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The Evening Sun Jun 30, 1911

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 .-■■■■-"■-      if.   '
■ ■ .. . •
Tenth Year—No. 34
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, June 30, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Employment of More Help in
Oity Office firings on
Warm Discussion
The mayor and all the alddermen
were present at the council meeting
on Monday evening.
Mary Scanlan, of Nelson, in reply to an enquiry, offered to sell
the lot at the head of Bridge to the
city for 1300. The city desired
this property for a gravel pit and to
improve the grade of tbe street.
Ordered filed.
Colin Campbell sent in his resignation as city clerk, to be effective on
June 15. The mayor explained that
the council had held an extra session last week, at which Mr. Camp-
hell had been suspended from office.
The resignation was accepted.
A heated discussion ensued between Aid. Atwood and Davis in
reference to the employment of Mr.
Campbell, or some one else, to get
out the assessment roll. Aid. Davis
said that while he did not specially
favor Mr. Campbell, the work had
to be done as expeditiously as possible, and be was of the opinion that
Campbell was the only available
man. Aid. Atwood was very emphatic in his.opposition to tbe employment of Mr. Campbell in any
capacity. He did not want men in
the city office wbo could not keep
sober. The city office, be said, bad
already coat the ratepayers twice
ai much as it should have done this
year, and it was time to get it on a
business basis. On motion of Aid.
Davis and Lequime, the council de-
cil decided to employ Mr. Campbell
to get out the assessment, and to
give him a month's salary for bis
Aid. Davis went out to hunt up
Mr. Campbell, in order to ascertain
if he would accept the work. A few
minutes later Mr. Davis informed
tbe council, by pbone, that Mr.
Campbell had agreed to get out the
assessment roll for 1125.
A large number of accounts
against the city were ordered to be
Tbe clerk was authorized to sell
an odd lot of brick at the rate of f 16
per 1000.
Tbe council decided to enforce
the law against discharging firearms
inside tbe city limits.
Following are the locations, certificates (if work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Orand Forks, B, C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from June
9 to June "ts, inclusive.
Senator, Summit camp, relocation
of Senator No. 1, F.W. Kussell; t'no,
Franklin camp, relocation of Hit or
Miss, B. J. Averill; Montreal, one-
fourth mile east ot Grand Forks, relocation of Montreal, Pete Santure;
Transit fraction, Wellington camp,
B. C, Copper Co.; Mountain Top and
Snowdrop, McKinley camp, I*eo Mader; Iron Horse, Gloucester camp, T,
A. Wright; ltiverside and Copper
Cliff No. 2, M. Frankovitch; Comstock
fraction, Wellington camp, James
Sutherland; Million  Dollar,   Hardy
monntain, A, Galloway; Carlton, relocation of Carlton, and Muskrat, le-
location of. Muskrat, Wellington
camp, D. B. Buchanan; Copper Queen
fraction, relocation of Copper Queen,
fraction, and Mamie, relocaiion of
Mamie, Wellington camp, A. D. McKenzie; Little Harry and Mountain
View, Franklin cump, B. J.   Averill.
Hot Air, McKiniey camp, Fred W.
Reid J, Albert L. Whiteside }, John
W. Cook \; Lone Pine, McKinley
camp, Fred W. Reid j-, Albert L.
Whiteside >r, John W. Cook J; Lookout, Franklin camp, Fred W. Reid.
Iron Chief,Wellington camp, Grace
A. Simpson J, John A. Nelson $, P.
J. Davis J; Iron Chief fraction, Wellington camp, Grace A. Simpson it,
John A. Nelson J; Willatia, Wellington camp, John A. Nelson.
One-half of Lone Star fraction,
Pathfinder camp, J. W. Shaw to Ida
All of Mountain View and Little
Harry, Franklin camp, B. J, Averill
to James McDonald.
Une eighth each in Mohawk, Meiri
mac, Monitor, I.X.L., Blacktail and
Blue Bell, north of Fife, Fridolph
Werner to Charles McKay.
All of Black, north fork of Kettle
river, T. B. Cosgrove to Arthur H,
One-fourth of Morrell, McKinley
camp, S. Bonnaeci to Di Domenican-
tonio Domeuico. *
One-half of Lakeshore, Christina
lake, J. W. Graham to Elmer Ness.
One-fourth eaeh in Mohawk, Merri-
mae, Monitor, I.X.L. and Blue Bell,
north of Fife, F.lmer Ness to J. W.
Kxtension and Lakeihore, Christina lake, W. II. Beach; Eganville
und Athelstan; Franklin camp, Pron-
tlergast et al,; Axis and Minna Haley,
Wellington camp, Byrne et al.; Black-
stone, Franklin camp, B. J. Averill;
Leader, Franklin camp, Murt Carroll;
SuHix fraction, Fisherman creek, J.
A. Trombley; Pacific fraction. Wellington camp, W. J. Porter; Jingle
Bell, near Cotyell, John B. Singer;
Trail, near Coryell, John Popovitch;
Rosa, All fraction, Nero and Togo,
Burnt Basin, Fred Kettner; E. P.
fraction, Brown's camp, and Jasper,
Pathfinder cainp,C. M. Kingston; Bell
fraction, Blazer; Bow and Roxer,
Greenwood camp, F. M. Kerby, surveys; Tripod traction, Wellington
camp, B. C. Copper Co.; Emelia Annie, Keilly creek Philip Keilly; Cinnabar. Hardy tuountaiii, R. W. Yuill;
Lucky Joe, Victoria and Silver King,
Burnt Basin, Joe Ghigletti; Monte
Cristo, Wellington camp, Holm et al.;
May Day and July ft action, Wellington camp, Rumberger et al,; Ktliel,
McRae creek, K. McRae: Gracie, east
of Coryell, McRae ot al., Maryland,
Pass Creek camp, Helmet- et al.; (iultl-
en Eagle, Franklin camp, Leo Mader;
Edna, Frankliu camp, Mailer et al.;
Britton, Seattle camp, Ella Shannon;
Province and Commonwealth, GIoucjs-
ter camp, 1_arsen et al.; Christina II.,
McKinley camp, John W. Harkness;
Juditta aud Nuniiella, McKinley
eamp, Bonnaeci et al.; Nunziella, Juditta, Maggie and Ieta, McKinley
camp, Morrell et al.
New Method  of   Raising
Strawberries Claimed to
Be a Success
A. B. Docksteader, of Nelson,
census commissioner for the Boundary and Kootenay, visited the city
this week on business in connection
with hie office.
Here is a method of raising straw
berries which a Washington farmer
practices with great success, according to Geo. S. Hendeeson, the puro
food inspector, who was in the city
last Sunday: In the spring he covers the ground witb a thick layer of
clean straw. This prevents the berries
from coming in contnet witb tbe
ground,and keeps tbem cleak. After
the crop has been harvested, he cuts
the plants off close to the ground
with a scythe, and when the tops
are thoroughly dry he burns them,
together with the straw. By following this method of cultivation he
harvests an immense crop of berries
each year, and the necessity of replanting every three or four years is
obviated, as the plants treated in
this manner will produce good crops
for an indefinite number of years.
Any member, by making application to the secretary of the Farmers' institute, can now obtain stumping at the low price of 10 cents per
pound, plus first-class freight charges
from Vancouver. The provincial
government has entered into an
ogreement with the Hamilton Powder company for large quantities of
powder, making it possible to supply the powder to members of farmers who wish to clear land at the
above reasonable price. The powder must be paid for when ordered.
The West Kootenay Power &
Light company's pumping station
and power house, erected near Cooper Bro.'» ranch for irrigation purposes, will be tested next Tuesday
afternoon. Parties interested in
irrigation are invtted to inspect the
pumping system on this occasion,
and to make a trip to the Campbell
and Traunweiser ranches for the
purpose of witnessing the flow of
water. Mr. Gibson will be present
to explain tbe workings of tbe first
electric irrigating plant installed in
the valley.
fice, nnd it is therefore not strange if
a few news items should escape his
eagle eye. It is the desire of The
Sun, however, to print all the local
news, and any items handed into
the office by its friends will always
be appreciated.
At an adjourned Bitting of the
county court on Mondayi his
honor Judge Brown sentenced Giovanni Mastrella, convicted of having assaulted Dominica Sersina with
a razor at Fife on Empire day, to
three months' imprisonment. Provincial Constable Ritchie left for
Nelson with the prisoner nn
The semi-annual closiug exercises
of the Grand Forks public school
were held tbis morning, commencing at 10 o'clock and continuing for
about an hour. A large number of
parents and visiting friends availed
themselves of the opportuity of seeing what progress the pupils bad
made during the term.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller, of Vancouver, spent a couple of days in
the city tbis week. Mr. Miller wsb
one of the early boomers of Grand
For obvious reasons the editor of
this paper is compelled to spend the
major portion of hia time in the of-
The secretary of the Agricultural
ssociation has been notified that tbe
government has appointed another
assistant horticulturist, and that it
is probable thnt Mr. Middleton's district will be subdivided and the new
appointee stationed in tbis city.
The case of McNeil & Henniger
vs. McArthur came up before Judge
Brown at the adjourned sitting of
the county court on Monday, but
wob adjourned for witnesses. W. B.
Cochrane appeared for plantiifs, and
A, C. Sutton for defendant.
The wooden pipe for the irrigation systems in the Kettle valley
arrived in the city on Monday. The
electric motors, which weie shipped
from Hamilton, Ont., three weeks
ago, are may be expected to arrive
any day now.
New Kettle valley potatoes are in
the market thiB week. The old 8100
per ton spuds have had their day.
An addition considerably larger
than the present structure is being
added to Holy Trinity church.
The Chesaw baseball club defeated Greenwood by a score of 3 to 1
at Chesaw last Sunday.
Mrs. ,1. VV, Mclntyre will not receive again until the first Friday in
Reported Settlement
A dispatch to the Nelson Daily
News from Calgary says it is reported there on good authority that
a settlement of the southern Alberta
and Crow's Nest Puss coal strike has
been arranged. The operators have
agreed to offer the day mine workers an increase of 7 per cent nnd
other concessions, and it is under-
Stood that the strikers have agreed
to accept the offer, lt is believed
that the strike will lie declared oil at
the beginning of the week.
The dispute giving rise to the
strike was primarily one of wages, j
but also involved tbe question of thel
closed shop. Following ii conference at Calgary on March '2 between
the operators and the representatives
of the men, wbich proved abortive,
the operators' u timatum was an increase of 5.60 per cent to all classes.
The expiring agreement had a
minimum wage for miners of f'.i fur
a day of eight hours, bank to bank,
which the men claim in Alberta frequently worked out at 12,50, owing
to various sonditinns. The men lirst
asked lor tlio scale of Montana antl
Washington, which is 18.80 for a.
day of eight hours, faco to face, or
on the bank to bank scale about
So.tiO. They receded from this to
an increase of 1-1 per cent to all
classes, or 13,371 for miners.
The operators' oiler worked out at
$3.16%, For tbe lowest paid work
the Montana scale its 13,76 for a day
of a day of eight hours, or 341 ccnt*1
an hour. The operators' offer worked
out at S8 7-10 cents per hour, the
average day being ten hours. The
expiring scale -for fanmen was
J'.Mi'.'i for a day of twelve hours,
with lampmen similar.
Professor Allen Will Lecture
in This City on Irrigation Problems
The department of agriculture announces a series of supplementary
Farmers' Institute meetings, which
will be conducted by Profeaaor R.
W. Allen, superintendent of the
Umatilla irrigation experiment st*-
tion at Hermiston, Ore., assisted by
B. Hoy, assistant horticulturist, of
It is the intention of the department to make Professor Allen'*
demonstration in tbe application of
water practical and adapted to local
conditions. Professor Allen will
have sullieient time to acquaint himself with the problems of each district, and it is expected that much
good will accrue from his demonstrations and the evening meetings,
especially as there is great need for
practical information on this subject
in this valley.
The meetings in Grand Forks will
be held on July 27, afternoon and
In the afternoon Professor Allen
will give a demonstration of the
relative advantages of deep and
shallow furrows, and the proper distances apart for furrows, the percolation of water through the soil, and
tbe economical application of water.
He will also discuss many ot the
problems which come with the distribution and use of water. In the
evening Professor Allen will lecture
on the broader aspects of irrigation,
particularly tbe relation of irrigation
water to soils and the problems of
seepage, alkali, etc. Tbese lectures
will be illustrated by lantern slides,
showing thc application of water by
different methods, and general irrigation scenes in Oregon. In the
evening Mr. Hoy will also lecture on
timely culturul topics for orchard*
ists, including thc use of cover
crops, summer pruning the handling
of fruit.
The department of agriculture, in
making arrangements for these
meetings, expects that tbe importance of the subject, and tbe high
standing of tbe principal speaker
will result in a large attendance of
those intimately interested in the
application of water.
(Jeo. S. Henderson, pure food inspector for the state of Washington,
visited bis brother, 11. 11. Henderson, in this city last Sunday.
Miss Josephine limine, of the
hospital stuff, is spending her vacation ut her borne in Meyers Falls,
D. A. McKinnon, bookkeeper (or
Jeff Davis A Co., returned on Tuesday from a vacation trip to eastern
Mrs. W. K.C. Manly and Miss
Davis left on Tuesday for a short
visit to Spokane.
N. L. Mclnnes left on Tuesday
lor a ten days' trip to the coast
cities. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0*
Author of
Tha Crimson Blind; Tho Oardlnal
Math; Tho Wolaht of tho Crown;
Tho Oornor Houm; Tho Slavoo of
Slloneo; Orovon Fortune; Tho
Fatal Dow; Notta.
Felix Zary
It would hav" been u comparativeli
easy matter for Die two friends tc
have slipped out oi the house before
the crpple came down the stairs accompanied by the young man called
Charles Evors. The front door wai
still open and tliere wus no one to bar
Ihe way. Then it suddenly occurred
to Gurdon that by so doing they
would betray the secret of the moveable panel which communicated with
the house next door.
"It would never do to go away like
this," he said hurriedly. "Besides, it
is more than likely that we shall want
to use that entrance again. We shall
have to run the risk of losing sight
of the cripple; anything is better than
leaving that panel open for the ser-
vants to discover in the morning."
Venner could see for himself at once
that there was no help for it, so with'
out further discussion on the matter
the two men hurried down the stairs
and then darted through the hole into the house next door. It was only
the work of a moment to replace the
panel, but hardly had they done bo
before they heard a confused murmur
of voices on the other side. Gurdon
pressed his back to the pahel until the
noise of the voiees ceased.
"That was a pretty cloBe call," he
said. "Give me the mouldings and I
will try to make them secure without
any unnecessary noise. I daresay *e
can get the nails to fit the same holes.
