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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 26, 1912

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 •tttv 5TTV ni> AAir» VHPtts. ^y.ITTQTT COTJTTVrRTA.
Wiles of Slave Traders Nullified By
Watchfulness of British Agents
Late one afternoon a large- canoe
from up-rive:* came slowly alongside
and made fast. In It were a man, a
woman, a lad, and a small child.
The man and the laa were working
the canoe, and as they enme up, the
man shouted some order lo thc lad at
the stern. He repeated It mure than
once, and the lad at each repetition,
started some new aet. It struck ni,.
as curious thut the lad failed to understand what wan said to htm.
I recognized thc language ln which
tiie man spoke ns being Ntipe, ami that
ihe woaiai! was ills wife, the mother of
the lai! and of the wee girl.
As neither he nor Ills wife could
make nny sort of conversation with
either of the children, (bough thes-
talked freely one lo Ihe other, it waa
reasonably clear that ths claim to he
their parents vas to lac accepted in
the Pickwickian sense only.
My own Interpreter, a worthy fellow with command of Beyeu languages,
could do nothing with them. Amateur
Interpreters, speaking all manner of
curious dialects, tried, without success, lo interest the "plkhlns."
Ultimately, a woman was fouii'1 In
the native town who was able to
talk their language, and then all was
plain sailing. They came from a pagan district a couple of hundred miles
or more above Kama, had been sold
for three bags of corn to the eanoe-man
and his wife throe weeks before wc
Later on, they were returned to
tlielr people. -Ere that, they appeared
ki court to testify against their purchasers. These were convicted, and
are at this present time engaged in
building operations on his Majesty's
behalf at no great distance from
Rama.—From "Catching Slave-Trailers In Nigeria," In the "Worms
Norway's Amazing Army
One of the most fascinating military
sights In the world Is to watch
Norwegian Infantry, mounted on skis
travelling and manoeuvring. Even
with rifle and full mai'cnlngklt on his
hack, a Norwegian soldier, when
equipped with his snowshoes, can travel at thirty miles an hour on a
slight grade, nnd even on level ground
he can cover from fifteen to twenty
miles an hour. The skis used by the
Norwegian soldier consist of uat pieces
of wood 8 feet lo 12 feet long, and *>&
Inches to 6 Inches wide. Thc Norwegian Infantryman Is trained from cium-
hood in the used ot skis, and his skill
Is such that lie can guide ln nnd out
of trees without a crackle to betray
his whereabouts.
When innrching orders aro sounded
the leader swings out nnd keeps up a
hot pace. Once ln sight of a supposed
enemy a pile of snow is quickly scooped up, and ensconced behind'this simple but effective protection the ski-
man can take pot-shots at the foe.
During some recent manoeuvres, in
which 10,000 Infantrymen participated,
the value of skis as an adjunct in warfare was clearly demonstrated. Over
roads piled so high with snow that
cavalry would have been unable to
make any progress whatever, the Infantry, mouuteiTon skis, covered from
twenty to thirty miles an hour without
mishap of any kind. Of course, it
would be' practically impossible in
most Instances for the artillery, with
their lieavy guns, to follow the infantry over the snowclad roads and pass-
' es, but for skirmishing and scouting
ski-running soldiers are extremely val-
"Now," said the school-teacher during reading lessons, glancing round
the class, "can ony of you tell me
wbat is the meaning of 'divers   di-
"Please, sir," said Tommy, wit,, superb coiffidence, 'divers diseases Is
water on the brain."
-.--- AND -
Scott's Emulsion
are the
Two Great Creators
of Energy
Energy means power—
powtr to work, to think,
to throw off and keep
off disease.
Get all the sunshine
you can, and take
Scott's Emulsion
regularly. It will give
you strength, flesh and
Be earn to get SCOTTS--
It'e the Standard and aheay*
the beet.
am. DauocisTa
W. N. U.
They Keep the
whole system
in the pink of
Their singular curative properties discovered by an Indiai)
tribe—introduced toclvllization
nearly a century ago—compounded since 1857 in the
Comstock Laboratorlei at
Brockville, Ontario.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills
Jiave a remarkable record (of
consistently curing consllpa-
purifying the blood, banishing
headaches and clearing the
ai       skin. 25c. a box everywhere.
Russia's Wealth In Her Churches
St. Petersburg, ns well as Moscow,
has some cathedrals which are marvels of ecclesiastical architecture. St
Isaac's Cathedral, for instance, in thy
centre of the city, cost 24,000,000 rubles, or $2,000,000.
Scores and scores of Immense Marble pillars adorn Its four equal sides,
while several of tho beautiful green
malachite columns within are worth
a king's ransom. It is said that in the
golden domes of St. Isaac's nnd the
jewels within Hussla has a "war
chest' thnt would defend her from
her enemies for many n month if she
snould need the gold.—Christian Herald.
The Harn..!iS Ivy
The impression that ivy is harmful
to walls of stone or brick has been
removed by tlie testimony of a large
number of German architects, builders', foresters, and master gardeners.
These trained observers agree that
Ivy has no tendency to make the
walls damp. They maintain, In fact,
that the clinging tendrils of the
plant extract and absorb nny existing
moisture, nnd that the thick leaves
protect the walls from tbo action of
the weather Furthermore, they And
no evidence that the Ivy roots effect
the foundations of stone structures
Rtal Meaning of "At Half Mast"
Perhaps you have noticed that
whenever a prominent pei'Eon dies, especially If he Is connected wth the
government, the flags on public buildings are hoisted only part of thc way
up. This Is called half mast. Did
you ever stop to think what connection there could bc between a flag tha*
was not properly hoisted and the
death of a great man?
Ever sinee Die time flags were used In
war lt has been the custom to have the
flag of the superior or conquering nation abovo that of tin inferior or vanquished. When an army found itself
hopelessly beaten lt hauled its flag
dowu far enougn for the flag of the
victors to be placed -above It on thc
same pole. This was u token not only
of submission, but of respect.
In those days when a famous soldier died flags were lowered out of
respect to his memory. The custom
long ago passed from purely military
usage to public life of all kinds, the
flag flying at half mast being a sign
that the dead man waB worthy of universal respect. The space left above
it Is for the flag of tbe great conqueror
of all, the Angel of Death.—New York
Interesting  Discovery of  Stone  And
Flint Relics Tells of Saskatchewan's Early Days.
W. E. II. Stokes, of the Provincial
Civil Service, recently spent a vacation at Whltewood, where he secured
some interesting relics, which have
been presented by their finders
through him to the museum at the
parliament buildings.
Enillc Renou.lt, who lives a few
miles south of Whltewood presents
some stone implements, presumably
of great antiquity. They consist of a
stone axe, hammer, what is supposed
to hare been a hide scraper, several
Hint arrow heads, etc.
Apparently, with the exception of
the arrowheads, they are made of
portions of the prairie boulder stone.
They aro very Interesting ns showing
the primitive nature of the weapons
and ImjjleinentB of aboriginal humanity. Another find consists of a rusty
old six shooter, of a very early pattern, and which is supposed to be,
by some, one of the old police guns,
such as were carried by Colonel
French's men when he crossed tho
plains in the seventies, and look possession of the Blackfeet country. The
Btock Is gone, but the gun, although
badly rusted, Ib otherwise fairly well
preserved. It was found in a bluff by
Mr. Huchun, of the merchants Bank,
Whltewood, who kindly gave it to
Mr. Stokes for lhe museum. The
stone Implements are being photographed by Mr. Grenfell, and it is
said lo be the intention of Librarian
Hawkes to send the photos to tbe
Maidstone Museum. Kent, Hugland,
so that tlrey may be compared with
the flint Implements found ln tbat
country with a view of discovering
similarities and differences.—Regina
One Helped The Other.
A Lady was continually accusing
her Bervant of extravagance without
any real cause. The servant always
bore ihis accusation patiently.
One day the Servant Informed her
mistress tbat tho coal had all been
consumed. > This was followed by the
usual remarks on the part of the mistress, who finished up by saying:
"You evidently eat them."
The next day the candles were all
"Candles gone!" eaid the mlBtreBS.
fortnight ago."
"Oh, well," rejoined the servant,
who could standjliis sort of thing no
longer. "I can tell you whore the
candles have gone. I. ate them to
swallow the coal more conveniently!"
Getting Even.
lt was close on midnight, and lho
professional guest felt it was high
time for blm to stop playing,
' "Perl|aps I'd better not play any
more to-night," he said, wearily. "I
seo you have near neighbors, and
they might be annoyed."
"You needn't mind them a minute,"
said his hostess eagerly. "We are
perfectly sure they poisoned our cat,
and if they did nothing Is too bad for
A soldering Iron, heated by a jet
with the point fed from ii gasoline
tank ou the handle, Is a recent invention.
Complete In ItBelf, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assistance ot any other medicine
to make it effective. It does not fall
to do ils work.
The.Wrong Throat
A little boy took an apple to school
the other day and was playing with
lt. When the teacher saw him he
took lt fi'onnhlm and later commenced
to eat it himself.
As the boy saw thc last piece disappear he began to cough violently.
When the teacher asked him what he
was coughing for he replied:—
"Please, sir, the apple has gone
down tne wrong way."
A Use For Orassheppers
A concern In Buenos Ayres, Argentina, Is about to Install machinery to
be used ln a factory for producing fertilizing materials. It Is proposed to
utilize grasshoppers and their eggs,
thus converting a destroyer of tne
crop Into fertilizing material—Scientific American.
There were 18,000 "cases" treated
at the Animals' Hospital (Our Dumb
Friends' Lesgu-'s), Plmllco, during
tho last year. At present sixty-nine
"patients" are in the Institution —
twelve horses, twenty-three casts, and
ten birds.
Women are Themselves    to    Blame
for Much of The'lr Suffering.
Women are weak, yet under a BtniU.
they will try lo bide pain and suffering that any man could not bear
patiently. If women would only re-1
member that their frequent failures!
of health arise from feeble or Impure j
blood their lives would be smoother!
and they would longer retain their
natural charm.
When the blood falls then begin
those dragging backaches and bead-
aches', unrefresiling sleep that causes
dark lines under the eyes; dizziness;
fits of depression: palpitation or
rapid fluttering of tbe heart; hot
flaBhcB and Indigestion. Then the
cheeks grow pale, Ihe eyes dull and
the complexion blemished.
Women should know thut much of
this suffering Is needless arid can be
promptly remedied. Purify and en-;
rich the blood through the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and Jour]
suffering will ranUh. Thousands of
women know that. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have brightened their lives by
making the new, good blood of health,
and so toning up all the vital organs
Into healthy, vigorous action. Here
is an instance from among many.
Miss Cora A. Cornell, St. Catharines,
Ont., BayB: "Ever since the ago of
fourteen 1 have suffered terribly with
pains in my back, and severe headaches. I was also much troubled
with indigestion and hs'l to be extremely careful as to my diet, and
sometimes did not feel like eating
at all. Some two years ago the headaches became so bad that I had lo
give up my position, which was clerking In a store, where, of course, I was
constantly on my feet. I took a position in an office, where I could be
seated most ot the time, but even
then I suffered terribly most of the
time. As the medicine I had been
taking did not help mc I finally decided to try Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills.
I got a supply, and soon felt they
were helping me and I continued taking the pills for several monthB until
I felt perfectly well. Although my
doctor advised me not to go back to
my old position, I decided to do so,
and have not felt any ill effect. I
never have backache now, seldom a
headache, and all traceB of the indigestion have disappeared. I cannot
speak too highly of Dr. WllllaniB' Pink
Pills and I hope this letter will help,
someone who suffer.8 as I used to."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall nt B0 cents a box or six boxes
for »2.r.O from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Stcice the abolishment of queues in
China a sudden demand has been
created for hats, and at. Osaka factories are working night and day to
fill orders. Hong Kong has a similar
London Clearing Bankers' returns
for 1011 .aggregated »71,000,000.000.
The Bank of England's gold bullion
stock nt the end of the year was $157,-
-i :—.—_i—  m
Everything Needed.
A peasant In a remote part of Cal
way was one day standing at the
door of his cabin. Ho did not look
particularly well qff, poor fellow, and
an English tourist passing stopped to
Bpeak to him. As he did. so he saw
the children Inside playing with a
pig!    Tho Englishman was shocked.
"My good fellow," he said, "why
have'you that pig ln the house! It
doos not seem right."
