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The Evening Sun Nov 25, 1910

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yt&zZiMamSJ. /   \
leSislative As^n
Tenth Year—No. 4
[Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. November 25, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Reservoir for Oity Waterworks Discussed, But No
Action Taken
The mayor and all the aldermen
except Mr. Manly were present at
the regular meeting of the city council las. Monday evening.
The city auditor submitted his
quarterly report, which wag received.
Tbe services of Joe McDonald as
poundkeeper were dispensed with,
and C. G Wheeler was appointed to
fill the vacancy.
The chairman of the health and
relief committee reported a deserving case of destitution, and the
council made provisions to assist the
The mayor appointed Aid. Smith
and Manly as members of tbe court
of revision for tbe revision of the
city voters' list. The court, which
also includes the mayor, will sit on
December 21.
The usual number of accounts
were ordered paid.
The mayor stated that some dissatisfaction had recently been expressed because the city lights had
been turned on ordered by tbe clerk.
The mayor reported having engaged P. M. Kerby to take the
levels of the ground where it is intended to locate the proposed reservoir for the city waterworks. Mr.
Kerby was present at the meeting,
and submitted the result of his work
to the council. The bottom of the
proposed reservoir, according to his
plans, would be forty-nine feet
higher than the top of the present
water tank. The reservoir would
be 75x50 feet, and would hold 300,-
000 gallons, or 200,000 gallons
more thun the present tank. The
estimated cost- was 810,000. City
Enigineer stated thut ihe higher altitude of reservoir would increase
the pressure on the mains considerably. After a long discussion,
Mr. Kerby's report was accepted.
The council decided to postpone
action pending further developments in a North Fork Lirigation
project, which, if it is successfully
carried out, might make it advantageous for the city to secure its
water supply from that source. In
the meantime the reservoir question
will be more fully investigated.
taker of the rink were received from
S. Dinsmore, Gus Mitehener, A. E.
Cox and C. G. Wheeler.
On motion of Messrs. O' Keefe and
Williams, it was decided to make the
admission price to hockey games 5U
cents, the proceeds to be equally divided between the athletic association and the hockey club, the latter
organization to pay advertising expenses. If te band is present the
athletic association is to pay half the
Mr. Miller stated that the hockey
club wanted three nights each week
for hockey practice.
On motion, the ice was given to the
second junior hockey boys on Saturdays from 2 to 3 p.m. The first juniors (regularly organized) were given
one night each week after skating.
No person will be allowed to play
hockey unless he is the holder of a
season ticket and is a member of the
hockey club.
The ice committee was authorized
to purchase the necessary equipment
for the rink.
On motion, the application of S.
Dinsmore for the position of caretaker
was accepted, the salary to be $90 per
month for the first two months and
13 per day for the remainder of the
Messrs. Woodland, Chalmers and
Clark were appointed to constitute the
ice committee.
On motion, the directors decided
that in the event of the bonspiel
coming here during the season, the
skating rink would be turned over to
the curlers proving they paid the cost
of the caretaker during the bonspiel.
Messrs. W. Miller and T. Cook, in
behalf of the hockey committee, addressed the directors in regard to ar
ranging for the rink for the sciison.
New Granby Properties Have
Enormous  Surface
Athletic Directors Meet
A meet of the Grund Forks Ath-
lcctic assuciotion was called to order
at 8:30 o'clock last Saturday night, in
the city hall, by President H. E.
Woodland. The directors present
were Messrs, Clark, Williams, O'Keefe,
Curran, Chalmers and Mader.
Mr. Woodland, in behalf of tho
committee appointed to ascertain the
purchase of certain lots, reported pro-
gi ess.
On motion of Messrs. Williams und
O'Keefe, the association decided to
place $2000 insuranca on the rink
T. 8, Watts was appointed a director, to fill the vacuncy caused by the
resignation of N. L. Mclnnes.
Messrs. Woodland, Clark and Chalmers were appointed a committee to
secure the treasurer's report.
Application for the position of care-
W. Y. Williams, consulting engineer of the Granby Consolidated, has
returned to Vancouver from the
company's Hidden creek claims, in
the Portland Canal district. Mr.
Williams says the property has
enormous surface showing and looks
very promising. The showing is
copper with some gold. Some high
assays have been secured, but he
thinks it will be a low grade proposition of large tonnage. Twenty
men will proceed witb further development work at the mine during
the winter under the direction of
H. Macdonald, formerly of Pboenix.
One on the Supe
One day when O. B. Smith, su
perindeut of the Granby mines, was
on his daily tour, of inspection he
noticed a workman sitting down at
the mouth of the tunnel, resting
complacently. Mr. Smith said nothing, hut entered the mine. When
he returned, a couple of hours later,
he man occupied  his old position.
"Have you nothing to do?" asked
Mr. Smith.
"Yes," replied the workman,
"but I've got till 4 o'clock to do
it in."
"Do you know who I am? I am
the superintendent.'J
"You are all right if you can
make that story stick," replied the
man, without making the slightest
indication of vacating his seat.
Metal Quotations
A meeting of the Grand Forks
Poultry association will be held in
the city hall on Monday evening,
December 5. Mr. Jull, provincial
live stock commissioner, will be one
of the speakers.
The annual meeting of the Grand
Forks Agricultural association will
be held in city hall on Thursday
evening, December 8.
be usetl by the officials in visiting
the mines. A similar machine has
arrived in Greenwood for the New
Dominion Copper company.
Tbe foundation for the new school
house in Phoenix has been completed.
Official notice has been received
by the provincial government that
the British Columbia exhibit at tbe
recent Toronto exhibition won the
gold medal.
Plans of Revised Survey Will
Shortly be Sent to Ottawa for Aproval
E. E. Gibson, local manager of
the West Kootenay Power & Light
company, returned on Tuesday from
a month's vacation tour in eastern
Plans have been completed for a
new skating rink in Greenwood.
The Kettle Biver Lumber company,
of tbis city, is supplying tbe lumber, and tbe contractors will rush
the work in order to have the rink
ready for the opening of the season.
The Kettle Valley line contractors are making preparations to establish a camp at Bull creek.
The annual meeting of tbe Grand
Forks Farmers' Institute will be held
on Thursday evening, December 15,
in tbe city hall.
The Grand Forks Cricket club has
managed to secuie the Davis hall for
a dance on Friday evening next.
December 2, and has arranged for
good music and supper. Invitufions
will be issued in a day or two.
Gentlemen's tickets are put at $2.
The first of a series of socials to be
given this winter under'the auspices
of the Epworth League of the
Methodist church will he at the
home of Mr. and Mrs Rulph Hodgson on Monday evening, November
28th. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all the young people of the
Owing to the stormy weather
Tuesday night, the audience at the
"Ole Olson" performance, in the
opera house, was not as large as it
otherwise would have been. A first-
class show was given, however, and
those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.
Iene Tuyvasset, an old country
Frenchman, was seriously injured
hy the accidental discharge of his
companion's gun while out hunting
near Westbridge last week. He was
taken to. the Greenwood hospital,
and is nr"in a dangf-rQUB condition.
A 30.28 bullet went through Tuy
vasset'si"- right leg, breaking both
bones, and then lodged in the muscle of the left leg, where it still re
mains. The right leg may have to
be amputated.
A boulder rolled down on the C.
P. E. track at Fisherman on Monday last just as the eastbound pas
senger train came along. The engine jumped the track, but no one
was injured.
E. E. Gibson and A. Willey, of
the West Kootenay Power & Light
company, returned last night from
an inspection trip to Phoenix and
Harvey Mahan, of the Granby
olliee staff, returned on Saturday
from a week's visit at the home of
bis daughter in Sand Point, Ida.
S. T. Matthews has purchased the
Boyle block in  I'hoenix,   the   enn-
Nkw Yoiik, Nov, ,24.—Silver, Sfijj
standard copper,.* 12. r>0(« 12.Unsteady, jsiderution being *2400.
London, Nov. 24.—Silver, 25 !)-l(J;'
lead, £Vi 3s i)d.
M. Vetter, of Spokane, the well
known Great Northern eagineer,
spent Sunday at his old home—the
Vale hotel.
Dr. Paxton, of Midway, Dominion veterinary surgeon, was in the
city on Wednesday.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston', Nov. 2-1. —The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentijiied:
Asked.        Bid
GrunbyConsolidated.    47.00    4(1.00
B. C. Copper       7.50 * 0.25
Tbe ladies of Holy Trinity church
of the W. A. branch will hold a sale
of small articles suitable for Christ-
W. P. Cook, of the Eastern Townships bank, bus been transferred to
the I'hoenix branch, and will leave
for that place next Monthly.
E. Jacobs, of Victoria, the well
known writer on mining topics, arrived in the city last night.
Robert   I!.  Lindsay, of I'lioenix,
land  Miss  Jennie  G.Marshall,  »f
, Hamilton, Scotland, were married
in  Nelson   last  week.   The couple
will reside in I'lioenix.
Frank McDonald, who   ha
Plans of the revised survey of the
route of the Vancouver, Victoria &
EaBtern railway from the summit of
tbe Hope mountains at the headwaters of the Coquahalla river down
the eastern slope to Otter Fat, a distance of forty miles, are now being
prepared, according to a Victoria
dispatch, and will be forwarded
during the next few days to the
minister of railways at Ottawa for approval and filing.
Two survey parties spent the past
season on the eastern slope of the
Hope mountains with the object of
securing, if posslble,a lower gradient
for the line than had been obtained
in preceding years. Successful results were achieved, according to
the statement of Chief Engineer
Kennedy, who reports that for the
entire distance of forty miles there
is now but a small section with a
maximum gradient exceeding 1.2
per cent tnd less than ten miles of a
1 per cent grade. This would appear to indicate that the problem of
building westward from Princeton
to the summit will not present the
serious engineering difficulties heretofore anticipated nor prove as expensive as had been expected.
The road is now completed westward from the Boundary district to
Princeton, in the Similkameen, and
is in operation, while ten miles of
the roadbed have been graded west
of Princeton. It is understood that
the construction of the forty-mile
section from the end of the graded
section at Otter Flat to the summit
will be begun in the spring and continuously prosecuted to completion.
Construction of the section from the
summit down the eastern slope to
Hope may be postponed until a
later dute, as the original survey
has not yet been finally revised, the grades being steeper than
on the other side of the divide. Two
yoars, it is expected, will see the
completion of the gap between
Princeton and Vancouver.
The Hope  News is the latest addition to the list of provincial newspapers.    It  is a  four-column   folio spending several   months   with   his
paper, issued semi-monthly. uncle,   J, ,1.  Aassett,  of   Hartford
  Junction, has returned to his  home
Sam Horner will leave next  Mnn- in Montreal
day   for Hope,   B.C., where he in-	
! tends to locate permanently.   He is'    The owners of the Barbara   olaim
mas presents, at reasflhable   , ,   . ,. ,       .
,• ... ,. ,       .    .,     interested in a number of promising  have donated the Or iwood  liink
'and will serve afternoon tea,  in the     . . ' "
I „   .    ,   n          a ... i      n    .„   -mineral  claims   in  the Steamboat coinpany all the timber tbat is need-
Davis hall,   on  Saturday, Decern- '.,.,.. ,
■     o.j                           *                 Mountain district. ed for the newrlnk in that oity,
The   British   Columbia   Copper     W. M. Ludlow and Billy Meadows
have purchased the Council raloon
in Republic.
Take   vour  repairs to  Armsnn's
Boot   and   Shoe Hospital,   Bridge company has purchased a 35-horse-
street, Grand Forks, B. C. 'power Buick automobile, which wili
November Rod and Gun
While big game bunting supplies
the dominant note in the November
nuniher nf Rod and Gnu in Canada,
there is in the same issue plenty of
material for sportmen who are not
able, for various reasons, to go after
moose, deer or bear, In the opening article Bonnyoastle Dale tells
thow Indian hoys mnke clever hunters, trappers and flsbwmen, and
with what skijl thev decimate the
inhabitants of the forest. Exploration in the Nepigon country, fishing
and mountaineering topics, with
many other papers antl some fine
verses, Iill a number which should
find its way into all bunting camps.
Sportsmen, where'er thev may be
found, can enjoy some pleasant half
hours by dipping into it,« contents,
assured tbat from beginning to end
Ihey will find much to attract and
interest them. The completeness of
the issue in covering the whole wide
Held of Canadian sport gives it dis-
linelioii ami goes far to account for
tbe standing.the magnzinc has wun
ami continues to deserve. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The Way the Devils Were Driven
Out of Eden.
[Copyright. 1910, by American Press Abh-
Maksim Nagaroir and Natasha Shu-
ben were lo be married. II was high
time, for Maksim. big nnd blond
shouldered, wns nineteen, nntl Niiiu-
sliu. buxom nnd pretty, wns fifteen
Notwithstanding Mnksiin uud Xuta-
eha bad themselves untiling to sny,
about their marriage they were neither of them averse.
Yes. Maksim und Natasha loved and
were going to innrry. So fur so good,
Bui bow were tbey going to be married?
By the church, of course, spnke lbe
elders of the Moloknn seel. No license,
no newfangled legal frivolities In
theirs, plense. These things belonged
to tbe heathen, the pork eaters, the
Bnt Maksim thought otherwise. He
wanted the knot tied In the Los Angeles way. lu America. It seemed to
bim. you should get married as tbe
Americans do.
Maksim worked In a lumber yard.
One by one he bud seen the young
men. wbo worked wilh him absent
themselves temporarily on mysterious
errands uud be good uutiiredly rallied
by the others on their return Little
by little he hud learned Ihe legal steps
lo marriage- when nnd where nnd how
, to obtain the license nnd the eost. then
to whom to go und what to do und the
' final cost. And with this knowledge
bud come the iden, dim nnd hazy ut
first thnt this wus the best way to do.
Besides und above ull. Rev. Mr. Lowell
stood for It—Mr. Lowell, the hend of
the Good Siimnritnn Settlement House
on I lol .Mar street, lo whom all the foreign quarter looked up und whom
Maksim almost worshiped.
Nnlushu wns like minded and for
quite similar reasons, She worked in
a cunnery. She hnd gone to sehool a
little, and In numberless indirect ways
■be hnd reached the conclusion thnt.
while the Molokun mnrrlnge wus well
enough in Kussln. It would never do In
tbe I:nlied Sluies.
The Sitturdny night following the
marriage negollnllons .Maksim enme
borne from his wurk nntl. ns usual,
placed his week's wages, twelve good
American dollars, In his father's hands
"Maksim." said the old man. speaking tn Itussian "Maksim, my son. it
bus been arranged between Rider Shu-
beu and myself Unit you and the fair
Natasha are lo be married. You are
both quite old enough. You are to be
married one week from tomorrow. I
trust you nre happy ai the prospect.
my son."
"Yes." assented Maksim. "I want to
marry Natasha, but"- And he hesl-
tuted. bis eyes on lbe door.
"But whnt?" demanded old Evan.
"How ure we to be married?" tentatively asked Maksim.
"How married) By the elders, of
course. Natasha's mother, Kutgu. Is
already preparing the feast."
"But." objected Maksim, hesitating,
for be well knew the slonn he was
•bout to cull down unon his hend-"but
Send for free sample to Dent. N.U., National Drug A Chemical Co., Toronto.
Katnsha nnd 1 don't want it that way.
We want to get married, wltb a—a paper, by n justice or—or Mr. Lowell, ln
tbe American way.   It is our wish."
