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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 6, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
TWEIiFTfl fEAR-No. 32
$1.00 PER YEAR
Visitor Predion a Great Future for the Oity of
Qrand Forks   ,
Frank fl. Horn, wbo visited
Grand Forks last week, gives tbe
following impressions of the dty in
(he Vancouver Saturday Sunset:
Orand Forks is pretty generally
knows, and is sitlnted about one
bundled oiUee aimoat due west of
Nelson. It ia already tbe borne of a
number of growing industries, to aay
nothing about thiB bugs Granby
smelter, and surrounded by rich
mineral and agricultural landa. The
oity is located at the junotion ef tbe
junction of tbe north fork and the
main Kettle river, 120 miles north
of .Spokane, 8o mucb Jor its geographical position. Tbe oity waa
founded- by John A. Manly, wbo,
owned a ranch where scores of pretty
hemes, miles of fine streets and
sidewalks, and several creditable
buildings now stand. It is a flourishing little eity at tbe foot of the
Gold range in the Selkirks, and baa
already a population ot 2600 people.
It ia practically surrounded by enormous and almost inexhaustible natural resources, and several large enterprises already in operation make
it s busy town. It is a gate between
Canada and the United Slates, and
when the last spikes are driven in
tbe different railways wbioh are being constructed it will be one of tbe
important pointa on transcontinental
routes. Grsnd B'orks ranks ranks
aa ths second eity in British Columbia in point of exports. The
value of these exports for .the nine
month ending December 31, 1012,
was $2,153,141, and the import du
ties collected during the year 1912,
by Collectoj R. R Gilpin totalled
Grand Forks is built to stay built,
and it will be a large town. The
provincial government haa juat completed its new court bouae. It ia a
handsome edifice of brick and marble, and it cost 160,000. Tbey bave
a aplendid central school there that
cost $35,000. The largest iron and
brass foundry in tbe interior of tbs
province is located at Grand   Porks.
From Grand Forks there radiate
seven separate lilies of Ihree rsil
ways, which give it the lieat obtainable facilities for transportation.
Trains go east, weat, north aod
south to Seattle, 8|Kiknne, Tacoma,
Portland and other points,and Orand
Korks bus a splendid outlook
through all of tbese uitiea lo the big
Panama canst.
The oity is a divisional point and
joint terminal for the CPR, and
the Kettle Valley railway, as well as
a divisional point on the V,, V. & E.
or Qreat Northern railway. The city
is a splendid railway oentre. Thirty-
live hundred men are working on
the construction of ihe Kettle Valley
line, - which will provide a direct
route to the coast, It will be the
main'divisional point on (he C.P.R.
short, line between Winnipeg and
Vancouver, and Qrand Forka will
thereby be located nn the main line
for transcontinental traffic between
the two oities. This route will reduce the run twenty hours between
Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Grsnd Forks is also big -in other
ways. Tbere are ssw mills, sash and
door factories, a wonkerful amount
of building material and aplendid
electric light and power systems,
owned by tbe city. Ils educational
facilities are Ibe beat possible snd
equal (hose in sny other city in the
province. It has two newspapers,
and, ita mining Snd smelting business is enormous.
Tbe Qrsnby smelter, capitalized
at $18,000,000, Ihe biggest copper
smelter in the British empire, is located at Qrand Forka. It bas a
monthly payroll of $35,000, and it
spends on its operations $3,000,000
eaoh year. The total psyroll of
Grand Forka exceeds $125,000 a
Grand Forka is s fruit grower's
paradise. Its apples are pr ia winners. Ita agricultural products are
equally goed.
Royal Agricultural Commission Will Meet, in Grand
Customs Receipts in This
District Durine May
Over $8,000
B. B. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub-customs offices, as reported to tbe ohief office in this oity,
for tha mouth of May:
Grand Forks  $6,626 49
Phoenix     1,622.72
Carson        120.19
Carcade         40.26
Total  $8,309.66
Compared with the collections fur
the corresponding month in 191*2, the
above figures show, a wonderful increase, and it ia apparent that if this
ratio is maintained the new cuatoius
house will soon be required to store
the cash in. Here are the receipts for
May, 1912:
Orand Forks  $4,000 96
Phoenix     1,306 95
Carson        13675
Cascade,          58.86
Tbe royal commission on agriculture will' bold a seasion in the new
court house in thia city on Monday
afternoon, June 9, at 2:30 o'clock.
Aa numerous matters of vital interest to every farmer in tbe valley will
be brought up for discussion, it
Would be advisable for every ranch
er, fruit grower, and anyone elso
interested in agriculture to be present.
Tbe directors of the Grsnd Forks
Farmers' Institute met. in tbe office
of tbe secretary last Friday night
aod discussed the subject. They decided to bring to tbe attention of tbe
commission numerous requirements
which would improve the condition
of (be agricultural population, auch
aa eheap money, better railroad
rates and improved railroad service,
a central selling agency, cold storage
plant, closer inspection of foreign
fruits, stricter enforcement of tbe
fruit marks aot on the foreign grower, and many otber matters.
Tuesday. He will make his report
to the local lodge next Tuesday,
when every member is requested to
be present.
Mrs. W F. Stewart and Mra. B.
J. Gardner returned via tbe Great
Northern from North Vanoouver,
where tbey bad heen attending tbe
meeting of tbe Grand Assembly of
Pythian Sisters.
Miss Edith C. Hadden returned
on Tuesday via the Great Northern
railway, afser a visit witb frienda at
Victoria and Vancouver.
W. 8. Emard Has Five Bibs
Broken at the Granby
The log drive on the main Kettls
river for the Cascade mill has been
finished. Sunday and Monday tbe
watohmen at the C.P.R bridge in
the West end had strenuous work to
keep jams from lodging against it.
Occasion blasting bad to ba resorted to.
Farmers' Institute Meeting
A special meeting of the members
of tbs Qrand Forks Valley Farmers'
Institute will be held in the Miners'
Union hall on SsturtUy evening,
June 14, st 8 o'clock, when the following government speakers will ad»
dress the gathering: H, C A«hby
will apeak on "Feed Crops and Tillage," followed by J. it. Terry, who
is tbe secretary of the Provincial
Poulty association, and will take
"Poultry" for his subject. A Isrge
and repressentslive gatheiing is requested. The Indies and everybody
in any wsy inlereatrd in poultry are
specially invited to attend.
Tbe "Passers-By" company gave
a splendid rendition of tbe above
entitled comedy drama at the Grand
Forka opera bouse on Tuesday evening. Tbe play was of a high class
of the dramatist's art, and tbe members of tba compapy were infinitely.
more talented tban tbe majority of
troupes that visit our city. As the
result of a combination of these
qualities, the audience was trested
to a pleasing and instructive entertainment. Unfortunately, the attendance was small. But tbis fact
was undoubtedly due to tbe sultry
weather wbicb prevailed, and the
high price of admission. Those who
were not present missed a meritorious dramatic production.
Chinese Section Laborer Is
Crushed Between Iwo
Freight Cars
Wong Woe, a Chinese section laborer, was instantly killed in tbe
Great Northern yards at tbe Granby
smelter on Monday morning. He
waa riding on a flatcar, loaded wiih
ties, wbiob bumped against a box
car. Tbe impact of Ibe cars com
ing together dislodged bim, tbe ties
upon wbioh be wss riding pinning
him between tbem aud tbe box car.
CSroner A. S. Black, of Greenwood,
arrived in city on Tuesday.and beld
an inquest in the afternoon. A verdict of accidental death was relurned. The members of tbe jury
were: J. D Campbell, foreman; M.
H. Muller, Qeo. Armson, J. H,
Hofer, J. K. Moybooer and Emil
"The Palace of Flame," a real
novelty in tbe moving picture line,
will be the program at the Grand
Forks opera house tonight. It is a
$60,000 scene production.
The Grand Forks and Republic
baseball clubs plaved a tie game at
the fair grounds Wednesday afternoon, the score heing 5 to 5. Next
Wednesday Orand Forks will (to to
Republic fnr a return game. Tt is
expected lhat a special train will he
run, and that a large number nf
baseball enthusiasts will accompany
tbe club.
The Scandinavian Aid snd Fellowship Society nf British Columbia
will hold ita annual picnic st Ward's
lake, in the Weat end nf the citv, on
June 25. Arrangements are nnw
being made hy the local society (nr
the entertainment nf visitors who
are expected from all parts of the
The follrnving is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
I day during tbe  past   week, as re
| corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Rainfall  0.00
May 30—Friday.......
. 46
31—Saturday  ...
. 46
June   1—Sunday,....
. 48
. 54
. 60
.   5-Thuraday....
. 45
The regular monthly meeting of
the Qrand Forks Poultry and Pet
Slock association wes beld in Ihe
office of tbe secretary, Walter E.
Hadden, on Friday evening, when
the prize list for ths poultry section
of the fall fair was gotten ready.
William S. Emard, a feeder at ibe
Granby smelter, was seriously injured on Monday morning, and now
liea in a critical condition at the
Cottage hospital. While Mr. Emard
was riding on a charge train, in
passing tinder one of the ore chutes,
tbe hesvy steel door, wbicb hsd become opened, caught bim in tbe left
side, bresking five ribs, one of which
punctured his liXng. He was at
once removed to the hospital, where
he ia receiving all tbe medical care
possible. Last nigbt bis condition
was reported as still being serious,
but tbe attending physicians bave
bopea of bis ultimate recovery.
W. J. Galipeau, cement sidewalk
contractor, is msking a pleasing
transformation of the down-town
streets. A couple of weeks from
new we should be sble to go anywhere on a firmer footing.
Death of Mrs. C. P. Hay
A telegram was received in this
city on Monday morning slating
tbat Mra. C. P. Hay had died in a
Calgary hospital on Sunday, June
1, following an operation for a liver
Deceased was the daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Carter, of tbis city,
snd wss about thirty years of age.
Sbe was raised in this city.and lived
here until tbree years ago, when
she was married to Charles P. Hay,
who also spent bis boyhood days in
Qrand Forks. Since that time tbey
bave been living at Staveley, Alta.,
where Mr. Hay owns a large ranch.
Before her •marriage Mrs. Hay followed the profession of a graduate
nurse, and abe waa highly esteemed
and respected by tbe people of tbis
community. Besides her husband,
she is survived by her lather,
mother and two brothers, of (bis
city, and a Bister, Miss Nellie Carter, wbo ie a graduate nurse in a
Word of Mra. Hay's serious condition arrived in tbia on Friday,
and her brother, Douglas, left for
Calgary en Saturday, but be arrived
there too late to aee hia sister alive.
Her sister Nellie wu also en route
to that dty wben death came.
Tbe remains were taken to Vancouver, wbere Mr. Hay's parenta re-
aide, for burial.
John Hutton, the recently appointed city clerk, arrived in Qrand
Forks from Cslgary on Tuesday,
and assumed his duties at (he city
office nn Wedneday.
The Herman lilock will he ready
for the tenants nn the loth inst.
E. Jacobs, of Victoria, is spending a few dsys in the Boundary
gathering information on mining
Anyway, vou hardly need fear that
you will get a raw deal from the man
who roasts you.
Frank J, Miller, whe aitended lhe
Qrand Lodge meeting of the Knights
of Pythias, recently held in North
Vanoouver, aa representative of the
Qrand  Forks lodge,  returned  on
No one bas yet beard tbe
Qrand Forks fruit crop complaining
about ths bot weather.
The provincial poultry show will
be held in Grand Forks this fall.
The Sun job office is tbe best
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
tbe past week. Aranby mine, 2!!,-
387; Mother Lode, 4,820; Rawhide,
4,226; Napoleon, 173; Victoria, 479.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
425 tons; Greenwood, 11,Ml.