"Why not, boit?" answered Pat
promptly; "why not? Sure, an'
hasn't tho house Ivery accommodation that any raj'Bonable pig would
The receipts of American picture
theatres are said to amount to $13,000,.
000 a year. •
In Russia people must marry' before
reaching the age of eighty or not at
all, and marry only five times.
Wise Physician
"I told the doctor I was tired o!
waiting, so he aaked uie to put out my
tongue and close my eyes. Kept mo
that way for ten minutes?"
"And meanwhile?"
"Ho attended to four other pa
tlents."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Mlnards Liniment for sale everywhere.
A Natural Bent
"Professor," said Miss Skylight, "I
want vou to suggest n course ir. life
itu< me. 1 have thought of journalism"	
"Whal arc your own Inclinations?'
"Oh, my soul yearns and throbs
anil pulsates with an umblllon to give
the world a lifework that thall be
marvelous In Its scope and weirdly entrancing in tho«vast»ess of its siiuct-
liral beauty!''
"Woman, you re burn to be a aiiilli-
Shiloh* Gun
aulekly (lops coutlbs, cures colda, hula
ilifi Ihi-o.l a il lim..» 8S'ie«t».
Uncle Ainos—"i call tit ol' hoss
'Wiitlu' Paper'."
Cousin Sue--"Why1*,''
Uncle Amos-"He's so often stationary."
"I hope our dear old far, Wu Ting
Fang fs on the right side In these
Chinese troubles," said a diplomat a:
a dinner in Washington.
"Dr. Wu," he continued, "used to
tell many Illuminating anecdotes
about the Chinese'character. 1 remember one about Ingenuity.
"A Chinaman, the anecdote ran,
fouud his wife lying dead ln a Held
one morning—a tiger had killod her.
•'The Chinaman went home, procured some arsenic, and, returning to
the field sprinkled lt over the corpse.
"The next ilny the tiger's dead body
lay beside the woman's. Thc viilna-
man sold the tiger's skin to a mandarin aud Its body to a physician to
make fear-cure powders and with the
proceeds he was nble to buy a younger
wife."—Washington Star.
'i'i   PILLS
,K,nN!- >s»,
Ml a.r-1 a' '  - ftV
Baby's Rash Became
a Mass of Humor
Parents Decided He Could Not Be
Cured. "Cut'cura" Soon Made
His Skin Perfectly Clear.
A Toronto iran, Mr. Kobert Mann, of IKi
Queen 81. East, says: "Our boy wu born la
Toronto on '.let. 13, 1*08, raid when three
months old a slight rub appeared on his
cheek. What appeared te
be a water blister would
form. When It broke,
matin would run out,
Martin* new blisters until
his end™ (see. beta sail
shoulders wen a maau of
scabs and you could not
bt-i) a particle of clear skin.
We did not know what
to do for him snd tried
about every advertised
remedy without avail, Indeed some ol them only
added lo his suffering and
one In particular, Iho ——
Remedy, almost put the
Infant into convulsions.
The family doctor pro.
acrlbcd for him. Tbls did
not do any good, so va
_ took him to a hospital.
He was treated aa an out-patient twice a
week and he sot worse, lt anything. Wo then
called in another doctor and inside of a week
the boy was, to all appearances, cured and
tho dot-tor said his work was done. But tht
very next day It broke out as bad aa ever, i
"We decided that lt could nol bo cured
and must nm Its course and so we just kept
his arms bandaged to his side to prevent his
tearing his flesh. The Cuticura ltemeilles
were recommended. We started twins them
.'.I May, 1900, and soon the cure was complete.
Cuticura made hts skin perfectly clear and
lie Is entirely free from the skin disease."
(Signed) Robert Mann, May 8, 1010.
In another letter, dated Juno _i», 1911, ho
adds: "My boy bas never hud any moro
trouble slnco using Cuticura."
Tot more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Ointment havo afforded tlm most suc-
tassrul treatment for skin and scalp troubles
pi Infants, children and adults. A single set
Is often sullieient.   Although sold by drug-
Sists and dealers throughout tho world,,a
bcral samtilo of each, with 32-p. book on
the skin, wilt be sent freo, on application to
Potter Dntg & Chem. Corp., 58 Columbus
Ave., Boston, U. 8. A,
any undo! Raw ran,
cannot afford to dia.
faose of their collect,
ona without firat
obtaining onr prices
aent upon request.
Remittance forwarded day gooda racclved,
Express and mall charges on all ahlpmtntt
paid by ns. Canada'* Lardaat t*e Oaarater.
Vour correspondence solicited.
John Hallam        •        Toronto
'Gqcuge, dear," said the young wife,
"you  are  growing liandsomn,,  every'
Yes, dulling," replied tho knowing
George. 'It's a way I have just he-
lore your birthday"
While the Money Lasts.
Spenders (bitterly)—It Is easy
enough to make friends, but pretty
hard to keep them.
Lenders—Oil, 1 don't know. I've
got a number of friends who seem
perfectly willing to let me keep
them.—Huston -Transcript.
Thorns from some varieties ol
cactus have been found to work better than steel needles when used te
transmit the sound ln phonographs.
A single Yarmouth fishing boat has
landed as many as 200.000 herring.
null Xj*o*f.t, A-Mtfla .»■ \flfl."**; -"-a --
acting direct y upon tha blood and muo-
J..*-'..?... -• -lie ayatem.   Testimonials,
'T%"fu37s>ttamlly Fills for Const!
Sent free,
y all Dru
Would Be Very Rich.
A poor fellow, having with difficulty
procured an audience with the first
Duke of Newcastle, told his grace he
came only to ask him for something
towards his support, and, as they
were of the same family, being both
descended from Adam, hoped be
would not be refused.
"Surely not,".said the Duke, "surely not! There's a penny for you, and,
if all the rest of your relatives will
give you as much, you'll be a richer
man than I ami"	
Wife: "John, Bhow me that letter!"
Husband: "What letter?"
Wife: "That one in your hand. It's
from a woman, I can see by the writing, anil you turned pale when you
saw tt"
Husband: "Yes, quite right. It's
your dressmaker's Mil."—Merry and
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Baltimore, Md.—"I send yon here-
with the picture of my fifteen year old
[daughter Alice, who
was restored to
health by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. She
wa'vpale, with dark
cirores under hei
eyes, weak and Irritable. Two different
doc'.ors treated her
ana called lt Green
Sickness, but ih*
grew worse all the
time. Lydia E. Pink-
 Vegetable Compound wm recommended, and after taking three bottles she lias regained her health, thank*
to your medicine. I can recommend it
for all female troubles."—Mrs. L. A.v
Corkrak, 1108 Rutland Street, Baltimore, Md.
Hundreds of auch letters from mothers expressing their gratitude for what
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has accomplished, for them have
been received by the Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Company, Lynn, Mass.
Young Girls, Heed This Advice.
Girls who are troubled with painful
or irregular periods, backache, headache, dragglng-down sensations, faint
ing spells or Indigestion, ihould taka
immediate action and be restored te
health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegc.
table Compound. Thousands have beeu
restored to health by Its use.
Write to Mra. Pinkham, hjtsm,
Mass., for advtoe, free.
Curious Mistake.
Sandy was an elder ln the church,
and a truly pious man. He had an
eye for beauty and a love for lt, but
he married Tina because he knew
sire would make him an excellent
"I suppose Tina Is a handsome
lass?" said Sandy's cousin, who met
ldm in Glasgow not long after the
marriage, and had never seen the
bride. "I ken ye've gude taste, Sandy."
"Aweel," said the bridegroom cau
llously, "she's the Lord's handiwork,
Tnmmos. I'm no' prepared to say she
ts His masterpiece."
Mrs. Savard Telle How They Cured
Her Kidney Disease From Which
Sh* Had Been a 8ufferer For Many
St. Simeon, Derlel, Charlevoix Co.,
Quebec. (Special).—Only those who
have suffered know tbe blessing* of
perfect health. The joy that It bring*
into their lives makes them want to
shout the good news from the housetop*. They want other sufferers to
* know the road to health. Such is the
te.se with Mr*. Alfred Savard of this
"I have been a sufferer for many
years with Kidney Disease," Mrs. Savard says, "Reading an advertisement
telling what Dodd's Kidney Pills had
done for a similar sufferer I decided
to give them a trial. Six boxes cured me completely."
What Dodd's Kidney Pills have
done for Mrs. Savard they have
done for thousands 'of other sufferers
In Canada. The dally papers tell ot
cures made by them every day. They
nlways cure Kidney Disease and Kid-
1.5V ■ Disease is the cause* of nine-
tenths of the troubles from which women* suffer.
Needed It.
"Go over and cover that big ball,"
the eity editor told the new reporter.
"They say that some society women
are going to pull off some Oriental
dances and there ought to be a good
story ln lt."
The reporter went. When he came
back somebody asked him, "How
were the Oriental dance*?"
"Why—er—well—they—they needed covering all right," murmured the
new reporter, and, blushing, bent
ever his typewriter.
The world'* gold output for the last
year has been estimated at $4611,000,-
000, a gain of 14,000,000 over the 1910
output and ot more than (200,000,000
over that ot ten years ago.
Sufficient Cause
"What started the riot at the performance of 'Hamlet' laBt night'."
"Why, Hamlet held the skull nn.l
said: 'Alas, poor Yorick you are uot
the only deadhead In the house."—
New York Olobe.
Wart* will render   the   prettiest
hands unsightly.   Clear tho excrescence* away by   using   Holloway's
Corn Cure, which acts thoroughly and
. painlessly.
Involuntary Lose Majeate
The chairman (suffering from nervousness on his flrst appearance In the
chair and rising after the loyal toasts
have been drunk)—Gentlemen, now
that the king and queen are drunk—
you may smoke.—Sketch.
By'tho addition of pulVeiizetl mica
concrete Is made to imitate granite.
Good salaries earned by telegraphers and Station Agents. We qualify
you quickly. Grand Trunk and Caifc
adlan Northern wires and station',
books used ln school. Day and Mall
Courses. Free Book 1!) explains.
Railways offer reduced rates to at/.
tend here. Dominion School Telegraphy, Toronto.
Whin Your Eyes Neid Cart
Try Murine EyaEemeSy. Jfo Smarting—Feela
Fine—Acts Quickly. Try it for Ken, Weelt,
Watery Eyea and Granulated Eyelids. Illua-
trated Book In eaeh Package. Murine la
compounded br onr Ocnllsls-nut a "Patent Med.
iaalne"-~_.nt nsed In successful PbTSlclaBa'Pnu.
tliae for saear rears. Mow dedicated to the Public and sold tat Onanist, at Bo and Kkaaper Bottle,
Murine Bra SaWalaa AsepiioTaba_rrK(i and He.
Murine Eyo Remedy Co., Chicago
Straight and Narrow
Hampton—Bartley   always  follows
the straight and the narrow.
Waybum—Yes, he's always directly
benlnd a tourtecn-inch stogie.
ealcklr otopa eugka, cans colds, hauls
*o IhfMt aad laaia     -     •     Menu.
A Redeeming Feature
The old man had given his son a
fair education, and had taken htm Into his shop, 'ine young fellow was
over-nice ahout a great many things,
but the father made no comment. One
dny an order came In from a customer
'I wish to goodness,' exclaimed the
son, "that Gibson would learn to
spell," "What's the matter with if."
inquired the father cheerfully. "Why.
he spells co-flea with a K." "No—does
ho? I never '.jot'.i'.ed it." "Of course
you never did," said the man pettishly. "You never notico anything like
that.' "Perhaps not, my son," hut
one thing I do notice, which, you will
learn by and by, and that Is that Gibson pays cash,"
Take LAXATIVK 'BKUMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if It falls
to oure. E. W. OKOVEU signature la on
eacb box.    Mc
A Missouri man has been lodged in
jail for hitting his wife with a pound
ot butter. It would seem as though
our millionaires would lind something
better to do.
'Tis a Marvellous Thing.—When thc
cures effected by Dr. Thomas' Eclcc-
tric Oil are considered, the speedy
and permanent relief it has brought
to tho suffering wherever lt has been
used, lt muat be regarded as a marvelous thing that so potent a medicine should result from the six ingredients which enter into Its composition. A trial will convince tho
most skeptical ot Its healing virtues.
Yoar hands won't get
chapped thia winter
11 yon nse SNAP.
