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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 5, 1913

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 ■ _,--, I--V-I .-,
Kettle Valley Orchardist
•■- h
thlA, B- 1
$1.00 PER YEAR
Smelter and Mines Earned
Over a Million Dollars
,  Last Fiscal Tear
message through a medium which
few, if any, can resist.—Victoria
Advices from New York state
that tbe preliminary report of tbe
Gianby Consolidated company fnr
tbe fiscal year ended June 30, 1913,
show that profits from the Grand
Forks smelter and the Pboenix
mines amounted to $1,-207.661, of
which the sum of $(49,955 were
disbursed to shareho'dcrs since divi-
dtnds were resumed recei tly.
TheBe figures are subject lo minor
corrections by tbe final statement to
be submitted at the anoual stockholders' meeting October 7. The
earnings for July and August will
show some shrinkage, due to low
cupper prices and somewhat smaller
reuoveiies, but lbe total for tbe year
will reach approximately $1,250,-
000, it is believed, as compared
witb $1600,000 for the previous
twelve month period.
In a circular letter to the stockholders, which will be mailed with
the dividend cheque, for the second
quarterly disbursement on September 5, President W. D. Niohols has
included tbe major part of tbe engineer's reports on the Hidden Creek
properties, compiled recently, that
they may be kept in toucb with
the work there.
"C instruction work is progress
ing with remarkable rapidity," says
President Nichols. "Inspection from
August 3 to August 10 shows tbat
the ground for tbe buildings at Hid
den Creek is all cleared; steel frame
for main smelter building erected;
foundations for the flue chamber
completed; the machine shop fin
.shed and operating, and smelter
warehouse being erected. Tbe mine
development is in advance of the
demand and shipments can be be
gun at any time Our engineers
estimate that 6,000,000 tons of ore
are now io sight within the devel
oped area/	
Stephens Adams
"Michael Maybrick, an English
music composer wbo, under tbe
name of 'Stephen Adams,' wrote
some of tbe most popular songs in
tbe English language, among them
'Nancy Lee,' 'The Warrior Bold.'
and'The Holy City,'died in Bux
ton, England, yesterday at the age
of 69."—Press dispatch.
How inadequately does that meager announcement do justice lo the
career of the man who has thrilled
more people tban the greatest orator, poet or painter of the agel How
many millions, we wonder, bave
been uplifted by "The Holv City"
and "Tbe Star of Bethlehem,"
played or sung in the great cities
and hamlets of every country in the
world? Splendid orchestras, high
snlaried operatic stars, hands.churcb
choirs, minstrels, mechanical inslru
menls, bave all paid tribute to the
genius ol the composer of those im
mortal pieees by the prominence
given to them on their programs,
and yet most of us knew very little
of tbe gifted man from whom they
emanated. We knew tbat tbe man
who produced these two masterpieces, as well as "The Warrior
Bold," "Nancy L-e," "Children of
the City," and "Her Majesty," was
one of exceptional powers, and that
was all. And yet be was a great
man. Just bow much he bas done
fir humanity, humanity will never
know. It is impossible to measure
tbe full beneta of good music to
mankind, for men have not yet
learned to sound tbe human soul
But we know tbat "Tbe Holy City"
and "The Star of Bethlehem" are
two of tbe grandest sermons ever
produced, reaching farther tban any
striking utterance from pulpit br
rostrum, because they deliver  their
An experiment of vast importance
wilt shortly|be tried on the Pboenix
branch of the Great Northern railway. Fi'tv of the large ore cars are
being equipped with a recently patented automatic 'air-brake conpling
device. With this device attached
to the brakes, it will be unnecessary
for the brakesmen to enter between
the cars lo couple or uncouple
tbem, and if a "car should break
away from the train the brake will
set itself. The work of attaching
the brakes to the cars is being done
under tbe supervision of Mr. Robinson, who hns been in the city for
some time. The trial will be made
hy order of the United Stats interstate commerce commissioner, who
selected the Phoenix bill as af
fording a more severe test ofthe
coupler tban any other stretch of
road on the continent. If they
prove successful, it is quite probable that the interstate commission
will order them installed on all the
American roads, and the Canadian
roads also would likely adopt them.
Then the inventor would become a
Secretary Huestis' Addresses
in Interests of a Day of
Best for All
The special train from this city
to die Phoenix Labor day celebration last Monday was as crowded
with excursionists as it was possible
to get il. Phoenix won. first prize
in tbe bat-shall tournament, with
Grand Forks second, while the
Mother Lode football ti-sm came
John Heron, formerly engaged in
business here, arrived ih the city
yesterday from Princeton, where he
hts been manager oi A. L. White's
branch store for two or three years.
He is accompanied by bis wife and
family. They will leave for Kamloops and the coast cities after a
week's visit with friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruckle arrived in the city tbis afternoon from
Michigan to attend the funeral of
the late Edward Ruckle, which will
be beld next Sunday. Mr. Ruckle
is a brother of tbe deceased, and the
funeral was postponed in order to
give time to reach the city.
Rev. Charles W. King, of the
Grand Forks Baptis- church, when
in Nelson last week, addressed the
mid-week service of his former
charge. On the eve of ber departure for this city, Mrs. King was
presented with a silver-mounted um
brella by the Ladies' Aid as a parting remembrance.
Interested audiences listened lo
the addresses of Rev. Charles W.
HueniiB, of the Lord's Day alliance,
last Sunday. Mr. Hueslis spoke
in four of thp five Protestant
churches of Grand Forks, ami was
well pleasad with the practical inter
est shown, also with the growing respect for the one rest day in seven
law in this section of the country.
He noted witb pleasure that the
Granby smelter, although a "con
tinuous industry," with an unusual
amount of "necessary labor," bad
reduced to almost a minimum Sunday work, also that the Grand Forks
druggists bad recently signed an
agreement to keep closed on Sundays, excepting for the sale of medi
cine during a limited time of the
Mr. Huestis is field secretary for
western Conada and is at present
completing a tour of the chief points
in tbis part of British Columbia.
He spoka in the Anglican (Saint
Saviour's) and tbe Methodist
churches Sunday morning, and in
tbe Presbyterian in the evening. In
the Baptist church an afternoon
mass meeting was held, Where representatives of all tbe churches, including five ministers, were present,
and all of whom took pari in the
program. In tbe absence of Mayor
Fripp, wbo was away from tbe city'
but sent a letter of regret at bis ab
sence from tbe meeting, Rev. C. W.
King presided and Rev. Henry
Steele read tbe Scripture lesson from
St. Luke's gospel, Revs. McKee and
Barlow led in prayer, and Rev. Ha-
men spoke a few words of apprecia
tion of Mr. Huestis' practical message.
Tbe speaker of the day referred
to some of the difficulties, in connection with the Lord's day observance. The alliance which be represented bad to confront with consid
erahle unclear thinking on theques
tion and mistaken ideas as to what
the alliance sought to do! Many
considered the aliiance simply a
deep laid scheme on tbe part of the
churches to "get people to heaven
by act of parliament." The speaker
would be sorry to be engaged in any
such foolish attempt as tbat.
Tbe alliance, he declared, existed
for one thing only, and that was to
keep Sunday as a rest day for the
people of Canada; and, in cases
where men were employed in on-
tinous ent'-rprises and transports
lion, to see as far as possible that
they secured one rest day in seven.
How people used that day, he said,
was a matter the alliance could not
and would not interfere with, as be-
ing a question to be settled hy private conscience and public sentiment.
Mr. Huestis spoke of the lack of
interest people showed in what Ihey
really considered matters of supreme
importance, such as the circulation
of the sacred Scriptures and the preservation of the Sabbath; nnd he ac
counted for tbe paradox by suggesting tbat most of the people tonk it
for granted that these things look
after themselves.   John Morley, the
was productive of serious results.!
Investigation had been made in
Germany, France and tbe United
States into tbe physical conditions
of those peoples, with thc result that
a very grave tendency toward- degeneracy is found showing itself, as
degeneracy always does, in the reproductive function, an ever decreasing birth rate and an ever increasing number of defective and degenerate children being born. Ac
cording to the opinion of the chief
authorities, this condition waB due
simply to the fao that life is too
strenuous, tbe industrial pressure is
too great and constant. People
d'in't rest enough; bo that, if the pul
pit was silent nn the question of the
Sabbath, the doctors were beginning
to speak out very plainly and earn
Iu British Columbia the alliance
was receiving the support of the attorney general in the enforcement of
the Lord's Day act in all unorganized districts. During the great cnn
stiuction operations of the railroads,
Sunday work has now heen stopped,
snd promises have been obtained
from the companies and contractors
to the effect that no such work
would in the future he done on Sun
day The government now also
stood ready to assist the officials
of organized districts, towns and
cities in enforcing the rest day law.
Mayor Fripp returned to the citv in
time to attend the evening Bervice
addressed by Secretary Huestis.
Free Bible Lecture
In tbe Miners' Union hall on Suu
day, September 7, at 3 y.m.. there
will be an interesting Bible lecture.
Subject, "Beyond the Grave." The
International Bible students have
arranged to have W. H. Farrer, of
Vancouver, give Ihe above lecture in
Grand Forks Tbe object oi tbis
lecture is not to establish any denomination or Beet, but to stimulate
Christians and others to a study of
the Bible and to gain a clearer insight into God's holy word. The
same lecture will be given in the
public school building, Danville, at
7.30 Sunday evening.
Losing No Time
The West Yale Review in a recent issue tells nf the operations of
McArthur Brothers in and around
Hope since they were awarded the
contract of building the Coquihalla
section of the Vancouver, Victoria
& Eastern and tbe Kettle Vulley
railways. The Review says:
F E. Hitchcock, of New York,
wbo will he general manager fnr
McArthur Brothers on tbe construe
linn of the Coquihalla section of the
Kettle Valley railway, and C C
Tinkler, of San Francisco, arrived
in Hope on Wednesday and spent
some time arranging for tbe beginning of work.
Tbe headquarters office during the!
construction of the 38 miles for, statesman, had said that the only
which McArthur Brothers have tbe! way In which the world got heller
contract will be in Hope, and Mr. < in the very slow manner in wbich it
Hitchcock-estimates that the amount [doea get better, is wben the people
With This Week's Dividend
the (iranby Has Returned
$33.50 Per Share
The directors of the Granby Consolidated bave declared a dividend
of \\ per cent on tbe par value of
stock outstanding, wbich is similar
to the dividends declared in March
a id June of this year, and reflects
lhe continued prosperity of the big
smelting industry in this city.
Tbe disbursement calls for the division among stockholders of $224,-
465 and was payable September 2
to shareholders of record August 16.
With this dividend payment tbe
Granby bas retnrned to stockholders a total of $(,699, Ho0 since organization, whicb is equivalent to
$33 50 a share on the stock at its
present par value.
In 1903 Granby paid an initial
dividend of 10 cents per share on
the 1,336,800 $10 shares then outstanding; and iu 1906 it disbursed
four 30 cent dividends on 1,350,000
shares. Immediately thereafter it
issued 135,000 shares, par $100, in
exchange for the 1,350,000 shares,
on the basis of one for ten. It paid
$9 a share on the new stock in 1907,
$1 in 1908, $2 in 1909, fl in 1910,
and so far in 1913 has paid $4 50 a
share. Tbe $1.30 it paid in all,
while the stock was /10 par, therefore, was equivalent to $13 a share
on the present stock.
After its uew Hidden Creek smelter is in operation, which means
from the beginning of next year,
Granby Bhould produce 45,000,000
pounds of eopper annually at a cost
of 9 cents. On the 15-cent metal
market it should earn at least $15 a
share annually on tbe 165,000 shares
it will have outstanding after all its
issued bonds have been converted
into stock.—Boston Commercial.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
30—Saturday ..
. 54
. 60
_  71
, 40
. 55
4 — Thursday
.. 0.31
to bt) disbursed in wages alone will
be at least $1,500,000.
Tne survey parly' under Messrs.
get out to make it better.
He held, however, tbat the movement  of  the day was io tbe direc
Clough and Boyle are still in camp * tion of a better Sunday. Studies in
on the old Murbpy ranch by the Big the relation of fatigue and efficiency
Kawkawa lake, patt which, presuni- had shown tbat the Sabbath law is
ablv, the line will run. simply  the enunciation   of a pro-
Final preparations for the assem- found law of tbe   human   life, and
bling of equipment and stores   and that man is so constituted that he
the signing of station contracts are must have one day's rest in seven or
now being made and the actual start suffer loss,
may be looked for next week. '    Failure to take  tbe weekly   rest
County Court
Judge Brown presided at a sitting
nf the county court on Wednesday.
The docket was very light. Edward
Hughes sought tn recover $200 for
a carload of potatoes he sold to C V.
Meggitt, doing business as commission merchant. The defendant
claimed he simply handled the potatoes nn commission, he to receive
$10 for his share. He shipped the
potatoes to the firm Bartholomew &
Stiles nt Calgary, hut tbis firm failed
in business and did not pay the
amount. Hneli** had a partner
named A. Woodward, who did lint
figure in the suit. This partner is
now living in the state of Washington. The judge nonsuited, giving
Hughes and Woodward together
the privilege nf again entering suit
W. B Cochrane for plantiff and  H.
j A. Rvley for defendant.
| In the case of Symes vs. the C. P.
R, for $175 damages, tbe value
of a horse alleged to have been
killed by defendant, Jjudgment was
reserved, while the case of Gaw vs.
Aikens, involving an amount of
$886, is still pending.
The rain during the past week have
been beneficial to non-irrigated
Should Know the Law
The hunting season opened on
Monday, and as some confusion still
exists as to tbe new regulations in
force this year, we give the following synopsis of the law as It interests local sportsmen:
All persons carrying firearms,
whether hunting or not, must display a badge, which is given when
purchasing a bunting license. For
bunting birds and deer the charge iB
$2 50; for larger game, fb; for trap
ping, $10. These fees only apply
to residents of tbe province. No
license can he issued to a boy under
16, without an undertaking by his
parent that be will be under supervision. If any one allows another to
use his badge, hoth the owner and
the user are liable to a minimum
line of $50, and tbe license may be
runi.-t-.lli.il and new licenses refused.
