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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 20, 1912

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 .,  .-    -v-   -?■-
\, I-,
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Victoria hockey club defeats New
Westminster hy six to four at Victoria.
A keen struggle over Adrianople is expected at the peace conference to be held in London.
A witness at the Indianapolis dynamite conspiracy trial is arrested on a
charger of perjury at the order of the
Flesherton. Ont, murder mystery
is made more sensational by the arrest of the husband of the dead
Three miles of giant freighters waiting in a - Buffalo to unload cargoes of
Cunadian wheat. It is the greatest
blockade in the city's history.
Opposition at Ottawa advised to obstruct Borden's naval bill, and seem
f * appear ready to force the government to go to the country on the issue.
Loudon newspapers, commenting
on the terms of the Panama canal
hill, harshly censures the provision for
the exemption of United States vessels.
Impeachment trial of Judge Archi-
ba'd at Washington takes new and
seiisauuiiai tiiu with the aaunssiou ot
Boland^ testimony as to alleged
Whiteiaw Reid, A me ican ambassador to England, dies in London
British navy aviator and manager
of aeroplane'company,' instantly killed
Labor statistics show that the number of men in Canada out of employment through strikes has decreased.
Government figures show that the
cost of living is rising steadily in Canada with  the approaching winter.
Tho singing of a him averts a panic
when the floor supports break down at
an Ontario murder victim's funeral.
General Louis Botha today resigned
the premiership of the Union of South
Africa, which he has held since May
31, 1910.
The peace conference at London will
begin today. The Austro-Servian controversy is claimed to be the result of
un Austrian bluff.
Dominion expenditures for the first
eight months of fiscal year fifteen
million dollars greater than for the
same period nf 1011.
Aeronauts and buy are carried
uway whon a captive balloon breaks
loose at Los Angeles, and are picked
up alive four miles out at sea.
Aviator Kearny and a Los Angeles
newspaper man, who started to fly tn
San Francisco, are drewued. fart
uf the hydro neroplane is picked up.
Divergence of opinion of peace delegates likely to prolong the conference.
Health of British school children is
shown to be very poor hy medical inspecting officer.
Coroner's jury in the Flesherton,
Out, murder case fastens suspicion
on the husband of the woman who
was killed.
It  is   reported that the admiralty
hoard has resigned  following   trouble
Itetween Winston Churchill  and   the
vice admiral.
,s*    Militia are called out at Santa Ana,
' debate on the Laurier naval   amend-
' ment.
i An attempt to wrack the C.P.R.
Imperial Limited near Whonnock is
reported by the man who discovered
the blockade on the rails.
Delegates are confident that the
peace conference will continue harmoniously on Thursday next,
Winston Churchill declares ia an
address that the overseas dominions
sue drawing closer to England.
Australian football team arrives at
Auckland and praises British Columbia footballers as gentlemen and
A big Canadian motion picture
company is organized at Toronto, aud
will establish a chain of theatres
across the Dominion-
Jonn Butler, vice-president of the
International Structural Iron Workers' union, is arrested on a charge of
perjury and placed in jail.
Hon. Frank Oliver, continuing the
debate on the naval umeiidmeiit, refutes veiled accusations of disloyalty
and treason against the Liberals.
Minister of finance introduces an
amendment to the Dominion Bank.
aet which wil force external auditing
and place much greater responsibility
on the directors.
Sir George Murray says the duties'
of the federal ministers are   too oner-
Forty three miners are killed in an
explosion of black damp at Dortmund,
Lord's Day Alliance, at meeting in
Toronto, says that British Columbia
is growing better.
Hon, G. 15. Foster speaks ou the
naval policy in the commons. House
adjonrns for holidays.
President Taft has made hp his
mind to accept the proffer of the Kent
professorship of law at Yale.
Bill introduced in Dominion house
to permit bands to play on Sunday;
also provides for one holiday a week
to cooks and waiters.
It is expected that the peace enn-
fenerence will soon resume deliberations. A stormy futnre for Albania
is predicted whatever may be its destiny.
Proposal that statue of George
Washington be placed in Westminster
abbey is made by the British com
pany organized for the celebration in
1914 of tbe centenary of Anglo-
American peace.
New York gunmen appeal from
the sentence uf death
Plans to dynamite the Denver mint,
where five million dollars are stored,
are frustrated.
One hundred and twenty-two in
the shade in Australia. Hottest spell
in sixteen years.
Prince regent uf Bavaria is mourned
with kingly honors. Streets uf Munich are filled with mourner'.
The Jewish Wurld says that' Dr.
Bernard Drecliman, of New York,
will ho invited to heiome chief rabbi
of the British empire
Premier Border, will.spend Christinas at Hut Springs, Vu. Hun. (J.
I.. Fusler acting premier. Budget will
be prepared during recess.
The peace conference held a shurt
session Uslav, but made little progress.
Fresh instructiuns have been despatched from Constantinople to Turkish delegrtes by special courier.
Johnnie Oppenbeinier, who stabbed Nnrcif.se Martin Inst week near
Greenwood,   haB   been arrested  at
Laurer's Policy Provides for
s Built and Maintained by Canada
Sir Wilfrid Laurier last Thursday announced to parliament bis
amendment to the government's
naval proposals. Sir Wilfrid's policy
provides for a navy built in Canada,
manned in Canada, maintained by
Canada, paid for by Canada, the
burden taken from the British taxpayer and placed upon the stnUvurt
shoulders of Canada; a navy that
leaves the British squadrons free for
home defense, a poliey that gives
Canada ber chance to perforin her
duty as a self respi o ii g young
British nation; a policy tbat im-
poses no new burdens upon tbe fleet
of Britain; that imposes no conditions of vexatious overseas meddling
in imperial foreign affairs, nor drags
Canada into European complications; a policy tbat expresses Canada's one-bearted devotion and loyalty to the empire.
Tbs Borden policy imposes upon
Great Britain a new burden of
$6,000,100 a year ior maintenance
->.> thet '*- ag^jffifylH^
need for home defense.
Tbe Laurier policy replaces Britain's ships recalled to home sta
tions, and assumes tbe burdens Borden would impose upou British taxpayers.
Laurier I policy develops a Canadian marine, a national spirit and a
great industry,
Borden's policy leaves nothing in
tbe country. "It strikes no roots."
It does nothing for the empire tbat
needs doing
Laurier's policy is the climax of a
lifelong devotion to Canada and the
empire. It is tbe product of the
truest Canadianism, the soundest
basis of empire unity tnd continuity
The Borden policy spends 835,'
000,000 to create new liabilities nnd
burdens for Grent Britain
instructions tu amend the same in the
following particulars, namely: To
strike out all the winds after Clause
A and substitute therefor the following:
The memorandum paepared by the
board of admiralty on the general naval situation of the empire and communicated tu this house by the Right
Honorable, the Prime Minister, on
December 5, shows that several of the
most important foreign powers have
adopted a definite policy uf rapidly increasing their naval strength.
That this condition has compelled
the United Kingdom to concentrate
its naval forces in home waters, involving the wilhdiawal of ships from
the outlying portions of the empire.
That such witl d awal reuders it
necessary that Canada,withuut further
delay, should enter actively on a permanent policy of naval defence.
That any measure of Canadian aid
to imperial naval defence which does
nut embody a permanent policy if
participation by ships owned, manned
and maintained by Canada and contemplating construction as soon as
possible iii Canada, is not an adequate
or sptisfactury expression of theaspir-
uliuus nf the Canadian people in regard to the naval science, and is nut
an assumption by Canada of her fair
share in the maintenance of the naval
strength of the empire.
This house regrets to learn of tho
intention uf the government to iii
definitely postpone the carrying out
by Canada of a permanent naval
It is the opinion of this house that
measures should be taken at the pres
ent session to give iff ct speedily to
the policy embodied in the navel ser
vice aot of 1910,  passd   pursuant to
by this house in Msrc'i, 1909
This house further ie uf the opinion
that increase in power and nobility uf
the imperial navy by the addition by
Canada under the ubuye act of two
fleet units tu be stationed nn the Atlantic and Pucific coasts of Canada, respectively, rather than by a contribution of money or ships, is a policy best
calculati d to afford relief to the United
Kingdom in rjspect of the burden of
imperial naval defence and in the
words uf the admiralty memorandum,
to "restore greater freedum to tho
movements of tho British squadrons in
overy sea and directly protect the security of dominion.," and that the
government uf Canada should take
such steps as shall lead tu the nc »»
plishment uf this purpose as speedily
as possible.
Clause A in Premier Borden's KM
liitiun referred to above reads as ful
"That frnm and out of lho consoli
Laurier's   polioy   propose*   that ;«'«ted revenue fund nf Canada
Canada shall spend  135,000,000 Inr
which Canada assumes tbe full bur-
Cal., to capture lone desperado, who Wauconda, Wash., and will be
escaped to the hills after killing three brought back for trial upon a charge
.deputy sheriffs. ; q, ft„em„ting to Ao grjeVous bodily
Hon. L. P. Pelloticr is described as, harm. Martin is out of the hospital
a "cheap sort of jingo" by the mem-'Too much whisky was the cause of
bar for Red V)eor during a six hours' the fracas.
den of responsibility, the cost uf
maintenance und the full duly as a
British nation within the empire.
Borden's poliey makes Britain a
mendicant, and loads her with a
burdensome liability. By Laurier's
amendment Canada shall pay all (be
cost, assume all the resp insibilly
and tnke a self respecting part in the
chain of empire defenses. Laurier's
policy extrnds Britain's sea linn
from ine Nortli sea to the Atlantic
coast line, to the Pacilic and joins
hands with Australia and New /"a
land in making the Pacific ocean n
zone of British power and influence.
j Tbe Liberal party can do little
less tban force the Boiden govern-
I ment to the country on the question.    Kvery   vital  principle upon
1 which Canada's nationhood bas been
developed, and issues of vast import
'of her future status in the empire ns
a self-governing coun'ry are involved.
Laurier's Naval Policy
That all the wurds after the word
"that" be struck out and the following he substituted therefor. This
house declines to concur in the said
resolution and orders that the same
be referred back to the committee with
shall In- paid ami appli d a   sum   nut
exceeding   136,000,000 for the  purpose   of   immediately  increasing  the
naval forces of the empire'
mra plant
New Industry Beneficial to
Ranchers to Be Established Here
Brighten Your Home for 1-913
Wbat will brighten your home
better thon n beautiful, pleasing
picture on the wall? "Mother's
Treasures" is just the picture you
want. It is lit for any home in
Canada and cnn he had free by subscribing to The Family Herald nnd
Weekly Star of Montreal, the great
i*-t and best family paper printed.
It cost only one dollar u Year, nnd
no home can afford ro he without
it. Kvery presut subscriber lo that
paper sbould send his renewal now
and get a copy of the beautiful picture. Any one not a subscriber
should order the paper and picture
at once. They will help tu n.nki*
thc New Yenr brighter fur ynu,
The Colored nugregntiun nt the
Opera house Monday evening drew
small audience—all it was entitled
to, according to the criticisms of
those present. Tonight a play of
the dime-novel variety is being presented. The house might (8 well be
A public meeting of the stockholders of tbe Grand Forks cannery
project was beld in the Davis hall
last Saturday evening. Nearly all
the ranchers of the valley were in
A. B. Kirk and C. MeDougalrrof
the Canadian Everfresh company,
were present, and explained, their
method of utilizing tbe surplus and
waste products of the orchard and
farm. Mr. Kirk said that by their
system fruits and vegetables were
kept fresh for an indefinite period by
a new method of evaporation. It
was the intention ot the company
to establish the first five plants in
Canada in this province this year.
Tliere were now half a dozen plants
in successful operation in the United States. Stock would be issued
to the shareholders in the five plants.
After that no more stoek would he
issued, hut if a community desired
a plant, the company would ask a
sufficient subsidy to install it, as
a ulant would be worth thutaniount
to any locality by providing nu absolutely certain market for all kinds
of farm products, and thus enhance
the value ef tbe land. The company would pay as high, or higher,
for farm products as a cannery.
Tbeir system was protected by patents. If tbey were successful in
organizing a company, they wonld
install a $-25,000 plant bere. It
would bave a capacity of from thirty
to forty tons per day; would be operated night and day, and would be
ready to commence work by the
time tbe lirst fruit came into the
Mr. McKinnon, promoter of the
cannery, proposition, stated that if
the stockholders in thst enterprise
decided that they preferred the Ever-
fresh scheme the money they had
paid iu would bi* returned to them,
us be only promoted the company
in order that Ihe farmers might lind
a market for their surplus products.
