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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 11, 1921

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 I )
the center of Grand Forks valley, ther-S
premier fruit   growing    district   of****
Southern British Columbia.    Mining'
•nd  lumbering are   also   important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
THP ^rilV '3 t'le favo"te news-
X11U Ovil  papef of the citizens
of the district. It is raad by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what yoo Know Is true:
I can guess as well as you.
$1.00 PER YEAR
powered to Engage En
gineer    When   Letters
Patent Are Issued
At a meeting of practically all the
landowners of tbe proposed Grand
Forks improvement district, tbe
present irrigation committee was
empowered to engage ao engineer
to carry on tbe preliminary work as
soon as tbe letters patent are issued.
It is hoped tbat two or three weeks'
time in the installation ot the irrigation system will be gained by
adopting this course.
The meeting was held in the G.
W.V.A. rooms, and was presided
over by T.Padgett, chairman of tbe
irrigation committee. Tbe subject
wu pretty thorough discussed, and
all those present seemed to be satisfied with the action taken.
invention, and is said to be unique
in mining operations.
Platinum, although a mineral
which is known to exist in large
quantities in British Columbia, bas
never been produced to fny great
extent. Mr. Marsh bas great faith in
his property, wbich if developed
successfully, will result in a great
impetus in prospecting for this vala
able mineral.
Platinum is among tbe minerals
found in various deposits in tbe
Similkameen. Assays of ore taken
from claims near Olalia have re
vealed it in small quantities and the
sands of the beds of the Tulameen
and Similkameen rivers are also said
to carry small values of tbe valuable
Water Users Must
Pay for Irrigation
$405,490 Collected in
Motor Gar Licenses
In answer to a question raised by
W. Jones, South Okanagan, in
the legislature last Friday, Attorneys
General Farris submitted figures
showing tbat a total of $405,490 was
collected in motor licenses last year.
Victoria, March 6.—Dealing further with tbe amendments to tbe
Water act, in moving the seoond
reading of tbe bill, Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands, augmented
the statements given out aud published when tbe act was introduced.
He said tbe government had adopted
aud was following a policy of making the water user pay. Criticisms
had been off. red by tbe opposition
members to the effect tbat tbe
charges for irrigation work should be
a burden on tbe whole of the province. This could not be permitted,
said the minister, wbo felt tbat the
government's irrigation policy was
one of the ontstanding blessings
Wbioh bad come to tbe residents of
the province.
Hon. Mr. Pattullo paid tribute to
Water Controller Cleveland, a man,
ha said, who was doing splendid
work for tbe public. E ven the peo
pie in the dry belt were well pleased
with tbe government's policy.
"They din't endorse it at the last
election by electing Liberals," interjected J. W. Jones, of South Okanagan.
"No," said tbe minister. "They
figured it out this way: If Jones can
get free water, si much the better.
But we. are all right anyway."
Among tbe otber minor details of
business on Friday was the presentation of a petition by F. W. Anderson, Liberal member for Kamloops,
a petition signed by 160 people and
asking tbat the Chinese born in tbe
province of naturalized parents be
given the franchise.
Washington, March 7.—During
tbe early pBrt of the week, centering
on March 20 a warm wave of wide
dimensions will cover all the northern Rockies,Pacific slope, and plains
sections. It will affect tbe whole
continent as it moves southeastward
Tbe warm wave is always considered tbe first indication of the storm
and, in weatbarology, is called tbe
first feature of tbe storm. It will be
a severe storm and cause much bad
weather along the storm paths that
have been usual for the pist four
month, and with about the average
precipitation aod loci tion of thjse
The cbange in precipitation will
not come till near middle of April.
It is safe for you to expect not mucb
change in crop weather for the next
six weeks. But March will be an
unusually stormy month; mucb like
the last week in January and tbe
weeks centering on February 7 and
18. Most severe Biotas and most
precipitation of the month are ex>
pected during the week centering on
March 9.
Returned Men Buy
Irrigated Lands in
Osoyoos District
British Columbia returned soldiers
at Pentictson on Friday bought
twenty-three parcels, each of from
ten to "twenty acres, of irrieated
land in the government's South
Okanagan irrigrtion project.
The soldiers paid a total of $71,"
668 for their purchases. Eleven parcels sold at the upset price against
tbem, wbile twelve averaged- $298
more tban the upset price.
Friday's was tbe first sale of land
in tbe Osoyoos district, where the
government has carried out an extensive iirigation scheme.
