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The Evening Sun Aug 11, 1911

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Array [if
^'•"•e Libra,,
Native Asse/^
Aula Iti i9U
Tenth Year--No. 40
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August 11, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Next Member for Yale-Cariboo Will be Nominated
at Kamloops
A convention forthe nomination of
a Liberal candidate for Yale Cariboo
will be beld at Kamlnops on Monday, August 14 A number of good
men are in the field for tbe nomination.
T. A. Mclntyre will leave tomorrow for Kamloops, where he will
represent the Grand Forks Liberal
association at the convention.
On the Firing Line
Day hy day under the fire of critl
cism and in the crucible of analysis
of opinions, arguments and unsupported assertions of the opponents
of reciprocity are being resolved into
a residuum of base metal, and fmm
farm and market, from store coun
ter and kitchen proceed the evidences tbat tbe extended open market and tbe untaxed imports will
make tbeir appeal to the producer
wbo must sell and the consumer wbo
must buy.—Victoria Times.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, ae recorded by the government therinom
eteron Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.       MIN
Saturday  77 45
Sunday  66 54
Monday  69 55
Tuesday    80 49
Wednesday  80 49
Thursday  88 44
Friday  89 47
Ranfall during week, .17 inches.
from other institutions which are
heralded as "great" shows.
The menagerie is more than twice
as Urge as that carried by other circuses The only mandrill in captivity
is in this department. The only
hybrid lion-tiger, with the lion's
stripes on the tiger's skin, is another
rare feature.
A grand street parade is given in
every city visited. And the turn-out
of the Dublin International prize winning champions is the biggest feature
offered with any circus of the present
New Daily for Vancouver
Tbe members of the Canadian
Press, Ltd., have bad official announcement tbat a new morning
paper is to be started shortly in Vancouver. The Canadian Press, Ltd.,
controls the franchises for the supply of telegraph news, hence the announcement to them. On behalf of
a company being organized, Hon.
William Templeman, federal minister of mines and the owner of the
Victoria Times newspaper, has asked
for a franchise for the new paper. It
ia to be known as Tbe Morning Sun,
and will be the Liberal organ of the
city of Vancuuve. Tbe company
wbich will publish the paper'has
already been incorporated. Nearly
all tbe leading Liberals iu Vancouver are behind the project.
Three Brick  Blocks.  Will
Probably Replace Buildings Burned
them liy the executive   committee.
The voting commenced at 7 o'clock j
last nigbt and continued until a late
Borden's Platform
Here is a summary of Mr. Borden's platform, I will not increase
the British preference. I will try to
turn aa much Canadian trade into
British channels as I can, but I
would not hefp to build a factory at
Yorkshire at the expense of one in
Caned*. I will compel the Canadian consumer to buy hiB manufactured articles in his own protected country at a price that will enable the enriched manufacturer to
build or buy mills costing millions
of dollars in the United Slates, but
I will not allow the Canadian farmer
to sell his wheat to those mills even
if they offer aa good or better price
than Briiain offers. I will not allow theCanadian consumer to buy
his foodstuffs for less the amount of
the tariff tnan he now pays. All this
because to do so would endanger tbe
integrity of the British empire.
Differs From Other Shows
There are many ways in which the
Great London Consolidated Shows
differ from other circuses, and a visit
to this monster tented enterprise when
it comes to (irand Forks August 16
will cause people who have been com
plaining that all the shows were alike
to qualify this statement by adding
"excepting the London Show."
The union of two large circuses resembles other tented enterprises inasmuch as the performance is given un
der a tent. When it comes to the
circus acts themselves it differs widely
Progress on Grand Trunk
The steel on the Grand Trunk Pacific ia now within seventy miles of
Tete Jaune Cache, and it is expected
that the summit will be reached by
November. By next spring the
steel should reach the Cache, and a
year from October it should. be at
Fort George. Tbe contracts for tbe
460 miles between the Cache and
Aldermere will be awarded next
week. Tbe suuply of labor ii equal
tu tbe demand.
Hudson Bay Railway
. The active program for the con
struction of tbe Hudaon Bay railway will be made immediately following the Dominion government's
decision to construct the railway itself.
The following are tbe returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 16,284     672,602
Mother Lode  3,204     185,196
Jackpot      456       18,496
Rawhide  4,577     128,133
Athelstan       286 8,854
Lone Star  2,777
Napoleon  6,313
Insurgent  16'.'
Snowehie         43,900
No. 7..  1.360
I'hoenix Amnl  1,950
Others      294 1,348
Total 25,301 909,633
Smelter treatment—
Granby 16,310 566,226
B. C. Copper Co... 8,176 359,989
She was very literary and he waa
He had spent a harrowing evening discussing authors of whom he
knew nothing, and tbeir books, of
wbich he knew less.
Bresently the maiden asked archly: "Of course you've read 'Romeo
and Juliet?'"
H« floundered hopelessly for a
, moment and then,having a brilliant
thought, blurted out, happily:
"I've—I've read Romeo!"
Tbere are reports to tbe effect that
the buildings destroyed in the recent lire are to be replaced by three
brick blocks this fall. Those who
are contemplating building are P.
Burns & Co, W. K. C. Manly and
Mrs. G. W. Averill.
A. B. Hood made a business trip
to Republic yesterday.
For Sale—The old Graham ranch
of 312 acres on the Kettle river near
Cascade. A bargain, and on easy
tenn9. Apply W. E. Esling, Rossland.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Tuesday, August 8, to Mr. and Mre.
Fred Clark, a daughter.
Dr. Simmon", dentist, left for
Phoenix on Wednesday. He will
return to fhis city next Tuesday.
O. B. Smith, superintendent of
the Granby mines, has relurned to
Phoenix from a trip of inspection to
the company's Hidden Creek properties.
A meeting of the local Conservative association will be held tomorrow evening.
W. K. C. Manly left on Monday
for a business trip to tbe coast
R. F. Petrie baa reopened his stationery store in W. C. Chalmers'
store on Bridge street.
H. H. McArthur, of Greenwood,
and Miss Elsie Marie Gunderson, of
Midway, were married iu Greenwood this week.
J. E. McAllister, of New York,
consulting engineer of the British
Columbia Copper company, visited
tbe Boundary this week.
Tbere have been no serious forest
tires in this province tbis year.
On account of otber attractions
next Wednesday, tbe Knox Presbyterian church Suuduy school picnic
has been postponed to Friday, August 18. Further particulars will be
announced at tbe church on Sunday.
Rev. F. Musgrave Hilton, who
has been vicar of the Episcopal
church in Greenwood for the past
twelve months, will leave for Enderby al tbe end of the month to
assume a similar position tbere.
During the electrical storm last
week lightning damaged fourteen
telephone poles between Eholt and
Thu Conservatives of Yale Cariboo
will hold tbeir Humiliating convention iu Kamloops on Thursday,
August 17.
The Great Northern ticket sales at
Midway for July this year amounted
to 11455. In July, 1910, the sales
only reached ^603.
The politicians are making most
of tbe news these days. The other
people bave been crowded off the
The cyanide mill at tbe Napoleon
mine hu been closed down for a few
nays for repairs.
It is reported that the Granby
mines in I'hoenix were closed down
last night. *
Born—In Greenwood, on July 30,
to Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Frechette, a
The Greenwood fire department
on Monday lust elected the following officers: President, Carl Charlton: secretary, W. G. Pond; chief,
Normen McLeod; first assistant, E.
McArthur; second assistant, E.
Opening of Columbia River
Would Benefit This     -
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Manly have
returned from their camping trip to
the American Okanogan.
Jack Coryell returned to Toroda,
Wash., today. He stated that his
health is gradually improving.
Kettle valley orchardists are now
marketing tbeir early apple and
plum crops.
Greenwood will hold its first annual fair this fall on October 3rd,
Ith and 5th, under the auspices of
the Greenwood Agricultural association and the corporation business
men and citizens. A large sum has
been placed at the disposal of tbe
several committees to ensure success,
financially and otherwise.
Nurse Girl—Oh, ma'am, what
shall I do? Tbe twins have fallen
down tbe well!
Fond Parent—Dear me! bow an
noying! Just go into tbe library
and get tbe last number of The
Modern Mother's Magazine; it contains an article on "How to Bring
Up Children."
Merit is not everything in this
unappreciative world.
"I think this was an ideal year
for a coronation, don't you?"
"Because it's nineteen and eleven
already. A very little more and we
shall have a complete sovereign."
A writer in one of the   magazines
said   recently   that   if   he  were  a
j preacher he would raise his voice in
I behalf of   the individual   life.    He
thinks the individual is lost sight of
j by too many preachers in  considering the needs of society  in  general.
The personal human soul is starving
while men are discussing   the  problems   of   mankind.   "If  1   were a
preacher," he says, "I   would  talk
usually just to one person."
The border towns of British Columbia have joined hands with their
American sisters in boosting for an
open Columbia river irom "the
mountains to the sea." If tbe engineers have made no mistake, and it
is probable that they have not, the
upper Columbia can be made navigable for steamers of medium
draught at comparatively small
coat, and wben it co-nes to dividing
the cost between the two governments the expense to each would be
so small tbat it would not bear the
semblance of a burden. If completed as planned tbe river would
be navigable from the Pacific to
Revelstoke, B.C. That such a highway would in a great measure solve
the transportation question for eastern Washington and southern British Columbia is unquestioned. It
would put an end for all time to
high freight rates, as the steamers
would come in direct competition
witb tbe various lines of railway. It
would also open transportation facilities to a considerable extent of
country that bas none save by tbe
slow-moving wagons, propelled by
horses or mules. Such an avenue
would be a blessing to tbe people of
tbe entire region of Washington east
of the Cascades; but the benefita
would largely accrue to fruitgrowers,
as tbat method of transportation
would enable them not only a
cheaper method of reaching a market, but would permit them to place
their fruit on tbe market in better
condition tban by wagon transportation, which is the prevalent method in large fruitgrowing regions, and
particularly in Stevens, Lincoln,
Ferry and Okanogan counties.
But this method of transportation
will also be an important factor in
mine development, as the Columbia
meanders for hundreds of miles
through or in proximity to wonderfully rich mining sections which are
now wore or less remote from rail
Viewed from the standpoint of
interest to the miner, the fruitgrower, tbe farmer, the business
man, or the citizen, the opening of
the great Columbia river for its entire length would be a blessing
wbich no otlier enterprise could confer lo an equal extent on the inhabitants of Washington, Oregon
and southern British Columbia.—
I Republic Paystreak.
When your friend calls himself a
fool it is better to disagree with him
than to lose bis friendship.
Gossip is a beast of prey that does
not wait for the death of the creature it devouri.
Tbe Fernie coal miners are balloting on the proposition presented  to
Forthe first time since 1907 the
Spokane interstate fair will be open
on Sunday this year.
New Way to Kill Moles
.Une of our valued suscribers, remarks an exchange, tells us how to
' get rid of moles, and if you have
] tbem burrowing in your yard or
\ fields you bave an idea how hard
! they are to get rid of. After trying
every other method at hand this
: lady got a can of lye and opened up
I thc mole's runway, dropping iu a
teaspoonful of the powder. Cover it
over and Mr. Mule only makes
one more trip. He gets the poisoii-
| ons powder on his feet, licks it off
with his tongue and dies from Ihe
effect. This simple and inexpensive method will do the business.
/ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Author ol
Th* Crlmaon Blind; Th. Cardinal
Moth; Th. Weight ol th. Croon:
Th. Corn.r Houa.; The Slave, cf
Sllenco; Craven Fortune; Th.
Fatal  Doae:  Netta.
11 every woman who has Kidney or
Bladder trouble, could go to Davis-
viLe, Ont., and talk to Mrs A. Simpson, they would do just as she did—
take GIN PILLS and cure themselves. "For 14 or 15 years I had
Kidney or Bladder trouble, suffering
at times intense pain. 1 doctored
continually but nothing gave me per
she was running, she quite appreciated the fact that discovery might
be visited with unpleasant consequences. But that did not deter her
a moment. She was in the conservatory a little later, and was not displeased to And that the door leading
to the billiard room was open. Behind a thick mass of ferns she took
her stand. Between their feathery
fronds she could see into the billiard
iuiujuuoj,,"*** .•"-»•»» _>•»•- ■•■"- *-—, I ironas sne coum see lnio uie milium
manent^ relief untd I JMUr persuaded | room  wit!}0ut  being  ??en.    Fenwick
The Prodigal's Return
Money  can  do  most  tilings,  even
in the matter of furnishing a large
house  with competent  servants,  and
by   six   o'clock   Vera   had   contrived
for the machine to run u little more
smoothly.    At any  rate  she  was  in
a   position  now  to  provide  Fenwick"
with something   in   the   shape of a
respectable  dinner    on    his    return
from town.
It was about a quarter to eight
when he put in an appearance, and
for the first time for some days he
changed into evening dress for the
chief meal of the day. He appeared
. to be morose and savage as he had
lieen in the morning. He answered
Vera's questions curtly, so that she
fell back upon herself and ate her
soup in .silence. And yet, though
Fenwick was so quiet, it seemed to
Vera that he was regarding her with
a deep distrust, so that she found I
herself flushing under his gaze. He
put his spoon down presently, and
pointed with his hand to Vera's
swollen fingers.
"What  have   you   got  there?"   he
demanded.    "How did you do that?"
"I burnt it," Vera stammered.   "It
was an accident,"
"Well, I don't suppose you burnt
it on purpose," Fenwick growled.
"What I asked you was how you
did it."
"I repeat it wus an accident,"
Vera said, coldly. "I burnt my fingers in such a way "
"Yes, and you are not the flrst
woman who has burnt her fingers
interfering with things that don't
concern her. I insist upon knowing
exactly how that accident happened."
Vera turned a cold, contemptuous
face to her companion; she began to
understand now that his suspicions
were aroused. It came back to her
now vividly enough that she had
dropped the hot sovereign on the
floor and had not replaced it. lt
was just, possible that Fenwick had
gone into the little room and bad
missed the sovereign from the neat
layer of coins on the top of the box.
