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The Evening Sun Feb 15, 1907

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<;*>*J         ''4/\
&.*■-.*. FEB 20"T3b7
TQt-]h  ^lmmmmmmm^^_
Sixth Year-No. 30
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, February 15,1907
Semi-Weekly—91.00 Per Year In Advance
Summary of Progress of the
Chief Resource of the
Between   Three   and  four
Millions Dollars Paid in
Dividends in 1906
Id its last number the BritishJCo-
lumbia Mining Record says:
Mining in British Columbia is a
decidedly progressive industry, and
its growing importance and augmenting value should be more emphatically and persistently proclaimed by the newspaper press of
the province, which, as a rule, does
not give it the prominence it merits.
Similarly in official quartern its
steady expansion and consequent
weighty influence on the general in
dustrial situation do not always appear to be adequately recognized.
For instance, the minister of mines,
in his published address to the electorate of British Columbia, is, we
think, altogether too modest con
cerning it. His brief comments on
this industry and, the attitude of the
provincial government towards :t are
as follows:
"It is gratifying to know that this
important industry is in a most
nourishing condition; that in the
last few years there has been a remarkable development in particular
of the coast mines, some of which
bid fair to rival in volume and value
uf their output the richest of those
in the interior in the province.
''The government has not thought
itdesirible to make alterations in
the mining regulations, believing
that tbe interests of that industry
are best served by creating the impression that the laws affecting it
arc not likely to be changed."
Now, in our opinion, the minister
would have been justified in directing public attention to the fact' that
in the most productive placer-gold
districts—Atlin and Cariboo—financially strong companies are making
extensive preparations for the racov
ery of gold on a much larger scale
and in a manner tbat gives promise
of permanence of operations; that
i Rossland, Boundary and coast mines
are steadily increasing tbeir output
of gold aud silver in conjunction
witb copper; that the production of
silver in 1906 was larger in quantity
1 than for years previously, notwithstanding the comparative smallness
of production of this metal in the
Slocan during the year; tbat an in*
crease of nearly 7,500,000 pounds in
the amount of copper produced was
un advance over tbat of 1905 of
n 'arly 20 per ceut; that the produc-
lion of lead is being well maintained, and this without any present
,, assistance in tbe way of bounty from
the Dominion, the estimated small
decrease this year as compared with
last being attributable to the lead
s nelters owing to labor troubles at
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal company's
collieries; tbat there was a larger
gross tonnage of coal mined despite
the above mentioned labor troubles,
and that the chief market for Vancouver island coal was lost to a considerable extent following the San
Francisco disaster last spring.
Further, there are the permanent
benefits wbicb may reasonably be
expected to result from the discovery
of large bodies ot pay ore down to
nearly 2000 feet depth in Rossland
mines; the substantial increase in
output of Boundary mines, with the
certainty of still further enlargement
[of production; Ihe renewal under
favorable auspices of active- mining
at Ainsworth; the great significance
of success having attended deep-
level mining in the Slocan, the
Rambler-Cariboo coinpany having
lately encountered good ore between
800 and 1000 feet depth; the improved condition in the Silverton
section of Slocan lake district; the
important recent developments at
Mount Sicker, Vancouver island,and
the addition to tbe producing mines
of tbe province of the Britannia, on
Howe sound, and the Brown-Alaska
company mine on Portland canal.
The steady expansion of coal mining operations is also worthy of note
—on Vancquver island, where the
Western Fuel company bas opened
up what is practically a new mine;
at Nicola, where two companies
are preparing to produce coal in con
siderable quantities; at Princeton,
Similkameen, and in the Crow's Nest
Pass, where, near Hpsmer, tbe C. P.
R. is developing a coal mine, and
where, in the upper Elk section, several coal properties are being systematically prospected.
In connection with the reduction
of ores, the costly modern improvements, either already made or in
hand, at tbe copper smelters in the
Boundary district ami at Trail; the
installation of new roasting and
other plant at tbe lead smelters at
Trail, Nelson and Marysville, and
tbe operation tbe greater part of the
year of the Crofton works after a
long shutdown, are all noteworthy
evidences of progress in  11)06.
Best of all, though, from the
point of view of the encouragement
of the further investment of capital
in the mining and smelting industries in British Columbia, there is
tbe fact tbat apart from the large
amouut of net profits expended in
further development and equipment
by several of the larger companies,
and the net earnings of close corporations actively engaged in mining, between $3.000,000and % 1,000,-
000 was divided among shareholders
in mining companies. Since nothing else is so convincing to prospec
tive investors, tbis distribution of
surplus net profits may well be regarded as a matter for sincere con
Hindu Given Six Months' free
Board for Stealing Forty-
return engagements, and delivetihg
their old campaign speeches under the
guise of lectures, but do not forget to
charge an admittance fee.
