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The Evening Sun Dec 11, 1909

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Ninth Year—No. 6.
Grand Forks, B. C, Saturday. December 11, 1909.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Large Number of Oity Lots
Disposed of to Various
Amendment to Fire Limit
Bylaw Read a Third
All the members were present at
the regular bi-weekly meeting of the
city council last Monday night.
An offer oi $75 was made by H.
B. Cannon for lot 9, block 50, plan
80. On motion of Aid. Lequime
and McCallum, the council decided
to offer this property tu Mr. Cannon
for $100.
On motion of Aid. McCallum and
Sheads, the council decided to sell
lot 39. block 35, plan 72, to G. D.
Clark for 8100.
On motion of Aid. Lequime and
Manly, lots 9, 10, 11. 12 and 13,
block 27, plan 121, were sold for
On motion of Aid. Lequime and
Whiteside, the clerk was instructed
to notify Mr' Jones that the lots he
referred to are not for sale at the
prices he mentioned.
Tbe property owners near llridge
and Third streets petitioned the
Douncil for an arc lamp at that point.
Referred to water and light committee, with power to aet.
The health and relief committee
reported tbat Mr. Dent and the
Robson chilnren were being cared
for by the committee, as instructed
hy the council.
On motion of Aid. Manly and
Davis, Aid. Sheads and McCallum
were appotnted to act with the
mayor as a court of revision, to sit
at 3 p.m. on December 10th.
The city solicitor was instructed
to settle with J. C. and A. J. MacDonald, of the steel Morks, on a
basis of puying the city the amount
of the cash bonus given them and 4
cents per kilowat for the free power.
The amendment to the Are limits
bylaw passed its third reading. Outbuildings at houses and business
blocks may be constructed of wooden frame with metal covering, not
over 12x14 and 12 feet from the
ground and only one story. Tbe
final power over such matters is
vested in the council hereafter instead of the board of works. Moving of buildings within thc fire
limits without permission from the
city is prohibited.
Mr. Helton's account of $150 for
three months' "publicity work" was
ordered paid.
man can afford to miss. The study
of the wild waterfowl of the Pacific
Coast by Bonnycastle Dale will appeal to all lovers of the bird life
while the stories of days with the
deer, mountain sheep, bear, wolves
and a fox will recall many pleasant
experiences. Bird shooters will revel in the paperB dealing with duck
woodcock, while one on Grouse
shooting in the Motherland is included by reason of its exceptionally
Btrong descriptive force, giving Canadian sportsmen a pleasant change
and enabling them to enjoy a different view point to that generally taken by them. Mountain climbing in
East and West, a mysterious Indian
story, fishing from tuna and salmon
to trout, and many other items fill
a number which should be included
by all interested in the greatoutdoors
in their Christinas reading. They
cannot fail to find interest and pleasure in its perusal.
Amateur night at Dreamland
Last Thursday night was ama
teur's night at Dreamland theatre,
and although there was only one entry, the quality of that one was especially good. MaBters Mclntyre
and Lequime were the contestants
and Bang a duet "Smarty," *hich
brought down the house. They
were awarded the prize of $5. Next
Wednesday night there will be another amateur contest and the man
agement intimate that there will be
several contestants, so that a very
interesting show should be assured.
Entries will be received up to 7.30
on Wednesday.
A great treat is promised for
next week, when the chronophone,
the only perfect talking pictures,
will picture Harry Lauder and his
famous Scotch Bongs. From press
reports ths chronophone would seem
to be the only perfect machine ever
produced. This machine ran continuously for 15 months at Loudon
(England) Hippodrome and waB
shown by command before thequeen
at Buckingham Palace. The makers
claim absolute perfection hetween
Bound and movement. The Dreamland management expects to open
with this great attraction Monday or
Tuesday evening and will also show
three Bets of moving pictures and
illustrated songs, thus giving over an
hour and a half show for 25c.
The Christmas Rod and Gun |
In wealth of matter and variety of
subjects, everyone interesting to
sportsmen, the Christmas (December) number'of Rod and Gun in
Canada, published by W. J. Taylor,
Woodstock, Ont., is notable. An
appropriate Christmas tinge ig given
to the first two stories and adds
something to the interest both will
evoke. Hunting, fishing ana ex-j
ploring papers, widely different in
character and displaying in a remarkable way the wonderful resources of the Dominion in these several respects, fill a number no sports-1
A Good Entertainment
W, J. Bengnugh, the famous cartoonist and entertainer, pleased a
large audience at the Grand Forks
opera house on Tuesday eveuing with
hit clever drawings and witty.stories.
Two of his best anecdotes related to
Scotch thrift and and a Socialistic
discourse on the downtioden black
hen, "who lays eggs for gentlemen,"
without receiving a just share of what
she produces. His cartoons of local
celebrities were, perhaps, the best
part of the program. They were
cleverly drawn, and evoked much merriment.
Knights of Pythias Tender a
Farewell Banquet to
Two Members
at A., Mrs. E. Meikle; Chap., Mrs.
E. Ruckle; Sent., Mrs. E Sloan;
Picket, Mrs. A. Michener. The
newly elected officers will be installed at the meeting on the first
Wednesday in January.
Assistrnt Horticulturist of
Province   Speaks Here
Monday Night
Grand Forks lodge, No. 30, K. of
P., held tbetr first meeting in their
new hall in the Davis block, on the
night of December 7th. It was the
occasion of a farewell, given in honor
of two brothers, D. D. Munro and
D. M. McDonald, who are soon to
leave this district. After the regular meeting, a splendid supper was
served in the new banquet hall, and
the evening wound up with an impromptu program—songs, recitations
and speeches in abundince. The
officers for the coming term are: C.
0„ Frank Latham; V. C, E. C.
Henniger; Prelate, Roy Curran; M.
of A., A. J. Stendall; M. of F., Geo.
Chappie; K. R. & S. and M. of E.
Walter E. Hadden; M. of W., E.
