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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 31, 1913

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Kettle YalUy Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Mr. Pineo Talks on the Doukhobor Situation in This
Realizes the Seriousness of
Conditions After Visiting Colony
J. V. Pineo, from the sttorney-
general's office, Victoria,.who has
been spending a w ek in the oity
familiarizing himself with the Doukhobor situation, with a view of
making a report to the government,
met the members of the executive
of the board of trade in tbeir rooms
on Tuesdsy night for the purpose of
discussing the question witb them.
The attendance was representative,
and tbe discussion was freely psr-
ticipated in by all present. The
temper of tbe mem hers of (he board
plainly indicated thst they either
wanted the question settled right or
a change of government.
"I came here in an unassuming
way," said Mr. Piueo, "and on
tnat account was able to get closely
in touch with the Doukhobors, who
consider that tbe government it
friendly toward them,' and learned
things from and about them whicb
it would have been hard to convince me of before I came to Grand
Forks. I am anxious to get at the
true status of the trouble in an unbiased manner, but I am candid
enough to admit that I was inclined
to sympathize witb the Doukhobor
side of tbe controversy before my
arrival here." Mr. Pineo explained
thst it would bave been difficult for
anyone not acquainted with tbe
facts to have formed a contrary
opinion in tbe face of such a document as the ''Blakemore report,"
trom whicb be quoted several paragraphs. "I have reason oow, however," he continued, "to cbange my
views on tbe question, and from
knowledge I bave gained since coming bsre I cannot do otherwise tban
concur with tbe people of Graud
Forks tbat some action must be
taken immediately by tbe government to settle the question once and
foi all ss far as the province is concerned; sud whatever form il will
take, whether it will lie tue enforcement uf tbe existing laws or the enactment of uew legislation to cover
the particular needs of the community, it will be of such a nature
tbst il will bring tbe Doukhobor
colony into steiot compliance witb
wilh tbe laws of tbis province.
"1 feel convinced," said Mr.
Pineo, "that tbere are uo marriages
in tbe Doukhobor community here;
they are not married by a minister
or priest of sny sect,and do not even
appear before a registrar, and therefore in my opinion it is a difficult
matter to find out who are the parents or guardians of tbe children,
so that it is impossible for tbe school
trustees at the present time to enforce the school act and compel the
ohildren of tbe colony to attend
school. Tbe refusal of the Doukhobors to register tbeir births makes
tbe matter doubly difficult."
Tbe  unsanitary    condition    in
live nnme up for a great rival nf die
oussion. "I am of the opinion,"
said Mr. Pineo. "that the board of
health should (enforce tbe laws in
tbat respect, "In the opinion of tbose
present at the meeting tbis was considered a dangerous undertaking un-
lees bscked up by a good force of
men, as any further interference
with the colony would certainly be
the signal for trouble, which might
require a strong force to deal with.
Mr. Pineo considered he would, on
hi* return to Victoria, havp no easy
task in convincing Mr. Bowser of
the actual conditions existing in the
Doukhobor colony, hut if he failed
to do so be would favor a delegation
being sent from here to pres* npon
the government the necessity of
legislation to bring the Doukhobors
under proper control.
Willie Ruckle Has Thrilling
Encounter With Infuriated Animal
Curling Club Officers
A well attended meeting of the
shareholders of the Grsnd Forks
Curling club wss beld in the city
hall on Wednesday evening for the
purpose of electing officers for the
ensuing year. E. E Gibson was
elected president, and H. W. Gregory secretary-treasurer. All the old
directors were reelected. J. D.
Campbell, Wm. Bonthron, R. J.
Gardner and Ed Stewart were chosen
a committee to make arrangements
tor tbe annual bonspiel of tbs
Boundary clubs, which will be held
in this city tbis winter. The annual
meeting of the dob will be held
about three weeks from now, wben
skips for tbe coming will be selected.
AH New Subdivisions Must
Have 66 Feet' Wide
Msyor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright were present st the
council meeting nn Monday   night.
A communication from the provincial government waB read, which
slated tbat the inspector of electric
metres would visit tbe city about
November 3.
The Grand Forks Canning company was granted s permit tn erect
s factory on the oorner of Main and
Third streets.
A donstion of $20 per month wsb
voted to the Grsnd Forks Improvement association.
Is Rescued After Receiving
Slight Bruises and Some
Hara Jolts
Willie Ruckle, aged about 14
years, son of the late William Ruckle, had an unpleasant experience
witb an nln iated bull last Saturday, narrowly esca, ing being gored
to death. The boy ad entered the
pasture for the purpose of driving
the cattle home, when the animal
became enraged aud tacked him.
At the first onrush the bull booked
the lad and threw him over his back
and proceeded to gore him. Tbe
boy, however, succeeded in dodging the attacks Engineer W. A.
Harris, of the C.P R., happened to
be passing with his train st tbe
time, and seeing the youth's danger, Btopped and haBt-ne. to bis
assistance. The boy came out of
tbe encounter with a bruised eye
and a severe shaking up.
Big Money in Trapping
A. A. Shubert, Inc., Chicago, the
largest house in tbe world dealing
exclusively in American raw furs,
in a letter to the editor of The Sun,
ssys in part as follows:
'Does the average farmer stop to
consider the thousands and even
millions of dollars that are paid oui
every year in tbe large fur bouses
for skins of the "farm yard peels'?
Tbe mink, a menace to the chicken
coop; tbe skunk, muskrat, weasel
and otber fur bearing animals,
classed ss "varmints" and consid-
sidered a nuisance to tbe crops, ull
bave tbeir intrinsic vslue, and it
would do well for many to forget
tbe nuisance end of tbe story and
look at tbe profit side.
The money picked up by tbe wise
fsrmer boy in a season, to ssy nothing of the professional trapper revenue, ie something that would make
a great many people sit up and take
notice. Just a few years ago it wss
hardly worth while to skin these
animals aud ship lhe fur, but since
the supply of nearly every fur-hear-
ing animal, with the pneaihle excep
tion of the skunk, has decreased   at
| gathering his collection of raw fur.
! How many thousands of rats, mink
and otber furs are graded down to
second and third class every season
because tbe shipper did not have
sense enough to leave his gun on tbe
rack and purchase a comparatively
cheap Btesl trap! lf a person went
to buy a fur coat or bat, and he was
shown one shot full of holes, or with
even one hole in il, he would laugh
at the dealer who tried to sell it to
him. Yet many a shipper does not
seem to realize that every time be
shoots an animal, he practically
cuts the value of the fur in two. The
money that is saved by trapping one
or two mink or skunk will more
tbsn make up for tbe cost of tbe
traps, and it is easily tbe best in the
long run.
Ab most every one knows, the
time to trap is when the fur is prime.
Nevertheless mauy a thoughtless
trapper, or would-be trapper, proceeds lo kill tbe fur bearers all sum
mer, to dig them out of their deus
wheu they are breeding,and in every
way possible to exterminate the fur-
bearers in his locality. Of course no
good can come out of this practice,
and he might just as well wait until
the fur is prime ss to kill the animals in the summer wben their furs
are almost worthless.
One peculiarity about tbe American raw fur collection of last season
is the fact tbat over tbree million
rats, as well as thousands of mink,
skunk and other fur-bearing animals
were taken from tbe central states,
namely, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, etc. This will
dispel all thought from tbe minds of
tbe persons wbo imagine tbat there
is no (ur left in tbe thickly popu
lsted states, and it is also a fact that
tbe fur collected from tbese states
wss the best and most  satisfactory.
The golden opportunity of the
farmer boy to pick up a neat little
pile of money in bis spare time tbis
winter should not be overlooked,
snd tbe exercising of a little common borse sense will go a long ways
towards detenu ing the amount of
bis earnings.
With Better Roads, Union
Mine Could Increase Its
. Tonnage
A communication wag received j au alarming rati* within the last few
from Mr. Wolverton, of Nelson, years, the prices have gone up ac
regarding a new subdivision   com   cordingly,   until now it is s mighty
prising lots 1 snd 2, block 5, in dis
trict lot 380, The council placed itself on record ss being opposed to
sanctioning any new subdivisions
tbat did not contain lhe~full width
of CC fret for street purposes.
profitable occupation during the
winter months. Fifteen veara ago
76c was good value for s skunk, II
was considered a high quotation for
a mink, and 10c to 15c wns sll anyone ever expected  for  a   musk rat.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub customs offices, as reported to the chief otlice in this city,
fur the month of October:
Grand Forks  13,242.14
Phoenix     1,357.7H
Carsoi         195 09
Carcade        148 34
Total  14,944 35
Ten Men Are-Now Employed
Supplies Purchased for
the Winter
Louis Johnson, manager and part
owner of tbe Union mine in Gloucester camp, was in the city on Monday purcnasing the winter's supplies for lhe camp. Mr, Johnson
stated tbat lumher iB being hauled
to the camp from the terminus of
the Kettle Valley lihe as fast possible for tbe construction of buildings
for the comfort of the workmen.
Teu men are employed at the mine,
and it is tbe intention of the management to ship a carload of ore
each week to the Granby smelter.
It is stated that tbe mine is now developed sufficiently to ship a carload daily if the roads were in good
condition. Tbe value of tbe ore has
never been made public. It is well
known, however, tbat tbe Union is
one of tbe few properties in the
province whicb is paying for its own
development. Some people intimately conversant witb the conditions of tbe property, estimate that
the ore is netting about $85 per ton.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' rsneb:
Min.     Max.
Oct. 24—Friday  43 67
25—Saturday .... 25 47
26—Sundty 30 47
27—Monday  27 52
28—Tuesday  25 40
29—Wednesday.. 24 46
30-Thursday  20 47
Rainfall  0.06
H. Binion, of Calgary, bas accepted a position as clerk in R.
Campbell's clothing store.
A delegation from the recently Compare these prices with the prea-
orgsnized military company of ent day values-14 to 15 for a blsck
sharpshooters waited on the coun skunk, 16 to f 10 for a prime mink
cil, and asked tbat tbe oity donate a and 50c to 60c for spring muskrats,
site for a drill ball,
ite answer
The Pythian Sisters gave a very
enjoyable dance in lhe Davis hall
on Wednesday evening. There
were about MX) people present,
and all spent a thoroughly pleasant
George Traunweiser is visiting
relatives in Calgary, and incidentally keeping an eye on tbe oil excitement.
Lloyd Montgomery, of Republic,
and Miss Elsie Lewis, nf Spokane,
were married in Holv Trinity church
on Thursday, October 30, Rev.
Henry Steele performing the cere'
The Holv Trinity parish orches
tra, consisting of seven pieces, was
organized last Saturday, with J. E.
Jones as secretary-treasurer. The
orchestra will be under the directorship of H. C. Thomas, and will furnish music for all social functions.
>It tbe parties who have The Sun's
While no defin- j taken on the average.  Over 300 per I *M,*,,Ple   boo**8  of  Christmas cards
made,  the council oent, and in some cases 500 percent.   wi" return the same to tbis office
seemed inolined to do everything it increase in value in a comparatively ,he -,ct w*" De grea"v  appreciated.
could in this respect. ghort  length   of  time. Is it any      , v „i _-.» ,,,     .,
  !       .    ,.. ... ,      „   ,  . !    *•• "• Pineo. of tbe attorney-gen-
  wonder that the farmer boy finds it ..„,,. „m„ _i_„ ...  . ,
__■_,. «.„   „, ., , • o a. x-, . j x        ,     eral "* office, who bas been spending
For Sale—Eighteen sucking Po- profitable to get out and trap  the . „__,*, „ ,i.    ,.       .       ,;    ...
i._j_*n,i..   i     ii-ni       i i     ,,       • . im a week in the city, returned to Vic-
land China pigs; 14 if taken singly; "varmmta"? tori_. _M,erd
cheaper if taken in number; will de-,    However, many a dollar is lost to	
liver same when six week! old.   I. the man who does not exercise good     Many   a   "Princess  Chic"  ken
wbioh  the members of the colony Prudbomme, Columbia, B. C. judgment  and   common  sense iu much of life
Richard F. Warren, of Republic,
and Miss Louria Jones, of Spokane,
were married in Holy Trinity
church on Thursday, October 30,
Rev. Henry Steele performing the
Born—In Orand Forks on Friday.
October 31, to Mr. and Mrs. F. J.
Miller, a son.
The Christ cburcb branch of the
Woman's Auxiliary will hold a
bazaar in the opera house on the
19th and 20th of November. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Ships Are Longest Lived Transports
Ornaments last longer than anything
else that man makes. There are
brooches' and necklaces ln museums
more than forty centuries old. Monuments, perhaps, stand second, and
houses third. .The lite of furniture
Is shorter still. There Is very little
fitinitm-e left which dates beyond the
ycivr 1500. Pictures last longer than
furniture, and there aie paintings still
in fair condition which has weathered
Blx centuries of life.
