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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 26, 1913

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 Kettle YallamPtShardist
$1.00 PER YEA
SlrSj. _S3
ism, wbich is an epidemic dancing
mania,accompanied with wild gesticulations, is frequently tbe result of j
people having been bitten by this
animal.   This fact may account for
Grand Forks Institute Elects **•« *^*-»f «■«' "■»■<> Pe°p'e in Grand KettleValley Bailway Wants
Officers for the Ensuing Year
The Question of Importing
Stock Discussed and
Aotion Taken
Folks, as well as nearly all teachers
of the modern dance, bave at one
time or snother been bitten by a
A well attended meeting of the
Orand Forks Farmers' institute was
held on Tuesday .afternoon at 3
o'clock in the city hall. Quite a representative g»tht.rin_! wis pri-ient,
and many interesting subjects were
dealt witb, the most important heifig
the following:
A resolution requesting the government to seeure the services of
an expert lecturer on -"On-operative'
Methods of Distribution and Buying for the Farmers;"! government
loans tn farmers st long terms, and
i at a low rate of interest, for improv-
lDg land and clearing tbejeame; orop
eompatitiene.        ,'■   /      .
%\ tt Ifc proposed to pttoMae a, car-
load of cows tor the local farmereat
an early date, .AJljefls)"
to>tn in this pfojfetM
In tbeir names at once to JBeoreUry
'■Hfiieitm.;..,. :■- '->* *-.
Matters in connaetion -with lis
-coating apple peeking school were
also discu.-sed. It ia urgently re
quested tbst all parties wishing to
take a course of instruction should
make application as soon as possi
ble. Fifteen names sre required in
order to seeure tbe school.
An excellent paper was read by
Mr. Rohmann, the provincial gov
ernment hutic It iri t no v r siding
bere. Mr. Rubmann's subject dealt
witb tbe benefits to be obtained
from diversified farming. He proved
the many advantages accruing to
tbose who bred poultry snd cattle,
as well as raised fruits and vegetables. One section, be said, assisted
tbe other. *   -
Tbe annual financial statement
was read, and it showed that the institute is in a healthy financial condition. The statement was audited
by a special auditing committee.
Tbe annual election of officers resulted ss follows: President, C. C.
Heaven; vice-president, Robert
Mann; secretary-treasurer, Walter
E Hadden; directors, Ernest F.
Laws, James Rooke, J. T. Lawrence, Cbss. Hesse, E W, Stuart,
H. F. Broad. Mr. Heaven was slso
elected as delegate to attend the animal convention of tbe farmers' institute, whioh will be held in Vic-
toria at the end 6f January, 1914.
Ten men labored hard on Wed
nesiay to raise the flagpole oh'
the~federal government building
blink. The pole, which is cedar,
it ninety feet-high, inessures twenty-
lour inches at lh« has** snd nine
inches al the top and is surmounted
liy a cupper " hall, lt., recently' n-
habited ttie North Fork country.
-Also Wishes to   Build
Branch Line to Aspen
Mies Edith C. Hadden, teacher in
the tbird grade, gave the pupils of
her classroom a social evening in the
Davis hall on Saturday last from
to 10 o'clook All the parents were
invited. A lenghthy program had
been prepared, and those privileged
to be present report that a very enjoyable and memorable evening waa
Special Christmas services will be
be|d again iu the Baptist church
next Sun y morning and evening,
Theme for 11 a.m. nervine, "The
Guiding Star," iiltiHtmt-d by a
blackboard sketch for the boys and
:Ti8» - -|^;.-iu;i-Trt»_»i^i: *HW*i«*
-"iii !*^^^*t'^^^^*^'.,'t''--.-1___
aa answeredby- Jesus himself in hta
own work and word.
j.. fl. Byle^ toft jtn». toeedaj. io
spend the Christmss holidays witb
hia family at Queen's Bay, B. C.
Was Reorganized ThisWeek
and a Schedule of Games
The Boundary Intermediate
Hockey league held a re organization meeting in Greenwood on Wednesday night Phosnix «as represented, by C. J. Davidson and T. R.
Clark, Greenwood by A. N. Mowat
and E. W. Marentette, "and Grand
The Construction Time
Limit Extended
\ti Ol.l.«W'i.disoiti!h -t*v» 'hat the
Kettle Valley Hitilway company
will apply for an extension of lime
for construction, -duo for the right to
build a branch line from Otter Sum-
out, hy the most feasible route, to
the Aspen Grove mineral distriut, a
distance not exceeding thirty miles.
Public School txaminations
The following are the names of pupils in order of merit as determined
by school work or examinations for
November and December:
Principal's Class—Rennie Keron,
Edith Bsrlow, Marie Frits, Ronald
Tra Pauline Sloan, Ulrio Metis!
Jtiafc, Avif
gomery.   Dean
ne Davis, Myrtle Spraggett ant
Gladys Ardiel equal, Emma Neeoj^
ham, Harold MatB.e, Ester :Leraeh»
Frank Hartinger, Alice Spraggelt,
Hilda Hood, Grace Redpath, Elvera.
Walker; Maudie Peckham, Arthur
Gilpin, Joyce McLeod and Ivia
Michener equal, Quentin Quinlivan,
Robert Hoimg£* Archie Symes,
Hugb Wells, Raymond Quinlivan
and Amy Frankovich equal, Ralph
Gill, Margaret Mcllwaine, Maude
Reburn, Stanley Massie, Ludwig
Frankovich, Vera Redpath, Marie
Division II—Fred Dempsey, Ida
DeCew, Heath Hales, Catherine
Stafford, Mildred Meikle, Gordon
Fulkerson, Lawrence Holmes, De-
maris Ryan, Willard Shaw, - Harry
Atwood, Agnes Stafford, Herbert
Dinsmore, Walter Peterson. Hatlie
Vera Donaldson, Muriel Spraggett,
Cecelia Lyden, Gwendolyn Humphries, Helen Massie, Anna Anderson, Amy Murray, Lizzena Irving,
Ewiug McCallum, Vernon Smith,
Robert O'Connell, Francis Fritz,
Margaret Michener, Gordon Murray
Lottie Peterson, Alfred Downey,
Qrenda Humphreys, Olivine Galipeau, Geora Lemaster, Vernon Forrester, Vepon Siddell, Ray Forres-
tor, HgjKlr King, Emery Todd,
HarJjpfair, Helen Wassholes, Jennie Miller, Bernice Kennedy.
Division V—Davis Burdon, Dorothy Jacobsen,Amy Heaven,Zoe Kirk,
Ambrose McKinnon, Helen Campbell, Hamld Hood.Careua Harkness
Peter .Miller, Julia Diwuey, Thelma
Turnliull, Ronald, McDonald, Isa-
btlle Glaspell, Amelia JViseman,
Morris Benson, Phyllis Atwood,
Florence Mclntyre, Richard Stacy,
Tony Hudoklin, George Meikle,
Ted*fc Cpoper, Norma Ericuon,
WaMK&rsen, Antoinette Schliehe,
Alice Oitijipeau, Edward Potentier,
Aleeta msbols, 8am Ericaon, Glory
Morrison,'"Christopher Pell, Annie
Crosby, Marie McElhot, Fred Wise,
man, Naoiirt Donald, Joseph Rowlandson, Thomas McRUiot,. Harry
Jones, Gertrude Krischke, \leanette
Reburn, Harry Kelliher.
;; Division VI—Denis   O'Connor,
ist and   Presbyterian
Sunday Schools Hold
Largely Attended and All
Had a Very Good
mi _.___.. ■•__, u . Bloise., Stafford, Lendte. Cronant,
m_ Gallowa/, B»**t* ggj^-.garrison, eA Painton,
jhi^oat^meryjSlrry Steele,
Helen Simj-soo, Gsorgs Hodgson,
Margaret Fowler, Howard DeCew,
Bather Anderson.Nellie Mills, Boyd
Nichols, Randolph Davis, Alice
Byao, Cbarlie Cooper, May Crosby,
Tennis Barlee, Grsoe Wiseman,
Amy Peckham, Willie Sprintba.ll,
Robert Tryon, Mary Miller, Raid
McKie, Peter Peterson, Guner Lind-
gren, Frances Latham, Jack Bra.u.
George Brown,MargeryKeron,Ernest
baker, Ellen Harkness, William
Lam, Emma Irving,
Division VII—Harold King, Jo
eeph Grenier, Cecelia Crosby, Issbe)
Bowen, Arthur Wallace, Charles
Bishop, Blanch Kennedy, James
Needham, Oswald Walker, Douglas
Barlow,Clara Brunner.Orville Baker
Gladys Dimmitt; Zella Walker, Mary
Errett and David McDonald equal;
Louise Lavigueur, Ray Brown, Bcu
The Sunday school entertainment
in the Baptist church lanl Tuesday
evening was a most enjoyable affair.
Some two hundred folks and their
friends sat down to a sumptuous
Christmas sorial supper, provided
by tbe lady workers, in the schoolroom, and a houseful, inluding
later arrivals, met in the audience
room of the churcb for the nfter
program ' by the members of the
school. The various Christmas
carols, dialogues and recitations by
the boys and girls reflected much
credit on themselves and those wbo
trained tbem. Father Santa Claus
waB exposed in some of tbe items of
tbe program as io bis real personality 'ind strange ways; and at the
close, fc old gentleman appealed
ly, aaa. attend D_f **r *****'■- **•
white,"got io-touch witb tbe Christ-
tnks tree, to the delight of the juveniles. Tbe place waa beautifully
decorated with evergreens, .hells,
bunting, etc., and everybody bad a
good time. A. S. Matheson, tbe su-
perinledent Of the school, conducted
the exercises of the evening-
Forks  by proxies.   The fo lowing son, Blair Cochrane.Helen Peterson,
Gaw, Laurens Nichols, Adolf Peterson, Muriel Redpath, Alexis Fulker-Ilalj Stewart, Angus McDonsId, Wil-
With a recent shipment of bananas Jeff Davis & Co. received a
full-grown tarantula, wbich is now
ootnfortably boused in a glass jar for
the inspection. Thev animal, or insect, came gratis with the fruit, and
ita only excuse to the firm wss a
slightly Increased freight bill, The
tarantula . -hgotyjk to tbe apider
family. »nd is a native oi Italy and
tropical America. Its bite is pain-1
ful but not necessarily fatal. Tarant
are the officers: Honorary presidents, Dr. Stone, E Miller and J.
E. Thompson; president, W. G Ken.
nedy, of Greenwood; vice president,
C.J Davidson, of Phoenix; second
vice-president. A. Baumgsrtner, of
Grand Forks; secretary treasurer, A
N. Mowat, of Greenwood. The
league adopted the Boundary-
Kootensy association hockey rules,
witb the exception nf substituting a
man only in case of injury. An effort will be made to make the Inter-
Edith Larsen, Wilfred Holmes,
Chads Krischke, Ahram Mooyboer,
Uvo Wells, Reginald Hull, Holger
Petersen. Merle Herr, James Lyden,
George Cooper, Violet Walker,
Thomas Reburn, Stanley Murray,
William Meikle, Jobn Herr, Earl
Keeling, Lillian Kelliher.
