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Seventh Year---No. 19.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, March 6, 1903.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Joseph Moyland,  Brakeman
at Gramby Smelter, Terribly Mangled
Coroner's Jury Return a Verdict of Accidental Death
After Long Session
An accident by which Michael
Moylan, a brakeman on one of the
slag trains, met instant death, occurred at the Granby smelter at a
few minutes to 12 o'clock last Sunday night.
No one witnessed the fatality, and
it is therefore impossible to give a
lucid description of how it happened. It appears that the slag
train on which Moylan wns employed was standing on a curve just
outside the smeller. The engim er
occupied a seat on the engine on the
outside of the curve, and his view
over the train was therefore cut off.
He states that he thought he saw
Moylan jump on the from part of
engine, and then disappear from
view. He supposed that he had
boarded the train all right. Tbat
was the last time he saw him alive.
On starting the train, the engineer
says he thought he heard a short,
sharp cry, and instinctively divining
that something was wrong, the
train was stoppeed before the engine
had run its own length. The dam
age had already been done, However, as Moylan's lifeless and
mangled body wns found under the
wheels of the train. The body had
been terribly mutilated by the train,
the bead being cut open, deep gashes
cut in otber portions of the body,
and various limbs broken. The remains were at once removed to
Cooper's undertaking parlors, whence
thc funeral was held.
Monday afternoon Coroner King-
sum enipanneled the following jury:
N. L. Midlines, foreman; Jas. Mc-
Aidle, H. A. Sheads, M. D. White,
A. K. Smith, mul lCd Davis. Afler
viewing the remains, and listening
to evidence up to 11 o'clock that
night, ibi' jury returned a verdict
that the unfortunate workmen met
death us ihe result of an accident.
As a rider to this verdict, a recommendation wns added that in future the Granby oompany keep its
yards ns free ns possible from refuse
material and other obstructions in
order to futthor safeguard the limb
and life uf its employees,
Moylnn wns a young' man, between .'Kl mul 81 yearsold. He was a
relative of Miles Barrett, the general
fiiii'iiiiiii uf tiie smelter, the two haying married sisters. He wns n recent arrival in the city. A widow
nml two children survive him to
mourn his luss. The funeral,
which wns held from the family residence nt 9:30 this morning, wns
postponed until today in order
to allow one of the brothers of declared to reach the city Innn Kansas
City. A large number of citizens and
fellow workmen attended the last sad
rites nnd followed the remains to
their last resting place.
A Runaway
Geo. Taylor had another spurt of
speedy traveling Inst Saturday morning, bis horses concluding thnt they
were able to set their own pnee nnd
to give an exhibition as guideless
wonders. They had not traveled
far before the tongue of the sleigh
broke, nnd on crossing the Winnipeg
avenue bridge the conveyance and
Iriver ciurie very close lu being
ditched two or three times. The rig
was stopped a short distance on the
other side of the C.P.R. trucks in
Columbia. Mr. Taylor was thrown,
and received a severe shaking up
and a slightly bruised face.
Department   of   Agriculture
Takes Action to Exterminate fruit Pests
Change of firm
John Donaldson, who formerly
conducted a cigar and confectionery
store on the corner of Bridge and
First streets, has purchased the general store in the West end recently
owned by J. II. Hudson. Mr. Donaldson bas also purchased the building in which the store is located,
and took possession of the premises
last Monday morning. The new
owner is well and favorably known
both in the city and the surrounding country, and will undoubtedly
do a thriving business and acquire
a fortune in a few years.
Provincial    Inspectors    Wi'l
Soon Make Their  Trips
Through Country
I 111 IB.
Tin' enforcement "i* these regulations against imported nursery ituuk
mul fruit cannot In* defended so lung
as we permit the existence of infection
in uur own gardens, orchards anil nui-
Fruit growing is now n 'undameti
tal industry in British Columbia. Its
safety is dependent mainly on clean,
healthy fruit trees, so that it would
be nntl ing s nrt of criminal negl -
gence to permit tins valuable Industry
to be imperilled by the carelessness ut'
the owners, or parties in possession of
infected fruit trees. The teruisof the
notice herewith shall he enforced, no
matter how disagreeable the duty of
such an enforcement may be.
Following is the report of the Grand
Forks pnblic school, as compiled by
Principal May, for the month of
"En-   Ac-
Aver- 1
rolled, ual.
Division 1.. 39    656.V
Division 2.. 43    793
Division 3.. 35    549J
Division 4.. 45    781£
Division 5.. 46    813
Division G.. 37    «89£
Division 7.. 30   537
Totals....275 4820
1907          288 4302
Difference..   13  498
R. Ii. Gilpin, customs officer at
this port, mnkes the following detailed report of the customs receipts
at the various sub-customs ollices, ns
reported to the chief office in this
city, fur the month of February:
Grnnd Forks §1,709.50
Phoenix   1,705.66
Carson        55.99
Cascade        40.35
McKinley Mines
l'\ A. Ross, of Hedley, one of the
officers uf the Nickel Plate mine, wns
a visitor in the city last Tuesday. The
Nickel Plato mine, which   i*  Bi tun. ted
five miles up the mountain side from
, Hedley Citv, is now winking  its  full
capacity of 140 men.     Nn   labor  difficulties have  iill'eeted   this   property,
anil the miners   are   being paid $3.60
per day.    The mine is nuw   operating
j 110 stamps, and is daily shipping  its
■ high   grade  concentrates   by   freight
. teams to Keremeos, whence   they are
reshipped by rail to New York.    The
| ore of the Nickel Plate runs ubout SS0
per ton in gold and silver.
Judge J. It. Brown, .if Greenwood,
arrived iti'Jthe city last night, and is
in chainbers^today.
Lenten Services
Special Lenten services will he held
at   Hiily   Trinity  church  as follows:
7'Vsh Wednesday, March 4th, 11 a. m.
and 8 p.m.; every Wednesday at 8 p.
m.;   every,   Friday at 4 p.m.    Holy
1 week services will be announced later.
11 is reported from Victoria that
between fourteen and eighteen men
wi I be employed immediately by the
department of horticulture iu inspecting orchards throughout the province,
a vigorous orchard cleansing campaign having been instituted by Mr.
Thomas Cunningham, provincial inspector oi fruit pests, who is supervising the work.
Regarding orchard cleansing, each
owner is furnished with an ofiioial
notice dealing wilh the work and also
a bulletin describing all sprays and
"'hen to use them. Later the party
is handed a certificate showing the
number of trees inspected und giving
the nuniher of the inspector.