Of all machines made by num, probably none can compare foi- long life
with tlie clock. The life of the clock
ls ns much longer than that of any
oilier, machinery as the life of n man
Ib to that of a dog.
The French city of Rou.n has a
great clock which was built in the
year 1389, and is still keeping good
time. Except for cleaning and a few
necessary repairs, it has never stopped during a period of more than Ave
centuries. It strikes the hours, and
chimes the quarters.
There are still afloa*. at least a dozen sailing vessels which have weathered tive storms of centuries. Tho record Is, or rather was, held by the
Italian vessel Anita. . Built in Genoa
In 1548, she made her last voyage In
1902. That was from Teneriffe to Naples. She was thus more than 350
years old. Alas! she has been broken up—a cruel fate for such a wonderful old relic.
Steamships seldom last more than
forty years. Ot those built between
1815 and 1835, there is not, we believe
a single one afloat. The life of the
modern steamship 13 much shorter
than that of her wooden predecessor.
As for warships, they are usually
scrapped at the age of Iwenty, if not
Only last yet-.- the sailing vessel
Seal left Bid-fo d for Durban, a distance of C.000 miles. The Seal was
built at Southampton In 1816, and in
1823 was driven from her moorings at
Poole, and was found ln a turnip field.
One of Ihe big engines of the I-ori-
lon and Northwestern railway has jnst
-ompleted a distance of 2,000,000
miles. An Englsh locomotive travels
mi an average, only about 20,000 miles
t year, so this wonderful performance
Is equal to me hundred years' service
M an ordinary basis. A a matter of
fact, the engine In question lias been
worked live times as hard as the av-
_rage, and has accomplished the task
ivlth'.ii a period of twenty years.
Quite how long a well built locomotive will last in running order, Is
liardly known. Six years ago the famous '1-ord of Isles' was scrapped
»t Swindon. Eh.- was one of the famous Great Western broad gauge en-
Sln.sB, and was built ln 1842. She was
in perfect running order up to the
_nd of Iter long life of more than sixty
Do you have as much trouble finding your cuff and collar buttons as
you used to?
No; 1 always find, 'em in one place
Yes; I go to the vacuum cleaner.
Will Sweep it Clean of Dreadnoughts
Swat the Flyer!
I Thai is the battle cry of the mod-
I eru dreadnought battleship. The fly-
j ing machine is today the greatest ter-
' ror of ihe men who go down to the
; sea in $15,000,000,000 floating forts.
! The fact is, th..t tbe navies of the
[ world are feverishly trying, on the
1 one hand, to find a way to avoid the
! Bird machines and on the other hand
' building ns many war aeroplanes as
I they can.
I In considering the effect of an aeroplane in hattie, too many people are
apt to pit a single plane against a
battleship. How easy to puj, oue or
two or half a dozen flyers out of
But navy men have not fallen Into
this error. They know It would He
just as foolish for a naval command
er to send one aeroplane against a
battleship as lt would for a military
commander to send one machine gun
against a brigade ot troops. They
know lhat then- problem figures out
about as follows-
A battleship costs from $10,000,000
to $15,000,000, it carries 11 crew of
1,000 men.
An aeroplane costs from $7,000 to
$10,000, carries a crew of not more
than two men.
Therefore, to be sure of success
against a battleship, the proper tactics would be to send a fleet ot from
25 to 100 aeroplanes, or even 200,
into tlie fight.
Suppose there were 100 in our fleet
and fifty of them would be destroyed
and their crews drowned. It Isn't
altogether probable that tills would
happen, but suppose lt did. Iu men
we would lose 1.00 lives, In money
less .ban a million.
But, nt that, th.re Isn't t. chance
ln the world that the battleship would
escape. So the count against the airship loss would be the destruction of
a $15,000,000 battleship, the loss of
1.000 lives. \
It would take at least a year to
build another battleship while the loss
of the 50 aeroplanes would be replaced
in a month or two.
The aeroplane would be the hardest
sort of a mark to hit from the deck
of u rolling ship. But how about
hitting 100 aeroplanes?
The protection afforded the ship by-
its deck armor wouldn't be very great
in a rain of high explosives such as a
fleet of aeroplanes could drop on it. It
was proven by the work ot air scoutB
in Turkey that the piercing of a wing
two or three times by a bullet does
not put an aeroplane out of action.
In Tripoli, Italian airmen were able
lo drop bombs in Turkish camps and
do tremendous execution and then get
away. So far In warfare there have
been two men killed and several severely wounded while flying.
In a trial ln Paris, ..n ex-American
army ollicer demonstrated a device
which shoots as accurately from an
aeroplane as the big guns of a warship
shoot—70 per cent of hits.
Now suppoBe we send our fleet of
100 air craft against a battleship and
each ship drops two bombs with 70
per cent of hits. That is 140 bombs
out,of 200 landing. One would be
enough to wreck the ship.
So we can readily believe that these
little craft that carry but two men
and coat so little will become the terror of sea fighting.
First, uecau8e of the deadly nature
of the bombs carried by the airmen.
Second, because there are ao many
air craft against each Individual ship.
Third, because no ship hus yet been
built or ever will be built that can
get away from an aeroplane fleet that
ts once started after lt.
Sores Spread Until Face Was Covered, So Itchy Could Not Resist
Scratching, Cured Entirely in
About Two Weeks by Cuticura
Soap and Ointment,
 a       —mm**.
C lac linn, OnUirio.—"My trouble fctartcd
vith nortw bfonking out on iho fuco. They
1'innn an plrnpU* and vern unsightly, Theso
cores Kcctned to kocp nproitding until my
faco waa covered. Thoy wero ho Itchy that
at times ( roiild not nwlKt tteratchlng them.
After trying two or thrco different wives
whieh did not mop the sores breaking out, I
tried n. i-alin of Cuticura Hoap also Cuticura
Ointment-. I round that they cured me
fintlroly of tlio sores In about two weeks."
(Signed) Prod E. Meyer, Feb. 12, 1012,
Houris West, P. IS. Inland.—" My little
flirt, Oltid l"nu. voars, was troubled with a
painful rash on hor logs. It began In a
dry rub very hot and Itchy and after a
few days it looked llko little plmplos with
a whilo top on tliem. Her lege burned and
Itvliod very much and who was very restlcsa
and waa also cross and fretful. She used
lo scn-teh and mako sores wben I waa not
watching her. I had to leave her stockings
oil tier as they would Inltato her legs.
t used to batho her legs with warm wator
Bnd uso the Cuticura Hoap freely, then dry
_v*** logs and rub on tlio Cuticura Ointment
Bnd sho waa cured In one week." (Signed)
Mrs. P. .1. Mullally, Aug. 1,1912.
Cuticura Boap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p.
book, send post card to Potter Drag A Cheat.
Corp., Dept. BID, Boston, U. B. A.
Hunger Hooliganism In Russia
One of the results of the oppressive
laws and backward conditions tn Russia generally today Ib the appearance
during the past year or two, of hunger hooliganism. Assaults, depredations on property, robberies and alml-
iar crimes are of dally occurrence,
and the police are apparently Indifferent. The situation haB become so
serious that Maklakow, minister ot the
Interior, recently called a conference
of governors and other high govern-
i.irnt officials to consider measures
.igalnBt the evil. It was, decided to
give the governors special power., to
deal with the hooligans summarilv
without trial. This measure proved
to the liking of the provincial autocrats
and they applied It bo vigorously thnt
tlie minister was compelled to advise
them to use their power with more discrimination. But Russian hooliganism has lt causes far deeper than
such measures go. lt ls no doubt
mainly due to the dire poverty of the
people and to alcoholism, which Is
one of the largest sources of Income
to the government. Last yenr there
wns realized froin the sale of alcoholic drlnkB—which Is a government monopoly ln Russia—more than 800,000,-
000 roubles (1400,000,000). Minister
Maklakov, with an amazing franknesB
duds that the severe climate of Russia mattes alcohol a vital necessity
to the masses—not a very statesmanlike point of view, as westerners
would conBlder it.—The Progress of
the World, in the American Review
of Reviews for September.      »
W. N. U. 96B
Mistress—Mary, how Is It that I
see you have t>e*en treating your
friends to ray cake and Urult. Mary—
I can't tell, ma'am, for the lolfe of me,
for I thought I covered the keyhole.
Teas—Oh, no! Tom, dear you must
not ask papa tonight. He lost a whole
lot of money ln stocks today. Tom-
Just the right time, then. He won't
have nerve enough to 1- cture me about
the care of money.
REMEMBER I The ointment
you put on your child's skin gets
into the system Just as surely as
food the child eats. Don't let
impure fats and mineral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blood I • 'Zam-
Buk is purely herbal. No poisonous coloring. Use it always.
50c. Box et All Dntiitst, eni Siena.
^—  USE     ONLY
An Idecl Inspires Desire
It was some time ago that the highest and truest of ideals of the human
race were started.
This Is perhaps connected with the
fact that much of our best safeguarding comes from nature. For instance
frequently a woman, even of full natural InBtlncts, has no special desire
for progeny. Then a- strong love
comes, and to what was only a vague
general idea before, that she naturally would have children, is added a
real longing, an Intense Imagining of
how pleasant a little creature would
be, and of what a solei._n and Joyful
possession it would be together. Desires grow when the ideal surroundings are prepared. Nature takes care
oi us. She Is often careless, but
judge by her beBt, and wonderful Is
Blie in harmony and depth.
They Hust    .'ass.ngeri
In the land of the Rising Bun there
are no specified rates and regulations
In regard to managing street cars, and
the result la that the conductors do
practically us they please with the
Internal management of the vehicles.
To effect reforms in this connection
a crusade has been started In Japan,
which is every day gatherins in numbers and in importance. It i declared
that the conductors ought to be forbidden to push passengers into the cars
by sheer force.
When a car is full, lt Ib full and
there ls no way to get In.* lt except
by being rude to thoie occupying it.
Now, If the conductor is honestly convinced that there Is room for an extra
passenger In the crowded car, he ought
himself to be compelled to find a place
for you before ordering you to enter.
But this does not bother him In the
least. He simply tells you that you
must go In, and compels you to make
room for himself.
In tlie circumstance, the only thing
to be done Is to *eav - the car and
take another, but In this caso the conductor will not return your ticket, so
that you will be practically obliged
to pay double fare.
Another ground of complaint is that
> inductors sometimes refuse or neglect
to stop at the place your ticket la
marked for, and thu. you are carried
several hundred yards out of your
Diet and Nationality
Among modern nations the greatest eaters are the British. Germans,
French, and Americans—tlie ruling
people of our civilization. The diet
ot the Spaniards and the Italians Is
notably less substantial than that of
the British and Germans, just as their
brains are less active and original,
says the 'Family Doctor.' The Americans are on the average the greatest eaters In tlle world said Carlyle to
Emerson. The best thing I know of
that country is that ln it r. man can
have meat for his labor.
Gus—The Idea of his saying I had
more money ttn.n brains! Quite ridiculous!
Jack—That's soT
Gus—Of course. Why, I haven't
got a cent.
Mln.-rd'a Liniment Cures Burns, Etc-
Papa how often have I told you not
to say I Been you
Now you look a-here Maggie Interrupted the old man laying down his
knife and fork maybe you will make
your llvln' by good grammar and higher education, but y ur ma and me,
were jest obliged to take In summer
toimlei's, an' they demand th' dialect
It tl ey pny our rates. So what 1 say
goes, see, whether she's grsmmatlc or
Edith—I am always afraid Jack will
kiss me. . lt he does w. at ever shall
I do?
Marie—Pay lilm back In his own
coin, goosey.
Apparently With Advancing Age
"At the age of 60 years I collapsed
from excessive coffee drinking," writes
a Western man. Tea Is just aa Injurious, because It contains cai.'clne, the
same drug found In coffee. "For four
years I shambled about with the aid
of crutches or cane, most of the time
unable to dress myself without help.
"My feet were greatly swollen, my
right arm was shrunken and twisted
Inward, the fingers of my right hand
were clenched and could not be extended except with great effort and
pain. Nothing seemed to give nie
more than temporary relief.
"Now, during all thia time and for
about 30 years previously, I (.rank
dally an average of 6 cups of strong
coffee—rarely missing, a meal.
"My wife at last took my caso Into
her wn hands and bought boi ie Poatum. She mude It according to directions and I liked it fully as well aB
the best high-grade coffee.
"Improvement set In at once. In
nbout 6 months I began to -work a
little, and tn less than a year I was
very much better, Improving rapidly
from day to day. I am now lu far better health than most men of my years
and apparently growing stronger with
advancing age.