Messrs. H. W. Collin., B, K.
Laws, J. T. Lawrence, J. I). Honsberger, Frank Miller, Al. Traunweiser, W. F. Armstrong and a mini
ber of other ranchers expressed a
preference for the Everfrcsh system.
On a vote being taken, tin* directors
unanimously endorsed tbat propo
Messrs. Kirk and McDougail re
limine I in the city until yesterday,
when they lefl for Vancouver to
spend the Christmas holidays. They
will return shortly after New Year's,
when tbey will resume tbe work of
oigsnizine an Kverfresh company
here. Mr. Kirk stated, beiore leaving, that he felt confident of ultimate success. He also said that
it was his intention lo bring back
with him an endorsement of the
Kverfresh system from Deputy Minister of Agriculture Scott.
The case against Sam Huberts, of.
Republic. aiTuscd uf stabbing Hugh
Lisle in this city a month ago, wns
dismissed in the police court on
Tuesday after evidence bad beeu
1 taken for for two days - **r-r~-*n...
One Butler and Five Yeomen Take
Cere ef the Sliver and China
The pantries at Buckingham Palace
consist ot three large rooms on the
(round floor, opposite the kitchens.
In one Is kept the silver ln daily use,
In another the china, and tn the third
tho glassware ls stored.
The three pantiles are in charge ot
an official known as the pantry butler,
who has five assistants, termed yeomen.   '
The duty o. thc pantry butler ls to
give out the silver, china and glass
required dally for tho royal tables and
for afternoon ten; the pantry butler |
has also to see that all lie gives out
Is returned to hiin after ouch meal.
The sliver pantry Is lined with mahogany glass framed cases, containing
thousands ot pounds' worth of sliver
plate. In one case there are two
silver dinner services, containing several thousands pieces of plate. There
are six hundred plates of various sizes
several hundred silver dishes, hundreds of'silver spoons nnd forks, and
a most valuable collection of old silver
drinking mugs. Two ot the latter
were In tho possession ol Queen Elisabeth and are reputed to be worth
In another case are tour silver lea
services, one of which was a gift to
Queen Mary from the German empress
and ls generally used at afternoon tea,
which ls served in the queen's private
Overnight the pantry butler makes
out the list of silver, china and glass
that wiil be required ln the royal dining room for breakfast, luncheon and
dinner thc following day, and his assistants put out on the tables ln each
pantry the required articles ot table
service which aro taken to the kitchen and dining room after being Inspected by the pantry butler.
The bulk -f the royal plate Is kept
at Buckingham Palace, so when the
court moves, a large quantity of lt has
to be taken "to Windsor, Balmoral, or
wherever their majesties may go.
The pantry butler Is responsible for
the packing of the plate, and lt ls always conveyed from one royal residence to another ln his charge. The
plate ls packed ln steel lined boxes
made ot oak, with Iron bands. In
the center of the cover of each are
the letterB "0.11,." surmounted by u
crown. No china or gtyss hai-to be
moved from Buckingham Palace, as
a very large quantity of china or glass
ie kept in stock at all the royal residences.
The pantry butler ls absolutely lord
of his pantries, and none of the serv-
ftntB, with the exception of the pantry
yeomen, Is allowed to enter them
without the butler's permission.
All the glassware used at the royal
residence ls ot modern make, most ot
which now in use being purchased by
the late king.
A Great Industrial City in the Making.
Directly across the street the C.P.R are sp'eodlug millions in establishing immense Railway Yards. Terminal Elevators', Round Houses, Car
Shops, etc., etc. Besides this many other immense manufacturing Industries have secured locations, and assure employment for thousands of
Choice locations from $175 per Lot up.     Terms l.u cash, balance S10
per month.     Clear Title.     No TaxeB for 1912. .,
Write for Booklet. Agents Wanted at all  Points
To Exchange—Automobiles,  Houses and Clear Title Lots   for   Farm
lauds.      What havo you to otter?
22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
Medical Womeu.ln Germany
It ls stated that there are now 175
qualified medial women tn Germany.
They aro distributed In the cities of
Germany as follows: Berlin, 30; Munich, 7; Frankfort on the Main, 5; Hamburg, 3; Ditsseldorf, Breslau, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, and Bad Elster,
each 2; while a number of other
places bave one each. Most of the
women doctors ln Germany practise
as specialists, especially in diseases of
women and children. During the last
few years, according to the British
Medical Journal, the chances of medical women bave steadily become more
favorable in Germany. They often
secure posts ln hospitals, Institutes,
nnd asylums.
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
"I hare always used Cutloura
Boap and no other for my baby, and
he has never had a sore of any kind.
He does not even chafe as most babies do. I feel that it is all owing
to Cutloura Soap for he Is fine ana
healthy, and when flvo months old
won a pri-B in a baby contest. It
.nukes my heart ache to go Into so
many homes and see a sweet faced
baby with thn whole top of its head
• solid maas of scurf, caused hy the
use of poor soap. I always recommend Outioura, and nine times out
ef t. n the next time I see the mother
she soys ' Oh 11 am so glad you told
mn of Cuticura,' " (Signed) Mn.
G. A. Sclby, Redondo Beach, Calif.
AlUi-m.!. en-tears Soap tl MM br am,-
tin* ud distort cvenrwhen. e rxiiUl io
"CMKun." nnt. CM, BMtoo. U.S.A.. Ml
xeeon r, llbfrnl KipH. win ,%*>. book ue
tt, fl-u% iii ikis. Htip m talc.
W. N.  U. 923
The Glory of the Mountain
How beautiful is tho life ot the
woods and mountains! It has been
well said that ti. mountain Is a mystery, especially it It. be forest covered, What deep ravines nnd beetling
crags does lt not conceal, what rushing streams; and in tlte foothills are
deep, silent pools, where grow the
loveliest (towers, and when- the deer
come to drink, and sometimes n bear!
On Passaconaway may be seen In the
early summer that most beautiful of
small wild flowers, tho Mitchells; tho
petals aro white at the outer edge,
but toward 'ho»centre most delicately
tinted. Thoy cover the ground like
a carpet, creeping among the ferns and
mosses and thc rich humus made ot
tho fallen loaves of centuries. Then
there Is the Llnnaea boreallB, the favorite flower of the great naturalist.
Linnaeus, clinging to the moss with
it complexion like a milkmaid; and oh!
Bhe is very, very sweet and uree-
able. And you can And the cneker-
berry, tho partridge berry, aud the
Indian pipe and tho purple bruncllu,
wild asters, and a host of other
Most, glorious are tbe woods and
mountains in the clear days of late
September, when there has been a
frost at night, Juat enough to show
that the color fairies havo been al
work; then dark hemlock and white
crag serve but to enhance tho rich col>
oring. You ma};, walk or <lrlvo for
miles amid the most gorgeous colors
ln the most bracing air, and under the
bluest skies, and see the granite peak
of Chocorua glistening in the sunlight. It is hard to say when the
mountains and woods are most beautiful at all seasons, even amid the
winter's snows when snow shoeing
and slelghlug you go over the old
routes once more, with the temperature below zero and the bright sun
overhead.—H. Alexander Pnsseil in
the Theosophlcal Truth.
Give England Siberian Climate
Great Britain is taking seriously
the fanciful schem ,' Mr. Barker „
Brooklyn Inventor, to deflect the Quit
stream by a breakwater ott the coast
of Newfoundland. Newspapers are
asking what the British government
ia fl"'w to lo about lt.
There can be no doubt, says the
London Evening Press that serious
trouble will follow any attempt to
•ob' us of what little comfort remains
in our wretched climate.
It Is true England's loss will bc a
ealn to a part of the British Empire,
for Canada will get tho benefit of a
change In the Atlantic currents, but
that ls small comfort to Britons who
wlM'have to choose between a Siberian climate and emigration.
The plan which would cost about
J200.000.000 is to build a breakwater
200 miles long on the eastern coast,
thus deflecting the icy currents from
Labrador. The Gulf stream would
then be free to run north, "conferring
upon "The Mother of Snows," a nd
lant climate like that of France, r ie
cold current would then turn south and
refresh the parched shores of Africa.
Meanwhile England has the cheerful prospect of getting a climate Uk-.
Labrador, which is in the same latitude.
An Irishman passing a shop where a
notice waa displayed saying that everything was sold by the yard, thought
he would play a Joke on the shopkeeper, so he entered the shop and
asked for a yard of milk. The shopman, not In the least taken aback dipped his flnger ln a bowl of milk and
drew a line a yard long on the counter. Pat, not wishing to bc cnughl
ln his own trap, asked the price
Sixpence, Bald the shopman.
AU right, sorr, said I'att. Roll it
up; I'll tako tt.
George Ade Hears a Fable
The first time tho Washington huso-
bull team phyed Chicago this season.
George Ade. famous for his fables In
slang, mot a friend ln the street, who
Come on, George, and sen this
Washington team. It's a peach. It's
a hummer. It's performance against
Chicago will bo us finished as tlle work
of Jack Frost In a Georgia peach orchard . •
That, said Abe, without rucking a
smile, sounds to me distinctly like u
table tn slang.
Mr. NEWLYWED wM-'Rcilo11. tldi a
in w kind of bait we areutlug? It,,..._-,. l;_j
nil right, doesn't il."
Mri. NEWLYWED eaU-"Y<.«, it's
WINDSOR SALT, The grocer told mo
about it—said It was tlie ouly kind Li:.
cii-lomcrs would liuve",
Mr. NEWLYWED »lc.-" ,\v.l, It he keeps
such good salt, I guest, everything else
in hla store must he good, so 1 would do
all lay tradiug there, if I were you".
Mn.NEWLYWED said-'■ I Intend to."    89
7*jAt- x/&.
UYE, ana caa bu.---W.i_r yoo don't arao hava to
k<M>».-._>__. KIND of Cloth your Gooda ara and*
o....So MlaMkcn ara InrMtlhla.
Sand for Fraa Color Cud; Story Sooklal, and
Boohlat iMni ratolla ot Dyeing ovar orb cr .olora.
' Let 'Em Hustle
Things political are moving so fast
that some of tho old wheel horses
aro having hard work to keep from
being run over.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local application*!, ua they emmot
reach tlie diseased portion ot tho ear.
There is only one way to euro deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of thc l_uc-
tliehlan Tune. Whon this tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect lieanng, and whon It Is entirely defied. Tidiness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can bc taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed for ever;
nine cases out of ten nre caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will al.'« One Hundred Dollars fnr
any caae of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured l.y Hall'a Caturrh
t.*uro.      Send for circulars,  free.
V. o. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
Sold liy Druggists, 75c.
Take ITnll'a Family Pills for constipation. *
Usual Ratio
You buy a pint of caesiums
All toothsome' from tho wood,
If fates are kind perhaps you find
That two or three ure good.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget
How Oft?
How oft an orator must go
Before the heedless throng
And sprain his. vocal cords to show
His mind Is clear and strong!
How ott In handshakes must ho twist
His muscles till they start
And prove by toughness of the wrist
His tenderness of heart!
CountleSB have been the euros worked by Holloway's Corn Cure, lt has
u power of .tn own not found in other
Scree Heal Quickly.—Have you u
persistent sore that refuses to heal'.
Then try Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
In the dressing, lt will stop sloughing, carry' away tho proud flesh, draw-
out the pus and prepare a clean way
for the now skin. It ls the recognizer healer among oils und myriads
of people can certify that It honied
whero other oils failed utterly.
Snappers up ot unconsidered h-lfles
are warned off thc three new volcanic
Islands recently thrown up sixty miles
southwest )' Robinson Crusoe's old
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Distemper
Father- Do you know what happens
to liars when they die?
Johnny—Yes. sir: they He still.
submit te a headache is lo waste energy, time aad comfort.
To stop It alenee simply tske
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggtat will confirm our statement that they do net contain
anything last ean harm heart or nervous system.   28o. a bot.
Orsln Commnilon Merchant. '     Winnipeg Manitoba
Co    WlnnlDe Arthur er Fort William. Notlfr Peter Janm
Liberal Advances
Prompt Returns
■mi QraSat
ISo ■ TlR.
HIP la tha OElOISil. and BZST SiltO
OL-UMB   WW nana mass aa* ,M*>
stall Ma*.