At tbe sale to civilians on Saturday, four parcels of land were disposed of, and twenty-three town
lots in Oliver were sold, tbe highest
price paid being $650.
Plot for a Problem
Play May Be Hidden
in This Man's Life
There seems to be considerable
mystery concerning tbe present
whereabouts or fate of Corp. Nye,
who enlisted in this oity and served
for a couple of years overseas in tbe
engineering corps of the C.E.F.
Last Monday's Spokesman-Review
contained a long story about tbe
sudden disappearance of Nye (or
Bushnell, wbicb seems to his cerrect
name) from Spokane, wbere he has
been living since the close of the
war. Tbe article stated tbat circumstances indicated that tbe man
had met witb foul play.' A few days
ago the local chief of police received
a circular from the Spokane police
authorities stating that Nye, or
Bushnell, was badly wanted in Spokane for passing bogus checks.
A dipatch from Toronto, refer-
ring to the new additions to the
Trail smelter of tbe Consolidated
Mining and Smeltingcompany,says:
"Tho Consolidated Mining and
Smefting company's copper refinery
at Trail has been increased to 50
tons daily capacity, wbich is ap*
proximately tbe total Canadian con'
sumption of refined copper. Both
ingot and cake copper are being
turned out, and wire bars will be a
regular product when the copper
rod mill, now nearing completion,
begins oparations. Tbe rod mill bas
a daily capacity of 150 tons of wire
rods. This will ensure a full supply
for Canadian wire drawers. The
company will not embark on tbe
production of wire, the field being
fuliy occupied by the four Canadian
Keremeos Experiencing
a Steady Growth
Tbe following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
March 4—Friday  47
6—Saturday... . 41
6- Sundiy  46
7—Monday   49
8—Tuesday  51
9—Wednesday.. 53
10   Thursday  44
Rainfall 00
15,000 Miles of Roads
in British Columbia
Penticton Will Have
High Power Line
Manager Lome Campbell, of tbe
West Kootenay Power company, bas
informed representatives of the Penticton municipal council and tbe
Penticton board of trade tbat bis
company would undertake construction of a high-power line this summer, and expected to be able to deliver power to the municipality by
Ootober next. Tbe line, which will
carry 110,000 volts, will be tbe present power line of the company at
tbe soldier settlement at Fairview,
thirty three miles south of Penticton.
First Platinum and
GoldExtracting Plant
The first plant, established in Brit
ish Colombia for tbe extraction of
platinum and gold from black sand
will be erected about two miles from
Quesnel, on the Fraser river,according to plans which have been made
by S. J. Marsh, pionerr miner and
prospettor of the Cariboo country.
The plant, wbich is to be erected
as soon as construction can be got
underway, will have a capacity of
100 tons per day. Mr. Mrrsb, who
came into tbe Cariboo in 1894, bas
been working his platinum property
for a great many years. Tbe new
method of extracting platinum and
Tbere are approximately 15,000
miles of roads in British Columbia,
states the annual report of tbe
public works department, tabled in
the bouse Friday afternoon by Hon.
J. H. King, minister of tbat branch
of tbe government service.
With such a task before the government it was declared impossible
to keep the roads in the best condition witb the appropriations available. However, attention was concentrated upon substantially improving portions of the main travelled routes and keeping the other
portions in a reasonably good state
of repair.
Royal Fractions
There is a general opinion tbat
tbe Queen of England is a person of
considerable strength and determination of character. That opinion
is reflected in a number of more or
less amusing stories. One of them
relates that the Prince of Wales,
while visiting the British forces at
tbe front, saw in a dugout the pictures of his royal father and mother.
Coder   the   king's    was    written,
Ask Dominion for
Liquor Legislation
Molly Gibson Mine
Holds Annual Meeting
Victoria, March 5.—Premier Oliver placed a notioe ou the order
paper Friday to tbe effect tbat on
Monday he would move a resolution
asking tbat the federal authorities
be requested, at their present sitting,
to enact legislation providing for the
prohibition of the importation of intoxicating liquor into British Columbia for use therein except by the
provincial government; such legislation being for the purpose of supplementing and giving effect to the provincial act for government control
and sale, to be contingent upon and
to exist-only during its .ontinuance.
In his resolution, Prem er Oliver
states that there can be effective con
trol of tbe liquor traffic in this province only through the assistance of
the federal authorities.
The step is being taken in view of
the belief tbat the province has not
power to prevent tbe importation of
liquor or to impose a special tax of
$2.50 a bottle on all such importations, as proposed in the original
draft of the moderation bill.
