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The Evening Sun Aug 7, 1909

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legislative Library
'/   .    /
Eighth Year--No. 40.
Grand Forks, B. C, Saturday. August 7, 1909.
" $1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Proposal to Erect Joint Isolation Hospital by Boundary Towns
Annual  Tax Sale of Oity
Property to Be Held on
September 14
The regular meeting of the city
council wbb held Monday evening,
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Lequime,
Manly, McCallum being present.
W. G. McMynn.government agent
at Greenwood, wrote that the proposed isolation hospital would be located in or near Grand Forks. The
provincial government would bear
one-third of the cost nnd the munic-
ipalties participating in its construction two-thirds. The clerk was instructed to notify Mr. McMynn that
thecouncil considered the proposition
favorably, and desired to be furnished with an estimate of the cost.
The railway commission, in answer to Solicitor Sutton, wrote that
the C.P.R. bad stated that the signal apparatus for the Riverside
avenue crossing had arrived in
Grand Forks and work of installing
it begun, also asking that they be
advised if it is not completed in
reasonable time.
The Royal bank asked permission
to construct a septic tank under the
sidewalk at its proposed new building at the corner of Bridge and First
streets. The council felt inclined
to allow the bank to build the tank
under the First street walk, with the
proviso that in the event it proved a
nuisance it would have ' to be removed. The clerk was instructed to
inform the bank that the council
would take final action when the
plans of the tank are submitted.
The chairman of the water and
light committee made a complaint
against the B. C. Telephone company's guy wires at the corner of
Bridge and First streets, and the
council ordered the company to remove the same,
The board of works reported having employed a man to cut obnoxious
weeds in the city.
The health and relief eommitteo
reported that the necessary arrangements had been made to send an indigent old gentleman to the Kamloops home.
Aid. Whiteside reported that Mr.
construct sidewalks and other mu-
nrcipal works and charge a portion
of the cost against the owners of
property on streets where improvements are made.
A representative of the Vancouver
World addressed the council in reference to an advertising proposition
in a Bpecial issue of that paper. He
offered a page ad. and a page write-
up for $200, the council to pay $100
of this amount and the board of
trade and the business men the balance. The proposal was very thoroughly discussed, and, cm a vote being taken, the offer was rejected,
Aid. Lequime and Whiteside voting
for and Aid. Manly and McCallum
and the mayor against it.
Kettle Valley Orchards Will
Produce an Average
R. R. Gilpin, ce.stoms officer at this
port, makes the following clc tailed report
ot the cuetniuB receipts at the various
Bub-customs offices, as cepeerted io th**
chief office in thiB city, for tho month of
Grand Forks $2,80178
Phoenix  1.165 48
Cascade       1-3 14
CarBeo       I" 61
Total $41C0.91
Married—In Vancouver, on Tuesday, August 3, Dr. W. Truax, of
this city, and Miss Inglis, of Van
couver, late teacher in the Grand
Forks, public school. Mr. nd Mrs.
Truax returned to this city yesterday. They will shortly move into
the residence on Winnipeg at present occupied by H. B. Woodland,
which the doctor rerecently purchased from Mr. Woodland.
Frache Bros, have completed a
large cement cellar nt their Columbia greenhouses, It will be used for
storing bulbs and delicate plants
during the winler months.
Dr. Kingston has announced 1 '•>
intention of erecting a private bo-pi-
tal at the coiner of Winnipeg avenue
and Fourth slieet as soon as the
preliminary arrangements can be
made. The building wi'l be large
enough to accommodate thirty p.i
Frache Bros., of the Columbin
greenhouses, have shipped fiftem
crates of tomatoes daily during the
past month, and they expect ti
keep this ratio up for two montl s
J. D. Honsburger, the well known
fruit grower, expects to ship tei
carloads of prunes this fall.
Ballard & Plath have received (he
contract to erect a cottage  for Percy
Andrews.   The building will be 2Sx
3.S feet, and work on it was stinted
i last Saturday, .
For Sale, Cheap—Iron tank; hnl/lt)
' 1330 gallons of water. Applp A. J.
I MacDonald.
H. II. Naughan, of Montreal, assistant to   the vice-president    and
At intermittent period during the
present summer faint rumors have
reached this office that the fruit crop
in the valley was not all that it
should be. The Sun therefore, on
Sunday last, decided to make a personal inspection, and with that object in view a number of orchards
were visited. At Mr. Eugene Her-
rick's place, on the Covert estnte,
a thorough examination of tbe orchard revealed the fact that instead of
dearth of fruit, the owner complained bitterly because be lacked
the time to thin the growing fiuit
properly. All the apple trees of the
standard varieties were loaded with
fruit. On only a few trees, of varie
ties not adapted to this climate, was
there a scarcity of fruit noticable.
Mr. Herrick informed The Sun that
some of his cherry trees had netted
him 810 each this year. This does
not look much like a fruit crop failure.
Mr. Herrick was of the opinion
that there should be a market for
the fruit at present being thinned
out. The apples are perfectly
formed, and make as nice pies and
sauce as the ripe ones, but the only
use that can now be mude of them
is to feed them to the hogs.
authenticated report that Engineer
Baseett, who, it will be remembered, was here in the spring and
early summer of 1905 locating tho
V., V. & E. from Hedley both ways,
is now in the Coquihall with a large
force of men, and the belief is that
it is the C.P.R. he is working for.
