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The Evening Sun Dec 15, 1911

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Will iiu.ij.1
Legislative I
Eleventh Ye«—No. 7
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. December tS. 1911.
$1.90 Per Year in Advance.
Local Organizations  Want
.Provincial Exhibition
field Here
The annual meeling of the Grand
Forks Agricultural assocition, he'd
in the city ball last night, was well
attended, and a great deal of im
portant business was transacted.
Officers for ihe ensuing ye ir were
elected as follows: President, Frsd
Clsik; vice president, A. B. Tweddle;
secretary and treasurer, Waltor
Hadden; directors, August Sohnitter, R. J. Gardner, H., W.Collins,
C. H. Niles, Thomas Powers, J T.
Lawrence, C. C. Heaven, Thomas
Mclntyre and W. A. Cooper. Fred
Clark was elected as delegate to the
convention of the Provincial Fair
associations, which will be held in
Victoria in January next. Thomas
Mclntyre was elected as alternate.
Hon. Richard McBride, Hon. Price
Ellison, Hon. Martin Burrell and
Ernest Miller were elected honorary
members of the association.
Strong resolutions were drifted
and unanimously adopted, endors
ing the efforts of the Grand Forks
Poultry association to induoe the
Provincial Poultry association to
hold iti exhibition in tbil city in
1914. •
The treasurer reported a cash bal
ance of /UO, after paying all bills
in connection witb thi second annual fall fair.
After the transaction of a vast
amount of routine business, the
meeting adjourbed.
Poultry Association Meeting
The Grand Forks Poultry associa
tion held its regular monthly meeting
last Friday evening, and matter! of
considerable importance were discussed and actios taken.
The committee to consider the advisability of publishing a directory nf
the local the pi u'try men, showed lhat
considerable preparatory work had
b i in don *, anal at it-, own request was
given un extension of time to complete
its investigations.
The trophy committee reported hav
ing purchased the handsome silver cup
donated to the Provincial Poultry association, and that it had been suita
bly engraved and forwarded.
A. D. Morrison then introduced 'a
resolution of vital importance to the
oity and the valley generally:
"Whereas, The Provincial Poultry
association has tacitly promised'to
hold its exhibition of 1914 in the
interior of the province; and whereas,
the importance of the poultry indus.
try of this distriet warrahts such a decision; and whereas, all other associations and organisations of this valley
are believed to be willing and anxious
to render auch assistance as will adequately accommodate such an exhibition, be it therefore
"Resolved, That the Provincial
Ponltry association be asked to seriously consider the advisability of selecting Grand Forks as the center at
which to hold the provincial exhibition in 1914."
The resolution was unanimously
adopted, after which the meeting ad
Donaldson's mixed candy cannot be
beat at the price,    15c per pound.
The following is Ihe maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded hy the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
■ Friday  30
Saturday  33
.Sundiy...    30
Monday.....  30
Tuesday    27
Wednesday  29
Thursday  32
Ranfall during week, 000 inches;
snowfall, 1.8.
Progressive Railway Policy
The Kettle Valley railway is, advertising in the Penticton Herald tlmt
it intends to apply for an extension
nf time within whicb it msy con
struct the railways and brsi c e_
which it has been heretofore authorized to construct. This action on
the partot the railway company has
i.duced tbl Penticlion ci uncil to
adopt thi following resolution of
pra test:
"Whereas, the Kettle Valley railway has entered into au agreement,
made on the 2nd day of May, 1911,
with the district municipality of
Penticton to (a) build ite line of rail-
■vav through Penticton, (b) make
Penticton ■ divisional point on sail
railway, (e) to construct necessary
'iinilhouses, machine shops, etc.,
an 1 (d) commence actual construe
tion of said railway tbrough Penticton within two months from the
d >te thereof, and to proceed expeditiously with all due despatch with
construction of said railway, and to
complete the said railway and works
in this municipaity within thi
time specified;, and
"WhairaB*, in our opinion,the said
railway hu not proceeded with the
said work and construction expeditiously and with all due despatch
and commenced active construction
nf the said railway within the time
agreed upon; and
"Whereas, a large amount of capital has been invested in Penticton
and district in various business enterprises, in expectation of the construction of the said railway within
the time agreed upon; and
"Whereas, the district municipality of Penticton has paid the
Kettle Valley line a large bonus and
granted certain exemptions and
privileges as consideration under the
ahove agreement for tbe speedy construction of the said railway and
wotks and within tne time speci
lied; aad
"Whereas, a notioe bas appeared
in the Penticton Herald to tbe effect
that th* said railway intends to apply to the forthcoming session of tbe
parliament of Canada for an extension of time for the completion of
its lines and branches under const ructien; and
"Whereas, the granting' of any
extension of time for tbe construction and completion of tbe said rat •
way will mean a heavy loss to ttie
fruit growers, business men and
others in thia town and district;
now, therefore, be it
"Resolved, That the federal government ef Canada, and tbe legiela*
ture of tbis province, be respectfully asked not to grant any extension ot tine for thi lonstruction and
completion of the said Kettle Valley
railway, under construction."
dered unconscious by the fall, and
lhe extent of his injuries is not
known at present. His cousin escaped with a lew scratches.
Farmers Will Debate on the'  We t™™n*° "■»t * ■*» °f ™*
apples as a gift to  your   friends   will
Dance in Laurier hall next Fiiday
evening, December 22. Good music,—
Percy Andrews,
Best Varieties of Apples
Next Wednesday
The annual meeting of tlie
Kettle Valley Farmers.' Institute will be held in the Miners
Union hall Wednesday evening, December 20, at 8 o'clock.
Business: Election of officers
for the ensuing year, after
which a debate will lie the
program — "Resolved, That
Mcintosh Red, Red Chetk
Pippin, and Wagener, are the
three best varieties for this
district." Speakers for the affirmative; J. D. Honsberger,
J. T. Lawrence and James
Rooke. For the negative; W.
A. Cooper, A. B.. Tweddle and
W. F. Armstrong. Every one
interested is invited.
Fred Clark, Sec.
Jas. Rooke, Pres.
give pleasure and   satisfaction,
aldsou's aStaarn, Columhia.
Two Doukhobors were on trial be
fore Judge Cochrane on Monday last
for violatiug the provincial statutes
in failing to obtain burial permits
before interring deceased persons.
Tbe first, found guilty of burying a
decased child without a permit, was
fined $25 and costs, with a month's
imprisonment in the Nelson jsil.
The second was found guilty of
intoning a femo'e relative wi-hout
the essential document, and was
fined $100 and cosis, with a similar
sentence of imprisonment. On
Tuesday evening a detachment from
the colony west uf city manifested
tbeir lamentations known the peo
pie, hy reason ef the fines and sen-
tencep,by paradingthrough the streets
and singing psalms. It is stated
that at a conference of the leaders of
the colony a few days ago a decision
was arrived at to ignore the law re
garding burial permits. This probably means that there will be a fine
imposed after every violation of the
At the council meetihg Monday
night the salary bylaw passed its second reading. Aid. Smith's amendment to the electric lighting bylaw
was also read a second time. The
building on the city's lot near the
approach to the Fourth street bridge
was donated to Win. Dinsmore. The
loton Second street next to the Mann
Drug company's store was sold to
Sheads & Haddeu, and an appropriation of 175 was made to defray the
expenses of a trip to the coast of C.
G. Wheeler, who thinks he can bring
bank a drill hall in his vest pocket to
the city.
Donaldson's Christmas gifts suggestion: For that gentleman friend, a
set of armlets, braces and garters, put
up in a nice fancy box; one of our up-
to date ties, sweater coats, gloves, a
pair of our fine Jefferson Shoes, etc.
Sheads A Hadden this week sold
Peter Peterson's ranch, south of the
city, to John Van Osstin, who has
heen a resident of the valley for a
couple of years. The consideration
wsb in the neighborhood  of $5000.
Christmas gifts that give pleasure
and satisfaction to the giver as well
as to the receiver, can be had at Donaldson's Store, Columbia.
Jack Kavanagh, formerly employed
at the Granby smelter, returned to
the city last week from the coast.
He will   probably  spend  the winter
Over five inches of snow fell today,
the heaviest snowfall here iu a single
ilny for a number of yeurs.
Pi er Johnson wa? declared insane at Greenwood this week. He
was taken to New Westminster by
Officers Stanland and Hoffman.
George Hambly and James Drum
have taken a wo years' lease on the
Elkhoru mine, paying a royalty of
2.5 percent.
"Mr. Bob"
The two-act comedy, "Mr. Bob,"
was presented at the Grand Forks
opera hints last night by local talent under the auspices of the Grand
Forks Hockey club. The house was
well filled, and the audience showed
iheir appreciation of the tuejitorious
entertainment hy bestowing liberal
applause on the performers. The
cast was as follows:
Philip Royson, a medical student... George Lee
Robert Brown, a law clerk ....
  Arthur Mann
Jenkins, Miss Rebecca's butler.
 Thos. Watts
Rebecca Luke, a maiden lady.
 May Miller
Katherine Rogers, her niece...
 Ethel Herr
Marion Bryant, Kutherine's
friend  Margaret Messenger
Patty, Miss Rebecca's maid
 Marjorie Mann
Between the acts a mandoline
duet was given by Messrs. Mader
and Pearson, and an instrumental
selection by Mrs. K. Hodgson and
the orchestra. Tbe evening's <
tertainment wsb opened witb a short
musical program, consisting of an
instrumental selection by Mrs. U.
Hodgson and the orchostra; a vocal
quintette, "Love's Own Sweel aSong,"
by Messrs. A. and D. Carter, Hicks,
Davies and 11. Mann; a comic song,
"Any Rags," by E. C. Coy; and a
vocal quintette, "Polly Wolly Doodle," by Messrs. A. and I). Carter,
Hicks, Davies snd H. Mann. All
tbe numbers were well rendered,
I and they were heartily encored.
The club netted between IGOand $70
from thi entertainment.
After fl, Long Shut-Down the
Works Here fie Blown in
Next Week
Alter a shut-down of over seven
months active prepartions aro now
being made for a resumption of operations by the Grahby Consolidated.
Tomorrow morning a force of workmen will be put to work at the smelter
in this city getting the plant mi shape
so that some of the furnaces can be
blown in next week. Although no
definite date has yet been set for this
event, the local officers of the company are inclined to believe that the
middle of the week will see a portion
of the battery in operation, as there
is now a large aecumulation of coke
at the woaks, and shipments are arriving daily from the Crow's Nest.
At the mines in Phoenix a large
force of miners will be put to work tomorrow morning, and the first ore
train will be sent down the hill on
the 20th.
A record-breaking run may be
looked for when the eight furnaces are
once iu blast. President Luther stated
recently that the company was anxious
to run the plant in this city at its full
capacity, as the piofits from these
operations will be needed'to finance
tlie Hidden .Creek properly, lately
purchased and now being developed
by the Granby company. The improvements planned al this p:o, erty
involve an expenditure of 11,000,000.
On Tuesday evening Mrs. Olaf
Danielson, aged 30 years, died at
ber borne on Bridge street in this
city, after a short illness. The funeral was beld Wednesday afternoon
from Cooper's undertaking parlors,
and it was very largely attended by
friends and relatives of the family.
Deceased was a native of Norway,
and came lot his city from that country in 1905. She was married
eleven months ago to Olaf Daniel-
son, an old-timer of (he city, and
since that time the family has resided on upper bridge street. She
is survived by her husband, an
eleven weeks' old child, and both
her parents.
W. A. Williams, local manager of
the Granby smelter, left on Monday
for s business trip to Spokane. He
will return today or tomorrow.
John and Duncan Mclnnes,
cousins, were injured at tht Granby
minis in Phoenix yesterday by tbe
giving away of a scaffold on which
thsy were working.   John wat ren-
We are not yet exactly accustomed
to it in Canada, but the excellent influence of the scholarly and scientific
minister of agriculture will bring us
round to it. "Practical Pomologist"
is the esoteric title by which the new
minister authorizes himself to be advertised at semiofficial functions.—
Victoria Times.
Virtues ofthe Onion
Onions are really sweeteners of the
breath after the local effects have
passed away, as they correct stomach
disorders and curry oil' the accumulated poisons of the system. They
provide a blood purifier thut all muy
freely use, and do perfect work iu constipation troubles. As a vermifuge
the onion cannot be surpassed, and
eaten raw will often check a violent
cold in the head. Une small onion
eaten before retiring every night is a
well-known doctor's prescription for
numerous affections of the head,and is
highly recommended for sleeplessness.
