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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 3, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
The trade of the Dominion reached
more than a billion dollars for the past
year, which establishes a record.
Intimation ia given in Mew Westminster that the collection uf the poll
taa muat eeaae at the end of the present year.
Austria tempts Montenegro with
offers of support in exchange for an
impregnable naval stronghold. Turkey
will answer allies today
An alleged moving picture troupe
gets tbe assistance of the Paris police
to rob a suburban villa under the
pretense of taking pictures.
Sir James Whitney, premier ot Ontario, answers a French-Canadian protest with regard to the separate school
question with stinging reply.
Bart Dalton, notorious outlaw, is
captured near Cheyenne after a night
hunt through anow. He was bare
totted and clad only in underdo' h s.
. Ti,e London Morning Post thinas
that if Sir Wilfrid Laurier's reciprocal
Uade proposal had been accepted in
1JI09 much trouble would bave been
The legislation committee of the
Ontario liar association suggei
amendments to the presents laws, urging that the legal right to sue for
breach of promise be abolished,
Traffic is demoralized throughout
the Pacific northwest by the severest
storm iu years.
One hundred and flfty thousand
men, women and children will go on
strike in New York today.'
A Hindu is refused papers aa a
citizen of the United Slates by Federal Judge Hudkins at Spokane.
The Ontario Bar association passes
a resolution urging the establishment
of a divorce court in the eastern province.
A widespread conspiracy is revealed
in Germany to destroy bridges and
prevent mobilization of the army, ia
followed by many arrests.
The prospects of peace in the Balkans are declared to be brighter ow
ing to a more reasonable attitude of
the Ottoman government.
Tidal wave sweeps over the coast of
Nova Scotia, doing considerable damage to property and causing the residents to Dee for their lives.
Traffic through the Pacific northwest is badly hampered by the worst
stormdn twenty years.
Nova Scotia trade reports show au
unmistakably healthy progress in the
eastern coast province.
The life saving crew af Sea Isle, N.
J., narrowly escape death in rescuing
olvven shipwrecked sailors.
Official report* tell of deliberate
policy of extermination being pursued
bv a Servian general against helpless
The Dominion gsvernment will protest against further discrimination
against Canadian ships in the bill now
before the United States senate.
Six carpenters are killed and many
others severely injured by a tremendous snowslide near Fernie in the
early morning.
Imprisonment ir. the federal prison
at Leavenworth, Kansas, was imposed
as punishment upon 33 labor union
officials convicted of having engaged
in the destruction of property by
dynamite over an area stretching from
Boston   to  Los   Angeles by Federal
Judge Anderson at Indianapolis. As
head of the union whose strike wag
the motive for promoting the dynamite plots, Frank M. Ryan was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment,
the heaviest sentence to fall. He is
the president of the iron workers' international union. Of the 38 men
convicted aa conspirators and aiders in
the McNamara dynamiting schemes,
eight other men, all affiliated with
Ryan, were eaeh given prison terms of
six years. Two men each were given
four years, twelve men each were
given three years, four men were given
two years, six men each were given
one year and one day, and six men,
including Edward Clark, Cincinnati,
a dynamiter who pleaded guilty, were
allowed their liberty on suspended
Premier Borden returns to the Ot
towa. Cabinet officers resume labors
after the Christinas holidays.
Playing the game of diplomacy at
the peace conference. Adrianople is
still the most dangerous stumbling
block in the negotiations.
Dominion government will take
steps next summer to make Hudson
Bay route perfectly safe for navigation.
Steamers arriving • at Vancouver
bring tales of disastrous gales'
Directors of tramway company sue
Montreal Herald fnr £600,000 dam
ages for derogatory article.
Three hundred Chinese killed in a
successful night attack by Tibetans.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report ot the customs receipt! at the
various sub-customs offices, as reported to the ehief office in this city,
for the month of December:
Grand Forks  14,338.19
Phoenix     1,067.19
Carson         193 62
Carcade        107.97
Total  15,696.97
Receipts for 1912.
January  $3,033.49
February     2,373.83
March    3,008 39
April     4,165 41
May     4,498,52
June      3,427.68
July  11,101,03
August     4,688.08
September    6,508.35
October     9,934.42
November ,'_   9,136.10
December     6,696.97
Total for year $67,574.77
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during tbe past week,-aa recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
Friday, 27th  21 32
Saturday, 28th  17 32
Sundty, 29th  20 33
Monday, 30th  11 33
Tuesday, 31st ..rr.    30 40
Wednesday, 1st  13 21
Thursday, 2nd  20 30
Rainfall ,  0.04
Snowfall...'    2.4
Total precipitation  0 28
Another   Division  in the!
Public School Next
The feature of the past year in.
the Boundary mining industry was
tbe remarkable showing made by
the Granby Consolidated, which declared iis last dividend on December
30, 1910, bringing the total up to
$4,048,630. and earned $135,000 in
undivided profits. Tbe annual report of the company laat year
showed net earnings in excess of
$1,600,000, giving it a record to
date of $5,773,630.
The school board bas been disappointed in not being able to secure
an additional teacher for the public
school. She now declines to come,
although having previously agreed
to do so. In consequence of thus
not being able to secure a teach,-r
for toe beginning of the term, the
board has decided not to open a
division in the parish hall, but. to
rush to completion at least one room
of the new addition and if possible
open school in it on February 3,
providing a teachsr can be secured.
As there is no more available Beating space in the present primary di
visions, parents are requested to
postpone sending beginners, as no
beginners will be enrolled until an
additional teacher and room are
That there may bt no interruption of the work of the senior and
intermediate grades, when* another
division is opened, and that tbere
may be the least possible in the primary grades, tbe pupils have been
re-arranged according to the following list, and will assemble the first
morning in the respective divisions
Division I—Entranre pupils: Au-
lay Munro, Annie Munro, Gladys
Heaven, Stanley Donaldson, Alfred
Heaven,Grace Barron, JennieSimp
son, Ruth Krischke, Don Farmer,
Henry Fritz, Clara Demuth, Hugb
Sloan, Sam Montgomery, Ivy Taylor, Mae Lyden, Doris Kennedy,
Oswald Hay, Eric Atwood, Dal Barlee, Helen DeCew, Glen Lemaster,
May Spraggett, Caughey McCallum,
Mary Fritz, Ronald Tracy, Mary
Newbauer, Vera Reid, Avia Michener,
- Division II, Junior IV—Myrtle
Spraggeti,Pauline Sloan,Alice Sprag.
gett, Ulric McCallum,Hennie Keron,
Arcber Davis, Glen Manly, El vera
Walker, Ester Larsen, Maud Rollins, Fred Dempsey, Robert Holmes,
Joyce McLeod, Ralph Gill, Arthur
Gilpin, Harry Bowen, Arcbie Symes,
Margaret Mcllwaine, Maud Peck-
bam, Harold Massie, Maud Reburn,
Ivia Michener, Gladys Ardiel; Dan
Wells, Lawrence Holmes, Dean Gal
loway, Earl Keeling, Bertba Wiseman, Hazel Argertinger, Stanley
Murray, Gordon Fulkerson,. Alice
Bowen, Hugb Wells, Frank Hartinger, Marie Barnum; Amy Frankovitch, Austin O'Donnell, Quinton
Quinlivan, Stanley Massie, Tracy
Cooper, Raymond Quinlivan,' Lau-
rena Nichols, Olga Frankovitch,
Catherine Stafford, Hattie Gaw,
Linut Freece,
Division III and Senior Intermediate III -Al Peterson, Edith Larsen, Williard i*Jhaw, Sarab McCallum, Mildred Meikle, Ida DeCew,
Mary Cheplo, Wilfred Holmes,John|
Herr, Blair Cochrane, Geo. Cooper,
Helen Peterson, Walter Peterson,
Alexia Fulkerson, Thos Reburn, Victor Gilmour, Jas. Lyden, Herbert
Dinsmore, Ruby Keeling, Agnes
Stafford, Chads Krischke, John
Cheplo, Gwenny Mcllwaine, Murivl
Galloway, Mabel Ruckle, Roy Kennedy,   Griffin   Mayhew,    William
Meikle, Lillian Kelleher, Jos. Beran,
Garibaldi Bruneau, Lydia Kelleher,
Clarence Crosby, Merle Herr, Teddy
Dempsev, Abram Mooyboer, Reggie
Hull, Kathleen Kerby, Harry Atwood, Violet Walker. Gladys Latham, Uvo Wells, Dorothy Burns,
Muriel Spraggett,  Holger Peterson.
Division IV, Intermediate and
Junior III—Fritz Scbliehe, Frances
Sloan, Freddie Barlee, Eddie Mc
Ilwaine, Loretta Lyden, Mildred
Hutton, Vernon Smith, Thelma
Walker, Vera Donaldson,Viola Pell,
Anna Beran, Edith Coryell, Gladys
Rashleigh, Laura Allen, Geo. Lemas-
ter,.Willie Rutkle, Margaret Michener, Olivine Galipeau. Hope Beu
son, Amelia Wiseman, Eibel Wright,
Cecil Ruckle. Amy Murray, Bessie
Harrison, Francis Fritz, Harold
Fair, Earl Kelleher, Robert O'Connell, Gordon Murray, Vernon For-
leeter, Ernest Stites, Alfred Downey,
Peter Miller, Ernest Hart,Ray Lane,
Cecelia Lyden, Wilfred Crowu, Ber-
natd Crosby, Rosa Peterson, Helen
Massie, Richard Stacy, Ray Forres
ttr, Sam Ericsson, Lily Ardiel, Pauline Hatfield.
Division V, Senior and Junior II
Vernon Siddall, Annie Crosby, Jpb-
sie Scoley, Walter Larsen, Chris
Pell, Bertha Hart, Mabel Steele,
Ewing McCallum, Anka Andeison,
Fay Tryon, Annie Gilmour, Lizzena
Irving, Ambrose McKinnon, Zoi
Kirk,Alice Galipeau, Junie Downey,
George Meikle, Antoinette Schliehe,
Florence Mayhew, Fred Wiseman,
Eva Moir, Marian Shai.unn,Jcannette
Reburn, May McElliott, Lottie Peterson, Jas. Rowlandson, Glory Morrison, Harry Kelleher, Electa Nichols,
Gladys McLauchlin, Mildred Rydell,
Teddie Coopor, Ronald McDonnell,
Thelma Turubull, Dorothy Jacobsen,
Teddie Potentier, Tony Hudoklin,
Norma Ericaon, Isabel Glaspell, Gertrude Krischke, May Crosby, Freda
Division VI. First Reader—Phyllis
Atwood, Randolph Davis, Annie
Moir, Ester Anderson, Ethel Lane,
William Lam, Einile Painton, May
Smith* Chas. Cooper, Peter Peterson,
Alice Ryan, Harry Jones, Cleophus
Montgomesy, Margery Keron, Florence Mclntyre, Grace Wiseman, Amy
Peckham, Nellie Mills, Genevieve
Griffith, Archie Ruckle, Boyd Nichols
Clara Brunner, Emma Irving, George
Hodgson, Harry Steel., Willie Harrison, Hazel Hart, Jack Brau, Ernest
Baker, Margaret Fowler, Eloise Stafford, Helen Sitiipsnnl Tannis Barlee,
Mary Miller, David McDonald, Ernest
Cooper. Willie Shannon, Reid McKie,
Hazel Bache, Frances Latham, Robert
Tryon, Bessie Harrison, Florence
Division   VII,   First and   Second
A Schedule of Twelve Games
Arranged for Present
A meeting of tbe Boundary Hockey league was held in Phoenix last
Monday, tbe following delegates being present: C. P. Charlton and R.
