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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 13, 1912

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{     Bi? U 1912
Say the   Doukhobors Are
Detrimental to City and
. Tbe city ball was crowded tonight
witb representative citizens from tbe
valley and the town. President
Clark, of the board of trade, occupied tbe ebair.
It was moved by W. A. Cooper,
seconded by C. A. Michener, and
unanimously carried, lhat tbis citizens' meeting go on record as being
opposed to tbe Doukhobor colony,
situated near Grand Forks, as detrimental to the best interests of Grand
Forks aud the province of British
Tbe following committee was appointed to secure counsel and pre
sent tbe citizens' case before the
commission: Messrs. W.A. Cooper,
D. McCallum, G. M. Fripp, F. Mil
Ier and F. M. Kerby.
The committee will make a report
at a meeting to be beld in the city
hall' next Monday night, September
16. Every citizen of the town and
valley is invited to be present.
tbe bystander commiseratingly.
"Everything," was the dismal
answer. "If I lie on my left ride it
interferes witb tbe action of my
heart. If I rest on my back it induces insomnia. If the right side is
utilized, I am open to an attack of
appendicitis. If I lie on my face it's
uncomfortable and brings on facial
wrinkles. If I stand on my head
tbe blood rushes thither and I must
desist. The position of standing
upright is not adapted to sleeping
purposes. Tbere is no escape," and
with a groan the victim of scientific
reasoning turned away in the direction of tbe undertaker's.
One of the out of date institutions
of this province is the Yale land
office. It must have been located
in medieval times, because it is almost us inaccessible as tbe north
pole. A united effort should be
made.to have it moved to tbis city,
where it would be within easy reach
of all the people of the district. At
present a trip to Fairview can only
be made at the risk ot depleting a
fat purse and tbe breaking of one's
neck, together witb the loss of a
couple of weeks' time.
Some of the Properties at the
Tax Sale Sold for All They
Were Worth
The annual sale of city property
for unpaid taxes was beld in the city
ball at noon today, tbe clerk acting
as auctioneer. A large number of
the properties were bid in by tbe
owners, others were bought by speculators, and a few reverted to tbe
eity. Tbe bidding on some of the
more desirable properties was quite
brisk, and some of tbe purchasers
paid all they were worth. IS. Lequime bid in Ralph Trotter's big
residence near tbe cemetery, and
Bob Petrie bought a 2x4-foot lot on
the corner of Bridge street and
Riveri-ide avenue. He will erect a
30 etorey brick block on it.
*    fishy
A recent dispatch from Vancouver cays that "because the laws of
tbe Dominion, and fhose of British
Columbia in particular, conflict witb
their ideas of personal liberty, it is
possible tbat 2000 Doukhobors in
this province will soon trek to Colorado, where they bave been promised all tbe latitude tbey desire in
tbe regulation of their community."
Tbis sounds very much as if an
attempt were being made to influence
the Doukhobor investigation in tbia
section of the province. Any one
who is at all familiar witb the laws
of the United States, can readily see
tbat the story iB a lie.
Caged Daughters
There is so mucb truth in the
following remarks, made by Prof.
Leonard Hill before tbe congress of
the British Association for the Advancement of Science, now in see
sion at Dundee, Scotland, that it will
repay any person to read them
twice: "Tbe caged daughters of tbe
well-to-do are the flotsam and jetsam cast up by the tide in wbich all
others struggle for existence. Tbeir
lives are no less monotonous than
the sweated seamstress; they become
Tilled with vapors, and seek excite
ment playing with fire. ... It
seems to me that tbe world is con
ducted as if ten persons were on an
island, and that while live sought
the necessaritiee of life, bunted food,
built shelters and tires and made
clothes of skins, tbe other five strung
necklaces of shells, made loin cloths
of butterfly wings, gambled with
knuckle bones, drew comic pictures
in tbe rand, or carved frightening
demons out of clay, and so beguiled
from the ffr>t five tbe larger share of
their wealth."
What Now?
"It's no use," groaned he of the
prodigous yawn and the sleepy eye,
"if I don't sleep I can't live, and
The following estimate of Theodore Roosevelt is from a speech by
United States Senator George Sutherland: "He is a comet, a wandering tramp of the skies, mostly gas,
which disclose its true character
when the hot air comes in contract
with tbe solid body of the Republi
can party." Tbe remarks, with
slight variations, might with
equal appropriateness be applied to
other public men.
sign is not a very elaborate affair;
but it will serve to guide people
wbo are anxious to pay notes and
drafts to the building wiibout having to inquire tbeir way to it.
Galipeau & Co. have been awarded tbe contract of laying the cement
sidewalk on the north side of Bridge
Btreet, between Second and Third,
tind work was started this morning.
Tbe contractors state tbat if sullieient
labor cau be secured ibe sidewalk
will be completed before tbe fall fair
Overcoats are made for wearing
purposes, and nol to be lost wben
out for an evening drive, as was tbe
experience of a young business man
a couple of days ago. Some people
bave queer ideas concerning lhe tit
ness of-things.
F. Augustus Heinze Now in
Victoria to Make a
Scientists now declare that a billion years from now human life
may be created in tbe laboratory.
The discovery will no doubt furnish
an interesting theme for debate in
dim, distant ages; but it would be of
more importance to tbe present gen
eration if tbe means of preserving
life for a billion years were discovered.
Tbe prettiest lawn and flower
gardens in this city are located at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. George
Gowland. The flowers are in their
loveliest garb at present, and it is
well worth a walk of two or tbree
miles to view them. Tnere aie
1200 aster plants in bloom, of every
color of the rainbow, and each plant
carries from ten to thirteen flowers
Tbe beauty of tbis profusion of
bloom has to be seen to be fully ap
predated. Tbe Sun bas on numer
ous occasions advocated tbe offering
of a few prizes by the city council
for the best kept lawns, and it hopes
to this policy adopted next year. A
few dollars expended in this way
would do more to beautify tbe city
than thousands spent for otber im
Enough money has been spent
on most of the wagon roads in
this province to build railway
Ten years fro*n now the people
will wonder wby the ballot was kept
from tbe women so long.
The following is tbe maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  64 41
Saturday  02 51
Sundiy  61 46
Monday   72 41
Tuesday    "'> 41
Wednesday  78 42
Thursday  .SI 45
Rni fail during week, 0 ffO inches.
At tbe meeting of tbe city council
on Monday night the claim for ex
tra compensation, made by tbe contractors of tbe city reservoir, was re>
jected, Aid. Miller and Taylor voting against tbe -proposition. Tbe
other members of the board did not
think the question of sufficient in
terest to vote. The council also ef
iected a trade witb H. C. Kerman
of the two lots on the southwest corner of Winnipeg avenue and Second
street for bis lot on the corner of
Winnipeg avenue and Third street
on whicb Kavanagh & McCutcheon's
furniture factory is located, and
which bas been donated to tbe Cau
adian Pacific railway for additional
trackage facilities. Mr. Kerman
agrees to move tbe building. The
balance of tbe business transuded
was of a routine character.
'Rip Van Winkle" was tbe bill
at the Grand Forks opera house this
evening. To those who had been
fortunate enough lo have seen the
late Joseph Jefferson in tbe famous
American classic, tbe only thing
familiar about the play was tbe
Wm. Farmer bas purchased a
duple uf lots from Neil McCallum
near John Donaldson's store in tbe
West end. Mr. Farmer will erect a
a double residence for renting purposes on bis newly acquired property.
A number of tbe Ebolt employees
of the Canadian Pacilic railway have
been in the city this week looking
over tbeir future place of residence.
Last Sunday the third big blast
was set off at tbe Mother Lode mine.
Eight tons ol dynamite were ueed,
aud 1700 boles were loaded. The
blast was touched off by electricity.
W. Bonthron, of this city, hae
been awarded contracts to build stations and section bouses for tbe
Kettle Valley liue at Carmi, Beaverdell, Westbridge and Rock Creek.
J. R, Dibble is taking an enforced
holiday on account of having
smashed one of his fingers at the
Granby smelter on Tuesday.
M, S. Middleton, deputy horticulturist, returned to Nelson on Mon-
Mr. and Mrs, E. C. Henniger left
on Friday for a two weeks' vacation
trip to the coast cities.
W. Blakemore, tbe Doukhobor
commissiner, held sittings here of
tbe commission in the new court
house on Tuesday and Wednesday,
and also made a personal inspection
of conditions in tbe colony four
miles went of tbe city. Thirty-live
witnesses were examined. Nearly
alj of them expressed views tending
to show lhat tbe Douks are undesirable settlers.
The gratifying iucrease in The
Sun's circulation is sufficient evij
dence tbat tbe public appreciate a
newspaper wbich is not tied to any
Work on tbe Canadian Pacific
railway's machine shop and roundhouse in the West end is progressing rapidly.
Next Wednesday will terminate
Ihe mid-week half holiday season
during tbe present year.
Anyone having spare rooms to
rent are advised to leave particulars
with the fair secretary, W. E. Hadden.
Diamond drilling has demonstrated that ore can be found 1500 feet
below Pboenix.
F. Augustus Heinze, the millionaire copper magnate of Montana, is
in Victoria for the purpose of interviewing tbe government with reference to the Columbia & Western
land grant. His presence in that
city, says the Daily Times, arouses
fresh interest in a matter whicb has
had a peculiarly lively political history, as lively in fact, ts that of Mr.:
Heinze, and when it is recalled ihatr
the well known mining man waB a
political force in Montana in tbe
days when Marcus Daly and ex-
Secretary W. A. Clark were spectacular figures, this is ssying a great
About eighteen years ago Mr.
Heinze came to British Columbia.
He was then a young man of twenty-
four or thereabouts, but be had his
ideas wbich found expression in the
organization of the Columbia &
Western railway scheme, for which
he obtained a charter and a grant of
800,000 acres of land. He also built
tbe Trail smelter. Subsequently be
gild the road, tbe smelter and half
of tbe land grant to tbe Canadian
Pacific railway. But just whicb
balf tbe railway company obtained
it never exactly knew, because the
conditions of transfer never properly
specified it, and the company was
unable to deal with the land until
Mr. Heinze selected his part. Tbis
lbe copper magnate would nol do because his land would have become
subject to taxation immediately it
lost its identity as part of tbe railway grant. The Canadian Pacific
railway tried to force Mr. Heinze to
select his land by the process of law,
but Mr, Heinze never wilted; he and
litigation were old friends in Montana, and his girdle is heavy with
trophies won in the law courts of
Helena. As usual he won tbis case
A short time ago the government
bought back theCandian Pacific railway's   portion   for   forty cents per
acre, and thus the   provincial   authorities  and   Mr. Heinze   became
partners in tbe possession of the late
lamented Columbia & Western land
grant—an entertaining freak of   the
whirligig of time.    About the   beginning of the year   another factor
velopcd in the situation. The period
I ot tax exemption expired, and the
I land, or Mr. Heinze's part of  it,   be-
j came   subject   to   taxation.     Now
j comes lhe IMontana cupper  king to
I adjust lho difficulty, and whether to
i sell lo the government or select  his
half and pay hia taxes just  like ordinary  morlals,   who   do  not own
copper mines, he will not say.    He
bas  interviewed   Premier  .McBride
on tbe subject.    He will  remain in
Victoria until the matter is  settled.
The last vestige of the once powerful   Eastern  Townships   hank vanished from tbe city this week, when
the sign of that institution was re
Charles Brown,  formerly principal moved from the Canadian Bank   of
owner of the Boundarv   Iron    Work
.           ,        , .                  owner oi uie niauitiiiiiv    lion     ,,aaaaa,, .,                       ,    ....            ,       .          ,
.since I   can't sleep  my days ore returnej to the ^ fm Momlliy fro„;; Ummewe   building.   In it* place
numbered." ' ' '
'What's the matter?"
The intermediate hockey club of
Greenwood was reorganized last
week for the coming season.
Judge Brown held a sitting of the
county court in Greenwood tbis
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Oranby company's smelter in
this city forthe past week amounted
to 537,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 1 ">, ISO,-
600 pounds.
I Vancouver.    Mr.   Brown  intends  to  ,la» been Placed the *'%" of  lhe  ^l- !
inquired' remain here for three or four weeks,     ter financial institution.   The new
A new sawmill will
mill near Westbridge.
probably  bc
The  supreme  court   will sit
The Statesman and the Wise Reporter
Charles Njtgi.1, secretary ol commerce and tabor, lias under his tie-
partmcnt the revenue cutter service
and th? lighthouse boats, which make
up a treuienalous fleet. The last
time lho president reviewed the
UuiteJ Stales navy In New York
Harbor, Mr. Nagel waa on one of the
boats cs f sight-seer. Tall and silent, l.p had been watching the naval
lighter.! without making any comment Finally he was approached
by a Nev.' York newspaper reporter,
who was clad ln the latest fashions
and a consciousness of great wisdom.
Dial's n pretty big fleet, don't you
think? the news gatherer asked of the
till man, nnd pointed to the two hundred skips which were under Inspection.
Oh, I don't know, replied Nagel. I've
sot a ll,r|er one.
The reporter's Jaw dropped, and he
rejoined his companions with the pitying remark: That old fellow ls plumb
His curiosity got the better of him,
however, and he went up to Nagel
ngnin with the question: What Is your
My name Is Nagel, replied the
member of the cabinet.
