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The Evening Sun Dec 2, 1910

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Tenth Year—No. 5
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. December 2, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Tenders Now Being Galled
for the New QraodFprks'
Post Office
! schedule. All workmen employed
upon the  work  compr ihended  in
i and to he executed pursuant tp the
contract must be reside its of Canada."
The tenders close on the 28th of! Entire Battery Will Soon Be
the present month,   The amount so
McDav'is and Scottp Lackie
will box twenty rounds for
$200 side bet in Phoenix on
December 15.
The plans and specification for tbe
new federal public building arrived
at the Grand Forks postoffice from
Ottawa on Tuesday evening. The
plifns are ten in number, embracing
basement plan, ground floor plan,
first floor plan, roof plan, section
on lines A B and C D, Bridge street
and rear elevations, Third street and
side elevations, structural steel and
site plan; heating and lighting plans,
basement, ground and first floors;
panel boards. The drawings are
very nicely executed, which easily
enables ene to grasp the substantial
character and handsome appearance
of the building at a glance.
The building, which will be 60x
60 feet, two stories in height with a
basement, will be construction of
Edmonton pressed brick, or briok
equal thereto, and cut stone, Wjth
copper corniceB. It will be situated
on the lower corner of the triangular
block at the head of Bridge street,
and will have two vestibule entrances, one on Bridge street and another on Third street. The ground
floor will be seven feet above the
present street grade. The building
will be heated throughout with hot-
water registers. There is to be a
drop letter box outside the building,
The post office proper will be lighted
by nine three-drop chandeliers.
The basement will have a i)J-foot
ceiling, with a concrete floor, and
will contain boilers and two low-
base bot water furnaces, a 13x16
fuel room, and a public lavatory, 1 Ix
15, furnished with wash basins, etc.
The post office lobby on the
ground floor will be 10x62 feet, with
a 15 foot ceiling and a tile floor.
The main working space for the
post office employees will be 30x48
feet, and the postmaster's private
. office is 11x15 feet. In the rear of
building, allotted to the customs de
partment, there is an 1 Lx14 room for
the inspector of weights and measures; customs examining warehouse,
13x21 feet; mail receiving room, 5x
9 feet, and • the post oflice vault,
8x10 feet.
On the first floor, on the west side,
is the customs room, 13x28 feet;
the collector of customs' private
room, 13x20 ieet, and two rooms allotted to the inland revenue department, 13x20 and 11x20 feet respectively. On the eaBt of a spacious corridor are the janitor's apartments, consisting of a living room,
13x20 feet; dining room, 13\I6 feet;
kitchen, 10x13 feet; two bedrooms,
10x11 feet each, and pantry, bathroom and lavatory. There are wash
basins in all the customs and inland
revenue rooms.
All tbe various works are to be
executed in a substantial and workmanship manner and of the best
materials and workmanship of their
several kinds, in accordance with the
drawings, specification and instructions given from time to time.
The coutract contains a proviso
that no workman employed upon
the building shall at any time be
paid less than the minimum rate of
far appropriated for the site and
building is ¥15.000. The total cost of
the structure will probably be in tbe
neighborhood of $40,000.
School Board Meeting
A special meeting of the school
board was held last week, all the
members being present.
nn Operation at the
Uranby Smelter
The Granby smelter will
blow in its seventh furnace
tomorrow, and a week hence
the eighth is to be put in
commission, thus placing the
the plant running at its full
capacity, the Great Northern
railway today commenced running an additional ore train.
Since the eighth
Tenders for digging   a seepage entire battery in operation be-
tank were received from the follow-! fore the holiday.    To  supply
ing:   M. H. Burns, $63; J. I. Gill, the extra ore required to keep
184;  Jos.   McDonald,   »75; J. G.
Murray,  $80; D. Woodhead,   $59.
As the tender from   D. Woodhead
did not include bracing on  the   inside pf tank, tbe, extia for   which
would bring bis figures equal to the
tender of M. H. Burns', the contract
was awarded to Mr. Burns.
Resignations were received from
John King and D. P. McCallum.
The latter is teaching under a permit, which expires at the end of the
year, from the education department. Applications were received
from Miss Jessie Stuart and Hugh
H. Glaspell for positions on the
staff. Both applicants were accepted. Mr. Glaspell holds a first-
class professional certificate for Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.
On motion, tbe city  council was
Those who have an hour to spare
these evenings should not miss hearing the talented singer, Miss Avery,
at the Dreamland before she leaves.
Saturday evening, in addition to a
popular song witb slides, she will
sing, by request, the waltz song
from the opera "Ito'neoand Juliet"
(Gounod). This is rather classical
for most of us, but it will be interesting to hear, as it is one of the
songs that made Melba famous.
The pictures are now quite clear,
and running well.
eigiitn page
this issue of The Sun was
printed, the directors of the
Grand Forks Agricultural association have decided to hold
their annual meeting in the
city hall next Thursday, December 8, at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon, instead of at 8
o'clock in the evening, as announced on that page. This
arrangement will make it more
convenient for the members in
the valley to attend. Every
one interested in the assochf-
the school accounts.
tion should make it a point to
requested to appoint an auditor for ue on nana.
During the present winter
the provincial government intends to take out marble in
the North Fork country foi
the facings of the new court
house  building in this  city.
There is said to be an unlimited quantitv of first-.class marble   up   the   river, and   the
B.25 course, of the government may
l l.oo j be the means of opening up a
80 new industry in the district.
The record of the rainfall  at   this
since the installation of the government rain   gauge  on Cooper Bros',
ranch is:
, inches ,
Rainfall. Snowfall
January.       .20
February 01
March _ 95
April  : 29
May  1.21
June   1.45
July   0.08
August  0,64
September  0.82
October.-  0.75
November  1.05
The following are the returns of
the ore produclion of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for tbe
year to date:
Granby 16,820 1,000,478
Mother Lode  9,215
Rawhide  4,100
Snowshoe  2,450
Oro Denoro	
Jackpot.       613
No. 7     250
Golden Eagle	
A telegraph shoot'ng match
will be held tomorrow afternoon at tlie range between a
team of seven from the Kettle
Elver Rifle association and a
team of seven marksmen in
Spokane. The local men shoot
at the range here on Saturday
afternoon, and their opponents
shoot in Spokane the following day.
Experiments are now ba
324,6891 ing made at the Granby smel-
27,400 £ei. ^vith huge settler which
has recently been installed at
the works. The tests so far
have been entirely satisfactory.
Total 33,448   1,511,529
Smelter treatment—
Granby 18,890
B. 0, Copper Co...14,530
It. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes lhe following detailed report
ot the customs receipts at the various
sub-customs offices, ,ih reported to tlie
chief office in this city, for the month of
Grand F .rlcs 41,945.66
Phoenix    1,078 85
Cascade         8U22
Carson         4119
Total.....r  J3.U5.92
Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Follick
will leave next week for Vancouver, where they intend to
locate permanent. It is said
that a dentist from Toronto
will take the doctor's place in
this city.
If you are a friend of The
Sun patronize the advertisers
in this paper.
Advertising keeps a business healthy.
British Columbia Fruit Exhibitors Capture Highest
Honors in London
Our cut glass, with its sparkling
brilliancy and its artistic cutting,
appeals to all those of superior and
higher tastes.—A. D. Morrison.
R. F. Lawrence, of Victoria, provincial superintending architect,
arrived in the city on Wednesday
and returned to the coast this afternoon.
Our book on jewelry, silverware,
.vatches, etc., is free for the asking,
and will greatly help out-of-town patrons. —A. O. Morrison.
In addition to giving two shows
nightly, a Saturday matinee is given
it 3 o'clock at the Dreamland.
Rev. M. D. McKee will preach a
sermon Sunday evening next, December 4, specially to young men
Text, I. Kings, 20th chap, xiv verse.
Subject: "The Young Man's Value
to His Country." Young Juien are
cordially invited.
A. D. Morrison is having the second floor of bis business block fitted
up into commodious offices.
The court of revision for the revision of the city voters' list will be
held in the city hall at 2 p.m. on
Saturday, December 10.
M. S. Courtney, of St. Paul, trav-
ing inspector of Great Northern rolling stock, was in the city on Wed-
Charles Fmser, clerk at the Yale
hotel, left yesterday for a week's
business trip to Spokane.
A. 1) Morrison has imported some
Barred Plymouth Rock poultry from
New York state.
Advertising   a   business  is   the
training of thnt business.
Mrs. Sarah Young, mother of
Mrs. E. Barron, of this city, died
in Seattle, Wash , on Fridav, November 28 Deceased wns 73 yenrs
nf nap nt the time nf her death. She
wns well known in this eity,
hnving resided here for n number of
venrs. The remnins were brought
tn this city, the funeral being held
from tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Bnrrnn this afternoon.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yo.iK,ri)ec. 1 —Silver, 55f;
standard copper,$12.50(S 12.65. stead v.
* London, Dec. 1.—Silver, 25 9 16;
lead, _£I3 3s (Id.
lene Tuyvasset died in the
Greenwood hospital on Wednesday from the effects of the
No matter how much  bnsi-
na   : you are doing, keep up gunshot accident he met with
wages set forth in  the fair wage the energy that makes it. last week.
Mining Stock Quotations
BOSTON, Dec. 1.—The following are today's opening quotations Sir
the stocks mentioned:
Asked Bid
Granb? Consolidated.   50 00   40 00
B. C. Copper       7.50     6.50
Victoria, Dec. 1—The most
significant triumph ever
achieved by any portion of the
British empire fruit exhibits
at the great show ofthe Royal
Horticultural society in London have this year been scored
by British Columbia, attested
by the award to this province
of the large gold Hogg memorial medal for its general
display under the control and
direction of Commissioner E.
Bullock-Webste. The present is the first occasion on
which any display of the
greatest of the old country
truit fairs has been adjudged
worthy to command this significant trophy, emblematic of
superlative excellenco. lij addition to vatious districts of
British Columbia represented
by characteristic exhibits at
the Royal Horticultural society's exhibition have been
well to the front in the capture of medals and awards of
minor significance, the long
list of victories being succinctly reported in a telegram received yesterday by Premier
McBride, and sent conjointly
by Hon. Price Ellison, minister of finance and agriculture,
who is at present in London,
and J. H. Turner, the provincial agent general. The message, between the lines of
which may be read the justifiable pride of both the minister and the agent general in
tlie land of their adoption,
reads as lollows:
London, Dec. 1.—Premier
McBride, Victoria: The Horticultural society today awarded the British Columbia government the large Hogg gold
medal for its display oi lruit,
this being the first occasion on
which this medal has been*
awarded to anyone in the history of the society. The society has also awarded to H.
G. Lawse the silver Banksian
medal; to West Kootenay the
Banksian medal; to Vancouver
Island the silver gilt Banksian
medal; to Keremeos the silver
Knightian medal; to (irand
Forks the silver gilt Banksian
medal; to the Okanagan, the
silver Knightian medal; to
Kamloops, the silver Knightian medal; to Salmon Ann. the
silver gilt Banksian hum ml: to
Mrs. James Smith, the silver
gilt Banksian medal; to R.
Fortune, Salmon Ann, first
prize and the silver cup for
the best collection of hair varieties of dessert apples, and
to J, W, Cockle, Kaslo, the
second prize in this competition. I'ltici: Ellison,
J. II. TlliNKH.
The Indians and old-timers
who, a couple of months ago,
were busy predicting a severe
winter, are invisible at piesent. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Butterfly §
"Bxrnse me!" she said emphatically.
"One ninny In the family is enough!
If yon get ns fur us tbe chicken house
] hope you'll look up the chickens.
You forgot 'em last night."
When she hail cleared thp table and
washed the supper dishes Ellen stood
In tbe doorway looking out Into the
j moonlighted   yard.      HInim   lind   not
a   ,    Ci t a i • i moonlighted   yard.      Hlrnm   had  not
g A Mory of an Aeroplane o | ye, returned from the village or erne
•   Copyright, 1910, by American Press   i
O .association. O
It was poWnl nn the rolling green
turf of Hie west meiiilow nml with its
oiilsprend wings looked very miti'b like
a grent white butterfly, •
"I call It nu sir tiler.' " explained *II-
ram Butler to the little crowd of men
and women who hnd gathered ubout
the machine. -| feel Justly proud of
her too. Mnde every bit myself except
tbe engine."
"Must huve cost a pretty penny."
drawled Jiuiies Lummox euvlously
"If It'd heeu me I'd rather have an
autermobile. You can take tbe bull
family out In one of tbem cars."
"It do seem sort of a seltlsh con
traptlon." put in Mrs Deacon Skinner
"For Instance, supiaise you wanted to
take Ellen out on u Sunday uflernoou
Where tbe land would sbe sltV" She
peered curiously at the broad leather
•trap thut served ns tbe single seal iu
the Hying muchitie.
"I wouldn't wunt to go." snapped
Ellen Hillier. wltb au angry glume ill
ber husbiiud. "Catch me trusting my
(elf ln the air with uny mnn"'
All the while tlmt her huslmud wiih
-demonstrating the wonders of Ills lu
veniion and even while be made a
short experimental flight ahove the
clover toils EliAi wus thinking bitterly
of the money Hint had gone Into lhe
useless machine. The bank account,
savings of .veal's, hnd been drained lo
its Inst dollar, nnd the mortgage whicli
Hiram bud pined on tlie bouse to gel
more money to perfect his patents
»eeni#d lo Ellen like some huge blotch
tbat would never lie eradicated
Wben the onlookers had goue away
Ellen still remained, silently watching
Hiram's movements abuut the mil
chine. Presently he looked up. and
Ills gaze met her hostile eyes. H«
straightened Immediately.
"I wish you didn't feel so bitter
about this. Ellen." he snid soberly
"You know I wouldn't have taken the
money out thp bank or mortgaged the
place If I didn't expect tn muke a hundred times ns much with tbis inven-
"If It's a failure. Ellen." be went on
quietly. "I'll take a Job lu the pin fac
tory to Dodgevllle till I've enrned
enough to put the money all buck.
I'll do lt and run the farm too, But
I'm not going to full. Do you think
I'd put thut money lu It If I hadn't
/elt pretty sure of success? I'm golug
up tonight too. Don't you wiiut to nee
"No. I don't. Hiram Butler, and •
wish yon wouldn't Uf over tbe bouse.
Tbe pesky thing inlgnt full ou It and
knock off u chimney or come through
ine roof. Land knows. I'd like to keep
a roof over tny head even If I starve
to death!" EUeu turned and proceeded toward the house without oue backward glance at ber busband.
Hiram stood by the machine, his
•boulder drooping slightly, bis ..road
forehead knitted thoughtfully. His
brown eyes seemed to peer anxiously
beyond the low lying bills as if timorous of the result of this evening's experiment. Rudiiuet. tbe aviator, hud
'an estate there, aud be had promised
Hiram he would liny the puicnt outright If tbe "air tiler" would make a
successful (light across the twenty
miles of country thnt separated their
respective hollies.
Now. us he stood there in the pasture, his Invention the public tuple of
tne community. Illruiii spoke us If In
■tlf defense iienii.it Ills neighbors'
dluappriiviil and his wife's bluer res-
"I muy lie a farmer born nnd bred,"
be said slowly, still with that fnrsee-
Ing glance across Ihe hills, "and maybe (hat's the very reuson I've Invented
• flying machine when I couldn't contrive ii corn sheller or a mowing machine to snve my life. It's the birds
have done It. I've studied 'em till I
believe I could almost fly myself."
Tlte supper Ml Jingled noisily from
tbe front porch, where Ellen uwalted
bis coming. Me wns quick to catch
tbe note of Impatience in Its brazen
tongue nnd hastened toward tbe house.
As he entered the kitchen his wife
passed Into the dining room and sat
down ut the table.
It wus n silent uienl. as had been all
the meals In thut house since the mortgage had rested thereon. At lust Hiram pushed his plate aside and arose.