Halcron, Greenwood; C Davidson
and E. A. Black, Phoenix; C. Haverty and A. R. Mann, Grand Forks.
Tbe following officers were elected:
Honorary president,W. A, Williams,
Grand Forks; honorary vice president, O. B.Smith, Phoenix; honorary 2nd vice-president, W. L. Bell,
Greenwood; president, T. A. Love;
vice-president, John McLaughlin;
2nd vice-president, Dr. McLean;
secretary treasurer, A. R. Mann. E.
A. Black, of Pboenix, and Grey
Pond, of Greenwood, were elected to
the executive. Tbe following schedule was arranged for tbe ptesent
Jan. 8   Grand Forks at Phoenix.
Jan 13—Pboenix at Grand Forks
Jan. 17—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Jan. 21—Phoenix at'Greenwood.
Jan. 24—Greenwood at Grand
Jan 27— Grand Forks at Pboenix
Jan. 30—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Feb. 7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
Feb. 11—Greenwood at Pboenix.
Feb. 14—Greenwood at Grand
Feb. 18—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Jack Dolan, of the Granby smelter, returned tbis evening from a
holiday trip to Butte, Mont.
Primer—Howard DeCew, Pearl Gil
mour, Chas. Bishop, Celia Crosby,
Flora McDonald, Oswald Walker.Or-
ville Baker, Coryl Campbell, Mary
Errett, Leona Uren, Peter Harton,
Willie Nelson, Margaret McElliott,
Silvina Moriarity, Donald Rydell,
Pryce Jones, Isabel Bowen, Francis
Uren, Jack Shannon, Berta McLeod,
James Lane, Ethel Wiseman, Harold
Quinlivan, Lawrence McKinnon. Johanna Lam, Aubrey Keeling, John
"oriarity, Bert Cooper, Lilian Hull,
Dorothy Schliehe, Ruth Eureby, Al-
fonse Galipeau, Leo Mills, Gladys
Armson, Earl Hart, Adrianne Lam,
Reggie Heaven, Dorothy Meikle,
Thelma Hutton. Mary Beran, Nellie
Allan, Vera Lyden, Mary Wibmer,
lye Waldon, Willie Smith, Freddie
Cooper, John Lane, Harry Stacy, Norman Ruckle, Pearl Brau, Kenneth
Murray, Rose Roberts.
Meteorological Report (or 1912
Grand   Forks  District,  B.   0.—Ut.   49,   Lung. 118° 20" W.; height
above sea level, 1,740 feet.
r— TVi.tmiimi flfr— I'ririjtitalimt
Mux. Min. Snow. Rain.       fur Ilie tiunilh
Janurry  43 -81 14.7 0.58 '.'.0.1
February  45 5 6.9 0.8H 1.08
March  64 6 0.5 0.10 0 15
April  71 27 .... 1.31 1.31
May  86 30 .... 1.78 1.78
June  97 36 .... 1.51 1.51
July  94 44 .... 2.81- 2.81
August   92 39 .... 2.2,8 2.28
September ...81 _>7 .... 1.10 1.10
October  68 24 ... 0 75 0.75
November  51 15 1.4 1.62 1.7(1
December  42      - 2 13.0 0.12 1.42
Total precipitation for the year  18.47
Highest thermometer reading, 97 on 21th June.    Lowest  thermometer
reading, -21 on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th January.—Ernkst F. Laws. THE SUX, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Jonkini's Brain
When they Bi>otjp, ot Henry .Tonkins
all the village people said, "His inventions prnve for certain  he's  got
big things In u1h head," tor the scores
ot weird contraptions lt was Jonklus',
joy to buiM somewhat toolt their nis-
tic tanclefl, iiatS their hearts with wor-1
ship filled.     First ot ull he built an'
airship that did everything   but   liy,
though ho told a dozen tickets—flrst
return from earth to sky.     Then he
mado  a  sl.-t._i  producer,   which  was
guaranteed to bring soothing slumber
to the user.      Henry  swanked like}
I'.nything that Insomnia was conquered, and he took it ns a joke when the
only chap who tried It went to sleep
anil never awoke.
Undeterred, nn Odour Killer was his
next assault on fame; this would soften motor fragrance, hush the hum of
month hung game; but a public demonstration brought disaster iu its
train, for lite O.K. found Its master
in n ripe and rampant drain, antl the
blithe and buoyant Jonklns suffered
typhoid for a spell, though lt fal!ed_to
stop him thinking—he would do that,
ill or well.
Now, he cried, when convalescent—
now the world shall hall H.J. ns the
brainiest of mortals that has over
seen the light of day! With my automatic bagpipes music-lovers I'll enthrall; to-night by stealth I'll place
them 'neat'i MacPhcrBon's garden
wall. What joy will seize him whon
he hears the airs he loves the best!
Whnt viBion.. of sweet banks and braes
shall punctuate his rest!
At midnlgiit came a doleful Bound
from Mac's potato patch. It's catsl
lio growled. Awa, yo fiends, nnd
other things to match. Bang', bang.
A big revolver belched at Jonklus
chunks of lead, and locals then remarked with truth, He'd big things ln
his head!
A smart young doctor sat facing his
Yes, my frleutl, lie said, gladly, you
are quite well again now, add need
not come here again.
Tho patient recovering from a bad
llness, was relieved to hear this.
Then his fatio became overcast again.
Uud aboud tier bill, docdor, he said
—need it be told he was a German?
I ain't got mooch money. Vill you
daku tier MM oud ln trade?
Tho kind hearted doctor eyed hla
patient's shabby clothes.
Well, pei'i.-aps I might, ho said agreeably.     Er—what ls your trade?
I wis der leader of a Sherman band,
docdor, aaid the patient, proudly. We
wil! blay ln der front of your house
every evening for von month.
Pedertrlan—What do you foetryour
horse on?
Pedestrian—Shavings? And does
he eat them?
Cabby—Yes. Look nt lilm for a
happy horse. 1 bought him a pair
of green spectacles the other day, and
blow nie It he doesn't think he's eating lettuce!
The Danish Postmastcr-Oencral has
devised nn ingenious method of pro-
vldlng money for the education of the
blind. A copper coin, a luck-penny,
Is to be male in tho Koyal Mint, and
Is lo be sold to the parents of every
new-born child who has the gift of
sight by the nurse attending thc mother. Parents aro to pay whatever sum
they think lit for the luck penny,
which is worth only a halfpenny and
bears th.o device, "The child seeing
the light for the first time presents a
tribute to the child who will never
Do You Realize
The property you have can be used as cash to obtain good revenue bearing city property, also choice vacant lots situated where the price ls
sure to d3able and may treble in the near future. Send us prices and
full legal r.eseriptlon of your property and state class of exchange desired .
Auiomoli'Ie, 30 horse power ln good repair.
Fully modern housea centrally located.
Clear Title vacant lots with some cash for wild or Improved lands.
22 Canada Life Bull.dlnj,       Wlnnlpef, Man
Head so Itchy Could Hardly Stand
It. Dandruff Showed on Coat Collar. Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Cured in One Month.
S2.1 Elizabeth St.. Montreal. Que.—••Cuticura Soap aad Oiotuwnt cured me permanently from dandruff and scalp Itch that I
«u auff rrlng with since over a year. I had
an Inflammation at the lungs and a very
strong fever. *TVtien 1 recovered, my head
waa covered wt* scales and dandruff, and
It waa ao Itrliy I could hardly stand It. Tha
dandruff shoved on my coat collar. I had
tut-d various medicine* without relief. I
heard of Cuticura Hoap and Ointment and
derided to try them, and I am very glad of
It, became I am perfectly cured. I used
two Ikj.c« of Cuticura Ointment with the
Cuticura Soap. It took ono month to cura
mo. 1 tako pleasure lo recommending Cuticura Boap and Ointment to anyone who la
suffering with scalp or skin diseases."
(Signed) Hector Pertat. Dee. 80,1011.
Prevent falling hair, remove crusts and
scales, and allay Itching and Irritation of
the scalp, froqueat shampoos with Cuticura
Boap. uwlatod by occasional drawings with
Cuticura Ointment, afford the speediest and
moit economical treatment. They autit In
promoting Uw growth and beauty of the
hair by removing thoao conditions which
tend to make It dry, tbln, aad lifeless, often
leading to premature iraynoss and loss of
hair. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment
are sold by druggists and dealers throughout
the world. liberal samplo of oach mailed
free, with :i_*-p. Skin Iiook. Addretn poet
card Potter Drug A Chen. Corp., Dept
*SD, Dostou, U. S. A. .
Beautiful French Dressed Doll
18 Inches tall, eyes open and
shut, ' real eyelashes, completely
dressed In satin, with lace and
ribbon trimming. Beautifully trimmed hat and real shoes and stockings.
Send us your name and address
and we v.-i'l seud you 30 sets of
Christmas Aud other postcards to
sell at 10 cents a set (six beautiful
cards ln oach set). When sold
send us the money, and we will
send you the doll, all charges prepaid. Write to-day and earn your
doll now.   Address
DEPT.  136, TORONTO.      -
*»a\*****,rm**m\p***A*%*is i'ir\^ ,,i**ef\fi* t'
Mrs. West Sides I went down town
yesterday on a shopping tour.
Mrs. De Bnntt: Did you? Till me
all about It, Did you have a real
good timet
Mrs. West Side: Mot at all. I
found what I wanted ln the very first
Mrs. De Snuff: How provoking..
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Diphtheria
There was an alarm ot fire.
Collect yourself said the husband
I have, responded the wife. Here
are my switches, my pads and my
Pr. Morse's
Indian Root Pillow
e-0Ktly meet the need which ao oftea
arises la every family (or a wedictae
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only an their effective in aS
casts oi Constipation, but they help
greatly ia breaking up a Cold ot/ls
Grippe by cleaning out the system
aad purifying the blood. In the same
way they relieve er cure Biliousness
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheum*
atism and Other common ailments.
Ia tbe fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills ars      tt   .
A Household *\mme>e***
The worlds standard
ot glove perfection
^^^^^^^^n        SHIP YOUR ORAIN TO
Qratn Commission Merchant! Winnipeg, Menltoha
Hake Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fcrt William. Notify Peter Janata
Co., Wlnnlpef.
Liberal Advances                          Prompt Returns "est (trades
*mTljeJis*mmU fttif
IWNtti MHOS*—!
DYE, en* caa k«y.-Whr yen don't twa hata to
know what KIND of Cloth yourCoooa aro aaade
0....90A .	
Sand for VrM Color Ctr_. Starr Booklet, .nt I
■ooklot elvlnf muttl ot Dyfllnf oflrtr other colon. I
Tke .OHNSON.RICHASDSON CO., Limited, . '
llonuwl. Canada.
W. N. U. 92S
Quickly Answered
Pat and Mike, who wore neighbors
In the Otild Country, happened to retire from public gaze about the same
time. Fat bad stolen a watch from
a blind man, while Mike mistook a
friend's cow tor his own and sold lt.
As luck would have 11, they were drafted to the stupe prison, end at church
parade on Sunday morning they had
a chance for a moment's forbidden
Bald Mike—Top av the morula' to
you, Pat, an' phwat might the time
be? Sure an' 'tis you that knows all
about watches.
But Pnt waa not to be done. Mike
my lad, he replied, begorrah, an' 'tis
just nbout mllkln* time.
Merchant (to clerk)—This wou't do.
Every time you see a G you call lt
a 2. What's the matter with you—
Clerk—No, sir; It's a matter ot habit. 1 used to work In a ladles shoe
More tough luck, whispered his wife.
Well, what now? he mutt .red.
You know Miss Green never sings
without her music?
Well she's brought her music.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.— 1 have used MIX-
AHD'S LINIMENT on my vessel and
In my family for years, and for the
every day it's and accidents ot life
I consider It has no equal.