W. P. Tierney, the railway contractor, will shortly begin the work of
extending the Rawhide spur, near
Phoenix. The work will require the
removal of about 18,000 cubic yards
of rock.
Anniversary 'Services of the
Knights of Pythias Next
Death of Andrew Christenson
Andrew Christenson, aged about
50 years, died at his home in the
West end last Saturday of a complication of diseases consisting mainly
of asthma nnd Bright's disease. Deceased had been sick but a few dnys,
and his demise was quite unexyect-
ed. He leaves a wife and three
daughters, aged nine, eight and six'
years, to mourn his loss.
Tbe funeral was held from the
family residence, near the West end
fire hall, on Monday, and was largely attended. Rev. E. Manuel conducted the service.
Tbe Christenson family have resided in tbe valley for a number of
years. At the time of his death,
Mr. Christenson was acting as caretaker of the public school.
C. E. Lane, chief electrician of the
Uranby Consolidated in this city, was
in Phoenix last week looking after the
installation of a larger motor-generator
set at the No. 3 terminal.
A Hindu with an unspellable and
unpronounceable name was arrested
by Chief Savage on a charge of having stolen $40 from a brother Hindu. The case came up before Police
Magistrate Cocbrance on Saturday,
and occupied the entire day. The
scene in court was q.t times as good
as a comic opera. But in this
instance there was an interpreter
who could really interpret. The
Hindu was in the end found guilty,
and on Monday the judge sentenced
him to six months' confinement in
the Nelson jail. The Other Hindu
recovered bis 940. Constable I. A.
Dinsmore left for Nelson witb tbe
prisoner yesterday.
The forty-fourth anniversary of
Pythianism, and the seventh anniversary of tbe organization of Orand
Forks Lodge No. 30, will be appropriately observed by the members of the
local lodge on Sunday, Feb. 17, by
attendiug divine service in the First
Baptist church in a body. The sermon will be preached by Rev. E. H.
Shanks, of Nelson, a member of the
Pythian order..
W. C. Thomas, superintendent of
the Dominion Copper company's smelter, was in the Ef st Kootenay last
week looking up the coke and coal
The young people of the city are
taking advantage of what is hoped to
be the last snow of the season by indulging in sleighing parties.
The consumers of coal oil bave just
donated, through John D. Rockefeller,
$32,000,000 to educational institutions in the United SUtes.
Those who failed to extract any enjoyment out of the recent election, cun
now amuse themselves by celebrating
Chinese New Yeai. The fun started
yesterday, ana the game will be kept
up at a hilarious tension for a couple
of weeks.
Brigadier Smeeton, who bus charge
of the Salvation army work in British Columbia, visited Orand Forks
on Wednesday, Fob. 13tb, nnd conduced ca special meeting in Salvation
hull   ut 8 p.m.
Ed Duford, proprietor of the
Queens hotel, bus been verv low with
pneumonia during the past week,
but his condition is now slightly
E. A Rainey is attending the winter carnival in Rossland during the
present week.
J. B. Hendeison, who is superin-
intending the construction work for
the West Kootenay Power & Light
company at Bonnington Falls, returned to the city lust Saturday, and
will spend a couple of weeks with
his family.
During the recent elections the Socialists were glad to draw crowds by
admitting the people to their meetings
free.    Now the speakers  are  playing
Joe Henrich, of Spokane, and Everett Baker will wrestle at Greenwood on the 15th, Henrich agreeing
to do the throwing act three times in
sixty minutes.
Five Divisions of the Grand
Trunk Pacific to Be Let
Means   an   Expenditure of
$25,000,000- Montreal
May Suffer
James H. Kennedy, ohief engineer
of the V., V, ifc E., and three assistants, were in Phoenix last week digging in the snow to find the survey
stakes for the Victoria shaft spur of
the Oranby mines, which is to be
built at once by the Great Northern
company. J. W, Gallagher is expected to do the work as a subcontract jrom P. Welch k Co. and to
start preparations as soon as he can
get at it. While the snow is as deep
as at present not a great deal can be
done, but the work can be gotten under way, at lerst. J. W. Wilson, the
house-mover, has baeu awarded the
tract for moving the Granby stable
from the right of way of the line.
A social dance was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Evans,
up the North Fork, Wednesday
night. A large number of people
were in attendance, and everybody
had a good time.
Numerous snowslidos on the wagon
rood between this city and Franklin
are reported, and it is difficult at
present to get supplies into the North
Fork camp.