Should this be bo, and the C.P.R.
means business, there will be high
jinks in the Coquihalla, for the
Great Northern railway will have to
throw on the high gear if they expect to keep the C.P.1.!. from beating
them hollow in the race. With the
link from Midway to Nicola connected up and a route down the Co-
i|uihalla to Hope the O.P.R. would
have a cinch on the Boundary-coast
passenger traffic.
Thus it transpires bit by bit that
the snail's pace maintained in building the V., V. & E. during the past
four years has been the means of
hatching up numerous difficulties
that would never have been heard
of if the work had been pushed vigorously to completion.
With the cherished scheme of a
joint route down the Coxuihalla for
the V., V. & E. and the Canadian
Northern railway that valley was to
be a veritable vale of amity suggestive of the millenium itself; but the
V., V. & E. tarried too long and
Dan Mann's men went nosing down
the Fraser, and as a result of the incursion we have Bassett's C.P.R
braves in war paint.
Three Buildings on Govern*
ernment Destroyed This
Loss About $10,000, Insurance $4000—Some Narrow Escapes
head of the mechanical depaitinent
Forrester hud signified his intention I of the C.P.U., accompanied by Grant
of   removing  bis dairy  to the Mc-, Hall, of  Winnipeg,  superintendent
Ewen ranch.   The health and relief |of IIlolive l-owcr> '•■•'■ lmr*.V,  I1"1*'."1
through   the  city  last Monday in
committee was instructed to interview Mr. Forrester regarding ^his
plans. »
On motion, it was decided to hold
the annual tax sale on the 14th day
of September at 12 o'clock noon.
Bylaw No. 60, fixing the nours
for lawn sprinkling, was reconsidered and filially passed.
The road tax bylaw was reconsidered and finally passed.
The city solicitor was instructed
to notify all parties who intend to
build, us well as those who now have
buildings in course of construction,
t>submit their plans and specifications to the council.
Aid. Whiteside gave notice of   a
I Mr.   Vaughan's   private  car,    the
Lethbridge, on a lour of  inspection.
The British Columbia Copper
company's smelter at Greenwood
will blow in today. Coke shipments
have been arriving at the works
slowly, and the company hns been
waiting until they accumulated 2500
T. C. G. Mahon, who has been on
the Eastern Townships bank staff for
the past two years, leaves tomorrow
for Phoenix, to which place he has
been transferred. Mr. Mahon will
be greatly missed by the Grand
Forks Cricket club, ns well as the
citizens generally. Under his leadership the club has become one of
strongest in the province.
For    Sale—Complete   household
Dominion Officers
H. Cook was elected president of
the New Dominion Copper company in New York last week. The
directors are: H, Cook and J, II.
Susmann, both of whom are prominently identified with the General
Development com pany, the latter
being treasurer of this and subsidiary corporations; Judge Warren W.
Foster, of New York city; John A.
Sleiober, the publisher of Judge and
Leslie's; N. Bruce MoKelvie, a partner of Hayden, Stone & Co.; W. J.
Cull, an employee of the Dominion
company, and H. II. Melville, a director of the old company. The
probability of a consolidation of the
Dominion nnd British Columbia
Cupper properties, which has frequently been predicted, is emphasized by the inclusion of two representatives of the General Development company.
The North
John Simpson, who returned to
this city last week from Athabasca
Landing, where he has been teaching school during the pnst year,
gives an interesting description of
that far-north settlement. There
are five stores, n large hotel, a newspaper, and a branch of the imperial
bank at the Landing, he says. The
hotel, the newspaper and the bank
are tho most northerly in America
east of the Rockies. Athabasca
Landing is 100 miles north of Edmonton by stage, ami is on the
southern hank of the Athabasca
river, which is navigable for Steamboats. It is expected that the Canadian Northern raitway will soon he
extended northward to the-Landing,
It is ton early log" there now, how*
ever, as it costs i) cents per pound ,to
have groceries taken from Edmonton
to St. Jolin. It is expected that a
brunch will be built from the main
line of the Grand Trunk   Pacilic to
the head of navigation on tho Peace     ,,. ,     , ,,    ,
, ...     ...   .       ,. Richard Fraobe,
river, and tins will place the entire j greeobouaea, made
Peace   river   country   within   easy
reach of Prince Rupert.
Mr. Simpson doeB not think he
will return to the north, He owns
some fruit land near this city, and
he ie becoming convinced that there
is more money in training young
trees the way they should grow than
there is in teaching the alphabet to
children of tender age.
Mrs. Grunwell, of Washington,
I). C, is visiting at the home of her |
son, John Grunwell, thu Danville
merchant. Mrs. Grunwell is accompanied du her western trip by
liur brother.
to'Fernie this week
Joe McDonald left for .Seattle
Tuesday morning, having received a
telegram apprising bim of the critical illness of bis brother.
E. Miller made a professional visit
to Phoenix on Monday.
Lome A. Campbell, manager of
the West Kootenay company, wus a
visitor in the cily lust Saturday.
