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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 8, 1913

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.. wmAim
_.. w
Kettle Valley Orchard st
$1.00 PER YEAR
Wester^ Irrigation Congress
.Recommends Alfalfe for
Irrigation and alfalfa formed tbe
prioctpa. theme of tba afternoon
eeeeion of tbe irrigation convention
in Lethbridge on   Wednesday.   W.
H. Fairfield, director of tbe experimental farm, epoke of tbe  success
whioh attended the growth  ol the
plant in that part of the  province,
•nd gave as  big belief  tbat within
•  short  time 40 lo 50 per cent oi
the land noder irrigation in tbe district would be growing alfalfa,   lhe
great advantage to land oo   which
alfalfa is grown w tbat it adds au essential asset in tbe rotation of crops,
tbe yield being 60 to 100 per  cent
In support of tbis statement  it  il
said tbat io the  experimental  station last year potatoes planted  on
alfalfa soild yielded "5 bushels  per
•ore.   Spring wheat .tbat followed
yielded 69 bushels per acre.
Joseph T, Hinkle, secretary of
tbe Oregon Irrigation association)
himself an alfalfa grower, gave hie
experience as to tbe value of alfalfa
cultivation. He considered that tbe
railways ihould belp tbe alfalfa
termer* of Southern Alberta in creating and finding wider markets for
mutual benefit. Speaking of colonisation, tlr. Hinkle urged tbe re
sponsibilities of conducting colonisation schemes. He pictured whet
wbat northwestern Canada might
become—an empire within an empire—to be made possible by the
thickly settled communities whioh
irrigation would bring in its train.
He laid tbe onus on railways and
land colonizers to stay witb ths
colonist until he made a success of
his venture, and not to be content
witb merely selling land.
in southern Britian Columbia is true
it would undoubtedly be  tetter tor
them  botb  socially and morally if
they bad ra few clergymen  among
them. As to tbe boarding of money
tq  wbich  Mr. Veregin   confesses,
wbile everyone admits tbat thrift ls
• virtue, it can he carried too  far,
just se prodigality can, and we are
of opinion tbat we ebould not  encourage large numbers of people wbo
keep  to themselves in this way to
settle among us    Apart altogether
from the manifest evils of having a
separate end alien community growing op io the provincr.their peculiar
views on money must have  R   seriously disturbing financial effect on
the districts which are so unfortunate ss to be situated   near  tbem.
Granting  tbe  Doukhobors to lead
simple lives, to be healthy and  to
agree among themselves, Mr. Vere-
gin's article all the more  strongly
bears  out  the contention of tbose
wbo have studied their social condi
tions, tbat unless steps  nre taken to
compel them to conform to the laws
and customs of tbe country in wbicb
they   live, they will yet   become   a
grave  menace to   tb.e state.—Vancouver Sun.
Metropolitan   Store Starts
Business in Commodious Quarters
Miller & Gardner celebrated the
last Wednesday half-holiday hy
moving their stock into their new
store in the Bonthron McKie block.
They now have one of the handsomest stores in the province, It is
47x90 feet in size, with a balcony
•round two sides, and it is well
filled with a carefully selected stook
of furniture, crockery aod hardware.
Thjs firm bas made great strides
during tbe past few years toward
metropolitan droportions, and if it
continues to expand at the same
ratio in the future it will soon bave
to double its quarters. Those wbo
desire to see an up-to-date city
store should not fail to visit this establishment.
A movement is under way to organise a fife and drum corps in 'bis
city.   Boys between tbe ages of 12
and   16    years   wbo   desire    to j 	
join are requested to register their'
names at W tn. Dinsmore'a shoe shop (Jran(J   Fork8    Agricultural
in the West end. I      .        , ,,     _    . .       ,
  Association Receives An
R. A. Brown, of Volcanic, has ■
has a large crew at work getting out
poles for the Western ..umber b\
Pole company.
Misses Marjorie and Joyce Barlee
left on Monday to spend tbeir vacations wttb relatives in tbe Okanagan
country. Tbe former will visit
Aramuta, wbile tbe latter will spent
her time with friends io Kelowna.
Ten milk factories are to be i
tablished in British Columbia for
the treating of lacteal fluid by a
process wbicb will keep it for years.
Tbe first carload of cement from
tbe British Columbia Portland Ce
meat company's plant at East
Princeton was shipped to Nelson
last week.
Tbe secretary of the Grand Forks
Agricultural association oo Wednesday received a cheque from Victoria for the grant in aid of tbe annual fall fair. Tbis year tbe amount
of the grant ia 1800. Preparations
ior the fair next month are steadily
being advanced, and tbe indications
are tbat it wil lbe a greater success
this fall tban any fair heretofore
beld bere.
The Coal Case
A. E. Watts and F. H. Knight,
of tbe Boundary Mining & Exploration company, appeared before W.
B. Cochrane io Midway last Friday
and Saturday, .charged with five infractions of the coal mines aot. Mr.
Watte was fined S7&. and costs for
not notifying the governmenl with
in twenty-four hours that Tom Hen
derson had been burned in the coal
mine near Midway, and Knight was
fined f 36 and costs upon tbe same
count, For tbe other four ctprges
Watte wu fined II eacb without
costs, and they were withdrawn
against Knight. Mr. Watte bas
entered sn appeal against the 175
fine. A. M. Sboebotbam appeared
for the crown and A. S. Black for
tbe defendants.—Greenwood Ledge.
Twenty-one of the boy cadets
from tbe Grand Forks publio school
left for camp in Nelson on Monday,
Tbey traveled in a special car. A.
large crowd of** people witneesed
their departure. Tbose comprising
the company are: H. A. Glaspell,
commanding; H. Massie, A Heaven,
U. McCallum, C. McCallum, H.
Peterson, A. Peterson, R. Keron, A.
Munro, G. Lemaster, H. Bowen,
A. Symes, H. Benson, C. Krischke,
H. Fritz, 8. Donaldson, V.Forrester, D. Downey, R. Newbauer,
D. Farmer, T. Dempsey, T. Reburn.
The Doukhobor Menace
Peter Veregin, who hie been aptly
named tbe dictator of the Doukhobor colonies in Canada, bu an article in the New York Independent in
wbich be claims that bis people
bave solved the problem of a more
perfect civilisation than that of the
city. This claim, wbioh mnst seem
preposterous to wbo are familiar witb
tbe babits aud mnde of living of
these people, Mr. Veregin support!
by tbe statement tbat money hu
neither moral nor purchasing  value
Mountain Lion Will Resume
The report that operations at tbe
Mountain Lion will be resumed at
an eaily date bas been current
■bout the streets of Republic during
past few days, says tbe News-Miner.
It is said that the McLauran estate
is behind the proposed development
and operation of tbe property.
It is said that F. W. Bewley and
C. E. Morris, mining engineers connected wilh tbe San Poil I'oneolt-
dated company, bave been employed
by tbe McLauran representatives to
go over the mine and mill ot the
Mountain Lion witb a view  to  as-
Irving spinks, formerly employed
in tbe electrical department at the
Granby smelter, returned on Tuesday from California, wbere he bas
been living for the past four or five
years. His wife stopped off in Spokane to visit friends for a few days.
Mr. Spinks has accepted a position
in tbe West Kootenay Power &
Light company's substation at Pboenix.
Alex A. Anderson, pu blisher of
tbe Orient Jonrnal. will move bis
paper to Republic at any early date;
It is said the paper will be made the
organ of the Democratic party in
Ferry county.
Alex Robinson has taken an option on tbe Sally mine near Beaverdell for Victoria parties.
The last fever patient has been
discharged from the Greenwood
hospital, aod typhoid is now extinct
io that city.
Dr. Kingston is spending bis vacation in the coast cities.
H. C. Cummings will succeed
Norman McLeod as eleoirician for
tbe Greenwood city waterworks
after September 1.
within the Doukhobor communities..       ...        .    .       ,       ...
Any  sum.  received by individual '"rta.n.ng the cost  of  making;th.
members from tbe outside, he says,
•re turned iulo tbe communal treas.
ury,   and -while  tbe  colonies sell
Hansen A Peterson, who have a
contract to baul four carloads of ore
from Louis Johnson's Union claim,
in Franklin camp, tn Lynch creek,
sent a team and crew up the river
on Wednesday to commence work
on the contract.
W. E. Brandenburg was drowned
in tbe creek near Anaconda, B. C.,
on Saturday night. He wu a cook
and about thirty years of age. His
psrenjs reside at Red River, New
The meeting of the Grand Forks
Agricultural association on Wednes
day night was poorly attended and
very little business was transacted.
A special meeting was called for
Friday evening.
The Greenwood fire brigade   has
elected    the    following    officers;
mill up to dste for the treatment of
tbe cyanide process, and to estimate
the volume of milling ore  already
ur,,   mm* -mm*,-   .-   ....-...-...., Th j , i rresmeoi, o.  otoreij vice prep.aem,
their produce * °ute.de* *••'!,£,, tDd torm„S to 0,uw. •»* * Goodeve; secretary, R. Hal-
whole living is practioally   provided, {J™^ j crow; chief, W. O. Pond; first assist-
Ore at ibe Mountain Lion is* not! »** W* E*   McArthur; second ss-
of  ■  particularly  high grade, but j •taWnt- °- clerfj	
tbat tbe tonnage of good milling ore |
that  has  been   blocked out is suf- j     'he pMp,fi wfl° went ,0  the tent
ficientlv Urge to justify tbe remodeling ot the mill and tbe resumption
of operations at the mine is said to
be  the embodiment  of tbe report
sent to the owners.
Money Value of a Woodpecker
Prof. W. T. Hornaday, director
of the New York zoological park,
says that if birds were u numerous
today as tbey were sixty years ago, it
would mean a saving ot many million dollars to American farmers.
The slaughter of migratory birds is
surely followed hy the increase of
destructive insects. Among tbe best
of the farmer's bird friends are the
woodpeckers, especially the red
headed members of the species.
In proof, one careful observer
says: "A pair of tbem nested in a
dead   cottonwood   Iree   near    my
from tbeir own lands. Tbey hsve,
says Mr, Veregin, no alcoholic
drinks, no drug stores, -oo doctors,
no lawyers and no clergymen.
Some of these things are advantages, no doubt, but the benefit derived from others of tbem is very
questionable. The Doukhobor communities may congratulate themselves that they bave no alcoholic
drinks; they should rejoice if they
are able to do without lawyers, doctors ind drug stores, but if * "the
of the charges made regarding the
condition of tbe Doukhobor settlers
Sam Elmgren,  after working in
President, 8. Store;; vice president,; „„„,„.„ oroh|ird „ne yeir,   0ne diy
I watched tbem through a pair of
opera glasses. Tbe young birds
were about half grown. Tbe parents
made ninety-six tripe in one hour,
eacb time with a worm. It is safe
tn say that they saved ninety six
apples in lhat hour—a box worth,
say, one dollar. If the birds worked
ten hours a day, they were worth
ten dollars to my unole, or, in tbe
tbree weeks tbe birds were in tbe
n«it. $210. Can a farmer afford to
Experimental Farms
For more than a quarter of a century tbe Dominion experimental
farms bave been carrying on experiments to find out tbe best kind
of crops and animals and tbe-best
way of handling tbem for profit.
Tbis bu been going on not only at
tbe Central farm at Ottawa, but also
in the maritime provinces, tbe prairie provinces and in British Columbia. Tbe benefits tbat bave resulted
to the Canadian farmer from this
work are undoubtedly -jyry great,
but still thousands qt aarneit men
are not receiving the* Tut! "advantage
of what is being done for tbem.
Perhaps many do not receive the
reports and bulletins containing tbe
information, wbile others receive
tbese publications regularly, but do
not And the time to study out the
lessons from them. In order to help
especially this class of busy men
and women there has been issued by
direction of the minister of agriculture, a speciai bulletin containing
tbe outstanding conclusions tbat
bave been reached during tbe
twenty years that tbe experimental
farms were under the directorship
of Dr, W*n. Saunders, recently re-
This review, wbich bas been prepared by J. B. Spencer, B.S.A . editor of the publications branch, tells
of lessons tbst bave been learned
concerning fertilizers, cereals, fodder
crops, farm field work, live stock,
horticulture, arboriculture, chemistry, poultry, weeds and plant pests.
In addition, msny of tbe recent developments of the farms system are
enumerated. It is shown that uot
only have tbe farms snd station been
increased in recent years to fourteen,
but great advancement is being
made in all of the older farms. This
review, wbicb is tastefully goiten
up, has been issued for tree distribution by the publications . branch of
the department of agriculture at Ottawa.
'show on Monday night saw the
. rest of the performance on the bill-
, boards Tuesday morning. This ap-
■ years to bave been oneot those cases
, where there is a vast difference in
the morning.
i woodpecker?"
A girl isn't apt to get so mad at   a
Mr. and Mre, Robert Lawson and
Pboenix for sixteeen years, hu gone Mr.  and   Mrs. Brinkman relurned
back to Sweden, bought a farm and this week from an automobile .tour yonng man that she will refuse tickets I
settled down. through the Okanagan country. to grand opera from him.
Tbe following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during tbe put week, u re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. V. Laws' ranch:
.Wt«.      Mm:.
Aug.   1—Friday  63 »5
2-8aturday .... 59 1)4
3—Sunday,  S*> "•'*
4—Monday  56 89
5—Tuesday 57 88
6-Wednesday .. 55 84
7 -Thursday  64 84 i
When at the Exhibition, be sure to call at our Office. We want to
show you the wonderful development which Is taking place ln our City,
which we feel.confident will have a population of 1,000,000 People within the next quarter of a Century, and Immense fortunes will be made
by present day Investors. We want you you to Inspect Klnloeh Place
Lots, clost to Main Street, $200.   *X0 cash and $10 per month.
CP.R. Traneqona r'-iere the greatest development ever Is taking
place. Lots f_75 up; easy terms. List your Farm, with us, for Sale
or __.xclii.nge.