With sn output of 23,387 tons
laat week, the Granby ore shipments
passed tbe half million ton mark
for the. year to date, tbe total being
529,269 tons.
Dr. Acres, who bas been confined
to his home by illness for a couple
of weeks, is reported to mucb improved.
James McArdle returned yesterday from a business trip to Colville.
John Wright, late city clerk, yesterday commenced his duties as
bookkeeper in the offices of the
Granby offices. V
Multitudes oi People
take SCOTTS EMULSION regularly to repair wasted vitality and
enrich the blood to withstand
winter colds and exposure.
It contains the highest grade of
cod liver oil, medically perfected;
it is a cream-like food-medicine,
scrupulously pure and healthful
without drug or stimulant. Endorsed and advocated by medical
authorities everywhere.
colds—nourishes the membranes
of the throat and lungs and keeps
them healthy.
Nothing aauale SCOTT'S
EMULSION far long and bronchial
xMcskirtuxt—iort, tight ehette and
all pulmonary trouMu.
Equally good for infants,
children or adults, but you must
have SOOTTS.
Scott & Bowie, Toronto, Ontario .    1*66
New Weapon to Deal With Dsaperats
Criminals Is Successfully
Paris, Prance.—The suffocating revolver was used by tbe Paris polios
recently for the flrst time, and Its effectiveness was amply demonstrated.
The weapon waa Invented as a sequel
to the motor bandit sieges, when lt
was realized that there waa need for
some method of overcoming the resistance ot dangerous criminals, without
so much risk to the police.
The weapon was used In the Passy
quarter, wl sre a young Creole named
Vltale Potbln, belonging to a
wenlthy family, had suddenly tw>qoi"-«
Armed with a revolver and several
boxes ot cartridges he had barricaded himself ln his room at a flat, and
for several hours had flred at any one
who Uad ventured < approach. A policeman had a narrow escape of being
Steel bucklers were then fitted to a
couple of detective.., who crept up to
a small window and flred the contents
of their suffocating revolvers. The
room was filled with acrid smoke, and
Pothln, half suffocated, made a dash to
the window, where he was captured by
the detectives.
Second Son of King Gustava Selsctsd
for Albania
Vienna.—Prince William of Sweden,
second son of King Oustava, will be
the first occupant of the throne of
Albania if the wishes of the triple
alliance—Germany, Austria-Hungary,
and Italy are carried out. This announcement was made by tho Neue
Vrele Presse. Dispatches from Cat-
taro, the seaport of Montenegro announce that the fortress of Scutari ia
being subjected to a severe bombardment by the Montenegrin besiegers.
pules ra
On Arms and Legs. Caused Running
Sores. Would Tear Himself Till'
They Bled. Like Open Wounds.
CuticuraSoap and OintmentCured.
ta Stewart St., Toronto, Ontario.—
"When my baby was nine month, old bs
bail a lot of pimple* come on bis anas aad
lean which und to come
to a head, then break and
rauao running aoKi. They
wen bright nd ipots,
wblcb Itched and burned
»o badly that he would
tear hlnuelf till he mads
them bleed and they were
all Ilka open wound-.
Tbey wen on hla Ikes
and arms so bad tbat I
did not like to take blm
out. lie could not deep'
or rest anywhere. I tried
several thlngi at home sad lots of different
Ihlnga people uied to advlas me. but hs
did not get a bit bettor.
"I bathed each place ta warm water sod
Cutlrura Boap aad then I put aome of tba
Cuticura Ointment on and bound them up
In toft rage and to Slept totter that night
than to had Ibr three weeki, and to
did not -cratch hlnuelf ones that night.
I did that for three dayi, night aad mom-
ins, when we noticed ths sons wen getting drier and healing, so I bought a
cake of Cuticura Soap and a box of Cuticura Ointment, and after a week and a few
dayi then wu not a Memlih on him.'l
(Signed) Mn. F. Wert, Feb. 39,1013.
Cuticura Hoap and. Cuticura Ointment an
Sold by druggliu and dealen everywhere.
ror a liberal free -ample of each, with 39-p.
hook, tend port card to Potter DrugtOhna.
Corp., Dept. WD, Boston, U. I. A.
W   N. U. M7
Former Sultan    Fslt   Thst   Turkey
Would Beei me Prey of the
Berlin, Germany.—A further Instalment ot   ex-Sultan    Abdul   Hamld's
'Thoughts and I -morleB1   from   his
diary appears in the current number
of 'Nord und Sud.
The red sultan thought that Turkey
had become weak on account ot having grown to too great an extent. So
he does not compl. i .iat the empire
lost those Balk;.. lands, wblc'.i were
so difficult to rule, for he believes—or
believed when the diary was written
—that Turkey's safety lay ln drawing
back and concentrating her energies
and the sooner we Co that the sooner
will our weakness and illness be overcome. Then Europe will see that
the despise! sick man will become a
strong man.
On the vexed question of training
Turkish officers ln Europe, the sultan
My trlei-d, Uie Germa kaiser,
praises the progress of our officers who
study ln Germanv. But I am afraid
the kaiser is wrong, for the special
report of my Berlin ambassador shows
that the study of those young gentlemen Is a very Insufficient affair.
Only a few devot. themselves industriously to their work. K costs a
great deal for our young sons of Pashas to study Prussian military science,
but it Is a gocd thing for the foreigner to tee.
The old virtues ot the Osmanll, simplicity and sobriety, are often lost by.
our young men in Germany. They
acquire habits ot Immorality and
drinking, and return ..:> bla.e dandles,
look down upon tbelr comrades, on
our old and tried generals, and mock
at our customs.
Abdul ls not the first to make such
observations. He also believed In a
thoroughly Mohammedan Turkey, ln
bringing back to the empire, ln order
to strengthen it, all the Ottomans who
had wandered Into neighboring states.
As to Turkey's troubles, the deposed
sultan say-:
Allah send vs peace and quiet. No
land requires them more. V.'3 know
that our rule leaves much to be desired, but the worst thing Is the Intriguing of the powers, wbo are bringing
about our ruin. Year In, year out,
they disturb us.
In view of the machinations of thel
powers how can we lead our people
forward? It we could only have ten
years ot peace, then we might hope to
be equal to the much-admired Japanese.
Throughout the diary Abdul fulminates against extravagance and luxury.
To set my viziers a good example, he
says*. I have cut down my civil list. I
know that the European press often
rages against the slie of lt, but one
must know that I have almost a whole
town to maintain,
I am also the Kallf, tbe Father of
all Islam and my purse belongs, there-
tore, to the Moslems of all the world.
Allah knows bow little I require for
We must have a censor! Abdul exclaims. In the west, he thinks, with
Its higb degree of general education, a
censorship may not be necessary, but
the ex-sultan says that It is necessary
to treat his subjects as children, tor
they are, Indeed only big children, and
but slightly educated. It ts a great
pity, he adds, that so many shallow
French novela find their way Into the
English machinations make Abdul
very angry. There now rests for us,
he says, only one way to salvation.
That Is to annihilate English Intrigues. It Is necessary for me to
place myself at the head of the so-
called reform movement. I must
give way before English machinations, and I shall announce the constitution. That ls the last move ln
the game. Perhaps those who revel
In schemes ot reform will find out later that the new way leads to the
abyss; In the end the; will perceive,
I trust, that Vurkey can only live lf
the Ottoman loyally adherea to the
solid foundations of our sacred code.
Otherwise, we shall fall before the
Christian powers who wish to destroy
How Tims Does Fly
You must remember, said a teacher
to his class ln ancient history, that
these events   happened   more   than
three thousand years ago.
Ah, exclaimed an Idle boy. too true,
too true!     Bless me, how the time.
does slip away.
Look for the Denature of tt. W. OROVB.
Cures a Cold In Ona Day.   Cures Grip
in Two Daya.    21c.
A 8;.iart Salesman
Let me see some of your black kid
gloves, said a lady to a shop assist-
These are not the latest style, are
tliey? she asked, when the gloves were
Yes, madam, replied the shopman,
we have had them In stock only two
I didn't think they were, because the
fashion paper says black kids have
tan stitches and vice versa. I see
the tan stltcl.es but not the vice
The shopman explained, that vice
versa was French for seven buttons,
so she bought three palra.
A clerical-looking gentleman, ln the
hope or obtaining a contribution, en
tered the office of a newspaper, and,
finding the editor lo, began:
I am soliciting aid for s gentleman
ot refinement and Intelligence who ls
ln need ot a little ready money but
ls too proud to make known his sufferings.
Why, exclaimed the editor, I'm the
only man ln town answering that dear
crlptlon. What's the gentleman's
I'm sorry to say I am not at liberty
to disclose It.
It must be me, parson, Heaven prosper you In your good work, said tbe
editor, wiping away a tear.
The man who ls called upon to
carve the turkey never gets his" proper share.
For absolute purity and
wholesome flavor you
should use
Can be had from your
Irate Tailor—Now look here, Mr.
Scrlbb, this has gone on long enougb.
I demand a'cheque right now.
Impecunious Author—Sorry, Snip old
man, but my physician ha- ordered
me to give up writing altogether for
three months. »
Pres. of Bostd of Hsslth.
"What shell I eat?" is the dally Inquiry the physician la met with. I
do not hesitate to say that ln my Judgment a large percentage of dlse-se
ts caused by poorly selected and lm,
properly prepared food. My personal
experience with the fully-cooked food
known aa Grape-Nuts, enables me to
speak freely of Its merits.
"From overwork, 1 suffered sevoral
years with malnutrition, palpitation of
the heart, and loss of sleep. Last
summer I was led to experiment personally with tbe new food, which I
used ln conjunction with good rich
cow's milk. In a short time after I
commenced ita use, the disagreeable
symptoms disappeared, my heart's act-
Ion became steady and normal, the
functions ot the si-imaoh were properly carried out and I again alept as
soundly and aa well as ln my youth.
"I look jpon'Grape-Nuts as a perfect food, and no one can gainsay but
that It has a most prominent place In
a rational, scientific system of feeding.
Anyone who uses this food will soon
be convinced of the soundness of the
principle upon which It Is manufactured and may thereby know the facts
aa to Its true worth." Name given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,
"There's a reason," and lt Is explained ln the little book, "The Road
to Wellvllle," In pkgs.
Evsr read the above letter? A new
ens appears from time to time. They
are genuine, tine, and full ef human
Paired Off
Our aliens quickly pick up British
How now?
I aaked the Greek bootblack on our
road lf he wasn't going home to fight,
and he tells me "that he ts paired with
the Turk who runs the fruit stall.
. A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.—
When the undigested food lies In the
stomach lt throws off gases causing
pains and oppression ln the stomachic
region, The belching or eructation of
these gases ls offensive and tho only
way to prevent them ts to restore the
stomach to proper action. Pavme-
lee's Vegetable Pilla will do this. Simple directions so with each packet and
h course of then taken systematically
Is certain to effect a cure.
At the Rehearsal
The Author—At this point the hero
It^plunged ln deep thought and runs
his fingers through his hair.
The Producer—But look at him. He
hasn't moro tf. at a halt dozen hairs
on his head.
The Author—Then let him run his
hairs through his fingers.
—-fl—    * | I *s.
Internally and Externally It Is Good.
—The crowning property of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is that tt can be used
internally for many complaints as well
as externally. For sore throat,
croup, whooping cough, pains ln the
chest, colic and many kindred ailments lt baa curative qualities that
are unsurpassed. A ! ottle of lt costs
little and thero is no loss in always
having tt at hand.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm quietly be overcome by
Purdy vegetable
The only people who hava n regret
for anything they ever said are those
who have never said anything of Importance.