It acts on the nerves in a soothing
way, without the injurious effects of
the drugs often applied. The heart of
the onion heated and placed in the
ear will often relieve the agony of ear
ache, while the syrup produced from
sprinklng a sliced onion with sugar
and baking it is said to work wonders
in a croupy child.
E. E. Gibson left  yesterday   for
Investment   and   Loans   Negotiated.
Seldom See
law, (snUM or Mini- Baal, t wnuw o.., trpatoe,,
nwKtllniaaal llraas aaaaai Claaaaaalaafll Co., Wlaaolpu* tam*ti
«M Ufla.alaan.il Uraafl. Co. IU.. Vuosnn. —~**
The trouble with a good many people Is that they tell us all they know
the first time we meet them, and the
second meeting finds them out ot
mental coin.
Education Better Than Cash
Don't let the boys go to work merely
because tbe first excitement of money
earning is on them. Don't let them
heedlessly sacrifice themselves tbat
your own burden may be a trifle lighter.' Your family Is standing still when
you do that sort of thing and not progressing as a Canadian family ought
to progress. Look to the future of
your boys, not to your present eaae.
They do not realize what they are
mlsslng but you do—especially If you
have missed the higher education
yourself. The evolution of the family la one of the finest things anyone
can play, and lt Is one in which anyone may take a hand. Better hold to
tbe old Ideals and keep the boys In
school. Your self-respect wilt Increase
If you do, and the harder tt is for you
to do It, the more satisfaction you will
have from your achievement.
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
■ "I have always used Cuticura
Soap and no other for my baby, and
he has never had a sore of any kind.
He does not "even chafe as most babies do. 1 feel that it is all owing
to Cuttoura aSoap for he Is fine ana
healthy, and when five months old
won a priae in a baby contest. It
makes my heart ache to go into so
many homes and see a sweet f seed
baby with the whole top of its head
• suid maas of scurf, caused by the
use of poor soap. I always recommend OuUoura, and nine times out
of ten the next time I see the mother
she savs 'Oh 11 am eo glad you told
me of Cuticura.' " (Signed) Mrs.
O. A. Selby, Eedondo Beach, Calif.
Although Caltkaura Soap h sold bv dms-
slats snd dssleis everywhere, s postal to
••Cutlcurc." Dept. tit. Bo-ton, U.S.A.. will
secure r. liberal aarjple, "Ilia 32-p. book OB
Sbe can ot akin, icalp sad hair.
The Kidneys
Wear Out
But Many Reople of Advanced Years
have learned how to keep these
organs healthy by using
The kidneys are often the first organs of the body to cause trouble.
Their work of filtering the blood is
greatly Increased by excessive eating
or by the use of highly seasoned foods
and alcoholic drinks.
As advanced age comes on most
people suffer more or less from derangements ot tlio kidneys. With
some there are years of pains and
aches, with others Blight's Disease
is soon developed and the *end comes
-"-—♦•.jaaa.nlv   n     c-rr-lt     r'""V     lis.*"*
learned about Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills, and are enabled by their
use to keep the kidneys healthy and
This medicine is entirely different
from ordinary kidney treatments,
and invigorates the action of the liver
and bowels. To this combined action
is attributed Its remarkable success.
Sir. Richard Preston, Osborne,
Lainhton county, Ont., writes:—"I
want to testify to the wonderful curative properties of Dr. A. W. Chase's
Kidney and Liver Pills. Seventeen
years ago I began the use of iiii..
medicine, when my back was so bad
that to stoop or rise was torture to
mc. The kidneys were In bad condition, but these pills entirely freed
me of back pains. I have used them
ever since, whenever the kidneys
would get out of order, and now, at
eighty years', am well and hearty,
thanks to this grand medicine."
Dr. A. W. Chase*a Kidney and Liven* HOW'S THIS?
Pills, one pill a doae. 25 cents a box, We offer Onr- Hundred Dollars Reward
at all dealers, or Edmansnn, Bales & for ■_"*•: case of Catarrh that cannot Ue
Co., Toronto.
A collection of buttons dating from i Foolish Question
the ninth century, left by a man who The editor of the woman's page waB
died at Ghent, lias been found to be a 0H h|g vacation and the sporting ed-
worth  JlO.OCn).    n started with one ' itor had Jumped Into the breach. ■_.
taken from the robe of Charlemagne.
Women are vain, but men aro much
more so with far less reason.
Many there are who are loafing at
the village grocery store when Opportunity Is knocking al their door.
Countless have beeu the cures
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure. It
has a power of ils own not found lu
other preparations.
It Is not worth while to say forbear
to a bear.   The safer plan is to run.
ShiloWs Cun
Salckly slops coudhs. cares colds, heoL-j
in throat and lands      -      -      i-3 ceals.
Beware of Matchmaking
Matchmaking is a dangerous business. Literally it Is so, for these little light-makers often burn their own
fingers. If a mistake Is made the
couple are apt to blame the persons
who brought them together and led
them Into matrimony* To recommend anyone for a husband or a wife
is a very responsible business, and It
Is as a rule, best left alone.
The Fountain Head of Life
Is The Stomach
A maa who has a weak and impaired stoasuh ud who does oot
properly digest his food will soon Cod thst his blood has become
weak and impoverished, and thst his whole body is improperly snd
insufficiently nourished.
makes the etomacA stroni, promotes tAe tlow ef
*!lt*stlve /trices, restores the leet appetite, makes
assimilation perfect. Inrltoratea the Urer and
purities ane! enrlehee the Aloof. It le the treat blood-maker,
tlesh-Sullder and restorative nerre tattle. It makee men
atront In body, aetlre la mind and eoal In ludicment.
This "Discovery" is a pure, glyceric extract ol American medical roots,
absolutely free irom alcohol and sll injurious, habit-forming drufs. All its
ingredients sre printed on its wrappers. It has no relationship with secret
nostrums. Its every ingredient is endorsed by the leaders in nil the schools oi
medicine. Don't accept * secret nostrum as s substitute for this lime-proven
remedy or known comfosition. Ask vour nbiohboss. They must know of
many oures made by It during past 40 years, rijht in your own neighborhood.
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Pres., Buffalo, N. Y.
.401 Caliber
Self-Loading Rifle.
This new Winchester is reloaded by recoil,
thc repeating as well as the firing mechanism-being; under control of the trigger
finger. A bullet fired from it strikes a blow
of 2038 pounds—force enough to topple
over the biggest game—penetration enough
to reach the innermost vital spot. Tho
wonderful in operation and powerful in
execution, this rifle is neither complicated
in construction nor cumbersome to handle.
It Hits like The Hammer Of Thor.
cured  by  Hall's  Catarrh  Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the una1a.Tsij.iicd have known F. J.
C'henev for tht last lb yeara. and believe
him perfectly honorable tn alt business
transaction,,, and financially able to carry
out anv oblI_.ationi. made by hts firm.
Wuldini.. Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists.  Toledo. O.
Haifa Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price, "ae. per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
Take Halls Family Pills for Constipation.
"Well, what do you think ot this?"
he snorted, as ho held up a perfumed
communication. "Here's a fool woman wants to know how to make a
lemon tart; just ae though a lemon
wasn't tart enough already."
Of course a farm Is very much of a
problem; good cultivation, good stock,
good tools and a good system ot work
are parts of the problem. If you leave
any ot them out, you will have a lot
of difficulty in "working It" correctly.
Mlnard'r, Liniment Curea Colds, &e...
.A Hint to the Shy
Shyness comes through lack of confidence, and to overcome shyness it
is therefore necessary to overcome
this feeling of diffidence and gain
more confidence. There is nothing
like quiet thought to help in the attainment of self-confidence, and the
shy or timid person will gain much by
taking a few minutes tiulet and
thought each day, during which tlmo
the mind Is fixed on the cause of the
shyness or flurry. Be determined not
to become shy or nervous and reason
with yourself as lo why you should
not become thus agitated.
Determine to rule yourself by your
own thoughts and by your own reasoning powers.
A Pill for All Seasons—Winter and
slimmer, iu auy latitude, whether In
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelee's Vogetuble Pills can be depended upon to do their work. The
dyspeptic will find Himn a friend always and should curry them with him
everywhere. They nre made to withstand any climate and are warranted
lo keep their strength. They do not
grow stale, a quality not possessed In
many pills now upon the market.
Worms In children, If they be "not
attended to. cause convulsions, aud
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afflictions.
Stranger—Can you direct me to •
Villager—Sorry, sir, but I'm not*
bank director.
Many a man Is ln great tear that he
will get all that is coming to him.
Sores Heal Quickly—Have you •
persistent sore that refuses to heal?
Then try Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
in the dressing. It will stop sloughing,
carry away the proud flesh, draw out
lhe pus and prepare a clean way for
the new skin. It ie the recognise*
healer among oils and myriads ot people can certify that lt healed when
other oils failed utterly.
"Do you think he wonld be cool la
time of danger?"
"I think his teet would."
Why let that headache spoil your day's work or pleasure >   T(*e
25c. a Box at your druggist's. "«
Guaranteed to contain no morphine, opium or other poisonous drugs, by the   30
Hatlaasl Drug aad Cfcaniical aCompaar of Cauda. Ualtad, •     •'
Largest Banquet In the World
Tho greatest banquet    In    history
look place on August 18, 188!,, when
! the forty thousand mayors of France
sal at a table iu the Palais de .'Indus-
trie, ln Paris.    There were three re-
Ilays of about 111,000 guests rach.    To
i prepare tbe feast  required TO chief
cooks, 111,000 waiters, scullions, cellar
men, and helpers, 80,000 platels, 62,000
glasses, knives, forks and spoons In
proportion, lu.iion rolls, and fish and
meat and fowl by the ton. ■*.
DIXIE tobacco
W.N.U. No. 871.
.An Innovation in Oil Heaters
,    ■■-.      4
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its
drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament to any
room, whether in the country or city home. ***.
No home it quite complete without a Perfection Oil
Heater. It is a necessity in the fall and spring, when it is too
warm to start the regular heating apparatus, and too cool to be
without heat In die midst ol winter it is often convenient as
an auxiliary heater, as there are always some cold corners
in a house. .   *
The enameled hotter always present! a nice appearance, as lhe
enamel will not tarnish or bum off. It is not an "enamel paint,? but k
is lhe same as the enamel of your cooking utensils.
The Perfection".* the most reliable and convenient portable heating
device you can find. An automatically-locking flame spreader prevents
turning the wick high enough to smoke.
Tis la-mi.! Oil Caapiy, IW<«4
! An Instructor!
! In Painting I
A Tale ol
Qrr's Island.
•   e
• _ •
• COfjrlsht by Amarlcan Press Asso- 0
• elation. 1811. *
During tbe summer or IS— Constance
Phillips, an art student, chose ths
coast of Maine for a Held In wblcb to
paint pictures. Tbere Is an Island on
that const which has been made preeminent among Ita neighbors by a
celebrated authoress, who located one
•f ber stories there. Harriet Beeeher
Btowe's "Pearl ot Orr'a Island" has
been, read by millions of her fellow
countrymen, thus familiarising tbem
wllb at least the nume of tbe locality.
Miss Phillip*, being alone, stopped at
a small hotel near the bouse In which
Mm. Stowe wrote ber story. In the
nAriilng nfter breakfast she would
take ber artist's paraphernalia, and
Hart oat lo search of a scene to transfer to canvas. But she found nothing
•I tbe marine order thnt pleased bet
more than tbe view looking eastward
from the lower end of Ibe island. Descending an Incline, sbe found herself
Just above a rocky sbore overlooking
• strip of C'osco bay. There sbe set
up her easel aud. embracing In ber
subject a bit of the rocks and a bit of
the ocean, began her work.
Constance painted all tbe morning,
but unfortunately her ability to transfer to canvas what she saw wns not of
a blgb order. Like many aspirants for
success In art, sbe felt lt. but was unable to cipress It. What sbo had
placed on the canvas disappointed ber.
Bbe was looking at ber work ruefully
when she heard a step behind ber and,
turning, saw a man descending through
tbe wild grass and weeds. As be passed her he lifted bis cap and. casting a
glance at ber picture, paused, looking
from It to Its subject
"Yon have selected qnlte an attractive view," be said. "Your discrimination lo thia respect is proved by
your having chosen the best tbere Is
. ."[ fear ft le all discrimination," said
Constance, viewing ber work lugubriously.
