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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 12, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
The   Doukhobors'   Leader
Forbids Sick Persons to
Summon Physician
Nelson Residents Interested
Concerning Outrages in
the District
Residents of tbe city of Nelson
and district are deeply interested in
revelations made to a newspaper
tbere regarding Doukhobor outrages
of recent date. It appears tbat
Peter Veregin, the leader, and Sher-
binin, his so-called papal secretary
and general manager, have been instrumental in preventing members
of the colony - at Brilliant from receiving medical attention. This has
resulted in nt least one death.
It has been proved time and time
again tbat Veregin holds power of
life and death over bis subjects, the
Doukhobors, and tbat this power is
abused. The letter from Valdemar
Kruglak bas. caused considerable
excitement in Nelson, and the question is being asked wben will the
government Uke steps to prevent
further outrages. Since the Blakemore report the Doukhobors have
assumed an attitude of defiance, as
they feel that tbey are being protected by the government. Tbey are
not forced to conform'with the laws
Of Canada.
The letter follows:.
"A report being made to the gold
commissioner of Nelson by Mrs. J.
E. Kennedy and myself. At his request, Dr. Hartin and Provincial
Constable King went to the Doukhobor community at Brilliant, B. C.
to enquire about a certain sick man,
by name Vaceilie Navakshownoff.
"On arrival they asked Mr. Sher-
binin and bis helpers to show them
to the sick man. He positively denied to Dr, Hartin any knowledge
of tbe man, declaring that t-iere was
no one of the name of Navakasbow-
noff in the community (and I know
Mr. Sherbinin is a great friend of
bis.) The otber Doukhobors also
ssid tbere wan no sick man there.
"Then Mr. King came to me and
asked me to accompany them to the
community to And the sick man. I
went witb tbem across the river and
-.very Doukhobor we asked said tbey
didn't know of any sick person. It
certainly seemed as if orders had
been given to all Doukhobors to
deny to a doctor any knowledge of
a sick person, and not to reveal to
him the house where the sick man
lay. Finally one of Navakashownoff's
relatives described the house to me,
and upon arriving there we met a
'Doukhobor woman wbo lived in the
house, and she also denied all
knowledge of a sick person and said
he was not there.
"Passing by the window I heard
moanings and I looked in and I saw
the siok man lying on a bed and an
old man standing beside the sick
man holding hia hand over the sick
- man's mouth to suppress his moanings. I knew tben this was the stek
man we were seeking.
"We went into the house and
found blm lying on a dirty bed in a
dungeon of a room, and he wus
breathing very heavily. We ftskad
him how long be had been sick and
be answered very feebly:
" 'I have been   forbidden to tell.'
"Then the doctor examined him
and said, 'It's too late; he has a
weak heart, tf a doctor bad heen
called ten days before he could have
been saved.'
"Another case is of a young man
35 years old, by name Sililcin, who
has a wife a nd two smsll children.
A year ago he untight a cold and,
asking for h doctor's assistance, was
refused. He hut- heen sick H whole
year, and now lies in a dying condition. A few diijx ago they brimght
him medicine ami wanted him to
take it, hut be was afraid and sent
the medicine by a friend to me to
find out what kind of medicine it
was. When I read it. it proved to
be a poisonous liniment.
'•Valdemar Krugluk,
"Brilliant, B. C."
(Translated from the Russian hy
Mrs.  J. E. Kennedy, Nelson, B C.)
Canning Factory Holds Its
First Statutory Annual
The New Building Is Nearly
Finished and Machinery
Has Been Ordered
Immigration Regulations
The new order in council respecting immigration is couched in the
following terms:
"H. R. H. the governor-general in
council nnder and by (virtue of tbe
provisions of subsection 3 of section
38 of the Immigration act, 9-10 Edward VII, and in view of the present overcrowded conditions of .the
labor market in British Columbia, is
pleased to make tbe following order:
'From aod after the date hereof
and until after the 31st day of
March, 1914, tbe landing at any
port of entry in British Columbia
hereinafter specified of' any immigrants of any of tbe following classes
namely, artisans, laborers (skilled or
unskilled) sball be, and tbe same is
hereby prohibited,'"
The order then specifies all of tbe
ports of entry iu British Columbia
coming under its terms.
Granby's November Report
The Granby Mining,Smelting and
Power company treated 106,173
tons of ore at its plant in Grand
Forks in November, according to tbe
monthly report. Of tbis 103,408
tons came from the company's
properties at Phoenix, and the remaining 2705 tons was custom material, a Urge part of it from mines
at Republic. The blister copper
shipments aggregated 1,944,145
pounds for tht period, well within
a few thousand pounds of the
Rule of the Road
That the rule of the road in British Columbia be altered so tbat traf
fie should proceed on tbe right side
of tbe road instead of the left, was
one of the radical suggestions made
by the grand jury in closing their
work at the assizes in Vancouver. If
tbe rule were changed, say tbe jury,
the regulations of British Columbia
would tben be the same as in the
majority of otber provinces.
The first statutory annual meeting of the shareholder* of ihe (4ratid
Forks Canning company was held
in the Davis hall last Saturday
night. There was a large attendance, and a'great deal of business
was transacted. Tlte election of
officers resulted as follows:
President and managing director,
Daniel McKinnon; vice-president,
C. A. Wallace; secretary treasurer,
J. A. McCallum; board of directors,
Daniel McKinnon, C. A. Wallace,
Jeff Davis, E. C. Henniger, James
McArdle, J. H. Patterson and D. J.
M.iDougal. J. H. Wilson was appointed superintendent of tbe company and F. R. S. Barlee auditor.
The' new cannery will soon be
ready for tbe machinery. Tbe building will be the most modern structure erected tn tbe interior for the
purpose. The plans .were prepared
by J. H. Wilson, wbo superintended
the construction work. Mr. Wilson
will leave shortly for tbe east to
purchase tbe necessary machinery
for the Jactory, and it is expected
tbat by tbe 1st of March tbe
plant will be installed and tbe factory equipped to commenc operations.
Contracts with the local ranchers
are being made by the management
for all the fruits and vegetables
they can production. On this account it is expected that the acreage
under cultivation in the valley will
bs greatly increased next year.
feed at the coast, eggs should be  pro
duuad   at   an   average   price for the
whole   year   of   between    12 and 14,
cents per dozen.
Work was suspended on the Greenwood post otlice last Thursday until
next spring.
Ed Saunter was fined $25 and costs
before Major Glossop, J.P., at Rock
Creek, for selling a deer without a
Many Entries at Poultry
Show But Attendance
From Abroad Ligbt
Raymond Moran and Miss Ireiie
Humprhey, both of Carmi, were
married in Greenwood last Thursday.
All the member were present Ht
the meeting of the city council on
Monday night. The amendment to
the trades license bylaw was reconsidered and finally passed. The
mayor's remuneration bylaw and the
aldermen's indemnity bylaw were
put through their final stages. Tbe
report of the hoard of works, apportioning the cost for the construction of cement sidewalks, was
atlopted. The usual amount of
routine business wus also trans
There was a court of revision on
the voters' list in Greenwood this
week. \ n idiotic clause in the Municipal act compels sueh events to be
advertised in Nelson and not in
Greenwood. In this intelligent age
no law is more absurd, and our legis-
larure should erase it from the books
in order to prevent accusations of insanity.—Greeuwood Ledge.
Chicken Talk Galore at Banquet on Wednesday
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past' week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Mm. Max
Dec.   S—Friday  27 33
6—Saturday  .... 25 35
7—Sunday 27 37
8—Monday  29 26
9—Tuesday  20 28
10—Wednesday... 20 27
11-Thursday  20 30
iii. • Lichee
Rainfall  0.00
Hockey Schedule
* The following is the schedule of the
Boundarv  Hockey league, as amended at a meeting of delegates from the
three teams in this city last week:
Jan. 5—Greenwood at Phoenix.
7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
9—Grand Forks at Greenwood
19—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
23—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
26—Greenwood at Phoenix.
28— Phoenix at Grand Forks.
30—Grand Forks at Gjeenwood.
Feb. 2—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forks
6—Phoenix at Greenwood
.  9—Greenwood at I'hoenix.
11—Phoenix at Greenwood
13—Gland Forks at Greenwood.
The Baptist Sunday school will
hold its Christmas tree entertainment on Tuesday evening, December 23
As soon as tbey have been converted into barges the old barbues
Gerard C. Tobey and Amy Turner
will be used in the coke trade from
Tacoma to Granby Bay. Coke for
the new Granby smeller will be furnished from lhat port, and will
amount to a cargo every ten days
or two weeks.
Robert Keffer, son of Frederick
Keffer, of Greenwood, bas been appointed assistant mining engineer at
the Stewart mine, Kellogg, Idaho.
The Chesaw News says that thn
British Columbia Copper company is
making a bid for the ores of Myers
John Docksteader and Miss Dorn
thy Winney were married at Midway
on December 10.    .
Provincial Poultry Inspector J. R.
Terry, who ia in the city this week,
says that, with the present price for
Revolt Among the Doukhobors
If Nicholas Shakov, tho Moscow
capitalist and philanthropist, who is
in Canada on a visit to the Dnukho-
bor settlements in Saskatchewan and
Hritish Columbia, is not mistaken in
his belief, the reign of Peter Veregiu
is Hearing its close and the Doukho
bors of this province will by their
own efforts effect the reforms in their
community which should have been
brought about hy tho government
iiinie than a year ago. Mr. Shakov
says that the Doiikhohors are entirely
dissatisfied with their leader and
would, in his opinion, throw off the
yoke immediately and break up the
clan so far as common property is con
cerned. It is to be hoped that events
will justify his belief, but it is hardly
likely that Mr. Veregin will step
down without making a vigorous ef'
fort to retain his authority. Ho has
one weapon which may be used with
powerful effect. All tho property of
the community is vested in himself,
and for a time at least he might make
it unpleasant for those who tried to
oust him.
It is unlikely, of course, that the
courts would uphold his right to own
ership, especially as it is clearly understood that he is merely the trustee
for tho community, but it is tiie duty
of the authorities to seo tliat he does
not intimidate his countrymen into
subserviency by the threat to dispossess them of the lands which have
been made fruitful by their labor. -
Vancouvor Sun.
The annual provincial poultry
ebow opened in the opera house in
this cilyTu-sdiy and will continue
until tomorrow night. The weather
during the week has been ideal for
tbe occasion. Tbere are ahout 130
entries, representing over 1200 exhibits of poultry and pet stock. A
great deal of disappointment is felt
because there are no exhibits from
some of the coast cities. The fancy
stock exhibited from interior points,
however, is of an exceptionally fine
quality, being tbe pick of birds exhibited at local shows tboroughout
the province. The show was opened
in form on Thursday morning with
addresses by Mayor Fripp and
others. While tbe exhibition bas
been liberally patronized by local
people, the attendance outside
points has not come up tbe expectations.
Wednesday evening about sixty
poultry fanciers and citizens attended a banquet given by tbe local
poultry association in tbe Davis
hall. In tbe absence of President
F. W. Lang, Vice President J A.
McCallum presided. In his opening address tbe chairman referred
to the progress in poultry raising
made in the valley during the past
few years. After tbe foast to "The
King," E. Kale proposed a toast to
the American Poultry association-
He Mfeired to this organization as
the parent poultry associations of
the west, and advocated closer ties
between it and the British Columbia association. VV. M. Higgs, the
first president of the British Colnni-
bia a.-Hnciatinii, responded, "The
British Columbia Poultry Associa
tion" was proposed by G, Horstead
J. R. Terrv, secretary of tbe at-sn-
ciation, in responding, went into
figures showing the rapid growth
of tbe organization during the short
time it bas been in existence. W.
R. Pulton proposed "The Grand
Forks Show, 1913," and A. S. McKim and W. IC. Huddcn responded
A. D. Morrison proposed the toast lo
the judges, und C. A. I lines replied.
E. N. Burker, one of the judges
here, and practically the only representative Irom Alberta, spoke of the
friendly relations existing between
the two provinces. "The City of
Grand Forks" was proposed by J.
McMullen, of Maple Ridge, and was
responded to by Fred Clark. E. F
Law and H. E, Upton responded to
tbe toast, "The Ladies." Tbe music
for the occasion was furnished by
McLeod's orchestra, and James West
supplied the good things to eat.
It sometimes takes some people a
long lime to discover that they
have become enamored of an ignoramus.
Read the advertisements in The
Sun before you do your Christmas
V<vy Bitter
A man who frequently visits a
Scientific friend a abort distance out
of town once found bim In bis laboratory studying a dark brown substance spread out on t. sheet of paper.
I say, JoncB, said the scientific person, -when greetings bad been duly
exchanged, wou.d /on -ulnrt letting
me place a bit of this on your tongue.'
Hy taste has become sadly vitiated
by trying all sorts of things.