Where are you from?
My home is in St. Louis.
Is that so? commented the reporter
vaguely. And you have a bigger
fleet than this?
Oh, yes, reaffirmed Nagel carelessly.
That was too much for the reporter. He went back to his companions, made a gesture signifying wheels
In the head, and said, with an air of
treat, conviction:
Fellows, he's a raving maniac.
When Nagel Had to Ride
Charles Nagel, secretary of the department of commerce and labor, is
a tall man, resembling ill his build an
isolated pine tree on the top of a -hill.
Returning to Washington one night
from New York, he got past the tax-
lcabs and was surrounded by a group
of hackmen, to whom he paid absolutely io attention as he Intended to
walk the fourteen block to his office.
The hackmen greeted him with a
storm of such cries as:
Take you right uptown!—Take you
to Ihe New Willard!—Take you to the
The statesman walked straight
ahead without even looking at his
If you want a cheap hotel, Jump
right li, here, insisted another driver.
Btlll Nagel walked on-unheeding.
Finally a Jehu addressed him thus:
Deaf iiul dumb asylum! Take you
up there In a minute.
At this Mr. Nagel laughed, and got
Into lhe hack.
A man went to an insurance offico
the other day to have his life Insured.
Do you cycle? the insurance agent
.To, said thc man.
Do you motor?
Do you, then, perhaps fly?
No, i.o, said lhe applicant laughing?,
1 have no dangerous—
But the agent Interrupted him ci.t-
Sorry  sir, he paid, but we no Ions
er Insure pedestrians.
Partly True
Ma, what is meant by the Progressive party?
The progressive party, my dear?
Why that's where all the partners
change after every game.—Detroit
Free Press.
It is Criminal
to Neglect the
Skin and Hair
THINK of the suffering
entailed by neglected skin
troubles — mental because
of disfiguration, physical because of pain. Think of the
pleasure of a clenr skin, soft,
white hands, aud good hair.
These blessings, so essential
to happiness and even* success in life, are often only a
matter of a little thoughtful
care in the selection of effective remedial agents. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment do so much for poor
complexions, red, rough
hands, and dry, thin and
falling hair, and cost so
little, that it is almost criminal not to use them.
Although Cuticura Soap and Ointment arc sold by druggists ami dealers
everywhere, a postal to "Cuticura,"
Dept. SM, Boston, tl. S. A., will secure a
liberal sample of each, with it'-i-pago
booklet on Skin and Scalp Treatment.
W.  N.  U. 809
Hlc Last Three Dollar Bill
This Illustrates the tremendous, astounding, and gorgeous value of making a big show as a last resort. It
dlcates that, brass, bravery and bunk,
properly connected with an opera hat
and pearl shirt studs, can make the
conquests of Alexander the Great
look like a five-cent moving-picture
show when the lights are bad.
The hero Is Fred T. Dubois, who
has been many things at many times.
Once he was a merchant, and once he
was a Republican United States senator, aad once again he was a Democratic senator At quite another
time, lowever, he was dead br
Chicago. Carefully searching himself at five o'clock ln the afternoon
he discovered that he had three dollars ln his pocket and a feeling of
great dreariness in his heart. He
did not know whether he would retire
to the almshouse or retreat to the
lake when that three dollars had given
out. The sun was Betting ln clouds
of. red. and the breeze that swept
down Michigan Avenue was cold.
Fred shivered and concluded ln a
flash of unusual sagacity that this was
a sad nnd weary world.
Well, he told himself. I'll put. up the
best front possible until ruin lays its
cold and clammy hand upon my
throat. I'll go to tho opera this
Whereupon, he arrayed himself like
a bridegroom, strolled down to the
stage. He was particular that It
should be an aisle seat. Then he
walked down the aisle with the demeanor of a hero and the haughtiness of an indicted millionaire.
The upshot of it was that his seat
happened to be next to a man who
was unaccompanied at the theatre.
At the flrst Intermission the stranger
invited Dubois out to have a drink. As
they strolled up the street after the
performance, the other, impressed
with Fred's superb appearance and
clever; oonversation, closed a business
deal with him that set him on his feet
and gave him a new start in life.
All of which indicates tbat, while
you have a dress suit, you stand a
chance to hypnotize ready money.
The Riddle
I planted a seed ln my neighbor's garden
(Fair, wee garden where   Wonder
Wet with a   tear   that   It   may   not
Seed of a Hope that the dear God
And for Its cover
I folded over
Five slim petals of a little Wild Rose.
0, Lady-Liege of the Wonder-Garden,
Riddle tne, how is that seed to be—
Quick vith the sun of thy smile and
Or dead and dust   for   despair   of
Wilt thou It bloom as   a   flower   ln
Wilt thou lt perish before we See?
Will thy palm forget
Where my kiss was set
To grow for a thought, of me?
—By Charles F. Lummls
Another Form of Senatorial Courtesy
In addition to studying railroad
rates, the question of high living, and
the tariff, Senator John M. Dixon, of
Montana, has been a student of the
general subject of ghosts. Just before he came to Washington to begin
his service in the Senate, he was told
by a "bad man" of Montana, who had
been condemned to death, that, spirits could return to this earth from the
other world.
At midnight of the day that I am
hanged, said the murderer, I will
knock at your front door In order to
prove to you that ghosts can come
On the midnight In question, Dixon
was silling up ln his Washington
home courteously waiting to see what
would happen, for the man's manner
had impressed him greatly. The
senator waB nbout to go to bed when
he remembered that there is a difference of three hours between Washington and Montana time. So he waited up three hours longer, but again
received no visit.
The only thing I wish I had established, said Dixon, afterward, waB
by what time the affairs of the other
world are conducted.
The president of the university had
durk circles under his eyes. Ills
cheek wns pallid, his lips wile trembling; he wore a hunted expression.
You look 111, said his wife. What
is wrong, dear?
Noth.ng much, he replied. But—I
—I had a fearful dream last night, and
I feel this morning as If I—as If I—"
It waB evident, that his nervous system  was shattered.
What was the dream? asked the
I—I—dreamed the trustees required
that I should—that I should pass the
freshman examination for—admission,
•sighed the president.—Youth's Companion.
Another Danger of the Summer Season
Charles D. HIlloB, the Presidents
secretary, always accompanies the
chief executive on his trips to Beverly. Massachusetts, in the summer.
Just outside of Beverly there are
many fashionable homea, with
grounds which Include private bathing beachea.'
I wonder why so many people hnve
those private beaches, commented the
President one nflernoon, when he waB
antoine up the North Shore.
Home of them, said Hllles, appreciate tke value, no doubt, of this
means of hiding the family skeletal.
Discussed In a Recent Bulletin of the
"v Forestry Branch
Ever since the Province of Quebec
forbade the export of pulpwood cut
from Ciown lands, considerable interest has been taken In the questlqn
as to how the price of pulpwood would
be affected. A leading paper trade
periodical estimated that the price of
pulpwood had advanced one dollar
per coid. This ls .corroborated by
the bulletin on pulpwood lately compiled by the Forestry Branch of the
Department of the Interior. According to this bulletin, the average price
of pulpwood in Quebec province during 1911 was higher by ninety seven
cents than during 1910. In Ontario
tho price actually fell twenty cents
per cord, while tn Nova Scotia aud
New Brunswick Increases of twenty
nine und twenty two cents respectively are announced.
A question thnt Is Just beginning to
come Into notice In tbe Dominion ls
tlr. utilization ot saw-mill waste as
materia', for pulp making. A very
small quantity of such waste la so
utlllzei. by three Arms which own
both saw-mills and pulp-mills.
The Blood Supply Mutt be Made
Rich, Red ud Pure
When you build up the blood you
strengthen the nerves, because the
nerves get their food through the
blood. You cannot reach the norves
with medicine except through the
blood—this is a great medical truth
few people realize. Nervous people
are pale people. They are nervous
becauso they are pale. The blood ls
bo thin and watery that It cannot
nourish the nerves- Starved nerves
mean sciatica, neuralgia, nervous prostration, paralysis.
Dr- WIlllamB' Pink Pills for Pale
People are a real nerve tonic. They
supply plenty of nourishing red blood
to the exhausted nerves, thus enabling
them to do the work nature Intended
they should do. This ls the simple
secret of the success of Dr. Williams'
Pink Fills ln curing nerve troubles.
Aa to their value in cases of sciatica,
Mrs. Job Palmer, Fenelon Falls. Ont.,
says: "For seven weeks I suffered untold agony from sciatica. I tried
everything to ease the pain, but It
steadily grew worse. Liniments had
no more effect upon tbe trouble tlian
water. Then the doctor told me to
apply a hot iron to the afflicted part
and I did bo morning after morning,
but my leg had become so numb with
the pain that I could hardly feel the
heat of the Iron. I never expected to
he able to walk again my leg was so
drawn up. 1 had tried so many things
that I had given up hope, yet at the
urging of my brother I decided to try
Dr. Williams' Phik Fills. To my
surprise in two weeks I was able to
stand on my feet with but little pain,
and soon after I was able to walk
ahout again. 1 continued taking the
Pills for about two months, but some
time before I discontinued their use
my leg bad become normal again,.-ami
the agony of the trouble had disappeared, and I have not since had a twinge
of lt. Words fall to express my gratitude for what the Pills did for me
and I strongly recommend them to all
sufferers from sciatica.
The every day mission of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Ib to cure cases like
the above, and they will not disappoint lf given a fair trial. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $250
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont
A Tale of Letters
Which letters are the hardest workers?   The Bees (B's).
Which are the most extensive letters?     The Seas (Cs).
Which letters are the most fond of
comfort?     The Ease (E's).
Which letters have the most to say
for tb0iu8el<.ei?    The l's.
Which are the noisiest letters? The
Jays li').
Which nre the longest letters? The
Ells (L's).
Which are ihe poorest letters'?.The
Owes (O's).
Which    letters   are   the   greatest
bores     The Tense (T's).
Which are the must  sensible letters?   'i'he WlBe (Y'b)—Tit-Bits.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
A Born Candidate
Willis—1 Buppose you think that
baby of yours will become president
some day?
Olllic—Maybe not president, but he
will be in the race after the nomination all right He keeps the whole
place In an uproar, uses indescribable
language, and can go without Bleep
for a week —Brooklyn Life.
Very many persons die annually
from cholera and kindred summer
complaints, who might have been
saved lf proper remedies had been
used. If attacked do not delay In
getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that never falls to effect a cure.
Those who have used It say tt acts
promptly, and thoroughly subdues the
pain and disease.
For the Time Being
My     husband   cured   himself   by
drinking buttermilk.        *
What did he have?
A thirst.—Chicago Record Herald.
"I have a money-saving invention---
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Hove them about
each year. You save long hauls at
harvest time. In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks,
—no burning of
These granaries come in compact
bundles. A boy can set up and Wt
one together in a tew hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole—saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. QSell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your
or bagging it.   He musty
Pull MeaiMire
grain. m Get my granary and be in-
ependent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protect you."
"Write me for my booklet. It shows bow profitable my
Granary is even on ft single quarter-section farm. Use
it lor 1912.   The Book Tells of Dig Money for You."
WriUf.rBeokl.tNoM ,   OSHAWA. ONT.
16 Lombard St.   Cms Block      .6_-.dSt.W.
Drawer INI eon WhltlocklaMsrUtt      M Fifth St. 8.
lingdirect   tmXt.mammtSam '
ir Wagon,     ox,areta,» hen weaud. Otb»
or heated   SSS&HHSi" I
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar plac;  nearest you     They will
you promptly and    save you time
The Pedlar Granary It fire-proof.    Think what that meant!
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts ln the capacity of
and we shall he glad lo forward copy ot   our   Booklet   "Something
ibout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control of
the Department ot Agriculture of Ontario.
College  re-opens October  let, 1912.    N.B.— Calendar on application
E. A. A. GRANGE, V.S., M.Sc, Principal
Oh  Mufflnt
She sat around In dainty frock
And proudly held her head
She was the owner of the flock,
But she produced no bread.
The Day of the Suffragette
Are you an Instructed delegate?
I should say so.
How were yon Instructed?
By my wife before I left home.
Could Not
She- Can you manage a typewriter?
Me—No.    I  married •one.— Olnoitt-
n ti Enquirer.
Whin Yiur Eyn Hud Can
Try Uurlat Eye Remedy. No Smarting—Feels
Flue— Ante Quickly. Try it ier Red, Weak,
Watery lyes and Granulated Eyellde. IUaf
•rated Book In each Package.    Marine It
- ^ a„p ....
aulekly. Try it tor Red, Weak,
and Granulated -Eyelids.  Il]a_»
     In each Package.    Murine It
Expounded by oar OculliM-not a '•Peunt lie*
Ine**—bat used la anooeasful PbraloJaai' Prae>
Nee for asany roan.   Mow dedicated lo tho Paly
Murine ly* Remedy Co* Ohloige
Lead production In the United
States last year reached oue billion
pounds, an Increase ot forty million
pounds over 1910. Imports last year
were 180 million pounds, ,a decrease
of thirty-seven million pounds.
NATURE'S ESSENCE.--Extracted From Forest Plants.