The effect was as be expected. The
whole communal family—Evan and
Olga, bis wife, and the four older sons
and their wives—wbo had gathered
about, were Inexpressibly shocked.
j Old Evan's long gray beard swept bis
breast hi bis agitation.
"Wnat!" be thundered. "You will
forsake the church for tbe beatben
ways-the heathen wbom tbe Lord
promised were lo be scattered or become our servants wben we entered
this our Canaan? You will take up
wltb these unclean pork eaters?" And
be railed on amid u general family
chorus of lamentations.
In the meantime a similar storm nad
broken out ln the family of the Shu-
bens, a storm that bent about the devoted bead of poor Natasha.
And the next day the news spread
quickly over the whole of "Eden." as
some newspaper wag hud facetiously
named the Molokan quarter, that tbe
expected marriage was not to take
place for the good and sufficient reason thnt both the prospective bride and
groom were possessed of devils. There
was busy gossip; tliere was a ferment
of excitement; there were wild rumors.
At bottom the trouble was a contest
between I wo modes of life.
Hour by hour the boy aud girl realized mure and mure the seriousness
of the situation. Tbey were butb under tremendous pressure of public
opinion. How to get married Iu tbe
American wuy und uot split tbe Molo-
tan community wide open and work
their own ruin was a problem too big
for tbe peasant lovers. They could
I not elope, as Americans might. They
were aliens in an alien land.
Slowly uu idea shaped Itself In Mnk
trim's mind. He would lay the whole
mutter before Air. Lowell, who was infallible und would surely huve u solution.
The settlement worker listened pa
tlently to lbe boy's labored explanation, thinking hard and planning lbe
"Maksim." he said wben the young
mun bud Mulshed. "1 think 1 can help
you. (Jet away from your work between 2 and 4 tomorrow afternoon und
come to me. Don't let your folks kuow
where you nre."
Maksim was promptly on- band at
tlie hour first named, andjoulr. Lowell
said, "Come with me.",     ,i'
Together they visited "Don Cupid"
Elmer, the marriage license clerk at
the courthouse, where Mr. Lowell, by
deftly evading eertuiu little technicalities, aided lhe hoy In seeurliig the
precious license. Then, cautioning secrecy, be said. "See Natasha IIS quietly as you can and bring her to the
settlement house tomorrow afternoon
at 4 o'clock."
Four o'clock the following afternoon
promptly brought Hie lovers, nnd as
promptly the two were mude one nnd
happy nt the same lime. .Mr. Lowell
handing Maksim the certificate ut Ihe
close of the simple ceremony, which
his wife hnd witnessed, saying: "Now
you nre married as well us lhe president of Ihe United Stales or John It.
Rockefeller. Say nothing to your people about this murrlage and let ihe
other marriage proceed. To be married twice won't do nny hurm. und It
will satisfy your relatives, yourselves
and the Inws of Cnlltornin ull at the
sume time. God bless you.'" And Muk-
slm nnd Nlltnslia went their ways
with the reverent feeling that "Uud"
and "Mr. l/iwell" were synonymous
Thut evening there wns a crowded
meeting of the faithful of nulli sexes
and ull uges. Devils were to be exorcised. The air was surcliurgeu with
suppressed excitement.
Maksim uud Natasha were both in
attendance, the buy dutifully occupy
ing u seal on the men's side, und Nu-
tnsliu silting demurely oil Iter side
among the women.
The meeting ta'gan Willi the usual
chuut'. tin- words of u Bible psalm being intoned iu unison by the entire as-
seuibluge wilh Icaig prucilced rhythm
and accent fur more precise Hum lull,
•leal. This chant was followed by another, the elilers. who sut Ubout a
small table in a corner, leading ami
the rest following, while rough shod
feet kept lime ngulnsl the uneurpeled
The air of the place soon grew foul
Not a window or door was open, nml
the stamping feel raised a sutroentlng
dust, to say nothing ut the vocal ex
halations of the hot, excited muss. It
was evident that if the devils could nol
be expelled In any other way lh» nir
would soon become su rotten that no
devil wlm hnd nny regtirtl for his
health would stay.
During Ihe progress of the service
thus fnr many covert glances had been
enst at Maksim and Natasha. Anxious
watch wns kept on them for the first
sign thnl Ihey were being freed from
the Satanic spirits within them.
Maksim noted this, and when ttie
meeting'was about half over, the
benches having been removed mill the
whole company were standing, he
walked to the elders' comer nnd whispered something In his father's ear.
It must huve beeu uu assent tu the
No Question or Doubt as to the Healing Power of
Dr. Chase's Ointment
To people who have used internal
treatment in an effort to cure eczema
it is almost beyond belief what benefit can be obtained by u few applications of this soothing, healing ointment.
It is seldom that the cause of eczema can be determined, but one
thing is certain, the itching must be
stopped and the sores healed up.
These results are secured by the use
of Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment. The
itching is relieved almost instantly,
and you will be surprised at the healing which will take place overnight.
A little patience und persistent
treatment with Dr. Chase's Ointment
will give you more practical and definite results than a whole lot of dosing with internal medicines. You can
see how the Ointment heals. The
other is guesswork.
Mr. Geo. Peterson, South Bay, Ont.,
writes:—"I wish to communicate to
you the great benefit I received from
using Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment.
For years I suffered with a great skin
disease on my head, a sort of eczema.
I tried four doctors, giving each a
fair trial, but got no better. In fuct
the disease spread to my left arm.
"I saw Dr. Chase's Ointment advertised and began using it. Persistent
use of this treatment has entirely
cured me, untl I give you n statement
of my case with pleasure, as I hope
thereby to isduce some other sufferer
to try the. same Dr. Chase's Ointment."
Because this ointment has made ils
world-widp reputation by curing the
most severe nntl long-standing cases
of eczema and piles is no reason why
you should overlook its scores of uses
in the relief of itching and irritation
of the skin.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment, 60 cts.
it box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Toronto.
strained endurance was reached when
a stalwart member, locking arms wltb
I a brother behind bis back, lifted said
j In-other and threw bim bodily over bis
: bead, stretching him full leugth un the
j floor und neurly breaking his neck.
I    There was a  pause.    The Incident,
! which was so neurly nn accident, re-
! called tlie revelers to their senses, the
j ghost dunce  ceased,   the doors   were
opened,   and   the  excitement   calmed
down. The people, exhausted hoi happy, hurried luio the open air and wended Ihelr way  home.     Tlie devils had
been chased away. Maksim and Nam-
■ba were to lie married by Hie elders,
aud Eden wat once mure calm
A Monster Vessel of Olden Times.
Ptolemaeus Philopater, one of the
ancient kings of Egypt, is said to
have built u vessel 420 feet long, TiB
feet broad, 72 feet high from the
keel to thc top of the prow untl R0
feet to the top of the poop. She hud
four helms of 60 feet, her largest oars
were 56 feet long, with leaden handles
so ns to be more easily worked. She
had two prows, two sterns and seven
rostra or beaks. On both poop and
prow she hud figures of men and
animals that were fully 18 feet high.
She had 4.000 rowers, 400 cabin hoys
or servants, 2,820 murines to do duty
on deck, besides being provided with
immense stores of arms and provisions.
cuurch marriage, for Instantly the old
patriarch, his face Hustled, his eyes
glistening and bis whole altitude proclaiming that Maksim hud gut the better of his devils, threw up his grent
arms nnd begun a new chant. At the
same moment Natasha, taking ber cue
no doubt from Maksim, whispered a
word III her mother's ear. and Kit urn's
triumphant shout could have Is-en
henrd three blocks away.
Every tine In the room caught the
electric slgnnl of good news, nnd Ihe
excitement begnn to boll. The conditions were ripe nnd the moment hnd
come for a wild debauch of religions
frenzy. Devils hnd been driven out,
there wns the exhilaration of triumph,
nnd n saturnalia of religious intoxication wns about to begin
The noise became more deafening as
the chanting continued. Men embraced each other, springing Into the air
and gesticulating wildly. The shrill
voices of women arose above the pan-
demunlitm. Here und there under the
stress of excitement overwrought
nerves became unstrung, muscles begun to "Jerk" Involuntarily, and the
whole room became nu Insane carousal.
Old Molher Sbubeii collapsed, a young
woman "overcome uf the spirit" fell
uroiie In a corner, and Ihe limit of
Scott's Emulsion
is a wonderful food-medicine for all ages of mankind. It will make the
delicate.sickly baby strong
and well—will give the
pale, anemic girl rosy
cheeks and rich, red blood.
It will put flesh on the
bones of the tired, overworked, thin man, and
will keep the aged man
or woman in condition to
resist colds or pneumonia
in the winter.
ron giu nr all uanooisTi
Sand Wo., nana of paper and thli ad.  fnr rar
b,„iittf.i] Si.tinn Hank and Cnlld'B BkHtoh-Oook.
Kaoh bank oontalna a Good I.n.k Panur.
12* WalHwIo. Sum). Waal      Toro.1*. Oat
Coat Swenters, Underwear, Scarfs,
etc., for Men, Women, and Children,
from 50c. to $10.00. Highest grade
goods at less than Wholesale Prices.
Mail Order Only, no travellers employed. Send cash with order, goods
mailed same day. Money refunded
if not satisfied. Catalogue No. 4 now
52 Bay Street, Toronto.
Teaching a Parrot.
Don't try to teach Polly to talk
unless she is perfectly tame and
quite confiding. Begin on a one
syllabled word without "th" or "ch"
in it; then let her pronounce her
name. Repent the word you're trying
to teach bet endlessly and always in
exactly the same tone of voice. If,
its sometimes happens, Polly can't
be taught to talk repeat over and over
again a whistle, a catcall or any
other unusual sound. This will
teach her to imitate, and she may
from that go to repeating words and
Eugene Field's Sarcasm.
Eugene Field was once presented
to s ' sistei poet," to whom he tried
to say pleasant things. At last the
lady inquired condescendingly. "Do
you ever write yourself?" "A little,"
replied Field modestly. "And what
did you say your name was?" "My
nume is Field—Eugene Field." "I
have not heard of you before, Mr.
Field," said the lady, with oppressive frankness. "No, madam," said
Field, "nor I of you, but you might
at least have pretended you had, as
I did.   Good afternoon."
Her Pity.
"But, darling," murmured the
love-lorn vouth, "every night tor
two weeks I have been on my bended knees before you. Huve you no
"I .certainly have, Horace," spoke
up thf pretty flirt us she reached
for her hund bug. "Here's a shilling.
Go and have your trousers pressed.
After so much bending they must be
awfully buoev."
Disappointed Brides.
"Everybody knows the story told
by Charles Dickens of the ludy who
kept to her room and would not suffc-
tiie wedding feast to be removed from
Lhe table after the wedding wns interrupted. There are three or four other"
in which a lifelong seclusion followed
u love disappointment. Two of these
Indies died in tlie year 1778. One oi
thf iu, Mury Lydia Lucrine, a maiden
lady of what was then called a "genteel" fortune—I hive reason to believe
that the adjective meant something
not exceeding $1,500 a year—lived loi
many years in her lodgings in Oxford
street, never going outside the rooms,
and never admitting the light of thc
nun. The other, whose nume is not
given in my authority, lived in
Churles street, also wholly in her own
rooms, und always by the light of a
lamp or candle. Ten years before th's
iu the year 1768, one Esther Claridge
died in her lodgings on Tower HI!',
where Bhe had lived for thirty-tiv.
years, never once going outside her
rooms. It would appear as if, in matter of love, it was thought respectable
and the right tiling to do, if these
mutters went wrong, to mnke retreat
from tlie world. The mediaeval womnn went into a nunnery, and there
nursed a broken heart; in the last century she went upstairs, pulled down
the blinds, closed the shutters and
the curtuins, lit a candle, and snt
down in dignity to weep. Hor friends
lame to visit her; if she was possess
.d of a "genteel" fortune, like Mary
i.ydiu Lucrine, she provided tea nn"
cake or something hot, with a glus.
if cordial. If. however, she had no
money, she had to stay at home an.!
to go on with the old domestic du
ties. In that case she speedily pieced
together tne fragments of the broken
heart and give it perhaps none the
worse for the fracture and the recovery, to toother man.
Ominous Words.
"That writer says he is going to
print an absolutely truthful and impartial analysis of your career."
"Absolutely truthful and impartial1" echoed. Senator Sorghum.
"Great Scott! I wonder what I have
done to offend him!"
A Great Sufferer from In*
digestion Tells How
She Was Cared
Stomach trouble is a general name-
for ail forms of indigestion, whether
great pain after eating, belching of
wind, heavy feeling in thc stomach,
nausea, or the sharp pains that often
make you think you have heart trouble. There arc two things noticeable
in indigestion. One is that doctors
always find indigestion a prominent
symptom in a bloodless run-down
state. The other, that sufferers usually find relief wben a tonic is token
thut restores the general health. Without a tloubt stomach trouble is Bimply
stomach weakness, und the cure is to
make the stomach strong enough to
digest food without trouble. Any
otner treatment is patchwork nnd cun-
not cure. As the processes of digestion
are controlled hy the blood and
nerves, the stomach that is too weak
to digest food needs a tonic to give it
strength. And in all the world there is
no better tonic thnn Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. They actually make new,
rich red blood, tone the nerves and so
strengthen the stomach and all the
bodily functions. We submit the following as proof that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will cure even the most
obstinate cases of stomach trouble.
Mrs. John Graf, Fort Saskatchewan,
Alta., says: "For years I suffered
great torture from indigestion. I
took many different medicines, but
instead of benefitting me I was
growing worse all the time, till my
stomach got so bud I could neither
eat nor drink without pain. Even
cold wnter would cause me suffering.
Nor did I get any relief when the
stomach- was empty, .us I still suffered from a horrid burning pain. I
went to Edmonton nr\d consulted
one of the best doctors there, but
he told me that he could do nothing
for me, that all I could do was to
diet. For some time I took only hot
water und a small piece of brown
bread for my meals, but even that
did not help me and I got so weak
and run down that I despaired of
ever being well again. I bought a
so-called electric belt and wore it for
six months, but it was simply money
wasted. Then one dny a friend asked me why I did not trv Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I did not know they were
intended to cure indigestion, but being assured that, they were, decided to
try them. I soon found the Pills helping me, but my condition wus so bail
when I begun usin" them that I continued taking the Pills for about five
months before I felt that I was completely cured. Then I could eat any-
kind of food, and although more than
two years have passed since'ray cure, I
hove not since had the least sign of
the trouble. I can most benrt;lv recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
anyone suffering from this terrible
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail nt 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Ignorance No Excuse.
Sheriff Guy, a well-known Scots
legal luminary, has, says The Westminster Gazette, been telling some
stories of lawyers and the courts.
Mentioning the muxim, "Ignorance of
the luw is no excuse," the sheriff suid
a pompous Edinburgh bui-'ic. when
sitting as magistrate at the police
court, had a man brought before him
charged witli committing some police
offence. The accused, when asked to
plead, admitted that he committed the
offence, but added thut he did not
know he was doing any wrong. "Ignorance of the law excuses no one,"
pompously asserted the magistrate-.
"Then why did they make you »
baillie?" was the ready response.
Paring an Elephant's Nails.
When an elephant is in captivity the
nature of its habits permits the beast's
nails to grow to an abnormal length—
thus the necessity for the careful paring of the nails. After the elephant
has been securely ropod the nails are
cut with a saw.—I_otidon Stetch.
Descendant of Three Kings.
