the
Imllwtionl ar* .fttn
wffirixl, Sal t. *ot rnulli
vet* mult ait SCOTT'S.
Scott & B».. ne, Toronto, Ontario
'■•a***'* *      12-66
Interesting Documents ot George III
and IV are Discovered
A discovery of English royal documents extraordinarily valuab.e and Interesting, especially tiom m\ American standpoint, has just bo..n made
In London. <r
All state papers, private letters and
general correspondence of Kings
George III and George IV have been
missing trom the crown papers, and
it was supposed that when George IV
ascended the throne he destroyed his
father's papers and afterwards bis
Tbelr loss has always been deplored
for they covered an Immensely interesting period. Including .the American
war of independence, on the Insldn,
history of which, from the British*'
side, theBe documents could shed invaluable light.
It Is said that all these missing papers hnve juat been.found in the cellars ot Apsley House, residence of
the Duke ot Wellington, whose grandfather, the great Duke, was one ot
George IV's trustees. They ha"-,
lain in the cellars 100 years.
Their chancier was discovered by
accident, when some repairs were being carried out. Three vanloade of
them have now been removed to
Windsor, where the royal librarian has
been Intrust-d by the King wilh ar
ranging them and selecting part of
them for publication.
She gave hor husband a pocket case
for hla birthday.
Anything in ItV
Yes—the bill!
Said to lie the largest tree trunk
ln the world Is that ot a tule tree at
Hltla, Mexico, which measures 115
feet In .girth.
Style Fit
The worlds standard
of glove perfection
For Sewing ud Reading £ff£?SK
five* a dMr.MMdylWtt.aoft and mellow; the ideal lamp, ac-
giv* a dMi-.ttMdy light, aoft and mellow; the ideal lamp, according to best authorities, for all work requiring cbae attention
of the eyes (fur auparior to gas and electricity).
The ijBj^ Lamp
Lighted without removing chimney er shade. Easy to clean and riwlck.
Ineipsnslve.   Economical.   Made In Tarleus styles, and tor all purpose*.
.- TOMtfTA yeNTRUL Haiirax u
Ken Is A Remedf That Will Step It
Do you realize the danger in a
neglected cough?
Then why dou't you get rid of it?
Yes, you can shake it off, even though
it has stuck to you for a long time, if
you go about it right.
Keep but in the fresh air as much as
you can, build up your strength with
plenty of wholesome food, and take
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
and Chlorodyne.
This reliable household remedy has
broken up thousands of hacking, persistent coughs, which were just as
troublesome as yours, and what it has
done for so many others it will do for you.
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
and Chlorodyne contains absolutely no
harmful drugs, aud so can be given
safely lo children, as well as adults.
Your physician or druggist can confirm
this statement, for we are ready to send
them on request a complete list of all
the Ingredients.
Fut up in 25c. and 50c. bottles by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited. - 317
A Written
]0f profits given
on investments
.made  with    us
Sterling Bank Bldg , Winnipeg.
Phones, Main 4817, 4818
A few dsera south of C.P.R. Dspet
Rates ai.ae te 82.00 par day
Culslnt unexcelled
Hst and cold water In every ream
Hstel  practically   Flrepree*
All Outside Reams
Ask your Clothier to show you
no others as good
stock broking business? I want a llvt
ambitious representative ln every oity
and iown to handle stocks, bonds and
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and have from $100 to $500 personal capital. .Write or call M. II. Edgar
& Co.. 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
If you feel "out of sorts"—"run down''
ir "got the blues." Buffer from kidney,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronio weaknesses, ulcers, skin eruptions, piles, &c,
write for my FHEE book. It ls the
most Instructive medical book ever written. It tells all about theso diseases
and the remarkable cures effected hy
ihe new French Remedy 'THERAPION''
No. 1. No. 2, No. 3, and you can decide
for yourself If tt Is. the remedy for your
ailment. - Don't send n cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" clrcu.
iars, Dr. LeClerc Med. Co, Hovor-
stock Rd-., Hampstead, London, Eng.
Km. Winnows Soothing Svxvr h» bra
tM4 for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
it the beat remedy for DIARRHU'A. It li ■*_-
tolutely lurniksfl. ne aure ud ask fot "Mm.
Wlatlow't Soothing Syrup," and lake ao otitic
Had.  Tirentyfive cent, a bottle.
Women, r.marked the grocer, aro
not hard to please.
SoT Interrogated tho bachelor.
Yes, continued the grocer. All you
have to do ls to let them hare their
own way.
'■HT   fl,   ni V ..
i Mb. • box or six boxea ror f 2.60,
j at-all dsaleni, or The Dodds Medl.
:oloe vsmpany, Limited,   Toronto,
W. N. U. Nl
A Scheme That Is said to Improve the
Sense of Smell
The most striking fact connected
with my school career, said the prep
school graduate was a peculiar ability on the part of our commandant to
detect the faintest odor of smoke ln
a room on his dally Inspection. The
school I attended waB of the military
\artety, and Bmoklng was a rather
serious offence. No matter how
much a room had been aired or fanne-J
with wet tow Ms previous to the Inspection, the offender was always caught.
After I had received my flnlsfilni;
touches and become a citizen I made
so bold as to Inquire from what peculiar dispensation of providence the
ability waa given to detect one mol.v
cule of smoke ln a hundred cubic
feet of pure -tlr. The old boy smlleJ
and binding me to secrecy, Imparted
the reason of bis wonderful ability.
Then he took me to a boy's vacated
room and told me to wet my finger
and rub my nostrils with it and strtff.
Lo and behold, where before ther.
Beemed no talit ln the atmosphere
was now detected that smell of old tobacco smoke! Since then I bave
taught school myself and hava ussd
the trick occasionally, entirely for experimental purposes, however.
I have also sought the scientific explanation, but with little success. It
may, however, be somewhat analogous
to the process, of tasting. You know
it Is Impossible to taste anything that
Is not dissolved ln water or Is not a
liquid itself. So the moisture on the
nostrils must carry the smaller particles of smoke ln a more or less damp
state to the olfactory nerve ends and
thus make the smell more apparent.
At least this is the only explanation
I have ever found for the phenomenon.
The same thing can also be used
for detecting other odors and I have
found lt useful on a number of occasions for this purpose, both in analytical chemistry, when only a small particle of a certain material ls avail-
abb for analysis and In detecting
faint perfume from flowers that arc-
ordinarily quite odorless.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial ls compounded specially to combat
dysentery, cholera morbus and all in
flammatory disorders tbat change of
food or water may set up in the stomach and intestines. The complaints
are more common in summer than ln
Winter, but they are not confined to
the warm months, as undue laxness of
the bowels may seize a man at any
time. Such a sufferer will find
speedy relief in this Cordial.
Every day brings us nearer to the
completion of the Orand Trunk Pacific Railway. This is emphasized by
tho fact that passengers can now leave
Edmonton at 10.00 p.m. ih Pullman
Sleeping Car arriving at Fltzhugh in
the heart of the Canadian Rockies,
Alberta, at 9.20 tho next morning and
Tete Jaune Cache on the Fraser River iu British Columbia, at 2 o'clock
tbe next afternoon, 16 hours to do the
Journey. This ls remarkable when It
is considered that two years ago last
summer, an exploration party In
charge of Mr. H. R. Charlton, General
Advertising Agent of the Company,
penetrated the- forests and followod
the trails through the Yellowhead
Pass, which trip occupied 37 days of
continuous travel by pack train between Edson and Tete Jaune Cache.
This same distance ls now covered by
the Iron steed with a comfortable train
in 10 hours.
We publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' Interviews,
trom well-known people.
From all over America they testify
to the merits of   MINARD'S   LINIMENT, the best of Household Remedies.