Nature'a lawe tie perfect, but diseaae follow! if theae laws ire Dot obeyed.
Go straight to nature lor the oure, lo the loreat; tbtrt in mysteries here thit wt
cm fathom lor you. Tike tht birk ol Ibt wild-cherry tree, the root ol mandrake,
ttone, Oregon <npe root, queen'e root, bloodrool tod (olden seal, mike at scientific, non-alcoholic extraot of Ihem with just tht right proportion! ind you hivt
Doctor Flcrcc'a Golden Medical DUcotci-jt.
lt took Dr. Pitroe, with the Miietioet ol two learned chemists, eight yttre ot
bird work.experimenting to mike thli pure glyceric extraot ud alterative ol tht
greatest efficiency md without the use ol • particle ol alcohol.
Jusl Vt. sort ol remedy you need to mike rich, red
blood, ind curt thit lissitude ind feeling of nerve exhaustion.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery bttn tbt stamp 'of
Public ArnovAi ind his sold more lirgcly in tbt pari lorty
years jfcan any other blood purifier aod stomach loaio.
"Soma time lie I lot out of health-my stomach aeemed to be tht
...      wat of the trouble," writes Ml. Ejia William, of Belleville, Kane.
-*5*» It    f       "I commenced to doctor with all the doctors at home aa well aa with
-*>,  '  I    I other speeiallata on stomach aad digestive organs.   None seamed to da
_-     A any good-ln fact, most of the medicines did ma harm.   Finally, 1 wrota
any good' ... ........ . ._    	
to Dr. Plei-ce, Buffalo, N. Y., who replied, stating that I had liver com-
&laiaat with Indigestion and constipation, aad advised Dr. Pierce s UoMea
[edlcal Discovery and Tteasant Palleta.'   , ...
"Tlie  Discovery' and   Pellets,' have  put me on my feet again'—
seemed to ho just what I needed. ! could not hava recovered without them."
n Williams. Ksu. '        Dr. Ptette'a Pleasant Petlete ara tar Urer Ills. !*/
A Tense Matter .
Kill:!*— Was thai your lnteadod
utth ""horn I saw you ycoterduy?
Grace—Yea, try present "futitre'*
30 to speak.—Satire.
Prcvcats tbl Tremendous
Loss from Flies
n*i VcMtn Farmm of Canute million* af
6altnriftM«i*.:y I* retnrdlni Ihe growth or MmlM
ex *ul a»l« »n<» *ij giuaWyturtueinic tlt« pr*Mturllon nf
i>rjr fin.i. r cr Hot-I nlirr knows UiU MMMMM
tjtrttTin from hli own #.\|irHtntc.
I* tfi tii* cituw s RtthX Uu of lift br Spmdtnf
nif*td* fwm farm to (arm.    " ItttMtwttpWl Hf
Wiv" win kcfpni-m off yourinraaliun givatTim
p'-.'i-c.t rail from tbeio fwntlffrom liiioctl, whMk
vi:i im1*.e v*m mon monty Iti a, l*r\tt*T producuuu m
fclU «f MuiiJi quicker gnvth of ill iiiliuali.
,    J      By Using
tl la D-iltlvrly furtnte-M to bo •ffneBTi in
Driving A&my fllc\ MQ*|iiltai. anil olh«r Inwjctt
wWcliwnirvilntkiuntrwlueo their itamliifctpaMlV.
II It IiamiliiMla-'l'in naw mm »«m euu «.» ™ ,«...™
pattern uUkt-M-turr  wIwb   uud teooMUf   ta
\Vn i.1_'_-e »ur tw«it7 «_tri of wpiitatlon tork nf
•■Ibti.rtieUunftl Vly Way,''»im» **k you tu twill M
OUf lK_u.UV»i:U:ir:nili'r-.
-FuU 8AI.S AT All Duum.
Frost & Wood Binders
Meet  the hardest conditions of cutting and
binding,    Do the work well.
Did that young man kiss you last
Mothtr, do you suppose that he
came all the way up here just to hear
me sing?—Cornell Widow.
Then and Now
The young wife has given her husband a dance. You're improved
wonderfully, Jack, Bhe said, as they
sat down. Don't you remember how
you used to tear my dress?
Yes, he replied. I wasn't buying
them then.—Boston Transcript.
$100 Reward, $luo.
Tlie rckdera ot this paper will be pleased **% learn
tbat there ls at least one dreaded dbtnue thareclenct
haa been able to eure to all lu stages, and tbat ta
Catarrh, Hull's Catarrh Cure la tlie only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a conatltmjonul diseasi., requlrea a constltu>
tlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure ta taken In*
tenuity, act'be directly upon the blood and mucoua
iiirfacta of tlm system, thereby destroying the
foundation nt the disease, o,.d giving the patient
itrenijth by building up tlte constitution and ans.nt-
ing nature In doing Ita work. The proprietors have
so much fnltli in Its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case that lt tail! to
<?tire.   Head (or list, ot testimonials
Address F. J. CHUNKY & CO . Toledo. O.
Hold by all Dnuclsts. 75c.
Take Hall's Family I'ills for constipation.
Onr SOOltudcntoanrallad annually
•na-half af wham ara rating latflaa.
MlKhaal facllltlra In all departmanta.
Win raopon Monday, Saptambar Ith,
1*12. For til uetrated Calandar addraia
Mat. WiMiLoWn Booth mo B»xuf baU M
rd for orer SIXTY YBA«8>jr JIlMJglll
Two   Heads
Who's head man in this office?
That depends.
Well, who decides things?
The senior partner rules on business
matters, but the office boy decides all
baseball disputes.—Washington Herald.
Direct Testimony
.Tudgj Aukam, presiding In the police court of the city ot Washington,
not long ago had as witness before
htm a man who stammered, the affliction being a sort of intermittent affair.
The witness would stutter frightfully
through two or three sentences, and
then would sail through two or three
more without hesitation. This interested the Judge greatly, and Anally
he asked the witness:
ily good man, when do you stutter
Well, Your Honor, replied the afflicted man, I do tt most when I'm
Minard't  Liniment Cures   Garget   in
A Sailor Governs Railroads
Francis K. Lane, who, as a member ot the Interstate Commerce Com-
mission, helps to govern the railroads
of the country, ls tn reality a sailor.
Whenever he gets the chance he
jumps into a sailboat and handles the
sheets himself.
Corns are caused by the pressure**
of tight boots, but no one need be
troubled .with them long when so simple a remedy as Holloway's Corn
Cure is available.
Better Part
what Is the age
Paw—The period when a man can't
have a good time without suffering
for it the next morning.—Cincinnati
One of the commonest complaints
of infants is worms, and the most
effective application for them Is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Sure Thing
There is one man I want   to
paddle his own canoe.
Who is that?
The man who thinks It's funny to
rock the boat.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Dl'.genes was searching for an i0!i-
est man.
Find a suburbanite who will tell you
Vis real opinion of country life i'i
winter, we advised.
Herewith he departed to apply the
greatest test of all.—Harper's Bazaar.
flattow*. •aieihiiig Syrup." ud
dad. -rwtatr-ive crat. i tottle.
A fiw doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Itates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
:    All Outside Rooms
Young men placed In positions as
Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks just as last as we can prepare
them. Hallway Officials endorse our
System because our Instruction Is
specially prepared. Day and Mall
Courses; Write for Free ftook 19,
Dominion School Railroading, Toronto.
A Oold Mine In the Kitchen Stove
T. A. Snider, of Cincinnati, who
piled up a' fortune by Ihe use of his
name on catsup bottles, got all of
his money because he realised that
Mrs. Snider was a grand and gorgeous
cook. She mnde him some catsup
shortly after they were married, and
lie remarked.
We ought tn gel a fortune out ot
this. '   Let's sell It.
Tbey did sell lt, nnd built it up Into aAilg business, thereby annexing
tbe fortune.
Think and be   Safe
When you are mad, try to think twice
Before you speak, my lad;
/tnd then just take another think,
And- you won't get lu bad.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root
ire juit tbe'right medicine for the
chiltlrrn. When they arc constipated
>—when tbeir kidneys are out of order
—when over-indulgence in some
favorite food gives them indigestion
—Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills will
quickly and surely put them right.
Purely vegetable, tney neither sicken,
•waken or gripe, like harsh purgatives.
Guard your children's health by
always keeping a box of Dr. Morse's
ladian Root Pills in tbe house, They „
Knp th«  Childrwn  Wall
W. N. U. 909
\*\\*mm*m.        *■
\ ?-'*: '
*m*m*W'    J: Ji't^^m                                                  W*\
The above photo shows the new fac tory of the Mooney Co. at Vancouver,
the latest link ot the across the continent chain of factories of the Mooney
Biscuit & Candy Oa., Head Office, Stratford, branch factories at Winnipeg
and Vancouver. The latest factory has been purchased from the H. Smith
Biscuit Co., of Vancouver, the pioneer biscuit and candy manufacturers of
the Pacilic Coast. This company enjoys a very substantial business, and
only last year erected a new factory building of steel and cement construction which ls one of the most modern ln the Dominion. While the Mooney
Co. have not divulged the exact amount of the purchase price, It is understood to be ln the neighborhood of $300,000.
Tbe story of tne organisation and progress of the Mooney Biscuit Co.
reads almost like a tale from the Arabian Nights. Less than eight years
ago the business was started ln a small way In Stratford, Ont. Mr. W. J.
Mooney the foundd.*, who has been and ls still tne President of the Company, has been called "the wizard of the biscuit business." He has had
for many years some very original Ideas regarding the biscuit business, and
Immediately on thc organisation of his own factory he proceeded to put
them Inlo operillon. . One of theso was, tbat factory-made biscuits, If
fresh, conld In a large measure Buppiant the home-made article. Cons -
quent.y, steps »vcie taken to place tne biscuits on the grocers' shelves In a
condition of freshness heretofore unheard of In the biscuit business ot Canada, (ioods w< te shipped the same day tney left the oven, and arrangements were made for specially fast despatch- The company's own line of
private cars wss Installed to Insure -ueanlincss, and to avoid delays and
a strenuous advertising campaign was launched to promote a rapid movement of the goods after they actually reached the relall merchant. Thn
effect of tbls policy was little short of wonderful. The business developed at a rate undreamt of by Its founders and each succeeding year necessitated extensions lu factory, until finally a brand in w building was
erected to take care of the rapidly Increasing business.
Iu the Canadian West the results were of a particularly gratifying character, notwithstanding the long distance from the seat of manufacture. In
fact, eo satiBltiCiorj were the results that the Mooney Company decided
that tbe proportions of the Western trade entitled lt to be served by a Western factory, so that the people of the West, as well as those of th East,
might receive Moonoy's goods In an absolutely as "fresh from tho oven"
condition. Consequently u little less than two yeais ago the big factory
iu Winnipeg was secured, and the results which have beeu achieved since
thai time have fully justified the wisdom of the venture, and have set the
"!>! of approval on the oranch factory idea. The business of the Mooney
Biscuit & Candy Co. ls now conceded to bc the larg..st of the kind In the
Dominion of Canada, and It ranks very prominently among the big industrial enterprises of the ..ountry.
Although the British Columbia territory has heretofore been served by
the Mooney factory at Stratford, nevertheless the business has fully kept
pace with the growth of the territory, and has now reached proportions where
the company feel that It can only be taken care of by a factory actually on
the ground. In addition to the present business of the Mooney Co; tho
new factory will also take over the existing business of the Smith Co.
which Is of very considerable proportions, so that It Ib expected that the
new factory will at once be taxed to Its utmost proportions.
Mr. W, C. Mooney the Vice President of tho Company, who has been
manager ot the Winnipeg factory. Is uow in Vancouver and will bave charge
of the roofgiitttatlan work.
y *\ r-<~\
Jfl^r^y   ■-
rf.        etitir4
New modern plant of E. W. Gillett Company Limited, Toronto, Ont., consisting
of six buildings, with three Railway sidings and separate office building.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  with silent   tip.    Wilf ^^
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's Matohej Ut* satisfied Can.
^^^IlSl-acespt no .th«*
Tha E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
I am going to put some while in
the yoke, said the young lady, referring to her gown.
vv'on't that scramble 11 ? enquired the
young mau.—Chicago Tribune.
After the Nightmare
One of the things that must irritate a delegate ls that when he gets
homo the neighbors think he has
been enjoying a nice summer vacation.—Washington Star.
Appreciated It
Father—How is it that I find you
kissing my daughter? Answer me,
sir! How ls It?
Young man—Fine, sir, line.—Satire
Are the bes* ever msde and are guaranteed to give you satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send us 25 cents stating Btylo and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd.,
58 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Small Brother—Mr. Summy. are
you a tasebsll player?
Sister's Beau—No, Tommy.
Smnl". Brother—Then why did sis
tell me you weren't so much of a
catch?—Washington Times.
A highgrade chew tor
those who want something better than usual.
