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The Evening Sun Aug 16, 1907

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Sixth Year—No. 55.
[Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August 16, 1907.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Ineffectual Attempt to Close
the   Grand    Forks
Has Complied With  All  Requests Made by the Commissioners
The regular statutory meeting of
the board of licensing commissioners
for the city of Grand Forks was held
in the city hall yeBterday afternoon,
Mayor Hammar and Commissioners
McCallum and Mcintosh being present.
A communication was read from
W. B. Cochrane, who stated that he
represented tbe Grand Forks Licensed Victualers' association, opposing the granting of a further extension of the license to the Grand
Forks hotel. Mr. Cochrance maintained that the permit had been
issued contrary to law. Tbe statutes
only provided for quarterly meetings—in March, June, September
and Decernber-*-of the board. Tbe
board had refused to grant the license at a regular meeting; at an adjourned meeting it had refused to
reconsider its action, and had ad
jnuriied sine die, but at a subsequent
meeting, of which therewas no record, a one-month permit had been
granted. He cited tbe statutes to
prove that no person bad a right
to sell iijuor without a license. A
permit was not a license. Tbe Municipal Clauses Act provided that all
licenses shall expire on the 15th day
of January and the lath day of
July, and that they shall only be
granted in open court. Every person
interested was entitled to due notice
of such meeting. He contended
that tbe license under consideration
wan null and void because it had
been granted at a meeting dot properly constituted, and cited decisions
tending to show that the amount of
money expended for improvements
on the premises had no bearing on
the case.
A. C. Sutton appeared for the
Grand Forks hotel. In the absence
of the minutes of the meeting at
which the permit was granted, Mr.
Cochrane would have to show conclusively that it was not a properly
constituted meeting, He had not
done so. The byliws of the city
gave the board power to reconsider
its action, and according to the Municipal Clauses Act it also had power to giant temporary licenses. He
knew that the *neeting at which the
permit had been granted was a properly constituted meeting, although
the minutes had been mislaid, and,
owing to the absence of the clerk,
they could not be found. A quorum
of the board constituted a proper
meeting. The permit was issued
with the understanding that a license
would be granted. Mr. Hartinger bad
since expended 8700 on improvements, and it was now one of the
most sanitary hotels in the city.
Mr. Cochrane could not oppose tbe
license on moral grounds, because
both Phoenix and Greenwood had
more liquor licenses than Grand
Mr.   Cochrane  replied   that the
only grounds on which he opposed
tbe license was from a legal standpoint.
Mr. McCallum wanted to know
what constituted an open meeting,
and Mr. Sutton replied that a quorum wiiB sufficient.
The mayor said a renewal had
been refused at tbe first meeting of
the board. Then he had inspected
the hotel, and had found it entirely different from what he hud
expected. He had called a meeting
for the 16th of July to reconsider
tbe action. He had come to the
conclusion that an injustice had been
done Mr. Hartinger, and a permit
was issued on the understanding
that further improvements would be
made. Mr. Hartinger had now complied with the request of the commissioners. He saw no justification
in taking away the license.
Mr. McCallum stated that his object in moving an adjournment sine
die had merely been because he did
not know when the board could meet
Mr. Cochrane wanted an objection
entered in the minutes to tbe granting of licenses except at regular
statutory meetings. Tbis was done.
Tbe clerk read the report of the
chairman of the health and relief
committee, showing that the hotel is
now in perfect sanitary condition.
The license inspector also reported
favorably on the house.
The mayor favored, granting the
license, with the consent of one or
two of the commissioners, and as
there was no objection raised he
signed the document.
The board came to tbe conclusion
tbat it could not see its way clear to
comply with the recommendation of
the city council and put the chief of
police on night duty, but that arrangements will be made so that he
can run the pump in the afternoon.
The board then adjourned.
In our report of tbe accident last
week th<- name should have read
James Newby instead of Thomas
Newby. The latter gentleman is still
hale and hearty. Our reporter wrote
it James, but the compositor, who
thought he knew better, made the
types readThonias.and he had sufficient
will power to hypnotize the proofreader.
The proceeds, over and above the
guarantee, of the comic opera, "Gipsy
Girl," to be given by the Juvenile
Bostonians in the opera house next
Friday night, August 23rd, will be
used by the directors of the Athletic
association in making improvements
at the rink.
An ice cream social, under the
auspices of the ladies of the Catholic
church, will be held on Tuesday
afternoon and evening, August 20,
in the building next to Manly's
store, Bridge street. Hazelwood ice
cream will be served.
The attentiou of local contractors
is called to the advertisement of the
federal government asking for tenders for the construction of a post
office building at Cumberland.
The plan of the Juvenile Bostonians will be open at Woodland's
tomorrow and Monday to subscribers, and on Tuesday to the general
public. Get your seats early, as
over 175 tickets bave been sold.
The entertainment will stmt promptly at 8 o'clock.
Maurice O'Connor Defies the
Police, but Lands in the
City Bastile
An Austrian  Fined $50 for
Evading Payment of Customs Duty
Maurice O'Connor, an erratic
character employed at the Granby
smelter, was arrested yesterday
morning by Chief Savage and A. E.
Smith, who had been deputized, for
disturbing the peace of the community and making a nuisance of
himself generally. O'Connor, who
was under tbe influence ot liquor,
paraded up and down Bridge street,
with drawn knife and yelling at the
top of his voice, threatening the
lives of the citizens and pefying any
one to arrest him. Chief Savage
armed himself.and in company with
Smith, Btarted after O'Connor. When
they encountered him, the chief
commanded O'Connor to drop the
knife and throw up his hands
or he would shoot him. O'Connor paid no attention to the
command of the chitf, but simply
stared at him and retained a firm
grip of tbe knife and assumed an attitude of striking. In the meantime
Smith had slipped up behind O'Connor, and pinioning the latter's hands
to his side, the chief walked up and
tood the knife away and handcuffed
him, and be was hustled off to jail.