Wm. Spier will  leave tomorrow
bylaw to authorize the the council to furnishings.   Apply to W. H. Itter,
There May Be Rivalry    I tol'^f&e\Alta    ,,
_,,    Tr  „     ,, ,   . ,    i     1).  \\ hiteside is spending a weeks
The Hedley Gazette snys that forLnfl ■„ th(j neighborhood of some
the past few days there have been | 0{ bis North Furl: mineral claims,
reports of a race between the C.P.R. & Fairweallll;1. o[ the Ea8tern
and Canadian Northern surveyors Townships bank staff.lis spending a
for a route down tbe Fraser, where two weeks' vacation ut thc const
it expects that the C.P.U. wants the,cities.
south bank as well as the north. Big calches of bnsa are   reported
Now  comes  an   apparently well  from Christina hike.
At about 4 o'clock this morning
fire was discovered in he old Queens
hotel building on Gouernment avenue in the West end. In the confusion that followed, everybody overlooked the fact that tho most important thing on such occasions is to
send in an alarm ns quickly as possible. Consequently some time
elapsed before the department was
notified, and when the brigade
reached the scene the Harries were
beyond control, and when they were
finally extinguished the Queens
hctel, F. W. Elmore's meat market
and the buitding occupied by Mrs.
Haverty and family, formerly
known ns the Engle hotel, had been
reduced to small heaps of ashes. To
add to the discomfiture of the fire
boys, tne water pressure was poor,
and they had all they do to save the
bnildiugs on the opposite side of the
street and Laurier hall, all of which
caught a-fire several times.
The buildings destroyed were all
frame structuros,anJ the fire burned
fiercely. The Hames were not discovered until they bad gained considerable headway, and some narrow escapes are reported. Miss Larson, who occupied a room on the
second lloor of the Queens, was
forced to climb down a verandah
post. She lost about 8100 worth of
personal effects. The Haverty family barely had time to get out of the
house with one change of clothes.
Everything else was lost. Nothing
wns saved from thc meat market
but the scales. Some of the people,
in making their escape from the
burning buildings, sustained minor
The estimated losses are: P. I).
McDonald, owner of the Queens,
loss $3000, insurance $2000; F. W.
Elmore, losstSOOO, insurance $2000;
Mrs, Haverty, loss between 81600
and $2000, no insurance.
The fire Started in lhe renr of the
Queens  hotel, and Is supposed to
have been thc work of sonic hobo.
The Queens has not been Used for
, ,,   ,, i    ,,    hotel purposes since the completion
I the Columbia r   ' '
i  business triiil0' ,I|C II"U'1 Colln abom " >'|,|U' a80'
A Progressive Company
The poles   for  the   new   metallic
system of the British Columbia Telephone company in tbis city have
now all been planted, nnd the work
of stringing the 200wire cables was
commenced last Monday morning.
The poles appear to he large enough,
nnd sufficiently healthy, to Inst
till doomsday. The wires in the
cables are numerous enough for a
city twice the size of Gland Forks'
present population; but the company is optimistic, has taith in thc
eity's growth, and is planning fur the
future. When completed, Grand
Forks will havethe most up-to-date
telephone system in thc interior of
thc province. JOHN   D. SPENCE
®l|f Butting §tm
PuhlUhed at Grand Forki. RrltlBhGaliimhln.
Q. A. Kvans Editor acid Publisher
A lite* of this paper cieee he seen at the utflee
ol Messrs. K. et .1. Heinly .4 I'd., Ml, 31 eeieil 112.
Fleet Street, B.C.. London. Hiifrjueeel, 'ree of
clnirere*, acid tie nt Arm will be fried to receive
eeii)iHcrlc.tloteg nnd advertisements on our behalf.
. 1.00
One Tear	
One Year (ln advance)	
Advertising rates furnished cue il lip
Legal notices, 10 and 11 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Kvknino Sun,
Phon» B74 Gicanu Kohkh. B.C.
The suggestion has frequently been
made to The Sun that the city should
make an effort to secure the two half
blocks in the burnt district near the
North Fork for park purposes. The
idea is an excellent one, and we heartily endorse it. We are afraid, however, that it would be difficult for the
city to finance the 9t*henie at piesent.
But it will do no harm to obtain the
views of the ratepayers on the subject.
tion that comes from having added
something to the world's wealth, or
gained a great business success or industrial victory, is a pleasure the idler
can never know. The man who loves
his work takes as much pride in turning out a good job as the athlete does
in winning a game, and in nine cases
out of ten the work gives him as
much vigorous and healthful exercise as is to be obtained on the diamond, links or tennis court. This
sort of man never commits suicide.
It is the person who has listened to
the gospel of discontent until he has
become envious of his more successful
brother that generally resorts to self-
A club composed of disheartened
factory employees, advocating suicide
as the only means within their reach '
of attaining the peace of mind they !
crave and to escape the torments of
their daily grind, is said to exist in
Cleveland, Ohio. The feeling of discontent which pervades the working
classes of today is largely responsible
for this lamentable state of affairs.
To the man or woman who possesses
a healthy body and a sound mind,
work should not be viewed in the light
of drudgery or torment, but as a pastime. There is more pleasure in accomplishing the object one may set
himself than there is in idling away the
time. Work, when looked at in this
light, is not as fatiguing as a game of
baseball or cricket: and  the satisfac-
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. W. Hodges
held an "at home" last evening, between 8:30 and 10:30, to meet Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Austin, who will
depart in a day or two for their
home in Anaconda, Mont. Over a
hundred guests were present, and a
very pleasant social evening was
Mr. and Mrs. John Rutherford
have moved into their new residence,
Winnipeg avenue. It is one of the
prettiest and most attractive houses
in the city, the design being of a
metropolitan character.