"I'm going down to the postoffice,
Ellen. Wben 1 come back I'm going
to make the longest flight I've ever attempted. If I succeed In getting over
to Budauet's place he's promised to
bay me out. You wouldn't want to
come out and see me off?" He spoke
■ little wistfully.
Ellen's face turned obstinately a way
•a she poured herself another cup of
be was about to start on his strange
serial Jonrney without coming to tbe
house again.
Half curiously and wltb much uneasiness of mind, Ellen stole softly
through the garden Into tbe great pasture, which was Hooded with pale
moonshine. Tall, black shadowy cedars were grouped about tbe southern
boundary, nud now they were dew wet
and sinelled faintly aromatic.
Ellen approached the machine, which
lay shrouded In Its canvas blanket, and
Its very bigness suddenly attacked her
with terror of the prospective Journey
and the danger that menaced her bus-
bund. She wrung her bands nervously, striving to think of some method
that would deter Hiram from flying
lhat night. Lnder the blue sky and
sunshine It wuina not seem so dread-
tut—so dangerous.
Kltteen minutes later she was returning trom tbe barn tugging at a long
rope ut the end of which a small
anchor bumped over or stuck Into tbe
ground with annoying frequency. In
the .shadow of what she knew to be
tbe rear of the machine Ellen paused
and lifted the canvas. She surveyed
the Intricate machinery with a growing conviction thut her husband must
be deterred frnm making an ascension
above the ground. Suppose some part
should give wuy?
Slip had determined upon what especial rod she would lie the rope und
thus anchor Hiram to the ground until
she could hy wit or wile prevail U|ion
him to give up the risky adventure,
when she heard his approaching stops.
She whisked away in the shadow
of the machine Just in time to receive
tbe muffling folds of canvas In s
cloud upon her form. Plie freed her
bend and shoulders und crouched unseen by her husbnnd. Carefully he
examined the air flier, trying each
link and nut, fingering a delicate adjustment here nnd there, his face stern
and close lipped in the light of a small
brass lantern held iu one hund.
Then he moved forward; there wns
the heavy chugglug of the engine, and
Ellen's heart almost stopped still. In
another Instant It would be too late
to detain bim—he would lie out of her
reach. Iieyond her touch, und he could
not henr her plea for pardon.
Il hnd flown ahove the house Ellen
'darted desperately forwunl, groped
for and found the anchor, tied the
rope hastily aud clumsily to tbe nearest projecting rod, paused to tie another hard, square knot before Jamming tbe flukes on tbe anchor Into the
soft turf.
With a whirring rush the machine
started down tbe slope, tbe wheels revolving dlKlly. The unchor whipped
after, nnd somehow Ellen's hands
closed desperately about the flukes,
nnd then she felt herself rising upward with terrifying velocity.
Clutching the unchor. Ellen swept
up with (hp machine very much like
the tail to a gigantic kite. She heard
Hiram's voice swearing vigorously,
and she felt no horror. She closed ber
eyes tightly and held on. Her feet
brushed treetops once or twice, aud
she kuew she was above the cedar
grove. Then one foot tangled In some
crooked branch, and sbe lost her bold
on tbe unchor. With a frightened cry
she fell Into the embracing aims of
Ihe close limbed cedars. Through un
aperture In the branches sbe saw tbe
air filer dart upward and away
through the moonlight, tbe anchor
dangling like a twisted thread, until
the noise of the engine died away and
ull wns still.
Cradled III the treetops. Ellen dared
uot stir tor fear of falling. She was a
slight woum ll. and sbe had fallen
snugly into strong branches thai curved upward like the rlhs of n ship
Her bands were torn and bleeding,
her fnee was sen tchetl, and her twisted ankle pained horribly. But above
ull wns Ihe agony of belief that her
husband bod goue forth Into space
and would never return.
Too wretched to cry aloud more
than once, she huddled. cn,d and stiff,
through the long hours of tbe night.
Owls hooted unpleasantly near, whip-
poorwllls throbbed In Ihe thickets, nnd
all around were Ihe sleepy twitter of
birds and tbe soft brush of wind in
the trees.
Sbe must have fullen asleep, for the
Bound of ber name called In Hiram's
stentorian tones awakened ber lo pule
daylight. There was anxious terror iu
bis voice.
"Here I am." she called feebly, nnd
then louder, until ut lust be came won-
derlngly to ber rescue. It was not
uytll they were within tbe house und
she hnd sobbed out her wretchedness
on his breast that Hlram apoke soothingly.
"Do you know wbat you did. Ellen
Butler?" he asked. "I was In doubt
about making a successful flight, but
I didn't know  wbat was the mutter
with the machine. That there anchor
was the additional weight that balanced ber perfectly. Whatever saved
It from earthing In the trees I don't
know. It was a clear case of Providence all through. 1 guess, for you had
a uurrow esciiiie. That there anchor
sold the machine. Ellen, for without
It I couldn't have got to Budauet's.
As It Is. It's sold for enough to raise
the mortgagp and make us pretty Independent liesldes." He yawned sleepily und stretched himself
"It's done more than that. Hlram,"
said Ellen gently, .the tears shining In
ber penitent eyes.
"Whut's that?" he asked. And then,
looking dowu Into her upturned face,
be kissed her nnd smiling whimsically,
answered his own query. "Settled the
first und lust quarrel we ever had,
Ellen nodded assent. "And shows
that even tbe tall of a kite muy be
useful." She shuddered a little ut the
recollection of her perilous flight, and
Hlram paled suddenly as he stooped
toward her. And then In tbe moment
of reconciliation they forgot the white
'butterfly and tbe fortune It bad made
for tbem.
Peer's Collection of Rare Coins.
The Earl of Ellesmere, is a novelist
of considerable ability, having pun
lished under the signature of Charles
Granville — his two middle names-
quite a number of stories. Most ot
them have a racing interest, their author being one of the keenest turf lovers. Blessed with a fine sense of humor, Lord Ellesmere is an excellent
One of his best stories concerns a
small race meeting which is held annually in one of the Midland towns!
A number of jockeys and horses had
lined up for the start of a steeplechase, but a demy occurred owing to
u tall, raw-boned beast obstinately refusing to yield to the importunities
of the starter. The patience of that
gentleman waB pretty well exhausted.
"Bring up that horse," he shouted;
"bring him up; or you'll jolly well
get into trouble, if you don't I" The
rider of the stupid animal, a local
grocer's carman, yelled back, "I can't
help it. This here's been a cab horse,
and he won't move till the door shuts;
and there ain't no door." Lord Ellesmere possesses a fine collection ot
British coins, some specimens of
which are so rare as not even to be
found in the British Museum. The
collection of pictures in his magnificent town residence, Bridgwater
House, is world famous.
That Cold Room
on the side of the house where
winter blasts strike hardest always
has a lower temperature than tne
rest of the house. There are times
when it is necessary to raise the
temperature quickly or to keep the
temperature up for a long period.
That can't be done by the regular
method of heating without great
trouble and overheating the rest of
the house. The only reliable
method of heating such a room
atone by other means is to use a
Ahtoltttly maktlm awf wfcrbai
which can be kept at full or low heat for a short or long time.
Four quarts of oil will give a- glowing heat for nine noun,
without smoke or smell.
An indicator always shows the amount of oil In the font.
Filler-cap does not acrew on; but is put in like a cork in a bottle,
and is attached by a chain and cannot get lost.
An automatic-locking flame spreader prevents the
wick from being turned high enough to smoke, and ia easy to
remove, and drop back ao that It can be cleaned in an instant.
The burner bodjr or f allery cannot become wedged, and can be unscrewed
In an Instant for rewicking.   Finished in japsn or nickel, strong, durable, well*
made, built tor service, and yet light and ornamental.  Hu a coot handle.
Bttkn Bmijwkin.  If au. ,1 yom. mil, for tmrtttat t
Sir Claude de Cretplgny Famous fo.
Number of His Narrow Escapes,
flir Claude Champion de Crespigny,
who has recently given to the public
a highly interring volume entitled
"Forty Years of a Sportsman's Life,"
is credi*»d with having nior- lives
than tue average cut, and with possessing more marvellous good luck
than any other personage in the
pages of. Debrett. Indeed, in his
younger days it was regarded as quite
in the ordinary course of things that
Sir Claude's name should. periodically be mentioned in connection with
some particularly narrow escape from
sudden death. 'In the matter of
broken bones alone few men have
been more peculiarly unfortunate
than this most popular of E'ise-x
sportsmen, against whose name must
be placed two leg bones fractured in
a balloon accident, three arm bones
fractured whilst hunting, three ribs
broken by a fall during a steepK
chase, and another by a more prosaic
cab accident, to say nothing of various fingers broken in boxing or by
kicks from horsea. To this may be
added repeated visitations of concussion of the brain, none of which,
however, have seriously affected bis
health. In his early days Sir Cluud".
who is now sixty-three, qualified both
as soldier and sailor. He was in the
royal navy for five years, and then
spent four years as an ensign in the
00th Rifles. Since then few parts of
the world have failed to witness his
adventures in one form or another.
He is one of the very few men who
huve ever crossed the North Sen in
n balloon, and he is also one of the
still rare few who have escaped alive
out of the coils of a python. He hus
had miraculous escapes from sharks
in Bermuda and falling trees in Florida. Once, in India, he got into uncomfortably close quarters with un
infuriated wounded tiger, which be
subsequently despatched. Sir Claude
is also the only European who ever
awum the narrow gut of the first
■■otaract of the, Nile,, and he was
umong those who witnessed the ac
cident on the warship Sultan, whicli
so nearly proved fatal to the late
King Edward, then Prince of Wales.
The prince, who had been examining
the working of a new type of gun,
turned round to ask one of the officers a question, when the windlass
took charge, and, running round with
terrible velocity, only by a hairs-
breadth missed the prince's head.
Booklet "Distemper; Causes, Care and Prevention," FREE.   All drug*
-    '               '   '•'     --      ■--         Dlstrlb-
111 and Ha dozen.
SPOHN MIDICAL 00., Ooahon, Indians, U. S. A.
irlHtd, harness dealers,  tl and Wc a bottle.
Disraeli and ths Cabman
To be recognized by a cabman sets
the seal of fame. Disraeli was really
and truly famous. Ludy Dorothy
Nevill calls to mind a Beaconsfield
boast. He was getting into a hansom when the dr:ver opened the trap
door, "I know who you are, sir," he
snid. "1 have read all your books,
bar 'Lothair.'" But there is a reverse to every medal. BeaconBfield
once suffered a setback. "1 walked
with Gladstone on Tuesday," wrote
Lord Houghton, "and when he left
me a gentleman came up and said,
'Might I ask if that was Mr. Disraeli?' Such is fame."—London
A Good  Listener
"I made a big hit with that woman,
all  right."    "What  did  you  say  to
her?"   "Nothing, 1 just keep still and
listened."—Chicago  Daily News.
Mr. Penn—They say the streets in
Boston are frightfully crooked?
Mr. Hubb—They ore.   Why, do you
know, when I first went there I could
hardly find my way around.
"That must be embarrassing?"
"It is.   The first week I was there
I wanted to get t\i of an old cat we
had, and my wife got me to take it
to the river a mile away."
"And you lost the Cat ajl right?"
"Lost nothing I   I never would have
found my way home if I badn't followed the cat!"—Yonkers Statesman.
Argentina Brickyards.
tn some Argentina brickyards horses
are used to mil tlie clay by treading
In It  Instead ot more expensive machinery being employed.
Tbe world of the lower animals Is
.eeiMng. In IMOft Ihe naturalist Sharper listed a quarter of a million Insects
and expressed tbe belief that a quarter of a million was only a tenth part
ot tbe number of Insects on earth.
Your Time
Is Not Yours
It Belongs to Those Depending on
You. For Their Saket Prsierve
Health and Strength.
You never thought of it just this
way before. While not feeling well
you have neglected to take active
means of restoring health, thinking
all the time that you were the only
one to suffer by delay.
Not so. For who among us has
not someone depending on him for
comfort, happiness or the means of
When you lie awake nights, worry
over little things, get nervous and ir
ritable, have indigestion and headaches, you may bc sure the nervous
system is becoming exhausted.
Time is not yours to delay. You
must call a halt to the wasting pro
ceBS. Otherwise you will have a rude
awakening some day, when prostrations, paralysis or locomotor ataxia
lays you low. For such is the natural
and inevltuble results of neglected
nervous diseases.
You enn restore the nervous syB-
*em by ming Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Food. Being composed of Nature's
most potent nerve restoratives, it cannot fail to benefit you. Each dose
must of necess.ty bring you nearer to
health, strength and vigor.
Mr, William Branton, Victoria St.,
Strathroy. Ont., writes:—"Before using Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food
my nervous system seemed all unstrung. I cou'd not sleep, had no
appetite, hands and feet were cold,
my digestion wns poor and I had
jerking of the limbs. Thc first box
of Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food
helped me, and I continuM until 1
had taken twenty-four boxes. This
treatment has made n ndicnl change
in my condition, buildicg up the system and strengthening the n°rves."
Dr. A. W. Chase's Ner-e Food, 5°
cents a box, 6 hoxes for $2.60, at oil
dealers, or Edmamon, Bates & Co.,
Does it seem to you that you can't
stand another minute of that awful,
burning itch?
That it MU8T be cooled?
That you MUST have relief?
Get a mixture of Oil of Wintergreen,
Thymol, and other soothing ingredients as compounded only in D. D. D.
The very first drops STOP tha awfuL
burning instantly!
The first drops soothe and heal!
The first drops give you a feeling of
comfort that you have not enjoyed for
months, or perhaps years.
Take our word on it.
Get a $1.00 or a trial bottle today.
Write the D. D. D. Laboratories,
Dept. T. F., 49 Colborne St., Toronto,
and they will send you a trial bottle
For sale by all druggists.
He—"Let me kneel in the dust at
your feet, and tell you how much I
adore you."
She—"I beg your pardon, sir, but
there is no dust on our carpets."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack of LaGrippe, and I have frequently proved it to be very effective
in cases of Inflammation.
Less Responsibility
"How  is   it.   ma'am   you   pay   the
other nurse girl   $10 a month more
than you do me "
"Why, Annie," replied her mistress, "Marie takes care of Fido while
you have merely to look after thc
A Pill That Proves Its Value.—
Those of weak stomach will find
strength in Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, because they serve to maintaii
the healthful action of the stomach
ond the liver, irregularities in which
are most distressing. Dyspeptics are
well acquainted with them and volu;
them at their proper worth. They
have afforded relief when other preparations have failed, and bave effected cures in ailments of Ion?
standing where other medicines were
found unavailing.
Small Girl—"Why doesn't baby
talk, father?"
Father—"He con't talk yet, dear.
Young bnbies never do."
Small Girl—"Oh, yes, they do. Job
did. Nurse read me out of the Bible
how Job cursed the day he was
W. N. U„ No. 822. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
V> o i N r m i. n r
Fqr Skin
If you, or someone dear
to you, have undergone
the itching, burning,
sleep - destroying torments of eczema or
other cruel skin eruption and have suffered
from its embarrassing,
unsightly disfigurement ; if you have tried
allmannir oftreatment,
no matter how harsh,
to no avail, and have
all but given up hope
of cure, you can appreciate what it means to
thousands of skin-tortured sufferers, from infancy to age, when the
first warm bath with
Cuticura Soap and
gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment
brings instant relief,
permits rest and sleep,
and proves the first
step in a speedy and
successful treatment
What has become of the old-fashioned girl who allowed her love affairs
to interfere with her appetite?—
Atchison Globe.
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and it can be given to
the most delicate child without fear
of injury to the constitution.
"So you broke your engagement
with Miss Spensive?"
"No.   I didn't break it."
"Oh, she broke it?"
"No, she didn't break it."
"But it is broken?"