I would nnt start ou a voyage with
out II, If It cost a dollar a bottle.
8chi. "StOrkC, St. Andre, Katnoiir-
The aggregate strength of thc military forces available In India ls approximately "150,000 men.
Relief for Suffering Everywhere.—
lio whose life Is made miserable by
the suffering that comes fmm Indigestion and has not tried Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills does not know how
easily this formidable toe can be dealt
with. Tbese pills will relieve where
others tall. They are the result of
long and patient study and are confidently put forward as a sure corrector
of disorders of the digestive organs,
from which so inang suffer.
There's one thing  I want  to   see
while I am in Europe.
And what ls that?
The Hungarian Goulash in session.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Chloroform, the great anaesthetic,
was discovered by Guthrie In 1831 and
was first employed In surgical operations In 1847.
For simplicity and quickness
of operation, combined with
accuracy of shooting and ease
of handling, Winchester Self-
Loading Rifles are in a class
by themselves. They are
made in .32, .35, .331 and. 401
calibers, giving a range of
power that enables their use
fer any size of game. They
are the most advanced type
of hunting rifle and have
come to stay, as they have
proved their merits. Send
postal for illustrated catalog.
t**u*H tnu tl, Ira Ims, Ct
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In ilti;. writing we desiro to put before o,ir Western Farmers the
saving and advantage ot loading grain dlrec*. on cars. Shipping grain
through an elevator, lt matters no' whether a Government elevator or
one run by an elevator company or Individ-nil owner, does not add
thc leai.t fraction ot a cent to tlie value of ho grain, nor does It give
the farmer any better chance of marketing It to advantage than, when
loaded direct an cars. But loading direct .n cars cuts out ln the flrst,
place He elevator charge, which ls usually. l%c. per bushel, say
$17.53 on a thousand bushel car. The elevator dockage la also
saved- this may be worth more or less, depending partly on how dirty
the grain ls, but mostly on the farmer's ability ln holding his own
with the elevator man taking lt ln. On tho average the dockage
may be considered worth 3e'per tushel to the farmer, or say tjBO per
car of 1,000 bushels. When grain ls load-id direct Into car over the
Loading Platform, .the farmer knows for sure that It Is his very own
grain that will be graded by the Inspector, and that he will without
doubt receive the full and exact outturn nf his car at whichever terminal (levator lt ls unloaded: tor all grain 's unloaded from the cars
under government superintends nee and welched by properly Qualified
government welghtneii under the tules and rupervlston of the Dominion Government Board of Grain Commissioners
Of "burse, lt makes no difference In our loading ot the farmers'
grain whether lt bas been shipped through an elevator or over the
Loading Platform, but It can easily be seen from what we havo stated
above where the farmer's advantage lies, when it saves him' around
J50 or more on evory car he ships.
We continue to act as the farmers' agent ln looking after and ills-
poslnr of carlot shipments of wheel, oats, harley and flax strictly on
a commission of 1 cent per bushel. We ure not connected with,
nor Interested ln any elevator companies or elevators, either local or
terminal, neither are we track buyers, ln fact, we never buy!farmers' gruiii on our own account, but only to Kindle and dispose of the
grain . ..trusted to us as the agents of those who employ us. Many
years' experience, with a wide connection and ample facilities for en-.
fjastini In this special branch of the grain l-nde, have given us a re*
putat'on of the highest character ln It. Wt make liberal advances
ou car bills of lading. Write us for shipping Instructions and market Information. Wo give aa references to our reliability, efficiency
and financial standing any city or country Hank Manager In Westers
Thompson Sons & Company
701-733 Y Grain Exchange.
Winnipeg, Canada.
"Sample free If you write Nations
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada,
Limited, Toronto.
Ma, bow did you como to pick out
pa tor your husband?
I didn't pick him out, my dear, I
Just drew htm out ot the matrimonial
grab bag.
She Had Such
Beanlifnl Hands
tliat it ma, perfectly evident
tliat she iiKd  SNAP,   Ihe '
o.tgtntl  hand
cleaner, to remove tltegrlme
of housework.
Hand cleaners
by auy other
name do not
smell as sireet.
Avoid rank
Imitations, and
remember the
name 36
Or-_ar from yonr ilitlcr to-iUj.
lav* tcuponj.	
Makes Cows Give Mora Rich Milk. '    X
ktanutkulStack Food computed Enilaad, lust ss It conquered
Cauda sad tha United States, by pmvlnt to the Dairy
Experts that It is the greatest milk producer anil health
restorer la ths world,
i    Tha test was mads on three cows from tbe dairy herd
[■St 8. W. Hackney. Esq., Leeds, Bnajand. Chapman of
tht Votkahlit Federation ol Dairy .'niton,.
Quantity snd quality of milk waa tested lor a cer -
tal* Urae-thea " lataimatlaaal Slack Fr-"' «.-
added to ths regular teed.
■4.*   fxSAmtS   HHfe
ThtMSOTfc thatTBafaaslsssI Slash ftad, sdded
to the resular feed will Increase the quantity awl Im-
Move the quality of milk horn every cow.
tion and keep cowsinbetter condition. It proves
«»•»"■    >•.    ... __. --.jisiiinonay.maker
I inner wbo owns one.
or a hundred, cows SDOUH feed latsnatlsaol
Mods Foo* every day.
Make tha test retinell-welsli the milk yeu
ore aettins now-then feed lateraaUonal for a few
when you have lame back, frequent heedaHwe, rheumatic, veins, apoii before the eyea, twlngee In the Jolnta,
•to. Threo-quartera of all human ailments ere due to
tha kidney* (aUinf to properly free the ayatem ol
poitououa acide andwaate matter.
To atiraulr ta, tone, dearie and etrenathea tht kidaeya,
them tht flrit OUT you hava caum to think your kidneys need attention.   They  contain aweet nitre- and
fl,T» other sovereign curative agenta.   	
kidney d«ea_^^an.ujiver get a_ foothold. In the ayatem
           Amite or chi-bnlo
. kidney diaeaae can never get » foothold In the ayatem
tl fortified with I>R. CLARK'S SWEET NITRE TILLS. Sold everywhere at
fifty ccnta a box or mailed direct by \*\$
Ask for
and get satisfaction
A few deors south of CP.R. Disss,
.;    nstee 11.50 to 12-00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hat snd cold wtter In every rtem
Hotel practically  Flrsprtei
All Outside Rooms
SlOTHItKH  lor   their  CHII.I.R8N   WHIM
TBI.TH1N0, with «,B««'8C_J'_,',SC.SE?_,,',u__t
tattle best remedr for DIARRHCBA., It 1st»b-
■mutely harrateas. Be sore and ask foe "Mr*
■wiislow's Soothing eytop "IUd Uke ao other
kind.  Twenty-fire cenu a bottle.
All grocers 2Bc. Ib. Tin
Engineers snd Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines.
; Pumps, nnd Heavy PUis Work
Write os ftr Prices
14 (trsohan Ave., Toronto, Cansds
Send yourRaw
John HallarrT
A Question of Time
Hello, exclaimed an anxious guardian to his iilece, as be entered tbe
parlor aSd saw her on tbe sols ln the
arms ot a swain who had Just popped
the question and sealed it with a
kiss. What ls tho time ot the day
I should say lt was about halt-past
twelve, was the cool reply.
I see you are almost one.
For Burns and Scalds.—Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil will take the fire out
of a burn or scald more rapidly than
any other preparation. It should be
at hand ln every kitchen so that lt
may be available at any time. There
is no preparation required. Just apply the oil to the burn or scald and
the pain will abate and ln a short time
cease altogether.
Entliuslas*-. at musical recital—We
shall hear more ot this young man.
Sufferer—Not to-night, I hope!
Was completely Cured by Less Than
Three Boxes of
Women are very often deceived and
mistaken In regard to kidney disease.
The pains In the back are attributed
to other derangements, and kidney disease Is allowed to run on and on until beyond tho reach of medical
There Is .needless suffering, and
life Itself ls risked, because backacho
Is not recognized as the most marked
symptom of kidney disease.
There ls no treatment which so
quickly relieves and cures kidney
pains la the back as Dr. Chase's Kld-
ney-Llver Pltls. As proof of this
rjad Mrs.  Patterson's letter:—
Mrs. Richard Patterson, Haldlmand,
Gaspe Co., Que., writes: "I will gladly say that I was cured of kidney
trouble by -using Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Fills. When I began using
this medicine I was crippled with sore
back and did not know what was the
trouble. In looking over Dr. Chase's
Almanac I saw br. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills advertised and doclded to
try tbem.
"I had not used two boxes beforo
my back wns all right, and before I
had completed the third box was entirely cured. ■ Tliere lias been no return of the old kidney trouble, and
I therefore believe the curo to be permanent. x
One pill a dose, 25c a box, at all
dealers or Edmonson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto,
Mother (whose daughter Is engaged
to a young farmer)—Don't you find
Bob rather rough?
Daughter (blushing)—Ves, ma. And
yet he says he shaves every day.
Tho teacher was speaking to the juvenile class on thc subject ot morals.
Now, Harry, sho said, what ts our
duty toward our neighbors?
To keep nn eye on 'cm wus thc reply -        	
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
The trust flrod all Its lawyers;
It seems Ihey saw
That It would bo nmcli rlieaprr lo
Obey tho law.
Baby's Own Tablets nre good
for all babies. They are good
tor the newborn babe or the
growing child—tho babe who
suffers from constipation or tho
one whoso teething Is difficult
or who has Indigestion, colic,
worni3 or any of the other babyhood ailments. The Tablets
banish all these troubles—they
aro porfectly safe; being guaranteed by a.government analyst to contain no opiates or
harmful drugs. Sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Zam-Buk b A Sure Core
Mr. Jas. Davey, ot 78G Elllce At-
enue, Winnipeg, says:—"A few months
since I was cured ot a poisoned finger
through the timely use ot Zam-Buk.
"I cut a deep gash' across the
knuckle os the flrst linger ot my right
hand ln opening a lobster can. I
suffered at the time with the soreness
and pain, but had no Idea lt would become a serious wound. However, ln
about two days I was greatly alarmed;
as my whole hand and arm to the elbow became suddenly Inflamed, and
the finger was much discolored, showing signs ot blood-poisoning. The
pain was dreadful and 1 wu forced to
leave off my work and go home.
"The wound on the knuckle had
been poisoned by dust and dirt getting Into lt. I then decided to start
the Zam-Buk treatment, and having
first bathed the cut, I applied the healing balm. It soothed the pain almost Instancy, and by next day there
was a great improvement.
"In a week's time, through perseverance with this wonderful preparation, a complete cure was brought
Zam-Buk ls Just as good for eczema,
ulcers, scalp sores, abscesses, piles,
ringworm, bolls, varicose ulcers, running sores, cold sores, chapped bands,
etc. It draws all poisonous foulness
from a wound or sore and then heals.
Use It, too, for cuts, burns, bruises
and all skin injuries. Zam-Buk Soap
Bhould be us id ln conjunction with tbe
balm for washing wounds and eoro
places. Excellent, too, for baby's
All druggists and stores sell Zam-
Buk at 60c. box and Zam-Buk Soap at
25c. tablet. Post free upon receipt
of price from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
No fewer than 120,142,350 Health
Insurance stanios had been sold up to
September 28tli.
Thc cast, with which corns and
warts cnn bo removed by Holloway's
Corn Curo Is lis strongest recommendation.     It seldom falls.
has blued Btcel
bollor and fire box,
fitted with steam
whistle, safety val-
vo and singlet wick
spirit burner. Polished brass lutings. Almost one
foot high.
