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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 9, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Two Thousand Men Employed on Construction
Quit Wwk
A report from Penticton this
morning states that tbe 1. W. YV.'s
have succeeded in organizing a strike
oo tbe Kettle Valley line. Two
thousand men have quit fork along
tbe line of tbe road, according to A
statement made by Mr. Brandt, a
contractor, whe bas a subcontract
for seven miles and employs 3U0
men. Brandt-figures tbat 1000 men
an out between Penticton and Kelowna, and wbile he is net familiar
with lbe situation he is of the opinion tbat tbe number of men east of
Kelowna is about the same.
The|majority of the men have
lefl tbe district. The men demand
13 per day for common laborers.
Tbe contractors claim tbat the
Industrial Workers of tbe World
are behind the strike.
Probably Quarterly Dividends
Tbe uinth annual teport of the International Coal & Coke company,
operating coal mines and coke ovens
at Coleman, Alta., covers the calen
dar year ending December 31, 191*2.
It shows a net profit of 1232,198 for
tbe twelve months, of whioh $132,
198 was transferred to tht surplus
account and liOO.OOu bas been
carried forward into tbe working
aod dividend fund for tbe current
year. Tbe company's liabilities
were reduced 1139,318 and the assets were increased 192,880. while
tbe payroll amounted to 1663,906,
expended during the 254 days the
mines were operating, employing an
average of 520 men daily. The expenditures for development, addi
tions to plant and otber necessary
outlay aggregated 161,342.
Tbe iiasete of the company total
13,987,443, segregated as sollows:
Coal lauds, 13,135,955; plant,
dwellings, horses, etc, 1658 817;
warehouse stock, 127,890; accounts
receivable, 9165,753; stocks of coal
and coke, 92,173; unexpired insurance, 91682; cash on hand. 9172.
At the annual meeting of tbe
company held in Spokane, lb* question of paying quarterly divid> nds
was discussed. While nothing.definite was decided, tbe secretary informed the shareholders that if noib-
into Um market for good-sited quantities of the red metal, both for near
and far forward delivery.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the bast week. Aranby mine, 25,-
968; Mother Lode, 7,180; Rawhide,
4,835; Napoleon, 768; Victoria, 409.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 25,-
155 tons; Greenwood, 14,429.
Tennis enthusiasts of Phoenix are
forming a club.
W. J. Galipeau commenced work
lut Monday on bis contract laying
the cement sidewalks.
The erchards in the valley are now
in full bloom. The prospects for a
big fruit crop in this district were
never better.
With every other person in Grand
Forks being the possessor of an automobile (ahd those who do not own
cars are first-class pedestrians), the.
season at Christina lake this summer should rival the gayeties at
Coney Island.
Your House Needs Painting—
Now is the time to have it done.
Paint before the hot summer dust
begins to fly. Sberwin-Williasos^
High Standard Paints are the right
kind to use. Our paint advice is
free—ask us.   Manly's Hardware.
A marked improvement fn all
lines of business is noted in ihis
city tbis spring. This is due main-
lv to the selection of the city as a
divisional point on the Canadian
Pacific railway's short line between
Winnipeg and Vancouver,
Men who have travelled all over
British Columhia say tbere are more
buildings now under construction in
Grand Forks than in any other
town in the province. The payroll
of the men engaged in the building
trade would, if tabulated, make a
very good showing.
Oroville has a factory that makes
thirty-five gallons of ice cream an
hour. Nearly that quantity is consumed here per hour. The city
should therefore have a factory.
W. R. Murray ia in Mexico.
Fruit and FaJm
Fruit and Farm for April comes in
a handsome two color cover hv Malcolm Charleson, a rising young British Columbia artist. The frontispiece
ia.a full page of Hon. Martin Burrell,
Dominion   minister   of    agriculture.
log  should   occur to interrupt coal j The -special   articles   include Bench
mining operations the payment of a Lands  in   the  Dry  Belt, by W. R.
regular quarterly dividend  might be Pooley,  of   Kelowna; Agriculture in
Fire Destroyed B. k* Brown's
Residence at  Volcanic
Last Sunday
R. A. Brown's residence, at Vol
canic City, was destroyed by fire last
Sunday. The uoubs aod contents
were a total loss. Tbe fire caught
from spark falling oo tbe roof from
the chimney wbile Mr. Brown was
preparing dinner, aod when it waB
discovered it was too late to save
anything. All that Mr. Brown was
able to rescue from tbe flames was
bis valuable papers aod an ancient
straw bat. He places his loss on
building, furniture and twenty
years' collection of art treasures aod
mementoes at 95000.
G. T. Moir, wbo has been agent
of the Canadian Pacific railway in
tbis city for a number of years, has
been transferred te Rossland, and
expects to leave for that place this
week. J. G- Clark, of Rossland, will
take Mr. Moir's place here. Mr.
Moir bas been a public spirited
citizen; has taken an active part in
church work, and is at present a
member of the board of school trustees. He is also the owoer of considerable Grand Forks realty. The
people of the community will regret
to learn of his transfer.
An enthusiastic meeting, of the
Grand Forks Poultry aod Pet Stock
association wae beld in W. E. Had-
den's office on Friday evening. The
attendance was large, and, in view
of the fact tbat the provincial show
is to be beld bere next fall, a great
deal of interest was taken in the
proceedings. Besides the transaction of routine business, a committee of two was appointed to formulate the subjects for discussion at
lbe next meeting.
- Tbe realty market in this c ly dur
ing the past week has been brisker
tban since last fall. Nearly every
real estate dealer has disposed of a
few lots, and one or two of tbem
have some big deals pending.
Rev. Knox Wright, M.A., of
Vancouver, general secretary iif the
Canadian Bible society for the prov
ince of British Columbia, will give
an address at a public meeting, to
be held in Ihe Presbyterian church,
Tuesday, May 13, at 8 p.m. The
public is cordially invited.
The officers of the company are:
President, A. C. Flumerfect, Victoria; first vice-president, Hugh
Davidson, Vancouver; second vice-
British Columbia. Our Responsibilities, by H A. Stone, Vancouver;
Pemberton Meadows from a Fanner's
Standpoint; Manures and Manuring,
hyH M.Eddie, F.R.H.S., Albion;
Greater Protection for British Cnluin-
president, D. H. Kixer, Spokane; j* Of*™"1"; >»y Thos Cunningham;
,.___._...-..    i x.     uir n ,    i The Apple Marketing Problem, by J.
treasuftr, John McKeagan, Cole-' T g^ BA', "ue^,,. My Ex-
man; secretary, W. G. Graves, Spo- perience in Baving Bees, by James
kane; managing director,' P. \V. Johnstone, Nelson; Celery Growing at
Riddell. Coleman; manager,0 E. S.' Armstrong, by J. H. Patten, the vet-
Whiteside. '  i firan grower of that place; and   Dis-
 __ tance Chart in planting an  Orchard,
by Prof. Lewis. There arisen unusual
Copper in Good Demand   *  number of good illu*tratiana,including
A recent issue of the Boston Com- »'u" Wf P.'»f " 90m;"i"i°»er Rob
,,     ,,.. ....       .... . •   „   .   i ertson, who is now in  the. Okanagan
meroial, wbich is usually well   in- j aMirtiug t|ie growers there to work on
formed as to the copper situation,
states tbat tbe metal is in -good de
umbia than ever before,according to
a receotly issued statement by
President Newman Erb. i
F. H. Sylvester, general manager
of the Granby company, is authority for the statement tbat a number
of tbe. Granby's directorate have arranged for a visit to tbe Hidden
Creek mine in August next.
At the meeting of Banner Rebekah Lodge on Monday evening
Mra. C. L. Bugbee aod Mrs F. E.
Cooper were chosen representatives
to the Rebekah assembly, whicb
will be beld in Naoaiuio- tbe second
week in June Miss Jessie Spraggett was elected alternate.
George Stewart, United States immigration officer at this port, expects to be transferred to Oroville in
tbe near future.
Mrs, J. F. Smith and children
were passengers on Wednesday
morning's train bound for the home
of Mrs. Smith in Michigan. Mr.
Smith, whose health has been con
siderably benefited by a sojourn of
a few weeks in the sunny South,
will take up bis residence in Grand
Forks.—Phoenix Pioneer.
W. A. Ritchie, of Cascade, visited
the city yesterday for the sole purpose of having his name placed on
The Sun's subscription list.
VV. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby smelter, and Geo. W Woos
ter, treasurer and director, returned
on Monday from Hidden Creek,
where they have been inspecting
construction work on the company's
new plant.
Jack Bugbee was severely burned
in the furnace room at the Granby
smelter last week. He will be laid
np for a couple of weeks.
An addition is being erected to
the rear of the Davis block for the
accommodation os the cold storage
plant of the Grand Forks meal market.
Alfred Hood, government inspector and auditor, spent last Friday
with Superintendent Spraggett in
specting the road work in this district.
Work was commenced this week
on another -wsidence opposite the
Central schuol building.
In Phoenix on Wednesday Ibe
slnres began tbeir uoual weekly half
holidays during the summer months.
co-operative selling plan.
It is announced ill railway circles
that Vice-President Bury, of the
Canadian Pacific railway, will arrive in Grand Forks next Sunday by
special train.
James McArdle, who haB been
spending tbe past Ibree months at
his oid home near Montreal, returned to the eity on Tuesday. Hia
eon Kenneth, who bas been attend
ing school in Montreal tor a couple i
of years, accompanied him hame.'
Mr. McArdle saya it is refreshing to
get back to a town where something
is happening every minute'in the
day. |
It now looks as if there might
possibly be race for completion between the contractors of lhe Kerman and Huiitliri.il buildings.
On Wednesday, in Greenwood,
Hull was given eight months at
hard labor fur breaking Val McDavis' jaw in Phoenix a couple of
months ago.   Stovy was discharged.
Western Branch of Mining
institute Will Meet in
It is now almost time to prepare
for the opening of tbe trout angling
season. '
If there is a bright boy in the city
who is ambitious to learn the newspaper business, from the bottom "to
tbe top, The Sun man would like to
interview him.
mand    Fdreign consumers,  either ,__ *J '" ropo'tea trom London tnat the
i.'_.'." l'"."__*     u   __._'■"'     '       _i     Doke of Connaught will be succeeded
due to better banking accommeda-1 ^ m Right Hon. Lewi. Harcourt,
tion or the belief that copper is to ,ecretary of state for the colonies, as
enjoy a sharp advance, an coming governor General of Canada.
.^l^rT!^.-!:?m_.^I,-0bth't__;h5    "Tha' British  Columbia    Copper
company bas a greater, reserve of lore.
in sight in its properties in the Cop-'
per mountain region of British  Col
Frank  Coryell   made a business
trip to Greenwood this week,
W.  B. Cochrane
wood on Monday.
visited Green-
N otice has been received that the
fifteenth annual general meeting of
tbs Western Branch of tbe Canadian
Mining Institute will be held in
Rossland. beginning Thursday even-
ing.May 22, aod closiog on Saturday
This will be the joint meeting with .
the members of tbe Spokane local
section of the American Institute of
Mioing Engineers. Among the
many interesting papers that are to
be read and the subjects to be discussed will be tbat of accidents in
metal mines, and in this connection
it is intended to show a pulmotor
and explain its operation and effectiveness. Tbe pulmotor is a device
for producing artificial respiration
by delivering oxygen automatically
to persons rendered unconscious by
gas poisoning, drowning or electric
shock. The value of tbis appartus
io connection with mine rescue work
is unquestionable
Tbe provisional program is:.
Thursday eveniog, reading and discussion of papera; Eriday, visit to
Rossland mines io daytime and
reading aod discussion of papers in
tbe evening; Saturday, visit to Consolidated Mining aud Smelting Company of Canada's smelling works
aod electrolytic lead refinery at
Trail; eveniog, amusement
Granby Statement
President Nichols, of the Granby
Consolidated, has issued the following statement to the shareboldrra of
the company:
The operation of tbe Pboenix
properties and the Grand Forks
smelter for the month of March
showed a profit of 987,770, and the
nine months of tbe fiscal year
9990,225. The yield af metal ba
been fully maintained, and tbe cost
of copper tor March slightly reduced, but current profits for a per-
tion of the period were interfered
with hy the decline in the price of
the metal. As figures are now based
on 14i-cent copper, and on March
31 we had nn band 1935 tons taken
in at tbat figure.