Mothers Tell What It Did for Their
Little Ones
Thousands of mothers in Canada
owe a debt of gratitude to Zam-Buk.'
Mrs. J. Qui ling, of Ninette, Man.,
says: "My little boy was suffering
very badly from a form of skin- disease over his eye. I applied Zam-
Buk to the affected part, and In a
very sho:. time the sores were
Mrs. F. Miners, of 311 Suffolk St.,
Guelpb, Ont., says: "My little daughter Lortnda (6), contracted a skin disease. This first broke out like tiny
water blisters, afterwards taking the
form of dry scabs. These would disappear for a short time, andjhen reappear worse than ever. \'~ tried
Zam-Buk, and perseverance with its
use resulted ln a cure."
All druggists and stores cell Zam-
Buk at 60c. box oi post free from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
Pa Is Won Over
Aunt Grundy—I thought you disliked
that young man wbo calls on Gracie?
Grade's Pa—I can't very well show
lt. He's promised to get me all t'_-
baseball passes 1 can use t'..U summer,
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
u m-retvr "Ul eurely deetror Uw mm ot aaeO
us eompieuir denote the whole intra wMa
imtettn. It throuih the rn'MOUe MrfaeM. Sueh
HUeM tfmU nmr he wed inapt oa preterit
tlMi from reputable phnteku, u the damn they
will do b tea -old to the food nm caa poalblf derive mai them. Hill'i Catarrh Cure, muufutiired
by V. ). Cheney * Co., Toledo. O.. contain no mer-
•urr. end k takes auetnallr. aetUS dlnetlr upon
thi Wood aal naoew nrlieea ot IM -num. la
burnt mill canna one be tan roaeH tbl
■num. It h lama totirninr aaa ante aymta,
JWo. br T. 1. Cheney * Co. Ta«l-Makvll Ma
Sold by Drutiin. Prue. Tie. per bottla
Tail Bill'i family ran W ooutiMWa...
Don't think because a man has but
little to say that '.ie must have acquired the bablt from sawln-; wood.
To whom It may concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT myself as well as prescribe
ed lt ln my practice wbere a liniment
waj required and have never tailed to
L.t the desired effect.
C. A. KIN(, M.D
About two-thirds of tbe average
man's laughter la Inspired by his own
alleged wit.
am, tad Indigli-n.   They do thee duly.
Saul! no. Saul Data, S-aaU Mn.
Genuine mut bear Signature
DTE. m« cm fc»T«Wh» yoa .float ansa, Imt*i*
knew what KIND*! Clolh yoorGoofe uo Mkio
OL-.SO MUtakaa ar* tepOMlblo.
****** for Proo Color Cat*, Story BooUot. oa*
l_.-IM.il.   __-**_______*_________».        ** .      ■•
Wt only handle property of aMttag
merit, on wnloh ws art prtpartd te
guarantee profits. 	
and "DBKR LODOWlProptrtlta art
rood InTeatmtntt. Wt wsat a food
agent to reprastat na In awry tewa.
Sir terms apply.
aterllng Sank Building, V/lnnlpst
"Don't waatt tlmt writing tt rat,
do not mean business."
Eminent Doctors Remedy, not adve-
tlaed before—simple, effective. Large
supply fl.CC—F. Osborne, i: Arlington Ave., Westmouht, Montreal.
Just what you r- quire to keep account ot your expenses. Dro:> a
line to your local Bank. They will
send you one for tbe asking.
home; decorating cushion tope; esa
make from fl to II per day; plsaaaat
work. Armour Art Co, Dept. N. II
Bteele Blk., Winnipeg.
Bad Blood '       ■    ' ■■
is the direct and inevitable result el
Irregular or constipated bowels aaa)
dogged-up kidneys aad skin. The
•ndtgeited food and ether waste mat.
ter whicb is allowed to accumulate
'poisons the blood aad the whde
System. Df. Morse's Indka Root HBe
set directly oa the bowels, nplatlag
them—on the kidneys, giving that
Wood-and on the etta, opeotag ua
the pores. For pm» Wood aad good
health ahe «
Dr. Morse's   *
Indian Rook Pill*
Proof Positive
A quack doctor was holding forth
about his medicines to a rural audience.
Yes, gentle, en, he said, I bave sold
these pills tor over twenty-flve j'.ara,
and never heard a word of complaint..
Now what doea that prove?
From a voles in the'erowd came:
That dead men tell no tales.
No man is
Than his
The Medioal Adviser by
R.V. Pierce, M.D.,Buf-
fiUo, N.Y. anewtrthoete
of delicate fustttons
about wthieh every man
er woman, tingle or tsar-
rteiettthtwhteto. Stnt
free on receipt of SO one-
cent stamps to pay fer
wrapping and mail**.
LET the greatest athlete have dyspepsia end hie
strength will soon fall. One's stamina—foree-
fullnsss and strength of mind er muscle
depend upon the blood, and the blood In torn,
requires a healthy stomach, fer the stomach la the:
laboratory where the feed ia digested end eaeh ele>
mente are taken op—or aaslmllated-whleh mats'
IW. In eonseqoenee all the organs ef the body,
such as heart, lungs, liver and Udneys, ea well aa
the nervous system- feel the bed effect If tke stess-
ach ia deranged.
Medical Discovery
.    htlps tht stomach to dlgeat food
favorably knows ttr ever M nan.    Everywhere
atmtatlgkbtrcaB UU yeo ef tie good it kss am*.
flaM.oSh&eMatrtalles ****- fee a**-***, y*e*\ TW. StT\T. OB AMD FORKS. TVRTTTSTT COT.TTMTUA
Why doesn't sho tak*
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They slop a headache promptly, y»» do not contain any of
the dangerous drugs common tn headache tablets. Ask your
Druggist about thorn.   25c. a1»x.
Nationm. eiluo am OHtaiML Co. or Canna*. Li-htk. 13a
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Induratsd tube ellow the water te retain hest longer
and never rust. Bslng madt In one seamless place eannot apllntar
and ao ths danger of snagged fingers end torn clothes is eliminated,
Ueed In conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
i Washday  Loses Half |ts Terrors
li O O -'. T    YOUR     TOWN    liY     OR_ UNl'ING    A
('A Ui'i: WILLIAMS ?,„s;^.m
from the X Ranch Corral a wall eyed
Pinto Broncho with a Roman nose
and lightning heels. Wo havo Issued
a humorous descriptive circular of
this remarkable bronco with Illustrations of his antics. Sent fres on
application to any reader of this paper.
This is the most famous circular ever
printed In. the English language*
Moro than half a million copies have
already bean distributed ts advertise
our famous Plate 3UI (loves mads
Irom tough Bronco hides. For a freo
sopy send postal to
Caaaea'ilxxrt Bin aa«Mtt MORS.
Maypole Soap
HOMS   OV> jSTxfmixm
Cine   lick,   cnt       &!*M
coloci,  Noc   no_a
dyhri.; Don ail
24 eaten, will ibe
HhL bfadLlSc.ee
woet-pti*    with
UUH -"How lo
f. L KMMCT t N. taM
Whieh wae Why
Why, little hoy! exclaimed the
shocked old lady, aren't you ashamed
to be smoking that vile cigar?
Sure lady, replied the urchin, blowing out a Ting, but yer aee tbe guy
wot dropped It didn't have no taste
ttr good tetbaccer!
[iMMI   ill.
I Here's a chance
(or you le bajr
jroer range from
the factory and
| save 30%—to
buy k on easy
I terms snd to get
awouB choose, even if you
to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
candy whit.littufiu like. Ildt-
•cribci itch poi* cltatly. «a wo
goaranttt awn* nag* to bt Juit
at reptwisBtetli
Yoa Bight SS WlU ran tht titiil
ill.   Mail At eotfta to-day.
Dominion Pride
Aptly Turnsd.
Wifey—Our phone te a party line.
Hubby—Tea, I notice thst every
time I want to use it there ls someone holding a reception on the wire.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will drive worms from the system
without Injury to the child, because
Its action, while fully effective, is
If you have reason for an act yen
won't need an excuse.
W. N. U. M7
She Didn't Intend to
A middle-aged couple, made suddenly'rich through an unexpected turn ot
fortune's wheel, were visiting the M,
P. from their district at his Ottawa
At breakfast the flrst morning after
their arrival, the woman, nervously-
trying to chip off the top of her egg
with her knife, attacked the protleu
with so much seal that the egg was
knocked out of the cup and rolled under the table. Not knowing just
what was the proper thing to do under the circumstances she nudgel her
Hank! Hank! she whispered, I hare
dropped an egg.   What shall I de?
Don't cackle, came the matter-of-fact
Miller's Worm Powders not only
make the infantile system untenable
for worms, but by their action on ti
stomach, liver and bowels they correct such troubles as lack oi appetite, biliousness and other - Internal
disorders that the worms create. Children thrive upon them and no matter
what condition thoir worm-Infested
stomachs may be ln, they will show
Improvement as soon as the treatment
The Rara Avis
The hostess—Good women hard to
find T Nonsense professor.   You for Instance, I am sure, have a good woman
for a wife.
The Professor—Veil, yes, but I marry fife times before I findt her.
i ■
pit.ee cured in e to ta davs
tottrdromtltt will refund money If PAZO
OINTMBNT falls to cura any caa* of Itching, Blind, Bleeding ar Protruding PUte
In ii to 14 daya.   IM.
Not a Barber Shop
Walter (to barbarian who tucks his
napkin In at his neck): Pardon me sir,
bnt no shampoo goes with this dinner.
Mlnard'e Liniment for caie everywhere.
Lo-.t and Found
A Scottish tourist walking the
streets of Paris, some distance from
hie hotel, found he bad taken a wrong
turning, and to make things worse, he
could not, through ignorance of the
language ask the way. Then a happy
thought atruck him. By dint of signs
he concluded a bargain with a fruit
hawker for a b.sketful ot gooseberries
and then, to the -jnazement ofc^vorj--
body, went about shouting: Fine
Scotch grossets! A penny a pun!
This went on for a while, till a fellow-countryman rushed forward and
asked: Mon, d'ye think ye're in the
streets of Olesca, that ye gang about
like a madman crying grossets?
Kch! replied the hawker, with a
sense of relief, ye're Just the man I
was looking for. D'ye ken thc way
to the — Hotel?
Expensive Encores
A good story Is being told about a
fashionable New York woman wbo
recently engaged Mme. 8—, ot the
Metropolitan Opera to sing at one of
her receptions. It was arranged that
two songs should be furnished, at 1100
per song. Mme. 8— sang ao well
that the delighted guests demanded
more, and were referred by tbe songstress to their hoctrss.
The latter looked rather unhappy,
but bavins no choice In the matter,
waa compelled to give orders for another song—and yet another, and another, until Mme. S— had scored eight
in all—which at 1100 each, was not a
bad night's work.
Dad—Just think of it. It would
take twelve million years to pump the
oceans dry a*-the rate of one thousand gallons a second.
Bobby—And where would you put
all the water, pa.
Mlnard'e Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
And the love of evil la the root of1
a tot ot money.
Baby's Own Tablets are the best
medicine a'mother can give her little
one. They act aa a gentle laxative,
sweeten the stomaoh, break up colds
and make teething eaay. Concerning
them Mrs. Alphonie Landry, Upper
Caraquet, N.B., says: "Baby's Own
Tablets were of great benefit to my little boy and"I would advise all mothers
with sickly children to give them a
trial.". The Tablets are add by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box trom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Never Again
Father, did mother accept you the
first time you proposes to her?
Yes, my dear, but since then any
.proposal that I have ever made Bhe
has scornfully, rejected.