A representative of one of tho
largest copper interests in the country
states there is ulisolutely no foundation for the claim mude by the alleged
Northeastern Metal Dealers' association that a combination exists between
copper companies of this country and
Europe for tlm purpose of maintaining
prices and regulating the output, says
a recent issue of the Now York Commercial. He says that high prices
are due entirely to legitimate demands; thut copper companies are doing ull in their power to increase the
output, and predicts even higher
prices than now prevail. The organization of the Northeastern Metal
Dealers' association to investigate an
alleged copper trust is not taken seriously by the trade. Prominent dealers declare all they know about the
association is obtained from tho newspapers. An investigation to ascertain whether ore was being stored,
was conducted only recently. The result of the invosgution was the finding
of no stocks on hand.
There is spine talk among the better class of society of a hoycotaagaiiist
the railroads unless the trains keep
better hours.
Montreal, February 11.—While
there was a general belief that there
will be five distinct transcontinental
divisions of the Grand Trunk Pacific,
the matter was not actually settled
until Saturday evening, when Frank
W. Morse, general manager, announced that the Grand Trunk Pacific would soon be in the field. The
giving out of contracts for five divisions of the road means an expenditure of ''25,000,000, and probably
more, as there are several branch lines,
to be built.
One of these will be an entirely new
road of about 200 miles, which will
connect Montreal directly with the
transcontinental line. It is pointed
out by the board of trade that if Montreal does not wake up it will suffer,
and Toronto, Quebec and Winnipeg
will benefit. Quebec will be in communication through the Latuque
branch, of which 150 miles are already built, and tenders have been
called for 150 miles more. Toronto
will reach the line direct through the
Abitibi branch, which, with the extension of 40 miles, and the 200 miles
built by J. D. McArthur, will join tho
road direct. The eastern provinces
will have Monction as a terminal, so
that all Canada will be practically in
communication except Montreal.
The tonnage of the Boundary mines
for the first month of 1907 was the
smallest for many months, due to lack
of coal for steaming purposes by the
railways, preventing them from furnishing adequate coke supplies to the
district smelters. The figures for
January were:
Granby mines 34,192
B. C Copper mines 12,23d
Dominion Copper ,12,091
Snowshoe   3,830
Emma      759
Providence      150
Skylark        40
Total 83,292
At a meeting of the board of the
Canadian Pacilic Railway coinpany in
Montreal on Monday, a dividend of 2
per cent on preferred stock and 3 per
cent on common stook was declared
for the half yoar ending December 1,
payable on the 2nd of April next; and
it was also deceided that at tho same
time a further sum equal to one half
of 1 per ceut should be paid on the
common stock out of the interest on the proceeds of land sales. After the payment of working expenses,
fixed charges and tho dividend now
declared, there is a surplus for the
half year of SC,GOO,000.
■It is a wise train dispatcher that
knows where his own train is.
While the rest of the country is
shivering in the grasp of the ieo king,
New York society is kept at fever
heat by the revelations of a midwinter
Thaw. ®lje Brottttg £>un
Published at Grand Porks, British Columbia,
Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings.
a. A. Evans Bdltor and Publisher
One Tear ., MJjJ
One Year (in advance)  1JI0
Advertising rates furnished on at'olluatl u
Legal notices, 10 and r, cents per Hue.
Address all communications to
Thb Evbnisq Sun,
Phonb B74 Oband Fohks, B.C.
A big C. P. It. campaign sack and
mud slinging by the Tory press won
a Conservative victory in thiB province. The purse-strings have evidently been drawn, but the mud
throwing still continues. It is proba-
MA* the intention of these journals to
continue in this filthy business until
the next general elections.
Our Conservative friends need not
worry quite so much about the future
of W. W. B. Mclnnes. He is able to
make a live outside the provincial
legislature; and this is something
that some .of the successful Conservative cahdidates would have been
unable to do.
The South Dakota legislature has
passed a law making it a felony for a
man to treat a friend to a drink in a sa*
loon. This looks like legislating against
a'man spending his own money. The
members of the South Dakota legislature probably had to stand a retreat.
Another big sea disaster this week
convinces us that the cheapest thing
in this world is human life.
No "job" is impossible to the iudus-
trious legislator.
Eagles' Ball
The masquerade ball given by Grand
Forks Aerie No. 237, Fraternal Order of Eagles, in the opera house last
night, was attended by about 200
people, and was the most enjoyable
social function that has been help in
the city for some time. Excellent
music was furnished by the Walgamott orchestra, and the dancing was
kept up until 3 o'clock this morning.
A splendid midnight supper was
served at the Windsor cafe.
The following were the prize winners:
First Lady's Prize—Best sustained
character costume, Miss Sweedburg,of
Nelson, B. C, "Queen of Spades."
First Gentleman's Prize—Best sustained character, Lee Tutt, "Mephis-
Second lady's prize for best sustained character, Mrs. Sweezy, "Mother Goose. "J
Most original character, lady, Miss
S. Frache, wood nymph.
Most original character, gentleman,
John McLaren, cowboy.
Best waltzer, lady, Florence   Phur.
Hest waltzer, gentleman, Mr. Ma
ilell, of Greenwood.