'Send us your
namo and address
and we will send
you HO sets of
Christmas and other postcards to sell
at 10 cunts a set
(six beautiful
cards ln each set).
Wheu sold send us
the money, and we
will send you the
engine, all charges
prepaid. Wrlto to
day. Address
Dspt.  137, Toronto.
There nre more than eight million
separato families Hiving ln England.
Regarded ns one of the most potent
compounds over introduced with
which to combat all summer complaints and 'nflammatlon ot the bowels, Dr. J. D Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial has won for Itself a reputation that no other cordial for the purpose can aspire to. For young or
old suffering from these complaints it
is the best medicine that can bo procured ,
Over 900,000 people ln Qreat Britain
are now ln receipt ot old-age pensions.
',   PILLS
We. ■ bos er six boxes ror 12.50,
•t all dealen, or The Dodds Medicine (.emptily, Limited,   Toronto,
An egg laid two hundred years ago,
nnd burled ever since In four foot of
loam, was served recently to the Chin-
eso Oeneral Lan Tien Wei, at a banquet given In his honor at I.oa Angeles, California.	
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured
by local applications, ts they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the car.
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and that Is b. constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is canned by an Inflamed condition of tho n-ucoua lining of the tue-
taohlan Tube. When this auto Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
limit l feet heat ine. and when It Is entirely C-1.H..U, Denlnesa Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearln* will be destroyed for cveri
nine cases out of ten ore caused by Catarrh, whieh ts nothing, but an Inllamed
condition of the mucous surfaces,
WS will sue One Hundred Dollara for
any cseo of Deafness (caused br catarrh)
that cannot bo cured by Hairs Catarrh
Cure.     Send lor circulars, free.
P. „ . CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Dt-ueslste, 76c. ■
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
W. N. U. 925
Mrs. A.—Well, if*t Isn't Mrs. B.!
What a stranger you are! Why, it's
quite five years since I saw you.
Mrs. B.—Yon. Why haven't you
boen to -lie mo?***\
Mrs. A.—Oh, dear, you know how
bad tho wcnth-T's been.
Rich in all the
will make you a'j'f^i :^
More Bread and Better Bread
Should Have Good light for Studying
A poor light strains the eyes, and the injurious effects may
last for life. An oil lamp is best. The light from the Rayo
Lamp is soft and mellow. You can read or work under it
for hours without hurting your eyes.
The RAYO U constructed scientifically.   It Is Ihe
best lamp made—yet Inexpensive awl economical.
The  Tt-xx, _m       I am-.-.     made   of  solid   brass — nickel plated.
*-,t\u.p, Lighted without removing chimney or
shade. Easy to clean and rewick. Made In various
styles and for all purposes.
Dialin Enryathira
OTIS tmrntagi
Often Makes the Staunchest Converts
The man who scoffs at an idea or
doctrine wh'.ch he does not fully understand bas at least the courage to
show where be stands.
Tbe gospel of Health has many con
verts who formerly laughed at tho
Idea that tei and coffee, tor example,
over hurt anvone, Upon looking Into
tho matter seriously, often, at the suggestion of a friend such persons have
found that Postum and a friend's advice have 'mien their salvation.
"My sister was employed ln an eastern city where she had to do calculating," writes a Western girl. "She suffered with eadache until sho was almost intuitu., for duty.
"Iter landlady persuaded her tn quit
coffee and use Postum antl In a few
days she was entirely free trom
headache." (Tea ls Just as Injurious
as coffee because lt contains cuffolne,
thc same drug found In coffee). "Bhe
told her employer about lt, and on trying It, he hail the same experience.
"My fathei and I have both suffered much troii nervous headache since
I can remember, but we scoffed at thc
Idea advnncid by my sister, that coffoe was the cause of our trouble.
"However, we Anally quit coffee and
began using Postum. Father haB had
but one headache now In four years,
due to a severe cold, and I have lost
my headaches and sour stomach
whioh I am now convinced came from
"A cup ot good, hot Postum is satisfying to me when I do not caro to
eat s meal. Circumstances caused
me to locate In a now country and I
feared I would uot be able to get my
favorite drink, Postum, but I was relieved to And that a full supply ls kept
here with a heavy demand for lt."
Name given by Canadian Postum Co.,
Windsor. Ont.
Read "Th? Road to Wollvllle," ln
pkgs.     "There's a reason,"
Ever read the above letter? A
new on* appears from tint* te tlm*.
They ar* genuine, true, and full ef
human Interest.
What the A. B. Seaman Says;
"A sailor's Iif* U bold and free, and llfe
is one grand sweet song—as long as
there's lots of Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fine Display of Jewelry
A. D. Morrison has now the finest
display of goods suitable for Christmas gifts ever brought to Grant!
Forks. He has a great variety of
silverware, flatware, cut glass, dia-<
monds, watches, clocks and other
useful and ornatneiital goods suitable for presents. The seeker after j
pretty, appropriate and inexpensive
gift articles should not fail to visit
Mr. Morrison's Htore.
about 8 per cent. The principal
would be as safe as if it were stowed
away in a bank, ihe interest would
enrich the city's own citizens instead
of foreign money lenders,ami tbe debentures could easily be converted
into cash if occasion should arise,
It is a good scheme.
When the next issue of The Sun
goes to pre. b all the candidates for
municipal honors sbould be known.
It will then be time to review their
Mt.Ht,;!.     i'lOS BATBS I
.... 1.00
,  I.M
Vill, .•■.- all .-..-.-fl,   I nieattona to
Thb Bvekiho Suit,
i>HOsaB7l GSASDPoms, B.C
OnS V«ar   . 	
line *_ear (In sdvant *,) ....
One Year In lit.'te-l *tatea
Doukhobor Commissioner Blake-
more's newspaper wants the Mormons driven out of Vicioria. At
Ihis distance from the provincial
capital, it in difficult to say whether
Mr. Biilkfinore merely wants another investigating erimniissioner-
ship, or if his bostilty toward the
Mormons is prompted by a desire
to get rid of them in order to make
room for more desirable citizens—
the Doukhobors, for instance,
Every Tory paper in Canada pre'
dieted tbat Hon. R. L Borden
would be included in the distribo
tion of New Year's honors by his
majesty. Tbey all agreed that this
would be a gracious way for the
king to endorse Mr. Barden's naval
policy. As tbe premier's name does
not appear in the list of the Canadians honored, it is not a presumptuous conjecture to Bay that his ma
jesty prefers the Liberal policy.
Tbe Nelson city council has inaugurated a system of civio financing worthy of emulation by otber
municipalities. The scheme is to
issue "baby" debentures—debentures of small denominations—and
then disposing of them to her citizens. By this method the interest
money is kept at home. There are
lots of people in every small town
who keep their surplus funds in the
banks at 3 per cent interest, By investing in 6 per cent city debentures
nf their home town at 85 cents the
interest   would   be    equivalent   to
Mr. Blakemore gives but one reason for thinking that tbe Doukhobors should be treated differently
from tbe rest of tbe people in tbe
province, and that is their sincerity
in opposing the law. There never
was a murderer or a forger who was
not sincere in his opposition to the
law, but as far as is known no special regulations have been made because of thiB. The Donkhohor, if he
attends to his own business and
obeys the Isws of Canada, should
not be an undesirable citizen, hut
the Doukhobor who '-sincerely opposes" Ihe Uw and is allowed to do
so because of his 'honesty of purpose" must be dispensed with. If
the government, is to mnke a new
set of regulations fur every mad re
ligious sect which chooses to make
Canada its headquarters, the province would soon become thecsmp
ing ground of every anarchist and
fanatic on the'contineni. Mr. Blakemore wbb told to go out and get a
report, and he did it. Presumably
Mr. Bowser was pleased wilh the re
suit, as it shows tbe result of care
ful coaching. Undoubtedly Mr.
Blakemore will get more commissions to investigate, the high cost of
living and the price of coal in British Columbia. Tbe attorney-general doea not realize tbat he is becoming a public nuisance, menacing tbe
community hy his fine disregard for
either law or morals It is evidently his intention to permit the Doukhobors to continue their tactics of
flouting the flag under whicb they
are afforded every-day protection,
and his scheme for sending a com
mission down every now and then
to repeat the formula that tho gov
ernment means business can only
end in some dire calamity. Left unrestrained, the Doukhobors will become a law unto themselves alone,
and woe betide the other resident-'
af the district. Tbey have nl_i.-a>l v
shor,n themselves to be undrairalilc;
under the Bowser - Blakemore plan
they become an absolute danger.—
Saturday Sunset.
Archibald S. Murray, a .prosper
ons rancher of thi* city, and Miss
Mary Jane Thompson, of Cascade, were married in the Presbyterian church this afternoon, Rev.
M. D, McKee performing the ceremony.
Santa Claus did not forget the
Presbyterian manse in bis rounds at
Christmas time, as the members of
Ihe Ladies' Aid presented Mrs. McKee with a very handsome handbag
of seal with gun-metal finishings,
and some of tbe young man, mostly
from the C.P.R working crews, sent
Mr, and Mrs. McKee a veiy beauti-
tul eight-day clock with their best
wishes. Mr. and Mrs. McKee wish
to extend their hearty thanks to
tbeir friends for tbeir kind remem
The British Columbia Copper
company's directors have declared
the usual quarterly dividend of 15
cents a share.
Holiday*  Presents
Carving sets    1847 Rogers Silverware
Skates    Pocket Knives
Etc., Etc.
Special Gifts
cj*. Supreme Souviner Range
A White Sewing cTWachine
$10.00 Down—$5.00 per Month
The terms of School' Trustees
Cooper, Kerby and McCallum ex
pire this year. The two last-named
gentlemen will probably consent to
enter the race for re-election, but a
new member will bave to be elected
to take tbe (ilace of Mr. Cooper,who
has moved away from the city.
W. A. Williams, local manager of
the Granby smelter, returned to
Granby bay last Friday.
Percy McCallum, who is teaching
school in New Westminister, re
turned to that city today, after visiting with his parents bere during
the holidays.
Owing to Miss Kate Wilson
breaking her contract with the
school board, the new division in the
public school will not be opened till
February 1. The public and high
schools re open on Monday, January 0.
The "«agon" was not over
crowded on thc 1st, possibly owing
to the uncertainly regarding tha
completion of the new waterworks
system. A large number of topers
were evidently afraid of a water
At the Presbyterian church nexi
S-iblialh, January 5 at the close of
tbe morning service, the Sacrament
of Ihe Lord's Supper will be dispensed. Any member of any Evm •
Helical rhurch who sincerely i*is'ie«
to participate in this service will I a
heuatilv welcomed.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper fron
the Granhy company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
lo 526,000 pounds, bringing tbe
total shipped for the year to 22,869,
BOO pounds.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor lo believe that tbey can reneh
ihe consumers of this district with,
out ntlvertisingin The Sun.
There are tots ol honest people in
the world. II you have lost some,
thing perhaps an honorable person
lound it.
Thb is an honest paper and honest
people read it.
Tell them about youi toss in our
Classified Want »d»
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $S to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
Tbe Kodak Dealen
E HAVE secured for our patrons
large stock of Choice Beef,
Mutton, Lamb and Veal. Also Fresh
Salmon, Halibut, Haddies, Kippers and
Oysters. Shamrock 3rand of Hams,
Bacon and Eggs of the very best quality.
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
i*lalma, situ-ite In the orand tforka Mining
Division til Ynle Dlttrlct. __._._.
Where borated: On the Eait Fork of the
North Fork ol Keltle River.
TAKK NOlKKtbat I, Jacob M. Pauinen.