And then another dreadful thought
came . to her—supposing that the
drugged man had not recovered from
the effects of his dose by the time
Fenwick had returned? There was
nothing for it now but to take refuge behind un assumed indignation
and decline to answer offensive questions put in that tone of voice. Vera
was still debating as to the most
contemptuous reply when the dining
room door opened and one of the
newly arrived servants onnounced
Mr. Blossett.
Fenwick rose to his feet and an
uiiiiiistiikeuble oath escaped bis lips.
All the same lie forced a kind of
sickly smile to his face as a big man
with an exceedingly red face and an
exceedingly offensive swaggering
manner, come into the dining room.
The stranger was quite well dressed,
nothing about his garments offended
the eye or outraged good taste, yet
all the same the man bad "bounder"
written ull over him in large letters.
His impudent red face, his aggressively waxed moustache, the easy
familiarity of his manner, caused
Veru to shrink within herself, though
she could have been gruteful for the
diversion which his appearance had
a "Weli. Fenwick, my buck!" be
cried. "You didn't expect that I
should accept your invitation quite
so promptly, but I happen to be
knocking around here and I thought
I'd drop in nnd join you in your
chop. Tbis is your daughter, I suppose? Glad tn make your acquaintance, miss. I was told there were
many beauties at Merton Grange,
but 1 find there is one more than 1
Vera merely bowed ill reply. The
man was so frankly, hopelessly,
utterly vulgar that her uppermost
feeling was one of omusement. She
could see that Fenwick was terribly
annoyed, though for some reason he
hud to keep himself in bund und be
agreeable to Illossett.
"Sit down," he said. "Ring the
bell, and we will get nnother cover
laid. I don't suppose yuu mind missing the soup."
"I have been in the soup too often
to cure Hbout it," Blossett laughed.
"To tell the truth we hnd such a
warm time last night that solid food
and myself are nnt on speaking terms
just now. Here, waiter, fill me a
tumbler of champngne. I duresay
when I huve got that down my lyek
I shnll be able to pay my proper attentions to this young lady."
Fenwick made no reply; he cut
savagely nt his lish ns if he were
passing the knife over the throat of
the intruder. Meanwhile the stranger rattled on, doubtless under the
impression that lie was making himself exceedingly agreeable, Vera sat
there watching the scene with a certain sense of amusement. She was
still a little pnle und unsteady, still
doubtful ns to the amount of infor-
to try Gin Pills. Within n couple of
days 1 received great relief, and after
taking one box was completely
Mrs. A. Simpson
Write  National   Drug   &   Chemical
Co. (Dept. N.U.), Toronto,   for   free
sample.   50 cents a box, 6 boxes for
$2.50, nt ull dealers,
The original
Oln Pills made by
National Drug and
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are told
only In thia box.
mation that Fenwick hnd gleuiied ns
to her movements that afternoon.
She would be glad to get away presently and try to ascertain for herself whether the drugged mun had
recovered or not. Meanwhile, there I
wus no occasion for her to talk, us
the intruder was quite ablfc to carry
on nil the necessary converBution.
"This is mighty line tipple," he
said. "Wniter, give me another tumbler of champngne. In my chequer-
er career 1 don't often run up agninst
this ckss of lotion. The worst of it
is, it makes one tnlk too fust, and
seeing that 1 have <ot to run the
gnuntlet with the next little purcel of
sparklers "
"Fool!" Fenwick burst out. His
face wes livid with rage, his eyes
were shot, with pnssionate anger.
"Fool! can't you be silent? Don't
you see thnt there is one here who
is outside "
"Beg pardon," Blossett snid, unsteadily. "I thought, the young wo-
man knew all about it. Lord, with
her dainty face and her nristocrntic
nir, whnt a bonnet she'd make.
Wouldn't she look nice passing off
ns the daughter of the old military
swell with n fondness for u little
game of enrds? You know what I
mean—the same game thut old Jim
and his wife used to play."
"Be silent!" thundered Fenwick in
a tone thnt at lust seemed to pene-
trute the thick skull of his compan-
ion. "My—my daughter knows nothing of these things."
Blos?"tt stammered something incoherent, his manner became more
sullen, and long before dinner was
completed it wns evident that he hnd
hnd fnr more wine than was good
for him.
"If you will excuse me, I will leave
you," Vern snid coldly. "1 do not
cure for any dessert or coffee to-
"Perhaps vou hnd better go," Fenwick said. "1 will take care tbat this
thing does not happen ngnin."
But Vera had already left the room.
She wns still consumed with nnxiety
nnd desired to know more of whnt
hnd happened to the man whom Venner bad drugged. She did not dare
venture as fnr as the little room, for
feur tliat suspicious eyes should be
watching her. It was just possible
that Fenwick hnd given his satellites
a nint to note her movements. Therefore, all she could do was to sit in
the drawing room with the door
open. Some of the men began to
pi'ss presently, and after e little time
with a sight of relief, Vera caught
sight of the one upon whom the trick
of the snuff was played. He seemed
nil right, ns fnr ns she could judge
and the girl begun to breathe a little
more freely.
As she sat there in the silence,
watching and waiting, she suw Fen
wick und his companion emerge from
the dining room nnd cross the hull
in the direction of tlie billinrd room.;
Blossett was still talking lightly and!
incoherently; he leant on the arm of]
his host und obviously the support
wus necessnry. Vera had never before seen n drunken mnn under the
snme roof ns herself nnd her soul
revolted at the sight. How much
longer wns this going on. she won-
dred? For the present sh" hnd only
to possess herself in pntience nnd
hope for the best. She wns longing
now fnr something like action. The
silence nnd stillness of the bouse oppressed her, she would hnve likfd to
lie up nnd doing something.
The silence wus broken presently
by the sound of nngry voices proceeding from the billinrd room. Half a
dozen men seemed to be talking nt
once—words flouted to Vern's ears;
then suddenly the-noise censed us if
somebody hnd clapped n lid on the
-meeting. Veru guessed exnetly whnt
had hupiM'iied. The billiard room
door had been closed for fear of the
servants hearing what was going on.
It wns just possible thnt behind those
closed doors the mystery thut hnd so
puzzled Vern wns being unfolded.
She recollected thnt between the billiard room and the dining room was
a fairly Inrge conservatory opening
on either side into the apartments
in question. It wns just possible
thnt Fenwick and his compnnions
might hnve overlooked the conserva.
tory. At any rate Vera determined
to take ndvantnge nf the chnnce.
The conservatory wns full of palms
nnd plants nnd flowers, behind which
it wns possible for the girl to hide
and listen to all thnt was going on.
Vera fully understood   the   danger
was standing by the side of the table
laying down the law about something, while the rest were scattered
about the room.
"Why should 1 do it?" Fenwick
wns suying. "Why should I trust a
man like you? You come down tonight on the moBt important errand,
well knowing the risks you are running, and you start by getting drunk
at the dinner table."
"1 wasn't drunk," Blossett said,
sullenly. "As to the girl, why, I
naturally expected "
"Who gave.you the right, to ex.
pect?" Fenwick demnnded. "Couldn't
you see at a glance that she knew
nothing about it. Another word and
you would have betrnyed the whole
thing. You cen stay here ull night
und tnlk if you like, but you nre not
going to hnve that parcel to take
away to London with you. In your
present condition you would be in
the hands of the police before morning."
"But I haven't got a cent," Blossett snid. "I hndn't enough in my
pocket to puy my cab fare from Canterbury; and don't you try on any
of your games with me, .because I
am not the sort of a man to stand
thern. You are a fine lot of workmen I know, but tliere isn't one of
you has the pluck nnd ability to
take two thousand pounds worth of
thut stuff .and turn it into cash in a
week. Now look at the last parcel
1 had, J got rid of it in such a manner that no one could possibly discover that I ever handled the metnl
at nil. Who nmongst you could say
the snme thing?"
"Oh, you are right enough so long
ns you keep sober,' Fenwick .said.
"But, all the same, 1 shnll not trust
you with the parcel that is waiting
(To *oe continued.)
Itr Walter Gilbey Hat a Renutatlan
In the Swii.i Meuntalnt.
-ir Wilter Gilbey haa celebrated his
•ightieth birthday at Klsenbum Hall,
ieiex, England, surrounded by bis
uiiiily, grandchildren, and other rela-
lves and Iriends. The village was
,aily decorated with Hags, peals were
tung on the church bells, and various
ijicaehtrUt^yUa were* mude ..a Ueiiull jf
.ne tenantry, friends, and neighbors.
Sir Walter it a livng contradiction to
me suy.i.g ..nil u rolling stone gathers no inu.s, lor he hus gathered inudi
uioss ami nud tried many in.ngs, from
a clerksn.p ut under a pound a week
ui uu esute agent's ofnee to service
ai tne Aruiy Puy Department in tne
Crimea, uelore joining his brother iu
tii." modest wine una spirit venture,
which his business-like methods nave
since converted into one of the most
pruutau.e concerns of its kind in the
Despite his age, Sir Walter is still
wouaer.ully naid ami hearty. This et-
tiinaule condil.cn ne attributes to lite
in tue open, he is still us keenly in-
lere&ha, ,„ uui_.es us ne wus u quarter
of a century ugu. It was be who was
ina.my iesroi.siole iur tne Loudon
,-.-,.-.i_,rse I'uraue, an event wuiea
every \vhit Monday *_nr \vulter never
fail's to attend.
In appearance, Sir Walter Gilbey
presents a striking contrast to the
average prosperous merciiant-prince
and sciem.lic ug'iuulturist. lu drest
and general beur.ug lie still clings to
tne una-Victorian style. His trilled
snirt, with a small white cunibnc tie
and a high stiff collar, a bun woist-
cuut, und closeiy-tiltiiig drab uux-ciutu
truusers, were Innpliur leutures in
clubland. When out walking ne lu.
vunubly carries u lurge uiacs riuuued
monocle, und a little ash .tick cut
irom tue hcuge uud utterly iniiucent ol
ornament or terruie.
In bis eariy nays Sir Wulter used
to devote some portion ol every yeur
lo mountain climbing. While in Switzerland he once had a sumewiiut weird
experience. He was about to uiahe
au ascent when he tliou^ t linn, ue
might us well mnke some inquiries
.bum the stlidd m.iu waa w ucc.uipuny
"la he a thoroughly skilful climber?" he asked ms uotel-keeper.
"1 should suy so," v.-. lu. reply.
"He has losi two parties ol tounsit
down tne mountain side, und each
Unid came ull minimi au uiucli a. a
-cratch on hi-usell."
Strange Occupations.
Some strange occupations figure nn
Indian census schedules. At the last
census, in many villages of Hyderubud
and the Central Provinces enthusiastic
and devout enumerators returned the
village shrines und temple's us "occu
pied houses." The occupant was th/
idol whose occupation was statcj a,
'glinting boons and blessings" ol
subsistance on contributions from tha
tenants." Other callings returned oc
the schedules include collectors of
edible Dirds' nestj. receivers ol stolen
juods, witches, wizards, and cow-
W. N. U., No. S53
Silence Cloth.
A good stance cloth fnr ths dining
table ean be made with a (Inutile thick-
leas of white Annuel laid with tbe
•oft side on Ihe Inside nnd quilled on
•be machine. Edge with ■ binding et
wblte tap*.
^wEat and Bc Merry!"
Stop starving yourself—stop suffering the pangs of Indigestion—stop
worrying about what you dare and dare not eat.
Eat hearty meals ot wholeiu.ne food, take
ha-dru-GO.£IspcpSIA J^BLETS
and you'll feel like a nev person. Sour stomach—heartburn—
occasional'Indigestion — chronic dyspepsia — all yield quickly to
NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets. The properly digested food
restores your strength, your stomach regains Its tone, and soon
requires no further aid.
50c. a box.   If your druggist has not stocked them yet sand
50c. and we vill mall them. 37
EDDY'S "Royal George" Matches
the most perfect " Strike Anywhere *
matches made, that are Safe,
and Silent,
are sold in boxes, averaging 1000  matches to the box,
for 10 cents a box.
Yon can't afford to pass this by.
The best equipped factory for producing Counter Check Books
in Canada.
and Office*
50, 000 Check BoZks
  per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Not In the Truer.)
We want publishers to aet a* our agent. In ail Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
Alberta and British Columbia towns Write u* tor conditions and prlcoo
Is Your
Loaf Like
[F your flour is of
the right quality,
it ought to produce uniformly
good bread. When the loaf
comes out of the oven it
ought to be appetizing and
inviting in appearance. The
crust should be crisp, tender and sweet as a
nut. The pores ofthe bread should be regular
showing uniform expansion by the yeast and
every loaf should be light, plump and should
expand over the top of the pan. Bread
made from Ogilvie's
Royal Household Hour
always comes up to the highest standard of
excellence when made right. It is always uniform,
and good to look at as well as good to eat.
Summer and winter, day after day, month after
month, "ROYAL HOUSEHOLD" is milled by
exactly the same process from exactly the same
standard uniform grade of the best RedFyfi wheat.
And this uniformity is guaranteed by rigid safe-
guardingtestsat the mills before the flour is shipped. .
from your grocer and stick to it.
"OefMe'e Monk (ereCeek**. wilh In penes *f iMlfmllM. .
have been tried sail IcMed, will be Mat rrec If yoa will seaa ue
yoar eddKM.ndto.n llm, Ih. nene of yoar dealer. |gg
ratmrai-uvMUJCituuin.   .'  rams. THE  SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Why let that headache spoil yonr day's work or pleasure ?  Take
25c. a Box at your druggist's. " **•"
Guar an teed to contain no morphine, opium or other poisonous drugs, by tho   30
ttat_a».l Pru. anl Caaaalcal Co—ar ef Ceejah. Uaaeted.      ....      MeatraaL
How Well He Knew
In school a boy was asked this question in physics: "What is the difference   between   lightning    and    electricity?"  *
And he answered: "Well, you don't
have to pay lor lightning."
The Oil for the Farmer—A bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Eolcctrk Oil in the farm house
will save many a journey for the doctor.
It is not only pood for the children when
taken with colds and croup, and for the
mature who suffer from paias and aches,
hut there are directions for Its use on
sick cattle. ' There should always be a
bottle ot tt in the house.
The smitten man (fervently)—
"Love you darling? Why, before I
met yod, I thought only of having a
good time in life."—Puck.