Tbe prisoner came up for a hearing
before Judge Cochrane yeBterday
morning, but the case was adjourned
until 40:30 tomorrow forenoon.
Two Austrians, John and Joseph
Balzo, were before Judge Cochrane
yesterday morning charged with
evading payment of customs duties.
One of them pleaded guilty to the
charge, and was fined $50. The other pleaded not guilty, and the case
was withdrawn. The law imposes a
penalty for this offence of a fine not
exceeding $200 nor less than #50,
or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year nor less than one
A Vancouver dispotch says that
R. L. Borden, leader of the Conservative party of Canada, will visit
Grnnd Forks on September 30. Lo
cal Conservatives say that this is a
mistake, and that this eity is not included in Mr. Borden's itinerary.
James Newby, who was seriously
injured last week by being thrown
from a horse, is reported to be
holding his own at the Grand Forks
hospital; in fact, it is stated that lie is
gaining slightly in strength. The
most dangerous thing that now stands
in the way of ultimate recovery is another operation, which will have to be
performed as soon as he gets strong
enough to stand the ordeal. Mrs.
Newby arrived from Gilpin, Alta.,
last Wednesday, and is now with her
W. J. Brown, who recently purchased the McConnel ranch, east of
the city, has a deal pending for the
sale of 370 acres of that property to
some   fifteen   families   from    Indian
Head, Alta. Messrs. White and
Hood, of that place, who are acting
for the purchasers, arrived in the city
last Thursday, and after inspecting the
ranch returned to Indian Head on
Friday evening to make their report.
They were highly pleased with the
land, and the deal will be closed as
soon as they return to this city. The
land will be subdivided, and it is expected that some of the purchasers
will remove to their holdings thisfn.il.
The powei* house at the Granby
smelter has been closed down during
the present week to permit of some
needed repairs to the big flume being
made. The shutdown has made no
difference to the operation of the smelter.
Tnoinas Burke, an aged, nan who
has been employed for some' time as a
section hand between this eity and the
smelter, died very suddenly of heart
failure in the small residence near the
steel works last Saturday morning.
Interment took place in the city cemetery last Monday.
The Great Northern recently discarded the light engines for the passenger service on the Phoenix branch,
and used one of the Moguls in order
to be able to handle the ore from the
Idaho mine. However, when the C.
P. R. could not furnish the Idaho
dumps promptly at Denoro, one of the
little dinky engines was put on the
passenger run again.
Mrs. Ellen D. Davidson, aged 69
years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hyndman, across the North
Fork, on Tuesday last. Deceased has
been a resident of thc city but a short
time, and leaves one daughter, Mrs,
Hyndman, in this csty. The funeral
was held from the family residence
yesterday afternoon, Rev. F. W.
Auvache conducting the service.
A gentlemen sent a dispatch from
Phoenix last Monday morning and
then buarded a train for Grand Forks.
When he arrived in this city he
learned that he had outstripped the
message here. The mile-a-minute trains
in the eust are not in it with the
Boundary down-grade flyers.
W. J. Brown, who recently purchased the Johnson ranch, consisting
of 1300 acres und adjoining the city
limits on the east, is making arrangements for the running of an excursion
over the C.P.R. from Winnipeg to this
city for the special purpose of enabling
intending purchasers of frnit lands
to personally inspect the vulley around
Grand Forks before they make an investment.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Sterling, who
were (Hurried in Spokane last week,
have returned to this city from their
honeymoon trip, and have tnken up
housekeeping in Mrs. P. D. McDonald's residence in the West end. Mi.
Sterling is a Great Northern conductor on the Grand Forks-Oroville division.
Wm. Dacre says the government is
very considerate to plant fish in
Christina lake for his especial benefit,
us he hauled out quite a mess lust
week, among them being a six-pound
black bass.
The citizens of Grand Forks
should fill the opera house to over
flowing next Friday night, August
23rd. The Juvenile Bostonians is a
very strong company. The best that
ever visited this city.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada
The Claims and Assets of the
Phoenix Amalgamated Copper Mines, Ltd.
A Toronto dispatch of the 14th
inst. states that an important deal
bas just been closed in that city
whereby the Consolidated Mining k
Smelting Company of Canada has
purchased the property, mining
claims and assets of the Phoenix
Amalgamated Copper Mines, Ltd.,
located at Phoenix, and including
the following properties: War Eagle,
Red Rock, Dandy, Dandy fraction,
Pinhook, Lulu, World's Fair, Missing Link and Bald Eagle. The company has also purchased the Keystone claim. A large force of men
is at work on the properties.
Cave-In at the Brooklyn
A cave-in about 100 feet across
and probably 500 feet long, and extending down to or below the 250-
foot level, occurred at the Brooklyn
mine in Phoenix last Saturduy night.
The shaft, however, is intact, and was
being operated as usual lost Tuesday
when The Sun man inspected the
chasm. Ore can be taken from the
350-f jot level, which is being connected with a drift as fast as possible
with the Idaho mine, adjoining, as is
also the 250-foot level. As a matter
fact, the company had thousands of
tons of additional ore broken down
and available, which could be readily
hoisted from the 350-foot level aa soon
as shipping facilities were provided.