"I am busy every day nt somo kind
of work and am able to keep up with
the procession without a cane. The
arm and hand that were once almost
useless, now keep far ahead ln rapidity of movement and beauty of penmanship."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for copy
of the little book, "The Road U Wellvllle."
Postum comes ln two forma:
Regular Postum—must be well boiled.
Instant Postum is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly In a
cup of hot water and with the addition
ot cream and sugar, makes a delicious
beverage Instantly.
There's a reason" for Postum.
lf Miller's Worm Powders needed the
support of testimonials they could be
got by the thousands from mothers
who know the great virtue of this excellent medicine. But tin powders
will speak for themselvei and In such
a way that there can bo no question
of them. They act speedily and thoroughly, and the child to whom they
are administered will show Improvement from the first dose.
To-ivny Knew
Tl o teacher was endeavoring to illustrate to ner pupils the association
of tarious Bpecies of life with common substances.
For instance, she explained, you
will always find plants where there Is
soil, birds where there are trees, and
so on. Nov/, can anyone tell me
what we assoclat; with fish?
Suddenly, with ihe velocity of tn
aeroplane, a hand shot up from the
buck form It wut tho p-operty of
Tommy Jones. Picas- miss, I know,
piped that worthy.
Well ? waB the teacher's qu. ry.
Chips, was the unexpected reply.
V.lnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Postponed Bliss
They had just been married, that
was plain to be seen. They .'..relied
up the rnilwhy platform as It it were
a church aisle. They ha", already
peeped tn half a dozen carriages ot
the train, hut they were all full up.
The guard blew his whistle, and the
young man madi a dash for the
nearest compartment.
Do you think we could squeeze '.
here, darH.ig*. he cried.
She blushed- and bashfully pulled
him back. Oh, Harold, she whispered, don't you think we had better
wait until we get home?
A Difference
Fo tniaiv—What'o your nate"
I.t-borer—Simpson,  sir
Fc'Mnian—Wei., Simpson, bring
alonf those plates nnd that crane
over here.
Laborer—Excuse me, Dlr, . said my
nam., was Simpson, not Samson.
Attendant—Beaut ul sight, mum!
Old Lady—I ain't thinking about the
sight. It reminds mo thnt I've left the
kitchen tap running
Warts will render the prettleBt
handB unsightly. Clear tho excrescences away by using Holloway's Corn
Cure, whicli actB thoroughly and painlessly.
Her Age
The maiden lady of uncertain age
became very Indignant when the census taker asked her age.
Did you see -he girls next door,
ahe asked, the Hill twins?
Certainly, replied the census man.
And did they tell you their age?
Well. Bhe snapped as Bh. shut the
door In his face. I am Just lis old
as they are!
Oh, very well, sal. the census man
to lilmtelt. and he wrote dowi. In the
hook: Jane Johnson—at old as the
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, anil
without discomfort, they free
the system of tiie waste
whicli poisons the blood and
lowers the vitality. 25c. a
box, at your Druggist's.
National Drag and Chemical Ci.
of Cauda, United,    176
A nourishing, tasty,
economical meal,
A time and money
A strength producer.
To _iiy i««Xi «l» «>' rawly ""> '<••"« nxmtxot IllMO Iflrt
flnll-kii-M Cum-Im Towns, «n.l bMKcnriMamMm
». of,, D_r *15 1...1/. SOLID GOLD WATCH
linollflti l.«v-nn"«iil Rlrtirip-il, fully ..".'It"*, ■■ - FRfcB
C1FT.  (SiWer Watches a" ptwraMd to Cjili-I
Smd jour attempt on aehent ol paper,
loielbc. with .temped aJdresjed ennelope
loiropl. to FELLOWS A CO., 10. Cre.™no.
BulMinis, Steelhouso Lane. Birwinsriem,
Er.sl.nd. Tho winner I. required to POrchue
a Chain from ns to wear with woteh. Tlio
name ol this paper tnurt bo mentions*. rrU»
winners oi last competition were I
.**.- Gay, Amhc. ;t, Nova Scotia, Can.
A.     Fowlow, Trinity  East, Nlld.
That Wonderful Event
IP THERE Is s tlmt above all timet when s
woman should be In perfect physical condition
II U Iha tlmt previous lo tht comlnB ol btr babt.
During Ihis period many women suiter tram hudacht,
sleepltunsse, paint ol various description, poor appetlto,
and t hottofothtr ailments which should.be eliminated In
iwlict to tht new llll about to bt ushered Into this world.
(I one-cent st
late, la
WMTOWBBllrlMtll sod 8urglctlTi«lllHit?BffiK
II Is yourprlvtledoe to write to Dr. Pirns tor advice, snd It ui/ffi»• 9'«*y
given free of charge.  Ot courts sll esmmunlcatlons srs confidential.
She Just Lef:
The young rector of an Episcopal
Church n Alabama, an Englishman, by
the way, waa askei recently to officiate at tho wedding of a negro couplo
on a near-by plantation. He consented, but thought be would beforehand
learn something ot tho contracting
parties, bo he said to the ;.roBpectlve
Have you ever beeu married before!
Yes sir, said the negro.
The alacrity of the response put a
crimp in the rector, so to apeak, an*
he asked with some uneasiness:
Your wife Ib dead, Is Bhe not?
Naw. suh, war the unexpected reply, she's In Norf Ca'llna.
Why did ahe leave you? then asked
the rector.
I can't ezzaatly tell you, sah, Ball
tht. negro. Yuh see, I wuz erway
fioni home at de time, an' I ain't beei
bark dere since.
Pure Apple  Jelly
added to Pun Jam
makes   a  delicious   conserve
Ask   for   Upton's
Longest Telephone Cabla
A 35-mile cable for telephonic connect Ions between Vancouve and Vancouver Island haa been received fron
England. It cost more that: 0100,000.
wolghs 560,000 sounds, and the expense In laying was $20,000. Con-
siderable Customs duty was t ved by
the Canadian Oovernment nc charging duty on that part ot the cable
laid below'low-water mark. It ls Bald
to be the longest telephone cable la
the world, and Ib laid at a depth heretofore not attempted, much of the
line going two hundred fathoms deep
ln the Gulf ot Georgia, at one place
being 1,356 leet deep. A cable will
he stretched acros Saanich Inlet,
which will bring Vlotorla Into much
better connection with Vancouver 17
means of tho cable Just laid.—Consular Reporta. flf
Gives a Quick,
Brilliant Polish
That Lasts
No Turpentine
Easier to Use
Better for
the Shoes
Does tlie neatest, quickest, and most uniform writing. The same.
pen will last for years of service. The gold pens in Waterman's
Ideals are smooth and of any character your hand requires. The
Spoon Feed gives an even and accurate flow of ink and prevents
flooding. The Clip-Cap prevents loss. Every Fen guaranteed.
Sold Locally, by the Best Dealers
L. E. Waterman Company, Limited, Montreal .
A Paying Camera
A camera Is delightful summer
companion and when the photographer
has passed the really amateur stage,
she may consider the pos.lblllty of
n-xlting some money by her pictures,
or at least making her camera pay expenses. Selling pictures as Illustrations to periodicals. Is one money-
making method. Newspapers, trade
Journals, farm Journals, outing magazines, general magazines, are all in
the market for pictures, and their specific needs Bhould b careful'}- studied
by the amateur photographer. The
pictures for any magazine are clear
black-and-white prints, with the people or the particular object centred
and emphasized In such a manner that
the rolnt of the picture is easily obvious.
Outside ot the money gained, picture-taking enlarges one's view-point.
One's observation grows greatly under the spur of finding material for
the camera and one's sense of beauty
suddenly gains a new self-respect
through ha-lng a definite business to
attend to.
£__. "_____*-__ *>
rell -L-I.L.O Action
.r^^S** _______________
Solid Breech Hammerless-Safe
Complete ln itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make lt effective. It does not tall
to do its work-
Feared Something Serious
Your baby seemed to be unusually
"restless last night.
Ss*. I fear the dear little fellow
Isn't going to live th- -ugh the summer.
I thought from the remarks your
iusbnnd made that he might have up-
.iet a bottle of Ink.
Compulsory Matrimony
The declining marriage rate ln so
many countries Is causing all sorts of
suggestions to be made for inducing
people to enter the state of matrimony
such as the taxing of bachelors and
conferring social prh lieges on tliose
who have large families. A month
or two ago the rural council of Trim,
ordered Its bachelors to marry or quit
the municipal cottages. But all these
are exceedingly mild measures compared wltb a proposal which comes
from Trieste. The proposal ls that all
bachelors who have attained their
thirtieth year—a time when a man Is
at hlj prime according to Mahomet
—should be summoned before the Syndicate together with all -_>insters who
have read d the age of twenty-flve.
Then, after a medical examination,
those whom the doctors consider
healthy are to have their Lames placed
tn separate urns tnd drawn two by
two. The couples whose names are
paired are to be married Immediate,-
ly. This 1 - making a lottery ot marriage with a vengeame.
Valuablo Knowledge
The Muddletown ambulance class
wire being examined.
When a certain brainy yokel was
asked to describe the circulation of
the blood he promptly replied: Well,
the blood ls pumped from the heart
through the blood vessels of the leg
and right to the bottom of the foot.
Yes, said the examiner, you are
right as far as you go, but how does
it return?
The yokel hesitated a minute.
Then he replied: Up the other leg.
If Her Partner It Clumsy
He who dances must pay the fld-
■fler, you know.
Yes, and she who dances must set-
Ue with the.chti-podlst.
At Regular Intervals—Says
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound completely cured her.
Adrian, Texas.—"I take pleasure in
idding my testimonial to the great list
nand hope that it will
i be of interest to suffering women. For
four years I suffered
untold agonies at
regular intervals.
Such pains and
| cramp»,severo chills
j andsicknessatstom-
i ach, then finally hem-
, orrhages until I
[ would bo noarly
blind. I had five
doctors and none of them could do more
than relieve me for a time.
"I aaw your advertisement In a paper nnd decided to try Lydia E. Pink-
nam's Vegetable Compound. I took
■even boxes of it and used two bottles
of the Sanative Wash, and I am completely cured of my trouble. When I
began taking the Compound I only
weighed ninety-six pounds and now I
weigh one hundred and twenty-six
pounds. If anyone wishes to address
me ln person I will cheerfully answer
all letters, as I cannot speak too highly
of the Pinkham remedies. "—Mlas Jessie Marsh, Adrian, Texas.
Hundreds of such letters expressing
gratitude for the good Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound hu accomplished are constantly being received,
proving the reliability of this grand old
If yon want special advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mbbb. Your letter will
ke opened( nad and answered by a
woman and hell la strict confidence.
I 'efnstpj^jll ' I
W. N. 0- 96S
St. Joseph, Levis, July 14, 1903
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—I-was badly kicked by
my horse last May and after using stv-
eral preparations on my leg nothing
would do. My leg was black as Jet.
I was laid up in bed for a fortnight
and could not walk. After using three
bottles of your MINARD'S LINIMENT
I was perfectly cured, so that I could
start on the roa*' •
Commercial Traveler.
Henry George on Suffrage
I am convinced that we make a
great mistake In depriving one sex
ot voice ir. public matters, and tbat
we could in no way increase the attention, the Intelligence, and the devotion which may be brought to the
solution of social problems as hy enfranchising our women. Even lf In a
ruder state of society the Intelligence
of one sex suffices for the management of common Interests, the vastly
moro Intricate, more delicate, and
more Important questions which the
progress of civilization makes of public moment, require the intelligence
of women as of men, and that we never can obtain until we Interest tliem
ln public affairs. And i have come
to believe that very much of the inattention, the flippancy, ths want of
conscience, which we see manifested
In regard to public matlcrs of I lie
greatest moment, arises from the fact
that we debar our women from taking
their proper part in these matters.
Nothing will fully interest men unless
lt also lnte.-esls women. There aro
those who say that women are less
Intelligent than men; but who will
say that they are less influential?—
'Social Problems' (Chapter nil), by
Henry Ueorge.
Usually Arise Prom 8ame Cause—Relief and Cure Effected by Dr. Chase's
Nearly everybody knows of Dr.
Chase's Ointment as the most effective
treatment for piles or hemorrhoids
that medical science has been able to
compound. So much suffering and
misery arises from this aliment that
one Is not long in telling his friends
when be haB found an actual cure.
This accounts for the enormous sales
ot Dr. Chase's Ointment.
This letter telle of relief from the
suffering o varicose reins by the use
of Dr. Chase's Ointment. Many suffer from this trouble not knowing the
comfort to be obtained by the use of
thiB great soothing ointment.
Mrs. R. J. Evans, 187 Munro street,
Toronto, writes: "We have used Dr.
