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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 28, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
McBride Government Contemplates Spending Fifty-
five Millions
ranged at Greenwood
Last Tuesday
It has been stated in inner gov*
ernment circles, says a Victoria dispatch, that the legislative assembly
will be called together early in January (or the purpo e of considering
three important measures in addition to routine matters. Th tbree
measures are as follows:
1. To provide a further large sum
of money in aid of Mackenzie &
Mann and their Canadian Northern
enterprise. Tbe amount they must
have in order to enable them to
finish their undertakings in this
province is not less than £25,000,-
2. To provide further moneys for
Messrs. Foley, Welch & Stewart
and tbeir Vancouvei associates, to
enable them to finish the Pacific
Qreat Eastern mil. oad to Fort
George. The further nmount necessary in this case is variously esti-
maetd, but it-will not be less than
£15,000,000. .
3. To authorize the McBride government to borrow for various pro
vincial purposes sums of money
totalling nnt len than 115,000,000.
ThiB information, the dispatch
assures us, may be accepted as au
theotic. Tbe above program is in
contemplation by the premier and
his cabinet at the present moment
and unless their plans miscarry,
will be carried into effect.
Taking into account the guarantees already on the statutes books,
and assuming tbat those contemplated will be made, the province
of British Columbia will have a
staggering load of liabilities amounting to $100,000,000, all of wbich
bave been incurred in a little over
three years.
"Flahwty, my Wen', air ye afther
heairn' tliat th' benivolint g'veruinint
av Bay Say air inaugratin' a apechul
uampain fr th' inlighteninint av our
beclouded intellictual farmer fruit
grower. 'Tis this wav, sex thim wiae
fellows at Victoria, "The fruit min set
everything is wrong; that th' raysult*
ft-'m tb' traes and betwane thim ia not
as we have stated in pur lateal and
revised literachure; th' money to be
made betwane traes or annywhere
else does not niachure.' So me friens
io th' agricultural daypartmint aez,
'We must be afther kapein' thim goud
nachured until afther th' nixt elec-
shun, which may com' at anny time'.
Afther manny months av aoratchin'
an' scientific research, the wisest
wan—if there b' anny av that class in
th' daypartmint—aez 'Oi'vegot th'
grate an' gr-rand idea. We'll sind
out min fully equipped wid a shate oa
two av printed matther an' a cushioned uiilkin' sthool, so an 'twill be
iiisy to sit,, if not to talk. An' thin
we 11 say to thim prune trae growers:
'Ye ar on th' wrong thrack; tis mixed
farmin' ye shud be a-doiu'; times her.
changed since ye bought th' 10 acre
av a timber olaim al so much per,
but. if ye'll only go iuto th' mined
farmin' bizness, 'tis thare, we are
afther tellin' yez, ye'lj prosper. Now
to assist jez,' ye pastoral people, our
benivolint'prime minister has zed,
'We must oidhor a whole carr load uy
cows or (on the qui^t) we'.li luee
thare yute,'; Conaaquintly th' day
partmint,   afthei   sittin' np   half th'
lettergram was sint ('tis chape an'
luks like th' governuiint waa anxious
(o hilp th' farmer) to the far-r aste,
an' sez, 'What kin ye do in th' line
av a ctu-i- load av cows.' and n' doubt
stipulatin' that th' price was  to   be  _ ciiji     nr
conservative, in kapein' wid th' name nOOKOy. SChedUle WaS AT
av th'. governmint, if n't in policy;
an' also th' animals wud luk betther
if they were branded McB., so as
ivery wan wud know, afther the
sthyle av Carnegay's frae library.
Everything must 'ave bin sathisfac-
tory, as a car r load was ordhered,
Price as well, not that Bay Say want
ed t' make annything out av it, Flu
herty. As 1 sed before, 'tis a benivo
lint governmint we are wet-kin' for,
but th' idea is to assisth th' unfortunate plow-handle holder on th' road to
to success. Afther a long wait th'
man wid th' hoe heard that th' carload av Conservative cows had arrived and that there wud be an auction. An' what d' ye think, Flaherty, th' governmint sed? Ye could
n't guess in wan hundred years. Sez
they, 'Cash is th' motto av thiostlmre;
w' ar doin' a Conservative bizness.'
Anny way, t' make u long sthory Hhort,
th' auction came oft', an' prices wint
asoai-in'loike au ar.*yplane out av
sight, au' only wan farmer got a cow.
Tit' i-isl wint to th' residints av th'
towns. An' that's as far as th' farmers
an' fruit growers av Bay Say got in
mixed fat min'. What d' ye think av
that, Flaherty."
"Well, Finnegan," sez Oi, "'tis a
good job, mixed farmin'. On 10 acres
it can't be done, 'spechully whin full
av prune traes, as the wud be stock
raisers won't be afflicted wid th' gov
ernmint trae pruners comin' around
showin' thim how t' milk. 'Twud
pay bitter to he afther growin' banes
f'r th' canniu' facttjry an' vote Libir-
The following is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the paet week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' raoob:
Min.     Mux.
Nov. 21—Friday 21 31
22—Saturday .... 19 33
23—8und*»y, 22 33
24—Monday....... 33 41
25—Tuesday  33 40
26—Wednesday.. 35 45
27-Thursday  38 46
Snowfall    3.5
Kainfall .»  0.31
A Few Useful Christmas Gifts
In ibe cutlery line: Carving sets,
$1.75 to I8.0C; knife and fork sets,
#5.00 per dozen; medium forks, $5
per dozen; table spoons, 15 00 per
dozen; dessert spoons, $4 50 per
dozen; tea spoons, 92 60 per dozen;
5o'clock teaspoons, $2.00 per doz.;
sugar shells, 75c etch; butter knives.
'5c each. The above goods are all
Reliance Plate Silver and are guaranteed to be the best.—Manly's
Changing Front
The times are surely changing.
Consider, for instance,  this remark
The delegates to the Boundary
Hookey league met in the parlors of
the Windsor hotel. Greenwood, on
Tuesday night to arrange matters
for the season. A. Mann and Roy
Curran, of Urand Forks; E. A. Bltck
and N. J Diechart, nf Phoenix, and
W. G. Pond and Wm Fleming, of
Greenwood, were present.
The following officers were
elected: Honorary president, W. A.
Williams, Grand Forks; honorary
first vice-president, 0. B. Smith,
Phoenix; honorary second ice
president, W. L Bell, Greenwood;
president, F. Norcross, Greenwood;
first vice president, J. McLaughlin,
Phoenix; second vice-president,
Fred Kussell, Grand Forks; secretary-treasurer, F. W. McLaine,
Greenwood. The executive will consist of the president, first and second
vice-presidents and the prase t delegates. A quorum at executive meet
ings must consist of a full re resent
ation either iu person or by proxy.
Dr. McLean was appointed trustee of the McBride cup.
Tbe contract system was discussed
at length, and it was decided to take
the matter up with tbe Kootenay
Tbe matter of registration came
up for a great deal of criticism before it was decided that all players.
date of the first schedule game, and
men not registered on that date
must be residents fifteen days before tbey can play. Registration is
to consist of a declaration before a
notary public.
League games will be played in
Grand Forks every Wednesday, in
Greenwood on Friday, and in Pboenix on Monday. One same is to be
played in each town every week.
There will be no games played during the carnival week in Greenwood,
as all the teams intend to compete.
Tbe following is the schedule:
Jan. 1—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
5—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
9—Phoenix at Greenwood.
19—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
21—Gjeenwood at Grand Forks.
23—Grand Forks at Greenwood,
26—Greenwood at Phoenix.
28—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
30—Phoonix at Greenwood
Feb. 2— Grand Forks at Phoenix.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
and some account of such experience with such kinds of grain (or
potatoes) as they have grown, bo
that a promising sort for their conditions may be selected.
Each application must be separate and must be signed by the a p.
plicant. Only one sample of grain
and one of potatoes can be sent to
eacb farm. Applications on any
kind of printed form tan not be ac
cepted. If two or more samples are
asked for in tbe Bame letter only
one will be sent.
As tbe supply of seed is limited,
farmers are advised to apply early;
but the applications will not necessarily be filled in tbe exact order in
whicb tbey are received. Preference
will always be given to the most
thoughtful and explicit requests,
Applications received after the end
of January will probably be too
All applications for grain (and
applications from tbe provinces of
Ontario and Quebec for potatoes)
should be addressed to the Dominion
Cerealist, Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa. Such applications
require no postage. If otherwise addressed delay and disappointment
may occur
Applications, for potatoes, from
farmers in any other province
should be addressed (postage prepaid) to tbe Superintendent of the
nearest Branch Experimental Farm
in that province.
J. H. Gbisdale,
Director,   Dominion  Experimental
Wonderful Value
The  best dollar's worth offered
today is a year's subscription to Tbe
must be registered on or before  the "Family Herald and Weekly  Star of
Montreal. Any bome not now receiving tbat paper is missing a treat
for every member of the family—
from grandfather or father down to
the youngest jot. Try it for a year
and you will be convinced. The
publishers will refund your money
if you are not satisfied. It is certainly worth your while to try it for one
George Rns*, who has worked at
various points in this district during
the past few years, was brought to
tbe city from Cascade on Wednesday
by Constable McDonugall on a sue
picion of being mentally unbalanced.
Yesterday he had an examination
hefore Drs. Kingston ami Truax, who
pronounced him insane Ross Imagined that he is being pursued by
a mob who are intent on lynching
him. The necessary papers com-
uniting him to the asylum are being made out by Judge Cochrane,
and he was taken to New Westminster by Constable McDougail today.
night farmulatin' an ordher, a  niulit condition
FreeSeed Grain and Potatoes
By instructions of the minister of
by tbe Ottawa Citizen! published at •BrtoolWrt a distribution of superior
the capital and supposed to be an 8orr8 "' BrHin and potatoes will be
exponent of Conservative opinion:    , niade during the coming winter and
During the last four months Can- "P»n8l» Canadian farmers. The At the board of trade meeting on
adians have taken over $50,000,000 «»'»PH'or general distribution will Wednesday evening an official of
out of their private oocke. and put consist of spring wheat (5 pounds), theC.P.R addressed the members,
ii into their public pocket. During white ««■ <* P»*»*<H •"•rley (5 j •*»»>_, »hrt the industrial^ depart
the same t.'me they have probably P-unds), and field peas (5 pounds). |ment •* h*8 »»P«-y would be glad
paid $100,000,000 to Canadian pro- The8e wil1 *» «">« *****'""» Ottawa. I* cooperate with the board in iu.
tected manufacturers in increased A distribution of potatoes (in three- ^cng manufacturing enterprises to
prices. Wherein is the advantage? Pound «<"«iples) will he carried on *"cale'" 0rand borkg*
Is it merely a matter of duty? |ro«' 8e»eral of   the  experimental j    The ^....^ .. ,hfi e,....    c_m.
Th  ii Tp*   ,    n     * t ,       Tu 8l ^T P»"y ".et in New  York last week
Th. Grand Forks Canning com- supplying^only the provinces of On- and declared the U8tlal divi(lend „,
pany hae issued its first statutory tario snd Quebec.   All sampled will
financial  statement,  which  shows be sent free, by mail.
tbal the company is in   a   healthy     Applicants must give particulars
Canning Company Asks tbe
Council to Submit a
Bonus Bylaw
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the meeting of the
city council on Monday night.
A petition from the Grand Forks
Canning company was presented,
asking tbe council to submit n bylaw to tbe ratepayers providing for
a grant of $5000 to tbe company.
Messrs. McKinnon and Wilson addressed the conncil in support of
the petition The matter was laid
over for consideration at the next
The mayor and Aid Miller and
Wright were appointed a court of
revision to revise the voters' lis',
The first sitting of the court will bc
beld on Wendesday, December 3, at
2:30 p.m.