The cave-in carried with it a section of
the ore bunkers, but on Tuesday work
wus commenced on new ore bins, and
the mine is now shipping ns usual
once more. During the suspension of
shipments from the Brooklyn the corn-
puny's smelter wus supplied with oro
from its other mines. The spectneu-
lnr part of the CKve-in was the mun-
ner in which it left the C.P.R. tracks
suspended ucross the chasm, resembling a suspension bridge, Fortunutely
no one were in the mine ut the time
the cuve occurred.
Mining Stock Quotations
New YoaK.AugustU.—The following ure today's opening quotations for
the stock mentioned:
Asked.    Bid
Granby 125.00   110.00
Dominion Copper     b.!)D       4.87A
B.C. Copper     8.S0       8.25
Metal Quotations
New Yoiik, Aug. 14.—.Silver, CM;
lend, $5.25; electrolytic copper,
18; casting copper, 18j.
London, Aug. 14.—Lead, .£19 12s
6dj silver, 32 1-4.
An Immense Success
The following telegram was received in this city this morning:
Secretary Athletic Association,
Grand Forks, B. C—Bostonians nn
immense success. Standing room
only. Positively better than ever.
—Geo. Horetcnd, Manager Opcrn
House, Nelson, B. C.
A. C. Sutton has retorned from
Christina lake, after a week's outing.
.***" Hljp Ifomng &m\
Published at Grand Forks, llritish Columbia
G.A.Evans  Editor and Publisher
One Tear "51.50
One Year (In advance)  1.0U
Advertising rates furnished on *D*i
Leffal notices, IU anil 5 cents per line.
Address ull communications to
Thb Evening Sun,
Phonb B74 GhandFouks, B.C.
FRIDAY,  AUGUST 16,  1907
It is u pity that Mr. Ham of the
C.P.R. did not see his wuy clear to
pilot the party of English journalists
through the Boundary district. As
a result they will miss seeing some of
the biggest things in the province
and in the Dominion. We have here
largest copper mines and reduction
works in Canada, and the second largest fruit ranch in the province. These
alone are worth a trip from England
to inspect. But besidos these things
the district possesses unrivalled valley
und mountain scenery, to be found nowhere else in' the province, wnich
would limply huve repaid the visitors
for making a side trip of something
like one hundred miles. We feel that
both the Boundary county and
the touring journal 8ts have btei
cheated by the C.P.R., or whoever
had charge of the arranging of the
itinerary of the party.
The Sun has an original idea. This
announcement need occasion no comment, as we always keep a good supply on hand. But this is an exceptionally line scheme. Here is our proposition: Grand Forks has long been
known as the Smelter City, but quite
recently an eminent fruit authority
conferred upon this town the title of
the Orchard City of British Columbia.
If we are to retain these titles we
should devise some means of showing
our appreciation for the honor thrust
upon us. At present our streets and
avenues are named and numbered in a
hap-huzurd fashion. Often the names
convey no tangible meaning, and
streets and avenues parallel each
other. For instance, First street is
not the first street in the city, and all
the Winnipeggers in the city reside on
Victoria avenue, while the Victorians
appear to have taken a fancy to Winni
peg avenue. The saineupplies to other
streets. There is not a church within
a mile of Church street. Market street
is minus its market. Why not start all
over again by renaming the thoroughfares. This could be done in this
manner: Name all the streets after
fruit or ornamental trees, and sturt at
the North Fork, continuing them, in
alphabetical order, out to the city
limits in the West end The avenues
could ho named after some mineral,
and should start from the Kettle river
and continue alphabetically to Observation mountain. The advantages
of this scheme must be apparent to the
veriest observer. A man could tell
instantly where his friend was located
simply by naming the street or avenue. It would also give us a firmer
grip on our titles. Then, again, if
this plan is adopted, the city council
could easily puss a bylaw compelling
the ranchers to live on the streets and
the miners on the avenues. This
would undoubtedly terminate the
present internecine warfare between
the two factions. This principle could
be carried even further. The apple
glowers could reside on Apple street,
the cherry orchardists on Cherry
street, and the peach growers on
Peach street; the owner of a copper
mine would naturally seek Co|pT
avenue as his dwelling place, und the
printers would go to Antimony ave
nue, und so on down to Zinc avenue.
When this scheme is odopted thc
street signs will contain u complete
history of every inhabitant in the
Thc provincial Liberal convention
bus   been   called   lo  meet in Van
couver on October 2. Ten ijelegati s
will be allowed for each member of
the legislature.
•The Gipsy Girl
The Fort William, Ont., Morning
Herald has the following lo say of
the "Gipsy Girl," which will be
produced at the Grand Forks opera
house on Friday evening, August
23rd, by tbe Juvenile Bostonian
Opera company:
"The second performance of the
Juvenile Bostonians was witnessed
by another big house last night in
the Auditorium, the little star performers producing that amusing
comic opera, 'The Gipsy Girl,1
which was enthusiastically received
by the audience. Tiny Halpynti
Martin is undoubtedly the prime
favorite, and upon her appearance
she was greeted with a lug demonstration, and her Bowery sons- and
dunce, 'See,' was rendered in n milliner which would lie a credit  tu one
Knox Presbyteuian Chuiich—
Sabbath services ut 11 a. m. und 7 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30 p.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist CHUHcn.Rev.Schliehter,
BJA.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Chuiich, Rev. P. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
Prominent Manufacturer Speak*
In   Van leek  Hill, Ont,', imone   is.
better known than  Geo.    8. Watson.
