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The Evening Sun Nov 10, 1911

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\$»j    rafeialallve Library
Eleventh Year--No. 2
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. November 10, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Province Awarded FirstHon-
ors at Madison Square
Garden Exhibition
The British Columhia exhibit at
the American Land and Irrigation
Exposition, now being held at the
Madison Square Garden, comprises
about sixty varieties of extra choice
potatoes a ton 'and a half in total
weight, and is entered irr competition for the Stillwell trophy and a
$1000 cash prize. Nineteen samples
from the Grand Forks district, and
eighteen from the Kootenays, are
included in the exhibit.
Monday's dispatches to the daily
papers announced that the Stillwell
trophy had been awarded to British
That the potato industry of the
province, which is as yet only in its
infancy, should have won in open
competition wilh exhibits from every
section of the North American con
tineiit, is a wonderful encomium on
the productivity of British Columbia's soil. It is only a lew months
since the idea of making a display
was first entertained, so that there
was nothing done in the way of
preparation, and the specimens were
selected just aa they are grown year
in and year out. in the province. The
potatoes were secured from the Kettle Valley, the Okanagan, tbe Koot
enays and the Fraser River valley.
They were packed in. the market
building at New Westminster in
boxes containing thirty pounds
each.and each specimen was wrapped
and packed in tbe same way as apples, so as lo insure their arrival at
their destination in the best condition.
Tbe winning of the Stillwell tro
phy is generally conceded to be the
greatest advertisement which the
agricultural possibilities of British
Columbia  has secured.
people ,,in town. Take .our own
bright, boozy Nelson, the center of
the platinum belt, and the commer-'
eial, political, agricultural and railway hub of southern British Cnl-
Itimbiii, with a population of 7003,
enumerated do*#h to 4173. Other
towns and districts have been enumerated almost to thai, vanishing point.
Knslo riding has'a. population nf
1975, innl Slocan riding 306.'! Kaslo
has a government agent, three or
four officials, and government buildings under construction that will
cost somewhere between forty and
a hundred thousand dollars. Slocan
riding has a mining recorder and a
government building that cost somewhere between five and fifteen hundred dollars.—New   Denver Record.
In Good Toronto the flag of the
United States is not permitted to he
shown in the films of moving picture shows. Such petty spite against
our neighbors shows that Toronto
contains several ions. That citv
still permits scenes of robbery antl
violence to be exhibited in its picture Bhows, provided the Stars and
Stripes is nptshown. As it were a
case of straining at a cricket and
swallowing a buck deer, horns and
all. Showing the American flag in
pious Toronto must be about, as
dangerous as waving a red rag in
front of an energetic bull. Little
wonder that the world laughs at
Toronto, the city of cant, deceit,
hypocrisy and false notions of humanity and patriotism.—Greenwood
Mackenzie King, as president of
the Reform association, declared in
Toronto last week that Ontario would
soon Bee where reciprocity would
benefit tbe province, and intimated
that the question would still be the
Liberal stand.    •
ra'ise lhem nl present owing to the
tiiifavairnlile conditions due to the
low price of copper.
Favorite of the West
No borne in thi* Western country
can well afford to be without "The
Family Herald and Weekly Star,"
of Montreal. It is particularly useful in Western homes The inform
tion it gives to the new settlers, and
old settlers, as well, is worth hundreds of dollara a year. It is simply
marvellous the amount of good in
slruclive matter that paper contain!
each week. It well deserve! ita
success. One dollar cannot bo better invested in Western homos than
by ordering that great paper. A
beautiful premium picture entitled
"Home Again" is also included,
and it is well worth the dollar
It would save much trouble to the
census bureau, were the real estate
men' nf ambitious towns and cities
allowed to furnish statistics for tbe
bureau. The census enumerators
this year appear tu bave been troubled with too exacting consciences.
Take for example Saskatoon, Sask.
Real estate peddlers gave it a population of at least 36,000. The census
enumerator! could only find 12,000
people there, and the enumerators
did noble work in finding ao many
Youth's Companion Calendar
The publishers of the Youth's
Compan on will as usual at this sea
son, present to every subscriber
wbose subscription is paid for 1912,
a beautiful calendar for thc new
year. The cover picture reproduces
a water color painting of a bit of
New England coast.giving a glimpse
of breeze swept ocean, of smiling
sky, of warm, sunny rocks, whicb
will come like a breath of .stilt air to
those wbo bave once lived near the
sea and to those whose whole life
bas been passed inland. The picture being in eight colors, the tones
of the original are faithfully reproduced.
In Trail lut week, Magistrate
Binns bad be him the case of the
City of Trail vs. The Italian Club.
It was shown that a large quantity
of liquor was kept in the club, nm
several hundred dollars' worth was
seized. Tbe magistrate stated he
found there had been an infractioi
of the bylaws, but under the circum
stances he would only impose a line
of tl for each member of the club,
or 840 in all. He ordered tbe liquor
to lis restored to tbe defendants.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, November 9. —The following are today's opening quotations for
Uie stocks mentioned:
Asked.       Bid
Granby Consolidated.    30.00    28.00
B. C.   Copper      4.00     3.25
Metal Qaotations
New York, Nov. 9—Silver 53;
standard copper, $12.25(5)12.35, firm;
London, Nov, O.r^-Silver, "24J.
lead, £13 6s 3d. ..< -. .,
Board of Trade Tenders a
Farewell Smoker to Its
The members ofthe Grand Forks
board of trade gathered in H. A.
Sheads' office last Monday evening
for the purpose of bidding farewell
to A. B. Hood, who has bean president ot the orngiiiiiziiliim for the
past two years. The evening wits
devoteil to smoking the "pipe of
peace," ami to oratorical aviations,
everybody in the room making
strenuous efforts to hold up his etui
tt both avocations. Mr. Hood was
presented with a handsome pipe
and a sufficient supply of fin ported
tobacco to Ust him until he reaches
bis destination. Mr. and Mrs. Hnoil
and daughter left Tuesday morning
lor Seattle, where Mr. Hood will
have his headquarters for tbe present.
The Elkhorn mine shipped a enr-
lond nf I igli-grmle ore to the Trail
smelter this week.
Gordon Thompson and Laurence
McKlrny Imve formed a business
partnership iu I'lioenix, and have,
taken over the teaming and other
interests of C. A. Ross.
Slight Decrease of Original
Rate Accepted by West
Kootenay Oompany
The Jeanne Russell company at
the opera house on Monday and
Tuesday next.
Miss Russell at the opera house
on Monday night in "Tbe American
Dr. Ilsley, provincial inspector ol
dairies, arrived iu Grand Forks yes
terday on his round of inspection
of tbs dairies of tbe province, and
will spend several days in the city.
All tbe cowb in tbe district, where
it cau be proved tbal tbe milk is
offered for sale, will be tested for
tuberculosis by tbe injection of tu
bercuhu. In Greenwood the doctor
found only three infected cows, and
lhi.se were ordered killed.
The C. P. R. is now making prep
arations to replace the old trestle at
Anaconda with a fine steel bridge.
The work will have to be finished in
one day in order not to interrupt the
train service.
If you want to see a first-class
company in first-class plays, he at
the opera house next Monday and
Tuesday nights.
Good Pigs for Sale—Apply at
Miner house, Third street. S. Car
Tbe Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity church will tiold a sale ul
wurk iu the Parish Hall uu Tutus
day atteruooti and evening, November 23rd. In the evening, wben au
admission uf 10 cents will bechaiged
at tbe door, a short musical program will be given.
Hon Martin Burrell was elected
by acclamation iu lbe Yale-Caribou
by-election last Saturday. The
newly elected minister spent tbe
day lu Kamloops, ana received lbe
hearty congratulations uf bis Irienda
iu that city,
The old Cariboo mine, the pioneer
and at one time tbe biggest gold
producer of British Columbia, located at Camp McKinney, will
shortly resume operations. When
work on lbe Cariboo was discontinued about five years ago it was
nut owing lu the lack of pay ore,
according to statements matte by
miners employed tbere at lhal time.
The shut-down is said to have immediately followed an extraordinarily rich strike in tbe lower level,
and tbe mine was allowed lo be
filled witb water.
The fixtures of the Union meat
market in Greenwood have been
shipped to P. Bums & Co. in this
A man was killed last Monday by
a falling tree while working on the
right-of-way between Carmi and
At Ihe court of revision in Greenwood last Monday Hi names were
struck off the list and 107 added.
In Greenwood last Friday the
coroner'a jury heard the evidence
relating to tbe death of the late
Thomas Kurmeen, and returned an
open verdict. Kurmeen came to his
death by a bullet wound in bis
head, but from tbe evidence there
was nothing to show how or by
wbom the wound was inflicted'
The British Col tun hia Copper
coinpany bas twelve men at wurk
breaking rock at tbe Couistuck mine,
near Danville. Besides tbe Coin-
stuck, tbe company bas bonded a
gronp of adjoining mining properties, including the Delphi. Some
good ore bas been taken out.
L. A. Campbell states that the
West Kootenay Power & Light company bas decided that tbe charges
for power will not be raised. He
adds thar wbile tbe justification for
higher rates had been recegnized, il
was not tbe company's intention to
The British Columbia Copper Co.
has taken a bond on the I..- II., a
goltl property in the Silverlon dis
trict of the Slocan.
Greenwood has ulready had 2° be.
luw zeru weather tbis fall. Iu tbe
fruit belt around Grand Forks tht
coltl record to date is 15 ahove zero
N. B.—The above item was "set
up" yesterday. The Sun disclaims
all responsibility for the weather
since lhat date.
The  Granby   hntel in  Phoenix
after being  thoroughly overhauled,
1 ties been reopened.
The Jeanne Russell Company
\    On Monday   and  Tuesday   Miss
, Jeanne   Russell,   western Canada's
favorite actress, will appear   at   thu
local   opera   bouse.    Miss  Russell
• has an all-star cast of sixteen people
and the plays to he   presented   are
"The   American   Girl"  and   "The
; Man From Home."   Every  play  is
| produced under the personal direc-
i tion  of Roy F. Brandon, from tbe
: rise to the fall of the curtain.   The
Jeanne Russell coinpany has scored
a big success io every city in wbich
I it has   appeared.     The    company
{ comes highly praised by  the press,
so that   the opera house should be
packed on botb nights.
Lome A. Campbell, general manager of the West Kootenay Power &
Light company, makes the following explanatory statement in the
Rossland Miner:
'During July there appeared in
the press of the province several articles which, we are sorry to say,
did not set forth the facts as regards
the increased rates we proposed
charging. The mining and smelting
industries of the southern portion of
this province and one of the leading
companies went so far as to petition
the lieutenant-governor in council
to investigate our rates.
"In this petition there were certain statements set forth which in
pur opinion were very damaging to
our company, when taking into consideration the factor we have been in
the development of the low-grade
ores throughout the territory as covered by our transmission lines. We,
in turn, were only too pleased to insist on said investigation being carried out, but Premier McBride decided that in due respect to all interests concerned it would be very
much better to hold a friendly investigation, to which we at once acceded, and in turn Thomas Kid nie
aud W. Anderson, of Vancouver,
were appointed by Mr. McBride to
gather together tbe necessary data
from a smelting, mining and power
standpoint,and upon snid data being
placed before hiin be decided that
the increase which we were asking
was not an unreasonable one from
an independent commercial standpoint; but in consequence of existing conditions we should agree to
accept a compromise, which in his
own words means, 'of course, the
yielding of a certain amount of one's
rights, in this case, for the common
good of the province,' whicb we,
when taking into consideration the
existing conditions, have agreed to
accept without prejudice, and have
even gone so far as to extenil our old
rates for a certain period in order to
help ttie mining and smelting companies out on the expensive Pennsylvania coke they bave been using
for tbe past few months.
"We have never replied   to  any
article* whicb hava appeared in  the
press  during  this controversy, and
we   give  this   in nrtler to show the
public that we were perfectly   justified   in   asking   for the original in
creased rate, and we   nlso   wish   to
draw to the  public's attention   the
- fact that during   the past   fourteen
: years' operation of our company we
have always considered the interests
1 of ths   country  at  large hefore th*
interests of our stockholders.   And,
' fur thc information of the public, I
1 might state lhat ths  increased   rate
' which we tier* at-king was away be
low that for tike quantities of power
: being supplied either by lhe  hj tiro-
electric  commission   of Ontario, or
by any western power company supplying power in likequanlitus   and
; u nder similar conditions."
Tbe No. 7 mine has cloud down.
Il is reported tbat a big strike of or*
w as recently mode in tbis property. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Author of
Tho Orlmton Blind; The Oardlnal
Moth: Tho Welsht ol tho Orewn;
Tho Oornor Hot-to; Tho Slovot of
•ilonco: Orovon Fortune; Tho
Fatal Ooto; Notto.
"What is all here?" Le Fenu demanded.
"Can't you guess?" Gurdon asked.
"I see you can't. It is the dramatic
conclusion of the story. Our late unionist, Fenwick, has committed
It was all done at length—the long
explanation, wits made in the West
End doctor's drawing-room, and at
length Beth seemed to understand the
long and complicated story that was
told her. She listened very carefully,
her questions were well chosen; then
sbe flung herself face downwards on
tbe couch where she was seated and
burst into a passion of weeping. Vera
held her head tenderly, and made a
sign to Venner that he should leave
tbem together.
"This is the best thing that could
happen," she whispered. "If you will
come back in an hour's time you will
see an entirely different girl. Don't
speak to her now."
It was exactly as Vera had predicted, for when Venner returned presently to the drawing-room, he found
a bright, alert little figure clad in furs
and eager for her journey. She danced across the room to Venner and
held up her lips for him to kiss.
"I understand it all now," she
cried. "Vera has told me absolutely
everything. How good and noble it
was of her to sacrifice her happiness
for the sake of Charles and myself,
and bow wicked I must have been
ever to think that Charles could have
been guilty of that dreadful crime.
Ever since then there has been a
kind of cloud over my mind, a certain sense of oppression that made
everything dim before my eyes. I
could not feel, I could not even shed
a tear. I seemed to be all numb and
froien, and when the tears came just
now, all the ice melted away and I
became myself again. Don't you
think I look quite different?"
"I think you look as if you would
be all the better for a tot of care and
fussing," Venner said.   "You want to
f:o to some warm spot and be petted
ike a child. Now, let us go and say
good-bye to these good friends of
yours and get down to Canterbury.
There is somebody waiting for you
there who will bring back the roses
to your pale cheeks a great deal better than I can."
"Isn't Mr. Gurdon coming with
us?" Vera asked.
"He can't," Venner explained.
"I've just been telephoning to him,
and he says that he can't come down
till the last train. He will just look
in presently after dinner. He is sharing my rooms with me. But, hadn't
we better get along?"
Canterbury was reached at length,
and then Merton Grange, where Le
Fenu and Evors were waiting in the
portico. Lord Merton had not yet arrived; indeed, Evors explained, that
it was very uncertain whether he
would get there that night or not.