"You mean that you are not gifted
.with the artistic touch S"
"I fear I am not"
"A * good deal depends upon tbat
which for the want of a better word
1 shall call tbe trickery of art There
are all sorts of methods of producing
effects wblcb, tbongh In themselves
mechanical, tend to successful painting. Judging from this bit of work, 1
fancy you bave something to learn la
tbls respect."
"For Instance, this bit of rocky cliff
ia depicted against tbat wood across
tbe water.. The cliff Is ot a dark
brown,, the wood a dark green, two
dark substances, tbe one directly behind the other. You musl make one
ot tbem ot a different shade from
what lt Is. The rock, being In the
foreground, Is tbe roost Important.
You bave got Its color to perfection.
The wood, 'being distant would bear
more blending with Its neighboring
objects, lt will benr lightening,
which will darken the rock."
Constance mixed some colors on her
palette, gave the wood beyond tbe
rack a dab and was quite pleased with
the Improvement. Tbe rock stood out
boldly, while the wuod appeared at
Its proper distance.
"Are you a teacher ot arty she
•*1 have taught art, but I do not
teach now. I am Interested ut present
In regaining my physical strength,
which Is somewhat ruu down."
Constance noticed thnt be wss pale
and thin. HI* eyes, which were large
and expressive at nny time, seemed
i so In bis Invalid condition,   Bhe
thanked blm for his suggestion .and,
removing ber canvas, folded ber easel
sad her stool, put her palette end
paint In her bos and wns starting
away when tbe stranger snid:
"Have you to carry those things
"To lbs vlllsge, about a mile up the
"Do you come back to paint this
"I expect to."
"Tben It Is not necessary tbst you
sbould lug ibem both ways. 1 bave a
aback on the crest, between here aod
tbe road, and you can leave tbem
"Thnt would Indeed be a saving of
Ue toolt up n pnrt of ber belongings
"While she cnrrlcd the rest, nod they
walked together up n Utile pnth to one
of those summer collages containing
only beds, chnlrs aud cheap tableware
Which city folk rent either for a few
wer,' s In summer or for "the season."
Tbere was a broad - porch on three
of lt.lud Its ii'.uuant. Sfttimr
down tbe artist's materials on tbe
porcb, said:
"Tbey may remain bere till yon return la tbe afternoon, and If you don't
co.me again today 1 will take them Inside and keep tbem for you till you
need them."
"Yeu are very kind," Constance replied.  "Do you live here all alone?'
"For the present 1 go back to the
city early ln September."
"I will relieve yon of my belongings
about 3 o'clock tbis afternoon."
"it It la oot necessary tbat you
work all day 1 would advise you aot
to do so."
"Well"-he looked up st tbe sky tot
s reason and found one—"In tbe morn-
log we are fresh and cnn do our best
work. Besides, wben we bave Just
finished a bit of work wc are liable tc
either undervnlue ot ov.«value It. II
you lenve wbat you Uave doue this
mornlug without looking at It till to
"morrow you will bc able to put a mucb
better estimate upon It than now, Just
after working upon It."
"And If 1 leave It bere I can't see
It. cnn 1?"
"No,-you can't And In tbe morning
wben vou are fresb you will know
just wbat It requires. You see, Ihe
course I advise Is beneficial ln more
ways than one."
Constance left blm and. striking a
disused rood tbrough tbe plues, walked away toward Hufpswell village.
After dinner Instead ot going back to
-hei work sbe took a siesta aud later
a tour of observation In search ot objects to transfer to canvas.
The next morning was clear and
crisp. Constance walked to tbe cot-
tage wbere sho bad left her belongings and, approaching, saw her easel
set up on tbe north porcb and ber picture resting on It. Sbe wns far better pleased wltb what she bad done
tban she had been tbe day before.
Just then the stranger came out, and
sbe said to blm:
"You are an admirable teacber.
Last evening I was disposed to tbrow
my work into tbe Ore. Tbls morning
I am very well satisfied wltb It"
"Perhaps It ts because you see 11
through rested eyes."
Constance took her picture down to
the position she bad occupied tbe day
before and began ber day's work. She
was again disappointed. It seemed
to her when noon came tbat ber picture looked mucb as lt had done tho
day before. Sbe carried. It up lo tbe
stranger's cottsge. Be saw ber coming
and went out to meet her.
"I fear that I bave (polled It" sbe
said to him. "This morning It was
fine; now It is worse than it was yesterday."
"Put lt away from you again," be
Mid. "till tomorrow morning."
"I will leave It with you till tomorrow morning If you will kindly
keep it but I know that during the
day I bave Injured It rather tbau Improved It I am bentstck over lt"
Growing confidential: "I am very poor
and have boped soon to be able to
mnke my living ln tbls way.- lt tbe
more work 1 put on a picture the
worse lt is, what chance Is tbere for
me J"
"We must all meet discouragement,"
he replied, "but when we sre In Its
tolls there ts s kind fairy called rest
Ibat unwinds tbem, eud when we are
refreshed we tske bold again wltb
reuewed vigor."
So Constance left ber picture wltb
her new found friend, went to her
room and lounged tbe rest of tbe day.
In the morning she found ber picture
again set up ln an advantageous light,
aud again ber dissatisfaction wltb lt
of tbe day before was changed to
Day after day Constance worked on
ber picture, every morning comforted
by Its appearing to_ber to be improved
from what It was the day before,
every neon fearful lest she bad lost
more than she bad gained. Tbe
stranger fnught her many a "trick." as
he called it by which objects were
brought to tbelr relative posltlou and
striking effects produced. Une tblng
she knew-tnken altogether, tbe picture was really growing Into something beautiful. Sbe believed that
wbnt she wss doing was duo entirely
to s subtle Influence ber Instructor
exerted over bere.
During tbls time the summer was
fading Into autumn. The waler nnd
the sky took ou a cold hue, and lbs
cottage residents of Urr's Island began
to return to their permanent homes.
Constance finished her painting and
was delighted with It. Bbe wns surprised St her talent.
Constance's Instructor totd her that
tf she would tsko her picture to s
prominent art denier In Boston he
thought she would get s good pries
for It He said be would meet her
there on n certain dale snd Introduce
ber. On Ihe dny nsuicil she took hrr
work to the store, but ber Instructor
Sailed to meet her. She showed Ihe
denier Iho picture, and be studied II
"Did you paint Iti" he asked. •
"Certainly.   Wby to you ask tbal?"
"Because I w«uld havo sworn tbat
was a Frank Elliot."
Taking up n small microscope, be
brougbl It to bear on n lower corner.
"II ts na Elliot," he said.
"What do you menu':" exclaimed Ibe
astonished Constanca
Tbe dealer banded ber tbo microscope, and sbe brought It to bear ca
tbe picture. There sbe saw "F. Elliot
"Who Is Frank Elliot?" sbe asked.
"Our principal American marine
painter Just at present."
"Where does be live?"
"Nowhere. He's been trying to regain bis health at Orr's island, I believe." "   .   , . .
Constance was dumfounded.
"Whnt value do you- place upon tbe
picture?" she asked.
The dealer pondered a few moments,
then ssld:
"It Is worth shout $1,200."
"Goodness gracious!" exclaimed ths
girl, her breath quite taken away.
At tbnt moment Constance's instructor walked Into thc shop.
"Hello. Elliot." said the dealer.
"Been trying to fool me sgnin. have
you? You can't do lt I'd know your
work In a dungeon."
The soqo.il to this story Is very brief
sud very prosaic. Frank Elliot nnd
Constance, his wife, now. In summer
occupy the* cottage nt Orr's Island,
wbere he painted the picture.
Conversation is one ot the blights of
People spend thousands of dollars la
education, in books, ln travel, la theater tickets, and all In order to be able
to carry on a conversation.
As a consequence tbe women talk
about cooks and clothes and the mea
about weatber and women.
Conversation may be divided Into
chats, arguments, piffle and palaver,
with gossips and quarrels as side Issues.
Conversations are fortunately, forgotten as soon ns they are over; otherwise people would be so mortified over
their Inane remarks tbat they would
seek new friends every day, fearing to
meet old ones. .
The Idea tbat when people meet lt
Is necessary for them to talk bas grown
out of helpless self distrust. Not over
five out of a million people say anything when they converse.
The trouble Is that were we to try
to develop the art of keeping still we
should immediately begin to talk
Fringed Evening Frock.
Fringe trims all tbe up to date garments tbls fall.   It appears on bats,
dresses and wraps sllke.  On tbe pretty frock designed for a young girl's
eiai.'s FJtooE or runs onms.'
party costume an outiquo fringe ot
dull silver adorns the skirt drapery
snd tbe fichu bodice.
Flame colored chiffon Is tho very becoming color employed for tbls charm-
lac little model, and tbe bordered
fabric la worked out ln lotus hies-
Strongly Opposed.
"Are you In fsror of granting suffrage to women V"
"No. sir." replied lbe mnn wbo wss
chewing tobacco. "If women were allowed to go to the polls tbe election
Judges would hnve to to outside tt
SD'f'-Cbtcago Record-Herald.
Maraie test Fer Farm W.-rtt.
Tbe chief factor lu tho rapid distribution ot pure bred horse breeding
stock appears to be the rapidly growing realization among farmers thnt
pure bred mares will do farm work,
moro effectively than even grade
mares nnd thnt they ore vastly more
profllnhlo from nn economic standpoint thnn geldings or mules employed
•n farm work. The letter return only
their labor, white msres discharge the
work of the farm as well ns geldings
or initios and produce In tbelr colts su
additional source of revenue.
African Birds That load Men to th*
Nests of Bees.
"For many ages," says a writer, "the
small birds which are known In Africa as honey guides have been in tbe
bablt of leading human beings to tbe
nests of bees. The first notice of the
kind of which 1 have knowledge Is In
T.obo's Travels In Abyssinia,' published by Le Grnnd in 1728. 'The nioroc
or honey bird,' says tbls netbor, 'Is
endued with a peculiar Instinct or faculty of discovering honey. When tbe
moroc has discovered any honey be repairs Immediately to the roadside and
wben bc sees a traveler slugs and
claps his wings, making many motions to Invito him to follow him, and
when he perceives Ills coming files before him from tree lo tree till he combs
to the place where I ho bees have stored tbelr treasure aud then begins to
sing melodiously, Thc Abyssinian
takes the honey without falling to
leave part of It for the bird to reward
him for his information.' Spiirrman,
who traveled nt tlio Capo In 1775-70,
gives also a very good description ot
tbe bird a« observed In Ibe southern
part of tbe continent.
"Tbe honey guides lend human beings to tbe nests of wild bees not so
much for tbe honey as for tbe grubs
or larvae found within the comb. The
natives arc for the most part well
aware of .his fnct, and It they reward
the honey guide, which they usually
do to some grudging extent, break off
for It a piece of the comb In which the
grubs are batching. ■Sparrmnn hns ii
curious note upon this detail. Ue snys,
'I wus Informed by my boshlesmen
(bushmen), as well us by the colonists,
that a man who makes It his constant
business to go after the bees should
not at first be too grateful and generous to this officious blijl, but leave for
it only Just as much as will servo to
stimulate Its nppetlle, by wblcb means
It will bo Induced In Holies of obtaining it more liberal reward to discover
another swnrm of bees.'
"Wben lt desires to feed upon some
comb which It litis discovered It makes
Its wny to n human being, flutters
nbout restlessly nnd bops from brunch
to branch or from bush to bush or
from oue ant hill to ntiothcr until It
succeeds In attracting the man's attention. During tbls time It utters a shrill
cry of 'ehcrr, cberiT frequently repeated. If the mau is a native who
understands Its habits and Is willing
to follow, lt be otteu gives n soft
soothing whistle and, taking with him
a hatchet, accepts the restless little
creature's guidance. The honey guide
now goes on ahead, never keeping very
far away and always Jealously noticing whether the man Is really following. At length (he honey nest Is reached and tbe bird's object accomplished.
While the native oi* unlives nttnek the
uest and rifle (he comb thc bird still
flutters about, chirping. When the business Is ('(included nud lhe men depart
the honey guide descends from its
perch and helps Itself to as much of
the larvae as It ran find.
"When thus following n honey guide
thc native s,"_es, us a rule, very quietly,
taking care not to frighten his small
adviser, if the man by reason of bush
or otber obstacle travels, In the bird's
opinion, too slowly It will repeatedly
come back to him. fly closely and angrily about blm and wltb restless twitters nnd evident impatience urge upon
liiin the necessity of hurrying up."