Saskatchewan Man Tells How They
Curedv Him, After   Four   Months'
Suffering from Backache and Other
Forma of Kidney Dlaesse
St. Phillips, Sask. (Special).—In a
new country where dbanges of climate
and impure water are among the difficulties to be surmounted, kidney trouble is prevalent. It ls the kidneys,
the organs that strain the Impurities
Out of the blood, that first feel any
undue strain on the body. Consequently Dodd's Kidney Pills have
heen well tried and tested ln this
They have stood the teet. Many
settlers tell of backache, rheumatism
and urinary troubles cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Mr. Otto Olshewskl is
one ot these. In speaking of his
cure be says:
"I. suffered from kidney disease for
four months. My back ached, I had
heart fiutterings, and was always tired
and nervous. My skin had a harsh,
dry feeling; my limb's were heavy; and
I had a dragging sensation across the
'I consulted a doctor, but, as I did'
not appear to Improve, I decided to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills. I used six
boxes, and now I am all right."
Dodd'a Kidney Pills always stand
the teet.    Ask your neighbors.
His Request
So you have determined to sue me
for breach of promise?
With damages.
Of course.
Well, say. I've got Just one favor
to ask of you. Don't sue me for less
than 1100,000. I haven't got a dollar in the world that I can call my
own, and It might help my credit.
Can be handled very caally.
The tick are cured, and all
othera tn same stable, no matter how "exposed,'* kept from
having the disease, by ualng
CURB. Give on the tongue or
In feed. Acts on tho blood and
expels germs of all forms ot
distemper. Best remedy ever
known for mares ln foal. Drug,
gists and harnesa dealen. Cut -
allows how to poultice throata.
Our fret booklet givot everything. Largest selling horat
remedy In existence—11 years. Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGIST!..
gPOHN MEDIOAL CO., Chemlsta and *BacterlnlosHt«, Ootbtn, Ind.. U.8.A.
From Kid
Thin, crisp bits of white Indian
Corn, cooked to perfection
and toasted to a delicate
bitfkm without the touch of
human hand.
You get them in the sealed
Ready to Eat
A dish of Post Toasties for
breakfast and lunch, with thick
cream or rich fruit juice, is a
dish that epicures might chortle
over. _.
Nourishing:, economical,
delicious, "more-ish."
Made by Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Poetum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
A Splendid 10 cent Household Specialty is being introduced
all over Canada.  It is appreciated by "the Thrifty Housewife
who wants things "Just a little better."   Send post card to-day.
Simply say:-.
'Send package of household specialty advertised in my newspaper'
That's all-You will be delighted! Pay if satisfied-we take
the risk-Address P. O. Box 1240, Montreal, Can.   :
This offer expires June 1st, 1913. Send today.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Dings to the bearing! and insures the least
possible friction and wear.   Moisture and
- changes of temperature do not affect it
The choice of the most successful farmers.
'Gas Engine OU
Used and recommended by die lead*
ing engine builders all over the country.
Keeps hs body at high temperature*.
Equally good for external bearings.
B Dorado Cottar Msehise 0U
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Tkmktr Hard Oil
Silier Stsr Eafiiw Krreene
Imperial Motor GsmBas
Mm Ask Greats
Stock carried at 300 tank and -warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addressee,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main Of fie,,
Reglns. Moose Jaw, Saskatoon,
Edmonton, Calgsry, Lethbridge,
Anaemic Condition
or Bloodlessness
A peculiar pallor or even glutstllness
of the skin ls the marked symptom of
anaemia. The eyelids, gums and
lips appear to be almost bloodless.
The cause of this condition is tho absence of red corpuscles from the
The anaemic patient ls usually thin
and weak, but may be fleshy and Inclined to dropsy. Stomach troubles
and weakness ot the bodily organs are
Red corpuscles must be added to
the blood, and this can best be accomplished by using Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
This great food cure ls so gentle
and natural In action tbat lt Is admirably sultel for the use of women
and girls suffering from anaemia or
other diseases which arise from an
Impoverished condl.lon ot tho blood.
It ls readily assimilated, enters the
blood streams and carries health and
strength to evjry organ of the body.
The vigor ot the digestive system Is
quickly restored, and the food taken
into the body Is pronerly digested and
nourishment supplied to tho whole
• To get well and keep well you must
.supply the body v. It'- an abundance
lof pure, rich blood. Nothing can help
'you so well as
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cent* a box, 6 (or .2.50, at all dealers, or Gdmanson, Bates A Co., Ust*
Hed, Toronto- THE   SUN;   GBAND   FOBKS,   B. C.
(ftp (kan&JfarkH &un
G. A. Evans, Editor and Puolismer
sumcMPTio-i mil:
One Year (In advance)	
tine Year, In United Slates .
.,- 1.00
.. 1.60
Address all communication, to
>*Hum HI! Qb»»d l"oB«i, B.C
Premier Borden's boast thst be
would appeal to tbe country in tbe
event tbe senate rejected the navy
bill hae entirely did out Mr Burden's cabinet colleagues are too fond
of office to allow bitn to engage in
suth a hazardous enterprise.
Tbe lives of Mackenzie and Mann
remind us thai if we should become
financially embarrassed after we
have accumulatedforty or fifty million dollars'"the government will
corfle to our assistance.
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of
agriculture, in bis speech on the government's naval polioy, did not advance any convincing arguments in
favor of the contribution pian.
Nothing more clearly -demon-
sirates tbe weakness of, Mr. Borden's
naval contribution policy than the
fact that the government is afraid to
submit tbe question to the decision
of tbe people.
"The rooster thst crows the loudest may bs the nest one to grace tbe
dinner-table." Tbe subsidized newspapers of British Columbia may be
compelled to make an honest living
some dsy.
Rights of Aliens
The legal rights of an alien de
pend entirely upon the grace of the
lawmaking power. An alien has no
more natural and inherent right in
a foreign land than a stranger has
in another man's bouse. The owner
of the house may look tbe door in
his face, admit him ss a servant,
invite him in as a guest, or take
him into the family.
A foreigner^hj-edipitted to citizen-
fbip, not by 'tight of any intellectual,
moral, nr physical qualifications,but
because tbe United States, and the
states, have made laws that admit
him to suffrage under various con
ditions. Tbe state laws are supreme
within theif jurisdiction, snd the ns-
tionsl laws are supreme within their
Treaties  are   national laws, and
when properly ratified, are the supreme law of the land, even to tbe I
extent overriding any state law and
any state constitution that happens
to conflict with them. Congress it-1
self recognizes the supremacy of
treaties, for when, in 1897, it passed
a law providing that "no alien or
person wbo is not a citizen of the
United States, or who has not declared bis intention to become a
citizen," sball own or acquire land
in any of tbe territories, it, also provided that the prohibition should
not affect the rights of aliens under
treaties then existing.
The treaty rights of aliens can not
be nullified bv state law. Tbe constitution itself settles that point, and
the supreme court has declared a
state law invallid because it inter
tered with alien fishing rights tbat
were protected by treaty. But outside the treaty-protected rights the
states are supreme, snd may make
such laws as they please regarding
admission to suffrage, tbe ownership
of land, and other matters.
In brief, no one can come under
tbe protection of tbe American laws
and enjoy the privileges of American life' except such persons as tbe
American people choose to admit.
But when rights have been guaranteed to aliens, thoBe rights are ss sacred as the rights guaranteed to
citizens.—Youth's Companion.
1 Marvel ol Accuracy, Thinness nd
BeaUty—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous uc
(Zip famUtmt Watrif
1 The Railroad Timekeeper of America"
Wc can sell you the complete watch, or we
ean supply a Hamilton movement fitted to
vour preient watch ease, all iliei fui men
and women.
The wind storm on Wednesday
blew down a number of telephone
poles in the valley between Cascade
and Carson.
Tbe recklessness wilh which some
persons will recommend a thing that
they know nothing about deserves
fine and imprisonment.
Jack Kavanagh baa a dog which
believes in walking in bis master's
footsteps, even if be bas tear out the
screen in doors to do so.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customer...
Handlers of the Valley Will
Select Subject for the
A public meeting of fruit growers,
ranchers and all others interested in
the agricultural pursuits of the valley will ba held in tbe city hall on
Saturday evening, June '7, at 8
o'doekifor the purpose of discussing
mailers of importance to be presented lo tbe royal agricultural commission at its sitting in the court
house, Orand Forks, June 9, at
2;3U p. m,
The king's birthday waa celebrated in this city by tbe Liberals as
well as by tbe Conservatives.
A Cascade hotel man and a Grand
Forks companion left for a motor
trip to Midway in the former's car
the otber evening. Half way be |
tween Danville and Curlew the car
plunged into a miniature lake on
tne overflooded road. In the centre
of this luke the car came to standstill, and tbe driver was unable l„
make it go either forward or hack:
ward. After numerous im-ffectual
attempts tn start the car, the hotel
man waded ashore; hut his Qrand
Forks companion, apparently afraid
of water, refused to take any un
necessary risks, and spent the night
in tbe car.
One thing about an incessent talk
er is tbat he is too busy to insist
tbal bis victim listen to bim.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, <zJVfutton, Veal
and" Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailsr
Including Sainton and Halibut
P. BURNS 8 GO. Ltd.
JA.£^rlV^lJ. GOODS
Used iri the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See Our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etcv
Reach Balls  .$1.25 each.
Woodland CS, Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
"B. C." and "Copper Kins" Mineral Claim-,
situate In the Qrsnd Fork. Mining Dlvl.Ion
of Ynle Din-Tint.
When located: In Fran v lin eamp.
TAKE NOTICE Ithat I. William H.Hjffman,
I for mv.elf a. executor of the will of tlie
late Catherine Hoffman, and aa agent for
Jaoob M. faulton, Free Mlneri' Certificate.
No.. 618MB and MfWB, respectively, Intend,
•Ut;,da), from the date hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder Kir Certificate,
ot Improvement, for tha purpose of obtaining Crown drant. of tbe aliove claim..
And further take nolle* that action, under
■action 87, muat be commenced before the
Issuance ol auch '.'erttfloatee of Improvements.
Dated thia 6th dayof Mar, A.D. tSH.
Be happy while you may. The
Christmas present season will soon
be bere.
The man who doesn't worry about
anything leaves it to his wife.
The man who thinks he understands
women keeps himself so busy listening to them that he is good for nothing else.
The Sun job office is the best
equipped for sll classes of work in
the Boundary.
Ha C. A. ABBOTT, Augnst 11, it*.
eeAnoSt., NewYorkClty.
Dur Sin  I have known fnr over _wyears 01 ise
■IMI of W.leon'a K. m-dy IWIIsefl'e Ptm*t*x*m
___._Lt-7uou_.1_..   At thu p. nit 1 Kill lay to pa
IN THB U iTT-tB of an Application tor Ihe
Issue of Duplicate Certificate, of Title to
LottltolSinoluaive, Block s, Map -2J, and
lots* and U, Block l, Subdivision of Lot
S-18, M*l>67.
Ni.-_.ICBIS HEBBUYOIVKN tbat it la my
intention to lteue at the expiration of
one month after the flrtt publication hereof
duplicate, of the Certlflcstet of Tltlea to the
above-mentioned l-ots tn the name ot Henry
While, whieh Certlflcatea are dated the Uth
day of December, I8W, and the Nh day of May,
MOO, rcapectiveiv. and numbered H78A ana
S29.A, reapeetively.
Dated at Kamloopi. B. C, April 24th, 1918.
Dlairlct Beglatrar.
U.S. B.C. Ull, Cap. Ur), Sec. tl.