"Yes, she told me what her clothing
cost and I told her what my income
waB, then our engagement sagged in
the middle  and gentjy dissolved."
Shiloh's Gun
olskly store «ra«bs, aunt ooldj hags
ha tkiwtud hmaa. ■  •  • tS aaaat.
"See here, my dear sir! Didn't I
tell you not to drink with your
"But, doctor, be reasonable. I
have to eat some time."
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Garget  In
"It seems to me that our new maid
ought at least to know how to serve
water, if she was six years with her
last employer."   ■
"Well, it's not surprising, dear. I
know her last employer."
Daily during December.      3 months
limit.   Stop over privileges,
The Doable Track Route.
Reduced Fares for
Steamship  Passengers.
November 11th  to December   31st.
Five months limit.   Write   for    full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent, Passenger Dept,
Representative for all Steamship Lines
and Cook's Tours.
260 Portage Ave.       -       Winnipeg.
Lord Mayor's Pageant In London
Will Be Gorgeous This Year.
There has been a tendency in recent years to make the annual Lord
Mayor's Show on Nov. 9 "dignified."
In place of the gorgeous pageant that
those who are not so very old remember as a delightful experience of their
childhood, there has been a parade of
men in khaki and other modern uniforms of the kind which can be seen
on a smaller scale almost every day
on the Thames Embankment.
Elephants, men in armor, men and
women in all sorts of glittering costumes, gayly caparisoned horses, gorgeously decorated floats, used to be
among the glories of the show, and,
as a mutter of fact, only the Grad-
grinds welcomed the "dignified"
modifications that recent Lord Mayors insisted upon. Also, only the
Grndgrinds will object to the announcement that this year's show !s
to be in some respects a return to
the eood old style.
At the somo time, in deference to
present-doy ideas, it is to be somewhat "educational" in character. The
principal feature of the show is to
be a pageant of kings, princes, nobles, and other characters of Shakespeare's plays. Philip Carr, one of
the secretaries of the Shakespeare
Memorial National Theatre, is to have
charge of the arrangements, and
London is assured of a brilliant
pageant.   Mr. Carr says:
"Thi1 object of the Shakespeare
pageant in the Lord Mayor's Show
is to excite the interest of Londoners
in the proposed Shakespeare memorial. The tercentenary of the great
poet'B death is to be celebrated in
1916, and it is necessary in order that
a (Ming tribute to the memory of
Shakespeare shall be raised that the
memorial shall be taken in hand at
the earliest possible moment."
The procession will be one of the
longest in recent years. The officials
are careful to point out that there
will bo nothing "tawdry" about it-
no female Britannia sitting on curbstones, as Deputy Pryke, chairman of
the Procession Committee, put it.
He added: "There will be an incident representing Henry V. passing
along Eastcheap, and another of
Richard III. welcoming the two
princes and conducting them to the
Tower, with the Lord Mayor of the
period present. Falstafl, of course,
will be portrayed, in all probability,
at the head of what was called, I
believe, his 'ragged regiment.'' Another section will be occupied by
Henry VIII. and Wolsey returning
to the city after the trial of Queen
Kotherine. The majority of those
forming the procession, with the exception of monks and attendants,
will be mounted, and in the Shakespearean scenes alone 150 persons
will take part.
"In the procession will also be
Territorials and Boy Scouts, and the
trades and livery companies will, of
course, be represented.'
Little Known Bird That Inhabits ths
Pacific Coast.
Few people imagine that there is
such a marked dissimilarity in the
temperament of the different varieties
of sea bi-ds, writes H. 1. Pu.ien in
The Toronto Globe. The gull is very
majestic, with no sense of humor or
spirit of iun. Whether the bird is
soaring in the air or swimming in the
water, it is always the same. It is
ever on its dignity. Tlie guillemot,
on the other hand, is just the opposite.
When seen flying close to the surface of the water it moves with spirit,
and often seem9 to be racing. When
in its real home, however, during the
nesting season, is where it really enjoys itself.
About a thousand guillemots make
their summer homes on Bare Island
! in the Gulf of Georgia. There they
spend several months, during which
period they raise their families, and
incidentally have a most enjoyable
time. There are a great many gulls
on the island as well as the guillemots, but, while they live very near
„    , ,~ *) "Friut-ii- together,   they  do   not  associate   in
lives.   I did not give up any foods I was ,|,'e true sens6 0| the word.   The gulls
in the habit ofeating nor stop smoking—yet  |ook on at the pranks of the smaller
"Fruit-a-tives" has done wonders for me   bM     but tl       never take part,
and I strongly advise all my friends to     Th|J Kuinemots are about  the  size
use it. (Signed), Daniel Saunoers ',   pigeona    which   they   very   much
.......   is sold at 50c a box, \ rese^|]e in appearance.   Their wings
Shoal Lake, Man., June 11th, 1910
"For years I was bothered with persistent Dyspepsia and Indigestion, having
severe p;uns after meals and I tried everything that I couid get but the pain in my
stomach became no better.
A druggist recommended  "Fruit-a-
A for $2.50 trial size, 25c. At dealers or
from Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
England's Trade Boom.
Everywhere there are evidences of
a great trade boom. Recent gigantic
export returns showed how prosperous were some of the biggest of the
national industries. Only a few days
ago a boom was reported in boots at
Northampton, and recently news
came of a great awakening in the
Nottingham lace and hosiery trade
and in the Scotch woolen trade.
Indeed, in the woolen trade a boom
has begun, and Scotch tweed manufacturers have booked so heavily for
next season that they are being forced
to reopen mills which have long
been disused.
The leading tweed manufacturers
have acquired additional mills, and
air are now in full operation—a state
of affairs unknown in the border
towns for many years.
For many years trade in Nottingham and the district has been under
a cloud, but it iB now showing a remarkable revival, especially for lace
curtains and hosiery goods. Every
available curtain-making machine is
working at high pressure, and the
orders in hand are sufficient to keep
factories fully employed for several
The plain net trade is also improving, and the exports during the past
two months have increased to a considerable extent. Hosiery manufacturers have not been so busy for
Several new factories arc being
built in the district around Nottingham, and numbers of firms have made
additions to their machinery and factories to cope with the boom. Overtime is general.
Hs Took the Biscuit.
Concerning his early stage experiences, Mr. Gerald du Maurier, who
has had such a good send-off as actor-
manager at Wyndham's Theatre in
London, with "Nobody's Daughter."
tells an amusing story. At short no.
tice he had agreed to play Pelleas to
Mrs. Patrick Campbell's Melisande at
a Birmingham theatre. "I remember,"
says Mr. do Maurier, "thet I wore a
pair of creaky boots. They creaked
at every step I took. Ye gods, how
that Birmingham oudience yelled with
laughter! At the end of the perform-,
ance the manager came to me an.i
Baid, 'Du MaStier, I congratulate you;
I. never bow any actor in my life draw
such volleys of laughter in a tragio
park You take tha biscuit.' "
English Coronations.
For a long time In Knglish history
wbito bas been considered the unlucky
:olor tor coronations. Charles 1. won
white vestments when be wu crowned.
By The Skin of His Teeth
Farmer Giles (who has just cashed
a check)—I don t t.iink the money's
The Cashier—Would you mind
counting it again, sir; I think you'll
find it correct.
Farmer Giles (having done so)—
Yes, but you be careful, young man;
it's only just right.—Sketch.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
It seems that the Pullman company
has decided that upper berths shall
be lower. The natural effect of this
will be that lower berths will be
higher than the higher berths, and
the higher berths will be lower than
lower berths. This is too complicated
for us, but maybe the reader can understand it.—Toronto Star.
Shilohi Gure
■olskly stage soughs, cnreaoolda. hula
tat. throat Md lunge. •   •   • ag seats.
New Yorker (showing Podunker the
sights)—This is Battery Park.
Podunker—Gosh! I wouldn't have
recognized it ut all!
New Yorker (astonished)—But you
never saw it before?
Podunker—1 didn't? Well, now, I
guess that nearly .every meller-dram-
mer that ever showed in our town has
it by moonlight in the second, or third
act, by heck.
All Nervous Diseases Cured
by Dr. Williams'Pink
Nerves that are over-worked or
weak quickly indicate their distress
by pain. Tnot pain may be neuralgia or inflamed nerves, usually affecting the head, but often the spine
and limbs. It may be nervous dyspepsia, easily started by worry, excitement or weakness. If muy be St.
Vitus dance, a common affliction
among cni.dren, or neurasthenia, a
condition of general nervous exhaustion accompanied by acute melancholy. Worst of all the pain may
signal the early stages of paralysis
or nervous decay. All tnese disorders signify that the hungiy nerves
are clamoring for nourishment in the
form of good, rich blood. The numerous cuies of the above named nervous diseases and weakness in both
sexes by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
are accounted for by the fact that
tiles:. Pills actually mnke new, rich
blood and so supply thc starved
nerves with tlie vital dements needed to strengthen them. Mr. Win. G.
Jones, Westmead, Man., snys: "A
few years ago it was my misfortune
to suffer irom nervous debi.ity,
brought about through a severe attack of la grippe or uillm-ii/ii. When
the lirst effects were f.'lt I used to
wake up in the middle oi sleep trembling like a leaf, and in a both ol
cold perspiration. Later the trouble grew so bud thnt I scarcely got
a wink of sleep, and would toss
about in bed, growing so weak that
I feared for my life. A doctor was
called in, and then
without nvuil. I became more nnd
more low spirited, and without any
apparent rea.ion would hnve fits of
crying. While in this condition, a
nervous wreck, n pamphlet was
given me telling whnt Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills had done for others, nnd
I determined to give them a trial.
By the time I had finished a few
boxes I began to get some sleep, and
this greatly encouraged nie. Then my
strength began to return,  my neivcs
are, however, much shorter than
pigeons', and their red feet are ebbed. Owing to the fact that their wings
are so short, they have to move them
very fast., Still, they fly well, and
rise from the water with ease. They
also dive and swim well, getting their
food from the water. In color they
are black, with white markings on
the wings. They have very short tail
feathers, but in place of this they
spread their feet behind them when
flying, using them as a rudder, in the
same way in which most birds do
their tails.
During some days on the island last
summer my little chum and I spent
hours watching the birds in thei:
games and securing photographs
"Tag" seems to be their favorite game
Usually the game is played by two
birds, although sometimes three or
more take part.
Picture to yourself hundreds of the
birds sitting on the rocks along the
rugged shore of the little island. Some
are almost asleep, others are talking
to each other with the peculiar hiss
ing voice of theirs, while yet other?
nre trying to crowd their neighbor off
the rocks. One stands erect and give.,
its wings a flap, as if to challenge an
other to a race. At once he is away,
and the other after him away out to
Bea. The challenger drops into the sea
at a distance of from one to two hun
dreds yards from shore. The pursuer
may follow, diving after him. ann
perhaps, giving him a nip either-in
the air or in the water. Then they re
turn to the rocks, and the game :s
taken up by some others.
The fun continues throughout the
morning hours. Sometimes a Bird
catches a small fish as it dives beneath the water. It then flics witb it
to the shore, as if challenging some
other to take it away. Almost invariably there is a chase, the pursuer
sometimes following the other beneath the weter, and at other time}
waiting for the diver to come to the
surface again. Perfect good-humor
seems to prevail throughout, the
games being apparently tests of skill
in flying ond diving.
The guillemots lay their eggs in a
crevice in the rocks, sometimes a lorni
way from the surface, and at others
quite exposed, although tbe latter
seems to be rather an exception to the
rule, lt is not difficult to catch the
parent birds on the nests, but in doing so it is desirable to exercise great
care, as they defend themselves quite
fiercely with their bills. Even the
little birds a day or two old know how
to use their bills wi,th effect.
The young lirds are black, woolly
little creatures, with a white speck
on the top of the bill. When taken
from the nest they crouch low, and
when their nests are invaded try to
Wamble into the innermost recesses
among the rocks. Tlie parent birds
do not seem to go near them dunr.„
the day; at lenst, I have never seen
them fed, although it is possible they
do The lad and I watched them for
nearly a week at a stretch without
observing any feeding. It is suggested
that both these birds and the gulls
feed their young by night, but of thi*
1 huve no ocular evidenct
Rider Haggard's Luggage.
It is really a touching thing—the
veneration un Englishman has for his
lugguge. A few years ago Kidcr Haggard wns being interviewed by a crowd
of Canadian reporters, by whom he
,   ,„„.„„   „...   »as corralled in Ins room at the ho-
»nTh«..bX   «. all *# «*,J"£«*l«S»K
hear what ne liuJ to say about bout'
Af'ica.   Hie novelist was mute.
"No, 1 really cun't suy a word till
my lugguge arrives," he said. "1 say,
Thomas," to his attendant again, "are
tliose blessed trunks anywhere in this
country?" , „
"All! Thank heaven! Here they are
—as into tho room came tumbling it
ratnpsrt of boxes. Instant relief! The
novelist pounced upon one, opened it
to s"e if everything was all right aa
grew steudier and in a Few 'weeks! he had packed it; then he shut down
more I wns feeling ns well as ever l| the lid and with a sniilo of content-
did in my life, and you may be sure         "     '  ' "  '""    ■■••-• «-
I   will   always  gratefully   recommend
In disorders and diseases of children drugs
seldom do good and
often do harm.
Careful feeding and
bathing are the babies'
Scott's Emulsion
is the food-medicine that
not only nourished them
most, but also regulates
their digestion. It is a
wonderful tonic for children of all ages. They
rapidly gain weight and
health on small doses.
Send 10c., mme of paper and this ad. for
our beautiful Savings Bank and Child's
Sketeh-Book. Each bank contains a
Good _L,uck Peony.
126 W.ltioslon St., Waal, To_onto. Oot.
If there ia anything busier thnn
idle curiosity, will some one please
chase it across tlie stage?
Mrs. Winslow's Soothino Syrcp haa been
used (or over SIXTY YBARSby MILLIONS of
ia the beat remedy for LIARRHUU. It la absolutely harmleis. Be aure and ask for "Mra
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind.   Twenty-five centa a. bottle.
Cures all chronic diseases. Write
hun. His valuable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW  YORK CITY.
Coat Sweaters, Underwear, Scarfs,
etc., for Men, Women, and Children,
from 60c. to $10.00. Highest grade
goods at less than Wholesale Prices.
Mall Order Only, no travellers employed. Send cash with order, goods
mailed same day. Money refunded
if not satisfied. Catalogue No. 4 now
52  Bay  Street,  Toronto.
Important News
OEND FURS and SKINS direct to
°-  MEN  who    KNOW    their value.
We save you money,   because   we
KNOW the Fur Market,   and   pay
highest   prices   on   liberal   assortments.   Price list especially arranged
for your territory.   It is YOtJItR for
the asking.   Convince YOURSELF by
making us a trial shipment.
We pay all expressage. charge no
commissions, and remit promptly
LEOPOLD     QA88NER     FUR     OO.
M East Uth St.. New York City
Capitalised at 12.0,000.00
Dr. Will ams' Pink Pills to every one
sick or ailing, as they restored mc
to health and strength after nil other
medicines hnd failed."
You can get these Pills from nny
medicine dealer or by mail nt 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
ment sat on it to give his experiences
to the press.
Valley of tha Jordan. ,
The valley ol the Jordan constitutes'
the deepest depression on the face of
tbe earth, the sen of Galilee itself being over 700 leet below the level ot the
Mediterranean, while the Dead Sea is'
over 1,300 leet below the level at all'
tbe oceans of the world.
Christmas Gifts at
Moderate   Prices
are to be found by the "hundreds"
in our new 132 page Catalogue just
issued. Write (or a copy at once
— it will prove a (real help in
selecting suitable gifts.
C We pay all postal and delivery
charges— guarantee safe delivery
and refund the money if you are
not perfectly satisfied with the
Harry Ryrii,
and II Iwamltfia
134-136-138 TONCE ST.     -
jas. Ryrii.