A farmer's license to bunt on his
own land is it-sin-d free, but does not
entitle the owner to hunt off his
land. No deer or birds may be
hunted between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. No
deer may be hunted with dogs. No
person may bave in hie possession
o repeating pump or automatic shot
gun, hut this does not apply to repeating or automatic rifles or pis
tols. Free miner's licenses only entitle wbile actually prospecting,
and then only in open season, in an
organized district such as this. To
any one, whether an officer or not,
giving information of an offence,
the magistrate may award half the
fine inflicted.
Kdmontcn parties have purchased
the lot next to Dr. Kingston resi-
on Winnipeg avenue. They will
erect a building, in which they will
conduct a second-hand store and
ladies' tailoring establishment. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Not Diplomatic
Oiie uvrnlng two very young men,
confrei -s ot hei- brotlier. came to call
at .he house. She chatted gaily with
th3m li hei- usual fresh, magnetic
stylo ami Ih? two youthful visitors became very much Impressed with her
personality and charm. A week later
she met one ct tliem on the street and
he pau..3 lo greet her effusively.-
I beg your pardon. Miss Blank, he
Bald, with a shade of embarrassment,
but Bob and 1 had an argument about
you the other day and I want you to
settle- It for me.
The thlrly-tiiiii-and-llioughtfiil per.
son nulled agreeably.
Well he went on, It wos about your
age. Bob Bald he thought you were
about thirty and I said 1 thought you
were uboul thlrty-slx.
The young woman paled a little.
Sny. Mule boy, she said with a Hose
Stalil attitude and twang, you would
better run along home and tell your
mamma to get a guardian for you and
not let you out on the streets alone.
Vou take my advice and read up a
little on the tecret of popularity, and
when you meet a young woman whose
age seems Intangible, don't make a
guessing competition of It.
Foolish Question*
Bobbie had heen allowed to sit up
a little while after supper on condition that ho keep quiet. But Bobble
had a lot of questions that he wanted
to ask, and the sum of them sent
him to bed.
Papa, he began Innocently enough,
can God do everything?
Ves, my son, surely.
Oan he make a two foot rule with
only one end to lt?
Don't ask such foolish questions,
Brief silence, then.
Pa, Is it true lhat a camel can go
10 days without water.
Ves; a little wearily.
Then pa, how many days could he
go it he had water.
And that, of course was Bobby's
cue to go swiftly upstairs.
Quite Enough
3Ir James Chrlchton-Browne. says
tlie Liverpool Post, can tell a good
story against his countrymen. When
he was in Jamacla, somo years ago,
yearning for the society of a brother
Scot, he asked a colored gentleman
if there were many Scotsmen to be
found ln the island. Not many, replied the native, just a few—but quite
Wanted to Swap
Two Kansas City lawyers, whose
names are withheld for obvious reasons, declared that they were present
when the following incident occurred:
Uncle Moses was a chronic thief
who usually managed to keep within
the petty larceny limit. One time
he miscalculated, however, and was
sent to trial on a charge of grand larceny.
Have you a lawyer, Mose? asked
the court.
No, sail!
Well, to be perfectly fair, I will appoint a couple. Mr. Jones and Mr.
Brown will act as counsel.
What's dat?
Act as your luwyers—consult with
them and prepure to tell me whether
you are guilty or not guilty.
Mose talked to his attorneys for a
few moments lu husky whispers. The
Judge caught the only word alibi, several times repeated. Then Mose
arose, scratched his head, and addressed the court:
Jedge, yob Honah, he said, course
All's only an tgn'ant niggah, nn' Ah
don' want, toll bothah yoh Hor.ah, hut
Ah would suttinly like toh trade yoh
Oating Shoes
««««^-»^»^"^»^i    ■■■ xXmWtxxxteti
Site* ot the Mosquito
There seems almost, less to he said
In defence of the moBqulto than of
the house-fly, and probably In a hygen-
le Utopia both would be removed.
But an Instance ts furnished by Professor .1.8. Dexter of Columbia University of a contribution whlti moa-
quitos appenr to maka towards natural process—they pollinate orchids.
A research student, Mlsa Dletz, work-
Honah one ob deae yeah lawyers foh i *>«8 at plant zoology,  first informed
the professor that in a neighboring
marsh she had seen a mosquito bearing on Its head two small yellow masses which looked like pollen. Professor Dextor went to the marsh and
caught a number ot mosqultos, all of
them bearing the yellow masses,
which proved to be pollen of the orchid Habenaria obtrusata, at that
time abundant and lo full bloom, lt
ls a small green and Inconspicuous
orchid, but Its flower Is very similar
in construction \o that of Orchis Mas-
cula, described by Darwin In his book
on orchids. Moreover, with mosquitoes substituted for bees the complex
process of pollination Is very nearly
Identical In the case of either orchid.
Professor Dexter gathered a number
of the plants and collected a few mosqultos whicli were free from pollen
and put tbem together in a glass aquarium Jar. ln a few days the mosqultos had removed most of the yellow patches about their eyes. This
appears to be the ouly case known tn
which mosqultos are the chief evident agents of pollination.
a witness.
The little maid stood In the parlor
doorway, one hand on the handle. For
a moment she gazed at her father,
who was preparing to tuke his afternoon nap. Papa, shfe said, do you
know what 1 am going to give you
for your birthday when lt comes?
No dear, answered the fond father,'
but please tell me.
A nice, new china shaving mug,
with gold flowers on it all around,
said the little maid.
But my dear, explained her parent,
papa has a nice one like that already.
No he hasn't, his little daughter
answered thoughtfully, cos—cos I've
jus: broke lt.
Mrs. Jordan had ideas on the way
children should be reared. Her young
hopeful Tommy caused her a little
anxiety in this respect. Now and
again, therefore a serious politeness
lecture was administered.
Now, Tommy, dear, she started, supposing you accidentally stepped upon
a gentleman's foot, what would you
I would soy 'Beg your pardon!'
That's my own little son! smiled
the pleas?; mother. And if the gen
tlemnn gave you a penny for your
politeness what would you suy?
The Innocent look passed from Tommy's eyes as he quickly answered:
Why, I would stand on the other
foot and say 'Beg pardon!' again of
The New Education
Now, children, said the Sunday
school teacher to the Juvenile class,
can anv of you tell me what an epistle
I can. answered a lltlle fellow at
the foot or the class. An epistle is
the wife of an apostle.
Chapped and Cracked. Could Not
Put Them in Water. Skin Red
and All Swollen. Cuticura Soap
and 0lntffl8nt Cured in Two Days.
— i .*>. .— —■
i;meruit.. P. E. I. "I got my bandt
chapped and ihey rrarkod. lf I would cloM
my liiiiuls tho <Tnrks would blood. I could
not put them In water or
do hardly any work. Tho
hUiu was rod and my hands
all swollen. Thoy wcro n
Kfiro I could not elftp. I
tried everything I could got
i tho drug store, ——
atid all kinds of ointment,
and they did me no good
till I used Cuticura Hoap aud Ointment.
They cured my troublo In two dayi. Cutlrura Roup and Ointment aro tho boat that
can ho mado." (Signed) C. W. Murphy,
Deo. 23, ion.
416 Huntley St., Montreal, Quobec.—
"My one year old sou was troubled with
eczema ln tlio faco. It Btarted with redness and Irritation, then lt was llko a ptmplo.
Afterwards It. wan an open -ore with matter oozing out, causing Itching and keeping
him from stooping at night. Ills faco wu
covered with eruptions. After unsuccessful
attempts with dllfcrtnl remedies, I tried
Cuticura Ointment, »_a-li I used one week
and ho was completely cured of eczema."
(Slimed) Mrs.,!. N. Roelcot, Nov. 15, 1011.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment aro
told !>y druggist* and dealer? everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p.
took, send post card to Potter Drug A Ckcta.
Corp., Dept. 52D, Boston, V. B. iu
W. N. U.
The Best Cover for Soldiers
Experiments have been made In
Europe to determine what color in
a soldier's uniform ls the least conspicuous to an enemy. Of 10 men,
two were dreBsed ln light gray uniforms, two ln greeu, two In dark blue,
and two ln scarlet. All were then ordered to march off, while a group of
officers remained watching.
Surprising as It may seem, the first
to disappear were the scarlet. Then
followed the dark gray, wbile the dark
blue and green remained visible after
the others had disappeared, snys an
exchange. Experiments tn firing at
blue and red targets, according to
the same, experiments, proved that
blue could be more easily seen at a
distance than red.
What About the Bait?
An old man was talking to a bachelor, and asked him wby he' didn't
marry. He parried.the question by
telling about different young women
he had known, finding some fault with
each one. But lt appeared that all
of them had been married.
You are In danger of getting left,
said thb old man to blm. You had
better hurry up before lt Is too late.
Oh, said the bachelor, there are
Just as many fish left In the sea.
I know that, replied the old man.
but the bait—Isn't that In danger of
becoming stale.
A safe and : ure medicine for a child
troubled with worms Is Mother Graves'
Worm Ext-Train .tor.
The Development of Aviation
A new hydro-a.roplane, designed by
an Italian, ls engaging the attention of
the British Admiralty. It la said to
have remarkable stability ln botb air
and water. Two mechanics can
climb about the machine while lt ls
In full flight, and lt ls as easy to steer
as a light boat. Flying with a 100
horsepower engine, Its pilot has carried four passengers. Events In the
development of aviation are moving
Tha Empire's Population
According to the estimates of Whit-
aker, the entire population of the British Empire is 434,286,650, and the total area 13,163,712 square miles, of
which 121,512 are ln Europe, 2,187,-
650 In Asia, 4,618,245 ln North America, and 3,2M,H85 in Australia. The
population of tbe United Kingdom,
rather than decreasing, has been
steadily lncreualng, The census of
1841 showed a population of 26,730,-
929; that of 1851, 27.390,629; In 1861
the population was 28,927,485; la 1871,
31,484,661, In 1881, 84,884,848; ln 1891,
37,888,439; In 1901, 41,458,721 and In
1911 tlie census enumeration showed
a population of 45,216,741.
It was on the Augustc Victoria,
homeward bound, that two Americans,
a Frenchman and an Englishman were
discussing tiie relative value ot European and American wallers, with the
balance mud. In favor of the trans-
Atlantic variety. Jo Illustrate his
point, tho American related the experience of a New Yorker In a Broadway calc, whose bill of fare afforded
a choice of mince pie, cherry pie, custard pie, and apple. You may bring
me, sahJLthe guest, a piece ot apple,
of cherry, and of custard pic.
Well, ejaculated tho waiter, what is
the matter with the mince pie, sor?
After the laugh had subsided, the
Englishman leaned across thc table.
Beg pardon, Dr. Smith, but what wbb
the matter   with the mince pie?
Explained Away
The real estate agent is of a hopeful
and cheery disposition—when tbe property ho ls trying to let Ib under discussion . One of the guild was trying
hard to rent a rather shabby sort of
house to a homeseeker tbe other day.
But, protested the prospective tenant, the house is awfully damp.
My dear sir, replied the agent, that
ts one of Us advantages. In case of
fire lt Isn't likely to burn.
And there's no water ln the well,
continued the would-be tenant.
Another advantage, said the agent.
In case your children happen to fall
in It they won't drown.
Guest—Delightful party you are having tonight, old fellow.
Host—Yes, 1 am giving it to my
wife. lt Is the twelfth anniversary
of her thirtieth birthday.
A Hint to Summerers
Canoeing and danger
Are hand In glove-,
You fall ln the river
Or else ln love.
Out of one pound of compound nickel and copper, costing about 23 cents,
the United States government coins
$4.55 worth of five-cent pieces.
A man at a recent dog show noticed
a pretty girl gazing around as If puz-
•/.led. He went over to her and Bald;
Pardon me, but can't you find the kennel you wish? It not, I sliall be
glad to assist you.
On thank you, she replied. Would
you mind Bhowlng me where they ara
Pfl-hlUt'i** the ocean greyhounds.
The French aviator who has Invaded Russia will have a distinguished national historic precedent if he decides
to fly back to Franco as fast as circumstances will .-ermlt,
Clears Up on Change to Proper Food
The brain cannot work with clearness and accuracy, lt tbe food taken
Ib not fully digested, uut is retained
ln the stomach to ferment and form
poisonous gases, etc, A dull, clouded
brain ls likely to be the result.
A lady relates her experience In
changing her food habits, and results
are very Interesting:
"A steady diet of rich, greasy foods
Biich as sausage, buckwheat cakes and
so on, finally broke down a stomach
and nerves that, by Inheritance, were
sound and strong, and medicine did no
apparent ecod In the way ot relief.
"My brain was clouded and dull and
I was Buffering from a case of constipation that defied all remedies used.
"The 'Road to Wellvllle,' ln some
provldentlnl way, fell Into my hands,
nnd may Heaven'B richest bleBslngs
fall on the man who was Inspired to
write It. '
1 followed directions carefully, the
physical culture and all, using Grape-
Nuts with sugar'and) cream, leaving
meat, pastry and hot biscuit entirely
out of my bill of fare. The result—
I am ln perfect health once more.
"I never realize I have nerves, and
my Btomath and bowels are In fine
condition. My brain ls perfectly
clear and 1 nm enjoying that state of
health which God Intended his creatures should enjoy and which all might
have, by giving proper attention to
their food." Name ulven by Cnnadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read
"Thc Road to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
"There's a reason."
Ever read ihe above letter? A naw
one appeara from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Youth In Germany
The well-known publicist, M. Au-
dre Francois Poncet, has just been
making ah elaborate inquiry Into tbe
mental status and spiritual outlook of
the youth of Germany, and f.nds, according to his conclusions published
in L'Oplnlon, that 'the German university youth of today ls, broadly
speaking, neither alert nor wide-awake, nor keenly interested in contemporary questions. He reads lit
tie, observes little; he Is stolid, Belt-
satisfied, without foresight, Ignorant.
