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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 3, 1913

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 ■UftaUtive I_««»,»i
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Good Prises Are Ofered by
the Kettle Hirer Valley
Rifle Association
The annual shoot of the Kettle
RiverVtlley association will he held
at tbe range of tbe association in
tbia city nest Wednesday and Than
day, October 8 and 9. The follow,
ing is a list of the events, together
with the prises offered:
Event 1—Tyro match, seven shots
deliberate, 200 yards. The prises
for this event total 119.
Event 2—Royal Bank cop, seven
shots deliberate, 200 yards. Winner
of flrst prise holds the cup for one
year. Monty prises same at in
event No. 1. The cup it now held
by 8. ti. Kirk.
Event 3—Fripp cup, seven shots
off band, 200 yards. Money prises
aa in event 1.
Event 4—Burns cup, seven shots
in one minute, 200 yards. Tbe cup
is now held by J. Hay.
' Event 0—Merchants' and citizens'
match, ten shots deliberate at 600
yards, no sighter. Prises to be given
by the citisens of Grand Forks.
Event 6—Seven shots deliberate
at 600 yards. Prises, 119.
Event 7—Team shoot, teams to
be chosen .how members present on
the range. Bank of Commerce cap,
and prises aa in event 1.
Event 8—Seven shots deliberate
at 600 yards. Prises at (or event 1
Event 9—Spraggett cop, aggregates of events 2, 6 and 8. Prises
First, cop and 110; second, iS;
ehird, f6; fourth, 14; fifth, 83; sixth,
12; seventh, tl.
Event 10—Seven shots deliberate
at 800 yards.   Prises as for event 1
Event U—Seven shots deliberate
at 900 yards.   Prises as for event 1
Event 12—Seven shots deliberate
at 1000 yards. -Prises as for event 1.
Even} 13—Orand aggregate eventa
2, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12. First prize,
gold ohampionsbip badge and 110.
Money prises aa for event 9.
Competitors mast be members of
the association wbo have paid tbeir
subscription for tbe current year,
Ammunition will be supplied free
on tbe range.
Perfect Attendance
The following is the list of
pupils attending the Qrand Forks
publio schuol who weie neither late.
nor absent during the month of September:
Division I—Gladys Ardiel, Edith
Barlow, Marie Barnum, Alice Bowen,
Archer Davis, Marie Frits, Arthur
Gilpin, Frank Hartinger, Robert
Holmes, Reunie-Keron, Harold Mas-
tie, Ulrio MoCallum, Margaret Mcllwaine, Quentin Quinlivan, Alice1*!
Spraggett, Hugh Wells.
Division II—Blair Cochrane, Merle
Herr, Reginald Hull, Chads Krischke,
Abram Mooyboer, Adolf Peterson,
Holger Peterson, Walter Peterson,
Thomas Rehurn.Demaris Ryan, Agnes
Stafford,Catherine Stafford, Lawrenqp
Holmes, Afred Holmes.
Division III—Laura Allen, Fred
Barlee, Aurena Barnum, Murrel Galloway, Margaret Graham, Mildred
Hutton, Kathleen Kerby, Loretta
Lyden,   Sarah   MoCallum,   Gwenny
Mcllwaine, Eddie Mollwaine, Kathleen O'Connor, Frances Sloan, Thelma
Walker, Earl King, Ruby Keeling.
Division IV—Lily Ardiel, Bernard
Crosby, Alfred Downey, Reulah Francis, Vernon Forrester, George Lemaster, Helen Massie, Gordon Murray,
Rota Peterson, Muriel Spraggett,
Vernon Siddell, Ruby Tyron, Hope
. Divition V—Doris Burden, Helen
Campbell, Annie Crosby, Julia Downey, Alice Galipeau, Isabella Glaspell,
Carena Harkness, Dorothy Jacobsen,
Gertrude Krischke, Zoe Kirk, Walter
Larsen, Ronald McDonald, Ambrose
MoKinnon, Christopher Pell, Joseph
Rowlandson, Amelia Wiseman.
Divition VI—Charlie Cooper, Le-
no-re Cronant, May Crosby, Randolph
Davis, Howard DeCew, Ellen Harkness, George Hodgson, Emma Irving,
Donald Laws, GuneY Lindgren, Reid
McKie, Gladys MoLaughlan, Mary
Miller, Nellie Mills, Cleophus Montgomery, Denis O'Connor, Amy Peckham, Peter Peterson, Helen Simpson,
Eluise Stafford.
Division VII—Orville Baker,
Douglas Barlow, Ray Brown, Clara
Brunner, Cecelia Crosby, Gladys Dim
mitt, Joseph Grenier, Alma Grigg,
Price Jones, Harold King, James
Needham, Charlet Wallace, Oswald
Walker, Zella Walker.
Divition VIII—Nellie Allan, Pearl
Bran, Margaret Bruno, Connie Bur-
don, Fred Oooder, Annie Crotby,Rnth
Eureby, Alfonse Galipeau, Thelma
Hutton, Lawrence McKinnon, Leo
Mills, James Pell, Alice Peterson,
Harold Quinlivan, Lee Sung. Fran-
ott U'Ren. Leon* U'Ren, Lewis Weldon, Renwiok Williams.
Division IX—Jennie Allen, Grace
Brau, Kenneth Campbell, Harry
Druytryk, Regina Frechette, Chow
Lung, Phyllis Gregg, Herbert Heaven, Lulu Harkness, Joseph Japp,
Adeline McElliott, Elsie Morel lo, Annie Marovich, John Peterson, Emily
Penrose, Stewart Ross, Francis Btaf.
ford, Alva Taylor, Clare U'Ren.
Results of the Races
Tbe races at the race track
Friday resulted as follows:
Free-for-all, prizee ISO and $25—
Butter (Sanda) flrtt, Del Norte (Fry-
ett) second.
Mile running, priset ffiO and 120
—Charles Qreen (W. A. Ragtdale)
lint, Foating (B. Tenaeket) aecond.
Pony race, prizes 810 and 15—
Hattie (A. Stout) flrtt, Nancy (C. C.
Michener) second.
Grand Forks Derby, priset 1100
and 160— Foating (Tenatket) first,
Charlet Green  (W.  A. Ragadale)
AnnualReunion of Boundary
Pioneers Held at Rock
The pionerrs ot, tbe Boundary
dittrict held their fourteenth annual
btnqnet at Rock Creek latt Thursday. Tbe weather mm fell into tbe
spirit of tbe gathering, for the day
and evoning was bright and clear,
thu* giving all an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful drive through the
fertile valleys of tbe district. The
first part of tbe afternoon wat spent
in getting acquainted witb one an
otber, a large number of whom were
"young timers," but were interested
in the many etories of the pioneer
days as told by tbe "old timers."
Shortly after 6 o'clock a business
meeting was beld, wben the following officers were elected for the en
suing year: President, E Spraggett, Grand Forks; vice-presidents,
Major Nicholson of Rock Creek,
i.lobert Wilton of Greenwood, P. T.
McCallum of Grand Forka, D. Mo
Bride of Bridesville; secretary, A.
Roberta, Midway; treasurer, J. R.
Jackson, Midway.
Seventeen new members were
added, namely: A. Averill, T.
Townend, Win. Fleming, Ed Stylet,
Norman Morrison, Wm. Frawley,
W. H. Craig, Wm. Ed McArthur,
C. G. Russell, Ed Hatton, H. Me-
Graw, L. A. Smith, A. Lander, Joe
Chrietensen, Wm. McDonnell, W.
Wartman, E. Qautbier.
After tbe business meeting was
over all repaired to the Riverside
hall, which bad been gaily decorated
with flags, bunting and evergreens
for the occasion by mine boat Lar-
sen, The well laden tablet of dainty
delicacies were given undivided at
tention, and tbe menu thowed that
tbe "old timers" know how to entertain. Immediately after dinner
a program was carried out, with
President Spraggett in tbe chair.
Bush's orchestra gave tome very fine
selections, after which "Tbe King"
wu responded to in tbe utual way.
J Lynch then gaveaaoug. C. B.
Wintei sang that old country song,
"Dooh and Dorricb," snd for an encore "The Tednerfoot."   Mr. Kerr
.recited  Burns' "Saturday Night,"
j and Mr. Mullen of Pboenix  sang
, "O Promise Me."
|    The toaat of the "Old Timers"
was responded to J. East, wbo spoke
Relay race, prizee #75 and $50— ' of the conditions of tbe  pioneers io
Joe Adolph first, J.   Bernard  sec-! the old days.   He met  tbe  president of the atsocistion twenty seven
Cowby race, prizes 17 and -IS—' years sgo. Tbe
Bendy (Ferguson) first, Jsck (J. original locator
Adolph* second.
Consolation race, prizes f IC  snd
president wat the
of  Grand Prairie,
now Grand Forks.   He could  tell
stories wbicb   would   make   tbe
•5—Red   Bird  (W.  A. Ragsdale)   young ti inert sit up nights reading
first, Daisy (Archer Davit) second.   j tbem.
Motorcyole race, prizes 110 aod ! After "Auld Lang Syne" was sung
•7—Cbet Smith fiwt, 8 T. Hull the hall was cleared and dancing in-
second. ; dulged in until the wee sma'  hours.
Named race, prizes 110 and 110— The next place of meeting w 11 be in
A. McCallum first, Fryett second.  Phoenix.—Greenwood Ledge.
Three-eighthe mile running, prizes '
820 and 115—Lame Shoelock first,
E. Woodward second.
Dinsmore, C. Peterson, Jobn McKie, John Donaldson and E. Hall.
The instruments, twenty-six in
number, consist of flutes, buglet
and drums, They arrived in the
city last Saturday, and will be
issued to members of the band by
tbe bandmaster at a meeting to be
held in tbe Columbia fire hall at 8
o'clock next Tueaday evening, Ootober 7. People interested in tbis
organization are cordially invited to
attend tbe meeting. All boys between the ages of twelve aod sixteen years wishing to join tbe band
must apply direct to tbe bandmaster.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub customs offices, as reported to the chief office io this city,
for the month of September:
Grand Forks  12,357.44
Phoenix....       1,042.63
Carson        378.34
Carcade         75.87
Total  13,851.2t)
Grading and Packing fruit
While the great majority of our
fruit growers and shippers are endeavoring, usually successfully, to
live fully up to the requirements of
the fruit msrks act (inspection and
sales act, part 9), it ia to be regretted that aome fruit is still being
poorly packed and improperly
graded, and aome fruit packages are
falsely marked.
Tbe Dominion fruit inspectors in
tbe province and in tbe prairies are
successfully securing the mtrking of
imported frnit, as required by tbe
new law passed at tbe requeet of tbe
Brititb Columbia Fruit Growers'association. There baa not been a
similar readiness to observe tbe law
on the part of our own fruit grow
era, wbich puts tbe association and
fruit growers generally in an unfair
position All Brititb Columbia
growers abould be willing to assist
the association in ita effort! to protect tbe industry, by themtelvee
meeting tbe law's requirements.
Their violations are due, doubtless,
to ignorance of wbat is required.
We urge every packer and shipper
of fruit to procure a copy of the act
from the chief Dominion inspector,
R. G. L. Clarke, 155 Water street,
Vancuver, aud to read and niaste,
and master its contents. Tbit nmsi
result in a better pack of fruit, bet-
ter prices, and a higher reputation,
wbicb, in turn, insures more stable
markets io future years.
R. M. WlMtLOW,
Provincial Horticulturist.
New Band Organization
_.   , ___-■_____••    j i   The Pride of Grand Forka Drum
soMm ""£ T?    n "J »nd Fife band held it. first meeting
12 50—H.   Coryell    first,    C.  C.  ,_... _,_Ul _L,_ lL_ ,.„ . „.8
H.  Coryell
Michener second,
laat night, when tbe following offi-
  cert were elected: President,   Wm. i
The Chriet oburch branch of the' Dinsmore;  treasurer, C. Peterson;!
W.A. will hold a bazaar on the 19th bandmaster and butiuets manager,
and 20th of November. D. A. Harkness; committee,   Wm.*>
R. A. Brown, of Volcanic, tbia
week thot or trapped a 600-pound
black bear whicb baa recently
been taking too many liberties witb
garden delicacies and the grease
around his logging camp.
W. C. Mclnnis, tbe well known
C.P.R. linemen, this week purchased Ed Clayton't interest in tbe
Grand Forka Transfer company.
H. B. Cannon, postmaster and
leading leading merchant of Voigl'a
Camp, Si-nilkameen, it in the city
for a few daya attending to business
Born—In Grand Forks, on Tuesday, Septemb. "r ."*.. _;iid Mrs.
Acres, a ton.
Poultry Exhibits at the Fair
Exceeded Three Hundred and Fifty    -
At the fourth annual fair, last
Thursday and Friday, there were
over 850 entries in the poultry exhibit, Tbe judging was done by
Jamea Pargreter, of Nanaimo. Following ia a liat of tbe cup winners:
Best pen exhibited—Smith cup,
worn by R, W. Somerville, of Trail.
Beat display of poultry—Morrison
cup, wen by T. Bowen, Qrand
Best Barred Rooks—Davis cup,
won by A. D. Morrison, Grand
Best pen White Rocks—Dunlop
cup, won by A. S. McKiui, Qrand
Best White Wyandottes—Canadian cup, won by R. W. Somerville,
of Trail.