Anyway there must be no hammering, or we shall he pretty sure t.)
rouse the suspicions of the people
next door."
It was perhaps fortunate that the
mouldings fitted so well, for Gurdon
managed to work the nails into the
original holes and complete a more
or less workmanlike Job to his own
"That's a good job well done,"
Venner said.
"Yes, but what do you do it for?
In fact, what are you two gentlemen
doing  here  nt  all?"
Thc voice came with a startling
suddenness. It was an . exceedingly
clear, melodious voice, ' yet witb a
steely ring to it The two friend.,
wheeled round sharply to find themselves face to face with an exceedingly tall individual whose length was
almost grotesquely added to by the
amazing slimness of his figure. In
that respect he was not nt all unlike
Ihe type of human skeleton which
one expects to find in a travelling
circus or some show of that kind.
The man, moreover, was- dressed in
deep black, which ndded to his solemnity. He had an exceedingly long,
melancholy fnce, on both sides of
whicli hung a iiin.-s of oily-looking
black hair; his nose, too, wns long
and thin, antl a long drooping moustache concealed his mouth. On the
whole his appearance wns redeemed
from tin? grotesque by nn extraordinary pair tif black eyes, which were
round nnd lnrge as those of n Persinn
cat. Despite the man's exceeding
thinness, he conveyed n certnin suggestion of strength. At that moment
he had it handkerchief between his
fingers, and Gurdon could see thnt
Jljs wrists were supple and plinble ns
if they hnd been made of Indin rubber. Gordon hnd heard that Rort of
bunds before described ns conjurer's
hands. As he looked lit them he half
expected to see the handkerchief dis-
nppi'iir nml nn orange or something of
that nature take ils place. Then the
stranger coolly walked across the hall
nntl turned tip another of the lights.
He seemed to l>" perfectly nt home
untl conveyed a curious impression to
the visitors thnl he expected* lo find
them  there.
"I b"g to remind you Hint ynn
hnve not yet answered my question."
lie Raid,   "Willi! nre yuu doing here?"
"■Lei me answer your question with
another," Venner suid. '"Who nre
you nud whnt mny you be doing
The man smiled in n peculiar fnsh-
ion. His big black eyes seemed to
radiate Sparks; they were luminous
mid full of n vivid fury, though, nt
the same time the long norselike face
never Ior n moment lost its look of
profound dejection. They might have
been eyes gl 'liming iK'hind a dull
painted musk.
"Wt* will come to that presently,"
he snid. "For the moment,the mention of my nnme must content you.
It is just possible that you huve heard
the name of Felix Zary."
Venner antl Gurdon fairly started.
The nnme of Felix Zary wns familiar
to them, but only during the Inst
three-quarters of nn hour. In fnct,
that wns the iiiiiiii* of the mnn as to
whose whereabouts Fenwiok bnd ben
so anxious. Here was nnnther element  in the mystery,  whicli.    up to
iIur moment, had not advanced very
fnr towards solution.
"I hava hoard the nnme before,"
Venner snid. "but only quite recently—within tile last hour, in fnct."
"Oh, yes,"   the stranger   snid,   "I
know exactly what you mean. You
probably heard it next door when
you were listening so intently to the
conversation between my friend Chas.
Le Fenu the cripple, and that scoundrel who calls himself Fenwick. He
is exceedingly anxious to know win r_
I am, though without the smallest
intention of benefitting me. And before long, bis curiosity will be gratified., but not in the way .>-* thinks."
The latter words came Irom till
speaker's lips with a spitting hiss,
such as a cat emits in the presence
of u dog. The great round black eyes
added intensity to the threat and
rendered the feline simile complete.
The prophecy boded ill for Fenwick
when at length he and Felix Zary
oanie face to face.
"I see my conjecture is quite right,"
the stranger went on. "And as to
you gentlemen, I have nsked your
nnmes merely ns a mutter of courtesy.
As a matter of fact, I know perfectly
well who you are—you are Mr. Gerald
Venner and Mr. James Gurdon. But
there is one thing I don't know and
that is why you have thrust yourselves into this diabolical business.
You must be brave men, or absolutely unconscious of the terrible danger
you are running.   It either of you are
friend of Fenwicks "
"Not for a moment," Venner cried.
"You pay us a poor compliment indeed if you take us to be in any way
friendly with that scoundrel."
"And yet you are here," Zary went
on. "You are spying on the movements of my friend, Le Fenn. You
have contrived to obtain possess-on
of the keys ot hs house ior no 'jiuer
purpose.    Why?"
Venner pnus*.*l before he nmrvroJ
the question. He did not r .cognize
the right of this man to put him
through a cross examination, li.d-iitl,
it Beemed to him, the less he said tlw
better. Perhaps Zary aaw something
of what was going on.in his mina,
for his big black eyes smiled, though
the dejected visage remuined the
"I see you do not trust me," he
said. "Perhnps you are riglit to be
cautious. Let me ask you another
question, assuring you at the same
time that I am the friend of Charles
Le Fenu and his sisters, and that if
necessary I will lay down my life to
save them from trouble. Tell me.
Mr. Venner, why nre you so interested in saving the girl who pusses for
Fenwick's daughter from her miserable position?   Tell me."
Zary came it step or two closer to
Venner and looked down into his 'a.«
with a searching yearning expression
in those magnetic black ey.'s. The
uppcttl to Venner was irr..sis''ul_*.
The truth rose to his lips; it refused
to be kept back.
"Because," he snid slowly, "because
she is my wife."
A great sigh of relief came from
"I am glad of that," he snid. "Exceedingly glud. And yet I had suspected something of the kind. It is
good for me to know that I nm with
friends, and thnt you two nre only
actuutetl by the best motives. For
some days now I huve hnd you under
close observation. I followed you here
to-night; indeed, I was in the house
when you removed those panels. As
a matter of fnct. Mr. Gurdon's first
involuntary visit here abaolutely ruined a carefully laid plan of mine for
getting Mark Fenwick into my hands.
But I will tell you Inter on all about
the myatery of thn furnished dining-
room and how nnd why the furniture
vnnlshed so strangely. When I followed you here to-night I wns quite
prepared to shoot you both if necessary, but some strange impulse came
over me to speak to you nnd nsk you
whnt you were doing. I, am rather
glad I did, becnuse I should not like
to have a trngedy on my hands. Now
would you like lo come with me ns
fur as my own rooms, where I shall
he In a position to throw a little lignt
upon a dnrk plnce or two?"
Venner and Gurdon clutched enger-
ly ut the suggestion. Without 'ur-
ther words they pnssed into thc stt'et
nnd would have walked down the
steps hatl not Znry detained them.
"One moment." he whispered.
"Hung buck in the shallow of the portico. Don't you see thnt there arc
two or three men on the steps of Hi**
house next door. Ah. I enn henr the
voice of that scoundrel Fenwick. If
only he knew how close to him I nm
at the present moment! But let ns
listen,—we may hear something
It was very quid in thc Squnre for
the hour was lute,    nnd    the    voices
front the portico enme clenr nnd distinct  to the listeners' enrs.
"Whnt   is the  good  of  it?" one  of
the voices suid. "Why on earth can't
you wnit iill morning? La Fenu litis
got clenr awny. end there isn't much
chance of ditching him ngnin in n
hurry. It wns one ot the coolest
things I've seen for n long tini" "
"On, he doesn't luck bruins, or
pluck either," Fenwick said. "I
should hnve been proud of n trick like
thut myself. I oeghl to hnv" poisoned him when I had the chance. I
ought to have got him ont of the wny
without delay. But it teemed such n
snfe thing to kidnap him nnd hide
him in his own house, where we could
go on with our work without the lcnst
dnnger or interruption from those no-
cursed police. And then, when bit"
plnyeil into our bunds nnd we got
hold of Evors us well, it looked ns if
everything wns going our wny. How
you fools ever contrived to let him
get the upper hand of you is more
thnn I can understand."
"ft whs Joiies; fault," another voice
growled. "He forgot the drug nnd
we rnit clenn out of it. Then, I suppose, we got interested over n gnme
of curds, und one way and another,
Evors managed to get six or seven
hours sleep without having any of
that stuff inside him. Bless me, if
it wasn't- all like a dream, guv'ner.
There we were interested in our cards
and before we knew Where we were
our heads were banged together, and
I was lying on the floor thinking that
the end of the world had come. That
fellow has the strength of the very
devil himself."
"Poor, weak creature," Fenwick
"Weak-minded perhnps, and easiiv
led," the first speaker said. "But
there is not much the matter with
him when it conies to fists."
"We can't stop chnttering here all
night," Fenwick said. "It is nil very
well for you men, who don't cure so
long as you have got something to
ent and drink. You would he quite
satisfied to sit like n lot of hogs In
Le Fenu's house, but he'll certninly
be back in the morning with aome infernal scheme or other for getting the
best of us. Don't you see It is impossible for me nny longer to play the
part of tenant of n furnished house,
now that the owner of the house is
at large again? It is a very fortunate
thing in a ray, too, that I can pass
nil you people off ns my servants.
Now get nwny at once and do as I
tell you. As for me, I am going to
take n cab as fur ns the old place hy
the side of the river. In an hour's
time I hope to be on my way to Canterbury. Now, are you quite sure you
nil know what to do? It's con'ound-
edly awkward to have one's plans'
upset like this, but a clever man always has an alternative scheme on
hand and I've got mine. There, that
will do.    Be off at once."
"Thnt's nil very well, guv'nor," another voice said. "It is easy enough
to put the front door on the latch nnd
'.urn out of the crib, leaving it empty,
but what about the girl in the white
dress? I ain't very scrupulous ns a
rule, but it seems rather cruel to leave
the poor kid behind and she not more
than half right in her head."
"Devil fly awny with the girl,"
Fenwick said passionately. "We can
pick her up nt any time we want to.
Besides, I think I con see a wny to
arrange for her and a method of getting her out of the house within the
next hour. It was no had thing for
men who get their living ns we do
when some genius invented motor
cars. Now do go along or we shall
never finiah."
(To be continued.)
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Going Soma
A Policeman saw two negro second-
storey men making a get-away, and
took after them. He was being outdistanced, so he decided to pull his
"Halt, or I'll fire, you black men!"
he yelled. But never a stop did they
make. They went all the faster.
"Bang!" went the policeman's gun,
but the robbers only went faster.
Leaving the guardian of the law far
behind, they stopped for breath.
"Alexandah, did yuh heah dat bullet?" asked the flrst negro.
"Heah it! Heah it! Well all
should say ah did heah it. Twice!
Once when it passed me, and once
when I passed it."
Keep Minard's Llnimtnt In tha houtt
Him—"You are the breath of my
Her—"Did you ever try holding
your breath?"
A Pill for Broln Workors.—The man who
works with his brains la more liable to
derangement of the digestive system than
the man who works with hie hands, because the one calls upon his nervous
energy while the other applies only hie
muscular strength. Brain fas begets irregularities of the stomach and liver, and
the best remedy that can be used is
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They are
specially compounded for such cases and
all those who use them can certify to
their superior power.
On the Outs
Visitor—"Are your papa and mamma out?"
Boy—"Well, I should say yes. They
haven't spoken to each other for a
Skinning a Saa Otttr.
A full grown sea otier ia from tent
to Ave teet long aud perbapa a loot or
more wide. Wben a Hunter secure*
one be loosens the bide from tbe nine
and head, and without cutting Ir leugtrj-
wlae ar all be pulls the akin down over
the body, tbe bide being so elastic that
tbis Is not a difficult job. it Is tben
stretched over a smooth board six and
a half feet long, nlue inches wide at
one end and ten at tbe other end. Each
end of'thia board ia tapered to a point
Anotber board exactly tbe same else Is
tben Inserted, and tbe skin Is atretcned
a foot or eighteen inches longer tban
Its original length. A third board half
the length of tbe other Is wedged ur
and tbe skin lightly tacked at tbe ends
to hold It in place. It any flesh adheres to ihe skin lt is tben cut off, and
tbe bide Is cored aod dried ln this condition. In a few days It Is taken off
tbe boards and turned fur side out,
wben tt Is ready for market
Birthdays In Sweden.
In this country ehlldreu. however
much they may enjoy birthday celebrations and gifts, are qnlte content la
have tbem once a year, but the fortunate children of Sweden nave three
birthdays In tbe course of every
twelve months. First and most Important ts tbe real birthday, bot the
otber two are also occaaluns for fee-
tivlty sod tbe presentation ot small'
gifts. These two days ar* those woue* I
name* tbe Swedish boy or girl bears.,
Fur every day In lb* Swedish calendar
has Us own special name, beelde* lb*
weekly name which It bear* like tn*
day* ot other countries. To American
ear* a statement ench as Ibat mad*
by a little Swedish giri wbo was asked
•a to the dare of her birthday, "rhe,
Utb of March. Tii of May and 1Mb uf
November.'* baa at flrst a dacldaAlf
Strang* sound.—Harass**
Th* Centipede In China.
An exceedingly poisonous variety of
centipede la lound throughout China In
great number* uuder old buildings or
old logs. Tbe bile Is extremely painful and In children (onwtlme* fatal.
Th* 8now Leopard.
In th* highlands of central Asia lives
the anow leopurd. which never de-
acenda below tbe anow line of tbe
mountains, its color Is s gray. Inclining to bub*. A few large dark spots
show about tbe lower parts and a number of smaller ones congregate about
Ibe head and Ihe neck. The bark and
Ibe sides are marked wltb faded looking brown rings or rosettes. Tbe comparatively enormous tall of tb* animal
I* fully aa long aa Its body.
Tha Kangaroo.
Kangaroos are gradually disappear
ing from Australia.   Now the nuin»**r
la only about one tenth of wnat ll «»»
thirty years ago.
VV. N. U„ No. 847.
First Doctor—"I hear your practice
is becoming very small.     .
Second Doctor—"Yes, I am getting
out of patients."
Veterans' Re-Union Postponed
Owing to the President and Commanders of the Veterans' Brigade
being away, and that many veterans
and officers are attending the Coronation, the' proposed Re-Union of
Veterans in July has been postponed.
"Why is a joke like a safe?"
"Because it's never the same after
being once cracked."
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is
compounded specially to combat dysentery, cholera morbus and all inflammatory disorders that change of food or
water may set up in the stomach and
Intestines. These complaints are more
common in summer than in winter, but
they are not confined to tbe warm
months, as undue laxness of the bowels
may seize a man at any time. Such a
sufferer will find speedy relief tn this
"Which hurts more," asked the dejected young man; "when your best
girl throws you up or when ahe
throws you down?"