At the extraordinary meeting of
the Molly Gibson Burut Basin Mining company, beld bere this week,
wbicb meeting was representative of
the shareholders, it was unanimously decided to subscribe to the extent
that funds could be raised with
which to develop the mine more
Following are the officers: Presi
dent.W. R. Bradent; vice-president,
Jobn B, Singer; general manager,
M. E. Pureell; secretary, Irving J.
Trembatb; directors, M. E. Pureell,
F. H. Jacobsou, James Petrie and
John McNeely.
The Molly Gibson mine is located
near Paulson and is considered by
mining men to be a promising gold
property. The oontrol rests with
local people.—Rossland Miner.
Keremeos is not experiencing a
boom as some might suppose, but
is steadily though rapidly coming
into its own owing to the realization
of the value of the local conditions
and bright future of the district.
Building operations and otber
much needed improvements are being made, which indicate that tbe
dullness experienced during the
period of tbe war was but temporary, add with tbe advent of spring
business men look forward to a brisk
season. The progress and growth
now recommenced is regarded with
confidence, born of tbe knowledge
that the valley is capable of produc -
ing more wealth in fruit and vegetables, etc., than any district of
similar size in southern British
Japanese English
Of tbe eagerness of the Japanese
to learn English Mrs. De Burgh Daly
in an Irishwoman in China give's an
amusing account. She declares tbat
they will pounce on you at railway
stations and on steamers and insist
on talking with you in order to practice the new tongue.
Sometimes, she says,the questions
they ask are odd enough. A Japanese clerk accosted a tall, dark missionary in these words: "Sir, or
madam, as the case may be, what is
your name?'' And I bave been told
that a placard was exhibited on a
little Japanese house, setting forth
that "English is taught here up to
G." The bouse coolie at the hotel
said tome, with a polite bow,"Will
you bave some hot!" I discovered
that he meant to ask whether I
wished the steam heat turned on I
A Wisconsin town is using ashes
as a road-making material. Soft and
sandy roads bave in this manner
been converted into smooth, hard
developed highways in the last
two years there were thus improved
about ten miles of streets, using tbe
ashes from residences and .factories.
Between thirty and thirty-five loads
of ashes (two yards per load) are required for the improvement of one
block of sandy street, at a cost of a
little over $14 per block for haulage
only, or about $186 per mile, as
againat the old practice of paying
to have them hauled and humped
on waste ground.
"George  the     fifth";   under    tbe
gold from the sand is one of his own queen's, "the other four-fifths."
Satire is a good natured joke that
is always half "ire.''
Don't forget that an ounce of
keeping your mouth shut is worth a
pound of explanations.
The 5 o'clock tea would be even
more popular witb women if it wore
marked down to 4.57.
A man sbould always be polite,
but it isn't necessary for him to remove his hat wben talking to a girl
ovet the telephone.
Route of Transprovincials
Highway Not Yet Decided
Victoria, March 5.— E. C. Henniger, of Grand Forks,told tbe house
on Friday afternoon that most of
the returned soldiers to whom be
bas talked are against beer, as they
believe tbat a soldiers club should be
a place wbere tbey can go without
feeling that they bad to bave money
in tbeir pockets to spend on beer
"I am a little of a prohibitionist
at least," said Mr. Henniger. "In
one way I am against the whole bill
from start to finish, because just as
sure as you make it easy to obtain
liquors of all kinds, you will cause
to grow up in your country a class
of people who will be beer and booze
drinkers, and you will not have as
good a class of citizens as you otherwise would buve.
"The more booze that is sold in
the province will not only fill your
jails, but cause you to build more
homes for wayward girls and hospitals and institutions for old men, the
broken products of booze."
Mr. Henoigar quoted Lloyd
George, wbo said that if the United
States remained dry for ten years,
England would also have to go dry
in order to compete in tbe world's
markets, as tbe country rbat is dry
is 10 per cent more efficient than
the country wbose people use booze.
Referring to tbe speech of Canon
Hincbliffe, Mr. Henniger declared
that the canon gave no indication of
his Btand on tbe beer clause, although earlier in tbe session he had
admitted tbat he was in favor of
more beer for the workingmen.
"1 can't understand a man of his
high calling taking this attitude
when he says he is in favor of more
beer for workingmen," Mr.Henniger
went on. "Had he been in favor of
more milk for poor families, I would
think it would be more like him,
"I am against beer in any club or
botel and for its sale only in government stores, as I believe that is
what the liquor vote called for in
October. I believe that in a few
years the people of tb? province
will be disgusted witb this government in any way dealing in liquor
and will go back to prohibition and
will have it bone dry."
