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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 18, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Sir Charles Tupper reaches Winnipeg on his way to England.
Mrs. Pankhurst keeps in prime
condition on a diet of water.
Dr Friedmann's patient*' are
barred from a Providence, R.I., hotel.
The shareholder* of the Orand
•Trunk Pacific railway empower the
directors to sell debenture*.
The body of J. Pierpont Morgan
lies among the art treasures of his
private library in New York.
The flood swollen Mississippi, it is
hoped, will take no further toll of
property along the central reaches of
the river.
Two seamen from the United State*
emitter California are killed and three
others wounded by Mexicans at
California's determination to exclude the Japanese from land-holding
is described by a converted Jap as a
death blow to Christianity.
The testimony at Ottawa of repre.
sentatives from the new provinces
aho«s that the high interest rates
cripple the farmers on the prairies.
The Chinese declaration of the in
pendence, which took the form of an
address to the world, waa cabled
from-Peking to Washington today.
Separate school* lose their grant by
a decision of the Yukon council.
' Thousands of dollars of counterfeit
money is found by the Vancouver police.
The obsequies of the late J. Pierpont
Morgan took place today in the Parish
church, New York.
Pneumonia is believed to have de
veloped at about midnight, and the
pope's condition is very grave.
Half a million workers leave their
tasks in Beginm. A general strike
for a political end, the first in history,
began today.
The third attempt against the life
Alfonso is made in Madrid by a Barcelona anarchist. Skill alone saves
the king from death.
Savagery of Yaquis Indians assists
the rebels Ui defeat the federals. The
lasts of Huerta's troops in Sniioia
surrender to the United States to escape inutacre.
Seven persons are killed and fifteen
injured as the result of the derailment
of an excursion train on the Montreal-
Chamblv branch ot the Central Vermont railway; four and a half miles
out of Ht. Lambert
enemy, they declare, would be insulted '
as was Sir Wilfrid.
The first day of the strike in Belgium to achieve suffrage is not au entire success. But two third* of the
number predicted join in the universal
walkout when it is inaugurated. The
premier declares that the government
will stand firm in refusing manhood
Pope Pius has a sudden change for
the worse.
Pope Pius rallies from hi* laat attack.   Symptoms improve.
Pseudo detectives are sentenced, at
Vancouver, to five years in the penitentiary.
Brigadier General W. H Boxby
says that 116,000,000 would build
dykes along the Mississippi river.
First break occurs in the closure
debate at Ottawa.
By a new bill passed by the Call
fornia assembly, alien landowners are
without rights.
Agriculturists before the commerce
commission at Ottawa say they want
better bank facilities.
Former minister of railways looks
after the interests of the employees in
his amendment to the Railway act.
Little inconvenience to the public
is caused by the big strike in Belgium.
Car service is stopped; property damaged.
Lord Chancellor Haldane introduced in the house of lords today the
promised measure which seeks to give
better satisfaction to the overseas dominions iu matter of appeal to the
privy council.
Bulgaria accepts the terms of the
powers, and an armistice is about to
be arranged. Cessation of hostilities
is due to Ru- tan mediation. Monte
negro is still» ubborn, and will only
yield to overwhelming force.
The Newfoundland legislature was
prorogued today.
Immigration to British Colombia
establishes a new record.
Nearly one thousand men are said
to be fighting forest fires in the Blaok
Hills, South Dakota
Bulletin* issued by the physicians
indicate that the pepe's condition is
practically stationary.
Vice-President Marshall of- the
United States tells of the throttling
influence of the great trusts.
Closure debate - continues in the
house at Ottawa. Charges are made
against the minister of public  works.
California's anti-alien law is declared to be unfair to foreign capital,
and vigorous protects are being made
against it.
Thu ozar of Russia will meet King
George and Hit- Edward Grey at the
royal wedding of Princess Victoria
Louise in Berlin.
President Wilson is believed to be
more favorable to the British contention regarding Panama canal tolls
than was his predecessor.
The Morning Albertan newspaper
oflice in Calgary is burning.
Seven persons are burned to death
in   an   hotel holocaust at Syracuse,
Five aeronauts are killed when a
balloon collapses at Noisy le Grande,
Sir Wilfrid Lanrier Replies
to Gag Methods  in the
Dominion Parliament
Sir Wilfrid Laurier obtained an
opportunity to (peak ill the house of
commons last Thursday night de
spite the disorderly scenes and tbe
methods of the government to hurry
the closure motion to a finish. Tbe
opposition leader wu heard after a
motion introduced by Dr. Pugsley
that tbe bouse adjourn at 9 o'clock
had been voted down. This gave the
Liberal chief the opportunity he
Sir Wilfrid roused his follower* to
a higb pitch of enthusiasm when he
declared he would rather stand defeated in opposition than be in office
by power of gag rule. The Liberals
rose and cheered eo persistently
that the speaker had to ask them to
preserve order in the house.
Sir Wilfrid charged Mr. Borden
with unfairness in his treatment of
himself and the opposition. He bad
applied the gag when he sbonld
have gone to the country, as tbe
Liberals had done when reciprocity
was obstructed. The opposition
could be gagged because they were
in a vinorilv, but tbe day of reckoning would come aa soon aa there
was a dissolution.
Sit Wiltrid was given a prolonged
cheer by bis follower*. He said thst
the spectscle that h id been witieiM I
tbat afternoon was a very apt com
mentary on the speech of big hon
orable friend, the prime minister,
who had stated and reiterated that
the new rules were not to prevent
free speech, but to prevent abuse.
The prime minister had heen pro
fuse in declaring lhat the opposition
could always rely nn fair plav, but
the word* were scarcely out of tiie
mouth before the opposition knew
how mucb fair play they were to
By the unwitten law of parliament, not to speak of common
courtesy, the opposition leader always present* Ihe views of his party
after the leader of the government
has spoken. He had risen under
that impression. He whs greatly
surprised to see the minister of marine rise also, In the exercise of I fair
play, he said, tbe speaker called on
him to take the floor. Then Ihe
majority took away hia right to
"Every man on that side of the
house rose to gag ms," said Sir Wil
frhl? "When I saw the minister of
O. J. Bury may succeed thesenior t"ari"e ris***l-. I concluded lhat he
vice president of the Canadian Pacific an announcement to make. All
railway. I be had risen to do wae to 'move the
Sixty Industrial Workers of the! resolution.' That ia cloture in antici-
World begin a "hunger strike" in thelpation. Obstruction is a fault," said
oity jail at Denver, Col. j8ir wi„ri<1.    „l M on lhe man (m
It  ia  announced that the Kettle! the other side who is without blame
„    , , Valley line will be completed  to  the: .„ .Lro_ th„ c-, -,nna •■
Ernest  Mosohner, of    Fitchburg,; coast by next spring. l S'° '
Mass., crazed.by ill-health, murders
his four small children and then commits suicide. ^  .
Hon. F. D. Monk, former member
of Borden's cabinet, roundly censures
his old colleague. ' He declares that
the change* in the rules should have
been made- at • time of calm.
Some of the Conservative papers,
made by the opposition at that
time had impressed bim, and a compromise bad been offered and accepted.
"I found no fault; I never
whined," declared Sir Wilfrid. "As
tbe head of tbe government I
thought it fair to come down and offer a compromise. Sir, ia that not
better tban closure?"   (Cheers.)
The last occasion on whicb tbere
waa obstruction was in 1911, when
tbe reciprocity will wu opposed, lt
wae brought down on January 26,
and on July 29 not evening a preliminary vote bad been taken. The
measure wat met witb dilatory mo
tions of every kind; speech after
speech was, delivered in the "dog
days." He had not complained or
whined on that occasion either. He
could hav* introduced closure as
was now proposed, but had adopted
another course. He had appealed tu
the people.
'•We were defeated," Sir Wilfrid
added, "bufcas heaven is iuy witness, I would rather stand here today defeated than be in oflice by
power of tbe gag."
Tbe Liberals,, at tbis declaration,
rose in a body and cheered wildly
for some minutes.
Sir Wilfrid said that but for tbe
generous action of tbe minister of
marine he had proposed to move an
amendment to refer the resolution to
a committee to report upon it in accordance witb tbe binding rules.
This was in accordance witb traditions, but the prime minister knew
when be rose to speak that he wa*
going to gag the house and not allow free discussion of bis proposal.
Sir Wilfrid said he had intended
to move to strike out of tbe resolution the clause whicb prevents discussion on two day* of tbe week,
when the house is being moved into
committee of supplies. This had no
bearing whatever on the naval bill,
to facilitate the passsge of which
these rules were devised. It wu
just a plan to deprive the minority
of the right to state their grievances
before going into committee of supply. It was designed to prevent the
asking of searching questions affecting the government of the day. It
wu applying the gag to parliament
with a vengeance. In conclusion
Sir Wilfrid said: "Let me repeat to
tny right honorable friend: as you
sow, so shall you reap; as you are
fair, ao shall you inset with fairness;
as you are unjust, so shall you meet
with injustice. My right honorable
friend two year* ago took a certain
attitude on the reciprocity bill. He
has oo right to complain if the same
methods thai he made ase of are
applied to him in the present case.
My right honorable friend hu nol
forgotten the words of Shakespeare;
'This even-handed justice commends
the ingredients of our poisoned
chalice to our own lips.'
"The poison hu come already to
bis own lip* at the present day.
The poison that he offered to us today will come again to his own iips
at some future day. We are ia the
minoiity; we can be gagged; we can
Two  Petitions for Cement
Sidewalks Received by
City Counoil
The mayor and all tbe aldermen
were present at the bi-weekly meeting of the city council last Monday
An offer trom R. Campbell of 125
for lol 10, block A, plan 91, wu accepted.
A. Traunweiser, proprietor of tbe
Yale, petitioned the council for a
cement sidewalk in from of bis hotel
on First street, and also on tbe
Bridge street end. Referred to tbe
hoard of works.
8 J Miller, of the Winnipeg, petitioned the council for a cement
sidewalk' in front of bis hotel on
Winnipeg avenue. Referred to lhe
board of works,
The budget for the current year
showed the estimated receipts to be
$85,533.75, and the expenditures
$84,371.41. Oa motion of Aid.
Woodland and Manly, these figures
were approved.
The chairman of the board of
works reported that the Cooper
bridge wu nearly finished, and that
the contract for lu*nber bad been
awarded to R. Gaw.
On motion of Aid. Manly and
Miller, tbe board of works wu authorized to call for tenders for tbe
construction of cement sidewalks.
Tbe chairman of the water and
ligbt committee reported that he
had visited tbe new reservoir; that
it was nearly full of water, and tbat
there were no visible leaks. He also
stated that the committee bad bad
an offer from A. Traunweiser fnr the
city's surplus 4 inch wooden pipe.
Tbe committee wu instructed to
dispose of tbe pipe to the best advantage to the city.
(jua Schnitter made application
for water for irrigation purposes. Tbe
water and ligbt committee was instructed to obtain more data on this
The council gave warning that
all persons found dumping garbage
in the streets or on vacant lots would
be prosecuted. April 24 was set
aside as a general municipal clean-
ing-up day.
City Clerk Hay tendered his
resignation. On motion of Aid.
Woodland and Manly it was accepted.
Th* council then adjourned.
,be prevented from expressing our
he said, had described   obstruction j opinions.   They can trample upon
Homestead grant at Prince Albert,
made by the public works department,.
is under fire in the Dominion house,    j ■■ lhe murder of parliamentary gov-1 our body.   But, sir, the day of reck
There is little chango in the strike eminent. The murderers, then, were 0ning will come, and it will come aB
situation in Belgium.     Additions   to on the government side of the house
the strikers are balanced byjdefections In 1908 there wu  obstruction
from their ranks.
| connection with a bill introduced by
«.  T-,     i  •   ._,  , , n._     t. TheLibernU win the AlberU elec- lhe   Libm|    government   dw|i
The Liberal*, in the house at Otto- tions by a substantial majority.   The     ...     . *    ...     8
wa renew their proteats against ther latest returns are: Liberals, 33; Con- mtn tne voUre •18to 'n Manitoba
treattaent of their leader in the ; servatives, 18; Independent, 1; to an<» we« Ontario. He was bound to
closure  debate.'   Not  the  meanest hsar from, 2,
soon as we huve a dissolution of the
present    parliament."    (Prolonged
. How Australia Does It
Three keels laid in one day is an
event of magnitude in any naval
dockyard. In Australia it is unique.