Family Records In the Peerage
The fact that the Marquess of Donegal! has lately made his first p:a<-
form appearance at the mature age of
seven reminds one that he has been
fatherless since birth, yet were hi.
father, the fifth marquess, alive to
day he would bo within a few weeks
of entering his ninetieth year. Tho
Duko of Norfolk will be well over
eighty when his son and heir attains
his majority whlla between the eldest daughter of the Earl of Abingdon
—Lady Edmund Talbot—and hts
youngest—Lady Bc.tty Bertie—thero
ls an Interval of nearly forty years.
No matter how deep-rooted the corn
or wart may bo, lt must yield to Hol-
loway's Corn Cure lt used as directed.
Hla aad Break
Why on earth do you come to m.
to borrow money.. Blllups? Bald Hark-
away peevishly. Why don't you go
to Jorrocks? He's the prosperous
looking member of our set.
That's Just It, Harkaway, said Blllups. Jorrocks looks so very prosperous that I am quite sure he spends
every penny he makes, but you, old
man—why, you dress like a man who
saves his money.
P.8.—He didn't get It.
Run to Ons Name
In the village of Walchwll, Switzerland, out of a population of 1,044 no
fewer than 508 persons possess the
name of Hurllmann.
The Ready Explainer
This doesn't taste like genuine maple sirup to me, said the suspicious
Probably not, replied the genial
grocer. After what you bave been
accustomed to the real article would
naturally seem strange. ,
Faith Destroyed
I'll never believe In phrenology
We had a phrenologist ln our house
the other night and got him to teel
the cook's head. He said her bump
ot destruction was small.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
gently on Ini
fiver. Cure
twu. and Indigestion.   They do their duty.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price
Genuine mint beat Signature
An aggressive, reliable and experienced representative ln every town
and city in Canada to take orders
trom our complete range or samples for our (Unexcelled) "Custom
Made Garments."
Wholesale Merchant Tailor
115   KINO   8T.,   EAST,   TORONTO
all Uric Acid Diseases. Including Kid-
nev Trouble, Bladder Stones Gall
Stones, Gravel and Lumbago are rap-
Idly relieved and permanently cured
by SANOL. A remedy that has an
enviable reputation throughout Canada. We will send letters from
scores ot people, who have been cured
of ono or more of theae complaints,
Write for full Information.
Price $1.50 Per Bottle at all Leading
"Nnblack"and "NewRival" Loaded Shotshells
flood shooters and sure shooters are Winchester " Nublack " and " New
Rival" black powder loaded shells. They are strongly made and loaded
with only standard brands of powder, shot and wadding. Their even pat.
tern and deep penetration make thim aure game getters. You will find
nothing better.   Sold everywhere.   Look for the Red W on the box.
They  Are   Uniform,   Highly Satisfactory loads.
Said to be the largest tree trunk
In the world Is that ot a tule tree at
Hltla, Mexico, which- measures 115
feet In girth.
Nell—Don't you think Miss Antique
keeps her age remarkably well?
Belle—Suro. She nevor gives lt
The only sure and satisfactory* way In whieh ths Western Farmer
can secure the highest possible mark* value for his wheat, oats, barley and
flax ls by shipping It by the carload to Port William or Port Arthur, or to
Duluth lf cars cannot be got for the other terminals (loading lt If possible
direct Into the car over the loading platform so as to save elevator charges
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission firm to handle and dispose of It.
We continue to act aa the Farmers* Agents solely on a commission basis.
We are not trackbuyers and we never buy the Farmers' grain on our own
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entrusted to us, aa tha
tgents of those who employ us, and lt la our desire ond endeavor to give
everyone the very best service possible. We make liberal advances against
car Bhlpplng bills, and will also carry the grain for a time under advances af
a moderate commercial rate of Interest. If considered advlsuuie. We Invite
all Farmers to write to us for shipping Instructions and market Informat.on.
Thompson Sons & Company
Wonderful how it Improves
them.  Heifers develop into
better milkers. Steers fatten
.   Quicker.
does It. Cuts clean—hurts
little—does not bruise flesh
or crush bone. Write for
free   booklet.
Robert Bt.  Toronto, Oot.  Mention
Engineers and Boilermakers
■oilers   of   all     kinds—Enclose,
Pumps, and Heavy Plata Work
Writ* hs for Prices
14 (trachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Whca Ton Buy Match
Ask for
They have a true' safety bate
head,   with silent    tip.    Wil)
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Can.
adlani since 1161—accept ns ether*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Use Your Influence for
Concrete Roads
There's no need to point
out the advantages of
good roads.
It used to be that there was little choice.
Macadam for the country and smaller cities was
the only material used. Then, twenty years
ago concrete was introduced. And for these
twenty years oonersts has been proving
It is now acknowledged to be one of the
best known materials for roads or for street
pavements—to be as far superior to ordinary
macadam as macadam is superiutto sand.
Estimating the Cost.
It is not the first cost of a road that determines it'srralcost; nor is it the first six months
of service that determines whether it's a good
road or a poor one.
The only ture way to find out what a road
has cost, is to add to the first cost all that is
spent for repairs in fifteen or twenty yeart.
Now, that's where concrete roads win
every argument—their first cost is practically
their only cost j they require little or no upkeep
The kind of good road,
however, is another
cost.    Concrete,  instead of  needing repair,
actually becomes stronger with age.
How You Caa Help.
You can help your community to come to
a wise decision the next time the question of
roads comes up. Your influence will be a
factor in providing yourself and your neighbors
with thoroughly satisfactory highways.
We wish to convince you first—we know
that when you are "backed up" with facts
which we will gladly furnish you, you will be
able lo convince your neighbors.
Make it yonr business to get these facts. a
We have a special department which will f^S,
not only give you the facts, but will also ,'/ ti
supply valuable assistance to tiny com- // -I,
munity desiring to  build concrete        *f' ,1
roads. If     Please £
Ask for   "Good Roads        f       ,mi me IJ
Literature"    or   use   the      ,f       ihe   facta .j
coupon. **
-Good Roads Department, S
about concrete
Canada Cement Company, Ltd., Montreal THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Provincial Poultry Show
In Grand Forks
and get your eggs from R. C.
Keds and Barred Rocks
for hatching from
®i|p(Srattt. forks &im
6. A*. Evans, Editor and publisher
simBOKinioit aal bb t
mi. Ye«i #!•»»
Lie Vear (In advaiinel   '.'.*«
"ne Yoar, In United Slate.    IM
\dilrea. all enmmiiiiloatinii. to
' THt BvtNlNO Sun,
'-HONB K14 Gh.HD f*OR__a, H.C
railway policy appears to be
of vast benefit to the railway
promoters. This week Sir
Donald Mann did a great
stroke of business at Victoria,
as a result of which the assets
of the province are mortgaged
for a good many future generations. Guaranteeing the
bonds and interest of railway
to the extent of $35,000 a
mile is too serious a proposition to be entered into lightly,
yet that is exactly what the
government has done. A perusal of Premier McBride's
railway bills leads one to the
conclusion that everything the
Canadian overlooked in this
province in its first bargaiu
with the government it has secured in its latest coud.