The notice issued by Mr. Cunningham, which will be of interest tu fruit
growers throughout the province, is
as follows:
Karlv in the spring uf 1907 it was
decided that a concerted effort
should be made to have the orchards
and gardens, where fruit trees and ornamentals arc grown, cleansed from
insect pests and fungoid disease which
have become very prevalent un Vancouver Island, the islands adjacent
thereto and the lower mainland,
A number of experienced men were
engaged tu inspect trees and give instructions as tn the proper methods tu
be used. Spraying bullelins were
issued and placed iu the hands uf the
owners ur lessees uf such pruperty,and
official notices were served that by a
specific date the infected trees, shrubs
or bushes, as the case might be, must
be thoroughly sprayed ur prosecution
would follow.
Unfortunately at that timo there
was a scarcity of spray pumps, owing
chiefly to the congested state of the
railways.  Freight that hud been three
months iu transit had nut yet reached
its destination, so that it wns practi*
j rally impossible fur persons whose in
ti'iitiiins were otherwise good, to carry
out the spirit uf the notice. There was
also at lhat time a great scarcity of
available labor, These coneideratlons
have been carefully weighed, and will
explain why there has besn delay in
the enforcement of the terms nf the
said notice.
The circumstances today are entirely
different. Spray pumps aud materials
may be hud nt short notice, and then-
is abundance uf labor available, mi
that there is nu longer an excuse for
delaying the immediate treatment of
infected und diseasi d trees.
Orgauized inspection has already
begun, nud expert advice us tu the
proper remedies tu Im used is being
given; official notices ure again being
served on the parties in possession of
infected trees, hushes and plants, nnd
a ready compliance with the forms uf
such notice will he insisted un.
The reproach uf permitting the existence of diseased and infected fruit
| trees in this fair province, which has
already attained tu the highest standard, should tie rolled oway. The regulations governing the importation uf
nursery stuck, trees, plants and fruit
are faithfully enforced. No diseased
or infected trees, plants or fruit is
permitted to enter this province. The
enforcement of these valuable regulations involved the condemnation nf
over 50,000 trees and 8000 packages
of infected fruit for the season ending
May 30th, 1907, and in a like propor-
Short    Session    and    Very
LiUle   Business   Was
Petition    From    Ratepayers
Against K. V. L. Siding
Laid Over
The Mining Institute
Ottawa, .March 4.—The welcome
uf the Dominion government and the
department nf mines was extended by
Hon. Win. Templeman to over one
hundred members uf the Canadian
Mining Institute, who gathered in the
Russell this morning in the  first   ses-
The regular bi-weekly meeting of
the eity council was held in ihe
council chambers Monday evening,
' the tnayor and all of the aldermen
with the exception of Aid. McArdle
being in attendance.
A communication from the provincial secretary announced the appointment   of   Aid.   McArdle   uud
simi   nf  their   tenth annual general  Duvid   Whiteside   as    police    and
license commissioners. Mayor Fripp
Frederick Keffer, Greenwood, B.C.,
president nf the institute, presided.
The sessiun was brief, as it was decided nut to take up the business portion uf the program until Thursday
morning. At the afternoon session
several papers on mining subjects
wero read and considered. The session continues until Friday.
Members of the institute are from
all over Canada and include both
academic and practical men. Men
from the Cobalt district are numerous.
Among those who will present papers
are Prof. C. K. Leith, of the University of Wisconsin; Dr. Stanfield,
McOiil University; A. B. Willmott,
Sault Ste. Marie; N. K. Leech, Sudbury; F. Keller, Greenwood; A. B. W.
Hodges, Grand Forks; C. M. Camp
hell, Phoenix; W. M. Brewer, Vic
torla; C. S. Baker, Greenwood; A. E.
Hepburn, Vancouver, and R. 0,
Campbell-Johnson, Vancouver.
Vhe Nickel Plate
P. A. O'Farrell, of New Vork,
the well known newspaper writer,
and A. B. Mackenzie, of Rossland,
secretory of ihe McKinley Mines,
Ltd., were in the city last Tuesday.
Bolh uf these gentlemen are heavy
stockholders in the well known
Fiunklin camp property, and a conference was held with some of the
local shareholders in the evening as
lu the best course to pursue in the
future if certain expectations should
eventuate, The annual meeting ol
the company was held in Rossland
Mining Stock Quotations
Nkw YORK, March I.-The following are today's opening quotations for
the stuck mentioned:
Dominion Copper.
B. C. Cupper	
Metal Quotations
explained to the council thut he hud
recommended Aid. Clark tu the Victoria government instead of Aid.
McArdle, but he supposed the
change had been made on political
grounds. 'I'he communication wns
ordered lilcd.
The monthly report of the fire
chief gave a full account of tho fires
that have occurred in the city during the past month, lie recommended that the sleeping quarters
for the firemen be increased. The
report was referred to the water and
light committee, with Instructions to
Provincial Health Ollicer C. J.
Fagan, in a eoniinunicutioii, informed the council that the annual
meeting of the li. C. Anti-Tuberculosis society would be held iu Victoria, and invited the city lo send
delegates. The letter was ordered
A petition was read from the
property owners near the court
house, protesting against the Keltic
Valley line siding in that vicinity,
and asking the council to compel
thc company lo remove the same below Main street, in accordance witli
the original plans, and to prohibit
the construction in future of any
sidings above Fourth strict. Action
on the petition wns deferred.
The   chairman  of   the board of
works repotted thnt booms would be
required to proteot the piers  uf the
Fourth   street  bridge  frnm Bawlogs
and   driftwood   during the annual
spring freshet.   The committee wus
instructed tu mnke further Investigations and  submit a fuller roport
to the counoil.
r nn      The question whether or not the
, 121  fire department should respond to
•1,00 I calls coming from outside the  city
I limits was discussed briefly.    It up.
Ipeared   to   be  the  opinion o! thu
' couneil that in such  cases   the   de-
Nliw Vuiik, March -I.-Silver, u."i|;
eleotrolytiocopper, 124*@12J '■■ pnrtineiit  should  act  under the in*
London, March I.—Lead, *13 12s struotions  of  thc  water ami light
■3d; silver, 251. committee.
.   ,       .»,.      .     , ,.  ,,   ■    Discussion on railway matters was
Andrew   Waugh,    who   left   the:
city fur the COOBl n couple of  weeks' poptpoiied until the next meeting.
ago to recuperate from the effects of     Clemence Clerc wanted the coun
a protracted attack of rheumatism,
returned hniiie Monday evening.
