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The Evening Sun Apr 14, 1911

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Tenth Year—No. 23
Grand Porks, B. C, Friday. April 14, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
City Clerk's Offloe Again Vacant—Colin   Campbell
Clerk Pro Tern
The mayor and all the aldermen
i Smith were present at tbe regular
bi-weekly meeting of tbe city council on Monday evening.
All the bills were laid over till tbe
next meeting, as tbe clerk had not
attached the proper vouchers to
A letter from the Paciflo Coast
Wood Pipe company, giving quota-
tions on wooden pipe, was read and
ordered filed.
Tbe financial statement' for tbe
firat quarter of tbe current year was
submitted by lbe city auditor, and
after it bad been read it vjas approved by the council.
The mayor aad some of tbe aldermen suggested tbat the cash on
band be counted, io order to ascertain if tbe amount corresponded
with the figure given in tbe statement, and tbis was done. After tbe
members of tbe finance committee
bad performed tbis task, tbey reported having found lbe required
amount, together witb tbe day's receipts. Tbe committee, tbe mayor
and Aid. Lequime expressed dissat
i'faction because the clerk's work
was not kept up to date.
Aid. Bonthron, chairman of the
board of works, reported that tbe
road work in tbe Priest addition had
been completed. He submitted nu
estimate of £140 for a 16x16 band
stand, four feet off tbe ground, with
a bip roof. On motion of Aid. Le-
*quime and Davis, lbe council voted
a grant of $100 for tbe erection of
tbe stand, on condition that tbe
band raised tbe balance of the
amount required.
The city solicitor reported having
received no reply from the provin
oial secretary to his request for a
permit admitting James Dent to tbe
Did Men's Home st Kamloops. W.
0. Miller, district superintendent of
tbe C.P.R., had not yet givi-n a
definite reply to tbe council's re
quest tor lbe construction of a sub
way at tbe Winnipeg avenue cross
Aid. Downey was granted leave to
introduce the Grand Porks Curfew
Bell Bylaw, 1911, which passed its
first reading.
As lbe clerk bad done nothing to
make up the assesment roll, it be'
came apparent to the board that the
date set for its return must be extended. Tbis would necessarily
correspondingly extend the time before tbe taxes could be collected. In
view of the existence of tbis state
of affairs, Aid. Davis was allowed to
withdraw lbe temporary loan bylaw,
introduced at the last meeting, empowering the city to borrow $5000,
lo be repaid out of this year's taxes,
to meet tbe current expenses of the'
corporation, and be was granted
leave to introduce a new bylaw providing for a temporary loan of
315,000. Tha new bylaw passed its
lirst reading, and under a suspension of tbe rules was* advanced to
the third reading stage
On motion of Aid. Davis the assessment roll of 1910, witb the   nec
essary alterations, was adopted for
the year 1911.
The chairman of tbe board of
works asked tbe clerk if notices inviting lenders for sidewalk lumber
had been sent out. The lumber, he
said, was very much needed at present. The clerk replied that he had
notified all tbe lumber companies io
tbe district. Aid. Lequime said be
could srate positively that the Danville Lumber company had not been
notified, and be was very much
afraid that the matter, like a lot of
other busiuees in tbe city office, had
been neglected.
Tha mayor, Aid. Lequime and
Davis, as well as the other members
of council, expressed dissatisfaction
at the manner in whicb the work
was being done—or not done—in tbe
oity office. In not a single depart
ment, they said, was the work kept
np to date. Cheques tbat should
Gave been sent out weeks ago bad
been withheld, and correspondence
and other work neglected. The
members were of the unanimous
opinion tbat tbe clerk sbould hand
in his resignation.
Mr. Minbinnick wrote out bis resignation, to take effect at the pleas-
lire of the council after bis accounts
bod been audited. On motion of
Aid. Lequime and Davis, tbe resignation was accepted, to take effect at
On motion of Aid. Lequime and
Downey, Colin Campbell was appointed clerk, assessor, etc., pro
tern, with power to sign cheques.
On motion, Colin Campbell's appointment at a caucus meeting last
week   as  assistant  clerk was con
firmed by tbe council.
Government May Interfere
Official notice has been received
at Fernie from the government at
Ottawa that unless one or both parties to tbe dispute in the strike of
the coal miners filed notice of a request for tbe application of the provisions of the Industrial Disdutes
Act, commonly known aa tbe Le-
mieux Act, that the government,
after three days, would proceed to
the organization of a royal commission with power to make a full investigation into all the conditions
bearing upon the periodical disturbance of industrial conditions in
the coal mining district, This announcement followed quickly upon
tbe publication in  press   dispatches
ounces of silver and 2376 ounces of
gold. The net profits for the month
are estimated at $26*542, as compared witb $17,034 in January.
B. 0. Ooppsr Company Will
Work the Franklin Camp
Bernard Lequime returned yesterday from Rossland, where he attended a directrs' meeting of the
McKinley Mines, Ltd., called for
tbe purpose of considering tbe advisability of giving tbe British Columbia Copper company an op'ibn
on the property. Mr. Lequime
states that the company's offer to
bond tbe mine was accepted by tbe
The option, which is for fi0,00<l,
will expire on the 15th day of November, 1912 The terms nf the
agreement stipulate that work on
the property must he commenced
on the loth day of May next and
prosecuted continuously until the
option is either taken up or abandoned. Tbe nature of the development work which Ihe company intends to do will, it is understood, be
diamond drilling, to be followed by
tunneling anJ crosscuts where warranted.
It is said that the Kettle Valley
line officials have assured tbe British
Columbia Copper company that
transportation facilities will he forthcoming as soon as the MaKinley
reaches the shipping stage.
The eighth annual "smoker" of
the local union of the Western Federation of Miners was held in the
Miners' Union ball on Wednesday
evening, April 12, and was a buge
success from start to finish. The
speeches, songs and musical solos
on various instruments, including
melodion, violin, and also the bagpipes, were all encored. But the
greatest success of the evening was
tbe kangaroo conrt, S.unuel Baker
acting as judge, Wniter K Hadden
as prosecutor, and John O'Connell
and Charles Newman as constables,
assisted by Frank J. Miller. A long
list of charges were well preferred,
and in most instances sustained by
the court, to the merriment of those
present aud also to the financial
benefit of the local union. Tbe
evening's entertainmsnt was finished
Tbe Kettle Valley line, it is reported, has three engineering parties
in tbe field locating the main line.
Two are engaged east and west of
Princeton, while tbe third outfit is
working west from Coldwater summit to Ruben's Pass, a point south
of Aspen Grove.
Pennsylvania coke, which the
British Columbia Copper oompany
iB .now receiving, costs about
$12 a ton in Greenwood. Tbe
freight charges from Connersville,
Pa., are about $9.50 per ton. Crow's
Nest Pass coke costs $8 laid down in
Grand Forks, tbe freight being $2
per ton.
The output of tbe Granby Consolidated during February is estimated at 1,633,300 pounds of copper, 33,181 ounces of silver and
4213 ounces of gold, comparing with
January production of 1,758,518
pounds of copper, 33,730 ounces of
silver and 4426 ounces of gold.
Eight carloads of eastern coke arrived at the Greenwood smelter last
week, and shipments will continue
to arrive until tbe Coleman ovens
are again ablaze. Tbe smelter now
has sufficient coke on hand to run
until the middle of May.
Gravity Irrigation on Grand
Forks Fruit & Nursery
Company's Property
A broken rail wrecked the Great
Northern ore train at Gleuside, six
miles tbis side of Pboenix, last Friday night. Turee cars went over
the dump, but fortunately uo one of
tbe crew was injured.
Construction gangs are now working on tlie Kettle Valley liue grade
between Midway and Bull creek
canyon, a distance of thirty miles.
About twenty miles of this grade is
D. Tyson denies the rumor lhat
be bas started au agitation for tbe
purpose of raising trouble in connection with tbe iniiiers' unions of
Grand Forks aud Greenwood.
James 0. Fuller, a surveyor and
assayer employed at tbe Le Roi
mine lu Rossland, drank potassium
ot cyanide by mistaking it for water,
last week, with fatal effects.
For some months past diamond
drill work bas been in progress to
tap tbe base of Hardy lake for irrigation purposes on the Grand Forks
Fruit & Nursery company's holdings on the old Newby ranch. This
week, after boring a three-inch hole
a distance of 535 leet, the base of
the lake was reached, and the water
commenced run through tbe aperture.
Thu. system, wben fully installed,
will be one of the best gravity irrigating plants in the valley, as tbe
cost of maintenance will practically
be reduced to a cipher. The initial
cost of installation will be between
$2000 and $3000. Tbe water right
of the company calls for sufficient
water to irrigate 320 acres, but it is
believed tbat the plant will furnish
water for a much larger tract of
Court of Appeals Decisions
Tbe court of appeals, at Vancouver on Tuesday, banded down its
decision in tbe appeal of th? crown
against the court of revision ruling
that the British Columbia Copper
company should be allowed set-offs
and losses in business in figuring the
amount of taxation on income, was
dismissed and tbe company will pay
on an income of only $249,000,
By appeal of the defendants in
the ense of Carrigan vs. The Granby
Consolidated company, the decision
of Jndge Wilson awarding $4000
damages was affirmed.
from Ottawa of statements made
upon the floor of tho ho'use by Hon. I with several pugilistic exhibitions.
W. L Mackenzie King, in answer to'Ample refreshments were served,
John Herron, M.P. for Mncleod, and everybody had an enjoyable
who inquired as to the state of  the  time.
party to the dispute bad
the* application   of   th*
and     whether   either,
asked   for
It is said that in order to mnke
tbe emigrants well acquainted with
conditions in western Canada, the
Canadian Pacific railway has arranged for moving picture performances on the through emigrant
trains. Views of farms and cities in
the west are to be given, and an opportunity afforded the intending
settlers of selecting destinations
I while on the way'through Canada.
At present moving picture machines
are operated on practically all of the
trans-Atlantic ships currying colonists to Canada.
Says Copper Will Advance
There is no longer any don lit in
tbe minds of tbe best judges of the
copper market but that the metal
market has finally touched a hard-
pan basis. Although there is at
present very little business doing,
tbe fact is due more to tbe unwillingness of producers to make' price
concessions than it is to the absence
of local demand. The United States
Selling company could, it is under-1 Ths production of the British
stood, easily have sold 50,000,000 Columbia Cupper coinpany for Feb-
pounds of (topper during thc past, ruary is reported as 767,470 pounds
two weeks had it been disposed to of copper, 8384 ounces of silver and
make the price thereof 12\ cents. It' 2013 ounces of gold, comparing with
declined, however, to offer anything the previous month's production of
under 12$ cents. 827,272   pounds  of   copper,   '.1515
Tbe ladies of Holy Trinity branch
of the Women's Auxiliary will bold
uu entertainment entitled "Tbe
Spinsters' Return," ou Thursday
evening, April 27.
The Danville Lumber & Milling
company is doing considerable repair work al its Danville mill Ibis
spring. Some new machinery will
also bu installed.
Hugh Neil, captain of tbe I'hoenix hockey team, was married at
Cascade last week to a young lady
employed in tbe I'hoenix telephone
office. <
A report is current in neighboring towns tliat another change is
soon to bc made in the management
of our local contemporary.
Two Miners Killed at Cliff
An accident, resulting in the
death of Harry Howard, an Englishman, and Victor Shore, a Finn,
occurred at the Cliff mine in Boss-
i land last week. The Cliff is operated
hy the Granby Consolidated, and
the Iwo men were contracting for
the company. How the accident
happened will probably never be
known. Howard nnd Shore, and
I'eter I'liliimlin, who was working
for tbem, bad finished their round
on Wednesday night, and live holes
were tired, the three men retiring to
the blacksmith shop while they were
going nlT. Shortly afterwards IV
liiinlin limle bis companions goodnight nnd went home, and I but was
the last seen of tbem alive.
Mr. Brown, who bas been teller at
Ihe Koyul bunk iu this city for a
couple of years, has beeu transferred
to the coast.
Mrs. John McKie will receive on
Thursday, April 20, and then not
again until autumn.
Struck Ore in Big Tunnel
The Greenwood Ledge says that a
lend of high-grade ore was struck in
thc Greenwood I'hoenix tunnel on
Tuesday. The ore is n little over
1800 feet from thc portal of the tunnel and 818 feet below the surface
of the Defiance mine. The lead just
struck is highly mineralized with
ore thnt is worth more thnn $100 it
ton. The ore resembles that of the
Providence mine. This strike is the
most important mining event that
has occurred in the district for
yenrs. It proves thnt the high-grade
ores of thc Boundary go down, and
will tend to produce greater mining
activity iu the mountains that surround Greenwood. i THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C,
Author ol
The Crimson Blind! Th. O.rdln.l
Moth l Th. W.Hht ot th. Orowni
Th. 0orn.r House; Th. Sl.v.l, ef
Silence; Or«v.n Fortun.l The
Fetal Dos.; N.tte-
The speaker broke off suddenly, ns
someone in the corridor cnlled her
name. She slipped away from Venner's side, nnd, looking through the
palms and flowers, he could see that
she was talking eagerly to a woman
who had the appearance of a lady's
maid. Venner could not fail to note
the calm strength of the woman's
face. It was only for a moment; then
Vera came back with a telegram in
her hand.
"1 must go at once," she said. "It
is something of great importance. I
don't know  when   I   shall  see  you
agnin "
"I do," Venner said grimly. "You
are going to dine with me to-night.
Come just for once; let us Imagine
we are on our honeymoon. That
hlnckguard Fenwick Is away, nnd he
will be none the wis°r. Now, I want
you to promise me."
"I   really   can't,"   Vera   protested.
