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The Evening Sun Jul 3, 1908

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Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. July 3, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Met in Nelson Friday and
Arranged forKeception
of Visitors
Fifteen  Mining Engineers
From Europe in the
There was a special meeting Friday night, says the Nelson Daily
News, of the local branch ot the
Canadian Mining Institute was held
in the Publicity Bureau, to which
were invited others interested. Tne
meeting took up the matter of the
entertainment of the party of mining engineers which is to visit Nel-
boii and the Boundary in September
next. There were present E W.
Widdowson, J. C. Dufresne, F. A.
Starkey, \V. J. Wilson, A. B. W.
Hodges, Leslie Hill, R. S. Lennie,
I. G. Nelson, A. M. Kelly, E. M.
Beesion and Mayor Taylor.
Mr. Hodges, as president of the
association, addressed the meeting
and explained that during the summer there would be an excursion
throughout the mining districts of
Canada ot fifteen representatives of
the milling societies of Europe—
three English, one'Scotch, one Bel-
gic, one French and one German society would he represented. These
were coming through as the guests
of tbe Canadian Mining Mining Institute, which would defray their expenses from Europe and back. Towards these expenses the federal
government had granted $10,000
and the province ot Ontario $3000.
The British Columbia government
will also bo approached for an appropriation. The fifteen guests,
however, will not represent the total
number ot visitors. Other members
of the European institute will also
join the party, but at their own expo lse. In addition, there are several newspaper men coming from the
European journals. On leaving the
eastern provinces for the west the
party will be swelled hy eastern
members of the Canadian institute,
and altogether it may he expected
that [here will arrive in this province a party jiumbeiing between 100
and 150 persons, A special train
consisting of three sleepers, a dining
ami a baggage car will he at the disposal of the party. The party will
leave Nelson for the Boundary on
the morning ot September 18th,!
spending the entire preceding day j
in Nelson. Speeiul luncheons and
banquets have already been arranged
lit Rossland, Trail, Bonnington, I
Grand Forks and Phoenix.
bollowing is a provisional program ot the summer excursion of I
the institute, prepared by Mortimer
Lamb, of the Canadian Mining
August 24—Leave Quebec   in   after-
August 26—Arrive Sydney,midnight.
August 2(i—Visit Dominion Steel and
Iron company's works and   Dominion Coal company's mines" (arrange'
ments   to   he   made   by the Nova
Scotia Mining society).
August 28—Stellarton, 7:20 a.m.
August 29—Return, via  St. John to j tude to their numerous friends and
Sherbrooke. the   citizens   generally    for    their
August 30—Arrive Sherbrooke 5:30 j kindly expressions of sympathy dur-
a.tn., and  leave   for  Tlietford   by j ing the recent illness and  death  of
Quebec Central. ' bis mother.
September 1—Leave Sherbrooke by
C.P.R. at 3:30 a.m., arriving in
Montreal at noon.
September 2—Leave Montreal for
Toronto, 10 p.m.
September 3—Arrive Toronto 7 a.m.,
leave for Niagara Falls.
September 4—Reception and entertainment of visiturs in Toronto by
the directors of the Toronto exhibition. Leave Toronto 11:30 p.m.
for North Bay
September 5—T. & N. O. train for
September 6—Leave Cobalt 5 p.m.,
connect with train at North Bay
10:35 p.m.  Arrive Sudbury  12:50
-Arrive Sudbury   12:50
September 7
September 8—Moose- Mountain
Port Arthur (I).
September   i)—Leave   Sudbiuy   5:35
September 10—Arrive Winnipeg 9:50
a.m., leave 11:50.
September 11—Arrive Medicine   Hat
11:40   a.m. and   proceed   to Lethbridge by special train.    Leave for
Frank in the evening.
September 11—Visit Fiank and Blairmore.
September 13—Fernie. ■
September 14—Special  train  leaving
early   in   the  morning for Moyie.
Leave 1:55 for Kootenay  Landing.
Atrive in Nelson f*,7:15.    Arrive in
Rossland midnight.
September 15—Rossland mines.
September 16—Leave   Itosslaud 8:40
a.m. Arrive Smelter Junction 9:25.
Leave   Trail   7:20   p.m.     Arrive
Nelson 10:30 p.m.
September     17—Visit     Bonnington
Falls, etc.; and  reception  at   Nelson.
September 18—Leave Nelson  9:45 a.
in.    ArrlVe Grand Furl's 2:50 p.m.
(Visit to the different mines in the
Boundary district   will  necescitate
chartering a special train).
September 20—Leave Greenwoon (?)
3:20   |'.m    Air.ve West Kobion
11:05 p.m.
September 21—Arrive  Arrowhead   1
p.m.    Arrive Revelstoke 2:io p.m.
September    22—Arrive    Vancouver
1:30   p.m.    ii'i'ive   Victoria  8:30
September 23 24—Meeting, Victoria.
September 25—Arrive   Vancouver 8
a.m.  Leave Vancouver 3:15 p.m.
September 2(i—Arrive Bonff 10  p.m.
September 27—Leave   Banff   10 p.m.
October 1—Arrive   Montreal   8:25 p,
ra.    Arrive Quebec 3:20 p.m.
• The "Kilties" Honored
One of the honors that was accorded the Kilties hand during its
visit to Great Britain was to appear
before the king. This huuor was
shown the band on two occasions,
and at the close of the second concert the Victorian medal was presented to the musicians and the
leader was given a diamond-studded
baton. A choir of sixteen male
voices accompanies the band, rendering the songs lhat have made
Scottish music famous everywhere.
