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The Evening Sun Jan 19, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 12
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. January 19, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Clayton tb  Mclntyre Buy
Interests of Grand ForkB
Tranfer Coinpany
Late Proprietors Will Engage
in Similar Business at
the Coast
On Saturday last John W. and
George Rutherford sold their business, known as the GrandForks
Transfer coinpany, to Edward Clay
ton and W. J. Mclntyre. Tbe deal
includes the C.P.R. express agency,
local bus lines, draying outfit, stock
and a coal and wood business. The
consideration has not been made
public, but it was undoubtedly a
respectable sum, as the business is
in a prosperous codition. Mr. Clayton recently sold a lot in Saskatoon
for $10,000.
The Rutherford br ithers are pioneers of the city. Tbey l__»ve been
progressive and energetic business
men, and in all matters affecting the
swarming with fiat)—just small onei,
from six to ten inches long. The
town is very level, and the streets all
cement and lined with palm trees of a
number of different varieties aiid
other trees of whioh I do nut know
the names; and once in a while an
orange tree mixed in, just loaded
with ripe oranges. There are no
fences, and the houses all set back
from the street, with a lawn all
around, and geraniums and roses all
in bloom everywhere, just about as
common   as Jim   Hill   mustard   is
lund Grand Forks in July. But
people 'soon grow tired of all this
grantleur, and wish to aee the old
original woods onoa more.
'-Ws met no oue at San Francisco
that we ever saw hefore. 'Frisco is a
very big, busy and dirty place. We
were there New Year's eve, and the
streets were crowddad with people
from 8 o'clock to after 12, ringing ten
thousand cow bells and all kinds of
instruments for making a noiie, and
by 12 the streets were covered three
inches deep with confetti, lt sur
passed anything we ever-, saw. One
not used to it would think they were
January 16, to Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
McKinnon, a daughter.
Letter From California
K. C. Henniger has received the
following letter from his partner, J.
II McNeil, flvho is now matting at
Long Beach, Cal.:
"I send you a few lines to let you
know where I have located for a
breathing s|)till. I can tell you, it is
like jumping into another world, and,
as {ar as the temperature is con
earned, it has a slight suggestion of
the lower one I am writing this let
ter on a porch. My ui da,r garmei t
art wet from perspiration, and I have
■ma. ol thn worst colds I ever packed
around, but I hope when I get acclimated it will tlUii|i|it nr.
"We had quite an interesting trip.
We stfl»i|n'tl a few tlays in Portland,
'•fid a week in San Francisco, end arrived hereon tlie (ith inst. We have
not been lo Los Angeles yet. It is
eighteen miles from here. We will
h>' here for about three weeks. This is
it town nf about 20,000, but from appearances l would say 10,000 at the
outside, and the population ii mostly
made up of transients. People indulge in sea bathing all the year
around. The beach is two miles in
extent, and is lined with all kinds of
loop-the-loops aud chute-the-chutes,
museums, theaters, sideshows,in tact,
everything that is invented to get your
money away from you in  the shortest
Killed on the Intercolonial
J. B. Tuttle on Tuesday received
      ....      telegragp    from   Moncton, N.B..
welfare of tbe community they have* 'stating that his son, Seldon C, had
exhibited a commendable public
spirit. Tbe citizens will, therefore,
learn with regret of their intention
to remove to tbe coast. They are
now negotiating for a similar business in Norih Vancouver, George
leaving for. that place last Saturday.
The new proprietors of tbe trans
Ier company have been residents ol
Grand Forks'for a number of years.
They are progressive business men,
of undoubted integrity, and are
worthy of the patronage of the pub
been killed on Monday afternoon on
the Intercolonial railway at that
place. No further particulars were
Decerned was a son of Mr. and
Mre. J. B. Tuttle, of thia city. He
was 42 yeara of age, and had been
an employee of the Intercolonial
railway for twenty years. A widow
and two children survive him
A dispatch from Moneton gives
the following account of the acci-
tient: "Seldon C. Tuttle, foreman of
a shunter at the new I.CR. shops,
met a herrible death tonight. Mr.
Tuttle waB standing on a ladder on
the side of a car signaling the driver
of the engine ahead, and leaned too
far out, his head striking an electric
light pole. He was knocked off the
car and under the train, whicb cut
him almost in two."
Public Guarantee
That most beautiful picture, en
titled "Home Again," has brought
such an enormous amount of new
subscriptions to Tbe Family Herald
and Weekly Star, that the publish
•ra are finding it impossible to keep
up wilh the filling of orders, but in
tbe columns of tbat paper tbis week
we notice a positive guarantee from
tbe publishers lhat every subscriber
to that great weekly for 1912 will receive a copy of the picture, "Home
Again." Their guarantee is suffic'
ient and subscribers need not feel
anxious although the picture may
be delayed for a few weeks. Tbose
who have not yet subscribed to Thc
Family Herald and Weekly Star
should do so at one* and make sure
of having a copy of the picture,
"Home Again." We learn that the
publishers are contemplating something tor next season lhat will make
this picture even more valuable tban
at present. One dollar pays for a
full year's subscription to the paper,
and the picture.
space of time. The principal attrac
tion is a city pier extending out into C. G. Wheeler, the city council's
the ocean 1 HOIl feet, lt is a double- special envoy to Col. Wadmore, D
deck affair, and at all times of the S. L., as the bearer of a petition for
day tliere are fully 1000 people fish- a drill hall in this city, haa returned
ing   from  it.   The   water is fairly from Esquimalt without the hall.
Gilbert R. Kinnear Killed by
tireat Northern Train
Near Danville
Geo. Chappie, wbo bas been
spending the time since the holidays
with his. family in Spokane, returned to the city this week.
The body of Gilbert R. Kinnear,
an old prospector, was found laBt
Sunday about two miles south of
Danville in a snow bank, fourteen
feet from tbe railroad track. He had
evidently been struck by the passenger train from Oroville. He had
been. king on a mineral claim at
that place for somejime previous to
the accident. The coroner decided
that an inquest was not necessary.
Relatives in Boston have been notified.
W. W, Foster, of Victoria, deputy
minister of the publio works de
partment, is in the city today. Mr
Foster came here to inspect the
progress being made on tbe new
court bouse building and the First
street bridge. To The Sun, be expressed himself as satisfied with the
The robins are very plentiful in
Grand Forks at the present writing,
The person wbo bas not yet Been
one this year is' not up to date.
The invitation . dance given hv
Wm. F. Armstrong and W. R.
Dewdney to their friends at the Big
Y rch on Tuesday evening was attended by ahout forty couples. The
music was good, and everybody bad
an enjoyable time. Mesdames E.
Barron and J. T. Lawrence acted as
Tbe annual congregational meet
ing ot the Presbyterian church was
last Monday evening. During the
past twenty months the debt of the
church has been reduced by over
ill 100, leaving an indebtedness at
present of only 8213.
The Boundnry honspiel will be
held in Greenwood on the 23rd.
Five rinks from ihis city will partici
pate in tbe evem.
The Orand Forks intermediate
hockey club defeated the Green wood
intermediates at the local rink on
Wednesday night by a score 12 to 1.
Another furnace was blown in at
the Granby smelter today, making
seven now in commission out of the
full battery of eight. Everything is
now running smoothly al the works,
and indications point to a long and
steady run. It is expected that the
new slag conveyor will soon be
placed in commission.
F. M. Sylvester, acting general
manager of the Granby company,
returned this week rrom a trip of
inspection to the company's Hidden Creek properties.
About forty masons and bridge
men are now employed on tha new
C.P.R. bfidge at tbe smelter dam.
It will take about a year to complete the work.
Prof. Brown, of Ontario, will deliver a lecture before the local poultry association on the 24th.
Alf Cooper left yesterday for a
month's vacation trip to the coast
R. P. Williams, of Vancouver,
the well known machinery salesman,
was in the city Wednesday and
C. P. R. surveyors have again
been al work on tbe Columbia fiats
tbis week.
Norman McDonald, wbo bas a
lie camp at the Oro Denoro, senl a
team to that place tbis week to haul
the ties to the C.P.R. track.
Tbe logging'ca-nps in the North
Fork district have been closed
down owing to the heavy snowfall.
E. J. Powner bas opened a barber shop in tba West end next to
the C. P. R. hotel.
Apple Packing School
There will be a packing school held
in the Miners' Union hall fiom February 9th to the 15th, inclusive, under the auspices of the Kettle Valley
Farmers' institute, and conducted by
J. Lawler, of the Okanagan Fruit
union. The public are heartily -in
vited to attend at any time during the
sessions of the school. Thare are still
a few vacancies for pupils desiring to
take lessons. Application may be
made with the Farmers' institute secretary, W. £. Hadden, before February 15.
Overseas Club Dance
Owing to the Imojsey game with
Greenwood, which comes off at
Greeenwood on the 26th, and to
which the hockey club will probably
run an excursion train, the date of
lhe Overseas club dsnee will be
postponed until Friday, February 2.
Members cun get their tickets either
from the committee or at tbe door,
und any one wishing to join lhe club
wbo is eligible can get a ticket for
tbe dance by tilling in nn application
for membership, which can be ob
tained from the secretary. Tickets
81, including supper of tea, coffee,
cake, sandwiches. Music supplied
by Werner's orchestra. Committee
—J. D. Campbell, secretary; jji,
Spraggett, T. S. Watts, John Hay,
G, 8. Kirk, Harry Mann, James
Barringham and W. It. Dewdney.
Chas. Peterson, of the Pacific
hotel, baa recovered after a week's
Born—In Grand Forki, on Monday, January 15, to Mr. and Mrs.
F. 11. Hutlon, a son.   Oa .Sunday,
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 20,565 654,535
Mother Lode  7,150 324,564
Rawhide  1,120 181,405
Jackpot      319 25,717
Athelstan  7,353
Emma  1,130 2,845
Lone Star ..... 2,777
Napoleon  5,313
Insurgent  162
Snowshoe.  •   43,900
No. 7  1,350
Phoenix Amal       1,950
Others      242 15,409
Smelter treatment—
Oranby 17,640 647,177
B. C. Copper Co...10,807 603,650
Nelson Parties   Invest in
West Ward  City
A Tract of Fruit Land Near
the City Sells for $200
Per Acre
W. J. Mclntyre thia week disposed ol his recent real estate acquisitions in Columbia to Nelson
parties at a net gain of $1000.
Percy W. Clarke this week purchased ten acres of the T. E. Kirkpatrick ranch, paying #3000 for the
The City Council
The opening of the new city parliament on Monday was, according
to the reports of persons who are
pecuniarily interested in saying bo,
the most brilliant Bocial function
seen in the city up to date. Some
dii.Bat.8f action was expressed because
seats bad not been reserved for ladies. With tbe exception of Aid.
Morrison, all the members were
The following standing committees were appointed, the first-named
member of each to act as chairman:
Board of Works—Sheads, Miller
and Henniger.
Finance — Miller, Downey and
Water and Light -Downey.Sheads
and Henniger.
Health and Relief—Davis, Morrison and Henniger.
Cemetery—Morrison, Davis and
Geo. Gowland was present at the
meeting, and said he was in attendance by request to hear the city
clerk and Mr. Mcllwaine give further explanations in connection with
the caie of the real estate on Second
street. Mr. Mcllwaine was nol
present, however, sllhough the
mayor said he had" written him asking to attend, and the matter was
postponed until the next meeting.
The transaction will probably be allowed to expire to lbe tune of slow
Most of the lime of lbe meeting
was taken up by the mayor and the
city auditor in handing themselves
Aid. Sheads moved, seconded by
Aid. Davis, that lhe present auditor be retained in office, but after
considerable discussion action was
postponed until the meeling. lt is
natural that these aldermen, should
feel solicitous concerning the retention in olliee of Mr. Campbell. By
deftly juggling thc nomination
papers, Mr. Campbell was primarily
responsible for these gentlemen being elected by acclamation.
The monthly meeting of the local
Sunday School association was
held in the Presbyterian church last
Tuesday evening. Rev. Y. H. McLean, B.A, special field secretary
for Sunday school work of tbe
Presbyterian church, was present,
and delivered an interesting address.
W. A. Wiiliams, local manager of
the Granby smelter, returned the
first of the week from Spokane. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, 23ITISH COLUMBIA.
A Satin oa Ike Advutagea For
Adoption of a Dot Over
By Mrs. Martha Burgiss
Coprrlcht by American Press Association, im.
John Douglas and bis wife, Maria,
were not blessed with children. Tbey
fctermlned to adopt a boy and after
baring come to tbe resolution conferred as to tbe most convenient ago
tbe little fellow sbould be.
"I think," said Jolm, "you'll Dod tbat
a babj will be a good deal of car*.
There's a colic period, and tho child
would bare to be brought up on some
kind of artificial baby food, and there's
only a certain proportion of babied
that lira through tbelr babyhood. If
your boy dies you've bad all your
trouble for nothing. I tblnk we'd better take a child seven or eight yeurs
"tt seems to me," replied Maria,
"that unless we begin at tbe beginning and progress wllb tbe child we
won't be used to blm wben be reaches
tbat age. He'll be ready tor the
whooping cough and tbe measles and
such diseases, and we won't ba ready
for bim to bare tbem."
Tbe mutter was discussed between
them for a long while, Maria holding
to the baby plan. John desiring to
make tbe short cut. Maria yielded
since she saw no way of getting a
child at all unless sbe did, for John
had seen comic pictures of men walking the toot at midnight wltb colicky
babies and did not propose to submit
to any sucb strain.