• Free Miner's Crrliflmlti Jin. 8581811, fur
mjrarlf and u aireiit lor Wllllamlll. Iloirinttii,
rxeentor, and Bom Major- e«eotilrlx, of tho
will nt Catherine HoSd-en. Freo Miner •
CertlHcate No. Willi. Intend, eixtr dwa
frnm date hereut. to apply to the Mining
Bet-eider lor» Cn tllcate ot improvements, lor
lhe purpnxe of obtaining crown grants of the
above i-liiiink
And further take notice that action, nutlet
section HI, imtat be commenced before tbe tssu*
ance ol Hitch Certlicaics of lmnrovcmect.
Dated thb ttb day of May. A.D.1912.
jacob m. Paulsen.
; ETC., ETC.
Did you make • mlj-hlt
the time yeu employed the
Dent worry. Then srs
lots of |ood flah In thc sss,
and ■ mra Mt to catch them
l*a Want Ad.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
All Worn Fully Guaranteed
Don't fortiet thnt The Sun him the
hest joh printing department in Ihe
Rounditrv country.
A five million dollar steel plant is
to Im erected in Now South Wales.
Capital is unlimited.
Don't he misled hy false state
nients of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, hecanse it is rend hy more
people than any other psper printed
in the Boundary district.
Electric Restorer for Men
vim and vitality. Premature demy and all twraal
weakness availed at once. Mwepknol will
ake you a new man. Price Me bo__^Mwolor
"    Mailed to any nctdr....  TheSoobeUDrag
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
cf Canada. It is national In all Us
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring tha photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy ls thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs (1C0 per year to any address ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Snaps for the LiveOnes
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
The following are the
returns of
the ore production of the
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 28,384
Mother Lode  7,912
Lone Star	
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 24,165
B.C. CopperCo...14.597
to have»been abolished yean ago.
Ai a remedy he allows men of fami-
When Canada offerttd men to 'y »nd previous good conduot to pay
Britain during the South African tneirfinM on *■*•• instalment plan,
war there was an emergency. Had j A certain weekly payment iB fixed
the Conservative parly been in pow-1 tu be turned into tht court and the
er in Canada at that time money in-1nlttn 8oe» anoul hi8 business. The
stead of men would have been con- advantages of this system are obvi-
ous. The offender ia compelled to
work to keep out of jail, tbe public
doea not bave to support bim during a term of imprisonment, his
family does not become a charge
upon the community, and yet every
time he makes a payment he feels
the sting of the law. Such a method
is surely better than branding a
man with a prison record for some
petty delinquency, as is too often
doue even even in this country.—
Saturday Sunset.
tributed. Judged by tbe Borden
government's naval policy, it ia not
unfair to assume tbat tbat would
have been the way the Itst emergency would have been met. And
yet Britain did aot require money
tben any mora tban ahe doea uow.
Sbe wanted meu from tbe Liberal
government of tbat day and got
them. Sbe wants men now and
will not get tbem—at least from lhe
Borden government. — Victoria
A Kansas City police judge bas
adopted a system of dealing *|th
off duces ior which the penalty is ■•
fine whicb should commend itself to
magistrates on tbis aide of the line,
He does not think it jusl tbat tbe
rich sbould pay tbeir tines and be
allowed tu go, while the poor have
to work out tbeir fines in prison;
tbat, he declares, ia nothing less
than sending a man to jail for a
debt, s practice whiob wat supposed
The Glasgow Herald, a Unionist
and imperialist journal, says: ' 'Far
from relieving tbe burden of tiie
British taxpayer, in one sense tbe
contribution by the Dominion will
impose on Great Britain a fresh burden. It is one thing to build ships
and quite another to man them."
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber does not take hia paper out of
the postoffice, and state the reason for -
its not being taken. .Any neglect to
do no makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrear- j
ages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments ate made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence Of intentional fraud.
Australia has decided to establish
a naval base and shipbuilding plant
at Fitzroy island. Mr. Borden Bays
Canada can not build up an effective
naval organization in fifty years.—
Victoria Times.'
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Uift A$ra«ii f atks Sim
and the Montreal
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasure j;" for
Brittle Street.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe tbat they, can reach
the consumers of tbis district without advertisingin The Sun,
Hot snd Cold Bslhs
Hirst-Class Ber, Pool ,.i
Bead llltard Room        .fj
I. CoeeeclloR. **
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we uae a double process, which takes
out all bad odors, thia oil will give a clear white Light -and laat longer.
In order to advertise thia oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high aod has a large White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will refund your money" cheerfully. We make shipments prompt and pack lamp ao it
cannot be broken. We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so ft out coupon below and send us your order at
Address a   orders to—
Empire Oil Co,,
BOX 2196 Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
Zmt-fSE Bl"
is probably due to uric
acid in the system—the
blood must be purified—
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be unproved.
Thousands testify that
Scoff's Emulsion rids the
system of poisonous acid
by enriching the impoverished blood, and its concentrated nourishment is
converted into red blood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist en
Scott 8. Bonnie, Toronto, Ontario 12-60
Seafaring men on the Firth of Forth
are greatly interested In a whale
about 10 feot long, which has taken
up its quarters ln the upper reaches.
When an approaching ship sounds Its
siren, the whale proceeds down the
Firth, swims round lt and finally precedes lt until Its destination is
Ilie Wires All Carry The
Same Message—"I Want
Youluve got to use soma
kind of salt on the table.
Yon mnst use salt In your
cooking and baking.
Are you using tlte best
It's the little tilings tbat
count It's-Windsor Salt,
that will help you to make
dainty dishes—and flavor
food as it should ba
flavored. WINDSOR
SAX,? is pure and fine and
good. (0
To our silent heroes, little Willie
read from the memorial bronze. Pa,
what are silent heroes?
Married men, said pa.
Tells How She Keeps Het
Health—Happiness Fot
Those Who Take
Her Advice,
Scottvllls, Hkh.-"I want to UU yoo
how much good Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg-
I etableCompound and
] Sanative Wash havo
• done ma. I live ons
Ivaiy hard. I am
I forty-live yean old;
I and am the mother
I ot thirteen children.
IMany people think
jit strange that lam
lnot broken down
I with hard work and
' the care of my tam*
liy, bnt I tell them of my good friend,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and that there will be no backache snd bearing down pains for them if
they* i'I take it as I have. 1 am scarcely
ever without It in the house.
"I will aay also that I think there it
no better medicine to be found for young
girls. My eldest daughter hu taken
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for painful periods and Irregularity, and it has helped her.
*'I am alwaya ready and willing to
speak a good word for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I tell every
one I meet that I owe my health and
happiness to your wonderful medicine."
-Mrs. J. 0. Johnson, Scottville, Mich.,
Lydia E. Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound, made from native roots and herbe,
contains no narcotics or harmful drags,
aad today holds the record of being tb*
most suuueeeful remedy for woman'* IU*
Teacher was telling her class Uttle
stories ln natural history, and ahe ait
ed tf anyoti<< could tell her what a
ground-hog was.
Up went a little hand, waving frenetically.
Well, Carl, you may tell us what
a Bi-ound-hoir ls.
Please ma'am. It's a sausage,
Don't Sub-nlt to Asthma. It you
Buffet without hope ol breaking the
chains which bind you do not put off
another day the purchase ot Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Remedy. A trial will
drive away all doubt as to Us efficiency. The sure relief that comes will
convince you more than anything tbat
can be written. When help ls so
suro, why Buffer? This matchless
remedy Is sold by dealers everywhere.
It was stated recently ln a London
County Court that $500 had been paid
for the goodwill ot a street coffee stall.
Mlnard'e  Liniment Curea Garget In
Sparks—I see that young Noodle
and Miss Sharp have made a match
ot lt. He's got no head at all, but
she's a clever girl.
Griggle—Well, you can't expect a
match to have two heads to lt,
W. N. U. (25
For years Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has ranked as the most
effective preparation manufactured,
and It always maintains its reputation.
Little Boston Black—What's a critic, ma?
Ma—A critic, mah son am one who
leber approves of'anything.
A Stubborn Case of Thia Painful Disease   Cured   After the   Patient
Had Suffered for Years, by a
Few Bottle*, of SANOL
Slowly but surely it has come to be a
recognised faot by both the people of
Canada and the medical profession that
SANOL la the one remedy that may be
relied on in cases of kidney disease, gravel, stones In tho 'bladder, gall-stones,
kidney-stones and all diseases and ailments du« to the presence of urlo acid
In the system. This remedy has great
numbers of cures to Ita credit and its
makers hava received many strong testimonials as to Its powers. One ot these
testimonials was recently received from
a gentleman who resides ln Winnipeg
ana who Is well-known as a most reputable cltlsen. This letter reads In part
aa follows:
"For some years past I had suffered
from tny kidneys. About IB months ago
I had acute Infiamatlon of those organs,
when I was ordered to bed by the medical
man attending roe. I received considerable relief but after a fow months the
trouble started again. It was then that
I decided to try 8ANOL, of which I had
Both rcsd and heard. After taking two
bottles I felt very much better aud my
condition rapidly Improved. When 1 hod
taken the contents of eight bottles, I felt
hotter than I had done for years for my
kidney trouble had entirely left me. It
ls now aoout three months since I finished with the medicine and I am enjoying
the best of health."
The Address of the gentleman who
wroie the above will be given to anv who
may Inquire. The makers of HANOI, aro
able to give a large number of addresses
of people who will glvo to Inquirers similar teattmonv aa to the benefits*they derived from the use of this remedy.
SANOL is manufactured only by tho
LTD., 077 Main Street, Winnipeg. lt
may be purchased by any drug- store or
direct from the makers'at U.C0 per bottle.
Ahout 80,000 lobsters are eaten dally
in Great Britain; most ot them como
from Norway and Nova Scotia.
Should Keep Their Blood Supply
Rich, Red snd Pare.
On every nand you see women nnd
growing girlB in the deadly clutches
of anaemia. Slowly, but surely a
pallor as of death settles on their
cheeks; their eyes grow dull; their
appetlto flckle; their steps languid.
Dally they nro being robbed of all
vitality and brightness. Tho trouble
lf neglected, becomes more acuta until tho eigne of early consumption be-
como apparent. What women and
young girls In this condition need is
now, rich, red blood, and there Is no
other medicine can do thn work of
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills, In making
this now, good blood. These Pills
ninko girls and women wel*» nnd bring
back the charm and brightness of perfect, regular health. Hero Is a bit of
proof. M.'ss I.lllln O'Carroll, Norwood, Ont., Bays;—"About two years
ago my health began to tall. I was
weak, run down and had no ambition
for anything 1 had frequent headaches, would be completely tired out
after tho least exertion, and had little
or no appetlto. A doctor who was
giving mo mcdlclno filially told me he
feared I was going Into consumption,
which, of course mado mc very much
down-hearted. As the medicine I
was taking was not doing mo any
good I decided to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, aud I shall ever teel grateful that I did.so. My Btory may be
summed up ln tho words "nine boxes
of the Pills fully restored my health,
—perhaps saved my life, and I am
now as strong and healthy at any
Every anaemic sufferer can obtain
equally good results through a fair
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Bold
by all medicine dealers or by mall at
EO cents n box or six boxes for $2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.
Brockville, Ont.
A Mildest ot Fort Worth, Texa»,
prides himself en being th* only man
living who possesses a ut ot false
teeth mad* ot cast iron. Plat* and
teeth ar* cast ln one piece and they
weigh nearly five ounce*.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be orocome by
Purely vegetable
—act limy aad
do ttteir duty.
Small PO). Ssull Do,., Small Price.
Genuine must beei Signature*
Whenever yeu teel a headache coming on lake
NA-DRU-CO Headache Waters
They stop headaches promptly and surely, De not contain
opium, morphine, phenaoetln, acetantlld or other dangerous
drugs.  25o, a box at your Druggist's. ut
By an Act signed by twenty-four
Powers, the Permanent Court ot Arbitration at the Hague was established
In 1809.