Angus McMillan Fiasor, champion
piper and dancer, is a host in himself, These features, together with
the regular music, consisting of
high-class and popular selections,
diversify and make entertaining the
program given. The band endeavors to give the public what it wants.
The Kilties hand will appear at the
Kink iu this city on Saturday evening, July 4th, The advanae sale of
seats has been very large, and the
concert promises to be one ot thc
most notable ever held in the city.
Improvements Now in Progress at the* Granby
Will Enable/Company to Increase Its Output When
Prices Rise
In an interview in Nelson last
Friday Mr. A. B. W. Hodges, manager of the Granby Consolidated, gave
the following lucid staiement of the
improvements now in progress and
contemplated at thc big reduction
plant in this city:
"What are we doing!" repeated
A. B. ,W. Hodges, manager of the
Granby Consolidated, listening to a
query propounded by a Daily News
man. "Well, I'll tell you what we
are doing. We are spending a quarter million of dollars this year during the slack time in order to be
ready for the jump in copper, which
assuredly will not be delayed after
the end of the year. Before that
time I do not expect to see much of
a rise. It has been predicted in my
hearing that copper would rise to 14
cents before the middle of July. I
don't think that is at all likely. It
will more probably remain around
its present price of 12A cents or a
trifle bettor. The summer is tne
slack time of the year, and there is
seldom much movement in prices.
Moreover, then will come the turmoil of the presidential election in
the states, which will not be conducive to an upward move. But after
that is all over there will be a big
difference. The financial stress will
all be forgotten and thc industrial
demand for copper will be seen to
be greater than ever. When the demand comes it will be found that
the Granby is in complete preparedness
"How arc we spending the money?
Well, in the beginning of the
we started by building a new steel
Hue on stilts further, away from the
furnaces. This was 'necessary in
order to enlarge them. Sonic time
ago we brought the length ot these
furnaces up to ISf. feet, and in so
doing   brought   tho   end  close  up
eight furnaces ot the buftery is more
like 2f',000 tons a week, or a month-
ly output of 102,000 or 110,000 tons.
At the end ot thc month of July we
will have all our battery conni civil
up with the new flue, and during
the month of August we ought to be
able to treat over 100,000 tons of
"But we will then be in a position, about the beginning ot September, to enlarge each one of the fur-
nances up to 22| feet, which will
add nearly 25 per cent tc their capacity. This will be done one by
one, and will take three months to
accomplish. All the machinery
necessary for this and other allied
work has already been ordered. So,
you see, by about the beginning of
December we shall be in a position
to treat from 126,000 to.130,000 odd
tons monthly.
"Of course this does not mean the
enlargement of the furnaces only,
tor the enlarging of tiie furnaces
means more air, and that 'means
more blowers and more accommodation for the blowers. It means the
handling of more matte and the enlarging ot the converter plant. All
this in turn means the handling of
more machinery, which necessitates
the enlargement and improvement
of our iLa bin-ry shops. At this
we have already started, and the
old building is being replaced by a
steel and brick structure, which is
being built above and around it.
''Naturally while all this is going
on the smelter cannot be producing
at the limit of its capacity. We
shall certainly be doing so during
August, but it will be nearer Christ-
m:is when we are doing so again.
But the capacity for 1909 will be
over 1,300,000 tons, and there will
then he the market for that enormous product and at prices which
will make the Boundary hum again."
Death of Mrs. Eliza N. Manly
The dealth ot Mrs. Eliza N. Manly
occurred at her residence in this
eity between 11 and 12 o'clock last
Friday nii-lit, after an illness of several months' duration, the cause of
her demise being attributed to a
ir complication of bowel troubles.
Deceased hnd reached the advanced
age of 88 years and 10 months. She
enjoyed a very robust constitution,
and had she not been attacked by
disease, she would probably have
lived to celebrate a great many more
birthdays. Mrs. Manly's husband
against, tiie air pipes which supplied , died thirty-nine years ngo, lint she
the tiiyres. Now, those air pipes! is survived by live sons—W. K C,
could not be moved because on the [Joseph L. and Lloyd A., of this
other side was the old brick Hue. 'city, Dr. Manly of Republic, mul
Hence we had to build a new HueJohn Manly of Chicago. Deceased
mid connect the furnaces with it. j was one of the pioneers of the eity,
That has been done with six of   the having   cunie   bore   thirteen   years
The Grand Forks Baseball
Club Proves Invincible
at Greenwood
Takes First Prize Dy Defeating Three Different'
furnaoes,   The other two will now
have to be connected, and before we
Mrs. Manly was born in the state
are through with the job  it will be of Ohio, where she spent her child-
about the end of July. In the month ' hood days.    After her marriage she
of August we will be engaged In tear- and   her  husband   emigrated   to
ing out the old Hue and  putting in Michigan,   they being  pioneers of i
the air pipes in the   space  whicli it ****'11 st'ite.    They resided at   Grand j
occupied, so as to be in readiness for' Hl*l'***s *" U.mt s".lt? until l3 -ve,lr9
Card of Thanks
VV. K. C.  Manly   takes
, .      , ago, when she and her   sons niovei
this enlargement.    For the past few ; to lhis oity_or rBthe, to lll0
months we have never   had   more ; where Grand Forks is  now located,
than seven furnaces working.   Some because the townsite at that   time
time the'number has been  down to *vns »0'''inR •-'>• a wilderness,
six,   nnd   once,   a few  weeks ago, , The funeral was held ,,n  Monday
,                         ,             ,      . , 'rfmi   the   Methodist ehureh, Rev.