Roaring Wags.
Specialists modern sclciTtlsts nre
bound to lie. But they are not thc
■shriveled specimens so often pictured
by tbe man lu the street, all cold intellect and devotion to the pursuit of
sn abstract Idea, 'ihey know bow to
play. I.Ike other men, they nre gregarious and play together.
Tbe lied I.Ion club was composed of
great Englishmen, aud Huxley wns
oue ot the members, 'l\i club used to
meet during the session of the British
asportation. To n certain meeting nt
Ipswich, Englnnd, which Huxley described In his "Letters," some foreign-
era were Invited, the Prince of Canluo,
Bituapiirtc'u nephew, among thcui, nud
greatly astonished Ihey were nt tho
cicecdlngly liuninn behavior of tbe
learned professors. The lied Lion men
had a custom of roarlug Instead of
cheering and of wagging one coat
tall—the Hun's tall—when applauding.
Tho prince wus much Impressed hy
tbese proceedings, nnd when bc stood
up to rcupond lo the tuast nf bis benllb
Instead of making n speech he gave
three mighty roars nnd three wngs.—
Youth's Companion,
[These articles and illustrations must net
ba reprinted without special permission.]
There are no bugs on you, of count)
not; but, oh, the garden: Root maggots nre eating the onions, green
worms are chewing the cabbage, beetles ure gobbling tbe asparagus. He*
are after Uie lettuce, snails are spoiling tbe celery, fleas are chewing tba
tomatoes, wlreworms are boring too
potatoes, slugs nre after the beans.,
cutworms nre swiping the corn, striped beetles nre killing the cucumbers,
grubs are after the strawberries, grr-
dlers are killing the raspberries, ant
red spiders nre on the rose.
And. oh, the orchard! Steely beetles
are after the grapevine, ennkerworms
Photo by C. M. Birr.iti.
and codling motb are after tbe ap-,
plea, sings nre after tbe cherries, borers sre ruining tbe peaches, and cur-
culios nre chewing tbe plums, the apples, the peaches and Ihe quince.
But  the   birds   will  cntcb   tbem?
Alas, hardly!
Tbere was a day whin pretty birds
For wtcfllns worms did search.
But now those birds, alas, alas,       I*
Are worn on bats to church!
But Biddy Is on the Job. and notwithstanding   our   cushion   pressing
custom officiary bas declared ln solemn session tbat tbe hen ts not n bird
Biddy is doing mucb  bird work alb
over "this country, and TJucle Sam's
Flight el Buiims.
A buVlct which was fired by a charge
sullieient to give lt nn Initial velocity
of 1,700 feet a second In dry wealher
would travel nt no moro than 1,300
feet through moist nir.
Detroit took lis name from tbe river,
which wns called by tbe French De
Trull, the narrows. The settlement
waa originally called Fort Poulcbar-
trnlu. The Indians called the locality
Wawaeluuoug, the plnco of tbe winding siver.
Photo by C. M. Barnlts.
millions of quncks, geese, guineas and
gobblers nre ufter lho peats. This
pays In many ways.
The catcher gets delight from tb*
bug bile. Tbe bug innkes ment that's
a delight, and the pest quick disappears from sight
The more poultry the less bughous*
snd the mors mouey from fowls end
Tbe fowls, digging nround the tree,
not only get Inrnie, bugs nnd wig-
glers, but cultivate the orchards, so
llisr trees Hist grew a crop bnt every
other year have been known to bear
a big crop annually through tbe beneficial presence of poultry.
Many Celorsd Maps.
The engraving division of tbe United
States geological survey printed during tbe fiscal year ending .Tune !K>
last 7.2S3.6M geologic, topographic
and other maps, many of#ihem la
several colors, each requiring a separate Impression. Some of lb* geologic maps require as msny ss twenty
printings. The tolsl number ot
printings during the year's work w.*
probably Mt lass than 45,000,000 tm
means THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
fnbllihed-et Orand Porks, British Oolumhl
U. a. Kviss Editor and Publiiher
A Ole ot this paper ean be seen at the offloe
ot Massen. tt. A J. Hardy __a Ho., SO, St and St.
Fleet Sireet, R.C., London. Borland, free of
oharge. and that firm will be (Tad to receive
,iib*crtt>tloni and advertteemenle on our be-
wagon, and favour ia often seen without u.
The Liberals made a gain of five
seats in the provincial elections in
Ontario on Tuesday. An equal gain
in every province of the Domihiou at
the next general elections would dissolve the Tory-Nationalist alliance.
One Tear   II JO
One Tear (la advene*)  1.00
One Year, In Totted Slates  1.60
Addreee all eommiinleatlene to
Ths Bvbriho Sub,
Phonb B14 Qbabd Fobis, H.C
It has been the general impression
annular the citizens that the city needed all its available cash. VVe are
pleased to be able to inform them
that they have harbored false notions. The city has money to burn.
At its last meeting the city council
made an appropriation of 875 to send
a man to the coast to secure a drill
shed for the city. There ia no kick
against the shed. The city needs it.
But the method of endeavoring to ob*
tain is certainly peculiar. Such gifts
are usually obtained from the federal
government. We have a representative at Ottawa. Also one at Victoria.
An apptopriation for military purposes at either place would necessarily
come through one of them. Of what
use then is the special envoy to the
coast. If the drill hall which the envoy procures at the const proves to ba
too heavy to be forwarded by express,
he will undoubtedly be able to skjjfcit
home on sleigh runners.
There must be some affinity be
tween a mongrel and an ignorant,
low bred man. Both yelp at passers-
by at a safe distance.
not see the merits of ao perfectly
simple a proposition? Freedom to
do bis duty! Wbat is that beside
bis right to hold office?"
William Tsft, tbe weakling chosen
by Mr. Roosevelt, has been a disappointment. But not to bis country.
The moneyed interests wbioh accepted hiin are defied and within tbe
limitations of his office Mr. Taft
stands for the people. Compare tbe
tbe coalition at Ottawa and Canada
is shamed—Victoria Times.
Witiiou Tpaying the slightest heed
to public opinion, the city council is
proceeding to enait the salary bylaw
Old-timers remember a worse council
than the salary-grab element in the
present city government, but they
hav* to go back to pioneer days for
the comparison.
The general election ia only two
months removed, but there are signs
that the ultra-loyalism of the
Tory press is waning. The e's in
storey yet remain, 'tis true, but waggon   has   once   more   become   plain
Taft and Borden
Two messages of President Taft
sent to congress this week bave
served to arouse new interest in the
strength of character which is persistently maintained by tbe chief
magistrate of the American people.
The developments taking place in
the national life of tbe people at our
south present to each new occupant
of the prtsidcntial office not oily
opportunities but responsibilities
which test and riemonstrste the mela
of whicb he is made If congns< follows the advice of the messages already sent tbere will be a notable
advance, not only in the war against
iniquitous trust rule, but in the
broader realm of international comity. Mr. Taft presents a side to bis
character which is becoming more
fittingly prominent with each year
as the necessity for a strong stand
on important issues arises. Public
honor and place cannot swerve him
from bis fealty to conscience or duty.
While not unwilling to be president
again, he is emphatic as to tbe conditions.
"I bave not been willing, nor will
I he, to purchase it at the sacrifice
of my freedom to do my duty aB I
see it." The Montreal Herald satirizes Mr. Borden by comparison.
It points out "that this is pure
drivel. If tbe rule Mr.Taft lays down
wer* a safe one, the Borden cabinet
could never have been formed. Mr.
Borden could not sit in the same
cabinet witb a man who bad denounced him all over the province
of Quebec. Mr. Monk could not
sit in tbe cabinet with men wbose
views, as commnicated to the public, are directly contrary to his own.
Freedom to do one's duty? Why,
Mr. Pelletier, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Nan
tel, Mr. Rogers are free only to draw
tbeir salaries; and thut, to, do them
justice, ia what they apparent..*,
think to be must important. Hott
is it a smart man like Mr. Taft can
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for tbe
vear to date:
Granby      585,672
Mother Lode  7,222     288,931
Jackpot      247       24,519
Rawhide       178,(133
Athelstan       115 7,027
Lone Star         2,777
Napoleon  5.313
Insurgent  162
Snowshoe        43,!)U0
No. 7  1,360
I'hoenix Aiiial  1,950
Others   1,514       13,144
The  Carraher   Ranch
to be Sold at Once
T have received instructions from
the owners to rush the sale of this
property" and close it out before
New Year.
Ten-Acre Tracks
Choicest Fruit Land at
Bargain Sale Prices
See me before it is too late.
). A. c7WcCallum
Smelter treatment—
B.C. Copper Co... 9,651
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Week day and special services
>is they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you,
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
>n.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m, All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Churcji J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
it 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. \V.
Wrigh't, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.j Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
We Gift Store
We are now showing pNniOTIJ IO nflflnO
the largest stock of Ulmld I III HO UUUUO
ever shown in Grand Forks.   Cbinanare, Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc, Etc.
^WOODLAND   So   CO.it1
A Dollar Goes
r. Utong Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
 | business   honestly    upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1,
Latest Picture of Borden
Thit* m the H-8.it-.on te f-mbucribe to
a newspaper, or to rniew, if already
a subscriber. Our piper in a» good
it any. -and better than many. Why
not take it?
It reprensentu the welfare and
progress of tht* community and district with which it U identified, and
ia, apart from its local value, an all-
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
haa made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian public life. Many would like a good
picture of him. We can supply one
Fhke. We will send any one our
paper for a vear, and the Weekly
M.iil and Emnire (the regular rate
of which in $1.00 per year) for the
name pariod, the two together, to in
elude free picture of the new Canadian premier, for 11.50.
The Borden picture ia ou fin-*
paper suitable for framing, in photo
tints, 18x24 inch**, and is in it* If
aa a work of art, easily worth the
price of a year's subscription to
either paper. Hend all orders to the
j office of this paper.
NOTICE !• hereby given that an application
will bc made under Part V. of the " Water
Act. 1909," to obtain a license In the Similka-
uieun Division oF Yiil« District,
(a) The nn me. ad-drew and oct-un-Hlon of
the applicant: Peter Veretiiii. of Brilliant,
British Columbia. Farmer. (If for mining
purposes) Free Miner's Certlt.cute No 	
(b) Tie name of the lake, stream or
source (If unnamed, (he description Is):
KlaHhernian Creek.
(e) The point of diversion Is about one
thousand leet easterly front lhe crossing of
the Columbia A Wen-tern Hallway over Fish*
erman Creek.
(d) The quantity of water applied for (iu
cubic feet per second):    One cubic   foot
(e) The character of tlie proposed works:
Pipe line aud muuII reservoir.
(f) The premises on which the water Is to
be used (describe   •nine):  Lot 2017 G.I.
(g) Tlie purposes for which the water is to
he used;   Irrigation.
(li) If for Irrigation deserlbe the land intended to l-elrrlgated,giving a<-re».Ke: Undulating foothills to the extent of two hundred
(i) If the water is to be used for power or
mining purposes de-oribe the place where
thn water Is to be returned to some tuttum)
chmitiel, nnd the difference in u-Utude between point of diversion mid point uf return.
(J) Area of Crown laud intended tu be oc-
cui'iid by the proposed works.   Nil.
(It) This notice was puttied on the 26th day
of August, IUU. and application will be nuide
totbeCommlssioiieronthel'ith dny of October. 1911.
(1) tilvc the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietor! or lioeuseef who or
wnose lands are likely to be tift'e. ted by the
urupos'd works, either above or below the
iiitlei.   Nil.
(Signature) PK ■ ER VEREUIN,
(P.O. Address) Hiilllaut.lt, C.
John Zikorofk, Agent.
Note- One ruble foot per second Is equlvae
lent to 85.71 miner's Inches. j
The hen ring of Oils H|»piicatlon  has  been'
eliHiig'-d to the 3rd dny of November, 1911.        I
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Hade la E»gl,.d
SI.OO per Doz. Upwards
Christmas would not be the
Without its greeting* true,
Wishes  sincere fjom far and
From friends both old and
Order  Early"
Sample Book
Sun Office
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your dispoi al
when vou are in need of-something ir this line. Don't fo.*-
get this.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Ur'Kllinl Mhaa-ratl Cl'aim. Nitllute {,, tilt*
annual Kiarkaa Mlaaiai.- Ulvlaaiaaia of Yale Mat-
Wlia-ia- Ince'ed: In Browii'aa oamu,
Tllih NOT 11 K that I. AlBxai.aal.T <; lluir.