Certainly, responded the accommodating friend, and ha promptly
opened his mouth.
The professor tool; some of the substance under analysis and put It. on
his friend's tongue, whereupon the
visitor worked It around ta his mouth
for fully a minute, tasting it as he
might have sampled a choice confection.
Note any effect? asked the pi'oteps
No especial effect.
lt docsu't purallze thc  tongue?
Not that I can detect.
1 didn't think lt would
Bo alkaloids in it, then
it taste?
Very bitter.
Very bitter, citi? Then, after a
pause, all right, that will do..
By this time the caller's curiosity
was aroused. What Is it, anyhow?
ne asked.
I don't know. That's what I am
-.rylng to find oui. Someone around
here has b«.on poisoning horses with
Not Hla Fault
At the persuasion of a travelling
agent, a farmer bad two lightning
rods fitted to a costly barn. But only
a week or two later, during a violent
thunderstorm, the barn was struck by
lightning and ln a few hours all that
remained of lt was a heap of charred,
black refuse.. Next day the farmer
sought out the lightning rod agent.
Fine lightning rods you sold me! he
shouted. Here's my barn been
struck by lightning and burned to the
What, said the agent. Struck by
Yes, by lightning,
ln the day time?
No, at .light.     Last night.
The agent's puzzled frown relaxed a
little. Ah, he sain. It was a dark
night, wasn't lt? Well, were the
lanterns burning?
The agent stared in pretended
No, said the farmer, I never burn
Why, he said, you don't mean to
tell ine tbat you didn't run up lanterns on the rods on dark nights?
I never heard of   such   a   tblng!
] shoutad the farmer.     Hun' lanterns
up! Why?
Well, said the agent, if yon don't
know enough to make your lightning
rods noticeable you can't blame me.
When tbrough old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish
Na-Dru-Co Laxative*
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
^discomfort or distress.
a box at your
Druggist's. 173
There are
liow  docs
' i ^ "'(pfT.,, Burned at the Stake
ii Jr>.'.i;As'1at3 as the end of the eighteenth
.'• ^-t'entni-y counterfeiter, wero   publicly
mfejc*,     v„,.___a_t q_ ti,o urnke In London.      On
turned at the stake In London. On
•March IS 1789, Christlanie Murphy
-Iras executed at Newgate tower, Ixm-,
Jon, for the crime of coining. She
svas bound to the stake seated on a
.tool, the main tie being .. cord around I
the neck. The fantral pyre'waB then
lighted by the executioner und his deputies, one o; the latter of whom finally jerked we stool from under the
wretched creature, allowing the weight
to fall on hei- neck. WMiiin forty-
slght minutes tbe body was entirely
reduced to ashes and buried in a hole
on the spot where Uie execution took
v ■ ■
Fath-tr always spoils every thing,
satd Miss GHuJ-ys Cnoirox, tearfully.
I'll never again tell blm when anybody proposes to me.
What has he done?
- When .Baron Fucash askcJ for my
hand I told- him to aak father. And
when he called, father looked through
a card Index and uld: There are
tbree ahead of you, but I don't think
any of them will suit. Como around
next Thursday.
An Explanation
A quack doctor was holding forth
about his medicines to a rural audience.
Yes, gentlemen, he said, I have sold
these pills for over twenty-flve years,
ud never beard of a word of complaint.   Now, what does that prove?
From a voice in the crowd came:—
That dead men tell no tales.
Describing Gout
A well-known clubman in the smoking roomthe other evening gave Bome
of his fellow-members a picturesque
description of the gout.
You He In bod, he said, with the
gouty foot stretched out, and you feel
as though the sole of It was pressed
against the bars of a red-hot fire. In
Uie middle of the furnace ts a fellow
with a gnn loaded to the muzzle with
red hot needles. Presently he fires
the gun at your foot and you feel the
red-hot needles travel up your leg
and come out at the knee, not all at
once, but like the animals went Into
the Ark, two by two. When the last
couple of needles have finished the
course yoti find yourself sweating with
fear, and wondering how long lt will
he before the fellow fires the gun
again. Presently you find he Is under
contract to fire It every few minutes,
and you get ready for Uie discharge.
But you can never be said to get accustomed to it, because the blackguard loads it with a hew kind of red-
hot ueedle. every time, nnd sometimes
adds half-a-dosen red-hot cork-screws
and that's gout.
Who would   patronize   gout   after
An Avaricious Woman
A woman wbo carried love of money
to an Incredible extreme was Lady
Margaret Jardlne, sister of thc first
Marquis of Queensbury. Although her
husband was a rich man, Lady Margaret would actually carry foot passengers across the lltlle river Annan
tor a half penny*,'and whenever there
| was a fair or market day Bhe would sit
Ion the banks of tive stream all day long
waiting for customers. She usually
wore rags to save ter clothes, but on
the rare occasions when ehe visited
anywhere she packed up a few decent
garments, which she slipped on hefore
entering the house, exchanging them
for her dirty oneB when leaving.
Used to It
Did you give this mau the third
degree? nsked the police officer.
Yes. We browbeat and badgered
him with every question we could
think of.
What did be do?
He dozed oft and *■ ci-ely murmured
n„w and then: Yes, my dear. Yon arc
perfectly right.
Ths Word 'Picnic'
Few people know the original meaning ot the word 'picnic'   It.is to bs
(ound set out In The London Times of
a hundred yeara ago.
A picnic supper consists of a variety of dishes. The subscribers to tbls
entertainment bave a bill of fare presented to them, with a number against
each dish. The lot which he draws
obliges him to furnish the dlsb marked against It, which he either takea
with htm in bla carriage or sends by
a servant. The proper variety is preserved by the talent, of the maltre
d'hotel, wbo forms the bill ot fare. As
the cookery Is furnished by so many
peoplo ot fashion, eacb strives to excel, and thus a picnic supper not only
gives rise to much pleasant mirth, but
generally can boast ot the refinement
of the art,
Hard nnd soft corns -both yiefd to
Hollowajfa Corn Cure; which ta entirely safle to use, t.nd certain and satisfactory In Its action.
The luperlnocnten't of a certain
Sunday sohool In tho Midlands, wbo
had attained a good position, was
trying to show his boys that he had
gained It by total abstinence. He
gave them several Instance- where
men had .oat their places through
i Ink, and he had beeu fortunate
enough to gain those places.
At tbe close of thc address he said:
Now, boys, to what do I ow* my present position?
Much to his surprise the boys cried
in chorus.     Drink, clr!
How's This?
.A Puzzl-
A man lay groaning and writhing
by the wayside, when tip dashed a
.constable and proceeded to Investigate but all he could get out of the
sufferer was: I ate one, too—I ate
one too, and be puzzled, but not for
Poison! was the diagnosis, «and.
mindful of his tralnlrg, he at once
procured tin emetl*, which Blmply
electrified the recipient.
Between convulsions he managed to
ask the reason for such treatment and
as tbe reason for such treatment and
on his being told, and asked what It
waB he had eaten, he became more
What did I eat? yelled he. Why,
you Idiot, 1812 Is the number of the
car that knocked me down!
Until She was Nearly Crazy. Began
with Watery Blisters. On Ears,
Eyes, Hands and Ankles. Could
Not Sleep for Scratching. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured.
DrllninYlck St., Fredericton, N. B-—"I
had a very bud cam of eczema. Tlio troublo
bosan witli watery l.llsuir.; and Itched aud
burned until 1 was nearly crazy. J t wa, on
my cars, ryes, hands and ankles. I could
not keep tbo tied clothes over mo at, nli_.it I
(or (lio _martluii and Itr.'ilng. My ears
would dwell. I would scratch until tb--blood
would run and tlini form a scab. I (clt as
If I could tako a knl(o and cub tbo Hash oa
my hands. It would disfigure roy face and
make It smart and burn sad swell. 1 could
not sleep at night for wru-chlng.
" I tried everything I heard nf without
Renins any beneflt. 1 used lota of home
remedies, suctm.i lard and sulphur, and also
ww treated for It. Then I tried Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and they gave uae great
ease. 1 used them about four months and 1
am happy to say 1 am never troubled now.
The Cut leura Soap and Ointment cured me
completely.'' (Signed) Mr-. A, S. Thompson, Mar. 0. 1011*.
The regular use of Cuticura Soap for toilet
aad bath not only tends to preserve, purity
' and beautify the skin, scalp, hair and bonds,
but assists In preventing Inflammation, irritation and elojglug ot the pons, the common
cause of pimples, blackheads, redness and
roughness, yellow, oily, mothy aad other un*
wbolesomo conditions of tue skin. Outleum
Soap and Cutloura Ointment .ro sold
throughout ths world. Liberal sample of
•Kh mailed ties with 3_*-p. Skin Book.
Address post card Potter Drag * Chest.
4)00. D»pt.41D, Boston, U.B. A.
*M. N. U. 174
There is in Brooklyn a young re
cently married couple who have been
raving the usual half pathetic and
wholly .Mousing experiences Incident
ta tomewhut limited means and total
lncxpv: lento. Last Saturday there
waB a .rich in the delivery of the
market in*;, and Sunday found them
with n practically empty larder.
When ili-iuci time camt the young
wlit- limit into tears.
Oh, this i. Horrible' she wept. Not
a thing in the house fit for a dog to
eat.   t am going home to mamma.
lf you don't mind, dear, the husband exclaimed, as he visibly brightened and reached for hiB hat, I'll go
with you.
He's a mean man.  •
How so?
When his little girl bogs for an icecream sundae he aski her If she
wouldn't rathv have a gold watch
when she's nineteen.
Driven From the System by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
The* sufferer from rheumatism who
has not gone about curing himself In
the right way must expect a return of
the tortm-a with every change to cold
or damp weather. It Is not tbe
change tn tbe weather that causes the
rheumatism, but lt does start the aches
and pains. Rheumatism is a deep-
seated dlsorde*- of the blood. You
cannot possibly cure It with outward
application-; ot hot.fomentations as so
many people In their Ignorance of the
real cause at the trouble try to do.
Rheumatism can only be driven out
of the system by driving out the poisonous acid ln the blood. This can
only be done by making the blood supply rich, red and pure.    It is in this     .    _
way that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure out the parasite,
rheumatism, even after other remed-! -
lea have failed. These Pills make
rich, red blood, they go right to the
root of the trouble, and tbe pains and
aches are driven from the system and
will not return t the blood supply Is
kept pure. Tbat.' the whole secret
of curing rheumatism, and It you are
a sufferer begin to cure yourself to-day
by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Among the many sufferere from rheumatism who have been cured by this
medicine Is Miss Mary D. Kelly, South
[xmmmcr, Ont. Mlsa Kelly jays:
1 'Some time ago 1 had a very bad at
tack of   rheumatism.    At   times   I
would be confined to bed for a couple
of days and would seem almost paralysed with the intense pain In my back
and legs.    At such times I could not
walk, and my Joints were stiff and
swollen.   I consulted different doctors
and took their medicine, but did not
get more than temporary relief.     At
this time a neighbor advised me i-i
try Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs, and I got
a Btipply.   After taking a few boxes I
found they were greatly helping me,
and I continued tl elr use until the
•     ....    -ll...._.,,nh,._,,|      ,    ...
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any cast ot Catarrh that
cannot bs cursd by Hall's Catarrh
F.  J.  CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Chenoy for the la 10 years, and believe him perfectly h net. In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations mado by his nrm.
Toledo. O.
Han's Catarrh Curo is tnken Internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 76 cents per bottle.
Sold by nil dnixplsta.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Aa eminent scientist, the other isr,
lave his opinion that the most wonderful dlsccvery of recent years waa
tha discovery of Zam-Buk. - lust .
think! As soon as a single thin layer
at Zam-Buk ii applied to a wound or
a sore, such Injury ls Insured against
blood potion I Not one species ot
microbe has been found that Zam-i.ua
Ices not UU I
Then again. As soon aa Zam-Buk
s applied to a sore, or a cut.-or tf
ikln disease, lt stops the smarting.
That is why children art such friends
of Zam-Buk. They ears nothing for
the aclsnce of tbe thing. All they
know Is tbat Zam-Buk stops their
path. Mothers should never forgtt
Again. As soon aa Zam-Buk It applied to a wound or to a diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's inr-
face are to stimulated that ntw
healthy tissue ls quickly formed. Thlt
forming ot fresh healthy tissue /row
below Is Zam-Buk's secret ot healing.
The tissue thus formed It worked up
tt the surface and literally casts off
the diseased tissue above It -This It
why Zam-Buk caret are permanent.
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, ot
101 Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co. and told them
that for over twenty-flve yeart ht
had been.a martyr to eczema. HU
bands were at ont tlma to covered
with sores that ht .had to sleep Ut
(loves. Four yeart ago Zam-Buk was
Introduced to him, and In a tew
months lt cured him. To-day—over
three yeart after his curt ot a dlsettt
he had for twenty-flve years—he ia
atlll cured, and bu bad no trace ot
any retain ot tht ecsema!