when   we   were threatened   wuh a Mr    Schlichter   conduct)ng the scr-
means ot expressing, for himself and j shol.tnge ot coke [rom Michel]  • WM vice;    A ,'       miI|ll|(.]. „, gj^ |)f
on behalf of the family, Binoeif* grati-1 afraid we would be reduced down to deceased and the citizens generally
four.    Happily   that was   averted Pa*d tl,eir -M- respects to the incin"-,
Still the output ot thc  smelter  h„s o-y ol the departed   by their pres*
...-,,          ,          „ encc.   Profound  sympathy is ex-,
been brought down as low as 16,000 pre8ged f()r tba fnnl||i(,s 0,   th(J 8ur.
tons,   whereas  the capacity  of the viving sons in their bereavement.     I
A large number of citizens of Grnnd
Forks attended tbe two dnys' Dominion Day celebration in Greenwood this week. The celebration
was one of thc most successful ever
held in that city. It is estimated
that the train from Grniul Forks nnd
I'lioenix tiriuialit about 300 people,
nnd another hundred came on the
special from Midway. The Oroville
baseball team came in on an • automobile, as did also a party from
Grand Forks.
The progrnm wns started on Wednesday morning with a procession
of beautifully decorated floats of the
business firms of the city. The
following were the prize winners in
this event: Best representative
I miness turnout, Russell-Law-Caul-
tteld Co.; best decorated Hunt, Bu-
bar& McKay; best comic turnout,
A. L. White; best decorated horse
and rider, James Cameron; best
decorated bicycle and rider, Fred
The results of the first day's
athletic sports were ns follows:
Boys' race, Howard Butler lirst,
Mike O'Connor second; 100-yanl
dash, Jones lirst, Bruette second; 220
yards, Jones first, Stendal second;
girls' race, Cissy Hart first, Katie
Matheson second; putting the shot,
McGillivray first, Prcscott second;
running high jump, J* S, Jost. first.
McKay second; running long jump,
J. S. Jost fust, McKay second.
Two baseball games were played
on Wednesday. Oroville won Innn
I'lioenix by a score of 11 to 5, nii'l
Danville from Orient by 10 to 3 in
the best ball ever played iu Greenwood. _
In the football match Greenwood
won from Phoenix by ' goals  to  (I.
Three tennis entered for thc hub-
and-hub race. Grand Forks winning
witli Greenwood second and I'hoenix third, all crossing the tape in a
bunch, not more than tour feet between the fust ami the Inst hub.
ln the wet test Greenwood WOO
in 20 seconds, Grand Forks making
it in ''ii.
In the baseball tournament yesterday the Giand Forks club played
three games, winning all ol tbem,
thus capturing the fust prize of
82iiO. In the first game Grand Forks
won from Greenwood by a score of
IS to 1; in the second game Grnnd
Forks'won from Oroville by a score
of 18 to I, and in the third game
Grand Forks won from Danville by
a score of 3 to 2.
Old Timers' Picnic
The old-timers' picnic at Newby
Inkc on Dominion day was very
largely attended, the Kettle Valley
line taking out three or tour train-
loads of people from the city. A
program of sports wns very successfully carried out. The dance in thc
evening was well patronized. Goody Clean, Fresh
You can get
tliem at the
Right  Prices
at our store.
We aro  continually  adding
new lines to our stoek of
Men's Furnishings
John Donaldson
Phone A30        Columbia Avenue
(Fiji? lEbfning £un
Published nt Grand Fork), British Coinmbla.
li. A. KVANS..
..Rtlltortmtl Publisher
A Hie tif this paper cun he seen lit the olliee
ol Messrs. li. & J. Hardy 4 Co., SO, 31 and 32,
Fleet Street, [i.C, Lotitlttu. Ktiirinml, free of
ehnrRe, and thnt linn will l,e glad to receive
subscriptions and atlverti.euieiits ou our behalf.
One Toar $1.»0
One Year (ln advanee)  1.00
Advertising rate.filrtiLhe* on uni
I.eiral notices, 10 aud 5 cents per line.
Allures, all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phonb B74 Gkand Koskb. B.C.
rPHE tactics pursued by Geo. E.
1 Foster in the federal house are
not at all conunendable,and before he
can establish any right to sympathy
from that body upon questions of
priuilege, such as be has recently
been raising, he must revise )iis
methods of procedure. He cannot
talk of the Siftonian cult, and iron*'
bound doors and secret rooms which
did not exist, and expect to get
away scott free. If he is so careless
or indifferent as to the sensitiveness
of others who regard themselves as
honorable men, he must not complain if he is repaid in his own coin.
If he can imagine a wrong where no
wrong exists, surely it is competent
for others to place a construction
upon his own acts which the circumstances warrant. If he is so suspicious of others, he must allow others
to entertain suspicions also, partial-
larly when they are supported by the
testimony lound in the report of a
royal commission. He ore Mr. Foster makes any further random
charges, he should remember that it
is wise for the man who casts the
first stone to he without sin.
AN Eastern professor snys women
have a multiplicity of souls
because they can love and hate a
man at the same time. A mule will
smile at vou while he eats oats out
ot your hand, and then turn around
and kick with his hind legs, and yet
im learned man has had the teniii-
ity ul accusing thnt animal of having any soul.
sided in this district during the past
thirteen years. After a short wedding tour to Greenwood and other
Boundary towns, the young couple
will make their home at the Little
Bertha mine, Mr. Clark being in
tbe employ of that company.
Tomorrow night the famous Kilties
band will be at the, Rink. The concert will commence at fl ojolock sharp.
The rink has been tloorcd, and chairs
anil benches have been secured from
the opera house by courtesy of Mr.
Lew Johnson. Every one will havo a
seat. The stage is being decorated.