Reports from the development
work of tbe old properties indicate
lhat ore reserves there have been
fully maintained.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the pnst week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Mill.     Max.
Friday, 2nd  29 65
Saturdny, 3rd  36 69
Sunday, 4th  35 59
Monday, 5th  34 «7
Tuesday,   6th  33 ' 76
Wednesday,  7th  39 7'J
Thursday, 8th '64 69
Rainfall  0.07
A piano and violio recital by the
Ihe students at Fridolph -Werner
will be given in the Graod Forks
opera house on Monday evening,
Missing   Artilleryman   Believed     to
Have Been Murdered by Two
Malta.—At somewhere about midnight on Thursday two Maltese boatmen reported to Uie police that two
bluejackets end an artilleryman bad
embarked on their cralt for conveyance (rom Valetta to Sllema, and tbat
when ln mid-sea the sailors and tbe
soldier quarreled, the former throwing tho artilleryman overboard. A
high sea was running at the time and
the sailors, by Intimidation, pi-evented
the boatmen from attempting to res:
cue the soldier.
" On reaching the shore tbe sailors
decamped, and tbe boatmen then returned to the spot where the soldier
had been thrown overboard, but as
their search proved trultless they reported the matter to the police. All
sailors' leave was stopped, and the
boatmen were conveyed on board each
warship and confronted witb the men
who had been given shore leave the
previous night.
Both boatmen in turn Identified
William John Payne and ^pert Woodcock, both able seamen belonging lo
the Royal Arthur, which arrived here
on Friday en loute lor China. The
missing artilleryman is Gunner Hour-
ihane, ot (5 Company ot the Royal
UarrlBon Artillery. He is 22 years
Both Payne and Woodcock have
been arrested, and the Royal Arthur's
departure has bees delayed pending
the magisterial Inquiry, which Is proceeding. Both prisoners have admitted having been In the boat in which
a quarrel arose, saying that they
made this statet-tent because leave ot
all men had been stopped. Consequently they did not wish to sacrifice other men.
One of the prisoners in his statement tn the ship's commander said:
The soldier hit me and I hit him, and
being drunk he overbalanced and tell
out ot ihe boat Into the sea. Several witnesses frnm the Royal Arthur
are being heard, and afterward the
inquiry will be adJonrni.il and the
lloyal Arthur will sail. The prison-
rrs having admitted being on the boat
will be remanded.
The Sweetest Story ever
told is to tell you of
the purity and
sweetness of
Just fresh picked fruit and
granulated sugar
You can get them from
your grocer
The South Pole
Tin- vouili pole is situated on an antarctic continent larger than the
United Stall's and wilh an area of
:.,iiiiii.O(lii mild'.
Tbe pole Is on a table-land about
111,000 feet above Iho sea level.
Thc Kit-in Ice barrier Is a glacier
TOO miles wide and hundreds of mileB
liruad In places; It varies from 100 to
a00 feel In height.
The breaking off of portions of this
iri- barrier each summer produces the
f-rcateet crop ol Icebergs In tlie world.
Mount. 1-rebus bclchi:_ steam and
lnv_. within tlie circle of eternal lcc.
Vegetation In the antarctic continent consists entirely ot moss', the
land niilinal life is limited lo a specie., of wingless insects very primitive
In form.
The ouly human linings In the antarctic continent nre explorers; no
traces of native inhabitant', have ever
been discovered.
Penguins', great, awkward birds, exist along the coast in some parts.
There Is llllle snow on Ihe lower
plateau, necessitating explorers carry-
ing tents; the surface is smooth lcc.
Scientist., rl.iiin that centuries ago
Iho south pule wns a tropical region
filled with plant and animal life.
Welsh Coal Mines Will b* Merged
London.—Four great Welsh coal
mines In whicli David Alfred Thomas,
..ciilnr member ot lhe firm ot Thomas
nnd Davey. has a predominating Interest, and whose annual output is
:-,._:r,o,(iiii) tons, will ue merged shortly
liiio a single company, with a capital
ot 1110,000,001).
99 Broadway, Mew York.
I bought aome ol your GIN PILLS
st Victoria, D.C. law September. Your
remedy I find, at 6o years of age, to
live perfect relief from the Kidney and
lladder Troubles incident to one of tny
age. I urgently recommend tilN FILLS
to friends as being the oue thing that
does me good." TS. O. WOODFORD.
50c. a box, 6 for la.50. Monty back
if GIN PILLS fail. Sample free if yon
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
af Canada, Limited, Tetoulo. I »l
W.  N.  U.  943
Former English Army Officer Discovered Dead In Rather Strange
London, England.—An ex-army officer's unsuccessful struggle to cure
himself ot tbe drug habit was described at an Inquest at Guston, Dover,
on Claude W. Lawrence Marshall,
aged 41, of independent means, wbose
body was found In a railway. A
broken hypodermic syringe and two
empty drug bottles were found near
the body. Dr. Marshall was formerly an officer in the South Staffordshire
Mrs. Marshall stated tbat ber husband had been addicted to tbe drug
hablljor several years, taking morphia and cocaine. He broke off the
habit last year for a time, but could
not do without the drugs, and resumed
them. She had known him to go
into this railway tunnel for the purpose ot injecting morphia into his leg.
He went Into the tunnel because it
was dark there, and he objected to
making the Injections in the light. He
told ber once that after he bad Injected morphia. Into his leg in the tunnel
he became unconscious on the bridge
just above. Sbe thought tbat on
tbls occasion he might have become
unconscious In the tunnel. She once
found bim unconscious ln a pit as a
result of the drug. Mrs. Marshall
added that ber husband was very
bright and showed no signs of suicide.
Evidence as to the finding ot the
body pointed to the fact- that.-Mr,
Marshall bad his back against the
wall ot the railway tunnel and was
leaning down Injecting morphia Into
hla leg when the train struck him; or
else that he had made the injection
and lost consciousness In that position
at the time of the fatally.
It was said tbat members ot Dover
police force had frequently seen Mr.
Marshall ln the vicinity of the shot
injecting morphia. It was mentioned
tbat he had Injected.aa much as sixty
grains of morphia at a time.
The jury returned a verdict of death
by misadventure.
The Shirker
If ymi don't do your share of work
in the world Ibe chances are that
some ono else will have to do it for
you. But you won't draw his overtime or secure his promotions, or
those tbat might have been yours bad
vou tried. There is a good deal ot
justice In the world, regardless of
What thc croakers and malcontents
may tell you, and the shirker, In
dodging his work, misses his pay,
which goes to a better man wbo will
probabiy prosper and he called a thief
because he attended, to business and
was Industrious and polite. His compensation lies in the knowledge ot
work well done, as well as thc mater
lai reward, and somewhat, perhaps,
In tbe tact that tlie opinion ot h's detractors may not be so Important after
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief—Permsatst Cart
(iii.  Purely vegetable—ut Mtely
but gently oa
ibt Ever.
Slop after _
JbtWM ;■
cuieindi-1 _. _
gertion—improve the compleiiof.— brighten
Aeeya. Small Pill, SmllDmt, SmaUPrie,.
Genuine bum beat Signature
The Unwritten Law Viewed in France
From Standpoint of Approval
Paris, France.—The uss.ie court
at Dijon, tried a farmer named Ernest
Gauthler for the murder ot a neighbor
named Fufey, whom he surprised with
his wife. Gauthler dealt his rival
two blows with a spade and the man
died the next day. The farmer also
attacked his wife and then gave himself up to the police. Mme. Gauthler committed suicide a tew dfys
At the trial, the judge mildly reproached Gauthler, and informed him
tbat It would have been easy (or him
to obtain a divorce*.
Addressing the jury, the public
prosecutor said: Give him a few weeks
in prison, a few days for the principle.
After examining the facts and emphasising the shortcomings of the dead
woman, he concluded: Having regard
to all the circumstances, would lt not
be better for you to exercise your
sovereign right and pardon the accused?
The jury after a brief deliberation
brought in a verdict ot acquittal.
They Wanted tb Hear It
Now, children, said the teacher to
her kindergarten class, I want you all
to be very quiet, so quiet in fact, that
you could hear a pin drop.
Everything .had quieted down nicely
and thc teacher was about to speak
when a. little voice in the rear of the
school room squeaked forth: Go
ahead, please, teacher, and let her
Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.—The
stomach is the workshop cf the vital
functions and when lt gets out ot order
the whole system clogs ln sympathy
The spirits flag, the mind droops and
work becomes impossible. The first
care should be to restore healthful
action of the stomach and the best
preparation tor that purpose is Farm
elee's Vegetable Pills. General use
for years has won them a leading
place ln medicine, A trial will attest
Iheir value.
Doing the rlgbt thing is seldom a
source of worry.
Thc fire of genius ls often unable to
make tbe pot boll.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Cheerful Under Difficulties
lf you make any noise, threatened
the holdup man, I'll stuff this handkerchief in your mouth!
The victim regarded it with a ghastly smile.
Oh, that's such an old gag, he pi>
British and French Navies Unite
Ostend, Belgium.—Flotillas ot British and French torpedo boats, destroyers and submarines are carrying nut
a series of night manouvers in' cooperation, In the English channel.
The commanders of the flotillas are
following common plani.of action and
there Is a frequent eicbonge of wire>
less iiir-ssai.es betwi-n Ihe vessels.
Probably there is nothing that will
make a woman quite so happy as the
possession of a thing her rival wants
and can't afford.
To   Feed   Children   and   Get   Good
There are moro nervous persons
made so by undigested' food lying in
the stomaoh tban thc average Individual would suppose.
It food remains undigested ln the
stomach, It begins to ferment, set up
gas and a large portion ls thus converted into poison.
That's wby imperfectly digested
food, may, and often does, cause Irritation of the nerves and stupor of the
mind—brain and nerves are really poisoned .
"My daughter had complained for
some tlmo ot a distressed feeling In
the stomach, after eating, which set
me thinking that ber diet was not
right," writes an anxious and Intelligent mother.
"She bad been fond ot cereals, but
had never1 tried Grape-Nuts. From
reading the account ot this predlgested
food, lt seemed reasonable to try
Grape-Nuts for her case.
"The results were really wonderful
Tho little brain that seemed at limes
unable to do Its work., took on new
life and vigor. Every morning, now',
before going to school, she eats the
crisp little morsels and is now completely and entirely well, she seems to
have a new lease on life—no more
distress ln tbe stomach, nor headache,
but sound and well everyway." Name
given by Cnnadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road to Well-
ville," ln pkgs.
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true and full ef human
Interest. '
Jurist Has Terrible   Struggle   With
Camorrlst He.Had Just Sentenced
Naples.—An attempt has recently
been made by a C&mmorist prisoner
to strangle a Judge at tho Naples
criminal court recently. Two members ot the Neapolitan Camorra, Spal-
anea and Guadagnl, were found
guilty ot theft, and were each sentenced to sixteen months' imprisonment.
Immediately sentence was pronounced the prisoner Guadagnl, a man ot
Herculean proportions, felled the two
carablnlerl who were on guard and
escaped from the Iron cage in which
he was confined. He dashed toward
the judge, and blacked the eye of a
lawyer who attempted to stop him,
while two ushers each received a blow
on the nose.
.There was a wild stampede from
the court, and the president rose and
wrapped himself ln his robes as
though uncertain whether to beat a
retreat. The Infuriated Camorrlst
clambered up to tbe judicial bench
with amazing agility, and Belied the
assistant judge nearest to him. Cav-
allere Vltellt, by the throat and attempted v to throttle -him.- Both fell
to the floor In the desperate struggle.
Barristers and policemen endeavored
to separate tbem, but several minutes
elapsed before the grip ot the prisoner could be released, and the man put
ln chains. Tbe unfortunate judge
when released was in a state ot collapse.
The Immensity of nature strikes
every one with the same, awed feeling.
No, lt doesn't. I took a girl to the
circus once, and she told me she
thought the hippopotamus was cute
Ws offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
(or any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
V.  1.   CHI-NET 4b CO.,  Toledo,  O.
We, tlie undersigned, have known P.
J. Cheney (or the last 15 years, and believe blm perfectly honest In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by his mm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure io taken Internally,
noting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces o( the system. Testimonials
sent (rce. Price IS cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Take Halt's Family Pills (or conetipn-
Weather Wise
In a certain town the local forecaster of the weather was so often wrong
that his predictions became a standing
joke, to his no small annoyance, for
he was very sensitive. At length,
ln despair of living down his reputation, he asked headquarters to transfer,
him to another station.