More About
The Loading Platform
■The present generation ot Western farmer; will neter know the
difficulties anl vexations experienced by the!:, predecessors ln the
earlier years when no one-could get a carload ot grain shipped la
bulk except by loading lt through an elevator The system forced
the majority ot farmers to sell tielr grain to tbe elevator owneri
at arbitrary prices, and oft tlmas to submit to Ueavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of cai'B as fixed by the Grain Act. and the use of the
loading plattorm, provluo faclllths which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment in the disposal ot his grain, and the highest
market prices at time of sale. 3very farmer therefore, should more
and more endeavor to use the loading platform Ir shipping his grala
to the terminal elevators. It is the safeguard ot the farmers' free-
dorn in disposing ot hla grain to the hest advantage for himself. If
farmers refrain from using the loading platform freely, it might result ln Its being don: away with, because railway companies antl
elevator owners are Btrongly opposed to it. It is easy to understand
why elevator people desire tlie loading platform abolished. The railway people oi their part Bay it delays the loading of care and helps to
ensure car shortage. This we know tn be nonsense, because frequently after cars are loaded, whether with grain, eoal, lumber, o»
other merchandise, they are eld. tracked for days and even weeks
Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. I It ls engine
shortage and shortage ot competent train men that mostly causes
grain blockales on railways and not lack of cars. Let every fanner
therefore, do all he can to use th-i loading platform and become an Independent shipper. In subset-lent advertisements we will state la
detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading Into cars
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise tho grading at time can
are Inspected, secure tt.e highest prices at tlm? of sale and make
prompt rela.Ms when sold. Wrlto us for shipping instructions aad
nin'Vet Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
A glove   for
any  occasion
in every shade,
Hammerless Repeating Shotgun
The lightest, strongest and handsomest repeating shotgun msde. It weighs
only 5V pounds, yet, all metal ports boing mado throughout of Nickel
Steel, It has wonderful strength, In grace of outline and refinement of
detail and finish, it is unapproached by repeating guns of other makes.
Il Is eseeedlngly simple to load, unload and take down, and shoots
with the strength and accuracy for which Winchester guns are noted.
Ask yior tinier te sh.* yeu oar, er sent te It'inCstrr Ssfeitlnt Arms
C,„ Ne* tilt's., Cnn., f.r hendstme, illuttrotsi clrclltr ietcrilint it
How Careless
Jlmmle Brllt, not the pugilist, but
the clrciiB man. telln a atory Illustrating liow softhearted and sympathetic
some of the ringmasters are when the
acrobats get hurt. The heroine of
the story was a girl who did the foui-
horse net, the slx-borsc act. tho trapeze, and the flying bar, for all of which
she received the princely remuneration
of forty  dollars a week.
One day site fell forty feet from tlio
trapeze and landing precipitately and
lll-advisedly on her left wrist, broke
the bono near lhe elbow. The ring*
master run up and sympathized us follows, with certain profane remarks
which are lure excluded-.
What lu thunder do yem* mean by
falling out of thnt trapc-zc? I'm it
son of a gun If some of your ginks
don't try to put a crimp Into this show
every time we lift the tent!
Another fellow's sister always
seems nicer m a young man than his
own, until after he marries her.
Bad Blood ■ ■ -
Is the direct and inevitable result of
irregular or constipated bowels and
clogged-tip kidneys and skin. Tht
undigested food and other waste matter which is allowed to accumulate
poinoits the blood and the whole
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them—on thc kidneys, giving tbem
ease and strength to properly filter the
blood—and on the skin, opening up
■ the pores. For pure blood aad good
health take
Dr. Morse's   M
' Are your hands chapped, cracked
or sore? Hare you "cold cracks"
which open and bleed when the thia
is drawn right)1 Hav* you • cold
sore, Irost bite, chilblains, or a "raw"
place, which at times make* Il agony
.tor you to go about your household
duties t II so, Zam-Buk will give you
relief, and will heal th* host-damaged
skin. ''Anoint lb* Mr* places at night,
Zam-Buk's rich healing essences will
sink into the wounds, end thc smarting, and will heal quickly.
Mrs. Yellen, of Portland, says; "My
hands were so sor* and oraoktd that ft
was *f ony to put tbem near water.
When I did so tkejr wonld smart and
burn as III had aoelded them. I seemed
quit* unable to get relief Iron anything
I nut M then until I tried Zam-Buk,
snd It succeeded whsn all else had
failed. It oloaed the big eraoki, gave
roe ease, soothed th* Inflammation, and
(a a very short tlm* healed my hands."
-turn-Dull «!» cant oUfnt, r«i/,.i, xetatxr
Haw, rilu, «l«rt,/««toriM torn, »M »«..»
and met,, eixtmsl, tmvlii, nnjuwm, lie.,
tali, _mmi, eras**, moldi, ifr.ini.tif all
IrtmlsUatuI stem, c* mri frti from III Zam. \
ButCc.T.rmle.   Pno,,01 *lxg. \
A few doers *outh of C.P.R. Depot
Rats* I',.60 to $2.00 p*r see
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and celd wator In tvtry rests
Hotel   practically   Flr*ar*ot
All Outsld* Rooms
c. ■
Ask your Clothier to show you
No others as good
Engineers and Boilermakers
Bailors   of   nil     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, nnd Heavy Pla.t Work
Write us for Price*
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
and all Metals, welded to perfecUon
by the Oxy-Acetyleno Process
Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street,
Excursions to Eastern   Canada   Via
Oanadlan Northern Railway
Christmas fast approaches, bringing
with It the thought of the folks back
home and the wish to be with them
once again, to share In their Yuletide
celebrations It may have been only
last year since one returned, but still
the magnetic Influence of the old familiar hearth ls making itself felt in a
way that will not be suppressed,
Every Opportunity
Whether tt be a trip to tho Bast,
South, or any other portion ot the
globe, every opportunity is at hand
and open to all. As the weeks roll
hy new lines are being opened up all
through tho West. Settlers living
In new towns, situated in outlaying
districts hitherto beyond tho pale of
railroad development, suddenly awake
and find within their grasp the transportation facilities,, for which ln many
Instances, they have been awaiting tor
years. The golden opportunity has
Today the .Canadian Northoin announces its twenty-second annual reduced excursion rules to the Kast.
tickets to bo on sale from Dec. 1 to
31 and good lor return for three
months. Extension privileges will
be allowed at tho end of this period
if required, and stop-overs are permitted at most points en route.
Besides the offering of extraordinary cheap rates, the Canadian Northern Is able to add another Inducement to the intending traveller ln the
way of a chotco of routes. These
are as follows: Through Winnipeg-
through Port Arthur—by way of Duluth and Chicago—or lastly via St.
Paul and Chicago. To tho old seasoned travellers probably either of the
routes through the United States will
appear the most fascinating. To those
Intending to go this way, it may be
interesting to know there-Is no trouble
to be expected with the United States
CustomB, as baggage is sent through
without examination.
The Canadian Northern is also offering a considerably lower rate to the
Old Country and Europe, which will
show a great difference between that
and tho ordinary fare. Tickets are
good for five months' limit and will
be on sale from Nov, 10.
The company lias a great reputation
for Its dining car service, working on
the plan of pay only for what one orders, and has recently received a num-
beer of uew diners of the latest pattern. Tho Canadian Northern also
announces very low excursion fares
for the month of December to the
Central States, to such points as Duluth, St. Paul, Chicago, Sioux City,
Des Moines and Omaha, so that many
lonely homesteadtng bachelors from
the States will hav« the opportunity
of spending Christinas and three
months at home.
Hostess (to one ot tho small guests)
—Now, dear, will you havo somo
bread and buttor to finish up with?
Small (Juat—No, thank you, I will
bave some ctko to bo going on with.
Va - -S..S'
eoc. a box er alx boxes tor S2£0,
at all dealer*, or Th* Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Western Manufacture
Our west Is bound to be a great
manufacturing Hold. In the first
place there is lhe certainty of an
enormous consumptive demand of tho
very best class there. The popula:
tion is increasing rapidly, tho production of tho land is also increasing-,
and the people have the means to
sustain a large per capital demand
for manufactured goods. Iu the second place the west has water power
and coal, and its moans ot transportation enlarged so that raw material
from any source can be delivered at
the factories. Whon tho Panama
canal comes into use Canada's western market will be brought within
the rang., of British manufacturers'
competition, nnd as the manufacturers of the western states are always
to be reckoned with there, Canadian
manufacture** will require to he very
alert to meet the conditions.
Worms ln children, lf they he not
attended ta, causa convulsions, und
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children
from theBe distressing afflictions.
Anient Sultor~I lay my fortune al
your feet.
Pair Lady—Your fortune-! I didn't
know you had one.
Ardent Suitor—Well, it isn't much
of a fortune, but.it will look largo
beside thoso tiny feet.
Gall Stones Cured
After 12 Years
A Winnipeg lady- has bcen - cured of
gall-atones nfter suffering from that
painful complaint for twelve yeara, Bhe
had taken many treatments ami many
remedies but eacli and nit proved failures, until she took HANOL, the already
well-known remedy for GftH-stonos, Kidney-stone*, Gravel, Kidney trouble, Lumbago oiid other dtocascs caused by uric
acid In tho ityiitem, It whs a great
victory for SANOL, Bo grateful was
this lady that nlie sent a great number
of her friends to us to be treated ond
In every one of these cases the rcmilta
havo been most satisfactory.
Wo aro witling and anxious to supply
tno name of this well-known lady. Wc
havo also- records of cures In every town
und locality In Canada aud we would be
tDlc to refer you to somo of your neighbors for an opinion oil HANOI...
This remedy Is manufactured only by
street, Winnipeg. For salo by moat
leading druggists or direct from the
makers at fl.CO per bottle.
After Twenty Years of Pile Torture
Relief and Cure Came With
You take no risk and you make no
experiment whon you uso Dr. Chase's
Ointment for piles. Many doctors
still cling to tlie Idea that nothing but
an operation will effect n cure. But
operations are expensive aud dangerous, and often fall In their results.
Borne have been cured by Dr. Chase's
Ointment after operations had failed.
Dr. Chase's Ointment truly has a
wonderful record ae a cure for piles
and all Itching skin diseases. Here
is a caBe which was reported recent-
Mr. John P. Marshall, 11 Barnes
road, St. John'B, Ntld., writes:—"For
upwards of twenty years I was troubled terribly with itching piles; at
times so bad that I was obliged to lay
up, unable to attend to business.
"I tried many treutments without
bonoflt, until I accidentally read of
Dr. Chase's Ointment, and found at
last a euro by using this ointment. 1
only used one box und part of a second one when I was completely cured,
and havo hnd no return of the piles.
That waa eighteen months ago, nnd
needless to say, I attribute this cure
to Dr. Chase's Invaluable Ointment."
Many sufferers from piles have tried
ao many scores of treatments that
thoy cannot believe that euro Is possible. In order to convince the skeptical wo nre always willing to send a
sample box freo to nnyono who encloses a two-ecut stump to pay postage.
Dr. Chase's Ointment, GOo. a box, nt
all dealers, or Udmanson, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Look about you and soo how trained
brains win better salaries than trained muscles. Wo train young men
and women to uso their brains ln business. They succeed, Why not
you? Wo Invite you to write for a
copy of our curriculum It you want a
good training for a business offloe or
wish to become a competent telegraph
operator. Write W. H. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Canada,
Dear Friends
Bell—That man over thero Is star
ing straight at my noso.
Nell—Probably he's a reporter.
Bell—And why should a reporter
stare at my nose? .
Nell—Reporters are supposed to
keep their eyes on everything that
turns up, aren't they?
W. N. U. »28
Quel—Well, supposing she did
throw you over because you lost your
money—there are as good fish ln tho
sea as ever came out ot It.
Checks—I know, but. that's small
comfort for *i fellow who has lost hie
Minard's Liniment Cure* Diphtheria
Financially Foolish
First Official    Member—What   do
you think of the new   preacher   we
tried ont yesterday?
Second Official Member—Won't do!
We'd never lift the debt with him on
the Job. Why yesterday, when there
wero strangers present, ho had them
sing: I'm Olad Salvation's Free, while
the collection was being made.
kind nun
.THE! '
A Periodical Tippler
A doctor'-, patient ln Excelsior
Springs tho oilier day was answering
the usual list ot queries prior to entering upon *i courso ol treatment.
Art you steady, or a periodical
drinker? nsked tho physician.
Periodical, was tlie reply.
How long between periods?
The poor fellow studied a moment,
thnt ho might answer correctly, and
About; twenty minutes.