I When lit1! says "Catarrhozone is a real
cure," depend on  it  being so.    *-Mv
' wife," he writes, "was subject to bad
attacks of throat irritation and  Won
I ohitis.    Many remedies  were   tried,
| but few proved at all useful. Catarrh-
I ozone was different.     It seemed to get
j riglit at the sore spots and brought re-
! lief quickly,   We have found Catarrh-
ozone an absolute cure for  bronchitis
and catarrh.'.'    Nothing cures   more
quirlvlv, so   get it  today.     Two sizes,
25c atid -$1,00. at all delers.
Education that cannot be converted
into cash is at a discount.
No so met' has the oil heen poured
on the troubled waters than some one
comes aloni* with another   windstorm.
Men who considei quitting time as
the hest time seldom loiter at the undertaker's.
There will be old maids as long  lis
there are men no one ought to accept.
When girls get to competing on the
score of beauty tbey look hateful.
far exceedine her tender yeni ?. Babe
Mason as Ciiee.-i wan n very funny
character, and this talented young
lady constitutes a complete show in
herself. The part of Sir Archie
Arlington, a foppish young Englishman, was taken by Lois Mason,
and although a little deficient in the
real aristocratic 'culchawh' accent,
yet the representation was a very
pleasing one. Dutch Ftitz, a detective, was ably presented by Ross
Cole, who put up another finished
performance, whilst Ruby Lang
made an accomplished Jack Livingston from Texas. One of the'most
popular features of the evening was
the singing of 'The Lund That's Far
Away.' Bahe Mason introduced the
names of several local celebrities and
thereby capivated the crowd. Ruby
Lang's rendering of the Venetian
rose song was another pleasiiig.iteni,
whilst the rendering of the 'Kiss,
Kiss,' chorus was very entertaining.
Large houses are assured tbe little
actors during the remainder of their
stay here."
The surest way to evaporate business troubles is to give yonr stationery
the necessary talking qualities by
Inning it printed in a modern office
by competent workmen. The Sun
job office is the most up-to-date in the
Bouudttrv, and our workmen are capable and of wide experience. This is
the reason why we do the pi hit ing for
the best firms and corporations in this
J. H. Kennedy, chief oiiigineer of
the V., V. k E., and his private secretary, Kenneth Bankinson, were in
the city last Monday, accompanied by
d .staff of surveyors. From here l hev
wenf up to Phoenix, where thev are
making a survey for u new bridge,
uml also engaged in other mysterious
reconnoitering work.
The government agent at Fairview
is advertising for tenders (or the
purchase of the Kichinoiul mineral
claim in this issue ul The.Suu.
R. H. Trueman, the well known
Vancouver photographer, will return
to Grand Forks on September i)th.
Your printed 'stationery does not
possess the necessary talking qualities
unless it is executed iu the latest style
with modern material. We have the
most up-to-date jobbing plant in the
Boundary, and our workmen ure thar-
oughly competent. The Sun job
Fatal Blood Poisoning
Frequently follows the use of cheap
corn salves and plasters. The safest is
the best and that's "Putnam's," which
has u record of fifty years' success.
Refuse substitutes for "Putnam's,"
which costs 25c in every   drug store.
We carry the most fashionable stoc-
of wedding stationery in the Boun
darv country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for pint it. The Sun
job olliee.
A Question Often Asked
Why so many people feel worse lift
er taking pills than before? Trouble
is that drastic pills are used. Ni
remedial action is obtained, the bow
els are irritated and dreadful conati
pation follows. In using Dr. Hinil-
ton's Pills you are scarcely conscious
of having taken medicine. Although
very inilii, Di'. Hamilton's Pills do
regulate the bowels, stimulate iiormul
action of the glauil.s,uiid create neither
n.ui-eu, griping nor violpnl action.
Positively guaranteed foi biliousness,
indigestion, stomach, liver and kidney
ills. For a sale fitmih pill rely on
Dr. Hamilton's, 29c per box ut tii'
The Sun  and  the Toronto W'eekb
1.1 lobe for $1.00 per year.
Tender!   for   the   Purchase of a Min era' Cltim
\Yhli-b ha.i Reverted to tne -Crown for
Unpaid Taxes.
SBALED TENDl-iRS.uceoni-'-it.UI by it -.•-*■■■•
tilleil cheque,  fot tie  pnroliaso uf tne
"liii-riii'ii.nl"   !i.iii*-i* il   claim.    ItllOtVII   us  Lot
2*82, "Irallhamaeii Land District, Rowland
Assessment District, will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 P.M. nn Ueducsdiiy, the
4th dny of .--epteuihur, 1907, Ht nil upset price
Of$llB.0fi No tender fur less than the upset
price will In* ui'i'* Pted.
AssUtnnt Commissioner Liu.'I',.-nut Works.
We Have For Sale
and Harness
tAlso an Assortment •*/"
We Want
As we have a number of enquiries   for
small   farms.    We expect   a   number of L
buyers in Grand Forks* at an early" date, ft©
It you have farms for sale, call on
A. Erskine Smith 8 C.
Fish and Game in Season
Great Northern Railway
Exposition Rates East
Winnipeg $53.70
Jt.Paul   53.70
Jt. Louis     61.20
Chicago  65.20
Toronto  79.70
Ottawa 83.75
cZMontreal 85.20
Dntes of -Sale:
August 8,9, !0. September 11,12.13
90-day Limit.
Round-Trip Rate to Jamestown Exposition $92.15
60-day Limit.
H. SHEEDT, Agent,
Al.sti-Toton Eipo.itlon, Seatlle, Junc-Octolicr, 1909
- ^3>^asmmSmmmmmmmm\mmmmmWm
-Jlm.lkameen Und District, DUtrlot of Yitl«.