Il - epitomizes the determination of
the people of Australia to do theit
duty in tbe way of national defense.
It means that the dream of an
Australian built navy is surely crys-
talizing into actual accomplishment.
The event, as the minister said,
will in time become historic.—
Sydney Morning Herald.
P,   II.   McCurrach  has luen gazetted government  clerk  for   tbe
say that the appeal which bad been' Greenwood district.
Ore Shipments
The ore shipments and smelter
treatments of Ihe Boundary mines
and smelters for the put week were:
Granby mine, 23,897 tons', Mother
Lode, 7268; Rawbike, 6055; Nopo-
leon' 781: Queen Victoria, 530.
Smelter Treatments—Gr«nby, 23,-
755 tons; Mother Lode, 14,457. THE STJN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIX
Wcmen and   Children   Trampled   In
Wild Stampede ter the Exits
Paris, France.—A lioness which
was released from it cage iu lhe Popular Theatre In the Rue de Belleville
last Bight, owing to an attendant's
blunder, caused a panic, which resulted In seven people being trampled and
teriously injured.
Tho lioness was one of the perform-
eis In a dramatic sketch. ln this
sketch a painter dreams that his wife
and daughter are attacked and killed
liy lions, which aro the property of a
woman with whom the painter has fallen In love.
• The little drama, In which the tam-
«r, March, has played for many years,
Is very popular In Prance, and the
theatre was crowded for last night's
By some mistake, the cage containing th* lioness was placed on Ilie
tinge wlih the wrong eud towards Uie
audience, so lhat Iho astonished llnn-
#** s who should have bcen behind the
liars, found herself between the cage
niitl the orchestra. ,
There wus a moment ot dramatic
tension. The conductor of the orchestra sal, motionless with terror,
Buying nt lhe lioness, which waved
lis tail slowly and snarled at the conductor,
A woman shrieked. The lioness
with a roar of rage, crouched, sprang
over lhe footlights and across the orchestra, knocking the player of the
double bass and his instrument over,
and lauding In the front row of the
stalls, from which the occupants had
fled. She then leaped into one ot the
boxes. The door of the box was
open, and the lioness passed into the
manager's office behind.
March, the lion tamer, sprang after
the lioness and shut himself in the
room..-^ lTtTstirnned the animal with
au iron bar, and then dragged her
through a side door leading to the
stage. Before lhe lioness recovered
she was safely caged.
Meanwhile tho audience struggled
toward the exits and 7 women and
children were knocked down aud hurt.
Several women fainted.
Bill to be Reintroduced In House of
Commons In May
London.—lt Ib the Intention of the
government to reintroduce the home
rule bill Into Ihe house ot commons
lit the early part of nest session,
probably in May next. It will be
passed through all Its stages rapidly
without amendment by the mechanical party majority and again sent to
the house of lords. The same process will be gone through again In
lho spring of 1914.
lt ls open to the house of lords to
suggest amendments at the second or
third time of asking, but It the house
of commons reject these the passage
of the bill into law is uot Imperiled
Italian Prima Donno Lights Her Own
Funeral Pyre
Vienna.—Last week Slgnorlua Ida
Avrlghi, tin Italian prima donna, committed suicide at Agram because of
ihe death of her pet dog.
She attempted to burn herself with
ihe dog's body on a funeral pyre,
which she constructed ln her bedroom
at a local botel by heaping wood.
i-iial and articles of clothing around
her bed. After arranging them she
saturated them wlih petrol.
Slgnorlua Avrlghi then swallowed
some poison which she had purchased
at a chemist's a few hours before,
Ignited the pyre and lay down on the
bed beside the dog's body.
When the tire was discovered, the
woman was terribly burned and died
shortly afterward.
If brevity be ibe soul of wit. Sir
Harry Johnston must lie accounted
one of Ihe wittiest men that ever
wrote a dispatch to lhe home Government. Advanced against Tmose; de-
fetUed, captured, and hanged him.—
Johnston. Ro rati one of his reports
io the late Lord Salisbury.
The actual proceedings were characterised by corresponding brevity. He
lirst named his enemy that upon capture lie would be hanged. Tmose
persisted In fighting, and was beaten.
Tmose. ymi wire foolish,   lo   light.
ral.1 sir Harry after lhe battle, You
■hall liaic a good dinner and the best
liottls of champagne I have, nnd at
*evrti o'clock tomorrow morning you
ihull In- liinigd.
The famous dispatch shows how
thoroughly the plan was carried out.
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
FORTUNES are being made In Swift Current, the fastest crowlnc town In
the Canadian West.
THE BUILDING PERMITS for the first month of 1013 TOTAL $341,814, being
larger than any other City west"of Toronto except Winnipeg.
MOUNT ROYAL the choicest property directly south of the business section
of the city. Every lot nicely situated on a gradual slope towards tlle city.
BUY a h-tunilard sized lot 1-5 x Mb, today.   *
On terms $10 cash and $10 pet- month, it will he the stepping stone to a fortune. .
Write for .booklet on Swift Current.
To rent a number of chof.-e improved farms in nil sizes, close to school and
Agents wanted tit every point. '
!2 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
London, England.—The Marchioness
Townshend hag joined the ranks ui
c;v.',na j.'ot writers.      ■ ,*
She in the lirst peeress to write
cinema plays, nnd her works, three of
which are about to be produce.! **y'
the Clarendon Film Company, deal
largely with the dolngsof Boclety.
A Stroug Man's Love, Is the name of
the principal film, which was shown
before Lady Townshend-at the company's premises, and met with her
entire approval. During the action
of the 111m, which Is of a stirring and
dramatic nature, Lady Townshend described hei- methods of plot-writing.
I have always been a very keen observer of human nature, aud the dramas in everyday life 1 sec going on
continually have often made me wish
to write plots for the cinematograph
she said.
The development of the cinema
movement has been very interesting to
me from Its earliest days, and I think
It Is a splendid medium through which
one class of the community can observe other classes with which, ordinarily, tliey seldom come Into contact.
This Is entirely beneficial, and the object of all my works Is fo put. some
instructive truth before thc audience.
It is fascinating work, and I am
deeply Interested in ij. I am thinking of turning one of my cinema plots
into a serial story, but this Is only
an Idea at present.
To become a successful cinema plot
writer one should be a close observer
of personalities and a student of character. These sre the qualities which
give reality to the action of the play.
In a Hurry for Profits
Capetown.—The story 1* told, says
tho Capo Times, that a company In
London, which controls a large block
of farms in Ihe Cape province, dissatisfied with the excuse given that,
owing to the lambing season, shearing could not bo proceeded with, cabled to Ihe Cape manager to stop lambing and start shearing.
Woman Kicked to Death
Glasgow.—A middle-aged woman
named Mary Ferris was found dead
In hei house nt Glasgow. She was
badly bruised on the bead and limbs
and the doctor's report states ihat
the was kicked to death.
Battleship aa a Target
London.—The admiralty have decided to siicilllcc the battleship lli-
nown, in which the king and queen
then prince and princess of Wales,
mndo I heir memorable vlsll lo India,
as a target for lho 12-lnch guns of
the Home fleet.
Th* Man Who Drives An
Automobile Find*
The Onto draner Hint win
._fe.-tn_.lfy remove Rrrme,
oil or paint ll-In. ami k-.«yg
V~«"l"'* ""will »i"l tuft,
.-v ,, w iter trull. &.:,(..
fan Ika
|MI t***xn I "Itl, Ml III Ml
Girl Murders Her Mother
Geneva.—A girl named Lucie Alia-
Isre, aged 'JO, wits sentenced at An-
necey lo 20 years penal servitude for
murdering her mother. Mile. Allal-
gre desired lo become a nun. and because her mother objected sbo attacked her with a knife, Inflicting
fatal Injuries.
W   N. U. 940
Saved by Sausage Meat
Paris,—Andre Cavalier, a burglar,
wno fell from a six-storey window
In Pails, landed on a. heap of sausage-meat which a pork butcher was
In thc net of chopping up, and escaped Injury.
| Moving Pictures of Schools
London.— Cinematograph pictures
of the classes al the London County
Council'* open-air schools are to be
taken for public exhibition and reproduction as m educational subject
In this country, the colonics, France
and America.
Drink  Chloroform  and Then   Plunge
From Porthole of Their State
Singapore. — A very mysterious disappearance of three Bisters
lu the night from tbe cabin which
they shared and the discovery of a
letter and a bottle which had contained chloroform were reported by the
captain of the Dutch steamship Van
Noort on his arrival here. The sisters were Gernjans named Diederlch,
and Ihey had been- touring ln Java.
They were last seen going to their
cabin at 10 p.m. the day before the
vessel reached port after having spent
the evening reading and chatting on
In the morning the serving boy,
bearing no answer to his knacks at
the cabin door, told the steward who
entered and found the women missing.
On the table was a note addressed to
the captain. This he opened. The
letter, written in German In pencil
was briefly to the effect that, all their
baggage was bequeathed to tbo captain, and was signed simply: Sisters
On a desk ln the cabin was n bottle containing a few remaining drops
of chloroform. A chair stood near
the porthole, and lt is conjectured
that the sisters each took chloroform
and then climbed through the porthole. The cabin was sealed by the
captain and a full inquiry will be
made at Batavia.
Ridiculously Simple
A traveHer, recently returned from
Mexico, relates how he was shown
through some ancient buildings, convents and gaols that were erected by
the Spaniards centuries ago.
ln the wall of one of the ancient
edifices be saw a small opening, so
lie naturally Inquired of his Mexican
guide what purpose lt served.
He told him that lt was one of those
buildings In which criminals were
formerly walled up alive.""
But what was the use of the hole
In the wall? he asked.
Well, sir, replied the guide, aB long
as the prisoner lived his food was
given to him on a plate, and he passed back the empty plate throngh the
hole; but when the prisoner hunded
lt back with Ibe food on It untouched
the gaoler knew that he was dead already, and didn't give him any more"'
To Allay Suspicion
Dinei—Why don't you take that cat
off the table?
Walter-Well, you see. sir. It's like
this. lt Is stewed rabbit today and
lbe guv'uor saya the customers like to
have the cut lu evidence- on those
German General Who Organized Turk
Ish Army Disclaims Responsibility for Defeat
Berlin, Germany.—It Is no fault, of
mine, Is the keynote of nn article appearing In February's Issue of the
Deutsche Rundschau, over the signature ot Marshal von der Goltz, who
organized the Turkish army.
Marshal von der Goltz states that
many years ago he had carefully prepared a plan of maneuvers representing a Tui-co-Bulgarlan war. The
Turkish army wes commanded by Na-
7.1m Pasha, and the battle was to be
fought around Adrianople, in somewhat similar conditions to the present
Several days before the maneuvers,
however, wholesale arrests of commanders of both armies took place ln
Constantinople. What had happened
was that tbe ex-Sultan's spies had reported the coming war to their master, who feared a conspiracy, and
Marshal von der Goltz, who was already ln the field, hurried back to
Ylldlz Kiosk, to convince the sultan
that the maneuvers were quite harmless, and to obtain the release of the
arrested officers. The release was
granted, but there was never a question ot maneuvers again.
The marshal repudiates as Irresponsible statements the attacks on him
regarding the Turkish rout. He left
the Turkish service seventeen years
ago, antl was offered the post again in
100!*, but refused. The article appears to have bcen written at the suggestion of the German army staff, as
the bitter attacks made on the marshal bavo made a bad Impression here.
South Africa Visited by Series of
Severe Storms
Johannesburg, S. Africa.—Between
October 26 nnd January 12 at least
forty-five persons were killed by
lightning In South Africa and forty
seriously Injured, while many sad
deaths in lonely districts aro recorded. A list ot the lightning accidents
In less than three weeks fills more
than a column In a local newspaper.
At ilerinlston, near Johannesburg,
on December 1 about thirty mourners
at a funeral wero struck hy lightning in the cemetery and one man
was killed. ThiB Is the worst of
the unusually lurge number of such
Good One There
Frost—Where do you get your huts
oltl man?
Snow—At cafes usually. But once
or twice I've been lucky enough to
exchange at church.
Old Lady (starting bnnk account)—
An' are ye sure 1 have It out when I
want It?
Cashier—Sure, an' yo can have It
out tomorrow if ye give me a wake's
nol Ice.