The judges were: Mr. unl Mrs.
Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Mrs.
Smith and W, B. Cochrane.
There were about 125 people in costume in the hall, which, together with
the pretty decorations, made a very
brilliant scene.
R, L. Miles has removed his second
hand store to the old Bodega building
opposite the E. T. bank on Bridge
street. This change of quarters was
made necessary by reason of the
growth oj his business.
Mr. Justice Clement is holding
court sittings of the supreme court in
Nelson this week W. A. Macdonald, on behalf of the Nelson Bar asso
ciation, congratulated his lordship on
his elevation to the supreme court
bench, and expressed the hope thut he
mignt long enjoy the honor and dignity
of his position. His lordship, in reply, thanked the bar for kindly wishes,
and hoped that in his new sphere the
harmonious relation with the bar that
he had enjoyed in a narrower jurisdiction might be continued.
A news item from Victoria says
the copper property of D. E. Campbell and J. Collister of Barncley ifc
Co., consisting of three claims on
Sooke harbor, has been bonded to the
Guggenheims of New York for $100,-
000, and the copper claims of Finley
k Martin on the north fork of Leech
river, have been bonded to the same
New York people for -J*-. 50,000. The
optiou taken by the Guggenheims on
both properties is for thirty days and
expires at the end of this month.
School Trustee H. C. Hanington
is in Nelson attending the annual
convention of school trustees. A resolution has been adopted asking the
government to make compulsory the
flying of the Canadian flag ove. all
schools in the province.
Telephone girls have trouble'enough
with cranky people to drive them distracted, and then sober-minded people at times think the operators are
cranky. The other, day a stout' old
gentieman with a hot temper was having some trouble with the phone. He
could hear nothing but a confused
jumble of sounds, and finally became
so exasperated that he yelled into the
transmitter: "Is there a fool at the
end of this line?" "Not at this end,"
was the clear and distant answer.
R. F. Petrie is attending the winter
carnival in Rossland this week.
Methodist Church, E. Manuel,
pastor.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. Subject, "The Three R's."
The church will be closed in the evening owing to union service in the Baptist church.
Baptist Church, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Seed Distributiou
By direction of the minister of
agriculture a distribution is being
made this season of samples of superior sorts of grain and potatoes to
Canadian farmers for the improvement of seed. The stock for disti ibu-
tion is of the very best, and has been
secured mainly from tho excellent
crops recently had at the experimental farms at Indian Head, Sask., and
Brandon, Man. The samples consist
of oats, spring wheat, bailey, Indian
corn (for ensilage only only) and potatoes. The xuantity of oats sent is 4
pounds, and of wheat or barley 5
pounds, sutlicient in each case to sow
one-twentieth of an acre. The samples of Indian corn and potatoes weigh
3 pounds each. A quantity of each of
the following vuieties has been secured
for distribution:
Outs—Hunncr, Wide Anwuke.Whito
Giant, Danish Island, Thousand Dollar, Improved Ligowo (white variety)
and Goldfinder (yellow). Black oats
aro not recommended for general cultivation, and are only sent out when
specially asked for, •
Wheat—Red Fife and White Fife
(beardless varieties), Preston, Pringle's Champlain and Huron (early
bearded sorts), Percy and Stanley
(early beardless varieties).
Barley—Six-rowed, Mensury, Odessa, Mansfield and Claude; two-rowed,
Standwell, Invincible, Canadian
Thorpe and Sidney.
Indian Corn (for ensilage)—Early
sorts, Angel of Midnight, Compton's
Early and Longfellow; later varieties,
Selected Learning, Early Mastodon
and White Cap Yollow Dent.
Potatoes—Early   varieties,    Early
White Pi'ize and Rochester Rose; me
diurr to lute varieties, Carman No. 1,
Money Maker and Late Puritan.
These Inter varieties areas a rule more
productive than, the earlier kinds
Only one sample can be sent to
each applicant, hence if an individual
receives a sample of oats he cannot
also receive one of wheat, barley. Indian corn or potatoes. Lists of names
from one individual, or applications
for more than one sample for one
household cannot be entertained.
The smnples will be sent free of charge
through the mail.
Applications should bo addressed to
the Director of Experimental Farms,
Ottawa, and may be sent in any time
before the 15th of February, after
which the lists will be closed, so that
the samples asked for may be
sent out in good time for sowing. Applicants should mention the variety
they prefer, with a secoud sort as an
alteanative. Applications will be filled
in the order in which they nre received so iong as the supply of seed
lasts. Farmers are advised to apply
early to avoid possible disappointment. Those applying for Indian corn
or pjtatoes will please bear in mind
that the corn, is not ususually distributed until March, and that potatoes
cannot be mailed from here until danger from frost in transit is over. No
postage is required on mail matter addressed to the Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa. Wm. Saunders,
Director Experimental Farms.