AU druggists tell Zam-Buk at He.
box, or we will tend tret trial box lt
yon tend tbls advsrtltament and a le.
ttamp (to pay return pottage). Ad-
drett Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Ue had just reached the philosophical stage when he slipped Into a restaurant foi a bite to eat. H« ordered
and then sat staring ahead, quietly
thoughtful In expression, and waited.
It is admitted he did some walling
too. What happened to hit order
couldn't be nnderstoot outside the
re-iillar restaurant kltchcj, but he
spent half an hour sitting there "taring ahead of him.
At last lt came. As tho waiter put
the order bafore him, he started
fw-in his deep study, as 1. be had
forgotten lie had an order coming.
Then, looking up at the fair transporter of edibles, he aaid:
You don't look a day older!
Worms sap the strength end undermine the vitality of chllcrr -,.
Strengthen tbem by usl.if Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to-dri*e
. One day an old. farmer came Into a
("city store and asktd to ace some
clocks. The clerk shewed btm some
elght-da) clocks, which he told him
would ntn eight days without winding The mrmer looked perplexed
for a minutt and iald: Yes, but
lt they will run eight daya without
winnin' how long will they run If you
wind cm?
It. the best:
Mathias Foley, 0(1 City, Ott.
Joseph Snow, Norway. Me.
Charles Wbooten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Rev. R. O. ArmBtrtng, Mulfciave, N.S.
Pierre Landers,   senr.,   Pt-kcmcuche.
Thomas Wasson, ShcfficU, _-i.II.
On one occasion, .ust hefore one of
his recitals, Paderewski was stopped i and 1 conuuucu  -™----,-*-, „
In  the entrance hall by an excited | trouble completely disappeared, ^can
__, M, Pailere.vskl, she exclaimed,
1 am so Klatl to see you! I want bo
much to hear you play, but they tell
me t ere Isn't a seat left. Now, do
try to find me a seat somewhere. I
am sure they'll let me li If you ask
tliem to.   Please!
Paderewski bowed very gravely.
Madame, he Bald, 1 sliall be delighted to help you. There Is one sent ln
tlie hall ut my disposal, and you can
take that if you care to.
Oh, that's too sweet ot you! the
lady gushed. I'll take It with pleasure.     Where Is lt?
At the piano? replied Paderewski.
Senator Cullom ot Illinois, gets a
good laugh out ot the Btoi/ he tells
about an old lady who, although she
Is a resident of hla state, has a son
In Montana.
One day the senator in., the old
lady, and knowing that the son wat
the appie of her eye, not to say her
very heart bones, he Inquired as to
how the boy wat doing. He was
surprised to see that the womnn dissolved Into a storm ot tears.
Why, what's the matter? asked Mr.
He Just writ mc, said the old lady,
trouote cuuiyi-»A.,j ..........—
strongly recommend this medicine to
others who suffer as I did from the
pangs and tortures ot rheumatism".
Yon can get Dr. Williams' Pink!
Pills through any dealer in medicine j
or hy mall, post paid, at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for (2.50 from Tlie
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., tlrock-
ville, Ont.
A medical professor wrote on the
blackboard in his laboratory:
Professor Wilson Informs bis stit-
i dents that he has this da; 'ieen ap-
I pointed honorary physical*,   to   his
majesty thc klsg.
ln the course of thc morning he
bad occasion to leave the room, and
found on hts returt that some wag
had added to the announcement the
Ood save tbe king.
Is Bonehead u.uch of a writer?
No, I think not;  he's gift to find
a desk.
Pat had ,'oined the navy and was
being drilled with bla shipmates on
a pier.
Fall ln! .amo tbe order. Immediately Pat fell Into tlie water. Two
deep! was thf next c der.
Pat (siuttorlnt In the water)—
Bad scran to ye! Why didn't ylt tell
mc it wae too deep beforo 01 fell
Ship your Furs and Hides to
SM1-28S Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
W'lt* for Price List ant. Shipping
Mrs. Smith waa ou her flrst ocean
What's that down there! she ashed of the captain.
That's the steerage, madam, he re-
Really, exclaimed Uie woman, la
surprise. And does It take all that*
people to make the boat go straight
Case of "Nerves?"
Hot flashes, dizziness, falnUng spells, backaeht. httdache,
-wariagfldowa pals*. ns-ronsntss-olf ir* syiaptaMeflttsfnlarlty
and fenwlo diMtrboacw aad t— ~» ********* *wtA*t.        .***,
m,- ,  an not bayoad relief.
£?. Favorite Prescription
it that et a turns pkysldaa nationally utporteaeed
la the treating et women's peculiar a-lmerU. For
forty y«an it aaa ban reconmaM M suffering
womankind. 'Thousands *t wotata taa hsarwttMM
telubwolclal qualities, Patten* ta aid ball that
— • • —•—• fc^-Hr tax* etMMtb.
Try Murine Eye, Remedy
If you ham Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes  Eyt Pain.    Druggists  Sell
txJLVtiD-V a™ w-_™__^_r.v«.__, i.i m*"""1 ?y R»o>««y. "*««. »=. sfc.
'"' dV"S„5n„^t»» ii".. lc*..Murina fiyt Solve 'in Attptic Tubta,
Mature. I don t now for what or at, *-, *,„. Rook. w~ t.v uJjT
lor how long, but 1 pray, to Ood ihey 'jWE^Bl^UEtZ*^
will be easy on him. i Maria* Ky* tksmsSt Ct.. Cfclcaa*
RnrVlMtlMt* act, writ*
The Army of
b Growing Smaller Every Day.
-espmuible—they oot ^
otty pre relief—
d-ey permanently .^
aire Duty*,
tit*.   MIL.
Hots tne
im. fii"ni_.iiT. Bl ttittiti*,. Mw Seem.
UnuD Pill, Small Dose, Small Prica,
Genuine nun bear Signature
Tne Sonl of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
'Piano Action
a-mtmllooroxxoxn xunoow.ofoo,-USSLVST
ttamx Im bionst. 1..D01-. ISM0US •ISSUSS,
ywti to. -n rata twc. tks uo.t initioc!.**
aanui soostvss wsittss.it tills u.t,sto«Uf st
 flfld_lh._iiiii»«iflit.s cu.i. srncTSp Sf
"CM attsaov. n.i. hA. h3,
*. coJUvusioc* -_-._iu-r..iu. LoamES
.WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
In snare time at home. No experience
reoulred with our NEW ART COLOR-
INO PROCESS Easy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
for instructions (freo).
IISC _liege street, Toronto, Canada.
Book rrse.    A *i_s*Jt
Me lr.il_.ial rtamd
sawntnrn lUsiidr'sansal
Old seres, idctrt aod
. m_7Jm    „ drawfka curat.   Describe
7W htrtlt , we wlU ssad -wok nxi l.sUawaloli
■omethlng   better than  linen  and  no
laundry bill*.     Wash It with aoap and
Wator.     All stoi-i-s or direct. State style
tnd aloe.  - For 25o. wo will mall you.
H Frotlr Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
os-WiBSLoWs Soothiho Stavt has been
HOTUB.IS  lor   loeir   CHtt-OKKN   WHlUt
 Wd with FBRFSCT SDCC8S8.    3
Suit beet,remedy for DIJJtRHCEA. It Is _
MhiUK kotmlns. Ke sure tod ut lot -Mit,
WiattoWs Soothlag Syrup," and take ao «tt«
*x**\ TwoOjr-Sv* cents* bottle
Assets  |3,600,000.00
Insi-anco  $11,500,000.00
ABSOLUTE      Security
Policy rlolder*
Exetltlar  Policy  Forms Approved
By  Dominion   Insurance   Department
Tor Agencies apply to Provincial Offices
at    Winnipeg,    Edmonton.    Saskatoon,
mm re* mi*..   *n*WI'    14,371..
congenial needlework at horn*; maiu
from three to tive do—-ra per dur dooor
stint cushion toe*. Armour Art Co..
Dept. B.. Bredalbana Block, Wlnnlpef.
j)ld you attcud th:.t terrible play?
1 did.
And was It as Immoral as you had
been led to hope?
Her Soldier Dad
Mra. Johnson vat all excitement.
Ber husband was a Gordon Highlander, and she had an Invitation to visit
him ln barracks In Scotland.
You'll toon seo daddy now, she
said to her six-yea.-old little daughter, as the express bore them to their
On arrival at the barracks 'Mrs,
Johnson was Informed that her husband waa on sentry duty. One ot
the soldiers pointed him out to her,
but of course, they could not approach
him. The child eyed her diddy with
big round eyea full of wonder as he
paced up and -down tie square, rifle
on shoulder, in his regimental kilt.
There's  1addy!  cried the mother.
The child, however, was too lost In
this amazing spectacle to answer, but
at last lt came out.
Mamma, she said, In a childish treble, but with a strictly confidential
air, lf daddy finds the man who stole
his trousers will he give me that
Uckle frock!
Minard't   Liniment   Curea   Dandruff
Made a Mistake
The tube-car gave a lurch. The
young man who had just risen from
his seat, lost his balance. The tube-
car stopped with a Jerk. The young
man sat down automatically ln the
fashionable lady's "ap. She began to
shriek in this wise:
You contemptible pup! I wish you
to understand that I am not a lamppost or a piece ot furniture to be
clung to for support. You have no
right to crowd ln and tear other people to pieces with your big, clumsy
hands, You pitiful clown, you! You
aren't fit to be allowed among nice,
quiet well-dreBsed people! You unmannerly bumpkin! You deserve to
Excuse me, madam, broke In the
joung man, you have made a mistake.
A mistake? demandel the lady, her
eyea flashing with anger. What do
you mean?
This, ma'am, replied the young
man.    I am not your husband.
Too Sudder.
£NT   S   DlStV*V-
."'•**■ Ill T[5  '•,.
60a a box or six boxes ftr $2.60,
at all dealer*, er Tht Doddt Medl-
tint Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 174
This Is eo sudden!
As ho heard thc girl speak these
wordB the astonished young man rose
to his feet ln bewilderment.
Sudden! he repeated; did I hear
aright? More than two years ago I
believe It was, that I first met you.
For several months after that I only
saw you occasionally; then gradually, very gradually, I Increased my
visits. It took six months to get on
a formal calling basis; it took elx
months more to be a regular visitor;
six months more to call you by your
Christian name, and lt ls only during
the last tew months that 1 have ventured with many n.Isglvings even to
hold your haifd. And now, after, all
Oils gradual development'of my love
you tell me that my declaration is so
sudden.    Do you call this sudden?
I do, Indeed, ahe said calmly.
But,   >r wbat reason"
The young lady answered with
tome degree ot hauteu...
Simply this, she replied. I hardly Imagined you would dare to speak
to me like this for another two years
fit least, conslderlLg your present
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.—
There ls nothing equal to Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil when well rubbed in: It
penetrates the tissues and pain disappears before it. There is no known
preparation thai will reach the spot
quicker than this magic OU. In consequence It ranks first among liniments now offered tc the public and it
accorded first place among ull Its competitors.
A weary and dejected theatrical
troupe, after an unsuccessful trip, arrived ln a small New Jersey town.
.. fair-sized audience witnessed the
flrst performance without furor, although there was enough handclap-
ping to arouse the troupe's wavering
spirits. The leadli.g man promptly
stepped to the footlights after the
first act and bowed profoundly, but
still the clapping continued. At he
went behind the scenes he encountered an Irish stage hand.
I guess that's' some acting, said
thc Thespian, throwing out his chest
What d'yez mane, tit' -landclappln'?
Inquired the Irishman.
Why, surely. How better could
tbey shav their appreciation ot my
That's not appreciation, man, said
the stage band, that's the audience
killing moBqultces.
On ono occasion Dr. Francis Warner was trying to bring back to consciousness a woman who had had a
paralytic Btroke.
His efforts seemed to be ln vain.
For a time her utterances were only
the ravingi. of delirium but all at
once she sat up ln bi-d and looking
straight at Dr. Warner, she cried out:
Oh, you funny old man.
Ab! said Or Warner, cheerfully.
Now she's beginning to talk sense.
and be free of pain all winter. Mr.
Robert Wilson, ot Hardfield, N.B.,
says: "It affords me great pleasure to
convey, not only to you but also to all
sufferers from Backache and Rheumatism, the great relief I have obtained
from the ase of GIN PILL8 to anyone suffering as I did."
50c. a box, 6 for (2.60. Sample free lt
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto.   216
Used Diplomacy
A certain gushing lady took her
four-year-old daughter to a photographer. The little one could not be
made to sit still. The camera-man
was as nice and eiiave as he could be,
and called the child all the sweet, endearing names he could think of,
while using every device ot gentle
persuasion to make the little wriggler
keep still. Finally ho turned to the
despairing mot her and said:
Madam, i. you will leave your darling alone with me a tew minutes, I
think I cau succeed in taking her
lovely face to perfeotioi'
The mother withdrew for a short
time. Soon the photographer summoned her back and exhibited a highly satisfactory negative. When they
reached home, the mother asked:
Nellie, what did that nioe gentleman say to you when I left you alone
with him?