Sandpaper la prepaVed by coaling
glued paper with ground glass. No
land Is used Itl Its manufacture.
Teacher was telling her class little
stories in natural history, and she asked it anyone could tell her what a
ground hog was.
Up went a little hand, waving frantically.
Well, Carl, you may tell us what a
ground hog ls.
Please ma'am, It's a sousago.
Mothers, don't scold your little
ones for,being cross. A baby's nature Is to be happy and If he Is cross
It Is not his fault—crossness shows
that he Is unwell and needs a good
medicine to bring him back to the
healthy, 'happy state again. Baby's
Own Tablets ore the best medicine
a mother can give her little ones to
keep them happy and well. These
is a smile in every dose. Tliey
cure constipation. Indigestion, expel
worms,, break up colds and make
teething easy. The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or hy mall at 25
cents a box from The Ur. Williams'
Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,   Ont.
A Revenue Measure
There haven't been any amSlnoblles
violating the speed limits for more
than a week, said the constable.
Wkat'H wo do?
Arrange to lower the speed limit,
replied the sheriff.
It Bids Pain Begone.—When neuralgia racks the nerves or lumbago
cripples the back Is tlle lime to test
the virtues of Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil. Well rubbed In lt will still thc
pain and produce a sensation of ease
and rest. There is nothing like ll
as a liniment for Its curative properties are great. A trial of It will establish faith in It.
should have rich, red blood
and sturdy, healthy bodies to 1
withstand cold rains, changing |
seasons and winter storms.
If your child is wcaiy when I
rising—lacks energy and am-1
bition—has no appetite orl
possibly sallow skin or a pinched {
face—it is for want pf vital body-
nourishment; this growing!
period demands special, concentrated, easily digested food I
for body-development—mental |
strain—physical changes.    *
Scott's Emulsion is the I
greatest borly-builder known—it I
s nature's wholesome strength-
maker—without alcohol orl
stimulant—mak** rosy cheeke, f
active Mood, tlardy tram*, and \
•ound beds**.
Bat yoa matt have SCOTTS. I
Scott & llowite, Toronto. Ontario 12-62 I
Tommy Was There Too
It was evident that something ol
more Importance than usual was
weighing on the small hoy's mind.
Three times he passed the door ot
the house, and peered through ths
window, before he dared to enter.
Then he made hts appearance with
an air that dozens nf broken windows
and bushels of stolen apples could not
have given him, and remarked. Mrs.
Jones, llttlo Tommy's new football's
And how did that happen denr?
Well, Tommy and ine was playing
wilh It when the steam-roller went
over him.
Wedded to the Game
Yorkshire was tho scene, and the
event In progress was a wedding. The
speaking parts In the ceremony had
all been played, and hot: bride uml
bridegroom and their friends were In
the vestry putting the matter Into
But the clergyman was not youthful nor was he swift. Time passed
and the bridegroom became more and
more fldgetty.
You seem in a great hurry, remarked thc officiating cleric at last. Have
you a train to catch?
The happy man stood stock still and
scratched his head In perplexity.
Well, sir, he replied good naturedly,
It ain't a truln, sir; but I don't want
to be late (or I' football mutch!
A pleasant medicine for children Is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and there is nothing better for driving worms from the system.
Mrs. Gelrox—So your woman's club
wasn't n success.
Mrs. Swift—No; It had all the discomforts ot home.
Seizing the Opportunity
He had obtained a place in an estate agent's oflice nntl was doing
everything he could for the Interests
of his employers. The other evening
he was at a social gathering and wus
asked to sing. He responded with
'Home, sweet home.' Ills friends
were a little surprised at the selection,
but he was heartily applauded.
Stepping forward he said: I am
glad you like the song. There Is
nothing llko 'Home, sweet home.' aud
let me say thnt the coinpany I represent Is selling homes on terms lo suit
everybody, within forty minutes ride
of the city. Kvery body might to
have a home. If yott don't want to
live In one of these houses yourself
It's Ihe chance of your life for an investment.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Theodore Morals, a
customer of mine, wus completely
cured of rheumatism utter live years
of suffering, by the judicious use ol
The above facts can be verified by
writing to him. lo the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE, Merchant.
St. Isidore, Que., 12 May, '98.
Lung Complaint
Lodger—1 can't Btny here auy longer. Mrs.  Binks.
Landlady—Why not, sir? What I*
your complaint?
Lodger—Lung complaint; your baby
iifCvls too much.
The building of the Tower of Babel
was progressing nicely wben suddenly
someone asked: How are we going to
solve the trust question?
Thence arose Btich a confusion ol
tongues that no one has been able to
understand anyone else ever since.
In Wages or Profit
health, sooner or later, shows Ils value. No man can expert to go
very I'ur or very fast toward success—no woman either—who
suffers from- the headaches, the sour stomach and pour digestion,
the unpleasant breath and the good-for-nothing feelings which
result from constipation and biliousness. But just Irani for
yourself what a difference   will  be  made  by  n few dosrs of
Tested through three generations—Havorably known lhe world over
this perfect vegetable and always efficient Wily remedy is universally accepted ns tbe best preventive or corrective of disorders of Iho
organsofdigestlon. Beecham's lMllsregulntethe.towels, stir the liver
to natural activity—enable you to get ail the nourishment nml blood-
makiiiBqualitiesfromynurfood. Assureasyoutrytlieniyonwillknow
that—in your looks and in your increased vigor—Beecham's I'ills
Pay Big Dividends
TU .*lf«etioM wUh •MWt boa srs nn vahtshU  —pttUty H wmw,
Sold •vtff whtre,   U Woie*. 25c. k
From the captain of industry to th*
bdd carrier—from milady in thc auto to
the woman with the scrubbing brush—
the accomplishments of every one of us
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs. Backed by a
good disestkm, • man can give the best
that is iu him. When hie stomach fails,
M becomes a weakling,
To thia loss of power no one need
submit. Right -habits of eating,
drinking, deeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
»Mhe human mind and body.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
tin active principles needed for th*
digestion of every kind of food. They
go to the assistance of the weakened
itomsch, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud get th*
benefit of the food eateu. With thi*
assistance, the digestive organ* regain
their tone, snd soon the use of th* tablets
ie no longer necessary,
If your stomach is not working pro.
' perly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet*.
50c. at your druggist'*.   Nation*! Drag
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. IU
A Bit of *Hole* Right
A well-known Lancashire farmer
possessed ot a considerable sense of
humor, bad for a long' time been petitioning the local urban council to
fill up a deep mud-hole on the common
before bis house, but without result.
One very wot night, however, as he
{was seated comfortably before his
fire, a tremendous cry for help was
heard from the outside. The farmer,
selling a lantern, opened the door and
peered out Into the darkness, to find
three of the council men, on their return "home from a meeting, had missed their way across the common, and
were now struggling Iu the mud-hole.
Well, gentlemen, said the old Lancashire son of the soil, ex he surveyed
them grimly. I am glad to see you
stirring In this matter at last.
Sympathetic      B__
Don't you ever (ind it hard to be
a freak asked the   atoutlsb,   tightly-
laced woman who had stdpped to converse with the tat lady.
No, not a bit, waB the reply, I
often feel sorry for some of you people who seem to find lt so hard not to
be freaks. .»
Potitlva Proof
Samuel Untermyer, the New York
-lawyer, said la Washington ot a certain exposure:
The proof was positive—as positive
as the proof against the barber.
, There wo* a barber who wa* accused of secret Inebriety, but his old
patrons refused to credit such a
A stanch old patron went to the
man to be shaved one morning. The
barber In silence began to lather him
and then suddenly seized htm by the
Lathering away, the barber gripped
the nose so firmly that Its owner
grunted In pain:
Here, let go my nose! H^
But tha barber, still holding on
tight said as he lathered steadily on
Can't.     If I did I'd fall down.
Can be handled very easily.
The Kick are cured, and "all
others In name sl.thle,'no matter how "exposed," kepi from
having the disease, by using
COKE], Give on the tongue «**
in feed. Acts on the blood and
expels gonna of alt forms of
distemper. Best remedy ever
known for mares tn funl. Drug.
gists and harness dealers. Cut
ahows liow to poultice throats.
Our freft booklet gives every-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. thing, largest soiling horse
remedy in existence—IB years. Distributors—ALT, WHOLtiUALB DIUHSGISTS.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists and Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
Winnipeg, Man.
write tor mr PIIKC book, tiik most inrtructivs
KKDtr.iU. BOOK EVER WRIT I'RW.IT TH.I.S AU. iboilt tlltH
piatutts tf d tJfciuwAtf AJEU^ftiiBBi effbctid by
\tk\\ fc you can dec-Ids
MU'R.hftnmKlrrwYOirBOWNt-l-nent. Don't■Mdactnt.
AbtuluitlrPIIIB. NiVfoMawBpyirrulan. DR LiCLFRO
Barak Tre:    A ft*pit
■•■• IresteisBl resMved
Imssrn freft Ihis lady's brtssf
Old seres, alters aad
, ... JrowtbB cared.   Describe
Vear-treshle 1 we will aead keek aad lesUaeaiale.
rt^r Canada cancer institutc, lwits*
Wash Day
'.   10
Makes Hie Clothes
Whit* ae Snow
Try It 1
I_lMyli(liiii_ by
Th. JohMBon-RlchMdiOA Co
Limited, Montr • ■!, €:■ n.
A Real Aethm* Relief.—Dr; J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bas never
been advertised by extravagant statements. Its claims are conservative
Indeed, when judged by the cures
which it performs. Expect real relief and permanent benefit when you
buy this remedy and you will not
have cause for disappointment. It
gives permanent relief ln many cases
where other so called remedies have
utterly failed.
No Stone Unturned
A countryman who visited London
lost his gold watch. He trotted off
to Scotland Yard and told them about
his trouble. With their usual politeness they informed htm that they
would leave no stone unturned ta
their endeavor to And his watch.
A few days later he went through
some of the leading thoroughfares and
saw street alter street turned up and
was told that a few miles were In
the same condition.
He ran oft to Scotland Yard and
said: I didn't think I was giving you
all that trouble. If you don't And the
watch by Saturday you need not pull
up any more of the road.
Minard's Liniment Curea Burns, Etc
The literary young man had Just
taken possession of a smart young
lady at the party and was at a loss
for a topic ot conversation. After
much mental struggle he at length Inquired:
Oh. Miss J ,_l suppose you are
familiar with Crabbe's tales?
Young lady (scornfully)—I was not
aware that crabs had tails, sir!
Young man (confusedly)—I beg pardon. I should have said 'read'
Crabbe's tales.
Young iady (still more scornfully)
—And 1 was not aware that red crabs
had tails, either.
Farmer John—This ls the New York
Stock Exchange my dear.' All those
men running about on the floor arc
Mrs. John—My! I should think they
would get tired. Don't they ever
sit down?
Farmer John—I guess not. Seats
here cost about $70,000 apiece.
Requires Thit Her Blood Supply
be Kept Rich, Red and Pure.
A Virtu* of'Necessity
.Manager—I can't, do a thing with
Smith, the new clerk.   I've had him
In three department*, and he dozes
all day long.
Proprietor—Put him at the pyjama
counter, aud fasten this card on him
Onr night-clothes are of such superior
quality tliat even the clerk who sells
tliem cannot keep awake.
That Was All
Waiter, said a traveller In a railroad
restaurant, did you say I hsd twenty
minutes to wait, or that it was twenty
minutes to eight?
Nayther. Ol said ye had twlnty
minutes to ate, an Unit's all y* did
have.     Yer train's Jest gone.
Me. a box *r fix boxes rar *2.W,
at atl *Ml*w_ at Th* Oodd* Medina* Company. Limit***, Toront*,
Thought It was Cocoa
During a meeting of councillors In
one of the'   Lancashire   towns   the
question of recreation for the hospital
nurses was being discussed.
Several games were • suggested,
amongst which was the game of croquet.
A burly Lancashire councillor, who
was noted for hts eagerness to keep
down expenditure, happened to come
In at tbe moment, but failed to catch
accurately the name of the subject
under discussion. However, ho Immediately got upon his feet and objected to the increased expenditure,
saying at the same time that tay and
coffee had been good enough for him
all his life, and he thought the nurses
could do very well without kokl.