80 tbey went to an orphan asylum
and asked for a ilx-year-old boy. The
matron, wbo had brought np a family,
tried to Induce tbem to select a stolid,
■low moving little fellow wbo would
■It all day playing wltb toys. But
John preferred a bright-boy wltb an
Intelligent eye. So tbey took tbe latter home with tbem and congratulated
tbemselres tbat tbey were now a family.  They called the boy Robert
The next morning after breakfast,
wben Maria had finished ber household duties, ahe remembered Robert
and made a search for blm. He was
nowhere to be found. 8he called for
blm not only In tbe bouse,, bnt out ot
doors. Thinking be bad strayed away,
abe telephoned John, wbo was at
business, and John reported tbt fact
to the police.   Wben ber mental tea-
pot bad reached tht boiling point Maria beard a call from tbt top of tba
tallest tret la tbt yard and, going oot
tbtrt, aaw ber adopted wa on tha
topmost branch. Calling for blm to
comt down, she held bar breath whllt
bt did ao, every moment expecting to
ait blm fall and lit a corpse at ber
ftot But bt landed safely. Ba bad
, bttn In tbt tret all tba whllt, and
whtn bis foster mother asktd blm
why ba bad not answered her trail bt
fixed a pair of rognlsb tyts on bar
and Mid bt bad been "hldln'."
Whtn John came home from bnsi-
Bt«a tbat evening tbt couple talked
tba matter over and concluded that
tbt abort cut tn raising children was
In tba very beginning n failure. Both
agreed that tba morning's experience
wonld ba repeated Indefinitely and la
a thousand varieties.   '
"1 .tblnk," aaid John, "that • child
will ba too mucb trouble for us. Wt'd
batter try a dog."
* - Roberts* place wat taken - In tbt
Douglas homo by a' lit tit tenter, to
Whom tha cooplt gart tbt namt of
Site. -Tito wu aa mucb of a, success
at -Ua prtdtotttor waa. a failure, ao
Car at adoption waa cimcereed. .**__<_*:
dog bad no dtelre tt eUmb treat gad
need not be left i'u run hihuii ull too
whllt, for he readily submitted to bt
•Jed to a table leg or. a nawel post
Ont winter nlgbt whtn John bad left
sn unusually bot Ore In tht furnace bt
aad Maria were awakened by Tito's
Jumping on tbelr bed and barking vociferously. Smelling smoke, tbey arose
and wtnt downstairs. John opened
tbt door loading to tbt collar, bnt
quickly closed It again to shut off a
lama that, leaped forward to consume blm. Huddling on their clothtt,
\ethe couplt got out of tbt houtt Juat
Ai tlmt to aava thoir lives.
"How much more valuable la a dog
liana a coiidl" exclaimed John. "No
child would hava aarad nt aa Tito baa
Maria madt no reply.
Tbtrt' wort many waya In which
Tito proved himself more adaptable
to tbt wants of tbt Douglases than a
child would bave been. Tbelr friends.
Ur. and Mra, Rtrwtn, never could go
out In tht truing, for their little
daughter Bessie must bt pot to bed at
I o'clock and could not ba left alone
la tht house. Tht Douglases did all
tba visiting, for thty conld take Tito
etth them, shall Mm to a sofa leg
and take btm home wltb tliein at midnight If they chose to stay so long.
John was a hard working man and
gradually accumulated a little fortune,
on the Income of which he and Maria
could live wben they came to old age.
One day John bad trouble wltb a safety deposit company where be kept bis
securities and took tbem borne with
blm, 1 (tending to rent another box the
next day. Ht also drew bis account
amounting to 1090, from tbe banking
department of tbe concern and took
that home too. Whether aome eril
disposed person saw blm, draw tbt
money and followed him, certain It la
that tht samt night tbt house waa
robbed, Tito, tbo securities and the
money disappearing at the aame time.
This, ot courte, was a terrible blow
to tbe couple. In one thing they were
disappointed. They bad always supposed tbat Tito Would warn them
against burglars. Instead of that be
bad been captured. But a strange
smell Indicated that the dog had been
put to sleep by the robbers before looting tbe bouse and carried away with
the booty.
Maria endeavored to comfort ber
husband as well aa she could, though
the sops ahe gave blm were very thin.
'Well, dear," she said, "we have no
ont but ourselves to prorlde for. and
we don't need mucb. If we bad a
child to leave behind ils we wonld
have something to worry about. If
we only bad Tito back 1 would willingly give np tbe securities and tba
John mnde no rrsly- He bad struggled for twenty yeart to accumulate a
property that would support blm and
bit wife ln tbelr old age or tbat lit
might feel that In case of hla death
sbe wonld bt provided for; and bt saw
ho comfort In Ita Iota, especially since
be bad passed an age wben a man
usually finds himself Indisposed to be-,
gin again.
Of course be reported the matter to
tho police. The sergeant at tbe desk
questioned blm closely and when John
uld that Tito bad disappeared the
sergeant aaid that It waa possible tht
robber had madt a mlatakt In carrying tbe dag off aRve Instead of dead.
He might he Identified by Tito In ease
tht latter was recovered. He took
John's address and promised to notify
him If any clew were discovered, but
since nothing had been left behind by
which to track blm the chances of recovering tht property were alight
John was very mucb discouraged.
"If tbey hadn't got ahead of the dog."
he tald, "wt would hart been alarmed
by bla bark."
"Ob, a burglar never thinks of entering a houst where tbere Is a dog," aaid
the sergeant "without flrst eliminating tbe beast"
Then be took down a minute description of Tito.
Wben John told Maria wbat tbe sergeant bad said ahe declared that It
Tito were allre tbt waa sure bt wonld
lead to tbt discovery of the lost prop-
to ner tnat removed all doubt aa to tba
Identity of tba dog.
Nothing woold satisfy tha woaua
but that bar husband, who wu at
business, should ht connected by tha
wire with Tito that bt might call tha
dog and hear bla back. Thia wu
dona, and wben Tito hoard bis master's voice ha went wild with Joy.
"The way we got on to tha dog,"
tald tha .sergeant "wu tbla: A maa
who committed i burglary waa tracked to bla room, where ha waa arretted, and thia dog waa found there.
Hla collar, on which yon told oa bla
name wu cnt, bad been replaced by
a cheap one. A largo amount or prop*
eitv ot different kinds bat bttn re*
covered, tnd tt la quite probable that
yocn may ba among tba rest"
And to It proved. All tbe missing
securities were recovered and a part
of tbe money.
"1 told yon aa," aaid Maria to John.
"I knew Tito wonld be lhe means ot
recovering our fortune."
' "How did yon know Itr asktd John.
"I Juat knew It; that's bow."
"1 know one thing," replied tba husband, "a dog for adoption beata a child
aU hollow."
Italian Explorer Sooko tht Gnat Print
Vlgt Day Holds.
At tbt bottom of Vigo bay, on tba
coast of Spain, Ilea a fleet of galleons
and $100,000,000 In gold ingots and
silver bare. In 1702, after escaping tha
perils of buccaneer and privateer and
frigate, tbls treasure fleet wtnt 'down
ln a home port amid smoke and flame
and tbe thunder of gnu manned by
English and Dutch tare under tbat
doughty admiral of Queen Anne. Sir
George Rooke. It waa the deadliest
blow ever dealt the mighty commerce
of Spain during those centuries when
her ruthless grasp wot squeezing tbe
uew world of Iti riches.
Tbere, indeed, la tbe prize par excellence for tbe treasure seeker of today wbo dreams of doubloons and
pieces of eight Nor could pirate board
bave a more blood stained adventurous
history tliau tbese millions upon millions, lapped by the, tides of Vigo bay,
which were won by tbt aword and lost
In buttle. During tbese.lost 200 yeara
many efforts bave been made to te,
cover the freightage of this fleet but
tbe bulk of the treasure is still untouched, and fl00.OU0.000 or mora
awaits tha man with tbe cash and tbe
Ingenuity to evolve the right salrngt
equipment At work now In Vigo bay
la tbe latest of theae explorers, an Italian. Giuseppe Pino by name, Inrentor
at a submarine boat a system of raising wrecks aud a wonderful machine
called a hydrotcope for teeing and
working at tbe bottom ot tbe tea.—
Metropolitan Magazine.
aft Jut Uke a woman." aaid
John. "She's alwnya ccnsldtriog probable wbat aha wishes to come to past.
liy opinion la. tbat tba robber or rob-
ben killed Tito and took bit body
away wltb them."
Montha passed and nothlag waa
beard of Tito or the lost property.
Then one day a telephone message'
came to the Douglases that a dog had
comt Into tbt- possession of the police
Wblcb answered to Tito's description:
Would either Mr. or Mra. Douglas
eome to the station and Identify blmt
Maria loot no time in reaching tae
station, expecting to Dad Tito there.
She was disappointed. The atrgeant
aaked bar to be totted aad. 'aaiug up
the desk telephone 'receiver, called np
a police one* 10 a distant dty. W bea
tha pany be wished to apeak with replied tba serges nt aaked blm to -'brta*
tbe dog" to tha phone and place tba
receiver tea* hit ear. When toe dog
waa reported la iraaltioo Mrs Doug-
Ita waa aaked to etjll Tito through it*
phone; '■' ■ ' £
"lltb," the tald' In .an affectionate
te-je;THo. .pi* tbty tike Tito away
'«it*p*_*r'-;:,,',..'_,-./a.'.'   >•
A aertaa at joyful barks dud*- hub
MoQiiw't Poop Ahead.
The baseball publio may be prepared
for tome surprising developments dar-
Ing .the season of 1011 tn the National
league, and I understand tbat tbe
champion Philadelphia Athletics are
not altogether sure of thoir position la
the American league. I am not to familiar with affairs lo the American
league, but In the National. 1 am folly
■ wart of tht fact that Naw Tork.
rttttburg and Chicago will have lo
light every Inch of 'bs way lo maintain the prestige that tbey hare held
for tbe laat ten years. To attemp't to
predict the winner at tbla time would
be foolhardy, for tba element of luck
ia baseball la too large to permit of
any degree of accuracy In forecasts.
I feel comparatively aafe. however, in
laying that Id my Jndgment tbe teams
In the flrst division will be New Tork.
Chicago. Pittsburg aud Cincinnati-
John-J. Metlraw la Metropolitan Mag*
Uaeo Per Potash bolts.
Potash aalta of many kinda were Imported Into Ibt United States from
Germany laat year and to tbe value ot
fll.OOO.ono. Tel. as far aa Ibe German
■apply la concerned. It Is aaid lhat at
the present rate of demand upon tba
great potash beds nt Strnssfurt Ibt
•windy ought to latt for 000.000 yeam
Thaw potash aalta ire used for many
purposes lo thia cotintry-ln gold min
Ing. glen making.-toapmaklng, bleaching, dyeing. In photography and medicine. In the manufacture of exploslres
and for ferttlUera. la recent yeara
there have been ni tempts to discover
potash In paying quantities Id lhe
western desert portions of the United
Mtatea. Quanlltlea of the mineral hara
been found In rocks and la aome ef
he dried bods of desert likee.-Chlca-
fl'u Tribune.
Thoy Aro Not Alweye Pronounced as
Thoy Are Spoiled.
The recent wedding ot Mre. John A.
Stirling, formerly Clara Elizabeth Taylor, tba American chorus girl, to Lord
George Hugo Cbolmondeley, second
eon of tha Marquis of Cbolmondeley,
serves aa a reminder tbat the ways of
English pronunciation are past flndlng
Cbolmondeley la not pronounced the
way lt la availed. 80 iu case you«ver
happen to meat Lord and Lady
Cbolmondeley or have occasion to
mention their name you mutt pronounce It Chumley-C-hu-m. chum;
l-e-y, Ity. and tbat'a Cbolmondeley.
Aud that Isn't all. Tbere ara otber
high sounding names associated with
tht British aristocracy that call for
gymnastics In pronunciation. Lard
Worcester pronounces himself Wooster. and It you want to any Wor-ces-
ter-shlre pronounce It Woostersher
and tay It quickly aod you've got It.
Tbe flrst suburban nation beyond
East New Sork od the Long Island
railroad It Warwick street, and the
guarda call "Warwick atreet" whon
tbe train ttopa. Thia la perfectly
dreadful according to* tbe English way
of pronouncing Warwick. Over there
they call It Warrick. Lady Warwick
Is Lady Warrick.
In England, too. tbe name
M-l-c-h-l-l-l-m-a-c-l-n-a-c resolves Itself
wben pronounced into Mackinaw.
M-a-r-j-o-r-I-b-h-n-k-i la pronounced
Mnrchhank. L-e-l-c-c-t-t-e-r Letter.
N-o-r-w-l-c-h NorriJ. like porridge, and
there are many others, but sullieient
examples have been given to ahow
whnt tmexplalnable liberties the English take In tbe pronunciation of their
own language.-New Tork World.
England In Dread tf an Outbreak tf
tht Dtadly Dittoes.
While Qreat Britain la looking forward to a glorious coronation year It
aeemi tbat millions of billions ot
plague germs, ut present the gueatt of
Suffolk and othtr rata, may be preparing a very unpleasant surprise. It
ta aa well to be forewarned and to realise lhat the plague la actually In England after an absence of 245 yean.
Tbere I* no doubt about Ite presence.
It has been found epidemic on a large
acale among south country rati, hu
killed barea and la probably rife
among otber susceptible animals.
Worse still, it la now known ibat at
least ten or a dozen people died of
plague last autumn.
Now. plague does not apread among
human beings when the mean temperature la below 60 degreet. Since soma
time In October tbe mean temperature
haa heen below BO. but any day oow
It may rise above that point. Tben
will coma tbe opportunity of tbe plague
Aod there can be no doubt tbat wo
aball have plague, on a small scale at
least Whether sanitary science will
succeed ia limiting Ita ravages remains
to be teen.
Tbe plague germs live normilly la
rata, and tbey are brought lo ui by
fleas and flick. The chief sanitary
measures consist of tbe destruction of
rate, dies and tleat.-1'earaon't Weekly.
Cut    of    Unify td
Soil and Opossum.