It is said that Grand Forks has a
wife-beater. He should be exhibited as one of the horrible examples
of barbarism.
For Rent—To suitable tenent,
residence of Judge W. H. P. Clement,
on hill west of city, across G. N. Ry.
tracks; partly furnished. Apply on
The regular audit of the books at
tbe Granby smelter hns been made
by Wm. Spier, inspector of the
Eastern Townships bank, and Mr.
Seele, bank manager of Spokane.
A carload of rails for mine purposes was received at the Golden
Eagle mine this week. Assessment
work is being prosecuted on two adjoining ctaims.
Superintendent Dem uth, of the
Kettle Valley line, has moved into
the residence lately occupied by Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Huffman. Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. Woodland will move into
the house vacated by the Demuth
62-Ic. per acre cash
and 62aC. once each
year thereafter
secures you aBRITISH COLUMBIA FARM in the
British Columbia Southern; Columbia and Kootenay
and Columbia and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands eminently suited for the
raising of
Fruit, Grain or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EAST RERMS from
who are looking for Settlers for this part.
Timber Lands of the Ihighest character, situated in
these Orants, are offered for sale in blocks of from
640 acres upwards,
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed,       Easy Transportation
Apply to the address as shown on tbe attached
coupon for Maps, Application Forms,
Regulations and Literature.
INDENTS promptly executed at
lowest cash prices for all kinds of
British  and  Continental  goods,
Books and Stationery,
Boots, Shoes und Leather,
Chemicals and Druggists' Sundries,
China, Earthenware and Glassware,
Cycles, Motors and Accessories,
Drapery, Millinery and Piece Goods,
Fancy Goods and Perfumery,
Furniture and Upholstery,
Hardware, Machinery and Metals,
Imitation  Jewellery  and  Precious
Jewellery, Plate and Watches,
Photographic aud Optical Goods,
Provisions and Oilmen's Stones,
etc., etc.
Com mission. 2 J to 5%.
Trade Discount) allowed,
Special Quotations on Demand.
Sample ('uses from £10 upwards.
Consignments of Produce soltl on Ac
(Established 1814),
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.G.
Cable Address: "Annuaike, London."
Builder 8 Architect
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
Winnipeg    Avenue
PHONE   18
Purl ie'ee Intending to build will do well to consult nice.
Wilfrid Holmes, who a year ago
purchased seventeen acres of the W.
J. Brown ranch, east of the city,
hae bought an additional twenty-
acre tract of the same farm.
The moon is so bright these nights
that you can see to read The Sun by
its light.
Approximately 500,000 tons of
ore were shipped from the Granby
mines in Phoenix and treated at the
Granby smelter in this cify during
the first six months of the present
The Snowshoe mine, in Phoenix
camp, operated by the Canadian
Consolidated company at Trail, is
making preparations to increase its
ore shipments to 600 or 700 tons
Mr. and Mrs. Huffman have
moved into the house lately vacated
by John Rutherford and family.
For Rent—Two-story residence on
Third street, between Bridge and
Main streets. Apply A. Traunweiser,
Yale hotel.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at 8
o'clock on Tuesday evening, August
ll, in the Presbyterian church.
For Rent—Cottage on First street,
near Observation mountain. Apply
McCalum & McArdle.
Mrs. E. R. Follick and son are
spending an outing at Christina lake
this week.
The open seoson for mountain
sheep in this county does not start
till August 31, 1911.
The contract for the plumbing in
the Bonthron block has been award
ed to C. G. Wheeler.
R. A. Brown and J. L. Meikle re
port having caught a long string of
trout in the North Fork last Monday.
Mrs. Legate and daughter, of
London, Ont., were visitors this
week at the home of Mrs. Legate's
nephew, Dr. Kingston.       ,.
Dealers in all kinds of
Fresh and Cured Meats
Pork, Chicken and Fish
Game and other Delicacies In Season
First Street, Grand Forks,  B. C.
HER      I
To  clear out a /
number of   ODD
miss this opportunity.   Strictly Cash.
Sale Commences Aug. 9, Ending Ang.
NllINt    A
Don't \f\
and wide have been arranged for.
The *nanagement, in fact, has apparently decided that tbe ranchers,
stockmen and manufacturers of the
Inland Empire are able to compete
with the best in the world, and the
world, or aB much of it as may be
reached, is invited to show its products at Spokane. Money bas been
spent to advantage this year. There
is a better racetrack; there are better
accommodations for exhibitors, and
for visitors. There will be the best
race program ever seen in the northwest—harness and running events,
with a new feature in the former, a
handicap trot and pace. Tbe full
program may be obtained by writing to Robert H. Cosgrove, secretary
of the Spokane Interstate fair.
For    Sale—160   acres of   good
timothy land.   Apply this office.
Three bottles of cold  Nelson Beer,
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
Metal Quotations
New York, Aug. P.—Silver, 53J
electrolytic copper, 12f(S»13.
London, Aug. 6—Silver, 2i\;
lead, £13 3s 9d.
are urged to take up these studies regardless of the degree of their education, as the paper* are not valued
from an educational or literary standpoint, but from the point of view of
the cogency of their reasoned ideas.
sule cheap; it I cleared,
fenin-d nnd lu crop—po*
  tutoen, corn, etc., etu.j
1:2H fruit (re h; Hiunl] houtH.-,   Home furniture, .
chicken house Inoubittor and poultry, borne
and Implement*, good well and pump.   Apply thiNoffipe.