When Children are Sick
They eat something that disagrees,
catch cold, have oramps or colie. If
tliere is pain just apply Nerviline,—
it's good to rub on, and for the inside
it's most comforting. Effective and
pleasant, you can't find a household
panacea to equal Poison's Nerviline.
Used with satisfaction for half a century and in better demand every day
because it does stop pain, ease suffering and cure the thousand and one ills
that arise in the family. Large bottles at all dealers, 25c.
Rossland Winter Carnival
The Canadian Pacific railway announce an excursion rate of fare and
one-third for the round trip for the
above event, from Revelstoke, Fernie
and all intermediate and branch line
points. Tickets on sale February 11
to 16, good to return till February 18.
They All Ealled
Many have tried to devise a corn
cure equal to Putnam's, but after fifty
years nothing has come upon the market that so painlessly cures corns and
warts. Don't experiment, u»e the
best, and that's "Putnam's."
Bicyci.es and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1906 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
SF.AI.KD TENI1EH8 oililrrssml to thf unilcr-
slltueri, anil enilnrtHBil "Tender fur Post
Office. Fernie, II. C„" will lie reoelvnl ut this
olliee until Moiiilny, Kelirimry 18,19'*, Inclusively, for the construction nt a Post Oflice,
,<■-,. Iinllilliiit nt Fernie, II. C.
Plans ami specifications can he seen and
forms of tender ohtnliied at this Department
ami on application to Hoherl A. Kerr, Ksii.,
Clerk of Works, Penile, B.C
Persons tendering are notitied lhat lenders
will not he considered unless made on the
printed form supplied, ami signed with their
uctnnt slKiintnres.
Each tender must be accompanied by nn
accepted cheque ou a chartered hank, made
t.livable lothe orderof the Honourable the
illiilster of Publio Works, equal to ten per
cent (10p. c.) of tbe amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited If the partyten lerltuj
decline to enter Into a contract when catted
upon to do so, or If he fall to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender be not
ac-epted the cheque will he returned.
The Ilppiirtineiit does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 18, 1901.
Newspapers lnnerllmt this advertisement
without authority from the Department will
not be paid for It.
New Wood Yard
I have opened n Wood Yard on the vacant lot next Lawson, Bnker & George'i.
stttrn, on Second itreet, and am now
prepared to deliver Dry Pine and Fir
WOOO.   A"? length di-sirrrf.
A.  P. McKechnie
This is the company1 recently purchased
by' officials of the International Coal and
Coke Company. The output is already'
contracted for.
We have secured an allotment ot a
limited number of shares for our clients in
the Boundary country. Place ylour orders
at once if you wish to take advantage of
increase in price.
For full particulars apply to
British American Trust Co., H>
Grand Forks, B. G.
Don't fail*to call at
Fresh Meats of All Kinds.
Fine Turkeys and Poultry.
The Pest of Everything for the Culinary Department.
The Best of everything in tbe Confectionery Line.
The Best, of Everything in tbe Notion Line, as far as it goes.
New Nuts and Fancy Cigars.
John H. Grunwell
Postoffice Store
Danville,  "Wash
Largest c^ssortment
Of New Goods ever brought to the city to select from. When
you want Clothes, come in und nee what PRACTICAL TAILORS are
doing before buying elsewhere.    We are selling
Guarantee Fit—and when we say fit, we mean what we say.
No trouble to show goods.
Fish and Game in Season
Winter' Carnival
February 12,13. 14,15 and 16
5 Grand Trophies and 83,000 in prizes.   Two bands in attendance.
HOOKEY—International and inter-provincial championships.
SNOW8HOEING—Championship of British Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down the "Zip."
SKI-ING—Jumping and Racing.   Championship of Canada,
SKATING RACES—For championship of British Columbia.
CURLING—A provincial bonspiel.
Horse Racing, Masquerading, Tugs-of-War and other interesting events.
Reduced rates on all lines.       For further particulars applv to
J. S. C. FRASER, Pres. E. ADAMS, Sec.
God Save the King.
W8  Are  Prepared
To Do Yoar
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements, %
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing—the kind we do —is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
Tgie Evening  Sun
Job Department
Try This for Your Cough
To relieve a cough or break up a
cold in twenty-four hours, tho following simple formula, tho ingredients of
which can be obtained of any good
prescription druggist at small cost, is
all that will be required: Virgin Oil of
Pine (Puce), one-half ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; good Whisky, a half
pint. Shake well and take in teaspoon-1
ful doses every four hours. The de
sired results cannot he obtained unless the ingredients are pure. It is
therefore better to purchase the ingredients separately and prepare the
mixture yourself. Virgin Oil of Pine
(Pure) should be purchased in the
original half-ounce vials, which druggists buy for dispensing. Each vial is
securely sealed in a round wooden case
which protects the Oil from exposure
to light. Around the wooden caso is
an engaged wrapper with the naine-*-
"Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure)"—plainly
printed thereon. Tliere are many imitations and cheap productions of Pine,
hut these only create nausea, and
never affect the desired results.