TJndyed sealskin makee a One motet
coat for cold weather, and tbla pelt lt
pot nearly u expensive aa the glossy
■ealakln. Tbe good looking coat illustrated la of tbe uudyed seal and Ig
built on new and graceful lines. Tba
Tory effective trimming It of Australian opoeamfr.
Brloke ef dateline.
AatoBMblllota in Rnaland-they call
hem metorlsta urer .here-are much
iitrreeted In the siiccee* of an Ineeo-
ion known aa ••solid .petrol." or genuine la little hrlekai Ita exact companion li. of ceumo. a secret. It "ta-
sine an per cent uf ordinary Baseline,
i percentage nf auapy matter aad I
•or rant of a fnret.ro substance which
-Ires It eottttt*. ■» email hawk ef h It
-sidle be eqnal tt a *al|on of Kquld
haute power, aad Ita lavetitan aay
,x*Ka*mm tm*emma,s fir IJtt Sttloe
aa he flwniod ta . Mt>» DM aa tba
HnttMM IwrdertUaMthfaa.   '
Exptnsivt Shouting.'
In Berlin, Germany, a Ore broke out
Tbat Is, a lamp exploded iu the bouse
of an old womnn. und she gave the-
alarm, aad the Are ewrtnua were called
out. Aa tbey came racing down the
atreet a boy ohputed "Fire!" In front ot
a house where a very nervous woman
lived She heard the about and collapsed, aad, tbougb aba did not die.
abe.bad. to call a doctor and waa In
bed two weeks. And now for lbe
point: The boy waa knuwo. and oa
complaint of the woman ba waa arretted, and his father bad to pay S40 to
aettle tbe caae. He ihouted four llmea.
and tt waa flO a about* Wbat If an
American boy had 10 pay 110 for every
time ba hootedt-Baltlmora Ameiicaa.
The Bidders Tumbled.
An auctioneer baa bad an extraordinary experience at did Colwyn. At pa
entered a room where a wle waa to
take place ba waa astonished to ess
tbe people in It, about forty In number,
aa wall u the furniture, all vanish
through tha floor before - hla eyea.
When tae realized what had happened
be perceived that tbe people and the
furniture bad fallen Into tbe cellar; tan
feet below, owlog to the giving way ot
the floor. No one, however, waa seriously Injured, though tbere waa a good
deal of alann.-Cardlff Western Mail.
tt wu not for notmng, oowevar, una.
ratlma had spent w mucb of her time
reading detective stories of tbe modern school.
Accordingly when ibt'opened-tho
door of the forbidden chamber and beheld the several heads ef Bluebeard's
former wlree aba wat able to draw a
rational Inference.
"Evidently,? aha remarked, "thtae
ladles made hold to aak the cook abeal
eomethlug tad tke cook snapped their
beads offl" ^^^^^^mmm
ate IflOratiT that ast-afau- a 'SsxSmss
Putting Down Eggs For Winter Use.
When one can obtain strictly fresh
laid eggs at tbla season it It good
economy to pack a number for wintet
use. lt ia bot expensive or any great;
trouble to do. this if one goes at l|
the right way.
Oaa ahonld buy fertile egga. and tbey
must not be more than three daya old
-better to park tbe day they ara laid
or tha day after. Use a tea gallon
stone Jar. Boll six gallons ef water ta
an absolutely clean vessel. Let It
ttand till cold.
Hara ready two quarts of water
glass, obtained at any drug- (tore for
a few cente. For every cupful of
water glass use tin cupfula of water-
Put them In tbe mixture In tbe Jar
without washing. This last It Important because tbere la a natural oily
substance on the shell tbat helps to
keep the porea filled.
Egga so packed are as nice, at fresh
and beat up u well at ntw laid eggt.
N.     '.	
Brand Whltloek'e Story.
"Civil terrlce reform haa given ua a
splendid army of civil strvuta. II
wasn't alwaya 10."
The speaker, Mayer Whltlock of To
tedo. smiled.
"When I wat writing my flrst thort
stories," he resumed; "we bad civil
aervanti of a different stamp. Ao elderly rattdeot Of my active Urbans
aought out'back In those daya, hit
"'Congrettmin,' he said. 'I supported you at tbe polls, and now I expect
you to get my boy a good civil itrv-
Ice Job.1
"'All right, friend.' the congretamaB
luwered.  'What ran your boy do?*
" 'Do?* snorted Ibe otlier. 'What can
be dot By crlncs, man, If be conld
do anything do you tblnk I'd be both-
arlag your "—New Tork Tribune.
Didn't Hove To.
"Every man In my congregation
should pray to be kept bumble and
poor I" thundered tho minister.  .
,"l don't need to." piped up a little
man In a front pew. '
"And why la It unnecessary tor yon
to pray to bo kept bumble and poorf
ehoated tbt minister.
•lilvt with my wift't folki."-Hoaa-
ton PeaV ■ ■
.The Brute.
"Mary, I tblnk our daughter Lacy•
ought to take ap callatbeniea."
"So do I. John. It weald do 00
mneh for her.   What tort-DolMrter
"No; domeotlc-twlrllng a dlabrag;
battling a dltbpaa. Joggling dirty
Habea tad propelling a brooml*.—Bur-
tingtoo Newa     .;i.-," •■-■'•■.-■■ v. :•:'
■■  Of Courao.
"Why  do yoo: acorn  that  young
■ tBerauae he talka uly of -leva la aa
cottage,"   . ,   ,..-   •        .. .,-..'.  .
: .*M_ad.ba,haa>tba-i-tfttMav f*m.
Itmm tare-ita the huaae yeu eaa* smt
I law lha aatnaatatla-
n.; ■:
C. P. R.- Tna.vtiMrti Shipment of Hors-
u Frees St. Paul to Vanoouver
In Record Tlmo
Railway shippers and especially
shlppera o{ live slock will bo interested In the record made by lhe Soo
Line and the Canadian Pacific Railway in transporting a shipment of
horses from St. Paul to Vancouver
last month. The shipment which
consisted of one hundred and flfty
thoroughbred horses wu made from
Lexington, Kentucky, by Irving H.
Whoatsroft, a retired United States
tallroad man and the owner of several big stock farms. In shipping his
stock via the Soo Line and tha Canadian Pacific Railway, the only stipulation of importance made by Mr.
Wheatcroft was that the horses
should be delivered ln good condition
at Vancouver ln not more than six
dnys after they had left St. Paul.
In forwarding the shipment, the C.
V. R. not only made "delivery at Vancouver within the six days but cut
the time down to under four days,
three daya and twenty one hours to
be oxact The special train containing the horses, left Minneapolis at
10:15 n.m. on October 13th. Oil October 14th at (1.30 p.m. It reached
Fortal and It left Poilal O.'.c same
night at 8.05 o'clock. Ihe trip over
the C.P.R. lines from Poital was
made tn sixty Uo hours Vancouver
being reached at 8.60 am. Octobor
17th.. This Is remarkably good tini;
and on the arrival ot lhe horses al
Vancouver Mr. Wiieatcroft complimented the Canadian Pacific Railway
officials on the hl_.li standard of their
■.-eight aurvice.
The horses were eventually shipped to Australia on tlie steamship
'Uish" which called from Vancouver
t.30 p.m. October 30th.
You probably know all too well
how it goes. Just as you doze off, the
tickling starts in your throat, A gentle
cough, still asleep. A liardercougli, and
then another. Pint thing you know,
you're wide awake, coughing your bead
A few nights of that and you're so
worn out and weakened that the cough
takes a tight grip on you.
Butwliy en.lure it t
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice aod Chlorodyne will soothe that
exasperating tickling, loosen the phlegm
and cure thc inflammation of the mucous
membrane. It not only stops the cough
quickly, allowing you to get sound, re-
freshi ng sleep, but it goes to the toot ot
the trouble and drives out the cold completely. Children willingly take Na-
Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice and
Chloralyne, because it tastes so good.
Vour Druggist has it or can quickly get
It (or yon tn 35c. and soc. bottles. The
National Drug & Chemical Co. ol
Canada, Limited. 115
Begin With The Boyt.
"It you are going to do anything
permanent for the average nun you
havo to begin before he is a man.
The chance of success lies ln working
with the boy and not with the man,"
says Colonel Roosevelt. "If children
are not brought up well they ate nnt
merely a curse to themselves and
thoir parents, but they mean the ruin
ot the State in the future."
These are wise words, and they
ought to appeal strongly to every
father and mother to look well lo the
morals ot their hoys. The wise king
said: "Train up a child in the way
he should go, and when he la old he
will, not depart from it."
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Lid.
'.& 1 raser Ave,Tonntu. OiH.in.
specialist, 6 College St., Toronto,
A Common Pact
"Your friend, lhe professor, may
hava a remarkable tongue tor language, but theie u one tongue he will
never master,"
"What ono is that?"
"Hia wife's." ,
Warts am disfigurements that disappear when treated with Holloway's
Corn Core.
Visitor—"80 our aunt who went to
live in New York died from excessive
exerclae?" Uncle Eben—"Yep. . She
room to the window ..every Ume anybody went by."—Puck.
tatoU* aloes eoidhi, c
flip *»■ *t aid l**t*
SS cuto.
"Are you going to get married, cr
go to college?"
•1 think I'll get married. Mabel
toys Bhe will bo my wife on one condition, and I can't enter college with
leaa than tour."
' Deafness Cannot Be Cured
kr Ml atsMmlMl. xx Iter cannot reach Ilia, to-
*mt MttM ot Ua ac. Tier, a only ono »aiy to
m inntli ud Uut le br ctxiaUMUoMi ratcHM.
xamnxxm sx onuooO by xo InQamed condition ol tbe
xxmxtm Untu ot too Euatoebiaa Tubt. When thia
Mho la UOimod you bsvo . rumbling ooima] oc Im-
■MM koutnta US "hen It ll entirely cloaa.il. Ileal-
MM Is Uu remit, nnd unloH too Inflammation om bc
MM oot nnd tbll tube reotored to IU normal condl-
Uod. tuotlm will bo deeuoyod toceeet; nine .am
wl o< tea on entiled by Catarrh, whleli Ir notblnf
bot SO InatinwO condition ot too mucottl nir'acM.
Wl WU »t»0 Ono Hundred Dollara lot »ny cue ol
'MOMS (cottoed by cnUnh) that cannot be curat
r BnBI OftUirb Cure. Send for circular!. Irtae.
r. I. CHUNKY 4 CO.. Toledo, O.
BOM 07 DmdtU, tie,
IMo Italia ratnlly Ptila for coullpatloa.
In England the lirst true lighthouse
o/aa the Eddystone, built in IWO; two
i.enturlee beiore Christ, however, Ares
had been lighted on a lower near
Alexandria. Egypt, aa a warning to
Fresh as a Di
That's ths way you ftel after
a bath la which you havo used
SNAP. UUa quicker and far
thorough cleanser than
toap. Don't
put up with
Imitations —
Insist on Iho
SNAP.    :
.... .: r_v
: _ w_ n.\).Hs.sit
J, C. Green, A Sufferer from Rhouma-
tltm and Lumbago for five yeart,
finds quick relief and complete cure
In Dodd's Kidney Plllt.
Clam Bank Cove, Bay St. George,
Nfld.—Newfoundland contributes Its
share of splendid curea made by
Dodd's Kidney Pills. There is a striking exampo at thia place. Mr. J. C.
Green, a well-known resident, suffered
from Rheumatism and Lumbago for
five years. Today he is a well man,
and does not hesitate to give Dodd's
Kidney Pills all the credit for the
cure. ,
"My trouble waa caused by strain
and cold," Mr. Green says ln telling
his story. "And for five yeara I Buffered from Rheumatism and Lumbago.
1 was always tired and nervous. My
sleep was broken and unrefreshlng
and the pains of neuralgia added to
my distress.
"I was ln very bad shape Indeed
when I started to use Dodd's Kidney
Pills, but they soon gave me relief. It
la because I found a cure In Dodd's
Kidney Pills that I recommend them
to my friends."
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
Kidney ills no matter where It is found
or what stage lt la ln.
"Como along down town with me,
Mabel?" "But I have no money with
me." "What'e the difference? Two
can shop as cheaply as one."—Washington Herald.
I f« lot, took. Wear Seen Irm mi f
I OajfltNlTl.A'nD EYELID* I
"What Is you Idea of patriotism?"
"Patriotism," replied Senator Sorghum, "Is what inspires a man to point
out many needs for reform In hla
country, but causes him to resent an
endorsatlon of his views by a foreigner."—Washington Star.
Minard's llnimtnt curtt gargtt In cows
He wasn't good at conundrums, but
when hla turn came to ask one at a
little social party, he thought he
could remember a good one he had
hoard. It waa the old riddle-—'
"Why It a woman like lhe ivy?"
The answer, ot course, Is tho gallant explanation—  ■
"Because the more you're ruined
the closer tho sticks."
But he got it mixed, and, asked -
"Why la the Ivy like a woman?"
None ot (he--ladles present could
give an appropriate reply, so lie himself ventured - this   mifladrylt   solution— '"--.
'Because the ©loser ■ It e1|oge
mora you're ruined."
123 Bay St., Toronto.
C. P. R, Invests Heavily In Chicago
It it stated on good authority here
that the Canadian Pacific Railway has
closed a deal for the purchase of the
greater part of the land required tor
Us new freight terminal and auxiliary yard and tracks ln Chicago and
that operations Involving an expenditure of from 15,000,000 to $7,000,000
will shortly be commenced. It has
been about two years since the Canadian Pacific Railway, through Its subsidiary line, the Minneapolis, St. Paul
& Sault Ste. Marie Railway purchased
control of the Wisconsin Central. The
latter had neither passenger nor
freight termlnrl facilities of Us own
ln Chicago, but came Instead over
what Is now known aa the Baltimore
& Ohio Chivago terminal & the Illinois Central, passenger trains arriving and departing from. Park Row
station, and using also facilities at the
foot of Randolphe St. for Ua freight
yards. Now lt Is stated this state of
Affairs will be changed. The "Soo"
la now acquiring lands to the value
of $1,300,000 for a new freight terminal and has also entered Into a contract by which It will gain entrance
to the Grand Central Station at Fifth
Avenue and Polk Street, upon the expiration of Us lease with the Illinois
Central which will be ln ahout four
The land purchased so far Includes
105 parcels for a total consideration
ot $930,000.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.—Disturbance of the stomach and liver always precede attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangements ot the
digestive organs and deterioration tn
the quality of the blood. In these ailments Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
havo been found most effective, abating the fever and subduing the ague
In a few daya. There are many
who are subject to these distressing
disturbances and to these thero is no
better preparation procurable as a
means of relief.
