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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 11, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
Co-operative   Organization
Has Benefited Eastern
In view of the low prices for farm
products in thia province tbis fall,
the following article on cooperation
in the east should be of interest to
the readers of The Sun:
For tbe last tbree years the Jordan Co-operative Co., Ltd., has annually laved to its members between
2 and 3 cents on every backet in 60
carloads of grapes. Tbis is not men
guesswork, but on tbe actual comparative prices obtained by two
neighbors, one a member of the
company and the other a non member, on farms not 300 yards apart.
Of couree, it meant another member forthe co-operative organization
as soon as tbe disparity was discovered. Two years ago tbe organize
tion was obtaining 14 cents a basket
for its grapes, wbile a non-member
depending on commission houses got
only 9 cents.
,Vhe Jordan Co operative company
organised tbree years ago, bas a
membership of over 60 membejs,
drawn from the fruit growers of the
vicinity of Jordan station. Tbe
company is capitalised «t liO.OoO,
and in order to enjoy the advan
tages of membership a shipper is required to hold one share of stock of
. par value of f 50. Only one-fifth of
the subscribed capital is paid up, the
balance being subject to call, with
ibe result not only tbat the members have something at stake, but
tbat tbe organization is able to secure loans at ils bank for tbe purchase of supplies.
Prior to organization of tbe cooperative company, growers were
' obliged to sell either through commission houses or to "dealers" or
fruit "brokers," at tbe station. "We
get between 2 and 3 cents more a
basket for grapes tban under tbe
former method of selling to a dealer
at tbe station, and sometimes & or
6 cents a basket in advance of the
commission house price. I can
prove that tbis is absolutely the
case," declares Mr. Camby Wisnier,
vice-president of tbe organization
and treasurer of Lincoln county.
Tbe coinpany is organized along
similar  lines  to  tbose of tbe St.
E E. Gibson and James McArdle
returned to the city from Christina
lake laat Friday in Mr. Gibson's
automobile. Wben a short distance
tbis side qf Gilpin tbe gentlemen
espied a big buck deer leisurely trotting in the middle of the road a
quarter nf a mile ahead of the car.
Mr. Gibson desired a closer inspection of the animal, and turned On
all tbe reserve power in bis machine. In a few seconds the car
was within two or three feet of the
deer. Tben 'be deer got a whiff of
the gasoline odor, and he realized
that it was time to quicken his pace.
Ahead for. twa miles was a straight
and smooth road, witb no break in
tbe high barb-wire fence that encloses
the" highway.' The dear evidently
knew that it would be a race for life,
and the speed be developed has never
been equalled on a race track. He
kept this up for two miles; and all
this time the car was a few feet behind him. It was an even race—
tbs deer was unable to gain on the
car, and the car could not run down
the animal. At the end of tbe two
miles tbere was a break in the
fence, and the deer bid adios to bis
pursuers, and vanished in the darkness.
Mr. Gibson describes the race as
lbe most exciting event in his life,
not even barring the last bull fight
he witnessed in Mexico. There was
also a toucb of beauty to the scene.
Tbe lights from the car shining on
either side of tbe agile animal made
a picture that an artist would have
travelled over oceans and continents to nave seen. And as for danger. Had the deer stumbled and
fallen, there would bave been an
overturned automobile and probably
two motorists seriously injured.
Had there been any spectators to
tbe race, they would have been puzzled whethar the deer and tbe streak
of light passing tbe county was
really Roosevelt's bull moose seeking safety in the mountain fastnesses
or that Santa Claus had become confused in his dates.
Twenty-seven Oars of Summer Varieties Have Been
smelter smoke, while Mr. Bertois
wsb on his way from the North Fork
camp to this city last Wednesday.
It must have been heart failure, or
else tbe animal would have bad
horse enough to turn back.
Twenty-seven cars of fruit have
been shipped from the Grand Forks
Fruit Growers association's packing
house at Carson tbis season. This
is an excellent start. The shipments so far bave consisted of summer and fall, varieties of fruit. As
none of.Uie winter apples have yet
been picked, the total shipments
for tbe year sbould run close to 160
J. E. McDonald, of tbe King's
hotel, Phoenix, was fined $100, in
Pbenix last week for running an
automobile at night without lights.
Tbo maximum fine for tbis offense
is $300.
Good progress is being made on
tbe brickwork of tbe CP.R. round-
honse and machine shop in the
West end. The foreman states tbat
it is tbe intention of the eompany
to complete tbe buildings this fall,
even if it becomes necessary to send
for every bricklayor on the main
One of J. A, Bertois'   horses fell
dead wben it got a whiff   of tbe
A delightful comedy entitled "Our
Boys" will be givrii in the opera
bouse ou Monday, October 21, uo
der tbe auspices of the Woman's
Auxiliary of Holy Trinity ehureh
Cabinet Minister Will Spend
a Couple of Weeks at
His Old Home
It is not slander to openly give
your candid opinion of a person.
The slanderer is the cowardly wretch
who attempts to undermine a man's
reputation while tie himself keeps
uuder cover.
The following is tbe maximum
ahd minimum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermom
eteron Cooper Bras.' ranch:
Ranfail during week, 0.11 inches.
The Phoenix city council haB subscribed $1000 towards building a
skating rink in that city.
Friday - 56
8aturday  h7
Catharine's  Cold  Storage  &   P°r'| Monday.'."...'....".'.'.""'. 47
warding company, only on  a boiik- | Tuesday    55
wbat smaller scale and   without   at Wednesday  57
'cold storage plsnt. Through this'Th^*r8d.By • v.•_'.;'.".'.;;;;.• ,?°,
organization the growers sell their
fruit and buy supplies co-operatively, a charge of 3 per cent being
made for sailing and supplies furnished to members at a very t-mall
advance over cost. Asavingof$3| The citizens of Phoenix subscribed
- to $4 a carload is effected on baskets «680O j„ one fa- towards building a
and crates bought in tbis way, while, rjnk ;„ ,j,aj cjty,
wire fencing iB secured 25 per cent j 	
cheaper tban through oity  dealers.     Th». seventh International  Dry*
An interesting and novel feature• Farming  Congress will  he held in
of the organization is that in at hast' Lethbridge, Alta, October 19 26.
two  instances in tha past the com-a „   ~T     7 .   , ,.
,      .     ,  r        . „      Mr. Mullen  has disposed of his
pany's surplus  bas been used as an . .    J
J         i    j     i             „ i   u.j ' interest in the draying firm of Han*
insurance fund.   In  case  of   baa        , ,, „    ....
ii         •    __.n.   .      it   . i„. _,-,_,! sen & Mullen to his partner,
debts or inability to collect for any,  *_
reason, the company has made good ■
Mrs. J. T. Pell and children returned from Manitoba this week.
Mrs. Pell has been visiting her par-
•juts at Austin, Man., during tbe past
summer for the benefit of her health.
They came home by way of Saskatoon, and witnessed the busy harvesting scenes on the prairies.
George W. Wooster, treasurer, and
F. M. Sylvester, business manager of
tbe Granby smelter, returned this
week from New York, where they attended the annual meeting of the
shareholders sf the Granby company.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Quiiin arrived in the city last Satuiday from
New Westminster. Mr. Quinu has
accepted a position in H. E. Woodland it Co.'s drug store.
Harry Peters and wife arrived in tbe
city last week from Massachusetts.
Mr* Peters was formerly employed in
Geo. Mosaic's tailor shop, and has
again accepted a position in that establishment.
Mrs. Burke, of London, England, is
visiting in this city at the home of
her brother, L. A. Riddell. She will
leave for the coast after spending a
couple of weeks here.
Thomas Wilby, of Quebec, who is
making an automobile trip from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, registered at
the Yale on Wednesday.
Wm. Henderson, of Victoria, government architect, was in the eity this
week inspecting the now postoflioe
H. L Collins, representing the Cal
gary Daily Herald, has been spending
a couple of weeks in the eity.
Wtu. Ide, of Ottowa, private seere
tary lo the minister of agriculture, is
registered at the Yale.
F. J. Miller returned on Monday
from a week's business trip to the
coast cities.
W. H. Du_.kstei.der, provincial eon-
stable at Midway, was iu the eity on
The Boston Commercial says that
just at preseul British Columbia
Copper is miuiug lower than' tbe
average grade of ore from its Mother
Lode mine. Its system of mining
calls for tbe breaking down of more
tban 200,000 tons of ore at a time.
A recent blast of tbis character dislodged considerable low grade material, which became mixed with
lbe ore. Tbis has cut into tbe net
earnings to some extent. Normally
lbe company sbould be earning
about 20 per cent on tbe selling
price of its stock and it is paying 12
per cent. It bas uuder option a
property that appears to contain a
very large and valuable ore deposit
which is now being explored. A de-
cirion whether or not to purchase
it will be reached in December or
sooner, and it may bave an important bearing on the market price of
the stock. Tbe company's management is capable aud progressive. Its
operations are being conducted as a
business. We believe that tbe company has a future and tbat its stock
is good to buy and bold.
George L Walker says that on the
basis of wbat tbe Granby did during its operating period last year, it
may be figured tbat tbe ore now
demonstrated in Pboenix will yield
116,500,000 pounds of copper, at a
profit of $*., 100,COO, witb the metal
at its present price.
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of
agricultural, arrived in tbe city last
Tuesday from the coast and the
Okanagan country. He is visiting
at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Kerman during his stay here, and
will remain in the city until some
time next week. He is accompanied
by hiBfprivate secretary, Wm. Ide.
of Ottawa,
Tbe Sun has not yet had an opportunity to iuterview the minister.
We intend to do so before he departs from ths city, at the same time
seizing upon this occasion as an opportune moment for thanking him
for tbe delightful weather and
bountiful crops with which this district has been blessed under the
federal Conservative rule. It will
also be our painful duty to enquire
why prices for fruit and farm products bave fallen instead risen under
a restricted market, and wby the
American fruit grower still controls
the northwestern fruit market. We
shall also quizz bim regarding the
government's naval policy. But on
this subject we do not expect much
enlightenment, "because even Premier Borden does not appear to be
entirely satisfied tbat be has a naval
policy. And, furthermore, we know
Mr. Burrell to be a peace-loving
man. When be was editor of our
local contemporary we attempted to
frame up a fight him, but be refused to be caught in our net. We
have since discovered tbat fools rush
in wbere angels fear to tread.
The August net profits of tbe
British Columbia Mining company
were $36,000, or $10,000 less than
in July, owing to lower grade of
ore treated during tbat month. The
costs use said to be 9 cents a pound.
When the proper procesB is determined upon, the British Columbia Cupper company will build a
mill at Boundary Kails to treat the
ore from the Lone Star mine.
Over twenty men are now working at tbt Jewel mine anil mill.
Joseph Banks, of New Zealand, is
the new manager of the property.
Jatt.es McArdle left on Tuesday fo.>ld in Au«urt*_
The Greenwood snieltej produced
911,364 pounds of copper, lo,":'5
mnces of silver, and 195S ounces of
Don't forget "Our Bovs" at the
the  amount  to  the member from | opefa hoUBe on Mol)(layi 0ctol)er 21. the city on luesday,
a three weeks'business  trip  to l_etl-,     ^ .^^ .^ ^...^ ^.^
8°' bia  Copper  company will pay an-
W.  K.   C.  Manly left on Tuesday oilier   quarterly   dividend of  3 per
for a business trip to Spokane. cent.
R. H. Carley, of Montreal,
Famous Victory
Mr. Borden was banqueted in
Montreal in commemoration of the
defeat of reciprocity. Why should
not tbe barons of restriction banquet
Mr. Borden once a year? Or why
sbould tbey not gather round the
festal board to celebrate their victory? It was a victory worth celebrating. They might give the premier more than one square meal :\
year without discharging their
obligations for the part he took in
the fray, or visibly depleting thc
proceeds of tbe plunder. The grain
dealers alone were estimated to have
taken fifteen million or more out of
the western farmer last winter and
spring because the door to Minneapolis was shut against his grain.
That would pay for many banquets,
even on the elaborate scale appropriate to the winning of so handsome a victory.—Kdmonton Bulletin. 	