I Kr. o Mineral'<-rlll'i'ilt., Nu. 11'aaS.UII, lur
aiayfli'lf am,! n, agent fur Cliarle. 1-1. Baker,
1'iee Miners' Orlllt.a_.te Naa. HMWaJH, III-
telaal. aalMy all, a. Traaall tla<> alula- lal'ia-aaf, la, Hp-
pi)' taa tlae Mil,III,. Ka'iaaaraler for It (Vrtllla'alte
1,1 liniaruvument, fur tlio purpose of obtain-
tllK It CtoVTII "niaal aaf till' a'auve a'lalm.
Alar! further taike mi'ioe lhat autioH. uniler
-laa'tluii :i7. muat he ooiniiii'itoeil before the
l-buiiinae ol hiii-li rertiiiiaat* of Improve,
Ilateil thia Mill ilayuf June, A.D. mil.
Tale laml Ulatrla't. Dlltrlot of SlmllUiiineon.
TAKK  notice that lli.laert F. t'ltite nf Old.,
.liberaa. occnp.it on   Farmer, Intend, lo
apply fur lpcrmiiMluti to purohaaae the foi*
laatvlliic'la'aaorllieal Inilllm
(.ummetioliiir at 11 pout plan'eal about :m
chain, north of the northtveat corner of Lot
1196 S„ un Deep Greeh, anal nbiiiit Ave tnllnai
eaitof the town uf I'ntcade: thenoe north
411 clialua; tlieuce we-t III ehaina! theuce
-utatli Meballla I thenee eaa-t III ehaina, tu point
nf L'liniiiieiiceinent
.1. tt. Crnnaatain. Aponl.
Iliilcil September'.ml, 1911.
Dun't formet thnl The Sun has the
best job printing dRparrment ill the
Boundary country.
(I'ubltahed Annually)
KituHf-ft traders tiir_iimhu.it  thn world  tn
coimniinloutft direct with ii-iglUh
Iii each clitiixof good*. HphIiIci being h pntn-
ph'te ouinniflteliil guide to London nnd it*
suburbs, tlie direct'try uoutaliift lint-* nf
with the Gooda they ship, a>>d rhe Colonist
nnd Foreign Market* they supply;
nrntnired under the Ports to which they im!!,
and Indicating the approximate Sailing*-..
uf leading Manufacturer!, Merchant*, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom,
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
urder fnr 20s.
Healers Peking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards ior £1, or larger advertise*
tiienis irom £3,
'25, Ahchurch Lane, Laomlim,  RC.
lioroembei' tlmt every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better fon*».verybgdy. /
Facts About Indigestion aud
Its Relief That Should
" IateFest You
Although Indigestion and Dvspep
xiii nre nu prevalent, must people (In
not thoroughly understand their cause
and cure. There ia no reason why
must people should not eat anything
they desire—if they will only shew it
carefully and thoroughly. Many actually starve themselves into sickness
through fear of eating every good-
looking, good smelling, and goml
tasting food; becuuse it does not agree
with theio.
only at our store
H. E, Woodland.
-The Uexall Store.
Britain's Foreign Trade
In view of the fact that the government purty of Canada engages
lustily in reiterating the slanders of
lhe tariff reformers in Great Britain
and that tlie British high tariff party
greedily accepts the misrepresentations of Canadian sentiment on sev
erul of the vital issues of lhe presenl
day, the following editorial frnm the
Midland Mail ia reproduced hv the
Victoria Times, trusting the com
mon sense of the reader to make his
own application.   The Mail says:
"British 'tariff reformers,' for the
purposes of their fraud, have done
tbeir hest to persuade the world thai
this old country was worn out, was
daily  losing   ground  commercially.
goods per head o( the population far
exceed those of the United States
and Germany combined, and may
this year top those of the United
Slates, France and Germany combined."
„„    ,-   .  , . witB being Iniilly heiiten in   lhe  Ptce
1 tie best thing to do is   to fit vour I. , ..
...-.:        • °       ...        '       I for   commerce,   and     many   other
things equally untrue, and  in any
self to digest any good food.
We believe wa can relieve Dyspepsia. VVe are so confident of thia fact
that we guarantee and promise to supply tha medicine free of cost to every
one who will use it, who is not perfectly satisfied with the results which
it produces. We exact no promises,
and put no one under any obligation
whatever. Surely, nothing could be
fairer. Wa are located right here,
and our reputation should bo'sutlicient
guarantee of the genuineness of our
We want every one troubled with
Indigestion or Dyspepsia in any form
to come to oui store and buy a box of
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Take them
home and give them a reasonable trial,
according to directions. Then, if not
satisfied, come to us and get your
money back. They are very pleasant
to take; they aid to soothe the irritable stomach, to strengthen and invig
orate the digestive organs, and to pro
mote a healthy and natural bowel action, thu* leading to perfect and
healthy digestion and assimilation.
A 25c. package of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes 15 days' treatment.
In ordinary eases, this ia sullieient to
produce a oure In more chronic cuses,
a longer treatment, of course, is necessary, and depends upon the severity of
the trouble. For such cases we have
two larger sizes which sell for 50c
and $100. Remember, you can obtain
country but this they would have
been in tbe duck ai traitors of lhe
wont type.
"Singularly enough this garbage
has been most readily consumed liy
hard-headed, astute Canadians, the
most loyal of all our colonials and
the most respected here. True, thev
hay* been lied to with a ferouity ami
a pereisleney which ia characteristic
of the British 'tariff reformer,' anil
their sources of information in this
country bave been not only tainted,
but putrid. We hope. therefore,tliai
readers who have friends in Canada
will let (hem have the following
"A few years ago we were speculating aB to whether it was possible
for any country in the world to do a
foreign trade amounting to a thous
and million pounds in one year.
Tbe United Statesl witb double our
population, has npt yet approached
three quarters of that amount.
"In 1909 we just topped, the
thousand millions; last y»ar we did
1108 millions; and unless something
unto vard happens in the last two
months we shall tbis year do 1150
millions worth, in spite of the disruption occasioned by the railway
strike. Up to the end of October
we had don* 924 millions worth.
"Of our exports over 80 per cent
were manufactured goods, and   our
Progressive Agriculture
It is said that there never was a
time when Canada's agriculture was
so progressiva and on suuh a firm basis
as it is at present, says the Farmers'
Advocate, lt is true, howevi r, that
there never was a time when other
enterprises were more progrsssive than
'luring the first decade of the twentieth century. Is agriculture keeping
paco with the vast strides being made
by commercial enterprises! Are all
things being dona which might he
done to further, the calling in which
the msl'iir portion of our population is
engaged? There never was a time in
the history of the world when largei
returns could be made from the farms
of the country than at the present
There never was a time when hnn-
a-st endeavor, coupled with a scientific
and practical kuoAledge of the husi
ness, causing intelligent application of
'tpproved principles, yielded more
handsome returns than at the paesent
Agriculture is nut dead—far from it.
Yet, there are many places in which
much work could be done to promote
the interests of fanning communities.
Our governments should realize lhat,
ill furthering the interests of the ngri-
a.'ulturists, they sre doing good to the
most people, and i.t the same time to
the people who t'nriii the backb ne of
our country.
Milling Stock Quotations
Boston,December 14.—The follnw-
ng are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
Uranby Consolidated.    30.00    28.00
U. C.   Copper       4.00     3.25
Hotel C°l*n
Opposite Great Northern Station    .
Recently completed and
newly tiirnlfihed throughout. Conveniently located
for railway man. frirat-
rIum accommodation! for
transient*. Board and
room* by tbe week at pre-
vailing ratei. Plite.llne of
W1 nea. Liquor* and Gisarii
atwctyi In stock at the bar.'
Grand Forks, B. C
Uexall Remedies in  this   community j average   exports of    manufactured
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   <^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—z_A Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHK Family Herald and Weekly Slur of Montreal, acknowledged to lie
£ the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, bason
many occasions given ils readers most delightful premium pictures,
hut this season they have secured wbat is beyond any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Again" nnd describes a touching hut joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"I.itdilie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner
of mnny prizes at dog snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, nnd after many dnys' absence he escapes one night from
his enptor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for fre .'tlmn dangling from his collar.
His familiar hark brings his Utile mistress, Marjorie, tn the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to he "Home Again." and answers her welcome by putting his
paws ou her shoulder and resting his hend agninst her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, nil go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls ol i\ny home.
The picture is by thn celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horn. Again" on heavy pinto paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to-every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly .Star for 1012.
The small sum of $1.50 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not he bought at that price.
livery home in  the  Boundary should get the big t_ll.50 worth this
1 He O'iver 1 ypewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
Fleam, rwul the liearili.ie.over nynin. Then H.*>
inmirtirintu Ktunilkiiiiicc will   liiwii  upon  you
An Oliver Typewriter—the flaml-tnl  vlntble .
writer—the im-M hijrhly per.    teil tvpewritt"
nn the iniirket-yourK Tor 17 cents    day!
'Uu-  rypi'wrti'r wlu-neemit]neat  nf  thocQi
imrrtal world I»h matter of hi*tor-*-*yum* f<
i* tent* fl iIhv!
The typewriter that Ik equipped withtuoreiC
ini'li  einiveiiirtiw* as   "ihe   Unluiin* Shift"*
"I'he Kulhitf Device"-"The   IMihle Rtileriuo"—
'The    IflOOOniotlVe    Bane"—"The     Aii.oiiiihIc
spacer"—"Tiie   Autotnatin   TnlmlHtor"--'*Tlie
—"Tlie AdJuMtable Paper Kfnjjtri*1'— "The 8ij|.
enilfle rondeimed Keyboard"—all -•*%
Tours for 17
Gents a Day!
  We anminced   tbit
■*ew utile* plan recently, jiixt tu feel the pulse of
the i pie.   Kiiuply a small   ew»h   payment—
then 17 centi a day. Thnt is tbe plan hi a nutshell.
The remit hai been such a deluge of application* lor machine! thai we are simply astounded. •
The demand eome* from people of all cliiM.es,
all mfus, all occupations.
The majority of inquiries lum come Ifrom peo-
leof known tiuuuciai stumilnK who wereat-
trw-ieii b. the novelty of the propoa.'on. An
impiewve demons.ration uf tlio iinmeni-e pupil arhy »f the Oliver Typewriter
A ctartlinir Wil drill Htio ll of our belief that
he Kra of Universal Typewriting lb at hand.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are   M Icing Mney with
.    Metal Quotations
New York, Dec 14—Silver v5*i;
standard copper, $12.2r<(<i 1;!.85, firm;
London, Deo, 14.—Silver, 24$
lead, £ 13 tip 3d.
The high price of living has
aot affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
If you come to me
for trt'ftimetii. expect to be riircil. ff
other* hnve fulled,
expect me to eure
you I'lile-n I know
I cun cure wm I will
nut accept y»urca*e
anil in every distune- I trtrit by tny
own original or ml*
v fil ami setenilfio
Spermatorrhoea. Oririmic Weakness,
Lost Vljror, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Contracted DlNorriers, Specific Hlood I'oUmi.
Pile* aud Htrlctii res— renturluir nil nft'eoieil
organs to normal and healthy not inn in
the shortest possible space of time.
S«e  All the Forms  of   Diseases
of Men.
Consultation anal InitrUotlnn laaaaaltlet
tree at ufflae or by mull.
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter Is   a  money-makei
rixM intra the word "go!" .So easy to run thut
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Wherever yoi) are, there in work to he done
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tiii<«iiie.<w world Is calling for ullver nporuturn*
There nre uot enough to supply iffe demitiid.
Theirsalsrlus are rotisiderahly ahove (ihm* ol
mnny classes of workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thst is the battle cry today, rte Imve made
that Hi ver supreme lu ij?efuliic><*tiud absutfitel)
hidispt-iisab.e In Im-lnus*. Now COinei the eon
i|ite*t ofthe home,
Tbt simplicity and strength ofthe Oliver fit It
for family use, lt i- becomimr au importimi
Tector tn tiie I mine trrtlniiitr of yollllg people.
A11 t-tliicut.ir us well as a money maker,
(lur new sellinir plttn puts (he Oliver on th.
threshold nf every home lu Ameriea. Will ym
n't me lbe door of ymir iiuiue nroiliee on tills re
timrPahle Oliver oil r?