Minard't Liniment curet garget in cows
She—"Is your friend,.Mr. Sellers, a
a literary man?"
He—"No. Merely a successful
novelist."—Boston Transcript.
Retribution .
"I see where there is a heavy cut
in the new bill in the wool duties."
"Is there? I bet that makes the
wool interests feel sheepish."
S552 Buss E\ rrvlhins
Needed To Build This
Fine 6 Room Home
UOT IM *******
eomtrtuoti, worm.
««ta..,,tl>l fr....
WMIan. VeaW.
•P.hlt.o.'. 1%,
WuV'a 10% aiU
amine .raw. SIS
.raSta Sr ..TlaS
Other Houses, Bungalows,
Cottages, Barns, Schools,
2 to 12 Rooms—$175 Up
Book of 60 House Plant FREE
ilail.__.__a.. aaa.Ui ■>». aqasjsjas
,lm. ooo*t****.***a ****** mm -
li.. ii_ZaHni.>aOiJw. j..... —
•___( ml aak ta. Torn am. Ho. U
• l.aeata. ns
Bute ot Ohio, City of Toledo, \„
Lucas County. /   '
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner ot the firm of F. 3. Cheney
A Co., doing business in the City of To
ledo. County and State aforesaid, and
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the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
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A. D„ IBM.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally
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mucous surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY A Co.. Toledo. 0.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take  Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Little 4-year-old Louise and her
niiiiiiina were annoyed by the mosquitoes as they sat on the verandah one
summer evening. When mamma remarked that the mosquitoes did not
seem to sing as they had done when
she was a little girl, Louise replied.
"Why, 'mamma, tney mut be getting
too old to sing."
One afternoon a visitor called on
me. Little Dolores, aged 5, was busy
watching her and whenever the visitor
smiled she would look at her so
strangely. After Mrs. Smithers' departure I asked Dolores why she looked at her so strangely. "0," she said,
"every time Mrs. Smithers smiles
she gets little wrinkles~up und down
around the finish of her mouth."
Clean Stomach, dear Mind.—The stomach is the workshop of the vital functions
and when it gets out of order the whole
system clogs in sympathy. The spirits
flag, the mind droops and work becomes
impossible. The first care should be to
restore healthful, action of the stomach
and the best preparation for that uur*
pose is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Gen.
oral use for years has won them a leading place in medicine. A trial will attest
their value.
What most people are looking for is
a frank criticism that gives them the
best of it.
Minard't  Liniment Curet Distemper.
When my brother was 4 years old,
my mother snid to him, "Ralph, how
did the mirror in your dresser get so
dirty?" "I guess I must have looked
in it when I had a dirty lace," said
Wo estaeti Vrar SUnej H R Its* falla.
COLIC MftV KILL VOUR HOUSE or Cow within one
hour unless you have this remedy ready for instant use.
Colic kills more horses than all other diseases combined, and when you need a remedy you must have it
at once, for if you wait for a veterinary or make a trip
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If International Colic Remedy ever fails we will refund
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such a strong guarantee. Put up in a regular drenching bottle.
St. Joviti, Qui, March jrd, 1911.
Ihtixnational Stock Food Co., Limited.
GlNTLtHIK,—I am glad to tay I used International Colic
Remedy on what seemed to be a hopeless rase and saved s
filly—the was cured In a few minutes,   (Signed)   CHARLES ST. AUBIN.
After nil has been snid about indigestion und stomaoh trouble, there is
only one wny to get a reul cure. The
stomach must be mude strong enough
to do its own work. Indigestion disappears when the stomach has been
made strong enough to digest ordinary plain food. This strength cull
only be given the stomach through
the tonic treatment supplied by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, wliich enrich
the blood, strengthens the nerves and
thus enables the stomach to perform
the duties which nature intended it 1
should. In every neighborhood youj
can find people who have been cured
of indigestion or other stomach troubles after a fair use of Dr. Willinms'
Pink Pills, and this is the best proof
that they are the one remedy to successfully do this. Mr. D. B. McLean,
Sterling, N.S., says-.—"For a couple
of years I suffered very much from
indigestion with most of the accompanying painful symptoms. As a result I became very much run down,
and ns the medicines I tried did not
give me any relief I grew melancholy
und unhappy, and felt as though my
constitution was breaking down.
Quite accidently my attention was
called to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and I decided to try them, and I am
happy to say that they effected a
complete cure, and made my stomach as strong as ever it had been. I
am glad to say a tew words in praise
of the medicine that cured me, and
I hope my experience will benefit
some other sufferer."
Enrich the blood nnd you banish
most of the every day ailments of
humanity, and you can enrich it
quickest and best by the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Occasionally an actress manages to
get along pretty well working under
the name her parents gave her.
The microscope in the hands of
experts employed by the United
States Government has revealed tlie
tact that a house fly sometimes carries thousands of disease germs attached to its hairy body. The continuous use of Wilson's Fly Pads will
prevent all danger of infection Irom
that source by killing both the germs
and the flies.
Any woman who carries a parasol
smaller than the hats she wears is
too much given to exaggeration.
As a vermicide there is nopreparation
that equal. Mother Graves' Worm Ester-
mi nator. It has Bared the lives of oount-
less children.
American Speakers and writers Say
We Must Gtt Reciprocity Now
or Give it up Forever
"Now or never" is the slogan of
the Reciprocity protagonist in the
United States. President Taft expressed this belief in his famous
speech to the New York newspapermen when he said: "The forces which
ure nt work in England and in Can-
adu to separate her liy u Chinese wall
from the United States, and to make
her pan of an imperial commercial
band reaching from England around
the world to England agnin by a
system of preferential tariffs, will derive an impetus from the rejection of
this treaty, and if we would have
reciprocity with all the advantages
that 1 have described, and that I
earnestly and sincerely believe will
follow its adoption, we must tnke it
up now, or give it up forever."
Since President Taft has spoken
many others have reiterated his
words. The Boston Commercial Bulletin declares:—
"As Canada is undoubtedly destined to make as big industrial strides
in the future as In the past decade,
it is evident that with the lapse of
time she will become less and less
desirious of renewing negotiations
with the United States. The time,
therefore, has come for us to strike.
Shall we let the opportunity pass?"
Commenting on this utterance The
American Economist observes:—
"This is another way of saying that
if we are going to cheat Canada in
a Free Trade reciprocity dicker we
had best do it right now, because,
if we wait too long, Canada will get
her eyes open and refuse to be cheated. Is tliis fair or decent or is it
merely a demonstration of Yankee
smartness? The Canadians are not
fools. They have developed their industries under a Protective tariff and
now have an industrial future. The
time for us to strike passed long
Going further west we find The
Minneapolis Journal echoing Mr.
Taft's New York speech in this
fashion:— "
"The Taft policy spells not only
North American commercial union,
but also the doom of the British imperialistic unity. Too late, provided
Congress acts, the British are awakening to the value of the prize they
so fatuously rejected. Too late, if
Congress rises to a level of this, perhaps the greatest piece of statesmanship effected by an American President since Thomas Jefferson annexed
the West. Today England is our
best customer, and Canada our third
best. But our foreign trade wanes,
and that of Canada grows. If we
push Canada into England's arms,
the trade arrangements between the
two will tend more and more to shut
us out."
"Who gave ye th' black eye, Jim?"
"Nobody give  it t' me;  I had t'
fight fer it."—Life.
A Pri» Contest
J&m&yoC Canada
$3.600 in Cash Prizes for Farmers
1 BAD the conditions
ol the Prlte Contest we are conducting Cor the farm-
on of Canada.   1100.00
ln prltet will be awarded to each Province.   These, prltet will be divided
Into (our group!, consisting ot:
PRISE "A"—1100.00 to be given te tt. farmar ia each
Provinc.^who^ wUl^ua. ^during 1911i(the ir.st.at number of
1 liven
 .  1911
barrels at "CANADA" C_m.nl. I'KIZK "ll" -lloo oil 10 b.
given to the farm.r In .ach Province who us.. "CANADA"
C.m.nt for tb. treotut number of purpoaaa.    I'HI/.K "C"~
J100.00 to ba slven  to th. f.rmflr in e.ch  Pro.inc. wbo
lirniahaa as with th. photograph -ahowlac th. beat of *nj
kind oi work done'on hia term during 1911
with "CANADA" Cam.nt.   PRIZE "D"—
a to b. given to th. farmer in eaeh
ne. who submit, th. heat snd moat
ntplela description of how any particular   piece  of  work   (ahown   bj
photograph aent in) waa done.
Every farmer In Canada It
eligible. Therefore do not
be deterred from entering by any feeling that
you would have Ut**.e
chance against your
neighbor. For remember, Prltet "C" and
"t>" have no bearing
whatever upon the quantity of cement  uted.
At a matter of fact, your tuccett In this contest will depend to a great extent on your careful
reading of our l«0-page book, "What the Farmer
Can Do With Concrete."   In this book—sent free
on request to any farmer, full Instructions are
given as to the uses of concrete, and plana
for every kind ot farm buildings and farm
utility.   You'll see the need of this book,
whether you are going to try for a priio
or not.    If you have not got your
copy  yet,   write   for   it   to-night.
Simply cut oft the attached coupon—or a postcard will do—
sign   your   name   and   address   thereto   and   mall
II to-tilght
Canada Cement Company, Limited
dar.01 Made a Record.
Suicide is more prevalent in Germany than anywhere else, the most
depressing feature ol the vital statistics of that country being the number
of children who destroy themselves.
But Hungary holds tne record lor old
age iu attempted suicides, lu IrkW
Janos Meryessi. who was eighty-loilr
years old, jumped off the suspension
bridge at Budapest into the Danube.
He was rescued and explained that he
wished to end his lite, as he was becoming too decrepit to support tin
lather and mother. Thia extraordinary
statement proved to be true, Mery-
essi's parents being aged 115 and UO
j respectively, and a   public   subscription   was  organised  to set tliem  all
I three above want.
Peert at Handy Men.
:    Lord   Mostyn,   who   lately   took   a
prominent part in the extinction ol a
' lire   at the   Welsh  residence ol  the
1 Earl of Denbigh, is not the only peer
i who  has  proved himself  a  veritable
1 "handy  man" in case of emergency.
Bail Htswilliaro's practical knowledge
ol engine-driving stood lum in goud
I atead in the course of the South Alri-
I can  War,  where he  was the  menus
ol bringing up a whole trainload ol
much-needed supplies ior tne troops.
Lord  Brassey,  tne  Earl oi Glasgow,
and about hall-a-dozen other peers can
navigate a ship, and both the Earl ol
Dundonald and the Earl ol Wemyst
have   useful   inventions   standing   to
their credit.
Cured by Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound
Morton's Gap, Kentucky.—"I r:f.
fered two yean with female disorders.
my health waa very
bad and I had a
continual backache
which was simply
awful. I could not
I stand on my feet
long enough to cool:
a meal's victuals
without my back
nearly killing me,
and I would have
such dragging sensations I could
hardly bear It. I
tad soreness In each side, could not
stand tight clothing, and was Irregular.
I was completely run down. Un advice I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills and
am enjoying good health. It 1b now
more than Wo years and I have not
had an ache or pain since I do all my
own work, washing and everything,
and never have the backache -ny more.
I think your medicine is grand and I
praise it to all my neighbors. If you
think my testimony will help others
vou may publish it."—Mrs. Oi.uk
Woodall, Morton's Gap, Kentucky.
Backache Is a symptom of organic
weakness or derangement. If yon
have backache don't neglect it. To
get permanent relielf you must reach
the root of the trouble. Nothing we
know of will do this so surely as Lydia
E. Pinkham's Compound.
Write to Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass., for special advice.
Yonr letter will be absolutely
ConfidentiaL and the advice free-
Ambitious women for whole or part
time work in Western Canada.
Canada Viavi Company, Toronto.
To take orders in spare time. No
experience necessary. Our lines
especially used by mothers and girls.
Apply Women's Department, 228
Albert St., Ottawa, Ont.
A study of otlier agency propositions
convincea us that none can equal
ours. You will always regret it il
you don't apply lor particulars to
Travellers' Department, 228 Albert
St., Ottawa, Ont.
'Mas. WiHSLoW. Soothimo avaFF ba. been
laed for over SIXTY YBARS by MILLIONS of
TM.THING, with   PKRF"!      SUCCESS      II
soothks the child, sonaNS the r,t«(S
I. the beat remedy (or DIARKHO.A. It I. ac*
aoiutely h.rmlea.. Be aure and aak for " Mra
Wlnalow'a Soothing Syrup," sad take Bo other
kind.   Twenty-five cent, a bottle
Established 1117.
Members Standard Stock Exchange
Correspondence Invited
Dr. Tremain's Natural Hair Restorer
will bring your hair back to its origin,
al color and keep it perfectly natural.
Two persons may use from the same
bottle and tbe hair of one become
black and the other blonde, just as
they were in youth, so it is not a
hair. dye. Will not injure the scalp
and it is no trouble to apply. Price
S1.00, postage paid.*
The Tremain Supply Co.,
7 Maitltnd St., Toronto.
Tasmania's  Prtmler,
!    Among   the   Premiers   already   in
1 London lor the coronation is Sir El.
I liott Lewis, Premier of Tasmania, who
: is one oi the lew representatives ol
Oxford culture among the statesmen
, of the Antipodes. A native ol Hobart,
the Tasmania metropolis, he carried
iff all the local scholastic distinctions,
tnd   then   came   to   Balliol   College,
I where he  took  the  degrees of  M.A.
I ind B.C.L. After being called to the
Bar at the Inner Temple he returned
lo Tasmania, and successfully devoted
himself to law and politics.
A Clever Artist.
Here is hope for all newspaper ar-
tis.s.   "Y.   C.   CI.,"   the   exceedingly
clever and versatile cartoonist of The
Westminster Gazette, is  none   other
i than Sir Francis Gould.   His identity
I being disclosed to the general publio
in a land where newspaper anonymity
is even more sacred than it is in this
country, by his election to the presidency ol the Newspaper Union.
A Cradle Insurgent.
Tommy (alter the correction)—I link
I'll go back to heaven, where I
Nearly Got Her
Mr. devotion— Yotl sow some    old
ruins in England this summer, I suppose.
