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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 20, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
fl. a Kerman Will Erect
Store  and   Home ifor
Moving Pictures
I. J. Gill started excavation operations ihis morning on H. C. Kerman's lots next to VV. K. C. Manly's
block. Tbe report spread through
tbe city that Mr. Kerman had let a
contract for a two storey brick building, 60x100. Mr. Kerman, on being seen by The Sun, stated that
it was his intention to erect a one-
storey brick block, which would be
used for store purposes and as a
moving picture theatre. Tbere will
be a basement under the entire
building. After be had let the contract for the excavation of the basement, he said, the lessee of the
theatre threw np his lease, and tbis
might delay operations somewhat, but he expressed the belief that the building would.be com
pleted thiB fall.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thertnom
eteron Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  81 46
Saturday  70 43
Sundiy  70 33
Monday  71 32
Tuesday '..  7B 39
Wednesday  72 40
Thursday  BO 37
Ranfall during week, 0.00 inches.
Pushing Work on Power Line
Work is being rushed on the
power line being built by the North
Washington Power and Reduction
company from Republic to Dan
ville, to connect with the line of the
West Kootenay Power & Light company, says the Republic News-
Miner. Thie is a high tension, three-
wire circuit line.
Pleasure in Work
It it not the opportunity to do
just what we like that makes life
successful, hut the resolute will to
like what we have to do and get out
of it the best that is possible. There
have been wondrously beautiful
lives made out of seemingly poor
material; they are being made all
the time and all around us. The
good fortune of being able to do as
we please is as nothing compared lo
being able to Hnd pleasure in what
we have to do.
This is not all, for the apple prevents indigestion and throat diseases.
Apples for Insomnia
People ought to know tbat the
very best thing they can do is to eat
an apple just before retiring for the
night. Persons uninitiated in the
mysteries of the fruit ore liable to
throw up tbeir hands in horror at
the visions of dyspepsia which such
a suggestion may summon up, but
no harm can come even to a delicate
system hy the eating of ripe and |
juicy apples before going to bed.
The apple is excellent brain food,
because it has more phosphoric acid
in easily digested shape than any
other fruit. It excites the liver, promotes sound and healthy sleep and
thoroughly  disinfects  the mouth.
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Oranby emelter, returned on Saturday
from Hidden Creek, where he has
been for a couple of months superintending construction work on. the
Oranby s new smelter. He will return horth today or tomorrow.  .
J. R, Jackson, M.P.P., and Miss
Jackson, Arthur Roberts, Midway;
Duncan Mcintosh, Robert Wilson,
Greenwood; T, S. Larsen.Rock Creek,
and Jas. Dale, Bridesville, attended
the annual re-union of the old-timers
in this city on Monday.
Mrs. 8. J. Miller and daughter
Conny returned from Vancouver the
laier part of last week. Mrs. Miller
lias been spending a couple of months
in that city for medical treatment.
O B. Smith, superintendent of the
Grauby mine* at Phoenix, arrived in
the city yesterday from Hidden
Creek, He went ud to Phoenix today.
Misses Bernice aud Madge Bradley
have returned to their home in Danville from a summer'*- visit to Illinois
and other middle west states.
E. E. Gibson, of the West Koote
nay Power & Light company, made a
trip of inspection to the various
Boundary towns this week.
J. C. Stutz, a mining man of Dan
ville,  has gone to Nelson, where he
will   act   as   foreman for the British
Columbia Copper company.
W. A, Johnson, of Vancouver,
grand master of the I.O.O.F. in British Columbia, visited the local lodge
the latter part of last week.
C. H. Niles, manager of the local
branch of thc Candian Bank os Commerce, returned on Tuesday from a
business trip to Calgary.
D. A. McBride, of Bridesville, one
of the oldest pioneers in the Bound
ary, atlended the pioneers's convention here un Monday.
J. A. Lawson, who has spent the
summer at Danville with his son, A
J. Lawson, has returned to his home
in St. Louis.
W. R. Dewdney, government agent
at Greenwood, attended the pioneers'
convention iu this city Monday evening.
W. H. M. May, of Nelson, school
inspector fur this district, visited, the
Orand Forks schools on Tuesday,
Jimmy McDougail left ou Tuesday
for Greenwood, where he will remain
uutil he grows tired of the town.
John Kirknp, of Rossland, government assessor jor this district, arrived in the city on Tuesday.
Albert Biuer, manager of the Phoenix brewery, visited his parents at the
Hotol Colin un Tuesday.
I. A. Dinsmore, of Greenwood,
chief constable for this district, was
in the city on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bradley, of
Danville, have returned home from a
trip to New York.
OlafjLofritad, the Argo tunnel man
of Greenwood, was in the city on
O. W. Averill has returned from
Alaska, where be has beeu for over a
Bob Yuill, the pioneer prospector
of Phoenix, visited thu cily on Tues
Neil McCallum made a business
trip to Greenwood on Monday.
Thomas Hardy, of Mialaiv, was iu
the city on Sunday.
In London Town
Regular Customer—I shall want
a large quantity of Mowers from ynu
next week for my daughter's coming
Flower Woman—Yes, mum. Vnn
shall 'ave the very best for 'er, pore
dear. Wot were she put in for?
Packing House is Now tbe
Busiest Place in the
The packing house of the Grand
Forks Fruit Growers' association is
the busiest place in the valley these
days. Tbe building is so crowded
witb fruit and workmen that it is
difficult for a sightseer to gain admittance. From now until tbe end
of the shipping season there will be
very little loafing done around that
building. Four carloads of fruit
were shipped this week.
The annual reunion of theOkana-
gan and Kettle River Pioneers' society was held in tbe Davis hall, in
this city, on Monday evening. The
attendane was larger than has been
present at these reunions for a number of years past. Some new mem
bers were admitted. After the business meeting an elaborate banquet
was Berved in the hall. Speeches,
vocal and instrumental music, dnd
reminiscences of pioneer days took
up the time until midnight, when
the gathering dispersed. The next
reunion will be held at Rock Creek.
On the Sun ranch there is a new
berry now in a healthy condition.
It is called a Himalaya berry, and
was imported from Michigan by tbe
owner. It resembles a blackberry,
and is of excellent flavor. The
canes, or vines, are hardy and prolific bearers. One of its strong recommendations is, tbat it lengthens
the berry season a couple of months.
It commences to ripen at the end of
tbe raspberry season, and remains
in season until late in tbe fall. It
will undoubtedly grow in popularity
as it becomes better known.
Tbe macadamizing of a mile and
a half of tbe wagon near Tom Powers'ranch was completed tbis afternoon, the men finishing the work at
the Great Northern crossing. Tbis
piece ot permanent road building
has been carried on under the fore-
manship of Ed Ruckle. Tbe highway is a credit to the valley.
The piles of concrete blocks near
Dr. Kingston's residence would look
a great better if they were converted
into a nice, up-to-date hospital.
The chances are that if construction
on such.a building should be started tomorrow, it would be needed
wben it is completed, in view of Ihe
fact tbat the city is now a railway
divis onal point.
operation for blood poisoning, contracted about six months ago by being accidentally bit in tbe lace by a
brass shell.
The latest fad for preventing baldness is to eschew headgear in and
out of doors. Buying theatre seats
a dozen row* removed from the
stage is said to have tbe same effect.
The school trustees will meet in
the high school building at 8 o'clock
Saturday evening, September 21,
for the purpose of awarding the contract for tbe construction of a $17,-
000 addition to tbe public school
A sitting of tbe Doukhobor commission will be held in the new
court house next Monday afternoon
at 2 o'clock. Counsel bas been secured for tbe citizens. The commission bas consented to allow the committee representing the citizens to
bring in a report or resolution cov
ering their side of tbe case. Tbe
committee hopes tbat all tbe citizens who can possibly do su will attend tbe iuquiry.
Owing to the presence of considerable silica in the ore and the inefficiency of the Greenwood smelter to
treat tbe same, tbe Lone Star mine
at Danville bas closed down indefinitely. When a concentrator can be
built at Boundary to treat the ore
successfully, operations at the mine
will be resumed.
Hugh Glaspell, principal of the
public school, has taken tbe initiatory steps in tbe formation of a
cadet corps in connection witb the
school. Parents desiring to have
their children join tbe corps, should
notify Mr. Glaspell to that effect at
Born—In Eholt, on September
15, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Uo.wans, a
Jordvn the barber returned home
this evening from a month's vacation trip. The tin cans tbat had
been saved up for his reception
had to be returned to tbe back alleys hefore being called into service.
It was a false alarm.
J. D. Robert was fined $300 in
Rossland this week for keeping the
bar in his botel open on Sunday.
Borrowing  money
paying it a nightmare.
a dream;
The Overseas club will meet in
the Davis hall next Monday evening
at 8 o'clock.
Provincial Treasurer Hands
C.P.R. a Cheque for
$1,109,000    '
Victoria, Sept. 17.—A cheque
for $1,109,000 was handed by the
provincial treasurer yesterday to J.
S. Dennis, of the Canadian Pacific
railway, in payment for land grants
made to the British Columbia Southern and the Columbia & Western
railways, and the lands become once
more the property of the province.
Tbe lands comprise 2,550,000 acres
granted to tbe British Columbia
Southern, and 1,225,000 acres to tbe
Columbia & western. The price paid
is 45 cents per acre, which would
make $1,510,000, but against this
the province had a credit of $401,-
000 paid aB interest on lands on the
Shuswap & Okanagan railway, part
of the bargain embodied in the legislation of the last session being that
the Canadian Pacific should refund
this amount.
The Columbia & Western lands
are resumed subject to F. Augustus
Heinze's ownership of an undivided
half interest in 580,000 acres.
Heinze, during his visit here last
week, suggested that the government should buy his half interest
from hi'ii, and the government is
supposed to be not altogether unfavorable to the idea, but no price
was fixed, in fact the matter did
not go beyond the suggestion.
The big Spokane Interstate fair
opens a week from next Monday.
The ranchers of the valley are now
very busy digging potatoes During the wecft three carloads have
been sold, two by the Big Y Orchard
company and one by Tom Lawrence.
The Kettle valley orchardists
have finished picking their plum
It looks now as the cement sidewalk on Bridge street would be completed in the conrse of" n week.
Galipeau it Co. are making rapid
progress with the work.
Fred Honey has been released
from the Cottage hospital, having
recovered from the effects of a third
Special Meeting Grand Forks
Produce Association
A special meeting of tbe members
of the (irand Forks Produce association is called fnr Saturday, September 21, at 8 p in., in the Miners'
Union hall. The adoption of regit
lations and bylaws, governing the
association, will eome up for consideration. All members are requested
tn attend.
The Liberal Policy
"Larger markets for theCanadian
fanner." That was lhe central theme
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's speech at St,
Clef on Saturday, That is the Liberal policy as declared by the leader
of the party and cordially endorsed
by every one true In Liberal principles.
Uses for Useless Metals
An immense fortune, accordine
to economic geologists, awaits tbe
man who can invent a use for tellurium. This mineral is one of the
by-products of copper refineries and
of plants working up gold telluride
ores. At present it is all thrown
away, as it is absolutely no good to
anybody. Only a few years ago
tungsten was in very much the same
position as tellurium is nbw. Then
it was found to be highly useful in
the manufacture of incandescent
lamps and tool steel, till today it
would seem probable that with a
cheaper supply it will become one of
our most important minor metals.
Selenium is another substance wbich
has just come into its own. Up to a.
year ago no commercially important use for slenium was known, although for some three or four years
it was one of tho ingredient* enter
ing into a secret process in tlie glass
induslry. lt is now well known
aiming scientists that selenium is an
agent in coloring glass red, and in
decolorizing glass by the use nf
small amounts lo neutralize the
green of ferrous iron. A French
scientist has also utilized it in an
invention by which pictures may lie
transmitted by wire. Like tellurium, selenium is a by-product derived from the refining of copper.
Apparently about twenty tons a year
are now utilized.
Copper Shipments
Shipments nf blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 340,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 15,629,-
500 pounds.
America's Most Popular Writer
More thau two hundred American
papers, with a combined circulation of
over 10,000,000 print dally the 'Une-
lcss Rhymes' of Walt Mason, so that
he. without, doubt, haB the largest
reading public of any writer in the
So rays the American Magazine, and
quotou ihis an a .sample of the most
popular reading In the U.S.A. In
llneless rhymes Mr. Mason tolls of
a conversation between Charles I.
and the headman on the scaffold:—
I'lmrleB tho First, with stately
walk, made the journey to the block.
As he paced the street, along, silence
fell upon Ihe throng; from that
throng there burst a sigh, for a king
was come to die!
Charles upon the scaffold stood. In
his veins no craven blood; calm, serene, he \ lewed the crowd, while the
headman .t$._d aloud:—
Cheer up Charlie! Smile and sing!