Tbe report pf tbe board of works
in connection witb the cement sidewalks in front of the Winnipeg and
Yale hotels was adopted.
The amendment to the trades
license bylaw passed its second and
third readings.
The mayor's remuneration bylaw
and tbe aldermen's indemnity by
laws passed their second and third
Wednesday from tbe North Fork
country. It will be erected on tbe
upper end of the post office block.
The pole was cut and shipped by
R. A. Brown.  .
E. R. Redpath, who bas been C.
P. R. agent in Greenwood for a
number of years, has been appointed
agent in this city. Mr. Redpath arrived here a few days ago to assume
his new duties.
The Penticton Herald says that it
is officially stated that steel <on the
Kettle Valley line bas been laid to
mile 72 west of Midway and to mile
24 west of Penticton.
Charles Fraser, of Victoria, ar
rived in the city yesterday for a few
•lays' - visit. He was formerly a
resident of Grand Forks-
R. T. Lowery, of tho Greenwood
Ledge, is in the city today.
The Western Lumber & Pole company, operating the North Fork
country, shipped four carloads of
poles east on Wednesday.
Frechette the harnessma ker hns
received a shipment of sleigh bells.
All that is now needed for a merry
Christmas is a little snow.
$1.50 for the quarter.
Geo. Cooper, the plumber, is doing tbe plumbing work on the new
Ferry creamery.
J. R. Greenfield, of Vancouver,
post office inspector for British Col
umbia, visited the local office last
Dr. Gilroy, dentist, left on Tuesday for Vancouver. He intends to
locate permanently in some town on
the northern coast.
in regard to the soil on their farms,
A   flagpole  86
long wss brought
feet and 6 inches
to  the  city on
Read the advertisements in Tbe
Sun before you do your Christmas
■"-■■"■wi man wnima-mi ei«ww» 'l»M l
wL"*     TORONTO OKt^S*1
It is Invariably Caused by Bacterial
Infection of a Wound
The bete noire of domestic surgery
Is blood poisoning. Blood poisoning,
or septicaemia, as surgeons call lt, la
not caused by colored stockings, dyes,
chemicals or anything of that kind.
It ls Invariably caused by bacterial
Infection of a wound. The wound may
be a mere pin prick or it may be a
large wound. It makes no difference
what Implement produces the wound.
The question is, was the Implement
covered with gern.s? No matter what
metal lt may be made ot it the Implement Is clean—I.e., surgically sterile—
and if the sltln about the wounded
part Is clean, there ls no likelihood ol
blood poisoning following.
When blood poisoning does occur it
announces Itseh by characteristic
signs. First there is general chilliness, with perhaps light headache and
general aches such ae one feels with
any oncoming fever. The wounded
part swcllB, bums, becomes throbblng-
-ly painful and stops discharging for
a time. Then within a few hours red
streaks may be seen extending up the
extremity to the glands In bend of elbow, knee, groin or armpit. Suoh
signs are always serious, though generally disappearing upon the Institution of proper surgical treatment.
For general purposes where an antiseptic ls desired one of the Bnteet and
most satisfactory to use Is ordinary
tincture ot iodine—not tbe colorless
iodine, whicli Isn't Iodine at all, but
the brown tincture. A few drops or
a teaspoonful of this in a pint or leee
or water makes . valuable gargle,
mouth wash or a wash for Irrigating
a wound.
Little Bertha was Invited out to dinner with her father and mother; before ahe went, however, it was firmly Impressed upon her mind that she
must not speak unless spoken to. All
went smoothly for .a while, but when
some time had elapsed, and no notice
was taken of her, eho began lo get
Finally, the hostess, seeing something was wrong, asked her what she
would like next.
I should like to have you begin to
ask ns questions, was thc polite re-
*M, "I    ■!-■»
The Limit
I suppose the oflice furnishes the
typewriter's supplies?
Everything but chewing gum, explained the cashier.
Head so Itchy Could Hardly Stand
It, Dandruff Showed on Coat Collar, Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Cured in One Month,
I Celebrated   Academy   Picture*  Work
of Unknown Artists
As a journalist you are doubtless
aware that spooks are as common
in the literary world as blackberries,
so to speak; but It will probably surprise you and your readers to learn
that artistic spooks have grown rapidly in numbers during the last year
or two, said a well-known artist to
the writer in the course of a recent
conversation. No matter vjiat picture gallery you may stroll Into, one
or two of the works that attract your
attention can be termed frauds—that
Is, ihey are not painted by the people whose names appear on thorn,
but by paid ghosts.
It does not follow tliat because a
canvas bears the name of a man or
woman, known or unknown, that lt is
the actual work of the person who
signed It. A capital picture exhibited In a prominent gallery the other
day bora thc name of a lady. The
picture was a still-life study, and lt
was painted by a black-and-white
artist who draws cartoons tor certain newspapers, lie received a big
sum for his services.
There are many clever artists who
are too poor to refuse a good price
to paint a picture for exhibition under another's name, and ln my early
days, when I knew what poverty
meant, I painted a picture for a
wealthy gentleman who was considered a talented amateur, but whose
actual work was -too crude for exhibition. The picture I turned out represented a shipwreck and was put
on show in r. gallery In a northern
town. The man whose name appeared on the canvas sold it eome
time later for $1,000. He paid ine
(400 to paint it, and at the lime I
should have been glad to paint ft for
a tenth of that figure, Buch an urgent need I had of money.
Scores of pictures exhibited evory
year at the principal art galleries ai-e
not the productions of single artists.
Artists collaborate to an enormous
extent; snd oven R.A.'s have before
now called in a ghost to touch up a
picture for exhibition. An ai-ttsr. may
be weak in the matter of sky, for Instance. If he painted In the sky
himself his picture might be rejected
when submitted lo an exhibition. To
prevent this he calls lu a sky expert, a man who ls noted for his sky
and cloud effects. This man puts in
the sky, receives payment for doing
so, and would never think of mentioning his work lo a living soul.
This kind of collaboration can
hardily be termed unscrupulous. Collaboration in commercial art is very
common. Take our poster artists
and the designers of newspaper advertisements. Many of theBe men
employ assistants—clever young fellows—to complete designs and place
in any wording required, after they
have drawn the principal and most
striking parts of thc poster or advertisement, as the case may be.
There never was such .- baby; there
never was, never had bcen and never
could be under any conceivable circumstances on earth.
Molly, my love, cried daddy, bouncing ln upon his seven-yearold, Uncle
Oeorge has just arrived, and he's enraptured. He eald: There never was
such a baby, and he offered 'u buy her
for a sovereign an ounce.
You are not going to sell ber, are
you? asked Molly, with wide open
No, my precious, cried the delighted
father, embracing her affectionately
over this show of proper sentiment.
Because, resumed Molly, she'll be
heavier when she's older, and'll fetch
223 Eli-alMth St., .Montreal, Que.■—"Cutl-
<;iira Soap and Ointment cured rae permanently from dandruff and scalp Itch that I
was suffering with since over a year. I bod
ao Inflammation of thn lungs and a very
strong fever. When I recovered, my head
wm covered with scales and dandruff, and
It wnt so Itchy I could hardly maud it, Ths
dandruff allowed on my coat collar. I had
used various medicines without relief. I
heard of Cutlrura Soap and Ointment and
decided to try tbem, and I am very glad of
It, because I am perfectly cured. I used
two boxes of I'lit'cie-a Ointment with tht
Cuticura Hoap. It took one month to cure
ue. I lake pleasure In recommending Cuticura Soap and Ointment to anyone wbo Is
suffering with scalp or sltln dlaeaaes.".
(Signed) Hector Perns, Dec. SO, 1911,
Prevent falling bair, remove crusts and
scales, and allay Itching and Irritation of
Ihe scalp, frequent shampoos with Cuticura
Soap, assisted by occasional dressings with
Cuticura Ointment, afford the speediest and
most economical treatment. They assist In
promoting tht growth snd beauty of tht
lair by removing those conditions which
tend to make it dry. tbln, and lifeless, often
leading to premature grayness and loss of
hair. Cutli-tira Soap and CuUcura Ointment
are sold by druggists and dealers throughout
the world. Liberal sample of each nulled
free, with :i'--r>. Skin Book. Address post
card Potter Drag fc Chum, Corp., Dept
MD, Boston, V. S. A.
W. N. U. 972
Her hat. obscured his view at the
theatre and II kindly tones be leaned
forward and asked it it would te
possible for her to rem.ve It.
A stiffening cf the head was her
only answer. After H few moments
he repeated his rentust. Then she
turned on lilm.
There is no demand for my doing
no, she said.
No demand? lie echoed.
Then lie rollc-l his overcoat and
placed it on his seat, eat on it and
gettlnn Ills hat from under the seat,
placed lt on IiIb bcaC.
ln a moment there was a cry: Take
it off!    Take lhat hat off!
And with a swift movement tlie lady
unfastened her hatpins and removed
her hat.    So did the man.
True Business Instinct
Topliam's waB the smartest emporium for mileB around. You had to ho
the last word in go before a situation
was obtained In that, establishment.
Keen business men filled every post.
One afternoon when trade was In
full swing an unfortunate customer
fell down the flrst floor stairs.
Help! he groaned in agony. I do
believe I've broken my leg!
A shopwalker immediately flew to
his side.
Broken your leg. sir? he inquired
sympathetically. And then, in sharp
clear tones: Cork legs! Third counter
to the right, sir! Forward, Miss
Chinese on Brititb Ships
.VJuring the teat year the number of
Chinese seamen engaged at Poplar,
London, for BrlilBh alilD-* was 1204 of
whom 160 wire engaged on - board
An Ever Prtttnt Danger
1  1 believe  In -glv.ii-g the  devil his
due. -.    . ,r- .„..„. ,.-;,-.■.
. Yes. lull you R lierally overdo It.
Na-lra-C* Laxatives
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness.. You cau
^always depend ou them.
25c. a box at your
Druggist';-.,    us
. HaOesul Ini sal Chemical Ce.
tl Cauls, Mulled.
-Z.    NA-DRU-CO
A soothing, coollnglotlon—the
very best thing you can use
for the chafed skin, chapped
hands and cracked lips which
raw cold weather brings. 203
25oabottle, atyour Druggist's.
RkTWML nine mb ghewcm. m.
Matrimony Declining Ir Scotland
Marriages registered in Scotland
during 1910 numbered 110,866; 744
more than were registered during the
previous yea;-, but 1,016 fewer than
the average number registered during
the preceding five years, and 1,111
fewer than the average number during
the preceding 10 years. 'The marriage rate of the year i,_ 6.26; it is
.09 above Uut of the previous year,
but Is .42 less than the mean of marriage rates of the preceding five years
and .62 leBs than the mean of the
rates of the preceding ten years.
Don't find fault. You probably
couldn't do half aa well aB the people
you criticise.
The pie trust would retire from the
field vanquished and binding up lhe
wounds to its pockctbooK were the
women to fight with tho kind of pies
that mother t.sed to make.
Why suffer from earns when they
can be painlessly rooted nut by using
Holloway's Corn Cure.
Obeyed Orders
1 thought I told you not, to cut your
corns with my .-azor! thundered the
exasperated husband who was trying
to lose a few of, his whlskerti.
Au 1 haven't since you told mo you
were so particular with your old butcher knife, replied tho *vife sweetly.
Well, it feels that way. S
I did open a can of tomatoes with
It. Would that hurt it any? Yon
didn't say I wasn't to do that.
Minard't Llniir.ent Relieves Neuralgia
With the Tide
It had been-raining for Iweuty-fotir
hours, a-vU the ground was more like
a lake :'ian a football field; but the
referee could net sea his way to i>ost-
pone the match.
