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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 10, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 28
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. cTWay* 10, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Excellent Food  for Dairy
Cows, Hogs, Sheep and
Thousand headed kale has been
grown extensively for many years in
Great Britain, in common with many
varieties of rape and cabbage. Introduced about, thirty five years ago into
Oregon, where it yields, under favorable conditions, over 35 tons of green
food per acre, its popularity in that
state as a forage crop is great. It appears well up in the list of such plants
experimented with at the Ontario
agricultural eollege, attaining a height
of 35 inches, and furnishing 26.6 tons
per acre aa an average for six years
Thousand.headed kale is hardier
than moat varieties of the cabbage
family, and less subject to injury from
disease and insects than thn Scotch
and curled varieties. It is found that
until a temperature below 10 degrees
,Kahr. is reached, no ham is experienced by this plant in the field.
At a fodder it is exceedingly nutritious, suitable for fall and early winter
feeding. It prolonga the aaason of
green foods, is a good soiling crop, and
where corn can not be profitably
grown, replaces silage. It ia an excellent food for dairy cows, helping
admirably in the economic production
of milk, and is well suited to hogs,
sheep, and poultry also.
Chemical analysis shows an average
of about 2 5 per cent protein in mature plants, and of 20 percent in the
dry substance. The percentage of digestible protein is reckoned as over
11 per cent of the dry matter which
indicates, in view of the yield obtained, the high value of kale as a
forage crop.
Considerable variation exists, however, in the type of individual plants.
Some are more susceptible to frost
than others, and bir differences in
yield per acre and the protein content
are also found. The experience of
growers in the Willamette valley is
that plants with narrow leaves, grow
ing low down on the stalk, yield more
and are lens liable to injury from
freezing than those with stalks bare
for a greater space above the ground,
and advise (he selection of the former
type for seed production. Kale, like
rape, is biennial in character, producing seeil only when it has attained ils
second year's growth. It is wise, in
the spring before seeding! to remove
the plants selected to some isolated
place to prevent cross feroilisation by
closely related kale plants either wild
or cultivated, and consequent deteri-
oratiun in yield and feeding value.
•Soil.— Kale will grow in any soil
of normal fertility, but it does best on
deep, warm, well drained soils such
as sandy loams. Thorough tillage is
essential, and a generous application
of manure to unjst soils profitably ih
creases the yield. This plant is a rank
feeder, and removes considerable
potash and phosphoric acid from the
land, making it imperative that a sufficiency of these be present in available form. The effects of nitrogenous
fertilizers are jery beneficial
places where a fair summer rainfall
occurs, should be shallow and performed early. In general, thorough
and repeated cultivation and harrowing at this season will be sullieient to
bring the land into suitable physical
condition, conserve the moisture, and
detroy weeds.
Sowing the Seed and Transplanting.
—The month of April with the fore
part of Mav appears a suitable time
far sowing kale in British Columhia
The seed should be sown in drills or
in flat beds on well prepared, well
drained soil. One pound of seed will
furnish more than enough plants for
one acre. Keep the patch clean, and
stir the soil around to prevent evaporation and to promote growth.
The eailier the plants are ready for
transplanting the better, for if this
operation occurs much later than June
the crop may be held back by drought
during the succeeding months. Remove the plants from the original
drills carefully, leaving those not re
quired at this time sufficient room for
growth. Make provision for replacing
plants that do not survive transplanting. A plan followed with good success when transplanting cabbage is to
prepare pails half full of a sloppy
mixture of manure and muck,in which
the roots of the young plants are
placed when taken from the seed bed,
remaining there until set out in the
field. The plants at this time should
be about 8 or 10 inches high.
Where only a small acreage is to be
considered, the transplanting can be
done by marking the rows and using a
spade. Thrust the spade deeply into
the ground, push to one side, insert
the kale root, and allow the mellow
surface soil lo close in while withdrawing the spade. Firm around the
plant with the foot. If the land is dry
the addition of water is beneficial.
Transplanting of larger quantities of
plants mav bo done by ploughing,!hen
placing the young plants three feet
apart in furrow** the same distance
away fiom each other. Hulling, after
trahsplanting in this manner, is recommended to make the soil firm and
After transplanting, cultivate frequently, while the size of the plants
permits.        ,
Feeding.—Feeding may commence
in October, though kale will continue
to grow till the winter comes on. If
the growth has been forced, it may be
fed earlier than October, and the practice is adopted by some of stripping
the lower leaves in the early part of
the feeding season. This prevents lost
by feeding the whole plant before it
has attained full growih. It stands
in the field until required, when the
stalk is cut oil' nt the ground. Enough
may be hauled in at a time to last
four or five days, but it should not be
thrown into heaps and allowed to heat.
Oo not feed wet or frozen kale.
Thirty or 33 pounds of kale may be
fed a cow milking. This, in combination with hay of good quality, clover,
alfalfa, or vetch and oats will assist
materially in keeping down the
amount of grain necessary to the ration.
The famous Jersey cow "Adelaide
of Beeohlands" gave during two separate months, while un tost, the following amounts:
1,228.401b. milk, 70.37 lb. fat;
1,420.60 lb. milk, 04.84 lb. fat.
The daily rations fed were, respec-
Greenwood, has received inst ructions from Victoria lo report in
Greenwood on May 20.
George Webster   Dies
Heart Failure While on
His Way to Town
George Webster, aged ninety
years, who hns heen living on a
mineral claim in the North Fork
country, died suddenly of heart
failure while riding into this city
with 'G. A. S. Bell last Saturday
morning. Not tbe slightest warning of the approaching was given.
The aged gentleman merely stretched
out hie legs, and in a few seconds he
bad passed away. The remains were
brought to Cooper's ondertaking
parlors, from whioh place the funeral was held at 3 o'clock on Monday
afternoon, Deceased leaves a son in
this city, and a daughter in Green
wood. At one time Mr. Webster
was a well-to-do Southern farmer,
but it is said he lost his property
tbrough floods and the manipula
tions of a dishonest lawyer.
All free miners' licenses expire nn
o'f|M»y?i.   '	
I Fred Starkey, the well known
! Nelson politician and commission
merchant, is iu the cily today. He
thinks Bob Green will receive the
Conservative nomination for M. P.
for Kootenay, made vacant by the
appointment of A. S. Goodeve lo the
railway commission.
A meeting of the Farmers' Institute will be held in the city hall .on
Monday evening, May 20, for the
special purpose of discussing the
coming dry farming congress, wbich
will be held in Lethbridge, Alta ,
October 21 to 26. This will be an
important meeting, and the attendance is requested of every farmei
interested in this matter. The
meeting will be called to order
punctually at 8 o'lock.
L. Harris, the provincial govern
ment inspector of apiaries, will be
in tbe city on May 31, and will hold
a meeting in tbe city ball in the
evening, when he will lecture on
"Practical Beekeeping." The following day a practical demonstration will be held at tbe ranch oi C.
C. Heaven. Everybody is invited
lo attend these meetings.
Tbe Robinson A Lequime sawmill on Smelter lake bas commenced
sawing operations for the season.
Tbe company's log-cut during the
winter was about ten million feet.
New machinery has been install, d
installed in the mill,and ils capacity
is now about l>0,000.feel per day.
Rev. A. E. Coxan, who has heen
pastor of the Baptist church for n
number of months, has tendered
his resignation, and will leave fot
Ontario next Monday. He will
preach his farewell sermon Sunday
evening. During his short residence
in the cily Mr Coxan hns made a
host of friends, who wish him success in his new field of labor.
E. G. Warren, Fred Hopkins, J
O. Beattie, Frank Buckless and R.
G. Hargraves, of Greenwood, and
Joseph Willis, of Furron, B.C., at
tended tbe Masonie meeting ol
Boundary Chapter, H. A.M., in this
city last Saturday night. The Greenwood contingent traveled in the II
C. Copper company's big auto.
A party of Canadian Pacific railway officials, consisting of W. O
Miller, district superintendent, C. S.
Ross, M. J. Scott and Phil Wade,
arrived in the cily yesterday by
special train, and spent a few hours
here. They were taken for an automobile tbrough (he vulley by a citizens' committee consisting of the
mayor, G. M. Fripp and Fred
The Dominion .Sawmills company's big mill at Cascade started
■awing operations this week. The
company expects to convert about
eighteen million feet of logs into
lumber nt this mill this season.
W, R. Dewdney, who lost week
was appointed government agent at
At a meeting of tbe board nf trade
on Wednesday evening a committee
was appointed to interview Canadian
Pacific railway ollieials regarding
local improvements.
C- P. R, Machine Shop and
Roundhouse Destroyed.
Engine Damaged
Last Friday night thc Canadian
Pacific railway company's machine
shop and roundhouse at Eholt were
totally destroyed and an engine was
seriously damaged by a blaze, tbe
origin of which is still unknown. A
local official of the company estimates the loss at about $40,000,
but reports from outside points say
thnt it wos only about one half of
this amount. Although handicapped
by a lack of fire-fighting appartus,
the men at the scene put up a brave
tight against the flames with hose
from the water tank. Their efforts
undoubtedly «aved some of the adjoining buildings.
Mrs. M. H. Graham has a hand
some two-storey residence at Christina lake. She is beautifying the
grounds by planting all kinds of
flowers and shrubbery.
I. J. Gill bas been awarded tbe
contract for installing an irrigation
plant in the Grand Forks Orchard
company's orchard, six miles east
of Ihe cily. The contract calls for
tbe laying of 2,:i00 feet of six-inch
wooden pipe and 800 feel of four-
inch pipe, and building 2000 feet of
flume. A carload of pipe arrived
in the city last Thursday for the
Two criminal and tbree civil cases
are set down for trial at the Greenwood assizes today.
F. C. J. Brake, late of the Bank
of Commerce, Greenwood, has been
transferred to tbe local branch.
Thomas Russell, ef Phoenix, and
Miss Delia May Ihde, of Geneva,
Iowa, were married in tbis city last
Friday by Rev. M. D. McKee. The
couple will reside in Phoenix.
W. G. McMynn, government ngeni
at Greenwood for a number of years,
has been transferred to Golden at a
higher salary.
J. F. Clark, of Port Hope, Ont.,
is visiting bis suns, Fred nnd George,
in tbis city.
C. A. Mix left today for a short
visit to Princeton ond other Similkameen points.
1. A. Coryell bns sold bis property
near tbe Sunbeam ranch to Mr.
Chetty for 8900.
protein, 8.88 lb ;carb. and   fat,
lb.; N.K., 1:3.6.
The land should be heavily manured lively: Kale, 40 lb ; alfalfa, 1,3  lb,; clover
and ploughed in tbe fall preceding. Kale, 401b.; alfalfa, 15 lb.; clover|hay, 7 lb ; oats, :i Ib , oilmoal, 1 lb.;
Krploughing in the spring, which may a hay, 7 lb.; oats, 2 lb.; bran, 31b.;,dry matter, 30.42 Ib ; protein, 3.87
be  advisable on   some   soils  and in oilmeal,   \ lb.;   dry   matter, 30 lb.; lb.; oarb, and fat, 15 Ib ; N.U., 1:8,0.
The curfew bylaw appears lobe
numbered among Grand Forks' unemployed at present.
During thc winter shut down the
mill of the Danville Lumber it Milling company has been impioved by
the   installation   of   more   modern
The following scores were made
by the members of the Grand Forks
Gun club at their weekly shout last
Saturday, tbe totals given being out
of a possible flfty:
E. E. Gibson  4«
L iSkinner   45
W. B. Cochrane  41
T. A. Mclntyre  41
F. W. Russell  41
W. J. Mclntyre  4!
Al. Trounweiser — 31
machinery, and it is expected tbat
a record run will be made this Hummer. The company has contracted
two million feet of logs.