He is at the beck and call ot the
forces which rule the country. Upon
It the military state rests—It la one of
the pillars on which It raises Us tiler-
archlal edifice.
The writer considers that the young
men of the university form a caste
whicli Is closely linked with the casta
of the army.
The student Imitates the lieutenant
He adopts Ills stiff carriage, his restrained walk. He wears his mustache ln the same way; he bows with
the same click of the heels. This unl-
verBlty cas.e ls also a devout supporter of the Government, and of the Government not as representing some
principle or other, but simply as such.
There Is, he goes on, Iii the German
nature, I will not say a naCural servility, but an Inborn tendency to obedience, an Inveterate respect for power.
The youth of the unlverslty_ghares the
sentiments with the majority, but
other consideration- enter Into hts attitude. The attachment of the student and also of t. lie professors to
the Government Is due ro doubt to a
sincere conviction that on It the national greatness depends. But this
conviction ls further strengthened by
the knowledge ot the advantages to
be found In subBervlant to the powers that be. The cry of the stomach
(sic) Is In harmony with the cry ot
the heart.
Among the German students ls
fouud no trace of the Intellectual measles, which seizes on the young
Frenchman—au Englishman for that
matter—In the flrBt year of university
life, and passes off ln a harmless,
even salutary, eruption of red ties.
The writer's conclusion Is; The youth
of Germany today does not resemble
the young man of 1880. He does
not march In the vanguard toward
a future of liberty and consolation. He
bends his neck to the yoke, and does
not find lt galling.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
1.1th LOCAL APPLICATIONS, u they csnnot retell
the lent of the disease. Catarrh Is . blood or const*.
tutlonsl dls__.ee. and In order to cure It you must Uke
Internal r.medles. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken ID*
Icrnally. and acts directly upon tha blood and mucous
.urtac-s. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack medl-
cln.. It wat prescribed by one ol the best physicians
In this country tor years and Is a regular prescription.
lt Is composed of the best tonics known, combined
with the beat blood purifiers, acting directly on the
mucous surface.. The perfect combination ot ths
two Ingredients ls whnt produces such wonderful re.
tutt. In curing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free.
K. J. CHENEY 4 CO.. Props., Toledo, a
Sold by DrusRi.ts. price ISc.
Take Hall's gunur PUIS I.. ncnstlDttlO--
Hla First Drink
His flrst drink of milk ln twenty
years was taken by a west of England
farmer, the other day. The occasion was tho opening ot a new "co-operative milk depot at Bath. The
farmer himself declared that be had
not drunk a glass of milk for twenty
years before attending this gathering,
when be had a drink, for tbe novelty
of the thing, and was delighted with
the taste.
Wit and Theology
Rev. Daniel Strachan, of Toronto,
an eminent Presbyterian divine, waa
given an honorary degree at Queen's
University recently. Though Dr.
Strachan ls not noted for his sprlght-
liness ln the pulpit, be brought down
the house at convocation by one remark.
I anil deeply grateful for this honor, he said. I am personally grateful, because it is one of the few tblngs
which a man gets In this lifo which
he is not compelled to lake home and
turn over to his wife.
Dr. Strachan also told a good story
of examinations, referring to tliose
subjects which we could write most
about because we knew least; He
Bald he was one day talking to a distinguished professor and examiner at
Queen's about a certain student. The
professor Bald that this student had
written a very voluminous paper on
a certain subject. But, he added, if
he ht.t-. had another bait hour to write
he would certainly have plucked himself.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Diatemper
Advice for Hot Weather '"
For those much concerned about
the excessively hot weather the following advice by Assistant Surgeon Gen.
W: C. Pucker, of the U.S.A. Army
will be useful.
First of all being cool is largely a
condition ot mind. One who wants
to keep cool Bhould make up his mind
to be still—ln other words not to produce heat. Heat is caused by burning of the human tissues, and the
tissues are burned by action or movement.
One Bhould avoid meats lu hot weather; should eat cooked vegetables
and avoid green fruits because they
upset the digestion and invite intestinal attacks. Of course every human
has to produce a certain amount of
heat, but there Is a science tn getting
rid ot this heat that Ib little known to
the average man. Ventilation of
clothing and ot offices removes the
heat thut envelopes the body.
Another thing; Don't eat or drink
anything with whose family history
you are not acquainted. Patronize
only restaurants ot known cleanliness
for opportunlllea for the spread of
disease through water und food are
lncreused enormously In warm weather,
Asthma Is Torture. No one who
hasn't gusped for breath In thc power
of asthma knows what such suffering
Is. Thousands do know, however,
from experience how immeasurable la
the relief provided by that marvelloua
preparation,) r J. D. Kellogg*B Asthma Remedy. For years lt has beei,
relieving and curing the most severe •
cases. If you are a sufferer do not
delay a day in securing this remedy
from your druggist.
Taught Scholars to Smoke
Although Lord Methu-n flnda tha
habit of smoking on the Increase
among women, It is not so prevolent
among children as it used to be. According to John Ashton, under Charlea
I, lt waB not only usual for womea
to Join the men In smoking, but ln
Worcestershire the children went to
school with pipes In their satchels,
and the schoolmaster called a halt la
their studies while they all smoked
and he taught the neophyte. Thomas Hearne records that Ir. the time ot
the plague of London ln 1665, chlldrea
were obliged to smoke.
Minard's  Liniment Curea Garget la
I believe, said the minister, with a
twinkle ln his eye, that the suylng
that children and fools tell the truth,
Is true. The other day my wife an*
I were Invited out to dinner. The
children of the family were so remark
ably well behaved that my wife re
marked i
What lovely, well behaved chlldrea
yours are, Mrs. Brown?
Both Mr. und Mrs. Brown boeme*
at thlt approval ot their olfsprlti*.
when up piped little Mary. Well
pa said that It we didn't behave he'4
knock our blocks off, didn't you, pa.
Why Women Have Nerves
____* '***■      _________
•*W     Tha "bluet"—anxlety-sleepleuneia-and warnings of pain and dls-IP
#'tress are sent by tha nerves Ilka flying messengers throughout body apd' W
Tha "blues"—anxlety-sleeplessnesj-and warnings ol pain and dls-l
'tress are sent by the nerves Ilka flying messengers throughout body apd'
limbs.    Such feelings may or may not be accompanied by backache i
headache or bearing dowa  Tha local disorders and Inflammation, II the
Is any, should be treated with Dr. Pierce's Lotion Tablets.  Then the
nervous system and the entire womanly makeup leak the tonic effect of
when taken systematically and for any period ol time. It la not a"cure-all*
but has given uniform satisfaction for over forty yean, being designed for
IA« alnff* purpose of curing woman's peouliar ailments.
Sold In liquid form or tablet* by
drogglata-or aend BO one-cent
•tamp* fot a box of Di. Plerce'a
Favorite Prescription Tablet*.
Ad. Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.
,chlUtt. Itnttmxtxxnm*.  h'tlnsemr- '
tine*item 1.i*rui*mlis**. Stat
. Ifmt mttmmt A Dt.s°itmm*t*m.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cathartics and purgative*.  They ar*
nrutal-harih-Hinneccsury, Try
Purely vegetable.,
gen liy an tlte liver,
eliminate hile.and
■oolite the Jeli-
of iho towel,
Car* Cm*
1 tUipaths,
Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mwt bev Signature
WemtSmmm in
tasurakce    Utsr-mstsi \m       Compary
W. H«rlj
AUi.»tt Seem-lt*
Lilrttil PrtflU
Tie new Eite Mot policy conlncti an the bed for protect... n,
-.yctm-nl «rlo provi-th fundifor liquidating Kwtguet,etc
Meier ta Um
Vawnc.ai (ar ajenli fiv'oB ei:h:te .tire or ipne time
AaalfehlMr t> Pmbcial OIKetu, Wlnipti, Ednnatan,
Saibtm. VaactM-r tr U Vs.i officf, T.roaU
Ideal Silver
Cream la a scientific preparation
specially adapted
tor cleaning all
kinds of SILVER
DOWS. It Is a
purely vegetable
compound and
doea not contain
any Injurious sub*
stances. Any article polished with
IDEAL will ac-
qttlro a beautiful
lustre that will not
For  Bala  by  all
Iln. Winslow's Soothiko syrup hu beta
tttedforover SIXTY YBARSby millions ot
It the best remedy lor DIARRHCEA. It li abiolutely .harmless. Be sure and ask for "Hn
Wlastow-s Soothing Syrup," aad take an other
kind. Sweaty-five cento a bottle. _
Somethin-:  better  than  linen and  no
Vundry bills.     Wash lt with aoap and
Wator.     All etores or direct. State atyla
ind elie.     For 25c. we will mall you.
M Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Sumatra* xiDNsr, bl-dd.., hsrvous olUAtia
tmome ».«_£>>■....-..••.• urnoia.,iu&
nrm far sur fUtl -oot. ihs uotr issrsMTirl
uioical'k»sivi> wiirrss.tr rsLLSAU about tkta.
PI-.AHS xsA th. wiiiA.as.Li cuaaa en —
I armca.
>F_rrou.owi(-tllBaai. PaatMO_l.«a_,
ia. KfltsktvucM. o. utin
>«_Hnoca as, Haiin.it-. LeaaoiiilMb
The; Heart of a Piano is the
.Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
WANTED at once
Peraona to work for ua
ln spare tlmo nt home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Eaiy and faaclnatln*
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
lor Inatructlon. (free).
11! College Street. Toronto, Canada.
.... . -       J
Describing It
How do IhoM summer visitors ot
Tours, keep buay.
They play golf, replied tlle proprietor cr the farm hotel.
Whatever'! that?
Well, as near as I ran flgure out, It
Is a hind ot aolllalrc shinny.
,.//   PILLS
J         ,
tOo. ■ box or si! boxes fer W-BO,
■t all dealers, er Tha Oadda Madl-
olna Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. MO
Often It Seems to Uphold the Old
Theory that Oppoaitea Attract
Men like all kinds ot women. There
are ugly men who adore beautiful women, but there are also handsome men
who worship t.t the shrines of women
who are quite unlike Helen ot Troy.
Many good men have loved, aud will
lore, bad vomen. Who has not seen
bad men devoted to saintly women?
On the other hand the dwarf ls often
captivated by the large framed woman whose head approaches the celling. I have known deaf women beloved by talkative men; lame women
cherished by men who were agile;
stupid women thought sensible, or
even clever, by men who were brilliant
and affected women solemnly admired
by the most natural of men; girls who
turned the heads of grandfathers and
old women who lured mere boys to
their feet.
Effeminate men often seek manny
women, while delicate wom*.n who
lever leave the sofa attract tlie nim-
rods and the bunter ot big game. The
man who does not know 'God Save the
King' when lie hears It aB often as
not marries the woman who is mad
about Wagner, and the man who never
goes to church chooses as his helpmate the devout woman who visits a
district and teaches ln Sunday school.
All klLds of women are liked—nay,
more, are loved by men. Why not?
For where ls the man who cannot find
one woman—lt not two—to think him
what he probably thinks himself, the
most perfect man In the world—until
the honeymoon Ib waning?
She Spoke the American Language
He was proud of his linguistic ability waB this American dentist. He
didn't boast being a polyglot, but
with an English partner who was himself reasonably accompllnhed lu languages he did manage to take care of a
thriving business ln Buenos Aires with
less than the ordinary linguistic difficulties that confront an American in
a foreign land.
Naturally, ho didn't expect trouble
tn making himself understood when a
young woman was ushered in from the
reception room ot his office. She was
manifestly a person ot breeding. In
Portuguese, the language of Argentina,
he asked her wants.
ITncomprehendingly ahe shook her
He smilingly tried the French;
Que voules-vous, method of making
himself understood.
Obviously she was still In the dark.
His partner essayed a little assistance ln Spanish.     Que qutere V? he
She but shook her head the more
He tried Parlato Itallano and his
partner came at her with Sprechen
Die Deutsoh? each with equal lack ot
In despair the American turned to
the Englishman. What ln hell does
she speak? he asked.
A happy smilo Illuminated the wo-
man'a face. That's It, she said. I
simply speak United States. I have
a wisdom tooth I want treated.
Mlnard'a  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Bridling the Mississippi
The Mississippi river ls cutting a
new channel near Mc aphis, Tenit.,
and unleaa government engineers are
successful it checking the hungry
stream, Memphis may be left high and
dry a mile from the course of the
stream. Her harbor facilities will be
ruined and the city left with the mud
bank between its tine levee and the
stream. Government engineers are
now wrestling with the problem and
declare they will win out.
For several yearB s%. turbulent Mia
slsslppl, raging like a hungry Hon, has
been eating railroads, houses and
farms, crunching them ln lu muddy
maw and carrying them down to the
Gulf. During last ytar the hungry
stream ran against what looked like
an Insurmountable obstacle. A sheer
wall of hard rock appeared and residents ot Hopefleld point, opposite
Memphis, felt that the rock would
ruin Its appetite. But the river haa
undermined the rock, and la at Its old
frolic of converting tarms Into nothingness.
Government engineers aro now
weaving a mat of willows Into a great
carpet a mile long and 200 feet wide.
When this ts completed lt will be loaded with rocka. Then a pile driver will
pin it to the bottom. It Is believed
tbls will stop the erosion. It It docs
not, engineers assert there will be nothing left but to let the river take the
courte It chooses.
Busy Woman of Prominence
The wives of he members of the
new Dutch Cabinet are all workers ln
somo sphere ot labor, as tho following
list shows;
Mme. Zahlet, wife of the Premier,
la an official parliamentary shorthand
writer a
Mme. Brandes, wlte of the Finance
Minister, a sculptor.
Mme, Munc!., wife of the Defence
Minister, a achool teacher, with a
degree ia mathematics, president ot a
women's auffrago society.
Mme. Nlelson, wife of the Minister
of Education, a surgeon.
Mme. Pedersen, wife of the Minister
of Agriculture, ls an Indefatigable agriculturist.
A pompous physician who was Inclined to criticise others was watching a stonemaron build a fence for
his neighbor, and thought the mason
•c as using too much mortar. He
said: Jim, mortar covers up a good
many mistakes, does It not?