Division ill—Sarah McCallum,
Earl King, Kathleen, O'Connor,
Margaret Graham, Glenn Sampson,
Ruby Keeling, Gladys Latham,
Gwennie   Mcllwaine,  Joe  Beran,
ing is tbs schedule:
Jan. 6—Phoenix at Greenwood.
12—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
16—Green«ood.at Grind Forks.
20—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
23—Grsnd Forks at Greenwood,
29—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
5—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
10—Greenwood st Grand Forks.
lfi—Pboenix at Grand Forks.
19—Grsnd Forks at Greenwood.
24—Greenwood at Pboenix,
liam Nelson, Wesley Todd, Nick
Switlichnoff, Grace Green, Pryce
Jones, Kern Williams, Coryl Cump
bell, Alberta McLeod.
Division VIII. Second Primer—
Thelma Hutton, Lee Sun, Renwick
Williams, Raymond Harris, Flora
McDonald, Margaret McElliott, Le-
ona U'Ren, Frinces U'Ren, Willie
Switlichnoff, Lilian Hull, Grace Graham, Leo Mills, Dorothy Meikle,
Reggie Heaven, Gladys Armson,
Kutb Eureby, Hsrold Quinlivsn,
Willie Ruhmsnn, Msry Beran, Alfonso Galipeau, Lawrence McKin
non, Mary Wibmer, Johanna Lam,
Margaret Bruno, Dorothy Schliehe,
First Primer, A Class—Veryl Steeves
Harry Druytryk, Alice Peterson,
Llewellyn Humphrey, Willie Smith,
Lizzie Gordon, Fred Cooper, Lewis
| Pell, Lorelta Lyden, Fritz Schliehe,' Waldon, Connie Burdon, Vera
I Thelma Walker, Ethel Wright, Lyden, Earl Stewart, Nellie Allen,
Aurena Barnum, Garibaldi Bruno, James Pell, Ethel Wiseman, Adri-
Clarence Crosby. anne Lam.   First Primer, B CIsps—
i Division IV—Hope Williams, Annie Crosby, Pearl Brau, Geneva
Gladys Hashleigh, Bessie Harrison, Jones, Helen O'Connell, Evelyn
Ruby Tryon, Donald Laws, Bernard Stafford, Jeff Ryan, Kenneth Mur-
Crosby.Mabel Steeie,Wilfred Brown, ray, Dorothy Latham, Lola Baker,
Frank Verzub, Edith Coryell, Lily John Lane, Harry Stacey.
Ardiel, Rosa Petersen, Earl Kelliher     Division IX,A Class-Chow Fung, mie.
mediates a strictly amateur league, Frances Sloan, Mary Cooper, Laura
and the players In the senior tesms Allen, Ethel Jacobsen, Anna Beran,
will not;be recognized.' ?H.an inter- j Ted Dempsey, Susie Brown, Fred
mediate plays more thsn twice with Barlee, Mnrrel Galloway, Mildred
the seniors during a sesson he will Hutton, Roy Kennedy, Harvey
be considered a senior.   The follow- Holden, Eddie Mcllwaine,Engeman
j Jacobsen,   Dorothy   Burns,   Viola
The Christmss tree entertainment
of the Knox Presbyterian church
Sunday school wss held in the
opera bouse on Monday night.
There wss a large attendance, Ihe
house being crowded from the time
tbe program commenced until Ssnla
Claus made his appearance. A long
program of eongs,recitations,comedy
sketches aod tableaux wss creditably "carried out. The work nf the
little performers reflected credit on
those who had trained Ihem. The
Christmas tree, which was beautifully
illuminated, occupied a position at
lhe side ofthe stage, and was loaded
with fruits and candies. Eacb one
of the members got a present.
The Christmss tree entertainment
of Holy Trinity Sunday school will
be held in the perish hsll in xt 1 mutiny evening.
Anita Jucobsen, Hardy Griswold,
Lulu Harkne**_.,Clarence Donaldson,
Kenneth Campbell, Frank Worden,
Myrtle Dimmitt, Gunnar Halle,
Clare U'Ren, John Peterson, Jobn
de Visser, Alva Taylor, Lillian
Brown, Joseph Jepp, Herbert Heaven, Maye Farmer, Elsa Morelln,
Irene Montgomery,Begins Frechette
Fred Galipeau. B Class—Irene
Frankovich, Lloyd Quinlivan.Teddy
Caron, Jennie Allen, Stuart Ross,
Fiances Stafford, Ethel Millar,
Vivian MacLeod, Elsie Nelson,
Emily Penrose, Clarence Liddicoat,
Ruby Eyre, Adeline McElliott, Annie Marovich. C Class—Grace Brnu,
Doris Kennedy, Fern Sheeley,Charlie
Shannon, Nora Harris, John Blm-
kins, Peter Swillichnoff, Ruth Lnr- TIIE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
You will find relief h Zam Bilk!
It eases lhe burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, wttb Zam-
Buk, means euro. Wby not prove
th||?  -*U Vrttgtrut* ami Store*.-
a m b u k
—row AiX t
Low Temperature Artificially Created
Haa Done World flood
Most ot us know a lot about hot
air. but the valuable uses to wbioh
air reduced to such deadly temperature as 400 and more degrees below
sero may be put ls by no means so
generally understood. Moat people
think of refrigeration chiefly as a
means ot making artificial Ice and
preserving food. The international
congress of refrigeration which met
In Chicago has taught us to what an
extent refrigeration enters into science, Industry and the useful arts. It
ls not only a vital factor in the food
supply ot tbo nation, aa waa pointed
ont by Professor Scrlbner, ln charge
of the government exhibit. It Is also
claimed for it that of all the modern
utilities lt Is tbe greatest. It ls used
In the manufacture of many ot tbe necessaries of life. It bas, tb cite convincing figures, come to play such an
Important part ln tbo Industrial world
alone that over a billion dollars tn Industries depending upon abnormal
as well as normal artificially created
Delegates from all over the entire
world have been making tbese facts
clear during tbe past few days. . Aa
to the use of refrigeration ln chemistry, for instance Dr. Kammerllngh On-
see has told of tbe liquefaction of gas
tt a temperature of 426 degrees below
rei'o, or within two degrees ot absolute zero, ln which aimoat Inconceiv-
able temperatures the Composition of
stoms may, he asserts, be determined. The pertlnaey of the time-worn
Jest about steam laundries bids fair
to pass away, thanks to refrigeration,
tor It bas been discovered that starched linen Ironed ln, a cold temperature
does not crack or fray and lasts longer. Refrigeration bas proved Invaluable In the paper-making Industry. It
helps to preserve apple seeds, seed
potatoes and grains. It ls useful ln
curing or preventing tropical disease,
snd in some cases the ravages of hay
fever have yielded to Its beneficent
Its uae in making artificial Ice la
more generally known, but not the
figures which tell the tale ot the extent ot this industry. Tliere are 3,-
MO ice manufacturing plants In the
United States alone, with a capacity
of between eighteen and twenty million tons of Ice a year. Capital invested ln this one industry Is estimated to amount to $160,000,000.
Altogether the showing ot the uses
to which sub-freezing temperature artificially created may be put ls a remarkable one. They have already
made us independent of many conditions before which man' was once
lelpless and the development of their
ise promises to bring within our reach
still greater stores of highly useful
uid profitable knowledge.
accomplish their purpose _
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing doses are not
3jc. a box at your
Druggist's! m,
. KMkultnstaSCkaslctl _
Came Off in Scales. Itched Badly.
Had to Tie Hands. Little Watery
Pimples. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Completely Cured.
1,107 Davcnporl Road, Toronto, Ont.—
*-.\l. ecu-nut lirst started when I was a
baby, on my faro sod scalp, ltscomoddry
anil when I wrateliwl it. It eamo off In x-oles.
It Itched very badly anil I was olillgrtl to
havo ray bands il.il up so as to prevent
nrralclilurt my face, l.lltlo while watery
lihnplrs como on iuy hands and face and I
liad to slay homo from school for nearly two
woolts, It causetl my face and hands to
look badly. Tho eczema took a very bad
fenn, appeartng on my faco In llttlo watery
ulcers si> bad that I could hardly bear to lie
lout-lied. My hair twins naturally very
t lilrk 1 found to be getting thinner and wondered what coultlc*tuo It to fall out.
"My mother tried and ——— and
•pent no end of money trying to get mo better but Iti did no good. AM-ist» friend recommend, il Cutlrura Soap and Olnt ment and
tny mother used tliem. M* applied tee
Cuticura Ointment to my face, head and
hands and washed with tho Cutlcum Boap
and tho ectema began to disappear. Before
six months bad passed I was completely
cured." (Signed) Mia Constance Jane,
May 20.1013.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do so much
for pimples, blackheads, red, rough skins,
Itching, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
fulling hair, chapped bands and shapclau
nails, tliat It la almost criminal not to use
them. A single sot la often sufficient. Cutl-
rtira Soap and Cutlcum Ointment on sold
by druniiUts and dealers everywhere. Pur
a liberal free aample of each, with 32-p.
book, sond post-card to Pott.* Drug *
Gbea. Corp., Dspt.D, Boston, V.S. A.      '
• W. N. U. S76
There were old friends come to
dlnifer, and as tbere would be a lot
to talk about father decided that lt
would be wlae to bribe his little son
Tommy not to talk. So he showed
his youthful offspring a sixpenny bit,
and Intimated to him that tt would be
his after dinner lt he did not speak
once during the meal.
All went well for a time, then, Just,
aa one ot the guests was in the midst
of an exciting narrative, Tommy
plucked his father's sleeve. Father
shook his head, Ignoring his son's agonised look. Oh, father-
Silence, Tom!
The boy looked towards his mother,
but she only smiled, and the guest
went on. When be had, finished Tommy burst out again:
Mightn't I speak a halfpennyworth,
A roar ot laughter followed aud
father went on with hie dinner. Tben
someone said. Speak out Tom, I'll pay
the halfpenny for you!
The boyahook his head soirowf ully.
It's too lafe now, he eald. There was
a - catterpUlar among father's peas,
hut he's eaten lt now.
To keep the baby healthy his little
stomaoh should be kept sweet and
bis bowels workln. regularly. Nine-
tenths of the maladies which afflict
little ones are caused by some derangement of the atomach or bowels.
Baby's Own Ttablets are the ideal
medicine tor little ones. They sweeten the stomach; regulate the bowels;
break up colda; make teething easy;
dispel worms and ouro constipation
and indigestion. Concerning them Mrs.
8. Shannon, Urney, N.B., says: "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets tor
my two little ones ana think tbey
are just what children need. I would
not be without them." Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 25c.
a box from Tht Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
» ——-——^—
An Optimist'
Sammy waa not prone to overexertion-in the classroom; therefore his
motner waa both surprised and delighted when he came bome ono noon
with the announcement*. I got loo
tbla morning.