Well, he thalil, lisped Nellie, lf you
don't thlt sthlll, you ugly, squlnteyed
monkey, I'll thake the life out ot your
carcath. Tho I sthat very sthlll,
Dragged Down by Asthma. The
man or woman who ls continually subject to asthma Is unfitted for his or
her life's work. Strength departs
and energy is taken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And yet
this Is needless. Dr. J. D. Kollogg's
Ab'hnia Remedy has brought a great
change to an. army of sufferers. It
relieves the restricted air tubes and
guards against future trouble. Try
Urgent Call
It was an hour or more after mld-
There was a furious ringing at the.
A few minutes elapsed, and then a
head was thrust out of a second-storey window.
What do you want?
This Is where Mr. Speedier lives,
Isn't lt?
Yes, I'm Mr. Speech^-.
You delivered a particularly Interesting address befor. the Advancement ot Mankind Club thi.. evening
on 'The Dead of 1905'?
I did.
You spoke of a noted man, named
Atclbiares McGlbbeny?
I want you to tell me whether he
waa a Protestant 0 a Roman Catholic?"
He wat a Protestant What—
That's all I want to know. I'm a
shorthand reporter tbat took down
the speech and I couldn't tell fro*m
my notes whether you tald that' at
tbe age of twenty-seven he entered
tbe ministry or a monastery. Ever
so mucb obliged to you.    Good-night!
Minard't Llnimtnt for sal* avtrywhtrt
two Archbishops
'The Archbishop of Canterbury Is
primate of all England and therefore
takes precedence of tbe Archbishop ot
York, who ls only primate of England.
This very nice distinction waa made
several centuries ago on account of a
very bitter dispute Arising between
the two functionaries as to which
Bhould precede the other. The matter was settled by conferring precedence upon tbe Archbishop ot Canterbury, the two titles being also bestowed at tho same time.
What It Is Coming To
What do you think ot our bridge
You have some excellent material
In lt. How do you manage to secure
such good players?
We pattern after tbe baseball people and maintain efficient scouts.
In Sydney, South Australia, a sum
of $600,000 Is to be provided annually
by Parliament for the use of men who
desire loans '0 enable them to build
a dwell.ng house or enlarge one already ln their possessl- or to discharge mortgages on their bomea. The
law requires that those who benefit
by this fund shall earn tour-fifths of
their Income by actual personal exertion, and tbat they shall not hare
an Income of more than $1,500 a year.'
"SUi.it HA'E MEAT,
So Bobby Bums tersely describes tht
rich, but •till poor, dyspeptic*. But their
case 1* not now 10 desperate u whea
Burns wrote. For the man who hu tht
food now can eat without suffering for
it, if he just follows the meal wltb a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
These remarkable tablet* banish tht
trouble* of the chronic dyspeptic—tbt
nan who it bilious—tht tuuerer ttota
heartburn, got on the stomach or occasional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food—and digest
them, too—if yon tak* Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemist*, after
probably the beat formula known ta
medical science, tbey are quick and
certain io their action, giving prompt
relief from all form* of atomacb trouble,
toning up and strengthening the digestive orgtmaud bringing about permanent
A man isnottrongertbanbltsteosck.
Fit yourself for your bat week tf
Well Fixed
Howlltt—Has she any visible means
of support?
Fowlttt—Has she? Say, did you
ever see her in one of those silt
Winchester Repeating   Shotguns are
World Beaters
565 straight and 98 per cent for
over 4000 targets are records made
with Winchester Repeating Shotguns
that have never been approached by
any other gun. When it is remembered that shooters of the greatest skill
are dally giving demonstrations of the
shooting qualities of tlie m..ny different makes of guns, but have yet beer
unable to equal these records, lhe only
conclusion that can be formed ls that
no other make of shotgun has the
pattern, penetration and accuracy
that the Winchester has. This conclusion ls being confirmed almost
dally by tho results ot tlio different
trap shooting tournaments throughout
the country. A gun's performance at
the trap la a criterion of ita value for
field shooting, and hence It ls almost
needless to Bay tha' for duck shooting
or bird shooting I field and cover,
Winchester Repeating Shotguns give
the limit of satisfaction and are wide
In use for this purpose. They were
officially endorsed by the U.S. Ordnance Board as 'possessing the advantages claimed by the manufacturers.' Over 450,000 of these guns
have been gold up to the present tim
and tbe demand increases day by
day. A Winchester Repeating Shotgun means a good score at the trap
or a successful day in the field, lf
the shooter has any ability at all.
It Cured by Dr. Chtte't Ointment-
Score* of Uses for the Great Soothing, Healing Ointment.
Most people know Dr. Chase's Ointment best as a curo tor eczema and
itching piles.    Nor is this to be wondered at when you think of the remarkable record made in this class of
But there arc scores of other uses
tor this ointment which are only discovered when it is kept constantly at
Mrs. Martin, IS Carroll street, Toronto, formerly of Bowmanville, Ont,
writes: We bave used Dr. Chase's
Ointment for years, and found It Invaluable ln treating skin Irritations
and all sorts of burns and founds. In
fact, we would not be without It In
the house. ' It ls a most excellent
treatment for granulated eyelids, from
which I suffered without finding anything to help me."
Wherever there Is Itching of the
skin or a sore that refuses to heal you
can use Dr. Chase's Olntmen*. with full
assurance that It will prove entirely
satlcfactory. 60 cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates e. Co., Limited, Toronto.
Did your daughters marry well?
Not exactly. One manrL * a farmer, and another marriet an ultimate
consumer; but the third msy make
up for all tbat.
How eo?
She's engaged to a middleman.
Patent Your Ideas—No delay and we
will sell If tor you If tho Idea ha* merit. Send aketch for free report. Information on patents and Ust of Inventions
wanted mailed ree.— J. A. MAC-
MURTRY * CO., Patent Attorneys, 154
Bay Street, Toronto, Canada.
Broke    up a heavy    Cold,    Relieved
.Pain In the Side, Stopped an
Irritating Cougti
"Anyone that goea through all that
I suffered last winter will appreciate
the value of a remedy that cures like
Nerviline cured me " These are the
opening words of the solemn declaration ot E. P. Von Hayden, the we.1-
known viollnlBt. "My work kept me
out late at night, and playing in cold,
drafty places brought on a severe cold
that settled on my chest. I had
harsh, racking cough and severe
pains darted through my sides and
settled lu my shoulders. I used different liniments,
but none broke up
my cold till I used
Nerviline. I rubbed
it ln on my neck,  ^___^
cLest and shoulders! morning aiii
night, and all tho pain disappeared.
Realizing that such a heavy cold had
run down my system, I took Ferrozone at meals, and was completely
built up and strengthened. Since using Nerviline I bave no more cold*
or pleurisy, and enjoy perfect health."
It's because Nerviline contains tha
purest and most healing medicinal
principles, because It has the power
of sinking through tie pores to tbt
kernel of the pain—these are the reasons why lt breaks up colds, curea
lumbago, stiffness, neuralgia, sciatica,
and rheumatism. Refuse any substitute your dealer may suggest—insist
on Nerviline only. Large family site
bottle, 50c; trial size 25c; all dealers, or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo>
N.Y., and Kingston, Ont.
Most of the students in the echoes
of experience are forced to study
ft l.t.u.*.ful MANDOLIN, with
nine   ribs   of   miple   end   birth.
wilk  colored   atrl|M   between  tnd
mtplt   ctpt   tnd   siiles.    Ebon-
onired fingerboard, wilk inlaid poti-
t   tion dot* and gusrd-pUtt, ttl off
I    wilh inlaid  Witterf^.    Fitted with
f A    patent heads and nicksi-plattd ttil-
VtSw      piece.   Wilh this Mandolin wt in-
r elude t htndsome green (tit ctst.
F   instruction book, tuning plptt, tale*
C J     set of strings, fingerboard chart tnd
\Af     certifies.* entitling you to eompltt*
Wr       course of instruction.   This outfit
I    complete for W0.
1  J This is onhj one of the Outfit*
if       listed in our big Musical
*    . Enctjclopedit.
T Other Mtndolins from »2_50 to $1»
f A Violins from K.65 to 91 IB
\e\W Guittr* from $2.95 to te$6
r   . Binjot from VI.50 to $20
f Comttt from J7.25 to $165
\A    Send {or our big Musical En> .
*_T      cyclopedia, CUxton's Musical
**  Treasures, the most complete
book on Music*! Goods issuti
in Canad*.   It's FREE.
Write Deptrlmenl Wto-dsij.
Protect Your Baby
Keep out cold draughts—save baby many a cold
and sickness.
m*^^       *%     ova maa-SbA M
All during the cold fall and winter months a Perfection
Smokeless Oil Heater keeps the house warm.
It can be carried from room to room—wherever you go.
Warms up bathroom or parlor in next to no time.
The Perfection burns nine hours on a single gallon of ofl.
Easy to clean and rewick.  No smoke or smell.
Stock carried at all chief points
For beat results use ROYALITE OIL
G. A. Evans. Editor and Publisher
strnsoKiFTioei bath :
• a. tear      fut
'hp Year (in advance)      1.00
'ne Year, tn United Statea  1.&0
-ilrire_. all earnmilnleatloiis to
Thb.Obano Forks Sun,
'HUH* K14 Qhasd Fomte, B.C
The coast papers now engaged in a fruitless endeavor
to discover how the huge surplus reported to have been in
the provincial treasury less
than a year ago has so mysteriously vanished, might tind
a valuable clue if they will go
to the trouble of taking a census of the government officials
and employees. Nearly every
other man one meets in the
streets nowadays is in the
employ of the province. There
are inspectors of every im-
aj:iable commodity—inspectors of inspectors, road bosses,
ro id employees, and an army
of various kinds of warden <
and ■ itlier ollieials. The stage
has nearly been reached where
the man who works and pays
taxes has to support one
It is not too early to commence to take a census of the
available mayoralty and aldermanic candidates. Grand
Forks will need good civic
officials for the coming year,
because it will be our growing time. We want broad-
minded men—men who will
endeavor o advance the interests of every section of the
city, and not men wedded fo
one of the many cliques that
still survive pioneer days, nor
men tied to the apron strings
of any religious sect or secret
society. We need honest men
who will give a good, clean
administration, without becoming so puritanical that
to indulge in a smile on the
Lord's aay will land the offender in the city bastile.
There should be moderation
and common sense to all
things. Let us ,have officials
with good judgment, and who
are not afraid to exercise it.
lhe watchword for 1914
should be "Forward."
Ok course it was a foregone
conclusion that the Conserva
tive candidate should win
in the Islands. He was
nominated by the government
machine and elected by the
road bosses. It is gratifying
to learn, however, that the
Liberal candidate polled a
large vote. Had ue been
elected he might nave asked
the government many embarrassing questions from the opposition benches—we were on
the point of writing it bench.
For instance, he might have
wanted to know why it should
be necessary to float a new
loan in London, what has become of the large surplus, and
why a Victoria newspaperman
should have been given $45,-
000 for which no accounting
has yet been made.
We are thoroughly disgusted with the hypocritical
fellow who poses as a public
spirited citizen merely as a
shield for lining his own pockets. Nearly every town has
some of this species.
The death knell of the ama-
tenr athlete appears to have
sounded all over Canada. We
appear to have unconsciously
drifted to professionalism.
There was lots of fun shouting for the athlete from our
own town, whom we knew.
But with the professional
sport it is different. We can
not become interested in his
work. He is merely a hired
man. When he starts out on
his career he is content with a
bull pup for a companion.
Then by natural stages he
gravitates to something worse.
This may be the reason why
he does not enthuse us.
The citizens generally express regret that more people from outnidt.
puints should not bave availed
themselves of the opportunity to
visit Grand Forks during the pro
vincial poultry show In view of
the fact that tbe association has car
ri'-d nu advertisement announcing
the event in one of the government's
paid organs' for nearly a year, they
imturaily looked for belter results
Had not Tbe Sun taken compassion
on the government and given the
show a little gratuitous publicity
Inst week, it niiuht have passed off
unnoticed altogether
Some oi' the queitions 8sl_fd by the
T-ittes in regard _■• '! e Kn.incial poii-
tio'i uf tlio province have been answered by the premier, but not alt
We have nut lieen told whether any
of the lirge surplus that su suddenly
has melted awav »a* applied to assist
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Worth While
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in keeping the Canadian Northern
railway, as R. B Bennett, a Conservative member of parliament,
bluntly put it, "out of the hands of a
receiver."—Vietoria Times.