Miss Struckett-Rloh—Yes,   and one
of them wanted to marry me.
t,   PILLS
W. N. U., No. 163 THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B; C.
A Hie of tht. paper oan be aeen at the olfiae
jf Mei.ra. K. «_ J. Hardy A Co., 311.31 nnd SZ.
Fleet S%reet, E.G., London. Ktiifliaii.l, free of
charge, and that firm will be triad to reoelve
,ilh.orl|,tions nnd adverttaetneiita on our lan-
One Year	
One Vear (In advanoe) ....
One Vear, iti t'nited States
J7fl*_rt. iCi.rti.t.trt ______■*.««««   products.    By no effort on our part
•U^ijirtt.UntlUyS'WU can   they   be   dissuaded from this
 purpose, for, of course, we have   no
more   control   over   them  or their
nbllahed nt Grand Fork., Britlah Oolumbl    tariti than they have over us or our?.
.      If, as the   Canadian  Tories   allege,
—   ■ more extensive commercial dealings
i.a.Kv.ss Bditor...dPubiiaher with   the   AnierioaiiB   must impair
  Hritisth connection, then  the  recent
congress and President Taft bad it
in their puwer, by a stroke of the
pen, to shatter it; and in a few days
the Democrats will be in a position
to render its further existence well-
nigh impossible. Hut no sensible
person believes anything so farfetched. When, then, in accordance witb the new Republican pro
gram, President Taft offered us *a
measure of reciprocity, the Laurier
government accepted it, first, because even in the opinion of tbe
I'orieB—now. tobemire, repudiated
but formerly avowed on innumerable occasions—it must benefit the
great natural Industries of Canada;
and, second, because it afforded us
a splendid opportunity of bringing
about a better feeling in the west by
obtaining for tbe settler tbe closer
trade intercourse with the adjacent
American market whicb be desired,
as well as by lessening our duties
on his wagons and implements."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^       1.M1
Addreaa all oomimiiiloatioti. to
The BvsNiNfi Sua,
t'HONR H14 OH.ND Fonks, H.C
FRIDAY, AUGUST 11,  1911
When the farmers' delegation
visited Ottawa last December, Mr.
S. C. Parker, of King's county, N.S.,
stated tbe case of the Nova Scotia
lruitgrowers in this brief but trenchant manner: "I have the honor to
speak for the fruit-growing interests
of Nova Scotia. Our industry is
rapidly growing; with increasing
production we see the importance of
as wide a distribution as possible.
We are convinced tbat a fair meas-
use of reciprocal trade with our
neighbor to the south would be of
immense advantage to all our horticultural ii.Uresis." If reciprocity
would be advantageous to the Nova
Scotia fruitgrower, should not the
Hritish Columbia grower derive the
Bume measure of benefit from it?
The Ontario Liberal association
expresses the following views on tbe
reciprocity agreement: "We seem to
have arrived at one of those epochs
when the masses all over the world
find it necessary for their well-being
to curtail the special privileges ot
the classes. In England a powerful
democratic movement in that direction is in progress, while in the United States the people have turned
in anger Upon the manifold evils
resulting from an exceedingly high
tariff in force for half a century.
Here in Canada a widespread agitation for freer trade with the States
has arisen in the east and west. It
is said tbe Laurier administration
should have ignored it, because the
country in general, and the west in
particular, are already enjoying a
hi((h degree of prosperity. Those
who argue in this manner forget
that, so far as governments can, a
government like ours must not only
afford the people an opportunity ol'
reaching a high level of prosperity,
but must ensure tbem the means of
enjoying the very highest attainable; otherwise it may expect uproar
and tumult witb a falling away of
loyalty to existing institutions. No
impartial man familiar with the
west doubts that ihe settler's lot
Would be improved by freer commercial access to Minneapolis, and
Chicago. Sir John Macdonald used
to say lo Eastern Canada, in the
days when he favored reciprocity in
iiaiiiriil products, Hut if it bail two
strings to its bow in, plane of one,
a free American market us well as
the free British market, ll would nf
necessity lie considerably belter off.
What was and is sell-evident of lhat
suction ol Uie Dominion s, from the
nature of the case, still more true,
if possible, of western Canada, isolated by a huge stretch of barren
territory from lbe cities, towus and
factories of the east, and lying
alongside lhe American west for
over one thousand miles. Now,
whether we in Canada like it or uol,
tht Republican parly, and the Dem
ocrats who control the new house of
representatives, have made up their
minds to reduce the cost of living
and ol producing in the United
States by, among other reforms,
lowering   ths  duties on Canadian
Reciprocity is a business progo-
sition. It means free trade in tbe
products of tbe forest, the sea, the
farm and the mines. On the manufactured articles tbe United Slates
reduces its tariff to make it equal
our own. A square deal. Equal
rights on both sides of the line.
For Sale—The old Graham ranch
of 312 acres on the Kettle river near
Cascade. A bargain, and on easy
terms. Apply W. E. Ealing, Rossland.
Howe's Great London Shows
There are many novel acts with
ths Great London Shows which are
certain to he well received in every
city lucky enough to secure a visit
from the consolidated enterprise
There are acts which were never
seen in America until this show
opened its season of 1911, for the
reason thst there was no amusement
enterprise ureal enouuh to afford the
large salaries which the artists demand, and no instilation with sufficient prestige toattract the attention of such   celebrated   performers.
The Eddy family of acrobats, f r
instance, perform feats which bate
never been seen in other shows.
The Great London Circus will exhibit in Grand Forks AiikiihI 16.
Holy Thinity CHUROH.Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a in. Week day and special Rervices
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Phesbytkrian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.,
in.; Sabbath school untl Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
MuTHODlBT Chuiich J. Rev. Calvert, D. 1)., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, ti p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
P. O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR BT.
Mi'-s  f. Crov*ley   Urn.., MaurliPHler,   Elii».
(iii*. uml Oil KnK-i'iH Aiul   (iu*   Producer
Nstirs. Dlolc. Kerr A Co., Ltd, Preiton
am) Loiiliou, I utflu  '1
Electrical"MHonliiury, Mining and r.,.i-
tmctiiiK Equipment.
BpOiiier*'i l ■<!.. London, KhuIhikI.
I'l.'ilHill-.        ijlltlfjv    i     ll.'lllll.f    I  llll.t   ;
for 'moll oltl bi 't-n«.,n'Ut.'li - forth-j
limine*, iii' vii'i' lion* ■, eto 'lli i — plant :
In .\u\.| Xl'I.OSIVh antuinatii' ami i
obonper iimn ek'otrlo  tijint  in   many
Wfl   invito   correspondence for   nm
chiiinrv ii.Htallutinn*  of  all    kinds
and everything eleotrlual.
Stoek Carried in Vancouver.
rjET THE HABIT of hnviiiKjour
Clothes Gleaned
Pressed and Repaired
Mfn's Nuit» Pi-esM-tl II nil,
Ladies' .Suits Pressed    1.25
Men's Suits Spunked mul Pressed   1.80
Thni'iiuglilv Clemied and
Pressed £2.50 to 3.00
Ladies'   Suits   Cleaned
and Pressed 02.50 to 8 00 j
All Kinds nf Alterations,
Clothes Called Inr and Delivered
FirJt   Street, Grand Forks, B. C
phone r ae
Are read by tlie people lie
cause Till' bus gives them
news of vital interest. People
no longer go lanilcinir ahout for
things they want—they %o to
their newspaper for information as to where such things
may he found This iiicthiid
saves time and trouble. If
vou want to bring your wares
tu the attention of this coin-
itiiiiiny. our advertising columns
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; £8l*0 heivu
log house; North Fork runs
through land: Kettle Valley line
survey tirnsges property; deed
clear. 9870 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
If it isn't an EASTMAN
it isn't aKODAK,so buy
nothing but a KODAK
See our goods and ask for Kodak Catalogues. Ask our Advice on any difficulties.    We are at your service.
Prices range from $100 to $65.00
-*i WOOD LAND    6o   CO.i*f-
Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—^ our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Purm No. 1.
Form No 1.
nf'lrKis hereby given thnt an applic itloti
1 will be marie under Part v. of ihe "Witter
Aci, iwrniiliiiun h Itivnm- in tiie Shnilka-
meeli Division of Yule IHntrli.t,
(a.) The u nm e,|nd dress ami occuiwtum of ihe
applicant: Meter Veregin, of Brilliant, British Columbia, Parmer. (If .for mining pur-
pnwf) Krce Alinnr'aCiTilflcrtii' No 	
(b.) The name of the bike, nireiim or source
(if unnamed, the description ih): Twenty*
fourth of May Oreek.
{v..) Thi-point of inversion it about 1 MX) feet
aliove the mouth of Twenty-fourth of May
i'reek, where It empties: into Fourth of  July
(il.) The quantity of waler appllctUorOu cubic feet per xeeonri): Four-tenths cubic ft. per
(<*,) Thc character of the propmeri worki:
Pipe Hue and small reservoir.
(i.) Thi- iireniiMMi on wuU-h the water is to be
uteri (describe same): litis 17:n, Sis, 815 and
(l* ) The purposes for which the water is to be
until: Dotneitfe,
(h.) If for irr I un tin 11 describe the laud intended to lie Irrigated, giving acreage	
(I.) If the witter h> (u be used for power or
milling purposesdoivrtbe the place where the
water is io he returned to tome natural chan-
uel, and the difference hi alt'tude between
point of diversion and point of return	
(j.) Area uf Crown land intended to be occupied by the t'roposed work -  Nil.
(k.) Tliis notice wn..posted ou the ninth day
of .huic.i.tlH. and application will be made tu
tiie Commissioner on the eighth day of August,
(1.) Give the names and addresses of any
riparitiu proprietors nr licensees who or whose
lands nre likely to be iittectwl by the proposed
works, either"above or below the outlet,	
(signature) PKTHR VBBBUIN,
(P.O. Address) Brilliant. B.C.
J. A. ConYKM., Agent,
Note—One cubic loot l«r second ja equivalent to8A.1l miner's Inches.
NOTirK Is hereby given that au application
Will be made under Part V. oi te "Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license lu the Hlinilkn-
meen Division nf Vine District.
(a) The name, address and onetiuntloii of
the applicant: Peter Veregin, of Brilliant,
British Columbia, Farmer. [If for mining
purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No	
(b) Tee   name    of    the lake,  stream or *
source (if   unnamed,   thc   description   Is):
b'ourtli of July Creek.
(e) The point of diversion is about nun
feet above the head of the Vaughan et Mn.
id) The quantity of water applied fur (iu
cubic feel per Bemud): Three-tenths cubic
f<, per second.
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe liue and -mull reservoir,
(f) The Premises uu which the water Is to
he lined (describe -nine): Lots 453 and ii8M,
dlmlikumeeii Division of Yale District.
(g) The purposes for whioh the water is to
be used:    Domestic.
(h) If fur irrigation describe the land intended to t>e Irrigated, giving acreage	
. (i) If the water Is to be used for power or
mining purpose-, de-cribe the place where
the water In to be returned to some natural
channel, and the dlileruiiee in a'titude between point of diversion nnd point of return,
(j) Area of Crown laud inteieied to be OC*
Minted by the proposed works.   Nil.
(k) This notice was posted on the ninth day
■ of June, bill, uud application will be made to
the Commissioner on tlie eight day of August.
! 1911.
| (1) (ilve the names and addresses uf any
riparian proprietors or licensees wbo or
whose lands nre likely tube affected by the
proposed works, cither above or pelow tlie
(Signature) PR IKK VEIIKOIN.
(P.O Address) Brilliant. II, C.
J   A.Couykli.. Agent.
Note One cubit-loot i>er second is equlvae
lent io 8.1.71 miner's Indie*.
Form No. 1.
Fur Sule at   a huru'iun—Two Ihu'un-
power grtsoleny engine.    Apply •!  H.
Plath, box 10, oity.
NOTIOE is hereby given that an application
will lie made under Part V. of the "Water
Act, bam. 'to obtain a Ih-cnse In the SluiilKH-
meeu Division of Yah* District.
(a) The name, address mul oreupatlon of the
appi.ci.it_ Peter Veregin, nf Brilliant, British Columbia, Farmer. (If for minim: pur*
poses) Pree Miner's t'erliflea'e Nn	
(b) The inline of the lake, strcsin or source (if
illinium il, thi' description Is)   White's ('reek.
(e) lin* point of inversion Is TOO f««?t above
crussbig of ('entral Cump road and White's
Creek. .
(d) The quantity oi water applied fur (lu cubic feet per second): Two-tenths cuhio ft. per
(ei Ilie character of theprOpuKd works:
Pipe line ami small reservoir,
(l) lhe piemlseit on which Hie water Is t" he
ItlOd   (describe   same):   bus   lirjs    uud     l'L'7.
-loupOiie, Mmtlknmeen  hlvis) ( \ In--
(if) The purposes fur which the watiT Is tu ne
used!  Domestic. •
(I.) ll fur liriga loti describe the laud intend
en in hi'iirlKHleri. KlvJN* ncreaue        	
(I) If tlie water is lobe Used for power ur mlu-
nit: purposes describe the place where the water
1- to tie returned to some nntmal channel, and
the   rillb-reiice   in   alliludc between    point  of
diversion and point uf   n-turu      ,.
(j) Area of Crown bind > Mended lo bc oceu-
pedii*- ihe proposed wurits:     II.
(k)   Hu- i- wa- i-.-l.'d mi ine Ut'i  dav of
June hit)    I   upplk'.illni   will be   mudi   lo
iln* i "i i--Im|i..i   op   ill.- Mh-Inv  ol   AllgUsI,
(I) ><lve the itniiii'* and addresses of any
rlpiihin pioprleturs or ltovli*ees who ur whnse
Intel* uie isily to liealtecieri  by tin- ptopoiud
works, elti:e* . Imve or below theonllct    	
(Mimiatnre) PKTKK VRRKOfS,     ,
(P. u Addres-) HrllUant B. C.
J. A. OqilYKLb Agent.
Sole I Ine cubic fnvtt tier second is ei|Utv't-
lent to K\71 n ine 's Inches
•% VYV *   / ,
Classified Want Ads.
will fill all your requirements. They .act
sa a Ions which will
concentrate all your
needs, and bring them
to a perfect focus of
tait-Oetory results.