AMJfc,Jfc-UOUHtiAN!>M)T; l(lt :1<>x
K /I] I IN); l-eiHtory house, wood
Zll ■ 11 ml shed, jrood well uud pump;
m§^ m **%W **%w ceutriilly locuted. For
full particulars apply nt The Sun office.
To all my friends and patrons I
extend the felicitations of the
season. An opening of Imported
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
will be given April 12 and 13.
A cordial invitation to all.
cTWrs. Ida Barnum
* £    ***.Ui
*Q     <'iit
The management of the Spokane
Interstate fair has arranged for more
variety in tbe entire program this
year than was attained even last
year. To this end, vaudeville and
circus attractions have been secured
such as are seldom seen in theatre or
circus. Amusement and instruction
seem to be equally balanced features
of this year's fair. To 9how the people of the Inland Empire what other
districts are doing, exhibits from far
TENDKRS  will   lie received   by thc eni'lcr-
diiriiecl within thirty days from thin dnte
lor   the  iiiitYlincee  of   the   "CALEDONIA"
Miiiecnl' Iniice, keeeiwei eeeeil  surveyed  ai   I.nt
978, Osoyoos Divieeioli eel Yale Dlcctrict, whioh I
reverted tec the crown cen 6th Novemleer, 190;'>. I
No lender lend than the eipsel price of the
■aid iceliioreel claim, tHZ III), will be accented.
Assist. Commissioner of Lauds.
■yalrview.lt   (',.,
July lind, 1909.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
1909 c^WODELS gf
Bicycles and
Indian riotocycles
English Bicycles—Rambler
Bicycles. Bicycle Sundries.
Repair Shop. Second-hand
Wheels.    Wheels to Rent.
SS; Stationery*
D*s%ns Wall Paper
bridge:   street Mining Stock Quotations
New Yobk, Aug. 6 —The following are today's opening quotations for
tbe stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
Granby Consolidated. 105.00    102.00
B. C. Copper     7.00       li.6'2
C.P.R 181.00   180.00
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job olliee.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190fi.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, usos, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4630 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages,  according "J
Shave Yourself?
lute guarantee that they won't get dull
out on trial for a couple of weeks.
We give nn  abso
TWO YEARS.    Take one
Prescription Druggists
Phone 35 Night Service
Hoi.y TuiNi'i'V Ciiiiiicii, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy com-1
iiiiiiiiiin, 8:00 "a.m.; morning,prayer
and sermon, 11 a, m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will lie celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well us at 8i
a m. Week day and speeiul nervicse
as they an* announced from time to
time .You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
in. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wed-
r nesclay  at 8 p.m.    All are   cordially
to importance of the propel ty. invited; seats free.
The Copper Handbook is  conceded '.     Methodist Church,   Rev. Schlich
to be the ter.—Services   next    Sunday at 11
'a. m. and  7:30  p.m.; Sunday school
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
Tbe investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him abuut mining, mining investments and copper  statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are|vaoj,e,  pastor.—Services  on  Sunday
exposed in plain English. iat  \\  a. m. and  7:30 p.   m.;  Bible
Price is §5 in Buckram   with  gilt ^^ an(] Sunday school  at ->:30 p.m
top; 87.50 in  full   library   morocco.;	
Will   be   sent, fully prepaid, on  ap-1    jne yun aIK] the Toronto Weekly
proval, to any  address ordered,  and  Q]0De for $1.00 per year,
may be returned within a week of  re-| ___________
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory,
and Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tiie
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Everybody will be welcome,
Baptist Church, Rev. F. W. Au-
Horace J
•S+oirofic*.   I    Notice Is horetey irlven tleeituee application
OlCVCIia,   will l„e iceecelc einiler Water Act, 1909, tee record
lieu ricrlet In lecke. eliveerl, unci convey ecu'! use
., ,.. i d 1 l* 1,  „ weeter    in     Vnl.e   DUtrlot.    fur    ordinary,
hilitor antl Publisher, dumestlo, uirlouttrral and mining purpose*
4B3 Postoffice Blook :   (») The namo of th» applicant li Intorna*
1J.J rosrciiKC llloek, tlonalOrohord Company.
Houghton, Michigan,     ib) tub namo   ol   tho into, stream or
Meiirco is Sueeeleeer Creole, at leeecil of Christina
 "—"***"   Luke. , ,   .     .   e
(c)   The poicet  of    diversion   or intended
ditcleeiicl is nlccecct nine miles ecie ereek.
The poicet to lei*   returned   is  one  neile up
NOTICE ° ThediiTerenoe Ice aliitndeeietween the i.oleet
Runner r'lactlceie Mineral Olaim   _situate; in | ol dlvorsipnand the pceiccl to where It isto lie
Push and pull are a hard pair to
The union affects the tide and the
After all, it may be better to be a
spendthrift than a lendthrift,
Many a girl will knit her brow who
wouldn't  darn   her  stocking.
Sciine people only tell the truth
when they think it is going to hurt.
Pay compliments, and you won't be
forced to eat your own words.
The average woman is apt to tell
all she knows, and then some mure.
Most of us try to forget the mean
things we know about ourselves.
The man who can afford a good
press agent can get along very well
without genius.
It takes a great of experience for a
fellow to fall in love and lnnd on his
Fewer flowers to the dead and a little more charity to the living woulel
help some.