The Daily News says that "Nelson's mayor can no longer accept
the salary of $1200 which hifs been
paid for many years to the city's
chief magistrate. This change is tbe
result of an amendment to the Municipal Clauses act wbich waa passed
last session. Only cities with a population of 20,000 can now pay their
chief magistrates for their services,
according lo tbe revised act. This
means that with the exceptions of
Vancouver and Victoria the position
of mayor in all cities in the province is an honorary one. The
amendment has now received the
signature ol lbe lieutenant governor
and has consequently becume tin-
law of the province." It will be in-
teresting lo note wbat effect thia law
will have on the salary bylaws now
pending befoie tbe Grund Korks
city council.
Fred Roney waa compelled to submit to another operation lusl week
as ii result of the blood poisoninil
which he recently contracted by being struck by a brass shell He is ul
present in the hospital, but his condition is improving.
The moving picture shows in Vancouver aro prohibited from showing
prize fights and encounters witb
bandits. Id the Boundary pictures
of this olass are advertised as fit
attractioni for women nnd children.
For sale or trade lor live stock or
land—One 7-room house, in first-
class condition, wilh all modern improvements; less than one block
from new postoffice, on upper Main
street.   Apply I. A. Coryell.
C. G. Wheeler has gone to the
coast in search of a wai in climate,
Here's hoping he'll find it. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
FOtKlj ON THE FARM-Are you
missing one of SNAP'S best services ?
A dip in the tub and SNAP used.instead
of soap makes you feel as if you bad
enjoyed a genuine TURKISH BATH.
It is thoroughly cleansing, removes
tlie stain and grime of hard work,
refreshes and invigorates as it cleans,
and is soothing to the skin.
Be sure you get SNAP the original
Antiseptic Cleaner, j i j
CI airman McNichol   of   Dry-Farming
Congress Exposition Makes
Mr. .1. \v. McNicol, Chairman of the
n.-y-l'Ti.rm.iM: Pmilncrj. ExfjoBltlnn, in
nn address before Uie Alberta Fairs'
association at <_,alg(it'y, speaking of
'The Intci national Dry-farming Con-
r.ress and Exposition and the Oppor-
t mlty it presents to lho Agricultural
Societies of'llio Province," said:
"For lho past three or lour years
Hie Southern end ot the Province, ns
represent! liy Cardston, Maeleod, '''a
ber and iaethbrfilge, lias heen giving
special attention to lhe International
Dry-farming Congress and Exposition.
Wc have attended the Congress at
Cheyenne, Hillings, Spoknne and Colorado Springs and have had the backing of the government exhibit at tli"
last, two places named. The government exhibit hns won the grand
sweepstakes for the best state or
provincial exhibit nt Spokane and a'.
Colorado Springs, and our farmer.-,
have won a very large proportion of
the premiums offered for small grains,
grasses and vegetables.
, "At Colorado Springs last fall -.-
Iieita took nlmost everything lhat wns
not nailed down and secured the Congress and Exposition for j,u2 and it
will be held at Lethbridge Octooer 21
to 211 next. We believe thai in securing this Congress (mil Exposition for
Alberta for 1912, we have done a worn
whicli will be of vast and far reaching
aiencllt to_ the province nnd to tin;
whole of Western Canada.
"We are aware tnat in some parts
ot the Papvlnce the name dry-farming
is looked upon ns offensive, and that,
with no rfttl knowledge of the objoct.i
Of tho Congress, and knowing nothing
about it except Hint ils name Includes
lie word "dry", some people aro antagonistic to it.
"Dry-farming is the science of agriculture as applied to farm operations
In regions of limited or uncertain rainfall.
"Dry-farming Is better farming and
is a profitable system for every farmer upon every farm in every district of
the world.
"Dry-farming is not farming without
moisture, but Is the method by which
the natural rainfall Is conserved In
tlm soil; soils nro enriched ami
drought resistant plants nro developed with the object ot snving tho moisture. Dry farming practice develops
the best farmers on earth.
"Tho Congress Is a popular, scientific society of farmers, and It Is
worth hundreds of dollars a year to
any fasmer to participate actively lu
Its work.
"The adoption of Its precepts nnd
teachings will enable any farmer ln
Western Canada to raise a better aim
bigger crop than he Is now doing.
"This Congress nnd Exposition Is
turning tne eyes of the eutlro agricultural world upon this province, nnd
there is no question but that thc big
gest farming congress thnt has ever
heen held, will take place ln Lclh-
hrldge, October 21 to 20, and we believe that thc Exposition which will be
held in connection with it will ho the
bcr.t   exhibit    ot   agricultural   pro-
is the best and quickest
way to perfect health.
Women and girls who
suffer are simply weak
—weak all over.
Opiates and alcoholic
mixtures are worse than
worthless, they aggravate the trouble and
lower the standard of
Scoffs Emulsion
strengthens the whole
body, invigorates and
builds up.
Be wn to gat SCOTT'S—
it's lhe Standard and always
Iha bett.
ducts and agricultural mnehlnery that
has ever been held in     .nada.
"Every effort is being aiade to enable the whole province to participate ln the benefits that are expected
to accrue from this congress and ex
position, and one of the methods
whereby we expect each district to
benefit Is in taking pnrt ln the exposition. In this exposition It is expected that every agricultural society representing every district in Alberta
will have a high class district exhibit,
thereby advertising to the great lutin
ber of American sjnd Eastern Canadian farmers who will be present, the
agricultural resources of that district
"The Alberta Department ot Agriculture Is offering some fine premiums for the best district exhibit.
In addition lo district exhibit; there
will nlso be premiums for the best
Individual farmer's exhibit. Some of
the biggest premiums ever offered are
now being arranged for, and will be
.announced in the premium list.
These exhibits will bo products of the
soil only, and must lie grown on laud
which receives no artificial moisture
from irrigation and must have been
grown In the season ot 19'2.
"You note that the dato of tills Exposition is late, the third week In
October, coining after all the    local
_A_a *%%. H
fslfH    Ip"* _h
lfi>\kf-v*<K«. W&m'-   If*
BWhWfln v jflflu *mk" ______&
_^Hft_3SflK_mvS_?t'     '
_____________£__?__■&__-'* mit. -      ■•
Minister of Agriculture of Alberta
and Vice-President of the International Dry-Farming Congress.
agricultural society expositions, and
every society should see to it that Jt
Is represented by nn exhibit, much of
which can b? gathered by holding the
premium winning exhibits al their
own exposition.
In order to make a successful up-
to-date exhibit, it is necessary to begin preparations now. Seeds of high
grade in the various varieties should
be purchased, carefully planted and
attended to, especially for cxliibllloi
purposes. The number of varieties
of thc different grain and grasses
shown, will have a large bearing on
winning premiums, in fact, next, lo
quality this will be the largest score
"At Lethbridge there will be no
charge for space for these exhibit*!,
und nil exhibitors will bc treated
The question ot obtaining a part
of the benefit that the Intel national
Dry-Farming Congress and Exposition
will bring to Alberta for your own
district, lies entirely In your own
hands. The opportunity is before
you. Get your exhibit rendy. liegln
to plan for it now, ami be present nt
thc Dry-Farming Congress with a
district exhibit, which will fully represent the magnificent district from
from which you each come.
I will bo pleased to answer any
enquiries regarding spnee or liny-
tiling else, und trust that each und
every society will be represented at
ilie Exposition. Write lo W. .1. McNicol, chnlrmnn Exposition Committee, Dry-Farming Congress, l.etn
bride, Alberta."
No ailment causes more suffering
to little ones than does constipation.
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cases. Concerning tbem Mrs. Lev.
Blanchet, St. Haclne, Que., writes: "I
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constipation and vomiting and have
found them an excellent remedy, and
I have recommended them to several
of my neighbors." The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or hy mail
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W. N. U. No. 891.
Miss Foy—Oh, how I wish I had
Helen'B chaim.
Miss King—What charm has she?
Miss Foy—'She can cry In the
sweetest soprano voice.
IThe nearest neighbor of N .# Z.,»
land is Australia, which Is uve.ae
hundred miles distant.
55 University St., Montreal
"Just a word of praise for GIN
PILLS. About fifteen months ago, I
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The Henpecked Husband: "Is my
wife going out, Elsie?"
Elsie:    "Yes, sir."
Henpecked Husband: "Do yon
know if I am going with her "
As a safe-guard buy nothing in tlie
baking powder line unless all the ingredients are printed .on the label.
Tho manufacturers of the brands of
baking powder in which large quantities of alum are used, are afraid to
print the ingredients on the label as
no person would buy It at any price.
Magic Baking Powder is pure and
guaranteed not to contain alum.
The Morse Code For .".eropfanes.
An idea which is being worked out
at the present time is the adoption of
the Morse Code for the use of air
men. It consists In smudges of lampblack ejected by compresBed air from
a funnel-shaped tube attached to the
forward edge of the upper plane of a
bl-plane. The apparatus is under the
control of the airmen, who, having
familiarized himself with the Morse
Code, Indicates dashes with a long
putt of smoke and dots with a shorter
ejectment, lieutenant Roy C. Kirk-
land Is responsible for 'the idea, and
tho preliminary experiments have
prtfred immensely successful, the signals being easily read off by observers on terra Itrma.
Won Fame on IU Merita.—The unbounded popularity that Dr. Thomas'
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the brick that hit 'lm!—Scribner's.
talckly slops coadka, turn colds, heals
too throat aad l**A* .      30 ceafs.
Only Guide Posts.
A well known Fourth avenue banker was Bitting In a downtown restaurant eating mush and milk.
"What's the matter?" Inquired a
"Got dyspepsia."
"Don't you enjoy your meals?"
"Enjoy my meals?" snorted lhe Indignant dyspeptic. "My meals are
merely guide posts (o take medicine
before or after."—Pittsburgh Post.
Oranges were purchased last yoar
by the United Kingdom to the value
.if $11,000,000, and lemons to the
value of $2,320,000.
Play 2,600 Yeara Old.
Appropriately enough, following
the return of the King and Queen,
there was nn Indian performance at
the Koyul Court Theutre recently. On
lhat occasion there was presented the
famous mystery play ot India, "Buddha, the Light of Asia; Ills Lite and
Great Denunciation.' It was a perfect Indian representation, fur there
was nearly a score of Indians in lhe
cast. This fumous play Is 2,000 years
The transition from winter's cold
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strain upon the system that produces
Internal complications, always painful and often serious. A common
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Makera alto of Wooden
Palis, Tuba, ato.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
_     Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HariieSS Oil   The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
You sell 30 Beautiful Souvenirs at 60.
each, then send us (1.60 and we will send
outfit prepaid. Other gifts for boys nnd
girls. We trust you. Write for Souvenirs.
London, Ont.
HE SAID—"Few of us realize how much salt
we cat. The fact that we put salt on all
meats and vegetables—In bread, cake and
laastry—soups und sauces—butter anal cheese
— shows thc importance ol! n_iinj au
absolutely pure sail."
SHE SAlD-'Wdl we are using WINDSOR
6AI.T and uoone could nnilae we believe
there was any better salt lu the whole worlal
Ihuu my old standby 62
Dickens Day.
From a Michigan paper: "The day
wus devoted to the study of Dickens,
Mra. Ballard reading tho story ot 'Tlie
Clansman," hy Dickens, which was
much enjoyed."