"Not that it makes much difference," he said, eagerly. "Of course,
you will all dine with me. For my
part, I can't see why you shouldn't
stay here altogether."
"What," Vera cried, "without a
"I like thnt," Le Fenu exclaimed.
"What do you call yourself? Have
you so soon forgotten the fact that
you are a staid married woman?
What do you think of that, Venner?"
Vera laughed, and blushed softly;
she was not tbinking so much now
of her own happiness ns of the expression of joy and delight on the
face of her sister. Beth had hung
back a little shyly from Evors as they
crossed the hull, und he, in his turn,
wns constrained nnd awkward." Very
cleverly Vera managetl to detach her
husband and brother from the others.
'Let them go into thc dining-room,"
she whispered. "It doesn't matter
what becomes of us."
"But is she really equal to the excitement of it?" Le Fenu asked, anxiously. "She must have had an exceedingly tryi'tu. day."
"I am quite sure that she is perfectly snfe," Vera snid. "Of course,
she wns terribly excited anil upset at
first, but she was quite calm und rational all the way down, ns Gerald
will toll you. All Belli wants now
is quiet and change, anil to feel thut
her troubles nre over. Let's go nnd
have tea ill thnt grand old hall. If
the others don't care to come in to
tea wc will try not to be offended."
The others did not come in to tea,
neither were they Keen until it was
nearly time to dress for dinner. Assuredly Vera hnd proved a true prophet, for Beth's shy, quiet air of happiness indicated that she had suffered
nothing through the events of the day.
It was a very quiet meal they hnd
later on, but none the leas pleasant
for that. Dinner had come to nn end
and the cigarettes were on the table
before Gurdon appeared. Ho carried
a copy of an evening paper in his
hand, and, despite his usual air of
calmness and indifference, there was
just the suspicion of excitement about
him tbat caused Venner to stand up
and reach for the paper.
"You have news for us there, I am
sure," he snid. "I think we nre nil
in a position to stand anything you
like to tell us?"
"You hnve guessed it correctly,"
Gurdon snid. "It is all here in the
Evening Herald."
This Mortal Coil
It cannot be said that Gurdon's announcement caused any particular
sensation. To all of those who knew
anything about the inner history of
tbe Four Finger Mine the conclusion
appeared to be perfectly logical. It
was Venner who mentioned the secret
of the mine before anybody had even
the curiosity to ask to see the paper.
"Do you think that this has been
the outcome of anything that Zary
did?" he asked Le Fenu. "You see,
us far as I am concerned, I was only
in the mine once or twice, and before
your father's death my knowledge of
its romantic history was limited. I
can't altogether bring myself to believe
that the mine was haunted by avenging spirits, and nil that kind of thing.
In this twentieth century of ours, one
is naturally very cynical about such
"I really cannot toll you," Le Fenu
replied. "Of course, there must be
human agency afoot. Zary always declared that he was the last of his tribe,
and when he died the secret of the
mine would belong to our family
alone. As a matter of fact, my father
died first, so that Zary alone is in possession of the strange secret of that
dread place. One thing is very certain. It was none of us who took
vengeance on the Dutchman who murdered my father. Who was responsible
for that I do not know. Still, there
was something very terrible and awe-
striken about the way in which the
Dutchman's fingers returned to his
wife, one by one. I should like to
have known, also, how Fenwick lost
his fingers. But Zury would never
tell me. I think he professed that it
had been done through the agency
of the spirits of his departed ancestors, who guarded the mine. Mind
you, I don't say that it is impossible
for we are beginning to understand
that tliere are hidden forces in Nature
which till quite recently were a sealed
book to us. It ig no use speculating
about the matter, because we shall
never know. Zary has been always
fond of us, but I hnve a kind of feeling now that we shall never see him
again. I believe he came to England
on purpose to accomplish tbe death of
Mark Fenwick, and you may rely
upon it that he will vanish now without making any further sign."
"That is more than possible," Gurdon snid, thoughtfully; "but, so far
as I can judge from what this paper
says, Fenwick's denth seems to have
been prosaic enough. Perhnps I had
better read out to you the account in
the newspaper."
Without waiting for any further
permission, Gurdon begun to read
. "8trange Suic'de in the Channel...
"Denth of Mr. MarK Fenwick
"Late this afternoon thc barque
British Queen put back into Port of
London with the schooner Red Cross
in tow. It appears that the barque
in question was bound for the River
Plate, and had dropped down the
river with the morning tide. Outside
the mouth of the Thames she had encountered exceedingly squally weather, so much so that she had lost a
considerable amount of running gear
owing to tlte gusty und uncertain condition of the wind. About eleven
o'clock in tlie morning an extra violent squall struck the vessel, nnd the.
skipper, Luther Jones, decided to put
bnck ngnin nnd wait till the next tide.
It was at this point that the Red
Cross was sighted making signals of
tlistress. At considerable hazard to
himself nnd his crew the skipper of
the British Queen managetl to get the
schooner in tow, and worked her up
the river on a short sail. This in itself is simply nn incident illustrating
the perils of the sen, and merely leads
up to the dramatic events which follow. It nppenrs, according to Captain
Jones' statement, thut very early this
morning n mnn culled upon him in n
public house and demanded to know
what he would require for pnssage to
the River Plate. Sntisfnctory terms
hnving been arranged, the stranger
enme aboard the British Queen and
Immediately repaired to his bunk. So
far ns the captain could see, his passenger wns exceedingly reticent, he
seemed desirous of avoiding publicity;
in fnct, the skipper of the British
Queen put him down as a fugitive
from justice. All the snme, he nsked
no questions; presumably be bad heen
well content to hold his tongue in return for a liberal fee In the way of
pnssage money. So fnr ns Cnptnin
Jones knows, his passenger slept comfortably enough, antl it is quite evident that he pnrtook of breakfast ill
the morning. What happened subsequently, it is somewhat difficult to
say, for Captsin Jones wns busy on
his own deck looking after the safety
of his ship. These events took place
shortly before the Red Cross was
"It wns nt Ihis time that Captain
Jones believes that he heard a shrill
scream coming from the cabin, as If
his pnssenger hnd met with nn acci-
dent, or hnd been frightened bv something out of thc common. He enme
on deck n moment Inter, looking like
n mnn who hnd deve'oped n dangerous
mnnin. He seemed to be flving from
some unseen terror, and, indeed, gave
every indication suggestive of the
conclusion thnt he wns suffering from
a severe attack of delirium tremens.
Captain Jones does not share thiB
view, though It Is generally accepted
by his crew. Before anybody could
interfere or stretch out a hand to de
tain the unfortunate man, he had
reached the side of the vessel and
thrown himself into the tremendous
sea which was running at the time.
It was absolutely out of the question
to make any attempt to save him,
though, natually, Captain Jones did
what he could. Then occurred one of
the strange things wbich so frequently happen at sea. Five minutes later
a great wave, breaking over the fore-
deck cast some black object at the
feet of Captain Jones, which object
turned out to be the body cf the unhappy suicide. The man was quite
dead; indeed, he had sustained enough bodily injuries to cause death,
without taking drowning into consideration.
"As before stated Captain Jones
came in contact with the Red Cross
a little later, and on reaching the
safety of the Pool he immediately
communicated with the police, who
took possession of the body of the
suicide. On Scotland Yard being
communicated with, a detective was
sent down and immediately recognised the body as that of Mr. Mark Fenwick, the American millionaire.
"No doubt is entertained that the
police officer is right, as Mr. Fenwick was well-known to tbousands of
people in London, not only on account of his wealth, but owing, also,
to his remarkable appearance. At
the present moment the body lies in
a public-house by the side of tbe
Thames, and an inquest will be held
in the morning.
"Later.—Since going to press, we
henr that startling developments are
expected in the mutter of the suicide
of Mr. Mnrk Fenwick. On excellent
authority we are informed that tbe
police hold a warrant for the arrest
of Fenwick and others, on a series of
criminal charges, among whicb that
of uttering counterfeit coin iB not thc
least prominent. If these facts prove
to be correct, it will be easy to see
why Mr. Fenwick was attempting to
lenve the country in fugitive fasbion.
Further details will appear in a later
"That is the whole of the story,"
Gurdon suid when he had concluded.
"On the whole, I should say that
Mark Fenwick is very well out of it.
He has hnd a pretty fair innings, but
Fate has been too strong for him in
the long run. It is just as well, too,
that he has escaped his punishment
—I mean, for your sakes, more than
anything else. If that man had been
put upon his trial, a charge of murder
would have been added sooner or later, and you would have all oeen dragged from police court to criminal
court to give evidence over and over
again. In fact, you would have been
tbe centre of an unpleasant amount
of vulgar curiosity. As it is, the inquest will be more or less of a formal
affair, and the public will never know
thot Fenwick has been anything more
than a common swindler.
(To be continued.)
Pinkham  Was  Insubordinate,  but He
Saved Vessel and Crew.
Reuben Ptnkbam. a native of Nan-
racket, made bis Unit trip aa tbtrd lieutenant oa the nblp Potomac, wblcb
crossed the oortb Pacldc, a region lit*
tie known to oaval vessels In ibe early
thirties. Pinkham bad been an several whaling voyages and was familiar wltb those waters. The autbor of
"Tbe Island of Nantucket" says ibst
one day. near sunset, be bad tbe
watch, while the commodore waa pacing up and down the deck.
Suddenly I'in Wham gave the order.
"Mali tbe weather braces!"
"What's tbat fori" asked the com.
"We shall hare .wind In s moment"
The commodore went to the lee mil
snd scanned the «.*a and sky "1 see
oo signs of wind." be returned. "Let
the men leave the brace* "
Tbe crew dropped tbe rape*.
"Keep hold of the braces, every men
of yon'" palled nu' Pinkham, and Ihe
men resumed their grasp The commodore flushed with anger snd ex
rlnlmed In peremptory Innee:
"Let ibe men leave the hracee!" and
again Ihe liraceo were" dropped
"Ihini any ot ymi dare fe drop rhe
mite*'" shiiuled Pinkham. shaking his
trumpet nt the crew, whn once more
t.K.k hold Jnst then Ihe wind dropped
entirely: not e breath stirred.
•Tsui, taut! Haul. (II nf fits'" cell
ed Pinkham. spd lhe ponderous ysrds
swung m reversed position. Tbe wind
<*sme »ot of the opposite qnsrter snd
struck the uhlp like s sledge hammer
The vessel staggered, shook the spray
from hoi howo ard dsshed ahead. The
commodore dtsapis-nred Into bla cabin
wlthont noting • word.
Presently ho sent the flrst nontenant
to relieve Plnkhsm. requesting to see
the latter Immediately When Pink
ham eniered the cabin the commodore
"I consider thst I am Indebted fo yon
for ill ot our live*, i.nt' I will tell yon
frankly If that wind hadn't come I
should hsve put yon In Irons lo two
ftios* haughty damn whose stately ntmos
In print wo often ooo
Havo aaid thi coat lose man Is barred
Prom soon saMteieo
Now. Isn't It an awful ohomo
Our longtni lo dellateT
For coallo.ii. wo would rather be
Then -welter well tho growl.
-O'.volend clam r»*ilsr.
W. N. U., No. IM.
**f that ajrfittiaf mt\mW*\\\m «im* usi wi-*.  WM mst turn ksaH tm m
if mn ■ lir wt nil inm****'
Cleveland's Political Pee Wen After
Hia Fritndt Has Poled
8ooo aftet Ur. CVveiauU entered tb*
White House la IH» Mce I'resident
Hendricks died ui ula borne lo Indian
spoils, and Ilie president wade ar-
rangemeuta lo alleud ibe fuoerak
Hauy of hla social lutlmaiee and all
his official advisers united lu au eOort
to dissuade him from making this
twenty hour Journey, enlarging on the
manifold risks ol rail travel si all
times sud the siiertal opportunity Una
would offer some tnuatlc to aasnw.ii.ule
him. But he remained Immovable until within a few hours ot tbe nun* set
for closing up hla ihik1ii.hu he ivivlvea
an onespected call from (-Mutator Kd-
tnunds of Vermont
Mr. Edmunds wae the leader of th*
Republican side ot the senate end waa
understood to hav* In preparation several measures ot opposition to the announced iKillclea nl tbe new administration. Hut he was also and above all
els* an American ntlsen Slid s patriot,
and bis visit to bis political toe waa
mnde In that Character. In * conversation ot lee* tbHu balf ao bour, in
which he drew the curtain over all differences and disregarded all empty
formalities of Intercourse, be laid Hefore tbe president In the clear leruia
nnd logical order In whicb be knew -.o
well how to express himself lbe larger
aspects of the sll nation.
As tbe presidential succession taw
Iben stood lbe a|ieuker nt Ibe hiatn.it
or representatives stood nest In line
to tbe vice president, aud nest to huu
came the president pro tempore ol tlie
senate. The House not having organised since ihe Inauguration, no s|i*aker
bad liven elected, and. Ihe senate tinting failed at Its apei'lai stMSloh io
chiH.se a president pro temisue to
serve during ihe recee*. oniy one uie -
thnl ol the presiilent Himself snssi is*
tween the ...iti.ni and Hdiiiliiistrnii.e
anarchy; hence, argued Mr Kdiniiii.K
It waa Mr Cleveland's duty to fores..
every otber consideration and lu.ue
nu chances »t throwing upon the ai.tin
try tbey both imril a strum sin li n» it
had never ihnmi stililected to iiet.tre
The writel ot How lines was seniefl
10 the next room wbile thia visit wus
10 progress, and ne will nevei forget
Ibe presidents expression ot satisfaction ou coming out ot hia office atier
tbe seiiHIoi bad gone. He guve orders
at once that all preparations foi ma
lonrney should Ih- ous|ieiiiicl and d«-
vlared thai nothing that hud ua-ciirr.il
since be entered Hit- Wbile House nud
so touched mm as Aie kind ■...licitoue
shown by Mr Ndiiiun.la about bis »__•
posing himself to auy iienl uow. I ne
others who had reuaouea with nun on
the oubjeet were men who were presumptively friendly and whoso chief
anxiety seemed lo lie leal he should
suffer some injury tu bis individual
person nr fortunes. Hill Hero was a
man who. as tar as politics was concerned, waa a hostile ot hostllee. vet
who apiwnird to nun in behalf of tne
American people and their government
•That settled It." Mr. Cleveland concluded as be turned to go nack in nt*
office, "After what Kduiuiida said
tbere can lie ou further question ot
wbere my highest obligation Ue*."—
P. B. U In New York Post
"Lend you 211 louls? A pretty Idea
Aod suppose you wer* to dl* tumor
"Sir. you Insult me! I it ay he poor.
bot at least I am bon*«t"--Hlr*.
Our Mary hsd a now fall sown.
But sh* was nol oxport.
And often In It alio foil down-
It had a hobblo skirt
But Mary uld 'twas up to data.
It made tho follows oure,
And. though 'twaa bard to navigate,
■be b*M sh* did not caie.