Mr. Henniger said tbat in spite of
all the telegrams from soldiers about
beer, not a word has been produced
from the sisters and mothers of tbe
men, and tbey are against beer.
Victoria, March 5.—"Tbere is absolutely no foundation in the story
appearing in a Vancouver paprr
Thursday with regard to the "settlement of the route for the transpro-
vincial highway," stated Hon. Dr.
King here yesterday.
The question of abandoning botb
the Hope-Princeton ronte and tbe
Canyon route has not been decided,
said tbe doctor, wbo said that the
conflicting stories appearing from
time to time only injured tbe work
of the department in tbat it natur
ally caused misunderstanding. "We
are still giving tbis matter the fullest and most exhaustive investigation," said Hon. Dr. King, "but
the engineer's reports have not all
been received, and no decision has
been arrived at."
Don't think   that  every  fool  is
capable of writing a farce-comedy.'one."
Standing on His Dignity
While he was sailing down the
Clyde river in his yacht Erin, Sir
Thomas Lipton says tbat be was
beld up by an ancient and dirty
manurejbarge, tbe only occupant of
wbich was a grimy man smoking a
short, black pipe.
Finding tbst tbe fellow did not
make any effort to get out of tbe
way the officer on the bridge of tbe
yacht shouted to bim in true nautical style. At tbat, the man rose
slowly, stretched himself, removed
his pipe from his moutb and tben
"An' is it ycrself that's captain of
that ship?"
"No," was the reply, "but I'm
the chief officer."
"Tben talk to yer equals, my
j man," retorted tbe grim faced barge
! man with infinite condescension.
."Sure, I   am   the   captain   of   Ihis THE   SUW,   BRAND   FORES.   B. C.
Wat (feani. Sfar-ka 8>m\
spectable-looking ditch imagine that they can
make an easy living by putting on white collar and opening an office in some city. If the
founders of Canada had live iu the same manner this country would still be a wildernes s.
One Tear (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addresffl- •" -——»-- (cations to
The Grand Forks Sun,
Phone 101R Grand Forks, B. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1921
The discussion on tho moderation bill in the
house at Victoria seems to indicate that some
of the members have lost sight of the chief
intent of government control.   Their greatest
concern appears to be to make it as easy as
possible for the public to obtain liquor, and to
obtain it in any desired quantity, at the lowest
possible price and with a minimum inconvenience. This would mean a reversion to a con -
dition that existed in this province when  the
public bar was licensed.    That is not the end
the electors had in view when they voted  on
temperance plebiscite last October.   It was
because it was too easy to obtain liquor under
Prohibition act that that act was repudiated
by the people, and not because they wanted
more liquor and   more   drunkenness.    The
Moderation league promised the people a law
that would    promote   temperance    without
abridging the citizens' personal liberty. That
is what the people want now, although there
are many millions of good citizens in the world
today who do not believe that cutting off a person's liquor supply interferes with his personal
liberty.  A bill that will effectively control the
traffic will satisfy a majority of the people
of the province.   Any other measure will only
cause further strife and agitation until another
plebiscite is submitted.
Brazil, which is almost wholly in the tropics,
has the opportunity to upset the belief that
no people can reach the very highest civilization in a tropical climate.   The census, just
completed, credits Brazil with 30,500,000 peo
pie, which  makes  it  the second American
country in point of population.  Some modern
men of science, most of them British, main
tain   that  when .means have been found to
utilize the heat of the sun as mechanical en
ergy the tropics will become centres of pro
duction and therefore of civilization.   If that
should be true, what country   could   match
Brazil, with its great resources of minerals,
timber and   land, and  its  great  navigable
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"California Syrup of Figs? is tho
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years. Don't risk injuring your child's
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upon "California,"
Rich widows are tbe most desirable second band articles oh the
A bachelor say a a woman's sphere
is that she will not find a husband
A political pull is the only thing
tbat keeps some men out ot jail.
Our cartoon last week gave a correct diagnosis of the prenent financial and industrial depression. All that is required to effect a complete cure is a little old fashioned hard work.
But that is a remedy that is nauseating to the
present generation. Everybody want to live
with as little manual exertion as possible.