Agents wanted at all Points.
SCOTT,   HILL   &   CO.,
22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Perforated Coins
Perforated coins were never in favor In the United States, though various efforts were made to popularise
them. The first United States coin
with a perforated centre was a gold
dollar Issued In 1849, which had a
square hole In tie midJle of the plan-
chet. It was the forerunner of the
gold dollar Issued by the United
States Mint in 1849. The coin wt.s
engraved, not struck from dies. The
ner.t United States coin with a perforated centre was issued from the
Philadelphia Mint In 1850 and was of
Ihe denomination of one cei,;. It
vas about the size ot the bronze cent
row in use. At that time the large
ild-fashloned. copper cent was in gen-
erl circulation and the perforated coin
received the asm. of 'ring cent.' The
designer reasoned that by means of
the perforation the cent could be
distinguished by touch from\tho dime.
Another perforated cent issued the
same year showed two rings in the
field, with the words: Cent, One-tenth
Silver. The reverse showed an olive
wreath around the perforation, and
the words, United States of America.
The Mint authorities undertook ito
design a coin that would answer all
requirements aud the pieces were
struck with both pierced and perfect
centres in silver, copper, nickel, and
composition metal, six varieties in all,
without counting the various meals,
but none of the designs was favored
by the government authorities., and
consequently they were never put In
general circulation.
The only gold half-dollar ever produced at the United States Mint was
struck In 1852. It had a perforation
in the centre, and the obverse showed a wavy circle around the perforation, with the inscription: United
States of America, around the border. The reverse was blank. The
'.oln was exactly half the weight of
the dollar. Regardless of the generally accepted Idea, the gold fifty-
cent pieces with which the public is
familiar were not an Issue ot the
United States, but were manufactured
by California Jewellers. There has
not been any ..ttempt to introduce the
perforated coin ln the .United States
sines 1884. ln that year two pieces
of the denominations of one and five
cents were issued at tl^ Philadelphia
Waste of Coal
Twenty times as much coal is now
taken from the mines of the United
States as was taken in 1850. It ls
estimated that i.t the present rate of
consumption all the coal will be goi.e
In 2050.
Most of the coal is wasted. For
every ton of anthracite, a ton and. a
half nre wasted In mining; for every
ton of bituminous coal, half a ton ls
wasted. Thousands of tons of slaok
and culm are burned to free the mines
from obstruction. This could be
made Into briquettes with coal tar and
Eight per cent of the coal us-ed In
manufacturing districts goes up in
smoke. The smoke Injures health,
damages clothing clothing, buildings
and vegetation, and the annual loss
trom this source is estimated at (500,-
000,000. '
But there ls more waste than this.
It is estimated that with the best firing in use, only 16 per cent of. the
heat units of .coal are developed Into
power. There ls still greater loss
in producing light. Not one per cent
of the energy of coal Is used In producing electric light.
These facts ate given In an article
In the New York Independence, by
Mr. Chapln, instructor In economics
and sclology in Smith college. They
are, no doubt, continually present to
the scientific mind, and It is likely
that some day a more economic process of turning the heat of coal Into
power will be Invented.
On a tramcar. Come and dine with
me tonight, said Bounderby.
Sorry, replied his friend, but I'm going to tee Charley's Aunt.
That's ail right, old chap. The
more the merrier. Bring her with
Aviator—Yes, lt took me about six
months hard work learning to operate
this aeroplane.
Miss Sweetums—And what have you
got for your pains?
Aviator—Arnica. *
Pimpleson Legs and Arms. Scratched
tnd Made Sores. Kept from Sleeping, First Application of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Gave Great
Relief.  Cured In a Few Weeks.
lachlno Locks, Quebec.—"t had lteljln*
commencing with my legs snd Incrcwtnu
craituaUy until It reached all puts of my
body. There wen email
pimple* oajny log. and arms
and the tU* wu red ant Inflamed sll over the body and
Itched and burned so badly
that I scratched and mads
totes. It caiuod ma to
much pain that It kept ma
\ from Bleeping during entire
'nights. I waa troubled with
ll for about twftfctiH.
'■\*tSf Uvtiijf tried acver&l remedloa
without aucteu I used Cuticura Boap and
ointment and from the lint application I
felt a great relief. I continued tho treatment
taking warm baths with Cuticura Soap followed by the application of Cuticura Ointment, and at the end of a fow weeka tho
trouble had disappeared completely and I
- foi cured."   (Signed) K. C. Doulet, Mar
Fof red, rough, chapped and bleeding
banda, Itching, burning palms, thapelen
ualla and painful tlnger-cndi, a one-night
Cuticura treatment worka wondert. Soak
bandt, on retiring, In hot water and Cuticura
Soap,. Dry. anoint with Cutlcun. Ointment,
and wear old, looao gloves during the night.
Cuticura Hoop and Cuticura Ointment an
sokl throughout the world. Liberal -ample
*t each nailed Aee. with 32-p. Skin Book.
Addrcaa poet card Potter Drug A CS-st,
Corp., Dept, til), Boston, U. 8. A.
The late John H. Twachtnian, the
well-known landscape painter, was essentially an 'artists' artist, In that his
style appealed more to his colleagues
of the art world than to the lay pub-
lie. Anyone familiar with the man
and hla work would say tbat the following Incident which Is related of
him might easily.be true. A man
who had bought one of tbe artist's
paintings wished his opinion on tbe
hanging of the picture and Invited
htm to dine. Mr. Twachtman ex-
pressed his approval of the back-
ground, of the height at which the
canvas was hung, pronounced the
light favorable—Indeed, he said, there
was pnly one particular ln which he
would suggest any change.
And what ls that? inquired the host
Why, said the artist, I should hang
It the other side up.   I always hare.
A wealthy landowner ln England,
affected with tbe craze for Japanese
gardening, Invited the Japanese ambassador to luncheon, and afterwards
showed him round the gardens and
greenhouses, keeping the Japanese
garden till the last as a delightful surprise.
When, alter admiring the beauty of
all the other gardens, the ambassador
was at last taken to the Imitation ot
the gardens of his own flowery land,
he held up his hands ln enthusiastic
delight, Ah, he exclaimed, this is
wonderful! We have nothing like
this ln Japan,
Dirt Eaters
The practice of eating earth is not
confined to any race or region of the
world. In .America, several tribes of
Indians of the northern as well as
of the southern continent, are given
to using earth as food. Different
varieties ot clay seem to be preferred.
The Pawnee Indians ijsed a yellowish clay, which they shaped Into little
balls that were allowed to dry in the
air and were then slowly roasted at
the open fire. When the clay attained a red color the balls were removed, moistened with water and eaten.
These clay balls were especially Uked
when served In connection with fish,
and seem to have promoted digestion.
The Ttnimeh Indians, ot the Mackenzie river used to resort to earth as
food in times of famine. They dug
out the clay found In hollows along
the banks of the river. In prosperous years they chewed the clay as a
delicacy. The Apaches mixed powdered clay in their meal before making
this Into their rude loaves of bread.
The Indians In the uplands of Bolivia ate a light clay that ls nearly
white In color; this they used either
raw or ln the form of cakes of various shapes, which were sold In the
market places. They also prepared
a sauce with the clay; this they ate
with boiled potatoes.
Among the negroes of the Guinea
cpast, as well as among those in West
Africa, tbe eating ot dirt Is very common. The natives of the Soudan dig
their favorite clay from between layers of sandstone in the banks of the
rivers. The natives of Java prepare
their cakes of clay containing ochre.
These are sold In the public markets.
The Mantle of Hood
Bill Brownrigg was a cricketer, wbo
played for Hay-cum-OIover. While
taking on his bike a 'run,' he bowled
a maiden over.
He found she wasn't Injured, left
his cycle ln a thicket; then in the
gloam, he saw her home. They parted at the wicket.
Bill called next day—a warm June
morn—'twas good to be alive. His
gig—quite new — just seated two.
They had a lovely drive.
Bill thought with Joy: If I with her,
can only make a match; 1 think for
me 'twill really be a very brilliant
But when BUI called to see her pastern, jj-usculai, and stout—his ardent
dreams gave place to screams. Her
father ran him out.
Bill's hopes are dashed, his front
teeth smashed, he's fairly ln the
dumps. The dentist 'stands, with
forcep'd hands—It's Unit to draw the
Mr. Bourchier Bhould be pleased at
the fight over the Garrick Theatre,
lt may have the effect ot en-Hansen
the value of the new piece.
yfa^/fyiti** Co JfaLJsmmte/e, -tSr-a^ry
lCeiie4^LmSVi%JtUf   e~*lL» 'l?l<tt\&-J<tn*lt*e>t   UTITT-&
4^^/i*m-*St^LJLst(M    ♦ £ 6   P   ifa** -V^tf-K XX
A Beautiful Place
Fair, tat, spectacled, and blg-mous-
tached, It needed not hie guttural tones
and Teuton accent to acquaint the hotel manager that the new arrival owed
allegiance tb Europe's Inexhaustible
surprise-packet, the Kaiser.
Vrom Potsdammerburg I vas come
sir, announced the new-comer, pleasantly. ,
A very fine place, sir. returned the
manager, politely.
Jler vas a petter.
Yes?     Berlin?
Neln.     Ohm.
Ohm? In — er—Germat.y, of
Donner and blltzen, neln! In England—In dis gountry.
Ohm? said the manager, thoughtfully-
Ya, growled the German. I vas
come from Potsdammerburg to see
Ohm. Der vas no blace like Ohm.
I vos at der goncert ln Berlin, ahd I
hear der great Engleesh soprano sing
dot der vas no place like Ohm, and
vas no blace like Ohm, and all der
Engleesh beobles ln der goncert gry
like der leedle babies. Dot must be
der vonderful blace. Ohm, to make
der Engleesh beobles gry, and I dell
mlneself dot I vill go und see dis Ohm
vor der vos no blace like. Now, sir,
vlch Ib der vay to.Ohm?
Pat Meant Welt
An Irishman made his way to a
county Jah and asked to be allowed to
see the governor. On belngutsbered
Into that functionary's presence he
begged for tbe favor of an Interview
with a prisoner who was to suiter the
extreme penalty of the law In- the
course ot the morning.
No, my man, said the governor, oa
being appealed to, you cannot dee tbe
prisoner. He la to be executed la
half an hour's time, and lt Is not allowed for visitors to see a prisoner
on the day of execution. But what
might be your business with him?
.Shure, sorr, answered Pat, Ufs hla
birthday, and I was afther wlahltg
him many happy, returns av the. day.
.. Are Appetizing -
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,—I have used your Minard's
Liniment in my family and also In my
staoles for years and consider it the
best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly,
Proprietor Roxton Pond   Hotel   and
Livery Stables
So Huge that It Has a Door for Men
to Get Inside It
A rudder with a doorway Into Its
Interior Is a feature ot the mammoth
Cunard liner Aqitltanla, so soon to be
The rudder has just been placed In
position, and Is bo huge that a doorway has been constructed ln the lower part to admit workmen, so that
they can remove the pin which connects the rudder to the ship, This
pin is 4ft. In length and bigger than
the heaviest projectile made (Dr mod-
era artillery. A special appliance
hai to be constructed In the ship to
lift It Into position.
When delivered at the builder's
yard the rudder was ln three parts.
After they hatl been connected and
laid upon the ground, the distance that
had to be walked to pass round the
complete rudder was over 100 feet,
W. N. U. SSS
Th* End In View
Two Irishmen were crossing a bog
when one of them fell Into n boghole.
His companion, running to a nearby
farmhouse, asked the loan ot a spade.
What do you want It for? asked
the farmer.
Sure, Mike Is stuck In the bog and
I want to dig him out, was the answer,
How far Is he sunk? questioned the
Up to his ankles.
Oh, If that's all, he can walk out.
Begorra, he can't, exclaimed Pat.
He's In wrong end up.
Pop's going to give me   a   watch,
Willie Informed ht* aunt.
' That will be nice, replied the aunt,
and It will help you--getting to school
In the moaning. .•
Yes, that's so, cause wh i I get to
school I can look at i*" watch and
see just how late I so.
Their Bad End
Young man, do you know what becomes of toys who use bad language
while playing marbles?
Yes, sir; they grow up und learn to
play golf.
Worms feed upon the vitality of
children and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure Is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Not Another Word
Sir, began the young man nervously, 1 wish to ask your constnt for my
marriage with your daughter.
Eh? quickly rejoined the parent.
What of your Income? Is It sufficient
to support a wife?
It is, boldly returned the slightly
nettled aspirant, and what Is more,
It's sullieient to stand an occasional
touch from my wife's father I
Then she's yours, my sonf
Mah bredder, cried a Boston colored preacher, ye must be like great
Caesar's gbost—above suspicion.
Man and Wife Fatten on Grape-Nut*
Thc notion that meat ls necessary
for real strength and the foundation
ot solid flesh is now no longer as prevalent a* formerly.
Excessive meat eaters are usually
sluggish a part of the time because
they are not able to tally digest their
food, and the undigested portion ls
changed into wbat Is practically a
kind of poison that acts upon the
blood and nerves, thus getting all
through the system.
1 was a heavy i.ieat cater," writes
a Western uan, "and up to two years
ago, was ln very poor health. I suffered with Indigestion so that I only
weighed 95 poundu.
"Then I heard about Grape-Nuts
food and decided to try It. My wife
kughed at me at first, but when I
gained to 126 pounds and felt ao fine,
Bhe thought she would eat Grape-Nuts
too. "Now she la fat and well and
haa gained 40 pounds. We never
have Indigestion any more and aeldom
teel the desire for meat.
A neighbor of ours, 68 yeara old,
was troubled with Indigestion for
sears, and was a heavy meat eater.
Now since he ha* been eating Grape-
Nut* regularly, he aay* he la well and
never haa Indigestion.
1 could name a lot of persons who
have rid themselves of Indigestion by
changing Irom a heavy meat diet to
Grape-Nut*." "There's a Reason."