That's lovely, Sammy, exclaimed
ms proud mother.  What waa lt in?
Fifty ln reading and 60 In arithmetic, waa Sammy's reply.
A man with unusual ideas opened
a boarding bouse at Saranac Lake,
and advertised it as a winter resort.
A guest went up there and after a
brief sojourn packet", up, paid bis hill
and said:
How can you have the nerve to advertise this place as a winter resort
when the thermometer for the past
week has registered 8 belbw?
The landlord looked aggrieved.
Well, that's winter, ain't It? he exclaimed. If 8 below ain't winter I'd
like to know wbat is!
Tha Last Heps
Scene: Far out at sea; stateroom
on board a huge transatlantic liner
which ls being tossed about like a
cork in a rough sea.
The Bootlace King, a famous Yankee multimillionaire (clinging despairingly to the side of his bunk:
Steward!  Steward!
Yes, sir.
I understand th.s ship has watertight compartments?
Yes sir.
Then tell the captain I muat have
one Immediately. I don't care what
it costs!
At a certain meeting in an outoflhe
way town the only attendants were
one little chairman and a cltlten of
large stature. The chairman had
some resolutions to pass which began
by representing that they were presented to a large and respectable gathering of voters.
Hold on, cried the other man, we
can't paas that, for ll ain't true. It
ain't a large and respectable meeting
There's only two ot us.
You keep still, commanded the wily
chairman; It's nil right, for you are
large and. I am respectable. You Just
keep still.
8o the resolutions were passed without further demur.
Family Ties
A rather vulgar foreign personage,
only a tew months a marquis, managed to get hhnBelf invited to a
Court ball. Tbe new-fledged marquis
could not contain himself for Joy and
exhaled proud eatiafactlon at every
pore. '
Glancing around tbe room he
chanced fo spy the tall, angular figure
of an elderly matron, with pressed
Ups, as though afraid ot wasting her
breath, and as lean as a lath. She
was taking the arm of a young gentleman.
Wbo is that nanny-goat? Baid tbe
noble lord to a gentleman standing
beside him.
With a knowing smile came the
That nanny-goat is the Duchess of
—-, the mother of the kid who Is
giving her his arm, and the wife ot
the old buck who has the honor of
speaking with your Excellency.
The' mistress came downstairs und
tried tlle door ot the sitting-room, only
to find tt locked against her, while the
key, whicli was usually ln tbe lock,
was missing.
Bridget, I can't get Into tbe sitting
room, she crledr
Shure, It's meself knows that; an'
ye won't fur I hev tb' kay In my
Open the door immediately.
Will yez go ln if I do?
Certainly I will.
Then yez won't get tho kay.
Open the dijor, 1 say. Wbat do you
Shure, It's by your own orders. Just
yesterday ye said: Don't let me come
downstairs In the morning an see
any dust on the sitting-room furniture. So I Just puis the kay in nie
pocket, gn' says' I, then she shant!
How Indeed?
King Lear is a grent character, remarked the friend.
Yes, answered tbo ttclor. I suppose you remember my performance
last season?
No. I must confess 1 have never
seen you in the part.
Indeed! was thc rejoinder In a tone
ot gent|c surprise. Then how on
earth did you know It was a groat
Either tho husband or wife generally looks sad five years after marriage
—or perhaps both.
It Isn't the sort ot thing you tlo
that count so much as sticking to It.
Mr. B. C. David, of Cornwallls, N.S.,
saya*"About a year ago, I was suffering so much with a dreadful Lame
Back and Hips, that I could not Btand
up straight. I was infurmed by a
friend aboil* OIN PILLS. I got a
box.. It helped me immediately, I
have taken about twelve boxes snd
the pains ln my back and hips are all
gone; I eannot speak too highly ot
your OIN PILLS."
BOo a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free lf
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co., of Canada, LImlteu, Toronto. 214
Mrs. Newlywed—Why, yes, I will
take care of your aog while you are
Mrs. Jones—Thank you so much—
and be c*.reful of him. won't you?—
never give him any of your cooking
without first trying It on vour bus-
Now, little boys, said a Sunday
Bchool tescl :r as she beamed at tbe
little facea before her, what lesson
can we learn trom the busy 'teel
I know, said Tommy.
Yes, Tommy, said the kindly faced
young woman, and what ls lt?
Promptly said Tommy: Not Ss get
And Studies at Night an Grape-Nuts
Soms of tbs world's great men have
worked during the day and studied
evenings to fit them.o./es for greater
things. But It requires a good constitution generally to do tills.
A man waa ablo to keep ,. up with
ease after ha had learned the sustaining power ot Grape-Nuts although
ho had failed to health before
changed his tood supply.    He says:
Three years ago I had a severe attack of stomach trouble wblob left
me unable to eat anything but bread
and water.
The nervoua strain at my office
trom 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Improper
foods caused my health to fail rapidly. Cereal and so-called 'Foods' were
tried without benefit until I saw
Grape-Nuts mentioned in the paper.
"In hopeleaa desperation 1 tried this
food snd at once gained strength,
flesh and appetite. I am now able to
work all day at the office' and study
at night, -without the nervous exhaust-
lo-i that wu usual before I tried
'It leaves me strengthened, refreshed, satisfied; nerves quieted and toned
up, body and btain waste restored. I
would bave been a living skeleton, or
more likely a dead on., by thia time,
lt had not been for Grape-Nuts."
Name given by. Canadian Postum
Co,, Windsor, Oat. Read "The RoaJ
to Wellvllle," In pkgs. "There's a
Ever read tha above latter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are gsnulnSf true, and full -f human
Got His Number
Subbubs—What kind of people are
the Nextdores?
Cutaways—He's negligent and shiftless. The garden hose he loans me
is full of holes nnt. he never thinks
of fixing it.
To Know How to Cure Colic, Distemper, Colds Swellings, etc., Saves
Thousands Esch Year.
Of Practical Interest to Horsemen
It is a matter ot vital importance
to every farmer, horse-owner, and
stockralser to know exactly wbat to
do when one of his animals ts taken
suddenly sick.
The letter of Mr. Frank O..Fuller-
ton, which we print below gives Information ot inestimable value, and
tells ot bis experience In curing ailing
s'tock during   th-.   past   thirty-eight
'Several years ago
when my horse took
colic I used to give
tbem Cayenne Pepper In hot milk, but
ln a few cases only
did It help and bo
cause I had no proper means at hand
1 lost several va'uable animals. Some
one told me ot the success Mr. Wcndling ot Brock Ilie, Ont, hsd In his racing stables with 'Nerviline,' so I laid
In a supply. It wasn't very long before Nerviline saved the lite ot a
valuable stallion ot mine, which was
worth at leaat H.OuO.OO. This
horse w. taken with colic, and would
have tiled had lt not been for Nerviline. I bave used Nerviline for .e-
ducing swellings, for taking out distemper lumps, and easing; a bad cough,
and always found it worker well. I
recommend every man who owns
horses or cattle a* keep Nerviline
on hand."
Large site bottles. SOc; small aire,
25c; all dealers, or The Cetarrhojone
Company, Kingston, Ont, and Buffalo,
The wheel ot pleasure f.ocsn't always run on   be square.
Most of our pleasures come under
the head ot braiders activities.
Foi Sprains snd Bruises.—There Is
nothing better for sprains and contusions than Dr. Thomas' Bclectrlo
OU. It will reduci the swelling tbat
follows a sprain, will cool the inflamed
flesh and draw the pain as it by magic. It will take tbe ache out ot a
bruise add' prevent the flesh from
discoloring. It seems as if there
was magic ln It, so speedily does the
Injury disappear under treatment.
When a man tolls a young widow
be la striving to be a better man sbe
kuo it s but the prelude to a pro-
Mlnard'a Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen, — I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT op my vessel and
in my family for years, and for the
every day Ills and accident-, of life I
consider It hu no equal.
I would not atat*. on a voyage without out, If tt ooat a dollar a bottle.
Schr. "Storke," 8L Andre,   Kamour-
7- aska.
People who are the limit are usually out of reach ot reasoa.
Calllnc Her
Mrs. Pester—Oh. dear! .1 haven*
a thing to wear.
Mr. Pester—If that'i so may 1 hava
another hook ln the closet?
To bave tba   children    tours*,   anl
healthy is tho fint care of a mother.
The.   cannot be healthy If trouble*
with worms.      Use Mother Graves'.
Worm Exterminator.
Money would last a great deal longer lf lt was as difficult to spend as It
Is to acqulro.
Mlnard'a   Liniment   Curea   Dandruff
It waa at a reception and tbe lady
who had been reading up on health
culture mistook Lawyer Williams for
his brother, the .lector.
Is lt belter, she asked confidentially
to He on the rlgbt side or the left
-Madame, replied the lawyer, tt ons
Is on the right side lt often isn't necessary to lie at all.
From Female Ills—Restored
to Health fay Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable
Belleville, N.8.,Canada.-"Idoctored
for ten yeara for female troubles and
did not get well. I read In tha paper
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and decided to try Ifc I write
now to tell you that I am eared.' Yoa
can publish niy letter as a testimonial."
-Mrs. Suv-um. BAMNB, BeUevilltv
Nova Scotia, Caaada.
Another Woman Recovers.
Auburn, N. Y.-"I suffered from
nervousness for ten years, snd bad sack
organic pains that sometimes I would Us
in bed four daya at a time, eould not eat
or steep and did not want anyone to talk
to ma or bother me at all. Sometimes
I would suffer for seven hours at a time.
Different doctors did tha best tbsy could
for me until four months ago I began
giving Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound a trial and now I am in good
health. "-Mra. William H. Gill.No. 15
Pleasant Street, Auburn, New York.
Ths above ara only two of the thousands of grateful letters which are constantly being received by tha Pinkham
Medicine Company of Lynn,; Mass.,
which show clearly what great things
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound does for those who suffer from
woman's Ills.
If yea waat sse>,
rial adtlec write to'
Lydia t. Plnkkaa. j
Medicine Co. (eosi-'
Yaar letter will be'
opeaed, read aadj
answered by a wo-
maa and hell la(
Strict eonUeaee.
Making Him Work
Policeman—can't you walk?
Inebriate—Sbertalnly, but you ara
paid a shalary  for — hlc— dragging
/jv Girlhood
Airiet Natare
nets aad then,.
Kith a gentle
eat/iorlt'e Dr.
Pieree't Plea*.
up and invjjor-
at, liter and
you git tehsb
yott stk for.
The women who have used
Dr. ePitrce't Favritt)
Prtaeription will tell you
     that It freed them from patar-
helped them over painful periods fa
their life^and saved them many a day
of anguish aud misery.. This tonic in
liquid form, was devised over 40 yeara
S» for the womanly system, by R.V.
erce, M. D., and has been sold eveir
since by dealers in medicine to the
benefit of many thousand women.
