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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 29, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
11 -JUL
$1.00 PER YEAR
tara.^ft|departments.    Mr. Gus haB
waHfis family to   this city, having rented a bouse on Second street.
Fint Carload From Franklin
Received at the Granby
The chief difference between thej
Cana iian and British laws was that a
man had to be present in Canada only
three yeara to become a naturalized
Canadian, while io Qreat Britain five
years' residence waa required.  By the
proposed law the British  authorities; Yi, F. LaWS Obtains a  Yield
of 481-2 Bushels of Fall'
Wheat Per Aore
The first shipment of ore, consisting
of one carload, from the Union  group
of claims in Gloucester eamp,   arrived
at the Granby smelter on Wednesday
from   Lynch   Creek, (he   ore having
been hanled to that point by   teams.
Peterson & Hansen, of this city, have
the contract of hauling 100 tons of
ure from the Union to Lynch Creek,
the transportation costing  the owners
415 per ton.   The ore runs  high   in
gold  and silver, assays giving returns
of  from   135 to 1230 per ton.    The
group of claims consist of the  Union,
Union fraction, Idaho and Paper Dol *
Iar,   all   adjoining.   The owners are
Louis   Johnson,   Patrick   Maginnis,
Jack Henderson and the Michael McDonald estate, each party holding  a
quarter   interest.   The   pay    streak
from which the ore being   snipped   is
mined is located on the Union  claim
and is sixteen feet in width at prac
tically the surface, and indications of
its increasing as depth is gained   are
very   favorable.    A   glory* hole has
been started on the Union claim, and
for the present this ayatem of  mining
will be carried on, although a  tunnel
several hundred feet down the hill has
been  driven  for  a distance of fifty
feet, an J at present Patrick Byrnes is
working on a contract for the further
extension of this by another flfty feet,
which it is thought will tap the lead.
The open cut or glory hole is  rapidly
'   atsuming proportions, a large crew of
men being employed on the work. At
{.resent it is snme seventy fire feet in
ength and fifty feet wide. Over
100 tons of shipping ore are now on the
dump. Tho Union is the first property in either Franklin or Gloucester
camps to undertake the shipment of
ore on a commercial basis, and if the
smelter returns from the 100 tons are
satisfactory, it is the intention of the
owners to keep up the shipments
stick to five years, but five years in
the British empire, with the last year
in Great Britain, is sufficient for naturalization purposes. Canada wil
adopt similar legislation and both
goveanments will' recognise the other's
naturalization laws.
The passing of this law hy Canada
will not necessarily prevent the present legislation act remaining nn the
books. In that caae to become a
naturalized   citizen   of  Canada three
E.   F.   Laws   this  week  fl.tishe I
threshing,    lie   report-   h-tving   oh
tained an average yield of,4*-4 bushels
of fall wheat per   acre.    This  is exceptionally good yield for this   valley,
,     ., ■ i    __.        i -i  ... and proves that it did not take  Mr.
years residence would suffice, while to ,     v  ,      . .     ,.      ..    ...
' .... i   ._. i____.ii. Laws   long to -acquaint himself with
become   a citiz-n   of  the empire it
would require five years.
scientific farming in British Columbia,
Well Known Speaker Sunday
Rev. Chas, H. Huestis, secretary of
fc^ the Lord's Day Alliance for Western
% .-* Canada, will address Qrand Forks
* Audiences on Sunday, August 31. He
will speak at 11 a.m. in the Metho
dist church, at 3 p. m. at a mass meet
ing in the Baptist churoh, and at 7:30
in the Presbyterian church. At the
afternoon meeting Mayor Fripp will
preside, and special music will be provided. In his addresses Mr. Huestis,
who is one pf the ablest speakers in
the west, will deal with the Lord's
Day question from the economic and
patriotic as well as the moral and re
ligious standpoint Here is an opportunity to learn the facts about the
much misunderstood Lord's Day   act.
Alabama Minstrels
In speaking of the Alabama Minstrels, the Morning Times, of San
Jose, Cal., had the following to say.
The Alabama Minstrels gave their
initial performanoe at The Grand lost
night. While the fact of their arriving in two private < ars, and giving a
first-class | erode and concert promised
a fair enterbugineut, San Jose was
scarcely expecting the nigh-class entertainment given,
The oompany is a large one and a
full orchestra of good musicians did
much to enliven the performance.
There was the newest and rangiest of
rag songs sung in the full rich tones
ommon to those who trace their ancestry to the sunny shores of Africa.
There were many jokes and clever
ones, and the best did not always-
come from the end men. Every man
was an actor, ud every actor was a
clever entertainer.
The number and excellence of the
several special feature performances
would give them rank among the best
vaudeville performers. There was a
tight walker who was a marvel at
tumbling and balancing. There was
also a fire eater who played with fire,
apparently without aay fear of his
satanic majesty.
The dances .included all the steps
learned down on the Alabama plantation and a few which are supposed to
havehad their origin in San Francisco. The company includes a numberof
dusky belles, some of them of unquestionable Ethiopian beauty, and
(heir parts went a long way toward
making the performance a high class
one, Their voices were rich and mel •
low and their dancing graceful. The
performance of the minstrels was a
welcome revival of that kind of entertainment in our oity.
They play at Grand Forks, Wed
nesday, September 3, in their big
Monday being Labor day, the post
office will be open one hour only, from
3 till 4.
Llewellyn A. Wilder and Miss
Elizabeth Tucker, both of Chesaw,
Wash , were married in Holy Trinity
church in this city on Wednesday.
August 27, Bev Henry Steele performing the ceremony.
A fire in Greenwood last Saturday
destroyed Ave houses in the restricted
Soundings for K. V. R, Bridge
The engineering corpe of the Kettle Valley railway, which has been
engaged for upwards of six weeks
making soundings of the bottom of
tbe Fraser river for bridge foundations for the structure which is to
span the river at Hope to make con*
nection with the main line of the
Canadian Pacific railway, are now
sounding at a point ahout two hundred vards below Hope station.
The sounding is for the purpose
of determining the distance to lied-
rock. At other locations the leant
depth at which it wsb encountered
was 170 feet, and at the present location the diamond drill is down to
over 70 feet witb no rign of bedrock.
However, this point has been settled upon as tbe site of the bridge,
and approaches on either side have
lieen cleared.
As soon as the engineers have
completed their soundings, the type
of the bridge will be decided upon,
and at as early a time as possible
bids for tbe rubstructural and su-
pi-rstructural work will be asked.
A loaded coke car broke away from
Greeuwood last Tuesday and started
down the grade for Midway. At Anaconda it picked up a piledriver, and
together they journeyed to within a
few miles of Midway, where they left
the buck. The accident delayed the
east bound passenger train for about
Enumeration of the Useless
H. Rolston is gradually- getting
into the swing of affairs ar Grand
Forks, and is looking forward to a
very busy   season.—Telephone Talk.
At the meeting of tbe board   of
trade  on  Wednesday  evening, M.
DeCew was elected as representative
to the annual meeting of tbe   asso
ciated boards of trade in Kaslo.
The public and high schools
opened last Monday. The enrollment was very large. William
Walker, a graduate of London university, is principal of tbe bigh
A gravel slide near Princeton derailed part of the westbound Great
Northern train las Saturday. '
New Naturalization Law
Concurrent legislation in the Can
udian and British houses will he put
through shortly with a view to making
uniform conditions geverning natural*
ioation laws.
For years there has beer, an agitation over the question of naturalization. As matters now stand, the Uni
ted Kingdom does not recognize the
Canadian naturalization laws, which
are not as strict as the British. Tliere
has arisen the anomaly of a natutal-
ized Canadian being a British subject
in Canada and not recognized as such
in the motherland. The most notable
case is that of Hon. George H. Perley,
minister without portfolio, who was
born in the United States and is a
naturalized Canadian. Although being
a minister of the orown and an adviser
of the king, if he went to England he
would not ba a British subject. This
has worked both . ways, though the
other side of it has never been emphasized, but a man naturalized in Great
Britain would have no standing as
British subject in Canada.
The British Columbia Copper
company haB decided (o put in at
the old smelter at Boundary Falls a
concentrating plant with wbioh to
reduce the percentage of silica in ore
from its Lone Star and Washington
mines, and go make a product more
suitable for smelting witb ores from
its other mines in the district.
"An enumeration of the useless,"
says Richard Jeffries, ''would almost
be an enumeration of everything hith
erto pursued."
What a pile of junk the men of the
world labured to produce!
Heap up all the books that are of no
possible use, the contents of ancient
libraries and discarded sciences, books
of wrangling and tedious argument*
the world   has  willingly   forgot, and
the  myriads  of  chaff products that ley line have now reached
pour like a ceaseless Niagara from the fifteen miles beyond Carmi
modern press; heap them up into one j 	
mountain, and from ita top you could - A brush fire on the International
look duwn upon the Himalayas. : Securities company's land,  east   of
Think of the ruined oities of   the the   race   track, this afternoon, de-
Orient, the ghostly temples of Egypt, strayed a couple of small buildings.
tlie broken fragments of   castles   bv 	
the Rhine and the Danube, the colise I pred Smythe, formerly publisher
um, the Golden Houso of Nero, the nf the Moyie Leader, arrived in the
Garden uf Hadrian at Tivolil   Think city today.
of the useless sciences  men  studied, I 	
the faded religions they once believed, I    W. J. Penrose has developed into' revenue.
Fred Roney.uf Jeff Davis it Co.'s,
will open a cleaning and pressing
establishment next week in Gaw's
building, Fourth and Winnipeg.
H. T. Qriswald has moved his
family from Paulson to this city.
The steel gang on the Kettle Vnl-
Work on Kettle Valley Line
Construction work on the Kettle
Valley railway west from Midway
seems to be moving very slowly,
says tbe Hedley Gazette, tbougb
tbe work is supposed to be rushed.
The steel has now reached a point
fifteen miles north of Carmi, or
about seventy miles west of Midway
The roadbed is in'readiness close up
to tbe summit and tbe present delay
U occasioned principally bythecon-
struction of bridges, of whicb tbere
aje a great many along tbe line.
The steel is laid to the site of the
bridge and tbe bridge timber
brought in, and the steel gang surfacing and ballasting the roadbed
wbile tbe bridge ie being constructed. A force of about a hundred
carpenters is employed at Caemi
framing tbe bridges in readiness for
being installed.
His Real Mission
It is reported that the real purpose
of Sir Richards McBride's trip to
London is to arrange for a provincial
loan. If this is correct there is no
particular reason for concealment.
The publio are bound to know about
it sooner or later. Loans cannot be
negotiated altogether in the dark, and
while the financial statements of the
province have been noteworthy in late
years for what they have not contained, there is enough in them to suggest that a trip to the money market
is due. Nobody was deceived by the
announcement that the premier was
going tu London to try his magic influence in behalf of our municipalities.
He can no more affect the attitude of
the money lenders toward Canadian
municipalities than can the plainest
citizen of this country. They are not
going to buy our bonds because Sir
Richard asks them to buy, but because they believe it will profit them
to do so.
We are supposed to have an accumulation of surpluses on deposit in
the banks to the amount of more than
►even million dollara. A little more
than s year ago the attorney general
triumphantly vaunted the fact from
the stage of the Victoria theatre It
is a pretty saf» conjecture that there
are no superfluous funds on hand at
the present time. The enormous ex-
pt nditures of the last two years have
long since disposed of the surplus, the
estimates for the current year alone
providing for an expenditure of more
than seven millions in excess of the
The government is no longer
Board of Works Authorized
to Lay Cement Walk on
Observation Avenue
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
Wright were present at tbe meeting
of the city council in tbe council
chamber on Monday night.
The Grand Forks Garage company offered 1200 for lot 9, block
8.   Tbe offer wss rejected.
Au offer of 175 from Joseph
Spratt for lot 13, block 12, plan 32,
was accepted.
The board of works was authorized to proceed with tbe construction of a cament sidewalk on Observation avenue.
The Grand Forks Agricultural association asked for a grant in aid of
tbe fall fair. Tbe council decided
to allow the association $300.
The Grand Forks Agricultural association asked for more lights botb
al the fair grounds and in the city
during the fair, and requested that
tbe council decorate tho city. Referred to tbe water and light committee.
Aid. Manly gave notice tbat at
tbe next meeting he would introduce a bylaw amending tbe water
rates bylaw.
The following ie the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max.
Aug, 22—Friday  48 98
23—Saturday .... 54 96
24—Sundty  54 88
25—Monday  47 90
26—Tuesday  51 89
27—Wednesday.. 48 87
28-Thursday  45 84
Rainfall  0.00
the inconsequential wars of history, one-of tbe most enthusiastic floricul- able to run this province on ten mil
the reams of antiquated laws, the gold turists in the cily. | lions a year. Nothing less than six-
gathered together only to be misspent!                                                  teen millions will do, and much of it is
Think of the useless passions, dreams, Miss Barlee, arsistant cily   clerk, ' squandered.—Victoria Times,
thoughts and desires of menl bss returned from her vacation trip '
. One is sometimes tempted to think to the Okanagan eounlry,
that we front the great queseions  of ;  .—
life, love and death  as freshly,  with Morrison,   the  jeweler,
a. as little advantage from experience, as
we came.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
has  en-  near Cascade is  for sale.    Five years
;zd D..I. Que, of' Regina, to take in which to pay.   Apply to owner,
'ull  charge  of  bis optical and en- W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Death of Edward Ruckle
Edward Ruckle, wbo waa taken
to tbe Cottage hospital last week,
died at 5:30 tbis afternoon of cancer of tbe stomach.