Best pen Silver Pencilled Wyandottes—Grand Forka botel cup, won
by J. A. McCallum, Grand Forka.
Beat pen Rhode Island Reds, a.c.
—Leo Mader cap, won by T.Bowen,
Grand Forks.
Best pen Rhode Island Reds, r.c.
—Moving Picture cup, won by A.
D. Morrison, Grand Forks.
Best pen Buff Orpingtons—Mclnnes cap, won by O. G. Dutm.
Best pen White Orpingtons-
Mann Drug cup, won by T Rowan.
Beet pen Black Orpingtons—Standard Silver Plate cup, won by W.
Beat pen Cam pinaa—Biscuit jar,
won by Walter Gam mage of Coi-
Beet pen White Leghorns, s.c—
Province notel cop, won by T.
Beet pen Blsck Minorcas, i'o.—
Don Manly cup, won by Richard
Rest pen Houdans—Mills cap,
won by T. Bowen.
Best cockerel in show—Winnipeg
hotel'cup, won by R. W. Somerville
of Trail.
Beat cock in show—Model Livery
barn cup, won by W. Liddicoat.
Beat cock, hen, cockerel and pullet in show—The Elils cup, won by
W. Liddicoat
Best utility pen in in show—
Mayor's cup, won by T. Bowen.
Best broiler and egg producing
pen—McKim cup, won by T.
The following it the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer on K. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max.
8ept. 26—Friday  33 74
27—Saturday .... 37 77
28—Sunday,  39 58
29—Monday  49 70
30—Tuesday  37 67
Oct.    1—Wednesday .. 36 70
2 -Thursday  35 68
Rainfall  0.67
Board of Trade Meeting
A regular meeting of tbe board of
trade will be held in tbe council
chamber on Wednesday next, October 8, at 8p.m.
Opinion of a Famous English Dealer
In Tobaoco
The future business of the tobacco
trade Is cigarettes, said Bernard Baron, a noted English manufacturer, recently. Mr. Baron was discussing
the present position of the tobaoco
trade and tbe prospect of a cheaper
weed, and lie mentioned Incidentally
that every year Great Britain consumes between eleven and twelve
thousand -billion cigarettes. Pipe
smoking, be continued, will still con-
tfnue ln the future, but the generation
which Is growing up Is certainly one
Oat will smoke cigarettes. The largest
department of the tobacco trade Is tbe
cigarette department, and the reason
is not so far to seek. This lt an Industrial age. Working persons often
eome out for rt few moments. They
do not bave time to smoke a pipe, but
they can always have a few whiffs of
a cigarette. In the case of a pipe
they have to fill it, and it cannot be
extinguished tn the eame way that tbe
lighted end ot a cigarette can be snipped off. In regard to pipe tobacco
I repeat what I have often said, tbat
If the working man knew what he was
buying as cheap tobacco he would not
I do not tblnk tbere will be a decrease in tbe price of tobacco for some
years, Mr. Baron continued. A year
ago tbe price of Virginia rose between
10 and and 40 per cent., and most of
the other tobaccos went up from 16 to
20 per cent. Tbe fact that the
year's crop wat bad bad really most
to do with tbe rise; they had a big
drought ln Virginia, North Carolina,
and the other tobacco-growing districts
but it Is too early yet to predict whether tbe next crop will be a good one.
We never use any tobacco wblcb Is not
tbree years old, for we know tbat lt
requires that period to mature properly.
Printing by Motorcycle
.during a recent storm at Elgin, Illinois, tbe engine ot a motor-cycle- was
made uae ot to print a newspaper.
When the severity of tbe storm made
tt Imperative tbat the city shut oft tbe
electric power, tbe paper found itself
without power to print Ita regular edition. A motor-cyclist offered bis machine and services, and by connecting
the engine to tbe press by mean* of
a belt the paper was run ott without
Empire's Biggest Flagpole
Excavation work for tbe bole In
wbich the biggest flagpole ln the British empire Is to be placed opposite
tbe new courthouse, Vancouver, bas
been begun and lt ls expected that tbe
big stick will be flying the flag to the
breezes by tbe flrst of September.
A man plays tbe game of love for
pastime; a woman playt It to win.-
id Ointment
Treatment: On retiring, soak
the hands in hot water and
Cuticura Soap. Dry, anoint
with Cuticura Ointment, and
wear soft bandages or old loose
gloves during the night.
Ciillrun. Step mm OlMMI-t em «*l MirouAlllt
IM wort I. A lllmtl noniW" "' «•*.wl1" __H*B
knkMt oo IM on US IWMWll oMM MS MM
Mp>miMt« Aft-wni-WMrDmaacMM.
Com., De*. SOD, Bo-ton, V. S. A.
W. N. U. H4
in lhe course o- c recent paper, Professor W. J. Humphreys, of tbe U.S.
Weather bureau, points out that, as
thunderstorms are usually, lf nOt always connected with large cumulus
clouds, it follows tbat a vigorous uprush of air Is a necettary' accompaniment of thunderstorms. Further, if
tbe upward velocity < f the air ls as
much as eight metres per second—and
lt may easily exceed this amount-
then no water drops, whatever their
size, can fall through It. Those already small enougb will be carried up,
while the larger drops will be torn to
bits, and the spray tbus formed carried aloft. It appears, then that the
strong upward currents ot air within
cumulous clouds necessarily must
break up and thereby positively electrify tbe larger raindrops. TheBe ln
turn doubtless unite again, possibly
many times, only to be rebroken and
still further positively charged. After
a time, tbe drops of course, reach a
place where the uprush of air is not
sufficient to support tbem, and they
fall as positively charged rain, wbile
tbe negatively obarged spray ts blown
aloft, whence after more or less coalescence into larger drops, it falls as
negatively charged rain, Chough mucb
of the negatively charged spray necessarily remains aloft, where it Is slowly evaporated. Hence the bulk of lbe
electricity brought down ls positive,
and hence, too, the heavier portions of
tbe rain, and the larger drops usually
are positively charged, while the negative electricity is mainly confined to
tbe lighter part of the storm, when tbe
drops, as a rule, are comparatively
small. This the*, ls the latest and
apparently, correct Idea, as developed
by Simpson, ot the origin of the great
amount of electricity in thunderstorms.
If It had a weak point at all, as first
set forth, it was ln the assumption that
such storms are always accompanied
by a rapid uprush ot air, sufficient to
split up the larger raindrops; but Its
discussion seems to justify the assumption, and thus fully t, strengthen
tbe one. weak link ln the logical chain.
Why Duels are Harmless
A large proportion of the duels ln
France end without bloodshed. When
the offence ls tot very serious It Is
agreed beforehand that the words of
command sball be given so rapidly
that duellists will not have time to
take good aim. Sometimes three
shots are exchanged without a hit, and
tben tbe seconds stop In and—honor
is satisfied. At the word 'Fire!' the
pistol Is raised Instantly, and it must
be discharged not later than the word
three, so the speed with which these
words are given regulates the, time ln
which it is possible to tans aim.
Therefore the speed with which they
are spoken Is agreed upon beforehand
this depending upon the seriousness of
the duel. Tbe words are timed with
a metronome. If the encounter be
very serious thlt it set at the slowest speed, eighty beats a minute,
which gives time for taking accurate
aim. A-speed of 140 beats a minute
allows no time for aiming, and therefore ls used when the seconds consider tbe duel tbould be made as Utile
dangerous as possible.
The Mall Car's Forerunner
The flrst dally overland mall coach
arrived at St. Joseph, Mo., fifty-two
years ago laat Friday, seventeen daya
trom Sacremento. The overland stage
was the successor ot the pony express
that had been established between St,
Joseph and Sacramento the preceding
year, and provided a tbrough mail line
trom New York to the Pacific coast.
Between the Mlsourl River, the western terminus ot the railroad, and Sacramento the distance was traversed by
fleet horsemen, each of whom went
sixty miles. The riders were paid
|200 a month, but tbe danger from
hostile Indians was great. The building of a telegraph line to the Pacific
put the money express out ot commission, and tbe completion In 1869 of
a continuous line of railway across
the continent ended the picturesque
but comparatively slow overland stagecoach system. As a feeder to tbe
railroad, however, the stage continued
to bave a wide sphere of usefulness
for many years, and bas not yet entirely disappeared.
To See tht lack of Your Eyt
Behind the eye, wbat Is called the
retina, Is lined with branching blood
vessels, and a curious but perfectly
simple experiment will enable you to
see these. Place yourself In a dark
room, opposite a dark-colored wall;
then light a candle and holding lt in
your hand, move lt up and down before your eyes, all tbe time looking not
at tbe candle but at.tbe wall beyond.
After a little practice you will see
appear on the wall a great branching
figure In black on a reddish surface.
What you are looking at Is the shadow
of tbese blood vessels at the back of
your own eye. Perhaps the most
curious part of the whole thing Is that
the part ot the eye which receives
the Impression of light must be behind
these blood vessels.
So many people have been vaccinated as the result of an .outbreak of
smallpox In Stockholm that the supply
of vaccine bas been exhausted. Sufficient vr-cclne for 100,000 persons has
been ordered trom abroai'.. Vaccination parties are now fashionable In
Stockholm. Quests are Invited to an
'at home' at 6 o'clock and Ihe doctor
arrives and vaccinates them. When
this Is over the guests dine together.
Sister—Why don't you marry her?
Brother—She has a slight   Impediment In her speech. ,
Sister-What It It?
Brother—She can't aay "Yet.
Early Genius
Proud Father—Why, the other boy
of mine will be a wonder!
Friend (wearily)—What wonderful
thing has he done now?
Proud Father—Why, the other day
he ate all the preserves In the pantry,
I overheard him say as he smeared the
cat's face with the stuff: I'm sorry,
Tom, to do this, but I can't ti.ve the
old folks suspect me.
Well, my dear, said Mr. Wiggins
on the night of election day, did you
vote this morning?
I did, indeed, replied Mrs. Wiggins.
I not only voted, but I wrote out my
reasons for voting as I did on the back
of the ballot and signed my name. You
men may teel the need of a secret ballot, but I am not afraid to have anybody know why I voted or why.
Effect of Organization
Papa—Here children—all of you!
Here's a nickel each. I want every
one ot you to be in bed tonight by 8
o'clock, and don't you dare to wake
up till breakfast time tomorrow morning.
Johnny (acting as spokesman)—
Can't do lt dad; we've struck.
Struck? What do you mean?
We want more pay and shorter
Minard't  Llnimtnt Curst Gargtt  In
The lady litigant bad paid out good
money to clerks and bailiffs till she
was nervous about it.
Who is that? she whispered to her
lawyer as a new functionary put In an
That? that's the crier, the lawyer
Goodness! .an't I do my own crying and save her?
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts It within
reach of all, and lt can be got at any
The mayor of a French tot.-n had,
in accordance with the regulations,
to make out a passport for a rich and
highly respectable lady of his acquaintance, who, ln spite of a slight disfigurement, was very vain 11 her personal appearance. His native politeness
prompted him to gloss over the detect, and after a moment's reflection
he wrote among tbe Items cf personal
description: Eyes dark, beautiful, tender, expressive, but one ot them missing. .	
it Talks and Is Understood
Paw, what ls a unlvuru.-.l language?
Paw—Money, my son.
They Throw Off Diseaae More Easily,
That's the Reason .
Tho tact that in almost all civilized
countries women outnun.be.- men lias
been ascribed to the higher birth rati
of girl babies; yet statistics show that
105 boys are liorn to every 100
girls. According to figures complied
by a European statistician the girl has
a better chance than the boy of attaining maturlt:*. .
He finds that trom tbe third to the
fifteenth year the mortality for both
sexes is the same; from the fifteenth
to the nineteenth year the critical age
for girls the girl's chances are slightly better than the boy's; from the
thirtieth year to the thirty-fifth the
mortality among women ls smaller
than among men, and lt continues
smaller until the seventieth year,
for a decade and a half, the sexes
once more ..ave the same chance of
survival, but above 85 years of a_je
woman again stands a much better
chance than man.
To account for thiB difference the
statistician points out that woman haB
greater .reslllenc- in shaking off diseases than man. It Is true that the
physical strength of man Is greater
than woman's but a woman's power of
endurance is more robust.
One reason for this is that woman
possesses a finer perception of her
power of endurance than a man, and
when her perception warns ber of fatigue she stops. A man does not
stop until his power ls oxhaustedrHIs
nervous system Is not as fin .'ly organised as a Woman's, and as Mosso, the
Italian physiologist, has pointed out.
men and women are entirely dependent upon their nervns for caution not
to over-exert. ■ While lc is true that
women more easily coniract many diseases, particularly nervous and mental diseases, than men, they overcome
them with greater ease.
There are no dead flies lying
about when
are used as directed. Al
Druggists, Grocers and Gener
al Dealers sell them.
Persuaded Jcctor to Drink Postunr
An old faithful nuriii and an experienced doctor, are a pretty strong combination In favor of Postum, Instead
of tea and coffee.
The doctor said:
"I began to drink Postum live years
ago on tbe advlcv of au old nurse.
"During an unusually busy winter,
between tea, coffee ana overwork, I
became a victim of In.otnnla. In a
month after beglnula.. Postum, In
place of taa -.nd coffee, I could eat
anything and sleep as soundly as a
"In three months 1 had gain.*'. twenty pounds ln weight. 1 nov use Postum altogether Instead ot tea and coffee; even at bedtime with a soda
cracker or some other tasty biscuit.