Death's a most delightful thing! 1 will
cure vour hacking cough when I chop
your headpiece off! Headache, toothache—they're a bore. You will
never have them more! Cheer up
Charlie, dance and yell! Here's the
axe and all is well!
1, though but a humble dub, represent the Sunshine Club, and our mot-
U is worth while: "Do not worry-
sing end smile!"
Therefore let us both be gay, as we
do our stunt today; I to swing the
shlnlrg axe. you to take a few swift
I.tuiiptydoodle, lumpty-dlng, do not
worry, smile and sing!
Cutting Red Tape
In his youth the late Sir William S.
Gilbert, the dramatist, was employed in ono ol the Government offices
In London. On his first appearance
there he noticed that one of the senior clerks was trying to do his work
while toppling about ln a chair from
which one castor was missing.
The clerk, who found the situation
■iinoving, vented his vexation freely.
Why don't you have the chair
■ne-ided?  asked  young Gilbert?
The department will mend broken
chairs, but the loss of a castor doesn't come within the regulations, explained the clerk. Unless the chair-
leg is broken they won't undertake
Then you have your own remedy,
said Gilbert, mildly.
Foe a moment (lie elder man looked
hard at the promising young recruit
hut "aid nothing at the time. Al
five o'clock, as hip colleagues began to
file out of tlie office Ihey saw him
selzo the polcer and. with one blow
smash the chair-leg. The next
morning he hud a new chulr.
No so Dusty
'Twas nol the month of March, but
all the same 'twas gusty and dusty—
uncomfortably gusty and dusty, in
Particles of ihe earth in lhe form
of grit filled one's eyes, ears, nose and
mouth, and Bcraps of Tory newspapers chased shreds of Liberal publications wilh horrid glee, and wilh
I.uimur leaflets at their heels,
Mrs. Frigid, alter much struggling
ngalnst lhe bluster, al length reached
her destination—the grocer's shop.
Ves ma'am? beamed Sandem, hastening forward and pawing the counter with eager anticipation.
A pound of tea—and quickly! came
Hie tart retort.
Yes'm. Certainly. Very dusty
to-day, Isn't It?
Sadly Mrs. Frigid turned her eyes
from the scales.
lt always Is, she retorted bitterly.
And the wind shrieked its applause.
Skin All Covered
With Eruption
Tried Many Remedies 3 or 4 Yeur*.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured.
A Quebec man, N, ITrnrl Tardif, of St.
U'imir, wi ilea in u letter duted Mar. lil ,1011:
"I bad a very had skin, ull covered with
eruption, eight years ago. I bave had all of
Imih my shoulders covered wilh it, and tbo
high part of my arms, and my face, hut It
t*. us the wont on my nhoulders. I tried many
different remedies to cure it, but nothing was
•ny good. At last I went to au apothecary,
lie asked mc If X had over used Cuticura
Hoap and Ointment. I told him no, and I
bought a box of Cuticura Ointment and a
take of Cuticura Soap, X used three boxes
nf Cuticura Ointment, but I am glad of
Ihe same, for Cuticura Soap and Ointment
completely cured me of my skin eruption.
I spread the Cuticura Ointment on all tny
aore part**, and I think that In washing my
face with tbe Cuticura Soap, it hindered my
eruption from iicliiiij, and burning, I tried
mnny remedies during three or four years
but Cuticura Snap and Ointment cured me."
(StStWJ) N. Henri Tardif.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold
throughout thc world, but to those who
bave suffered much, lost hope and are without fa th it any treatment, a liberal sample
of each with a 82>p, booklet on the skin
and scalp will be mailed free, on application.
Address Potter Drug & Chcm. Corp., M
Columbus Ave,, Boston, V. 8. A.
s-     :
vV. N. U. 910
Cramrhlng down Ill-chosen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, wilh all It means In
Proper  habits  of  eating,
wilh  a   Na-Dru-Co  Dyspepsia Tablet  after each
meal, restore good digestion, health and happiness,
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia  Tablet!  oosts  but
50c.  at yeur  Druggist's.
National Drug and Chem-
!   loalCo.ol Canada, Limited.
L                           ue
.. .
Experienced  Cruiser  Describes  Split
Lake Conditions
Interesting observations with regard
to the timber ot the Hudson Bay Region (the southern part of the old
district of Keewatln) are found In the
1911 report of the Director of Forestry, published as part ef the Annual
Report of the Department of the interior for 1911.
Mr. J. T. G. Whyte, an Experienced timber cruiser and fire ranger
(who has since been drowned while
in discharge of his duty) reports on
the conditions of the forest around
Split Lake on an area of about 2400
square miles. This whole territory
was originally covered with forest
The Islands In Split Lake still bear
Spruce, Tamarack and Jnck Pine,
large enough for railway ties, poles
and Iunber.
All the rest of the country has been
burned over at least once within the
past forty or 11 fly yeurs, and the limber which dates from the last Ore,
rarely exceeds three or four inches
in diameter. The shores of Split
Lake have been burned over, on an
average once every season. Fortunately In this district thc soil ls
usually de.aap, and can always support
another crop of trees. The presence
of merchantable forests in protected
situations proves that the young forest now started will become sufficiently valuable to support sawmill and
pulp Industrie: and supply a large
population, If It can be protected from
fire. Very little of Ihe land traversed by Mr. Whyte Is suitable for
Mr. J. T. Blackford, nre ranger at
Oxford House, leporls similar condl
tion.- on about MOO square miles of
territory In that region.
Settling a Dispute
1 must insist, sir, exclaimed the
pompous person, lhat the device Is
a fireplug.
And 1 am equally confident that it
is a water-plug, retorted the mild In-
Now, my dear sir, puffed the pompous person, this device was put here
primarily as a plug on which to attach a hose ln case of fire in the vicinity. Therefore it is absolutely
Impossible that it can be anything
but a lire-plug.
You are entirely wrong, declared
the other. This plug was placed here
to supply water. Consequently It is
a water plug. If It supplied fire-
why, then of couise, It would be a
The pompous person stopped a pass
Ing pedestrian.
Sir. he began, I desire to appeal to
your Intelligence. This gentleman
has become Involved In an argument
with me. He Insists that Ihis device Is a water-plug, while I, with
equal cunlldence. cluim lhat It Is a
fire-plug. WIN you kindly settle the
question for us?
Certainly, replied lhe pedestrian.
You say this Is a fireplug, und your
friend declares It ls a water-plug,
Just let me investigate.
He looked carefully at lhe plug and
rapped It gently with his cane.
I greatly I'enr you are both wrong,
he finally remarked. This appears
lo be an iron plug.
The Song of the Sea
There ls a lullaby sweeter than all—
Sweeter, far sweeter, than any to me.
Morphea.,  calling  his  flock,   we   uiti
Drowiii'y. slreplly Inlo the fold—
Tl. tho Song of the Sea.
Pew can there be who are mute lo its
List  unresponsive;   if  conscience  Is
People and  things all  unconsciously
Merged ln the web   of   a   beautiful
By the Song of the Sea.
There Is a lullaby sweeter than all-
Sweeter, fai sweeter, than any to me:
Luring, enticing the weary to peep
Into a region of quiet aud sleep—
'Tin the Song of the Sea.
Heckler (lo orator)—HI! guv'nor.
("o your support early closing?
Orator—Certainly I do, iny friend.
I  .Heckler—Then shut up.
Razor* of Centuries Ago
We wear things and use things
dally, ot the origin of which we have
not the slightest Idea, and were we
to be asked concerning their history
we would be at a loss to answer.
This was Illustrated when two
young men well but quietly dressed,
were admiring a well-known picture
of life ln the time of Julius Caesar
which was exhibited ln a shop window.
One of the men remarked, while looking, at the picture, that he wondered
how the Romans kept their faces
smooth, and whether they ever shaved; and If they shaved, what were
their razors like? Neither of tbe
men could answer the question, and
so they Immediately consulted various authorities on the subject and
found to their surprise, that razors
were used tor shaving in a very early
part K the world's history.
.The Egyptian!: used some kind of
a razor, though the Levltlcnl code
expressly forbade the shaving of the
beard, it la believed the primitive
shaving instruments were made of
sharpened flints. Savages ln the
remote Islands scattered throughput
the Pacific, still use two pieces of
flint of the same size for this purpose
and pieces of shells or shark's teeth
are also used.
Minard's I.tniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—In June, '98, 1 had my
hand and wrist bitten ahd badly mangled by a vicious horse. 1 suffered
greatly for several days and the
tooth cuts refused to heal until your
agent, gave me a bottle of MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which I began using.
The effect was magical; in five hours
the pain had ceased and In two weeks
the wounds bad completely healed and
my hand a'ul arm were as well as
Yours truly,
A. B    ROY,
Carriage Maker.
St.  Antoine, P.Q.
Threshing With Oxen
The methods and implements of agriculture In Cyprus are still somewhat
primitive, and the light wooden
plough, drawn by oxen, merely turns
up Ihe soil a few Inches. Steam
ploughs, self-binders,, etc., are unknown here hut every effort Is being
made by the Agriculture! Department
to Induce the peasantry to adopt more
scientific methods and modern implements. ^
Ploughing commences in January,
after the winter rains, and about
March or April tlie field is cross
ploughed. Sowing begins, as u rule,
after the autumn rains, and thc harvest takes place at Ihe end of May,
June, July, and August. The grain
is threshed out in a peculiar manner.
It Is placed on the threshing floor,
and threshed out by means of a yoke
of oxen, attached to a board studded
wilh flints, on which sits the driver
and the combined weight of the driver
and the roughness or the flints breaks
the grain. The straw, which is
much broken in Ihis process, Is mixed
with chaff, and used as fodder.
Ready-made Medicine.—You need
no physician tor ordinary ills wheu
you have at hand a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Kclectrlc Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it Is Invaluable for scalds; burns,
bruises, sprains lt is unsurpassed,
while for cuts, sores, ulcers nnd the
like it Is an unquestionable healer.
II needs no testimonial other than
the use, and that will satisfy anyone
as to its effectiveness.
C.eorge—She sings nicely, doesn't
Tom—Oh yes. when she sings they
have 10 close the windowr.
Oeorge—My goodness!  What for?
Tom—Her voice Is so sweet it
draws the flies.
McAi.drews (tiie chemist al 2 a.
m.i—Two penn'orth of bicarbonate of
soda for the wife's Indigestion at Ihis
time of night, when a glass of hot
water does jusl us well—
Sandy (husllly)— Wecl, weel!
Thanks for lhe advice. I'll no bother ye, after all.      Good nlcht!
Minard't Liniment Curet Colds, Etc.
Practical Advice
Mr. Lovelor was one of those people who en  evi ry possible occasion
consulted    his    solicitor.        Nothing
! pleased him more than lo go lo law.
The lawyers regarded him as an.ln-
I valuable asset.
• I have ber ii grossly Instilled! he exclaimed, rushing Into the office of his
solicitor for the seventh time In three
In what way, asked the solicitor,
somewhat wearily
My next-.'loor neighbor has declared
he will pull my uose next time he
meet,- me. What shall 1 do about
Well, said the former, as lf he had
given the case due deliberation, I
should soap It, then It will Blip
through his fingers. Good day! My
bill will follow In due course.
Good Crops
Clinton Motor Trucks
to Market Them With
Looks a Good Combination to Assure Good
Feeling in Wesern Canada.
Clinton Delivery Cars areasUsefl
to the Busy Farmer as to the Town
or Village Storekeeper.
Let Us ISend You Catalo.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Winnipeg Oflice:---507 Sargent Ave.
STERNS    &    BURTON,    Saskatoon
Solo   Agents   for     Saskatchewan
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts tn tbe capacity of
and we shall be glad to forward copy ot    our    Booklet    "Somethlaj
rbout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies," on request.
TO submit la a headache Is lo waste energy, time and comfort.
To slop II at once simply uke
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggist will confirm our statement lhat Ihey do not contain
anything that can harm heart or nervous system.    25c. a box.
The Winnipeg Mineral Springe .Sanitarium, Elmwood, Winnipeg
Wc have -rici -.hli iiiua-li Bucaesa Blnce tbe openlnj of run- Hunltai'lum, In
th( treatment if Iha ftllowltlg dlscnsoa:—Stomaoh, kldne> and liver troubles,
rheumatism   In   severe    forms:   constipation,    nervous    troubles,    catarrhal
conditions, skin diseases and obesity.
•I'he Winnipeg Mineral Springs Kuiiltiirlum system comprises all kinds ol
nilnernl baths,   claolrto Unlit baths, elootrlolty, X-ltay. nud maHimg-e.