W. N. U„ No. S22. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
®1jp ibpntng Bun
Published at Grand Porks, British Col ninhiu
Editor Bhd Publishnr
A Hie of thi-. puppr oan ho leen nt thn otlice
of Mew.ru. B, A J. Hardy 4 Co.. BO, BI Hnd 8j.
Klpot Street, K.O., London. Rnsliiiid, free of
charge, and thnt tlrm will he (flail tu feoetve
-utiM'ri) linns mul mlviTti^puwntu on oiir he-
One Year   $1.50
Due Yenr (In advance)  1.00
Advertising ratentitrnUho I on nn i
l.cirnl tiottPPN, III Hm! fi aetlU \i?r line.
Aihlrcss nil coram tin toatt out to
Thk Kvbnino Sun,
Phonb HU Qhand Foukh, B.C.
Port Arthur, Ont., where Mr. Taylor
haa accepted a position in the jewelry
store of hia former   employer.    The'
family hnve the best wishes of  their
numerous friends in this city.
The irrigation scheme of, the
South Kootenay Power oompany
will be submitted to the ranchers ot
the valley in the course of a week.
Getiunil satisfaction is expressed
by the citizens with the plans of the
new federal public building. The
structure will be of such a bandsoinee
and substantial a character that it
will be a credit to the city, and the
size is of sufficient dimensions to
accommodate the public service for
nn inrtelinite number of years.
Mrs. A. B. W. Hodges started for
her home in Limn, Peru, on Mon-1
day last, nfter spending a couple of
weeks with friends in this city.
Mrs. Lew'Johnson, who has been;
engaged as housekeeper foj the
Hodghfis family, accompanied her
to tbe South American republic.
Apparently (here are yet some
laws upon the provincial statutes
that need revising One of them is
the provision requiring the publication in daily papers of notices for
holding municipal courts of revision.
The printing of such notices in
papers hundreds of miles from where
the court is to sit can accomplish no
useful purpose.
Mrs. Jackson, of Snndpoint, Ida,
visited her futher, Harvey Mahan,
in this city this week.
Henry Mcllwaine has taken the
position in the Eastern Townships
bank made vacant by the transfer of
\V. T. Cook to I'hoenix.
The November number nf the
Man tn Man magazine, published at
Vancouver, contains a splendid
illustrated article on thc first Canadian National Apnle Show. The
photo engravings of the various ex
hibits are so clearly printed that
one can almost imagine that he is
looking at the actual displays. The
issue contains a contains a number
ol other articles of a more meritorious nature tban the trashy contents of some of tbe eastern
Tbe Sun acknowledges the receipt
from the interior department at Ottawa of a very useful set of maps
covering every province and territory in the Dominion. A great deal
of valuable information is shown,
such as counties, townships and
parishes, cities and villages, traveled
roads, lumber and wood roads, in-
terprovincial boundaries.county and
parish boundaries, railways,marshes,
elevation of land above sea level,
elevation of water above sea level,
depth of water in fr.thom, and numerous other subjects. It is a splendid work for general reference.
Canada's trade for the present fiscal year bids fair to run close to the
eight hundred -million mark. For
the first seven months it has increased at the rate of nearly ten mil-
ions per month, as compared with
the corresponding months of Inst
year. For Octoher the increase
was $10,(102,354. Imports and exports for the seven months totalled
$483,897,084, an increase of  {."18,-
J. M. McCloskey, "the mnn from
Phoenix," was in the city this week.
In 1902 Mr. McCloskey lost hoth his
eyes In a premature blast. Since
that time he has earned a livelihood
by appearing on the lecture platform, vaudeville stage, and by engaging in various other occupations
that require more intellect than
vision. His latest role is that of nn
author, and he is now selling n
pamphlet called The New Genesis
whicli he bas recently had printed.
It is claimed for the book that it is
the most original, compact, comprehensive and far-reaching treatise
upon the origin of man that has ever
appeared in print. Mr. McCloskey
left for Phoenix on Tuesday, but
will return next week to canvass
this city for his publication.
For a
When young a girl wonders if she
will ever meet a man she would marry ; after she gets older she wonders
if she will ever meet one she wouldn't
Only a widow seems to appreciate
that what a man eats is as important
to hiin as what a woman wears is to
Tlio fellow who succeeds in feathering his own nest generally plumes
himself upon his perspicacity and
crows over hii plucked comrades.
Acquiring a reputation often is followed by the exhaustive labor of endeavoring to lose it, and is often attended with small success.
The way rich men can get into
everything in this world makes you
suspicious St. Peter will treat tbem
the same iti the next.
When a man is willing to give up a
baseball game to go to   a   reception
with his wife she has caught him   do
ing something much worse.
All the fun of some people in going
to the theatre fs driving everybody
e'w wild by explaining in wild whispers what is going to huppen next.
November Rod and Gun
While big game hunting supplies
the dominant note in the November
number of ]{od and Gun in Canada,
tbere is in the same Issue plenty of
material for sportmen who are not.
able, for various reasons, to go after
moose, deer or bear. Jn the open-
article   Bonnycastle   Dnle tells
For a
means a much larger
assortment to choose
frnm—plenty of time
to make a careful selection—and a much
better service.
Any young lady would
appreciate a Signet
King for Christmas.
At $4.50 we are showing a 14k solid gold
ring in the bright finish, beautifully cary-
ed by hand.
A good practical gift
to a young man would
bea pair of our $0.00
Cufl'Links. They are
inaile in plain heavy
14k gold, in theMull
yellow finish, and
make a most pleasing
gift when engraved
with the recipient's
Jeweler and
Putting up a bluff isn't so hard, but
it is keeping it in a vertical attitude
that calls for the greater supply of
Lost—Light bay mare and bay coll;
mare has wall eye and three white
feet; brand ' U" on thgh. Reward
offered to any one returning tlie same
to P. Andrews, (irand Forks, B C.
Falling Hair
Mrs. Jas. Hajris, of Wappella,
Sask., snys:
"1 have found Parisian Sage to be
the best scnlp and hair tonic and
dressing I have ever used. My hair
had been coming out in combs full
and was very dry and bjittle and the
scalp wa» always itching and full of
dandruff. I have used two bottles of
Parisian Sage and it has stopped my
hair from falling, the itching and dandruff have disappeared and my hair is
fine and soft and glossy. I would not
be without this fine hair tonic for
many times the price."
For women, men or children Parisian Sage is without any doubt the
finest preparation for the hair. Dain
tily perfumed, it is free from grease or
stickiness, and ought to he where
every member of the family could use
it daily. Lurge bottle 50 cents from
all druggists or f.iout the proprietors,
The (iiroux Mfg. Co , Fort Erie,
Out. The girl with the auburn hair is
on every package. Sold and guaran
teed by H. E. Woodland & Co.
Some business men are so fond of
being   deceived   lhat they even en
deavor to believe thut they can reneh
the consumers of this district  with
out advertising in The Sun.
010.756, or 27 per  cent.    Exports!
totalled   *170,61l,888, nn  increase  '"B   .-.,,, ,     ,
1 u in uu     ,.,,.,     .1    ■       how Indian boys make c ever   hun-
of $8,468,006.    For Octoher the 1111-' »•
.  1.   __..!■_ .11 u-ru       j 1 ters,   trappers   and   nshtimen, and
ports amounted to 839,218,501, and    . ,'    ,",.,,,       ,   .       ■ ,
with whnt skill they  decimnle  the
1 inhabitants of the forest.   Explora-
the exports to 183,801,237, increases
respectively of $7,744..541 and $2,-
John Webster, formerly proprietor of the Hotel Winnipeg, has been
spending a week in the city. He
now makes his home in Vancouver.
Ih the Estate of Margaret E. Coryell,
NOTICi. IS HKRKBV GIVBN that On tlm 18th
dnyot  November. A.D. 1910. probate ot
tion in the Nepigon country, fishing I ^^^jreS&t^^twS^ttf
and   mountaineering   topics,   with, ^l^^^»cff'tf^l^j:^n\
many other  papers  nnd some   fine Coryell and Fra|ikG, urge OofmII. executors,
' '    * both of Guild I'ork-. B.C.
verses, fill a number   which   shou d I   Every,nemo"  Indebted-t^»alde.tntoH
' feuuired to imikB payment lorthwitu toi tin-
find its way into all hunting camps,  executors, nud evory pei-ion hav,,«u, Po»-
'       si-*si,>n elieetB    belonulng lo estate in   ie;
Sportsmen,  where'er   they   may be quiredlorthwith to deliver tame ovir to salt
,   executors. _,    I _,
1 found, enn enjoy some pleasant half     Kvery creditor or other PMMW!'$
'   ' r „!„]„, up,,,, „r interest in the distribution or
! hours by dipping into its  contents,   the estate of the deceased li req.ilirert before
J       ' '     ° '    the 'ourlBCiith day   ol   Junna >. A.U. 1.U1. to
assured thnt from beginning lo   end  send byrcglsiorcd toteivm'^'^M "W
ft B undersigned, hla iiauieland adiliessiiiia lull
17    v. •!___.    _ii_,._.Im   fr,.i„|,, n,„l   thev will lind much to  attract   nnd per - tauten of Ms ola ih or Interest, a id a
V.   Kistler,   district   treiglit and        • statement -tt his account, verified o> sintn
__- „,.__,.. ... _____ n„,i   \nnh  I interest tbem.    Tbe completeness of tory, declaration, andthe nature ol the seour-
passenger agent of the brent   .North-,                              ...          ., Ity (If anv) ln-la by Mm.
i     __   •       . •   . . \t i       the issue in covering the who e wide AitortnesaloflKtd»yofrew-uarj tncex-
ern, made a business trip to   Nelson   lHe !«u« '" uiveriug tue wuoie wiuu «    wl„ „rooted  wm. the atfainlstra-
... , ; field of Canadian sport gives  it  dis- tion -of ihe estaie. .ty*'"* ■■**»!!K,",, i^ve
this week. I f        " claims only  Of  which  they shall then nave
| Unction nnd goes fur to   account for notice. ^^ ^ 8ovember, A. „. 1M0,
Mr. and Mrs.  J. C,   Taylor nnd the standing the magazine has won jbHN A. OpBVKU*,
1 _ FRANK (i. (('IKl i'.IAj,
Mrs. Gilmour left on   luesday   for and continues to deserve. Efcteoutori.
OUR HOLIDAY GOODS are better than last year,
and that says a great deal.
Call early and select goods, and we will lie
pleased to keep them for yon. See tha goods,
anyway, whether yon buy or not.
-2 WOOD LAND    &   CO.K-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy' your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a mar-
gin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit lor a king at
in Bulk
.orists an
Lowest Prices
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
jib 4% _____■ J_fc-!7fiX17.pi PT. LOT between
K^E%ri -■-•■i.-i m.I M,i'.I streets,
Tl^%XllJ just above Judge Uamy'i
*^**sW^LW^LW audit, Ghw'h places; separated frnm all other proper tip* hy 20-ft.
lane: as large as seven or eicht. ordinary tuts,
adjoining lots are worth _j.J.'it); would mnke
nice home, with mittiuieiit nround for chick-
ens. fruit, garden und luwu; most desirable
locution lu city.
35  ACRES adjoining
<lty limits on south;
H   aores clenreil: 160
, fruit irees. new four*
roum house: hum for six horses; horse,
lnwury.doiihle Imriii.s* and hirmlng implements.   All for $.j_KH}_   Easy terms-
aud three lots within
one block uf business
„ centre;   lawn, shade
'ices, fruit irt'rs, berr.v hushes, lartre trartlen.
Will alio sell furniture of house if desired.
One-half cast), buliince terms,
_.  miles from tuwn;
room  house,   platt*
red; lara*i' biivgyihed,
.__    _ irished;    ISO    fruit
Irees,   7(1  Insuring; 8}j   acres   strawberries.
gooseberries, OlKMUtft. raspberries: froo fiom
irost: tlie best locution around Grand   Korks;
plenty   uf  good   water; fruit und  crop iu
Between 3 bud 4 acres
lu West end uf city;
first-class soil, idl un-
der oui ivation; small
Ik,use, woodshed and outbuildings) well and
pump; uood fence. This Is a sacrifice, as owner is about toleuvut'Hy.   Terms.
■Swim cash, balance terms. One
01 best hotels in
T     _    _   ~ the business oeii
ire nf Grand PoiUs; now- doing a profitable
Itiisiim.-M owner desi'es to remove to (he
coast. This is the best bargain in this part
of the province, as there are but- s'ven hotel
licenses Iii the (irand Korks. titty is growing
rapidly. No other town in southerU Hritish
Coliimbiu hus as bright future pio*ports.
For further information re
garding the above properties
call or address
Bicycles and Kkpair Work—A
complete line of 1 ft 10 models. A fe»
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. eo. VV, Cooper, Winnipeg
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; #5U0 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Swimming Against
=the Stream=
I* Ilk* trying ta tlo • MOOCMful
kutinui without advertising.
And It \» not oupomlvo to goln
doolrablo publicity by tho uoo of
printer!' Ink. Our Classified
Wont Ads. eost little ond oro
rood by nearly everyone.
Try them eo o system tonlo
for your business.
JEEULEWOKK wmitwl to do at home. Call
.   oi> Mr.. Win. Keron,Second street.
GOOD PASTURaok for cattle rloseto t-lty;
Mat,- .mice; aliniiiiaue ot fecit.   Eor term:
apply toJolin Hummer, Eourtli of July creeK.
WANTED -Situation un Janitor or bartend*
er.   Aililru.H W.  J.. Oeneriil  Unlivery,
Oram) Korks, 11. C.
■UKNISHEIi KOUMS-Apply Sim. B.Craw-
ADVERTISING SPACE in The Sim.tlie most
widely reud newspupt-r in the Kettle Vul-
I      ottil-l-.
new.    Apply  Sun
rHHEE  BOTTLES Bold  Nelson   Heer   50o.
I    Lion Bottling Works.
BARN ANDHOUSE-Tlic Forrester l»rn, '2
lots and house, In Columbia.   Apply J. H.
Pluth, Box ill.
I A RGB BOTTLE Pert Wine ioc.   Lion Bot-
tllnir Works.
LAND—16(1 acres good timothy land.   Apply
Ihis ,,llicc.
SPATE for advertising   purposes   in  Tlie
SPECIAL OLD PORT 11 per gallon.   Lion
Rottiiug Works. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
" 8. T. HULL, Manage*
zJWr. Frank O. Ireson in
"JOSHUA suras
I   OCC   The Great Sawmill Scene
I   g££   The Funny Farmer Band Parade
I   Secure Your Seats now at H. E. Woodland
One kind of smile
generally begets
With s First-Class
Moving Picture Show
Under entirely New Management.
Splendid Singing t'*^*****1*
Admission 15c.
Wednesday and Friday.