In Every
them Is sure to come physical snflMnf
at timet—suffering hard to boar—suffer
Inv which will be followed by serious
sickness, if the first symptoms aro
But this suffering will soon be tor-
gotten, and then will be no after consequences If relief Is obtained iron s safe,
reliable,  natural corrective medicine.
•tight to be on hand tn every hem**
ready for use at first sign of trouble.
This famous family remedy has
proved In years and years of trial. Its
power to correct physical trouble aod
toward off disease.
Try for yourself—or In yonr home,
a few doses and see how the bodily
system Is strengthened and refreshed
and bow surely and effectively they
Yoocdnonlrtooawaolr rom***—e I
wilk k.btul  ...a-scHoas,   IS*. v
Wipe four quarts small unripe cucumbers. Put in a iar and add one
cup salt dissolved in two quarts boiling water and .let stand three days.
Drain cucumbers from brine, bring
brine to the boiling point, pour over
cucumbers, cover and again let stand
three days; repeat. Drain, wipe cucumbers, and pour over one gallon
boiling water in which one tablespoon
alum has been dissolved. Let stand
six hours, then drain from alum
water. Cook cucumbers ten minutes,
a few at a time. In one-fourth thc
following mixture—strain the remaining three-fourths over the cucumbers,
which have been put in a stone jar.
For the mixture mix one gallon vinegar, four red peppers, two sticks cinnamon, two tablespoons cloves, bring
to the boiling point and let simmer
ten minutes.
Tha  Roal IMvar    Pill.—A    torpid   Urer
means a disordered  system,  mental do.
Rrewlon. lassitude and in the end, if care
e not taken, a chronic state of debility.
The very best medicine to arouse the
liver to healthy action is Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They aro compounded of
purely vegetable substances of oareful
selection and no other pills have their
fine qualities. They do not gripe or pain
and tliey are agreeable to the most sensitive stomach.
Sunday In Vermont
Police Commissioner Waldo, of New
York wns talking about the proper
observance of the Sabbath.
"I believe in a proper observance of
the Sabbath," he said, "but I should
hate to see us go to such lengths as
prevail in certain sections of Vermont.
"A friend of (nine is passing his
vacation in Vermont. He is staying
with a rich farmer, one of his boyhood mutes.
"My freind the other Sunday said
after lunch that he thought he'd take
a stroll, and, swinging his stick, he
started off. But he hardly got half
way down the old-fashioned garden
when his farmer host came running
after him with an umbrella.
" 'William," he said, 'would you
mind carrying this umbrella instead
of that cane on your walk? It would
look less frivolous and worldly.' "—
Philadelphia Record.
Willie—All the stores closed on the*
day my uncle died.
Tommy—That's nothing. . All the
hanks closed for three week's the day
after my pa left town.—Puck.
The trouble with "essential monogamy" is that bo few men appear to
find it essential any more.
Housework Drudgery
Housework is drudgery ior th* weak woman. She brush-
<*s, dusts sad scrubs, or is o* hsr toot all day attending to
th* many details of Ihe household, her heck echini, bar
temples throbbing, nerves quivering under th* stress of
pain, possibly dlasy feelings. Sometimes real in bed is
not refreshing, because the poor died nerves do not permit of relreihlng slsep. Tho real need of weak, acrvoue
women is satisfied by Dr. Pierce's Favorite P ascription.
/* Makes Weak Women Strong"
and Slek Women WeU.
Tkla •• Preaerlptlom" romort
ol womtm'e meaiaeeeee. A,
matlea east aleeratlan. aai	
weakoeeeee eo peculiar ta wemea.   It
treasallltte tke. merree. .aeaarase. tie
ear** tkeaa
Ot. Pierce Is perfectly willing to let every one know what
his " Favorite Prescription" contains, a complete list c|
ingredients on the bottle-wrapper. Do not let any unscrupulous druggist persuade you thst hia substitute oi unknown
position it "fail as to**"' la order thst ho may mak*
ir profit,   last smile ud shako your head I
Pieroa's Pleasant Pallets ejus* liver Ilia. ■
a bigger profit
Dr, - THE  SUN.   GRAND  FORKS.   B. C.
Well, WeU!
aexaa-ssa-aa-a-ae-a —
**l dyed ALL these
wrreRtuT KINDS
of Oocds
?= «ith -Hm SAME *>w»-
I used
OLIAN and 8IMPLE to Uae.
NO dttscsofotlaatlMWaOlVGDytlcaar tht Goods
osehM to color. Al'    '     ' ....
Oa.Kl.ff.   ntSRColo.  _.	
Tie Johoun-akksidan Co., UmluS, Maailml,
ose hM to coloi.   All colon f rcamjaour Drueall*. or
FREE Colo, Card an J STORY BookU.lt,
The Duties of Best Msn
"Does the best man have the wedding ring and when does he hand it
over." The beat man has charge of
the ring and usually places it in a
pocket of his waistcoat. According to
the ritual ol the Episcopal church, the
ceremony of placing it on the bride's
finger follows the plighting ol the
troth. After the bride and groom
have both repeated this after the minister the book of common prayer prescribes that they shall again "loose
their hands, and the man shall give
unto the woman a ring."
The best man should therefore give
it to the groom at tbis juncture. In
churches which do not have a printed
ritual the minister would indicate the
I proper moment.
' It is proper to send a present to
the bride at any time after the day
of the wedding has been set and made
known to the friends.
Perils of ths Mature
"A safe and sane Fourth of July
save a lot of children from getting
their fingers scorched."
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne; "and
it also saves a lot of lathers Irom getting their whiskers burned."—Washington Star.
Used according to directions, Dr. J. D.
XeUose's Dysentery Cordial will afford
relief In the most acute form ot summer
complaint. Whenever the attack manifests Itself no time should bo lost in
seeking the aid of the Cordial. It will
act immediately on the stomach and intestines and allay the irritation and
pain. A trial of It will convince anyone
of the truth of these assertions.
All mothers oan put away anslety regarding their suffering ohtldron when
they have Mother Graves' JVorm Exterminator to give relief. Its (Sects are sure
and lasting.
"I spent more than $5,000 on my
daughter's voice. Now she has gone
and got marred, and I suppose she
will never think of trying to sing
again." "It is too bad." "Yes, the
money would have kept her and her
husband in fairly comfortable circumstances lor nearly a year."—Chicago
Occasionally a woman who   doesn't
gossip furnishes a lot ol material ior
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
The chronic borrower hopes he'll not
meet any ol his creditors in heuven.
For over fifty years Rheumatism
and Neuralgia sufferers have found
grent relief in Hamlins Wizard Oil.
flon't wait for inflammation to set
in.   Get a bottle to-day.
Poet—"Yes, I write poetry and you
raise hay; we are both producers."
Former—"And I reckon we lwth get
about 15 dollars a ton."—Puck.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
H mef-airy will surely destroy the rente ot snuO
snd completely dera-u«e tbo whole eyiteei wheo
entering lt through the mucous turlaeeo. Such
true it should never tie used except oo prescription* root reputable phy-lc-.ni. au the demise they
will do tt tea. toll, to the Rood you can pcaeeibly dorian Irom them. Haill'i Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by t. 1. Cheney k Co., Toledo. O., conuina no mercury, and Is taken Internally, ncttnt directly upoo
the blood and mucous eurfecM ot the system. Ir
buylnt Hell's catarrh Cure be eure you get   tha
Sanulne.  It a taken Internally snd made to Toledo
hlo. by P. J. Cheney ft Co. TaastlmoilMs tree,
Sold by nrunlsto.  Price. 75c. per bottle.
lake UaU'e Family Pills tor cona,i.ia,a_t_eu.
Mike in bed, to alarm clock as it
goes off)—"I fooled yez that time. I
was not aslope at all."—Judge.
Do It Now.—Disorders of the digestive
apparatus should be dealt with at once
before complications arise that may be
difficult to cope with. The surest remedy
lo this end, and one that ia within the
reach of all, is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
the best laxative and sedative on the
market. Do not delay, but try them now.
One trial will convince anyone that .they
are the best stomach regulator that can
be got.
A  sure  sign that you don't  know
much is to think you know it all.
Minard's Liniment lor sal* everywhere
The Great Swatter
The ahkoond of Swat had just swatted one of those big blue bottle flies
that everybody tries for.
"I'll show them what's swat," he
said, having thus re-established his
right to the throne.—St. Louis Post-
A Germ    Disease   Which is Baffling
Tha Doctors snd Alarming Tha
People Generally
It may be said that doctors are
only agreed on two points regarding
this much dreaded disease.
Firat, that it is a germ disease, and,
second, that like nil germ diseases
can only be fought with pure, rich
Prevention is always the better way
and that is why we are'ulways talking about the wisdom of keeping the
blood pure and rich and the nerves
healthy and strong by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Rich, red blood is a deadly foe to
disease germs whether they ore
germs of infantile paralysis, of colds,
of consumption or any other disease.
Don't let the blood get thin and
watery. Don't let the nerves get exhausted. The risk is too great. Every
dose of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food goes
to the formation of a certain amount
of pure, rich blood. For this reason
you are certain to beneflt by this
treatment. ,
You need not wait until you have
some form of paralysis before testing
this great medicine. Be warned by
headaches, sleeplessness, irritability,
failing memory and power of concentrating the mind. Restore the system
while still you have something to
build on.
Get new energy and vigor into the
system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food. 50 cents a box, 6 boxes for
$2.50; at all dealers, or Kdmnnson,
Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
"I have been engaged to at least a
dozen girls," said a young man. "And
always been unlucky in love, eh?" inquired a lady. "Oh, no—rather
lucky," was the answer. "I've never
married any of them!"
A woman learns n lot from her servants, but will not admit it.
"A political party," said Uncle
Eben, "is sumpin' like de chu'eh
choir. De man dat make de mos'
noise in it ain't alius de one dat is
most promotions of harmony."-
Washington Star.
Royal Crown Soap is the Highest Development
The  Free  Premiums  Are Both  Useful and  Beautiful
Here la a new article that la proving an excellent premium—A—SPATULA  lor pastry
The picture above Is a good Illustration of the Spatula, ln other words, a new kind
of a pastry knife. This knife has a very thin blade of best steel, and Is unexcelled for
spreading frosting on cakes, removing same from tins, or for turning griddle cakes, fish
eggs,, scraping kettles,, skillet* or pans. Tbls new premium has a dozen or more
household uses, and la Pree for ISO Royal Crown Soap Wrappers.
Christy "Centre Cut Bread Knives are made of finest steel, handsomely fin ished  handles, choice of pointed or round end. Free for 125 Royal Crown Soap Wrap pors.
Paring Knife, Craving Knlke, Bread Knife, all as per Illustration, and made from the
best steel obtainable. These 3 knives complete are Free to you ln exchange for 100
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers.   Send now—Don't Delay.
Reversible, sl/.e 18
In. x 36 In.. In a choice
number of designs, Including floral, conventional, oriental, etc.
T i- si door mats are
free for 350 Royal
Crown Soap Wrappers.
Other     Premiums     In
Large    Variety — Too
Many Even to Mention
Here are a Few:—
Silver    Cake    Dishes,
Silver Butter Dishes.
Silver Knives & Forks
Stiver Spoons. Pocket
Cutlery. Household Cut
lery. Purses and Hnnd
Bags, Books and Pictures, Toys nad Oames.
Etc.  Etc.
Send For Free List of Premiums Containing Full Assortment
C. P. R. Rushing Lines to Completion
While several lines, have already
been opened for transportation in
Western Canada by the Canadian
Pacific Railway this year, it is expected that by the end of December
track laying on several other lines
will have been finished and services
inaugurated. At present the C. P. R.
has hundreds of gangs of surveyors
and tracklayers at work in various
parts of the west and the company is
leaving no stone unturned to give the
fanners and ranchers the best possible
transportation facilities. Work is being pushed on practically nil of the
new routes under construction nnd
the building of these new branch lines
is having a great deal to do with the
peopling of the west.
One of the longest branch lines of
the west which is at present being
built ia that running between Wey-
buni, Sask., and Lethbridge, Alta.
Construction work on this line was
begun in April, 1010, and in March of
this year track hod been laid as far
as Omega, fifty-two miles from Wey-
burn, .(there is now a through service
between Weyburn and Omega. The
stations on the line being, Weyburn,
Tatagawa, Yeoman, Trossachs. Forward, Khedive, Pangman, Amulet and
Ogema. On the rest of the line from
Ogema, westward, grading has commenced and up till last month fifty
per cent, of it had been completed to
mileage seventy-two.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 11, 1003.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,—I came acro=s a bottle of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT in the hands
of one of the students at the University of Maryland, and he being so
kind as to let me use it for a very bad
Bprain, which I obtained in training
for foot races, and to say thnt it helped me would be putting it very mildly, and I therefore ask if you would
let me know of one of your agents
thnt is closest to Baltimore so that I
may obtain some of it. Thanking you
in advance, I remain,
Yours truly,
14 St. Paul Street,
Care Oliver Typewriter Co.
P.S.—Kindly answer at once.
"Why do you insist on asking that
young man to sing?" "Because," replied Miss Cayenne, "when he's singing he isn't trying to converse."—
Washington Star.
Stops a Cough Quickly
-Even Whooping-Cough
Sixteen Ounces of the Quickest, Surest
Cough Remedy for 60c. Money
Refunded if it Fails.
If you have an obstinate, deep-seated cough, which refuses to be cured,
get a 50-cent. bottle of Pinex, mix it
with home made sugar syrup and
start taking it. Inside of 24 hours
your cough will be gone, or very nearly so. Even whooping-cough is quickly conquered in litis wny.
A 50-cent bottle of Pinex, when
mixed with honie-inade sugnr syrup,
gives you 16 ounces—a family supply
—of the finest cough remedy that
money could buy, nt a clear saving
of $2. Very easy to prepare—full directions in package.
Pinex soothes nntl heals the inflamed membani's with remarkable rapidity. It stimulates the appetite, is
slightlv laxntive, ntnl hits n pleasant
taste-^liildrcii tnke it willingly.,
Splendid for croup, asthma, bronchitis, throat tickle, chest pains, etc.,
and n thoroughly successful remedy
for incipient lung troubles.
Pinex is n speeiul nni! highly concentrated compound of Norway White
Pine extract, rich in guaiacol nnd
other healing pine elements. It hns
often been Imitated, though never
successfully, for nothing else will produce the snme results, Simply mix
with sugar syrup or strained honey,
in n 16-ounce bottle und it is ready
for use.
Anyone who tries Pinex will quickly
understand why it is used in more
homes in the U. S. and Canada thnn
nny other cough remedy. The genuine
Is guaranteed tn give absolute satisfaction or money refunded. Certlfl-
cute of guarantee is wrapped in eaoh
fflii'kni/i' Ynur druggist litis Pinex nr
will get it lor you., If tint, send to The
Pinex Co., Toronto, Ont.