MiKdng, scouring the separator and
•leaning np the (table*, get the dirt and
grime ground right into the akin.
Coarse soap and hard rubbing only
chap the akin. SNAP cleans and
purifies because antiseptic—gets out the
dirt without hard
rubbing, and is
soothing and healing
to the skin.
UO '   ijc, a caa.
W. N. U, 8(9.
Medical Genius.,
An old doctor, seeing a young one
who was going along tho street with
half a dozen shabby-looking men and
women, called him aside and asked.
"Who ure all those people, and where
are you going with them?"
"1 will tell you ln confidence,'; .was
the reply, "lhat I've hired them to
come und sit In my reception room. I
expect a rich patient this morning,
and I want to make an impression on
him."—Judge's Library.
Minard't Liniment P.elivts Neuralgia.
Millinery Item
"That hat makes yon look thin,"
said the clever salesman to the stout
lady. Sold. "That hat makes you
appear stouter," he said to the thin
lady. Almi sold. "It makes you
look young," he said to tho elderly
lady. Also Bold, "lt makes you look
tall," he said to the short lady. Also
sold. "It makes you look short,"
he said to the tall lady. Also
sold. "It matches your rich complexion," he said to the palo lady.
Also sold. And the purchasers were
also sold, for, of course, all the hats
were exactly alike.
Why He Escaped
Agnes—"Why didn't you arrest the
burglar who was toimd under your
Gladys—"He said that If I wouldn't
have him arrested he'd never tell how
dusty he got "—Harper's Bazaar.
Guest (to waiter)—This soup has a
hair- in it.
Walter—That's no hair, It's a crack
in the plate.
Guest—It's a funny crack that cnn
Canadian Government Annuities System Haa Not Been Abolished, x
The Superintendent of Annuities
haB received tho following enquiry
from an anxious correspondent who,
probably, had read the announcement
that the agency staff ot the Branch
had bdbn discontinued.
"I wish to ask, Is lt a tact that the
Annuities System has been abolished? If so, I am terribly disappointed,
as I have intended for some time to
buy an Annuity next summer paying
tho full price. I never thought that
the Act could be abolished, and have
been using the money ln other ways
until I wa* of age to receive the first
payment I and many others have
thought that the Annuities was a fine
provision tor poor people. Oan I still
buy a Government Annuity? and If
not. Is there anything that will take
Its place that can be bought? I do
hope that It Is not true that the Annuities has been abolished, as It gave
mo the Only Hope for my old age."
Wc are glad to say that the Annuities System has not been abolished. In transferring the Branch to the
Poet Oflice Department under the administration of the Postmaster General it Is believed that a wider publicity will be glveu to the System, and
that both old and young will moro
readily learn of the opportunity Parliament haB afforded them of making
provision for old age, the Postmasters
now becoming active, while formerly
they were only passive, agents ot the
Branch, The benefits will, of course,
be more apparent where payments
are begun at an early age, the accumulation period being longer,, and the
marvellous earning power of compound interest at 4 per cent, being
more strikingly demonstrated; and
there is always the danger if payment
is deferred to a late age that unfortunate Investments or expenditures
may bo made, and the necessary amount be not then available. There iB
no time like the present.
Full information in regard to the
various plans on which Annuities may
be purchased may be obtained at the
Post Office or, on application to the
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa,
to whom letters on Annuities business go free ot postage.
and Colds
Are Dreaded By Mothers Who Fear
For the Safety of Their Children.
What a weight of responsibility
rests on the mother of the family during the winter season!
In every cough and cold she recognizes the voice of Croup, Bronchitis,
Consumption or other deadly throat
anil lung complications.
Few people, even among those who
are convenient to doctors, can afford
the luxury of tbe physician ror every
cough or cold, even though they realize the seriousness ot neglecting
such ailments.
For all such Dr. Chase has provided a prompt means of cure known
as Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and
One reason why mothers prize this
treatment above all others is because
of its sultabllltly for children. It is
sweet and pleasant to the taste, and
children like to take it. By its sooth-
ing, healing action it is wonderfully
prompt in curing Croup, Bronchitis
and Whooping Cough, and can be used by children with perfect safety so
long as directions are followed.
Thousands of families in Canada
keep Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
aud Turpentine ln tho house at all
times for use in cases of emergency.
This is the only way to be sure of
protecting the bronchial tubes and
lungs against coughs and colds, -be
a bottle, family size 60c, at all deal'
cis or l.dmaiison, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
What To Do.
"Speaking of etiquette, did you
Bend half n crown for tliose advertised Instructions on 'What to do at
"And what did you get?"
"A slip with one word printed on
It:   'Eat!'"
I'sod .according to directions, Dr. J.
D. Kellbgg's Dysentery Cordial will
afford relief ln the most acute form
of summer complaint. Whenever the
attack manifests itselt no time should
be lost in seeking the aid of tbe Cordial. It will act immediately on the
stomach and intestines and allay tlie
irritation and pain. A trial of It will
convince anyone ot the truth of these
"That fellow Is too slick for mc.
Sold me a lot that was two feet under water. 1 went around to demand
my money back."
"Get it?"
"Get nothing! Then he sold me a
gasoline launch and a copy of "Venetian Life," by W. D. Howell*."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
"Has Dlnny got a steady job, ylt,
Mrs. Mulcahey?" asked Mrs. Brannl
"Ue has that," said Mrs, Mulcahey.
"They've slnt him to the penltln
chery for twlnty years."   ~
vho get little exercise, feel better all round for
an occasional dose of
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
They tone up the liver, move the bowels gently but freely, cleanse Iha
system and clear the brain. A new, pleasant and reliable laxative, prepared
by a reliable firm, and worthy of the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.
25c. a box. If your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25c. and
we will mail them.
Backache Means Your Kidneys o
Want Help! 3
The ktdneyra sre smoratc tha moat Important organ*. ■,-,-_(
Tlioy are mostrnthject to jaerioaJaiof <ieprt\*._aan,imperfect C^
action snd lowered vitality. Invariably, they live warn- *osw
ini, in the form ol backache, headache, paini in the r~-
iottitai, etc. Win people, careful ol their health, act <^^
quickly when any of theae symptoms appear. CarelcM _
or eau'-goin( persona often permit a nlij.it affection of C~^
thekiaineyafltoirow into acute or chronic kidney trouble, maw*
„ .... . Ignoring tlie plainly-given warning of unhealthy kidneys. --«„
_,.??U"P U"1" " «"'*" inactive kidneys by DR. CLASH'S SWEET NITHK LJ*
FILM*. They cleanse, tone, stimulate and restore the kidneys to normal vigor ^m-
in quick tune. Sold everywhere at fifty cents a box or mailed direct by ** /*"■*v
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS AGL0VE
A,.   Sold by Dealers Everywhere,
HameSS Oil  The IMPERIAL OIL CO,, Limited
Pink Eye, Epliootle
Shipping Fever
Catarrhal Fever
sure cure nnd positive preventive, no matter how hone*
nt any age am Infected or "exposed."   Liquid, given on tho
tongue: acts on tho Blood and Glands, expels the poisonous
gams from tho body.   Cures Distemper In Dogs and Sheep
and Cholera In Poultry.   Largest selling live stock remedy.
Cures I_a Grippe among human beings and fa a tine Kldncv
remedy.   GOc and $1 a bottle; |6 and 111 a doicn.   Cut this
out.   Keep It.   Show to your druggist who will get it for
you.   Pree llaoklet, "Distemper, Causes nml Cures."
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists and Bacteriologists, GOSHEN,     IND., U.S.A.
Bend tor .Tree   Book   jiving
fuh particulars of. TRENCH'S
1*1 I O "EM'ebY, the World-famous
Cure for Epilepsy and Flu.
Simple home treatment
g\, ■nr**f\ a years' success.
I I lUKall Testimonials from all
lllJriL.U°a,:.t» o' <he world.   Over
107    St.    James'    Chamber*,    Terentt.
are honestly mnde and thoir abBolut*
perfection in every detail Ib the rural!
nt our 66 years exnerienco In nigh Grade
Shoe Building. They ore abftolutely the
most popular nnd bout shoea for the price
In Canada. Stocked by leading dealers
the John Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton, Ont.
lhe body, or a Son lhat will not heal >
If you bave, wnte, describe the trouble, and
mention thia paper and we will mail FREE la
plain envelope, particulate of the
Palnleata) Home Treatment
Write to.day.
10 Cbarcklll Ave., Tarsals.
bucks can  Do mode from Clay,  Shale
er Band.   Full Information upon request,
The Berg Machinery Mfg. Co., Limits*
Toronto, Ont.
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Lid.
)8  I '.i',u  Ava> .Toionto   0nt.in a
Has. WiMaLow'a sooTHiita svare baa been
jed for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS oi
MOTHKRS   fet    their   CIIILDRHN    Willi.*
is the best remedy for hij.kkh.i_a. It Is *>
solutely harmleaa. He sure sod aak for "Mrfc
Wlaaicw's Sooiiiiag -syrup," aad take aoaiM)
Mad.  Twenty-Eve ceata a battle.
Silent Devotion
A lndy wns ono day approached by
her Scotch maid with the Information
that sbe was about lo leave.
What Is the reason for your leaving mc?"
"I think I'll be a manyln'."
"Indeed!    And whom, may I ask?"
"The man that sits across ln the
kirk o' Sundnys."
•'Uut what Is his name';"
"1 tUniiii ken."
"What! You're surely nol engaged lo a man whoso name you do nol
"Not engaged, my lady; but he's
been lang lookln' at me, an' I think
he'll Boon bc spoaklu'.' — Exchange.
specialist, '■ College St., Toronto.
Doing Her Own Marketing
A young wife recently went into a
grocer's shop und uddresscd the grocer thus:
"I bought three or four hams here
a month or so ago, and tbey were line;
have you any more of thorn?"
"Yes. ma'am," replied tho grocer,
"there are ten of .hose hams iiiiuglii;;
out there now."
"Well, if you're sine they're off the
faine pig I'll take three of tbem," replied the young wife meekly.
Never worry. Nothing Is worth it,
nn.l worry Ih a canker whicli eats the
honey from the soul.
Do not sap the springs ol life by neglect ef tba human mechanic.m, by allowing
Ihe eceumulatioa ol poison ia the system. An imitation ol Nature's method of
restoring waste ol tissue and impoverishment of the blood end nervous strength ia
to take an alterative glyoorio entrant (without aloohol) oi Goldno Seal aad Oregon
grape root, Bloodroot, Stone nnd Mandrake root with Cherrybark. Over 40 years
ago Dr. Pierce gave to the nubile this remedy, whioh be celled Dr. Pierce • Golden
Medical Diseovery. He lound it would help the blood in taking up the prop" elements from food, help tha llvar into activity, thereby throwing ont tbe poisons Iroaa
the blood and vitalizing the whole system at well aa allaying aad soothing n cough.
No one ever takes cold unless constipated, or exhausted, and having what wai
call mal-nutrition.which is attended with impoverished blood
and exhaustion ol nerve iorce. The " Discovery" is an all-
round tonic whieh •restores tone to the blood, nerves and
heart by imitsting Nature's methods of restoring west*
oi tissue, and (eediag the nerves, heart and lunge en neb
red blood.
" I suffered (rem pain under my i-kktiboulder Wade alio a wit
Hu. Dei*.
When Iliad taken eae bottle ef the 'Discovery'I epum an tu I
awTst VttaeTind when I hsd taken three bottle. I tflWkT do I
•rooking and tend to the children.   I took fourteen botttel In all and WM
then In iood health. My weight Is nsw UT pounds. ■v.- cn.vxi) )'t'j;-iEB, b. c.
vVixen Eyes Grow Dim
With Age
Glosses hecome an imperative necessity, and the importance of giving the eyes proper care obtrudes
itself on tlie dullest understanding.
Our skilled optician is qualified to
test ynur eyes in a thorough and
reliable manner. Our glasses never
fail to give satisfaction. Examination Free.
A. D, MORRISON *"%\\\&r
ul,llaalaa,al at (Irand Porka. Britlah Coin iialal
aal. A. Bvane .
.[Editor and Puhllihei
A Ule of this paper ean be seen at the offloe
ot Masses. __,, * J. Hardy Is Oo., HI, 81 and IB,
flees Street, Ij0„ Loudon. Bngfaiid, free of
akerie* and tbat irm will be glad to reoelve
labscrMiono and advertlsemente on onr be-
.. 1.00
.. I;60
One fear
One Year (tn advance)	
One Year. In United States ...