Chase's Ointment for year*. I have
been troubled with varicose veins, and
find It the only thing that gives relief. For every purpose when a
soothing, healing ointment ls needed
there ls nothing bo good as Dr. Chase's
Ointment." CO cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited. Toronto.
A New Line
Why has your daughter dropped her
hospital work so :oon?
She found she'd have to nurse poor
patients for two years before they entrusted her with any millionaires. So
she's going on the stage in a musical
Leisure ls a very pleasant garment
to look at, but a very bad one to
THOUSANDS of sportsmen have first
chosen a Remington for its looks—
*! TV its balance—its speed suggestion—and
f**t$*f have been delighted to find lhat they
had an arm that was a little faster—a
•<*   little more accurate than any rifle they
ever owned.
.22 Repeating Rifles—easy talce.dowa.
straight line feed.   .25, .30, .32 Remington high power rifles. ^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
An rntereatins booklet simply explaining msny ol lire mora technical pcr-its of modem rifle con.
■miction is yours lor the asking. Your name and address on a postcard brings it by return mail, e,
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontari*
Dally Market Letter and Sam-pie Grain Bags.
Bend us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing Hat—It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
oars.    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
clients' Interest.). We have every facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers,
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whose business lina been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, 1160,000
References,    any    Bank    or
Commeroi-U Agency,
Grain Commliilon Merchants
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William.
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advance! Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Notify Peter Jansea
Beat Qradea
The World Famous Reputation of the
is fully maintained In the magnificent naw (1913) one clasa cabin (II) twin screw
steamers 'Andanla' and 'Alaunla '
Magnificent appointments, Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing room, Smoking room,
Open and Covered Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orcheatra.
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SAILING DECEMBER 9th from Portland to Liverpool.
New (1913) S.S. "Alaunla," carrying ona class cabin and third class only.
Early application for reservations Is recommended.
The Cunard Steamship Co., Ltd.,
304 Main Street, Winnipeg
Your consignments to ua will reoelve   Immediate,   efficient,   and   honest
Write for our Market Latter and Shipping Instructions	
Exciting Finish Marks Ncrth Carolina
State Shoot
J. B. Pennington, of Tarboro, and L.
B. Pierce, of Wilmington, tied for tlie
North Carolina state trapahootlng
championship at 91 out of a possible
100. In the shoot-off Mr. Pennington
who shot nitro Club speed shells snd
a Remington pump gun, th arm also
used by his competitor, captured the
title with 18 targetB out of 20. Oeo.
W. Collins, of Due West, S.C. broke
371 out of 400 with a Remington
pump gun and won high amateur av.
erage for the entire two days of the
meet.   Long run. were registered by
C. E. Goodrich and Home.- Clark, each
using a Remington for scores of 119
straight and 142 straight respectively.
Kternal  punishment:   The price of
being too poor to buy a divorce
and Cream
Thin bits of choicest Indian
Corn, so skilfully cooked and
toasted that they are delic-
iously crisp and appetizing.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Post Toasties
Canadian Poatum Cereal Coinpany,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
A Good Roads Enthusiast
There's a real 'good roads' enthusiast In Lauderdale County, Mississippi.
Hia name ls Joe Clark, and when the
'Meridian Evening Star' Interviewed
him a year after the roads bad been
improved, he said:
"1 live four miles from thc city and
two miles from tht school. This li. ;
been the worst winter I have ever
seen, but there hasn*. been a single
dny that my childien haven't walked
to school, and not a single day have
they come home with wet feet, and to
think, tliey walked down the middle if
the road. Not one ot them lias been
sick with n cold, even while heretofore
my doctor bills hare been more than
my road tax. Talk to mc about paying taxes to build roads! 1 am willing
to pay taxca on my pack of fox hounds,
my bird dogs, my t-ickens, my home,
and, It necessary, my wlfo and children, If they will ubo It In extending
roads like this all ovc- the county. I
would rather have my hoinn and len
acres of laud on this road like it Is
now than have my whole farm on the
old roud llko it wns beforo Improvement.
Do It Now,—Disorders ol the digestive apparatus Bhould lie dealt with at
once hefore complications arise that
may be dlfucult to cope with. The
surest remedy to this end and one
that is Within reach of all, ls Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, the beBt laxative
and sedative on the market. Do not
delay, but try them now. One trial
will convince anyone that they are
the best stomach .egulator that van
be got.
Mrs. Manners (who has given Tommy a slice of bread and butter)—
That's right! I like to hear little buy;,
say: Thank you.
Little Boy—Well, If you wnnt to
hear nie say It again you might put
some Jam on It.
The Wonder of It
VVe wandered on the seashore,
We wondered at the sky;
1 told her how I loved hev
•   Ihu said:  She wondered why?
I wondered If she'd have me,
She gently answered Yos,
And then we wandered, wondering
In  speecnless  happiness.
And now Bluce we _,re wedded,
We wonder, as of yore-
Wo wondered as wc wun'cred
Along the ocean shore,
With Just tha.ul   of difference
That our w. ider we condense
Into wondering how we happened
To have bo Utile sense.
D. .n_ss Csnnot be Cured
by locnl applications, ns thoy cannot
reach the diseased portion of tlio our.
Thorn is only ono wny to eurs deafness
and tlm* la by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by nn Inflamed condition of the mUOOUfl HnlnR of tlio Euc-
taehla-i Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed you have n rumbllnc* afiiind or
Imperfect honrln... nnd when il Is entirely closed, Penfm s* Is lhe renin, nml unless the inflammation mn bo tnken out
antl thin lube restored to its inrmnl con-
illlloti, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine . ines rut o. ten nre cnuse.l by (*ni-
arrh, which I* nothing but no Inflame*!
condition ,t the mucous surfaces,
Vo win give one Hundred Dollara for
any ense of Deafness (eniiyerl by catarrh, that ennnot be rureil by Hall's
Cntnrrh f-ure,    Rend for Qlroulara free.
F.   .1.   CHB!    KY   A   CO.,   Toledo.   Ohio.
Rotd  by DrUnlBlB,  "Be.
Take Hull's Fnntt:y Pills for constlpa.
American  exchanges  tell or a  despondent   young   man   who   tried   to
feed love loiters lo a goal. Who WM
■ I 9
the goal'.'
He Shoul. Know
What Is personal magnetism?
Personal magnetism, replied the
manager, Is what enables a man to
stand up and keep the audience inter-
ested ln a lecture without the use of
moving pictures.
Jack (on tennis court)—I'll bot A
clgnr that Norris wins the set.
Ke-Kgle—Make It a cigarette, dcah
boy, and I'll go you.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eya
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist.- Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murint Eye Salve iu Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
*a tn Tanle eial Iar Ml Iras Wat Nam CaM
Murine r.te Itemed? Co., ChleaM THE   SUK,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
ore Year  *1.W
hie Year (In advance)  1.00
>ue Year, in United States  I.M
Addreu all oornmiinloatioos to
Thb Ghand Forks Sun.   '
>hohi R7I Qb»bdPobib, B.O
The Sun defies all superstitions and today boldly enters upon its thirteenth year
of existence, We intend to
fittingly celebrate the event
as soon as we can obtain a
permit from the improvement
The Victoria government
anuounces that an inspector
of electric metres will visit
Grand Forks next week. The
only office that appears to be
vacant in British Columbia at
present is that of an inspector
of provincial inspectors.
The tide of political fortune
is turning in our favor. South
Bruce, in Ontario, yesterday
elected a Liberal member of
parliament by a majority of
124. Iu the last election the
Conservative candidate had a
majority of 103. The campaign, it is reported, was
fought almost entirely on the
naval question. Ontario, evidently, does not believe that
emergency exists.
The provincial government
is very liberal towards its
subsidized newspapers. Some
small rural papers, with a few
hundred subscribers, are paid
seven or eight hundred dollars a year. In return, the
papers load the members of
the government with fulsome
praise and hide their shortcomings. There is no other
country on the face of the
earth where this condition of
affairs exists, or would be tolerated. And the poor taxpayer has to pay for it all.
A few more election results like South Bruce, and
the newspapers which are in
the habit of changing their
political views to suit tnt par
ty in power will commence to
cast anchors to windward.
] (1) "I discussed the Oriental
| question witb Sir Edward Grey, but
I can not tell you what he said. (2)
, The money situation is improving
: but Canada will have to pay more
{or ber loans. (3) England is depressed over the action of the senate
1 on the naval bill." And this is all
the premier bas to show tor tbe eight
or ten thousand dollar trip be hae
enjoyed at the expense of our none
too opulent taxpayers.—Victoria
Is best done n a
semi-dark  room.
Postmaster Hull has uo definite
information as to *»heii the depart
ment intends to move the post office
into tlie new building All tbe fittings have nut ytit arrived here, and
it may be tbe first nf January before ihe srunsferis made.
CSllng such a room,
which enables my optician to
do the very best work. If
troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
zA* D. cTVtorrison
Jeweler and Optician
R. Cam|ilit_ll, thu men's furnisher, tins a force ot half a dozen men
at work improving his show wiu-
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Wurk on the Inundation of tbe
canning factory was started early in
the week.
The Christ church branch of the
W A. will give a bazaar ou the 19th
aud 20th of November.
Geo. W. Cooper, the ..unitary en
gi utter, on Wednesday made an assignment in favor of bis creditors.
There is only oue thing more interesting than an engaged girl, and
that is a girl tbal isn't engaged.
Improvement Association
A fairly well attended meeling of
the Grand Forks Improvement association was beld in the Miners'
Union hall last night. Tbe following proposed constitution was sub
mitted lo the meeling*.
This organization shall be known as
the Citizens' Improvement Association of Grand Forks.
Its object will be to make Grand
Forks a better city. To attain this
end the association will endeavor to
promote the cause of temperance, to
encourage the observanoe of Sunday
as a day of rest, to suppress vice of
all kinds, lt will aim to provide
reading and other rooms where the
men uf the city muy obtain rest aud
recreation It will take aetive steps
tiiwaiils the beautifying of the city.
H will endeavor to seeuie the best
civil- i tl'.-mls giihstlile
Any resilient of Grand Forks ma.
become « member by signintr the following statement: "1 hereby affirm
that I am in hearty sympathy with
the objects for which this association
exist", and   express   my readiness to
Grand Forks Transfer
Sola Atfeatg for
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietor!
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, cJHutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums £& Co. Limited
help in tha wjrk  as  I may be able "
The executive committee shall consist of nine members elected bv hai
lot at a general meeting. Theso shall
elect from their own number a- president, vice-president, seoretary, treasurer, and the ehairinen of as many
committees as may be required. They
shall also appoiut to eaeh committee
two or more men from the general
All meetings shall be called by the
president. Ari annnal meeting shall
be held in Octobei for the receipt of
reports and the election of officers.
No fixed fees shall be required of
members, but subscriptions will be
asked as may be necessary.
The association may make such
laws, consistent with this constitution, as may be required. Amend
ments to the constitution may be car
ried by a two-thirds vote at any general meeting if notice has been given
that the amendment will be voted on.
Sample Books
The Sun Office
Our wagons won't work your horses to death
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, soasonetl wood and will
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All Kinds of Draying
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flAOl.lll.ANll * QUINS
SKAI.KUTKNDRKS will hi. rmrlvml liy lho
underfill ed hi, to VI o*p|.nk noon nu
Tlmraday, tUe 2_.nl day "I uotulwr, mil, Inr
lhe imrcha-e ul the undermentioned mlu*
em) claim forfeiti-d to tin- crown.
All tender, inllfll Ire Ht lea.t equal tn Ihe
upset price al given below, which represent!
the timet, cu-t., Intercut, etc., Crown Grant
Fei-rt anilcuat oln_lvert.«lii_r
The name ol the mineral   claim li   tbe
"(town ol  the  HIIU." Lot !_irj. aituate In
Oraiul   Korku Mlntafr Dlvlalon.   Upr-et price
Wo.l.  Kadi lender mutt he accompanied by
n tvrtlHcil clieoue paynbln at par at Pcntle-
ton. Tlie cheque of any iiotucr.tr-ful tenderers will bc letiiriii-d at once.
Dated al Fairview, 18th Seplemlu-r, lull.
Government Agent,
Fairview, H. C.
I! ynu read The Sun you get the
news nf the city, the province and
the world. It is possible fnr a Sun
reader to keep abreast of lhe times
without the aid of the daily papers.
Highest cash price paid fnr old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
Read The Sun  and keep   posted
on current events
Notice is hereby given that \V 0
Mclnnis haa purchased the interest of
Ed Clayton in the Orand Fords Transfer company. All accounts dne the
old firm are payable to Mclntyre 4
Clayton. Any accounts againat- the
old firm will be paid on presentation
to Mclntyre & Clayton.