Children 10c
The Best Christmas Gift for
a Little Money
Sent as a   year's subscription to
Holy Trinity Cnuncn,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services:   Holy com-
The Youth's Companion, $2.00 will niunion,  8:00   a.m.;   morning prayer
buv, for any  Canadian subscriber, I and sermon,   It  a.m.; evensong und
the  fifty-two weekly issuex of The jaBrm011' 7;3° ?;m' \ Hmvi^Ll sellu"'' 1
v    ,i ,   n ■     ,    ,,,,, P.m.    First   Sunday  of  the   month
Youth's Companion for 111 11. r -ii i„ „„i0i„,,f„i „t
T     ... . holy communion will he celebrated at
It will buy the two hundred and ! t)ie i j a „, sei-vice as well as at 8
fifty faiscinating stories in the new I a.m. Weekday and special services
volume. ias they are announced  from  time   to
It will buy the fifty exclusive con- time- You ttre cordially invited to
,..„,-„   ... ,        .    ,   I worship   with   ns, and  we would be
tributions to the new  vo time by fa-    ,     J.       ,,„.,'
J       i pleased to met vou,
moUB men and women. i
.,     .„      ...    .-. „'    ... Knox   Presbyterian    Chuucii—
lt will  entile the new Canadian „ ,,  .,       .     „,.,, „ _ ,,„., :.in„
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and i ..JU p.
subscriber for 1911 who sends in his m . sabbath school and Bible class at
subsaiiption now to all the issues of 9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
The Companion for the remaining Seats free. llev. M. D. McKee, pas-
weeks of 1910 free. tur-               ^
It will entitle the new Canadian '    Methodist Church J. Rev. Cal-
subscriper   for   1911   tn Tbe Com- vert, D.U., Pastor.-Sunday services
.    ,.  , „ .     ,      ....           ,    . ]1 a.m. and 7:i0 p.m.;Sunday school,
piiniou s Art Calendar, lithographed 2 3Q        . J^ r^; Monday
in twelve colors and gold.   - at 8:00 p.m ; prayer   meeting,:Wed:
It the subscription is a Christmast nesdays, 8'p.iii.; Junior League,  Fri-
gift, it will ent tie the donor to an days, "7:00 p.in.    Everybody will   be
extra copy ol the 1911 Calendar.
"Loud  applause" is   uf teller   seen
than heard.
Tooting your own born   won't  get
you iu the procession,
The   man   who   hesitated and lost
would have lost anyhow.
If all races went to the swift there
would be fewer races.
The oftener some men fail the more
money they accumulate.
The high prices of meat do not  affect the codfish aristocracy.
If a woman can't praise a man,
she can at least pretend to.
It requires Utile perseverance to
keep on drawing dividends.
The best card players are those who
lose the least on poor hands.
Lots of men have pretty necks and
shoulders—but what's the use.
When a woman asks a man's advice
she is trying to get him in bad.
A suffragette may be an old girl
who isn't satisfied with her lot.
Did you ever hear of a man who
married a woman to reform her?
lt takes a shrewd defaulter to make
a clean up which requites no getaway.
When a girl gets old enough to
have sense she quits wearing sensible
A good fellow downtown usually
evens it up by being disagreeable at
Some speculators can name every
railroad, but not one bank they can
draw on.
People who never complain about
anything don't get regular handouts
of goodies.
There are lots of honest people
who have never had an opportunity
to be otherwise.
When a man gets caught making a
fool of himself he thinks he was one
only because he was caught.
The worst of it is that the man who
can't explain his had lehav . r and
general misconduct usually does.
Any inexperienced person can
plunge into the swim, but it takes a
swimmer to stay there and do fancy
The people who don't seem to have
any opinion at all sometimes are in
possession of the inost;stri:iiuous kind
of opinion, and the withholding of it
Is the biggest slap imaginable to the
noisy crowd about them.
Hotel C°*in
Opposite Gteit Northern Station
Recently eomnleted and
newly turultdifd thronsb-
out. Conveniently located
for ruilwuy men. Klrst-
cluss neeommodatloiis lor
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at pre'
vailing rates, l-'iue line of
wines. Ltquoriantl Qlgafi
always in stoek at the bar.
I    Grand Forks, B, C.
Yalo Land Dlltrlot, DUtrlot ol simllUnmeen.'
take NOTICK tlmt Walter Gory, ol I'riiu-
* doll, Man,. ,._i..i:ii|>utiuii Kuriii-r, intomln to
u|i|ilv tor  iiermUhloii to imieliai ■ the follow
li'iiiileHorllii-il luntls:
The illustrated Announcement of
the larger and better Companion for
1911 will be sent to any Canadian
address free.
The Youth's Companion, 14+
Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. New
subscriptions received at tbis office.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
•gram and menu cards just received at
Tiik Sun job office.
Baptist  Ciiyitoit,   Rev.   H.   W
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at _.':ii0 p.m.
N THE MATTER of 'lie Land llcirlstry AM
unil in tlie niiittm- of ttio title .9 Lot 178ft
droop l.OMoyoos DtVialoil, (now known ti.
Siiiiilkainoeit) Division of Yale His:ri,-t,
llrltiuli Columbia
Wil Kit 1. As Ortiilcati- of Title c.f  Patrlok
T«rrlon, lie-mi; Certlfloate nf Title Nn.
hioin, tn tin- iiiinve liereitittiineubi Ims been
km!   or ilL-.troyeil, a 1  a|i|iliiiatloii Initi tlut'll
made tn nn- lor II ilnpllrat   llinrt-of.
Notiue in hereby Klven ilint adiiiiltoiiteOer.
tiflctitttqfTtHeto the nho'e lidri-dltuments
will lie tunned nt th" expiration nf one mouth
from the date hereof, unlei'H in the meantime
valid objection, to the eolitfHiy he made to
Ine in writing.
W. II. KliSllMl-.
Iiistriet Ketflmriirof Title,.
Land Registry Office.
KamlpOpi, H.C, Sept..,1'Jiu.
(I'ubllshed Annually)
KtiuUc* trndiTH  throughout the  world   tn
communicate direct with Kuirllsh
In eacl) ohms of goods,   Be_ddi.n lirinu a complete coinme'eiui kuIiIu to London and its    — —-
sulmrlts, the directory contain* lists of
with the floods they ship, ami Iho Colonial ,, ,F0',M°F N0T'f*    ,„
and Foreign Markets they supply; 1 Vale Land District. District ol Slmllkoinel-n.
t.m, 1 iiomn   Ti.ino TAKK   notice that  I, Abiii-kb Ellen Paulson,
SihAMSIill'  LINKS I |    of Itnwlauil, it. C, oeciilintion Wife, in-
■  . ■ :   tend. lo apply for   permission to ptirclia-e
iirrauirod under the Ports to which they sail,   the following'lescrlbed lumis:
and liidioatiin. theaiiproximate Sailings:       1    t:niiiinenciiitr at   a  post    planled   nt thc
,>,w_>t_»'_-it «t   ri-i> _r,i.i vriwinuo 'eoulbweet corner of .lames Miller's pre-einp-
1'ROVINCIAL TRADE NONIOES   tion. UltUSaS., on Deep Creek; thenoe north
j Iill eliains; thenee west •Jllchiiins: thenee south
of leading Manufacturers. Merchants, etc., in : -itl chains: thenee west III ■elniiiis: thence
the principal provincial towns and Industrial ' south 2u eliains; thence east lid eliains tu thc
centres of the United Kingdom. 1 point of commencement-
A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, Irclirlit paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 203.
I'.nlers seekinir Agencies call advertise
their trade curds lor M, or lnrRer advertise-
nients from £3.
J. U.Cruiistnn, Atfeut.
Dated May 16th, 1901,
Show cards for widnows and  inside
are a   fine form  of silent salesmen,
THE LONDON DIRECTORY CO., LTD., | [),.int thei)1 plai;iiy> t0 \)e , ead at a
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.    j glanco.
omnienelliu ut a post planted •„, the
south boundary of i.nt H4iS. and ahout ten
eliains north ol the N.W. corner of I.nt 747 on
Hie Sheep Creek: theuce west ISO chains:
thenoe south 4(1 chain*; thence east SO chains;
thence north 20 chains: tliB'-ice east HOchalns:
thenee north'20 cliniiii to pofut of commence-
WALTER (1ERY, Applleiint,
Bv J. R Cranat His Agent.
Dated thia 13th day of March, 1910.
An illustrated "travel talk"—the
event of the season. Lecture by Frederick William Prim.-e, in the Grand
(forks iiperii house, December 7th.
Illustrated by'27."> beautifully colored
lantern slides and 1 DUD feet of excellent, f. moving picture film. The
lanterns and moving picture machine
used are strictly high class. Under
the management of the Southern Pacilic Railway company.
Mi-o-na, an Excellent Stomach Remedy
Mrs. .1. R. Whyte, Killarnev,
Man., who says: "I have found great
comfort and relief from Mi-ona, 1
bad been greatly troubled fnr months
with heartburn and a heavy burning
feeling in my stomach. A fair meal
would disturb me so much that I
would have to sit up nt night—tbe
fluid would sour on my stomach and
form a gas which would cause lic'ch-
ini; and dizzy spells. Tbese disliv.ss
ing troubles disappeared nfter usiii),'
Mi-o-na, and    1    shall  always   s| eak
highly   of   this   excellent     st ach
Mi-o-na is the best prescription for
stonianh trouble over written, lt
gives quick relief and cures permanently, Mi-ona is put up in tablet
form and is small and easy to swallow. Sold by leadingMrucgistseverywhere, 5(1 cents, with a guarantee to
cure or refund your money. Or postpaid from The B. T. Booth Co , Ltd.,
Fort Kiie, Out. Yon will search the
worlp over and nut lind a stomach
remedy half so good ns Mio-nn. Si
and guaranteed by H. E.
ifc Co,
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
PI cue rend tlie headlltie'OTer tiRaln. Then itn
tremendous yiettitlvniice will lawn upon yon
An Oliver Tynewriter-tlie standard  Visible
writer—the trtost highly pert   ted typewriter
..ii the market—youTH for 17 cents    day!
The typewriter Whtidecouqtiest of the coin-
"uTi'iai worlu i«a matter of hlsto »— your* foi
17 cents a day!
The typewriter that Ih equipped with scores o»
iueh coiivenienecK *h   'the Balance Shift* -
The Ruling l)evtce"-"The Double KeieasL'"-
Tlie    Locomotive   Base"—"The    Automatli
Spacer"—"The   Automatic  Tabulator"—''The
—"The Adjustable Paper KlnKerK"-"Tlie S.-l-
entifle Condensed Ke*
board"—all -*
Tours for 17
Gents a Day!
We atiounced this
new saicti puili re.-eiitly. Just tu Hei the pulse of
the people, simply a small eatdi payment—
ihen 17 cents a day.   That lathe olau iu a nut
The result has been such a deluge of appllca-
iloua for machlucti that we are simply as-
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all iiKfs, mi ofeuputltm-i.
Tn ' tuujorltv •)! Inquiries haa come from peo-
leof known lliiauehtl staudiiiK who weieal-
t'acted bv the novelty of the lifopOh. 'on, Au
nnpresaive deinoiistnttion uf the iiiiiDeii»e pol>*
tiiarltyol the o.tver Typewmer
A NtiirtlinK coiiflrmiition of uur belief tlmt
tlie hm t»f Univers-idTypuWrHing tbaiimud.
A Quarter uof a Million People
"are Making Money with
lint Air. Luiie Plm* and Lookout Mineral
Chims situate in the (iitind Forks MmiiiR
DUislotiof Ynle District.
Where located: In McKlnlpy eamp,
TAKK NOTICK that I.Fred W. Held, Free
I Miners' Certificate No. H'ilUfti. for myself
and asatfeut for ». W, Cook. Flge Miniyt
CertiH-ate No. B2fi2tW, and A. L WhltesiHe,
Free Miners' Certtfloate No. H13858. intend,
sixty da*s fromtbe date hereof, to Hpply to
the Mining Ueeorder for Certlfioate% of Im*
nrovement, for the purpose of obtaining
Crn\Mi ti mots of the above claims.
And further take notice tbat actloa, under
section W, must be commenced before the
issuance o( such Certificates of Improvement.
Dated this WrA day of July, A D 1!M0.
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter Is a unuiey-makt'i
right from the word "go!" Sneasv to fun that
liei'liiiierssoou tret hi the "expert" class. Karu
us you learn. Let the mnehin'! pay tbe 17 cents
a day—mid all above that is yours.
Wherever you are, there la work to he dom-
and money t<» be made hv nsftiM tlie Oliver Tbe
bu-dness world is calling for uihcr operiitor*.
There arc not enough to supjily the demand
Tln'irsiilaries are coiiKplerably above tliose ni
ma uy*c lasses of workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is the battle cry today. Ae Imve muii.
tlie Oliver supreme In usefulness nod absolute!)
Indlapeiisftblo in liusinuss. Now comes the eon
ijili'Kt of tlie home.
The simplicity and strength of tin- Oliver lit ll
fer family use. It U li'-eomlinr an imiiort.iiM
nctor in the nnme training of voting people.
a ii educator as well us a money mak t.
tiur new selline iilnii puts tbe Oliver on itie
llireslmld nf every linlnu in America Will votl
cu»se ili*> doorol your home nrolttfle on mis re-
uiiirluii'le Oliver off r'.'
Write for fiirther details of.bur easy otl'er und
a fruecopj ol ttie new Oliver eatalnu."   Adi re^s
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typimrllor Building,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, tpetallttrgv, terminology, uses, statistics nnd finances of
copper. It is a pracical bonk, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in . any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor,
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies iu all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen piiKes, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's standard Reference
book on Copper
The mining man needsHhe book for
tbe fa'ts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives liiin about mining, mining investment* and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in.plain English.
Price is .$5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.5U in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
45:1 Postoffice Block,
Houi(hton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
Regulations   '
ANY available Dominion UiiiIi within tlm
liulUvny Roll ,,f Hi-null Oolnnililn may ha
1mitiii.-i,.i,<I,.*I liy any llflrion *vln» 1. tin, ht'inl
if a family, or nu} malnovorelirlitoQii .enr,
ofnjto, n>i> Ktant 'if i-titiarter notion
nf I'Mi nei-Qf, iikh I- in* leal.
Kntrv itkiist li,- innli' n'-r.ntiiillv nt tln> Inciil
Inn I nllli'i. fnr the lllltrlOl in will lb llm Inml
Itl Innli..
Tin* lin nrsti'ifli-r   i-   ri'nnlrt.il to pftrforln
tin- pnnilitl i uojtetl tlioriwltn  tinaef
urn- uf iln' following plain:
Mi At leant -l\ month.' reiluQiiu up in and
I'uhi vm i.m uf tin- Inml in oaah year for thru
COLUMBIAN    COLLEGE ! *,"'""'' ','"■ 'rtW' '""""i"''" ul'i '"""■r '*
dcecif-eill. of tlie hOmutOador reside, upon u
fm in in the vlolnlty («f the land entered fur.
the req ii If•tnenta at to resldenos iuaj beiat*
inlied fiy luoh uer-jdii reafdiiI|E with the father
(11)    tf  tiie   H^ttler   Im-   Iii- iH'Ciiinni'tit i'i-.i-
Reoelve hoth Udles and Gentlemen ai rp«'-
dent or duy itiidflutaj hu« a oomnlete Com-
morolal or RutineM Oour»ei nrcinirt;'* itu<
denttjto train Teiu-herH' Qeruttontei nf nil
Kradesi jtlveithe four yean' wnirse fur tin
ii. A.driirt'p.iuid the flpit reur of the Sehon
of Uolence course, Ui atflllatlon with ttie Tu
rnuinUiilveraityi hot a iiwcdal proiuecturi
eon i*se for nit tiers who work In B.Oi I" true
linn in alBo given hi Art, Mu*ie, Pliy-leiil Ciil
ture and Klnoutlon. Term opens Sept. 11,
lihiS,   Kur (HleutlurH. otn„ uddrpHS
Don't forget thnt Tho Sun nsis thf
West job priflting depan'ritent in thf
Boundary country.
We have some of the highest grade
paper ami stui tonei'y for up-to-date
comDiei'eial p't-inting every hruuy;lit to
thu liouiutai'v.    fiun .lob Office,
ilpme npeni far ml no laud owned l>y hltti lu
tlie vlolnlty td hli homestead,the require"
menti.ai to resldmice may i»i *at|iHed t>>
reildeiioe upon the mid 'uu 1.
>ix iiinutith' notice in wrltltiB ihould be
KlveutheOommlMlonerof Dumlnlrjti Landi
ut Ottawa of Intension to apply fur pntent.