We offer One Hundred Dollars ne.eem-A
for anv case of Catarrh tliat cunnol lie
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.   J.   CHENET  A CO.,   Toledo,   O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, nml believe him perfectly honest. In all business
transactions and financially alilo to carry
out nnv olillanllons made by Ills Arm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
HbII's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon thn blood and mucoua surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 76 cents per bottle.
Bold by  I'll drilSBlsts. ___,„
Take Halls Family Pills for constipation. 	
Why She Left Them
Have you any references? asked the
lady of the house?
Yes, ma'am, a lot of *em.
Then why didn't you bring them
with you?
They're Just like my photographs,
ma'am. None of 'cm does me Justice.         ^
A Lltli* Asslsunc*
I gave Coppers, the millionaire, his
flrst start In life.
With a bent pin at school.
Every mother who calls to mind
her own girlhood knows how urgently her daughter Is likely to need help
aud strength during the years between school days and womanhood.
It Is then that growing girls droop
and become fragile, bloodless and
nervous. Nature ls calling for more
nourishment than the blood can supply and signs ot distress are plainly
evident ln dull eyes, pallid cheeks,
aching backs, a languid step, fits of
depression, headaches and a dislike
for food. These signs mean anaemia—that ls bloodleusness.
The watchful mother takes prompt
steps to give her girl the new, rich
blood her system ls thirsting for by
giving Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
which make new blood and transforms
unhappy anaemic girls Into robust,
happy, bright-eyed young women.
No other medicine has ever succeeded
like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, because
no other medicine can make that new,
rich, red blood which brings health
and vitality to weak, bloodless systems. Miss Mamlo Krouse, Cope-
town, Ont., says: "Dr. Williams' Fink
Pills have been a blessing to me
had been a sufferer .tor almost two
years trom anaemia, and seemed, no
matter what I tried, to be growing
worse. I was very palo and seemed
bloodless, suffered from frequent
headaches, the least exertion would
leave me completely tired out, and I
was very much discouraged and fretful. At last I was advised to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and got a
halt dozen boxes, and by the time
they were used I was feeling much
better. A few more boxes fully restored my health and I have since
been well and strong and able once
more to enjoy life."
These pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or will be sent by mall at 60
cents a box or six boxes for $2.60
by addressing The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Counsel, alter severely cross-exam,
lnlng witness—How far exactly ls lt
between these two towns?
Witness—About four miles as the
flow cries.
Ah, remarked counsel, you menn as
the crie flows.
No, no, said the Judge, suavely. It
is as the Die crows.
Then they looked at one another
and found there was something
A Wis* Precaution
Now Harry, go to Smith's the grocer, and get a quart ot the best mo-
lasBes, said his mother, and she handed the young hopeful a couple of good
sized Jugs.
When the boy had gone the vicar's
wife said: You didn't tell him to get
anything ln the other Jug. ls he going to leave lt at the shop?
No, ma'am; he's going to bring tt
back here again.
But why send two jugs to get a
quart ot molasses?
Well, you see, it's this way. It he
has a jug In each hand, he can't go
dipping his finger in the molasses and
eating It as he comes along.
PHI* for Nervous Troubles.—The
stomach Is the centre of the nervous
system, and when the stomach suspends healthy action the result ls
manifest In disturbances ot the nerves.
If allowed to persist, .nervous debility,
a dangerous ailment, may onsue. The
flrst consideration Is to restore the
stomach to proper action, and there
Is no readier remedy for this than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pill*. Thousands can attest the virtue of these
pills in curing nervoua disorders
A 49ER
The late James Ii. Keene, himself
almost a '49er, used to tell many a
story about the characters of '49.
It was difficult in those days, he
once said, to be a temperance man,
for to refuse a drink with a '49er was
a worse offence than to kiss the fellow's wife.
A '49er, twirling his long and drooping moustache, said to a tenderfoot
ln a bar-room:
Have some red eye with me.
Thank you—no, said the tenderfoot,
a total abstainer, firmly.
There was a tense silence ln the
crowded bar. Then the '49er reach
ed back to his hip-pocket and said
with a weary sigh:
Heigho, can't I even take a drink
without killing a man?
with the
I. X. L.
PRICE $3.50
Washes Anything and   Everything
From a Horse-Blanket and Overalls
to the Finest Laces with No Injury.
W. N. U   940
Something Wrong
Young Husband—My dear Mabel, )
muat say that tho pudding does not
twte very nice.
Young Wife—It must be your Imag.
. (nation, dear. It says In the cook
j er}' book that It tastes excellent.
Head Bookkeeper Must be Reliable
The chief bookkeeper In a large
business house In one ot our great
Western cities speak* ot the barm
coffee did for him. (Tea ls just as
injurious because it contains caffeine,
the aame drug found In coffee).
' "My wife and I drank our first tup
of Postum a little over two years ago
and we have used lt ever since, to the
entire exclusion of tea and coffee. It
happened tn this way:
"About three and n half years ago
I had au attack ot pneumonia, which
left a memento In thc shape of dyspepsia, or rather, to speak more correctly, neuralgia of the stomach. My
'cup of cheer' had always been coffee
or tea, but I became convinced, after
a time, that thoy aggravated my
stomaoh trouble. I happenod to
mention Ihe matter to my grocer one
day and ho suggested that I give
Postum a trial.
"Next day It came, but the cook
made the mistake of not boiling It
sufficiently, and we did not like lt
much. This was, however, soon
remedied, and now we like it so much
that we will never chango back.
Postum, being a food beverage Instead of a drug, has been tho means
of banishing my stomaoh trouble, I
verily believe, tor I am a well man
today and have used no medicine.
"My* work as chief bookkeeper In
our"Co.'s branch house here Is of a
very conlinlng nature. During my
coffee-drinking days I was subject to
nervousness and "the blues." These
have left me since I began using Post
um, and I can conscientiously recommend lt to thoso whoso work confine*
them to long hours ot severe mental
exertion." Name given by Canadian^
Postum Co., Windsor. Ont.
"There's a reason,'' And It is explained In tho llttlo book, "The Iload
to Wellvllle." In pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A ntw
en* appear* from tlma to time. They
■re genuine, true, and full of human
Yonr druireist will refund money If PAJ.0
DINTMl-N'T fails to cure any esse of Itching. Blind; Bleeding or Protruding Plies
In 6 to It days.    60c.
The Dangerous Stove
A French physician called on one of!
his patients, a lady, who was complaining of headache and general prostration. I'll tell you what'B the matter with you, madam, he said promptly; It's tbat stove you have over
there. Those coal-burning stoves
nre reservoirs of poison—the deadliest
things In the world.
But that stove cost me one hundred francs! protested the lady.
Never mind that; better lose any
amount.of money than your life. I'll
tell you what I'll do; I'll give you
twenty-flve francs for It, and find some
way ot getting rid of thc pernicious
The lady consented, and the doctor
removed the stove.
A few days later the patient who
thought nf changing her residence,
went to Inspect a suite ot rooms, and
the first thing that met her gaze was
the stove. Who lives here? she
asked of the servant who was showing
her over the rooms.
Madame A., madame, said tho servant respectfully—Doctor B.'s mother-in-law.
Coupon Below
Not Only Washes
But Rinses and Blue*
Sent Under a
Money-Back Guarantee
Join the Army of Satisfied House-
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and Millions Will Be
This Coupon Good for $2.00
Present or mail this coupon and
ft.60 to Dominion Utilities Mfg. Co.,
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Man., and you will receive one I.X.L.
All charges prepaid anywhere In
Canada on condition that your money
Is to be refunded if the Washer does
not do all that is claimed.
Minard's Liniment Curea Dandruff.
Advice for th* Minister
In preaching the minister hail been
rather long-winded, when the young
wife remembered that she bad lefl
the dinner in the gas range without
regulating the flame. She hastily
wrote a note and slipped It tn her husband, who was an usher. He thinking It was Intended for tho minister,
calmly walked up and laid It on tho
The minister paused In the midst of
his sermon and took the .note with
a smile which changed Into a terrific
frown as he rend: ,
Please hurry home aud shut off ibe
The amateur socialist was airing
hts views before a bunch ot acquaintances, aome of whom believed that his
arguments possessed merit and others
ot whom belloved otherwise. He
spoke feelingly ln tho cause of public
ownership and one of tho progressives
I don't know aB I'd go as far na you
ln this matter. Uut I do believe this
—that many of the businesses now
run as private enterprises should bs
controlled by thc poople.
Yes, spoke up a listener who hail
hitherto remained silent—tho legislature, for Instance
Indignant Wife—I wonder what you
would have done If you had lived
when men were flrst compelled to
earn bread by the sweat ot their
Indolent Husband—I should have
started a little notion storo aud sold
Th--Old Reliable
Horse Remedy
\V| A ellsrmtrs B]^H
tjjs ami horsemen BM
I'M have saved money ^H|HO
Wby using Ken- HKI
,mw .Ull-.Siuvlnt'ura        *-      ^
Wrong Diagnosis
Tha Amateur Sherlock—I am sorry
to observe that you are In a precarious
•tate of health. A* you entered the
ballroom I saw you clutch at your
heart, while • look of agony crossed
your faco. ■
Mr. • Snuffles—Heart, nothing! I
have a cold and just discovered that |
I hadn't brought a handkerchief -with
Right and Wrong
Marriage, remarked the professor,
was a rito practised by the aueients.
And bachelorhood, Interrupted the
maiden ot forty, Is a wrong practised
by the moderns.
of farmers
snd horsemen
havesaved money
by using Ken*
fce Spavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony
Otowths and Lameness from many other
causes. These men know thst Kendall's
I* s money saver and a horse saver, We
cau prove It by thousands ol
OratoM Letter* trsm User*
V-XOBAH, *.-.«_-., Dac. Ijlll. 1911.
"I hsve s Urge stock cf horses and nm a
user of Kendall * Spavin Cun.  t nm.t ssy
thai I always hsd Ine best satixf-ttlon from
Its n_e, snd caa recommended It to any'
lain: omier." JOSISI'II ri'UNI).
Pi ci run Laeb, Mak. Dec. 14th, i_.ii.
"I have used Kendall's Spavin Cure for
tseyesrs. I l*nd it s sure cure for Spavins."
, frlce fi per boUle-4 l»ii'.e» Jj. Ask
druggist for free book -'Trestbc on thc
Hone" or write to as. 7}
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company       I
Talli. Vsimont. U. 3. A, | NPN"
THE   SUN,   GRAND   FOftKS,   B. C.
(Elf? *%xi\nh3atkB &un
G. A. Evans, Editoi. and publisher
SUBBOB1PT10H Hilts 1
one Tear    *LW
'Ine Tear (In advance)  1.00
line Year, In United States  I.M
Address all communications to
Ths Bvbnino Sua,
PHOBa B74 Gband Fobks, B.C
FRIDA\, APRIL   18,  1915
Deane stuck by bis political colors.
Tbis fact alone should endear bis
memory to all who place principle
above money considerations.
A San Francisco female freak employs modern slang in preaching the
gospel. The people would bo better
off without the gospel than to have
it served to them in this freakish
The government supported news
papers of Brjtieh Columbia are, of
eourse, enthusiastically in favor of
gag rule at Ottawa. The Tory machine at Victoria has gngged them
with the people's money.
With gag rule at Ottawa, and no
opposition at Victoria, it will not be
long before every honest man in
Canada will be compelled to keep
his small change (the enly kind he'll
have) locked up in his safe.
The man who votes for a party
because it is in power, or because he
expects it to get into power, without
being able to give any other reasons
for his action, is not as well qunli
lied to exercise his suffrage as the
average suffragette. The newspaper
which supports a political party
simply for the patronage it gets, is
worse than a knave
Tbe Liberal party . of Albertn
gained a signal victory at the polls
hy electing thirty-three members to
the Conservatives' eighteen. This
majority is large enough for any
provincial government to carry out
tbe policy of the party, while the
opposition is sufficiently strong to
sie that tbe people's funds are hon
estly expended. The people of
British Columbia might be saved
millions of dollars if the Liberals
had as healthy a representation al
Tbe death of F. J. Deane, editor
of the Cranbrook, will he generally
lamented by all Liberals in the
province He was one of the most
B:bolarly and li enchant writers in
British Columbin. When the ma
jority of the country newspaper
men vied with each in prostrating
themselves before the Victoriu machine in order to participate in the
distributon  of  "patronage,"   Mi
From a clipping sent The Sun, we
notice that Mr. Spraggett, superintendent of roads in Grand Forks
riding, is quoted in a Spoka'ne paper
as saying that millions of dollars
will be spent on roads in British Columbia. VVe believe Mr. Spraggett
is right. Tbere are uo apparent reasons for doubling that millions will
be spent. The most pertinent question is, Are the roads that cost mil*
lions really worth millions? It is
claimed enough money has already
been spent on the mucb heralded
interprtivin.ii.il highway to suffice
for the construction of a railway
grade across the province, mul only
a few scattered paiohes have yet
been completed. And there may be
other roads in the province that
bave cost too much.