Surely you aren't going to make us
play in Ills? asked ihe vlsitln;, cap-
Of course you must play, declared
the man with the whistle. Now,
don't bang nbout. You've won thc
tosB.     Which end are yon taking?
Oh, well, eamo the reply, with a
sigh of resignation, I reckon we'd better kick with the tide.
Which Brlngi Dally Enjoyment
Safe   Bat
The colonel remonstrated with his
subaltern time after tlmo, but all in
vain. The latter, was a born, incurable gambler. One day, however,
just about the time when he was
transferred, his old colonel met tbe
new one and gave the latter a word
of warning. Only two days after he
had joined _.is nev regiment th
young officer accused his new oolon-1
of suffering from corns.
My dear young fellow. I've never
had a corn ln my life.
I'll bet you five dollars you've got
one on each foot u w.
Done, said the colonel, and he took
off his . boots. No corns could be
found, and the colonel got hla money,
v Hence when the two colonels met
the young man's old commander was
told of all that had happened.
Good heavens! oiled the old warrior. And he bet me ten pounds lie
would have your feet bare before he
bad been In your regiment a week.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and mnny are born with them.
Spare them suffering by using Mother
Graves* Worm ..xterinlnatoi-, the best,
remedy of the kind that can be had.
A Scottish minister was called In to
see a man who was extremely Ul
After finishing his visit, as be was
leaving tho house, lie said to the man's
wife: My good woman, do you not go
to any church at all?
Oh, yes, sir; wc gang to the Barony
Then why In the world did you send
for me? Why didn't you send for
Dr. MacLeod?*
Na, ua, sir, 'deed, no; we wadna
risk lilm. Do ye no ken it's a contagious case of typhus?
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re.
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. .T.  CUBNIuT A CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
.1. Cheney for the Inst IB years, and believe Mm perfectly honest In atl business
transactions and financially able to cany
out nr.-/ obligations mmle by bis firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is tnken Internally,
noting directly unon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 76 cents per bottle.
Sold by nil ilt'lierglsts.
Tako Hall's I-'amily Pilla for constitution.
Pieot for Little Brother
The family had bcen composed of
jus* Raymond, his brother and his father. One evening when Raymond
name home from school he was taken
into the room whore a little mite of
humanity lay and was told that It was
his baby brother.
l.ajmond stood alien;, lov a moment
.md then said: Well, pop, we'll have
to tut the pie In more than tnree
places now, won't wc'/
Minard't Liniments Curet Burns, Etc.
A lady t'octor writes: :
"Thovgh busy hourly with my own
affairs, I will not deny myself the pleasure of taking a few minutes to tell of
my enjoyment daily obtained from my
morning cup of Pot-aim. It is a food
beverage, uot an irritant like coffee.
"I began to use Postum 8 years ngo,
not because 1 wanted to, but because
coffee, which i dearly loved, made my j volved.
nights long, weary periods to be dreaded, and unfitting me for business during the day." Tea is just as Injurious
as coffee, because the drug, caffeine,
Is found In both lea and coffee.
"On advice of a friend, 1 first tried
Postum,. making it carefully as suggested on tbe package. As 1 had always used "cream and 110 sugar," 1
mixed my ostnm so. It looked good,
was clear And fragrant, and It was a
pleasure to see the cream color it as
my Kentucky friend wanted her coffee
to look—'like . new saddle.'
"Then I tasted lt critically, for I hatl
tried many "substitutes" for coffee. I
wat pleased, yes, satisfied with my
Postum in taste and effect, and am yet,
being a constant user ot it all these
years. I continually assure my
friends and acquaintances that they
will :ike it in pi- ce of coffee, and receive beneflt from Its use. I have
gained weight, can sleep und am nol
Name given hy Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for the little book, "Th-> Road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms:
Regular Postum—must be well boiled. ,    '     "
Instant Postum is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in a
cup of hot water and, with cream and
sugar, makes a delicious beverage in
stnnrty. • Grocer* sell both kinds.
j   S-There's a reason", for- Postum.
Wetty Hogan's Draws Crowd of 8hoet-f
er. to Seatidt Retort
Two hundred and eight trap shooters
went to Atlantic City. N.J., this year
to compete in the- always popular
Wcsty Hogan's Tournament. For the
flrst time :-. Westy Hogan's Handicap
event waB scheduled—thiB to be the
premier number on th.3 week's program. L. W. Colquitt went over from
East Orange, N.J., and mndo tbo ma.d-
en winning witli 93 out of a possible
100 in the handicap and 17 out of a
possible 20 In the shootoff, which he
contested with Harry Eyre, a Penn-
sylvanlan. who dropped one bird more
than Mr. Colqt.lt in the deciding
string. Charles Ncwcorali, lhe noted
Philadelphia amateur, won high amateur average tor the meut, breaking
483 out of a possible 500, shooting
Remington-UMC shells as did the
handicap contenders mentioned. In attendance, the 'Westy's' exceeded the
record of some of tho minor Interstate
Handicaps, this year, and set a high
standard for next year's meet.
Second Choice
I hear that the Browns ar; going to
lead the simple life tills summer.
That Is news lo me.
That they are to Hv   Unit way?
No;   that Bown  is  so  deeply  in-
Old man Aesop had jusl promised
hia wife he would be bome early.
You don't seem to put much dependence in his promise? remarked
tbe friend.
No, laughed Aesop's wlte: 1 though.
perhaps lt might be another of his
1 ftnl- H11l.1l—Hi ptinniui cilniaj
■ -fl-Hiititle-Stifi Mse4.ptlr.on
■ Snlbiat-Ei4sMlsis4ifiiittis|,elc.
■ Heels til met.
■      SOc. bu.   AU-tnvttmtaiSmttt       '
WANTED at once
Parsons It work lor ut
In apart time tt home. Nt experience
require' with our NEW ART COLOR*
INO PROCESS Bur and fue.na.tn_B
•ork. Good pay. No eanvuttni. Write
ftr Instructions (free).
IH College Street. Toronto. Csnads.
Mas. Winslow's Soothiko Syrup has bees
ased for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ti
• the best remedy for DIARRHajA. It fa ab-
Mtvtelv heroileaa. Be eure and tak lor "Mn
Whulevr's Soothing Syrup," and ttkc to olttr
Wad. Twenty-five Mats a bottle.
rimrc rea rute    *""**        m.STg
leek Traa.    A tattle
lew; trta«_-»_>t r*_a*v*d
OU aoree. Heart aaf
rmtmrnu., w.mmSr^.fi.J.w'S.*:
that eo*s five more milk after do
horning tban before. Tbe Oepart.
tent of Air I cal-lire. ears tbe
Inatrnmeat to perform th* opera-*
;he job quicker,  better,
tion—docs tbe
more hsuaaelr. Bead for booklet 0
E. H.  at KHIVA, —    -
Cereate, Caa,
tit Mart tt.
Excelsior Life
»1«,000,000      <IT)|ll-iTI        fronts
A Representative wanted in every Tows
to eell the Ntw Exetltltr Policies.
Apply te our Olflc- at Winnipeg. Ed.
menton, Saskatoon er Vancouver.
No Mote  ihtn Natural
Thai girl may be a popular favorite
but sbe is entirely too prominent, not
to say spectacular
Thaf's all right.    Isn't, tt right and
proper for a belle to bave a ttrlkbiii
The man who waits tor opportunity
to knock finds the waltlug good.
Do You Feel w n** •
This Way*~^ I Twitch u« »•«■,
It is because of aome derangement or disease
distinctly feminine.   Write Dr. R. V. Pieree't
Faculty at Invalid!'Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y.
Consultation is free and advice is strictly itt.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
restores the health and spirits and removes thot*
painful symptoms mentioned above. It. has been
sold by druggists for over 40 yean, in fluid form, (4
Solid .Breech Hammerless-Safe
■THOUSANDS of sportsmen have fint
w  _        1 chosen a Remington for its looks—
a_mT)*S **a balance—its speed suggestion—and
STw''   amve been delighted to nnd that they
A had tn arm that waa a little faster—*
'*-■;   little more accuratf than tny rite tliey
Ta****** cveT owne^-
/Mfej    .22Repeating Rifles—easy take-down.
■    ''    straight line feed.   .25. .30, .32 Rem-
■' ington high power rifles.
An Intereitins booklet simply exnlaininir many of the mote technical points ol modern rifle con.
■traction ia yours for the asking. Your name and adtlreia on a pot-card brinf b it by return mail.  ,
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
A Better Cup of Tea■
More of Them to tho Pount
Can alwaya make aure of-setting the highest prlcea for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car Iota to FORT WILLIAM ANO
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
He Took the Hint
Muriel, snld' the old gentleman
sharply,- that young man yott had in the
parlor.last night, ls dull of comprehension. All I had to to was cough
when tho oilier chaps remained too
late, and tliey would take the hint and
depart. Lid this one say anything
when I coughed last night?
YeB, replied the beautiful daughter.
He suid the next time he called he was
going tb bring you some cough drops.
To safeguard the child from damage
that worms cause, use Miller's Worm
Powders, the medicine par excellence
•tor children. These powders will clear
the system entirely of worms, will regulate and stimulate the organs injuriously affected by the worms, and will
. encourage healthful operation of the
digestive twoccsstejs, As a vermifuge
It eannot'l.e surpassed in effectiveness.
A lady ot grea' beauty and attractiveness who was an ardent admirer ot
Ireland one.? crowned her praise of it
at a party by saying:
I think 1 was meant for an Irish woman.
Mndttin, rejoined a witty sou of 'Brin,
who happened to be present, thousands would Imcl. me In Baying that
you were meant for an Irishman.
MrtsDoucetteTells of her Distressing Symptoms During
Change of Life and How
She Found Relief.
Where Not One but Two or Three
Oxen Might be Roasted
The kitchet. of olden times seem to
have been of extraordinary size, judging from the Investigations made by
an English historical society. At
Hurstmonciaux for example, there
was a kltche: twenty-eight feet high,
with thre.. huge MrepUce^ and a bakehouse -with an ove:-. fourteen feet in
There is au old Welsh kitchen near
Llandudno, dating from-the fifteenth
century, which Laa many primitive
culinary contrivances, now obsolete or
supersede.; by modem .'..ivices. Among
these curious old devices may be mentioned a meatjack with a flywheel, a
steel toasting stand and a fan bel-
At Battle abbey there ls a curious
old kitchen containing much ot interest to the antiquary, and a kitchen
at St. Mary's hall, Coventry, Is remarkable for the famous 'knaves' post
to which, it appears, refractory scullions were temporarily attached by
way of punishment.
There ls a medieval kitchen at
Westminster abbey, although little remains by which to identify it aside
from the rubble flooring, the buttery
hatch and an adjoining cellar. Hampton Court palacfl shows its great
kitchen wili vaulted roof and Beta ot
antlers on its walls.
Englishmen of otlier dayi. fully recognized the advantages ot a large
kitchen. There ls extant an order,
dated April 19, 1206, wherein Hugh
de Nevill is commanded to have the
king's kitchen at Clarendon roofed
with shingles and to cause two new
kitchens to be erected, one at Marlborough and the other at Ludgershall,
to which 'to flireBa' the royal dinners.
In this order It is stated that it ls
particularly directed that each kitchen
shall be provided with a furnace sufficiently large to roast two or three
Stopping His Talk
A man carrying a small handbag
3uc.li as commercials, use entered a
barber's shop and proceeded to take
various things out of tho bag.
I don't think I want anything today, said the barber.
The other showed him a bottle.
This Is very fine bay rum, he said.
Possibly, aaid tho barber; but I
have got plenty.
Shaving soap? said the other, producing a packet. >
No, thanks, ropllei. the barber.
Face powder? said the caller, producing another packet.