C-. «J
Nl:i.lil.KWIIKK wnMaljHalsatliuiiM   Cull
,111 Mra. Win  K.ron.iaa.nil ilwi
GOOD PAST!)    ni(or,tittle clow to cltyt
.life fotu-p: :ilniti.li,|.,. ol .wil.   I''.,r term :
ai>|il> It, .lutm liiitiiiiHr, i'mirtll ol 'ulv rr.pk.
Orult>al MIiiituI Cluim. iltoate In thi>
liriiml |.'i,rU. Mi.ala.tr Ulvl.lon ■■( Yailr lll»-
Witii. liia'iala'ii: lit Ilr.vi nV oiamii
TAKK NOTII ii Unit I. A le Ha\ ...I, i I' I'tlT.
I free ' limr.' Cortltloate Naa. 868MB, (ur
nayaelf nntl .a Mtelit liar Claarlca K. Ilnkef,
Praa Mlltcra' dTllHralr N■•. llmillll. In-
ttalitl. aixty all. a Iraitn tlm tlnti' lit-i.-nl, III Hp.
laly taatlto Mliaiiiit Ki'i-tariinr fair u IVrtlflrBtt.
aa' laniiriivt'tnettt, fnt iln. otirnoa. aaf nliiititi-
llltl a, C-aauii '.Hint fit tht' u'.itVf a'liailtl
Anil fiirtlii'T taikf. ian:liin ilmt action. Binder
M't-tiini K7, lllllat bc |.i>iiiiiil'|icciI iH'tiiac the
li-ailiiiic. ol HtlRh i i'rtltli-«t,' nf Improve,
Ilataal Hal. 28th tin) uf .lime. A 11 I'll
AI.KX AMU. I   lit Kit
CUItNISIIKIl ROOMS -Apply Mr.. K.Craw-
I     f.anl.
AllVKItTlSINO spACK ita The Hiln.tlte moat
wiilely reaal new.pap.r In the Kettle Val
TVPKIMHTKR-Ollyeri   new.    Aoply  Sun
I    oltici'.	
LAND -lUimi'ia'. ar I timothy  limit.   Apply
till, otfiee.
SPAi'K for ailvortlilng   pun . .n.  in The
ami THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Aeroplane Races Every Day
"Pioneer Days In the  Palouse"
$136,000  Will  B« Spent  on  This  Exhi-     I ,
Mtinn 1      ,|l
Greatly Inerettwd Prizes
Miny New Clmci. Open to All
Write  cTtir  Premium   Ust  nml  Onllw  1'ri.uruin
217   Hutton  Block.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
IUremnins for tbe representatives
of the Ciiiiinliiiii people alone to bring
into foree a condition which haa for
more than a generation been vainly
nought for by Canadians for the ex
[illusion of their trade in its most natural markets and the full exploitation
prices.    We're are still   doing I of their commanding position as pur-
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising. because your business is too
Some tuisinens men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor in believe that they can reach
the ciiiiHiimere of thin district without advertisingm The Sun.
Show cards for widnov/s and inside
are a line form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
k-tanooriuh, bel-
\ ance terms. One
ol bent hotels tu
T      -     _       _    the business can
tre of Orand Polka; now doing a profitable
business; owner desires to remove tu the
fount. Thin iu the best bargain in thin part
of the province, an there are I'M seven note
lit'eiinei In the i irand Korku. ' ity t« growing
rapldlv. No other town In southern Hritish
Columbia has as bright future piospeati-.
veyors of certain natural products to
the entire continent. The accomplish
ment of this legislation in the United
States ii a thing which few would
have thought possible a year ago. The
constitution of that nation is notoriously opposed to the facilitating of
diplomatic arrangements. The protective spiiit has bean so universal
and so intense throughout .the country
that tariff revision has been an idle
dream until t> few months ago. The
idea that Canada could be frozen into
submission to American acquisitive
designs has obtained a firm hold on
tho people of the states, and kept
them reluctant to make overture, for
more friendly relations. All these
and many other obstacles have been
overcome by the strategy of President
Taft. The agreement which the
United States has adopted opens the
market, of that country to all of the
important natural producte cf Canada, at a time when the United States
is just developing a consumption demand in excess of its own supplies.
It opens that market, 'muleovel', to
Canada alone.—Montreal Herald.
many years for the extension of this
principle to extend to the self-governing nations of the HiitisVempire, but
it has not been until the strength of
the Liberals overseas has been exercised, under Laurier's leadership, that
all have united in the doctrine of cooperation within the empire from
within itself.—Ottawa Free Press.
So the McBride political machine is
to he put to work in the province in
"those constituencies where it will da
the most good." Hon. Richard Mc
Bride will be chief engineer on the
scenes of operation, Those who have
been following the Times' exposure of
the Fort Fraser and other land scandals in the province need not guess
very hard to discover where the fuel
came from that will get up the steam.
—Victoria Times.
The attitude of Canada's orinie minister in the Imperial conference in
London last month put pillars of
strength and respect under the Dominion. Laurier at the snme time
won for himsclj fresh laurels as a
staunch statesman. Laurier took an
attitude in the conference distinctly
Canadian. He stood for the lasting
loyalty to the empire, yet laid down
the unswerving principle tliat Canada
must' huve .a measure of autonomy
which will not bind her.—Dawson
When Great Britain is at war, then
Canada is at war.—Sir Wilfrid
A child of strict parents, whose
greatest joy had hitherto been the
weekly prayer-meeting, was taken by
its nurse to the circus for the first
time. When he came home he exclaimed: "Oh, mamma, if you once
went to the circus you'd never, never
go to prayer-meeting again in all your
Hotel C°l*n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completes) and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway meu. First-
blass accommodations for
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates. Fine line of
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
always in stook at the Bar.
Grand Forks, B, t.
The Oliver Typewriter
for 17Cents a Day!,
I'lemie rend the headlinelover twain. Then Its I
tremendous Munitlciiuce will  lawn upon vnn
An Oliver Typewriter-.lie standard visible
ttiiter-tht! must highly per, led typewriter
on the miirket-yimr* for I" cents     day! *.
The typewriter whunecniiqliefct of Hie rum
inercial worm lin mutter of h tutor v— volt ru un
■ cents ii day!
The typewriter that is equipped with scores of
such   coiivi'iiieneet.  a*      ihe   Muiiiv  Shift -
'1 ho •Killing Device"-" The Dimple itelertse"-
•The ljicpmotlve Bwe"--»Tlie Automatic
Jpticer' —"lhe Autmniitie Tuiniliit.ir"—-The
■—•'I'l.e Adjustable i'a-
perRngi:rs1,-"Tlie Sot-
en nth. Condensed Keyboard"—-all -me.
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
Wo mmimeed this
new hiiIlh pint! recently, JUBt tu feel the pulse of
the people, simply a small cash payment—-
then 17 cents a day. Thut is the olau in a nutshell.
The result hus heen such a deluge of applications fur machines that we arc simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all iiges, all occupations.
Tin- majority o! inquiries has yome If rout peo-
Ittof known financial iianULiig who were attracted by the novelty of the tmipos. 'nn,   .in
iiii|'i>**-iMve demuiiHtnilinii ut' the iiiuneii-e popularity td the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation nf our belief that
the Kra oi Universal Typewriting Is at hand,
A Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money with
PHONF 64        GIAND FORKS, B. C.
(I'lilllshed Annually)
Kiiu'de- traders throughout  the world to
coiutiiuulcute direct with English
in eaeh eliLtri uf «ci.«d-. llestdns being a complete coiiilile'clal guide to Londnii and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign MurketH they supply;
arranged under thp Ports to whicli they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
uf leading Manufacturers, Merchant**, etc, In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight putd, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seokltia Agencies can advertise
their t rude curd* for £1, or larger advettiiie*
meats from £3.
25, Abchurcli Lane, London, K.C. I
Hy nil means let us have a reception
worthy of the nume to welcome Hon.
Kichartl McBride on his return from
the coronation and other festivities.
And by all means let u» make it more
worthy of the occasion than was the
send-off we gave him when he went
away. I_et us turn out as one man,
or woman, und assure Mr. McHritln
that he did quite riglit, acted wisely
in fuct, in hesitating to ucceut Mr.
Borden's urgent invitation to go toI
Borden's rescue in the federal arena,
And then let us whisper in his eur
that he wa's mistaken when he told
Borden lit- could deliver British Columbia.—Victoria 'rimes.
Great London Parade
A street parade, which wj|l be a
veritable horse fair, is promised by the
Great London Shows, which exhibit ut
Grand Forks August lfl.
The pageant will leave the grounds
promptly at 10 o'clock day of the
show, and follow a line of march to
be announced later. First will come
the world famous Dublin Grays, the
$25,000 prize winners.
The band wagons, tliats and other
paraphernalia will follow with 400
well groomed, well matched dapple
gray horses. The stock is all in the
pink of condition. The racers are of
undisputed lineage, the steeds at
tached to the Kotnuii chariots are particularly beautiful, the Kentucky
high school horses are the greatest
equities on earth, and hulf u hundred
Shetland ponies will delight the children.
Wnen the show comes to this city
the work of unloading will be well under way with the rising of the sun,
and there is little chance of the street
display being late in leaving the
grounds. The chunces are that the
streets along which the parade will
pi will be lined with admiring people,
cheering the handsomest purutle ever
seen with a circus, and the great hub
j lin t'2o,00(l prize team will lie an un
! usual feature to view.
The StandardVisible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter in a monev-iniikvi
right from the word "go!" Sneafty to ruin thnt
beginners soon get in the "expert" class. Kum
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ii dny—and nil above that is yours.
Wherever you tiro, there la work to ho done
and money to he mnde bv using the Oliver. The
busloew world ip calling for ullver operators.
There nre uot enough to sflpply thc demand.
Their salaries ure considerably above tliose of
many classes of worker*.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That ts the battlenry today. *\e have made
tba Oliver supreme ln usefulness and absolute!)
lutllspeiisitble in bUflnei*. Now comes the con
i|*__'8i of the home,
The simplicity and strength ofthe Oliver fit li
for family use; It Is befomimr un important
factor in the home tniiniiiu of yoUtlg people.
An educator as well hnu money tiiuk.-r.
Our new selling plan puts ihe Oliver on thc
threshold of every home In America, will vou
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luarkable Oliver off. r?
Write for further details of our easy offer and
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The Oliver Typewriter Company,
ollvor Typewriter ii.hi.ibhk,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen honks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgv, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a prucical book, useful
to all and necessary to most mon en
gaged in any brunch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with   the
trained scientists, and its Unguagp   is .
easily   understood   by  the  everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in  plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists und describes 4(i.'l(i copper
mines und companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Cupper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining mun needs the book for
the fai'ts it gives him ubuut mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives hiin about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is ijo in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on ap-
provul, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postotlice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
City and Suburban
atefasm asM\-iv,lLiv, kt. Lot ih.hi.ni
C^Efl S.-1-i.tiil ami Tl.ir.l .tree'.,
__fl__J^__nil Jnat abtivi-JiHlire Usaaay'.
***rn*wn*w*aw and It. flaw'. Mian-pa: ,e\t-
atra,l.d Irom .all other limiia-rtipa. l.y 2H- t.
It.ii.': .a Inn.fa a. atv.ti ur a-iuiit f.r.llii.iry li.ta.
...I j. jir.iiiar lata ar. wairth SlIOl would n.i.lti-
tlltw hotns, with »i.Ma-lent irl-aiiliid foi ohlOK-
na.H. fra.lt, Harden all.I laWlli it14.nI deali-itOla-
ocaitioi. laa .it).
Now, |
•, it  is j
The Liberals are ready; the
the elections come the better,
or in September or Octob
merely a question a.f majority Sue
eess was never so certain since Sir
Wilfrid Laura- came into power.—
St. John Telegram.
The Laurier policy means unity,uot
separation (as is claimed by the Conservatives). It is aseipn-'i of the polioy
of Liberals, nay of every Briton since
Mining Stock Quotations
BOSTON, August 10, The following are today's opening quotations fin
the stocks mentioned:
Asked. Bid
Granby   Consolidated.     I'.'OO    89.00
B. C.   Copper       6.50     5.25
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, August 10—Silvei 63;
standard copper, t)2.25@ 12.35,  linn
London, August 10.—Silver, 24..;
lead, £13 lis 3d.
The only policy holder whu
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead.   The only man
the days when the people of England who doesn't need to advertise
forced from King John the principle , is the 1111111 who llOS retired
that the people   must rule.    It took ! from business.  •
U ACKI-.S adjoining
cliy limits on »' utli;
it aores cleared) IN
(roll irafill new fniir-
itisei bum fir «lx   hornet horse,
iinumvioiiiilf harness mi*i limning Impie
nients    All fur |ltt0Q    Jin**) tertna
mul three '"ii within
tint' blWh   nf hllHltM.-iil
111 "11.     sllllilf
trOQS, IrilK iri>*_>N,lii>rr.v liiisln*-. lut ^(* <*,*,, .!t
^ iii hImim-ii [iitiutiiri- oJ iii.ii-.* if aeslreu
OiH'-lnilf nii.li. Im!.ti.it tfriiiH.
-I'j  miips from towni
7-ronni  honee.   plasV
■■ml; l&rm)liiiiiiryshe*l.
ffpuilsheu;   150    imit
trees, ffl hearltiyi -'a  acres   strawberries,
gooseberries, eurratiu, rasitberrleii froe hoin
irnsti tin. inn* loeatbmar «t Granil Porks|
plenty of goud water; irnii *.M crop In*
Between 8 im<! 4 acres
in west end of eity;
first Hobi Mill, all on
sift nil iviitlon: -r*m I
house, woodshed m ibutldlti|rM ftell and
pumpi tfond fpnep. This 1* n saerlneBi us q\\ n*
»t in ntiooi to leave city i Terras.
For further information  re
gardlyft the above properties
cull nr iifidri'SH
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion LamU within the
Hallway Helt of llrltUh Oolunibla innyliM
lniiiie-.H'iiiieil Ity nny peritnii wlin \t tlie bend
of a family, or any mule over eighteen yenrs
utilize-, tu tbe extent of one-quarter neetlou
of 100 mTe-*, more or Ibhh.