Discussing the closure moiion the
Ottawa -Citizen, the leading Conservative paper in Ontaria, says: 'The
closure would be welcomed only by
despots and machine politicians,
giving a dangerous power to those
who would squander public money
by rushing through the house votes
for huge sums without adequate
critjci8tn. During the votes on es
timates in Britain many millions of
pounds are lumped together and
passed en bloc by means of the
closure, affording the opposition no
opportunity of criticising particular
items. And the system bas re
bounded upon the heads of those responsible for its introduction. Tbe
closure was devised at Westminster
by the Tories to overcome Irish obstruction. It is now being used by
the Liberals to force home rule for
Ireland tbrough parliament. Im
agine the chagrin of good protectionists in Canada to some day lind a
western group forcing free trade
through parliament hy means of the
closure. It will not do for Canada.
There are too many racial and religious problems requiring wide-open
debate. To employ the closure for a
measure inspired in Toronto might
cause a civil war." The Citizen
also attacks the Montreal Star (Con!)
for "Its daily diatribes on the
British Oerman scheme, thereby
faithfully fanning tbe spark of mili-
I iiiem into a ruddier promise of impending blaze "
I'he first lord has placed the Hi it
i.ili government in the awkward pusi
tion nf siding with une Canadian |0
litical party against the   other upou u
rather acute party controversy. Nor
can he cover himself by pleading that,
he merely answered Mr. Borden's
questions, for the whole course of the
mischief is that he went outside the
questions. The statements which have
been objected to were not asked fur;
he volunteered them.—London Daily
The practice of favoritism by municipalities in cities where competition
exists creates a system of graft of the
most pernicious character. Few towns
ure free from this practice.
Death of F. J. Deane
The death of F. J. Deane, tl e
veteran editor nnd politician, occurred last Friday at New Westminster, after a lingering illness, from
nervous prostration, * Mr. Deane
wits horn in Madras, India, in 180 \
and educated in Et jil-.nd and B. I-
ginm. He came to British Columhia
in 1889, and in 1898 was elected ti
represent Kamloops in lhe proviu-
eiil legislature under the SeniMn
government fnr two year*, defeiiin,.'
Hon.- (i D. Martin, ministei of
lands and works.. He was editor of
the Inland Sentinel at Kamloops for
several yeaiB, eventually selling out
In Dr. Wade, He then owned and
edited the Nelson Daily News for
several years, and finally ' purchased
the Cranbrook Herald from F. E.
Simpson. He was also secretary of
the Chinese commission. He leaves
a widow.
H. Exler, who lor the past two
years has been cashier in the Great
Northern offide at this point, has resigned to accept a similar position
wilh the Canadian Pacific railway in
this city. A. Cottinghaui, Ureal
Northern baggagemaBter, has been
promoted to till tbe position made
vacant by Mr.  Exter's resignation.
According to the annual report of
the acting manager of the British
Columbia Copper company, justnub-
milted to the directorate, the company's smelter ut Greenwood treated
740,589 tons ore last year. The ton
nage derived from . the company's
properties wa8 443,022, wbile the
balance was custom ore. The ag
gregule value ef gold, silver and copper propuced waB (1.483,(163.
Not a sound is heard thtse days
about the erection of the post office
building in Greenwood. Perhaps the
government can not afford lrr-4.iiilil
it and a navy at lhe same time. As
lhe money for the Greenwood build
ing was appropriated hefore the
navy hill came into the rin_r, we
have the right of way nnd should
not he sidetracked.—Ledge.
The Lyric is the nume of a   new
moving picuire theatre iu   Phoenix.
During the busy shipping season
the business office of tlie Ui>e;si'!e
nurseries has lieen moved do in to the
Birnie Bros' 'hardware store, all
Medicine Hat was destroyed hy lire
yesterday Thoy are heavy losers,
The origin of tlie fire is unknown. K.
M. Kerbv. nf this city, is a brother-
in-law of the Birnie brothers.*
For Sale—New Peeress  Incubator
- and Brooder; 220 egg   Kobert  Clark.
Don't be miBlt'd by false state,
ments of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by mire
people than any other paper printed
in lhe Boundary district.
r\s-L>riv^ri goods
Used in the West exclusively, being highest jn
qna[ity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
lieach Balls .".-.  .$1.25
Woodland <3& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
The Sun job office is overstocked
with some sizes of billheads. Cull
and get a bargain.
Change of Program
Each Week
NOTICE '8 HKKKBY MVKN ths' mi theHth
ilny nl March A. II. 191:1, probutc ol
Ilie will nf .l.-hn Abrnham Coryell,depr-i sen,
Iste nf the I'ltv of ('I»lld Forks. 11C,was
granted out nf tlie Supreme ' ourt of British
(l.iliunhin. al Grand Forki, B C, !'• Kiima
Ferifusnii Coryell and Frallli O orge Coryell,
exnmltrlx and exe'-utor therein named,
both of Orand Fork". H.C.
Kvery per.o' Indebted to ssld (-stale Is
required to make payment li.rtlivvitli to the
Bald executrix and exeeutor, and every person having tn possession efli-cls bolomil"ir
to estate Ts required forthwith to deliver
samo nvi r to nai'l i-xeoutrx and exeeutor.
Every creditor or other person l*avlr« any
claim tll'oii or Interest lu the distribution of
tho estnte of the deceased Is rea 111 red before
lhe Mill dny ol April, A.D. .IH. '•' send by
registered letter, addressed to the under
sinned his name aud ad'l'es* snd lull
particulars oi bts claim or interest, and a
statement of his account, verified hy statutory- dcclsratlnn, nnd the nature of the security (If anv) held hy blm.
After the said 2Mb dy of April lthe exeen-
ttix and exeoiit'T will proceed with thc ad-
minlfltration of 'he estn'e, havlns ret-urd
tn those elalms -only nf whioh they shall
then have notice.
Dated tbls lStl- day of March, A.D. 1913.
KM MA F. CORVKLL. Executrix,
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added, a
Barber Shop
to its already well eqnipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Kazoi's   sharpened   by
an expert.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing oi Every Description
All Won Folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in A growing
business returning 82,00 on every
tl.00 invested lliporiiiil-iiterl
for 11,0011,000. $100,000 yours if
you nre the right mail, Ili-fi-r-
ence* required. Apply A. B fl.,
this office.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are mado of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if wo don't
make good. **-*
Mclntyre <& Smith
bev. chas, fciasa bats
I US. 0. A. ABBOTT, August ti, i«e»
,    «eAmSl., New Yolk City. _.
DssrSin I hue known for over soyesrs of th*
clectsof Wilson's !<_n..d" [Wilson's Propiwt-aei
•IMypoehosiililicf and i.todccttl] Incsusolpsl.
ssossry iroubi-t. At thit point I will ssy to yim
west yoo hive not beforo known oft that «s msn.
alsce,while I wss a r»irl.ot of N.Y. City, I waa
aastis.yillwUhlunK__our.le. Physlclsas said I wsa
• consumptive and my family pbyitciaa told my win
that hs thought I cen.'d net re, ever. Mrauratlo*
wu directed to the Wilms Remedy, wbkb I ****
wlih splendid effect. I have heen on ■/ feet aad at
*josk.t,ttxi.cemyenre. Youritmly,
II. I. Church, Hunter, (Greens Co.,) N. Y.
Oa Dee 1, mit, Mr. Sagtr wrote Ur. Abbott;
"My health is very good.'r
.If yoa  will  write Mr. Abbott he
. will gladly, furni.li you aay further
information ynu desire.
At the Head*
The nun al the hud of affairs
whether at home or in business, is
the -one whose- attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes Into the best class
of homes anil is read by lhe head „t
Ihe family. That accounts Ior the
results obtained by the use of
Classified Want  Adt.   .
Something   That You
Never Seen Nor
Heard Of
a Parisian novelty—^'Bump.
it is used thin year as a little
Faster present,, or rather a mark
of courtesy to friendM uml reta>
lives. It* value as a token lies
more in tlie'noVel id'-a than in the*,
price of tbi: urticle' It isai-rauie'd
so tlmt it can be sent, just like a
postcard, for a cent or two, te
any place in Canada or the United States. The endearing idea
about it is the embedded Lumin
oils Croevm, whicli will shine all
night lung (or in anv dark room)
in a (Ji.oiiiiiiis, Mimic Hi.tiu
l.iiniT, after yon have nud it exposed to daylight for a -few minutes The price is so low that
anyone ia enlbled to be convinced of its real nature. It ia .
indeed an article which is held
in high esteem by any Christian
fatnilv or person. The shining
cross is mule of a stone which is
found only near Jerusalem, and
if which already the Bible speaks
rs the Luminous Stone in piutur-
idx Solomon's Temple.
PRICES ABE—18 cents each, 2
for *i5c, 5 for 60c, and 12 for tl.
(Sole Agent for Canada and U.S )
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhOHOl "stores •»•■"• oerve In the body
^ '*- III proper tension | restores
vim and vitality. Premature decay snd sll sexual
weakness averted st ones. FMtfheaol will
make yoa a new man.  Price 18 a box. or two lor &;
Prominent Great Northern
Officials Are Entertained
by Citizens
A party of prominent Great
Northern, railway officials arrived
in the city at 11 o'clock today by
special train, and spent an hour and
a half here. Thof-e comprising the
party were President Carl Gray,
Vice-President Gruber, General
Manager George Emerson, General
Superintendent Scott, all of St. Paul;
James H. Kennedy, chief engineer
of the Vancouver, Victoria <fc East
em, and a number of other officers
of the Great Northern system.
On the arrival o' the train, a delegation from tbe hoard of trade,
headed by Mayor Fripp and Presi
dent Fred Clark, in and five motor
cars, awaited tbe officials. An hour
was consumed in a drive through
the valley, and this gave the railway
magnates an opportunity of viewing
eome of the more prominent orch
ards of tbe distriot. Tben a trip was
made to the Granhy smelter. This
was the first time President Gray
bad ever seen a copper smelter in
operation, and be thoroughly en
joyed tbe scene. He said he would
not have missed tbat visit for his
whole western trip. Tbe party left
for Oroville at 12:30.
The principal object the committee from the board of trade had in
view in interviewing the officials was
to induce tbem to put on a Sunday
passenger train between tbis city
and Marcue. Tbe members of tbe
committee are in hopes that their efforts in tbis direction will bring
forth satisfactory results Other
matters of importance to the city and
valley were also dismissed.
cTWiller C& Gardner
We have a complete line ot Garden Tools, Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Grass Catchers, and all the necessaries for spring cleaning and
gardening.. Our Tools are ot the
best makes and are guaranteed to
give satisfaction.
Bapco Pure Paints,   Oils
and Baplac Varnish Stains
cTWiller <& Gardner
The board of trade will meet in
thn city hall next Thursday evening, insleid of on Wednesday night,
as previously announced.
Trestles and bridges on tbe Canadian Pacific railway . between
Greenwood and Midway are to be
filled in this year, according to an
announcement made by VV. P. Tierney, tbe Vancouver contractor.. Mr.
Tierney stales that be has received
a contract to make the necessary
fills, and tbal the steam shovels
needed for the work will be prepured
at the Nelson yards. "Work will be
commenced in a few,days.
For Sale—One lot* and 5-ronm log
house on First street hill; also household furniture and sewing machine.
Must lie sold before first of month,
us owner is leaving city. Terms
cash.    Apply Louis Miller.
Mrs. Geo. 1). Clark and children
are visiting Mrs. Clark's parent., in
New Westminster.
The Ilex Vaudeville company
filled a two. nights' engagement at
the opera house this week. The audiences were small. The company
has not improved since the last time
it visited tbe city.
Tbe following officers for the current year were elected at the annual
meeting of the Ladies Aid society of
the Methodist church: Honorary
president, Mrs. J. B. Tuttle; presi
dent, Mrs. Mann; vice-president,
Mrs. J. Rooke; secretary, Mrs. W.