Foo Lee
Palace Barber Shop
Kiii-or Honing a Simciulty.
Poor cooks make rich physicians.
When members of a family quarrel a lot of truth leaks out.
A  pauper gets more  real enjoyment out of life than a miser does.
Some lawyers Imve the knnok of
converting pour advice into good
The wngp nf sin i.s death, hit. the
wages of Ah Sill is ten cents a shirt.
Nn man can make a foul of himself all the time—he has to sleep occasionally. •»
Some men never realize the true
value of money until they try to
'nake a touch.
Stock Certificates printed at The 'P.   A. Z.   PARE, Proprietor
I*,,,, *„|, „n*,„„ Victoria Hetel,
»Un JOb OfflCe. lirldge Street, Grand Forks, B.C.
The average person judges a newspaper by the quality of paper it is
printed on.
The day before a man gets married is several hours longer than the
day before the rent is paid.
The party which will cut down
the number of elections in this
country will earn the gratitude ot
the long suffering public.
Some one is Baid to have seen
flowers blooming on the mountain
sides—snow flowers evidently.
Old Boreos is a sly fellow; When
he leave's go his grip on us he leaves
the grippe with us.
The modern steam laundry keeps
a good many washerwomen's husbands from getting three sheets in
the wind.
Many a man who prays for rain
would doubtless steal his neighbor's
umbrella if his prayers were answer-
Death is a welcome relief to the
man who is forced to hustle eighteen hours a day in order to keep
tbe premiums on his life insurance
policies paid up.
The frankness with which a 17-
year-old girl refers to herself as an
old maid, is only exceeded by the
vehemence with which she denies it
ten years later.
Some men are so considerate that
they even lie to their wives to avoid
telling them things that would probably make them unhappy.
Probably the easiest task a business man is ever called upon to accomplish is to induce an employe to
accept an increase in salary.
Nothing hurts a conceited man
like being ignored.
|t Creep* LIKe a Serpent
Steals through the system like a
thief in the night. That's how ca-
tai rh acts. Don't trifle with such a
scourge. Don't experiment with a
doubtful treatment. Time und expel-
iment prove that Catarrhozone docs
cure, that it gives quick relief and so
thoroughly destroys*, the diseaso, that
it dies forever. Get Catarrhozone in
tho first place, and your cure is assured. In 2")C and SI sizes at all dealers
and guaranteed in every caso.
Tho Lion Bottling Works are selling Gooderham k Wort's Rye Whiskey the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for 83.00 per gallon.
"Skiudiio" for Your Headache
Wise People
Buy their
From us, because the quality of our goods Sb such
that friction between the cook and the better half of
the household is entirely eliminated. Our prices, too,
are so reasonable that the head of tbe family pays his
monthly grocery bill at our store *vith a satisfied
smile.   Tryjus and be convinced.
Phone No. 30s
: Opposite C.P.R. Station
Hot and Gold Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely refurnished and renovated throughout.
Pi-r-tit.olaan board by day. week or
month. Special rates to steady boarders. American and European plans.
Finest liar In City In Connection,
Samples Given Prompt Attention.
Correspondence Solicited.
Complete Superintendence of Ore Shipments.
F. 0. BOX 43 FH0NE 53
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms In the City
First and Bridge Strests
Route of the famous and favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,  Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul.
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, S t
Joseph, Kansas City and St. Louis.
The Lightest and
Fastest Skate Made.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
CLOSE CONNECTIONS made •» st* ■**•* •>•
and St. Louis in Union Depots foi all
points East and SoutlrEtt8t*
To enable parties woo so desire to visit
friends andtrelatives In the Kastdurliiif the
summer season of :1806, the NORTHERS PACIFIC will on JULY 2nd and 3rd, AUGUST
7th, Bill and 9th, and SEPTEMBER 8th and
10th s»ll round-trip tickets from points In
this territory to Chicane*. St. Louis. St. Paul,
Minneapolis, Of aha and Kansas Citjr at one
lowest first class faro plus Ten Dollars, with
Anal return limit ninety days from dute of
sule, but not beyond October Slst, 1806.
Extremely low rates are in effect from
February 15th to April "th and September
15th to October 81st, 1908, from all points in
the East to points in this territory. If you
desire to send for a friend or relative on
these rates we telegraph tickets to fcastern
point, without extra oost.
^he NOTHBRN PACIUIO have all announced very low round-trip rates from
points in the East to points in this territory,
aud tiokets will be ou sale from June 1st to
September 15th Inclusive, Uual limit for return Ootober Slst, I90H.,
Kor further information address any one of
A. D. Cham-ton,    G.A. Mitchell
A. Q. P. A.. Gen. Agt.,
Portland.Ore.    Spokane, Wash.