Egagement   Etiquette
An engagement fa announced by the
parents of the girl either in her own
home hy uieiitis of notes to intimate
frii-iiils or in a fnruinl notice in the
newspapers. The girl rhay write to
Iter own friends. U|kiii hearing of a
friend's engagement it is cttstomnry to
write a note of congratulation. In
writing to nn engaged girl the proper term is to "wish her nil happiness," nnd in writing to n mnn ono
conttrntulntcs him upon his good fortune.
An engagement mny last for any
length of time. Ton long or too short
engagements nre not advisable. If nn
engagement exists, however, it is better for all concerned to have it announced speedily.
When wedding cards ore issued It
becomes the duty of the prospective
bride to acknowledge the receipt of
every gift-
Nellie—Is that fellow of yours ever
going to get up the courage to propose?
Belle—I guess not. He's like an
hour glass.
Nellie—An hourglass?
Belle—Yes; the more time he gets
the less sand he has.—Philadelphia
liar (Ms
Jeaaajaaaw bf mull. MPteaiaycmer
order. n_ai_aaa.*i*T v,*x ycaur money will laa to.
feaSM fF«BWorn.l« »a>» --..Iar.'- <•>..•- ->a~-
New York Ostrich Fsathar Co., Dspt.
W. N., 613-516 B'wsy, N. Y(.
Mas. w.muiw's SooT.iiao Sync ha- bet*
Medio, over SIXTY VBARSby MII.t-10.j8oJ
U the bent remedy t..r UIAREHO-A. It lla aa>
■oliita.lv harmless. Be mire and ask tor " Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and Uke no other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Awarded firat prise at World's B»
position on Ita work and method*.
Write for a free catalogue. We alw
the) tnatructloo br malL
The "Wellington" Hat
for men. Canadian-made. Guaranteed best hat value in Canada.
All sizes and shapes in soft and
stiff felts. Ask your Dsalar, ar
writs at once to
Toronto, Ont.
Tha  Best Ever Made.    Guaran-
teed   to   five     you    i"-t.!,i__iJiat_/>*».
Send us 25c   St me Style and Size
The Aril
I*-4-- "« -« Canada, Ltd.
68 Fraser Ave.,
13,   65   Beaver   Hall   Hill
Invariable Omission
Gnrsiih—This European   guidebook
leaves out one important piece of in-
Hillside—What's thut?
Garsiile—How to make the money to
pay for the tours.—Newark News.
Rnnilnll—"My wife pluys nnd sings
and recites."
lingers—"Hits she any other de.
t.<- -  .    'MUINL   '      U  _.(   .-
W. N. U., No. ,166. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
C.ibllaheal at liraud Forki, British Coliimhl
ll, A. Evans Editor and Publisher
Milo Maize
The grain thnt was given the
greatest [imminence nt the Dry
Kiiniiingexhiliition, hold recently at
Colorado Springs, Col., was the
Dwarf or Dwarf Red Milo Maize,
and this grain most certainly is giving promise to be a valuable acqui-
: iSitiim to all districts with small pre-
av uie cifthu pnper oan be eoon ut the oflioe cipitation. where the altitude is  not
of Mosirai. E. ai J.Haraly*i;o.. ail.SI iiudsil. !        ..  , ,   ,
dent street, B.o., Loiiiion. Rnaiaiml, free of' ton high and the   average   teuipera-
I'laaarito, ami that Arm will be i_-li.il to reoelvo .
,illia.orl|.tloiie a..ad itdvertli,ema..ts ou our be-    llll'f* Hot too low.
The Dtvurf Milo Maize is classified
ns belonging to the Dui'rn brunch of
the  family   of  sorghums,  and   is
almost   exclusively  for   its
One year ,....,,	
One Yoar flu ndvauoo)  ....
One Vaiir, 111 lulloal Slatnf .
Aalalraa.a. a.ll a-iaaiiiaiiiiiia-iatloaiH to
THK Evkmnii St-N.
Hnona H« llSASl. Konsa, B.C
i.iiu I grown
I aMI !
seed, which is of very high quality,
Tue Nelson board of trade wants
a royal commission appointed to enquire into the cause of the high cost
living. If the Nelson organization
will refer to our files during the late
campaign'it cnn obtain the desired
information without putting the
people of the province to any
further expense.
The newspapers which are feeding
at the public crib have started a report that the new ministers found
the departments at Ottawa in a
chaotic state. It is easier to believe
that they found them in good working order, and that they are turning them into chaos as fast as they
know how. The settlement of the
coal strike is a fair example of their
capabilities: in this direction. That
is worse than chaos.   It is anaicby.
The Sun, a couple of weeks ago,
came very near committing the fatal
err ir of congratulating tbe Hon.
Robert Hows on his successful efforts in ending the coal miners'
strike in the Crow's Nest. We had
some hesitancy in trusting the new
minister of tho interior, but as the
r-port was apparently corroborted
by the ministca of agriculture, we
came within tin nee of penning the
congratulatory stuff. He who .hesitates i6 sometimes saved from an
embarrassing position. If Mr. Burrell persists in hitching his political
chariot to the minister of the interior, he will receive mnny hard
jolts before he retires from office.
lining a first-class feed fnr horses,
cattle, hogs aud chicken. It grows
to an average height of about four
feet, and the heads are usually close
•nd erect.
Tbe results of the experiments undertaken at the different experimental stations show that Dwarf Milo is
the greatest producer of grain per
acre in districts of small precipitation, and land that produces Tit el ve
bushels of winter wheat will produce forty bushels of Milo, and that
this grain will mature in any district where Dent corn will ripen, Ihe
Milo beiyg a shorter-season crop
than Dent corn.
Minnesota King Dent corn has
been grown and ripened successfully in this district for tlie last
seven years, and therefore Milo
should be a successful crop here.
One great advantage that Milo has
over the Dent and other corns is its
ability to produce a good yield of
grain with 'nuch lighter rainfall.
If this grain can he grown success
fully in   the  southern   interior  ol
liritish Columbia,  it should  be  of
especial   beuelit   to   the holders of
small parcels of land who are   plant
ing frnit trees and raising   poultry,
as four ot five rows of Milo  planted
between   the   trees, if  scientifically
cultivated, should not   deprive   the
young trea-s of the necessary require:
ment of moisiure lor  IWO or   1 tirn.
years, and   yet   return   the  largest
amount of grain, of excellent feeding
quality, that   dryfaiiiii.il   soil   will
produce.    D does   mil   require   ex
pensive   machinery for harvesting,
anil if   to  be  usetl for feeding purposes,   there   is   no   necessity   for
threshing. VV  .\. CoOPEB.
Holy Tkinity Chuiich, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and seininn, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon] 7:30 p.m.; ISunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 n.in. service ns well as at 8
a in. Woek day and special services
its they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Kvnx PitKsnvTKitiAN Ciiuhoii—
Sabbath services nt 11 a. in. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school lind Bible class at
9:46 a.m, All' are cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKec, paster.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:3(1 p.m.:Suiiilay school,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 ;p, nr,; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 pilm; junior League, Fry
days, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Haitist CiiuittiH, Rev. H. \V.
Wright pastor.—Sot-vices on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
The-following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, ns recorded hy lhe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  47 38
Siiturilay  63 31
Sunday  ,1d 30
Monday  88 27
Tuesday    38 32
Wednesday  35 30
Thursday  22 IS
If it.isn't an EASTMAN,
-it isn't aKODAK.so buy-
nothing but a KODAK
See our goods and ask for Kodak Catalogues.   Ask our advice on any difticul-
We are at your service.
Prices range from $2.00 to $15.5.00
■^.WOODLAND   6c   CO.;*-
We do not believe that there is a
city of twice the size of Grand Forks
in Hritish Columbia that can show
seven more substantial hotel buildings than are located here, and we
threfore fail to see the wisdom of
spreading the impression broadcast
that the city is lacking in hotel accommodations. If tliere is not here
an hotel that enters exclusively to the
high-class   traveling   publio,   it   is
Ranfiill   during week, 0.'59 inches;
snowfall, 3.05
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy' your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business hCnestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form Xo 1.
A general meeting of lhe Kettle
Valley Farmers' [iislilittite will he
held in the city hall Mo iduy night,
November 20. W A Cooper will
give a report on the Dry Farming
congress held at Colorado Spring-
last month, nml J. 1). Honsberger
and James Rooke will discuss the
hest varieties of apples for this district.
If all the optimistic towns nnd
cities of Canada persist in taking
their own census. Canada wil] likely
hitve-a populnliori of 70,000.000 instead of 7,0011.000 — .Monetary
The following are the returns of
ihe'nre production of the Boundary
mines for the week', nntl also for the
venr to date:
Hi I.oil I
(i. Hin
Our time, knowledge and
experience in tlie printing
business is at your disposal
ivlicn you are in need ofsoine-
prohably because such a house could j thing ir this line.     I loil't   f'oi*-
not make  expenses  under   presentletQt, tfljg,
conditions.     When   we   get   direct '■ '
railway communication   with   the' ™AND F0RRS 0pERA H0[}SE
const   cities  these   condilions   will VI a. t. mull. M»N»oa_a
Change, and when that time arrives j^ ^^ Conimencin),
we have not the least doubt of see- |l)|/^\\|f\ A V   IW/^I/
Mother Lode 	
.  2.Sill
.     1 .si
lainie .Star	
No. 7.. ...-	
I'liiieiiix Ainal...
Smeller (realni
li U   Copper Co.
.11. .'MB
NOTl«'K in liore*\Y tflven tlmt an applfcntlon
will In1 made utnler Part V. of tin* ''Witter
Apt, I'M'," tn ul-ttih. u lii-etise in the HlmiUdt-
 fn Division of Y.iio District.
(a) Tli* norm*. 11.l-lru_.1_1 and ociiiijntii.il of
the n»|dleaiid peter Vet-win, ot Hi-illlnnt,
li iti-.li 0».J ii in bin. Partner. (If for inlnintc
piirpoges) Pree Miner's Certllleate No*	
ii.i Tl e tmmti <>f the lake, Ktreain or
Source (if uiinutneil, tlie description is]:
Kislteriiiiui Creek.
(o) The point of diversion Is about one
thousand;leet •■«-. ci-iy from the crossing ot
therolfUnbla'A Western hallway over l*"i-li-
ertnati 'Veek.
id) The quantity of water applied for (in
colitc feel '|i'r neeimd):     One   uitbic   foot
(e) I'he elmroeter of the proposed works'!
Pipe line and -mull reserVoif,
(f) Tin1 1'i'fit. '«..* on wlitf-h  the water In to
be used (desorlbo   nnie). Lot 201. U. I,
(ff) Tlte purposes for which the wtiier it*, to
ie used;   irrigation.
(h) tf for 'Irrigation lleur vibe the land intern I rd to li.'ini-.n'i'il, (riving wto nre: I'lufu-
Ifltlug foothills to the extent of two hundred
(i) If the water In to be used for power or
in in jn*-. purpose** de-etibe tlie place where
th" water is to be rein rued to nomt. nattiriil
cii'iunel, mid the illllcretice in altitude he-
tween t» it t of diversion mid point of return
(j) Area of Crown land intended to bo occupied l>v the propose'! wiRti.   Nil.
(K) This notice was posted on the g6th day
of August, 1011, and nppii'-ation will be mnde
in Iln* ioii.inUi.ioi cm.ii tin* J.'itll  iltlj   uf OotO-
bor. il'M.
(I)i-ivethe tinmen and   mldres-es   of  any
ilpn r I An proprietors or ileensees  who or
w Inise lauds nre likely lobe ntfeited by the
proppa'd u'nrk*. either above or ti>lo\v the
outlet.   Ml.
(P.O Addros.-,) Hrilllant. B, C.
Jnns Zibomopp, Agent',
Nine-One ftilii" in"t per second Ih ef|iilvno
lent lo Bft.71 miner's lueheH.
P. O. BOX 1353 440 SEYMOUR ST.
"cm |, Crn-Nipy Qrol.. Manchester, Bug.
Makers of (in- Producer Plant* and "ll
Kueflies for general power or elottrlcal
H-'I'tiiig purpuitei.
.Memirs. t»iek; Kerr A Co., Ltd, Prestbn,
i uglaiid K'lii'pmctit for Mines nod I'on-
tractor** Light Loedtnotived (•team and
eleclrlen ), etc.
"lerliiig Telephone ' o., portable   Shot-
liring niiii-liiie slor uiinet-H, cnntrin'or-,
Prospectors'. The hent on the market.
'■\ i i'e fui' piii'ti'iilui!..
Motors, 'leneritnri, t*hct leal Supplies
K ectrenlHeating   aud Conking  Appara
and Thtf Jeanne
Russell Company
ini» another hotol eroded that tvl
ci|unl the "lil "Nnlo. Ws iln iiot liu-
li.'VB ilmt any capitalist would feel
lilai- risking Iii" money in such nn
enterprise at present; and nn abortive attempt to Iiii Ilie wnnt alleged
to exist wotiltl only give tbe project
a further setback, and have a tendency lo defer to n mure distant
* date the carrying tint of the improve-   16-PEOPLE- 16
ment Bought to be consummated. In 	
this connection it may not be amiss MflndHy, NOV. 13, THE AMERICAN lilill.
to inform the traveling public that Tuesday, NOV. 14,THE HAN FROM HOME
the menu and rooms ol the  present
commercial  hotel  in  Graud   Forks
compare favorably  with any  hotel
in tho  province   where   the same
rates are charged.
Yum- aiiqulilM .vill reoalVt) ...
Iltli-litl.i I.    Willi- faarllif.ialll.illull.
Tlie lii'-irinir
■laiaiia.-"! taa III,
if lliaa   an>|iila-atlaaai   ImN   l.t'.'li
8ral al y uf Nuv«a,al,er, lull.
Practical Plumber.
All work giiiiranieed.
Only experienced workmen t'liiplnvtiil. Etiti-
niiites f'urniahod.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnlpfetf    Avenue
Made la Rniflantl
SI.OO per Doz* Upwards
Christum* would   not lai
Without its ureRtingH
Wishes   siinrre from fui
Knuii friends hi.ih "1*1
Elaborate   Scenery,   Correct
Costumes, Every l'rodue-
tion Complete.
PRICES 50c AND $1.00
Anew lot of.latest designs  of pro _       0 ,       ,,.     .      ..,,,.
gram and menu card* just received nt S("'t SftW ,'lt Woodland *Y Co. 8
Tiik Sun job ollico. Drug Stoi'O.
Thoiecrct of tho iucccgb of our
Want Ad*, it that thoy aro short
and snappy. Pooplo llho a plnln
buslnots r.tory told in a fow words
■nd If thoy want anything the/
refor to tho placo where thoy
will find It'with tha least trouhlo,
vlt., tho Clastfflod Want Ads. Is
your buiinsss rs proton ted thtr*.
Yiiii- I.iiihI i>Writ» lilttirti-t of Slmllkomeoti.
T Mil-: nii'lc" ilmt UulwrHr. Pnmol Old"!