Nsa*-V*warwfer-wamea» ssiaUOr.'
Pieree'e TatirUs Preeerlstiea^tasUtts»\
wear irwagltt at $i per bss, else In Me i
stmareemmswameseM stuws » ftr.
ft. F. Perns, MM* A T. ArtrtWtaa. "J
. .'*.;
'« ' '
Rifles For All Kinds of Hunting.
Winchester rifles ara not the choice of any ons special class, but of all
Intelligent sportsmen who go to the woods, the plains, or ths mountains
tn quest of game. They are designed to handle all calibers and types of
cartridges, to meet the requirements of all kinds of shooting, and can always
be counted on to shoot where they ara pointed when the trigger Is pulled.
Winchester rifles and Winchester cartridges are made for one another.
FBEEl  SmtitmiiiondaUritionatottalcirdtoroorl.rttlttoilrmtiicotolottie.
at the
There are other Liberal Prizes offered.—Entries close NOV. 25, 1913
For all Information address C. F. TOPPING, Secretary,
-*-•. Union Stock Yards, Toronts
Robert Miller  J. H. Aahcraft Jr.,  J. W. Wheaton   Martin Gardhouss
- Dally Market Letter aad Sample Orate Baca*.?
Bend us your name and address and we will
put you on our malllne list—It's tree.   Let us
keep you posted on market iprToes for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of "all
oars.    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work in our
clients' Interests. We have every facility fer prompt service aad
we get best results for shippers.
Bend to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
Arm. whose business has been built uo by satisfied customers,
Paid-up Capital, 1150,000
References,    any    Bank   a
Commercial Agency.
Can alwaya make sure of getting the highest   nrlcee   for   WHEAT.   OATS,
BARL-ev and FLAX, by shipping their car   lets to   PORT   WILLIAM   AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on conmlsslon by
The Jackass
During an election in Canada a
young man shouted out. Hurrah for
An old man who wu present, intending to put him down, exclaimed:
Hurrah for a Jackass I
All rlgbt, said the young man, wa
wont quarrel over such small matters.
You can hurrah for your favorite candidate and I sball do the- Bame for
Is fully maintained In the magnificent new (1913) one class cabin (II)
' .     twin screw steamers "Andania" and "Alaunla."
IflOlinffc Gymnasium. Drawing-room. Smoking-room. Open and Covered
Promenades.  Spttctoim Staterooms. Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) 8.8. "Alaunla" carryl.tg one clots cabin (II) and
third class only.   Early application for reservation li recommended.
Tor particulars ot sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, Boston
Slid New York apply to Local Agents, or
.THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD., 304 Main Street, Winnipeg,
j   Montreal-Liverpool   Service
Corsinm           Nov. 25th
Montreal-Havre London   Service
Sicilian  Nov. 23rd
Reduced Rates Effective   November 7th
Halifax Liverpool   Service
  ... ,I)cc.   Cth
Victorian    Dec. 20th
St. John Liverpool Service
Tunisian Dec. lOtlt
Reserve  Berths  Early
For rates, reservation of berths, etc., npply any railway agent, or
W*.  R. ALLAN, General Western Agent. Winnipeg.
Pertland-Glaiigew Service
Scandinavian Dec. 4th
Ionian Dec. 13th
■niton-Glasgow  Service via  Hall-
■    fax
Hesporlan .. ■   Dec. 11th
Tbs pen mny be mightier than the
sward, but tho sword-swallower earns
more money tban the poet.
Holloway'a Con Cura takes the
corn but by tha roots. Try lt and
prove lt.
Tha artist's lady friend waa being
s'jown round tha studio.
Oh, perfect! sbe exclaimed, looking
at a picture; those ostrlcbea ars simply superb. Tou should never paint
anything but birds.
The artist winced under the blow.
These are not ostrtohea, he esld,
they are angels.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
If you are a live wire yourself you
are not so llablo to get hurt If you
run against one.
The body ls like a furnace, and the
food ls burned or oxidized just as
coal ls burned in a_stovs. When too
large an amount ot food ls taken or
the digestive system is deranged, the
food ferjnentt and forma poisonous
gases and waste substance which
cause pains and aches, rheumatism
and serious disease.
.Bilious attacks, headaches, liver disorders and kidney diseases have their
beginnings ln overeating or tha use
of foods whioh disagree. To prevent
serious disease it is absolutely essential that the liver, kidneys and bowels be kept regular and active by use
of such treatment an Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
On account ot artificial foods and
modern methods of life, almost everybody finds lt necessary to use medicine in order to keep these organs in
active working condition. Dr. Chase's
Kldney-Llver Pills are most satisfactory, because you can depend on them
to produce the desired effects.
The Winner
Uncle (to 8HU1 boy)—When you
and your brother fight, who usually
Mlnard'a Liniments Curea Burns, Etc.
Four Balls
The Professor—In this case of gunshot wound the ball has struck ths
patient ln the—
The Absent Minded Student—Give
.him hts base.
I*{ii m fori
^vc rsliocs
tillers til
lofSmniiiltttiit. rums
-1»«1_wit-Wistw. 11. AllSmlH
Sum til sweat ff—S**i
l,tma*lmttmx. I
fae*m*m\mA ^tataffUaaJbati lub^i*
UMWk MMftt'l*
All Dealers
Hla Statue Fixed
Husband—Perhaps you think I am
a dead one?
Wife—Oh, no—you arc as dead,as
two ordinary dead ones!
The Horrid Thing
She (at the ball game)—Who is
that man that all tho players are
standing i.round arguing with?
He (answering the 09th question)
—Ob, that's the fellov who's keeping
the score.
She—And won't hp give It up?
Shsw—Why did you glvo.that dog
of yours the name of Paradox?
Smite—For the reason that as a
pointer he Is decidedly it dlsnppolntcr.
W. N. U. 878
Drlvee Asthma Befor* It. Ths
smoke or vapor from Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy gives asthma
no chance to linger. It eradicates
the cause. Our experience with tha
relief-giving remedy showa how actual
and positive is the succor lt gives. It
U tha result ot loaf study and experiment and waa not aabmitted to
the public until Ita makers knew it
would do Its work well.
An Ontario Humorlsm
Have confidence in me, said the
President of Mexico to Us friend Felix. I will not Huerta hair of your
head. All very well, replied the suspicious candidate for the Presidency,
but a man Diaz only once.
Toasted to a
Golden Brown!
Sounds "smacking good*
doesn't it?
Tender, thin bits of the best
parts of Indian Corn, perfectly
cooked at the factory, and
ready to eat direct from the
package — fresh, crisp and
There's a delicate sweetness about "Toasties" that
make them the favorite flaked
cereal at thousands of breakfast tables daily.
Post Toasties with cream
and a sprinkling of sugar-
Easy to serve
Sold ky Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd.. Windsor, Ont
Health worth
stain, life wuiK XUt**.   II rea
tui run (torn, withe tan-.ancrtow_._d
throat and lent troublei i-owtnr oa
rou-ecl quickly end wtwlr-ake
Taitdeia Pitpuattoa ef
Cod Liver Oil
This Uapnftct end pltaunt wmbtnatlon of Ibe
best Norw-ttan, Cod Unr Oil with Milt Ri tract,
Cherir .talk ind HrpophotphllM. It restores waale!
•nortttt, fortifies lhe antra to resist cotnha and
celda, and stgm that abounding vitality which makes
one fits* lo be alive. Aa a food-tonic alter wasting
Illness, or tor weak, mr children. It hu few, tl
any, equala.
Id 80c. and $1.00 bottles—it your Dr utttat'a.
ri«l.«ul Oral sad Chesdeal Ce. tl Cauda, Uadlct,
im ETi
9   R
keeps horses, cows, sheep and plgfl In such prime condition, because ibis composed of the ssme herbs, roots,
seeds ud barks that these animals eat freely when
running wild. We grind these ten medicinal substances
to a fine powder, mix them thoroughly and give them to yoo*
at their best, in International Stuck Food.
This Is why a tablespoonful of International Stock Pood,
with the regular grain feed, helps digestion-makes sound, Arm
flesh—Increases the milk supply—and protects animals against
disease and sickness. Bold by dealers everywhere. If you will
write and tell us how many head of Btock you own, we will
forward to you free our Jj.ooo. Stock Book. U0
I receive highest returne when I ship to
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain  Exchange      -      -      Winnipeg,   Man.
Llcenaed—Bonded - • - EatablUhe.'   1910
Stov£Polish L
A Canadian Knight
Distinguished Service-Order
Companion op'the Ramge
A\*A%.s,   I TBE F F D-HXEY O I...I No I
nleelen Merchants
—— -_-J Laatna re*4i Pert Art-iur or Fort William.
Co., Wtnnlp.g.
Ukaral AivaiMas Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitaaa
Notify P.ter Jsr—
•ett OreSM
At the
Buying at the factory will Und
this range at your nation freight
prepaid fot $20.00 leu then
Aa neit belt Haw oa the market. You pocket lhe
dealer's profit—aboui 30 per ceafc—get a beautiful steel
and mellesble iron ringebuilt to Isit a lifetime. Aad what's
■are you lava money every month 00 your fuel bill.
Every Raaf* is unconditionally guaranteed.
f-V 0       0 ffc    •   * S*Uo*
Dominion rnde  *>**
It's as good as eeeiag
iha range to read iha
complete aad dear description in our book.
The book alio contains a
history of cooking worth
reading. Lei - us lead
you a copy.
Guada Malleable & Steel Range
16 ff. Co., Limited, Ottawa, Oat. THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
ultf? (grattb-Utarka $mt
<3. A. Evans, Editor and Publisher
ate loir    $1.W
I.ib Year (In advance)  1.00
ine Vear, In United State. .,  1.M
\ddren all aommnntcatloot to
Ths Ghahd Forks Sum.
' hun a R14 ObiudPoms, B.C
The First Meeting of 1914
Will Be Held on Tuesday, January 6
Nearly every newspaper and
all public men of prominence hnve
made guesses regarding the cause
of the high cost of living. Hon.
Martin Burrell, minister of agricul-
turej says the cost is mounting because the farming industry ia not
keeping pace with the increase of
population. Mr. Burrell has evidently forgotten that last year the
crops" all over the world were eo
abundant that the products of the
and could not be given away.and yet
the cost of living rose steadily. It is
therefore apparent that the abundance of farm producla haa no greater
baring on the est of living than a
hiatus in a dream would have in
tilHiiiiig the hidtory of the world.
Here is our Km***"*: High ^tariff,
trur-ls, exorbiiant innaportalion
charged, extravagance,
The following is the minimum
and im.ximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
curded hy the government thermoiu
tier on E. V. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
D-c  19,—Friday  18 28
20—Saturday  ...   lfi 2:1
21—Sundiy,  22 28
22—Monday  23 29
2lJ—Tuesday  15 24
24—Wednesday .. 17 28
*25 -Thursday  20 28
Snowfall    0.2
James McArdle returned on
Monday from Colville, being atcom
panied by hisBon Kenneth, who has
tieen attending school at that place.