The crowd promises to be the largest
ever gathered together in Grand
Forks. The Kettle Valley line excursion train from Republic will bring
in a crowd. They are due to arrive
here at 8:30. Phoenix and Cascade
will also be well represented. The
Kilties will march from the depot on
the arrival of the C.P.R. train from
Nelson and give a parade at 0 o'clock.
Don't miss hearing the world-famous
band. Get there early to have a good
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Froflh Consignment of
Received Weakly.
TIIK coward can nt  lenst  console
himself with the fact that running is also an art.
The marriage ol Charles Clark, of
this fity. uml Miss Clara Harrington,
of Kamloops, was solemnized in
Holy Trinity ehureh at high noon
on Thursday, the 2nd inst'., Hev.
Henry .Steele performing tho ceremony. The wedding wns a quiet
one, only a few relatives and intimate friends of the contracting purlies being present. Miss Clark, a
sister of the groom', nnd Mr. Kd
fcjhannon noted ns witnesses.'
The groom is a son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Hubert Clark,  who   have   re-
Mrs. M. R. Feeney and family left
this week for their future home in
Colville, Wash. Mr. Feeney preceded them last week. Mrs. Feeney
was tendered a banquet and presented
with a handsome broach by the Ladies
of the Maccabees before her departure.
P. H. Burham, district freight and
passenger agent of the Great Northern, 'went down to .Spokane yesterday
to meet a party of railway official.
Miss Bruce, of the staff of public
school teachers, left last night for her
home in Alberta, where she will spend
her midsummer vacation.
W. A. Baker and bride, nee Miss
Williams, returned to the city during
the first part of the week from their
wedding tour.
Dr. and Mrs., C. M. Kingston have
returned to their home in this city
from a two weeks' wedding tour to
coast cities.       "
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Rea have returned to their home in Chicago, alter
spending a few weeks with friends in
this city.
R. D. Fullerton, late principal of
the Gradd Forks high school, left last
night for his home ill New Brunswick.
Roy Curran arid his two sisters,
Misses Edna and Ethel are spending
a month's vacation at the coast cities.
Miss Edna Traunweiser visited
friends in Greenwood during the Dominion day celebration in that city.
Mrs. Daiid Whiteside and haugh-
ter are spending a three muuths' holiday ii ith friends at the coast.
Al Traunweiser, proprietor of the
Yale, is \isiting the Dominion exhibition in Calgary this week.
Peter B. Nelson returned home on
Wednesday from a business trip
through the Kootenays.
Geo. Chappie left last night for Cal-
g iry on K. of P. business.
Wallace Chalmers returned last
night trom the Greenwood celebra-
Close Saturday Night
The undersigned merchants hereby agree to close on Saturday night,
Juiy 4th, at nine o'clock:
A. 4 J. Waugh.
W. II. itter .v. Co.
.Meliiliish ,v Heron.
Ii. E. Woodland.
Clark .t Son,
(J. F. Co-Operative Association,
Lid., per 1. H. Stephens.
P. Hums A Co,, per J. Hammar.
W. K, C. Manly.
1). D. Munro <i Co.
It. F.  Petrie.
Thos. A. Mclntyre.
Jolineoii A: Bariium.
Rutherford .v, Mann, per 0. B. 11.
Jell'Davis i Co., by D. A. McKiu-
\V. F. Stuart.
A. D. Morrison.
G. E, Masisie.
J. A. Hartley.
F. Downey.
Lawson i Baker.
W. 0. Chalmers,
R. L. Miles.
N, L. Mclnnes it Co.
Hoot Mon
The Kilties are'coming to Grand
Forks, and will be at the Kink on
Saturday, July 4th. Reserved seats
$1.50,   general   admission     81.00,
children half price. Plan now open
at Woodland's drug store. Arrangements are now being made for
a special excursion train from Phoenix. '
Mrs. John Rogers has n.ovcil
from Dr. vKingston's residence to
apartments above Miss Cosgrove's
millinery store in the Casey building on Bridge street.
We have a large supply of all kinds
of visiting cards in stoek. and the
most fash'onable styles of type to
print them with.  Tin: Sun Job Office,
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silont salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
Tiik Sun is read by everybody because it prints all the Boundary news.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu curds just received at
The Sun job office.
The  Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81 per year.
For Sale—90 acres of good land;
also two new milch cows. Apply at
this office.
For Sale — Full-blond Black
Minorica eggs; $\ 00 per setting. A.
C. Uren, box 294, Grand l?orks.
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming year,
read the tempting clubbing offer we
make on the third page.
Dealers in all Kinds tf
Fish and Game in Season
Metal Quotations
New Yoiik, June '24.—Silver, 68$;
electrolytic copper,  12*f@ 12\.
Lo.voon, June 24.—Lead, £12 Ios,
9d; silver, 2-1 V.
For Sale—Full-blooded Black
Minorica eggs; $1,00 per setting. A.
C. Uren, Box 294, Grand Forks.
For Sale—20-nere ranch; all under
high state of cultivation; 200 fruit
trees; good house aud barn; one mile
south of citv. For particulars call at
The Sun otlice.
LOST—On Tuesday, between R. W.
Trotter's house and the green*
houses.a 19-jewel Waltham watch.
Return to this office and receive
For Sale Cheap, or Trade—Business lot on Winnipeg avenue nenr
The Sun office. Enquire of Lew
Collection Agency
I purpose opening an oflice for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of books of existing
business, and nlso ninde up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale* of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended io immediately Financial returns
promptly made and guaranteed
S. T. HALL. J. P.
G.P. Telegraph Company Bridge Strcel
NEST 169
j comment.*
ing on June
, 1st, tmdeon-
thiutiiK-luring the sum
mer season
meeting of
this order will be held twice n month only. The
meetings will be on the flrrt and third Fridn>
night, oleaoh motitj.^ 0KAHAM, Prel,dent.
j.c HARD, SeoretMjr.