I Ailn*ti||,orcii|) t on Kiinmr. Ititstiilk tn
UIM'I* Inr iMUItlllaSsIuli to |i|lrollfl*u tllfl Till*
lutvitiu""-fiilM.1 Ih..'I-:
(' i* i'u,.-   ut   u   1-uxt |i|uiiinl   iiliuut Bfl
l-llllill- lllirlli llf III©   l|t,|||.\\l*-l  IIHIIIT   (if   I.1II
lima, on ii.'i'i>c ci-k, mri nimiit ii v.. null".
east nf Hh' town nf ' MCadal thnnru nortli
in ohainsi tlimiM *e i m olinii»it tnanca
■uiitti 4Utthnh<«>t tliniioe «a«t IUoIihIiin tuiKihil
"''"'"""•", ' UI.BliBTK.PA.lS.
-t K, Oranstgu. Airn-t.
iKltMil JipplCll.lMI'.'iHl    UHI. ________^
Order   Early-
Sample Book
The Sun Office
(I'li'lMi.'il Aiiinmll.v)
Kunhloi trudorn throHithont tlm world to
DOiiuniimoata dlrflol with B'igllsfa
liieftolioln«ufiro«"l«.  Maiidu bolim •<■<<>•
pll'te <-tiiiiiin>"'liil •L.rnid * t"  I... nl ntil   H-4
■uburbtt tlnjillrt'i tm v I*.nitiiiu» li.t-* ..f
tHtli tin' Ooodi f l«'v uliip,
mul I tin Ik» Murki'tt tin-j
nnd '■'« i i/'.m.i
urniiiifpii under tlm I'o
nml ii__--1:■ - itniu Hi'■ ami'
r final   Mineral   CI 'im.   t
,.„l  Kork, Mining Ulylslo
uf 'filling Miiiiiiruntiirr
In   the   rlit* in*i-ri(iii   ,,r viicijt
twin ffliloh tri.'v ml),
n\ililllti< Nil il 'hl'H
nf  Villi-   I'i-
iitronof the iJiiftcu Kiiitiiiiim.
h. Harohants, e
iill t»n* ns ._,..■! ir-.!:i*,irj(i:
WlicrcloCflledi   tn BmwiiVonmii.
T4KK miTI'K Unit I. Aloxii'.dtT V, Hnrr.
Kt.',. inern' CertlBenie No. 8WMB. fur
myself and i*i ntrent fo' Onnrwi *•: ifnUi"',
t*i*..i. Mlnoni* OrrllHMtq X *. B1886B, lu-
tend. sixty dn^B from the antfl hereof, ■<• »i»i
iily to tlm Mining Reodrnef for n OwtlflMn
ot lnii>rii\unii'iit, for ' in* pfirimsa nf ulitain-
lllgACromi   ifUlltOf thfl (I nvt ''liilm.
Attrt further t 'i*< I06 'liat itqllon   nnder
■botjoit :1". tun*.! ii mnionoed hefpre the
l^unnoe 01  *■<"h "VrtliiriitH «f   [improve*
'"i;:;;" "'u-" !vi:Ki':;NbKi!.>ulHURR
A copy of tli« current
tvunlml,   frcliflit   imlil,
Order mr 20d.
Dealers Ntokltig Agenotei en*'
their trade cards ior £1, ur larger
ineum innn £3,
.dition ""HI ii- for.
on rooelpt of Pottal
iiil'i-rti -i»
Don't forget thnt The Sun lun the
hpitt job prtntihRsdepnrraeut in the
Ituiiinlary t'ounlry.
26, Abohfirlili Lane, r/imlnn,  R.C,
Remember that eVotjy iul.lt' I
sybacribpi' lioljw tp niakt* tbis
paper better ror even-body,
'    -^—»- ' THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   R. C.
Cathartics Tend to
Cause Injury to the
It you Are subject to conRtipntion,
you sbould avoid strong drugs und
cathartics. They only give tetnpor-
a ary relief and tbeir relief is harmful
and sometimes more annoying than
constipation, They in no way effect
a cure and their tendency is to weak-
tn the already weak organs with
which they come in contact,
WehoneBtly believe we have the
best constipation treatment ever devised. Our faith in it is so strong
tbat we sell it on the positive guarantee that it shall not cost the user
a cent if it does not give entire satisfaction and compleiely remedy constipation. This preparation is called
Rexall Orderlies. These are prompt,
soothing, and most effective in action. They are made of a recent
abemical discovery. Their principal
ingredient is odorless, tasteless, and
colorless. Combined with other
well knwn ingredients, long established for their usefulness in tbe
treatment of constipation, it forms a
tablet which is eaten just like candy.
They may be taken at any lima,
either day or niglii, without fear of
their causing any inconvenience
whatever. They do not gripe, purge
nor cause nausea. They act without
causing any pain or excessive looseness of the bowels. They are ideal
for children, weak, delicate persons,
and aged people, as well at for the
most hearty person.
They come in tbree size packages,
12 tablets, 10 cents; 36 tablets, 25
cents; SO tablets, 50 cents. Remember, you can obtain tbem only at
our store—The Rexall Store. H.
E Woodland.
made the discuvery. The mites 'were r -cives it. hut every 'ni.-irii.ei-.otai..
damaged by their long stay in the!
wet ground- The gold was in » hag, |
the latter being rotted by the (lmti|>-
ness. The booty was evi»1entlv hidden by thieves after they made their
effectual efforts to escape in a motor
car taken from a iieighliiiriiit! home
Arrests are said lo he imminent
The Pinkerton detectives at work in
New Westminster nn the Bank 'nf
Montreal rnMiery h»ve received h
telegrtm announcing that some of
the monev stolen from the hunk
have been found in eastern cities.
hut neither the Amount nor the
places where il was found are stated,
Curiously enough, the information
was received almost iiiinn'd'>it.'ly
after the discovery of the buried
loot in New Westminster
Stolen Money Recovered
A sum exceeding (24,000, in
notes and gold, the proceeds of the
New Westminster bank robbery,
were found last week hidden under
the planks of the sidewalk a few
blocks distant frnm the scene of
the robbery.   Some city  workmen
Granby at Goose Bay
D.'i^' McDonald and A. McKenzie, of: the Granby company, left
Vancouver last Saturday to inspect
the operations of that company in
the Portland Canal district.
W. E. Weikel, another represent
ative of the Granhy, left Vancouver
on the same day for Goose Bay to
take charge of the construction of
the dam which the company will
install in connection with its power
plant. Some time ago the company
forwarded to Goose Bay a large con
signment of machinery, derrick engines, compressors, ,'limps and gen
eral rigging for the construction
work on the dam, and this has heen
forwarded to the proposed datn site.
A gang of 20 men, the advance
guard of the force which the coui-
dany will have engaged on the dam
construction, accompanied Mr.
Weikel. These will install the
plant and equipment, preparatory
to starting active work, and the company left orders in Vancouver for 20
more men each week until the entire number has been raised to 400
itien, which will be the complete force
estimated as necessary to rush the
dam through to completion this
A Gift With a Thought In It
What other Christmas present
costs so little and means so much as
a subscription to The Youth's Companion— 52 weeks to any Cutladian
subscriber for Si 00? It is a gift
which benefits not only the one who
tun family
With   many   Ghrjsiiii.is  predet.is
tie sense of noyelly near- ..ff liv ilia-
wek'seml hut. The Y-iinli's 'a,an
(niniiiii is as new innl sinitathl filler
the (il'ty-secniiil week- a.f thn year us
the first It is elastic in i's ailap'a-
hility,    too;   for it  iii|Wi nt.it matter
Opfcsite G:e_u Nwlliero Sjtion
whether the present is ,„r y  or   M|ipIFll^|Py||&A
a gitl, young inaiiieil  pe,,,,,., s,,l„ e   ^g^r^^^M^^
coup ei, graii'lpiirHiiis — ther--   i ever   jgS^"^jj^'^*-^>-y'«»»"**~v?....:.. '-..'^J-^*}ji2
ttpi-a-ntl.V   a-ta|]a|ila<-,a-<
IK-wl.v   lnrtna.la,.al   .liraalairla-
iiiii.   '.nuveiiiftittly locate.l
fa.I-   railway    men.     l-iraat-
a-ll.aaa. aaa-a-aaaaillainlaitillllaa f„r
trflllHieilt-. H aall rat a ll .1
laaaaiiiK hy the we_ak a. lire-
Vailing aaita-ii I-'I,ip laaac aal
a- llil'aa, I.iniliaraa a.laal Cl'-'nr.
aalavaaya. lai a..aaa>l( lit tlie ln,|-
wis on- yet who did not *.-i
by Tue Youth's Companion.
ualinot iiiaik,' a iiiisiiike if joti
.1  ie
You |
Oiiiiipaiiion—and   il   is  miiyj
#2 .10 a year now to  Ciniiiiliiin   sub
scnlieis.    On   JaniMiy  1, 11)12, tlie!
price will lie advanced to 12 25
The one lo whom y >u giv.- tie
subi.eriptii.il will reixue free'I'he
Ciiii.pniiiiiii's Calendar lor 11)12.!
lithographed in iwehe coitus and
gulil, uud you, ton. in. ii giver iif ill
subscription, will receive a copy ol
lhe Calendar.
The Youth's Companion, 144
Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. New
Bulitaciiptioiis received al this olliee.
a^gj*?^:^>c> ^-r^-^:^i-^    (irand Forks, B. C.
1 he Q'iver Typewriter
ill    laau
A certain eilitor had cause to ad
moiiisl) his mju on account of' his
reluctance to attend school.
"You inu-tgii regtllaily and learn
to he a great scholar," said the o tl
father, encouragingly,'olhertvise \ou
can never be an editor, you kiioiv
What would you do, lor instance, il
your paper came out lull of mi -
The boy loaiked up into his par-
ent'sfaoe with childish innocence.
"Father," he said, solemnly, 'Td
blame 'em on the printer!"
And then the editor fell upon his
soli's neck aud wept tears of joy. He
knew be had a successor for his
editorial chair.—Sacred Heart Review.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   <^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<■_/! Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PUB Family Herald and Weekly Sta r of Montreal, acknowledged to be
| the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, hai on
many occasions given its readers most delightful premium pictures,
Inn this season they lime secured what ia beyond any question of doubt
the hest picture ever offered newspaper reader*. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
wiio meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie tlog, fnmous for his beauty and gentleness, winner
of mnny prizes at ting snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and hrothar to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted lo be "Home Again," and answers her welcome hy putting his
paws on her shoulder nntl resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his tlog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The iweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl wilh rippling locks, her affectionate arms nround the shaggy neck of
.the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of nny home.
The picture is hy the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting nf children and animals.
The beautiful picture *'Hom_i Again" on heavy plate piper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1012.
The small sum of 81.50 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar hill, in fact it could not be bought at tbat price.
Every borne in the Boundary -'.otild get tlu big 81.50 worth this
The high price of living hius
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
If ,vnu nnme to mn
fur ti-i-uTtiiftii, ex-
peol tn In1 rtiri'.i. If
others Imvf fulled,
iixiii rt mi1 to euro
vim Utile*i i know
i oati eure yon i will
not lin i-i't you'ream
am) in ever? t«-
Hlmift- I treit hy my
own nrluinnl nr advanced nml M'li'ntilli-
S|K>rni.itorrhomi_ Organic Weak den,
Lost Vlirnr, \ uri.i.cele. Hwlrorele, foil*
tmctcil Disorders, Specific Hln.nl PolfOtl,
I'lli's innl Ktrlctureil-reMtortiig nil affected
organi. In nm mul nn<l healthy action in
thn inOftetl possihle space uf time.
Sne  All the  Forms  of  Diseases
of Men.
Colltllltall.ill and lletlraaa-tiiali booklet
tree nt offlt'e or by mall.
II "I  Valla-   -I.aaaalaaral    V.*|la
|l r.     Iti'l   lv|ia-a\r a
' II"      alii'vl
 1'IOa.l    aa|'    Ilia,.'I)
f   lliaalaar.- — taiia.v   f
Tin- typewriter Hint lnoqii.pnrtl i»,ti „•,.» ul
aa-li  a'aa,,,,.,,,.,,,..., ,,.   ., IK.   |,„taV,. Shift —
hi- KllHllI llt-yiiT"--'Tlli-   |1. male RuIohku"-
''"'.) "inillvi-    H„_..-'*—-The     ..ii-„ii„i i,.
I la-   Aiiioiiiiitii- THiiiiiHta.r"—'.The
Disill'l '"Itliiilla-aa air"
-"He Ailjii-liilal,. |-„.
perHin_,„'_-|-|„. s,.|.
i-niilli- I'niaileiiwil Kev
ti"iifa1"-all -**
Yours (or  17
Genu a Day!
We aiioiu 1   thi,
ilaaia plan recently, jliet to li-t-1 the imlaaa- aal
111- |aajaa|.|aj. Himl>ly a aalaiall 1-m.h |a,iyin,-lil—
tlit'l. 17 lat-iiis tt day. Tl-.ni la. tlie iilali In a nul-
The remill tins been Miith a deluge of anplica-
llaanaa faar liiaaa-llilnjH till.. we are i.|liiiala- ,ah.
The duuiHliil 1-iiiues I'riaaii ptlopltl aif aall rlaaa-Kt'..,
llll anil-., Hli lil-olipiltloilS.
Tiia- iiiHJ.arliy nl luqiiiria-t, has a-iiine;fnam poo-
li-aaf Ifuaiwil fllliill.-ial sin.tiling whu were HI-
trill'telba the niava-lly aaf lhe |a.-a,|au_». 'nn. .VII
liniiiva.il ve al.-iia.aiiHtintliiia ..I Ih.' Iiiiuiense pop-
il «riiy..f llau .lali'.-r IV|ie.vi.aer
.V MiirlHaie .-<!.,tlr., ailllail ,.f nlir hellef ilmt
Ihe Km nl llui._ari.ial Typ availing li. aUluliil.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
trje »_
The Standa rd Visible Writer
■Tlie Ollvor Typewriter ia a mdiiey-iitttlrui
rlul.l imm the wnr.1 "aol" Sal eH8v lo run Hint
hea.la.ners noon aet I« lho "i-xperl"c]H|. torn
a« you learn.   Let the miiehlno rnylheB i-eiu.
« lli-revi'r y.... »re, there Is wilrk lo be daaaaa'
anal maaney to lie mania- In- i,h|,,k the l.llver. Tbe
bu-llieia« world laaeallllm for ullver aa|,erai|..rs.
I here are uot enaaaiKh lo supply lho demand
Thi._r_u_li.riM are enwalderably above those a.i
laialiiy I'laaasesiif worliern.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is the l.itttli-erv today.    >. e have ni'lile
the Oliver liipreme in uiefuliiesmin.i absnliitel.
IlldlRpeiiMlble ill hudneas. Nuw comes tlu- unii
aiaaeau of the linme.
The Hlnipllelty and utrength nf the Oliver lit ll
for family use. It Is liaroiiiluir nu linianrtiiul
f«i-lor In the hnme training nt young people.