Knt ry must be made perHounlly at the loenl
land offioe for the district in which the land
Is situate.
Tbe bomeiteader is required to perform
the conditions conne.rteil therewith under
one of the following plaint:
(1) At leant six month*' residence upon Hint
cultivation of the land in each year for three
{■£) If thc father (or mother. If the father ta
deceaaed). of the homPHfadcr rc-dde* tiiion a
farm in tbe vicinity of the laud entered for,
the requirements at to residence may be nut ■
Utied by such person residing with tbe father
or mother.
(9) If the lettler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him In
the vicinity of his homestead,the require*
meuUHa to residence may be mit lulled by
re_dilelitre UDOll the Mid land.
-ix un nit hit' notice lu writing nhoulil lie
glveiiiheOiiumiihioiieror Dominion Lauds
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent*
('mil Coiii mining  righto ninv   be leased
for a period of twenty-one years at un annua] rental of -9)1.0*0 per aore. Kol more than
MW'aores •.■■.■.■' be leased to oue Individual or
ei>ui|iitiiv. A royalty at the rate of nv-aoeuts
per tun shall be oolleeteu on the meroliant*
able emil inineil,
Deputy uf the Minister of the Interior.
s_.it. •Unauthorised  publlqatlon of   this
iiiHiTii-eini'iit will uot be paid for-
Receive bbth' Ladles and Gentian  as rf-m-
limit or day ittidents, bas a complete Cbm«
merelal or Busjeets Couraei prepare*, stu-
dentsth faln Teachers1 CertlUrates of nil
gradesi gives the roui years' course for the
B, A. degree, mul the first year of the Bohoul
of Belenoecotine« In affiliation with thn Toronto Cniverslty; has u ipcolal prpspeotorf
oourse lor luiiiern who »orU iu B.C. tiHtruo-
lion in nlso given Id Art. Mimic, Physical Mil*
ture and fitociitton. Term opens Sept. II
itr-os. For Calendars, etc . uddremi
For the coronation —To let, tor the
summer, Old-World Residence, near
Leeds. Four reception rooms, fourteen bedrooms, garage, billiard room,
offices, etc. Within two miles of station, which is within four hours' journey of Westminster Abbey. • Per
month, 100 guineas. Bargain.—Punch.
There are so many ways of wasting
one's time that are more pleasant
than indulging in argument that it is
a wonder more people dun't agree or
keep still.
Every mother knows, or should
know, the dancer her baby runs during the hot summer months. Summer complaints come quickly and
develop so rapidly that often before
the mother realizes her baby is ill he
is beyond .ill help. Kvery mother of
small children should keep a box of
Baby's Own Tablets iu the house.
A Tablet now and then will keep
baby's bowels working regularly and
his little stomach sweet—this is the
secret of keeping baby healthy and
of wardipg off cholera infantum
diarrhoea, dysentery and all other
dreaded summer complaints. The
Tablets are guaranteed free from all
injurious drugs and may bc given to
the newborn babe with perfect safety
They are sold by all medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,
Brockville, Ont.
So'e Agents for FROST A WOOD Rollar-Beaclng. Light Draft Machines.
Cockshutt Dealer.
The Trouble With Him,
Simpson was one day arrested and'
brought into the police court.
Said the justice: "What is your!
name?' '
"S-s-s-s "
"What is your name?" demanded
tha justice.
"Why S-s-s-s-s-s "
"I don't understand. What did you
say your nnme is?"
"Why, my n-nanie  in S-s-s-s-s "
Turning to the policeman the justice said: "Here, officer, what is this
man charged with?"
"Faith, your honor, and 1 think it's
Spring Finds the
'Human System
Loaded    With    Impurities,      Which
Cause Pains, Aches and Feelings of  Fatigue
Any one who takes as good care of
himself as a thoroughbred race horse
gets will'feel as well, even if he can't
run as fast.
Regarded as one of the most potent
compounds ever introduced with which-
to combat all summer complaints and
inflammation of the bowels; Dr. J. D.
KellogR's Dysentery Cordial has won to
itself a reputation that no other cordial
for the purpose ran aspire to. For young
or old suffering from these complaints
it is the best medicine that can be procured.
Theodore,   aged  3,   waa  looking   at
some, clucks   one   day.     He   called
"Come quick, mamma, and see    the
cute little quack quack chickens."
"Well over four years ago mv two
little girls were taken with a dreadful scalp trouble that the doctors
called  ringworm.    They attended
the  Hospital as out-patienta
for a year. I had to apply their
ointment with a brush, Riving the
children frightful pain. Ialso had
to have their heads shaved every
two weeks, but they sot no better
tinder the treatment. They used to
cry with the tormenting Itching,
prid their heads were covered with
• thick scurf and dandruff.
"About a vear ago I determined
to try the Cuticura Uemedies. I
used plenty of Cutloura Hoap and
Applied the Cuticura Ointment. I
used only about three cakes of
Cuticura Soap and three boxes of
Cuticura Ointment and thev wero
cured. Their hair is growing long
and nice again. They had become
ao ill after their three years of suffering that I had to send one away
to a convalescents' homo aa soon
as she was cured, but now she is
home, well and strong. My younger
girl was away from school nVno
months with tne disease. lam very
grateful to Cuticura and for their
Tchtldren'asake I hope other mothers
will try it. The Cuticura Soap I will
•Iway* use for it makes the hair uo
(Signed)  Mrs. Nora Kmmott,
88, Lena Gardens, Brook Green, W.,
__ Iiondon.
Soap and Ointment
afford tbt ipeedleat and most •x-oooml-nl
trratinrnt lor iMiiim. burnlnc, araly Humors
•or Infant* •"Iitldrvi! ami itdulli A nliiRle* wt
Is often lufflrwnt. Bold thrmwhmit tin* world,
tend to Poller Drug A Chem Corp.. flout on,
USA , for 32-pu* Oitlftira Book oo ttaat-
itaem ot shm sad Kslp afflicitous.
When  the  Liver    and    Kidneys Are
Overworked    and    Break Down
Get them Right by Using
In the spring the human system is
loaded with poisons which huve accumulated as a result of artificial
winter life. There has heen too
much breathing of poisoned indoor
air, too little outdoor exercise, too
much eating of heavy indigestible
food, especially too much meat and
too little fruit.
The liver and kidneys struggle to
overcome this condition, but the tnsk
is too great for them and they get
sluggish and torpid, fail in their
work and often become diseased themselves.
They must have help such as is
given them by the use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. There is no great
mystery of how these pills purify the
blood and take away the cause of
tired, spring feelings, backaches,
headaches, bodily pains or derangements of the digestive system.
If the blood is to be purified the
liver and kidneys must do it. Ami
they will, if you awHken their action
by using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
It will not take long to get these
blood filters into working order if you
use this treatment. A few hours will
bring improvement and you will learn
how to keep these organs healthy
and active. One pill a dose, 25c. a
box, at all dealers or Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
We regret very much that Mr. S. T.
Reid has swapped off his mule, June
Bug, for he was one of our prominent
Sunday school members. For thirty-
one years he has been faithful to the
Judge.—Kelly's Crossing correspondence Monticello News.
The Pill That Lead. Them AH.—Pills are
the most portable and compact of all
medicines, and when easy to take are
the most acceptable of preparations. But
they must attest their power to be popular. As Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are
the most popular of all pills they muat
meet all requirements. Accuracy com.
pounded and composed of ingredients
proven to he effective in regulating the
digestive organs, there is no surer medicine to be had anywhere.
"What's the matter, Miss Dalling-
ton?" asked the village wag. "You
never laugh at any of my jokes."
"I have been taught never to laugh at
the old and decrepit."—Chieaeo Record-Herald.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,—I cured a valuable hunting
dog of mange with MINARD'S LINIMENT alter several veterinaiies had
treated him without doing him any
permanent good.
Yours, *e.,
Prop, of Grand Central Hotel, Drum-
mor.dville,  Aug.  _),  '04.
W. N. U., Ne. 163
"You have placed all the large
berries on top!" "Yes," replied the
affable denier. "That saves you the
trouble of hunting through the Imix
for them."—Washington Star.
Don't experiment with unsatisfactory substitutes. Wilson's Fly Pads
kill many times more house Hies
than any other known article.
"So you are going to have a new-
"I don't know. Mother has passed
the bill, but I expect father will veto
it. He is opposed to all our bills,
Minard's Liniment Curet Diphtheria.
Cholly—"While  1  was   calling   on
your   daughter   last     evening,   Mr.
Butts, your dog growled at me.
Old Butts—"Did he bite you?"
Cholly—"Oh, no—only growled."
Old Butts—"I'll have to get rid of
him    and    get      another.'.'—Chicago
Daily News.
Vacation  Don't,
Don't anticipate having a good time
unless you can stand disappointment.
Don't fail to look forward to your
vacation, as that's all the fun you'll
have out of it anyway.
Don't go away from home or you
will not be comfortable.
Don't stay at home or you'll long
for a change,
a change.
Don't pay any attention to these
rules. Advice has spoiled many n
Don't save up your money to lose
at poker before you start.
Don't fail to have a goodly wad, lSO
Unit you will not have to deny yourself anything.
Don't go t'o the city and bc hot and
Don't go to the country and he
eaten by mosquitoes and choked with
Don't go to the mountains and be
Don't go to the seaside where you
will have to mix with the vulgar herd.
Don't go away with a chum if you
expect to keep him as a friend.
Don't mix with strangers because
you will have to be polite to them,
and it will be difficult to find anything in common.
Don't go to or with relatives as the
more they see of you the more they'll
knock you.
Its Worth
Some good luck had come to him in
business that day and he felt as if he
wanted to share it with others. So
when he reached her house and dismissed the station hack with its two
sorry looking horses he joyously
handed the driver two dollars.
The driver looked nt the money,
then at the man, and then at his
horses, and finally said:
"All riglit, sir; which horse do you
Fer KW,Wuk, Wavy, Wtlary Eye. ud
•mam M IM. in tat*, UjW, a. tax, im
Maria. St. Sal... la Awttie Take* th, I1M
One dny when my little 4-year-old
brother was playing in the back yard
he slipped on some water and hurt
himself. He came into the house crying, and said: "Mamma, why does
God always freeie the water with the
slippery side up?"
Minard't Liniment Curat Colds, Etc.
Send foi Free Samples and Measure
136 Bay Street Toronto
Bophistry is the poorest kind of hat
for an honest head.
An old. darkey wanted to join a
fashionable city church, and the minister, knowing it was hardly the thing
to do and not wanting to hurt his
feelings, told him to go home and
pray over it. In a few days the
dnrkey came back.
"Well, what do you think of it by
this time?" asked the preacher.
"Well, suh," replied the colored
man, "Ah prayed an' pray.ed, an' de
good Lawd He says to me, 'Rastus,
Ah wouldn't bodder inah haid about
tint no mo'. Ah've been trying to get
into dat chu'eh masself fo' de las'
twenty years, and All done had no
luck.' "—National Monthly.
No matter how deep-rooted the corn or
wart may he, lt must yield to Holloway's
Corn Oure if used as directed.
Courtship is the wine of life; marriage is the morning after.
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When I took my little brother to
tlie florist's last Wednesday I told
him the names of mnny of the flowers. We enme to a bed of hyacinths
and 1 told him what kind of flowers
they were. A few moments later he
nsked me. "Margaret, where are the
Shoe Bolls, Capped
Hock, Bursitis
ara hard lo euro. y«t
will femora them and leara no bltm-L
ish. Doea aot blutttr or ?•■<>▼•■
the hftlr. ».*uree inr puff or awaiting. Bona eto
ba worked, W-W par Mlt.MallMrad.Mook 6 O fm.
ABSORBIVE, JR., (mankind, 11.00 boltlej
For Hulls, Hruliea, Old Sorea, Bwalllnfi. tiottre,
Varteoee velnt, Tarlaoalllaa. Allan Pain.
I. f. V0UH8. P. 0. F., W TimpU tt, tfriflffMeJ, Mm
in.   JS^NS^^
Ml •*■ HUBUttMl MM* CO* 144, VusMtar.
One live man in every town to
take orders for Made-to-Meaaure
Clothing. Largest line of samples
in Canada and best value. Good
Commissions. Fall Simples will be
ready on the 15th of July.
Canada's Beit Tailors. Toronto.
"Your husband lias no stamina, has
he, Mrs. O'Brien?"
"No, sir; but he's got u life insurance."— Baltimore American. THE  SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. H,
The Revelations That Came After
It Was Answered.
It floated over tbe river, np tbe little
ravine end tu tbrough tbe doorway ot
tbe cabin wbere Mat Wellesley tat
looking out Into tbe nlgbt.
Tbe bills, tbe sky. tbe rooks end tbe
tree* all were lost Id od* formless sea
of darkness outside, but tbis wet occu-
-donally rifted by zigzag streaks of tire
from tbe heavens, and Mat found a
trim sort of enjoyment Id watching
For tbe third time tbe call tor the
ferryman came stealing through tbe
larkueaa. Mat looked baek Into tbe
cabin io wbere an old man lay stretch.
id across a bed.
"Poor old dad!" abe murmured. "It's
■ pity to wake him—be'e eo tired, and
Ihe old boat's a load. Seems to me tbe
feller coald Just us well go back and
•tay tbe nlgbt at Amos Salter's as to
want to make tbe crossln' on a nlgbt
like tbis."
Mat arose reluctantly.
"1 reckon there's nothln' else for IL"
•be said to herself, "but lt'e bard on
Sbe went to tbe bed and put ber
hand on tbe man's eboulder.
"Dad." sbe called In bla ear, leaning
But tbere wns no response. Sbe waited a moment, then dropped ber band
upon his forehead.
"Oh. dad!" she exclaimed and fell to
her knees, wltb a moan, by tbe side of
tbe bed. The forehead waa clammy to
tbe touch, aud an Instinctive messenger of the truth bad darted to the girl's
heart—the old man wus dead. Mat
laid her ear over bis heart, and anotber
moan of horror escaped ber lips.
"Hal-loo-eh-boo!" came over tbe
river, floated lu tbrough the cabin
doorway and fell upon tbe girl's ears.