In Franco 21.24 per cent, of the
population are employed ln agricultural pursuits; In the United Kingdom
the percentage ls C.G8.
We give you a Home Study Course
which will enable you to prepare for
better things by using your spare time.
We teac/i all Commercial branches,
Higher Accounting, Drawing, Illustrating, and fit young people for good
positions at good salaries. Write ut
for particulars and let us know what
position you would like to prepare
for. Do lt now. Address W. H.
Shaw, President, Shaw Correspondence School, Toronto, Canada.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,   with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Canadians atnee 1151—aeeept ne ether*.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Growing youngsters work hard.    They seed
' food that is nourishing—food  that sstisEts  th*
huager and digests easily.   Nothing it better lor
I them   than   Cowsa't   Perleotioa   Coooe.     Ground
I from the fresh Cocoa Beaas, it has ell tbe load value
[ oi pure Coeos.   It builds up the muscles aad makes
i children healthy aad stroag.   1 A cup ol Cowan's
[ mad* with hall or one-third milk it * properly
l balanced food—one that the most delieete stomaoh
"•GmkIiM        ^caa digest. And it is so delicious that it tempts
rLets bwi them sotted. "*** *ppe,i,e *>"** ■" °,lwf 'ood| '*"•
Eccentrlc.tlti  ef BrltUh   Parllamitv
ttriant While Speaking.
Charlet Dilnot,   a  Britlah  ParUa-
It Is a Very Impressive and Meet Wonderful Spectacle.
On* of th* most beautiful aad Inter-
mrtitiry   corretpondent,   hat   bean' ettlng light* to be seen la an ecllps*
living The London Daily Mail a ts'let of th* ann.   It I* qulto a remarkable
ot tkttohei of leading parliamtntar- teat that the sun Is 400 times as broad
law, whioh thow tome point* ol dlt- „ tt, moon and at tht ,amd Ume ta
ftrenoe between Uie real man and the tb(mt m ^ „ fM twtJ   go to
P<^t»^™l_?; nilnot   "Is the na they appear » be the same else.
poSr'lmp'r'eSionol Prtiir JUoialtt A total .clip,* of th. ton 1. a very
Canadians    Have
Every 26 Yeart,
Kaoe suicide, so often pointed to
as a grave peril lor France, ls invis
„,_.,». .._. ...„.v.. ... fl..... ...,-—. - '<Mve us W-000 French-
^n'linMStiVe'^dlgniVe'd'rettoalned  Impressive and wonderful sight, tayt   Canadians   and   we   will   repeople
ttttesmtn, cold 'to the verge ol ioine*.,  Harold W. Clark In Farm and Home.    France." In 1764 the last censut un
As the time of the total eclipse
draws near the darkness Increases.
About ten minutes before totality tbe
darkness can almost be felt   Men'*
i verge o, _„.u=-^
a man impervious to criticism,  and
Indifferent to praise?
i   "Tho picture It all wrong. Mr. At-
quith is one ol  the  most  sensitive
eeutly said:
der French regime showed 55,000
French in Canada. This number hat
doubled every twenty-flve years, sayt
Eugene Rouillard, so that now they
Canada Fraternal Society Mar, Liy.
Down the Reins ef Office.
Probably no man in any Canadian
fraternal organization hu climbed up
the ladder ot offices to tlte very top
at quickly at Mr. Jamet Boxall ot
Lindsay, who but a tew yeara ago
.■tapped down irom tbe exalted poet-
Hon ol Supreme Preeident ol the Bona
el England Society, after having held
It for several terms, to give way to
what he termed "younger blood." Mr.
Boxall, who it at the pretent time
one ot the bnaieat and most prominent butineta men el Lindtay, Ont.,
at one time was an active member ot
SS ^asWirM'toJ   i^Vthe Ho^-See Wmmito a  ZTLT."'Zper'"«S?   ^Tch   •?"«•» a*?00*000*
rank and file of the tamout order. He   xmi-.. .h... t-~m «,. •■_«___, «• .**_•  races  Baow  *  copper coioi.  wmco     a oatemal aoven
joined th* rankt at Port Perry and
was known throughout the oountry-
tide ta a young man ot never-tailing
energy, and he la (till a dynamo tor
buslneei ln the thlie town ot Victoria
County. Mr. Boxall, betidds being a
Sunday tohool superintendent in th*
Methodist Ohuroli tor many years, it
« member ot the Board el Waterworkt
Comminionere, ex-pre-ldent ol the
Lindtay Board ot Trade, and at th*
pretent time one oi the Ave member!
ol the Industrial Oommiaiion of Lindtay. Be ia alto a keen and ardent ..... —- _-. -.-_,—_-.__. ,
politician, and during otmnagine ean revealed not by his thou'.ders but by
always be lound in the thiokeet ol tt*   his  hand*.   He  begins   by   placing
fray. At political gatheringe h* can them palm* down on hit ditpatoh m_lu umf ,_„,_____ „_,_,_, „_.„..„,_.
ehampion the Oontervativs cause with box. He loldi them, only to replaoe. t.,, ,..,. ..,. for tour or fiT,
the best ol.plat.fc.rn .fakers, white  on Uebox. Jhe^ext moment fa. it  ^ ^ „.,_. ^ ^ of
Quebec   Canadlane   Have    Doubled
They Are Proud But Net Hostile t*
the Settler*.
Travelers   have   many   interesting.
tales to tell oi the Indians ol the coun-
ibjy remote In French Canada.   The  try north of Edmonton. Now lhat that!
movince ol   Quebec   so  abounds in  iiMi ^      ^ m luoh ,ut.|
etrSKy.  Indeed, the lite distinguiih.  *• •*ming ta Ior • large tUre ol
«d«oonomist,Mr.LeroyB.auHeu,r«.  P^«jg»W   Blood8(  -.^..m...
and otber tribe* which have roved the
northern plain* ior many generation*
are not what ihe white men of th*
North would designate "bad" Indiani.
That is, they tre susceptible to the]
influences ol civilisation, ar* more,
proud than hostile, and more primitive
mmwm^ =*j_?«"s_e ^ssSS^if^Sfll
••ru,  „.<,. • rae«Ttt, writer »on of the proud Blackfoot   around;
"?i8»7 he G"«nmentr'of the Pre -WWbrid,. A^Wltaig
vlnce of Quebec passed a law grant- je»d>ly have the redmen of taat beau-
ing a piece ol land to every head of a Wu country become absorbed in olvi.|
family that cdlild boaat of twelve or-'^awon!
' ■■•■ — -._...     The northern Indian hat a l:een.
hVtrowns, thrugs his sCoulder.. their songs and go to roost   Flowers
"This shrug ot tho thoulders it a close,  and  an  awful  stillness  retts
faithful signal, indicating the Prime npon all the face of Nature.  The tern-
Minister's embarrassment, lt ls tome- peraturt falls and dew appears.  Then
thing of a writhe, and something ol away to the west we see the shadow
a wriggle.   Whenever he has to an. ot th9 moon coming with almost terrl-
liie ready wit alway* serves him well.
A ttory told of how Mr. Boxall silenced a heckler at Oakwood not long
ago it characteristic ol that gentle,
man's quick wit.  One farmer was con.
Premier ii in difficulties. Looking at the sun, ir* see It wholly
"Mr. Bonar Law's temperament ia  covered by the moon, but surrounded
      by a brilliant light that flashes out all
around It   Tbla Is the corona and Is
seen only during total eclipses.   Th*
i minutes, and  then  the  shadow  of. the
"Mr;"fio"nir'Ya"wVmMdU   never  moon patset os. and we can tee th*
reflected in  his lace.   That   alwayt  *un again,
remoint at  composed  and  nonoom-     If we ebould ever be so fortunate as
mitlal as the expression Ot an expert  to get a chance to* see a
.inn.llv Intemintln* Mr Boxall in Poker player, but when he it po.tess- eclipse we should count ourse
hir.aXl?wff^^^r;taWd«,a° {** by stroVemotion Mr Bonar Law'. lnckPy ,ndeed. It wonla to worth
he wi>uld tell a story (or the benefit ol   hands teem t» contain the nerve. o|  tog „,„, mIle|> t0 ,e.
total solar
fe^^te^feM^J!  W;ft& ta.cip.Ung.tud,
long ago," started the speaker, "when
fodder was scarce and dear, a termer
conceived the idea ot feeding hi. hens
by mixing sawdust in the bran. Soon
lie put a little more sawdust in and a
little lest bran and by-end-bye all
sawdust and no bran, the hent thriving wonderfully
By-and-bye he w
of chickens, and put mother hen on
the eggs. The result was that a fine
brood wat hatched, thirteen in all,
and on examination it was found that
13 ot the chicks had wooden legs,
while one wis a woodpecker." At this
iioint Mr. Boxall stopped, and tha
in the House is Mr. Lloyd-George.
He is imperious, erratic, impatient,
sometimes sparkling in sunshine,
tometimei sullen in shadow. He hat
the smile ol a child, and tho pug.
nacity  ot  a prlieflghtcr.   When  at.
They Held Theaters, Temples, Feasting Hall, and Libraries. *
'Ih* ancient Romans were extrava-
per one thouaand popu.
latlon. French-Canadian families of
eight and ten children are not uncommon. The average size of a laniily
is live children—an average that will
be maintained, one should think, unless alcoholism, whioh is beginning to
plague our race, pervades the rural
The   Fionch-Canadians   have   few
in some eaises where one or the other trepid canoeists^nd it U in tie cspe-
of the parents wss married twice, the tAty of guides and pilot* that they ar*
number oi living children ranged from °< most iservice^to the tacomlM ••*•
18 to 27 children.   Since Uie founds- Hers.   Their fleet cano.s which gild*
tion ol Quebec in 1608 there have f,0 ^ff*'""? 0V41 the«kbJ'0*dm _^Lt„i
been entered upon the parish regis- «'« Athabatka or the ■w««**»»«*J|
ters, up to 1883, a total of 8,900,000 Peaw may find tte^y employment in
births, or 67.36 per one thouaand popu-  « ' tummer time piloting •iP'orer.,
tur-tradera, adventurers, or tettlen t»i
their various destination..
There is one, Captain Shott, al
Scotch half-breed, who gftts the nam*!
of being the most daring aud success-'
fnl pilot on the Athabttka River. He
will only there the honor with hit
son, who is almost equally famoua.
This historical old  character  wt. •
millionaires among them,  but there  >''-*ut8n«lt.  »•  >ho   rebellion   under
-     ■              Loult Rial, having had charg* of th*1
provisions for that leader. '
Old Jack-knife It another historical
are a few.   On the other hand, they
have no poor.  The poor, even in the
great oity of Montreal, are*not French- .,,,,,,_      _   •
Canadians.  Among the smaller' places  «?*"•« up north. Ho also fought underi
'iTA^aw^  ™ hi. «ye«3 and hiV mout^ .antl, fo'nd of bs.bing.  The, got thdr   one town, N.co o    w,U scn-e as an
-iAL°£w_rr_Sft   *iBht«n..   There is   tonicthing * ouri- notions about the bath at a *'™^*?£-3<\li;0Srltir asked him if there
XtK!,        ouely catlike in bis lention.  He ha. from the Greeks, and at one time ther.   ^"i'^'''"^8"?^1™ Hea™ - ^
id nut mother hen on      .          ,_. _.   .        b „„„ „   „q „,„„          „   J»J l^^ally C ^e*'o by troTeler., ., lie,!»., manra
litten long td iighments In  Rome, aome of  wbich   _   „Wo A. neither rich nor poor. ta'e to unfold of the dayi that
nf  nAinif  _r*n_riB ._. .. •    . __.____■*• *  _.»._. s __,_•-    ■""* * ... * ...,,.. ___.»«<• <_»_•«•*#.•■     *r_rv il,',-. A*,*, ha
not one mannerism; he has
dred.   But no one can
Mr. Lloyd-Georgo without being con-
feS  wZosft ctn'cX^t  "SSSTJf'J*
^W^2U^r^1rthe_mo,t 0^^^^ a square mn.