"My hair Is falling out, old chap,"
a solicitor conlldcd to a medical
friend. "Can you recommend some
thing to keep It lu?"
"Certainly," was the agreeable reply, "a cardboard box."
' Extra
It ts better to avert a war than to
fight and win: better to prevent sickness than to cure It. Keep a bottle of
Hanllns Wlrard Oil In the house and
aee how much suffering U savea.
"How did he get rich?" "By fooling the public." "Oh. L thought ha
claimed to be a genius."—Chicago Record-Herald.
ialnard'a Liniment Curet Distemper.
. Britain's total expenditure ln naval
mattera   In   1M0   was nearly three
« that of France for the oorr *
tag periods.      '
Upon an average, 8cotamea are tha
otleat men In the United Kle*.6m.
times that of France tor Ue oecrea-
""ins periods.    '   " ~
The Carat.
The number ot persons Interested
ln the measure of weight called the
carat Is generally limited by vho number who are able, or are disposed to
posseBs precious stones of great
value. Of course, lt is of thc utmost
Importance to jewellers, and, inasmuch' as slight differences have hitherto existed ln the estimation of this
delicate weight, an effort Is making,
particularly under the initiative of
Belgium, to bring about the adoptiou
of An international standard carat.
The weight proposed is 200 milligrams. It haa been customary In
English-speaking countries to reckon
a carat as equal to 3.2 grains. Thc
uncertainty ot tke original measure
Is Indicated by the derivation of the
word from the Greek word for the
fruit of .the caron.
"Hear about the revolution ln China?" "Heavens, no! And I lust
bought a whole new aet ot Havlland.
What ia the new stfle!"—Houston
Own Soap
Bestfor baby, best for you.
Refuse imitations,
Albert Soaps Lid. Alf is., Montreal,
Try "Mbtrt"
Sctettd ond
Naval Note of 1050.
The battleship "Suffragette'' arrived today, commanded by Captain Matilda Screech. The ship landed a
party of bluejackets trimmed wllb
real lace.
fkomach Blood and
Liver Troubles
Much ilekBOM starts witb weak stomooh, oad coesequtat
poor, impoverished Mood. Nemos end pole-people lack
good, rich, ted blood. Their itomoohs need invi/jors-mg
for, after sll, a man coa bo bo stronger than his ttotMeb.
A remedy that makes the ttomtoh •Wong aad the liver
eotive, mokes rich red blood aad overcome* oad drives
oat diwuf-produoiaf bacteria oad euree a whole mulo-
lode ol diseases.
Get Mi st rearStemecA WeaSaeea see
Uwer Lazlaeea Ar taklai a coeroe ef
Dr. Platte's OaMea HeSleal Discovery
-tAe great StamaeA meaterattee. Use*
latlierafe aa* alas* eieaaeee.
You ctn't ofnrd te aooeet any medioiao oi Batata*
ttmftllk* ae e eabetfltute lor "Goldoo Modioli Ditoev*
ery," which in a ewdiouo ot xmown oonrotmoN, tmtmt
a oomptete Hot et iegradieato ia phis EngKih oa its bot-
tic-wrapper, come beiaf allotted et ootveet eeder ooth.
Or. MwWo H*m*M Hints nee*** mat tntrutt. *******% trw
Economy in little things is just as
important as economy in big things
will answer one of your "economy questions." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfec
tion that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make. .,*«_.»._.
Extra Light Weight Repeating Rifle
This rile handles .ss Short, .ss Long er .si Lang Rifle cart.
ridgM without chance ef adjustment. It's a take-dawn and
a vary handy, all-around smalt caliber repeater. Rsamino one
Mflfliytmll agree that It's the biggest rifle value ever offered.
Published ot Grantl Forki. Brltlih Oolumbl
U. A. -.varus ... Editor tnd Pnblllhnr
A Hit of this paper oan bea toon ot tho offloe
ol Mown. B. 4 J. Hardy 4 Oo., HI, III nnd 82,
Flmt S»reat, K.O., London. Bngland, free of
charge, and thnt Hera will lie (ltd to renin
itibiarllationa mul advertisement, on our belt nil.
Due root !}.»
line Tear (In advenes)  )■<*>
(Ine Year, In Untied Slolei   xM
Addreai ell eommtinleotlonl to
Taa BvistNO Sua,
Phonb Bit Grand Fohks. B.C
Wiikn the city auditor has to explain, as he did last Monday night,
some of the must important items in
the financial utatemuuc to the mem
bers of the council, what possible
chance is there uf the few ordinary
ratepayers who may happen to see it
understanding it 1 The fact of the
matter in, that after eliminating the
braggadocio of the mayor, and making due note of the scantiness of the
public improvements carried out
during the year, the statement presents the poorest financial showihg
made by any council  in recent years.
Information Wanted
About twenty years age a gentleman from New York waa hunting
witb Indians in British Columbia.
They took him to a deer lick wbich
was well known by them, and he
was induced to take a sample of the
deposit back to New York with him.
It was analyzed and found to contain a large quantity of salt, which
the Indians thought was medicine.
The' New York gentleman has been
dead some years, and tbe locality is
unknown. The deposit is a brown
earthy material, and will no doubt
be found on a sidehill wbere it is
protected by a covering of clay or
sandstone. As the deposit is highly
soluble in water, it is probably in
the dry belt of British Columbia.
An easy test would be to weigh a
pound of earth and put in water.
Tba water should take up the salt in
the earth jind leave a residue equal
to one-quarter of tha original sample Any information wbich would
lead to the discovery of this deposit
will be rewarded by the payment of
the sum of $500 by Charlet F. Law,
Box 116, Vancouver, B. C.
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.; Bible
olass and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
glance.        it
NOTICE is hereby given that about
weeks ago -there strayed to my
premises one sorrel mare, be
tween 5 and 9 years old; white stripe
on face; light mane and tail; white
stocking on one hind leg. Owner is
requested to oall and claim property,
otherwise the animal will be sold
after the expiration of a month to
pay charges for its feed, etc.
Robert Lawson.
Columbia, B.C., Feb. 16, 1912.
It is now generally admitted that
this province is to be plunged into the
tnrmoil of an election this spring.
The only excuse that can be advanced
for this action is, that the McBride
government considers it an opportune
time to secure a new lease of life. It
is rumored that a railway policy will
lie submitted to the electorate. But
why does not the government carry
out the railway policy endorsed by
the people at the last ptovincial election 1 -At piesent that policy is sleeping soundly between Midway and
' Merritt and at Lynch creek.
Agricultural Conventions
Tbt following nre the dales of the
conventions to be held under tin
auspices of the provincial department of agiiculture, at the botanical
chambers, parliament buildings,
Victoria, B. C.
British Columhia Agricultural
Fairs association, January 22, 191*2
British Columbia Stock bleeders'
association, January 23
Brhish Columbia Dairymen's as
socistion, January 24.
British Columbia Farmers' Institute, January 25 and 26. •'
British Columhia Poultry association, Jsnuary 29
British Columbia Fruit Growers'
association, January 30 snd 31.
A Good Beginning
The Fruit Magazine, Scientific
Farmer and Canadian Citizen, published at Vancouver, B.C., is out for
January in its usual bright form..
The editor deals interestingly with
the subject of "Feathered Friends,"
and among other important articles
are the "Evolution of the Public
School," "Forest Conservation,"
"Insects of the Year in British Col
umbia," "The Spokane National
Apple Show, "Cultivation of FfUlt
Trees in Cold Climates," "The C.P.
R. Irrigation Project in Alberta,"
etc. The Ottawa letter, and othtr
features are up to the usual high
standard, and the frontispiece ita
beautiful colored cut of a Grimes
Golden apple.
Hour Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time tti
time. You are cordially invited tt
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox- Presbyterian Church
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordiallv invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pas.
Mbthodist Church J. Rev. Cal
vert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
SEALED Tenders will be received
by'the undersigned until Saturday, January 27tb, 1912, for
supplying fifty cords green wood,
four-foot length, split fir and tamarack mixed, same to be delivered
and piled at the school house as and
where directed.
Tenders to state time of delivery.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
Dated at Grand Forks, B. C,
January 10, 1912.
Sec. to Board of Trustees.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B. C.
Edison and Vi&or
Can be bought from us
on Monthly Payments
Our prices are the
same as any house in
^WOODLAND    &,   CQ.K-
TAe QexaJUL Store;
^e Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B. C
Charles Peterson, of the Hotel
Colin, returned on Monday from a
business trip to Nelson.
' It is fortunate for our local contemporary that there are no militant
suffragettes in the cily. By placing
"Mr. and Mrs." in lhe masculine
gender woman's sex is entirely obliterated.
called for, for 400 fence posts,
split, either cedar, fir or white
tamarac, to be not leu* than six inches
on top and nine feet long. Tenders
to be addressed tn J. T. Lawreuce,
Chairman of the Grounds Cnuiinittee
Grand Forks Agricultural At.stK.ia-
tion, 1* O. II.ix 13, Grand Forks, B
C, not later than the 3rd dny nf
February., 1912. The luwt.it or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Tins. An
AUUnitttrf tl,,lt after'January 1st,
1912, they are going to run
a Cash- Business. Contractors, fanners and
other large buyers may run a monthly account,
„-, but this account must lie settled by cash or.,
note on or before the .twelfth «f the following
month. ItEMEMnER, we wiu have a Cash .
Price, -
-*}THE   CASH   STORE ie-
Tha secret oT the tucotH or our
Want Ada. It that they aro thort
and •nappy. People llko a plain
Dunno.. ttory told In a ftw words
•nd ir thty want anything- thoy
refer to tho plact whon thoy
will find It with tht Itott troublt,
tit., tht CuuiHItd Want Ada. It
your butlntti nprtttitttd thtra.
1.S we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Motion, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All DeMription
Fist, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to jay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Don't forget that The Sun hns the
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
Form No 1.
• Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Mean i. Cna.fli.y Brat.. Mnektttor, Inr.
Makers nf OaW ProdUttr Plmta IM Oil
Kttgltiei tor general power or el_Hrtni.il
lighting purposes.
Meun. Dick, Kerr * Co. Ud.. Pretfon,
KtiKlut.d. Equipment lor Mlaoa MM Contractors L,lirht Locoaotivat (iuu ud
elei'trloai), etc.
snarling Telephone Co., portable Ant-
firing inai'hineelor mlntrt, eontroctpr*,
prosptotors. The twit ou the market.
Write tor partlt'ulara.
Motor a, llenerato., Elcotrloel Supplies-
■   Electrical Heating  and Cooking Apparn
tin, Storaae Hatterles, tttt.
Vour enquires will reoelve our prompt
attention.  Write tor information.
NOTICE la berth], given lhat an application
will bta made uniler Part V. of the "Water
Act. lt»]t.".ia obtain n license ill the gimllia-
ineen Divialon of Yale DUtrlot.
(a) Thc name, addreaa and occupation ol
the upplleanl: Peter Voreglu. ol Brilliant.
Britlah Gaaliinibin, Parmer. (II for iiiliiliic
purpoaea) Free Miner's Certificate No 	
(b) Tl-e name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, Ihe deaoripttoti la);
Fisherman Creek.
(e) Tht point of dlveraion ia about one
thouaand leet eaattrlr from tbt crnaaing of
Ihe Columbia A Western Railway over Fisherman Creek.
Id) The quantity of water applied for (It,
oubiefett per Mtnnd):    Out ottblo   foot
(e) rhe character of tha proposed works:
Plot lino and small reaervolr,
(f) The Premises on which the waler is to
be used (describe   astral:  Lot all7 O. I.
(g) Tlte ptirpotes for which the water ia to
heiiseil:   irrigation.
(h) If for irrigation describe the land intended lobe Irrigated, giving acresge: Undulating foothills to the extent of two hundred
If) If tht water is to be ttstd for power or
mining purpose,., describe the place where
the water is to bt returned lo some natural
channel, and tht difference itl altitude between point of diversion and point of return.
(J) Area of Crown land Inteuiled to be occupied by tht proposed works.  Nil.
(k) Thia nutlet was posted nn the 28th day
of August, IUU, and application will be made
to the CommUsiotiertin the _..th day of Ootober. Ull.
(11 (live the names and addresses nf nny
riparian proprietor, or licensees who or
whose lands are likely lo be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below tbe
outlet,   (lil.
* (Signature) PR I'KR VEREQIN,
(P. U. Address) Btllliant. II, C.
Joiw Zinoaorr, Agent.
Noie-One cubic foot per second tt equlvae
lent to 16.71 miner's Inches.
Tht hearing of I hla  application  has  been
changed to tht Srd day of November, 1911.
(liilillslied Annually)
KiiaUea traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with Kiigll.lt
In each class of gooda. Besides batctg a com.
plete oonimtttlal guide tn Loudon ami Its
suburbs, the directory contalut lists ol
with the Hood, they ship, and the Colonial
and foreign Markets Ihey supply;
arranged under the Porta to which they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings:
of landing Manufacturers, Merchants, tlo., in
the principal praaviuolnl towns anddndustrln!
wntresof tho United Kingdom.