The ferryman would never more
carry tbe boat over the river, and the
terrible loneliness wblcb came to Mat
wltb the I bought almost prostrated
ber. Alone, alone, alone wltb tbe dead,
wltb tbe storm gathering outside and
tbe voice nn the breeze calling from
over the river.
"Hal-loo-eb-boo! Hal-loo-eb-hoo!" It
eame again.
Bnt tbis time It brought a mite ot
comfort to tbe ear of tbe girl; It relieved a little of tbe loneliness. A sudden thought came to Mat's mind,'ana
the rose nud staggered to the doorway
Inflating her lunga. throwing out her
chin and tiptoeing wltb tbe effort, sbe
called aaut through tbe nlgl't:
It thrilled tbrmigb Ihe blackness ot
tbe'sky. every tremor of lt bearing lhe
•uttering of ber breast Mat wanted
Ihe companionship of a living human
being tbrough tbis nlgbt. and sbe bad
determined to take tbe boat over the
river for tbe traveler. Sbe bad done it
before In tbe daytime, and (be did not
fear tbe trial at nlicbt
"Dad," sbe murmured, kneeling
•gain by tbe bedside, "you will forgive
me for leavln' you—you'll forgive me
la heaven. I know, for leavln' you tbis
little while, but I am ao lonely."
Bbe pressed ber Up* to tbe clammy
brow and went out. closing tbe door,
behind ber. Down tbe ragged ravine.
wltb nothing to guide ber footsteps.
■he made ber way. Sbe knew tbe big
tree wbere the boat path led off from
tbe main road to tbe landing place at
the edge of tbe water, and abe knew
every inch of tbe path, wblcb was now
one wltb tbe unbroken darkness of
everything. Tbe roar ot tbe river grew
louder as abe approached until abe
could hear tbe wuvee lapping tbe eldee
ot tbe boat at ber feet
"Hal-UMwh-boo!" Mat called softly.
end "Waltlu*" cam* the answer from
over the water.
Mat shoved off In tbe long bateau
and carried It wltb all ber mlgbt
against the current of tbe stream.
••Hal-loo-eb-boo!" abe called again
wben near tbe opposite abore. and tbe
traveler'* answer told her ibe was
making tbe lauding safe.
Hot wheu tbe keel touched tbe und
Mat'* atroug arms gave way under tbe
•train tbey bad bad to sustain.
••Get In. stranger." abe aaid. "but 1
must rest before we go. It It daya
•Ince 1 brought the boat over."
•Give me tbe blade. I'll take ber
back myself." aaid tbe man. "I can't
eee ye. little uu, but 1 can tell by yer
voice ye're a woman. 1 knew It tbe
moment 1 heard yer answer from tbe
bill on tbe otber aide. But wbere's tbe
ferryman tbat ye're eent to bring me
Tbe stranger bad pulled tbe boat
luto tbe stream, but It waa eome time
before Mat answered bla question. Sbe
wai elttfcg ln tbe ■tern end of tbe
boat, wltb ber chin oo ber bosom,
•bedding silent team.
ine terryman-tbe ferryman," abe
Hammered at last, *1» deadl"
"Since when!"
"Tonight" Uf\
"An* ye're alone?*
"H'ra! When ye answered me tonight from over tbe river tbe try
brought a sadness to my heart Hut
wbo was tbe ferryman?"
"Abe Wellesley. my father."
"H'm. b'm!" muttered tbe man after
several minutes' alienee, and Mat knew
tbat the oar had ceaaed to move ln I It
But presently • few quick etroMa
made by tbe strong arms of tbe stranger carried tbe note of tbe bateau ont
upon tbe aand of tbe shore.
"Landed!" iaM tbe man. and Mat
waa couaclout of a softness In bla
tone that bad not marked bla Snt
"Lead tbe way," he added aa the
(irl brushed paet bim on tbe land.
"I'll try to follow."
Mat turned along tbe path, and tbe
stranger kept close behind ber.
"B'm, h'ra!" be muttered again presently, and the tone ot lt brought treeh
tear* to Mat'i eyes.
Tntlaomelv sbe led the wav nn th*
ravine, aud tbe mau kept track ot bet
wltb a good degree of skill.
"If ye'd left tbe door open we might
bave bad tbe light to lead us," be eug-;
Bnt Mat shrugged her shoulders.
"I—1 couldn't do tbat," sbe said.
"No, 1 guess nut" Tbe stranger's
voice bad grown so wonderfully soft'
thut Mat felt an Impulse to fall back
and pnt ber band upon bis arm.
But now the faint light shining
through the chinks outlined the cabin
door to their eyes, and Mat toon
caught the latchstrlng In ber band.
But she paused. Tbe horror of the
death sceue Inside tilled her with
dread. Tbe stranger came up tbe steps
and stood beside her. It wus a long
■Hence. Mat stood with ber bead
pressed against the door, the uupulled
latchstrlng held tn ber band. Presently tbe stranger's arm slipped about
ber waist, aud the girl made no resistance.
"Did-dld ye ever benr the old man
jay anything about Joe?" The words
fell from bis lips In whispers, but Mat
caught them.
"Joe! Joe!" she exclaimed. "Tee, tell
me. do you know anything of Joe?"
"I'm Joe."
Mat's hand suddenly drew tight the
latchstrlng. and as tbe door swuug inward sbe burled ber face against tbe
breast of tbe stranger.
"1 wonder, dad." said tbe mnn a few
minutes later as be bent over tbe
corpse on tbe bed, "bow many minutes
too late I was. But 1 reckon ye kuuw
■ It about It now."
Weeks slipped by. and Joe Wellesley
was doing the duties of the ferryman.
The loneliness wbich bad held Mat one
awful moment had not come upon ber
Une duy Joe came and sat down beside Mat on tbe cabin steps and lit his
"Ye were two years old when I left
Mm.'" lie wn Itl presently, "tt n nt collide
ye don't'remember me then. I was
sixteen. There was a misuiulerstaud-
ln\ Dad accused me o' takln' bis
weasel skin with two gold pieces In It
Well, I hadn't done It but I guessed
whu had. for tbe chap had skipped out
So I swore I'd follow bim all over tbe
west or bave a confession from bim.
an' 1 got It"
Joe unfolded a pnper, and Mat read
a confession of theft
"But It seems I got bere too late
wltb it Mat"
Joe sucked his pipe slowly.
"But It wnrn't about that I wanted
to talk particularly. Mat." he went on
•t length. "I reckon dad never did tell
•e anything about yerself?"
"No. Wby. Joe?" Mat sought bis
"Never told ye rtnt ye waru't Mi
flesh an' blood daughter?"
"Wbat are ye tellln' me, Joe?" Mat
wns holding her breath.
"Jest the truth. Mat Vour father an'
mother were killed In a tornado, an'
dad found yon. without-a scratch. In a
haystack a buudred yards fmm the
house. An' somehow I knowed after 1
left dad would never let oo ye warn't
bis flesh an' bone."
Silence for some time.
"But I'm glnd It's tbat way now.
Mat. fur 1-1 been thlnkln' that If ye'd
hnve me I don't see tbe use o' we two
goto' different ways through this old
world.   Whnt d'ye say. Mat?"
"I'm so glad we're no blood kin.
Joe," the girl said softly aa be drew
ber to bim. '	
London's Fege.
London's fogs vary In tint from
black io yellow. Almost tbe only color tbey never turn, bright blue, la to
lie found ln a region In Manchuria.
There all the mist* are of this shade,
as mist Is simply moist air condensing
en dust particles, and tbe dust tbere.
like the top layer ot soil, le of a vivid
Blggeet Spengt.
Tbe biggest sponge ln Ibe world Is a
Bahama, six feet ln circumference aod
two feet In diameter, sbaped something like, a bit. fat biscuit or •
bride's cake that failed to rise.
Psisen Ivy Should Be Known by All
An excellent service would be done
for panklnd It the deadly poison Ivy
could be expunged from our flora, and,
according to tbe opinion of a nature
lover, wbo declares tbat be la poisoned
every time bis manual of botany opens
at Rhus toxlcondeudron. tbe eitermlna-,
tion of thia poison plant would not be1
The thing thnt does tbe work of pot*,
sontng is a .volatile oil secreted by the
leaf. It Is Insoluble In water, but completely soluble In alcohol and ether.
This latter fact offers a potslble meant
of escape to those wbo are willing to
guard against Innoculntion by taking
tbe necessary mesne of prevention.
Upon returning borne from the woods
tbe hands and face should be Immediately bathed In a mixture of three
parts alcohol to one part ether, nnd
the exposed pnrts ot tbe body should
tben be washed wltb some good strong
soap. With ordinary exposure to poison Ivy washing wltb soap and water
and rubbing with alcohol and ether
will effectually ward off an attack of
poisoning, but Ihe safe way It lo give
the stuff u wide berth at all times.
Every child who goes to the couutry
should be Instructed bow to tell poison
Ivy vine und be Impressed wltb tbe
wisdom uf keeping awny from ll. Tbe
so called American Ivy, or Virginia
creeper. Is a perfectly harmless plant
wbluli is often mistaken for the poison vine. A glance at tbe accompanying Illustration will show tbe difference
between tbe harmless vine and the
vicious one. They are botb found In
similar situations. Tbe surest way to
kill the poison quickly and to prevent
Its spreading Is to bind lbe affected
parts with linen or cotton rags saturated with peroxide of hydrogen.
, It hurts like all outdoors for awhile,
I Imt within half un hour tbe bandages
I may lie removed, and the ihiIsou will
; be effectually killed. When tbe landowners unite tu eradicate tbe miserable iKilson Ivy from tbe countryside II
will be a happy day for those wbo love
the woods and ibe fields, but dread to
go out for fear of being poisoned.
Persons who wear imitation Jewelry,
such us bar plus, horseshoes, circles
and what uot of brilliants or tbe pretty
little sterling silver pins, buttons anti
buckles sbould know tbut nothing i>
better fur cleaning than whiting. Flv»
cents' worth will lust for years anc
used witb u ten ceut toothbrush will ui
liven the plaited things, or rather
the French Jewelry which is worn sc
much uud which Is supposed to be
I iln lied, but which often turus dark
while you look at it, will brighten up
aud look like uew alter a good rubbing witb wblllug,
lt Is advisable, however,, nnt to wear
any piece uf Jewelry that Is made up
of brass, for nine-tenths of the so ended gold things, either iu rose, green or
brlgbt finish, are made up of a goodly
perceiiinge of this meliil. us It will
turn greeu In wane weutber, especial
ly If It comes In contact wltb tbe skin,
tu It Is belter lo keep sucb things tor
Cool days uud Ihe winter time.
The little brlllluBt ornaments. es|ie-
elally If set 111 sllier, also the ini" .-s
of sterling silver, look like uew and
when clean add much to a person's ap
Indeed, considering tbe small cot!
•nd the little time it requires, there U
no reuson In the world wby a girl
•bould go around with dirty Jewelry.
Bright Woman-President.
The Woman's Canadian Club o!
London, Ont., through its president,
Lady Gibbons, stole » march on the
.den's Club by getting a lion, in the
shape ol Ambassador Bi\ce, to come
to  their city  the  other  day  at  the
tub's guest. Mr. Bryce hud an engagement in Detroit, and Sir (.corse
and   Lady  Gibbons,   who   have   been
n Washington a good deal latei;, were
able to get him to come to London,
.towever, the Woman's Club was mag-
lanimous ,und invited the Men's Club
» attend the meeting in a body.
Ralph Connor It a Man With a Flrtt-
Hand Knowledge of Men.
Rev. Charles W. Gordon (Ralph
Connor) of Winnipeg, the famous
novelist, who has been appointed
chairman of the board of conciliation
which will seek to settle the big
strike of coal miners in the West, is
noted for his tolerance. That quality
stands out strongest among his characteristics as a man, a minister, and
a writer.
As good an exnmple of this as can
bc found is an amusing incident in
his novel "The Foreigner."
The Anglican bishop in the story
wns being driven over the Edmonton
trail by Sam Macmillan, a very com-
petcnt but very profane freighter.
Every time' the horses became wired
in a sleugh Slim would let loose a
string of original oaths which made
the bishop's blood curdle. The latter
implored the man to desist.
"Just as you say, your reverence,"
replied Sam. "I ain't hurried this
trip, and will do our best."
At the next sleugh the experiment
was tried. Ordinary language was
used, but the horses would not budge.
Half an hour passed with no results.
"It's getting late, Mr. Macmillan,
nnd it looks like rain. Something
must be done," said the'bishop.
"It does, your lordship," answered
Sam. "But the brutes won't pull
half their own weight without I speak
lo them in the way they are used to."
More time passed. Then the bishop
gave in.
"Well, well, Mr. Macmillan," he
said, "we must get on. Do as you
think best, but 1 take no responsibility in. the matter."
He retired from the scene and—
Macmillan seized the reins from
the ground, and, walking up and
down the length of the six-horse
team, began to address them singly
and in the mass in terms so sulphur-
ously descriptive of their ancestry,
their habits, and their physical and
psychological characteristics that
when he gave the word in a mighty
culminating roar of blasphemous ex-
citnt:- • each "f the bemired beasts
seemed to be inspired with a special
demon, and so exerted itself that in
a single minute the load stood high
snd dry on solid ground.
A clergyman who will write like
this oughr to be a man to consider
all the circumstances and provocations on both sides ol a labor dispute.
-Star Weekly.
Savins the Children.
That it is better tt save a child Irom
crime than to send him to a retorma-
tory afterwards is the key to the spirit
that animated the people of Regina,
Sask., in establishing a shelter—which
was opened the other day—so as to
deal effectively with the cases o! child
neglect that come before the courts.
The movement for the betterment of
the children was started two years
ago, and the work began in a small
way, a house being rented for it. The
1 movement appealed to the citizens,
and a bylaw was passed voting ten
thousand dollars, which enabled the
directorate to erect the present building and give' it up-to-date equipment.