Work has been resumed   on   the
Argo tunnel at Greenwood.
Charles Crowe was drowned in thc
Kettle river near Cascade last week.
The sitting of the  fall assizes in
Greenwood has been cancelled.
profits. At first tbe organization
bandied only tbe grape crop, but
has since branched out into other
The theatrical company that blows
into town minus press notices is
usually made up of barnstormers.
Judgo   Brown   returned   from the
west on Tuesday,
W. B. Cochrane visited Greenwood
on Wednesday,
The C.P.R. has finished laying
.Sa-pound rails on the Mother Lode
spur. Ths old rails weighed 56
• A  C.P.R.   pile-driving crew has
been   at   work   this   week on the
Fifteen   stamps  are dropping at bridge across the Kettle river at the
thc Jewel mine. end of the yard limits.
The British Columbia Copper
company has made the first payment
on the Eureka group,   near Nelson, .*4fc£
____■/   TO
Irtj-istlng Suggestions Made at Paris
International Art Congress
The International Art Congress recently held in Paris passed many
resolutior.s which lt ls hoped the delegates ot the governments represented may take up and Indorse by legislation.
The most Important of these dealt
With the claims of the state and public authorities to deal with the reproduction .- f any works ot art they may
It was 'unanimously resolved that,
as regards r. living artist, the right
should remain with him, and any authority to copy must be signed by
him; but thai the directors of picture
galleries may authorize single copies
for thc purpose of study, on condition
that such copy is In no way a reproduction In size of the original, that
It shnll have clearly signed upon lt
it ls after the author, and that It
hears the stamp of the gallery with
these words: Copy, Rights of reproduction reserved.
An Eye for Business
The late John R. Arbuckle, the coffee merchant, who left an estate ot
100 million dollars, often said that a
part of his success was due to his
knowledge of human nature.
In selling coffee, Mr. Arbuckle once
said to a New York coffee broker,
you should exercise the same keen
discretion which the druggist showed.
A woman, you know, a woman well
on In years, entered a druggist's and
said: r
Have vou any creams for restoring
the complexion?
Restoring, miss? You mean preserving, said the druggist heartily.
And he then sold the woman $17
worth of complexion creams.
How She Voted
At a luncheon In New York Dr.
Lyman Abbott, sipping a glass of ice
cold milk, told a woman suffrage
I had heard a lot, he said, about,
the wonderful success of woman suffrage in Australia; so, meeting an
Australian woman one day, I asked:
How did you vote, madam, at the
last election?
The Australian woman answered
with a simper:
In my mauve pannier gown, sir,
with a large mauve hat trimmed with
mauve ospreys.
A Poser for Nursle
Little Freddie's voice broke the
twilight stillness of the nursery for
the twentieth time, and nursle began
to get angry.
Well, what do you want now? she
I only, vt anted to ask you—
I'll answer no more questions this
night, said nursle firmly, as she went
on folding up Her charge's clothes.
Don't yon know that curiosity killed
a cat, Freddie?
The small boy lay In silence stunned
by the wonder of tills statement. Then
he burst out again:
Nursle, what did that cat want to
Captain, you told me this boat would
reach tha dock by 9 o'clock.
Did I, madam? Well, I must have
lied to you. We'll be there In about
twenty minutes.
But the land isn't ln sight yet!
So I see. Madam, you have caught
me ln another He.
Girl Cured of
Disfiguring Pimples
By Cuticura Ointment. Broke Out on
Face when Twelve or Thirteen!
Were Most Embarrassing.
Had Tried Everything.
. A Nora Scotia sir), Min Mabel Monsh, ot
Dover Wat, writes: "When I wu about
twelve or thirteen years of age, ray lac*
broko out wilh pimples, and I tried every*
tiling to get rid of them, but failed. The
pimples wero the worst oa my forehead and
tali In. Tttcy eamo out ln groups and developed
later Into coreai. Beltis on my fees they
"Biispal great disfigurement, sad wen moil
"Alter trying so many remedies without
atia-m., I saw the Cuticura Ointment ailver-
isi'il, and I sent for a box. I then applied
t to tho pimples, and In a week I saw a
treat chango In my face. I kept using It,
ind ln a few months It rendered a complete
•nre. Now you cannot tell I ever had
;lmplcs, thanks to the Cuticura Ointment."
'Signed) Mist Mabel Monsh, Mar. 31,1011.
Baby's Pace Like Raw Beet
"My baby boy had a largo pimple come
on his forehead. It burst and spread all
ever his face wbich soon looked llko a pleco
ef raw beef, all smothered with bad pimples.
It was awful to look at. Tho poor little
thing used to scratch It and cry terribly.
I took him to a doctor but he only got
worse until I was quite frightened that he
would always be disfigured. Then I got two
tins of Cuticura Ointment, together with
Cuticura Boap, end In two months had quite
cured him. Now of course I use Cuticura
Boap for all my children (Signed) Mrs.
E. Perry, 99, Waterloo ltd., Aldershot, Eng.
Und, Hw 21,1910.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold
throughout the world, but to those who
have suffered much, lost hope and are without faith In any treatment, a liberal sample
jf each with a 33-p. booklet on the skin
and scalp will be mailed free, on application,
Address Potter Drug 4 Chein. Corp., ft
Columbus Ave., Boston, V. 8, A.
VI,' ft-, *.    OH
Where Matter Mariners Foregather
and Chat
The National Maritime Club, In
Fenchurch Street, is the meeting-place
of ship-masters ln London. The
members spend most of their lives on
the ocean, aud you may see ln the
club-rooms men who a few weeks ago,
perhaps, were weathering out a terrific hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico,
or were crawling down the dangerous
Formosa Channel, or steaming as hard
as they could go across the open Pacific or Atlantic.
The club was formed a couple of
years ago by a few ship-masters, but
it has now over six hundred men of
the sea on Its books. In no club
ln London could you meet so many
men who have had so many strange
and thrilling experiences.
From one ship-master, a newspaper
representative gleaned the fact that
he had once been silx days at. sea
with a fire in the hold of his ship, but
he had managed to keep the fire under, and reached Philadelphia safely. Another mariner mentioned ln
a casual manner, that the only little
experiences he could call to mind was
the picking up ln the Pacific of a
small boat with two men In lt. One
of the men was dead, the other barely alive; his tongue fearfully swollen
was sticking out of his mouth, and
his eyes had gone so far back in their
sockets that they were scarcely visible. He was the sole survivor from
an American ship that had foundered
in mid-Pacific during a hurricane.
Captain Wldgery, the secretary, and
one ot the original founders of the
club, has had -forty-five years' experience of the sea, and Is now retired.
Captain Wldgery, like his club-mates,
ls not much disposed to talk of his experiences, but he gave the representative, after much pressing, an account
of a hurricane he had once been ln
the Gulf of Mexico.
The wind was so bad that the ship
could make no headway at all against
lt and Captain Wldgery ordered the
engines to be stopped. There was
nothing to be done, said Captain Wldgery, but simply to weather the hurricane out as best we could. The
ship was blown over by the force of
Jhe wind until her decks were almost
perpendicular, and we lay like that
for twenty-four hours.
The water whipped up by the wind
completely enveloped the ship in a
driving cloud of spray, through which
we could not see a yard ahead. The
sea itself, you must understand, was
not heavy, for in these violent hurricanes so much water is blown off the
surface of the sea, that the waves are
Well, as I said, we lay tor twenty-
four hours more than half blown over,
and the trouble was we did not know
where we were going, for during the
hurricane, as we saw neither sun nor
stars, it was quite Impossible to take
a reckoning. We might have been
blown on to the coast and wrecked;
but as it was we weathered the hurricane out in safety, though we were
blown miles and miles out ot our
course. Every particle of paint on
the ship en the weather side was peeled off by the wind and water.
When the representative was at the
club, the telephone-bell rang frequently. At each ring the steward would
come Into the smoklngroom with a
message to say that Captain So-and-So
was required at the telephone. One
of these calls was a summons that
warned the master mariner who answered It that he would be wanted to
sail that evening for Hong-Kong.
What Could He Do?
Spare me a penny, sir, please?
Thc clergyman stopped and looked
round. He gave a start of surprise.
Instead of an old or middle-aged
waster, he saw a youth of nineteen
confronting him.
My lad, he exclaimed, I'm ashamed
of you! A strong, healthy chap like
you ought to be at work Instead of
begging.     How came you to do lt?
Well, sir, replied the youth, It's like
this: Twelve months ago I was 111,
and the doctor forbade mo to do any
work until he told me. Just after
that he died.     So what can I do?
Tro clergyman Is still puzzling over
tbe problem.
No man cnn serve two masters
said the priest tp one of his partshlon
I know that, yer Rlverence. Me
brother tried It, and now he's doing
time for bigamy.
Mistress—Well, I'm sorry you want
to leave me, Mary. But what's your
(Mary keeps silent).
Mistress—Something private?
Mary (suddenly)—No, mum; please
mum, he'3 " corporal.
Algy —Anything unusual happen
while I wao out, James?
Valet—Yet, sir, none of your credit'.™ called.
To Have and to Hold
Once upon a time he had been an
officer In a crack regiment, but he had
fallen on evil daya, and in the end
was compelled by force of circumstances to resign Us commission and
to enlist in another regiment as a
humble private.
He found it Impossible, however, totally to forget his position, and on one
occasion, being requested by a sergeant to hold his horse—a duty that
did not *eally devolve upon him—he
Er—you forget—er—sergeant,   that
once I held his Majesty's commission.
-The sergeant looked at   htm,   not
without respect by any means, and
then remarked:
Well, youngster, I'm sorry, but you
will now have to hold one of his
Majesty's horses!
Relieves Asthma at Little Expenae.
Thousands of dollars have been
vainly spent upon remedies for asthma and seldom, If ever, with any relief. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy, despite Its assurance of benefit, costs so' little that it ls within
Ihe reach of all. It is the national
remedy for asthma, far removed from
the class of doubtful and experimental preparations. Your dealer can
supply it.
Seizing tha Opportunity
Whilst out for a walk with her little niece, auntie had the misfortune
to rip the lace on her skirt as she
crossed a stile.
Ethel was quite willing and eager
the lace now, so would you mind
stooping down and carefully tearing
off the piece that is hanging loose?
Ethel was quite wllllnlg and eager
to please, and duly commenced her
task. For several minutes there was
a sound of tearing, really much more
tearing than was necessary to remove
a small length of broken lace.
Haven't you finished yet? asked
auntie eventually.
Yes, replied the little girl, rising
wearily. I was taking lt all off. I
wanted enough for my dolly's skirt
while I was about it, and the little
bit you tore wasn't enough.
Minard's  Liniment Curet  Garget  In
' Cowt
.  Darling Camt
The summer day was nearly over,
and the last of the crowd bad gone.
The pier am" sands were deserted
save for a young lady and man on
the latter, and a small group on the
former. Along the road narallel
with the promenade came a red-faced
man, corpulent withal.
He gave a hasty look-over the sands
and then bellowed:
The folk on the pier gave a short
laugh, while the lady looked up froi <
her hook, but budged not an Inch.
Darling! roared ibg man ln an even
louder voice. But there was no
movement on the sands. The pier
people could scarcely contain their*
selves for amusement.
The stout man lost all patience, and
picking up a stone threw lt, to the
accompaniment of protest from the
pierltes, in the direction of the lady.
The stone struck the man, who looked round to see what was the matter.
Tom Darling, yelled the man, for
the last time, are you coming?
Darling got to his feet, and the Jokers on the pier then melted away to
think of other things.
People Wbose  Blood Supply  it
Scanty are in Danger of
a Breakdown
Thin or Impure blood Is an invitation to sickness. The blood is at
work day and night to' maintain the
health and any lack of strength or
purity in the blood Is a weakness in
the defence against diseaae. Anaemia is the doctor's name for lack of
blood. Its surest symptom Is pal*
or. Anaemia does not confine it*
telf to age or sex, though lt ls particularly- common to young girls between thc ages of 14 and 17, when
nature makes peculiar demand upon
Iho blood supply. The same lack of
blood, however, prevents full recovery after la grippe, fevers, malaria,
and operations, and ls present In old
age, and In persons who have been
under unusual mental or physical
strain. In all cases ot bloodlessnesB
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills arc tho best
medicine known to medical science.