A copy ol the current edition will be for-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Drier for 20*.
Ilealera seeking Agencies can advertise
Iheir trade cards lpr.il, or larger tdvtrllat-
ments from £3.,
25, Abohureh Lane, T!ond«n,' T*..C.
Prac&ical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Original Mlna>ral Cluim. situate iu the
Urand Forks Mining Division of Yule lllstrlet.
Where located:   In Brown's camp.
TAKK NU'l'K'K that I. Alexander C Hilar.
Pree Mi,,er»' Certificate Nn. ItlMtiH, for
myself and aa agent for Charles K Baker.
Free Miners' CVriltlonta No. iFMMH, Intend, sixty da's front the date hereof, In npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain,
ing a f a on n tiiautof the u'aovc claim
Ami further take tiolien tbat aeliou. undei
section 87, must be eomnicnoeil before the.
issuance of   such I'crtitloate  of    Improvement..
Dated this Stilt dny of .little, A.D. I llll.
Tale Land District. Distrlot ot Similkameen.
TAKK notioe that Hubert P. Page of Old.,
Alherla. occupation -Parmer, Intend, lia
apply for tpermiaalon to purohase tht following described lands:
Commencing at ,a post planted about :m
ehafus north of the northwest oorner of Lot
I1MS.. on Deep dealt, and about Hn rilllei
east of tho town of Cascade: theitct north
♦0 chains: Unmet weft 40 chains: thane
south tBchalns; theuce east tOehalns to point
of commencement
J. K. Crtntton. Agettl..
Dated September Jud, till.
c ■',■'•■ .'■*.' '      '  «■>•"
aU-aWtH... /■•ra--.:	
Tastes  Like and Is  Eaten
Like Candy
Say, let us forget it, let's put it aside;
Life is so largeaudthe world is so wide,
Days are to short and there's so much
to do. ,
What if it was false! There's so much
that's true.
Say, let's forget it, let's brush it away
Now and forever, so what do you say.
All of the bitter  words  said hhall lie
One of these days.
Tn out experience in   the handling
of drug* ami iiieijicinus, we believe we
have never had experience   with   any  Say, let's forgive it, let's wipe off the
i'eiiii.dy"that gave such great satisfi
Find something better to cherish than
tion to our customers as  tlo   Rexall
Orderlies.    This   remedy   is  not like xhere'» so nrtich good in the world that
any other  laxative  or  cathartic.    It we've had. .
contains all the guild feature* of othor Let's strike it balance and  strike   off
laxatives, but untie of their faults _,      t,,,<! T^-' .     .     '. •• _.
....     ,.      ,,  ,a  ,   ,. Say, lets forgive it, whatever it be,
Our own faith in   Raixall Orderlies pignut .bMlaves whetfwft ouglit «..
is so strung thut we offer them to you ^a (rea.
with our own positive personal  guar- We shall be walking in aunnhiiiy ways
antee tbat if tbey do  not  thoroughly 0n0 ot' tl,B»e <*ay*V
satisfy you, you only need tell us   and Say, let's not  mind it, let's   smile  it
we will hand back to you every penny away;
you paid us for   them.   Therefore, in
trying them upon our recommendation F|ow™re so fresh by  the wayside
you take no risk whatever. an(j wood,
Uexall Orderlies taste like.and  are Sorrows are blessings but half under-
eatcaii like candy.. They do not gripe, stood.          ..  .. .
i Sav, let's not mind it, bad. though it
cause nausea,  excessive   looseness, or ■"                  ■ •
,                        -on seenis,
any  other annoyance.    Ihey  act so Uope is so sweet and  holds   so many
easily   that   they   may bt taken at •   dreams—
any time, day or night.' Thr'are par- All of- the sere fields with blossoms
ticulai'ly good  for  children, aged, or *'lft" blaze .
, ,.   ;*•' ,„, _   ■ One ol these days,
delicate persons     I bey are put up in
convenient   tablets   in   three sites of Say, let's not take it so sorely to heart.
packages.     Prices,   10c,   25c,  and  H»tred may bo '"«■>*}»% j*"" drifted
50 • ttpaft'
- Failure   be   genius   not quite under
Remember, Rexall Remedies ean be ttood	
obtained in this  community  only  at We coul dull help fulks so much if we
our store—The Rexall Store.    H. E. would.
Woodland. Say* 'et',t Set clo8er t0 somebody's side,
' See  what  his dreams  are and know
how he tried,
Learn if our scoldings won't give way
i to praise
i One of these days.
Bring not a withered rose  f.iom   yes
Latest Picture oi Borden.
Thit* is the.season te subscribe to
n newspaper, or to renew, if already
a subscriber. Our pnper is as good
as any, and better than many. Why
not take it?
It represents the'welfare and
progress of lhe community unit district with which it is identified, and
is, apart froni'its local value, an all-
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
has made the Hon. .Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian public life. Many would like a good
picture of him. We can supply one
FBEE We will send any one our
paper for a year, nod the Weekly
Mail and Enioire (the regular rate
,if which is 81.00 per yyir) for the
snme period, the two together, to include free picture of the new Cans ■
(linn premier", for Sl.fiU.
The Borden picture is on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photo
tints, l.lv.'2'l inches, and is in itself
as a work of art, easily worlh the
price of a year's subscription to
either paper. Send all orders to the
olliee of.this paper.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even en
deavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingin 'I'he Sun.
The high price of living has
not affected our job .printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
^J    Hotel Colin
^■■■■•y^iphrv. r_____,.j«_, r..„,4 m_-_.+i.»i. ty-_.+)n«
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed mid
i]i'v.i> furnished through*
out. Conveniently located
for railway   men.    i-'irst-
clust* aei'imii'i'iiliitioiis fur
transients. Hoard and
room* by the week at prevailing rntes. Fine line of
Wines, Limn.in and (Mfftira
always In stock at the bur.
Grand Forks, B. C.
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
I'lciiKi' rpn.l Uie ht>a<U It.el *,er tiuni ti. Then its
irciiii'i'dntiH tk'iii.lf.iiH-i wil  "iuwn   upon   ymi
An Ollvor Tyiu'writu:— the ktauditnl visible
writer—tlm iimst hlffbl) iiwU Led typewriier
<ili (lie nun KtH-yniire. (nr 17 tvm-.      dny!
•ilie typewriter wht»P«(wiqne«t of theconi
nn in.ii ivurln is >i iiittiitT ui' liistni .■ vniir- fn
11 i-cntsndHV!
The typewriter lhat 1b onnijipcd withiooreiOl
8iw!i miiivertkmoeii ns Tin.* ltiilaiicc) Shut"—
"The Killing l)yvii'c"-"Tlie _).-ul)le UelCHfe"™
"The Locomotive liuft"—"The Amomtt tc
BpHClfr"—"The Automatic Tnliiilnt..r"---,-( he
—•'The Ad j ii«table Paper iiiiuL'Bh',--"riM' Bot*
untitle Condensed Kev-
IjOard"—ull »-••*
Hockey Dates
The schedule comtnitteea of the
Boundary Hockey league have arranged the following dates for thia
season's games:
Jan.  1—.Grand Forks at Greenwood
(irand Forks I, Greenwood 3
Jan 5—Green wood at (Iranil  Forks
-Greenwood 3, Grantl F**rks' I
Jan. 10—Grand- Forks  at   I'lioenix.
Grand Forks 2, Phoenix 10
Say, let's not wither, let's branch out
aud rise
Out of   the   byways  and neaaer the
Let's spread some shade that'*.refresh-
■ ing and deep, ^_
Where some tired   traveler "may   lay
down and sleep.
.Say. lot's not tarry, let's do  it  right
Jan. 15— I'hoenix  at   Grand   Forks.  So much to tlo.if we just lind out how
Phoenix 1, Grantl Porks  1   We may not be here to help folksa or
One of these days.
—M. S  Y.
Grand Fbrk] li C, Jan. Id, 1012
Yours (or  17
Gents a Day!
We oiKiimmi this*
i cw utiles j.iiii. rui u.my Juki iu fvul the piiluc of
the peiipie.* snmdy a mhhII cm-h payment—
tlieti 17 et-ut-H arltiy. Tl.at istiie olau in a nutshell.
The result hns been Mich a deluge- ot' application* (or muohllicu thai we are. simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of nil fl.i_.f_e.*,,
at) iigcn, nil niciipalioufi.
Thfl iinijiiriiy ni Inmiiriei. has come ;from pen
lent known t)|iut).itt| siamiiuu who ware at.
triieled b'. Un: novi-lty o( the propon. *nu. An
impressive dem-iumriitlou of tin- immense pupil.nriiyt.f the iHh'-T Type-vrtier
A startling t'ontirii'iition "f nur belief tlmt
(he Km of Universal Type writing in at baud.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are VI    i g Mney with
•lan. 19—Phoenix at (IreenwoiKl.
Jan. 28—Greenwood tit Phoenix.
Jan. 26—Grantl Forks at Greenwood.
Jan. 29—Phoenix at Grand Finks.
Feb. 2—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb. 6—Phoenix at Greenwood. A new lot of latest design^ of   |iro.
Fell. 12—Greenwood at Grand Forks,  grapi and menu eaids just received at
Fab. 1(1—Grand Forks at Phoenix.     ' The Sun job olliee
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season,   zyin Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<•_/! Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'Pill*. Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
1     the urealc'Ht tlndbeBt family and farm paper on the .continent, has'on
many occasions given ii* redder* intuit delightful-'premium picture,
lint this si'.isoii they have "secured whitf is beyond any question  of doubt
Ihe beRt picture ever offered newspaper readers.    It is entitled "Home
Attain" ami describes a ((inching but joyful incident between two friends
v who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his bpnuty and gentleness, winneis
of mnny prize* at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
bus been slolcli, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns bume on n snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in hi» struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark liri'ngs his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries o( joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again." and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting bis head against her breaBt wilh a little
whine, which in his don languoKe-means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick'gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
• )iirl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around tho shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go.to form a picture- that will win a favored place
on the walls of any Tiome..
The picture is by the celebrated artis< Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate paper 22x*2fl
inches all ready forJiwtting. vtiil be mailed FKKK to every subscriber of
..The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly■ Stair for l'912.
The small sum of 41.oi) will secure the two papers for a full year in-
•eiudiiig a copy of'i'he'chafiiiing picture "Hrmie Again," which nlono is
easilv worth a two dollpr bill, in fact-it could not be bought at that price.
i       Kvery home  iu  the  Boundarv should get the big #1.51) wottn this
t**.-''-' '"   •'".'■■■■'£'' V::   -•■jr        :."..:      ■       . ..     .
If you fOtnMo me
for tnwiinenl. ex-
lieer tt. In- eilt'-l. [f
tftliem Imve fniled,
expect me to cure
{OU I'uje-ttl It now
I eiiuenre .oh 1 will
iiut'iir"*e|it yonrea-o
and In every i«-
stuuei' I tre>v by 111*
imwi orii_r.mil nr nd*
Vi'tii-ed nud M.lentihV
n etli'ids.
Siiermiitn.rhoeu. Or**nnie Weakjiftflt
Low. Viyiir. Viiricorple, Hydrocele. ■ oii-
tnu'tud Disorders, Spucitic Blnml Pnlwtni
I'i leu ulid strict nics r< 'Sturin u nil ull'reted
orirmiH to hormal tind henlthy nation in
tlie r-liorlrbt posbible H|inee of time.
S«-e   All the  Forms  of   Diseases
of Men.
Cotuoiltutinii nml instriii'tion booklet
iri'eHt ottlieor liy innli.
% 210 HOWARD ST.,
At tiie Head
The man at tl.c hc.itl. of affairs
whether at home or in business, is
the one whose atttnhon you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the Inst class
of homes anil is ir.nl hy thi- IkmiI of
the-family. Thai accounts tor lhe
results nl-Uini'd hy the use of
Claifttfitf! Want  Ails
The Standard Visible Writer
Tlio Ollvur Tyt>cwriter is  n ■moiiey-jnnkvi
rislit trutu thp ivo(d "itnl" Sn phsv tn run tlmt
iMHslttiierc booh L*fi fn Uio "■ xpert'?dtas*. Kuril
hk you U'liru    Lei tin* lutichinu t ny lhe 17 cents
>i nny—null nil iibovu tlmt i- vmirs.
'VlHTevi'iyi.n nrf, tltiT** I"- wii-k to ho. done
nml iiumcy in liejiindt* by ttnlna the <'Itver, The
Itu-iiie.*.*. wnrl'l ist-til im.' for U'lver o)>crnt"rs.
There nn*  unt  i ph  in sii|»>lv lhe deimind
Theirsiiinrlcs art} efiintiilembly ifbnve tlinse ni
ItlSliV cln>.>iy.iil wnikeiH.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tt nt i- ihehiutlccry tndav. we huve mnde
llieniiwr Mipieiin-in ii*.cfili;.e-*Hini.l iiLsttlutclj
Midi-|'i u.-'iLilf iti Ini-iiicjis. S.nv eouicH tin- eon
quest of Uie home,
'lliealiiiiillclty mid QtreiiKth ofthe Oliver tit li
fnr futility um-. It 1- li-t'imiiiu; uu Itapprthlll
uuiiu* in the home thlinliig rif Voting people.
An idiuatiTns weitiiHa money triiiker,
Hilr new gfllltm plan puts lhe 'diver nn the
llire-.ii..li: nf every tu-me in America. Will von
fi..h* id., doiirol ynur home urottltte nn this re
iiuirkii'de Oliver oil i •>
Wriie for further detuilH of our o»i>v oiler mid
n free copy ofthe new Ollvereujaloit,   Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
OliverTjiia.-iTlii.'. Blllldlllg,
City and Suburban
AAp Jfc-17.'..\r.-. i'T.  l.nT  hetweeii
jlr^JZlll Just iiln.ve Jiidjru l..*'«uiy's
^S'^^^^^^ itnti It.thiw'i* plnepn; sv\\~
united from nil otlior properties  by KO-U.