In the matter of the Kitate of Harriett
Amelia Leach, late of (-rand Forka, BC
Widow deceased
what yon bav. not befor. known of: that 4a jut*
aim, while I waa a resident of N.Y. City, I was
aneraly ill with lunftraulile. Ptiyilclena said1 waa
aeoasnmptive and my fane-y phyaiciaa told my wife
that ht thought I eemlrl net reeeper. Mr atuetlea
wasdlractedto the Wilflon Kejbdy, which I aaai
wilh aptaadid .Sett. I have bren on my fact aad tt
work ever since my r»*v. Youritrnly,
Fatter M. I. Church, Hunter, (Ofteaa Co.,) N. T.
Oa Dec 1, 1411, Mr. S-e«r wrote Mr, Abhettl
"My health ia very good.7'
If yoa will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly (limit h you any farther
Information yuu denre.
NOTICE 18 HBBBBY OIVKN that all per-
aont having any claim, againat tha
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia Leach,
wh« died nn or about the toth day of April,
Mis, at Orand Fork, aforesaid, arc reqnettwl
to flend by post prepaid, or to deliver to the
undersigned Solicitor he-eln for Margaret
Kebeoea Brau and Evallna M. Thompann,
Bxeoutrlxee and Trustees under tbe will ol
the aaid Harriett Amelia Leach. Iheir namea
and addreaaea and full particulars tn writing
of tbelr clalma and at -t.tnent. of tht-ii account* and the nature ot tecurlty (if any)
held by them.
Anl take notice, that after the Slat day of
'nn<',191H,thetta<il Kxeouttlses and Truatees
will proceed to illatrlbut the a.eeta of the
aaid deeeaeed among tbe perouua entitled
thereto, having regard only to 'he olaimaof
which th y ahall then have hud notion, and
that the tald Kxerutrlxe. and Truatees will
not be llat-.e for tbe avid aaeeta or any part
thereof, to any person whoae olaim thoy
■hall tint have nad or received notice.
Hated at Qrand Fork., B.C.. thia Firat day
of Mny. Mil.
7 and 8 U via Block
Grand Koran, B. C.
Solicitor for the aaid Margaret Hebeoea Brau
and Kvallna M Thompson,
Change of Program
Wilson's \wsm
From n Minister In Now Tork: **I was
"severely lil with- lung trouliln. My nueii-
*"tlon wus illrerteil i., ; I.i. Wilson lleuiedy
"which I used wills sp'.udld eKm-t."
From n lndy tn Mlcliltrnn: "I used your
"medicine first 111 >■_■ .4 years ago and It
"saved me from ending my daya wltb eon-
"vumptlvn. There would lie no uae of an
"many people dying n-IMt consumption if
"tliey .'nniil lie persuaded to,try Wilson's
If you net .nlTerlng from ANT lung or
llii"*iit troiiM" Ir It ynur duty to Invest!-
f„t»>.  Send f r free full Information to.
Wtlaoa'a Remedy. Wtatmal, N. J.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood tind will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with-it, drive up in front of our store and see if we Aoxs't
make good. ■  . -      '*
Mclntyre C& Smith
At the Head
The man at the hud of affairs
whether at home or in business, is
lhe one whose attention you wish
to attract^
'. Our paper goes into the be .1 class
of homes and is read hy thc hend of
the family. Thai accounts for the
resulti obtained by the use of
Classified  Want Ads.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol _"•}!_•• —etr nerve In the body
K to ttumper tension! restores
vim aad vitality. Prematura decay and all aeiual
weakness averted at ance.   rhaapk—I will
Be-. St. CaUasrlaee. Oat.
Don't forget tbat Tbe Sun baa the
best job printing deparrment in tbe
Boundary country.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
Btreet, Grand Forks.
(l-uhll.bed Annually)
Unable, traders throughout tha world to
eomraunleate direct a^tth Bugllsh
In eaeh olass of goods. Bestdee being a complete oontmerefal guide, to Londnn and Its
suburbs, the directory contains Hats of
with the Gooda they ahlp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market, they supply:
arranged under the Porta to which they aall,
and Indicating tha approximate Bailings:
ol landing Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
Iha principal provincial towns end Industrial
oentreinf the united Kingdom.
A cosy of the currant edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order lor 20a.
Dealers seeking Agenclea can advertise
thalr trade carde for II, or larger advertise-
meats from SS.
25, Abcharch Lane, London, E.C.
The weather is just right for JArteri, Stock*, Snapdragons,
planting out all garden plants {Dahlias and Gladiolus
We are are again offering special prizes
"for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
FRACHE BROS., Florists    phone r 20 THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Dur-,
ing the Fast Week
Thursday ,
Tbe king and queen return to England from the royal wedding in Berlin.
Seven bridges are washed out by
high water in the East Kootenay dis- j
trict. !
The parcels poet bill is reported . to
be ready for introduction in the house
at Ottawa. —
Victoria day calamity at Long
Beach, Cal., was cauaed by a decayed
girder in the pier.
The conference st Toronto of the
Presbyterian church will coat a quarter of a million dollars.
The Amorian liner Havetford goes
the rocks at Corks head in a dense
fog.    Passengers aud ship are saved.
Two hundred delegates assemble at
the Liberal convt-ution io Reverstoke.
The senate's action in killing the nary,
and highway bills is endorsed.
The Balkan nations order their
delegates to sign the peace of Loudon
today. Russia's efforts to reconcile
Bulgaria and Servia fail, and the re
latjens between the two countries are
c>llmost nA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
The parcels post bill will be post
poned. Prorogation expected next
The great Pre-byterian congress in
Toronto opens today. Hev. Dr. Mur
dock Mackenzie will be the next moderator.
It in asserted that the Panama
canal could be opened any day for the
passage of American warships should
Japan become hostile.
The naval bill is killed in the senate. The vote is taken in absolute
silence; one defertion from eaoh aide.
The bank act is passed.
Second reading pf the Scottish
home rule' bill in the British parliament Provides for a single chamber
and representation in the British
H C. Brewster is elected leader of
the' British Columbia Liberal party at
the Revelstoke convention. M. A
Macdonald, president; Ralph Smith,
vice-president The retiring secretary
ireit-ur r was rejected. The convention adopted a strong resolution in
lav r of a nat onal banking system
Three thousand delegates are now
in attendance at the great Presbyterian congress in Toronto.
The arbitration- treaty between
Great Britain and the United States
is renewed fur live years.
The h mse at Ottawa passes monev
votes quickly. The estimates are being
rushed through for prorogation on
The Australian elections were held
today, and the Labor party was re
turned to power, though with a reduced majority.
The Bulgarians are still provocative
and are endeavoring to push back the
Oreek forces. The Servian and Bui
garian ministers meet on the frontier.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt today won
hia libel suit against George A, New
ett, who charged the'-colonel with
drunkenness, and having waived damages after the defendant had uttered
a retraction, waa awarded the nominal
damages of six cents. Each party to
the suit will have to pay his own ex
The United States ranks second as
a customer of Canadian prodhcts and
first aa a supplier of Canadian needs.
We dispense  the tastiest cold drinks in  this
part  of the  country.   We  use the best Ice •
Cream and the finest fruits and, syrups to get
this reputation.
t3fe c^Wann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers, Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Kngineer.  ,
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t d© it—it can't be done
The sessions of the Presbyterian
Eucharistic congress culminated to
night in two memorable muss meet
The house of commons actepts the
amendments to the bank act Ferust
reserves in British Columbia are to be
The prospects are bright for a peace
ful settlement bstween .Servica and
Bulgaria. Cordial meeting between
the premiers of the twn nations. Peace
delegates make slow progress.
Latest returns change the result of
the Australian elections The Labor
government is defeated, the Liberals
having a majority of one. All inde
pendent candidaies are defeated.
There is a Labor majority in the senate. ..'*'' *.-'"- ,-.-.    :
.' . _..     -■-"... - ---
William Morgan. Shuster,t.ie Ameri
can financial expert, may have an opportunity to apply in Tutitey his tal-.
ents for reorganization' which #eie
brilliantly demonstrated in Persia a
few years ago, until Germany and
England united with Russia to oust
him from the tteasurer-geoejalship of
that country.
Moisture is needed but the craps,
look well on the prairies
The Conservatives will not Oppose
non. C. E. Mitchell in the Bow Valley, Alta., district.
A thousand rifles and bayonets im
ported by Orange clubs are seised by
the government in Belfast
The house of commons votes grant a
to the Canadian Northern. The Lib
erals opposed the subsidy, but favored
a loan if the road is in need of aid.
The Bulgarian cabinet resigns, and
tbe peace delegate will reconstitute a
new one, Greece and Turkey are still
deadlocked over anti-helium   treaties.
The Presbyterian congress diwusses
the duties Of the church in connection
with country and city problems. Dr.
Shearer says the desire for pleasure is
terribly perverted.
The latest returns from tho Australian elections give the Liberals a
majority of three. Referendnin votes
defeated. Opposed to nationalization
of iiioiio,'i'iie-t, but centralisation ap
The retiring modern tor nt the
Presbvterian cougress delivers an eloquent soi mon.
A wild scene takes place in the
Austrian house. The resignation of
the cabinet is greeted with a frantic
-The committee on technical edlica-
cation   recommends   the expenditure
! of 130,000.000. Desires inculcation
of   love   of prtsluctive,   constructive
; and conserving labor.
•lack   Johnson,   negro! pugiijst, is
. sentenced to one year and one'* day in
the Joliet penitentiary and to   pay   a
fine of #10p0 for violating the  Mann
whiteslave aot.
Debate on railway subsidies causes
Straw Hats "£,£
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B.V.D, underwear. Prices
range from 90c to 98 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
QVtirfe A fine line of Neg-
Olllll.b ijgee Shirts, attached -and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices 91 to S3 50.
nosiery for raen and
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland 6. Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solvedthe problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethea you
I are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up to-date work. If your
plumbing nee is inspection, now is the time have il done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
lenk in a waste or'vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
ket.   Fully guaranteed	
a postponement of prorogation of the
Dominion parliament. The parcels
p ist bill passes its third reading, but
the details of the scheme are yet to be
worked out.
Ahoyeur, a 100 to 1 chance, wins
the English derby, the favorite being
disqualified after coming in firft. A
militant suffragette is terribly injured
while trying to stop King George's
' For Rent—Six room modern
bouse on Third street, near Observation mountain. Apply Jas. McArdle.
Tne pusher isn't trying to get the
joh of the man who takes plenty of
sleep in the early part of the night.
: Riches may nnt mnke happiness,
but it must be confessed that they are
somewhat amusing
The saddest part of it is that by the
time a man becomes adept in the art
of making excuses necessary to have
things run smoothly it is time for him
to die.
There are people who don't have to
live long to entirely outlive their usefulness.
Alexander Liberati
Who is ojganlzing a band composed
of forty bands, from forty different
towns, for the Spokane   Pow Wow.
If you read The Sun you get tbe
news of the city, the province snd
the world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of tbe times
without tbe aid of the daily papers.
r Do
Do Tou Want a Ranch Home
Adjoining the City?
We otter for sale at a low
price, 10 acres, good soil, all
under cultivation; five-room
house; ten minutes' fronl centre of city. A revenue producer.
Farm Lands and Orchard Tracts
City Property ^L0*""
No Outside Subdivisions.
Grand Forts Townsite Co., Ltd.
Boundary Trust 8 Investment
Co., Ltd., First Street
J. ■	
are entirely different from
others both In their composition and their effeot—complete
evacuation without purging or
discomfort *
25c. a box at your druggist's.
mtimm osuo Sas eesaieu se.
ar ewuu, u«iti».
DON'T waste your time figuring
out why a black hen lays a
white egg. Get busy and Jump
into your LEATHER LABIiX
OVER-HAULS and get the egg.