In a moving .picture theatre entrance: "lilg Shakespeare feature.
First reel—The early lite of 'David
Copperfleld.' Second reel — 'Little
Em'ly' and 'David Copperfleld.' Third
reel—The love of 'David Copperfleld.'
Enough said."—Boslon Transcript.
Nuptial love mnkelli mankind,
friendly, love perfectoth It, hut wanton
love eonuptcth and omhaselh It.
It's pretty hard to keep an overripe promise.
Dr Clark's
If your kidneys are not rlslit, your wholo
body Miners. Ncslect Hist rendition and
yaisri-ufreriiiKs flflill be increased tenfold. The
best time to treut kidney trouble is in the
beiinnlng. Tske DU. CLARK'S SWEET
NlTIll'. TILLS at once, when you have
lame back, headaches, spots before the
eyes, puius in the Joints, etc.
Most peaaplo know the value of sweet
nitre in its action on Ihe kialneys. nee
other proveal specifics are usetl in DR.
cleanse, tone snd stimulate impaired kidneys.
Put jrou right and keep you right. Sold
everywhere at fifty cents a boa or mailed
direct by 40
Winnipeg, Canada 	
Bend (or Free nook giving
full particulars of TRENCH'S
REMEDY, ths World-famous
Curo for Epilepsy and   Fit*,
dimple    home    treatment.
25 yeara' success.
Testimonials    from    all
aria of the world.   Over
llllntUl?81'1" "' "-ho worla
107    SI.    James'    Chambers,    Toronto.
Some relaxation Is necessary to people of every degree: the head that
thinks, und the hand that labors, must
have some little time to recruit their
Lady—Couldn't joii .nsslbly have
saved your friend who wat captured
hy thc cannibals?
African Traveller—Unfortunately
not. When I arrived he was already
scratched off tbo menu.
Where Now Slara Come From.
An astronomer tells us how new
stars come about. Suns fall towards
each other and gel up speed for hundreds of years, and then there Is a
nasty Jar. Heat Is generated by Ihe
collision, and a new star Is born.
Professor Dlckerton believes tliat the
nppenranco of Nova Persel, which is
10,000 times uu brilliant ns the sun,
ia to lie explained In this way.
The celebrated Dr. Abernclhy ol .London wu firmly or the opinion lhat disorders of lbe stomach were the moat prolific source of human ailments ia general. A
recent medical writer says: "ovary feeling, emotion aad election reporta st the
stomaoh (through Ihe system of nerves) aad Ihe stomaoh Is elected aooordingly.!
It is the vital center of the body ****." He continues, " 10 we may be
said lo live (tkrittgli) the stomach." He Iocs on to show lhat the stomach is'
the vital center of the body. For Weak stomachs nd Iha oonsequent indigestion
or dyspepsia, aod the multitude oi various diseases whioh result therefrom, ao'
medicine ou be better suited as a curative agent than
Dr. Pleree'm Goldem Medical Discovery.
" Several months ago I suffered from a seven pain right
under the breast-bone?' writes Mas. O. M. Muaura, of,
Corona, Calif. "Had suffered from It, off and on, for several years. I also suffered from heart-bum, did not know]
what wu the matter with me. I tried several medicine*
but the; did me no good. Finally, I wu told it wu my,
liver. I did not dure to eat u lt made me worse.. When*
ever I swallowed anything It seemed that I would faint—lu
hurt so. I grew very thin and weak from not eating.. Wu
told to take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I took;
five bottles of It, and could feel myself getting better from,
the flrst dose. I could eat a little without pain and grew
strong fut. To-day I am strong and well and can do a big
day's work with ease. Can ut everything and have pnt en,
flesh wonderfully. I will say to all sufferers write to Dr,1
HU.Mt.iuuK.        Pierce.  Uo has my undying gratitude." ' .
Announcing the Engagement
"Mlsa Upperton, are you engaged
to be married to Count Nocaah?"
"There is absolutely no truth in the
rumor. Marie, show the gentleman
the ring and <*lve him a photograph."
enrtoldy atopa cougnst ooraa colds, heals
Ua Ihraat .1* lunga     -     ■     Z5 tenia.
The population ot Russia on January 1, 1910, waa 160,748,400, an Increase In about 13 yeara of 33,190,000.
And this "in spite of war, cholera and
Mlnard'e Llr.ln.ent Relives. Neuralgia
Uncle Pennywlse Says'.
The ancient Greeks would grant a
man a divorce, but their laws would
not permit him to marry a younger
woman than the divorced wife. They
were not so alow.—Courier-Journal.
Tlte federal government owns 55
bird reservations in different parts of
the United States.
Cuticura Soap?
•'There is nothing the matter
with my skin, and I thought
Cuticura Soap toa only for skin
troubles." True, it is tor skin
troubles, but its great mission is
to prevent skin troubles. For
more than ft generation its delicate emollient "and prophylactic
properties have rendered it the
standard for this purpose, while
its extreme purity and refreshing
fragrance give to it all the advantages of the best of toilet soaps.
It is also invaluable in keeping
the hands soft and white, tbe hair
live and glossy, and the scalp
free from dandruff and irritation.
While its first cost is a few cents
more than that of ordinary toilet
soaps, it is prepared with such care
and of such materials, that it wears
toawafer, often outlasting several
cakes of other soap, and making
its use, in practice, most economical. Cuticura Soap is sold by
druggists and dealers everywhere,
but the truth of these claims may
be demonstrated without cost by
sending to "Cuticura," Dept. 7M,
Boston, U. S. A., for a liberal sample cake, together with a thirty-two
page book on the skin and hair.
WeU, WeU!
1 uae
I dyad ALL *heae
<*•—^      ofCoods
-with tha SAME !>»•.
I used
OLIAN and SIMPLE to Ua*.
NOdisivnoledaatkeWaONGDrs for Ibt Goods
oat hu to color. All colon Irom your Drueslflt or
Uttltr. fStr. Color Ctrd tod S' OBV Bookltl II,
The jctssos-aichstdsoa Co..   imttli, Moalfqel,
All Interested.
"Is yonr bookkeeper's heart In hts
oflice work?"
"Everybody's, heart is in the office
work since the blonde utenogiapher
came."—KatiBas City Journal.
Could Hardly Live for Asthma.
Writes one man who after yearB ot
Buffering has found complete relief
through Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. Now he knows how need
less haB been his suffering. This
matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled
as smoke or vapor it brings the help
so long needed. Every dealer has lt
or can get it for you trom his wholesaler. .
As an example In municipal water
supply, although 15,375 more consumers were supplied in London ln 1910
than In 1909, the average dally consumption was 3,000,000 gallons less.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Burns, Eto.
Japanese army ollicers are testing
a new bullet-proof coat Just invented
by a native. It ia said that bullets
fired from a revolver at a distance
of 25 feet make only a slight dent ln
the coat.
They Made a -New Woman of Mrs.
Elle Amlrault Who Waa a Victim of
Kidney Disease for Over a Year.
Amirault's Hill, Yarmouth Co.. N.S.
—(Special.) "Four boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills made a new woman of
me." Those are the words ot Mrs.
Elle Amlrault of this place. They are
words that have been used again and
again by women Iu all parts of Canada who have suffered, and who have
found relict and euro in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I suffered for over a year from
kidney disease," "Mrs. Amlrault continues. "Nothing I tried helped me.
At last some one told me to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Before I had finished
the first box I felt better. Four boxes
made a new woman of me."
No remedy ever given to the public
has brought health and happiness Into the lives of so many women as
Dodd's Kidney I'ills. This Is because
nine-tenths of the ills to which women are subject come from dlsna-wl
kidneys. No woman who uses Dldd's
Kidney Pills can have diseased kidneys.   They always cure the kidneys.
It has heen left lo the Chinese tn
teach us how the tons of banana fibre
thrown on the rubbish heap everv
year can be converted into banana
cloth by a process so simple as to he
nulte within the reach of tlie natives
ot India. Al present a roll of ban ••><•
cloth live yards lone nnd one yard
wide sells for aboui $5.70.
Victims Can Cure Themselves With
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
With the coming of March people
who are afflicted with rheumatism
begin to bave unpleasant reminders
of their trouble. The weather is
changeable—balmy and springlike one
day, raw, cold and piercing the next.
It Is such sudden changes of weather
tliat Bets the pangs and tortures of
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica
going. But It must be borne in mind
that although weather conditions
start the pains, the trouble is deeply rooted in tho blood and can only
be cured through the blood. All the
lotions and liniments in the world
can't cure rheumatism. Rubbing may
seem to ease the pain while you are
rubbing, but there its value ends.
Only through the blood can you cure
rheumatism. That'B why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have so many thousands of cures of this trouble to their
credit. The new,, rich blood which
they actually make drives out the
poisonous acid, and rheumatism is
vanquished. Here is an example. Mr.
W. C. Douglas, Wcbbwood, Ont., says:
"I was attacked with inflammatory
rheumatism, which spread through
my entire system. For two monthB
I was not able to go about, and seemed to be hovering between life and
death. My Joints were swollen and
my legs and arms twisted, until I expected that they would never return
to their normal shape. The doctor
seemed to help me, but not to cure
me, and I would be better one day
and worse the next. At this time a
friend strongly urged me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and I got a dozen
boxes. Soon after beginning the
pills there was a change for the better, and I continued using the pills
until I was quite well again. The
swelling-disappeared from the Joints.
My limbs returned tn the natural
shape and,I feel as if Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have saved me from being
a rheumatic cripple. I hope my experience may prove a blessing to
some other sufferer."
It you suffer from rheumatism, or
any other disease ot the blood, begin
to cure yourself to-day with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold hy all medicine dealers or by mail at 50 cents a
box or nix boxes for $2.50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
W. N. U. No. 891.
The wages earned last year by
Spanish settlers In South America
amounted to 110,000,000 pesetas, or
about $25,000,000, according to a statement by the Chilean Consul iu London.
Annual Meet'ng Held at Head  Office.  24 King St. West;
Toronlo,  February 21st,   1912.
In connection with the Annual Report It may be stated that there was
a decrease in tire losses ot $55,100.31 as compared with tha previous
year; the losses paid hy the organization since its formation, $1,091,818.90:
lt wrote last year 22,450 policies, and sihee organization 184.050; Security
to Policy Holders $408,2G2.(I_I an increase of more than $30,000 over last
year's security. Considerable addition to the stock was made, and the
sale of an additional 10,000 shares is authorized at a premium of 20 per
cent. Tho Company is represented In every place of importance through
out Canada.
Receipts. I
Accumulated Reserve, Jan.
1, 1911 $128,045.36
Premiums     384,286.13 \
Interest        8,000.80
Payments on capital stock
and stock premiums less
commissions, cub!i $:',,310.U0 '
notes $5;626.00           8,935.00
Losses and adjustment expenses     $121,971.IS
Cancellations,  rebates,   re-
Insurances      100,811.18
General expenses, including
commissions      94,486.68
■     Balance ...  ...  ...    156,885.fa3
$480,166.84 !
Cash on hand and in hank   $20,329.86
Net premiums in course of
collection   "...      21,381.20
Bonds,   debentures,    loans,
bills, receivable     208,556.02
Sundry assets      27,078.26
Uncalled capital     149,172.50
Reserved     unearned     premiums      $150,788.00
Reserve,    lor    unadjusted
losses         7,359.75
Reserve, for future plans 4,134.34
All otlier current liabilities 6,761.12
Surplus   lo  policy-holders    257.474.C3
$426,517.84 I
Capital paid up $112,628.
Security to Policy-holders.
Full Government Reserve provided as above ...