A brief correspondence ensued.
Why, asked headquarters, do you
wish to be transferred?
Because, the forecaster promptly
replied, the climate doean't agree with
Look (or the signature o( B. W. GROVE.
Cures a Cold In One Day.   Cures Grip
111 Two Days.    25o.
Mr. Badgerton Is bere, sir, said tbe
chief clerk.   Shall I -show him ln?
No, replied tbe great organizer, let
him wait in the ante-room for about
three-quarters of an hour. He bas a
big proposition, but. I am anxious to
keep him from getting the idee that
I consider It worth while.
The indications of worms are restlessness, grinding of the teeth, picking ot the nose, extreme peevishness,
often convulsions. Under these
conditions tfte best remedy lhat can
be got is Miller's Worn Powders.
They will attack the worms as soon
as administered and will grind them
to atoms that pass away In the evacuations. The little sufferc.' will be
immediately eased and a return ot the
attack will not be likely.
No Encouragement
Parson (to workman who keeps taking nips from his bottle)—Do you
know, my man, I never tasted spirits
ln my life.
Workman—No, an' you ain't a-going
to begin 'ere neither.
A Soft Answer
You reem to be an able-bodied nan.
You ought to be strong enough lo
I know, mum. And you seem to be
beautiful enough to go on the stage,
but evidently you prefer the simple
When buying your Piano in*
stat on having an
Piano Action
We only handle property ol sterling
merit, on wnlch we are prepared to
guarantee profits.
and "DEER LODGE" properties are'
good Investments. We want a good
agent to represent ue In every town.
For terms apply,
Sterling Bank Building, Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing 1( yoii
do not mean business." \-
Maa. Wisatow's aoonmfo arnur kaa Sam
wed for over SIXTY YEARS by M1U.10N8 ot
UOTH8K8 (or  tbelr CHILDUN   WHll*
ia the beet remedy (or DIAXKHffiA. It ie absolutely haraleee. le aare ead ask (ot "Mi*
Wlnitow'e soothiag Syrup." aad take aa otlwe
Wad. -Iweaty-Sveceaua bottle.
-liywtM)'ouTor»Rn"RUMwwN'«,GOT ths tutor
lurviR tnrn iidi-iiv, bladder, mirvom disiasm..
Ull-iik.rjjjiilo. .oi>tow»«|ta«il. Dc.-lmml.meA.
Maypole Soap
Gives lien, erea
calen, free boa
****** aadaUek-
•ly fart. Don aet
24 colon, will lire
•ay dude. CeUi
lfc. black 15c, al
yea dealer*! m
Mat-paid witb
booklet "Hew le
Dye" hear
Whenever the weather man doea
turn out an article guaranteed to suit
some storm or other cornea along and
spoils lt.
A woman with a secret sorrow never
rests until It Is known.
You can get most ot the things yoi
want by working hard tor Ibem.
feed t#Hicti *_____£ tavMMt
The Mowitto^^a^
^T The Fly;
1   ^P 1   .      Hi
WE ARE all exposed to mefc dangers-our only armor is ooo* tad
bleed 1 Let yonr stomach be ot good digestion, your liver active
and year tonga (ull o( good put* air aad you aoa't aarraader ta aoyo( tke dbasse-
keaiW genu. Tha beet known tonic aat alUtalhre, that eomets a torpd llw.
aad kelps digaettoo ao that good blood ia leenataeturad and ika srst-na aonrakad.I
wX*. flolden.Meflcal lUscovery
- Tbls fnmona Medicine kaa been sold by medietas dealen Is II* lleaid term tm
m forty yean, (bring gnat tatliteeUon. If you prefer yea ean an obtala Dr.
Plerce'a Golden Medled Dleeevery tablets ef yoar druggist at 11.00, alao la Ue sta*
•r by mail-send SO one-cent etaatpe, R.V. Plane,
LY,fW trial hen.
Question* ofUfe 3«*«S«Pto&W*'-^
■^r———- -■—-—   —-   — Titer t*r  ww. w. rmm *s*. a*.    «
■wteewea-an.wir.or <tao«ht»ralwnMba»sla mfslmi tall
laMaMns load eagso with enfiMtan one oil la eletk. east Am
ernlenuapeWaeana* neat al wrapping end ■«*_**.   ,.
•t anyone aeaalag 10 ***-
V Till*. «TTK. CR AXD FOTJTCS. jmi'''«'T r-fit >"'h .
Booklet "Distemper; Causes, Cure and Prevention," PREE.
All druggists, harness dealers. Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.
- 8POHN MEDICAL CO., Goshen, Indiana, U.S.A.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy'e Indurated Tube allow tha water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being made In one asamlsss piece eannot splinter
and so tha danger of snagged lingers and torn clothes la eliminated.
Used In conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday  Loses Half Its Terrors
Why he was Glad
The man with the long beard stood
Kenstvely at the curbing gazing at
5be passing traffic-In the street.
I ball with delight-the advent of the
automobile, he muttered aloud, for
-to longer need I fear crossing the
street lest some hungry horse mistakes me tor a walking bale of hay.
Mlnard'a Liniment. Cures Dandruff.,
The pie trust would retire, from the
Held* vanquished and binding lip the
wounds to its pocketbook were the
women to fight tt with the kind of
jrlesithat mother used to make.
The man   who   Uvea, beyond  his
means   pays for It, if not in cash.
A girl who knows she ls pretty likes
to bbve her suspicions corroborated.
are beat for .nursing
mothers because they de
not affect lhe rest ol the
system. Mild but sure. 2Se.
a box at your druggist's.
national nnue ... chcmioai
en.., eaNAOA, uni-rce.
QON'T wast* your time figuring
out why a black hen lays a
white egg. Get busy and Jump
QVKR-HAULS and get tho egg.
Leather Label
MAxnr_.c_.un__.as or
High Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear this eut nnd mall It te ua with
year-name an* nddrnaa and wn win nana
na *•,»*, ear enlekratad CORN COB
Vims, tnti.
Wtm*. .*.	
lawn'. I*ror	
Tour dealer's name - -».»
Towu....... ~ Prov.	
It keens your "White Clothes" looking
Jot* like ltew.
It does not Spot or Streak the clothes
S» there Is no.aaullot.     ,.
Jt ta the ••Han«irt Kind" to use.
*  :It Is Guaranteed to give Perrae'. Sal
faction or money Cheerfully RalXindad. .
■ad Prove It
1.1 STE N I    ti
'«_,'_.   . TT-r*    *ad
"J-R Blue lininch better
4 aay ether." MUs
iwuoii, Belmeat, Mae.
■*J-R Blue lisaBicelknt
1, Sagr	
>, Coon, Ont.
.ft Bine Is the best
levernsed.' Mn.W.
ir, Brandon, Man,
An Example
Wealth doesn't always bring happiness, remarke". the youngster with
the large spectacles.
Naw, asserted the other kid. Look
at me cousin yonder. He's got two
cents, and he can't decide between
lollipops and chewing gum.
Young man (whispering to Jeweller)
—That.engagement ring I bought of
you yesterday—
Jeweller—What's the matter with It.
Didn't lt fit
Young man (cautiously)—Sh I It did
not have a chance. Qimme studs
for it.
He Knew
Tommy, said tils mother, what would
you like to glvo your cousla Willie
tor hts birthday.
I know what I'd like to give him,
anewered Tommy, who bad been bullied by the other boy, but I ain't big
Minard's Liniment for sale evei
You are very low, observed the weather man.
YeB, replied the official thermometer, regretfully, I fear I bave taken
a drop too much.
Hard Work
Bo you have a city Job, have you!
Don't have to do any work, 1 suppose"!
I don't, eh? I have lo get my pay
warrant every month and sign it and
get It cashed.
"The Only Cure
for Piles"
Writes Mr. Taylor In Tolling His
ExperlenoeWlthDr. Chaw's
MRS.      E.    J.    TALBOT     TELL8
She Had Rheumatism, Lumbago, and
Neuralgia, arid Found the Remedy
She Waa Looking for In Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Hamilton, Ont.* (Special) .—"I know
there are a lot'of people who suffer
and do not know what will cure them.
Dodd'a Kidney Pills will."
These are 'the words ot Mrs. E. J
Talbot who resides at 293 Wellington
street north this city. And Mrs.
Talbot speaks out of her own experience.
"Last July I was very sick," Mrs.
Talbot continues. "My heart bothered me, my limbs > are heavy, and I
bad a dragging sensation across the
loins. Rheumatism, lumbago and
neuralgia added to my sufferings, and
lhe doctor I called In did not help me
much. .,
"I finally decided to "try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I bave used seven
boxes and I am so much stronger and
better that I feel I must recommend
them to others."
Mrs. Talbot's complication of troubles all came trom sick kidneys.
That's why Dodd'e Kidney Pills cured
them. For Dodd'e Kidney Pills are
no cure-all. They simply cure kidney disease of any kind. Tbey never
fall to do tbat.
W, N. U. Ml
Of Course
Oh, Helen! Suppose I sbould faint
some time, and I should come to ln
eome young man's arms! What would
I do?
Why, Margaret, keep your eyes
closed ot course.
Ur. If. Taylor.
Because Dr. Chase's Ointment
brings aimoat Immediate reliel (rom
the dreadful Itching, burning, Stinging sensations of piles, lt la well worth
the attention of everyone suffering
trom this annoying disease.
In most cases, even after yeara of
standing. Dr. Chase's Ointment makes
a thorough and lasting cure ot Itching, bleeding and protruding piles.
Mr. Maxwell Taylor, Charlottetown,
P.E.I., writes: "To all sufferers from
piles In any form I would recommend
Dr. Chase's Ointment as the only cure.
Over a year ago while In Boston I
became afflicted with a dreadful Itching. I went to a doctor, -who gave
me some ointment, which mado ine
no better. A friend advised the use
ot Dr, Chase's Ointment, and by the
use ot two boxes I was entirely cured. Tou may publish thia statement
In order that other sufferers may
pr-eflt by my experience."
Dr. Chase's Ointment can better
prove Its value by the rellet It affords
than by all the words we could use
a ita praise. M cents a box, all
.eaters, or Edmanson, Batea * Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
In tbe spring the young man's fancy
gets a hunch that he will bave to get
busy or there won't be any summer
clothes tor blm.
The good health of baby depends
entirely upon whether his stomach and
bowels are kept right or not. Keep
tfo_» bowels working regularly and the
little stomach sweet and baby will be
well and happy. To do tbls use
Baby's Own Tablets—tbey are a gentle
laxative and have no equal. Mn.
Ohas. Laplerre, Lea Boules, Que.,
says: "I have found Baby's Own Tablets very good for my baby and tbey
kept him In good health." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
by mail, at 25 cents a box trom The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The sun may ahlne tomorrow, but
that wont serve as an umbrella today.
Could Hardly   Live   fer   Asthma.
Writes one man who Aft" years of
Buffering baa found relief through Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's" Asthma Remedy.
Now be knows bow needless has been
hla suffering. This matchless remedy give* aure help to all afflicted
with asthma. Inhaled as smoke or
vapor It brings the help so long needed. Every dealer haa It or can get
It for you from hia wholesaler.
Indeed Who Would?
Listen to this, wifey, aaid Mr. Hub-
by, looking up from hts newspaper.
For every missionary sent abroad last
year, America sent 1,469 gallons ot
Merciful goodness! exclaimed
wifey, who'd erer think missionaries
were such drinkers?
A Jolly
Good Day
AGood Breakfast
Try a dish of
tomorrow morning.
These sweet, thin bits made from
Indian Corn are cooked, toasted and
sealed tn tight packages without
the touch of human hand.
They reach you fresh and crisp
—ready to eat from tbe package by
adding cream or milk and a sprinkling of augar, lt desired.
Toasties are a Jolly good dish—
Made by Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
When You Get        ^
Run Down """"
—catch cold easily—and dread, Instead ol
enjoying, the keen winter weather-then you need
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This. Na-Dru-Co Compound embodies the well-known nutritive and
curative elements of Coo Liver OU—Hypophosphltes ts build up ths
nerves—Extract of Wild Cherry to act on the lungs and bronchial tubes—
and Extract of Mall, which, besides containing valuable nutriment Itself,
helps ths weakeneu digestive organs to assimilate other Iood.