KIUDIY, KtHRU.lRY'   14,  11.18
The proposed changes in
the land laws ofthe province,
viewed superficially, appear to
improve on the old laws; yet
tliey embody provisions that
might easily work an injustice
to citizens not friendly to the
government, especially if they
were administered by an official of unscrupulous principles. The rejection of the
system of the past in charg-
ikg for pre-empted crown
lands, and offering instead free
holdings to settlers, who will
be required to pay merely the
$2 record fee aud $10 for
crown grant, will be generally approved. The standard
size of holdings will continue
to be 160 acres. The minister cf lands, however, is given
the power to decide as to the
size of any individual preemption or to reject an application entirely if such action
appears to him in the public interest. The minister is
also empowered to allot preemptions if it is deemed in
the public interest even in
such reserved localities as the
provincial parks. This is
cloth ng this official with too
much discretionary power—
power that, when wielded by
an unscrupulous politician,
might prove t.angeious, as
well as defeat the enus of justice. Tun   Miinir<.»  Rnosters, nni* yesr
old,   fur  sale     Apply   Dink Milni,
The provincial government s| Ruckle aiiriitinn
The advertising agents for
Premier Borden's emergency
contribution are working overtime. Nearly every day the
press dispatches inform us
that a mysterious foreign air-
.ship is hovering over England, As only two aircraft
have ever crossed the English
channel, it would appear that
any foreign airships now
sailing over England are supernatural, as well as mysterious. In the good old days,
when it cost 50 cents per
thousand ems to set type, rot
of this description could not
have found its way into the
colnmnsof a respectable newspaper.
A number of our Conservative contemporaries, always
seeking an opportunity to flatter a government which keeps
them alive, now say that if
Premior McBride had done
nothing else than to secure the
passage of the audit bill he
would be entitled to a seat
among the immortals. Had
the premier brought in this
measure ten years ago, all the
people ofthe province might
have joined in singing his
praises; but now, after the
horses have been stolen, there
is no sense in becoming enraptured over the locking of
the stable door.
****' ...»
We can't be on the level and sell poor tools.
Be on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools.   Our policy has always been, the best is the cheapest
in th6 end.   We want your business, we  want your oon
fidence and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
A. P. Jordan, the well known
prietor of the City barhet shop 'in this
city, waa married in Seattle on Tubs
day, February 4, to Miss Joaie Mau-
"ii.ii, of Morris, Minn. The couple
will reside in this eitv.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pupils Late—Division I 96.6-., l late;
Division II 92 So, 0 late; Division
III 90.45, 4|late; Division IV 92,35.
0 late; Division V 97.04, 5 late;
Division VI 96.(10, 6 late; Division
VII, not reported; Division VIII,
99.4, 0 late.
Division VIII won the banner for
highest average attendance, and also
1 lie banner for punctintlity.
Monday night the Grand Forks
hockey club defeated Fernie. by a
score of 11 to 3.
Scores and Schedule
Kullowinn are the scores iif the
gullies played, and the schedule of
games'tn be played, in the Boundary
Hockey league during the present
Jan. 8   Orand Forks at Phoenix—
Grund Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan 13—Phoenix at Grand Forks
(irand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan. 17—Greenwood at  Phoenix.
Phoenix 11. Greenwood 5.
Jan. 21—Phoenix  at Greenwood.
Phoenix 5, Greenwood 4.
Jun. 24—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood 2, Grand Forks 0.
Jun  27—Grand Forks nt Phoenix
Phoenix 7, Grand Forks 3.
Jan. 30-rGrand Forks at Greenwom!
Grand Forks 8, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Phoenix 11, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
Phoenix 3, Grand Foiks 1.
Feb. 11—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Greenwood 9, Phoenix 4.
Feb. 14—Greenwood     at      Grantl
Oiand Porks 5, Greenwood 4."
Feb. 18—Grand   Forks    at Greenwood .
If you rem! The Sun you get tht
news of the city, the province and
the world, lt is possible lor a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily  papers.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Gianby company's smelter in
ihis city forthe pasl week amounted
l:) 37<>..Hi() pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 1,088,-
00(1 pounds,
Some business men are so fond of
lieijjg deceived lhat ihey even endeavor to believe that they can reucti
the consumers of this district without advertising!!! The Sun
The following are the returns ol
the ore production of the Boundarv
mines for the week, and also for tin
veur tn dute:
Granhy 24.189      114,039
Mother Lode ....   5.(142       32,784
Rawhide.      400      19,30-1
Napoleon       391 3,311
Queen Victoria     (179 2,798
Others         59 502
Smeller treatmen—
(Iruiibv 24,41'>      118,(153
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Division "I Yale Dlflrle.. ,       '
Where Imi-iUmI: On tlie Rut r.irk of tte
Uorth Fork ol Keltic Riv.-r    .„_..;
AKK NOTICE that 1. Jaoob M. I'niilien.
- Kiee Miner's Ce'rtllroU No. J..818H, lor
my«el. and •• went lor William II. Hoffman,
• xeoutor, and Koia Major, executrix, ol the
will ot Catherine Hoffman, Free Ulnar ■
CertlHcate No. KWIB. intend, i xty_ dayi
irom dme hereof, to iiinlr to the inning
llei-crder (or u CeilUcule ol lmprovcmenti!, tor
ihe puriHiseol obtaining crown pranu ol Ihe
nboveclHimi , , ,
And further take uotlce that action, under
section 31, muat be commenced betnre the l"u-
itiice of mioli CerlHcaiea of Improvement
Dated ,1,1. Ith day olM^^Jim^,.
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T. Bowen
Box 291        Grand Forks, B.C.
Lieut.-Col.   Glossop
Farmers Need Better Mar
ketine; Facilities
Lieut.-Cnl. Olunop, the well-
known fruit grower of Rock Creek,
who has spent a number of years in
f* the province and bas al-aays taken a
leading part in trying to improve
the lot of the rancher, in a recent
nterview in Vancouver is quitted
as follows:
"It is to be hoped the commission
which is inquiring into iiuricultura
conditions in this province will sue
ceed in finding out what is the real
trouble, and suggest plans for lin
proving the same. There is not the
least doubt but that farming in tbe
province is in a bad way, and so far
most of the euggestiens made before
the commission are beside the mark.
"It is idle to talk about a back-to-
tbe-land movement. The great need
in British Columbia today is Dot to
put more people on the land, but to
assist those who are already there,
Many of tbe latter are not sucoeed
ing. At the outset they were confronted by tbe big handicap of hav-
ing to clear tbeir land. Now tbey
have no means of bringing tbeir
produce to tbe city market, and last
season the spectacle was common of
good fruit sunh as peaches and apples rotting on the ground. Many of
the interior farmers have today a p.
piss which are a drug on their
"Various plans have been tried to
relieve the situation. One nf them
was the co-operative plan of marketing. It was tried in my district, and
did not work. At many points in
the Okanagan canneries have been
established aa a means of disposing
of the surplus fruit. I believe means
could be evolved by which the fruit
could he put wilhin the reach of .the
city market to the benefit of both
tbe eity consumer and the-producer, and if so, this would be a
more profitable means of disposing
of it than sending it lo ihecanneri'-s.
Witb any such plan there should be
a rule whereby only the hest fruit
should be shipped to the city, tor
here it comes into competition wilh
the article frnm across the line. This
is a matter which might well engage
the attention of the agricultural
"An improved grade of stoek of
all kinds is another essential to agricultural prosperity, and this is s
case where the government sbould
come to ths assistancs of the farm
era. Higb grade stock costs a big
outlay, and the ordinary farmer can
Tin* Hotel Pacific, in the West end, recently enlarged.
not face such   an undertaking   unaided."
Lieut.-Col. Glossop announced
that he had sold his fruit ranch at
Vernon for 11100 an acre. He .will
continue on bis ranch at Rock
[C0111n_u.11ic1.tlo.1_ on topic! of publio interest nre invited. N ■ letter will be printi-il
exeept oner lhe wrlter't reel name. Tlie Sun
doM not neceMtr-ly indorse the opinions
expressed by correspondent..]
Robert Lawson Praises the
Editor Grand Forks Sun.
Who are the greater menace to the
district—the people who are busy creating a living out of that which nature
has provided, or thorns who are busy
trying to get that which others have
created! The Doukhobors can certainly be classed with the first mentioned type The Gazette seems to
take a particular delight in letting the
people know who has- classed them as
anarchists, This paper also appears tn I
have a grudge against the first-mentioned class, for it accuses the farmers of sitting at home in their easy
chairs and not paying tke price for
community profit and prosperity.