"Burleigh by name and burly by
nature," someone once said concerning Lord Balfour of Burleigh; and
certainly his lordship is u line specimen of the vigorous Scotsman. He i»
not afraid of culling a spatle u spade,
as was well illustrated in his speech
In the Lords on the budget, while hia
Parliamentary work bus heen very
extensive. Lord Balfour is, liy th»
way, nn actual descendant of three
kings. He is it Bruce who can rightly claim descent from King Robert
Bruce of Scotland. Then there wn»
Robert's brother, Edward Rrucf,
crowned king of Ireland in l.'llli. uri-l
ttohert'i (inn   Ki"g David It.
-f DODD'S '
&■  PIUS 4
W. N. U., No. 121.
_____ V
For nulunf SOAP, soft.
eniag water, remaring old
paint, di.inf.ctiag sinks,
clout* ani dniu and
for many other purposes.
A can equals 20 lbs. Sal
Soda. Useful for fire i
hundred purposes.
Sold EVir,*thirt
E.W. OIHell Co, Lid.
lessen, M.
Repeating Shotguns
USID    IN   TH*   U.   S.   ARMY.
The U. 8. Army authorities know a gun j that
ie why, when they decided to equip isms troops
with repeating shotguns, tbey selected the Winchester in pteference to all other makee. The
experts ofthe U. S. Ordnance Board also know
a gun; that's why, after submitting a Winchester Repeating Shotgun to all sorts of testa, they
pronounced It safe, sure, strong tnd simple. If
you want a shotgun—buy the one whoee
strength aad reliability led the U. S. Army
authorities te select it and the U. S. Ordnance
Board to endorse it—that's the Winchester.
rHf Famous
The Rayo Lamp Is a high trade lamp, (old at a low prlca
Thtra ar. Utn_» Hut enst mors, nil there Is in better Imp dsds tt sni
pHoe. Cooi.rt.ctM ot .MM brass; nickel pletod-eiulW kept clone; aa
ornament tn an* room ia soy hoa<e. There Is aotblnc kanwn to tbe .rt
of lamp-maklaf that can add to Ihe ta'ne nl tho BAYO lamp as a light.
**}*2. *"}**-, *J"» ****** owrwhere. II aot at josie, write ford*
soripslre circular to tho,nsaraat m.w. ol
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited. •
Photographic Explosions
Photographs of the length of explosion flames are being made at
Pittsburg by the new Federal Bureau
of Mines, says Worth C. Harper in
the current issue of Harper's Weekly.
The object is the discovery of the properties of various explosions, and the
government has established a list of
permissible explosives," to which are
admitted all those that meet certain
requirements in these tests. The chief
requirement is that the flame resulting from the explosion shall be short
in length or duration. Photographs
that huve been taken show the flames
of some of the forms of black powder
to be 4,000 times as long in duration
us those of some of the "permissible
' 2So.»Box at ybur druggist's. ■
will make life comfortable for you again.
They relieve the worst headache in 30 minutes or less.
National Drue and Cl.amical Company ol Canada. Limitad,       a       a     . a
 _>»!■■ rover,
oee Catarrhal rover.
Sore cure and positive preventive, no matter how horses st any sse aro
Infected or "exposed." Liquid, given on the loogue, acts on the Blood and
Glands, expels the poisonous germs from tbe body. Cures Distemper In Dogs
end Sheep, and Cholera In Poultry. Largest selling live stock remedy. Cures
La Grippe smong humsn beings sod is a fine kidney remedy, soc and ti a
bottle; ifi and Sua doxen, Cut this out. Keep it. Show it to your druggist,
who will gel il for you, Pree Booklet, Distemper, Causes sod Cures,"
•POHN MEDICAL CO. Usalsls ni Istlssielsilsls, MSHIMIO, B.SJ.
She Was Wrong
There was an oppressive silence in,
the parlor! At last the desperate
young lady broke out.
"George," asked she, "why don't
you propose?"
"Somehow—somehow, I can't bring
myself to do it, Myrtle!" blurted the
young man.
"It s only a short sentence, George."
"It's a sentence for life!"—Judge.
Blood-Poisoning From Cut
Serious Condition Relieved by
Mr. Jas. Davey, of 786 EUice Ave.,
Winnipeg, says: "A few months since
I was cured of a poisoned finger
through the timely use of Zam-Buk.
I cut a deep gash across the knuckle
on the first finger of the right hand,
in opening a lobster can one evening.
I suffered at the time with the soreness and pain, but had no idea it
would become a serious wound. However, in about two days I was greatly
alarmed, as my whole hand and arm
to the elbow became inflamed, and
the finger was much discolored, showing signs of blood-poisoning. The pain
was dreadful and 1 was forced to leave
off my work and go home.
"The wound on the knuckle had
been poisoned through the dust and
dirt about the furnaces and boilers.
I then decided to start the Zam-Buk
treatment, and having lirst- bathed the
cut, I applied the healing balm. It
soothed the pain almost instantly, and
by the next day there was a great improvement. In a week's time, through
perserverance with Zam-Buk, a complete cure was brought about."
Scores of similar cases could be
quoted, and the wisest precaution is
to keep a box of Zam-Buk handy and
apply it immediately a cut, or burn,
or bruise is sustained.
Zam-Buk will also be found a sure
cure for cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, eczema, blood-poison, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores,
•ringworm, inflammed patches, babies'
eruptions and chapped places, cuts,
burns, bruises and skin injuries generally. All druggists and stores sell
at 50c. a box, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
price. Kefuse imitations and substitutes.
Canadian Pacific
Low Round Trip Rates to
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, inclusive, good to return within three
Tickets   issued   in   connection   with
Atlantic Steamship   will   be on sale
fiom Nov. 11,   and   limited   to   five
months from date of issue.
Finest     equipment.    Standard    first
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compartment . Library - Observation
Car on "Imperial Limited."
Prosperity is getting money other
than neatly folded in a pay envebpe.
—Detroit News.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
"It's not the cough that carries you
It's the coffin they carry you off in."
—New lork American.
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.10k, making connections   at   Toronto   for   all
points Bust and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winni
peg daily at 8.26k, and the "Atlantic
Express" at 19.00k daily, making connections  ut  Montreal  for  ull  points
East thereof.
Apply  at  the  nearest  C.P.R.   Agent
for full information
The  greatest  mistakes  is  thinking
you can't make them.
Shi/ohs Cure
quickly stops oougne, cures oolds, beds
the tkroatand Intve. -   •   • 8J oeete.
"Did you ever hear her say anything
particular about me?" "No, she. is
never very particular what she says
about you."—New York Telegram.  •
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.—The
condition of the liver regulates the
condition of the blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities in the blood
and tbese show themselves in blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon the liver
act upon the blood and a clear,
healthy skin will follow intelligent use
of this standard medicine. Ladies,
who will fully appreciate tbis prime
quality of these pills, can use them
with ceita:nty that tbe effect will be
most gratifying.
Room For Us All
Don't get excited over this bilingual
schoil question.   The British Empire
is made   up   of   all   kindreds   and
tongues.—Hamilton Times.
Browne—"Lend .you my motor?
What's the matter with your own?"
Eobinson—"Oh, I don't understand
running a car well enough yet to use
my own."'
Britain Sobering Up
The most significant account of social progress is that which marks last
year's.decline in the sale of intoxicating liquor in England and Wales.
Thus there was a decrease of 9.4 per
cent, in the convictions for drunkenness and of 11.28 per cent, in the conviction of women for the same offence.
The number of on-licenses is nlso
less by 1.472 than in 1908, though here
the decline has been continuous for a
number of years. On the other hand,
there is a net increase of 342 clubs,
and they have grown by i!0.31 per cent,
since 1904, against an increase of only
6 per cent, in the population. The figures point, perhaps, to u new social
danger, and also to some unfairness to
thc public-house trade. Thc figures
that exhibit the decline of drinking
habits in Scotland and Ireland are
even more sweeping and conclusive.
—The Nation.
The Best
' The hest preacher is the heart; the
'best teacher is time; the best book
is thc world; the best friend is God.
I—The Talmud.
The efficacy of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup in curint; coughs and
colds and arresting inflammation of
the lungs, can be established by hundreds of testimonials from all sorts and
conditions of men. It is a standord
remedy in these ailments and all affections of the throat and lungs. It is
highly recommended hy medicine
vendors, because they know and appreciate its value as a curative. Try
The Safest Answer
A mother of four daughters, one of
whom had recently married, cornered
an eligible young mnn in the drawing-
room. "And which of my girls do you
most admire, might I ask?" "The
married one," wus the prompt reply.
—London Daily News.
cure many common ailments
which arc very different, but
which all arise from the same
cause—a system clogged with Impurities. The pills cause the
bowels to move regularly, strengthen and stimulate the kidneys
untl open up the pores of the skin.
Tbese organs immediately throw
off the accumulated impurities,
and Biliousness, Indigestion, Liver Complaint, Kidney Troubles,
Headaches, Rheumatism and similar ailments vanish. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
Cures Men and Women. Write
him. His vnluable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 216.      NEW YORK CITY.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Racial Changes
A national and racinl type of fuce,
whose existence none can deny, varies
in different historical periods corresponding to that nation's rise or fall
in morals, well-being, etc. The age
of Pericles left a treasure of noble
faces in statue.—Wichita Eagle.
Lasting Quality.
lasting beauty and qualify are
characteristics ot silverware
Vears of honest service prove the
Inborn value ol knives, forks,
spoons, etc., bearing this name,
bttt fss sets, dl,tu, milter,,
tie, it* steeped
There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other dis
eases put together, and until the last
few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease and pre-
scribod local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science lias proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the
market. It is taken internally in
doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful.
It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it.
fails to cure. Send for circulars and
testimonials.   Address:
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Vfe guarantee the
perfect quality and
absolute purity of
the tobaccos used in
the manufacture of
"Doesn't huviug sold your automobile make a lot of difference to you?"
"No, not much. 1 keep a record of
its noises on the phonograph."
ShiMs Cure
inloUr stops coughs, cores colds, hull
tk* tUroM and lung*. -   .   - 3J Mate,
The chief reason that everybody is
not successful is the fact thut they
have not enough persistency. Do one
thing well, throwing all your energies
into it. The successful mnn, unlike
the poet, is made, not born.—John
He was in agony when a friend gave
him a box. Now he recommends
them to everybody.
Newcastle, N.B. (Special.)—In these
cold fall days when the chill winds
crystalize the uric acid in the blood
and cause the pangs of Rheumatism
nnd Sciutica to bring sleepless nights
to many a home, a man's best friend
is he who can tell his neighbor of a
sure cure for his tortures. Such a
friend is Wm. F. Black of this pluce.
He suffered from Sciutica und lame
back. He wits so bad that he could j
not lace bis boots or turn in bed. j
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured him and he;
wants all his neighbors to know of the
"Yes," Mr. Black says, in an interview, "I was so bad with Sciatica and'
Lame Back that I couldn't luce my
shoes or turn in bed, when a friend
gave me ubout n third nf a box of
Dodd's Kidney Pills. I started taking
them without much faith in their cur-
ntive powers, and found them all they
were recommended.
"Now I am recommending Dodd's
Kidney Pills to all sufferers front Kidney Disease."
Dodd's Kidney Pills are no faith
cure. They're a simple hut sure cure;
for tiiseased kidneys.
Seldom See
• bli .tnm Ilk* thU, bol 700? bona
may Xtsvis • bnnfh or _>»!•« on bt*
Ankia, Hook* SU0*. _____.&•• or Tbrort.
will eU» Ihtm oft witboul lirlnff th*
borstal). No blister, lio h«lr Kni_«,
n.ooiw>rbo»l«,d«1lT'd. Book 8 D free.
A liSOKIIINK, JK- for mublnd, |1.
  .   _. _, _    _■». IVI UU. .   T —
BmofM Punfal BwolltiiH. XnUr_red Gltndt,
Ooltro, Went. Brnlici. Vtrlooi* TMdi, Twice**
Mm, Old Bomb,   Allen P*in.   Book fro*.
W. F. MUNB, f. 0. F., 1S7 T.mpli 8t, Sprfnjflild, Nut
1 tJMAU. U.C ■••«** OhwMw imrit.
ikM hj BARTIS  MM * WTNIS ft)., Hli
na lATioJUL* bum * chemical to- wia«i^f * ut.
Saw Money
Dress Well
Tit HI
just think or nr i
D*« Wool. Cotton, SUk ot Mlitd Coo* !>„... ,1,
Wilh Ih. SAMS l_ty.«No rbt.net- ef mlt.tk t*. la*.
■ed Uttutllul Colon M rtttu, bote yoar Pnteeltf ot
llralrr. Stud lot ColorCttrttaad STORY Urckltt. «
Th. jolie.oo-gteh.ijCT Co, II.im. Mo.rn.il.
"Well, Missus Mulciiliy, Oi see be
the papers Danny's been discharged!
from the pinitineliery," observed Mrs.
"Yis,' sighed Mrs. Muleahy,
"Danny niver could hould uiiuy koind
of a job."—Harper's Weekly.
For Burns and Scalds.—Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil will take the fire out of I
ii burn or scald more rapidly than nny I
other preparation. It should be at
hand in every kitchen so that it may
he available at any time. There is noj
preparation required. Just apply the|
od to the burn or scfllu und the pain!
w'll nbate und in a short time eeuse
The largest aoueduot in use is the
Groton, of New York, whicb is thirty-
eight miles loner, but the longest ever
built is in Peru, 360 miles in length.
W. N. U.t No. 821.
Mothers nre always willing to
ah6wet their praises on a medicine
thet not only relieves their precious
little ones from pain but removes
the cause and keeps them well, bright,
active and happy. Such n medicine
is Baby's Own    Tablets.     Nn    other
medicine for little ones ims received
such praise from thousands of thankful mothers. These Tablets nt ver fail
to relieve the little ones from any of
the many little ills that afflict them.
Mrs. Thos. Hodgson, Riviere du LoUp
Station, Que,, writes: "1 always keep
Ruby's Own Tablets in the house and
have given them to my two little ones
with the best results. I always recommend them t^ my Mends as they
ure a grand remedy " The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or bv mail
f»t 25 cent; a box from The Dr, Wil-
Hams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
Christmas Gifts
Without Worry
is possible with a "RYRIE"
Catalogue. You can select
suitable gift articles just os
^ satisfactorily as by visiting our
C, We guarantee safe delivery
— pay atl postal ond express
charges-and immediately re*
(und the money if goods are nut
sotisfactor) .
Send (or Catalogue S
at once and save all unnecessary
At the dedication of n new fire engine in a little town on the Massachusetts coast the following toust
was proposed: "Muy sli" be like the
dear old maids of our vi'latre, always
ready, but never called for."—Success.
Diamond Mtrohanta, Jewslsrs
and tilvtrsmitha
134-138 YONCi ST.
J A.I. Ryrii.
IIakhv Ryrik,
Sec.-Trcas. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Utyp iEbnutui Bun
Published nt tlranri Porka, Rrltlsh Columhia
Editor twirl Publisher
A tile uf this paper enti bo seen nt the nlliee
or Messrs. B. * J. Hardj * Co..'80,8l apd ffi.
Fleet Street, K.O.,  Loudon.   Kntrlniiil. free <,f
oharge, nml thnt linn will be slml tn receive
subscriptions und ndveitlseiiieiits on onr he-
Due Year  *I-W
Due Venr (In udvitnce)   1,00
Advortlsln* rntes ttirtlifhe I on i nn
Letrnl notices, 10 and Scents pur line.
Atldress nil co Illtltaatlutll to
Thk KvKNINtt Sun,
Phone H71 Gkand Fohks. H.C.