The disagreeable taste et raw Cod Liver OH is entirely absent,
and the Compound Is decidedly pleasant to Uke. In 50c. and $1.00
bottles, at your Druggist's. »*
Rich in all the
elements that go to
make 0ood flour.
A71b. trial sack,
will make you a
constant user of
More Bread and Better Bread
wtoty rcouR
Gas Engine Oil
Ant, ..
Used and recommended by the leading
engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil (or farm machin?
ery. Insures the least possible friction*
and wear. Moisture and changes of tern*
perature do not affect it
El Dumb Cwtor Machine (HI  Mica Axle Crests
Capitol Cylinder Oil Sifter Star Engine Ktrsssss
Tkrt&tr Hard Oil Imperial Mstsr Getoline
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price li»tf, etc., write any agency.
Mate Office*
Bet-las, Meets Jaw, Saikalee*, Cslf sty,
smmmtm, LstUriJge, Vaacetrsr
Than Hi Want Home
Tha young man aat and tat and
talked and talked.
About 11.30 he aang: Love, I'm Going Away.
The young lady showed Interest tor
the first time since 8.30.
When do you start? she Inquired.
There may be other corn curea, but,
Holloway's Corn Cure stands at tbe
head of the Hat ao tar aa result! are
.. ' l
Oxygen, oxygen, madam. That li
what you need, said the eminent specialist. Come every afternoon tor
your Inhalations. Tney will cost TW
|5 each.
I knew our family physician didn't
understand my case, declared the
fashionable patient. He told me all
I needed was t'wX trash air.
. Waste makes haste—la the direotlon
ot the pooriiouse.
It ls easier to be foolish than dignified, and sometimes lt paya Just aa
well. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
(life C&ranfc forks &un
susaoatmoa aavae i
me Year  ., »HS
Ine Year (In advance)  1.00
One Year, in United States ,  UO
Address all communications to'
Taa Bvaaiao Sua,
FRIDAY, MAY   9,  1913
In an obscure portion ot a local
paper last week appeared an application for a new liquor license in
tbis city. Tbe notice was probably
placed io that position in order not
to attract too uiucb public attention,
It is the opinion of Tbe Sun that
the application sbould not be granted. Those of our citizens who were
residents of the city seven or eight
years well remember tbe hitter fight
that was waged when the licenses
were reduced from fifteen or sixleeii
to eight. To increase theiu now
would in all probability cause a
repetition of this warfare in the near
future. Th» fact tbat tbe application is for a wholesale or shop
license does not materially alter the
case. The tendency k} this province at present is to reduce the
liquor licenses . wherever- possible.
ln Vancouver recently, out of
eighty-two applications for wholesale licenses only one was granted,
aod 163 applicatious for ebop licenses
were rejected. Half a dozen retail
licenses have also lately been cut out
in that city for trivial offences-
offences of a less serious nature than
acts alleged to bave been committed
iu some of the oir-rooins in ibis section of tbe province. It should,
therefore, be apparent to every citizen that, wben other cosaniunit.es
are reducing the licenses, it would
be foolish fur tbis cily to increase
At the meeting.of the Conservative
association in this city last week
tbe two principal speakers expressed
tbe utmost confidence that Attorney
General Bowser would compel the
Doukhobors in this province toobey
tba laws of the land. Both Mr.
Mr. Miller, member for Grand
Forks, and Mr. Campbell, member
for Kusslanil, voiced this sentiment.
Confidence is an admirable attribute,
provided you know tbe person in
whom, you confide. But there ._•
also such a thing as misplaced confidence, and this has led lo the ili-
struetion of millions of men, in d
even nations. Nearly every one ul
us know of aome   person   who  hai
been utterly" ruined by trusting implicitly in tbe prostestations. of. a
confidence man. It is now nearly
a year since the Doukhobor commission made an ostentatious tour
through the province, and tha Oq'ly
result so far apparent from its deliberations is an utter contempt lor
tbe laws of tbe province by the
Doukhobors. Before tbat august
body commenced its labors the local officers were able to enforce some
semblance of law and order in the
colonics, bui since these people have
become wards of the attorney-general, thev do pretty much as they
please. No pretence is now made at
complying witb the registration
laws. People living in the vicinity,
say that io the colony west of this
citv a hospital is maintained. At
present, they tbink, it is filled with
sick women and children. Some
•f these may die without medical
aid, and the cause of death remain a
secret; buried without registration,
and leave no record of their having
ekisted. If nny otliw class of citizens showed lhe same defiance of
ttie law, they would land in jail;
but as long as our lawmakers have
confidence in the attorney-general;
and the people continue to place
their, trust in the present provincial
government, the Doukhobors will
enjoy immunity of the law.
A one-legged Vancouver newBboy
who found a roll of hills amounting
to $400, and returned them to the
rightful owner, was rewarded by a
gift of 23centB. It appears to be ja
debatable question, after all, whether
honesty is the best policy.
The Irish Nationalists defeated
tbe woman suffrage bill in the British house of commons. Men of such
narrow-gauge intellects are scarcely
deserving of home rule.
No one can fully realize what hard
work is until he has tried lo dig a
couple of columns of loeal news out
of a niche in his head where uo
news exists.
A million dollar rain visited the
Kettle valley last night. It was the
first capitalist we've seen since the
railway magnates were bere.
The person who lives solely lor
pleasure is of no earthly benefit to
The Sun job office is the best
equipped for all clas_.es ol work in
the Boundary.
Ten   Minorca  Roosters, one y. ar
old, for sale    Apply  Dick Malm
Ruokla addition.
One Wise Man
j Wben a man named Landry was
liberated from jail ib Nova Scotia in
order that he could take up tha
duties ol a wharfinger, none ol the
.ministers at Ottawa knew anything
about the .case, although it wae tbe
minister o! justice who let hiin out.
When 73 acres 61 choice land now
worth 1374,000, at Prince Albert,
was bestowed upon a man named
Donaldson for ten dollars by Mr.
Rogers' department, the minister
said he did uot know of the transaction until after it had heen effected. The otber day Mr. Borden said
he was unaware that Mr. Bowsi r
had acquired the Kitsilano reserve
from the Indians, the Dominion
government's wards, until infomed
by tbe opposition. They sbuul 1
send up a distress signal for one
George E Foster to return inBtante*.
He, at any rate, does know some
thing —Victoria Times,
The Sun job office is lOveTstocked
witb some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
For Sale—A   good team; weight
about 2500 lbs.   Apply Sun office-
Don' t forget that The Bun'has the
best job printing deparrment in tbe
Boundary country.
Don't be misled by false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it iB read by mm*
people than aby other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Ma. C. A ABBOTT, .        Asp* 11, ****.
dsAnaSt., hewVorlcCity. ,*
Dor Sin H_ewk1.om__nrover40y11ettol.hn
elects ol WilioH'. Kewfliy tWUeoo'e PisensUoe.
■soa-7 liouDln. Al thir punt I mil ssy to yo*
what vou bave not before.known of: thst 41 nets
alsce, while I wu a r.iidmt ot N.Y. Cily, 1 wee
until, IU with lun* trouble,Physician,ssid1 »«s
a consumptive and my f.ni.ty physician told my wile
thst he thought I emt fret reaver. Mrattsatieu
wu directed to tlie Wi'sba Keroedy, which I *m\
with splendid clue.. I have br-n on_sy lietud tt
wofkevtriin-ewvrfle-f.   Your .truly,
Viator U. E,Cour_h, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
Oe I.ec t, 1911, Mr. S««r wrote Mr, Abbott)
"My health Is very e-.od.'r
If yon will write Mr. Abbott ba
will gladly fnrtii h you any further
information you desire.
Plymouth Rocks
and Rom Comb
Rhode Island Reds
lor krtebag Iron. O A    eachjaaay
'8 Biblbltloe Steell -faUC CjOiollty
Located in the central part ol the city
of Nelson, offers every facility lor a
solid education in English, uoininercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given apecial attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared tor examinations ol the Associated Boards ol the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College ol Music.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death.
run light. ,,».,,'
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will j
stand the roughest weat*.    ,
If you buy a wagon from us and anything .goes wrong
with.it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't (
make good. * "       '
Mclntyre C& Smith
At the Head
The man al thc head ot affair-;
whether al home ot in business, is
the one.whose attention you wish
t» attract.
Our paper goes into lhe bcM class
of homes and is read by the head uf
thc family. Thai account! for thc
results obtained hy lhe use of
ChssiM Want Ads.
rn>.'»n_M  -
We Have Received To-
Fresh-killed Beet, zJMutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailj^
Including Salmon and Halibut
8 CO. Ltd.
a\.a^-T1^/JLX GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls  .$1.25 each
Woodland C8» Quinn-
TAe Rexall Druggists
"8. C." and "Copper King" Mineral Cluim",
situate In thf Graud Forks Mining Ol vision
ofjale DtstrlM.
Where located: In Fran' lin cnmp.
TAKE NOTICE Ithst I. William H. H jITmnii,
I lor mviell ae executor oi the will "f tlio
lute Catherine Hoffmen, nnd aa niteiit fnr
Jacob M. Paulson, Frie Miners' Certificate!
Nos. 81MDB aud IM7SB, respectively, Intend,
sixty ,rlavu trom the date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder tor Certificates
ol Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown ilrantiof the above claims.
And further take notioe that action, under
section 87, must be commeneed before the
Issuance ol auch rertMoatee of Improvements.
Dated this 8tli dny of May, A.D. 1.18.        j -
William h. hoffman.
IN THE M TrKB of an Application tor Ihe
Issue of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Lots 1 to 13 Inclusive, Block ., Map'23, and
Iota t and IS, Blook 1, Subdivision ot Lot
SS. Mup07.
Intention to Issue at the expiration of
one month after the flrst publication hereof
duplicates of the Certlflouti e o! Titles to the
above-mentioned Iota In theuamt- of Henrv
rtlilto, wlilcli Certificates are dated tho ltlh
dey ol December, 1809. and the 9th day of May,
woo, respectively, and numbered -1.8A and
UNA, respectively
Dated at Kamloops, B.C., April -.th, 1918.
Dial riot Registrar.
U.S. B.C. 1911, Cap. ifflj, see. fl.
In the matter of the Estate of Harriett
Amelia teach, la'c of Orand Porks, BC,
Widow deceased.
JOTI'-E IB HEREBY  OIVKN tbnt all persona having Any  olalms against the
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia Leach,
wh'> died on or about the 10th day of April,
1911, at Grand Forks aforesaid, "re requested
to .end by post prepaid, or to deliver tu the
undersigned Solicitor tte-ein for Margaret
Rebecca Brau and Eveline M Thompson,
Executrixes and Trustees under the will ol
thesaid Harriett Ami-He Leaeh. their names
and addresses and full partlou'arsln writing
of their olalms and statements of thi li no-
oountt and tb* nature ol security (if any)
held hy tbem. .       ,
An 1 take noilce, that nfter the 21st day ot
Jim-,1913, the*a't ixecuMxes and Trustees
will proceed loillstrlbut the a.seta of the
said deceasi-d ainouir the persons entl<led
therein having regard only to i he claims of
which th y shall then have had notice, and
that the said Kxeeutrlxe. and Trustees will
not be Halm: for the snld assets or any part
thereof, to nny person whose olaim tbey
shall nnt have had or received notice.
Hated at Grand Porks, B C this First day
°»*"*•-•• »*       jAnnH.tmv.
7 nnd 8 D vis UN k,
Urand Korks, B. C.
Solicitor for the tald Margaret Itcbecca Brau
and Eveline M Thompson,
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
AU Work Folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol restores every nerve ln the body
vim aad vitality. Free-slurs decay snd all texusl
wesknsse averted at ence. gAtaa»m*ma\mtil
make you a sew num.. Price J! a box^or two lor
For Sale—New Peerless,  Inoubator
•od Brooder; 220egjf. Robert OUtk.
Change of Program
Bach Week
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a
to its already well equipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened  by
an expert.
FRANK    J.   JyylUMS
(Published Annually)
BnaMes traders throughout the world ts
communicate direct vith English
In eaeh class ol ioods: - Besides, being a complete commercial guide to London and Ite
suburbs, the dlrectoTjroantnlus lists ol
with the Goods thev shin, -and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets thev supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
oi leading
the prlnol.
oensresof t
A cost ot the eurrent edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order Ior 20*.