Yea, dootor, replied the mason, and
to doea tlu spade.
Quaint Manx Laws
Many quaint and curious customs
dating from ancient times ara atlll
observed ln the Isle of Man, and not
the least Interesting of these ls the
ceremony that will be enaoted today
on Tynwald Hill. Men, women and
children from all oyer the llttlo Island ot the Irish Sea will gather on
th3 hillside and listen to the official
Manx laws. For centuries this archaic legal ceremony has been carried
out on each fifth of July.-except when
that date falls on a Sunday, and lt
atlll retains most of the novel features that make lt the most interesting
observance of its kind, to be witnessed
anywhere in the world.
It ls no longer possible to read all
the laws that govern Manxmen, since
the House ot Keys, as the local legislation ls called, is busy In adding
new statutes as similar bodies elsewhere.
A Manx law that ls no longer enforced, but which retains a place ln
the statute book, provides a penalty
of $50 and the loss of both cars for
anyone guilty of libelling the law-
makers. The death penalty was
long imposed for the theft ot any
amount above thirteen cents, while a
flogging was the punishment for
stealing a lesser Bum. An exception
was made ln the caBe of horse and
cattle thlevers for lt was set forth
that, as-they could not hide such animals, their act waa more foolish than
Hall Cain?, whose youth was spent
In the Isle of Man, has described
many of the interesting customs of
the Manxmen ln his novels. Of late
years, however, the inhabitants have
shed some of their peculiarities, owing to contact with tourists.
How Insects Breathe
All Insects need air, even those
that lire ln water, but uo Insect has
nostrils, or any opening ln the head
through which lt breathes. Instead
there ls a row of small openings called spiracles, down each side of the
body, one on each segment beginning
with the second or third segment of
the thorax, or chest and extending
back to the tip ot the abdomen. The
spiracles open Into two air-tubes that
extend the length of the Insect. One
on eaeh side, Just within the wall of
the body. These tubes are connected
ln the thorax by two cross-tubesrnnd
from them smaller tubes <'*.verge.
Theso in -turn divide and redlvlde,
growing constantly smaller, until the
finest tubes permeate every part of
the Insect, even the tips of the antennae and the joints ot the feet. The
tubes are known as trachne, and serve
the same purpose that the lungs serve
ln the vertebrates; to carry oxygen
to the blood and tissues. The outer
openings or spiracles are protected ln
various ways—as for example, by a
circlet of hairs—ln order to prevent
the admission of anything except air.
If they become clogged by any such
substance as oil or grease, the insect
suffocates, says an exchange. The
humming of gnat, the buzzing of files,
and similar sounds, are produced by
the vibration of the air lu the spiracles and trachae:
No stason of the year ls so dangerous to the life of little ones as ls
the summ.r. The excessive heat
throws the little stomach out of order so quickly that unless prompt aid
Is at hand the baby may be beyond all
human help before the mother realizes
he ls Ul. Summer ls the season
when diarrhoea, chclera Infantum,
dysentery and colic are most prevalent. Any one of these troubles may
prove deadly lt not promptly treated. | JJJ^JfJ
During the summer the mother's best
friend ls Bab: s Own TabletB. They
regulate the bowels, sweeten the stomach and keep baby healthy. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or at 26 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
The Best Liver Pill .—The action of
the liver Is easily disarranged. A sudden chill, undue exposure to the elements, over-indulgence in some favorite food, excess ln drinking, are a few
of the causes. But whatever may be
the cause, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
can be relied upon as the best corrective that can be taken. They are
the leading liver pills and they have
no superiors among such preparations
The female house fly lays from 120
to 150 eggs at a time, and these
mature in two weeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants of a
single pair will number millions In
three months. Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in the season, and thus cut od
a large proportion of tbe summer
The old farmer was maklug his usual weekly call on Mrs. Wiggins.
P'taters ls good this morning, madam, he said, casting an admiring
look at the basketful he had brought.
Oh, Is they? retorted Mrs. Wiggins. That reminds me. I wants
to have a word with you about them
you sold me last week. How Is lt
that them at the bottom o' the basket Ib so much smaller than them on
the top?
Come about l.ke this, replied old
John, a knowing look on his face.
P'taters ls growing that fast now that
by tbe time I get a basketful dug the
last ones ls about twice the size ot
the first.   	
The Oil of Power.—It ls not claimed
for Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil that lt
will cure every Iii, but Its uses are so
various that It may be looked upon as
a general pain killer. It haB achieved
tliat greatness for itself and alf at.
tempts to suipass tt have failed. Its
excellence ls known to all who have
tested Its virtues and learnt by
Donald was leaving his native village for parts unknown. Sandy his
friend, Invited alt the friends nnd
neighbors to the home to give Donald
a royal send-off. As Is customary at
these gatherings, liquid refreshments
were serve 1 without stint.
About 9 o'clock Sandy noticed Donald going round bidding the guests
goodbye. Your no going yet, Donald,
he satd In sur.rlse.
Na, I'm no goln' yet, anBweied Donald, but I thocht I'd bid 'cm ull good-
byo while I knew 'ein.
Biggest Surveying Job's
Two of the biggest Jobs of surveying
ever attempted are the marking of the
boundary between Alaska and Canada,
Which has Just been completed, and
the marking ot the southern boundary
ot Canada, whioh ls now ln progress.
Both surveys are ot a difficult nature,
and the Alaskan boundary partlculary
so because ot the mountainous and, ln
parts, inaccessible character of the
reglona traversed.
The most difficult part of the line
was that starting at Mount St. Ellas,
on the southern shore of the peninsula
of Alaska, and running southeast along
eighty-three peaks of the coast, range
to the head of the Portland channel,
a distance of about 700 miles. Much
of this section of the boundary was Inaccessible, and could only be reached
where lt was crossed by Inlets connected with the sound that parallels
From these points the
peaks that mark the boundary, as well
as the topography along the line, were
located and mapped by trlangulatlon
and photo-surveying methods.
The line running north from Mount
St. Ellas to the Arctic ocean was not
ao difficult of a-cess, although lt lies
over glaciers and some ot the highest
mountains In the world, but the work
of marking was in many ways more
like Arctic exploration than an ordinary Job of surveying. This line runs
due north and south, following the
141st meridian (longitude west from
Greenwich), and Is now marked by
188 stone monuments set about three
miles apart. Everything had to be
packed from the base of supplies, and
tor this purpose 200 Amerttans and
Canadian horses were used. The total length of the Alaskan boundary Is
1,507 miles, and the cost of surveying
lt was $1,500,000.
Mlnard'a Liniment Curea Colds, Ete.
- •
Jefferson's Table Manners
Jefferson himself overdid the part ot
being democratic, particularly with the
Hrltislt ambassador, Merry, who had
the touchiness ot au English greengrocer in a tall hat and who had a
wife uow gently referred to as disagreeable.
At a state dinner Jefferson gave a
woman his arm, but otherwise there
was no order. The guests approached the tableln a rush as lf the dinner
bell had rung ln an old fashion-
ed American Hotel.     Merry did not
The Belgian Congo Cannibals
From Huwl to Malange ls perhaps
eight hundred miles as the crow files,
but being pedestrians and as the cannibals were carrying oh extremely active warfare in the country traversed
by the direct route, for safety, *we had
to make a long detour that added almost two hundred miles to our trip.
That waB in July, 1907, and we had
reached the most westerly ot the Katanga mines at Ruwl with the Intention
of proceeding directly west to Angola.
The southwest corner ot the Congo
was, at that time, a veritable hot-bed
of cannibalism and slaving. All captives that the cannibals did not eat
they sold to the Portuguese.
Such conditions had prevailed for
many years, and the chances ot Improvement Boemed extremely small.
A few months later, however, the Com-
pagnie Kasaal, an Immense rubber
trading concern under the leadership
of a chief du secteur, waged war on
the cannibal Welesbl and effectively
put them to route. Only here and
there a few remain.
Seventy miles north of Lukoshl we
found a stump, quiet evidently a aort
of sacrificial altar, as lt was decorated with human skulls, mostly those
of little children. The territory in
which this was found was occupied by
the Waleshl until less than three
years ago. They were the worst
slave traders ot all the tribes ot this
section. It was very largely for their
lawlessness and absolute disregard ot
the decrees ot the Compagnle Kassal
that they were driven from the country
ln which they had operated for so
many years.
But though the Waleshl, with their
ghastly practices, were driven out, the
Bachokwce remained, and the trafflo
ln slaves continued.
Madge—You girls didn't try to play
baseball In your hobbles, did you?
Marjorie — Gracious, nol They'd
have got onto our curves.
It fmparu a ddlthtft-l alow ot T-iorau
.Mittitothe.Unaiid Imve.
It .moot*, and foil. Keen
yonr Wddlt.* kn«« and
t.rxU clean wltl-SNKt. U
doea tlia wort.
Finds Help in Lydia E. Pink*
ham's Vegetable
Cape Wolfe, Canada.—" Last March 1
was a complete wreck. I had given up
all hope of getting better or living any
length of time, as I was such A sufferer
from female troubles. But I took Lydia
run fast enough, or he waa too fat, or E, pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
he was too dignified, and found him- ^.y i im j„ good health and have a
self seated where a British ambassa-      ., o( tw|n b     two months o|d and
^^A^-mmm nf if m hi. *c,v   growing finely.   1 surprised doctors and
lio made a report of It to his go,.   «        «       » "
cniment, and the next time Monroe
tho American then in London, was invited to a stale dinner he wns seated
next to Hie kitchen, but unfortunately
within hearing of some loud conversation ot thc head of Hie table, where
thc culture of the United States was
being compared with tbnt of South Africa.
Monrose not only made a report to
his government but he laid a complaint before the British ministry, and
Just at a time when tho two nations
were ln nerd of all the aerenlty that
could command Ihey became Irritated
over table manners.
Simplicity sometimes Is much Involved .
Equal Rights
You say a pedestrian has rlghls the
same as a motor car? asked the querulous person.
Certainly, replied the policeman,
Well maybe he has.      But I can't
help wondering what would happen to
me lf I went along the street making
the snme kind ol noise as somo of
these automobile horns.
What caused you to walk out ot
prison In that offhand way?
Well, replied the recaptured convict,
I suppose lt was the aam» thing that
made me leave home ln the flrst
olace.     If'a a case ot wanderlust.
wreck I was.
"Now I am healthy, liappyand hearty,
and owe it all to Lydia K. Pinkham's
remedies. You may publish this letter
if you like. I think if more women
used your remedies they would hava
better health."—Mrs. J. T. Cook, I_ot
No. 7, Cape Wolfe, Mil., Canada.
Because your caseisadiflicult one.and
doctors having done you no good, do not
continue to suffer without giving Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a
trial. It surely has remedied many
cases of female Ills, such as inflammation, ulceration, displacements, tumors,
irregularities, periodic pains, backache,
and it may bc exactly what you need.
The Pinkham record Is a proud and
peerless one. It is
a record of constant'
victory over thc ob-
stinate ills of women '
—Ills that deal out
despair. It Is an established fact that (
Lydia K. Pinkham's
VegetablaCompound (
has restored health
to thousands of auch suffering womea.
Why don't you try it if you need such a,
medicine? THE   $UN.   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
tion tbat the attorney general is not
in harmony with the local organ ot
the party.
Eye Sti
subscription Biiaa:
ine Yoar $1.50
One Tear (In advance)  1.00
One Year, In United State.  1.60
addren all oommtinloatlon. to
ThiGband!7oaas Sun.
fl-HOM. RU Ghahd Forks, B.C
It is a relief to learn that the recent
prevalence in this country of a mild
form of money stringency iB rapidly
disappearing     Tbere should  have
been no money stringency  in   Canada thia- year,  or any other year;
and   tbere  would have been none
had not the people gone mad on the
subject of real estate gambling.    In
Hated  vtlues, and buying without
a personal inspection of the   property, had   mucb do with bringing
on   the  crisis.   Unscrupulous real
estate dealers have for yeara peddled
lots in outlying subdivisions to buyers in other parts of the country at
fancy priceB.   The result   was lhat
one  half  of the people of Canada
were working to pay  for  so called
city property that might in   a   few
years become good  farming  land.
Dealers, whether at home or abroad,
guilty of selling thiB  kind of prop
erty under misrepresentation are no
better tban tbe peddlers of wild cat
mining shares, and should be prosecuted as swindlers.   Canada needs a
"blue-sky"  law,   and it iB an   en
couraging sign to no'.e that the need
of such an actis being  agitated in
many sections of British Columbia.
A new Canadian figure among
the borrowers of the London market,
in the near future will be Sir Richard McBride, premier of British
Columbia, For a long time British
Columbia has bsen unique in the
possession of a considerable cash
surplus derived largely from the sale
or lease of natural resources. It is
still hy no means poor in liquid
capital, but the ready acceptance of
Canadian securities by the London
market in the past few weekn has
evidently prompted Sir Richard to
take advantage of the occasion.—
Toronto Globe.
is the unsuspected cause of
much nervousness and headaches. If troubled with either
let my optometrist examine
your eyes for- defective refraction.
nA-  D.  c7Wo.rrison
Jeweler and Optician
Sir Richard McBride is again on
his way to London and the foot nf the
throne. Only time can tell whether
Mir Richard is a statesman or just a
head of hair,—Toronto Star.
The provincial government's battery of newspapers again inform tis,
under   unnecessarily   large   headlines,   that Premier   McBride   has
told   London that   the   people  of
British   Columbia, to  a man,  are
loyal.   This is humiliating, as well
expensive, to the people of British
Columbia.   Their loyalty  has  not
been   questioned,   therefore   these
periodical   protestions   might  give
the   people in thn old country the
impression tbat there  is a revolutionary   element in the   province
And these annual trips of the  premier are a burden to tbe taxpayers,
bet-anse they bave to p-ty his tav-
eling expenses.   But if Mr. McBride
wishes to be  regarded   as  strictly
truthful, he Bhould he less sweeping
in his statements.   His  assurances
of fealty are subject to  certain reservations, unless he wisheB to vouch
for the. loyalty   of  Peter   Veregin's
The Nelson News now employs a
man to look after its business in
this city. Tbe Sun would be pleiced
if the News sbould eventually decide
lo move to Grand Forks.