W. Stuart; I. G., Nels Setterlund;
O. G., Matt Miller.
Mr. M. S. Middleton, assistant
horticulturist of Ihe provincial government, will speak to the members
of the Kettle Valley Farmers' Institute on Mouday, December 13th, at
8 o'clock in the evening, in the city
hall.   Subject, "Horticulture."
The closing day of the public
school term is Friday next, Dec. 17,
and on that day public examinations
andChristmas exercises will be held.
On these occasions many of the
grown-up friends of the pupils are
accustomed to spending the morning with the boys and girls in the
school-rooms. School reopens on
January 3rd. No change in the
teaching staff is anticipated.
The effects of the switchmen's
strike haB heen felt in Grand Forks.
A shipment of paper for The Sun
from Spokane had to go around by
way of the C. P. R. Yesterday the
first freight arrived in the city over
the Great Northern from the south
for about two weeks.
The following are the readings
showing the minimum temperature for [
each day during the week ending I
December 10, 1909:
Saturday  10 ]
Sunday  9
Monday  2
Tuesday  Hi
Wednesday  22
Thursday  26
Friday  25
E. A. Blakeway, one nf the pioneers of (irand Forks, while coining
down from Columbia last night, fell
opposite Lindsey Crossen's residence
on Winnipeg avenue and had both
boneB in nis right leg broken.
The Great Northern railway is
buying right of way along the un-
uncompleted portion of the V., V. &
E. railway between Princeton, in
the Similkameen district, and Ab-
botsford, in the Fraser river valley,
west of thc Hope mountains.
Mrs. Jeff Davis was the hostest at
a pleasant function on Friday evening. The members of tbeeewing club
were the guests, and an exceedingly
pleasant evening hour was spent over their needlework. Toothsome refreshments were served before the
young ladies dispersed.
The hall of the Averill block is
bright and gay today (Saturday, December 11), forthe Ladies' Aid of
Knox church—three dozen strong—
are holding their Christmas tea and
sale of work. Right charming are
many of the pieces of needlework
on display. The society show unusually high ambitions, having spent
but two months in preparation.
Fruit   Growers'    Clearing
House to Be Established
in Spokane
Mrs. Armstrong, of Rossland,
spent Sunday in town with her sister, MissH. Olding. Mrs. Armstrong
possesses a voice of rare strength
and quality, and her rendition of
"My Ain Countree" at Knox church
on Sunday night was very effective.
Mrs. H. O. Jackson, of Bonners
Ferry, Idaho, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. N. M. Mcintosh.
Mrs. (Rev.; M. D, McKee will
receive Thursday and Friday afternoons of next week and afterwards
the first Monday uf each month.
Wanted—By young lady, board
and room, beginning January 1st,
1910.   Apply P. O. Box 5o2.
Miss Hilda Barron left on Monday
of lust week for Vancouver,  B. C.
The Great Northern has put on
another ore train between Phoenix
and the Granby smelter.
In future Mrs. C. M. Kingston
will receive only on the first Friday
of each mohth.
Work on the two bank buildings
has been suspended for the winter.
A. B. W. Hodges, manager of the
Granby smelter, returned last Tuesday from his southern trip. Mrs.
Hodges met him at Spokane, and
accompanied him to this city.
Emil Larsen, proprietor of the
Hotel Province, is erecting a brick
ice-hoime in the rear of his hotel.
W. J. Cook returned last Saturday from a short visit lo Spokane.
Stanley Fairweatbet Im accepted
a position with the Ben-Hur Leasing coinpiiiiy of Republic.
Born—In Grand Forks, ou Monday, December ti, to Mr. and Mrs.
Chapman, u sou.
The wise merchant knows that it is
the women who shop today that buy
The next regular meeting of the i
Citizens' Reform League will be held
in the Presbyterian church on Wednesday, the loth inst., at 8 p. in.
The Ladies of the Maccabees
elected the following ollicers at their
meeting last Monday night: P.C.,
Mrs. M. Taylor; C, Mrs. M. Currie;
L.C., Mrs. M. Hickey; R.K., Mrs. L.
Chappie; Sergt., Mrs. I, Ruckle;   M.
Mrs. W, A. Williams has returned
home from a brief visit to Spokane,
where sbe left Master Winlield at
Kinc.it Miller, M.P. P., and \V. B.
Cochrane have formed a law partnership, and have opened ollices in the
new Davis block.
Dnncan Ross, ex-M.P. for Yule-
Cariboo, passed through the city on
Thursday en rout* to Greenwood.
Mr. llopkinson, of Vancouver, special immigration oliicer,was in the city
yesterday on a tour of inspection.
Will Keep Orchardists Posted on Market and Crop
Sfokahe, December 9, 1909.
Trustees of the National Apple
Show, headed by E. F. Curlier Van
Dissel, second vice president ami
chairman of the hoard, have made arrangements for the establishment of a
clearing house of information for
growers and handlers of apples in the
northwsst. The tentative plan is to
keep the growers in touch with market conditions as well as with each
other by means of bulletins and special letters.
Ren H. Rice, secretary-manager of
the organization, annc unces he will
have regular correspondents in everv
commercial orchard district in Oregon,
Idaho, Montana, Washington and the
province of British Columbia, also
receiving special reyorts from other
states and piovinces. This information and statistics will be arranged in
comprehensive form in the shape of
bulletins and mailed direct to the
growers. It is expected to begin the
service the latter part of April or
early in Muy, and continue it until
the close of ihe marketing season.
"The plan hus beon approved by a
committee of prominent growers in the
uortnwest," suid Mr. Rice, who has
just been re-elected to the position of
secretary-manager of the third apple
show in Spokane next full, "and we
believe it will work out to be of great
benefit to the industry, not only in
this part of the country but all over
the continent. "We expot to be able
to furnish full information to growers
and handlers as to the condition of
the crops, the state of the market and
such other matters as will make the
reports of value to all concerned."
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sule, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from November 21 to December (I, inclusive.
Frisco,   Greenwood   camp,    Lizzie
Walsh,  survey.
Buttoreup, Franklin  camp, Nelson
j et al.
Iron   Chief   fraction,    Wellington
\ eamp, Nelson et al.