This, they claim, is the modern form
of graft. Now, if the first mentioned
class is accused of modern graft, what
name wonld you give the form of
graft the second mentioned class (nf
which there are a great deal too many
to insure a healhy condition of affairs)
is practicing? Even if the Doukhobors
have been called anarchists, I wuuld
a great deal sooner live among them
than  I would among this class.
As far as the first-mentioned class
being inexcusable and ignoble, I do not
think they need worry about that, for
tbe opinion of a man who would write
sucb an article as the one in the Gazette of January 4 does not go very
1 think it would be hard to improve on Mt. Blakemore's report on
the Douklinboi'S. It seems to me that
anyone who wants to see justice done
will say that it is better to try to lead
these people than to drive them, especially a people of such a quiet and ;
kind disposition. This report was an
agreeable sun-rise to me. I know
these people as well as sny man, as I
live among them. The Doukhobors
are not the town-boosting class.
Bnt   they   are a menace to neither'
the town nor the vicinity, the
laborer nor the producer. They do
not work for any less than the av
ei-age wages, and they can not control
the market; but if they do sell some
things locally a little cheaper, the
consumer is benefited by it. I would
like some one to show me any place in
the vulley that shows more signs of
prosperity and development than are
lo be fouud in the Doukhobor colony.
These peop e, in buying their supplies,
are doing exactly what everybody else
is doing— buying wherever they can
buy the cheapest, and that is every*
body's privilege, or should be. IVubit
bly the people who antagenize the
Doukhobors are like the preacher who
told his congregation not to dp as he
did, but to do as he told them. Some
of them be.
As tar as being half civilized and below our standard is concerned, I am
sure the Doukhobors exhibit inure pf
the twentieth century ideas than the
Gazette and its wishes do. They can
not be carried away by the loyalty-
cry, or induced to shoulder the rifle
to shoot their fellow man. Mr. Blake-
more never hinted ur thought of such
a thing us changing any laws tu suit
the Doukhobors, but ddvised the gov
ernment to try and come to some satisfactory arrangement so that they
wuuld comply with the present laws.
Robert Lawson.
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a sub
scriher does not take his paper out of
the postofliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsi
ble to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the oflice or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
... Any person who takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible fnr
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his papS!
stopped and the publisher continues tn
send it, the subscriber is bound tn
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post oflice. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
(.irand Forks Hotel, one of the fire-proof buildings of the
We *
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On Sunday our packing house, with all its contents,
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need of funds, and would be grateful if all our customers owing us would settle their accounts as soon
as possible.
Frache Bros.
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timber on the property
ft 500 hewn log house
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the land
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Deed Clear, (875 Gash,
Balance Terms
For Further PartieulfirH Ay ply
rhe    Sun   Office
Bridge Street,
Hot ind Cold Bitfii
Fl rat-Clam Bar. Pool
Band llllard Room
In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Could Not Stand or Even Turn In Bed
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Mr. Thos. D. Walsh, Plctou, N.S.,
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time from kidney pains in the back.
She was not able to stand on hev
feet, or even turn herself In bed. The
doctor's medicine was no benefit whatever, that we could see. Sometlm.s
lier legs would swell considerably.
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suffering as that experienced by my
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Only a Decoy
I think she will make a very domestic wife. I have been calling on
her for several months now and always And her darning one of her father's socks.
But have you noticed that lt Is always the same old sock?
High Finance
Why do you keep asking people for
change for a dollar and then asking
other people to give you a dollar for
your change?
Well, somebody may make a mistake lu change some time. And, believe me, lt won't be me.
Pain Flees Before It.—There *.s
more virtue In a bottle of Dr. Thorn
as' Electric Oil as a BUbduer of pain
than tn gallons of other medicine. Tlie
public know this and there are few
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years of use ,.i:a familiarized the people with it, and made It a household
medicine throughout the western
A Bridge of Ants
A species of ants which spin silk
Is common in hot countries. The
ants nest ln trees, binding the leaves
together to mako their nests. The
silk used tor bis purpose Is not secreted by the adult ants, but by the larvae. In order to attach the silken
threads and draw the leaves together
the ants must carry thc larvae about
from leaf to leaf. When two distant
leaves are to be drawn together a remarkable method ls employed. Five
or six ants form a chain bridging the
gap between the leaves, each gripping
the waist of another In its mandibles.
A number ot such chains will co-operate In bringing two leaves together.
Minard's  Llnlm.nt Cures  Gargel  In
Follows Instruction,
The father ot a small family Icllj
ns this one:
My wife Instructed our little boy
when he was invited out to lunch Ihe
other day tlmt when he was asked to
have a second helping of cake he
should refuse It. You must sny: Ni.
I thank you, I've had enough, said
she.     And don't you forget It.
He didn't. When asked tf he'd
havo somo more cake, he said, No,
I thank you; I've had enough and
don't you forget lt!
Ckippei Buds
Won't Bather
if Instead of
soap you use
original hand
SNAP con.
tains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep the skin smooth
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tf i
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Tricking the Bobby
A Dublin eccentric a short time ago
enjered a purveyer's shop and bougnt
a ham. Having paid for his purchase, he requested that lt should be
hung outside thc shop door, saying
that he would cull back for it. The
customer then paced up and down out
side the shop till a policeman came in
sight, and Just ns tho man In blue
cnught his eye he grabbed thc ham
and bolted. The constable, howeve*.
Boon collared the thief, as ho thought
and hauled him hack to the shop. Huviug explained tho nature uf the alleged crime to the shop assistant, he
asked the latter to charge the offender.
But, said Ihe assistant, ns he realized the joke, it's his own ham. He
was quite at liberty to take lt In any
circumstances he chOBe.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Dlphthirli
The Hudson Bay Company's post a*.
Fort George, British Columbia, are
laying their plana nnd making arrangements to have their next aeaBon supplies eome In by way of Edmonton
and Tete Jaune Cache over the Grand
Trunk Pacilic Railway. This arrange
ment marks a new feature ln transportation over that country, as heretofore all freight had to be drawn ln
by waggon over the old caribou road
for a distance of 167 miles, and thenco
by steamer tor another 150 miles.
During the coming season they will
be able to bring their freight to Tete
Jaune Cache, and then down the Fraser with their own scows manned with
native Indians,
Did sho give him anything to remember her flrst husband by!
Yes; herself.
Kidney Stones and Gravel are quickly mCpelled from the system by tha
Ut_.0   of
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Pi-ice il.bd Per Home at sll Leading
He Got It
Teacher—Willie, give me a sentence
In which tho term hook and eye U,
Willie—Me and pa went fishln.' Pa
told mo to halt me hook an' I did.
What ls more tragic than to forget
on "the morning after" that convincing excuse you gave the night before?
of the bowels Is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from the feod which
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Irritate the delicate lining of the
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Indian Root Pills
Weather wise Birds and Fish
The seagull makes a splendid living
barometer. IC a convey of seagulls
fly seaward early in the morning sailors and flsheruen know that the day
will be fine and the wind fair, but if
the birds keep inland, though there be
no haze hanging out toward the sea
to denote unrleasnnt weather, interested folk know that tho elements will
be unfavorable. Of all weatherwlse
fish the dolphin Is the most remarkable. During a fierce gale or n storm
at sea the mariner knows that the
end of lt Is near It he can Bee a dolphin or a number of that fish sporting
on the high sea waves.
Ab a vermicide there Is no preparation that equals Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator. It has saved the lives
of countless children.
A Legend of Lace
According to Melchlor de Vogue, the
legend of lace ls as follows: A Venetian sailor gave his ladylove a
frond ot spreading seaweed to keep
him ln memory while at seaj But
the girl found that'the seaweed was
rapidly drying up and disappearing.