Surplus brought down in excess of requirements
Total Security	
Security shown for 1910
Increase for 1911
The following were elected Directors for tho ensuing year:—Hon.
Thos. Crawford. M.P.P., President; Chas. C. Van.Voiman, 1st Vice-President; A. Taylor, Gait, 2nd ViCe-Presldent: J. M. Queen, 3rd Vice-President; His Honor Judge Morgan, D. HIbuer, „W. Vandusen, David Carlyle,
W, It. Tudhope.
Gen. Manager.
Sweet and palatable, Mother
Grave's Worm Exterminator is acceptable to children, and lt does its
work surely and promptly.
In 1909 the telegraph anJMeleplione
companies, together with similar concerns that use electric wires in this
country, expended over $7,000,000 in
the purchase of poles.
The wind-bags who try to convince
you that you've lost your nerve have
got theirs with them; ouly it's of a
different kind.
In nil canea of
of ull horses, broodmares, colts, stallions,
on their tnnguoH or In the feoil put
Spohn'H Lkiultl Ciitiip'tiiinl. Give the remedy to nil ot tln-m. It iii'tw on the
blood and Kliindn. It routes tin* diseat*'.
by c>x poll hit; the disease K«rma. Jt wards
off the trouble nn matter how they ar*
"exposed." Absolutely free from ntty-
thlnff Injurious.   A child can safely lake
it. GOo and $1.01); S6.5U and $11.00 the
dozen. Hold by druggists und harness
All  Wholesale Druggists
Chemist! ana  Bacteriologists
GOSHEN,   IND.,   U.S.A.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
for Croup: found nothing oquul to it;
sure cure.
HuwkBh.iw, N.I'.., Sept. 1st, 1905.
tt Often Happens.
"I guess I got a little too gay," admitted the landlord. "I wouldn't paint
a doorstep for tbe old tenant."
"And he moved?"
"He moved; nnd now I've got to
paint the entire house before I can
get a new tenant."—Louisville Cour-
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Qulnlno Tablets.   Druggtits refund money U It (alls
lo cun.   E. W. GROVE a signature Is on
each box.    21c
The ties used on the Panama railroad are made of sueh hard wood
that holes Imve to he bored for the
spires and a speeiul form of screw
spike used.
I Tan Dayi' Treatment Free
ORAKOB LILY Is a certain cura for all disorders ot women.    It ta appllal
locally and Is abaarbed Into tha suffering tlasue.   Tha dead waste matter In ths
*     ' a/liWliJ_7iiT*T_____nTiJ —•**.!   ''ongestcd region  li  a>).p*IIed.  giving
I      -   _ja________________Wfl*_____M_a*^_fea^... __»     im\l Immediate mental and pbysli'ai   re-
lief; tha blood vessels and nerve*
are toned and atrenftbened, ana
tba circulation la rendered normal.l
aa tbla treatment ia baaed on strict.
ly aclentfflc prlnclplea, and acta on,
the actual location of the disease Itl
cannot help but effect a cure of all!
forma of female troubles, lualnding
delayed and painful maansliuallon,'
leucorrhoea, falling of the womb.,
etc. Price, $1.00 per box. which la
aufllctent for one month's treatment. A Free Trial Treatment,.
enough    for    lo    daya.   worth   3..,-.
aent Free   to   uny  suffering
woman wbo will send me her addreaa.
Biclosa I stamps and address. MRS. FRANCES E. CURRAH, Windsor, Ont.
By taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
The following letter from Mra.
Orville Rock will prove how onwiso
it is for women to submit to the
dangers of a surgical operation when
it may lie avoided by taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
She waa f our weeks. In the hospital
and cam« home suffering worse
than beforo.
Here la her own itatement.
Paw Paw, Mich.—"Two years ago
I suffered very severely with a dTs-
placement. I could
not be on my feet for
a long time, My
physician treated
me for seven months
| without mucb relief
" and at laat lent me
to Ann Arbor for
an operation. I wai
there four weeks and
came home suffering
worse than before.
My mother advised
lm_» to try Lydia
S. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and I did. Today I am well and strong
and do all my own housework. I owe
my health to Lydia K. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and advise my
friends who are afflicted with any
female complaint to try it."—Mrs.
Orville Boat, B. R. No. 6, Paw Paw,
If yon are Ul do not drag along until i
an operation Is necessary, but at once
Uke Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
For thirty years it has been the standard remedy for women's ills, and has
positively restored the health of thousands ot women. Whydon'tyoatryit? i
Telegraphers and Station Agents
wanted for uew railways. Wugcs |50
to 573 per month to start. Vvi
Inline in this work, having railway
telegraph wires and regular siaiiuii
books for praclleal use. Free Hook
19 explains work and wages. Day
and Mull Courses. Dominion School
Telegraphy, Toronto.
Look IfleMer. fit better, wear
longer and give bolter aatlsfac-
tion than other makes. Tbey
are tho result of 66 years' accumulated knowledge and ex-
Eerlenca In building High Grada
hoca. Blocked by leading
dealara everywhere In Canada.
Tha john Mcpherson co.,
Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
81. John-Liverpool.
IJako Manitoba   'J'nura., Mflr. L's
HmpraM nf itrltJihi Kiiiiiiv, ,\|,i. ;,
I-.il..* Clmmpliihi .... Thim., " j.
Bmprwa of Ireland    Friday,    "   i.i
hake Manitoba   Tours.)     "   j.i
Summer Service.
Montreal • Quebec • Liverpool.
Emproa* ot iti_t.,iu .. Friday, .May   n
l>ukp Ctuanplaln — Thiira., May   -,
KmprcHH of Ireland .. Friday, .Mny i:
Lake Mnnltobn   Thuni., May ;'..
ISmpreari of Hrituln .. Friday, May ..i
and weekly (hereafter.
Low Ratet—Superb Service.
lU't-uTVuHuim innl   iti'i.ili.-,   in-ill  any
Iliiilwiiy   An-iii   or   wrltu
J. 8. CARTER, Genl. Agt.
210  Portage Ave.,  Winnipeg.
ipecUlUt, r Collect St., Toronto,
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
Ml I 'a_fi Ai-   Toi'ir'.o, 0-laiia) THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS',   B. C.
When  Eyes Grow Dim
With Age
Glume* become an imperative necessity, and the importance of giving the eyes proper care obtrudes
itself on tbe dullest understanding.
Our skilled optician is ■nullified to
teat your eyes iu a thorough and
reliable manner. Our glasses never
fail to give satisfaction. -Examination Free.
A. 0. MORRISON J"8te"B
.tt.lta.hml at (Irami forka, Rrltlah Column!
l.k. KvatNs
.Kdltaar and Ptibllahet
A Hla- aaf this paper oan be teen at the offloe
jl Me.«raa. B. A 1. Hardy i, i'o.. Ull, SI nnd 81!,
fleet ■Stra'aflt, B.C., London. Ktifflaiiitl, free of
.aharge, aunt that Arm will be triad to reoelve
mbioniatlons Kutl advertisements on onr be-
suagoKimoN katbs :
lite Ye.il S1JJ0
■Ine Vear Iln advattee)    i.*1
line Year, In Hulled Slates   I-Vl
Address all taniiiiiiuiiitaatltins to
Thk BVENiNat Sua,
»*HO»«   H74 OHAND KOHKB, ».<
FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1912
The uproarious enthusiasm at the
baseball game at the fair ground.) a
couple of Sundays ago started n
mild controversial war this week
regarding the authority of the pro
vinciul police to prevent a recurrence
of exhibitions of this nature. The
provincial policeman in tbit* city
has stated tbat he intends lo stop
Sunday baseball games in future,
und that he believes public opinion
will uphold him in this course. The
member for Orand Forks riding,
however, is reported to have expressed the opinion tbat before the
police can take tbis step, the consent
of Attorney-General BowBer to enforce the law will first bave to be
obtained. The citizens would prob
ably like to know to what extent
Mr. liowsei's rule is absolute in tbis
An improvement iB contemplated
in ibis city which will probably depend on public opinion whether ii
is carried out or not. Mr. Traun
Wtlser, of Yale, proposes to move
the Itiden block to the foundation
Ity the side of the Y'ule hotel, raise
the latter building to street grade,
remodel both structures into u lirst-
clnss commercial hotel of fifty
rooms, and lay cement sidewulks on
both Bridge and First streets. To
carry out tbis work would entail an
expenditure of between 88,000 and
$10,000. Before the work can be
started, however, it will lirst be
necessary to ^rnend the fire-limits
bylaw, and it iB on this point that
the sentiment of the ratepayers is
required. The members of tbe
council are said to be in favor of the
scheme, but prefer to hear a free expression of public opinion before
taking action. The building would
be well isolated, and wben remodeled would not be as great a menace
from fire to tbe blocks in its yicini
ty as the present Y'ale hotel iB.
lf you want to buy real estate, in
vest in Kettle Valley land tbat you
bave seen. Do not throw your
money away by investing in prop
erty in distant parts of the country.
It may be either a swamp or a pile
of rocks.
Kenneth 0. Hankinson and bride,
nee Miss Homers, arrived in Grand
Forks on Wednesday from Calgary,
where they were recently married.
Mr. and Mrs. Hankinson visited at
the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E
Massie until this afternoon, when
they left fur iheir future home in
Princeton Mr. Haukiiisoii was for
merly connected with tbe staff ot
Great Northern engineers in ibis
The Squaw Man
lu presenting Mr. Deil ir. the now
celebrated play, "The Squaw Man,"
Bennett it Coinpany feel tbey have
effected a combination of play and
star thut can'not lu surpassed, fan
Mr. Deil has achieved so enviable a
reputation in western roles that ht
ay be said to atand uluiie in the de-
lineutiou of these types. It is univer
sully agreed that in the title role ol
this pluy he has found the must em
phatic suitable medium for his remarkable talent since his apgeaiuiice
upon the stage. The accuracy of his
portrayal, together with the natural
ability be brings to his work, have
united in producing un entirely new
conception of pure American drama,
while the unanimous approval of the
pies, ami the unstinted appreciation
of tin* public bas resulted in a eulogy
uniipiH in dramatic annals.
The play itself has earned a tribute
i for clean, wholesome, tl.oriiu_.li goinii
Americanism that comes close to plus-
ing upon it the stump of the greatest
play of western America that has yet
lieen given to tbe public. Sn great
has been ita appeal that companies are
now presenting the play in three countries outside of the United States—in
Mz.n\. GOOD
How does your garden growl
That depends on the kind of Hoes, Spftdos, Forks and
Hakes yon ust*.
We sell Garden Tools which it won't break your back
to use and make gardening a joy. At tho .same time thoy
themselves won't break, but will give good h»n«_; service.
Nor will we "break you" when you buy your Garden
Tools and Hardware from us.
\ "	
- ______________    ?  ^
"* -•'^M^au.fl.
Breeder of S.C. Black Minorcas,
White Plymouth Rocks, White Wyandottes. My show records tiie last
two seasons prove my stock Is good.
Heading my Black Minorca pen this
season is a cockerel from the yards of
T. A. Foulds, London, Ont., the best
breeder of Black Minorcas on the continent. Heading my White Rock and
White Wyandotte pens are cock birds
from the yards of E. - B. Cule, Vancouver, B. C,
England, Germany, and Auftralia.
In each of these countries it has won
for itself the acme of public favor.