When baby Is ill—when lie is
troubled with constipation, colic,
worms or cold; when hie teeth nro
bothering him or when he ls restless
and cross and does not sleep well,
give hiin Baby's Own Tablets. They
are tho mother's greatest aid in keeping hor little ones well—thousands of
mothers glvo their babies no other
medicine because they knew the Tablets to be absolutely eafe. They are
guaranteed by a government analyst
to bo free from opiates and otlier
harmful drugs found In so-called
"soothing" mixtures, Tlie Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Miss Oldun—It. is not for tho lack
of opportunities that I have remained
Miss Pert—No, dear, you have glvon
the men plenty ot chances to propose
I'm sure.
The Proven Asthma Remedy.
Since asthma existed there has been
no lack ot much heralded remedies,
but they have proved short Hved and-
worthless. The ever-growing reputation ot Dr. 3. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has given lt a place ln the
Held of medicine which no other can
approach. It has never been pushed
by sensational methods, but has simply gone on effecting relief and making new converts.
Joe's Automobllng Fun
Yes, remarked Farmer Hodge, my
boy Joe gets a good deal o' fuu out
of motor care
But he doesn't own a machine.
Of course not.     lie's one of the
A Girl's Letter
Tago One, of course, ls Just TMfe
That fact Is very plain
Page Two you Bee
Is numbered Three
Which greatly Jars your brain.
Page Three you And, is really Four
Pago Four Is Six, that's flat,
What of Page Five?
Why, sakes alive;
You never do Ilud that.
So Bobby Bums tersely describes tht
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics. But their
case is not now so desperate as wben
llurns wrote. For the man who has the
food now can eat without suffering for
it, if he just follows tbe meal with a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet,
These remarkable tablets banish the
troubles of tbe chronic dyspeptic—th*
man who ia biliom—the sufferer from
heartburn, gas ou the stomach or occasional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food—and digest
them, too—if you take Na-Dru-Co
-.yspepaia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably the best formula known te
medical science, they are quick and
certain i« their action, giving prompt
relief from all forms of stomadi trouble,
toning up and strengthening the digestive organ s and bringing about permanent
A man is no stronger than his stomach.
Pit yourself for your best work by
All grocers 25c. lb. Tin
A woman's Idea of a rival ls Brother woman who tries to have better
clothes than hers.
Because  Mother    Looked    So    Well
After Quitting Tea and Coffee
A woman was almost distracted with
dyspepsia and heart trouble.
Like thousands of others, the drug
—caffeine—In coffoe was slowly but
steadily undermining her nervous system and Interfering with natural
digestion of food. (Tea ls .lust as in-
jurlous as coffee because lt contains
caffeine, tho poisonous drug found in
"For 30 years," sho writes, "I have
used coffoe. Have*" always been sickly—had heart trouble and dyspepsia
with ulcers in atomach and mouth ao
bad, sometimes, I was almost distracted and could hardly oat a thing for a
"I could not sleep for nervouanoss,
and when I would lie down nt night
I'd belch up coffee and my. heart would
troublo me. It was like poison to
me. I was thin—only weighed 126
lbs., when I quit coffee and begun to
use Postum.
"From the flrst day that belching
and burning in my stomach stopped.
I could sleep as soundly ns anyone and
after the flrst month, whenever I mot
any friends they would ask me what
was making me so fleshy and looking
so well,
"Sometimes, before I could answer
quick enough, one of the children or
my husband would say, 'Why, that Is
what Postum ls doing for her'—they
were all so proud and glad.
"When I recommend lt to anyone I
always tell them to follow directions
in making Postum, as It Is not good
to taste lf weak, but line when lt bas
tho flavor and rich brown color.
Name given by Canadian Postum Co
Wludsor, Ont.
Read the little book, "The Road to
Well ville," In pkgs. "There's a reason,"
Ever read tht above letter? A
ntw one appears from tlmt tt tlmt,
Thty art genuine, true, and full tf
human Interest,
The Qptftir\.
Whit lhe Captain Says:
"When a man is in
charge of a ship he has
to keep calm under ail conditions.
Empire Navy Plug Chewing Tobacco
is a great help.'' THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fine Display of Jewelry
A. D. Morrison bas now the finest
display of goods suitable for Christinas gifts ever   brought to
the civic government. The manner
in which the construction of the new
reservoir has been conducted is the
most glaring example of incapacity,
lt is  time for  a  change, it is time
Forks.   He-has a great variety of f'0*r'the taxpayers to take an imere8,
silverware, flatware, cut glass,   (lia- ^ ^ ^.^ tmngaotjoni „,  the
monds, watches, clocks and   other oorporali()lli a|ld „ is lj|ne for an
and  ornamental goods suit- gudj_   ( au[,..()r _yho doe8 ^
The seeker after
able for presents.    m» *w*™ a,,., Wong l0 any o|jque in   thig   cUy
pretty, appropriate and loejtpnwye , We have-nothing,() 8ay again8t tbe
efficiency of the present auditor; but
gift articles should   not fail to visit
Mr. Morrison's store
G. A. Evans, editor and Publisher
the people who pay the taxes
have a right to be made acquainted
witb the true financial condition of
the cily from u   disinterested pnrtp.
One Tenr . . • *}-!j?
rt™ fear (In advance)  '•'"
One Vear, In United Statea  '•■»
Address ull eommiinloatlo on to
Thb KVESlNa Sun,
fHosa Bit QsahdKohks.B.O
A. P. Jordan—Soap Lake Salt Baths
—Page «.
Mclntyre & Smith—Christmas Pres
cnts—Page 4.
I*. Burns & Co.—Meats,Poultry.Hish
and Oysters—Page 4.
We wish all our readers
The danger signals on Winnipeg
avenue can not be classed permanent improvements, although there
appears to be no question regarding
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, at the age of
seventy, delivers tbe areatest speech
of his life in tbe house of commons.
And yet there are croakers who
maintain that man has outlived his
usefulness at forty! That is the age
when the wise indvidual commences
to live right.
The Princeton Star, which (luring tht*
last federal elections, worked the annexation bogey to the limit, now
makes the following candid confession: "They [the Canadians] are not
suspicious of their neighbors [tho
Americans] at any time excepting at
elections, and then only for vote
Our attention has been drawn to
an item in the Phoenix Pioneer.
The Pioneer uccufles The Sun of fail
ing to distinguish the difference between an absolute divorce and a
common police court separation.
Our sky city contemporary is wrong,
as usual. It is because we did dis
tiuguish the difference between the
two evils, that we curtailed our com
ment on the subject to seven words.
An ancient philosopher has said,
"'Tis hard for wived tu live as
widows" We presume that that
Statement is us true today as it was
2600 years ago. On this subject hu
mun changes verv slowly. And il
is also reasonable to venture the
supposition that it is equally hard
fur husbands to live us widowers.
Therefore, if a couple can not live
together, the logical sequence ap
pears to be that they should be
given an absolute separation and be
allowed to marry again.
0. B. Smith, superintendent ol
the Granby mines at Phoenix, wbile
in Vancouver this week, stated that
the Granby company has engaged
the services of Edward E. Campbell,
a graduate of McGill university
school ol mines, to make examine
tions of mining properties in the
coast dig rict of British Columbia.
Mr. Campbell will make bis bead
quarters in Vancouver.
lake, the authorities claiming that
he is not a fit person to conduct an
The Maccabees will give a masquerade dance in the Davis bull on
New Year's night. Tickets 50 cents,
supper extra. Cards and dancing.
Music by Brewer'B orchestra.
Bassett's hotel, at Hart.ord_.Junc-
tion, has been refused a license, on
the grounds that itis off the "regular
highway and no longer any convenience to the public.
A meeting of the new directors of
the Grand Forks Agricultural association was held in the office of
Secretary Hadden on Wednesday
Grund Forks sports have at last
been furnished a subject for discussion. Two ''white hopes" commenced training last night.
A marriage license was issued in
Greenwood last Saturday to Umber-
to Zuehet o, of Anaconda, aud Miss
Fulvia Stelania, (if Fife.
The station und section bouses on
the Kettle Valley railway have been
constructed fur a distance of thirty
miles west of Midway.
The city jail is empty today. LaBt
night it waB occupied by a man who
promised to furnish the city with
"A Celebrated Case."
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES?'-'to it) 12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
Jack Dolan, of the Granby smeller, lefl this morning for Butte,
wbere be will spend lhe Cbritmas
A. W. Johnson's hotel at Lynch
creek was destroyed by fire last
week.    Loss $4000; no insurance.
Messrs. Thomas and Jeremiah
will make tbeir annual visit to tbe
city next weak.
M unicipal affairs should loon engage the attention of the ratepayers.
Tbe business of the city has been
conducted in such a manner during
the past two years as to make it satisfactory to none except those who
have been  looking for favors from
The funeral of the late Rubeit
Galloway, wbo died at Cascade last
week, was held from the Pmby
terian church on Tuesday, 'lhe
funeral had bei n postponed for a
week in order to permit the mother
ol the deceased to reach the city
from Iowa.
The Greenwood Ledge says -thai
Ola Johnson has been refused li
license for   his   hotel at Christina
Christmas Presents
Carving Sets    1847 Rogers Silverware
Skates    Pocket Knives
Etc., Etc.
Special Gifts
zA Supreme Souviner Range
A White Sewing ^Machine
$10.00 Down—$5.00 per Month
The public and high schools
closed today for lbe Christmas holidays.
D K. McElmnn will act as postmaster at Eholt for another year.
Farmers' Institute Meeting
Tbe annual meeting of the Kettle Valley Farmers' institute was
held in the city hall last Monday
In tbe absence of both the presi
dent, A. B. Tweddle, and lhe vice-
president, W. A. Cooper, John T.
Lawrence occupied tbe chair. A
representative gathering was present.
It wns decided to change the name
ul the institute from tbe Kettle Valley to the Grand Forks Valley
Farmers' institute, lhe latter nume
was considered mure appropriate
than the former, which bus in tbe
pusl caused many annoying errors
in regaids lo lbe prompt delivery ol
mail, as well us in otber mailers.
A considerable number of communications, including those in regard lu pin-king schools and slump
pullers, were dealt witb as recommended by the department.
Thu   annual election   uf
Merry Christmas
Have you seen out Stock of good
things for C hristmas?   If not, give
us a call and see our choice selections
of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb, Veal,
Turkey, Geese, Ducks and Chickens
Halibut,   Soles,    Crabs,    Shrimps,
Smelts, Coast Sealed and Olympia
Oysters, Chopped Suet and Mince
P. BURNS d% CO., Ltd
Korku    MlitinK
Silver  King   and   Silver Queen
t'litiiiij., tiit nnt it  lu thu i.iHiiil
Division nf Yale District.
Where I .m-rtt cil: On the Eust Fork of the
North Pork of Kettlo River.
TAKK NOTIOE that I. Jacob M. Fiiulien.
Frue Miner'* Ci-riMi-nti- No. 3.'*Hlf.li, for
myself and ai agent fnr William*!!. Hoffnuiti,
executor, and Rota Major, executrix! of the
will of Catherine Huffman, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 95817B, Intend, sixty dityi
from dale hereof, to applv to the Mining
Keccrder foraCoitlflcalooi improvement-*; f"r
tlu* puriiDM' nf uhtniiiinn .towu  prittits   of   the
above clalma
Aud further tike notice that action, under
-Hetttion :j", muit bo conitneiic-fd before the i»BU-
mice of such C.*rilicrtie» of Improvement.
Dated thin 4th day of May, A.D. 1912.
Jacob m. Paulsen.
DM ytu make ■ mis-hit
the tlm* you employed the
Don't worry. There are
Iota of goad fish In the sea,
and a sare halt tocatch them
Is a Want Ad.
The followiiiK in the minimum
ami id it x i ii i ii in lenipernlure for eiich
dny iluriiiK the |)(Wt week, us re
corded by lhe governroenithermuft.
eteron K. F. Lawn' ranch:
Friday  29
officers Saturday   21
iben look place, and resulted U lot-1 BUndiy  23
lows:    President,   Jnhu    T.   Uw* *fon*V  *I
..       „ ,„ ...    .   Tuesday    *o
rence- vice presidence, It,, w. Stuart; vv'e(]ne8day  20
A,ecreiary-tre.tsurer,   W. E. Hadden; Thuntday  12
directors, U. M. Kripp, A, Schniltiir,
.lumen Itooke, Chas. Ileum-, VV, F.
Uroatl tind P. de Wilde.