So she caught the fine branches and
leaves ot the plant with thread against
a piece ot linen and, working on, with
her thoughts following her lover, Invented lace.
Force of Habit
*  He was an old merchant who had
built up a big business by advertising,
John said hts wife, what do you
want on your tombstone*!
Ob, he answered, ft Isn't very Important what the text Is so long as It
gets good space and If well displayed.
The One
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for all the year
around is a
Columbia Grafonola
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Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
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Colombia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, O.n.
Territory Open to Dealers
The Central Business College, Toronto, with four City branch schools,
The Central Telegraph and Railroad
School and The Shaw Correspondence
School, are now commonly known as
"Shaw's Schools." In these schools
a great work ls being done ln training
young people for -business pursuits
and for earning good salaries. The
annual curriculum ls interesting and
is mailed free on lending request to
W. H. Shaw, President, Toronto, Ont,
A Fine Volee
Smith—Your wife has a fine voice.
Jones—Yes, one ot the best lu the
world; otherwise lt would have been
worn out several years ago. THE SUN, GR_AND>ORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
**** S**a**a** ***rts**rt*r***\*r**'T*mJ**i frWQv *,* *m *m t**l**r*m*e***i.
He Played an Audacious
Game, but Won In
(he End
ly dear Cousin Sue," wrote Miss
nlncloss, cousin by marriage, "we
bow settled to our new placo it
erly and claim your long promts-
lslt.   We arc all anxious to meet
having beard a great deal about
from different members of your
of the family.   Charlie will call
you   tomorrow  afternoon   after
ihcon   wltb  tbe  auto  and  bring
out The distance is only twenty-
miles, nnd nn hour will be quite
Iclent for the Journey." *
Yell," mused Miss Aucblncloss, "1
s sny tbey will nil be very kind to
Delia bavlng married my cousin,
since 1 have never seen nuy of
iu, not even the connecting link,
irlle, I suppose I shnll not feel very
ib at home among tbem. However,
-.all get acquainted with him on tho
. and that will be a help wltb tbe
be next day at the appointed time
is Aucblncloss was ready for tbe
rney with a suit cnae standing In
! hall. Going to the window she
v a young man Just pulling up to
i curb In a beautiful new nutomo
., painted fawn color. A man on
i sidewalk advanced and tbe two
ked together, tbe autolst sitting ln
i Seat Then tbe autolst alighted,
1 tho two men walked away, leaving
> machine standing where lt bad
en stopped.
t occurred to Miss Aucblncloss tbat
3 would rather wait for ber cousin's
turn la tbe auto.   He bnd evidently
it eome one he knew and tbey bad
ne off to do something, she didn't
iow what    When be returned sbe
)uld be ready for hi'm.    Sbe was
neb pleased wltb his appearance and
Is bad taken awny a good deal of-her
pugnanco at visiting persons wbom
e bad never seen.   So carrying ber
lit case wltb ber she put lt ln the
ito, then got tn herself on tbe seat be-
de tbe steering wheel.
Bhe sat there ten minutes,"when the
itoiit returned.   Ho looked at Miss
uchlncloss somewhat surprised ss he
iproached. and when- he reached tbe
ito, bat ln hand, there waa an inqulr-
ig expression on bis face.
"I'm yonr Cousin Sue Aucblncloss. I
icelved Cousin Delia's letter saying
mt yon would call for me tbls after-
oon to take me out to Waverly.   1
iw you drive up to the door and walk
way with your friend.   1 tbougbt I'd
e ready for you ou your return."
A meeting between two persons wbo
sve never met before is apt to be a
ttie stiff, and-for a ion moments the
oung man showed embarrassment;
hen be muttered s few incoherent
othlngs, took bis seat, attached tbe
lower, and the two sped away.  The
ormallty of a flrst meeting soon dlsap-
learcd.  Cousin Charlie asked a great
nany questions sbout bis relatives, tbe
tuchluclosscs, and Cousin Sue asked
i great many about his branch of the
amlly, the Chambcrlins.   He was es
leclnlly pressing tn bis queries, surprls-
ng Miss Aucblncloss by bli want ot
.nowlcdge of his kin on ber side of the
louse.   Wben eacb bad been sstlsDed
in ibis matter tbey fell to general eon-
rersatlon nnd got on famously.   Miss
Aucblncloss was delighted wllb Cousin
Charlie, and Mr. Chamberlin was delighted wltb Cousin Sue.
Wben nn hour bad passed Miss Au-
thlncloss asked If they were not near
Mr. Cbamberlln's home, bis wife bavlng written that ths distance could be
covered within tbat time. Mr. Chum
berlln smiled and ssld bo bad do idoh
•f taking so short s rids and bad
chosen n far longer route. Coming to
a roadhouic, he snid bo would tele-
phono tbat they would not arrive as
soon as expected and, slighting, went
Inside fnr tbo purpose. He was gone
soms lime snd when be returned explained the length of his absence from
tho fact that tho wire was busy aad
lie was obliged to watt
i It was tbree hours after lbs starting
(hat tbs auto pulled up in tbe ground!
ot a handsome place, snd several young
women came out on tbo porcb to re
ceive tbs guest One ot tbem, wbom
Cousin Charlie called Dells, advanced,
tart Miss Auchloclosa a Idas, and ths
tat followod suit A small boy of ten
■Who announced himself as Cousin
frank instiled on carrytog Cousin
Due's suit esse, snd ths parly went Into
(he bouse. Tbey were alt young and
teemed very well ptetsed it the meeting. Tbe guest wis shown lo bei
tbtmber,. where sbs made ■ toilet for
dinner, putting on tbs ons dressy costume elle had brought witb ber.
"Detr me;1 lbs Mid to herself when
left alone, "I dldo't know that Charlie
CbamberllD was so well off as to Hts
(n this style. 1 wonder U tne funds
don't belong to bis wife."
The dinner went off pleasantly,
though It seemed to Wss Aucblncloss
that there wns an uneasiness tn her
cousins, and as time wore on Charlie,
tbougb evidently much pleased at having bis cousId wltb him, appeared
especially distracted. Little Frank
seemed Inclined to do a good deal ot
chattering despite efforts made to
muzzle blm. He kept calling thoss
•t the table by their wrong names and
•was constantly saying things to make
tne occupants ot tne house uneasy.
Finally just it the conclusion of the
dinner he addressed Cousin Delia thus:
"1 say, Mollie, wby don't you get
Tbere was a laugh, which on tho part
of tbe hosts was mingled wltb a good
deal ot constraint Cousin Charlie
looked frightened, and Cousin Delia
turned red In tbe face. No reference
was made to tbe boy's bavlng called
Delia Mollie, and In time tho equanimity of the party returned. After dinner
lt was still day, for It was the season
when tho twilights were long, and all
went on to tho veranda.
"Charlie," said Delia, "you bad better show Cousin Sue the grounds before It is dark."
"Oh, 1 wouldu't think of separating
s newly married couple. Come wltb
us Cousin Delia," said Miss Auchln-
Several ot the party turned tbeir
backs at tbis reply, and it looked to
the guest that it was for a reason.
Tbere was something going on underneath this cousinly welcome that mystified Miss Aucblncloss. Cousin Delia
excused herself on tbe ground tbat sbo
was obliged to get a letter written to
be sent out before the mall closed, lt
did not seem to Miss Auchlncloss tbat
tbere was anything husbandly and
wifely between ber nod Charlie. Tbey
bad been married but a abort time,
and even between couples who hnve
lived together for years there ls a certain something that marks tbem as
belonging to each other. Nevertheless
while Miss Auchlncloss noticed tbe absence of tbls something It did not occur to her tbat tbe couple were anything but man and wife.
"Cousin Delia," sbe said to Charlie as
tbey strolled away together, "looks
enougb like you to be your sister."