A n edui'atnr«» well», „ maaiiev uiiik-r.
our new aellina plan pin, ihe Oliver on the
threshold pi every home iu America. Will von
e.'aase the d.H.r of ya.ur Inaaaae .ar ..lll.aa ou Ibis re-
uiiirpahle Oliver oil' r?
Write for flintier details of our ensyotrer and
afreeiaopyofllifuewOlivcreiitahaa.   Ad. rajsaj
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollrer Typewriter Building,
City and Suburban
g(S0>A*mgs.-n:,\l-,:, KT. LOT between
|C   <l%||   Saionil and Tbia.l itroots,
__ll __. ■ —■ II     jal-l lllalaVI-Jllllgl-   1.,-atia, V'a
^^Sr.^er*ar    I It. Qtw'l placet: .ep-
arate.1 frmn all  otber propertiea   by SOs-lt*
lane: aa large a. aeven ur eight ordl.uirv lots.
adjoining late are worth »|.'a0; would make
aili-i- home, with siiHia-ii-i.t gruaiual lor a-hicla.
en*, fruit, gnrden and lawn; tiiaast ,lcaa,».,,,
iia-aatiaui in city.
H \ s I) HOOK
Na'» Ktlltiim l-suel NnV, 15. 19(H) )
Is aa alaayt'ii luniks ill ulna "Piling   t.lll.
Iustin \. yi'iiajrii|aliv,   jfi'iili'jit,   a-liciuis-
O'V, 'lllillt flllaigy,   llli'tlllllllL'v'.    tiTlllill-
iltig^l tl'*1'*1, stJttistnjs uml liiiuiiiH'S uf
a.'al|a|iPt'. It. is il |il'..l.'ici.l linnk, useful
in itll uml necessary to most men en
afujied in nny brunch of the ooppea
Its facts will puss inusti^ with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyilnv
limn. It i;i.'es the plain fncts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists ami ilesci'ilies 4G3fi copper
.nines antl companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
r.wu lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Haiidhnok is cainceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The milling man needs the book for
the faa-ts it gives hiin about mines,
mining untl the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mill-
iug investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is ?5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, anil
may be returned within a week of re-
a.-eipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
45.1 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
35 ACKKS u.lji.iii.i.ir
•-Hy limit* im r>llthi
14 iii-i-t'aH eleniwli in
fruit trasii new fmir-
""»'»  no :  Imrii  f.>r nix    Iihm*»;  Iktm.,
huuiry.iliiiilili*  Innn..,-   nt>,\   hirtiifiiK   liuiili*-
iih-iiU.   All f.»r |9300.   liu-iy tf>ruii.
traaii fruit ti*i*i'n, ti —
(iiii-liiiir i-uiili, liulmire t.*i m-,.
ForiMtOHM Kill SK
uml three i*-t- witiiin
oue block uf buijoeii
rniitrp;   liiivn,   ihftde
IT.V liiMies. Iiii'iri. L'lirilpii.
VMIUIioHllfqniiture oi houu if
I'<i   miles from tmvii;
7-rcium   hOlltOi    |»1hh*-
jr*d] liii'irL' huugyshod,
 _ _   woodihea;   IM    fruit
treei.   i»  i»*nrlii«: 2'a   arm   ■triiwIiiTrlcH.
gooieberrlri! nurranu, ratpberrieii f/oe frbm
■ run: tin* best lt.ciiti"ii ilt arm ml (iruii'l Poruj
pletity of (ru«"l water) fruit unit orop Included {
Between 8 and *i AOaTai
in Wf-t nml of pjtyi
Bnt Plan mill, ail under ciii iviitidn; itnall
hoill0i woonSbrtl ami oiltbulldlnae] ui>l| ntnl
pump: winni fpiit'o. This li> hMorUloetaiowiP
arnabntii tclmivocity.  Teriiin.
Fur further information re
garding the above properties
call or address
k NY available Dominion LiiuiN within the
n Kuilwiiy Heir uf Hritish Uolumhlii maybe
hotneateaded l>y any perioti who li thn lipml
of ii fiiinilv. or tiny mull* over eighteen ydan
of in."', to the extent of oue*quarter section
of 1(MJ aerei( more ur lesi.
Kutry iniiHt In* mndi* itcrsoniilly ut tlm local
luiitl office for the dUtrlot In witivh tho Jui.<i
The hmiiafsti'iuliT It rcqiiin-il to i>urforiii
the coiiiiitiun*. I'liinif.-tftl therewith under
oue of the follpwlllg pluim:
(1) At least nix month-,' reMiileiiae upon mid
cult ivut inn uf the hmd lu euch yeur for three
fi) If the father (or mother, ff the fnther is
ih'cciisi'il i, of tlu> homeitcndvr rcsiih»s noun a
fiirm In the vicltiity of the laud enti-reil for,
the rt><|iiircmi*iiis tu to residence may be mit-
islied h\ iiiuh pi«rsoii reaiilhitf with the father
or muther.
(8) If the tiettlnr ha* fall permanent re«l-
debet unon farming laud owned by him In
the vtuinity of nil homestead, the requirement* ■« tu ri-sl'li'iice may he uutUtled hy
residence upon theuald land.
Hlx muiithH' notice In wrlitiiff vhuulil In-
irlven the (ioinniiHshtuer of Dumiulou I .nml*.
at Ottawa of Intention to apply fur pntent.
Coal -('oui mliiititr ritfhtH nmv he leaaed
for a period of tweuty-oue yeurs at an  mi*
■mn l rental uf $1,00 per ucre. Not more than
l,50(iaorea sliuil he leased to one Individual or
Ciiuiiiiiuy. A royulty ut the rute of live rents
per ton shull he OOlleoted un the ineri'liiint-
ahle ooal lullied,
Deputy of the Minister or the Interior.
N.lt.   Unanthorlied   publlntlou of   this
udvertlsemeut will not he ould for.
l-pceive hoth Ladle! and Gentlemen na rent*
dent or dnys indents; I.a*, u complete Cum*
ni'reinior  itii*.iri»'ss Couriei prepan'■ *tu*
dents to ca in   Tenelie's' Cert ill cil ten  of  nil
fxaden; irlvei the four jrearr course for the
I. A. degree, and the timt year of the School
of Science conrHe,in affiliation with the Toronto University; hai a apodal proipecton
course for mliiera whu Work In H C. In-truc-
tiiiti ltal*Oftlvtm In Art, Music, PhysicalC'ui•
ture   and  hluelitlon.
For Calendar!, etc , addren
Th»t when you put a
•aire onto your child'* skin,
H panes through the votes
and enters the blood, M
at surely ai if you F«a »*
into the ehUd't stomach?
You would not put a
marie mau of animal fat,
colored by ration* mineral
poisons (such u many
crude salv.s sre) Into your
child's blood by way of the
stomach? Then why do
so by way of thc pores?
T-Ju no rt-k.   Ui* a'way. th*
Sn h rtal eeenet, pfvv-dcd la
m-buk. Za-Buk contains
no Inn .1 aay »olm«l oil or bl,
ud no pehtMOW mlntfalcol r-
lut nutter. From -tail to iii.Ua
It will ta»l em*, skits, amtee-
ks, eruptions, varlcos* ttltta,
cute, burnt and bruises n_a.ro
quickly than uy otstr kowa
reparation. U k III eptlc,
quickly ■top* Uu smaitlug ol a
•ji* oc cot, cum pil s lot UMd
hni and bfood-Mbonin . It is a
comb.-_a.loo of healing power and
wicnti It purity. Ask those who
bav« prav.d It.
ill deatttets smt stores tes tea ie
iom-Sak tie., Tmnti, foe ynso.
Investment   and   Loans   Negotiate.
Thc woman who known how to
spunk b hnby properly didn't acquire
the knowledge through 11 correspondence school.
The moat obstinate corns and warti.
fall to resist Holloway'a Corn Oure. Try
The oflice nt tlio police station,
Inspector  (in  desk)—What's    your
Prisoner—Patrick McSweency.
What countryman are you?
An Oirishman.
What's your business?
An Italian organ grinder.—Tit-Bits.
Terrible Itching
Got Little Sleep
Until Cuticura Remedies Cured Hia
Those who hiv« suffered long snd hopelessly from torturing skin eruptions will read
with Interest this letter from Mr. T. Williams,
116 Pacilic Ave.. Winnipeg ('luted Jan. It,
1911): "The Cuticura Remedies certainly
did work finely ad I un thankful that there
vis such a remedy, and that I tried It. About
three months ago a terrible Itching com'
menced on my body. I could not understand
it. It gradually grew worse and covered a
luge portion of my body. There was also
a slight eruption of the skin, sort of a rash.
1 suffered greLtly with the itching and at
night time I had little sleep. I tried one or
two remedies which did no good, and then
I tried Cuticura Soap, OIntuunt and Re-
•olvent. In about ten days I was completely
For more than a generation the Cuticura
Remedies have afforded the speediest and
most economical treatment for Itching, burn*
Ing, scaly and bleeding pkln and scalp humors, of young and old. Sold by druggists
and dealers everywhere. For a liberal samplo
of Cuticura Bokp and Olrtmrnt, with 32-p,
book on the care of the skin and treatment of
Hs affections, scud a postal to the Potter
Drag £ Cheip. Corp., sole props., 61 Columbus Ave., Boston, II. S. A.
A Remarkable Edifice, tha Whim of a
Waalthy Th Plantar.
Near the well known seaport of
Bout-Hampton. England, there Is a remarkable edlflre known ae Petersen's
lower. Tbe erection Is all tbe more singular because tt marks ihe burying
place of a certain John Petersen, a
wealthy tea planter.
Tba man appears to hare been rath*
er an eccentric Individual, and In or
der to prove to tbe world his belief In
concrete as a building material aet
about tbe construction of tbls great
lower. The building took many yeart
to complete, but ts entirely of concrete and by tbe time tbe final layers
bad been placed bad reached an altitude ot more tban IWO feet It la about
forty years since tbe tower was erected, and Ita present condition Is certainly a Justification of tbe faltb ot tbe
Aa bas been Indicated, Petersen left
Instructions thnt bis body sbould be
placed under ihe lower, and this waa
accordingly carried out. Another desire tbal the chamber at tbe summit,
sbould contain a light waa defeated by
the Arm stand whicb Trinity House,
tha lighthouse authority, took on the
matter. Sucb an Illumination would
have been visible for miles out to sea
and would naturally bave proved very
misleading to sailors.—Scientific American.
A Praotloe the English Judge Did Hia
Best te Dlsssurage.
Tbe following remarkable Judgment
was delivered some yeara two by a
magistrate in one of tbe English colonies:
"Pacbua ts hereby charged with bavlng on tbe lltb of January followed
tha court on Its rising and while aaid
court waa In ihe act of mounting Into
Ita buggy came from behind and. seizing tbe court's dangling leg. the otber
foot being on the step, forcibly pulled
back the court, frightened tbe horse
and nearly caused an accident. The
reason alleged fnr thia by accused la
tbat be wanted to bear the result of an
application of his. The practice by petitioners of pulling tbe courts by tbe
lege la one that sbould be discouraged.
Accused only says be Is a poor man.
admitting tbe tmth of the complaint
Be la sentenced to one month's rigor
oua Imprisonment"
Strange to relate, the lieutenant governor of tbe province on reading tbla
sentence felt It necessary to Intimate
to the magistrate that neither tbe sen-
fence Itself nor tbe peculiar phraseology In whicb It was couched was calculated to meet wltb approval from minds
running lu legal groove*.
W. N. U., No.
Berne end Its Bears. '
Berne la surrounded t,y the blue
green river Aare. and seven bridges
cross Into the picturesque suburbs: tbe
view of the Alps Is one of the finest
to be had. One may walk through th*
streets of Berne, write* an American
visitor, and find constai.t surprises.
Tbe odd fountains will be observed
with Interest Tbey were mostly built
In the sixteenth century. Tbere are •
number of public Institution*, worth a
visit—the historical museum, museum
of Industry and tbe museums of art
and.nature; several libraries and th*
public gardens, which contslt the great
bear pit ao universally known, to aay
nothing of tbe quaint gcte* and tbe
headquarters of the Postal union.
Bean bave been kept on public exhibition ln Berne since 1480 tn commemoration of the killing of ore by the
Duke of Zahringeu on tb* alt* of th*
Wh«n th* Guitar Arrived.
Tbe advent of the English guitar In
the eighteenth century caused the disappearance of banduree. pollpbunt* and
similar wire strung Instruments, or.
rather. It supplanted them, for. owing
to tbe nse of fingers, the English guitar,
tbougb smaller, could be used for accompanying tbe voice at well a* for
aolo performances. Tb* Instrument,
which bad a decorative appearance. I*
frequently depicted In the portraiture
of the eighteenth century. It was
mad* In various alses. two of tbe
smaller "to be managed by young
ladles from seven to len yeara of age,
the other by ladlea of ten and upward." '	
Fish' Delusions.
There are two popular delusions
about fish-one that they cannot live
out of water and the otber that tbey
can live ln any pure water, the food
■upply taking care of Itself. Aa a matter of fact tbere are fish lu Africa
which, bavlng at exist In absolutely
dry rivers fur a portion of the year,
hnve developed lungs, wbile tn many
an amateur'a aquarium flab cannot Hv*
In the water provided owing to lack
of food.
Jamaica Is more populous tn proportion to Its size tban Spain, iurkey.
Russia and aame otber European
countries. Tbe wblte people, nowvver,
are outnumbered by tba black and
colored by nearly fifty to on*.
The great bulk cf home baking is no longer nocessary. "Let
right at your own door and ara ou your grocer's shelves
aa fresh aa they leave the oven.
They are the only Biscuit which comes to your table fresh
enough to take the place of your own home baking.
are sold In air-tight packages—or sealed tins. If you have
never used them you have a delightful treat in store.
MOONEY'S are made in Winnipeg,
a Western biscuit for Western people,
Frightful Mistake
'I never saw n bride looking so
sour.   What was the matter?"
"She fdund out when it was too late
that she was wearing lemon blossoms
instead ol orange."—Chicago Tribune.
The reason to many men get married is because they are too tenderhearted to refuse.
Minard's Liniment cures burns, etc.
Every time a new barber comes to
town all the bald men drop in to 9ee
if he can't suggest something that will
make hair grow.
8lmple and Sura—Dr. Thomas' Eolectric
Oil ia so simple in application that a
child can understand the Instruction...
Used ao a liniment tha only direction is
to rub. and when used as a dressing to
, apply. The directions are so plain and
unmistakable  that  they  are  readily  un-
' deratood by young or old.
Some women marry lor love, some
for a home and a few to spite the
i other woman.
Tommy—Pop, what is a theorist?
Tommy's Pop—A theorist, my son,
is a man who thinks he is learning to
swim by sitting on the bank and
watching, a .frog.—San . Francisco
Minard'a Liniment rslievss neuralgia
Marrying a' man to reform hirh is
like trying to make a satisfactory omelette out of a bad egg.