"Having a little tendency to Diabetes,^ used a small quantity of.sr.cchar-
Ine Instead c! sugar, to sweeten with.
I may add that today tea or coffee are
never present In our house and very
many patients, on my advice, have
adopted Poitura as their regular beverage.
"In conclusion I can assure anyone
that, aB a refreshing, nourishing and
nerve-strengthening beverage, there Is
nothing equal to Postum."
• Name given by Canadian . istum Co.
Windsor, Ont      Write   foi   booklet.
'The road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms.
Regular (must be bolltd).
Instant Postum doesn't require boiling but ls prepared Instantly *.-y stirring a level teaspooatul In an ordinary
cup of hot water, which makes It rig. t
for most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people who like strori things put In
a large heaping spoonful and temper
It with a large suooly of cream.
Experiment until ;ou know the
amount that pleases your pslate and
hive it mOiie*. that wav In the future.
• "There's a Reason" for Pos'u*»
Royal Punishment
The constraints and formalities
which surround royalty are particularly trying to youth, and while the
Queen ot Holland could never refer to
her childhood as being a very dull
one, ts Queen Victoria tn mature
years described her own at Kensington Palace, yet when her Dutch Majesty was a little girl she greatly preferred playing witb her dolls to intending to the official duties that bad
already begun for her. If you don't
behave, I'll make you a que'..: she ls
said to bave admonished an erring
Again, one day she was overheard
telling ne of the dolls, whu evidently refused to take a necessary nap:—
If you don't go tu sleep, you shall
go out tomorrow In a carriage, and
all the time you sball bow right
and left to people who keep pulling
off their hats'. So hurry up and off to
Minard't Llnl.lent Curea Colds, Eto.
Cbal Loading by V.-cuum Pipes
The vacuum-cleaner principle is
having new applications every day;
but one of the strongest U for the unloading ot coal cars. A big Austrian
power Plant is being equipped to handle a!l its coal by vacuum pipes. Coal
that Is graded according to Austrian
standards as dust coal and nut coal is
delivered ln carload lots to tbe plant
and a great pipe Ib dropped Into tbe
car. Tbe coal is sucked up through
this pipe and carried to the storage
piles two hundred yards away. Coal
for the boiler fires Is carried fiom Ibe
storage pile by otlier vacuum pipes
direct to thc fire and there fed In by
mechanical stokers.
Thc Smallest Dynamo
A lilllputlan electric tynamo, perfect
ln every detail, but weighing only a
quarter of an ounc_\ was shown at
work before the Paris Academy ot
Science. Its constructor is a French
mechanician named Trevet. This dynamo Is three-lit ths of an inch long,
half an Inch wide, ani three-fifths ct
an Inch high. The coll Is :-. quarter ot
an inch tn diameter, and Is wired with
five and a half feet of sill. Insulated
copper wire one-five hundredth iof aa
inch In thickness. A tension-Is indicated of 3.6 volts by a current ot
0.2 ampere, but as to Its power-tbere
ls no Instrument sensitive enougb te
record tt. While at work the tor
machine made a sound like tbe humming of a bee.
No man or woman should hobble
painfully about because -of corns when
so certain a relief Is at band as HnV
loway's Corn Cure.
Writing for Posterity
A prominent French critic, the story
runs, once raid to Oeorge Bernard
You are putting on a new comedy
Monday nlgbt. Let . e attend dne at
tbe dress rehearsals, won't you?
.mpossible. said Mr. Shaw.- Mr
dress rehearsals ore always private.
I have to refuse even the most distinguished critics access to them.
But, said the other, I want to writ*
a critical criticism. If I have ta
write and telegraph lt In a few minutes on Monday night it will be very
hurriedly done, and I fear It will give
a wrong impression of your comedy
to Paris the next day.
Have no anxiety on tbat score, Mr.
Shaw replied. My comedies are not
written for the.next day.
NONL    it O   £ A S Y
Aa Far as Permitted
Jones—It Mr. OlCboy   makes'  any
such assertion I will denounce blm us
a Han
Pnsident— Mr. Jones, I call you to
order.    Our by-laws do not allow yoa
to go tliat tar.
Jones—Then I call Mr. Oldboy a liar
at far as It Is pe.-mltted by tho bylaws
of this asaoclatlou.
A new printing, gumming ;wo- perforating machine In thc bureau of engraving and printing at Washington
turns out a milo •.' finished postage
stamps every five minutes.
[f=Woman's Danger Signals3
Hot flashts-diszinets, fainting spells, headache, bearing-down I
feeling and ills of a kindred nature—are nature's danger signals, i
The female disturbance or irregularity back of these calls for help, i
should have immediate care and attention. Otherwise tbe delicate'
female constitution soon breaks down.
|{^dt. pierces Favorite Prescriptioii
'    for more than 40 wears has Stem lending Its health restoring lid to thon. 1
sands of womtn yesr nfter year thronghost Its long lit*.
This wonderfully lueeeHfsl romadjr tapsrta strength totbe satire swlwij'
    ....       _ :*-**■
mother of a family—all will gala strength frau this faasn mseriptloa .
40 voara hss demonstrated its effectiveness—la liquid or tablet ten*.
particularly to the organs distinctly feminine. Nerreeorerefroohed. Ths*
overworked business woman, the run-downJmse-wife, and tkewenrseere-worg
' Write Dr. A. V. Pieree't Sfehtllitl *l tb* l***IU*' Metel-
Cerr.„.ni.ne, Strictly C.*IU.*tt*t-**xt ao inert-.
Dr. Plorea's Pleasant PeUete regnlaU aa* la-v lasrato stoawak, It-rasi
aad bowels.   gugar-oaatsd May grannies-easy te take as Oaady. TIIE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
VtlHAJ make of shotshells are you
" shooting this season?
You will find that the interest today centers more and more in Remington-UMC
WM    shotshells — Canadian made from our new
*i- factory at Windsor, Ontario. '
You want Remington.UMC—the Reminftoo quality—freedom from all the nagging
little'annoyances that uncertain ehells can throw into a good day's sport.  Arrow
ar Nitro Club smokeless loads.   Slightly higher In price—absolutely reliable.
Let us send you • booklet etplaininanmpbr tba technical care in the nukinc which we believe
U rctpoiH-blo to, Remington.UMC eucceae. Send your name aod addreie on e poitcard today.
. .Remington Arms-Union Metallio Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
I        "AN PAN I A"
-I 13,400   TONS
I For Loqdon, calling at Plymouth
:'*} Carrying one Class Cabin (II) and Third Class
■Cabin (II) 158.75 up Third Class, 131.25
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing Room, Smoking Room, Opsr, and Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra
A*f.SONIA (new) Aug. 23rd.   ASCANIA (N«w) Sept. 13tb
ANDANIA (New 1913) ..   Sept. 6th   AUSONIA (New)  .... Sept. 27th
i'he Cuna.d Line has long been famous tor the comfort and luxury
of! Its passenger accommodation, and ln this, as ln otter respects, the
steamers of the Canadian service maintain the blgh reputation of the
j Company.
por further particulars and reservations apply to local agents everywhere, or
304 Main Street,
That Awful Child
Bobby—Sister must be able to see
in tiro dark.
Mother—How so?
Bobby—Because last night when she
was in sitting with Mr. Staylate ln the
parlor I heard her say: Why, Tom,
you haven't shaved.
Revive the Jaded Condition.—When
energy flags and the cares of business
becotne Irksome; when the whole system ls out of sorts and there Is general depression, try Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They will regulate the
tction of a deranged stomach and a
disordered liver, and make you feel
Uke a new man. No one need suffer
a day from debilitated digestion when
so simple and effective a pill can be
Sot ttt any drug store.
Wist Girl
He Wanted her at once to wed.
But that she would not do.
We 'never can be ode, sbe said,
'Tiil you've enough for two.
Thc proud parent: You cannot have
my daughter; the social gulf between
rou Is too wide. Remember, you are
t mere germ of a common cold; she's
a bacillus ot neurasthenia!'
But Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg-
etable Compound Restored
Mrs. Bradley's Health—
Her Own Statement
Winnipeg, Canada. — "Eleven yeart
ago-I went to the Victoria Hospital,
Montreal, suffering with a growth. The
doctors said it was a tumor and could
not be removed as it would cause instant
death. They found that my organs were
affected, and said I could not live more
than six months in the condition I was in.
"After I came home I saw yonr advertisement in the paper, and commenced
taking Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable
Compound. I took It constantly for two
years, and still take it at times, .and
both my husband and myself claim that
it was the means of saving my life. I
highly recommend it to Buffering
women."—Mrs. Orilla Bradley, 284
Johnson Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba,Can.
Why will women take chances or drag
outasickly.half-hearted existence, missing three-fourths of the joy of living,
when they can find health in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable-Compound?
For thirty years It
hu been the standard remedy for female ills, and hat restored the health of
thousands of women
who have been troubled with such ailments as displacements, inflammation,
alteration, tumors, irregularities, etc.
If you want special advice
write to Lydia E. Pinkham Med-
Mine Co, (confidential) Lynn,
Muss. Vour letter will bo opened,
read and anewered by a woman,
aad beld In strict confidence.
N. U  964
Kings aa Ornament*
When European democracy continues its process ot relegating to the
position of spectacular ornaments its
crowned heads, interest ln the personality of these picturesque Individuals continues to be one ot the features ot the social order today, particularly on the continent.
The modern monarch has come,
more and more, to stanff merely as the
symbol of the continuity of national
lite, tho emblem of tbe people's distinctive nationality and sovereignty.
Even lf, ln a few scattered Instances,
he pretends to regard himself as ruler by divine :ight, his people ro long-!
er look upon him. as such.
3ven t'-e great Hohenzollern, William II, Las recently publicly Insisted
ttat his sole object as monarch bas
been, and will continue to be, not th:.
glorification of his dynasty, but the
welfare ot the Oerman people.
As ea.h passes off the human stage,
his successor, born and reared In a
more democratic atmosphere than himself, becomes more tban ever the _ -
..resentatlo.. ot bla people. The rising generation of young royultl-s, lf a
republic in form does not prerent their
actually reigning, will sit ln the chairs
of constitutional power democratic at
heart.—American Review of Reviews.
Extre.ne Old Agt Records
The recent death of a Chinaman ln
New York at the age, as he claimed, of
149 years, raises tbe question whether
the records ot extreme old age are authentic. The cases in whl.h men or
women have reached the century mark
are so numerous that there seems lo
reason for skepticism concerning
them; but the records of Thomas
Cam, aged 207; William Edwards, 168,
and Henry Jenkins, 169, are open to
the doubt that falls on all mediaeval
statistics. The tables of lite Insurance companies within the next century will probably furnish reliable data tor future Investigators.
Emily—Isn't lt funny how timid Eileen ls?
Maudes-Dear, yes; Bhe doesn't war.t
to go faster than eighty-five miles an
hour when Bbe rides on the back of
Charlie's  motorcycle.
Art and Long Hair
The hard contemporary fact Is that
the gloriously named authors are becoming sadly rare, oven rarer than
long haired actors.
The long haired muslcan Is still with
us, though one of the most eminent
masters of tbe pianoforte has yielded
something to the modern spirit by
submitting briefly to the sheers.
Individual age has here a potent In-
fluence—age, or the getting through
with thing. What a wonderful picturesque person Dickens was at 26!
And how matter-of-fact ut 40! Browning suffered a similarly sobering and
averaging e'.'ect.
The same thing lt Is true or many
other figures ln that period, and- lt is
not easy to guess whether the changing fashion set in during their middle
years, or whether advancing ng*
would have effected Ihe same change
ln any • .se.
On the day of his wedding a man
I .aglned that his wife drew a prize;
but as a matter of fact 'te is seldom
anything more than a consolation
Bacon—1 see electricity generated ln
Sweden is delivered in Copenhagen.
Egbert—This parcel post system Is
really wonderful.
Walter, bring me an Infinitesimal
portion of cheese.
Ain't got any ot that kind lu the
i house, sir.
May   all to Other Planets
The London Dally Citizen announces
the discovery of a gas one-sixteenth
tbs weight of hydrogen.
Its existence on earth has not yet
been determined, but the leading scientists, including Sir William Ramsay
are confident they can find or produce
It. Its presence in the sun was definitely established by a discovery
made during the last eclipse.
Tho Dally Citizen quotes an anonymous scientist Who describes the gas
as being named coronlum. If it can
be produced on "this earth It m. .<* revolutionize the science ot Aerostatics.
When the earth becomes too cold tor
human habitation the people could
move ln airships to any planet that
might strike their fancy. This would
be unnecessary tor a million years or
Knicker—How -lo you like the kitchenette apartment?
Bocker—I think It has a roomette
for Improvement.
A prominent physician In an Arkansas town has ah extensive practice
among the laboring classes, where
economy ls th. best policy. One day
the little daughter ot one of the men
became very sick and the doctor was
hurriedly called. He arrlv d and administered a soothing treatment to the
patient wbo was soon Bleeping soundly and upon leaving, prescribed some
medicine which was to be obtained at
the drug store. The next day the
visit had to be repeated, and some
more medicine bought. This was
kept up until the little girl was entirely well, when the father went to see
the dootor to settle bis bill.
As his purse wae rather slim, he approached the doctor with .many misgivings .
Here is your bill, sir, began the
doctor, handing blm the paper. This
for the drugs from the store and this
for my visits.