Copper, Riverside ami I'Yuxklin.
Frunklin camp Gelinas el ul.
Shirley fraction, Summit camp,
Elsie L. Clt mt,
Golden Age, Franklin canip, 11, 0,
Lucky Jack, Franklin camp, II' C.
Kerman 8-12, M. M. Kennan 2-12,
Henry Watlin 1-12 and David Shannon 1-12.
White Bear. Gloucester camp,H. C.
Kerman 8-12, M. M. Kennan 2-12,
Henry Watlin 1-12 and David Shannon 1-12.
Ethel Verne fraction. Greenwood
camp, John Mulligan.
Mining Stock Quotations
New York, Dec. 10.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Aske.l. Bid
GranbyConsolidated.   II   1.00    9S.U0
B. C. Copper       7.2B      ".I2J JOHN   D. SPENCE
Gilt? iEbftmuj Bun
FiihlHn.il at Grand Forki, Brltlrti Col urn hi ri
i). A. Ktans...  Editor nml Publisher
A Hlo of tills paner run lip soi'ii ill tlio ultii'i.
of ,\insHr«. B, & J. Hardy A Co., 8(1,81 and 82.
Fleet Street, E.0.1 London. Bnffiuud, free of
charge, nnd tlmt firm will lie glad to reoeive
eubeoribtions uml advertlsenifltiti on our behalf.
Doe Yenr »1.«0
One tear (In advance)   1.00
Advertising rates furnish -> I on 	
Lou-ul notices, i" and n cents per line.
AililresH llll comiiilliilontioiiH to
The Kvbnimu Sun,
Phonb H74 Ghanii Fohks, H.C.
SATURDAY, DEC.  11,   1009
An enterprising horticulturist,
who exidently possesses a fertile
brain, of Carroll county, Illinois,
known to the world as the greatest
watermelon growing country on
earth, has succeeded in raising
melons on » bottle. The process is
suid to lie extremely simple. A runner or branch vine is cut immediately buck of the developing melon,
and the cut end of the vine is inserted into a bottle of water sweetened with sugar. The water is
quickly absorbed, resulting in increased size, rapid growth and
greater sweetness. The Carroll
county horticulturist is reputed to
have ruised a melon weighing eighty
pounds by this treatment this sea
The above facts, or assertions, or
fabrications are gleaned from a
paragraph now making its initial
tour of the city and country press.
The first time we read the item it
only provoked one of tho-ie sweet,
angelic and credulous smiles for
which the editor of this journal has
become famous. Bnt the idea
lingered. Thero might be more
truth than fiction in this method.
Infants are raised on bottles. Why
not watermelons/ Watermelons are
hardier than babies, because they
sleep out in the field all night without raising the least disturbance. If
babies thrive on bottles, why not
This train of reasoning induced us
to readjust our spectacles and read
the paragraph a second time, taking
particular cure to see that none of the
data escaped onr observation, but at
; the same time keeping one eye on
! the cardinal point—the bottle. Then
the possibilities of the extension of
this wonderful system of hortienl-
'tnie presented themselves. What
had ut first only appeared in the
light of a freak or innocuous ex-
jperiment, suddenly became fraught
with the the gravest danger. If a
melon could be sweetened by raising
I it on a sugar-and-water bottle, what
I was tliere to prevent obtaining an
I opposite effect by inserting the cut
end of a vine into a bottle of .Scotch?
It would undoubtedly be a pleasant
occupation, as well as elevating and
beneficial to the human race, to
raise sweet milk, buttermilk, soft-
drink, or even ice-cream melons.
Imagine the joy of the tired workman, famished with thirst, and exuding copious drops of sweat while
engaged.under a scorching midsummer sun, in the arduous tusk of killing weeds—imagine this man's
delight, if you please, in picking
and devouring a ripe and luscious
melon filled with icecream! The
thought is enough to make an enthusiast of the most conservative
person on the subject of bottle
But a joy is said to be merely the
advance agent of a sorrow. Tragedy
usually follows comedy. It would
assuredly lie so in this ease. If the
sugar-and-water bottle melon can be
grown successfully, why not the
Manhattan cocktail melon? Why not
the brandy-and-soda, the Scotch
and-soda, or even the beer melon?
Picture to yourself tbe artistic "jag"
a man could acquire on an 80-
pound .Scotch iinil-soila melon! The
bottle-growing business would also
bring numerous inconvienoes. Not
the least of these would be a horde of
revenue tux collectors searching the
fields for bottle-melon patches. It
is also quite likely that an agitation
would be started for a plebiscite
against bottle-melon raising. And,as
it would be impossible to tell
whether the merchant was selling
ice-cream or spirituous melons, a
doubt would naturally arise as to
his proper professional name.
The soda-water-melon people would
naturally call him a druggist, while
spirituous-liquor-melon people would
cling to bartender, or invent a more
appropriate name. Some would order an ice-cream melon with a
straight face, others would order
the same article with a wink,
and— But we have said enough to
make ull sane persons pause before
they engage in this treacherous field
of horticultural work.
Beginning Next Week
the:   chronophone:
The Only Perfect  Talking Pictures
In his world-renowned Scotch Songs.
Cuaranteed to make a Cat Laugh.
tyl/so 3000 Feet ot the finest
Motion   Pictures
and Illustrated  Songs
An Hour and a Half ot Laughter.
and Prize-Drawing Tickets Free.
c^dults 25 Cents. Children 15 Cents
Starting at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
TheCompanion for Canadians
The Youth's  Companion has  long
been   distinguished   for   its    funious
British contributors.    Tennyson und
Glndstono are noteworthy among those
of former yeurs, and the roll  includes
; such names us Rudyard  Kipling,   Sir
| Edwin    Arnold,   Sir   Reginuld Pal-
' grave and the Duchess of Sutherland.
During  1910 The Companion will be
! enriched by the contributions of many
j British writers.    Among these are the
Duke of   Argyll   (who  will  write on
the   Scottish   and  Irish clans), Lady
Henrv   Somerset,    Kt.   Hon.  James
Bryce,   British   ambassador   to   the
United   States, June   Barlow F. T.