Master Kenneth will spend tbe holidays with his father in ihis city.
Liit of Permanent Committees Named by  the
Look Mother!    If tongue la coated,
elaanas little bowels with "California Syrup of Figs."
Mothers can rest easy after giving
"California Syrup of Figs," because in
a few hours all tbe clogged-up waste,
sour bile and fermenting food gently
moves out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
take tills harmless "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep it handy because they know its aetlon on the
stomach, liver and bowels Is prompt
and sure.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Pigs," which
contains directions for babies, children
nt all agea and for grown-up*
The next meeting of tbe Grand
Forks tumid of trade will be held
on Tuesday evening, January 6. It
is urgently requested that all members attend this meeting, as a num
ber of important questions will come
up for consideration. During tbe
coming year. President OeCew wishes
to make tbe board a potent factor in
the development of the city and
valley. He realizes ihat lo du so
will require the hearly cu operation
of every member, and for this rea
son be is anxious that tbe meetings
iii future abould be well attended.
Tbe president bas announced the
following permanent committees,
the tiisl-named member ul eacb
committee being lbe chairman of
that committee:
Finance—H. E. Woodland, C. H.
Niles aud 1). McCalluin.
Membership—Gus Sohnitter, \V.
E, Hadden, A. 8. McKim a..d Jobn
Publicity—O. M. 1'ripp, T. A.
Love, F. M. Kerby ami Neil MuOnl-
Industries—Fred Clark.Jetf Davis,
E. U. Henniger and Oue Evans.
Transportation—N. L. Mclnnea,
T. A. Mclntyre, W. K. C. Manly
and A. O. Frache.
. Entertainment—Dr. Acres, J A..
McCalluin, H. C. Kerman, W. B.
Bishop, Fred Russell, W. il. Mclntyre, E. E. Gibson, E. Clayton and
VV. J. Penrose.
Tbe city council met in the council chamber on Monday evening, tbe
mayor and all tbe aldermen being
present. As nearly ull of the work
of tbe present council has been completed, most of the business trans
acted waa of a routine character.
Tbe hockey game between Pboenix and Nelson, at Phoenix, on
Christinas day resulted in a victory
for tbe former club by a score of 11
goals to 3.
WE'VE cot what you
NEVER before have we
been able to otter
such a pleasing variety of novel and exclusive
designs as we show this
season. They, must be seen
to be properly appreciated.
The following descriptions
are, however, suggestive of
their worth-while nature:
LOCKETS— Large oval and plain
lockets, bright and Roman
finish, round pearl Het, hind
engraved, plain, square and
heart shaped.    Priced $2 to 810
BRACELETS — Solid gold in
plain and hand engraved,pearl
and amethyst, set, pearl itnd
Tourmaline net, in the latest
patterns. Gold filled Bracelets
in plain and hand engraved,
of the latest patterns. Child's
Bracelets to tit any child.
Prices (. _! to $25
BROOCHES—In solid  gold, of
the latest empire patterns; in
gold-tilled from tl up
RINGS of all kinds. Diamond
set.in platinum; pearls - that
are beauties, set iu solitaire
and twia in three and five sets.
Birthday Rings and Signet
Rings, Wedding Rings in
three patterns, and last, but
not least, Baby Rings in
several, patterns and sites.
PENDANTS are the vogue.
These we show are charming
in design and follow the latest
Parisian style in mounting or
PLATEWARE in 1835 R. Wallis, in all the newest combinations, and A. D. Moriison's
Ai lli^wt.
CUT GLASS. We have paid
particular attention to this
department, and have the
largest assortment on hand we
ever had before, in cuts
that are beauties, ranging in
price from  I1.5U to $75 00
Notice is limeby uiven that the firm
known as Moiiyliuei* A- I'li-tiim, black
smiths ami Iiuvi-Ih dealers anil repairers, lias been riiskolvml, to take
effect on January I, 1914. All persons indebted to "aid firm are requested to make payment, and all persons
having accounts against said firm, are
requested tii bring ill their hills before
that date The business will be con
tiuued hv J. Miniyboei-
Grand Forka, B.C, Dec  19, 11)13.
II  Postma.
To begin with, it il perfect.  To the
end it remains perfect—the Edison—
No musical-mechanical triumph hat approached this remarkable invention of Edison. The new composition
of which it is made catches and holds the natural beauty
of tone of the world's greatest singers, orchestras and bands
and holds it after you have played it over 3,000 times.
' ' The Blue Amberol is a perpetual, practically unbreakable
record lhat reproduces in an
amazing way the art of lhe performers. Don't miis the opportunity to hear it played at some
of the Edison dealen lilted lav
low. You'll be welcome any day.
Edi-on Phonognpha ud Recordi an told by
They are usually best -
and most satisfactory
in the end.
is a home product of
. genuine merit.   Get a
a case today and try it
now.   Ask for it.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
•Model Livery Barn
. Burns 8 O'Ray, Propa.
Phone 68 Second Street
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
Tney are made of strong,'tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (^ Smith
The Best Christmas Gift
The very heat Christmas gift you
cnn make yourself, your wife and
all the tni-mliera of your family iri a
year's subscription lo that great
paper, The. Family Herald and
Weekly Star of Montreal. It costs
only one dollar and its visit each
week will make your household
happier than ever hefore. No home
in Canada should be without that
great paper during 1914—Every
issue is worth the money.
The Sun is the- best newspaper
value in the Boundary country.
"Veaaela Large May
Venture More, but
Little Shipa Muat Stay
Near Shore."
Tb* lirgo dlaylw idt- .-. *****
CUMlfled W»nt Adu. *r. propor-
llDoi-ilr good for tho sit.oil Arm.
In foci xtuxtxr lor jo tlrx*. bie-nn
ouch br Ibo dlll_ii.it uio *t Iho
Cloooinod Column!. Thoro 00-
oaplo ll good-Dirt now.
im.mmm mr ., n ■ ..fl...,
Wm. B.Glanville
Sanitary Dairyman
Milk and Cream delivered to. all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Hartin ilullen
All Kinds ot Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Stoi e
-Grand  Forks Transfer
Solo Ageoti for
Gatl Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietors
london Directory
(I'u'illlhod Animilly)
KimlitM (niton throughout tho world to
oomtniuileite direct with Btigltin
In esch ollMof food,. Sefidei boltir I com*
plf-te 1'o.nmotetil guide to Loudon and it*
fltlhiirbi. tho directory eolitilun Hit-of
with the Ooodi thoy ihlp. ond tho Colonial
•ml Kin-duo Mirkrtatliey ■upply;
iirrninTPfll under the Porta to which they iall,
and Indicating the approximate Sal ling*;
uf leading Manufacturer!, Merchant!, etc., In
the principal provincial towniand Induitria.
ccntrei of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Poital
Order for t5.
Dealen seeking Agenotee cau advertise
their trade eardi for «fl, or lur uur advartlse-
menti from ftlS.
■25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C,
If you read Tbe Sun you get the
news ol the citv, the province and
the world. It is possible for' a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of tbe daily papers.
<: THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   a G.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Records which, it is deelared, upset all the theories of government experts regarding the origin of the Na-
vajo Indians- and show a complete
divy of the leading events in the life
of that tribe for 1900 years are on the
way from Arizon to the University
of Pennsylvania, according to an an-
nounoement made in Phlladeldhia to
night.. ' _
Rear-Admirai -Fletcher, commander
of the United States naval force* in'
Mexican waters, today ordered the
rebels and federals fighting at Taiii| i-
' co to cease firing, threatening to open
uion thfin with the guns of the gunboat Wheeling if the order was not
obeyed, Both stiles complied wit
the order
The western freight- rates case,
coinmeiicedfljnefnre the railway board
in February, 1912, closed at Ottawa
this afternoon
"Mona Lisa,' Leonardo da Vinci's
great painiing, which was stolen from
the Louvre's, in Paris, more than two
years ago, h is been found It is now
in tlie hands of the Italian authorities and will be returned   to  France.
The premier of .Saskatchewan will
introduce a bill providing for a plebiscite being taken on the question of
the abolition of the bar.
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The American suffragette, .VIt->s
Zelie Emerson, of Jackson, Mieli.,
was the central figure of a furious
scrimmage this evening between the
police and the suffragettes and their
supporters in the Bow district, London.
ft The United States committee wants
Asiatic immigration checked.
South  Lanark, Conservative  since
confederation, elects   Dr. A. E. Han
na in the bye-election, and   Macdon-
* aid returns Morrison to the honse.
Americans, Germans and Spaniards
who arrived in El Paso today from
Chihuahua, Mexico, report that Fran
cisco Villa, the rebel leader, virtu-
alU had constituted himself dictator
there and that he refused to heed the
request of representatives of foreign
governments.   **>     -
The British and Indian govern
nients^ are yery seriously concerned
over recent occurrences in South
Africa, arising out of what the Eaat
Indians consider discriminatory legislation against them.
A close examination of the "Mona
Lisa" has disclosed a slight abrasion
on the cheek and a scratch on the
left shoulder, which were received
while the picture *ai in the ban Is of
Vinoenaw Peroga, who stole it
.    Monday
Until April 4 President Huerta
will be obliged to conduct the government of Mexico without congress, as
that specially created organ was for
tually adjourned today,
Justice Morrison, at Vancouver this
morning, administered a rebuke to
Rev. Dr. H. W. Fraser, because the
latter had commented in a sermon last
evening on the Nanaimo riot cases
now before the special assize.
Jim Larkin, the labor leader who
tried lo '.'raise the fiery cross" in
England, has returned to Dublin.
Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, the mili
taut suffragette agitator, since her
arrest on December 10 has - adopted
the mora drastic method of adding a
"no sleep" strike to her -''hunger and
thirst" strike in order to force the
prison authorities to release her. ,
Steamship officials continued ' their
protests today against the LaFollette
seamen's bill, before the United
States house merchant marine committee. |
The Manitoba legislature begins
the business of the session.   - !
Forty miners are entombed by an
explosion in the Vulcan mine at
Newcastle, Col., east of Grand Junction.
The labor unions may call a state
witle strike in Colorado.
The biggest private real estate deal
on record was completed in London
today with the sale of the Duke of
Bedford's freehold property, covering
about nineteen acres in the vicinity
of Covent Gardens, in the center of
London, to Harry Mallaby Deeley,
a Unionist member ot the. house of
commons. The' price* paid for the
property is said to have been $50,-
The suffragette arson squad today
did much. damage to St. Anne's
church in Liverpool.
The British cabinet, which is having several councils tbis week, has decided to eliminate'from the horae rule
bill the clause transferring the Irish
post office to the authority of the uew
Dublin parliament.
A delegation of fruit and livestock
men interviewed the Ottawa govern
ment today. They opposed any reduc
tion in the tariff from the United
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Mpw Hflrn_pcc and do a11 kinds of
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A. A. Frechette
Final figures gives thirty-seven as
the number of men killed by the explosion in the Valcan mine at New
castle, Col. Twenty-five bodies have
been removed fiom the workings.