No; it no good, said the barber, I
must get rid ot my present stock
Apparently undaunted, the caller
produced various other things—a bottle of hair tonic, a pot of pomade, a
tube of face cream, and bo on.
No, no, no! said ihe barber, des-
pr.-ately. I tell you I don't want any
of them.
I know you don't wbb the calm reply-
Then why do you ask me to buy
them? demanded the barber.
I dldr.'t ask you to buy them, declared the other. I only came ln to
have my hair cut, but I wanted to
show you before I started that I've
got all the toilet articles I want.
Belleville, Nova Scotia,Can.—"Three
Tears ago I was suffering badly with
what the doctors
called Change of
Life. I wss so bsd
that I had to stay in
bed. Some friends
told me to take Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
it helped me from
the fint. It is the
only medicine I
took that did help
B me and I recommend
It. You don't know how thankful and
frateful I am. I give you permission
to publish whit your good medicine has
done forme/'-Mrs. Simon Doucette,
Belleville, Yarmoijth Co., Novs Scotia,
Such warning symptoms as sense of
suffocation,hot llaslies.lieadai-lien.back-
»ches,dread of impending evil, timidity,
sounds in the cars, palpitation of ths
heart, sparks before the eyes, irregularities, constipation, variable appetite,
weakness snd inquietude, and dizziness,
are promptly heeded by intelligent women who are approaching the period in
Kfe when woman's great change may
be expected,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound invigorates and strengthens the
female organism and builds up the weakened ucrvous system. It has carried
many women safely through tills crisis,
If fon wont special adrlce write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (cont.
Initial) Lynn, Nasi. Your letter will
W opened, read and answered by a
woman, and held Ib strict confidence.
W. N. U. 97*
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
Art Tamed the Tigers
A privileged few may have seen the
interesting sight of a sculptor making
his studies antl models from lite for
the statues of the two tigers which
guard the entrance to Nassau hall at
Princeton. The studies were made for
the most part lu the animal houses
near the Arsenal In Central park. At
first considerable prodding by the
keepers was necessary to induce tho
zoological samples to come forward
when the sculptor wanted them. After a time, however—this is upon the
sculptor's solemn word—the beasts
got so that when they saw him set up
Ills stand they came forward of their
own accord and lay crouched, as he
wished. Thc tigers had learned to
Was Too Sors and   Lame   to   Work
Quickly Cured by Nerviline
"I have had a long experience in
treating horses, and I can safely say
that I know of no liniment for strains,
sprains, and swelling that is so useful
around the stable as Nerviline." Thus
writes Mr. J. K. Murchtson, trom his
home, Crofts Hill P.O. "I had a fine
young mare that wrenched her right
foreleg, and from the shoulder down
she was stiff, sore, and swollen. I
applied Nerviline, and lt worked like a
charm; ln fact, that'mare was In shape
to work a day after I used Nerviline.
"We bave used Nerviline on our
farm for twenty-five years, and never
found it wanting. For man or beast
lt ls a wonderful liniment."
Five thousand letters recommend
Nerviline as a general household liniment, aa an all-round cure for aches
and pains.    Try ih yourself.
Large site bottle, 50c, or sample size
25c, sold by all dealers, or The Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont,
The Reason
A well known Idiot named Jamie
"ra?er surprised people sometlm.es by
his replies. The members ot one parish had for some time distressed the
minister by their bablt of sleeping In
church. He had often endeavored to
impress them with a sense of the Impropriety of Buch conduct, and one
day when Jamie was sitting In the
front gallery wide awake when many
wero slumbering round him the clergyman endeavored to arouse the attention of bis hearers by stating the
fact, saying: You see oven Jamie Frozen the idiot, dees not fall asleep, as
so many of you are doing. Jamie, not
liking perhaps to be designated, coolly replied: And if I hadn't been an
idiot I would have been sleeping too.
Cigar ir Cocoanut?
The occupants of the railway carriage were listening with joyful Interest, to the tales ot thc young man
ln the corner. Ha had been all over
the world several times, apparently
ami his adventures had beeu marvelous.
Coolness and courage Is tlie thing,
he wus Baying. Tako this case. We
wero In Central Africa, traveling
among cannibal tribes. Quo evening
when we camped, I hod strolled off
while my men prepared supper, when
suddenly above a rock in front of me
I saw lho heads of three natives who
were watching me. What wu I to
do? My gun van at the camp. To turn
hack meant having spears through
me. In a moment I decided, ("lose
by were some stones. Pretending I
dldu't aee* the niggers, I bent down
as lf to examine the stones, then,
quick as lightning, I picked up three
of them and flung them with all my
force at their heads. Kvery one
found Its mark, and the three natlv
dropped like sheep. I always take a
good aim, antl lt served mc well then.
Then tho red-faced man opposite,
who had   been   listening
chimed ln:  And what did
.'. cigar or a cocoautit?
you get?
Nature's Rival
She—Did you hear the thunderstorm
last night?
He—No. There was it suffragette
meeting In the next house to mine.
Trial Is Inexpensive. To those who
suffer trom dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatism or any ailment arising
from derangement of the digestive
system, a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills ls recommended, should the sufferer bo' unacquainted with them. The
trial will be Inexpensive and the result
will be another customer for tills excellent medicine. So effective Is
their action that many cures can cer-
taluly be traced to their use where
other pilla have proved ineffective.
Loved Another Too Well
Ho -You rofiiso me. Is It because
yo*i aro fond ot another?
He (savagely)—Tell me who tbls
other Is.
She—Bh4 stands before you.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
She Knew It
One day a teacher was having a
first grade class ln physiology. She
asked them lt they knew that there
was a burning fire ln the body all of
the lime, One Uttle^glrl spoke up and
Ycs'in. When It is a cold day I can
seo tha smoke.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
Mtiriue Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c. Eye Books Pree hy Mall.
Murine Eye Kem.Se Ce., Chlcaie
EASY TO use        /•' ,,,,„„.,„ -„_—-*_=__-.	
©OOD FORlTHE SHOES    ».„>_,,,     SftPSflP
Oraln Commltiton Mtrchintt - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hake Bills Lading read: l'ort Arthur or Fort William.   Noilly Feter Janata
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns Beit Grades
When   you   Cross    the    Atlantic
Choose   the     OLD     RELIABLE -__^_^_.._™^_»__—.___
the pioneer lino of Atlantlo Steam shipping. Rccent.y, two palatial new
steamers havo boen added to the Cunard Canadian Son-Ice, the "Ancianla"
and "Alaunla," carrying* ono class cabin (H) and third class. Theae
splendid ships afford evory luxury and comfort for the .ic_-oiii.Tioc.at.o_i
of passengers. They are fitted with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy. Submarine Signalling, etc, ln fact, every modern device for tho safety of
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing-room, Smoking-room, Open and Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) 8.8. ''Alaunla" carrying one class cabin (II) and
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and servlceo from Montreal, Portland, Boston
and New York, apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD., 304 Main Street, Winnipeg.
WHAT we can do Is to SHIP US
drain Exchange       -     • Winnipeg, Man.
Licensed—Bonded Established  1910
FREE    \
Daily Market Letter and Sample Grain Bags.
Send us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list—It's free.   Let us
keep you pouted on market (prices (or (rain.
Personal attention given to selling and trading of all
cars.    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work in our
clients' Interests, We have every facility for prompt service and
we set best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags-and deal with a
firm wbose business has been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, 1160,000
References,    any    Bank    or
Commercial Agency.
A Paste I the F r Dallev O.ltdI No Don
MojWjSTCI      Hamilton.Ont.   INoJUrsi
At the
Buying it the factory will land
diii rants at your station freight
^^^^^^^^^ prepaid for $20.00 leu than
ths salt best iter* oo lbe market. You pocket the
dealer's profit—about 30 per cent.—get a beautiful Heel
snd malleable iron tinge biultlo lirt a lifetime. And what's
mora you mm money every month oa your fuel bill.
Etrery Range is anceaAUeaally guaranteed.
Dominion Pride %s
It's as good mi
the range to read tha
complete aad dear description in our book.
The book alio contain, a
histocy oi cooking worth
reading. Let us lead
you a copy.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range
Wt. Co., Limited. Ottawa, Oat
Plus. Seed Seek THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
©tjefanfc forte &un
a very plain, ordinary sort of
a thief.
.,,. Vent   S1.50
i.te Vear (lo advance)  1.00
"ne Year, In United States  1.60
Iddreis all nommiinloatlona to
TmGbasii Porks Suk.
"honb R74 Qhahd Porks, B.C
Canada is now back to the position
she occupied in 1894. The government
1 is sending out statistic tn fjuin Ottawa
to prove that the country is prosperous. When the Laurier government
• was in power, as its leader predicted
j would be the case, it was not neces-
_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^J sary to prove by statistical quotations
  — I that prosperity abounded    Canadians
FRIDAY    NOVEMBER 28,  1913 I felt in their  pooket. and  reflected it
' from   their   countenances.—Victoria
m----m-,^,m-m-m-m-wt^—mMmmmma*sm. ,Tlaiea.'t*-mmmmmmm*bm*b%J*x**t****x*******-l
Traces of the whereabouts
of a Inst M.P. P. have at last
been discovered. E. Miller,
member for Grand Forks, is
billed to address the electors
of the Islands district. It is
much easier for Mi*. Miller
to talk to the coast people
Mian it is for nim to face his
own constituents.
All the paid government
papers at the coast now have
their batteries trained on the
Liberal candidate in the
Islands constituency. The
noise they are making sounds
like a burglar's d-jg barking at
a parson.
Anyone with a crazy hobby
always manages to get into
print. A writer in the Canadian Courier advocates the
purchase by the goveanments
of Canada and the United
.States of a strip of land ten
miles wide ou each side of
the international boundary
line, making a total width of
twenty miles, from Lake Superior to the Pacific ocean—
abouf 1500 miles in length—
and turn it into an international park and forest, and
make it a home for wild animals, birds and fish. In other
words, this writer wants to
convert Grand Forks and all
the other towns and cities on
both sides of the boundary
line into a zoo. At the present high cost of living, we
think that this strip of land is
more valuable for growing
foodstuffs for the masses than
as a home for wild animals.
The animals can move farther
north. •
emr life snapshots
Tiii-iiK is one consolation in
being poor. The risk of losing
money is reduced to a mini
The man or woman who,
mi any or every little pretext,
keeps a child out of school, is
The first statutory meeting
of the shareholders of the
Grand Forks Canning Company, Limited, will be held on
Saturday, December the 6th,
1913, at 8 o'clock- in the evening, at the Davis hall.
Th« bricklaying tin tbe new canning factory is now nearly finished.
The building will be under roof in
thiee or four dnys.
T. J Liwrence made n biisineps
trip to Greenwood   on  Wednesday.
The post officps   at  Sidlny   nnd
Myers FUt have been cloned.
Jiitiics   McArdle, ihe  local   capitalist, visited Phoenix yesterday.
The address of Alfred Oughtnn
Vale is wanted hy his relatives in
The catch of kokante in Christina
lake is not as heavy this fall as it
has been in former years.
If this kind of weather continues
fnr another week, it will puzzle the
fruit trees in the valley to know
whether this is fall or spring.
Did ynu ever notice that all the
bright things in local newspaper
circles always appear in The Sun.
This is not mere chance.
Only about one more week now
remains in which private greeting
Christmas cards can be ordered.
A Christmas Gift
Worth While
'PHEUK'S nothing you could
I think nf that will express better the spirit of helpfulness
and good will than the gift of a
good wateh. Far from being merely
ornamental, it represents a lifetime
of useful service and permanent
Our Christmas display shows all
the standard guarauteed makes in
the newest models at prices ranging
from $10 to $40, in gold filled or
solid gold cases, Any watch selected now will be set aside on pay
ment of a small deposit. You will
have a better opportunity to shop
if you call now while the stock is
complete and before the rush cem-
See our window display,
Look Mother!    If tongue Is coated,
cleanse little bowels with "California Syrup of Figs."