Bullen,   Sir   H.   II.   Johnston,  Sir
James Criehton Browne, K. W. Thomson and Kev.   W,   J.    Dawson   (who
will write on fruit growing  in   Kootenay).
Every new Canadiau subscriber
will find it of special advantage to
send at once the $2.00 for the new
1910 Volume. Not only does he get
the beautiful "Venetian" Calendar
for 1910, lithographed in thirteen
colors and gold, but all the issues of
The Companion for the remaining
weeks of 1909 from the time the
subscription is received.
Companion Building, Boston, Mass.
New   Subscriptions   Received  at
this Office.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Dea. 10.—Silver, 61 J:
electrolytic copper, 12j@13.
London, Dec. 10.—Silver, 23 9-16:
lead, £12 17s (id.
For  Sale—Seven   acres of fruit
and; close in.  Inquire at this olliee.
Large Bottle Port Wine, 75c.  Lion
Bottling Works.
When you order office stationery
at The Sun job office you can rest
assured that it will be printed with
modern faces of type, and that the
workmanship will be up to, the standard of metropolitan work. Our
stock of all kinds of paper and stationery is the most complete in the
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Bicycles and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1909 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiappi.k, Winnipeg
NOTICE is hereby given that on   the
18th duv of November, 1909, un
order was made in above Court appointing A. C. Sutton administrator
of all und singular the estate of James
Greig, lute of Grand Forks, B. C, deceased, intestate.
Every person indebted to said deceased is required to make payment to
the unde.isigned forthwith, and every
person having in possession effects belonging to the said deceased is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person huviug anv claim upon or interest in the
distribution of the estate of said deceased is required on or before the
lltli day of January, 1910, to send
hv registered letter, addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address
and full particulars of his claim (verified bv statutory declaration) or Interest, and u statement of his account
und the nature of the security (if uuy)
held hy him.
After the suid lltli day nf January,
1910, the administrator will proceed
with the administration of the estate,
huviug regard to tliose claims onlv of
which he shall then huve   hud   notice.
Dated the 10th day of December,
Public Administrator,
Grand Forks, B. C.
To all my friends and patrons I
extend the felicitations of the
season. An opening of Imported
Trimmed and Untrimnied Huts
will be given April 12 and Ll.
A cordial invitation to all.
cTWrs. Ida Barnum
We  Handle Only
Prime Stock
In beef, mutton, lamb,
veal, ham, other meats and
poultry. Confidentially, it
wouldn't pay us to do anything else, but we want
you to know. You are invited to prove this statement true or false by actual observation.
P. BURNS <®> CO., LTD.
\ Ms Pile Oi
A stainless, soothing
anodyne treatment for
all kinds of Piles.
Price 25c and 50c.
Stropping Device   /
For Gillette Safety Razor.
Blades now in stock.
Make your blades last longer.
Price #2.00.
The Sun and  the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81.00 per year.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners for the
City of Grand Forks, B.C., we intend
to make application for the transfer
of the retail liquor license in respect
to the "Granby" hotel, held by Alexander William Fraser and Fred W.
Bussed, to the said Fred W. Russell
And further take notice, thut ut
suid meeting un application will he
made for permission to change the
name of tbe "Granby" hotel to that
of the "Russell" hotel.
Dated Grand Forks, B.C., the 21st
day of September, A.D. 1909.
NOTICE is hereby given thut the
partnership heretofore existing
between us, the undersigned, as
hotel-keepers at the City of Grand
Forks, in the Province of British Columbia, has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent. All debts owing to
the suid partnership are to he paid to
Fred W. Russell, who will continue
to curry on the business, and all
claims against the said partnership
ure to be presented to the suid Fred
W. Russell, by whom the same will
be settled.
Dated ut Grand   Forks,   B.C.,   he
20th dav of September, A.D. 1909.
Witness:  W. B. Cocuiiank.
Builder 8 Architect
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
Winnipeg    Avenue
PHONE   18
Parties lutonillng to build wl.l Un wull io consult mo.
1909 cTWODELS if
Bicycles and
Indian flotocycles
English Bicycles—Rambler
Bicycles. Bicycle Sundries.
Repair Shop, Second-hand
Wheels.    Wheels  to   I tent.
INDENTS   promptly   executed   at
lowest cash prices for all kinds of
British  and  Continental  goods,
Books and Stationery,
,     Boots, Shoes and Leather,
Chemicals and Druggists' Sundries,
China, Earthenware and Glassware,
Cycles, Motors and Accessories,
Drapery, Millinery and Piece Goods,
Fancy Goods and Perfumery,
Furniture and Upholstery,
Hardware, Machinery and Metals,
Imitation  Jewellery   and   Precious
Jewellery, Plate and Watches,
Photographic and Optical Goods,
Provisions and Oilmen's Stones,
etc., etc.
Commission 2), to 5%.
Trade Discounts allowed.
Special Quotations mi. Demand,
-    Santjili- Cases from £10 upwards.
<    Consignments of Produce sold on Ae
(.Established 1814),
26, Abcluirch Lane, London, E.G.
Cable Address: "Annuaihe, London."
Before cloning your contract for
reading matter for tbe coining year,
rend the tempting clubbing oflcr we
mnke on the third page.
Ttie Gar That Gets There and
LATEST QUOTATIONS have just been  received  from  the
Keo Coinpany, and we are now making up a ear order of
cars for delivery in spring, 1910.   The latest Reo is u marvel—30 h.p., -l-cylinder, 50 miles an hour; carries 5  passengers.
A car we can thoroughly recommend  for  hard wear.    Drop in
and see us or write for full information,    DO IT NOW.