"EmpireJ-Javy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
If You Have Failing
Huve your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision, We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
tlio science of refraction. Examination free.
aalallfllaa.il ut t-rnnil 1'orliaa, BrltUh Ci>I.iii.hi
....Editor and Publisher
A Hip of thin paper can be seen a,t the office
ot Mo.srai. B.  & .1. Hardy 4 Co., 311, 91 anal 32
Fleet street, 1..C., London, England, free of
jhurue, uaaal that firm will he iflad to receive
tiibiorltitloiii and advertisements on »»ur he-
Une Tear *!-|»
Hue Year (ln advance)  I.lsl
One Year, In United States  1*0
Aalilreaa. all communications to
Thb Kvbniso Sen,
Phonb Kit Guano Fohks. H.C
The feeling against the Dotikho
bor commission by the citizens of
Grand Forks is quite bitter. Everybody characterize the proceedings us
a farce. A few good Tories bave
even gone so far as to assert that
the whole thing is a graft. It .8 not
for a newspaper of the opposite be
lief to deny this accusation. The
Sun's opinion is tbat tbe appointment of the commission was a mistake. There was no necessity for it.
The evidence brought out at tbe
sessions here could have been furnished lhe government by the constables stationed in the districts
where the colonies are located, and
if these officers had performed their
duty tbey would have enforced the
laws the Doukhobors are alleged to
have violated. That is the only result anyone can expect from the up
pointinent of the expensive eommis
sion. Even the autocratic McBride
government can not confiscate the
lands of these people and send them
out of the country. Obviously no
guild bus so far been accomplished
l.y the commission. On the con
trary. tbe prominence given the subject by Ibe press, local and foreign,
hus given tbe. people of tbe  outside
world an erroneous impression of
this district—an impression wjiich
will require columns of explanation and years to eradicate. Instead of the valley being scattered
over *vith Doukhobors, as might be
inferred by reading some of these
articles,they are bunched together in
a remote section of it, and scarcely
ever come in contact with the other
inhabitants. This is a true statement of the condition of affairs existing here. But Bince to the provincial government has seen lit to
make a public question out of a matter that should have been confined
to the police department, the people
of thiB district demand the most
searching investigation into the
mode of living of these people. They
demand the Bame right us is accorded
the Doukhobors, that of being represented by counsel at the sitting of
the commission. And lastly, they
demand that tbe lawson the statute
books be enforced against all the
the people, irrespective of religious
creed or political belief. If the gov
ernment is impotent to grant these
requests, it is time that it gave place
to one wbich has a higher regard for
human rights.
Most Important tvents  of
Past Week Told in Brief
The printing of the delinquent tax
list for tbe Rossland assessment dis
trict in three newspapers within a
radius of twenty miles illustrates
the lavish expenditure of the public
funds by the MeBride machine for
tbe purpose of retaining power. Each
paper will draw down between 8200
aud $300, in return for which they
are expected to laud the politicians
of the machine as great statesmen
Had the list only been printed in
one paper, jealousy would, of course,
have arisen, and some uncomfortable truths mighi have been disclosed. The Tory newspaper busi-
nesc of British Columbia closely resembles gratiug, and tbe publishers
bave degenerated into leeches who
feed on tbe misfortunes of honest
The Doukhobor enquiry in this
city this week was so notoriously onesided that one grey-haired Conservative did not hesitate to designate it as "a d— farce." The Suu
wishes to place special emphasis ou
the d—.
It is reported that the Liberals
throughout British Columbia ure
organizing in preparation lor their
ilex light wilh the McBride machine. A little more activity locally in tbis direction would do no
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Hone-High and Pig-
Conic iii and price our fencing wive, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever he your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
.store the place to supply those needs.
Syndicalism receives severe blow at
Trades Union congress.
Divorces in Canada, especially in
the east, become more general.
An order-in-council has been passed
for the enforcement of the pure food
Progressive party wins important
suit which permit tlteni to go on Taft
ticket in Kansas.
Postmaster General Pelletier announces substantial reductions in cable rates, which will come into ett'ect
Premier Borden and colleagues received with great enthusiasm in Que
bee; maintain silence as to public
questions of importance.
Although apes - are not ancestral
forms of men, says professor of Bitish
medical congress, they are men whose
ancestors chose physical strength instead of intelligence as a means of
Governor-general at Cochrane, in
foothills of Hocky mountains.
Large decrease in debt, and increase
in revenue shown by Dominion financial statement.
Chuarchill is advised by Loudon
newspaper not to create in Canadian
Liberals antagonism toward British
Yaqui Indians are on tbe warpath
in Mexico; slay two men, a woman
and a child; gave battle to corps of
federal soldiers, and kill five.
Motorcycle champion' swerves into
crowded enclosure at Newark, N.J.,
kills himself, as well as five others;
six are dying from injuries reo'3ived,
while thirteen are severely injured.
Escaping vigilance of cordon of police ollicers, suffragettes secret them
selves in shrubbery at Balmoral castle
until nightfall, when they plaut suffragette banneis in place of fllags oh
golf links.
Forty thousand Chinese reported to
have perished in a typhoon, news received by mail at Hongkong.
Official Saskatchewan crop report
ihuws tremendous increase iii acreage
levoted to wheat and otber grain.
The question of jailing refractory
cadets under compulsory training act
is causing much discu-sion iu Australia.
France captures world's aviation
championship; Jules Verirines estab
lishes speed record, and wines Gordon
Bennett cup.
An interesting situation arise! in
Australia with regard to restricted
mmigration act, which has become affected by Turko-Italian war,
Professor Vilwjalmar Stefansson re
turns from four yours' exploration in
Arctic circle, and brings news that
Hubert Darroll, English explorer, is
probably deau.
TUESDAY,     •
Governor-general and party enjoy
an outing at liunlT.
Sir W, Willcecks says irrigated
I 'urn-da resembles the Garden of Dden.
Twenty-eight people are injured by
the derailment of a train near Erie,
Mayor Gaynor makeo a peovish
fitness at the polico investigation in
New York.
Mongolians will resist establishment of Chinese rule, and will light to
a finish.
Peking government supports a
scheme for a railway system to cover
Impression prevails in Ottawa that
parliament will not meet until New
A dispatch from Vancouver says
that the Doukhobors may euiigrate to
British Columbia wins gold  medal
**y we are prepared to give the people of Grand lories
all the Choicest cuts of
6 Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
OFFICK, Kt.B Cffel CtrPPt
HanhR.n'i. RMIDIKCB.RBS1."*" «IWH
Mulkml'b Rkhidkscr, Ills
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
a'laaiiaas. sltilnte hi tlle (irubal Porka, Minim;
Division aaf Ynle Dl.trkt.
Where l.aacaateal: On tlie East Fork nf tlle
Nortli I-'ork of Keltle Klver.'
TAKK Mil HI. tliat 1, Jacob M. Paulsen.
Fiec Mliicr'a Certificate No. SWISH, tat
myself and us ntreiit for aVilliaiiia.il. HolTiimn,
executor, aalaal Kaaaua Major, executrix, of the
will ill Catherine Haatl'aiiaiai. Free Miner's
Certllleate No. _3*<17U, hiien.l. sixty daivs
fr.,in alaaiaa hereof, tu nppW taa the Mlnitait
Kea-eraler fairai Ceitilii'iitoof t_nprf.Yfr_Q.enti, for
the purpose ol obtaining crown giants ol the
nhaave claims
Alio further t'itie notice tlmt action, mialei
aaei'tlaa,, .',1, must he a'Oinraellra'fl before the Issn-
ailaa-e aaf such C_.rltl0a.0l aaf I ji]|aratv..Ina"'t.
Dated this Ith day of May, A.D 1912.
for the Wt display of products at tlie
Toronto National exhibiaion.
Four hundred men attached to the!
Kuxsian Black Sea squadron arrested
for mutiny. I
Bulgaria will resort to arms if au- {
tonomy in Macedonia it) not granted.
An English suffragette sends I er-
tielf to the residence of Winrton
Churchill by parcels post.
Peter Ahrosinoff, at the Doukhobor
hearing in Nelson, makes threat of
(J. P. U. telegraphers send in their
ultimatum; company has until Sun-
lay to comply with their demands.
Toronto bonrd of trade declares war
on real estate frauds.
Japanese people worship the Bpirit
of the late mikado.
Notice to Contractors
SEALED tenders, endorsed "Tender
for Addition to School House," will
be received up to Saturday, beptem
ber the 21st, 7 o'clock p.m., 1912;
addressed to the Secretary, Board of
School Trustees, Orand Forks, B.C.,
for the building of an addition to the
Grand Forks Public School.
Plans and specifications may be seen
at the office of the Secretary.
The lowest yr any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Board of Trustees.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C ,
Soptember Uth, 1912.
engravings of letter hubs
labels, ad oesigms.iuustratioms
for All purposes
fashion drawings
wash drawings of mechanical
subjects.birds eye views
retouching photographs
and catalogue plates of ail
please mcntion thb papw
Sunrise Mlnerul Clailm. situate In the
ilranil Porks Mlniim Division ot Yalo Distrlot.
Where located:   In \VelHiu.t.iia ennui.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Joseph Allreif Miller
Free Millars' CertlHcate No. Hli.*!, Intend, sixty alalia, fiaam the,lata' hereof, tn apply to the Mliiinu Keenraler for n Certificate,
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain
IliK a Crown Orantof the aliovcctnlm,
And further take miMee that uellnn. utialer
section  117,  must lie rouilucncnal before the
Issuance of   such Cortlfloate  of   Improvements.
Dated this 28tli alaiy of AptII. A.D. 1019.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol restores every nerve la the body
____________________________■ to In proper tension i restores
vim sad vitality. Premature decay nnd all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phosphoaol will
make you a new msn. Price Ms box, or two for
Mailed to any address.  The ScobeU Drug
W.  Mailed to any address.
Co.. It. Catharines. Oat.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of tbis district with
out ailverlisingin The Sun. - , THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
purple martin is said to be capable
of doing away with spraying in orchards where it abounds. One man
in Pennsylvania advertises purple
martins for sale, and says that his
orchard grows fins fruft without
Were our birds to become extinct,
all life would soon become extinct
Insect life would in a period of three
years destroy vegetation, when all
men and animals, except perhaps
fishes, whould die for lack of sustenance. Soon tbe waters would
become polluted and fish life would
cease. Tbe insects themselves would
die for lack of food, and tbe earth
would be destitute of life in any
New Welcome to the Birds
The value of tbe birds to tht
whole human race and the importance of preserving and increasim
their numbers, as e-s'iilial to nl
ot'ier forms of life, are vital problems that are being more carefully
considered by most of the states and
also the federal government, say*
Our Dumb Animals. Ornithologist,
economist and humanitarian are
making united efforts in tbe matter
of bir.l conservation and results
show a better understanding and a
higher regard for every kind of bird.
Ti e following effective briefs are
from an address by C. 1). Howe,
state ornithologist of Vermont:
Each individual  bird is working
all   tbe  time   to preserve vegetable I
life from the depredations of insects.
Birds eat the seeds oi many injurious
weeds that infest tbe growing crops.
The Panama Canal
In the accomplishment of the
greatest engineering feal of the world
over four hundred million dollars
have been spent. An amy of thirty
live thousand men, lepresenting
every level from the most maBterly
of the world's engineers to the ignor
ant "sand hog," have slaved upon
the work. Tbe canal measures
I forty miles from the Atlantic to tbe
'acific. It the distance from deep
.vater to deep water is included, tbe
mileage is increased by ten. The
aocks are one thousand feet long
md one hundred and ten feet wide.
I'be lock gates are constructed of
.teel girders, covered with steel
plaleB. 31'hey are hoilow structures,
Sa-veu feet wide, and are therefore
almost buoyant, although weighing
from three hundred to six hundred
tons each.
The maximum bottom width (in
the Culebra cut for nine miles) is
three hundred feet. The minimum
depth is forty-five feet. The At
lantic breakwater is two miles long,
that of the Pacfic three and one-
fifth miles long. Tbe earth excavated from tbis tremendous ditch
measures one huured and ninety
i five million, three hundred and
thirty-one thousand cubic yards.
The opening of the Panama canal,
wbich will take place in 1915, will
mark the commencement of a com
They should be protected aud cared
,    . ... «,.    , mercia activity such as has   never
for in every possible way. fbe barn- ue U_.,,J  ,,,„ k.l0 „, lk„
swallow has a direct relation  to lhe
before thrilled tbe markets of tbe
world. Preparation for this is shown
in the spending of two hundred
million dollars along the Pacific
coast to secure and develop trade.
milk supply, for it feeds upon the
Hies tbat are about tbe barns and
trouble the cattle. Holes should be
made in tbt gables of barns to allow them lo get in and nest among
the rafters, or a cleat be nailed
along the eaves to allow them a
chance to nest there.
All wild Bbrubs or trees, bearing! for 1912 has been
fruit tbat the birds love,  should  be Sun   ^^/ut?
left growing by the roads and fences.       y   '"''
They will attract tbe birds, and they
prefer these to cultivated fruit.   Tbe
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample book of the "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
received at The
cards proved
very popular last year. The designs this year are prettier than last
year. The pi ices range from tl per
dozen upwards.   Order early.