I n iif: nn iui-.«' ii- M'ven nr fi*..* hi ordlimi-y lots,
tidjuiiniiu' lot" nn. worth %\w\ would piaktq
nice home, with sullieient LT'iiiitd for eliii-k-
eiif. frnit, 'nrdt-n und luwu; moiit ileairutdc
oeittion In eity.
New Edition lssuea-1 Nov. IS, 11)01).)
Is a dozen btioks in one, covering the
history, geo^vapli'/, geology, ohetnln.
try,  inineralogy, metullurgv, termin-
i,\,i£-% uses, stutisties untl tinaiices of
copper. It, is n praeicul hook, useful
to ull,and necessary to most men en
gajieil in any .branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, antl its language is
easily understood by thu everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 403(1 copper
mines ami companies iu all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lilies to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be tlie
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
fact's it gives him abuut mining, milling investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English. '
Price is SS in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.5U in full, library morocco.
Will be sent, fullv prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, antl
may be returned within a week of receipt if riot found fully satisfactory.
Horace  J..  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
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An Even Thing
Mother—You have accpted George'/
Why, you know very well that I don't
approve of bim.
Daughter.—That's all right, mother.
Neither does he approve of >ou.—Tit
Lord LufSngham (warfiilyi— "Tint
blawsted Commoners will Boon have
• us out of business entirely, l.ah Jove!
What?" Lord Punlelgh—"Yaas, bah
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Should anyone be aufferlng u I did, I hope
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eipettaaee." (Signed) J. H. JarrU, 7 Aon
fllVKingatoa. Oat.. May 30,1911.
for more than a generation Ciincnn Soap
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W. N. U. No. 171
Protection of Forests
An Interview with an engineer given recently In a western paper to the
effect that there Is abundant timber
on tlio line of the Hudson Bay Railway is an Illustration of the mlsap-
rehenslon ln regard to the matter that
exists In the public mind. Because
there are large areas of land ln the
north on which there Is timber of
some kind, the conclusion Is reachod
that lt Is all of present value and that
tho country has an unlimited supply.
As a matter of fact a careful Inspection of the timber along the line of
the Hudson Bay Railway made In the
years 1910 and 1011, by the Forestry
Branch of the Department of the Interior, shows that ther Is not enough
mature timber along th_t line of that
railway to build the roafl. There are
no prairie districts of any extent along
the route, thero are trees everywhere,
but owing to repeated fires the forest
Is, except on the nearest fraction of
the area, too small for commercial purposes and unlesB lt can be protected from fire until lt reaches maturity, will never be of any use to the
country. Explorations In otlier parts
of the northern forested districts tell
the same tale. Everywhere fire has
worked havoc, and the' forest Is a
mere wreck of what It might have
been if fires could be prevented. And
unless adequate measures are taken
now to protect young and Immature
forests ■ which . form ilia, ma.'^r part
of tho stand, tho outlook for the future Is none too good. v
If the northern forests are to continue to be a permanent source of
wealth to the country, It Is absolutely
necessary that he fire ranging system should be extended and that proper methods of management of the
forest should be apnlled. and public
education to the value of the forest
Is even more necessary.
Tn Sweden, which lias large extents
of northern forest, practically nnln-
habtted, Blmllar to those In northern
Canada, has about eliminated the fire
danger In such districts mainly by educating her people to the value ot the
forests. .
It Is a Liver Pill.—Many ot the ailments which man has to contend with
havo their origin In a disordered liver, which Is a delicate organ, peculiarly susceptible to the disturbances
that come from Irregular habits, or
lack of caro In eating and drinking.
This accounts for the great many liver
regulators that Is pressed On the attention of the sufferers. Of these
there Is none superior to Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. Their operation
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'Dr. Wiley says every healthy man
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my health is wretched."—Birmingham
Minard't Liniment Cures Colds, Ae...
Church Usher (confidentially):
"That woman 1 Just scaled Is Mrs.
Pluoktip. She had mo sent round ti.
the back door one day when I called
at the house on a business errand.
Made me transact the busino.s
'hrough a servant, too. But I've got
e\on with her."
Friend: "You have given her oue
of tbe best pews in the church."
Ufchei. "Wail ha'.r an hourr She's
riglit where a slained-glass window
will throw a red light on lur nose."
More to Come..
Recently In Seattle In a clgar-stnnd
appeared tho sign, "VVe give $15.00
for 1909 Lincoln pennies." No less a
person was attracted hy title than
Judge Watson. He walked up to tho
counter and laying down a penny triumphantly asked for, $15.00. Tho
clerk took the penny, examined ll
closely, asked If It were genuine, and
after several minutes slghod and said
he guessed It was good.
"Certainly It Is,'" answered the
Judge.   "Whore Is my $15.00."
"Where," said tho clerk, "are the
other 1908?"—Life.
Only Ordinary
Piffle—They say he is a ciimlual"
Pottle—Yes, but I don't believe he
Is especially so.
Britisher—The caddy said that the
fee I offered him was shy about a halt.
What did ho mean by "shy?" Hub-
bite—He meant you had offered him
loo modest a Bum.—Boston Transcript.
Practical   Eoonomy   and   Utilization
of Wood Waste It Urged by
Forestry Department
For the purpose of manufacturing
the four hundred, and seventy-five
thousand tonB of wood pulp produced
In Canada in 1910 nothing was used
except logs of various species, which
as our timber supply decreases are
becoming valuable for lumber and
other uses. No slabs or other sawmill waste was reported as being converted Into wood pulp, by neglecting
which practice, Canada Is losing greatly. During 1909 In the United States
six per cent, of the total pulpwood consumption was from slabs and mill
trimmings.* If economy had been
practiced to the same extent in Canada
during the year 1910, as much pulp
might have been produced as from
thirty-six thousand cords of wood and
not one pulp' log need have been cut.
This would have made twenty per
cent, more pulp tban Nova Scotia produced in 1910.
Looking at the subject from another view point the gain might have
been much greater. Over one-halt of
the five billion feet of lumber cut ln
1910 passed through mills at centres
of large population where the Slab
waste ot one-half cord to every thousand feet of lumber might have'been
saved from the incinerators. One
cord of pulpwood will produce at least
one-half ton of pulp, bo that one and
a quarter million cords of slabs obtained would have produced at the
lowest estimate six, hundred and
twenty-five thousand tons of pulp produced ln Canada In' 1910. The sooner
such practical economy and utilization of wood waste commences the
longer will Canada have an adequate
supply of pulpwood.
For Asthma and Catarrh.—It Is one
of the chief recommendations of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil that It can be
used internally with as much success
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"■thira and catarrh will find that the
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will mm tmt ulittux, bxoiiche oat,, *ni sues.  Will aot bums htaet ete aureus ssoem.
____»_>_•• t»__eta.I<lran-sla' .
When are ye goln' to pay me that
dollar?" "How's that?" "1 say. Its
time ye paid me that dollar." "Can't
hear a word ye say." "Walt a mlnlt
an' I'll write lt down." "'Taint no
use. Can't seo without my specs."—
I was cured ot painful   Goitre   by
Chatham, Ont.
I was cured of Inflammation   by
Walsh, Ont.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Parkdale, Ont. J. H. BAILEY.
Hiring a Cook—"If I take the place
mum, kin I eat with the family?"
"Eat with the family!" exclaimed
Mrs. Subbubs. "Wh,y, I'll give a dinner ln your honor every' week."—
Washington Herald.
aulekly elope couth., cures colds* heels
lie throat **i hnia ■      20 conla.
"I forgot something," said the husband as he came back. "Yes," pouted the wife, "you forgot to kiss me..'
"That may bo, but what I came back
tor was my overshoes."—Loulsvl.le
"Funny thing happened in m> town
last week," said the chatty man In
the railway cat riage.
"What waa that?" asked the interested Individual.
"Black, a white man, and White, a
black men, thought a fellow named
was pretty green, ami tried to sell
him a white horso. But Blown was
well read, and be deceived litem botli
—In fact, he got all the moutj they
"And now?"
"And now Black and White are
' "I with I could be paid for what 1.
know, Instead of being paid (or what
I do." mood heavens!.. Don't you
want (o make more than ton couIh it
•week?—Birmingham  Age-Horakl.
They keep tho
whole system
in the pink of
Their lingular curative pro-
rcrtlt: (.iscovorjil by an Indian
nearly a century rgo—compounded cli.ee 1857 in the
Comstcck Laboratories at
Brocltvttis, Ontario.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills
hive a remarkable record for
.consistently curing conatlpa-
•    tlo.i.biliou-jnessandlndlgejtlon,
purifying the blood, banishing
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Canada's   Greateet   Cut   Rate   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
The fact of being a tenant of a
farm implies a promise on the part
of tire tenant to cultivate the lands
according to the custom of the country.
King George's Coronation Is commemorated ln a Hampshire village by
the provision of a public grindstone.
Awarded first prise at World's Exposition on Its work and methods.
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M«s. Wixeunav*. aooTiiitco svatir },o* tteea
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sohtlely hermlesat. Be sure snd ask tor "Mrs.
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la " —~
123 Bay St., Toronto.
Christmas Gift
No Stropping!   No Honing t
For the man who shaves, you
couldn't select a more acceptable gift than this world-
famous razor. Progressive
men everywhere are using it
The "No Honing—No Stropping" feature makes a hit
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Few can strop a razor right
The Gillette  doesn't
need it
The Gillette Is absolutely safe. You can
shave as fast ae you
like. Your shave is perfect—dean, quick, safe
snd economical.' The Gillette is adfustable—
for a light or a close shave.
Ask yonr dealer to show you the different styles
of Gillette.. If he has not the goods or our
.catalogue, write us. We will see that you ara
Pocket Editions, $5.00 to $6.00.
Combination Sets, $6.50 up.
Gillette Safely Razor Co. of Cauda, Limited
with 12 double
urn i-V
And lilt, femanoe It Warmed
InH Happy Realization.
It was t'.at moat gracious seasou of
■tl th* year ' perhaps-lit. Martin's
»umuier-»wbeti ibe spirit of ripeness
wblcb seems to bave Bed once more
holds tbe land wltb iti Intoxicating
breath. Tbe fields were studded wltb
tiny Michaelmas daisies, and tbe
hedgerows were brilliant with earl;
(oldenrod, but somehow you fancied
you studied tbe scent of tha roses and
solgno'uette aa well.
' Tbere was quite a group of people
out on the small hotel veranda, and
most of tbem were gossiping. Spinning up Ibe poplar shaded country
road was a smart little trip. Across,
tbe tennis courts tbe occupants were
plainly visible. Tbey were James
Walsh and Mrs. John Burgess.
"I say, girls." cried one of tbe group
en the veranda. "It's a crying shame
te |et lhat elddrly person cut ns out
j wltb the richest man we have up bere
-crying sbame, that's wbat It Is! And
I don't tblnk any of us bu an atom
ef *grlt' or 'go' or we'd take tbtt wind
cut of Mrs. Burgess' sails!"
. "Wby. sbe must be all of a hundred!" exclaimed another.
"They say that Mr. Walsh knew her
years ago. Wonder where he picked
ber up.   In the ark. 1 guess."
"Oh. my dear, long before thot."
drawled another mockingly. "Long
before Nosh's time women bsd ceased
to do tbelr hair In tbat absurd fashion."
Then the quiet girl with the embroidery on her lap spoke softly:
"She has a lot of bair anyhow, and
It's beautiful, and tbe way she dresses
It suits her features. She reminds me
of Albert Durers 'Madonna.* "
"Who's tbat, Miss Tyson J" interrupted a young fellow In tennis flannels, suddenly appearing In tbe doorway. '• Wbo'i like Durer's 'Madonna ?'"
"We were speaking of Mn. Burgess,"
■niwered Miss Tyson without even
looking up from ber embroidery.
"•Madonna?* I'olderol!" cried tbe
ether girls In concert. "She's a plain,
quiet poke of a woman nnd a design-
log one it tbit She'* eucouragtug
him fearfully." '
"Toil see, Min Tyson." observed
Billy, tbe young chap In flannels, "we
get only one or two big matrimonial
catches a season op here. It's a waste
ef time nowadays to listen to tbe Im-
pecuolous ardors of early youth. Consequently"—
Billy's words were ambiguous
enough, but tbe comprehensive little
■weep wblcb be made with bis glmce
and sun browned band. Including veranda, girls and all, was Inimitably
troll. Miss Tyson's gray eyes laughed
They were such nlee understanding
tny eyes, thought Billy. 'Twas a
■hame thnt embroidery should engross
io mucb of tbelr attention. Even now
ihe ihowed signs ot taking It up again,
■nd to avoid sucb a catastrophe Billy
proposed a game of teunla.
".ill right," said Miss Tyson* cheerfully, folding tbe bit ot linen about the
. tiny hoop n,od stowing It away la a
"titty bag.'
,      *     * ■   .      *      *      *
The fancied likeness between Mri.
John Burgess ind the "Madonna" of
Durer wai not without some basis.
There was. Indeed, a similarity lo tbe
weary features, more Interesting thno
beautiful, and In tbe dolorous, somewhat constrained grace of tbe stately
Mrs. Burgess wis ■ womao of forty-
Sre. Ber manner, her aspect, was that
•f one wbo bad long since ceased
wishing to attract Id point ol fart
the wish bad never been pronounced.
■Ince ber husband's death, wblcb bad
occurred ten yean previously, sbe bnd
■ever won a color. It I* to be supposed that Mr. Burgess bad loved per.
Bis bad been ber Hrst aod only offer
*f marriage, but In ber girlhood ber
heart bill been given to another.