Name given by Canadian Poatum Co.,
Windsor, Ont. Read the llttlo book,
"The Road to Wellvllle," In pkge.
Ev«r read th* abova l*lt*r? A ntw
one appear* from tin* >*> tlm*. They
ire genuine, true *tnftf}t At tr'smsn
Jackson—Whew 1  that's some cliff!
Johnson—Seems to fascinate you.
Jackson—Yes. That's the way my
desk will look when I get back.
Both Leak
Why don't you buy an automobile?
I get sufficient excitement out of
the management of my fountain pen.
The Reward of Alt
No wonder he felt proud—After all,
he was quite a young artist nnd there
tt was—there could be no doubt about
It—hla picture, his great picture, was
hanging ln the Royal Acdemy. What
Is more, two people stood motionless
In front ot lt, gazing at the canvas ln
rapt attention, while the artist stood
gazing at them.
Then, I say, Charlie, he asked a
friend, do saunter carleessly by and
find out what they are saying'about
my picture. Perhaps they want ii
buy lt.
Forthwith Charlie set out to do a
careless saunter. Presently—to the
expectant artist the watt seemed a.i
eternity—he returned to his friend.
No business doing, he sighed. She's
only blowing him up-for leaving ott his
winter flannels too soon.
Confusing but Clear
It was a sad day for Mrs. Mullet.
The last of her family now was mar-
rled, and the poor old lady had .the
dismal prospect ot living henceforth
all alone. i
The vicar was duly sympathetic
when he called to see her some few
days after the wedding.
You must feel veryjonely nowada) s
Mrs. Mullett, he remarked, especially seeing that in the past you've had
ao many children to brighten your
Mrs. Mullett sighed.
Yes, sir, she replied at laBt, I do
feel lonely sometimes. One day, you
know, I misses 'em and the next day
I wonts 'em. But, all said and done,
I thinks I misses 'em more than I
wants 'em.
Had Every Time-
Smith was a constant worry to hi*
friends. They never knew when to
and when not to treat him seriously
since, as he frankly admitted, be delighted ln pulling other people's legs.
One day he and Brown met casually
in the street, and stopped as frlenda
often do, to gossip for a while.
Big blaze—thf t fire at the factor?/
in Johnson street laBt night, wasn't
lt? asked Brown.
Yes, replied Smith, I went down-to
have a look at it. And my word,
there were several mighty narrow escapes there, too.
Escapes, cried Brown, excitedly.
But the morning paper said that
there was uo one tn the building.
Smith nodded.
Oh, he eald, the firemen brought the
escapes down with them. So-long,
old chap.
Miller's Worm .Powders never fall..
They immediately attack the--worms
and expel them from the ayatem.
They are complete In themselves, not
only as a worm destroyer, but as a
highly beneficial medicine for children, correcting weak digestion and
restoring the debilitated system to
healthfulness, without which the
growth of the child will be retarded
and Its constitution weakened.
If You Want to Know
The Anxious Inquirer (assuming the
Kew Tea Pavilion fire being caused
by militant vote-seekers): 'Ow did
them Suffragettes get Into the gardens?
The Constable—On the Kow Teal
One dollar will procure yon four
pairs ot socks which can never t >
worn out.
So ran the advertisement, which
caused Jones, bachelor, to spend four
shillings on a postal-orde.. . When
the socks arrived Jones surveyed them
Socks received, he wrote to the advertiser. The patterns are vile. I
wouldn't be seee-out with them on.
No reply reaching Jones to- thia, he
aent a further letter threatening proceedings, and then came thia answer:
What ure you making such a fuat
about? Didn't we guarantee that
you wouldn't v-fear the sock* out?
' N    $100 Reward, $100.      v
IV leaden ol aula paptr win to plcaped ta laa*
that there le at Meat ou dreaded dlaeaae that xeitxm
taa boee abta to ewe la as Ita atatta. aa* tax, a
Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure t. tho oaly pcatlM
cure new town to Ika medical fraternity, eaten*
twin* a coiutttnuonM d-waee. reoulrea a «eaatlta>
Uonal treatment. Malta Catarrh Core la teat* Ik
tcmtllr. act'ag directly upon the blood aa*
-nirtiwo ot the tfaUra, thereby der
toundiUon ot the d-teaae. est trivial  ..
itrentth by building up UM eonttltuUon i	
ini nature tn dotne ita work, ihe piote-Hoca ban
ao much fallil la lu curative powtre that ta*, near
One Hundred Dollara tor any eut Oat It ta-k k>
ture.  Send lor Met oi teetlroontale
Aitf-reoj r. J. CHKNET * CO. Toledo. O.
8<..u br all liniffttla, 71c.        '.
Take -Ull f ranuir niu tor ao-attaaUt-u
Wa* Too Busy •  .
You aay tbat you witnessed tbis al
tercatlon? Inquired the Judge.
No, sorr, eald the witness. Ol
dldu't aee that. Ol wuz busy looking
at tbe fight.
The horae and the cow Is In the
field, read the teacher. Mary, what,
ls wrong with that sentence?
- Mary was evidently more versed It.
rulee of politeness than ln tbe rule*
of grammar, for ahe anewered promptly: The lady Bhould he mentioned
A^WOMAN'S problem
In- the looklnf-glaaa a woman often teas wrinkles, hollow circles under eyes.
. "crow*! feeC-all because aha did not tarn to tke right remedy when warn
down with those trouble* which ara dUllnctly feminine. • Backache, headaeh*. I
peine, taaeltode, aervouneaa and drains upon vitality-bring untold latteris*
to womanhood aad th* face thews Ib The aerveue aytte-a and tha euUre
womanly make-up feela the tonic effect of
It allays ni eubdnee nervoua excitability, Inritakllity. nervosa exkautUaa. sal
athwd-itneaUg eymptoma eomraooly attendant (wani functional tab oiyaaie
diaaaaoa at the feminine organs. It induces refreshing sleep and relieve*
mental anxiety and despondency.. Known everywhere nd-for owe AS teen
aa tha atandard remedy for the diaeoaee ef women. Your dealer In medlciaee
sella It la liquid ar auger-coated tablet form; or yett eaa **"*» •?•?_•"*
atanrne fer a trial hex ef Dr. Pieree'e rVrorlto Preecrtotton tablet* AsSetm*
Dr. £'V. Pien.., Invalid*' Hotel and Surgical .actuate, MM* N.T.
* Not Friend* Now
Two young lady friends met, and
sOer an interchange of the usual salutations, one remarked:    .
Oh, May, I'm so glad to see you.
Indeed, I. was Just on my way to call.
-Ihe fact' la, I want you, as my oldest
-Hend, te be one ot my brldesmaida.
Bridesmaids, Dalayl How lovely I
^claimed -May. But I* didn't know
y«u were engaged.
Weli, I know It'a audden, Was the
mawer.ybut he's awfully much In We,
rov. know;, and It'a' really Just too
sweet to.Uve.     Will you act, May?
Act? Of course I will. I shall be
sbarmed. . But, and ahe took a step
aa though -to move off, do come round
m* oorner and tell me all about It.
Here ia Bob Henderson, that laugh-
lag Idiot; He Is grinning Juat
»-though, he meant to atop and I do
aot care to be seen talking to him.
Bob Henderson! exclaimed Daily, In
w-amased fashion. Why, fa*'* the
-nan I'm going to marry I
Tbere la no poisonous Ingredient
*n Holloway'* Corn Cure, and It can
***• used without danger of Injury.
True Business Inatlnct
Topham's was the smartest emporium for mllea around. You had to
ie* the last word In go, before a slt-
jatlon wa* obtained ln that establishment. Keen business men filled
wery poet.
One afterncon when trade was In
_utl awing ah unfortunate customer
fell down the first floor stairs.
Help! he groaned In agony. I do
believe I've broken my leg!
A shopwalker Immediately flew to
m\* elds.
Broken your leg, *lr? Ae Inquired
jOF__f.patIetU.ally. And then, ln sharp
-dear Hi.**-. Cork legs! Third coun-
ier on Um fight, ilrl forward, Mies
Scitiooinia'anv—Now I want all the
.Uldren to look at Tommy'* hands
ind observe how clean tbey are and
see If all of you cannot come to
iehool with cleaner hand*. Tommy
ptnrhapa will tell u* why he keepi
Item ao nice. e)  ,
Tommy—Yes'm. Ma makes mo
ttaeh the breakfast ' dishes *very
of MJNN, KY.
Secofcmo.idt Lydia E. Pink
barn's Vegetable Compound
ior Backache, Nervous-
nest, Headaches.
Lyndon, Ry. —"I have been taking
LydiaHPinkbem't Vegetable Compound
for headache*,neuralgta palna,backache,
aervousnsss and a general run down condition of th* system, and am entirely relieved of these trouble*. I recommend
four remedies to my friend* and give
you permission to publish what I writ*."
-Ur*. II. Von Rodbn, Lyndon, Ky.
Whan a woman Ilk* Mrs. Von Roden
la generous enough to write audi a let-
tar oa -the above for publication, ah*
abould at least be given credit for a sin*
earedesir* toholpothersuftering women,
for we assure you there Is no other rea-
ion why aha abould court auch publicity.
Surprised tha Manager
An Increase of salary! exclaimed
the pompous manager of a small omnibus company to a clerk who had Juat
made that request. I am afraid, air,
that you are too extravagant1
He toyed with his heavy watch-chain
and looked severely at tlie young man,
who -returned his atare boldly. It
was the set phrase on euch occasions
and the applicant had heard lit all before. He meant to -live his rise or
go—go somewhere else.
Excuse me, air, he replied, respectfully, I haven't tny chance to be extravagant on what I earn.
Young man, continued the pompous
gentleman, I have risen from the
ranks. How? By being careful.
When I was young I made money by
saving 'bus fares.
Ah, that was in the old days, aaid
the young man, with a knowing wink.
But with the bell punches and the
present system of Inspection, you
would find you couldn't cave elxpence
without being collared, however careful you were. \
The manager nearly tainted, and
the yqung man bad to look for other
Ask for Mlnard'a and tak* ni othei1
Did She Know Anything?
Mildred was visiting her soldier
brother at the barracks.
Sla, he eald. I wlslj you had said
you were earning. I'm on duty, but
a fellow bandsman ot ml ie will sUBw
you the sights.
The girl naturally asked many g_ues-
tions of her brother's friend as they
went the round.
Who ls that man? ahe Inquired,
pointing to a color-sergeant-.
Oh, he once shook hands with the
King, said her escort. That's why
he wears a crown qn his arm.
The gymnastic Instructor, with a
badge of crossed Indian clubs on bis
arms, was standing ln the yard.
That's the barber, replied the girl's
campanion in answer to her query.
Can't you see he's wearing the scissors? i
A number of stars upon the staff of
a veteran next aroused tha fair visitor's curiosity.
He's the battalion astromer, gravely
explained her caviller. Guide ua
home by the stars when we've lost
our way on night manoeuvres.
Very Interesting, eald the girl, with
a twinkle ln her eyea.
Then noting-hla bandsman's badge—
the model ot an ancient stringed instrument—she aaked sweetly of her
escort: I suppose that design on your
arm denotes tbat you're the regiment
Alwaya Serviceable.—Most pills
lose their properties with age. Not
so with Parmelee's Vegetable PIUs.
The pill mass ls so compounded that
tbelr strength and effectiveness ls
preserved and the pills can be carried
anywhere without fear ot losing their
potency. Tbla la a quality that few
pills possess. Some pills lose tbelr
power, but not so with Parmelee's.
They will maintain their freshness
and potency for a -long time.
Johnny, who had been forbidden to
ask for ice cream cones at the candy
store, disobeyed and was kept ln the
Why Isn't Johnny out playing? asked the atorekeeper ot Johnny's little
Mamma wouldn't let him because
he asked for a cone.
You wouldn't ask for a cone, would
you? re-marked the proprietor.
No, replied the little girl. But I
would take one.
A fellow we know—ono of those
ohaps who affect a terrible acorn for
the lower clasaea, but who always
pauses to hear a tale of woe from the
lowliest victim of the present state ot
sofflety—this fellow Btopped on the
curb the other day to hear ths story
of a little plckannlnny who was weeping and alone,
What's the trouble? asked our
friend gruffly.
Ah, got a new baby brother at our
houae!  walled the child.
Then why do you cry?. Angels
bring baby brothers.
Dnss what dey done tol' me. But
why does de angels pick out all de
blackest ones fo' our family?
Canadian woninn's Experience I
Windsor, Ont. - " The birth of my first
child left me a wreck with terrible weak
.spells, but I am glad
] to toll you that I do
j not have thoas weak
j spells and I feel liko
J a new woman since
• taking  Lydia E.
• Pinkham's Vegota-
j ble Compound. lam
I now well and strong
and can do my own
[housework. I do
j not take medicine of
■any kind. It wu
Lyaia E. Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound that ra*tored me to health."—
Iln. Robert Fairbairn, 72 Parent
Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.
If yoa want special adrlet write te
lydia £. Pinkham Medicine Ce. (oonfl.
laatlal) I.yan, Haas. Veer letter will
fee opened, read and anewered ky a
»w»" ■"•-' '■-'* la strict rnafldeaee.
W. N. U. MS
A New Invention
Jlmmie entered the large chemist's
with a coin clutched tightly lu hia
Well, my little man, aaid the assistant, what can/l got for you?
Please, I want a thermometer! piped
Did your mother say wbat sort of
thermometer she wanted? asked the
Jlmmie looked slightly perplexed.
Then a bright Idea came Into his
Why, Just give me the very biggest
you've got, he replied, cos It's to keep
my bed-room warm I
Hubby returned home rather late—
well after, midnight, to be precise—
and, oa often happens ln such cases,
wifey, though abed, was not asleep.
In consequence, breakfast that
morning was a gloomy, silent meal.
In vain, hubby strove to clear the air
and by 111-ttmed levity, to' dispel the
atmosphere of constraint which hung
heavily everywhere.