-were the most beautiful and elaborate
Tbe baths of tbe Emperor Diocletian
Riel, and had charge of the ammuni-i
tion.   Jack-knife now lives at Baldl
Hill, seven mile, north of Athabatka)
Landing. He is still much resorted to;
livery one makes a living, and a "com-  new ^one toreyer.  To this" day he hM
iortable living.  Our farmers ire even  a deep respect for the Tedooat*. and
* Tlie question was asked  «»n be frightened like a little child
by a trumped-up  ttory of their ap-
fartner again "butted in'1 with the tar- nrn.vous man on the Treasury Bench and contained, besides Immense bislns
cattic.,remark, "Well, where doee the _perhapt the mott  nervotit  in  the tnd thousaud. of marble receuea, the-
woodpecker   fit   Into   your   ttory? Home of Commons.   A man ol tried tters, temples, balls for feasting, prom-                        -            ,,,.,„
■'WelU'continued Mr. Boxall "I did cour8g, ,nd undoubted resource, he ^ad^ p,PanW ^th ,«„. „brar|es.   ffi„*f""X Sl-tton  o line
not wish o draw the application her. nev„rtheless   possesses   the   nervous J b   ,   "...     „,„ „d ,cadeln,e, for   aiglish-speaking pottions ofthe
to-night, but I am ture that anyone temperament ol the highly imaging         dlaentaton* of th* learned.   The
in this intelligent andienoe will read- tiveF He hat a tritk ol covering hit "* att™ . "* ™ „!?* 1"1„ Ji.1
ily understand my ttory, and will .1- SSoHi with hit hnnd when disturbed, bather, sat on marW. benchM^ below
scI readily underttead wtaiw the wood- ,nd during the ordeal ot  an  impor- tho tnrfac* of tb* water, around tho
pecker le in this audienet."  Needles. tant .peech he frequently .miles in- edge of the basins, ecraptng tbemselvei
to ssy, the story had th* efleot ol voluntarily.   - with the dull  knives of metal and
turning the laugh on the farmer, and.    "Austin Chamberlain it not troubled |Tor, and taking occasional plnngea
silencing him for tha rett ol the even, with   nerves.    Hit   cool,   confident |0t0 tt,e vater.
ing. manner It most disconoerting to an
opponent.    Nothing   ditturbs   him;
f the large families did not have
the tendency to make the people poor,
and lie laughed and said that on the
farms the Urge families wer* a dis-
 farmers in
country" could get no help at all, the
French-Canadians never licked lor
Although tlie furnishing ol the old!
iquaw's log oabln might suggest tha*
something in the line of a new oook
stove would be advantageous, yet her!
utensils show that she he. come in
contact witli civilisation. How necet-!
lary that the needed these prlmitlT*|
'Large l.nnlie. do not appear to in- P«>ple be looked alter a. lhe wWU,
terfere with educational ^pportuni- maa goet to take up a permanent rett-
tie..   In the archdiocese of Montreal  &??*«*!!>• 2°J*»*_» ffl
Dissipated   Romans   would   spend
whole day* In the bath, eeeklng relief
. Made Up His Lett.              ' iiothing can put Wm.out ol hisi stride.  fto     0T-rinda|WI1<.0  ,D   cnUnj  1Ba
Mr,J„ohn_Ro« RoberUon. propria   J.ft^.^^'ftSS? ™" *************   ■«*-»■
drinking the nlgbt before. Everybody,
even tbe emperor, ased the., baths,
which were open to ever, on* wbo
there is a Catholic population o' 473.
000. Roughly, we might say that 400,-
000 ot. these are French-Canadians.
For this population there Is one university, having a normal school and
faculties of aits, medicine, law, etc.
There are eight classical colleges and
781 Catholic schools. And then we
have spoken only for the boys. This
does not count the numerous educational boarding schools and other edu
tor of The Toronto Telegram   haa a Jf, ", deliberate, logical, end, Imper
way of assisting needy cause* that Im- SJsjJSjJ
speaks a sympathetic interett in th* „Ur   UcKonna   should   hav*   th*  chose to p», th* price of admission.
problems ol hit fellowinen.     Bom*. h.ri.t\ knuckle* in the House.   He     n wa* not usual for the old Romant   .__.._„  	
times thi* human* sentiment reacoa* j- make, a speech without bane- ,0 baT0 bltbt lo tbelr bouses, though   eational institutions ior women.   In
^ont«?.D,4 aMe^S JSJrtJpBSUaSnS SS M the, m »P*
*go an office bo, figured a. th* prin- '^a regnlar t.ttoo   Alto when he It  Piled wHh baths of terra cotta.
clpal.  He wat then te the employ ol aJiUt«d he itamm*r«.                   .   j                 	
Mr. Robertson's new.paper, and on "..when *£-  Birrell i. searching lor |        He Hadn't Heard of Stent*..
th. day following tb* failure of th* ,he .■ ni wjr(j ]„ inapl hi. fingers, -   x big policeman wbo walkt a beat
Farmers' Bank remarked to the clt, / _*{.,.. ur> Ramsay MacDonald it
near tb* Greek settlement tn tbe north
editor  that  hit grudge againet th*  Jmpat|ent "he ieemV'to  be  playing Jjjj" a|^a"Ji*j^t» angry"when h* bear*
bank was no light one, for ble patt-      * diac ■■ «■—n.„,i,„,.„„ >
Wealth May •• Wathtd Out ef th*
Road* at Axim, Africa.
Travelers assure us that at Axim, on
the Gold Coast of Africa, gold may Im
ich attitude toward them it te do him-;
tell an incalculable injury. The, ar*j
there to stay—a mighty factor for weal!
or woe in the industrial Ufa ol th*1
north.—Toronto Star Weekly.
A Dud Moose.
President Chamberlin.-of the G.T.R.,,
and some of his friends had an in*,
'..resting time with a "dead" moot*'
in the New Brunswick woodt torn*
time ago. In the hunting part, with;
the president were President Chamberlin, Montreal; Col. A. P. Sherwood, Commissioner oi Dominion
Police, Ottawa, and three capitalists.:
Not one oi these men had ever had
anything "put ever" them beiore, and
the experience with the "dead" moos*
shot b, one of their party was a new
one to them.
It wat a big bull moose, and the
ter, difficult pittaget Irom Beethoven  "    „,,,, Jt Jfe expense, but tber* ar*   Picked up on tb* .treets.   One Briton,  whole bunch galhered around1 the blgj
witn th. finger, ol one hand." , «^   wI„ T0U?b for ,t. truth: naturally, thought of tbl. a. a mere   .nim.    to £W*At<^'.M
book had contained livings ol twenty-live dollan intended lor hit night
school expenset.   Next dty Mr. Rob- .    Elenhant'e
«rtson,whohadli*anlotfli.liioia*nt __,v     ,".f'?nw
indlMctly. walked through th* «lt» .The elephant
Toom and tpled th* dolorout lad Mat. to carry out in
edonabeich.                       t      ,. Q"iret the tervlcet
"So you'r* a bank victim. *hf" ob- » e«t8»bo,ut J"'.   „.^..r- fn, .  potaonr
served the proprietor, kindly. "What Thit tw.to.nt U- •Xflp.Jfc * ""-j dId not- llm replied Innocentl,.
Vt7£r U™.cl,V,Lt*.**A th. i Tvtt one^he pr%ri.tor Sf  Tben b. added, tbougbtfhll, itrok.ng
iJEZJlSi'* " •"■ the circu? dolt not consider the mon-  hi. chin: "Sure. that', th. flrst tlm. I
.•'.Wa weel'.,M •.-.„! ie. .lUrtd nieht ay wasted.   The flrtt process consisU  ever beard of a Greek going up agalntt
•ehiSV in -To'ng ovV the immense body with  anj,b,ng stronger thnn what be ull.
".yon hat I do" the best so.p procurable; 150 pound.   ln b|, 0-,_ coffee housei   I guess I'd
Thi. bott dr.ir forth five Ov*-doll.r of *o*V I. u.«d   and the «l«ph*nt •  bettor look thi. ap and bnlletln all tb.
In ten minutes, according to tbls account, the servant returned wltb twn
galvanized Iron buckets, one filled wltU
rood scrapings and tbo other with water She also brought three or foul
woodeu platters varying In site from
a largo plate to a saucer.
thing happened. The old moos. cam.
to lite like a young volcano, anl
while the proud bunter cut hierogly-,
phics in the air, a preeideut. a vice-
president, a soother of humtn lilt,!
and a protector ol the race did a
Marathon itunt to the neoreit tr**..
It is not recorded who proved to be
Removing several  handful*  if th*  the champion runner, but the moral
k_nT..v!,!«!.!Id them toto th* littl*  •*" are especially carelully atlended  fl    „   t   ^  department   It's an un-   road scrapings nnd placing Ihem lu th*  w*. self-evident to the hunters-neve*
chio'? hand                                         to.                                  ,   .   ,          ■  „ual case."-Kausae City Journal.        largest platter, the woman picked out   lickle a "dead" moos.', nbi if yo.
"&m  tor gooctow. take" h* aaid,     Wtan the toaplng and drying are  mm  ,  .... ,  _,.,,.__„ .......   „■„„.. .,„„ .„ atsv duad.
"be ca ".ml how you «Ieot your ban^  «-Pto«.«Jy ^^ ZlVi*n
*r."-Toronto Slir Weekly. vspeted.. and alUr, t^at, rabiMd ^11
over witli the purost Indian oil until I
Paul Jane*1 Premise.
After tb* great dgbt In wbich John
Paul Jons* In tb. Ronbomm. Richard
made splinter, and .bred* of tb. llritish vessel fterapl. tb* English government geuerouily derided thit. though
vanquished beyond a question, tbe cap
tain of the lost veuel had behaved
and threw aside the largo stones, pebbles nnd bit. of stick nnd loosened tbe
remnludor by sprinkling II with water
from tbe other bucket. Tbls crated
her to remove ftjttbpr refuse.
want him to stay dead.
Something Plain Far Him. the moute-grey skin ]s supple and
Walter (at a fa.hlonabl* London allttening.   Thit la.t flnlihing touch
HtuuSi«-wh.i would th* mil* L to 'rtitthjrt *^*J
ll.- iiw ia uk** whole b»th. at over ♦!» hai to o*
ParmS (on hia flrtt visit to th* -M-nt on th* oil alone.
■mtropoliiF-What It thtl*r . Th* Mlwing Ward.  ...   -  ---  ,,,.,,     „.      ._.„„,,,.   "•" i™«i«™ » i  » » -
^ralt*T-w* have potag* print.nier* A nrojn^ttv* womnn tenant through  wltb becoming braver, and deserved  alio tprlnkled freely with water and by  tloM    Xeohnlc.lly described, it is a
A la Jultonm, fricandeau de v«au av*t fh   .-.pcn-iiefi omission of on* ill   promotion to tb* rank of commodore   a deft circular movement of the plot-   kgti „,,, d|pi0nutlo imtrument at-
froquette* d* pomm** d* Urr*. rl*. SL-JJ*!, ,„„e word of two letter* re-  John Paul Jon** beard of thli promo    ter brought the sniull gravel outward  Jectlug a treaty between Hit Majesty,
Soto d* bo»nf- '  -^ ,„, f0„0W|nB „art||ng ttat*-   tion and It* cause and said. "Well, b,   -where It could be thrust over tho edge.   King Oeorg. IL, »nd the chief of th.