W. J. MoIhttbe,
Ed Claytoh.
London Directory
(Publlihed Annually)
EnaldM traderi throughout the world to
communicate direct with Kugllth
In each clan of pood*. Retldei belog n enm-
plcte commercial guide tn London aud Itt
tubiirht. the directory oontalut Hata of
wlih the Goods Ihey ship, and the Colonial
aod Foreign Marked they supply;
Arranged under the Torts to which they nail.
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufactnreri, Merchant*, ete., In
the principal provincial town* and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for *%&.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards lor $6, orlarger advertisements from $15.
25, Abchurch Lane. London,  F..C.
Dry foni-foot Fir and
Tamamc. Cedar andTam-
arao Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Adopt the uie ol Classified
Want Ad*. They have proved
money maker* tor other*.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, aa Ihey enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can tind hl» requirement*.
-Will he (Ind your business
represented* THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORES,   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
The cabinet oounoil has definitely
decided tbat parliament will not
meet until Januaiy. Tbe session
will in all probability be called for
January 8, but it may be January
16 beiore the house is formally
opened for business.
Premiers and ministers begin to
Arrive in Ottawa for the great conference of provincial leaders.
Reports indicate tbat Washington
will send an envoy to Mexico to negotiate with the revolutionary
Several important resolutions are
passed at the annual meeting of
school trustees at Victoria.
The fight over bilingualism assumes a serious aspect at Ottawa.
The death of two rescuers at the
Dawson, N.M., mine is taken as an
indication tbat those entombed have
died of asphyxiation,
Attorney-Gene-ial Bowser states
that the sale of British Columbia
land ie practically ended. -
Made Like a
The Arcadian Malleable Non-Breakable Range it not made of cheap coke
iteej, Sit of th* bat Charcoal Iron Platei, and iti cutingi are not made of
common gray Iron, but oi the Highest Quality of flallcable Iron.
Malleable Iron u the ideal material for a practical, durable and economical
range. Owing to its clow, denie and compact texture, it ii better fitted to
resist the (train of heating and cooling. It possesses great strength.
Charcoal Iron, of which the belt snd largeit iteun boilers are made, in
order that they may endure the greateit itrain, ii what is uied for the body of
the Arcadian Range. This charcoal iron hu a density and fineness of grain
which gives it great power of resistance against nut and crystalization, making
it practically Indestructible.
A pure asbestos mill-board is used to line the fluei and other parti of the
range.  It ii held between a sheet of charcoal iron and the charcoal iron body.
All joints ofthe Arcadian Range sre riveted so closely and solidly and
with luch skill that they ire ai tight at s locomotive bailer and will never
open from expansion or contraction.
Helmet men explore thn entire
works of tbe Dawson, New Mexico,
mine and find that nearly three
hundred miners Inst their lives.
The Duke and Ducbess of Connaught are received hy the cabinet
on their arrival in Ottawa.
At tbe close of the elections in
Mexico today tbe indications were
tbat not sufficient votes had been
oast to constitute a legal choice for
the presidency to succeed Gen.
Victoriano Huerta.
Seven dead firemen and twenty-
four injured were taken from the
ruins of tbe Goodyear Rubber company plant in Milwaukee tonight,
where fire caused a damage of
A general hattie between strikers,
mine guards  and   deputy sheriffs
was waged for twelve hours today at
Ludlow, Col.
Tbe Italian elections today were
quiet and the government was returned to power.
Rt. Hon. Herhert Asquith declares that abundant eviden incomes
from the Dominions that home rula
ie favored.
The Mexican elections are still in
doubt, and it will ba weeks hefore
the result is known.
The first two sittings of the inter-
provincial conference were held in
Ottawa today. Tbe Maritime province's demands were opposed by
the west.
The shoe manufacturers of Quebec refuse to recognize any longer
the national unions of local shoemakers, and the shoe workers are
likely to go on a strike.
The Loudon Tim<*s compares Ulster with tbe rebellious American
Witb the forward deck red-hot
from flaming cotton below, tbe
Routh liner .Sowwell raced into Halifax yesterday afternoon after an experience in midocean closely resembling that of the Volturno.
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
IMpw HoriiPGG and do a11 kmds of
mew »»a*rncs!»harnes8repairing A11
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
In a speech at Mobile, President
Wilson defines the attitude of the
United Status toward the Latin re
publics. The Washington government will be guided by morality,
not expediency.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier ih nks t
England has nothing to from
Germany, and declares that the
kaiser's navy is being built fnrtiadi
A formal demand fur hii ini-reise
in the subsidies paid to. the prov
inces which would more than double
the income now received from the
Dominion gover ment was unani
mously agreed to at the sittings of
the interprovincial conference held
in Ottawa today.
London policemen are enrolling
rapidly in the recently formed
Metropolitan Police Trade union.
The European powers will postpone their Mexican policy and wait
for tae plan of the United States,
The Mexican congress will declare
the votes cast for Huerta void, but
Blanquet is elected vice-president
and will act as president.
Three battles, the first that have
been fought since the strike of the
miners in (southern Colorado began,
marked tbe first day of martial law
in Colorado at Berwind. One guard
killed, four non-union men wounded, two seriously, two children missing and the county marshal wounded were tbe casualties.
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
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profit policy." We now have on display
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and Pipes
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plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it dime before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused hy a
leak in a WHste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumtiini! shop iu the Boundary.
of friendship to see that from no
quarter are material interests made
superior to human liberty."
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Bossland, B. C.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in  this
par*   of the  country.   We  use the best Ice
fVsam and the finest fruits and syrups to get
nis reputation.
t^fe cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The Australian government is de
feated by one vote.
The mucb heralded interprovincial conference camt- lo an end in
Ottawa today without much business being done. The .Maritime
provinces' dementis were rejected
Subsidies and governors' salaries arc
likely lo lie increased.
President Wilson has under con
sideraliou a new' plan for restoring
peace in Mexico, which he will discuss witb bis cabinet on Friday and
make public in a few days.
Speaking from tbe same platform
as Sir Edward Carson, the Ulster
Unionist leader, Andrew Bonar Law,
tbe oppoBtion leader in Ibe house of
commons, tonight pledged the support of tbe Unionist party to Ulsler,
even to the extent of forcible resistance to home rule.
President Wilson defines his Mexican policy as follows: "I want to
take tbis occasion to say that the
United States never again will seek
one additional foot of territory by
conquest. She will devote herself
to showing ihat she knows how to
make the most of honorable and
fruitful territory sbe bas. And she
must regard it as one of the rlnlii
Rule of the Road
The recommendation of the grand
jury tbat vehicles shall keep to the
right side of tbe road instead of tbe
left, will meet witb general approval in British Columbia. In
every other province of the Dominion as well as the United States vi ■
bides take the right side and people
coming from tbe east and south,
cjnstituling as tbey do the greater
part of the influx to tbis province,
a • • ODBtaotly endangered because of
tbeir unfamiliarity with our road
rules. Tbere is absolutely no rea-
■ in why tbe present system should
b. retained. It waa imported fr m
the old country, and is in variance
witb that of every other part of this
continent. It tends lo endless confusion, and not tbe least important
reason for its abolition is the fact
that drivers of motor cars, wbich
owing to their speed, are tbe greatest
danger on our streets, are almost a
unit in favor of the cbange.—Van
couver Sun.
Money is Tight
But there is no need of
yofl getting "tight" if you
It would be ilisi-niiraging to b'ive
so many faults if ii were nol for the
excitement of concealing tbem or
denying tliem to our friends.
The pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by the
fae busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a home, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street
. ^,_**>-.ji. .i.i -wuwiwwWHwwwWBBliittfcM
The .Army of
It Growing Smaller Every Day.
r.-pon-iblc—diey aot j
only (jive relict —
ih cy permanently t
cute Constipation,   Mil-,
lions ui_
ihem ior 4
l-lion-- i
nut, hligestioti, Sick Headache, SolhwSHn.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Pries,
Genuine mint bear Signature
tnsurancB    u»rpc»ud uo       Compary
Wtm new Eme'riot policy contract! iro the hss\ tot ptotectioa.
Mve-.liurat, to ciavitls hin-ji fi* liquidating QiortiMU, etc.'
Hone? t» UU
Wai-ieei (or twnti |iv ng either tntlre «tptmtunt
Aj.pl/1» Vi MiKiil O.licH. Winnim. EdMMtM, SuklUt*
VucohTii h U H«iJ Ottif*. T«nt»
llrouieci out or sort* run DOWK'or-aotTHliLuur
lurrm Iron KiniiEr. ri-aodkr, hrrvoui disrasu,
•Hsmc *uunuis,i-ut>i,_xn. ■»t>moKM ItS
•rtli lor m» mil bwi, thr host insTRiciiva
THERAPION •"«••«-*
Tne Soul of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
WANTED at once
Persona to work for Ul
in vpare Urns at home. No experience
rcnuirr.l wlih our NEW ART COLOR.
ING PROCESS Emsy and faaclnatlnf
work. Gnnd pay. No canvassing. Writ*
'or Inp'rurtlnnr, (free).
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mil lor over SIXTY YEARS by MIU.10N9 ol
UOTHBKS lor their CHILDREN Willi,*
b the best remedy lor UIARRHO-A. It la ab.
aolutelv -iiarmieaa. Be aure and aak tor "Mn.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take so ottrtf
kind.  T went j-a. e cent* a bottle.
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nuntlry bills.      Wash It with soap and
Water.     All stores or direct. State style
ind size.      For 25c.  we will  mall you.
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Sw-J.-n berps ureal work on Heaven anrl Hell
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postpaid.      H.Uw,4MiadMAw„-
Not Her Young Man
Tea, ma'am, eald Mary; I am going to leave you.    I don't like that
snip of a masher that calls oa Mlas
Tho Idea! exclaimed her mistress;
ho doesn't call to see you, so what—
I know he don't ma'am; but I am
afraid one of the neighbors might
think lie does.
This story Is related of an old-
time judgo in Sullivan county, New
During the session of c;nrt there
was so much talk and laughter going
on that the judgo becoming angry and
confused, shouted ln great wrath:
Silence, here! We havo decided
half a dozen cases h-ere tbls morning
and I have not heard a word ot ono
o. tliem.
,-UlDN^  J   »V
d"\iii n'j > ._.-
60c. ■ tort or alx boxes for $2.SO,
it ill dealen, or Tha Dodds Medicine Comppr.y, Minted, Toronto,
VV. N. U. til
IU Increased Use ai I Food May Influence Diplomacy
Figures show that tho world Ib just
awakening to the value of the ban.
ana as food. If the present development continues, the acreage devoted to banana-growing muBt rapidly
Increase. This can be easily done,
for the areas suitable have as yet
only been touched. Improved refrigeration and quick Bteam service will
continue to widen the area ln which
the product can be marketed, and besides Its present use as a fruit, lt
will be used as it now is ii. the tropica where It is boiled green as a vegetable, and manufactured into a confection known as banana figs. The
development of the banana flour industry also promaes to open a market for the product of areas too distant to profit by the demand for fresh
fruit, juat as the perfection ot the
manufacture ot copra, the dried meat
of the cocoanut haa opened up a new
industry reaching to the farthest Islands of the Pacific.
The increased production of the
banana In ita natural atate, and the
diversification ot Its uses promise to
introduce a new and hitherto neglected factor in our good supply. If present development continues, lt will
raise the Caribbean region from its
dependence on toTelgn markets for
food to one of the regions from which
an important part of the world's food
supply will be drawn. The wheat
fields of the Dakotas and Manitoba
will meet as one of their competitors
in feeding the world, the banana
plantations of the American Mediterranean. An immediate consequence
ot the development of the direct trade
with Europe, now just beginning ls to
threaten the supremacy of the United States in some of the Central
American markets. People buy their
goods, other things being equal, in
the countrlea' where their own producte find their beat aale. lf improved tranaportatlon facilities for the banana trade develop between the Caribbean and European ports, it la but
natural that European manufactured
gooda will be carried on tha return
voyage. One of the moat important
and from our paat experience, let us
remember, one ot the most delicate
problems with wlilch our men of state
have to deal, ls the diplomacy of the
Mlnard'a Liniment for talc everywhere
A Speaking Clock
A Hpeaking clock hae just been
shown ln Berlin, says The Hamburger Nachrlchten. At every quarter
there comes from the inside a voice
which calls out the time clearly and
distinctly; Three o'clock; A quarter-
past three; Halt-past three; and eo
on. Posseseed of Buch a clock, we
could possibly peacefully bury ourselves ln our work without any fear
of missing an important engagement.