Coal—Coal mtutnu rluii's tauv tie leaeea
fur a period of twenty-one yean ut uu an*
uiiiil rents! of $1,00 per aore. Sot morplhan
■i.'MVi aorei hIiuII tie tea«ed tn one ludlvlduttl or
cumnany. a royftlty ut the rate of five cents
per ton {.hull In* DOlloeted on thp merchant*
utile Dual mined,
ff. W.CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of tliB (utertbr,
N.H.- Uniiuttitirizetl publication of (bio
advertisement will uut be imitt for.
Tiik Sus is  read  by everybdy  bo
cause it prints all tlu? Boundary news THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Suffered Several Years With
Kidney Trouble, "Peruna
Cured Me."
Mr. John N.
Watklns, 3133
Sheimn doah
Ave., St. Louis,
Mo.,   writes:
"Among all
the greatly ad-:
vertlsed medicines for kidney and bladder trou b 1 e
there is nothing which
equals Peruna. I suffered
for sev e r a 1
years with this
trouble, spent
hundreds of
dollars on doctors and medicine and atl to
no purpose until I took Peruna.
"One bottle
did me more ., , , .. ... ,, .
good than all Mr- John N- Watklns.
the others put together, as they only
poisoned my system. Peruna cured
me. I used it for four months before
a complete cure was accomplished, but
am truly grateful to you. The least 1
can do In return Is to acknowledge
the merits of Peruna, which I take
pleasure in now doing."
Bladder Trouble.
Mr. C. B. Newhof, 10 Delaware
street, Albany, N. Y., writes:
"Since my advanced age I find that
I have been frequently troubled with
urinary ailments. The bladder seemed
Irritated, and my physician said that
It was catarrh caused by a protracted
cold which would be difficult to overcome on account of my advanced years.
1 took Peruna, hardly daring to believe
that I would be helped, but found to
my relief that I soon began to mend.
The irritation gradually subsided, and
the urinary difficulties passed away. I
have enjoyed excellent health now for
the past seven months. I enjoy my
meals, sleep soundly, and am as well as
1 was twenty years ago. I give all
praise to Peruna."
Canadian Pacific
Low Round Trip Rate, to
Tickets an sale Dec. 1 ta Dec. 31, inclusive, good  to return within three
Tickets   issued   in - connection   with
Atlantic Steamship   will   Im on sale
ftom Nov. II,   and   limited   to   five
months from date of issue.
Finest     equipment.    Standard    first
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compartment - I.ibiaiy ■ Observation
Car on "Imperial Limited."
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.10k, making connections   at   Toronto   for   all
points East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winni
peg daily at 8.25k, and the "Atlantic
Express" at 19.00k daily, making connections  at Montreal  for all  points
East thereof.
Apply  at  the  nearest O.P.R.  Agent
for full information
Liked It
Parent—"How did you get along
with your geography lesson today,
Johnnie ?"
Pupil—"Beautifully. Teacher was
ao pleased that sho made me stay
after school and repeat it all over
again—only just to her."
No one need endure the agony of
corns with Bolloway's Corn Cure at
hand to remove them.
Mother'. "Oh, Hobby, I'm ashamed
of you. I never told stories when I
was was n little girl."
Hobby: "When did you begin, then,
DODD'S   '
Wanted for Stealing Fares and Selling Tickets.
(From Montreal Gazette.)
Judge Lanctot, at tlie request of the
crown prosecutor, has issued a bench
warrant for the arrest of E. Smith, a
former sleeping-car conductor in the
employ of the Canadian Pacific railway company, whu at one time ran
between Montreal and Vtncouver, and
latterly between Montreal and Toronto.
Early in Octoher information reached tlie Crown authorities whicli led up
to Smith's arrest for stealing sleeping
ear tares, and for stealing and selling
railway tickets to various persons in
Montreal and elsewhere. Smith had
a preliminary hearing and was committed for trial to the Court of King's
Bench, bis case being set for the 10th.
When called, he tailed to appear,
with the result that his bail was forfeited and a bench warrant issued for
liis arrest.
The case caused a good deal of interest in railway circles, and it is
probable; that other than railway people will become interested, as the
names and addresses of quite a number of people witli whom he has been
Jo.ng business are known, and it is
likely that before the mutter is finally disposed of several of tlie hunters
for bargains in railway transporta-
.ion will be dealt with.
"It is really too bad," said a high
official of the Canadian Pacilic, "that
the travelling public should suggest
such dishonesty to conductors. If
passengers would refrain from making conductors steal from the company by offering them facilities and
inducements to do so, it would be
better for them in every way. We
have the names of a good many men
who have done this in Montreal and
other places and they include some
pretty prominent men. Morally they
are as guilty, if not more so, than the
conductors whom they train to become thieves, and the practice of trying to get this cheap transportation
at the expense of the company and
the honesty of the conductors cannot
be too sharply repressed.
"In the present instance it has led
to the ruin of a young man and the
breaking up of his home. While we
are sorry for those who suffer by it,
the company must stop this business
of stealing fares, and prosecution will
follow every instance that is discovered."
We know and user* of Royal Yeast Cakes know that these
are the best goods of the kind in the World. Bread made with
Royal Yeast will keep moist and fresh longer than that made with
any other.   Do not experiment—there is no other "just as good."
I. W OILLITT OO. I.TO. Toronto, rnt.
AtHtttad highest Honors a* all repositions.
L1 M' ■ ■!'    ''.".I'
mmn *n:**>
Date  of  Decision
Mrs. Tellit—Yes, she is a decided
Mrs. Knockit—Indeed! When did
she decide?
Weak, Sickly Babies
Make Home Wretched
No home is happy where there is a
sick baby. The sufferings of the little one makes the whole household
wretched, for what mother or father
would not rather suffer themselves
than to see their little one suffer.
But there is no reason for wretched
homes, because baby is ill. Baby's
Own Tablets will cure all the minor
ills of babyhood and childhood; not
only that, but an occasional dose of
the Tablets will keep baby well.
Thousands of mothers have found
happiness through the Tablets making their little ones well and happy.
Among them is Mrs. C. C. Roe, of
Georgetown, Ont., who writes: "I
can heartily recommend Baby's Own
Tablets as a help to the baby during the hot summer season. We have
used them and are much pleased with
their results." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at
26 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"What d'yer fink o' the new togs,
"Absolutely puffick. They couldn't
fit yer better if you wos born in 'em!"
—London Opinion.
Often what appear to be the most
trivial occurrences in life prove to be
the most momentous. Many are disposed to regard a oold as a slight
thing, deserving of little consideration, and this neglect often results in
most serious ailments entailing years
of suffering. Drive out colds and
coughs with Bickle's Anti-Com-ump-
tive Syrun, the recognised remedy for
all affections of the throat and lungs.
Mrs. Naggit—"Before we were married you used to admire my strength
of character."
Mr. Naggit—"I consider it stubbornness now."
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease tliat science haB
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the syst-.'in,
thereby destroying the foundation of
tlie disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its
work. Tlie proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for ary
case that it fails to cure. Send for
list of testimonials.   Address:
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold  by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
To prevent delicate white fabrics
from becoming yellow when packed
away sprinkle bits of white wax freely among the folds.
A Cure for Rheumatism.—A painful
and persistent form of rheumatism is
caused by impurities in the blood, the
result of defective action of the liver
and kidneys. The blood becomes
tainted by the introduction of uric
acid, which causes much pain in the
tissues and in the joints. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are known to have effected many* remarkable cures, and
their use is strongly recommended.
A trial of them will convince anyone
of their value.
Rivers—Why do you say positively
that a man can't do wrong by marrying a widow?
Waters—Why, it's plain enough
that if a man marries a widow he
don't marry a miss!
Shilohs Guiv
aalekljr elope cough., ran* Mid* ho.lt
tt* throat and long*. ■  .  ■ U Mats.
Misleading Titles
"Here's a collection of facts that
are of no practical use to anybody,"
said the assistant.
"All right," said the editor, "nead
them up 'Things Worth Knowing'
and let them go."—Washington Star.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Hewitt—"Do-s the climate agree
with your wife?"
Jewett—"That's more than I'd expect of any climate."—Smart Set.
For Frost Bites and Chilblains.—
Chilblains come from undue exposure to slush and cold, and frost-bite
from the icy winds of winter. In the
treatment of either there is no better
proportion than Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
tric Oil, as it counteracts the inflammation and re'ieves the pain. The
action of the oil is instantaneous nnd
its application is extremely simple.
I -   » \\_\X^~n
Shilohs Gum
•sickly stew oouihs, otmuldf, basis
no (kraal amd lumaa. ■   ■  ■ M eeata.
In an English town a gentleman
and a count ryinan approached a cage
in the travelling too from opposite
directions. This cage contained a
very fierce looking kangaroo. The
countryman gated at the wild animal fur a few minutes witli mouth
and eyes both open, and then, turning to the gentleman, he asked,
"What kind of animal is that?"
"Oh," replied tlie gentleman, "that
is a native of Australia."
The countryman covered his eyes
with his hands as he exclaimed in
horror, "Well, well! my sister married one of them!"—Judge.
W. N. U., No. 822.
New One on Him
Visitor (at public library)—I suppose tliat when some sensational
novel happens to make a hit you have
calls for it ad nausem?
Attendant—Ad what? Oh, yes, I
think I remember. We've had one or
two calls for it, but it's rather commonplace, don't you think?—Chicago
"Take your arm away, sir!" sharply exclaimed the ind'gnant maiden.
"So!" said the young editor, musingly, "nn unexpected accident, we
regret to say, prevents our going to
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
True After All
A schoolmaster had just finished a
lesson on food when a little boy put
up hi. hand. On being asked what
he wanted he replied:
"Please sir, Jones said he knew a
baby that was brought up on ele
phant's milk and it gained ten
pounds in weight every day."
"Jones ought not to tell you siieh
rubbish," said the master. Then,
turning to Jones, he added: "Tell me
whose baby was brought up on elephant's milk."
To whicli Jones hesitatingly replied:
"Please sir, it was the elephant's
baby."—New York Herald.
Conclusive Evidence
"The evidence,"   said   the   judge,
"shows that you threw a stone in this
"Sure,"   replied   Mrs. O'HooIihan,
"and  the  looks  av  the  man   shows
more than that, yer honor.   It shows
that Oi hit him."
From Cabin Boy te Millionaire.
He is very wealthy now, but there
was a day when Sir Thomas Linton
hadn't a penny. He started work as
an errand boy; afterwards went '»
America as a cabin boy, and on arri
val a hotel agent touted among tho
passengers. Seeing the boy forlorn
and hearing he was destitute, the
agent offered ten days' free board anj
lodging if he could bring twelve emigrants to his hotel. Young Lipton
brig,iloiied up at once, because he
had become very friendly with the
emigrants through writing their letters, he being the only one in the
steerage who could read and write.
The emigrants were quit willing to go
to the hotel, and the boy got his free
board and time to look round for a
To-day Sir Thomas, who Is going on
a voyage to Ceylon in his yacht Erin
is probably tlie greatest clubman ,1
the world, for he is honorary member of nearly a hundred clubs in Am.
erica alone, besides many dozens in
Great Britain. A confirmed bachelor,
Sir Thomas has been the most "Press-
married" man in the Kingdom, rumors having been frequently afloat -if
his impending marriage. In this con-
nection, he has told a very amusing
story of a somewhat nasty trick that
was played on a bachelor friend of
his oton. A lady was one day reproaching him lor never having retarded, when her husband remarked
good-humoredly: "He says he could
ave cut me out and married you if
he had wanted to." "Indeed," she
exclaimed, with some asperity, "Why
didn't he do it then?" "He says," wai
the calm reply, "that he owed me a
When He Hedged on Faith.
"Dar's nuthin' lak laith," said
Brother Williams. "I once prayed a
fat turkey eff a high roost, but de
sheriff took him f'um me ez 1 wus
gwine home ter cook him, an' I wus
took ter jail."
"Why didn't you pray your way out
of jail?" some one asked.
"I would 'a' done it," was the reply,
"but 1 didn' t want Providence tei
know I wuz in no sich place!"
Dost Unto Dust.
A certain philosopher whu flourished during the chestnut and whisker
age. albeit of a general disposition,
came one mornipg upon his pretty
servant polishing his escritoire.
"Dost clean my furniture, fair
maiden?" he inquired facetiously.
"I dust," replied the maid.
Whereat the philosopher laughed
hugely und gave her a sausage.
' A Hot Scent
The subject of conversation between
the last two sportsmen left up at
night in ^ the smoking room after a
hard day's shooting was tlie wonderful scent of the dogs.
"Mine is a marvel. Not long ago
I went motoring far from home. My
pointer, although chained up, worked
himself out of his collar, und found
me two hours afterwards. What do
you think of that?"
"I think you ought to have a
Mrs. Julien Painchaud, for seven
years a sufferer, finds quick relief
and complete cure in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Whitworth, Temiscouata Co., Que.,
(Special).—With the coining of winter the ravages of Kidney Disease are
again felt in this province, and the
fact that a sure cure is vouched for
in this village is news worth giving to
the world. Mrs. Julien Painchaud is
tiie person cured and she states without hesitation that she found her cure
in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"For seven years my heart and Kidneys bothered me," Mrs. Painchaud
states, "I was always tired and nervous. I could not sleep. My limbs
were heavy and I had a dragging sensation across the loins. My eyes had
dark circles under them and were
puffed and swollen. I was bo ill I
could hardly drag myself around to
Jo my housework.
"A neighbor advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and I found relief in the first box. Six boxes made
me perfectly well."
If you have nny two of Mrs.
Painchaud's symptoms your Kidneys
are diseased. Cure them and guard
against serious, if not fatal results
by using Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"Mamma," said Ethel, returning
from school with a most discouraged
appearance, "I'm never, never, going
to study any more!" "Why, dearie,
what's the matter?" inquired the stir-
'.■rised mother. "Why don't you want
to study?" " 'Cause it's no use," was
the impulsive answer, "it's no use at
all. I can't n«ver learn spelling.
Teacher keeps changing the words ell
the time!"
Ws are   everywhere with the   standard goods.
Paper and Matches ara our specialties.   Let us
know your wants—we'll da tha rest.
TEES fc PERSSE, LIMITED, Agents, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,
Raglna, Fort William and Port Arthur.
If You are Not at Your Best
don't worry about it—there's no good in worry. Get better!
If your stomach is wrong, your liver and bowels inactive—your
nerves are sure to be on edge and your blood impure. Be
cheerful and hopeful.  As they have helped in thousands of cases,
will help you and will give your system the natural help it needs.
A few doses will make a great difference in your feelings and your
looks. They will help you all along the line—to a clear bead,
free from aches—to bright eyes—to healthy active organs. This
sure,  quick  and  tonic   family remedy  will help  Nature  to
Restore Your Full Vigor
Pripired only br Thorns BtMham,
>oH tvwrwbtft la Ciiiii juw U.
St. HtltM, Uatfihlrt. Eifliwl.
l.A—rlw. htow1' THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The Government Has Declared in
Favor oi Negotiations With the
Federal Government to Secure
Provincial Control of Valuable Resources—Mr. Cornwall on the
Wealth of the North. '
Edmonton, Alta,.—The government,
through Premier Sifton, lias declared
once and ior all in favor of negotiations with the federal government to
secure provincial control of natural
resources, thereoy udopting, with the
exception of lanus, tne platfouu that
was, for years, tne foundation principle of tlio old territorial provincial
rights party under Hon. Mr. Haul-
tain, ol which paity, Piemier Sifton
was a former member.
Speaking of the resolution, of
Bruuiley-Aioore, calling upon the government to take steps to secure the
control of such natural resources as
are oi local concern, Premier Silton
said it would be the policy of the government to forward negotiations with
the Dominion government towards
this end, and to keep on negotiating.
He, personally, had always been in
accord with tne views expressed in
the resolution.
On tne request of the premier, Mr.
Moore's reBOiution, seconded by Mr.