Read the advertisements in The
Sun before you do ynur Christmsa
flurry Aiken*, the contractor, was
arrested last. Friday on a charge of
padding C A. Wallace's ravrnll.
Monday afternoon he appeared for
his preliminary hearing before
Judge Cochrane, and was held for
trial  before   a court of  competett
Mothers can rest easy aftor glvinc
"California Syrup of Figs," because In
a few hours all tho clogged-up waste,
sour bile and fermenting food gently
moves out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
take this harmless "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep lt handy because they know Its action on tke
stomach, liver and bowels ls prompt
and aure.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup ot Figs," which
contains directions for babies, children
of all ages and tor grown-ups.
Read The Sun  ami  keep   ptwte.i
on current events.
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jurisiliiiuim.    He elected a speedy
trfal, and on Tuesday afternoon  be I
appeared   hefore Judge Brown   in
tbe county court. He pleaded guilty
to the  charge, and   was given bis ]
liberty on suspended -sentence. -
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Most ot the happenings in the City I
of Mexico today sontinue to indicate
that Victoriano Huerta is unalterably.|
determined not to accede to the  demands of the United   States   government for his elimination as  president I
of Mexico.
That the Ulster question will be
settled and that home rule for Ireland, however modified, will be enforced before a general election, is ihe
conviction in the best informed circles
in London.
The London Outlook makes a bitter j
dennnciation of    attempts   to   start;
friction between   she  United   Stales
and Mexico
The Quebec license commiflsioiiers >
condemns prohibition and make rec-'
ommendations for regulating the
liquor traffic.
An order-in counoil has been passed
at Ottawa amending the British Columbia fishing regulations.
A redistribution bill he introduced
when parliaments meets at Ottawa.
The famous placer mining probities of the Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic company have benn restaked
be John Hopp ami associates, under
the belief that some of the mining
regulations with regard to working
placers have not been fulfilled.
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purchasing your Xmas gifts here. Purchases
made   now will   be   stored   till   Christmas.
in all, arrived at  the  National  ban k
in Montreal yesterday from  London,
Fire starts in the Hudson's Bay
store at Pincher -Creek, and half the
town is swept away by a great cun
Sir Edward Grey thinks that
Great Britain will not object to the
United States fortifying the   Panama
in uniform, has been taken to heart in
Hoi lin and the same rule has been introduced throughout the diplomatic
Two lieutenants of the United
States army aviation corps, are killed
by a fall from an aeroplane at San
Diego, Cal.
Allegations of rubber atrocities ex
needing the horrors revealed some
years ago in Putumayo, Congo, are
made in respect to the Acre .territory
in Brazil.
John Hopp says his aotion in re-
staking the famous Curilioo placer is
ijuite justified,.!'? he '.latins the. oi'-t'cr.
JtoM** BofcoMraHe-l tho Minn for about
'.'—"'   tt tl      ..              ..-       ...    ...
>.<». ,l-"'-ttr'     -      '*       '    "A'    '*'      **       ~^ m.
The M»«fi*tui i.'fu'.evrittieiit is no
longer afraid of American thrects, nnd
Huerta will continue to pound away
in the determination to win or lose
his fight.
Several thousand people of many
creeds and nationalities welcomed
Qen Bramwell Booth, head of the
Salvation Army, at Carnegie hall,
New York, this afternoon.
Approximately four and one-half
tons of gold, about t 4,000,000 worth
Gen. Botha, premier of South
Africa, in a trenchant speech upon
the Indian situation in Natal, last
night, made it clear that South African autonomy was to be respected as
much as that of Canada.
At a meeting of the cabinet at Ottawa this evening the dates of the
Macdonald and the South Lanark
bye-elections were sot. Nominations
bake plnce December li and the elec
lions on December I'i The unseated
Conservative member will again be a
candidate iu Macdonald.
The Dublin strike is said to be collapsing in spite of Larkin's eloquence.
President Wilson's belief that the
Huerta government in Mexico is
slowly crumbling was reiterated today
in Washington,
The currency bill reaches its second
stage in the house at Washington.
Emperor William's edict forbidding
German army and navy officers to
dance the tango and other steps while
Now is the Time to Get
Fitted Dp for Gold
The Fa& That We Are Doing
the Business is Evidence Enough
That   Our   Prices  Are   Right
CAMPBELL'S for Quality
A thieatened strike of Grand Trunk
Pacific telegraph operators is averted
liy a decision of the board of arbitration   for an increase of pay
Francis Bowes Sayre and Miss Jessie Wilson, second daughter of President and Mrs. Wilson, were joined in
marriage late today at the White
House, before a company of distinguished officials of tbe United States,
members of the diplomatic corps, close
friends and relatives.
The Mexican Constitutionalist lead
er orders a general advance and
drives the government forces back,
The decisive engagement of the cam'
paign is now being fiercely fought
near the American border.
The shareholder of the Hudson's
Bay company approve the plan to
issue five million dollars in 5 per cent
preferred shares.
Chief Justice Hunter, at Victoria,
declares thai the order in council goes
beyond the immigration act, and orders the Hindus under the ban to be
Dr, M. P. Ravenal, head nf the
bacteriological department of the Uni
| versity of Wisconsin, says that bovine
tuberculosis is inimical to mankind
and that stricter inspection of cows
and mure careful preparation of milk-
for market will be necassary before
we can hope to prevent the transmission of bovine tuberculosis to man.
I have re-orjened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
NIp-u/ HnrtiAcc «-"d do all kinds of
11CW ll aril CM harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
~.. ■-,•..
A compromise with Ulster appears
to be precluded by a statement made
by Premier Asquith. He makes an
important and definite announcement
to a delegation of Irish Liberals.
The Bank of British North America at Agassiz is looted by a band of
six bandits.
The Mexican federals are in full
retreat before Gen. Villa's victorious
army. Threo hundred were killed iu
the fight yesterday. The rebels defending Juarez consider all danger of
further attack from the federals as
Only intimate friends know where
Mr. and Mrs Sayre have gone for
their honeymoon.
The chairman of the railway com
mission reports on his investigation
into the freight rate situation, und advises a full enquiry into Atlantic
A policy of free food was what Sir
Wilfrid Laurier submitted ta his audience at the banquet given tonight in
his honor by the Federated Liberal
Clubs of Ontario in Hamilton.
2: The thanksgiving dinner of the
American socity in London tonight
was noteworthy by the prominence o
the British government's endorsa
ment   of the   Monroe   doctrine   by
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Shirts    Boots  and Shoes
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and Pipes
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Viscount Hald-ene, lord chancellor.
Three hundred and fifty meu and
women, with a large number of Brit
ish guests, were present, and they
cheered Lord Haldane's words again
and again.
The Conservative candidate wins in
the East Middlesex bye election.
Queeu Mary frowns on the tango
It must not be included in any enter-
tasnment under royal patronage.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst sailed
from New York for England today,
taking with her, she said, $20,000 collected during her recent lecture tour
iu the United States.
Cur*   Sick   Headache,   Constipation,
Biliousness,   Sour  Stomach,   Bad
Breath—Candy Cathartic.
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constipation, Indigestion, biliousness
and sluggish bowels—you always get
relief with Cascarets. They Immediately cleanse and regulate the stomach, remove the sour, fermenting food
and foul gases; Uke the excess bile
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sUpated waste matter and poison
from the Intestines and bowels. A
10-cent box from your druggist will
keep your liver and bowels clean;
atomach tweet and bead clear for
months.   They work while you sleep.
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to his new stand, corner Bridge -and
Fourth streets.
Highest cash price paid for oltl
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hnnd Stiirc
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in the end.
is a home product of
genuine merit. Get a
a case today and try it
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Between theRocks
if ruin and disaster the Fire Insurance
Policy safely sails the thoughtful man.
Fire, Hood and famine, loss ot home
and friends may wreck your fortune,
but the right kind of an insurance
policy will always be a haven of refuge
Insurance of All Kinds
Established 1901
Hit Cleverness
Don't be so lajy. There's plenty ol
room at tho top, and you're clever
enough to get there..
But, replied the lazy genius, think
how clever lt Is of me to find a place
at the bottom where then. Isn't so
mimir room.
No More Tips
Guest—Are tips expected here?
Walter—No, sah. We don't accept
no vulgah tips, ► *i. We is free bohn
American citizens we ls, and we wish
x, preserve ouah eelt respect, sah.
I'm glad to hear that.
Yes, Bali. All we requlah Is a retaining fee, same ob lawyers, Bah.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cathartic* aod pui*atirci. Th# a*-
brutal-hariih-uani.'cciiary. Try
Purely vegetable. A
eliminate btleJUW
soothe thcdeli-
cate membrane
ofthe bowel.
Cms Csn*
sTd tteimeke nd Miletlien, *, _riW.... htm.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mint hem Signature
tfrMiMravTofwtn "lumiawrn oott.tia.ui
mnn trom moult, suddii, niivoim dimah
r™._L". "Tr.~*'T?1-".'-tT".l'°!! i>«»
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.  Insist on the
"Otto Hlgel"
Piano Action
Something  better  than linen  and no
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Water.     All stoics or direct. State stylo
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* the "Sask-Alta" to be a perfect cooker im.
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Red Has More Meaning and Greater
Effeot Than /.ny Other Hue
Red has a greater effect upon both
man and the lower animals than any
other color. It ls, In fact, the king
ot colors, according to Professor W.
Peabody Bartlett.
Perhaps, says Professor Bartlett, lf
our blood vere green Instead of red
we would hold green as the king of
colors, because blood la life. The
sight of it stirs both man and the lower animals, aud for that reason the color ot it is the most effective of all
Every one knows the antipathy a
bull has to red, how he will bellow and
become blindly enraged at the Bight of
It, but the bull Is by no means the
only animal that Ib affected by this
color. Put a dog ln a kennel and
cover the end that opens to daylight
with a white cloth or a black cloth,
Make Him Prove It
Do I look an Idiot?
I refuse to commit myself.
But a fellow just called me ont.
Chance of a lifetime.    Sue him tor
libel and Bee what the juij says.
fVh*, fcLJ? iffsKStai mt^-r******* tr°"bl<-u *•«• W *****■' Aft-
to it, but cover the opening witV**^ consuUlng two (loclo/s wlthout ob.
bright red cloth ao that the daylight
comes through to the dog lr. a red
glow, nnd the dog will at once begin
to bark furiously.
Put a rooster ln a dark bag or a
green or yellow bag and he will remain quiet, but put him in a bag of
thin red cloth, so that the light may
shiue through and show the color, and
the rooster will craw lustily. This ls
not because be might think the red
indicated sunrise, because roosters
will crow long before the first faint
tinge ot color appears ln the east.
Suffragettes haven't thought of horrifying the men by appearing iu their
last year's hats.
GIN PILLS Givo Prompt Relief By
Curing the Kidneys
Mr. Samuel Longmore, ot Montreal,
says "Just a word ot praise for* GIN
FILLS. Ahout fifteen months ago I
could not walk across my room, suffering severely with Rheumatism. I
took GIN PILLS and became quite
well. Two months ago, I had Rheumatic Pains with Neuralgia. I resorted to GIN PILLS again for one
week and became quite well."
SOc. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free lt
you wrlto National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 218
What Makes a Good Cow?
ProfeSBOr W. J. Kennedy ot the Iowa
station recommends the following in
reference to the selection of breeding
stock for the dairy.
In selecting dairy cattle the real test
must be the scales and the Babcock
tester. The cow ls a machine to convert food into milk Thus she must
have a large middle and a strong constitution to Insure the   best   results.