They actually make new pure blood,
which brings with lt a healthy appetite and new strength and vitality.
Mrs. George Roy, Clair, Sask., Bays:
"I have tested the value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills time and again
when a poor condition of the blood
might havo led to more serious trouble. I ant a woman of forty and as
occasion required I have used the
Pills oft and on since girlhood. I
have proved their value In the ail
ments that afflict my sex, and I have
never known them to fall. I also
gave them to my son for nerve trouble which we thought would result
In St. Vitus dance, but the use of the
Pills prevented this and made him
well and strong. I do not know
any better investmont than to keep
half a dozen boxes of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills In the house, as they wilt
save more expensive doctor's bills."
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any medicine dealer or
by mall at 60 cents a box or six
.boxes to' S2.50 from The Dr. Wil*
j Hams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
A Nature   Cure
No  Hypodermic  Injections
No Bad After   Effects
The craving for Drink ls due to Alcoholic Poison in the body
cells.     Until that poison is removed no Drinking Man can   conquer his appetite.    The'Neal Way will etadtcate all traces of that
Poison and effect a sure cure in THREE DAYS,
Write for further Information to
406 Broadway, Winnipeg
2244 Spilth St., Regina 820 Thirteenth Ave., W„ Calgary
More About
The Loading Platform
The preasnt gc.ipr_.tlon of Western farmers will never know tht
difficulties and vxati.ns experienced by their predecessors la the
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped in
bulk except ty io tiling lt through au elevator. The ayatem forced
the majority of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owners
at arbitrary prlcts, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o! -ars as fixed by the Grain Act, and the uae of the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treai._-.tnt in the disposal of his grain, and the highest
market prices at time of tale, livery farmer therefore, should more
and more eudeavnr to use the loading piriform In shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard ot the farmers' freedom In disposing of hit grain to the best advantage for himself. If
farmers retrain Irom using the loading platform freely, lt might result In its being done away with, becaure railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to li. •' It la easy to understand why .levator people desire the loallng platform abolished.
The railway eople on their part say lt delays the loading of cars
and helps to cause car shortage. This we know to be nonsense,
because frequently after cars are loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they are sldetracke.: for days and even
weeks Instead ot being promptly moved forward to destination. It
is engine shortage aud shortage ot competent trait, men that mostly
causes grain llockades on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer therefore, d> all he can to use t e loading platform and become an Independent shipper. In subsequent advertisements we
will state In detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading into cars compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly ou commission, make liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are Inspected, secure the highest price, at time of sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Write us for shipping Instructions and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Tlie Mtanett
A well-to-do Chicago real estate
owner went Into a hardware store in
lhat city and asked the proprietor
for a pound of nails. The small
package was made up and the price,
a nickel, handed to the merchant,
when the customer aaked If the purchase could be aent to his house,
which was In a distant part of the
city. The merchant assented, and
calling an errand boy, handed him the
parcel, with the nickel he had just
received tor it, and aaid:—
Here, Johnny, take the car and take
this parcel out to Mr. Blank's house.
Wbat! said the customer, are you
going to give the boy the nickel to
take the parcel out?
Why, certainly, said the merchant.
I wouldn't think of asking him to
walk so far.
Well, said the meanest man In Chicago, lf you would just as soon give
mo tho five cents I will take It out
In Memorlaim
Two Jews Btopped on the street to
talk to each other, one wearing a
large diamond pin.
Solomon, ^ld one, that Is a fine
diamond you nave. Where did you
get It?
Well,, said Solomon, my brother Ike
died and left $260 for a stone. This
is the stone.
Corns cannot exist when Hollo-
way's Corn Cure ls applied to them,
because it goes to tbe root and kills
the growth.
The other night we heard a father
speak thusly: '//1111am, your mother
tells me lhal you must havo a dose
of castor oil before retiring to-night.
It is your bedtime now. Take your
medicine and go to bed at once.
But pipa, I don't want to take no
You must take It. And immediately.
Aw, papa, I dowanter.
William, lf you don't take that
medicine I'll put you right to bed
this minute, without giving you a
drop of It.
William was so scared that he took
It. That's the way to enforce discipline.
Up Against It
Mrs. .loniugB—It's raining, John,
and Mre. - Smlthklns wants to go
home. I havo no umbrella to lend
her except my new flO one. Can't
I let her have yours?
Jonlngo—I should say not! Why
the only umbrella I've got has her
husband's name on the handle.
Going Wttt
The course of civilization ls westward, mused the philosopher.
Yes, there appears to be little left
ln New York, assented the cynic.
But, Auntie, you're not going In
bathing vith your specs on?
My dear, 111 not take off another
thing.     It'a positively indecent.
Dr. Morae'a
Indian Root Pllla
exactly meet the need which to often
arises in every (amity for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only art they effective in all
cases oi Constipation, but they help
greatly In breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the system
tnd purifying the blood. Intheeamt
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments.
In the fullest tense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are       47
A Heuteheld s\mms**S9 iU
a The flies that are now fat your
kitchen nnd dining-room were probably feasting on some Indescribable
hastiness less than an hour ago, and
M a Angle fly oiten carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
tii its hairy body, it is the duty of
every housekeeper to assist in exterminating thty worst enemy of the
human race.
kilt fiici in such immense quantities
as cannot be approached by any other
HE SAID—'Tew of us realize how much salt
we cat, The fact thnt we put salt ou all
flU-tats and vegetables—in bread, cake and
, pastry—soups and sauces—butter and cheese
— shows the importance of using *vx
absolutely pure salt."
SHE SAU)-,[Well, we are using WINDSOR
8AI/T ond no one could make me believe
there was any better salt lu the whole world
than my old standby 63
A ftw doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates 11.50 to $2.00 per day
'  ;      Cultlne unexcelled
Hat and cold witer In every room
Hotel  practically  Fireproof
(    All Outtldt Roomt
Art the bet' ever made and are guar*
anteed to glvo you satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send us 25 cents stat.
Ing stylo and size required.
TheArlington Co., of Canada) Ltd.,
U Fraser Ave., Toronto. Ont
Glrlt Wanted Htrt
Typing, nursing, bookkeeping, cooking, teaching—every profession open
to a girl, lt seems. Is overstocked.
However, there still exists one
where competition Is not. "And it ls
nothing more nor less than the. feather Industry. In this trade, It appears
there" ls an exceptionally good opening tor young girls of bright intelligence. They have only to show an
Interest ln their work, and a desire to
get on, lo earn a modest sum per
week straight away at the'manufacture et these graceful toilet adjuncts.
To Begin with, a girl will be given
some of the tiniest feathers to knot
together. From these, when complete, It evolved the fashionable lancer feather. And, of course, according :to her ability, will she be ad
vanced to the mors skilled work of
tewing, curling and maktng-up of the
plumes. '
So that the mother who views with
despair the already hopelessly overcrowded business markets should apprentice her daughter to a feather
Arm. The work ls especially fit for
nimble lingers.
Mlnsrd's Llnimtnt Curtt Coldt) Eta
Connubial Biles
Hn. Quackenboss — Am yo'
daughtah happily mar'd, Sistah Sagg
Mrs. Sagg—She sho' Is! Blest
goodness, she's done got a husband
dat'a skeered to death of her!
Not a Satisfying Diet
Lady of the House—You say you
lave not had anything to eat to-day T
Tramp—Lady, If you believe me,
Uie-only thing I've swallowed to-day
li Insults.
Tou might go to the butcher's and
got some lamb to-day, suggested Mra
All right, responded Mr. Housekeep
And sball I also stop at the mint and
get some sauce to go with it?
W. N. U._$1S
Elm Leads In Canadian Cooperage.-!
Although the elm still leads among |
the woods used tor alack cooperage,
spruce Is rapidly supplanting it. In
the total output ot barrels ln the Dominion last year, there were used, according to figures compiled by the
Forestry branch ot the Department of
the Interior, 80,016,000 pieces of elm,
ln staves headings and hoops, as
..gainst 37,704,000 pieces of spruce.
There wore, however, over 11,000,000
more spruce staves and 9,000,000 fewer elm staves reported for 1911 than
for 1910. In time, elm will probably
he usetl only for hoops, as it ls the
best wood for the purpose, the supply
Is fast diminishing, and other species
tan be used to advantage for staves
and headings. The ultimate substitute for elm will probably be birch
whioh is comparatively plentiful.
Slack cooperage Is ot vastly greater
Importance than tight cooperage ln
Canada. This ls because the majority of Canadian products are of a
rough and dry nature, such as lime,
potatoes, apples, dry flsb, flour, cereals, etc., and because Canadian
woods aro best suited to slack cooperage.    -^
White.oak, the only wood which
can be used for containers of alcoholic liquids, has been practically exhausted in Canadian woodlands. -In
1911 only 2,768,000 oak staves were
cut, while. 7,293,000 were imported.
A rough estimate on the part of the
Forestry Branch places the minimum
amount ot material used ln the manufacture of all classes of cooperage
as 62,353,190' board feet, made up as
follows: staves, 29,367,714 teet, heading, 24,466,606 feet, and hoops, 02,-
353,190 feet.
A Mild.PHI for Delicate Women.—
The most delicate woman can undergo a couvse of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills without fear of unpleasant consequences. Their action, while wholly effective, is mild and agreeable. No
violent pains or purglngs follow their
use, as thousands of women who have
used them can testify. They are,
therefore, strongly recommended to
women, who are more prone to disorders of the digestive organs than
It was to gratify yonr extravagant
tastes, cried the desperate man, that
I committed the foregry. The
crime ls upon your head.
The woman started and gazed at
him wonJerlngly,
Is my crime on straight? she asked.
Mrs. Tinkle—They Bay .that"Mrs.
Neaurlch Is becoming more proper
every day.
Mra. Dimple—Yes, Indeed, you
Bhould have seen how mortified she
was a while ago when she learned
that her husband owned common stock
ln a railroad.
How Could He?
Mr. William Bikes had found what,
ln his opinion, was a snug crib. It
was a country mansion, and the mode
of access was easy. He waited till
midnight, and then approached lhe
house. Grasping Uie ivy, he slowly Bnd carefully climbed up the side
nf the house till he reached tbe lev '1
)f the first-fl-m window.
Holding on to the sill with both
hands, he stopped to picture the
wealth that was about to become his.
His mind dwelt on the Jewellery and
plate that wbb bo nearly within his
grasp. Then his dream was abruptly broken by the opening of the window.     A female head appeared.
Hands up, or I lire!
Woman was ever unreasonable.
Change of Food Brought Succest and
An ambitious bnt delicate' girl, after
falling to go through school on account of nervousness and hysteria,
found ln Grape-Nuts the only thing
that seemed to build her up and. furnish her the peace ot health.
"From Infancy," she eays, "I have
nol been strong. Being ambitious
to learn at any cost I finally got to
the High School, but soon had to
abandon my studies on account ot
nervous prostration and hysteria.
"My food did not agree with me,
I grew thin and ^despondent.. I
could not enjoy the simplest social
affair for I suffered constantly from
nervousness In spite of all sorts of
"This wretched condition continued
until I was twenty-flve, when I became Interested In the letters of
those who had cases like mine and
who were getting well by eating
"I had little faith but procured a
box and after the first dish I experienced a peculiar satisfied feeling that
I had never gained trom any ordinary
food. I slept and rested better that
night and in a few days began to
grow stronger.     \
"I had a new feeling of peace and
restfulnesa. In a few weeks, to my
great Joy, the headachees' and nervousness left me and life became
bright and hopeful. I resumed my
studies and later taught ten months
with ease—of course using Grape-
Nuts every day. It Is now four
years since I began to use Grape-
Nuts, I am the mistress of a happy
home, and the old weaknots has
never r.■turned." Name given by
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason." Head the little book. "Thc Rom', to Wellvllle," In
Ever read tht abovt letter? A
ntw ont opptart from tlmt to tlmt,
Thty art genuine, trut, and full of
human Interest.