Mr. Ruckle was a pioneer of
Grand Forks. He came bere in
1891 from Vernon in company with
P. T. McCallum and Charles Hay.
Shortly after bis arrival here he
purchased Mr. Gome's properly,
across tbe Kettle river, which now
forms tbe Ruckle addition to the
city. In Vernon be worked for
Hon. Price Ellison, and the minister
of agriculture will be sorry to learn
of his death, as be was one of tbe
best foremen he ever bad on his
Mr, Ruckle was married in this
city ahout nine years ago. bis wife
dying two or three years ago. He
leaves a family of five children, four
boys and one girl, the oldest being
about eight years of age. He ie also
survived hy a numbers of brothers
and sisters, two of them, Charles
and Frank, being residents of this
city. He was about fifty years of
The arrangements for the funeral
have not yet been made.
No Time for Play
Ten ye&rold William came bome
one day in a regrettable state of disorder, and a somewhat bruised face.
**0 Willie! Willie!" exclaimed bis
mother, shocked and grieved ."You
have disobeyed me again! How often have I told you not to play with
that naughty Jobnson boy?"
"Mama," said William, in utler
digust at this feminine reprimand,
"do I look as if I bad been playing
&ixtecn-lnch Rifles Will Throw Projectiles Twenty-One Miles
Ths United States Navy Deps.-tment
baa recently completed the design tor
an enui-nioua engine of death f.ud destruction v.-'.vich Is to be lhe largest one
thc wo.Id has ever aeon. It is a 16-
*nc!) brooihlocdlng ville aud ls the first
of a cefirs cf similar gigantic weapo"-
"Vh-Ic'i bss been proposed to be ua-.it
tor soft cocst, defence and the protection of ibe Panama Canal.
Tho total length of this gun is 49
feet 29 Inches with a diameter of the
rear portion of sixty inches, the forward i art tapering from thia diameter
to twenty-seven inches at the muzzle.
The length of tho main bore Is thirty,
seven feet and three and one-half
Inches with, a diameter of sixteen
Inches. The cylindrical part of the
powder chamber Is seven feet six Inches- long with a diameter of 18.9 Indies, and lf smokeless powder be used
It will require 576 pounds for a single
el arge, while if black powder ls used
1,176 pounds will be necessary.
The range and energy of this gun
ls far ahead of that of any other of
the large caliber guns ln existence.
The projectiles of the gun measure
five feet four inches ln length and
have a penetrating force in steel at
the muzzle of 42.4 Inohes. The most
marve-lous feature of this death dealing contrivance is Its range, which Is
twenty-one miles. It has been estimated that this gun may create all
kinds of havoc twenty-one miles away
with the proper angle of elevation.
The trajectory of this projectile shows
that in ranging this score of miles
the shell would reach an elevation of
about thirty thousand five hundred
feet. Tbls is far greater tban the
maximum of any other gun up to the
present time.
Thc total weight of this huge gun
ls thirty tons. Whatever will happen
to a vessel when hit by one of its projectiles ls beyond the power of description. There is a probability thai
there would be no Bpllntera left of sufficient size to tell whether the wreck
hsd leen a fishing smack or a battle
Starting a Creamery
In a recent bulletin published by
the dairy department of the University of Nebraska, the question ot how
to raise money to start a creamery
is discussed as follows:
The most satisfactory way of raising the money ii for .each member to
sign an agreement and to be jointly
responsible fnr the' amount borrowed.
When such an agreement ia signed by
a goodly number of responsible farmers, tlie money can generally be secured at a reasonable rate of interest
and wilh Ihis money a creamery can
be erected and equipped. As soon aB
the creamery begins operation, arrangements can be made for a deduction of on.-* i*'- Ito cents per pound
ot butter, to go Into a sinking fund
out of which .ue .iei>t Is paid. The
payment is so gradual that the farmer hardly notices lt. This plan has
the advantage of requiring each patron to pay exactly In proportion to
the amount of butter manufactured
for him.
Roses in the West
< According to an exchange, the garden of Senator de Veber In Lethbridge
conclusively proves that rosea In many
varieties can be grown ln the West.
This year he has seventeen bushes
loaded with buds and blossoms, Including Klllarney, Earl Dufferin, Mrs.
Sherman Crawford, La France, Magna Charta and other choice varieties.
Hair Dry and Lifeless. Almost All
Hair Out on One Side of Head.
Used Cuticura Soap and Cuticura
Ointment. Hair Coming in Nicely
and Scales All Gone.
17(1 Adelaide St., St. John, N. B.—"I
cured my llttlo boy of a bad case of dandruff Willi Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
Tlio d a n d r ii It
formed on ble
bead soon after
blrtb. Tbe hair
was dry and llfti-
li'-is and almost
all out on one
. side of his hood.
' I washed tbo little bead twice a
"day wltb warm
. ,,, ...     water and Cutl
rura snip, dried lt, and very carefully ap-
rtl'-il tho Cuticura Ointment and In about
an bour took a very lino llttlo comb and tbe
dnuitrurr would lift off In elicote and some
of tlio bair would como loo. Then I would
put como Cuticura Ointment on and let It
remain till tlmo to wash tho head again.
I used a lorco box or Cuticura Olnlnieuj
wilh tho Cuticura Boap and his hair waa
ruining In nicely and tbo scales all gone.
Tutlay lie has as nlco a bead of hair and
as freo from dandruff an you would wish to
tec." (Signed) Mra. 0, F. Keast, May no.
A slnglo cake of Cuticura Boap and box
of Cuticura Ointment are often sufficient
When all else baa failed. Bold by druggists
and di-l.tera everywhere. Liberal aample of
cac'i mailed freo, with 32-p. Skin Book.
Address post card Potter Dmg * Cbea,
Corp., Dept. 3.D, Boston, U. 8. A.
W    N. U. 969
The Submarine Violin
The navy department has adopted
a submarine violin for the transmission of messages between submarine
torpedo boats and shore stations or
other vesseis. Exhaustive testa of
the aparatus have been made in a
submarine at Hampton Roads, Va.,
and three sets of the signal device
have beep ordered on aa many vea-
The mechanism is an adaption of
the violin. From one side of the
submarine project two steel stays.
From the ends of these la stretched
taut a piano wire. Touching the
wire la the roughened rim of a wheel
which, when it revolves, sets up vibrations in the wire. The wheel Is
controlled by a motor Inside the hull
of the submarine and the motor, in
turn, la controlled by a Morse Key.
When the key ls pressed the motor
begins to revolve, tbe exterior wheel
sciaplng the wire precisely as a bow
agitates a violin string. The hull of
the submarine acts as a sounding
board. Tbe key is used precisely aa
an ordinary Morse key and dots and
dashes are hummed on the wire as
the key ls released. About eight
words per minute Is the be'st speed so
far attained.
The receiving apparatus Is the ordinary telephone receiver. The end
under water may be connected by Insulated wires to a fort, shore station
or another vessel.
The experiments at Hampton Roads
showed that the vibrations may be
heard clearly at a distance of five
mllea. Naval officers believe that the
device can be perfected bo that the
range of the mechanism may be greatly extended.
Christian Berger, an Australian, Is
the Inventor of the submarine violin.
He attempted to get the Australian
Government to make testa of lt, but
failed. Coming to" the United States
he succeeded In convincing the Navy
Department officials of the practicability of the scheme.
The signal ia a simple device and
does not get cut of order easily. It
is available at all depths. It is expected to add not only to the ease of
communication with submarines operating in harbors or In close proximity
to war vessels in time of war, but
will aid materially to the safety of
the men who go down in submarines
the most dangerous type of war vessel
yet devised.—Scientific American.
The Elephant's Trunk
When euch authorities as Rudyard
Kipling and Professor A. S. Woodward disagree on such a queation as
the origin of the elephant's trunk who
Is to solve this ticklish zoological
1.01,5 ago, Mr. Kipling in the fifth
of the Just So Stories, told us how
the el .pli.mt'a t n !d—who once ha.l a
bulgy niise as big aa a boot, went, full
of satiable curioe ty, to ask the crocodile ln the Limpopo river what he had
for dinner. And the crocodile told
the elephant to stoop down and then
seized his nose between those terrible
jaws and pulled. The elephant's child
and tha bi-colored-python-rock-snake
pulled too, and so hard that when the
crocodile let go, his bulgy nose had
been stretched Into a trunk.
So much for the romanclst; tbe
man of science tell quite another
Elephants, according to Professor
Woodward's lecture at Uie Royal Institution, London, recently, were originally little creatures which, for some
reason or other, were succeeded by
creatures in which the legs were
growing longer and longer, while the
neck remained the same length, or In
fact, got shorter. They .could not
reach the ground without lengthening
the jaw; the growth continued, and
they were going rapidly toward a
mechanically Impossible position.
Eventually they had to Increase the
length ot their face enormously.
The elephantB, Professor Woodyard
added, bnly eaved their career by
shortening up the mandible, and survived solely because the long face took
on a new function and became the mechanism by which they were able to
There you have the choice of two
explanations—-the pulled-out nose, or
lhe face that grew down. Perhaps
Mr. Kipling will oblige us with the
authorities for his explanation—which
Is certainly the more pleasing to the
unscientific person.—London Dally
No*, long ngo I gave an Irishman a
box of pills and cautioned him carefully with regard to adhering to the
Instructions on the box cove.-. These
instructions read: Take one pill three
times a day.
Next day the man came In and
placed the pills ou my desk, and when
I asked him what was the matter, he
I couldn't carry out the Instructions.
What's the reason? I aaked.
1 took the first pill all right, was the
reply, but I couldn't get it up to
take It the other two .Imes.
Water In the Farmer's House
One of the features of life on the
farm most dreaded by visitors from
the city la the traditional absence of
a convenient and ample water supply
and of the privilege ot the real bath.
There was a time When lt was
thought Impossible to supply these
conveniences. But as the comforts
of civilization have spread and sanitary engineers have given their attention to the subject, lt has been
found entirely practicable, and not
excessively expensive, to lnstal ln the
farm homes almost Identically the
same appliances aB are now found ln
the homes of the city.
The most popular type of country
water supply is the air pressure system. It ls quite simple, consisting
of a specially constructed steel airtight tank, the size most commonly
used being about thirty inches ln diameter by eight feet ln length; a force
pump either hand or power propelled
and an air pump for furnishing the
pressure, and the necessary pipe connections with the source of water supply—either well, spring, cistern, lake
or stream—and with the bathroom and
kitchen ot the home. Sometimes the
system Is extended to the barn and
other outbuildings and to tanks ln the
Given this Installation, the house
equipment should Include a complete
bathroom outfit, with tub, closet and
lavatory of the latest style plumbing,
a kitchen sink and range boiler; the
wast.- being drained off Into a cesspool placed at the proper distance
from the house.
While it is impossible to give an accurate estimate on the cost of such
an .Improvement without going carefully over the place, getting the dimensions of the desired plant, the
depth ot the well, distance from the
house and all the other details, It
would be Bate to Bay that such an
outfit could be put in at a cost to
the average farmer of $360 to $400,
as an outside flpure. Of course the
Item of freight will vary considerably
and will affect ths coat appreciably.
Why don't women dress sensibly?
If they did, half the Industries of
the world would go to smash.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
•Uth LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as th. r eeonot rest-,
tbe seat ot the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or con-tl-
tutlooal disease, and la order to cure It you must take
Internal remedies. Hairs Catarrh Curs Is taken la-
ternally. and acts directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hail's Catarrh Cure la not a quack medf.
elm.. It ms prescribed by one ot the best phynklans
In this country tor years and4a a rejnilsr pr_.-T.puon.
it Is composed of the "twit" tonics kno-m,_ combined
 Jtrfaec-    _.._
two Ingredients Is what produces
with the best blood purliicf*. acting 'directly on ths
mucous surlaces.   The ""
Belfast combination ot ths
produces such wonderful IS*
Hits la curing catarrh.  Bend for testimonials, free.
P. J. CHENEY 4 CO.. Props.. Toledo, a
Sold br Dragg-ste, pries 75e.
Take Hall's Fsmlly PUIS tw oc-atloetlou.
< Wedding Invitations
An Invitation to a wedding should
be printed on heavy white paper, folded once, and enclosed in nn envelope
ot the same size, and this placed In
the address envelope. The address
should never be typewritten, no matter how many invitations are Issued.
Sptclal .written Invitations are often
sent, and these should be Immediately
acknowledged In a few words of ac-
ceptance or a note of regret If unable
to attend. An invited guest need
not necessarily Bend a present, but lt
ls a pretty courtesy to do bo, even
though tbe offering be but a bouquet
ot flowers, as a token of cordiality and
Speed and Endurance
Money went a whole lot further In
the old days than lt does now, said
the Old Fogy.
That's because It didn't go so fast,
explained the Wise Guy.