Winston Churchill, first lord ef the
admiralty, is charged with usurping
Premier Asquith's prerogatives.
The death of Cardinal Ramdolla,
former papal secretary of state, occurred last night at Rome.
Sir Edward Grey says it will not be
the fault of Liberals if the home rule
question is not settled
The run on the banks in the City
Mexico still  continues.    A  presiden
tial decree making state bank   notes
legal tender througdout the republic
has been made.
The parcels post has been a irreat
success in tho United States, and the
postmaster general nOw advocates
public ownership of telegraph apd
telephone lines.
A Vancouver connty court judge
holds that Sunday work is illegal, and
that damages for injuries sustained on
that day are uncollectable nnder the
Compensation act.
The arbitration treaty between the
United States and the Netherlands
was signed today.
The president of tho South Wellington Miners' union is convicted, at
New Westminster, of rioting and intimidation. Seven other prisoners are
The Karluck, Villijartiar Stefans-
son's ship, has joined the phantom
fleet and is now adrift in the Arctic
Canadian scientists are wanted for
the 1914 Antarctic expedition.
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New Year
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An attempt is made to blow up
Holloway jail in London. As usual,
the suffragettes are blamed for the
The committee on life-saving applij
ances appointed by the internationa
congress on safety at sea have completed their recommendrtions, which
will be submitted to the congress
early in January.
The Dominion cabinet decides to
appoint a commission to investigate
the high cost of . living, and eommis
8ioners ere selected.
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grandson, who was attacked witli
epilepsy. The trouble seemed to come
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cough. Ills parents seemed to notice that Lis eyea seemed to bulge
out, and that he would be unconscious
for a few seconds, and .would go
about his play as usual. The child
was live years old at this time. The
trouble seemed to be growing more
severe and the attacks to come oftener, and as the local doctors were not
helping him they sent him to the
Children's Hospital ln Tor.nto. He
remained there ftr a Bv.ort time when
the doctors said his trouble was epilepsy, and they could do nothing for
him. Time went on and the attacks
grew worse, and ln the far. ot 1908
my daughter wrote mo tbat tho little
fellow waB getting eo bad that they
wanted to send him back to lho hospital. I asked her to send him to
me for a time, and as one of his
eyes had become crooked I took him
to an occulist, who Bald Una trouble
could be cured, but lt had nothing to
do with bringing on ha other trouble.
As I knew that Dr. Williams' Pink
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that they might benefit him. We
were very careful as to diet, and aa
to keeping the child from excitement
In about a month we noticed that the
trouble was lessening, and at this
time the little fellow returned home
tnd bis mother kept up the treatment. In a few months he seemed
fully cured, but during the holidays
the trouble came back ln a milder
form and the Pink PIUs were again
resorted tp, aud again thu trouble
disappeared, and although more tban
a year bas passed there ha: not since
been any sign oi it. We teel so
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How ll Was
Answered j
The Prayer of a Lonely <
_ .    .    - .
**********, t
Mrs. Tompkins, rocking In the shade
st ber Tine wreathed porch, peered
down the short length ot tho street.
"An automobile lu front ot Pikes',"
ahe murmured bitterly. "I expect 1(1
her brother-in-law trom Marllu. He's
tn the business. 1 declare lt ain't
rlgbt, it ain't fair/' Ber black eyes
snapped angrily as she drew back and
piled her crochet needle'.
"Honk, bonk!" sounded defiantly, and
a small motorcar turned Into Willow
atreet and stopped In front of Mra.
Tompkins' house.
She arose, and an expectant light
tame Into her eyes. * Was It possible
that she wss to have "automobile company" at last? Tbus far sho waa the
only resident on tbe street who could
not boast an acquaintance who owned
a motorcar.
As she reached the head of tbe steps
a becapped and begogglod bead was
thrust from under the top, and a man
asked quickly:
■'Does Mrs. Mills tiro here?!'
Amelia Tompkins drew herself up
"Next bouse," sbo said grimly, and
a dull flush reddened ber cheeks as
she went back to ber chair.
"Vou might bavo known It was for
mc," tossed Susie Mills across tbe
spijco that separated the two bouses as
•bo came around from tbe side door to
greet her visitor.
Amelia Tompkins made oo reply as
sbo rolled up a length of crocheted lace
and tucked It ln her workbasket Her
Mps were set grimly as sbe gathered
Onto **1**
up workbasket and tbo weekly newspaper and went Into the bouse, carefully latching thc scrcou door behind
Her movements were very deliberate.
She went through tho beuso nnd set
tbo tcakettlo on tbe stove: tben she
went upstairs to ber bedroom and
locked tbe door. After tbut abe knelt
down boilde her bed and prayed wltb
real anguish of soul.
Her neighbors In Willow atreet
might bttvc been horrified If thoy had
heard thc prayer of Amelia Tompkins.
Undoubtedly they would have called
her worldly, for sbe prayed earnestly
that the l_ord would send her "automobile company."
Thero wero six houses ,ln Willow
street, and tho only hunse tbnt know
no automobile company was tbe whltt
cottage of Amelia Tompkins It stood
tt the end or the little blind- street
and fared all, tbe others, tbreo on a
Not one of Amelia's .kind hearted
neWibors realised Imw tho lonely
wldew loused for tho dash of big
lamp* before her gate on .a summer
evening nnd tlle gay summons of s
motor burn. Hu many times hnd she
run to door or window at the sound
only to see the much desired vehicle
pause at the gate nf one or another
fit her more fortunate neighbors' Sho
. was glad when night closed down and
she could retire.to her room, undisturbed by taonklugs or brilliant flnjtlics
of lanterns.   .
Ono mlgbt sny that Amelia Tompkins was foolish, bnt who enn blnroe
her?   Sbo was one of a suiull com-
I munlty. willow street wns a little settlement by Itself. Everybody owned
his own home,, and all attended tbt
same church. Beyond Willow street
the city went its- own way. To the
Widow Tompkins Willow street was
And life was very r?«U without su-
tomobile company... '
One morning she atood on the front
porch watering bet hanging baskets.
Amelia wu fond ot Sowers, and her
little place was a perfect bower of
"You're looking kinder peaked. Amelia."   called   Susie   Mills,   wblootng*
artund th* comer ef tht house, Tery
trig In her green Tell and brown
duster. "What you need Is s good spin
Into the country."
Amelia's pale cheeks flushed, snd
she looked really -pretty. Sbe had
a certain plump prettlness that had
been much admired wben sbo was a
girl. Since her busband bad died Amelia had clung tenaciously to black and
wblte gowns, wblcb were not at all becoming. Wearing the right sort ot
clothes, Amelia would bavo regained
mueh of her youthful prettlness. Sbe
was lonely,, ond she was snd. and she
seldom found causo to smile, which
Is very sad wben one is only forty-flvt
snd a comely widow.
"A little spin In tbe country Is wbat
you need, Amelia," repeated Susie,
hanging over tbo gate expectantly.
"I s'poso that's what you're going to
take," said Amelia, with wbat grace
abe could muster.
"Ob, yes! Fred's going over to
Wlnslow and said ht would take mt
"In the yeast wagon?'' flew off the
end ot Amelia's tongue.    -
Mrs. Mills turned sharply.
"Yeast automobile  Is  better  tban
walking." she said loftily.
Amelia agitatedly snipped off an unoffending lobelia blossom.
"If s too hot even to walk," abe retorted. "I'm going to bavo a car myself." sbe eald Impulsively.
"Humph!" sniffed Susie Mills. "I
guess it's coming now," abe added
Tbere came a honk from the end ot
tbo street, aud a large motorcar turned from the avenue lnto"Wlllow. street
and came unerringly up to the little
white cottage. Aa tt wheeled abont
and came puffingly to a standstill tho
solitary occupant, stepped to the
ground end shook out bla long linen
Susie Mills was agog.
"You looking far met" sbe chirruped.
Tm Mrs. "Mills."
Tbe man smiled pleasantly. "I am
looking for Urs. Tomrklns." be Informed her, bis bsnd on Amelia's trout
"Obi" cried Mm. Milla enviously, and
abe was enraged because tbo yeast
car eamo noisily up tbo street juat
tben and boro ber awiy. Sbe could
not see tbt meeting between Amelia
Tompkins snd tbo msn ln tho beautiful car.
Aa for tho otber motor enthusiasts
of Willow street, every man, womaa
and child found imperative business
near tbe respective front sates.
The atranger pushed open Mra.
Tompkins' front gate and in three long
abides had reached tbe fron' -torrb.
Amelia, outwardly calm, but Inwar
ly exulting at tbls answer to prayer,
came forwrd. tall anti ratber graceful and very attractive ln tbe uncertain
"Mrs. Tompkins?' asked tbo man
"Yes." tald Amelia. "-Won't you alt
"Thank you." He placed a cbalr for
Amelia nnd sat down on a hickory
chair. He laid his motor cap beside
blm, and Amelia notwl wltb a faint
stirring of her pulses that bis forebead
was very nlco aud It wns too bad tbat
hla cap bad left a red crease there.
It waa ratber a familiar looking fo _•
head. Tbe way the-brown hair wns
brushed up and back reminded ber of
some out. Tbe memory was a painful
one for Amelia, for It aroused Ibe ont
-grief of ber girlhood. JSbo wondered
what this man wauted. To sell sotuu-
thlng, of course.
"I am afraid that yon will think t
am impertinent. Mrs. Tompkins." ho
said, rapping tbe edge of bis rap
against the seat and lookiug nt ber
ratber doubtfully, "but. 1 couldn't beip
coming. I've beeu wanting to for snme
time-In fnct. over tlnro-well, siuce
you wcro free.
Amelia leaned bock In tbo rocker and
panted n llllle, Shu felt that something very* unusual waa nbtiut to happen in her quiet, uneventful life. Sm-li
thluga happened In books, tint- ke whs
speaking agttlti. "It's twenty yeurs
since wo met, Amelia. I dun't wonder
you've forgotten uie," bo blurted forth
at last..
Forgotten Mm?
Amelia leaned forward, her heart In
her blue eyes. Could any girl forget
her flrst lover? Could tiny woman
forget lho man ahe bnd loved end
whom ber parenta had bade her enst
otT fnr another and more advantageous
match? If bach tblngs could lie tor-
gotten then Am. Ma Tompkins could
forget Itnli'h Blake.
. Ho wss leaning eagerly forward
nojv. a good looking middle aged maa
with boyish eyes and a general air ot
prosperity tbat seemed out of place
upon a man wbom Amelia bad known
only aa a shy country youtb.
"Amelia. I've watted and waited, and
I can't forget youl" he said tensely.
"It will tako somo tlme'for you to-pick
up the threads after all theso years
of separation, but I've never changed.
I feel Just the aame aa 1 did that
night wlten-I told youl" ht ended ln
a whisper.