I'.Wi', NOTICK thut I, Albert B. Slonn. of
(innul Corks* II. (.7, occupation Hotel Mnn-
ivi-i-, intend*, to apply for a special timber
license over the following described lunds:
CoiinneiieinK ut a po-t planted about
■•even miles distant, and in an easterly direction from Cascade, U.C. and is lying south of
>>ntt uiljoiiiln-t the West Kootenay Power
Company's Hue; thence south SO chains.
thence east SI) chains, thenee north 80chains,
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Donald McCu.Lum, Agent
Dated August 5th, 19U7-
Similkameen Land District, District of Tale.
TAKBNOTICB that I, Albert  B. Slonn, of
liriuiil Forks, H.C .occupation Hotel Malinger- intend)* to apply for a special timber
license over tin* followinc described lunds;
Commencing at a post planted about seven
mill's distant, null In an easterly direction
from Cascade, B.C.* nnd Is lying north of anil
adjoining the West Kootenay Power Company's line; theuce north ni ciiuins, tbence
eust Siieliiiliis. thenee south 80 chains, thenee
west N-elmiii-.' to point of commencement.
Donald McCallum, Agent.
Dated August 6th, 1907.
"Black Rye S'o. 1" mineral claim* situate In
tbe linnd Porks Mining Division of Yule
Where lo.-uteil:    In Brown's cnmp.
TAKE NOl'ICE thai   I, Peter  T.  .McCallum.
uctlug As ajreul for Nell McCallum, Free
Miner's Certificate No. UI.-.V--I, and DonnM
Morrison, Free Miner's Certificate No. Hlli!W.
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Imp'-oveineiii*- tor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
seetton 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dat. d this BMi d'»y *-,? June, A.D. 1907.
Similkameen Land  District, District of Yule,
Province of British Columbia.
TAKE NOTICE that I. M. D. White. Jeweler,
of the cjtyot Grand Porks, in the province
of British Columbia, intends to apply for
a special timber license over tlm following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted 30 chains
south uf the northeast comer of Lot No
3*228, on Deer Creek, on the North Fork of
Kettle River, In the County of Yale; tbence
south 80 chuins, thence eust SO chuins, thence
north SO chains, theuce went 80 chaius to
point of commencement,
Dated this 7th day of August, A.D. 1907.
The well known  Vancouver Photographer,  will  be in
(Irand Forks for
One Week Only, **#*«•** Sept. 9th
Mr. Trueman's work is too well known in this city to
lequire any introduction. Any one desiring first-
class photographic work should call on him at
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge Street
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from July
July 18 to August 13, inclusive.
Sovereign, Gloucester camp, John
A. McMaster; Duche, Pass Creek
■lamp, A. Cessford; Commander, Pass
Creek camp, A. Cessford; Emma and
Prince Henry, Pass Creek camp,
Jack Beck; Star and Prince of Wales,
Pass Creek camp, James. Cunningham; Midway fraction, Franklin
camp, relocation of Amalgamated
fraction, B. J. Averill; Black Tail
fraction, Franklin camp, relocation of
Mammoth fraction, Alex Rogers; C. P.
K. and G^eat Northern, Wellington
camp, James Mcintosh; Silver King
and Victoria, Burnt Basin, Joseph
Chigleti; Nelson fraction, Hardy
mouutain, relocation of Norden, G. W.
Yuill; Climax fraction, Summit camp,
Isaac H. Hallett; Yellow Jacket,
Hardy mountain, Wm. Butledge;
Empress, Worcester camp, relocation
of Silver Tip, Pat Maginnis; Molly
lteilly, Burnt Basin, Phillip Beilly;
Oregon, Franklin camp, Mike McDonnell; Tamarack, Gloucester camp,
relocation of Tamarack, A. J. Fee; K.
V. L. fraction, Brown's camp, W. A.
Pounder; July fraction, Wellington
camp, Wm. J. Porter and G. W.
Rumberger; Evangeline, Pass Creek
camp, relocation of Idaho, Wm. Phillips; U.S., Franklin   cair.p, relocation
of Gold King, Catherine Hoffman;
All Night, South Wellington camp,
Geo. Cook; All Night fraction, South
Wellington camp, W. G. Gaunce;
Standard, Bonanza mountain, relocation of Standard, Joe Pringle; Highland Chief, Coryell, James F. Burr;
No. i fraction, Suinmitt camp, relocation of Tramp Angel, Alex Rogers.
Gloucester fraction,Gloucester camp.
Keruian et al.; V. A. fraction, Wellington camp, A. L. Rogers; Iron Cap,
Gloucester camp,Kennan et al.: Dawn,
Gloucester camp, Donaldson et al.;
Yellew Jackett, Franklin camp, Kerby  et   al.; May SummitCamp, I. J.
Friday, August 23
The Famous
Boston Juvenile Opera
Will Present the
■Comic Opera,
Gipsy Girl
' Under the AiH-.iV.**-*
of tho
Grand Forks Athletic Association
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion Lands within tli***
/1 Bail way Belt of nritish Columbia may bo
homeitaaded by any pernun who is the bead
of a family, or any malo over eighteen years
ot tup), to the extent of one-quarter section
of lwaeret. more or less.
Entry mutt be made personally at the local
land offloe for the district in which the land
The homesteader is required to perform
the condition! conne.ted therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land in each year for three
(8) If the father (or mother, if tbe fattier is
deceased), of the homesteader resides niton a
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
tha requirements as to residence mny be sat-
Ufiad by such person residing witb the father
or mother.