[To be Clear of Tea and Coffee Troubles
"Husband and myself both had the
coffee habl., and finally his stomach
and kidneys got ln such a bad con-
dition that _h_e _was compell.d to give
up a good ptMUon that he had held
for years. He was too sick to work
His .kin was yellow ahd tiiere didn't
seem to be an organ in his body tbat
was not affected."
Tea is just as harmful because tt
contains caffeine, the same drug found
In coffee.
"I told him I felt sure hts sickness
WB3 due lo coffee end after some discussion he decided <o give lt up.
It was a struggle, because of the
powerful habit. One day we heard
about Postum and Concluded to try It
and then it was easy to leave off coffee.
"His fearful headaches grew less
frequent, his complexion began to
clear, kidneys grew better until at last
he was a new man altogether, aa a
result of leaving off coffee nnd taking
up Postum. Theu 1 began to drink It
"Although 1 was never as bad off as
my husband, I was always very nervous and never at any time very strong,
only weighing 95 lbs. befoi. I began
to use Pottum. Now I weigh 115
Its. and can do as much work aB anyone my size, I think."
Name given by   Canadian   Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont.     Write for booklet, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms.
Regular Postum (must be boiled).
Instant Postum doesn't require boiling, tut Is prepared Instantly by stirring a level 'teaspoonful In an ordinary cup of hot water, which makes it
right for most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people who like strong things put In a I
heaping spoonful aad temper It with'
a large supply of cream.
Experiment  Until   you  know   the
amount that pleases your palate and
have It served that.way In the future.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
.Bottom Injection; Solid Breech, Hommerless; Safe
VJ7HATS the  me of a repeating gun that   *iT.l
" throws the shells, smoke ana gases in
the way of your aim ?
That's the question that slatted ua working on the
-Remington Bottom Ejection Pump Gun—the only gun of
of its kind on the market, and ueed by thousands of
gunners all over the country.
Solid Breech, Hammetleaa.  Perfectly Balanced.  Three Inbuilt Safety Devicee-
daa-ie impossible.   Simple Take-down—a quarter turn of'
We will be llad to send you a booklet that
fun conitr uc$on which are well -a
r return
ratal d-s-
eseui Oo alad to aend you a booklet that explains simply many technical points ol
n construction which are well worth your closest-study.   Your name and add.es*
OB a postcard brings it by return mail. S
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
Tickling a Shark
Tickling a shark In order to make
the fish amenable to capture ls a singular practice among the natives of
the Island of Tahiti. A writer ln the
New York Sun, who watched the hazardous sport while seated In a Canoe
manned by two natives thus describes
Peering Into the clear water, where
you can see to a depth of four or five
fathoms, you catch a glimpse far down
among the sea ferns and coral cups
ot the long, lithe tail of a shark, and
ot a huge pectoral fin that sways continually with a aldewlse motion, and
sends up little ripples to the surface.
The native diver picks up a coll
of cocoanut fibre with a sllpnose already tied ln it, seines a knife ln his
teeth, and quietly Blips into the water. It Is done with wonderful skill.
The native keeps close to the reef and
lets himself down through the water
by means of the sea growths till he
Is right over the waving tail. Slowly
a black hand stretches out, and starling behind the pectoral fin, begins to
run his hand along the bod) of the
shark and the fin sways more rapidly.
Again tho hand moves forward, and
as It strokes the fish, the other hand
leaves the slipknot hanging loosely
near the spread ot the tail. Then the
native comes quietly to the surface,
and the spectator breathes freely
again. The sail Is set, the steersman
takes his place on the outrigger, and
the diver in the bow, with a yell of
Hula, pulls hard on the rope.
On the occasion that I speak of, the
shark eplashed about in wild frenzy
fur a moment or two, and then settled
down to a tour of the lagoon, Twice
he circled about, and the canoe plowed along, with the water bubbling and
frothing it the bow where the keen-
eyed native Intently watched the
tightening rope. Suddenly it slackened and the diver went over the
side like a flash, with a knife in his
hand. A minute later the siirfa-o
of the water was a brilliant r..l sin-1
the native was scrambling back Into
tht canos. Wo towed the shai-.t to
the beach and measured him. He
was sixteen feet long.
Have you packed the sanitary drinking cups?
Put in the- sanitary towels?
Put In the antiseptic soap wbere we
can get at it quickly?
Stored away the Individual combs
and brushes.
Got'the peroxide ln the grip?
Then come along. I gues3 we wilt
be safe to spend a day ar two In the
Like a Grip at the Throat.—For a
disease that is not classed as fatal
there Is probably none which causes
more terrible suffering tban asthma.
Sleep Ib Impossible, the sufferer becomes exhausted and finally, tbough
the attack passes, ls left In locreae
ing il.-cad of Its return. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy ls a woo.
derful curative agent, lt Immediately relieves the restricted air passages
as thousands can testify. It ls soli
by dealers everywhere.
Faultless In Preparation'.—Unlike
any other stomach regulator, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the result of
long Btudy of vegetable compounds
calculated to stimulate the stomachic
functions and maintain them at the
normal condition. Yeara ot use have
proved their faultless character and
established their excellent reputation.
And this reputation they have maintained for years and will continue to
maintain, for these pills must always
stand at the head of tbe list of standard preparations.
Two Irishmen were among a class
tbat was being drilled In marching
tactics. One was new at the business, and turning to his companion,
asked him the meaning ot the command, Halt! Why, said Mike, when
he says Halt! you ju|t bring tbe foot
that's on the ground to the side of
the foot that's in the air, an' remain
At last! New York, the Mecca of
Dennis O'Brien's desire. Here he
would show them In the ould country
how be could work, and what a name]
be would make.
Almost Immediately he obtained em-
ployment In the erecting of a new
building and the following epistle
found Its way to Erin:
Faith, this ls great! All that I have
to do It to climb up and down .a forty
bar ladder wilh bricks and mortar,
and begorra, thc men on the top do all
the work.
Europe Mas 160,000 M.D.'8
The Monlteur Medical has Just com
piled statistics on the number ot phy-
elciai.s ln Europe. The total number-
Is given as 160,000, divided as follows:
England has seven physicians for
every 10,000 Inhabitants; Germany, 6;
France, 6.1; and Italy 6. Ot course
the larger numbers of physicians are
foum. In the cities and among them
Brass,'Is has tbe largest, 24 for event
10,000 Inhabitants, while Amsterdam
has only two In the aame proportion.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,-—Laat August my horse
was badly cut in eleven places by a
barbed wire fence. Three of the cutt
(small one..) healed soon, but the
otherB became foul and rotten, ant
though I tried many kinds of medicine
they had no beneficial result. At
last a doctor advised roe to use MINARD'S LINIMENT and in four week**
time every sore was healed and the
hair haa grown over each one In fine
condition. The Liniment ls certainly
wonderful tn Its working.
Witness, Perry Baker.
The Quest of Health
I suppose you take excellent care of
your health?
No, replied Farmer Corntossel, I
tried every kind of medicine I coull
get hold of, for a while. Then I gavt
up and forgot about my health and I
have felt better ever since.
"What  is Good For lhe
Kiddies is Good for You"
Is proven in the use of
Ask your grocer for it
For a whole bour tbe captain had
been lecturing his men on the duties
of a soldier, and he thought that now
the lime had come for him to test tha
results of his discourse.
Casting bis eye around he fixed
on Private Murphy as his flrst victim.
Private Murphy, he asked, why
should a soldier be ready t> die fot
his countrj?
The Irishman scratched hla -heat
for a while; then an ingratiating,
smlla flitted aero . his face. Sura
Capta.n, he said pleasant!;, you am
quite right.     Why should be?
Facts in Nature
PR centuries't has been known tbat Nature's meet valuable health giving scents for the eare ef disease are found la ear American forest*.
. Over fortyyean see Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician te the Insalide'
He Ul and Surgical Institute at Buffalo, N.Y., used the powdered extracts aa well as
the liquid extracts ef native Medicinal plants, auch aa Bloodroot aad Qoeea's root.
Golden Seal and Stone net, Cherry berk and Mandrake, toe the core et Meed
disseise,   This prescription aa put vp In liquid form was called
Golden Medical Discovery *
and hu enjoyed a Urge sale fer all these yean la every drag store In the A
land.  You can new obtain the powdered extract in sugar-coatad tablet form of    i
oar medicine dealer, or send (Oo In one-cent postage stamps for triad box to'
- Pieree'e lavalldi' Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y, and tablets will be mailed, postage prepaid.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" makes steh. red Hood, Invigorates the
sumach, liver aad bowels and through them the whole ayatem.  Skin
affections, blotehoi, bolls, plnplee and eniptioas—result et bed blood
—are eradicated ky this alterative extract—ee thousands have testified.
eSS. **Ssm* membra ■ irfi ******* **%*%
e^tiwwa.  J v/
i b the .best rmedy
known for sunburn;
htfat rashes, eczema,
sore.feet-, slings dm
Misters.  A skin food!.
M Bnt***, mt »*rm--*te/i
The Mc-t Modest of Men
Abraham Lincoln felt deeply tho re
sponsibllKy that rested on him as
president of the United States, but
he shrank from assuming any of tbe
honors, or even the titles of his position.
After years ot Intimate acquaintance, public man testified shortly after Mr. Lincoln's death that he could
not recall a single Instance In which
he spolto of himself as president, or
used that title for himself, except
be acted In an official capacity.
He always spoke of his position nad
office vaguely, as this place, here, or
ln other modest phrase. Once,
speaking of .he room at tho Capltol
used by tlio president of the United
States at the close of a session of
congreaB, he said: That room, you
knowi that they call—dropping his
voice and hesitating—the president's
To an Intimate friend who addressed him always by his own proper title,
he said: Now call me Lincoln, and
I'll promise not to tell of the breach
of etiquette—If you won't— and 1 shall
have a resting spell from Mr. President.
All persons agree that the most
marked characteristic of Mr. Lincoln's manners wns his simplicity and
arlli-ssncBs, but Ills native dignity
never forsook him, and with all his
angularities and disregard of conventionalities distinguished foreigners
were invariably impreasod by his fine
A diplomat, whose knowledge of
courts was more perfect than that of
the English language, said:
He seems to me one grand g?ntll-
homme in disguise.
When Holloway's C*rn Cure ls applied to a corn or wart It kills the
roots and tho callosity comes out
without Injury to thc flesh.
Along in the sixties , Pat Casey
pushed a wheolbarrow across the
plains from St. Joseph, Mo., to
Georgetown, Col. Shortly after that
hp struck It iich, lu tact ho was credited with having more wealth than
anyone else in Colorado. A man of
great shrewdness and ability, he was
exceedingly sensitive over his Inability
to read or write. One day t'.n old-
tinier met him Willi:
How are you getting along, Pat?
Oo away from me, now, said Pat,
genially, me head's bustln' wid business. It takes two lead pencils a day
to do me wurruk.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
An English physician, being annoyed by the talk of a pedantic, self-conceited bore until he could stand it no
longer, remarked: My friend, you and
I know all tbat there ls to be known.
How ls that? asked the bore, highly pleased.
Wby, said the doctor, you know
everything except that you ara a fool,
and I know tbat.
A Sweet,
Dainty bits of pearly white
corn, perfectly cooked and
toasted to delicate "brown."
Usually eaten direct from
package wilh cream and
.Or, sprinkle Toasties over
a saucer of fresh berries—
then add the cream and
8Ugar---a dish to remember.
Post Tositiei are sold ky
grocers everywhere.
Canadian Posrtum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
. FoMhe Earache
- I am afraid I have greatly Interfered
with my own practice, said a celebrated aurlst, by giving the following advice to many of my frleuils: At the
first symptoms ot earache, let the patient lie oa the bed with the painful
ear uppermost. Fold a thick towel
and tuck lt around the neck; then
with a teaspoon fill the ear with warm
water. Continue doing this for fifteen or twenty minutes; the water
will fill the ear orifice and flow over
the head, let the water run out, and
plug the ear with warm glycerin and
cotton. This may be done every
hour until relief is obtained. It ls
an almost Invariable cure and has
saved many cases ot acute liiflama-
tlon. The water should be quite
warm, but not too hot.
They Are Due to an Impoverished
Condition of the Blood
Ne:vous exhaustion—or neurasthenia, as medical men call It- -Is one
of rhe greatest evils of the present
day, for lt ls destroying the life and
energy of thousands of men and women, or worse, driving them to Insanity. The causes of this trouble include overwork, mental strain, worry,
Indiscretions, and sometimes it follows
la grippe. The signs of this trouble
are usually great weakness after any
exertion, nervous headaches, trembling
hands, shakiness In the legs, Irritability of temper, weak digestive power,
Insomnia. The life ot tbe sufferer become   full of miseries.     *
The true treatment for this trouble
must co-isist of a building up process,
for the al-ve signs mean that the
exhausted nerves are calling for more
nourishment from the blood supply.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make new
rich blood that feeds the starved complaining nerves, and ln this way they
have cure., thousands of times neurasthenia, neuralgia and other nervous
disorders, and have restored strength
and nerve-energy to despairing people.
Mrs. Isaac Wilson, Calabogie, Ont.,
gives thanks for having been restored
to health through the use of this medicine, she says: "When I began using
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills 1 was a nervous wreck; I couldi.'t do my work,
could not sleep at night, suffered from
nervous headaches, and the least
noise would completely upset ine.