Thut the British Columbia's fruit
now on exhibition in the old country is destined to sweep this year's
honors is indicated in a cablegram
summarizing the first results, received by Hon. \V. .1. Hnwser as
minister of agriculture. At its dispatch nine of twenty-four old country exhibitions were matters of history, anil at these nine British Columbia exhibits succeeded in win
ning seven gold and two silver gilt
medals, the highest aggregate that
any district or colony has yet
achieved in a similar number of
shows. The gold medals were won
at Southampton, Bristol, Bradford,
Leeds, Chester end Bolton, and the
silver gilt at the Crystal Palace and
Birmingham. It is anticipated that
the provincial exhibit will score
proportionately at the fifteen remaining exhibitions.
A Chal|enge
The determined efforts of the big
mail order houses to capture local
trade and take money away from home
have encouraged our local jeweller, A.
D. Morrison, to issue an elaborate
catalogue of his own, which shows by
actual comparison the advantage of
doing all your jewellery buying
through bim. Itis as handsome a book
as we have seen, and is a direct challenge to mail order competition to
keep hands off, as for as ihis section
is concerned. It adds the assurance
of his personal guarantee with everything he sells, and shows to what surprising extent he is able to meet
' requirements.
Following aro the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from October
14 to November 18, inclusive.
Eureka No. 3 fraction, South Wellington camp, Wm. E. George.
Blacktail, Franklin camp, J. R.
McDonnell and Frank Rowell.
Sofia, McKinley camp, relocation
of llagdalena, John Morrell and
Pete Accomozo.
Last Chance, Christina lake, Wm.
Guardian,South Wellington camp,
relocation of Guardian, Thos. Hemmerle.
Sweet William.Smelter mountain,
relocation of Ymir, Elizabeth Bennett.
Pine Grove, Gloucester camp, relocation of Banner, John A. Nelson.
Missounan, 1} miles from Paul-
eon, John Munro.
Leon, near Paulson, Malcolm
Comstock fraction, South Wellington camp, relocation of Comstock and Wellington fractions, L. E.
One-third of Evening Star,Franklin camp, L. D. Wolfard to F. M.
One-fourth of June, Wellington
oamp, A. Luoianl to Luigi Gri.
One-fourth   of June,  Wellington
camp, A. Luciani to  Anton  Copi-
One-eighth of June, Wellington
camp, Antonio Copicetti to Domeni-
co Lengi.
One-eighth of June, Wellington
camp.Luigi Gri to Oiodoro Peressin.
All interest in Judittn and Big
Raymond, McKinley camp, P. W.
Herr to co-owners.
All of Maggie, leta and Ruby
fraction, McKinley camp, S. Bonnaeci and P. W. Herr to co-owners.
One-half of Sonora- and Lenora,
Wellington camp, P. W. George to
R. W. Yuill.
One-half each Freddie, west of
Paulson, It. McRae to W. N. Poole
and H.  Ringrose.
Hot Air, McKinley euinp, J. W.
Cook I, F, W. Reid :|-, A. L. Whiteside J.
Lone Pine, McKinley camp, J. W.
Cook J, F. W. Reid \. A. L. Whiteside i.
Lookout, Franklin camp, F. W
Gold Hill fraction, McRae creek,
Sjh.vart_.eiihin.ier et al.
Reliance fraction. Summit camp,
Frank Coote.
Dreadnaught, Franklin camp,
Thomas Livingstone.
Blue Bell and Ida, Brown's cnmp,
I. Lindholm.
Buttercup, Franklin camp, J. A.
Nelson, two years.
Maple Leaf and Twilight, Franklin camp, Young et al.
Frisco fraction, Greenwood camp,
Lizzie Walsh.
Franklin, Burnt Basin, McNeely
et al.  -
Big Cub, Black Bear and Little
Cub fraction, surveys, Kerman etal.
Silver Knott, Seattle camp, Ella
d'ruft have disappeared and my hair is
fine antl soft and glossy. I would not
be without this fine hair tonic for
many times the price."
i For women, men or children Parisian   Sage   is   wijhout any doubt the
| finest preparation for the hair. Daintily perfumed, it is free from grease or
stickiness, and ought to be where
every member of the family could use
it dnily. Large bottle 50 cents from
all druggists nr f.iotti the proprietors,
The   GirOUX    Mfg.    Co .   Fort   Erie,
'Ont. The girl with the auburn hair is
j on every package. Sold and guaranteed by H: E. Woodland & Co.
Lost—Light bay mare and bay colt;
mare has wall eye and three white
feet; brand ' U" on thgh. Reward
offered to any one returning tbe same
to P. Andrews, Grand Forks, B. C.
The following are tbe returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date;
Granby 18,352 983,659
Mother Lode  9,335 310,474
Rawhide  4,200 23.300
Snowshoe  2,400 131,825
Oro Denoro  9,339
Jackpot      714 13,347
No. 7      250 995
Golden Eagle  120
Sally  32
Total 35,251 1,478,081
Smelter treatment—
Granby 18,655 908,243
B. C. Copper Co... 14,755 340,216
Enterprise of the Right Sort
One of the most gratifying evidences of local enterprise that has
come to our notice in a long while is
a copy of a handsome jewellery catalogue issued by A. D. Morrison in
advance of his Christmas trade. It is
elegantly printed. Every artilce picked
out for illustrated is intended to make
somebody's Christmas happy. It gives
a new impression of the resources antl
facilities of this .roll known jewellery
store, antl shows at a glance his ability to supply anything that may be
wanted in his line. Our readers
should mak" it a point to get a copy
of this catalogue, which is crowded
with singularly appropriate Christmas
Falling Hair
Mrs. Jas. Ha.iris, of Wappella,
Sask., says:
"I have found Parisian Suge to be
the best scalp and hair tonic and
dressing I have ever used. My hair
had been coming out in combs full
antl was very dry and brittle and the
scalp was always itching and full of
dandruff. 1 have used two bottles of
Parisian Sage and it has stopped my
hair from falling, the itching and dan-
Holv Trinity Chuucii, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon,> 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday school, 3
p.ill, First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Week-flay and special services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would he
pleased to met you.
ICnox Presbyterian Chuucii—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church Rev. Calvert.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. - Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class antl Sunday school   at 2:30 p.m.
OUR HOLIDAY GOODS >"e better than last year,
and that .says a great deal.
Call early and select goods, and we will be
pleased to keep them for yon. See tho goods,
anyway, whether you liny or not.
-2 WOOD LAND    &,   CO.K-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
Show puds for widnpws and inside
are a line form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Bounoary.    Sun Job Office.
Don't forget that The Sun nas the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
The Sun is read by everybdy be
cause it prints all the Boundary news
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that' they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
Ih the Estate of Margaret E. Coryell,
NOTICi; IS IIKRKBY UlVEN thnt on the IBtli
ilny ut November, A.\>. M(i, |>robate of
ihe whl of Mnrnuret ti. Coiyell, decens'-n, late
of the City of Ulttfld Forks, B C, was.granted
out of tlie Supreme (out of British Oolum-
biii, nt V.MM.ouv'r, [}.(.., to John Abraham
Coryell and Frank G< urge Coryell, executors,
both of G u id Pork* H.C.
Every persm Indebted to snid estute is
required to make payment lorthw'th to*tho
executors, dud every portion having in pos-
M't^ii-i. eliucls liclnnt.ir-tf lo "state is te-
iiuired forth with to deliver same ovi r to su d
Every creditor or other persons having any
claim n()oi) or interest iu tlie distribution of
tho estnte of the deceased is required before
ttie ouiieeiith flay oi .'miliary, A.D. Wil, to
send by ri'tfii •r,1 U httr, atdirred to the
un lerskiied, his name |u>«l QfM'etJS nud (till
piiriifiiliirs of his ci aim ur interest, and a
Btu'emeiit of hiu .n'fotliit, veriibd b-. statu
tory declaration, nml the nature of the security (it air ) it< m by  him.
.\iter ihe s.iiil tl< t d,.y of February the Px-
ectltorn will proo 'U'l with thc administration of the Ohtu e. having reuaitt to tho*e
claims otity of which they shull then have
I mini this 24th day of November, A. D  1910.
when you bu}) your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon ht tor a king at
For Motorist's and Cyclists,
Lowest Prices
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
-175X175, FT. LOT between
Second and Third streets,
jnst above Judge beamy'*
and It. Gaw's places; lep-
aruted from ull otber properties by 20'ft.
lane: as larsen- seven or eight ordinary lots.
itdjoiuintr lots are worth $1"0; would make
nice home, with sufficient frnm nd for chick*
ens. fruit, uardeu and lawn; most deslrabld
location iu eity.
85 ACRES adjoining
eity limits ou south;
14 acres cleared; lfiO
fruit trees; new four-
room house: bum for six horses; horse,
biiL'ty.double harness mid tunning implements.   All for $:i'JiHi.   Easy terms.
and three lots within
one block of business
centre: lawn, shade
'rces, fruit trees,berry busliei, luriregarden,
Will also sell furniture of house if desired.
One-half cash, buiio.ee terms.
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $)U0 h?wn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
—1'£ miles from town;
7-room   house,    plundered; large bnirgyalieil,
_ .  _ .__.    woodshed;   160    fruit
t rees, 70 ben rt ujr; Ii1 -i acres st ru wherries,
gooseberries, ft in runts, ruspberrien: free from
i rost: the Ite^t locution nround Grand l''ui lis;
plenty   uf  good   wuter;  fruit and  crop  iu
-Between 3 bud I acres
In West eud of city;
first'Class soil, all un-
B tier ciil Ivuttou; small
house, woodshed and outbuilding; well und
pump; uood fence. This h a sacrlllee, as owner is aboni to leavedty. Terms.
SSHKieHsh, balance terms. One
ol best lintels in
the business ceu
ire of (irand Koilts: now doing a profitable
bust hum* ; owner dashes to remove to the
coast. This is tlie best bargain in this part
of the province, as there are hut s<-veii hotel
licenses in the (.irand Porks, ''ity is growing
rapidly. No other town in southern Hritish
Columbin has as bright future prospects.
For further information re
garding the above propertied
call or address
BlCVCI.ES and Repair Woiik—A
complete line of 1910 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. EO. W. Cooper, Winnipeg
Accomplishes Much
A two cent itamp doei a lot for
very little money, but it would requite thousands of two cent stamps
and personal letters to make your
wants known, to as many people as
t 25c. investment in our Classified
Want Ads.
NEEDLEWORK wanted to do at home.  Cull
1   on Mrs. Wm. Keron. Second atreet.
GOOD PASTURAGE for cattle close to citv:
safe fence; nhiiiiilnoe ot feed.   For term:
apply 10 John Rammer, Kulirth of July oreeu.
WANTED   Situation m janitor ur bartender.   Add rem W,  J..  Ilei.er.il  Delivery,
Oruud Forks, 11. C.
fORNlSHBU HOOMS-Applv Mrs. E.Craw-
I     f.n-d.
DVHRTISING SPACE in The Sun.the most
widely read newspaper in the Kettle Val-
TYPEWRITER-Ollver;   new.    Apply Suu
I    office.
THREE  BOTTLES cold   Nelson  Reer   50c.
I    Lion Bottling Works.
BARN ANDIHIUSE-Tlie Forrester barn, !1
lots uud house, in Columbia.   Apply .1.11.
PlHth, Box 11).
AKGE HOTtLE Port Wine Tie.   Lion Bo'
.   tllne Works.
LAND— id) aores good timothy land.   Apply
this office.
CPAfE for  advertising   purposes   iu   I'he
PPECIAI. OLD-POUT tl per gallon.   Lion
Bottling Works.
***** ill I MM THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
G. G. Gavrette presents Canada's foremost Star,
and Associate Players, in tlie beautiful Canadian Drama,
as played oyer two hundred nights in New York.
Prices 50c and M.00 gi
Secure Your Seats now at
Woodland & Co.
With a First-Glass
Moving Picture Skow
Under entirely New Management.
endid Singing ffl p-hange of *"««****
Haste seldom makes waist.
A man's idea tif indulging his wife
is if she will spoil him.
If there were no telling of lies we'd
have to disbelieve the truth-
One good deed can deservo  another
a long time without getting it.
A woman can forgive her husband
most anything if nobody else will.
The reason a man bets is so be cun
brag if lie wins and forget to mention
it if he loses.
One woman can be so sweet to another that it is next to impossible to
tell how much they hate each  other.
A woman never desires all the compliments she gets from her suitor; she
always deserves more than she gets
from her husband.
Where a woman can get fooled on
a man is thinking that because sbe can
make his brains work wrong she can
also make them work right.
Every time a girl takes a walk in
the woods she expects to meet a fairy
prince who will carry her off in a
golden chariot.
Money is a good thing to teach a
man to wish he hadn't spent it the
way he did without teaching him not
to do it again.
Most of us forget that how a man
parts his principles is much more important than how he parts his hair.
It's funny how long it takes arithmetic to get a child when the measles
can grab him in a minute.
A woman may point the finger of
scorn at a man, but she pokes it in
the eye of another woman.
Yale Land Dlltrlot, DUtrlot ol Similkameen.
TAKK NOTIOH tliat Waller Gory, uf Bran.
■   (hni, Man,.•occupation Parnmr, Intend, to
applv for iHTint11.I011 to pinelias • thu follow
nor il.-sri il.'il lauiU:
Conunelioitm at a post planted un iii -
south boundary pf Lot Bits, and about tin
ehaiiiH norih ol the N.W. oorner of Lot 747 o .
BiB Sheep Creek; tlienge west 160 ohaiiia;
ihiMicr sooth .Orhuhis: thenee east Hit t'liuini;
thenci'liiorth 20 eliains; theuce east SO chains:
thenoe nortli _!U cliuliij to pofut of coniuicoce.
WALTER GEBr, Applicant.
Hy .1. B Cranston, His Agent.
Dated this 12th day of March, 1HW.
Admission 15c.
Wednesday and Friday.
Children 10c
Holy Trinity Ciiukcii,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion,   8:00   a.m
The Best Christmas Gift for
a Little Money
Sent as a   year's subscription to
The Youth's Companion, #2.00 will o ,,,,
,       . ..- ■ niunion,   8:00   a.m.;   morning prayer
buy, for any Canadian subscriber, and se,.mon, n a.m.; evensong and
the fifty-two weekly issues of The sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school', 3
Youth's Companion for 1911. p.m.    First  Sunday  of  the   month
It will buy the two hundred  and  holy communion will be celebrated at
r.r,,. .„_,„;., ,.:„„  >   ■ ._. the 11 a.m.   service  as well  as  at 8
fifty fascinating stories  in  the   new „,   ,   , ,       . ,
, ° ia.m.    Weekday and special   services
volume. jas they are announced   from  time   to
It will buy the fifty exclusive con-; tinto.    You are cordially invited   to
th   us, and   we would be
tributions to the new  volume by fa
mou8 men and women.
It will  entile the new Canadian
pleased to met you.
Knox    Presbytkrian
Sabbath services at 11 a.in. and 7:30 p.
subscriber for 1911 who sends in his m.. Sllbbath school and Bible class at
subscription now to all the issues of 9:45 a.m.   All   are cordially invitetl.