.Iiilin T. Lawrence was elected
aa delegate tu the coming convention of lhe provincial institute, to
be held in Victoria in January next
ll   waa
Snowfall dtiriim week,
33 0U
31 CO
33 00
23 00
0 inches
The following are Ihe returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date:
decided to assist in tbe j Oranby 22,7.'I4
formation of a woman's iuslitule.      I Mother Lode  7,(140
A. B. Kirk, of the Everfresh com-1 l-awbide  6,844
pany, waa  present, and  explained ^Xtan''.,'.........   •'••
his method of preserving fruits and  ),;„„„„ ,;",,	
vegetables. | Napoleon       513
C. C. Heaven and  Frank   Uuckle  Belcher	
were appointed auditors. fen*' 234
A general directors' meeting   was,    s,liejicr't'r'eatnien--
held immediately after  tbe annual GraDhy  82,405
meeting.. B. C. Copper Co... 15.'255
SiinrlpB MIimthI Cluim. situate In tlio
(iriuul Fork. Mining lMvlulon nl Yi.li, 111-
Warn loon'oil :   In .Vallli'gt >n ramp.
TAKK NOTI'-K tlmt 1. Joseph Alip-d Miller.
Kri-e Miners'I'ertlltcnte No. 1111786, Intend, slaty aa «from the date hrn-of. In up-
lily tn the Mining K< (-order (or a CorllHratr
ol Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining a Crow ii I'lant of tin; H'.nv,' Hitlm.
And further tnke noMoe that actio*, under
(■notion 117, roust be comnicneo'l before the
i.sunnce of  sw-h Cortlfloate of   Improvement!.
Ilateil thit 26th day of A pill, A.D. inf.'.
JOSKPII Alro-ib MIl.t.EB.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol tetttim •»"» «•«• In the body
ri-u»|.in..n.i'" Iti proper tension; restores
lecny nnd all sexual
Phoephonol will
______ ...... proper I	
vim aud vitality. Premature demy nnd al) sexual
vreakneei averted at once,
make vou a new man.
15.  Matted to any nd	
Co.. It. Calhmr Inea. Ont.
s yon a new man.  Price I8abo«.ortwo lor
Mailed to any nddress. Ih« NM Drag
Dun't bo misled -hy false state-
men!* of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because ilia rend by mure
people thnn nny other paper printed
in the Bound.)ty district. THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Snaps for the LiveOnes
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In ttie Boom Centre
Near the C. P. It. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
.Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
There is a crooked instrument in
Australia commonly known an the
boomerang. There is an equally
crooked Canadian boomerang revealed
in the Siakatchewan legislature a few
days ago which rivals the Australian
weapon for the precision with which
it comes back to the man who hurled
it. The particular case in question
arises from a political speech delivered in Montreal by the Honorable
Robert Rogers, who rejoices in the
title of minister of public works. It
might be mentioned that hia Manitoba
followers also rejoice, but that has
nothing to do with the present sub
jeot. In the speech referred to, Mr.
Rogers, pardon, Hln. Mr. Rogers, declared that theSiskatchewan election
.was won by tha government through
the corruption of the aliens. The
speech made quite a sensation at. the
time, aud the Tory press gloated over
the details. Now for the boomerang
qualities of that speech. Attorney-
General Turgeon, of Saskatchewan,an-
nounced in the legislature that he
held a number of affidavits which
testified that at least four aliens were
corrupted and influenced to vote in
spite of the fact that they had no
right to do so. This might seein to
bear out Mr. Rogers—there it is again,
Hon. Mr, Rogers—in his contention,
but it turns out that these aliens
were put en the list at the instance of
a Conservative candidate, D. J. Wylie,
The special committee which investigated Mr. Ro—, Hon.  Mr.  Rogers'
statements, found the corruption
sought, but wag able to exonerate
the Scott government from all blame:
Now, Mr, Wylie stands accused, and
he refuses to be vindicated except by
a judicial committee. Premier Scott
makes the suggestion that the member
foi Maple Creek has reasons of his
own for not desiring undue publicity,
an-J there appears to I e something in
what the premier says. Under the
circumstances there is no doubt but
the Honorable Mr Rogers will be re
quested by Saskatchewan Conserva
tivei to remain silent in future.—
Saturday Sunset.
protect Canadian interests without receiving any other return for the sacrifice of blood and treasure that would
be involved than imperialistic ap-
planse. And this is to be Canada's
proud destiny that we hear su much
about!—Victoria Times.
The naval policy advocated by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier in the house of com
mons on Thursday is the same as that
adopted by Australia. It is a logical,
permanent policy conceived in broad
statesmanship aud in the full appreciation of Canada's rap dly growing importance in the empire. Reduced to
the simplest basis, it means that Great
Britain, having been compelled to
withdraw her fleets from overseas, the
Dominions should relieve ner of that
burden.—Victoria Times.
Those who faver a contribution as
Mr. Borden proposes now declare that
the United States oan be depended
upon to protect the Canadian Pacilic
coast if it were in danger of an attack
from an Oriental power. In fact, uo
less an imperialist than Captain dive
Phillipps-Wolley suggested this at the
recent Navy League meeting. "You
can not," he said, "break the blood tie
between these two Anglo-Saxon races"
(meaning Canada and the United
States). Everybody knows that intervention by the United States in
such circumstances would be probabl y
followed by the absorbtion of the Pacific coast province, or a considerable
part of it, into the union. A year ago
the same so-called imperialists fought
the reciprocity agreement because
they said it would lead to annexation.
One wonders how, in the sacred name
of imperialism, people ean have nerve
enough to expect the United States to
A Hybrid Naval Policy
Oh, you Tory jingoes Is thai tho
amount of the sacrifice you are prepared to make? You are ready to
furnish admirals, rear ahmiials, com
modules, captains, ollicers of all
grades, plumes, feathers and gold lace,
but you leave it tb England to supply
the bone and sinew of those ships.
You say that these ships shall bear
Canadian names. That will be the
only thing Canadian about them.
You will hire some one to do your
work, In other words, you are ready
to do anything except the fighting
Is that the true policy? It is a
cross between jingoism and national
ism. Unless I mistake the spirit of
thi. Canadian people, if they are true
to their ideals, if they are true to
their own blood, they will not be satisfied with this hybrid policy.—Sir
Wilfrid Laurier.
Let the People Decide
I would like the honorable gentlemen who form the government to
bring in their redistribution bill. Let
us put it through and let us go to tbe
If that redistribution is fair we will
assist you in putting it through, and
we will go to the country and let the
people decide as to the naval policy.
—Hon. Geo. P. Graham.
We *
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Sill? (Srattb forks: Suit
and the Montreal
Samtlg f t rato atti. Itokljj flair
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasured;" for
"Why, auntie, have the magazines
upset you." "Well, I've got through
the advertisements, and I feel exactly
as if I had been to a party where the
men came iu their underclothes and
the ladies wore nothing but  corsets."
Bridge Street,
Hot mil Cold Bath.
Elril-Clui Ber, Pool
Bend llllerd Room,
in Connection.
Emil Larsen,
■*saBSZ.B3Ea^tt_^..^.^_..^_...^_._=_aas_rta_-teB ill    ,i        =a:_...=aaasaig__=5SsaBSSS=^_=: ■                  -_==^=_._.==j:           ■         i^.^_==_===_±_===_====g[|
*          '                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               III
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil  which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet.   In refining this oil we use a double process,   which takes
out all Lad odors, thia oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large  White Dome Glass Shade.
Thia lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver  White Oil,  that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon.    We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and if you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will  refund your money" cheer-
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free witli the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will bo returned.
fully.    We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
cannot be broken.   We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so fill out coupon below and send us your order at
Address all orders to—
Empire Oil Co.,
BOX 2196                Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty*  .
To Defeat
Winter Ills
Susceptibility to colds, sore
throats, tonsilitis and such, indicate impoverished vitality—lack
of reserve strength to weather
changing seasons.
A spoonful of SCOTTSEMUL-
SION after each meal starts
healthy body-action like a small
match kindles s great fire—and
more*. It mak** rich, healthy,
actio* Uood-tortlfl; the tU,uu
aad itimulat.i th* appetite—it
makii wamf body-itrinetli.
purest cod liver oil, made creamlike and palatable without alcohol or drug—the quintessence
of purity.
kejeet imitatiotm they ara tm-
potior, for profit.
Scott &Bowae, Toronto, Ootino   12-59
r      Maypole
dvbs ae
■ ASILY   .
WitS   Mljrpols
Soup there u It   j
double and no mow /
in  heme  dyeing. ^
Ova cotton, wool,
■ilk ot Mixture.. 24
colon-will fire say
ihede. Colon 10c.
Bled ISc-at jrow
dealer's oipostptid
wilh booklet "How
io Dye" from
1           id
,  F. 1. BEREDWT I OS. Inliul    ,
The hlatorians of tho Balkan War
have to mind their P's and Q's at the
to keep their ey«B on the Z's at the
same time.
Attacks ot cholera and dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being any
warning of the visit. Remedial action
must be taken juat bb quickly lt the
patient ls to be spared great suffering
and permanunt Injury to tho lining
membranes ot the bowels, The readiest preparation for tbe purpose ls
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It can be got at small cost
at any drug store or general dealer's,
and lt will afford relief before a doctor
oan be called,
Mrs. Jax—-What's tho difference between a kleptomaniac and tbo garden variety of robber?
Jax—Merely a difference lu the
price ot their lawyers.
Known AD Over The World
—Known Only For The
Good It Ha* Done.
We know of no other medicine which
has been so successful In relieving the
tufferingof women, or received so many
Kmuine testimonials, as has Lydia E.
nkham's Vegetable Compound.
In nearly every community you will
And women who have been restored to
health by this famous medicine. Almost
every woman you meet knows of the
great good it has been doing among suffering women for the past 80 years.
Fox Creek, N. B.-"I have always
bad pains In the abdomen snd a weak-
I ness there snd often
I after meals a sore-
I nets ln my stomach.
Lydia E. Pinkham's
I VegetablsCompound
I has dons me much
I good. I am stronger,
■ digestion is better
I and I can work with
I ambition.   I hav*
■ encouraged many
I mothers of families
I to take it as It is the
beat remedy in ths world. You can publish tbis in ths papers."-Mrs. William
S. BoimtfjE, Pox Creek, N. B.
' In ths Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., aro flies containing hundreds of
thousands of letters from women seeking health, In which many openly stats
over their own signatures that they havs
regained their health by taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, many
of whom state that It has saved them
from surgical operation.
Put Your Head to ths North
Experiments are now being conducted at Columbia University to prove
the proof of the theory that people
who sleep wltb their heads pointing
toward tbe North Magnetic Pole and
their teet towards the south sleep
more refreshed than those who sleep
Do you sleep well?
Are you In perfect health?
It not you had better box the compass before rotlrlng, Every man, woman and child ln this broad land
should turn his or her head around
until the head points north and the
foot south. Then only will his or her
sleep be deep and sound as possible,
all other things being equal. Then
only will he or she arise with nerves
rested and with proper tone to the
entire body.
Nonsense, rot, you Bay. Yet experiments at Columbia University
seem to bear out,this theory -which
ls almost as old as the hills.
Dr. Walter J. Clarke, one of the
best known exponents of tho uso of
electricity, not only for tho euro of
diseases but for tho soothing effeot
lt has oa overworked and tired
nerves, ls a firm believer ot this
The truth of this theory, which ls
a very old one, has been demonstrated
thousands of times, says Doctor
Clarke. But lt Is only Just recently
that scientific proof has been pro-.
duced> We now understand why lt
ia so. By electrical stimulation of
tho nerve florea one can cither rest
them or mako them healthy, It diseased, Many diseases that were formerly treated by the giving of drugs
are now cured by electricity. Thore
Is no doubt that sleeping with the
head to the north Is beneficial.
A Pleasant Purgative .—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are so compounded as
to operate on both the stomach and
the bowels, so that tbey act along the
whole alimentary and excretory passage. They are not drastic In their
work, but mildly purgatlvo, and the
pleasure of taking them is only equalled by the gratifying effect they produce. Compounded only ot vegetable substances the curative qualities of which were fully tested, they
afford relief without chance ot Injury.
Doesn't Expect a Bite
Going fishing?
You don't seem very cheerful about
I'm not. You seo I'm going with
a fellow who has promised to take
me whero ho always catches tbem.
How A  Sufferer  From  Sciatica
Found Permanent Relief.