Every mother ls anxious for the -welfare ot her little ones—above all she
wants them to have good health. Thousands ot mothers have learned the secret of keeping their little ones healthy
—they have learned that by keeping
Baby'B Own Tablets tn the house and
giving an occasional dose to the little
ones that they will escapo constipation, vomiting, colic, colds, worms,
etc. The Tablets never fail to be ol
service In keeplcg the baby healthy
and happy. Sold ty mediclae dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a hox from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Help for the Dense
Tliat was a lino jolto you had In the
Glad you lihed lt.
But wasn't there soinethiiiK missing?
What wns tt?
Don't you throw ln a diagram?
The Last Asthma Attack may really
bc the last one If prompt measures are
taken. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy will safeguard you, It will
penetrate to the smallest bronchial
passage and brlr.i; about t. healthy condition. It always relieves and Its continued uso often effects a permanent
cure. Why not get this long-famous
remedy to-tlay and commence Its uso"
Inhaled as smoke or vapor It is equally effective.
A Demoralizing Change
I have to watch those players who
wero one the stage  nil winter,  remarked tin manager.
Why oo?
It's hard to sot 'tin to go nlno ir..
nlngs after t.'iey have got imed to a
drama that only unfed four acts.
W. N. U. 972
Most every statesman and near
statesman now has a presidential
ligliluing rod sticking out of his hat.
Nervous Prostration of Three Years'
Standing Cured a Year ago by Dr.
Chase'a Nerve Food,
Anyone who knows the discouragement and despair which accompanies
tho helplessness .of nervous prostration will appreciate the gratitude felt
by the writer of this letter.
Mrs. H. C. Jones, Scotch Lake, C.B.,
writes: "I suffered from nervous prostration for nearly three years. I had
frequent headaches, had no appetite
1   K»
tainlug satisfactory results, I began
the use ol Dr. Chase's Nervo l'*ood,
and was completely cured by this
treatment. It is nearly a year since I
was cured, and I want others to know
ot this splendid medicine, I now attend to my housework with pleasure
and comfort, and am glad to have the
opportunity of recommending Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food."
At least some benefit Is bound to le
derived from each dose of this gveat
food cure, as day by day it forms new
blood, and builds up tlie system. 50
cents a box, 6 for (2.50. all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, fo-
A Wis- Child
The little daughter ot a prominent
divine, whom lt would be cruel to
name, was receutly taken to her father's church for the first time. She
was, of course, intensely interested in
all that went on.
A true little Yankee, her flrst remark on coming out was:
Do all those little boys ln nighties
get paid for singing?
Yes; I suppose so, replied her mother.
And does father get paid too?
Well, I shouldn't think they'd have
to pay him much, for he does nothing
but fall:, and he just loves to do that.
Bear Island, Aug. 26, 1903.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your traveller is here
to-day and we are getting a large
quantity ot your MINARD'S LINIMENT. We find lt the best Liniment
on the market making no exception.
We have been in business 13 years and
have handled all kinds, but have dropped tliem all but yours; that sells itself; the others have to be pushed to
get rid of.
Proper Treatment
A big fish has been playing around
here for some tinu but it is a bad
Give It the hook.
To Restore
Good Health
The first thing to do is to correct the minor ailments caused
by defective or irregular action
of the organs of digestion and
elimination. After these or-
gans have been put in good
working order by timely use of
(tu Umm* tab tl Am MMM h He **»
better digestion results, and then
the food really nourishes and
strengthens the body. The first
dose gives relief! and sounder sleep,
quieter nerves, and Improved action
of all the bodily organs are caused
by an occasional use of Beecham's
PIUs. They give universal aatisfac-
tion and in safety, BUreness and
quickness of action Beecham's Pilla
Have No
Known Equal
S-li t.*rrwa*t*. Is Wmu.U crate
Tk. 4trMtlMU wl* •»«_
Ul wa very TahnM*
Gives quick, glowing warmth where
and when you want it Easily portable. No smoke. No smell. Safe,
clean, convenient. Steady heat for
nine hours on a single gallon of oil
Stock carried at all chief points
For best results use ROYALITE OIL
St John
Do not ship your grain to Fort William or Port Arthur^hof'
written us for shipping instructions, as we are •yr"' ^--
it you ship according to .ur special instructions.    tv^itoniTT-rtf-wtiy."*-'
Licensed and Bonded Commission Merchants
118-122 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg	
How To Get Rid Of The Drink Habit
The Irrtelsttble craving which drives all drinking men on and ultimately
wrecks them physically, mentally and financially can bo removed by tlio
Treatment In three days. Tho Neal Treatment Is a safe. Bure Vegetable
remedy taken internally which eliminates all craving or desire for drink and
removes all traces of alcoholism from the system. No hypodermic Injections are employed and no 111 after effects are experienced. .,,.._.
Tho drink habit Is discouraging both to the drinker and to the drinker s
family. Drinking men promlBo themselves that they will stop and often conscientiously try to do so but the craving Is stronger than the will powei
to resist, and Invariably after ono or two attempts to stop they begin.to drink
' Tho only hope for these men ls In tho Neal Treatment.	
If vou are a drinking man you con visit one of '.he Neal Institutes mid In
three days bs freed from the drink habit and return to :our home free from
nit deBlro for drink and complete master of yourself.
You can take the treatment at one of the Neal Institutes and return home
In a few days and your friends will scarcely have time to note your absence.
Only three day. and you are forever free from the curse of tbe drink lm-.lt.
Wi-lie tor full information -to the nwrort^l. Institute.
405  .roadway,  WINNIfS* ^ •» TOrUjnjh. Ave., W,  CALOABV.
Proved Hla Case
Every one knew Jonathan Skinflint
as a millionaire, with the exception, so
it appeared, ot Sklr.fllnt himself. He
invariably wore the shabbiest of
clothes and U, reported to have dined
ono day on a couple of peas and a
grape skin.
One day au old friend endeavored
to persuade the miser to dress better,
1 am surprised, he said, that you shoul..
let yourself become ss shabby.
But I am not shabby, expostulated
Skinflint, . .    .
Oh, yes yorf arc, repllcc the friend.
Kemcraber jour father. He was a -
ways neatly, oven elegantly dressed.
•His clothes were very handsome.
Slilnfllnt gave utterance to a hearty
laugh. Why, he shouted triumphantly
these clothes I've got on now were
Serious   Loss
On the third day of his Aunt Jane's
visit to the city Motortdn took her for
a ride in the high power runabout.
They had proceeded only a mile or so
when 'Hang the luck!' exclaimed Motorton.
Goodness! What's wrong? said
Aunt Jane.
Engine's missing, tersely replied
Dear me! said Aunt Jane. I do
hope It's heeu found by an honest person. Where do you suppose wc dropped If.  '
A simplified X ray by which a bill
collector could see how much money
a mau had In his pocket would fill a
long felt want.
Out of tha Course
Owing to fog a steamer stopped ut
the mouth of a river. An old lady Inquired ot tho captain tbo cauBe ot the
Can't see up the river, replied lite
But, captain, I can see thc stars
overhead, she argued.
Yes, said the captain gruffly, but
until the boiler busts we ain't going
that way.
It Rubs Away Pain.—There Is no Un
lment bo efllcaclov.c in overcauiliii.
pain aa Dr. Thomas' Ecloctrlc OU. Tho
hand that rubs lt In rubs the pain
away and on this account there Is no
preparatlot that stands so high ln publio esteem. There ls no Bui-er painkiller procurable, as thousands ctt-i attest who have used It successfully ta
treating many ailments.
Of course you like the big, juicy,
red and white streaked strips of bacon. But you may not know that
this kind of bacon Is produced by feeding ground barley mixed with skim
milk. Soaked barley alone ls an excellent hog (eed. Barley also is good
tor sheep and as a teed for horses and
cattle ls nearly equal to corn.
NO V/    SU   / V) S >
The Three Star Lodgers Have a
K Was All Seeauas ef an III Timed Taxi
Ride and Feminine Jealousy, Accord-
Ing ta the Janitor—Another Outbreak
{Copyright, Ml, by Associated Literary
YHA8 aot you or somepody
else, Ur. Sprocket?" queried
the german grocer as tha
janitor of Paradise Flats
lounged Into the store the other even-
"Tu, It's me."
"Und you vhas alive!"
"Jnst about"
"Vhas lt mora troubles mit your ten-
"That's tt Do I look all broke upV*
"Mr. Sprocket yon vhas looking like
tome man mit hla toes ln der grave."
"I shouldn't wonder. There -was an
hour or go last night when I didn't
know whether I'd be Uvlng today or
"Did you go most dead mit dot asthma?"
"No, It wasn't the) asthma altogether.
In fact tha asthma waa as good as left
ont of it Those people broke loose
again, yon gee, and tbe nervous strain
en me almost knocked me out"
"Yhat a wicked people, vhat a wick-
ad worldl Tind go dere vhas sou*
more rows?"
"I told yon the other day about tbe
three ladles having a scrap," replied the
janitor aa he settled himself down on
the head of a barrel. "Well, they went
abont with their noses in tbe air for a
day or two and then decided to make lt
ap. That's a woman'a way, yon know.
They couldn't visit each other While
they were mad, and each one of tbe
three waa Just dying to tee how the
others had furnished np their rooms
and whether tha whole family bad to
sleep in cne bed or not Urs. O'SuIlivan had ths most curiosity, and si
ah* bad drawn s diamond ring with a
. pound of fifty cent tea and wanted tc
*'-'ow lt oft she decided to giro In first
. v/«*f .'tdaj morning ahe knocked on the
0.6 door, stifl tha dato p*.H hei- nose
you wanta of me, t-T- ■
Make* First Overture*.
" 'Countess, Fre com* to mak*: up
Wld ye,' said O'Sulivan. 'Saylu' nothln'
of th* words ln th* Bible and the
teacbln's of good men tbat we abonld
dwell together in harmony, I'm will-
in' to believe that I was mistaken io
ye as a dago. Th* way ye used yer
lingers In m* bair, to say nothin' of the
bat on m* month, proves that ye ara
■ * perfect lady and entitled to my
esteem. Shake m* hand, Countess
Dlrllo, and let'* b* friends.'
•"Vou no wanta flghia auy mot**.'
aiked th* countess as ib* cam* ont
Into th* hall.
"'Not another wallop,' answered
O'SuIlivan. 'It's rather airly in th*
mornln' for a high society call, but if
y*'ll overlook it for one* I'll com* in
and show yon th* |1B0 diamond ring
me Tlm handed u* from hi* bind
pocket thlt mornln' for * birthday prls-
"1 heard It all," said the Janltor,"and
the countess let her In and met her
half way. I thought it Wonld be a good
thing for me and MeUurphy and a bad
thing for th* darky, but It turned out
tiptop all aronnd. Wben two women
get to making up a quarrel tbey Include all creation, and It wasn't over
half an hour befor* the two cam* ont
wltb their arms aronnd escb other and
started np to ae* th* barber's wlte."
"Py golly, but I Uk* dot!" exclaimed
th* grocer. "Vben I wa* mad nt some
mam, und b* com* around next day I
vhas all oafer her. lf nobody vhas
mad, den you see liow harpy *"" all
"That's lt, Mr. Wssserman. If yon
only bad the asthma you'd make a
good flathouse janitor. Yes, they went
up, and tbe darky heard tbem coming
and was ready for them with on old
chair leg. Sbe was spitting ou her banda
for a good grip when Urs. O'SuIlivan
told her tbat the quarrel was all made
sp and the dove ot peace had come
there to hatch her brwd. She'd been
thumped pretty hard, and ahe waa
.■ather 'Bab, but she toed tbe mark
after awhile, and there was kissing
tnd hugging all around. An hour later
O'SuIlivan car* a raornlnt? ten. whicb
was mostly beer and crackers, and
inch quietness fell upon the bouse tbat
I began to feel lonesome. About 1
•'clock in the afternoon the three got
dressed to go out ln company, and ot
course each ono put on ber best duds
to make the otber jealous. Sou know
Wbat women are, Mr. Wasserman?"