There is a spirit that pervadas the
(tluy—a spirit of heroism, self-sacrifice
and of great love. There is a virility,
a humor and a whimsicality that
makes for this drama a very fountain
of laughter and a well of tears, and
above all, there is a strong thread of
high purpose that knits the whole together in an indescribably attractive
manner. It is a hig play that abounds
in laughter and pathos, and one that'
bids fair to rival other famous A uteri
-an dramas for many years to come.
I'he manugeis have given the piece a
sumptuous scenic in vesture and have
surrounded Mr. Deil with a company
>tf players that could not be surpassed.
The following is the maximum
and minimum tem|llruture for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper BroB.' ranch:
MAX.       MIS.
Friday  65 35
Saturday  6S 38
Sundiy  «3 41
Monday    73 37
Tuesday     80 40
Wednesday  82 43
Thursday  71 48
Rainfall  during week, 0 lis inches.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, May 9.—Silver 61;
standard copper, tl6.40@15.60,
London, May 2.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Holy Trinity Ciiukcii, Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
ami sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong und
fli'iiiuii, 7:')tl p.m.; Sunday school, 10
it.in.     I'lt-t    Sunday   of   the   month
holy communion will !►_• celebrated at
the II it in. service us well as at 8
ai m. Week day and special services
ns they ere'announced from time to
time You are corihiillv invited to
win-ship with us, and we wuuld Im
pleased to met yeu, *
Knox I'HKstivTK.itiAN Curium —
Sail.la,till services at 11 u.ln. uml .:;.<) p.
m.; Salibaitb school and Bible class ut
9:45 a m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Bev M. I). McKee, pastor.
Methodist Chuiich •! Key. Calvert, D.l)., Pastor.—Sundav services,
II a.m. and 7:80 p.in.)Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth l_eugue, Monday
uf 8:11(1 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, s p.m.; junior League, Fridays, 7:(in p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuiich, Bev. II. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at II a. m. und 7:30 p. in.; Bible
diss and Sundav schisil at 10 a.m.
The hiyh price of living lias
not affected our jol> printing
trices,    We're are still doing
ligh elass commercial work of
all kinds at priced satisfactory
to you.
Soda Hountaiii gigsg
Only Pine Fruits and f^     \        AC*
Juices are used.   Our i^UrleW Ice-Liream
is unequalled for richness and flavour.
TAe Rexall Druggists
t**\ we are prepared to give the people of (Irand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, May 9.—Tbe following are today's opening limitations foi
tbe stocks menti.med:
Hid.     Asked
Granbv Consolidated.    56 00   59.00
B. 0.   Copper       4.85     5.25
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar store
om. k, km) First Slrppl
DinC * Motoryclc—lt*e the matt fnsrlttnt-
MUl Iiii. ot all modern vehicles. Give, yam
tlie mentis taa ao anywhere at any Utile nn u
moment's notion. Cost of operating laa only
li! per mile. Free enaTlne clutch antl magneton all 1912 models. For particular! write or
sliver King untl Silver Oueeti Mliu-ml
llaallaifl. sl'llalte III Ule latiaaaal rtlfka. Mllalim
lllvlllian ill   Vnle lllfllilal.
tt lien- I denied: Uii the Kant lurk ol the
North Fork nl Keillu Ills, r
TAKi-: Mll'H'K Uml I. Jaeoli M. I'sulseii.
Kara- Mine.'. Carillleiate Saa ;l:s|HII, fair
iiivvlt nml as itiiiaaat laat tt'llllitiii'II. Huffman,
exeotilor, iiikI Ktiaii*iln)ni. executrix, ol llm
will ul Catllierlue Untl num. I'ree Miners
Ortlllcnte Nu. 15X1111. Inli'llil. «l*'l' dtU/l
(rum ilalo herenf. In m.|.ly La the Miihiik
Ilea enler lorn Ceillllenli* n( IniprOVl-nieillB. for
Iha I'lllli'iie ol ulilallilliK 0fOWII Klaaiil. ul lilt!
illtuVe eiatlUIS. ,
\u,I Inrlhcr lake iiaatla-ai Hint ariluii. iinili'i
.,., ti'.n ill, luual he cuiiiuif need hefuru tne i-a.ii-
una a- nl silell Cerltleaies nl llillirtivellleiil.
Sunrise Mineral Claim, situate In the
(Irand  Forks Mining Division of Yule Ills-
Where located!  '" Wellliigt.ino»n.R.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Joseph Allretl Miller,
Free Miners' CertlHcate No. HUM, Intend, sixty tluvs from tlie dale hereof, to apply lo the Miring Kecorder for a Certificate
ol Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Orentof the nlaove elnlni.
And further tnke notice that notion, under
-eetlnii ill, must be cntiintenceil before the
iKsttniiea ol such CertlHcate of Improvements. .       . .    ..... ,„,„
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol rcBtocua overy norvu In tlio lia.aly
rnuii-tionui. ,„ Mpp,, lonilatu; roiluiei
slm and vitality. Frentaluro decay stiil all sexual
weakneu averted al once. Fhaaphoaol will
make you a new man. PI let J» a box.or tarn lor
15. Mailed to anv n.Mre.a. *he Seob.ll Brag
Co.. It. Calharlnos. Oui.
Tlie following are lhe return" of
tin* ore production of tlie Boundary
mines for the week, nnd nlso for the
venr to dnte:
Granby ..23,450     387,535
M other Lode  5,750     215, »90
Rawhide  .5,709      59,714
Jnckpot.       402        9,73s
Athenian   34d
Emma      4,901
Others.....      410        4,IBS
Smelter Iroatmen—
Ornnhy 24,085      458,952
B.C. Copper Co... 11,240     204,849
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
■ When you
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
is guaranteed by
[ makers and dealers alike 1
to be a strong, durable
range and a perfect
cooker and
■ baker.
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver.   Sold by
W. K. 'C. cTWanlr
purpose the score-card is indispensable
to assist the judge in deciding which
exhibit iB most meritorious.
Rules and regulations:
I. All Farmers' Institutes desiring
to organize these competitions must
notify the superintendent of Farmers'
Institutes, department of agriculture,
Victoria, BC, on or before Mav IB,
stating the kind or kinds of crops fut
which competitions are to be provided.
.. Competitions may be organized
and conducted with any one or any
two (but not intii'tt than two) kinds of
the following crops ami areas for each
exhibit: Outs, li acres; barley, 2
acres; wheat, 2 acres; |eas, 1 acre;
potatoes, I ucre; turnips, I acre; mangels, -V acre; tieltl carrots, 1 acre; lod-
der corn, 1 acre; kale, ), acre; red
clovei, 2 acres; alfalfa, 1 -acre. The
fields or plots entered tor competition
must' be clearly defined   antl   marked
fined   by   the   institute  holding the
con) petition,
6. All iiidiviual entries fan- eaeh
competition must be forwarded by tile
secretary of the institute to the su-
derintendent of Farmers' itistuVes,
Victoria, B.C., mitt Inter limn June
7. Tlio British Columbia d-j ai t
tiient of agriculture will furnish: expert judges fj-ee of charge to the
Farmers' institutes ami pay their ex
penses throughout, When reiptireii
by the judge, however, Fanners in
stitul.es must siiriiii.il a inni interested
guide who lias knowledge of the locn
tion of the different exhibits lo bt
judgeil. \V. K Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture
Pitparmg the People
j The intimation in n tlispntch lo tin
government organs from Toronto  alio
with stakes or otherwise ,by the com-1 tl) t|ie Kffvct turn the cost, of construe
petitor in advance of the visit of   the u,,,,   „„  t|m  Canadian Northern; Va
Ige, which shall he mnde at the ic(ic railway in Hritish Columhia has
rliscretion of the superintendent of tlie] been su l(iue|, „, rx,.ess of lhe cnleu
Farmers' institutes. j |atiuns t|mt "it is tlouhtt'ul if the  Ca-
3. There must not be less than ten nadiau Northern Pacilic will do umula
Field Crop Competitions
The new basis of co-operation adopted by the minister of agriculture for
Canada, 'to support the provinces in
the work of conducting field crop
competitions, has made available to
the department of agriculture for
British Columbia subventions to the
extent of two-thirds of the moneys
actually awarded in cash prizes in accordance with approved regulations, in
competitions of fields of grain, potatoes, and other crops, to bo judged
from the standpoint of utility for seed
or fodder purposes. The British Columbia Dairymen's association has
provided a further sum of $500 to be
applied aa special prizes for such fodder crops   as thousand-headed   kale,
' corn, field roots, red clover, and alfalfa. The funds thus made available
ara to be administered under the di
rection of the British Columbia department of agriculture, whicli, in accordance with the basis of co operation
agreed to, is retailed to provide approximately one half of the total expenditure for prize and expert judges
and their necessary expenses
The object af these competitions is
. to stimulate interest in the production and use of good seed, the
growing of fodder crops suitable to
each farming section, tbe eradication
of weeds, and the application of good
cultural methods in farming. The
product of the farmer's skill in the
form of a 5 acre Held of grain or other
crop can nol beexhibiten in the show
ring, as can that of the stock bleeder.
To obtain similar benefits in field
agriculture it is therefore necessary,
and experience has shown that it it
desirable, to adopt a system whereby
competent judges may award prizes in
competitions in which the exibitt are
distributed over n   tlistriet.    For that
Wit £tankrfc
THE 8TANDARD la the Natlcha.
Weekly Newspaper ot the Dominlor.
uf Canada. It Is national In ,all Its
It uses the moat expensive eftgrav-
Iiiks, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
He editorial policy ts thoroughly
A. subscription to The Standard
costs |2.00 per year to any address ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
bona fide entries for each kind of ctop
entered, and no competitor may compete for prizes offered by mote than
one Farmers' institute.
4. There shall be at least 175 offered in cash prizes for each kind of
crop, as follows: First, fitl; second,
115; third, *12; fourth, ^1C; fifth,
tii, with prizes for every additional
five entries over ten, as follows: Sixth.
{6; seventh, 84. Of the amount, the
Farmers' institute conducting the
competition will be entitled to a grant
of $60 when the competition is arranged for one kind of crop only, or
to a grant of 1120 when competitions
wi(h two kinds of crops are organized,
whioh grants will be paid to the institute by the provincial de| a tment
of agriculture,
' 5. An entry fee of not less than 50
cents   aor   more   than  11, the exact
amount to be at the discretion of   the
institute, shall be paid by each  competitor for each kind of crop  into the i
funds of the institute,   which money
shall   he   applied   to  the   $15 to he'
contributed by the   institute   to  the
prize money for each crop in conipeti-1
tion.    A   competitor  may  not enter
more than one exhibit of anv one kind j
of crop, but he may enter one exibit
of each kind when two ctops are provided.   All the fields entered foi competition must be within the   area de-
better than earn ils fixed interest
charges for a year or two after its construction," is very significant We
had from the premier at the time ol
his appeel to the electorate for an en
dorseiiient of his agreement the most
positive assurance toat the railway
woultl never cost the province a Cent.
It begins already—without, a mile of
track in operation—to look as though
that 8840,1 00 a year of interest will
have to be paid by lite province.
Nothing like preparing the people foi
the shock.
'Woman is a thing of beauty ami an
expensive joy forever.
Reasonable Prices
For the next .30 days I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 tic 4 Zkiulkk Block,
N. E. Con. UivKiisiuE it Howard,
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED-A  full line of Seed Giaiil*
and Garden Seed.
McNeil   &  Henniger
WATER notice:    !