Most people wbo knew Mrs. John
Burgess thought of ber ss tbe mot ber
ot ber children. She bsd.a son In tbe
west wbo wis making great ventures
In cattle and bursee, and she bad •
married daughter In Parle wbo waa
writing her constantly of ber social trl
nmpha and prosperity. Ves. ber eblldrao were fall ot tbelr owo plans and
projects, and once ur twice lately. Mn.
Burgess bad been a bit lb; prised to
tnd herself feeling a little lonely end
forgotteo-a .chill presage of tbe autumn wind* of life. Her summer. Indeed, h«d down. ' \.i
Then. Just at lbe correct psychological moment, be came—the man to
".wbom u ■ girl sbe bad given bee neart.
' Ab. wbere were tbe chill autumn
winds now? it wits lit Martin** mm.
■er Instead.   , ...
Jama Walsh km a middle,ant,
t^tlj*. rich mao ind ■widower.   B*
naa wart-tea soiuewnat eany iu his career a noted beauty. A fortnight of
wedlock had convinced him that be
and-his bride bod not a single taste
,ln common.- but, being a businesslike
mnn, on his return from his tour de
noee he'd sized up the matter lo this
practical fashion:
" Twas tbe pink chiffon dress at tb*
Van Duyers' ball wblcb wa* responsible. Only wby wasn't It"— But tb*
"wby wasnt It" In tbls case badn't
worn a pink chiffon dress, nor had abs
been at tbe Van Doyen' ball.
Mr. Walsh bad been ■ widower oow
for three year*, tut he •till sighed
wltb • half abashed sens* ot relief.
".\u more matrimonial veorures for
tne." be'd say to himself, wltb a laugb,
although he bnd reason to believe that
be could lay successful siege to several
feminine beans; tbat be wa* still quit*
capable of victory.
He had been spending. August alona
up lu tbe mountains, and be bad enjoyed a mouth of fishing, tramping nnd
dreaming to bis heart's content. On
hts way home he'd stop for a week or'
two at a certalu little botel repotted to
bare good cuisine and rest ■ strained
'«»«_„*  tflufnrq .rolri? back to bUslnetw, .
tiianclng casually over the botel register, he saw tbe name ot Mrs. .lohn
Burgess. There arose ln the man's
breast.* curious sensation, but be pulled himself together.
"Bow absurd!" he upbraided himself
as be walked away from tbe desk. "As
If there were not hundreds of John
Burgesses. Wby. 1 mlgbt even have
coaxed myself Into believing that 1 remembered her Jinndwiitlng."
An bour, or so later, however, be
met her ou the lawn. Tbelr eyes unexpectedly encou-    "I'd one another.
"Can It he?" -u he, with boyish
incredulity.   Sbe extended ber band.
"1 think It can." she auswered. with
that little half smile ou the corner of
ber pure lip which he remembered so
Mra. Burgess bad escaped the half
kittenish challenge of tbe middle aged
woman who will not abjure conquest
She did not more to tbe shade of the
tree nor even open ber parasol. -She
stayed precisely wbere sbe wus. with
a streak ot harshly revealing sunlight
playing havoc witb sucb loveliness as
time bad left to her.- After awhile
tbe warmth of tbe sun or some otber
warmth she knew not of brought Into
ber pale cheeks that glow which
James Walsh's first roses bad brought,
ob, so many yeara ago.
That night time aod again Mr. Walsh
drov* away tbe memory ot tbe woman's fleeting balf smile, yet It relurned
to baunt him wllb all Its old sweet
allurement. Finally bu fell asleep and
dreamed of her.
The next morning at breakfast he
fonnd himself unaccountably agitated.
Sbe wu not In the room wben be arrived, and all tbe other boarders, even
tbe pretty young girl wltb tbe quiet
gray eyes, seemed to blm like* so many
figureheads. What It he bad oot really seeo ber yesterday? Wbat If It bad
all Just been In'the dream last night?
But at last sbe came, aod tbe beauty
ot oo radiant goddess could bave
pierced so straight Into bis breast as
did tbla woman's tired loveliness. In
her" simple white morning gown she
teemed to blm tbe soul ot sensitive delicacy and serenity.
Be recalled bow, being essentially
feminine, sbe always pitied suffering,
so oow be made his strained wrist *
pretext for being near ber. Bhe ber
self ministered .lo blm, binding lt (Irmly and gently. Ber breath, sweet aa
■d Infant's, touched bis brow. Tbey
lunched en tete-a-tete and tbat after-
noun took a drive together In a hired
Mr. Walsh's Intended week was prtv
-d to a fortnight. During that time
eyea followed Mn. Burgess, and.
...ueed. bis feet did also, very much
more frequently than abe herself tip-
proved. Sho thought of ber position,
her children, of what might be ridiculous In the situation, of the gossip and
espionage of tbe guests. Once or twice
she bad heard a few scotHngs, wltb a
note of mirth, at the devotion ot Mr.
Welsh, aod It bad made ber super
Bat ill of these trivial objections
vanished like mist before tbe sun on
the day when be laid bla heart bare
before her, when be ebowed ber tliat
beneath his apparent prosperity ne
waa ttungry-ne ond alway* beeo hun-
gry-for companionship snd sympathy.
"Aod you could make me eo bnppy,
ob, su bippy, dear. If yoo would msrry
me," be wss saying aa tbey walked
slowly along the road tbe day before
ble departure. Her arm lay lightly
upon bla, her eyea.were *hlulu|, ml
titer* wai ■ warm girlish Uot to *»t
pile cheeks.
"Wont you? I need yoo *o!" he
pleaded. Jus' **>*n tbey were passing
a huge wlltov,    re.
. Now, veiled and shadowed from the
world hy the willow's drooping green,
sitting-op the lush grass were two
young people to whom tore bad Just
sung it* tint sweet.song. Naturally
they'd started n bit when they heard
approaching footsfep*. but they might
nave spared the start Neither ot tliem
was observed.'. '_ "
■ "l always did .think Mrs. nnrges*
was owett looking. Hilly.*', said Miss
Tyson, absently presslpit.a cool, hend-
Ipg branch of willow *cf»*« Mr hot
cheek, -but Jost then st** locked osst-
lively beautiful.'
Yes. sweetheart," acquiesced the
wise Billy. "Wby shouldn't sbe? She's
having ber St Martin's aummer, you
William Henry Harrison.
President William Henry Harrison's
Inauguration day wa* dark and foreboding. Tbe new president rode on
horseback In a two hour procession
tbrough the streets ot the city, after
which be stood for another exposed,
without cloak or overcoat to a keen,
chilling wind white delivering bla In-
augural address. Wbeo nlgbt came h*
wa* very much exhausted, but he
seemed to recover from tbe effect of
this exposure, sqd the new administration wiis launched with Daniel Web.
iter at the helm as secretary of state.
The president was besieged with oflice
■eekera. and he overworked and wa*
loon stricken with a chill which speedily developed Into pneumonia. On the
Ith of April, bslf ao bour after midnight, Harrison was dead, his last
words being, "May the principle* ot
government be carried out"
The Latest Trifles In Vanity Belonging,
Designed for use with milady's reception costume are tbese frivolous
belongings, which Include a Jeweled
tn NKWIST CBATSI._in.-fc
powder box, smelling bottle and mirror, swinging on a golden chain from
• girdle brooch of rhlnestones with •
topsz ln tbe center.
Ceeking ■reskfsst tn Bed.
Surely no one should hire trouble
in keeping a cook In ■ house with all
electric appliances, like those described In the September Issue of Suburban
Life. The author says: "In connection with the wiring of the house, ■
switch was located in the maid's bedroom at the head of her bed. When
•he first awoke In the morning she
conld turn this switch and start the
coffee and cereals before getting out
of bed. Bhe would get these dishes
ready before retiring for the nlgbt
and then simply Insert tbe plugs In
the electric dishes ready tor turning
the awltcb the next morning. Tbns
sbe was alwaya sure of avoiding delay, which 1* not always true wltb •
coal range. At the best the lire In
the coal nag* would be Jnst-about
'coming up' by tbe time tbe maid wan
dressed and In the kitchen. Wltb thu
electric outfit the coffee and the cere*.
ware mactically r**dr to serve."
Merely • Hint
"I can't go calling on yoo. a* I intended," apologised Mra. Eddybode
"Tbe dentist Is going to work on my
teetb ull this afternoon."
"Couldn't you come anyhow, dear?"
cooed Mrs. Fordrive. "You could wear
a veil and not talk mueb."-Clilcago
_n Francs ths State Guards Thsm With
Paternal Care.
The legal system of France contains
t delicate provision for tbe guardian-
•hip of prodigal sons, and the name of
Claude Casimlr-I'erler, son of a one
time president of the republic, bss just
been added to tbe list of those over
whom the government exercise* lt* paternal care.
Tbere is no direct reflection upon ths
beneflelsr.es of this excellent system,
which mlgbt be Imported Into America
duty free. It I* sufficient to show that
tbe Individual is either weakmlnded
or prodigal, and in ihe cl.jfes ot glided
youth It Is not a disgrace to be prodigal—Indeed, rather tbe reverse. Upon
proper application Ihe authorities ap-
polut a consell Judical re, wbo hi empowered to.supervise all expenditure
and generally to act ln lorn parentis.
If tbere are no relatives to Invoke the
law the state attorney may do so on
his own Initiative, and In all cases the
"selection of tbe consell Judlcnlra Is a
matter of amicable arrangement. If
the prodigal has a family, then a family council Is .called and participates lo
the deliberations of the tribunal.
The guardian, once appointed, remains ou duty until sufficient evidence
bas been furnished thnt bis ward bas
reformed himself, and this I* not always sn easy matter since tbe Mar-
juls de Dion, who is fifty-live years of
ige and tbe head of a largo automobile
factory, has only Just succeeded ln ridding himself of attentions that are
lalutary, but annoylug.-Argonaut.
First Financier-1 made my success
by putting my money where I could
get my hands on It easily.
Second Dltto-And I got mine by
putting otber people's where I could
get my hand* on lt easlly.-I'uck.
Often th* Way.
"Tlie bos* hss his troubles."
"How In particular?"
"Wben be stretches ■ point to bold
a man through a dull season, that's
the time he gete struck for ■ salary
ralse."-Knusas City Journal.
Warning Him.
. "I. want to marry your daughter."
"''It ts very foolish of yoo.".
"I csunot beglu to support you In the
style to which you bird been seen*
tomed/'-Booston Post
Rear Admiral Leutze Wsntsd te Be
Reedy For th* Killing.
Stories of Rear Admiral H, H. 0.
Leutze, formerly commander of tbe
onvy yard nt Washington, come in
now and tben from the New York
yard, of which be Is at present iu
Not long ago some one reported to
the admiral that a machinist In tba
shops, had threatened to kill him on
sight. "Shall I dismiss blm?" queried
the captain after n salute.
"No," said tbe admiral thoughtfully.
"Tell him I wish to see blm."
A burly, surly machinist ws* ushered Into (he private office. He looked a
bit sheepish.
"Well, my man." aaid tbe admiral,
getting np from his desk and going to
meet blm. "and so you have called me
names and declared your Intention of
Uckiog*me on sight."
The machinist mumbled thst be had
been misquoted.
"Good enough! But do you really
tblnk you could thrash me?" Insisted
the admiral.
Tbe machinist still protested that
tbere waa some mistake, aud finally
I.eutie cut short tbe Interview. "Well,
oow, my man, go bnck to your work
I'm glad to make yonr acquaintance.
I wanted lo be prepared for Ibe killing
wben It occura."-Joe' Mitchell Chappie
bi National Magazine.
•elf Deception.
_ "Bllgglns Is njways sfrald be will
not get bis money'* worth."
"Yes. He even walled until a warm
day to buy s thermometer so that tba'
mercury • would look Uttet.m-\ysswr
lorfasiltts*.     x'
New York's Publio Library.
"The New York Public library," says
Director Billings lu tbe Century, "differs from tbe great libraries of London,
Paris. St Petersburg and Washington
in that It provides botb a library of
reference and a system of circulation
snd Is tbo Isrgest library system
In the world, supplying a greater uum-
ner of readers than any otber. lu Ibe
another of books and pamphlets contained It Is exceeded by (ho British
museum, the Blbliotbeque Nstlonulo
If Paris, the Imperial llbrnry of St.
Petersburg, tbe library ot congress
It Wssblngton and perhnps une or two
l>tbers, being In this respect the sixth
ir seventh In the order of magnitude
if the great libraries of tbe world, but
is a system for supplying books to sll
classes of readers It Is uuequaled lo
ilze sud Is likely to remain so."
. Confiscate the Hatpirs.
Owing to a number of accident*
wblcb have been caused In tbe street*
snd on street can by tb* long hatpin*
woro by women the Budapest police
ire csrrylng on sn active crusade
■gainst this part of fashions ble bend-
fear. At lint they tried prosecuting
tbe wearer*, but tbl* proved so tedious
tnd costly a procedure lhat It ba*
been absndct.ed. Tbe police are now
instructed to stop any womao wearing
projecting hatpins without protector*
■nd coullscsl* the offending article*
>n tb* spot as cudijsgertng Ihe public
ilfety. About l.'Juu hatpin* hav* already been seised In this way and ar*
low preserved In the police museum.
Abeut Salads.
Nearly all vegetables, Anita aod
meats may be served aa naiads, lib*
essential thing Is to hsve tbe eslat
fresh and cold and If green to bave
the Heaves dry and crisp. If any water
1* left on leaves the dressing will not
adhere to them, but will run to tbe
bottom of the dish, and botb the salad
■nd tbe dressing Till be poor.