Dealers seeking Agenoies ean advertise
their trade cards lor ft, or larger advertisements Irom AS.
leading Mnnufeoturere, Merchants, etc., In
l principal provincial towns and Industrial
isres of the United Kingdom.
26, Abohuroh L»ne, London, E.C. /fS
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Dur?.
ing tlie Past Week" ^
The French fight a fierce battle
with tribesmen in Morocco,
Tne Britiah houae of commons
passes the second reading of the bill
abolishing plural voting.
The employees of the Nanaimo ooal
mines are called out. Twenty-five
hundred men are affected.
The debate on the second reading
of the woman suffrage bill-begins in
the British commons next Monday.
The high protectionists at Wash
ingtou fail to upset the "market bas
ket" reductions in the Democratic
tariff bli!....
Fruit growers, in convention at
Vernon, consider the formation of a
central selling aSency for the Okanagan district.
Five women have a narrow escape
when fire breaks out  in   the   Young
' Women's Christian association  building at Vancouver.
The tension over Scutari slacken*,
but the danger of hostilities haa not
vanished. - The Russian minister at
Cettinje presents a curt note to the
Montenegro government.
Miller & Gardner's
Hay ioth
Seethe Hotpoint Appliances
at Work
El' Tostono, the new electric
stove, that toasts, cooks and boils.
Regularly sold for$5.25. djQ fZ(\
Saturday, 10th, for  vp.ii.UU
Do not overlook this chance to
secure a swell electric toaster.
Fonnitnre       Everything (or the Borne       Hardware
*» Friday
Australia and New Zealand adopt
a reciprocity trade agreement,
Essad Pasha, the defender of Scutari, hoists the Turkish flag io Albania.
The new Chinese republic was formally recognized today by the United
Dr. Sun Yet Sen appeals to the
powers to withhold funds from the
Chinese government.
The Zapata force* dynamite a train
near La Casa, Mexico, and forty passengers are slaughtered,
The house at Ottawa debates western freight rates. The , Liberals aay
the railway commission ia tbo slow.
Leading fruit growers in the Niagara district declare that the prospects
were never better for a bumper crop.
In the event of war between .Austria and Montenegro, the latter ooun,
try will be beaten, the king adiuits-
but Austria will pay a bitter fee.
Anti-alien land law is passe.) by
the California legislature. The Japanese may not hold land by purchase,
and leases are limited to three   years.
as alarming, aud her continued ill-
health may cause the resignation uf
the governor general of Canada.
Saturday .
The president of Hayti dies suddenly. I
The Huerta government in Mexico
is recognized by Great Britain.
The suffragettes are blamed for dig
astrous fires at Bradford, England.
Ninety per cent of the Nanaimo
miners are against a strike, and oniy
a fifth of the men vote. -
Winston Churchill says the more
he knows about the British navy the
more he has confidence in it.
The Ottawa government may abandon the bank act Pope for prorogation of parliament early in June.
The engagement of the danghter of
the Gaekwar of Buroda to the Prince
of Coooh Behar has been cancelled.
The Montenegrin generals decide to
obey the powers, and will evacuate
Scutari. Prospects of peace are
brighter. Austria and Italy will oc
cupy Albania.
The latest bulletin reports the condition os the Duchess of Connaught
Eggs for Sale
Buff Orgingtons are now
ahead in the heavy-weight
varieties in the second
International Egg-laying
J. A. McCALLUM, Proprietor
Qr.MJ Forks, Phone L 101
Merck led, 1911.
Columbia Poultry
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds.Single
Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
Eggs for sale, 13 and 15 for IS. Winner of 1st cock and 2nd hen in single
comb Reds at the Provincial Show; 10
cups, over 70 1st prizes and other
specials in 1912. Our birds are tested
layers as wall as winners in the show
room.   A few'good cockerels for sale.
T. Bowen
Box 291        Grand Forts, B. G.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
Eirt  of the country., We  use the best Ice
ream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Drug   Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
The Cape Race wireless station
destroyed by fire.
The Haytien congress elects Michael Oresti president of the republic.
Less than a quorum listen to the
debate on the woman suffrage bill in
the British commons.
The Arizona legislature passes an
anti alien land law far more drastic
than the California law.
An amendment to the Dominion inspection act provides for the governor-
in-council to prescribe the kinds of
fruit which must be marked.
! Scutari bas been placed "in the
hands of the powers, and it is be
lieved that the .Balkan crisis is over,
Much will depend on the Turkish
generals, however, as it is not known
whether they will, obey orders and
withdraw the troops..
Postmaster General Pelletier announces that the government has en
tered into a live year contract with a
British wireless telegraph ..syndicate
for a service at reduced rates as com
pared with the regular table rates and
slightly lower t)ian the Marconi rates.
Pope Pius lias fully recovered,
is in excellent health, bright
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it js iri the plumbing and hfeating line und
•We can t do it—it can't be done
in   Syracuse, N.Y.,
and strikers tight a
Military law
and the police
pitched battle.
Anarchists plot against the life oi
the king of Spain during his visit
to France.
Crops in many districts on the prairies are now in, and conditions for a
good yield are favorable,
Dr. Alfred Thompson, M P. for the
Yukon, mints thai Canada, should
mint all her own gold for use at
home. *-' .   a     •    ■ .
Last stage of the debate ou the naval bill is entered upon iu the house
nl Ottawa. Amendments are pro-
|iiiM*d by the opposition.
The fate of the woman suffrage bill
was sealed leday by the votes of more
than fifty Irish Nationalists, who
voted against it. The bill, whereby it
was sought to enfranchise six million
women, was rejected by a majority of
47.   The vote stood 266 to - I'd
The home rule bill for Ireland was
reintroduced in the British house of
commons today.
Premier Sifton says the Alberta
government is pleased with the manner in which the land tax system is
working out.
It is expected that next week wilt
see the final' division on the naval
bill. The annual statement of expenditures will be submitted to the
house. ;
ie        -\
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Hift Citirmtb -Porka $im
and the Montreal
famtig tyroli ani Wwkhj&tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
S500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, S875 Gash,
Balance Term
For Further Particulars Apply
BJ The   Sun   Office
Mrs. C. Hanson, wlte ct the proprietor ot the Commercial Hotel, Poplar, B.C., suffered from piles tor
years. Went to doctor after doctor
ln vain. Finally went to Spokane
and had an operation. Twelve months
afterwards she was as bad again. She
says, "One day I read ahout Zam-Buk
and thought I woull try It. The
first one or two boxes gave me more
case than anything else I had tried,
bo I went on with the treatment. In
a short time I began to feci altogether
different and better, and I saw that
Zam-Buk was going to cure me. Well,
I went on using lt, and by the time
I had used six boxes I was delighted
to find myself entirely cured."
If you suffer from this painful ailment, or from eczema, ulcers or any
skin disease, don't waste time. Try
Zam-Buk. 60:. all druggists and
Ease That Sore Joint
Wanted—Agent* tor Ball and Wla*-
■torm insurance.    Apply Tht Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Mao.
Takes Juat Nine Seconds for Manager
to Surrender
Sydney.—Theatregoers ot Mount
Gambler, ln South Australia, went on
strike recently.
The management ot a travelling
company demanded 2s. for admission.
The visitors did not propose to pay
more than ls. and alter a hasty consultation outside thc entrance formed
a theatregoer's union. Pickets Vere
stationed and within a "tew minutes
278 people—practically all who were
there—bad agreed not to pay the 2s.
The manager appeared at the doorway and refused to make the required
I'll give you till I count twenty said
the newly elected president ot the
newest union, and' after that our
price will be 6d. Instead of ls. He
counted slowly to nine and then the
manager capitulated.
The strike was declared at an end
and the quondam strikers trooped Into
the hall, and the union was dissolved
after an existence ot about twenty
The majority of umbrella thieves
are borrowers in disguise.
mmmmmmmm-mmmmmm ■—,
Every man knows what he will do In
an emergency—until the time comes
Nerviline Will Do It
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
borne; decorating cushion topi; can
make trom (3 to J5 per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co.. Dept N, 43
Steele Blk., Winnipeg
The Champion   Clog   and    Pedestal
Dancer of Canada Telia How to
Keep In Trim
Few men ln his profession are better known than Mr. Thomas Hogan,
ot 27 Fortification Lane, Montreal, who
writes:—"To limber up a stilt joint,
to remove every sense of soreness
from tired muscles I can tell you no-
1 thing compares with Nerviline. It
is really a wonderful liniment, and 1
use it continually simply because I
find it keeps the muscles and joints
supple and entirely free trom pain and
stiffness. I earnestly recommend
Nerviline to every person that requires
to use a strong, penetrating, pain-subduing liniment."
For Rheumatism Nerviline la a wonder; tor Sciatica it cures where others
fall; for Lumbago, stiffness and cold,
nothing surpasses it. Keep Nerviline
handy—it's good to take inwardly, destroys internal pains quickly, and ls
just as good for outward application.
Large family size bottle, 60c; small
size, 25c; at all rfirekeepers and
druggists or The Catarhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y. .     .
Woman .'.blaze  Seta Child's Clothe*
on Fire
Paris.—A dramatic scene occurred
recently outside a house ln the Faubourg St. Martin In Paris.
Mme. Haumond was filling a lamp,
when it exploded and set fire to her
clothes. Her husband was out, and
her two children, a baby boy 2 year*
old and a girl 6, were in the room
with her.
The woman rushed to the window,
screamed for help, and a* the flame*
from her clothing caught those of the
baby ln her arms, she threw him down
to a woman ln the street who tried
to catch him In her apron. The apron
strings broke, the baby wa* badly
hurt and Mme. Haumond, who threw
from the X Ranch Corral avail eyed
Pinto Broncho wilh a Roman nose
and lightning heels. We have issued
a humorous descriptive circular ot
ihis remarkable bronco with Illustrations ol his antics. Senl tree on
- applloatlon to any reader of this paper.
This ls the most famous circular ever
printed tn the English language.
More than half a million copies have
already been distributed to advertise
our famous Pinto Shell gloves mado
from tough Bronco hides. For a free
copy send postal to
CiMlt'i Entrl Cine aai ¥111 Hikers.
Something Better ^^Yi. ,7__
w-. -<,i-1  Xm*-mtmtm--.mt.mXw. rt. IMS Bit
ffirgjgBagjBgjBg a mmxlxw,***.
SUwari ■»";« Clipping Maohlns
Tumi Mtl_r._ltpl.Mt_r.ti_! clear andst-r-iti-rp
loni.rth.ti.nr other. OtAifHm.il SI* fc»rd ud
cut from wild i,tetltt.r....e._.ltfll. protect- MIOI
(fll Md run In oil. Il.t tn text ol new ma*kta
•t;l. H.il-l__.i_r.-n.i celebrated St.« **H_
•rt tlnilt ten-Ion clipping bed. Q«t ***
on. from ytHir SMl.r, •rtrj DMBUM fntrtatMd.
«13 L» S.lle Av» CHICAOO. ILL.
Writ, for free new »u_i of molt modern na. of
bono cupping .ud tbotp tbcring mavm*,   ,
John, eald a father to his ion one
day, when he caught him shaving
down off his upper-lip, don't throw
your shaving-water out whero there
are any bare-footed boys about, or
they might get their feet pricked.
Nearly every bible today hns a concordance at tho back. The flrst concordance was prepared by French
monks In thc year 1247,
<i, ■• Kir)Nt v
"• h 7 '   ni ■*
So*, s box ar tin ***** ftr «£*
tt all dMlara. se Tha D*«d* Matt
•few Company, UffllUS,   "	
•W. N. U. S4J1
Lawyers would probably starve to
death lt the food killer wasn't eo tar
behind with his work.
Victims Can Core Themielvet With
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills.
With the coming ot   March   people
who are afflicted with rheumatism begin to have unpleasant reminders ot
their   troublo.   The     weather     Is
changeable—balmy and springlike one
day, raw, cold and piercing the next.
It is such sudden changes of weather
that Bets the pangs and tortures ot
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica going.     But lt must be borne ln mind
that although weather conditions start
the pains, the tro.uble Is deeply rooted
in the blood, and can only be cured
through the blood.   Alt   the   lotion*
and liniments ln the world can't curo
rheumatism.     Rubbing may seem to
ease tbe pain while you are rubbing,
but   there   Its   value   ends.   Only
through the blood can you cure rheumatism.     That's why Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have so many thousands-of
cures of thia trouble to •'".Ir credit.