Not an experiment, but a proved
fact Hamlins Wizard Oil has cured
numberless cases of painful ills for
which we recommend it. We have
testimonnls as proof.
"Funny thing about Bolivar," Baid
"What's that?" said Bjones.
"Why, they operated on him for
appendicitis the other day, and, by
ginger! when they came to look there
wasn't anything tliere," said Wiggins.
"Well, I'm not surprised," said
Bjones. "I never could see anything
in Bolivar myself."
Indigestion should not be neglected
for by depriving the body of its proper nourishment it grows steadily
worse. Neither stimulating medicines, which ruin the already weak
stomach by making it work beyond
its strength, should be used, nor pre-
digested foils, which do not excite a
flow of the digestive fluids, and by
disuse cause the stomach to grow
weaker. Nowhere is the tonic treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
more clearly useful. Its principle is
to enable the stomach to do its own
work by building up the blood and
giving tone to the nerves. When these
are once more restored to their normal health indigestion disappears
and the cure is permanent. In proof
of theBe statements we give the experience of Mrs. Paul Gannon, Star
City, Sask., who says: "For more
than a year I suffered with all the
terrible pains of indigestion, and my
life was one of the greatest misery.
It did not seem to make any difference whether I ate or not, the pains
were always there, often accompanied
by a severe bloating and a belching
of wind. I did not even get relief at
night, and sometimes hardly got a
bit of sleep in my misery. I tried
many remedies said to cure indigestion, but they did me not one particle of good and I fully expected that
I would always be afflicted in this
way. At this time my brother came
home on a visit and he urged me to
try Dr. Williams' Pin Pills and got
six boxes for me. By the time I had
i taken four boxes I began to improve
j and could eat with some relish. I
j wns greatly cheered, and continued
{taking the Pills until nil traces of
[ thc trouble had disappeared and I
could once more eat all kinds of food
without the smallest, inconvenience.
We have since used Dr. Willams'
! Pink Pills in our family for other
troubles. I am so firmly convinced
I of their virtue as a family medicine
I that I have no hesitation in rccom-
j mending them to all weak, ailing
| people.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six hoxes
for $2.60, from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Th* Secret
"How do you manage, on your small
salary, to have such well cooked and
delicious meals?"
"The secret is simple. Every day I
kiss the cook and do all I can to make
her happy."
"But doesn't your wife object?"
"Oh, no.   She's the cook."
Keep Vour Skin Clear
with Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. For more than a
generation no other emollients have done so much for pimples,
blackheads and other unsightly conditions of the skin, red,
rough hands, itching, scaly scalps, and dry, thin and falling hair. They do even more for skin-tortured and disfig- ' ;■
urexl infants. Although Cuticura Soap and Ointment aro "'
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere, a liberal sample)
of each, with 32-page booklet on the care and treatment oi
skin and hair, will be sent, post-free, on application to
Potter D. & C. Corp., 83 Columbus Ave., Boston, U.S.A. THE  SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B.C.
U the Standard Article I
Far making t bap, eaftealng water, removiag eld paint, I
disinfecting sinks, cloMti, drain* aad for many ether j
tO*—a,   A can equals 20 lbs. SAL SODA
lite/altar SOS aan*tit—S*ti ESerfwaeee.
Municipalities and
School Districts
Wa Invlt* corretpondtnee with muni-
elpalitiaa and school district* desiring to dltpett of tKair securities.
Our connection with Investor* In
Canada, Great Britain, and tha
United States enables us to offer the
full market value ior Municipal and
School   District   Debentures.
Wood, Gundy & Company,
London, England Toronto, Canada
Sold in all parts of the World.
Canada's Most. Brilliant Representative.
It has proved its superiority over scores
of other makes, and has won popularity
solely on its merits.
It's good for your shoes. 9
THE F. F. DALLEY CO., Limited,
HAMILTON, Ont.,   BUFFALO, N. Y.  and  LONDON, En*.
EDDY'S "Royal George" Matches
the most perfect " Strike Anywhere "
matches made, that are Safe,
and Silent,
are sold in boxes, averaging 1000 matches to the box,
for 10 cents a box.
You can't afford to pass this by.
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House iu Canada.
We Carry in StocK Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.     :     1
Order From Nearest Branch
Union Arithmetic
"How long would it take eight men,
working ten hours a day to build a
house SO feet high, if they built an
inch an hour?
For hours Alexander pondered over
this perplexing problem. Every time
he got a different answer. At last, in
desperation, he took it to his iather.
"Wot!" ronred the father, as he
read the question. "Do you mean ter
tell me they set yer this sum at your
skule? It's outrageous! It's abominable! Don't you do it me lad. You
leave it alone. I'll write yer n letter,
un' yer ean take it down ter your
teacher chap in the mornin'!"
Well satisfied, Alexander laid his
task aside. And in the mornng his
teacher was presented with the following irate epistle:
"Sir,—I refuse to let mi son do the
sum you gave him hirst nite, as It
loks to me to be a slur on the eight-
hour sisteni. Any sum not more than
eight hours a day he is welcome to
do, but no more. From yours faithfully."
A peddler rapped timidly at the
kitchen door at the home of Cliff
Martin a few days ago. Mrs. Kelly,
Martin's hired girl, angry at being in-
terrupted in her washing, flung open
the door and glowered at him.
"Did yez want to sec me?" she demanded in threatening tones.
The peddler backed off a few steps.
"Veil, if I did," he assured her,
with an apologetic grin, "I got my
wish; thank you."
Mrs. C. Pardy, of 479 Seigneurs
St., Montreal, writes:—"I cannot tell
you how thankful I am for the cure
Zam-Buk has worked in the case of
my baby son. He was troubled with
scalp disease and I tried everything
I could think of, but in vain. Finally I tried Zam-Buk. I could see an
improvement after two applications!
After persevering with the Zam-Buk
treatment he is now completely cured. Zam-Buk is certainly a wonderful bnlm, and I shall always keep it
on hand."
Mothers should use Zam-Buk for
nil children's skin sores, ringworm,
scalp sores, cuts, chaflngs, bruises
etc., because of its great purity. Also
cures piles, eczema, bnd leg, varicose
sores, etc. 50c box, all druggists and
Zam-Buk Soap 26c tablet is best
lor baby's bath and for delicate
'All de reward you's liable to git foh
tryin' to seem too smnrt." said Uncle
Eben, "is to make folks suspicious
about doin' business wif you."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Yarmouth, N.S.
Gentlemen,—In January last, Francis
Leclare, one of the men employed by
me, working in the lumber woods, had
a tree fall on him, crushing him fear-
fully. He was, when found, placed on
a sled and taken home, where grave
fears were entertained for his recovery, his hips being badly bruised and
his body turned black from his ribs
to his feet. We used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on him freely to deaden
the pain and with the use of three
bottles he was completely cured and
able to return to his work.
Elgin Road, L'Islet Co., Que.
Opinlont Differ
Tommy—Pa, what do men mean by
circumstances over which they have
no control?
Tommy's Pa—Wives, my son."
Tha Bt.uty ot . Ol.te akin.—The condition of the liver regulates the condition
ot the blood. A disordered liver causes
impurities in the blood and theae show
themselves ln blemishes .on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills In acting upon the
liver act upon the blood and a clear,
healthv skin v.111 follow Intelligent use of
this standard medicine. Ladies, who will
fully appreciate this prime quality of
these pills, can use thent with Ihe cer.
talnty that the effect will be most gratifying.
Correct Dimensions
At a pnrty Sarah's aunt said to her,
"Child, you eat a great deal for n lit-
tie girl of three." Sarah replied, "Oh,
I'se not so little on the inside,
Minard's Llnimtnt lumberman's Iriend
"Do you enjoy gootl health, Mr.
Testy?" nsked MeQuenry.
"Yes, when 1 get nny," snnppcd the
old dyspeptic.
Containing over 300 pages ol
valuable inlormation, which
every girl contemplating marriage ought to know and no married woman can afford te be
without. Important subjects
more fully explained with full
page illustrations. Thia valuable book will be mailed in
plain wrapper pott paid to any
addrett in Canada upon rtctipt
ot ont dollar (11.00).
Tli Reirir Reftniu Book Co.,
21   Adelaide   St.,   I.,
When  Mme.  Sembrich  Get a Stagt
Gown For a Song.
Whenever I think of my early operatic experience I delight to recall a
little dressmaker in Dresden who literally sold me a stage gown for a
song. I had made my first appearance and was well received. Then
word came that I was to appear next
as Violetta in "Traviata." Now, in
Germany the curious custom obtains
of furnishing costumes to the male
singers and obliging the women to
dress themselves. At that stage in
my career a role calling for several
elaborate evening gowns meant a serious drain on my resources. At the
same time I realised that appropriate
dressing was vitally essential to my
success.    Bravely   I   began  my  bar-
Sain hunting, but the prices were Iar
eyond my fears. I was forced to
resign myself to do the best I could
from my own scant wardrobe. But
no ingenuity could encompass a suitable ball gown for the third act. I
started on another round of the shops,
and good fortune bore me this time
to a smart looking little place. The
proprietress recognized me and waa
most courteous. Just the gown I
wanted was the flrst dress she produced. My voice trembled aa I asked the price. She named a figure that
put it as effectually beyond my reach
as the top of Mont Blanc.
"What can you pay, madam?" she
aaked gently as she read the disappointment in my face.
Hesiatingly I named a sum less
than half the price she demanded.
"On one condition the gown ia
yours," she said.
"And what is that?" I asked breathlessly.
"I have a father who is bedridden,"
ahe said. "Never was there a greater
lover of music. Only last night he
was fretting because he might never
hear the little Sembrich, of whom I
have told told him so much since
your debut here. Come and sing an
aria for him and the gown is yours
at your own price."
I kissed her with brimming eyes,
and the bargain was struck. That
night, with my husband as accompanist, I went to the home of the old
gentleman and sang for him, not one,
but many arias. That was the first
and only time I ever got a stage gown
for a song.—Mme. Sembrich in New
Idea Woman's Magazine,
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—used in every comer
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
* Root Pills,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them. «
25c a box.
Muriate te. Sake, la Aa.Hk T.b«, Ue. $1.M
Has. wimlow's aotmiiHO etraup bu an
__*dforom.8IXTY YUARSby MILUOMt of
la the baat remedy for DIAKRHCKA. It tliw
■elutel; h.nnltu. He mr. .oi uk lor "Ml*
Wlaelowe toothlaf aynp," ud uk. ao etkef
hied.  Twenty-awceati. bottla.
Good Luck to the Deceased.
A former consul general at Shanghai tells oi the interest evinced by a
Chinaman oi that city in the wedding
ceremony of an English couple there.
At the conclusion of the usual western rites incident upon the departure
of the happy couple lor their honeymoon the Celestial sought the consul
with tbis question:
"Why do occidentals throw rice after the departing couple?"
"I am not aware of the precise origin or significance ot the custom,"
banteringly replied the official. "All
I know is that it'a meant for good
"Then why," demanded the Chineae
triumphantly, "do aot you westerners
throw rice after the hearae when tbere
ia a funeral?"
Sharks' Eggt.
The egga ot fishes are usually small,
soft and inconspicuous. The most remarkable point about them ia the extraordinary number laid by the individual. A single cod lays as many
as 9,000,000 eggs. Sharks lay eggs
which are large in site, few aa to
numbers and are deposited singly instead oi in masses. These eggs consist of a dark-colored leathery envelope and are usually adorned with
frills, horns or long-twisted tendrils.
These appendages serve the purpose of
keeping the egg case supported among
the branches of seaweeds, thus preserving the embryo from the damage
it would sustain were thc egg carried
hither and thither by tlie wave*.—
Scientific American.
Dawn ol Civilization.
In the light of the latest facts it appears that Babylonia was in a comparatively higli state ol civilization
about 6,000 years before the Christian
era. At about that time from the east
came Babylonian settlers, who fount
their way toward the west and, finally
halting to the northwest of the Ked
Sea, ooloniied the region on either
aide oi the Nile. When these colonists arrived from Babylonia they were
not wiid barbarians, but, as we know
from the most learned Egyptians, possessed great ability in certain arts—
in a word, were civilized. Thus Kgypt,
iong supposed to be the mother of
civilization, must hereafter give way
to the laud uf the Euphrates.
Baeka.hora. Whew.,
roar. baa. Thick Wind, cr
Ch-k_down,   tu   al   It.
moved with
Htswwr,   no    naiTB
l«u, tnd   bono   kepi *l7 .    a
work. ff.OO per  bettlt, d«-l ft /.__j
lirer-d. Book 3D free.      V r M
■unkind. •1.00, deliver.,.. BMiM. -Soltia, Tumor*
Wmi,T*HmmV«Ibi, 0tctra._ar4foMl« Turk*
Ml*.    ■ooktMft   M«4«—>\j kr
I. F. Wm. f. D. «„ 117 Ism* %.. WftrfliM. I
»• MM by eUsVta MILS A Wf III^STwiMtfr 1
S XATlO'tL HEB * CHF-M.iL ™« *!■■■•-• * Ue-
smtSmi li HIMQI UU. w- U4. V«mm.ZT
Seii for Free Staples u. Mauri
Tht Doyen ol tht Royal Acadtmy.
Amongst tho Academy (London) pictures this year are six from tiie brush
oi Mr. James Sant, it.A., the doyen
of the Royal Academy, who recently
celebrated his ninetieth birthday. One
of them, which Mr. Sant considers ihe
best thing he lias ever done, was
painted while he was in bed, the only
material lor his imagination to work
on being the walls oi his bedroom and
a church steeple which he could see
Irom his window. Mr. Sant sutlers
somewhat from absent-mindedness,
and it ia said that one day he was
caught walking about the Orosvenor
Gallery with his umbrella up, under
the impression that it waa raining.
Silver Ptnet.
Tbe Norman Kngllnh coined silver
pence with a cruse rut deeply Intv the
coin In order tbat It nlgbt be broken
Into half pence and rartbloga wben
email change wu needed.
Here's* Home Dye
Oan Us**
always been mure or
less of a difficult under.
taking- Noloo whan
you um
Sand lor Samp la
Card and Story
Booklat H
CO.. l.lmll.d.
Mnntraal. Can.
With DV-O.LA rou em color either Wool,
Cotton, Silk or Muted Gooda Perfectly with
the MMI Dye.    No chance of uainf tbe
WKONO Dye lor the Gooda yoo gave to color.
The Wrong Ont
Lady—I'm looking (or a governess
Ior my children.
Manager oi Intelligence Office—
Didn't wc supply you with one last
Manager—-Well, iniiilant, according
to her re|iort, you don't need a governess.   You need a lion tamer,."