"If you only knew the danger "
However, Venner's persistency got
his own way. A moment later Vera
wns flying down the corridor. It wits
not until she wns out. of sight' thnt
Venner found that she had "one away,
leaving the littl" Yale key behind her
on the table. Venner thrilled ot'.hf.
sight of it. Here wes the opportunity
for which he bed been waiting.
Not more than ten minutes had
elapsed when, thanks to the use of
the telephone, Gurdon had reached
the Grand Empire Hotel, In a few
hurried words, Venner gave a brief
outline of whnt had happened. There
wns no time to lose.
"Of course, it is a risk," Venner
snid, "nnd T nm nnt altogether sure
thnt I nm justified In tnking advantage of this little slip on th" part of
my wife.   What do you think?"
"I think you ere talking n lot of
rot," Gurdon said emphatically. "Von
love the girl, you helieve implicitly
in her, nnd you nre desperately nnx-
Ioub to get her out of the hnnds ol
that hlneVennrd. Fenwick. From some
morbid idea of self sncrilce, your
wife continues to lend this life of misery rnther than betray what she wonld
prolmbly cnll n trust. Tt seems to me
thnt you would h" more thnn foolish
to hesitnte nny longer."
"Come along, then," Venner snid.
"Let's see what, we enn do."
The hey was in the lock nt length,
nnd the bi? door thrown onnn, disclosing n luxurious suit" of rooms
beyond. 80 far ns the explore™ eould
see nt present, thev had the nlnee
entirelv to themselves. No doubt
Fenwick's sovvnnls hnd t"ken n''vnnt-
nee of his absence to mnke n holiday.
For thc most pn-t. the rooms presented nothing out of the common;
they might have been inhabited by
anybody possessing large means. In
one of the rooms stood a desk, enre-
fully locked, and by its side a fire-]
proof snfe.
"No chnnce of getting into eithei nf
those," Gurdon snid. "Resides, the
attempt would be too risky. Don't
you notice n peculiar noiFe going on?
Bounds almost like machinery."
Surely enough, from n distant n
fal to notice that the men engaged in
this mysterious occupation were masked; at least, they wore exceedingly
large smoked spectacles, which came
to much the same thing. Behind
them stood another man, who had
every appearance of being a master
workman. 4le had a short pipe in nis
mouth, a pair of slippers on his feet,
and as to the rest, his somewhat expansive body wns swnthed in a frock-coat. Presently he made a sign, and
with the aid of a long pair of tongs,
the white hot crucible was lifted from
the fire. It was impossible for the
two men outside to see what became
of it, but evidently the foreman was
satisfied with the experiment, for he
gave a grunt of approval.
"I think that will do," he muttered.
"The impression is excellent. Now.
you fellows can take a rest whilst I
go off and finish the other lot of
"He's coming out," Venner whispered. "Let us make a bolt for it.
It won't do to be caught here."
They* darted down the corridor together, and stood in an angle of a
doorway, a little undecided as to what
to do next. The man in the frock-
coat passed them, carrying under one
arm a square case, that bore some
resemblance to the slide in which
photographers slip their negatives
after taking a photograph. The man
in the frock coat placed his burden
down on a chair, and then, apparently, hurried back for something he had [
forgotten. .
"Here is our chance," Gurdon whispered. "Let's see what is in that,
case. There may he an important
clue here."
The thing was done rapidly nnd
neatly. Inside the case, between
layers of cotton wool, lay n great
number of gold coins, obviously sovereigns. They appeared to be in a
fine state of preservation, for they
glistened in the light like new gold.
"Put one in your pocket," whispered Venner. "I'm afraid we are going
to have our journey for onr pains; hut
still, you can't, tell. Better take two,
while you are about it."
Gurdon slipped the coins into his
pocket, then turned away in th? direction of the door ns the man in the
frock coat came back, thoughtfully
whistling, aa if to give the intruders
n chance of escape. Befor*1 he appeared in sight the outer door closed soft-1
lv, nnd Venner nnd Guidon were in
the corridor once more.
A Partial Failure.
"Now do you notice anything peculiar about those coins?" Venner said,
when once more they were back in
the comparative seclusion of the
smoking-room. "Have a good look at
Gurdon complied; he turned the
coins over in his hand and weighed
them on his fingers. So far as he
could see they Wre good, honest, British coins, each well worth the twenty shillings which they were supposed
to represent.
"I don't see anything peculiar about
them at all." he snid. "So fnr ns t
can judge, they appear to be genuine
enough. At flrst I began to think
thnt our frhnd Fenwick had turned
coiner.   Look at this."
As he spoke Guidon dashed the coin
down upon a marble table. It rang
true nnd clenr.
"I'd give n pound for it." he snid. j
"The weight in itself is n good t"st '
No coiner yet hns ever discovered n
metal that will weigh like gold nnd
ring as true.   The only strange thing •■
ubout the coin is thnt it is in such n !
wonderful  state  of  preservi'tion.     Iv
might hnve come out of the Mint yes- I
terdny.   I nm afraid we shnll have to
trick here, though what the scheme is
1 am utterly at a loss to know. Will
you come in this evening after dinner
and take your coffee ana cigar with
me? My wife is dining with me, but
it is an express stipulation that she
should go directly dinner iB over."
It was a little after seven, and Venner was impatiently waiting the coming of Vera. He was not altogether
sorry to notice that the dining-room
was tilling up more rapidly to-night
than it had done for some days past.
Perhaps, on the whole, there would
be safety in numbers. Venner had
secured a little table for two on the
far side of the room, uud he stood in
the doorway now, waiting somewhat
restlessly and impatiently for Vera to
appear. He was not a little anxious
aud nervous in case something should
happen ut the lust moment to prevent
bis wife's appearance. As a rule,
Venner wus not a man who waa troubled mush with nerves, though he became conscious of the fact that he
possessed them to-night.
Was ever a man so strangely placed
as himself, he wondered? He marvelled, too, that he could sit down so
patiently without asserting his rights.
He was the possessor of ample means,
and if money stood in the way he was
quite prepared to pay Fenwick hiB
On these somewhat painful meditations Vera intruded. She was simply
dressed in white, and had no ornaments beyond a few flowers Her face
wus flushed now, and there was in
her eyes a look of something that ap-
prirached to happiness.
"I am so glad you have come, dear-1
est," Venner said, as he pressed thb j
gill's  hand.    "I  was terribly  afraid
that  something  might come  in  the
w»y.   If tliere is any danger "
"I don't think there is any danger,"
Vera whispered, "though there ore
other eyes on me besides those of
Mark Fenwick. But, all the same, 1
am not supposed to know anybody in
the hotel, and I come down to dinner
as a matter of course. I am glad the
placg is so crowded, Gerald, it will
majte us less conspicuous. But it is
just possible that I may have to go
before dinner is over. If that is so.
I hope you will not be annoyed with
"You have given me cause for greater annoyance than that," Vennor smiled. "And Thave borne it all uncomplainingly. And now let us forget the
unhappy pnsl, and try and live for
present. We are on our honeymoon,
you understand. I wonder what the
people in this room would say if they
heard our amazing Btory."
"I have no doubt there are other
stories just as sad here," Vera said,
as she took her place at the table.
"But I am not going to allow myself
to be miserable to-night. We are going to forget everything, we are going
to believe thnt this is Fairyland, and
that you are the Prince who "
(To be continued.)
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certainly act as u true beacon light,
guiding nil sufferers from skin dis-
sense to a snfe hnrbor of refuge.
Mrs. Young snys: "I suffered with
eczema for seven yenrs, nnd to my
grent delight Zam-Buk has cured me.
The disease started on my breast, and
Bpread until it extended over my
buck. The itching und burning—
especially when the affected purts
were wnrm—was terrible; and yet
when the eruption was scrntched or
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^^^^^^^^  ..perl , .-.Miu.-ii
ment there enme n peculiar click and i genuine . . „
_.„mKin  r~n 1>  whirr of wheels,;    "I am of thi- snme opinion, too,
Venner su'id.     "I  hnve hnndled too
rumble, followed by	
rs if someone was running out* a small
motor close hy. At the same timi,
the two friends noticed th" unmistakable odour of petrol on the atmosphere
"Whnt the diokcns enn thnt he?"
Gurdon gold, "Tt'i mn«t ensure.My hi
the flat, and not far off, cither."
"The onlv way to Ond out is to go
snd s"e,' Venner replied. "I fancy
this is the wuy."
They enme nt length to a siunli
room at the end of a long corridor.
It wns evidently from this room thnt
the sound of machinery came, Inr the
nearer they crew th" louder it he
came. The door wns slichtlv njni,
nnd looking in. the friends could sec
two men, evidently engaged on some
meohflnicnl t.'>.sk. There wns n fire ol
charconl in the grnte. nnd attached hi
it n pnir of smell but nowerful bel-
-lows, driven bv a small motor. Tn
the heart of the lire wns n metal
crucible, so whit" nnd dazzling not
that it wes nlmost impossible for the
eye to look upon it.   Venner did 'lot
..,_„..   it turned to bad sores, and
SMftS*. ™ -« this Hgar^J*4J*y&-*
Bend for free sample to Dept. N.U., National Drug & Chemical Co., Toronto.
W. N. U., No. 836.
much cold in my time to he ensily
deceived. Still, th»re is something
wrong here, nnd I'll tell yon why.
honk nt those two coins n"nin, and
tell me the dides on them."
"Thot is very easily done. One is
dated 1001 nnd the other is dnt"d ]HfHJ.
I don't see thnt yon gnin anything hy
pointing out thnt fnct to m". I don't
see wh"t vou nre driving nt."
"Well, the thins is pretty clenr.   It !
wonld lie less clear if th.ise coins tied i
heen   worn   hv   rse .unci   circulation.
Hut th'V rife, both of then. Mi-it ner-
feet, nnd they or" of different deles. |
Do von suppose thnt our friend F"n-1
wick   makes   n   hobhr   of   collecting I
English sovereigns?   Besides, the mnn I
in  the  frock   eont  wns   going  to do
something with  these coins: end. of
course, you noticed how cnrefullv they
were wrnpped up in cotton wool."
"I should like to mnke nssornnee
donblv sure," Ourdon snid. "T.et'B
Ink" these two coins to some silversmith's shop anil ask if they nre nil
Tt was no far journey to the nearest
silversmiths, where the coins were cut
up, tested, nnd weighed. The nssist-
nnt smiled as he handed the pieces
back to Venner.
"We. will give you eighte»n and sixpence ench for them, sir." he said,
"which is about the intrinsic value of
a sovereign; and, as you ere probably
aware, sir, English gold coinage contains a certain amount of nllov, without which it would «noedily deteriorate in circulntion, just ns the old
guinea used to; hut there is no doubt
thot I have inst lost you three shil-
lin»s by cutting up those coins."
Venner smiled as h" left the shoo.
As a matter of fnct. he wns a little
more puzzled now than he hnd been
before. He hnd quit" exnectod to find
something wrong with the two coinB.
"We must suspend indgment for the
present." he snid. "Still. I feel nb-
solutely certnin that there is  some
lief, so tried a third doctor, and then
a fourth. Although they all did their
best for nie I got no relief from my
"Seven years is ii long time to
suffer, and 1 had got used to the
thought that I never would bc cured
when I saw a report in 'The Family
Herald' telling how beneficial Znm-
Buk was in coses of skin diseases. 1
thought tliere would he no harm in'
giving this halm a fair trial, nnd
bought some.
"Well, from the use of the very
lirst box 1 saw Zam-Buk wus going
to do tne good. I persevered with it.
arid the improvement it worked in
my condition wns really wonderful.
It cased the irritation, stopped the
pain, and the sores began to dry up
and disappear. In short, I found
Zam-Buk all that was claimed for it,
nnd within n very short time it worked a complete cure in my ense."
Not only for ccnemn, but for ulcers,
nhscesses, varicose veins, bad leg,
poisoned wounds, cuts, cold sores,
chnpped places, piles, ringworm,
children's eruptions, burns, scalds,
and all skin injuries and diseases,
Zam-Buk will he found unequalled.
All druggists nnd stores sell at 60c.
box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for price. Refuse harmful i
substitutes and imitations.
"My dear," said a wife who had
been married    three    years,    as she
beamed ncross the tnblo on her lord
and master,  "tell me what first attracted you to me.     Whnt   plcusnnt j
chnrncteristic did    I    possess  which -
placed me above other women in your!
sight?"     And   her   lord   and   muster {
simply Baid—"I give it up."
and Office*.
The best equipped factory for producing Counter Check Books
in Canada.
50,000 Check "Books
="=  per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Not In th* Trutt.t
High Finance I
Is it true that you have broken off
your engagement to thut girl who
lives in the suburbs?
Greggs—Yes, they raised the commutation rates on me and I have
transferred to a town girl.—Life,
The newest evening slippers are of
changeable tissues, silver and gold,
gold and rose, gold and lilac are the
Following th* 8«s*on*
Some grief for a joy that is lost
We'd trade,   as   each   season discloses.
In summer we're sighing for frost
And in winter we hanker for roses.
The difference between marriage
and divorce is people know they were
fooled the first time, but while they
will be the second time they don t
even suspect it yet.'
"Do you suppose Moses suffered us
much as Phnnmh in the plague of
darkness, Johnny?"
"No'm, be had lights."
"Did he?   Whut kind of lights?"
Th* Rayo Lamp Is • high' trade lamp, sold at • low prle*.
Thtr* .n Uinns th\t eost mot*. o«t Hum Is to h*t**t lam* niAi at an?
pH«*. Constnifltsrt of tnlM brass; aleksl plattd-sasllv kapt eUan; as*
-Mrnamsat in anv room I* any hoo*. Thar* Is nothlnv Known to ths ar*
of Ump-raaVIni tliat ran oAA to tha va1** ef th* RAYO Lamp u * IIrM»
rlvtnc rtsvlot. Ivsrv rlaaHr •varywhar*. If aot at roora, will* lerSV
seripllv* cArenlar to th* naarast a-*n.. ot
Th* Impsrlsl Oil Company, Limited. fl
Find Help in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Winchester, Ind. —"Pour doctors
told me that they could never make
I me regular, and
that I would eventually have dropBy.