We could surrender ourselves to the
joys ot sport or talk, when every
quarter of an hour we are reminded
by the warning voice. In the morning we need not worry over an alarm;
the voice of the clock, which we can
make quick or slow at pleasure, will
do the waking. It we don't want to
hear the voice of conscience, we need
only switch oft the machinery. The
invention ls due to th i Idea of a Berlin man, named Selon, whose Idea was
carried Into practice after long wrestling with dlfllculties by a man named
Max Markus. It may prove useful to
astronomers, and with a slight change
in Its working It could be made to call
out the i ames ot the stations ln our
railway carriages. To exploit this Invention a company lo being formed
In Berlin with a capital of $700,000
It It In demand.—So great is th? demand for Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
that a large factory ls kept continually busy making and bottling lt. To be
In demand shows popular appreciation of this preparation, which stands
at the head of proprietory compounds
as the leading oil It. the market, and
it ia generally admitted that lt ls de-,
serving ot the lead.
After May
Obadlah Binks was orte of those
sentimental idiots who had allowed
Ills passions to capitulate to the
ever Increasing wiles ot the mischief-
maker Cupid. To put it more concisely, ho had fallen In love.
Unfortunately for Obadlah, however, lt was a case of unrequited affection, for the lady of his choice
had made it plainly visible from time
to time that his attentions were positively objectionable.
One day Obadlah turned up at her
abode, nothing daunted by his previous experiences. He was ushered
Into the drawing-room by her ten-
year-old brother, Billy.
Is your sister In? asked Binks, ner-
vously. .
No, replied the other, promptly.
She's Just gone out.
Ah! sighed the lovo-strlcken Binks
romantically. So I am like tlie man
who went to Iho cage when tho bird
had flown.
No, you ainXreeponded Billy You
are like the month ot June.
Whv, liow'e that?
Becauee. was the reply, every time
you come May goes out.
The Pliee for Hln-
Tlie Mother (Impatiently)—1 don't
know hat we'll ever do with Tommy,
he doesn't seem to agree with anybody.
The Father (Irritably)—I s'pose
we'll have to mike a dramatic critic
out of him
Few Persona Mike any Pretense of
Being Accomplished That Way
All cf us have Btrlven to be many
kinds ot good citizen that we never
succeed In being and no doubt every
man ln town likely as not has tried
his hand at verse making, or taking
lessona on the mandolin, or furtively
attempted an oration with pebbles in
his mouth.
This, of course, Ib as lt should be,
aince It ls the method of discovering
true talent as well as the lack ot it
But, for all our Industry, not a few
of us have missed things we might
have done well. How many of the
daughters of men who faithfully practice singing with throats never meant
for song, could become an everlasting joy to their friends lf they would
apply tliemaelvea with half the zeal I
to the art of reading aloud?
A lamentable constraint seizes upon many otherwise gracious persons
when they undertake to do this simple thing. The Fifth Reader was the
last fair practice they had. We may
have a hopeless time emulating the
charm and wit the acquaintances ot
Stevenson, to.* example, admired ln
his conversation, but we can reflect
a little ot them, on occasion. In reading sympathetically from his books
A sickroom evening at home.;. even
lovers* meetings, may be enriched by
wise exercise of the accomplishment.
—From Collier's Weekly.
The summer montha are the moBt
dangerous to little ones. The complaints of that season, which are cholera infantum, colic, diarrhoea and dys-
entry, come on so quickly that often
a little one is beyond aid before the
mother realizes he is ill. The mother
must be on her guard to prevent theae
troubles, or if they do come on suddenly to cure them. No other medicine la of such aid to mothera during
hot weather as la Baby'a Own Tablets.
They regul-te the stomach and bowels
and are absolutely safe. Sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Shooting the Shoot
.If Gussle possessed one suit he possessed a hundred. He had different
suits for fishing, hunting, golfing, cricketing, walking, cycling, flying and
everything else, and so perfect was
hts knowledge of the clothing question
that you could never surprise him
In a costume that did not -it the occasion.
But gamekeepers do not pa, much
attention to such details, and the man
who was guiding Qussie over his new
estate took small stock of garb. HI!
There goes a rabbit, he cried, suddenly. Let him have it, sir. Gussie
looked after the retreating bunny, but
did not raise his gun.
Why didn't yoi shoot? asked the
gamekeeper, in surprise.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't replied Gussle. mournfully. I'm in my pheaa-
ant costume.
Mlnard'a Llnlmet.- Curea Dai.druF
Worn Silk Gloves
Tlie Angers and hands of elbow
length silk gloves wear out, leaving
the uppera comparatively new. Where
there is a baby in the house these
may be turned to good use. Place
one of baby's Bocks on the gloves, the
leg part of the sock and the hemmed
and then cut socks tor the baby after
the pattern. Sew carefully Into
Bhapo with flat seams. Here you
have a good, lightweight sock only
for the coBt of trouble of making.
The top should be reinforced to withstand the wear and tear of safety
Canadian Trap Shooting Honors
At the Grand Canadian Trap Shooting Tournament recently held .-Jt
Hamilton, Ontario, there was keen
competition between the leading
shots of the Dominion for supremacy.
The amat*>ui- Championship of Canada was won by W. Barnes ot Ham-
ilton with a perfect score of BO targets. Mr. Barnes used Winchester
Factory Loaded Shells. The Grand
Canadian 'Handicap was won by H.
Smith of Chatham with a score of
48 x 50 from 18 yard rise, and the
Earl Grey cup, for the Hlg(h Aggregate of the tournament, was won by
R. Day of London with a score ot
287 x 300 targets. Both Mr. Smith
and Mr. Day used Winchester Repeating Shotguns. The Important
victories won with Winchester Loaded Shells and repeating Shotguns ls
another demonstration of their splendid thootlng qualities.
Asthma Brings Misery, but Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will replace
the misery with welcome relief. Inhaled, as emoke or vapor lt reaches
the very Inmost recesses of the bronchial passages and eoothes them. Restriction pasBes and easy breathing
returns. If you knew st, well how
this remedy would help you as do
thousands of grateful UBers, tliere
would Ue a package In your home tonight.    Try lt.
Farmers, said the fair city visitor,
are just as dishonest as the city milkman.
How d'ye make that out? asked the
farmer's wife.
This morning, said tho girl, accusingly, with my own eyes I saw your
hired man water the cowb Just before
he milked them.
Wily William
He came from the country, but hit
was not green—not by any means.
Had a confidence man tried-tricks on
him there would hava been serious
Nor was he taking any risks at the
hotel. London might be a smart
place, but they wouldn't catch him
In the early nours of the morning
the plaintive voice ot the 'boots'
Bounded outside his door.
What ia it? asked William, prepared to do battle with hla wits.
Please, sir, came the answer, you
haven't put your boots outside, sir.
No; you bet I haven't, responded
the wily William. They're under my
pillow, and there they're going to
stop; I know a bit too much for the
likea of you!
Martha—What's this 'ere skyscraper they have in America, Uke?
John—Why, they're things f cleaning the sky so's to have fine weather.
They're cute people, them Yankees.
She Smelt It
She professed to take an Immense
interest ln the professor's wonderful
collection ot mineral ores.
She was examining the specimens
ons day, and taking up one, which
struck her fancy, said: What do yov
call this, professor?
That ts sliver ore, waa the answer.
Very Interesting, I am sure, she
replied. But however do they obtain
tbe sliver.   /
Oh, lt is a simple process, They
merely smelt lt, madam.
Than the old lady placed the ore
to her nose, sniffing loudly said: I
have smelt lt, too, but even with my
spectacles on I can't Bee any silver.
Reverse Action
He (ardently)—You are the most
beautiful, the most adorable girl ln all
the world.
She—Indeed!   Then, sir, you must
be very conceited to think that I'd
look at you.
-. i
Ground Located
On what ground did she get a dl-
Reno, I believe.
World's Remedy
You make no risky experiment
when you use occasionally—
whenever there is need—the
most universally popular homo
remedy known,—Beecham's
nils, which have stood the
test of time with absolute success and their world-wide fame
rests securely on proved merit.
relieve the numerous ailments
caused by defective action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels. Cleansing the
system, they purify the blood
and tone body, brain and
nerves. Beecham's Pills act
quickly; tbey are always
safe and reliable, and vou
may  depend upon  it  they
WB1 Beneflt You
Mmmrfan. laUu-.__.Uuu.
%,m,**» .x,m.tSi\\t mtrtr wmmd—ihoiiW
tmtttx* difwUou win mr? Am.
The King and Quean Leaving the Mauretanla after a Visit   of   Inepeotlen THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA
mA-m a _» t..t s.s * .a..*..*..-..,..*. l    *„*.,*) nT.A.*-f ..Tut*** i
T"T**;"T"I"I™r**r"»*"I"'?"r*r"i—1 4    im,J,mim*l*a****l**x*mxem*m  I
| Painting a
Under  Cupid's
4-.X-!-:-!.|-:-H-H--:-M-!-!-W-:-H-H+ ■
Tbe most beautiful lake In the world
la, Como and the most beautiful bay
the bay of Naples. Both hare been thf
lecne of many a story, real and fictt-
Uous; both have attracted visitors tram
all parts of tbe world. Tbe beauty of
Ibe former bursts upon one st once;
Ibat ot the latter ts of slow growth.
Como Is always much tbe same; the
bay ot Naples ls ever changing.
Sorrento, overlooking this beautiful
bay. Is built on a circular ledgo ot rocks
tome three hundred feet blgh, following the curvature of the shore. There
are hotels and villas fronting the water,
ionic of tbem built In the center of or
inge groves. Une morning a gentle*
man emerged from ono of these hotels,
sauntered down a walk, plucking an
grange by tbe way, and st the end
itood upon a marble balcony looking
Iown upon tbe waves far below.
Yachts und fishing boats were rocking
an the surface; and from tbo island of
Capri a-little steamer was bounding
along toward Sorrento.
A young lady bud set up an easel on
Ibe balcony and was attempting te
transfer the scene to canvas. Tbe gentleman paused u short distance behind
ber and looked nt her work. Conscious
ot his presence, she turned.
"Pardon mo, slgnorlna," he said ln
Italian and was about to walk on when
abe snld ln English:
"1 don't understand Italian."
"Ah, you are an American, I pel
"Wby not English?"
"We Americans are easily distinguished from tbe English by our accent Permit me to compliment you on
the way you are getting on with yonr
"I am not getting on at all."
"Tou have sketched your outline very
"But how shall 1 get that deep blue
of the water, bow that delicate veil of
mist tbat hangs over Capri and aimoat
bides Iachla farther on?"
"Vour work will be tbe more dlffl-
enlt because you cannot get the aame
scene on two consecutive daya. Tomorrow tbe water will be perbapa a
pale green, then a light Instead of ■
lark blue, aa tt la today. Quite likely
•ren by noon we aball have Ischla
resting on a aea of quicksilver.''
The girl leaned back ln ber cbalr
"I would advise you to put In auch
parte aa will not cbange, then select
a certain coloring to transfer to yoar
canvas. It you can get lt ln before II
changes, be tt so; lf not you must get
In as mucb aa you can, then watt till
tbe aame conditions come again."
"Exactly tbe aame conditions will
never come again."
"Ton are rlgbt But you don't need
lo copy. An artist doesn't do tbat He
takes a landscape, a model, any subject you like, and ldeall_.es lt Hia
Intention la not to get something better than tbe original, but something
better than tbe result of an attempt
lo transfer the original to canvas."
"It I could only get a tithe of whit
we see before oa on the canvas I
abould be satisfied."
"Are you an amateur or a profee-
"I simply desire to make a picture te
aell on my return to America to belp
ent the expense of my trip abroad."
"Well, don't be discouraged. With
your permission I will criticise yonr
work aa yon proceed. I am a profee-
alonal critic and may belp you."
"Thonk yoo rery mncb, but I doubt
If I can produce anything worthy of
your criticism."
Acquaintances are formed rery tat-
liy between tourists, especially wbere
tbey are fellow countrymen, and Edward Mlnard Improved npon tbla beginning to become quite friendly wltb
Lucia Gilford. True to bla promise, be
coached ber In her effort to transcribe
tome of the varioua pbasea tbat tbt
bay of Naplee tnkee on. From the win.
dow of bla room bt could look ont
opon It and often wben tt assumed
tbe conditions abe ***** trying to get
he would aend ber word, and abt
would hurry to the balcony to take ad-
rontnge of the situation.