A relapse had set in, and the patient is quite low- at present.
Wait for the best. R. II. True-
man, the well known Vancouver photographer, will shortly make another
visit to Orand Forks.   He will be at
cil to put in a boom to protect her
property from the inroads made an-
pually by high water. It appears
that the pier in the Kettle Valley
line bridge bus a tendency to change
the current SO as to throw it onto
her lots,    The council thought thnt
Blome's old  studio on  Bridge street!she shou,d make 1,er '■W'P'aint to
fur  ten   days,   commencing   Friday, j the railway company.
April 10th. The council then adjourned. NOTIGE
To the Citizens of Columbia, Grand Forks and
HAVING recently purchased
the building known as
Hudson A Co.'s store, we are
going to carry on a
Mercantile Business
The first of our new stuck
is being unloaded today.
We will have new goods nn
the way constantly, insuring
uur customers netting the
freshest stoek tu be bad.
We eiirnestly solicit a share
of vuur trade.
John Donaldson
Phone 30 Columbia Avenue
®ljp iEbtming B>mt
Published nt drum] Forks, British Columbia
.Editor and Publisher
A Hie of tills pttpi uu lie seen ut tills office
of Messrs. Iv & .1. Hardy * Co., 801 ill nud 82,
li'lent street, B.O.i Loudon. Btifriand, free of
tiharge, and Hint firm will Im glad to receive
lubsorlptlons innl advertl.ements on our bu-
One Yenr tl.H0
(Iuu Year (In udvuiiee)  1.00
Auvertlulti j ratei fupnishe Ion n.oo
Legal notioes, in mul'»cents per line.
Aililrnss nil uoinmiinietitlons to
The Evening Sun,
1'iiosn 1114 iIiiasu Kiiiiks. B.C.
FEIDAV, MARCH (i, 19118
As an indication of the value to be
placed upon Conservative opinions, it
is interesting tn note that, upon the
discussion iu the Dominion parliament
of Mr. Oliver's resolution granting
land tu South Asrican veterans resident in Saskatchewan, Alberta and
Manitoba, the Conservatives contended that the lands of the new provinces
belonged to the Dominion, nnd therefore those veterans residents in other
provinces who had already received
recognition from thc government of
the province in which they reside,
should also receive a slice of this land.
When one recalls how strenuously the
opposition contended during the passing of the autonomy bills that these
lands belonged to the provinces and
were being wrongfully retained by the
Dominion government, it is, to say
the least, amusing. Mr. Borden's
"platform nf platitudes" also contains
a plank culling fur the "restoration nf
the public lands tn Alberta and Sas
katchewanupon fair terms." If Mr.
Borden was right when pasting the
autonomy bills with respect to Untitle of these lands, then he is wrong
now. If he is light now, then he wns
wrung then—you take oour choice.
If the government followed Mr. Borden's suggestion o£ last «esk* and divided thousands uf acres nf these lunds
among veterans who hnd ulreudy received a grunt nf land, and do this
upon this upon tho presumption thut
the government owns the land, how
would Mr.Borden proceed to "restore"
the lunds tu the new provinces') This
is a dilemma in which the leader nf
the opposition bus placed himself, and
it is abuut un u pur with other inconsistent Ideas advocated liy the remnants uf u great party which lie leads.
The city council could adopt no
better method of beautifying tbe
city at small cost than be offering
lirst, second and third prizes for the
prettiest and best kept Lawns. This
scheme has been tried with great
success in other cities. It has been
found to act as a wonderful stim-
tilous in the maintenance of band-
some yards by the citizens; and
a pretty residential section gains a
repuation uf beauty for a city quicker than anything else. The plan is
worth trying. Tbe prizes should he
sufficiently large to make the competition for them keen.
This is a queer civilization.   It is
a terribly wicked thing for a strung,
healthy man to wurk a few hours on
the Sabbath; but if the frail and
sickly housewife dues nut put in the
whole day preparing a nice Sunday
dinner, we immediately raise a howl
of discontent.
This is the season uf the year when
the athlete duns his sweater, of gaudy
colors, walks about the city in his
pride and muscular strength, while his
mother ut home has tn split the wuud
with which lu cook his meals.
A man who boasted thnt he bad
not taken a vacation in forty years
took a day off last week to attend
his own funeral.
When you're in the right ,you
can ailord to keep your temper and
when you're in thc wrong you can't
afford to lose it.
Ancient history is merely a collection of epitaphs—and the stuff
printed as news in our contemporaries.
Once in a great while a man is
fortunate enough to be broke when
a friend drops in to sell him a gold
It's a fortunate thing for mankind
that the fool killer is about three
score and ten years uohiud witli his
When some women cast their
bread upon the water it comes back
in the guise of bread pudding.
Capacity to improve the ideas of
somebody else is not plagiarism—it
is tbe best sort of originality.
A man who is all for himself is of
small value to anyone else and a
poor asset to himself.
Profane language has no charms
for the man who won't even swear
at an alarm clock.
You need not make your competitor your confidant, hut yo can make
him your friend.
You can't transform a woman into a hat, but a bat frequently becomes a woman.
Between a full moon and a full
man there is a difference of several
thousand in les.
Fortunate for a married man, the
advice his wife hands him doesn't
cost anything.
If vital statistics are reliable, the
most fatal malady appears to be
heart failure.
Unless a   man  makes a woman
jealous he will never know how mean
be can be.
If you want to hit the mark, aim
at it; don't shut your eyes and pull
the trigger.
If the office sought the man there
would be fewer men running for
Most men would rather help with
the anvil chorus than play second
Non-union people are not necessarily excluded from union services.
Some men are so eager to obtain
an office tbat they have to run fur it.
Instead of using profane language
a woman gives a cursory glance.
People who cast reflections usually stand in their own light.
The inure a man knows the less
he knows for publication.
Many a man who gets smart is
made tu smart fur for it.
Tilings that are better left unsaid
are sure lo be heard.
Some people are so rich they don't,
have tu keep a dug.
One man's rights end where another mail's begin.
Wise is he who profits by the experience of others.
Attention is culled tu the new advertisement of John Donaldson in
this issue of The Sun.
II. W. Warringtun, chief engineer
uf the Kettle Valley line, left on
Wednesday for his recently acquired
fruit ranch at Grant's Pass, Ore.,
where he will remain until construction work on the roap is resumed.