Inviies you io fVie
Tke Mand Empires Holiday
Seven dayss and six niMscf
education and amusan&ii
Sorne/hmd Jo j^ews/ewyvigdaii
RedaaeofRtvlwqyt Ra/eS
VaMe lo Robt. H Ceetbran. fSety for Premium li«l«n-t
lUudNlid Deilrffl-o&ea BQ _t—*» « __' -• L a
Waning Influence of Jingoists
The Montreal Witness says: "We
have recently seen what extraordinary effect the call of jingoism when
sent out by the yellow press can
momentarily obtain oyer the people
of Canada. We saw the same thing
in the United States when a suildi-n
ebulition of yellow fury, working on
tm old grudge, rushed the nation
into war with Spain. Uut after the
whirlwind comes the still small
voice of intelligence, bringing men's
minds to the balance, and the jingo
chord can not be too long played tin
with response. It is becoming evident to those who have engineered the German hatred, and
hoped to make political capital
out of it in an attempt to secure the passage of any naval
bill that might be brought down
with a single shout of assent, thnt
jingoism is a bit played out for the
present. It is impossible to keep
political allegiance by simply wav
ng the flag nn all occasions."
Bridge Street,
Hot and Cold Baths
Firit-Clais Bar, Pool
Band illiard Rooms
In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Game Laws for this fall
Various new regulations anil
orders in council under the game
protection act have met the ap
proval of the lienlenanlgnvernor,
and among the more important is a
regulation reducing the number ol
pheasants a sportsman kill in one
day In six. It is also provided thnl
no person may hunt or kill pheasants if there be three incln-s of snow
on the ground.
Ducks, geese, snipe and grouse of
all kinds open in this tlistriet on
September 2, grouse shooting remaining open till the end of tbt
year, and ducks and so on until
February 28, 1913.
A close season is declared foi
beaver throughout the province
from November 1, 1912, to Novem
ber 15, 1913.
Deer may be shoot throughout
this district from September 2 tt,
December 16'.
Prairie chicken may he shot in
Yale-Cariboo from September 15 to
October 15.
A close season is declared foi
wapiti throughout Ihe mainland un
til September 1, 1912. White-tailed
deer also enjoy a close season in \ht
Okanagan antl Similkameen until
the same date; and moose benefit
from a close season in Ihe Columbia
electoral district until September 1,
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printingdepanment in tho
Boundary country.
Ms. C. A. ABBOTT, Aturait n, tqec.
■i. Aen St., Ne»r York City.
Deer Sir: I have known fair erer 40 yesrs ef the
eRpcts of Wilson's Remedy [Wilson's Preparation
ol HypoDhoephltM and BlodcettlJ in can.a,of pail-
nonary troubles.    At this point 1 will ssy to you
what you have not before known of: that 4s years
since, while I was a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
severely ill with lung trouble.   Physicians said 1 wss
a consumptive and my family physician told my wife
that he thought I ceuld net recover.   My attention
wss directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I used
with splendid effect.  1 have been on my feet and at
work ever since tn, eure.   Yours truly.
faster M. I.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
On Tlee ,, sou, Mr. Saver wrote Mr, Abbott;
"My health is very gaaod.'*
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furni_.li you any further
information you desire.
Wit ^iaitoto
THE STANDARD is tho Nntlonat
Weekly Newspaper nf tin- Dominion
uf Canada. It Is nationul in all its
It uses the most expensive ofigrav-
lngs, procuring tho photographs from
nil over tho world.
Its articles aro carefully selected and
Its editorial policy is thoroughly
A subscription to The .Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co.,
Limited,  Publishers.
Newspaper Law
1 A postmaster is required U, give
notice by letter (returning tlie pii|ier
Hoes not answer the linv) when 11 subscriber does not take bis |aper out t.f
tin' postolliie, nn'l state the reason for
its not being taken. Any ne«lect to
do HO makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any ppr-on orders bis paper
discontinued he must pay all arreur
«i;es, or the publishers may continue
to st'titl it until payments sre mude.
anal collect the whole airount whethet
the paper is taken from the olliee <r
tint Their can be no local discon
tin un nee until payment is made.
... Any person who tak^s a paper
aim of the pnsttifHce, whether d rectptl
'o his nam or not, or whether he has
subset ibid or not, Is responsible for
t! e puy
-1. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues taa
send ii, the subscriber is bound to
pay fnr it f Im takes it out of the
poflf oflici.. This proceeds upon the
nround that a man must pay for what
hn uses
5 The courts have decided thnl re-
fusinn to tnke newspapers or periroli-
cals from the post olliee or removing,
leaving them uncalled for. is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
1 he Oliver 1 ypewriter
.Mi'i-H* rend the heailliiii'lnvpr hl-ihii. Then it**
tremendoiif filtenlHcnuce mil iuwn upon you
An Oliver Tyt'ewriter-tlie Standard vUttlll
writer—the mom bight)' per.t te.l typewrite.
in the mnrket—yours for 17 (JeWta dliyl
The typewriter Whose conquest of the com
merelal world Ib a matter of hiBlorv—ynun ("
17 cents ii duv!
The typewriter that Is equipped with score* ot
*uch conveniences un "The l.iihuuv Shift"*-
"The Killing Device"—"The Double Itcleesc"—
-The Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
.Spscer"—"The An'oinuti.. Tabulator'*—'-The
-"The Adjustable |'H-
per Fingers1'—"The .s*i-
enrlfic Condensed Kev
* anl"—all
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
We anon need thi*
new siiieb plan rttt.tji.ily, just in feel the-pit Uo nf
tlie people.   Rlioply « small cash imyment—
then 17 ceutMidny.   That is the idan lu ii uut
The result lum lieen such u deluxe of ai-plici*
lions fnr machines that we are sliflply a.--
lou tided,
The demand comes from people uf all classe*.
nil ages, all occupations,
Tiie iiiiijiiritv ol inquiries has enme \ttOit\ pen
leof known tlimiii-iai Btandltig who were at-
trueied by the novelty of the propcv'oii, An
Impressive deumnstruUmi of tlm imtneii*-t> popularity nf the Oliver Typewriter
A (startling <'fiii._riii_il.oii of our belief thnt
ihe Era of Universal Typewriting ihuthand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are  I.i;    Mney with
The Standard]imble II 'titer
Thai li. iia.'a.aaiii.-fry today.   Ao iinvo'nuidt
Hit)Oliveriu|ira-iii,- In iinifalneiiaial aliitoliitelj
iliill-|aa-li.iil, aa III llUI.ll.i_I-.   N'.lia I'.aiia,. |I„. ,.„„'
iptlAI aaf tlaa- I U)
I'll* .Initially nil ! «lra.|aa.l>i aif l|„. a alia,.a lit la
aaaa    ana,lia   aa,,.,    |,   j. |„.,. ,„,.  „„   j,,,,,,,,,	
""'"'i '" Urn I aa- induing nil on ul i.l...
-v ii .-.in.- r ai wml iii ii ma nan- sinker,
Hur nan nihil- | ■(_._. tj |. an.   all,, ullvir  la.
iliro.lai.laln/evory home III .\ Ion.   win,,,.
oiiiaflotltotlinii ,ai ynur humouronioa on till, ro
maritime ollvor oflVr.
twin, i.aa further ftetHlli nfourensy ulnji  t
ai (ruurofi) ur tlio now Ollvon 11.>u   a.i	
Tiie Oliver Typewriter Company,
UIIVOI I'jtnJWrltOI  HllllalliiK.
NOTICE ii hereby rlvon tlmt Drome Ale*
aiiaalan- -laiiaH |l,.||   aaf I aat   H87I,   1'.  II    |',,x
SIS, Gra,l ll     I'aalllaa.   w |1|   U| lall  f.,1 u Ma-,  tn
t 1,0 innl tmo Ol allie fniaa uor ■eonuil of
mm r aaut a.f viarti, Kaii'k Kei'ia. i.|ver creek,
il Ilia la llaaaa,,   i   n .aaait lianl) all a Ml iaaia 11, a aaiia-l.
I.aat »'..! anaala aaalalla.aa  Into  Kettle   lliva-r   aaena
Orntitl I'aaak-.  Tho wtter will be diverted on-
liaa-ataja tlie taiwaiflite  nf   Mii_fitrn. utial   wilt la,.
,-al f..
mit'lio-ei on the land ale
.'Tllaa-.l a,. Fruit l.atual. nbout 1M atera .-
Thli laaitiee Iln. (aaisteil aa,a  the irraallllal   aaaa
tla hdai.v.af M.arela.  111|_.    The Innllestlnil
ulii ho flleal lu tlie offloe aaf th,. Wnter is.-
a-analer nt Katirvlew.
allajaHti.aias   mny   lie   lilial    with   ttie   mid
writer Recorder or with the .'othptrotler nil
Wnter   Klvlitaa.   I'lirlllllna-lat   I'liililiaia.-,.    Vie- I
illorla, H, 0.
ai. A.B. liKl.l,,        |
Now Edition Issued Ntiv. 15, 1906.)
Is & dozen luniks in one, Covering tlie
liifltory, geography, geology, dii'tnis-
ry, ininemlogy, nietullur^v, tarinih-
■logy, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracicaj book, useful
lo all antl necessary to must men en
'jjagetl in any brunch of the coppen
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its lHiij_imt_e is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4836 copper
mines und companies in all parts a if
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pilot's, according.
to importance of the prupeity.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Relerence
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the bnnk for
the fiu-ts it gives him about mines,
mining aud the metal.
The investor needs the bonk for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments antl copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in p: tin Knglish.
Price .is 85 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
(Ktlitnr and Publisher,
453 Postottice Ulock,
Houghton, Michigan.
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issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free, It is your last chance to get
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1, Vill* it will be advanced to fI.W.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 tuuel of 1912 *ill contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of Uio
best reodingi including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Annnuncfmntt for W12 and Sam fit*
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FREE to Jan. 1912
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All the iiiuet for the remaining
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beautiful Holiday Numbera j alao & '->
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weeka of 1912— all for $1.75—your
laitchance at thia price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.
Iw Sibicriptiou Received tl Tliit Office. ITHE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
The destruction of the house fly
i» a public duty. Almost every
American Slate Board ol Health is
carrying on a crusade against him.
His filthy origin and habits, and
the fact that his body is generally
laden with disease-producing germs,
makes him oue of the greatest enemies of the human race.
It the housekeepers of Canada will
persistently, this peril will be tremendously reduced.
Language and Religion
The    man   who   tells   this   story
claims that its hero was an Irishman.
At any rate, the language makes a
tine bull.
A preacher had delivered his prize
sermon, exhorting his hearers to em-
biace the religious life anl scorn the
attractions of wealth and late suppers,
lie concluded with this centre shot:
My brethren, let not this world rob
you of a peace which lt can neither
give nor take away.
n* Unlike a Brick
What goes up must come down said
the Suge.
How about the high cost of living?
asked the Boob.
Washington to St. Louis
Have you made any sacrifice to demonstrate your patriotism?
I have, replied the St. Louis man-
I bet ou the home team regularly.—
\Vashai:gton Star.
An Oil of Merit.—Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil Is not a jumble ot medicinal
substances thrown together and pushed by advertising, but the result of
the careful Investigation of the curative qualities of certain oils as applied to the human body. Ii Is a
rare combination and lt won and kept
public favor from the first. A trial
of It will carry conviction to any who
doubt Its power to repair aud heal
The Champion Magazine Reader
Philander C. Knox, the secretary of
state, is an omnivorous reader. He
subscribes to more than fifty magazines. In addition to this, he buys
all the new books and all the rare
editions of old works that he can get
his hands on. At his bedside he has
an adjustable electric light and a contrivance of his own patent which,
like a tray, holds a large volume
while \n reads It.
For Years, ReitoredTo Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound.
Canadian women are continually writing us such letters as the two following,
which are heartfelt expressions of gratitude for restored health:
Glanford Station, Ont.-"I have taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
spoun.l and never
■ found any medicine
Ito compare with it
11 had ulcers and l'all-
iiug of womb and
1 doctors did me no
jgooil.     I suffered
■ dreadfully for years
1 until I began taking
I your medicine. I al-
1 io recommend it for
I nervousness and in-
■ digestion." — Mrs.
Henry Clark, Glanford Station. OnL
Chesterville, Ont — " I heard your
medicines highly praised, and a year ago
I began taking them for falling of womb
and ovarian trouble.
" My left side pained me all the time
and just before my periods which were
irregular and painful it would be worse.
To sit down caused me pain and suffering and I would be so nervous sometimes that I could not bear to see any
one or hear any one speak. Little specks
would float before my eyes and I was
always constipated.
" I cannot say too much for Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Liver Pills, for there are no medicines
Uke them, I have taken them and I
recommend them to all women. You may
publish this testimonial." —Mri. Ste-
TORN J. Martin, Chesterville, Ontario,
Comment on Current Fashion*'
This happened when the tight and
hobbled skirt, which ls regarded by
some as a revelation ln anatomy, flrst
came Into fashion In the national capital . A smartly dressed woman, who
was right there with the hobble,
rang the bell of a fashionable home ln
Connecticut Avenue, and inquired for
her friend the lady of the house.
Bridget, a new servant, took one
look at her, and demanded Indignant*
Suro an' where ls your card?
The visitor explained that she bad
forgotten her cardcase, whereupon
Bridget went to her mistress and announced that a person wanted to see
Who ls Bhe, Bridget? asked the mistress.
lt can't be no friend of yours, snid
Bridget, with disdain. Suro an' Bhe
Is Btandlng out there In the street ln
her shape.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Big Feet
The police inspector's face turned
scarlet with rage as he rated a raw
Irish recruit for his awkwardness.