.Some people always looking for
trouble, and are not satilied when
they find it.
The social climber is anxious to go
to heaven because there is where all
the best people go.
A man is sometimes away off when
he claims that distance lends enchantment to the view.
The pessimist doesn't worry about
the uncertainties of life. He expects
the worst, anyhow.
If a woman i.s only sure her hat is
on straight and her skirt hangs right,
she feels that she is equipped to conquer worlds.
It is human nature to feel suJl'y for
the people who are so perverse as not
lo like us.
Hotel C°^n
Opposite Great Northern Station
p. i>. Mcdonald,proprieto
Recently completed nud
newly  furnished  through*
mtt. Conveniently located
f-ir railway men. Pint*
data aoromniodations for
trtuisii-uts. It u ii r (1 n n >t
rooms by the week at pre»
Vatllpg rntes. Fine lino of
wines. Lienors ami Clgara
always in stuck at the Gar.
the Grand Fork* Mining Division of Vale District. ,   .  „     , „   „
Where Located:   In PranUlln Camp.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Fred W. Reid. Free
Miners' Certificate No. BM084, for myself
and as agent for A. L. Whiteside, Free
Miners' Certificate No. B28080, Intend, sixty
davs from date hereof, to npply to the MMing
Recorder forfiOeitlHcutoof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining orownl grants uf the
above claims. _, , ,
Ami further take notice |that action, under
seotion :t", must be commended before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated at Grand Forks. B.C., this 3rd day of
JimcA.O.™. t.W.BDD
.sturn-'d Is 150 feet.
(d) The menus by which It Is Intended to
store and divert tbe Water is reservoir, dam,
ditoll and flume „   . ,    ,   „,U1
(e) The number of inches applied for is BOO-
(f) The water ismiuired for irrigating aha
domestic use.
(g) The land or mine on Which the water
is Used Is lauds on Sandner oreek, area to
be irrigated 8,400 aeres.
(Ii) This notice was posted on the 2»ra day
of April. 1009. and application will lie made te
the Commissioner on the 2Hh day of May
Vancouver, B. C.
liftl GRAND fORKS hjA
Wm      SUN     \.c'■'■{'
Regular Price &3.00
An Otter Which Meets the Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is made up chiefly of these classes
Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period and ure out and out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Couutry, from the United
States and from Eastern Canada,
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, but bv this combination offer every special need is mot
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has special
departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with news of the
Eastern portion of the Dominion in detail, and the Orand Forks Sun provides
thelocaland Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
lAKh    NOTIOB    that    Smith    Curtis,    „f
Rowland. U.O„ occupation mine operator,
Intends to apply fnr permission to purohase
the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted on the western side line of tin- Nelson A Port Shepherd
Hallway company's Land Urani-and at the
southeast corner or Peter Shaw's pre-emption on Big Sheep Creek; thence west lu
chains; thence south IB utmins, more or less,
to the north line of O.J. QlU's pre-emption;
thence east Bfi chains, more or less, to northeast corner of snid Gill's preemption::
thenee south 15 eliains: thence east :t*i chnins,
more or less, to the western line of aforesaid
Railway Laud Grant; tbence north Hi) chuins
to point of commencement, containing 160
ucres, more or less.
Dated De-iember 111 li, If"!*.
M. Inst. M. E.
Plumber by Examination
and Sanitary Engineer
Repairs of Every Description
Shop :
Second Street
Paone B77
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion Lands within the
rt Ruilwuy Belt of Hritish Columbia may I)*1
homesteaded by any person who Is the head
of a family, or nny malo over eighteen years
of age, to the extent of one-<|iiarter section
of 160 ncres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally nt the local
land office for the district In whioh the fund
is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the conditions ronno.'ted therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon nnd
cultivation of the land In each year for three
i'i) If the father (or mother, if tlte father is
deceased), of the homesteader resides unon u
farm in the vicinity t.f the land entered for,
the requirements us to residence may be satisfied by such person residing with the father
oF mother.
(!i) If the settler has his permanent resi*
deuce upon farming land owned by him in
the vicinity of his homestead, tho requirements as to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the suid bind . *
Six mouths' notice in writing should he
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lunds
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coul-('oui mining rights mav bu leased
for a period of twenty-one years at nu annual rentul of $1.00 per acre.    Not more than
2,R(Ki ucres sliall be leased to one Individual or
company. A royulty at the rate of five cents
per t6n shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.-Unauthorized   publication   of    this
advertisement will uot be paid for.
Airships Will Race Daily
Aerial contests between five or more
airships will be held this year at the
Spokane fair for prizes aggregating
S'2oU0. The races will take place
every afternoon of the week. This is
not entirely a new attraction for the
fair, the introduction of the airship.
Hut the races aro absolutely new, and
are introduced because of the fact that
the Stroebel Highta last yeur took so
well .vith the public. Aeronauts are
not limited to any particular style of
(lying machine in the daily contests,
though special prizes of $500 are offered for the longest lights of any
form of a heavier than air Hying machine and for tbe longest flights of
any form of dirigible balloon.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Local Option
Premier McBride, in replying tie a
letter from E. II. Morgan and Mr
Spencer on the local option plebiscite,
"I ean assure you it is the govern-
tncni's intention to take a plebiscite
on this question. At tho present I
am not in a position to make a public
announcement in this regard. Vou
may rest satisfied that ample time will
be given between tbe announcement
and the taking of the plebiscite."