(I) If tbe settler has his permanent residence upon farmiutr land owned by hiin in
the vicinity of his homestead, the require*
menteaa to residence may be satisfied hy
residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In wH'ins, should be
-riven the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal-Coal mining rights mav be iem-eil
for a period of twenty-one yenrs at an annual rental of $1.00 per acre. Not more than
S,***acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of live ceut-*-.
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
W. W.COttY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will uot be paid for.
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmitiilnij
and Repairing
Admission, 75c and SI.OO
Ghilden, 50c
Flan open at Woodland's
Drug Store Aug. 19th.
Carpets Cleaned and Laid.
Furniture Heuaired, I'pliol-
stered and Cleaned, and
other jobs In the hoiiuc-
cleaiiingline. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
Turning, Scroll Work. Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
Evans; Eclipse, Franklin  camp,  Kirby et al.; Phoenix, Hardy   mountain,
R  W. Yuill; Gold King and Pay Ore,
Franklin camp, Watlin et al.;  Original, Pass Creek camp, Burr et.  al.,   3
years; May fraction, Sumnii'. camp, I.
J. Evans; Columbia,   Franklin   camp,
C!ara West; Ottawa,   Franklin camp,
Chisliolm et al.; Black   Bear, McKinley camp, Salvator Bonnaeci; Lost Injun,   .Stray   Dog   and    Missing Link
fraction, Franklin camp,   D.   Whiteside;   Emily   Annie,   Moody   creek,
Philip Beilly' Silver   Moon   fraction,
South   Wellington   cunp, T. G. Edwards; Gaston fraction,  South   Well
ington camp,    George et al.; Eureka
No. 2, South Wellington   camp,  Ed
wards   et   al.; Gold   King, Franklin
camp, Hull et al.; Pay   Ore, Franklin
camp, Hull et al.; Christina  IL,   McKinley   camp,   John   W. Harkness
Windfall,   Wellington   camp,   James'
Drum;  Lauretta and  Ruby fraction,
McKinley camp, Salvator  Bonnaeci;
Summit, Worcester  camp, Harris   et
al.; Tennessee and Tennessee fraction,
Wellington camp,  Geo. F.   Haulston;
Oyaina fraction, Brown's camp, M. D.
White; Elgin, Franklin camp, Whiteside   et al.;   .Aspen,   Franklin camp,
Whiteside etal.; Golden   Aite,   Wellington   camp,    Holm et al.; Banner,
east fork of the north fork  of  Kettle
river,   Russell   et   al.;   Centre Star
and LeRoi, Franklin camp, Bell et al.;
Golden Eagle,   Franklin   camp, Murt
Carroll;  Montana,   Gloucester camp,
Fisher et al.;  Excelsior, Groyhound,
Greenwood, Pass Creek camp,   Fisher
et al.; Highland Chief, Summit camp,
D. A. McKinnon; Province and Commonwealth, Franklin camp, Larsen et
al.; Helstone, Wellington camp, T.H.
Richardson; Tiger, Summit camp, Jos.
Buron;   Sunrise,   Wellington    camp,
Miller et al.; Rabbit Paw   and   Last
Chance,   Wellington camp, A. Thisted; Pay Roll, Summit camp, Bellfon-
taine et al.; Mountain Chief, Victoria
and Mountain Chief fraction, Gloucester camp, Maginnis et   al.;  Rossland,
Wellington camp J. S. C. Fraser.
All of Wave, Fourth of July creek,
R. W. Yuill to T. H. Richards; all of
Alpha and Omega, Summit camp,  J.
W.   Young to   (O-.'Mners; one half of
Jim fraction, Wellington camp,  Duncan   Buchanan   to  Geo.   Cook; one-
fourth of Union, Maple Leaf fraction,
Paper Dollar and Gold Dollar, Franklin camp, James  McArdle  to  Mike
McDonnell; all of   Phoenix,  Wellington ""camp,  T. H. Richards to R. W,
Yuill;   one-half   of   U.S.,    Franklin
camp, Catharine HoiFinan to Jacob M.
Paulsen; one-half of Blue Grouse, Irish
Nellie and   Mollie  Gibson     fraction,
Burnt Basin, John IS. Singer to John
McNeely,   one-half   of   Sarah,    Still
Water Grey Eagle, and three-eighths
of   Molly   Gibson, Burnt Laain,jjJohn
McNeely   to John   B.   Singer; all of
Homestake,   Franklin   camp, Francis
Lswis to en owners..
Ten inches out of Tinilight creek,
A. J. Fee, Gloucester camp; 10 inches
out of Taylor creek, David Oxley,
Wellington camp.
Ida, Gloucester camp, James Newby; Deadwood, Franklin camp, Frank
Coryell, Alex McDonald, James H.
Hudson, Peter Wolf; Homestake,
Franklin camp, Frank Coryell, Alex
McDonald, Peter Wolf.
A Furnished Home
One acre with 3-roomed house, furnished;
good stable for horse and cow; 20 fruit
trees; number of chickens; good locality.
Fruit Lands in large and small tracts in any
part of the Valley.
Cor. First and Bridge Sts.
^^mmM*. || || |
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cr
and  Su
Similkameen Land District.
Dirtrict of Tale.
TAKE NOTICE that William F. McNeill, of
KoshIuu-J, B.C.i merchant, intends to apply
for a speeiul timber license ov-tr the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about a
quarter of mile south of the Columbia Jt
Western Railway traclt on small creek .which
isabout three hundred yards west of Coryell
Sand Pit, on said railway, and about two
and one-half miles cast uf Christina Lake;
thence south Mi chains; thence west 80
chains; theuce uorth Wtchains; thence east
80 ohains to point of commencement, and
containing :640 acres, more or less.