The  Companion for  the remaining Seats free.    Rev. M. D. McKee,   pas-
weeks of 1910 free, i t°r-
T, „ ...   ,,.,,   ,.            „     ,.    '    Methodist   Church   Hev.  Cal-
It will entitle the new  Cnnadian ,, _.__,,       in
.      .         ,                                         vert.—Services    next   Sunday at  11
subsenper   for   1911   to   1 he Com-  a, m. and  7.;TO  p.m.; Sunday school
panion's Art Calender, lithographed  and   Bible class at   9:45 a.m.     Tne
in twelve colors and gold.                     Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
""     ■ 7:30;
mid-week   prayer   meeting,  VVednes-
extra copy ot the 1911 Calendar.        rkyHi 8 p „,.    BVe,.JbCfdy will be wel-
The illustrated Announcement of come,
the larger and better Companion for,     Baptist  Church,    Rev.   H.   W.
1911 will be sent to   any   Canadian i Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
address free. Iat  " .*:.m' aml 7::"!0>  "•LBiWe
The Youth's Companion, 144
Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. New
subscriptions received nt this office.
ill   incoc UUIUIO  U11U   UOlU. J__iu tv in Lli   , hh^mit ...   .   i. i i n m..i i i,jii>.
It the subscription is a Christmas n,eef evelT M(>n<J»y evening at
:.,   :. ...:n      . .1   .1      1           . Junior League,   Tuesdays, 7:00
gift, lt will ent tie the donor to an .,      ,   b                {.'    ,,,
*-* biiwI-ii.i. _._<__. I_*        1_ _»_, 1 tn ,*       imiari mr        VV a
class and -Sunday .school   at 2:30 p.m.'
Don't forpet thut Tht; Sun mis the1 N them»ttkr 0f <ha i.a.,.1 i^istry Act
,        ....       , ,    i   attain the matter ot the titln to  i.nt L7AA
best joh printingneparmient  in the    Uroun l, Osoyoqi,[>lvision,_{now known an
Boundary country. :   >imilli
I    Siinilluiciifi'ii)   DiviH.mi   of    Vitte   I'isirn-t,
I    British Columbin
WHKKKAH Crrtilli-ntH   tit Title of   Patrick
T«rrl»m, belntf (Jartifk'ttte of Title Nn.
871Hh, to tlie above  li(iro<lltiimoiitti tins hunn
lost or destroyed) an application mis been
' in iiilu to mo for a <lniili< nt * therm if.
Notice Ih hereby given that aduplloRte Ccr-
tifieiitt; of Title to the above  hereditament!
I will he issued nt the ox pi ration of mie month
from the date herenf, unleM lu the im-iintimi!
ii,,, ,, ,      ,   ., . ,   „     vuliil objeetluim to the contrary ho made to
I-iial'leB trmlert.   throughout   the   world  to   me In wrltlnir.
(I'uMlshed Annually)
cnriimiiiiiciite direct with English
In each class of.unuds. Resides being 11 enm* I
plete eiiiiiiii«.iei.il guldu tn London uud Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
with the Hoods thoy ship, and the Colonial
unit Korclgn Mar ke tl they supply;
IHstrh't Kecislnir of Titles.
Uud Registry Offlco,
Kiuuloii|.s, I*. C, Kept. 7. ll'IO.
Tale Land District, District of Slmilkameeu.
TAKE nolici'tluit I, AU'ness Blleil Paulson.
of Kosslmid, A. O.i occupation wlic, intends to apply fnr puriiiiHsiou to purchase
the folIoWitiffidiisoplbed lauds:
Commencing tit a post ]ilante<l at the
punviVPfiT 'IM* a ni? xr_r"ivinpe iouthweitcorner of Jnmes Miller's pre-nnip-
.FKUVliNUALi   IKAUb INUlMLIV*   tioili Lot UBfiSMon Deep Creek; tbence uorth
arranged under tlte Ports to which they Hail,
uml Indicating the apprnxiniute Sailings;
of lea'Hnir Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.,
.   jielpa1 prov   _'
centres of the United Kingilom-
tbe priueipn   i»r"vliicial towns au«l Industrial
A copy of the current edition "ill in> f<ir-
waided, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fer 208.
Healers Keeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards tor £1, or larger advertise-
nients from £3,
25, Abcliurcli Lane, Loudon, E.G.
BOobaim; thenee went .ftohailisi tlieni-eniiiltli
'JO ulmiii.; thenee west 10 obuiiigi tlienee
cinitli Suunalnsi thenoe east AOofaaiim lo the
iHjiiit of commencement.
J. ti.Crtuititoii. Au'fnl.
Doted M»y 16th, 1B01.
Show curd., for widnows and in-side
aro a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tliem brief, ter.se and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
An illustrated "travel talk"—the
event of the season. Lecture by Frederick William Prince, in the Grand
Forks opein house, December 7th.
Illustrated by 275 beautifully colored
lantern slides and 1000 feet of excellent^ moving picture film. The
lanterns and moving picture machine
used are strictly high class. Under
the management of the Southern Pacific Railway company.
Getting Ready for 01 r stmas
The spirit of Christinas is beginning to show itself, and the best evidence of that fa;t is a handsomely illustrated jewellery catalogue now be
ing distributed by A. M, Morrison,
lt is a decided advance over anything
before done in a local way, and is
equal in printing and illustration to
the best efforts of the big mail order
houses. It is inteirled to emphasize
the advantage '»f doingall \oui- buying
at home, and shows bv actual comparisons how you call save money by
dealing with your local jeweller. This
catalogue suggests tbe appropriate
thing for everyone's Christmas, and
gives you a chance for deliberate selection with everything guaranted as
1 he O'iver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please read the headllne'oTer RgAtn, Then Us
tremendous Rienlltuanee wilt lawn upon yon
An Oliver Typewriter—the standard visible
writer—the must highly per. ted typewriter
mi the market—yours fori? cents   day!
The typewriter whose conquest of the com-
mi'ivitl world is a matter of nlsto v— yuan. (Pi
17 eenta a day!
lhe typewriter that la equipped with scores ol
sueli eunvenlunues as The Halaiuv Shift"—
'♦The Ruling Device"—"The Double Rclease"-
"The Locomotive Base"—"The Automailo
Spacer"—"Tlie Automatie Tabulator"—"The
—"The Adjustable i'n-
perWngerst,-"The Bui-
entlfle Condensed Ke*.
board"—all •-*»
Tours for  17
Gents a Day!
We anon need this
new Ban.-* }>nui reeently, just to feel the pulse of
ihe people. simi<ly a (.mall cash payment-
then 17 cents a day, That Is the plan iu a nut-
si i ell.
The result lias been such a deluge of applica-
tlonx for machines that we are tdmplv Hs-
The demand cornea from people ot all classes,
all ages, ail occupations.
Tii- majority of Inquiries haa come from peo-
lc uf known linaiicial staudliiK wbo were at*
tmeted by the novelty of the propoa. 'on. Au
Impresaivo dumonstrntiuii of thi' liumeiue pop*
it.an yoi tlie Oliver Typewriter
A start.im. coiitiniiatioii of our belief that
the Km uf Universal Typewriting i» at hand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
'are Making Money with
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed nnd
newly furnished through*
out. Conveniently located
for railway men. I'Trst-
oloss occommodtttloni for
transients. Hoard and
rooms by tho week at prevailing rates, '''in*' U»e of
Wini.s. Liquors and Ciirara
always in xtoek ut tbe bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
rl»i Air. Lone Pinii mul Lookout Minernl
CI ilniN. pitimtp Iii tin- firiiiul ForkH .Mlnliiir
Division of Yuli. Dtatrlnt.
IVhere loonled: In UoKlnley oamp.
TiKE NOTICE that 1. Prod w. Reid, Fn>e
I Miners' Cortlflcato No. H^l-'.'i!'. lor myself
and nniiiront for .1. \V. C'ooki Ffei- MIihth'
Certifliiiti. Nu. H2IKHH,iiiiil k.L Whlteilde,
Frpe Miners' Oertllloaie No. Hissrm, Intend,
sixty davs from the dato hereof, to apply to
the Mining Beaorder for CertUloatei.of Im-
nrovoment, for the purpose of obtaining
Croivn clients of tbe above olnlipi.
And further tnke notioe that aotlon. under
seotion ;(7, must hp oommenoed before the
issuance ol such UertiHoates of Improvement.
Dated this 23nl ilny of July, A 11 11110.
Mi-o-na, an Excellent Stomach Remedy
.Mrs. J. R. Whyte, Killarney,
Man., who says: "I have found great
comfort and relief from Mi-ona, I
had been greatly troubled for months
with heartburn and a heavy burning
feeling in my stomach. A fair meal
would disturb me so much that 1
would have to sit up at night—the
food would sour on my stomach and
form a j,uis which would cause be'eh-
inff and diz/.y spells. These distr. s,
ing troubles disappeared after using
Mi-o-na, and I shall always s|euk
highly of this excellent stomach
Mi-o-na is the best prescription for
stomaoh trouble over written, It
gives quick relief and cures permanently, Mi-ona is put up in tablet
form and is small and easy to swallow. .Sold by leading druirgistseverywhere, iiO cents, with a guarantee to
cure or refund your money. Or |Ost-
paiil from The K. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Eiie, Ont. Yon will search the
worlp over and not lind a stomach
remedy half so good as Mi-o-na. Sold
and guaranteed by HI K. Woodland
it Co.
The Standard, Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter Is a money-maker
right from the word "go!" So easv n> run that
bejritinera soon uvt tn ihe "expert" class, ttarn
na you learn. Lettbo mnchine p'y lhe 17 oente
a day—and nil above that in ynura,
Whereverynn are, therein work to be done
and money to bc mart" by naliiK the Ollvor The
bii!*inew> world is {lalllng for ullvur opohitnrs,
Therfi ure not enpngh to aupplv the detmitid
TliofrsHlsrlvB arc rouilderably above those oi
inaiiy,cliisM'_.of workcrn.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thnt* is the battle cry today. Ae hnve made
the Oliver supreme in uaefulneesnrtd abaolntelj
linli.-l-i.iisiiiiit' in i(usinu«s. Now comes tin- con
ijiii-hi of tm- home,
The simplicity und strength ofthe Oliver lit li
I'm- family uso. Ir i* ht>roti)lnir im Important
fhotor in the noun- training nf young people.
An ed urn tor as well as n money niulc-ir,
Onr new Bolting plan puts tlo- Oliver on On*
iliroilioM ni every hninu in Amerleii win v»u
0'iiHellifldimrnTyiiiir homo 6r offloe on ihis re-
m»r|*ahle Oliver olT-r?
Write for furthur details ol onr en-v oirer and
a free ropy'ol the bow Oliver catalog.  Adi rets
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor Typewriter Building,
Receive both Ladles and Gentlemen m rr«'-
dent or dny itndetitsj hus a oomoleto Oonr
merolal or Huslooss Course; prepares itu«
dentstovaln ■Teaoheri1 Certitioatos of all
grades; glvei the four years1 course for tin
B. A< degree, and the first year of the Sobou
of Boleuce course, In affiliation with thp To
ron to University; bus a spci-dal proipccton
pour^e for miners wiio work in B.C;, lo true1
tion is also (riven Iii Art. Mush-, I'liy-i.-ul I nl
ture  and  Klociiticin,   Term  opens Sept.   It,
lUuJs, .For Calendars, etc, add resi
A new lot of latest Resigns of pro
gram and menu cards just received al
Thk Sun joh office.
We have stone of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Uounaary.   bun Job Olliee.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190G.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It i.s a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4G.*H> copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of tiie properly.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
U> be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
Tlie mining man needs the book for
the farts it gives him about mines,
mining and tlio metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him ahout mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies ace
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is 85 in .Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fullv prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory,
Horace  J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
AN V mn. 1..1.I.- II..i.ii.,im,   I..ml-   wIMiln  Hi*
Rullwny Mi'lt i.tihstM. Columbia rimy ho
In itftntled by any itanoti who U tha bean
T it family, of an) mawovereltfliteau yenri
fuiri-. totlip-exteiit ofo tuurter leatloti
of Hiii nersi, morn or loss
Knt iv hum \,i- matin personally it th.- toon)
inn I fiiiii-i- for tlm dlltrlot id n-l.i ill Hie land
Ujl tu ate.
The ho iteader li reo u I red to perform
the coiiilltlons eqniiejtfld   ili.T--.Mtl,   nmlcr
one of tbe Mlowlng olaui:
(1) At leant six months1 residence upon innl
cultivation of the land In eaeh year for three
(2) Hthe fatber(or mother, if the fattier i^
deceased), or ttu- homesteader resluei noon n
farm in the vicinity of the land entered ror,
the requlren ,» as to reslileuee nmv besot*
isfii-ii by inoh person residing with the futlicr
or mother,
(«) If t)i»> settler has hli permanent resi*
deuce upon farming l_nt>l owned by )iim In
the vlolnlty of his homqstead, the requirements as to residence may bo satisfied i*\
residence upon thesaid 'an I.
Six inontiis' notice in writing ihonl I be
given tne Oommlaslonerof Domlnlnu Landi
fit Ottutt ii of in 11 m 111., 11 tO ll|>|iW for iiatiMit.
Coal-Cool mining rights m.< i„. |aaietl
for a period of twenty*one years at an on*
mini rental of #1.00 per acre. Notmon tbati
I.E-Otiaorei shall Up teased to one Individual or
Company. A r6yalty at tlie rate of Hve cents
per ton shall be oolieoted on tlo- merchantable ooal mined,
w. W.GORY,
Deputy of tin-Minister of tin* Interior,
n.H. Unauthorised publication of thli
advertisement n ill not be paid for.
TilK Sun is read  by everybdy  be
cause it prints all the Boundary news THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Clanbrassie, Ont
Two years ago, tlie doctor made forty-
four calls on mc and then said he had done
all he could for me. I was suffering will,
intense Kidney Trouble and severe inflammation had set in. Two other doctors
w,ere consulted and agreed tliat nothing
could be done to help me.
On the recommendation of a neighbor,
I took "Kruit-a-tives" and they cured me.
To-day, I take "Fruit-a-lives" its my only
medicine. I am in excellent health and
"Fruit-a-tivcs, is the medicine that cured
me after 1 had been at death's door for
I am glad to be able to give you this
testimonial It may benefit some other
woman sufiering as I suffered, as I believe
that I would not be alive to-day had I not
used ''Fruit-a-tives."
"Fruit-a-tives"—the famous fruit medicine—is acknowledged tiie greatest kidney
cure in the world. 50c a box, 0 for $2.50
trial size 25c. At dealers, or from Fruit-a-
tives Limited, Ottawa,
and Ior over SIXTY YBARS by MILLIONS ol
hi the bnt remedy Ior IMARRHQiA. It I* ■»
solutely termless. De sure and ask Ior "Mi*
Wisulow's SootMag Syrup," and take no oth«
kind.   Twenty-five cent, • bottle
Margaret Fuller on Women's Rights
Without attaching any importance
in themselves to the changes demanded by the champions of women, we
hail them as signs of the times. We
would have every path laid open to
woman as freely as to i man. Were
this done, and a slight temporary fermentation allowed to subside, we
should see crystalizotions more pure
and of more various beauty. We believe the divine energy would pervade
nature to a degree unknown to the
history of former ages, and that no
discordant collision, but a ravishing
harmony of spheres, would ensue. Yet
then, and then only, will mankind be
ripe for this when inward and outward freedom for woman as much as
for man shall be acknowledged as a
right, not yielded as a concession.
A Lucrative Mistake
The beggar wore a placard, saying:
"I have only six months to live." He
was a robust beggar, hut the placard
touched all hearts, and through its
agency he must have made six or
seven dollars a day. A Ph.lndelphian
who had helped the beggar liberally in
Philadelphia in 1005, came across the
fellow w'earing the same placard in
Los Angeles in 1000. "Why, you ought,
to be ashamed of yourself," the Plnla-
delphian cried. "Only six months to
live forsooth!" you were saying that
five years ago." "Well, growled the
beggar. "It ain't my fault, is it, if the
doctors make mistakes?"