A penny for your thoughts, my love!
he Ventured presently.
The lady thus addressed stared at
him grimly.
For tuppence, ahe retorted, I'd aay
■exactly what I thought of yout
V Hubby made no effort to ralae the
A Future Financier
Ma, exclaimed young Teddie, bursting dnto tlie house, Mrs. Johnson aaid
she would give me a penny lf I told
her whet you said about her!
I never-heard ot such a thing! answered hla mother Indignantly. You
are a very good boy not to have toldl
I wouldn't have her think I even mentioned ber. Here's an apple, sonny,
for being such a wise little lad!
I should think I am, ma! When
she showed me the penny I told her
that what you said was something awful and worth sixpence at least.
When the Stomach is Wrong the
Whole Body Suffers-How to
Keep It Healthy
Indigestion la one of the moat distressing maladies afflicting mankind.
The stomach is unable to perform the
work nature calls upon lt to do, and
the result is extreme pain after eating,
nausea, heartburn, painful fluttering
of the heart, sick headache, and often
a loathing of food, even though the
sufferer Is halt starved. People with
poor digestion are prone to try all
sorts of experiments to aid the pro-
oess ot digestion, and there is only
one way ln which the trouble can be
actually cured, and that ls through
the blood. That Is why the tonic
treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills cures even the most obstinate
cases of Indigestion. Tbey make the
rich, red blood that strengthens the
stomach and Its nerves, thus enabling
It to do Its work. The process is
simple, but the result means a good
appetite, and Increased health and
pleasure In life. Mr. R. Lussler, of
Sorel, Que., offers ample proof of
this. He says: "For several years
I was a sufferer from Indigestion, and
the torture I suffered after meals
was often almost unendurable. Often
I would go without a. meal rather
than undergo the suffering that foi
lowed. Accompanying the trouble
I had headaches, dizziness, and often
a feeling of nausea. All the time I
was taking one medicine after another in the hope of getting relief,
but without avail. Finally I read of
the case of a similar sufferer cured
through the use ot Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and I decided to try them.
I took the Pills steadily for about six
weeks with result that I was fully
cured, and could eat anything I cared
for. I may add that I have not since
had any return ot ths trouble."
It you are suffering from indigestion
do not waste time experimenting, but
begin to cure yourself today with Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which go .right
to the root of the trouble through the
blood. Bold by all medicine dealers
or by mall at GO cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams' Medlclno Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Straight Tip
The old farmer was making his usual weekly call on Mrs. Wiggins.
P'taters ls good this mornln', ma'
am, he said, casting an admiring look
at the basketful he had brought.
Oh, are they, retorted Mrs. Wlggln
That reminds me. I want to have a
word with you about them you sold
me last week. How ts lt that them
at the bottom o' the basket ia eo
much smaller than them at the top?
Comes about like this, replied old
John, a knowing look on his faco.
P'taters Is growing' that fast now, that
by the time I get a basketful dug the
last ones is about twice the size of
the first.
Walking Through the World
I walk beneath   mysterious   autumn
An autumn twilight hour—
But when I walked ln summer field
and bower
These too, were mysteries.
Always there ls a   spirit   aad   a
Beyond my spirit's call,
Almost'the living trees confess the
And yet I know not what creation
But He who walks   here   with   me
knows lt ail.
There was an hour,.0 friend of mine,
when we,
To each drew very near.
When hand in hand we   both   grew
silent, dear,
Because love could not see;
Always thero Is a secret yet untold
The barriers do not fall,
Almost I find your life whose hands
I hold,
And yet I know not what my hands
But love Himself ls with us, knowing
Three-year-old-Arttiur was taken by
his parents to call upon Mrs. L.,
who nad recently come to this country
from London. He was greatly interested ln everything he saw, particularly in a little English flag.
That Is my flag, Arthur, said Mrs.
L„ ln answer to his enquiry, and,
showing him an American flag, th^s ls
your flog.
Has lt always been my flag? -
He was told that lt had always been
his flag.
Nothing more was eald until tlmo
for their departure, when Arthur calmly remarked: I will take my flag.
And he took lt—for, some way or
other, explanations seemed Inadequate.
Actors frequently receive unexpected proof of the realism ot their art.
Not long ago, on the occasion of the
performance of Hamlet by a distinguished English player, there were no
more Interested, and absorbed spectators than two newsies ln the.gallery.
The hoys had been watching the
performance with breathless interest.
The last act was drawing to a close.
The duel almost dragged the lads
from their seats.
Before their eyes the queen was
poisoned, Laertes killed, the king killed, Hamlet killed. On the flnal tragedy the curtain started down. The
audience was spellbound.
In the gallery there was a clatter
and a crash as one of the boys mentioned started for the door.
Come on, Tommy! he shouted back
to his companion. Hustle! Derail
be extras out on dis!
The Army of
I* Growing Smaller Every Day.
retpon-ible—they not j
only give reliel—
they permanent.,
cute Conn'potion.   Mil.., '
lions ux
ihem for t
BTtrnt- I
iuu, Indifettun, Set Headache, Sallow Site.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Pricey
Genuine must bear Signature
Something better than linen and no
laundry bills. Wash it with soap and
Water. All stores or direct. State style
snd size. For 26c. we will mall you.
58 Ft-eier Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Ml. WlifSLOW'S SOOTH-NO SVlVf S,., -***
Seed for over SIXTY YS ARS by MILLIONS of
le the beet remedy for DIARRHO.A. It la absolutely harmless. Be sure ead ask for "lin.
W.nilow'e Soothloft Syrup," aad take ao SUM
kind. Twenty-live cents a bottlb _
The Soul of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Is one or the most obetlnato of disease*
to cure. We have a remedy that In a
large percentage of cases cures. This
le a prescription ot ft practicing physic-
Ian of forty-three yeara experience.
ONE DOLLAR only by mall postpaid. It
no relief or cure follows, we refund your
money. See your druggist or write ua
to-day for full Information.
Co., 313, College Street, Toronto, Ont.
Keep Mlnard'e Liniment In th* hou**
The Plumber
VVe had a gentle plumber once,
We thought he came to plumb;
But by the time his coat was off
His dinner time bad come.
He went at twelve and stayed away
An hour and minutes forty;
He 'wiped a Joint,' then wiped his lips
Then trotted off so borty!
The pipe was only half an Inch
(In width I mean, not tall),
Yet you could drive a motor through-
The hole cut In tbe wall.
And after having had his fill,
Oh! see him slow returning!
"To one day's work" Is on the bill;
He's thus his living earnlngl
Ho—How do you like Fopplngtoa,
Miss Barrow?
Mlsa Barrow—Nol at all. He can't
pronounce hla 'r's' and I do dotert being addressed aa Miss Bow-wow ,
An old darkey, sent to a hospital,
on his arrival was placed ln a ward,
and one ot the nurses put a thermometer tn his mouth to take his temperature. When the house doctor
made his rounds he said: Well, my
man, how do you feel?
I feels right toldle, suh.
Have you had anything to eat yet?
Yessuh, I had a little.
What did you have?
A dame glmmle a piece of glass ter
suck, suh.
Shakespeare says there are sermons
ln stones.
And object lessons, added ttie mil-
Hai.'. suffragette, In windows.
The average man thinks he ls doing
well if he stays on the water wagon
between drinks.
Cleans and disinfects
everything tn your
home from the cellar to the attic. Put
It on your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork. -Linoleums,
Pianos, Furniture, etc.
Makes everything Just
like new. Money refunded If not satisfactory.   Mode by the
Hamilton, Canada.
surrsa from kidnst, bladder, nsrvous diiiasu-
SI*-'*? ■» FRSS seek, ms won ihitri-ctiv*
Bonds,  Profit Sharing.    Series     (100,
_*5U0, 11,000. Terms
||5 yeara.  Withdraw-
liable after onr y sj.
C-nfi   for     Bpecl.l
folder to National Securltl**
Corporatlo   Limited, Confederation Llf* Bldg., Toronto.
A msn having burled tl* wife, a
woman of unusual size, a neighbor a
fow days afterwards attempted little
ln the consolation line by remarking:
Well, Mr. —, you have mot with a
heavy loss.
Yea, replied the mourner; ahe
weighed clo.o upou tour hundred
Nervous Sufferers
Often Look Well
The Man Who Drivee An
Automobile Find*
The Only cleaner that will
elj-ctuairy retrieve grease,
oil or pal nt SUI r i an3 leave
.IISJ!'!!'1' staooth and solt.
■""•JI better than soap.
S****rSt-^*-**-*** th*\***mt   **mmt*t**.ai
While persons subject to disorders
of the nerves are frequently thin and
weak, such la not alwaya th* case by
any means.
Many are of ruddy and vigorous
strength and so healthy ln appearance
that they receive little or no sympathy.
In auch cases the symptoms Indicate trouble In the head and spinal
cord: Though strong In a muscular
sense, the nefves *t4 affected, and
spells of helplessness come over the
sufferer. The condition la alarming
becauee the result to be expected Is
Aa ln all forms of nervoua exhaustion, Dr. Cbaae's Nervo food la the
treattnont from which the best result*
are to bo obtained.
You cannot sleep, and feel restless
and Irritable; you gain strength, and
then a llttlo extra excitement brings
on a nervous collapse, and helpless-
pe:. and discouragement come over
you again.
' It seems Impossible to concentrate
the mind and to apply youraclf to the
duties of the day. Yet your appearance Is auch that people are inclined
to think you shamming.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood will do
wonders for you tt you only give It a
chance. Gradually and naturally It
restores new vigor to the nerves and
new hope and confidence to the mind.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
SO cents a box, I fo. 12.60. at all dealers, or Edmaaaoa, Bat** ft Co., Ii_w
V     Ited, Voronto. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Sty? OJratMnrka £wi
G. A. Evans. Editor and Puslishib
| ceeding apace. I sbould say tbat
I tbere are few of the Canadian prov-
: inces in a more healthy condition
tban British Columbia." j
.. 1.00
eusaoaiPTios aaiae:
.ine Tear	
iIne Year (In advance)  ___.
One Year, in United Statea  UO
address atl oonnniinloattotiB to
Th«Obani> Forks Sun,
fHO-ia R« Satan Fpsts, B.C
Going fishing is good exercise for
the body as well as for the imagination.
The man who controls some public
utility thinks he should be immune
from criticism.
The man who changes his political
belief because it pays him to do So. has
no advantage in mural principles over
the man who sells his vote at the
With peace in the Balkan states,
we will have to look to Mexico for
our war news, and also invent some
other reason why the banks have all
the money.
The speeches of welcome to H M.S.
New Zealand by' the government
officials at Victoria remind one forcibly of the Tory arguments in favor of
navy bill at Ottawa a few months ago
In real pioneer days, before the
west had been tamed, the stock joke
in newspaper offices used to be tliat
the only qualification required to
publish a newspaper in the land of
the Dakutahs was a saw and a box of
"boiler plates." Todav conditions
have changed. In British Columbia,
in addition to the box of plates, a
stock of superlative praise phrases for
the McBride government is required.
The government do the rest.
Wbile Sir Richard McBride was
telling his audience at the Conservative pionic at Qoldstream tbat tbe
efforts of bis administration were
directed to excluding Asiatics from
British Columbia, eight hundred
Chinamen were rejoicing at their ad
mission to this young and expand
ing country.—Vancouver Sun.
British Columbia Is Sound
"The situation in British Columbia is not % hit worse than in sny
other part of the continent," declared Campbell Sweenv, auperin
tendenfbf branches of the Bank of
Montreal, a few days since at Mnn
trial "Business is sound snd the
development of the province is pro
Berberine Belief
Everything that goes wrong is attributed by tbe Berberines, a tribe
of tbe Sudan, to the devil. Ethel S.
Stevens, in "My Sudan Year,"
quotes a story told her by Bishop
Gwynne of bis "boy's" coming to
bim one day and announcing, "The
devil is in the house "
"Oh," said the bithop, "that is
very interesting! When did he arrive?"
He came in with the cook from
the 'souk' market yesterday even-
ing." (
"Really?" commented the bishop,
"Yes, aod in the night he came
out of the cook and passed into
"Oh, and what did he do?"
"He went to the cupboard and
broke a plate and tbe top of tbe jam
A light broke in on the bishop.
"Ob, he was after the jaml I
suppose he ate snme?"
"Yes," said the boy, "he did I"
The idea of devil-possession is not
merely an elaborate form of excuse;
the native servants really believe
in it.
When a man' is polite to his wife
the neighbors mav lie surprised, but
it is nothing to the shock the woman
A clever mnn isn't necessarily dishonest, but a dishonest man pretty
nearly has to be clever.
Some men have to be rapid or their
evil deeds would catch up witb them
and overwhelm them.
Only A Few
A comMrattTely •mall numb-tr of Hamilton \\ atebw an made every y-tar. Their
extreme aoeuraov and fine adjustment
lorbidt making them ln large quantltiw.
2ty? .fjantUtmt Hafeh
"Tne Railroad Timekeeper ofA.\wrka"
Not only tbe man or woman who wtnta a
very accurate wateh buy* the Hamilton—
but the Individual who knows about
watches usually demands a Hamilton. We
sell Hamilton watches complete, or supply
a Hamilton movement for your piesent
wateh case. All viies for men and women,
A. d. morrison asssvafssss
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy ahaoaolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
pleaae our customers.
because they are too   slow   to   make
much head.
The successful man ia the one who
knows when to lead trumps.
It really seems too bad that born'
talkers are. gsnerally those who find
it necessary to earn a living.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, glutton, Veal'
and Young Porks
P.-       ;
Fresh Fish Daily*'
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns ®> Co. Limited
""-    V'
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E, C. Peckham,
Second-band Store.
Love is a temporary aberration of
the intellect—in those who have that
kind of intellect.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Being able to make a good omelet
is second only to being able to earn
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnaiity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls          $1.25 each
Woodland C8> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
The friends of your youth are always wondering what makes the old
chap look so aucient.