Leather Label
H-VNurACTcasBS or
High Grade Amerloan Over-Hauls,
Taar thia out and mall It to ua with
your namo And add rasa and wa will •and
you ona oT our celebrated CORN COS
Town .rrov	
Vour dealer's name. ™
Town .-. Fror.	
TartiiMfl.er.ciiimf«-rtar«ui dour aaa Man iban
looter than any otber. (lean treat. Ola bard aaa
cut rromr-nlldrteel bar, eneioeed, protect- MIDI
ed noil run In oil. line *lx feet ot now *A7R
el»i*n*Hbi«iheftan«l eeiebratedStew *H'£
art alnalo tension clipping head. Oat • ■■
oa* from your stealer, avaqriaaoblaiffaMaBlMd.
613 La Sal I a Xv* CHICAGO, ILL.
Write form* uew.catar._i of moat modern Ilaa al
horjecilpplaiaafehoepwearlai maehlaai.    »
Tne Soul of .a Piano ia the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Cleans and disinfects
everything In your
homo from the cellar to the attic. Put
It on your duster and
dmt Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleums,
Pianos, Furniture, etc.
Makes eretythlnf lust
like new. Money refunded If not sntlsfnc-
tory.   Made by the
Hamilton, Canada.
Turn About
Thp Ensign—Sir, I have the lienor to
report tlmt a shell from the enemy's
fleet has blown up our forward magazine.
Tlie Admiral—That';, nothing to the
noise you'll hear when we get home
and the nagnzlnes start to blow me
k, PILLS 4
°' A [j c T C 5  '1^,
60s. a bex or six Ltxee fer 12.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds MWI-
elne Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 947
The World's Best Liniment
Needed In Every Family
From Infancy To Old Aie
If Your Home Is Without 'Nerviline'
Read the Following Closely.
The high cost of living to-day demand's economy on every side. Sickness Is expensive. Far better to
treat little Ills before they grow serious. For this reason every home
should have handy on the shelf a good
remedy llkfe Nerviline, which, cures the
minor ailments that occur In every
For example, when the boy comes
In with wet feet and a light otugh,
Nerviline will cure him. . It s cold
has settled ou his chest, rub oa Nerviline and the cold will-go.
It something has been eat.--.-i that
causes cramps, nausea, or diarrhoea,
Just twenty drops ot Nerviline—that's
all and cure is effected.
As a liniment for outward application in case of Neuralgia, Lame Back,
Sciatica, Lumbago or Rheumatism, It's
really hard to imagine how Nerviline
relieves and how soon lt cures.
Nerviline ls nothing new. No, It's
one of the oldest and best known re-
me'dies. Used In thousands of
homes by the peogle.of many nations,
simply because It stops pain, cures
Sickness, and rids the family of ills
before they become troublesome. Get
the family size bottle, price 60c;
trial size 25c, at all storekeepers and
druggists or Tho Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
The prof(*3ror was returning home
one night from t. scientific meeting,
still pondering over the subject. He
had reached his. room ln safety when
he heard a noise which seemed to
come from under the bed.
Is someone there? he asked.
No, professor, answereB the intruder, who lat.it of the professor's peculiarities.
That's strange. I was positive
someone was under my bed, commented the learned man!
The Patting of Winter Leavet People Weak and Depieued.
As winter passes away lt leaves
many people feelin g weak, depressed and easily tired. The body
lacks tbat vital f> rce and energy which
pure blood alone can give. '
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an all-year-round blood
builder and nerve tonic, but they are
especially useful ln the spring. Every
dose helps to make new, rich, red
blood. Returning strength commences with their use and the vigor
.and cheerfulness of good health
quickly follows.
There ls Just one cure for lack of
blood and tbat is more blood. Food
Is the material from which blood ls
made, but Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
double the value ot the food we eat.
They give strength, tone up the stomach and weak digestion, clear the
complexion ot pimples, eruptions and
bolls, and drive out rheumatic poisons.
If you are pale and sallow. If you
feel continually tired out, breathless
after slight exertion, lf you have
headaches or backaches, if you are irritable and nervouu, if your Joints
ache, lt your appetite falls and food
does not nourish nor sleep refresh
you, br. Williams' Pink Pills will
make you well and strong. To build
up the blood ts the special purpose
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and that
ls why they are tbe best spring medicine. If you fe-1 the need of a
tonic at this season give Dr. Williams',
Pink Pills a fair trial*and you will rejoice ln new health, new strength and
new energy.' Do not let the trying
weather of summer find you weak and
ailing. Build yourself up now with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills—the pIUs
that strengthen.
Ask tor Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People and do not be persuaded
to take something else. It your dealer does not keep these PIUs they will
be sent by mall, post paid, at 50 cents
a box or six boxes tor $2.60 by writing
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont,
■ ■ —i—
The Sight*
Town Bird—Have you ever been to
London to see the sights, farmer!
Oolles—No, sur. Yer see, there's
no need—for yer see, zur, thetolghts
all come down ter see 01.
appreciate It when yon bring home
a can of 8NAP. For cleaning her
hands, after filling the lamps, milking the cows, peeling the potatoes
alia onions, there Is nothing to equal
Took Him at His Word
Darling, he murmured, as soon as
flier had beta seated In the high-
priced restaurant, you can have anything yon. waiii on tho bill of tare.
Shall I read lt oft to you?
No, replied the dear girl, Just read
It to the waiter.	
After 10 Years of Asthma Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy proved tl >
only relief for one gr '.etui user, and
.this Is but one cure among many.
Little wonder that lt has n->w become!]
the one recognised remedy on Uie
market. It has earned Its fame by Its
never falling effectiveness. It le
csrnlng It to-Jay, as lt has done forj
years. It ls the greatest asthma
specific within the reach of suffering
humanity.    .
If you require food for thought, go
to the public library and get a free
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Et*.
A tonsorial parlor in which only
dumb barbers were employed would
probably do an Immense business.
Thess Paine In the Kidneys.
Mr. Thomas Stephenson, of Lachute
Mills, P. Q., writes:
"I was troubled for many years -kith
Kidney Disease, and a friend told me to
Uke GIN PILLS. After taking a few
boxes I was greatly relieved, and after
finishing the twelith box the pain completely left me.
My wife ia now using GIN PILLS
and finds that she has been greatly
relieved of tbe pain over her Kidneys."
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, Sample free if
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.    133
New Use for Pills
Tommy—I want another box of p!U-
like I got for mother yesterday.
Chemist—Did they suit your mother?
Tommy—No, but tbey Just lit my
There ls one thing that may be said
to the credit, ot a small boy; be never
pretends to "Jte anyone be doesn't
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
corns are- gainful growths. Hollo-
way's Corn Cure will remove them.
A Safe Guide.
Of a man inquire what company does
he keep.
Of a woman, how she holds a broom
to sweep.
The Same Fate
I believe he had two sons. One ol
tliem was lost at tea and the other
became Vice-President ot the United
And of course, neither ot them were
heard ot afterwards.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cure* Dandrut*
No class of people has more const
petition than liars.
nr mid neuTH w mother ud ran.
_HM.W1.m_0w'- Soomiso antes hai boa
Set*. Wit remedy fer DIAMHOiA. it'.tW
wintei), hara-eu. Be nre aad uk for "Ms*.
■wiMiow't soothiat em.*," aad take ao otbw
Mad. TwtBt»-_lTtce_.Ui bottle. ___
It's no wonder' Maple Buds Isste good, and Its to wonder mothers eveiy
where are encouraging the little folks to spend their pennies for them.
Maple Buds are' nothing mote than the best ef chocolate, pm
milk and sugar—things the doctor would recommend to bold
up a sickly child.    The most delicate child can digest ihem.
The dirtuictwe flavor ef Maple Buds is entirely due to the use of
only the beet chocolate.   The ise velvety textae comes horn
grinding and grinding through innumerable Hed fallen.
Num u4 -Ms* lesMm*.        *04
They're Not MAPLE BUDS
I       Unless Ther're COWAN'S
The Cowan Co., Limited
Toronto Ontario
is the cheapest
WHETHER for a do. a mil-
hotae, or a ***%*. baml grass
elevator, concrete is die nptt
economical building material in ine to*
Concrete never requites repent, aad
lhe taring in repsir-expeue alone
makes die greater economy of wing
concrete more apparent every day.
The cost ol other building materials b
constantly tncraaang.
The cost of concrete bbebg reduced.
Canada Cement
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concrete, is the only ingredient yon have to buy.
We have, by reason of our Urge output and scientific methods, been able to
bring ihe price of "Canada" Cement to low that it is -within the teach ci
An increase in demand results in a greater economy of production, and what
condition* have warranted it, we have, ham lime to
time, shared this saving wilh the comumet by reducing the price of Canada Cement   This demand wil
continue to inaeaie—as f sst at fsimen leant of concrete's superiority over other materials.
When you buy cement, see Aat you get "Canada"
Cement; by to doing you will aawre the complete
•access of ell your concrete work.
Send a pott card for onr book "What die Finer
Csn do With Concrete."   It it tee.
TUt hs Cassis GsmMiMw Is yesr sslilUkwi
Canada Cement Coinpany Limited
UtUs label la not oa
•very bM k is not
Canada Ce
The Gi)l From
the West
;; She Tamed the Haughty *
:   Youth From the Easf
l'aul Alger looked flrmly Into Iln.
Elliott's face.
"Tou don't realise wbst you're asking, Aont Ruth," IsrltateSly.
"I'm not asking," calmly. "I'm aim-
ply telling you whst I expect of you.
Tbe girl will be bere tomorrow. Uy
will ls msde with these plans tn view.
If yoo don't fall In with tbem you're
disinherited absolutely; that's sll,"
-Alger rose.
"Aunt Ruth, you've been more than
a mother to me, and I'd like to do everything I can to please yoo, but this
Is expecting too mucb., 1 must reserve
the right to select my own with"
Mrs. Elliott.was stubbornly silent
and after a moment tbe young fellow
said earnestly, "Aunt Kutb, give tbe
money to tbe girl It yon want to, bnt
don't let ber come between you and
"Don't talk to me, Paul." ImftStlent-
ly. "1 sball give It to you two—together or not at all!"
"Wbo Is this girl," Alger demanded
with best "tbst sbe should be thrust
npon me In tbls stylet".
"She ls the daughter of my bus-
band's brother. When this girl nnd my
'Frederick   were  little  children  tbe
brothers promised eacb otber tbat ths
children should marry when they were
old enough.   Frederick died, and after
your mother's death 1 adopted yon.
Tou hare taken Frederick's place in
everything else.   lou must ln this.
Promise, l'atiH"
"It Is ntterly Impossible!" firmly.
."Paul,"  temptingly,  "she  Is  very
pretty."      y.
Alger smiled and shook bis bead.
"And, l'aul," playing her trump card,
"she Is musical."
MSilc was Alger's passion.
"Tes?" Indifferently.
"Yes." emphatically.  "She play* tht
"Wbat Insuperable presumption." impatiently. "A girl from tbe wild west
brought up on a cattle ranch, you said.
Doubtless tbe can rid* a broncho oi
lasso a steer, but she shouldn't meddle
wltb the violin. She probably never
beard ot Bach or Mendelssohn and
.wouldn't know a sonata from a sandwich. Aunt I can fancy ber bringing
her violin In ber arms and playing ior
tbe delectation of tbe otber passengers
ln the Pullman. Oghl"
"You refuse, then!"
"Most decidedly."
"Very well." icily. "I accept your
decision as (Innl."
The next day Alger from bis desk In
tlio library saw tbe girl as she entered
the niljoliilng room, wbere Urs. Elliott
waited to greet ber. She was tall and
graceful, with a blgb bred air ot ease
thst surprised blm. Ber voice wu
clear and well modulated.