<(   PILLS
W. N. U., Ne. MT. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Publiah.il at Qrand Forks, British Columbl
Aitken    would
Aitken, M.P.
still   be   plain   Mr
Q. A. Ev»ss Editor and Publliher
A Hie of thia patter can be aeen at the office
of Messrs. K * J. Hardy _t Co., 30,91 and 92,
Pleet Street, E.C., London. England, free of
charge, und that firm will be triad to receive
subscriptions and advertisement. un uur be-
auBsoaimoa hath:
One Tear *U"
Due Tear (In advance)  1-0*1
tine Year, In I'tilted Statea  I.MI
Address all oolninunloutlous to
Ths Kvbninu Si;n,
Phoss B ll llmmi Forms, tl.C
FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1911
Victoria is considering the commission form of municipal government. This appears to be the only
way to govern cities iu order to obtain business methods in civic man
agement and to insure an economical
expenditure of the ratepayers' money.
The change to this advanced form of
municipal management is badly needed in a number of cities, including
Grand Forks.
Considerable dissatisfaction is expressed regarding the distribution of
Coronation day honors to Canadian
citizens. Yet it does not appear that
all the titles were misplaced. No
information has been received up to
date that Hon. Mr. Bowser h bringing back a knighthood in his suit
According! to the United States
senate, the reciprocity agreement will
ruin the American farmer. The Conservatives in the Ottawa parliament
say it will ruin the Canadian farmer.
The special interests are resouceful
cusses. No further comment is re'
By scrupulous cleanliness and a
strict enforcement of sanitary laws,
the fly nuisance has been entirely
eradicated from a Texas city, and the
mayor of that town now feels safe iu
offering a reward of 81000 for every
Musi's, doiiie.tica, caught within the
city limits.
One alderman, at the council meet
in;,' last Monday night, stated that
the city office had already cost the
city double what it shuuld have cost
during the present year. The alderman was modest in limiting his statement to one department of tlie city.
It it reported that a company is
being organized to publish couutry
papers in a number of British Columbia tewns. If tlie stock rises above
par, it will he the only authentic
miracle that has materialized during
the past nineteen hundred years,
Tun inembef fur Yale Cariboo is
not worrying about a general election.
It may therefore hu taken for granted
that tint dispatch from England, saying thut Sir Wilfrid Laurier will appeal tu the country immediately, if
uot sooner, is groundless.
The JUne number of the British
Columbia Magazine compares favorably with any publication of its class
on the continent. Besides the usual
amount of fiction and special articles,
it pictures aud describes Vancouver
of yesterday and today,
Tn* war on the fly is the only form
of hostility not affected by the Anglo-
American peace treaty or the Carnegie
peace fund. Mars may yet be car
tooned at a Hy catcher.
It is quite evident that if the Can
The Conservatives are working in
the public interest iu opposing the
reciprocity agreement, if you don't
believe this statement, ask the special
There is no use crying over the
decadence of chivalry. All it meant
was to wear u tin shirt and trousers,
and to undress with a milk tin
Vt TO the moment of goipg to press
no news hits been received at this
office concerning the present where
aboiits of Sir (?) Kichurd McBride.
Leader Borden's Halifax platform
and his Saskatchewan speeches are
not on speaking terms ut present.
In general, pride ia at the bottom
of all great mistakes.
He who complains much will
have much to complain about.
Half the trouble in the world is
caused by garden fences being so
Blue blood and red noses run in
families, and often in the same
Some men's wishbones are very
willing, but their backbones are
very weak.
The time to make the harvest
count is at the time of ploughing
and seeding.
Jealousy is an unfortunate trait of
character. It mars all that is noble
and good in life.
Before you condemn any man for
his misdeeds, ask yourself what you
could do if you had that man's
Truth, like silver, must be not
only mined, but also refined, separated from dross, before its value can
be appreciated.
The man who fails to believe in
his own ability closes the door of opportunity, and turns the key in its
lock when he thinks he can't.
The man who believes that he can
do a thing and goes to work with
patience, perseverance and determination is pretty sure to get there,
The successes of the world, her
cities, her machines, her arts and
sciences, her railroads, her steamships, etc., are monuments to the
'I can" men. The world builds
no monuments to the "I can't1' men.
Holy Trinity CiiUKt'H.Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8;00 a.in.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.: Sunduy sohool, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well aa at 8
a. in. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from lime tu
time. You are cordially invited to
worship 'with us, [and wo would lie
pleased to met you,
Knox Presbyterian I'limit'H—
Sabbath services at. 11 a, in. and 7:30 p.
ui.; Sabbath school and Bible class al
9:4ii a.ni. All aiu cordially invited,
Scats free. Rev, M. 13, MqKoe, pastor.
Methodist Ohukch J. Kev. Calvert, D.D., Pastol',—Sunday servicing,
11 a.m. anil 7:,'!U p.m.;Sunday school,
2:80 p.in.; Epworth Loaguo, Monday
at 8:00 p,in.: prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; Junior Loaguo, 1'ii-
tlays, 7:00 p.m. Kvervbudy will Ite
Baptist Churoh, Kev. 11. W.
Wright, pastor,—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. and 7..S0 p, in.; Bible
class aud Sundav school at. 10 a.m.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries:
Winnipeg    Avenue
O. E. LeRoy, of Ottawa, who is
at the head of a number of Dominion geological survey parties in this
province, returned this evening
from Franklin, where he inspected
the work now being carried on in that
camp under tbe direction of Mr.
Tbe rebuilding of the Winnipeg
avenue bridge has been completed,
and trallic to the C.P.R. depot has
been considerably shortened in consequence.
Misses Mary and Verna Walker
left today for Nelson, where they
will visit for a few days, and then
proceed to the coast cities for an extended vacation trip.
II. B. Cannon returned this evening from i trip to Gloucester camp.
He reports that work at the McKinley mine is progressing favorably.
The indications are that a large
number of (irand Forks citizens will
celebrate Dominion day at Christina
Mrs. Palmer Stuart, who had an
arm amputated last Monday, is improving at the hospital in Greenwood.
Local cherries may now be purchased in the (.li-uid Forks market.
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cause Thk Si-n gives them
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WOODLAND    &,   CO.K-
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Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
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of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
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tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form Nu. \.
NOTIOE is hereby Riven Hint mi  HppllcUlon
Will bo maiie under Pari V. oi the "Water
Art, min,'1 to obtain a UcoilSe in Hie SluiilU-
iu.__t.-n i'i. i-i.i» of Ynle Distrk-t,
(n.) Tlie Ui__ine,|eddrebBnnd in rilpatiuil of the
Rl-ptloant:   l'eter Veregin, uf Brilliant, Hi-it
I hli Columbia. Farmer.   (If 'mu>*  minim:   pur-
j.o*-os) Km'Minera Certltieute Nt)	
(ij.) The name of UieJulie, stream or source
(il linn anted, the description ..-.> Twenty
fourth of Muy Creek.
Form No 1«
NOTIOE in hereby given that an application
w ill In' made under Part v. of te "Water
Aot. 1909," tn obtain u llreine in tlie J_.iiaito.___r
iiioi'ii l)h iuloii of YhIu Dh-trtot.
(a) Tin- iiHini*. udilrt'HH uml occupation ol
the iipi'lieuut: Peter \'eregln,td__ Brilliant,
British Coliimbiu, Fanner, (if foe mining
purpose) Free Mine. '• . ertiheate No	
(b) Tliu num.* nf thu lake, tttream or
ROUrc-o  (li   iinnunit'il,   the    detvvipthtu   U):
f July t !■*.fli. '
The -   ■
fourtti ot Muy Creek. i    (Pi    n,,, lK1i„»  ,.f   Ji vera I <___»_.   U  „t„,„,  wu-,
(v.) Tlm,«iiit of dtanlonli about 1500 feet   leet abi'Je Vhe M (A,!,,, v5ugh«» 4 JS
ahuvo. the mouth of Twenty -fourth uf Muy I limes' dlteh. ■ "
■1lV |hi; quantity ol[water applied for (In
iblofeet per Revo-mi):    ThTee-teuth« cubic
Uly i
Creek■ where it empties into Fourth of J
(il.) The quantity of water applied for (In mi-
blc leet pei second): Four-tenths pubic tt. per
(<,-.) 'tbe character oi the proposed worki;
Pipe line and small reservoir.
(i ) Tne premise--! on which ttie water 1* to lie
used (describe same;: Lot* \i\\1\ 8)8, li und
(« I Tho purposes (or which the water U to he
umhI. Laomeatfc.
(h.) It lor Irrigation describe the laml Intend'
eu tape irrigated, giving  acreage	
(1.) If the water is to ue used for (power or
in i ii im: purposes describe tho placo wheie the
water li to he returned to somo natural i-hun-
l the difference in uititmle between
point of diversion nnd point of return  	
(j.) Area ul Crowd laud lute tided lo b
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
2,500,00 test nf commercial
timber on property; jf"i()() hewn
Ion Iioiim; north BVirk runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crossi't property] deed
dear. $n7ij oash, balance terms,
For further particulars npply
._■__.#,*__. i I.....i.., !..,,
^■.Hii'iuli, hai
.nt",* ieriuii one
il lie*.! hotel?, in
_ thi>hu-im
treof Orund Koikt; now doing it  pruiittible
business;  owner desires  to remove to   the
I'llsi,    Thi-' U tht* he  t hun- tin   in   this   imrt
of   the province, as there are hut seven hote
eubtofeet pet -
ft. per net.ond.     -{■^■^■■^■■■^^^■^■■^M
(e) i'heolnkiaeter of the proposed works:
IMiie line und small reservoir,
\f) The Wemi-.es on which the wuter is to
lie listd (describe same): Lot- IM and 4831,
, Sjintlkuimeii Division of Yale District,
Ir) The purposes fur whioh the water w to
| he uged.   I foment le.
I   (li) If for liiit-arltm describe the land Intended to be irrigated, fflViug acreage . ..
(I) If tin* water i» io he used for power or
I mining purposes, describe the plwe whe»
I tlm water Is to lie returned tu some natural
1 idiNiiMel, und the difference in tkllltutW be-
j tween point of diversion aud point of return,
iji Avon of frown lni.,1 inteuilod tu bo or-
ciiided by tlie t>ro|iUs»<l works. Nil.
I    (k) This notice. \\ Hi posted on the ninth day
  or Juno, 19(1, tiudttpplleutimi will *jc made tu
ik.) ThU notice was posted on the ninth din , the CniuniKsioiier on tlie eiyht dtiyof Aiigiisi,
, Jnne.|l'.lll. nnd application will he made to ; [yi i
thi! Coiiiuii-nioiierou the iiiiiiii dny of Aiivust, (    (|) tiive tho mini's mul   luhtrewtes  <»i  any
^^■B ■ rtpiirhm |>roprletdra or   lleeiisue« who or
whose lands ure likely lobe affected bv Ihe
1 iirupiiKi'd works. I'ithor nbovo or i_ielow the
outlet   ...
(Sttrnntuiv) PETER VKRKOIN,
111. < I. Addie,,) Krllliunt, 11. ('.
J A,('«"tvKt_,i.. Agouti
Nolo -Oito cubic loot porseootid  Is eiiulvae
ti'Ut to j.'.i'l miner's lueheK.
pied by the projiosed worki  Nil.
(I.) Give the names and addresses   ftf   any
liptiriuii proprietor*or licensees who m wheue
IhHiImiii' likelv lo he iit!'ei'U-d   hy  the  proposed
oiLs, eUhet iihiiveot LaIqW the oiillel, ,	
itilginiture) I'KTKK VKKKlilS,
(IV 0, Address) Hrllllaui. H.C.
S, A. CotiYKLT., Axenl.
Note  Uuo cubic foot nor second Is pqulv-v
It-iu to 35 VI uiiiuu's inuhes, ,
I'orm No. |.
NOTICE is hereby uiveti that >n application
will be made under I'urt V. of the "IVatur
Art, lDUU,Mto nl-lain a li* .*nse In the Himlllta-
ineen DIvlsloiiof Yale District.
(ii) The name, address aud occupation ofthe
applicant:   Peter VoroKiu.of iirtiiiuut. Ki-it-
i-h ' i.hiiiil.iii, i'.ii'inei*. (Ii for iiiiimii; pui-
pnscs) Kfee Miner's Certificate No	
(h) Ilie name oi the lake, stream or source (ii
uiiiiiimcd, the deseriptlou l-t)  White's Creek.
iv) The point ol diversion Is 700 foet above
crossing of Central Cump roud .ud White's
(d) 'lhe i|ittintilv or water applied tor (in i u
feetpei second): Two-tonthscublo ft,per
liarocter id tin- proposed
id sinull reservoir, [
■iiiIhos on whp'h the water Is to he '.
ihe value); Lots |035 ami tu.'T,
S.iidlktimeeu   Division or VhIu Dis* I
s fur which the water Is to he
■Olll  ^^^^
    Works: i
(f) The
used (de
H roup On
in)   lhc|ini|H.   	
used:  itiin.e-.tii'.
(I.) It lor Irrigation descrlhe (lie land Intend
ed to he irrigated,  giving ueretiKe
(i)   1, lhe waler I, to hi* used lor poWei or lulu*
nu; purpose*describe the place where the water
h to hi* returned to some ustural ehmiiiel, and
the d.fVcrenco in altitude In*tween point ot
dhersion and point ol tetum    	
{})  Ana oi Orown land lulended  to he O00U-
pied hv Ih" proposed WOrttSI    Nil.
Ik)  This notice WM posted on the \'f.  day at
June'i'.'ii, and application*1 will .>y mmii* pt
MpCommlstlontr on the-iiii di»y id Anm^t.
btl i.
(I) i.i ve the tiamuK and uddrcsmib of auy
riparian proprietors or licensees who or whoae
IhihIs in-'Itkely lo huatl'eeled   hy the i>ropn»ed
works, either above or helow the outlet    	
.-■Icimtiire. I'KTEK VKKKU(N,
(P.O. Address) aniUsnt M-C-
J. A. r.iilYKiX. Ai'ent
Note One cubic font oerM<cond U fci[iiiva-
lent to 8 i,7) miner's inebe-i.
Classified Want Ads.
will fill all your requirements. They act
as a lens which will
concentrate all your
needs, and bring thess
to a perfect focus ?£
sati«ibctory results,.
NKKDI.KWOKK ttaiilnt In .lo „t limn.