:'rjPW>*j   -.:>»'"*-
TN THE MATTER ol The Und *$***, \f
1 ami In the Mutter ol the Title to U>U 13 4
15 tii'd Hi, llloek ll Lot", ■9*»«,11j51*.,!s ,BK
5; Lots'.', 9 und 1, Block 7: Lot 9. Work Ul.Lot.
6 7,8 and 9, Block 12. Map 22, Van New Addition, Grand Porka Townsite.
Wiibrka. the Certllleate   ol JfUe of ]Heim
White,    iwiiiK    CertWcate   oi    Title   No.
airna to the ubovo hcredltamenta, lias been lost
or destroyed, and application has been made to
if Ior a duplicate thereof; j„„„i„,.„.
NOTI'-B la hereby given that a duplicate ol
lltle lo the above hereditament, iv 11 be Issued
at the expiration ol one month from the date o
Ilie Brat publication hereol, unless in themeaii-
llmo valid objection to the contrary Is made to
iuelnwrltl.il-. ff fl EDM0NDB,
hand Realslrv Olllna. 'District Registrar.
Kaiuloops, B.C., May 20lh, 1908.
Certitlcafe ot Improvements
Columbia, Bonita Vista and Selene Mineral
Claims, altu.itp In the Grand PorkB Miniug Dl-
vlaimi nl Yale District. ,„.,,',, .,-.,.
Where Locuted: Partly on District Lot 'iJn
und on Mountain South of Coryell Pass.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Will. E. Caporn, Free
I Miner.' CcrlWciite Xo. U5326. Intend, sixty
tlHV. (rom date hereof, to imply to the Milling
Itc'eeriler for u Cettith'nle "r improvement., Ior
Hie iiuroosi'of obtaining crown grants ol tne
" And'further take notice that action, under
seetion 37 must be commenced belore tDe issuance of such Cerlitli'iue Of •'"P'ovemer.ti.
Dated iiKIruiid Forks. U.C, this 2Srd day .of
May. A. D. 1908 WM.t, CAPORN.*.
The Kilties Are Coming
High grade Bicyeles. A complete line of accessories. Come
in and see the 11)08 models.
Wheel repairing,
AU Kinds of
Ladies'  and Children's
Next to Mclnnes', Bridge Steel.
B. C. Land Surveyor
p--°a'»°£m       Grand Forts, B. C.
/■J!      ,
Kinccs xa*.'.M:tJ is-Uii.cn
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
40-- B A NDMEN --40
Saturday Night, July 4th, at the Rink
ANY available Dominion Lands within the
™ Railway Belt of Hrititsh Columbia may be
homesteaded by any person who Is the head
of a family, or any male over eighteen year*
nf ui**"', to tbe ex-tent of one-quarter section
of 1(H) ii-ton, more or l*r-m.
Entry must be made personally at tbe looal
land office for the district lu whicb the land
fa -situate.
The homesteoder )■ required to perform
the conditions ooune-jted therewith under
one of the following plaint:
(1) At leant six moittho- residence upon and
cultivation of the land In each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, If the father it
deceased), ofthe homesteader redid en iwou a
farm in the vicinity of the laud entered for,
the requirements as to residence may be sat*
istted by such person residing wltb the father
or mother.
(8) If the settler hat his permanent residence upon farming laud owned by htm iu
the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements hs to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the said land.
six months' notice in writing should be
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal—Coal miniug rights nuiv be leased
for a period of twenty-one years at an minimi rental of $1.00 per acre. Not more than
2.&6H aerea shull be leased to one Individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of five ceuts
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.■"Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
There's No Other Way
To reach the large and ever-increasing
circle of our readers than through The
Sun's advertising columns. OHUECH SERVICES
Knox Presbyterian Church-—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
ni. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p.m. All are cordially
invited; seats free.
Methodist Church, Rev. Schlich-
ter.—Services next Sunday at. 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:45 a.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Chukcu, Kev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
I will sell my No. 2 Smith Premier
Typewriter at a reasonable figure, as
am leaving the city.
F. B. McKeehan.
Bicyci.es and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1908 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
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Postoffice, First street.
When remitting money get an express order. Cash on demand of
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branch agent Dominion   Express  Co.
For Sale—Brand new No. 3 Gra-
phopjione; cost $50; also $14 worth of
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(Xew Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1 HOG.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and ' finances of
copper. It is a praoical book, useful
In all nnd neci'ssnry to most men. en-
gaged iu any "branch of the copper
Its facts will pus's muster with the
trained scientists, uml its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists anil describes ,626 copper
mines uud companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lilies to sixteen pa^'s according
io importance of the | n p ii v.
'I'he Copper Handbook is conceded
to lie the
World's Standard Reference   '
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
Tbe investor needs the hook fur the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is 85' iu Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, Jfo any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
. 453 Postolfice Block,
Hougbtou, Michigan.