Farmer; treasurer, Mrs. E Davis;
auditors, Miss M. Mann and F E.
An agricultural association has
been organized in Phoenix.
Midway  will  celebrate Victoria
day, May 24.
6. P. R. Passenger Service
Through City on That
District Superintendent W. 0.
Miller, of tbe Canadian Pacific railway, and Mr. Stephens, acting superintendent, of western lines, were
in the city this moruing. Mr Miller made a definite announcement
that on May 1 the Canadian Pacific
railway will inaugurate a passenger
train service over the Kettle Valley
line tracks through the city of Grand
Jorki.* -*■        '-.•■   ■ .
E. E. W. Mills, of Grand Forks,
B. C, has mated up three pens of
White Wyandottes. Eacb pen beaded by prize winning cock birds. One
pen of S.C. Rhode Island Reds and
one pehol Buff Orpingtons.** Settings
from an)'' one of tbese pens at 12,
and I will replace any eggs tbal are
not fertile on tbeir return.
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusians.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks.
ROBERT CLARK winn.peoVrIdge
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
$lf? <8ranb .forka 8-ittt
and the Montreal
Jfamttij ftralifc mi Vttklgfttar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisiiigin The Sun.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrmenl in the
Boundary country.
Columbia Poultry
Single Comb Rhode Tsland Reils.Single
Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
Eggs for sale, t3 and 15 for 16; Winner of 14 cock and 2nd hen in single
comb Reds at the Provincial Show; 10
cups, over'70. Ist prizes and other
specials in 1912. Our birds are tested
layers as well an winners"in the show;
room.   A few good cockerels for sale,
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. G.
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
Plymouth Rocks
and Rose Comb
Rhode Island Reds
for _utc_.l_.rt from O A    eachtls **,
!B Eihlbillon Slock is VC quality
Eggs for Sale
Buff Orpingtons are now ■
ahead in the heavy-weight
varieties in   the   second
International  Egg-laying
J. A. McCALLUM, Proprietor
Grud Forb, ftoiu L 101
Mired lad, 1911.
If you read The Sun you get'the
nety of tbe city, the province and
the world. It is pnsgible tttr/rt) Sun
reader to keep abreast of the liiiii-n
without tbe aid of tbe daily papers.
l $1,500
&j      160 Acres in
Kg      Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
&500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
-Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, (875 Gad,
Balance Term
For Further Partlculfcra Apply
The    Sun    Office
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not miniver the law) when a nub
scriber does not take his paper nut nf
the postofliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible Ui the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, nr the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There cap Is) no legal discontinuance until payment is made,
3. Any iicrsnn who takes a paper
out of the postoffice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscrilier orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5. The courtt. hive decided that nv
fu»ing tu take newspapers or   piricsli
cals from the |Kist offire or' removing,
leaving   them   uncalled tor, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud, THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
> Ti<rm<%M**U'/h-
mt -J&Mrrt/tA
my dUfM
DYE, an* can buy-Why yott <f<»'t ava* hava to
know what KIND of Cloth yonr Good! wa tmaia
of—So MiitakM ara Tmpoatfbta, .
Send (or I>•• Color Card, Story Eoolilat, and
BooklM giving remit* of Dyeing onr Othar culora,
MoatiMl. CaiMda.
You ought to Wear
reliable merchants have them
in stock
When buying your Piano in-
sist on having an
Piano Action
M«». WIHSI.OW'9 flOOTRINn Svaur bis hee*
ami lor over SIXTY VEAKSIiy MILLIONS of
is the hest remedy lor DIARKIIO.A. It il ab.
mlutely harmless. Be sure aad ask for "Mrs.
■winslow's Soothiug Syrup,*' and take ao other
kind.  Twenty.five cents a bottle
Wanted—Agents tor Hall and Wind-
•torm Insurance. Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
The Diplomatic Saleaman
An elderly lad catered a «liop and
asked to be shown some tablecloths.
The salesman brought a pile and
showed them to her, but flic said she
had seen these before—nothing suited
Haveu't you something new? she
Thc man then brotiftfit.another pile
and showed tliem to her. These nre
the newest pattern, lie said. You
will notice the edge runs round the
border and the centre Is in the middle.
Dear me, yes! I will take halt a
dozen of those, said the lady.
Healthy Mother* and CM*
dren Make Happy Homes
Motherhood is woman's highest sphere
In lit*. It is lhe fruition of her dearest
hope* and greatest desires; yet thousands of noble women through seme derangement have been denied this blessing.
In many homes once childless there an
now children because ot the fact that
Lydia E.Pinlih*m's Vegetable Compound
makes women normal,heal thy andstrong.
This is evidenced by the following lettera
which are genuine and truthful:
London, Ont-"I wish to thank you
for the benefit I received by taking your
■ famous medicine,
I Lydia K. Pinkham's
■ Vegetable Com*
] pound. Ileforo my
J baby was bom I waa
lao ill I could not
■ atand long or walk
] any distance. I had
Ito lie down.nearly
I all the time.   After
II took your medicine
11 felt like a new wo-
' man.   I could work
from morning till night and was happy
and well. I certainly think it relieves
pain at childbirth and recommend it to
every woman who is pregnant You may
use this testimonial if you like. It may
help some other womaa. "-Mrs. Frank
Corbin, 132Adelaide St, London, Ont
Brooklyn, N.Y.-"I was ailing all th*
Urns and did not know what th* matter
was. I wanted a baby but my health
would not permit it I was nervous, my
aide ached and I waa all run down. I
beard that LydlaE.Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound was good and took the medicine. I have now a beautiful baby and
your Compound has helped me in every
way."-Mrs. J. J. Stewart, 299 Humboldt St. Brooklvn. N.Y.
W   N. U   140
Herring at Prince Rupert
An unique condition Is reported at
the present time ln the harbor ot
Prince Rupert, the Pacific terminus of
the Grand Trunk Paciflo Railway.
Myriads ot herrings are swarming
close to the shore and attracting numbers of visitors to watch the moving
banks of silver, that gleam and scintillate just below the surface of the
water. All kinds of methods are
being employed to scoop them out of
the water—In many cases simply for
the sporiof the thing, the fish being
immediately returned to their native
element. Some mess boys from one
ot the ships lot down a wire waste
paper basket and brought up a full
loud at the first attempt, while an ordinary bucket let down is reported to
have met with equal success. In one
case the herring managed to turn over
a seine net which they had filled and
lt ls said to be an actual fact hat th*
vast mass of fish close to the shore
heaves and tosses about the small
craft and scows riding at anchor
there. The run will last tor another
couple ot months.
A visitor at the seaside went Into a
local postoffice, and with the -abject ot
getting Into conversation, asked the
postmaster what his views were as
to suffragettes.
Haven't any views of that kind, replied the official, but we've got eome
fine postcards of the new viaduct, the
Baptist Church, and the new library.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia,
A small boy who had been naughty
was told by his mother that he must
take a whipping. He flew upstairs
and hid In a far corner under a bed.
Just then the father came home. The
mother told him what had occurred.
J'a went upstairs and proceeded to
crawl under the bed toward the youngster, who whispered excitedly: Hello
pop, is she after you too?
An Economist *
We don't .need all that orchestra,
■aid the public speaker.
But music alwaya helps to enliven
an occasion.
I know, but there's no use ot getting
your audience Interested ln the tunes'
when all you really require to keep 'em
awake ls the bass drum and cymbals
Straight and Simple Statement Tells
of Another Qrand Cure by the Old
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Sprlnghaven, Yarmouth Co.', N.S..
(Special)—Simple and straight to th*
point 1s the statement ot Mrp. Erven
C. Trefry, ot this place, but It tells
ot another grand cure by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
"My fifteen-year-old son Angus,"
Mrs. Trefry states, "suffered from
pain In hts back, headache, and a
pain over the eyes.
"He was so bad he could not walk
across the floor. My friends advised
me to give him Dodd's Kidney Pilla.
"They cured hi©." - - ■
That young* Trefry's kidneys were
wrong ls evidenced by the cure.
Dodd's Kidney Pills only cure diseased kldneyB.   They never fall to do
""•The reason they cure rheumat.sm.l«>nlPel'«<' to m*ny *-■" ■«•*«»
backache, gravel, dropsy, Blight's disease, diabetes, and kindred diseases,
is that these all spring from disordered kidneys.
If you have any of these diseases
you haven't tried Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Ask your neighbors. Tlhey'll tell
you Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
Whenever you feel a headache coming on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They slop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
opium, morphine, phenaoetln, acetanllld or other dangerous
drugs.   25c. s box at your Druggist's, \.t
Best for Wear
Insist on the
genuine Eureka
Harness Oil in
original packages
Dealer* everywhere
Harness Oil
Mrs. Marehmont—Why Jane, where
are all the young ladles? I thought
I heard them come ln an hour ago.
Jane—So you did, mum; they'd
been to the cooking-school, mum, and
tho three ot -them's been down in th*
kitchen ever since bilin' a egg.
A Member ot Parliament bas been
showing round a letter that he has
Just received trom one ot his constituents. The writer ls evidently worried about the provisions ot the Deceased Wife's Sister act, and ln the
course of the letter he asks it It is
By this I mean, he goes on to explain: it my present wife dies, am I
Corns cause much suffering, but
Holloway's Corn Cure offera a speedy,
sure, and satisfactory relief.
The Barber (alter a shave)—Hair
dyed, sir?
Customer (bald headed)—Yes, lt
died about five years ago.
The Call
Booker Washington, as all the world
knows, believes that the salvation of
his -race lies In Industry. Thus lt a
young man wants to be a clergyman
he will meet with little encouragement from the head of Tuskegee, but
tf he wants to be a blacksmith or a
bricklayer his welcome ls warm and
Dr. Washington ln a recent address
ln Chicago said:
The world ls over full of preacher*
and when an aspirant for the pulpit comes to me, I em Inclined
to tell him about the old uncle working ln the cotton field who said:
'De cotton am so grassy, de work
am ao hard and de sun am so hot ah
feel sure that this darky am called ta
Take .-XXA'WVB BROMO Quinines '1'r.h-
leta.   Druggists refund money If It fiilla
to cure.   TS. W. GROVE'S alsnstui-e la
on each box.     -5c.
The latest link ln -the chain of Ho-tels owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway Cojnpany, Is now
In course of cons ruction at Calgary. This Hotel, In she and architectural design, as well a. the sumptuousness
\l t^turnlhlngsVnd general a/polntmci.ts, will rival anything pf its kind in Western Canada. Th.i co..of
the Hotel is said to bc approximately 11.200,000, and it ls expected that it will be opened for patronage *om*
tlmo during th* coming summer, or In any event before the end ot 1913.
Not to be Caught
A distant relative had taken up hi*
quarters wilh a newly-married couple
who had received him with every
mark of consideration. But when,
after a week's stay In their house th*
guest began to make himself more
and more at home the couple deliberated on the best means of getting rid
of the hanger-on and intruder without offending him.
I tell yon what, said the husband,
to-morrow at dinner I will crumble
about Ihe soup, saying It Is over-salted; you will then tluro up. and when
the dispute Is at Its height we will appeal to Ihe decision ot our relative.
If he take* your part I will turn him
out ot doors, and It he sides with me
you will do the same
The plan was acted upon, and In
the midst of the quarrel the husband
and wit* called upon their guest to
declare which ot thcin was in the
right.    But the latter coolly replied:
Vou see, my dears, during the
couple of months I Intend staying with
vou I have mado )ip my mind not to
interfere tn your domestic broils.
. Convincing
Oh, papa! Algernon has aaked me
to*marry him.
The nervy pupl What has he ever
dono to deserve you?
Well, Algernon ls a writer ot some
Is lhat bo? Can you convince me
ot that?
Certainly, here Is the note.
Not Musical
An active but rather Illiterate member of a certain dull van Informed
at the last committee mertlng that the
members had decided to glvo him an
honorarium for his assistance.
Thank you, gentlemen,,for yonr
kindness, said h», but li's of no use
to me.     I really couldn't play It!
Bet He Did
Maudle, asked her dearest friend,
did Bob kiss you last night?
Tho very idea! Why do you ask
such a question?
Oh, happened' to bear him aay ho
liked your cheek.