30 h.p. Touring Car,     -    -    $1600 f.o.b. Winnipeg
22   "       *•        "...   1350     "        "
10   "   Runabout,   -     -     -     700     ••        •«
Dreamland Theatre, Grand Forks, B. C. For Rent—Two-story residence on
Third street, between Bridge and
Main stieets. Apply A. Traunweiser,
Yale hotel.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty j
days   from   the  date  hereof   I, I
Ole Johnson, Rancher, of Christina  Lake,   intend   to   apply  to the
Water Commissioner at   Fairview, B. j
C, for a license for four cubic feet per
second from "Sutherland" Creek,
about two hundred feet East of Government wagon road and about six |
bundled and seventv feet Nortli of
wagon road leading to Christina Hotel
at Christina Luke, B. C, for domestic
and irrigation purposes to be used on
my land, being Lot Nine Hundred
_md Seventy, Group One, Similkameen
Division of Yale District, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 3rd day   of October, A.
D. 1901).
"Tnr—girir nn "-—irn—it hi    inn
Christmas    Suggestions
Our Holiday Line consists of the following: ||
Ebony Brushes and Mirrors
tji_^"A Large Assortment of Christmas Cards just in.
Prescription Druggists
Phone 35 Night Service
Hotel "C°^n
Opposite Great Northern Station
n. MoDONALD, Proprie
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is'^iL dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It, is a prucieal book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in an
Its facts will puss muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 46301 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments uml copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $6 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will he sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
4u.'l Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan
No man wants tc
lloi.YTniNiTvCiii;iii'll,llenrv Steele, ] bhfl tte,,)p|„„e ,.mtB, '
Rector—Sunday services:   llolv com-1
iiiunion,   8:00   a.m.j   morning prayer I    An ounce of prevention  is
and sermon,   11   a.m.; evensong and antidote for remorse,
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday   school, 3 j    A woman can always flatter a man
p.m.    First   Sunday  of   the   month  by asking his advice.
It's the man who uses his heud that
Recently completed inpl
nowly furnished throwrti:
nut.  Conveniently lo
for   railway   n
clnss  in linn"  ,
transients, !'"»'i i'll a " ,l
ii,,,ni. by the week nt pre-
vuillmrotes. Fine 1"'" "'
Willi's. Manors ami ulnars
always in -.took ui 'Im bar,
i to   heaven  by
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well us at 8
a.m. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school ami Bible class at
2:30 p.m. All ure cordially invited;
seuts free. Bev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church, Rev. Schlich-
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. ra. and 7:80 p.m'.; Sunday school
.and Bible class at 9:15 u.m. Tne
y branch of the ooppes | Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:"t0;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:01) p.m.J
mill-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, K p.m. Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church, Bev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services ou Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school   at 2:30 p.m.
For   Sale—160   acres   of   good
timothy land.    Apply this oflice.
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundary.    Sun .lob Otlice.
Three bottles of cold   Nelson
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
Downey's Cigar Store
A CoSM'l.BTK 8T0
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (lotlBlglltnoui uf
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Eaoh ol the chief organs of the body is a
(link in the Chain of
Life. A chain ii no
stronger than its
weakest link, the body
no stronger than its
weakest organ. If there is weakness o! stomach, liver or lungs, there is a
weak link in the chain of life which may sua* at any time. Often this so-called
41 weakness " is caused by lack of nutrition, the result of weakness or disease
of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Diseases and
weaknesses of the stomach und its allied organs are cured by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When the weak or diseased stomach is
cured, diseases of other organs which seem remote from the stomach but which
huve their origin in a diseased condition of the stomach and
other organs  of digestion and  nutrition, are  cured  also.
The strong man has a strong stomach.
Take the above recommended "O/scor*
erv" and you may have a strong stow
ach and a strong body.
Given Away.—Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
new revised Edition, is sent free on receipt of stamps to puy
expense of mailing only. Send 31 one-cent stamps for the
book in paper covers, or SO stamps for the cloth-hound volume.    Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
gets there witli both feet.
It is one thing to marry for money
ami another thing tu collect.
Luck generally comes to the man
who doesn't depend absolutely upon it.
To take the thought fur the deed
won't make your fortune in real estate.
Even the fellow who thinks he is
the whole thing may find himself in a
A cook doesn't often sing, but when
she   dues   she   ought to have a good
It is quite natural for a woman tu
feel unmanned when she gets a divorce.
In the old days of witchcraft they
had some difficulty in telling which
from tother.
The summer gnl who wears her
heart on her sleeve must expect to
have it pretty well blistered.
At the age of 30 a girl begins to
realize that she misses the Mrs.
Those marriages that weren't made
are sure failures.
Wben a man argues with a woman
he doesn't.    Neither does she.
It is really to much tu expect n '
man to keep his promise when he is
addicted to giving it all tho time.
When your purse and conscience
are fairly elastic you can sure have a
good lime.
Anybody has plenty of money who
has enough to keep tbe fun going.
A w'oman ean hear a lot of tribulations without worrying provided one
of tbem is not being out of fashion.
Speaking of "night riders," among
those who should be suppressed are
those who have to be faken home in
We ean sec the finish uf the man
who courts temptation merely to exhibit hit strength to the world.
"Kvery man is the architect of bis
own fortune,"' the trouble hoing tbat
80 ttianv of us draw bad plans.
It will be prettv hard fnr a man to
purchase heaven with charity, if  that
Notice to tiie People of Grand
and Vicinity:
You need uut depend uu   any traveliln
tu take your pictures.
Ts now settled in his new quarters next door to the  Vale Hotel,
and will take any picture you want, indoors or  out, at
Home Batery
and Restaurant
Hume Cnoking, Cleanly awl
Convenient. Lunches at All
Hours.   Order* Filled Promptly.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
Yale  Land ^District.    District of  Siroilka-
' nifeii,
'jTkB    NOTICB   tlmt    Smith    Curtis,    of
Hossliinii. H.C. occupation mine operator,
ii tends to apply for permission to purvlwitie
tiie following described lands:
L'omnieiiolny ut it post pinriifil mi the western side line of the Nelson A Port Shepherd
Kuihvuy rnini'HN.vV l,_ui<l (4rutli and nt the
southeast comer of Peter Shaw's pre-emption ou Rip Hheop Creeltj tlieuce west 70
chains; thenoe south 15 chains, mora or less,
to the north line of J. .1. GUI's pn-cmptitiii j
thenee easi 85 chains, more or le-*s, to northeast corner of said GUI's p.'e*en_ptioni_
thence south Ifiohttllis! thenee en.t 85chaiuB.
more "r less, to tho western line of nforesaid
Kail way Land Grant; theuce north RO ohatus
to point ui' commencement, containing 160
A cent for SMITH CURTIS,
Dated December 14th, lfliis.