No man iB sure of himself, which is
perhaps the reason he asserts his opinions so positively.
If we were given credit for trying
to be good, some of us would still
have to pay cash.
One-half of the world knows how
the whole thing would gn if it had the
giving of orders.
Onlv the pessimist will think of
coal bills at the time that he is paying the iceman.
The less said about a man's character the better it is.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
bave a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Every mau has his price, but every
man doesn't find some one willing to
p»y •'• 	
Tbe Sun only costs tl a year. - It
prints all tbe news.
The kind of reputation that is hard
to make is easily lost.
All things come round to him who
waits except the up-to-the-minute
History that makes interesting
reading is a sordid thing iu the making.
"H. C." and "Copper Kind" Mineral Claims,
situate In the Grand Porks Mining Division
ot tale District.
Where located: In Franklin eamp. _
TAKE NOTICB .that I, William H. UjlTman,
I for myself as etwdtor of the will of the
lata Catherine Hoffman, ana as agent for
Jaoob 11. Paulson, Free Miners' Certificate.
Nos. «1M9B and H5.I75B, reapectlralr, intend,
sixty,da*s from the date hereof, to, apply to the Mining Recorder for Oertlfloates
of Improvement, for tha purpose of obtain-
tne Crown ('rentsof tbe above claims
And further take notioe that action, under
section 81, mutt be commenced before the
issuance of sueh certificates ef Improve,
Dated thlt 8th day of Mar, A.D. ISIS.
William h. hop? man.
Modern Bigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burns 8 O'Ray. Props.
Phoae68 Second Street
We wish to inform the people of
Orand Forks that we have purchased
the bicycle business from Oeorge W. j
Cooper, and will conduct the same in
future. We will - carry a complete'
line of wheels. In addition to dealing in wheels,, we will do all kinda of,
bicycle repairing. Aii work will be j
done by competent mechanics, and'
fully guaranteed.
MoOYBOKB & P98TMA.      j
Don't forget that The Sun has thg
best job printing deparrmenl in the
Boundary country.
(PublUhed Annually)
Enables traders throughout. Aie world to
communicate direct with BnrUsh
in each olass of goods. Besides being a oomptete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory eontalut lists of
with the floods they ship, and tbe t'olonisl
andForeign^*) arketa they supply;
arranged under the Ports to whieh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
Read Th<* 8uit  and  keep   posted
on current events
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
Inolpal provincial towns 1   "*      •    ---
centres of the United Kingdom.
the pr!no!poT|jrnv.note! towns and Industrta!
A copy ot Ihe current edition wltl be for-
ardeS, freFgbr --■■■    *-» -• " ■
Order lor 80s.
■Tardea*' "freight" paid, on receipt of'post a I
irdei      -.-.m*-*****^-**************^x******xx*^^
Some persons can't go far  wrong j
Sr     f? B^-c.^!V:.;v-f>.-/.'>,flp!*si
■ ■■-■' -_S______-HBHH_H-HB-S_&**-
Deelers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards (or It. or larger advertisements Irom 13.
26, Alwhuroh Lane, London, E.C.
Electric Restorer for Men
»lra and y 1 .allty. Prematura decay snd sll aeiuaj
wsaknata averted at cues.   	
0 soy address, the Seeks!-Drag
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre <3&*Smith
Many Tribues at Spokane Fair
Spokane, once the meeting plsce
of all tbe Indian tribes of tbe Inland Empire in their annual tribunals, is again tn be tbe Mecca nf the
, red men of the entire northwest and
! practical; tbe entire country when
the First National Indian congress
will he beld on tbe Spokane Interstate Fair grounds during the week
of September 16. Never before has
the white msn of the , present generation had as good an opportunity
to see how much thf aborigine' baa
progressed.     Tbe  Interstate   Fair
management is going to show you
how this development took place
and further give the Indians A
chance tn see and enjoy the fair.
No ezpense.bas lew spared by
fair management in getting the
tribes tn Spokane.. That it will be a
most representative gathering of Indians is shown by the fact- tbst the
Little Spokanes. tbe Net Perees, the
Yukimas, the Blackfeet, the Flat-
beads, tbe Kslispells, the Crees, tbe
Colvilles, the Snakes, the Sioux
and the Crows are all going to send
delegations to tbe fair. t
At the Head
Tha man at the head of attain
whether at home or ie business, »
the one whose mention you with
to attract.
Our paper feet into the best clasi
of homes and 11 read hy thc hend uf
thc family. Thai accounts (or the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Ada.
If you read The Sun yon get tbe
news of the city, tbe province and
tbe.world.. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without tbe aid of the daily papers. ■vl
Most Important Events at
-  lomaaai Abi^Bur-^.
ing the Fast Week
Friday       .
The stonemasons strike in Calgary
is ended.'
Bulgaria gets little territory, She
lights two wara Vith little result.     .
The oasualtiea of the Servian army
dnriug the past month were 35,000
Premier Borden acts as spokesman
at the official welcome to the interna
tional geologists in Ottawa.,
An agent of the Krup works, giving evidence at a courtmartiel, alleges
that German army officers accepted
bribes. '     - .
Hon. Joseph Martin, the Canadian '
lawyer an j M.P. for St. Pancraa, is
rejected by the Liberals of that constituency.
The Chinese government hopes to
crush the rebels, but the southern
spirit ia'still undauuted, and Sun Vttt
Sen will appeal for support to overthrow the government. ■   '*"*'"'
I According to information obtained
in Vancouver,tenders tor the construction of the unfinished link of the Kettle Valley line across Hope mountain
have been invited by President Warren.
Whv Swelter in .all.t4taiostcA New Store
J *■*     IH The carDenters halve converted our old building into a
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
Ql-i—i.- A fine line of Neg-
Ollll lb ligee 8hirt9i at'Soh.
"■ , During the hot weather, when for a small
sum at our store for^ny of our large variety
you can liave a cool kitchen and do yoiir
cooking in comfort? :
We have a complete line of Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves ana Electric Cookers and labor-
saving devices.
We are offering reduced prices on all Oil and
Gasoline Stoves.   Below are a few of our
3-buYner wickless, blue-flame  Oil   Stove;
regular $10.00.   Special........ S8.00
2-burner wickless,  olue-flame   Oil  Stove;
regular $7.50.   Special 6.00
2-burner  Gasoline Stove;   regular   $5.75.
Special   5.00
.   Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regular
•     $4.00.   Special..  ;*  3.25
Miller & Gardner
Hardware        Home Furnishers Crockery
Straw Hats JU
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggun, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D. underwear. Prices
range from 90c to 13 50.
Stylecraft Clothes—We are
agents for this popular line of
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices $1 to 13.50.
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
fnr Copelt-iicl & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Em-
press'shne for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stook of staple and fancy
Bulgaria submits peace proposals;
points, on which no agreement has
heen reached to be reserved for the
decision of the powers.
The Mexican minister of the interior issues a decs, ation to the world.
Huerta will not resign, and no interference by fo.-eignera will be tolerated.
The Mavis Valley pit of the Ca-
derre colliery, twelve miles from Glasgow, Scotland, caught Sre today and
twenty-three miners are hopelessly
entombed in it
Bishop de Pencier announces that
he has tendered the arcbdeaoonship of
"British Columbia to Rev. F C Heath
cote,   rector of All Saints Anglican
church, Winnipeg.
Nineteen men were killed and two
seriously injured yesterday in a doable
explosion in the East Brookside mine
of the Reading C »al J. Irun oompany,
near Tower City, Pa.
Five of the distinguished scientiata
visiting Canada on the occasion of the
international geological cougress were
honored at McGill university on Saturday, when they were presented
with honorary degrees of" doctors of
law. ...
The week's carnival begins in Victoria.
Australia will exhibit in the Panama exposition.
The grain harvest is now in progress Jn* Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
The moulders employed iu a number of Montreal foundries went on a
strike today.
Negotiations for the surrender of
tbe Chinese are terminated, and more
fighting is expected.
Seven lives were lost by a fire in
Quebec whioh totally destroyed the
cottage home of Joseph Paquet; pilot.
The miners caught in the fire in
Caderre colliery, near Glasgow, all
perished, aod tbeir bodies were recovered today.
Between 4000 aud 5000 salmon
fishermen on the Fraaei river went on
a strike today and succeeded in tieing
up the entire canning industry.
The United States ambassador to
Mexico resigns. Bis policy was not
acceptable to   President Wilson, and
the president sends a personal repre
tentative to Mexico   __
A party of forty well dressed suffragettes interrupted the morning ser
vice at St Paul's cathedral Sunday
by chanting a prayer in behalf of
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the bessi, Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
ffle cTWann  Ding  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
8eeds, Fertilisers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, dement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority, of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? - Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by '
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The irrigation convention opens in
Lethbridge, Alta. A large attendance and much interest is taken iu
the proceedings.
Sir Edward Grey explains the reasons for England's non participation
in tbe Panama exposition. The returns are not commensurate with the
cost. ■>
The Duke and Duchess of Connaught will remain, in England until
after the marriage of Prince Arthur
oi Connaught, which haa been fixed
for October 10.
Fire completely consumed the City
hotel at Revelstoke this morning.
Three persons are missing. Sixty
lodgejs in the building were compelled
to flee for the lives.
Aimoat the whole business section
of Athabasca Landing is wiped out by
fire Two hotels are thirty business
houses are destroyed, and one hun
dred people are left destitute. The
loss amounts to half a milion dollars,
President Joseph Smith, of the
Mormon church, Salt Lake City, Utah,
announces that the church has proc
lically decided to abandon ita Mexi
can colonization, and will devote its
energies to the development of lands
and settlements in southern   Alberta.
D. K. Moilison, a Vancouver
lionaire, commits suicide.
The Ontario fruit growers will have
a market agent in the west.
Dock laborers at Duluth, Minn.;
strike and all work ia stopped.
The binders are busy in Manitoba.
A big wheat yield is expected
Sir* Thomas Shaughnessy is slightly
injured in -^carriage colision in Montreal.
The ruins of Athabasca Landing
are drenuhed by rain. Four men are
arrested for looting.
John F. Bryant, a California avia
tm, waa killed in Victoria todav while
making his six hundredth flight in
the same machine.
Peace reigns once more in the Bal
kan states, but the treaty is unsatisfactory to all parties, and another war
is expected soon. Bulgaria is bitterly disappointed.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen.formar provisional
president of the Chinese republic and
now oue of the leaders in the southern
revolution, has fled from the country
on board a Japanese steamer bound
for Formosa.
One hundred delegates from all
parts of Canada and the United States
are iu at ten nance at the seventeenth
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter wheth&i you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will s"how you.
We do nothing hut first-class and up to-date work.    If your'
plumbing needs inspection, now is' the time have it done before the hot summer months.    Sickness in soon caused  by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe.   The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
annual convention of the   League   of
American Municipalities in Winnipeg.
Col. 8 Cody, aviator, was killed in
an aeroplane accident at Aldershot today.
British Columbia received more immigrants last year than any one of
the prairie provinces.
A spectacular blaze occurs in Philadelphia when a huge tank explodes,
throwing an avalanche of burning
Three people were burned to death
in a farmhouse a mile and a half
northwest of Strathmore, Alta., this
The Western Canada Irrigation
congress, in session at Lethbridge,
Alta., selects Penticton as the next
meeting place.
The Bulgarian government has notified the represen tatives of the powers in Sofia of its intention to demobilize its army immediately the peace
treaty is signed.
Provisional President Huerta, of
Mexico, says President Wilson's delegate is persona non grata, aud recognition of the rebels or intervention
may be the outcome of the crisis,
Ore Shipments
The following were tbe shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the past week. Oranby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
8,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
8fi5 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
When he comes soft soaping around
with an axe to grind just suggost to
him that be get a motor attachment
for his jaw and do tbe whole job himself.
When a man's business goes up his
financial reputation is likely come
The   only   thing  that some   men
won't take is a chance at  hard work.
A fool and his money are sometimes
a hut proposition.
Accident and Sickness
Plate Glass
Automobile and
Employers' Liability
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Go.
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAtfD FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
t Haste Quite Unneceaaary
The everting was damp nnd cold and
foggy, and thojtev. Sandy Macgreg-
gor, white walking absent-mindedly
along tbe street, tell heavily luto a
deep hole which had just liocn made
by order ot the local sanitary authorities.
For a long while thc Rov. Sandy
struggled to escape. The.i despairingly he began tb ohout tor help. A
passing laborer heard his Cries, and
looking down Into the hole, asked
who was there. •
The minister Informed him, hut ln
return received only meagre comfort.
Weel, weel, said the laborer, ye
neodna kick up sic' a noise. You'll
no' be needed afore tho Sawbeth, and
this ls only Wednesday nicht!
Of Course the Boy Won
Friday afternoon. Mr. Orlgson was
busy, and being particularly anxious
to get away from the office, greatly
resented the arrival of visitors.
Still, business Is business and word
had come up that there was a gentleman downstairs waiting to see him on
an Important matter. So Mr. Grig-
son swallowed his resentment and
bade the messenger bring up tho gentleman.
The gentleman entered—a cheeky-
looking little whipper-snapper, four
feet nothing In his socks.
Mr. Grlgson glanced at him angrily.
What the dickens do you mean by
saying you want to see me on Important business, tae thundered. Are
you tbe boy who was here a week
or so ago looking for a job?
Yes, sir.
Then what the— began Mr. Greg-
son, now purple in the face. But the
youth interrupted him."
You said then, sir, he remarked
calmly, that you wanted an older boy.
That's why I've come back again now.
Minard's Liniment imi by Phyelclane
A Guaranteed Article
Two travellers ln the fireproof sate
line were soliciting orders trom a merchant, wh« decided to bestow his order upon the one whose advocacy
proved the most convincing.
Well, remarked Number One, a cat
was put ln one of our safes, and a
fire raged all rouud the safe tor 24
hours and the animal came out alive.