The new rich blood which tbey actually make drives out the poisonous acid I
and -rheumatism ls vanquished. Among
many sufferers from rheumatism who
have been cured by this medicine is
Miss Mary B. Kelly, South DUmmer.
Ont.   Miss Kelly says: "Some time
ago I had a very bad attack of rheumatism.     At times I would be confined to bed for a couple ot days and
would seem almost   paralyzed   with
the Intense pain in my back and legs.
At such time* I could not walk and
my joints were stiff and swollen.     I
consulted different doctors and took
their medicine, but did not get more
than temporary relief.    At this time
a neighbor advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I got a supply.
After taking a few boxes I found they
were greatly helping me, and I continued their use until the trouble com
plctely disappeared.     I can strongly
recommend this medicine   ta   others
who suffer as I did from the pangs
and torture* ot rheumatism."
It you suffer from rheumatism, or
any other disease ot the blood, begin
to cure yourself today with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mall at 60 cent* a
box or six boxes for (2.50 trom The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.
A New Kind of Cow
A little hoy seeing an elephant for
the flrst time, shouted:
0 pop, look at thc big cow with her
horns ln her mouth eating hay with
her tall.
Won Fame on it* Merit*.—Thc unbounded popularity that Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil enjoys Is not attributable
to any elaborate advertising, for it
has not bcen so advertised, but I* entirely due to the merit* ot this Oil
as a medicine. In every city, town
and hamlet In the country It ls sought
after solely because of Its good qualities.
Sur* Proof
But are you sure, persisted the
grouchy customer, that this 'ere stuff
will cure my rlieumatlz?
Oh, yes, replied the drug clerk; all
the doctor* refuse to recommend lt.
Ymir flrutrlat will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cura any case of aching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In 6 to lt dayi.   Mo,
Poor John
I    John, you never listen to halt tha
I things I say to you; she complained.
Well, dear, he replied, I have to
work part of the time.
Mlnard'a Liniment Curt* Burn*, Et*.
Little Drop* of Water
1 tea you hava disposed ot that
horse you bought from the city.
Yes. replied the regretful milkman,
he hurt my builneis.    He had been
1 used tor pulling a sprinkling cart AsA
[stopped at overv hydrant.
Margaret, dear, tell me what was
your principal reason for accepting
Well, Percy, you see, some girls
bave money and could marry'brains,
while others have brains and could
marry money.    I had neither.
Women are naturally charitable.
They would much rather share a secret with others than keep lit.
herself alt ot the window after her
child, broke both her legs.
A flrenian made hi* way into the
house and rescued the elder child, the
girl, who had becom eunconscfou*.
The baby'* condition Is critical.
Sweet and palatable, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator la acceptable to
children, and it doea It* work surely
and promptly.
A Sad Day
What do you consider the saddest
day ot your life?
The day I consented to lot my wlte
do her own cooking.
Most ot us are starting something
we can't finish.
A woman isn't necessarily sixty because she talks like lt.
are actually weak,' rundown—they are slowly
deteriorating—they need
strength and nourishment
for body and brain.
Scott's Emulsion corrects
nervoutneai—it i* essentially a
(bod—a concentrated, nourishing, curative (ood to restore the
healthy action "of body cell*,
fortify the blood, sharpen the
appetite, make strength,
health, energy and vigor.
. As pure a* milk, it is readily
assimilated—nourishes every;
organ snd every tissue. Physician* everywhere recommend Scoff's Emulsion -with
absolute confidence in its
beneficial result*. Don't wait
—•tart now, but insist on
JVo alcohol or drugs.
BcOtt fc -Wwne. Toronto, OnUrto 11-45
To whom lt may concern; This ls to
certify that I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT myself as well as prescribed lt in my practice where a liniment was required and have never
failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KINO, M.D.
Better stick to your own small line,
my son. The other fellow's business
isn't all profit.
Man wants a little here below every
tew minutes.
DYK, wm mm ,ar~Ytnr TM txmt IN. Ut. t*
kMWfl.l»t KIND of Clod. rmCMd* in ami.
ot..S« U-rkkM .r. lapMriMa.
,.,! lor In. Color Card, Storr SmUk, ...
Booklet sMag mv.ll. ol Drains oror -axes mlem.
Moatrul. Ctnxlx.
English Cricket, However, la Rejected
at Berlin
Berlin.—Golf will appear for tha
firat time ln the Olympic Games.program at Berlin.In 1916. The schedule of events juat drawn up by tha
German managerial committee state*
that the committee has decided to !___.
elude golf, after rejecting cricket.
The committee hai also determined
as a special compliment to the great
German gymnastic organizations, to
give gymnastto expert* a special plan*
In the program for an exhibition ot
this Git man specialty. The teams
wlU also' meet In competition gymnasts from other countries.
The action* of the man behind tha
big ban drum speak louder.than his
Many • man's success Is due to hi*
ability to use other men's brains.
Do not be misled—
and LOOK for the trade-mark.
You -will thus be sure of gloves
"^■"■^- famousforStyle,FitandFini8h.    	
Gloues that are not ttampad with either the trads-mark or the name
"Perrtn's Make" are not the genuine.
What kind of a
silo will yours
ti   ifliKH be?
Concrete ?
IF you were to build two silos—one of wood, the other of concrete—side by (ide, and
then could tee them as they will look after five yean of service, you wouldn't hsve
to think twice to decide which ii the b«t material. In s few yeara more there
wouldn't be much of the original wooden tilo left—the repairing you'd have to do would bs
at troublesome and cost as much as the building of an entirely new one. But the passage of
five, ten, fifteen or even twenty years will make no difference to the hard-as-rock wall of th*
concrete silo.
WIND, rata, fire and lightning are alike defied by concrete.     You nted no iniurance against its
deiiructien, because it cannot bt atltroyed.   Concrete silos sre best for another reason.   Th*
concrete keeps the ensilage at in even temperature, so that it "cum" better, and therefore contains
more food-value for your stock,
NO matter whether yeu hava ever used concrete or net. you ean build * concrete alls, Our book,
"What tha Farmer Can Do With Concrete," (Iva* all tin Information you will no**, not only
about silos, but about scores of ethtr usw for concrete on. th* farm, It Isn't a catalogue, nor ait
odvertieln* circular. A handsome bosk of IM peats, wall Illustrated, an* written for farmers. It Is
freo. Just sand yeur nam* an* address on « postcard or In a latter and th* book will M aont fn*
by return pHH
AtUross Publicity Msasgtr
Cut-is Cement   Coapaay  Limited
xtOUEN yen **y Ctm.n. o* mr*
" that In, '•Can***" label tie*
*",ry*mta*-»*rr,l. Cm***'*
t*rm*r* h*mt*a*a ********
•W-   HsiaM BaiMlag. Montr**!
* Self-Relia-t Lady Wh* Ha* Reich.'
ed th* "Years of Discretion."
Styles in heroines change almost as
frequently as   fashions   in women's
|owns.   To-day the leading ladies in
»u.- popular novels, quite   like   the
Ernuine flesh and blood ladies we
now who don't pretend to be hero-
les, are a cheerful, energetic lot,
•one tbe less alluring because they
lon't go in for scenes snd sobs. No
longer does a heroine sniff through
situations. No more does a wet handkerchief, knotted into a tight ball,
nil away under the table, obliging
lie hero to duck bis manly head and
hease wrinkles into his well pressed,
Mioulders before he can put his hand
kpc.i the clammy thing and restore
K to the weeping fair ono. Teary eyes,
trembling lips and faltering eoiiee-
•ions have quite gone out. Clinging
femininity in to-day's novels is ob-
i A gradual development of the mod-
irn heroine character has to do with
age. Possibly we haven't readied
fhe culminating point yet—by and by
so may class everything in which the
heroine is not a grandmother as a
f juvenile"—but heroines are distinctly
Mder than they used to be. Middle-
iged matron* of fascinating qualities,
singSe young women of 30. or thereabouts, as beautiful as they are brilliant, and churning old maids—th.
lind that seem to have been just
lakes-, out of lavender scented chests
•-form, to a great extent, the feminine army whose life stories we peruse
kntil 'the wee ona' hours. There is
to age limit to the modern heroine.
| Perhaps the most striking thing
lbout the present heroine* is their
efficiency. They are fast dyed, they
kon't lade or wear off. They are the
■no.t practical, capable, "get-there-y"
tt oi people anywhere on the lace of
e earth—except the heroes l
t They don't go around and create
lensations; they don't go in ior high
brow lams and olog.es, or for fads
ind fetishes; bnt they sre outfitted
Wth good mentalities, and they use
Gem in some practical, result-bring-
ng way. Poverty is no crime, or
Wen a cause of caste lowering, but
lie heroine ot the modern novel, if
(he is dependent on herself, is not
pkely to be poor. She gets out and
joes after something and succeeds
> No longer is she the lily maiden
lying a silken scarf to her knight's,
lrm and sending him forth while she
Mt* snugly at home and makes tapestry. 01 course, nowsdsys knights do
lot go to ths world's end for a fight;
iny anight with a drop of red blood
•i him can find a contest worth while
It his very door. So that necessarily
titers the lily maiden aspect slightly,
kul Ui* real change is not due to cir-
ni instances.
It lies in the heroine herself, and.
V-day she trudges by her knight's
[ide, makes a restful refuge when he
a tired, cheers him when he is sad.
Ind helps him devise shrewd schemes
br the downfall of their mutual
inemy, supplementing in every way
bis cruder strength with ber keen
Th* Pigeonhole Tomb* In Um In th*
Comotorio* sf Spain.
A rather curious and td our Ideal
somewhat unplenslng custom obtain*
In Spanish cemeteries. All around the
burying ground a building ls erected
whose design can only be compared to
f.hat of a nest of pigeonholes, often
wen In postofflces and similar Institutions.  Eacb pigeonhole ls a tomb.
When a person dies his relative* hire
rplgeouhole for five years, and the remains are placed inside. The end Is
Iben sealed up with mortar and a me-
aortal tablet affixed on tbe outside,
tb* lease of tbe pigeonhole ma; be
renewed at tbe end ot the Ave years,
but It lt Is allowed to expire tbe tomb
Is unsealed and tbe bones removed to
make way tor another tenant.
Needless to say, lbe plan bas some
good points. Tbe space taken up by tbe
"pigeonhole cemetery" 1* comparatively small, aa ls also the cost of burial.
Plcturesqueness is, however, conspicuously absent, nor ts sentimental grief
catered for, ss It would /be impossible
to go and mourn at tbe grave ot a person buried In a pigeonhole so high up
that a ladder was needed to reach lt.
Io such aa prefer tbe old fashioned
grave* tbe central space ot ground I*
offered, bnt the pigeonholes ire tbe
moat popular.-Wide World Magazine.
H* Queer Ink Seo and It* Ability to
Chang* It* Color.
Sepia 1* | peculiar animal asbstaoc*
obtained from tbe Ink bags or Ink mc*
of cuttlefish.
The cuttlefish ar* a group of slngo*- named Bub 'fob, "tbe most daring and | b. watched the camels being laden.
Church of St. Sophia.
Borne may have wondered who was
iie St. Sophia who gave her name to
fie great church at Constantinople,
lays The London Spectator. Jt is not
ismed after a saint at all, its correct
esignation, Agia Sophia, meaning
house o! divine wisdom." Aocord-
iig to tradition an angel inspired
bis name. Shortly after tbe founda-
ion ol tbe church had been laid by
ustinian a boy,' set to watch the
rorkmen'* tools, was visited by a ee-
■atial figure with wings reaching to
eaven. "Go and tell the emperor,"
-uunanded the angel, "that ..this
riurch is to be name 'the House el
livine Wisdom'." and on hearing the
oy's story Justinian obeyed th* audio command.
Glass Needed t Spoon.
. She was pouring boiling water into
) fine thin glass tumbler, when crack.
rack, and the crystal vessel wa* in
) condition fitting it only for the ash
m*. * •- -----••*»?•••■.■:--■■•■*■.-.■ --
(."Isn't that Just too bad that I
Voke that glass? It ipolls"*the Mt."
las her plaintive comment.
("Uy dear girl," aaid the wise caller.
whenever you find it necessary to put
hy very, hot liquid in a delicate class
t china veiMl, U you will nut tb*
poon in flrst nch an accident aa
bu have had will be quit* impos-
How Artist Hodler Posed Hla Model
to Secure It.