1 would bloat, and
down palns,cramps
and chills, and I
could not sleep
nights. My mother
wrote to Mrs. Pink,
I began to take
 Vegetable Compound. Alter taking one and one-
islf bottles of the Compound, I am all
right again, and I recommend it to
every suffering woman."—Mbs. May
Dial, Winchester, Ind.
Hundreds of such letters from girls
and mothers expressing their gratitude
for what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has accomplished for
them have been received by The Lydia
E. PinkbamMedicine Company, Lynn,
Girls who are troubled with painful
or Irregular periods, backache, headache, dragging-down sensations, fainting spells or indigestion, should take
immediate action to ward off the serious consequences and be restored to
health by Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Thousands have been
restored to health by its use.
If yon wonld like special advice
about yonr case write a conllden-
Ual letter to Mrs. Ptnklmm, al
Lynn, Maas. Her advice ia free,
und always helpful.
What H« Was Worth
Robert Burns was once standing on
a long pier on the water front of Edinburgh. A well-known and wealthy
merchant, walking by, stumbled and
fell into the water. He could not
swim and so sank. When he arose
for the third time nobody dared to
save him, but an old weatherbenten
sailor, at the risk of his own life,
ran up the pier and, jumping in, rescued the man.
The gentleman had been worked
over quite a while before he became
coltscious, and when he realized the
situation he rewarded his rescuer
with what in our money would
amount to twenty-five cents. At this
the crowd which had gathered, knowing thc wealth, hooted and jeered.
But Burns, who was standing hy,
quieted them nnd snid: "Surely the
gentleman knows what hiB life is
HI* Position
"You have been with your firm n
long time?" said a man to his old
"Yes," answered his friend, with a
pntient expression of countenance.
"What's your position?"
"1 am an employee."
"Yes, but what do you do?"
"Well, I am a doer and the others
nre tellers. It's like this. When the
guv'nor wants something done he
tells the cashier, and the enshier tells
the bookkeeper, nnd the bookkeeper
tells the assistant bookkeeper, and
the assistant bookkeeper tells the
chief clerk, and the chief clerk tells
"And what then?"
"Well, I haven't anybody to tell, so
I hnve to do it."
A word of boost is better than ten
lines of obituary.
No child should be allowed to suffer an
hour from worms when prompt relief can
he got in a simple but strong remedy-
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
She Wanted His Size Slipper
The curate had just arrived. He
was young, handsome ond single, and
consequently very popular with the
Indies of the parish, whose appreciation took the usual form of worked
A fair caller nt his boarding-house
thus interviewed the housekeeper:
"You see, I wanted to make our dear
curnte a pnir of slippers, and I
thought you might lend me one of his
old shoes to get the size."
"Law, miss," was the reply, "the
shoes is nil n-given out fbur dnys
ngo! And it wns only yesterdny morning a lady enme here n-imploring of
me to let her mensure the wet foot-
murks in l the reverend gentlemun's
bnthroom immediately he hud gone
Most women con be happy because
they imagine they ore.
Scott's Emulsion
is the original—has been
the standard for thirty-five
There are thousands of
so-called "just as good"
Emulsions, but they are
not—they are simply imitations which are never
as good as the original,
They are like thin milk—
SCOTT'S is thick like a
heavy cream.
If you want it thin, do
it yourself—with water-
but dont buy it thin,
ron »il» ar all nauiMisn
Soot Ifto.. ____■_. of papa,, sad this ad. for oee
beitt-tlf.il ajHin*. Bsnk .nd Child'. Bk.toh-Boak.
Km* book oonuiue e Gwd .Luck P.aoj.
IM W.IU.slo. Streert. West      TeentM. CM.
"Are you on experienced aviator?"
"Vvell, sir, I have been at it six
weeks and 1 um all here."—Life.
Shibhh Gure
qniekly stops coughs, cure* colds, heals
■ the throat and lungs. .   -   • St* cent*.
If you get the worst of it try to
make the best of it.
Minard's Liniment for sal* everywhere
Be  sure you  are  right—but don't
forget there are others.
Thnt is LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE. Look for the signature of E. W.
GROVE. Used, the World over to
Cure a Cold in One Day.   26c.
Being  unselfish   is   a  virtue  some     Anywny the roilrood engineer gets
people try to dispense with. |a run for his money.
French Blarney.
Senator Depew, at a Lotus Club
dinner recently, told the following
"M". Jusserand writes English better than an Englishman, he speaks
it better than an Americnn, und he
uses it better than an Irishman.
"I violate, I believe, no confidence
vhen I relate one of M. .Tusserand's
mots. M. Jusserand, at a dinner, sat
next to the matron in the prime of
life. This matron, putting her bund
to her soft, pretty hair, suid with a
laugh none too gay:
"I found four grey hairs in my
head this morning."
"Madoine," snid M. .lussernnd, 'ns
long as grey hairs can be counted,
they don't count.' "
j remember
fi you need a remedy
for COUCH8   .ni COLDS
Men and Women Wanted to represent us locally.   Two dollars per day
salary  and commission.    No  experience necessary.   Write,
J.  L.  Nichols Co., Limited, Toronto,
Find HI* Other Self
"Look here, old fellow, where is
thnt ?10 you borrowed from mu lust
"What $10?"
"Why, didn't you come to me and
say you must have $10? Didn't you
say you were so worried you weren't
yourself thnt night?"
"Oh, well, if I wasn't myself, why
in the deuce should I be expected to
pny it?"—Newark Star,
Baby's Own Tnblets nre a wonderful
medicine for little ones. They never
fnil to give relief to the bnby when
his stomach or bowels are out of order; when teething is painful; when
worms make their appearance or
when any of the many childhood ailments seize him. What is more they
ure absolutely safe and cannot harm
the youngest child. Mothers hnve the
guarantee of a government analyst to
this effect. Thousands of mothers,
through gratefulness for whnt the
Tablets have done for their children,
strongly recommend them. Mrs. E. J.
Ward, Gait, Ont., says:—"I huve used
Bnby's Own Tnblets for over two
years and would not be without them
in the house. They are. wonderful
medicine for little ones." Bnby's
Own Tublets nre sold by medicine
dealers or nt 26 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Friend—"And were you ever in
Mr. Richquick — "Yes. Slowest
town I was ever in. The sewers were
busted all the time we were there!"—
On Sale Everywhere.—There may be
country merchants who do not keep Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrio Oil. though they are
few and far between and these may suggest that some other oil is Just as good.
There is nothing so good as a liniment
on aa an internal medicine in certain
cases. Take no other. The demand tor
lt shows that tt is the only popular oil.
Milky tumblers should be wushed
in cold wuter. Putting them into hot
wuter will cioud the gluss pcrmun-
Minard's    Liniment   Curt*    Dandruff
Bills are brave—at lenst they do not
run when you foot them.
Impurities of the Blood Counteracted.—
Impurities in the blood come from de.
fects in the action of the liver. They
are revealed by pimples and unsightly
blotches on the skin. They must be
treated inwardly, and for this purpose
there is ho more effective compound to
he used than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
They act directly on tho liver snd by
setting up healthy processes have a beneficial effect unon the hloud so that impurities are eliminated.
Fnint heart ne'er won fair lady—if
it should prefer a brunette.
It makes no difference whether it is
| millinery, skirts or germs—the present season cannot claim anything
new under the sun. The deeper we
dig into the historical and traditional
past, the more we realise we are
legatees of the old dnys und races.
Tbere was Mercury, the winged
messenger of the Gods—behold the
little cap-like hit of millinery und
the wing trimming thnt is named
after the fleet-footed one, which
ndorns the puffs nnd curls of thc
swift-lingered   stenogrnpher.
Tbe ridiculous "hobble-skirt" would
for dynasties of time huve hampered
tbe Chinese women's walking even if
their feet were    not   crippled.      The
"hobble"   Is    not    only   the    native
! Chinese    woman's    straight,    narrow
i style of skirt, hut the queer Egyptian
i and Assyrian figures on   stones    unearthed  by    Archaeologists    lire    extremely hobbled.
Centuries ago Russia and tlie Euro-
I neon continent were swept by an epidemic    nf    an    iiiHuHuii    type    that
| missed into history.     Now anil then
it cropped out again in limited areas.
j Over twenty    years    iiiro    the  whole
| world  wns swept   by  this snme  disease in on aggravated form nnd gen.
I erolly   named   "La   Grippe."    Since
then  yenr  by  yenr  we hnve  known
I nnd experimented   with   the Grippe
i germ in nil its forms and force. Much
| has   been  learned  about  the   proper
'treatment of these cases, but the best
I specialists and   dnetors    hove agreed
i that    tlie     standard     food-medicine
which has done duty for nearly forty
years is still the sheet-anchor for all
Grippe victims.   Scott's Emulsion relieves   the  cough,   lessens  the   aches
and relieves the prnstrnting weakness
of this disease by thoroughly nourishing every part of the body with the
oil food whicb the health of the body
equires when Grippe germs  are active.   The Emulsion is especially useful  in the lung form of the present
epidemic   which  is  the   most severe
nnd widesprend wc hnve hnd for more
than twenty yenrs.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup his been
-ised for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
is the best remedy for I)IA.KItll<I_A. It Is ic
solntety harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mra
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind.   Twenty-five cents a bottle
Shoe Boils, Capped
Hock, Bursitis
sir* hard to curs, yet
will remove them an* leave do bletn-L
Ieo. Doe*not bUster or remove"
the hair, i ures any puff or swelllDf. Horse eae
ba worked. H.uo per Do_tl«,dellv*red._look * D free.
ABSORBING. JR., (mankind, 11.00 buttle.)
Kor Bolls. ltrul,-s, Old Sorts. Swellings. Goitre,
Varleosa Veins. Varicosities. Allays Psln.
«. F. Ifllim, P D. F„ 13' Temple St., If rln|fl»ld, Hit*.
su *_JEWiW» W.K.1***
TII* KJTIOIUI. *M1* * I'HMICll. CO.. IIl.»Vf * C__-
po i wa UUMBMI HO*. IO., Ue, taaeenu.
An Infallible Guide
when purchasing silverware— ,
eliminating all guesswork—Is
tt leek let Its trade-nark
The wonderful durablfify of Mils
silverware has been proved during the past slily years. II
1$ Ihe heaviest pfafe made.
Bell tes ills, dishes, wallers,
etc., lie ilaaipsd
"Sillier Tlate that Wtart-
Here's st Home Dye
Oan Uso.
alway i  been wore or
ltn of a difficult undertaking- Not to whon
you um
Send lor Semple
Card end Story
CO.. Limited,
With DY-O-LA rea un color either Wool,
Cotton, Silk or Mined Goods Perfectly with
the MM! Dire.   No chance of using the
WgOjjg SH lor the Goods you have to color.
Dominion Express
fjone/Order* ond
foreign Cheques
Ian payable all ner tht YV.rU.
Absolutely th* best way
to remit money by mail.
Ferelfn Meney Sought anal a*la\
Hal** far Money Order*
ll and under  , I coats
Over I te $10       .     .      t    "
"    lit*   It       .     ,     II    "
"     10 to   H .      ,     II    "
On Sole in oil Con. For. fr. Sl.ti.ol.
If a metal pole be unprotected when
placed in the ground it will rust seriously in ubout ten yeurs.
Joloklr atop* couaha, cam coldn, hula
w throat aad tune*. •   •   • IIS "»a
Tlie Ilihle contains 1.1*> diopters,
51,17.'! verses, "7:1,61)2 words, and
.'1,506,480 letters.
'"AIIETCi   V'
VV. N. U„ No. S3S. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Published at Orand Porks, British Columbl
8. A.EVAS8 Editor and Publisher
liquor license act, that have reached
this olliee the past year in government stationery, would almost lend
one to conclude that the government
has started a campaign to popularize
ils own laws. But of course it
wouldn't do anything like lhat.
Tiif experience of the city council
in its search for a clerk has not been
A Hie of this paper onn bB seen nt the office
of Messrs. B.A J..Hardy 4 Co., 8(1,81 and DU,
Pleet street, B.O., London. England,froo of  a pleasant one.    Fnr the   benefit   of
charge, nnd that firm will lie ain't to receive       ' ■
siinaorlt>tloni and advertisement* on onr bo-   ihe   ratepayers,    won  will   be   the
half. r  J
.,-• ■      .    -     ' _t  gainers  with  a competent  man in
.this (illiie, itis earnestly hoped that
„ „ ,n its troubles on this score will soon
, Year  ei.w
line Year (in advance!            I-,I()   hp iivft
Ono Year, In Dulled Slates  1.40,'"        '■
Address all communications to
Thp. Bvkninii Si'N,
Tin-:   most
qhand ifoHKi, h.o [ mndegt jn their words
in their deeds.
competent men   nre
nnd   prufuse
The bonding of the McKinley
mine, in Frunklin camp, hy a concern of such financial strength as Ihe
British Columbia Cupper company,
iB the be.-t mining news we have had j e(j ^, y(1|
tell our readers for many years.
Ths terms of the bond insure the
thorough development of property.
Mo one in this city has lost faith
in Franklin. On Ihe contrary, the
belief is more general at present than
ever before thnt all the camp needs
is system development to prove its
richness. With the McKinley developed to the shipping stage, and
transportation facilities to the camy,
Franklin should become a second
Phoenix; and Grand Korks will be
biggest gainer by the consummation
of tbese events. We feel certain thnt
thiB will lie the final outcome of the
dsal negotiated this week. The
Britisli Columbia Copper company
deserves praise for beingthe pioneer
representative company to enter this
promising territory.