■ M, a,?--,  Send -i postal for laaankiat aaiial terms, etc., to
DR.    A.  O. CARSCALLEN, Superintendent.
One of the girls at an examination Cabby (observing fare looking ut
In grammar In Mnynooth School, j |,|8 01<J horso)—Ono of the old sort, he
when asked why the noun 'bachelor , ,„ «„„,,,„ ,.,,, ,,„,. ,.,„_.„ _,_ ,„ u
was singular, blushlngly anawered:- "an> 8 ""' lh*,e' aforo he ,ook
Because II Is very singular they don't ! l0 caubln e s bin over the slicks,
git mnrricd. 11 warrant
She WOBI up to lhe head of the l'*nro—Quite believe It. He's over
cla?". ' I four pretty crnokod ones now.
Soft corns lire difficult to eradicate,
but Holloway's Corn Cure Will draw
them out painlessly.
She's aB pretty as a picture, said
lhe young man.
Yea. replied the young woman, with
n glanca. at her rival's complexion, and
hr-ud-palnted, too.
Yankee (boasting of American heal)
—It's so hot It burns the wings off the
Pat—That's nothing to Ireland. We
ha,-e to feed hens on Ice-cream to
keep them from laying boiled eggs.
The worried mother wakes up to hear her baby's beery breathing—I little
cough—perhaps the croup or whooping cough. She does not went to send for the
doctor when perhaps the trouble does not amount to much. Finally she thinks of
that medioal book her father (ave ber, The Common Sense Medioal Adviser, by
R, V. Pieroe, M, D." She says "just the thiol to find out what is the matter with
the little dear,'* Two million households in this country own one —end it's to
be had for only 31c. in stamps—1,000 pedes in splendid elath binding. A good
family adviser in any emergency. It is (or tllktr ttx. Tbis is what many women
write Dr. Pierce—in respect to bis " Favorite Prescription," a remedy whicb has
made thousands of melancholy end miserable women cheerful and happy, by curing
the painful womanly diseases which undermine a woman's health and strength.
"My desire Is tn write a few lines to let vou know » ha'
vour valuable medicine lias done for me," writes Mils.
Makoarkt Ki.f-B-.rt, of K.I S. I'.cntalon Street, lia Iti morn,
Md. "Before the slorrk came to our house 1 was a very sick
woman. 1 wrote you for advice which was kindly given and
which made me a different woman In a short time. A Her
taking the first bottle of 'Favorite Prescription' I began
Improving sn that I hardly knew I was In such a condition.
I did my own housework—washing and Ironing, cooklnr,
sewing, and the worst of all nursed three children who had
whooping cough. I hardlv knew of tho advent ten minutes
liefore—so easy was It. The baby Is as fnt as a butter-ball.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription ts tho best medicine for
anv woman to take when In this condition, 1 recommend 11
Mas. ...'bsrt ano Bias,  to all my friends."
f*\      r*
PxW&C^rJ'' J
Dr. O. Gordon Hewitt, Demi nlon Entomologist, says,
referring to the Infantile death rate
from intestinal diseases and diarrhoea
spread by the house fly, he believes
that the so-called harmless flyis yearly
causing the death of thousands of
infants, as well at spreading the
germs of typhoid fever.
are the best thing to rid your house
of these dangerous peats.
^ll.i-*." or wriaeld
. an.B.I.KENDUAt
Gentle and Sure
You, also, should give approval to this efficient family
remedy-T-your bowels will be
regulated so surely and safely;
your liver stimulated; your
digestion   so   improved  by
Sold enfFwbw,
la boier. XSe
A few doora south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
-Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooma
Ivory from Milk
One of the latest discoveries ot the
ayn'hctlc chemists Is how to make
lvo.*y out of nothing- more wonderful
than cow's milk—and "ery good Ivory
at that, according to all accounts.
The original Idea wua tn use the new
Ivory tor piano and organ keys because 11 preserves its original color
Indefinitely, whereas the genuine article I urns yellow after a lime.
But It haa been found that the new
product Ib not only nn efficient sub-
s'.ltute for Ivory, but can easily be
prepared uo as to take the place of
amber, horn, coral, celluloid, and auch
like producte, and. It Ib claimed, can
hardly be distinguished from them.
It Is ln Its position as a substitute
for Ivory that the new material has
caused moBt surprise, however, because It has the appearance ot being
another Instance of Improving upon
Nature. The new Ivory takes a very
high and lasting polish, and will
probably not lack a commercial Held
for Itself, as natural Ivory continues
tc grew scarcer and dearer year by
The good widow was about to sell
her household furniture, her rugs,
plated ware, and what not. As she
was going over these articles her eyes
filled with tears; a bost ot memories'
rose to her mind, and, laying aside
a hulf-tlizcn knives, ahe said:—
Oh, dear! I can't let these go.
They've been In poor George's mouth
too ofteil
King of the Barbers
Tbe sudden death ot Chaudri Lala
Meah, the head barber ot Madras, at
Veerappa Varar, Coll Street, Myla-
pore, recently, has disclosed interesting details about the working ot the
barber fraternity of Madras.
The fraternity has been In existence for over 120 years. Chaudri ls
commonly known In tho North of India as barrister, or vakil, but the post
amongst the barbers of Madras carrier a much higher position. He is
their head and their Judge. He has
eight councillors, or Jurors, and he
decldeB cases that come up before
him with their aid.
The Chaudrl's post Is a life appointment. When, he dies, forty
days after his death a mass meeting
ot barbers Is held, and the vacancy
Is filled.
The elected man from precedence
should have been a Juror, should be a
man of good birth, education, and
character. The barber fraternity ot
Madras now consists ot 160 Mohammedan barbers, and will meet at the
Mohammedan" barbers' mosque In
Portuguese Church Street, North
Georgetown, which Is supported by
the Mohammedan barbers of Madras,
antl by the fines levied by the Chaudri, to elect their Chaudri from one of
the Jurors, and place on the jury one
ot their own Men,
One HalfBotrlel
READ Ur   Mo
,      Letn'i letter,
I See how one-lull bot-
■tie ot Kendall's Spavla
■Cure euntrt him %i0,
iTUe other lull oftho
Ibotlle may earn hint
leven more. Many men
I make   *  business  ol
Jbuyilic 1 uil.» ll<.r'..M  Mil
Hcr.i-ini; ili'-.n *. [i .villi Ken-
ld_.ll'*,.   T lies Uity tell kt
■ l>lKl*rofil.
iHoirebout Ifo«f hones 1   Why not gcUbotIb t*
Spavin Cure
J «a, 1 ba-raalalfl ta, CIlTe CUT. ot Caatb, a~.|»..iaa, Sptl.t,
f Rlaa.'.i'atae,     Uoaiy   l.rai.-.alas Ot  ■_ S
I Uaaflflnflsi     traaira     b.ni.aa, at^***^,^     74     1
lor    other   c.aafla*.      Tlaa>aa-/Coft./^flflfl^
J flaaaaii ol oalarr l:_.iia-T_ area!_-# 0.0...
I l»j t:Tla»ve tttaa alolaaf It lil   c^,,       "."'xa
The Most Luxurious Train
The Russian Royal special train Is
the ncavlest and most luxurious In
Europe. When it was constructed
It was devised to stand a charge of
dynamite, anjl It cannot bc taken fast
over most of the European lines, because their metals arc too light.
The train contains a small chapel,
with an Icon of peculiar sanctity, a
library, bath-rooms, drawing-room,
dlnlntroom and bed-rooms. The
servants' quarters are at the rear, and
consirl simply of an ordinary van-like
carriage arranged with sleeping-
bunks, as lf on board ship. The
train ,1s so made that It can be
-fhanged to lit tho Russian or the
mid'l'-tirop&an gauge.
Information Lacking
This was about the fifteenth time
that the prisoner had been accused
and brought to trial for theft. Unfortunately, on this occasion the lawyer who was to defend bim was 111.
Yotii honor, said tho prisoner to
the judge. I Bhould like to have
an sojournment. My lawyer Is not
But, replied the Judge, you were
caught with your hand in the gentleman's pocket. What can your
counsel Bay In your defence?
Precisely, your honor; that Is what
I am cirlous to know.
W. N. U. (10
$100 Reward, $luo.
Tlie retda-ri ot this paper will bar pleased to lesm
i_t there la nt least one alrcaalaaal ajlseaae that aeleoce
la been able to euro la all Ita stages, aud thai If
'atarrh. Hall's Catarrh euro Is tho only positive
nro now known to ihu medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, act'ss directly upon the blood and mucous
inrlaees ot tho ayatem, thereby destro,-anB the
'ounrlatlon of the disease, aid giving thc patient
itrcngrh by building lip the constitution and assisting nature In doing Iln work. The proprietors hiavc
so mairh faith tn Its curatK-e powers that they oner
Ons Hliudrcd Dollars for any cose that it falls to
cure.  Bend for list of testimonials
a_ddrrt, P. J, CHENEY & CO . Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family i'ills for tonstlpatlon.
Kansas M?n Says Coffee Made Him
"Colfee has been used in our family o. eleven—fnther. mother, five
sons and four daughters—for thirty
years: I am the eldest ef the boys
and have always been considered the
runt of the family and a coffee toper.
"I continued lo drink lt for years
until 1 grew to be a man, and then
I found I had stomach trouble, nervous
headrches poor circulation, was unable to do a full day's work, took medicine for this that, and thc otlier
thing, without thu least benefit. In
fact I only welshed 116 when I wus
"Then I changed from coffee to
Poitum. being the first oue In our
family to do so I noticed as did
the rest of the family, that 1 wns
surely gaining strength and flesh.
Shortly after I was visiting my cousin
who (aid, 'Yoi look so much belter,
you're betting fat.'
"At breakfast, hla wire passed nie
a cuu of coffee, as she knew I was
always such a coffee drinker, but I
said. 'No, thank you.'
" 'What' said my cousin, 'you quit
coffee?     What do you drink?"
* 'Postum,' I aaid, 'or waler. and I
am well.' They did not know what
I'oBtum was, but my cousin hid stomach trouble and could not sleep at
night from drinking coffee three times
a day. He was glad to learn about
PorIi'i i but said he never knew coffee
hurt anyone." (Tea Is Just as Injurious as coffee because It contains
caffeine, tho same drug found In coffee.)
"After understanding my condition
a.id how I got well he knew what to
do for himself Ho discovered that
coffee was the cause of his trouble as
ho never used tobacco or anything
else cf the kind. You should see
the change In him now. We both
b.lleve that If persons who suffer
from coffee drinking would stop and
use Postum they could build back to
health and happiness." Name given
by Canadian I'ostutn Co.. Windsor,
There's a reason.' Rend the little book, "The Road to Well ville.'. In
Ever raid the above letter? A new
one appear* from time to time. They
are genuine true, and full of human
An Elephant Dentist
The elephant at the Rlverdale Zoo
acts as Its own dentist. A short
tlme^ago It pulled a tooth which had
been- bothering it, the operation being
witnessed by a number of persons
who were watching tlie animal at
the time.
It appeared to be in pain, and worked Its trunk round ln Its mouth as
though to dislodge something unpleasant. At last, after moving its trunk
frantically, the animal drew something from ils mouth. It cast the
tooth thus extracted out of the enclosure. The molar was large, and
had evidently broken off In thc gum,
as all the root aid not come out.
The crown was In a good Btate of
preservation, but there were signs of
decay lower down.
Old Trouble Disappeared   When   the
Liver and    Bowell Were Set
Right by
You cannot make a greater mistake than to think that Indigestion is
corniced to the stomach. It ls a
disease of the liver and bowels, and
It ls only by getting tbese organs
healthy and active that you can ever
hope to cure chronic Indigestioii.
Here are two cases reported by
Mr. Skinner which tell ot continued
failure to cure indigestion by dosing
the stomach. Both were cured thoroughly by uaing Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Mver Pills.      •
Mr. A. C. Skinner, Atlantic St.,
Hardwoodhlll, Sydney. C.B., writes:
—"My wife wsb troubled with indigestion and tried all sorts of medicines lu vain Hearing about Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, I got her
to try them, and to our great delight
sha wa" cured. We would not think
of being without them In the house
for use when th3 liver and bowels became sluggish.
I told a friend about them and gave
him a box. He had Buffered from
indigestion for years and tried must
everything he could get. Ur.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills were also
successful In his case, and he says
they beat any medicine he ever came
Dr. Chafe's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or Kdiransnn, Bates & Co., Limited,
A well-known American Boldler.
General Nelson A. Miles, became reminiscent at a dinner one evening.
There is a lot of humor, real humor,
to be found on the battlefield, he said.
I r 'member the case of a retreat
which was really a rout. In this retreat the commanding general, as he
galloped along like the wind, turned
to an aide da-camp who waa urging
his horse to the limit, and asked:—
Who are our rear guard?