Write for further dctnlls id onr easy oiler and
a true copy of ttie new Oliver calaloif.   AdVr*8M
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
City and Suburban
A\%.stm\§m Jfc-IWXJW FT. LOT between
C tfKll Srotidimd Third "treei,,
^Ti ■j JU juitr above Judire locality's
**P*mtW****w '.eW nnd K.(taw's places; separated from all other properties by Jll-it.
laji.-t. as lurk-easioveu or ■ -luht unlio.ir.v lots.
ailjoluiiiir leU am worth llMlf would make
uloe homo, with snffleleiit un uml for chickens, frrilt, Kurden and lawn; most deslrnMe
ocation lu city.
88 ACHKS iidjuinloif
eity limit-, on snith
14 iti'i'-i cleared; 1 '■*
_^_Mmmmmmmmm-B-B-tmmMtmr fruit irees; new four1
min hpllMl barn f >r nix liorKeM; horse
buutry.doiiblo luiriieN" and tnnuiiii,' iioph-
n.eiitt.    All for *}:,:**•    Kasy terms.
and three lots ulthiu
oue hhK'k of huoltietiH
centre;   lawn,   -.lui-li
_____ fruit irees, berry btllhei< Inrire irurdni,,
W]|| nlso sell furniture of lmii>c if desired.
One-half cash, hiilnnce term...
i mi leu from town]
room holme, plaited: lui-ifi- i.ni'i-«fl^iu-1,
 Douiheuj   IM    iruit
trees, "in bearinir; u'-j  aorei   itruwborriei,
Kooseberrli-s, nuiraiitit, ruxpherriei; free ftoin
irost: tbe bint loeatlnuaround (inuel Porkil
plenty of go.id Hater; fruit and crop included.
-Between 8 and 4 acres
In Wet end of city;
Hrstcluss soli, all un-
__, der mil Ivatlou; suiull
house, woodshed and oiithutldiiiirK,. well and
pump; iT'inii fence. This li a sacrifice, as owner is about toleavectty. Torms.
For further information r«
yarding the above jiroperties
call or address .
New Edition Issued Nov. 16, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
lo all and necessary to most men eu
gaged in any branch of the eoppes
Its facts wjjl pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 46.1(1 copper
mines und companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook ia conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the farts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
tacts it gives him about mining, mining investments und copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re-
i-eipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY aaaillialila' 1/aaiaaiaalaaaa l.atiiilaa witliiia the
Hallway 'Vlt uf Haiti.fa Caalumltla, Intl.v taa-
lnaaaia'-ta'aaala'il la.V aaaav a>i>,'Mati aalaaa i. tha- laa-aaal
aal a, faultily, aar may inula, over a-ia. Ilta<a>l|  Va'a.raa
atf iiu-e, tb tue extent aaf o.ie-Qiiart«r a«,-,-t ,,,,■
aaf I'.1, aai'ra-s, iiaaiia' aar leaaaa.
Klltry llliiaa- Ite tltliale (.Mtraaaattatlly (tt the laaa-atl
liaaa.l aaltia-,'faaf tlaaa all.tiiat ita avlaia-la   lhe Ulid
The liomeatetuler I, required to perform
the coilflltloil. oouliejted tltttrttwllh tititler
One of the faallatwhau plattl.:
(1) At leuaat aalx iniaiathai' reaalaleKiae iiikiii and
. ailtivntia,ia of the litiail In eaoh yeur fur three
(2, If t hu father (nr mother. If the father la.
ileceaaaetl), uf the huineattfailvr re.ialeat uimu *
faiiiai iu the viialiaity nf the laiaaal entereal fur,
the t,.a|iiirfl-t,iaa-,ttN u-. tu re,i,leu_ae may hevat-
ia.lit.al hy aanaala perantt reeitllliif with tht fnther
ur taiiatliaT.
(3) If the tettler hai hi. permanent reil-
alence uimu, firming laml t,va-aieal hy hiin It,
the  vlolnlty uf his humeatead, the retiuir,,.
tiaeltta, (,»  taa  ra-atlaUalaa.,.  Hia,)'    he    fllltiaallfal    lafl
refllilence U|m,ii the .ui'i land.
Blx mutttla,' notloa lu wrltlns .linultl he
_livei, theCuininl.HiuiiePuf lluinliiluti  l.uiial.
Itt IHtUflVe aat laatt-iitiaali ta. ,,|t|,l> tor |t„t,-,,1.
t'uul -('tan! aaiiaaiiaj.' rlirht, tnttv he Irtlveat
faar  ii   ,aa rl'aal aaf t a, ,-a.t, -,.,,«- yenr, at aaaa   ataa-
itinil retatiti of II.00 per aero.  Not more IharT
l^flflltaa-reaa ihalrbii team t>, on. Individual aar
a'aamiiatliy.    A raayaalt.V lit the rate aaf five t.
par ton ahull be oolleotod on the uierriamat.
Itlalta a'aaatl laaiiia.al,
W. W.fHRY,
l)n|auty tat the Mlniater aaf the Interior.
S.B.—Unatithorlawl  piiblloatloti uf   thi*
ualvertiateuient will uut tae laialal faar.
K.'.'fiv*. ttutli I.tylii-r. luitl (JfiitIpIiu-ii (ti rttil*
' dpiit or iluya tmleiits: hni n contplBtaCoin**
i roeroialor   IlitHlnetis Ourr*.  prepttrfu *tu*>
ilfiiu tn en iii   Tei.flitiiV Ortlllriit^t) uf  nil
fTuih't; irivi'n tin-funr yi'iiis" (•iiil_m<i for llm
, I. A. ilfftri*t>,anil the* lir-1 Jour uf tlie School
of SflptiQeroiimr.iii uflllinllnii with tin* To*
j rontoUaiveriity; hut a •pecial prospectura
, ootirie for mlniTi who work lu K C. Iixlrur*
I I Ion iHttlMotflvLn In Art, Muaio, FlifikalCui*
' tiiift  anil tTtncutlon.
ForCalemlari,eto , mliln*s-
PorWomen-LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Belleville, Out—"I was so weak
and worn out from a female weakness
that 1 concluded to try Lydia £. Pink-
liam's Vegetable
Compound. I took
several bottles of
it, and I gained
strength so rapidly
that it seemed to
make anew woman
of me. lean do as
good a day'B work
as I over did. I
sincerely bless the
day that I made up
my mind to take
your medicine -for
female weakness,
and I am exceedingly grateful to you for
your kind letters, aa I certainly profited
by them. I give you permission to
publish this any time you* wish."—
Mrs. Albert wickktt, Belleville,
Ontario, Canada.
Women every where should remember
that there is uo other remedy known
to medicine that will cure female weakness and so successfully cany women
through the Change of Life as Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made
from native roots and herbs.
For 80 years it has been curing
women from the worst forms of female
ills—inflammation, ulceratiou, displacements, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, and
nervous prostration.
If you want special advice write
It la freo and always helpful.
Here's the biggest
can of easy-shining
stove polish on the
It', a paste—easily applied—aad
See. a brilliantly Mack pellatt tbat
aot affected by tbe heat. Equally
rood for stoves, pipes, grates aad
Iron work.
If your dealer doe. not carry
"Black Knight'store roli.li, at ml us
bla, aame and 10c. and we will seed a
full alse tin by return mall. 95
Hstallloa, Oat.
Wa _ etaa (af tlaaa ft.iwau "2 in 1"She* Fellah.
Valuable Water-Power
It la stated that the Canadian Pacific Railway has secured a valuable
water-power in British Columbia,
which it will utilize in the near future for transportation purposes. The
water-power secured is on the Adams
River, which flows out of Adams Lake
and nuo the South Thompson river,
near the west end of Shuswap Lake.
Reports bave reported that it is capable of developing 100,000 h.p., at two
poinds between Adams Lake and its
confluence with the South' Thompson.
The Canadian Pacific Railway lt is
stated, has in view the generation of
power for the electrification ot a portion of its lines through the mountains. This step will not be taken for
some years yet, of course, but the
railway has secured the power with
an eye to Ihe future.
Mrs. B. 3. Baker, East Margaret-
ville, N. 8., writes: "No mother would
recommend for her baby any medicine of which she was not absolutely
sure. A baby'B life is too precious.
A mother is always pleased to recommend to other mothers something
that has been valuable in restoring
the health of her own child. That Is
why I can highly recommend Baby's
Own Tablets. They cured my baby
who was suffering from constipation
and I feel that I cannot praise them
enough. I would advise all mothers
with sickly babies to give them a
trial, well knowing what the result
will be." The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Bolivian Production of Tin
Bolivia produces one-quarter of the
total Uu output of the world. Recently its tin sold for $1,000 a ton. The
wealth accruing to the Andean Republic from this source would be a
simple arithmetical problem If this
price was constant. Fortunately during the past two years the value ot
a ton of tin has never gone much below $750, and at that price tlie Bolivian tin miner is assured a good profit, despite the difficulties of transportation.
Certain economic factories operated against the highest exploitation of
tin In Bolivia, especially the neces
sarily heavy freight charges, the dependence on the price of Straits tlu,
the export duty and the fluctuation
ot the Bolivian money. In time most
of these handicaps will be overcome
and the proceeds of tbe tin miner of
Bolivia proportionately Increased.
A Plea fer tlie Lonely
The merry world goes round, time
flies, end we eagerly grasp every
pleasure that comes within our reach;
but bow often do we pause and consider the lonely ones, of whom there
are eo many ln our midst? At our
ery doors there is someone who needs
a cheering word and a helping hand,
lt 1b not money or alms that are wanted, but human sympathy.
Vou who have dear ones around
your hearth cannot realise what lt
means to be a stranger in a strange
city with none to extend a friendly
hand. Riches may buy false friendship, but poverty bars even that, and
the lonely toiler finds none who care
or sympathise, and the path iB bard
The girl in the office lives,- maybe,
Just alone in rooms; fine folk don't ask
her out because Bhe is ln business;
and Just the same applies to the boy
at the des'.!. But they are human, and
doing their duty bravely. Both lives
would be brightened If you asked them
to your house and tried to banish the
homesickness and loneliness by sympathy and friendliness.
Won't you try and bring a litle
cheer to lonely hearts that-come your
way? You won't have far tp seek'
them if you wish to play the better
part. Never mind if the lonely ones
are uot ln what you call your "set";
they are your, brothers and sisters In
the eyeB of God, and not can excuse
your neglect of their claims.
Minard's liniment euros garget In cows
If youth could only know the value
of its opportunities that come but
once and pass so rapidly, It would
be saved from any mistakes and failures of life, and from much of the
bitterness and grief, the despair and
gloom that often come with old age.
Is still offered for the young man
William Eddleston, of weak Intellect,
age 29 years, height about 5 feet 9
inches, dark complexion, with whiskers and moustache, and small mouth,
who left his home on June 1, 1911.
Any Information leading to his discovery will be thankfully received by
his anxious parents at 607 Manitoba
Avenue, Winnipeg.
Ministers of all denominations will
confer a great favor by making tbls
announcement from their pulpits and
thus assist us ln our search.
Only Technically
' "Is your child In bed by eight every
"Technically, yes.   We begin arguing about tbat time."
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless
Cod Liver OU Compound
THK "building-up" value of Cod
Liver Oil is well known, but its
drawbacks hnve been its nasty
taste aud indigestibility.
..Na-DfUflCo Tasteless Cod.Liver Oil
' Compound lias the nutritious qualities
of the Cod Liver Oil,   without the
slightest disagreeable flavor. Iu it the
Oil is skilfully combined witli Extract
of Malt, Extract of Wild Cherry, and
Hypophosphitej, making a splendid
tonic as well as a valuable food.
Na-Dra-Co Tasteless Cod Liver  Ol!
Compound is particularly good for
growing children who are puny or
In 50c. and fi.ee bottles,  at your
druggist's. 106
: 'tyiS!!?1**' ^lf NATOIM DIUC ft CBBMICU, Ctu|p
SpedOcs—one  j^        or cum. limited. %
I til      -_^_^ - v. ..nnaaofl). usuiu.. f^-'V        "ICHCfll*
' '*~r\s
In Mining Business
"I think you Bald, Rastus, that you
had a brother ln the mining business
in the west."
"Yes, boss, that's right." "What
kind of mining—gold mining, silver
mining or copper mining?" "No suh,
none of those; calcimlntng."
Before leaving Canada, Mr. Hainar
Greenwood, Member ot Parliament,
British House of Commons, wrote to
the Grand Trunk Railway System, ln
connection with his trip over their
lines, in Canada, and tn which he Bays:
"We especially enjoyed the Journey
from Edmonton to Winnipeg which
we made on your system in the best
equipped train 1 ever saw ln my life.