"Vhell, maype!  I llf mit my old wo-
mans for oafer dwenty year."
Out Fer an Airing.
"Ot course They praised each other's bate and dresses as tbey stood ln
tbe hall, but lt was all hypocrisy, you
know. The countess was perhaps th*
best dressed, though It was a pretty
even thing all over. They sailed away
llko three graces, and I kicked the goat
out of tbe halls, run tbe dogs, on to the
street and heaved the carts In the back
yard. For two hours I had a house to
be proud of, and I bnd mado up my
mind to tell McMurpliy to raise the
rent when the ladles returned. They
had treated each Other to clnm broth,
Ice cream and candy und had come
back in a taxi to end up iu u swagger
way. When tho taxi eamo dashing up
there was a sensation on thnt block,
and fifty otber women turned pale as
they looked out of their windows."
"Vhas some rubber tires ou der
wheels of dot taxi?" asked lhe grocer
as he seemed to call up a picture In his
mind's eye.
"Aye, thero wns, Mr. Wasserman."
replied the janitor. '-Yes, there was
rubber tires on every wheel—none
missing—and tbo cboffer wns In uniform. For a minute or two 1 felt so
proud that I was determined (o ask
McMurpliy to raise my salary to $'20 a
month and fuel throwed in; but, alas,
it wds tbe taxi tbat was our undoing."
"Did abe broke down?"
"Not at all. Tho ladles didn't bave
money enough to settle tbe fare, you
see, or tbey wanted to bent each otber.
They conld scrape only 45 cents together, while tbe fore wns a dollar and
a half, and tho cboffer wasn't slow In
giving tbem his opinion of bilks. II
wasn't tsio minutes before tho wbole
neighborhood wag on to tho racket, and
then tbere wns fun. At flrst the three
women hung together as against the
cboffer, but pretty soon Mrs. O'SuIlivan got ber Irish up and turned on the
others with:
"'Be me sowl, but I might have
knowed itl What but tbls sliould happen to a dlsclndant of the O'Sbanes
who uoe* out with a dago and a nay-
Hostilities Abeut te Begin.
"'Who you calln dago?' yelled the
" 'And who's a naygur?' shouted Mrs.
"Then a great crowd gathered
•round, hoping to see a scrap, and
when I tell you, Mr. Wasserman, thai
tbe reputation of McMnrpby's flati
tar chick and gentility suffered a set
back that tbey'll not get over for yean
I speak tbe word witb aching heart
To satisfy the cboffer and avoid a row
on the street, Mrs. O'SuIlivan handed
over that tea store diamond and sailed
into tbe bouso as grand as a queen
and when the others bod followed hei
I locked tho doors on the crowd."
"Und so all vhas peace onco more?"
queried the grocer witb a sigb ot relief.
"Not on your life, old man! Tou
know what a prelude Ib, don't you?"
"I pellet I do, but I don't carry some
ln stock.  She vbas too perishable."
Just a Curtain Kaiser.
'Must to. Well, tbat IHtlo affair ou
the sldowalk was a prelude, a prologue, a curtain raiser. It didn't take
th* O'SuIlivan over seven minutes to
get back into ber fighting togs, snd
she made a break for upstairs at once.
Tbe dago and tbe colored woman wen
ready for her and also for eacb
otber, and th* way tbey did sail is
■nd break down doors and knock ofl
plaster gave mo palpitation ot the
benrt and thoughts ot graveyards. 1
limped oil and let them bavo It out
and th* three of tbem ar* In bed and
will be for a weak to come."
"But maybe dey shall make oop good
friends und stay ao!" auggeated tbe
"Maybe; but you can't expect It Ur.
Wasserman. It ain't in what tbey call
nature, you see, It'a Ireland agin Italy
and Africa, and Italy and Africa agin
Ireland, and three women agin eacb
other, and If you don't mind I'll take
a cucumber bome for my lunch and
get what rest I can for my asthma be.
fore tho menagerie breaks loos* again."
Sure Preef.
"But aro you aure," persisted th*
grouchy customer, "thnt tbls 'er* stuff
will cure my rhonmntlx?"
"Ob. yes." replied lho drug clerk; "all
the doctors refuse to recommend It"—
Red Has Mor* Meaning and areata?
Effeot Than Any Other Hue.
Sed haa • greater effect npon both
man and tb* lower animals than any
other color. It Is, ln fact, tb* king of
colors, according to Professor W. Pea-
body Bartlett
"Perhaps," aaya Professor Bartlett
"if our blood wer* green instead of
red we would hold green aa the king
of colon, because blood 1* lite. Tb*
sight of lt stirs both man and tb* lower animals, and for tbat reason th* color ot It ta tb* moat effective ot aU colors."
Every on* knows tbe antipathy • bull
baa to red, how he wlU bellow and become blindly enraged at tbo sight ot it
but the bull is by no means the only
animal tbat Is affected by tbls color.
Tut a dog In a bennei and cover th*
end that open* to daylight with •
whit* cloth or a black cloth, and th*
dog will pay llttlo attention to it bnt
cover the opening with a bright red
cloth ao that tbe daylight cornea
through to the dog ln a red glow, and
the dog will at once begin to bark furiously.
Put a rooster In a dark bag or •
green or yellow bag and he will remain
quiet, but put htm In a bug ot tbln red
clotb, so that tbe ligbt may shin*
through and show tb* color, and th*
rooster will crow lustily. This ls not
because lie might think tbe red indicated sunrise, becauso roosters will
crow long before tbo flrst faint tinge ot
color appears ln the east
In ono experiment a spider and a
wasp wero placed In a glass bottlo and
seemed to get along very comfortably,
with no attempt at fighting eacb other,
Imt as soon ns tbey wcro put In a bottle uf red gloss they began to Dgbt
until thoy had killed each otber.
Hold three apples before a baby, on*
green, one yellow and one a bright red,
nnd tlio child will almost Invariably
pick lho red apple. Tbo color appeal*
lo It. Iteil blooms In thc check of beauty'nud touches tbe lips of fcmlnln*
youth. lied plays a grent port ln life,
und It may he, ns 1'rofcssor Bartlett
snys, duo to tho fact tbat rod ls tb*
color of blood and blood is llfo, so It
seems from humble wasp and flsb to
rooster, dog, bull, and eo on through
tho list of lower animals to man and
woman, red tins more meaning and
greater effect thnn ony other color,
making It Indeed tbo king of colors.—
New York American,
Iridic- Platinum and Ita Qualities ef
Accuracy and Durability.
Tbere are undoubtedly no product*
of human skill on which a greater de-
grco of caro I* expended than the
standard of weight nud measure In tiso
among tho civilized nations. Two
things tn particular must bo considered
—accuracy nnd durability. Nature does
not It Is contended, furnish any single
metal or mineral which exactly anawera tbe requirements for a standard
of incisure or weight that sball be aa
nearly as posslblo unalterable.
It Is held that tlle best substance yet
produced for this purposo Is au alloy
of 00 per cent platinum with 10 per
cent of Iridium. This ts called trldto-
plntlnum, and It Is thc substance ot
which tho metric standards prepared
by tbo International commission ot
weights and measures are composed.
It Is bard. It Is less affected by beat
tbau any pure metal, It ls practically
nonoxldlzablo, or not snbjcct to rust
and It can be flnely engraved. In fact
the lines on tbe standard meters ar*
hardly visible to the naked eye, yet
they ar* smooth, even, sharp and accurate.
It la aaid tbat tf onr civilization
should ever be lost and relic* of It
abould bs discovered tn some brighter
•ge In the remote future thero Is nothing which would bear blgbor testimony
to Ita character than tbes* ataudard
measures ot Irldto-platlnnm.—Harper's
Weekly. «	
A Polk* Sinecure.
An Inquisitive member of tb* bout*
•f commons waa atruck on* day by th*
present** of a policeman In on* of tb*
lobbies. Be wondered wby tbla particular lobby ahould alwaya bavo a guardian strolling up and down and mad*
inquiries. Tba records of tho bous*
wero searched, and tt waa found tbat
fifty years previously, wben th* lobby
was being decorated, a policeman bad
been stationed there to keep members
from soiling tbelr clothea The order
never bavlng been countermanded, th*
constable bnd kept bis beat for half •
Antediluvian Manners.
The Government explorers, who
spent last summer in the Canadian
west, looking for fossils, returned
with tons of specimens.
Two monstrous skeletons ot th*
dinosaurs, one 38 feet long and the
other 40 feet long, were discovered in
the bone beds oi the Red Deer river,
The remains ol a horned planteat-
ing dinosaur and «t tb* flesb-eatlng
dinoaanr wore found.
The** interesting specimens will bt
mounted and placed on exhibition at
the «umw» in Ottawa.
Explorer Stefansson'* Story sf Awkward Mishap In the Arctic.
With a rifle and • sufficient supply
ti ammunition, said Ur. Vilhjalmur
Stefansson, the Canadian explorer,
lecturing before the Royal Geographical Society in London, it is possible
to go over the discovered lands ot
the Arctic In the oourse of an interesting lecture Ur. Stefansson told
• remarkable Btory of a five years'
sojourn in Arctio regions in search of
a race ol Eskimos who had never before aeen a white man. They left
New York in April oi 1908, and the
small item that may upset the beat-
laid plans was illustrated by the fact
that they were relying upon a supply
of. matches at Herschell Island on the
north Alaskan coast, and as these
were not lorthcoming Dr. Anderson
had to retrace his steps a distance ol
1,200 miles to Barrent Point for them.
"The whole expedition cost only 110,-
000," eaid Ur. Stefansson, and quite
halt that sum was spent in securing
matches. From Herschell Island the
party pushed steadily eastward and
reached Cape Parry in the winter, and
here they found a whale, which eked
out their provisions fortuitously.
"That whale," recalled the explorer
with a dry smile, "had been dead four
years." The Eskimos said so. It had
frozen in the winter, and had thawed
in the summer. It was alter he had
leen two years in the Arctic that Stefansson set out upon his speciflo quest
ior the Eskimos who, to use his own
words, "had not been contaminated
by missionaries or traders—(laughter)
—ct course, I mean irom the scientific
point oi view." After a long pursuit
Stefansson, standing on a hut, saw
the party he was searching for seal
bunting about seven miles away, and
went after them. The Eskimos thought
they were spirits, and prepared to
defend themselves, but hi- (StefanB-
aon's) Eskimos discovered that they
spoke a similar dialect, and peace was
secured and introductions to all the
tribe—men, women and children—ensued. Intellectually these Eskimos
were on a level with thc inhabitants
ot Great Britain 10,000 years ago. It
was on Victoria Island that he came
across tbe blonde Eskimos, whom he
preferred to call bronze or copper.
They eyes were blue, their eyebrows
and whiskers fair, and the formation
ol the head and face akin to Europeans. Sir John Franklin had recorded that he saw one such Eskimo
in 1824 in the Coppermine district,
and Stefansson said he had come to
the conclusion tbat they were descendants ol an ancient race of settlers
who, originating in Scandinavia, had
traveled to Hackenzie by way of Iceland.
Gav* Wolseley Raspberries.
Now that the British nation is la»
menting the loss of one ot hsr greatest
warriors of modern times, it is interesting to meet with people who accompanied Lord Wolseley on the Red
River expedition, which made his
name a nevcr-to-be-for0*otten one to
the Canadian people.
Suoh an one is Alexander Ritchie,
of North Toronto. Mr. Ritchie, moreover, as far as he is aware, enjoyed
the unique distinction of being the
youngest member of the volunteers
who took part in repelling tho Fenian
Raid in I860.