Fierce darting pnlnB, pains like red
hot needles being driven through the
flesh In the thigh, perhaps down thc
legs to tho ankles—that's sciatica
None but tho victim can realize tbe
torture ot this trouble, and many suffer from lt hopelessly ln the belief
that It cannot be cured. This ls a
mistake; sciatica Is a nerve trouble,
and lf the starved nerves are properly
nourished with rich, red blood the
trouble will soon disappear. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make just the new,
pure blood needed to feed the sciatica nerve and drive out the racking
pain. It has been proved over and
over again that they can do this and
we offer now tho following additional
piece of evidence. Mr. E. II. Pas-
torlous, Harrow, Ont., Bays: "Some
years ago I was terribly afflicted with
sciatica, starting ]usl iu my hip and
then extending through tho leg to
the foot. At the time I was attacked
I was away from home and had to be
brought homo on a mattress
ln a spring waggon, nnd the agony
ot tho trip was almost more than I
could endure. Hcachlng homo 1 was
not able to sit up und remained ln
bed for six weoks. The doctor did
not help ino and 1 tried a number ot
medicines recommended by neighbors. I paid $5.00 a bottle for one
preparation, but It wus no better than
tho rest, and I began In think tliere
was no cure for mo. While suffering
this untold misery Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills were rebomnflmdod, and my
wife got me a supply, lu the course
of a few weeks I began to feel better
nnd could get around with the aid of
a cane. I kept on taking tlio Pills
until all the pair, disappeared and I
felt as well as ever 1 did. I have
never had an attack of the trouble
since, and although I am now t>5
years of age 1 feel as vigorous as I
did at 40, all of which I uscrlbo to
Dr. Williams' Pink PIMb."
lf you are Buffering from sciatica or
any nerve or blood trouble, begin to
cure yourself to-day by the uso of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which will assuredly do for .-nu what they havo done
for others, lf you give them n fair
trial. Sold by all medicine dealers
or by mall post paid ut GO cents a
box or six boxes for 12.50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medlclno Co., llrock-
ville, Out.
Minard's Liniment Curss Colds, Ac,
W. N. U. (23
Tliey wero In tho unique section ot
the art museum and were gaxlug at a
mummy swathed ln Us cloth. Auto
or aeroplane accident, evidently, one
mun remarked. Guess It's the former, returned his companion, for seo,
there's the milo number, and he
pointed to a card reading B.C., 87.
the best
your   i
money .**
More Bread and Belter Bread
Sit? Thousand tranpera now wad tn
their Raw Fan. Why not you? Wt
far highest prices tnrl express curies.
• book ol 00 p«|_j. mailed FREE.
Writ* xx~tSiT to John Heltam, Matt
Dipt 11 .TO«OI,-ro,llH-ro_ttSt.B.
She Wasnt Interested
The newly married couple sat close
together by the fire in the drawing-
room. Her head was pillowed on
his shoulder, and he was in a state
of sentimental .testacy.
I have just been reading a book,
be said, the sincerity and beauty of
which are ennobling. It is a work
ot love—so uplifting, so beautifully Inspiring, so pure!
She looked at him with a far-away
expression ln her eyes, To him sho
seehied to be pondering every word
and ho was charmed. Then with
a painful shook he was disillusioned.
George, she exclaimed, shall we have
the lieef for dinner today cold, or
shall I hash It?
Ib the best:
Mathias Fohy, Oil City, Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Charles Wliooten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Kev. K. o.   Armstrong,   Mulgrave,
Pierre Landers, senr.,   Pokemouchc,
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield, N.B.
Colonel Roosevelt Incidentally, has
been giving thc late Thomas B. Mae-
aulay's well known essays a line line
of publicity.
"Sample freo If you write National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Caned*
Limited, Toronto.
Mm. WiKSLow'e Soorniw- Stscf hti beta
need (or onr SIXTY YKAU9 by MILLIONS ol
MOTHBHS (or their CllILDRKN Willi,!
lithe beet remedy for DIARKHOtA. IMtaK
eoiiitety hirtnlesa. Be cure tnd tik fot "Mis.
WiMtow'i Soothing Syrup," tad Uke ao other
kind. Twenty-five ceattt bottle.
Nor a Brass Band
Booth—What ls the difference   between charity and philanthropy?
Bube—Charity doesn't Mrs a press
 _ , *,
.Weak Kidney* Don't Cur*
. Thty need euch help as Nature provldw. '
k An excellent aid to Impaired kidneys it
~   t nitre.   It It one ol the ourttlvo
DrClarKs ■
i mii.iv> *v ■_> vu< ui iub ourmvo
ITRE PILtS tnd I- helped bite
-n-m.rn.tm.   \.m. am-eam.   -.fl.-.-. ________!_______T.fi J a
once when you have lama
Paine in tht Joints,
........ ....___ ,_,., ithtlpt._....
work by flvt other splendid tntd*_.
tclnffl-iskf. Bit. (.LARK'S (
_ tt\
tMti before the ty*. (rtquent
hetdtchea, eto.  Thty help
--* Iketp you welt   " * *
ynu to health
__»__,- — --- ■•••••   mm tfl-eiywhtn
Mty oenti t box or mailed direct by
wm URTti, ule a mn «•."
Wlanlptg. Canada _ _ 4»
A Classy List of Pies
Tho gentleman with a concave front
and a lurge watch chain alighted from
the train at a junction in a Western
State nnd rapidly made his way to tbe
dining room of the only hotel lu tbo
What kind of pics have you here?
he asked eagerly, of the kittenish old
lady who stood nt his elbow.
All four kinds, she replied, with an
air ot disdain.
What arc tbey?
Open faced, cross bar, kHcicd up
and tbe kind mother used to make,
was the catalogue which sho gave.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They hnve a true safety base
head,  witli  silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Caa-
adlans alnee 1151—accept ne ethers.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Instead of "patching up" your house, repair
for good with concrete
A FEW bagt of" Can-.-t" cement, some stone and land and water, mixed and placed where needed, will
make an old house look like new.    What i_ more important, the improvements,—be they porch door,
foundations, steps, chimney caps, or column-bust—are made to Ust,    Time, wear and weather havs n»
effect upon concrete, except to make it stronger.
Even If you hare never used concrete, you can quickly learn how from our 160-page book,
" What the Farmer can do with Concrete"
Which we will tend to you free upon request.   It will show you how to build a concrete porch u well as
how to use concrete for scores of other purposes around the home and on the farm.
Write fur it to-day.    It is absolutely free.
VIIEN yo* bav cltrfnt.
beiore in 'Canada"
cement. Then yoi, ean *.
certain of ealiiSacllon.
Canada Cement Company
Herald   Building,   Montreal
f\V**\ Free. Information D*f
v partmsnt will answer nny
mnssUons on ih$ use of cement
wiihent obligating van in mny
«___»$£' I
•tnutiful New Matsrlsls Fer Furniture
•nd Wall CovsrirVjk.
Wonderfully beautiful materials for
roverlng furniture, for hangings and
Tor wall covcrlugs are now being
shown by the Interior decorating shops
this fall. There are some shops which
Imvo a great mnny fabrics manufactured for their own use ln addition to
those which they Import, and those
shops will nlso bare dyed to suit their
patrons uuy fabric wblcb tbey bare,
provided it does not already harmonize
wilh some particular color scheme.
Tudor silks In plain and figured designs nro extremely fashionable for
hangings in bedrooms and libraries.
Tlio plain Tudor silks are a llttlo Iridescent, tbe llgiircd silks aro stamped
wllb designs In tbe same colors, but of
different tone, so (bat they give a
subtly Iridescent effect The material
Is pure silk, guuzcllke In qunlity nnd
marvelous In color. The mauve sill: Is
peculiarly lovely. Tbo material Is fifty
Inches wide, nnd tbe prices range from
t..-o lo $3 a yard.
Striped taffetas are among tlio most
beautiful of the fashionable draperies.
The stripes nro about Ave Inches wide,
and tbo colors are cream and apple
green, cream and pink, mauvo and
gray and cream and blue, alt of tbe
tones of color  being  tbe soft  and
Obed Smith Mtktt British Corn
ntctlon His Ideal. *
As is often the oass with men who
have made tbeir mark In the great
Dominion, Mr. Obed Smith, Canada's
immigration representative In Britain,
was born in the Mother Country, at
Birmingham, to be exact, in 1864. But
at.the age ol 17 he was already ln
Western Canada, a pioneer before the
railways themselves had arrived, says
an English paper.
For twenty-six years he went
through all the varied training and
experience that life in such a land affords, Irom farming to ordinary manual labor—ths experience, in fsct, before any emigrant. For this reason
alono his training his pre-eminently
fitted him tor his present work as the
chief officer In Europe of the Canadian
Government's emigration service.
He had been for some years clerk
ot the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba when, in 1900, he was appointed
commissioner   of   immigration,   with
iurisdictiou from Lake Superior to the
'acifio Coast, and from the International Boundary northward, and his
powers in the settlement in those
early days of the rush to the West
y*tte, in effect, only limited '.y his
own judgment.
Perhaps few have any idea of the
extensive operations ol the Canadian
Qovernment in order to secure proper foundations for tho erection of the
Whe Was It Wrete the Tragedy el
Trellus and Crtttldif*
Andrew Lane has Just propounded a '
puzzle ln circumstantial evidence.
"Who," be asks, "wrote Trollus and
Cressldal'" ton may answer, as you
please, Shakespeare or Bacon. If yon
answer Bacon, Andrew Lang cornea
back with the query, "Would Bacon
hare said tbat Aristotle lived before
tbe Trojan war!" Bacon was too
learned a man to make such a mistake,
which would be as bad as placing
Abraham Lincoln among ths signers
of tbs Declaration of Independence.
If you answer Shakespeare, Andrew
Lang sboots another query at yon:
"Tbe author makes Ulysses and
Achilles quote 'an author' aud discuss
a pretty long aud strange passage
from tbat anthor, who was Plato.
Bow could Shakespeare have read
Plato?" For Shakespeare knew uo
Greek, and tn hla day Plato bad not
yet been translated Into English.
It Is quite conceivable tbat Shakespeare mlgbt Imagine tbat Plato and
Aristotle lived many centuries before
Homer, but lt ls Inconceivable that the
erudite Bacon should fall Into such an
Andrew Lang does not pretend to
solve the riddle. Be frankly says, "I
give It up."—New York World.
wide. Tbey are used principally In
bedrooms, ultlinugb they aro also
charming for a drawing ruotu,
WUflO       ,/»       flUtv,        flfl'l...       .mm      mm..       mmm r—    - — -     _      ■
quaint shades familiar In the nattier   western Empire, whicli must inevlt-
pnlntlngs. The taffetas are fifty Inches   ably provide the manufacturing in-
 terests of the East with sn lncressed
smount of business from time to
time. Here he learned all the manifold details which accompany any undertaking dealing with human beings,
and particularly those who go to a
new country to make a living in a
new home.
Only those who had had any experience ln that wgijk   realize   how
A Deliclciut Gruel and Mutton Broth
For ths Invalid.
In successful conking for tbe sick
daintiness ls nn essential quality, lt
Is better to carry too small a quantity
of food to lbe patient than to nauseate
blm wltb the sight of too much.
Cruel, from which the patient frequently turns awny with a feoling of
disgust, can bc made quite tempting.
Indian meal gruel should bo cooked
nearly an bour. Let n quart of water
como It, a boll, mix a tablespoonful of
flour nnd two of meal with a llttlo cold
water and stir it Into tbo boiling water. When It has boiled bnlt an bour
season wltb salt and lot boll llfteon
minutes, being careful not to let It
scorch on tbo bottom. After removing
from tho lire add four tablespoonfuls
nf sweet cream nnd servo tn tne prettiest enp you ba- .*, wltb a ssucer and
Nice mutton broth Is made from a
pound of tbo neck, removing all fat
and cutting tbe loan Into small pieces,
Put tbe meat Into a quart of cold wa
much ot a science tlfcUai-o and settlement ot people has Ewonie. Let any
individual recall the trouble and anx-
In Russia the Government Optns All
Sutpioiout Psokagst.
Our own service of malls Is well organized. There Is little doubt In tbs
mind of tbo averago person that wben
he posts a letter lt will reach Its destination.
Bnt ln otber lands be mlgbt well fesr
for Its safety. In Russia, for Instance,
any letter or parcel tbat ls regarded
wltb suspicion Is immediately opened
Ne One Knows Hew Many Qreat Cities
Lis Burlsd Under ths Dust.
As dust wss the beginning, so shall
it be the end of all things, writes J.
(Jordan Ogden. It is the cosmic undertaker ol the ages, and silently, rs-
sietlessly and earnestly it has performed its function, lhe proudest monuments built by man, the Sphinx, the
Pyramids, the Ooioasm of Rhodes, the
Gardens oi Babylon and the glories
of Grecian art, nave either crumbled
to the dust wnence they sprang or
have been buried tn Its winding sheet.