Rifle Association Score
Following is the score made by the
Grand Forks Kifle association at their
shoot on Saturday, June 27th:
200 Yards— Total
C. G. Wheeler...4 4 4 4 4 5 5—30
F. Hutton 3 5 3 3 3 4 5—26
Walsh 2 3 4 3 3 4 4—24
Owen 3 3 3 4 2 3 3—21
W. Dinsmore 3 3 3 3 3 3 3—21
A. Fee 3 3 2 4 4 3 4—23
Milward 2 2 5 0 3 2 3—12
Talbot 2 2 2 2 2 3 3—16
500 Yards— Gr. Total
Wheeler 3 5 5 5 3 4 3—28    58
Hutton 4 5 4 5 5 4 5—32    58
Walsh 2 4 2 2 5 4 5—24    48
Owen 4 5 2 0 5 3 4—26   47
Dinsmore....2 2 2 3 3 5 5—22   43
Fee 3 4 4 5 2 3 4-25   48
Millward....0 0 2 2 3 0 3—10 27
Talbot 2 2 2 3 3 3 2—17    33
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at
this Jjort, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts
at the various sub-customs offices, as
reported to the chief office in this
city, for the month of June:
Grand Forks $3,168.61
Phoenix    1,141.66
Cascade       6G..05
Carson        56.22
Total.... $4,432.54
The Spokane Interstate fair race
program has just been published
and will be sent to any address on
application to Robert H. Cosgrove,
secretary, Spokane. From the looks
of this program the racing at ihe
Spokane-fair this fall will be the
best ever. The relay race is to be
put on again and ^1500 will be given
for it. The total amount of purses
for the six days' meet is $15,000.
Big Tie Drive
A big tie drive is now in progress
on the North Fork, where over
100,000 ties were cut for the C.P.R.
during the past season. Dan Wilson and a force of men are. floating
08,000 ties down the river for the
contractors, Robertson and Warren.
About 10,000 bave already arrived
at the boom near Lequime's mill,
where they will be loaded on curs
und snipped to points on the C.P.R,
where they aae needed. It will
require about two months to complete the drive. ,
It is reported that 'the Spokane
Interstate foir management intend
to engage a real airship as an attraction at their coming fair. If
they succeed in securing one, it
should be a great feature, as so few
people in the northwest have ever
had an opportunity to see one.
A Woman's Back
Has many aches and pains caused by
weaknesses and falling, or other displacement, of the pelvic organs. Other symii-
toms of female weakness aro frequent
headache, dizziness, Imaginary specks or
dark spots floating hefore the eyes, gnawing sensation in stomach, drugging or
bearing down in loworabdominal or pelvic
region, disagreeable drains from pelvic
organs, faint spoils with general weakness,
If any considerable number of the ubovo
symptoms are present there Is no remedy
that wIHjfivo quicker relief or a more per-
mailent rate than Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Pri'V-jt^m&iISjt has a record of over forty
years of curfeta It la | the most potent
Invigorating l-mlc and strengtlienlnit ne*r*
viiiirknown to medical science. Itis mado
of the glyceric extracts ol native medicinal roots found in our forests and contains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or
habit-forming drugs. Its Ingredients are
all printed on tho bottle-wrapper and attested under oath as correct
Every Ingredient entering Into "Favorite Prescription " has the written endorsement of tho most eminent medical
writers of all the soveral schools of practice—more valuable than any amount of
non-professional testImonlals*--though tho
latter are not lacking, having been contributed voluntarily by grateful patients
fn numbers to exceed tho endorsements
given to any otber medicine extant for
the cure of woman's Ills.
You cannot afford to accept any medicine
of unknown composition as a substitute
for this well proven remedy of knows
composition, even though the dealer may
make a little more profit theroby. your
interest in regaining health is paramount
to any selfish interest of his and It Is an
Insult to your Intelligence for him to try
to palm off upon you a substitute. You
knov *vhat you want and it is his business to supply tho artlclo called for.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are tho
original "Little Liver Pills" first put up
by old Dr. Pierce over forty years ago,
much imitated but never equaled. Litt'"
sugar-coated granules—easy to take **
Prescriptions  Carefully
you want wc win soon net it.
Rutherford 8 Mann
CR. B.Newton, Myr.
Cor. Bridge and 2nd       Phone 35
SUN        J|j
/?%i 'Hi1*- A**"*      'ivV;' ill a !
L **%£: 1*5.#'■■*     p'"'"'     \ t W-     WE.EKUY._-,
f      fw X III *«£• "t
j mi. pi? u.-jj n
lmt%wyWf m ■
I "■-.'
|WKY  STa_.-spl
The sycophant hangs onto his or her
superior to acquire that social stand-
in" which alone gives them entry into
society—but they are easily detected
by their uncouth speech, gross look
and loud manner.
Bad boys are the result of weak, indulgent parents allowing them a fiee
rein. Children will honor father and
mother if they respect them—respect
is the offspring of discipline and subjection of the young.
The difference between a true und a
false friend is that one will tell you
gently and kindly of your faults, while-
the false will tell every one but yourself of tliem.
Without the bible this world would
be wofullydreary: Itis the only Oook
that holds out any reasonable prospect of unalloyed happiness here and
Knockers, croakers and grumblers
are opposed to progress and reform;
tbey are the parasites found in every
community and need to be let alone
and die.
None are perfect, so just be careful
tbat you are not worse than the one
you are holding up to ridicule and
There are lots of people who are not
to be blamed for not noting themselves
on the advice they give so fieely io
Lasting success can only be pained
by honest means—there is no permanency to the winnings of the gambler.
Flattery is tbe tool of the designing
person to make friends. Only the
empty-headed give or receive it.
The biggest coward is the one who
talks ill of him whom be has not the
courage to "say It to bis face."
Some people we know would cut a
much better figure if tbey would
preach less and practise more.
About the only time a man is master in hisown house is when his wife
is out bearing tbe "latest."'
Courtesy—oh, howithat lubricates
life! Ami good nature—what an asset of happiness is that!
People whose reputations depend
upon their clothes bave to keep
dressed up all the time.
Defeat crushes the weak and fainthearted, while it is the making of ihe
strong and determined.