Oil Ml-.. Win   Kflron, Secuml ,lre.t.
aditn press had had  ita way  in the j the consumers of this district Wlthajra^^UMWMTrwlu. uityi.«towin«
diitributionof kniKhthorxK Hi,' Max out advertisingin The Sun. aVi^i.hMMte£fi"i«urp^?i1,'"K
Orlttltuil  Mltier.l  Claim,   altti.t.  In the
Htuiid  Furlts Minim: Divliloti ot Yale III,-
Where locatBtll   In Brown'., oamp.
TIKI Mil HI. that I, Altllnuiier I' lluir,
iVreo Mlnrr. ivniiii'iitf No. ::....It. Inr
mysL'lf mul h. uui-iiI lor Charles K. Iluln»r,
1'ren Miners' CVrllHuate No. ::'<«i6H, In-
totnl, sixty daya Irom the tlate lime,,!, to apply Im tin- Mirilntr UiToriler Ior a Cortlfloate
ut Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
Inv n Crown lirniit ofthe ahove claim.
Ami further tnke nollue llmtl aotlou. umler
"Cotton  87,   must l,t> comntunce'l hefore the
Issuance of   such Certificate  of   Improvements. ,
Dined thi. 2.-th day of June. A D 1911.
GOUD PASTURAliK for cattle cloaetu city;
sale fence; ahiltldace of lecd.   lor term;
apply to Joint Hummer, I oiiitli of .lulv creek
FUKNISilhli liUOMS-Apply Mrs. B. Crawford.
A~DVKKTISINO HPACK In Tlm Sun.the most
widely read newspaper In the Kettle Val
f/VPBWRITBR-Ollvar', n.«,
I     olliee.
Apply Suu
LAND -ItKI acres good timothy laud.   Apply
this office.
QPACE for advertising   purpose.   In  i'hf THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Year Old Girl Cured
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at night. Her stomach was weak and tier appetite poor.
This caused her to in.ve frequent
headaches, and the least exertion
would tire her.
l\Ve had tried
■many remedies,
■but she ditl not
liinpiove. Finally
Iwe learned of
■Booth's Kidney
■Pills and procured n box. In a
well and does not now complain about
her back, tlie kidney secretions have
become normal, and she plays around
the house with no apparent fatigue.
We always recommend Booth's Kidney Pills."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no beifefit
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eases of the kidneys and bladder-
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Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
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cut oft' your advertising because your business is too
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Clothes   Gleaned
Pressed  and Repaired
S. D. GURRY has re-opened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. Lew Johiison,at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
t_AU Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
(I'ubllthed Annually)
Kuatdes tinders throughout  the world tu
communicate direct with Knyllah
In eaoh rlanHuf good*. Beadles being a coin*
plfle ootnineiclal guide to London and IU
auburba. the directory contain* Han of
with the Gooda they ahlp, and the Colonial
eud Foreign MerketHthey aiipply;
arranged under the Porta to which they nail,
and ludlcatlng the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Maniifnotiirera, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns nnd Industrie!
centres of the United Kingdom
A copy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, uu receipt of Postal
Order for 20s.
healer* Keeking Agencies can advertise
their trade mnk tor Jt1. ur larger advertUe-
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25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
It is noteworthy that little is said
in the Toronto press regarding the
visit of Senator L. Melvin-Jones to
Batavia, New York,where the Masaey-
Harris company has invested millions
in an American plant. The senator
is not cartooned as wearing pants or
coat of the stars and stripes pattern;
neither is the reciprocity agreement
held responsible for the great purchase
in Batavia, because such a statement
would be glaringly false. Advocates
of freer trade are not criticizing Senator Jones or the Massey-Harris company. It is one of the sountl British
principles that men have the right to
invest money legitimately where they
please. Britishers have invested hundreds of millions in the United States,
and they are none the less British because of their investments. But the
point does arise, that if our manufacturers go into the United States and
invest millions of Canadian money,
made out of the profits of the sale of
their goods to Canadian farmers, under
what process of reasoning are they
justified in claiming that our farmers
have no right to do business with
90,(.0\000people,save under great restriction and heavy taxation? We do
not hear it charged that Senator Jones
is an annexationist, or that Lloyd-
Harris is an annexationist. In fact,
we hear nothing but praise from the
protectionists for Mr. Harris, because
he is one of the Liberal M. F.'s opposing the reciprocity pact. We all
know why Mr, Harris opposes the
pact. He likes the high fence. He
thinks it is splendid for a man of his
intelligence and capital to do business
in the United States antl for his company to spend two or three millions
there, but it is quite another matter
for the farmers who have wheat to
sell, The inconsistency of the pro
teutionists is glaring and ridiculous.—
Winnipeg Tribune.
Sells His Interest
The Spokeaman-Keview prints
the following interview with Jay P.
Graves, general manager of the
Granby Consolidated:
"We not only have closed up our
deal with the Hodgen Brothers, of
Butte and New York, for the 80 per
cent of the capital stock of the Hid
den Creek Mining company, which
we had under bond from them, hut
we also have arranged to purchase
the remaining 20 per cent of the
stock from Mr. Kodgers, who originally interested them in the property. The latter purchase will give
the Granby coinpany complete possession of the assets of the Hidden
Creek company, so we propose to
disincorporate the latter and turn nil
of its property over to the Granby
company as soon as possible."
The purchase of this property
will undoubtedly have a tendency
to strengthen Granby shares, as it
will add from 6,000,000 to U',0J0,
000 tons of ore averaging 2 per cent
copper, running as high as 15 per
cent in copper, and gold and silver
values as higb as 60 cents a ton.
It is quite evident that the law of
compensation makes all things equal
The rich mar. has ice in the summer,
and the poor man in the winter. The
hobo has the appetita but not the
price. The millionaire has the price
but no appetite. The editor gets his
hell in this world, while the delinquent subscribers get it in the next.
—Greenwood Ledge.
It is amusingly noticeable in the
Tory London papers coming to hand
how these refer constantly to Sir Wilfrid Laurier as the target for all criticism and the cynosure of all spiteful
eyes, "Sir Wilfrid, howeverf did
this or said that. .No matter what
similar views other colonial pnimiers
may have expressed, they scarcely
ever receivod editorial criticism. This
is true even when their position in the
conference was the same as that, of
Sir Wilfrid, We should think Canada's prime minister should feel proud
thus to be tlirecting the affairs of empire.—Victoria Times.
Forced to admit that Sir John A.
Macdonald and Sir John Thompson
favored in 1N91 just such a trade
Hgreement aa Canada has now enteral
into with the United States, the "Win
uipeg Conservative newspaper says:
"If Sir John A. Macdonald ami Sir
John Thompson hail lived up Uj the
present day, ami hail progressed
they would have done in thought ami
action with the progress of Canada,
they would have lieen tho head and
forefront of the opposition to red
procity as at present advanced." The
only way for the Tories is to represent
Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir John
Thompson as a pair of dunderheads,
not half as wise as the Conservative
leaders for today. The public will,
however, have ita own opinion about
this,—Manitoba Free Press.
P. M. Kerby, C.li, left yesterday
for Okanagan Mission to survey irrigation ditches.—Vernon New«,twenty
years ago.
Hotel Colin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed aod
newly furnished through*
nnt. Conveniently located
fur ruilwuy men. h'liat-
claas uccoiumodatlom for
transients. Board aod
nm in» Ity the week at pre*
viillhig ratei. Fine line ol
Willis, Liquor*and I'lgara
ulwityx lu Ntock at the Bar.
Grand forks, B. C.
  New Edition Issued Nov, 15, 1906.)
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Judge    "You are a freeholder!"
Talesman—"Yes, sir; I am."
Judge—"Married or single!"
Talesman—"Married    three   years
last June."
Judge—"Have you formed or expressed any opinion'!"
Talesman—"Not for three years,
your honor."—Success Magaziue.
She—"I consider, John, that sheep
are the stupides creatures living."
He (absent-mindedly)—"Yes, my
Mr.. Nuwed.—"Mary, for dinner 1
think we'll have boiled mutton with
caper sauce. Are there any capers in
the house!"
Mary—"No, ma'am."
Mrs. Nuwed—"Then go out in the
garden and cut some."—Harvard
The late David Graham Phillips
had, like many bachelors, a cynical
view of matrimony.
Mr. Phillips, at a well remembered
reunion of Princeton's class of '87,
at the Princeton club, snid of mar.
"The Persians have a proverb that
every young man should consider well
before proposing.   It runs—
" 'He that ventureth on matrimony is like unto one who thrustetli
his hand in a sack containing many
thousands of serpents and one eel.
Yet, if the Prophet so will it, he may
draw forth the eel,' "—New York
She—"Jack has a strong face."
He—"It  has  to be.    You should
see his wife."—Fort Worth Kecnrd.
Tom Moore was once at a dinner,
and opposite liiin sat a Mr. Heacli,
whose name Moore had seen in print
but had never heard prtinounced. The
poet addressed him politely as M r.
Keai'h, and he swelled up indignantly
and saitl:
"My name is He-ack, sir."
"Indeed!"   replied   Moore;   "well,
Mr. lteack, -will yon kindly   pass  me
a pe-ack!"—Kmporia Gazette.
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City and Suburban
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mlnpi'iMogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics nnd finances of
Copper. 11. is n prapical book, useful
to iill nml neoessary to most men en
gaged in nny branch of the coppes
Its fuels will pass muster with the
trained scientists, ntnl its language is
cattily iindot'atood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
ft lists and describes 4li,1fi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two liiies'tn siktcen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
tu lie tlie
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facta il gives him about mines,
mining mul tlie metal,
The investor needs the hook for the
fuels it gives hint ubout mining, mining investments und copper statistics.
Hundreds uf swindling companies are
exposed iu plain Knglish.
Price is So in Buckram with gilt
topj ST.5(1 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may lie returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
'453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, June 29.—The follow**
ling are today's opening quotation*! for
[the stocks mentioned:
Oranby Consolidated.    4 -MX)
B. C.   Copper       6.50
178X173 FT. LOT becwoeO
Second mid Thini streets,
just iilu'vc .Inllm*  l.r.irny »
„ and H* Gaw's placesi sep
arated from ull other pi,i|»rt i>- b> 10*It,
lane: a* Itiiri'ii- aevuii OF elk'ht uriliii.try lot*,
ml joining lot" ure worth ■*)•<•; "until iiihIic
nice home, witli Miil-llt'lf'tit ground fur elllOK*
huh. fruit.-..mliMi ntnl   Iuwn:  limit   doslmblo
oration In city.
;:. ACHBS mljoiiiinit
illy limit*,  on   lOUthl
ti aeres planted. Iiw
fruit trees) new four*
mii house t Imrn for ilx    lionet| liono,
iiiiL**_'>.*iiniiii<* hitmen  nod fnrmlM.  Implement*     All l"i |9_ND,    Kniv l<Tnm
room housei Kuril tf
iniL**_'>.*iinii,i,. hnrliei
immt<i    All for S'l.'U'.
traeii fruit I reei, barr
Will iil-i oi'M fin nitin
OiiH-lmlf cutli. Im In tw
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY nvitUtililr-lifiitilntnii (..unit within the
Kailwuy lli'lt of UntUli Columbia may tm
hontMteoded by any pertoowlio li tlm head
of ii fnmily. or nny muir over eighteen yeara
oingo, to the extent of one*qu.Qrter nertluu
uf lffl U'TPi, molt' or lnt_
Kutry iniiNt lie made peraonnUy nt tlm luval
linn) ,'ttiri* for the dlltrlot in \\ lili-h the land
Tin- homesteader ll rpiinireilto perform
tlm fotiilitioih, oQimetitea thpri'Wlth under
one of tbe following plans:
(1) At Iim*.' mIx months' ri*-i>li*iici_ unon and
iMiltivuiiun of the l.i-i.l in f-iich yenr lor three
C) If tli* fii'licr'.-r iiiutli.T. il tlo* ftitlit-r is
ileeeased), <•? tli<- homesteader ri-nii-*. niton a
farm in thi> vinlnlty or tin* lnnd t.ntnred fur.
the I'etlitlrementsai to reildenrr muy heoat**
lifted )•> mob person reslulng with the father
(in  if tin* iett|e> has hlsjieriTianentrest*-
detlOO iiihiii fnrmiiij.' Inml oWtlMl hy   bim In
th*1   vicinity  of Iii*. I i,'-ii*iii(. tin- iftiniif.
metitsas to rosldenoe. may be untintieii hy
retldeiioe upon the Mild himl.
>ix montbs! notice in urHlui; «hiiulil he
Itlvetl tlo* Cqmmlsslunorof Dominion I.tin.i*
ut Ottawa of intent ion to apply for pat 'oil.
Pool   t'oai nilniiiL'   riyhu un.v   hu  leawait
for a period of twenty one years nt an an-
ii mt i rental otfl oo per aore.  Notiuorothait
i.Unaores n.imll be le. ito ndlvldual >»i
coinpany, A royalty nt tha rateof DreoeaU
per ton shnll be rolleotauoti tin- mereBant*
able ooal mined,
w. W.COBY,
Deput) ot the Minister of tha Interior,
s.n.  Unauthorised   publication of   thli
advert Is eraeni «% ill nol in* paid fur.
nml three lots *.*.iii, n
one block of business
__ eioitrf:   lawn, ibade
trei*-. flint irei's,hun*) iiushi**, larjnffartleii,
win uiso skM fuimtiiri' of bou>u if aeslrod,
(lllH-llMlf ('lish, lull Hilt* It^ Ills.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yokk, Jum* 39—Silver 63;
stiinilaiil coppfir, $12.25(« l'-'.3;i, lit in.
Lonoo.v,    J una 29.—Silver, 24^;
lead, £13 6b 3d.
Vj   nilVs from trmn
',' room nonso,   plus'
en*il; htTe*' busvyibed,
_ . _  ._     »ooilsht*ii:    150    iru'
tiffs,   7lt beHrliiu; Vj   ui'res    ulrawtierrif
Koow.ttn.rrIi*s. fiirrniits, rusi'lt^rriHs: iffle from
frosti the best location around Orami Porkai
plenty  of goud  water) Irult mi i  orop in
! inlf il
Between ■'- ami i aores
in West  i ot oity;
iu i class soil, nil uu
m llm oultlvatlonj small
luniif. wouil-ltfil ami niiiimii.ini- . trell nud
pumi*; k I fenre This 1- it stifi'ldea, us ort liar l* ahotil to leave city, Terms,
Fnr further Information re
gardin<; tho above proportiM
call ui address
B. O.
Reoelve both. Ladles and Gentlemen ai real-
dent or dny students) hnsa eoniplotBCom-
in'n-i.lor   itushifks  Ooursei pn»pare» »tu-
dentstoraln Teaobers' Certitleuttik ut all
tfrades I slvek the four years1 oourse forthe
li. A.ilfcri'f'.nml the flrst jrvarolthe school
ofSclei oourse) In affiliation with tbe To*
rontoutuversltyi ima u ti t.ii proaiMietore*
epUtfO fur miners who work lu B.C. (nstruc-
tloo.Isalsojtlven in \n Mu,i,-, Phytlealc'oi-
ture and hlocuthiii. Tnrln up«?ua Sapt. U,
lWd,  FurCalaudari.eic, addreu
Oh, You Luke
There  was  a young  heiress  named
And a man named Lue Hook tried to
hook her;
But the heiress was shrewd,
Though her question was rude:
"Do you look at my looks, Luke, or
the Long List dnc
to This Famous Remedy.