Miners Ask for Conciliation
The district executive of District
No. lcS, United Mine Workers of
America, at its meeting iu Frank
yesterday afternoon, decided to take
advantage of lbe opportunity offer-
W, L. Mackenzie King,
Today's news from the coal fields
in East Kootenay and Alberta
is of an encouraging nature. The
prospectH of an early settlement of
the dispute between the operators
tnd the miners are bright. The indication that harmony will be restored before lhe mining and smelting industries of the province are affected will be welcome news to the
people of the Boundary country,
and will no doubt do much to bring
about a realization of the prediction
frequently made that the present
season is to mark the. heginning of
an em of unprecedented prosperity
and development in this pnrt of the
and extended as to time to permit
the meeting acting on it, to ask for
a conciliation hoard under tbe provisions of the Industrial Disputes
Aet. A brief wire was sent to the
minister stating that a formal application would follow by wire as soon
as it could be drafted. The formal
application was wired to Ottawa
last night, and the name suggested
by the miners as their representative
on the board is A. J. Carter, of
A Seattle millionaire has been
sentenced to two years and six
months in the federal penitentiary
and to pay a fine of 85200 for using
the United States mail to defraud.
It is generally supposed ou tbis side
of the line lhat moneyed people in
the United are immune from the
operations of the law, and it is therefore reasonable lo suppose that lhe
defendant was mistaken for a tramp
by the sentencing judge. By the
way, we have never heard of a millionaire being sent to prison in this
country. Is it because there are no
millionaires here, or because they are
better than tbe foreign variety?
Five hundred and  fifty years be- ]
fore the Christian era Confucius said
thnt   ''reciprocity"    was    the   only
single word upon  which the  whole
life might proceed.    Were the great j
Chinese scholar and  reformer alive!
today, he might amend this aphorism by saying  that "reciprocity" is
the only word upon which the prosperity of the nation depends.
Brevity -
Brevity is often the bond between
effort nnd success.
The use of loo many words is
waste of double time—yoqr own
and the man who rends. ,
A long letter says, "Read me later
ou." "A short, pithy one, "Read
me now.and note what 1 say."
Busy men live every minute in
tbe day—reading superfluous matter is not living; it is trifling.
Men who won't trifle won't be
trifled with.
Get to the point once when you've
got a point to emphasize; if you've
several, keep them close company.
You must be concise to be understood; you must be brief to gel a
hearing. That's just what it means;
brevity gets a hearing. Many words
get passed by.
Brevity is economy.
In an advertisement every word
costs money; don't spend words
rashly. Vour advertisement nol only costs more; it ia less valuable—
double waste.
A clever illustration is hrevity
idealized; one glance will tell a tale,
one glance will make an impression
on the mind.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-luirss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
1 Plath, box 10, city.
Don't forget that The Sun has thi
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print  tliem   plainly, to  be  read at a
SHALED TENDERS addressed to the under-
sijri'ed mid endursed '"Tenders for Examining Warehouse. Vanoouver, B, c," will be
received until 1 "ii P.M.. «n Monday, April 24.
11)11. fur thn construction of ull Exuniiuinf.
Warehouse. Vancouver, li.tl.
I laits, B|ieeiHentl"n nnd form of contract
can be seen mid form of coutractobtalnoil itt
the ollices f Mr. J E. Oyr, Superintendent of
1'llbllc Hnil.iiiifrs for Multiloba Post ' ifflee
lluildilitr. .Vitnilpr.fr. Man., Ur, Wm. Henderson. Bestdelit Architect, Victoria, II c .al lit*'
Post Office. Vancouver, and ut this Depart-
me it.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
"ill   not  lie considered unless made on the
printed forin supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures, stating their occupations
ntnl plnccH *>f residence In Ilie case of linns,
the actual signature, the nature of the ooou-
putioti null place of residence nf each member of tl',- firm must bc civeu.
Knell tiii.ilci must be accompanied ity an
accei tctl cliealle "U a eliartered bunk.payable
tu the order ofthe Hon tui-ulilc the Minister of
Public Work", piiniil ten per cent (ID po.) of
thetitununl of the tender, which win be lor-
felt"*! If the person tendering decline to enter into ucontruct when called upon to do
so. nr full to complete lhe work coutrueteil
fer. If file tender be not accepted the cheque
w ill bp returned.
rhe Department dues not Hind Itself to accept the lowest ur uuv tender.
By older.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, March 22 11)11.
Newspupcrs will not bo paid for this advertisement If they insert it without authority
fiotu the Department.
Clothes   Gleaned
Pressed  and Repaired
S. D. GURRY has re-opened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. l_9\v Johnson,at tlie
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
cjttl Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
Are rend by the people be
cause This bu.v gives them
news of vital interest. People
no longer go looking ijlmut for
things they want—they goto'
their newspaper for iuforuut
tion as to where sueh things
may be found. This method
saves time and trouble, tf
you want to bring your wares
to the attention of this community, our advertising columns
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
I paper better for every body.
Wall Papen
Our new stock is now in. Gall and make selections at 'once while tliere is a large variety of samples to choose from. We have a special Book on
House Decoration, free to those buying paper from us.
-2 WOOD LAND    &l   CO.£-
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a marr
gm of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
To bring in your Wheels
to have them overhauled,
so that you may get more
enjoyment out of the
balmy spring days.
Bicycle Doctor
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
gejts, S*% tm Jfc-n'>X17-"> PT. LOT between
C tfKll Stvninlo.nl Thi'.! Ntreets,
Jj^TXll 1 )••*** all 'Vf JmljfC Lciuny's
*^*\p**\sW^sW **\w utul K. Ouvv'h |>lnrt>n. *ep-
lu-uieil frniii all otlier |>roiK>rtiei by 20-It.
lane; t»* large as Heven nr rinlit ordinarylotH.
tiisjuitiiiiir lntn mi' wnrth $l->(>; would umke
nice home, witli HiiHlulent ifrmuid fur chick-
em, fruit, imrden uml lawn; mast den.ruble
.Mention in city.
-:i.'i ACRBS adjoining
■ by limit* nn south:
14 ucres i.Ieureil: lfiO
fruit tree*; new four-
room limine: burn fur six homes; horne,
btlttflry*double liuruetjH and tnrmtng implement*.   All for fiHUU.    linsy terms.
Down in Walla Walla the trust
Iihb injured the pench and cherry
blossoms. In this valley the late
spring, which has so far prevented
the fruit trees from blossoming, is
undoubtedly a blessing in disguise.
Tiik number of communications,
commending    thc   new   provincial
8. T, HULL, Manage*.
Commencing FriJay)  Aprfl  14
Hypnotism, rJMind-Reading, Mesmerism,
cyVlagic, Lightning .Sketches, Ventriloquism, Singing, Dancing, Illusions and
Ornamental Designing.
Entire Change of Program Each Night
Admission 50c. Reserved Seats &1.00
Advance Sale at Woodland's Drug Store.
5 acres;
i."  r_.__.___,.! .....i _,.
und three lots within
one block  nf limine^
, eentre;   liiwu,   slinde
rees, fruit trees, berry hush _•«, lurire iranli-u.
Will nlHo kpII furniture uf houxe if desired.
Ono-half cash, liuliitice terms.
l'>) miles frnm town;
7-roi)in bouse, |il»<_*-
iTi'd: Inriru liiKtryslied,
woodshed;    ISO    truit
trees,  7ii  beiiriutr: l\{   norei   strawberries.
KnuHeherrii'x. eiirrmiti., raspberries: free from
irnst: the lust Incut lutmrmi ml Grnnd   forks;
iileutv of po.il  water; fruit ami crop In
Itetweeti :i uml 4 aeres
iu West end or eity;
Hi-' ilass soil, nil uuder eiil ivntlnu; smut)
house. woniMied mid outbuild.im*; well Uud
|iiiui|'; uood feiiue. I Iii- i- a saerillee, us own*
ei Is ahout t<> leave) Ity.   Terms
IWJOOMh, Imlil nee iinns. One
oi bent li-'.eU In
thn liuPlun-seflii
,_ jf ilrniid FolkiJtinW dntittf n profitable
bllltti6fc£J OWliM desires to remove to the
coast, Thlsls the best bariialu In tin- part
of the province, us there nrehiit ■<veii hotel
lieei.NCsih theiirati'l Korks. i Ity is umwhur
rupldlv. No otlief-town i-i southern Hritish
Colli01 Di* has ns bright future pio^peet-.
For further information re
jTiirriiiiK tlie above properties
call or address
. ._•_ ..e ii __. I I?.., i    . I. .1.
Vnle l.nnil District, District nl Similkameen,
TAKK NOTICB tlmt Thomas Henry I'anl-
I sou of I'siiMn, H. C, occupation Mer-
chant. Intends to ainil}' fur permission to
liilrolis.se tn.follo*lnidescribed lends;
I'.iiiiiiii'iii'liiir oi n past planted about WXIJ
chains north ot the northeast Corner ol Miller
Iii ether's pre-emption, lotJim 8.. on Deep
Creek: thenee north 811 chains; tliencu west
411 chains; thenre south 80 cIihIiis; thence east
J. K. Cranston. Agent.
Dated December Uth, 1910.
2,500,00 feet nf commercial
timber on property; $oOO hewn
log house) North Fork runs
through laud; Kettle Valley line
survey crossen property; deetl
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Classified Want Ads.
will fill all your requirements. They act
as a lens which will
concentrate all your
needs, and bring them
to a perfect focus of
satisfactory results.
JKKDt.KV.'OKK wsnleil to do at home.
I   on ili-s. Win   K.rotl.1Second street.
G'lill' IMS'IVII .HKIiiri'iitllc rinse to city:
safe fence; nhilielace ol !»•■ •!.   Kor term;
apply to John Mummer, Fourth nf July crees.
WAN TBI) •Situation as Janitor or bartender.   Address W.  J.. ticnoMl  Delivery.
Urand l-'orha, II. C.
rUKMSIIKll KOOMS   Applv Mrs. K.Craw-
ADVBKTISI.NU HpTck In The Suu.the most
widely read uonspap.T lu tho Kettle Vulley.
I    olliee.
new.    Apply Suu
rllltKK  IIOTTI.KS cold  Nelson
I    l.lou HotlliiiK Works.
BAKN ANDIHiUSK-'i'he Korrester ham, i
lots>taiid house, In Columhlu.   Apply J. H.
I'lutli, Box 111.
I AHOB BOTTLE Port Win. Joe,  Lion Bot-
tll»ir Works.
LAND   Hill acres iroud timothy  laud.   Apply
SPACE for advertising   purposes   ln The
Sun, s
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S.', says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at uiglit. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This • caused her to have frequent
headaches,  and   the   least   exertion
 , would tire  her.
|\Ve had tried
■many remedies,
■hut she did not
{improve Finally
Iwe learned of
■ Booth's Kidney
■Pills and procured a box. In a
short time she was
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal, and she plays around
the house with no apparent fatigue
We always recemmend Booth's Kidney Pills."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will he refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, 50c box, or postpaid from the K. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H. E. Woodland & Co.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Alfalfa Adds $100 to the
Value of Every Acre
of Land
fdlfa hay which contains 8ii pounds
of lime. Here is another reason for
feeding legume hay to dairy cows
and to otfier farm stock, especially
to growing animals, and also consider the hundreds of dollars a farmer loses annually by nnt growing a
few acres of alfalfa.
A largely atlended meeting of the
In addition to the hay crop, nl Grand Forks poll|try a8BOcilUion WM
falfa at two years adds* 100 to the Md jn ,h(J 0reamland theatel. 011
vtlue of every-acre on wbich it i Monday „igbtc Mr. Terry, forBer.
grows, says a writer in the L»a>, ly of tbe Guelph expferimental sta-
smith Chroniple.    It produces ImB.1^ delivwed 8n interesting and in-
three to seven tons per acre, ai d
has much protein as wheat bran; 360
stalks bave been grown from one
seed. It enricheB instead of exhausts tbe soil, and can be ground
into meal to feed hogs and chiektm.
It will grow from three to five crops
a year.   Alfalfa is worth 45 per cent
struvtive lecture, illustrated with
msgic lantern slides, on the subject
of "Diseases and Feeding of Chick
ens," for whicb he was tendered a
hearty vote of thanks. Before adjournment the association elected the
fullo-ving officers: Honorary president,   Mr.   Terry;   president,    Mr.
more than other clovers   and 60 per p jW,er. vice.president) \y. B, Bowe/;
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
nigh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
NTIIK JUTTKR of Ihe hand Roglstry »et
and in the matter of thc tirle to hot I .;:.*>
Ornilp 1, Osoyoos illVUIon, (now known ns
>ilnilKHmeen) Division of Vnle District,
llritish C ml.in.
WHKKKAS Certificate of Title nf Patrick
T-rrlmi, bclin: Certificate of Title Nn.
7114a, ta the nhnvo heredit'intents hns been
Inst or 'lestroyed, an application lias been
made to me for nduidirat.- thereof.
Notice Is hereby in veil that a dil|ilicnte Cer-
tllicuti- of Title to the ahove liercditaments
will be Issued at the exnlration of one month
from the date hereof, unless In thc meantime
valid objections to thc contrary be made tn
me in writing.
lllstrlet Ki-Klslrar of Titles.
I.und Registry Office,
Kainlon|«, R. C, Sept. 7,11)10.
$4.00 Per Yeir.   Single Copy. 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
"■sniff*1*«w. SWAB vou.