James Reason, formerly of Nelson,
is now a member of the provincial police force in Nelson.
"Soft soap"  generally contain a
good deal of lie.
Pigs will be pigs  next  year, and
finished hogs will be profits.
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keep your liver and bowels clean;
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l«i Hflrk.l.fl Sin.
B-MUm, MM..
SuSeerlptioni Riciivid at title I
^.Wxkw-xtm THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS.   B. C.
.Ull J
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fut Week
Simultaneously with the royal
proclamation prohibiting the importation of arms into Ireland, Prime
Miniater Asquith declares his willing
ness to accept Sir Edward Canton's
basin (or home rule conciliation.
Iu addition to score*, of volumes of
exhibits weighing 300 pounds and
containing tables ol figures whioh, if
marshalled in single, would stretch
from Ottawa to London and then
form a girdle around Qreat Btitain,
no less than 3,7(10,800 words have
bien taken in evidence since the west
ern freight case made its bow before
the railway commission in February,
The Orand Trunk  Paciflo railway
is ordered to give security fnr #20'*,-
000 pending the outcume of the  ai-lu
tration   for   a  right of way  through
Fort Oeorge.
After searching a third of theUtah-
Apix mine at Bingham, 'Utah, the
poise which penetrated the stronghold
of Ralph Lopez, slayer of sit men.
came out tonight aud announced to
the thousands of expectant miners
that they had found nothing to in ii
cute the crafty daspertdo was dead.
Tbe Mexican rebels endeavor to cut
of the retreat of the federal soldiers
at Chihuahua.
An American corporation with a
Mexican connection is believed to be
ready to lend thousands of pesos to
Peesident Huerta.
Thirty-three pet-sons are known to
dead ae a result oi the great Texas
Gifts for Christmas 1    W.
1913 -CHRISTMAS -1913
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Ladies' and Gent's Writing Desks
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! Denver people turn out with snow
shovels, and thousands of men are en
gaged in the gigantic task of clearing
away enormous drifts in the stre'.ts
No foreigners are allowed  to  join
Gau Carranza's at-mv, although   hun
dreds of men offer their services.    "A
i Mexican affair only," says he.
The Chinese are pouring into British Columbia at the rate of almost six
hundred a month.
I Ulsterinen move arms and ammunition to secret depots at nigbt.
That the natural advantages of the
west are such as to entirely make up
for any advantages whioh may
accrue to the east as the result of
having water competition, was the
view urged on the railway board on
Saturday morning by M. K. Cowan,
K.C, counsel for the provinces of
Saskatchewan and Alberta.
W. W. Foster, Conservative candidate in the Islands conftituency, is
elected to the loeal house by a ma
jority ot 202
The attempt to reach a settlement
of the Dublin strike, which has been
in pjogress for fifteen weeks, has
The counsel for Saskatchewan and
Alberta in the freight cases summarizes his main contentions and gives
reasons why rates should be reduced
in the west.
Gen. Villa threatens to confiscate
the goods of merchants who raise the
cost of living in northern Mexico.
Gaston Doumergue, the Socialist
senator, today informed President
Poincare that he would accept the
oflice of prime minister of France.
The sheriffs will seal up the workings of the mine at Bingham, Utah,
and try once afore to asphyxiate
Rulph Lopez: It is belived that the
desperado is still. alive.
Notwithstanding a cold, biting
wind, one hundred women, headed by
Dr. Anna Shaw, march the streets of
Washington, headed for the White
House.    The   president   is asked to
commit himself on  the   question   of
common suffrage.
The failure of the Dublin strike
negotiations bss caused the deepest
disappointment in the country
Botb sides admittedly conferred in
the friendliest spirit. Lirkin pro
tested against the proceedings, but
was iguort-d.
Now is die Time to Get
Fitted Dp for Gold
Tbe Fa& That We Are Doing
tne Business is Evidence Enough
That   Our   Prices  Are   Right
CAMPBELL'S for Quality
Decisive action is being taken by
government at Ottawa today to stop
immigration of Hindus into this
country for the present. At a meeting of the cabinet an order passed
prohibiting further immigration of artisans or laborers into British Columbia from the Pacific or the south until March 31 next. The overcrowded
condition of the labor inakat is given
as the cause
The Mexican cougress today nullified the presidential elections. New
elections were called for next July.
Huerta's position as prjvisional president is confirmed.
The prospects of a strike of the
postal employees in England during
the Chr.stmas season was increased by
the announcement today of the post
master general that he would not concede the demand for 15 per cent increase iu wages,
Lopez, tbe Mexican desperado, is
still at large in Utah. A thousand
dollars reward is offered for his cap
The Duke and Duchess of Connaught receive a novel invitation —
gold nuggets nn an illuminated lantern—tb visit the Yukon.
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Maw Hnrnpcc ftnd do a*' k,,,(*s of
I-NCW liarilCSS harness rehiring. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
The Austrian imperial parliament
is suspended amid an uproar.
The Nobel peace prize for 1913 was
coiif''i'i-*-d today un Senator l-Iilm
Runt „i New York, antl that fur 1913
mi (Senator Henri La Kiminim-, of
Brussels, Belgium
It is reported ttint ilie Dublin strike
his lieen settled and that the men
have returned to work.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier citicizes the
government at a banquet tendered
Hon. W. S. Fielding at Montreal
The electtus of Wick Burgs answer
Criticisms directed atfainst the Asquith
administration by uiving the i*oveni-
ment candidate a much increased
Concealed arms are sought' in vain
by the customs men at Belfast. The
luggage of passengers is searched, but
nothing incriminating is found.
"The onlv truo purpose." snys
Richard Je.bb, "of our British empire
is the promotion and protection of
nations and states combined for mu
tual help under the common crown.
We must recognize Canada for Cana
dians and India for Indians, each
state determining ite own population
and its own institutions."
There is tn be no general strike in
England of the 97,500 government
employees in the postal, telegraph and
telephone service during the Christmas holiday season.
According to government statistics
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New Year
The majority of cases of sickness are caused
by unsanitary plumbing. Avoid this risk by
having your plumbing work done by
Heating, and Sanitary Engineer
the livestock industry in Canada is
dect easing. Beef cattle, milch cows
and swine are growing fewer.
Benar Law, speaking at Carnarvon
tonight, repeated his prediction that
the imposititn nf home rule npon Ulster would result in civil war.
The freight retes case is nearly finished. The railways' counsel argue
against changes uutil the transconti
nentai lines are completed.
The Welsh disestablishment meisure
will have precedence over the  horn
rule bill in the British commons.
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Between theRocks
tf ruin and disaster the Fire Insurance
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Fire, flood and famine, loss ot home
and friends may wreck your forture,
but the right kind of an insurance
policy" will always be a haven of refuge
Insurance of All Kinds
Established 1901
First Street
^feast Cakes
A Needle In a Haystack
A bottle of hay was formerly much
used in Derbyshire, England, and probably is so still, to denote a bundle of
hay, wbioh was taken trom a rick to
fodder cattle In a flelC When It was
difficult to find anything tbat had
been lost the farmer folk were wont
to say: You may aa well hunt for It
as for a needle In a bottle ot hay.
Some times the. rope tied rouud the
iiay had a piece of wood with an eye
In It at the end, tbrough which the
rope was passed to tie up the bundle
and a sharp point at the other end,'
and this piece of wood may have been
called a needle; if so a needle ot this
kind may have been referred to ln
the proverbial saying. •
Certain morbid conditions must exist in the stomach and intestines to
encourage worms, and they will exist
-as long as these morbid conditions
permit then. to. To be rid of them
and spare the child suffering, use
Miller's Worm Powders. They will
correct the digestive irregularities by
destroying the worms, conditions favorable to worms will disappear, and
the child will have no more suffering
trom that cause.
When Tied Together
An Irish couple, whose married bliss
«aa not without a few squalls, received s homely lecture from their spiritual adviser regarding their disgraceful quarrels.
His Reverence—That dog and cat
you have agree better than you.
The rei.ly somewhat upset him.
lf ytr rlverence toted thim together
re'd soon change yer molnd.
Mlnard'a Liniments Curet Burnt, Ete.
. Dressed _hc Part
The Juvenile ot PuttdH-furrow had
opened their cricket season. The das-
was Une, and the player- were ln
good form; In fact everything was ln
season, oven the disgust of the sharp-
featured lady wbose garder- adjoined
the pitch.
Funny thing your boy Jimmy can't
play a game without having such big
Ideas, she emarked over the fence
to the lady next door. What's he always want to stand umpire tor?
Pity you-can't get somithlng better to do than to find fault, came the
reply. Hes got . right to stand umpire If he likes, I suppose.
Daresay he has, snapped the sharp-
featured lady; but next time he
snr-iks my old man's nightshirt, off
the line to dress himself up In be'll get
something that'll ...m-e him want to
give other fellows a chance.
Bread and cheese and klssjs;
They go together, hey?
I h-ve met with misses
Who didn't think that way.
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Dominion Pride
Please stat Bash.
W.   Wo Par
^iW   Freight
Turned Down
Dear Mabel, he begaj, do you love
Oh, George!
Don't you, Mabel—just .. little, tiny
Well, yes, Cleorge.
And lf I married you would yottt
father give us a separate establishment?
Yes, George.
And take me into partnership?
Yes, George.
And would your mother iteep away
from us except when I Invited her?
She would, George.
And your brothers and sisters, too.
Why certainly, George.
And of course the old gent would
settle my debts.
Of course, George.
And buy us a motorcar and provide
you with a handsome dowry?
Yes, George,
Darling, will you marry me?
No, George!
W. N. U. »74
Canadian foil weather Is extremely
hard on little ones. One day lt ls
warm and bright ami the next wet
and cold. These sudden changes
bring on colds, cramps and colic and
unless baby's little stomach ls kept
right the result may be serious. There
ls nothing to equal Baby'B Own Tablets In keeping the little ones. well.
They sweeten the stomach, regulate
the bowels, break up colds and make
baby thrive. The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Lincoln Highway
Toronto, Ont—A. J. H. Ekharflt, of
107 Niagara street, has written a let-
.ter to W. G. Robertson, secretary of
the Ontario Motor League bere, In
which he urges to assist In the building of the Lincoln Highway, sending
contributions to the national headquarters ln Detro t, Michigan, because be declares, the Lincoln Highway will beneflt Canadians far more
than residents ln many sections of
the United States.
"I am wrUng the-, lines," says
Mr. Ekhardt, "to inform you that I
have received from tbe Lincoln Highway Association a circular asking for
(5 each 'from motor car owners to
belp build a hlghwaj from the Atlantic to the Pacific and asking: Will
you help? " This I: a worthy enterprise. I di not think there is a Canadian but who would appreciate making a trip from the East to the Pacific Coast ove. this highway. I myself
have Bent a cheque for ?5 nnd will
take pleasure in riding over It some
time lf everytltng stays well with
Outside of thr.l I appreciate the opportunity to subscribe, to a fund In
memory of such a grand man as Abraham Lincoln, who was, to my way of
thinking, one of the greatest English
speaking mon ever born, the man who
abolished slavery in America. Think
how Canadians will appreciate this
Highway Automobile owners In the
Southern States, or Michigan or Minnesota have no more right to subscribe to tho highway than Canadians. Another reason why Canadians
should appreciate this high way lt
because it will be impossible for Canada to build a motor highway with
the rough country to contend with between Toronto and Winnipeg, conditions that are not the same ln tbe
United States.
I would like to Bee the Lincoln
Highway proposition brought to the
attention of tlie different motor clubs
i of Canada and I teel confident the
Canadian people will look upon this
subject .n a very generous manner.
Canadians will be much oloser to this
great highway than the average citizen of the United States. •' am writing as a Canadian ot the sixth generation, born wltbtn 18 miles of Toronto.
He Lott
A golfer noted for his mianhess
noticed tbat a Btrange lad was carrying bit clubs.
You're not the boy I have usually
bad, he said.
No, tlr, replied the lad; you tee
we tossed who'd be caddie for you.
Oh, I tee, said tbe golfer, and you
No, answered the caddie, sorrowfully, I lost.
Mr; Smart wm a very tatty old fellow, and thero wat one thing he hat-
ed more than another" and that wae to
be caught napping. At a consequence be waa always very suspicious
ot any deed or word the full meaning
ot .ditch he culd not grasp.
- A tew daya ago he paid a visit to
the Zoo, and being fond of animals,
was greatly Interested, and soon got
Into conversation with one of the
keepers. A very entertaining chat
At Mr. Smart -was about to leave
the keeper turned to htm and asked:
By the way, sir, havo you seen our
black-faced antelope?
There, thought the old eent, waB
an attempt to 'have him.'
, No, sir, he replied, stiffly.   I bave
not.     May I ask with whom It was
that your black-faced aunt eloped.