"I hnve never seen a married couple
resemble each other as you two do."
"Y-e-s; several persons bavo spoken
of that 1 don't see lt at all," replied
Cbarlie, tben turned the subject
He led Miss Auchlncloss about tbe
grounds wbich covered a dozen acres
attractively laid out, a rivulet running
through lt spanned by rustle bridges
and bere and there broadened into a
flsb or a duck pond. As tbey strolled
along together Charlie seemed to lose
thot embarassment which bad troubled
blm, but he surprised Miss Auchlncloss
by certain glances and words that
were altogether too flirtatious to coma
from a married man, especially ons
who had been recently wedded. Miss
Auchluloss suggested that, the sun
bavlng tet, tbe air was becoming s
trifle chilly and she thought she would
return to the house. Tbey found tbe
auto standing before the door.
"Why, you're not going out again In
your machine tonight, Cousin Charlie?"
remarked Miss Aucblncloss.
"1 thought we would bavo another
ride," was the reply. "Tbe moon ls
coming up, and tt Is full tonight"
"But wbat!"
"Why, don't you think you'd better,
take Cousin Delta out wltb you5"
"Oh, she doesn't llko to ride tn sn
automobile: sbe'a afraid."
They went Into tbo bouse, and Charlie announced his intention to take his
cousin for n moonlight ride. This did
not surprise the others, and wben Miss
Auchlncloss offered to glva place to
Delta tbo latter repressed a smile and
said tbat ber moonlight rides wltb
Charlie were a thing of tbe past.
So tbe cousins got Into tbe auto together ond started forth. Tbey bad
not been out long before It was evident
that Coualn Cbarlie was trying to get
something out He made several attempts, atl ot which were failures,
when Miss Auchlncloss said:
"Tbere Is something about this visit
of mine tbst I can't understand, i
secret among you ill, to wbich I hare
not been admitted. I wlsb you would
tell me what It Is."
Cousin Cbarlie made toother effort
■nd was soon launched upon tn explanation mingled wltb frequent excuses and apologies. He told her tbat
when he saw her In big auto be knew
it once that tbo bad made a mistake.
He wat not her Cousin Charlie at til.
The temptation to Impersonate that
gentleman and take her for a drive
wtt too strong for blm. Then It occurred'to blm to take her home wltb
him for dinner. He had prepared the
family for the event by telephone end
asked one of hit sisters to Impersonate
bis wife. Tbey btd protested against
the plan it flrst, bnt finally consented.
Tbe matter wonld have gone oft more
smoothly bad It not been for Frank,
-who kept them In constant terror lest
he ehould let out the plot I
It took Ur. Cbtmberlln tht greater
part of tbe ride to smooth Mils Auchlncloss' ruffled feelings, bnt gradually tt cams over her tbat the affair
was a very good joke, and she admitted that tbe had made some very
pleasant acquaintances. She asked
Cousin Cbarlie In -what direction he
was driving, and be said tbat he wis
taking ber to ber real cousin's. He
had telephoned them tbat ber arrival
would be delayed. Sbe asked wben
her suit case would be sent to ber, and
he told her that It was stowed away
In tbe rear of the auto.
It had been very easy for the young
man to play the game; Indeed, Miss
Auchlncloss had walked Into It of ber
own accord, lt wns another matter
to smooth ber ruffled feelings. Nevertheless by dint ot penitence and persuasion bo finally succeeded.
And so ended tho flrst chapter In a
love story which was quite awblto In
developing. Miss Aucblucloss was prevailed upon to visit agalo those wbo
had entertained her, and tbey all became very Intimate. Cousin Cbarlte,
or Fred Warrington, took ber on many
an auto ride and one moonlight night
In the autumn eecured ber promise to
be bis wife.
Violet Fer Mourning.
It was not by accident that violet
was cbosfcn by mnny nations as the exclusive color for mourning and by us
also for bait mourning. Painters suffering trom hysteria and neurasthenia
will be Inclined to cover tbelr pictures
uniformly wltb the color most'in accordance wltb their condlUon of lassitude and exhaustion. Tbus originate
the violet pictures ot Manet and bis
school, which spring from no actually
observable aspect ot nnture, but from
a subjective view duo to conditions of
the nerves. Wheu the entire surface
of walls ln salons and art exhibitions
ot the day appears yelled lu uniform
bait mourning this predilection for violet Is simply an expression of Ihe nervous debility ot the palnter.-Nordau's
Three Lunches Didn't Win Ltfebvre
For the Marquis.
Jnles Lefebvre, who died the other
dsy tt tbe tge of seventy-six, full of
the honors opes to an artist member
of the Institute, commander of the Legion ot Honor, was chiefly t portrait
painter. But In addition he painted
charming, dreamlike figures ot fancy
and also decorations for the ceilings ot
the Vanderbllt mansion ln New York,
of the court of cassation and the writing aalon of the city ball In Paris. He
was a member of tha old Salon Jury,
and the pupils at Julian's, .where ho
taught or ratber advised during bis regular visits, tlways found t powerful
protector ln him when they wished to
exhibit at the Artistes Francais. They
used to bring tbelr works to him before sending tbem to the Urand Palais,
ostensibly to have bis advice on tbem,
but really to be sure tbat be would
recognize them when they reacbed the
His studio just before sending ln dsy
was crowded with young artists anxious to show tbelr work. One day
wben tbere were about fifteen there t
magnificently liveried footman appeared with a small canvas under bis arm.
"Mme. la Marquise has sent me to say
that she would be extremely pleased it
M. le Marquis' picture wat bung on
the line," be explained.
"Very well, my man; thnt't understood." And when the flunky bad left
the artist turned to the young painters
and said:
"If in return for three lunches those
people want tbe line, next year they
will ask for a gold medal."
And that picture was refused.—Paris
Cor. New York Sun.
It Was Highly Prised as s Wonderful
I Money 8svtr.
Wben Miss Ann Pickett dropped In
on her neighbor, Mrs. Splcer, and
found ber moping over tbe fragments
of a gilt vase Miss Ann sympatblzed
generously. "It must bave been rather a costly vase," sbe said, looking admiringly at tbe pieces.
"No, It ouly cost six bits," Mn. Splcer  acknowledged.   '"Taln't tbat  I
I feel ao bad about.':
j   "Maybe It was a gift tbat you prized
j because of associations!"
Mrs. Splcer shook her bead. "Jim
and 1 bought It over in Tompklnsvllle
a long time ago.   I prized lt because
, It was tucb a saving to tbo family.
The flrst year we bad It I kept It on
1 the front shelf for a general ornament
Then when Jim's blrtbday came and I
badn't anything else bandy to give I
gave blm the vase for bis own. Next
Cbrlstmas, Instead of paying out good
money to buy something new, be gave
It back to me for n Christmas present.
Tben 1 gave lt to Jim junior oo bis
I blrtbday, and he gave It to Sue Bolle
i on hers.
!   "Tbe next spring all tbe klnfolks got
: up a birthday party for old Aunt Sal-
i lie Splcer, aud we took ber tbe vase.
\ After she'd kep' It a good bit ehe gave
It to Jim's sister Jaue for a weddln'
' present, and afterward Jane gsve it
to me and Jim wben we bad our cblna
! weddln*.   1 was countln' on glvln' lt
; to Jim again on bis next birthday, end
I now bere it Is smashed to flinders.
"I tell you, Miss Ann, It most makea
me cry to tblnk of losing such s useful
family article—io near Jim's birthday
tool"-Youth's Companion.
Arrangements Fer a Card Party.