Only those who have suffered from
nervous trouble can tell what 1 endured. I doctored for a time, but
did not get any benefit. Then I
learned of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and sent for a half dozen boxes. By
the time I had used these I was almost well, and a couple more boxes
completely restored my health, and I
have had no return of the Trouble.
I can cheerfully recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla to those win suffered
from any form of nervous trouble.
If you are weak, nervous or out
of health begin to cure yourself today with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get them from any medicine
dealer or by mall at 60 cents a box or
alx boxes for $2.50 from Tho Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Thc London Dally Citizen publishes
the following joke on itself: They are
telling a good story about The Dally
Citizen ln Fleet Street, and as thia
ls a paper not afraid of a Joke against
itself I shall be forgiven for repeating
lt. A bricklayer In a tranlcar near
the Elephant and Castle was reading
The Dally Citizen, and a member pf
the staff who happened to be in the
car was gratified by the fact. It is
pleasant to see workers reading their
own paper and learning abo. I the
conditions of their fellow workers. He
leaned forward and got Into conversation with the bricklayer at.d commented on the title ot the journal l.e
waa looking at. Ay, ay, said the
loyal reader, It's not a bad paper, not
halt a bad paper. It would he quite
bright tt Ihey didn't have all this
stuff about labor In It.
W. N. U. ttl
The servants were abed and the
doctor answered the bell himself. A
colored man stood St. the steps holding a large package.
Is Miss Matlldah, the cook, at home,
sah? asked the man.
Yes, but she has retired, returned
the doctor.
Can I leab ills fo' her, sah?
Certainly, said the doctor.
He look the bundle from which
flowers and buds were protruding, and
after bidding the man good night,
carefully carried lt to the kitchen,
whore he deposited It, paper and all,
In a pan of water.
The doctor thought nothing more of
the affair until he heard Matilda's angry voice raised In conversation with
the maid.
Ef 1 had de pusson heah, cried the
cook, dat put mah new spring hat ln
dla yer dish pan, I'd scald 'Im for sho.
He Explains
I hear you passed my wife on the
atreet the other day and said Bhe was
not much tor looks.
I can explain, old man. You see
my wife was along and she asked me
lt I didn't think your wife a perfect
beauty. As a married man yourself
you know that was my cuo to disagree.
The explanation was accepted.
Scribbler—Whatever the critics may
say about my novel, they can't say
I have stolen any other rash's Ideas.
Tootile—I should try that next time
Bertie, If I were you.
Funny Mlxups
Two of the boys were discussing
blunders made by nervous or absant-
mlnded people. Tom told one about
the rattled bridegroom who asked the
clergyman It lt were still Klstomsry
to cuss the bride, when Robert recall^ the Btory of the woman who
said to the usher ln the church: May
I occupew this pie? which so rattled
the usher, who replied: No, but I'll
sow you to another sheet;
Tom met this story with one about
the Fourth of July orator who referred
to Oeorge Crosslngtbn washing the
Delaware. Then Robert came back
with the Btory of the young actor who
was expected ln a particular play to
rush on the atage In great excitement
and say: The queen has swooned!
He^showed the necessary excitement and called ont: The swoon has
queened! and then corrected himself
and said: The sween has quoened, and
when the audience began to laugh he
tried again with: The quoon has
sweened, when he was dragged oft by
the stage manager. As he disappeared he was heard to say something
for which ln Queen Elizabeth's day
he would have been beheaded.
Minard's Liniment Curea Colds, Eto.
An old Scotch lady was compelled
to carry an ear trumpet with. her
wherever she went. Upon visiting a
small church In Scotland not long ago
she was watched very suspiciously by
the sexton until she reached her seat.
Then, as If he could stand the suspicion no longer, he went over to her
and shaking a warning finger emphatically, he said: Madam—one toot,
and you're oot.
Tha Request
Did Baron Fucasli ask you for my
hand, father? asked GwendoIIn.
No, repliod Mr. Cumrox, he called
to discuss a marriage settlement. He
didn't ask for your hand, he asked for
my pocketbook.
Irrigating the Desert
The common opinion that there ls
no water lu the desert of Sahara is
quite Incorrect, for in all parts of the
great desert that are Inhabited there
ls plenty of water. The trouble ls
to find it, for It lies at unknown
depths below the surface ot the sandy
It Is the mission of a party of artesian well diggers operating ln the south
of Algeria, to discover and make use
of this hidden water, and ln February last one ot these engineers
opened a well that has claimed the
world's record, having a flow of 8,000
gallons a minute.
This ls ln the oasis ot Tolga, about
22 miles west ot Blskaru. The water
rises ln a fountain six teet high and
forms a small river that will make lt
possible to Irrigate about 8,000 acres
of land.
During the past ten years wells
have been bored which produce 46,-
000 gallons ot water a minute, making
116,000 eallons since the French have
occupied the land. This makes It
possible to Irrigate 1,800,000 date
palms In which lies the wealth of
Southern Algeria.
Saskatchewan Man Tells How They
Cured Him    After   Four    Months'
Suffering from Backache and Other
Forms of Kidney Disease.
St. Phillips, Sask.—(Special)—In a
new country where changes of climate
and Impure water are among the difficulties to be su.-mounted, kidney
trouble li prevalent. It la the kidneys, the organs that strain the Impurities out ot the blood, that flrst
feel any undue strain on the body.
Consequently, Dodd's Kidney PIUs
bave been well tried and tested ln
this neighborhood.
They have stood the test. Many
settlers tell of backache, rheumatism
and urinary troubles cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Mr. Otto Olckewskl
Is one of these. In speaking of his
cure he says:
"I suffered from kidney disease for
four ninths. My back ached, I had
heart flutterlngs, and was always tired
and nervous. My skin had a harsh,
dry feeling; my limbs were heavy;
and I had a dragging sensation across
tho loins.
"1 consulted a doctor, but, as I did
not appear to Improve, I decided to
try Dodd's Kldne.- Pills. I used six
boxes, and now I am all right."
Dodd's Kidney Pills always stand
the tost.     Ask your neighbors.
No Use at School
Now that little Georgo had attained
the age ot six, the great problem ot
his education beeamo the burning
question ot tho hour. The family
declared that little Oeorge must go to
school Immediately. Little Oeorge
himself firmly maintained that ha
would do nothing of the sort, and
henceforth the mere mention of the
word school had very much Uie same
effect upon htm as a red rag Is alleged to have upon a bull. Granny,
however, who knew nothing of the difference of opinion ln the family, ventured to remark one day: Your father
tells me, Oeorge, that you are going
to school next week. Then father's
talking roll the boy replied. Why,
granny, 1 can't read and I can't write
so what |ood should I do at school,
I would like to knowt
"Leader" and "Repeater"
Carefully inspected shells, the best combinations of powder, shot and wadding,
loaded by machines which give invariable
results are responsible for the superiority
of Winchester "Leader" and "Repeater"
Factory Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells.
There is no guesswork in loading them.
Reliability, velocity, pattern and penetration are
determined by scientific apparatus and practical
experiments. Do you shoot them? If not,
better   try   the   W brand,     They are   the
Dangerous chemicals are not used l_r\ tipping EDDY'S Ses-qul Safe Light matches.
8ea that you get EDDY'S and no other
"Just as good."
8afety—In Its complete sense—Is absolutely guaranteed, but you must ask tor
EDDY'S new
Has Them
Makes Better Tea
and More of It
He Got the Earth
Some months ago excavations wore
being mnde for new tracks on the
Hue of a certain famous railway. At
ons point a nearby resident obtained
permission to removo a quantity ot
turf to resod his premises, the section
boss being instructed to notify the
excavating gang when the resident
should have secured all he desired.
The Hibernian's report ls as follows:
The man that wanted the earth has
got tt.
Dugald was 111, and his friend Donald took a bottle of whiskey to him.
Donald gave the Invalid one glass and
Ye'H get anlther yin ln the morning.
About five minutes elapsed, and
then Dugald suddenly exclaimed:
Ye'd better let me hae the ltber noo,
Donald, ye hear o' sae mony sudden
deaths nooadays.
On a recent examination paper ln
chics was the question: If the president, vice-president, and all the members of the cabinet should die, who
would officiate?
Robert, a boy of twelve, thought for
some time, trying ln vain to recall
who came next in succession. At
last a happy Inspiration came to him
and he answered: The undertaker.
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have It at hand, because It
proves Its value.
Building Good Roads In Michigan
Here Is the way that the State of
Michigan got ao'od roads: In one day
$000 meu, with 4,000 teams and 750
automobiles, having volunteered for
the pui-.ios , built 250 miles ot good
roads passing through forty-four townships. This means Is open to any
rnmi.iiinlly which can develop the
right kind of public spirit.
Bad Blood
Is the direct and inevitable result el
Irregular or constipated bowels and
dorecd-up kidneys and skin. Tho
«ndige_t«l food and other waste mat*
ter which is allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood and the whole
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pilla
act directly on tbe bowels, regulating
them—on. the kidneys, giving them
ease and st.cngthtoproperlyfi.terth*
blood—and on tbe skin, opening up
the pores. For put* blood and good
health take
Dr. Morse's   "
'—1-Um Root *»VUs
Quicksand Frozen In
In excavating recently tor the foundation of a large building In Berlin, the
workmen found It necessary to go 10
feet below the foundations ot tbe ad-
Joining buildings. They rested on
quicksand, which would have flowed
from under them had the builders not
used an Ingenious method to keep the
sand from slipping away. It consisted In solidly freezing the sides of the
new excavation. Five-Inch freeze
pipes, closed at the bottom, were sunk
three feet apart all around the edges
ot the pit. The pipes contained one-
Inch pipes tliat were open at the bottom and connected with a supply
header at the top. The five-inch pipe
was connected with a drain header.
Brine, which was pumped from a refrigerating plant, passed down the
one-Inch pipes, up the five-Inch pipes,
back Into the drain header and thence
to the brine tank.
And Mothers, Tos
Mother, said tho small boy at the
piano, may I quit practicing for a
Why?     Are your hands tired?
No. My hands aren't, but my ears
Anaemic Condition
or Bloodlessness
A peculiar lallor or even ghastli-
ness ot the skin Is the marked symptom of anaemia. The eyelids, gums
and lips appoar to be almost bloodless.
The cause of this condition Is the absence ot red corpuscles from the
The anaemic patient Is usually thin
and weak, but muy be fleshy and Inclined to dropsy. Stomach troubles
and weakness of the bodily organs
are accompaniments.
Red corpuscles must be added to
the blood, and this can hest he ac-
compllslted ty using Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
This great food cure Is so gentle
and natural In action that It Is admirably suited for the use of women and
girls suffering from anaemic or other
diseases which arise from an impoverished condition of the blood.
It Is readily assimilated, enters the
blood stream:, and carries health and
strength to every organ of tho body.
The vigor of the. digestive system
Is quickly restored, and the food taken
Into the body Is properly digested and
nourishment supplied io the whole
system. .
To get well and keep well you must
supply the body with au abundance
of pure, rich blood. Nothing can
help you so well as
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
E0 cents a box, S for $2.50, a: all de-tlers, or Kdim.neon,. Bates.  A. C'o»
Llmlled, Toronto. B9
a. A. Evans. Editor and Puslisheb
suasosiPTios aaxoe:
st .no
Hue Year (In adranoe) 1.00
line Yesr, In United Statee  IM
Address all ooramunloatloni to
Taa Gkand Fosks Suh.
fHona R.I                        GsiSD Foius, B.C
floor will be designed for a store
room, the lodgo ball being- on tbe
second storey.
In the state of Washington, after
tbe first of September, any one who
wants to carry a gun muat first obtain a license.
FRIDAY,   AUGUST 29, 1915
Tbe Doukhobor question still
slumbers soundly in the attorney-
general's otlice It is likely to remain in tbat condition. It is a
good thing that tbe attorney-general
does not bold office for life.
The women of Sherbrooke who
cheered Harry K. Tbaw showed ex
ceedingly poor taste, to use a mild
phrase of censure. Although
Mr. Thaw possesses great wealth, be
is no better tban a common murderer. He is the slayer ot Stanford
White, one of New York's ablest
professional men. Mr. White was
an architect of national fame. He
left behind bim in New York many
monuments in tbe form of public
buildings and works of art. His
moral character was not blameless,
but he was worth a thousand
Thaws to his countrymen.
President Wilson's Mexican policy
appears to be satisfactory to his
countrymen, as well as to tbe rest
of the world. It is likely to biing
about peace in Mexico without tbe
necessity of annexing that country
to tbe giant American republic. It
shows that the United States bas all
the territory she wants, and incidentally the true wickedness of tbe
annexation scare started in Canada
a sbort time ago.
Tbe British Columbia automobile
act limits the speed iu municipalities to ten miles per bour. This
fact iB often overlooked by drivers of
cars in Grand Forks.
A fakir usually rushes to tbe assistance of other fakirs.
The next issue of . the Orient
Journal will be printed in Republic
about tbe middle of September.
Reml The Suu autl keep   posted
on current event*-.