____*-    10«
■_■■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. 0,
i a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaataaaai i
i   HER   I!
, a .a
. I — , I
| > It Was Not a Best Seller, but. ll} ;
Regenerated a Maa
a i   . i
• , .a
< > Copyrlfhl by American Press Aaeo- <
' ' elation, 1SU.
Archie Trevor had permitted him-
aelf to be drawn Into an affair wltb
a woman whom It would not b* desirable tor him to marry.
Mr. Trevor mad* np hi* mind to
leave tbe city ln wblcb he resided, remain ln biding for awhile, then take
np his abode In another place. Tbe
summer season wa* coming on, enabling film to go to tbe country, remain
there till fall, then turn up tn tb* city
of hla new residence.
For his temporary abode he selected
a secluded spot on Lake 1)., among
beautiful bills. Be bad artistic tastes
tbst he desired to cultivate, and there
were many vistas about tbe lake that
would bear being transferred to canvas. The plaee wa* not a aummer re-
eort, and be waa unlikely to meet any
on* wbo knew bim. He would pass
under the name of Brown su tbat If
hi* presence was reported among those
sojourning ln the rural district* bis
Identity would he concealed.
For two' or tbree daya after bis ar
rival at the Coventry Inn, where be
took up his abode, be felt very well
satisfied wllb himself. To ba good
wa* a new sensation wltb h'.m, and
be rather enjoyed It Be did more
or leaa daubing, but he had very little
artistic talent, and his copies of beautiful scenes In tbe neighborhood would
never hav* been recognised for th*
On* morning while he waa sketching
a drl. wbi.se fashionable attire Indicated tbat sbe was city bred-ebe carried a ellk parasol covered with expensive lace-cam* sauntering down
th* road.
lbs lady, having literary tastes, was
endeavoring to mak* a name for herself ln belles-lettres. Bbe bad about
aa mucb talent for scribbling as Mr.
Brown bad for painting. But she had
submitted a number ot her effusions
to her Intimate friends, all ot wbom
told ber tbat abe was a genius. Hh*
bad therefore determined to bury ber-
aalt for the summer among woods and
waters to gain tb* Inspiration ot solitude and write a novel.'
The moment abe aaw Archie Trevor
hla fac* atruck her aa familiar. Then
It came to her tbat she bad seen his
photogravure In an art journal, and
lastly she remembered tbat tbls likeness was tbat of a celebrated artist
Bad Archie been a nobody not even
their lonely surroundings would have
induced her to break conventional city
rules by speaking to him. lint, recognising him, us she supposed, for a
genius and feeling tbat freemasonry
which exists among geniuses, barring
jealousy, abe stood behind him and
looked at his picture.
"Excuse me. sir." sh* aaid. "but I am
a great admirer of tbe fine arts, especially painting. That bit of farm vista
Is beautiful. The pile of bay ln th*
center looks so rural!"
"Vou are mistaken In that pile of
hay," replied Brown, rising and pulling off bla little felt top covering. "It
1* a pond"
"Oh. you Impressionists!" exclaimed
tbe critic. "What peculiar metboda
you use for producing effects! Now
that I stand farther away from your
picture I aee a veritable- pond, and
tbe swan Is perfect."
"That la a boy In a punt"
"Another impressionist method. Tbe
light atruck tbe paint glaringly. From
tbla point I see what you intend."
Archie remained silent
"I should not hav* known you had 1
aot aeen a picture of you," continued
tb* lady.
"A picture of me!"
"Yea, just before coming to tb* country."
Archie knit bis brow*. Could hi*
disspis-amnce have caused a commotion? Bnd his picture been published
for hla Identification? Surely th* woman b* waa trying to break with
would nnt descend to that
"1 confess." said the girl, "tbat I.
too, am Incog. I came to ta* country
to get away from tbe world."
"But how tn I be world did yon get'
aa to me?"
*"0b. yon men of genlua can't conceal yourselves. Vour very presence
bespeaks a difference from other
men." . *
"Men of genius*"
"How clever yon are In your method
of throwing one off the track? That
look of surprise Is very well feigned."
Archie heaved a sigh of relief. Evidently tbe girl bad mistaken bim for
some one else. '
"Yon sny you are Incog.," be ventured "May I ask the reason tor
your not wishing to be knownr
"I dnn'tlneiin that I am passing under an assumed nam*.   1 cam* to tb*
.....niry to »»..*. uci.un. 1 am Irene
"Indeed!" snid Archie. Be supposed
that Irene Iddleston waa a great novelist and didn't care to display Ignorance of her or her works.
"We two, both having artistic taste*.
may assist each other in our work. 1
should be pleased fo see yon at a
farmhouse where 1 am Mopping, Mr.
Trevor started.
"What surprise* yonr
"That yon should know my—th*
name l"-
"Ob, yen can't get rid ot your Identity. Ion may bide your bead, ilka
tbe ostrich but you will still be visible."
"I shall be delighted to call upon
She described the bonse where sh*
was staying so that he could Und It
and paaaed on. Trevor stood looking
after ber wltb a ptiraied expression.
"Well, I'll be jliiKed!"
He sat down un bla three legged
stool and tried to go on painting. But
he was preoccupied wltb tbe girl
Finally be sprung up and exclaimed:
"1 have It   abe* a detective!"
There was no other explanation.
The woman ue was trying to "snake"
had discovered bis whereabouts and
sent another woman after him. Ten
to one - this one wbo called herself
Iddleston would try and get torn*
compromising evidence from bim tbat
would serve a purpose In a breach of
promise suit Trevor resolved to be
wary and If possible pay tbe detective
In her own coin-thnt is, If she pursued bim. Aa to going to see ber, he
bad no Idea ot doing tbat
But curiosity prevented bis staying
On* day. passing tb* farmhouse
wbere sbe stopped, he aaw her sitting
on tb* porch driving a pen. Sheets
of manuscript were scattered about
A click ot tbe pt* caused ber to look
"Ob. Mr. Brown," she exclslmed
gushingly, "bow good ot yon to come
to see met How honored I feel to receive a visit from a celebrated artist-
I. who am entirely unknown In my
"Taffyt" muttered Trevor to himself.
"Tbey say," abe continued, "that the
pen and the brush usually go together.
Have you never written anything?"
"Nothing hut letters." replied Trevor,
wltb a cunning look.
••Letters! Ob. do let me see son)* ot
them. I love to read tb* letter* ot literary people."
"1 have a few that 1 once wrote a
- woman whom I thought I loved. After
a little spat between ua ah* returned
"Tbe very tblng I need for a part
of my novel tbat 1 am now working
upon. In tbem I ahall get tbit genuine feeling we novelists find It dim
cult If not Impoaslbl* to Imitate."
Trevor breathed bard. All doubt tbat
Miss Iddleston bad been sent to In
velgle him Into surrendering certain
lettera be bad written aud fortunately
recovered was set at rest. An idea
■truck him. Tbe best defense against
a woman Is tbe opposite of flgbtlnp
ber-tbat Is, making love to her. He
would outwit ber in tbls way. It did
not occur to bim tbat by so doing he
wonld get another affair on bla hands.
Men never really use their reasons
about women. They think they do,
but they are under the Influence of
their feelings Instead.
Trevor wna an attractive fellow, snd
■Ince be wns to Mis* Iddleston a celebrated artist he bad only to tay a few
honeyed words and look at her In a
melancholy, yearning way to achieve
a complete victory. Be was not fool
enough to give ber tbe letters be hnd
written to another woman: tbat affair
waa paased ao far as sny tender feel
Ing waa concerned. Instead, be wrote
lettera to Mlsa Iddleatou direct. It
wasn't necessary for bim to write ber.
for he could see ber every day. but
she said ahe needed these letters In
her work, so be consented to write a
few for ber. He Inieuded to refrain
from committing himself In any of
them, but a man's letters to a woman
may be Interpreted to menu more thnn
be intends, and be Is apt to grow Incautious. Trevor bad been through
tbe mill before and abould have known
better. He did know better. The
trouble was not In wbat be knew, but
wbat he did.
A very rurioue condition existed between Mr. Trevor and Miss Iddleston
just hefore tbelr separation at tb* end
of the summer Mr. Trevor bad treated her as a spy aud bad taken means
lo outwit her ns such. Kb* considered
him a famous nrtist nnd nn honorable
man, whereas he hnd never achieved
anything remarkable and wa* hiding
from a woman be feared.
Tben suddenly ber eye* wer* opened
to the fart tbat he bad heen entirely
mlstakeu in the authoress. Home
friends came to see her whom Trevor
met. and he became aware that abe
waa an eminently respectable young
woman and very highly connected.
Moreover, be discovered tbat be had
been caught In hts owu trap and waa
In lov* with ber.
Wbat was be to do? Confess? Confess whst? Tbat be bad taken her
for it detective. Suppose he should
conceal tbls. bl* only reason for per
mlttlng her to remain uuder the Im
pression that he wa* a great artist
And In nny event he must come down
from thnt high position snd acknowledge himself simply as one wbo bad
begun an attempt to reform.
While he was debating wbat to do
Miss Iddleston told bim that ber story
was completed and tbat'abe would like
to bave his opinion of It. An Idea
struck Trevor. He told her that he
would take It to the city wltb him,
read It and return It with bis criticism.
He also Intimated tbat be would tben
have aomethlug Important to aay to
Soon after the lady'a arrival at horn*
sh* received the manuscript of her
novel with a letter fmm her critic
which said very truthfully tbat It bad
excited In biro a thrill. It had made
a new mnn of him. Then followed hla
confession with the statement that
without her his regeneration wonld
have been incomplete and hence a failure. With ber all there waa noble In
blm wonld eome out
The young lndy suffered a great reaction, hut tbe effect of her literary
work brought her around. She mar
rted Trevor and Inatead nf writing
more novels began th* care ot children.
Shooting th* Rapids of th* Hedtu
River. In Japan.
The rapid* on tbe Bodxu river near
Kyoto must (III even tbe most bias* of
tourists wltb iteltement A train from
Kyoto climbs slowly and painfully upward until Dually It deposits Ita pas*
sengers at a quaint little aiding.
From bere. says tb* Wide World
Magnxlne. on* goes to the river bank
and embarks in a rude, flat bottomed
boat which Is pushed out by four men
Into tbe middle of a broad river, reed
edged and sleepy.
For a few minutes on* glide* dream
Uy along: then, rounding a curve, on*
suddenly bears tbe roar of water, and
the boat tears down a rapid. Just missing tb* rocks on each side. Tbe high
banks rar* past death appears imminent and then, with one mad swirl, it
la all over and the boat is on the quiet
unruffled stream once mow.
Tbla happen* again and again for
about an hour. At flrst one's whole
mind is filled with th* conviction that
an accident must happen, bnt grndu
ally comes a delicious feeling of safety
a* one notes the marvelous skill tbese
men abow In piloting tb* boat through
the seething rapids and one la able to
appreciate the beauty of tba arena
' Luolen Bonaparte and Wellington.
Lticlen. wbom I bad never seen before bis arrival In England, as he was
In disgrace -Alb tbe emperor, waa aaid
to be at leaat as able as bis brother
and to hav* more decision of character. I bave beard It aaid ibat it was
be wbo saved Napoleon on th* IHtb
Brnmalre, and. in fact I Had heard
bim greatly praised. My actual meeting witb blm. aa often happens, did
not come up to my expeciailmia. Ht
seemed to me cringing in nis manners
and false in bta limit He la like
.Niiimieon in the ..inward shape of his
teaitires—nut si an in expression. I
saw mm last year, at a concert at the
Oucbesse de Oanlisaro'a. beg her to
Introduce him to the liuke of Wellington, who was present. I saw mm
cross tb* mom aud come up bowing
and scraping to he presented to the
victor of Waterloo, whose reception
wa* aa cold as sucb baseness deserved.
-From Memoirs of Duchess* de Dlnu.
The Draft Breeds.
Rblrea and Belgian* probably aver
ag* tbe largest of the draft breeds,
tbe former being especially large In
frame while the latter la very thickly
and heavily made. The largest Per-
cberona are as heavy as any Shires or
Belgians. Tbe Suffolk Is generally considered as bavlng a less mixture of
blood tban any draft breed. It cannot lie authoritatively stated thst sny
draft breed la stronger or healthier
than another. The common black color In I'cnberous has resulted from
tbe persistent selection of black breeding atock for many yeara to meet Ibe
popular demand, wblcb fnr yenrs did
not favor gray Black ba* been present In tbe breed from lis earliest history. I'enlier.ins are much more common in truck learns on city streets becnuse more of tliem ar* raised and
sold on Ihe msrket
•he Didn't, but He Did. tnd He Musi
Hav* Bean a Brave Msn.
Tb* bravest man In New York made
bla appearance In a Broadway store
one dny last week. Be carried ao
enormous bandbox, wblcb contained
an enormous hut on wbich tbe man
wanted what he considered an enormous amount of money refunded. The
man waa pretty mad, and while look-
lug for some one who hud the authority to negotiate tbe transaction hv
talked loud enough for every body to
"My wife bought thia hot" he said.
"She doesn't need tt She haa already
bought three hats tbl* season Sue
paid air. for ibis one. She bus never
worn It It Just came home last night
I can't afford to throw all that money
awny, and I want you to take the hat
back. She wouldn't bring it down, s*
I undertook ihe Job myself."
"By the side of tbat man Napoleon
was a cringing coward," aaid the
young, woman who had made the sals.
"Imagine him flouncing Into a Parisian
millinery shop with a bat that he
didn't want Josephine to buyl He
couldn't have done It Very few men
can. Once in a long while some poor
New Yorker with tb* courage ot desperation In his heart returns merchandise which he cannot afford to buy for
bis wife, and his audacity upseta tbe
wool* store for a montb."-New York
The Silver Bridge.
One of tbe customs observed it a j
Bohemian  marriage feast  Is tbat of
mnklug the bride cross u silver bridge.
Tbe bride's father-in-law lifts Ber on '
to the table, where she walks on two I
rows of silver coins, at the end of j
which  her  husband  stands and  re- ;
celvea ber Into his arms.   The sliver
bridge typifies tbe wealth wltb which
ber bridegroom hopes to smooth ber
path In life.
A Treasure ef • Cask.
Mr. Kewedd-VYhatl No conk Itov*
la the bouse 1 I gave yuu money tn
buy one. Mrs. Newedd-ie*. tut love,
but I found I hadn t ennuuh tn t.iiy a
stove and hire a .ih.k. inn. an i a»t the
■tot* gu Hill lhe rook Is here, and
she's s treasure. She has lust gone
Mt to get us-suw* crackers and cheese
Lien* Gobble Up Porcupines, and Camels Eat Spiny Cactus.
A note tn th* London Field draw* attention to lions tbat eat porcupine*. It
would appenr thui an niilmni protected by such powerful spines should he
quite secure from ittnck. Yet If we
may trust the account given. It appears to be a habit on tbe part of Ihe
lion and not nn Isolated occurrence.