NOTICKl* hereto   gtveti tha* neurite   ******
IU..I.T MllIlM  IU-ll.nl ■ III   1871,   I.  O.  1 lift
UH.Grn it Pulton, will npiilJ f" u ilcriK'f )>•
r Up unci um* one (T'liic fool iiitnei**mi«l ol
aii" r nut i f North Kmk k<*i le Kiver • rwk,
.vhii'h Iln--* In a southerly .lirei'tinn th-oiitrto
l,ot 8611 nml etim lei Into Kettle Itiver imi"
irand Foi ha. The water will heilivpr-cii on-
ijos'te tlie towntilte nf Ninuuru, autl wUI"H«
nxerl for Irrlifutloti puriio etoit the In A At*
.'■rilled a* Fruit Luud. ahout IM ner »
Tnis ii t'u'pwii. parte I "ti the ground on
the-Hl-h dit.v or Mil rah, I9tt 'too umilk'llHoii
vill ho tih-.l In the nMci*<rtto Water Ke*
*o'«Ipi- at Kiiirvlew
Objections may to" tiled with the mild
Water Recorder <>r wltto the rMnuimller of
Vnter Riuhts, Parliament Uulhliuifs. Vic1
..riii. It.''-
ii  A. f*. pK* I-,
W^ Shoe Shop .
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Kext CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
PHONf 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
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all Hue**, all OVOMPBtlOUB.
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leof known tlmuiflHl itiuiidtiiK who wereal-
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unprefiive deinitotnndlon of the imiueire pop*
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The Standard] mhle, Writer
The Ollvor Typewriter la n money-mnkei
ligh) from thc word "ml" Ijoouy t.» run (hat
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the world, descriptions runuillg from
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World's Standard Reference
Hook on Copper
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Horace J. SteveYis. -
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Houghton. Mieliigaii.
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W. N. U. No. 891.
Western Canada's Fifth Annual Musi
cal Festival to Be Held at The
Walker Theatre, Winnipeg,
April 8, 9, 10.
Western Canada's Fifth Annual
Musical Festival will be held at the
Walker Theatre Winnipeg, April 8,
9,10. As every musician knows, such
a musical event is one which brings
about the greatest possible results In
an artistic way in any community,
and its effects are far-reaching, particularly In this Instance, as hundreds
of music lovers throughout the great
Canadian Northwest have taken advantage of this yearly feast of music
which has been offered them now for
several seasons through the energy
and enterprise of Manager C. P.
Walker, of the Walker Theatre, and
the Winnipeg Oratorio Society ot that
The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra will be the principal feature
ot this year's festival as in other
years, and Justly so because lt stands
first and foremost ln tbe entire West
of this continent Even now lt is
about to invade New York, where
it will play at Carnegie Hall on March
18th, being the first symphony orchestra of the West to visit that great
musical center of thc new world.
Along with, tbe Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, and all under the
direction of that brilliant musician
and magnetic man, Emil Oberhoffer,
conductor ot the orchestra, will come
to Winnipeg the following eminent
vocal and instrumental soloists to
participate In the festival:
Lucille Tewksbury Stevenson, soprano; Genevieve Wheat, contralto;
Joseph Schencke, tenor; Horatio Couneil, baritone; Richard Czerwouky,
violinist; Willy Lamping, 'cellist; Sal-
vatorl Nlrella, clarinettist; Henry J.
Williams, harpist.
On Easter Monday afternoon 150
Winnipeg school children will be
heard, with full orchestral accompaniment, In nat'.nal and other patriotic
songs, for which they are now being
trained by Miss Pullar, Supervisor of
Music In the Public Schools.
The Winnipeg Oratorio Society will
sing several times during the Festival, but the greatest effort will be
Verdi's "Requiem," in which the visiting vocal soloists will assist.
There will be six concerts In all
during the three days, dally matinees,
commencing at three p.m., will be
Special arrangements have been
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big Teachers' Convention, which will
be held in Winnipeg during the days
of the Festival, may attend even the
afternoon concerts. This will be of
very great value to them In their
school work as they will hear great
artists interpret the works of the
masters, under the direction ot Emil
Oberhoffer. one of the foremost Symphony Orchestra leaders of the world.
Lovers of music who can be ln Winnipeg Easter week have Indeed a rare
treat ahead of them—a treat that will
delight their intellect aud give them
something to remember with profit
and pleasure for many months to
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Votes For Married Women
Port Arthur. Ont.—The city council
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votes for married women with property qualifications the same as widows and spinsters.
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Extreme Temper.
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The average mnn gets so much criticism that when u compliment Is paid
him without "lf" or "but" attached,
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Jusl new dead.
"I hnve six daughters."
".Mum. tnke 'om n long time lo dress
When the family Ih going any where."
"Oh, no. They form m a circle and
t'licli one buttoiiH another's gown."—
Wushliiginii lli'iuhl.
Mr. Andrew* praiaet Dr.
Morae'o Indian Root PHI*.
Mr. George Andrews of Halifax, N.S.,
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Medicine after medicine I have taken in
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Some Mourner.
IJown in Georgia a negro, who had
his life insured (or several hundred
dollars, died and left the money to
his widow. Sho Immediately bought
hi'i'seir it very elaborate mourning
Showing her purchase to her friend,
sbe wsb very particular ln going into
detail as to prices and all- Incidental
particulars. Her friend was very
much Impressed, and remarked:
'Them sho is line close, hut, hefo'
heaven, what Is you goln' to do wid
all dis black underwear?"
The bereaved ono sighed:
"Chile, when I morns, I morns."—
Harpers Magazine.
It Is the chief concern of wise men
to retrench the evils of life by the
reasonings of philosophy, but it is the
employment of fools to multiply them
by the sentiments of superstition.
Old loroi. Lump*
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Of the 822 vessels with a tonnage
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last year, practically all were ot steel,
and 99 per cent ot the tonnage consisted of steam craft.
DIXIE TOBACCO tttt? <3Ttv nPAvn foptts. twtttsit COLUMBTA
How It Wat Delivered and
the Reply That Was
Brought Back
It was the winter that the American
patriots were dying like sheep at Vul
ley Forge. Washington's headquarters
were at Morristown, N. J.
One day-Captain Alexander Humll
ton went hurriedly Into bis office with
out stopping to knock. Washington
looked up at him, surprised at bis warn
of military deference. But hu soon
changed his expression.
' "The French nre coming to help us,
general!" said Hamilton.
The general sat thinking. A great
many matters hinged on this Informa
"Captain," he said at last, "our ene
tnles will strain every nerve to. win
their cause before our allies can reach
us. Of tbe different moves they will
make the one -I fear most Is attempts
to seduce our people by offering liberal
- terms for a surrender of our Independ
once. They will try to win over some
ef' our mast prominent patriots nol
only by aucb promises, but by offers of
money and position If they will use
their Influence to Induce our people to
submit to the king. Tbe place from
.which these offers will emlnate Is Phil
adelpblu. now occupied by General
Howe, surrounded by many sympa
tbetlc Tories. I shall send a message
to those ot our prominent men tbere
urging them to stand steadfast, and
.with this help of tbe French our ln
dependence will be achieved."
Wben toward evening the message
wai ready, Washington handed lt ta
his aid, saying:
"lt li too Important to trust to an
ordinary post rider. It muat be carried through the British lines Into Philadelphia."
"Tes, general, and. coming from yon,
It will doubtless have n great effect.
General Howe would give half his army to Intercept or delay Its reacblng
those for whom tt li Intended before
jbe hai a chance to corrupt tbem. As
to tbe messenger, young Janeway Is
yoar men by all means—he who carried the message through to onr friends
In New Vork when we were on Long
That nlgbt Walter Janeway, a young
'officer of the Continental army, mounted on tbe beet borse that could be
found, started to make the distance of
eighty miles between Morristown and
Philadelphia In ai short a time ae pos-
slble. Be had nothing to fear for some
distance, for tbe region . roundabout
|Was patriot ground. Nevertheless be
was dressed for the whole Journey, or,
rather, for hie entrance Into Philadelphia, and, since tbe city waa the borne
of tbe Quaker*, bad chosen tbelr costume,
Be rode all nlgbt and breakfasted at Trenton, which place waa more
than balf way to his destination and
'was aa far as bla borse could go on a
stretch. After resting and feeding tbe
animal he proceeded more leisurely,
fur be waa now on British and Tory
territory and bad a part to play.
At Trenton young Janeway crossed
tbe Delaware In the flatboat ferry of
tbe period and pursued bis way down
tbe rlgbt bank of the river tbrough
Pennsylvania. Midway between Trenton and Philadelphia, reaching a amall
Tillage, be itopped for dinner at a
Being now within len or Oftecn miles <
of Philadelphia, tbose be met were clt
lien patriots and Tories, wllb here ami
there I British soldier, A member ol
General Howe's nrmy scouting In unl
form eat opposite blm at table.
"Whence come you, neighbor?" be
aaked of Janewny.
"From the College pf New Jersey
whore I am studying,'1 replied Janeway.
"And wbltber go you?"
"Homo lo my father's plantation In
"Princeton li not far from Morristown, where they nay Is tho headquarters of Ihe rebel Washington. Baa be
many troops wltb blm?"
"I bave not been away from college,
to I can form no opinion as tb that
Thee can Ond out by going there thyself."
"I tm not on tbat business. My object la to look ont for emissaries passing from the rebela to out camp with
communication! to prominent sympathisers In Philadelphia. To wblcb aide
lo you belong?"
"Bow can 1,-wbo believe that those
who uae the sword are sinners, belong
to either aide?"
"Well, I shall return thli afternoon
and, io far aa onr paths lie together,
prould like yonr company."
Jnnewsy accepted tbe offer, since he
coal* not well decHro wltbont exciting
suspicion. Od tbe way tbe trooper wbo
was garrulous bad much to tay about
tho number of communications be bad
Intercepted between tbe rebels of New
Tork and New Jersey and their fellow
rebels In Philadelphia. When tbey
reached tbe outskirts Of Philadelphia
Janeway told blm at a fork of the road
that he must bid blm gaodby, since tbe
way to bis home In Maryland lay to
tha southwest. The trooper asked why
be did not go Into Philadelphia, sleep
and go on from^bero In tho morning.
Janeway replied tbat he bad so many
relatives In Philadelphia that If one of
tbem beard be bad been there aod bad
not been to see blm It would give offense. The trooper nrged tbat, entering In the evening und going out early
In tbe morning, none of tbem would
know of his presence.
Then a hold plan entered Janeway's
bead. The trooper could gain blm an
easy access to the city, and, instead ot,
circling round to enter from the south
In order to get rid of the man, be decided to go In witb him. So he consented with apparent reluctance, Baying that ho bad Intended to accept tbe
hospitality for tbe night of aome farmer friend, whereas tn the city he must
be put to the expense of an inn.
When they reached the Biitlsb
guards they hailed the trooper: "Hello,
Connors!   Back again?"
"Yes; I've ended n long scout nad
have learned some things of tlie rebels.
I bave a youug collegian wltb ine, a fellow traveler."
"He'll have to see the officer of the
guard to gain admittance."
■'All rlgbt.  Call him."
The officer was called. Connors took
blm aside, and after a brief conversation Janeway wns suffered to ride In
wltb him.
"But how am I to get out lu the
morning?" be nsked.
"Oh, you'll have to see me about
that," replied the scout "General Howe
Is mighty particular about persons
leaving the city. They're liable to carry Information to the rebels."
So Janeway Inquired wbere bo could '
find bis friend, not tbat he desired hla I
assistance, but to keep his confidence.