The aide, without the slightest hesitation  replied:—
Thoue who have thc worst horses,
The Man With Asthma, almost
longs for death lo end his suffering.
He situ ahead only years of endless
torment with intervals of rest which
are themselves fraught with never
censing fear of icnewed attacks. Let
hint turn tn Dr. ,T. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy and know what complete
relief It can give. Let him but use
It faithfully and he will lind his asthma a thing of the past.
The Population of the Ocean
A striking proof of the vastness and
variety of the population of the sea
Is furnished by a committee of the
zoological department ot the British
Association in that part ot the Irish
Sea Mirroundin*. the Isle of Man.
Out ot the 1.000 species marine animals collected Hit, never before had
been found In lhat region, 38 were
previously unknown as Inhabitants of
the BrltlBh waters, and 17 were entirely n»w lo science, Indeed, they were
anlmn.B whose existence had never
been suspected.—New York Herald.
Mlnard'e Liniment Curea Diphtheria.
A noted professor of music, a Herman, was supervising the work ot an
orchestra at rehearsal, and he became
much annoyed with the conductor for
his erratic use of the baton. Stopping the band, be said to the culprit:
Mistake .tones you would make a
ticntiilful conductor—for zee omnibus;
you v. s »liays behind.
About Thuiidetstoraiis
Thunderstorms never occur in the
Arctic regions. Tbe nearer the
equator the more severe are the electric manifestations.
In certain part3 ot Central Africa
the average run of thunderstorms ls
250 days per year, yet there uto some
very curious exceptions. In Sum;
atra and Java, both very hot climates
therj are pnjy ninety-two storms
yearly, and In Borneo only about fifty.
The Oold Coast of Africa has only
about sixty a year, which is less than
occur in Florida, though the latter
country is outside the tropics.
In Java there is a thunderstorm
every day for five months. Perhaps
the most astonishing fact in regard
to thunderstorms is that the island of
Mauritius, which ia only 660 mllea
east of Madagascar, has on an average only ono thunderstorm In eighty
Yet In Madagascar lhe lightning is
more destructive than anywhere else
in Ihe world, the annual death roll
being over three hundred.
Rather Too Smart
Mrs. dayboy had friends to tea, one
of them being the wife of a learned
I w'sh I knew where George was!
remarked the hostess, referring lo her
rather dissipated husband.
The professor's lady drew herself
I presume, my dear, she said primly, you mean you wish you kn^w
where he is?
Oh, no I don'I! retorted Mrs. Gay-
boy. 1 know where he Is. He is
upstairs in bed, with a bruised eye
and a fearful headache. 1 want to
know where he was!
Unsatisfactory Evidence
The witness waa a young German
immigrant wh_.se evidence was required In an accident   case.
Now, Brtzmann, said the examining counsel, what do you do?
Ah vos bretty veil, replied the witness.
I am not Inquiring as to your
health. I want to know what you
Ah  vork!
Where do you work? continued the
In a vactory.
What kind of a factory?
It vos a tretty big vactory.
Your honor, said the lawyer, turning to the judge lf this goes on we'll
need an interpreter. Then lie turned to the witness again.
Now, Brit/man, what do you make
111 the factory? lie asked.
You vant to know vot 1 make In der
Exactly!     Tell us what you make.
Dwcr.ty shillings and sixpence a
Thin thn Interpreter got a chance
to earn his dally bread.
Paddy was driving home from the
market with his ass and cart when
he was accosted by a police-sergeant,
who charged him with overloading
the donkey.
What weight, lie asked, Is an ass
able to pull?
Faith then, answered Tat. yourself
otght to know best. How much can
you null?
pensive. TJe constant uae
of drugs Is expensive,
and likewise unnecessary. Nature la
the only reliable ddctor. Oat close to
Nature end be your own physician.
It la not hard lo do, not difficult to
learn. Nature's laws are almplc.
Whin Uie fire burns low, you don't
run for lho doctor or drug store or tlie
pdlcnt medicine bottle; you simply
put on more fuel. So when diseufeo
or sickness attacks the body or your.
self or any member or your family,
go to Nature's vast storehouse of VI;
lality and draw therefrom the revitalising forces whicli banish disease
and make  you well.
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Good Health With
out   Doctors    or
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fear      which      bind
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the   health   of   your
family.     This    book
points out the  way.
If you are sick, vou
know  If.  better  than
and  you   know  where   ......   ..,.
You don't want drugs, you don't want
to be doped and enervated by useless
drugging. Write for our free book
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pay  the  postage.
364 West St.   Catherine St.,
Montreal, Canada
anybody     f\M,
yuu   are  nick.
Over 300 students enrolled annually
one-half or wham ar* young ladles.
Highest facilities In all departments.
Wlal reopen Monday, September 9th,
1912. For Illustrated Calendar addrsis
Cures Hone* While
Thev 'Work or Root
PRICe   nV • « AU OtAURS
Kidder—That fellow makes a living
writing light fiction.
Kiddee—He doesn't look like a literary chap.
Kidder—He's not. He makes out
accounts for Ihe electric light company, r
Ikey (lo father)—Father, what li
Father (to lkey)—Extravagance,
my son. Is wearing a tlo when you'ra
got a beard.
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
thf) science of refraction. Kx-
animation free.
about $350. And it is only a short
time since the oity refused an oiler
of tlOOO for the lots given in exchange for Mr. Kerman's property.
. It is stated that the council refused
to set a price on these lot6. These
facts have stirred the indignation of
some of the heaviest ratepayers; and
they certainly tend to show that the
| council did not exercise proper
business methods in negotiating tbe
deal. At the enhanced value of
reai estate in thia city, tbe two lots
could readily have been Bold at public sale for tloOO $1700. The surplus, after paying for Mr. Kerman's
lot, would have paid three aldermen's salaries.
- tihllihed st (trend Forki, Rrltlih Colnmhl
■ ». A. Brass gdltor and Publisher
A Hie of thli paper osn be seen st tbe otnee
ail Meaan. B. 4 i. Hardy A Co., HI, 11 snd «2,
fleet Street, R.C., London. Roclatid, free of
charge, snd thst firm will bs glad to receive
.-iMortiatloni sod advertisements on our be-
One Tear 11.10
One Tear (In advenoe)  1.00
One Year, In United States  1.W
Addren all communication! to
Thb Bvbnimq Sua,
PHOtH B7. Gbakd Foaxs, B.C
The real estnte trade negotiated
by the city council with H. C. Kerman last week does not, when
looked at from the viewpoint of a
disinterested observer, appear to
have been made in the best inerests of
the city. The incident has been tbe
subject of many warm debates in tbe
business community during the past
week, and some ugly innuendos
have heen made against tbe council. Mr. Kerman was given two of
tbe choicest lots in tbe city for one
of doubtful value near the Kettle
Valley line tracks. For this good
trade on Mr. Kerman's part, no
blame can be attached to that gentleman, because every man is entitled to make the best business bargain that he possibly can. The coun
cil claims that it was in duty bound
to transfer Mr. Kerman's lot to tbe
Canadian Pacific railway, as per
the'recent agreement with tbat company. This is true. But tbe citi-
z ns' committee negotiating the railway agreement hail an undertaking
with Mr. Kerman tbnt he would fell
bis property to the city for the price
he paid for it and the accumulated
taxes without interest, amounting to
A Nelson witness this week testified that the Doukhobor cheap labor is a menace to the fruit growing industry in this province. Why
stop at fruit growing? Their cheap
labor is a menace to every industry
io which the Douks engage.
Last week an English suffragette,
ip order to obtain an audience wilh
Winston Churchill, bad herself sent
to his residence by parcels post. A
woman endowed with so much cunning and sucb quick and ready
reasoning faculties is surely better
qualified to cast an intelligent ballot
than some of the whiskey-soaked
and ignorant male portion of tbe
Our local contemporary knew all
tbe facts in the recenl real estate
transaction. But it never said a
word. It has its nost. too deep in
the city treasury. More of this
In British Columbia tbe moose is
protected by the government; but in
the United States the bull moose is
being attacked by all parties.
If the flying machine is to be used
as an engine of destruction in modern warfare, it would have better if
it had nol been invented.
Rather Annoying
A gruesome story reaches us from
a certain hospital. On its staff fs a
surgeon who is famous for the celerity of his operations. The other day
he hail twelve on his list. When he
polished off the eleventh he asked
where the twelfth was. 'Oh, No 1
refused to leave his hed." he was
told. "What a pity," said the surgeon. "That means that I have performed the wrong operations on all
the others, for I took 'em in the order of tbe list."
Our   Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong Horse-High and Pitf-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do busi
ness with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs.
Most Important Events  of
Past Week Told in Brief
8. Minnie, of Winnipeg, comes to
life when about to ba buried.
Cost of promotion in New York police force saidto be $15,000.
British Columbia horses and cattle
win championships at Ottawa.
Striking car men hold Duluth under
mob rule; governor asked to send
Vancouver holds second place aa
manufacturing centre of westean
Sea chest belonging to Lord Nelson
discovered in Sydney; was on board
the Victory.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier fires his first
gun at Marieville,Que., in his through
Canada tour.
Trades and Labor Council at
Guelph discusses Lemieux act and
asks for its repeal.
General Nogi, commander-in-chief
of Japanese forces, and his wife commit suicide when funeral of emperor
President Taft sends ultimatum to
Mexico's president; must protect foreign interests or resign. United States
will intervene if demands are not
complied with,
Ten degrees nf frost reported in
Five drown near Chicago when
canoe capsizes.
Japanese are incensed at rumors of
wholesale suicides.
Three are killed and many injured
in tornado in New York state.
Governor general and party to enter
province today from Lagan, Alta.
Government crop report reduces
the estimate by ten million bushels.
Last mail of season from Seattle to
White Horse by steamer goes by Dolphin.
Mrs Chamberlain denies report of
Hou. Joseph Chamberlain's low condition; was out walking yesterday.
Western railways will be given an
opportunity to explain why they
should not be restrained from increasing freight rates
Governor-general will open the new
hospital in Kamloops today.
Sir Edward Carson will hold a
demonstration to induce Ulsterites to
resist home rule.
General Count Nogi was not aware
of his wife's intention to commit hari-
kari twenty four hours before bis
death.  .
General Pascual Orozco, Ja., supposed to be the coinmander-in-cliief
of the Mexican rebels in disguise, captured on American territory.
Bag containing 6000 sovereigns
found by natives digging at River
Bank' believed to have been buried
during the time of the siege of Lady-
Dr. H. B. Bryce, medical superintendent of the Dominion government,
delivers solemn warning against influx
into tlio large cities of those who belong to open lands.
Teamsters strike in Kdmonton.
Wheat yield in northern Alberta is
Fierce fight between the police and
deputies in the Hungarian diet.
Twelve hundred miners strike at
Cumberland. Nanaimo mines not affected.
Sixteen persons are killed when the
Chester-Liverpool express crashes into
a bridge buttress.
The British consular service will he
placed at the disposal of the Canadian
commercial interests.
Five hundred Chinese soldiers
burned to death in a forest fire started
by retreating Mongolians,
Caiden hall, Cheshire, one of   the
most   famous   timbered mansions   in
' England, is destroyed by fire.
we are prepared to give the people of (irand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store.
OFru.it, km ft.** Ctropt
Hanbkh's Ribidikcb,R38 "™ Wwl
Mulbnl'b Rkbidbnck, K18
Sliver King and Silver Queen Mineral
ClHlm., Hltaiaata- In thu tiraiiil Fork. Mining
Dlrlalou (il Yale DIMrlcl.
Where Uwnted: On the Kant Kork of the
North Fork ot Keltle Klver.
TAKK NOTICK lhal I, Jacob M. Paiilten.
• Pree Miner's c,rtlll,„li- No, Si.8_.8l-, fur
myself ami ai ajteiat for Williamjll. Hoffman,
executor, anal Hoaaa Major, executrix, of the
will nl Catherine Hoffman. Free Mineral
CertlHcate Nu. 9381711. Intend, alxty dayi
(nam    , 1 rttaaa   hcrcol,    taa apply    III    the   Mllilaia.
Kecenler .oraCeitllla-iileiii Impruvtmentn. (nr
the pitriiuaac o! ubtalniiiK crown Krauts of the
Hbuvu I'Ultns
And further tnke malice that action, niaala-a
section :;", must he commenced laelairc the Ih_.ii.
ance of auch Ceritlcaiei uf Improvement.
Dated tlila 4th day of May, A.D 1912.
New Canadian history criticizes
our militia ayatem.
William G. Wills, of Hamilton,
kills hia wife, then commits Vuicide.
Governor general and party arrive
in Vancouver; city presents brilliant
Canadian Pacific railway agrees to
compromise, aud telegraphers' strike
is avoided.