(I'iiMUIhmI Annually)
Kiintilfft traderi   thrmiuhmit   tht*   world   tu
communicate- direct wIth K'i«lt«h
in each classuf L'l.i'd-. Keildei being n com*
pMn (•iiiniiiH'i'litl iriiidc to London nnil it*
litblirbi, the directory contain* list* of
with the (toodi they sliiji, and the Colonial
nml foreign Markets ihey utipply;
arranged nailer the I'ortit tu which they sail.
uml imHunting the Approximate SalllniiH.
of lea Hug Manufacturers, Me ru bantu, etc., In
the i>riiit-i|iu' iir •vini'iui towiihitntl Industrial
c-ntroiuf the United Kingdom.
A QOPY ot the current edition will he for*
wanted, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
<>r ler for 208.
Dealer* seeking Atci'iicieK i>mi advertise
iheir trude card* tor £1, or larger advertise*
nietilH from 13,
25, Almliurcli l_i.no, [/union, E.G.
cent more than timothy. One acre
will pasture 20 hogs for six months.
It is good for poultry when out fine,
which is also a good way to feed it
to hogs. Fed to dairy cows it maintains the flow of milk equal to June
grass. It can be cut fine and fed
witb meal or chop; such a mixture
is worth more than corn meal alone.
It iB a working plant that is changing the destiny of many farming
sections, Its long branching roots
penetrate deep down, push and
crowd the earth, and thus constitute a gigantic subsoiler. These become an immense magazine of fer-
itlity. Ten milch cows can be well
fed on two acres by soiling. (
The land intended to be sown to
alfalfa sbould be nicely cultivated,
then sow 15 to 18 pounds to tbe
acre with a cover crop of one bushel
of oats. You cannot get a crop
from it the first year, but if tbe
plants are ten inches apart and little
slim single stems from four to six
inches high, your prospects aie goo I
that you will get four tons per acre
next year, and the following year it
will be as good as it will ever be and
s and that way for ten years. We
now that cows living on such fields
as corn, corn silage, corn fodder,
timothy hay, straw, etc., cannot
ordinarily get enough lime from th»si-
fueds to put into tbeir milk. Tbis
surprising fact,only recently brought
out by our scientists, is one of greai
importance. A cow giving milk
must be able to get out of her feed
not less than two ounces of lime
daily. On many farms cows are
suffering because of the lack of lime
in their food. Clover hay and ill the
other leguminous roughoges are rich
in lime. A ton of shelled corn fur
nishes only six-tenths of a pound of
lime, while a ton of husked corn
fodder furnishes about 8.6 pounds
Contrast these showings with clover
hay, a ton of which contains" 4:1
pounds of lime, or with a ton of al
secretary, Mr. Glasspell; treasurer,
D ni Manly; executive, John Hay
and J. A. McCalltrn.
A party of officials of the Spokane
ifc British Columbia railway are making a trip over the right of way of
lhe road from Spokane to Republic.
If is expected that tbey will arrive
in this city this evening or tumor-
Geo. C. Taylor, of Vancouver,
representing K. G. Dun & Co.'s
Merchanlile agency, was in the city
Nothing can be expected from a
hog but a giun. As a rule, the
mo e you feed bim tbe more grui s
be emits.
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly fiirnlihed throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Hint*
elan accommodation! for
trftuiieuti. Board and
mums hy the week at pre*
vallliiK rates. Pine line of
Wines, Liquors and Clifari
always in stock at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
1 he 0%er Typewriter!
for 17Gents a Day!;
 .. 17 cents     dny.
Tho typewriter whoReconquest of thei'Om*
menial world la a matter of hisio v—yours tor
17 centc ii ftHyl
The typewriter that is equipped with scores of
such con veil ic need t%n "The Ittilaneu Shift"-
"The Ruling Device"—"The Double KeleHse"-
"The Locomotive Base"—■•The Automatic
Bpitcer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—''The
Disappear! nKimUcHtor"
—"flie Adjustable Paper Ktiiytrs1'—"The Scientific 1'oiideneed Kev-
board "-ail -*»
will lie mude under Part V. of the "Wuter
Act. linn "to iilitHin h liceiiie In the Slmilku-
nieen Dlvlfdnimf Vale Histrfct.
tu) The intnies, mMrt'HM undorcupiitloii of ihe
uppilem-ts: #«,A, Ooper and A. 4, Cooper,
Orand Korks.!B. C. Kauoheri. (If t*"r mlu-
inv purpoMiOrrtQ Miner's Certificate No .....
(h) Thu mime nf the hike, nt remit or soiirco (It
iituiittiit'il, tin1 description i-) Small lime (no
name) h hol'y Httiuite up<>u Lot NihuIit fitm,
(•roup I, Similltii en Dlvi-ioo of Yule Distrlot, R, V„
(e) Tlieji'ilnt or diversion: At southwest
portion of snid hike in mild Lot Sum her TOO.
(d) TheqiiHiitftv of water applied for (In 00-
hle feet per second): OllQ eilhic foot per see-
(Ol The elnirHcter of the propoMfl work-:
Puiiiptntc pliiut and pipe.
(i I , ■ lie prt'iuiNe- on which the water la to he
iiM'il (•li-M'i'ihe Name)' l'o>rtlou of !/■' Vmt.
Group One. Hlinllkiiiueeu Dlvifdou or Yale District, owned hy uiipiiouots.
(k) The purposes for which the water is to lie
used:  Irrlnatloti and ntrricutMire.
(10 If fnr IrriKii ioiidi-scnhe the hind ititend-
ed to he iVrlBHied. tiivlnn aereatfe Kaat fifty
aon-s of said l.nt >'hi, <im<i|t I itie. Slinilkiuuei n
Division of Ynle District, II. (;.. owned hy ii|><
(i) I ft he water !•■ to he used for power or min-
iuu purposes describe the place where the water
Is to be returned to some unturat channel, nml
thedltl'ereiiccln altitude between thc point of
diversion and the point of return; Sot to he
used for power or minim.' purp •$*).*,,
(J) Area uliCrown hud intended to lie OOCU-
pif'd by the pi'opiiscd worlts;   Ml.
(k) This notice was posted 00 the tin duv uf
.luuiiniy, It'll, and application will lie mnde
to the commissioner <"i the 1Mb dav of Ketiru*
(I) (the the names nud addresses of any
riparian pr -ietors or licensees who or whose
liin-isn.i like1" iMiieinf_-c[.-_i by the xroposed
works,el11 eriiivoor below the outlet: \v,
Cooper it
Claude Brinkman, son of the well
known Danville rancher, has gone to
Kansas on a visit.
W. F. Smith, Great Northern
conductor, has been transferred to
the Republic run.
Mr. Minhiumck, who faile 1 o
qualify as city clerk, returned to
Arizona on Wednesday.
W. R. Williams, late of tho King's
hotel, Phoeniv, intends to make a
tour of the world.
Please reml the headlltie'nver tifrain. Then its j
tremendous stutilllennee will lawn upon you     Waw  ..'..;,;...! T_ian_vl Nn_    IS    IQHfi'i
An Oliver Tywrwrlter-the slaiidarS visible   «aw jidition Issued mov. 10, 1 aut>.J
writer—the most hluhly per.   led typewriter  Is a dozen books in one, covering  the
ull the miirket—yours for 17 oents    day! __• . i i il
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 463S copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fails it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is S5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.i50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Fdblisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
The first ore was shipped o«er tl e
long tram from the Lone Star mine
last Sunday.
Pear and apricot trees are reported to be in bloi-s un in some pints of
the valley.
Special Eastern services will be
held in ull the city churches next
Col. R. T. Lowery, editor of the
Greenwood Ledge, is in the city to
Humors of a federal election next
fall huve become quite persistent.
loan for 17
Gents a Day!
We anoiiiiced this
new sales plan recently, just to feel the pulse of
the people, simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day. That is the plan lu a nutshell.
The result has been such u deluge of applications for machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all . Iiij-sc;..
all ages, all occupations.
Tiie majority ol Inquiries bas como;fro,n peo
le of kumvti financial staiiilluit wiio were attracted by the novelty of the prnpos. 'nu, An
impressive demonstration uf the iimneire pop.
ytarlty of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief tliat
ilie Km of Universal Typewriting Is at Hand.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money with
Tfje ,_
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter ii a mnucv-miiki-i
right from the word "go!" Uneasy to run that
beginners soon get In the "expert" i-las«.   Kim
as you leurii Luttho mnchllle ray Ihe 17 Milt.
a diiy-auil all above that Is yours.
Wherever you are, there Is work to bo done
and money lo he made by using tlie Oliver, The
business world Is calling for ullver operators,
there are not enough to supply the demand
Thelrsalarles are counlderabiy above tliose ol
many classesof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tbat 1. the hattie cry today. *e have made
ilie i illver supreme iu usefulness am I absolute!)
Illtlls|ieiisitblu III lill-luess. Now Climes lhe eon'
iplest o  the home,
lhe Simplicity nud strength of the Oliver lit II
hr family use. ft Is becoming uu Impnrtnul
factor In the home training of young people
A ii educator ns well as n money maker
I mr new selling plan puis Hie ullver on Hi,.
threshold bt every 1 lein America.   Will vou
Oloso lhe door of your borne nr olliee on thin re-
marpable Oliver offer!
Write (nr further details uf our easy oiler and
a ircceupy of the uew Ollvorcatalou.   AUfreu
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewrller Building,
Hoi.vTmxnv Ciiuhoii,Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
mid sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
scriiiiii, 7:-'IO p.m.; .Sunday school, .'I
p.m. First Sunday of the mouth
linlv communion will in* celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well ns at S
it. in.     Week day anil special   services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us. antl we would be
jileaso I to met you.
Knox Prbsbytbman Cni'itcn—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. uriii 7:30 p.
m.; Siitibittli school anil llible class at
EMS a.m, All are cordially in vi tell.
Seats free. Kev. M. 1). McKee, pastor.
Methodist Uhukch j. Rev. Calvert, D. 1)., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. ami 7:30 p.in.;Sunday school,
11:30 p.m.; Kpworth League, .Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; Junior Leigue, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist   Chuiich,    Hev.   H.   W.
A. .1. Conper.  lhe  applicants.   Wright, pastor.—Services on Suildli;
i.-igiiainic)   y, a.oooi'kk.     |at  11  a. ii). nntl 7:30 p.  m.;  Hibl
lli'cetv* Imtti Linlifs itml UtMitlethfMi at rexl*
ili-iit »r ilny itudetitSJ ha* n enmnkte Coin-
murclnl nr HuiIupim Our**; preparcn |tQ<
ilenteto irntii    TeftchrrV Ortltlrutm uf all
frrutlen: nlvei tlm four yean' oourM fnr tht
i. A. degree*and the flfit year uf the Bohou
nfMeiH'eniMirne, in afflllatlon with thi' Tn
ruiitnUi.lveriity; hae a ipcolal proapeetnrt
cciitrii' fnr mtiiera whu wurk In H.C lii'triic
Uut) is uls.iirui'ii In Art, Miuir, Phycli'itl' ni
ture mul KliMJiitluii, Term upnoi Sept. II,
li*s\   For 4'aleinlnrH. etc.. addreai
Mining Stock Quotations
6oston,   April   it. — Tlm    follow
.nu' tin* today's optitliflg i|iiii(utiuns fo
sun I'M. nim '[■!:: * . u :.:i t a
Synopsis ot Canadian Homestead
A NT i
the a took h inciiii med;
ji"           Asked,
Granby Cotiuolidated,    15.00
It. C.   Copper      7.26
(I'.o. AiMrum)
tlru'id F.Jik.!1!! C   *'Iah" M-d ^undav school   ftt 2:30 p.m.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Vork, April 0.—Silvor,64§;
standard copper,$l*. 20$ 12.25, steady,
b)MioN, April 6.—Silver, l-">J;
lead, X13 08,
Some businesfl men nre st> fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor tu believe thai tbey cun reach
tbe consumers of this district with
out advertising in The Sun.
_ vniliihlp Duinlnluii LinuU within the
Kuilwny Helt of llritiuli Colmnhla innyhe
huineHteailed hy any iierton whu U thn head
nf it family, or any iiiali* over eighteen yn,tr%
nf ni."'. to the extent nf nne*i|iinrter Hentluu
of |ti<) u< rvs, morn or teni.
Kutry imiHt he inuilu persunally at the local
html office for the dlatrlct in which the land
The linineHteuiler is rei|tiired to perform
the coiMlltloim <.-unne_>ted therewith under
uue nf the following plain:
(1) At leant aix muiithi' reni<lnuce upon ami
cultivation uf the land in eaeh year fur three
(2) If the father for mother. if the father ll
dcceaueil), of the huinenti'iiiitT resiles iinnu n
farm In the vicinity of the laud entered for.
the rc.jujretiieii.N as tu reHldeiice may he nut-
lifted hy inch periuti reildlni; with the father
or tiiiiili.T.
Ci) If the net tier hai hii iiermaneiit rent'
■ leiiei* unon fariniiii.' lainl owueil hy him in
the vicinity uf iii* Imiiictea.l, tlie re itiiiv-
menti an tu resilience may he iiitlitled hy
rethleiire upun tliemiid lain).
Six monthr nutice In writing utiould Im
iri veil the Cm ii in is si i me i- nf Dominion Land*
at Ottawa uf intention to apply for patent.
Coal Coul milling right* tintv he lea«e<I
for n period nf twenty-.me yeuri at an annual rental of 11.00 \n*r acre, not more Iben
2,.',isii neiet th.ill Ih* leaneil to one inillvfdiial nr
coinpany. A royalty at the rate of live oenti
per ton wha 11 he r-u Heeled on the merchant-
ahle eual mined.
Deputy uf the MinUterof the luterlur.
. N.M.  Unauthorised  publication nf  thi.
advei tiseineiil a III nut he piild fur. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
A New England mother had come
upon her eight-year-old son enjoying
n, feast whereof the components were
jam, batter and bread.
"Son," said the mother, "don't you
think it a hit extravagant to eat butter with that fine jam?"