The. poor man looked and was horrified at the amount requested, realizing that he could not pay it all.
Then after thinking a moment he took
out his purse and laid some pieces of
change in the physician's hand saying: Here's the money for the drugs,
doctor, and—we will return your calls.
What He's Waiting For
Why don't you ask her to marry
you? You've been calling on her tor
two years now.
I know, but I am waiting.
You've heard her Bing hundreds of
times, and you like her voice.
That's true.
You've heard her pla/ the piano.
You know she's an accomplished musician.
You've eaten meals she bas cooked.
You have seen her handiwork about
the house. She'd make a splendid
I know all that, hut-
She's a delightful hostess. You've
seen her vhen she was entertaining
I admit that.
Then wl_y wait any bnger?
I'm waiting to see her In a quarrel
with her mother. I want to see how
she acts when she loses her temper.
This Is to certify that I have used
MINARD'S Liniment in my family for
years, and consider lt the best liniment
on the market. I have found lt excellent for horse flesh.
"Woodlandi.-'-Mlddleton, N.S.
There Is a young ma:, in Nev. York
wbo ls undoubtedly still wondering
whether he has an unusually large
foot or whether a certain Oerman lad
of generous, dimensions fror- Jersey ls
troubled with near-sightedness.
The woman in question boarded a
Slew York bound ferry boat with a big
heavy valise. Apparently very much
fatigued from her efforts, she. threw
herself Into a seat, landing her bulky
grip squarely upon tbe toes ot a young
man next to her. He responded with
a look ot suppressed rage and pain,
and then shoved the valise aside, unnoticed by tho woman.
A few minutes later, when the ferry
reached its slip, the young man was
suddenly amazed to behold the stout
lady fumbling about with her hand on
his foot. Thoroughly aroused at this
liberty, he was about to demand an explanation, when the woman, with a
look ot great embarrassment, exclaimed: Ai-h! Excooso mc, lt looke* chust
llko mine bag.
i- ■       -     ■      ■
Looking Ahead
Bought a second-band fire escape
cheap todi.y.
Wbat did you want with lt?
Thought mayb. I mlgbt have money
enougb som. day to build a house to
lit lt.
The mobile
face ls   a
changing one.
And Ihe automobile face
Is a fixed
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c. Eve Books Free by Mail.
a« ay vws« si__ ue aa er— iwt H—t e*t.
Utttlae Eye K.m.i, Cs.. Chleagt
TO submit ta a hcad-ch-. I- to Waste -ne. jy, time eud comfort.
To stop It st once simply uke
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggist will confirm our statement that they do not contain
anything that can harm heart or nervous system.    25c. a box.
Ontario Veterinary College
Temperance Street, Toronto
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control
of the Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
N. (..--Calendar on application
E. A. A. GRANGE, V. S., M. Sc, Principal
Work of the Dominion Department
of Agriculture
The report of the Mlniat. - of Agriculture for the year ending March 31,
1913 has been printed. It contains
in concise and readable form a review
of the work carried on by the Department of Agriculture through Its several branc*. _s and divisions during the
year. It concludes also the Orders ia
Council that were passed affecting agriculture.
The report ls presented under five
general beads as follows: 1, General'
remarks; 2, Arts and Agriculture; 3,
Patenis of Invention; 4, Copyrights,
Trade Jlarks, Industrial Designs and
Timber Marks; 6, Fubllc Health.
There ls also include . an appendix
having reference to Public Health, Exhibition and the Seventh International
Congress held at Rome agalnBt Tuber-
Referring tc. tlie trade In dairy products it is pointed out that for the Art
time in sixty years no butter was exported to the United Kingdom, but
on the otlier hand more tban six and
one-balf million pounds wera Imported
Into Canada during the year.
In tbe Seed Branch among other
work almost nineteen thousand samples of farm seeds were tested for
farmers and seed merchants.
The Live Stock Commissioner by
means ot public sales distributed upwards of 1,300 breeding sheep, about
one-third of which were pure-brid
rams. In the record of performance
about one thousand cows have been
entered for test. These repaasent
stock of about 150 farms.
Through the Experimental Farms
system which Includes the Central
Farm and fifteen branch farms and
stations an enormous amount of work
has been done. The report not only
gives one a general knowledge of Its
extent but brings to light many accomplishment* for agriculture. In
Saskatchewan, it Is poln'ed out that
the -spring wheat 'Marquis' yielded at
the rate of 31 bushels per acre. The
still newer Prelude wheat which ripens muc.. earlier than other good sorts
was Bent out for test during the year.
A much large- quantity Ib promised for
distribution during the coming winter.
Many other useful points are recorded
in the minister's report, copies ot
which are available to those who apply for lt to the Publication Branch
of the Department of Agriculture- at
A New York Suburban Scene
She was running across lots tc
catch tbe 1.25 train for New York. It
was precisely 1.24 1-2 and the train
already was panting into tho station.
At her heels was a youngster makini
as good time as she could, and wai
crying. By tbe time she reached ths
station steps sbe was a good one hundred yards ahead of the little boy, Jiul
he kept at it, trying louder and louder.
The conductor was holding the trail
for her.
Madam, said the conductor, as sbt
c'.imbc-d up ths car steps, who Ib thai
little boy?
My youngest, she said pertectlj
I didn't bave time to kiss him good
Well, you get right off this train and
kiss blm. We can wait better than
he can.
The conductor stood with his hand
on the signal cord while the operation
was performed, and Vien the train
went off, (bavlng the youngster happy and smiling.
It ls usually safe to say that wben
a child is pale, sickly, peevish and
restless, the cause ls Worms. These
parasites range tbe stomach and Intestines causing serious disorders of
the digestion and preventing the Infant from deriving sustenance from
food. Miller's Worm Powders, by
destroying the worms, corrects these
faults of the digestion and serves to
restore the organs to healthy action.
A young woman from the east was
conversing with a Kentttcklan about
tobacco and tobacco raising.
She was very pretty and a good
conversationalist and the young man
from Kentucky was vastly Interested
In her until she gave him a sudden
shock by announcing:
I should love to see a tobacco field,
especially when lt Is Just plugging
Magistrate—You broke a mantelpiece ornament on your wife's head.
What have you got to say for yourself?
Prisoner—It was a pare accident.
Magistrate—An accident? What?
Didn't you intend to hit your wife?
Prisoner—Yes. but I dldu't mean
to break the ornament.
And Is Depended On to Right Stomach
and Liver Disorders
Once Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
are Introduced into the family anl
their efficiency becomes known they
are usually found too valuable to da
without. For everyday Ills arising
from liver and bowel disorders the)
bring relief pomptly, and when complicated diseases of the kidneys anl
liver develop they often prove a successful cure after doctors have fail,
ed. As an Illustration, you may read
the following, which was received s
few days ago:
Mrs. John Wright, 53 McGee street.
Toronto, Ont., states: "We have used
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills for ten
years, and would not be without them.
My husband suffered from kidney trouble, and after taking treatment from
several doctors without receiving any
beneflt, tried Dr. Chase's Kldney-I.lv
er Pills, which worked a complete
cure. Since that time we bave used
them for all stomach and liver disorders."
One pill a dose, 85 cents » box. atl
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.
Limited, Toronto.
Among tbe bewildered, and in some
cases Indignant, spectators gathered
at the recent Futurist exhibition ot
painting and sculpturo in Chicago was
a young man from Springfield, In
charge of a cousin wbo Is 'strong for*
tbe new movement ln art.
The youth remained silent during
the view and tbe subsequent explanations of the new Idea given him by
his cousin.
Well, said ths latter finally, yeu
don't seem particulatly enthusiastic
about tbem.    What do you think?
Think! growled the youth from
Springfield. Why, I have got two
aunts at l.amo that can knit better
pictures than those.
A Viennese composer has written an
operetta intended for use In the films
only. The characters ln It will not
be beard. They will be seen, while
an orchestra plays the music lo Illustrate their story.
Money Talk*
What do I ssy at the wedding?
Not a word.     All you utter Is the
There is Comfort in
knowing that you ean obtain one tried and proved remedy
thoroughly well adapted to your needs. Every woman
who is troubled with headache, backache, languor,
extreme nervousness and depression of spirits ought to try
*^eeckm s9M
(The Urft,t b*\* *t Aar MWfcln la Ik. W«M)
and learn what a difference they will make. By purh'ylng
the system they Insure better digestion, sounder sleep, quieter
nerves, and bestow the charm of sparkling eyes, a spotless rosy
complexion and vivacious spirits. Thousands upon thousands of
women have learned, happily, that Beecham's Pills ate reliable and
The Unfailing Home Remedy
PreMiWoalrbvlVmMtBtMlMin. St. HtkM, UmmUn, Ha«Ua4
___ flow tvtprwhfffc in Ctas4a and I'. S. Amrit*.   la bin. M wu. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Jim foal- SJ.W
One Year (lit advance)  1-00
One Year, in United States  1.S0
Addreii all oommunloatloni to
Ths Qsand Forks Sur,
faosa KM        Oband fo««8, B.C
i roadways this year is larger tban the
! estimates of tbe live eastern provinces, wbicb have, as the News
Advertiser tells us, a population
j twelve times as great as tbat of Brit-
I lsb Columbia. The reason for tbis
great appropriation is not far to
seek. The government feels its bold
j on the province loosening. It is
I awakening to the knowledge that
i the voters are now alive to its shortcomings, to use no worse word, and
j it is making a last desperate effort
to maintain its bold on the country,—Vancouver Sun.
An English linn has made a new
plow that is propelled by a four-
horsepower gasoline motor. It is
much like the ordinary horse-drawn
implement, and can be tnted for any
of the ordinary agricultural tasks,
such as plowing, cultivating, scuffling, skinning, hoeing and drilling.
As it is only three ft high and two ft
four inches wide, it can be used in
places where horses can not work,
between fruit trees in orchards, in
vineyards and hop gardens, and in
rubber, tea and coffee plantation.
Unlike other motor plows, it has
only two driven road wheels, ami
the attendant who walks behind it
rune the engine ami guides Ihe plow
by means of star wheels. With one
wneel running in a furrow, the plow
virtually steers itself, and needs little attention except at the end of
the furrows. The makers assert that
the machine will do nearly twice as
much work a day as a horae drawn
plow, at about one-half lhe cost an
acre. The correctness of the assertion naturally depends somewhat
upon the nature of the land on
which the machine i.-* set to work.
The Vancouver organ of tbe provincial government savs very truly
that no otber country in the world
with tbe same population is spend
ing go much money in highways as
British Columbia and that no other
country has so much yet to be done
to make the natural resources available. It did not tell its readers,
however, tbat the chief purpose of
this large expenditure was not to
open up the province to settlement.
but to provide jobs for innumerable
hangers on, who«e votes and infltt
ence keep the government in office
Had the road grants of the pad', ten
years been honestly applied British
Columbia would today havethe heil
system of highways in Canada and
would in addition have an agricul
cultural population, with fertile
farm lands behind it, which would
have challenged competition wilh
any part of America. As I he News-
Advertiser saya, no country has so
much yet to be done to mnke lb
natural resources avail ible This i-
onlv in i sm ill part rlu ■ to the dif
liculties of roid building in this
province The nil trouble ha* been,
and is, that the enormoti" stuns ex
ponded hive 1-een devoted to keep
ing tt|i » |»i i ii-al micliim* whicb
could siwnts he depended uiioii to
stand between 'In- Bo«ser McBride
administration nml puhiia opinion.
The   provincial    appropriation   for
The Greenwood fair will be held
next Tuesday and Wednesday. It
will be opened by Hon. Price Ellt-
on, minister of agriculture and
William Wesl, after a couple of
weeks' visit wilh his brother, James
WeBt, returned to hiu borne in Victoria on Monday.
The Christ church branch of the
Woman's Auxiliary will hold a
li'znnr in Ih" opera house on the
19th and V-OUt of November.   '
Notice is hereby given that W. C
Mclnnis has purchased the interest of
Ed Clayton in the Grand Fords Trans
fer company. All i-raiunts due the
old firm are payable tn Mclntyre &
Clayton Any accunnts against the
old firm will he paid on presentation
to Mclntyre <fc Clavton
VV. J   McIntybe,
Ed Clayton.
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Store
SBALED TENDBRS will Im received by Ihe
Hnd-rflitr' erl up to 12 o'clock noon on
ThiiMilar, tl-.elBril day of llctolier. 1913, for
tli'- imrchft-e of the undermentioned mineral clitlm forfeited to thc crown.
til tenderfl roilnt lie nt leflflt equal lo Ihe
up ct i»'-t»e ni given below, which represent!
the tnxei, cn-tfl, intereit, 'tc.. Crown Grant
Pe H aod cont uf udvurlfflltl?
Tlin onnie of the   ■' ioe nl   claim In   tbe
"Qucco   of   the   H ll« " I.-,t 22II3.   iltilnte hi
Grand   Forks Minim; 1)1*1*1 in.   Unlet price
MO 17 Kncli leiidei imiflt be accompanied by
a certified oheque paytihle at par at Penticton.   Tlie  cheque nf any   unilicceiflllll ten-
derer-r will be -eturucd nt - lice.
Doted al fairview, 18th SenlembT, IMS.
Government Agent,
Fairview, „. C.
tO. .1 Is best done in a
wlyll.1      semi-dark  room.