Canadian Mining Institute, in sex
siou at Victoria, urges appointment of
a minister of mines.
New empeior of Japan invested
with ilie insignia of the garter by a
representative of King George.
General Nogi is regarden as a demigod by the Japanese people; shrines
will lienor his memory.
Perfect weather in Vanoouver for
the royal visitors.
Ulsterites covenant to use all means
necessary to defeat home rule.
Canadian fruits will be displayed at
the Festival of Empire, London.
Canadian Mining Institute, in session at Victoria, recommends seismograph department.
Ladysmith coal miners decide to
strike in sympathy with the men who
have gone out at Cumberland,
Western Associated Boards of
Trade, in session at Moose Jaw, condemn land swindles.
Woodrow Wilson says trusts flourished under Roosevelt; ridicules pro
posed industrial commission.
Sunrise Mineral Claim, iltuate In tha'
liraud forki Mining Division ol Yale 111.-
Where located t   In Wellington eamp.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Jcweph Allrril Miller,
hn Mlnan' Certllleate No. HI17M, intend, list? dara from the date hereof, tn apple to th* Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ol Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
Ing a Crown flrant of the atiovo claim.
And further take notice that action, under
•eotlou 37, muat be commenced before the
Issuance ol   surah Certtfloate of   Improvement!.
Dated thli 26th day of April, A.D. 11)12.  -
Electric Restorer for Men
PhotDhonol restocoa every nerve In the body
■^ to Ita proper temlon t retlorn
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all s.__•]
weakness averted at once. Ffcsaphoaol will
make you a new man. Price M a box-or two lor
tt. Milled to any address. ThatMMlDra*
Oa-.lt. Catharines. Ont.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of tbie district with'
out advertising^ The Sun. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
m bii
by McClary's to
save fuel—to cut out
dust, fuss and bother
and to heat your house
evenly and comfortably
in the coldest weather.   We
Iguarantee the   "Sunshine"
I Furnace to save enough to
j pay for  itself  quicker
Lthan any othe
t furnace you can
The Undiscovered Country
One of the chief altrnotiiins thnl
the profession of medicine holds mil
to young men is its unffiscoveied
county:, its oppairt unities lor re
go.iroh nml expl'iriiiiiiii. in which
the best type of initial rests and re-
frefhes itself while it works. The
same is true of certain other fields of
science. Happy is the man who
tills them, for he knows not whnt
precious truth his plowshare may
uneirth. what ((rent discovery may
spring from the most casually planted seed. Do the young men ol today understand that agriculture haB
hecoine one of the most enchanted
To the old-time farmer it would
have seemed the height of absurdity
to compare individual clover heads,
to determine which was the best to
breed from. Two heads of timothy
are no more unlike than two heads
of clover, yel the hay produced by
the progeny of one head has been
known to weigh twice as much to
the acre as that produced by the offspring of the other. It was scientific
plant-breeding that made this discovery.
Look at the milkweed. Its tender
young leaves make excellent greens,
but how ahout the silky floss that
floats from he seed-pods, and the
"milk" that exualeB f'O n the sev-
ered stu.V, an 1 the tiher, tough ns
llax, that composes the bulk of the
stalk. Some one, some time, will
find a way to use them profitably.
We have as yet no cure for pear-
blight, peach-yellows, ttilher-tip or
Bcaly bark, although euch is a
source of great loss to fruit growers.
Some investigator of plant diseases
will find the remedy, and count his
reward gas much ill tbe intellectual
joy of the discovery as in the knowledge that he has saved his own crops
and added to the wealth of the
Soil investigations, plant physiology, insect pests and parasites,
diseases of animals, the preservation
of eggs—these are onlv a few of the
unexplored corners of the farm.
Old prospectors say that although
hunting and digging gold is one of
the hardest forms of manual lahor,
ii is one of the least tiring. The
liours fly because there is always the
lute of possible nuggele just ahead.
I'u tbose who see its limitless opportunities, agriculture offers a similar
sitisfaclion. No man will find farming a dull business who lias the gooil
sense to fix upon some speciality for
investigation, and the brains to discover what nature bo surely yields to
persisleucy.—Youth's Companion.
Women and War
Women, liy nature tender and
compassionate, ought to be hilterly
oppo.-t d to war. But it is a fuel that
women have again and again urged
men on to war; the gentlest of women have from lime immemorial ail-
iiaieia.il the fearless and powerful
warrior who could heal down his
opponents" with a single blow
Women have suffered much from
war, but they have not in tht past
done much to end it.
It is a fundamental human instinct, working for thc preservation
j of a virile ince, that compels the
' woman, wbo dreads the sight of su'-
1 fering, to admire tbe bravery of the
man who iB willing to risk hiB life
in battle. But in these latter days
we have learned lhat there is moral
as well as physical courage, and
that there may be bloodless victories,
more glorious than Gettysburg or
Women have realized this more
fully, perhaps, than men. Florence
Nightingale and Clara Barton have
won undying fame by their self-
sacrificing labors to mitigate the
horrorB of war. It was a woman,
Baroness von Sutner,wlio persuaded
Alfred Nobel to devote piut of his
fortune to founding a prize for those
who advance the cause of peace. In
every country women are foremoBt
in the promotion of that cause.
When men come lo love justice
aid n ercy more than military glory,
it will be partly because the pity
that women feel for the victims of
war has caused them to delight no
longer in the blood-stained hemes aaf
the battlefield And then, at last,
war itself will cease.—Youth's Companion.
Just Obeyed Orders
'Drive like the deuce," shouted
Smith, springing'into a taxi.
With a lurch the car dartetl forward- and away they went like
lightning through the fog. Crash!
They took off the wheel of, a passit g
wagon. Hi! hi! They missed flattening out a small child by iw< •
ninths of a hair. Clang! They upset a milk cart. People shouted,
constables impotently held up iheir
hands as the taxi dashed up one
street and down another, taking
corners ou two wheels and threaten
ing every lamp post with destruction.
At last after half an hour's furious racing, they slowed up in a narrow thoroughfare, and Smith poked
his head out at the window.
'"Are we nearly Iheie?'' he asktd,
The chauffeur turned iu his seat
and shouted:
'Where did you want to go, sir "
A well known judge standing ai
the door of a ballroom, when a very
beautiful woman passed him.
"What a lovely woman," whispered Ihe judge, but sn loudly lhal
ihe lady overheard his remark.
Turning her head, she recognized
the speaker. "And what a good
judge," she said, with a smile.
Bridge Sireet,
Hot and Cold Bail,*
Firif-GlaM Bar. Cool
Band illiartt Rooms
in Connection.        -**
Emil Larsen,
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample hook of the "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 bas been received at The
Sun otlice. These cards proved
very popular last year. The de
signs this year are prettier than last
year. The piices range from SI per
dozen upwards    Order early.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five
room house and one lot ou First
street. Bath-room and toilet iu
house; good cellar, stable and wood
shed; lois of small fruit. For price
terms and fuither particulars apply
pn premises.    W. J. .Meagher.
Don't be misled by false stale
ments of competitor;, Advertise io
Tbe Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.     '
Ua. C. A. ABBOTT, Anion »,■**■
«.AnnS.., Nw York City.
Dear Sir: I have known fr.. .
(fleet! of Wilion'i Rertard y [Wilt
Inviies you io ilie
Sepi.30ioOci. 61912
Tke Hand EmpurasHolirJa^
/Seven days and six riiMgcf
edutiaiion and amusemQii*
Scmeihwb io irdemsieK^viSdofJ
\JrW* to.RciM.H dteshecn.. Secy for Premium LiilitJ
lllu»tMt«d Dni_ja-lVoJ.ua CO _i—__ O _^--»-V«. &
«^**%*-_S_*i -]-^
Dear Sir: I have known for over 40 yean of th*
ett of Wition'a Remedy [Wlbon'e Preparation
ol Hypoohoephlt.ee and Blodgettl] In ca«i of pulmonary troubles. At this point I will uy to you
what you bave not beforo known of; that 4* year*
•Ince, while I was a resident of N. Y. City, I wat
•evenly ill with lung trouble, Phyilciani laid I waa
a consumptive and my family physician told my wifa
that he thought 1 tsutd not vscover* Myattention
waa directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I used
with iplendid effect. 1 have been on my feet and at
work aver since tny curt, Youn truly,
Faator 14. K.Church, Hunter, (GreaseCo.,) N.Y.
On Dec 1, iqn, Mr. Sagcr wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health ia very good,'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott be
will gladly furnish you any further
iuformutiou yuu desire,
THE STANDARD is tho National
Weekly Newspaper uf the Dominion
of Canada. It is national in ull its
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
Ingfl, procuring tlio photographs from
all over thu world.
lis articles are carefully selected and
its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription lo The Standard
costs $2X0 per year to any address In
Canada cr (Jreal Ihitulu.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing  Co.,
Limited,  Publisher,.
Newspaper taw
1 A |H>HtiiiHHtt*r in requiri'ii jfivn
notice by letter (returning i . a-r
rloes nuta answer tlie law) when «ub-
umber flues not take his paper "Ut ,t
the postofliue, anil state the reason foa
its not being taken. Any neulrat to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments
2. If any person orders bis paper
discontinued he must pay all arrear
ages, or the publishers mav continue
to nend it until payments are made,
and collect Ihe whole amount wliethel
the paper is taken front the office ( r
not. There can be no legal discon
tinuiince unti! payment is made.
3. Any person who tak-s a pnper
out of the post aaffice, whether d ree'ed
to his nam- or not, or whelher-he has
stibaciibed or not, is resjonsihle for
tbe pay
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues tai
semi it. 'lin subscriber is bound to
pay for it ;f be ukes it out of the
post ollica1 This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
ha* uses
5 The courts havo decided that refusing to tnke newspapers or periodicals from the post otlice or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Plcftso rend the hoadltue|over again.  Then Us
irt'iiifiulniis ..iL'iiiiirnn.T will  lawn  upon  you
An Oliver Typewriter—the Ktandiml  visible
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The typewrite* wht.se conquest of the com
incrcial world Ih a matter of histor-' — yours Io
17 cents >i duv!
Tlte typewriter that i« equipped with scores ot
inch cuitvuiduneei m "Tiie bulaituu shift'1—
"The Ruling Device"—"The Double Release"-*
"The UkuhhoUvq Bane" -"Tlie Automata
■Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—"The
—"The Adjustable Paper Fingers1'—"The Scientific condensed Key
lours for  17
Gents a Day!
  We announced tbls
new iuIl-i. ,."»" l*ti tjmly, JU8t to feel  the pulse o(
the people- rtltnply a (.mull cash payment—-
then 17 cents a dey. That istiic plan in a mit
The result lum been fcUCll a deluge uf applications fnr iiiu'tiiiit-s thai wu are simply us*
The demand comes from people of ull classes,
nil ggW, iill occupations.
Thc mnjoriiv ot inquiries hus come .from \<v>
le of known t.iii.jiriui standing who were at*
traoted b) the novelty of the pmpou. 'on, An
impressive demonstration of tun Immense pup*
u.aritv of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling couflrtuatlofi ol our boite! tliat
the Era of Universal Typewriting lb at Imml.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are  I . i \   Mney with
i The Standard I "milile Writer
' I'lial U lia. (.allll.TI-. tlHlllV. -■■ ll.aa.- lal-tala
j Ihajllllvtll >ll|araaliia- I uflllite.iHIIll II 1 <11•-1V
lllllU|a_,ttub!fl III laai-lii. ...   N.aai a al Ita- a
 II ■'! Hi'- llll	
llll' -illl|.Ill-Ill a.laal -lii-i,iilla ail ll Ilvoi lil II
, I'ar   inillll)    at-a-.    |a   j.  |,.-i aainiaia,   „ <a   | - ]„,, I	
• liai-lin   III   Iln-   | .■   Ii'.iiiiiuif   alaiaiiiua ■,I.-.
I All aalilaiala.r a,. „,.,!„,,, |„,„„.v  |,,.,
,lll'rll!-« inllllm Ijl IU  ilia a.lia. |  nil ||„
. ilniMliiild nl evory lining In Amnion,   win ••„;
a ' Hli-.I  a.l aa.ua I „. . i aajia.aa   aall llll. I,-
I Ulilllaiilal.'lllllai aall -rf
»rite mr further detail* 'il mir i'aa-\,>n.-r .ami
■ rcocopy ultlteiten Ollvoreat-Uog.   a<|, n—
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
OliverTjpntvrller IiiiiI'Iiuk.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1900.)