The ease with which corns and
warts can be removed by Hollowny's
Corn Cure is its strongest recommendation.   It seldom fails.
"Every time that automobile breaks
down I notice you consult your state
license." "I do that for encouragement. Tlie license ssys I'm competent
to operate the machine."—Houston
Awardad First Prize at World's Exposition on its Work and Methods-
Catalogue Free.   Address.
Cor. Portage Ave 4 Fort St, Winnipej
Daily during December.      3 months
limit.   Stop over privileges,
, via
1 sysT-
The Double Track Route.
Reduced Fares for
Steamship Passengers.
November 11th  to  December    31st.
Five months limit.    Write    for   full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent, Passenger Dept.
Representative for all Steamship Lines
and Cook's Tours.
260 Portage Ave.        -        Winnipeg.
Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy
Try Murine for your Eye Troubles
Vou will like Murine. It Soothes
50c at Your Druirgists. Write for Eye
Rooks Free. Murine Eye Remedy
Co., Toronto. 2
"Helloa, old man!" exclaimed Bull
at a reception. "It's a delightful surprise to see you here." "So good of
you to sny so," replied Corbyn. "Yes;
you see I was afraid I wouldn't find
any but bright and clever people present."
A Pill for Brain Workers.—The man
who works with his brains ia more'
liable to derangement of the digestive
system than the man who works with
his hands, because the one ells upon
his nervous energy while the other
applies only his muscular strength.
Brain fag begets irregularities of the
stomach and liver, and the best remedy that can be used is Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They are specially
compounded for such cases and all
those who use them can certify to
their superior power.
The topnotch of politeness hns been
attained when a man asks a bill collector to call again.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"Can a layman write a will that will
hold?" "He can, if he sticks to ordinary English," answered the lawyer.
"It's when he tries to handle the 'to-
wits' and the 'whereases' tliat he falls I
Skin Sufferers Cured
by Cuticura Remedies
Do you suffer from skin and scalp humors that torture, disfigure, itch, burn,
crust, scale, injure the hair, and destroy sleep? Then here is convincing
proof of the skin health to be found in the Cuticura Remedies. Read in
these remarkable statements — taken from the original letters — how others
have been speedily and economically cured of eczema (or salt rheum), psoriasis,
ringworm, rashes, pimples, falling hair, ulcers, sores and similar afflictions,
of young and old, by these invaluable household remedies, when all else fails.
Familu'sftarfulskin torments. Fourchlldren
covered Willi raw. torturing eczema. Mother
iillnci with erysipelas, slei-pless and nearly
mad wlili worry. The hospital seemed their
last resort when Cuticura Remedies made
perfect cures. — Mrs. Jeanle Smith, 19,
Mildtuay Rd., Romford. Essex.
Mon'-'til woman's itching fczemn lasted for
seven years, fiiyuiclttil treated her but ahe
tot worse. Could not sleep or even put
liands in water. Tried ull manner of treatment, and even a hospital, but grew worse.
Found prompt relief and final cure In Cuticura Soap and Ointment. — Miss Mary A.
Bentley, W University fit., Montreal.
Doctor prenrr\b»s Cuticura Remedies for
severe skin eruption. I idling and burning
were dreadful and sufferer would almost tear
his skin apart, trying to get relief. Tried all
kinds of prescriptions ln vain. Cuticura
Soap and Ointment gave relief the first day,
and now he is well. B. L. Whitehead, M. D.,
IOS Dartmouth St., Boston, adds, "I have
great faith ln Cuticura Remedies now that
I am convinced of their wonderful merits."
Cured her three girls of eczema. Their heads
were masses of itching eruption. All kinds
of remedies failed and mother was In despair.
Their Immediate relief and economical
recovery due to Cuticura Ointment. — Mra.
Christina Ritchie, Rosehearty, Scotland.   »
Features indiscernible with eczema. Baby's
iuad a mass of eruption. Was an Inpatient at hospital five weeks. Mother
tried everything but there was no Improvement. Well as ever after treatment with
Cuticura Remedies. — Mrs. Flnlow, 24,
Corporation St., Stafford,  England.
Chief surgeon of skin-hospital said, "I never
saw such a bad case of eczema." Itching
was unbearable and sufferer gbt little or
no reili* Suffered agonies for a year.
Writes: "After using three sets of Cuticura
Remedies I was cured." — Henry Searle,
1709 Park Ave., Little Rock, Ark.
Fac^andjieck a mass of vtmtiUs. Almost
too bad to describe. Dreaded to wash
because ot pain. Spent pounds on treatments which failed to cure. After five long
yeara of suffering, he tried Cuticura Ointment and Cuticura Soap. They cured him.
Oan not prabe them too highly. — Frank
ReveU, 47, East St., Newton Abbot, Devon.
Baby's foes like piece of rats beef. Smothered
with bad pimples. Awful to look at.
Scratched and cried terribly. They reared
he would always be disfigured, but Cuticura
Remedies quite cured him. — Mrs. E.
Perry, 99, Waterloo Rd„ Aldershot, Hants.
Scratched twntv-rtaht years until It got to be
second nature. Buffering from psoriasis was
endless and without relief. Shed scales
constantly and wasted 9200 on useless
treatments. Cuticura Remedies made skin
dear as a baby's. — Dennis Downing,
Waterbury, Vt.
Itching eruption 55 years. Found no relief.
Sous formed as Lug as walnuts. Was In
frightful condition and could hardly work.
Suffered from birth. Used Cuticura Kerne;
dies eight months and was cured. — Hale
Bordwell. R. F. D. 3. Tipton, la.
Baby woutd have died but fnr Cuticura
Remedies, itchy rash ou his head when but
three months old. lt spread over entire
body. Put mittens on him to prevent tern-
lug skin. Reduced to a skeleton. One
bath with Cuticura Soap and application of
Cuticura Ointment soothed hlni to sleep.
A single set cured him. No return lu 20
years. — Mrs. M C. Maitland, Jasper, Ont.
Perfect cure of varicose ulcer resulted from
using Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment
as advised by a physician. Had suffered
three months and was growing worse under
other treatment.— Charles Sparrow, 7, Virginia St., Belfast, Ireland.
Child's ringworm with loss of hair mstd.
Almost Impossible to describe state iier
head was In. -Raw from using unsuitable
ointments. Tried many remedies and even
a skin hospital. Thought hair would never
grow again. Used Cuticura Remedies and
hair is now thick and full of new growth.
Scalp completely cured. — Mrs. T. Ward,
1S7, Markby Rd., Wiiuon Green, Birmingham, England.
At 74 owes fine head of hair to Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. Itching, scaly ecalp humor
was making his mother's hair all fall out in
spite of treatment. She was advised to use
"Cuticura." Trouble over and hair growing
again. —Ellsworth Dunham, Hiram, Me.
One box of "Cuticura" cured three. Husband,
daughter and baby boy had dreadful Itching
rash. Would scratch till they bled and sleep
was badly broken. — Mrs. F, Hart, Castle
St., Wondhridge, Suffolk.
Itching, bleeding ectema cured by Cuticura
Remedies after live years of suffering beyond
description. Thought death was near and
longed for that time when she should be at
rest. Now well, and says: "1 am so grateful
1 want the world to know, for what helped
me will help others." — Mrs. Altle Etson,
93 Imt Rd., Battle Creek, Mich.
Her baby's head a mass of running ectema
that took every hair or!. Was a pitiful
sight. Kept someone night and day to
prevent his scratching. After second application of Cuticura Ointment, Itching stopped.
Now has lovely hair and skin, thanks to
Cuticura Remedies. — Mrs. H. A. Morgans,
20, Pwll St.. Landore. So. Wales.
A doten families had "the itch" In a Welsh
village. Their whole bodies itched like a
million mosquito-bites. Sleep was out of
the question, and life became an Inferno.
Doctors did their best to no avail. After a
few days' treatment with Cuticura Remedies
the result was a perfect cure in all cases. —
Thomas Hugh, 3956 W. Huron St., Chicago.
Doctor advised cutting leg off. It peeled from
knee down, and loot was like raw flesh after
she had been treated for eczema for Ifi
years. Decided to try Cuticura Remedies
lirst. ln ten months' use of them she was
cured. Says: "But for the Cuticura Remedies I might have lost my life." — Mme.
J. B. Reuaud, 277, Mentana St., Montreal.
Baby tortured bv cruel humor on hands and
face. Crusts formed, cracked and bled.
Itched frightfully. They put on mitts to
stop her scratching, and had to rock ber day
and night. Not a mark left now and father
writes, "Cuticura seems a wonderful remedy." — Henry M. Fogel, Bath, Pa.
Psoriojis all over her. body. Attended a
hospital for months but did not seem to get
better. Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment
and spots disappeared. No signs of return.—
Mrs. F. J. Stokoe, 17, Delvlno Rd., Parson's
Green, London, S. W.
Dreadful boils for 11 months. Made sufferer
weak and ill, and forced her to leave work.
Tried everything one could mention,* to no
avail. Hei mother tells how. after using one
set of Cuticura Remedies, she ts well. —
Mrs. Ellen Heather, Hillside Rd., Ash
Common, nr. Aldershot, Hants.
Pabtf untied to n skeleton with terrible sores.
Scratched ami tore tiesh unless hands were
tied. Physician treated him but he grew
worse. Now is well, and mother says:
"Only for the wonderful Cuticura Remedies,
my precious child would have died." — Mrs.
Egbert Sheldon, Litchfield, Conn.
BOwgri of scalu, disfiguring ectema cured.
Suffered since childhood. Attended a hospital fur years and years. Had been a smother
from head to foot. Used Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment and In a few weeks
eruptions had completely disappeared. —
Mrs. Butler, 17, Francis Rd., King's Norton,
Birmingham, England.
Was petting bald at 19. Dermatologist could
not assure a cure and thought hair would
come out white or gray, if at all. Used
"Cuticura" and in two months hair was
growing its natural color. In six months no
sign of trouble was left. — Q. J. Browne,
1 Remington St., Dorchester, Boston, Mas.
Her babies had awful ectema. One' died of
the dreadful disease, the other's head a mass
of running eruption. Child was In torture.
Used two boxes of Cuticura Ointment and
the way his head healed up Is "nothing
short of a miracle." — Mrs. Mary Stlrsaker,
41, Berry St., Preston, Lanes.
CFor more than a generation the Cuticura Remedies baf* promoted skin
and hair health throughout the world.
Sold by druggist* everywhere. Send to
the proprietor!. The Potter Drug * Cbem.
Corp., 129 Qetunibui Ave., Boston, U.S.A.,
for a froo dS-page booklet telling all about
skin aad scalp troubles, and giving in full
nearly a hundred unquestioned testimonials,
as convincing as tbe abort,
" Black Knight" Stove
Polish was nude for women
—made to save them work,
worry and wearine.su.
"Black Knight" is th*
eafiy-to-shine Stove Polish.
Just a few light rub,, with
cloth or brush, brings a
brilliantly black polish that
It's ready to use — no
tailing—no soiling hands—
no dirty work—and cheaper
than any other because it
goes farther and you get a
bigger can for 10c.
Gel "Black Knight" at your
dealer'.—or setul lot. for a large
can tree poatpaid.
m r. r. miw co. limited.
Htf.,..f,k.fun... -21.1"t*Mtoll...
aaleklr stops concha, sans eqlds, hsaJe
A* <kraat aad lung*. •   •  • M cant*
Father (gruffly)—"Get away from
the fire, Tommy. The weather isn't
Tommy—"Well, I'm not warming
tho weather, I'm wariuin' my hands."
Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.
Gentlemen.—In July, 1,906, I was
thrown from n road machine, injuring my hip and hack badly, mul was
obliged to use a cruteli for 14 months.
Ill Sept., 1906, Mr. Wm. (lulridire of
Laehute urged me to trv MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which I did with the
most satisfactory results, and to-day I
inn us well as ever ill inv life.
Yours sincerely.
Next   to ii   lecture  ndvice is  about
tile  most  Useless tiling.
For years Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator lias ranked as the most
effective preparation manufactured,
end it always maintains its reputation.
Don't be a chump and pretend lhat
you don't need a helping hand when
you do.—Chicago News.
SMohs Cure
Inickly atapa Doughs, enras colds, heals
Ihe throat and lunge.      -25 cants.
"Have you many friends?"
"How  can  I  tell; my  money  isn't
all gone yet."—Boston Transcript.
W. N. U„ No. 821.
A Mortal One
A limburger cheese manufacturer
has given .$1,000,000 lo charity, but
this doesn't atone for his great sin.—
Detroit Free Press.
Maud  Minus the  Rake Why Business Lags
Maud Muller on a summer day Gloomy Party—I bought a revolver
Snapped old Judge Goggin on the way i from you yesterday. I wish you'd
His honor smashed the camera plate—: take it back. I've changed my mind.
This is the last of Maud to date. I— Blaetter.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  in
One half the world    lives   o
taffy the other half hands out.
Which is Your Choice ?
Sloppy, leaky wooden troughs,
or clean, durable Concrete ?
Wooden drinking troughs are about
as reliable as the weather.
They are short-lived and require replacing every few years—not to mention
continual patching to keep them in repair.
The best of wood cannot withstand,
for long, constant dampness and soaking.
Its tendency to rapid decay soon shows
itself in leaks and stagnant pools of
water around trough.
Contrast with this the durability,
cleanliness and well-ordered appearance
of Concrete. ,
The dampness which destroys lumber
only intensifies the strength and hardness
of Concrete.
You can impair a wooden trough with
comparatively little use; but it takes a
powerful explosive to put a Concrete water
tank out of business.
is your choice—expense-producing Wood,
or money-saving Concrete?
We'd be glad to send a copy of our
book, "What lhe Farmer Can Do With
Concrete,"—Free—if you'll ask for it.
It tells the many uses of Concrete in plain,
simple language—tells how to make
Hens' Nests
Hitching  Posts
Horse   Blocks
Dipping   Tanks
Poultry Houses
Fence   Posts
Root Cellars
Feeding  Floors
Shelter Walls
Well Curbs
Canada Cement Co.
61-60 National Bank Baildin*. Montreal
_______■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Premier Asquith Makes a Strong
Speech is the House Dealing with
the Veto Question—It is Believed
that the Lords will not pass the
Second Reading of the Government's Veto Bill.
London.—Anticipating the rejection
by the Lords of tlie bill to reform
them, Premier Asquith announced
that the house would be dissolved on
November 28. That means that the
first election will be on or about December 3.
Premier Asquith made a straight,
unimpassioned speech in the house,
dealing with the whole question. He
referred to the veto conference and
said that "never had tliere been a
moro honest and sustained attempt by
men of strong and conflicting conviction to find a basis of agreement on
which to build a structure promising
stability and endurance." He believed that having failed it would be folly
to attempt to make an agreement in
the house.
Premier Asquith places it up to thc
Lords. If they reject tlie scheme'of
reform, they declare a dissolution.
There will be no compromise.
"The Lords will be given an opportunity to say yes or no to the government's veto bill in the coming
week," said the premier.
It is the intention of the government
to pass the essential features of the
budget, and dissolve parliament on
November 28, should the Lords in the
meantime reject the veto bill.