Once bavlng got bis dispatch in the
city, he bad only himself to get out ot
lt  Bidding his friend good night, tell- \
Ing btm that be would need him on the
morrow, Instead of going to an inn ho.
rode Into the stable of tbe mau to'
whom be bore the message.   Tben, '
having removed the dispatch from Its :
hiding place, going to the front door,
he knocked and told the colored servant wbo admitted blm to say to bis
master tbat a atudent of the College of |
New Jersey wished to see btm.  Wben j
the two men were alone together Jane-1
way producd Washington's appeal for
the prominent patriots of Philadelphia
to atand fast for Independence.
At 8 o'clock In the morning a British
picket on the outskirts of the city
guarding tbe road to Trenton, bearing
a horse coming toward hit/, from the
rear, supposed that an Inspecting officer making Ibe rounds was about to
visit him. Be stood at attention, ready
to bring bis musket to a position ot
salute. Tbe horseman rode past blm
without stopping.
"Haiti"  .
Tbe aentry bad no sooner tillered the
word tban be brought bla piece up to
bis shoulder and wben tbe stranger
changed bis bone's gait from a trot to
a gallop flred after blm.   Janeway,
who bad chosen this means of leaving <
Philadelphia, was crouched down on l
bis bone's neck, and the bullet cut i
a silt In the back of bis coat   Hear-1
ing tbe shot,  tho guard  sprang  to i
arms, tbougb, being composed of In- ;
fantry, they were unable to follow the
man who had passed out   But cavalry
were at band, and a sergeant, getting
together balf a dozen mounted men,
gave cbaae.
Janeway,  wbo knew he would be
followed, listened for tbe clatter of
horses'  hoofs.    He  could  bave  dis-
mounted and bid In tbe wood beside '■
tbe road, bnt bis horso would have ,
given away  his locality.    He deter-1
mln<Bd, therefore, to mn the rare, trust- \
Ing to tb'e animal's ability to outstrip |
bis pursuers.   He bnd at least an hour -
till dawn  before he could  be seen
nnd hoped by that time to havo out- I
iltstsnced   tbem.     Unfortunately   for ]
blm, be hnd strained bis mount on bis
way south and soon discovered that he
was unable to do any fleet work.   It
looked as though ho would be cop I
lured, and If so his Identity ss a sol j
dler In Ihe Continental army would bo
established, and, having been in tho
disguise of a collegian within tbe enemy's lines, he would be banged as a
The sounds In rear were drawing
nearer, while In the east was a faint
streak Indicating tbe coming dawn.
Within less than half an hour be J
would be aeen. no was reluctantly
coming to tbo expedient of abandoning
his horse and taking to tbe woods j
wben be saw before him a wooden
bridge beyond whicli Ihe rood made a
turn beblnd a thicket. A subterfuge
flashed Into bis brain. Riding over
the bridge, his horse's hoofs resounded
on the boards.   But as soon as he bad
passed over it be turned the animal's
bead and rode down under It Tbere
bo watted, clinching his horse's nostrils so aa to prevent a whinny, and
In a few mtnntes beard tbe din of
hoofs over and within a few feet of
hla bead.
Be had now a good chance for his
life. Bis pursuers hnd undoubtedly
heard blm crossing tbe bridge, and Ihe
fact of tbelr not hearing footfalls
ahead, lf not accounted for by tbe softness ot the road, would be by tbe Intervening thicket However, bis pursuers would surely know at dawn that
he had eluded them and ho must
needs "make bay" while It was dark.
Bo bnd noticed a diverging road a
short distance in his rear nnd, riding
back, entered lt. Uy sunrise he was
hidden ln tbo bnymow of a patriot
farmer, whllo his borse wns nibbling
grain In a manger below. Two days
Inter ho rode up to th/a Morristown
Iffeidquarters and wns Introduced Into
General Washington's offices.
"Well?" nsked thp general quickly.
"I delivered your dispatch, general,
and received a verbal reply. 1 wns
told, to any to your excellency that tbe
patriots of Philadelphia would meet
the offers of British bribes with the
words of General Reed, >1 am not
worth purchasing: hut. sucb as I nm,
the king of Great Britain is not rich
enough to buv me.'"
Chief ot Boy Braves—Be sure to
scalp Aunt Matilda lirst. 1 know she
will be tbo easiest for 1 saw her putting on ber hair tills evening.—London
Inside Story of the Postal System Is
A pere-ai depositing in a city letterbox or in a country postoffice, where
is also goes to buy his groceries, a
letter to which lie has sflixed a two-
cent postage stamp, feels that he has
amply, even generously recompensed
the Government for tlie service lie
has called upon tliem to perform with
respect to that letter, which may be
crried to the next village, ten miles
away, or to some police post within
the Arctic Circle, or delivered at the
obscure street in a congested district of London. For that service the
sender of the letter pays two cents—
a sum too small to pay his faro for
one mile on a railway journey.
It is a small charge far a service
that the individual coultl not perform
for himself without an outlay, in many
rases, of hundreds of dollars; and yet
it is sufficient, for it enables the Government to perforin the service at a
Last year our Postoffice Department
was in receipt of a revenue of a littlo
more than twelve million dollars, of
which ten and a half millions cams
from the sale of postage stamps and
postcards. From this gross revenue
certain deductions have to bc made—
discounts to stamp vendors, losses by
fire, etc., amounting to three million
dollars, leaving a net revenue of
$0,140,052, which exceeded expenditure
by $1,102,720.
The sender of tlie letter, who feel.
that he has paid his way when he has
affixed his two-cent stamp, is quite
In examining tho details of payments for mail transportation over
stage routes, one is often surprised at
the smallness of the remuneration, as
a few instances taken at random from
the statement will show.
For instance, thi distance between
Bay Fortune nntl Souria East. Prince
Edward Island is ten and a half miles.
Tlie mail-carrier lias to make three
round trips a week, for which lie is
paid $110 a year. Thst mail-carrier
travels 03 miles a week, or 3,276 miles
a year ior $110. He must either like
riding, or he must supplement the Income received from tlio Government
Ity carrying freight and passengers.
From Balrasville to Boscohsvllle, New
Brunswick, the distance is nine and
a hull miles; the mail is carried between the two places three times a
week, and tlie mall-oarrler is paid
$112 a year. In tlio Victoria postal
division, Hritish Columbia, the Gran-
tl.tin — Sandwich stage route is live
and a half miles long — eleven miles
in tlie round trip. Two trips are
made each week and the yearly remuneration $110. And there are scores,
even htiiidrods of similar cases. These
contracts for mail carrying are award-
sd to the lowest tenderers. Tho carriers are being paid the prices fixed
iiy themselves, out how those prices
can remunerate the carriers they only
The record of the dead letter branch
Is always Interesting, showing how
successfully the officials overcome the
mistakes of many persons using the
mails, and nlso giving an insight ie.
to thousands of letters nnd parcels,
and enabling one to see what .edd
things tlie mails are called upon to
Many of the pieces ol dead mall had
curious contents. Money, receipts,
bills, notes, deeds, contracts — these
and other Uke tilings were to be expected, but not so baby's bibs of
which there were half a dozen, a bill
nf divorce, three butterflies, almost
three hundred pieces of cake, or four
corn-cobs. One hundred and seventy-
two certificates wero found — certificates of birth, marriage, death, of
character, etc. Among the finds was
one set of foxears, oho mince pie,
three plum pudding.., live Teddy bears
ono tomato, one piece of venison, two
Wig., seven wills, and so forth.
A Platter ef Scrambled Eggs ani *
Chelce ef Hotels.
Dick Mitchell went out ahead of a
show some weeks ago, and tbat show
seems to have been routed by some
one whose passion was for discovery
rather tban for gate receipts. According to Mr. Mitchell's friends, the music
in most of the theaters was furnished
by a man with a harmonica. Once Mr.
Mitchell told the local manager that bo
wanted an augmented orchestra that
night "I got yuh, bo," Bald that official. "The stage hnnd Is a swell player
on the jewsbarp."
But tbe worst of it, from Mr. Mitchell's point of view, has been'the food
that he has encountered In the one
horse hotels. On one occasion he ordered scrambled eggs. Wben tbe waiter brought them on be slammed the
plate down proudly la front of the sufferer. "There you are, mister," said
he. "Tell me lt them eggs ain't all
Mr. Mitchell glanced at (he plate.
"The eggs," said he, "look all right
But when did your cook first notice
that sbe was losing ber hair?"
One morning Mr. Mitchell met a
friend at breakfast The friend was
frightfully Irritated by the quality of
the service at the hotel. "Tbls is awful, Dick," said be. "I wonder If there
Is another hotel ln town?" '
"Yep," said Mitchell. "I've Just left
It."-Cincinnati Times-Star.
[ From Horso to Hen.
James Mark had tbe misfortune to
lose a Une borse last week. We bad
a horse tbnt wns not doing well, so
one dny last week we were at the
store and told Jim Mgrk about lt, aud
he said, "Here, take this package of
condition powders back wltb yon, and
tbat will fix blm all right" 'So we
gave It to tho horse, and tben we fixed him a bed of straw.
When we went to see the borse next
morning be wns acting awful queer.
So we went up to tbe store and told
Jim about It, nnd when we went to
leave Jim said: "Hold on. 1 am going
wltb yon. and maybe 1 cnn tell what
Is the matter with your borse." Wben
we got to tbe barn and opened the
door we saw the borse sitting down
on bis bed of straw. Jim looked at
blm and tben said, "Say, where is
that package 1 gave you?" We got It
tor him, and bo looked at It and exclaimed: "Great beavens, mnn! Ibave
made a mistake and glren you poultry
food! Tour horse has gone to setting!"—Burllngtou Republican.
Tommy Knew Better.
Mr. A., wbo was planning to build
an outdoor sleeping porch nt the back
of bis bouse, had sn expensive new
sow sent home from a hardware store.
He left bis office early tbe neit afternoon with the Intention of getting the
porch well under wsy before dinner,
•nd ns he wns very mucb Interested
In doing tbe work himself, he donned
a pair of overalls and went nt It In
good spirits. An hour or so later he
came tramping Into tho bouse, his face
durk wltb exasperation, and flung himself down In disgust
"That new saw 1 bought Isn't worth
B cents," be stormed. "Why, the thing
Won't cut butter!"
His small son, Tommy, looked np In
wide eyed surprise.
"Ob. yes. It wonld, daddy," be said
earnestly. "Why, Ted and 1 sawed a
whole brick tn Iwo wltb It just this
Horning!"—Harper's Magazine.
Cheerful Outlook.
Tbe dear oM lndy was chatting amiably wltb the Innocent little elevator
hoy as tbe elevator rattled upward.
"Dou't you tind tbls work monotonous?" sbe asked.
"Ob, no, mum!" eame tbe reply
brightly. "Sometimes It's quite exciting. Ouly yesterday a man started to
get out too soon und got bis bend
cracked, and last week the engine
broke down and everybody 'cept me
was nearly killed. And now this 'ere
rope looks si».t o' weak. I shouldn't
wonder If It broke any time. And Ihe
engineer's away III today and a amateur's on bis Job. An' that makes
things Inleicsttn T'-Ncw York Mali.
I hold lhat ho who builds Iha flies
Is rosily quite a hero,
For lis no jolts to leave tha quilts
And shiver whllo you don your kllla
When It li down to sorOa
—Spokane 8poHeainan-nevle.r,
"But I'vo heard that you've proposed
to thrco otber girls this month."
"1-er-er-wns merely rehearsing for
my proposal to you."—New Orleans
"WIHJubs Is a clever fellow, but f
fear be bas neuropathic symptoms. He
bas obsessions, don't you kuow. His
wife Is loving and faithful, but he's always afraid that sbe Is ou tbe point
of leaving him." "I know, but that's
natural. You see. he married his
cook."-Cleveland Plain Denier.