On tlie ground floor, says The Regina Standard, ill describing the building, is the board room, where in future the Juvenile Court will be held
On this floor also are the dining-room
and matron's suite, while upstairB are
dormitories, bathrooms and other offices, including rooms that can be used
as isolation wards. A great feature is
tiie entire absence of anything sug-
gestite of "an institution" about the
lumishings ol the home. The enameled bedsteads are such as might be
lound in any well-to-do home, and the
spotless linen and beautiful furniture
will always be a pleasant memory in
the minds of tlie cnildren. During the
short time the home lias been in existence over one Hundred children have
passed through it, tiie policy of the
directors being to find homes for tne.
children at tue earliest opportunity,
so that no child is detained any longer than absolutely necessary. Even
children coinin.tted by the police mag-
istrate are allowed honi, on parole,
the parents, ol course, being kept under observation, Three boys are at
present ou parole, who but tor the In-
dueiice ol tue home would in all likelihood have been serving terms ol imprisonment.
Canadian Pittol Record.
Corp!. A. Uuthciiord, a member of
the 'loronto Revolver Club, which is
affiliated with the V. 8. Revolver Association, in a medal match of tlie
latter body at the Armories the other
day made a score nl SB uut o| a possible 100. His score was made up ol
eight tens and two nines. His per-
loriiianci' gives iiui the Canadian record by a nig margin. The former record wus 05. and was held jointly by
Ruthcrlort and H. D. Young ol Montreal.
Rutherford's score was made with a
Colts' service revolver of 45 calibre at
twenty yards, with hand-loaded aminu-
i.itioii. I_utii.it.ml us. d the I). S. Re-
volver Association targets. On several
occasions recently Kutherlord has
threatened tlie Canadian record, only
t.a full down ou his last shot.
Rutherford is a corporal in the
Q.O.It., and his Iriends are naturally
jubilant ever hli really wonderful performance.
Victoria Charity Dsy.
It has been decided that "Victoria
Charity Day," under the management
of the Women s Federation and the
laical Council ol Women will be an
annual feature nl the week ol the 24th
ul May in Montreal, in memory ol tbe
late Queen Victoria.
Giving a Luncheon.
An lmporiuul point to remember always In entertaining Is that It Is not
nearly as Important to serve uiauy
courses or much in eacb course as to
serve everything very prettily and take
Infinite pains In the garnishing of tba
different dishes uud tbe war ibat tbey
are passed und served.
Here Is a suitable menu: Grape*
fruit cut In halves, the fruit scooped
out carefully, tbe lough membrane aud
seeds removed and tlie fruit Havered
wltb lemon Juice mid powdered sugar
and a little maraschino. If you wish.
aud put buck luto ibe halves wltb n
few candied cherries used for decoration on lop of euch half. This course
sbould be ice cold, aud eacb half should
rest on a plale with a dolly and be
eaten" with au oruuge spoon or teaspoon.
For a second course bave bouillon In
cups, but do not hare croutons; they
are nol en regie at a luuebeou. It
would be superfluous to have tlie orange
Juice, oyslers and bouillon. Oruuge
Juice by Itself would be rulher un unusual course, and ll would not he advisable, and oysters ou tbe half shell
are seldom seen now at a luncheon.
Tbe grapefruit will not cost nny
more Ihtiu tbe otlier two courses and
Is exactly tbe thing for the first course.
Creamed salmon ill ramekins served
Individually will be. correct for the fish
and third course, and brown bread
sandwiches, the bread cut very thin
aud the sandwiches in fancy shapes,
will be a good addition.
Halves nf broiled chicken served on
toast wltb currant Jelly. |>otuto croquettes and greeu peas or French
string benus will be all right for tbe
substantial course, but It would not
do at ull to hare chops afterward.
Omit that course altogether; the birds
are enough for the meal course.
Roman punch may come after the
birds,   served   ludividiiuiiy   tn   pUncb
glasses or ice minds.    Waldorf salad
served In apples, wltb cream cheese,
heated  crackers  nnd   bur-le-due  Jelly
will make u guwi salad course.    Do
not pass olives with It    It they are
served   tbey   sbou d   be   a   separate
course, coming between the bouillon
and fish.   Tbey should be passed wltb
radishes, celery stalks und suited uutsv
Strawberry  shortcake  would  be e»
better dessert tban Ice cream, or yoi*.
mlgbt serve a frozen pudding with a.
sauce If you prefer lt to strawberry
shortcake    As a final course huve bonbons  aud  fruit   aid  serve coffee In
demltasses lu tbe parlor after luncheon.
Chocolate passed In enps with whipped cream on top wouirt be correct
If It Is liked. Tbe chocolate cups
and saucers should tie removed wben
Ibe table Is cleared for dessert If
an additional course Is desired bave
between the flsh and fowl fried sweetbreads wltb green peas and have soma
otber vegetable with tbe birds.
Tbe oyster fork muy lie put on tbe
oyster plale or al tne lefl ot Ibe cover
st tbe beud of the other forks, put a
little slanting, or laid regularly by tbe
forks. The knives are always put on
tbe rtgbt of Ihe cover. With the menu
given above you '.vill need only one
knife for lbe birds and a small silver
knife tor the salad course, for the
cheese and nar-le-diic. Have the table
prettily decorated wltb spring flowers
aod bonbons and decoration* tu inatcO.
Buying Irish Laos.
Qneen Mary Is now showing her Interest In home Industries In a practical fashion, and particularly her de-
elre to promote the welfare of the
Irish people, by directing the attention of tbe women of England to tbe
work done by their slaters In the Em-
oi aid lals.
Her majesty has given a large order
lor eome of tbe choicest Irish lace,
principally rose point. Cnrrlckmacrom
•Mi Limerick, Including n beautiful
xstirt train In Carrlckmacrots. applique and guipure.
Tbe queen haa also bnnrbt a quantity of lace and work done hy tbe St
Helena government Ince school, with
wblcb she la highly pleased and thinks
very pretty. The St. nelens lace In-
Instry wss started ss recently as inn?.
In accordance with a scheme of tbe
League of Empire.
Girl Retcuet Aged Invalid.
An exciting incident occurred at •
fire in llallnriit. Victoria, lately, when
the residence nt an old invalid lady
named Mrs. Kelly was totally burnt
down, following the upsetting of •
kerosene lamp in a bedroom. The
old woman was gallantly rescued by
an "la.vcn-year-old girl who ran into
the burning room and dragged Mrs,
Kelly out just as the flames reached
the door. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
PHONE    A14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY,«.«.« Columbia P. o,
Dr. Simmons,    dentist,     Morrison
block.    Phone 50.
Rev II. W. and Mrs. Wright are
enjoying a visit from Mr. Wright's
iiiuther, Mrs. H. H. Wright, of
Aylmer, Out., and aunt, Mrs. New-
comlie, of Calgary, Alta., who ar
rived in this city last week alter a
trip to the coast citieu.
W. A.' Williams, local manager of
tlie Oranby smelter, made a business trip to Spokaue tbe first part
ol'lhe week.
Grand Forks Camp No. 15317.
Mo lern Woodm'Bof Amerioj, will
give an invitation dance in the
Davit hall on Friday evening, August 18.
The debris and wreckage caused'
by the recent Are ia being cleared
The Baptist Sunday schonl are
planning to picnic Wednesday, August 23, up tbe North Fork of the
Kettle river.
When completed, the building will
present a handsomer appearance
than it tormerly did.
For  Sale—One  good   work  horse,
cheap.    Inquire W   If. Covert.
Rivalry among districts where
fruits, grains nnd grasses are grown
is encouraged hy the Spokane nham
ber of cntTitnerce, which has just announced the offer of a $100 silver
cup lo go to the locality making the
hest display of its reaources at the
Spokane Interstate fair ths week of
October 8. This cup will be awarded
to the district making the hest all-
around exhir.it, and not to the one
that excels in anyone thing—apples,
for instance. Variety of •>. urt'es,
arrangement of booths and many
other items will he taken into consideration. Plenty of space for effective arrangements will be given
to all competitors.
Antlers 319£ Sprague  avenue, op po-  BRITISH  COLUMBIA UND SURVEYORS
site the Sprague avenue  entrance  to AND CIVIL ENGINEER
tli« Wonder department store;    First-
clans   ttucinnnioiiatioiiH  at  reasonable |   ■ 	
rates     Geo. Ciiapple, Prop.
The front part of A. D. Morrison's ,    	
itore, which was partially destroyed
bythere.:ent   fire, is  being rebuilt. Grand    Forks,   B.  C.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. ofthe ''Water
Act, 1909,'' toobtaiu a lioeiiMB in the Similkameen Water District, Division of Yale District.
(a). The name, Hddress, and occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
'•rami Kirks, B.C., Parmer.
(b). The name oi'lake, stream, oreource(if
unnamed, the description iu):   Cedar Creek.
(o). The point of diversion is where the
creek en tern mr land near the centre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) sub ij-
vision of C.P.K, Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (27011) in Uroup 1 in the Siiuilkumoen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division nf Yale District.
(il). Tlie quantity nf water applied for (in
cubic   feet   per second). One cubic foot per
(e). The character of the proposed works:
Dam and Hume.
(f). The premises on which the water is to
be used (describe same) is on Lot Oue A (1 A)
subdivision of C.I'.K. Lot number twenty
seven humlrt d (27011) in Group I, lu the Simil-
Utmeeti (formerly Otoyooi) DivUlcu of Vale
in). Thepurposps for which the water Is to
he used; For iirigutlnu and domestic purposes.
(lo. If for Irrigation, describe the laud Intended to be Irrigated.giving aereatre: Is on
Lot One A (1 a) subdivision of < Kit, iJ(lt
number twenty-seven hundred(27(H)) in Group
t lu lhe Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos)   Di-
isiou of Vale District, containing ldU.-ifi acres,
iiore or less.
(Ji. Areii of Crown land Intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
ik) Thintiotfcfl was post d on the 5th day
of August, ion.und application will be mude
tn the Commissioner on tin* 6th day of .September, 1911. "
(1). Give the names and addresses nf any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are llk< ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet:   None
•Grund Forks, B.C.
NOTICK is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V of the "Water
Act, 1609," to obtain a license lu the Similkameen Division of Vale District.
Name, address and occupation of the applicant:   W.Sayer, Rancher, (irand Korks, H.C.
Description of lake; Sum 11 body of water
(no name), fed liy springs.
1'oiut of diversion is 40 chnlus above Kaat
tine of Pre-emption No. l..*K> S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second. *
i'harm.ter-df proposed works: Ditch and
reservoir,   to be   used   on   Pre-emption  No.
Purpose: Domestic and irrigation.
Description of laud to be irrigated: Acreage, 7s.
acreage of Crown Laud Intended to bs occupied by works:   Nil.
'this notice was posted on the 17th day of
.Inly,1911. and application will be made to the
Commissioner on the ltith day of August, It'll.
Name and address of rlparion proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by the proposed works.   None
(Signature) W. HAYBR,
(I'.O. Address) orand   Forks, II.C.
. St. Joseph Ml in" a I Clatm.sUuate in tin* (ir.uiil
Pork* Mining Division of Vale District.
Where Located:   Iu Central Camp.
_   "olinsnu, Ft ci
iers, CiTiilicate No. ft-'SUU, for myself
and as agent for Peter Kdwafd lilakie, Free
Miners Certificate No. HWBB. intend, sixty
davs from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a CcitltlcHieof Improvements, foi
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of thc
above claim
And fnrther take notice that acth n, uudei
■eciInn 37, must he commenced before i ne Isbii
ance of such Cerlticaie of Improvement*,
Dated this '28th day of July, A.D 1911.
Bridtfe Street,
The best aud most
substantial fire-proof
building in the Boundary country. Recently completed aud
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. First-class ao-
coinmodatloiiN for the
ravelling public.
Hot aad Gold Bathi
First-Glass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Room
!■ Connection.
AT Grand Forks,Wednesday,Aug. 16
Full of Honors and'Wonderful Triumphs of its Long, Con_»
quering Tours of the Continent, and presented on a Scale.
of Colossal Magnitude and Lavish Expenditure
never known before in this country.
AMUSEMENT   ^*SS\s\\ ^^^       WITH
OP THE    m\^aW^ ^^s\\\\m.   AND OP
The Dublin Grays.
Th* Black HtiMara.
-The Marvelous Eddys-
TheRoyalYeddo Japanese Troupe
And 200 Other Qreat Acts.
Containing Wild Animals from Every Country.
Many times the Biggest and Most Bewildering Production
ever In America    Most Stupendously Stirring Spectacle
that Human Eyes Ever Witnessed.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wo have the mnst modern jobhinp plant
in tin* Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnH carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements.
letterheads ami Envelopes,
Posters, Hates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions mid By-laws.
Shipping Tn«s, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads.
Wedding Stationery.
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-     NIOHT ataJV *M
_pnnn pdiNTiMfi-k**e ki"(l ^ ''"~i!,■" itse" *"
VlUUaU tRalLllILlVl advertisement, and a trial order
will convince yam lhat our stoek and workmanship are of
the best.    Ix*t usestiinote on vour ordor.    We guarantee
satisfaction. '
Furniture   Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
•    Upholstering Neatly Dune.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A CoNPLKTE Stuck of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh ('ttiiRlRiimput of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building'
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ur Honing a!
ttuiur Honing a Specialty.
Grand Forks Sun
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Fiiisr Strut,
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers ami Crunks to and
frnm all trains.
Tki.ki'IIosk A129
KttTIIKKFOlin    BR08.,  FltOPB.
Tiuds Mams
Copyrights 4c.
..nroeo iwmlltn a rtetcli and (Wen nt Inn mar
,a1cklf us cert ni ti o'ir opinion .'rue wliotiicf an
invention Is probnHyPfttanjahLa^iimmunlea.
MniwwrictlrcnmiiioiitfuL HANDBOOK on P-ttcnta
•uut f iva, Oll-jsi aeoncr (of ■ocuring patent i.
I'ntoiiu tiiiti-n through Munn * Co. r
natal-not fc* without charge, la thi
Job Department
Scientific flimrican.
A handMnitily Uluntrataul weoltlr, LaiRaat circulation of nny anienll'lo Journal. Term. I Or
Cnmilii, EMS 01CU. ,Hi.t_ige prepaid,   gold by
;! UOWHaJ_"'\' i.
We carry the most fashionable stock
if wedding stationery in the Houn
I dary country, And we are the onlv
office in this section that have the
I correct material for printing it. The
I Sun joh office. .


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