Addtvfl- all uninmiiiilnatlona, to
The Bvbhino Sun,
PUOSS Hit Ubano Ko«k«. H.C
FRIDAY, APRIL 26,  1912
Born—In Danville, on Tuesday,
April 23, to Mr. and Mrs.- W. Page,
Tell a girl she is an angel and the
chances are she will want you to
fly with her. *
Robert Scott's ne*v store building,
opposite tbe C.P.U. station, bas
been completed.
Mrs. Elmer Ness has returned to
Christina lake from a visit to her
old nome in Iowa.
Mrs. A. Birnie, of Vernon, i"- vis
iting at the borne of her daughter,
Mrs. F. M. Kerby.
A. II. Barnett and Miss Ruth
Lilian Drury, both oi Midway, were
marritd in Greenwood last Monday.
Mrs. A.' E. Spaulding bas returned
to Christina lake for the season. She
bas spent the last two years in
Hugh D. McGillvray, of Greenwood, and Miss Catherine Mulvany,
of Glasgow, were married in Nelson
last Saturday.
VV. E. Hoad, connected with the
local branch of tbe Bank ef Commerce for a year, bas been transferred to Fernie.
Thehe are slight indications of a
mutiny against the Mcliride government in some of the Tory newspaper
ollices in this province. We fully
expected that sueh an event would
transpire before tbe premier's present term is completed, but not so
soon after the election. Evidently
another distribution of advertising
"dope" is required to keep the papere
in line. On looking over our ex-i
changes last week we found the foi-
lowing disloyal editorial utterances;
in a strong Tory organ:
•'ThiB year the British Columbia'
government will need a bunch nf detectives to keep tbe grafters and
tbeir camp followers from grabbing
too much wagon road money."
"In the shape of wagon roads the
British Columbia goveernment will
buy many a gold brick ihis year.
Tbe people should demand a rigid
inspection of all public works."
"We sbould have our hest and
most honorable men in the legislature and parliament; hut once in a
while we see men aspiring for these
positions in this great Dominion who
should bc mucking in a mine, or
looking out of a barred window "
J. E Brine, manager of the Bank
of Commerce in Phoenix, and Mre.
Brine and children, have returned
to Pheenix from a vacation trip to
southern California.
Mr. Flood, of Greenwood, has
rented the store in the rear of tbe
Davis block and will open a meal
market about the 1st of June. A
cold storage plant is now being installed in the room.
PEOPLE who have not enough
money to indulge in globe trotting,
feel more contented to remain at
home since the Titanic disaster.
Tom Marks and bis company ol
capable players presented "The
Peacemaker" at the Grand Forks
opera house last Friday night to
a crpwded houpe. The comedy was
uproariously funny, and everybody
present was delighted with the en-
The Mother Lode miiae was lhe
scene of another great blast on Monday. Tliere were 22UU holes loaded
with ten tons uf dynamite and discharged by an electric wire. The
explosion was a cum plete success.
Tbis mine is establishing a great
reputation for blasting. Last October eleven tons of powder were used
in one blast, whicli gives Greeinvooil
the World's record in tlmt depart
ment of mining. — Ledge,
It isn't the manufacturer, the
wholesaler, or the retailer who is responsible for the high cost of living.
It is the fellow who doesn't pay.
Out of every 100 men in Brit sh Columbia there are at least len loafers.
The90 winkers have to keep tbe ten
loafers, and the business man markt
hie goods high enough to protect
him against loesee through the failure of Ihe loafer to meet his obligations —N'ew Denver Record.
Dissolution of Copartnership
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between H. J. Lutley aud W. J. Galipeau has been dissolved by mutual
consent. The business will in future
be carried on by W. J. Galipeau &
Co., who assume all debts of the old
firm and to whom all bills are payable.
Grund Forks B.C., April 26, 1912.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  f*5 40
Saturday  61 36
Sunchy  61 31
Monday   51 34
Tuesday '.    57 37
Wednesday  61 33
Thursday  60 32
Ranfall during week, 0.3.T inches.
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 u.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday'of the month
holy communion will he celebrated at
the 11 a.in. service as well as at 8
a in. Week day and special services
us they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, nnd we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Piikshytkiiian Chuiich—
Snbb.it Ii services at 11 a. m. and 7:.'!() p.
in.; Sabbath sehool and Bible class at
9:45 a in. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. ,\|. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.in.;Sunday school,
2;80 p.m.; Epworth 1-eague, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuiich, - Hev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at. II a. in. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
cl.iss and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
papei* better for everybody.
liow does your garden grow?
That depends on the kind of Hoes, Spades, Forks and
Kakes you use.
We sell Garden Tools whicli it won't break your back
to use and make gardening a joy. At the same time they
themselves won't break, but will give good long service.        | •<	
Nor will we "break you" whon you buy -your. Garden | Electric Restorer for Men
Tools and Hardware from us.
Grand Forks Transfer
HIO.NB 119
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   & Clayton,   Props.
THOS. A. flclNTYRE & CO.
PhOSDhonol restores every nerve tn the body
K *■* Hs proper tension; reatorea
vim and vitality. Premature decny nnd nil sexual
weakness averted at once. Phoaphonol will
nuke you a new man. Price Ma boa. ortwo for
IS, Mailed to any addre**. The 8cobc.ll Drug
Co.. It. Catharlnea, Ont.
Soda Fountain
Is Inviting,
Glean, Sanitary
and Up-to-Date
Only Pure Fruits and f\    1       I f\ »___._____•
Juiqes are used.   Our fjUrfeW. ICe-tiream
is unequalled for richneSflS and flavour.
The Rexall Druggists
e*7i wo are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO, Ltd.
ore shipments;m
Tbe following are tbe return*, of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, nnd also for the
vear to dote:
Granby 23,512     363,377
Mother Lode  8, Ho     204,607
Rawhide :. 5,328       47,866
Jackpot      762 8,950
Athenian   340
Emma  4,901
Othei*      320        3,617
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 24,420     409,202
B. C. Copper Co... 13,609    .184,363
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, April 25.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granhy Consolidated. 5700 60.00
II. C.   Copper       5.00     6.00
Metal Quotations
New York, April 25.—Silver 60J;
standard copper, $15.50<5;15.87£,
UiNWin, April 25—Silver, 27J;
lend, £16 12s C.I.
a Motocyolo—it'a the nrnit fn"<iiint-
 ing nf all modern vehicle*. Gives you
the means tn go anywhere at any time on a
moment's notice- Cost of operating is only
lu per mile. Pree enulne clutch and magnets
on all 1912 models. For particular! write ur
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
HasskVs jUaibsxcK, RW "W SlfBB?
MULKNL'I RKflOKNCtr:, 1118
(l'ul'United Annually)
Kiinl-le" trmlera throughout the  world  tn
communicate direct with Kugllah
in each olaaaof good*. Hesldon being a cum*
plete commercial guide tn London ami iti
<uhurbn, the directory routnlus lint- of
with thi« '.nods they ship, nnd the Colonial
n-ttA Foreign Market., they inpply;
arranged under the Porta to which they aall,
u'iiI Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchant*, etc.. In
the principal provincial towuaaud I ud nutria!
oentrotof the United Kinplom.
A copy of the currant edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, uu receipt of Postal
Order (ur 20s.
Dealen seeking Agcnolea can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertUe-
mouta from £3.
25, Alichurch Lane, London,  E.C.
Orlirlunl Mineral Clitltn. situate In th.
(Hand Korku Mining DlvUiun ot Vale IH*
Where Im-nted: In HrnwuVoamu.
TAKK NOTICE thut I, Alexander C Him.
I Free MInert' CertlHeatu No. MgWH. fur
riiyielf nml na agent for Charles K. Huhm.
Free Mliiem* CcriHIente No. ilVHifiH, In-
tend, alxty Hava frnm the date hereof, to up*
ply to thu Mining Recorder for a Certfllcatr
or Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining a Ctown (linnt nf thu ni HIV*.1 cluim.
Aud further tnki> unTloe lhat bqIIom. under
pcctlnn 37, nnmt he commenced before the
Issuance ol Mich CertlHcate of Improvement*.
Dated thia _!ht h day of June, A.D. I.M I
Yale Und Dlatriet, Dlltrlot of Similkameen.
TAKK notice that Robert P. Page of Old*.
Alberta, occupation Farmer, intends to
apply tor Ipcrmlaslon to purchase the foi-
lnwiiigil.-scribed lands.
Commencing at a poit planted about Ho
ohnlna north oi the north went corner of Lot
MMS..on Deep Oreek, and about live miles
eaatof the town of Caaoade; thenee nortli
40 chalm; tlieuce we»t 40 ehaina; theuce
Booth Mchafna; thence east 4i)chalua to polut
of commencement.
J   R. Oronaton, Agent.
D ated September 2nd, 1911. l/i
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days. I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 & 4 _Z__1._1.1_1t Block,
S. E. Cor. Rivkiwioe ifc Howard,
(Concluded from Paye I).
crops in the young orchard,- because
they all require good cultivation and
generally tempa the manager to liberal
. In fruit district* where canning
factories are being built,-such crops as
tomatoes, corn, and beans- may be
grown, as it is often difficult for the
factories to get a sufficient anpply of
these crops.
When clovers or vetches are grown
it ia well to leave a good wide strip
on each side of. the trees for cultiva
tion, especially where irrigation is not
available, so that the trees will nnt
suffer for lack of moisture. One crop
cau be taken off, and the'second crop
allowed to grow to plow undar next
spring, -This supplies nitrogen and
adds humus to the soil. Small fruit*
are often grown as inter-crops, and
sometime! with verr good results.
. Bush fruits should never be planted
within nine feet from the row of trees,
and the ground needs extra good cultivation. There is always a danger
of leaving bu.h fruits too long in the
orchard. In irrigated sections straw-
lierries are sometimes grown with
good results. There is not the danger
of ovorwatering this orop tbat there is
in the caae of the bush fruits, aa the
strawberry season is over quite early.
Young orchards should never be
left io sod. Sod lands are not only
drier than cultivated ground, but they
are aavorite breeding places of insects.
M ice often harbour in sod lands, and
tSiiy often do considerable damage to
young tree,.
There are a few cases where sod
may be grown in old orchards, but it
is the exception ratber than the rule.
In such a case as a very steep hillside
where there is plenty of moisture
available it might be an advantage to
leave the orchard in sud. However,
nothing should be taken off the
ground. The gran* should be cut and
left on the ground.
We are often aaked if it pays to
grow inter-crops in the bearing orch
ard. There is no doubt but that it
does not pay. Une can not expect to
get two crops of produce from the
same ground. The roots of the bearing trees require all the ground for
the best'development of the tree and
fruit. The onlv crop that should be
grown in a bearing orchard is a cover
crop to plow under.
The writer does not advocate cropping the young orchard in all cases.
Where a grower has sufficient capital
to oarrv him over until tha fruit trees
are bearing it may be better not to
take anything off the ground. He has
a much better chance to enrich the
ground by plowing under leguminous
crops, such as clover, etc., when the
trees are young than when they are
la.'ge and bearing. It is sometimes
hard to getagood catch when tree* are
large and hhade the ground. If one
is in such a position he should be able
to have the ground in a better cnndi
tion when the trees are old enough to
bear fruit than the man who is obliged
to grow intercrops. However, we are
not all able to do this and we must be
governed largely by our circumstances
Taking"the situation as a » riile it
would seem that the opportunities for
the small fruit grower are encouraging, not only to make* living, but an
income aa well, while his orchard is
coming into bearing age. Mnny men
are making extre Urge profits from the
inter crops, but some are doing it at
the expense of the orchard, However this need not be   if   extra  good
Baldness is Too Generally
Considered a Sign of
Advanced Age
38tt sJWatitafc
THE STANDARD 1* the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national In all Its
It uses the moat expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its article* are carefully selected and
its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs f&OO per year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers.