Shameful 1
Extract from a young lady's letter
from Venice: Last nignt I lay in a
gondola in the Grand Canal, drinking
it all ln, and life naver seemed so
full before.— Lipptncott's,,
Regarded as one of the most potent compounds ever Introduced with
whioh to combat all summer complaints and inflammation of the
bowels, Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial has won tor Itself a reputation that no other cordial for the
purpose can aspire to. For young
or old suffering from these complaints
lt Is the best medicine that can be
It ls hard to stop, said the clergyman, when once you are started on
the down grade.
Oh, I never have any trouble, said
the other man, I can back-pedal better than any other man ln our club.
Wat Completely Cured by Lett Than
Thrae Boxtt of
Women are very often deceived
and mistaken In regard to kidney
disease. The pains in the back are
attributed to other derangements, and
kidney disease is allowed to run on
and on until beyond the reach of medical science.
There ls needless suffering, and
life itself is risked, because backache
Is not recognized as the most marked symptom ot kidney disease.
There is no treatment which so
quickly relieves and cures kidney
pains In the back as Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. As proot of
this read MrB. Patterson's letter:—
Mrs. Richard Patterson, Haldt-
mand, Gasps Co., Que., writes: "I
will gladly say that I was cured of
kidney trouble by using Dr, Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. When I began
using this medicine I was crippled
with sore back and did not know
what waa tbe trouble. In looking
over Dr. Chase's Almanac 1 saw
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills advertised and (Melded to try them.
"I had not used two boxes before
my back was all right, and before I
had completed the third box was en'
tirely cured, There has been no
return ot the old kidney trouble, and
I therefore believe the cure to be
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all
dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Remember, my son that beauty Is
only skin deep, warned the sage,
That's deep enough for me, replied
the young man,     I'm no cannibal.
$100 Reward, $iw.
Th- malm ol -hli peter mil be uKued lo lien
thst then a et last oo* draal-a eame tbst MMee
hu bc<n tblf to -aire u, sll IU lues, set thst k
Uteitk. Hill'i CiUrrh Cure tt the (atilr pwlln
cure now known to tho median .mcrnltr. Cetorrb
being • coutltuMoul claexeo, imuIRS • cot-.tl_._-
ttowl tretitm.-.. Hill'i tttirth Clue k taken IB-
tenuity, ect'si dtteeUr upon the blood end tnufone
tortxeto ot the ayatrm, theftbr dettrorlof the
oilaiditlon ol the Oeetse. ltd shrine the PMIent
atrenith br bulletin lib the coneUtutlen ud ixxav
at uttira tn dome lie vork. The proptktore tun
io much tilth b IU eurauve power! thnt ther oSer
one Hundred Doinre tor ur enw thnt ll Ulls te
■nre.  Bend In IW el teattmoelou
AiWnei r. 1. CHENEY * CO. Toledo. O.
SUA br nil nruwleu. lie.
tu, H4i't lixmn, ran lor Mutipntloa.
Miss Vocolo—I'm never happy unless I'm breaking Into song.
Bright Young Man—Why don't you
get tbe key and you won't have to
break In.
Father, our daughter Is being courted by a poet.
Is that to, mother. I'll kick him
Not so fast. Investigate first and
find out whether he works tor a magazine or for a breakfast-food factory.
Minard't Liniment Curtt Dltttmptr
Bttht for Blrdt
Polly havo a bath! Polly have a
bath. The reiterated cry came from
a large green parrot, who stood In a
tin baBl.i full of water ecstatically
flapping his scarlet-flecked wings.
Few people who keep bird pets
know how to prevent them from languishing during the summer heat. Little do they Imagine that big and small
birds alike are simply longing with
all their tiny hearts for a cold bath.
Their owners', It is true, supply their
smaH prisons with water In a little
glass vase; but theae are for drinking purposes—not for the luxury of a
restoring and indiscriminate splash.
Bvery well-behaved bird knows retribution, swift aad sure, follows a mark
on the carpet.
Now let those who really love their
fcatherAl friends provide little swimming baths for the birdies. They
must, ot course, vary according to the
bird's Blze. Whereas a pudding-basin would accommodate a canary, a
parrot would require something more
Then place the bird ln his cage
where he can gambol unmolested. In
the back yard, on the lawn, or on
the scullery floor are equally good positions. Anyone who knows anything of birds knows that, although
inarticulate, they appreciate comfort.
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts In tht capacity ot
nnd we shall tit glad to forward copy ot   onr   Booklet   "Somethlag
r.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
They have a true safety base
head,  with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Uddy-a Matohts hav* satisfied Ca*
adtans sine* 1811—accept no tthti*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
■ Fibre Pails and Tubs,
Good Aim
I met your father last evening and
spoke to him about our being married.
Did he strike you favorably? ..   .
Well, not exactly favorably, but
rather accurately.—Judge.
What ls the difference between the
bark of a tree and the bark of a dog?
One Ib the bark ot a bough and the
other ls the bark ot a bow-wow.
Not so Cltvtr
A man Isn't as smart as he thinks
he Is.     Any time he manages to tool
a girl It Is because she wants to '>e
I bave written a short story, said
the amateur literary person.
What Ui the flrst step to take In
selling lt?     .
Buy {10 worth of stamps, advised
the old hand at the business.
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual
"Empire* Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting,
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
If You Have Failing
Have ynur eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
A, D, MORRISON J,,8W.8.S.8,,D
tonfc Jfarka &mt
■• iibllahed at Qrand Park., BrltUh Colurahl
...Editor end Pilhll.her
A Hie ol thi. paper oan be leen at the office
ot Maun. _. IJ. Hardy A Co., 3d. SI and 8-,
Fleet Street, K.C London. Borland, free of
. (large, and that Arm will be glad to receive
tubaorlLtion. und advertisement, on our bexall.
)tie Veat   .. S1.M
'Ine Year tin advanoel    l.(*t>
One Year, In United State.  I.M
Addrea. all communication, to
Thb Bvb-iihq Suh,
fHOSB B74 Qkasd Kobks, B.C
ing propensities on the com -
i inanity. The remarks leveled
• at The Sun may not be considered as complimentary by
the public, but we take them
in that light, becau.se we esteem it a greater honor to be
'Toasted* by the Gazette than
to lie recipient of its flattery.
Commepdation from that
! source means that the editor
' expects some favor or graft.
I The Gazette man speaks of
'journalism as glibly as if he
actually understood the meaning of the word. When he
turned political renegade in
order to become a participant
in the grafts from Victoria
and Ottawa, he virtually confessed his inability to remain
in the field of legitimate journalism. As for The Sun, it
has been published in Grand
Forks while the editor of the
Gazette has been wearing out
his welcome in half a dozen
villages. The Gazette man
reminds one of the fly in the
Most Important fcvents of
Past Week Told in Brief
Puess dispatches tell us
that this fine weather is worth
10,000,000 aaily, to the farmers ofthe north west. It may
be worth that sum, but with
our present contracted markets, the grain dealers and the
railway corporations will re^
ceive the greater portion of it.
There is something radically wrong with industrial
conditions when the price of
the farmer's products barely
remunerates him for his labor, and the cost of living
keeps on climbing higher.
In an article on tlie recent
fair in the last issue of our lo
cal contemporary, the editor
takes occasion to throw a few
remarks in the direction of
this office. As the fair is now
ancient history, it is enough
to say that the city had many
good fairs, with large gatherings of people from outside
districts, long before the editor of the Gazette inflicted
his narrow views and grasp-
What Gen. Sherman described as hell has broken out
between Turkey and the
Balkan states. Wealth and
property that it has-taken
centuries to accumulate will
now destroyed in a few
months, and thousands of human beings will be killed,
maimed or crippled for life.
This is called civilization. It
is licensed murder.
The term of the present
council is drawing to a close
and a mild form of moral reform has attacked the police
Don't be misled hy false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The-Sun, because it is read bv more
people tban any other paper printed
in tbe Boundary district.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, cimnneninl
and music brunches. EnihroidiTy,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
givpn special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Rmirds of the
London Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music,
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Horse-High and Pin*
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs.
Australia nnd New Zealand very
desirous of better trade relations with
Weather is worth 15,000,000 daily
to western farmers. Railways are
moving crop at top speed.
Four masked men .secure $10,000
in daring holdup of train on- Kansas
City Southern railway.
Increasing at the rate of $3,000,000
per month, Canada's revenue is larg
est on record for any half year.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier received with
great enthusiasim at Woodstock, Ont.;
attended four meetings and declared
that the government has no naval
Reports of engagements between
Bulgarians, Greeks and Turks received at London, but for most part
*ires from eastern capitals are ominously reticent.
Roosevelt denies charges of soliciting campaign contributions in sweeping manner before investigation committee.
District attorney in dynamite case
at Indianapolis reads extract from
cheque book to show that money was
paid out for the purpose of financing
the outrages.
Aviation meet in Germany closes
with the death of another aviator and
his mechanic.
War or peace between Turkey and
the Balkan states said to be in the
hands of Great Britain for'decision.
Both Wilson and Taft declare that
they are quite confident of election,
while neither concedes much to Roosevelt.
Women and children brutally mur
dered by Mexican rebels following ail'
nihilation of large baud of rnrale
Greeks from all parts of the Pacific
coast hurrying to San Francisco and
will leave soon for the scene of probable war.
Canadian Pacific, Canndian Northern and Grond Trunk Pacific issue answer to protests of Western provinces
regarding high rates-
John C. Davis, a Calgary real estate
operator, kills his wife, shoots and
pi'iib-ibly fatally wounds woman detective, and then takes own life in jealous fit.
Miss Dixon, victim of Calgary
shout ing, dies in hospital.
Wilson and Roosevelt exchange
personal attacks on each other in
Premier Asquith speaks on hone
rule hill, Ulsterites are misinformed,
but he has never underrated their opposition. I
Sir Wiifrid Laurier closes Ontario
tour nt Mound Forest, blaming C.P.R.
' 'melon cutting" on Borden gnvern-
iiic ut.
Attorney prosecuting alleged dynamiters at Indianapolis, declares labor
leaders received Christmas presents
for dynamite work.
In answer to protest of western
provinces against illegal discrimination, the CP.R. gives reasons why
rates should be lowered in the east.
Premier Andrew Fisher of Austra
lia says that the referendum to be
voted on in April would give the commonwealth protection, both industrial
and commercial
Death roll in powder explosion at
Tampico, Mexico, expected to total
more than one hundred.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, at Toronto, an-
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Go.,
The Kodak Dealers
P. BURNS <®> CO., "d.
(^Always  have on hand all the
Delicacies of the Season,
— including
Fresh-killed zjlrleats        Chickens        Ousters
Beef       i*yUutton        Pork        Veal
Finan Haddies Kippered Herring
Still at the Old Stand
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Sliver Kins and Silver Queen Mineral
claim., iltinitc In tho urmiil Fork. Mining
Division ol Yale District.
Where Located: On the Eut Fork ot the
North Fork ol Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Jacob M. Panlmn.
Free Milter's Certllleate No. S5818II, lor
myielf sod as mnt for Willlam.ll. Hoffman,
executor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will ol Catherine Hoffman, Free Miner'.
Certificate No. HJMIB. Intend, .llty day.
Irom dale hereol, to apply to the Mining
Recerder for a Get tlflcate of Improvement., lor
Ihe purpose of obtaining crown grant, ol the
■above riaima
And further take notice that action, undct
section ol, muat bo commenced before the iuu-
ance of auch Ccrttic.iee of Improvement
Dated thi. Ith day of -Iar. A.D UU.      ■
nounces   his readiness  for    another
"tustle" with the Tories.
Montenegro declares war against
Turkey, but hostilities from other
quarters expected hourly.
At a banquet at Sheffield Kt. Hon.
Winston Churchill is expected to announce Canada's naval policy,
A St. Petersburg dispatch states
that ten thousand Mongols have been
slain by Yuan Shi Kai's troops in
eastern Mongolia.
Prince Aragon hetained at Ellis
island us an undesirable, but Anally
permitted to enter United States.