So tet as human grandeur le concerned, even "imperial Caesar, dead and
turned to clay, might stop a hole to
keep the wind away I" Xo one knows
how many Londons or Jerusalem*
there have been. Excavations into
the dust on which these cities are
built reveal the relics and remains of
former cities which once flourished
amd wore mighty, but were finally
entombed in the course of untold centuries by the gradual but immense
deposits of dust and debris. When
Macaulay's New Zoalander shall muse
in profound melancholy upon the shattered remains ol London Bridge he
will behold a vast battlefield, where
half-buried columns and desert sands
shall proclaim the final sovereignty ot
The    mighty    Himalayas,    whose
| snowy summits have as yet defied the
| foot of man, are slowly crumbling into
! dust, and the lofty peaks ot the Andes
i are splintering, fragment by fragment
' until they, too, sliall become clods ot
the valley.    Evory wind that blows
"solt o'er Ceylon's Isle" carries away
in  tiny  dust  particles  some  of  its
beautiful hills and vales. Every brooklet trickling down the rugged mountain side bears part of a continent to
the sea.   Every year lhe Mississippi
river carries down to the gulf little
motes   of   matter,   river-worn   dust,
amounting to more than 7,600,000,000
cubic feet.   In 3.500 years tho Mississippi cute downs its entire basin one
foot, and as the mean height of the
continent is only'3,000 feet, were the
process to go on uninterrupted, Nortli
America would be reduced to the sea
level in about 7,000,000 years.   When
iety ho bas had In caring for a alngle """ "Z.""*™,'.? a m.-.- ,„.
Wind, and somo Blight intimation "d '" -»n,5ntt D0,e,*1 *-«•*"« ■*•**
will be derived as to what it means cnl***» S*"n"',t UP aK«ln* •» *">■■• ">• r»-
to -receive and to settle and care for clplent does not know that it bas been
the hundreds  of thousands  of new   tampered with.
comers In Western Canada   so that     In Lapland the malls are carried In   ~™t~ to'c^a'idtei" whaT'the other
to-day the foundations then Uld have   sledges drawn by reindeers.    In the  groat r'ivorg o! „le   ](lbe        dt)i
proved broad and   deep enough to   wilds of tbo Caucasus lhe postman  fcltflh as lhe Nile, the Yang-tse-kiang
' *~ """   holds a post of danger.   Be must be  the Yukon and the Danubo, wo nan
protected against brigands and against   appreciate in seine measure the e-ver-
tlie weather, for be often bas to climb   lasting waste that is eating away great
mountains more than 12,000 feet high. " "
Asiatic Russia, Which Is apt to be
msrshy, bss tbe buffalo post, aud, of
course,  tbe  progress  made  Is  very
slow.    Buffaloes are more powerful
thnn oxen, and tbey aro also used In
carry what many ars pleased to call
the New Nation.
Luckily tor the people and the Dorn-
InR-i the officials oi Western Canada
have not brought to their work a mass
of mere machinery, more or less hampered by red tape, but they apply not
only common sense but unique tact
and ability to overcome the difficulties and during the period ot great development an 1 until 1008 Mr. Smith Siberia for carrying tbe mall.
was the officer ln Miarge, and glided Other postmen tn-foreign lands sre
the reception snd piscina at work on tbe swimming postman of India nnd
Uml ot over nsll a million new ar- ,at sUUns letter carrier of tbo Andes,
rivals, attending to their immediate  For tlie ,atter place th, Argentine gov-
ier. watcb careful,, and skim a, soon ^InWlth. anKlng Ms offlc"   TEnS*"' ^'^ ^'^^
as lt begins to boll.   Tben add n ta- „ commissioner of Immigration the' -|!*<'naiige.
lilcspooiifnl of pearl barley or rice, crop area in Western Canada incrcas.
cover tightly and let simmer for tbree "      " ""	
hours.   Season with salt and pepper,
strain and serre.
continents and foresee the inevitable
supremacy of the kingdom oi dust.
How Sh* Managed It.
The hfiips of rubbish left by the
workmen* wbo bsd built Mr_*flnll's
bonse wcro n source of coustant annoyance to Mrs. Ball. Tbey wero un*
sightly, and sho was most csger to
hare them removed.
"We can't havo them carted away,"
she said nlmost dally to her husband,
"for wo'vo already spent moro than ,     —
wo csn afford, and It would bo Imnos- j ultimate destiny of Canada, and our
1 guiding-star is that the now comers
ed from less than three million acres
to over eleven million aores.
Imperial amd British connection has
slwsvs been ths predominant nature
of Mr. Smith's administration. He
never failed to effectively thrust this
upon the large numbor of Americans
crossing the International Boundary,
and lust how much Western Canada
has to thank him in this connection
will probably never be known. -
In giving his evidence before the
royal commissioners on the civil service in 1008, be is reported as saying;
Mexico's Smoking Mountain,
In 181)7 1 climbed two volcanoes ln
Mexico, Popocatepetl, or "tbe smoking
mountain." about 174)00 feet, nnd Orl.
gaba. tbe former tbe most famous because within view from Mexico dty
and thus n source of especial pride and
admiration to tbe Inhabitants, who
bave been loath to believe tbnt any
otber of their mountains could be higher. Popo bas a really splendid crater,
about balf a mile across and 1.000 feet
deep.   Tbe walls are generally vcrti-
An Important Ordti*.
A rural postmaster tells this story
nt one of the patrons oi hit office, a
boy oi thrifty not to say penurious
stock-. When the lad comes into the
postoffice he will thrust his wizened
fsoe up close to the window and in
liis slow Yankee drawl enquire most
"Hev ye got any posUl cards."
"Yes," the postmaster replies.
"Haow much be they t'day?"
"A cent apiece."
Then the boy, screwing up his eyes
in the intensity ot his thought over
the question he has to decide, always
stops for awhile to weigh the couse-
quences. Finally hs will reply solemnly;
"Waal, I'll take one."
Fame's Brief Lift.
One thing is certain in regard to
fame—ior most of us it will be very
brief in itself; for all oi us it will be
transient in our enjoyment of it. When
A Dinner InvUstlon That Showed thai
General's Genial Bide.
In spite ot the general opinion to tbe
contrary, Washington waa not an especially grave and austere man. He ha^
a sense of humor and conld make or'
enjoy a Joke aa well as any one. From.
Profeaaor a F. Holllday's "Wit and
Burner of Colonial Days" la taken this'
letter, written to Invite a friend, wltb
the Indies of his fsmlly, to dine wltb
tbe general. There Is no date, but
tbere Is some reason to think that the
note may havo been written from Valley Forge. It shows the grave and
burdened soldier tn a pleasantly genial
"Since our arrival at this happy spot
wo have bad a bam. sometimes a shoulder of bacon, to grace tbe bead ef the
table, a piece of roast beef adorns tba
foot, and a dish of beans or greens, almost Imperceptible, decorates tbe center.
"When tbe cook bas a mind to cut a
figure, which 1 presume will be the
case tomorrow, we bave two beefsteak
pies or dishes of crabs In addition, one
on eacb sldo of tbe center dlsb, dividing tbe space and reducing tbe die*
tance between dlsb and dlsb to nbout
six feet, whicb without tbem would be
near twelve feet apart. Of lata be hag
bad the surprising sagacity to discover tbst spples will make pics, end 11
Is a question if ln the violence of hla
efforts we do not get one of apples In-
•tcad of having botb of beefsteaks.
"lf tbe ladles can pnt np wltb such
entertainment snd will submit to partake of It on plates onco tin, but now
Iron (not become so by the labor of
scouring), I shall be happy to see
A Swindled Way ef Doing It Brought*
Him te Grief.
"Whether a man Is a criminal or a
law abiding citizen, be ought to Uke
tbe pains to stick bis postage atamps
on exactly straight," an old detective
said. "If ho ls straight be won't lose
anything by it, and if be Is crooked
be will gain. When I was ln the government servlcs the first tblng I found
out about a man nnder suspicion was
tbe way be stuck on bit stamps: Ont
ot the cleverest swindlers 1 ever landed was tracked tbrough bis postage
"After yon pnt a stamp on a cer*
tain way for a little while lt becomes
aei-ond nature, and you stick It on tbat
way unconsciously. That was what
tbat man did All bla stamps were
stuck on dhtgonolly. leaving a little triangle of a certain size at tbe corner ot
the envelope. Be waa a allppery fellow and bad eluded vigilance foi
"One day I happened to be loitering
•round a postoffice of a country town,
where I bad gone on another trail. Th*
mall eame ln, and through tbe little
window I watched tho postmaster sort
It Presently I spotted an envelops
■wltb tbe stsmp stuck on ln tbat triangular fashion. 1 got tbe postmark,
hiked back to tbat town and nabbed
my man. If be bad pnt bis stamps on
straight probably be never would bave
been cnugUt"-Ncw York Times.
We helUvi In to?W*artYnd8?n'th«   «« but In one or two places It Is pos-   death his "dropped the curtsin we shall
we be'iete in tne wesi_ana in uie   ^ ^ „„..,_._..,    Wlum B0Pkpr, ,„  w, „; molJr ..nni™™  .nd. thmurh
sllilo tii burn such n muss."
One nlgbt on his return from town
Mr nail found bis wlfo smiling and
"1'vo thought It all out, Herbert,
You must dig a hole. You can do It
nights nnd mornings."
Mr. Ball made an Inarticulate sound,
wbicb bis wlfo Interpreted In ber own
"Wby, yon havo lots of ttmel And
aren't tbcro Saturday afternoons?"
Mr. Ball snld bo supposed that then
were. Ycs/tliero must ba Saturday
afternoons   He felt sure of Ib
"Woll, tbnt pnrt Is settled." ssld Mrs.
Hull. "Now all you'vo got to do Is
go abend and dig."
"Yes," snld Mr, null "bnt there is
ono thing yon haven't thought ot I
sball dig out i lot-s pllo of dirt ns
lilg as tlte pile of rubbish. What are
wo going to do wllb that?"
"Ob," Mrs. Bull concluded happily,
"you can innlio the hole big enough to
hold both tho rubbish and tbe dirt."
cannot withstand the dominion of tho
British tongue, or our Canadian institutions, so matter where they come
At the beginning ot 1906 Mr. Smith
was transferred by the Govormnent
to England as chief officer in chsrgo ot
emigration, and in his removal was
presented with many flattering testimonials from all olatsts and creeds in
Western Canada.
slhle to descend. \>'hen workers sre
engaged ln collecting sulphur machinery lapsed to hoist them up and down.
From Popo's snmmit there Is a glorious
prosper-, not (flfcio of Ibe Immense
crater, but of the beautiful "White
Lady" ilzturclbnntli reclining a thousand feet below, of Orizaba on the far
horizon ond of tbe charming valley ot
Meilco.-Annlo S. l'ei-k In Christian
It is to India and lo the Arabs as
middlemen that Europe, and through
Europe America, owe the orange. The
oror.^o crossed frnm Africa to Spain
with Mohammedanism,   while   prob-
Wellington*! Integrity.
Tho Duke of Wellington was noted
for bis rigid Integrity Bero Is sn Instance which occurred In reference to
his large estate Some farm adjoining
bis lauds was for sale, and bis ugent
hear no more applause, and, though
we fondly dream lhat lt will continue
alter we have left the stage, we do not
realize how quickly it will die away in
silenoe while the audience turns to
look at the new actor snd the next
scene. Our position in society will be
filled as soon as it is vacated and our
name remembered only for a moment,
exoept, please Ood, by a tew who hare
learned to lovo us not because of
fame, but because we have helped
them snd done them some good.—
Henry van Dyke.        /
Dainty Dlthts of tht Papusnt.
The    Papuans    eat    extraordinary
things.   A particular delicacy is tho
,,„. „.„ __.     .   white larvae ot a beetle found in the
,1 'y tlle crusaders nro to 1m thanked   ncgotlulcd for blm for tbe purchase,  decayed wood of a tree trunk.   Tbey
 "' ~   " '        '    Having  concluded   tbe   business,   be  split up the lag  with Iheir mighty
went to tbo duko und told him bo bad  st-no axes ami cut up the fragments
made a capital  bargain,    "What do  with sharpened shells in the queil of
Rtustttu en Shew.
' Rousseau created a aensstlon wben
be visited England ln 1700 "Iloussenu
and bis Armenian dress." wrote Lord
Charlcmont, "were followed by crowds
when bs flrst arrived In London, nnd
as long aa this species of admiration
lasted bp was contented snd happy.