A cat was put ln one ot our sates,
asserted Number Two. Then the
safe stood in a fire for 48 hours and
the animal was taken out dead!
Ah! snorted Number One triumphantly.
Yes, added Number T.wo. The cat
was frozen to death.
Number Two got the order.
Relief from Asthma.—Who can describe thc complete relief from suffering which follows tho use of Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy? Who
caa express the feeling of Joy that
comes when Its soft and gentle Influence relieves the tightened, choking
uir tubes! It has made asthmatic affliction a thing ot the past for thousands. It never falls. Good druggists everywhere have sold lt for
. Tommy Knew
The teacher was endeavoring to Illustrate to her pupils -the association
of different species ot life with common substances.
For instance, site explained, you will
always find plants where there ls soil,
birds where there are trees, and so
on. Now can anyone tell me what
we associate with fish?
Suddenly, with the velocity of an
aeroplane, a hand shot up from thc
back row. It waB the property of
Tommy Jones. Please, miss, I
know, piped that worthy.
Well, was tbe teacher's query.
Chips, was the unexpected reply.
Might Make a Mistake
I have often stood ln a slaughter
house, observed the fleshy man from
Chicago, while the butchers wero killing hogs on all sides of ine.
Oh, exclaimed tbo tender-hearted
but tactless New Haven girl, were'nt
you dreadfully i.fraid?
(:':. PILLS 4
n^rMW\\^S_i$e'r _
60s. a box or six Uxea for $2.50,
at all dealere, or Tha Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. Vot
Guaranteed by the maker and
guaranteed by «.e_rMcClary dealer to
r be the most efficient heater money will buy—yet
it costs no more than an ordinary furnace. Fills the ■
house, -with pure, warm air, even in the coldest
weather and consumes vers little fuel. Write to
the nearest McClary Branch if you do not
know the McClary dealer of
your locality.     m
Sunshine Fumac
Wanted to ba Reallatlo
Sho could not see his face aa he
knelt and asked her to be tale. She
was glad of that, for Bhe did net wish
to know how much suffering her'refusal caused htm.
She told him as gently as she could
that their lives could not be linked together; that, although she admired
htm and esteemed him, she felt that
. lt would be risking his future aa well
as her own to consent to a union
where she was sure no affinity existed. It was a touching speech, and
she threw ao much heart Into lt that
she did not observe that he was taking
notes in shorthand. When sheJjad
concluded he arose and put his notebook in his pocket. Extending his
hand, he remarked, genially:
I'm ever and ever ao much obliged
to you.
You said lt ao nicely, and I'm under'
a thousand obligations. I'm writing
a novel, and I hare a scene In which
a girl refuses to marry a man. I
was anxious to avoid the stereotyped
style of depleting euoh incidents and
make it realistic. You're the seventh girl I have proposed to, and every
one of the others accepted me. If
you had said: Yes, I think I'd have
been completely discouraged,
There ought to be only one head to
any family, shouted the orator.
That's true replied a married looking man ln the audience.
You agree with me? shouted the
I do, replied the mafrled looking
man; I've juat paid for bats tor nine
daughters. —
No other medicine will so quickly
cure colic as will Baby's Own Tablets.
They regulate the bowels, sweeten the
etomach and drive out every trace of
this trouble. Concerning them Mrs.
Wm. A. Smith, Rockhaven, Sask.,
writes: "I like Baby's Own Tablets
and always keep them In tho house.
Whenever my baby has colic I give
her a couple of Tablets and she ls
soon well again. I know of no other
medicine for little ones to equal
them." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Tired of Waiting
Fuddleton and Mudmore were met
to decide supremacy at cricket, and
the newly-elected captain of the Pud-
dletonians, to signalize the honor done
to him, was defraying the cost of a
hot luncheon. This repast was to be
taken at the close of the first Innings
and things looked promising for an
early meal until the laat two Mud-
mere batsmen took lt into their heads
to offer a sturdy resistance to the
Come bowling. This fact seemed
particularly disquieting to a stout man
In a white aprcn, who stood at ths
entrance to the pavilion signalling to
the home umpire.
How's that? bellowed the bowler, at
length, as the boll struck the batsman
on the head.
Hout, came the reply.
Houtl cried the batsman, scornfully.   WeU I'm done.
Yes, snapped tho umpire, and no's
the mutton, guv'nor, I ain't goln' to
eat cindors for nobody.
Til for Tat
Tlie other morning a warder entered
a cell nnd found the prisoner had not
finished his allowance of brei.d, and
waB trying to hide It. The warder
immediately threw It out of tho window, remarking that It would do for
the birds to pick, and gavo the prisoner his supply of oakum to do. He returned aome time later to collect the
prisoner's work, but found him asleep,
nnd upon remonstrating with him, and
Inquiring where his work waa, re-
celved the following reply:
Well, guv'nor, yer see you threw
my breakfast out ot the window, and
I threw the oakum. lf the birds
can pick my bread they can pick my
oakum, tool
A Tiffin, Ohio, man once discovered
In ambush a sad-faced little girl with
a fistful ot mud. She was standing
in a sheltered corner ot a grocery
store and was from time to time peering around down the street.
Wbo are you waiting tor, lltlle girl,,
asked the man.
What's Henrietta done? asked the
man with a significant glance at the
mud In tbo child's hand.
Nothln*. Don't you know she's
she's queen ot the May?
Young man, we need brains tn our
I know you do. Thst Is why I'm
looking for a Job here.
To thoso About to Wad
For the benefit ot prospective bridegrooms, a vicar has proposed several
don'ts. Whatever you do, he Bays,
don't spoil everything on tbs wedding
day by telling your wife what ripping
tarts your mother makes. , Swallow
the bride's pie, tell her It's a dream
of delight, and then take a pill on the
When you marry a woman don't Imagine that you know her. You'd be
a fool lt you did. She knows you
right enough, or she wouldn't marry
you. Judge a person by intellect
rather than tttlk. I'd back-Disraeli
any day against Jack Johnson. Because a woman ls well dressed, tt does
not follow tbat she ls clever; some
stylishly-dressed women ere tools.
Don't judge ter by her lips or nose,
or the quality of her dimples, but by
Intelligence and goodness.
The vicar told an amusing story of
a good-Qlving lass who waB asked by
a chap sitting next to ber in a railway carriage whether she believed
every word ln the Bible. She said
Bhe did.
Surely, the man exclaimed, you don't
believe that Jonah was swallowed by
a whale?
I do, she answered. When I get to
heaven I'll ask him about It.
But suppose he's rot In heaven?
eald the man.
Then you ask him, the girl replied.
Obliging   Him
Arthur Roberts, the famous comedian, like most celebrities of the stage,
was from time to time pestered by
would-be actors who bad an Idea that
they were born geniuses. One young
man waa particularly persistent ln his
attempts to see Mr. Roberts, and
wrote to htm frequently asking for advice as to how he could get ou the
Mr. Roberts politely advised him to
give up the Idea, but the young man
would not do so, and began haunting
the fetage-door of the theatre, until at
last the comedian could stand lit no
longer. The aspirant was Invited in
one evening, and Mr. Roberts mot
him on the stage after the fall of tbe
You are the gentleman who wants
to know how to get on the stage? he
said. Well, Isn't Jt simple? Isn't
it easy? You're on It now! No, not
a word ot thanks! I'm delighted
I'm sure! You'll find find lt juat aa
easy to get oft. Good-night. After
that he was left ln peace.
A Household Medicine.—They that
are acquainted with the sterling
properties ot Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil In the treatment of many ailments
would not be without It ln tho house.
It Is truly a household medicine and as
It la effective ln dealing with -many
ordinary complaints tt Is cheaper than
a doctor. So, keep it at hand, as the
call tor lt may come most unexpectedly. 	
Served Him   Right
At a local cricket match in a village
not tar trom Durham the capfn of
the'home aids, in playing a fast ball
from the crack bowler of the visiting
eleven, received a sharp crack on the
knuckles. As the batsman danced
round tbe crease lu obviouB pain •
small boy in the crowd was heard to
exclaim: Serve him right!
You shouldn't talk like that, my
lad, observed an old gentleman, reprovingly, The man's hurt, you
Yes, Aa koaw, retorted the young-
ter, an' it'll teach 'lm wbat a rap o'er
the knuckles Is like.
The batsman waa tbe village school-
Minard's     Liniment     Lumberman's
Human Nature
Sho began her career selling gloves
for McKnlght—
Grant Street entrance, first floor, to
the right;
And quite often at night she would
go home and cry
Over what she muat stand from the
people who buy,
But ahe married a broker—Lord only
knows how!
And she's riding around In a Limousine now;
And the sales ladles   down   at' Mc-
Knlght'a all declare
That she's meaner than anyone else
who shops there,
a '"
Little Sarah was watching her
mother who wu Ironing some linen.
Is It hard work to Iron, mamma?
she aaked.
Pretty hard sometimes, ths mother
The little girl waa thoughtf-l a moment, then she exclaimed:
Oh, mamma, wouldn't lt be fine (f
you had married a Chinese laundry-
Furnished with 1, 2 and 3 burners, with shelf and
racfcs for keeping food hot, and indicator on oil tank.
For best results use Royalite oil. Stock carried at
all chief points.
Montreal       Toronto       Halifax
Winnipeg' Vancouver   St John
Must Have a Grumble
I have a complaint to make.
It was a guest st the seaside hotel
who spoke.
What is it? asked the polite proprietor.
My room, satd tho angry guest, ts
comfortable, and the bed Is soft.
But, my dear sir—
The bathing Is actually good, and
tho London newspapers reach here ln
three hours.
Why, I—
The table ls good, and the waiters
do not expect to be tipped,
But sir, I don't see—
In fact, tbe place ls delightful, and
your bill last week didn't bear a single thing that I had not had. I can't
stand lt!
But what do you mean? I hare
purposely arranged everything for the
comfort of my guests, and thought I
had done all In my power.
That's the whole difficulty. Everything's so good that I can't believe
It's true, and I Ue awake all night for
something to happen and my dream
to end. I'm fretting myself 111 over
tt, and If you can't give me something
to grumble about pretty soon 111 have
to pack up and go bome! j,
When the new girl trom thc employment agency had duly presented her
references and the mistress had read
them over, she regarded the girl with
a stern eye,
I am not satisfied with those refer
enr.es, she finally said.
I'm not, ayetber, mum, aaid the
frank Celt, but they're the best I
could get, mum.
She (reading)—And ao they wero
married, and that wu the last of
their troubles.
Ho (sotto voice)—Last, but not
Do you need Money ?
Send for our application forms.
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According to locality in which you
Defective Children
More than 400,000 New York school
children are   annually   referred   by
school authorities to physicians tor
medical treatment.
Italy's last oenaus cava Rome a
population ln exessi ot 631,000, an increase In ten years of mors tban .be
Do they study ths three R's la
your son's college?
Yea.    Revelry, relaxation and rot.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy which has proved its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from defective or irregular action of the organs of
digestion, find themselves spared hours of suffering
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cheerfulness and create confidence. As actions depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham's Pills
Enjoy Life
Trnml *st, br too*-. t-Khx*,. St. HtliM, Lu<wMn.Ja*__-t
flmU~.-rrwlmwilnCimxl..^V.S.Aren-Un.   I,mie*,»wm..
The Story of the Two Unfortunate Princes ,
Tbe rouinuce-trngcdy of English history Is tbe career ot tbe Duke ot Gloucester, afterward King Richard HI.
Within tt are many stories, snd Rlsb-
srd Is botb tbe hero and tbe villain
»f every one of tbem.
Wben King Edward IV., Richard's
brother, died, Edward's oldest son, wbo
became king, was a little boy. Richard, whose courage was equaled only
by bis ambition aud who possibly si
the time designed to make himself
king, ut once dashed ot tbe bead of a
troop of his ndhereuts to where young
Edward was aud captured him.
. The uext Important scene In tbe tragedy ta tbe little king riding 90 horseback from tbe city or London to West-
minster abbey, bis Uncle Richard riding beside blm, regarding bis nephew-
sovereign wltb every pretense ot reverence and affection. It Is probable
tbat Rlrburd was even tben platting to
supplant tbe cbild: tbat tbls apparent
devotion was to win Ibe confidence ot
tbe people wltb a view to furthering
his opportunity, bnt whether tbs arch
Send then contemplated murdering his
brother's son has uot been proved.
Tbe little king's mother as soon ss
sbe saw reason to fear ber brother-in-
law took refuge wltb her otber children ln the sanctuary ot Westminster,
for In those daya no person, king or
commoner, mlgbt drag one from the
sanctuary without incurring the anathemas of the cburcb. But ths boy remained wltb bis uncle, wbo slso secured possession of bis younger brother, the Duke of Clarence.
Tbe Tower of London, wblcb for
more than two centuries haa been only
t fortress und Is now mostly an object of curiosity for tourists, wss tben
also a palace and a prison. Richard
fixed tbe residence of bla nephews
tbere, assuming to reign In tbe minor
king's name. England at tbe Urns
needed s strong governing band. Richard succeeded ln convincing certain
-persons of InBtieuce tbat be bad better
be king. Others he threatened; others
he put out of bis wsy by bebeadtog
Ihem. Many of tbs commoners were
with blm.
When all wss ripe be seized tbe scepter. From tbe flrst tbs little princes
were virtually prisoners In tbe Tower,
tbough tbey were treated with all ths
reverence due a king and a prince ot
tbe blood But tbey never enme out
from the gloomy walls. Tbs people
never saw them. Young as they were,
tbey wero old enough to realise that
they were In tha bsnds of one ln wbose
wsy tbey stood snd tbelr lives were
In danger.
Richard hnd a soo of his own whom
he Idolized snd wbom bs desired
sbould succeed btm on tbs throns ot
England. Probably tbls fcaturs of the
esse turned bis mind to ths murder of
the two princes, his nephews, for so
long ss tbey lived tbelr title to th*
crown wonld stand before tbst ot Rich-
srd's son. At any rate, tber* cam* a
time when Richard determined to murder Ms nepbsws snd looked shout for
soms one to do tbe deed.