Ih a dozen books in one, covering thn
History, geography, geology, cheinis-
aty, mineralogy, nietallurgf, teiinin-
ilogy, uses, statistics and finances of
aiopper. It is a pracical bnnk, useful
'o all and necessary to most men eif
_;aged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood bv the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance nf the pro-toily.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to he the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book fur
the fii'-ts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the Ixmk for the
facts it gives him ahout mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
[Editor and Publisher,
453 PostolKco llloek,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 lor only $1.75; also all the
issues lor the remaining weeks ol 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
NOTICK In herein «lven that neural- Alex.
mill innn Bell   aif lot   8671,   I-. II   haax
III. (iill- al Forki, aai.l ail'l.l' l->a ll llll'in-i'tn
I-III'  mail   line   aaim   Cllblc   laaal   |a- T .a-.-aaanl aaf
waita ran,I a.f Na.rtia l',,rk KeOle lilver Creek,
which Ha,aaa. In n Southerly illrrotlnu throiurii
l.nt «;i aimla tttptlei intaa Keltle lilver near
'initial l-'aa'k-.  The wster will bo (llverteii nil.
t to the towtnlte aaf   Man-airii. nml will lap
ll. ril fair iiaiiraalaaa'i |illl-| -a aaaa tlaa- luual   ali>
mrlbeilar Krtilt l.iuiil,nhniti iMiterti,
Till lll-l'llll-   pOlteil  On    t ll.-    L-raillllal    a,,,
the mi'liiliiviii Mnrch, IUU.   Tl ipllontlnn
-aii   I.,, ia].-.I In tlio uffloe of the Water Re-1
eonler at Kslrvtew
Objectiotii   Mil..   I.,,  tilnl    with   tin'  -anal I
Wn'i'i- Reetmler "r nitli the Cntrtniriiller ,,f
Wnter  llli-litfl. Pinlliii t  Rtilldltiii,   VI..-1
lot-ill. II. a.
'I. A.M. I'KI.I, |
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent ol 30 volumes of tin-
best reading, including nearly 300
.Stories, Articles liy l'annoiis Writers,
Athletic* for Hoys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
_Saf„af for Announcement for 1912 and Samfle
Curies of Tlte Viioths Lumpoiiion, fret*
FREE to Jan. 1912
Every New Subscriber who cuts out
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The Companion*! Picture Calendar
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1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.
Ntw Snbicriptioai Received al Tfcii Office- THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
In Doubt !
Ten days C.B.! roared the colonel,'
angrily. j,
As he was marched out of the orderly room the delinquent was heard
to indulge in Insubordinate mutter-
Twenty-one days, thundered the col-'
on si, and the   offender   retired,   observing that it would hardly give him
time to settle down. j
Make It a hundred and sixty-eight
hours' cells  cried the colonel, where- j |
at   the   Incorrigible   Tommy   openly
gave  his  CO.   permission  to  keep!
lhe game up all day.
Cnntel all previous sentences and j
remand him tor court-martial, was!
the order.
Now, look here, expostulated the
unrepcntent private, let's clear up
one point. Are you really the colonel of the Slogsliire Light Infantry
or some bally auctioneer. J
Baboo English
Thc baboo English of India ls usually commercial; but recently a baboo lawyer offered a line example lu
n.edefence of a woman client.
My learned friend with mere wind
from a teapot thinks to browbeat me
fiom my legs, he asserted. He .had
probably a "tempest in a teacup' In
minal. I only, seek, he continued
earnestly, to pliace my bone of contention ((early In your honor's eye.
An Indian station-master, having
been annoyed by a certain female
milk-hawker, addressed the following
remonstrance ,io her employer.
Honored Sir,—I beg you will remove your handmaiden of milk, as
she is nol a good-fellow, and we can-
uot stand her cheeks.
That's your reward if you let MOONEY'S. BISCUITS talcs
tbe place of tbe bread and biscuits you bake yourself,
You'll find MOONEY'S a delightful cubstitute for your own
>best efforts—the family will like them.   Because
come to you straight from the oven in the big Winnipeg factory)
They have that freshness and crispness only to be found in •
newly made biscuit. No other biscuit can come to your table u
fresh from the oven as MOONEY'S,
Something Like That
Teacher—The  right to have  more
lhan   one   wife   is  called   polygamy.' i
What,  Is   It when  only  one  wife  ls
rllowed a man?
Willy—Monotony, ma'am.— I.lppln-
A medicine that, will keep children
well Id a great boon to every mother. This is just what Baby's Own
Tablets do. An occasional dose
keeps the little stomaoh and bowels
"Ight, and prevents sickness. During
the hot summer months stomach troubles speedily turn to fatal diarrhoea
or cholera infantum and if Baby's
Own Tablets are not at hand the child
may die iu a lew hours. W,lso
mothers always keep the Tablets in
the house and give their children an
occasional dose lo clear out the
stomach and bowels and keep them
well, Don't wait, llll baby is ill—
the delay may cost a precious life.
Get tl e Tablets now and you may feel
reasonably safe, livery mother who
uses thc Tablets praise them aud
lhal Is the best evidence that there
Is no other medicine for children so
good. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box Irom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Whilt carrying a ladder through the
crowded streets of London, the other
day, a big Irishman was so unfortunate as to break n plate-glass window
lu a shop. Immediately dropping
his ladder, he broke Into a run; but
he had be.n seen by the shop-keeper
who dashed after hiin and caught
liiin by Ih" collar.
See here! angrily exclaimed the
shop-keepe*' when he had regained
his breath. You have broken my
Sure I huve. assented Pal; and
didn't you see me running home to
got the money lo pay (or It?
_l AM llttlTII Tl MOTHER Ml MILL _.
Uu.winum', sooT_ii>i<i StavtSaJges
I forme tl_CT» Y1AM W MILMOMI' #
mm («  tent cniC6»8K WMilJ
THUS til- CIIII.0. S0FTMN8 Ih, OOMfc
.AYS,11 PAIN ; (.OHM WWI) Coilt •-*
It tli, UM remedy (or DlARRHdU. JI "ftH»
•olotclr b«rmlM>. I* mre .*,uk ht "Mt*
•Jrli.to.', cotniei ».r.ift" xottiMim mm*
kind.  Iw»ly«T, cm, • WtUc
Are the bes* ever made and are guar*
anteed to give you satisfaction. Al
all dealers, or send us 26 cents stating style and size required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd,,
58 Prater Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or Ur. It Is clean,
odorla": =, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
lud-..::lri.ctlbl«. Makes houses
drift-proof, easy to heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or write for sample
and Booklet to the §_
Sal, CeaWUa Mtaaficlufm
•I Carta, Umltei,
Mulreil, Whnl_*|, Ciliary, Viaemnr.
Get the big package or the sealed tin—*                                    j
loth of them.damp proof, dust proof,      ,                                 j
dirt proof—and                                                                         !
W. N. U. 910
The ladles hat* retired to the drawing-room, and the gentlemen, left to
their coffee and cigars, were discussing the respective charms of English
and foreign beauties.
Well, said the host, after most of
the gnosis had aired their views, I
will say this. 1 have kissed the
witching French girl, the dainty Japanese, the dark-eyed Indian maiden,
the lively American miss, and Spain-
Ish, Kalian and Portuguese girls, but
my wife's lips are sweetest of all.
Then a bronzed    young   subaltern
called out from the other end of the
By gad! and that's a fact, sir.
The Foe of Indlgettlon.—Indigestion Is a common ailment and few are
free from It. It is a most, distressing
complaint and olten the suffering attending It is most severe. The very
best, remedy is Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills taken according to directions.
They rectify tlie Irregular action of
the stomach and restore healthy action . .''or many years they have been
a standard remedy for dyspepsia and
Indigestion and are highly esteemed
for their qualities.
All    Depended
A pompous ami long-winded judge,
lu the midst of au unusually long and
tedious nddre.lt to thc jury, suddenly
noticed lhat one of the jurymen had
fallen asleep. The Indignation of
his lordship was boundless. Hupp
Ing sharply on ills desk, he aroused
the slumberer, who seemed not at all
abashed at being thus caught napping.
After scanning him angrily for a few
moments, the judge, tu his most sarcastic tone, suid
So that'll the way you attend to
your duties is il ? Do you think your
opinion will be ot uuy use when I
send you out to determine the fate
of the prlsonor?
Ves, air, the juryman replied quiet*
ly. I think sn.
Oh. you do, do you? said Ilie exasperated Judge. Pray tell me, sir,
how long have you been Bleeping?
I don't know! was Ihe reply. How
long lauve vou been talking?
Minard't   Liniment  Curet   Garget   In
Actor- I'm gelling awfully popular
I see tome tobacco people have
named n new cigar after me!
Manager—Really! Well. I hope
It'll draw* belter than you do!
Self Taught
lrale Father—I'll teach you lo kiss
my daughter!
Young Man—Not necessary sir! I
have Just learnt,—Tit-Bits.
Unless worms bc expelled from the
system, no child can be healthy.
Mjtlier Oro ves' Worm Exterminator is
the best medicine extant to destroy
Salesman—Here you nre, gentlemen—the greatest invention of the
Passer-by (stopping to listen)—
What Is It?
Salc.'imm—A magnetized keyhole
plate (or front doors. It will attract an ordinary steel key from a
ilis'iini-a' of two feet. All you have
I o do to find thc keyhole at night Is
to lake out your key and hang on to
I'lnee men were Injured In the
croival that rushed to buy.
Nellie-Mr. Hotchpotch, whnt do
yo,i opnildor the most delicate form
of tloltery.
The Chippie Telling a married
man lie don't look it.
Little Hoy (to gnrdner) -Jones,
wby do you always pull your barrow
behind you, Instead of pushing 1c?
Jones—'Cos I ales the sight of the
beastly thing.
0, puis
Ntvtr Thought of It
i.ibiiK   i cani nml "aeroplane" in
Ihis dictionary.
Dlbbs—Have you looked'ou lho fly
leaf? —Boston Transcript.
Alt.icks of cholera and dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being any
warning of lhe visit. Hemedial action must be taken Just hs quickly If
the patient Is to be spared great suffering and permanent Injury to the
lining membranes of lhe bowels. The
readlesi preparation for the purpose
Is Dr. J. I). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It can be got at small cost
at any drug siore or general dealer's,
and It will afford relief before a doctor
can be called.
Young Lady-Well, Mrs. Smith,
won't you have another piece of cake?
Old Lady (eyeing the ham sand-
•.■leh)—Well, mum. If lis all Ihe
same to you I'd ralher 'ave a lasle o'
luminal as haB drawed breath.
Minard't Liniment Curat Dlitemptr
Elderly Gentleman—Now (lien yuu
naughty boy: I'll have you locked
up! You know you're nol allowed
to smoke.     You'll never live to glow
I up, lo be a man like me If you do
j (hat!
Premising Youlhlet-lf   I'm    golu'
II ir 'ave whiskers and a (ace like
i yours, I drn't want to grow up guv*.
I nor! a
I am very observant, sir, and (rom i
the way you winced when I stamped I
on  yi ur  (oot,  1 conclude you  have
pedal afflictions
Sny no more.     I acknowledge the
corn.—Baltimore American.
The Struggling Lawyer (pompously I—Anything unusual happen while
1 was out''
Olliee Boy (after some thought!—
Yesi air. There wasn't any tb-bl col-
I...•!■ it a called.
I -^fl   -     DU»»«» t
Mmm! softly-
1   , Step safely.
£■•001 IRO piPMtod fMtvtSf
lind His Wile Also Discovers a
Good Thing.
tailing Oltrioh Fttthtrt In • Swamp.
Mri. B.'i III Timed Humor In Propot-
ing tho Manufacture ol Ltathtr From
Orange Peel.
JCopyrlghl,  1912,  by Associated  Literary
OH, no, Mr. Bowser didn't kick
opeu the gate nor bang tbe
front door nor throw bis bat
en the Boor Instead of bang-
lag It on a peg-not this lime.
He opened the gate as tenderly as
jne handling dynamite-almost waited
le knock at the door—and when he had
Uttered the hall be carried a fatberly
mile on hla face.
No glaring at the cat as sbe came
forward, no turning up his nose at tbe
Unner, no declaring tbe coffee to be
ibe wont slop ever set before a man
•Ith a palate not made of sheet Iron.
Jnst good. Jnst real good. Jnst nice
tnd sweet and lovely. Jnst so lovely
Ibat Mrs. Bowser wondered if tbe honeymoon waa to come back after all tbe
long yeara
In High Good Humor.
At times while the meal lasted Mr.
Bowser smiled blandly, at otber timet
complacently. He also uttered a
chuckle now and tben and poked himself lo the ribs for a good fellow, a
ttiarp fellow, a fellow tbat knew a gold
brlckfrom a summer squash..
And Mrs. Bowser also smiled and
made throaty sounds and put on know-
ng looks, and the cat winked at the
took, and all went off like a New
Hampshire church deacon sliding down
hill on un ox sled and tipping over tbe
tarns in bis path.