A party of Great Northern officials,
including Superintendent Morgan, arrived in the city last Monday in a
private coach, nnd made a trip of inspection to the Granby smelter.
P. H. Burnham, district freight nnd
passenger agent of  the Grent   Northern,   with   headquarters  in this city,
returned the latter part nf   lust week i
from a trip to the Kootenays.
A. B. W. Hodges, general superin-
tendent nf the Granby Consolidated,
is in Ottawa in attendance at the
tenth annual general meeting nf the
Canadian Mining Institute.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Geo.   Taylor  and
daughter  Palmn   returned  home on i
.Sunday from Spokane, where the latter submitted tu a successful   opera-
tion fur a nasal trouble.
Archie McAlpin, uf Brandon, Man.,!
who has lieen visiting at  the  home of I
his sister, Mrs. A. 1). Morrison, for a
short time, left un  Tuesday   fur   the
coast cities.
On Monday lust Mr. and Mrs. H.
C. Hanington left with their infant
sun fur Spokane, where the Utter is to
be operated no for a facial trouble.
Jeffery Hammar, local manager fnr
P. Burns it Co., returned home the
latter part of last week from a trip tu
James Rutley and wife, formerly
residents of Grand Forks, arrived in
the city last night from Chewelah,
Miss Ruby Henderson, nf Ci|illi-
wack, is visiting in this city at the
Inline uf her brother, R. A. Heuder
Blake Wilson, nf Nelson, district
manager for P. Burns it Co., rus u
visitor in the city lust Wednesday.
Mrs. A. E, Smith and sun left last
Sunday for Portland, Oro., where they
intend to reside for some time.
Dr. Kingston returned home Saturday noon from a short visit to Nelson.
Arthur Henderson returned linme
un Sunday last from the coast  cities.
E. Miller, barrister, left last Monday for the const cities.
We are still offering The Sun and Bioyoi.es aot Repair Wohk—A
the Toronto Weekly Globe and Can- complete line of 1907 models. A few
ada Farmer for SI per year in ad- second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
vance. The illustrated supplement to rent. Geo. Ciiappi.k, opposite
that accompanies the Globe is worth i Postoffice, First street,
twice the money we ask for the two
pa pen
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81. OOpcr year.
AVe have some nf the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every'brought tn
the Boundary.    .Sun .Tub Oflice.
Artistic Pictures
Taken.   The only opportunity
you    will have this Spring.
The  well-known Vancouver Phntngliei', will make
Ilia last visit to Grand Forks during tho present winter on
And will remain here for TEN DAYS only.    Any one desiring
lirst-eluss works in his line should not fail to call on him at
Blome's Old  Studio,  Bridge   Street
Notice—"Pbwat did you so-ay?"
"I said shore nn' de Bullies' Aid of the
Methodist church is llnvin' u sooshal
un de avenin' nf St. Patrick's day,
at de home av Mr. and Mrs, Wuud-
land. An interesting program will
be rindered, an' refrishmeiits will be
sarved diirin' the avenin'. iveryhody
will he made wilcnme, au' none re-
foosed admission unless they he discovered bringin' in bricks or slid*
lulahs. Hurrah! fer de St. Patrick's
sooshal on the siventeenth of Ireland."
Special Notice—The monthly
Co-Operative Social will he held in
Eagles' hall at 7::'() on Monday,
March 9th, instead of Friday,
Match 6th.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
Fish and Game in Season
TAKK NOTICE thut  August  .Johnson,   of
Lynch Oreek, on the North Fork of Kettle
Itiver, IS mites north of the Oity of Grand
Forlis, Sale District, Hritish Columbia, ocou-
in tion Hotelkeeper, Intends to apply for permission to purohase the following described
lund: Co n i in (-I i ■■uur at a post plunted at
Lynch Greek, ubout eighteen miles north of
tiie Citv o' Grand B'orks, on the North Kork
of Kettle River, in the Similkameen Division
of late l>istriet; thence nortli eiehty ohains,
thenre west ten chains to tbe east hank of
iln* Nortli Fork nf Kettle Itiver.thence south
following the east hunk of ttie North Fork of
th Kettle Klver eiehty ciiuins to a point due
west of the point of commencement, thenee
east fifteen chains to the point of commencement, ami i*oiitiiliiiiij» one hundred ucres,
more or less.
Dated the eighth day of January, IMS-
The Berni-annual election of offl
curs held yi'-sterday by Grand fork
Labor union, in their hull un First
street, resulted or follows: President,
A. K. Hardy; vice-president, Turn
Burton; secretary-treasurer, Thos. J.
Benninger; recording secretary, J. N.
Currie; conductor, Wm. Bunting;
warden, M Ii. Burns; trustees, L.
Crossen, Tom Burton nnd 11. II.
The photographic studio on Bridge
street has been opened by Mr, Broad-
bridge who intends locating in thin
ANY nvnil-'ble Dominion   Lands within the
Railway Belt of llritish Columbia maybe
hamestended hy any person who is ttn> head
of a family, or any molt) over eighteen years
of ago, to tin* extent of mie-i'iiui'ter section
of 180 aores, more or less.
Kutry must be made personally nt the looa]
land otlice for the iltt-trlct In which the luud
is situate.
Tbe homesteader is required to perform
' the conditions conne.-leil therewith under
I one nf the following plant:
(1) At least six mouths' residence upon nnd
DU Itl Vat 10)1 of the hiiul In euch year for three
(2) If the father for mother, if the futher Is
deceased), ofthe homesteader resides uiiou a
farm tu the vlolnlty of the land entered for,
: tiie requirements us to residence may be satisfied by suoh person residing with the father
' or mother.
, (8) If the settler lum his permanent rest*
deuce upon forming bind owned hy him in
the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence may bo satisfied by
; residence upon the said luud .
i    Six mouths' notice   in writing should   he
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
ut Ottawa of Intention to npply for patent.
Coal -Coal mining fights mav i... Jeased
! for u period of tWenty-one years at an uu-
nual rental of $1,00 per acre. Not more than
, 2,M30 acres shall >>e leased to one Individ mil or
1 companyi A royulty at ttie rate of live cent**
per ton shall he collected on the merchantable coulmiueil.
Deputy of the Minister of tbe Interior.
N,11.-Unauthorized   publication  of   this
advertisement will not he paid for.