Miss Isabelle McLeod, a school
teacher of Moyie, is visiting at tbe
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Camp
The fruit growere of the valley report a ready market at good prices
for all tbe fruit tbey can ship to the
prairie provinces.
A number of parties from Calgary and otber prairie cities were in
Grand Forks this week looking for
business locations and snaps in
orchard lands.
The season at Christina lake has
come to sn end, and nearly all the
Grand Forks people who were
camped at thut resort have returned
to the city.
Fred Sinythe, late of Moyie, has
become the Grand Forks represents
tive of the Nelson News
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
A Common Failing
There was a man
Of history sad
Whose every plan
Went to-the bad.
He did not drink,
He did nut swear
Nor slyly wink
At sirens fair.
His ideals high
He would reveal,
He could not lie,
He could not steal.
His worth you'd vow
Was something strong,
And yet, somehow,
His luck aent wrong.
The hoped for bliss
He'd never clutch.
His fault was this:
He talked too much.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, eJMutton, Veal
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Fresh Fish Dailjr
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Woodland C8> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
Attorney-G -neral Bowser's Nel
gun newspaper discusses the probability of an early provincial election
Too Much Argument
The surest wav to avoid trouble in
the mining camps of the west is to
avoid controversy. How carefully
some men follow that rule is illustrated by an amusing story.
A man who had come to a Nevada
mining camp met an interesting young
westerner, anrl proposed that they
camp together. After they had unpacked their things and eaten their
supper, they -snt down to talk.
"Fine night," observed the new.
'Looks like rain," remarked the
**Oh, no, Id >n't think so."
Without saying anything moro, the
young westerner, to his companion's
astonishment, got up and began to
pack his kit
"What's the matter." asked tho
newcomer, in surprise
"Oh, I guess I'd better move on."
"But why?"
"Too much argument."
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whelher al home or in business, il
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International Polo
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•nd American Teams
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Competition open to iha World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U. S. Government
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
"Custer's Last Fight" Nightly
A thrilling reproduction of this ftmoas
battle with 500 Indian! and 200 Soldim
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If you read The Sun you get tbe
newa of the city, the province and
the world. It in possible lor s Suu
render to keep abreast of the times
without tbe aid of the daily  paper u i
• ■;.-
Most Important Events at;
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
A lull occurs in the Mexican ne-!
gotiations. The next move is likely
to be made by the United States.
The Dominion letter carriers de-
clare that their uniforms are shoddy
and ill fitting, and ask for a change in
Law and order, it is claimed by
Bowser, have been established at Na
naimo, and all but a small force of
the militia will be withdrawn.
Lord Strathcona arrived in New
York today from London en route to
Canada. He expresses opposition to
the methods of militant suffragettes
Viscount Haldane, the first lord
high chancellor of Great Britaiu to
leave his country for 400 years,
reached New York today fur a flying
visit of five days to the United States
and Canada. He declared that the
inilleiiiuni of universal peace is yet far
Hippolyto Uriate, aged 86, former
rousul-general to Canada from Spain
and oue of the oldest diplomats, was
burned to death in his apartments in
a New York hotel this morning, and
a priceless collection of papers and
mementoes wero destroyed. His wife
tied after leaping from a fourth storey
Lord Haldane arrives in Montreal,
and discusses the institutions of Canada.
Belgium increases her army to a
size which is without precedent in
times of peace.
Thaw's lawyers believe that a writ
of habeas corpus will not be sustained
and are still confident of success.
Nine persons lost their lives and
six were injured when the boilers of
the tow-boat Alice exploded at Pittsburg this morning.
Seventeen men accused of rioting
at Extension aud Nanaimo during the
coal strike troubles were committed
(or trial yesterday by Magistrate
The provincial government is about
t > commence a survey of fifty expired
timber liocenses in the Comox district A portion of this land may be
thrown open to preemption.
Fierce rioting in connection with
the   trapway  strike in Dnblin, Ire-
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Hot Kitchen
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Miller & Gardner
Hardware        Home Furnishers Crockery
land, was renewed today. Hundreds
of persons, including thirty constables, were injured. On the previous
day sixty persons were injured.
ready   tor   traffic in   two years, says
Labor day is well celebrated
throughout the Dominion.
There are many cases of typhoid in
Regina, antl the hospitals are overcrowded.
McGill university confers degrees
upon Lord Haldane, Premier Borden
and other distinguished guests.
Trades union congress in Manchester, England, condemns the action of
the authorities in the Dublin strike.
Military forces are again in oharge
of patrols at the copper mines at Calumet, Mich. A girl is shot in a fight
with tha police.
Political wiseacres in Ottawa predict that the house will not meet in
November, and that the uext session
will be held in January.
Death claims heavy toll at the
Labor day speed races at Nashville,
Tenn. Four are dead and two injured, and autos are wrecked.
The annual statement of the Canadian Pacific railway shows a huge
plus.    The Kettle Valley line will be
The Quebec government opposes
fui'her delay and is determined to
deport Thaw.
The United States government's
cotton bulletin is unfavorable, and
prices advance.
Many persons are killed when two
houses in Church street, Dublin, oc
cupied by thirty families, collapse.
Two Nova Scotia mariners of the
village of Publico received watches
and medals from President Wil .ou for
rescuing the crew of a United States
Twenty one persons were killed and
fifty injurned, some of whom may die,
in a rear-end collision this morning on
the New Haven <fe Hartford railway
six miles south of New Haven.
Fifteen persons were killed and
thirty injured in a collision of two
sections of the famous London-Scot
land express at Kirby Stephen,
couuty of Westmoreland, today.
The Mexican situation is encourag
ing. President Wilson will hear W.
B. Hale, who is returning from Mexico on a special mission. Protection „f
American property will be subject of
the conference.
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
l^eW nam CSS harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
|NU*t of the couutry. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann   Drug   Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the niajority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Ex President Taft is eleeted president of the American Aar association.
Arthur Meighen, solicitor general,
today assumed bis official duties at
A child at Glasgow, Mont., is
killed by a hailstone. Much damage
was done by the storm
The minister of public works con
templates plans for extensive improvement of Dominion harbors.
Uain delays the harvest on the
prairies, and some damage is done.
A large proportion of the crop is cut.
The yield is heavy.
Kx King Manuel's marriage to
Priucess Augustiiue Victoria of Ho-
hen/.ollern takes place at Sigmaringen,
Germany, tomorrow.
A puhlic enquiry will be made into
the wreck near New Haven yester
day. Twenty-one persons are deal
and five are ilyine as a result of the
disaster. The engineer and lit email
are ill prison.
Thaw's lawyers ahandon hope. He
is liberated from jail on a writ uf lia
beas corpus, but is again taken into
custody under the immigration act,
and deportation seems certain. I'haw
collapses when the judge gives his
The new provincial fruit pest regulation became effective today.
Bill Miner, the 'notorious bandit
and jail braaker, dies in the Georgia
state prison.
Mayor Baxter, of Vanceuver,thinks
that "Won't Works" should be made
to clear land.
We Are Fighting
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leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
Harry Thaw is uuder examination
by a special boai d of enquiry. He
makes a good witness.
A deputation from Massachusetts
will study the wot king of the Dominion industrial disputes act.
Immigration from Britain to Canada during the first quarter of the
year reach a quarter of a million.
The United States senate will make
a supreme eudeavor to pass the tariff
bill before adjournment on Saturday
The militia is again under orders
Another violent outbreak iii the strike
area on Vancouver island is predicted.
A furious hurricane sweeps the
North Cuiolina coast. The town of
Belle Haven destrooed, and five hundred persons are reported to have
The United States embassy has
been given assurances that Huerta
will not be a candidate for the presi
dency of Mexico This is thouirht to
be the first step toward peace in the
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^fe Coming City if Southern
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Why doesn't she take
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NOTIOHM. Dnuo ««» CHC-tietL CS. OF CMIAOA, llMITte. 133
They Eat and Digest Food That
Would Kill an Ordinary Man
We hear much ot American dyspepsia, but there ls one native race ot
America that ta certainly not troubled
In this respect. The Eskimo defies
the laws ot hygiene : nd thrives. He
cats until he ls satisfied, but ls said
never to be satisfied while a shred of
his 'Wis I remains unconsumed. His
capacity Ib limited by the supply and
by that only.
The Eskimo cannot make any mistake about the manner ot cooking his
food, since, as a rule, lie does not cook
It. Nor, so far as the blubber or fat
of tho arctic animal is concerned, ls
tbe Eskimo concerned about his manner of eating It. Indeed, he may be
said not to eat It at all. H« cuts it
Into long strips an Inch wide and an
Inch thick and then lowers lt down
his throat as one might lower a rope
Into a well.
Despite all this the Eskimo does not
luffer from Indigestion. He can make
a good meal off the flesh and skin of
the walrus, provision so hard and gritty that in cutting up the animal the
knife must be continually sharpened.
The t.-eth of the little Eskimo child
will, It Is said by those in a position
to know, meet in a bit of walrus skin
as the teeth of an American child
would meet In the flesh of an apple,
jlthough the hide of the walrus ls
from halt an inch to an inch ln thickness and bears considerable resemblance to the hide of an elephant. The
Eskimo child will bite It and digest it
antl never know what dyspepsia
Millers Worm Powders were devised
to promptly relieve children who suffer from the ravages of worms. It
Is a Dimple preparation warranted to
destroy stomachic and Intestinal
worms wlthou; 6hock or Injury to the
most sensitive system. They act
thoroughly and painlessly, and though
In some cases they may cause vomiting, that is an Indication of their powerful action and not of any nauseating
On a Phlladelphln paper worked
Julius Kaufman, a Dane, who wrote
pungent editorials, Kaufman's English
was inineccable, hut his writing waa
Impossible. It seemed to have been
done with a bent pin and an asphalt
mixture. George Kennedy was the
only man on the copy desk who could
read lt. Oue day Kennedy came to
l.illtor Thompson, shaking his head.
It's all off, he said. I have lost my
punch. I read this thing of Kaufman's with perfect ease until I got
halt-way through—and then I stuck.
I don't know why. The second half
nf his stuff looks Just like the first half
but I can't read lt. Thompson took
ihat manuscript over to a corner. By
tnd hy Thompson came hack with
lines of strain arouud his mouth. Put
It up to Kaufman, said he. Elther's
lie's gone Hooey or we have. So when
Kaufman came In thoy gave him his
manuscript a.id told him to go awav
somewhere and find out what It
meant. By and hy he enme back
beaming. It was easy, said he. The
second part I hat yooat wrote ln Dan-
Which Did He Mean?
Bess—Something that Jack said last
night   didn't sound Just right.
Tess—What was thai?
Bess—I t:>lil hiin If ho called me pet
names I wouldn't speak, nud he replied Hint he would call me dear at
my price.
Between Women's
Health or Suffering
The main reason why so many
women suffer greatly at times
is because of a run-down condition. Debility, poor circulation show in headaches, languor, nervousness and worry.
(tm UtnjeM Ml el «ny IMWM m m. WmM)
are the safest, surest, most
convenient and most economical remedy. They clear tho
system of pisons, purify tho
blood, relieve suffering and
ensure such go:d health .'.nd
strength that all the bodily
organs work naturally and properly. In actions, feelings and
looks, thousands of women have
proved that Beecham's Pills
Make All
The Difference
Sold ererrwlierff.   In botel, 25 Mate,'
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M-r valuable.
W, N.  U. 960
Air Slckhesa
M. Berget, a French aeronaut, after
speaking of the conditions ot the atmosphere ln general, brings out some
points on aviator's sickness. Aeroplanes sometimes reach altitudes of
ten thousand feet ln an hour, and here
the effects on the ear such aa humming or cracking noise are about the
Bame as In a balloon, but the effect on
the respiratory organs Is different.
The pilot ls sooner out ot breath and
he feels a special kind ot uneasiness.
During the descent, the heart beats
are ot greater amplitude, but without
accelerating. A quicker descent ln a
sailing flight at a speed ot 1,000 or
1,200 feet a minute or even more,
causes a feeling of a special kind, or
uneasiness, accompanied with humming in the ears. Burning ln the face
ls also felt and a severe headache, also a great tendency to sleep which has
been before observed. The movements of the body are sluggish and
unskillful. These symptoms continue for Bome time after tiie landing,
and the tension ln the arteries ls noticed to be higher than the normal.
Then the storm Grew Worse
I was a fool ever to marry you, sobbed Mrs. Winks.
Now, my dear, said Winks, nobly,
I can not permit you to take the blame
for that. It was I who was the fool
for ever asking you. The mistake was
not yours, but mine.
A cornetlst who went Into the woods
and played, so won the heart ot some
people from Italy that he has been in-
vlted over with all hla family and the
cornet to spend the summer.
Dr. Johnson to the contrary notwithstanding, puns are occasslonally
excusable This one, attributed by
thc Brooklyn Times to a boarding
house keeper of that city, is good
enouf.li to pass muster.
One of the young men who lived In
the boarding house had the double
f.iitll of slowness ln paying his bill and
fuss-iiii-ss about the table service. One
mon ing he Bald peevishly to the
Mrs. Jones, will you tell me why
my napkin is so damp?
Yes, Mr. Wicks, replied .the landlady promptly, it'a because there Is
so much due to your board.
A Ralnleaa Wheat
In the Nineteenth Century Dr. William Macdonald gives an account of
the work done by the South Airlcan
Union Department of Agriculture, of
which he ls chief, In solving the problem of securing a suitable wheat
ihat can be grown on dry veldts and
that itas satisfactorily solved
by the cultivation of Ihe durum
wheats. The writer gives the following Interesting details aa to the wheat.