W. H. Ude,
Traveling I'assehger Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street        Grand Forks, B. C.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc. •*■
All Orders Ciiven Prompt and Careful
Graud Forks, ]{. (.',.
Ascertain its cause and the cure is
not hard to find. Look to the stomach and bowels. Aro'nt you constipated, isn't your liver sluggish, isn't
the stomach failing in its mission?
What vou need is the tonic influence
of Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Their effect
is lasting becanso they aid all the ailing organs, Hush out all tlieunheiilthy
matter, and tone up tho stomach.
With Dr. Hamilton's Pills the stomach gets a chance to recuperate, and
does so quickly. For real buoyant
health use Dr. Hamilton's Pills  regu-' .
larly.   28 cents per box at all dealers   CIL'iS. PETERSON, PfOp
Pacific Hotel
l-'irst-nlnss in every respect.
Bantpla room, for commercial trnvelnrs.
II,.1 1,11,1 (.,1,1 Maths.
liar it, (Jonupotloti.
Finest lltaudsnf Wii„>s,
liquors mul "[,1,1, SPOKANE OFFICE :
tue n i a m wallage
I      I nLlfl  prop.
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
Hotel V
iiOTICR Is hereby given that thirty days
'» after date I Intend making application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a speotal license to out and remove timber from the following described
lands: Com mono! iiff at this post, located on
the east bank of 8a&«•» creek, a west branch
of thc North Fork of Kettle river, at a point
1ft feet southeast of where a landslide or dry
wash enters said creek from the west side,
and where a small jam and pond is formed on,
and about three miles from the mouth of
said ereek; thence running, west 40 ohains;
thence north 80chains, thence east 80chains;
thenoe south 80 chains; thence west 40 chains
tu place of beginning; containing 940 aores.
Newly Refurnished Throughout.
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smelternien's Trade
Solicited, Terms Reasonable.
Table Supplied with the Best the
Market Aftords.
The Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars are Always in Stock at the Bar.
Located this 20th day of October. 1906.
J. F MAJ OK. Locator.
Second Hand Goods
Carpets Cleaned and Laid.
Furniture He pal red, Upholstered i and Cleaned, and
other jobs In tbe house-
cleaning line.
Call or leave orders at
Next Door to Lion Bottling Works,
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly.. Passengers and. Trunks to and
from all trains.
•    Rutherford Bros., Props.
WOTICE it hereby riven that I will apply, at
I '"   the next meetinn of tbe License Com-
I missioners for the Urand Forks License District, for    transfer of the Retail Liquor License for the Northern hotel, situate at Ban*
nock City, Yale  District, from   tbe unde.'-
signed to Robert Lindholm, of Bannock City
Dated the Uth day of November, 1906
W8  Are  Prepared
To Do Your
We bave the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd cany n complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Lotterhends and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and liy Inws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Plncards,
Bills of l'nre nnd Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter 1'nds,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
vou that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
t^fe Evening   Sun
Job Department
Last week shareholders in thc
Boundary received the first dividend paid by the International Coal
ifc Coke Co., Ltd., of Coleman, Alta.
The dividend amounted to 1 per
cent on the par value of the shares,
and is nn earnest of what iii sure to
follow from now on. t The amount
thus distributed amounted to, ap
proximately, $28,000.
Last week the Dominion Copper
company's Brooklyn mine was
obliged to close again on account of
lack of coal, the C.P.R. being apparently unable to deliver the coal from
the Crow's NeBt. This is the second
closing of the Brooklyn for this reason, and it is not likely that it will
be started again until a steady supply of coal is assured.
The force at the Granby mines in
Phoenix has recently been reduced,
owing to a number of the furnaces
at the smelter in this city being out
of commission..
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at
this port, makes the following detailed report of the customs, receipts
at the various sub-customs offices, as
reported to tbe chief office in this
city, for the month* of January:
Grand Forke; fl,l8.f>.61
Greenwood  1,881.87
Phoenix  1,781.54
Midway     397.21
Cascade      106.29
Carson       49.50
Keremeos        35.00
Sidley       17.50
Osoyoos]...       15.60
Total 85,671.11
It Imparts Strength
Just think of the enormous strengthening power Ferrozone possesses,—
consider what it did for H. V. Potter,
well known in Kingston. "I was
subject to spells of dizziness. For
eight months I had intense pain in
my right side between the shoulders.
I was almost incurable with weakness
and lack of vigor. Often I scarcely
ate any breakfest and felt miserable
all day. Nervous, easily excited,
troubled with heart weakness, I was
in bad shape. Ferrozone restored and
nourished me back to health in short
order." Whatever your weakness
may be Ferrozone will cure. Price
50c per box at all dealers.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1006 and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit .'	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Sulphur King,SumHiit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork.	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp..;,..