•"Upon my word," he muttered, "1 expected ber manner of speech to be a
cross between a cowboy'* yell and an
Indian warwboop."
De saw tbe servant come In with a
violin case.
"Will madam bav* this In the music
room or"—
"Ob, no; here." And Vera beld out
her hands.
"You brought tbls yonrself, Verel"
Mrs. Elliott's tone held tb* slightest
suggestion ot snuoyance.
"In my arms literally," laughed Vera.
Alger In bis dim corner smiled.
Vera gently placed the case on the
floor and lifted out the Instrument as
tenderly ae a mother lifts ber babe.
"Oh, Aunt ltutb," fervently, "when
you see It you will understahd-my
beautiful violin!"
Shs clasped It to ber bosom with l
gesture of tenderness. The beauty of
tbe girl, tbe unaffected grace ot ber
pose and ber evident artistic appreciation stirred Alger to Instant admiration.
We met the girl nt dinner. Sbe gave
blm one long, earnest look tUat be felt
at once an Inquiry and a challenge,
and then sbe directed ber conversation
to Mrs. Elliott
i Alger wa* piqued. Ho wna accustomed to more n'tentlon from young
women. She releted some of the lad-
dents of ber trip.
"We bad* a concert each evening.
There were tbree girls to our Pullman
coming to Boston to study music.
They sang well."
"And yon played. 1 suppose. Miss
Elliott!" Alger could not forbesr tbe
Sbe turned her glance upon him
briefly. "Oh, I scraped my little best"
Alger felt the rebuff, but te ibot a.
trltimpbnut glance at bla aunt
kt the evening progressed Alger began to wish that he co'uld win soms
pleasant iook or won rrom the gin
and to deeply resent hi* inability to
do so.
"Will yoo play for. us, Mis* Elliott!"
be asked, more humbly than wss bis
She waa about to decline, but Mrs.
Elliott added quickly: "For me. Vera,
dear.  I am so anxious, to bear you."
The instrument with which Vera returned to the room caught Alger** discriminating eye at once.
"Where did yoo get this, Mlsa Elliott!" almost abruptly aa he recognized
Its rarity and value,
"It I* a gilt from my miwter.   a*
had* owned it ror many yean, ne im
also a Quarnerlus and an Amatt. But
thia waa hla 'sweetheart' He always
called It ao."
"A master of tbe violin does oot present tbe Instrument he loves, best—a
Btradlvarlos almost beyond price—tw a
pupil who merely 'scrapes,'" thought
"Did he have msny pupils, Miss Elliott!" experimentally.
"No one but myself. He ls old and
can no longer ptay. Age has stiffened
his lingers. But be played once. Ob,
bow be could ploy! He taught me
mm a little child, ind when 1 could
play-to please btm—be gave me this.**
"Yonr teacher was a Oerman?" tentatively. *
• "A Belgian," quietly. "Now you shall
bear tbe voice ot the Stradlvarlus."
Rhe toned tbe strings nnd played.
There was certainty of chord fingering,
a strength, an almost manliness, combined with emotional warmth, about
ber Interpretation of tbe difficult Bach
sonata tbat amaxed Alger.
"Bach's D Minor Sonata Is not for
amateurs," be ssld gravely to bis aunt
"Miss Elliott's gift Is beyond question.
She would rank wltb tbe great violin.
tsts of the present day"
"I think John possessed some musical
ability," replied Mrs. Elliott serenely.'
The girl raised ber bow with sn indescribable gesture of reverence. "My,
mother," proudly, "wna a De Beriot
My master Is my grandfather. I did
not wish to seem to boast He Is.
Francis Anguste de Beriot."
"And tbls from tbe cattle ranchf-
thought Alger.
As tb* days went by be found himself desperately ln lore wltb the girl
and unable to win from her anything
more tbsn the most chilling courtesy.
He hnd not even the satisfaction ot
confiding in Mrs. Elliott Once wben
be tried to speak of Vera, meaning to
confess bis lore for the glr), his aunt
Interrupted blm. coldly. "Say no more,
Paul. I accepted your decision as final,
yoo will remember, and a later will
leaves all I possess to tbe Home For
Aged Men."   .
She swept angrily from tbe room,
Alger stood for n moment as if stunned; tbsn he laughed aloud. "That's
good news! Now there's uo money in
tbe way, and I'll move heaven aud
earth to win tbe loveliest girl tbal
"'Come out of tbe west,'" quoted
a merry voice, and tbe portlers parted
and Vera stepped from the window
seat Into tbe room. ,
Alger sprang forward hastily.
"Vera," eagerly, "you've known all
tbe wbile that I love yon"—
"A girl from tbe west brought np on
a cattle ranch!" abe questioned, holding him. back with ber hand on bi*
"I don't csre wbere you're from, or
-anything else, It you'll only say you
love me, Vera." pleadingly.
"A g<rl wbo doean't know a sonata
from a ssndwIchV" mischievously.
"Vera, forgive me tor tbat and up
yon love me."
"Paul," serlonsly, "I've loved yon
ever since I was a little girl. Seer
-She drew a locket from ber botom and
pressed back tbe rover.
Alger gassd lo bewilderment It wat
bis own face tbat looked np at him.
"Aunt Ruth unt tbat to my father.
I claimed It aa mine and bave worn II
"Vera," with bla arms abont ber,
"why bav* you been so cruel to m*
when I'v* tried io hard"—
"I feared yoo mlgbt propose to me
to please Aont Rutb and--end became
of tbe money."
"Here, here! What's all this abont!",
Aunt Ruth's voice sounded harshly al
tbe door. -1
Tbey turned toward bsr together.
"Vera line promised to marry me,
Aunt Roth."
"And my latest-will"- Sbs fairly
burled the words at them.
"We don't mlndl" tbey cried togeth-
«r rapturously.
-"was never signed," sdded Annl
Ruth ta a changed voice, nnd tliey
heard her laughing as sbo softly closed
tbe door and left tbem to tbelr happiness.
She (looking at photo proofa.-D»
you menu to tell m* thst 1 bare sud
an ugly nos* a* that! Pbotograpber-
My apparatus cannot He, madam. Snt
-Tbsn for goodness' sake have enougl
■ens* to go aud get one tbst caul-
Boston Transcript
_ 4.1
in Kurep* Wh* Drasa Like
Grand Opera Ballot Girt*.
There are place* la the world where
women dress ln men'* clothing aad
men don women's apparel.
Even to Paris tbere ar* woman
dressed in cheap, coarse, masculine
attire, working u teamster* and day
laborer*. While lt ta against the law,
the police wink at the fact and allow
them to earn peaceably -tbelr dally
In Persia ln som* ot the interior
parts the women wear the strangest
oddest' trouser garment*. Tbey seem
to like tbem, too, from tbe tact tbat
they cling to them ln spite of all et-
forte to mak* them don feminine at*
Then there are the*Alpine dairy
maids, wbo dreu as men wben they
go about tbeir work and look pretty.
It we are Inclined to take evidence
from the numbers ot men who yearly
persuade them to cast off thdr masculine dreu and put on more clinging
costume*.   But tben their eyes are so
bright and their cheeks so red tbat
tbey couldn't really look homely ln
j anything they^ might choose to wear.
I   Again, far ln tbe north, where it ls
| freezing cold most of the time and
i people dreu to be comfortable and not
I to look pretty, tbe women are actually
i forced into trousers to keep warm.
I   Tbe ancient women warrior* always
I wore trousers.  But their reasons were
! purely military.   Besides, they were
] halt masculine in manner and appear-
1 ance and dressed to accentuate their
j qualities.   They bad to make them-
j selves Into fierce looking creatures to
terrify the men on the opposing side,
i and from all accounts they succeeded
j admirably.
I Aa for tbe stronger sex, tbere still
, seem to be men ln existence wbo wear
women's garb and enjoy it In certain
parte of Greece, Spain and Albania
there are bands of desperate brigand*
who, when they are decked out tor attacks on strangers or neighbors, look
for all the world like grand opera ballet girls ln their short brightly colored skirts, which are made very full
and sometimes even ruffled a bit
They aeem tremendously proud ot
tbelr attire,'* and rival bands strive to
surpass each otber in vivldneu ot patterns and, newness ot styles. — Exchange.
The Nsweemer Put Ona Over en Hsr
Eat* With Which Thess Coast Defense
1 Monsters Ara Operated.
1   Tbree kinda of big gun* are used on
I the coasts to defend us from host-1*
> Invader*.   When a gun is flred over
an embankment or parapet it 1* called
a barbette. The earliest gun* were of
thia order.  Tbe parapet* were notched ao tbat the firing could be done
over tbelr top.   When the gun ls die*
I charged tbrough a port or hole ln th*
embankment it la called a casemate.
Tbe newut kind of heavy artillery ta
tb* disappearing gun, which drop*
j back behind its wall u aoon aa it la
The man who alma the gun has a
, little platform to one aide of tbe ma-
chine. Things are arranged ao tbat he
can control all operations of tho gun
from where be stand*.   Electricity la
i used for bringing tbe gun np and get-
1 ting lt Into position, and all the mechanism can be regulated by the gun-
, ner. So wonderfully la the big machine
under control tbat lt cannot be flred
. by any person whomsoever unless It Is
' raised op and In firing position. When
: It te not ln firing position lt Is called
I "ont ot battery."
So nicely is the gun mounted that all
It* great mau can be bandied by two
i men.   From the Um* tbey etart load*
I tng it until tb* gun I* mounted and
ready to lire only six seconds inter-
I vena. "On* of th* big gun* can discbarge * thousand pound projectile
every fifty-two seconds and put a bat-
tlsshlp out of commission alx mllea
away.—Exchange, -
Psulmlsftle Thought
Every row bss Its thorn.   And thi
mean part of It la tbat tbe thorn stayi
oo tbe Job when tbe rose ba* withered
-Cincinnati Enotilr--
Th* Fastest Growing Tre*.
Hard, line grained, durable wood
nsuslly grow* (lowly. A most rcmarka.
ble exception ls th* eucalyptus, and
this it la that gives th* tree its great
value aa a means ot reforestation. It
Is said tbat the. eucalyptus grows flv*
times u rapidly u any other tree.
Seedlings hav* bun oburvsd to mak*
an average growth ot six Inches ln
height a day, and ono tree In California
attained a height of 12S feet and a
diameter ot thlrty-slx Inches In nine
yeara, Tbe eucalyptus will oot thrive
where tber* ire frosts, but in tbe south
It promises to go a long way toward
filling tbe place once occupied by otber
hardwoods, wblcb have been greatly
reduced by demanda for furniture, carriage and cooperage stock.-Heifer's.
Gave Himself Awsy.
During a football match In the north
ot England a spectator persisted ta
making loud remarks about the conduct of tb* referee. At last tb* official
want up to blm and uld, "Look bar*,
my man; I'v* been watching you tor
(bout tb* last fifteen minutes." "Aw
tbort sor cam* th* scathing reply.
"Aw thort wt Aw knew very wed
Von wnnt watching t' gamer" ?
REPARTEE ia a delicate instrument
a fine product a thing of bints,
lights and shadows. Anybody
wbo does not believe tbls please stand
up. Apparently everybody agrees to
th* description. Wherefore tbere Is
now related tbe example ot tbe crudest
repartee ever Indulged in by.man or
It wa* in a city wblcb had risen to
the dignity of having "fashionable sub*
urbs," In which the inhabitants resented the arrival ot people wbo "did not
belong." One day tbere appeared In
tbe community a woman wbo bad Iota
of money and a One nnd ornamental
tack of tact In dealing wltb ber neighbors. She called nnd called and called
on the women ln the suburb wbich waa
"fashionable," and, strange to relate,
she could never find tbem "In,"
One woman particularly disliked bet
and waa never to be seen. At last tb*
newcomer met the one who bad avoided ber in such marked manner.