Anyway, the ice cream season is
nnt any more expensive than the
coal dealer's bills.
Rumors are agnin currennt that
the North pnrlx smelter wiil soon re
snme operations.
The Sun only costs SI a year,
prints all the news.
Tbe Odd Fellows of Oroville have
let a contract for the cnn»truclinn iif
a two storey building.   The ground
Masculine Beauty
"Slowly but surely justice triumphs
in this world, broadening slowly down
from precedent to precedent." A
learned court has recently ruled that
a mere man may have «Uch a thing as
beauty, and! that tie may place a
money value on it as a practical pos
session. A man suing -lor damages
for an injurv allegvd among other
things that his plivmnal beauty hod
heen impaired, and the other side set
up the claim that a man has no such
possession as beauty. The court ruled
My" New Optician
Is a thoroughly competent man and has full
charge of my optical department. All errors of
vision accurately meas- ■
ured and proper correcting lenses fitted.
*zA*  D.  cTWorrison
Jeweler and Optician ...
Why, Indeed?
A certain captain bsd heen lecturing his new recruits at some length
on "Tbe Duties of a Soldier" At
last he thought the time had come
to find out just what he had accomplished.
Casting his eye over Ihe room, he
fixed on Private Murphy as his first
victim. "Private Murphy," ,he
asked, "why should a soldier be
ready to die for his country?"
The private scratched hig head
for a time; then, an ingratiating
smile flitted across his face. "Sure,
captain," he said, pleasantly,
pou're quite right. Why should
Sir Richard is an orator of the
dithyrat.ibic school. He it, mellifluous and Lvdian, and his chinnok is
heavily endowned wifh flowery adjectives His ideas are spread a little
thin. If he is short nn ideas, he is
long on fascination. Sir Richard
scintillates. It seems too had that
most of his rays are confined to one
province, Mr. Bowser is often acidtt
loua and Mephistophelian, hut Sir
Riehard is always sunny. Hn is al
ways willing to talk, and never puts
off till tomorrow what he say today.
Often his free talking has displeased
Mr. Bowser, who has on several occasions reproved his accomplice fnr
saying the right thing at the wrong
time or the wrong thing at the right
time time. Men of science say that
living suhstanc is made up of car
bon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,
phosphorous and certain inorganic
salts. Sir Rlahard .must be composed largely of carbon; he glitters.
'A really excellent second rate actor was lost to the stage when he he-
came a politician. When the political cards are redenlt in British Columhia. and soinehndv else is premier, thst lucrative field is open to
Sir Richard's art nnd artificiality,
He has strong dramstin tendencies.
He is constantly shifting from one
studied pose to another.
Personally Sir Richard is nhund-
antlv likeable He hns the air and
manners of a courtier: Much travel
has added to  his easy   grace.   Sir
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Richard is very much addicted to
travel. The last time a ray of light
shone upon the public accounts,
which Sir Richard's government
usually keep like a skeleton,
in a closet, one could observe a small
and unobtrusive item: '-Sir Richard
McBride, traveling expese-j, $13,-
000."—Vancouver dun.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. £. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
we've cot -what Yoo
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks,
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Grand Forks, One Night Q
Biggest   and   Best
Colored Show
Ever in Canada
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre CS, Smith
40 PEOPLE 40
20--PIECE BAND--20
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, zJWutton, Veal
and Young Pork
P.     ,
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon and Halibut'
P. Bums C& Co. Limited
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Beach Balls .7.. .$1.25 each
Woodland C8t> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
Modern Bigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burns 8 O'Ray, Propi.
Phone 68 Second Street
No need having piles any longer!
No need ot suffering anotber day!
Steam's Pile Remedy (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
Tbls remedy is a combination ot tbe
lately discovered, high-priced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, ai.d IT STOPS THE
So sure are we that Steam's Pile
Remedy will benefit you that we will
not satisfied.
This ia tbe only pile remedy tbat
we can guarantee and we know you
will thank us for telling you about lt
We have the exclusive agency.
WOGDJ.AM.  A  (jriNN.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol "•"•• •>■«» aent '■ the body
K '■■ in proper tensions rcstoree
vim and vitality. Premature demy pint all sexnal
weakneJi averted at once. nteephoael will
make too a new man. Price M a box. or two lor
H. Mailed to any ad-.re«s. the (ooboU Drac
Free Parade
On Street at 4:30 p.m.
At the Head
The nun at thc head of affairs
whether It home or in business, is
Ihe one whose attention you wish
lo attract.
Our piper goes into the best class
of homes antl is read hy the hend of
Ihe family. That accounts for thc
results obtained hy thc use of
Classified Want  Ads.
If ynu read The Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
the world. It in pnsaihle for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily papera
•■ sep-r i* ■"> 2i no —
ii SEPT.I5I__2I.I9I3
International Polo
Daily Games between Canadlam
and American Teems
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition.opan to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U. S. Government
72d Seafortk Hi&klandm Bend
Fireworks Display Every Night
Individual Farm Exhibit Prize*
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Racee Daily
Dairymen'* Meeting Thunday
Broadsword Ba ttleaon Horseback
ft For illustrated Daily Program and
Premium Lilt, addreii 909 Chamber of
Con-men* Bttildi-u> n Spokane, Waih.
__________■____■_■__ lil
Moat Important Events at,
-Home and Abroad Paring the Past Week
Fears, of frost in the prairie   prov-1
inoea prove groundless.
The Sherbrooke jail physician de-
olarea that Harry K. Thaw ia sane.
GUIs are saved by jumping   sixty!
feet into net* at a Montreal   factory
A million feet of timber are burned
in   the  forest  fires in the Maritime |
Tbe Dominion government will
carry on hydrographic works in all
parts of British Columbia.
Proceedings will be instituted
against labor speakers at Nana m> on
a oharge of insulting the militia
The Tammany tiger is after   Gay-
nor, and the. organisation   puts  Edwin. E McCall in the field tor mayor
.of New York
The Ulster situation is becoming
serious, and it is feared that martial
law will have to lie resorted to en
force home rule.
The Huerta, government is near a
crisis. Funds give out and the federal army becomes mutinous. The government supports thp army in a cam
paign of destruction.
Why Swelter in a   We Are Fighting
During the hot weather, when for a small    .
sum at our store for any of our large variety
you can have a cool kitchen and do your
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saving devices.
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Gasoline Stoves.   Below are a few of our
3-burner wickless, blue-flame  Oil   Stove;
regular $10.00.   Special  S8.00
2-burner wickless, blue-flame   Oil  Stove;
regular $7.50.   Special  6.00
2-burrter  Gasoline Stove;  regular   .$5.7a.
Special  5.00
Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regular
$4.00.   Special..  3.25
Miller & Gardner
Hardware        Home Furnishers     .   Crockery
High prices, :■ Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our ''large sales, small
* _. *
profit policy.'.'   We now have on display
a wonderful hew line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancy" Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts    Boots  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
allowed   thousands   of   prisoners  t°
starve to death.
Saturday i
Governor Sulzer plans indictment
of the Tammany hall leaders.
Adams Express company's building
at Edmonton is destroyed hy lightning.
Conditions in China are chaotic.
Three government armies besiege Kan-
The captain of the Canadian liner.
Barcelona is fined for bringing undesirables into Canada,
Ten persons are injured when a
tr tin rolls down a ten -foot embankment near Edmonton.
Lord Strathcona sails unexpectedly
for Canada, and it is rumortd that he
will hand in his sesignatiou to Premier Borden.
Apprehension is felt in the Citv of
Mexico Official negotiations with the
United States have ceased- Another
Madero adherent is slaughtered.
The porta holds fast to Adrianople. The powers cannot agree on a
plan to coerce . Turkey. Thrace is a
desert of abomination; the Bulgarians
Canadian trade passed the hundred
million dollar mark in July. *
Lord Strathcona declares that his
visit to Canada has no official significance.
Three Dou kobors in the Renins jail
go on a hunger strike.
Qrand Trunk .telegraphers, agents
and despatchet-s ask for an investigation of wane questions.
Former Judge Herrick declares that
he has nothing to do with criminal
charges, indicating a split in the Sul-
ier forces.
Representative Land's mission to
Mexico proves a failure, and It is said
the future course of Washington will
be non-interference.
Strike charges on Vancouver island
form a new record, and the cases are
to be tried by batches The company
orders tenants to vacate their houses.
Co-operation as the basis of the
ideal state of the future was the keynote of an address of Earl Grey,
former governor-general of Canada, at
the opening of the International Cooperative alliances in Glasgow, Scotland, today.
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Naw Harnoee antl d° a" k'lu,s of
new nam ess haraem n^,^ Au
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this    ^
part  of the  country.   We  use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
^fe cTWann   Diiig   Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Thirty strikers face the magistrate
at Nanaimo. Seven are dismissed.
The others go to the assizes.
The railway commission asks the
railway companies to give reasons for
abolishing the cartage system.
Lightning Bet fire to the big hydro
electric plant at Che Soo, and throws
fifteen hundred meu out of work.
Michael Maybriok, the. famous composer wbo uuder the name of Stephen
Adams wrote ''Nancy Lee," '•The
Warrior Bold," "The Holy City,"etc.,
died today at Buxton, England.
Since the fruit shipping season in
the Okanagan started in J line to the
present time the Dominion Express
company reports that there is an in
crease of 50 per cent over last year in
the amount handled.
Negotiations between Washington
and Mexico are to be called off. Congress will hear the president's special
message today. It is believed iu
Washington that the Huerta. government can not last long.
The Servian government bas declined to co operate witb the Carnegie
commission investigating the alleged
Balkan atrocities, ou account of the
presence among the members of Paul
N Milukoff, leader of the constitutional democrats in the Russian
Hairy K. Thaw's Canadian lawyers
withdrew the writ of habeas corpus
obtained last week in his behalf and
the fugitive from Matteawan will uot
be arraigned in the superior court today as had been expected: The with-
prawal of the writ may prolong the
proceedings indefinite.
It is alleged that   the   suffragettes
hired desperadoes to   kidnap   Lloyd
The crops in the praiiie provinces
are reported to be the best in twenty-
five years. i
The harvest in the prairie prorincev
causes a shortage of laborers in rail
way construction camps.
I'rince of Weid, the nephew of Carmen Sylvia, is said to have been
chosen for the Albanian threne.
Open rate war on the Pacific run
starts by the Great Northern making
a big cut in first c'Ja»s fares. Advent
of new C.P, K vessels on the Victoria
Orient line is said to be the cause nf
the fight.
Harry K. Thaw won three victories
from the New York authorities today
and was locked up tonight in the
Sherbrooke jail, immune fur the time
being from the Dominion immigration
authorities after having received from
the townspeople of Sherbrooke an ovation.
President Wilson tonight warned
all Americans to leave Mexico nt
once. At the same time the American embassy and all consular representatives throughout the southern re
public were instructed to notify
all officials, civil and military, that
they would be held strictly responsible
We do nothing hut first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have il done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
for harm or injury done to Americans
or their property.
Mystifi-td Americans obey President
Wilson's warning and leave Mexico.
The advance guar I of Hindu immigrants arrive in Vancouver direct
from India.
Crop reports from Calgary show an
increase of 30 per cent. Nearly all
the grain will be marketable.
"Flying Dutchman" Wagner is
hanged ot Nanaimo for the murder
of a policeman.
Peace prospects in Mexico are better, national pride and the question of
a presidential candidate being the
chief causes. Huerta is disposed to
agree tn the terms, President Wil
son receives an optimistic message
from John Lind
Harry H. Thaw remains safe behind the bars at Sherbrooke.
Australia faces another election.
The new administration loses control
of the senate.
The militant suffragettes assault
Premier Asquith and drag him over
t he golf links. His daughter tries to
beat them off. Detectives effect his
Many fatalities occur when a store
in Peterboro, Ont., collapses.
Eighty per cent of the stieet railway men in Vancouver vote in favor
of quitting work
Cunadian riflemen make new record
at the Dominion meet in Ottawa.
The Sun only costs f 1 a year,
prints all the news:
Read The Sun and keep  posted
on current events.
i Money is Tight
But there i.s no need of
you getting "tight" if you
The pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by the
Is the Railroad Centre and Natural
Distributing Point for the interior ot
Southern British Columbia. It ia
the Coming City. Place *Jour money
where it will grow.
Invest in Grand Forks
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust &. Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901
Very Bad, Indeed
. Francis Wilson, at a luncheon la
GranMiercy Park, was   congratulated
on his French pronunciation.
I've b;en taken in my time, said
Mr. Wilson, for a Parisian. This
shows what perseverance will do. I
hud a hard tlmo In the beginning to
learn French.
In fact, ln the beginning I was as
hopeless as the chap whose French
teacher said to him: Hereafter monsieur I ran only teach you by correspondence.
Why? asked the pu?ll.
Because, said the teacher, If we
keep on this way, your pronunciation
will spoil mlno.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
On quickly bs overcome by
Purely v^-taWa
—act txusU and
Emtty on las
ver. Cjra
bciSo and Indigestion.   They do their duty*
Small Pill, Small Doto, Small Price.
Genuine muitbsai Signature
SoiiK-iiiitit;   ih-u-it   than   linen   and   no
foundry  bills.      IWash It with soap and
Water.     All stores or direct. State style
Bml nixe.      For 25c.   wo will mall you.