Now, O'Connor, you'll spoil the line
with those feet. Draw Instantly,
man. and get them in line!
O'Connor's dignity was hurt.
Plaze, Inspector, he drawled solemnly, they're Pat Murphy's in the rear
Wonderful    Change,    When    Health
Was Restored by
Headache is a symptom and not a
disease iu itself. It acts as a danger
signal to warn you of serious trouble.
By leading Mr. Donneral's letter,
you will be satisfied that there Is no
treatment to be compared to Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food as a means of
building up the system and removing
the cause of headaches, sleeplessness
and Indigestion.
Mr. Charles Donneral, Klelnburg.
Ont., writes: "1 wish to communicate
to you the great cure which I received from Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. For
over two years I suffered from fearful
headaches, my appetite wns alwaya
poor, a nd the stomach bad. I took
medicines from physicians, but the
headaches persisted, and 1 waB rarely free from them.
"Reading about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, I began using it, with little idea
that I would, be benefited. I had become thin and weak, but the very
first box helped me, and with continued treatment I have been cured
and feel like a new man. The head
aches have disappeared, ray appetite
is good and digestion excellent,
write this letter ln hope that other
sufferers from headache may use Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and be cured."
Dr. Chase's Nerve food. COc. a box,
6 for $l!.EO. at all dealers or Edman-
sou, Bates & Co., Limited
She—What was it the
choir   Just
He—From the appearance of the
congregation I think It must have been
some kiud of a prodigy.
Qabe—Hag Jones a good memory?
Steve—Should say he has. Why
he can name you the last six vice-
presidents of the United Slates.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
I bought a horse wilh a supposedly
incurable  ringbone for llll).      Cured
him with $1.00 worth of MINAHD'S
1.INIMI.NT and sold him for $85.00
Profit on Llnluieiit, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phllllppe, Que.
No need to apologize to family or guest when
alwaya right — every biscuit inspected before it is
,packed—and they are as fresh as the product of you*
own oven.
are the great favorites- for every day use.'
, They are made in the big sanitary factory in
^Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or
In sealed tins as you prefer.
A/Villjyou te one of the 108
farmers who will receive
our Prize Coniest checks? I
Herald Building, Montreal
Please send me full particulars of
I'.ie 1912 Farmers' Priate Contest, and
a free copy of your book " What the
Farmer Can Do With Concrete."
HERE will be twelve cash prizes in
each ofthe nine provinces (108 in all)
in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian
Farmers. The 1911 Contest was so successful in awakening interest in the use of Concrete on the farm, that a
second contest, in which three times as many prizes are
offered, was decided upon for this year.
The Contest ihis year is divided into three classes, "A,"
"B" and "C," and there will be four priiei in each class. (First
prize, $S0; Second priate, *MS;TI_ird prize, $15; Fourth prize, $10.)
Thus there are three $50 Prizes, three $25 Prizes, three $1S
prizes, and three $10 Prizes, for each province.
In Eacli Class there will be First, Second, Third and Fourth Prim
($50, $25, $15, and $10) for Each Province.
CI.A5S "/V   Tai/r, lo ba- iwnrairj laa ah. faaur lianaer, ita n.b prorancc who Ule maul
"Canada" Curia, en their tarmi in abe y-ar 1911.
CLASS "B" -Ptizr. lo ke awarded to ibe lour farmer! iaa rich prorlnce who lend photo.
Iiifhi ol Ibe best concrete uotk dame with "Caeaada" Cemoatt ou tbeir
lamai in 1.12.
CLASS"!"'— Prizes 10 be awarded to Ihe lour humeri [ra escb province who lend In
Ihe ben desc-iltioti, lellins how inr piece ol concrete work wn done with
"Canaala" Cement.     .Fauna-, lor tbl, prize uiaaat be accompinled by photo-
caipb. ol ihe work.)
Don't think that you must use a large quantity of cement in order to
win a prize.   The quantity of cement used does not count in Classes "11" .
and "C."   Many of last year's prize winners used very little cement.
When you enter the Contest, you have a chance to mil a cash
prize of $50 as well as the certainty that you will add a fiirmanent
improvement to your farm. If you haven't a copy, be sure and ask for
our book, "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete." It will not
only suggest many improvements that you can use in entering the Contest,
but will tell you all about the use of concrete on lhe farm.
Jaa.a write your nine and oddre.i oo the till,-hed coupon, or uie X
pc.ua! card, and we will .end lull paiticulin ol tbe Prize Conteit __ri#BX^h__
■ aid a copy ol "Whaltbe Parmer Can Do Witb Concrete" to roe
alaiolutely Iree.
Addrwas Publicity Manager
Canada Cement Company
Herald Bldg.    ■
W. N. U   909
She Had the Lait Word
They wero    quarreling—as    usual-
Of course, dear, lio said, sarcastically,
I don't expect you to be an angel.
No, darling, sho cooed, you would
be awfully lonesome If I were.
A Safe Pill for Suffering Women.—
The secluded life of women whioh'
permits of little healthful exercise la
a fruitful cause of derangements ot the
stomach and liver and Is accountable
for the pains and lassitude that so
many of them experience. Parmelee's Vegetable rills will correct Irregularities of the digestive organs
and restore health and vigor. The
most delicate woman can use them
with safety, becnuse their action,
while effective, ls mild and soothing.
Safe Anyhow
Professor—The average American
girl ls poorly educated.
Girl Graduate -You think so?
Professor—YeB, but there ia one
consolation, the average Amerlcnn
boy will never find It oui.—Satire.
She Would Keep Him Busy
Tills    Is    Mrs.    I'urbcs-IlobertBon
Hale's latest suffragette story.
A negro woman was arguing and
armiing with her husband, and when
she had llntstinl. he said: Dinah, yo'
talk don' affect mc no mo' than a R-n
Well. nlggn'i she answered. I'se
gawna keep yo' sciatchln'.
—Washington Star
;*ll   a-M-VA',^   A,/
Figures Sometimes Deceive
Mrs.   Kxe (with paper)—I see the!
mnrket   report   says  that   money   Is
Mt*.   Kxe—That must  refer to Its
going       In) blamed if It comeB any
easier.—Boston Transcript.
When Asthma Comes do not despair Turn at once to tlm help effective—Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Item-
edy. This wonderful remedy will
give you the aid you need so sorely.
Choking ceases, breathing becomes
natural and without effort. Others,
thousands of them, have suffered as
you suffer but havo wisely turned to
this famous remedy and ceased to
suffer.    Get a package this very day.
Tall Actor—I suppose Rodney felt
awful when he played to the empty-
I.lttlo Thespian—There was some
consolation—empty seats don't throw
anything at you.
How do you pronounce 'Lieut?' asked the Chinese official who is studying Knglish.
I'm not sure, replied Ihe court Interpreter, but from the way some of
lhe soldiers behave I should say It
was   pronounced     'loot.'—Baltimore
Real Philosophy
We haven't any real philosophy in
these days.
Yes. we have. I know a man who
has six daughters, all grown up, and
What's philosophical about that?
He Says he is glad none of tliem
have beeu taken from him.
_^    ..      RUBBER CT"
Tread softly -
Step lately.
Fatah* tke patented features
of Caw Paw Meets.-   ,,„
'was in the arawmg-room at me aa*
niiralty, and a most uncouth creature
thought him. He was just returned
Irom Tcneri'le, after having lost his
arm. He looked so sickly it was pain-
IS ful to see him; and his general appearance wss that of an idiot.
One ef the Herrlble Medea ef Torture
In the Middle Ages,
Ont of the Judicial penalties la the
middle ages was death br pressing.
But there wes a dinner, just before ! strictly   speaking,   this   manner   ot
| Nelson went ofl to fight the battle o ! 4eath wli not , a^ssist, but an avoid-
An Englishwoman Wh. Lived Thr.ugh  ^J^SSS tie *%&   7XlZT-*sa\TjZl\ SmtSs
th. Troublous Days of  the  War of a lover.   He sat by her "apologii- j ot tto ttnl* " WM not «nou«b that *"•
With  Bonaparte  Kept  a Journal  Ing to me by saying that he was eo   W*0* secmtA of crime for which
little  with  her  that he  would  not j"Pltal   punishment   was   provided
voluntarily lose an instant of her se-   ehould be convicted bj the testimony
oiety"   ef witnesses.    His own acknewledg-
***a*mmmss******mmmm J£ ^
Which Hss Just Been Published
end Many Interesting Sidelights
Are Thewn en Men of That Day.
The diary of Frances Lady Shelley,
1787-1817, has just been published by
John Murray of London, England.
Gratitude is due to the grandson
who has discovered these notes ol his
grandmother and at last put them into print. Frances Lady Shelley was
born  at an  exciting  moment.    She
Wooden Shoes In Holland.
"The wooden shoe," said a native
ment of guilt wu necessary.
crime wss fastened upon the accused
of Holland, "is worn almost exclu-    -._ _.. . .,„,. »„-..,.».„ ___...!_.___•
sivelv   hv   the  peasant  classes    and   ""'J "" * tnw conviction Obtained.
siveiy   ny  tne peasant Classes,   ana   ,_ ,h, flM mvMta n, lhm „,,„,,.,„
by witnesses and be confessed then
only was a true conviction obtained,
lo this case the goods of the criminal
they   find   them   more   comfortable ..      .,   ... .....    _.
than the leather shoes that ere worn •» wall «» •>'• "'• *«™ *«fMlt to the
elsewhere.    The foot  is  elad  in  e law.  The pressing, tbe "peine forte et
heavy woollen stocking snd then slip- dure" of tbe old pensl law, wss de-
?ed into the shoe without fastening, signed ss a means of extorting a con-
{   hey never fall off because the peo- fesston.   The sufferer of thle exercise
..„_» „_,  __,_.„i_,j  „j ..„ ._.   .1 •      ' P1* "* Ulwd t0 w*3ar'ng th«nl-   They sdralnlstered by tbe sworn tormentors
£.! J___.™.r",e ._* 1* " ^.ii!^li^>l!?_te&^aBl^ lh; »»» etrlpped and laid upon the dun-
Pleasant Mannere Frequently Accon*
pany ths Meet Crooked ef Minds.
That the modern burglar ie by no
means the uncouth, ill-mannered type
of person that Sickens piotured Bill
Sykes to be is evidenced by the extraordinary acts of politeness thet some
criminals perform in the course ol
their nefarious work. The other day,
for instance, a notorious pickpocket
in Paris robbed a music hall singer
ot her handbag, and sent her a neatly-worded letter of apology the next
A gentleman whose pocket was picked of a purse containing money and
two railway tickets in Blackpool not
long ago was astonished a few days
afterwards tn receive the purse and , that,
the railway tickets hack by post. In-'
side the packet containing them was
a note to the effect thet the writer
only required the money thet hed
been in the purse, and advising the
owner of the letter article to be more
careful of his valuables in future.
John Galsworthy Dlscussae Our Werll
In Penal Referm.
It wns in 1813 that Elisabeth Fry
began her work among prisons ana
prisoners, and in 1912 large numbers
of women, tor considerations into the
merits of which one cannot at the
moment enter, sre experiencing the
treatment which society metes out to
those who challenge its mandates.
Though conditions to-day are Infinitely better than hundred years
ago, a growing opinion exists that
prison methods do not tend to the
transformation of an anti-social Into
a social being. This is not a criticism of prison officials, nor indeed of
administration.   It goes deeper than
Newgate a century ago compared
unfavorably wilh the Black Hole ot
Calcutta. Thre? hundred Women,
with their children, were huddled
into two wards and two cells. Guilty
and those awaiting trial were penned
together; idle, half   or wholly naked,
their happened   in   those   wondrous J er kind would notbe comfortable. The  ,"„ "iiJ-'Vltb a jigged stone "under \ "some ^ureVrs'Tiir stoir7everal' ca'lng   end   sleeping   in  the   same
yeers of the opening of the 19th cen-1 shoes are of rim.wood and cost from  ■,„_   0w h|m „„ ,a)d , ioott tDa  hu0°™dl_ lYsMsn'. worth ol jewel- j Worn.
She had had the tumultuous father
who after two or three bottles ot port
played all sorts of mad pranks, "and
ou one occasion insisted on taking
me out of my bed in the middle of the
night and carried me in his coach
with four black horses, his servants
in  tawny  orange liveries, to Black
10 to 15 cents of our money,
pairs will last a year.1'
the human frame could endure.   On
tbe drat (hy he was fed with three
morsels ot moldy bread, on tbe second
Hew the Girl With a Harden Can Make   with three sips of water and thus la
Money, alternation so long as life remained
.. .    _ Tbe energetic woman who lives near s   During all this suffering tbe torment-
pool."  She was then four years old.   summer resort, where there are plenty   ore awaited his confession.