William F. McNeill.
Walter P. Dockehill, Agent.
Dated 14th June, 1907.
Hot and Cold Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely refurnished and renovated throughout.
First.class board by day. week or
mouth. Special rates to steady boarders, American and European plans.
Finest liar in City in Connection,
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms Id the City
First and Bridge Strests
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
Iteceive hoth Ladies and Gentlemen w resi- '
dent or day itudeiltat has a complete Com- I
mercial or Business Course; prepare* ntu-
diMitsto ■'•uhi    Teachers1 Certificate* of all
grades; gives the four years' course for the I
. A. degree, and the first year of the Seboo *
of Science course, iu affiliation with tbe Toronto University; hat a special prospeetorc-i ;
course for iniuer-» who Work in H.C, luatrue- '
tion is also piven iu Art, Music, Physical Culture uud Ll Adit Ion. Term opens Sept.l th
liHHi,   For f aleiidars. etc < address
First Street
Grand forks,B.C.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Gra nd Folks, U.
Ever Have Cramps?
Kind of fierce to be tied up in »
knot ut midnight with cramps. Keep
Nervilino bandy. Ten drops ijuiet*-
oranips instantly. Used occasionally
Nerviline prevents this trouble entirely. From Stratford, Out., Wm.
Dee writes: "Nothing I know of will
give such relief to cramps, colic or
pain in the stomach as Nerviline. It'
you t'eel squeamish and sh'k, just ton
drops of Nerviline in water and you're
well the next minute.'' Think of the
protection ami comfort in a 'Joe bottle j
of Ncn lime aud get it today.
Ukyoi.ks and Repaid Work—A1
complete line of 1307 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. \\ heela
to rent. Gko. ClMPPLK, opposite
Postotfice, First street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Piw-
sengera and Trunks to and
from all trains.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
quickly aHrerfiilu
Invention in prulin.iii- tint-'iit'iMc*. <.'■ mini 11 nl eft-
tl-iriB-,trlollyf!'iiii)[|t!ti...ii. HANDBOOK on Patente
lent free. Oldest m-tern-v for leOttnDB patent h.
Put •■run taken tlimtuti .M111111 & Co. receive
spreM notice, without aharae, In the
Scientific Jlmcricatt.
A hnnilinniftly |llii«(rnt<*i| vropkly. f.nnrest ctr-
dilution of nny hfitnilUi: jt'iirtml- Term***, fit a
yenr: four nii-iitl-j*-, 11. Suid byall newsrlealcnt.
MUNN & Co.36'8™-"*™' New York
Hraiicb Ottlco. 026 V St* Wat-tiio-ftou. D. C.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hctel,
Bridge 6trect, Grand Forks, II. C.
Bicycle Sundries*
and Repairing
Foo Lee
machinery,   new
Pacific Hotel
Ptrst'olmi Iti every respppt.
Bnin|jle roomi for coromer*
QJnl travelers.
II..1 nml Cold Until-.
Bar In Connection,
duett Hrandinf Wlnei,
i.i inurfl nml 'l.f ins.
When You Run Out of Anything
Just drop into the
Columbia Trading Co/s Store
We can supply you with nearly anything you want at right
prices, and our goods are strictly FIRST-CLASS. Finest
line of Canned Goods in the city. Fresh Fruit and Confectionery always on hand. We have a fine line of Canned
Meats and Fish suitable for picnic parties. Don't forget the
Have You Tried Bon-Ami ?
Next Door to Queens Hotel.
One Blue.lt from Great Northern Depot.
M. G. Davidson, Manager
Even the late hot wave appears to
have been able to keep the thermometer in Midway, as it is reported to
have gone up to 113 in the shade.
Col. R. T. Lowery has wearied of
the coast climate, and has resumed
operations on his Greenwood Ledge.
J. L. Martin has completed arrange
ments for the imnidediate construction
of a threeatory and basement building on Knob Hill avenue in Phoenix,
and is now asking for tenders for its
At Cascade the hydro-electric plant
is not in use. It has been placed in
good shape, however, and will be kept
as a reserve should anything happen
to the lines from Bonnington Falls.
for the coast today or tomorrow. He
was tendered a banquet by the citizens of Midway last week.
John Simpson, B.A,, the new principle of the Phoenix public school,
has, been visiting his sister, Mrs.
Stewart, in this city dnring the past
Mrs. Lee Tutt and daughter left
on Monday for Seattle, where they
will spend the remainder of the summer.
Assistaut Superintendent Williams,
of the Granby smelter, made a trip up
to Phoenix last Monday.
H. Sheedy, local agent of the Great
Noi'tliern,acconipanied Superintendent
Morgan to Phoenix last Monday.
Robert Pribilsky, proprietor of the
City Barber shop, returned on Monday from a two mouths' vacation trip
to Idaho.
Hedley is putting up $1500 in
prizes for the Labor day sports, Sept.
'2nd and 3rd.
James McArdle aud James Anderson went up to Phoenix lust Saturday
on a business trip.
E. Dolby Morkell, late manager of
the Providence mine, has gone to Port-
Und, Ore., having resigned the
management of the first high-grade
mine of Oroenwood camp.
F. E. Hardy, conductor on the
Phoenix branch of the Great Northern, has returned from a vacation
trip to Minneapolis and other eastern
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
their price on all case and draught
wines and liquors.
The term of R. Gaidom, customs
ollicer at Midway,expired on the 12th,
and Robert Kerr, who has been in
charge of tho Brideville office, succeeded.    Mr. Gardom expects to leave
Linette visiting card—the latest
style in calling cards in the fashionable world. Kept in stock at The
Sun job office. We have the correct
styles of type to print them with.