A Thorough Pill.—To clear the
-stomach And bowels of Impurities
and Irritants ls necessary when their
action Is irregular. The pills that will
do this work thoroughly are Parmelee's Vegetablu Pills, which are mild
In action but mlglry ln results.They
purge painlessly and effectively, and
work a permanent cure. They can be
used without fear by the most delicately constituted, as there are no
painful effects preceding their gentle
*   The Wldder's Pig
Mike Murphy was taken to task by
hts spiritual adviser for having stolen
Widow Maloney's pig. The evidence
against Mike was so direct aud positive that it was worse than useless for
him to deny the crime, and he listened
with downcast eyes and much meekness to a well-deserved lecture from
the priest upon the wickedness of the
theft he had committed, till the reverend gentleman asked bim what he
would Bay on tlie Day of Judgment
when he should be confronted by MrB.
Maloney and her pig, when he brightened up at a happy thought, and said:
And ye say that the plg'll be there
and Mrs. Maloney'U be there, too,
living witnesses against you. What,
I repeat, can you say in such a presence?
Yer rlverence, I'll say, Widow Maloney, thero's yer pig, take It.
Minard't Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
-•    A Good Hand
. Booth Tarkington, like most litera-
teurs, writes a wretched hand. Of
this he said in New York recently: .
Once, crossing to Naples, I sat on
a chair with pad and fountain pen at
work on a short story. A young
Peorlan stopped before me.
By gosh, ho eald, I wish I could
write as well as you do..
I smiled and the Peorlan resumed
his promenade. The next time he
passed me he said again:
Gee, what a handl If I could only
write like that!'
Again I smiled a flattered smile, and
the Peorlan. made another round ot
tbe deck.   Then he said a third time:
Oh, tt I conld only write a band
like yours!
Nettled •» little by this third Interruption I said:
Well, wbat would you do if you
Go to China, said the Peorlan, and
write labels for tea boxes.
She Wm So III— Restored to
Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Pentwater, Mich. - "A year ago I wu
-very weak and the doctor ttid I had s
tertoui displacement. I had backache aud bearing
down paint to baid
that I could not tit
in a chair or walk
across the floor and
I wis in severe pain
•11 the time. I felt
discouraged as I had
taken everything 1
could think of and
wis no better.   I
began taking Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound and now I lin strong
and healthy."—Mn. Aucb Darling,
R.F.D. No. 2, Box 77, Pentwater, Mich.
ReadWhatAnotherWoman lays:
Peoria, HI.—"I bad such backachet
that I could hardly ttand on my feet I
would feel like crying out lott of timet,
and htd inch • heavy feeling In my right
tide. I had inch terrible dull headachet
every day and they wonld make me (eel
to drowty tnd tleepy all tbe time, yet I
could not sltep at night
"After I had taken Lydia E.Pinkham't
Vegetable Compound a week I began to
improve. My backache wat lut and
that heavy feeling In my tide went
away. I continued to take the Compound and am cured,
"You may publlth this If you witb."
-Mist Clara L. Oauwiw, R.R. No. i,
Box 62, Peoria, 111.
Such letters Move the value of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for
woman's lilt.  Why don't yoa try Itt
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Bags.
Bend ut your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list—It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading ot all
cars.    Our>Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
clients' interests. We have every facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
Arm whose business hns Wn built im by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, 1130,000
-References,    any    Bank    o
Commercial Agency,
Grain Commission -Merchants Winnipeg, Manltotu
Make Bills Lading read: Fort A-t.iur or Fort William. Notify- Peter Jar-ten
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                       Prompt Returns Best Grades
The Old Reliable
Cunard Line to Europe
Established 1840
CANADA TO EUROPE (direct) Carrying one Clan Cabin and Third
NEW 1913—13,400 TONS EACH
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing Room,   Smoking   Room,   Ipen
Promenades, Spacious Stateroom..
and   Covered
10,000 TONS (Naw (1911)
1,000 TONS (New WOO)
The Cunard Line has long been famous for the comtor and luxury of Its
passenger accommodation, and In this, as In otber respects, tho steamers of
the Canadian service maintain the high reputation of tho Co. pany.
From Montreal to London
(via Plymouth)
From Portland to Liverpool
(via Queenstown)
Special Chrlatmaa Sailing
Prom Portland to London via Plymouth, Aussnlt, Dee. u
For particulars of salllnrs and services from Montrea. Portland, Boston and
Now Vork, apply to Loeal Agents, or
The Cumr   Steamship Co., Ltd.,.      304 Main Street, Winnipeg
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain   Exchange      •      •      Winnipeg,  lan.
Licensed—Bonded • ■ • Established   1910
for Brightness
A Paste I
NoWaste I
Knight .- n
I No Dust
the EF. Dalley 0 ltd.Hamilton.Ont.I No Rust
rt et getting ths highest   -.— -  .    -      ,
SARLBY'and FLAX, by ehlpplnr thslr car Iota to   PORT   WILLIAM   ANO
prices far   WHEAT.   OATS,
Can alwaya make sure
SARLBY and FLAX, by ...... ...     ...
PORT ARTHUR and h*>\nn diai-i sold en eommlaslon *v
Bteon't Mother's Advice
Bacon's mother appears to have kept
a sharp eye on his behaviour long
after he had attained yeart ot discretion. In 1694, when ho was thirty-
three years old and the leading orator
In the House of Commons, we And her
writing to her son:
Look well to y.our health. Sup not
nor alt up late. Surely I think your
drinking to bed'wards hindered! your
and your brother's dlges':ton very
much I never knew any but sickly
that used ft, besides being 111 for head
and eyes.   Observe well, yet In time.
Sho wu giving orders at express
rate, tor they were married; and he
ae a rule the mo**t meek and submissive o( men', was like tlie proverbial
worm, beginning to turn.
Do you think, he Inquired, that you
rule the whol  of the universe?
No, the snapped, but I rule tht
first letter ot lt
It Jones lazy?
Lazy's no name for It. Why he'll
go Into a revolving door, and then
ivalt tor somebody to come In and
turn lt around.
in all tht numerous ailments caused
by defective or Irregular action of
tha organs of digestion and elimination—certain to prevent tuffering
snd to Improve tho general health^-
$t*M Ttiyw-bflW.   la boa**. If ca*bm%
■M.M. N>
The Jest That
It Ended With an Unexpected
Ellison had sometimes Imagined what
"might bare been" had Mllllcent Waring been otber than the only child of
a multimillionaire—what would bare
been, rather, fur be would bare encompassed ben ten and earth to accomplish It, ami In bis Inmost heart he had
felt tbat tbe accomplishing would not
havo been difficult.
At times wild pictures had presented
thomselves of the possibility of tbe
benstly money taking tbo proverbial
wings,'opening for him tbo gates to
paradise, but In his saner moments he
derided such fancies, for wltb Mr. Waring to tbe fore there was not the slightest probability of such nn occurrence.
Instead, he bad arrived at a condition
where tbe wings were a necessity to
himself If he would retain n rag of
self respect. This cherished self respect wus suffering considerably now
In tbe yielding tbat had brought him
back, and ho bad sternly limited bim-
self to a week, cveu whllo calculating
how often be might contrive to seo ber
in tbe tlmo without too greatly transgressing convention.
He was hurrying to his hotel to make
himself presentable for-an immediate
call when, as he whipped Into the
broad, main avenue, a sight presented
Itself nt wblcb be reeled as from a
blow tn tho face. Leaning limply
against a doorway, lie stared, muttering, "Impossible. Impossible!"
Ills wildest Imaginings had materialised before his eyes, but ho scornfully
rejected tbo suggested explanations of
his reason, repeating tgtiln and again,
He was unconscious of the passing
throng and too deeply shocked and absorbed to feel surprise wben a bind
clipped him opon tbe shoulder and a
hearty voice cried: "Hello, old man!
When did you blow In?"
Ellison seised the speaker ind drew
him around the corner.
"Fred." he demanded. "Is tbst -Miss
Ulllicent Waring? My eyes tell me to,
bnt I cannot believe them."
"Sure, that's Miss Wiring."
"But- but—good    heavens,    whit's
ihe doing In the confectionery shop?"
-    ''Selling, same at other sbopkocpe/s."
"But why? Ot course I tee sbe It
telling, but wby?1. Ho shook the other vehemently.
"Necessity, I suppose, tame ts tbe
other shopkeepers again," be grinned,
winking at a newo-aier over Ellison's
"Netesslty!" yell 4 Ellison. "Tou
don't mean- you can't uiean"-
"Better moderate yeur emotion, Ellison." the newcomer advised. Indicating a bluecoat wbo wat regarding
them suspiciously.
"Of course, boys"-Ellison's voice
wit a murmur-"of courte 1 know yon
can't mean tbit ths la obliged to
do It."
"Why not? Couldn't old man Waring come a financial cropper, tame at
thousands of others Just tt tttutt u
"The world could come to an end,"
Ellison Jeered, but bit heart bad tet
np a sudden pounding that dinted
"Comes to an end every day, dear
boy, for those money kings when their
little card houses tumble. It's t new
world for them and tbelr families, too,
after Ibtt"
"Tou bet!" exclaimed oot or another
couple of youths wbo bad added themselves to tbe group. "Miss Waring It
undoubtedly Ondlni t a new world, ill
Sundry sly winks and nods were exchanged by the four young fellows, acquaintances to whom Ellison bad forgotten to give a greeting.
"Where's Mr. Wiring?" ho asked.
"Oh, he's aronnd. He't plncky. He'll
pnll It off again some time In the near
future, I reckon."
"She's pulling tbem In by the handful, too,"«tttd Hughes. "Sbe seems a
natural saleslady - bat tbt gift for
Ellison flushed resentfully. "But It
cannot bt plestant"-
"Oh, ber position hat Itt unpleasant
feature*, tf courte," Strean Interrupted lightly. "Bout ef tbe 'ellmbeis'
nub her, and disapproval riots on ill
•Ides, but Mlaa UIIHcent earriet It off
well. Sbt might bavt married- tbit
li, I suppose to," ht insinuated, with
wicked eyes.
"Tw. the might bavt married while
(bt old man'a pile waa Intact," Forrest
"Bu tbt didn't Aid a wlft wltb
Mttptcllft millions nd ont wltb noth-
bf but einenslvt b-tbltt tnd passable
Wtuty are two very aiirercnt things,"
Strean asserted.
Ellison turned a furious face npon
blm and half raised ■ clinched flat;
tben, mastering blmself, be remarked,
"I suppose that's tbe way the world
sees tt," nnd strode away.
Tho four rascals burst Into exuberant delight, digging each otber In the
ribs and chuckling hllarously tt he
disappeared down t side street
Ellison had no coherent thought it
flrst as he tore along. Tht knowledge
thst the barrier between tbem wu re
moved dized him. But toon ht began
to turn tblngs over In bis mind, to even
jonstfer the possibility of bis own
tbousmds, wblcb had seemed puerile
before, now serving as a foundation
for a new beginning on whicb Mr.
Waring might build. The other, the
I Infinitely greater possibility of winning
Mllllcent ho tried to keep in the background until a proper hour for Itt consideration.
Having at last adjusted himself
somewhat to the new conditions, he
felt that be conld trust himself to see
ber. They shook bands quietly. There
was little opportunity just then for
words, but there was a humorous yet
tender glint In ber eyes as sbe occasionally glanced at bis earnest, preoccupied face while she served a bunch
of school children.
Tbo four conspirators let ber Into
the secret and departed to spread
broadcast the jest, the prank upon Ellison, whose sentiment toward Miss
Waring was nn open secret. And presently, by twos and threes and in
squads, her old friends una* former associates began to saunter by. Bome
purchased of her witb simpering patronage, some wltb a cold nod of recognition, wbile others passed wltb
haughty, sneering oblivion of ber.
Some of the smart youths inclined to
a familiarity tbat almost amounted to
Ellison noted lt all, his heart growing hotter until it burst nil restraint.
"Miss Warlng-Mllllccnt." bc breath*
ed with low intensity as tbey were
alone for a moment. ,"1 cannot bear
this! It may bo presumption, Improper even, for me to speak bere—1 cannot help itl I am sure you bave long
known of my deep Jove for you, though
you cannot realize how tt la my very
Hfe and soul. I bave hnd so little tg
offer 1 felt 1 could not presume to
ask you to give up for me your luxurious position, to—but I cm provide
you witb a comfortable bome, and
my whole life sball be devoted to"
Hit stammering speech was Interrupted by tbe laughing, bubbling
crowd of conspirators, eager to witness bit discomfiture.
"Ht. ba! Look nt blm!" "Oh, tbo
easy mark!" "Has b offered you hit
purse, Mllllcent?" "Ua, ba! The Idea
of Mr. Waring"- "Failed!" "As lf-
"Ha. bar
Unheeding tbe twirl, Miss Waring
calmly began counting money from the
drawers and piling It lo heaps upon
tbe counter. "Tbere," she ssld at last,
"(427.10. That means $8r»4.ffl) ror tbe
hospital from you fellows. Tou folks
wbo dared me to do tbls promised to
double tbe amount I took in, yoa
know."  Bhe beamed at them sweetly.