Better Look Now
If tea <**** ...ItoS te.taks a
%%**e*\woSm*T aVTCAMVi to*]****  em tfl#  U^^#
to leak nrili. OtasMMS. Sts.
mr ssstagss t* teat
V*« wM (et • mar* saUsfae-
tory mntim new than fa* will
Or If iwwttttnai aaarwt*
#f RAW (MMM StS fflVftta W#W It semt
U____________i *mx\ m*x\*a*Smm   __■___________#  _______I_I_____________M__________I  _________L
A bald headed person does not have
an equal chance with one blessed with
a healthy head of hair, because baldness is too generally accepted as an
indication of age. Many large corporations have established an age limit,
and refuse to take men over 35 years
of age as new employees.
Probably 65 per cent, of bald-
headed people may regain a good head
of healthy hair if they'will follow our
advice and accept our offer. We have
a remedy that we positively guarantee
to grow hair on any head unlets the
roots of the hair are entirely dead,
their follicles closed, and the scalp
has become glazed and shiny. We
want people to try this remedy at our
risk, with the distinct understanding
that unless it does exactly what we
claim it will, and gives satisfaction in
every respect, we shall make no charge
for the   remedy u»ed during the trial.
We know exactly what we are talking about, and with this, offer back of
our statemeuts, no one should scoff,
doubt uur word, or hesitate to put Our
remedy to an actual test.
We want every one in Grand Forks
who is suffering from any scalp or hail
trouble, dandruff, falling hair, or
'baldneSs totry our Hexall "93" Hair
Tonic. . We want them to use it
regularly—say until three buttles have
been used—and if it does not eradicate dandruff, cleanse and refresh the
scalp, tighten the hair in its roots, and
grow new hair, we will return every
cent paid us for the remedy for the
mere asking. There is no formality
expected, and we exact no obligation
from the user whatever.
We are established riglit here in
Grand-Forks, and make this offer
with a full understanding that our
business success entirely depends upon
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED—A full line of Seed Grain
and Garden Seed.
McNeil  & Hehniger
the sort of treatment we accord our
core is taken to replace the phut food ! customers, and we wopld not dare
and humus whieh is lost by the grow-, make the above offer unless we* were
ing of crops. It roust always be re positively certain that we oould sub-
membered that where crops are grow- stantiate it in every particular. Ke
ing between trees.they are taking food member, you can obtain Hexall Reme
material out of the soil, and that it is dies in this community only at our
necessary to fertilise the ground well tore—The Rexall Store. H. E.
in the meantime, so that the  soil will   Woodland.
not be in an   impoverished  condition ■	
when the trees begin to bear. I    Keep moving. Luck likes a hustler.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.  c_/4n Inspiration of Love and
Affection—c_A Picture that will belike a
Member of the Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
HE) Family Herald and Weekly filar of Montreal, acknowledged to In
the greatest and bent family and farm paper on tlie cniililienl, lias on
many occasion!) given its renders mnFt delightful premium picture,
but this seaeon they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
tbe best picture ever offered newspaper render*. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, wimieri<
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence tic escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on n snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, tn the door nnd
she throwB hei* arms nround her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to Ihe door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted, to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his bend against her breast with a little
whine, whicli in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—Ihe two glad-eyed children—on eager boy with bair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate uritis around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win u favored place
on.the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur .1. Klsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting nf children nnd animals.
The beautiful picture "Hums Again" on heavy plate pnper -22x20
inches all ready fur framing will be mailed EHKE tii every BUliforiber o
The .Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Sinr for 1012
The small sum of 11.50 will secure lhe two papers for a full year in
ciuding a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth n two dollar bill, in fact it could not he bought at that price.
Every home in the Houndnry Bhould gut the big $1.50 worth this
NOTICE la hernlia irln'ai that lleorse Alexander Stuart Hell, at I ot ven, i'. o. Has
1)1:1, Grand   Purkl, will apply far a licence la
tnke and um one cubic laat per wound ol
Water anl nf North Pork Kettle Kiver I reck,
which flnwi in a ■uutherly direction thioiiuh
Lot W171 and cniiatlen into Kettle River near j
Grand Porks.   The water will be diverted op- i
pomte tbe towmlte of Niagara, and will tae
uaaed for Irrigation pnrpo-ei on the land described an Krult Lund, about IM aora h
This naatlce w.x pouted nn tbe around on
the Wh day oi March, 1UI2.   The application
will  be Hied In l	
eorder al Fairview
will  be  llle.l In the offloe of the Water Re-
Objections may be Hied with the said
Water Recorder ar with the i:atnptri'Her of
Water Riulilaa, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, H. (!)
G. A. B. REM,,
 ■   I
t$e Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
PH0NF64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
The Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please read the head 1 in clover again.  Then iti
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An Oliver TytK-.writer-t.lie standard  vMbU
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'Tbe    Locomotive    Base"—"The     Automatic
.Spacer"--"The   Automatic  Tabulator"--'«The
-"The Adjustable paper FlngerrVThe Bel*
cniiflc Condensed Key
Yours for 17
Cents a Day!
We anounced   thit
ew tales plan recently, Just to feel the pulse of
the people,   simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day. ■ That is the plan In a nutshell.
The result haa been such a deluge of applications for machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all une*. Hli occupation*.
The majority of inquiries has come \fttun pen
leof known financial standing wbo were at*
tracted by tbe novelty of tbe [m>[nn_. 'mi. An
impressive demonstration of the Immense popularity <>f the Oliver (typewriter
A slartliug conflniiittinu <•( our belief thut
ihe Km of i.'ni vct-h! Typewriting is at hand,
A  Quarter of a Million People
are I : i tf Mney witli
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, J906.)
Is a dozen hooks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
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;ed in any branch of the coppes
industry.     ._.
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
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man. It gives the plain facts ill plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
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the world, inscriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance ol the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
tji be the
World's Standard Relerence
Bool on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fai'ls it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the bunk for the
fact* it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling colhn'iinlM are
exposed in plain English.
Price is 95 in Buckram with gilt
Jop; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, aud
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. .Stevena,
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%     453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
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The Standard Visible Writer
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liiifl-lnesH world Is callfutf tor ullver operator*
There are not enough to -npply the demand.
Ibelrmilarlen arc conMderahly above tliose ol
many eiflHhCMif worker.*,
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
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ttie Oliver supreme hi usefulnenfaitd absolutely
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i|in'M of the home,
The simplicity find utrengtli ofthe Oliver fit it
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rector in the borne training of young people.
An educator u well an a money maker.
Our new will in: plan pliti  ihe Oliver on On*
lliic.-li.ilil i.f iveiy liuini'in  America.   WIN vnii
close tho door of your litime ornttiee mi ihh. r«-
niarPablc Oliver otl'.-r?
Wi tlf for further details nf our ea-v otter und
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The Oliver Typewriter Company,
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Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
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AH that Imu.« for tho romaininf
wooka of 1911 fr.., Inclaidin. (ho
boauliful Holiday Numboni alM -»
Tho Companion*. Picture Colandar
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i» MtcfifthM Rkrirri tl TU. Offie*. THE STTN. GttAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Mr. J. E. Arseniult, a Justice of
Um Peace, and station master at
Wellington, on the Prince Edward
Island Railway, says:
"Four yeara ago I slipped In the
station and tell on a freight truck,
■ustalnlng a bad cut on the front of
tar leg, 41 thought this would heal,
but Instead ot doing so It developed
Into a bad ulcer, and later Into a form
of ectema which spread very rapidly
and also started on the other leg.
Both legs became ao swollen and sore
that I could only go about my work
by hating them bandaged. My doctor
said I must atop work and lay up.
"After six months of this trouble
I consulted another doctor, but with
no better result I tried all the salves,
liniments and lotions I heard of, but
instead ot getting better I got worse.
"This was my condition when I got
my flrst box ot Zam-Buk. Greatly to
my delight that flrst box gave me relief. I continued to apply It'to the
sores, and day by day theygot better.
I could see thst at last I had got hold
of something which would- cure me,
and ln the end It did.
" It ts now over a year since Zam-
■ok worked a cura In my case, and
Iben has -been no return ot the
Such ls-the nature of the great cures
whtok Zam-Buk la dally effecting.
Purely herbal In composition, this
great balm la a sure cnre for all skin
diseases, cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, uleefs, blood-poisoning, varicose sores, piles, scslp sores, ringworm, Inflated patches, cuts, burns and
bruises. All druggists and stores sell
at Mc. box, or post free from Zam-Buk
Co., npon receipt ot price.	
hm touk
No Wonder She Blushed
Two of the University o£ Pennsylvania runners passed a learned anil
occupied professor showing a young
lady tljrough the "gardens."
"It's dreadfully cold—isn't it?—to bo
without stockings."
The professor's mind turned for a
moment from contemplation of the
fourth dimension.
"Then why did you leave them off?"
he asked.
Mlnard'e  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
Our Neighbors
Sho was a rather plumii old lady, and
had always tried to be accommodating
to her neigh|)ors; hut even her obliging spirit had to refuse a rcquc-st from
a neighbor who sent by her little boy
tho following message;
"Please, nin'aur, mother sent me over
to see lf I could get a couple of
pounds of lard oft you."
Two Different Species.
"Say, Grandpa, what is a, hookworm?"
Grandpa—A bookworm, my son, Is
either a person who would rather
read a book than eat, or a wqym that
would rather eat a book than read.
On the Trail
"Docs your fiance Know your   age
"Well—partly." — Fliegende Blaetter.
Weakly   Sailings   to   and   Prom
Prepaid Passsges
All Railway Stations
Manitoba, Alberta, Siiketehewa*
Britlah Columbia.
At lowest n.tes.   For reservations,
tickets, details, sss local agents or
J. 6. Calder, Oen'l Agent, Winnipeg
WeU, WeU!
i uae
'I dyad AU. .hos*
—'       of Goods
~e.l.h the SAME B«e.
I used
|(HprI««All KINDS
CLEAN and 8IMPLE to Uaa.
NO ch.BC of mltif Ih. WRONG *},» forth. Good,
on. ha. In color. All color, trom .our llruif i.i or
DnUr.ntlU-Color Cr-Uml (.TORY Bookl.ll.,
Tho Johwon-moli.rJ.on Co..   4mlt.al, Montroaal.
Hridgevllle, N.S.
"For twenty years, I have been
troubled with Kidney aud Bladder
Trouble, and have been treated by
many\doctors but found little relief.
I had given up all hope of getting
cured when I tried Gin Pills. Now,
I can say with a happy heart, that I
am cured after using four boxes of
Just tblnk of It! Four boxes of
Gin Pills cured Mr. Fraser—and he
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had been treated by doctors, too. it
Is just such cases as his, which prove
the power of Gin Pills to cure Kidney
and Bladder Trouble, Burnffig Urine,
Suppression or Incontinence of the'
Urine, Backache, Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago. Try Gin Pills on
our positive guarantee of a cure or
your money back. 50c. a box, 0 for
(2.50. Sample free if you write National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited, Dept. N.U. Toronto.
A Prize Puule
"That man has been making that
same tariff. speech for years, aud I
don't understand lt yet."
"Certainly not," replied Senator
Sorghum; "tbat speech is like a conundrum. After you guess It, it's no
good any more."—Washington  Star.
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before it is
packed—and they are as fresh as the product of your
own oven.
are the great favorites for every day use.'
They are made in the big sanitary factory in
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Relief for Suffering Everywhere.—
He whose life is made miserable by
the suffering that comes from indigestion and has uot tried Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills does not know how
easily this formidable foe can be dealt
with. Theso pills will relieve where
others fail. They are the result of
long and patient study and are confidently put forward aB a sure corrector of disorders of the digestive
organs, from which so many suffer.
Propriety       '
"What    are    the   proper   calling
"Threes or upwards are-considered
very  good."—Louisville  Cburlen-.Touv-
Minard't Liniment Curet Burns, Etc.
Not Too Fast.
"A verdict of $10,000 isn't so bad,"
declared the junior partner. "How
much shall wo give our client?"
"Oh, give him $50, say," replied the
senior partner.   "But hold!"
"Don't be too hasty. Promise to
give him $50,"—Washington Herald.
Mixtures sold under tlio name
"soothing" are usually dangerous to
the life of the little ones whom they
aro supposed to help. They contain
opiates and narcotics and any sleep
prompted through Iheir use is false
sleep—to ho plainer lhe little one Is
drugged into insensibility. The only
absolutely guaranteed remedy for little otiOB—the only remedy backed by
tho guarantee of a government analyst to contain no opiates, narcotics
or other harmful drugs Is Baby's Own
Tablets. They cannot possibly do
harm—they always do good. Thousands of mothers have learned their
value. They help not only the newborn babe but also lhe growing child.