J'e sure your own doorstep is clean
before you attempt to brush the dust
oil'your neighbor's.
One of the greatest virtues and the
hardest is the moral courage to practice self-denial,
Tbe man who is determined to
attain success nevoi^niakos a failure
of   life.
There are more talkers  than think
ers.     Here  you   have the solution cf
Patting yourself on the back is a
difficult task—seldom done gracefully.,
Jf you are in a hurry to get rich
don't-let consoicnoe stand in the way.
A man without ambition is like a
ship at sea without a rudder.
An ounce of practice is worth a
pound of theory or advice.
People who arc in love imagine that
they fool other people.
What a lot of time we waste wondering why.
An eloquent listener is always welcomed.
Regular Price S3.00
An Otter Which Meets the Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian readini! public is made up chiefly of these classes
Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period and are out and out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Country, from the United
States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, but bv this combination offer every special need is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has special
departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with news of tbe
Eastern portion ofthe Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides
the local and Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
Find enclosed $2.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press -and Prairie
Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreat; and the (irand
Forks Sun, for one year each.
Furniture   Made   to Order.
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
CitipptH Clettned und Laid.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered nml Gleaned- nnd
other joba in tin**-* house*
olefin in*; line. Rubber Tiros
for Buhy Carriaues.
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs.
Sample Copy Free.
4: W. 28TU 8t„ Nbw Your.
AUKNT loll—
London Muliinl Kir., [nanri
Moiiirenl iill'l Camilla,
An,I iHlit'f -ijli.liiiilial 1
Print*, more live Boundary news than,
any other paper published iu the
distriet. The price of Tim Sux is
only SI.OO per year—one-half; the cost
of its competitors. Thk Mux is never
on the fence regarding questions of
public interest. Tuk Sun is acknowledged to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theollies
of publication.
Tiik Evkxixh Sun and the Toronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Fanner,
$1.(10 per year i» advance.
Till: Evknixi; Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer ami the Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, $-.00 per year in
EMIL LARSEN, proprietor
Hoi und c«lil Bntht, Nicely Furnished
Stove-Hflatod Rooms. Entirely re-
hirnlaued and renovated throughout
Pinttolui board by dny, week or
month. SpfM-fnl rut--* to steady board*
era American mid Buropean plnns.
Pineal intr in 'ity lu Connection.
Receive both Ladles and Qentle-nftfl ns resident or day students; boa u complete Com-
nicrpiiil or   Huslneti*  COUrlej prepiires stu-
dentlto -train    Teachers'   Certificates of  nil
grades; (five* tho four years' course, for thn
. A. decree, and the lirst year of the .School
of ■"■cleneo eourie, In affiliation with the Toronto University; has a special prospectors-
courso for miners who work hi II.C. Instruction Is also -riven lu Art, Music, Phyidenl UUl.
ture and Elocution, lerni opens Sept.Ith
1906,   For Calendars, etc,, address
COLUMBIAN  COLLEGE. Bull Dod Suspenders
-.V'VUMilioi'Mnot.it-v fit, tii*4*aii-:o thoy contain
Itu rubber Uifcn other make**,  ail nin-  mit. ..--
morsnsnt otihs-bnljrlatverjrpMlfl'tti bsestJMtbi** 1i«t» nld-'rlR
metal twrts. ptsntntau notWrnrtorUtntibi and humim the son
endiaM nron*MrtWn uinally found in luniomlers. iiroivutlu'-Ut-'iu
fn mi f niyuic snd westtui throuih,
tii]:voi:twv\rt!IHi:h 0RDHUR1 Kim-.. WB1CH MEANS
Tl>o M»*t r.infKPtaiiifl Bnipeaderi Made for Han, Youth or n«i
)n I It-lil. Il.-iiv) i'i- Mm II.■•*■vWi it-lit-, li- Ti, l.-.i-ii'N-i t'.*.trn(-i-t-i)
tJenelUe, iDeipenifvoQIfti RveriManand^ WiiiuUiilylucnivo
8? Lincoln St. Boiloi, Meee.
Our niefnl Bun. I><ki Bontnn rem***   **■*> ("-*»« mnNtd fur 10c. iiostacc.
lu.;ruilhu W.klol, *'8t|le, or  How to DfeflS Corroctljr,'*
tme rf 5'Ut tawUcm thi* iHii'iicnti-m.
We have a large supply of all kinds
of   visiting   cards   in  stock, and the
most   fashionable   styles   of   type to
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are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
We carry the most fashionable stock
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office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
The Sin is read by everybody because it prints all the Boundary news.
A new lot of latest designs of pro-1
gram and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly'
Globe for $1 per year.
For Sale—90 acres of good land,
also two new milch cows. Apply at
this office. I
For Sale — Full-blood Black
Minorica eggs; #1.00 per setting. A. j
C. Uren, box 294, Grand Forks.
c/4. Snap
tt 1A CA-"*^1^^ seven*a(re
]jl"le)U tract adjoining the
southern boundary
of the city limits; three-room
house and good well; thirty-
seven bearing fruit trees and
a quantity of small fruits.
8500 cash; balance in three
years. Best fruit land proposition in the valley.
For  full  particulars call at
60  YEARS*
tlonaetrtoUrconfldonuaL HAN
sent froo. Oldest auency for bi
Patents taken tliroueh Uu
rwciai notice, wit hoot chaw,
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weeklf.   Largest ctr-
S.ilntion of any sclem'tlc Journal   Terms for
anodo, 83.75 a year, postage prepaid.   Bold by
JttNN & Co *e*B~°*-^* New York
Bnncb (Biro, C5 F Bt, Wubmnton. D. C.