Captain Dnmbell had been told by a
native hunter lhat the Hon waa in the
habit of eating porcupines. And ihis
haa been confirmed by two Knglish
sportsmen. V. Kirby. for example,
baa taken a porcnplne'e bead from the
atomach of a lioness Others relate
that tt la not uncommon to find lions
with porcupine quills sticking all over
tbelr noses, faces and paws. It seems
to argue some Indifference to pain on
tbe part of the Hon. as well as a fancy
for porcnplne'e flesh.
Compare this with th* rase of tb*
camel, which a distinguished traveler
describes aa calmly chewing up a very
aptny plant with th* blood dripping
from Ita month! Th* cattle In some of
the arid pan* of America, again,
brows* on that aplny caetue. And ln
aome nana of tb* English coast the
horses browse on tbe prickly aea holly,
whllt the donkey** partiality for thistles ts well known. Incidentally anch
cases seem to show tbat spines In nature are uot such efficient protector*
aa som* hav* supposed.
Sleight ef Hend Pelsenlng.
A very curious Item tn tnxlcoinclcal
lore I chanced io light upon, wrote
tleorge Augustus Saia In one of hla
letters, may be called Ibe feat of poisoning hy sleight nf band. You were
Jealous of a lady, and you wished to
kill ber. Well, you asked ber io lunch,
and you caused a very nice peach io
be served al dessert ton cm tbe
fruit with a golden knife, one side of
tbe blade of which waa endued with a
deadly isilsnn. You presented the poisoned half of the peach to the lady,
wbo ale ll with mucb relish and tben
dropped down dead, Tbe wholesome
half you ale yourself and laughed in
yonr sleeve and went on allclng more
peaches for the ladies nf wbom yon
were Jealous till you were found out
and broken on Ibe wheel. Aye. there a
tbe rub! Wbat high old times we
might hnve. to he sure, but for that
plaguy contingency of being found
Her Drawing Pewer*.
Pat sad bis nm* brown mar* wer*
familiar sights to tb* people ot tb*
town of Oarry. Tb* mare waa lean,
blind and lame, but by dint ot mucb
coaxing Pat kept ber to lb* harness.
One day while leading ber to water be
bad tu pass a comer wbere a crowd
of would be aisiris bad congregated.
Thinking to have some amusement al
Pat'a expense, oue called out:
"Hello there. Cut: I'm looking for
th* real'good*. How much Is tbal
mare of yours able to drawl"
"Begorra." said I'at. "I can't aay
exactly, but ab* seems to be shl* lo
drswb tbe attenshun of ivery tool la
Feline Melody.
First Cat-How stveetlv you Blngl
I never beard uuythlug ao entrant-lug.
What waa lhat Inst song?
Second Cat isenilnietitallyi—"If I bad
0.000 Uvea to live I'd live tbem all fur
you."—Woman's Hum* Companion.
Jaunty   Sporting   Costume
Beth Prsetiesl snd Pretty.
wan miiADT not* i-mnmna.
Jaunty snd appropriate Is tb* bunting costume Illustrated, suitable alike
for bagging big game In Africa, when
mad* of tba right material, or for
bringing down email game In this
The skirt la abort and buttons down
one aide of tbe front with substantial
bone buttons. Tbe Norfolk Jacket-Ota
the figure comfortably and Is natty
looking. A pique four In band and a
corduroy rap complete a smart outfit
for tbls particular sport Tbe costume would to equally good (er mountain climbing.
Dslieacy and Richness In Naw Jewelry.
For women wbo do noUook well In
low cut bodices without some ornament to break tbe long line of throat
there are wonderfully beautiful collar* extravagantly expensive ln price.
Usually ths Way.
Willis—t ae* tbat Mr Hlgbnpp ha*
died. I wonder wbat bis family will
Olllls-As usual. I suppose. Th* wife
will raise * monument and tb* aura*
will rata* th* cblldren.-Judg*.
imuorrva nasiaas roe poo oolubs.
Four collar* are h*.-» lllustrated-a
cameo collar, tbe pin* cameo strung
on slender chaius: a collar of Jade, a
pearl and diamond cellar and a diamond cellar, tb* diamond* aud sunken
rubles set la platinum.
Musis and Ne Minister.
The setting sun flooded with a crimson glow one ot the strangest funerals
seen in Toronto, when, without a iiimi-
ister. Mre. William Mnliiio, an Italian
woman, waa buried in Mount Hop*
cemetery, Toronto, a lew days ago.
lhe deceased woman, the wile ol a
contractor, living at *a Dundee sireet,
was born in Naples. Although her
husband waa a Protestant, 1.18 deceased woman always remain J a Catholic. Recently the lamp upset and tit*
burns she received cau-e.1 her death
next day. Ml. Malino, in making arrangements with the undertaken, requested that no minister be iii attendance, but thut a baud should lurn.sli
sacred music and lhat his wile shuuid
be buried as the sun was sinking.
A baud was secured at a coat ot ISO,
and as the solemn strains nl the Dead
March in Saul were borne upon the
air the strange procession w.-iuieil ita
way long Dundee, Dufferin and Du.
pout atr-'s on to Avenue road.
A weird Italian melody distuned the
stillness ol last approaching night as
the casket bearing the remains ol the
woman Irom the land ol romance and
strange superstitious was lowered In*
to the grave. ..',... 1.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,' Morrison
block.    Phone B 39.
John VV. Rutherford left on Monday for Vancouver to attend tbs
annual provincial convention of
school trustees as a delegate from
the Grand Forks school board.
Wm. Dinsmore will open a boot
and shoe repairing shop near John
Donaldson's store, in the West end,
next week.
Manager Niles, of the Eastern
Townships, went over to Nelson last
Saturday to meet his family on
their arrival in that city from Sherbrooke, Que. They .arrived in
Grand Forks on Monday, and have
taken up their residence in Mr. Bur
rell's house,near Observation mountain.
The British Columbia' Copper
company has decided to close down
the Rawhide mine.in Phoenix camp,
until there is a steady supply of
coke from the Crow's Nest.
ly Promote Hair Growth
When Properly Combined
The W. A. Cook Book will be 'on
sale at the Parish Hall on Thursday, the 23rd inst.
0. E. LeRoy, of the Dominion
geological survey, has returned to
Ottawa, having completed his field
work in tbis district for tbe season.
Come and buy your Christmas
presents at the W. A. sale of work.
President Luther, of the Granby
company, says that at'tbe present
market price fur copper, the company, when operating agnih, should
be about to make approximately
W0,d00 net per month.
Hairy A Honk, formerly chemist
for ihe lliiiisb Columbia Copper
0 nu pany, ami Miss Maguiu E. Scott.
of Niipoleoii, wero married in this
city lust week. They will be at home
at the Napoleon mine after the
15th inst. •   ■
Mr. lind Mrs. J. H. Grunwell, of
Danville, "have returned to their
home Innn an extended visit to
Washington, DC.   •
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room linitriliiig bouse, seven minutes' walk from Granby sn.eller.
Will sell fnr 81'iUO. One half cash)
balance iinmtlily payments. Fnr
further pttrtitsulurd apply at this
Huail work in the Boundary district bus been suspended for the
wiuler uiniillis.nll the crews of workmen having been discharged.
Wanted—Live agents to sell stock
in company incorporating fur Patent
Brick which will revolutionize modern litiililiiigciiuslructii.il. Approved
ami highly recommended t>y lead-
idj_ architects. Liberal commission.
Only responsible parlies need apply.
Smith & lingers, 'Mi Pendel Street
West, Vancouver, Hi'.
Kiikiinc" Innit are iiini-iil y plentiful   in    I'lili-liiill  luke ale*-— m-.imhi,
uml   the  i-iiv   holds uie receiving
regiilair shipments.     .    .
Take yiaiir repairs to Annson's
Hunt mul Slim' ll.ispiial, Bridge
street, llriiinl Forks,
.1 O. I)ainn.-ll,iil Kruiitiin.t.VVaa.l,.,
is banking nlier bis milling inleri-sis
at Diiiviilc.
1'air Saile iii  ii Bargain—Tu'iihurSa
piawt-i gasolene engine.    Apply .1. II-
. Plath, box in. city
Resorcin is one of the most effective germ destroyers ever discovered
by science, and in connection with
Beta Napthol, which is hoth germicidal and antiseptic, a combination
is formed which destroys the germs
which rob the bair of its. natural
nourishment, and also creates a
clean, healthy condition of the
scalp, whicb prevents the development of new germs.
Pilocarpin, although not a coloring matter or dye, is a well-known
ingredient for restoring tbe bair to
its natural color, when the loss of
bair has been caused by a disease of
the scalp.
These ingredients in proper combination, with alcohol added as a
stimulant and for its well defined)
nourishing properties, perfect perhaps the most effective remedy that
is known for scalp and bair troubles.
We have a remedy which is chiefly composed of these ingredients, in
combination with other extremely
invaluable medicinal agents. We
guarantee ft to positively cure dandruff and to grow hair, even though
the scalp in spots is bare of hair.
If there is any vitality left in the
roots, it will positively cure bald-
nest), or we will ie und your money.
If tbe scalp has a glazed, shiny appearance, it's an indication that
baldness is permanent, but in oilier
instances we believe baldness is curable.
We want every one troubled with
scalp disease or loss pf hnir to try
Uexall "*93" Hair Tonic, ll it does
not cure dandruff and grow bair to
the satisfaction of the user, we will
without question or quibble return
every cent paid us for it. We print
this guarantee on every bottle, ll
has effected a positive cure in !).') per
cent of the cases where put to a
Rexall "93" HairTonic is entirely
unlike, and we think, in every particular, better than anything else we
know of for the purpose for which
il is prepared. We urge yuu to try
this preparation at our entire risk
Certainly we know of no other guarantee to give you. Remember, you
can obiaiu Uexall Kemedies in
Grand Forks only at our store—The
Uexall Store.    II ID. Woodland
NOTICE ie hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. of the "Water
Aot, 190V' to obtain a license in the Similkameen Water District, Division of Yale District.
(it). The mime, address, and occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
Urand Korks, B.C., Farmer.
(b), The nume oi' lake, stream, or source (it
unnamed, the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(o). The point of diversion is where the
ereek enters ray land near the centre of the
East Hue, on Lot numbered One A (IA) subdivision of CP.R. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) in Group 1 in the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Vale District.
(il).' The quantity of water applied for (in
on-ill* feet per second). One cubic foot per
(e). The character of the propositi works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises nn which thc water is to
be used (describe nnme) is uu Lut One A (1 A)
subdivision of C.l'.K. Lut number twenty-
seven huudr. d(27iW) in Group ], in thc Slmil-
ktmeeti (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale
(k). The purposes for which the water Is to
be used: For irrigation and domestic purposes.
(b). If For irrigation, describe the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage: Is ou
Let One A (1 A) subdivision of C.P.B. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred(27110) In Group
1 iu the Similkameen (formerly Osuyoos) Division of \ Hie District, containing liili.15 acres,
mure or lews.
(j). Area of Crown land intended to be oc*
cupied by the proposed works; None.
ik) TliiBtiotfce was posted on the 5th day
of August, lDll,aud application will be made i
to the Commissioner on the 6th day of .September, 1911.
(1). Give the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are Ilk-ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet: None.
Grand Forks, B C.
NOTICE la hereby given that an applloatlon
Will be made under Part V of the "Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license iu the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Name, address and i_t.ciipat.aii of the applicant:   W. Sayer, Rancher, Graud Korks, B.C.
Description of lake; Small body uf n'ati'r
(no name), fed by springs.
I'oint of diversion Is 40 chnins above East
line of Pre-emption No. 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second.
.Characterof proposed works; Ditch and
reservoir, to be used on Pre-emption No,
Purpose: Domestic aud irrigation.
Description of land to be irrigated: Acre
age, 78.
Acreage of Crown Laud Intended to be oc
cupied by works:   Nil.
'1 his notice was posted on the 17th day of
July, 1911, and application will be made lothe
Commissioner ou the 16th day of August, 1011.
Name and address of riparlou proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by the proposed works.   None.
(Signature) W. SAYER,
(P, O. Address) Urand Po rks, M. 0
Bt. Joseph Mineral Claim.situ ate in the Urand
Porks Miniug Division of Yile District.
Where Uiented:   In Central Camp.
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Henry Johnson, Free
Miners, Ceritlli-ale Nn. 8581 IB, fur myself
and aa agent for Peter Edward BInkle, Free
Miners Certificate No. I5M9B. Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Kecerder for a Cer ti finite of Improvements, fot
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claim
And further take notice that action, undet
section 87, must be commenced before the isbu
ance of suoh Ccrilicme of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of July, A.D 1911.
Some business men are so fond nl
being deceived tlmt ihey even en-
deavor to believe (bat they ean resell
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingin The Hun.
Sliuw cards for wnlnoWK and insifl.
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tliem brief, terse und |«ilnten
I'riiit tlii'm plainly, lo Is* read nl h
mine:   surveyors
Bridfe Street,
The best and most
substantial fl re-proof
building'In the Boundary country. Recently completed and
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally lo-
I'nted. Klrst-chist. accommodations for the
travelling public.
Hot and Gold Baths
Flrst-Oass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
4T'Printing 1
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
moat up-to-date style
Wn Imve the most modern jobbing plant
in the Hpundnry Country, employ enm-
|ieti>nt workmen, nnd curry a complete
Iii c of Stationery.
Killliciiils nml Statement!.,
letterheads and Knvi'lupcs,
Posters, Dales and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Lodge Ciiiisr.iliiliiins and Hv-Iiiwh.
Shipping Tiil'S, Circular* nnd I'lncni'ils... •
■ » Hill* of I'iiim nnd Minn Cards,
'      AiiiiiiiiiicciiiciiIn and Counter Pads,
Wedding Htatlotlery,
And everything turned mil in un
Dp. lii-date Printery,
Grand    -Forks, R  C.
phone:  a 1-4
Dr\} four-foot. Fir and Tamarac.   Cednr and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY,««« colmia p. 0,
V.TUUI/ I EVILl 1IMVJ 1M|V(.|tisciiii.nt, and a trial order
will convince yon that our stock and workmanship arc of
the Lest.    l_*,t us estimate on vour ordor.    VVe guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly  Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete STOCK of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (lotiKlgnmotitof
tooeived Weikly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh .Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drink*
Palace Barber Shop
Kuzor Hunt nir a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon Noiitii or Granby Hotki.,
First Strekt.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tk'.kfiionk A129
60   /BARS'
Trade Marks
ConrnicHTa Ac.
Anyone nendfni • tketeli and dr-icr! tit i.-m may
quietly w-.ivn.iiii <> ,r opinion free whether *u
ii'v.iiMnn iiprntit.i.iypiitf)tijn|i|p. Connnunlciv
tttniBWriotljrrrmiw.-iitlitl. bMIDBQOKon Patent!
tent (rue. uHcst ni.-uicy for tcnuriiicmtanti.
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Sun job ullice.


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