Mystesy shrouds fate of crew of
unidentified vessel reported sunk in
Atlantic, following fire.
Hypnotist, gets HOW) dnmngrs
against mayor of Victoria for false
On defensive regarding freight
rates, C.P.R. claims that charges are
lower in Canada than in the United
Prince Peter, of Montenegro, fires
the first shot in the war against Tur
Schools of British Columbia will
observe Brock centenary
Highways association victimised to
tlie extent of 11000 by H. Maxwell
Koyal party see natural gas flame
at Lethbridge.
Rate-enquiry at Ottawa is ad
journed; argument will be resumed
early in November.
One man perishes in blizzard at
Lake Johnson, Saskatchewan.
First blood for Montenegro; Turkish commander and troops surrender.
Montenegrins said to have been repulsed at Berana.
Meets all the trains when not otherwise engaged.    Calls at all hotels,
also at private  residences  when  notified in person or by phbne,    For
business or pleasure.    Prices reasonable.
phone R127 GRAND FORKS, B. C.
BtnirlM Mineral Clitlm. situate In thi*
(irand Pork. Mining Dlvl.loti ol Y.I. Dl>-
Where located:  In Welllnatjn oamp.
TAKE NOTICK Hint 1. Jowpti Alfred Mlllor,
Free Mlnem' Certificate No. B4.786, ln-
tend, .Ixty daa. from the date hereof, tn npply to the Mlnlnir Recorder (or a Certificate
or Improvement, for the purpuee of obtaining a Ciouti t.rant of the e'wive claim.
And further uke notioe lhat action, under
.eotton 87, niuat be oommenoetl before the
laauiatioe of  .nob Certificate ol   Improvement..    -
Dated this Nth dar ot A pi II, A.D. 1912.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOBDhonol retime etery nerve lathe body
Soper I » 
re decay and all aeual
wc.koeu averted at eon.   Ptaoepbonel will
make vou a now man. Price 18. bo..or two
U. M.lled to any address. theleeVeUOl
Some business men ara so fond of
being deceived tbat tbey even endeavor to believe thst they cau reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingin The Sun.
■H V
guarantees the
'Kootenay' Steel Range
to be a perfect cooker
and baker as Veil as. a
durable range. We
also guarantee the
'Kootenay' to be a per-
manent investment. Call
and see it before you
decide on the
a range
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver.   Sold bjf
W.fl. Nicholls Elected President at Granby's Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Grim
by Consolidated Mining, Smelting
& Power company was held recently,
in New York, Reports for lbe fiscal
yi ar ended June 30, 1912, showed
a surplus of 22,516,121. Copper
to the amount of 13,331,121 pounds,
226,306 ounces of silver, and 33,932
ounces ot gold were Bold during the
years, The.. receipts from, tke e
metals were .12,874,759.
William H. Nicholls was -elected
president, to succeed G. M. Luther,
who retires on account of ill health.
Tbe other officers were reelected.
The stockholders voted to reduce
the number of directors from fifteen
to thirteen, and to amend the bylaws so that in future the salaries
of tbe officers will be determined by
the board, instead of tbe shareholders, as formerly. Thirteen members
of the old directorate were re-elected.
The retiring members are A. L.
White and Arthur James.
Jay P. Graves, vice-president,who
presided over the meeting, stated
that the company had had a bad
ytsr owing to the shutdown occa-.
sioiied by the coal miners'.strike at
Crow's Nest Pass, from which the
company secured its fuel supply. He
stated tbat conditions at Phoeni*
were as good as heretofore, an<) tbat
tbe company had put into Sight more
ore than it had expected during tbe
year. Regarding the Hidden Creek
properties, he said that five million
tons of ore bad heen developed to
date, whicb would yield about 46
pounds of copper to tbe ton of rock.
Tbis about twice the recovery that
is being made at the Phoenix mines.
The New Westminster Columbian
of rhe 3rd inst says:
A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr and Mrs
P. S. Quinn, 512 Fourth street, at 8
o'clock lust Tuesday evening, when
tbeir eldest daughter, Edna, was
united in marriage to Ralph Quinn,
of Vancouver. The house was beau
tifully ^.decorated with autumn
leaves, their profusion of color mak
ing a very pretty background for tbe
ight evening frocks.
The britie looked charming in her
white gown of anchor's satin trim
med with seed pearls, her pearl Ju
lie* cap adding tbe last touch of bri
liul dignity, while the bridesmaid
*a8 scarcely less attractive in bei
aiainty gown of sbell pink cascade
silk. The bride carried a shower
bouquet of white roses and lily of
valley, and the bridesmaid a sheaf
or pale pink carnations. Tbe little
flower girl, Jean Gilker, cousin of
the bride, was dainty in ber little
white frock, wbile the bride'
mother, close at hand, wore soft
grey poplin of becoming tones.
After the ceremony, which was
performed by Dr. Perry, of Vancou
ver, and tbe hearty congratulations
showered Upon the young couple, a
dainty lunch was served to the many
guests assembled.
.Lunch over, the young couple de
parted amid showers of good wishes
. sod confetti to catch the 11 o'clock
boat for Victoria. The bride's trav
eling dress Was shot blue broadcloth, and her hat of pretty light
tan. At Victoria and ai Seattle and
Portland tbey will spend a short
honeymoon, and will then take up
residence in Grand Forks.
An Irish.peasant was once nsked
whether he knew what an Irish
"bnll" was. "To be shure I do," he
replied. "If you was drivin' along a
high road and you saw three cows
lyin'  down   in a field and wan ov
thim's standing up—that wan is an
Irish bull!" j
When Sir Richard Steele, whoi
was born in Ireland, was asked by I
an English friend how it wbb that j
his countrymen were so addicted to
themakingof "bulls," he replied:
"It must be something in the atmosphere of the countiy. Probably
if an Englishman were born iu Ireland he would do the same!"
A gentleman,."peaking of a friend's
wife, regretted tbat she bad no children. "Ah," said an Irish doctor
who was in the company, "to have
no children is a great misfortune,
but I have noticed that it is beredi
tary in some families!"
At a Limerick police court a man
wbo was known to the police as an
habitual drunkard was brought up
on the old charge. "Ten shillings or
a fortnight," said the magistrate
•'Sure, yer honor, I've two shillings
in tbe world!" pleaded the man in
the dock. "Well, sir," said tiie
magistrate, "you must go tq__jji.il. h
you hadn't got drunk with yiitii
money you'd be able to pay tin
fine!" --
An Irjsh landlord,passing tliruiigli
a village, said to the loeal butcher,
'Well, Jim, how's trade?" "Had,
yer honor," said Jim. "The peopl>
nre so few and so poor tbat it's hard
pushed I im to dispose of a caroast-
before il gels tainted." "Why tin1
kill half a cow at a time?" sug
gested the squire.
In a description of an abnormal
shower of rain which appeared ii
an Irish newspaper tbe following
rare specimen occurred: "The heavi
drops of rain varied in sine from a
shilling to eighteenpence "
An Irish clergyman at the end ol
a sermon on grace, said: "Ah, tin
brethren, if there remains one spark
of grace, water it, water it!" He had
been in the habit of comparing
grace to a tender plant, and had got
his illustrations mixed.
Bridge Street,
Hot aad Cold Baiha
Blrat-G.au Bar, Fool
Baad llllard Room
la Coaaeclloa.
Emil Larsen,
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample book of the "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 has been received at Tbe
Sun office. Tbese cards proved
very popular last year. The designs thit. year are prettier than last
year. The pi ices range from tl per
dozen upwards.   Order early.
Doukhobor Commission Aftermath
The citizens of Grand Forks are trying to get rid of the Doukhobors residing in that district. It is alleged that the Doukhobors ilo not adopt the
customs of this country; that tliey harness their women to the plough, and
that tliey take spells of going about naked-—The Limit, Vancouver.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.    W. J. Meagher.
Newspaper Law
1 A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber dues nnt take his paper nut nf
the postoffice, anil state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
tlo so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments
2. If any per-nn orders his papei
discontinued he must pay all arrear
nges, or the publishers niiiv eontimi.
to send it ..until payments nro marte
nnd culled lhe whole amount whethei
the paper is taken from the olliee or
not. There can be no legal diseon
tinuanee until payment is made.
al. Any persam who takes a paper
iiut nf the postofliee, whether directed'
to his name or not, or whether be has
"subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
.tupped and the publisher continues tn
lend it, lbe subscriber is bound to
■ any fur it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 Thc courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from tbe post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
6oAnnSt., New York Clt jr.
AagUit if, i^Of.
Dear Sir;  I h»Te known (or over 40 yeart of t!»
effects of Wilmn'a Remedy [Wilson's PrtpwatiM
nonary trouble*.    At thu point 1 frill My to yon     m\fk%m»
what yon hava not before known of; that 4a years    lh_t
aioce, while I waa a resident of N.Y. City, I waa      ■ **§*
aererely Ul with lung trouble.   Physicians aaid I was
• consumptive and my family physician told my wif*
that be thought Xtould net rteevtr.   My attention
was directed io the Wilton Remedy, which I used
with splendid effect.   1 have been on my feet and at
work evir since tny curt.   Yours truly.
Pastor M. E.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
I he OHver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Please read the hendllue|over hkhIti.  Then it**
tremendous Rluulticuuce will inwu upon yuu
An Oliver Typewriter—the Htsiidanl visible
writer*-*-the most highly porU  ted typewrite!
i>n the market—yours for 17 eeiits    day!
The typewriter whose conquest of tlie com
merciul world Is a matter of hlstor/— yours fo
17 cents a day!
The typewriter thst is equipped with scores ol
such cuitvetllutieei. ab "The iinlaoce Shift""
"The RiiHii|fl>evic»."-,,The Dmible Relen-.e"-
■'The Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
Spacer"--"The Automatic Tabulator"—"The
—"Tlie Adjustable Ytk-
perFlugenr—"The &.i-
emifle Condensed Key
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
  We snounced   thli.
new sales plan rcceuily. just to feel tbe pulse of
the people. Simply a small cash paymeut--
then 17 cents ii day. That is ttie plan In a nutshell.
The result has been Mich a deluge of applications for machines tbat we are simply astounded.
Tbo demand comes from people of nil classes,
all ages, all occupations.
Tne majority ol Inquiries has come .rrnuF pen*
leof known dimtirUl siuuilluif who weie ai
tmctcd bv tlte uovolty of the prolate, 'on. An
impressive detuousiratlou of tho inin.ei.-e pup-
u.arlty of the < Hlver Typewriter
A stnrtlltiK noilRrmatlon "f our belief thai
the Era of Universal Typewriting U at hand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are  I;.»| JMney with
Oa Pec i, ion, Mr. Sagsr mots Mr. Abbott;
"My health is vtry good.''
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furnish vou any further
information you desire.
We cArt Series
c7Hide in England
$1.00 per Dozen and Upwards
Wxt SHankrfc
Christmas would not be the name
Without its greetings true,
Wishes sincere from tar and near,
From friends both old and new.
Order Early"
Sample Books at
The Sun Office
THB 8TANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It la national In all Ita
alms. v
It uses the most expensive engraving's, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
Independent. i
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 par year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Ce,  ,
Limited, Publishers.
The Standard Visible Writer
Tl.ut Is tin* biuili'or) today. Ae huve iiimlt
(tillOliver ■upreme In un-fiilne-saiia-l al-Milim-h
iiMll*-iii*u*'til>'e In itu-iufr-. Nuw 0O1UVI tin* onfl
<|i<i'M Of the liimia ,
I he simplicity mul -i r.'nulli ofthe Ollvflt tit tt
for mini!-   use.   It  |» livcoiillltS no  i < porta 111
I factor in tlm ihhiiu truiuiuif *«i .fiiiiiui \>u-.
An < iiiniiii-r n» well hi ii mtini*y iii'-U t
uuriiuwtelllDK plan pnti ihe nitver on tin
ilne-iH'M llf every home in Alio rim. Mill \M
BUrst Un- ■|.._M ui y.,i,r lixliu- ,i .i|||r.- nu <|,i- ri*
umrliriiilt' OHVtfl oil i?