CSling such a room,
which enables my optician to
do the very best work. If
troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
tA*  D.  cTVforrison
Jeweler and Optician
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Grand  Forks Transfer
Sole Agent! (or
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietors
Sample Books
One wagons won't work your horses to death.   They I *-*       ■*
mn light. !       Lards J
Tliey are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear. I
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong J -
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good. - *    j .    -
Mclntyre G& Smith TheSun office
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Fresh-killed Beet, ^/Mutton, Vern
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailjr
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Horses at All Hours at
the •
Model flivery Barn
Barns 8 O'Ray, Prop*.
Phone 68 Second Street
No need having piles any longer!
No need of sufferliig another day!
Steam's Pile Komedy (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remedy Is a combination of the
lately discovered, high-priced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful cura.
tive principles, at.d 17 8TOP8 THE
So sure are we that Steam's Pile
Remedy will benefit you that we will
not satisfied.
• This ls the only pile remedy that
-ve can guarantee und we know yon
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We have tht exclusive agency.
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At the Head
The man at the head of affairs
whether at home or in -business, is
the one whose attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the best class
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the family. That accounts for the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Ads.
If vnu read The Sun you get tbe
newH nl the city, the province and
the « orld. It in possible for a Sun
render In keen nhreast of the times
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Hiiihest cash price paid for old
Stn* i and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Sen-id hand Store.
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Th*lr smftll coal la aot *m •__•
Wirt,*, but *m lnv.ilm.nl which
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For Dollars
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Classified Want
ids. ln this
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It a
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
Governor William Sulzer tried to
persuade contributor* to his camaign
fund not to testify against him, according to evidence adduced at his
iinpeaohment trial today.
The new United States tariff bill is
touight a completed document, except
for the provision taxing trades in cotton futures. The conferees reached
the decision that theV could not agree
on this clause
Japan delivers an ultimatum, and
China is given three days in which to
comply with her demand for satisfaction.
An eastbound 0. P. railway train
was completely wrecked near Win-
corth, Sask., early this morning, presumably by a broken rail.
James Bryce visits Belfast, and the
prospects of a conference on the home
rule crisis are brighter,
Food comes for the famished Belfast strikers, and counters are erected
on the dock for the distribution of
A tong war breaks at Victoria, nnd
a Chinaman is shot which sleeping in
n shack.
star provisional government and Sir
Edward Carson's army.
The pope's health causes anxiety,
but it is hoped that rest and care will
effect a cure.
Tb» Transport Works' union of
England is recognized and a strike is
Two drug crazed mulatto boys,
brothers, began a riot in Harrison,
Miss., this afternoon which ended
only after three white men, four negroes and a negress had   been killed,
China makes an apology for the
murder of Japanese subjects, and the
tension between the two eastern nations is at an end.
Ex President Porfiro Diaz ia asked
to return to Mexico.. There are now
three candidates for president, and a
free exercise of the franchise is guaranteed. Provisional President Huer
11 says the revolution is ended.
John E Redmond, in two speeches
at Cahirciveen, County Kerry, Ireland, today gave a calm but uncompromising answer to Sir Edward Car
son's defiance.    He ridieuled the  Ul-
Made Like a
The Arcadian Malleable Non-Breakable Range ii not made of cheap coke
•teel, Sit of the best Charcoal Iran Plates, and Its curings art not made oi
common gray Iron, but ot the Highest Quality of Hal-table Iron.
Malleable Iron li the Ideal material for a practical, durable and economical
range. Owing to its close, dense and compact texture, it Is better fitted to
resist the strain of heating and cooling. It possesses great strength.
Charcoal Iron, of which the beat and largest ateam boilers aro made, in
order that they may endure the greatest strain, U what is used for the body of
the Arcadian Range. This charcoal iron has a density and fineness of grain
which gives it great power ol resistance against rust and crystslization, making
it practically Indestructible.
A pure asbestos mill-board is used to Une the flues tnd other psrts of the
range.  It Is held between a sheet of charcoal iron and the charcoal iron body.
All joints ofthe Arcadian Range are riveted so closely and solidly tnd
with such skill that they are is tight it t locomotive holler ind will never
open trom expansion or contraction.
Governor 8ulzer today won a triple
viotorv over his accusers at the trial
of hia impeachment. It is claimed that
former Police Lieutenant Charles
Becker could make revelations that
would annihilate some of the governor's enemies.'
Hon. Sydney Fisher, former minister of agriculture, is nominated by
the Liberals in Chateauguay Sir
Wilfrid Laurier will tour the constituency.
Eight American missionaries have
fallen into the power of Chinese brigands.
Toronto professionals beat the British champion golfei-s at Toronto.
The Democratic tariff bill is now in
itt last stages, aud it is expected that
it will reach the senate tomorrow.
More than 400 federal and rebel
dead were l«ff on the field below Bar
rotrao, Mexico, where a fierce strug-
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Naw Hafnocc and d° sl\ kinds of
new riamcbb lwrness rehiring. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of tlie country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
gie took place between the two forces
on Saturday and Sunday, according
to reports brought to constitutional
headquarters today.
Interest in the eastern by-elections
centres iu Chateauguay. Sir Wilfrid
and Hon. llodolphe Letnieux will assist in the fight for Mr. Fisher.
The railway commission authorizes
the operation of another hundred
miles of the Grand Trunk Pacitit in
British Columbia.
A terrible thunderstorm which
raged for twelve hours has spread
death and ruin in many cities
in France and Spain.
The parties split on the cotton futures tax, and the tariff revision bill
makes another journey between the
house and the senate at   Washington.
The American missionaries captured by the Chinese brigands are
beld for ransom.
An important victory is won by the
dockyard men's unions of London;
the admiralty will recognize their
The Italian got ernment says it has
a proposal to make labor and capital
Twenty seven officers and sixty-one
non-commissioned ollicers of the 54th
Hegiment at Sherbrooke handed in
their resignations today
Civil servants at Ottawa ask for an
increase in their salaries of 25 per
cent. The request is likely to be
New York city experiences a record deluge, which causes death and
much property damage. Four men
are buried whrn a sewer caves, und
a train is struck by lightning. Trans
portatihn services are tied up by the
storm. *
Chivalry of man toward woman is
only a half learned lesson, says the
dean of Manchester.
It is reported that Canadian* have
offered their services to fight in Ul
London suffragettes resis arrest,
and a policeman's coat is turn into
The use of Canadian timber is
made obligatory in contracts fur Dominion public works department.
Servian officials announce that the
tide of battle in Albania has now sot
in their favor.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Canadian Pacific railway in Montreal today, the report of
the directors was unanimously adopted. The company has had a prosper
ous year and posset-ses vast assets,
A seperate company for steamships endorsed. New lines and ships ratified.
The hoWls are profitable.
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with ottr ''large sales, small
profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancjl Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts    Boota  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have il dune before the hot summer mouths. Sickness is soon caused hy a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
. plumbing shop in the Boundary.
Dynamite outrages that rivalled
the exploits of the McNamara broth
era and of Ortie McManigal were confessed today in New York bv Oeorge
E. Davis, a union ironworker.
The Orange lodge of Winnipeg offers to raise a regiment to aid the
Unionists in Ulster.
The Australian budget contains a
million dollars more fordefenoe.
The conductors and motormen of
the British Columbia Electric railway
may go out on strike
The Panama canal has been tested
by an earthquake, and no damage is
reported bv the chief engineer The
palace and churches were wrecked.
The schools in Panama have been
closed in anticipation of fui t' e
The new American tariff law will
be completed tomorrow. The cotton
futures tax has lieen dropped, and the
bill will reach the president today.
More throuble is expected in the
strike zone on Vancouver island, and
the line is patrolled before every train
leaves. The militia is still kept in
the district.
A man and it child are killed by
Chinese brigands at Tzao Yang.
Zulzer's counsel is nervous and may
not he able to outline the case.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
VV. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Money is Tight
But there is no need of
you getting "tight" if you        s
The pure and health-,
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by the
t?e busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a home, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust &. Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street • I
Time Wasted
Jegson—You're wasting* a lot ot
money carting that widow around to
balls, theatres and dinners.
Wegson (alarmed)— What! Don't
you mink she'll marry me?
Jegson—Sure. Why sbe told me
the flrst night she met you that site
was going to. :
I say, mama; eald litle Tommy, ls
lt true that when you flrst met pa you
had fallis. Into the water and he lumped In and saved you?
Quite true, my dear, replied mamma,
with a smile.
Then I wonder It that's why papa
won't allow me to learn how to swim.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're Tired-Oat ol
Sorts-How at Appetite.
will put you right
is s lew dayi.
They do
iheir duty. A
flilloojneii, /mfifutioa, eat Sick tntsfa,
.mall Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine nwtbeu Signature
When buying your Piano insist on having an
"OTTO   fflGEL"
Piano Action
Wfttt lot Btt PRBI book. THI HOST IHBTRUCT!W
Something better  than  linen and no
laundry tillln.     Wash It with soap and
Water.    All stores or direct. State style
ind size.     For 25c. we will mall you.
BS Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
kit «n miTM w noma md emu.
Has.W-tw-ew'- DoonuKo Stamp hu beta
Med lot iflf. SIXTY YBAAb by rffcl.l0jJ8.a
TBETlllV., with  P«Rrt_Ct -fljfcCB_.s.
BOOTHS!! lbe Ollltp. Sof-rgjjs the CUIIS.
is tke beat remedy tor DfARRHCEA.. It i* ate
•RtHES-S  lor   llieir   <
B00THSS lbe 01111.6.
StSe beat remedy for Dl    	
aolutely haruiieas. Be rare and uk for "lbs.
Vrlnikw-s Soothing Symp," aad take M Ml
Had. TweatyfiveceaU a bottle. _
WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
In spare lime at horns. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Writs
for Instructions (free).
•IS College Street. Toronto, Canads.
Insurance    lacaneiaiw MM      Compary
plie mr Etce'jio. poller enolmcta art the **t la pc-tecti-e,
kT__-Hi<aU te tforida feada.crllqiiid__iae-wfts-lM.etc.'
vae-adn lit ueefi sines ddwieatire at itare lima
Vaamt-r ar te Kelt Ottkfc Tatesla
Customer—But Is he a good bird? I
mean, I hope he .doesn't use dreadful
Dealer—He's n saint, lady; sings
hymns beautifully. I had some parrots what usod to swear something
awful, but It you'll believe me, this
here bird converted the lot.
-DODDS   7
t^ PILLS 4
V-L.KIDNEY..J'     i-'
',    .'.|,pHEOl-A-«''Sr>,V    *
60c. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
tt all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited,   Toronto,
Sunshine Fumac
Your fuel bills will be lower and you'll
get mors heat, evenly distributed all over the
house, If you install a MoClarp Sunshine Furnace.
The Sunshine pave for Itself in a very few years 1
by the saving lt effects. Call on the McClary dealer ]
or write our nearest Branch for full information.
Big Arms and Ammunition Concern
Builds Branch Factory In Canada
Canadian endorsement of quality la
loaded shot shells haa brought th*
Remington Anna Union Metallic Cartridge Company across tba, border with
the first ammunition factory to ba
built ln this country by United Statea
manufacturers to supply this market
This big arms and ammunition con*
cern, now neat*._.g Its one hundredth
year ot business activity, hat Its principal factories at BrUgeport, Conn.,
U.S.A., where ammunition la made,
and at Illon, N.Y., U.S.A., the home
of modern arms making. Up to this
year (he steadily Increasing Remington business ln Canada has been handled from the home factories, but ot
late our dealers and sportsmen have
made the demand so strong that early
ln 1913 the company's Executive Board
decided to build a branch factory on
this sldo ofthe line. Windsor, Ontario, ottered advantages as a central
dl-vtrlbutlng poir • and as a skilled labor market and early ln 1913 a factory site consisting of over one hundred acres was purchased there.
The problem then was to rush the
plant to early completion and Install
an equipment capable of producing ammunition of the same high quality demanded In the strict 'home factory'
Inspection. The order was given to
sparo no expense In providing for the
expeditious filling of tha unusually
heavy orders of the year. A large
force of workmen was recruited and
five months trom the day the first
ground was broken Windsor boasted
a strictly modern ammunition factory
equipped w'th the latest Improved machinery, a ballistic range and chronograph for testing penetration, velocity,
pattern, etc., together with powder
magazines i-nd storage warehouses.
Builders who watched the seemingly
magical creation of the splendid plant
tn all Its completeness claim that a
remarkable record was made ln the
erection and Installation work.
Two railroads have built switches to
the factory door and there ls a direct
connection with the lake routes so
that every facility Is afforded tor
prompt shipments. Deliveries of the
famous Arrow, Nitro Club and New
Club speed shells are already being
made from the new factory.
Mlnard'a Liniment Curt.  Diphtheria
Isaac's house was tor sale and he
told his friend Abratn about an otter
he had had.
Samuel Levinskl said he vould git
me five t'ousand tollars vor Idt.
Huh! Abraham grunted scornfully.
He aln'dt got fife tollars to his name
—he can'dt buy idt.
Veil 1 know he candt. But Idt vaa
a mighty fine otter.
Spell 'Em With a 'W
Young Woman* (at   her   first   ball
game)—Do look at Co funny thing
that man's got over his face.   Is it a
bird cage?
Her Escort—Not exactly.     It's to
keep the fouls out.