The worms that Infest children
trom their birth are ot two kinds,
those that find lodgement In the atomach and thoso that are found In the
intestines. The latter are the most
destructive, a* they cling to the walls
of tlio Intestines and If uot Interfered
with work havoc there. Miller's
Worm Powders dislodge both kinds
and while expelling them from Ihe
system serve to repair th* damage
they have caused.
Indulgent Uncle—The trouble with
you, Horace, Is that you have not
struck your proper vocation. You
haven't found youraelf yet.
Scapegrace Nephew—Huh! You
want mo to be a self-seeker, do you.
"Snmplo free If you write National
Drue and Chemical Co., ot Canada,
Limited, Toronto.'
A Water Clock
The Brahmin'* clock* divide the day
Into elxty houj:* ot twenty-tour minute* each, called ghurecs. Occasion-,.-
ly a twenty-four-minute sandglass is
used, but mure commonly * copper
bowl with a very email hole la th*
bottom of It, this bowl being placed
on the surface of -the water and gradually filled. It th* hole tn the bottom Is correctly sited, the bowl (Ink*
ln twenty-tour minutes; this registers
the duration ot the ghuree. An aU
tendant thereupon empties the basin
and strikes th* hour ot the night on
a gong.
Thsy Q*t Together
Why do they coaple fuss and feathers?
They go together. When a woman
sppnds a week's salary for feathers,
naturally ber husband make* a Ms*.
Mlnsrd's Liniment for sale everywhere.
The young lover ot old Egypt wu
in despair.
And to think, he walled, that 1
should lose everything I had trying
to corner the fig market. Now 1 do
not know when we can be married.
Why I haven't even a house.
The beautiful daughter of tbe Nile
smiled reassuringly.
Cheer up, my dear, sh* whispered,
you can build the house yourself.
But where I* the material?
ln our date garden. You know,
each ot your love letters wa* written
on a brick; I have saved them all.
Now get your overalls and go to
Thrifty, Indeed, were Iha daughters
of old Egypt.
Two Utah men hav* patented a
•Imple Implement which cores and
quarters an apple In the same operation.
The riding master of a crack cavalry regiment has a very san-asllc way
of dressing down his recruits when
putting them through their facings.
One horse In the. tiding school had
played cup-and-ball with his would-
be rider, and deposited him on th*
mat for the twentieth time.
The Instructor waited for thc poor
fellow to regain hla feet and said:
That's a very good horse, and excel,
lently trained, but surely you don't c»
peel him to catch you every tlmo you
come down.
Eczema Cured
Three Years Ago
last City Dootor* Failed, But Ours
Wm IffooUd by Um of
Dr. Uxsssrs Ointment
Mri. A. T. Smith.
Tou apply Dr. Chas*'* Ointment for
ecsema and teel the beneflt aa If br
magic. It may tak* som* days to get
th* sores cleaned out and the healing
process fully established, but trom
day to day you can aee the old trouble
gradually disappearing and know that
you are getting rid ot It, i
Mrs, A. T. Smith, 1 Mt Charles St,
Montreal, Que., writes:—"I had ecsema on my leg tor four years, ant
tried many remedies and doctora la
Montreal ar..\ Boston, without any
benefit. I u..e<! three boxes of Dl*.
Chase's Ointment and was cured corn*
pletely. This mas three years ago.
Since then I used Dr. Chan's Ointment tor Irritations and eruptions of
the skin, and easily got rid of them
with two or threo applications. Dr.
Chare's Ointment Is a wonderful prs-
paratlon." '
Dr. Chase's Ointment, to cent* k
*box. all dealers or Kdr-anaon, Bat*8
* Co., Limited, Toronto. tf
Pretty Wrap For
Coming     Season.
Many of the prettiest wraps for early
spring wear fall to thc hip only. Tbls
little mantle of white cloth Is gracefully draped under bands of black velvet caught with peiirl nnd jet butt.ous.
It Is worn wltb u gown of black char-
mcuse, while buckskin oxfords having
let buttons, nnd a black hemp hat. This
daring magpie combination is only for
tbe dcrotee of fashion, but could be
modified to suit conservative taste.
Unusual Wsy* ef Serving Calory en*
Winter Apples.
Among lb* appealing relishes so
much used Is stuffed celery. A* a
chang* from celery stuffed with cheese,
try the following: Select four tender
(talks ot celery of the same length
and cut In halves; stuff with a mixture
of equal part* of chopped raisins, dates
and figs. Arrange them in star shapes
on a round plate and garnish wltb eel-
try tips.
A dainty luncheon or supper dessert
(ays Good Housekeeping, Is apple cup.
Ber* is the recipe:
Select medium slued firm apples;
acosp out the centers from the stem
Now Drsss Trimmings.
Black Is greatly In evidence.
Wool braids In soft, dull colorings
(re used again.
Sometimes chenille Is combined with
shining ribbon like braids in novel effects.
Serpentine effects ore to be used on
suits, coats aud tailored costumes.
.If you are planning some unusual
design use the uow tubular braids and
work out something original.
Dare you scon tbe button braids?
They are very new nnd quite different
i'or the tailored unit there are niauy.
"binding" braids, fiat, shiny and good
Newest of the now Is tho astrakhan
braid, which Is woven to look like and
does resemble the genuine fur.
Persian and orlcntnl colorings are
used In the novelty trimmings and
braids, usually tbe narrow widths.
There will be plenty of lacelike Kneels and gold effects lu the evening
trimmings-dull and bright gold and
■liver In the different finishes.
Beaded trimmings,  too, are to lie
fashionable, and so also will he the
%  heavily  embroidered trimmings —tb*
embroidery done on  sheer  net and
■lauding out In bold relief.
api*i_* ours and sTurriD oblbht.
end, leaving about one-fourth of the
core at the blossom end. Cook In a
sirup made with equal parts sugar and
water until the apples may be pierced
wltb a fork but ure not In danger of
breaking. Remove to the serviug dish
and fill each apple with a mixture of
chopped raisins, dates and figs. Pour a
little of tbe simp over tbem and garnish witli whipped cream. If desired
uncooked apples may be used, in which
case the skin should be left ou. Ited
apples ure the most attractive.
Transparent Effects In Ileuses.
The new blouses designed lo be wirn
with coat suits suggest transparency,
though they are really quite opaque.
This effect Is achieved by mounting
The Hand Woven 8ort Ar* Again In
Th* band woven rug or tbe colonial
squares bave come back lo favor In
tbe general return to the colonial
style* of Interior decoration that bav*
■wept over our homes.
There are many forms of hand woven rugs, tbe braided form being the
easiest A single braid of three strands
Is made of strips of cotton materials
of many colors, sewed ln long strands
and collected tn large balls before tbe
braiding Is begun.
Th* plaited rug can be In a round
form or a long oval rug. Some women
are emphasizing one color, and therefore the long strips are dyed by any of
the directions that come witb reliable
dyea on the market
A booked rug may be mnde ot piece*
ef linen, silk, gingham, etc., and a
piece of burlap or bugging.
The small piece* are pulled op
through the weave of the burlap by
means of a rug book. Tbe strands are
drawn tightly on the uuder surface,
(nd when finished the wrong side re
■embles a series of plain stitches. Oo
th* upper aid* there are loop* one Inch
deep. Th*. whole material is filled in
with loop* In single patterns. Squares,
circle*, borders, etc., ire marked off
•nd then filled lo. Wben finished
these loops should be cnt about a
quarter ot an inch off the top.* The
result will be a soft solid pile.
kLueu or sur* axd omen cuirros.
•o* *had* ot chiffon over another and
putting net nndcrncnlh. This blouse '■
combines bin* and cream chiffon nnd
shadow Ince. Worn wltb a tailored
Mit ot blue uiohilr, n natly turban of j
bluo hemp and neat potent leather
boots with buttoned tops of blue cloth
It will surely exclle ndmlrallnn.
The flrst Hebrew paper in Ontario
f ..Wished ita initial June recently.
t is a Toronto enterprise and known
as Tb* H*bf*w Journal.
To Destroy Pasts.
There Is a simple remedy for destroying Insects tbat are sometimes found
on household pets-dogs, cats, birds,
etc.—which Is not generally known, but
which Is tela to be absolutely sure In
lu results. It Is simply tu wash tbe
animal wllb Iha water In which pota-
toea hav* been boiled. Wbon preparing the vegetables for dinner put plenty
oi wster tn the vessel lo wblcb tbey
are boiled; then, when the potatoes are
thoroughly cooked, pour (his water ot?
into a bucket or pau. When It ls aimoat cold apply It to tbe skin of th*
animal wltb a sponge or cloth, taking
car* tbat It soaks well Into tbe akin
If the animal bas long hair or thick
for; .then wltb a soft (crubblng brush
(( Mllbrnsb will do) (crub tbo skin,
separating the hair aa you work.
Do not rinse thia off with clear
water. Let It dry thoroughly first;
then wash the animal with clear water
and a good strong soap. Tbe first application Is generally effectual, but If
the case la a stubborn one It bad better be repeated a few times in order
to destroy th* eggs.
This I* (Iso a cure for th* paraslt*
In which mang* originates and I* said
to destroy plant lice also.
Th* Neglige* Hss Long
Sleeves   Thia   Winter.
Hew te Tell th* Different Cuts When
V*u Ar* Marketing.
Is considering how to buy meat, says
Uly Haxworth Wallace, lecturer on |
domestic science, we must look at th* [
relative cost as compared wltb tb*
nutriment to be gained from tbe different cuts, uo less than nt tbe qualities
which go to make good meat The
most expensive portions of tbe animal
are not necessarily tbe best, for greater
nutriment can often be obtained from
• cheaper cut, provided proper care
and time are allowed for the cooking.
Much unnecessary expense ls Incurred ln housekeeping because of the
fact that meals are not planned sufficiently In advance to allow of tbe use
of cheaper cuts of meat, wblcb, tn
order to be palatable, must be cooked
long and slowly.
The meet of young animals Is more
tender but at the same time less nutritious than that from animals of ma*
ture growth.
Beef and mutton, the standard meats,
are always ln season: lamb is at it*
Th*    Cutaway    Style
la Especially Designed.
The trim lines of this pink flannelette
room gown and the long coat sleeves
give it a smart up to dute appearance.
Pink sateen binds the edges, and a
pink cord finishes a practical and pret
ty negligee.
It Is Most Convenient For Carrying
The camera apron wns devised foi
the convenient carrying of camera
parnpberniilln on out of door trips. A
yard nnd a quarter, of gray denim wer*
used. The body of tbe apron was a
straight piece twenty-six inches long,
with a strip eleven inches deep across
the bottom for pockets. Tbe remaining eight inch strip of denim was cut
luto three poekets, two of wbicb were
placed above nud oue us a patch pocket
over the middle ot Ihe luwer row.
Tape wns used for finishing tbe raw
edges of the three pockets and served
also for dividing the eleven inch strip
Into tbree more pockets. All raw edges
were finished with wide white tape
stitched twice. A facing of thlnuei
clotb was sewed on top, and draw-
strings were run through.
Tbe pockets held plate holders, focus
clotb. chamois skin, record book, etc.
One upper pocket wus lined wltb
chamois skin for tbe shinier, wltb bulb
and tubing whicb needed special protection. All pockets closed wltb a
■nap at the top, and the wbolo was
folded completely when not In use.
For a uuiu this might be made without drawstrings nt the top, nnd It could
be folded and carried by shawl straps.
Right Way ts Stew Prunes.
Wash th* prune* snd soak ihem
overnight In cold water. In th* morning cook then (lowly lo the water In
which they w*r* soaked, adding sugar
to Ust* and fir* or tfi sites* of tome*
What Man Understands Woman?
Tbe query, "What woman understands man?" is not proving half so
popular as Hughes le Iloux's query,
"Qui est I'honiuie qui comprehend les
femn-.es?" ("Who Is thc man who understands women?"), the answers to
wblcb nre filling tbe columus of L*
Matin of Paris.
Snys ono wise womnn, "A man may
understand auy womnn except the on*
whom he loves at tbe uge of eighteen."
Mine. Sulut-Molo says, "Tbe man
who understands us Is the man who
can admire everything In a woman,
even ber defects."
Another well known authoress asserts, "The man who can understand
us Is the mun who cau bo our confessor."
One who signs herself ..mille, says:
"The man who understands us is the
simpleton. He Is the man who will
recite poetry lu onr sulons nnd not
know how ridiculous he makes himself."       	