JM. lust. SI. E.
Plumber by Examination
and Sanitary Engineer
Repairs of Every Description
Simp :
Second Street
Paoxk B77
i reason for ifc.
J usl. bi't'orr
ii nmn siicci'i'iN in irt-l-
tiiii: all he wants in this world the un-
di.ftal.ei' nets busy with his person.
Money makes the automobile j."
ami tin1 aiiioninliile make* lhe money
go—and there you are.
Furniture  Mnde  to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
NOTICB In hereby Rlv"n tlmt an A|»|illoiilnn
will lie mil''" under Pnrt V. oi Hie "Water
An, 1809,''tin ht.iin " UflCltae in Mie -iml'lkn-
 ii HiviM rule District.
(ii.) The mime, nridrpiia tm1! nectiitftHmi nf the
fttipliennt. Clmrlea Sntirliior, Kneli-h Cove. ll.
(!„ Handier. (If fur min ilia purpurea) free
Mlmr'iCortiflfale No	
(h.)  The inline nf the lake, si renin   or   SOU rec
(if unnamed, tin- description is): Sandner
(e ) The pninl of diversion; .11 t one-finirtti
mile Smith irom Hie Nnttltoasl comer <>f I.nt
1428, Group One, Similkameen Division o| Vale
(d.) The quantity nf wniei nppilcd for (in en-
ble feet per i-eeoiid). Kmiretihll feet,
(e.) Tlio eharaotorof thejpnipnsefl works
(f.) The premises on which tin- wntor Is in he
itsed (describe Btimo): Purl Ui l u:t. Otoup
one, Similkameen DIvlMnn ol Ynle District,
(ir) The purposes f«>r which the wator is totw
used: Domestic nnd IrrlKath n.
(ID If for Irrigation describe tho land Intended to be Irrigated, giving acreage! I'urt nf Lor
1-128, Uronn one, similkameen Division nf Ynle
District, 120 neves, more r»r less.
(I.) If the water is in lie used for power nr
mining purposes doscrllietlie place where the
wnier is tn lie returned to some natural channel, uud the rt inference in altitude betweon
|i"li<t of diversion and point nf return
(J.) Area of Crown laud Intended to be occupied by the proposed works        	
ik.) This notice wesnastcd mule- twelfth day
m October, iwiti.miii application will be made tn
the Commissioner on the seventeenth duv of
November, MOD.
(■ i iitve the names nnd addresses of  nny j
rlpirlall iirni>ri<'tmsor)ictiii»>ces who or Whose I
lit! d» ure likely to bo affected hy the propooed
worhJ either above or below tho outlet, . .      I
(p, 0. Address) Kngllsii Cove, li. 0*
Prints nmn! live Boundary news than
anv other paper published in thn
I district. The price uf TllK Sl'N is
'only $1,00 per yea"—one-lmlf the cost
I of its competitor Thk Sun is never
on tlte fence regarding questions of
: public interest. Thk Sun is ae*
knowledged to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
wind feel dissatisfied, will huve their
j money refunded by calling at theotfics
of publication.
Tiik Evkning Sun and theToronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,
Sl.tlO per yeur in advance.
Tiik Evhning Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer und the Montreal Family Herald
und Weekly Statj $2,00 per yeur in
ad vance,
Thk Sun is read by overybdy he
cause it prints nil the Boundary news.
Special Old Porl li per gallon,
Liiion Bottling Works.
ANY available Dominion LnmU within the
" Railway Belt of British Columbia maybe
homesteadod by nny person who i< the head
if a family, or nny mule over eighteen years
if nee, tn the extent of (ine-iiiuirter seotion
if 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be mnde personally at the looal
laud office for the district In which the land
ts situate,
The homesteader la required to perform
the conditions connected   therewith   under
ne of the following plans:
(1) At len-t six mouths' residence upon find
cultivation of the lnnd in each yenr fur three
(2) If lbe father f.,r mother, If the futher K
deceased), nf the homesteader resides upon ;i
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may bo sal -
tidied hy such person residing wit ht lie father
or mother.
(3) If the wettler has hi? permanent residence upon fermlus hind owned hy him in
the vieinity of bis homestoad, the require*,
mentsas to residence muy lie satisfied by
residence upon thesaid land.
Six months' notioe in wrltliin should be
priven tho Commissioner nf Dominion Lands
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal-('oai mining rights nun be leased
for n period of twenty-one yenn nt un annual rental of si ut) per acre. Not more than
2.(161'aores shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of Hve cents
per tun shall he collected on the merchantable coul mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not he paid for.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
KMO*ll 47 W. JMH ST, S»W YUM.
Furniture Moving a Specialty.
All orders receive drompt attention.
ll(iii:i, Phovi.vcr.
Receive bath Ladles and Gentlemen  rvi rest-
.lent or ilny ttiulfiitai huio i i:iinlete Com*
iin'ii'itil or  Htiiineii Course: orsifure. *t„.
dantitoiralii   Tooolun1 Ccrtllltml t  nil
rradei; gives tho four yenrs* course for the
.. A.deitroo.aud the first :i.nr of tho Sonool
of iJoinnoeoottrto. tualflliiitlou with the i<>
rontoUnlveroltyi hat it sp nni prusueotors
r.o for inluert who worlt ia tl '". I i.truo*
i Is also live . in Art, Music, Physical! til-
<•  iiml  l.lririitiiiii.   Term lt|»ii, Sept.   II.
.  Kor Calendars, eto., mM	
COLU.MIIIAN rili.i.Kill-..
You mi^ht :l>   will   Hv   In   ri'ii'li
iln- mil ol day by walking on .-i sunbeam as tn attempt lo i it-b The Sun
readers by advertising . nny otber
Get it from our store, and we  will guarantee it to be the best you can get.