A hostess should always provide
some prizes for a card party and thus
show ber guests tbat she does not expect tbem to play for money. To invite people to your bouse and then
oblige tbem to do something of which,
they greatly disapprove ls an unpardonable offense against good manners
as well as good morals. It also sbows
t cruel lack of consideration for the
young men wbo cannot afford to lose
money. A girl can often escape by,
making aome excuse, but for a man,
who ls supposed to be Independent ln
money matters, this ls more difficult
As gambling debts are very -properly
not recognized by tho law and are
therefore beld to be debts of bonor,
a poor young man who ls forced by ■
cruel or thoughtless hostess to incur
sucb a liability ls placed ln a moat unpleasant predicament
Some excellent people tblnk there lt
no harm ln playing for small stakes—
3 or 5 cents a point But, whatever
tbe personal views of tbe hostess at s
card party, lf she is a woman of good
breeding Bhe always arranges some
tables for tbose wbo prefer not to
play for money.
Since expensive prizes create envy
and bad feeling It ls better to select
pretty trifles tbnt please by their
novelty, beauty or oddity ratber than
by their money value. The exact cost
of these gifts will vary Bomewhat in
accordance wltb tbe means of tbe
giver and ber friends. It would be ln
bad taste ror tbe wife ot a man living
on a small salary to offer a prize that
might ho given without impropriety;
by the wife of a millionaire to her
rich associates. Our circle ot acquaintances usually know moro accurately
than we suppose tbo amount of our
Income and criticise any display ot
extravagance. Tba well bred hostess
tries to avoid the two extremes o<
meanness and ostentation.
It ts now thought best not to show
the prizes until the end of tbe even.
Theie Humble Burrows.« Are Qreat
Aids to the Farmer.
The humblo earthworm Is one ot
man's best friends. The farmer and
the gardener could not spare him. Dr,
J. Newton Friend tells about him In
Science Progress. From Dr. Friend's
observations lt appears that worms
aerate tbe toll In a variety of ways.
In burrowlug through the soil tbe
worms render tt more porous snd permeable to gases, not merely by virtue
of tbs tlr sptces formed, but by reason ot the fact that the soil ts tbus
continually kept In gentle motion.
Again, the soil passing tbrough iht
bodies ot worms la excreted tn n finer
condition, belug ground by attrition
tbrough lbe Intestines. Darwin estimated Ibat no fewer tban fifteen loot
ot soil annually pass through tht bodies ot worms for every tcre.
Further, worms breathe ln oxygen
snd exhale carbon dioxide, and the latter gas, at Is well known, readily dissolves tn waler, forming an- acid solution which will render alkaline earths
tnd metallic oxldes-tron-tolnble.
Worms materially aid Id producing
soluble salts of Iron Id tbe soil when
other ogenclcs-e. g.. dilute mineral
acids-fall. The Iron le eventually given back to Ibe soil In a more soluble
condition and presumably tn oot which
ctn be directly absorbed by pilot
roots.      i
A Leeture en Extravagance and a Re-
form In Laundry Methods.
Some time ago Kaiser Wilhelm, tn
his teal for paternal government, noticed the glossy appearance of one ot
bis suit wbo happened to be in mufti.
Tbe kaiser questioned him, found tbat
the young man was in the habit ot
sending his linen to Paris for treatment and lectured blm severely on bis :
Some   time  afterward  the   kaiser |
saw tbo young man at a palace ball
wearing a shirt thnt was a mess. The | ^ uu u ^	
kaiser joked about It, whereupon the j       -^ m c(msolat,on  prtMs are
young man answered that be had tak-1 ..   , t    thet than t0 the poor.
en the reproof to heart and wns having   ™   ,      /
bla linen washed sud troued at home |   ^ llnp^mnt t0 haT4 the Beats ot
by bis wife. , ,.    I the right height so that the guests may
As ls well known, the kaiser wishes j ,4^,,,,,. Dln|ng room cbair,
that Germans should avoid words of are ^^ fQr th(j purpo9e than tboi,
foreign origin; thnt they should dr nk usu fo_]n(, ,n . draw,ng „<,„, tu,
German champngne and prefer the | ^ m ,.. ]ow anil often t0o cum-
bam of Westphalia to the ham of Ba- : ^ ., .,. ^ chalre an(1 cara ta.
yonno or Virginia. What answer could j WgB ^ b|rei „ ortlnar, ,mau
he make to his subject! He could not &Wm m mej, ibt. Bhould ^ corere(1
advise him to divorce his wife. She j .„,. c|oth t0 preTMlt the cards fr0m
was carrying out the kaiser's views I ,„.„(„_
concerning, the proper sphere of wo-     ^ n        w. ^..^x ot chicken
man.-Boston Herald. I m.,fa ,ce|| and Bandw|Ches. with hot
It may be more or
1 coffee or wine cup.
less elaborate, as tbe hostess chooses.
For on Informal occasion among
friends chocolate and cake or claret
punch and some nice biscuits are sufficient
Tbe hostess herself does not play at
a regular card party unless lt should
bo necessary to All a vtctney. It
would be awkward for t late comer
on her arrival to find every one deeply
New Ui* For Aluminium.
With a pencil of aluminium indelible
characters mny lie written or drawn
un glass or porcelain, and when treated
with hydrochloric acid the surface covered by Ihe characters becomes etched.
When tho characters ere not etched,
but simply burnished, tbey exactly resemble inlaid allver.   This property of
aluminium was discovered by a Swiss   _      	
scientist   lt la Indispensable first to   ajJsorbed ln ca,.,i8 and no one free to
remove every troce of grease from the
surface to be ornameuted by polishing
with chalk, else the aluminium will not
take hold. Since tbe effect la produced
only on substances containing silicic
add it has heen suggested tbat an aluminium pencil would be an unerring
detector of false diamonds. Magnesium, cadmium and zinc act tn a similar manner, but their traces readily ox-
Idlze.-Chtcago Iteeord-Heraid.
—    ■<$
Chile's Nsw Warships.
Navies ot thc South American republics are not Inrge, but the Individual
units, at least of the ucwer ships, sre
very powerful. Two battleships now
belug built In l-'nglnuU for Chile will be
28,000 tons la displacement and ot
twcnly-lhrco Uuols speed. Tbey will
carry ten.fourlecnlnch guns lu turrets
and four twenty-oue-lncb torpedo tubes,
and they will have a normal coiil supply of !l,r,00 tons, with 450 tons of oil
fuel. Their length of 025 feet will render tbem the lougest battleships tn existence.      .^
Tho United States Army.
The total number of commissioned
oncers, stuff and Hue. on the active
list In the army It 4,453, tnd tbe total
enlisted strength, staff tnd line, ts ;<m
Oil. exclusive of Ibe provisional force
and the hospital corps. The law provides that the total enlisted strength
of tbe army shall not exceed at any
one time 100,000 men. If necessary
tbo entire country could put Into lhe
Held an army of from 12,000,000 to
I8,000,000.-New York American.
welcome" ind talk to ber.
"utxby ihould be arrested for cruelty
to mechanism." "Gbl What did he
lo!" "Hid a dictograph In tbe meeting pltce tt in afternoon bridge club.".
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Answering a Dinner Invitation.
One rule will help the reader to
make very few mistakes wben answering any kind of a written invitation.
If tbls be sent to you ln a formal way,
tbe hostess and bost speaking of themselves snd tbelr guest-or using tho
"third person" for all names-then tho
reply should bo sent ln a similar form.
For Instance, lf yon havo received an
Invitation tbat reads:
Mr. snd Mrs. Chsrlu Gray
rlqueet tba pleaaur* ot
your company at dinner
on Thursday evening,
February the tenth,
at eight o'clock.
M Cheater Avenu>*.
Thel. your auswer bust be aa follows:
11 East Avanua,
February J, IS*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward King
accent with pleasure
Mr. and Mra. Charles Cray's
Invitation to dinner on
Thursday avenlns, February tenth,
at eight o'clock.
This Is written by you on plain note
psper In tbe form shown snd addressed
to Ibe hostess.