K. IJ. Fullerlon, who has been
principal of tho high sehool in this
city for a couple of terms, has resigned and will be succeeded by J. H.
Keller, who is a graduate of Toronto
university and bus been a high school
teacher for the past eighteen years,
having been principal of the Sherbrooke academy during the past nine
years. Mr. Fullerton will return to
his home in New Bruuswick to resume his college work.
Greenwood has a chain gang for
the first time in an age. Two men
were put to work on the streets Tuesday, one of them under sentence for
ten days for drunkenness and ene for
thirty days for begging on the streets.
They preferred fresh air rnd hard labor to constant incarceration.—Times.
Midway Lodge No. 36, K. of P.,
has elected the following offices for
the ensuing year: C. C., H. Eldridge;
V. C., C. Bubar; K. R. & S., S. G
Stook; M. F., D. Tamblyn; Prelate,
H. Stevenson; M. A., P. Heilseher;
M. of \V„ E. Oldendorff; I. G., P.
Holden; 0. G., C  Melville.
Geo. Chappie went to the Greenwood celebration last Wednesday on
his Indian motocycle, going by way
of Midway. The return trip was
made via Eholt. He made the entire
journey with one tank of gasolene.
and had some to spare when he returned home.
Bev. C. W. Whittaker, late of
Phoenix, and Miss Lucy E. Shearer,
of Vancouver, were married in the
latter city last week, the ceremony
being performed by Rev. W. H. Barr-
clough, B.A., assisted by Revs. A. K.
Sharp and B.   H.. Balderslone, B.A.
C.'Martin, N. W. Sweetzer.J. Darr
and W. Lindsley, all students in mining engineering at Pullman cellege,
have taken positions in Phoenix
mines, and will spend their vacation
gaining practical mining knowledge.
John Washkosks and Miss Julia
Lavonture. both of Greenwood, were
married in that citv last week, Rev.
Father Bedard performing the ceremony at the ehureh of the Saefed
The wedding of Miss A. Bergman,
of Denoro, and A. Jei s n, of Phoe
nix, was solenin'zed at the formei
place last week, Rev. Mr. Venables,
of Greenwood, performing the ceremony.
The first furnace of the Dominion
Copper company's smelter at Boundary Falls was blown in last Saturday. All the company's mines in
Phoenix '.amp are now being operated.
Bert Logan is a fire warden on the
North Fork of the Kettle river. His
duties consist in guarding the properties there of the C.P.R. against destruction by fire.
Pacific Hotel
First-oliisK In every respect,
Sample room* forcommer■*
etal travelers.
Hot and Cold Baths,
lini* in CotttiAotlon.
ITItieat iiiiirnisut' wiiii-s.
LiHiior*. and Oiyarij.
CHAS. PETERSON, Prop        t~
The Purest and Best In tha City.
On Draught Exclusive.*/* at
E. Lane, the Granby electrican,
made the trip to the Greenwood celebration on the 1st by way of Midway
in his automobile in a little over
three hours.
A shift of eght mon are now at
work on the Woodburn claim of the
Phoenix Mining and Development
eompany. The force is to be increased
at once.
W. R. Thomas, who lias been manager for the Dominion Copper company in Phoenix, lias resigned, and P.
F. Rossa has been appointed his successor.
Work was started has been on a
tunnel at the Lucky Slut, the property of tho recently formed Lucky
Shot Development company of Phoenix.
W. B. Willcox, late editor and
proprietor of the I'lioenix Pioneer,
has purchased a fruit ranch near
North Yakima, Wash.
James McGregor, of Nelson, provincial mine inspector, inspected the
mines iu the Boundary a few days
The population at Mother Lode is
growing. Three babies arrived last
Trained nurse seeks employment.
Address P. 0. Box 12, Grand  Forks.
Mining Stock Quotations
New Yobk, July 2.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stoek mentioned:
Asked. Bid
Granby 100.00 95.00
Dominion Copper     1.S7J 1.75
B.C. Copper     5.00 4.75
Three bottles of cold Phoenix Beer,
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
Local advertisers should make a
note of the fact that The Sun is the
most widely read paper in Grand
shipments of   Boundary mines
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, lllOii and tor the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe. I'lioenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Dcndwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit..:	
Senator, Summit Cump	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper.......
Carmi, West Fork	
Sully, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence...	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Cresce'it, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Fulls	
1907 1908    Past Week
618,637       522,828     22,011
185,001 367
Total, tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter.,
1,148,237       570,017      32.423
637,626 505,586
341,952 40,424
Total treated.
545,990      20,940
Name of Company.
Granby Conaulitlatetl— Copper,
Cariboo McKlimey—Gold	
B.C. Copper—Copper	
Authorised r—•HARBB--.'     Putd    Ttttul to    Lateat      Per
Capital.    Inued. Pur.       lfluti.       Date.       Date.   Shun*
$15,1X10,000      185,000  $100   $1,020,000 $2,(IIM,I!» Supt. 1007   $9.1X1
1,250,000  1,250,000     $1           510,881: Feb. 1904     .04
200.000       91000     $5         M.IXI0        88,221 Sent. 1906     .50
3,000,000    703,000      $5          201,200 lSent. 1907      .40
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements, •
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
GOOD "K1IN1 IlNvI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stoek and workmanship are of
the best. Lot us estimate on your order. \\ e guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Always Carries in Stoek      <j
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
■Razor Honing a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoriu Hotel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forks, B. C,
Foo Lee
Yale  Tranfer Go.
Light and Heavy Transferring to and from the depots.
A. Mackintosh
Office*.   Windsor Hotel. Phone AM
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
fionijall trains.
Telephone Al 29
Rutherford Bros., Props.


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