Similkameen   Land   District,   District   of
TAKK NOTICB thnt Samuel Horner, of
Grand Porks, B.C.i occupation a Bricklayer,
intends to apply fur special timber licenses
ov«r the following described lands, ull situ-
ute in the Similkameen Division of Yale District, Province Of Hritish ('olumbia:
Location No. I. Commencing at a post
marked "Samuel Horner's Southeast corner,'
plunted ahout sixty eliains west of McKnr-
lane Oreek, adjoining-southwest corner of
timher limit No. lfil88{ thenee north 80chains,
thenoe west -so chains,thenoe south N) chnins,
tlieuce east Ml chains to the point uf com-
mencement, containing WO acres, moreor
less    Located November 88th im.
Samuel Homor, Looator.
Location No. 2.   Oommenolng nt a post
marked "Samuel Horner's Southeast cornel." planted ahout forty ohains west of the
northeast corner of No. t Looatlunt thence
north H» chains, theuci; west hit chains, tlieuce
south 80ohalllS,thence eust Ml chnins to the
point of commencement,   containing   'iln
ucres. more or less.  Located November &8th,
Sumuel Horner, Locator.
Location No. 8. Oommenolng nt a post
marked '•Samuel Banter's Southeust corner," adjoining No. 2 Locution on Hie northeast comer; theuce north 80 chains, theuco
west 80chains, thenee south mi chnins, thence
east 80 chains to the point of eommencn-
nient, cnntaiiiing I'll) acres, more or less,
Located November 88th, li»'7.
Samuel Horner, Locator.
Locution No. 4. Commencing ut u post
marked "Smniiel Horner's Southeast corner," iidjoluiiig No. •■ Locution on tho north1
east corner; thence north 8(1 chains, thence
west SO chuins, thenee south 80 chains, thence
east HU chnins to the point of commencement, containing t)4(.l ncres, more or less, Located November l^th, ]1M)7. Samuel Horner,
Dated ut Grand Forks, B.C.,  December 13,
Collection Agency
I purpose opening an oflice for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of books of existing
business, and also made up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale* of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made and guaranteed
S. T. HALL. J. P.
C.P. Telegr.pli Company
Bridge Slreel
We ciiwy tbe most fashionable stoek
nf *v(*(l<fh*ig stationery in the Boun
ilnrv country. And we are tho only
office in this section that bave the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
For the famous AUTOMOBILE
SKATE, the kind that won't
bi'iid or break, light and
Btrong,and every pair guaranteed, see
(BHliPABT and i.ondon)
Irish Twist Roll
Imported Smoking Tobacco
Downey's Cigar Store
Bridge Street
B. C. Land Surveyor
i*-,!'^1'        Grand Fork., C. C. IS
How to Prepare  a   Simple
Mixture to Cure Rheumatism
say they can supply the ingredients,
which aro easily mixed at home.
There i.s said to be no better blood-
c'eiitising agent or system tonic known,
and certainly none more harmless or
simple to use
This   Dread   Disease  Yields
Readily to a Home-Made
the Copp-Clark company of Toronto,
the Jlorang Publishing com'any
and other eastern firms.
The first books to  be  distributed
will be readers.
Free Text Books
Free text books for the schools nf
British Columbia, both rural and
city, bus been decided upon by the
provincial government.
.Such was the announcement of
| Hon. Dr. Young to the legislature a
few days since.
This decision bus been the out-
Some remarkable stories are being come of long consideration by the
told about town and among the coun- minister of education, and he hns
try people coming in of this simple b it'll engaged upon the plan far some
home-made mixture curing rlieumn- time. The necessary machinery for
tism and kidney trouble. Here is tiie the distribution of the school books
recipe and directions for taking: Mix will shortly be provided and the
by shaking well in a bottle one-half province will be in thc forefront of
ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion, one Canada, and indeed of America in
ounce Compound Kargon'three ounces this regard.
Compound Syrup i-Wsaparilla. Take The distribution will be in the
as a dose one teaspoonful after meals j hands of the department at Victoria,
and at bedtime. ! and the appointment of additional
No change need be made in your officials will be necessitated. In all
usual diet, but drink plenty of good there are some 32,000 pupils attend-
■v&ter, ;ing tne schools of the province, and
This mixture, writes one authority the distribution alone will be a
in a leading Philadelphia newspaper, source of considerable expense,
has a peculiar tonic effect upon tho j The provincial government pur-
kidneys, cleansing the clogged-up chases the books from various east-
pores of the elimiiiative tissues, fore- em firms at a much lower price thnn
ing the kidneys to sift and strain from the cost of manufacturing here
the blood the uric acid and other poi- would be.
onous A-aste matter, overcoming rheu- This has been demonstrated by
mutism, bladder and urinary troubles' the case of California. In the latter
in a short while. 'state the attempt was made to print
A New York druggist who has had the hooks by tbe government and
hundreds of calls for the ingredients distribute them at cost. The geo-
since the first announcement in the graphy in use there is the same ns
newspapers last October, states that here, and while the retail trade in
the people who once try it "swear by this province supplies the book at
it, ' especially those who have urinary $1, in California the cost price alone
and   kidney  trouble and  suffer with  was $1.25.
rheumatism. I    The  provincial   government ob-
The druggists in this neighborhood tains most of   the text books from
ties in the nisi* do ii. t expeel thai .■>
decision will be handed down for a
niiiulli or six weeks.
h QOqP qhV
Regular Price SS.C0
An Ofter Which Meets Ihe Special Wants of All Classes nf Readers
Tin* Western Canadian reading public is made up chiefly of these
classes: Persniis ,vlin have lived in the West for a lengthy period
and arc oui and oui Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old
Country, irom tin  United States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction
to nil these classes, hut bv this combination offer every special need
is net
Tin' Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week by week of nil happenings in the Western Provinces, In
addition it husspee'iJ departments for American mul British settlers Tin' Family Herald and Weekly Isftar supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with the news of the Eastern portion of the
Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks .Sun provides the local and
Boundary news, which vou cannot do without.
.. 190
Find i
nclost'il 8
for w
h SI
me \\
nml Prairie Farmer, Winnipe
; mill  the
(J nu
d For
f one,.