Jl ule tor futinet tleUllsol nurviir-y otter and
Hfneeopj ot tlie in ,v Olivet eatahm.'   Atl' re«f-
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor TjiH'urli.'i HutlalniK.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.1
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
nistory, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, termin-
alogy, uses, statistic* and finances of
•op|ier. It. is a [iracical book, useful
ii all and necessary to most men en
,'aged in any branch of the enpnes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists aud describes 46'lfi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
tlle world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fads it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for tho
tacts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of ro
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens.
(Editor and Publisher,
453 Postofliee Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of tlie
best reading, Including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Annonncement for 1,12 end Sample
Copies of The yonth's Companion, Free.
NOTKiK la. Ia....-li niveau thai dForae I toil
lilial,.,' 'Iluiat li.-ll   .all,.,  -.011.   V. II   laax i
MS, On al   Faaalin, will npiilv tin n llrpi.pp In
I   lie allll   Ha.)'   a.ifl.   c'llti,.   f.,,,1   lur flfciiii'l aaf [
Ma>. r ,.i,i ... Nortli K ,rk Kpt Ip Itlvpr fro, U. j
nlaia-l. Haalan In a,  t,...,■!> ,||rr,.||,a„ llirolitrli
Lot -:,i;\ nml, nitiilni Int.. Ki-ltli' l;iv„r ia,-i»
lariinal Ka.'k-.  Tl,f water will he illvtrrtxl <i|>-1
lin-'ti-Ilie tnwntttfi  if   NiilL'iirn. uml   uilll'e
llaai-il faar If itffllai,n plirpn ,>. aaaa til," l.a   ai   alp- '
aaa-rll»p<! a* Kriilt l.ainil. ulxaiit 1.M ncraa.
Tlaifl til aii-i- aa,,..  imtitpat aan tin"  irraallllal   un
Hap Will ilny "f Msraih. I(u The -niillcntlmi I
Kill   Iip  IIIpiI In the .111 f tl.. \v„t,., It...
paaaatpr nl tnlrvlpw.
. Illijpa lia.iafl mny lap Illpal »ltll ll.p miiil .
Wntpr Rppairalpr nr Willi tlio I aal.ai.lri.llpr DaT
Waiter Ktaalala., I'aaaliiniiai.l Htlililjliirt., Vie- a
i.arin. II. i'.
fl.A.B, l'KI.I.
A|i|,  lin. il.
FREE to Jan. 1912
mOitf Uow Sulitcrib«r who cvta out
•nd Hod* thli 1110 (or montlom thb
nml with SI.75 lor iho 52 Imoiof
Tho Coapon-on for 1912 will rocalto
Al tho braot for Iho nmalohw
wooh> of 1911 froo, tocludtot lho
houtlhilHolidorNumboniolao >H
Tho Componlon'i Picluro OtlowUr
for 1912. lithorrnphed lo 12 colon
■nd cold (on ot mt copy hoinv Mnt lo
oarory one moking o gift tuUcription).
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woaka of 1912-.ll for tl.7S-your
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1. 1912. It wlU bo advanced to 12.
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SOOTHES tlu- CHILI., BOl-rBNS tht ovus.
It the licit remedy for U1AKRBC2A. It fl •*>
lolulely harmltsi. Ite sure and uk fot "Mm.
WulaVa Soothing Syrup," aad Uk* w *x**\
ktnd.  Tireoty.SveMnuahotUal.
Young men placed in positions as
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Clerks Just na fust as we can prepare
them. Hallway Officials endorse our
SyBtem because our instruction Is
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Courses. Write for Free Boole 19,
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The Pets
He—It's quite true that there are
microbes in kisses.
• She—Oh, tho sweet little darlings!
Murphy Agreed
For three solid hours the captain
had been lecturing his men on
duties ot a soldier, aud he thought
it was time to see-how much they had
understood of his discourse.
Casting Ills eyes round the room,
he fixed on Private Murphy aB his
lirst victim.
Why should a man fight for his
Private Murphy scratched his head
for a moment, and then a smile of
enlightment crossed his face.
Sure, captain, he said pleasantly,
you're quite right.     Why should he?
Advice to Expectant Mothers
Quarter and the Sick
Now, said the decorator to his
brand-new apprentice, you have finished your work for the week. But
tf you'll ttay and mind the shop for
a minute, whilst I go out, I'll give you
an extra quarter. Mind you don't
forget any messages or orders and be
Bure you clearly understand them.
The apprentice declared that he
clearly understood his master.
Twenty minutes later the master
came back, and demanded if anybody
had come In.
Yes, assented the apprentice. Nobody's been in except somebody as
wanted somebody to go somewhere'
sometime to do something. But I
told him In no time as on Saturday
afternoons there warn't not nobody
nowhere to do nothing nohow. He
said in that case he refused your acceptance of the Job he's not giving
you, 'cause he makes nothing of anyone who does anything anyhow, and
never gets nothing done when nevef
The apprentice got the quarter—;'
and was fired. .
Education's Triumph
Eddlcation, remarked Weary Willie
to his brother tramp, as they lay by
the side of a dusty hedge—eddlcation
Is rot. And he emphasized his remarks by uprooting an inoffensive
I—I ain't so sure, replied tho other.
I 'ave a hldea that we couldn't get
hon without It.
Bah! was the the terse reply. 1
never got nothing hout of goln' to
Dare say you didn't, answered W.
W. No. 2. But perhaps you didn't
go about it hin UV. right spirit?
Well, what did you get hout of it?
What did I get? Two coats, four-
hats, a stick, and eight umbrellas.
Eddlcation no good?     Rot!
An Oil That ls Famous.—Though
Canada was not the birthplace of
Dr, Thomas' Electric OU it ls the
home of the famous compound.
From here Its good name was spread
to Central and South America, the
West Indfes, Australia and New Zealand. That Is far afield enough to
test Its excellence, for In all these
countries it is on sale and in demand.
Cause and Effect
Travelling In the wild and wolly.
West, a gentleman entered a small
townstiip in order that he might make
the purchase of a watch and chain.
The shopkeeper was very pleased
to oblige, but as he wrapped up the
articles purchased he included with
them a fearBome-looklng revolver of
very respectable dimensions.
I say, observed the astonished traveller, what are you doing? I didn't
offer to buy a revolver.
The Watchmaker, puzzled in turn,
and thinking his customer must have
lost his sense and reason, replied:
But you have bought a gold watch.
If you are going to keep It in these
parts, you'll wtrSt the gun, too!
I bought a horse with a supposedly
Incurable ringbone for $30. Cured
him with SI.OO worth of MINARD'S
LINIMENT and sold him for $85.00.
Profit on Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phllllppe, Que.
The experience of Motherhood Is a trying one to most women and marks distinctly an epoch in thoir lives. Not one
woman in a hundred is prepared or understands how to properly care for herself. Of course nearly every woman
nowadays has medioal treatment at
such times, but many approach the
experience with an organism unfitted
for the trial of strength, and when It
Is over her system haa received a shock
from which it is hard to recover. Following right upon this comes the nervous strain of caring for the child, and
• distinct change in the mother results.
There is nothing more charming than
a happy and healthy mother of children,
and indeed child-birth under the right
conditions need be no hazard to health or
beauty. The unexplainablo thing is that,
with all the evidence of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an unprepared condition, and with ample tlmo
in which to prepare, women will persist
la going blindly to the trial
> Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, s most valuable tonic and Invig-
orator of the female organism,
1 In many homes
ones childless thero
are now children because oi the fact
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound make*
woman normal,
healthy and strong.
" If you want special advice writ* to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (co»«-
•tentlal) Lynn, Mass. Tour letter will
be opened, read ud answered by s
-s ind held In strict toaUence.
Too Frail to Last
So you've broken off your engagement with Mies Smarte? asked the
Inquisitive friend.
His victim shook his head.
No, he replied; I didn't break it off.
Oh, then she broke lt off?
No, answered the young man, enjoying his friend's growing wonder.
But lt Is broken off, Isn't it? per
sisted the curious one.
Oh, yes! explained the young man
gently She told me what her dressmaker's yearly bill was, and I told her
what my Income was. Then our engagement gently dissolved.
No child should be allowed to suffer an hour from worms when prompt
relief can be got In a simple but
strong remedy—Mother Graves'
Worm  Exterminator.
Cksaw Sodas
i '
Tbe MOONEY way means more biscuits, less home cooking:
Because MOONEY'S BISCUITS are fresh enough and appetizing
enough to take the place of the product of your own ov?n.   Fof the daily meat
you'll like ' •     , /
They're the crispest, creamiest, most delicious soda
biscuits ever produced and they're made in Winnipeg.  A Western biscuit for Western'people.
' In air-tight packages or sealed tins*
The   illustration  shows  one   of  the
many styles of body that we build for
our Light Delivery Car.
2212 Ti P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
**      .-
_l_l_Kv')!a_i_flR «!_______!____
Price of Car with above body lettered as you requite $1300.00
f.o.b. Clinton.   Get Catalogue andinformation from
Foiir-yi-rr-old  Harry  was spending
the day with his aunt,     Dinner was
late and ihe child began' to grow rest-
Aunty, he said Anally, does Ood
know everything?
Yes, dear, answered his aunt.
Every little thing? he persisted.
Yes, every little thing, was the reply.
Well, then, he said In a tone ot
conviction. Ood knows I'm hungry.
Public Baths
Motherly Hostess—Our modest establishment has only one bathroom,
so we all have to arrange when to
take our turn. What time would you
like to have your bath?
Nervoiiai Youth (who means well)—
Oh, your time is mine, Mrs. Brown.
I thought your father looked very
handsome with his gray hair.
Yes, dear old chap, I gave him
Post—Why did you dismiss your
glorious cook? ,
Parker—lt was the only way to
get our guests to go home.—Llp_pln-
W. N. U. 913
A Wise Precaution
The day before she was to be mar
rled, the old negro servant came to
her mistress and entrusted her savings ln her keeping.. Why should
I keep lt; I thought you were going
to be married, said.her mistress.
So I Is, Missus, but do you 'spose
I'd keep all dis money ln the house
wid that strange nigger
Woman—I've lost a little boy, policeman.
Bobby-What's he like?
Woman (displaying a patch)—Well
he's a patch on his trousers like this.
ft   PILLS
O4 *\w.-, .-•./
.    -        Well Stated
You don't avoid hot weather by going away from home.
No, replied Miss Cayenne, but it's
better to be among strangers, where
the formalities prevent giving way to
the irrltatlonsof climate.
Prosecuting Attorney—Your honor,
the bull pup bas gone and chawed up
the court Bible.
Judge—Well, make the witness kiss
the bull pup, then. We can't adjourn court for a week Just to hunt
up a new Bible,
Minard's Liniment Curs* Diphtheria.
She Is very liberal ln her charities,
said one woman.
Yes, answered the other, liberal,
but not always, practical. For instance she wanted to send alarm
clocks to Africa to aid sufferers from
the sleeping sickness. — McCal l's
- i
Doctor—I see what the matter is.
It's dyspepsia. All you have to do
ls to laugh heartily before and after
each meal.
Mrs. Blnk—Impossible. I cook
them myself and wash the dishes
Chance for Heroism
Adorer (anxiously)—What 81d your
father say?
Sweet Girl—Oh, he got so angry
I was afraid to stay and listen. He's
In a. perfectly terrible rage. Oo ln
and appease him.
Ah, Yes, Too True
I can't understand why you wish
to lavish your affection on a dog. Why
don't you adopt a child?
Oh, I should be afraid to become
fond of a child. If It should die one
couldn't have tt stuffed and put In
a corner of the library, you know.
Vicar— The most wonderful organ
I ever saw was the property of a private gentleman. It had nearly .a
hundred stops.
Sexton—Um! The most remarkable organ I ever heard Is my old
woman's tongue. It ain't got no
stops at all.
18o a Tin.