58 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
' Mrs. WihSLow'H Bootiiino Svrup has been
tued lor over SIXTY YEARS l-v MILLIONS ol
MorilHKS {or tiieir CIIU.URKH VIlIUS
in Hie best remedy (or 1)1 AKRHOiA. It Is absolutely haruileHa. Be sure aod ask for "Mra.
Win-low's Soothing Syrup," and Uke ao other
ltind.  'i'l-enty-fivecent-a bottle. ,	
WANTED at once
Persona to work for us
Iti unit- tlmo qt home. No experience
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319 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
Cleans and disinfects
everything In your
home from the cellar to tho attic. Put
It .on your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors.
Woodwork, Linoleums,
Pint.os, Furniture, etc.
Makes everything Just
like naw. Money refunded if not satisfactory.   Made by the
Hamilton, Canada,
The Soul of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
{.(Mtli'i-i _•»«, CI'RLSCHKOMCWMKKIlSil.l OST VIGO*
Vill. KIONtY.   U..AIM1ILK. DIHK \sf.i, Bl.tHHl   POISOX,
rtt.b'%. Kirtim no. I'mKUiisuKw mail Si. post 4 i;ii
TRVltKWpRACIlBtTA&Tat.XfiafrORHOI'   nS¥ 10 TAKI
THERAPION.::'.. ■;*.•«.
*tn. GOVT.aiAur Atrl-l-0 to all usauma i-acklh.
I tell you, old man, there's always
room at the top, said Jlmpsonberry.
I haven't a doubt of 11, said Languish, hut the worst ot It Is there
ls never auy elevator to take you up.
-   DODDS \.
U     -*-..lHf umaTI^-aV   ■'
Me. a box or six boxes for 12.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Sunshine Fume
Your fuel bills will be lower and you'll t
get mora heat, evenly distributed all over the
house, If you install a McClarp Sunshine Furnace.
The Sunshine pass for itself in a very few years |
by the saving it effects. .Call on the McClary dealer]
or write our nearest Branch for full information.
W   N   U. »59
New Rifle Sight a Boon to Hunters
Brainerd, Minn.—Recent trials malo
by A. H. Porach and Frel Brlttou
with the Remington Arms Company's
new negative angle Bight 'have proven
quite satisfactory, aays the Dally Dispatch. Using a target two feet wide
ai.d three teet high with a six inoh
bulls eye, each ot these men flred
eighty shots at the several ranges for
which the light ls intended, and scoped eighty hits eacb wbich, had tha
target been a deer, would bave made
a kill ln eacb Instance. Groups ot
live shots were made ln Several Instances within a space that could hava
been been covered with a twenty-five
cent piece.
When the fact that the conditions
under which these men made their
trials were most aggravating, ls considered, there being a strong wind ot
varying velocity blowing across tbe
line of fire, the results obtained are
admittedly most remarkable.
These men have proven to'their satisfaction that the Remington negative
angle sight is a success lt use! as It
Is intended to be used. It ls a good
sight for the man who shoots a rifle
only occasionally and who Is therefore
rather unfamiliar with the judging of
distances and the adjusting of sights
to the distance estimated. Practice
with a rifle on a fixed target should
be Indulged ln by all hunters before
going into the woods in order to familiarize themselves with the gun they
expect to use and it more practice
were Indulged In by hunters before going to the woods there would be a
larger percentage of UIIIb made with
a lower percentage ot accidents.
The sight has not yet heen placed
on the nm.-ket.
Miller's Worm Powders, being In
demand everywhere, can be got ot any
chemist's or drug shop, at very small
cost. They are a standard remedy
for worm troubles and can be fully
relied upon to expel worms from the
system and abate the sufferings that
worms cause. There are many
mothers that rejoice that they found
available so effective a remedy for tho
relief of their children,   i
Praise for Young Astor
When Vincent Astor says: It ls better to have dead grass In the parks
than dead children ln tbe tenements,
he proves that a young man can Inherit millions wit-bout getting soft
hands and a bard face, to uso Mr.
Roosevelt's expression.
It ls especially gratifying to know
that this particular young man, who
ls ln a position to do great good, has.
broad sympathies and a real understanding cf the purposes of public
If more y rang men of the same sort
took this same democratic attitude
Park Keeper Stover would receive
fewer complaints from people wbo
think lt more important to have grass
above the ground than children above
Vincent ABior has Inherited good
sense and sound Americanism.
Young Astor has inherited vast properties in New York, many ot them
tenement properties. His attitude
In the matter of the parks gives promise that these will be administered on
humanitarian principles and that the
great influence he can gain In municipal l. -Irs will be exerted-in behalf
ot people not so fortunately born ai
Mlnard'a Liniment Curet Distemper
DuJ Scara Without a Duel
A German business Arm has printed «n advertisement in which it otters
to imitate tho scars obtained ln university duels. Every 'one knows
those facial disfigurements which are
so prized by the Teuton, but lt ls diffl-
ci.lt ti say which Is the mure striking
the enterprise of tho German firm
which offers to decorate men's faceB
with imltatloi. wounds ot honor, or the
vanity of the meu who accept the offer.
ln Germany these scars nre hold to
enhance manly boauty, and Ihey confer a special cachet on the dlsllgured
one. But hitherto scars have been
tbo result of sabre wounds and not of
a process without pain' or Interruption
to bus!nos..
How ths Leader Was Drilled
Ab the motor car approached the
street corner a young man sprang
directly ln front ot it, and waving
his arms, cried: Now come on, will
you? The car struck him squarely
ln the chest and threw him 10 feet
ahead. Rising quickly he nislied at
the car again and was thrown ahead
again. He was about to make another rush when a policeman caught hold
ot him. What's the matter with
you? growled the constable. OS
your head? Not at all, replied the
young man. I have been Appointed
to lead the suffragettes' next big raid
and . waa only just getting myself
Into condition.
The only building material that has not increased
in price is      .
It makes concrete that you caa depend upon for tab-factory results, whether you uie it (or a da
ot a garden walk.
High quality and low price are Dade potable by efficient organization and  manufacturing
economies due to a large and growing demand.
See that every bag of cement you buy bean the "Canada" label—it it yow guarantee
of -abtfaclion.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Writ, for a fret ntjtf the hub " Hht.1 the farmer Cart Dl With Cmcrttt."
Pipe Stemt
It seems curious to reflect, ln view
ot the universal use of vulcanite as
pipe* mouthpieces, that tbls material
was quite unknown a few years ago.
Prepared, as everybody knows, trom
India-rubber, It is undoubtedly the
most durable and serviceable material pipe mouthpieces. For many years
these were made from tho vulcanite
run Into moulds while hot, and afterwards trimmed and polished. A very
great improvement was effected, Baya
the Cigar and Tobacco World, wben
it was discovered tbat a mucb harder
and better article, and one capable
of taking a higher polish, could be
produced by cutting from the solid
block of vulcanite. The so-called
block ta a Blab ot about four feet by
two feet and 1-2 inch or 3-4 Inch In
thickness. These slabs are flrst cut
by fine circular saws into narrow
strips of tbe required slzei sub-divided as to length, turned ln the lathe,
trimmed by flies/bored and finally
polished in readiness to be affixed to
lho pipes. A little heat carefully
applied Is all that Is necessary for
bending vulcanite.
An Oil Without Alcohol.—Some oils
and many medicines hava alcohol aa
a prominent ingredient. A Judicious
mingling of six essential oils compose
the famoua Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil, and there ls no alcohol In lt, so
that lis effects are lasting. There is
no medicinal oil compounded that can
equal this oil in Its preventive aud
healing power.
Ths Wedding Ring In Franc*
At present, Lays Mme. Claire de
Prat!! in 'Franco from Within,' many
Frenchwomen who havo been educated
In the public laicized schools refuse
to wear this symbol of their bond (a
weddlug ring), so that there are many
married women In France who wear
no wedding ring at all—a terrible heresy Indeed, ln the eyes of some Anglo-
Saxons. The French wedding ring,
the author adds, la generally made In
two parts, the wife wearing one and
the husband the other, both rings being blessed at the altar when tbere la
a religious ceremony.
Father—You have no sense; I am
goln,. to cut you off with a million.
The Son—If you do I'll disgrace the
family by riding round ln a secondhand auto.
Ferry Acrota Panama Cant!
Paradoxical though lt seems, tha
flrst task for the army engineers after
they have succeeded In severing the
continents of North and South America hy the Panama canal will be to
re-establish the connection: It It necessary tbat communication by rail be
retained unimpaired between the
north and south banka of the canal,
especially It .he railway systems of
North and South America are to be
linked -o as to afford unbroken connection between New York am'. Buenos Aires. Bridges high enougb above
the canal to permit of the passage ot
ocean-going vessels with their lofty
masts, are out of tbe question, while
a plan to tunnel under tbe canal haa
been abandoned because of the great
cost. Finally tba decision hat luclln
ed to a system of large steam car
floats constituting a gigantic ferry,
which probably will be located near
Camp Elliott.
Minard't  Llnimtnt  Cure* Garget  In
Try Murine Eye Remedy
IE you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyet
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist; Sell
Murine Eye'Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Hiirlni Eyt Stive In AWie TubM,
25c, 50c. EyVTooft fffb If Hall.
«• st* ***u, am* hi is in. flat tit*, en*
juries Eye Rtntdy Co.. Chteai*
One ot the things which helps swell
the t.nveller's expenses, both In thlt
country and abroad, la the extra. It
may or may not be charged ln the
bill, but It la eure to be paid for. Probably even the most generous traveller
however, will bave aome sympathy
for the gentleman lu the following
story, wbo was mado to pay liberally
for a certain annoying privilege.
During hit ttay at the hotel tha
weather had been very hot.
Charlet, aaid tbe landlord to the
clerk who waa making out th* bill
to be present; t*. to the departing guest,
have you noticed that the gentleman
ln No. 7 has consulted tha thermometer on the piazza ht least ten times
every morning during his tlay here?
Charlet replied that he had.
WeU, tald the landlord, charge him
the price of one dinner a day for the
use of the thermometer.
A Dlrcot Hint
Well, Johnny, my dear, how are you
getting on with your French?
Oh, very well, uncle. We translate Quite nice sensible sentences now,
such as: My uncle never allow*, my
birthday to pasa without clvlng me
a present, or lt ls certain that my
Uncle will give me something quite
splendid thlt time.
Georgia lawyer (to colored prisoner)
—Well, Raa, eo you want nie to defend you.    Have you got atiy money?
Itattas—No: but I'se got a mul*
and a few chickens, and a bog or
Lawyer—Those will do very nicely.
Now, let me tee, what do Ih-y accuse
m OV
Railus—Oh, a mult, and a lew chickens, and • hog or two.
Hatt and Architecture
tt haa been pointed out that tto
form of the hat beers a certain relation to buildings of a primitive nature— huti. A distinguished architect
hat Invited attention to tbe curious
resemblance that bat existed and that
I* still to be found ln many countries
between headgear and habitation! or
otber buildings. It may ba that tha
tame taste, or the lack ot It, hat git*
en rite tn the tlmllarlty ot style, or
ln the beginning the designer ot ths
hat may have taken the but aa * mot
In the Hawaiian Islands long befor*
the Inhabitant! took tbe trouble te
clothe themselves, they built graae
houses, and at the present time the
characteristic Hawaiian bat It remarkably like th* hut.
The turbant ot the dignitaries of the
Eattern Church are still ot the shape
ot those worn by the high priest*
among the Jews ot olden times, and
they are extraordinarily like the characteristic Comet that surmount mosques. Again, lt ia pointed out, th*
high pointed spires ot Gothic church-
et were contemporaneout with the
high hornlike headdress known as th*
hennln. It It believed, too, that Ilk*
remits may be found after a compar-
Iton ot other stylet ot architecture
with the headgear of t'.ie period wherein they flotirlthed.
An old darkey was encountered l>f
the expedition sent by Uncle Sana
for th* relief ot tuBerert by the Mississippi floods. Undo Eph wat I*
a dilapidated looking skiff or dugout,
which he was having considerable
trouble to keep afloat. He waa busy
paddling wltb cno hand and balling
out bis craft with the other when th*
relist boat cams within hailing distance of him. Tha captain of the relief boat called to him: Hello ther*.
uncle! Wbat do you want? Nothing
but wings, boss, was the antwer.
{        THE
.;.   11
& • i
" * *
I An Incident and a Discovery ','.
1     Not on the Program.
I'i'uuliine look a long breath and
tinned ou after ber brother nnd hit
wife, who were chatting wltb tbe
guide. After tbe rough climbing ot
(he mornlug tbe little plateau seemed
heavenly. But even tbls icspllo did
uut onse Penelope's sense of Irritation.
Arthur's nud Alice's fad bnd seemed
to niniisliig ut first tbat tbe hud readily nccepted tbeir Invitation to Join
(hem. To bunt tho wild game ot the
Hookies wilh a camera wnt unique
eHough to be Interesting, but tbe bunt
of the long tailed deer, so blgh among
the peaks that rapid work wna misery,
bud heen very bad. The tbree daya'
chase for a snap at tbe black wolf bad
been worse, uud It ended In failure.