Ripe durum wheat In the Held looks
like barley, and one Is apt, on seeing
It for the first time, to confuse It
with the latter cereal. It Is usually
fairly tall, with broad, smooth leaves,
the heads are .eavlly bearded, the
kernels large and very hard, having
less starch than the common types
and varying in color from a light to a
reddish yellow. The grain ot tho
finest durum wheat Ib large, very hard,
whitish, and slightly transparent.
Durum wheats ure grown both as
spring and winter wheats. To ensure
success they should be sown on moisture-saving fallows, and the growing
wheat should be lightly harrowed to
renew the soil-blanket and so retain
the soil-moisture until harvest time.
Kadlak Island Bears
The biggest bears ln the world are
to be found on Kadlak Island, In the
gulf of Alaska, south of the great
shoulder ot territory that stretches
out into the Pacific. The Kadlak
bears are of the polar breed, perfectly
white, with long heavy fur, and are
twice the size' of the black be...* ot
the Rocky Mountains. They weigh
2,400 to 3,000 pounds, stand as high
as an ordinary cow and are thc biggest
cnnilvcrous animals living. The tracks
ll.ey leave in the enow have often
measured fifteen Inches In length and
ten Inchoo In width. They are savage -and fight deBpcrutcly when attacked.
Bear traps are usually bated with
honey, but the Kadlak trapper; uee.n
pig. Ileitis aro uncommonly fond of
pork, and a pig when imprisoned In
a trap makes a demonstration which
attracts thc attention of the bears at
a lunger distance than the odor of
Kadlak Is wooded nnd mountainous,
but lt has good natural hurbors. There
Is a population ot some 1,600 mostly
Eskimos, living on tho coast and engaged in tbe salmon fishing Industry.
Losing Game
Crawford—Why don't you try Jollying your wlfo a little? It's easy to
tell her she's looking younger and
more beautiful every day.
Crabshaw—I tried that once, nnd
she nailed me for money to have her
picture taken.
What Is lt wound up ou that cart?
asked the old lady sitting by the Are
Firemen's hose, was the reply.
Excuse me, she said Indignantly,
you can't tell me any fireman or anyone else ever had lega to fit those
Hobson'a Cholca
What la a popular phrase? someone once asked. Something we all
repeat like parrots, without knowing
ita origin, wai the reply of the cynic; and to a certain extent he was
right. How did those common phrases 'tuft-hunters' and 'fool's paradise'
arise? We have an Idea that the
former refers to the person who seeks
the society and apes the manners of
ths Upper Ten; but why 'tuft?' And
why 'paradise' for the fool who Bhuts
his eyes to threatening troubles and
dangers, satisfied with thc enjoyment
of the moment?
Aa a matter of fact, tha latter
phrase originated In the theological
argument that there Is a place tor
fools just outside paradise, while the
term tuft-hunting, took Its rise at the
Universities of Oxford and Cambridge,
where at one time the young noblemen were a peculiarly-formed cap
with a tuft, which presumably attracted hangers-on.
Many other curious stories ot the
origin ot popular phrases are given
In 'Everyday Phrasea Explained'
(Pearson). It Is related that 'Hob-
son's choice arose trom the fact that
Hobson, a noted carrier ln Cambridge,
would only let out his horses and
coaches for hire In rotation, refusing
to allow his customer., to choose, a
customer being compelled to take the
horse nearest the door. Thus It became customary when anything was
Eatlna humble pie Is a phrase which
really arose from the corruption of
the word 'umbles' or 'numbles,' the
coarser parts of a deer killed in hunting, which when made into a pie,
were formerly reserved for the lower
hunt servants; while cooking his
goose, ls a phrase which originated
when the King of Sweden, on approaching a hostile town, excited the
contempt of the Inhabitants by the
smallness of his army. To express
this they hung out a goose for htm
to shoot at, whereupon the king set
fire to th9 town t*> cook their goose.
Long ago unscrupulous people used
to take a cat tied In a bag to market,
where they tiled to sell lt for a pig.
If, however, a purchaser opened the
bag before buying, the cat ot course,
jumped out, displaying the fraud.
Hence the term: letting the cat out of
the bag.
•a '
She Could Find Nothing to Cure Her
Rheumatism   Till on   a   Nelghbor'a
Advice She Tried   Dodd'a   Kidney
St. Walbuffc, Sask. (Sp.cial).—"I
can truly recommend Dodd's Kidney
Pills for tiny one suffering from rheu,
mutism." These are the words of
Mrs. W. A. Baldwin, a highly respected resident of this place. And
Mrs. Baldwin gives her reasons.
"I was nearly helpless with rheumatism for two years," sbe states. "I
got medicine f.oui the doclor, and
tried several other remedies but nothing helped me. Then ono ot my
neighbors advised me to try Dodd'a
Kidney Pills. 1 bought four boxes
and they helped almost from the first.
I have used nearly two dozen boxes
and am nearly cured."
That rheumatism Is one ot the results ot diseased kidneys ls again
shown In Mrs. Baldwin's case. She
had headaches, stiffness-, of the Joints
and backache, her sleep was broken
and unrefresbing, and she was always
tired and nervous. Her limbs swelled
and she was always thirsty. Theae
are all symptoms of diseased kidneys.
When she cured her kidneys with
Dodd's Kidney -Pills, the symptoms
vanished—and so did the rheumatism.
VI7HAT make of shotshells are you
shooting this season)
You will (ind that the interest today centers more and more in Remington-UMC
f'ext-mtii'   *'        shotshells — Canadian made from  our new
«*_. factory at Windsor, Ontario.
You want RemiMton-UMC—thc Remington quality—freedom from all the nagging
little annoyance! that uncertain tthelli can throw into a good day's •port. Arrow
cr Nitio Club smokeless loads.   Slightly higher in price—absolutely reliable.
Let us lend you • booklet explaining limply die technical em in lhe making whicli we believe
la responsible for Remington-UMC success. Send your name and address on • postcard today.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
The Centenary of the Steam Engine
It 11 s 11 less than a hundred years
since the building of Stephensonls
'Rocket,' and there are many who
think of It as the flrst locomotive; but
lt was not, nor was Stephenson the
original Inventor of steam traction on
railways. Doubtless his genius well
deserves the fame wbich It has won,
as do s that cf Pulton and Morse; yet
lt can scarcely be disputed that all
three ot those Illustrious benefactors
of the race Cld their great works in
the successful adaptation and combination of elements which had previously
been discovered and employed by others.
The germ of the locomotive was flrst
displayed by Trevltblck, at the end of
the eighteenth century, but he lacked
the genius or the persistence to bring
It to perfection. It was left to William Hedley, chief engineer ot the
historic Wylan colliery, near Newcas-
tle-on-tyne, assisted by his colleagues,
Timothy Hackworth, to produce In
June 1813, r. practical locomotive
steam engine for use on the colliery
railroad. This epoch-making machine
which was named 'Puffing Billy,' and
ls still preserved ln the South' Kensington Museum, worked satisfactorily
and was the prototype of many others
which were widely used for fifteen
years, until in 1829 the Liverpool &
Manchester Railroad Company encouraged Stephenson to devise and build
the Rocket. The Newcastle engineer's achle/ement of just a century
ago may therefore be, regarded as the
beginning of what must rank among
the three or four most valuable and Influential mechanical inventions ln the
history of the ,/orld.
The Sunday School Millions
Delegatea representing about 3,000,-
000 teachers and over 27,000,000 scholars enrolled ln over 300,000 Sunday
schools will take part ln the seventh
world's Sunday school convention,
which opened In Zurich, SwlUerland.
This vast army, representative of all
nations ant. peoples, ls the outgrowth
ot a movement that had Its Inception
only one and a third centuries ago.
The United Statea clalmB to havo 12.-
000,000 Sunday scholars, Oreat Britain 7,600,000, Canada 760,000, Germany
760,000, Australasia-760,000, India 600,-
000 and South Africa 600,000.
Pugnacious Fish
Many fishes like the knights of old,
fight among themselves for the love
of fighting or because they have nothing better to do, according to a bulletin of the New York zoological society. There are others, however,
whicli fight to protect themselves or
their young. Speaking of the fights
among fishes In the aquarium, the bulletin says: The angel fishes, beautiful
aa they are ln nppeurance, have perhaps thc most devilish disposition of
all. A lank of angel tlshos reminds
one of thc notorious, even tempered
family who were all mad all the time.
The watchfulness of attendants usually prevents the fatal terminations ot
these nilstinderatandlnga but occasionally a fa'al Injury is inflicted. Such
a case, the bulletin adds, happened
when Iwo largo green morays engaged
ln a vicious encounter, during which
ono of the combatants wero disemboweled and had to be killed. Theae
eol-llke flshe3 are extremely powerful
and active aud coll aud strike like
After thu enjoyment of wearing his
first pair of trousers, the young boy
of the family amused his mother the
following morning, when she said:
Come, dear, let me dress you. The
boy said: Oh, no mamma! Don't dress
me, pants mt.
Warts on the hands Is a disfigurement that troublea many ladles. Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure will remove the
blemishes without pain.
The World aa a Clock
La Mappenmonde (the map of the
world) la the name ot an ingenious
clock, the Invention of a modern
French clockmaker. The movement
Is In the Interior of the globe, and
causes lt to revolve, and so mark off
the hours on tha equataorlal hand
by mean:, of a locomotive, which by
the wav, has a separate mechanism of
Us own whereby, lt the globo Is made
stationary It may make a circuit of
tho equator on Its own rails In twelve
Two years ago you told me the
Woggs car was the best automobile
In the world.
And now you say the Boggs Is the
only one worth having.
I get my Information direct. The
salesman who sold me the Woggs car
has gono to work for tho Boggs people.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you hava Red, Weak, Watery Eyea
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murlna Eva Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Muriua Eye Salva In Aseptic Tnbea,
25c, 50c. Eya Booka Free by Mall.
Murine Cf* s\*m*ir Co.. Cklcaa*
The First Plug Hat
The shiny silk cylindrical hat, soma,
times called topper, high hat, plug,
high dicer, stove-pipe, or four-gallon
hat, by the lrreverant, seems fated to
disappear, after little more than ona
century of existence. In England tha
place of Its origin, it waa long esteemed tho very highest badge of respectability, ao much admired that varsity
crewa rowed races and varsity elevena
played cricket in correct shiny bell-
This form of^ headgear was flrst
seen In London on January 16, 1797,
when John Hetherlngton, a haberdasher, emerged from his shop In tha
Strand wearing a Bilk hat and waa
promptly surrounded by an astonished
mob of Buch proportions that he waa
arrested and charged before tho Lord
Mayor, with inciting to riot. The officer who arrested Hetherlngton testified that he appeared upon a publio.
highway wearing upon his head a talr
silk structure, which he i^etl a silk
hat, having a shiny luster, and calculated to frighten timid people. Several women fainted at the unusual sight,
while children screamed, dogs yelped
and a young son of Cordwalner Thomas who was returning from a chandler's shop,-was thrown down by tha
crowd which collected and had hla arm
broken. The defendant pleaded that
he was merely exercising a right, possessed by every Englishman, to appear
In any head-dress he chose, and had
not violated any law. He was, nevertheless, bound over ln $2,600 to keep
the peace. This verdict aroused tha
wrath ot iho Times. In Its issue of
January 16, 1797, the hat worn by
Hetherlngton Is described as an advance In dress reform, and one which
la bound sooner or later to stamp Ua
character upon the entire community.
The new hat is destined to work a revolution In headgear, and we think
the officers ot the Crown erred ln
placing the defendant under arrest.
My m..rc, a very valuable one,
was badly bruised and cut by being
caught In a wire fence. Some ot tha
wounds would not heal, although I
tried many different medicines. Dr.
Bell advised me to use MINARD'S
LINIMENT, diluted at flrst, then
stronger as the sores began to look
better, until after three weeka, tha
aores have healed, and best ot all, tha
hair ls growing well, and Is NOT
WHITE as ls almost always the ease
in horse wounds.
The Megaphone at Sea
The Britlah Admiralty has ordered a
number ot megaphones fitted with Ilia
new transmitter designed primarily
by Dr. Jules Glover of London tor ths
telephone. The speaklng-plece of Dr.
Glover's Instrument Is made up ot two
parts, one -or the mouth and the cither for the nose. It ls claimed that a
megaphone half the usual size will
give superior results with the new at-
A man who stuttered badly went
to a specialist and attev ten difficult
le sons lenrnvtl lo Bay qulto distinctly:
Peter Piper picked a peck ot pickled
peppers. Ills friends congratulated
him upon tbls splendid achievement.
Yes, said tho man doubtfully, but
It'a a-s-such a d-d-dlfflciilt reqi-mark
to w-work Into an ordln-ary c-c-con-
versatlon, >" know.
Is Health Only
a Game of Chance
It you are accustomed to look on
health as a gamble you will probably
prove tl loser early ln the game.
Some may hold on to health and life
and defy tho laws of nature, but
there are many rules of the game
which are conducive to health and long
Take nervoua diseases, for example.
There are many symptoms lo warn
ote of the approach ot nervous exhaustion long before there Is danger
of locomotor ataxia or some dreadful
formot paralyt-la.
But tbey Beem auch little things that
their danger signal la not taken notice
of.    Sleeplessness, headache, Indiges
tion, Irritability, loss of vigor and en.
crgy, discouragement and despondency
all point to low vitality and exhausted
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has been
wonderfully successful ln the cure ot
nervous diseases ot a serious nature,
auch aa prostration, locomotor ataxia
and partial paralysis, but persistent
treatment and considerable patience
are necessary.
On thia account we prefer to think
of Dr. Chases'a Nerve Food as a preventive treatment, which overcomea
these symptoms by rebuilding tha
feeble, wasted nerve cells and restor
ing vigor to mind and boly.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cents a box, S for *)2.50, at all dea
lera, or   Elmanson,   Bate*   A   0*.(
Ho Doesn't Agree With Mrs. B.
That It Needs Tuning.
He Explains the Science ef Sounds t»
His Wife,. but'Eneountere Difficulties
When lie Essays to Move Instrument—Later He Needs the Arnica.