Cutaway Coats Approved
by Best French Tailors.
There fs something essentially
French and chic in this gay little cutaway coat, wblcb Is part of a Drecoll
•nit built for a spring bride. Tbe suit
Is of tan cloth, wltb a band of black
ottoman silk on tbo square collar and
buttons ot black jet with pearl centers. The hoots and gleves arc champagne color, the boots being In new
gaiter top style, with uppers of tan
clotb, bavlng flat white bnttons.
Wielding the Broom.
It Is not an easy matter to sweep
well, at any rate, If one judges by ex*
periencc, for wben a broom Is put Intu
tbe hands of tho Inexperienced more
harm tban good generally results from
the use of It
Light sweeping and soft brooms nre
desirable. Many n carpet Is prematurely worn out by careless sweeping.
In sweeping thick piled carpets always brush the way of tbe pile. By
doing so It may he kept clean foe
years. But lf the broom Is used In a
different way the dust will enter the
carpet and soon destroy It.
If tbe carpet covers tbe whole floor
of the room aod It Is nailed down,
place tbe chairs snd otber articles of
furniture wblcb can be easily moved
In tho middle of the room, pin up tba
curtains and cover tbe coucb with nn
old sheet
Pieces of damp paper may be sprinkled around tbe sides of tbe room, and
then sweep with a carpet broom toward one place.
Take short strokes, being careful not
to raise tbo broom much. Sweep tbe
corners and edges wllb a small whisk-
Always think twice before you ipeafc.
Oh, Ihouxhltosa Thomas,
And they will never hava you up
For breach of premise!
Spoiling Reform.
William II. Maxwell, superintendent
of the New York city public scliuuls,
gives this Illustration or tho complexity of English orthography: "The
sound of long o Is represented In thirteen different s|ielllUKS~so, boat, roe,
ob, door, soul, I hough, low, owe, yeoman, sew, liniilbuy, beau." He urges
colleges and universities to unite In reforming onr spelling. Hut any cbange
must lie popularized, aud lo tbls end
tbls suggestion hss been made: Get
tbo newspapers nud mngnzlnos to ngree
to adopt a simpler spelling of, sny,
twenty-live words on Jon. 1, MIS;
twenty-live more on Jan. I, ISM, and
•o on, tbo pledge not to be binding
unless a majority Is secured.
The Monkey Fsmlly.
In tbe monkey fsmlly the orantutaa
ind tbe bylonates nre rlgbt banned,
while the gorillas and tbe chiuipaniee
sre left banded
Wife-Did you post that, letter 1
gave you?
Hubby-Yes, dear; I rnrrled It In my,
hand so I couldn't forget It, and f
dropped It 111 lho lirst box. I remember, because—
Wife-There, denr, thot will do. I
didn't give you any letter to p*jsb. Iiii.   SUN.. GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,    dentist,    Morrison
block.  ' Phone R 39.
Mrs. Orville Archer and son Robert, who have been visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gowland during the past three weeks,
will return ' to their borne in Spokane tomorrow morning.
The hotels were bo crowded last
Saturday night thnt the son of the
proprietor of one of the leading
houses was compelled to sleep in the
bath-f'oom, He left a note to be
culled early, in order to be up before nny one turned the water on
J. lfitzhllgh, of Vancouver, has
succeeded H. Kirk as manager of
the telephone company ill Greenwood.
A point about half-way b. tween
the Canadian Pacific railway bridge
and Ihe mouth of Christiua creek
hns been chosen as the location of
the dam for the purpose of raising
the' water in Christina creek so that
boats may sail Irom the lake to Cascade.
A government road force is working about three unlet, west of Kholt.
Surveyors are nt work locating the
wagon bridge over the Kettle river
between Cascade and Christina lake.
Mrs !.. E. Spntilding, of Fife, intends to open a confectionery store
and bakery at Carmi.
II P. l'etrie, the stationer, left on
Monday for a business trip to Spokane. /
At tbe annuiil meeting pf the
Greenwood Conservative association
the following ollicers were elected:
President, E. G. Wairen; vice
president, II. VV, Parmer; secretary-
treasurer, N. McLeod. An executive
cimniittee consisting of twenty-two
inemheta was also selected.
FOR SALE CHEAP-One-acre Tract
Lake Front, adjoining Phoenix Club
property, Christina Lake. .Apply
tn VV, A   Williams,
IC, E. Gll'snx.
A. K. Brewer, who is installing a
ciirri-iit motor irrigation plant nt
Gartni, was in the idty on Tuesday.
He stated that Cnrmi is n very busy
place nt present, ns there are several
railway camps in that vicinity.
Homes for Sale—Apply E. Barron, West End.
John McKie, proprietor of lhe
Houndnry Iron Works, returned lust
week from Hiilcymi, where hi* bus
been spending a month nr two for
the iii'iiitiM-iit nl flieiiiiialisni He
is now in exi.'1'lli'iit health.
One of Edison's Triumphs'
A New York dispatch, dated May
4, says that Thomas A. Edison lias
accomplished the greatest triumph of
his career. He has perfected a
method of separating paying elements
of ores that will mean hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year in the productive wealth of the country.
The inventor is not at this time
prepared to give out the details of his
new method, but it is learned that a
plant that required #200,000 a year
to operate can be carried on by the
new Edison method for #50,000.
The object of this method is to do
away with the term "low grade" ore.
With the new system valuable metal
can be extracted from all ores. The
machinery is said to he so simple that
a child can operate it.
Those closely associated with the
inventor declare he believes nis new
invention is the most valuable he has
given to mankind.
Bank Swindle
The Port Alberni News is after the
scalp of the Dominion Stock and
Bond Corporation, of Vanoouver, of
which tfon. Price Ellison is the president, if the corporation's stationery is
genuine. The News flatly accuses
the coinpany of wilful misrepresentation in the sale of lands in the neigh-
horhood-of Port Alberni. Following
are some extracts from the current
issue of the paper:
"Altogether the Dominion Stock
and Bond Corporation's 'Alberni'
proposition is as rank a swindle as
was ever perpetrated iu this district.
"The corporation's folder says it is
'an investment tbut will have no
repetition.' lt is to be hoped that it
will not. But it would seem that the
bost way to stop repetitions of suclt
opportunities would be to put some of
tlie people who offer -them where they
ought to be—in jail,
"L. L. Matthews, of Greenwood,
who represents the alleged swindlers
in that city, arrived in Alberni ou
Friday last, and spent u few days
looking over the property he hnd been
'*'1 had my doubts abuut it and
came to see,'said Mr. Matthews to
the Port Alberni News. 'I now mean
tn take action to compel the Dominion
Stuck and lionil Corporation to refund all money they have obtained
through my agency. The sale is a
swindle, and hat been conducted oil
outrageous misrepresentations, I have
nothing more to do with it, and em
phutioally denounce it' "
Leslie's Weekly complains because
it took only three hours to put appro
priationsof 820,000,0110 fur harbor
and other public improvements
through the United States house of
representatives, U in phi Come west,
young man! Como west! Cohie to
Victoria, where vye npprogriato HO,-
000,000 in  fifty  minutes, -Viotorio
Ti mi's
Tnkf J'liltr ri'|inirs to Ariiifliiii's ytm ,.„„ |ml|,e „ myBtei'y out nl
I la a,,i and Slim' Hospital, Bridge anything that happens after 12 o'clouk
Street, Grand Forks. ,„ ,,,.,1,,
Tbe High'  Rev, Henry  Du l'en*
,.i„r, i„id bishop nf ihe di w ni Dr. de Van's Female Pills
,i., ,,t ,. ArslnbloI'rancttregulatorinovor(alls. Tlim
St-w \\ fstllllnsiiT, belli  ;i i'nitl1r«i'|fl  rallla are oxcoodlnglv u.iwortul l,t regulatlnatlii
-■■a.- ltl..-l-aai-i|a. »•-Icill     K«I||H
  —tltt Vutt'a ate Baalal tat
taft . lanx. OF llit'-aa I ar till.    Maa.la.--I a.a auay nalalteflfl.
Tho Staolwll lla-tia.' Co., St. <'__.lM.flnea. Out
,,,.„. , t     Jiain-t.anv.. la aftlaatl ail tin: i-."'iila'fl'-lcm     10:1
t  a-.-IMi'.-  Ill   ll'alv    llllillv    I'lllll'l'h    J|| cla.Mli hllllllllaillS.    Ilr.   '
flK . !....     ... tl...... I .r till       I
I ist Sim • I iv niorni'iif.
Suits to Order &18 Upward
' Wc nro agents Inr sonic uf this leading tailoring estab-
r,.sliiiii*iits in tin* enst. Wha ii yuu order tVoin us you have
the iidvantagUaof being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect tit. We guarantee satiiao'tfon.
' Onr 8j4i*ing stock of Scotch Tweeds antl English Worsteds will In* in shortly. They are tlie best you can buy.
We guarantee yuu the best made clothes in the country
ni the Lowest prices. We.always have men that know
their busbies making those clothesN Call and see our
goods ami prices. We want yonr trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E.~ Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe tbat they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ Tbe Sun.
Don't forget that The Sim hits the
best job printing depaimnent in the
Boundary country.
Shbw cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine. Applv J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
S. T.  HULL. DlHUtl
\2 Months in New  York
6 Montha in  Boston
8 Months in Chicago
Synopsis of the  Play
AC IM—Lawn at the Court at Manetsley Tower, England.
ACT 11—The Long Horn Saloon, Green River, Wyo.
ACT III—Jim Carston's Hunch, Wyo.
.  . ACT IV—Same as Act III.
PRICES:   -     $1.00   AND   50C
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JKU Columbia p. o.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
W'e have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
pctent workmen, nnd curry a complete
line of Stationery.
Hillhi .ids nml Statements,
letterheads ami Envelopes,
Piwtere, Diitcs uml Dodgers,
Business nnd Visiting Cards.
Lodge Constitutions nnd By-laws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Plocnrds,
Rills  nf   Fare nntl   Menu   Cards,
Announcements   mul Counter
I'mis.   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in nn
rp-ttiiinii* Printery,
-the kind we do—in in itself
an advertisement, untl a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workman-
ship are of the liest. Let US estimate 6n vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction,
Sip Sam print Stop
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   S Clayton,  Props.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A (.ompi.rtk Stock 6v
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frt-Bli ('iuinit,*.in.i'.it of
Kaviaiva.il Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
K&sor Honing a Speoialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Grandy Hotki.,
First StrRKT.
..__ Mark*
Anyone rending a eketeh and daaortptkin ma?
aalci_.IT afcertaln our opinion tree wlaetlttar au
Invention la probably taatentiibtaConiinuiilcn-
lli.naMitollirivanMatallail. HAN0B00K on I'attuta
tent free. Olale« atreticy for aecuntilPUenu.
Patent! taken ttriiuiah iiunn so. noalra
qvclolnollu, without wn lata*
Scientific American.
A hanmomelj Uluitratcad weekly.  Lamest olr-
Slatlon of auy aelentlflo journal,   'i'ertna lor
nnala. W..5 a faar. pottage prepalal.   Bold by
». kt) r BU Wasblnt. I on, D. C.
Reaching the People
A prominent real estate dealer
In Toronto eeye that he gate
hotter and qulokor roaulto from
tho CloMlflod Went Ado, then
from ony other kind of publicity.
Ho stotoo that tho roaulto oro
out of proportion to tho emell
expanse Involved.
There lo o morol In thot for you
If you wont to roooh tho people.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are tho onlv
otlice in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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