Cornwall, wus withdrawn, tne premier pointing out tnat its passing could
do little towards assisting the cause
of provincial rights since it was a
question of negotiating mere than
anything else.
For the first time since the session
opened, reference was made in the
debate on Moore's resolution to the
A. & G. ,W. and the premier's proposed policy in connection with the
Despite the fact that the premier
had not officially announced his
policy to the house, both Cornwall
and Michener indicated their standing on the question of the house,
when they broke into direct denunciations of the premier's proposed appropriation of the A. & G. W. money
for the wiping out of the provincial
debt and other purposes. Mr. Cornwall made his usual convincing address on the resources of the north
country, thundering on the desk with
his fist, declared in emphatic language, "there has been enough valuable timber destroyed in the north
country in the last ten years by
wasteful forest fires, to wipe out this
little debt that we hear so much of,
and to build half a dozen railways
without it having cost us a cent."
Mr. Cornwall went on further to
denounce the inefficient manner of
the department of the interior in not
protecting this valuable asset from
destruction by fires.
Mr. Michener referred to the premier's proposal to deal with the A. &
G. W. bonds, as a misappropriation
of money to pay a debt which would
never have existed had Alberta owned
its natural resources and waB it deriving revenue therefrom.
Mr. Cornwall, rising to second Mr.
Moore's resolution, said the question
of provincial control of resources had
been a bone of contention between
political parties, but he was going
to deal with it from the standpoint
of an Alberta business man, and
would like to have the house consider
the question in that light. If the
province could possibly get hold of
her natural resources, there woUld be
little difficulty between the parties,
as it would be only a matter of administration.
Mr. Cornwall referred to the efforts
to get the Dominion government interested in the development of the
north and instanced how little faith
either party at Ottawa appeared to
have in the richness of that section
of the Dominion. He said the present
party in power at Ottawa had done
• some little woik in surveying and exploring. He thought it wouid be an
easy matter to secure control of the
natural resources, since the authorities appeared to have such little faith
in the country.
"In the old Athabasca territory,"
said Mr. Cornwall, "there is 100,000,-
000 acres of land, 40 per cent, ot
which is as capable of cultivation as
any of the land between Edmonton
and the international boundary.
Twenty-five per cent, was swamp
land, not muskeg, and the balance in
timbered lands. It is well-known
that the land which will live longest
without artificial means oi cultivation
is the land that is timbered.
"There are great tracts of tar sand
on the Athabasca river; the river cuts
through 126 miles of it. At Fort Mc-
Murray, on the 900-foot level, there is
a deposit of salt 15 feet thick, then
there is 16 ieet of sandstone, then a
further layer of sandstone, then a
further layer of 65 feet of salt. There
is untold wealth in the beautiful granite deposits that are on the edge of
the barren grounds around Lake Athabasca. There is gold in the Laird and
the Athabasca, copper in Uie north
country. The Yellow Knives, a native
tribe, received their names because
they used raw copper to make knives,
kettles, pots and other utensils. There
are tremendous deposits of copper ore
on Great Bear lake, and the whaling
industry of the Arctic is tributary to
Albnrta by means of the Waterway."
Mr. Michener made a strong address on the Bubject. He declared the
lands were the one chi»f local concern of the province. He advocated
the rr"seit system of homesteading
b» abolished and substi'ute the one
of so much per acre improvement f"e8,
the province to use the monev bu'ld-
ing' mads and railways. In tnis way
,he estimated the province wouid de
rive an immense revenue and get a
better class of settlers.
He declared all the Liberals in the
territories were in favor of provincial
ownership of resources. Scott, Bul-
yea, Oliver, Rutherford, Sifton, Deve-
bre, all once advocated this idea.
Now, said he, they were all in high
office and presented a complete
change of front on the question.
Michener also declared the province should have control oi the immigration policy of the province, as
thiB was a matter that determined the
people that were to be our neighbors
and citizens.
Police    Have    Difficulty    In   Saving
Liberal Statesmen from Sevsre
London.—Thc political campaign is
being waged with a fiercen.ss, almost
unknown in'England, both by politicians and suffragettes. A battle on
Downing street, which waB fought recently when several hundred suffragettes, attempting to storm the premier's residence, assaulted Mr. Asquith and Augustine Birrell, chief
secretary for Ireland, and broke
many windows in the government
offices, surpassed all previous spectacles of the sort.
About 150 women and several men
supporters were taken to the police
Following an announcement by the
prime minister in the house of commons that, if he were still in power
at the next session of parliament, the
government would give facilities for
the consideration of a suffrage.te bill,
a large body of women, inflamed
rather than placated by this promise,
which was characterized as "nothing
more or less than an insult to the
cause," left Caxton hall in search of
the premier. They found him on the
way to Downing street and immediately formed a ho-tile cordon. One
woman struck the government leader
and the premier would have fared
badly had not large detachments of
police come tunning to Irs rescue.
The police had great difficulty in
putting down the disorders, and the
rioting continued into the evening
when squads of women attacked the
residence of Sir Edward Grey, the
foreign secretary, Winston Churchill,
the home secretary, and Lewis Her-
court, secretary of state for the
Stones crashed through the winlows
of the houses. Sir Edward Grey'B
bearing the brunt of attack.
One band spied Mr. Birrell strolling through St. James park to the
Athenaeum club,' and swooped down
over the aged statesman, knocking his
hat over his eyes, and kicking him
about the legs. When heln came and
the women driven off, Mr. Birrell
limped to his motor car, on the arms
of policemen.
Mr. Churchill addressed a big meeting from which several men adherents of the women's cause were
dragged out by the police. Mr.
Churchill strongly defended the propriety of Irish-American contributions to the Home Rule cause.' The
cry of American dollars was likely to
be used as a retort by .the Liberals,
he said, since Waldorf-Aster announced that he was again a candidate for the Conservatives for Plymouth.
Col.  Sim   Hughes  Would Teach  Alberta Children  Patriotism at
the Cannon's Mouth
Ottawa.—"Is it the proper and best
way to preserve peace in Canada to
get under the bed or to take to the
cellar every time impudence, intolerance, effrontery and oppression show
"Are immigrants to Canada instructed that this is a British country and that it is it's intention to remain so?"
These queries are to be made in the
house by Col. Sam Hughes. They
arise out of a report of the proceedings before the Technical Education
commision at Calgary. The school
inspector of Red Deer said that there
had been some trouble in respect to
singing British patriotic songs, such
as "Rule Britannia," in schools.
United States settlers sometimes objected to them.
Vessels in the Harbor Pay Tributa to
Representative of Canada's
Vancouver.—No unusual incidents
marked the civic reception to Admiral
Kingsinill and the officers oi the
Rainbow, upon the cruiser's first visit
to Vancouver.
Civic officials and citizens joined in
the ceremonies as well as the many
vessels in the harbor, all paying
tribute to the first official representative of Canada's navy on the Pacific.
The weather was perfect.
Commander Stewart, of the Rainbow, who, with the admiral, received
the civic officials, leant a touch of his.
tory to the ceremonies, his father having been formerly in charge of Work
Point garrison at Victoria in the days
ot the Imperial regiment.
The Wlfa's  Intsrsst
Winnipeg.—At a meeting of the
Women's Labor league recently the
dower law was discussed, and it was
Anally decided to petition the provincial government to have the law in
connection placed on the statute
If the views of the league are entertained in the drawing up of the provisions, the wife would be given an
interest to the extent of one-third in
the husband's estate.
General Sir John French Makes a
Special Report on Western Csnada,
Praising the Work of the Western
Troops—A Frank Criticism of Canadian Organization on Various
Ottawa.—The report of Sir John
French, inspector-general oi the imperial lorces, on tue Canadian militia has been made public. Sir John
begins by strongly emphasizing tlie
vuiuo of organization, which, he says,
iB the corner stone of military efficiency, and adds that no amount ol
superior physique, armament or in-
uuiduul excellence in either commanders, staff or bodies of troops,
cun compensate ior a want of it.
General Frencn makes a separate
report on Western Canada. He advocates the line of organization at
present being followed, namely the
development of the mounted rifles
supported by the field artillery, although he also advocates the employment of a oertain amount of infantry,
and perhaps heavy artillery to defend
important centres like Winnipeg or
Calgary. On the whole, he praises
the work of the western.troops in the
camps he visited, but says that many
faults still remain to be rectified, and
that the cavalry should be given sixteen days training at least. He also
advocates the establishment of a
training ground in the west like that
at Petewawa, which he pruses extensively, recommending that it be UBed
more than it is at present.
He also condemns the lack of drill
halls in the west, and censures the
general absence of an open space surrounding them in those places where
drill halls are situated.
General Franch criticises the Canadian organization on two lines. The
proportion between various arms of
service is not correctly adjusted.
There is too much iniantry and heavy
ariillery, and only half as much field
artillery, as is advisable, while the engineers and supply service are too
weak. The distribution of troops is
The arrangement in regards of war
divisions are faulty in that the corps
which would serve together in war
arc not trained together in peace. He
submits with this a scheme of organization which shows a shortage of one
regiment of cavalry, one battery of
horse artillery, twenty batteries of
field artillery, three field troops oi
engineers, five field companies of engineers, four telegraph detachments
and numerous unitB of army Bervice
corps and medical corps.
General French next advocates
drawing up a sound soheme of mobilization, which would include the
establishment of a railway war council, presided over by a chief of the
general staff, and including amongst
its members managers or representatives of the principal railway companies of Canada.
"The staff at present maintained at
headquarters and in commands appears to me absurdly inadequate in
numbers to deal successfully with the
numerous problems which requre ite
attention," he says.
The general also lays strrss upon
the question of horse supply, saying
that the war establishment of existing authorized units calls for a provision of 33,000 horses at once on
mobilization, and a reserve of at least
30,000 more. The registration of so
large a number of horses demands the
organization of a remount staff. He
praises the work of the Breeders' association,
"I may summarise the principal
shortcomings as lying in an inefficiently developed organization, inadequate knowledge in higher command, in the test qualification for officers and non-commissioned officers
of active militia laid down in regulations not being strictly erfireed, and
in the rank and file not being compelled to, fulfill their engagements,"
he said in criticism. "Only when the
regulations which govern the constitution and maintenance of militia are
strictly enforced will it be possible to
say whether the present system meete
the defensive requirements of the
countiy or not. Judging from what I
have seen of the excellent material
and fine spirit which is apparent iu
all ranks, and taking into consideration the marked progress which haB
been made within the past few years
and the evident signs of its continuance I should be inelin"d to think
that so long as the present conditions
of affairs on the North American continent remain as they are, the existing system, efficiently administered
on a sound baBis of peace organization, should suffice to meet the needs
of the Dominion."
Department   Asked   to   Change    Inspection of Brands—Delegation
to Capital
Calgary.—A  most  successiul  meeting  of   the   directors  of  the   Alberta ,        ... ,. ... .   „. „_.
Horse Breeders' Association was held I Text of the Lesson, Matt, xxvi, 31-35,
FOR  DEC. 4,  1910.
in the offices of the Association on I
Wednesday.    Mr.   George  Lane,  the I
president,   was    in    the    chair,   and
there were present at the meeting, the i
following directors- |
George Roels, Pirmey Creek; Capt.;
Inglis, Cochrane; T. J. Scott, Edmonton; John A. Turner, Calgary; F. W.
lngs, Nantiin; W. F. Stevens, Live
Stock  Commissioner,  Edmonton;    D
89-75—Memory Verses, 74, 75—
Golden Text, I Cor. x, 12—Commentary Prepared by Rev. D. M.
As we read the first part of our lesson and eonsiiier the boastful self con-
imenee ol reter und Ins assertion
"Tnuugh a.l men suud be offended because ut 'lliee, yel will 1 never be of-
Thorbuin,    Davishurg;  H.    Bunister, fenued," tnen to the Saviour's "This
I ...vi _l,n.'i, ■      VV        It        'l'l...ri...        It i.,1, ' ..:.-...    .....  .i... I. ...    *|  .I..I,
Accused of Buncoing Policeman
Toronto.—William T. Butt, a young
man wanted in Regina on several
charges of obtaining money under
false pretences from members of the
Mounted Police, was arrested here recently. He admits passing a bad
cheque ior $5 on The Holt Refrew
company of this city.
Earthquakes In Spain
Madrid.—A series of earthquakes
were felt recently at Corunna, Villa
Gracia, Vigo and Ferrol. The people
are greatly alarmed but no damage
is reported.
One Thousand Drown
Saigon,   French   Indio-China.—O.""
thousand persons were drowned n 'I
400 barks were lot during floods in
the province of Quangngai in Annum. I
Davisburg; W. B. Thome, High
River; F. Bedingfield, Pekisko; E. I).
Adams, Calgary; Dr. Hargrave, Medicine Hat; Win. Moodie, De Winton;
Thos. McMillan, Okotoks; D. Clark,
Jr., Gleichen; F. S. Jacobs, Calgary;
G. E. Goddard, High River, and E.
L. Richardson, secretary
nignt, before the cock crow, thou shalt
ueity me thrice," his further more
emphatic assertion, "inougti l shuuid
uie wim inee, yet will i not deny
Tliee," how Ho we pity him and all
tlie disciples, ior they all asserted the
same, lt was as if Peter said: "Loru,
Innn dost not know me.   'lhou canst
The meeting decided to send a delfr sureTy count on me tu be true ut any
gation consisting of the president and
secretary to meet the minister of agriculture with reference to an adequate
grant for next year's show, and to discuss the question of the future work
of the association, also to make a protest against the use of the name of
the Association by a newly organized
horse breeders' association at .Edmonton.
It was decided to ask the department of agriculture to change the in-
cost." Do we see uurselves? Have
we ever sung "Surely the Captain
May Uepend on Me?" If so, were wo
not as foolishly boastful as Peter?
How tbe l*rd must have pitied him I
How He pities us! None can be
saved until tney know that they are
lost, fur He came to Bave the lost.
The condition of every sinner before
God is guilty, without strength, un-
gouly, enemies, enmity against God,
dead in sins, cnildren of disobedience
spection of brands bo as to permit of,and wrath, having no hope and with-
purebred and registered horses being out God in the world (Rom. iii, 19; v,
shipped from point to point in Al- 6, 10; viii, 7; Eph. il, 1-3, 5, 12). Such
berta, or exhibition horses from one helpless, hell deserving sinners Jesus
exhibition to another, without the ne-1 saves fully and forever bv His finish-
cessity of their being inspected for ed work without any help from us
brands. | whatever.    When  saved we are just
TJie date for the. holding of the next as helpless to live a Christian life and
horse show was fixed for April 18 to
21. An effort is going to be made to
make this show even a greater success than the last show, the prize list
was corrected and several new classes
added for the next show. The meeting was one of the most successful in
the history of the association, and
augurs well for the future of the
horse breeding interests oi the province of Alberta.
The  Motion of Amnesty Carried
a Very Big Majority—Stormy
Scenes in  Parliament
Rio Janeiro.—The Chamber of Deputies by a vote of 111 to 23 passed a
resoution granting amnesty to the
mutineers oh board the battleships
Minas Geraes and Sao Paulo, the
coast defence ships Marshal Floriano
and Marshal Deodora and the scout
ship Bahia. Then Senate unanimously passed the measure on Thursday.
Immediately alter the lower house
had- voted to pardon the sailors for
having mutinied and killing several
of their officers and throwing shells
into the city, President Fonesca authorized Deputy Carvalho to visit the
Sao Pa\ilo and confer with the mutineers.
The decision of the Chamber of
Deputies was not reached until there
had been stormy scenes and several
fist fights on the floor. When the Senate passedtthe measure the Chamber
immediately took up its consideration.
The debate was without result, however, and the session was adjourned,
President Fonseca having stated that
should parliament vote amnesty he
would sign he measure. The chamber
reassembled, but owing to the arguments of deputies for and against the
proposition the vote was not reached
until the evening.