"No, ma'am," was the response,
"It's economical; the samo piece of
bread does for both."—Lippincott's.
A   Germ   Disease   Which   is   Baffling
the Doctors and Alarming the
People Generally
It may be said that doctors are
only agreed tm two points regarding
♦ his much dreaded disease.
First, thnt it is a germ disease and
second, like all germ diseases can
only be fought with pure, rich blood.
Prevention is always the better way
and thnt is why we arc always talking about the wisdom of keeping the
blood pure and rich and the nerves
healthy and strong by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Rich, red blood is a deadly foe to
disease germs whether they are germs
of infantile paralysis, of colds, of
consumption or uny other disease.
Don't let the blood get thin and
watery. Dpn't let the nerves get exhausted. The risk is too great. Every
dose of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food goes
to the formation of a certain amount
of pure, rich blood. For this reason
you arc certain to benefit by this
You need not wait until you have,
some form of paralysis before testing
this great medicine. Bo warned by
headaches, sleeplessness, irritability,
failing memory and power of concentrating the mind. Restore the system
while still you have something to
build on.
Get new energy and vigor into the
system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food. 50 cents a box, 0 boxes for
$2.50, nt all dealers or Edmonson,
Bates & Co., Toronto.
A Thrifty Youngster
A Detroit millionaire gave his little
daughter, on Christmas, a Buperb
doll's house—a doll's house lighted
with electricity, that had baths and
a garage, and even, in one corner of
its garage, a tiny doll monoplane.
"Well, my dear, do you like your new
doll's house?" the little girl's father
asked Iter one day during the Christmas week, "Oli, yes, papa; tremendously," she replied. "But I've let it
furnished to Cousin Angela for $10 a
If one needs a door stop and there
is not one at hand, a large, spool nailed in position will answer every purpose.
Shaikhs Gure
quickly steps coughs, cures, colds, heals
the  throat and   mints. ■   ■   ■  It, cuts.
A Helpless Proprietor
"Why don't you sell that old mule
of mine?"
"Well, suh," replied Uncle Ras-
berry, "I jes' doesn't dure. I hasn't
<le face to sell him to one o' de neighbors, an' he wouldn't laBt fob a drive
long enough to sell 'im to a
stranger."—Washington Star.
Two doctors said she would die, but
to-day she is a healthy, happy girl
—Healthy Kidneys in children the
guarantee of a happy, useful life.
McTaggart, Sask. (Special) .—That
no child is too young to have Kidney
Disease even in its worst form, and
that Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure it
in any form has been abundantly
proven in the case of little Edith Harris of this place.
In May, 1903, this little girl, then
two years old, was so swollen with
Dropsy that her waist measure was
increased from 18 inches to 34 inches.
Two doctors saitl she must die.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured her and
today she is as merry and healthy a
child as is to be found in the neighborhood.
In a recent interview her father
says: "Edith is better than ever. She
has no return of dropsy since she wub
cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills over
seven years ago. She goes to school
and is healthy. I always keep Dodd's
Kidney Pills in the house."
There's a moral for parents in this
story. Many a child has grown up
to a life of pain and suffering because
its kidneys were neglected. A life of
health and usefulness is assured if
the Kidneys are kept in order with
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Clear the complexion of
disfiguring pimples,
blackheads, redness,
roughness, and other unsightly conditions; keep
the hands soft and white,
the scalp clean, the hair
live and glossy, and preserve skin health by the
use of Cuticura Soap
assisted when necessary
by Cuticura Ointment.
Soap and Ointment
«flord the TBott teonomlcti treatment lor
ItfMntt, tmrnlnir, Italy humors ol Infants,
children and adulU A ilntfe Mt is ottcn
hi ill''if tn Sold throughout thf world. BcnC
to Potur Drui t% Chetn. Corn.. Bwura,
U.S.A. tor^-pkseCutlcuraBookoaowe&Qd
l.vMmrM ot ikla Mid MIX.
W. N. U., No. US.
"You say you were, in a saloon at
the time the alleged assault took
place?" a lawyer inquired of a witness at the central station the other
"Yes, sir, I was," the witness admitted.
"H'm," thc lawyer pursued, "that
is interesting. And did you take cognizance of the barkeeper at the time?'
"I don't know what he called it,
sir," came the reply, with perfect
ease, "but I took what the rest did."
1   Do You Realize
I    the Advantages of Concrete ?
THE rising price of lumber has compelled
the farmer to look for a suitable sub.
Concrete, because of its cheapness, durability and the readiness with which it can be
used for every farm purpose, has proven itself
lo be cheaper than lumber and far more durable.   Our Free Book—
This Book Tells
How Concrete
Aids Farmers.
"What the Farmer Can
With Concrete"
shows the farmer how he can do his own work
without the aid of skilled mechanics. It demonstrates the economy of Concrete construction as compared with lumber, brick or stone.
51<60 National Bank Buildinft, Montreal
It shows how Concrete can be used to id-
vantage on the farm in the construction of
almost every practical utility.
Send for this book to-day.    You'll And It Intensely Interesting, even If you don't Intend to
build for a while,    tt contains much useful
Information that will put you in the way
of saving  money.    Among  the  subjects
treated are: Barm, Dairies, Fence Posts.
Feeding Fit.ore, Hitching Po«»_. Root
Cellars, Silos, Stables, S.alre, Stalls,
Troughs, Walks, Well Curbs, and
so forth.
REMEMBER.—Thl.i   honk     la
yours—a : ostal will bring !t
promptly.    Write now.
Tommy—Pop, what is ennui?
Tommy's Pop—Ennui, tny son, is a
disease that attacks the people who
are so lazy that they get tired of resting.—Philadelphia Record.
The Chicago Fire could have been
prevented with one pail of water but
the water was not handy. Keep a
bottle of Hamlins Wizard Oil handy
and prevent the fiery pains of inflammation.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 13 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh and
injured her elbow so badly it remained stiff ond very painful for
three years. Four bottles of MINARD'S LINIMENT completely cured
her and she has not been troubled
for two years.
Yours truly,
St. Joseph, P. O., 18th Aug., 1900.
Cooking by Observation
Mr,    Newweddcd—"This   coffee
weak as water again."
Mrs. N—"I can't account for it
dear.   No matter how careful 1 arri,
it's always the. same way."
"Perhaps you don't use enough coffee."
"Nonsense! I put in a whole half
cupful, and everybody snys that's
"Did you mensure the water."
"Huh! Who ever heard of measuring water All cooks pour it right
out of the teakettle. I've seen them
often—so there!"
Preparation.—Unlike   any
__tm_- .
table Pills aro the result of long study
Faultless   In
other stomach rei
reparation— Unlike
:ulalor. Parmelee's Vege-
of vegetable compounds calculated to
stimulate the stomachlo functions and
maintain them at their normal condition.1! Years of use have - proved their
faultless character and established their
excellent reputation. And this reputation they have maintained for years and
will continue to maintain, for these pills
must always stand at the head ol the
list of standard preparations.
Bess—"He said my face was a perfect poem."
Jess—"It is—like one of Browning's."
Bess—"Whnt do you mean?"
Jess—"Some of the lines are so
deep?"—Toledo Blade.
Many patent medicines have come and
gone, but Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
continues to occupy a foremost place
antonr. remedies for coughs and colds, and
as a preventive of decay of the lungs. It
is a standard medicine that widens its
sphere of usefulness year by year. If you
are In need of something to rid yourself of
a cough or cold, you cannot do better
than try Bickle's Syrup.
Going to Look At It
"Going to the auto show?"
"Sure thing, I want to see the thing
for which I'm going to mortgage my
house when I get it paid for."
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia
A baker soys that one cupful of
liquid yeast is equal to half a compressed yeast cake or a whole dry
yeast cake.
It makes a mother mad if her son's
wife is deeper in the social swim than
While a steel band may be stronger
than a brass band, the latter is more
successful in holding a crowd.
Pumice soap and ammonia will
cure the worst case of tarnished
brass.. JuBt moisten the cloth with
ammonia and rub it briskly over the
soap and apply to the article to be
tun or Ohio cm or tomdo. I „
w Lucas coimtt. f M'
Fiuim J. CHBtiEY makes oath that he Is senlot
partner 01 Un ta-m ot f. J. Chibiv * Co., dolnj
business In the City ot Toledo, County and BUM
aforesaid, and thst said arm will pay ths sum ol
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS tor each aad every
ease ol Catabhh that cannot he cured by the tin ol
_uu/.Ca».,«c.,«.   FRANK/.CHKNEy.
Bwom tn betore mo and subscribed In my presence,
thts «th day ot December, A. D.. im.
• —"— . A. W. QLEA80N.
) s»al \ Notaat Puuto.
Hairs Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally and acts
directly upon the bluod and mucous surfaces of tbe
system.. Send lor testimonials, tree.
»> F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, 0.
Bolil by ill Drunlsta. TM.
Take Hall's family Pills for constipation.
The Boy's Sacrifice
He was a good little boy and very
thoughtful. He had heard about the
great scarcity of water throughout
the country. He came to his mother
antl slipped his hand into hers.
"Mamma," he snid, "is it true that
in some places the little girls and
boys 'have scarcely enough water to
"That is what the papers say, my
"Mamma," he presently snid, ' I d
like to give up somethin' for those
poor little hoys and girls."
His mother gave him a fond look.
"Yes, dear. And what would you
like lo give up?"
"Muminii," he snid in his enmest
wnv, "ns long ns the water is so very
scarce I think 1 ought to give up
liein' washed."
Never use a wooden spoon for stirring anything containing onion, as
the wood will absorb the flavor and
will impart it to other foodstuffs,
even after a lapse of many weeks.
Vour druggist will refund money il
PAS50 OINTMENT faHs to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding PileB in 6 to 14 days.   6Qc.
"What is your highest ambition?"
"To get my wife to speak to me as
politely as she speaks to the butcher
when she is ordering a steak by telephone."—Chicago Herald-Record.
Corns cannot exist when Holloway's
Corn Cure is applied to them because
It goes to the root and kills the growth.
Occasionally c
relations—if he
man visits hs wife's
has nowhere else to
Minard's Liniment Cures Burnt, ate.
To remove odor of fish or onions
from the. frying pan put in vinegar
nnd heat until scalding, and then
wash out.
Another Modern Miracle
Locomotor Ataxia Cured
The Sufferer Had Been Given Up as Incurable by Several
Treatment Also Failed—Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills Worked the Miracle.
Before the discovery of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, locomotor ataxia
was considered an incurable disease. lt has heen fully demonstrated,
however, that this disease can be cured through the use of these pills,
where the treatment is persisted in, and tlte directions carefully followed.
Locomotor ataxia is a disease of the spinal cord, and first shows itself
in an inability to stand erect when the eyes are closed, or in the dark. It
iB characterized .by peculiar disturbances of the gait, and difficulty in governing the motions of the legs. One of the commonest and earliest signs is
a tired feeling, particularly noted in the knees and ankles. This sensation
is provoked by slight exertion, and is not relieved by rest. Often a numb
feeling is associated with it, and these two symptoms are always present
in the early stages. As the disease progresses, there is an increase in the
duration and extent of the, numb feelings, covering at times the foot alone,
then extending to the leg. The disease is usually of slow growth, and the
increase and intensity of the symptoms is not noticed, but its progress is
constant, and generally approaches a total luck of feeling in the legs, causing a wobbling gait and an entire inability to govern the steps. As the
disease progresses the putient -loses all control over bowels and water, and
becomes utterly helpless, and has to be cured for like a child.
In proof of the power of Dr. Williums' Pink Pills to cure this terrible
malady, Mrs. Sarah Jane Ruller, of Antler, Sask., says: "For Beven years
from 1900 to 1907, my son James wns afflicted with locomotor ataxia. During that time he was treated by several of the best doctors in the West, but
their treatment failed to be of any benefit, and he kept growing worse and
worse, till finally he lost all control of his limbs, and could not move at all.
I had to carry him from his bed to a chair, where I would have to tie him,
to enable him to sit up. He wns ns helpless as an infant; he lost all control of his kidneys nnd bowels, and wc daily looked for death to relieve him
of his suffering. In 1905 we sent him to Brantlon Hospital, hoping tbat
tbe treatment there would benefit him. In this, though, we were disappointed, and the hospital doctor advised me to take him home, as they said
they could do nothing for him. At this time a friend advised the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Being willing to try anything in the hope of finding
relief for my boy, I bought a supply. In leas than three months I noted a
slight improvement in his condition. In six months he could walk once more
and Irom that on the improvement continued, till now he is fully cured and
once more able to attend school and do thc chores about the houBe. What
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done for him is truly wonderful, and I would
strongly recommend them to all sufferers, for they most certainly saved
my boy's life."
In substantiation of what Mrs. Ruller says, Mr. A. E. Steele, the well-
known lumber and coal dealer of Antler, writes: "With reference to what
Mrs. Ruller says concerning her son's cure by Pink Pills, I have no hesitation in saying that what she says is absolutely true in every particular, as
I am personally acquainted with the case."
This great cure is not the only one performed by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. They have brougbt thousands back to health and Btrength after
some of the best doctors in the country have been forced to give up the
case as incurable. Not only in cases of locomotor ataxia, but in cases of
partial paralysis, sciatica, acute rheumatism, and many other severe ailments have they been successful. The whole secret of their wonderful
success is in their power to make rich, red, health-giving blood—the one essential for good health. The pills are sold by all medicine dealers, or direct
by mail at 60 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.60, from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. ("!',
It's the Smith College Girls' Rainy
Day Costume.