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
shipments of  Boundary mines
1906 1907   Past Week
801,404 40,491        6,038
8,426 4,150           320
104,120 17,213       2,640
12,881 1,023           264
140,685 7,445           992
2,960 1.123
26,032 5,527           448
48,390 1,564           352
3,555 329             66
Total, tons  1,158,991
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter  828,879
0. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
77,873      11,140
Total treated    1,168,121        79,379      13,841
Wood For. Sale—Dry Pine nnd
Fir.     Any   length.   Max   Kuntz,'
Phone 12.
Everything for tbe Housewife
and Prospector
Can be Selected from our large stock of
General Merchandise and
Miners' Supplies   0 0 **•
Groceries, Crockery, Glassware. Fancy* Dishes,
Jewelry, Nuts and Fruit**.
Our Stock in all these departments is complete.
A trial order will convince'you that our prices are right.
J.  Bdl & CO. Danville, Wash.
In the matter of the "Land Registry Art,"
and in the matter of the Title to Part 20
acres of Lot B3U, Group I, Osoyoos Division,
Yale District.
WHEREAS, the Certificate of Title of Mary
Young, being* Certificate of Title No.
"'■"ill-*., to the above hereditaments, has been
lost, or destroyed, and application has been
made to me for a duplicate thereof.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that a duplicate
Certificate of Title to the above hereditaments will be issued at the expiration of
one month from the date hereof, UnlfM in
the meantime valid objection to the contrary be made to mc In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, Kamloops.B.C, November .uth.isoe.   •
(yOTICE is hereby Riven that thirty day*
n ofteVdnte.] intend maklnir niml-ratloii
to the Chief Com miss I oner of Lnnds and
Works for a special liceim-** ti» cut and re
move timber from the following described
IhiuIs: Commencing nt this post, located on
the o.**» imnit of Savage creek- n west hninrti
of thfl North Kuril nf Kettle river, at a point
7*i feet southeast of where n landslide or dry
wash enters wild creek from the w ■•-it -iili .
and where n small jam or pond l« formed on.
und about three miles from the mouth of
snid ere -k : thenee running west 4*1 chains.
ttieneesouth aOohnlmi; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 81) ehnlus: thence went in chains
to plnce of lii'triintiiiir. containing IUU acres.
Located this 20th day of October, 1906.
J. P. MAJOR, Locator.
A. Erskine Smith & Co
To Franklin Camp by Stage, Private Vehicle, Freight Team or
Horseback, ask for our prices.
Bridge and First Sts
The Purest and Best In tiie City.
On Draught Exclusivel/" at
60   YEARS'
Receive both Ladies and Gentlemen "us res
dent or day student-*, has n conn.lete Commercial or  Husinesf* Course] prepares student* to inilti Teachers' Certificates of nil
irrudcs; gives the lour years' course for the
B. A. degree, uud the first ynur of the BonOfi
of Science course, In affiliation with the Toronto Universityt has nspcclul prospectoi-s-[
emir-." for miners Who work in II.C. Irn-truo-
tion Is RllO Riven iu Art, Music, Physical Culture   and  Elocution.   Term  opens Sept.   17
lihHi,   For Calendars, etc , addreu - '
„ aether on
sent tree. IIMest smncT 'ors^rtoirpawnu.
I'slonts tason tnrou«li Munn * Co. reraHre
sp'etalnolle*, without ohnrse, In the
mri-iat notlc<, wil nous onnnre, w iu.
Scientific American.
A tisnilsomolr llllMtt»l4*" weoslr.   tar>«t elr-
MUNN &Co.3B,B*mte--New York
- Snob onioo. w> v Bt., w.rfungton. D. 0.
£fl_ BI
To Win.-Jumps Nelson, of RoSfdand, B.C:
You are hereby notified that 1 have expended $100 lu labor and Inprovements on
the "Vermont" Mineral Claim, .situated In
the liruml Forks Minluff Division, of Vnle
District, lu hritish Columbia, to count u*
assessment on said claim, ns will appear by
certlltcate of work recorded in the office of
the Mining Recorder for the said Orani
Forks Mining Division, tn order to hold said
claim uuder the provisions of Section 24 of
the Mineral Act, such being the amount re*
quired to hold the said claim for the yenr
A nd If at the expiration of 90 days of publication of this Notice yon fail or refuse to
contribute your Portion of the expenditure
required under Section £4, together with nil
costs of advertising,.rouriinterest in said
claim slmll become vested lu the subscriber
(one of your co-owners] under Section 4 of
the Mineral Aot Ameudluir Aot 1900.
Dated nt (irand Forks, H. C„ thisthe 30tli
davof November, A. D. 1006.


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