You have fixed n very high standard,
if thiB fraln is the standard up to
which you are working."
The common council of New York in
1G97 ordered the city to be lighted at
night by lanterns suspended from
poles that projected from every seventh house.
"We dined at the Ritz last evening.
Fa disgraced us as usual."
'As to how?"
"Got to the end of the dinner with
three forks and three spoons still unused."
Financial Reasons
Willie,, mamma haB a great, surprise
for yon."
"Ah, I know what It Is—big braver
is back from his vacation."
"How did you know?"
"My bank won't rattle any more."
^•gfhe  fact   that   so^ej^
LwJ^LW many preparations 5l*«JV
mfkfe-te, sold "Just as good asTtXl
Iff Snap" Is proof positive that ill
The  fact   that
^_ many   preparations I
are sold "Just as good as
Snap" Is proof positive that
after all tke original is the beat   Insist
on the  genuine   "SNAP",   the
great    hand
"Say." boss, give me a dime to buj
eomethln' to eat with".
"I decline, sir, for the very good
reason that it is a matter ot impossibility to purchase a set of false molars for such a ridiculous small turn.*
"I don't think my husband loves me
any more."
"Why not?"
"The otlier day I said to him: 'John,
If I should die would you get married
again?' and he said he wouldn't."   .
"Isn't that right?"
"Yes, but I wish you could have
heard the positive way he said It."
--r-'.  ■--■ ".AND -:-_--
Scott's Emulsion
are the
Two Great Creators
of Energy
Energy means power—
power to work, to think,
to throw off and keep
off disease.
Get all the sunshine
you can, and take
Scott's Emulsion
regularly.   It will give
I you sirengtn, nesn and
Be term to get SCOTT'S—
it'e the Standard ami ahvay
the but.
Thos. Griffin, of Peace River Landing,
Tells how he Got Rid of His Rheumatism—Honestly earned popularity.
Cold Springs, Peace River Landing,
Alta. (Special).—Just why Dodd's Kidney Pills retain their wonderful popularity Is easily shown by a trip
across the prairies. Every town, village and postoffice has at least one
man or woman who Is ready to tell of
pains relieved and strength restored
by the great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Let Thos. Griffin of this place add his
statement to the hosts already published.
"When I came lo this part of the
country," says Mr. Griffin, "I was
troubled with a bad back and Rheumatism In my shoulders aud hips. I
sent for six boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and they gave me relief at once.
1 also recommended them to my eldest
son who was confined to his bed from
"Now I know that Dodd's Kidney
Pills are the best medicine for Rheumatism and the Kidneys. I recommend them to every persm I hear
complaining of not feeling well."
Dodd's Kidney Pills made the.!* popularity by curing sick Kidneys. They
keep their popularity by keeping on
curing sick kidneys.
W.N.U. No. 171.
To thiB late day wolves do a vast
amount of damage ln Russia. The
loss of the people In domestic
animals through the depredations of
wolves amounts to $10,000,000 every
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"Tommy, I noticed you ln the front
row last night. How did you like tho
Best thing I ever seen! The drummer In the orchestra made twenty-
seven different noises with his instruments.   I counted 'em."
They Soothe Excited Nerves.—Nervous affections are usually attributed
to defective digestion, as the stomach
dominates the nerve centres. A course
of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will still
all disturbances, of this character, and
by restoring the stomach to normal
action relieve the nerves from irritation. Thero Is no sedative like them
and In the correction of irregularities
of the digestive processes, no preparation has done so effective work, as
can be testified to by thousands.
The Common QootJ
Tliere arc hours In every life and
HveB In overy generation which belong to tlie common good. No Hie,
Indeed, belongs anywhere else except
as hy devoting It to the individual
self It tends lo make that self more
fit for Individual sorvlce. We must
get to give, we must climb that we
may lift, we must bo strong to aid
the weak; lhat Is the law of the
C.P.R. Largest Steel Ralls Consumer
It is understood that the Canadian
Pacific Railway ia in the market for
60,000 tons of steel rails. This would,
seem to strengthen the statement that
th,o Canadian Pacific is pushing its
new Western lines • to completion.
Building, as It.Is now, nearly two
miles of new track evory working day
in the year the C. P. R. is probably the
largest Individual consumer at steel
rails on the continent.
Zam-Buk Is so Very Useful.
Read Hew Beneficial lt Proved in
This Case
Mra. H. Sawyer, of Keene, Ont.,
wrlteB;—"My husband is engaged on
a farm, and one day, while chopping
wood, the top of the axe broke and fell
cuiung a nasty gash.
The wound was so bad that we first
thought that we would have to get a
doctor, but wo finally decided to dress
the cut with Zam-Bilk.
"Well, the Zam-Buk treatment proved a great success. It not only eased
tho pain but lt prevented Inflammation: and right trom first applying Zam
Buk,-the cut began to heal, lt Is now
completely healed and my husband
says he would not be without a box
of Zam-Buk in the house, for wo are
sure it saved us a great deal of expense."
Over and ever again Zam-Buk haB
been proved to be the .worker's best
remedy. As soon as applied to a cut,
a burn, a scald, or any skin injury. It
relieves the pain and it sets up healing. It also prevents blood-poisoning
or inflammation, lt is a sure cure,
too, for eczema, piles, ulcers, old
wounds, bad leg, ringworm, scalp
sores, festering, running sores, eruptions, cold sores, chapped hands, etc.
tfi sb"nl«to puritv. also, makes it the
ideral balm for babies.
Zam-Buk Soap should be used along
with the balm for washing alt sore
places. The soap will be found excellent for baby's bath, even where
-'if used.
All druggists anil stores sell Zam-
Buk at 50c. a box, and Zam-Buk Soap
at 25c. tablet, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co.. Toronto, upon 'receipt of
price.   Refuse harmful substitutes.
It requires a great many cow horns
to buy an auto-horn and all that goes
Ask yourself the important question
whether you'are as strong as you
were a year ago, as bodily tit as you
would be.- Many a reader has to confess "No," Some weakening ailment
has during the past year laid hold of
the system, unfitting you for the duties oi lite and seriously clouding the
outlook of the coming days. It may
be rheumatism with ita sharp twinges
of pain, indigestion, headache, nervous debility, depression and lack of
energy, or the pains and allmente
which only common folk know. It is
well to know that ail these weakening
disorders arise from an impoverished
condition of the blood. Renew and
enrich your blood and all your troubles
will cease. This is a strong statement, hut It is made on the testimony
of thonsands wbo once suffered, but
who have gained health and strength
by the aid of thc new, rich blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. We
can quote thousands ot cases similar
lo tbe following: Mr. Job. Grand-
maison is a young man well known
ln the town of St. Jerome, Que. He
says: "For a couple ot years I began
to find my strength falling, but did
not dream that the trouble was serious. As I grew weaker I began to
doctor, but It did not help me. The
least exertion made my heart palpitate violently, my stomach seemed
out ot order nud my whole system became so run down that I was finally
forced to quit work. I had now been
doctoring tor over six months and
waa very naturally growing discouraged. At this Juncture I read of a
case similar to mine, cured through
tbe use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and decided to try them. 1 took the
Pills faithfully for about two months,
gradually growing stronger and at the
eud of that time I was as well as any
man could be. I shall always praise
the medicine that raised me from despair to the blessing ot good health."
Sold by medicine dealers everywhere or sent by mall at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 front The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Viow Company
In the Lead of all Others.
It Led Him to Appreciate the Hospitality of the Canadian Pacific
(Japan Gazette, September 20.)
On his return trip from England,
which he attended as one of the suite
of the Imperial Japanese delegation
to the coronation, Admiral Count Togo travelled across Canada by the
Canadian Pacific Railway—which has
been called the "Alliance Route," and
was, therefore, rather appropriately
chosen on this occasion by this distinguished representative of an embassy between the allies. By Instruction of the president ot the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company, Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, Admiral Togo was the
guest of the Company throughout, and
every effort was made to make his
trip pleasant.
The Admiral took the private car
"Canada" at Niagara Falls, proceeding to Banff and thence to Vancouver,
The "Canada," lt should be explained, was the car specially built for the
present King and Queen of England,
a few years ago, when they made
their notable Canadian trip.
On arrival at Vancouver Admiral
Togo telegraphed to Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy his heartfelt thanks for
tlie services and arrangements accorded him on the Canadian Pacific
Railway, and assuring the president
that liis trip had been exceedingly
It Is evident that such indications
of a broad spirit of hospitality as tbat
shown by the Canadian Pacific Railway on this occasion makes materially for the promotion of pleasant international relations, and Admiral Togo Is only one in a long list of distinguished Japanese who have thus
travelled over the Canadian Pacific
Indeed, lt may confidently be stated
that attentions ot this kind to one so
much respected and beloved as Admiral Togo are deeply appreciated in
the highest quarters in this country.
Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.
Gentlemen.—In July, 1905 I waa
thrown from a road machine, injuring
my hip and hack badly and was obliged to use a crutch tor 14 months. In
Sept* 1900 Mr. Wm. Outridge of La-
chine urged, me to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, which I did with the most satisfactory results and 'today I am as
well as ever in my life.
Yours sincerely,
The X-ray plays as Important a part
in surgery as X-pense does on the
A horse Is not of any use until It is
broken, but it Is different with a plow.
- w4:KiD_Nell ,':/
W.N.U. No. S71.
Plesslsvllle, Que.
"I suffered from Kidney Trouble for
several years, and tried numerous
remedies and doctor's prescriptions
without permanent relief, my case being chronic. Alter seeing about Gin
Pills, and, ae lt is a well known fact
that Juniper without alcohol is excel-
len for the Kidneys I decided to try
Gin Pills. One slgle pill gave me great,
relief. I have now taken almost four
boxes of Gin Pills and find myself completely cured. No more bad humor-
increase In welght-jclcar eyeB—fresh
color—moro strength and vigor. This
is what Gin Pills havo done for me."
Gin Pills will do tho same for you—
if you have any trouble with your Kidneys or Bladder—or if you suffer with
Pain lu tno Back or Rheumatism. Try
■ • ■ hefnre you buy them. Write National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
Malted, Dept. N. U., Toronto, for free
sample. Then get the regular size
boxes at your dealer's—50c. box, ti for
The original
(Iln Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. o<
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are (old
only In this boa.
When risking for compliments lt Is
important lhat we use thc proper sort
of bait.
Dr. J- D, Kelloggs Dysentery Cordial Is compounded specially tn combat dysentery, cholera morbus and
all Inflammatory disorders that
change of food or water may salt
up lu the stomach aud intestines.
Thesf complaints are more common
ln summer I hun In winter, but they
arc not confined to thc warm months
as undue laxntss of the bowels may
seize n man at any time. Such a
sufferer will Hnd speedy relief In
this Cortllul.
The man behind the plow is all
right provided ho does not get loo
far behind.
Well, Well!
i use
M dyed ALL-hese
of Goods
.=-«l»l. ihe SAME Due.
I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to Uae.
The Jofc_D*oo'RkfaanUo.» C»„ Limited, Montreal,
Own Soap
Best for Baby, best for you.
Avoid substitutes.
Mini Soofs Ud, Mjis,. Montreal.
Trt "Albert"
icintid est
Tht /Vriington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
It I'i.v .a Ave .Total .to, OnUa:.
***** te* Stem. mA***»U'*m*n.*m7ktAS
MurtaoEreneifaUrn .Oilssgt
We notice that most people who are
consumed by curiosity still survive.
■sickly stops eattiua. cat.* colds, heals
tin tkioat aial Iuilil -23 caat>.
It our mistakes teach us nothing lt
were hardly worth while to make
Do you ever have Headache, Toothache or Earache? Most people iii.
HamlliiB Wizard Oil is the best
household remedy and liniment fur
these everyday troubles.
There are few things that make one
feel so comfortable as money In the
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Though we may never havo lost any,
most of us are looking for money all
the same.
Used in Canada for ,
over half a century
—used in every corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
v   resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
Root Pffls,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them. 8
25c a box.
Grain Exchange
This notice ts to advise the Trade
that the Fort William and Port Arthur Grain Exchange has been formed
to promote the handling of Western
Grain at the Head ef the Lakes.
Full particulars as to membership,
etc., address
Fort William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fort William.
Consign your grain to us.   The actual grain Vou ship gets our personal
attention.   We sell on sample and get
high prices.   Write us.
Fort William.