Slomnch and bowel troubles; worms;
colds; simple fevers ave all banished
by ihem and they promote that refreshing sleep sn helpful to little ones
The tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 26 cents a
box from Tho Dr, Williams Medicine
Co.. Brockville, Out.
W. N. U.
Decided Objections.
A rural clergyman missed one of his
parishioners several successive Sundays from his place in church, and
when he met the absentee one day
he tald:
"Well, William, I haven't seen you
Ht church for some time."
"No, sir; I have reasons for slayln'
"Oh, you have! And what may
your rcasoiiB be? I should llko to explain them away, if possible."
"Weel, sir, I doubt ye'll no' manage
that. They nre a' very decided objections. The flrst is that I don't
believe in bcin' whaur one docs a' the
speakln'; the second is that I dinna
believe lu sae muckle singin' as we
get in your kirk; the third, nnd last,
and maist Important reason o' n' is
tliat it wis in your kirk that I got ma
Pasting It Along.
Jonathan lllggs wns the owner of a
valuable setlfcl*. His wife ran lo him
one day and cried'
'Oh, Jonathan, the setter has gone
inad. He's snarling and moaning, and
whenever he's r es water he stiffens
up and foam» at tho mouth."
"Quick, then," said oltl Jonathan
Biggs hurriedly—"quick, then wife,
take hiin Into town before hu bites
anybody, and—"
"i'es?" said Mrs. Biggs.   "Yes?"
'And sell him'.'" hisses Jonathan,
Praise thit Asthma Remedy. A
grateful user of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds lt the only remedy that will give relief, though for
thirteen years he had sought other
help. Years of needless suffering
may I e prevented by using this wonderful ' remedy at the first warning
of trouble. Its use is simple. Its cost
Is slight and it can be purchased almost anywhere.
Always a Republic.
"Why do yon consider a republic
the only permanent form of government" usked one Chinese citizen.
"Because," replied the other, "it's
the only form that permits you to
change nil its leaders and all the governmental institutions without changing Us name."—Washington Star.
Marlon Bridge. C. B.MlIuy r,0, '02.
I have handled MINARD'S LINIMENT during the past year. It Is
always the flrst Liniment asked for
here, and unquestionably the best Bel-
ler of ull thc-diftereut kinds of Liniment I handle.
The Voice of Experience.
Young Wife—Do you think It Is
justifiable for a wife to luke money
from her husband's pockets?
Older Wife—It Isn't a case of jus-
tlik'atlon at all; it Is a question nt
finding any to take."
Our Low Price
_s  the result of selling
direct to the farmers in
large quantities, and for
cash.   The Eaton Engine
.     . costs thc farmer less, but
it is guaranteed to do his work as well as any engine
of equal rated horse-power.   We invito farmers to
try our ehginoj and prove this entirely at our riskv
We Sell tyug Engine com*
plete with :P0mp Jack> and
16 feet of\ Belting for
Fifty Dollw^^SMM4*-
this little Engine will run a Pump4o pei
Cream Separator and do other tight work ijpwnd1
tiines of the Mine make up to 1" "  "      •=■-■»--- "
lion, and will also handle fc
 ,. ,jefarm.    We have other En-
    _..... HP,     E<Jfcry Entitle in guaranteed to develop
its full rated power. We have sulil a great mffljy cf these Engines, every one on a
" Money Back ' Guarantee.      We give a m*n thim days in which to try tl
Engine right-on hisown farm.   We tell, him tlmt if th^tEngire is lot satis(a\ to
every way, all he hat to do is return it. and wi will give him
back his money, and all the freight he had .pKd.  Aw atsof
guarantee to  replace free of charge any  puL whicN\
breaks because of imperfect material or constriction.^,
regardless of how long the Engine has been in uk.
Hundreds of men have taken tys
a*   /\nr   XswrsrA   ftn,l ^av« ordered  an EAT4"
ac our worn Enginei   They have f0,,ndi
simple, reliable, and easy to start. Many cf the.
have written us to say how pleased they are. .Nearly a
of them mentiop how little it costs for Gasoline to r
the Engine.
Write us for further information about' our Engines.
We also sell Pumps, Cream Separators, and many lines
of Farm Implements. All of these are shown irj our „
new Spring Catalogue. If you have not received a copy
of this catalogue, write us and.wc will tend one by rjturr
imail. free of charge. i
"-*?%•__*•> t;'*j
n'..'i.'ii. ..J—■— n ii'ii
row (lrunlau will refund mow I' PAZO
OINTMENT  fella  le  oiln sny cue of
llchlni.  Blind, BlMdlnf or   rrotrudlnf
Pllei la < to 11 *.yi.    tie.
The Old Beau.
Crabbed age and youth cannot live
togelhr," said Senator Davis, apropos
of nn unhappy divorce suit in Little
Rock. "Whenever 1 hear of an old
man marrying a youns girl, 1 think
ot thn Cupid story,
1 'Cupid!'.' indignantly cried an old
millionaire. 'Cupid would be powerless before such an Iceberg as you,
miss. Why a score ot Cupids annua
with a hundred arrows each, could
tin tl uo vulnerable spot upon your
heart of stone!"
'The young und beautiful girl who
nnd refused to wed him to..*ied her
head and she replied:
' 'No, they couldn't -It they used an
old beau lo shoot ,wlth.' "— Lipptil-
cott's Magazine.
Now that the flrst robin has been
vouched for by several more or less
truthful persons, it seems almost Urns
for lho first homegrown strawberry.
Economy in little things ia jnst »»
important at economy iri big thing*
will answer one of your "economy.questions." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfec*
tion that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
Airs. Flatt—What did you Bay to
lhe janitor, dear?
Mr. Flatt—I told him he could
make some warm friends If he would
only turn on a little heat.-iBoston
. *       A Mean Suggestion.
He—Miss Belle hns such • high
She—Well you know, Its price has
gone up with everything else.
Yesst—Your noso Is red.  You 1<
as tf you IVere a hard drinker.
Crlmsonbeak—That's my buslni
"Well, It loojts as If you'd been v.
successful    in    business."—Yonk
Statesman.    -
******** a
HflTT-n r-TTv rr> Axrrt wvrtt«!. P1HTTSTT COLUMBIA.
From It There Came a Double
>    Wedding.
"Everybody else is going," Seilna
said, with a sigh. "Oh dear! 1 wonder wby we "Hive to skip all the good
"It ia.in punishment for our uncommitted sins," Hess answered, with a
toss of the bead. "All our sins muse
be uncommitted. I'm sure we've been
brought up more strictly than ever
nuns were. Sometimes wben 1 think
over It all I get fairly afraid tor us two.
We've been so proper Irom our cradles
-wo must break out after awhile."
"Hush! Aunt Wilton would have a
ft If she heard you," Seilna said. "Uo
you tblnk sbe was ever young. Bess?
I can't fancy her lesa tban sixty and
severe, yet I do believe she means only
to be kind and really wants us to be
"Yes, In her way, which Isn't mine
nor anybody else's," Bess broke dot
passionately. "Her way is to bare
everything just so 805 days In Ibe year.
aWe have all sorts ot material good
things—we eat well, sleep well, dress
well-but no liberty to get tbo good of
tbem. How many times did we wear
our best frocks Inst summer? Not
oncel And It's going to be the same
tbls season. People never ask us to
things any more because they know
,we won't como."
"I don't mind thnt so mucb ns Ibe
Sowers. Shouldn't you like, lust once.
to run Hot In the garden, pulling whatever yoo liked?"
"You heretic! Aunt Wilton would
have serious doubts ns to your sanity
lf sbe heard that. I think sbe lores
flowers, not.bocati.so they nre flowers
and beautiful, but becauso tbey are
her own"—
*Tbe same ns ber nieces." a deeper
voice said from on ambush of iliac
hedge. Next minute tbo bedgo shook
' violently, lt was old and gnarly, being a party hedge and therefore beyond Wilton control. Tbe end ot tbe
shaking^ wns a young man, slim and
merry eyed, wbo bowed very low lo
tbe two young women, then salddepre-
catlngly: "Don't freeze me because I
eavesdropped. I know bow bsd It Is,
but really tbls time tbe end Justifies
It. I'm a committee of one, self appointed, to And out Just wby Ibe nicest
girls In town stay out of everything."
"Will you listen?" Bess adjured Seilna, wbose eyes wero dancing, tbough
her face was preternnturally grave as
■ho answered. "Everybody overlooks
Joe Hartwell's fibs, be libs so nicely."
Hartwell laughed. Bis father being
'Aunt Wilton's lawyer, be Knew the
Ford girls. Aunt Wilton's nieces, better than anybody io Caswell town. It
,was a knowledge thnt ran baek to tbo
mud pie period, although tho Fords
know no more of mud pies and tbelr
making tban could bo gathered trom
watching him enviously through crannies of tbe bedge.
Now, for two years be bad been
wondering bow ihey hnd escaped tbelr
bringing up. Seilna. bc was sure, was
full of mod longings for life and freedom. About Boss,He was not so sure.
She sang and laughed like 9 human
sunbeam-sang and laughed herself
Into tbe deepest depths ot bis heart.
Therefore he resented bitterly ber Isolation. The sisters wonld some day
loberlt Aunt Wilton's more tbsn comfortable fortune, it galled blm to
tblnk that people would say Bess bad
married bim tbrough lack of other
lovers; maybe also lhat bis father bad
encouraged bis client io keep ber heiresses ao secluded out ot regard for tbe
interests of bis sou. Beyond all lhat,
tbough, was ibe rebellion against tbns
winning by default, tiow could Hess
be.sure sbe really loved blm wben sbe
bad bad no chance of measuring blm
against other lovers?
It waa with a hope of glrlog ber tbat
chance bc had asked his chum, uennl-
■on, for a mouth's visit. Dennlsnn was
. handsome. Witty nnd winning. His
coming, duly advertised, hnd set social
Caswell all a-flutter. Tbere were already things planned for all tho flrst
fortnight, Seilna and Bess hnd been
discussing tbo most spectacular of
tbem, tbo lawn pnrty at the old Ver-
nou place. It waa to come oS by moonlight, aided aud abetted by Japanese
lanterns.. Tbere would be daoelug, of
course, aod supper In the bli ball of
the deserted mansion. Everybody wns
to go In costume aud masked, Except
for that, Seilna nnd Bess mlgbt bave
had faint hopes. Bnt Aunt Wiltons i
faco was flint toward masking. II
savored to her so mucb of aetlng and
the theater.
It Hartwell bod known tbat-but
■peculation la Idle. Ho looked blank
indeed wben Seilna let him seo bow
tbe land lay. "And I got It up mostly
so you mlgbt dance your All," be'said
■orrowfuily. "How I wish I could
■wash tba siale clean and begin all
•ver! Such a great lark I hoped wo
■Ight have, and now to think"—
"Sucb a great lark wo will bate!"
cried Bess, springing up and whirling
nbout in front of tbe garden bench.
Hartwell stared at ber. Seilna looked
puzzled. Bess stopped short in bet
dancing to put her finger on her Up
and say, nodding sagely between ths
words: "Promise not to faint wben
you seo ns, Joe. I tblnk we're coming,
though we bave just tbe ghost ot a
• N ' « . • « « » •»
The lawn party bad to bike its full
moon on trust. So many clouds salted
lu the sky tbe lantern lights sbone all
nndlmmed. The thick, lowery night
kept tbe crowd close about tbe bouse.
It was big and substantial, and If tbe
worst came In tbe shape of rain dancing could go on Inside. True, a few
nervous persons said tbat would hardly do,
President Taft'a Aids Pleyed th* Game
With a Hitch.
President Taft waa to attend a fashionable bazaar held at tbe New Willard for sweet charlty'a sake and started out accompanied by Captain Butt
and two secret service guards, Messrs.
Sloan and Wheeler.  '
The party were cordially welcomed
by tbe reception committee and were
about to be permitted to enter tbe hall
when the president whimsically decided to pay his way ln like the otber
patrons ot the charity. Walking up to
a desk wbere the tickets were on sale,
be Inquired, "How mucb are tbe tickets?"