At timet abe would rest from ber
work by riding out on the road winding up tbe heights lying southwest ot
tbe town. At others ahe would stroll
* wltb friends among tho shops picking
ip bargains In lace or silks. Ocoa-
•Jonnlly ou returning from sorpe ot
these trip* her work would look better to ber tban when abe hnd left It
•dlnard told ber thnt this waa because
before going out she aaw It through
tired eyes. When she came In ahe
(aw It through rested eyes.   But ahe
oetieeo tne greatest improvement on
her return after a couple of daya' ab-
tence while, on a visit to Paeatnm. II
teemed to her on first viewing her plc>
tnre after her arrival tbat the had
done far better tban abe bad supposed
In getting tbat misty effect of the atmosphere, that cerulean blue ot the
water. Moreover, ahe waa gradually
getting on to the canvas not any ot
the conditions sbe had seen, bnt something conceived, something more capable of being represented In paint
Bbe asked Hlnard how abe could hart
done It, and be told her that It waa
aarl accident and part her own artla-
ae invention, tnougn ine former eouM
tot exist without the latter.
Miss Glfford, as all eojourners al
Sorrento do, made many excursions,
and whenever abe returned tbt in
variably aaw ber work through new
eyea. Sbe waa very much encouraged,
even delighted. But when abe stopped to consider the matter abe con-
eluded that her Improvement muat bl
due to the criticisms passed upon het
work by Mlnard. "Tbere may be artistic ability ln me," ahe said to .blm,
"bnt it would never come out without
yonr drawing lt out"
At last tbe painting was finished, and
Miss Glfford took ber departure foi
Naples. Mlnard advised ber fo offei
her picture ln Rome when she arrived
there rather for the purpose of dlt
playing tban selling it, tor tbe chiel
purchasers of pictures In Italy ara
Americans, and they usually buy thosi
which bear the names of artists whl
have made a name.
Mlnard Joined her In Naples, where
Instead ot painting tbey visited tba
burled cities ot Pompeii and Heron-
laneum together and the gallery where
In are deposited so many art treasure!
found under the ashes thrown ovet
them 2,000 years before by Vesuvius.
Miss Gilford preceded ber new found
friend to Rome, and before her departure be kindly offered to pack hei
painting for ber. Sbe kindly accept
ed hla offer, and wben be returned 11
to hor properly boxed be gave ber tht
name of a dealer ln Rome, with whom
he advised her to leave It on exhibition
And so lt was tbat the accidental
meeting of these two persons at Sor
rento was renewed at Naples, and
alnce travelers from the south of Italy
must go north It waa likely that they
might meet all tbe way ap to Milan
And at every parting lt was evident
that the next meeting would be mora
When Miss Glfford reached Romi
ahe called on the dealer, and he sent t»
her botel for tha picture. Soon aftel
this when she saw it framed she wai
astonished at the remarkable changi
the framing had produced in It II
was tbe aame scene, but under tbe in
fluence of the surrounding gilt lt wai
limply beautiful. It seemed to require the illuminating properties to
bring out the colors.
The next- time she went Into the
shop the dealer Informed her that bei
painting waa sold.
"Soldi" she exclaimed.
"Tea, aignorina. Toa directed me to
Mil it did you not? It bas aot yet
been removed. If tbere la any mistake
please let me know lt at once. In case
of a picture like that I don't wish to
make a blunder."
"How mucb did It bring?' asked the
artist aghast
"Forty-five hundred francs."
"Forty-five hundred francs!"
"Tea, aignorina. Are you dlsap
"How did yoa get to mucb for It?"
"The artist Is a rising young American who It making t name "
"What name?"
"B. Minard."
"Tes, aignorina. Tbe signature la
genuine, isn't it?"
Miss Glfford stood mute for a few
momenta, storing at tbe dealer, tben
told blm to let her tee tbe picture. He
took her to bla packing room and
ahowed it to ber, potting his finger oa
the name ln the lower left band cor
ner, E. Mlnard.
Mlsa Glfford atood looking at tl- few
daubs tbat spelled "Mlnard" for a long
while without speaking. A light waa
aiowly creeping In upon ber brain. Two
emotions met and mingled. There was
disappointment that she bad not proved
herself an artist and pleasure that her
friend bad imposed upon ber to ber advantage, for ahe aaw that be bad substituted bis own picture for hers. There
was another emotion more in evidence
than either of tbe other two. Surely a
man who would do such a thing for t
woman muat have for ber more than a
friendly interest
"Is It all right aignorina?" asked the
"All right? Oh, yet, of course, it'a all
"I will give you tht money less the
Miss Glfford took the bills he handed
ber and left the shop. Mlnard bad given
her bis address In Rome and hnd asked
her to send him her card on her arrival. Sho sent It at once, and the same
evening he called upon ber.
"Mr. Mlnard, wby did yon Impose
opon me?"
"How Impose upon you?" be aaked
"About the picture."
"PUMon me," banging Bt head,
"How did yon manage It?"
"Well, when yon wtnt oat to drive or
(a walk or on excursions while at Sorrento I feed the maid to bring me yoar
jlcture and Improved it a bit Mean-
while I waa painting the tame scene
nyself. Tben yon made it very easy
tor me by giving ma yoar picture to
jack. I packed my own and kept yours.
Vine bos perhaps a money value above
roars, b,ut yours has • value to mt
leyond price."
Sbe bad aent for him to hand him tht
noney she had received from the deal-
*r, but these last few words had a
ueaning that changed the altuation.
'Ie declared that the picture she bad
tainted was of far more value to blm
han the one be had painted himself.
The exchange waa in bla favor. Ht
legged her to permit It
Nevertheless, alnce bla painting had
iroduced enough money to pay for her
rip, she could not reconcile her con-
cience to. accepting lt till the matter
vaa compromised by her throwing her
elf in with her own imperfect work,
.bis waa considered at an equivalent
ionni, and the couple were married be-
ore they left Rome.
Father's New Straw Hat
Father ha* a new itraw hat.
Paid two dollara for It too.
Mother eadly telle htm that.
Was a foolish thing to do.
Mother murmur- with dlsguit
At the way dad hae behaved;
Bays that hie new hut le Juat
Like the old one that ihe saved. -
Father listens with a smile
Or attempts sometimes to show
Mother how they've changed the etyl*
Bhe will not believe lt, though.
Mother thlnka It le a shame.
Dad can never make lt elear
-Why he shouldn't wear the lame
Straw hat that he wore last yean
Father eaye: "I never scold
When you get a hat that's new.
I don't tell you that your old
Hat ls good enough to do."
Mother eedly ailts him then
Why he cares what people ear
Or ihould etlll be stylish when
He le married anyway.
- Chicago Record-Herald,
Never Fails,
Brown-I've got an excellent plan for
getting rid of duns.
Grcen-vAb!  That so?
Brown—I have—never falls.
Green—Tben, old fellow, yon must
tet me Into the secret, for I'm worried
to death by 'em.
Brown—Well, I've tried lt several
times of late, aud I find the man never
I comes back.
Green—Aye, aye!  What do you do?
Brown-I pay him.—Brooklyn Timet,
Chicago Lullaby.
Street car clanging e'er attend thee;
Automobile toots befriend thee;
Holey iteamplpe slumber lend the*.
Bleep, my pretty one, ileepl
Equalling felines aid thy slumber;
Slve'.rs thy eeme encumber;
Whistles Booths thee, any number,
Bleep, my pretty one, ileepl
Huckiter'i crying lend thee ihrlllneii)
Wagons rattling break the etlllnen;
T-nglrea guard thee from an illnoia.
Sleep, my pretty one, eleepl
Ihould there come a silent minute
Waken not with walling In lt
Very toon vnl they begin it
Sleep, my pretty one, eleepl
-Chicago Inter Ocean.
Patience—Were you nt the itraw*
berry shortcake festival?
Patrlce-Ob, yes.
"How was it?"
"Very enjoyable."
"1 beard ever;- one who found %
•trawberry had to slug a song?"
"Tbat'a right"
"Well, lt must have been awfully,
"It wasn't. We had only two songs!"
-Tcikcrs Statesman.
Deep Sea Tug "William Jolliffe" It
Policeman oi West Coast.
When Oajit. Holme3 Newcombe. ol
the Government fisheries cruiser Wm.
Jolliffe, spent a recent Sunday morning in May in capturing the Seattle
fishing boat, Valiant, Instead ot going to church as a good skipper ought
to do, he sealed-the burden of hatred
that the Seattle fishing fraternity have
for his trim, staunch, and poweilul j
craft.    He  was quietly   nosing  hia !
craft around a point near Triangle Is. |
land off the northwest coast of Van- ■
couver Island when the chase began, I
which ended ln the swift Seattle fishing boat being taken into Vancouvei
at the end ol the Wm. Jolliffe'a tow-
The Wm. Jolliffe is one of the most
famous tug boats in maritime annals.
Twenty-five years ago, when she was
a new boat, she was the pride of the
Mersey. Many and many a time sha
left the port of Liverpool loaded up
to the gunwales with coal, bound
thousands of miles away on a feat cf
deep sea towing. Sometimes it was
to bring home a big vessel that had
been salved in the Indian Ocean, oi
the Southern Pacilic. Lying low on
the water, her big beam and deep
draught shows the weight of powerful
engines and heavy boiler equipment
she carries. She appeared to my ad.
"miring juvenile eyes in those days to
be able to travel as fast wilh a big
Bailing ship at the end of her tow-line
as without any drag on her heels. On
one memorable occasion she towed a
wrecked vessel stern lirst all the way
from the Cape of Good Hope to tha
Mersey at a speed that was in itsell
quite a feat. For the last three years
the Wm. Jolliffe has been engaged in
the fishery protection service on ths
Pacific coast, keeping a sharp lookout
for poachers. And here is where tha
Wm. Jolliffe aroused the' animosity ol
the Seattle fishermen, who make theii
rendezvous off the banks of Vancouvei
Island. At the sight of bad weathei
the Seattle boats are wont to run loi
shelter to the coves and harbors ol
Vancouver Island. Some suspicious
folk think thef are glad of the excuse
at times in order to replenish theit
bait. They are immune from seizure
so long as tlie weather is too bad tc
enable them to put to sea. At sucb
a time the Wm. Jolliffe has a nasty
knack of making a trip up and down
the west coast, and leading the wa;
oift to sea for the assembled craft.
If the Jolliffe can put to sea, then
they must follow on peril of forfeiture
of their boat and gear. Many and
many is the hot imprecation that is
hurled at the stout little cralt as she
sets the pace fc a game of "follow
my leader" out over the bars of the
west coast harbors.
The seizure of the Valiant makes
the eleventh American boat to be cap.
tured. When the old Kestrel was in
commission she seized the fine new
schooner North, on its maiden trip
out of Seattle. Under its new name,
Alcades, the North now does good service as a revenue cutter out ol Nanaimo. Later the Kestrel seized the
Francis Cutting and the Levi Woodbury. The Francis Cutting now plies
as*a tug out of Vancouver, but the
Woodbury, which was only msde ta
hove to by a couple of rounds from
the Kestrel's machine gun, was
bought back by her owners.
..quipped with wireless telegraphy
and powerful   gasoline   engines   the
Bridal Tourists.
The bride looked on the mountains,
The river's golden atrand.
Italian garden fountalna
Were tinkling near at hand.
She wake with cooing klndneaiv
"How fair these vtitai are!"
The bridegroom In hie blindness
Bowed down beneath the car.
From thence did he deliver
Bome words about a chain,
Buch woi-de ai made her shiver
With an astonished pain.
Then to the balmy breezes
Bhe hummed theae lines and smile*
"Where e'-ery prospect pleases
And only man le riled."
-Frederick Moxon In Judge.
He Knew.
A teacher In a big elementary icboe
lad given lesions to an Infants' c-lai.
in the Ten Commandments. In ordet
o test their memories sbe aiked:
"Can auy ll'tle cbild give me a coun
iiandment wltb only four words ln It?"
A hand wns raised Immediately.
"Well," said the teacher.
" 'Keep Off the Grasi,'" wai the roily.—New Tork Globe.
Net a Bit Sleiux.
1 tbln aklrled girl in Bordeaux
Vouldn't wear pettlcoau-on. Ueir, neiual
She'd go out In the mn.
Aad ihe'd lay, "Thli li tun,
lut t tope thlt my anlilee don't iheiui."
» •*!*• -Cincinnati Bnquliir.
Chairman of the T. & N.O. Commie.
•ion Is a Man oi Big Heart and
Brain Who Has Made a Success
el Hit Own Business and Then
Turned lo the Public Service-
Honored at Elk Lake.
When the Elk Lake branch ol tne
Timiskaming & Northern Ontario
Railway was opened recently for traffic and the occasion brought together
town officials and townspeople, the
mayor of Elk Lake, turning to Mr.
Jacob-Lewis Englehart, chairman of'
the T. & N. 0. Commission, said:
"We are well satisfied with what you
have di e, sir, and have nothing
more to nsk." Small communities
an usually large in their demands
and their wants are not easily satisfied. Hut this compliment, unsolicited,
of course, but not unmerited, was more
substantially expressed when a huge
key of native silver was presented to
the man who had labored hard and
long to bring about such a consummation.