Ship your grain to E. R. WAY-
LAND, Grain Broker, Fort William.
Highest prices. References: Dominion Bank, Fort William.
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
We save you 50 p.c. on all drug
store goods. Patent Medicine, Rubber Goods, Trusses, Electric Bells, Elastic Hosiery, Elastic Supporters, etc.
Our large illustrated catalogue should
be iu every home. A handy reference
and help ln ordering goods by mall.
Sent free upon request.
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
esTAsusHco last.
Awarded first prise kt World's Ei-
position on Its work and methods.
Write for a free catalogue. We also
give Instruction by mail.
Tlie only sanctum, lighting system
manufactured Tn Canada nnd Guaranteed
for Flvo Years by a Canadian Company.
Bach lamp fitted with tt-K Patented
Removable Generator—No cleaning necessary by the user. When you purchase
a lighting system buy the best on th*
market—costs no more than the cheaper kind. Thousands tn daily use. Supplies for any lighting system In stock at
Regina— Write for supply list.
Diamond Rings—Highest Grade—14k
Mount, Richly Cut, Legal Guarantee
Exchange Certificate Bent with each
Ring. All sUeB. Men and Women. S10.00
Write tor Free Diamond Booklet
123 Bay St., Toronto.
Reference:—Home Bank.
The   second
edition of the      s
of Heating" is    tjatv
now ready for
One ot the worst things we have
to answer for is the habit ot putting
by-words Into everything we say. It
weakens our talk, belittles us ln the
eyes ot those who love us, and ties us
hand and foot against a good clean
way ot speaking. It Is like throwing
pepper sauce right Into the eyes of
people ot good, clean, sensitive hearts.
Let's break ourselves of this miserable habit.
Take special pains to see that tbe
boys and girls are in school every day.
There aro so many clever people in
the world nowadays that the ill-informed are seriously handicapped.
Give your children as thorough mental
equipment as you can, besides teaching ihem* how to do honest work.
Write    for   It.     Postpaid
to any address ln Canada
Hot Water
Boilers and
• adiators.
u«Mt for over SIXTY YEARS lay MILLIONS of
MOTHKHS. for their CHILOKHN W.lll.lt
TKKTI11NO, with VliKI-liCT BUCCttSS. It
laa tlie taeaat remedy for IJIARHIia.A. It i. au-
sohttcly li.riaila.ss. Bc stare fltial aak for "Mrs.
.Visaalotr'A S.aailllinB Syrup." and take SO Oth«
kind.   Ttva.t_tv-6va.ce_ils.a_ bottle.
In Holland, the rights of parents
arc strictly maintained that a man or
woman under thirty years ot age may
not marry without their consent.
Sometimes people A*, and sailer,
because the stomach balks.
Ate Unwisely?
relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.   The lover ol good
things msy leel quite sale with a bos of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets st hand.
SOe. a bos.   II your druggist hu not nocked them yel send 50c, snd we
win mall then* 34
Nsthnal Bras mi Oatdtet Cj, el Cssuim, Umttoi.      ....      Uookreol.
Economy  in little things is just as
important as economy in big things
will answer one of your '"economy questions." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere,
HameSS Oil   The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   jB. C.
Dr. Simmons,   dentist,   Morrison
block.    Phone R 39.
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley Rifle association will be held
in the city hall uext Tuesday even-
iniug, December 19, at 7 o clock, for
the transaction of general business
and the election of officers
A fire in Phoenix Monday morning
destroyed an old store belonging to
Webster Rogers, adjoining tha old Al-
' exander hotel. The fire spread to tlie
Delehay block, gutting the upper
stuiy and burning the walls.
The Insurgent Mining coinpany, of
Republic, last week declared its fourth
dividend, lt was fur a (juaiter uf a
cent a share, or j___r.UO in all. This
brings the total of dividends paid by
the company to date to $25,000,
which is 25 per cent of the par value
of its capital.
Tom Williams, a miner, was killed
at the Kinina mine, at lienors, last
week in an . explosion supposed to
have been caused by drilling into a
missed hole. Williams was a native
of Wales. He leaves a widow and a
large family in I'hoenix.
John C. Stevens, a pioneer mining
of tho Boundary district, diaod in Victoria recently. He was the original
locator of the Old Ironsides claim, in
I'hoenix camp, now a part of the
Granby mines.
The following officers have been
elected by Banner Rebekah lodge for
the ensuing term: N. G., Mrs. P. E.
Cooper: V. G., Mrs. J. N. Bugbee:
secretary, Mrs. H.Roswerth; financial
tecretauy, Miss S. Covert; treasurer,
Miss Hauseneighner.
Elmer Ness, of Christina lake, who
was recently married in Victoria, has
returned to the Boundary with his
The following officers have been
elected by Harmony Lodge No. 37,
A. F. _lt A. M., for the ensuing term:
W. M., W. F. Huffman; S. W., Win.
Bonthron, Jun. W., Forbes M. Kerby; secretary, VV. J. Cook; treasurer,
George D. Clark; tyler, D. McCalluin.
The Jewel mine, one of the oldest
properties in tho Boundary district,
lias resumed operations after a shutdown of several months.
Misses Anna and Mary Powers,
daughters of James Powers, the well
known Danville rancher, left last
week for California.
Theodore Peterson, a mining man
of Idaho, is doing assessment work on
the Lucile Dreyfus mine at Danville.
Miss Rernioe Bradley, prinoipal of
the Danville cchool, visited Spokane
last week.
Mrs. N. L. Mclnnes returned the
first of the week from a visit to .Spokane.
A Statement of Facts Backed
by a Strong Guarantee
We guarantee immediate and positive relief to all sufferers from constipation. In every case whese our
remedy fails to do this we will return
the money paid for it. That's a frank
statement of facts, and we want you
to substantiate it at our risk.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten just like
candy, are particularly promdt and
agreeable in action, may be taken at
any time, day or night; do not cause
diarrhcea, nausea, griping, excessive
looseness, or other undesirable effects.
They have a very mild but positive action upon the orgons with which they
come in contact, apparently acting as
a regulative tonic upon the relaxed
muscular coat of the bowel, thus overcoming weakness, and aiding to restore the bowels to more vigorous and
healthy activity;
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children, old
folks aud delicate persons. We caunot
too highly recommend them to all suf
ferers from any form of constipation
and its attendant evils. That's why
we back our faith in them with our
promise of money buck if they do not
give entire satisfaction. Three sizes:
12 tablets, 10 cents; 36 tablets, 23
cents; 80 tablets, 50 cents. Remember, you ean obtain Rexall Remedies
iu Grand Forks only at our store —
The Rexall Store.    H. E. Woodland.
M. Bohan, a Spokane contractor,
visited his brother, P. £. Bohan, a
rancher near Danville, last week. The
t wo brothers had not met for thirty
years prior to this visit.
Take your repairs to Aruison's
Bout and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room boarding bouse, seven min*
ules' walk from Granby smelter.
Will sell for $1200. One-half cash;
balance monthly payments.. For
further particulars apply at this
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H-
Plath, box 10, city.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead, lhe only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that Ihey even endeavor to believe thnt they can reach
the consumers of this district with
nut advertisings The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read nt ii
T. Dulin, of Danville, returned last
week from a visit tn the National Apple Show in Spokane.
TOBACCO HABIT British Columbia und surveyors
Dr* MoTatrgart'i tobacco ri*medy remove*
nII.I' nir* for the weed In it fmv fifty*. A veite-
IhIiIo medicine, mid onlv rftf|lll>ef rmtchitiir
the tongue with It n«vaalonally. Price f2.U0.
Marvellous remits from taking lilt, remedy
for the liquor hiblt. safe ami liiex|>riiHlve
home treatment; no brppde mle Injection*,
nu publicity, no lo» of time from l.ii*-li.c*._,
ami a cure KtiDtanti-ed.
Addrew or commit Dr. MoTaggArt, 7r. Yoiige
Btruet, Toronto, Canada.
NOTIOE la hereby given that an applloatlon
will be made under Part V. of the 'Water
Aot, 190!*,** to obtain a license In the Similkameen Water District, Division of Yale District.
(a). The name, address, and occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
(irand Forks, B.C., Farmer.
(b). The name of lake, stream, or source (it
unnamed, the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(c). The point of diversion Is where the
creek enters my lnnd near the centre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) subdivision of C.P.U. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) in tiro up 1 lu the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale Distrlot.
(d). The quantity of water applied for (In
culm* feet per second). One cubic foot per
second. .
(e). The character of the proposed works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises on which the water Is to
be used (describe same) Is on Lot One A (1 A)
subdivision of C.l'.K. Lot number twenty*
seven hundred (2700) In Group 1, In the Slmil-
kinieen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale
(g). The purposes for whioh the water Is to
be used: For irrigation and domestic purposes.
(10. If for irrigation, describe the land Intended to be irrigated, giving acreage: Is on
Let One A (1 A) auhdivtolon of C.P.R. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred (2700) lu Group
1 lu the Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District, containing 100.45 acres,
more or less.
(Jt, Are* of Crown laud Intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
■ (it) This not fee was posted ou the 5th day
of August, It'll,aud application will be made
to the Commissioner on the 6th dny of September, 1811.
(1). Give the names aud addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are Ilk* ly to be affected by the
proposed worku, cither nbove or below the
outlet: Nona
Grand Forks, B C.
NOTIOE Is hereby given that an applloatlon
will be made under PartVof the "Wuter
Aet, 1009," to obtain a license iu the Similkameen Division of Yale Distrlot.
Name, address and occupation of the applicant:   W.iSayer, Rancher, Orand Borks, B.C.
Description of lake; Small body of water
(no name), fed by springs.
Point of diversion is lo chnins above Kast
line of Pre-emption No, 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: Oue cubit
foot per second.
Characterof proposed works: Ditch and
reservoir, to be used ou Pre-emption No.
Purpose: Domestic and irrigation.
Description of land to btr irrigated: Acreage, 78.
Acreage of Crown Land intended to be oc-,
cupied by works:   Nil,
This notice was posted on the 17th day of
.luly, 1911, aud application will he made tothe
Commissioner on the 18th day of August, 1011.
Name and address of rlparion proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by tbe proposed works.   None.
(Signature) W. HAY BR,
(P.O. Address) Urand Fo rks, B.C.
St. Joseph Mineral Clalm.sltHate In the Urand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where Located:   lu Central Oamp.
TAKK NOTICE tliat 1, Henry Johnson, Free
Miners, CeriltleHte No. 8181111, fur myself
and as agent for Peter Bdward Blakle, Free
Miners Certificate No. 3392UB. Intend, sixty
days from dnte hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recerder foraCeitlflcateof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claim
And further take notice that action, undet
section 87, must be commenced before the Issu
ance of suoh Cerlfleate of improvements.
Dated this -JSth day of July, A.D 1911.
Bridge Street,
The best and most
■iuhstantial Ore-proof
building In tbe Boundary country. Recently completed aud
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped wltb all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. First-class ac-
com inodat itiiis for the
travelling publio.
Hot tnd Gold Baths
flrst-Clsss Bar, Pool
aad Billiard Rooms
la Coanectloa.
EMIL.   LARSEN,   Prop.
If Printingf|
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wc have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete Stock op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
_>r Honing a i
Kaior Honing * Speoialty.
Billheads and Statement*.,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North op Granbv Hotki.,
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Grand   Forks, R  C.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, *ZL. Columbia p. o.
/TWin PIHNITI\f2*_t',e k'11'*  we Ho—is  in   itself  an
V.lV.I/L' r_fcl.-llI.-lU    advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best.   Let nil estimate on vour ordor.   We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Tklkpiionk A12!)
UrjTHKRFOHn Bros., Props.
60 YUM*
Anrtm, MM'nf a akota-h u
-qulckl* aMtrtaain o-ar opinio:
iL'Tontlon liprobftlalFpattttu
•caat 11Mb Olrtoal .moor
I'nioiaU faiien tier--■
TMdc Marks
wliotlicr an
Patauta taken tnrouf h Munn a   _
awtnioarflra, aaaltnutaadiarf*. In tbt
Scientific American
A handMmiiy Uluitreted weekly. Lanteit elr-
mtiat.on of any ■ciantlrio Journal l'ernu for
CUnudm!..».K.?S a year, furnace prepaid. Soid by
■*■ rev/nnor'?-".
We carry the moat fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in tho Houndnry caiuntry. And we are the onlv
office in this section that have the
oorrect material for printing it. Tht
Sun job office.


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