An I •Uniting Document.
Mist Helen Thomson ot Shelbume,
, .„ .....»„ .,. , - Nova Sootia, lut tor lorn* ,e*n been
The residuum wns put luto the next' in poieesiion of an hittoric document
smaller plotter and the process, repeat,  o   great inUru, da ng: back toi the
Thli  Scotia.
the Thornton family for three genera-
Farmer—Gracious! Wall, bring in* a
slat* ol tomethlng that com** nearett
lo rout pork.—London Answert.
Chingsd HI* Tun*.
Counsel for a man  charged  with
■pocket-pleklng   pleided   with   *uoh
celved the following
ment: "Dear llndim-Tou can hav*
tbe flat provided you repaint and redecorate yourneifl"
Th. Retort Courteous.
.r„.     ,  Ilia* Oldwnn-Pv.  refused  man,.
iMrnett and pattatlo eloquenoe aa to   Batiy  offeri of  ninrrloge    «l«yi»,
Georgal    tf I  ever meet that cbap
again I'll mak* blm in admiral.'
Wben this oiterutlnii bnd been repeat* Malolte   and   Micmao   Indians.   Th*
ed three or four timet the stuff, which treat,   wtt   tigned    December 15th.
now looked more like mud than any- 1789.   Thii document la * laciinnls of
thing else. wa. ready for treatment ln tho original.  In^MMf»tlon ol th.
otmaHcrpitite,   Here the .tme c.r- ft "SSgA^ *SSfc?S-ft
..^rirrZtTLIJ^   Z U-Xed people all .rights, adyag.
mov*ta*oonrtdmotttot*ar*. Kv«n  (ihMB,m,n(i„j|f,» v.r,
X^T^MaX^  .»- «—- or Ton.
pote.   Ooumil, h.ppening to jgl.nc*
I'm .ure.—
Ueggetidorfer Blatter.
■Illlard* In India.
ty operaa and drnm.tlr compositions
in India billiard- flourish*. In a rd- '^•^V^MtfSlSrSd im^tm br7uK'i.t""the"'-nni" into",  day. ol Nova Scotl.
nutrk.bl* manner    Ever, native who  menu* number or roc«i ano roncw-ws    .... ,fc« „  «,_,„„ ,h«r. .-. 	
to tii* prisoner'i dlraction, itopned
Abruptly tnd then «xolalroed, "Whr,
th* rtsoal t» uting my handkerobl.ll" j
Called Hit Bluff. hilTtto pwHton'tO plWM MaptUhiif  Pi*** h" *"nost «r«, Un* of *rt
"9* told h*r that h* would gladly a mine for the as* of bl. friend, nnd 	
dl* for h*r." himself.   Nenrl, ill tb* net  • ruler*     That cbarartw I* power It trnt In a
"Th* tarn* old Mull. Did it «aV* hav, Mmti „.„„ )D thei   pgiirM,   mnrb higher »mw than tbat know!
b*No. Sh* told him .h. wceM |tod- ™A mot* •** * ,iW Dl" SS ssstttA stfais powM.-Bn.il*
d* let bl-rv «"■"•• .
Mesirt'i Werk.
Mozart lived thlrt,-stven yean.  His
flrtt mu«a wni composed wben be was _,,.,,__.   in-c.M«,  .,..„,,.-, ... ..,..-„	
lew Mian len yeara of age. *nd the cording  of   further  undotlrabl*  el** J^, ind pt[VjiM»., enjoyed from Ull*
enormem utiintlt, of bit rompoiltloii« inents.                       immemoritl by British lubjoot elM*
w*. ih. work of tb. ww^dlng twn Al last, In tho smallest platter, th. where.
, rnnxWeo testa  Mourt wrott forty-one Slut hnd resolved Itself Into a small Miit  Thornton  haa  presented  th*
! \.™Z£th„Tm\\moa tWIbh* quantity of black sand.  Tbls was care- document to the Nov. Scotl. Historl-
•ympbonle*. flfteen M"«_»W™ **_     ^^ nn(| _<Uei b) th„ oId o( ca, Soctoly. Thi. .ociet, hat min,
circular movements, and at laat n dex. intereiting memorialt  ol   the   early
crescent on Ihe plulter, when there appeared on the outmost edgo a thin      ,„»..,..-...-_.--- ..„„„„,„ m-i,
gold rim. This wns unmistakably gold.   Wale* nnd In Ireland a 'iMme jojiao
In all fishing district, tn England end
igoid nitt.   i m« wi'« uiHoitMiuinui,, xiti,,.,    Wales and lu ircinno a mft-t
The whole opwuiou hnd consumed for «nlmon Is necessary, and in mow
bnlf nn Hour, and Ihe result was about Kngllsb .nd Welsh flvert s uvea*** m
A shllllug'. worth ol gold du.fc also r.nolr*d fw trout
S AJJW  -Ll in
Soap Lake Salt Baths
Given at
Good for Rheumatism, Skin
Diseases, and Many Ailments.   As  Cleansing
as a Turkish Bath
Try One
John Kirkup, late government
agent at Rossland and assessor of this
district, has been appointed government agent at Alberni, Vancouver
island H. 11. Townaend, of Boss-
land, has been appointed to till the
office made vacaut by Mr. Kirkup's
LaBt Wednesday was scheduled as
band night at tbe skating rink, but
the New Year's turkeys evidently
took all the wind out of tbe bandsmen, and they failed to put in an
appearance. It is announced tbat
hereafter (the band will be on deck
every Tuesday night.
Xbe annual ice carnival will be
beld at tbe skating rink some evening between the 16th and 20th intt.
It is said that a burlesque hockey
match will be one of the drawing
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. England, of
Portland, Ore., visited at the home
of Mrs. England's brother, W. J.
Meagher, in this city during the
holidays. Mr. England is interested
in tbe lumber industry in Oregon.
Harvey Mahan returned on Saturday from a visit to Victoria and
other coast cities.
'   F. H. Knight, of Spokan*, was in
the city on Tuesday.
F, J. Hart and J. R. Agar, of
New Westminster, w«r« in the city
on Monday. These gentlemen ar*
the moft extensiva real estate dealers on the coatt. They came here
for the purpose of having a consultation with Peter Veregin.
Every child wbo attends, whether
its parents are members of the society or not, will he given a stocking
filled wilh caudy. It is the motto
nf this society tn care for the children and the sick—those who are
well and strong can take cure t f
Work on the Laurie* mine at
Laurier will he resumed next week,
employing two shifts in the tunnel
and one shift in the shaft. W. A.
Pfeifer, who will have charge of the
work, wns in Spokane the first of
tbe week and conferred with the
owners of the Laurier, with the result that be was directed to 1-eein
work as soon as possible with as
large a force as be can consistently
find room for. Tbe tunnel started
to tap the vein is now in nearly 600
feet, and it is expected that it will
strike the main vein before many
more rounds are fired.—Orient
Hugh Ranahan no doubt has a
fortune in a deposit of a rare material on the Ranahan ranch on the
south side nf Kelly hill, say* the
Orient Journal. It is th* composition nl the hed of a lake which can
be comparatively easily drained. Apparently it is composed mainly of
decayed sea shells, as shells in their,
original form are scattered in abundance through the matter, and other
ingredients, which makes it just the
Take your repairs to Armson's
Knot nnd Shne Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
BEV, (,  ...d-d SAYS
lia. C A. ABBOTT, August si, ,VO-
to Ann St., New Yo. V CI .y.
Dear Sir:  1 havr. known fnr over 40 years 01 tha
(SeeUor-Wtiwi'sKtinxlv twiteon's Prepwatloa
at Hypophos pUtta toil II.cJ-.ettl] in caaeso! pul-
monaiy uou-i.s.    M 1*113 p .ut 1 will uy to yott
what yott have nnt b-fo,e known of: that 4s treats
sioee, whils I wns a resident ol N.Y. City, 1 was
severely ill with lungtrnnlile.   Physicians Mid I was
at consumptive and my family physician told toy wiis
that hs thought I ceold not recover.   My attention
was directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I use.
with splendid effect.  1 have been on my {sst and at
mmketnt since my cure.   Yourstruly,
U. E.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
article to feed to poultry. Wbile
Mr. Ranaham has not yet bad it
analyzed, it is demonstrated from
experience by Orient chichen owners, wbo bave tried it, that it tends
to incrtase th* production of eggs,
and that the fowls readily eat the
stuff, Mr. Ranahan says he has an
unlimited quantity of it, and expect b to place the material on the
market hoth as a chicken feed and
fertilizer under the nam* of 'eggu
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Jan. 3.— The follow
ing are today a opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Granby Consolidated.
B. C.   Copper	
Bid.     Asked
57.00   60.00
0.25     5,75
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, t am. anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any ono who desires itl will send (free
of chai ge) a full description of his
cure. Ynu will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description,1] which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please acMress.Cliarles- A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Citv.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
om,-i_, Rita thet **_t_*PPt
H..N8K..-S RKBIDMCK.R88 ****** MnHH
(1'ublUhed Annually)
Enable" traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with BoglUh
la eaoh olass of poods. Besides being it com.
plete oaiiimetolai guide to London end Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists ot
with the Goods they ship, and the Uoloiiltl
end Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Ports to whieh they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
ol leading Manufacturers, Merohants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and industrial
oentrotof the United Kingdom.
A oopy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20*.
Dealers seeking Agenolet oan advertise
their trade cards ior Ii, or Urger advertisements from £3.
•25, Abohuroh Lane, London, E.C,
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
ft. GALLOWAY. J5, coma P. Q.
E. E, Gibson visitad Phoenix on
If the party who left a diamond
ring at the Imperial Billiard parlor"
some time ago doea nnt redeem the
gitne, it will he wild alter two weeks
in order to recover the money advanced on it.   Allen & Bugbee.
On Dec i, 14,1, Mr. Sager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is very gi,od.'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
-will gladly funnel you any farther
information yuu desire.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ coin
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Metal Quotations
New  York, Jan.    3.—Silver 614;,
London,     Jan.
lead, £16 10s.
!.—Silver,   28i;
Grand Forks Transfer
f HONB 129
Trunks to nnd From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Etnbroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and lloyal
College of Music.
Furniture Made to Order;
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
The  annual' Christmas tree and.
entertainment of the Scandinavian ,
Aid and Fellowship society will he
held in Davie hall Saturday evening. PHONF 64 GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Suits to Order &18 iwu
It We are agents for some of the leading tailoring cstab-
,      lishments in the east.   When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. .We
want your trade, and we t*an give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Billhead** and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circular* arid Placards,
* Bills of   Fare antl Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
_OA_ni\ PDITfiTIMfi—the kin(1  we do—is in   itself
*OUUls riklLlllLnl   »n advertisement, and  a trial
order wil) convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on  vour ordor..
We guarantee satisfaction.
3% fcutt print Stop
Downey's Cigar Store
' Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frt-ih I'oiiitgmnentol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
or Hnntiiff a ■
Kaior Hmtitiir a Sp«flta£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dook Noktm or Uranuy Hotel,
Fihbt Street.
\f ttluwatoil weekly*. lufwt etf*-
\af sotanttflo Journal. Terms for
a year, postage prepaid.   Bold br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Preach regulator: ne»er lelli. Th™
pllli are eicwdlngly powerful In refulattag the
gooeratlToportionoltljelemalemtem. Kefuie
.11 cheap tmltatlona. »».dei We an aold at
IS aim, or three lor 110. Mailed to any addreaa.
TIM SciboU Drug Co., It. Catluur law, Oat.


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