The tumultuous father renounced his j of hotels, will find a splendid msrkel     u Is of record that ss late as WW In
upon this platform wis laid a mass ot I lery from a jeweller's Bhop, situated | Tllis half-desperate crowd of hope-
stones np to and past the weight which I in a lsrge country town, left behind j le8aa »nBry; this gaming and fighting
th. human frame could endure.   Oa! them  a ten-cent piece,  and  a  note i «f"  «   unfortunate   and   dissolute
which ran as follows: "We are sorry I (°lk n,,18hl wel1 •■»»•   appalled   Mrs.
we had to damage your window in i Frr.,. But she   stuck   to   her  guns;
getting in.  Here is the money to pay 1 applied clothes, established e school.
for the repair."   Needless to say, it   »n,d translo. med haphazard vengeance
.  ' . . Ini,.   .nmclliana,   at.nraainhaoe   __P_>_,_1PV.
Lancashire residence because a Mr
Horrooks, a cotton spinner, forestalled him in the purchase of a turbo..
"This was to much for' my father's
sense of dignity. He pronounced
Preston no longer a fit place for a
gentleman to live in."
The most notable feature of these
diaries is perhaps the notes on the
Duke of Wellington, of whom Lady
Shelley was an enthusiastio worship-
ner and an oft-chosen companion.
She gives us many unfamiliar
glimpses of the duke, who was not always iron. At a banquet at Wan-
stead House to celebrate his return
from the Peninsula, his health was
proposed by the Prince Regent.
When the duke rose to reply he had
a broad smile on his faoe, end seemed
to regard all the pageantry and the
honors of that day as nonsense and
fun. It seemed as though all thess
honors concerned anyone rather then
himself.   At last the duke began: "I
want words to express  ."     The
Prince Regent promptly interposed,
"My dear fellow, we know your ec-
tions, and we will excuse your words,
so sit down." This the duke did, with
sll the delight of e schoolboy who has
keen given an unexpected holiday.
And the eame evening Wellington
paid a compliment to the general he
Bed not then met. "I think," he Baid,
"if Bonaparte had attacked in person
when first we entered Spein, we
should have been beat." And he added "that if the option were given him
ef fighting Bonaparte with an equal
number of troops, or any other gen-
ttaS with 20,000 more troops, he
should choose the latter." He hed to
put it te the test, without the option,
within the year. Lsdy Shelley wss
off to Paris with her husband to find
the duke after Waterloo. It was a
time of turmoil and change:
We reached Paris at eleven in the
morning, and occupied apartments in
the Hotel de Napoleon—or "Bour-
fcon," or "Louis Dix-huit," or "de la
Paix," for it enjoyed all those names
during the first week we inhabited
' And the duke saved the Bridge nf
Jena which the Prussians wanted to
destroy, by the simple device of posting* an English sentry upon it:
The Prussians tried hard to get rid
of the sentry, for they were determined to blow up the bridge. But the
sentry would not leave his post. "You
may blow up the bridge if you like,"
said he, "but I don't stir from here."
In Peris the duke took Lady She!
for Bowers. It she desires to make a
little extra pin money this will prove a
successful method.
The old fashioned flowers are always
loved and find a ready sale.  Roses ap
England a Mrs. C'lltheroe died silent
cost much'morc than ten cents to re-' 'nt.0 •ometliing approaching decency,
pair the.broken window, and the loss J*a*er h« .eKort!, ""*" *»"i,ed ^."V
of even one ring would have been ,ne conditions under whioh criminals
more ft the jeweller than a smashed | weJ.£ transported to New South Wslee.
window; but the criminal kink in the i
They were shipped without proper
un^er the pressure rather than allow I ^j™^^^  ^^"cinflnen'wTtn.'ii "s^p"
her property ,o be taken from her f,«. | to ^^.-d^.r^mfghj  ^tenjor^mpmymeat.   This.   too.
__^^^_—«_^_ In tbe older sccounts of the Salem   P0'1'8 _° th(elr .\icl\m-   ,        .     ,    I   To-day   the' use of   the   oversees
peal to every one.   The flowers noted   witchcraft It ls said that Giles Corey In \ „lhe. "J1"™ Rivalry of one burglar  dominions for thi9 dumping process
for their delicate odors are not difficult   *,m wa, pressed to death, but lhat '■ mce. '"o**"*1 ■?'"' l,° 'e»»*» » wealthy ,       ld b   unttl|nkablf  but the main
wholeTenlsodota tndnria obscuri- ">»«'» hpu»v*lthoutsUallng as much   theorie8 o( crimes   and  punishment
wbols episode is involved in ooscun , 8S  , cen     0ne       ,,t   during the  hang rust        n their hing"Mt  We do
to dispose of. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The guests at summer hotels always   tlea-New Xork Sun.
want bouquets for their rooms.   The  .
young gallants are ever ready to buy
nosegays for tbelr captivating "summer girls." /
If the hotel hss no garden of Its own
ths dining tables most bt supplied, so
the amateur gardener finds a ready
market for her sweet scented wares.
The Reptilee May Be Tamed, but They
Cannot Be Trained,
absence of the master of the house, I not ieaIiM as yet thgt the obj,cl of
his w.fe was awakened by .hearing puniahment should not be mere de-
footsteps in the hall. On going out to terrence from further crime. But flrst
see who it was. she was confronted and foremost the object should be to
by a desperate-looking man, who held trans[0rm the bass individual pas-
a revolver pointed towards her, and fjons 0f tile criminal into powers that
said: "Make no noise, or you will can genre society.
One cannot train or leach snakes to ' meet with harm. Are .you alone?" I Society to-day is like a schoolmss-
i*i*n**K<s*tx*mnmi ****.**, m..*~ *> anything whatever. Tbelr brain | The frightened lady replied that she t€r beating a naughty boy "for his
Who can resist a bouquet of sweet power ls so limited tbat the marvel le was alone, with the exception of lier own good,," rather than arousing hia
peas their lovely blossoms dyed witb how they have ever managed to sur- two little children, who were then instincts in 6ome more interesting
every tint of the rainbow? Wbo will »lre ln the great competition, especial- j fast asleep, and she gavp the burglar direction. The tendency to regard
refusal bunch of sweet Williams, then* ly when one flnds tbnt they are still Prmj5S""l l° Wa'^ 2n,?',i,1iWhatev?_ir crin,c. "8 aiudi8casa ■» d»n«»°u»- »
„.™ .2-. i5a_.-ZZi.. _3_!1___. 7h_.__.ai „„ th. .wendlna- curve" of evolution ne Pleaseda provided that he would may be rather a profitable disease to
spicy odor lurtng one to possess them! on^•ascend '"* eu"'^l'™°°"n. I not wake the little ones and thus I steal gold watches. But it seems un-
The old fashioned pinks are delight-   Most of tbem can be tamed to some   ,_.ightc|. th(m. , 1Ikeiy"tllBt to lock a man up, to wiUl.
ful, snd tbe moss roses ara Irresistible,   extent by constsnt human companion-1    Somethjng-   perhaps   the   remem-' hold Irom him Ihe pleasures  of  his
Phlox and mignonette are well loved   ship end Judicious handling (some spe-1 brance u< his own childhood's davs,   kind, to brand him as an offender,
flowers. In fact, almost sny flower may   cles  very  much  more  readily  tban   seemed  to  touch   the  man's  heart. ! will bring him back lo daily lite aa
be sold.     * . others).   When they have learned to { "All right," he repWed, "I wouldn't  honestor man.
During tbt summer gatber the seeds,   trust, to appreciate the fact tbat tbere   frighten the kiddies for the wortd." ,   On the contrary, prison often turne
for very often people will want to buy   Is no necessity for self defense, tben ' And to the amazement of the treni-   an amateur criminal   into   a profes-
d,enL they may be trusted, a principle which   bling mother, he turned rouud, walk-   sional.   What, indeed, would be your
Tour garden Is a great source ot   applies to most animals* and tbere tbe   <*d slowly down the stairs, and a mo-  own attitude to a man who asked you
iour gurueu is a irmi mmrx* *sx    yr nosslbllitv of their educa-' mellt   a*er she heard the front door   for employment,   admitting   that   he
scope ajnd possibility ot their educa j ^ ^ ^    A ^ ^ ^.^   w„ a _?onvict?    pere  you  employ
pleasure to you. How much more enjoyable lf you can make It prolltable
as well!
It will do no harm to try, so why
not sell your floweret
tion come lo an end.
After that the most thst a skillful |
exhibitor can do wltb them ls to adapt
himself and bis actions to tbelr movements, wblcb by  familiarity be can
a hen roost at Dartlord on one occa-; him? The answer is a sufficient con-
sion wns evidently gifted with a love : demnation of accepted views of prison
of poetry us well as a vein of polite-  '''e-
ness, tor although he Btole no (ewer |    Not until a course of imprisonment
than   twenty-six  fowls,   he   left  two   comes to be regarded as a positive
. pretty nearly anticipate, eo Ibat tbese , hens behind him  and the following   recommendation have we as a nation
! may appear purposive and Intelligent ' "     '"'' '" '"'       !J~ ' —»•->
He may affect to listen to the serpent's
w I liens   ut-iurm   nun   ana  nie   luiiuwuig   •••«"•  ■•- —;-  •-- — - --
t ! couplet pinned  on  the  door  of the   the right to take pride in our system,
s   fowl-house: IMr- Galsworthy, in     Tin   Spirit   of
« ! Punishment" (Penal  Reform  League
_ —  ,.     i runiBnment    irenai  jneiorin   auvaguo
Then Yeu Won't Need a Cet er a Deg   counci., or receive Its kiss on his lips d , .    fc h     PamphIct)_ p^,,,, out th.t we have
Par Iha Rata ar MlC_L l# l». _.„_._1 l„_>Hn__.a In an nnornrri MlrM*. I * I        •   •     .    ■• « ,   * a-   .   -•	
Fer the Rate er Mice. u lu he(ld |uc||nes |n an upward dlrec-1
It bss been suggested by ■ French   tt     „ t0 ||ln) „ from one ban(1,0 ,„e poor
professor that every household sbould , oth     or to     We „ ,„ ,ome ^TC„ I   And left two old hens to hatch some
bave Its snaks Instead of Its est or dog        u ,,,„„„, )t ,    chMC,   ,ld, hor,.
for the purpose of keeping rets or mice   I0nta„y  or dowoH,ard,  Jn8t „  th,
*msf. ...      Indian snske charmer takes deceptive
houseowner was recently   much
upset one morning   when   he   came
not lost the old instinct of revenge—
itself a criminal instinct.
We have a right to protect ourselves from those who would live by
violence or stealth rather than by
labor.   But we have no right to tor-
It Is not new, for lo (bt days of ths   ld.an».M 0r the'natural"deflanlVtil" I downstairs and found that his house ; ture   them.   Mr. Galsworthy   talked
 • • * »-- *»•- •   ._—  I  hurl   hi>o„   iaiara.lr.al   in   lla_.   niohl.   nl   a ' will,       tlirtv       criminals       nnrlervoini!
sre no     Thel   eklo ts cold to the
Oil   x a.la   .„.,   uaanc    waaao   ..aiuj    aaaata-  a  ■•"     M-                      ,   , .. .     ,            *_>
ley  (always curious) to see Copen. | touch, but sbsolutely dry. It feels ss If
hagen—the femous horse—in the sta-   "              *~ '' '" .~.i.i-
Romane many snakes were kept by tht   rtdtoFtbi we'll olgb'nntamiblt cobra
housekeepers fot precleely this purpose.   fle CIpe,lo._chalnbe„. JournnL
8lnce those early times, however, the |  ■	
household reptile bss been supplanted
by tbe est or dog, and tht modern
housewife, ss a rule, bas nothing but
revulsion of feeling for every species
of snnke, harmful and harmless. Tbt
hostile sttliude towsrd snakes, however, Is largely due to Iguorunce. Tbus
It ls commonly supposed tbst snskee
srt "slim' '   As s mstter of fact, they
blcs. 'The duke rode Copenhagen on
June 17, over 60 miles! on the ]gth he
lode Copenhagen throughout the entire battle ■* and next day to Brussels,
where, on the duke dismounting, this
noble animal kicked up his heels end
scampered half over the town before
lie was caught. You think of the
"Iron Duke, but take this entry of
the confession of the duke lo a young
"1 hope to God," he said one day,
"that 1 have fought my last battle.
Il Is a bad thing to be always light-
had been burgled in the night of a \ with sixty criminals undergoing
number ol valuables. But he was ev-, "closed-cell confinement," shut away
en more upset when he went into the \ from books, from conversation, from
garden and discovered that the crim-; healthy labor. "I came to the con-
inal, or criminals, had ppisonetl his . elusion," said he, "that these men
favorite clog, which had been in the j were neither reformed nor deterred."
habit of guarding his premises. The j With the best will in the world one
next day, however, he was amaied to | cannot work with the outworn tools.
Here is the truth: ^^^^^
Our prison methods are   ths   same
to-day   ss  before  education   became
Prison clothes are degrading.
The labor   is   not intetceting,   but
It were made of china or porcelain.
Then again ths sharp, wormllkt
tongue of the snske, whlcn dirts to aod
out it lightning speed, Is harmless, si-
(bough It ts commonly believed to be
Ihe medium by means ot wblcb tbe
sunke ejects Ils venom.
Snakes which hart vtnom commonl. _
calt It by means of special teeth called j The Diner (studying the incuiw-H'iu!
fangs. Harmless snakes do not bsve j 1 don't know. What's your advice,
these fangs. *, waller?