Glanford Station, Ont—"I have taken
Lydia E.Pinkham'i
Vegetable Compound for yean
and never found
any medicine to
compare with it. I
had ulcere and falling of the uterus,
ana doctors did me
no good. I suffered
dreadfully until I
began taking your
medicine. It haa
also helped other
women to whom I have recommended
it. "-Mrs. Henr* Clark, Cianford
fetation, Ontario.
Another Cor*
Harvey Bank, N. B. -I can highly
recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to any Buffering
woman. I have taken it for female
weakness and painful menstruation
and it cured me. — Mrs. JOeVerb
Because your ease is a difficult one,
doctors having done you no good, do
not continue to suffer without giving
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. .It surely has cured
many cases of female ills, such aa inflammation, ulceration, displacements,
fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic
pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, indigestion, dizziness, and
nervous prostration. It costs but a
trifle to try it, and the result is worth
millions to many suffering women.
II yoo want special advice
write lor It ta Mrs. Plnkbam,
Lynn, Mass. II lo tree and
always bcIploL __.  .
The Insurgent Lady
A ,thin hatchet-laced woman stood
in the rear doorway of the car and refused to move up, although several'
times asked to do s© by the conductor.
"Move up, madam; move up," the
conductor shouted, pushing her
"I shan't do it," she said. "I
shan't move a peg!"
"Move up," insisted the conductor;
"plenty of room in the middle of the
"I shan't do it," said the womnn,
clinging to her strap.
Just then tt mnn run across the
track in front of the car and the
motorman put on the brakes hard.
The ear stopped suddenly. The womnn was pulled from her strap and
sent skittering up to the front end,
where she bunged ngninst the door.
From thnt position she glnneed back
at the conductor nnd shouted:
"Well, I'm here; but you didn't
make me come I"
Literary Triumph
Ambitious Author—Hurrah I Five
dollars for my latest story, "The Call
of the Lure!"
Fast Frientl—Who from?
I    Ambitious     Author—The     express
i company.     They   lost   it!—Woman's
Home Companion.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Beward
tor «ny oan of Catarrh that cannot be
ound by IUU'. Catarrh Oure.
F. J. CHENEY A OO., Toledo, 0.
We, th. undersigned, have known P. J.
Cheney tor the last IS year., and belle..
aim   perfectly  honorable  ln  all  bu.lne.,
'.ran.act.ion. and financially able to carry
jut any obligations made by hi, firm.
Wholesale Drufllata, Toledo, 0.
Hall'. Catarrh Core I. taken Internally,
utlns   directly   upon   the   blood   and
mucous  surface,  of  the  system.    Teitl-
nonial. «ent free.   Price He per bottle.
Md b» all drumllt.. ■ ..
Us Hall's Family Fills Isr oontipstioa.
Two beautifully dressed women got
on the car at Fifty-fifth street and
entered into a discussion of their
household cares and worries. Finally, when the subject of jellies was
reached, one said to the other:
"Yes, we tried some crnh apples
this year,'but the stuff wouldn't jell,
aid we had to give it to the Salvation
Never use soap on linoleum. To
brighten rub with a cloth wet in
linseed oil after the floor haa been
washed up and well dried.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat.-At
the flrst symptom, of .ore throat, which
presages ulceration and inflammation,
take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil. Add a little sugar to it to make it
palatable. It will allay the irritation and
prevent the ulceration and .welling that
are so painful. Those who were periodically subject to quinsy have thus made
themselves immune to attack.
The busiest thing in thc world is
idle curiosity.
Minard's Liniment ussd by physicians
Many a swanlike neck is supporting
a goose head.
For Food
The Stomach Seems Played Out and
the Appetite Fickle
The   Digestive System is Overloaded
With  Poisons—Relief Comes
With the Use of
Weak stoninch, loss of appetite, indigestion and nil the accompanying
symptoms nf pnins, nehes, fatigue
mul luck of energy, tend to make
the springtime anything hut joyous
fnr many people.
The Bystom is full of poisons, the
lilnoil is Impure, the liver nnd kidneys Imve been overworked in nn
effort to remove the waste mutter nnd
Imve (ailed. This Accounts for the
biliousness, the eonstipution, the
liiiekticlie.s nml hondaoheft,
How is this condition to bo overcome? There is no quicker or more
certain wny Hum hy the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ills. This
treatment gets lhe liver and kidneys
in art ion at once untl insures regular movement ol tho bowels.
The poisonous wnste matter which
hns been clogging the digestive system is removed nnd the organs of
digestion nre ennhled to properly
perform their duties.
Appetite ia sharpened, you eat
your food with a relish, the stomaoh
is strengthened, the vital orgnns get
the nourishment they require, and
vigor nntl energy are restored.
There is no reason for anyone who
knows of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills to have impure blood or to
suffer the annoyance of tired, spring
feelings. One pill a, dose, 25c. a box,
at nil dealers or Edmanson, Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
W. N. U., Ns. MT.
F. Tipplns had suffered for years and
spent hundreds on doctors and
medicines, but found the real cure
at last.
Tippins P.O., Que. (Special).—If
Dodd's Kidney Pills have a more enthusiastic friend anywhere in Canadn
thnn Mr. F. Tippins, postmaster here,
we would like to henr from him. And
Mr. Tippins is always ready to tell
why he praises the grent Kidney
"After recovering from an attack of
Grippe," the postmaster says, "I took
a pain in my back. I suffered for
nearly three years and it kept grow,
ing worse all the time. I was attend,
ed by all the doctors around' but got
no relief, and I got so bad I had to
keep to my bed. After spending
about $200 on doctors and medicines
I gave up all hope.
"One day I told my wife to go and
get me a box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
and that would be the last medicine I
would try. After using about half
the box I began to flel better, so I
kept on taking them. When I had
taken two boxes I was able to get
up, and ten boxes cured me completely."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure where all
other medicines fail.
Pat'r Idea of Art
Two Irishman were at the Art
Museum one day and were looking at
the statute of Venus de Milo.
"And they call that art!" said Pat.
"8ure," said Mike.
"Well, Mike," said Pat, "if you coll
that art, come down to the beach and
look at me.   I'm going in swimming."
Beautiful Six Color Picture ol
OAN PATCH 1:51 tat MINN BEIt llH
(Slue Him Inches.)
HTYou roust name This paper sot stats
how much live stock you own.
Write to us for this picture.
For years Mother Grave.' Worm Exterminator haa ranked aa the moat effective preparation manufactured, and ' it
alwaya maintain.! its reputation.
Heard From
My little hoy, aged four, was very
naughty, and as I had spoken to him
several times, I said to him;
"Roger, if you don't behave you'll
henr from me."
After n few seconds' grnve thought
he responded:
"All right.   Send me h postal."
Reasonable Doubt
The teacher had called upon Freddie
Brown to give an illustration of the
proper manner in which to compare
the adjective "clean."
"Mother is clenn," said he, falter-
ingly; "father is—cleaner—" Here lie
"And," prompted the teacher.
Freddie wns still silent and very
"Haven't you some other relative?"
asked the teacher, smiling.
"Oh, yes," replied Freddie, "there's
auntie—but I ain't sure about her!"
The ease with which corns and warts
can be removed by Holloway'a Corn Cure
is it. strongest recommendation. It
seldom fails.
Backwoods Luxury
A Boston sport, happened to miss
his train und stoppetl nt a farmhouse
in the backwoods of Mnine. The following morning he nsked the farmer
liow much he owed him.
"Well," said the farmer, "you hnd
supper, then you went down cellar
nnd drunk pretty nenr all my eider,
yer made love to my daughter, yer
kissed my wife, nml ye hud u bed nntl
yer hnd hreiikliist this morning. Do
you think ten cents is too much?"
Ask lor Minard's and tsks no other.
Careless Talk
Pastor—John tlo you—er—ever use
strong Inngunge?
John (gunrdedly)—Well, Sir, I—I
nitty he a little keerless-like in my
speech at times.
Pastor—Ah, I'm sorry, John. But
we will converse ubout that some
other time. Just now I wnnt you to
go to the plumber's nnd settle this
bill for $12 for thawing out n water
pipe. And you might talk to the man
in a careless sort of way, as if it
were your own bill.
'Yes, I hnd ten children. They oil
grew up and married off."
"I suppose it is lonesome now at
"Oh, no. Every once in a while one
of them gets a divorce and wanders
The only medicine a mother should
give her little ones i.s one she can
give nnd feel absolutely snfe thnt not
the slightest harm will result — a
medicine that is guaranteed strictly
free from injurious drugs. Such a
medicine is Bnby's Own Tablets—
every box is sold under such a guarantee nnd the mother mny feel perfectly safe in giving them to even the
new-born babe. Concerning them
Mrs. Albert E. Wood, London, Ont.,
says: "I have found Baby's Own Tablets all that is claimed for them. My
baby has had them from birth and
will take them eagerly. I am sure
there is no better medicine for little
ones." The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Well, Than?
"Did you hear about the new fad
for ladies?"
"No, what is it?"
"They're going to have pockets in
their stockings."
"Well, that's a good one. Won't
it be funny to see all the ladies walking down the main street with their
hands in their pockets?"
|        WOVEO ITS INVA11IAW.8 W0WB.
_ Kiho, alta., lo-io-io.
The international Stock Food Co., Toronto Ont.-ttentlemen: I leel in honor
bound lo oiler you my testimonial In favor
of your stock food, i have used It faithfully this summer and proved Its Invaluable worth. It made my pigs now, the
results were simply marvelous. I would
not be without It (or anything. My hone,
got a very nasty distemper cough In the
spring, but the food cleaned It completely
outolthelr system and tbey went through
the Spring work line and came out of It
rolling fat. Please duplicate my last
order. Mrs. Coe requests me to tell you
that your Poultry Food Is excellent, that
feeding your Poultry food doubles the
quantity of eggs; In fact, It could not be
better for ecg production and keeping the
fowl healthy.—Yours sincerely,
(8gd.)     ALF. R. Cos.
The Great Animal Tonic
Is sold hy over ira.«o dealers on a spot
cash guarantee that Its uae will eost you nothing unless you get paying result!. If It
ever fall, your money will Be promptly refunded. l.ur.illM.1, Stock F«. Us. trongly
concentrated medicinal preparation composed ol roots, herns, seeds, harks, etc., and
Is equally good for horses, colts.cows, calve.,
hogs, pigs, sheep, gnat., etc. It 1. fed In
small amount, mixed with grain and purifies
the Mood, tones up and strengthens lhe system aad greatly aids digestion and assimilation, so that each animal obtains mora
nutrition from all food taker.  It Is hi
evirate MM Hat        	
. mlollaM ar ukt> Ira
or keep, your .lock ln
lh.-,*M«. that U
(pod condition, and as International stock
Food laeresses assimilation It will saw m
money, tt will make yon more monev tl»u
you ean possibly make without Its use. It
also cores and prevents many forms nf
disease, and I, absolutely harmless, even If
token Into the human system. International
Stock Food ll endorsed by over two million
fanners who have used lt for years. The
editor of your farm paper will tell you we do
exactly as we agree, and as reference we
give you the Traders Bank of I anada.
Baa oue Dsalsrs, er writs us with rsfisJte our rWH THI ALOFrCW
The end of nn argument is better      Town criers were abolished    when
than either side ol it. women's clubs were organised.
earn Offices:
The best equipped factory for pre
during Counter Check Book*
in Canada.
50,000 CheekhoZks
********* per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Nol In ths Trust)
Wo nni puMlshere to sst n our (fonts In all Msnltsba, Saskatchewan,
Alker-U an. Br.tl.h Columbia towns   Writs us Isr esndltlons snd prices
in Cash Prizes for Farmers
Your Photograph May
Win a Prize
AMONG ths prists we are ottering In our bit neighborhood.    Br this meant    ^JJvVCOCNT
Prise Contest Is one ol 1100.00 (Prise "O") you art placed on an equal loot- ~~    J
for tht farmer In taeh Provinco who fur- Ing with every other contestant,
nlthtt ut with a photograph showing the best of Get tht circular, which gives you
any particular kind of work dont on hts farm full particulars of the conditions and of
during 1*11 with "CANADA" Cement.    For thli the other three prises.    Every dealer who sells
prize, work of every description Is Included. "CANADA" Cement will have on hand a supply
Now just ai soon ai you flniih that now tlio. ?' Jh"J fc'rc"!'""*-"* he'" fv*> *oa on» » •*"•«
tarn,  feeding  floor or dairy,  that  you*v.  been i"'V*/" "',___M' y0U ".""J' Tm 5" u" ,h*
thinking of building, why not photograph It and J""*!'/0"1?"-0' ! p0'tc"'1 »'",4»-iond it
tend the picture to us!   Th. photograph do.in't J.™ "* y"J" "c„"™   *" oom«"*,t« *1*"»***> •'
n.c.tsarlly have to te taken  by a professional ,h* conte,t by relurn maU-
or an expert.    In fact, your son's or your daugh- If you haven't received your copy of "What
ter's camera will do nicely.    Or, falling thia, you *he Farmer Can Do With Concrete," writs for     j
■night uae the kodak of your neighbor'! son near- that, too.    It's a finely Illustrated book ot      r
by.    In any event, don't let the Idea of I'D pages full of useful and praotloal In-      f
having a photograph made deter you formation of the utei of concrete. ^r
«.__.     'ro!n •nt?rln« the competition.  Par- WrUe u, t0.nlght, and you,„ Mc , W.
raMg&s.     t"r\llZalertotZtX ">• "«k and th. circular prompt,,'      A-
•_»r*?*?*#'^jSV.        ca,e* wher« " '" not c°nv»n|- Do   not   delay—tit   right  down-    X ^.(cinuij
C^efri'^aJttSfn. en' for the farmer to pro- take your pen or pencil, tad (IU       f «nd bosk,
curt   a   camera   In   tht out tht coupon NOW. f w
Canada Cement Company, Limited, X	
\W/' NsHscal Buk BaUdlaf. Mo_rt_*Ml SaiAtme	
~~ ^■VBamMamMBHHHmMMMmMamma^bmmHmmam'.iiiii
_________ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The Sale of an I
It Brought • Fortune to ■ Family
That It Hsd
Copyright by American Prats Asm-
• SS
When I went Into my now bouse I
desired to here one room In It ts antique ts possible. Tbat room la mj
library. Among tbe furniture I desired was t desk. 1 looked about everywhere for one thit I could be sure
was very old and tt list found one
that filled my wishes. Upon getting
It Into my library 1 unlocked every
drawer tnd after dusting tt wiped lt
wltb t damp cloth. 1 noticed tbtt
every bit of spice ln tbe desk was
converted Into use except t reotaugu-
Itr ires wblcb seemed to btve been
omitted. A bit of veneering is large
at tbe tip of'my flnger bad become
loosened. In pressing on It 1 released
t secret drawer. Tbere wis only one
piece of piper in the drawer, bnt It
wis Important It wis addressed on
the back to Peter Drtseoll ind wu
dated April 6. 18115.   It read:
Send th. balance of tht property at
not or take tbt conaequencea.