"My dear," uld the aVolder, "lt ls
such a pity that when you call I am
alwaya out—alwaya."
Responded shs who had bcen snubbed:
"Out of your home—or your head?"—
Popular Magazine.
Mauy a strange story ls credited to
Abraham Lincoln,
As a matter of fact however, the
great abolitionist once disclaimed credit for inventing stories. He aaid: "I
don't make a atory mine by telling lt
I'm only a retail dealer." And to
prove lt be recited the following:
"There is a bright young slip ot an
attorney ln southern Illinois wbo waa
trying a cau ln tbe district court Ths
prosecuting Iswyer was a very large
man, ponderous nnd likely to be overbearing In hla attitude to tbe yonnger
practitioners. In tbe course of hts remarks tb* big man said: 'Why, your
honor, counsel for the detenu Is so
utterly insignificant tbnt I could swallow blm and his arguments st one
"'I object to the remarks of tbe
prosecutor!" interrupted tbe young attorney. 'But I would like to uy, your
bonor, if the attorney for the complainant was able to do what he affirms hs wonld hsve more, brains In
bis stomach tban he bas In bis bead.'"
—Now York American.
Authoress of Ships That Pass In tht
Night Declarst That Men Hav*
Been Asleep For Several Generations and That Women Have
Progressed — Favorite Reading Is
Hardy, Austen and Bible.'
Beatrice Harraden, who a score or
more years ago made a stir in the
English-speaking world with her novel,
"Ships That Pasa In the Night," will
prdbably visit Canada in the near future. Miss Harraden has some radical
views on the suffrage question. She
is not credited with being extremely
militant to the extent ot throwing
stones, blowing up Government officials,  kidnapping  their children  or
I remember once hearing ot a man—
a farmer he was-over in tbe County
Down. He was a great one for inventing—alwaya. turning out great ideas
tbat were great failures. Naturally in
a place like tbat he waa the "great
Joke" ot tbe countryside. Well, anyway, be Invented a flying machine. It
was really a pair of wings msds from
wire apfl. hens' feathers, s.
He took a yenr to do It—secretly.
Bnt the night before be msde his flrst
attempt to fly, being botb a hopeful
and cautious man, be went round' all
the cottages within rescb, sud after
sitting for a little wbile cbattlng. but
never mentioning his great Invention,
be uld In nn offhand way before leaving:
"It any of yes aeea a strange lukln'
burrd flying about the country tomor-
ra' for the love ov goodness don't be
shootln' at It"—Bystander.
burning the mails, but she uys thst
women are bettor prepared than men
to stand alone, that men have been
.sleep tor several generations, while
only women have progressed.
Biography is Miss Harraden's favorite reading, and the stories told by,
Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen her:
lavorite novels. "And, ot course,
Qeorge Meredith's poems and Shelley,
and, oi course, that amazing book, the
Bible," she declared recently. "But I.
don't read nearly so much as I used
to do. For the moment active life in-.
terests me more thsn books, and I
learn more by taking part in it then
by contemplating *it."
It All Depends.
Love Is blind when a button Is
missing trom bubby's clothes.
But lt hss fine sight wben be
comes home with a streak of
rice powder on the lapel of hi*
coat—Cincinnati Enquirer.
Child Wslter*.
"I can cordially recommend theu
rakes, Miss Glady*, Tbey are madt
wlih a liberal percentage of albumen."
Natural Result
"Tour voice Is all the stronger for
your cold."
"Bow do you make tbat out?"
"it bu more boars* powers-Baltimore American.
Wigwag-Don't you ever long for
fam->! Harduppe-Oh, I don't knowl
Fam? only make* It that much harder
foe you to dodge yew credltors.-Pbll-
Books Nations Publllh.
According to a Government return,
recently issued, tha official history d
the South African War cost £34,706.
This sounds a big sum, but it is
quite small by comparison with that
expended by the Germans on their;
official history oi the Franco-Prussian
War. This colossal work cost £240,000,;
and is illustrated by nearly one mil-!
lion maps and plane.
The official- history of the Russo-
Japanese War hu only cost, so far,.
about £6,000; but then it is not nearly completed. The Americans, who
usually do these things in style, spent
$1,500,000 in illustrating and printing
their official history, ot tbe great Civil
War of 1861-66.
This is believed to be a world's re*
cord as regards expensive Government publioations. In our own country, however, the record is* held' byi
the report ot the Challenger Eipedi-1
tion. Thia wu a scientific expedition;
(or deep-sea sounding, and through Ik
the world was first made aware of the,
existence oi the deep-sea fishes—,
strange, wonderful creatures, some
stone blind, others with eyes u big aa
The report ot this remarkable voyage fills some fifty volumes and 88,000
pages, and the eost wu Just on1
Man In Meen Disappearing.
Prof. J. B. Hale, who fills the chair
of astronomy in King's College, London, ln an Interview recently sal*
there is a change in the loimotion ol
the mountains aud rocks ln the moon,
which is discernible with th* naked
eye. This, he raid, is due to the grad-
ual decay oi the mountains' chemical
Probably it is only a question ot
time when nature will so alter the
planet that we will b* unable to distinguish ths face oi the moon. Prof.
Hale added:
"Even to-day certain people declare
the man in the moon haa taken hia
departure, and in bis plsce they can
make out a man with a bundle ol
sticks on his back."
Bdueatlng th* Hwthtn.
"Brother Hardesty, can't you mak*
your contribution for the education of
the butben a little larger than usual
this yesr?"
"Dr. Goodman, I'm more than doubling It I bave just started that
youngest boy of min* to college."—
Chicago Tribune. .
Net th* Right Way.
"Have you hot and cold water la
yonr house!''
"Too much of both."
"How's thet!"
"My wife U alway* pouring coM
water on my plans or keeping me ta
hat wator,"-BaltUMt* Americaa THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use;
Ast Ca Oar Paint Advice to Free
The provincial government bas
issued a fruit crop report whicb
shows tbat conditions generally are
favorable for fruit, although snme
slight damage bss been done by
frost. Conditions are particularly
favorable in the interior, and tbere
are indications in every section of
tbe province of a heavy yield of ap-
P'*». I 	
Tbe first Sunday in June, being
Modern Woodmen of America's
memorial day, the members of tbe
local camp gathered at tbe cemetery
and paid tbeir tribute to their late
neighbor, D. 0. Evans, by holding a
memorial rite, planting an emblematic flag and strewing flowers on tbe
B. P. McKeehan, immigration inspector at Marcus, has made ar
rangemente to establish a special
board of enquiry at Oroville. The
board will consist of three inspectors, A. Voligny, the inspector at
that point; 0. M.Stewart of thia
city, And II. W. Cunningham, ot
Northp'irt. The board was msde
neces-iarv by the construction of the |
Great Northern branch (rem On -
ville to Wenatehee. I
tbe new act passed at the last session of tbe legislature. A list of
over 100 names was belectrd. From
tbese tbe jurors will be drawn as required.
Dr. Acres, veterinary surgeon,
has purchased M. R. Stewart's resi
dene* on Winnipeg avenue, and Mr.
Stewart bas acquired Mr. Acres' in-
teiest in the firm of> Hansen & Co.
The Wenatehee fruit growers have
secured a 20 per cent reduction in
freight rates from the Great Northern railway on shipments of apples
to lbe Canadian prairie provinces.
Dr. Paxton, of Kamloops, Dominion veterinary surgeon, • arrived
in tbe city on Friday to relieve Dr.
Acres during the latter gentleman's
illness. Mr. Paxton was formerly
stationed in tbis city.
Mrs. E. Gardner, of this city, was
elected G. P. at tbe annual conference of the Grand Temple of tbe
Order of Pythian Sisters at North
Vancouver last Friday.
H. C. Kerman returned on Friday
from a Business Uip to Spokane.
At tbe British Columbia's Mother
Lode mine, near Greenwood, drilling has been completed in preparation for setting of by electricity in
one blast sufficient dynamite to
bring down between 300,000 and
360,000 tons nf ore. It is snid that
enough ore will he broken bv this
huge Must for « year's operations
A reward of $-00 is offered to
anyone Hurting the remains of Jesse
Blayltick, who was lost while hunting in the North Fork district of the
Kettle river last November. The
missing man's relatives have re-
ceutly completed sn unsuccessful
setrch of the neighborhood Not the
slightest trace of the hunter wss j
found. The reward is offered by J. -
K. Blsylock.
Ed Shannon, pipe filler at the
Granhy smelter, last Saturday sold
his five acre ttact near Robert
Clark's place, in thn West end, to a
party from the northwest for 1500
per acre. The deal was negotiated
by Martin Mullan.
The  British   Columbia   Copper
company bas renewed the bonds on
Grand Forks
IN B. C.
Grand Forks
New Arrivals: Silk Caps with
opaque steins for engineers and
firemen. Motoring Cape and
Tennis Caps.
R. Campbell's
For Up tn Data FurnUhinga,
Walter Dewdney, government
sgent at Greenwood, arrived in the
city on Saturday and remained until Tuesday. Mr. Dewdney wss her*
for the purpose of assisting Mr,
Almond to select a list of jurors for
the  next  year, in accordance with
SuitS tO  Order   &18  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Gall and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Joe   Gelinas'   and  Pete  Santute's
claims ih Franklin camp.
John   McKie,   proprietor of the
Boundary Iron Works,* returned, on
Tuesday   frem  a   business trip to
Princeton and Hedley.
Judge Brown left on Tuesday for
Revelstoke He will return home
next Monday.
For Sale—Top buggy and harness;
almost new. A big snap. E. C.
Peckham, Second-hand Store.
Constable H   J. - McDougail   re
turned from Cascade on Saturday.
For Sale—Two second hand hug
gies; nearly new Apply Moyhooer's
Blacksmith Shop.
Charles Mix visited Cascade  on
It is announced from "Ottawa that,
an early session of parliament will
he celled mainly for tbe purpose of
passing a redistribution bill, after
which there will he a dissolution
and an appeal to the country, the
election taking place in November or
December. We doubt very much
if Mr. Borden has made up bia
mind on tbis point, but whether an
election is beld this year or not he
would scarcely dare to go to the
country without giving to tbe
west tbe additional representation to
which it is entitled.—Victoria Times
RAD C ATI? -^ 5-roomed
rUIi OALE. cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture Made to Order. *
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
wtsmno Avium
Palace Barber Shop
tUiur Hon'tiff * 8peala£ jr.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Dock North or Oiianby Horn.
. FlUST Strkkt.
Dr.-de Van's Female Pills
nUaklt Fieach mahtor insnr tails. Thsss
■bis none!
■ sac*Mla|
mm. KMi
iapanese Matting
Just the thing for bedrooms.   We have just received a
new shipment which we are offering at OA J
the exceptionally low price of ....  ***\fC fl yd
"TL,    Grand Fofcs Furniture Go
VMmSk_fe.il.. Tk CoBpUta House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE .58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar ahd
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY, «L» Columbia p. o,
Grand Forks Transfer
raosi m
Trunks to nl From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Prop*.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
TsLireoKu; _
Offics, Rin ftftt itrtmt
■Usssn's Kssidikci. BSS «™ mltm
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, snd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Date* and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tag*, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Far* and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Cf\f\ PPTOTTOfl—th»kind *• d°—u in 'tott
K'MU nULlllLl'U M tdvertisement, and a trial
order' will convince you that our stook and workman*
ship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
ailf-e dim print *Iuro


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