"Now, then," began Ur. Bowter at
be dually led Ibe way up to the silling room, "you are, of course, aware
that something good bas happened."
"Yes, dear."'      ,
"I bare long wished to be a million
"I know."
"Well, the day bas arrived at last"
"I'm eo glad.*"
"I knew you would be. Mrs, Bowler, yon bare never considered me a
brainy mun, bare you'/"
"Why, yon are not a great states
Soms Confessions.
"Jost an average mau that goes slosh-
tog around? I know enough to jump
•rer Ibe fence wksu 1 bear an earth
Quake coming, but not enough io be
wvrelary ef stale. That's about tbe
way you slued ue ip, I lake ll
"I don't blame you, for I haven't
seemed to amount to mucb heretofore.
Bnt now, however"-
"Right here In my brsd-ln my brain
pan. Brolns got lo'worklug at lad
HMUit-f 1.000,000."
"Yeo don't tell met"
"Astonished, ire you ? Found a new
Bowser? Not a great statesman like
Cbauncey Depew. bnt he hauls tn a
little $1,1*00,000 from a simple Idea
lust as easy as rolling off a log, and
yet Sll the great minds of tbe world
have passed It by for centuries."
"You astound me, Ur. Bowser!"
"I thought I should. Urs. Bowser,
fou were burn and brought up ln tbe
countrj F , 4, .    ,
l*K   •«*•    r    '   '   '■   '   '
"Yo9 nave teen thousands of cat-
toll* growing In swtmps?"
"They grow on long (talks, snd at
lbe end tbere Is something that looks
Uke a banana,  it's called a plume."
"I know. I hare gathered hundreds
Of tbem."
Th* Ortat Idta.
"Well, a farmer brought one Into tbe
•file* today, The Instant my eyes
lighted on It I got au Idea-tbe Idea-
the million dollar Idea.'*
"To sell Ibem to school children for
real bananas?" asked Mrs. Bowser.
Mr. Bowser smiled st ber Indulgently and asked:
"What  does a  fine ostrich  plume
"Why, yon esn go as high as $20."
"Where  do   most   ot   them   come
"Africa, | bellere."
"Rlgbt you ar*. and tbe demand Is
slwiyi away ahead ot Ibe supply. Tbs
profit on a $6 plume Is $4.60. Suppose, Urs. Bowser, tbat we didn't
have to send to Africa or California
for ostrich plumes. Suppose we counted tbe ostiicb right out of tbe business. Suppose 1 could furnish $10
plumes at a cleat profit of $9.90 to
"But bow can lt be possible?"
"Ha, ba, ha! Where do the cattails
come InV   See?"
"You would make them Into ostrich
"lyitb   tbe  use  of  various  dyes.
That's the secret; that's tbe Idea.  The
farmer bas three acres of swamp
grown up to cattails, and I leased it for
$80 a year.   Ho went away grinning, j
but be'll sing a different tune wben 1 j
begin to haul In my $1,000,000.   Going '
up tbere tomorrow to begin gathering
stock.   What do you think?"
Mrs. B.'s "Good Thing."
"It's wonderful, but 1 must tell yon
that I've got something most ns good.
I don't tblnk there's more thnn $500,-
000 In lt, but that will help some."
"But 1 dot^t like the idea ot you
making Investments without consulting me, " be replied as his smile faded.
"Ob, but 1 didn't bare to Invest a
dollar.   The idea came to me aa It did
to yon—ln a flash."
"Well, what Is It?"
"Yon-you won't give It away?"
"Ot course not."
"Well, how many oranges does the
world consume every year?"
"Say billions. Mr. Bowser.  What becomes of at least two-thirds of th*
"Thrown aside."
"That'* It Tbere jrou are. Suppose
all these peelings could be saved. Suppose one even bad to pay GO cents u
bnsbel for tbem."
"By ■ Chimical Proem.1*
"And then wbst'i"
"By a chemical process tnrn tbem
Into leather—yard* and rods of leather
—tbe same leather you see ln most of
the sboes advertised."
"But what chemicals would do It?"
atked Mr. 'Bowser after sitting for a
moment as If stunned.
"I'm still experimenting on that, but
I think tbat epsom salts and chloride
ot lime will do tbe trick. I figure that
1 can make the leather for about $10
an acre and sell It for a thousand. Aft
er the first year I msy sell out to tbt
leather trust Tbey are In the morket
for a good tblng. I should ask you to
come In wltb me. but you'll be busy
wltb your cattails."
"Woman, wbat-wbat Is this?" shouted Mr. Bowser as be stood up.
"And I think 1 mlgbt convert lemon
peels Into alligator skins." she went
on.   "Just tblnk how msny could be
of tbe table, wbose name I seem to be
unable to recall."
"Never mind me," said tbe silent
friend. "I'm Vol Popnll; I never talk
exeept wben I bave something to kick
about"—Chicago Tribune.
Out, For Thanksgiving.
Even If you are not getting
what you want be thsnkful that
you are not getting wbat yon de-
serve.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Honeymoon Lit,
She—And you say tbst you have always avoided blaming me. I'd like to
bave you mention one Instance.
He—Wltb pleasure. 1 remember rlgbt
after we were married 1 ale a pie you
baked, and when tbe doctor came I
told blm It was clams-Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
WHY, don't you remember th, tittle
square room?
•Twaa out In the "L"  where the
while locust, bloom
Dropped down on the shingles ,o snowy
an' so.', •
An' little boys aobbed all the ptasterln'
off        /
For skale, or (or somethin' that, likely as
Before   they'd   don,   teasln'   an'   coaxln'
tliey tot,
For where ls.th, parunts In Christendom
Partial f lltli, folks' aiyle o' complaint?
Th, dov, of peace her pinion, loosed
And softly sang this sad refrain:
"No matter now now high I roost,
• They'll gat m, with an aeroplane."
—Washington Stir.
Can't Keep From Harping on It.
Generally lhe trouble with a
man wbo does another n favor
is that ho enn't forget. It—Chicago Hecord-Horald.
Correcting Children  In Publio.
A bablt tbat parents have acquired
An* when i. com*. t,m. f git ready for I * «•« st reproving thdr mtl. .he. Ill
bed , public, eausing tbem endless mortlnca-
A llllle boy shadow climbed on up ahead. | |!on    There Is something very small
Kxcep' when he got the,, he'd growed up. ^ ^ .^ rf ^.^ ^ ^ | ^
He reached lo the pepper pods strung '•*  tutnlllatlon and pnln, and yet'tbere are
H..Md you'an' mocked you ...' tsggrt | *■*•* <* P"»«  *•*• *» « «
you about j times a day, meaning only tbe best for
Till you blowed both lho lamp an' the j |llolr   children.     Tbe   parent'a   sol*
An' all "then waa left was the atara shin-; thought ls, "I'll sbame my little on*
In'through  | n that be'll never do *uch aHhlng
Th, little bit, winder, an' bllnkln' at you!
on, broken
A Bad Advertisement.
again." forgetting wbat marks that
limine will leave on tbe child's character.
Every one haa met tbe mother wbo
Is continually nagging at her children.
For Instance, sbe will choose tbe opportunity to say to her little girl, when
Ibe room ls full of guests, "For good-
uess* sake, Betty, can't you sit up
itralght? Here's lost the wny you're
bunched over." Then a caricatured
Imitation of the child's drooping shoul-
It wasn't the best, but I'll bet y' tonight. I aers Is given. Or else lt Is, "Can't
With all of your worries an' aleepln' ao j you be still one tooment?" or "I never
saw sucb nn awkward child ln my,
■ life," each one of tbese remarks send-
in  winter 'twas anowy,  an
Would let In th, snow, an' In summer the
Would drip down tli, hoi, where the plaster was gone
Au' wan'n't so parllkler of what It dripped On
An' like enuff peck y' In the eye or ths
Until you was awimmln' In rain pretty
An' mother would scold, but your father
says, "Nol
A plenty o' rain helpa a little chap grow."
You stretch out your bones on your new* j
An' long (or Hie scent of the bloom over-! Ing a sbsrp sting to the -heart of the
head. I little girl, already »*lf conscious un-
you hark like etiuff for the drip o' lb* Ljer t)Je eyeg 0j t0 many people.   Yet
th. .tare through this is a most conscientious, devoted
Or look for a Right o'
the pane,
then 'fore you know, spite of worries
an' gloom,
You've dropped off lo Bleep In an old fashioned room!
-John O. Wella In Buffalo News.
Hairdresser's Wife-Had, Charley
etys please don't come Into tho saloon
for a bit
Dnd-And why uol, pray?
Hairdresser's Wife-1 ain't sine, but
1 think he's booking n big order fur his
new hnlr ttstoror.-Syduuy Ilullerlu.
Such I, * Literary Caretrl
Booth 'J'arkliigtoii was talking In Indianapolis about a novelist of
"highbrow" type, one of those halt
starved novelists whose reviews are
much more renin rLalile limn their sales.
"As tbls novelist shabby and cold,"
said Mr. Tarklngton, "was walking in
Fifth  avenue  one   wintry   afternoon
Once ln awhile one meets a mother
who realizes the pangs that bumllla-
'lon brings to children, and sbe dot*
.3 wise tblng. For Instance, such a
aiother does not send her mlschlevoua
son away from the table when there
sre guests present with a tharp reproof
the [ for misbehaviour. Bbe calls him pleas,
antly to her side, whispers to blm to
wait a few minutes, then to excuse
himself and go to bl* room. This
spares him the needless pain of public
exposure. Yon may be «nre that th*
son of such a mother wonld grow up
quite ns obedient ns the boy wilh the
parent,   and  tbe  flrst  boy
tbere glided past Ibe magnificent mo
torenr of a publisher who bad brought nagging  .
out one of the poor fellow's books at • : would have the perfect breeding whicli
heavy loss. j comes from constant association wltW
The publisher signaled to his chauffeur, the enr stopped, uud tbe novelist,
ln reply to a ware of Ibe millionaire's
hand, presenled himself nt the window
of Ibe car humbly
well bred people.
Johnny's Surmi,,.
"But, pa." whimpered Johnny, "tn.i'*'
spanked me already for belli' sassy lo
"Well, I'm going lo wuilop you for
It too," retorted Ills father. "And do
you know why?"
"Well," said Johnny, rc?o!v»d to pet
tbe greatest amount of nsih.rii'1'uniiiil
of a hopeless state of affairs, "1 guess
It's becuz what's sass for u*e goose Is
suss for tbe gander." |    ..Th„, n„H „ tttf) \a tbe rlgbt direc-
Whereupon pn laid It on Jnst a trlde   (loll ,-
Children's Manner,.
Good manners a*  well aa charity
tbould begin at home; therefore par-
"Tbe publisher, wrapped In furs, snid: j el,t, cannot begin too early to teach
" "There's  a  great  big  manuscript (belr children bow to talk and bow ts
nearly fulling uut of yonr hip pocket behave.
lf you weren't so well known'— ,   a child should say'"Yes, father,"
"Here lhe publisher removed Ihe su-; ",\0, Mrs. Blank," or "Thank you. Miss
perb Havana cigar from bis mouth and1 so-andso,"   never   "No,   sir,"   "Ye»,
laughed a loud, scornful laugh. j ma'am,"  or  merely   "Yes,"   "No"  oc
•••Ifyoii weren't so well known.' b*! •"j'bank  you."   The  latter forms of
repealed. 'I guess you'd have had your j ,peecb are used by servants only.
pocket picked.'"-Washington Slur.     !   a child sbould alwaya wait to be
—  -—- ispoken toby an older person.   He or
I day
"Dibbles started to church last "un- > ,|,„ should never Interrupt ln a convcr-
harder.—Harper's Weekly.
a hustling boy!"
"I dou't understand, by thunder,  I
He Catchea tht Point
And tben be caught tbe smile on  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Bowser's moutb, aud wben she
As Pops Said, Differently.
Neorly every man (eels Ibat bc
would be a great deal healthier
It he ouly bad some different
kind of a job.-l'uck.
was forced to laugh aloud be roared
"Insulted! Insulted and humiliated
In my own bouse! By the living lingo,
but this Is too much-too much!"
■'But those cattails! Tbose ostrich
"Mrs. Bowser. I leave lbe house! I
leave it never to euter It again!   No
Nothing Too Good.
"Captain." snld a wealthy pwengOf
who was nbout to tnke his lirst tilp
across lbe ocean. "I understand tbls
ship has got several wnler light coin-
pnrlments?"   "Yes. sir," was the reply.
"Captain." the passenger went on decidedly, "I want one o' those rcnipnit-
llvlng, breathing woman can mnke a i ments-dnn't cure what It Cutis."
fool of me!" —__-——
"Bot you know"- Wire, Tangled.