"Two dollars," replied tho young
Of course It was all Idle talk. ' igdy lu cbarge sweetly,
None tbe less there bad beeu talk of a
Vernon gbost
Two ghosts Indeed-those of tbe Vernon twin sisters, wbo had loved the
st-jie sweetheart and had refused to
marry blm out of regard for tbe otber.
Tbey bad lived to a great age, fading
nnd falling at last llko withered roses
there In tbe family mansion. Tbey hnd
been dead twenty years, wltb none nut
good words to follow tbem. If tbey
did not sleep peacefully ln tbelr sunny
graves tben wero pure lives and good
deeds vain.. Notwithstanding there
was tbe talk, now one, now another,
glimpsed them walking band In hnnd
up tbe bruad stairway or flitting at i
dusk tbrough the overgrown rose gar-;
den. |
Dennlson beard all tbls avidly. He
liked whatever was old world aud unusual. Perhaps that was why, when
the rain at last sent everybody scurrying witbln, be drew a little apart from
tbe merrymakers and stood staring np
the dim vista of tbe great stairway.
Aud thus be was lbe first to see twin
wraiths, slim and girlish, floating ruth-
Plunglug into bis spacious trousers
pocket, tho presidential right hand
brought forth two $1 bills, wblcb he
passed to the ticket seller, and, nodding to his trio of companions, be entered tho ball.
"Loud me $2, Jack," whispered Captain Butt to Wheeler. "1 left my
money nt homo."
"So did I," mourned Wheeler. Tbo
party wero attired In dress suits.
"Never mind; I'll take care of you
both," hastily offered Jlmmle Sloan,
wltb becoming magnanimity. The others breathed a sigh of relief as he
approached tbo desk. "Three tickets,
please," ho announced calmly, producing <o crisp $5 bill.
"Another dollar, please," gently remarked tbe engaging young lady at
the booth.
"Another dollar! H-bow m-mucb
did you nay those tickets were?" demanded James.
"Two dollars each."
Jimmle was blushing a rosy red when
Wheeler came to tbe rescue. A passing bellboy was taken by the collar,
er than walking, glide out of the upper i    "     ,       _„ ,   .   ..
dusk and. linking arms, fall Into the ! Bnd • few «* ■*" *™>'nl*«s *'«:3 werc
awing ot a waltz. They wero all In
vaporous wblte—swirls of it covered
them from hend to toot. Tbey kept
perfect time and moved so ln uulson
it was like the rhythm of one soul
rather than two.
Dennlson felt his heart beat faster.
All the rest bad accepted tbe veiled
dancers as but new come maskers. Ho
nodded toward tbem, saying In Hartwell a ear: "Dou'l you liate monopoly?
Let's break tbat one up."
Tben in burned whispers he told
wbat be bnd seen. Hartwell suppressed a whistle, then said with n quick
breath: "I'll go yuu. Take tbe taller
removed from bis Inside pocket Tben
four sliver quarters wero placed triumphantly upon tbe table, and the three
solemnly pnssed inside.—National Magazine.
A Ticket War Between the Busses and
Their Patrons.
Tbe company tbat runs the omnibuses lu Paris baa recently put Into
effect a system of giving tickets to
passengers wben tbey pay their fares.
And this has caused a howl from the
traveling public. It is not tbat the
public objects to the tickets. Wbat lt
Is annoyed about ia the too frequent
visits of inspectors demanding to see
the tickets. Some persons are making
life a burden to tbe inspectors, delaying the buses and making all Paris
laugb. One of tbem saves every ticket he gets, and as he goes about tbe
city constantly be bas a pocket foil ot
tbem. Every time ho gets on a bus,
pays his fare and. receives a ticket be
simply adds It to bis collection, When
the Inspector enters and cries "Tickets!" the man draws forth his collection and holds It out to tbe Inspector.
A dialogue something like this follows: "AVhat'a all this?" "Tickets."
"What for?" "I don't know." "Then
why do you band them to ine?" "Because you nsked for them." "I didn't
ask for all these. I want your ticket
for tbls bus." "You have it"
"Where?" "In that bunch." "But I
don't want this bunch. 1 want your
ticket." "Tben pick It out." "Tbat is
not my business." "Nor Is It mine."
"Why do you keep all these tickets?"
"Because lt says on them, 'On no account lose this ticket or throw it
away.'" "But lt Is of no use after lt
bos once beeu used." "I know nothing
about tbat. I am simply doing what
your company tells me." "Well, I
haven't time to argue with you. Are
you going to band me your ticket?"
"I have already done so." The colloquy generally ends in the inspector
leaving the bus In a bad temper.—London Globe.
So many things hav* to do with
profit In th* production of beef that
th* problem becomes complex. Probably tbe most Important on* Is tha
matter of age. It Is a pretty well roe*
ognlzed principle that tbe young aal'
mai puts on gain at smaller aspens*
than th* older one, consequently
measuring by thia principle alon* tb*
young animals sbould alwaya bo
placed in th* feed lot There are other Influences, however. Th* condition
of tb* animal wben It goes into tb*
feed lot la Important Tben. too, th*
demanda of tbe market must not ba
overlooked. Some beef markets require animals of moderate, finish. Aa •
a rule, however, tbe fatter the animals within certain limits the higher
tho price paid by tbe buyer; consequently the older nnd more mature animals are apt to reach the desired atat*
of fatness sooner than will a very,
young animal.
Aa the fattening period progresses
the cost of putting on flesh become*
greater and greater; consequently th*
animal tbat will go Into tbe feed lot
and fatten with tbe greatest rapidity
is th*. one tbat Is the most profitable.
Then very thin animals usually sell for
the least as feeders.  This make* th*
There Are 1,168 of Them, With a Total
Length of 140,344 Milts.
The   various   governments   ot   the
world own together 880 cables, bavlng
n total length of 14,480 miles nnd containing 21,500 miles of conductors, Tbe
French government, which takes the
lend as to length of cables, bas 3,400
miles tn fifty-four cables.   As to num
No; I'm going to dance with tho' be,, the Norwegian government comes
otber.   Ubostlllri mnsqueraders don*t   gret, vvitb 255 ea'blos, having a total
dcmand-formal presentation."   DennI-  length of 248 miles.   Finally, ns to the
son whispered back ns be shot out to  length of conductors, tho English gov-
intercept tho whirling visions.   In a   ernment comes first, with 5.468 miles
wink bo bad bis chosen oue fast, and  ot conductors, divided among 115 ca-
Hartwell perforce took tbe otber.  To-  b|eBj uaviug a total length of 1,588
getber tbey made tbe round of tbe long  ul]ies.
ball, not once, but mnny times, the:    pr|'vatc companies lo tbe uumber of
gbost dancers moving so lightly they  twenty-elgbt own 288 cables, having a
-   ;    Villi?     V.UIU|IIIIIIUN     is     mi;     nu.iii I u      scib*
big gate, but she never would „ compauyi wll,ch operates seven-
id the courage to do II.If I had ,     flve     fc|        , „ , ,     ,„ 0.
red her oo.   She wouldn't daro  ,'_.. _„„
did not even breathe more quickly, al
tbougb tbelr mortal partners at last
were panting.
"How did you think of It? . How
dared you do it?" Hartwell asked na
be whirled aod wheeled. The wraith
ln bis arms answered evenly: "We've
been doing It tbls long time. It waa
a sort ot outlet Seilna flrst thought
of It after wo bad found tbe lost key
to tbe
have bad
not egged her on.
be here tonight If I had let ber tblnk.
We bare always gone borne before 0
o'clock anil climbed In by tbe library
window. This Um* we shall have to
bp ghosts until morning. Wo can get
In on Ibe heels of tbe milkman, and of
course we shall rijn away before unmasking time. Wbat would Aunt Wilton aay If anybody told ber wc had
been here?"
"Probably disinherit you. I should
llko that," Hartwell returned. "1 ben
you wouldn't tblnk. you couldn't. 1 nm
fortune hunting wben 1 «ay I love
Wbat more be might have said nobody knows. Just then tliere cam*
wild cries of fire and after tbem general panic. Despite tho pouring rain,
helped by thc raging wind, thc old
bouso burned llko tinder,    n
leugtb of 120,804 miles and containing
127.032 miles of conductors. The
French companies, only two in number—the Compagnic Francalse du Tele-
grapho de Paris a New York and tbe
Soclete Francalse des Tclcgraphcs
Sous-Marlns — have eighteen cables,
wltb a total length of 7.249 nautical
miles. The most Important of tbe private companies Is the Eastern Teie-
85,347 miles.
The total number of cables ln the
world Is 1,108, with a total length of
140.344 miles and 140,103 miles of conductors. This Is hot sullieient to reach
to tbo moon, but would extend more
tbnu halfway tbcre.-Cblcago Journal.
Turkish Offielalt Couldn't Intimidate
This American Woman.
When Dr. Mary Eddy, tho only woman physician ln Turkey, tried to secure tbo rlgbt to practice in the Ottoman empire she had to face an examination by a score of tbe most distinguished doctors ot the country sbe
was trying to Invade. She Is of American parentage, but wss brought up
ln Syria.
The first question was ln French and
uttered In a contemptuous tone, "Wbo
are you?" To the astonishment of her
examiners she answered ln the Arabic
language, "I am ot you and from
among you."
She was examined, without intermission for six hours, says Success, Tired
with receiving correct answers one of
lbe inquisitors lu tho hope of intimidating her culled out, "Tbat answer Is
Sbo asked for certain medical books
and with striking calmness said, "If
all these authors do nol! sustain my
answer I will withdraw my application to practice medicine." Her American pluck won her tbe day, and she
was given the long desired privilege.
She Is now devoting her life to the
taring of blindness, a disease to which
the Moslems fall easy prey on account
of the shifting sands lifted and blown
easily about by the winds. Her services during the Armenian massacres
havo given ber a placo lu the hearts
of tlie natives second only to tbat of
tbelr prophet, Mohammed.
Tt Is one arind mistake to try te
get steers on what Is known is full
teed too eoon, writes W. 8. A. Smith
lu Farm and Fireside. Personally I
never.get my steers on whet Is
known as full feed-that Is to say,
they never In any twenty-four houra
tet all they can eat When does a
steer make his gain? When he Is
lying down. It Is Impossible to set
economical ftlne It condition! are
such that cattle have no comfort*,
hie piece to rest The Hereford
breed ot beef cattle has long been
a favorite with many feeders. The
One Hereford cow thownTs a good
type of this easily fattened breed.
Children as Money Severe.
In France, where thc school savings
bank system has been In operation
since 1834, there is moro thnn $3,000,-
000 of children's savings In the banks.
Germany bas bad the system since
1840. Near home. Lowell children hnve
placed more tbau $10,000 ln tho banks
In Iho Inst few years. A Pittsburg
bnnk has more than 20.000 children depositors, wltb $150,000 ou deposit. At
the beginning of lust year eleven cities
twell ' in iho United States had sehool sav
bnd for a moment left Bess. When ba
looked for ber ho saw two vapory
creatures fleeing up Ibe stairway.
Bess and Seilna, madly bent on avoiding discovery, meant to vanish that
wny and escape up lhe baek stairs by
which they had come. A waP of flam*
blocked tbem. As they ran bnck from
It tbey heard a shout: "Stand still!
Wo nre coming!" Then up the long
malo stair came Hartwell and Dennlson. to ruab down half a minute Inter
through licking flames, each wltb a
girl's Inauimate figure crushed ngalnst
his breast
lllgbt there waa settled tho question
of a doublo wedding. Even Aunt Wilton Insisted on It Her nieces, sh*
said, needed stronger guardians. Both
mutches bavo turned out to be Ideal,
ao much so tbnt Hartwell and Dennlson say tbey shudder to think tbey
gained euch happiness by barely th*
ghost ot a chance.
A Oav Off.~
Sunday Sehool Teacner-!s your p*
a Christum, Bobby?
Utile Bobby-No'm; not today. Ha*
got lho toothacho.-Brewulng'i Manila*.
Ings systems, and these showed 203.-
000 depositors, with $870,000 deposited.
—Bosiou Advertiser.
A Unique Newspaper.
James Wlckcrshiim. delegate from
Ala*'..:, issued the first newspaper at
Fairbanks, using a typewriter for tbe
purpose, aud so great was the demand
for coplea nf tke unique publication
•hat tbey sold for $5 apiece. He re-<
ccived a number of letters ono day
containing various Items of Important
newa from tbe United States, and tbe
Idea of publishing a paper was suggested. Wlckersham acted aa editor,
publisher and compositor.-Argonaut.