Emil Larsen, of the Province hotel,
mode a business trip to Greenwood
last Monday.
James Anderson, of Spokane, formerly a Graud Forks hotelman, has
been spending a few days iu the city
during the present week.
A. D, Morrison, the jeweler, made
a business trip to Phoenix last Saturday.
Shotguns, Boats, Canoes, Field
Glasses, Typewriters, Revolvers,
Office Desks, Tents and Fishing
Tackle. All for less than half price.
Write for Bargain Sheet. Sport-
men's Exchange,Nauwigewauk,N.B.
Maurice J. O'Connor, the poet,warns
the newspapers from reproducing any
of his poems, as he has reserved all
Resign From the Worry Club
Life is a rush, but we can't all get
tliere together. In consequence, we
worry. Can't help it, because nerves
are weak, vitality is burnt up and
there is no staying power left. Cut
out the worry part and Build Up.
Let Ferrozone help you. It's a most
strengthening nutritive tonic. Fills
the blood and generates the sort of
vitality that makes you want to do
things. No medicine more helpful for
men, women and children who need
strength and staying power. Try Ferrozone, 50c per box at all dealers.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the uiiiler-
sitini'il and endorsed "Tenders for Pntilio
Mil i lil ititr, Cumberland. B.C." will be received
nt this office until Monday, August 10. 11HI7,
inclusively, for the construction of a Public
Bnilillne. Cuinherland. B.C.
Plans and speciHcations can be seen and
forms of tender obtained ut this Department
and on application to the Postmuster nt
Persons tenderlnirnre notified thnt tenders
will not be considered unless made on the
printed forms supplied, und signed witb their
actual signatures.
Each tender must be nccompnnied hy an
accepted cheque on a chartered hank, made
payable to tbe order of the Honourable the
Minister of Publio Works, piimil to ten per
oeut ]10 ii c] nl the nmount of the tender.
which will be forfeited If the pm ty tendering
decline loenter Into n contract when cnlted
upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the
work contracted lor. If the tender he not
accepted tin1 plipi|iip will be returned.
Tile Dennrtiiieut does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any louder.
Ily Order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottuwu, July 19, 1907
Nowspnpors inserting this uilvertlseincnt
without authority Irom the Department will
not be paid for it.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Fred Alfred Salomons,
of Midway, in the District of Ynle, British
1 olumbla. Lumberman, after sixty dnys from
thp date ofthe first publication of this notice, intend, pursuant- to the "Klvors and
Stream Aot* and Amending Acts, to submit
a proposal to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works to clear and remove obstructions from tho Kettle Kiver, and its
branches from where such river crosses the
International Reiiudnry Line, neur Midway,
In the District of Ynle.to it*.ami their source
(ull in the Greenwood .Miniug Division uf snid
District): and tlu. Kettle Klvor from where
it crosses the   I,it ntioiuil Kounciiry Line
I Troin the State of Washington Into Hritish
Columbia (near Carson, in the District of
Tale}, to Cascade, In said District (nil in the
Ornuil   1'iirks  Mining  Division of  suid  Dis-
i trlott; bv clearing antl removing obstructions
nud making Ihe same lit fur rafting uml
driving thereutl lugs, timber, nud lumber.
and construct diiins, bourns, slides, uml
chutes, null mnke such other improvements
as tuny be necessary Tor said purposes. The
lands atl'ected   arc government   lunds, uud
Lota 8708, 8704,8.08, SKI nnd 8688, uml Town*
slil|,s68, 81,68,69,71.72,7:1, SI uml-J, nil In the
Slnillknmceii Division of Yule District.
hated at Midway, II.C, this thirteenth day
of July, A. 11.11)117.
The following table gives the ore
for 1906, 1908 ami for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Siiiiiniit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brookly n-Steni\vinder,-Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Ruwhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork..'.	
Providence, Greenwood ,.
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood ...,...,.
Republic,Boundary Falls ....!.,.
Miscellaneous .',
shipments of   Boundary mines
1906 1907   Past Week
801,404 369,*003      15,543
8,426 62,255       3,450
104,120 143,796       6,966
1,345 1,370
12,881 4,837           300
6,404 6,254             110
140,685 36,944        1,184
2,960 7,628          927
26,032 38.330        2,048
48,390 17,880         1,280
3,555 2,758           256
Total, tons     1,158,991
Smelter Treatment—
'Iranby Smelter        828,879
B. C.CopperCo.'s Smelter. '.'■ ■■ 121,031
Dominion Copper Cb.'a Smelter i      218,811
Total treated.
697,793      33,747
Aothorlatd r— »m»»i—, Paid Total to   Latest     Per
Namk of Company.             Capital.   luued. Par. 1806. Date.      Date.   Share
Granby Coiisnlldutod™Conper...»«,0»,000     186,000 $100 11,680,000 $2,568,990 June 1907 $3.10
Cariboo McKlnney-Gold     1.860.000  M50,CO0    $1     846,887 Feb. 1904     .04
Providence-Silver       ttM»      n.OOO     M 16.000 88,884 Sept. 1906     .50
He Pore* end Best In tbe City.
On Draught Exclusively* at
The Greatest
Ever offered the people of
the Boundary Country.
The Toronto Weekly Globe
and the
Grand Forks San
per year
in advance.
The 1 obe is the recognized national newspaper of Canada, and will keep you well informed
on Eastern events, while The Sun gives you
all the local news.
Leave Your Dollar at The Sun Office


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