The premier also announced that
the government proposed next year to
bring in a bill for the payment of
It is, of course, certain that the
Lords will not pass the second reading
of the Government's Vetd bill and it
is now announced that they will probably not discuss it at all. The silence
of Premier Asquith with respect to
"contingent guarantees," is commented on.
Replying in the house to J. C.
Wedgwood, Liberal member for New-
castle-on-Tyne, the Premier said his
language of April M still represented
the intention of the government. He
declined and would continue to decline to state what advice he had
given or would give the Crown. The
King stood aloof from political controversy. With respect to dropping
for a time the controversial portions
of the budget, the Unionists see in
this again the hand of Redmond, they
The dropping of the whiskey tax especially had been done at the demand
of the "black angel of political
drama," as Mr. Asquith humorously
described him.
On the other hand the ministerialists both in parliament and in the
press see only the government pressing home the right of the single issue,
"Peers versus people."
The first election will probably be
held on December 3.
The    Two    New    Provinces Will  Get
Additional Rhodes Scholarship
Vancouver, B.C.—There are twenty-
four Rhodes scholars from Canada
now attending Oxfoul. Alberta and
Saskatchewan will later be given an
additional scholarship.
"The representation from these provinces is a joint one at present," said
D. G. Parkin, in an interview here.
The organizing secretary of the
Rhodes trust and former principal of
Upper Canada college, Toronto, arrived here frtim Los Angeles, and will
leave in a few days for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, visiting
Idaho and Montana cities enroute.
Dr. Parkin stated that there are 180
Rhode scholars now in residence at
Oxford, 90 being Americans from the
states in the Union, the 180 representing an expenditure by the trustees of
one million dollars every three years,
the duration of the course.
"Several of the states," continued
Dr. Parkin, "have not been able to
furnish men up to the standard we require. I have lately been discussing
the American position with their leading educationalists, and they are all
agreed that we might attain greater
results hy some modification of the
"This; however, is a matter that will
he decided by the board of trustees,
which includes Lord Rosebery, Lord
Milner, Karl Grey, Dr. Jamieson, Sir
Louis Michell and Mr. B. F. Hawks-
ley, a distinguished London solicitor.
"Tlie seventh member was the late
Mr. Alfred Belt, who died three years
ago. leaving ton million dollars to
hack up Mr. Rhodes' ideas in South
"American students at Oxford tell
me that there is no university in the
United States where they could get so
wide or comprehensive an acquaintanceship with their countrymen as at
Oxford, since there are usually two selected students from each state of thc
All  the  Way    to    Strathcona    from
Sheffield, England, Without a
S Guardian
Strathcona, Alta.—Hilda, aged 0,
and Phyllis, aged 5, daughters of H.
Heath arrived here recently, after
travelling all the way from England
unattended. They were put on the
train at Sheffield, England, tagged
like merchandise, a broad leather belt
surrounded the wnist of each, with
painted letters reading "To Heath,
Strathcona, Alberta, Canada, per Empress of Britain, care C. P. R."
The little girls were met at the station by their happy parents. They
had cartloads of toys between them,
given by the passengers. The only
fear of the parents is thnt the kiddies
may have been spoiled by the petting
and care they received.
President Taft Receives Cheering
News on His Visit to
Panama Isthmus
Panama.—The Panama canal will be
completed by December 1, 1913. This
information was given to President
Taft while he was inspecting the
Gatun dam on which he spent several
hours, lt was announced by Col.
Goetlal's that the report that President Toft's visit was the forerunner of
a request for another $100,000,000 from
congress was unfounded. Tlie canal
will be completed in 1913. he said,
within the 1375,000,000 already author-
He Was Expected Back in the Early
Part of November, But Has
Not Returned
Ottawa.—Fears are expressed here
that Mr. James Macoun, son of Professor .]. Macoun, who lias been engaged on survey work for the geological survey, may have had the ill-luck
to be icebound with a schooner up in
Hudson Buy, where he was searching
for specimens.
Mr. Macoun left Fort Churchill at
the same time as Prof. R. W. Brock,
head of the survey here. He embarked
in a schooner which was to sail out of
Hudson's Bay along the coast of Labrador and down the eastern coast, allowing plenty of time for hunting,
fishing and collecting specimens,
Mr. Macoun was expected back in
early November, but as yet no word
has been received of him. There are
a hundred things that might account
for Macoun's absence, stated Prof.
Brock when enquiries were made. "I
don't think he has been frozen in up
there; in any event the ship is well
provided with supplies."
A Bill Authorizing the Construction of
a Road Through Northern Alberta
Receives a Second Reading—Mr.
Cornwall, Member for Peace River,
Gives a Glowing Description of
Country That Will be Opened Up.
Edmonton.—That the Canadian Northern Western railway, for which a
charter is asked at the present session
of tlie legislature, will open up to settlement twenty uiilliou aores of land
in northern Alberta, all as good as tlie
laud between Edmonton and Red
Deer, was the Statement made by Mr.
Cornwall in introducing the bill for
tlie charter.
In? addition there was, he said, three
and a half million acres in British Columbia, which have to northern Alberta the closest connection with the
greatest goldlields in tlie world, in the
The Peace River member pointed
out that the railway would cross Athabasca at Little Smoky Simonette and
Big Smoky rivers, where magnificent
timber would be brought .within easy
access of the railway.
The Art also provides for the building of a branch line from a point on
the C. N. R. line from Vegreville to
Calgary between townships 38 and 39
to Brazeau coul fields.
"Here is coal of the highest quality
in Ameriea," said Mr. Cornwall, "just
awaiting a railway so it may be put
on tbe market. At the present time
the German Development company
have orders for 5,000 tons a day, but
have to suspend operation till they
get guarantee of transportation."
Mr. Walker, who also made a trip
through the north country to be tapped by a railway, in the Klondyke
rush of 1898, added his testimony to
that of Mr. Cornwall. The country,
he said, was magnificent in soil, timber and mineral wealth.
The bill was given its second reading and after the house adjourned it
was considered by the railway committee.
Messrs.   Turner   and    Bryce   Wright
Bring in Best Pure Bred Horses
Obtainable in Scotland
Calgary.—John A. Turner of "Bal-
briggan farm" returned recently from
an extended visit to Scotland in company wilh Bryce Wright of De Win-1
ton. During their visit to tlie Old
Country tlie two Calgary men secured j
some of the hest specimens of Clydesdale horses tliat could lie procured in
Mr. Turner brought hack twenty-six
head of as fine stock as ever came tn
Calgary, whioh were purchased from
tlie best breeders of Clydesdales in the
Old Country. They consist of choice
bred stallions, mares, colts and lilies,
whioh will be valuable additions to
the pure bred Clydesdale horses in Alberta. In this connection, the animals
imported in tlie past by Mr. Turner
have done a great, deal to improve the
quality of the horses of the province.
Bryce Wright also brought over on
the same steamer seven splendid i
specimens of Clydesdale mare and
fillies. It is very probable that all I
these animals imported liy Mr. Turner
and Mr. Wright will be exhibited at
the Calgary spring horse show.
FOR NOV. 27, 1910.
U. S. Officials  Impressed With Possibilities After Ely's Flight
From Cruiser
Washington.—The next step which
the United States navy will take in its
study of airships to determine the extent of their practical value from the
standpoint of war, will be to test the
possibility of aerial craft landing on a
This was indicated by officials who
are convinced, as a result of Aviator
Ely's flight, that the airship would
play an important part in tlie naval
warfare of the future. Officers of the
navy generally believe that its principal usefulness to a fleet in the time
of war will be for scout duty. The
question of landing an airship on a
vessel presents many difficulties.
Some experts believe a net could be
stretched to receive an airship utid
protect it from turrets and other obstacles, while others think it would be
necessary to equip the machine with
pontoons, so that they might descend
in the water beside the war vessels.
. The department, it is said, undoubted-
ly will acquire a few machines in the
not distant future.
Sheepmen Coming Over
Lethbridge.—Fifteen thousand sheep
have been shipped through Coutts,
Alta., this month by Montana sheepmen to ranches in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Large ranches in that
state are selling out completely, not
having any feed for this winter.
To Circle Globe With submarines
London. — The announcement is
made in naval circles that early in
1911 a British flotilla of submarines
will be sent to Hong Kong and permanently stationed there. Other flotillas of the same craft will be sent
later to Gibralter and other stations.
Proposals are Rejected
Lonodn.—Canada's proposal to ie-
new tlie service of mail steamers troin
Vancouver to Australia calling cnly
at Auckland and Sydney has been rejected by Australia.
Ex-Sergeant of R.  N. W.  M.  P. Sentenced  for Stealing  Government Funds
Prince Albert, Sask. — Ex-Sergeant
Mounlford of the mounted police,
whose arrest on a charge of stealing
government funds caused such a sensation here some weeks ago, was sentenced by Judge Forbes to three years
in the penitentiary.
Owing to the fact that all the money
stolen from the government, of which
Mountford was veterinary inspector,
had been refunded, amounting to over
five thousand dollars, the sentence
was much lighter than it would have
been. Albert Morgan, a confederate;
got a similar sentence.
Secures Big Land Tract
Edmonton, Alta.—A big land deal
was put through here recently when
an English banker acquired 25,000
acres of land in the Lasliburn district
for $300,000, for the purpose of settling
it with the best class of British farmers. The property is located between
the Canadian Northern ond Grand
Trunk Pacific railways, and is suited
to wheat raising and mixed farming.
Lord Rosebery's Resolution to Reduce
Number of Peers
London.—A fresh feature in the political situation is tlie passing of Lord
Rosebery's principal reform resolution
in the house of lords.
The apparently authoritative announcement is current that Premier
Asquith intends passing the budget
before the dissolution.
During the debate in the lords, Lord
Lansdowne intimated that he would
accept a smaller upper chamber witli
only half the hereditary peers, the
other half to be nominated by the government of the day. The Earl of
Crewe watched tlie passing of the Rosebery resolution with indifference. It
is thought possible that if Lord Lansdowne decides to go on with the bill
for the removal of the lords' veto, he
will be preparing for an ultimate
piece-meal surrender.
The opinion pending Premi r As-
quith's statement is still firm for an
election before Christmas.
London   Press  Comment  on  Colonial
Interference in the Approaching Contest
London.—Referring to the coming of
Canadian speakers to assist in the
British Unionists, the Leader quotes
the remarks of Sir Hugh Graham that
Canadians are much interested in the
coming Hritish elections, "But feel it
would be very unbecoming in them to
interfere in any wuy or express any
opinion as to the outcome when the
English people don't interfere in the
domestic affairs of Canada. Consequently the Canadians think the best
thing to do is not to meddle in British
politics." Tlie Leader says: "It would
be unbecoming on our part to add or
take anything from this timely and
conclusive Canadian criticism on the
very latest of our colonial "missionaries." The Canadian Aassociated
Press learns that at a meeting of the
Liberal agents four out of 100 voted for
an immediate election.
Rumor That J. W. Woolf, M.P.P. for
Cardston Will Resign Seat in
Magrath.—There is a well-founded
rumor afloat, in political circles here
that J. W. Woolf, M.P.P., will resign
his seat after this session of thc legislature. Mr. Woolf has practically
wound up all his interests here and
has purchased a large ranch in Nevada, where he will settle, after his
resignation from the public service.
The rumor, naturally, has set two political parties beginning to look round
for candidates. The name of F. H.
Turner has been mentioned as a likely
n)pn to represent the government
forces. However, that gentleman hos
not made any statement thus far. Mr.
Turner has strong backing in this district, and the Liberal party would do
well to nominate him should there be
a bye-election in the not far distant
Important Point Raised at the Meeting of the Railway
Ottawa, Ont.—During the hearing of
an application of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph company for approval
of its rate between land stations by
the railway commission recently, the
question of rates from ships to land
was introduced by Chairman Mabee.
Counsel for the Marconi company contended that the board had no jurisdiction. Chairman Mabee disagreed. He
maintained tliat the hoard had power
to control its rates. If Mr. Mabee
is riglit this may mean that tlie Wireless company may he compelled to exchange messages with other wireless
companies.   Judgment was reserved.
Ready  to  Go  Ahead  for 200  Miles-
Outlet of Road Has Not Yet
Been Determined
Ottawa.—J. L. Armstrong, chief
engineer of Hudson Bay railway surveys, is in thc city conferring with
Ihe Minister of Railways. He states
that the construction of the bridge at
La Pas is well under way while the
general survey of the line has been
completed. Tlie outlet of the railway
is still an unsettled point. Much will
likely depend on the hydrographic survey of the harbor at Churchill and
Port Nelson.
"We enn go ahead with 210 miles of
it anyway, leaving tlie terminus to be
determined later," stated Mr. Armstrong.
Investigate  Chinese
Ottawa.—Hon. Denis Murphy, of the
supreme court, has been named a
Royal commissioner to investigate tlie
Chinese immigration irregularities on
the Pacific coast and also to enquire
into the operations of the aet governing the sale of opium. The commission will take as a basis of his enquiry
the results of the recent departmental
"nquiry into the Chinese immigration
irregularities which resulted in the
sending back to China of a number of
Chinese carrying false certificates as
merchants returning to Canada. He
will he assisted by George E. McCro<-
snn, barrister of Vancouver, as counsel.
Cornwall Applying for Charter Under
the Name of the Canadian
Edmonton.—Under the name of the
Canadian Northern Western, the Canadian Northern railway is applying to
tlie Legislature for a provincial charter covering' the road which is now
building from Stettler northwest into
tlie Brazeau coal fields and sixty m lea
of whicli has heen already constructed.
The charter is in the hands of
James K. Cornwall, Peace River,
and the petition for the charter was
introduced liy him in the legislature
Minister of Marine  Denies Report of
Purchase of Another
Ottawa.—Hon. R. Brodeur, minister
of marine, denies the report that Canada is arranging for one of tlie Admiralty's live cruisers of tlie Bristol type.
He states lhat the plan of construction   announced   last  session   will  be
adhered to.
Champion Cattle on the Move
Brandon, Man.—J. D. McGregor's
famous herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle
were shipped recently to Chicago,
where they will compete at the greai
slock show which opens there shortly.
Th i shipment includes nine animals
and tin' herd is regarded hy western
breeders as the finest in America.
Mr. McGregor, who is one of the biggest breeders in tlie west, has heen at
work for some years getting together
a herd of Aberdeen Annus for competition at Chicago, when1 the greatest
honors in America nre awarded, and
it is believed the herd will make hig
Protection for Australia
Melbourne.—The Australian Lahor
party in tlie commonwealth parliament is deeply interested in the forthcoming imperial conference, at which
Premier Fisher will represent the
commonwealth, It is certain he will
be no party to forcing food taxation
on the British workingmen and he
frankly accepts protection as the .only
policy for Australia.
Text of the Lesson, Matt, xxvi, 57-63.
Memory Verse, 64—Golden Text, I
Pet. ii, 23—Commentary Prepared
by Rev. D. M. Stearns.
A great nwe should be upon us as
we read or wiite or think upon these
things. Behold the Son of Uod yielding Himself for our sakes to sinful
men. See the hatred of men to God
and the proof that tue carnal mind is
enmity against God. As they came to
take Him in the garden He went to
meet them, saying, "Whom seek ye?"
To their reply "Je»us of Nazareth He
said "1 am," and they went backward
and fell to tlie ground. He allowed
tliem to rise to approach Hiin again
and to take Him and bind Him and
lead Him away to Annas and then to
Oaiaphos. All the disciples forsook
Him und tied, hut a young man followed, having just a linen cloth about
his naked body, whioh he left in the
hands of his pursuers as they tried to
lay hold of him, and he lied nuked.