Doat'l tot IMS .""I SO* »IU • ««IslMIe*
mar <• in ouoiiial .*- sssr hand
OLUK-m. WUI nxxmi trnrn mt lUlm
. X
1 Tom Archer:
: A Man Wbo Was Too Proud: 1
to Accept a Favor
Tbere Sre a great many Inconsistences In life, aud one of the strangest ot
tbese Is the acceptance of money favors between trionds. A person will
scorn to accept f 10, $100 or even II,-
000 from a friend, ftr it may be a
brother, yet In a matter of a legacy
ba will rob a dead man's children not
yet out of tlie nursery.
I have sought for the csuss of tbls
human Idiosyncrasy The only con
elusion I bave been stale to reach ta
tbnt It Is due almost entirely to pride,
usually a mistaken pride, and as often
to sensitiveness. Indeed, It la tbe re
suit of both. The most abnormal case
of It that has ever come to my know!
edge was that of Tom Archer. Tom'
and I were chuins as schoolboys, and
at that time be appeared to be my su
lierlor in everything. He waa a better
scholar, better at games, more popular
both with noys and girls and stood
blgner ss un nil around fellow.     '
Tom and I went to college together,
but I didn't stay there very long.   M»
books didn't plesse me, and I was not
strong enough to take part lo alb
Idles. I was caught lo a prank tbat
was nnt only silly, but reprehensible,
add was expelled. Wben I went
borne to my fnther ne said to me:
"I'm sorry for this, my boy, becanse
yon'll bare to take a back sest In the
Kjorld on account of It There's your
friend, Tom Archer. I wish for yonr
sake yon bad taken the stand be Is
occupying. Wbeojoo botb come to
the prime of life you will tnd blm
honored snd respected, while yon will
be passed over for a very ordinary
person. I'm not saying tbla to yoo aa
a punishment, bot as a matter of regret for us both."
1 hsve never forgotten a word ot
this prediction, wblcn sank upon me
like lead. My father secured a position tor me as a clerk tn a mercantile bouse, bot I wrote e poor band,
conld oot spell correctly and made mis.
takes. The bead ot the arm dis-
cbsrged me, but I begged him to let me
see wbat I could do outaide-that Is,
In working op trade. He consented
•nd I started In again.
Twenty yeara bare passed since
then. Tbe concern In wblcb I was employed hss grown enormously, snd I
Dove grown with tt Indeed, I am now
Ita principal owner and Ita manager,
i don't exactly know wby I was advanced sbove hundreds of others, bot
1 suppose I must hsve possessed those
instincts thst make the business man.
Uut this Is another question. Wbat 1
am going to Illustrate Is thnt sensitive
pride, whicb will lesd a mnn to decline-,
a gift from a friend, and try to legally
thwart the Intentions of a man In tbe
disposition of nis property tbst be
nay enjoy It blmselL
One day a seedy looking individual
eame Into my office and, Ignoring tbt
boy who advanced to ask whom -ps
Wished fo see, passed through the
ipc-nlng in the rail, and, walking
straight up to my desk, put out bis
hand.   I looked at blm, puzzled.
"You don't know me, do you?" be
"1 confess Ibat jou bare the advantage of me."
. "I'm lorn Archer."
1 bad become trained la tbst dissim.
•Istlon wblcb tbe world requires and
■neceeded la concealing the shock I
experienced it seeing my old chum In
web a plight Uut when I grasped his
band wltb a sbow of tbe o.d friendship
I was enacting t lie. All bad changed.
Uo bad goue uown-verr tar down-
end I bsd gone, in a practical point ot
view, very far up. Huth ot os tried
to emu-nil a recognition ot this reversal
ot oui positrons and botb failed.
. I_ong before Tom left me I realized
tbnt .he was not only ragged, but bun*
gry. and yet tliere stood between me
and him, so far as my helping blm was
concerned, our youth. In which I bad
been his Inferior. The price of a meal,
a snlt of clothes, Indeed, a year'e Income for bim, was to me a mere bagatelle, buf how could 1 offer money to
one who bad led me In everything a
score of years before? Wbat I did was
to take bis address aid trust to my
Ingenuity tp Hnd a way of getting Over
the obstacle.
Tbe next day I Inclosed a check
for 1100 tn a note, mentionim; some fa*
vor he had done me wben we were
boys together and further stating that
after all luck was the on y cause ot
success, and I bad been lucky. 1 also
claimed tbnt It doubtless give me more
pleasure to give htm aid and comfort
tban he experienced In receiving tbe
same. I served the dish as delicately
as possible, but the poor fellow conld
not swallow It He sent bnck the
check, stating that bis III success waa
hla. own fault, and be would not re-
enact himself If he accepted cbarltv
even from an old friend. He bad made
his bed and be would He ln It
I respected bib for Ills refusal, and
yet I could not but consider It stupid.
I had once offered a mnn help when
he had met wltb n misfortune In business who had accepted Ihe offer, recovered himself and by a bit of sharp
practice taken from me three times
the amount I hnd loaned him.
One morning a woman came Into my
office and asked If 1 knew Mr. Thomas
Archer. I acknowledged the acquaintance, and she'told me thst sbe had
gone Into a speculation with him In
which she hnd furnished the cnpltnl-
1500-and It had been sunk. Sbe did
not blame Mr. Archer; be had been
bonest In tbe matter, but a lawyer bad
told ber tbat she might proceed criminally against him. She was uncertain
what to do.
1 asked ber tf she wonld tske balf ol
her claim against my old* friend. 8b<
ssld she would, and on ber assignment
of It to me I gave ber the money. 1
desired to spsre my unfertunste friend
pain, but 1 waa mean enough to cnt
tbe pool1 woman down to balf ber loss.
1 suppose I sbould bars been ashamed
of myself, bnt I wasn't I had the cut
ting down faculty .that we successful
business men usually possess.
Not long after this Archer dropped
In to see me and Incidentally mention
ed that he bsd a scheme on band by
wblcb he expected to make a fortune.
I was very glad to hear It but turned
the eubject fearing he.might smotbel
his pride so far as io ask me to furnish
the necessary capital. I would hare
loved to eupply his wants, even give
blm luxuries, but 1 did not wish to Invest In bis schemes.
It wss not difficult to bead of so
sensitive a man, but In a few days,
having gathered bis courage, be camt
back and asked me If I would consider
00 per cent of tbe profits of the schemt
sufficient reimbursement for the capital necessary to develop It I told him
that I knew a man who did that sort
ot thing and gave him bis address. Hi
went off, mucb encouraged, to And tbs
otber msn.
Whether poor Toro later came to see
through my artifice 1 don't know, but
be never agatn hinted at giving me tht
lion's share of tbe profits of any
. One spring, being very mucb ran
down, I desired to go for a few
montha' trip. The only reason for my
not doing so was that I did not care to
go alone nnd knew of no one who
wonld go with me. I thought of Tom
and wrote him a line saying that I wai
III and perbapa my life depended upon
my taking nu outing. If be would go
with me, 1 paying his expenses, hi
might save me. He replied tbat noth
Ing would give blm greater Joy tban
to tbue accommodate bis dear old
chum, but be was at the time much In
terested ln a patent self Oiling coal
scuttle In which others bsd advanced
tbe necessary capital, and be conld nol
leave the enterprise without acting die
honorably toward tbem.
I was much disappointed. At thi
some time 1 knew tbat bis pstent scuttle was but another nnme for bis sensitive pride whicb forbade blm traveling
wltb me at my expense. I could not
but respect blm for bis independence,
bnt I regretted that it 'deprived me ot
Us assistance In recovering my health
It was quite awhile beforo I heard
anything more of Arcber, and then I
received notice of bis death. Ue had
died In a boarding bouse In I distant
city, nis landlady bad beeu very
kind to blm. On tbe day ot bis death
sbe wrote me that be had often spoken
to Her of me and our mutual friend
sblp. I Immediately telegraphed her
to draw oo me for fuuds wltb whicb
to pay doctors' bills, funeral expenses
and any amount Arcber mlgbt owe her
for board. Bhe drew on me, but only
ror IIOO. I felt sure thst thli would
not set matters right and sent a check
for i hundred more.
It was returned wltb ■ note saying
thnt It was unnecessary.
About a yenr after this wben walk*
Inn alone a street I saw a man com
ing woo looked very nn my mend
Archer and Jost as seedy. I thought
be started on seeing me, and be turned
down a-slde street Curious about tbe
matter I followed blm and soon was
convinced that'be was trying to get
away from, me. I caught him; he
turned to face me, and when our eyes
met I law tbe most agonised expression I bsve ever seen on any man's
face.  He was my old friend Tom.
I saw It alL He conld not conquer
his pride, but he could resort to tbe
most tngenlons expedients to enable
me to keep him from starving. I put
my arm through bli and led blm to a
restaurant where I called for a feast
and a quart ot champagne. After 1
bad ailed blm op I said:
"Thli confounded nonsense has been
going on long enough. 1 bave decided
to leave yon tbe Income on (25,000 aa
long as you live to begin from today,
ton-will either accept It or I sball pro-
Med against you criminally for obtaining money under false pretenses. Take
yonr choice."
Hs'cbose the annuity. It lifted Mm
ont of hla abnormal condition, and I
take more pleasure today In his com*
panlonsblf tban tbat ot any other lie
lug maa
The Rapes Are Selected Fer Strength,
Flexibility and Lightness.
The ropes used by Alpine climbers
Is of special manufacture, combining
as far as possible the differing qualities of strength, flexibility find light
Three qualities are In general use,
being made from sisal, Italian and
Manila hemps respectively, sud occasionally, wben cost ls not a consideration, of silk. The latter, though very
light and strong, ts aot so durable as
tbe others. Tbnt which finds most favor among British mountaineers ts
known ss Buckingham's Alpine rope.
It Is made of the best Manila hemp.
In the year 1804, Mr. McLetah recalls, a committee of the Alpine club
made tests upou a number of ropes
suitable for mountaineering. Ot tbe
two that were approved one was made
of Italian hemp and tbe otber of Ma-
Devonshire's Rolling Slopes Are a
Wilderness In Winter.
Tbe western quarter ot England has
s set of literary associations second to
no other district, not even the far
famed lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland,' The "Qulller-Coucb country," wblcb Is Cornwall; tbe "Black-
more country," which Is North Devon;
tbe "Kingsley country," which Is all
Devonshire, snd tbe "Hardy country,"
which Is Dorset will be found underrated rather than overrated In beauty
and Interest, wblcb are greatly Increased by tbelr associations wltb
"Lorna Dooiie" or "Tess of tbe d'Ur*
The two great Devonshire towne
Exmoor snd Dartmoor are particularly beautiful and offer a happy bunting
ground to tbe artist lt seems strange
that spaces of sucb wildness exist
within the restrained and highly cultivated boundaries of southern Eng*
land. The casual visitor would find
It difficult to believe tbat on tbese
splendid rolling slopes, purple wtth
beatber In August, people go astray
and dlo ot starvation every winter.
No visitor to England can afford to
miss a visit to Devonshire, wblcb
around May especially ls one of tbe
most beautiful bits of country tn Europe.—Exchange.
Thackeray and Cenan Doyle Beth
Faund Themselves Forestalled,
How strange are Uterary coincidences occasionally ls Illustrated tn the
case of Thackeray snd Dumns. 'i hack-
eray snys: "I came nesr writing a book
on the same subject, *Les Trols Mous-
qnetalrcs,' and taking M. d'Artagnan
for'my hero. D'Artagnan wns a real
character of the age of Louis XIV. and
wrote his own memoirs. I remember
picking up a dingy copy of them on an
old bookstall In London, price sixpence, dud Intended to make something of It But Dumas got ahead of
mo.   He snaps up everything.'*
A coincidence quite aa remarkable
_„._ „„„ , ,      occurred with Sir Conan Doyle for cen.
nni~They"both had a"bresk"lngstrafn j trsl flgure. He learned while spending
■ - ■ a holiday In a mountain Inn In Switzerland that during tbe winter months
for some reason two men remained In
occupation. For four or Ave months
they were Isolated from the rest of the
world. Suppose one of tbem went mad
or committed suicide or- The possibilities were eudless. Ho forthwith determined to embody tbo Idea ln a atory.