He sent an order to tbs lieutenant ot
tbe Tower to bare tbs princes put to
destb. Tbs officer refused to obey It
Io this bs braved tbs king, than sn aU
powerful sovereign, but to fores a maa
to commit tbs murdsr would hsvs st
ones mads th* murdsr known, nndUhls
did not suit Richard's purpose. When
be received word that tb* lieutenant
would not do bis bidding bs lsmented
 , , p.
ed* by "tbelr unci*. IB addition to men
horror at tbe crime and their bereave,
ment, tbey dreaded lest the. king mur
derer, defying tbe sacrcdness of thai!
refuge, would drag tbem from tht
sanctuary and Ull tbem also. Aa tlma
passed and nothing waa heard -by thi
people of tbe princes, wbo were supposed to be living In the royal apart-
ments of tb* Tower, they began to wonder. Tben tbe dreadful news spread
from mouth to moutb, aod a great horror fell upon all England.
At last ths murderer received his Aral
punishment Bis beloved son, for whom
ke had committed the crime, sickened
snd died. Richard haa no orner son,
•nd at bla death, after all, ths crown
would rest on another head tbsn ons
sf his own family,
MtMMsTblls tbs queen mot'aer of tb*
murdered king remained tn the sanctuary. Her oldest daughter, Elizabeth,
wi* now heir apparent to the throne.
The Duke of Buckingham, a powerful
aoble, conceived the idea ot marrying
this princess to a prlncs of tbs blood,
tbe Earl ot Richmond. Ths princess
being ot tbe bouse of York snd tbs
sari ot tbs houae of Lancaster-two
families that bud kept England In a
orotracted warfare bv their disputes
tor the crown—the marriage would
unite the two families und end the
wars. Richmond was In France, but
he crossed the channel and landed In
England at the bead of a French fore*.
Ib.o attempt, however, was a failure
Rlcbnrd with his accustomed energy
attacked blm before ths French and
English columns were prepared ta
light snd defeated and routed them.
The Duke of Buckingham wns captured
by Richard and immediately beheaded. 1
A second landing was made by Richmond, and Rlchurd again sprung forth
to hla work. 1
On the king's way to tbe battle wbich
was to decide bis fate he slept In an
Inn culled the Blue Boar. Richard
took wltb him bis own bed and had lt
sst up ror him to sleep In the night before the battle. He bad on bis con-
■clence tbe crime of murder, bis nobles
were beginning to desert him, and
tbere was no ons to whom be mlgbt
turn for comfort 1
In a bouse not tar away lived a boy,
under tbe care of a mau who, though
be gave blm every comfort and educated blm, told him thnt be wus not
bla father. Tbe boy'a name waa Richard Pluntagonet, and this Is sll he
knew ot bis pnreutuge. 1
Tb* nlgbt beforo tbe battle of Bos-
worth a trooper rode up to the house
wbere the boy, Plantngenct, lived nnd
told bim to come with him. They
went to tbe Inn wbere tbe king was
lodged, and tbe boy stood In tbe royal
presence. Richard embraced blm and
told blm that be was bis father, tbough
tbe led hnd not been born In wedlock.
"Tomorrow," suid the king, "I Dgbt
for my crown. If I win I will acknowledge you, and yon sball hereafter Ilr*
wltb me as my son." 1 \
Quit* likely Richard contemplated-*
In caae be won tbe light-to force tbls
natural son upon tbe Eugllsb iieople as
his successor. Be this ss It msy, young
Plsntagenet the uext day took position
on a bill overlooking tbs battlefield on
which was to be decided whether b*
wss. to live tbe life of a royal personage or tbst of an outcast i
Tb* king awoke Id tbe morning
showing by hla appearance that be wa*
under a terrific dread. Hla face was
livid, snd bs complained ot having bad
frightful dreams. Tbs crime of murder being on bis conscience, knowing
Ihst be could not rely upon soms of
the nobles wbo bad brought tbelr retainers to serve him, It Is likely tbst b*
feared defeat and punishment;. I
And wbat aaw young Rlcbnrd rina-
tagenet from tb* hilltop? Wben th*
battle was well on, ons ot tbs nobles
wbo formed a part of Richard's army
awung bla troops to ths otbsr aid*.
Tbls was tb* signal for the defecUun
ef others, snd presently ths greater
psrt ot botb armies wer* opposing tbs
Tbsn tb* boy ssw his fattier make •
lay many ytsrs srter thert events b*p» _.-.„_„   .„.,.,,.„.   '
pened tbe landlady while cleaning that |, C   RATHER   GREWSOME.   T-,
room beard something drop on the floor *   ■    - I
snd roll awsy.  Picking lt np, sbe saw.  In Fact, the English Huntsr Was Sur*
tbst It wss ■ cold coin bearing a dat* ', It Wa* Quit* Be. {
just previous to Richard's death.  Th*     m th* Nairobi club 1 mst a gentle-
bed was examined and found to hare
a false bottom, wblcb was full of money. It hod been so fitted by the king
to carry treasure. 1
Ths victorious Earl of Richmond
went from Bosworth field to London,
where he wss received by the people as
their sovereign. He married the Princess Elizabeth, tbus uniting tbs famine*
of Tork and Lancaster and ending th*
celebrated wars of tbe roses.
For four centuries tbe fate of tb*
little King Edward V. snd his brother
msn with ons arm gone at ths shoulder. Hs told bis story ln a slightly
bored snd drawling voice, picking bis
words very carefully and evidently
most occupied with neither understate
Ing nor overstating the cos*. It seems
bs bad been out snd bad killed some
sort of a buck. While his men were
occupied with this he strolled on alone
to see wbat he could find. He found a
rhinoceros tbat cbsrged viciously snd
Into which be emptied his gun. 1
'When I cam* to," he sold, "It was
New Wrinkles About Wrlnklee.
It la a great mistake to suppose that
111 wrinkles Indicate old age.   Some
wrinkles and lines nre Indications of
temperament and character nnd result
 ._._   __         _     from a  muscular contraction of the
has stirred the sympathy of all peopl_*l   ja8t coming on duskand the lions were   cheek or brow.   These lines become
Artists bare chosen the children ftr   beginning to grunt   My arm was com-   permanently engraved ln tbe face as
themes for pictures, and Shakespeare
made the deeds of King Richard th*
subject ot ons ot his principal tragedies. It wsb the last act ln tbe real
tragedy, tbe wan of the roses, tn
which multitudes perished while king*
fought for n crown.' But when the other historic events shall have passed
Into oblivion the murder of tbe royal
.blldren will continue to excite tbi
iimoathv of the world.	
pletely crushed, and I was badly bruised ond knocked sbout   As near as I
' could remember, I was fully ten miles
from csmp. A circle of carrion birds
stood all ubout me not more tbau ten
feet away, and a grent many others
were flapping over me and fighting tn
the air. These laat were so close tbat
1 could feel the wind from tbelr wings.
, lt waa ratber grewsome."   He paused
j and thought a moment, us though
weighing his words,   "ln fact," he add-
! ed, with uu air of final conviction, "It
wus quite grewsome." — Stewart  Ed-
Tattooed Royalty,
Quite n number of members of European royal families bear tattooed de- ; w„,.d white In American Mugnziue.
signs. The Orand Duke Alexis of Russia, for Instance, Is most elaborately
tattooed; likewise bis cousin, the Duke
of Snxe-Coburg and Ootha.  Tbe queen
of Greece and the king of Sweden are.
also  tattooed.    On   bis  arm   Prince |
Oeorge' of Greece bits a wonderful rep-i I
resentatlon of n flying dragon In many:
colors.    One of King George's nrm_.j
bore  a  similar  design,   nnd  Prince
Francis of Teck has a curious picture
of a frog leaping for a small beetle
tattooed on his right forearm. , |.
tbe underlying tissue shrluks from th*
steady contraction and consequent lack
of circulation.
Wrinkles tire often caused by 111
health, mental strain aud nervousness,
sud generally these wrinkles can be
Induced to leave by careful treatment,
snd by building up tbe health and'
nervous system.
Whatever tends to promote the general heulth, to Increase the deposit of
fat la the skin tissues of the face, will
help to obliterate these telltale lines
and restore firmness and smoothness.
I Very often the sklu of tbe face has
become extremely dry, and lines form
themselves very quickly and for no apparent reason.
While It ls absolutely necessary to;
keep tbe face perfectly clean, som*
skins are so delicate and tender tbat
tho use of n bland soap Is harmful, and
aucb skins need nn entirely different
A Vary Peer Shot and a Parfactly Qood
Natured Target.
An Incident tbnt occurred In the experience of nn English ufUcer la told by
the London Specntor to tllustrnto the   treatment" from* the stronger, coarser
calmness und Indifference to denth and   lklM   u b nlB0 nccegsa[J t0 g|ve the
Whan You Ar* Tired Mentally.
Are you weary? Breathe more; ent
Active exercise will not rest you
from mental work.
"When you, yre tired with mental
work," aoys a well known physician,
"do not tblnk you must take active exercise. That wilt make yon more weary.
All you need la rest nnd more air lu
your lungs. Sit down quietly aud comfortably and breathe deeply twenty-
flve times.  Rest a moment nnd repeat.
•'This sir forced Into tho body removes tbe waste material whicb makes
you weary.
"Don't ent all you want
"Food not needed for support of tbe
system Is so much extra work for tbe
body sud requires more air to dispose
"This regimen will diminish your
grocery bill and save your shoo leather."—San Francisco Chronicle.
bodily dnnger characteristic ot ths
Turkish soldier.
Tbe officer, accompanied by n guard
of Turkish soldiers, went to tbe edge
cf a cliff overlooking tbe sen to shoot
at a seal tbnt he saw disporting itself
ln tbe wnter below.
He fired n good mnny times, and the
last shot bnd gone very near tbe bobbing mark when one of the soldiers
came to blm nnd politely nsked. "Do
you not tblnk, sir, that you have tired
often enongb at Sergeant YusstifV"
Tbe supposed seal wns Indeed tbe
Presently tbe sergeant came ashore,
put on his clothes aud enme up tbs
cliff smilingly. Tbe officer apologized
handsomely nnd "lil a uied himself free-
ly. Hut Yitssiif, like bis companions,
I did not lliluk tbere wns much to be
concerned nbout. After all. tbo ninrk
had been very smsll. It wns natural
tu Ure ut It. It wus ttullkrly that tbe uf
: H-.-er would lilt tt, uud he (Yti_.au.) hito
uut minded It ut all.
Quite s Difference.
Wben tbe Baroness Burdett-Coutts
waa Miss Coctts. tbo grent heiress, ll
was rumored tbat sbe was to wed tho
Duke of Wellington. A friend asked
Ihe duke If the rumor was true, and
the duke answered Irritably:
"I said Miss Angela Coutts deserved
lo be a duchess. I never said tbat I
would make ber one."
Tbls observation of tbe duke's was
repeated to tbe heiress. She flushed
ou hearing It. smiled a little bitterly
and remarked:
"The duke sbould have satd 'could,'
oot 'would,'"
His Only Subjact
Mile, ran Vorst ln s recent book tells
t story of s dinner at Chicago given
by tbs ambitious wife of s millionaire
tanner. The lady noticed, to ber annoyance, thot ber busband did not
ipeak a word to tbolr smart guests,
snd wben sbe got an opportunity she
whispered angrily. "Wby don't you
When Vou Ara Weary,
Are .vou weary7 Breathe mote, eat
less. Active ciert-lsw will nut rest yon
mini mental work.
"When you ure tired wltb ttieutal
work," anys a well knmvti physician,
"do nut think yott tiiust take active
exercise. That will miiko you more
weary. All ynu need ste ri-tst aud more
sir In ynur lungs. Hit dowu quietly
and roniforialtly anil breathe deeply
twenty-live time*. Rest a inuiiieut and
"This atr forced Into tlie body re
itinves" the waste material wblcb
makes you weary.
"Don't eat nil you want
"Food uot needed for support of thi
ayatem la so hutch extra wurk fur th*
body aud requlrea more air to dispose
"Tbla regimen will diminish yonr
grocery bill and save your sbos
l*stber."-Cblcsgo Tribune.
sklu a chnnce to recuperate from the
drying nnd parching effect of the steam
boated air of modern houses. Skin
thtit Is pnrched and Inelastic will:
wrinkle mucb sooner than soft pliable
sklu. Use plenty ot good skin food;
don't skimp lt; lt really docs not pay;
tben wipe it ott wltb a soft towel or
piece of cheesecloth.
 ■—   **\
How to Manage.
Massage tlte face with a good skin
food for twenty minutes at nlgbt after
tbe face baa been washed with tepid
water aud tbe soap p_i.ti>. Massage,
besides stimulating the skin by increasing tbe circulation, smooths tbe eut*
face. Think of tbe skin ns a piece ot
wrinkled soft paper. To make the paper smooth so that it can be used again
one pats nnd smooths out tbs creases.|
Tbe same treatment sbould be applied
to tbe face, tbe maiu difference beta*
tbat tbe flesh requires a firmer strok*!
thim would be glveu to a more perishable material,
i    The following is an excellent sktn
food for tbis purpose:
i Wblte wax, one ounce; spermaceti,
one ounce; lanolin, two ounces; cocoa-]
nut oil, two ounces; sweet almond oil,:
four ounces; rosowater, two ounces.'
Melt tbe flrst Ave ingredients In a
double boiler, take from tbe Are and
while beating slowly sdd tb* rosewater. When quite cold put Into Jan.!
Thia food will not cause a growth of
bulr 011 tbo face.
A good lotion far use In treating
premature wrinkles Is made from ths
following formula: Alum, sixty grains!
almond milk (thick), one and one-balf
ounces: rosewater, six ounces, Dissolve tbe nlum in the rosewater; tben
pour gently Into tbe almond milk,
abaklng constantly.
Ag* ef Weetmineter Hall.