After many years' experience in
local option campaigns, Dr, Spencer
says Hritish Columbia has made wonderful strides in its desire for the
people to settle tho liquor question,
and to eliminate it from politics. Wise
statesmen will do this.
Error Discovered
Vancouver, Aug.  2.— A. Robin*
son, superintendent of education,
states that errors wero made in the
high school entrance awards owing to
the examiners not taking into account
the midwinter examinations last December. One of the resultant changes
is the award of thc governor-general's
bronze medal for Grand Forks to
Harriet Harris.
London Mniii.il i'i it [ntnranoe Co,
Montreal and Canada,
Anglo-American i
And other BUhatautlal companies.
Prints more live Boundary news than
any other paper publisheil in the
district. The price ol Tiik Son is
only $1,00 per year—one-half the cost
of iU competitors. Thk Sun Is never
on the fence regarding questions of
public Interest. Tm Sun is acknowledged to be eme of the brightest
papers published ill the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theollics
of publication.
Tiik Evening Sun anil the Toronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,
81.00 per year in advance.
Tiik Evening Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Prow and Prairie Farm*
r and the Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, Sl',00 per year in
Tiik Sun is  read  by  everybdy  lie
cause it prints all the Houndnry news
Special   Old   Port 81   per  gallon.
Lion Hottling Works.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
IS the greatest
$4,00 Per Year,   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
4" vv. 2sru St.. New Yoke.
Furniture Moving a Specialty.
All orders receive dronipt at>
Receive both Ladle-Band Gentlemen m reel*
dent or dny itHoentij hni n complete Com*
moroialor Builneu Course; prepare! itn*
dentato win   Teaohen' Oerttileatei of nil
Kradeit Biveitheiouryeari' eourie fur tho
, A. ilpirrep.iuid the Brut year of the Bchool
nf -Sflipiirfi course. Iti affiliation with the Toronto University; hei a special prospector*
course for miners who work in ll.C Lnstruc*
tion It alio given lu Art, Music, PhytieAlCul*
turo and hlocution. Term opens Sept. II,
IHOX,   For ('uleinittrfi, ete., ndilreti*
Bicycles am) Kb pair Work—A
complete line of 1900 models, A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Gbo. Ciiapple, Winnipeg
A venue. Not Sisters
Now and again you see two women passing down the street who look like sisters.
You are astonished to learn that they are
mother and daughter, and you realize that
a woman at forty or forty-live ought to be
at her finest and fairest. Why isn't it so?
The general health of woman is so intimately associated with the local health
of the essentially feminine organ:: that
there can be no red cheeks and round
form where then is  female weakness.
Women who have  suffered   from
this   trouble  have   found   prompt
relief and cure in the use of Dr.
Fierce"* Favorite  Prescription.     It  gives vigor  and vitality to  the
organs of womanhood.     It clears  the  complexion,  brightens tbe
eyes and reddens the cheeks.
No alcohol, or habit-forming drugs is contained in "Favorite Prescription.*'
Any sick woman may consult  I>    Pierce by letter, free.    Every letter is
held as sacredly confidential, and   answered  in a plain envelope.     Address 1
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. K.V. Pierce, Pros., Buffalo, N.Y.
(Copyright 1009 liy Rev. T.   8. Lin-
scott, D.D.)
Suuduy, August lu,  1909.
la il's Third Missionary Journey—
Ephi sua. Acts xviii:23 to xix:22.
lie lden Text—The name of the Lord
Jesus was magnified. Acts xix:17.
Ver-e 23—Is u systematic "follow
up system" as essential in Christian
work as it is in successful business!
Are any so strong that we cannot
derive"',&trengtlieQing" from the prayers and the experience of others, and
are any so weak that we may not
"strengthen" others)
Verses 21-2(1—What is the minimum of knowledge necessary in order
that one may lee a true child of   God!
What are the minimum qualities es-
si'iitial to become a preacher of the
What good qualitios for a preacher
did this man Apollos possess?
What did ''the baptism nf John" include, and what did it lack of full
orbed Christianity?
What percentage of present day
preachers will exceed Apollos (1) in
their zeal and ability (2), iu their
Christian knowledge, i.e.; personal experience, of Christ's gospel!
If Apollos had been conceited or
anything less than a man of God,
would he have   submitted to teaching
from a layman euicl his wife?
Verse 27—Should laymen use the
pen more frequently to help preachers
whom they know who are going to
other towns?
Verse 28—Why is it that Cod has
conditioned all human progress and
betterment, including a knowledge of
the gospel, upon the zeal, ability and
goodness of those who. already enjoy
its benefits?
Chap. xix:l-7—Were these twelve
persons whom Paul found at Ephesus,
actually the reconciled children of God
at this time?
What proportion of present day
Christians have, practically, the same
experience as these twelve disciples
had, when Paul met them?
Is the Holy Spirit, as spoken of in
this lesson, generally received at or
subsequent to conversion!
If it is now the privilege of every
Christian to receive the Holy Spirit,
and tn Walk in Hiin thereafter, how
may he be received?