Bags of Many Kinda—Smart Reticules
Made of Old Brocade That Can Be
Turned Out at Horn* In Professional
Dear Elsa-A girl I know at Smith
college wrote to me laBt week asking
me'to get a "slicker" for her. "All tbe
girls bere stye slickers," ahe rambled
on Id ber letter, "and aa tbey can't be
bought in thia town of Northampton
I'm bothering you to secure one for
"Heavens and earth!" I gasped.
"Wbat la a sllckerr
Ae tbe girl aaid something about getting thia thing at a rubber store I bled
me tbere and found out,
Well, for yonr unregenerate aoul I'll
Ml yon tbat a slicker la not an oilskin
worn by Usher folk and tbe like, but
tbe black rubber coat Aid ihlny helmet
that firemen wear.   Arrayed lu this
aurora ali pouch.
flicker costume, tbe Smith girls have
aolved tbe problem of keeping dry ln a
pouring rain. No more fruitless
aearcbea for tbe umbrella, no more be-,
draggled bats and sloppy skirts at
Smith. Glrla in long black rubber coats
and shiny helmets pour out of the
campus houses and stream to chapel.
No fond mother could Identify her own
daughter In tbe boat of rubber clad fig-
urea splashing through the rain, tbe
faces bidden beneath low visors which
come down almost io the ahouldera, but
If one looks Intently there li a decided
difference In tbe way the class beauty
tilts ber helmet ln coquettish fashion
from tbe headgear of the president of
tbe Philosophical society. No one.
though, ean fall to admit tbat the
BmltD girl escapes many Ilia by ber
eensible rainy day costume, and It's
economical, too—|2.S0 for a slicker and
EO cents for a shiny black helmet. Let's
get a slicker and helmet and be up to
Judging Charaoter by feet.
Yea. I've been gathering In a lot of
queer Information tbese daya, aud tbe
latest waa learned from an observant
member of tbe nktsculine persuasion.
Be told me that tbe way wise men
Judged a woman's character waa by
studying ber feet "Note," says this
wise guy, "bow the step reflects the
atate of body and mind—tbe mincing
step ot the small minded and tbe kicking of tbe sidewalk by tbe energetic,
nervous woman." "How about the
hobble walk?" I Inquired of my Instructor, with much interest "What
doea tbat Indicate}"
Tbe wise one answered, "Bhe wbo
changes ber gait with tbe fashions
lacks originality." It sounds prosaic,
bat the foot's the thing and loudly
talks If you will listen to It. Do you
see that girl wbo strides and shakes
ber hips with each step'/ Sbe Is
coarse. There goes one wltb a short
step and toes pointing straight forward. Sbe will make a neat and economical wife. Note tbe girl wbo shut-
flea. She'll wear a slovenly dressing
gown wben she ought to be bewitching in a smart negligee. Tbat bit of
femininity wltb a not too alow but
regular stride pute a high price on
herself, but will always command reaped and can be relied upon aa being
"good form." Bhe will be a shoulder
to, shoulder companion to • man and
not a mate of the ivy type.
"These polnta may serve aa botb a
warning and a guide to botb sexes,"
continued my Informant, "and when
an Individual turns the right toe In he
may aa well label himself or herself
'egoist.' Jost aa one who pounds tbe
eldewalk with the heel announces a
dlBlIke of being contradicted." Bo I
say to you, Elsa, dear, mind the step.
Hew to Tall a Woman's Age.
But worse tban all the signs of tbe
times la the awful fact tbat some one
In England haa discovered how to tell
exactly a woman's age. Wbat punishment will fit tbe crime perpetrated by
this scientist? But It's accomplished,
the dlvulgence of this well kept secret
by an ordinary watch and the poaaee-
aion of the, wrist of the victim. It
seems tbnt in counting ber pulse if It
registers sixty-nine beata per mlnnte
ber age is between twenty and twenty-
five yeara. Another five yeara reventy-
one beata go to tbe minute, and to tbe
woman of thirty la permitted—wen,
let's change the subject Horrible Invention, isn't It?
Now to talk of pleasajnter things.
It Is without doubt the day of tbe
little bag. And the girl who baa a
limited amount of money with which
to buy small accessories should be
devoutly thankful for the fashion, aa
with a little Industry "be can turn
out tbe smartest sort of reticule with
ber own hands. The easiest variety
of bag to make Is one of old brocade.
To make lt tbe top la drawn Into •
wide box nlalt on eacb aide by means
of tour eyelets an lncb apart and a
half Inch below the top, A narrow
strip of wood two inches and a quarter long, with holea to correspond to
tbe two central eyelets. Is placed on
eacb half of tbe bag. Tbis Is beld te
tbe brocade by tbe cord run through
two silts In tbe material between tbe
central eyeleta and tbe corresponding
holes In the wood. The lacers are then
run ln opposite directions and draw
up firmly and easily.    . i
Here, too, la the recipe I promised
you for ginger ale punch, which I
found ln the Boston Cooking School
Magzlne: Melt one and three-fourth
cuns of augar In one cup of lemon
juice anu snr in one quart bt ginger
ale. When the augar la melted freeze
to a mueh. Serve ln cocktail glasses
wltb or after the meat course. Half
a cupful of sauterne may be mixed
through the ice after lt Is frozen.
With beat wishes for the success of
your dinner, devotedly,       MABEL.
Directions  How to  Make This  Comfortable Garment
This very, useful sweater for the
small boy, which opens on tbe shoulder, is made ln the following manner:
Five 2 ounce skeins of double knitting wool, four bone or Ivory knitting
needles No. 7. Cost on 08 stltehes.-
Flrst row. Slip 1, knit 3, purl 2, •
knit 2, purl 2; repeat from ' to within
4 of end of row; knit tbese 4 stitches;
repent this row 3 times more.—Fifth
row. Slip 1. kult 1, make 1 by putting
the wool before the needle, knit 2 together (this will form a buttonhole),
work In pattern rib as ln previous
row, knit tbe 4 last stitches; repeat
tbo flrst row 0 times more, always
taking care to keep the rib of 2 purl.
2 plain lu the center, and 4 plain
stitches at eacb edge.—Fifteenth row.
Same as fifth row, for second buttonhole.—Sixteenth and seventeenth rows.
Same as first row. This forms a collar 2Va Inches In depth. For the
shoulder piece', knit the flrst 12 stitches, leaving tbe remaining SO on the
needle. Take another needle, * turn,
and knit 12 stitches;' reheat from * 6
times more, then make a third buttonhole as before, taking care that It Is
exactly under those already made.
Knit 0 plain rows, a fourth buttonhole
In the tenth row; knit 0 plain rows,
make a fifth buttonbole; knit 3 rows
plain. This finishes the first shoulder
piece, which consists of 40 rows nn*1
should measure 4 inches. Thread the
12 stitches on a piece of wool. Br?al.
off. Knit the next 20 stitches (tbese
are for tbe front of yokel; take another needle. Knit the next 12 stitches, turn, and knit back, and work 40
rows for the second shoulder piece,-
without buttonholes. This leaves 24
stitcbes on tbe needle. Knit the next
20 stitches for the back; take another
needle and knit the last 4 stitches.
sleeves, pick up and knit 24 along tne
aide of front, 12 along tbe top, and 24
along tbe side ot back (60 stitches).
Divide tbe stitcbes evenly. * Knit
plain for 6, rounds.—Seventh ronnd.
Decrease thus; Knit 1, knit 2 together,
knit plain to within 3 stitcbes of the
end of round, knit 2 together, knit 1;
repeat from • till reduced to 40 stitches. On these 40 stitches knit plain till
the sleeve measures 13 Inches. Finish
with ribbing of knit 2, purl 2, alternately, for 4 Inches, when the sleeve
sbould measure 17 inches. Fasten the
narrow strip worked on 4 stitches
neatly under tbe buttonholes on tbe
left shoulder and sew on five buttons.
Method of Curing Leaf Used by Large
Growers In Pennsylvania.
Tbe majority of the small tobacco
growers thrash out tbeir grain early,
stack tbeir straw and then use their
barn mows und driveways for curing
tobacco, says a bulletin on the production of cigar leaf tobacco lu Pennsylvania Issued by tbe United States
department of agriculture. But the
large growers usually erect separate
curing sheds provided with some system tor controlling the ventilation.  Ia
V Jam
1   t .':■ '"*«s4«M«;»'''*»*?i;
VSrUM :s .  __•_■>._*■_,
V sajrt—.s_—iieas a  .
** "   ■ <*"^"""^G^li
Hioto hy William Xrear, vice director of
the Pennsylvania agricultural experiment station.
some cases top ventilation Is secured
by means of slatted ventilators set la
the gable ends of the shed or In the
roof along the ridgepole or by means
of valved. cylindrical, metal ventilators set ln tbe roof peak, ln others
side ventilation is adopted, and either
vertical ventilators are mnde by Inserting loose boards at Intervals of a few
feet along the sides of tbe sbed or
horizontal boards, hinged above and
fastened to a common vertical lifting
rod, are fixed iu the sides of Ihe shed
at points near the lower end of each
tier. Iu still otber cases Ibe door
beams project on eacb side beyond the
foundation walls, nnd the wall plates
rest upon tbe ends of these beams
rather than directly over or upon tbe'
foundation walls. The floor between
these two lines of walls consists of
I trapdoors which can be raised to secure bottom ventilation.
Very commonly the system adopted
provides for both side and roof ventilators, each under control from tbe
floor, or for bottom and top ventilators.
Beating systems for the control of ventilation are very exceptional.
Turn and knit back on the 4 stitches
for 40 rows. Cast off. Pick up and
knit 20 stitches along tbe side of this
piece just worked, 20 along the back
needle uud 20 along the other shoulder
piece 100 In all).—to row. Turn, purl
to end of row.—Second row. * Knit 3.
purl 13; repeat from * to eud of row.
Third row. Purl.-Fourth row. Purl
3; knit 3; repeat from • to end of row.
Repeat these rows till tbe yoke measures 5 Inches (40 rows).-For the front
pick up und knit 20 stitches along tbe
flrst shoulder piece. 20 on front needle
aud 20 along the next shoulder piece
(DO stitches). Work ln pattern the
same as the back for S Inches. The
rest of the jersey Is knitted on 4 needles. Divide tbe stitches evenly, and
knit plain for 0 Inches, measured from
the bottom of tbe yoke. Finish wltb
ribbing of knit 2, purl 2, alternately,
for 4 Inches; cast off loosely.—For tbo
Carina's Trombone.
The founder of the Church Armv,
Prebendary Corlile, who was recently
received by King George, tells on
amusing story about one of the open-
air brass band processions which
ptraded London, headed by Mr. Car-
lile with a trombone. Honed in his
surplice, the prebendary left the procession—which was a New Year's Eve
parade—from time to time and entered the numerous public .houses passed on tbe road. In one public house
a man seised the prehendiry's trombone and told him he should have I
it back if he would play a tune. On
his reply that he was too tired, a tall,
clean-shaven man volunteered to play
instead. Calling out, "Hats off, g»n.
tlomen I" he played "God Save the ;
King." The musician then took Mr. |
Cnrlile's cap and passed il round,!
collecting 6s. in a very few moments, j
The cap, collection, and trombone:
were then returned to Mr. Carlile,
who departed well satisfied to have
raised something for the Church
Army relief work in this unconventional way.
Surprised tha German.
General Sir Reginald Pole-Oarew,
who ha3 been returned for Bodmin,
in the recent British elections, relates
the following story showing the energy of the British soldier. A German attache in the South African
war was amazed at the spectacle of
the British soldiera after a fight staggering into camp, but rushing instantly after a football which was
tbrown on the veldt. Thc German
attache said to the general, "Well,
you are the most extninrdinarv people in the whole civilized world. I
nave been with your nvn all day. I
know whnt they have done. I know
they hove hnd nothing to cut or
drink, and I know of no oth°r troops
in the world that would not have
been lying down asleep. If we could
"i> this we could conquer the world I'
England's Rich Scored In Words That
Apply  Hare.
In a speech in London recently on
the subject of destitution among the
English masses, the Chancellor of the
Exchequer, Lloyd George, stat:d that
of the 4__0,000 adults who died lust
year in the British Isles five-sixths
were in poverty. They left no property
worth any one's while to pick up,
said the Chancellor—a few articles
of cheap clothing and furniture which
the broker's man would not sell for
The other sixth of the British adults
who died in the twelve month period
left $1,500,000,000. or £3O0,..0.U0.l
sterling in property of one kind and
another. Of that large, gigant.c surplus, approximately one-half — $750,-
000,000 — had been accumulated by
2,000 persons. Commenting on tnese
figures,  the  Chancellor  said:
"Diu the 350,000 who died in penury
lead lives- of indulgence, dissipat.on,
thriftlessness and extravagance 'I bid
the 2,000 people who lefl ha'.f that
enormous sum pursue careers of arduous toil, of frugality, of industry?
No! It is facts such as these—the
gigantic wealth at one end that a
man cannot spend in a lifetime of
luxury, and at the other end millions
burning with semi-hunger and the
pains of anxiety and poverty—which
are producing the murmurs at the
heart of England which show there
is  some disease  in  the  system."
Lloyd George, continuing, said England's annual bill for armaments is
now $350,000,000 — or $40 for every
household in the United Kingdom anil
were this burden removed Great Britain could afford to pay every wage
earner in the Kingdom an additional
four shillings a week.
The Chancellor is at the head cf
that faction in English politics which
is seeking to break up the gr?at land
holdings of the aristocracy and'establish a sort of peasant proprietorship,
something like that in France. H's
remedy for unemployment is small
farming, but on the genera! subject
of unproductive labor his views apply
in America hs Hi as in Brita'n and
have no political significance.
"it is u shallow but common fallacy," be said, "that inasmuch as the
rich find employment for und pay
good wages to those who personally
minister to their comfort, to that extent they are rendering a service to
the community. Quite the reverse.
They are withdrawing a large number of capable men and women from
useful and productive work."
Shipping In Naw Bruajswick.