Ferdinand Hodler** picture "Da*
Uutlge Welb" (the courageous woman)
hu been much discussed in art circles,
especially in Switzerland, the home of
tbe artist.
Th* look of terror on Ihe woman's
fact I* lifelike. Tbe atory of how tbe
artist got th* facial effects, depicting
fright and determination, is as follows:
Four models came to bis studio to
•li for tha picture. He asked them In
turn to wear an expression such a*
they wonld bave on lumping into a
lifeboat from a linking ship In a storm.
Not satisfied with th* results, he took
them np to tbe flat leaded root ot bl*
bouse, which ls Are stories high, and
placed a cbalr on the extreme edge.
The poor models were dreadfully
frightened, and each In turn sat wld*
eyed on the'forward edge of the chair,
too nervou* to look In auy direction but
straight forward.
The artist choss one ot the women
and took up his easel snd rapidly
■ketcbed In th* fac* and upper part ot
tbe figure, tbough not at all too rapidly
for tbe sltter.-Munlcli Cor. New Tork
Run.        _____________
Sleep and Play.
If we want to deep every night we
■bould work and play every day. But
the play must be play In Its essence—
that I*. we must enjoy It Tbls Is tba
gl*t of Dr. 0. W. Saleeby'i bint* on
exercise for business men. Nature 1*
sot so diabolically contrived, he aay*,
that-anytblng we enjoy I* bad for ua.
"We dally need work to discipline us,
maintain our physical, mental and moral liber; we dally need play to bear ten
u* (It may be cricket, music, cbess, geology or even golf; we are all as different as our facM and bare different
needs accordingly), and ws nlgbtly
need sleep to restore us." Dr. Saleeby
himself take* no annual holiday, believing Uut tbe be*t plan 1* "a bollday
•very day."—New York Telegram.
"    On* Way to Cateh a Pax.
If you ara particularly anxious to do
s little surreptitious fox catching try
tb* following. It If tbe sage of Lup-
ton who speak* ln hi* "Thousand No-
table Thing*:" "Anoint tbe soles of
your shoes with a piece ot fat iwlne'i
flesh as broad ai your hand, newly
toasted or a little broiled at tbe lire,
when jou go out ot tbe wood homeward. And In every of yeur steps cast
a piece ot the liver of a swine roasted
•nd dipped In boney, and draw after
yonr back th* dead carcass of a cat."
Tour fox cannot resist all this, but "be
sure to bav* a man nigh tbee wllb bow
and ihafl* to tboot it him, or by some
otber mean* to hit him." (Iood fun tbls
for • country houM party at loose
ends.-London Spectator.
Iar sea creature* allied to slag*, mall*,
oyster* and other so called "ibell flsb."
Tbe cuttlefish baa a sort ot shell beneath the ikln (sold nnder tbe name of
"cuttlebone"), a pair of large eyes and
a borny beak. Uke all molluscs, they
bave no real limbs at all, but from
around tbe bead there spring eight or
ten long tentacle*, eacb armed with
numerous suckers.
By forflbly squirting out the sea wa-
ter wblcb It haa taken ln tbe sepia
can shoot backward through tbe water
wltb great speed. The sepia I* Interesting, too, as being able to cbange Ita
color In a measure so a* to harmonlz*
witb Its surroundings. Just under the
topmost layer of skin tbere sre distributed ill over tbe surface of tb*
body a number of cells, containing a
dark pigment Wben tbese cells are
expanded the surface of tbe body becomes darkly spotted, but a* tbey are
contracted the creature look* paler.
Tbough best developed In tbe sepia
and It* nearest allies, nearly every
member of the cuttlefish group possesses an Ink saa Tbe Ink sac contains the dark pigment secreted by s
special gland. Wben discovered or
pursned by in enemy tbe sepia discharges some of Its Ink througb a
sort ot funnel or tube. The pigment
mixes with water very quickly and
forms a dark cloud of Inky water, beyond wblcb' tbe sepia will dart Into
safety. ,
Sepias are often caught ln nets wltb
fish. Tbe Bsberiiien, despising Ibe
cuttles, - throw them out npon tb*
beach, and then tbey may be seen ly*
log tn tiny pools of dense black liquid
snd continually oozing out more Ink In
a vain attempt at coucealmeut-Cbl-
cago Tribune. *
Clevw Trlek a Daring Dated May** J A UlWBg Tik#n with Gratitude ky
Upon an Englishman. | tt, %mV. Ur,.KX%
It was year* ago ln Burma.   Ths j   AM.M.Rt|inuui wore • heavy scowl
English government was having trou-   tji.t ^^^ ,„ tor ,0m* oue, and his fin-;
ble with a certain princely recalcitrant | .tt. --„,„. his rawhide koorbag a*
enterprising of tbe Dacolu."  A heavy
price had been Mt upon the rebel'*
bead, bnt *UU Boh Tob was cunningly I
At Ust, hard pressed, Boh Tob tried
a new tack.   He walked straight Into '
the office of the commissioner.
"I am Bob Tob," be said simply. "I
have come to surrender."
. Exactly what be had counted on now
happened. Fourteen years' experience
with eastern subtlety and Intrigue bad
taught the commissioner to be wary.
"Thank you," be said.  "We will now
proceed to discover wbo yon really are
When all was ready to start he called
out four names, and four dejected looking Arab* answered shamefacedly to
the summons.
Tbe emir spoke to tbem dispassionately, as one might speak to one's dog.
and tben, tossing bl* koorbag to the
nearest of the four culprlhti be bad*
blm lay on s dozen of tbe best, wall*
he watched and criticised eacb stroke
witb grim earnestness.
lt was not a pleasant sight to watch,
and I thought lt policy to turn aside,
but tbe rest of tbe caruvun thoroughly,
enjoyed the exhibition and greeted eacb
and what you really want   Tell me. * well )a|fl blow wItb approval*,
what do yon expect to get out ot thlsr j   when y,, pnnighment wa* completed
"Tee thousand rupees," said the Boh I Mcb of ibt cn|prna i„ turn came for-
Tb* commissioner, although a cool
man, waa a little staggered. "I don't
qolte follow," he murmured.
"let it's quite simple," whispered the |
Bob.   "The government promises It),-
000 rupees to tbe man wbo brings you
tbe head of Bob Tob,  I give It to yon." j
ward and kissed the emir's feet, thanking him for his mercy nnd calling Allah
to witness that they were his dogs to
do wltb as he wished.
From tbelr inbsequent conduct 1 bav*
no reason to believe tbat tbey did not
mean every word tbey said, though at
tbe time I was skeptical,  It ls not ev-
'Capital,"   wa*  the  wary  answer, j ery a.. tbat ... learn, ,ncj, an object
Lope 4* Vegs.
t f.op* de Vega, the famous Spanish
Vamatiet* and poet, lived born 1563
i IMS. Hi* literary work began
then he was about thirteen yeara old.
bid from that time until his death,
(.period ol sixty years, he poured
trth on enormous quantity el plays,
jramatic compositions of all kind*,.
loems of every character, breathing
(very spirit from the strictest ascetic-
am to the most unbridled lioense.
tver 1,800 plavs are credited to bim,
ind the published collection, comprising about 300, is contained in twenty-
tight volumes.
tlttlo Pitcher*.
"Shall I iavo to gel married when
I grow up?" asked little Flossie one
lay of her mother.
"Just a* you please. oVai." answer-
Id her mother, with a smile. "Most
•omen do, however."
"Ye*. I suppose so," oonlinued the
title girl musingly. "Mid I think I'd
tetter (tart anl look out 1st a hus-
wnd now. Ih y say that Aunt Jane
iu been at it for tweuty years and
Mn'l   ca.i_.hl   uix    yel."-
Ore*nwloh Oheervstery.
Is th* year 1075 King Charles If. ol
England founded the royal observatory
at Greenwich In order that astronomical observstions mlgbt be mode foi
tbe aatUtanc* of *allor*. Tb* history
of th* observatory bu been the his
tory of chronology and et this practical aide of autonomy. Its work and
IU st«nd*rd* bar* becom* distinctly
International. Tb* meridian of Greenwich sow determine* lb* longitude ol
lb* world.
He Didn't Know Exactly What to Do.
So Thty Cam* to Hi* Rescue.
A young author and critic, wbo baa
come to be an authority npon a certain
modern phase of educalon, went a few
day* ago to deliver bis flrst lecture *l
• girl*' school, lie had lectured before,
but never at a young ladle*' seminary, and aa two while tracked, curly
haired ushers led blm out to tbe plot-
form and he aat down beside th* matronly principal among tbe women wbo
made np tbe faculty and faced a tea ot
girls' face* he wis young enougb to
feel • bit of embarrassment himself.
It was rather difficult at flrst, but once
tb* lector* was atarted thing* went all
Be finished what be had to say ud
*at down. Tbe audience and tbe matronly principal and tbe women wbo
mad* up tbe faculty clapped tbelr
bands enthusiastically. Tben tb* ap-
plain* died down and silence settled
upon tbe lecture bill. Tbe young mnn
sat on wailing tor some, on* to My
something, dimly conscious that a
move of one kind or another waa expected of blm. But bis lecture wss
finished. Be bad snld all be had to
Hy. There were no questions from
faculty or student*. A few of tbe girls
began to fidget, but no one spoke
The young man became nopleasantly
aware that he was expected to do
something and to do if at once, but be
did not know what to do. He reflected
miserably that be did not know th*
etiquette ot a girl*' icbool anyhow.
And then there wa* * rigunl from lb*
principal and a more In the audience,
and tb* prettier of tbe two girl ushers
approached him, a little embarrassed,
a little shy, determined to do ber duty.
"I'm M lorry, Mr. B," ihe murmured, "but I'm afraid you'll bare to—
you'll bav* to Hart right tbl* minute
If you want to mike your tralnf'-New
Tork Tim**.
"But a* you lose your bead wbat good
does tbe money do you?"
"My wife and children get the money."
"Pretty good, my mun, but uot qntte
good enougb. Tea thousand rupees will
be nothing to Bob Tob."
"It lt were not I sbould not be here.
I bave been deserted and robbed. I
am aure to be captured. My family
mlgbt as well have the money while t
can still command It"
"But wby shouldn't I keep tbe mon*
ey? 1 band your bead over, you know."
"Because you are an English gentleman.   I chose my man, you see."
Tbe commissioner mused awhile.
Then he broke silence. "Look bere. I
know yon sre not the Bob. Thut Is
quite clear. 1 don't care wbo you art.
But tell me frankly what you want"
Tbe Burman hesitated awbile.  Then
he said: "Tou are rlgbt   Uut my life U
•worth as little as the Boh's.   I bave
betrayed blm and fobbed bim.   He bas
sworn revenge.  Give me an escort as
far as MnudaUy.   Bere, take these
note* for 1.000 rupee*"-be had laid
ibem on the table—"nod keep them It j
In twelve days' time l do nut tell you j
how and wben yoli can capture lb* {
Boh.   Keep them till the Boh Is caught
if you prefer.** j
The commissioner tbongbt hard and i
In silence for quite two minute*.
"I agree." be said at length. i
8o the Boh was safely escorted to
Mandalay. Later tbo commissioner re-
ceived a letter from blm.
"Tou may keep those rupees," lt ran,
"whicli I, Bob Tob, left witb you twelve
days ago.   I told you tbe truth.   Tou j
would oot believe me.   Tbe English
government tike* truth, aud lt like* !
money, but tbey never want botb. 11
tblnk,  at tbe urn* time." — Youth**
lesson In humility and feudal acrvlca-
Wide World Magazine.
Ideae Como to Thorn, It Would Seem,
In Spito ef Themselves. 1
Bernard Sbaw bo* stated more than
once that he U "Inspired." -'.'I am
pushed," he says, "by a natural need
to set to work to writ* down conversation* tbat come Into my bend unaccountably. At flrst I hardly know tbs
speakers snd cannot And names tar
tbem. Tben they become more and
more familiar, and I learn their names.
Finally 1 come to know them very,,
well and discover wbst It Is they are
driving at and wby It U they bavo
said and done tbe things 1 bsve been
moved to wt down."