Men  who haven't sense enough to dig a re-
President Wilson's exit from the world   of
politics is marked by eulogies of varying sen
timent in Paris newspapers. The Temps says:
"Wilson has succumbed in a noble effort, as
all those who work against human nature succumb. He had the pain of knowing thatit was
his own countrymen who least understood his
thought and who most vigorously opposed his
proud attempts.   His solitary exit from the
White House is a poignant gesture of supreme
resignation. It is none the less true that Wilson was the man who brought about the joining of young America with the allies, who
dared to draw the sword for right and liberty.
Therefore he will for ever appear in history as
a great American."
Commeuting on the retirement* of President
Wilson, the Pall Mall Gazette says:
"The erstwhile greatest figure in the world
passes from public life almost forgotten. There
is uo sadder fate for a public man who was
raised so high, than to fall so low in the es
teem of his countrymen. Wilson will carry
into his retirement, however, the consciousness
that he did his best. His utmost. If in the end
he lost, he lost with honor. In spite of his
failure, there is much in his policy that coming
years will vindicate, and his name will come
again into remembrance and honor when the
league of nations has justified itself."
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Alfalfa hay for sale.
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flMcttitfes From The West Coast of Vancouver Island
Totem Poles, Nootka Sound.
I Two days out from Victoria, going north on tha West Coast of Vancouver Island! One travels most of
the way in the open sea with the
nearest land to the left, the Islands
of Japan and the Siberian coast. But
now and then, according to the
freight destination, the ship runs up
some of the loveliest waterways in
the world. These are the inland
passages which the Pacific has made
for itself ln thousands of years in a
vain effort to bisect Vancouver Island. At the last, in spite of the
many miles of inroads lt has made,
the sea always falls back discomfited, for a great chain of mountains
runs down the centre of this island,
and taunts the might of the ocean
—"Thus far shalt thou come and no
farther." •*»
One of the most beautifr! nt' those
groping arms of the sea ..mars in
at Nootka Sound, and curves around
a score of islands, and innumerable
Islets, finding its winding way out
through Tashish Narrows, accompanied for all its journey by clouds
of gulls, cormorants, and Siwash
ducks, which circle about, and di])
and uway in colorful, rhythmic companies, reflected, as is everything in
earth and sky, ln the placid water
mirror   through   which   the   ship
cleaves noiselessly.
Nootka is the oldest settled district on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, and it remains almost
as it was in the beginning. In spite
of the fact that there is a large
modern cannery at the wharf, with
every labor saving device installed,
the Indians who work there live in
the same kind of rude little huts that
they had hundreds of years ago.
Narrow winding trails lead one
through dense woods, where the path
Is often broken by a noisy waterfall,
which must be crossed on a fallen
log or rough boulders. Only an
hour's journey from the cannery is
Friendly Cove, famous as the scene
of many a murder long ago, including that of whole Bhips' crews; and
the enslaving of white men by the
Indian king. Here are to be seen the
remains of ancient Spanish barricades, and mounds of whitened
skulls, the latter gruesome reminders of wholesale massacres.
Along the West Coast are dotted
missions and mission schools, but
Nootka scorns such innovations, as
sho does all things that go with
civilization. This mny bc deplorable,
but it makes for intcrnst antl what is
picturesque. Bare&otad ;;:..! bl I'O-
legged thc old Bquc.ws greet one,
clnd in colors as gay nn they can
find,  with  their  heads  tied  un  in
Cav^s, Maqunea Point, Nootka Sound.
brilliant kerchiefs. They chatter to
one in their own unintelligible jargon, their beady eyes brightly contemptuous, their smile infinitely patronizing. Their daughters work in
the cannery. They wear the headdress of gaudy hu»), but are clad
from head to foot in yellow mackintosh. Some of them arc comely,
most of them are uncouth, but they
make a vividly colorful picture, as
they crowd to meet the boats.
The old women bring baskets and
mats—the former really beautiful
works of art, made of rushes or the
inner bark, of the cedar, woven in
fine and intricate designs. They sell
them for a mere song, compared
with the price one is asked in tha
cities' shops.
The chief's house stands at the
right of a great waterfall, and all
round it, drawn up out of reach of
the water, salt or fresh, lie a score
of war canoes, some in the embryonic stage, some finished. They
are made from hollowed cedar logs,
and are ornamented lavi.-.hly, with
rows of pretty shells inlaid, and
grotesque head pieces of ravens or
ducks. Thoy are burned on the outside and highly polished, and nre
painted red within. Null.ing can be
more quaintly beautiful, nor mora
suggestive of the old dags of tragi*
adventure. .  _*_..„_)
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Office  at  R.  1.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
M. H. Barns, Prop.
Phone 68 Second Street
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement       •
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks,B.C.