"Ralph, Ralph!" sbe cried, with a
shaking voice, and so tho Intervening
years vanished wltb the warm breath
of true lore, nnd tbelr hands met and
afterward their patient lips.
So "automobile company" came to
Amelia Tompkins In a strange wuy.
It came In direct answer to prayer, so
Amelia (Irmly believes, snd. while
Ralph Blake Is tn tbe automobilo business and owns ninny cars, somehow,
for Amelia, automobile company has
resolved Itself Into one meaning.
Tbnt ts tbe dally homecoming ot
Amelia's husband.
And I may add that the Blnkes art
gtnerout, and nil of WI'Mw street rev-
sis lb comitlcM tii   iiu-d*,.   ■'scnrslons.
Oool Clothes,
Cool garments are those which favor
the dissipation of the heat of the body,
for the warmth felt by the wearer of
the garment proceeds not so much from
the garment itself as from the yearer.
Wool is warm, because it ls a worse
conductor of heat from the body than
other materials, while fur is the worst
conductor of all. i
Silk ia cooler than either cotton or
lines, for it favors conduction of hest
from the bodj- betetr than any other-, out.
lew Dtadly Little Weapons Hare a
Trial Trip.
Torpedo running or torpedo testing
u the operation auy well be called, is
a most faiclnstlag proeess to watch.
Torpedoes aa everybody knows, are
fired from a tube oa board ship, aad
travel oa or under the water by means
of propellers worked by compressed
air stored ia a chamber .aside tht
torpedo. *
They sre tested to see at what speed
they travel, and whether their course
ls true, aad whether they- answer to
the setting ot their machinery before
leaving the ship.
Stand on the cliff known aa Blae-
leaves, over looking the famoua Fort-
land Harbor, and there within view
art two of the melt famous torpedo-
ranges la Englaad.
A torpedo-range at every 600 ysrds
Is marked hy a raft, securely moored
aad floating barrels. On every raft
stands a man with a res flsg. He is
known as a torpedo-marker, and Us
duty is to signal the einct second the
submerged torpedo passes beneath his
The Secrets Carefully Guarded.
Bo fearful are the Admiralty of other
powers, especially our Oerman rivals,
learning the secrets of these deadly
weapons of war, thst no outsiders are
ever allowed oa the rifts or within the
range building when torpedo running
ib taking'place.
The red flag waving gaily in the
morning'*, easterly breeze tells the onlooker that torpedoes are bein(j tested;
and rocking idly on the quivering waters are a couple of picquet boats, whose
duty is to bring hack the torpedo when
its trial run is ended.
The ear-piercing hoot of a powerful
steam syren breaks tke stillness,  and
warns tiie markers to be on the look-
Armed with powerful binoeulsrs,
Bleaohed fabrics are cooler than unbleached ones; In summer and winter
all clothes should lit sufficiently loose
to give the limbs and respiratory organs thoir full freedom.
Oolor should also play an important
?>art in the choice ot our clothing for
he seasons. White is the ideal color
for summer, because it ls one that absorbs the least heat, While, on the other
hand, black or dark-colored garments
attract the rays aad absorb a largo
amount of heat—hence their usefulness
for winter wear.
Fish Preserved Without Ice.
Professor Alexander Danilevsky,
a Russian scientist, claims to have discovered a new process for preserving
fish. Before a recent Invitation luncheon was eaten, the guests saw fourteen
days' old lish in glass tars, immersed
in a liquid which is the" professor's
Serial preparation. The flsh were
en taken eut of the jars, and the
guests aaw them cooked and afterward
ate them. The flsh had been sealed up
in thb presence of impartial witnesses.
Prof. Danilevsky claims by his method
to keep flsh fresh for as long as three
weeks or a month.    He also has a
iiroeess by which ht can keep flsh in
ars for two years, and they will still
>e thoroughly pure and eatable. The
professor worked fo'r fifteen yeara before he brought his experiments - to a
successful issue. He asserts that his
invention will revolutionize the fishing industry.
Lots—and What Thin?
Enraptured, they gazed, hnnd-in-
hand, upon thc beautiful scone stretched
before them in thc setting sun. 'Twas
the Lake District, nnd they but three
days upon their honeymoon.
"Dearest," he said, gazing at her
fondly, "isn't this heavenly 1"
"Yes, Reginald," she softly murmured.
"Do you know," he whispered ardently, "to me life does not seem long
enough for our happines. Just think,
even if wo are fortunate, our married
life can hardly last longer than fifty
"Is that allt" shi queried wonder-
tnglv, edging nearer.
"Yes, that's so," a touch of sadness
in his voice. "Only flfty years in which
to love each other."
"Then kiss me quick, Reginsld," shs
exclaimed, "we're wasting time!"
Poor Orlektt.
The fielding of the home teem was
wretched to the extreme. Catch after
catch was "buttered" with aggravating persistence, and the professional,
who bowled mainly for "spooners,' was
fast losing his temper and patience.
Eventually the visitors' captain, who
was having a lengthy innings, thanks to
numerous "lives,'1 put the ball into the
hands of a young amateur at slip. But
again the fielding waa at fault. Tke
protessioaal glared, the fieldsmen blushed and muttered apologetically something sbout sn spldemie.
"Epidemic, be blowed!" exclaimed
tho bowler angrily. "It can't bi aa
epidemic when it aia't catchin'l"
Apply tht Suit.
"If a man wo.-e to hit oa ycor nlw
hat, what would you ssy, Claude I"
"I should eall hia s confounded silly
"Then don't lit tn it any longer,
there's a dear boy.
The strike ot 160 children at Has-
llngton Council School, Crewe, Eng.,
organised because ths education authority bad removed the headmeater
to another school, hat now ended.
Tbe education authority declined to
recede from their poiltion, snd after remaining Sway, for a fortnight
1 many of tbe children have returned
you   can   easily   distinguish   the men
standing on their rafts flag in hand.
Suddenly from the building a silvery
fish-like form hurls itself Into the sea.
So cleverly moving, woapon of destruction, that the same depth beneath the
surface of tho water can be maintained
by tho torpedo throughout the length of
its rapid course. For testing purposes
this is usually nxed at 8 feet, at which
depth the torpedo can bo easily distinguished cleaving its way beneath
the water.
Within the building overlooking thi
range of keon-eyed clerk stands peering
through the powerful tolescope;, whilst
at his side are an accurate card. On
this he enters tho exact secood at
which each marker drops his flag; thus
marking ths precise time the topredo
passes each successive raft.
Dangers Which Beset Markers.
Torpedo marking is sn operation
whieh is full of danger to the markers.
The ingenious implements of destruction sometimes run amok ln spite of
every precaution. A marker at the
Blank range was recently watching an
oncomiag torpedo.
Within a few yards of his raft the
torpedo head emerged from the water,
and before the astonished marker could
move thi weapon appeared to take a
flying leap at the rait. It cleared it as
by a miracle, and plunged into the
water on the other aide. So near did
the flying mass of steel pass ths man,
that his flag struck its nose as it passed
him, whilst its whirling propeller missed
his head by inches only.
Thi raft, although securely moored
and containing a small hut provided
with both seats and fireplace, are by
no means a comfortable or safe placi
in a storm.
Costing from $3,000 to *5,000, torpedoes are too expensive to be allowed to
be lost. Ofttimes a torpedo for some
unaccountable cause takes a sudden
plunge downward and buries its nose in
the mud at the bottom of the sea. To
recover aa embedded torpedo, recoursi
has to bl made to the services of skilled divers, and this operation is also not
free from peril.
Not Likely.
Mn. Johnson was all excitement; her'
hasbsnd was a Gordon Highlander, and
shs hsd received sn invitattoa to visit
him in barracks in Scotland.
"You'll soon see «sddy now," she
said to her six year-old little daughter,
as the express bore' them to their destination.
On arrival at thi barrscks, Mrs. Johnson waa informed that hir husband was
on sentry duty, and one of the soldiers
pointed him out to her, but, of course,
they conld not approach him.
Ths child eyed her dsddy with bla
round eyes full of wonder, as hi paced
up and down thi square, rifle oa shoulder, in his regimental kilt.
•■Then, that's dsddy," cried thi
Momentarily the child was too lost la
this amazing spectacle to answer. But
at lut lt cami out.
"Mamma," she said la a childish
treble, but with a strictly confidential
air, "if daddy finds thi man who stoll
his troussrs, will ho givi mi that lickll
frock I"   .	
Tht Calcutta prisoner, who plrliai
Uw pockets of his poHro captor, sal
tben left them on a awrlts tula, to*-
gor something. He might has* takta
tht train snd tto
On the Stiamir.
There la Just aa surely an etiquette
for a steamship as for a drawing room,
snd for the benefit of readers who contemplate a trip on tbo water some ot
the formalities on board ship will bt
talked about
After finding the locution of your
room and receiving tbe room key from
the purser you should Investigate your
baggage, antl If any be missing tht
ttabln steward will direct you to tht
official to whom complaints cnn bt
made. It Is wise to find out ony llttlo
"landmarks" that will help you la
locating yonr cabin, tbus preventing
mistakes nnd facilitating Journeys to
and from your room.
Tbo next tblng to do ls to secure
your seat ut tbo dining table. You will
bs given a chock, generally, which will
place you ln the dining room. This Is
given to tbe bead steward on your
flrst meal, and unless changed yoa
should take the same seat at all subsequent meals.
Your deck cbalr Is also Important It
you Intend to profit by a rest eacb day.
Tho deck steward for a stated tes
will scat you and mark your chair by a
card wltb your uamo written on lt t)
ll unpardonable to use another per
ton's cbalr regularly, for nothing la so
embarrassing to tbe rightful occupant
as to Bnd a cbnlr tilled and to be com.
pelled to evict tbe man or woman whi
should have one of bis own.
At table It Is quite correct to speak
to tbo ones seated near yon. A "good
evening** .or "good morning" serves to
break tbe Ice. tt ls also permissible
to speak to one's fellow passengers
after the flrst day. It Is very conven-
lent to have some one Introduce other
men and women, but there hi an Informality on shipboard that bridges
many gaps. Above all. do not overstep the bounds of good breeding. Do
not bring on yourself the censure and
adverse criticism of others.
Do hot Indulge ln gossip, unkind orlt
lcism of. others and be a nuisance by
complaining against tbe accommodations and service. This type of traveler ls never a favorite, and tbe pun.
lsbment falls on his own head by tht
flight of others at bit approach.
On tht majority ot lines It Is oot ytl
the accepted thing for t woman to go
to the smoking room wltb a man to
enjoy her after dinner coffee. Tht
German steamers have shown a departure from thli rule if tbt womaa
be married, la a party or with an older
It Is not obligatory to subscribe ts
tbe sea concert but nearly erery ons
does. Indeed, It Is counted In with
your "extra expenses" these daya. II
talented you ihould ba a gradoua caa*
tributor wben asked.