ICoi-jri-li'it. lllll,  by Associated Literary
Press. |
I l.f. of a sudden Mr. Bowser drop-
lied tbe evening paper ba wa*
reading ant), turned to Un,
Bowser wltb:
"Didn't you ask rasa week or so ngo
to seud up a pltiuo {finer 1"
"lt wos all of three mouths ago," she
"It slipped my mind, and I'm glad It
"You like Iha tin pan tone?"
"1 have just caught on to nn Idea.
Ihat piano doesn't need tuning any
■lore (bun our old cat doea."
"Any musician would tell you tbat lt
"Tben I'll tangle 'em all up a * ll
them liars! What's wrong with . st
piano Is"—
"Is whnti" wns aaked aa he paused
to surrey the room.
■'Think of the tuner coming np her*
tnd tightening up a wire or two and
charging me $51"
"You know they never do any sucH
thing. But what ls It about tbe piano?
Here; let me run tbe keys over."
By George! By George! My Idea U
"Mr. Bowser, will you kindly tell ms
Wbat all tbls means?" aba asked.
"It means that we have lived ln this
bouso for ten years, and for ten years
ire bave bad a piano, and yet I bar*
paid no attention to the matter ot
acoustics. It was only tbls evening
tliat I felt tbe discord."
"Is there anything wrong with the
"Perhaps not, hut It must he moved
•t once to u different position. We will
experiment u little and correct the discord. As I said, I can't understand why
1 sbould have so long neglected the law
•f acoustics, but better late than
"I think It sounds all right," ahe ven.
tured to observe after a alienee.
The Selsnea ef Aeeustles.
"Unit Very likely you do, as yoa
tare anything but a musical ear, but
• few more such Jars aa I received a
Minute ngo would make uie scream
out. I prcsuino you bave beard or
' rend of acoustics?"
"It I* something about sounds, Isn't
"It Is a good deal about sounds, Mrs.
Bowser. It Is the life ot oratory of
music. You must study a room or hall
tu Und tbe best spot for eltbor effort
A curtain, n fireplace, a picture even,
may dellcct and ruin the softest,
swot-test notes of the finest piano ever
made. Clay, Calhoun aad Webster ol.
ways turned tbelr backs to a window
when speaking, and I'ultl alwaya stood
In the cculer of tbe stage lo warble.
It won't lake me fifteen minutes to
And the spot for our piano."
Mrs. Bowser sold no more. Shi
knew that piano would be moved If II
took twenty horses to do It, and Bhe
-wondered whnt the damages would
•mount to. Mr. Bowser expatiated nl
length on Ibe acoustics aud the bene
flti to bo derived by a student ot tbem
•nd removed his coot nud vest, collaf
•ml cuffs, nnd stood tn tbe middle ol
the room and said:
? "It's no wonder there Is a discord.
The tones of the pluno strike tbe wnll
•nd rebound. We bare got tbo bookcase where tbe plauo ought to be. I'll
•inko tho change tn five minutes."
"But you ought to hnve help," protested Mrs. .Bowser.
"Never mlud Ihe help. The (Irsl
thing Is to haul that bookcase out ol
the wny. You'd better take care ol
Ibat blamed old cnt or she'll get hurt.'
■oweer Tackles the Job.
It was on old faahloned bookcaii
wlth a couple ot hundred hooka In it
Instead ot removing tbe book*. Mr,
Bowser tackled the Job wholesale, and
of course he hod got the tblng fairly
clear of tbe wall, where It had rested
tor years, wben a caster fell ont and
tbe case tripled over with a crash
that shook the house from top to bob
torn. He escaped by Jumping over I
chair, aud the cat Just missed lt by i
long leap, and wben Mrs. Bowser sug
gested calling In a man to help, aht
was met with:
"Wheu I dou't know enough to run I
bookcase I'll apply for admission to an
Idiot asylum. If you hadn't been fooling around here It never would bare
happened. Go upstairs and let me conduct this job In my own way."
The cook came to tbe bead of tbe
basement stairs to see lf the roof had
fallen lo, and sbe seized tbe opportunity to wblsper to Mrs. Bowser:
"la it powder or dynamite tbls time,
ma'am? If we are to be blown up or
scattered in pieces I'll take kindly ot
ye to give me time enough to pronounce my mother's name before I
Boekeser Hie First Victim.
Wben Mr. Bowser bad tbe room to
himself he gave tbe old bookcase several sturdy kicks and tben dragged It
aside and tossed tbe books after it. In
o quarter ot an bour he was ready to
tackle the plana. When he Jumped for
it be badn't tbe slightest doubt In bis
mind tbat it would prove an easy customer, but after a tug and a pull, which
broke both suspenders, he realized that
it hod settled down to stay.
He took a rest for a minute snd then
braced himself for a push. After an
effort that bulged bis eyes and red-
dened his face to a seashore sunburn
be effected a move of two Inches, but
could not gain another's hair's breadth.
Mrs. Bowser came down and suggested
that she call tn a passing pedestrian,
ond the cook called up from tbe basement tbat she used to toy with ice
chests and barrels end ashes, but Mr.
Bowser yelled ot tbem:
"Didn't I say I was bossing this Job?
It's simply tbat tbe blamed old thing
has settled down In the quicksand or
Tben he seized It by a corner and
braced bis feet against tbe wall ond
heaved, but there was no give.
Plane Defies All Efforts.
He worked bis way In behind it und
gave a mighty push, but only the brick
wall behind blm seemed to give way.
He crawled under lt and sought to
move lt by humping np bis back, but
tbougb he persisted till bis spinal column was twisted out of plumb nothing moved.
The law of mechanics ought to apply to a piano, but It doesn't Mr.
Bowser sot pontlug and studying for
live minutes before be decided tbat it
didn't and that be had got to spring a
sudden surprise or acknowledge bla defeat He got up nnd walked -about ln
• careless' way, and wben the cook
called up tbat sbe had once moved an
ice chest weighing 000 pounds wllb ber
•wn bands, be didn't reply.
He was giving tbst piano time to
dissipate Its suspicions and relax its
guard, lt was only twenty minutes
before be felt that tbo time was ripe,
and tben be cautiously apat on bis
hands, edged Into position, and ot •
sudden be sprang forward and grabbed
a corner of the Instrument and put
forth oil hla strength.
They Heard a Crash.
Mrs, Bowser and tbe cook beard tbe
grunt uttered by a man when he tries
to push a smokehouse up hill, snd this
waa followed by a crash. Mr. Bowser
bad lost bis hold and gone rolling
over tbo floor. Wben tbe women got
to him he was silting up ond looking
■bout hliu in a dazed way and wondering If he bod pulled tbe side ot
the bouse out or yanked tbe piano
across tbe street Not a word was
said for a loug minute. Tbeu Mrs.
Bowser softly observed:
"You will find the arnica on the mantel ln my room, and If you will give
your bock a good rubbing and get
Into bed I'll Dx up tbe bookcase wltb
tbe belp of the cook."
Mr. Bowser looked at ber wltb on
Ice cold glare, and once or twice he
opened hla mouth ss If to apeak, but
presently ho got to bis feet In o weary
way, made a faint kick at tbe cot nnd
went creeping upstairs like o man wbo
bsd no further lutercst In life.
Love's Termsnte.
Kelgbhor-Wbat'o     Mamie
about? ,
Mother-That fortune teller told her
that she's goln' ter marry a tall, hand-
some, dark nobleman.
Neighbor—Well, ain't tbat a good for
Mother—Yer'd think oo, but now she's
broken hearted at the thought ot glvln'
up the ugly, little, sawed off, sandy
haired bricklayer she's In love wllhl-
Judge.     ^^^^^^^^
When the Trouble Begins.
"I'm a poet I'd hare you know," ft-
marked the caller.
"ludcod." replied Ibe editor. "How
long bnve you been a poet?"
"Why, poets are born, sir,"
"Oh, yes, I forgot I remember now
thot is the beginning of the trouble." .'
Dams Alice Owen's Is a Remarkable
An interesting educational experiment is about to be tried in connection with what is probably London's
most ancient school. This school,
which' is known as Dame Alice Owen's
School, situated near the Angel, Islington, and which dates back tbree
hundred years, has no playground or
playing fields attached to it. Some
time ago, however, means were found
to purchase ten acres ol ground near
Barnet. As these playing fields, however, are eight miles from the school,
the present headmaster, Mr. R. F.
Cholmelcy, is anxious to erect tour
class rooms on the ground, and to
arrange for the boys to be sent there
in hatches one day a week, so that
they may combine lessons with play.
It is announced that there is a likelihood of sufficient funds being obtained to allow of the scheme being carried out. Behind this announcement
lies a scholastic romance ol exceptional interest; for the origin of Dame
Owen's School was really due to an
accident. .    ,
Three hundred years ago the district
was a favorite meeting place ot sports.
men, who practiced hawking, hunting,
and, above all, archery, and it was
the last-named much-favored sport
which really led to the foundotion of
the school. One day Mistress Alice
WilkB, who subsequently became
Dame Owen, was walking in the fields,
when an arrow was shot through the
crown of her hat, then worn very
high, "which so startled her," to
quote the words ot the historian ol
the time, "that she there declared, il
she lived to be a lady, she would erect
something on that plot of ground iu
commemoration ot the great mercy
shown by the Almighty in that astonishing deliverance."
Mistress Wilks married three limes,
and the story goes that when a widow
for the last time her servant, who had
been present on the occasion ot the
arrow incident, happened to remind
her of her vow. She onBwered that
the remembered the occurrence, and
intended to fulfil her promise. The
result was that she purchased the little estate on which the school now
stands and built an institution for
thirty boys, of whom twenty-lour were
to be from Islington and six from
In commemoration of the event
which led to its foundation, three arrows were fixed, one in the apex and
the other two on tho corners ol .the
gabled front of the original school.
When, In 1840, the old premises wero
pulled down, two of the arrows were
discovered, and are still to be seen on
the walls ol one ol the class-rooms.
A Public House Comedy.
The story ol an amusing comedy in
a File publio house, worthy of the
pen of Mr. W. W. Jacobs, has leaked
out. One afternoon recently a miner
entered a public house end challenged
the landlord to play "seven up' at
dominoes for a "round" to the company. Things being pretty quiet, the
publican accepted the challenge, and
soon the miner, who was a bit of a
crack at the game, was leading by
Jour chalks to nothing. At this Btage
two of the men who had been at the
bar quietly disappeared, and shortly
afterwards a steady stream of customers began to pour in, until by the
time the game closed, with the miner
victorious by seven chalks to two, the
place was completely filled.
The explanation of tlie rapid filling
up of the bar alter the disappearance
of two of the company seems to be
that thc twain, when they found Boniface iosing, had set out to spread the
news that so-and-so was playing the
publican in question for a "round,
that the publican was losing by so
many chalks, and that if they just
dropped quietly in they would be in
time for a free drink.
How successful they were in their
"recruiting" will bo seen when it i;
stated that the publican had to stand
treat to no fewer than thirty-seven
persons.—Lochgelly Times.
Oautleus and True.
A good story is being told of Mr.
Gulland, M.P.. the Government s
Scottish Whip. _ ....
During a recent all-night sitting
whan everybody wanted to go home to
bed and couldn't, ho passed a Liberal M.P. reclining on a bench, ball
asleep. , ,
"Ii thli debate going on much longer?" the M.P. asked drowsily.
It was ono of thoie queitiom with
which Whlpi arc for ever being bombarded, for, necdleis to lay, no one—
I not even Mr. Asquith—could aniwol
I It with any degree ol certainty.
Mr. Gulland was equal to the oe-
caiion, however, for ho glonoed at hit
questioner with the most sympathetic
air In the world, and'answered, gently: "I think we're getting noarer to
the end ol it."
Thi Welsh Discended From Noah.
The tmaller a nation the longer the
Sedigree of the native. Thui every
cotiman of decent lineage is descended from the Bruce, every Irishman
from the red kings and every Welih-
man from Nosh. The last claim hat
been madt for the family of the latt
lord Tredegar. Coxa, writing in 1600,
when touring in Monmouthihlre,
wrote that "fanciful genealogists derived tht origin of tho Morgani from
the third ton of Noab." but that
I there wu a division ol opinion in
lavor of th» flrit-London Telegraph.
He Ii (h* frHmris whom tht truth
1 Bitot! tt**, sts* ill in iIiivm bwlto
Queer   Story of a  Prizefight   In  all
Engllti Royal Garden.
In his book of memories Major-Gen. i
Sir Owen Tudor Burns tells a story '
of the first visit of a shah to Great ;
The shah wanted to see a prizefight,
with blood. After much anxious ,
thought and consultation with Lord
Queensberry an innocent glove fight
waa arranged in the Buckingham
Palace stables, to take place quietly
half an hour before the shah was to
receive Lord Shaftesbury and the
archbishops and bishops witli a memorial asking him to protect the interests of the Christians in Persia.
But the shah slept late. The prizefighters overlapped the prelates. A
footman made a mistake in onening
the door. Archbishops and bishops
following the shah in a moment found
themselves more or less in a ring
found the two prizefighters. The
oishops hustled back to the reception
rooi.i, tha fight w»s stopped, the shah
was angry and disappointed, and
Lord Shaftesbury was heard shouting : "A prizefight in the garden of the
queen's palace forsooth 1 I will denounce you all over the kingdom I"
Mutual explanations followed, the
matter was set right, we sent special
messages to the reporters to keep it
out of the press, and I was later on
privileged to explain it all to the
Queen, who took the matter much
more calmly than her Lord Chamberlain. Once back, however, inside
Buckingham Polaee, we all smoothed
our ruffled feathers and listened to a
most gloomy oration from Lord
The shah, angry at the interruption of his prizefight, turned round to
Sir Henry Rawlinson and growled in
Persian: "Hang the Christians in
Persia! Tell them they're all right I"
Rawlinson translated that into a long,
eloquent, beautiful reply to the deputation, while doubtless the disappointed boxers were having a consolation
scrap in the stables. Lord Shaftes.
bury did r.ot denounce them, though
the shah's bear leaders lived in ter.
ror fer some days.