F. Downey's cigar Store
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotel, First Street
In Long Distance Telephoning
You Get Service
The value of the telephone is not only
its conveniecne, but at any time you can
reach anyone you want. Call Long Distance, give name and address of the party
wanted and the time at which at you
wonld like to talk, and she will do
the rest. Bo the person far or near, travelling or at home, he will be located
and will bc available at the*appointed
Long distance telephoning is much
more comprehensive than one realizes.
Of all present-day Sewing Machines.
Why buy* a machine at which you have
to sit in an awkward position, when you
may just as well have one with which it
is a pleasure to sew? The White Rotary
Sit-Strate is just the machine you want.
Sold on easy monthly payments by*
oMiller <®> Gardner
Complete Home Furnishers THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
(1) Snow-shoe race opposite the Chateau
Frontenac, Quebec,
(2) Fair Quebec skiers,
(3) On the Chateau Toboggan Slide, Dufferin Terrace, Quebec,
(4) Kiddies on Citadel Hill, Quebec,
(5) The greatest thrill of' Quebec winter
sports, Bobsleighing on Citadel Hill,
(6) Lewis gunners preparing for any emergency in Cork city,
(7) Funeral of R. I .C. hero. Comrades carrying the remains of D. I. T, O'SuIlivan from
the church to the grave,
Commander Sir Thomas Fisher, K.B.E., R.NV
General Manager Canadian Pacific
Ocean Services.
Commander Sir Thomas Fisher, K.B.E., R.N.,
(Retired), was born in Birmingham in 1883, and
entered tne Navy as a Cadet. At the time of the
Boxer Rebellion he spent four years in China, and
was promoted lieutenant at the age of 20. He has
beld a number of important Staff appointments, and
for some time was a lecturer at the Naval College,
On the outbreak of the European war he went
to sea as Flag Commander to Admiral Sir Alexander
Bethel, commanding* the Reserve Fleet. In the winter of 1914 he joined the Trade Division of the Naval
War Staff, where he was in charge of the organiza.
tion dealing with questions relating to neutral shipping. In 1916 he was technical representative in the
negotiations for the use of neutral shipping by the
Sir Thomas served on many Government committees dealing with commercial and shipping matters,
including the Coal Exports Committee and the Board
of Trade Committee for the conservation of Coal.
When the United States came into the war he succeeded Sir Thomas Royden, Bart., as liaison officer
between the Ministry of Shipping and tlie United
States Shipping Board. In this position he had an
opportunity of examining on thc spot the transport
problems of Canada and the United States, and he
craincd a deep insight into conditions on the Western
Sir Thomas Fisher retired from the Navy in 1019
and was appointed General Manager of U-o C, i\ 0.
S. in July oi IM X«M.
Sir Ernest M. Raeburn, K.B.E., General Manager Canadian Pacific Ocean Services
for Scotland.
Sir Ernest Manl.old Raaburn, K.B.E., son of Sir
William H. Raeburn, M.P., was born on December
13th, 1878, nnil married Greta M:\ry Alison, daughter
of Engineer Captain J. H. Watson, R.N. He was
educated at Kelvinsirlo Academy, Glasgow, and be-
camo a partner in his father's business of Raeburn
& Vorel, Ltd., Shipowners, Glasgow, for 10 years.
Subsequently he was appointed to tho Transport
Department of Admiralty shortly after outbreak of
var, and afterwards became private Secretary to Sir
Joseph Maclay, Bart., Shipping Controller. Later
on he was assistant to Sir Thomas Koyden, Bart., in
Washington, D.C., and was mnde Director of Transport Department, Ministry of Shipping, New York,
and Director General, llritish Ministry of Shipping,
New York. Sir Ernest was appointed General Manager for Scotland of the C. P. 0. S., effective 1st.
January, 1921.
WANTED A "LOWER"      ' *■
"Hello," called a feminine voice as S. 14
Landers, secretary of the Hamilton, Ontario,
cemetery board answered the telephone in
his office.
"Give me a lower for to-morrow afternoon," requested the lady.
"Who is it for?" he queried.
"It's for myself, I want a lower berth fo*
the 4 o'clock train," cheerfully replied the
voice at the other end of the wire.
"You want a lower berth for 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon," repeated the secretarVt
then added, "Madame, this is the cemetery/'
"Oh, my God!" came in terrified tones
from the lady; "1 thought it was the T. H,
and B."