Ur. Ritchie was born st Kingston
in 1850, and at thc age of 14 he joined
the volunteers. When the Fenian
Raid took place iif 1866, Mr. Ititchio,
then only 16 years old, wss sent with
his regiment to Cornwall, where it
was ststioncd till the trouble blew
In 1870 the Louis Riel rebellion,
which led to the Red River expedition, broke out, and Private Ritchie
was one of the members ol the expedition. Mr. Ritchie recalls how one
day, at a wild spot away beyond Lake
Superior, ho and some of his com-
panione-in-arms were picking raspberries when Col. Wolseley rode up on
horseback. Mr. Ritchie, who had his
linen hat cover full of the berries,
offered them to his commander, and
the colonel helped himself.
Asked about tlie expedition, Mr.
Ritchie described how tliey went by
boat to Prince Arthur's Landing, now
Port Arthur, but st that lime an unsettled wilderness, and of the arduous
Journey from there to Fort Garry.
Specially prepared boats, manning
six oars and about >10 feet long, wcro
used for transporting the men and
supplies up'the Red River. The lirst
boat act off on the 4lli ot July and
it was tlie S?th ol August before the
last boat reached Fort Garry,
Big Birthday Cake For Little Bl-
ble Students.
Children Helper* of the British dibl*
Sooiety Meet th* Lord Mayor at An-
nlvereary Party—TW-js ef Interest
ta Small People.
An unusual birthday party, attended
by about 3,000 children, was beld at
Guildhall, London, with tbe lord mayor
and aldermen aa guests. Th* celebration waa tn honor of tb* one hundred
and ninth anniversary of th* birth
of the British and Foreign Bible aod*.
ties. The invitations were confine*
chiefly to the London children'* helper*
of tbe society, and eacb ot them carrlai
•way « small cardboard box containing
Her Treublee.
"Is tho new nut-so kind to your chll
dreu 5"
"Oh, yes. But one always baa troublo wltb tho nurse*. Tbe uow on*
takes such good car* of tbe cblldrea
(but they won't come to me any mor*."
9 1813, by American Press Aasoclatloa.
• piece of the mammoth cake provide*
for tb* occasion. Tbe cak* was ■ b**u»
tlful sight and weighed 109 pound*-.)
one pound for each year of tbe aw
clety'a existence. Tb* firat celebration
took plac* In 1001, and th* cdke mad*
for the children tben weighed ninety-
■even bounds, but the-passing ot year*
bu added twelvo pound* to tb* mono*
ment of sweetness.
Tbe cake was cnt by • granddaughter of tb* lord mayor and then packeo.
in boxes for distribution to tb* chll*
dren and others fortunate enough ta
get a piece.     	
Thing* That Interest
Kissing the bands of gnat men ill
ut old Grecian custom, though originally of eastern origin.
The smallest flower known to tM
botanist Is said to be tbat of tb* yeast
plant   It ia microscopic in ill*.
So strong 1* th* light emitted by J*>
raitlca fireflies tbat tbe presence of si*/
will enable a person to read.
Daffodils, wblcb are on* of th* harbingers of spring, an ao called from
the old English "affodyl*"-that whicli
cometb early.
Elephants can climb to • great
belgbt Their tracks havo been mm
upon the very summit of mountain!
7,000 feet high.
The mummy of an Egyptian prior***
wbo lived 2000 B. C. shows aronnd th*
waist a contrivance similar to the mo*
cm corset
Among tli* Panlyans, ■ laboring
class in Malabar, wben a man wlaba*
to marry a girl bo must carry n Imndl*
of firewood to her house dally for ids
Hew De Vou Like Your Neighbors?,
Tho company must bo Beaiol In •
ring, with one person left standing la
the editor. This person mny nsk tiny
one he chooses, "Uow do you like you*
neighbors." Only ono of two answer*
Is allowed, "Very much" or "Nol al
It lite person questioned nnswer*
"Not ut all" be Is asked whom h*
would prefer, wbett ho must nnme two
oilier members of Ihe circle Tho old
neighbors nnd tlio new must tben
t-liangu places, nnd whllo tbey ore nul
of tbelr scats tlio player In thu center
must try to soenro tmo of lliein.
Tho person wlin loses tils sent muat
then tako tils plate In tbo renter.
Should tlle person t|iiesiloncd (iisw'ef
"Very much" every ono nf th* player*
must change scats, eo It I* not very
difficult In this cue for tb* qu<9U*>nrf <
to find a (cut
Th* Limb'* Protester*.
Th* ahnggy wolf dug wu sat M
watch a lamb.  Another dog, also neu
• wolf tn tbapa and color, saw blm ant
fell upon him at once. "Wolf, wol&
what are you doing wltb tbls Iambi"
cried ho. "Wolf yourself I Be off of
you'll Und out to your sorrow." wag
th* answer. Tb* one tried to carry off
tlte lamb, tlio olhor to keep It by forc-%
and between th* two It w*» lam *»
Point Net Well Taken.
Mrs. Timkins Ito small daughter *»f-
tag prayerei-A little louder, dear   I
can't bear.   Daughter-Yea, hut I'M
aot speaking te yon.-Kew Vork Vast THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
a very plain, ordinary sort of
a thief.
bubsobiption ax-iie:
.. 1.00
• ue "feat	
ine Year (Id advance)	
' >ne Vear, In United States	
trliiren all flomnuinloatltjiii to
Tm'Gbamo Porks Sun.
"Horn R14 QbasdPohis, B.C
Traces of the whereabouts
of a lost M. P. P. have at last
lieen discovers.!. E. Miller,
member for Grand Forks, is
billed to address the electors
of the Islands district. It is
much easier for Mr. Miller
to talk to the coast people
Mian it is for nim to face his
own constituents.
Am. the paid government
papers at the coast now have
their batteries trained on the
Liberal candidate in the
Islands constituency. The
noise they are making sounds
like a bui'gla-'s dog barking at
a parson.
Anyone with a crazy hobby
always manages to get into
print. A writer in the ■T'an-
adian Courier advocates the
purchase by the gove-mments
of Canada and the United
States of a strip of land ten
miles wide on each side of
the international boundary
line, making a total width of
twenty miles, from Lake Superior to the Pacific ocean—
abouf 1500 miles in length—
and turn it into an international park and forest, and
make it a home for wild animals, birds and fish. In other
words, this writer wants to
convert Grand Forks and all
the other towns and cities on
both sides of the boundary
line into a zoo. At the present high cost of living, we
think that this strip of land is
more valuable for growing
foodstuffs for the masses than
as a home for wild animals.
The animals can move farther
north. •
Canada is now back to the position
she occupied in 1891. The government
is sending out statisticts f join Ottawa
to prove that the country is prosper-
ous. When the Laurier government
was in power, as its leader predicted
would be the case, it was not necessary to prove by statistical quotations
that prosperity abounded Canadians
felt in their pockets and reflected it
from their countenances.—Victoria
The first statutory meeting
of the shareholders of the
Urand Forks Canning Company, Limited, will be held on
Saturday, December the 6th,
1913, at 8 o'clock- in the evening, at the Davis hall.
There is one consolation in
being poor. The risk of losing
money is reduced to a minimum.
The man or woman who,
mi any or every little pretext,
keeps a child out of school, is
The bricklaying tin the new canning factory is now nearly finished.
The hinlilitig will be under roof in
thiee tu- four days.
T. J Liwrence msde a business
trip to Greenwood   tin   Wednesday.
The prist offices   at  Sidley   and
Myers Flat have bt>«n closed.
Jiimes   McArdle, the  local   capitalist, visited Phoenix yesterday.
The address of Alfred Ouehton
Vale is wanted hy his relatives in
The catch of knkantft in Christina
lake is nnt as hpnvy thia fall as it
has been in former yeara.
If this kind of weather continues
for another week, it will puzzle the
fruit trees in the valley to know
whether thia ia fall or spring.
Did yon ever notice that all the
bright things in local newspaper
circles alwayn appear in The Sant
Tbis is not mere chance.
Only about one more week now
remains in which private greeting
Christmas cards can be ordered.
A Christmas Gift
Worth While
'PHEHK'S nothing you could
I think uf that will express better the spirit of helpfulness
and good will than the gift of a
good watch. Far from being merely
ornamental, it represents a lifetime
of useful service and permanent
Our Christmas display shows all
the standard guaranteed makes in
the newest models at prices ranging
from $10 to $40, in gold filled or
solid gold cases, Any watch selected now will be set aside on pay
ment of a small deposit. You will
have a better opportunity to shop
if ynu call now while the stock is
complete and before the rush commences,
See our window display.
jurisflic'iiiii. Ht* elected a speedy
trfal, and on Tuesday afternoon be
appeared before Judge Brown in
the county court. He pleaded guilty
to the charge, and was given bis
liberty on suspended-sentence.
Look  Mother!    If tongue  Is coated,
eleanae little bowela with "California Syrup of Figs."
Read the advertisements in Tho
Sun hefore ynu do ynur Christmas.
Harry Ailtep», the contractor, waa
arrested last. Friday on a charge of
padding C A. Wallac**'* ravroll. j
Mon'lsv afternoon h» appeared fori
hia preliminary hearing beforo i
Judge Cochrane, and wns held for I
trial More  a court of compete! t'
Mothers can rest easy aftor giving
"California 8yrup of Figs," because in
a few hours all tho clogged-up waste,
sour bile and fermenting food gently
moves out of tho bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
take this harmless "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep It handy because they know its action on tke
stomach, liver and bowels la prompt
and eure.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle ot "California Syrup of Figs," which
contains directions for babies, children
of all agea and for grown-ups.
Read Tbe Sun ami  Keep   pnatnl
on current even's.
Sample Books
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, t&ttutton, Ve&i
and Young Pork <
Fresh Fish Daily* v
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns C&> Co. Limited
V J:«AM'M  New Disc Phonographs
MlSOIlS Jast Received
Visit our store and hear this wonderful machine'
The reproduction is superior to any other on the
Woodland C8, Quinn
Edison Dealers
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at ;A11 Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burnt ft O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Stoi e
phonb a«
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre <$»Smith TheSm office
No need having pllea any longer!
No need of Buffering another dart
Steam's Pile Remedy (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remedy la a combination of the
lately discovered, high-priced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, and IT STOPS THE
So sure are we that Stearn's Pile
Remedy will benefit you that we will
not satisfied. '-_'
This ls the only pile remedy that
we can guarantto and we know you
will thank us for lolling you about tt
We have tho e-.clvti.lve agency.
Don" I turret thnt The Sun haa thf
i.fHt j.in priming ilepH.rri_.ii.nt in th<
'liHimiirv Country.
Grand Forks Transfer
Sol* Atfnti for
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre ft Mclnnis, Proprietor*
Soods.   BwldM being a turn-
1 guide .41 London nml It*
London Directory
li'nMUhert Ani.iu.Uy)
KmO-l-pH trader*   Hvronnhffttt  thi.   world   to
■BomiiiiinicMe dlr.-ot with bnctUh
In eaoh elan of roods.
plete commercial gnl__        	
■uburbi. the directory eontalus lists of
with the (Iood* they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market! they supply.
■ rranged under the I'nrti to which they sail,
■mil it ulicat inn tbt. approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturer!, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns aud ludiutrla.
centre* of the United KlnKdom.
A copy of Ihe current edition will befor*
warded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order fnr %5.
Dealers peeking Agencies ean ad vert I ve
their trade card* ior $Q, orlnrger advertisements from $15,
25, Abohuroh Lane, London, F..C
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Tin- Sun only costs 11 a yenr.
prims nil the news.
Adopt the use ot Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money maker* lor other*.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, a* they enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can tind hi* requirements.
Will he (ind your business


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