The Lord Chamberlain blamed me,
I blamed the shah, the shah blamed
the equerry, the equerry blamed the
footman, the footman blamed every
one all round, and we gave the
prizefighters $25 u piece, with a resolution written in blood that never
would any of us again arrange a
prizefight, even for a shah of shahs,
in a royal palace garden.
Fortune's Darling.
This is how they style the Right
Hon. George Wyndham, one ol the
most virile of the Opposition Frontbenchers in the House of Commons.
Handsome and conspicuously smart-
though he has by no means been able
to get all his own way in. public life
—Mr. Wyndham possessss a perfect
mastery of the grand manner, and he
is the step-father of the Duke of West-
minster. Once he was Mr. Balfour's
private secretary, and he has been
Under-Secretary at the War Office and
Chief Secretary for Ireland.
Whilst holding the latter thorny post
he piloted the Land Act of 1909
through the Commons, and boldly
made Sir Anthony MncDonnell, a
Catholic Home Ruler, his Permanent
Under-Secretary.. He has been in the
Coldstreams, rides regularly to hounds
and is a profound Shakespearian
scholar. Still under fifty, Mr. Georgi
Wyndham married the Countess
firosvenor and got himself elected for
Dover in 1889, and everybody expects
that lie will come into high office
again when the Unionists revert to
power. He has a seat on the board of
the Chatham and Dover Railway, and
holds- the burgesses of the chief ol the
Cinqu? Ports, so to speak. In the hollow of his elegant hand.
Jersey Lily's Mascot.
Lady De Bathe has a perfect pas-
lion for turquoises, snd among lur
many jewels the channing actress-
sportswoman possesses one particular
gem which has a very peculiar history
Some years ago—she was Llllle
Langtry then—Lady De Bathe was
staving In Venice. Alwsys particularly
fond of swimming, she'was enjoying
a dip one morning In the* Lido wlien
ihe saw something st her feet through
the clear deplhi of the blue water.
Down she dived deftly, and brought
Immediately thereafter to the surface
an exquisite specimen ot a Persian
turquoise. Thereupon she engroved
an amatory menage In the language
of the sunny Eastern land.
She had it set, and hai ever since
worn tha atone round her neck suspended by a thin golden chain. Whatever luck has fallen to her in the
theatre, on the turf, or otherwise, its
fair owner attrlbutei to her itrsngely
found mascot.
(Yomon bnrt been finding bow great-
, ly needed It tbe glint of color and
light with tbe dirk tones ot winter
I materials. To further tbls eud amber
bat heon forced Into greet favor, In
both real nnd Imitation grader. Undoubtedly tba heit may bo had ln the
I Obtnese stores of New York city, but
the department stores are selling amber which ls tnld to be genuine from
ll.Ort to I12.no n string. The necklaces nr* long and of either tbe cloud-
Id or cloar amber, Tlio clear la cut A
very easy little test of tho genuine
bends I* found In rubbing them vigorously m n piece uf velvet or tllk. If
tht 1>mi1i art real there will tw enough
tlti'tHflly produced to plok up imoll
atee*. of (Inkty paptr at Uw betdt are
quwd over tbia.
i* gaasaagiagi
After a Day In the Open.
After a blowy, duity Jaunt outdoor*
tt Is necessary to remove whatever
grime tbe akin may bave collected, but
It a good face bath wltb bot water and
soap Is taken at nlgbt, aa lt abould be,
tbls temporary scrub can be done with; .
cold cream. Pick up a good dab of
the cream with the fingers of tho right
hand, smear tbose of the left snd work
the unguent Into the skin wltb both
hands, going round and round over
each spot with tbe finger tips.
After tbe skin bas absorbed as muck
of the cream as lt will, wipe it as dry,
as possible with a clean cloth and then1
go over It with another rag dipped la
some good toilet water made hot. Hose-
water, violet or lavender will do, but
tbe beat Is required for a good effect
tbe warm perfume acting aa an astringent
When waablng the face during th«
dny ln thia manner the throat should
also receive tbe same treatment so t*
to keep itl condition up to tbat of to*'
But If tbe skin does not respond welt;
to tbe cleansing wltb cream a teaspoonful of the following lotion might
be used in a small quantity of cleat
warm water:
Tincture of benzoin 1 ounce,
Tincture of musk „ 2 drams
Tincture of ambergris 4 drams
Reclined spirit I oiinceSi
Orange Hower water IK pint*]
Add the tinctures to the spirits, then
mingle with the perfume wnter. If
only a small quantity of tbe lotion 1*
needed have lt put up by a druggist a*
in this way tbe proportions are certain
to bo measured correctly.
This lotion Is cooling nnd refreshing
to tbe skin, astringent, blenching and
softening, and lf the teaspoonful Is put
In only a cupful of warm water It will
bave a better effect than If a larger!
quantity of water were used.
The effect of massage upon Uie face
skin ls magical. If the massage ill
done at home care should be taken not!
to drug down the muscles of tbe cheek*
or to work tho throat ln such a wayj
that the skin will be loosened too muchl
under the cbln. Tbe movements need-:
ed nre very simple. Tbe tips of that
fingers of botb bands are put at thai
center of the forehead flrst and worked round and round. They are tbeaj
run toward the temples ln the samel
The cheeka are massaged upward,
tbe throat away from the center to-,
ward the ears, and after tbe rite la overt
a cold spray and a rab off wltb coldj
water and benzoin are needed fori
astringent purposes, aa, together with
tbe unguent required wltb auch manlp-|
ulatlon, massage is loosening to th*
New* Oespel of Prettlnees.
Serenity, not vivacity. Is tbe chiel
sld to beauty.
Dr. Bertha Scher, a Viennese beauty)
adviser, says:
"Brainstorms, envy, nagging, nerv-*
ousness and Jealousy, all tbese thing*
women must stamp out of their Uveal
If they would be healthy and fair.
"Serenity ls more tban a fad among
up to date women wbo make the most|
of themselves. After years of wasting
nervous energy American women ara
beginning to understand bow Inimical
to good looks and well being are tbal
bnblta of hurry and worry.
"Poise and good cheer nre now being-*
practiced as religiously ss deep breathing exercises and gymnastics. 'Vivacity at any cost' which used to be tb*!
motto of tbe fashionable woman. Is no
longer observed.
"And, thanks to tbe change, we in
Iiii afflicted wltb nervous glgglcrs and
ompty chatterers than formerly. In
view of present Improvement In woman's self control tnd manner we may,
even hope for a tlm* when an afternoon tea In full iwlng won't aound Ilk*
t bnbel of phonographs.
"lu Now Tork, where I bnve spent
nveral yean, tbe women are even
more carefully, groomed thnu (hose
whom I knew In Paris, where matrons1
actually fifty-fire years old deemed it
s disgrace to look more tban thirty^
years old. With proper habits of living, thinking ond grooming, any woman can be young and attractive look-!
Ing even at tbe grandmother period.
"To mo thero Is something snd ia
th* sppearnnce of a woman who seem*
to be surrenderlug meekly to the touch-,
es of time. A womnn too stout or too
thin, who merely combs her hnlr any,
old way and allows lines aud sagging
muscles to disfigure her face, ls really
His  Idea ol Water.
At one time the bailiff in charge ot
an English jury was sworn to keel
them "without meat, drink or fire.
It waa Justice Maule who gave thi
classic reply to the bailiff, who io
Julrcd whether he might grant • jury,
itn'i request for • glaaa «t water
"Well, it ia not meat, and I should
tot call lt drink' Yet. von may." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done; Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-WiHiams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Oar Paint Advice ia Free
Messrs. H. W. Collins, Eugene
Herrick, Robert Lawson and B.
Jewel will shio their third oar of
mixed fiuit to Alberta tomorrow.
The Alabama Minstrels attracted a
large audience on Wednei-tlay at their
tent, corner Second street and Victoria. The performance was satis
faotorv to those who attended.
The fire department was called out
Tuesday noon to extinguish a grass
fire opposite the Central school building. A high wind was blowing ut
the time, and about two acres were
swept by the flames.
H. T. Gussow, Dominion botanist
at the Central experimental (arm, Ottawa, visited the oity on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs, Frank Ruckle, of
Vancouver, arrived in the city last
Saturday to attend the funeral of the
late Edward Ruckle
Wm Ansley, CPR. trainmaster,
and Mrs Ansley, returned on Tuesday from an extended vacation trip
to the east.
The railway commission has ordered
the Vancouver. Victoria & Eastern
officials to rush the __ork of construo-
tion with more energy, and more men
a e being put to work.
W. C. A. Grant, of Edmonton.
Alta., representing the International
Securities company, was in the city
on Saturday.
E. A. Watts, president of the Midway Coal & Exporation company,
passed through the city on Wednesday. It is the intention of the company to install more modern machinery in its mine.
Several New pianos for sale Re
duced price, and terms easy. F. J.
Painton, Co'umbia.
The post office department has
issued regulations forbidding the
posting of notices other than
those for departmental use in post
office waiting rooms and lobbies.
Milking cow for sale. F. J. Painton,
Mayor Fripp visited   Phoenit   oo
tailoring will find their wav into
your Suit or Overcoat or anything you onler here. It's our
plan to please our customers—
• to give all we can—to take us
as little na we can afford. Take
advantage of every advantage.
Hunt among the biggest variety
of the most fashionable Fall
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not a cent more than ynu ought.
These conditions rule here.
some of the leading tail-    OUI IV
oring establishments in      a*..**
the  K-ist.     When   you      I* 10
order from us you have      010
the advantage of being        ....,
measured by a practical       *lm
tailor, ensuring perfect     UPWARDS
fit.   A trial will convince
you these clothes  are tbe best on
the  market  for the money.   We
guarantee satisfaction.
The new parcel post regulations in
the United States went into effect ou
August 15, when Postmaster General
Burleson sent a crate of peaches
weighing nearly twenty pounds to
President Wilson to demonstrate what
could be done A day or two later a
shipment of 240 crates of peaches
from Farmingtun to Gallup, New
Mexico, was made by an orchardist
inspired by the Washington example.
President Wilson told the postmaster-
general that he hoped the produce
raisers would use the new facilities in
distributing their crops.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckbani,
Second hand Store.
President J. J. Warren and Chief
Engineer McCollough, of the Kettle
Valley line, were in Princton last
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Death of J. Voorthuysen
J. Voorthuysen, aged 36 years,
died at his residence in this city last
Saturday, after a lingering illness
Deceased bad been a resident of Grand
Forks for a number of years, and
prior to his last illness was employed
as blacksmith at the Granby smelter.
He was a native of Germany, and is
survived by a widow. The funeral
was held on Monday, interment taking place at Evergreen cemetery.
Card of Thanks
I wish to express my heartfelt
thanks to inv frit nds and neighbors,
aud especially to the members of the
Grand Forks Miners' Union, for ex
pressions of sympathy and the many
kindnesses extended tn me during the
illness uf my late husband.
Mrs J. Voorthuvsrm.
P10NF 64     GRAND FORKS, B. C.
(I'uhllihwi Annually)
Rtiftlile* traderi throiiKhutit th* world  to
(Minimmilcatn direct with Knglith
In *uh cluiof jriwwK BmMm being * enm-
plt>t« comne'olnl guide to London nnd Itt
diburbi, tbe directory coiitttii* Hit* of
with the Goodi they ship, nnd the Colonial
end Foreign Mnrketithey tupplyt
Arranged under the Porti to which they ull,
end indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturer!, Merohanti, etc., In
the principal provincial town* and lnduitrla!
ociitrciof the United Kingdom.
A copy ot the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Portal
Order for tS.
Dealers welting Agencies oan advertise
their trade cards for *$B* orlsrger advertise*
ments from 918,
25, Abehureh Lane, London, E.C.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
I port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub customs offices, as reported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of August:
Grand Forks  |3,636 89
Phoenix.... -     1,080.91
Carcade         91.20
I Carson  87.83
Total  14,896.83
The Sun only costs 11 a year.   It
prints all the news.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best joh printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Real Marriage Lottery
Last vear. when there was a severe
famine in China, a charitable young
lady who belonged to the family of a
high official aided the sufferers after a
singular fashion.
She proposed that thirty thousand
lottery tickets should be sold for one
dollar each, the prise to he her own
hand in marriage. Of the prooeeds
she was to keep (5000 for her dowry,
and give the remainder for famine relief. The plan waa actually carried
out, and it is to be hoped that the
young.lady got a satisfactory husband
from the draw.   At any rate, she can
Grand Forks people who have stomach and bowel troable should guard
against appendicitis by taking simple
hunk thorn bark, glycerine, etc, as
compounded in Adler i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by
curing appendicitis. JUST ONE
DOSE relieved sour stomach, gas on
the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY because this siimple mixture draws off suoh a surprising
amnunt of old foul matter tiom the
body.   Woodland A, Quinn, druggists.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done,
Palace Barber Shop
Kasur |tnii*ngaSpecla£y-
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dook North or Okaniiv Hotki.,
First Htkkkt.
over co vcaiw
CorrmoHTs 4o.
 lo* nnddmiMlMi mm
font opinion p**wh*tb«r u
ibftblr puml^HLCorom ante*.
. .. ^d»ritf__LH_(lniB00ltonr«i«M«
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Anlliblt Fr«chmutator!"*""''""  r*""
pill, u* aMMdlnglg powerhil lo re|
• Jew-live portion ol t
liTct-t-p lalUlloai.
Hs box, or three lor I
Picture Framing
We are experts
in this line, and
have on hand a
choice selection of Mouldings in all styles and finishes.
Bring in your pictures and have them framed to beautify your home.   Our charges are very moderate.
'T»u...   Grand Forks Furniture Go
"wi_3owS_«dM,H», The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE* 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
have the satisfaction of knowing that
her self sacrifice saved several thousand lives.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at higb prices, try Tbe Son
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock ot stationery
on hand.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Station
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
F. Downey's Cigar Stun
ornci, um        __._ first street
-.Hash's BSSIDBSCB.B8S ***** S*t**a*
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe moat modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
■letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Datea and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill* of  Fan and Menu Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,  Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-** .S^'K
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best Let us estimate
on your ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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