Tho cemetery telephone number is 1&2Q
jUid-UieT.-U, and B, 7820. <*| THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
News of the City
As a result of protests made by
neighboring towns on the other side
of the boundary line, the Great
Northern will cantinue its daily
passenger train service until the
first of April at least. The interstate
commerce commission bu, it is reported, ordered the road to continue
tbe present service until the protests
can be considered and passed upon.
Principal Glaspell, of the public
school, has been walking with the
aid of crutches this week as tbe result Of injuries sustained to his foot
by a fall.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Miller have
returned from a visit with tbeir
daughter at Malea, Mont.
Tbe United Farmers beld a well
attended meeting on Wednesday
afternoon, when a great deal of important business was transacted.
R. G. Ritchie, the Cascade merchant, wasa business visitor in the
city on Tuesgay.
'ii mum in minium iiimiiiiiii
tascarets" if
Sick or Bilious
Toslght surel Let a pleasant, harmless Oucaret work while you sleep and
have your liver active, head clear,
stomach sweet and bowels moving
regular by morning. No griping or inconvenience. 10, 26 or 60 cent boxes.
Children love this candy cathartic too.
Tbe flagpole at the Central school
was blown down a few minutes after
lbe noon recess on Tuesday by tbe
higb wind. The base of the pole
was pretty badly decayed. Had tbe
accident occurred duriog the recess
boar some of the children might
have been injured.
A party of C.P.R. officials and
engineers were in tbe city on Tues»
day. Tbey were busy for eome time
in making measurements in tbe
nicinity of tbe old Columbia passen
ger depot and near the foundry.
Oo Tuesday afternoon a deer was
seen feeding contentedly in a field
across tbe river from R. Campbell's
residence. Numerous motor cars
passed within easy range of tbe
animal, but it seemed to be aware
of its safety and continued its brows
ing until it bad finished its meal.
Tbe Union mine in Franklin
camp will install a power drill this
spring, and a steam compressor
plant has been ordered for tbis pur
If you are interested in Shade
Frees, Evergreens, Flowering Shrubs,
etc., write for price list. We are selling out. Dominion Nursery Company, 155 48th Ave. W., Vanoouver,
R. Campbell returned Sunday
night from Penticton, where he attended the government sale of irrigated lands in southern Okanagan
and of town lots in the new town of
Oliver.    He says that the sale was
a success and tbat he bought a tract
of land a lot in Oliver.
Charles Brown, of Vancouver,
who was formerly engaged in the
foundry busfness in Grand Forks,
arrived in the city on Monday and
will, spend a couple of weeks with
friends here.
Mrs. J. R. Brown left on Tuesday
with her mother, Mrs. Whitmarch,
for Rochester, Minn., where the
latter will undergo a surigical operation on her face at the Mayo Bros'.
hospital for a neuralgic affectation.
Mrs. E. C. Henniger entertained
a number of ber lady friends at a
card party on Tuesday evening.
Dr. Kingston made a professional
visit to Kettle Valley last Saturday,
When a  young   man or a clock
gets too fast a setback is  necessary
A purse is doubly empty when it
is filled witb borrowed money.
Only Tablets with "Bayer Cross"
are Aspirin—No others I
"Pipe's Diapepsin" hae psoven itself
the surest relief for Indigestion, Gases,
Flatulence, Heartburn, Sourness, Fermentation or Stomach Distress caused
by acidity. A few tablets give almost
immediate st-mach relief and shortly
the stomach ie corrected so you can eat
favorite foods without fear. Large ease
costs only few cents at drug store.
-_tillions helped annually.
There Is only one Aspirin, that marked
with thc "Bayer Crose"—all other tablets are only acid imitations.
Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
have been prescribed by physicians for
nineteen years and proved safe by millions for Pain, Headache, Neuralgia,
Colds, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets—also
larger "Bayer" packages, can be had
at any drug store.   Made in Canada.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
ia Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacidester of Salicylicacid.
9While it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the
public against imitations, the Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stamped
with their general trade mark, tke
"Bayer Cross/'
for man or woman, boy or girl,
is a watch—a good watch—a
real time keeper. No more welcome or more useful article
than a wrist-watch. Before
buying see our large and varied
line of watches for botb men
and women. Open face and hunt
ing eaae, gold and silver. Be
on time.
Rev. Hillis Wright has returned
from a visit to Vancouver.
C. A. Mudge has purchased Geo.
B. Russell's residence on Victoria
avenue, and will take possession of
it at an early date. The sale wae
arranged through the real estate of
fice of S. T. Hull.