"Too late!   Too late.**" j   Thomas  A.   Edison   wus  accepting
And bo slumped down tin hnll and blandly u reporter's apology for an er-
was In sucb a hurry tu get outdoors ror In a quotation.
thnt he carried bis hat In bis hand und "Oh," Mr. Edison snld. "I nm rather
bis overcoat on bis unit. Ue did not j Well used to bclug misquoted. Electrical
go far or stay away long, however. | terms tire always confusing to tbe lay
He went over and told his ttory to the mind. No wonder. Llsleu to this."
druggist, and the man of bslrdyet end Here Mr. Edison drew a telegram
plasters soothingly snld: j from bis pocket
"Bowser, tbere Is Just one way you j   "1 got this telegram from sn assist-
can get nbeiid of that wile of yours."   a ant electrician this inoruing," be said.
"Mstcn."  And be rend:
A boy can hardly learn too early tbat
be should stand wben a womau oc
"True, tut unfortunately a step waa j y0Ung girl enters the room or comes to
ss for as ll went "-Birmingham 'Age- (t,0 dining table after be la seated.  All
Herald.   children, both boys and girls, should bs
  taught to stand  whenever tbey sr*
Teacher-How old would n person be  ,p0ten to by older persons.   No child
Ibis year who was born ln 1884V ' K|IOuld remain eeotcd wben older per-
Over rnphlsllcated Scholur-Was It  ,0Ilt „re standing In tbe group of whicb
a mnn or a womsnV-I.ipplncolt's Mag-  lbej ,re members.
To lose one's temper wltb a child la
ont of the greatest mistakes a parent
! can make. In a child's mind to lie
1 "mad" Is nsugbty; therefore when fa-
' iher or mother ls angry or irritable tbe
' child notices It and feels tbtt lf bis oc
' Iter parents can do this wby should
' Ibey seoid the child for the very eamo
fault? Example means everything to
a child; therefore If you  want yonr
 child not oaly to be good nnd clever,
Invading the Emmy's Country.       l)Ut t0 ^ive good manners and lo laik
"in pursuance of a plnu I bare had  ffa(|   rcml,mher vou parents set Uie
In mlud  (or some  time."  announced
Mi' wire nnds fault wilh my shoes,
My wife And, fault wilh my tie,
My wife llnds fault with my vlewi,
And 1 find fault with her pie.
My wife nnds fault with my clothes,
My wife finds fault wilh my size.
My wife finds fault with my nose,
Uut 1 find (aull Willi Imr pies.
- [lu.lulu Elpreis.
"Get admitted to an Idiot asylum."
True to Perm.
Tbe Anonymous Correspondents were
holding a reunion.
Veritas bad told a tlsb story.
Fair I'iay bad sung a comic song tliat
he knew one of tbe otners was Intending to sing.
Justitla bad occupied twice tb* time
that had been allotted to blm.
Pro Bono Publico had made a speech
•dvocatlog a wide open town.
.'Index bad been called a liar and
bad not resented It
Pax Vobltcum bad raised ■ fuss because tbe cigars were bv* centers.
"Gentlemen," spoke lb* toastmister.
"I sbould like to bear a few words
from our silent friend on tbe other side
Wire wltb no outside outside. Put
Inside wire outside und outside Inside.
Need more outside for Inside.'"-
Not r. Contemporary.
Tbat was u grand Idea of Joe Weber
•nd Uw Fields to get tbelr old company together as nearly as possible.
But there I* inch u tblng •• carrying
realism too far. One dny Weber wa*
■canning tbe chorus or lhe new show.
"Wbore'd yon get that grand old
lady, Bill?" he asked of William Raymond Bill, pointing to one girl who
■bould hate been nt home rocking Iter
youngest grandchild to Bleep.
"A newtpsper man asked me lo place
her," Mid Sill.
"Whit newspaper mnn?" asked Web- j
tr.    "norace Greeley?" - Cincinnati
Pastor GootlsolO ut the close of his sermon, "I huve rented n smnll room In
an apartment house lu n fashionable
neighborhood and expect to open u
mission Sunday school there ou tht
first Sunday In May. I don't know,
brethren, where the children wbo at-
leud It are to come from, if. Indeed,
tny children nllend It at all, but It
will be there ell summer and may be
regarded oltlur ns on opportunity or
as n reproach. Wo will now slug our
closing li.vmn."-Clilcngo Tribune.
example In all.
Nightrobe For Baby.
It Is esscullnl that infants nnd small
Children should be well protected at
nlgbt. ns tliey are very apt to kick (lie
bed covering off, sometimes Willi serious results lu tlio wny of croup and
Therefore, It is best to provide your
young children with long nightrobet
iuado of Uuunelotte or soft, llllu llllB*
nel tbat completely cover their little
l    Make  the  robe  or gown   perfectly
! plain ond hnve It button In front
j    Tbe  bnck   wjdih   Is  cut  about  six
Inches longer than tbe front nnd fin
ished with n de*cp hem In which but-
Th* Third Ptrson.
I know a mon, accounted wise.
Who Ihlnkl himself on ancient inaso
Of muakct.   Ilreakfaat (ood supplies
Ills powder and a Hamburg ateak
The bullet, while a flannel cake
Actt aa the wadding.   Then away
He ahoots (or all that Aghtlng day-
Shoola to his car. ahoola to Ills work,
Bhools bere, ahoola there,
Shoots everywhere
A dollar may be thought to lark:
Shoots out lo luncheon, shoots to drink,' IlmllS.
Bhools home at nlaht loo tired to think. |    'Jibe sleeves n( the gown nre msde
Shoots llirouih the newa and, apent at   p|,|)(| nn(j  |ot)g enough  to cover tb*
{ bands.
.   Above the hinds * little casing It
placed and a drawstring or ribbon
1 serves to close the sleeve like the top
I of a bag, thu* keeping little bands
sous and warm
tonholes nre worked.   Finish lbe front
] breadth wilh a hem and sew ou flat
buttons, (hen when baby goes to sleep
button the gown over at the bottom
■ so be cunnot possibly uncover bis lltli.
Drops, thankful that the day I, past.
For til thli stress from dawn to sleep
He gets his victuals, clothes tnd keep
Ho. ho!  A foolish man Is lie—
And very mucb llko you ond tne. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
W. H. M. May, inspector ot
schools, was in town on Monday and
Tuesday in answer to the request of
residents at tbe head ol Smelter
lake for a school in their vicinity.
It is possible that a school will be
established there under the name
"Haliday." While in town Mr.
May undertook to define the new
school district of Berrydale, on Deep
creek, which established this spring.
W. ,1. Mclntyre and Gaston Le'
Hiiitiie requime returned on Wed
nesday from a three days' hunting
trip to Lynch creek They say
game is plentiful in that section.
Evidently they left their ammunition at home, because they returned
empty handed. They were too
honest to make a bluff by purchasing a few birds and deer from othtr
sportsmen on their to the city.
Peter A. Z. Pare now feels confident tbat hs will finish clearing his
twenty acres of land next summer.
It ie about six years since he started on this work, and he intend to
take it easy when it is completed.
If every many now living had
cleared ae much land, the next generation would have to make a very
close search for hard work to do.
There ars twenty-five men and
five teams are now at work on the
Grand Forks-Phoenix wagon road.
The work so far has been of a very
heavy nature, necessitating a liberal
uae of powder. Joseph Darragh,
who is in charge of the work, thinks
tbe road will reach the Canadian
Pacific railway crossing at Oro Denoro in about a month.
poBt  office   will   be completed in
about two weeks.
Last Wednesday ended the midweek half holiday season during
the prdlent year.
Tbe Sun's new heading, printed
for the first time in this issue, was
designed by T. P. O'Farrel.l of tbis
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
sireet, Orand Forks.
Valuable Maps
The Sun has received ten ne*v
maps of British Columbia districts
from the office of tbe surveyor-
general. They have recently been
compiled by the department, and
include maps of the province, the
northern interior of Vancouver
island, pre-emption maps of the
Nechaco and Fort George-Quesnelle
districts, sheets ol Nelson and Rossland, a map of southwestern British
Columbia, and one of the west coast
of Vancouver island. The preemption maps of the Nechaco nnd
Fort George Queanelle districts are
particularly valuable at tbis time.
Any of The Sun readers interested
in that section of tbe province are
invited to call and examine them.
The citizens' meeting in the city hall
on Monday night wss well attended.
Fred Clark presided. The Doukhobor situation was discussed generally, and arrangements were made
to procure a list of witnesses to testify at Bitting of the commission
here next week.
Have your commercial printing
done st Tbe Sun office if you wish
your stationery to possess the necessary talking qualities. We bave
every facility to do high grade work
at metropolitan prices.
J. A. McCallum, purchased the
steel works at the tax sale last week.
Mr. McCallum has nnt yet decided
whether to convert the building into
an incubator factory or a dance
The C P. R. section houae near
the stock yards in the West end is
heing moved farther in order to
make room for additional sidetracks.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for tbe week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,049      839,811
Mother Lode  6.241     337,839
Rawhide  6,012     158,187
Jackpot            12,237
Athelstan  340
Emma         4,901
Napoleon      342 6,878
Lone Star  2,022
Others      340       10,440
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 24,900     920,435
B. C. Copper Co...12,681     460,986
Wm. Farmer is making good progress on the construction of his
double residence nssr the Hotel Pacific in the West end.
Bricklaying haa been started on
W. K. 0. Manly's and the Boundary Trust A Invsstment company's
The residence of George L. Elkins, in Phoenix, was destroyed by
fire last week.
The  walls  of the new $45,000
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy nnd Royal
College of Music.    .
■gfe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuitS tO  Order   118 Upwards
1 Wo are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
E. Massie. tbe Reliable Tailor
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
P. O. .OX 13SS 44. SEYMOUN »T.
Me«»_. Crowley Bros.. Matiohe.ter, Eng.
■•ken of Gal Producer Plonte and Oil
Knglniaifor general power or elettrlcEtl
llftlitlug purposes.
Mann. Dtok, Kerr A Co., Ltd., Prsiton,
hnttlaiid. Equipment for Minei and Contractor) Light Locomotives (tlaiaaa and
electrical), etc.
Starling Telephone Co., portable ihot-
flrlng machlneafor mitten, contractors
proipmtors. The best on tha market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Uaiieratoi, Electrical Supplier-
Elwtrloal Heating   and Cooking  Apnara
tm, Storage Battarlai, ate.
Tour enquiries will receive our prompt
attention. Write for information.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Sept. il).—Silver 61J.
standard copper, $17.25(it 17.50,
London, Sept. 19.—Silver, 28j;
lead, _ei6 10b.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Sept.  19.—The   follow
ing are today's opening quotations foi-
the stocks men tuned:
Rid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       5.*>5     5.75
(Published Annually)
Knalale- traders tliroiiehoiit the world to
communicate direct with English
in each class of gondii. Besides bailiff a com-
pla-te commercial guide taa London and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
with the Uoode they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under tha Forts to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merohants, etc.. In
the principal provincial towns »■"! Industrial
centres of tha United Kingdom
A oopy of the ourrant edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on reeelpt of Postal
Order lor 20.,
Dealen seeking Agencies ean advertise
their trade cards lor II, or larger advertise-
inents from £3.
25, Abchuroh Lane, landon, E.C,
Dr*} four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
ft. GALLOWAY. JS... couiMMA P. o.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style "
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement*,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars antl Placards,
Rills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
V.1WLF nVlUlU-IU   »„ advertisement, and
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best, Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
GUje 8>mt pint $tmp
Downey's Cigar Store
A (lourliti Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freeh Oonilgnment ol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice  Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaeor Hani nr ■ Speeln2 jr.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or (.handy Hotki.,
First Struct.
Trade Mark*
Antone renlltll t sketch and dwcrtptl.fln net
rralcklv ascertain onr opinion free wtitailicr en
Intention Ufcrobebirpa^MtLv^ur-morak'.
none«n*lr<»n_k..aH--OHOWO« on Mail
Scientific nmnm*
A Uendeowelr fflwmfrj trooUr, Lenjeatctr-
—ilal loo at ml sclent ISO Journal.   Term* for
aU,p.7fireer.poeuoprepaid.  Bolder
Landlord's Laugh
He hu no more um for hi*
"To Let" *lfn.
He u«ed our CUttlfled Want
Ad*, and found a food tenant.
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A reliable French refulstor; never tails. These
pllle are eueedlngly powerful In rejulatlni the
■ aaeratlre portion ot the lemale system. Rehire
alUheep Imitation. JMIWI am told at
Ita box,or three lor lift. Mailed to any addreti.
rl_-»»oil>eUDr»« Co-»«, CnthnrU.ee, Ont.


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