Westminster ball la quite Ave centuries old, possibly more, for Richard II..
who la credited wltb Ita building, was
"What's tb. goodr replied tb. tan-]•".">J<«« »» X*
rCa^u^^ilnStttbe0;''   -5SS *F*£ bnt"!"'ao Intlutn^y In-
t '«m ** know* a tblng about leatner.        f „..,.-*
aloud tbat be bad no on* on wbom b* j BBrTe|0Bi dash to tnrn tb* tide In his
could rely In his extremity. A psgs , flTor T|,e ung ssw the Earl ot Rich-
overheard what be said snd, knowing | mond anji putting spurs to his bora*,
bis meaning, told blm tbat bs knsw • | f0u0w«d by only a handful of retain-
msn wbo would serve blm ss be wish-1 (ra> DB4, straight for bla opponent
ed to bs served. Tb* mnn wss called,
eccepted tbs commission aad Isft for
tbs Tower.
For four centuries a pitying world
bss been wondering ss to ths death
scene of tb* poor I'*"9 klD> "n-" bl'
brother. All tbat I* known Is tbst to
keep tbelr cries from being beard tbsy
were smother*d In thoir bedclotb**.
Wben sll was over tbelr bodies wer*
taken down to tb* toot of tbe stslrs
'below tbs room In which tbs desd
wss dons and tber* burled. Later,
when tb* murder became known, It
was given out tbat tbty bad b**n bur
led In Westminster abbey. But thli
Itory was disproved msny yenrs later,
in tho reign of Cbarlas If., when on
making cbungas lu the Tower the skeletons of two children were found at th*
foot of tho •lalrcns*. ns recorded by   	
ons ot the murderers at the tlma ot ths f-. many years known to b* tb* nst-
Biqrdcr, I oral son ot Rlchsrd HI., king ot Enf.
-' Tbs luklug off of tb* princes, Ulng ^nd, On a tombstone over a grsrt
known only to n few, wo* kept for I' near by wbsr* b* lived Ii bla nam*,
loug wlill*.   But tber* wer* whisper   Richard Plautsgenrt. I
logs, nnd In tlm* It becnm* knowu tt -    Th* king being dead, th* bedstead hi
An Odd ■uslneee. *
"Insurance people ar* queer.**
"How sol"
"First Ihey convloc* you thnt you
may dl* within s week to get yoo to
Coming" VsaVtb. Vsri"^*'■truck do'wS spply for s policy, then tbey must con-
SShtaSft tlii Who d.f.»dsd ...m. r tine* MM&Jg you Ht. fur
But tb* .truggl* wss too nn*qnsl. A,, ys*« snd yenrs be or. tbey II Isaus It
soldier nor* down tb* king snd dls-l -Boston Transcript
patched blm.
Hlatory gives no definite scroitnt of
tbe subsequent llfs of tbe boy whs
from tb* hilltop uw tb* dashing of
bis hops*. But tber* Is sn nccouut of
a man who was a bricklayer and who
at noontimes, when his fellow workmen wer* resting, would b* found ta
b* reading. On on* occasion a person,
curious to know whit hs read, looked -Ewrybody 1
st tbs book. H* fouad It to b* written
In I-ntlit. I
Tbls msn was Rlchsrd Nnutagenet
wbo from a bill nsar Bosworth Aeld
ssw his fsther slain snd bis sudden
Hs Could Run.
An anxious traveler on a street car.
with watcb In band, aeelng bs bad
only a few minutes lo wblcb to catch
s train, snld to th* conductor, "Can't
you mak* any faster tlm* than thia7"
"V«s," snswsred the conductor, "I
csn. but 1 hav* to stay wltb tbe car."
An AwfufThreat.  -
KHty-Wby ar*  you  so  fesrfnlly
glum, dcarT Marls-Jack mndosnaw.
fill threat laat nlgbt when I rejected
hop* of llTlni tb* Uf* vt a I'rtnc* go. blm.   Kill:
out forever. This man sftorward wai   Marl*-Ob,
___. I ____.   _______   !.____,   All-   statu I   lit-'A   *r\*\W*\9
blm.   Kllty-What. to sboot blmasltj
worts tban tbat,   II* paid
he'd nsT*r propoje to rai i|*ln.-N»w
Vork Bun.
"Now, Thomai," aaktd tttt tvaohti
tl a small pupil, "can yen tell ms
what a lunoUon llf'
tbs"quse"n tuothsr and hsr daughter!' badsleptIn th*"nlgbt b*ror* his dsstfc' m^\ i£l?iid*"^»8<UT0fi xfca
tbat tbelr dear on** hnd betn murdsr , remained m Uw Blm Posr.Hta.  Os* lttd| »
tern-oven with tho hlatory or England,
haa, accordlug to Fuller, th* dlstloc-
tton of poaseaslng "cobwobloss beuma."
Thoy wer*. ao 11 popular trndldou nf-
Armed, of Irish onk, In which It waa
liupnaslbl* for apldera to live nnd spin
their weha. Cunningham telle ua that
th* root "la of chestnut and very tin*,
th* Onvat of Ita kind In this country."
It waa tbs meshes of ths law. If not
epldera' webs, one might hare looked
for here of old. for during long centuries Englnnd'e courts of low wer*
held In Westminster hall.-London
Bigger tht Stat!, Smaller th* Crime.
Tb* Manx Inw of old time* bad
mnny oddities, but none, surely, quainter thnn to mnke the greator the crlma
till leae. because of the Impossibility,
within Ihe narrow limit* of the lals
ot Mnn. Hint tb* bigger thief sbould
bt successful
"If a man steal a bone or sn ox," so
ran ths law, "It la no tslony. ror tb*
offender csnnot bids tbem, but If b*
Steal • cspon or a pig h* shall be
A Ctntrttttr.
•What's your bmband'i buslnesgr
•Contractor."    ,
"What l_n»r „ -u'j
«n»bts."-Nsw Orlsnni TlMfc-D***
Hew to Ramtvt Dandruff.
" An  excellent  dandruff  remover  te
made up of alcohol, resorctn, clnconct,
canthnrides and quinine,
A shampooer who takes sn Interest
In her work psys ss much attention to
Ibe removal of ths dandruff aa abs doos,
to cleansing tbs hair. Tbe dandruff,
sbould be loosened from tb* scalp by,
massaging tbs scalp wltb tb* linger,
tip* or by tbe nse of * (mail bruab Uk*
a nailbrush. Ths bair sbould bs pnrt-
ed st Intervals so tbst tbs sealy sub-,
stances cnn be easily reached.
Dandruff on a neglected scalp cakes.
When tbls bappena there ta nn lrrtsltt-|
tbit Impulse to remove It Do not do,
tbit wltb tbe flnger nails, aa It often
causes tht blood to flow tud may de-'
stray tbe root of tbe bslr.
Not only does dandruff retard tb*
growth of tbe hair, but It certainly of-
rends ths cy* ot every one wbo hss sny.
couceptlon ot nentnesa to ae* the clotb-,
tag or another covered wltb these scaly,
particles. Each or us ought to bar*
•ufflrlent pride (bout our appearance
te endeavor lo keep our scalp eltsn snd
•ur clothes Immaculate.
Mistress (wboss chauffeur bts Jnst
Id formed ber tbst Fldo boa been shut
■p In tbs stable because bs leaped up
at a Strang* lady In tb* rocdt—How.
odd ot blm! Do you snppos* b*
thought It wu me? Cbanffwr-
Conldu't uy wbat h* thought my,
lady_-Londou Punch.
A* H* Diagnosed It
•I fur yon do not rtaUy ter* ***,•*.
laid Um young doctor.
•Wby do yo* gay tbatr twin (lit
UwfUi- ■
•lour palu dots sot uw te a*
<*tenU lay who tlold psm hut*
-Wasklutoa ftps*     *•*..**■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to'fiy.
Sherwin-Williams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Onr Paint Advice is Free
The secretary of the school hoard
announces tbat nil the teachers of
the Grand Forks public school
for the next term hnve now been en
gaged. The following instructors
will compose the staff: Hugh Glaspell, principal; Alvah Matheson,
assistant principal; Misses Edith
Hadden, Jessie Stuart, H. Olding,
Esther M. Best, Adele Bremner,
Caroline R. Munro and Alice L.
Noble. The principal of the high
school has not yet been engagetl.
School opens on Monday, August
Mrs. Clem Alexander and children, of Moose Jaw, Sask., are visiting in tbis city at tbe home of Mrs.
Alexander's sister, Mrs. Robert
Campbell. Tbey will probably
spend tbe remainder of the summer
The school board has offered the
principalship of tbe Grand Forks
bigh school to Win. Walker, B.A.,
of London university, London,
England. i
Death of Mrs. Stewart
Mrs. Alice Stewart, wife of James
Stewart, Canadian customs officer at
Carson, died Saturday afternoon
from burns which she sustained the
previous afternoon while engaged in
extinguishing a blaze set by a gasoline stove.
Mrs. Stewart was 34 years of age,
Sbe was a native of Ontario, hut
resided in tbis valley for a number
of years. About four years ago she
married Mr. Stewart, and her husband and a two yenr old son survive
her. Her untimely death is generally lamented by the people of the
community, botb on account of her
many excellent traits and the tragic
manner in which she met her fate
while making a heroic and successful effort to save home from the
flames. Many soldiers have gained
undying fame for deeds on the battle
field in nn smse braver than her's.
The people of the city and the val
ley extend sincere sympathy to the
bereaved husband and tbe motherless child.
Tbe funeral was held on Monday
afternoon   under  the   auspices of
The old Graham ranch of 320 acrea
near Cascade ia for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Ealing, Rossland, B. C.
Trains on the Great Northern
branch between Oroville and Wenatehee will be running by January.
Tbis will materially reduce the
mileage to tbe coast from this oity.
Miss Haddon—London trained—
is prepared to give elementary lessons nn the violin. For terms and
arrangements applv P. q. Drawer M.
The ranchers of lhe valley are
Jarveeting Iheir hay crop, and are
pxerting their influence for a few
more days of dry weather.
For Sale—Ten acrps of good fruit
land in the West end of the oity,
nhout half of which is planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to hear.
Apply to E. Barron, Grand Forks,
B. C.
Harvesting the grain crop in tbe
valley is about finished.
Wanted—Plain sewing; 11.50 per
ilay Call nr address MUa Bessie Justus, Riverside ave., North Fork  add.
We have jnst added
another Silent Salesman for the purpose
of displaying Neckties
only, so that our patrons can choose their
neckwear without any
In Neckwear
Our shapes, styles and
prires will compare favorably with any stock
in the Boundary, and
has the advantage of
being new and up-to-
R. Campbell
The auto road   hftween  Ihis city
nnd Grepnwnod Ims heen finished.
For bale—Five and one fifth acrea
nf the best fruit land; cleared; fenced;
well; four roomed houae; fifteen minutes' walk from town. For particulars
applv to owner, G. H. Pell, Grand'
Forks, B. C. I
■A. 8. Black, of Greenwood, was a
visitor in the city yesterday.
Grand Forks Lodge No. 30, Knights
of Pythias. Rev. Henry Steele conducted tbe service. The attendance
waa tbe largest witnessed on a similar occasion in tbis city tor many
years, and numerous beautiful floral
offerings were made. Interment
was made in Evergreen cemetery,
Card of Thanks
I wish to heartily thank my many
friends for their kindly expressions
of sympathy in my recent bereavement, and especially to tbe members of the Pythian Sisters and to
my brethren in tbe Knights of
Pytbias for their fraternal attentions
to me at this particular time.
James A. Stewart.
Standard fruit Boxes
During July the inspectors of tbs
department of agriculture, headed
by Chief Inspector L. G. Clarke,
were strictly enforcing the law with
respect to tbe nse of standard size
fruit boxes.
Tbe standard Canadian box is a
4-5 quart. 56.5 cubic inohes, or 2-5
quart. 27.75 cubic inohes. During
the early part of the season wben
only California fruit was offering,
the inspectors were disposed to take
a lenient view of Ibe matter, but as
our own fruit came on tbe market.the
"sbort" boxes from south of the
line were promptly dealt with.
Puyallup dealers  are   perturbed
iver the adoption of a similar law in
Chicago. The Washington state
legislature at its last session passed
similar legislation, hut although it
was intended to come into effect at
once, it was found that to prevent
hardship it would-have tn be suspended uniil the first of the year.
The dealers bad already Blocked up
with smaller boxes.
I? AD VJ A F1? A 5-roomed
rUK. OALEl cottage with
all modern,  improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done
Palace Barber Shop
tUior Honing a 8pe<-.lft.£y.
|P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noi.th or Ukanhy Hotkl,
Fihst Stkkkt.
SuitS  tO   Order   &18  Upwards
f We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
, .  want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
ape Mam*
I a atnUh «n«Vle«cTli>.l<in «i«T
Sur OTiltiton pMjt-iellior
__. '?r"
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A i•llabl* French legul-tor; new fatto. That
pilla ate eiceedlngly powitlul In rrf-1-tlni tha
We are experts
in this line, and
have on hand a
choice selection of Mouldings in all styles and finishes.
Bring in your pictures and have them framed to beautify your home.   Our charges are very moderate.
Picture Framing
Grand Forks Furniture Co
Wi__jL Sh.d.., ite. The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Grand Forks Transfer
Tnnks to and Fran Statins
Mclntyre & Clayton, Props.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and.Tam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Sture
Hasaaa'a BiaiDaxcs. ma ***** SUVSl
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe moat modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, end carry a complete
. line ol Stationery.
Billhead! end Statement*,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dales end Dodgem,
Buaineae and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill* of Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
. V      '  •#
nf\C*T\ PDI\TIN_Q—the kind  we do—ia  in   itself
■UU-l/U riULlllLlU   „, rivertiaement, and a trial
order will conrinoe you that onr atock and workmanship are of the beat    Let uaeatimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee aatiafaction.
iip fcroi -print fctarjt


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