Thomas Alexander Garland,
pioneer of the Boundary, died at his
home in Anaconda on Tuesday last,
aged 77 years. He was born in Ot*
tawa February 29, 1844.
Cycling is easy when you ride the high-grade Bicycles
I sell—the wheels lhat ran smoothly year after year. Let
me explain to you my easy sale plan on terms.
First-Class Repair Work done in Blacksmithing, Bracing,
Aluminum Soldering, Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Woodwork, Etc.
Open Saturday Evenings TU110 o'Clock
Special effort is being exerted by
the Royal Mail Steam Packet company and its affiliated lines to develop, the apple, grain and salmon
export businesstbrough Vancouver.
The matter to divert bulk grain during the winter months to that port
for shipment to Europe has been
taken up with tbe C.P.R,the C.N.RJ
and tbe Dominion government.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look- for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
'    FOR
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the
Minister of Lands at Victoria not later than
noon on the Uth dty of Woroh, mi, for
tbe purchaic of Lloence XM6S. to cat 115.000
feet of fir. Pine and Tsmurac, 5,000 Flr and
Tamarac Ties and 50,000 lineal feet of Cedar
Poles, on an area adjoining Sub-lot IA, Lot
8100, Similkameen Distrlot.
Two (1) yean will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particular* ol the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C.,or District Forester, Nelson,
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
I am rivsing my listings of houses FOR
you will sell or rent
let me know your price
Land, Houses and Insurance
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grand Forki Townsite
., -     Coinpany, Limited
City Property
Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Winnipeg and
other Prairie points. Vancouver Agents:
Established in 1010, we are ln a position to
furnish reliable Information concerning thlt
Write (or free literature.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. c. McCutcheon
winning atuiui
Minimum price of Orst-clua land
reduced to K* an am; second-class to
M-60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
■ R5<:?__£_.wu1 *** tinted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-Umber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but partlea of not mon than four may
arrange, for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
Pre-esaptors most occupy- claims for
HS. reamsand make Improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least t acres,
h*ore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor ln occupation not
IMS than I years, aad has made pro-
poraonate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
■ranted Intermediate certllleate of lm-
projremeiit and transfer bis claim.
Beeords without permanent resl-
S!*J*S. _**• ********* provided applicant mtitr-f Improvements to extent of
***v per annum and records aame each
rear. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate aa forfeiture. T.l'e cannot be obtained In
!?"..?£? 6 J^ars, and Improvements
cfMO-OO per acre. Including t acres
•Jsajed uid enlttvated, and residence
of at least 1 years ars required.
Pre-esnptor   holding drown   grant
amy record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
Jam,, without actual occupation, pro-
ZS,_!fetutor'r  '"IWBVUtnsnts  made
_tS?-..2flS2f* —"f^wi «« Crown
granted land, tg
.JE__**-"ZWod areas, **** ■"••edliig M
acres,   may   be   leased  as  homeeTtas:
*ii,..U: ?J?»_U,n-J ***•* «W*U^rS-
Mattel and Improvement conditions.
-selm*. "--KS!!. •"•"■■Wai purposes
areas   eiueedlng   ***   acres   may   be
..-""J. ^Se^tmtmStaT^a^m on
Umber land  not  eaoasdlng   40  sera
S^nS_.pyyrd: •"•Mttons Include
Psyraent of stsiuuage.
by existing roads may be purchased
£.£•£_. ******-<* **••**)* ot oost of
pam-attsinotm^jsemjn   obaht*
™J? t-*T-m* »«"* from ths death of
such person, as formerly,  until  one
^%,SWS iTriarP
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
«. 1*14. on account of payments, fees
or taxes on soldiers' pi-e-emptlons.
Interest on agreements to purchase
aSSs »__££.'ST-.1"1-*1 S' *>**™*™r$
*S!S ******}•. or Ocpaadsnts, acquired
ssslsvw fjgr*avs
SKIS E££ t-LHS-ftH— -5
        ids, acquiring rights from
purchasers whoifailed * tooompiSs
BK"*'?***i.,"_£_!S» "»*«*>% on M-
lUiment of conditions of purehsse. Interest and taxes. Where sSj^pSSiiS.
crs do not claim whole of original Dar-
be   distributed   proportionately   over
Graslng Act. UU, tor systematic
development of livestock InduBtrTpro-
vtdes for graslng districts and ringi
•^r_£_«> and^ C^taJonT
_^ ^iir^I_l______r1____2_LS_,~a oased
££. As^r_i_s___^^
ment   free, or partially free, permits
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make liarness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford
Near Telephone Office


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