Miss Anny Bernstein, daughter of
Ihe Danish prime minister, has served
three years' apprenticeship as a Joiner. She began her studies ln an Institute where she learned carving of various kinds. One ot the flrst pieces
ot work whieh she finished, a small
box, was purchased by the dowager
empress of Russia.
An Oil That Is Prized Everywhere.
—Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil was put
upon the market without any flourish over thirty years ago. lt was put
up to meet the wants of a small section, but as soon as Its merits became
known It had a whole continent for a
field., anC It Is now known and prized
throughout this hemisphere. There
Is nothing equal to It.
Thomas, you have disobeyed your
grandmother. No, I didn't mother.
Yes, you did. Have you not been In
swimming? Yes, mo'.-her. Didn't I
henr her say to you not to go ln
swimming? Oh, she didn't tell me
that. She only came out and said-
Boys, I wouldn't go in swimming, and
I shouldn't think she would, an old
rheumatic woman like her; but she
didn't say anything about our going
In swimming. .
W. N. U. I
Cullman, Alabama, ls snld to be the
most prosperous township In the world.
It ls said that overy man In the town
who Is the head ot a family has a clear
title deed of ownership to his home
and every one of them has a banking
account. Co-operative farming ls
practised In tbe county.
A Sure *".jn
Mr. Subbubs—I'm afraid our gnrden
Is going to be a failure.
Mrs. Subbubs—Why do you think so.
Mr. Subbubs—Even thc neighbor's
i chickens don't seem to take any in-
Itcrcst ln IU
Th* Real Reason
Certain publio employes who hav*
to submit dally to a rwpid flr* ot well*
meant but needless questions may bs
excused lt thsy occasionally turn upon
their persecutors. Thi* ll how an
elevator boy dealt with on* ot them:
Don't you ever teel sick going up
and down in this elevator all day? s
fussy lady asked him.
Yes, ma'am, courteously replied tbe
elevator boy.
Is lt ths motion going down? pursued th* lady.
No, ma'am.
Ths going up?
No, ma'am.
Is tt the stopping that does It '*,
No, ma'am.
Then what Is lt?
Answering questions, ma'am.
State of Ohio, City ot Toledo,    \
Lucas County I   a a
Frank 3, Cheney makes oath that he la
senior partner of the firm of F. !.■
Chen.- It Co., doing business In the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
ar.l that satd Arm will pur the sum ot
o-flE HUNDRED DOLLjv-8 Isr each and
every case 'of catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's catarrh Cure.
Sworn to beforo me and subscribed
In hts presence, this 6th day of December, A.dTT 188*.
(Seal.) A.  W.  OLEASON,
Notary  Publio'
Hall's Catarrh Cure li taken Internally,
anil acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
,   P. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, 0.
• lold by all druggists, 16c.
Take Hall'a Family Pills for constlpa.
The Dog and the Lobster
A Scotsman was strolling through
the market-place In Glasgow one day
and close at his heels followed hi*
faithful collie. .Attracted - by a fine
display of shell and other fish, the
Scot stopped to admire, perhaps to
purchase. The dog stood by, gently
wagging Its tall, while Its master engaged the fishmonger in conversation.
Unfortunately for the dog, Its tall
dropped for a n-fomcnt over a big
basketful of fine, live lobsters. Instantly one of the largest lobsters snapped
Its claws on the tall and the surprised
collie dash»d ott through the market
yelping Its pain, while the lobster hung
on grimly, though dashed violently
trom side to side.
The fishmonger tor a moment, was
speechless with Indignation, then,
turning to his prospective customer, he
Mon! mon! whuatle to yer dog;
whustle to yer dog!
Hoots, mon, returned the other complacently, whustle to yer lobster!
At ttiist sign of Illness during the
hot weather give the little ones Baby's
Own Tablets, or In a few hours he may
be beyond cure. These Tablets will
prevenC summer complaints If given
occasionally to the well child and will
promptly cure these troubles if they
come on suddenly. Baby's Own Tablets should always be kept ln every
home where there are young children.
There 1s no other medicine as good
and the mother has the guarantee ot
a government analyst that they are
atsolutely sate. The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Wllllaus'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
I understand tbat there are two rival social sets tn this town.
Yes. One set Is composed of people who have undergone operations
for appendicitis and the others have
had the children's adenoids removed.
Qualified to Speak
Armson—You seem to know a lot
about the Ins and outs of politics.
De ManMng—I ought to;  I have
heen one of the outs for twenty long
and hungry years.
Th* Mm Who Drives An
Automobile Finds    v
Sie Only cleaner that will
Mtuftlfy remove ircaw,
ma leave
oil or paint alaina and leave
the hernia smooth and suit.
100% better than ao»p.
Advice to Farmers
Present prospects Indicate a fair crop
*f (rain throughout th* three western
provisoes, but do net point to any larger
yield than last year. This, combined
with th* big shortage la ths spring
wheat orop of th* United states, and
also that of Francs and other European
countries, and th* prssent hlch prlo*
if corn, all points toward a high level
f prioes, and w* cannot se* any rea
son why pries* should b* hammered
dpwn to the low level of last year, w*
olaim th* right valu* of i Northern
should not be Jess than •lol 1 O. W.
oats, <0o! 1 N.W.O, Flaxseed, h.SO, and
taw. Barley, (Ool basis ln store Fort
William or Port Arthur, but of course,
If farmers rush thdr grain on th* market early with Instructions to sell for
what it will bring, prloss an bound to
ba forced lower. Any farmer who la ln
a position to hold his grain at horn*
should do so, and those who ar* obliged
to sell to get cash should ship and aalt
only enough to carry tliem over, It
tbe selling of all our grain could b*
spread evenly over the whole season,
prioes could easily average from 10o to
ISO per bushel higher, which would
mean an enormous extra amount of
cash brought Into Western Canada.
Last year the larger bulk of our grain
waa sold at ridiculously low prloss—
selling down as low as 7Slo for t Northern; lOlio for 1 N.W.C. Flaxseed; >i)o
for 2 C.W. Oats, and 44o for I C.W.
Barley. Since spring opened we have
sold 1 Northern at lOOos l N.W.C. Flaxseed 180c; - C.W. Oats at 8-0, and 9 O.
W. Barley at 61o, basis In store Fort
William or Port Arthur, This easily
shows the hug* loss to farmers through
marketing their grain In enormous
quantities right at the beginning ot the
season. There ls far more reason this
year for prices ot our wheat ranging
above the dollar mark than last year.
Onco prioes are forced down lt ls hard
to get them to advance again until
stocks In sight are greatly reduced;
therefore, bs careful not to rush vour
grain forward too fast.   Every carlot
held back help* fast that mock t* h*M
prloss up and nut them higher.
W* wiuld advise farmer* that whsa.
ever possible lead your grata dlr**t
trom the waggon Into th* ear. and whsa
yen send your shipping bill t* a com.
mission agent, figure eut th* situation
well before selling, Te und lastruo-
tions te ash for Whatever It will bring;
"."M % »"■»___ »"<"»• down mors
QUlokly than any other way w* know
of, Instruct your commission ageal
th»t you wanf yeur grain uld at a
certain prlo* and than held ftr thai
pries. It you de hav* to pay tw* of
thru cents per bushel storage what of
It, because you will eventually get th*
6rice you want, and beside* you ara
•lplng to hold prloss up.
. Th* distribution ot car* should alaf
be watched closely. Farmers should
get together and arrange ts hava a re-
pMsentstlve keep careful wateh on ths
railway order book and se* that eaoh
man Is allotted oars according to th*
Grain Aot. That Is what the drain Aot
Is for snd If yon do not uss It, the fault
lies with yourselves.
We ar* grain commission merchant*
and give our undivided attention to this
business.     Our     experlenos   extend*
around SI years, and farmers consigning grain tor us to handle receive th*
benefit of thi* experience ln tlit advice
and Information w* give them. W*
have no agents ln the country, simply
because our lo per bushel commission
charges doss not give us profit enough
to permit of engaging agents at country
point*, and at th* same time show eves
a small profit on ths season's business*
Write us tor our shipping Instructions and grain market advice. Uvea
It you do not ship grain for us to handle,
write anyway. The Information may
help you to seoure better net returns.
and It may lead to bringing us some of
your business tho following season.
We can handle your train right for yoa
and we know lt. and wa want you to
know lt also. That will mean mors
business for ua which Is exactly what
we are working for.
McBEAN BROS., Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
Fact* and Figure*
Because a farmer keep* a herd ot
dairy cow* lt does not necessarily follow that each one ln the herd Is especially adapted for dairying. The
type and general appearance may.-be
good, the temperament and disposition
may promise fair results, but the real
value of each one 1* to be measured
actually and practically by lust her
Individual yield not tbe average of tha
herd aa a whole, at the end of a full
season's work.
Over and over again when dairy
farmers have checked up the production separately ot each cow there have
been found wonderful surprises and
serious disappointments. Those
good looker* have turned ont to be
poor producers; the despised cow of
Insignificant appearance ha* often
proved a splendid moneymaker when
her moderate cost of feed has been deducted trom the large total yield ot
milk and fat. Some cow testing figures recorded by the dairy division at
Ottawa, Show great contrasts. For Instance, two cows yielding the same
weight ot milk may differ ln profit by
$25.00. The aged cow may do tar
better than the five-:*jar-old. Two
mature cows In the same herd have
been known to differ ln production by
eight thousand pounds of milk. One
herd of twelve cows last year gave
thirty-six tons of milk more than another herd ot twelve. How are these
vital points to be definitely ascertained
by the practical dairyman? Such
facts are brought to light when figures
are used. It ls just as simple as A,
B.C. Keep records ot Individual production; lt takes scarcely ten minutes
per cow per month, and (.bundantly
pays every dairyman.
Minard's Llnlmsnt Cures Distemper
Nero's Goldsn House
Dr. Frits Weege, « young German
archaeologist, drew attention to the
enormous palace that was once erected by Nero In Rome. The Italian
government. In consequence, Instituted the very Interesting excavations
that are now being made ln what ts
called 'The Golden House.' This Immense palace covered an acre ot
ground and was about three times the
size ot thb present Vatican. The
Golden Mouse, whioh extended from
the Palatine far up the Esqutline, waa
erected after the burning ot Rome in
64, The bulldAg was afterwards converted by Nero's successors Into other
edifices. Tho excavation* are revealing much that Is ot extraordinary Inures*.
Best Time
What are the duties ot a steering
committee ln Congress?
To get a lot of legislation through
while the Washington ball team Is on
the road.
Of Course
The lesson ln history was ln progress and ln vain the teacher coaxed
her class to answer. At last shs
brightened up. She had reached th*
star pupil of her little class.
Now; Tommy, she said, Mary follow-
ed Edward V., and who followed Mary.
Yes, Tommy knew that, and his answer was swift.      Her   little  lamb,
teacher, he shouted, triumphantly.      »
Women and Asthma.—Women ar*
numbered among the sufferers from
asthma by the countless thousands. Ia
every climate they will be found, helpless ln the grip ot this relentless disease unless they here availed themselves of the proper remedy. Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
brought new hope and life to many
such. Testimonials, sent entirely
without solicitation, show the enormous benefit It bas wrought among women everywhere.
Of course, my dear, marry young
Smithers lf you like, and I will make
you .- wedding present ot a nice large
mirror. ;
Why a mirror, dad?
So that you, i_an watch yourself
starving to death, my dear.
Remain on Top
Friends an' feller citizens, I rise to
tell you all—
Then the box he stood on tumbled;
so be only rlz to fall.
But still he made the best of It; I rise
•gain to drop
This hint: When you have rlz up high
bs sur* to stay on topi
for Lunch
Appetizing and wholesome
these hot Summer days.
No  cooking
Ready to eat direct front
the package—fresh, crisp
and dainty.
Serve with cream and
sugar—and sometimes fresh
berries or fruit.
Post Toasties are thin bits
of Indian Corn, toasted to a
golden brown.
Acceptable at any meal—
Post Toasties
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Po»tum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont. 0
i »m«M.*»H-K-M"H-I' H 11 l-M-I *f
: It Excited a CemmoUoo, bat::
Diit Not Go Off
owner. "Tbere sre thing* in tnsr nox
which I would not take thousands ot
dollars for. Wbat need for hurry? Tbe
letter snys the machine Is set to fir*
the bomb In four day*. Tbls I* only
Ue third dsy."
"I don't care If It'* only the first,"
•napped tb* captain. 'Tm not going to
endanger the ship and those aboard by
carrying aif Infernal machine. Take It
ont and heave tt overboard, I *ay."
"Captain," ssld th* third ollicer ol
tbt ocean liner Tartaric, Minting hi*
chief, "tbe baggagemaster reports t
bos In the bold In wbich tbere 1* soms
mechanical contrivance tbat tick*."
"Well, what of Itr
"There wa* talk ot anarchist* blowing up th* ship before we left I
abould suppose tbat tn view of sucb
talk It mlgbt be well to examine the
box wltb a view to discovering lf II
contains an Infernal mat-hue."
"Where ls the box nowY"
"In the bold."
"Get It up Into tb* baggage room,
■nd I'll bave a look at lt."
Later Captain Chambllss Inspected
Ibe box. lt waa rectangular tn shape,
■bout two feet long by eighteen Inches
broad and deep. On tbe cover ws* tb*
aame Btban B. Jenkins.
"Who's, Mr. Jenkins?" asked the captain.
Nobody knew.
"Send for tbe purser."