"My bat! I nerer dreamed you'd
pull In so mucb!" gasped Strean "It's
snro up to ns, boys! But, ob, Ellison,
sonny! Elllson-you-you"- He don-
bled witb joy. "Tour fare pays for It
till See It now, don't ynn? L'nteb on
to it? It wss such a i-bam-e ns comes
once lu u lifetime!  Ob. my! Ob. my!"
Ellison perceived and turned a blank,
mortified face to apologize to Mia
Waring, but she laid a gentle, restrain'
Ing hand upon bis arm nnd agalu addressed the gurgling, crowing crowd
very sweetly, but distinctly, "I clslm
your congratulations upon my sun-ens
as a saleslady, ahd"-(she blushed
idorublyi—"and nlso upon my engagement to Mr. Ellison."
Fsmeue Flags.
nttes are only a few Old -fflortes
ta tbt Annapolis collection ot 173 fab
toric digs, bnt eacb ia connected with
tome incident that- givet It the honor
tf Itt present position. There Is tht
thirty-one starred flag that Hew betide tbe sunrise flag of Japan when
the close shut doors of tbat Island
kingdom were pried open for American
commerce. The old flag tbat Lieutenant Charles Haywood defended so gallantly in 18(7 at San Jose, Lower California, it tbere to recall tha story of
bow be tnd hit tiny garrison held aa
old mission house for over thret
montha against tn overwhelming Mexican force. Here, too, are a few reminders of onr history's saddest war.
Side by. aide in the one cue are draped
tbe ensign of tbt Union min-ot-wir
Kearsage and the stars and ban ot
the ensign of tbe Confederate cruiser
Albemarle. Another treasure Is tbt
ensign of tht battleship Maine, whicb
wu recovered fourteen yetrt after
tbe catastrophe ln Havana barbor.-
Chrlstlan Herald.
Diamenda tnd Wealth.
A fimous Frencb scientist estimates
tbat all tbe diamonds recovered ln tbt
history of tbe world could be packed
ln a box tbree feet wide, six feet blgh
and eight feet long and would weigh
less tban thirty tons.
It seems almost beyond tbe power of
mind to grasp tbe fact tbat a treason
worth more tban a billion dollars Is
gold could be contained tn so small a
space. Tbe high value of the gema la
atlll more strikingly Illustrated by tbt
fact tbat gold to the value of a billion
dollars would weigh more than 4,000,.
000 pounds. Diamonds as a measure
of money occupy a large place In drill-
nation. But when one takes Into con-
tlderatlon how fir diamonds are from
constituting tbe real wealth of nations
or a measure of brains, of true social
standing or wortb wbile success in
life the enormous expenditure of human energy represented by tbe pUt
•f genu valued at a billion dollara lt
an appalling waste.—Chlcsgo Herald.
Mark Twalift Retort
At a hotel ia Jericbo waa an Amert
can who bad accompanied "Mark Twain
ra hit camping trip through tbt Holy
"No, sir," tald bt tn tbe course of tht
evening's conversation, "I csnnot recall a single instance wben the humorist wat caught napping. Onct wt
(bought we bad aim ture. Mr. Twain
came late to tbt dinner table, whea
we bid sat .down, and before he appeared we bad Invented a clever trap.
"He wat still several courses behind
when tbe rest of ns were ready for
ulid, but every one stopped eating until Mr. Twain caught up. He had started intently on a crisp leaf of lettnet
before be noticed tbat no one else wat
eating. He paused questioning]?. Thst
wss our opportunity.
" 'Now, Mr. Twain,' some one asked,
•why are you like Nebuchadnezzar?*
expecting tbat tbe answer would imply
tbat It wai because be was eating
grist Uke in ox. Instead, and without
tn instant's hesitation, came tbt retort:
"'Because I am feeding wttb tht
brutes.' "—Pearson's Weekly.
Thief Proof Bulks.
Tbe thief proof electric lamp bulb I*
here, celled Into existence because ot
the growing bablt of I .-placing dead
bulbs with tbose unscrewed from sockets In a neighboring office or room. No
locks tie used, the principle simply
being tbtt once screwed In a socket
tbey cannot be taken ont without
smashing them. Once a bulb burns
out It may at well be smashed; so
tbere ia no lou by tbls method, but
only tbt Inconvenience occasionally
tbit the owner Is unable to put In
temporary bulbs of higher cnndlt
power. Tbe thief Is completely foiled.
A ratchet arrangement permits tbt
screwing ot tbt bulb Into tbo socket
bat prevents it from being unscrewed
to long is tbo bulb Is sound. To remove tbe bulb, the globe Is broken:
and a catch It then accessible, by
means of wblcb the ratchet may bt
released.- Exchange.
Velveteen wblcb nas served it* put**
post tt a dreu or bloats should bt
preserved and made Into polishing
cloths. In this connection velveteen
It almost u good u chamois leather,
and cannot oily be used for obtaining
a line polish on satin wood and mahogany furniture, but as t means ot
brightening silver tnd pitted goods.
Wben soiled the velveteen mty bt successfully cleaned by washing It In
wipy lather.
The Pelsen In Poison Ivy,
Poison Ivy bu lout been a mystery
both to scientists and laymen. Wby
and In what manner lt csuscs the peculiar rash and Irritating Inflammation
bave puzzled botb botanists tnd pbf •
tldtna. But Or. Mlninde of Parte
says bit study of the plant shows tbat
poison ivy contains prusslc scld Tbit
is found principally in tbt young leaves
ind buds. In older leaves tbere is very
little of It
In three and one-balf ounces of young
leaves tbere Is abont a quarter of ■
grain of the acid.
At with otber plants In whicb prattle tcld it found, tht poisonous substance does not exist In Its perfect
form, bnt develops tt soon u tbt
leaves sre braised, • cbemlcsl sctlon
being set np through tbe onion of aa
enzyme with a glucoald
Ice Glased Salman,
Ice jackets bave been found to be
the best protection for frozen salmon
tn their lopg journeys from tbe Pacific coast to all parts of the world.
Tbousands ot tons of salmon art now
frozen ln tbe great factories of tbt
coast for export, because the combination of tbe lco jackets and tbe frozen
meat has been found to keep the flsb
from becoming tainted. After the salmon are bled tbey are kept at a tern*
perature of zero, or near there, for
| forty-eight hours and are frozen hard.
If tbey were shipped this way, bow*
ever, the air would get to the fish to
tome extent ind tainting would remit so they ire dipped in tanks of
wtter and given another freezing. Tula
puts a tbln jacket or Ice all over each
flsb, or glazes him, as It is called. After two coats of glazing tbe salmon are
wrapped ln paper, packed, ln paper
lined boxes and started to the export
markets.-Saturday Evening Post
Thty Den't Want Strangers,
In tbt northwestern part of Bwltzer.
land, far from tbe tourist's path. It s
little town, Selznch, wbere for mora
tban 280 yeara watchmaking bst beta
tbe chief Industry "There ire no machines In tbe plscs tor tbe production
of watcb parts—the men work u did
their fathers snd grandfathers." uyt
the Berlin Post "A future of tbt
place la tht Passion play, produced
•very summer by the watchmakers sad
tbe members of their families These
simple people have succeeded In maintaining for tbelr pity s modest dignity
and have not allowed It to become
commercial Tbe few nottres of Ut
Saturday performances wblcb one sees
In tbe neighboring plicu contain thi
information that tbt town 'csnnot a*
commodate many strangers'"
Lucky Lightning Strekss,
To be struck by lightning ls still A
most lucky thing for the Oreek peas,
ant-lf be ls not killed- "Sucb a man,"
aays J. 0. Lawson, "may Indulge a
tasts for Idleness for tbe rest of his
life—bis neighbors will support hlm-
snd enjoy at tho same time the reputation of being something more tban
human." Tbla Is an Inheritance from
ancient days. Artemldorus, an authority on occult matters who flourished
In tht times ot Marcus Aurellus, commented on ths tact that while a placs
struck by lightning had an altar erected upon it and wu thenceforth botb
honored and avoided, "no ons who bas
been struck by lightning is excluded
from citizenship; Indeed, snch s oat
is honored even as a god," Tbe election of Qulntus Julius Ebornus to tbs
consulship in UO B. C. ls attributed to
bis having been favored tbus by ths
gods.—London Spectator.
Careful Jehn.
A rural storekeeper wu greatly bothered by rats which infested bit bull*
Ing, uyi the St Louis Post-Dispatch
Also he possessed a vilunble watch
dog wblcb gnirded tbe premises si
night One nlgbt Jost before be locked
•p. be scattered poison around tbi
plsce ind left t nott on the counts,
for thc clerk wbo opened the store ii
tbe morning.
The clerk found tbe note it wu la
tended. But he nearly dropped tbrougt
tbe Door wben be raid:
"Jerry-Ton take the poison In tbi
morning so tbe dog won't get It Tben
b lomt in tbe cellar toa  John.*
The Signal.
"How do you endure listening tt
Bltgglu' fanny stories? Ht spoils
tbea bT laughing at tbem himself.'*
"That*s what 1 Ilka ibout bin. Von
don't bavt to listen In order to laugh
at tbt rlgbt tlmt All yon hive to do
b to wait till bt givti tht slgnal."-
Wuhtngton Btar.
1st 2d snd 4th.
"Do the letters 'sf 'd' snd 'tb' bi't
to be followed by t period wben need
tbus: 1st, 2d, 4th? Wbat te tbls combination—an abbreviation, contraction
or merely a sign?"
In tbe forms tet 2d, 4th, etc., we hsvs
ordinsl numerals In wblcb sn Arable
figure, Is substituted for the spelled out
name of thc cardlnnl number -.rum
wblcb the ordinal Is derived The letters added to tbe Arabic numeral form
tbe specific Inflection whicb ebsni.ee
tbt cardinal to in ordinal numeral
Tba forms tn question, tben, are neither abbreviations nor contractions,
nor yet mere signs. Tbey sre like a
humorist's b4 for before, only they are
aot whimsical, ss tbey would be lf no
one bad seen tbem before nnd some
oat tbould suddenly ust tbem.—Liter-
try Digest
When Jurist Matt.
Up In Alaski tbere used to be a
district attorney wbo was long on native oratory, but abort on education.
Once, while prosecuting a big cue. he
eamo to tbe finish of bis argument
and. according to Wilson Mlzner, wbo
wat up tbere it the time, be leased
serosa tbe rail and made tbls plus
"All I ssts ot you, gentlemen of tbs
Jury, Is tbst you now retire snd mete
out jestice u sbe deserves to be inett"
-Saturday Evening Pott
I    "If I bpd my Ufa to live over," sht
"Yes. I know," ht Interrupted.   "II
yoo bid your lire to live over yo*
would marry one of the fellows wbt
proposed to you before I csme slong."
"Nothing ot the Und," she replied
I "If I kid my life to lire over I'd marry
| tome  weak   minded,   brutal   person
i Tben I'd have nothing to expect nni
| tbonldn't   be  dlseppotnted."-Chlcigi
! Bccord Herald.
He Mads Them Bud It
Dsughter-Hsvt yon found out yet
whit It wu tbit papa cnt oat of tht
paper? Mother-Yet. I bought a copy.
I've read It all tbrough, bnt to uvt
my lift I ctn't ut anything wrong la
It It'a an article on tbe vulgarity and
silliness of buying gownt tbat art beyond ont'l means
Te Freshen t Feather Itl.
tf yon hivt t feather bot tbat bu
become* rathtr limp looking bectusi II
bat been ont In damp weather, try tbit
means of freshening It It Is best ts
try It. too, as soon as yoa corns In:
Take a bowlfnl of boiling watsr,
sprinkle Into s hsndfnl of ordinary
white salt nnd then when tt Is
ta. thtke tbe feather hu la It
He Scared the Algerians antf
Conquered the Nation.
By tht Aid tf t Magnet and s Currant
sf Eleetrloity Hs Struck Terror ts
the Hurts of ths Arabs snd Tuk AU
ths Desire Fsr Fight Out sf Them.
-Then ire great times," exalted tbt
Electrician to hts friend tbe Old Fogy.
"With machine guns and otbsr Instruments of war ws certainly are going
tome ln the fighting game."
"Yes," agreed tbe Old Fogy aa be adjusted Ids glasses, "but do you know
tbst before sucb tblngs were dreamed
tf an entire nation wss conquered with
a magnet and a little black box?"