Was the gift of tongues and prophesying then, or is it now, a necessary
accompaniment of the baptism of the
Holy Spirit? (See I Cor. 12: 4-11, 29,
Is there anything necessarily implied in receiving the Holy Spirit,
other than the constant realization
that God dwells in us, to keep us holy,
to guide us in all things, and to give,
us necessary power and wisdom to
cairv out God's purposes concerning
us? '
Verse S—Why ought, or ought not,
' the pulpit now, as Paul   did   then, to
j "dispute," or   argue, and bring Jcon-
| vincing proofs, compelling men's rea-
| sons,   by   powerful  evidence, of  the
truths of Christianity, and not be content   with   simple  declamation, as is
now so common? (This question must
The following table gives the nre
for 1905, 1906   and for the past week:
(iranby Mines, Phoenix	
•Snowshoe. Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
15. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Idaho.  Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Dcndwood 	
Mountain Hose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur Kiiig.Siimiiiit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Hig Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Kork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Hoy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
(iolden Eagle 	
Preston,  Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylnrk	
Skylark, Skylnrk Camp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Cump	
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundary Falls	
Golden Eagle	
Total, tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Total Treated	
shipments of   Boundary mines
IB. 27+
Past Week
Co, ,800
be answered in writihg by members of
the club.)
Verses 9-12—Apart from the miraculous power that Paul had, what was
the secret of his success?
Verses 13-17—Why do some today
blaspheme the name of God, and dare
the power of God; are they possessed
with the'devilt
Verses 18-22—Does conversion al
ways imply restitution, and the forsaking of every evil way?
Lesson for Sunday, Aug. 22, 1909.
—Paul's Third Missionary Journey—
The Uiot in Ephesus. Acts xix:23
The August Rod and Gun
The holiday feeling pervading the
land during the hottest month of the
year is well represented in the August
issue of Rod and Gun in Canada,
published by W. J. Taylor at Woodstock, Ont. How the people in the
Maritime provinces, known by reason
of the sea breezes as the "Kingdom of
Cooldom," enjoy the beautiful summer
weather is told in a profusely Illustrated article. A delightful paper is
"Still Hunting With a Camera;" while
of equally absorbing interest is one on
similar lines—"Shooting Wild Geese
With a Kodak."    To detail the list of
good things would be to repeat the
table of contents, but the article on
Voracious Eaters hy Martin Hunter
is worth attention from all sportsmen.
The King of Furbearers is a story of
a successful attempt at fox rearing for
the sake of pelts. Bloodhounds and
Trailing will appeal to all dog lovers,
and Mr. Hartlett's paper on the
Wolves follows up the interest created through the magazine in this important subject. This number should
accompany every sportsman on his vacation, for in its pages he will find
much to make his leisure time pass
Large Buttle Port Wine, 75c.  Lion
Buttling Works.
When you order olliee stationery
at The Sun job olliee you can rest
assured that it will he printed with
modern faces of type, and that the
workmanship will lie up to the standard of metropolitan work. Our
stock of all kinds of paper and stationery is the most complete in the
Just received, a large consignment
of the latest patterns of spring and
summer suitings. Geo. Massie, the
up-to-date tailor.
Bridge Street,
The hpst and most
"•iihstantiiil flre-pro*if
building tn the Boundary country. Ro-
oenl ly completed and
li 0 w 1 y furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical -conveniences. Centrally located. First-oltiss ae-
travelling public.
Hot and Cold Baths
First-Glass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
1,148,237    1,470,682       21,783
UUUU nVimilLlVJ advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship aro of
the best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee
For Homes Orchards and
Residence Grounds.
Oun Motto:
Not the cheapest in price
but  the best  in cpiality.
Burbank's New Stoneless
Capital City Nursery Company
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kiizur Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooii North of Ghaxiiv Hotki.,
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
Rutherford Bros., Props.
60   YEARS'
j Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anyone tending a nketch and description mar
qnfckly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention li prnbnblypatentable. Cnmuiuiilwu
tloni strictly cnntldoutfaL HANDBOOK on Patent*
■lentfree. Oldest aeency for ec-curinjrpateuta.
Patent* taken through Mmm 4 Co. receive
•pecial notice, without (Marge, la tut
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly,
eolation of any scientific Journal.
Canada, 8X75 a year, postage prepa
Largest dr-
.....„,. .     Terms for
__JatoL $3.76 a year, postage prepaid.   Sold by
■11 newNduatern.
Branch OTDco, fa F SU Washington. I>. a
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Paid    Total to    Latest      Per
19116.       Date.     _l)ate.   Share
1,133,017    1,420,272
Authorized ^-8Hakeb—,
Name op COMPANY. fapltal.    Issued. Par	
Granby Coeeeeolieluted-Copper.   $15,000,000     13.1.0011 {100   (1,6211,000 (8,668,880 Doo. 1908 (3.00
Olirlblio MoKlnCiej-Oold      1,290.000   1.250.000      (1             946,837 Feb.  1901 im
l?ovlden"e^llv*r^....         200 ooo   . 81 ooo   $s       16.000      «8,M4 Rest. 1906 .™    .
U.c:  Copper-Copper     3,000,000   :9O8.0OO     (5                 201,200 Sept. 1907 .Mg'ance.
Wo have senile of the highest grade
paper and .stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundary,   .Sun Job Olliee.
Before dosing your contract for
reading matter for the coming year,
read the tempting clubbing offer wo
make on the third page.
For Sale Cheap, or Trade—Business lot on Winnipeg avenue near
The Sun oflice. Knquiro of Lew
You might as well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tbem brief, terse and pointed.
Print tliem plainly, to be read at a


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