The Sea Ate th* Steel.
A steel deck on tbe submerged Maine
which wns originally half an Inch thick
and appeared still Intact fell to dust
when It was stepped upon, even giving
way under ordinary preasure of the
hand, ahowlng that It waa corroded
and rusted aud aea rotted through and
through. It wns also swollen very
much In alt*. So mucb was this swelling that aome of the hulk at low tide
looked aa It tha old ahlp waa suffering
from some sort of leprosy of the sea.
Aviator Cord and Wire.
Tbo arrival of the aeroplane has given ua n new industry, or rather a modification of an old one-namely, tbat
of manufacturing aviator cord and
aviator wire. The lloehllngs bave devised a special kind of wire aviator
cord to be used fur stays on aeroplanes. The cord consists of a number of lino wires of great strength
stranded together. The strength of
tbe different sizes runs approximately
from 2,000 to 2,300 pounds. For steering gear a moro flexible cord Is provided, composed of six strands of seven wires each, with a center of cither
cotton or wire. Thc aviator wire differs from aviator cord In that it consists of a single wire instead of a number of wires twisted together. Tbe
wire Is mado ln twelve sizes, with a
breaking atrengtb that vnrles from
8,000 pounds to 173.—Scientific American.
A Land ef Hotels.
Those wbo know Switzerland best
will be least astonished at tho figures
which M. A, Dunziit publishes In bis
work on Switzerland, recently Issued
In Paris, for since there Is a hotel on
nearly every hilltop and scores round
every one of the largor lakes It Is more
than credible that tbere arc 2,000 hotels
ln the twenty-two cantons, In Ihe
Orisons, the most sparsely Inhabited
canton, lu which even tho larger towns
rarely bave a population of moro than
1,500, thero aro no leas than 358 hotels
and boarding houses, while the cunton
of Berne, which Includes such fsvorlte
places as Interlaken. Thnn and Grludel-
wald, has moro than 400. Tbero are
135,000 beds in tbe 8.000 hotels, but
these sre by no means sufficient during
tho "haute salson," when many a tired
tourist Is glad to get a bed made up on |
the billiard table-Dundee Advertiser.
margin between the buying and selling
price wider, and therefore It might
•frequently pay to buy very thin animals, provided tbey had good quality
and the feeder knew bow to mak*
them gain rapidly. Tbe price of feed,
of course, bas a great deal to do with
this proposition.
Tben, too, hoga which follow th*
cattle must not be forgotten. Feed-
lug shelled corn Is alwaya attended
with some waste. On most farms tb*
corn Is eltber fed In the broken ear
condition or shelled. Aa • result
hogs must always hav* a part in tb*
cattle feeding proposition. Tbe amount
of corn that will pass through lb* animal undigested will depend somewhat
upon the condition of th* cattle. If
the cattle are in prime condition thay
will digest larger quantities than If
they are not doing very well. Th*
universal practice Is to hangings follow the cattle, and the amount of pork
produced In this way Is n very considerable Item In reckoning profits. Of
course this varies widely. It varies
because of tbe kind of corn used, becauso of tbe season and tb* number of
hogs that follow. If cattle are being
fed very heavily the amount of pork
produced will be large. During th*
early part of the feeding period, when
only so much grain as Is consumed
promptly Is used, tbe waste will b*
slight It will uot do, however, to
leave hogs out of tbe reckoning.
A Bluff.
"By the way hla brow Is bulging
When ,n thought he Is Indulging
You would think he was a wonder.
But that thought would he a blunder,
For he only thinks about
How the roci-a will come out
Or the way to out hie hair,
Hounding In the back or square.
A beholder would be gunning
That eome mighty thoughts were press.
Mlshty thoughts perhaps concerning
Problems In the higher letrntng-
But that guese would mlea the mark.
As a wanderer In the dark
Ht Is only wondering when
He will see a allow again.
Just lo tet htm proudly potlng
You'd bt pardoned tor tuppotlng
lhat hit mighty brain In throbbing
Wit of nature accrete robbing.
You might see It In hie face.
But tliat wouldn't be the cast.
For hla thoughts would only rett
Oo tht pattern of hit vest.
That't tht way a man comet bluffing
When hit bralna art merely eluding.
If ht only lookt Imposing
Ht can keep hie frlendt supposing
That he hte eo much gray metier
Thit hit htadplece ttuna tht hatttr.
Call htm onct tnd you will And
Lets than aothlag ta hla mind, THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
blook.    Phone I! 39.
.Tht Indian motocycle family was
increased by a new arrival in the
city this week. CharleB Cooper has
purchased from his brother, George
\V. Cooper, the new Indian. It is a
4-ti.p. machine, equipped with free
engine clutch nnd magneto.
0. K. Fisher, general traffic man-
uger of the Spokane & British Columbia railway, hns perfected a daily
car interchange system whicb, if
adopted by thc American Railway
association, will, it is claimed, effect
an iiiiiaiiiil saving of 8f>0,()00 In clerk
hire nlirtie. Ita most important feature, however, is the claim that il
will make mistakes in entries almost impossible. Mr. Fisher expects
to copyright tbe form.
A severe electrical storm passed
over (.remwood and Anaconda on
on Wednesday, April 17. Tbe
lightning waa extremely vivid, and
at tine s grave fears wereenteitainad
for some of tbe buildings. Mrs.
Brown, of Anaconda, was struck by
lightning, but escaped with no more
serious injuries tban a severe shaking "P- __  (
D. T. Forbes bas sold his residence on Victoria avenue to A. M
Peterson for»1500.
.Steve Alimenti, an Italian miner,
nged 27 years, was killed in an accident at the Gold Drop mine last
Born—In Grand Forks on Thurs
day, April 18, to Mr. and Mrs. V.
McDavis, a son. On Thursday,
April 18, lo Mr. and Mrs. J. Schlear,
a son.
Strawberry Plants for Sale; $5.00
per thousand, Apply A. Johnson,
Cooper Bios', lanch,
\V. A. Williams, resident mana-
ger'of the Granby smelter, rrtnrned
the latter part of lust week from a
business .trip to Spoknne.
Horses for Sule—Apply K Barron, West End.
Harvey Mnhan, of tbe Granby
office stuff, lef on Saturday for a
short visit to the coast citieB. He
returned home yesterday.
I have for sale. Silver Spangled
Hanihiii'gs.PartriHgft Wyandottes, ».c
II. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown Leghorns, Blue Andalusians
and Silver Spangled Hamburgs.—
Kobert Clark, north of Winnipeg
uvenuo bridge.
The Spokane & British Columbia
railway traniported a total .of 401
tons of Republic ores to Boundarv
srueltora for the week ending April
13, Tbis was double Ihe tonnage
shipped the same week in April lust
year. —Republic I'ayatreak.
Take your repairs to Armsnn's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Korks.
Alex Cajrie, the Nelson urchitecl,
is now engaged in drawing Ihe plans
for a four-room addition to the pub
lie school building in Ibis cily.
Tastes Like and is Eaten
Like Candy
In our experience in the handling
of drugs and medicines, we believe we
have never had experience with any
remedy that gave such great satisfaction to our customers us do Rexall
Orderlies. This remedy is not like
any other laxative or cathartic. It
contains all the good features of otlier
laxatives, but mine nl their faults.
Our own faith in Hexall Orderlies
is so strong that we offer them to you
with our own positive personal guarantee that ilthey do not thoroughly
satisfy you, you only need tell us and
we will hand back to you every penny
you paid us for them. Therefore, in
trying them upon our recommendation
you take no risk whatever.
Rexall Orderlies taste like and are
eatiii like candy. They do not gripe,
cause nausea, excessive looseness, or
any other annoyance. They aot so
easily that they may be taken ot
any time, day or night. Thr are par
ticularly good for children, aged, or
delicate persons They are put up in
convenient tablets in three sizes of
packages. Prices, 10c, 25c, and
Remember, Rexall Remedies can be
obtained in this community only at
our store—The Rexull Store. H. E.
Eggs for Sale
From tl.nroiijjlil.ivi I utility birds
Single-comb Rhode Island Reds and
single-comb White Leghorns. Won
18 firsts .,nd 9 seconds, besides 8 spe
cials, at Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Trail last fall and winter; cup at
Trail for best pen in shew on S.C.
Rhode Island Reds, also special for
best Red iu show, either comb. Eggs,
83 00 and 85.00 per sotting. T.
BoWK-J, Grand Forks (Columbia P.O.)
Breeder   of   S C     Black    Minorcas,
White Plymouth Rocks,   White Wyandottes,    My show records tho last
two seasons prove my  stuck   is  good.
Heading my Blink Minorca  pen  this
season is a cockerel from the   yards of
T. A. Fnulds, London, Out., the  hest
breeder of Black Minorcas oil the eon
tinent.    Heading HIV White Rock and
j While Wyandotte pens are cock birds
| from the yards of 1.    It.   Caie,    Vim-
, oouver, B. C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A relaalile I'rencla regulatoriliaavrr tails. Tlivse
pilla ere cxccealliia.lv pawiarliil In regulating the
neaa.aratavaj purtlPi. aal thn Ictnalc evatcial. Kiafiasc
j all chaaap Imllaliuaa.. I>r. lie Van's lire sold at
I ,*,n Iiiax, nr three l.arllll. Mailed la, anv aalalrcss.
The BcolaWl Urn.; Co., HI. Catharine., Ont.
For Hale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived Unit I hey even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widnowa and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut off i
your legs because you are run- j
ning well in a footrace as to'
cut off your advertising be-!
cause your business is too
good. *    i
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the mau who has retired
from business.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this lino. Don't forget this.
Don't forget that Tho Sun has the
beBt job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
Tub Son job office.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentior\tophone orders
Brldtfe Street,
The bent and most
-iihstutitif.l llre-nroi'f
building In the Buiiii-
dary country. Recently completed mul
>i e w ly       furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. KlrsfTlioiffl ac-
coin iiiiidutii.iir* for the
travelling public.
Hot and Cold Bathi
P rat-Clara Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
ElMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
SuitS tO   Order   H8   Upwards
" We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of Iteing measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect lit. We guarantee satifaction.
1 Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They are the best you can buy.
•We guarantee you the best made dollies in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
(^n the shortest notice and in
the   most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in thi* lliuiniliiry Country, employ com
potent workmen, nnd curry a complete
lini* of Stationery.
we print
llillhcuils unit Statement..,
letterheads and Knvelopes,
'•     r,        Postern, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circular**, and Placard)!,
Bills of   Pars and  Menu   Cards,
AnnoiinremenlH   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Kverything turned out in an
I'p-todate Printery.
-the kind  we do—is  in   itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you tliat our stock and workmanship are of the bent. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Witt &un frmt $turp
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all-Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Doiih.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frvili l.onBlRiimeiitol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stoek
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ior Honing a
Kaior Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh North of Ukanuv Hotki.,
Fihst Sthbkt,
oven es ycaiw
Trade Mark*
Desk, no
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone ending a sketch and dewrtption me.
quickly uicertnln onr opinion froo wlaci 1,,-t so,
Innntlon II Pmstlf MMMMlSk "Commuiii™.
tlraluMrIctlrmTllllHaaitlail. HANDBOOK on l'MCUU
     -*— tent..
_ j|—	
fnTasntlon le probatatr
tlraimlrlollrriiiall-loaallail. HANDBOOK on I'll
lentfrtaa. olden uoncr for■ecumiBPntei
Patent* taken tFiroucu Hunn A Co. t*
«pr lai nolle-, wiitiout obene, lu as
Scientific American.
A Iiandfltocielj illustrated weekly. .Unrest circulation of any nclonittlo Journal, Term* tor
Cauada.f.1.15 it year, postage prepaid.   Bold by
ill uewMlealera.
Reaching the People
A prominent rtal aatata daalar
In Toronto tay. that ha gata
bettor and quiok*r raaulta from
th. Claaalflid Want Ada. than
from any other kind ot publicity.
H. atatoa that th. raaulta aro
.ut of proportion t. th. .mall
.xpanaa Involved.
Thara ll a moral In that ftr you
If you want to roach th. poopi*.
,#^#^i^ +»$*)
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Bourn,
■lary country,- And we are the only
office in this section that, have the
correct material for printing it. The
;un job office.


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