And tbe Electrician confessed, "Nol"
"You bave heard, no doubt" tbe Old
Fogy rambled on, "ot tbe marvelou
Inventions of Robert Houdln, the grant
French conjurer, a man wbo did gnat
things wltb electricity wben Alexander
Grubaui Bell wss an Infant
"Houdln applied electricity to many
of bis magical experiments and delighted the Parisian public for years la
his little theater. Wben bs retired
he wu the most favored performer of
his day and had bowed to the plaudits
sf royalty."
"Heard all about tbat," snipped tbs
Electrician. "What about tbs blsck
"Coming to that boy; coming to tbat
Houdln retired to bis family estate oa
ths left banks or tbs River Loirs mar
St Gervalse, hoping to end bis days
In peace. But after a year or so there
csme to blm tbrough a military friend
a request from tbe French government
that he go to Algiers,
"In bit memoirs, translated Into Eng-
Bsb tome years before his death, hs
uys thst the Msrsboots of tbat country, a tort of medicine men and wonder . working priests, controlled tba
masses tnd Incited tbem to Intermit-
ten revolts sgalnst tbs French by their
tricks. Tbese tricks, bt assures as,
wars of tbs simplest and mott primitive type
"It wu tbe bops of tbt Frencb gov*
ernment tbat Houdln by hb mysteries
conld demonstrate that ths whits conqueror's magic wu superior. Aad
Houdln did tt"
"With tht little bltck box and tht
"Yea. His recital ot bis performance In Algiers b exceedingly Interest.
tag. Some ot tbe most distinguished
natives were then. Houdln showed
them an sorts of things; sllowed himself to bs shot at and caught tbs bulls!
aabarmed snd msny other snch tests.
"But his piece de resistance undoubtedly wu his box. Hs called for a
Strong msn to corns on tbs stage, aat
a tbat responded Houdln toyed with
blm tor a moment bantered wltb him
sboot bis strength snd uksd htm if ba
conld lift his little black box. Disdainfully the Arab lifted It aad smiled.
"But Boudln warned him: 'Walt
But a moment and yoo ahall ba u a
Bttlt child!* Ht placed tbe box on tha
ttage over tbe magnet ind dared hb
tags guest to raise It Tbs Arab triad
trtth one linger; grasped It with Ma
great mutcnlir bind; tugged it tt wllb
all tht itrength of bb missivs arms,
bracing his legs like two huge bronze
columns, to Houdln ttyt, to no avtlL
Try as bs would, this son of tbs desert could not stir tbst Uttls box trom
Us pises.
"For s breathing spell hs releases
bis grip for t moment tben wtnt at tt
again aa Houdln gavs a aignal to hsvs
ths current turned off. And while tbs
•we stricken sudlencs panted tn amis*.
meet he suddenly writhed Is scutest
agony snd unk groveling to tbs stags.
Ths current coursing through him hsd
galvanized him Into misery
"Tben noudln gave a signal, tbs cur-
tent from tbe electro mtgoet beneath
tbe stage was turned off, tnd tbe Arab
fell back groaning Hs lifted blmself
to his feet and. biding bb fscs tn hb
cloak, crept swsy to blush unseen.
Tbe little black box bad conquered."
"And?"- Inquired tbe Blertricbn.
"And." replied tbs Old Fogy, "Hon-
din wu triumphant Tba country bad
seen htm shot st by a man wbo said
bs wished to kill; had seta him rob a
(bat of bb strength. No Msrabsat
bsd ever done tbat No Marabout wttb
prl-nltivt tricks conld convince tbem
tbtt tny revolt of theirs could previ*
agatuM tht white maa and hb maHe-
hla electricity Tbe conqueror*! eta-
quest wu complets."-I'opular Bss-
WcKy.      __
■ta Mere Hamas.
"Whit hivt you dont wttb tht boms
hints tn yonr mtgidnt?"
"Had to abandon tbtm in ftvtr of a
suffragette departmsnt"-Wsthlsgtaa
Ssuay TtilRfljl
Tbt Yontb-My grandfither Mttltd
here forty yetrt ago.
Buslssss 0 Irl  Did bt owe muehiu
rtfv ew T'
THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   fl. 0.
farving Sets if.1.^5 to $8.00 per set
Knife and Fork Sets  5.00 per dozen
Medium Forks  5.00 psr dozen
Table Spoons  5.00 per dozen
Dessert Spoons  4.50 per dozen
Tea Spoons  2.50 per dozen
5 o'Clock Tna Spoons  2.00 per dozen
Sugar Shells      75 each •
Butter Knives      75 each
' The above goods are all Reliauce Plate Silver and are
guaranteed to be the best.
A Grand Forks business innn on
Monday related tn The Sun a rather
clever trick that he performed Saturday night. After olosing the "tore a'
about 10, he spent tlie balance of the
evening with a commercial traveller—
buying goods anil exchanging the
. latest anecdotes When lie reached
li ine his wifi. awoke from her slum
bin-* 'How labi yon are tonight,
dear," she said. "Why, it must be
n-ai-ly 12." Just fieu the business
JliHjl ubuiced at tlie cluck, ami snw
tliat it was about to strike 4. With
r ue pre-etic of mind he stepped over
to it an I stojpel it until his bitter lia f
had returned to dreamland.
It is desirable tliat vou do your
Christinas shopping early It is also
important that you ship your presents
in time. Half the pleasure of receiving a gift is taken away by getting it
a few days after the event for which
it was intended.
Charles McAllister, who aided materially iu making conditions hum in
Grand Porks in pioneer days, returned to the city yesterday; During
the post seven or eight yeara he has
been engaged iu contracting work at
the coast.
A social dance will be given in the
Grunwell hall at D,in..ille on Ne*
Year's eve. Thomas' orchestra will
supply the music.
Parents of school children that are
beginning school next term are requested to hand in the names of pupils to Mr. Hull at the post office or
to the principal of the pnblic school.
H. E Waby, of Enderby, who specializes in breeding Buff Orpinton and
Barred Rocks, is in the cily this week
attending the provincial poultry
The publio and high schools will
close next Friday for the holiday
season. They will reopen the on the
first Monday in the new year.
At last there are indications of a
white Christinas. The quality of tbe
weather which we had during the
poultry show should prove as good an
advertisement for the city aa the
show itself.
Save your Halrl   Get a 25 cent bottlt
of Dtndtrlne right now—Alto
ttopt Itching icalp.
Thin, brittle, colorless and icrtggy
hair Is mute evidence ot a neglected
scalp; ot dandruff—tbat awful tcurt.
There ls nothing so destructive to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
of Its lustre, Its strength and Ita very
life; eventually producing a feverish-
ness and Itching of the scalp, whieh
If not remedied causes the hair roots
to shrink, loosen and die—then th"
hair falls out fast. A little Danderi
tonight—now—any time—will s»-
save your hair.
Oet a 25 cent bottlt of Knowlton's
Danderlne from any drug store. You
surely can bave beautiful hair and lota
of tt lf you will lust try a little Danderlne.    Save  your  halrl   Try  itl
Mrs C A. Wallace and Mrs Eva
Trahan left on the Great Northern
Wednesday intimitis: for Spokane,
where they will spend thf wii ter.
Mr Wallace will join ilieiu in a
couple of weeks.
Two travelling men reached a small
place in Alabama lut* one evening
and found tliere *as no room to be
hud at the hotel. The proprietor did
not want to disappoint them, as they
were regular patrons, so he told them
that he would send some bedding over to an old church he just
bought and make them as comfortable
as possible there About midnight the
whole town was startled by the furious ringing of the ehureh hell. An
old colored man was sent by the pro
prietor to see what was the matter
Soon he came running back. "Massa
Boss!" he exclaimed, "Massa Bossl
Jes' cam' yo'9e(f 'Twan't nothin' but
de geminen in pew twenty-six ringin'
fo' a drink!"
Look Mother!    If tongue  Is coated,
oleanaa little bowels with "California Syrup of Figs."
^Mothers can rest easy after giving
"California Syrup of Figs," because ln
a few hours all the clogged-up waste,
tour bile and fermenting food gently
moves out ofthe bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Sick children needn't be coaxed to
take this harmless "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep lt handy because they know Its action on the
stomach, liver and bowels ls prompt
and aure.
Ask your druggist for a EO-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which
contains directions for babies, children
if all agea and for grown-ups.
Grand Forks Second-
and otoreoi>.wiaaip.iBoiei
We Bay, Sell and Exchange
Everything We also do all kinda
of Tailoring Work. We are Ex
perts in Furier Work, Cleaning.
Pressing and Repairing Satisfac
tion guaranteed in everything.
fl.  'aneson, Proprietor
Geo. E. Massie
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
of Every Description
Bridge Street
Grand Forks, B. G.
eulokir aaoanam oar opinion ft** whether aa
Trade Maims
ir opinion fraawnei
_ . r jifitflntuhnL-Xommuiilov
.   ....J<flflo0_lcwll-1 HWlDMKMonl'aieuli
Scientific Jlncriam.
'.h_mdaoBelrUtaitntMWMk_r. I_umt«r-
-li-tun- oT*s,r KMMIito Joand.  Tama (or
'      nTreai-iDoMai* pnpau.   Bold Dj
Grand Forks
Family Liquor Store
Special Xtuas Port, per gal.....'.1200
Hudson's Bay Old Port,per btle   1.00
"     "Sherry"    "     100
fi.H.MntnmiCo. Chatnpagne,pt. 2 00
Old Nick Rhum, per bottle   1.50
Hudson's Bay Old Rye, per bot.. 1 25
Scotch Whisky, Imp. qt. ••■ " 1 60
Irish " '• "     "1.50
Johnnie   Walker's   Kilmarnock
Scotch, per bottle     2.00
Hudson's Bay 50 year old Brandy, per bottle  5.00
Also a full line of Scotch, Irish and
Rye Whisky and Liqueurs.
Pabst Beer, Bluo Ribbon, pints,
per doz  $2.25
Pabst Beer, Export, qts., perdoa 3.00
Nelson   " "      "    "   2.00
Soda Water, qts., per doz  2 00
Cigars—10 in box:..; til)
10   "    "     100
25  '•   "      125
J. F. Kraus, the heating and
plumbing engineer, has been awarded
the coutract for the plumbing work in
the new canning factory.
Th.)   third    furiNcn of   th-. *imii
wood smelter was blown in this week,
after *beirfg closed   down   for   several
months.   The force has been increased
to 125 men.
Don't forget that The Sun hns Ihe
hi-st job printing 'It-p.irritient in the
Binindnry country.
The Sun only costs $1 a year.    It
prints all the news.
Woodland & Quinn, Druggists,
We alwaya advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to use a
doctor. But to those who do nnt wish
tn do this we will say: try the mix
ture of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler i ka. This
simple new remedy is so powerful that
JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. People who
try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its
QUICK -action. Woodland & Quinn,
By Modern Methods
OUR MOTTIhriX'ffinS*.
(■rate prices. Expert medioal examination free tfreeexnmlua-ioii
of urine when necessary. Con-
■ull me—free, Don't delay. Dnlayi
are dangerous. Call or write.
Pree booklet. Everything confidential.
Hours;  9 a.m. to 8 p ra.; Sunday*, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.     .
210   HOWARD
Palace Barber Shop
Kasor Honinix a Speoieiiy. _.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granby Hotel.
First Stkket.
tm UHHf in iuwn
fc, GahCoal fc.
Orrici I
F. Downey's Cigar Sture
tit-rtcE, km Tfrtl Strppt
Uasssn's RisitiiHcE. BJS ****** «niBI
DO TOU1 HI BUSINESS MIECT wttb lbe largral hone 1a du W
--•Iln, -iclusiv-lj ta iHUUCAN UW HIES
Get "More Money" foryonr FURS
a rellable-respoiulW.-safo-Fur House with an unblemished reputation exlstlns for "more than a quarter of acentnry.'tjl°5S*™f;
cessful record of sending Fnr Shippers prompt-SATISFACTORV
AND PROFITABLK returns. Write for TO Malm MAnm.
tha only reliable, acciirato market report and prlco list published.
Wrllo lor Ir-NOW-tt'a FREE
A. B. SHUBERT. Inc. K^iTOfgE
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE .58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
A special meeting of the western
branch of the Canadian Mining institute wss held in Snndon this week.
A young theologian tunned Fiddle
Refused to accept his degree,
"For," said    he,'-'tis  enough   to  be
Fiddle ! »g
Without being Fiddle, D.D."
Copies of Mrs. Pell's first song
poem published have arrived from
the publishers. The song is entitled
"June," and is on Sale at Woodland & Quinn's drug store ot 35c per
Reftd the advertisements in The
Sun before you do your Christmas
If you read The Sun you get the
news of the eity, the province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily papers.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
P r i n t i n
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plan!
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent Workmen, and carry a complete
. line of Stationery.
Billheads antl Statements,
letterheads and Envelope*,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of  Fare and Menu' Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-
(•—the kind we do—is
in itself an adver
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best Let us estimate
on vour ordor.    We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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