The Circus Trust
As bright and fresh ns a spring
morning, coining direct from its triumphant engagement of over four
weeks in tne city of San Francisco,
the greatly enlarged, newly equipp d
oolossal Greater Norris it  Rowe c r-
i •
cus, museum, menagerie, Hippodrome and congress of nations will
exhibit here this spring. By arrangement with the powers that be ol'liiel
big circus combine, and made oper* .
ative this seiiBon, each of the oir-
cuses to the agreement will have a
certain territory. The l'nrntiin &
Bailey circus hns been given the
New England states; tl.e Forepaugh-
Sells circus has been withdrawn
from the Held entirely; the Riugling
Bros, will make tbe middle West
and Southern states, and the Greater
Norris & Rowe circus has been given
the entire territory west of the
Rockies. Hy tbis arrangement but
one of the big cureuses of the country will visit nny given territory any
one year. In this way much will be
saved which will be put into the excellence of the programs of the several big circuses. The Greater Norris it Rowe circus has lieen enlarged
to such an extent that it is now on a
par, as fnr as equipment and paraphernalia nre concerned, with any
of the other circuses in this big combine. This is Hindu so for the reason that each of the circuses will alternate the territory, und will be
seen only once in three years in any
particular section of the country.
Tne Greater Norris & Rowe circus
secured and absorbed nil of the animals in the Chutes in .Sun Francisco.
Tnis was the greatest purchase of
animals by any one concern ever
consummated in this country. The
performers engaged are mostly of
European reputation. There is hilt
one agent in Europe securing tbe
big acts lor all of the shows of the
combine, and each of the big circuses ure supplied with their sensational features from the suine source.
If in union there be strength, the
Greater Norris & Rowe circus bus
taken a step forward this year tin t
has placed "them id the very lore i f
the great amusement managers of
the world. It requires forty-four
double length cars to transport ii
from city to city.
Work on tl e new Queens hqtel in
the West end was started last Monday morning.
Knox Phesbyteiuan Cuouon—
Sabbath services ut II n.in. uml 7 p,
in.: (Sabbath school nml Bible olass nl
2:80 p.m.; Young   People's Society   of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:10 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist Chubch, Rev. Sohlich-
ter. —Services next Sunday at 11
a. in. ami 7:011 p.m.; .Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Chohcii, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
it 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.; Sunday
so' ool and Bible class at :i p.m.
Da ircis Thhtti
Fer Yourself ?
O. J a yon open your mouih like a yoiu:?
bird and frulu down whatever food or mt'-dl-
h: ._• mAimoffered yc ?
l-rw-u^rVm tntelltyant thinking waman,
in ni*eU of ViVf from w.;aknubs,nL'rvou*>nc'ss,
pain nnd suB^Wnr, then ft means much to
you that thci\^^M^ri^rjii.j3^oiui;i
■^i'l-11iCi£l^UlJ•^ilIi_77l^I.■l,^7, no .j. -^ ■■V
di i.-yi'-.'S for tin* i;nr«: g I woman/g Ills.
Two hundred und eighty acres of
the old Newby ranch hnve been surveyed and subdivided into ten and
twenty acre tracts, and blue prints if
the same are now on file at McCal*
lum it McArdle's olliee. Tbe whole
of this ranch is comprised of 000
acres. Two first water rights go
with this land.
In the case of Ativood vs. The
Kettle Valley Railway Co., which
was concluded in the* supreme court
at Nelson last Thursday, judgment
wns reserved.    The interested pur-
Prints more live Boundary news than
anv other paper published in the
district. The price of Tin; Sun is
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knowledged to be one of the brightest
pnpe:s published ill the interior of
the province, Those who subscribe
ami feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at the offios
of publication. "
Tim Evknino Sl'N and theToronto
Weekly tl lobe and Canada Fanner,
SI.OO per year in advance.
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Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farm
er and the Montreal Family Herald
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For Sail—Brand new No, 8 Gra
phiiplione; cost $50; also SH worth of
records; will sell at a sacrifice if taken
at once.   Particulars at this otlice
You might as well try to reach
ihe orb of day by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1900.)
Is a dozen books ill one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It, is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4620 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reierence
Book on Copper
The milling man needs the book for
the fuels it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Iliimh'i'ils of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English,
Price is SB in Buckram with gilt
top; S7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
463 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Always Carries in .Stock
ii Fresh Supply nf
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
$4.00 Per Year.    Single Copy, 10 C!s.
Sample Copy Free.
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proscription, for thu cure of weak, nervous, rundown, over-work ed, debilitated, pain-racked
women- know in-,- this medicine to bo made up
of Injrrcdlonts, overy ono of which has tho
si congest possible Indorsement of tbe loading
and standard authorities of thu several
schools of practice* an- perfectly willing, and
in fact, ure only too glad to print, as they do,
ih* formula, or list of lngrodlouta of wblcb
It is composed, (n plain English, ou every
The formula of T>r. Pierce's Pavorlto Prescription will bear tbo most critical examination of medical experts, for it contains no
alcohol- narcotics, harmful, or hablt-formlng
drugs, ami no agent enters into It thut is not
highly recommended by thu most advanced
and loading medical teachers and authorities of their several schools of practice.
Theso authorities recommend the Ingredient;
, i'n
pS J :
ore of exactly the t
^  'tion forthe
' nllmenl** for wjijrt
j ■ i;a worTd-Ta^u mnii-'ino Is advised]	
ttt        -ft        *t,        Ht        -jf
No other medicine for woman's ills has any
such jrofessional endorsement as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription bus received, in theun-
Quollfled recommendation of each of Its
several Ingredients by scores of leading medical men of all thu schools of practice. Is
such an endorsement not worthy of your
consideration ?
*•**        +        +
A booklet of Ingredients, with numerous
authoratlve profeslonal endorsements hv tbo
leading medical authorities of ihis country,
will bo mailed free to uny ono sending name
and address with request for same. Ailtii.ss
Or. It. V. Pierce. LiulValo. N. Y.
Carpets Cleaned nnd Laid,
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, and
other John In the house**
cleaning line. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmithing
and Repairing
Turning, Scroll Wurk. Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer pf Sorcen Doora and
First Street        Grand Forks. B. C.
Mot and ('old Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Him tod Roams. Entirely refurnished nnd renovated throughout
PirsUeluss board hy dny, week or
month, Speeiul rates iii steady board'
cr*. A.morlean nud European plans.
Finest i lit r in 'ity in Connection,
SUWOIR    *   47W.2,m BT.-WWYQRI.