New Peacock Tail Embroidery.
Peacock embroidery has come much
i to tbe fore of late, and with somo de-
j signers It Is nlmost u fetish tn Intro-
I duco the "eye" of s  peacock's tall
feather Into every scheme.   There nre
| attractive cushion  covers  In  coarse
, hollaud crush, the peacock's tall design being worked In green, blue nnd
gold, wblcb Is most effective, while oblongs nnd squares of this embroidery
make charming trays, tlie bottom Doing covered wllb glass.   Instead ot in-
Testing o speclnl tray for tbis purpose,
in Itself s usually expensive Item, an
excellent plan Is that of lilting tbe embroidery like a  photograph  Into an
j ordinary plain, molded picture frame
and fixing two bandies on cilbcr aide,
[ while the back Is finished wltb Japanese silk.
best in tbe summer and fall; veal io
tbe sprins and early summer, while
pork, if eaten at all, should be served
only In tbe colder mouths.
The best beef ts the flesh of a steer
about four years old. It should lie
bright red In color, firm and marbled io
appearance from tbe proper blending
of fnt and lean, which shows even
feeding und that tbe animal bas not
been rapidly fatteucd tor killing. There
should also be a fair proportion ot
creamy white fat next tbe surface.
Lamb snd mutton hsve a larger proportion of fat tban beef, and the fnt Is
firmer. Tbe flesh of good mutton Is
fine grained and of a bright color. Tbs
smug mutton flavor so often to be
detected In this meat tan be virtually
eliminated by the careful removal ol
the pink skin above the fat on th*
outer surface of tbe meat It Is bere
tbat the little oil cells which bold tbls
flavor abound.
Ijimb Is smaller and lighter In color
than mutton. Oue distinguishing test
between the two Is Hint lu lamb, when
tbe bone is broken, as in tbe case of
a leg or chops. It will be found red
snd rough, while aa the ntiiraal grows
older the blood recedes from tbe boues,
leaving them wblte aud smooth.
i "Life la short" »ay» .losh Hillings,
'. "but tt ls long chuff to ruin enny man
'. wbe wants Uw be ruined.''
Neat Hams.
It Is often difficult to make a ncnt
looking hem oo a skirt or coat mude
of very thick clotb. for unless It can
be pressed very flat wilh a heavy Iron,
and sometimes even tben, there will
be au iiuslgbtly bump or bulge st the
point wbere lbe material Is turned In
at the top of Ihe bein and stitched.
A good plan to follow wheu using
thick material for a. garment ts to turn
up the hem perfectly flat without turn*
Ing ln tbe top edge In Ihe usual way;
then basle a piece of tape the color of
the material, or if tbe color cannot be
matched use black on dark material
and wblte on light material over the
raw edge ot the hem and stitch It In
place on botb the upper snd lowor
Ily lusting tbe tnpe In place the
stllchlug can be done on lhe right side
of the material, using the hasting
thread us a guide.
In enso of a wide hem where Ihe material tins to be laid In little pint's at
the top It csn be mnde t# He Out by
slsshlng the liein down from the top
for an Inch, then lapping the material
over, thus making ouly Iwo thicknesses
of material Instead of three, as would
be the esse with a plait
Silk scam binding can I* used In*
stead of tape If you desire, but tbat
does not wear ao well as tape sud will
hs ii to bs replaced when worn
Pink Salad Dressing:
Mix ten drops of tabasco sauce, ones
fourth teaspoonful each of salt, mil*
tsid aud paprika, two tnbleipoonf-il*
of chill sauce, two tablespoonfuls ot
finely chopped pimentos, ten drops of
onion Juice and balf a Ishlespoonf ul ot
elder vinegar. When evenly blended
sdd ( gencron* tablespoonful of msy-
onnalse dressing ind beat all together
There Is something undeniably elegant aud cblo about the eutaway-or
"dickey bird" coat, ss It is familiarly
called. Thia suit of wlno colored llen-
galine ls trimmed wltb matchiug velvet, and dull kid boots witb buttoned
wine colored clotb tops accompany tbe
Tha Best Turquoises Women Wear
Com* From Omar'* Land.
By far the largest part ot tbe world's
turquoises conies from the mines near
tb* Persian city of Nishnpur, where
Omar Khayyam was- born and lies
burled. The mines aro situated In a
rouge of mountains rising to a belgbt
of 0,055 feet The highest point nt
whicli turquoises bare bcen found ia
5,800 feet nbovo sea level, and the lowest point 4,800 feet. The geologic formation of tho Nlsbapur' mountains Is
porphyries, greenstone, limestone and
sandstone, tho turquoises being found
in veins in the rock. The methods of
tho Persians who operate the mines la
quite antiquated, for only ladders and!
pulleys are used In the rough shafts.
| The most highly prised turquoise*
| are cf a deep azure color, and tbey
must have a certain property called
the "zat" which may be likened to tbe
! so called "water" of the diamond, or
| the "luster" of the pearl. The deep
azure color of a turquoise may fade
soon after being exposed to light and
nir/ Consequently tourists buying the
stones in Persia have to guard ngalnst
turquoises that bave been kept ia
damp earthenware pots.
Housework Superstitions.
Tou sbould always mark a cross on
' tbe lop ot a cake or o pan of bread
hefore yon set it to rise.   Tbis will
' prevent the devil from Jumping on it
I and crushing it down flat
|    Never turn a bed-on Friday or the
person wbo sleeps lo It will bave bed
nights for a week.
Breakages always go In three]. So,
If you have broken one thing, you
should Immediately smash two more
worthless ones-empty bottles or something of lhat kind-no lhat lhe breaking mny lie over uml done with.   '
Never put a pair of shoes on n table,
for this leads to a quarrel,
It two iienplu wash tbelr bands la
Ibe same waler they should spit In It
nud cross It; otherwise tbey will quarrel very shortly.
A black cat tbat comes Into tbe house
of its owu free will brings good luck.
If you spill unit you should cross It
nnd throw some of It over your left
Ceeking Hints.
Orange peel dried and grated make*
a very fine yellow powder tbat Is dell*
clous flavoring for enkes and puddings.!
neat a lemon thoroughly before
squeezing It ami you will obtain nearly
double lb* quantity of Juice tbat wonld
be obtained If It were not heated.
Bice boiled In milk Instead of water
has a much richer tnsle. It must be
watched closely wbile cooking, as II
burns quicker when cooked In tbe milk.
If you rinse a plat* with cold water
befor* breaking tbe egg* on It, add te
them a pinch of aalt and then stand
the eggs where tbere is a itrong current of ilr yon will hsr* no difficulty
4a beating lb*» tee froth. NT
Give your Harness a
good .shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one operation. Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Bonnet's Metal Polish
Per quart 50c
Per pint 25c
Harness Dressing^
•in pint tins. For giving I
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint 35c
Harness Soap
Per cake 35c
Paints    \
Sale or Wf rk—The Parochial!
Guild of Holy Trinity ehureh will j
hold a sale of work and serve tea in'
tbe Parish hall on Saturday afternoon, April 19, from 2 till 6 o'clock.
Aprons of all kinds and many other
useful articles,, as well as home cooking, will be on (ate. In tbe evening tbere will be a parish gathering
from 8 to 10 in the same place. All
members ef the parish and friends
are invited. Refreshments will be
Metal Quotations
,   Nbw York, April   17.—Silver 61 J;
standard      copper,     $15.00@15.50;
London,    April 17.—Silver,   28£;
| lead, £16 108.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
orm-n, Wis
. First!
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle uddition.
A meeting of the Grand
Forks Liberal association will
be held in The Sun office on
Tuesday evening, April 22,
at 8 o'clock, for the consideration of important business.
All members are requested to
attend. By order of the President*
During the higb wind last Saturday afternoon some one down on tbe
flat near Peter Pare's ranch started
a brush fire. Tbe tire got way, ran
up the bank, crossed the cemetery—
or jumped over it, made a triple
somersault over the road, and got to
within a few rods of W. J. Gali-
peau's residence before it was entin-
guished. A northerly tributary of
the same conflagration missed Tern
Steele's woodpile and dwelling only
by two feet. Tbe wind was strong
enough to carry the sparks in the
air as far as an aeroplane can travel
Mrs. Harriet Leacb, aged 60
years, died at the Cottage hospital
laBt Thursday night, after an illness
of two weeks. Deceased had been
a resident of tbe city for abont a
year. Five children, three girls and
two boys, survive ber. Her bus-
band died about a month ago. The
funeral was beld from tbe family
residence in the West end on Monday afternoon, and it was largely
For Sale—A good team; weight
about -500 lbs.   Apply Sun oflice
Tom Newby returned on Friday
from the old country, where he
spent the past winter witb friends
and relatives.
For 8ale —Strawberry, Rhubarb
and White Mammoth Asparagus
plants. James T. Stafford, Ruckle
Donald McCallum went tn Nelson
on Saturday to meet bis new Ford
motor car. Mr. McCullum returned
on tbe passenger train on Monday,
while the car had to travel by
freight. j
Take your repairs to Ann-ton's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Orand Forks.
The Overseas club will hold a
dance in tbe Davis ball next Friday
S. R. Almond, government agent,
has been gazetted registrar of births,
marriages and deaths fur the GinnH
Forks district
Woodland & Quinn inaugurated
the ire cream season last Saturday
night wnh an orchestra. The music
and ice-cream attracted a large
Floyd Fish<*r, of Seattle, is visit-
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Fisher, of the North Fork
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane,. April 17.—The follow-
ilig are today h opening quotatons'.nr
the stocks mentijm d:
Bid      Asked
6.1.50   76 (X)
3.75     4 50
Granby  Consolidated.
B.  C.   Copper.........
The Sun* job office is the besi
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
Contractor E. Jacobsen haB completed his new residence.
From a Mlnlflter ln Mew Tork: "I was
"severely ill with lung trouble. My ntten-
"Xloo was directed to tbe Wilson Remedy
"which I used with splendid effect".
From a lady In Michigan: "I oaed yonr
"medicine Drat 43 or 44 yeara ago and It
"wived ma from ending my day, with cen*
"luroptlon. There would be no use ot so
"many people dying with consumption If
"tbey could be persuaded to try Wilson's
It you are suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble It Is your duty to Investigate. Send for tree full Information to,
WUsoa'e Remedy, Westwood. N. J.
(I'ubllibed Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate dlreot with Bngltih
Iii eaoh olaiiot Koodti. Resides belug a complete commercial guide to London and Us
suburb*, the directory oeatatu* Hit* of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
ami Foreign Markets they supply:
arranged under tbe fort* to which they <.*_!,
and Indicating the approximate riitll-figM:
uf leading Manufacturer!, Uerohanti, etc., ln
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centre* of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Posml
Order for 20ft.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
Grand tforks.Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
i Mclntyre  8 Clayton, Props.
25, Abchuroh Lane, London,  F..C.
Wanted—Situation as stenogra
pher or bookkeeper; 1 year's experience. Apply H. JB, P., Sun
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
i CALLOWflY. Jamm, COLUMBIA P. fl.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelnon, offers every facility for a
solid education ill EiikIInIi, 0iiiniiieri_i.il
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. Ihe commercial course included stenography, type-
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royq_l. Academy and Koyal
College of Music." "
I Selfishness   and
"  Don't Flourish on
the Sane Stem
Think you, was Aexander
the Great happy when
sitting on the banks of
the Nile weeping crocodile tears because he had
no more Worlds to Con--
quer? We are not selfish
enough to want the whole
business of Grand Forks,
but we will not be happy
till we have our just
share of it, and that by
giving the right goods at
the right prices.
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
^^^H       A Kn'Hh f-nnifenment of
' ReielviKl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kasor Hon luff a Spectaiy.
PHONF 64        6IAND FORKS, B. C
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Bylaws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards
Rills nf   Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
SuitS  tO  Order   H8   Upwards
f We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods'and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
C.(\C*T\ PBINTINIfi—the kind wed°—■is in itae"
VIWW riMLll.U.l'U »n advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Sip &utt #rwt £h0p
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A reliable French regulator; never hill. Thee*
pills sr* exceedingly powerful In regulating th*
(•.entire portion ol the female lyatem. Refute
•fl cheep lmltiitlont. D*. *• »•■'• ere sold st
at box, or three lorllO.   Mailed to any address.
»IcekeUDniCo. Su CMJuu-Uee, Oat,


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