Meantime the mutinous vessels,
which had been waiting outside .the
bar for a signal to come in, put to
sea and disappeared. Their destination was not made known.
Canada's   Arctic    Explore)* on
Way to the Mouth' of the
Mackenzie River
Ottawa. — Mr. Alex. Johnstone,
deputy minister of marine and fisheries, has received a letter irom Capt.
•I. E. Bernier, in command oi the
steamer Arctic, now in the far nortli,
telling of the first stage of the expedition whose object is to assert British
authority in northern waters.
The letter, which was written at
Albert Harbor on Aug. 13, says that
the Arctic had a fair passage as far
as Greenland, where a good deal of
ice and log was encountered. The
captain says tliat up to the time of
writing everything seemed favorable
to the Arctic's enterprise. " Strong,
gales  from  the south  indicated  that ] •i'i"
to serve him as we were to save ourselves. So Uie great lesson for the
saved sinner to learn is the significance of "Not I, but Christ;" "Not I,
but the grace of God;" "Without Me
ye can do nothing" (Gal. ii, 20; I Cor.
xv, 10; John xv, 5). Unless it is God
who woiketh in ua both to will and to
do of His good pleasure the work cannot stand, hut will prove to be only
wood, hay and stubble. We must be
ever watchful, prayerful, submitting
to God and resisting the devil, if we
would walk worthy of Him who hath
called us to His kingdom and glory.
We have seen Peter daring to rebuke
the Lord as He spake of suffering,
though the Scriptures may be said to
be full of predictions concerning the
sufferings of the Messiah. We have
heard him say; "We have left all for
Thee. What shall we have, therefore?"   We have also heard him say.
Thou shalt never wash my feet."
We have heard his self confident
boasting that he was ready to die
with Christ. Yet we have seen him
taking off a man's ear, for a little
while Jorsaking Christ, then iollowing
afar off, then in company with the
enemies of Christ and warming himself at their fire. What can we expect next from such a man?
The damsel who kept the door as
she saw him sit by the fire vyarming
himself loked earnestly upon him and
said, "And thou also wa.t with Jesus
of Nazareth." Compare the four accounts. But he denied, saying, "Woman, I know Him not; neither understand I what thou sayest." Alas,
alas, how can we account for it? Did
the devil, who IM Judas Iscariot tii
betray Christ, take possessi in of Peter also? Even so, for on a previous
occasion Jeeos had to say to Peter,
Get thee behind me, Satan" (Matt,
xvi., 23). On the Passover night the
Lord said, "Simon, Simon, behold,
Satan hath desired to have you (R.
V., asked to have you), that he may
sift you as wheat, but I have prayed
for thee that thy faith fail not" (Luke
xxii, 31, 32).
After that first denial he went out
into the porch, and the cock crew.
Then another maid saw him and began to say to them that stood by,
"This fellow was also with Jesus of
Nazareth." And asain he deni 'd with
an oath, "1 do not know the mat)."
If he had only left the b"d eompany
as soon as he found himself falling he
might have repented sooner, but it
is growing worse—the second d"nial
was accompanied hy an o-t'i. About
nn hour Inter another confidently affirmed, saying to Peter, "Surely thou
nrt one of them, for th'iu art a Gali-
l"iin, and thy socech agreeth thereto."
The kinsman of the man whose ear
Peter cut off said, "Did not 1 see thee
in the garden with Him?" Then he
began to curse and to swear, saying,
"I know not this man oi whom ye
speak." And immediately, while lie
vet. spnk", the cock crew the second
i, anil the Lord turned and looked
the ice would he broken up. j "fun   Pater.    And    Peter    called  to
His letter  was  brought to civilize-  mind the words that Jesus said unto
tion by u Scotch wlial.r and reached
Canada via Scotland.
If he has succeeded in making the|J2)
passage the next  wo-il  from  Bernier
will probably come via the Mackenzie
river and the overland route.
!.   P.  R.  Announce*    That    Twenty i l'vlh   to  make  intercession
Wells   Will   be   Sunk   at !,H'_,'_,vii' ffi''   Do_wel1** i(
Bow Island
Medicine Hat.—W. R. Martin, C.
P. R. gas engineer, announced recently that a gigantic scheme ol natural gas distribution is to be installed at Bow Island at a cost of
$245,000, the boring of twenty wells
is to be commenced immediately.
Trackage and town property for the
erection of offices and warehouses
have been secured and application
vill he mnde for a franchise to supply
Bow Island with gas at thirty-five
cents a thousand feet. The scheme
nlso includes piping gas to Calgary
and other towns.
him. "Hefore tbe cock crow twice thou
shall dny me thrice" (Mark xiv. 30-
And whin be thought thereon
he went out, and wept bitterly. This
was not like th" remorse of Judas
Iseii'ioi wl ieh lei to suicide, hut
tiny were tears of penitence.
How much do we know of the comfort of fie assurance that "He even
for us"
to heart
thnt tbe same great adversary is ey-r
seeking to cause the 'saints to fall
that bi' may bring reproach upon that
beautiful name by which we are
ealb'd? He does not ask for the unsaved, hi'ceuse they belong to bim.
Hi' did not ask for Judas Iscariot,
hut he hail to ask for Joh and for
Peter. Let us never mt'ke light of
Him. for he is ton formidable an
enemy. Let us not be afraid nf bim,
for w<- bave a shield to quench his
flerv dirts nnd n sword with which
to conquer him (Eph. vi; Rev. xii).
As soni" men climb the ladder of
success they push others off. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fads for Weak Women
line-tenths of all the sickness of women is due to son.
ise of the organs distinctly feminine. Such sickness c
very day by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Nine-tenths of all the sickness of women is due to some derangement or disease of the organs distinctly feminine. Such sickness can be cured—is cured
every day by
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
ft acts directly on the organs affected and is at the same time a general restorative tonic lor the whole system. It cares female complaint right in the privacy
of home. It makes unnecessary the disagreeable questioning, examinations and
local treatment so universally insisted apon by doctors, and so abhorrent to
every modest woman.
We shall nut particularize here as to the symptoms of
those peculiar affections incident to women, but those
wanting full information as to their symptoms and
means of positive cure arc referred to the People's Common Sense Medical Adviser—100S pages, newly revised
nnd iip-fn-dnte Bdltion, sent free on receipt of 31 one-
cent statnos to cover cost of mailing only; or, in cloth
binding tor SO stamp..
, Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
of fun and realism, combining the
pleasing features of realistic melodrama anil the ever popular rural
play. The character sketches are
said to be very clever, while there is
an abundance of good music, singing ami dancing in it. Those lova
ble old country characters are intro-
ilueerl. and their sayings and doings
create much amusement. The company ciinies to us recommended as
a good one throughout. The sawmill scene in the third act is said to
be wonderfully realistic, a genuine
circular saw being seen in motion,
with Uncle Joshua's son lashed to a
log hy the villains and started toward the glittering teeth of the
rapidly revolving saw.
Angus Smith returned on .Monday
from the const cities, wheie he has
been on a 30-day leave of absence.
He was formerly conductor on the
Marcus local freight, and will
again return to the same run.
A meeting of the Grand Forks
Poultry association will he held In
tbe city hall on Monday evening,
December 6. Mr. Jull, provincial
livestock commissioner, will be one
of the speakers.
Mrs. A. C. Uren left just before
the American Thanksgiving do eat
turkey with friends and relatives at
Spokane and Sandpuint, Ida., where
she will visit until after the Christmas holidaysr .   . '
The annual meeting of the Grand
Forks Agricultural association will
be held in city hall on Thursday
evening, December 8.
The annual meeting of the Grand
Forks Farmers' Institute will be held
on Thursday evening, December.15.
in the city hall. All members are
requested to at n'. Ollicers for
the ensuing year will be elected,:and
delegates to the Central Farmers'
Institute meeting in Victoria are
also to be olios- n
this city, and Henry Fitadish, of
Hedley. The funeral was held from
the residence of Mrs. M. C. Davidson, on Fourth street, Sunday afternoon, interment being made in the
.City cemetery.
Take your repairs to Arrnson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks, IS. C.
'Joshua Simpltins'' will be the
attraction at the Grand Forks opera
house on Monday night, December
5. It is said to be a well written
pastoral play, with an interesting
plot, the story being a happy blending of sunshine and shadow. The
situations are sad to he strikingly
realistic, with an ever (low of fun
and amusement. There are several
comedy parts in addition to that of
Uncle Josh, which character is a
whole show in itself. A sensational
novelty is introduced in the thiid
act in the shape of a realistic sawmill scene, in which a monster circular saw is used and which is said
to saw through real timber. .A
fine orchestra is carried hy the company, also a fine band of music,
which will make a t>urles.|Ue parade
about noon.
Sure Signs of Kidney Trouble
If your back is constantly aching
and if you experience dull shooting
pains, your kidneys are out of order.
If your urine is thick and clondy or
your passages frequent scanty and
painful, your kidnsys and bladder are
out nr order. Neglect quickly brings
on rheumatism, diabetis, lumbago,
sciatica, etc. '
Mrs. John Wagner; of 110 Hollis
St., Halifax, N. S., says: "Dull
shooting pains would catch ine across
the smalI part of my back and extend
into my shoulders and neck, often
causing me to suffer with severe headaches and spells of diz/iliess. Spots
would dazzle before my eyes and
everything would turn bluett. I
would fall to the floor and be unable
to get up again without assistance. A
friend told tne of Booth's Kidney
Pills and I began their use. The first
box gave me relief and I am now
well and strong."
Al| druggists sell Booth's Kidney
Pills, 50c a box with a guarantee to
relieve or your money back. They
are the world's greatest specific for
kidney and bladder trouble. Postpaid from the proprietors, The R. T.
Booth Co., Dtd , Fort Erie,Ont. Sold
and guarantsed by H. E. Woodland
A Co.
Bridge Street,
Tlie best and most
Mibxtatitiiil lire-proof
liiiildinjr in tbo Boundary country. Ke-
oently completed uml
n c iy l.v fiirnfclietl
tl rgnubi'iit- Euiiin-
ped witli nil modern
electrical conveii-
ietiocH. ('sntrally lo-
I'Bted. tflrgt-cl'iM bp-
oomntndationH for the
ru veiling public.
Hot and Gold Batlis
First-Class Bar, Foci
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection,
The ladies of Holy Trinity qhurch
of the W. A. branch will hold a sale
of small articles suitable for Christmas presents, at reasonable prices,
and will serve afternoon tea, ih the
Davis ball, on Saturday, Decetii--
A report from Penticton says that
the Kettle Valley line is planning
to connect Penticton with the south;
ern Okanagan, Similkameen and.the
coast cities by a system of. branch
lines. The company will apply at
tbe next session for a chartercovering
the line from Penticton to a point
on tbe international boundary at or,
the shore line of Osoyoos lake. An
other proposed route is from either
Merritt or Penticton by the most
direct joute to a point near Allison
or Pinceton. The third branttb'
noted on the application is from
Coldwater river to the Fraser river
and to the Steamboat mountain
Catarrh Cured by Breathing
You breathe in Hyomei (pronounced high-o-me) and inhale the
antiseptic vaporized life of the pine
and eucalyptol foreBts. As you breathe
in this delightful air it passes ever the
inflamed and germ-ridden membrane,
allays inflammation, kills the germs
and drives out the disease.
H. E, Woodland & Co., druggjsts,
sell Hyomei and guarantee it for ca-
itaiirh, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and
croup. A complete outfit includes
hard rubber inhaler and costs you
$ 1.00. Extra bottles of Hyomei cost
50c. By mail postpaid 50c and $1.00
from The Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Remember Hyomei is guaranteed or the flkey back if it fails you.
"Joshua Simpkins"
: The "Joshua Simpkins" company,
witb a fine brass band and splendid
orchestra, will be seen at the Grand
Forks opera house on Monday evening, December 5.   The play is made
If Printing ^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Sam Horner left on Wednesday,
lor Vancouver, where he will remain
for a couple of months, going thence
to Hope. He expects to return lo
Grand Forks next spring.
CKALKD TKM1KHS aililreimeil lo the under
*f  .iirliml, unit eiiiliir.oil "'rentier fur I'ublli
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements, . ■ <
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Building. Hi uml Porka, »).<.'.," wil] be ivreiviMl
at tlii*  nllici- until  -Mm P.M., on U (..li,eMI„y.
Ueeeitiber 28,1910, for the i otiitruotlou of u
Pub iu J.ii.nli'itf ut '.lnnd Korku, \>X-.
1'iiiiih, specification   uml (orni   (it   t:onlru<'t
can in st-cii iimt ti.rm.- nf tender obtained nt
the olfii't- of Mr- n in. iit-iiderNou i_-.i.U>ut
urohiieoi, vj(>t .riu, H.C, ut tlio -'t**t* office,
Urand Knelt-, mul ut kins I>_'i»itrtitieii'.
. Persons tenderitiff Are noticed tlmt tender*
will nnt be uutitridttrtMl uiiIhhm mude on tiie
■ printed form supplied, ami tiitf tied with then-
actual signature)*, ntntiiiff their uucupai.it>> »
mid placet, oi [esidcnce. in thectmtj ■ t iiitu.",
the ftctuul ilgiiptutej i lu- nut nre,ii tlm ocoujm-
tlott and place of refldeiioe of cadi member of
tlio linn iiiiisi buKivun.
Kach tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered Imnk,
payable to the order of the Honouruble the
MiulNter of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent (10 p.o.) oi ihe amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the pernor, tendering decline to enter into u contract when
culled upon to do mi, or fail to complete tlte
work contracted for. If the tender be Hot
accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department duett not bind itself to accept thc lowest or iiny tender.
By order.
'hi. C. DEflBOCHKRS,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 24, laio.
Newspapers  will not bo paid tor this ad.
and a ron, Mrs, M. C. Davidson, of ^8Ht$SajBK " w""°"'au,hor"
Greenwood parties hnve Jecently
staked considerable land near Fife.
Six hundred tons of ore are now
being shipped daily from the Haw-
bide mine to the Greenwood smelter.
The Midway Coal company will
shortly install new machinery.
Che new skating rink at Greenwood will be completed next month.
Mrs. E. F. Bradish, aged fifty-five
years, died at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. M. C. Davidson, in
tbiB city, on Friday, November 25.
Deceased is survived by a daughter
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upbolstflring Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freah I'oim.Kitmetit of
Kocelved Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of j    '
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
■or Honintr a
Kasor Honintr a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North op Gkanby Hotki.,
First Strew.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and • Trunks to and
from all trains.
_nn_n_n pd nvrnvm—t,,e kiml we clo—is in itself an
V_H.'Ul/ nVILlJILlVl advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stoek and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor. We ■ guarantee
*#•     .
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Authorized t
-shakes—> Paid   Total to   Latest     Per
Nawk ntr I'nwjfjv                i miitiil     Issued. Par. 1906.       Date.       Date.   Share
Oranby'co'iil'lhffl-Cipp AffiH. '{WW *>» *_«_«• MM BV- « «g
Cnrlhoo McKliuiey-Uold ...     1,250.000 MMMW    IJ ••••,i^      8iJS «_.„,' im     'Sn
Providence-Silver       200000      al (X*     W '6.000       SB.22I Sept. 1900     .50
l/'ou. Coup*!--Copper     J.0IIO.O0O    503,000     IS 	
Telephone A129
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether
invention fsprohairtypafc--*-*-'■
lloni strictly ronlldontfaL
lent f roe. Oldest «i     "
Patent* taken tl—
special notice, without
uvh Jlunn
IK on Potentg
fun"* Co. recelW
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms for
Canada, fti.75 a year, fpstage prepaid. Sold by
«1] ner/flderle i.
MOW Mfcf'^taf York
;IS,22I Sept. IMS
201.200 Sept. ISO?
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in  this  section   that  have the
.'So I correct material for printing it.   The
;{JU I Sun job office.


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