Receive both Lndlei and Gentlemen ns reel-
dent or day itudetibjjha«tt complete Commercial or Business Couriet prepares stu-
dentetotrain Teacher***-' Certificates ol nil
-Trades; gives tbe four years' course for the
it. a. degree, and the first pearofthe School
uf Science course, in affiliation witli tbe Toronto University; bas aspcclal prospeotors-i
course for miners who work In B.C. I nntl notion Is alio irlven in Art, Muslo, Physical Culture   and   KlOeUtlon,    let iii  open*. Sept.I th
10007  For Calendars, .-i--.. address
i: i.trn: ordihaiiy kinds, wmni mi'ans
tab!* flmpsndm Mad*- for Hso, Youtli or Boy
i -.tnii in W-^hto.tWmUinimo&ttraCHt)
Sun* ■*■!•'. Im *i|>enrt«aifU Kwrj Man nod liny will Qladli Ki-roiva
iibwes a totter. u«pt.
87 Llaculn .Si. Boatosi- Maes.
icflll  Bill. POO  BVmVSWOm  ("nHI)    ISIS  OUI  tllflliu)   fnr   inc.   pCif.til[*o.
InitruoUvd booklet, "Styla. or  How i" Ur**M Corroi*tly,"
tree ff j.'ii mention tbiH pttbtlWtton.
Thn directors o! tho Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power
Company, Ltd., at a meeting in
Now York last Tuetrtay, voted not
to declare thc quarterly dividend on
the company's stock. In September
of last year the company declared a
quarterly dividend of 2 per cent and
an extra dividend of 1 per cent.
Lome A. Campbell, general manager of the South Kootenay Power
company, was interviewed in Vancouver a few days since. He said:
"The average output of the Rossland mines recently has been about
(iOOO tons a week, or a little higher
production than at any time during
the past four years. Extensive development in all the big mines is in
progress, and vast ore reserves have
been blocked out. A steady increase in the output can be expected.
It looks as   though   the   treatment
capacity of the smelters will have to
lie increased in order eo keep pace
with tho camp. The Centre Star
group has over seventeen miles of
drifts exclusive of shafts and stupes.
The power plant of the South Kootenay Power coinpany supplies power
to the mines and smelters within a
radius of over fifty miles. We have
23,000 horsepower of generators and
water wheels in actual operation,
and have also developed for 10,0(10
additional horsepower. When the
mines and smelters of the Boundary
are working full blast our company
supplies them with 8000 horsepower
of electrical energy. The requirements of the mines at Rossland and
the smelter at Trail amount to about
8U00 horsepower. A new customer
will be the Canadian zinc smelter at
Nelson. The plant is now being
built." Mr. Campbell adds that
there were no new developments in
connection witb the proposed elec
Unification of the Columbia & Western branch of the C P.R.
The summary report of the geological survey of Canada for the year
1MB"*** ,.'"'.. I ,*"'•, 1 J*****, 11/*'*. J. it*\ 1J% JtA
i'.i   ,--v >'.-'     -1. ','■--   •!■' ,'■--. ""-I' :'--.-"--'\'-'-l^'t®?,l*«3w11l'* 4
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stati ry.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates ami Dodgers,
Huuiness and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Thus. Circulars mid Placards,
Hills nf Kale ami Menu ('arils,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wadding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Primary,
7 £
fiend Printing—-the kind we do—is in itself
nn advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock nnd workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
Evening   Sun
Job Department
:■■' j   ■■■}■■' I '■■■,■■   «''W*'"'    l'-{'' I    ■-.-.     ,, \  '-   ■'  ,:  '■'■:.
1907 has just been published, and is
now on every editor's desk in the
country. The Dominion department of mines, which includes the
geological survey, is thoroughly up
to date. Free distribution of any
report of economic or scientific interest will be made to all bona fide
applicants in Canada.
A cablegram from London announces that tho Lo i(oi No. 2 has
declared a dividend of two shillings
a share. The cablegram also states
that a report has been issued to the
shareholders, which revealed that
the affairs of the company are in a
flourishing condition. The Le Roi
No. 2 mine is in firt-elass shape,
and the development during the past
year has been of 11 very satisfactory
character. It promises to yield good
returns for a good many years to
A Toronto dispatch reports Mr. E,
L. Englehart, chairman of the T. & N.
O. ruilwuy commission, as saying that
he understands that shipments of low
grade Cobalt ore are likely to be sent,
to British Columbia smelters, Theob
joct is said to lie to mix it with the
ure nf this province, a necessary process, and one which would probably
result advantageously to the smelters
treating the ore.
There's No Other Way
To reach the large and ever-increasing
irole of our readers than through Tiik
Sun'h advertising columns.
The surest way to evaporate bust
ncss troubles is to^ive your stationery
the noeossary talking qualities by
having it printed in t<- inodern dfflce
by competent workmen. The Sun
job office is the most up-to-date in the
Houu.lary, nml our workmen are capable and of wide experience. This i*-*
the reason why we do the punting f »r
the best firms and corporations in this
•■■-' .
Similkameen Land   Division, District oi
TAKK NOTIOE tlmt A. Braltlne Smith, of
(iriuul Fin-k«, British Columbiai oooupii*
tion a Broker; intends tn apply for m special
timberHoenne over the following described
ifwiils, all situate In the Similkameen Division
of   Yale   District, Fiovlnce of British Col
Location No. 1. C'Hiinifim'iiifr at a post
marked "A. Erskine Smith's H. W. corner,*'
planted on the east bank of the West Fork
of the Nortli Pork of Kettle River, about
"iu'lit mill's north of the northern botuidar.'i
of Lot IM'!),Group 1, Slmilkumeen Lund Oivi
.nni, Vale District; thence east 100 chains.
thence north 40chult is, thence west lDOchaluH.
theuce south 40chains to the point of com
meuoeroeut- containing 040 acres, hh.m m
less. Located Ootober 2ifiid, H"j7.
Location No. 2. Commencing at n post
marked "A, Erskine Smith's s. w. corner,'"
planted ou the east Imuk of tlm West Pork ot
the North Pork ot Kettle Kiver. about S1*
miles north ofthe north honmlurv of sal.