I tm endowed with t fair amount
of curiosity snd, forrumtely for me,
bsve tbe means to gratify lt I telephoned t prominent detective igency
to tend me t good min. lt sent
me Evan Bunt Showing bim my
desk, 1 told bim where I bsd bought.
It tnd directed him to trace IU ownership. Tbe next day be reported thit
tbe storekeeper from whom 1 hsd pur
cbssed It bid obtained It from tbe
estate of Peter Drtseoll. ■ mm wbo
bid been found murdered one morning ln his bed.
I wis very much moved by the news.
1 ssw it once tbit tbe discovery of tbe
piper plated upon me tn obligation to
tun tbe letter over to tbe authorities.
But is I sm of ■ retiring disposition I
did not relish being mixed up ln ■
murder cue. I concluded to prosecute
my investigations further before miking tbe mttter public. Pledging my
detective to secrecy, I showed bim tbe
paper I bad taken from the desk snd
directed Mm to And tbe writer. The
signature "Nemo" wu undoubtedly assumed. But tbe detective believed the
handwriting wu tbat of the person
who bad made tbe demand since tbose
who levy blackmail are not likely to
Impart a knowledge of wbat they are
doing to any one else.
It wu fully ■ month before be reported tbtt be bid found ■ man wbom
he believed to be tbe writer of tbe
letter. No clew had ever been fonnd
to lead the i-ollce to tbe murderer of
Peter Drtseoll. Bunt had secured an
acquaintance wltb Drlaeoll's family.
Tbey bid been rich, but discovered it
the death of their fitter thit tbe property, wblcb bid consisted of Interest
bearing stocks and bonds, bsd disappeared. Tbey bad concluded that he
had been speculating and lost It Tbey
had been obliged to give up tbe baud-
some bouse in which they lived and
hid sold their furniture st auction.
Hunt questioned them to discover If
they suspected their tether's property
hid pissed to tbe mm wbo bid writ-
ton tbe letter, but found tbey bad
■ever beard of him.
A great many discoveries ire stumbled on. Bunt stumbled on tbe msn
wbo wrote tbe letter. Be talked witb
every one wbo hid known Drtseoll
and learned Incidentally from one ot
DrlscoU'e acquaintances, a banker,
tbat Drtseoll had kept ao account with
bim. Bunt succeeded In Inducing the
man to let him bave a peep at Oris-
coil's sccount One mm. m Italian
Mined Veehl. hsd received large
amounts for wblrb tbere was no ex-
plmition. Bunt tben uked Drtscoll't
widow to permit bim to look over ber
busbiml's papers. Among them be
found a letter tbe handwriting of
wblcb corresponded with that of tbt
note I hid discovered. In the note It
wu disguised, but not so successfully
but that Bunt suspected It wss tbe
nine u In the letter be hsd compered
It wltb. An expert proved thst he wu
right Veehl lived as s poor man,
keeping a shop in which he dealt In
odds and ends, curiosities, snd did
something tn tbe wsy of autographs
of prominent persons.
When we bid laid our plsns I went
with Bnnt to Techl's shop. The Italian had u disagreeable a flee u any
man I ever knew. I shuddered it bit
knowing we possessed bis secret lest
be murder ut to prevent our giving It
to the authorities.   Hunt said to him:
"Do you buy autographs here?"
.   "Sometimes."
"I bave one I would like to eell you.**
"Whose autograph It lt?"
"Not a very distinguished person.
Nevertheless we ask a large price for
"I don't with to buy any autograph.
tor a large price."
"You will pay a fortune tor this one.
I am sura, when yea know whose it
"Whose Is Itr
"Your own."
Tbe man gave an Involuntary Mart
Dp to this time bo did not suspect we
bad any other motive tban to aell a
bona Ode autograph. Bunt'a words
"Tour own" ud tbe way tbe detective
looked it bim assured bim Ibat we bad
come on a very different errand.
"Let me tee It" aaid the autograph
dealer In a low voice.
"I will read you the note to which It
to signed," uld Hunt
I had arranged with But tbat when
be drew the note I wu to put my
band In my side pocket and grasp a
revolver. I did so, and Bunt standing
wall away from the Italian that bt
mlgbt not natch tbs piper, reid whit
wu written, ending with the word
"Nemo." Veehl heard bit doom In tbe
words md turned ghastly white. Bunt
wilted for him to speak, keeping bis
eyea riveted on bim the while.
"Bow much do you ask for Itr Dually Veehl asked.
"sly friend bere." replied the detective, pointing to me, "Is Its owner. Be
Intends to give the proceeds of Its sale
to tbe family of tbe mm to whom this
note wis addressed and who was"—
Veehl staggered.   Bunt continued:
"The price Is certain stocks and
bonds tbat passed to this man Nemo.
If tbey are ill returned tbe note will be
returned to tbe writer to do wbit be
likes wltb It md no steps will be token In the cue. If every security Is
not given up Nemo will be arrested before be can leave bis shop."
Veehl seemed to be thinking for s
few moments, after wblcb be uked:
"Tell me the amount"
We did nut know tbe amount but
bad provided for this.
"Tou tlone know the tmount it
present but since we know tbst this
property his passed Into the irosses-
slon of Nemo we cm it tny time discover tbe exsct tmount If we discover thst he his withheld iny of ll
we miy reopen tbe case."
Veehl stood wavering. Whether he
wu hesitating an to tbe amount he
would return or whether to defy ua I
don't know. Presently be said:
"I will buy your autograph, gentlemen, but I hive not Ibe urice here.
(tome of then recognised hlml and
lastly told of our visit to Vecbl'a shop.
It wu interesting to watcb their feature! during my recital of our Interview with tbe blackmailer, tbey growing more and more Intent till tbe delivery of the property. When tbe recital waa finished I took tbe securities
from my pocket tnd handed them to
Mrs. Driscoll, saying:
"There are securities affording an
annual Income of 120,000, In considers,
tion of whicb we have taken tbe liberty of giving Indemnity sgslnst prosecution for blackmail and"—
I shrank from speaking tbe dreadful
word murder.
Every member of tbe family approved of all I had done and acknowl.
edged In every possible way their indebtedness for tbo great favor I bad
done tbem. Before I left tbe bouse
every one of ns took an oath never to
reveal anything ot wbat bad happened.        '
Mrs. Driscoll afterward informed mt
that so far at she could discover tbe
equivalent of all the securities net
husband hsd poaaeased wu returned,
Some 18,000 ln cash wu unaccounted
mVa. «V>MO
vaOBi biabd Hia noon.
You mutt go with me to my house. -
We went with bim, it be suggested.
I walking on one side of him. Bunt on
the otber. Bunt md I each hiving t
bind on t revolver concealed. Wben
we retched tbe houas Veehl took us
Into t room, locked the door aod uld:
"Wbat guarantee have I that you
will keep your word?"
"None whatever," said Bunt "You
must rely on tbe promise of ■ gentleman."
Hiking ■ virtue of necessity, be
opened i closet door, exposing i safe
tlmbedded In tbe wall. Tbe site being
painted like the wall, only Its keyhole
was perceptible, introducing the key,
be otiened the safe door and took out
1 large bundle of securities. I looked
tbem over and knew tbe value of most
of them. I judged they were worth between 1350.000 and $4(10.000. Tbey
were mostly coupon bonds, not the
same property that bad been transferred by Driscoll to VectiL
"Is this all?" asked Bunt
"Everything." replied Veehl. "I have
no desire to leave anything amiss tbat
will reopen this matter."
"Perhaps my friend," said Bunt
"may wish to know tbs bold you bad
on Driscoll."
"I bave no such desire," I uld. "The
property Is returned, and tbat Is sufficient Tbe secret of blackmail If told
might bring distress on an Innocent
family, (ioodbg, Mr. Nemo. So fir u
this matter Is ln my possession you
may consider it closed."
We went from the shop to the Dris-
eolls', where Mrs. Driscoll answered
my card In person.   I uld to her:
"Madam, I have in important announcement to make to you, and I de-
sire tbnt you cell into the room your
sons md daughters to bear It"
Surprised, she complied with my request and her children, mostly grown,
were summoned. When they were all
assembled 1 told Ihe story of my purchase of the desk and the flndlng of
tbe paper In the secret drawer. Then
• ".ured unon Bunt's Investigations
A Polite Requttt.
Mr. Henry David Er-kine, C.V.O.,
Sergeant-at-Arms of the British House
ol Commons, will be the recipient ol
several presentations Irom his admirers in the House in commemoration ol his golden wedding aniver.
sary. Mr. Krskine was barn on Janu-
ary 6, 1838, and was educated at
Harrow. He served in the 30th Regi.
ment and the Scots Fusilier Guards
from 1854 to 1861. took part in the
Crimea, and was Groom of the Robes
to the late Queen Victoria for over
thirty years. He has been Serjeant-
at-Arms for twenty-six years, and his
reminiscences of the House over that
lengthy period would make fascinat-
intr reading.
Perhaps the most exciting incident
during his tenure of the post was the
historic free fight of July, 1893. more
exciting even than the expulsion ol
Mr. Bradlaugh. Mr. Erskine's en.
deavors to restore order were pathetic.
In the midst of the scrimmage he
went up to a well-known Nationalist
member who was with his hat on just
st the gangway, and politely requested him to be uncovered. He received
a courteous refusal, on the ground
that in such a scene both hands were
required to he unencumbered for sell-
defence if necessary.
"Well, then," said the sergeant,
"will you go into one of the division
"What?" was the reproachful reply, "are you seriously ar-king me to
miss such a sight a; this?"
The sergeant thereupon went else,
where on his mis.-ion oi pacification.
There  Were Others.
An eminent Nonconformist divine,
who is addicted to the unpopular habit of snug-taking, had been lecturing
to the literary society ol one of the
churches of the denomination he
adorns. The delivery .1 the lecture
was accompanied throughout by the
insertion of copious ru intltlei ef "thc
sneeshin' " in the olfactory organ.
At the conclusion of the lecture ■
somewhat important, elde'ly gentle-
] man came for.'nrd to c.er his congratulations, which were, however,
modified by the closing remarks:—
"But don't you think, sir, thnt in
tho presence ol so many young pe>
fie it's a pity to take snuff so freely?
t only makes your nose red!" .
Gravely and at once came the reply:
"Sir, some people may make their
noses red by taking snuff; some make
their notes red by taking drink; there
are others who make their noses red
by poking them into other people's
Convicted Man Tells of Historic Bat>
ties ind Qilltnt Rtscuss.
Like t novel in epitome wu ■ written statement handed in to a London
magistrate recently by a man, against
whom were- three separated charges
of stealing boots.
The writer of the autobiography
was Roger, alias Patrick Hayes, aged
thirty-three years, of Blomfield road,
Bow. The boots stolen were the property of various boot dealers in the
East End ol London.
Hayes at once pleaded guilty to all
three charges, "in order," he said,
"to save the time of the court." His
written statement, as read by the
magistrate, was u follows:
"I am an ex-P.C. of the Royal Irish
Constabulary, and resigned from that
force to take part in the Jameson
Rtid. I wu sent baek from Cape
Colony with others when the leaders
were captured. On returning to London I joined the Scots Guards, and
went through the Boer war, receiving
the Queen's and King's medals and
clasps for 'Diamond Hill,' 'Belfast,'
'Johannesburg,' 'Modder River,'
'Paardeberg,' and 'Doomkop.'"
The document went on to tell how
Hayes was promoted corporal on tbe
field of "Belfast."
"For courageous conduct in the firing line, and later, at Jericho, in the
Eastern Transvaal, was the means of
saving twenty of my comrades, who
would have been either killed or captured. For this I received the tharVs
and commendation of the general and
officers of the column. I was invalided from South Africa for heart disease and debility, occasioned by the
heavy marching and privations of the
campaign, and subsequently transferred to the Reserves.
Then came the tragedy of the story,
in which the writer said he could get
no work by reason of his invalidity,
and must now lose all hope of pension:
"In 1907 I wss taken off the Reserves, and granted fifteenpence a day
for twelve months. That ceased in
July, 1909. The question of the renewal of the pension is under the
consideration of the War Office authorities now, and is getting support
from the general officer that commanded my division, but thia disgrace will speedily terminate any
good that may accrue.
"I found that being invalided for
heart disease was the greatest barrier
against my getting employment in the
police, postoffice, or any railway company, and on that account my work
has been temporary and casual, and
is the means ot my standing before
you now."
Hayes, it was said, had already
been bound over under the Probation
Act, both at the Sessions and in the
City, and the court missionary, and
the officers about the court, had helped him.
He wu sentenced to three months
in the second division on account ol
his health.
Matchless, Yet Forlorn.
The following announcement appeared in The Berliner Tageblatt: "A
young lady of a highly-esteemed and
noble family, as beautilul a, Helen,
a.i thrifty as Penelope, as economical
as the Electress Marian of Brandenburg, as sprightly as Mme. de Stael,
a singer like Mile. Breval, a dancer
like La Cento, a pianist like Rosa
Kastner, a violinist like Teresita Mal-
nollo, a harpist like La Bertrand. a
» ulptor like Princess MuriedXIrleans,
as austere as l.ucrece, as charitable
as St. Elisabeth uf Hungary, as devout as Nightingale, huviug at command a large fortune, lacking masculine acquaintance, seeks u husband
by the newspaper agency."
A Thriity German City.
Hamburg carts some ol its garbage
and house reluse into the outlying districts, where the stuff is plowed under the fields as fertilising material.