Olive oil, tbe dressing par excellence
ot a salad, Is ■ form of fat that, eaten
In moderation, agrees wltb almost
every one. Its uss gives "strength und
suppleness." Tbe dressing is sdded
only at the moment of serving, as tbe
salad wilts lt allowed to stand after the
dressing ts added. Never make salad
dressing In a hurry. Have tbe materials very cold and mix tbem ln a cool
The remains of (.uast chicken, flsb,
veal aud many vegetables ot many
kind* ar* excellent tor utilizing for
salads. Meat of any kind used for
salads should be cot Into dice, but not
smaller than half an incb, or It will
seem like hash. It should be marinaded before being mixed with the
other parts ot the salad. To- marinade, take one pnrt of oil and three
parts of vinegar, with salt and pepper
to taste, stir them luto tbe meat and
let lt stand tor a couple of hours; drain
off any of the marinade which bas not
been absorbed before combining ths
meat with the otber parte of the salad.
Use only enough marinade to season
tbe meat
When Ceeking.
To clarify sugar put sugar and water on to boll. Mix tbe white of an
egg wltb a little cold water, add to tbe
boiling sirup, bring to tbe boiling
point skim, strain and let coot
To scald milk put tbe milk ln a paa
or double boiler, stand ln a pan of
boiling "water over tbe fire. Wben tbe
milk begins to steam it Is scalded.
To make a Jelly bag take a yard of
all wool flannel, heavy welgbt, fold together two opposite sides, stitch tbe
edges together, bind the top wltb tape
and fasten on the upper side strong
loops by wblcb It may be swung.
To brown dishes tbat cannot b*
placed In tbe oven heat * salamander
or round Iron plat* with ■ handle attached until red bot and paaa over tbe
top of the dish, being careful not to
Most housewives use the broom dishcloth, mad* of cord attached to a handle, which I* vastly more convenient
than the old method of Immersing tne
arms to tbe elbows.
It Is a good plan to keep the oven
door open part of tbe time wben not
In use, so tbat all traces of gas or
odors of food msy escape.
Ct* th* knife ae little at possible.
Cut tender foods sucb as potatoes, egg*
and tb* Uk* wltb th* fork, using tb*
knife only when tb* fork would be tu
Creemed Pish In Rsmsklns.
Any kind of left over fish can be
creamed In ramekins. Crabs and
shrimps are particularly good tbls
wsy. Mince a wblte onion and brown
In a saucepan with a little butter. Add
a cupful of beef stock md eome
chopped green peppers. Hsve ready
a pound ot shrimp meat and one crab,
also shredded. Add a balf cupful ot
cream and cook about twenty minute*,
being careful not to burn tbe mixture.
Have the ramekins greased, pour lo
the flsb. cover with breadcrumbs, add
bits of butter and bake. Left over
fish, boned, can be treated la the same
faithful Pastel Workers.
Tbe government has no employee*
mora faithful sod none upon who**
persons! bounty mora depends thu
the thousands of postmasters and poet-
si clerks In our nearly 0.000 postofficee.
Wben one thinks of th* coUoUess letters In flimsy envelope* dropped Into
nutll boxes ud postoffice*, with »o
protection except ■ 2 coot stomp and
• ihto piece of paper against the violation of secrets, tb* exposure ot which
VOW IKI m\m\s\m\\*M sm OW pMVOMI
*mt**Vtt Urns %mmm*is*S Sst m
Resstlng Pens.
Cblcken ** well ** rosst* et ****■
may be cooked oo top of the gas stov*
If placed lo one ot tbe covered roasting pane. Thi* I* a-much mora economical nse of gss than lighting tbt
oren. At flrst tbe burner must be
tamed up high, but sfter the cooking
process has really begun tan tbe gao
burner low and yon will be pleasantly
surprised it the meat when ready to
•west Pstatees M Orstln.
Cot Ave medium sized cold boiled
potatoes to one-third Inch slices. Tot
* isyer In buttered biking dish, sprio-
kle with **It. pepper and three tsbl*-
spoonfuls of brown sugsr. do* over
wltb one tsbtespoonful of butter. He-
pest cover with battered cracker
crumbs ant bake Mill tbe crumb* sr*
Bosk well en* Mt ont-balf pint* et
■oot besns for •bout ton boon; placo
them over tbo Bro with Ave quart* at
water *ot on* pouad et Mit pork: boO
•lowly thn* « toon boon ind add •
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
blook.    Phone K 39.
W. H. M. May, of Nelson,sehool
inspector for this district, was in the
city on Monday and Tuesday on a
trip of inspection.
All passenger trains on the Great
Northern and the C.P.R, were behind time last Monday on account
of snowslides.
The ranchers at the head of Smelter lake want a sehool established at
that point.
Win. Johnson, lately a restaurant
man at Marcus, haB taken charge of
the dining room at the Hotel Colin.
All the .hotel, licenses were renewed last Maindny.
Al. Traunweiser, proprietor of the
Yale, was called to Calgary this
week owing to lhe serious illness of
his mother.
J. D. Honslierger returned on
Wednesday from a week's business
trip to Nelson.
Frt-d Roney, of Jeff Davis & Co.'s,
returned on Wednesday from a
month's bustness trip to Toronto
and other eastern cities. He enme
back alone.
Take your repairs to Armspn's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horsepower gasolene engine.^ Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Smelter at Hidden Creek
Official announcement of tbe intention of the Granby Consolidated
to begin the erection of a smelter in
connection wilh its Hidden Creek
properties on Observatory inlet, was
made at Vancouver last Friday by
Mr. Sylvester, acting eeneral manager, who had just returned from a
trip to the north.
"Constructioa of the smelter will
be started early in the spring," said
Mr. Sylvester. "A site on tidewater
has already been selected and
cleared. The reduction works will
take a year to build and will have
an initial treatment capacity of 20U0
tons d tily, with provision for enlargement at a later date.
'•This proposition, apart from the
development and equipment of the
mine, will involve an expenditure
of fiom $1,000,000 to $1,250,000.
Surface work has heen abandoned
for the winter months, but underground development is being pushed
There is a large ore tonnage in sight
and reserves will he largely increased
long before the smelter ia finished.
Nothing has yet been decided about
the purchase of additional mines,
but our consulting engineer, Mr.
Williams, has visited and examined
. the principal lode properties in the
Portland Canal, souihern Yukon
and southeastern Alaska. The smelter will also be prepared to treat
custom ore."
Baldness is Too Generally
Considered a Sign of
Advanced Age
A balnhwded person does not have
an equal chance with one blessed with
a healthy head of hair, because baldness it too generally accepted at an
indication of age. Many large corporation! have established an age limit,
and refuse to take men over 35 yeart
of age at new etrployefcs.
Probably 65 per" cent, nf bald-
headed people may regain a good head
of healthy hair if they will follow our
advice and accept our offer. We have
a remedy that we positively guarantee
to grow hair on any head unlets the
roots of the hair are entirely dead,
their follicles cloned, and the scalp
has become glazed and shiny. We
want people to try this remedy at our
risk, with the distinct understanding
that unions it dues exactly what we
olaim it will, and gives satisfaction iu
every respect, wp shall make no charge
for the remedy used during the trial.
We. know exactly what we are talking about, and with this offer back nf
our statements, no one should scoff,
doubt our word, or hesitate to put our
remedy to an actual test.
VVe want every one in Graud Forks
who is suffering from any scalp or hair
trouble, dandruff, falling hair, or
baldness to try our Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic. We want them to use it
regularly—say until three bottles have
been uied—and if it does not eradicate dandruff, cleanse and refresh the
tcalp, tighten the hair in its roots, and
grow new hair, we will return every
cent paid us fur the remedy for the
mere asking. There is no formality
expected, aud we exact no obligation
from the user whatever.
We are established right, here in
Grand Forks, and make this offer
with a full understanding that our
business success entirely depends upon
the tort of treatment we accord our
customers, and we would not dare
make the above offer unlets we were
positively certain that we could tub
stantiata it in every partieular. Remember, you oan obtain Rexall Remedies in this community only at our
tore—The Rexall Store. H. E.
NOTIGE Is hereby given that an ampliation
will be made under Part T. ol the "Water
Aet, 190V* to obtain a lioente lu the Similkameen Water DUtrlot, Division of Yale Dlltrlot,
(a). The name, address, and occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
Urand Forki, B.C., Farmer.
(b). The name of lake, stream, or source (if
uiinHmed, the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(ol. The point of diversion Is where the
creek enters my land near the centre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) subdivision of (J.P.H. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (3700) in Group 1 in the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District,
(d). The quantity of water applied for (In
cubic feet per second). Oue ou bio foot per
(e). The character of the proposed works:
Dam and flume,
(f). The premises on whioh thc water is to
be lined (describe same) is on l-ot Oue A (1 A)
subdivlHlon of C.l'.K. Lot uumber twenty-
seven hmidr,d(27(K» In Group 1, In the Slmfl-
k-tuipeii (formerly Osnyuos) Division of Yale
(bt). The purposes for which the water is to
be used: For Irrigation and Uomtmtlo purposes.
(h). If for Irrigation, def-orlbe the land Intended to be irrigated, giving acreage; Ia on
Lot One A (1 A) auhdlvlidoii of r.P.K. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred (27.M) lu Group
1 In the Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District, containing 100*45 acres,
more or lest,
tj». Area of Crown land lntende*d to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
fk) Tltia notice was posted on the 5th day
of August, Mil,and application will be made
to the Commissioner on the 6th dny of September, 1911.
(1). Give the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licences who or
whose lands are likely to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet: None.
Grand Forks,B.C.
NOTICE li hereby given that an npplioaL
will be made under Part V of the "Water
Aot, 1908," to obtain a license in the Similkameen Division of Yale Distrlot.
Name, address and occupation ot the applicant:   W. Sayer, Rancher, Orand Korku, B.C.
Description .of lake; Small body .of water
(uo name), fed by springs.
Point of diversion is 40 chnins above Kast
line nf Pre-emption No. 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second.
Characterof proposed works; Ditch and
reservoir, to be' used on Pre-emption No.
Purpose: Domestic and irrigations
Description of land to be irrigated: Aore*
age, 78.
Acreage of i'rown Land Intended to be oc*
oupled by worka:   Nil.
This notice wat posted on the 11th day ot
July, 1U11. and application will be made to the
Commissioner on the 16th day of August, pin.
Name mid address of rt pari on proprietors
or licensees wbo will bt aifected by the proposed works,  None.
(Signature) W.HAYBR.
(P.O. Address) (irand Po rks, B.C.
St. Joseph Mineral claim .si tutiti> In the Oram)
Korks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where Located: In Central Camp.
TAKK NOI'ICK that 1, Henry Johnson, Fm
■ Miners, Certificate No. I6811H for mnelf
and as agent for Peter fid ward Blakle, Free
Miners CertlHcate No. MOMB, Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Kecerder forn CeitiflciUeof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown Krauts ot the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced hefore the inmi
ance ot suoh Cerlttoate of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of July. A.D mi.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Jan. 18 —The following are today's opening quotations foi
the •tocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
Oranby Consolidated.    30.00    28.00
B. C.   Copper      4.00     3 25
Metal Quotations
Mew York, Jan 18.— Silver 54{;
• Undard copper, 813.75@14.12i.
London, Jan, 18.—Silver, 25J;
lead, £15 12s 6.1.
Licfuor and
Tobacco Habits
.5 YotaKe Streel. Toronto, Catttttla.
Ite.<ire..ie« as to Ur. MiTMmrta'e wmlse-
alonal atai.dli.ir ami personal integrity p»r-
ntl.t. tl lia
Sir W. It M-areallth. Chief Justine.
Sir Geo. W. KoM.en-rrpmlor.tf Ontario.
Rev. N. Hartsaash.n.ll., Prm.Vlrt»ria OUt'lte
Rev. J 0. Shearer, II.A.. It.li.. «m\ Hoard of
Monti Refainn, Toronto. „
Klttht Rev. J. K. Sweeny, l).l)„ lllnh..., »f
Hon. Ibontt." Coffey, Senator, C»tliollo Reo-
ord. London. Ontario. 	
Dr. MoTaa-iiiirt * vri.etat.le romodles for tlie
liquor mil tohaoco halalls are li.nltiiliil. mt..
Inexpensive home treatments. No hynoilrr-
tiilaa fnleetlons, l.O publicity, no Ims nf lime
from bnalne.s, anil s certain ante. Consultation or correspondence Invited.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising lie-
cause your business is too
Grand   Forks, R  C.
PHONE   A 14
Dry1 four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, -TL. Columbia p. o.
Bridge Street,
'Me hest and most
Mihstutit inl tire-proof
liiiiliiimrin tlm Huuri-
dury country. Recently completed and
n c w ly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally located. Kirst-ehissac-
com mod ation h far the
travelling publio.
Hot aad Gold Baths
P rst-Gliss Bar, Fool
aad Billiard Rooais
In Goanectioa.
EMIL.  LARSEN,   Prop.
If Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ competent workmen, Bnd carry • a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads nnd Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stntionery,
And everything turned out in nn
Up-to-date Printery.
rsnnn priimtimir-t,,e kim"we do—■"in ,tHH" •"•
VJ*-'*-'**' HMLlllLlVI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Furniture  Matle  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rutiber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A commits Stock ae
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fre»h(*oniignm*antof
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream aod Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ur Honing a If
ttaiur Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Uhanby Hotkl,
Firm Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers ind Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklifboxi A129
RuTiiRRfORn Bros., Props.
Copyrights «c
Anyone sending a sketch tint desertion msy
■mlc_.1T sscfl.Ki.ln mar opinion free wSetliersn
sent Ira*. Ol Jest sponcyttree
Patents tolwn tfaraa alalia Mul
l-».1st motto, wit-toot, chm«,lutft
Scientific flwertcan.
a biodtomely Illustrated weekly, Lai-gMt etr>
eulatioo of any Kienttno joornu. Tartaa In
'.■.inula, SMS a r<MTtfnetaf» pmpaid.   Bold bf
'I t">T7M(}f,,f."'.
! I" '•». _>«1P»_IH
. We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the onlv
office in this seotion that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job otlice.


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