A well known scientist was lecturing on tbe aun'a beat and Id ths conns
of bla remarks tald:
"It ta an established fact tint ths
sun ls gradually but lurely losing Its
beat snd In the course of tome TU.UXV
000 yean It will be exhausted. Consequently this world of oun will bs
dead and. Ilka tht moon, unable ts
support any form of lift."
At tbls Juncture s member of his
audience rose In sa excited manner
snd said:
"Pardon mt, professor, bnt bow
many yeara did you say It would bs
beforo tbla calamity overtakes us?"
Tht Professor-Seventy million air.
-Thank heaven!" wu tbt reply. 1
thought yon aaid 7,000,Oua"-Tit-Bits.
Hurt by a Trie.
"pid you hoar about the accident ts
"Why, so.   Wbat happened J"
"Oh the dtrned fool wu icrloualy
hurt thia afternoon."
"Id bis automobile, I suppose."
"No-thnt's tht trouble."
"Whit do you mean? I know bt's S
reckless driver, and"-
"And yoo think be wu bnrt la hla
ear? Well, be wasn't Ho wat hart
by a tree sbout ten feet ahead of tba
car. If bo'd been able to itay ,1a Ukt
car he'd never have been buif-OuTa-
land Plata Dealer.
"Oil!" .be cried sharply.   And •■^i^'^-.JSS^^'LiSjS
Stew moment, .b. cried again, -oh. | ^ll^ZWs&Z *"*"*
All tbo diggers who an aptaraUtg
cities tboneandi of jesr* old report
finding record, ot eomplslnt. of ths
higher cost of living. It bema wttt
tbt beginning snd will continue to tht
• tal
Fije-ilxtb. of s Jurr msy
bring s Tirdlct Id s dvll cat
nesota. Tbe ont reaaonable
tbt eleven obstinate otea can
hang up dechdoas thar* tt Is worth
trying In othtr statas.
.Hir Acquiremintl.
Pater-Son, dots thli young lad/ JM
sn going to msny know how to baha,
mend sod clean?
Son-Certalnly not I'm proud of Mildred. Sho only knows how to na a
aevon passenger Blgnlx, put eo s spsft
tin, lis a carburetor aad rtsd a tait-
mitar.-Chlcago News.
The Hirdesl Thing.
"Whifs tbs hard«t thing yoa atr
eoonttr tt flying?" tbs qotrttd.
"At ths pratont stagt of ths gsmsk"
rttorntd ths svlstor. undirly rubfcta*
a boap. tho hsrdtst thing ws tocos*.
br It tbi ttrth."-Homt Chat THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS,   B. C,
i 'arving Sets....... .$1.75 to $8.00 per set
Knife and Fork Sets— ..... 5.00 per dozen
Medium Forks *5.00 psr dozen
Table Spoons.  5.00 per dozen
I lessert Spoons  4.50 per dozen
Tea Spoons   2.50 per dozen
5 o'Clock Toa Spoons.. .. 2.00 per dozeh
Sugar Shells     75 each
Butter Knives ,     75 each
Tin* above goods are all Reliauce Plate Silver and are
guaranteed to be the best.
* The annual bont-pit-l of the
Boundary Curling association,which
ia to he beld this year in Orand
Forki*, will begin on Tuesday, January 20. Kinks from I'hoenix,
Grc-iiivi'od, the Mother Lode, as
well us the local dull rinks will
compete in the ooiiipelitiotiH, which
cuti-ii-t of the Burns and Smith
cutis, • oi last ytar ho Phoenix; the
Mcl.-i nun aud McfcVley trophy,
hr-l'l liy the Mother Lode; tbe
Gr.iinl l-'oiks challenge cup, won laat
year liy 'Gardner's riuk and the all-
coimi.- The committee in charge
l.f tjie lionspiel will call on local
menilii-'tiof the cluti after the tirel
of tin- .. t*ar for subscription.! to meet
the. nt-iri snary expenses.
The men who celebrated Christmas in the barrooms invariably took
more than one Totjn sod Jerry.
They reasoned thnt a goose can not
walk on one foot.
Grand Forks
Family Liquor Store
Special Xiuas Port, per gal $2.00
Hudson'sjBay Old Port,per btle. 1-.0Q
"     "Sherry"   '•     1.00
G.H.Mtuum&Co. Chatnpagne,pt. 2 00
Old Nick Rhum, per bottle   1.50
Hudson's" Bay Old Rye, per bot.. 1.25
Scotch Whisky, Imp. qt. •' " 1.50
Irish ,..-;.'! " "    "   1,50
Johnnie  Walker's   Kilmarnook
Scotch, per bottle;  2.00
Hudson's Bay 50 year-old Brandy, per bottle ..;..,....... 5.00
Also a full line ot Scotch, Irish and
Rye Whisky and Liqueurs,
Pabat Beer, Blue Ribbon, pints, '
per doz $2,25
Pabst Beer, Export, qts., per doz 3.00
Nelson  " "     "   "  2 00
Soda Water, qts., per doz  2.00
Cigars—10 in box: .' 60
10  "   "   1.00
25  "   "   125
-Clitlslinas services at tbe Presby
teriiti i-hiuch next Sabbath, December 28: The eboir will furnish "Special music ai both services, 11 a.m-
and 7:30 p.m. At the Sundty
school service, 2:30 p.m., the lantern will be used to illustrate tbe
life „l Christ.
A very jolly dance was held in the
Davis hall on Friday evening of last
week, Those who attended were
much pleased with the music, rendered by the McLeod orchestra,
which included a number of new
Tbe curlers are busily engaged in
making ice. Barring a cbinook,
they expect to be able to start their
winter sport in tbree or four days.
CiirUs McAllister, after spending three or four weeka in the city,
"returned to his home in- Vancouver
on Wfdnesdny.
"Pape's Diapepsin" makea 8lek, Sour,
Gsssy Stomachs surely feel fine
In Ave minutes.
tf what you just ate Is souring on
your stomach or Ilea like a lump et
lead, refusing to digest; or you belch
gas snd eructate cour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of ditslneea,
heariliurn, fullness, nausea, bad'tasts
In mouth and atob-ach-headachn, you
oan get Messed relief ln five minutes.
Put ii n end to stomach trouble forever
by s-itlng a large fifty-cent caae of
Pap*'* Dlampsln from any drug store.
You •■■■aiiso In five minutes how,needless I: I" •*> suiter from lr -t'seatlon,
dys-i-'ialii or any stomacl ilsorder.
It's the otilckest, surest stomach doe-
tor   In   the   world.    It's   wonderful.
Geo. E. Massie
Ladles' aid Geatleasea's
of Brery Description
Bridge Street    •
Grand Forks, B. C.
The dance given by the Thomas
orchestra, in thn opera house on
Christmas night, wns well patronised. The music, win fin-l-clap*.
and those who mm pp-xent hnd nn
fnjnyalile time.
The Chri-drna.* tiee and entertainment of the Methodist church Sunday school will be hfld in the opers
house this, Friday, evening.
P. Crosby and family will left
this week for Granbv Bay, where
Mr. Crosby will enter the employ
of the Granby company.
Getting money enough to do as
you please is a big order and you
abould have started your grandfather
on the job about seventy five yeara
Cure   Sick   Headache,   Conattpatlon,
' Biliousness, Sour Stomaoh,  Bad
Breath—Candy Cathartic
No odds how bad your liver, atomach or bowels; how much your head
aches, how miserable you sre from
constipation, Indigestion, biliousness
and sluggish bowels—you alwaya get
relief with Cascarets. They Immediately cleanse and regulate the atomach, remove the sour, fermenting food'
snd foul gaaes; take the excess bile
from the liver and carry oS the con-
atlpated waste matter sad. poison
trom the Intestines and bowels. A
10-cent box from your druggist will
keep your Urer snd bowels clean;
atomach sweet and head clear for
months.   They work while you sleep.
Grand Forks Second-
H—J •Ste--.,, wwiiwM ATi-
ana Store op.wi.sip.sBoi.1
We Buy, Sell and Exchange
Bverythinit We also do all kinds
of Tailoring Work. We are Ex
ports in Furier Work, Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing Satisfac
tion guaranteed in everything
H. Baneson, Proprietor
Hockey Schedule
Jan. 5—Greenwood at Phoenix.
7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
9—Grand Forka at Greenwood
19—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
23—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
26—Greenwood at Phoenix.
28—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
30—Grand Forks at Gjeenwood.
Feb. 2—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forka.
6—Phoenix at Greenwood.
9—Greenwood at Phoenix.
11—Phoenix at Greenwood.
13—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Highest casb prices paid (or old
Stoves and Ranges.^ E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.
Grand Forks people have found out
that A SINGLE DOSE ot simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., aa
compounded in Adler-i-ka, the German
bowel and atomach remedy, relieves
constipation, sour stomach or gaa on
the stomach INSTANTLY. Thia simple mixture became famous by curing
appendicitis, and it draws off a surprising amount of old toul matter
from the body, lt is wonderful how
QUICKLY it helps. Woodland &
Quinn, druggists.
md picture mm
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Aim. Repairing of all Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Dune
Get "More Money" foryourFURS
. »r»ll«bls--restmi-fl)le-««t«-PttrHoti_OflVltlisntiiiWemlshedr«i>
r am uution exlttlnx lor "more Hun »qni««o««c«nWrr.'' a longsng
I e> jSBfaliflWrtotsendlns^rSaivwnpromj^SAnWACTORV
AND PROFITABLB return-.  Writ, lor   (to Mrtnt -MS
,    lb* only raliabls. acoprsM marktt upon and erics list jrobll
A. B. SHUBERT. Inc. j
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
/ ■. j-.,.-..,*-
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 59 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
ArttiHon the shoe man hns removed
tii hi>i new stand, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets.
The Sun only costs 11 s year,
prints sll the news.
Don't forget thst The Sun has the
het>t job printingdepartment in the
Hoimdary country..
It     Advertisement in The Sun bring
*   results because it is the peoples'paper
Palace Barber Shop
tUior HbtilncsSpmHS-t J.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Ukanbt Hotel,
First Strkkt.
Sr Gait Coal ^
F. limey's Cigar Store
T*t.araoiiu| , _■  _
Sui-sai* aaeieascs. But sW OTWt
Many so-called specialists make
extravagant statements about their
methods and curea My record of
16 years' experience in this treat
ment of all chronic, nervous, and
special ailments of men ia sufficient
proof of my ability to affect a cure,
when a cujs is possible. .
No man cau afford to consult
any but the hest in regard to his
phyaieal welfare. .Life and hap
pinem. depend on good health. I
have cured thousands of men aud
I can cure ynu, if your case is
HY OFFER, Absolutely free expert medical examination and consultation. Absolute guarantee ot complete oure of every caae I undertake, and moderate price.   Call on or write for booklet to
210 Howard Street, Spokaae
r 1
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
WE PRINT      -
Billheads snd Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dstes and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting-Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars snd Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-** »3 iti
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that onr
stock and workmanship are of the best, tet us estimate
on your ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun. Print Shop
> w


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