Other writer* and painters, too, have
described their processes In a similar
way. William Blake was positive and
emphatic.Is describing blmself as s
mere amanuensis, writing down tbs
word* that were audibly spoken to
blm, and be painted In the same war
from a model wt before hli eyes and
visible to blm alone, ilodln, tba
French sculptor, gave his aswnt to tbs
same Idea ot models visible to the eye
of the artist Dickens said that bU
characters ware actually visible and
audible to him. and It will be remembered that "Kubla Khan" was dictated to Coleridge while b* ilept-l-oo-
dou Spectator.
Th* Curiou* Guanaco.
"Amurnl" (guanaco) whispered one,
j a* they crouched  low In the boat
I "Kill" and be pointed to tbe rifle bs-
I *ld« m* ln tbe stem sheets.  The gold.
eu brown ot the white breasted, deer-
| like animal atood ont a little note of
i color, complementing strongly against
I the verdant green of the dark, wet for*
est side, but well out of range.   I bad
seen tbe IndUn guanaco ikln caps*
(cloaks) sold by tbe fur dealer* of I'iib*
U  Arenas,  but tbls was my  flrst
glimpse ot tbe animal Itself, many,
Tho Most Crowded Strict
Tbe supreme sensation or New York'*
east tide I* the sensation ot tb* a*-
founding   populousoess.     The   most
populous street In th* world-Wring- .
ton street-is a sight not to be for- i ^^of which'l sswTster" during
fl.l. ,n8 the open country U *n unln- j -J- Z^sJZ^sVZ
habited desert! The architecture seemed to sweot humanity at every window
and door. The roadways were often
impassible. The thought of th* hidden Interiors was terrifying. Indeed.
Ihe hidden interiors would not bear
thinking about Tbe fancy shunned
lliein-a problem out to be settled by
sudden municipal edicts, but only by
the efflux ot generations. - Harper'*
Heroism of an Indian.
A few yeors ago In northern Mexico
a truck carrying a load or dyuanilt*
j for use it a mine wa* suddenly discovered to be on tire at a village station.
I Tbe risk was Imminent, so the driver
1 of ii locomotive engine picked the truck
i ap and run It nway into the country nt
: nil the speed he could put on.   He bad*
the hriibeniiin Jump off nnd save him
gentlne lieutenant aa be and Captain
Musters one* viewed a solitary guanaco. "Tou hire the neigh ot a born,
the woolof a sheep, the nick of a camel, the feet of a deer, nnd the swiftness of tbe devil." Tet withal * graceful animal and at a distance not unllkt
red deer, though larger.-Oullug.
Careful With Their Lemon*.
"In Knglish Inns," Mid * man who
had Just returned from * long coachiug
trip In England. "Ihey do oot use lemon* lo our haphazard fashion. They
m*k* the um of on* more or les* of a
solemn file. I remember asking tor *
'bora*'* neck* lo a little Inn In tbe north
of th* drink, ind I eiplnlned lo him   „_ ,», ». „.. ,,.„„,„„„
ttat It wns ginger lie with • lemon
peel is It. B* went back to tbe bar
tnd returned presently wltb an empty
troy, Ti" very sorry, sir,' be snld.
'but w* haven't got a lemon open Just
sow.' "-New Yrrk Tribune.
he had got a mile uwuv the dynamite
ntpln'lt'il. Kvery window In the village
trim broken, and ne wns blowu to atoms, but tlie Inhabitants were saved.
lie was a pure blooded Indlim.—"South
America," by James liryce.
Probably the most desolate spot in
the world inhabited by white men is
l the lighthouse maintained by the Argentine Government  at Cape  Horn.
This is claimed to be the southern-
' most HghthouM in the world.
The DlWerenee.
"Pa, what'* the difference between
thc meaning ol prepared and ready?"
"Well, there's many a person who
nay bc prepared to die, but t never
uw one who wm rc»dy.".'
Hi* Disease.
Whtn   Lord   Cbaactltor  Campbell,
tben  plain  Campbell,   married   Mis*
Scarlett ind departed en bl* wedding
trip, Jnitlc* Abbott obso.-'Ted wbeu * '
etiiM wm called on In tbt U.nch:        \
"I thought Mr, Hi-oughi.ni, that Mr. i
Campbell wu In thli caie."
"Tm, my lord,'' replied Brougham;
"bat I understand ht U suffering from
Scarlett ftver."-Cblc*go Record Dtr
"Pi, when is i man well to dor
"Whtn ht can afford lo tpend a*
much lu a year for hi* clothe* a* hi*
wlft dot* In a month for htr»."-Chl-
rago llecord Uerald.
•Wh»t'* Yeur Nam*r—"What."
A g'lild of godparents to wire children from incongruous names Is being
suggested. The lute Canon llirdalcy.
author of a book on English names,
told Ihe story of whnt wns probably
Iho most Idiotic name ever bestowed
upon an unfortunate Infant. A woman bad her son baptized What, for
no other reason thnn to cause amusement lu future years when, being asked hit name, he sbould reply "What"
—London Chronic!*.
Jarred Hor.
A Chicago woman was traveling In
the orient. On a trip through * desert
1 ahe wa* carried by four stalwart blacks
In a cbalr suspended on pole*. Tbs
l natives started out with great cheer,
i but a* the Journey progressed and lb*
' sun beat down npon (hem they began
I to chant * prayer to Allah. It w«s
I melodious, tbough * bit mournful. Its
S constant repetition was soothing, nnd
, th* lady dozed.   On awakening, tbs
prayer, grown more mournful, «lmort
1 despairing,  wa*  still   being  Intoned.
Turning to ber Interpreter sh* asked
lhe meaning of tlie mysterious words.
Tb* interpreter pretended oot to heir.
but being pressed for an answer flnal*
ly bowed low and snld:
"Madam, since you Insist they pray
tbat the great Allah may mike yoa
less fat"-<.blc*go Tribune.
"Wbere there'* ■ winner there'* a*.
way* a loser."
"Not »lw*y»."
"Welt, nam* an Instance to th* cos-
"When you're playing cards wltfe
your girl for kisses."
One of the unique lights of the
streets ol Port Klhwbcth, in South
Africa, is drayloutls of ostrich leather* on Saturdays when the weekly
*ttaia«r* leave lor Euros*.
Mr*. Bcnham-I'm afraid ths doctor's
bill U too blgh.   iienbim-Hut bt lived my life. Mre. Bcnbim-Tbit'i mast
I'd Igtrisg os.-Ntw York llmw.
Tbtrt U no tlmt to miserable bat s
■as msy tt trui.-Slmkf»pi*«r*.  • THE  SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one operation.   Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Bonnet's Metal Polish
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness OU
Harness Soap
Bom—In Grand Forks, on
28th, to Mr. and Mrs! W.  H.
man, a son. .-   ..
At a meeting held at Mrs. At-
wood's on Monday a branch ol the
Woman's Auxiliary was organiznd
in connection witb Christ church,
under the rectorship of Bev Phillip
Hayman. There were thirty-six
members enrolled, twenty-five of
whom were present. The following
officers were elected: President, Mrs.
-6. A. Spink; firat vice-president,
Mrs Hayman; second vice president,
Mrs Barlee; secretary, Mrs. Kerby;
dorcas secretary. Mrs. W. J. Mcln
tyre; treasurer, Mrs W. K. C. Manly; thank offerihg secretary, Mrs.
Traunweiser. The meetings will be
held every Monday afternoon at 3
o'clock in the banquet room of tbe
■ Davis hall.
John Donaldson ia making extensive.improvements to his store
in tbe West end. The post office
haB been moved farther to the rear,
. giving about twenty feet more of
lloor space for tbe display of goode.
A uew plate glass front is also being
put in tbe building.
Good progress js being made on
tbe erection of H. C. Kerman's.new
brick block on Bridgt street.   It is
st ated tbat it must be ready for the
tenonts by tbe 15th of next month
Harry W. Aikens is erecting a
residence for himself on Fiftb street,
near Main.
John Donaldson returned yesterday from a business trip to Spokane,
Miss Mary Walker returned" to
tbe city on Monday from a six
months' vacation trip.
Mr. and Mre.. McPherson and
family, who bave been visiting at
tbe  home  of  Mr. and Mra T. K.
From n Minister In New York: "I wai
"sL-vcrcly 111 with lung troiilil.. M.v ntten-
'Him wan illr.'-ifil in ilii> WIImiii Itemed/
*■ vfl-l.lfl.-lk I u_i;.l vvilU Hiilriiiilit effect."
From n Inrlv In Mlt-lik.-tn: "I u*t*a* roar
"tiit'illelne ll.*t -III ur ll yenr, ngo untl 11
"him-il nm from eliilll'K my dayi, with CM*
'--tiniptliin. Tlii'm winilil lie nu sue of ao
"ninny iieutile Dying witli t-uimunintion If
"tliey coitlil lie i».|-nuiiil.-tl to try Wilson's
If you nm «n.r>r.n_r frnm ANT laat or
tlir.mt tr.tnl.lf Ii In ymir iluly to InveBtl*
gun'.  Send f r free full Ittfiirmntloo to.
Wilson's Remedy, Wtelwood. N. J.
Needhflin for a couple of weeks, re
turned to their hmne in Trail on
E. E. Mills of Grand Porks, has
mated up three pens of White Wyandottes. Each pen headed by prize
winning cuck birds! One pen of 8 -
0- Rhode Island Reds and one pen
of Buff Orpingtons. Settings from
any uf theBe pens at .$_!, and I will
replace any eggs that are not fertile
on their return
Mrs. Wolvcirton and daughter, nf
Cascade, were visitors in the city on
Mrs Lew Johnson, who has been
housekeeper for A. B, W. Hodges'
family at Lima, Peru, for the past
three years, has returned to the
George Coaper returned on Wed
nesday from a week's visit to the
coast.    Mre. Conppr and  child', who
Not the Short Man, the
Thick nor the Thin, 'tis
not beauty of feature nor
strength of limb, but pure
• nerve, experience and
generalship that wins the
fight. By those methods
we have won the name of
Fashion Plate
of Grand Forks for men's
clothing. When you fail
to get fitted correctly,
accompanied bim to Victoria, will
spent tbe summer with Mr. Cooper's
parents in,,that city.
Joe Ingram, of Phoejrix, will fill
th. vacancy caused by the resigna
lion of John Wright aB local agent
of the Great Northern railway.. Mr.
Ingram will take charge here as
soon as he is relieved in Phoenix.
Por Sule—Second hand buggy,
neurly new. Apply at Mnybooei's
blacksmith shop.
R. I. Miles, of Carmi, who was
formerly in husiness here, was' in
the city on Tuesday.
Suits to Order S18
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Gall and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, aud we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
For Sule—Two room cottage clone
to G. N. depot on two lots. Nice
large r ns, cellar, woodshed attached. Two chicken house*, vnrd
gimd pump. Also Bsrred ftnek
Breeding pen, 1 two year tild cock, 9
hens and pullets, 2 Betting. Price
(375. Terms half cash, balance
■six*months. Reduction for cash.
Mks A. Dick,
The Cheape* in the City
Wehavejust received
a new shipment direct
from Scotland, and can Sell you the genuine Scotch
Linoleum at the price you would pay elsewhere for the
inferior goods. <
'5SSL Grand Forks Furniture Co
The Complete House Furnishers
Rati, Carpel., Etc.
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac-Posts.- Prompt attention to phbne orders.
A. GALLOWAY, »-."'.L. Columbia p. o.
r l n tin
.   We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
Wc. have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture Made to Order,
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A do-D-MRi Brock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
«-*■        A Prrth CnnilKitnipnl ol.
RcrciVHl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Hilllit'utiit and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Postern, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.   .
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rill* of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery;—
Everything turned out in an '
Up-to-date Printery.
CllKJU [KIINllIMvJ   »n advertisement, and a
Sip ftat $Mwt itaji
Palace Barber Shop
ur HnntOK a S
tUior Hotilnc a _lpeola£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or UhaKbv Hotki..
First Struct,
oo vcarrv
order will convince you that our stock and workman-
'ship are of the best, Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
■ a skaUh ndttmmrrminar
lour optnloo in* wli-llier ao
foil Fauna
A kiodaoeMly Ulaiuaua tnetlr.  teifeete.
mlitioeofaiir •"Moiiim JoanaL   Terae fi
Dr.de Van's Female Pills
A reliable FmocIi,relator; mv«Jalli. Thee.
pUla an eaceedlugly powerlul larwilatiu the


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