If you cannot accept a declination
should be sent In this form:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward King
rtgret that tliey ar* unable to accept
Mr. and Mra. Charlas Gray's
Invitation to dinner on
Thursday evening. February tenth,
at_eljl-t o'clock.
Tit For Tet
Mrs. Jenkins was standing before Ihe
mirror arranging ber tbln bair when
her baldheaded bnsbsnd entered the
"Sty, ■■Hy," be begin. "•»*» <l0,,'■,
you do your btlr tbt way you use*
"Why don't you!" reported Mrt. Its*
U«t.-U»»iK«tfe. -.-«.—.»-.—.  ..
/ am now ready to serve your-
Hardware Wants in My
Big New Store
/ extend to you an invitation to
visit and see the up-to-date store,
^Make this Your Headquarters.
I shall tn future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
SEALED TENDERS will be re-
,j ceived by tlie undersigned up ta
and including Monday, February
the 10th, 1913, for supplying ^fifty
cords green wood, four-foot length,
split fir or tamock. jjij
Same to be delivered and piled at
the Central School as and where directed.
Tenders to state time of delivery.
Lowest ur any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C., January 30. 1913.
Secretary to Board of Trustees.
Mrs. I. A. Dinsmore moved from
Greenwood te tbis city Ust .Saturday.
The Cooper Brothers, late ol this
city, have purchased a fine residence
on Bushby itreet in Victoria.
Judge Brown, of this city, and W.
K Dewdney, government agent at
Greenwood, left on Monday for Victoria.
Grand Forks visitors to the Rossland winter carnival say that the
celebration this year was the be-l
ever beld in that city.
The Phoenix betting clement took
about $1500 of Grand Forks monev
back up the hill after tbe hockey
game laet Friday night.
W. A. Williams, local manager of
the Granby smelter, returned on
Monday from Hidden Creek, where
he has been superintending construction work on the pew Granby
Baltimore propose* lo tax unimproved propAty at a higher rate
than improved property. The de
termination of municipalities to get
some of the "unearned increment"
is spreading
W. C. Allan came over on Monday from Republic, where hie fimt-
ly is now staying. He intends to
leave next week for Vancouver
island, where he intends to locate
permanently m
The first dance given hy the
Grand Forks Sooial cluh in the
Wirier hall on Monday evening wss
attended by about 125 persons The
music was excellent and everybody
hud an enjoyable time. A good
luncheon was served tt tbe Great
Northern hotel.
The project lo build a good road
from Spokane 10 Repuhlic hae received the endorsement nf the Spokane chamber of commerce. A spe
nml committee composed of G M.
Colboro, T. 8. Lane end Q C. Cor-
haley hae heen appointed, wilb
power lo act end aid lhe enlerpritt
One of the absorbing topics of
d ism. sion in public places Inst Saturday was the strange result nf tome
ofthe   hockey games in the Boun
dary league The opinion was freely
expressed that, since the elimination of home players from the various teams, the gate receipts and
the Phoenix saloon men and gamblers exercise some influence over
the results. The Sun hopes that
these suspicions are groundless.
A Louisville editor, smarting under the immunity of lawyers from
slander suits, .gets even hy throwing
off the following: "A lawyer in a
courtroom mav call a man a liar, »
scoundrel, villi.ni or thief, and no
one makes complaint when coun
adjourns. If a newspaper prints
jiuch a reflection on a man's char
atiter, there is a lihel suit or a dead
editor. This is owing the fact that
people believe what an editor says."
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
Btreet, Grand Forks.
George W. Wooster, taeasurer of
Granhy company, visited Phoenix
last week.
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
The Servian army wai reinforced
Inst week by the sddition of two
patriots frnm Phoenix.
Jnmee McGregor, provincial inspector of mines, was in the Boun
dary last week
Ma. C. A. ABBOTT, Augme it, teat.
SaAnaSt., New Vol'* City.
Dear Sir:   I hore known fnr over Myearaol tn
•tecteof Wilton's kern.c!» [Wilson'! Preparatle*
*t Hypoehoephltei. ami iil.K'liettjJ in cixex ol put.
t_oubi_a.   At -..ut p ...it Twill tay to yoa
F. Downey's Cigar store
oil.  r. Ki.rt F_l*tf <_1l*PPt
Mining Stock Quotations   I
Spokank, Feb. 13.—The follow
ing are todays opening quotations for
the stockx inenti uted:
Bid. Asked
Granbv Consolidated. 57 00 6 Mil)
B. O.   Copper       B.25     5.75
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Feb. 13.—Silver 61 J;
standard copper, $17.25(5:17.50;
London, Feb. 13—Silver, 2%
lead, £16 10s.
From a Minister In Mew Tork: "I was
"sevurely 111 with lung trouble. My atten-
"tion was directed to lhe Wilson Remedy
"wbich 1 used wltb aplondld effect."
From a lndy In Michigan: "I ueed yonr
"medicine drat.43 or 44 yeara ago and II
"laved tne Irom ending my daya with con.
"■umptlon. Tbere would be no use of ao
"many people dying with consumption It
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If yon an suffering trom ANT tang or
tliront trouble It Is your duty to Investigate. Send for free full Information to.
WllMato ttaciy, Wcatwtmd. N. J.
(Published Annually)
KuaMe*. traders tliroiiuhout the world
cotiin.unlct.tf. direct with K'urlinti
In eaeh elnss of good-. Besides being a com*
plete cinniiip.tnul guide to Loudon and It.
suburbs, the directory ovntalus lists of
with the Hoods the; ship, and the I olonlsl
and Foreign Markets they supply l
srranged uuder the Porta to whioh they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants,etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Itiilust-lu!
centres ol the United Kingdom.
A copv ol the current edition will be lor-
warded', freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order Ior 20a.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
Iheir trade cards lor £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25. Abchurch Lane. London, E.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
raoNi 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Prop*.
PHONE    l_ 14-
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
ft. GALLOWAY. ~ coma P. o.
what you have not before known of'.that 4s vesta '
alacs, while Inn rtslden, ol N.Y. Citv, I waa
Mrmlyill withi-.nglrciul.le.   Physicians said I wss |
• coasnnptive and r.y faui.ly physician told my wile
that ha thought I»» '.I eel rt Tver.   My attention i
wu directed tn t'ie V/i'-on l.e_.._y, which I used
wkhsnlendideRecl.   I hare bren on ny feat aad tt
worksvertiiM.er~-rtti.-r.   Yoi.r-.roly,
11.1. Church, Hunter, (Greens Co.,) N. T.
Oa Pec 1, iqt 1, Mr. Sawr wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is very gut.J.'r
II yon will .wit-. Mr. Abbott he
vrlll glmlly -in 111 h yciu any further
Information y-.n*. -icmr...
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
Wn have the most modern jnliliiiig plant
in the Boundnry Country, emplnv com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
FflONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C
Suits to Order M8 iwds
H We areagents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the ea.st. When you order, from, us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect tit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best jrou can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
those clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
Billhead*) and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
, Posters, Dates and Dingers,
Business and Visiting Cards,  .
Lodgo Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and 1'lacnrds,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an'
Up-to-date Printery.
_pn_nn PDTOTiiyfi—t,,e |t,nd **<io—■" *n itoe"
V.lv»-Ul/ tRILlllLlVl »n advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Was Sum f riwt Shop
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education iu English, commercial
and music hranches. Einnroidery.plain
and tancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The eoniiiiei--
cial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kiwis
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
<>Wi*l.ltTK --Tiii k nr
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kn nil • MiiMtfi.i.i.'iti ut
Kriclvr.1 Wck y.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
?. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Iiooh Noiitii or (Iiianiiv  Hotki..
Kius-i- Htiikkt.
*lf Mcttuin onr c
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
SSSfiSg"ft. tessufts.


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