On bis wny borne ha.happened to pick
op a book of tales by Maupassant
Tbere, In It, nnder the title "L'Au-
berge," he found himself forestalled In
every particular.
ot two tons and abstained the welgbt
of a twelve stone mnn after falling
from a height of ten feet^
Nonmonntalneera have sometime!
considered this Insufficient, but It Is
highly problematical whether the human anatomy could survive the sudden compression ot a thin rope arising
from any greater falL—Pry'i Mnga-
Help With • String te It
In an office on upper Wall street
where they mnke a specialty of the
"coppers," a cousin ot the bead ot the
Arm, after several bad "breaks," found
bis balance reduced to a very low tears The Wall street man felt bad
about It and offered to take tbe account In hand himself, the relative naturally agreeing. The first transaction
was the short sale of a lot of Bending.
Before 8 o'clock that day the stock
bad Jumped up six points and tho account was wiped out
It reminds one of wbat happened on
an Enst river ferryboat the otber day j
when a passenger fell overboard.  The j
msn was strong and well able to swim
-that Is, be was well able to. swim 1 Bu the members have to make a com-
until a well meaning but excited deck   plete circuit of tbe dining table beforo
An Old Linden Dining Club.
An old Loudon dlrilng club, the Dilettanti, was founded In 1733. This at
one time was an extremely wealthy
club, for, In addition to their subscription, members had to pay a fine wben
any money wns bequeathed them. In
1700 tbe Dilettanti had £10,000 tn band.
Soon after Its foundation Horace Wai-
polo wrote that "the qunllBcatlon for
tbe Dilettanti ls hnrlng been In Italy
and the real one being drunk." It has
grown respectable wltb yenrs, but even
now, wben a new member Is balloted,
hand threw a twenty pound life belt
down on the top of bis heed-Puck.
Tailors ee Literary Men.
One docs not look for literary men
among tailors, but none the less tbe
trade can claim some Illustrious names.
John Stow, the antiquary and author
-of tbe "Survey of London," for Instance, began life ns a tailor, and another famous tailoring antiquary was
John Speed, one of England's early
placing the ball ln the box.. And a
rule still survives tbat "every member
who shall produce on tbe table a dlsb
of tea or coffee must pay Into tbe general fund a guinea for every auch
drink—London Spectator.
St. Paul's, London.
London's great downtown cathedral,
between Fleet street and Cheapslde.
stands like a huge rock fair amid the
„, „,,„„, „.._. „ „.„     sens of traffic that wasb up Ludgste
map makers snd member of the So- ] bill from the Strand and on the east
clety of Antiquaries. And tben tber* to the Bank of Englnnd; different from
waa Robert Hill, "tho lenrneV tailor" of tbe Abbey, which stands remote at
Birmingham, who contrived to teach Westminster. St Paul's was rebuilt
himself Greek nud Hebrew snd became by Sir Cbrlstopber Wren after the
famous as s writer of theological trea* i great Ore of 1000. It Is 510 feet long
tlses. And Oeorge Meredith was born - and 210 feet wldo; took twenty-two
over a tailor's shop.-Loudon Globe. years to build until tbe time of open-
  Ing and thirteen yenre more for com-
Smart Little Frock
Of    White    Linen.
urna. aoir n acssiA* irrxor.
The very strong contrast of the black
patent leather belt and tbe cerise bow
at the throat of this wblte linen frock
Is very Parisian nnd chic.
The frock ls exceedingly simply, bot
Is made distinctive by Ite effective trimmings, lt Is made on tbe Russian
order, snd the arrangement of tbe tiny
ball buttons with their crochet loops Is
very unique.
Tl»e wblte socks are worn witb childish buttoucd strap slippers of patent
Ironing Helps.
In dampening clothes for Ironing It Is
well to use a wblsk or oue of the regular clothes sprinklers wblcb are made
for this special purpose.
Sprinkle one piece at a time, spreed-
Ing It out smooth before sprinkling,
and roll It up tightly.
Always wipe Irons off carefully before using tbem. Wben not In service
tbsy should not be allowed to stand on
the back ot tbo stove, but should bavt
a place, on a shelf or dry closet
Always bate a steady Ore wben Ironing. Add a little fuel at a time, so tbst
tbe heat may never be deadened.
If a large pan Is turned over tbe Irone
they will retain their beat more perfectly.
Irons must be much hotter for starched pieces than for flannels. For tbe
letter tbey must barely bins nnder the
touch of a wet flnger.
Alwaya brush off tbe stove clean before Ironing and never hnve foods frying when Ironing Is being done.
It Is well to bare a separate Ironing
sbeet to be pinned around tbe hoard
when Ironing and removed whet, tha
board la put away.
Never use sn Ironing sheet thst Is
badly scorched, for It will stain the
Iron the more difficult pieces flrst and
the simpler ones later.
Placing Himself.
A man wbo was much In need of
sleep rolled out of bed during tbe night
The Jnr did not awake blm thoroughly,
and hla hand wandered In exploration.
It encountered the mesh ot some protruding springs and a sturdy Iron corner post "In Jail st Inst" be murmured as be went off Into soother deep
pletlon. 8t Paul's Is the tomb ot
mnny grent men. Over the north door
ts the Inscription, "Lector el monn-
montum roqiilris. clrciimsplce." "Render, If you seek tbls monument, look
about you."
Apren Fer the U? te Date Meld.
Mucb prettier aprons aro worn by
parlor maid and waitress tbsn used to
be tbe rule.   This apron of fine dotted swlss, with band! of embroidery
The Beeeball Courtship.
"How do I stand  with you,
girl." Inquired the ardent fan.
"You bare a percentage ot about .786
Just now," answered tbe lady fan, "and
lend tbe league."
"I'm glad to hear that I was afraid
I was ln tbe second dlvls.on."-Kansiis.
City Journal.
Willing te Be One..
"Whntl" begnn tbe fnther explosive,
ly. "Vou wont to ronrry my daughter!
Vou, who haven't s penny on enrtbl
Tou, wbo sren't worth s picayune!
Vou! Sir. let me ssk you this: Don't
you know tbnt my daughter Is accustomed to all the luxuries of wealth?"
"Y-yes, sir," replied the snltor, miserably. "But nln't I one of *emf-
Clcvclund Plain Dealer.
The Burmese Mile.
The Burmese mile, wblcb is equal to
two English miles, is described by •
word meaning "to sit," being the die*
tance that a man walks beiore be co*
■Met* It necessary to ait dowc '
Mssn Thing.
"No," Said Mlss.Pnsssy, "I don't llki
(he photos Kamrer mnde for me. They
mnke mc look like a womnn of forty."
"Well," replied Mla'i l'epprey, "yon
■hould have told him not to toucb them
up If you didn't wnnt Ihem to look so
roulhfuir-rblladelnlils Press.
ind wide hemmed strings st the back,
Is botb coquettish and correct over
black mohair gown douued la tbt
Grisnwlch Time.
Greenwich mean time ls ths standard for the railways ol France, Bel-
glum. Boein and Portugal, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORES,   B. C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest., No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
At tbe meeting of tlie Oraiul
Forks Poultry association, held last
Friday night, A. 8, McKim was
elected director of the British Columbia Poultry asKociation, to succeed J. A. McCallum, whose term
will expire March SOtb next.
Theo. Biner is installing a hot
water heating plant in the Colin
hotel. He will hare in completed
a week hence.
Work was started tbis week on
lie concrete foundation of H. C.
Kerman's new brick block on
Bridge street. E. Jacobson has
been awarded the contract for tbe
construction of the building. It is
not probable tbat enough workmen
can be obtained to complete it tbis
James Blake, C.P.R. engineer,
started work this week on his new
cottage near the Hotel Pacific in the
West end.
The school trustees expect to have
tbe new addition to tbe public
school building ready for occupancy
after the Christmas holidays.
Ore shipments from tbe Belcher
mine, in Ferry county, Washington, now average two carloads per
day. An increase of tbe copper
value is being found in the ore as
depth is attained. The gold contents ranges from tl to $1.50, and
and tbe silver from SO cents to 11.
The North Washington Power &
TAKE NOTICE that by virtue of a'
Warrant of Execution issued out of
the Supreme Court of British Columbia, between The Brunette Sawmill
Company, Limited, and The Orand
Forks Fruit and Nursery Company,
Limited, directing the Sheriff ot the
Grand Forks and Greenwood Electoral
Districts, in the County of Yale, to
make of the goods and chattels of the
above defendants, The Grand Fork-
Fruit and Nursery Company, Limited, the sum of (756 50 and costs, I
have taken in execution and will
nlier for sale on Monday, the 21st
day of Oetober, 1912, at 2 p.m., at
my office in the Government Building
iu the City of Qrand Forks, all the
nursery stock and chattels of the defendants.
The chattels consist of one team of
horses, 2 wagons, drop harrow, 2
plows. 2 cultivators, harrows, harness,
buggy, and-a lot of small tools and
The nursery stock is on the Lawrence ana Newhy ranches near the
City of Orand Forks, and can lie seen
at any time, also further particulars
can be obtained, by applying to me.
Terms of sale caah.
Dated at Orand Forks this 28th of
September, 1912.
Reduction company, of Republic,
last week shipped lo Spokane a bur j
of gold-silver bullion weighing 189]
pounds, with an estimated value of I
$7,500. This was the fourth partial j
clean-up. It represented a few weeks
run of ores from the Surprise mine.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Sboe Hospital, Bridge
street, Orand Forks.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 532,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 16,052,
500 pounds.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for tbe
vear to date:
Granby 25,458      922,315
Mother Lode  6,682     360,092
Rawhide  5,181     176,770
Jackpot        12,230
AthelBtan  340
Emma  4,900
Napoleon      268 7,686
Belcher      460 460
Lone Star  2,022
Others        55       10,855
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 25,530     974,200
B.C. Copper Co... 12,290     503,807
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Hansen Sf Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
OVKK E. Kfi6
Han-sk.n'h Rkbidbkcb, B88 ■
^fe Shoe Shop ,-
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
PUONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuttS  tO  Order   118  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokahu, Oot. II—The follow
ing arc today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       5.25     5.76
Kev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, af
ter suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
remedy for CONSUMPTION, A8TH-
ung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
tl'iihllthed Annually)
(.liable- Under, throughout the world to
communicate direct with Ktigll,1,
Ineaeholaiiof coodn. Betides being n- cum-
plete commercial guide to London aud its
suburbs, the dlreactorja contalui Hats of
with the Gooda tiny ihlp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market! they supply;
arranged under the Porta to which they ull,
and Indicating the approximate Sailing!;
of leading Manufacturer!, Merchant!, etc., In
the principal provincial townaand Induatrlal
centre! ol the United Kingdom.
A copy ot the current edition wilt be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Poital
Order for 20* •.
Dealen necking Agenelei can advertise
their trade card! ior il. or larger advertlie-
menu from £3.
26, Abohuroh Lane, London, E.G.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yobk, Oot. 11.—Silver 6I>;
standard copper, tl7.25@l7.fid
weak. ,
London, Oct. 11.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10a.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement",
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
i Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circular* and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
_n_n__n_r\ PDii^TTOfi-tl,e kin<l we do~i8 in
VlWl/ riULHIUVI   an advertisement, and  i
order will convince you that our stook and workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on  vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction. '
JElp ftttt print Stop
Grand Forks Transfer
.PHONB 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   S Clayton, Prop*.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
kavanagh & McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freth (-onilffntnenl ol
Received Wcikly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Razor HmittiK a 9peola£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dook North or Oranby Hotki..
Fibst Struct.
oven eo vcaiw
1 Meant eiktttk tatSmsntxXttm w
      pur opinion freowhether ao
blr ]Mlei>JA_H_-^_Poai_. anlflt-
iioM«,K«ir««>i<i«iitl^MlOSM« on r«
sent froo, Oldest aiencr
~ --TJMM
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator!never talli. Thet*
pills nn exceedingly nowerlul In regulating the
raieratlve portion ol the female system. Retuse
ill cheep lmltetlone. Dr. ** »•••• art sold at
15 « box, or three lor 110. Mailed to any address.
tke teobell Diet Co., It. oatharlaoe, OaS,


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