We shall have to ask Mark who tliat
young man was, as he aione records it
(Murk xiv, 51, 62). lt was an opportunity of fellowship with Jesus which
he, like the others, missed. Simon
Peter and John returned and followed
Jesus, John going in to tlie palace of
tlie high priest, for he was known to
him, but Peter remaining without until John spoke to the maid that kept
the door and brought in Peter. Then
he sut witli the servants and warmed
himself at their tire. But we must
leave his story till next week.
In reply to the high priest's question as to Jesus' docirine He replied
"In secret have I said nothing; * * *
ask them whicli heard me" (John
xviii, 1524). They brought many false
witnesses to testify against Jesus, but
none of them agreed in their testimony, not even the two of verse 60.
See Murk xiv, 56-59. To the high
priest's question, "Answerest thou
nothing?" Jesus held His peace, fo_j
there was nothing to reply to. In Ps.
xxxv, 11, it is written, "False witness,
es did rise up; they laid to my charge
things that 1 knew not." Unless you
have been similarly ill treatel you cannot imagine how hard it is to put in
practice Ps. xxxviii, 13, "I as a deaf
man heard not, and 1 was ns a dumb
man thut openetli not his mouth."
When the high priest said, "I adjure thee by the living God that thou
tell us wether thou be the Christ, tlie
Son of God" (verse 63), then Jesus
said, "1 am, and ye shall see the Son
of Man sitting on tlie right hand of
power nnd coining in the clouds of
heaven" (Mark xiv, 62, with verse 64).
Then they judged' Him guilty of blasphemy and condemned Him to die.
But it was the truth that He spake,
and they shall yet see it, and if they
did not repent before they died they
sliall have to hear His "Depart from
Me, ye cursed." After they judged
Him guilty of death they mocked Him,
blindfolded Him, struck Him on the
face, spit in His face and suid,
"Prophesy unto us, thou Christ, wlj.»
is he that smote thee." Even the servants smote Him with the palms of
their hands (Mark xiv. 65). When
morning was conn; they hound Him
und led Him away and delivered Him
to Pontius Pilate, tlie governor, that
he might have Him put to death, their
accusation being that he wns a malefactor. The result of Pilot i's examination of Him was a three or four fold
testimony thnt. he found no fault in
Him and, according to the harmony,
a sevenfold attempt to r.'lease Him.
Pilate's wife also sent him a message
saying. "Hnve thou nothing to do with
thnt just men, for I have suffered
many tuings this day in a dream because of Him." When Pilate learned
that He was of Galilee, which wns under Herod's jurisdiction, he sent Him
to Herod, hoping thus to be rid of this
difficult and perplexing case. But us
Jesus answered Herod nothing Herod
with his men of war set Him at
naught and mocked Him and arrayed
Him in u gorgeous robe und sent Him
again tn Pilate (Luke xxiii, 8-12).
Tliere was no imprisonment; there wes
not unlike some of our modern cases
of lynching, except that it had seem-
ingly the sanction of hoth church and
But this mun wns God. suffering ull
this and all that followed for nie ami
leaving all His redeemed un example
Mint we should follow in His steps;
who, did no sin. neither was guile
found in His mouth) who when He
wns reviled reviled not ngain; when
He suffered He threatened not, hut
committed Himself to Him thnt judg.
eth righteously (I Pet. ii, 21-23). "He
was oppressed, ami He was afflicted,
yet He opened not His mouth. He is
brought as a lamb to the slaughter,
and as u sheep hefore her shearers is
dumb, so He npeneth not his mouth"
(Isa. Iiii, Ti. Being redeemed by His
great, sacrifice, it, is our privilege to
suffer witli Him, to (ill up that whicli
is behind ol lhe afflictions of Christ in
our flesh fir His body's soke, whicli is
tlie church (Rom. vill, 17; Col. i, 24),
manifesting liy His grace the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which
is in tlie siirht of God of great price
(I Pet iii, 4). Peter sneaks of himself
as a witness of the sufferings of Christ
(I Pet. v, I), and he who once rebelled
nt. the thought of Christ suffering tells
us to r"joicc if we nr" partakers of
His sufferings (I Pet, iv, 12, 13).
Grand Trunk Won't Sell
Edmonton—The Grand Trunk Pa-
cine hnve refused the request ef tbe
city to sell n quarter section adjoining
their yards north of the city for use
us industrial sites. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The stomach is a larger factor in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" than most people arc aware. Patriotism
can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia. Thc confirmed dyspeptic "is fit tor treason, stratagems and spoils." The man
who goes to the front for his country with a weak stomach
will be a weak soldier and a fault finder.
A sound stomach makes for good citizenship as well as for
health and happiness.
Diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and
nutrition arc promptly and permanently cured by the use of
It   builds   up   the   body  with   sound   flesh   and
solid muscle.
The dealer who oilers a substitute for the "Discovery" is
only seeking in make the little more profit realized on the
sule oft S3 meritorious preparations.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of mailing only. Send
31 one-rent slumps (or tlie paper covered hook, or 50 stamps
for the oloth   hound.    Address World's Dispensary Medical
^■i^ Association, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y.
\Z Fraa Ssad Distribu Ion   1 j Tiie Harold Nelson Comp tny
By instruction of the honorable Thia la what the Raymond Hustler
minister uf agriculture a disfri'bution said about the Harold Nelson corn-
is being made this season by samples  pany on  the occasion of the recent
50c. By mail postpaid 50c and $1.00
from The Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Dui. Remember Hyotnei is guaranteed ui the money hack if it fails you.
of superior sorts of gjain and potatoei
to Canadian fanners for the   improve-
visit there:   "A bninper house greeted i
Harold Nelson and   his  < lpany  ini
nieutof se-d. The stock for distrib their presentation of "Pierre of the
utiou has been secured mainly from Plains" iu the opera house on Tliuis-1
the experimental farms at Indian day night. Tha entire play teemed
Head, Saak., Brandon, Man , and Ot | with thrilling adventures in the west- i
tawa, Out The siimples consist of eni prairie life, and out of unseen dif- j
oats, spring wheat, barley, Held peas, Qculties the courageous, undaunted J
Indian corn (for ensilage bnl'y), andiPierre', the shunned and despised'
potatoes.    The quantity of oats sent j half breed gambler  and  desperado, a j
Youth's Companion Calendar
The publishers of Youth's Companion will, as always at this season,
piesent to every subscriber whoso subscription (SI 7-"i) is paid for 1911, a
beautiful calendar for the new year
The picture panel rep-'iidnecs a water-
color painting of an old-time garden
in a flood of summer sunshine, with a
background of Lombardy poplars
tin ough whioh one oatohes a glimp>e
of distant hills The picture being in
twelve colors, the tones of tlico.iiginal
are faithfully reproduced.
Sure Signs of Kidney Trouble
If your baek is constantly aching
and if you experience dull shooting
pains, your kidneys are out of order.
If your urine is thick and clondy or
your passages frequent scanty and
painful, your kidnsys and bladder are
nut or order Neglect quickly brings
on rheumatism, diabetis, lumbago,
sciatica, etc.
Mrs. John Wagner, of  110 Hollis
.St., Halifax, N. S., says: "Dull
shooting pains would catch me across
the small part nf my back and extend
into my 'shoulders and neck, often
causing me to suffer with severe headaches and spells of diz/.iliess. Spots
would dazzle before my eves and
everytuing would turn black. 1
would fall to the lloor and be unable
to get up again without assistance, A
friend told me of Booth's Kidney
Pills and I began their uso. The first
Imx gave me relief and I am now
well and strung."
All druggists sell Booth's Kidney
Pills, 50o a box with a guarantee to
relieve or your money baek. They
are the world's greutest specific for
kidney and bladder trouble. Postpaid from the proprietors, Tho 11. T.
Booth Co., Ltd , Fort KHe ,Ont. Sold
and guaranteed by H. 1<_. Woodland
it Co.
Bridge Street,
is -I lbs., and of wheat or barley 5
lbs., sufficient in eaeh case to sow
one-t.wentieth of an acre. The samples of Indian corn, peas and potatoes
weigh (I lbs. each. A quantity of
each of the following varieties has
been secured for this distribution:
Oats—Banner, Abundance, Danish
island, Wide-Awake, Thousand Dollar, Improved Ligowo—all white varieties.
Wheat—Red varieties, Marquis
and Early lied Fife (early beardless
sorts of high baking strength), Red
Fife (beardless), Preston and Huron
(early, bearded). White varieties,
White Fife (beardless), Bobs (early,
Barley—Six-rowed,   llensury   and
»Manehuriaii   (a selection  front   Men-
sury).    T.wo rowed,    Standwell   and
Field Peas—Arthur and Golden
Indian Corn (for ensilage)—Early
sorts, Angel of Midnight,' Compton's
Early and Longfellow, Latei varieties, Selected Learning, Early Mastodon, and White  Cap Yellow  Dent.
Potatoes—Early varieties, Koches
ter Hose, and Irish Cobbler. Medium
to Into varieties, Gold Coin, Carman
No. 1, and Money Maker. The later
varieties are, as a rule, more produc-
t v.- than the earlier kind.
Only one sample can be sent to
each applicant, hence if an individual
receives a sample of oats lie cannot
also receive one of wheat, barley,
peas, Indian corn or potatoes. Applications on printed cards or sheets, or
lists of names from one individual, or
applications for more than one sample
for one household, cannot be entertained. The samples will he sent free
of charge through the mail.
Applications should be addressed
to the .Dominion Cereal is t, Experimental Farm, Ottuwa, and may be
sent in any time from the 1st of December to tl.e 10th of February, after
which the lists will be closed, so   that
man emulated by his white brothers
in the end. Against great odds his j
faithfulness in thejj numerous criti [
cal moments portrayed in the play at
last gains his desire in winning Jen, j
the innkeeper's daughter.for his own.
The play was very interesting all
through, and was very much enjoyed
by all. The Pierre of Mr. Nelson is
certainly his masterpiece, and the supporting company is excellent. On
Fridav night "The Wolf" was produced, and it proved equally as interesting. Revenge for a sister's wrongs
added the quota of realism to the romantic events which were interwoven
in the piece, the principal chatacters
being interpreted with a degree of
faithfulness that won the admiration
of all, in a very neat speech Mr.
Nelson complimented the people of
Raymond upon their splendid theatre
and also their talented orchestra.''
Mr. Nelson and his capable com
pany of players will be seen hers next
Tuesday, November 29, for an engagement of one night, and as he is well
and favorable known, he will no
doubt be greeted by his many admirers.
Catarrh Cured hy Breathing
You breathe in Hyomei (pronounced high-oine) and inhale the
antisepl ;c vaporized life of the pine
and eucalvptol forests. As you breathe
in this delightful air it passes over the
inflamed and germ-ridden membrane,
allays inflammation, kills the germs
and drives out the disease.
H. E, Woodland & Co., druggists,
sell Hyomei and guarantee it for catarrh, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and
croup. A complete outfit includes
hard rubber inhaler and costs you
81.00.    Extra bottles of Hyomei cost
CEALBD TENDERS odilreitetl lo lbe undo
3  -luiu-il, a .Im I  "Tender tor -
.Ml.- til   I.I
veniber 38,1010, for tin
I1 mi,, ipeoitlc t,.,,
the samples asked for may be sent out
in   good   time.     Applicants   should  i"|,l;,t,,"«oi'.m7'.,,.T",^ '^i'l".^'^;^....'';'.
mention the variety they   prefer, with  "        '
a second sort as au alternative. .Applications will be filled in the order in
which   they   are   received, so long as
the supply of seed lasts.    Farmers ai e   -SP^yi^S'lSJ."?,"",""-"1 "",lt '"'"'T
advised to adply early to avoid   possi-  K{pS'Sa^^tl5,lidt{ffi,,,U ""''"'""'
ble,disnppointinent.    Those  applying
for   Indian  corn   or  potatoes   should
bear in mind that the corn is not u.su-
The best and most
•i.listmitml lire-proof
l.uiiiliuir in the lioiin-
dni'V country* Ite-
cently completed nnd
newly furnished
ti rmmhout. fii.ni .-
im.) with ull modern
fleet r loo 1 conven*
lenoes, Centrally lo-
rated, first-dnsa ao-
oomroodutlonfl tor the
riivelliiifr publio,
Hot and Cold Baths
Fint-CUss Bar, Pen)
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
IT Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Pliicards,
Bills of Fare and Jlenu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned oui in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Standily, No
wurk tnelitluiu il.
mil form ui  .'outratit
•','!' '."  niiMi'i'iii-iil Ii'imIim I I  at
this Department, on application to the Care*
trtker, I'uMlo BulUliun, Siinalmo,U.O.nnd
in Hie offloe ot Mr. Wm. Henilenuii. l_...ni..in
Arolilleot, Victoria, no
nud places ol residence in thocusu ol drmii
nie actual slftiialurc, the nature ol the ocmum-
tlpn and place of rcsldenceol each member ol
ih.- linn must be given,
Eaoh .tender must be accompanied hv nu
naceoted cheque on a chartered bank,
ally distributed until April, and  that | K,t,Vol ASbllo'^arkS." .ViX'!.!.! '!",'
cent (ll) p.o.) of lhe iiinouiii of the tender,
which will Iii, forfeited if tbe person ten-
derlnc decline tn enter into n contract when
called upon to do io, or foil ti nplete lhe
work contracted lor.   if the tender be not
accepted the ah in will be returned.
I he Department dues nut bind lt»clf to accept the lowest or i.n> lender
By order.
k. c. iu.suorin.Rs,
Department of Public Works, ecretary.
Ottawa, "ctuher _!7, lull).
Newspapers will nut be paid lor tlil» ad.
«"«• out if they lu-ert it wlllluill authority irom the Department.
-the kind we do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the hest. Let us estjiuate on vour order. We guarantee
potatoes cannot be mailed until (lunger from frust ill transit is over. No
postage is required un mail matter
addressed to the Kinporimental Kami,
Ottawa? Wm. Saundebs,
Director of Experimental Farms.
He who cheats himself never  lacks
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
namf. of oompany.
Graitby Counijlidatet]—Copper.
Cariboo MoKlmiey—Hold ■
Con. Copper—Copper 	
Authorized .--8HAI.KH— '   Paid    Totalto    Latest      Per
Cnnltnl      Issued. Par. HHW.       Date.       Dute.   Share
9iflR3n. w« *i(H» tt'^wmo nmm om.i«s «».«>
J.WiiiiWi   UW.OOO     $1            M,m Jeb. 1904      .00
MOM       81 IKK)      IS 10.000        SH,2_i4 Sept. 1906     i.60
'  8,000,000   mm    W             atnjsw s«.t. «kh    .00
Furniture   Made  to Order.
Alsu Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes am! Tobaccos
A Freal] C'onalgnra<|ut of
Ita'Olvert Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh .Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
tor Honing a
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
lw Dooh North of Granby Hotel,
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anvono lending a nketrti and dnncrlntlnn ma;
quickly njoerlnin our opinion free whether aa
Invention Is prohntily rnujntjiblOj £ommiin!ca-
special fiatlct, withoutchnme,!!!thi
A handsomely Illustrated weakly, Largest circulation of nny H^tontlt'u joumcl. 'J'orma fop
t:;i:_i..'Iii,,iJ,!.T5 n yoarf pobta«e prepaid, gold by
"?i H3WBiienio."».
MM S Co.se,B'°»d,w»'Wrw Vork
Tincco ShlT' h V SU WMttliwtcr.,___. a
We carry the most fashionable stock •
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
olliee in this section that have tlio
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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