PHONE   12
Available Beds in the Muskoka Free Hospital for
Consumptives Increased Three-Fold as a Result of
Last Year's Sale of Christmas Stamps. The Number
Can Be Doubled This Year If Everyone Will  Help.
thu success of a
year ago the Nat ionn l
Sanitarium Association huve made large
preparations for the
sale of the Christmas
Stamp of 1909-10, issued on behalf of the
Muskoka Pree Hospital for Consumptives.
Nearly $6,000.00 was netted from
last year's sale, making it possible for
the trustees to increase the available
beds for needy patients from an average of fifty-five a year ago to one
hundred and forty, the accommodation
The trustees are hopeful that they
may bring the accommodation up to
800 beds as the outcome of this year's
sale of tbis little one cent messenger
of hope and healing.
The Christinas Stamp, as a means of
fighting the dread white plague, had
its origin in Denmark in 1004, the sale
from which has financed a hospital for
i-iinsuuiplives in that country. Tho
idea was taken up by the Red Cross
Society (if the United States in 1007,
and interest has grown each year,
A year ago a Christmas stamp of
special design was put in circulation
by the Muskoka Free Hospital for
Consumptives with the success already
indicated in this article.
The price of the individual stamp is
only one cent, but what, wonderful
things can be accomplished by so tiny
an instrument. There is no reason
why everyone who writes it, letter,
addresses a pn^tt-ard, malls n, newspaper nr parcel from this day mil
should not uso one of these stamps.
The educational value of the stump
appearing on every pine of mail mutter would be enormous. Cue run
hardlv ftj(ill-« un the material results,
It would in.-au a routing of the enemy
Tuberculosis that would bring hope
and joy and gladness to thousands of
homes and communities in all parts of
The stamp of 1909 is more beautiful
than that of a year ago. The design
is as shown in this article, but printed
in red and green, and is of same size
as the regular government postage
This Christmas stamp will not carry
any kind of mail, but any kind of mail
will carry it—and carry too the happy
Season's Greetings from sender to receiver. The stamps will be done up in
envelopes of ten, twenty-five, fifty and
one hundred for ordinary selling, and
large users will be supplied in quantities. The price for ten or for one
thousand is a cent each.
The banks, departmental stores,
drug stores, book and stationery
stores and many other stores will sell
them. Women's clubs, church organizations, bible classes and Sunday
schools, public schools, and many
other organizations and individuals
will help this year tut last year.
There would seem to be no reason
why everybody everywhere may not
help in forming an army of willing
workers to sell theso stamps all over
Ihe Dominion. The Muskoka Free
Hospital I'm- Consumptives is in the
fullest sense a national institution
curing for patients from every province in Canada.
The first issue of the stamp for this
year is one million, and these will Input i rt to circulation Immediately, but
there can hardly be nny reason why
ihe issue should not tie Increased
many times ovet- before Christinas.
Tin- direction of lhe sale of Christmas Stamps is in Iln- hands of Mr. J.
S. Robertson, Sec.-Treasurer. National
K-initarllllll Association, ill? King
Street, West, Toronto, who will give
oro'imt replv to any enquiries regarding the Bt.-i up,
Davitt John Henry Allen Zambox
Scbwack-Hanner, jr., who claims
to he a native of Hayti, wus in the
city this week, and on Monday aft-
noon addressed the junior grade
public school pupils on the subject,
".Manners and Customs of the People in Other Lands." If the criticisms of thc children are authentic,
the wandering orator's head is not
overweighted with intelligence.
A Christmas sale of work will be
held ut the rectoiv (the residence of
Rev, 11. Steele) on Tuesday afternoon und evening, December 1-itli.
Dressed dolls, doll clothes, doll millinery and a great many useful und
fancy articles suitable for Christmas
gifts to choose from, Tea served during the afternoon.
We carry the must fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we arc the only
otlice in this section time have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun iob olliee.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu curds just received ut
Tiik Sun job otlice.
NOTICE is hereby ciu-n ilmt mi application
will be made turner Part V. ot Un- "water
Aot, 1900," to obtain a license In the simiiku-
meeu Divisional Yale District.
(nl Tlu- name, address nml occupation nf tin-
niinllt-an: William Wniinsit-v, Cascade, H. C.
itniinincl Station Agent. (If fc- mining purposes) fri-i- Miner'sCortlflcate Nn	
(i.i Tlio name of the lake, stream or source (if
luiliiuned, tin- description I-) Bnndner Creok.
(i.) Tlit-point of inversion: Aboui 1000 tcel
north frnm Sanduer'smlll, Christina take, and
up tin' creek about 800 feel in nn Kiisit-rly tltree-
(,ll Tho qnan'tltv of wator appliod for (In ou-
bltifcetpers nidi: Oui bit foot.
(el 'iln- charactero! the proposed ivnrks   ....
(I) ilie iiromlses mi whicb the water I- tn bo
used (describe same)! I'art nf I.m 14211, Oroup
One, simllkameon Division nf Viilt-liii.irlt.-t.
0-) The purposes fnr which Hit- wator Is io be
UBcni Domostle nml Irrigation.
(I.) if for Irrlg-ndon describe Un- land Intended to be irrigated, giving ncroage- Partot Lot
14-28. Group tine. simill.nim-i.ii Division nf ^ ale
Dlsrrlot, leu aores. mort nr lo*s.
(i) 11* Uu- water Is to bo used for power or minim, purposes describe tin- place where the water
is tn In- returned to some niuiiinl cliaiihol, nml
tbedlHi-ronoc lu altitude between tin- point nf
dlronlon nml tho point ot return   	
(j) Area nf Crown land Intended tn be occupied hv ihe proposed works	
(k) This notice was posted mi lhe iweiui ilny
ni ii-tober, 100S.and application will in- mude
in the commissioner mi the suvoutceuth duy of
Noveinhor, 1900.
(I) Hive the names nml nddresse.8 nf nny
ripnrinii proprietors or licensees who or whose
hillils ,11'e likelv 10 lietlll'eeleil hv till' proposed
works, either above nr below lhe outlet: Cnarle-
Hlgnnture) WILLIAM wai.msi.kv
(P. o. Aihlt ) Cascade, JJ. C.
The Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
I'leaBP read the hrsdllno'over ag&\n. Then its
tremendouH Klimlficanneivill  lawn upon you.
\n Oliver Tyuuwriter—the standard visible
writer-tlie most highly per. toil typewriter
<ui the market—yours fnr 17 rents    dayi
Thf typewriter whuBocotimi
ilalwo- ' '' l,;'
17 tents ii .1:
■ni is a matter of hUtor -
(1 witli I
art* i'i ir
The tvpowmer that in equipue
uoh conveniences a* "The Riilanoe shift"—
■The KuliiiK Device'''-"The Double Kelenst"-
'Tlio locomotive Btwe — •'The Automatic
.muter"—"The Automatic Tabulator"-^ 'The
-"The Adjustable I'.i-
per Kiimer,-.*' -"Tlio Rot*
online comlousod Keyboard"—-nil
Yours (or  17
Gents a Day!
unounced thin
col thopulaaof
■ash uayiueut"
iilmi tn a nut
Bridge Street,
The l»pKt und most
substantial ilro-pro'tf
Iiu-y country'. Ke-
cent I.v completed tind
ii e w ly furnished
throughout. Kmiii>-
i-etl witb ull modern
electrical enliven-
ieuees, Centrally locuted, I'lrst-eliiH!. BO-
coin I no. lut inns fur the
ruvellhiy public.
Hot and Gold Baths
First-Glass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
The following table gives the ore shipments of   Boundnry
for 1905, 1906  nml for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoonix      613,537
Snowshoe.  I'hoenix        1115,0111
Mother Link-, Deadwood      208,321
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
100S    Post Wed
1,032,519       25,020
B. C. Mine, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide. Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Hose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King.Siiinniit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Hig Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, Wesl Fork	
Rambler, Wesl Fork	
Butcher Hoy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providenoe	
Golden Eagk'	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Hay, Skylark ."	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylnrk	
Crescent, Skylnrk	
Helen, (ireenwood	
Republic,Houndnry Falls	
Golden Engle	
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Houndnry Country, employ competent workmen, and curry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Plncnrds,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
3—the kind we do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will cimviiieeyou that oui-stoek and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee
people   siiiii-ly ii small
tiu-ii iTciMit.* ii .lay.   Thai Hni
The result lin» boon »i"-ii n deluge ul appllcu
iioim lor nmoliliim One >»o ""' simply '"
niiniili-il. ,    .   ,,  ,
Tlm .Iimhmul mimes (roiii poopl II c-lssstis,
nil lilies, llll OCUIIllllllOllS.
Tha iniijiirliv ni Inquiries litis dome frmn i ■
pic of known liiiiuii'l'ii stauilliiK "im «m.-iii-
iriu'ii-it hv un- uovoltj in iln- nnipos mi. An
impressive demonstration ol the tmmenes popularity ol tho Ollvei ■Typewriter
a startling confirmation »( our bollel thnt
the Em nl Universal Typewriting li. al hautl..
A  Quarter  of a Million People
1\   are Making Money with
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter *«  h   tnoitey-mnkvr
riu'lit inml the wnnl -u'ii!" Sihjuhv to run tlmt
bottluiHTH Buon gut hi i he ■'export." ()lll8$. Kuril
hs you leiim l.vt ihe muohtno pay lhe 17 <rt_i>
a day- nml nil above tlmt Iti yours.
Wherever you are, thero is work to In- done
nml raouoy in he made by uhjuu tht,* Oliver, Tlio
Iiumi.i'kh world Is oalling for ullver operators.
Thero art- not enough to Hupply the demand.
Tlicir salaries arc considerably ubovo those of
many rlussi.sof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is tho buttle ory today. Ae have made
the Oliver supreme in usefulness and absolutely
Indispensable in business. Now comes the coil
qiiusl ni'the home,
Tho simplicity and Btrongth ofthe Oliver fit it
for family Use.   It is 1 miim: nu important
factor iu the homo training or young people.
An educator as well ami money matter.
Our new selling plau puts the Oliver no the
threshold nf,evofy homo In America. Will vou
close the door of ynur homo or olliee mi this re
mnrkable Oliver offer?
Write for further details of our easy oilier aud
a freeoopy ul tne uew Oliver catalog,   Ad< rc<s
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
Always Carries in Stock
ii Fresh Supply ofj
Ice Gr
nd  Su
Drinks i
Palace Barber Shop
Kuzur Honing a Specialty.
Total, tons	
.Smeller Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion CopperCo.'a Smelter.
1,148,237    1,479,682
SI l,i)02
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooii Nohth ok Granbv Hotel,
First Strum,
Heavy uml Light Dray Work
Attended l>. Promptly, Passengers .mil Trunks to and
from all trains.
Bii_riiBBPOKh  llitos., Piiops.
60   YEARS'
—in vim. mi* —.
Total to    Latest      Per
Date.      Date.   Share
Total Treated      1,133,017   1,420,272
Authorized r-BHiBllB-.       Paid
 |Gra„bN^o^S_fa»^,...»» IE" niSbo |,,;:,i:», .;;-,. w*. *!!
 I Cariboo McKlmiey-Ualil     1,260,000   l.HSU.IXK)
07.) ' Pniviileiice-Silver /   800000
13.c. Copper—Copuer	
SI 000
546,8117 Feb. 11104
88,221 Sept. 1906
201,200 Sept. 1907
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Antone sending a sketch an __ description may
cratcklr ajcertaln onr opinion free wlietlier an
•%Ei SB !K5hf0LSn*"liiSf»T.
n«lolnotlc!, without, cliarse, ia thi
Scientific mm*.
A handsomely UluHtrftttid wuukly. Lurgoat (At-
culuttoa of any BOlflptlflO Journal. Tortnn for
Canada, KW? ft your#po8to«o prepaid. Bold by
All uowmlealtir.-'.
Urancli OOOB, f", If SU WafhlMlon, l>. O.


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