But this chase for a mountain sheep
wns trying Penelope beyond endurance.
•'It's easy for Alice," thought poor
Penelope, digging ber staff viciously
Into n crevice. "She's like a bundle of
steel wires. She lures to get up before
daylight and crawl half a mile on ber
bauds nnd knees to wait at a spring
for some silly beast to come for a
drink. But I'm Just wui-u out Alicel
The tbree enthusiasts ahead turned
bnck. "You three leave me bere ln the
shade of this rock and como back for
mc when you are finished. I am worn
Arthur looked at Penelope tn dismay.
"But dou't you wunt to see n mountain
sheepV" he coaxed. "Since tbe black
tailed deer were In the river bottom
this mornlug the sheep are sure to be
up here. Just tblnk, Penelope, one of
those curious, rare mountain sbeep!"
Hut even this vision failed to move
bis sister. She shook her hend. Alice
gave a resigned little slgb.
"I'll Btay with you, Penelope," ahe
"Xo, you won't," said Arthur hastily.
"It's not safe. Two women are no
better than une bere."
Here the guide Interposed. He bad
been with tbem but a day, but already,
besides being tbelr guide, be was their
counselor nnd friend. He was too well
bred to be treated otherwise. Penelope
looked nt (be stalwart, heavily bearded fellow In a troubled way. His resemblance to Dick lu spite of tbe
beard wns startling.
"Now, I tell you, Mr. Seymour," he
said, "you know us mucb ubout tbls
business ns I do, nud yuu tell me you
bave been up this trail half a duzen
timet before.   Wby can't 1 stay bere
wltb your sister, fix np camp for the
- nlgbt nnd let Mr. and Mrs. Seymure go
on and locate thc sheep'/"
"Good, good!" exclaimed- Seymnre.
Mrs. Seymore looked a little dubious,
but.Penelope spoke eagerly. Here was
a cbance fur an hour or twu of rest
thnt was not to be foregune.
"It will only be s couple of hours,"
sbe suhl pleadingly. "You will be back
before dark, nnd 1 nm so tired, aid,"
sbe added artfully, "you may miss
yonr only cbance at tbe mountain
"Come on, Arthur," tnld Mrs. Seymore, nud the two started off up the
The little plateau on wblcb the colloquy bail tnken place wns smooth and
vide, wltb n little spring trickling out
of tho great wnll uf tbe mountain.
Penelope sat quietly watching the distant peaks In the afternoon light while
the guide set abuut bis preparation for
tbe night's camp, watching Penelope
surreptitiously the while. Very lovely
wns tho sunlight on tbe masses ot her
hnlr, the quick glow af color In her
checks, the delight In ber eyes at the
looked at tbe distant glory of the canyon walls.
Dually her gaze wandered to the
guide ns hit work brought blm closo
beside her, and again the troubled louk
came to ber eyes.
*"T'tJi you Eiio-.v," the tald abruptly,
"you havo n resemblance lo some one
I used to know (bnt ls startling."
The guide straightened himself and
looked nt her keenly, "ls that so?" be
tald ln bis quiet wny.
Without knowing why. alio added,
"It wns tome oue who wns very dear
to nie."
"And now?" tnld the guide tentatively.
••There l« no now," tnld Penelope,
rising und walking tuwnrd the edge of
the plateau.
The guide watched ber anxiously.
"Not loo near the edge, please," he
IVnclopo did not answer. Fnr, far
below cuHed the silvery line that was
thc river, then up nml up rhiios of
rnlur In the rook musses, nnd .llcnee,
-..Inure so Intense that, though every
tense wns Keen to cntco tn* orninmcy
tf tbe canyon coloring, Penelope atood
counting her own heart beats. She
leaned over a little to look at the ledge
below her.
And then the thing happened—a and-
Hs Will Ntvtr Srt tht Rlvtr,
•n Firs" Qet Itt Stsrt.
Whenever we  tay of  anyone,^"he
den vertigo, a hoarse cry'from behind !**iH never Bet the "river on lire," we
her. a sense of endless falling, then   ?>•*<;. °« course, that he is not a very
^^~ intelligent or industrious person and
| that he will never do anything very
After agea of nothingness sbe open-
ad ber eyes-far above, tbe sky with
• glory ef sun and snow, a grandeur
tf distant peaks and far horizon, then
• reuse of pain and with lt a man'a
veh-e railing:
"Penelope! Penelope!" And above
ti» Drum grown leage on wmen sh*
lay a man'a face looked down upon
"Here I am! I'm all right!" abe called back weakly.
"Will you lie perfectly still wbile I
get th* rope!" called tbe guide. "For
heaven's sake, don't morel" And tbe
face disappeared, leaving Penelope
alone witb tha blue above and tbe fur
circling of an eagle about tbe crags.
Then a rope with a carefully adjust-
el Blip noose dangled beside ber. "Caa
you put It over yuur bead and under
your arms?" tbe guide called. "For
my sake, Penelope, be careful! And
look up nt me all the time. Don't louk
dowu Into tbe canyon."
Too bruised nnd shaken to be sur-
prised, Penelope took tbe noose wllb
trembling fingers nnd tried to disentangle herself from tbe brush wblcb
bad broken ber fall. Slowly, Inch by
Inch, with pain at every motion, she
raised herself to a Bitting position,
then little by little adjusted the nooso
under her arms to the guide's satisfaction.
"Now," he colled, "I'm going to lower your staff to you, and you must keep
yourself from brushlug tbe wnll by
means of It aa I pull yon np."
Tbe fear and misery of that trip
back to tbe plateau Penelope waa uever to forget The rope cut Into ber
chest until sbe would bnve fainted
with the pain bad not the difficulty uf
warding herself from ihe wall wltb
her alpenstock forced her to keep ber
senses alert Now, with a quick Jerk,
she wat pulled upward fur a few feet;
then a pause, while the rope twisted
ber dizzily, with now a view uf the
serenity of tbe opposite canyon wall
ln the sfternoon sun; now tbe yellow
dampness uf stone within an inch ot
her face, then another violent Jerk upward.
Aa abe paused within a foot or so of
the plateau level she closed ber eyea
and dropped ber staff. Tben n pair of
arms lifted ber slowly, tenderly, and
laid her on tbe ground, tben carefully
removed the ropo.
Penelope opened her eyes. "Dickl"
the tald hesitatingly.   "DickI"
"Are you hurt?" asked tbe guide un-
heedlngly. "Wbat sball I do? Shall i
go after your sister?"
"1 think there are no bones broken,"
said Penelope weakly. "1 am ouly terribly bruised and shaken. How I am
to get down the mountain ngnin 1 dun't
"Ob, we can arrange that easily,"
answered the guide eagerly aa be adjusted tbe steamer rug ou whicb sh*
Again Penelope's senses dimmed.
"Tou do look so like Dlek," she murmured. "Aren't you Dick? Only Dick
was not to strong"—
"Tell me about Dick," said tbe guide,
wltb a band tbat trembled so that a
cup of water be had brought sprinkled
ber gown.
Penelope looked at him wllb puzzled,
half .delirious eyes. "Dick? Wby,
Dick was my busband, and nfter w*
bad our silly quarrel he went to Europe.   Tbat was three yenrs ago."
Tbe guide threw aside the eup. "Do
you tblnk lt was a silly quarrel?" be
cried.   "Would you forgive Dick?"
"Yet," answered Penelope, "lf only I
could find bltn."
The guide stooped nnd lifted tbe slender, aching body Into bis arms. "Here
I am, dear," be aaid. "Here Ib Dlekl
It was never Europe, after all. I cam*
~ here, wbere 1 could work aud be forgotten." >
Penelope looked Into bis face, for
getting ber pain In the wonder of It nIL
"I mnst bave known It," sbe said, "la
spite of tbe beard."
Tben sbe closed her eyes oo his
shoulder. "Sheep bunting Is not bnd,
after all," the tald. And Dtck held ber
close. -,,.,
I Newton't Applt Tret.
i It it Impossible to sav at thit lata
day how true or how false It the old
ttory about Newton't apple tree at
^oolslhorpe, trom which he it tup-
posed to liave teen the tall of tfie
apple which gave him bis first thought
ol the attraction ot gravity. Voltaire
It the authority for the wtJHnown
ttory. He claims that the ttory wat
told to him by Catherine Barton,
Newton't niece. How loach t.[\ll(i
there may be in the tale will nevSr be
known, but it teems to be certain that
tradition marked a tree as that trom
which the famout apple fell till 1820,
when, owing to decay, the tree wat
tal dowu.
Agreed  With   Him.
"Why is she so angry with hlmP"
"Because he agreed with her,"
"You mean disagreed/'- ! .. /-••«-
"I mean what I said. She remarked
that nf course she was not perfect,
and lie agreed with her.".
brilliant or worth remembering. Thit
would lead some to think that because of thit old laying someone
sometime actually did tet the river
on fire, or else it would lead ut to be-,
litve that it originated with a pessimist who believed big deeds were impossible.
Aa a matter ol tact this laying,
when it originated, had nothing whatever to do with a river. The original
laying was: "He will never tet the
'temte' on fire." Now, a "temse" wat
a wooden tieve to fixed that it would
fit In the top ot a flour barrel and tlit
the flour by revolving. And those
days the milling oi flour waa decided.
ly imperfect, and every bit ol flour
had to be thoroughly ailted before *it
could be used.
Sometimes a very energetic person
sifting a lot of flour in one ot these
old-time, well-dried sieves or "temse"
would revolve it to rapidly that the
friction would cause it to smoke and
perhaps begin to burn a little on the
When people were speaking ot an
unusually lazy or worthiest sort ol
man they would say jokingly: "He
will never set the 'temse' on fire,"
meaning that he waa too lazy to put
enough energy Into aitting flour to
make the sitter or "temse" catch fire.
Thia laying originated in England,
and aa everyone knows, the great
river there is the Thames, which is
pronounced exactly the tame as
"temse." So that's how it happened.
"He will never set the 'temse' on
fire" was easily changed by later
generations who knew nothing ol the
ancient sifter to "He will never set
the 'Thames' on fire"* and the final
twist became "He will never set the
river on fire."
Automatic Dittreti Signal.
Scientists and persons engaged in
or connected with seafaring are greatly interested by the announcement ot
Raymond Phillips, an English inventor, that he lias perfected an instrument which may revolutionize methods of sending distress signals at sea.
Mr. Phillips calls the new apparatus the wireless harmonophone.
When used to transmit a signal ot
distress the liarmonoplione, according
to the Inventor, sets tu operation a
siren, which can be heard all over a.
ship of any size whatever.
Tne action of the harmonophone In
releasing the valve ol the siren is
automatic, and no attendant therefore
is necessary.
A peculiar feature of the Apparatus
is that signsls sent by it take precedence over ail other wireless mej-
tagei, for it cuts ott ail messages be-'
ing received by any vessel within it*
Thus, regardless ol whether any
ship's-wireless is working, the siren
will receive the distress tigntl trom
another ship in misfortune and mak*
it known immediately.
The mechanism ot the invention It
a tecret, known only to the inventor,
but tests have shown that Mr. Phil-
lip* undoubtedly hat perfected an
instrument ot incalculable value.
Mr. Phillips is an electrical engineer, and the wireless harmonophone
it not the flrtt of hit inventions to
attract public notice.
King at Woolwich.
Apropos ot the recent royal visit to
Woolwich, it it interesting to recall
that probably tha flrtt vitit ot the
present King to the neighborhood ot
Woolwich wss tbat which he paid
to the new Wtrspite as a boy ol twelve
in 1877. The old training ship hsd
been burnt a tew years earlier, and
Prince Oeorge, with bis brother, the
Duke ol Clarence, and their father,
went down to tee the new ship and
signed their ntmet in the booh.
Woolwich it really the cradle of th*
British navy, and dates its rise to
importance at a dockyard from tb*
launohing of the Oreat Harry in 1512.
It waa under the Government ol tht
iamout Peter and Christopher Pett, lo
tba reigns ol Janet I. and tht
Charles's, that Woolwich came to
rank for a while at premier arsenal
of England.
V/her* * Rsinbew Touches tht Earth
Iu every country In tbe world rainbow folklore declares tbat eome object of value may be found when
Ult U)tl4 ot the beautiful arch
toqeh tho earth. In Suable the ends
ar* tald to rest on bowla of gold; ln
Hungary, tbat cups of sliver will be
(ound at tbe tpot where they come In
contact with th* earth. In Switzerland It li tald that a tboe cost over th*
rnJubow will come to tbe ground oo
Uw otber aide filled to overflowing
wltb (old, In Bospla It ls inld that tt
Iron or older, base pictjil happens to be
ft (be snot \yhcre the bow touches tha
IWMJL P.U1 }if .l™y®,]LlwMt-rm><fl
to pure gold. In many parts of Germany, Poland, Russia, Belgium and
Holland it Is said to bo a golden key
that mny be found at "t|io end ot the
bow," Iu Portugal and Spain they
•peak of lhe "stiver hen" having ber
nest where thf bfw rests, and lu Norway It coines to tb* ground at a spot
\Vt_ere a golden |»w| and a sliver
Woo* tits W$9t ln »•*?? °(Ujv $_*?!