Qhrrlck uot only gave n supper In his
biinor, but played two characters specially to please blm. Rousseau wns
highly gratified, but Mrs. derrick declared thai she bud never spent a more
nnpleasant evening In her life, tbe philosopher being so anxtoua to display
himself and banging over the front of
tbe boi so much thst she wos obliged
to bold him by the aklrts of his coat
to prevent blm from falling over into
tbe pit"
Tht Werd "Onto."
A subscriber pleads tor the use oi
the closed up word "onto," although
this form is not favored by the dictionaries, which prefer "on to." His
illustrations aro amusing il no*, conclusive. Ho says; "Your friends approach your home daily and go on to
fo.- bringing it to Italy und western
Europe among their trophies of the
east. The very namo is rosily Arabic
—"noronj"—and ol eastern origin,
though tlie legend that it comes from
two words meaning "elephant" and
"be 111," because elephants ate
orange* to make themselves ill. is
absurd.     Probably    in    French   tlie
you mean?" asked tbo duke "Why,
your grace, I havo got Ihe farm for so
much, aud I know It lo bs worth at
least so much more."   "Are you quite
..„...,„.     ..„ ,    ...     sure of tbaU" "Quite sure, your grace,
initial "n" Is dropped off from narsnj,   for   |   n_,Ve  carefully   surveyed   It"
with the final "u*  ol  the  indefinite; ..Very well, Iben; pay tbe gentleman
"l,S«0prcn''Vnd^h^p°cllinovru.r!,.   *» «*• «"» "■■■■*• ****** «"■*•«, «V hunt with dogs.
a nnpron,   anti ine PPfinntJ.win nn . yo(_ h]m tIrMdy glvcn „„„ ,ht rear Papuans."
the larvae. Sometimes they eat tliem
raw, but usually roast them first.
"There are two kinds ol water tortoises which they like to eat, ar.d rats,
lizsrde. frogs ami snakes and the egg'
ol crocodiles they devour greedily."
Their meat is the wild pig, the wallaby and ths cassowary, all of which
"Pygmies and
points to fain.'
"or" (gold).
association, with j
valuo of tbo estnte."
Origin ef Ghvei.
The origin  cf gloves is traced to
i..e time ol Anion, oi th   twenty-first
the house, but only members of the d'vnastv by M. Duressy in on article v">*n,a™r","""' .y'T-enT.Z i"»
fire department are expected to go |nT the EgJBtUn Review. Mittens are replied bat her husband was ..ull.
or to it. • • • • All the fleets on tfie   .Vong  the  dwts   socessrries  found   the nlgbt before aud hud been to
Strang Circumstantial Evldsnco.
A young wife was ln tears a few
mornings ago wbeu ber mother called
When asked wbat was tbe matter she
ocean  might safely drilt on to tba   wilhTho mummies of priestesses dat-   drinking party.
rocks, provided they did not get onto  jI)g (rom that period. They were made     "What makes you think he bad bcen
them. ' • • • The word 'onto' is com-   0| the samo material as that ot the   to   a   drinking   party!"   asked   tbe
ing tn to the list and before long wil!   upper garment,   it is probable that   niotber.
get into it."-Review ol Reviews.      . ,ctu,i ginve, wero also worn to cor-     ,.He ---,* home," sobbed the young
  i respond with the foot covering of thin   w|fc< «n(,,rinll „ phnuogrupb born for
Misting. ,,ink or re.! kid. which was mort than      hut"—Rnn-sa* City Star.
Lillian (aged touri- Mamma, you're mere stocking, for lt was -so made at
Uol a girl, are you? Mamma-No. dear, to sepsiato tho big toe from the i th-
I used tfi be a little girl, but now I'm erB. This insured tho safety ci tlio
a woman Lillian Then what became white leather sandal, Which wia fastened bv two straps, one of which
passed between the Unit and second
•oc, the other going over the Instep.
Mere Careful New,
Tbe young wire bad given ber bus-
baud a donee "Yuu've Improved won
deiiuliy, Jack," she snld as they sat
down "Don't yon remember how you
used to tear my dressV"
"Yes." be replied "I wnsn't buying
tbem tbcn."-t!ustun Transcript
of tbe little girl.you used to bc'.-Kansas City Star.
She—I never saw Mrs. Bavertlm*
wllb that man before. 1 must tind uut
who bo ta
He-You needn't worry: it's only bat
kiisbaud.-lllustratcd lilts.
Tbe class tn natural history being
asked the difference between a dog nud
a tree, tbe bead boy answered. "A tree
is covered with burk, wblte a dog seems
to be lined wltb it"
Qresse en Silk-"
For a grease spot on silk isy • nlofc
ter under tbe spot then lay soma
wsrmed floor on tbe spot    Brush ott
and renew until tbe spot disappears.   (
THB comert of our mem'ry
That wt til turn ivory dty-
llow wo come upon tticm midden
Leading down a ploaaant way,
Whirl wt aee familiar faces
And the folks we used to knowt
Hound tlit curnen of our mem'iy
ll tht long tlmt ago.
Oh, It'ts pltaaure neit to hetvtn
JubI to leave tile path of ttrlfs.
Juat to tread the primrnae pathway
Leading to the olden lift
And to meet the old lime neighbors^.
And perlitpa asain to aet
A happy barefoot youngster
Llko the boy wt uaed to btl
Oh. It'l tny to laat a lifetime
When In fancy we may i-oara
And wt turn t auddtn curntr
.   In our niem'ry tending home.
Leading onward through tht rn.adow^
With the friendly tiara above,
To tht old familiar frtendahlps
And tht plactt that wt lovtt
Oh, wt'rt thankful for tha pathway
That Ittda on to rett and peuco
Through llw toll and atresia of living
To the goal where ttrlfe shall .ststj*
But we're thankful-oh. to thtukful-*
■for the corners thit wt know      •
ln our mem'ry thit lead ut
Ts tht long tlmt ago!
-Buffalo New* THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Soap Lake Salt Baths
Given at
Good for Rheumatism, Skin
Diseases, and Many Ailments.    As   Cleansing
as a Turkish Bath
Try One
for you dear mother and then we'll
; both hike from this dull old house,
Su he beat it. And he went all over
everywhere hut he didn't see nothing he liked, and go-hit the trail for
the old brown house. And bis
mother smiled when she seen him
coming back and she said to bim,
Well, kid, did you find that swell
home, where we will bike to now.
And be said to her Not on your life,
tbis old brown house looks good to
little Willie now,"
The roof over the machine shop
and boiler house at the C.P.R.
roundhouse has been completed.
The steel for the roof of tbe roundhouse is daily expected to arrive
bere from the coast. A large frame
warehouse bas been erected, ami a
nu-nber uf new sidetracks are being
William Gilltspie bas issued a
writ against tbe Urunby company,
claiming $301)0 for personal injuries
sustained on August 13 last. Neg
ligenceon the part of the company
is alleged. Gillespie declares tbat
be suffered serious injuries through
bis right' urm being broken and his
body crushed when a number of
heavy boiler plates which be was
engaged in moving fell upon bim.
» E. E. GibBon, of tbe West Kootenay Power & Ligbt company, left
for Spokane on Tuesday, returning
home yeBterday.
Alex Miller, a former business
man of this city who iB now lucated
in Seattle, spent a couple of days
bere this week.
Alta, wet-e married in Phoenix last
week. They will make their home
in Red Deer.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
Rtreet, Grand Forks.
A circular bus heen itsuerl hy the
post oflice department warning the
public against placing decorative
stamps of charitable institutions on
thi. front of letters, as this practice
will be prohibited in future. As n
large number of these stamps have
been printed in the east, however,
the department makes a special concession for this year by allowing
tbem to placed on the back of tbe
James McArdle left today for a
holiday trip to- St. Paul, Chicago
and Montreal. He will be away
about two months.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Monday, December 16, to Mr. and Mrs.
James Hutton, a daughter.
James Rooke, tbe fruttgrower, is
away on a business trip to tbe coast
Miss Pearl Townsend, of Phoenix,
and R. V. Lancaster, of Red   Deer,
English as She Is Wrote
Below is given the reproduction
of "The Quest" submitted by one
of the pupils of the Merritt public
Bchool. The spelling is particularly
"Once their were a boy lived in a
little old brown house under a apple
tree down by the Bea and he got
awful lonesome and so one day he
said to his mother that he was going
to hit the hike and she said to him
Why. And he said this little old
brown house don't look good to me.
And he said I will go all over the
world and see the swellest houses
and when I find the hest I will come
Office !■
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Offii'K, KB6
11 ANHKN-'H ItKSlllRNCK, 808 ■
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Dec. 19 —The follow
ing are today a opening quotations for
the stocks mentijned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       5.25     5.75
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to* make known to hit fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
ofchaige) a full description of his
cure You will find it a wonderful
remedy for CONSUMPTION, A8TH-
ung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
lesi-iiption,*] which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Citv.
(Published Annually)
KtiEtMeB traders tliroiicboiit the  world  to
communicate direct with ttnglit-h
In each class of Bonds. Besides belt itr a com-
pK'te commercial guide tn London aud Its
suburbs, the directory cantatas lists of
with the (ioodi they ahip, and the Colonial
and foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Torts to which they nail,
and Indicating the approximate Suillugs;
of leading Manufacturers, Merohants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copv of the current edition will be forwarded', freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20*.
Dealers t-eeklng Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for ii, or larger advertisements from £3.
26, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY. A> Columbia P. o.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt I have
impounded the following animals,
\h: One aged brown mare, branded
on ri»lit shoulder, and one dark brown
gelding, about ten years old. Iiune on
left forearm And notice ia further
given that unless all pound fees,
charges and expenses are paid on said
anlmali) the same will lie offered for
sule by public auction in front of the
City Hall, GjiwiI Forks, B. C, on
the 80th December, 1912, at 12
o'clock noon.
Dated  at Grand  Forks tho 17th
December, 1912.
jos. Mcdonald,
City Poundkeeper.
Ml. C. A. ABBOTT, August n, nofc
to Ann St., New York City.
Dear Sir:  1 have knnwn for over 40 years of tht
effects ol Wilson's Kern, dy [Wilson's Preparatleo.
est Hypophosphltes and Blodgettl] tn cueiof put-
nonary trout,..!.   At this p .mt I will My to yon
wool you hnve not before known of: thnt 41 jeer*
■ince, while ! wai a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
severely ill with lung trouble,   Phyticiaoa aaid I wan
a consumptive and my family physician told my wife
that he thoiiKht i ceul.t not recover.   My attention
waa directed to the V,'it_on Remedy, whicb I oxet
witb splendid effect.   I have been on my leet and at
work ever aince myco-e.   Youritruly.
Pastor M. B, Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N.Y.
OnI.ec t, iqm, Mr. Saeer wrote Mr, Abbott;
I   "My health ii very g.,«_l.''
If you   will   write Mr. Abbott  he
,   will gladly fur ni li yuu any further
information yuu desire.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads nnd Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
I'oaters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Snipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bill- of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcement*!   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in au
Up-to-date Printery.
Suits to Order M8 Upward
"II We arc agents for .some of the leading tailoring estab-1
lishments in the east.   When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They arc the best you can buy. We guarantee yon the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes, Call and sec our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
_p_nnr^ PBii-fiTiMfi"-11*0 •*""*we (lo—iH in it,H,"
VWl/U IIMLJIILIVJ »n advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
3ijp j-hnt -print Shop
Metal Quotations
New York, Dec. 19.--Silver 61*:
standard copper, $17.25fel7.r'H;
London, Dea. 19.—Silver, 28J.
lead, £16 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and lancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (ioiMfRiiinwtt of
Reverted weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Hmiitifr a Siwcia-y.
P. A, Z. PARE, Proprietor
ls-r Door North or Uranuy  Hotki.,
Firm- Strkkt.
 : Mark*
•-»..-       Copyrights Ae.
Anrono rending a sketch uwdaser.r.ttnn msy
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether au
(nvenllon uprobablypauntabffc_Comrounlca.
tlmn strlotly conOdontf^liHOiraOtf on Pataua
lent free. Olden aiiency for ■ocur inenetenu.
Patents taken through Munn itco,receive
tptcWaoUM, without obane, In tfi*
Scientific American.
A handsomely Uluatratod weekly. Ume-tolr-
eolation otjar eclentlflo Journal,.tramsi for
ruled*.jum • yeu-, postssje prepaid.   Bold by
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French regulator:never tails. These
pills ara exceedingly powerful In regulating tlie
generative portion ol the lemale ayatem. Reluae
all cheap Imitations. Dr. da T«a*a ara Bold at
IB a box, or three lor $10. Mailed to any address.
Tha t>M*all Drag Co. St. Catharines, Oat,


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