Mr. Englehart himself is a striking
figure, says H. E. Willmott in Toronto
Star Weekly. See him once and you
will always remember the man. Look
into that large piercing, black eye,
and you will tell half you know. Listen to the kindly words of advice, bc
touched with that unfailing courtesy,
feel that broad sympathy, and you
will realhe why men speak so well ol
him. These characteristics reveal tha
inherent nature of the man which
prompted a few years ago the beneficial gift of an X-ray outfit to St.
Michael's Hospital, Toronto, and it
was the same generosity that installed
a peal of bells in the Anglican Church
at Petrolea. Born in Cleveland in
1847, he started life In a subordinate
position in an oil refinery business,
but soon became head of a prosperous
1                  *   **n
*m?X/Am\m?-    XfllV*               j\
VRCWfl *
_^^H        ^|
-.oncern of hia own.   In 1870 he came
to Canada,  then twenty-three yeara
ol age, and established the firm of
J. L. Englehart 4 Co., with offlcea
at London and Hamilton.   In 1881 he
,    . -   .   ,    .,-,,„, , .     went to Petrolea to manage the Im-
boats of the Seattle fleet managed to i ve-M 0i) COi with which fl,m hit
keep away from the Kestrel for along , former  interests  were  incorporated.
He became a naturalized British sub-
time, but the arrival of H. M. S. Rainbow, with her twenty-knot spe_-d,
made things interesting in 1911, when
the Edrie was captured and confiscated.
The Government steamer Newing-
ton, a former North Sea trawler, one
of the Oamccock fleet which the
"mad-dog" Russian fleet fired on in
the North Sea, has made three recent
captures, namely, the Thelma, the
Bonita, and the Active. Tho Wm.
Joliffe had previously captured the
Cupid's Headquarter!.
Judging by her rapidly increasing
marriage returns Montreal might
fairly be called the Canadian head-
quarters of Cupid.
Since 1008, when .1.615 marriages
took place in Montreal, to 1911, when
the figure had risen to 5.CH, the in
crease among all scctinus-of the com
As an employer of labor, Mr. Engle-
hnrt enjoys an exemplary reputation.
Never was the profit and loss account
ol such consequence to him'that bla
employes suffered. So far as the
handling ol oil would permit, tbe Petrolea plant was a model of its kind.
A practical form of workmen's compensation was maintained, names ot
disabled workmen being retained on
the payroll for years. In cases where
the bread winner ot the family died,
the pay envelopes went regularly to
the widow until the children became
self-supporting. With a coneideratioo
tor physical comlort hatha were installed at the works for the use of the
employes on the completion oi the
day's work.
I   At the time Mr. Englehart's name
; was suggested to Sir James Whitney,
,,.. ,.,„„. ' he waa not known to the Prime Min*
munity has been steadily maintained. I Istcr except in name and experience.
As a matter of fact Canada supplies   But once convinced that this was tht
the west with a big consignment of   msn, Sir James lost no time.   "Will
brides and bridegrooms and the only   rou accept a place on the eommis-
regret of her citizens is that some ol | •ion." wai Uie positive message Hie
■ Swift Advance In Culture.
1 Sttlln—Her parenta ate >vilb thelf
| Belle-And ahe cats through hei tost,
lork Hot.
the best type ol married couples pet
married in the city, hut never stsy.
Thousands ot white immigrants
celebrate their weddings in Montreal,
but they only du it as a convenience.
Montreal docs not profit by the result,
though doubtless Canada as s whole
Last year thc marriage rate in Montreal was 10.73 of the whole population; this year it promises to be considerably higher, so that the city will
maintain her prominence from Cupid'f
point of view.
"Tlllle," be said, "1 hsd a strange
dream the otber nlgbt. I dreamed thst
I started to say something to n certain
protly girl and alio stopped me. 'No,
George,' sbo said, 'yon mustn't lell me
yon lovo uie-not yet, anyway. Walt
till 1 weigh 133 pounder "
"One hundred nnd thirtylbrce
pounds!" exclaimed lhe lovely maiden
to whom he was telling his dream.
"Why, George, that's exactly wbat I
Whnt could George do. even wltb bit
itoi-y untlnlihod. but fest upl-Chl
ngo Tribune.
long-distance telephone carried to Po-
Irolea, and back came 4hc answer,
"Yes, il you say so." So far all waa
fell. But when the larger reaponii-,
bility of the chairmanship waa sug-
I |ested to Mr. Englehart, it necessitat-
td the   Prime  Minister's   persistent
, lessoning, that it was In the publio;
■ Interest, to over-rule Mr. Englehart't
I personal objections.
| One day the teacher during recet*
told tbe children tbe story of Clndrella.
The next day, to test their memory,
she naked them:
"Wby did Cinderella bave to leav*
tbe ball promptly at 12?"
A bright little maid answered: "St
abe could catch lbe last car."—It Lcalt
Examiner—Wbat do yoa know eboal
tbe power of tbe eartb't attraction!
Candidate-It le tbe irongest at abort
3 o'clock tn tht morniog.-rii*fea4»
Observe tht fMttt tlit wlfc to ta»l
tbe   kuibtmd'a   character.. n
Now is the Time for
Horse Blankets
We have a Large Stock Assortment
cAU Sizes and Prices
Get Them Now Before It's Too Cold
Mr. and Mra. E> C. Henniuer,
Mrs A S. McKim arid Mr. anil Mra.
Ed Stanaway returned on Saturday
from an automobile tour to Spo
kane. Miss Laura Henniger, a niece
of Mr. Henniger, came up with the
party. She visited here over Sunday and returned to Spokane on
James Kllie, proprietor o{ the
Merritt Herald, and Mr. Reed,
mayor of Merritt, visited Grand
Forks last Monday, while on an automobile tour through the Similkameen and Boundary districts. Mr.
Ellis was connected with the Greenwood Times in pioneer dayB.
A. V. Pineo, of the attorney-
general'a olliee, beld an investigation in the new court bouse 10
o'clock last Monday morning. Tbe
Doukhobors' side of the con£roveray
wag taken at tbis enquiry.
Win. Shannon, of Victoria, formerly city electrician of Grand Forka,
and Wm. Waterston, of Vancouver,
also an ex-city electrician, and his
' brother, F. Waterston, arrived in
tbe city on Monday and bave been
spending the week in the district.
Tbe latter gentleman ia engaged in
tbe real estate business in Vancouver. Tbe party has been prospecting the neighborhood during tbe
past three or four days for purchasable land.
R Fenstamaker, after spending a
week in tbe city, returned to Spokane on Tuesday in his auto He
is connected with a Spokane loan
com puny, and was here in the in-
It-rent.- of ibal institution.
Tbe lirst -isme of liasketb_.il of
tbe season wus played on tbe new
tloor nl the skating rink on Wed-
m-inlii-y night, wheu ihi- Grand Forks
team defeated Greenwood by a score
nf 22 to 8. T. Katon retereed tbe
Mie. Clem Alexander and family,
who have been  spending the slim
mer at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Campbell, left yesterday for Revelstoke to join Mr. Alexander, who
is returning from Fairbanks, Mask*
Tliey live in Moose Jaw.
The dance given by the Scandinavian H. <Se E F. pocietv in the
Davis hall lum. Friday night was
attended Th1? music wns good and
everybody spent a pleasnnt evening.
The eyes and brains of the busy
man, nn matter what kind of work
be follows, become weary and need
rest, just the same as any other part
of the human body. Nothing has
heen found iri the wide world that
will give weary eyes and a tired
brain more immediate rest than a
few iiioments' gazing on a pretty
bed of bright colored f)ower». The
contrast is so great from that which
has occupied tbe organs   until they
Grand Forks Second-
H»-__l <8_Kn.__.-_. WHHIMG AVB-
and iMoreop.wt..ip.i.Hot.i
We Buy, Sell and Exchange
Everything We also do all kinds
of Tailoring Work. We are Experts in Furier Work, Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed in everything.
H. Baneson. Proprietor
I lilnring will find their wav into
ymir Suit or Overt-nut or any
thing ynu order here. It's our
plan to please uur custnmers—
In give all we cnn—In take ii*
at, litlle an we oan affnril. Take
advantage of every advantage.
Hunt among the biggest variety
of the most fashionable Fall
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not a cent more than you ought.
These conditions rule here.
some of the leading tail-    OUI 10
oring establishments in      **,,*.
the  East.     When   you      *VlD
order from us you have     Will
the advantage of being        ,x>n
measured by a practical
tailor,  ensuring perfect    UPWARDS
fit.   A trial will convince
you  these clothes  are the best on
the   market  for the  money.   We
guarantee satisfaction.
___ Marks
Copyrights 4c
Anvooo rending antAea andewcrlpthn mnr
nlokir uMrtain onr opinion ne* whet.,.. *u
atentlnn ll protwlilr MiwujljLCon-tiiuiilciv
ii™»tri«lT-onrM-!itfrO»KOrBCT on [••»._«
I'M-uu Uken turotnrh Mann * Co. noma
SKcWairliM, without, olitnnt la t»
Scientific American.
A -irnO-omclr Uluuntcd woeklr, LaitestUf-
C ilatlio ot nny sclentlflo Journal. Terra- lor
c .aiuii*. f-.is » row. _»«•» pnpaid.  SoU br
Vou waste In looking up domestic help could be saved
by simply Inserting s " Help
Wanted" ad. In our Classified
Columns. Our paper Is read
by the desirable class, and
goes into hundreds of homes
tbat get no other.
were well nigh exhausted, and the
effect is simply marvelous.
Flowers in the Lome divert the
mind and rest the weary eyes of the
housewife and mother.
A bouquet in the sickroom aids
in keeping the mind off the disease,
and often starts the brain on a new
channel of thought that puts the patient on the road to recovery.
Flowers in the office, or on the
desk of-the weary clerk or stenographer, will produce euch a telling effect that hy actual comparison more
work is accomplished by those
whose eyes and brains ore rested hy
Ihe presence of tbose gifts from nature.
Artists' visit the parks and gardens to study the flowers, apd their
orbs are wonderfully toned up hy
the refreshing glimpses of the colors
of nature, and no artist has ever
been RiicceBBful who does not study
colors in the beautiful flowers.
Il will pny any student, or iny-
one deeply engrnwd in thought
along any psrticular line which is
apt to make the brain weary, to
have a vase of bright flowers on
the desk.
If you are in wrong with your
best girl, send her a box of our extra choice Carnations, and note results.
Choicest blooms for every message
that flowers can convey, at Frache
Bros., Florists.    Phone R20.
Woodland & Quinn, Druggists,
Make a Statement
We alwaya advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to use a
doctor. But to those who do not wish
to do this we will say: try the mix
ture of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka. This
simple new remedy is so powerful that
JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. People who
try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its
QUICK notion.   Woodland & Quinn,
By Modern Methods
MID UnTTniQufoklastltiretirri
UUlf fflUI lUiBnaraiiteedatmoderate price", Kxperi medioal ex*
nm hint ion frw tf leeexHtnluatlnn
of urine when uece«svry. Con*
■ult me—free, Don't delay. Dalayi
are dangerous. Call or wri'e.
Pree booklet. Everything confidential.
Hour*; 0 a.m. to 8 p m ; 8ud-
dayi, 10 a.m. to 1p.m.
210   HOWARD
"Wtt fetmbett felnppcr"
MilW tmwttxtstet, fret I. Fur SklpKn-Seai "Shubert"
Yon want thi. valuable publication—it i. worth hundred, of
dollar, to you, iuued at every change ol the Fur Market,
giving you an accurate and reliable report ol what I. doing in
all thc Market, oi the World in American Raw Fun.
Write far It-now-H'ih*.      .__ .___
A. B. SHUBERT. '"•   "•«.««■««
._.   15-11 wm »usnn ntnl
VSt-,  MfT.534CMC4-ie.0.-j.^
Fresh and ShH Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Armson the "hoe man hns removed
to his new stand, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets.
Pigs For Sate
For 14 each; six weeks old. H.
Cooper, Columbia, B. C, west ol
C.P.R. roundhouse. '
Don't forget that The Sun has the
bent job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Tbe Sun only costs tl a year.    It
prints all the news.
II you are tired of indifferent
work at bigb prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prioes are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
nr Honing a:
Kainr ftonfng a Spnoia£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Oranby Hotel,
First Street.
\Z Gait Coal «
F. Downey's Cigar Store
orrun, km Clfct Strop!
HANIKs'a KCUDINH. R38 "131 Oil CGI
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
in tbe Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-fa :_*-SflJ
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are ot the beet. Let us estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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