Lot 8fl85i tbence east 160 chains, thence nortl
40chains, ihence west p;n ohains, tbenci
south 4n ohains to the point of commence
ment, con tat n int.-' I'lO acr-?*--, more di* less. Lo
oated October 22nd, 1907,
Locution No. 3. Commencing at a pos'
marked "A. Krskine Smith's S. ff,, corner '
planted ou the east I hi ok of the said Waul
Kork, nl.nni nine miles north of the suin
northerly boundary of salt) Lot 863Bi theuui
eust 160 chains, thence north 40 ohaltlB,theUCc
west 100chains, tlu esouth 40 chains to tin
point of commencement, eon tain iuu til
acre**, more or less. Located Ootober 22nd,
Locution No. 4. Commencing at it pos*
marked "A. Erskine Smith's S. W. corner,'
plunted on the east  hank of the suid West
Pork* about H'yinilei* Mortll of tbe norther]*
boundary of said Lot 86il3l theuce oust 16
chains, thenee north Hi chains, theuce wc-t
Mill eliains, tlieuce south 4<i chaius to thc
point of commencement, containing 641
ucres, more or less,   Locuted October 22nd,
Locution No. V Commencing »t a pos'
marked "A. Krskine Smith's N. 17 oorner,1
plunted on the west imnk ofthe suid  Wen
ork, about t niles north  of   the -m
iiortlieri) houndnry of etiltl Lot 88u5( theuci
.outii 80chains, thence went BUulmius- 'he	
north mi chains, tl eeust BO ohains to th
point    of     coinmclicemi'iit,    italulllg   01
.teres,  mme or  less.      Locuted  EHr.l  <bt.v  ol
October, U>u7,
Location N". ii.  Commencing ut   a  pos1
i* 'tied "A. Erskine Smith's N. 17 corner,'
planted on the wei-i i-unlt of the suhl ffes
lo.'U. ut...ut nine  mile-, north of   the   nortli
iiouudaryofsuldLui 8685) thei  SO ohulu*-
guUtll, theuce mi ciiuins wesl,theuce s;l ohalUs
north, thenoe 80 ohains east to the pojnt ol
4'oion euiemnet, aoiitqtiiltiK -140 acres, more
or less.   Loouted28rd day of October, nw7.
Locution No. 7 Coitimetiolng at a post
marked "A. Erskine Smith's s. \\7 corner,"
plnt.ti-il   on the  west   l.i-u|-   of the suid Weal
r'ork, about 121.-; mites north uf the north
ii dtti-y ofsatd Lot fHUB: thence 100 chains
eust, tueuce 40 olinias vorth, thenee lUQoluilM-
neat, tbenoe40uhatUH suittu to the point ol
cuiuineucomeut, containing 040 acres* more
ur less.   Located 2nhof Ootober, 1007.
Locution tto. S, Commencing at a post
marked "A. Erskine Smith's N. W.oorner,"
[limited    OU the   eust   hunk  of the suid Wesl
Pork, tiboin I4J-4 mhe* north of the north
boundary of said LotSOUoi thenoeieo ohaitie
east, tbence 40 chains south, tlieuce 160chains
west, thence 4u ohains uorth to tlm point
ot commencement, containing tilu ucres,more
ur less. Located 25th Ootober,io07,
1 Location No. ii. Com me nol tig ut a post
marked "-■-. UrskiueSmith's s, E. corner,"
piuuteil on the oft»t bunk of the said ffesi
I Pork,  ulioiit    I'i   miles   north of   the    nortli
boundary of said Lot 868A; thenoe 40 chain-
'. eust theme Kill chains mirth, theuce ID chain-*
! west, theuce 160 chum**- south to the point of
( 040
i'1-i'.i,  in
or loss, uoctttotl '-!■■! h Ootober, 10...
n.ii.'i ut Urand I'oi-ki-, B.C.* this itlth day
of November, i."..
The following table gives the ore Bhipmenta of  Boundary mines
for 1905, 1906 and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe.   I'hoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
ftmnin, Summit  	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Steinwinder, Phoenix	
Idaho,  Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Canip	
Morrison, Demi wood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper. . .	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Hoy. West Fork	
Providence, (Ireenwood	
Elkhorn, (Ireenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston.  Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark ('amp	
E. P. D, Mine, Skylark Camp	
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skvlark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Green wood	
Rfipublic,Boundary Falls	
Punt Week
12, SHI
•     lil 9
Total,  tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter.,
1,158,991 1,148,226 22.919
828,879 611,250 22,*H5
121,031 341,283
218,811 157,327         	
Total treated.
     1,168,121    1,110,860       22,545
Authorized.--hhahes~> Pulil    Total tu    l.titnst      I*i,r
Name off OoUPAHY.              I'upitiil.    lulled. Par. llHIti.       Dato.       Dati,.   Share
nniiilijCoiisolhlatoil-Copiier.. $15.0011.000     119,000 JUKI $1,620,000 12,008,080Sopt, 11101  $8.10
I'im'II  Mi'lii v    Hold      1,250,000   1.250,000      $1             .'1I1I..VI1   I'Vh.  Il«i|       .114
Prnvldoiiee- Silver        200.000       81000      $5 10,000        88,221 Sept. 1006      .50
i). 0, Cupper—Copper'    8,000,000   soa.ooo    $s             201,200 ISopt. 1007    .40
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, B. C
Heavy and Liojit Duty Work
Attended to Promptly,   Pas-
sengers and  Trunks   to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AnTono nenrttng a nltoteli nnd doflcrlntkm m»y
qulcklr •-.■■■■iTi-iiii cur oiilnlun free wiictlior *»
ti;ventlnn ta vrnhntily pntentnhla C<imniiwit'1a-
llfmBsirictlyn.tilldoiiMal. HANDBOOK ouPatontf
bent frne. tH-ii'st iimiiiry for *iecurii)(* patents,
I'-itontB t.uu'ii tlirouk'tl Aluini tt Co. (TOOUYt
sveciai notice, without ooaree, la tlio
smtmc nmrim.
Ahimdsumoly Ulustrotcil weekly. Iiargut ctr-
culatloo of tiny BOlentlflo jounial. Torrw for
' "' ~ -our, /postage prepaf	
....... «vJ.8B1Bro-i-M*'Now York
Brancli Offlm, fc ** St., WublngtOD, D. a
When remitting money get an express order. Cash on demand of
payee. To all pints. S. T. Hull,
branch agent Dominion   Express  Co.
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming year,
read the tempting clubbing offer we
make on the third page.
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing n Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Virtorla Hotel,
Hriilse Street, Grinul Porks, B. 0.
Foo Lee
Pacific Hotel
l-'lrst-eliiss hi every respect.
Siunijle ropms for aomroer*
ellll travelers.
Hot uml Colli liiitlis
Uur III Connection.
Finest Iti'iimlsof Wines,
Liquor* and Ui|4iii-..
1- .
---■ !^.
■ri ■ r
1 ■ '"
>   i'
The Purest and Best In the City.
On Draught Exclusively at


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