Ths rest ol it is incinerated. The product of the incinerating lurnaces goes
upon the market. The iron is sold st
public auction, and the slag it disposed of. The fine cinders go M a
top dressing on the promenades, other Bines as a top dressing on roads,
the largest into road foundations. It
Is also used in concrete. Another use
ia for filling material between floors
snd ceilings.
Scott Wss Rated ss s Dunes.
As a hoy Walter Sco(t gave few Indications of his coming greatness and
was described by one of bis esrly preceptors ns "the boy that bos the thickest skull in the school." Afterward at
Edinburgh university the future "wis-
ard" wns thus epitomised hy une of
the lending professors. "Dunce be la.
and dunce be will remain."
Artistic Enthusiatm.
An amusing letter of apology, in
broken English, waa left in the Roman villa at Brading, near Sandown,
Isle of Wight, a place of great interest
to antiquaries, when it was broken into on Easter Sunday. The offence was
I apparently committed by a visitor
from Holland, as explained in the
following note:—
"I wanted to see and appreciate
that famous Roman art. I was so unfortunate to come here from Holland
on Sunday. You refused nie to enter
on account of it being Sunday. 1 did
everything I could to convince you
in vain.
"Nothing was left to me than to see
it in a manner which is not the regular one. I climbed on the roof, but
could not see through the windows.
So then I broke the window. I give
the sixpence (price of admission) to
a poor of the isle.—Excuse me.
The authorities are searching lor
the offender and also for the person
who received the sixpence.
Modern Haartltstntti,
It has remained for England,
through the operation of her oltl age
pension law, to afford the world perhaps the most striking example ol the
heartlessness ol the present uge. This
law provides tliat those entitled to its
benefit cannot receive the aid offered
so long as they are inmates of almshouses. In the search for homes
which is being carried forwurd by the
unfortunate, would-be receivers of old
age pensions there has come a saddening revelation of the supposed
strength of family feeling. Out of
628 old men and women entitled tc
leave a certain workhouse on old age
pensions only 37 were sure that they
would be welcomed by relatives. As
a matter ol fact, It waa eventually
found thnt only nine nl this number
really had homes to winch they could
"A Michievou. Imp."
Some interesting recollections of Sir
Rufus Isaacs, the new Solicitor-General, nre given in The Jewish World
by one who was st school with him.
He was, it seems, the very worst ol
boys from the schoolmaster's point
uf view. "Lessons he left unlearnt,
class-work he shirked, and mischief
was his only devotion. Nor waa he
mischievous only in himself—he delighted in inspiring others in his
'wicked ways.' Indeed, my recollection of the Solicitor-General is always
associated with a demoniacal young
mischievous imp, with sparkling eyea.
who whs always in disgrace or being
caned, and yet withal wis ever merry
and deliriously humorous,"
For the Children
Dsmenstratlen ef the Pulling
Power ef a Small  Magnet
Replying to tbe question from one ot
Its readers, "Why does t magnet pullI"
the editor of Ht Nlcholu uyt:
No oue knows Just wby or how a
magnet pulls. As with electricity, wa
know ooly tbe result of tbe power and
some methods of its use.
Bowever, your Inquiry suggested tbe
question of bow much a small magnet
can pull. To test this 1 tied the armature to Ihe "platform" of au ordinary weighing scale for family use.
Then I tied a etrong cord to tbe loop
of tbe magnet put the cord through
a hook screwed to the table snd pulled.
Wben I wu not trying to take a
photograph 1 could pull It dowu to Bve
■nd three-quarter pounds, and tbere It
broke away. For an exposure of ten
seconds I could not bold it steadily
enough at a point much beyond thst
shown In the accompanying Illustration.
Try It You will be surprised to see
how many pounds merely a little toy;
magnet can pull.
If one hnd a series of weights each
not much over Ave pounds, what a
grand total the little "horseshoe" could
lift In a series of repeated efforts,
eicb effort being it lu limit of puwerl
A Pueblo Denos.
The flecks or arrow dance Is picturesque as practiced by tbe Pueblo Indians In Artioua. One of tbe braves la
led before bis friends, who are drawn
up In two ranks. Here he Is placed on
one knee, bow and arrow In bis band,
when the Mallnchl. a handsomely attired young girl, commences tbe dance.
From ber right wrist bsngs tbe skin
of a silver gray fox, and bells tbat Jingle wltb every motion ire fastened to
the end of ber embroidered scarf.       i
At first Ibe maiden dances slong tha
line In front by her movements describing the warpath. Slowly, steadily, abe purtiues: tben suddenly her stop
quickens ss sbe come* In sight of ber
enemy. The brave follows her wltb
bis eye md by tbe motion of bis hettt
Implies thui she Is right. 8he dsoeea
faster and faster, tben suddenly seise*
the arrow from him sod by frgntle
gestures makes It plain that tbe debt
bas begun In earnest She points with
Ibe arrow, sbows bow It wings Ita
course, how the scalp wu token tnd,
ber tribe victorious. As she concludes
ber dance she returns tbe arrow to
tbe brave. Firearms are discharged,
and the whole party wends Its way to
the public squire to make room for
other parties, who keep up the dance
until dark.-t'bk'sgo News.
Why ts a coward like « leaky burrell
They bulb run.
What Is tbat which never aiks questions, yel requires many answers? Tha
What la that which goes up Ihe bill
and down the bill md yet stands still I
Tbe mad.
Wbat ship Is It that no woman oh.
Jecit to embark In?   Courtship.
What Is that which Is full of I
ind yet holds wtter?   A spongsi
A Pltee ef Cindy.
Wbo says randy la not good to sett
Mrs. Harsh Bush, who Uvea ln Kirk-
wood. I'u.. likes candy, and sbe often
gets some to eut She bought tutus a
week ur so ago and ate part uf It She
began un auulber piece, aud her teem
crunched on something bard. A piece
of nutshell? Ob. no; It waa not a
piece of numliell. it was s dlnuiuiut,
that's nil. and It looked ss If It might
have come from a ring worn by the
person ibat made tbe candy.
Royal Maneges.
According to the Royal Marriage Act
any royal marriage without the King's
content is Illegal By thia not. passed 1772, it is provided that nil de-
icendanti ol Qeorge 11. other than
the issue ol princesses married into
Io. 'ign houses lire Incapable ol con-
.rii.'iiiisr marriage without the consent
,»f the rcljnlnn sovereign. According-
j ly the King has the right ^1 veto in
tli.' marriage not only of his childreu
and grandchildren, but also of hii
brothers and sisters, uncles und aunts,
nephews end nieces, and their de-
rcetidnnt. unto uu undefined iiumbel
if genciatiuns. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr$ four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, ._»■_» Columbia p. o,
A. B. Doeksteader, census commissioner for this district, is anxious, in order thnt the census returns shull Was complete as possible,
that every one who believes tbat for
any reason he believes he has been
missed by tbe enumerator of his
division, or has [reason to believe
that he may be missed, will notify
him or any one of the enumerators
at once.
Potatoes have beena luxury in this
city for some time, but tbe new crop
promises to be large, and the end of
the famine in this staple commodity
can now be seen with the naked
The rainfall during the past week
has been copious enough to satisfy
even the man without an ejectric
irrigation plant.
There are enough Jim Hill mustard plants in the environs of this
city to start a mixed pickles establishment or a breakfast food factory.
■ W. A. Harkin, formerly of this
oity, has again joined the reportorial
staff of the Vancouver Province.
The Western Press company, now
being organized, will, it is reported,
publish papers at Vernon, Revelstoke, Nakusp, Phoenix and other
The recent rains have militated,
to a considerable extent, against the
usefulness of Peter A. Z. Pare's irrigation plant. Mr. Pare, however,
states that the plant is important as
an object of perfection to show to
visitors. He has not yet given up
all hope of impressing the plant into
aome useful service tbis summer.
If the rain continues much longer,
he thinks it will be valuable for
pumping the water ol! his ranch into
tbe river.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hitchie and Miss
May Spraggett left on Wednesday
for Vancouver and otber coast cities,
where they will spend a short vacation.
Owing to the breakage last week
of a vital part of Tbe Sun press,
which could not be repaired in a
hurry, the paper was a few minutes
late in making its appearance on the
streets. Tbe Sun acknowledge, the
courtesy of its contemporary for the
use of its press.
George Stoeker has let a contract
to B. Johnson for the clearing of his
30-acrc tract opposite the C.P.R.
depot nt Cascade. He will plant
fruit trees next spring.
Mrs. 1. R. Poole, of Cascade, is
visiting relatives at St. John, N. B
Mrs. Iv Spraggett is visiting
friends at Christina lake.
A. McCulloch, chief engineer of
the Kettle Valley lines, left Midway
for Penticton this week.
The Methodist song service on
Sunday evening, July -, will  be aB
follows: Doxology; Lord's prayer,
congregation; hymn, • "Jesus, tbe
Very Thought of Thee"; prayer;
anthem, "0 Come Let Us Worship,"
MrB. Davis and choir; scripture
reading; koIo, "Does Jesus Care?"
Arnold Carter; hymn, "Jesus, We
on the Word Depend"; offering;
anthem, "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought," choir; address, Kev. J.
Calvert; solo, "Jerusalem," Mrs. K.
Davis; hymn, "Art Thou Weary,
Heavy Laden?" benediction.
If you arc suffering from indigestion
and the attendant distressed stomach
you should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Shafer, of 230 Qneens St. 8.', Berlin,
Ont., says: ' 'For years I have been a
sufferer from acute indigestion, whicli
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na Tablets and they liure done
mo more good than anything I have
ever used. 1am now moro free from
this trouble than 1 have been for
vears, .1 inn pleusetl to endorse ntnl
recommend this remedy to all who
surfer with stomach trouble,'1
Haiiieiiiber Mi-n nn Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chl'onio its -
ligestion and turn the old stomach
into n new one in a few weeks. All
Ituggists, DOc a box nr postpaid from
The It. T. Booth Co., Ltd.* Fort Erie,
Out. Sod and guaranteed by 11. li,
Woodland & Co.
Prank Fritz, of this city, is reported to have found a deposit of
copper ore in the Steamboat camp.
The Stewart Miner says that the
Granby coinpany will build a L'000-
ton smelter at Goose bay that will
have a weekly payroll of $42,000.
Evidently meant $42,000 a month.
G. W. Fairweather, of Republic,
was in the city yesterday.
It is estimated that the Granby
company now has 13,000,000 tons
of ore in its mines—7,000,000 tons
at Hidden Creek and 6,000,000 tons
in Phoenix.
Harry  Dickenson   has  taken  a
thirty days' option on the Elkhorn
mine, in Greenwood camp, for #30,
000.   He expects to sell  the   property to Spokane capitalists.
For Sale at a Bargain—Twohorss
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granbv 17,929     455,241
Mother Lodo  5,1570     150,355
Jackpot      Soli       14,353
Rawhide  4,940       90,403
Athelstan       227 1,1136
Lone Star      413 2,45(1
Napoleon      555        '2,945
Insurgent  102
Snowshoe         43,900
No. 7  1,35(1
I'hoenix Ainal  1,950
Others      127 187
Total 25,(121 717,078
Smelter treatment—
oranby 1(1,300 453,770
B. C. Copper Co...,12,821 217,374
Take your   repairs to
Boot  and   Shoe Hospital,
street, Grand Forks.
.    Don't forget that The Sun has the
Armson's best job printing department  in the
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received ut.
The Sun job office.
Boundary country.
Remember tlmt every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Bridge Street,
The best uml most
SubntuTitial lire-proof
building In the Boundary country, Recently completed and
n e w ly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all Hinder ii
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. First-clan accommodations for the
ravelling public.
Hot and Gold Bath
Flni-Clii. Bar, Pool
and Billiard Room
in Connection.
MIL.   LARSEN,   Prop.
Parisian Sage  Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in tbe
same time and stop scalp itch at once,
it makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sugc is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—It is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well us cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thous-
:iinl use it ilaily us a dressing anil no
homo is complete without it. Money
buck it' it fuils.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H.
H. Woodliiiiil & Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at. 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
liy mail postpaid from Giroux Manufacturing Co,, Kurt Erie, Ont, See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaranteed by H E. Woodland 4 Co.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead, The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Qrand   Forks, B. C.|
The Hi-cut limbic Keinedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
Is the llvoinei wuy, vi/., by breathing,
Scientists for years have been ugreeil
on this point, but failed tnget uu antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs und not destroy the ttafluea of
the membrane nl the same time, until the discovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-o nie.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known, Ureal hi' it
through the inhaler over the inllamed
und genu ridden membrane four or
live times a day, and in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, and extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your drug
gist or postpaid from thu It. T. Booth
Co., Ltd,, l*"ort Erie, Out. Hyomei
is guaranteed to euro asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money back. Sold and
guaranteed by H. K. Woodland ill Co.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates und Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,   I
Announcements nml Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in nn
Up-to dale Printery.
V.11A/U IIML*1IL\U advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock anil workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour on lur. Wo guarantee
Furniture Mnilo to Order.
Also l!i'|u.ii'iii« of nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A iroMi'LKiRSinrK or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Ficsh C'on-aigiitnent ot
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh .Supply of]
Ice Cream  and Summer Drink*
Palace Barber Shop
Ku/or Ilutiltitr fi Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of (Ikanby Hotel,
Fills'!' .STRUCT.
Heavy and Lijjht Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers anil Trunks to and
fiomjiill trains.
Tlil.KI'IIIIN'K Al 29
lIl'Tili.iti'niiii   Huns., Props.
eo viur\
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
-.*• Copvrioht* 4c.
Anyone •Milling * nkotfb and dPKrintkMi nay
quickly aiwrtnin <>nr opinion free whether aa
iPYimMoD is probablypr—*-m-1- **	
aent tn'**. uhi.'ci uk'uiiv]
Kitcnta taken thrum
tjxr fail not tar, without*
i ii imihiih ij '"iiuiiimii iMMMnywi
mint tn'**. ui.i.*.-i MKiiiicy forlecuri
_______._______..__-__!    _>_._.,__..    |[|p, Ih    »»..,„.
mux, •.•», ymv— .,K-"._f forTe"urru*W^"ta.
Pulfltuai takun..tbrouib Munn Alfo,rawlft
»<. tal nolle., vrltW_l_.utiar.__, la tilt   "      .   ■.
Scientific Mtmvi
Ahsndsiiiiu-iy illiwtraloJ weekly. LwgMt oir«t
(ulntiuii of any Hcmuiim. Journal, Ttrtuf Ior
('audita. KJtfS it yuiir, (mMuku pr,*iw1d. Hold M
f !l not*r_,|oalor«. *
Unurii tl .'!.• • ft! tf ft., Wo.V.l.igtuu, UO,
We carry t he most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country, And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. Th*
Sun job office.


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