European countries \\ |a tald (bat
water touched by ttie rainbow will
cm* 64 «tA (M4»ltl,.
Myttory ef a Misting Relative of th*
Oreat Noveliet
On* of tb* Host mysterious disappearances on record It recalled by th*
sal* at public auction of th* effect* ol
General Alexandre Dumas, a relattv*
of tbe great novelist, who bas not been
seen for about a year and a balf.
In October, 1011, tbe general, who
was sixty-eight years old and lived
quietly with his wife In tbe suburb*
of Parts, left bis bom* on* afternoon
tnd vanished. Tbe police and privet*
detectives searched tbe country and
seemed to make It clear tbat tb* missing general could not bav* been murdered, but voluntarily left hit family
without giving any reason.
Traces of blm bave. It It supposed,
been found In Brusstli snd also la
In spite ot bis sge Oenersl Dnmaa
was at tbe disposition of tbe minister
ot war, and lf be la still living be haa
committed a serious offense In not letting tbe military authorities know bit
whereabouts. Meanwhile hit pension
Is accumulating at tbe war office. The
general opinion seems to be tbat b* la
hiding abroad, although no reason la
ssslgned for bis voluntary absence.'
Tbe case will soon be brought befor*
a military tribunal on tbe gronnd ot
th* Illegal absence of tbe vanished
general. He bad a brilliant career,
having served with distinction In the
Franco-Prussian war and also ln tba
Tonkin, Sudan and Dahomey campaigns. He ls a grand officer of tbe
Legion of Honor. — Paris Cur. New
York Times.
Walitcoatt   Ar*   a
Contpteutut Detail.
Nan* of Our Millionaires Can Outrival
the Rothtchilde.
"The actual puwer of the Itothscblldt
today," says Ignatius Bulla lu "The Ito
mauce of tbe Itothscbllds," "cannot bt
compared with tbat of the five brothers in earlier days, though their for
tune ls larger than ever. This Is due,
however, not to n depreciation of ability In tbelr descendants, but toa cbaugi
ot circumstances.
"Tbe linancial position of tbe varloui
states In Kurope has so Immeasurably
Improved during the last 100 yean
that they uo lunger need an Intermedt
ary In contracting loans. Itlrul bunki
bave also dune tbelr share lu bringing
to a close tbe supremacy of the Itothscbllds.
"But lf their autocracy In the money
world Is ended their vast fortune remains and surpasses that of nny ol
the American millionaires. Neltbel
Rockefeller nor Carnegie nor Astoi
nor auy other transatlantic prince ot
finance bas a capital equal to Ibat ol
ttt* Itulhschllds. It Is estimated al
mure lhau £400,000,000 sterling (ShOOty
000,000). and this enormous mountain
ot wealth It rapidly Increasing dully."
A German Explosive.
In Germany, wbere disappointment
has attended the employment of acetylene for Illuminating purposes, use bat
been found for Ihe gas In the form ot
an explosive for blasting. Carbide ol
calcium In particles Is Inclosed In a tto
cartridge, tbo upper part containing
water separated from tbo carbide by *
partition. At the top of the cartrtdgt
Is an electric pcrcusslun device. As
Iron pin wurked from outside of tbt
cartridge perforates Ihe partition and
allows the water to come In cootact
with tbe carbide. Tbls is effected by
n blow Ave minute* before It te desired
to cause ao explosiun. At tbe end uf
thnt time, sufficient gas having beeu
developed In the cartridge, tbe. electric
tpark Is fired and tbe explosion occurs: Tbe effect In blasting Is ssld te
be tbe rending of tbe ruck with Innumerable cracks, so that tbe frag,
tuenta are easily removed. - Boston
The Passing tl Hemp.
Not far distant Is the day when
what wns once a great and Important
crop will bare died down to nothingness-American hemp. Though raised
bere since the earliest colonial days,
It te now passing luto the Umbo of
forgotten things. Cotton bas replaced
hempen homespun. for clulblng. aud
stcuincrs with wlro rigging now plow
tbe seven sent Instead of wooden ship*
rigged wltb hempen ropes. Must rupo
nuw mnde Is of nbnea or Manila bemp.
Jute bus replaced hemp fur cotton
bale coverings, sacks, carpet warp,
webbing and twines, and perhaps-
quit* nt Important-bemp land cun be
made to grow utber nud more profitable crops. The mure widely adaptable
cotton aud the cheaper priced Jut*
have doomed Ihe American bemp lu-
dustry.-New York World.
This Jaunty coat of coq de rocb*
serge makes a brilliant dash of eolol
against au out of door background'
and lbe vivid red ot tbe model li par
tlcularly effective ln combination wIM
a dainty frock of machine embroldw
ed batiste.
Sheet and Pillowtat* 8how*r_ '*
A young woman wbo belonged to I
sewing club composed of six member!
announced ber engagement, and tbi
other members planned tbls most
unique shower, to wblcb they isket
the men-tbat Is, each asked an escort
These girls conceived tbe happy Met
which made tbls affair a reality.
Each one made a pair of sheets nni
a pair of pillowcases. Tben, arrayed
ln tbese ghostly garments, tbey presented themselves at tbe bouse of thi
bride elect Tbey ill met at tb* house
next door and dretsed. Tbe brlde'i
mother bad been taken Into tbe secret
snd looked out for tbe refreshments,
wblcb the men bad sent up. After tbi
surprise was over and tbe wblte coa-i
tumes taken off It wis explained tbat
tbe sheets and pillowcases would next.
be seen neatly laundered nnd tied u[
with sachets ot lavender for tb* lines
A Picnle Shelf.
A woman wbo give* ber friends and
children picnics during tb* spring and.
summer bas a "picnic shelf," and tbt'
itarts It Just about now. Sbe seta
aside one sbelt tn ber cupboard and
puts on It,msny little tblngs thot ont|
mlgbt otherwise throw away-tb* lit!
tl* cheese or olive bottles or a good;
shaped Jam Jar tor packing picnle,
dainties. All lb* oiled paper from th*,
packaged brands ot biscuit Is Just *|j
good os tbe bought kind (a tb* roll!
snd tbese sbe saves. A mayonnaise,
bottle the refills with tba bomemadtj
variety. Corks, attractive tlrtngt,!
caudy and tin boxes sbe find* good
use for later. Tben aba watches tbt'
magazines and paper* for n*w picnic,
suggestions, and It la turprlftng bow,
many new Ideal for salad, snndwlck
and other dainty tblng* abe collect^ la
tbit way.
For tht Summer Girt.
Tbit gay md coquettish little ml*)
summer bat Is tilted forward oo •
bandeau, and tbe back ot th* brta
The Cornhill Magazine some time
ago gave spine delightful examples of
mixed metaphors. Here is one. Sir
Richard Purvis, addressing his old
constituents at Peterborough in defence ol an Act °( Parliament under
whose operation some of them had
gone to prison (or a week, said:
"That, SflilkptP' ll *>!.• ""arrow ot
thS BdfMtlOlt Act, apd tjilj jpot be
taken ouf bv Dr. Clinot-d. or anybody
else, ft is inunclpil on a granite foundation, and it ipeakt in a voice not
to be drowned by tectarian clamor?"
hopix rirrao sr c*\ SAxvexo.
alto rollt tllgiilly npward. Th* ptfjt
log lace under (be brim Is a dainty *Sf
tlou ind softens tbe Hue of lb* bat,    i THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORES,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-WiHiams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Atk Us
Onr Paint Advice Is Free
Last Friday Meisrs. H. W. CollinB,
Robert Lawson, Eugene Herrick and
B. Jewel shipped a car ot summer apples to Regina, and yesterday the
same parties forwarded a car of peart
and plums to the prairie provinces.
They report having realized a good
price for their fruit.
Michael Baiovitch, of Trail, and
Miss Mary Francis, of this city, were
married iu Holy Trinity church last
Sunday, Rev. Henry Steele performing the ceieiuony. The wedding
guests Wiire erne tuned at a barbecue
across the North Fork on Sunday
The hunting season opens ou Munday, September 1. Before starting out
you should put your hunting license
id your povket, otherwise your day's
sport may be interfered with by the
game warden, fur the mere statement
that you have a license is not sufficient evidence. |
The threshing machine started op-
orations in this valley early in the
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for Hale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
VV. K. Ealing, Rossland, B. C.
If you are tired of indifferent
work nt high prices, try The Sun
job office.' We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Warren VV". Tollman, of Spokane,
was appointed receiver for the North
Wasliiugtuii Power <Ic Reduction company, of Republic, last week.
Jack Dillon, foreman of the converter room at the Granby smelter,
returned ou Monday from a months'
vucation trip to Butte, Mont,
Co-operative Movement
Editor Grand Forhi Sum
T have the honor to inform you that
this department is in receipt of a communication from the American Asso
ciation of Farmers' Institute Workers
respecting the eighteenth annual
meeting which that association is
holding at Washinijtoh, D. C, on November 10 to 12 thin year.
As vou are well aware, the co-opera
tive movement so far as it affects
farmers' and women's institutes in
this province has been established on
a sound basis, and I should  be  much
J. L Harper has regained
and assumed the management
Republic Mines Corporation.
of the
17 AD € A F17 A 5-roomed
rUIi dALEl cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
- Phoenix will celebrate Labor day
next Monday. A good program of
sports has been prepared.
Louis Johnson, of the Union mine,
came down from Franklin camp on
A cement sidewalks was constructed in front of Miller fc Gardner's new
store this week
Last, Wednesday afternoon was tho
!a<t mid-week half holiday of the pres
. nt season.
N.0NF 64     GRAND FORKS, B. C.
j-holu cuhtuIii. uii, by Harold A. Ttylo.
Polo Games at the Spokane Fair
Suits tp Order H8 iWds
t Wo are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by ■ a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and soo our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailoi
obliged if you would give publicity to
the announcement of the convention
to be held by our American cousins,
as it is possible that some members of
the British Columbia association
might be able to attend, or, at any
rate, by being informed as to what' is
being done ou the other side uf the
line, the cause of co-operation may be
etrengthened in this province.
The papers to be read and the subjects to be discussed are comprehensive and interesting, including such as
the Organization of Institutes by the
Federal Government in Co-operation
with the States; Demonstration of
Improved Methods; The Local Unit
for Institute Organisations; The Tenant Farmer; The Non resident Owner;
The Recent Immigrant, etc.
W. E 8oorr,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
X-Ray Dresses Debarred
Mayor Albee, of Portland, Ore.,
has ordered Chief of Police Clarke to
arrest every woman found wearing the
new "X Ray" dress on the streets,
The mayor says the order must go
into effect at once and stringently.
Ignorace of the law will be no excuse
The action of the mayor followed
his observations during a trip about
town, particularly in and around the
big department stores. Mayor Albee
saw the objectionable dresses at short
range and hurried to'a telephone and
gave the orders to the police.
The question of whether a dress is
an  X-Ray  gown   will be left to the
Woodland & Quinn,drnggists,deserve
praise from Orand Forks people for introducing here the simple buckthorn
bark and glycerine mixture, known as
Adler-i ka. This simple German renie
dy first became famous by curing ap
pandicitis and it has now been discovered that JUST A SINGLE DOSE
relieves sour stomach, gas on the
stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. Its quick action is a big surprise
to people.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dune,
Palace Barber Shop
nr Honing a
Kamr Honing a Special y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dopu Noiitii or Uhandy  Hotki..
Fiiiht Stkkkt.
oven cs vcAnr
M'-i.rM. fil'leeA'meeocytoitxewtnTytiiDttZ
ADindwrnelr UlMtntiilwMUr. _j_ro_*c__.
culailon ol *nt acia-tlno jMiml.   Tumi (oc
Wim^'™'*™^"'""-   B0MI"
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
I A ctliiblt French r«fulitor; never filll. Thess
pills -re exceedingly powerful In regulating ths
gttwritlve portion ol the lemile system. Retuie
•1) cheap Imitations. Dr. a. Tea's art told at
18 a box, or three tor f 10. Mailed to any addrttl.
«ie -k»tnll Drug Co.. M. Catharine, Oat,
Picture Framing
We are experts
in this line, and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ihave on hand a
choice selection of Mouldings in all styles and finishes.
. Bring in your pictures and have them framed to beautify your home.   Our charges are very moderate.
tLfc-   Grand Forks Furniture Go
Witdow Sh.de.. Bie, The Complete Hqjpe Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats; Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE .58 and receive prompt and courteous attention. -
judgment and discretion of the police.
The "lid" is to include all kinds of
feminine attire whioh comes under the
term of "immodest dress" and includes necks cut too low and "sheathed" or slits too much slit.
It was made plain to the police that
they must not discriminate as to the
wearer whether it be a reigning social
matron or belle or a woman oj the
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Prop*.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrre.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Ornci, tut ttw*. *trmt
HAKSI-i'l Bmidisci. R38 ***** ellOTl
We are prepared to do III
all kinds of ■'■
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the moot modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billhead! and Statements,
LettcrhpiHls and Envelopes,
.'outer-., Datua and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter •
.*.     ."ads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
GOOD mm^3S£w5w.\
_______________________________________ H
order will convince you that our stock and workman*
ship are of the beat. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
<% $itn $rtnt &bnp


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