The purser came, and the captain
■sked blm lf there wss a passengei
■board ot tbe nnme ot Jenkins. Th*
purser said there was and dispatched •
iteward to look for him and send blm
to tbe baggage room. Mr. Jenkins wu
■ dapper little man, who looked ne
■tore like an anarchist tban a Hottentot.
"What's In the box?" asked tbe cap
"Articles picked up abroad Intended
■s presents for my Meads."
"1* (bere a clock In It?"
"Not tbst 1 am swart of."
All were silent, and tbe ticking was
ilsllnetly heard by sll. A great Changs
cam* over the face of Ur. Jenkins. Hs
looked terror stricken. He seemed to be
thinking hard for a f*w moments; tben,
thrusting his hnnd Into hi* breast cost
pocket, he drew out sn envelope and,
mous filah-onds. nsrore-ie»vmg ru*
■bop be sold a number ot them to th*
dealer and early the next morning
parted with the rest ot bis stock, realising a handsome profit between what
! the stones bad originally cost him at
tbe diamond mines snd wbat he received for tbem. Hs bad reached tb*
end of a series ot brilliant impostures
l to defraud tbe customs.
On the morning of the day tbe Tar-
"I protest In presence of the person* j tnrlc arrived ln  port an officer an-
......      _>_._■_>     I*     .M,      A.      I'll      _._-!_■      »_._-     I .     fl-     .,._     . fl-,-.     Xm.X    ,_._     Ul.
taking out a letter, resd It hastily and
banded It to tb* captain. It Ml ••
Ur. Jenkins, I am employed In Ihe peek.
Ins room of Ihe house of Ue Pour Kreres.
I sm a member of an anarchist circle and
have been ordered to pack an Infernal
moclilne In a box to be shipped to Amen*
la. Yesterday 1 placed ono among srtl-
dee bought by rou of this house. The
picclianlem Is set to sxplod* tb* bomb Is
four days Ths thought of causing tbe
festrucllon ot hundreds ot persons haa
palled en me. 1 am horrified at what I
(av* don* and writ* tbl* letter thai yo*
kiay avoid th* consequences of my aet
Uo not sttempt to open the box. lf you
sro st sea throw It overboard. I leav* Da
rour Freret at once and cannot bs found.
There wa* no slguslure to tb* Icttet
nor anything by wblcb lb* nnsrcblsl
ronld be Identified, for It hnd. been
written and addressed by a typewriter.
"Why did you not tsk* action to get
rid of tho thing at oncer' Inquired tb*
captain sternly,
-I thought It wos n hoax. My nephew,
Charlie Rum*, is always playing practical Joke* on me, and I bad no doubt
Ibat tbl* was on* of t)iem."
•Hnve the thing overboard stone*!"
tried tb* captain.
. "Not on your lifer*. Interposed HI
present tbst It. you do I'll hold the
company for damage*. There I* no ne-
eesslty to (end inch valuable property
to the bottom. In tb* flrst plac*, as
/on already know, th* machine I* set
to go oft ln tour dty* from tbe date It
was packed, lt was packed tbe day.
we sailed; therefore It will not explode till we are near tb* American
coast I'm not sure it will explode at
■11, It msy be that It'* a Joke pre-
petrated by tbat fellow Burn* after all. i
If *o he wouldn't hesltote to put •
clock In tbe box to make lt worse. I
wlih I bad blm bere now to puncb. bl*
bead. Tbls Isn't tbe flrst. time he'*
caused me trouble by bl* pranks."
"Wbat do you propose?" asked tbe
captain.   "It you tblnk tbe matter ■
hoax you'd better open the box and ,
And out whether lt Is or not."
■ "And blow up yonr ship as well as
myself If It's * resi Infernal machine?"
Tbe captain evidently had not
thonght of that   He looked confused.
"I tell you what you do, captain,"
continued Jenkins.   "Tow It"
The captain looked relieved. He told
tbo purser to tske down a list of the
articles In tbe box from tbe owner,
wltb tbelr values, ao that tn case the
box were lost tbe smonnt of claim
would b* limited. Bnt be did not
want to have tbls done before getting
rid of tbe box. He directed one of tbe
crew to carry lt to the upper deck,
where tbe lifeboat* were swung on
the davits, and put lt In one of tbe
lockers Intended for provisions, wedging lt so tbat It would not slide about
with tb* motion of the waves. This
wa* done. Tbe boat wa* lowered, a
cable attached to ber bow. and sbe
wa* suffered to drift ■ hundred ysrds
Wbile this wa* bulng done tbe captain gar* orders tbat wbat was In
the boat, or ratber wbat wa* supposed
to be in the boat, bs confined to those
wbo were In tbe baggage room wben
tbe matter wss discussed. Be did not
consider tbit a bomb a hundred yards
sway trom the ship conld endanger
Tb* Tartaric lighted Fire Island on
tb* fourth day out. Sbe was twelve
knots *s*t ot Montuuk point Just before
daylight on tbe morning of the fifth
day. A man stood on the after deck ot
ths sblp, wbere tbe cable that towed
tbe lifeboat wss attached. He tied
loosely to tbe rope n pair of oar*, which
drifted back to tbe lifeboat. Tben be
fixed to tbe rope a clutch with hn tidies
Ilk* those of a pair of tinner's shears.
Grasping the bandies, lib swung himself off the atern hud let himself do?o
■lowly till be reached the water. Tbe
pressure sgalnst blm exerted by tbe
headway of tbe sblp was so great that
he wonld not have been able lo main-
tain bis bold bad It not been for this
dutch, By Its uss bs let himself be
slowly forced backward llll be reached
tbe lifeboat and pulled himself up by
tbe cablo on to Its bow.
Once In tbe boat be cast an eye to
the westward, where shone a light,
wblcb be recognized as one on Mon-
tauk point Taking from Ihe bow the
oars be had tent before bim, be pnt
them ln tbe boat Then he cast off
and was left litem. As the dark body
of tbe Tirtarlc grew darker In tbe distance be smiled and raised bli hit to
"Goodby. my friends," be said. "1
think I cm now get on without yonr
valuable assistance." -
Taking the box from the locker to
which It bad been placed, be ripped lt
open wltb a screwdriver be drew from
bl* pocket, took eut s clock, wblcb be
threw overboard, nnd s small package,
which be concealed ln a pocket of bis
flannel ablrt. Tben, beginning lo shiver
with the cold, be took np the oars snd
pulled for the light on Montiuk point
By tbli time a streak of gray light
lppeared ln tb* east end, tn due time
lb* *un came ap, but tbe man In tb*
bost did not need Its warmth to dry
bis clothes, for tbe beat of bi* body,
kept np by tbo exercise of rowing, bsd
ilrcndy done that. He wns making
(low progress, for on* msn pulling on
lo lsrgo a boat could not move It rapidly. However, by 0 o'clock In Ibe morning be wn* but half a dor.cn Allies from
Ihe Long Island coast, and, a motor-
boat passing blm, he made a bargain
wltb the man running ber to take him
Once on terra flrma. leaving bis boat
hauled up on ■ beacb, he started Inland till be came to a town, whero he
hired ■ horso and buggy to ci.rry.hln-
to tbe nor'.fiern const ot the Isle: "
There be chartered a motorboat
take blm across the soutid to Sayhrook,
j where be boarded n Long Island east-
bound   train   for   Boston.   Arriving
llrcro In the afternoon, he purchased
nounced to tbe captain tbat tbe lifeboat astern was missing. Tbe captain,
•urprlsed, nsked lf tbe owner of th*
box had been notified, snd, on being
told tbat be hsd not,va steward was
sent to find htm. Later the messenger
returned to say that Mr. Jenkins was
missing. Tbe captain looked astonish.'
ed; then a light broke ln upon bl*
"A smuggling dodgtl" he exclaimed.
'Keep It from the Inspectors"
Before the Tartaric sailed again her
taptaln had been notified tbat * lifeboat with bis ship's hame on the bow
was lying on a bench on the eastern
end of Long Island. He gave order* to
have lt shipped by water to New York,
bnt asked no question* *■ to how lt
eame there.
His Explanation.
A milkman In a country town not
far from Now York wns brought before the local court to answer a charge
of adulteration of milk.
"You are charged," snid the Judge,
"with a most serious offense, of selling
adulterated milk. Hare you anything
to sny ln answer to the charge?"
"Well, your worship," answered the
milkman, "tho nlgbt before it waa
raining very bard, and tbe only cause
I can give Is the cow must have got
wet through."-Harper's Weekly.
This Was One ef the Difficult Preb.
lems et the Panama Canal.
One of tbe most Important of tbs
questions tbat presented themselves
Id tbe construction ot tbe Psunina canal was tbat ot ■ suitable means ot
preserving from corrosion tbe structural ateel ot tbe lock gates, valves,
etc. Tbise will be exposed to the action either of sslt water or cf fresh
water blgbly charged with decaying
vegetable matter, it comparatively
high temperatures and often swiftly
Tbey will be accessible for Inspection- snd repair only st long intervals.
Tbe lock gates, wblcb represent ovet
60,000 tons of structural steel, huve ex-
tertor surfaces of over 1.000.01)0 square
feet, will have portions of tbelr structures continually immersed, otber portions will be alternately Immersed und
exposed to tbo air, and still others will
be exposed to tbe air continually.
Tbe Interior surfaces of tbe lock gate
structures will be subject to moisture
of condensation and leakage and will
I be at blgh temperatures.   Tbese Interior surfaces, which have a total superficial area, Including stlffeners, etc.,
of over 11,000,0110 square feet, will be
accessible with dlltlctilty, and repainting will be offec-tHd only at great ex-
i pense and Inconvenience.
j    lt Is doubtful If, In the present state
- of knowledge ot the art. It will be possible to prevent wasting away by cor-
j roslon ot this steel, except at the ex-
! pense of comparatively frequent re-
' painting.
j It should bt- said, however, tbat the
! class of protective paint adopted by
* tbe engineers fur tbe Interiors of tbe
| lock gates is unquestionably the most
i cllioieut for tbe purpose that the pres-
! ent knowledge of tbe art affords, although  Ihis same material  probably
At a Pink Tea.
"Who£ a perfectly lovely lltlle town
Is this!   I'm visiting Mrs. Wllkins, you j W0U|a not give satisfaction Ir'used oil
know. 1 don't believe 1 bad been bere
a day or moro before everybody tried
to outdo the otber ln making me feel
at bome. Wasn't tbat your experience
wheu you-firet nrrived?"
"Well, I'm afraid I cuu't"—
"Ob, I beg your pardon. I'm so sorry. For the moment 1 forgot. You're
the new minister's wife, aren't you?"-
St. Louts liepnblie.
surfaces exposed even intermittently
to sunlight and open nlr.-Uenry WU*
Hums lu Engineering Magazine.
Not th* 8ame.
Tbey   were   strolling   through
••Yes," tbe youthful professor wns
saying, "it is n very simple matter to
tell tbe various kinds of trees Ity tbe
She gazed at htm soulfully.
"How wonderful!" she exclaimed
"And can you-er-tell tbe various
kiuds of dogs that way'/"-Brook lyn
Breaking HI* Promise.
"All the same, you promised mother
that you'd never let a cloud come be
tween us."-Pcle Mele.
Change the Light and You Chsng* th*
Picture er Design. |
A graduate or the Moscow School Fot
fainting. Sculpture und Architecture
hns invented u unique artistic device,
which may be usetl with much effect
ou tbe stage and pi-ihups cau bc utillz-
cd for tbe bome. "his Invention ren- j
ilers It possible to i uliit several differ
eut sceues on one canvas. Wben tb*
ligbt on tbe stage 1* changed the decorations also change.
A panel wns exhibited at tbe Moscow
'Artistic tbeater which represented o
scene with beautiful autumn tints In
tbe red light of a sunset The light
wm then changed and tbe scenery
changed at tbe same time, snd a nymph
wus discovered In front of a tree, bath,
ed lu moonlight
Tbo Invention is based on the physical law concerning the complementary
colors of tbe spectrum. It ls claimed
that wull paper printed by this method
ls ono color In daytime, different dnr
Ing twilight and changes ngnin by
moon or lamplight. The changes csn
tw brought about by switching electrir
lights.—l*'ruiu n Consular Report.
Lucky Survivor.
Dorn — That chuiniing Miss Peach
seems to bnve quite a number of eligible young men in her train.
Dick-Yes. And one of tbese dnys
there's going to bo n smsshnp to thnt
train, with ouly on* survivor.- !■___.
thn uge.
Honoring * Poet.
A bronze bust ot Madison Csweln,
(he Kentucky poet, wns recently unveiled In tbe public library or his native city, Louisville. Speaking of Mr.
Cnweiu and bis work, William Dean
Howells, our dean of American letters,
snys, "He has the gift. In a measure
surpassed by no poet, of touching some
smallest or commonest thing In nntur*
■nd making It live from tbe manifold
associations In whicb we have our being nnd glow thereafter wltb all lues
tlngulslinUle beauty."
Qymnastlo Stunt.
Barbour-You seem warm.  Hnve you
beeu exercising?
Waterman—Yes, Indeed.   I went to . ........
(he mules* dnnco and swung dumb i "older In a street Is sufficient to ban-
Roller 8katlng In Vienna.
No roller skating In the streets ot
I Vienna.  The edict, according to s let-
' ter from that city, will be rigidly enforced.   The police authorities in an-
' iwer to s plea from tbe children stated thnt "the objection nt one lionse-
] belles around all evening. - Michigan
A Wireless Club.