The principal disadvantage about s      The Walter-Well, sir, I 'ordly care.
est ind dog Is that tbese snlmals sre
..   „  _       spt io csrry (he eame dlsesse spreading j
ing.  While I am in the thick of it I I vermin as ths Mis and mice they srs
sm too much occupied to fed any-   supposed |0 destroy,
thing, but it is wretched just slier. |    Bot|, th( d0g snd tbt cit frequently j
It is quite  impossible  to  think  of i klll rtll ind mkt wi,bolrt Mtlng them,
glory.    Both mind snd  fee.ings are   lnr,     „„,,„ ,0 dwoiiiposs In Invisible '
exhausted.  1 am wretched even at the   „,. '      n.h_. ___.._,. „„_,_,, a,*,    trvon
moment ol victory and I slw.ys '«V | ^U.'l__d b. . an.k. ta.tTnc. swal
that, next to a battle lost, the great-   ™» «■••*>„D» * •"■•V" '• " o^* ,wa,h
est misery is a victory gained " I to-eranl.    Tin   soakt.   loo.   is   mucb
Y'sce, we all of us 'us our own hldeuls.
Kilns 1 nollco Isn't ou Ibe ineenuo today. I'm nil over pork chop*, 1 um.—
London Sketch.
Lady Shelley went sonic months afterwards to see the field of Waterloo,
ind found in tlio village the bed on
whichtthe duke had slept. "I fear,"
she notes, "one cannot nope 'hat its
cleaner thin eltber of the other bouse
bold peu.-B'irm  -"JS rinald*
The  Hall  Not the Only Ons
At a mass meeting in a binall conn.
hostess' affection for the duke is al- I try town i large quantity of refresh-
avill'cer. j ments  were distributod to keep 'he
together disinterested, as she wi  _       ^^^^^^^
tainly make her fortune by his ssso- | audience in a good humor.   The flrst
eiation  with  that house.    She owns •. speaker rose alter the noise had ceas i
that she hid herself in the cellar dur-   eal   to   some  extent   and   began   his t
Ing the battle.   It was a remarkable ' speech by saying:
fact that not one uf the Iioubcs in '
file village was touched." here ....      	
The village that gave its name to   confusion.  When it had subsided he
Teek en Unkind Advantage.
| Io Oklahoma they have a baseball
association called Ihe Oklahoma Stale
league. During one of their games at
I Tulsa recently an old man went io the
\ park, paid his money and took a sent
on the bleachers. He sat wltb n look
of disgust on bis face while the pitcher
"funned" the visitors In one-lwo-thrre
"How do yon like the game, uncle?"
■sked ■ fan who snt next lo blm.
"It's all rlgbt, I reckon," said tho old
man, "but tbey ougtlt to get another
find that another dog ol the same size
and breed was occupying the kennel.
A   letter  wss  lied   rouud   its  neck,
which stated that: " are very sorry that Ihey killed your dog.   They j
know how fond one can get of a pet . ,__^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_
animal, so they take the libeily ol   Pun'"ve-,   . ....        ,-.
replacing  the  one   they   made away ' . There is too much time for solitary
wilh hv the animal of the same breed   brooding.
■vhich you see before you." '   UA """'nal is   an   unsocial   being.
•            J Therefore the object ral prison should
fjjj;,... , be to make a man work, to make him
vm""• think, and, above all, to prevent him
Because a mnn c*nn.it hear a dew   nulking and planning further crimes.
drop is no sign Unit he is deal, nor   T|,e .,0riod of detention should  aim
is it a sign ol blindness becuuse he ..-._.._..      .,_ _■   _   -...i
never saw a horse fly. n board walk,
a slonj fence, a rlog's panle, a ropai
hulk or a clam liulie.
Unique  Cradle   Device.
Unique   ami   probably    tlio   in.ist,
primitive cmille  rocking  device ever.
..  1 1 i  —.. ,.i ii,., i*
nt counteracting lhe evils ol a had
l.a,me aud anti-sociul surroundiuga.
A man should bc heller, not worse,
for a sentence in gnol. Instead ,f
hopeless disgrace it should bring dis-
oiplint and scll-rnspcct.
aeech bv saying: I nt0 ,0 turow ti,tm bMt'   T*"u ,b,cre ! intion of the old nursery eong'"Rock
"The uld hall is full to-night," but j ln"n n'1'1 lDrow ■ bnl1 *°' lhe otnw j A-bye, Usby, in the Treetop," so (ar
're his voice wns drowned by the i •wr' cm bit it."— Kansas City Stor.       known, the most striking part, how-
one  of the  decisive  battles  of  the   began again hy saying:
world I   But Lady Bhelley  saw and j    "The old hall is full to-night.
talked with many lathers besides her
hero.   Here is        ~
Nt Ult Fer Barbers,
IU paused''for V rhetoric^ gft£ | iSSg^SSsS^ IISW^ StSS
 ___________^_____p____a ________________■ How Herace Walpcls Drestad.
seen or employed In nny par (i  the     ,     ,        ,        ,   , „   ,,gIltoenU,
wort   is nn p tivetl  hv  the inn llet-o • '       .,.: ',!     . ,,, _    ■   ,.B    -, i
fe.-l stiuiuvfl. a.l die  Kwakuill tribe a.l   Mnlury,   ray   the   author  ol     Social
laat squaws ui me Kwakuill tribe ol   Bb. MJ •>   K    tIh onsble   griitlemsn
.:    ilm.h t'-Xf, hi» V\nle.li H.'.'i  •"^"'^ "ore . loupe, ofourls rail.
nni, Ul t sn ( (i.ummm.    A urebl tWn\      , i • i i ■    i.    i   . i   l>      i-.i-
ol their time when not engaged with i "J ^ ? «'.„, ,t       ....    ,S
household duties Is spent In weaving,; w»ar  ""H   *TV*!o\V .1       ..     i. .
very   serviceable   and  waterproof  la- I »«nie color; fo, ceremony, like H.r-
brie being obtained from th s miter-1'" )v"''":t'l'! 1 [V\ Hii, W\m*
til.   The Kwakuill   mother  perforins i *"lstcu»l  ?bJ?ffi'    h,,.|1"1
the double duty Of spinning and rock-   "lv"  °*„l*hl£ ''"'JSSSm .ilk
most realistic and accurate reprosen- j,rom 10 to U shillings the Rugllsh e!..
1    "Wait I mlnutel   You tvuk my king
' with your queen."
I    "Well, that's ill right   This le leap
eved, being lhat ol the Indian mother
using Iter big too as lho motive pow-
conl itilita lia'tl lo tlie Lent
ng her
With ;
is a* sketch of Nelson— I and a'thick voice in the back of the | J^™,J pinnlHtT    Bnrlier-No.
It is drawn from the Lady Spencer   hall said slowly and deliberately*.     I hi.ni.ia neffer bitroulre me, an*
tl the period am.tuhe Admiralty.       I    •">» » ■•<■< ■••" «*«»" "                    | Diamsw _     .._....._
The first time I ever saw  Nelson
"So is old Bill Horn.'
lhe meeting then broke up.
1 aeffer bitroolie dcui.-Ksi bangs.
spring Ifl ninl lio. leaving her hands
eiiiirclv l.--a» for vcaving.
Oh, lire Is s perpelunl frttl
lis lilajRiinil In tlte l-iolai
Conststa In Btrusglln' out e' fleht
An' audio' In again.
-Waiblniton Ilaa,
c THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
NtWS OF THt CITY IN BRIEF F°r Sale, at a Big Bargain-Five-
  jroom  house and one lot on First
Geo. Traunweiser, Frank Haverty street. Bath-room and toilet in
and Walter Demuth went to Lynch house; good cellar, stable and wood-
creek last Saturday on a hunting ex- shed; lots of small fruit. For price,
pedition, using the Kettle Valley terms and further particulars apply
line speeder as a mode of convey- on premises. W, J. Meagher,
ance.    While they were beating the	
bush for birds, some unknown per- j    Overseas Club Finances
son returned to this city with the The 0verBea8 olub  wil|  hold   itg
speeder.   When the boys got ready firBt meeling [or the eeagon in the
come  they were in a sad predica- Davia ha„ on Fridfty evenjng gep.
ment.   They finally decided to pro- tomber 20^ BueinMWi gcneral,   A
cure somo of Brown's Oregon grape fui| attendance of   members   is  re-
wine as a nerve tonic, and then they que8ted.   Treasurer's report:
started for borne on foot.    Any one DM
of them can tell you- the number of Dues paid 878.50   $78.50
ties between the depot in  tbis   city  Dues unpaid  HO.Ul)
and the North Fork terminus. '
 . 1158.50
The most serious hunting accident Rent of hall         6.00
...     _._.•__•.•.     • ,__    Overseas dance        10.00
reported in this district since the
season opened was the wounding, on
Friday last, of Mr. and Mrs. Savers'
Bev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of charge) a ful! description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. 1 hope ull
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Tliose desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, und may prove a blessing,
will please address,Cliarles A. Abbott,
GO Ann Street, New York City.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Sept. 1*2.—Silver 61$;
standard copper, $17.25@17.50,
London, Sept. 12.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Total     $93.50
rnuay last, ui mi. aua. u,-....;... i Credit
eleven-year-old son by the accident- Orange hall, fonr nights  8 8.00
al discbarge of a gun in the bands Statlonery.stainps and exchange   2.75
, ,. . .__ii_.  Postcards     4.00
of his companion, a youth of about printi 3-0
hisown age. Three buckshots, one of club hand boobs'..'.'.'.....'...,...... .50
which came very near proving fatal, Padd and cub stamp  1.00
lodged in young Sayers' body.   He Buttons  5.00
was taken  to the Cottage hospital, Cablegram king, Victoria day.. 10.55
and his recovery is now progressing
favorably. U	
rn    x   x, T   . _T.      r,       u Total ■S77*30
T. A. Mclntyre, Peter Donaldson Balanoe on hand  16 30
and Chas. Cootes returned on Mon-'
day from a deer hunt to Gloucester
camp. They brought back one dead
deer and a couple of live bear
Davis hall  S".-50
Dance     4-50
Gus Parker left for Franklin on
Monday for a bear hunt. As no one
bas yet been seen rushing wildly into
the city, with a bear in pursuit, it
taken for granted that he has not
discovered his game.
The wood dealers of Grand Forks
have increased the price of wood
from $5.00 to $5.50 per cord. Carload lots, (5.25.
Mining Stock Quotations
Si'okane, Sept. 12.—Tbe follow
ing are today's opening quotations foi
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       5.25     5.76
The following are the returns of
tbe ore production of the Boundary
mines for tbe week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby..-. 24,386
, Mother Lode  8,208
Rawhide  5,852
P. O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR »T.
Mess-B.Cr.it.itley Bros.. Manchester, Eiisr.
Makers of Gas Producer Planti and Oil
Engines for general power or elettrie.nl
lighting purposes.
Messrs. Dlek, Kerr* Co., Ltd., Preston,
Kiiglaiid. Equipment for Mines and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), eto.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
firing machines for miners, contractor!.,
prospectors. The best on the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Generatos. Electrical   Supplies-
Electrical Heating   and Cooking  Appara
tus, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries wlU receive our  prompt
attention.  Write for Information.
Grand Forks Transfer
1PHONE 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Born—In Orand Forks on Tuesday, September 10, to Dr. and Mrs.
H. C. Acres, a daughter.
Napoleon       4:66
Lone Star	
Others      59*
Smelter treatmon—
Granbv 26,035
B.C. Copper Co... 15,205
(Published Annually)
KuaMeK traders throughout  the world to
communicate direct with English
In each class of goods. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
with the (ioods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
, the principal provincial towns aud Industrial
• centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order (or 20ft.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Geo. Rumberger, of Phoenix, purchased tbe old Arlington hotel at
tne Greenwood tax sale. The price
paid was SI41.
The twelfth ordinary general
meeting of the Granby Consolidated
Mining,S melting & Power company
will be held in New York gn Tuesday, October 1.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards nf the
I.iaiiilii|i Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A Compmtr stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly,
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Specially.
The remains of David G Evans'
who died in New Westminster last
Thursday, arrived in the city on
the Great Northern passenger train
Monday afternoon, and tbe funeral
was held Tuesday morning from
Miller & Gardner's undertaking
Mr. Evans was 46 years of age,
and was a pioneer of tbis district,
having been prominent in developing tbe North Fork country. For a
number of years he has conducted a
dairy ranch at Niagara, twelves miles
north of this city. He was an in
dustrious worker, ot strict business
integrity, and his home life above
reproach. A widow and a large
family of children survive him.
WM. DINSMORE|jJ because
^fe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in tlie Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Billheads nnd .Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posterta  Dntes and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
*  Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards
Bills of   Fare aud Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Suits to Order M8 Upward.
«,[ We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
• They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
...-   we do—is  in   itself
—      .an advertisement, and  a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
I Dr. de Van's Female Plll»
A reliable French regulator; never falli. These
... exceedingly powerful to regulating tha
ve portion ol the female ay item. Refuse
I au cheap lmltatloni. Dr. de) Vta'e are Bold at
15 a box, or three for 110, Mailed to any address.
1 Th* loe-bell Drag Co., it. Cat-b-trlnea, Ont.


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