People should not forget that New
Brunswick has more than one port.
St. John is so well boomed that the
other ports are often overlooked. La«t
year twenty-seven vessels took thirty
million feet of deals and lumber from
Cantpbellton. Dalhousie shipped forty,
three cargoes, Bathurst eleven, Chatham twenty-nine, Buctouche one,
Sackville five, Shediac eleven, and
Riverside six. The total shipments
of deals, spruce and other forest pro.
du"ts was over three hundred mil.
lion superficial feet, contained in 334
ve_.se.s. 'li'-.oe shipments went to
South America, to Australia, to Man.
Chester, London and Liverpool.
This gives inlanders some idea of
the value of tho ocean ports of New
Brunswick,   and  also  an   inkling  of
what the lumbering industry means to
.nat province.   It is interests such a,
these which Canada must protect by
a direct contribution to the  British
r'Rvy or  by  the establishment of a
Canadian navy.   Until international
policemen   ure   appointed   with   full
power to render justice and ensure liberty, Canada  must do her share  'u
protecting the trade routes.  The farm-
e- "'ho s»l!s his wheat at an inland i
railway station must not forget thai
tne valus of itis product depends lurge-1
'v "i the ability of a shipper to send |
it abroad without fear of  loss en route, j
'lo-<ltty mere is no danger; to-morrow
it might be decidedly and vitally ilif. |
fercnt.—Canadian Courier.
Charming Combinations of Pelts
and  Velvet  Seen  This  Season.
bmWsf''■"*%,"   '   ~"k   _________
____________________________■ em w'*- ^*\W ________
^Bff | M
______________r^_________________K'     Wl.        t* ^sWW\ ___■
'■'__»■■ *% ?
\  \w  ty *■    j*
a^B_^fl                           \\\\\W*+'   A*\
!($&£________   .
oan or thi kiw soabf btomb.
Never waa tbere a time wben the
combinations of fur and fabrics were
more alluring thnn tbis season. Tha
lovely model shown la one of tbe new
scarf stoles In gathered velvet edged
wltb ermine.
At Last, a Comfortable Motor Vein     .
"At lust there's a comfortable motor I
veil," sighed a  woman wbo receutly j
purchased a motor veil like tbe one
seen  ln  tbe Illustration.    Wben  th*
winds do blow tbe average auto veil '
haa an unfortunate habit of parting !
company from tbe beadgear worn with |
It. Tbis newcomer doea nothing of I
tbe sort for It Is partially aewed to a j
broad piece of ribbon wblcb flta securely over the bat and nothing abort I
of a blizzard will detach It from th* |
wearer'a bead If properly adjusted.*   . I
Photography For Woman.
Photography as a work (or women
was brought Into prominence recently
when lhe national photographers held
tbeir convi'Mlou in Cleveland. A hundred or more women bad prints on exhibition »Vieh were of blgb grade.
Miss Lena McCauley. art critic. In an
address on photography as the art of
tbe hour, spoke with enthusiasm of It
as a work for women. She said In part:
"Photography Is tbe living art tbe
art of the hour, tbe art of today, lt la
tbe latest child of tbe pictorial arts
and the art most concerned in everyday living. We can think of no phase
of human activity In wblcb It has no
part for It is an aid not only of pleasure, of beauty aud decoration, but lt Is
an important factor lu literature. In
science. In Ibe manufactures. The surgeon depends upon tbe camera. Tbe
astronomer and tbe intcroscoptst use It
to extend Iheir vision and to record
mysteries and discoveries.
''Photography offers a wide field for
Ihe service of women. Woman la naturally an art lover and takes kindly to
instruction In urt Tbe profession la not
hedged by precedent as are low and
tbe medical calling. Woman enters on
the same platform as men. and. tbe
avenues of work being so varied, sbe
Is welcome and may do the work best
fitted for ber without standing beside
ber stronger brothers."
Studied In Tree-Topi.
Dr. Ryle, who has given up tha
Bisbopric of Winchester, worth $30,«
800 a year, to become Dean of Westminster at a salary of $10,000, is a
fine example of muscular Christianity. When at Eton he became famous as a runner and jumper, and today finds chief recreation in walking,
tennis-playing, and mountaineering.
As a boy, too, he was very (ond of
climbing trees, and was often daring
enough to read his books while seated in the topmost branches. One day
he fell down from one of these eyries,
and would have been killed had it
not bee:: for a cushioned seat ut the
foot of the tree, wbich broke his tall.
A quaint hobby of his is collecting
portraits of Erasmus, the famous
Dutch scholar, of which he is believed
to huve n greater number than any
other man living.	
What Kind ol a Time Did he Have*
ln the Montreal City Hall, or Hotel
de Ville, whichever you like to call
it. is a book itrwhich visitors nre re-
que.-tcd to inscribe their names. There
is a column ior the home nddres-,,
and one for remarks. Very few have
anything which tbey cRre lo record
under thiB last head, but one visitor
Irom New Brunswick Ieit different. It,
a bolt hand he wrote: "Had a lint a time."
Owing to the vagaries of the English language, the City Hall employes
are still wondering il lhe Maritime
Province man was pluawd ur •|,»-
olcueed witb hi> niaiL SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The instinct of modesty natural to every woman is often a
great hindrance to the cure of womanly diseases.    Women
shrink from the personal questions of  the local  physician
which seem indelicate.    The thought of examination is abhorrent to them, and so they endure in silence a condition
of disease which surely progresses from bad to worse.
It has been Dr. Pierce* a privilege to cure a
if rea ( many women who have found a refu&e
for modesty in hia offer ot FREE consulta*
Hon by letter.   Ull correspondence is held
as sacredly confidential,  Address Dr. A. V*
Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription restores and  regulates
the womanly functions, abolishes  pain  and   builds up and
puts the finishing touch of health on every weak woman
who gives it a fair trial.
it Hakes Weak Women Strong,
&tek Women Well.
yr- ~„,,' ..r .,( m accept a secret nostrum as a substitute
.i .. j-J'.ciue oe known composition.
Circumstantial evidence appear to
indicate thnl Grand Forks has a candidate for the Carnegie hero medal.
Monday night a smelter employee,
on his way home from his work,
got se| aruled from his hat on account of the invigorating wind then
traveling through Ihe valley. The
hat took to the river, and the owner
followed until the icy water reached
his HTm pits. At this stage another
smelter employee, a fearlesB and
strenuous youth, happened to he
passing, and seeing the man in the
middle of the river, he plunged in
the cold water and brought the
man to shore. It is not thought
thnt the man was in any greater
danger of his life than is usually
caused hy a cold bath when the
thermometer is somewhere in the
neighborhood of the freezing mark;
hut of this fact his rescuer was, of
cauree, ignorant, and it should not
militate against hie chances of receiving the medal.    The   man went
home hatless.    His rescuer followed
effects   the   cold   water  with a few
jolts of Russell's Special.
The King's hotel in Phoinix  has
heen disposed nf bv  ils  proprietors,
E. P. Shea and  W. R William*., to
I Frank M. Morrison, an   experienced
hotel 'man of Spoknne.
If you are suffering from indigestion
and the attendant distressed stomach
ou should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Sliitfer, nf 23U Queens St. S , Berlin,
Out., says:    -'For years I have heen a
ITerer from ucu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na Ttblets and they have done
me more g mil than anything 1 have
ever useo. I am now more free from
this trouble than I have been for
years.    I  am   pleased'to endorse and
'commend this remedy to ' all who
suffer with stomach trouble."
Haniember Mi-o na Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chronic indigestion and turn- the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. Alt
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
The H. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Scd and guaranteen by H. E.
Woodland ifc Co.
Lieutenant-Governor's Cup
Editor Evening Sun.
Victoria, April 11.—Tn a recent
communication to you. from this
department, it was stated that the
dairy farm competition had been di-
i vided into two classes und that a
separate cup was going to he given
for the best small dairy in the prov
ince, as well aB three medal.
It was also stated that the name
of this cup would .he announced
later, and I now have the honor, as
well as the pleasure, to inform you
that this cup for the small dairy
farm com petition is to be known as
the "Lieutenant-Governor's Cup.'
The small dairy farm competition is
for those having ' five to fi"
cows milking.
His honor has  offered  this   very
handsome   cup   to be competed for
under the rules and regulations laid
after  he had counteracted the | down by the Dairymen's association.
P. H. Mooke. Secretary.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time and stop scalp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—It is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing anrl no
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H
E Woodland ifc Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Qiroux Mann
facturitig Co., Fort Erie, Ont. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaran
teed by H E. Woodland & Co.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
{ram and menu cards just received at
I'he Sun job office.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby 25,97o
Mother Lode  6,174
Jackpot.       489
Rawhide    5,007
Snowshoe  1,900
No. 7 	
Phoenix Amal	
Total .....39,674
Smelter treatment—
Grnnhy 26.930
B.C. Copper Co... 13,250
Maine Fraction Mineral Cluim, situate In
thf Grand Porta Mining Division of Yale
Where located:   In Brown'* oamp,
TAKE NOTICK thut I, Patriate J. Byrne,
ffne vi Ilieks'Certificate No. H26».0, In'
twiil. sixty iln' a frnm the date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ot Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain-
Intra Crow ii "rantofthe a'-ove cluim
And further tnke noMoe that action,  under
section  37,  must he commenced before the
issuance  of   sueh Certificate   of    Improve*
Dated thin 2nd day of Anril, A D 1»U.
Furniture   Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neitly Done.
r. mccutcheon
Bridtfe Street,
The bent and most
substantial lire-pro f
dary country. Recently completed and
newly furnished
tlirouuhout. Equip*
lied with all modern
electrical conveniences, Ontrally located. rMrst*ohisi accommodations for the
ravelling public,.
Hot and Gold Bathi
Pint-Clan Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
For Sale—At once, at Christina
Lake, the property of A. B. W.
Hodges, consisting of one acre of
ground and hungalow. Property
bas 200 feet water frontage. A bargain; terms reasonable. Inquire \V.
A. Williams, Granby Smelter.
Harvey Mahan, bead bookkeeper
at the Granby smelter, returned on
Monday from Ocean Park,California,
where he has been spending, the
past three months in coinpany with
his daughter, Mrs. Harry Jackson,
of Sandpoint, Ida., who died at that
place lust week after a long period of
delicate health. The remains of
Mrs. Jackson were taken to Spokane
for burial.
Foit Sale—A lfi-foot gasoline
launch and half interest in boat
house at Christina Lake; cheap for
cash. Wi A. Williams, Granby
¥ Printing"!
We are prepared to do all kinda of,
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style-
Esther Larsen on Monday last received a cheque for $110 front the
Elliott Piano company of Chicago
for guessing Theodore Roosevelt's
face in a picture puzzle. Mr Larsen
thinks that this was one of tho few
honest guess ing contests that has
come to his notice.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of J
Ice Cream antl Summer Drinks
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Horn—In Grand Forks, on Friday, March III, lo Mr. and Mrs. P.
H. Donaldson, a daughter.
Ladv Travelling Companion Wanted—Any one who intends to leave
for England on or liefure May lit,
kindly communicate with   Mrs. I.. C.
Hogers, Grand 'Forks, B, 0,
J. S. JohnBton, wife nnd children
have removed to their bungalow nt
tbe lake for the summer months.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business .antl Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions arid By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cartls,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granby Uotki.,
First Struct.
The Hrcatheahlu Remedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, viz., by breathing.
Scientists for, years have been ngrced
on this point, but failed to get un antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs and not destroy tbe tissues of
the membrane at the same time, until the discovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-onie.)
Hyomei is thu most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inllumril
and germ-ridden membrane four or
five times a day, aud in a few days the
germs will disappear,
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1,00, and extra
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tki.kpiionk A1-29
Kuthkrporo Bros., Props.
B. Quinn, who has been employed ; bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
in Woodland's drug store for thai SO cent,   Obtainable from your drug*
past  two   years, has gone to Vin'|^*torpoitpatd from the R,
couver, where he haB secured a po-
f-iifinr^ PRI\TI\fi ~t'"' kil"'  we do—is in   itself  an
"W tHiILllILlVl    advertisement, and  a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the Ixs. t.    Let us estimate on vour ordor.    We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
sition as druggist. Mr. ijuiiui will
be missed by his many friends, as
well as in hockey circles,
____________________________________________________________   I _D
Co., Ltd., Knit   Blie,  Out.    Hyomei
Is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money hack. Soltl and
' guaranteed by II. 10. Woodlandik Co.
Aiit.inrlz.Ml t
, 111VIIISS Its	
.   siUHKB", Paid   Tntiil to   Latest
NAur.iirCcuipj.XY.               i miltnl.    Issued. Pur. lt««l.       Hate.       Hutu
tJrunliyCniisollillttfil  -Co|i|X>r..,ir,l«lll,(«ll,     IVMUU  (IUU tl,«2tl,iw0 »S,.WMl*l  Ilea, IIS1H
t.nrllHi" MaKlllliey   (mill      I.2N.IHII   l._9ll.lsitl     tl            riM.SIHPeb.IMI
Priivlrlaiira   Silver        mmiWI       II OUI     It I«.000        HS.22I Sent. 1WT-
Con    i ui |.ei-i< im      im tu   tin.iii-    |t             mi,stun sum. i
..    iMsMI
Ativan sstitllnf ■ sketch uie dMorMkm m»»
Qnloktr Ascertain onr opinion free wliotlier u
*••.«. rro*. tin- tt u«nor fur Mcuruicpaunia.
Scientific American.
A handmMiy Uluatntod weekly. lamest cir-
Ailntion of any inomino Joun.nl. Terra* for
Canada, 83.78 a yoar, foatam prepaid. gold by
■ ft 1 S»., W«rtlll.;.~l, B 0.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. Antl we are the only
otlico in this section th|ic have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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