The flrst "wireless" club in Britain
has been established at Sale, near
Manchester, and meetings are held
every night. Members while in meet
ing tap the world's news and receive
all sorts ol items from land snd sea.
There are seventeen members, and
each is the licensed owner ot a wireless installation. "In respect ol nil
messages picked up by wireless we
are pledged to secrecy," said a mem-
ber. "We are also not allowed to
use the commercial wave. We send
out ■ shorter length."
noV        Wm B""n ,n B^-10**-*'* Ey''
t^"*-.   There have been many quiet choc
__>__.   >__««
dealer's, took from his pocket the pnek-
  during the last few days at the
expense ot Dr. Ingram, Bishop of London. Ho 6trongly objects to long-
winded bishops, and told the students
at Queen's College,' a few days ago,
clothing and, dropping Into s diamond shst he always tried to deliver one
instead of two addresses at confirms*
age he hnd taken from tlie box sup. , tion services.  "I think," he said, "we
1 posed lo rantnln lbe Infernal machine,   ere sll much too long-winded.    And
luirnlled It .and dlsplM'od a doien cucf-   th*n ~* ipoke lor lorty niinuUi
Isb skaters from lhat thoroughfare,
■nd ns thero Is undoubtedly one person
In every street who would oxen-l«e tbi
prerogative skating must remain ■
ring aiuuscincnt"-Now York Tribunal
A Neglected Monument
Overgrown with small palms and
other tropical vegetation Is tbe monument to Magellan, on the Island ot
Mala. In the Philippines, where b*
wn* killed In 1521 by tbe hostile natives. The monument wus erected
mnny years ago on the spot where be
was slain, but the Island ls nut much
visited, and the inountnent especially
In the years since American occupation of tbe Islands, bus become mui'l*
In need uf repair.
Times Have Changed
"Do you remember when th* pcopl*
lemnnded specie payment?"
"Yes. lu tbusc day* pcopl* slid they
wanted bard money. Now everybody
wants easy money."—Washington Star.
Ideas mnst work through tb* brains
tnd Ibe arms of good sod brav* maa
I w tbey ar* as better ttw dre*t-
The Sublime Courage Shown bj
an American Indian.
8tory ef a Dramatis Episode In Whloti
th* Iowa and Musquakl* Tribal
Figured—Heroism That Won Uk
Admiration ef th* Emmy.
A itriking story of tbe courage and
■elf sacrifice ot wbicb the America*
Indian at his best Is capable is given
by 0. H. Mills In tbe Des Moines Iter
Ister and Leader, lt was told to tM
wblte men by tho famous Sac chief,
lilac's Hawk, who blmself saw the Incident
, It all begin with an unfortunate
quarrel between an Iowa and a Mus
qnnkle, lu which the latter killed tb*
former and tben ln n moment of frenzy scalped his victim. The two tribe*
were at peace, snd this act allowsni*
ouly tn time ot war, was, ln Indian
eyes, an intolerable breach of good
Tbe Musquakles offered all sorts ot
reparation, but tbo lowns wonld accept nothing but the person of the of'
fender, to be tortured nnd pnt to death
In propitiation of tbe outraged spirit
of tbe dead man. To tbls tbe Musqus-
kles agreed on condition tbat the culprit bo given a month to fortify himself for bis terrible ordeal. But Jnst
■s tbe month wns about to expire bt
fell HI with n raging fever, ln tbat
condition be could uot be carried across
tbe prairie, but a failure to product
blm at the appointed plnce would
arouse the suspicions snd perhaps tbt
hostility of tbe iowas. .
A council was called to debate tbe
matter, before wblcb appeared Cono, a
brother of tbe sick man. "Tliere art
uo squaw men ln our family," he declared.  "I will go lu bis place."
Tbe others tried to dissuade blm and
described to blm tbe tortures be would
hsve to undergo, but ho Insisted upon
making tbe sacrifice.   Accordingly an
escort wns selected to accompany blm,
■t tbe besd ot wblcb Black Hawk,
then a young but widely respected
chief, was placed.
"I never saw a more pathetic scene."
' snld Black Hawk, "tban tbe parting of
Cono and his tstber and mother and
! other relatives.   The whole tribe wu
| overwhelmed wltb gloom."
In the middle ot the afternoon th*
party arrived at the lowas'  village.
Cono bad asked tbat bis Identity -should
! not be disclosed, but one of the lowsi
| who was present at the lime the young
Indian was slain saw tbnt the guilty
j party was not being delivered, snd
Black Hawk told tbe whole story. Tb*
lowas accepted It as trne and, after •
' brief council, consented to tbe arrangement  Tbe death circle was staked ool
' and patrolled wltb armed guards, and
Cono wa* plsced In Its center, wbil*
; bis escort was entertained lu tho tepe*
of the chief.   It wn* ■ chill November
day, snd the sun wss Just sinking b*>
blud tbe cliff* ot Ih* De* Moines riv«
.wheu tbe escort left tbe camp.
They paused on ■ bill about * halt
mil* distant from tbe camp.    Th*y
| could see that tbe fires had been lighted
' round tbe death circle, aud In the bush
] of  the  evening  came  tbe  plalntlvt
sound of Cono chanting bts death song,
I    Having  traveled  some two  houri,
they baited ind mad* csmp.   About
nildulgbt they beard th* clatter ol
horses' feet, and ln ■ moment more •
■Ingle horseman rod* op. It wis Const
Tbls was bis remarkable story:
j   Tb* Die* ot tbo death clrcl* wm
! burning brightly, nnd tb* squaws witb
their burning sticks were preparing M
{ make the first sttempt to extort s cry
of pain aud agony, when an old man,
tbe futher of tbe dead Indian, raised
. his voice:
1   "Stop." he slid.   "Let me speak.   1
■m tha oue that ha* suffered.   My so»
! was killed and scalped by ■ Musqus-
■ kle. I was hungry for reveuge.snd wer*
- tlie one that killed snd scalped blm
, her* 1 would shout wltb Joy it hi*
torture.   But tbls young man I* brave,
Never bnve 1 seen sucb bravery before.
He Is too good a mnn to torture and
kill.   Relcnso him snd let blm return
lo bl* own people."
Although tbe entire village s fsw
hours before had been eager for revenue, there wa* a murmur of approval as the old man gathered his blank**,
■bout blm and took bis seat Without
■uy one'i making a single objection,
Cono wn* removed from the circle and
given food ind. drink. A few boon
Inter he wa* led from tbe camp, allow
ed to mount bl* own pony ind depalf
la peace.
Th* Oldest Almanac.
Th* oldest tlmanao in exiatenet ta.
probably the "Almanaeh National as
la France," which flrst appeared ill
1686 and hss been Issued fairly r«f»>
larlv ever *lnce.    It began with  a
| modest forty-eight pages, but the car-
, rent issue boasts over 1,800.  Next la
point ol age ranks the "Almsnsch de
Goths," with ■ record ol UO y«M*1
! continuous pmbttttUoa. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. G.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-W'll'ams  High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Oar Paint Advice is Free
The oflice of the Russell hotel is
in the hands of the painters and
The Sun has had the grip this
week. This will give some nf our
readers a good excuse for sneezing
at this issue of tbe paper.
The Sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper will be dispxnsed next Sabbath,
October 5, atthe Presbyterian oburch
at the close of tbe morning service.
Rov. M. D. McKee will conduct
divine Bervice at the log school
houBeonlhe North Fork un Sabbath afternoon, October 5, at 2:30
, Tbe work of constructing the cement sidewalk around the new post
office building is being rushed, and
it will likely be completed before
tbe building is placed iu commission.   .
J. V. Robinson, ol tbe Robiuson
Automatic Coupler company, and
family, who bave been spending a
couple of months in tbe city, returned today to their home in Washington, D. I'.
F. M. Sylvester, assistant general
manager of the Granby company,
left Spokane Monday morning for
New York to attend the annual
meeting of the Granby directors on
October 7. Jay P. Graves, vice-
president and general manager, because nf illness will nol attend.
Henry Eyre returned this wpek
from Gloucester camp, where he
hns heen keeping an eye on forest
fires. He broufiht down a rich
sample of nre from the Union mine.
He says there are twenty-four feet
of thiB ore now in Bight, and the
wall has nol yet been encountered.
"Rally" service for the Sunday
Bchool at the Presbyterian church
laat Sabbath was a great succi-bb in
interest manifested and in members
present.   One hundred and   thirty
tailoring will find their wav into
your Suit or Overcoat or anything ynu order here. It's our
plan to please our customers—
to give all we can—to take us
as little hb we can afford. Take
advantage of every advantage.
Iltint among the biggest variety
of the most fashionable Fall
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not a cent more than ynu ought.
These conditions rule here.
some of the leading tail-    OUIIO
oring establishments in     *%,*.
tbe  East.     When   you      .Fill
order from us you have     010
the advantage of being        iu
measured by a practical       -M,u
tailor,  ensuring perfect     UPWARDS
fit.   A trial will convince
you these clothes  are the best on
tbe  market   for the money.    We
guarantee satisfaction.
members of tho Sundav Bchool, including the cradle roll, were present
and a lurge number nf the parents.
The collection handed in for the
missions was 818.65.
The Rossland delegates to the
meeting of the Associated Boards of
Trade of Eastern British Columhia,
held in Kaslo lust week, presented
a resolution asking the government
to strictly enforce the law regarding
attendance at school and the registration of births, marriageB ond
deaths among the Dnukboborg. The
resolution was adopted.
Rev. C. A.Myers, B.A., traveling
secretary for wextern Canada in the
interests of Snbhnth schools and
young people's societies, will preach
in the Presbyterian church next
Sabbath,- October 6, morning ond
evening At the evening service
Mr. Myers will speak more especially to the young men and young
women Ab Mr, MyerB is o spscinl-
ist in his work, it is hoped tbere
will be a large attendance at these
services. Tbe ehmr will furnish special music for the evening service.
A Spokane dispatch Bays tbat de
spite twenty days of continuous
rain, construction of tbe Granby
company's smelter ond power plant
at Hidden Creek is progressing on
Bchedule and the work now is sufficiently advanced to assure its
completion about the first of Ihe
coming  year,   according   to F M.
Sylvester, assistant general manager
of the Granby company, wbo returned on Saturday night /from a
several weeks' visit to tbe scene of
activity. The smelter building is
nearing completion rapidly and a
part of the machinery already is being installed. Many of the lesser
buildings, including warehouses,
bunk and cook houses, office buildings, etc., are finished and the major
part of tbe reduction worka and
bydro-electrio power station is on
the ground.
William Dornn, of Carmi, B.C., a
civil engineer on the Kettle Valley
railway construction, waa married
to Jessie Skidmore, of Vancouver, o
telephone operator, at the Presbyterian manse, Grand Forks, last
Julius Danielaon and Miss Mary
Nelson were married last week at
the groom's resilience in Grand
Forks. Rev. M. D MoKee performed lhe ceremony at both marriages.
Aniisiin the shoe man hns removed
to his new stand, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets,
Long faces are the fashion here
now on tbe first day of tbe week.
Literally and figuratively, if you feel
like "smiling" the act must be p r
formed outside of tbe city limits,—
Victoria Times
Grand Forks people have found out
that A SINGLE DOSE of simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adler i-ka, the German
bowel aud stomach remedy, relieves
constipation, sour stomach or gas on
the stomach INSTANTLY. Thia situ
pie mixture became famous by curing
appendicitis, and it draws off a surprising amount of old foul matter
from the body, lt is wonderful how
QUICKLY it helps! Woodland &
Quinn, druggists.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
London Directory
(I'nhllihed Annually)
Knatifoa tractors throughout Ih* world lo
Quiiimiiitloatfl direct with Rngllih
In enoh clnssof pond*, ftoaldei being a own-
plftn commercial guide to London and Iti
■ubiirbfl. the directory contalui Hit* of
with the Hoodi they ihlp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply!
nrranged nnder the Ports to whioh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchant-", etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be for-
flVunit'il, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fnr (5.
Dealers peeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards (or $5. orlnrger advertisements from S15.
25, Abchureh Lane, London, E.C.
Furniture' Made to Order.   -
Also Repairing of all Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
Kaiur Honing a SpeoiaSy.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noktii or (Ikaniiy Hotkl,
First Strkkt.
.... ;oo ttiroiu.
■p.. loln-tlcl, wltbouK--
■ml, UhnlrsKH) woeUr. Lertemtelr-
•tin, f-lmlltl- Jourt-U. TstpS for
-.Wi 7e«r,po--_i«i] prepaid.   KM ST
Don't Read This
unless you are
interested in getting best value
for money. No words, spoken or written, could convince
you half as quickly as a visit to our store that we give
full measure of values on all lines of house furnishings.
We invite you to inspect our stock and judge for yourself
Grand Forks Furniture Go
The Complete House Furnishers
Picx.ro Franind, Ela,
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock,
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
The old Graham ranch of 320 aeres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store,
Read The Sun and keep  posted
on current events.   •
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre ft Clayton, Props.
II you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.        	
Don't forget that Tbe Sun has the
best job printing depurrment in the
Boundary country.
fl Gait Goal no.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Orrica, RM .
Maksim'* RisiDiltci. BUS ■
Prin t in
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business, and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-**,SS "tt
tisement, and a trial order .will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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