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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 28, 1912

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Eleventh Year-»No. 35
Grand Porks, B. C, Friday, June 28, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Farmers' Institute Mtmbers
Asked to   Join   Fruit
Funkier'it Institute members are
invited to become members of the
British Columbia Fruit Growers
Association for the yenr 1912.
Membership offers you the following ail vantages:
I. Fruit crop and vegetable crop
covering British Columbia and thnei*
Canadian and American sections
whicb supply the same markets in
competition with British Columhin.
These reports will Im issued monthly ilu-ing the season. Fnr British
Columbia th- reports of the. provincial crops ami Ulnar commissioner,
whu was apiiointeil un the represeu
tmiaaiis uf ttiis association, will servi
as a Imsis The Biiti'h Columbia
markets coiiuiiissi iner will cover
the northwestern states, which create
the greater part of the competition
we have to meet.
'*•' 2. Markets reports wilt be issued
weekly during the shipping season.
The markets commissioner is empowered, to complete the necessary
organization un the prairies to keep
in toucb with all the principal fruil
consuming poinjg ^.4iiyv-,.,Their,
reports senl to our members by mail
will provide an immense amount of
information of use nnt only to pre
sent shippers to whom it is almost
indispensable, hul also to the pros
pective shippers or members of shipping associations.
We cannot over emphasize-the
great need of a knowledge of market
conditions by eVtry fruit grower.
The business is an intricate one and
success in it depends on a knowledge of, and attention to many fine
points not only in growing, but iu
marketing as well.
3. The annual report just issued,
a publication of 120 pages, covers
many important points in growing
and marketing fruit; every grower
should have one. They are supplied only to members, as the num
ber printed is limited.
4 The association has secured
foine low quotations ou spraying
materials and fruit "wrapping paper.
Some members are i.viug consider
crable sums by taking advantage of
this feature of association membership.
5. This association is the only
provincial organization devoted to
the interests of the fruit growers. It
is getting continued increased support from the fruit growers because
it is getting actual results in better
transportation rates and service, in
more and better work for the. fruit
industry on the part of the Dominion and Provincial governments,
and in otber ways improving conditions surrounding the fruit grower.
One of the objects of the association is to promote the better organization of fruit growers.
Every fruit grower should make
use of the association. You are invited to bring before the association
the problems and difficulties that
are hampering the industry. The
association will investigate, and if
possible, secure a remedy; the association will aid you to organize successfully.
The membership fee is*M 00 per
annum. This p.ivs tho association
only part of lhe expense of the service rendered its members Tbe
Provincial government provides a
grant for the support ol' the associu
tion, Iwlieving it to he doing good
We hope.that you will join the
issociation ami make use ot' it as
fully as you can, and in lum liy
your support make the association
bigger and more representative, and
more able to gel things done for lhe
Quarterly Dividend
The directors of the British Col-
lumbia Copper company have declared a dividend of 15 cents a share.
I'hey announce that the company
now haa a sullieient surplus to cnn-
iinue payment.-! ut this rate for a
year. The last previous dividend,
12^ cents, tviis paid by the company
in June, lull, and disbursements
were d..sconiiuued because of the
strike ol the coal miners iu the Canadian northwest, which made It
necessary for ihe coinpany lo pur-
cnuse it c kc in Pennsylvania, the
increased cost of fuel for u lime
wiping out its operating profits.
Current earning are ut the rate ol
#60,000 a month, or HI.22 per abate
annually. Including the dividend
just declared, British Columbia Cop
per has disbursed since organization
a total of 80 cents per share, or
$43t.,681.   If the Voight property,"
..     .   -- - —...fla. ........ ■••.    ..■;.._.-mi*:.   fa.a  —,K^t
now held uuder option, is purchased
it will probably be financed by tbe
sale of treasury stock or convertible
Overseas Club Will Enter-
taiu Evelyn .Wrench
Next Tuesday
Evelyn Wrench, the organizer of
the Overseas club, accompanied by
his sister, Miss Wrench, will arrive
in Orand forks from Nelson on
Tuesday, July 2, by the Canadian
Pacific railway. They will be the
guests of the president of the club,
E. Spraggett, during 'their stay in
the city, in tbe afternoon tbey
will be taken for an auto tour
around the valley, and Mr. Wrench
will address tbe members of tbe
club and any of their friends wbo
are British suhjects at 8 o'clock in
the eveniniug in lhe Davis hall,
After the address there will be
'music aud refreshments. There will
be no charge for admission, hut u
moderate price wiil be charged for
ihe refreshments. As tbe local club
is loriunate in having a visit from
\lr. Wrench, whose address is ox-
tremely interesting, it is hoped that
every one who can possibly do so
will attend.
Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Meikle and
family are spending a week at Lynch
Mrs; W. H. Rankin and Mrs. N.
Jackson and children returned their
homes in Spokane this week, having
visited Mrs. Mader, mother of Mrs.
Rankin and Mrs. Jackson.
Wants a Bonus
What kind of a deai is tbe Cana
dsau Northern railway trying to
give Armstrong aud Enderby? The
provincial government is guaranteeing the bonds of this board into tbe
Okanagan, from Kamloops to Vernon and Luuiby. The people will
stand hack of these bonds. Tbe
route had not been decided upon at
the time the government signed the
agreement with the company. Enderby and Armstrong were as good
as off the map, apparenting, when
thc railway company and the government entered into the aforesaid
agreement. Now the Candaian
Northern railway is attempting to
hold up Armsiio'ig to tie tune of
$50,000 to get the main line into
the sister town Who is getting the
rake-off? Is this the kind ol a game
the railway com pit ny is working? Is
the government going to permit ii?
Are the good people of Armstrong
lining to stand for this kind of a
hold up? Is the .McBride government bringing that kind of u niilway
company into the Okanagan—one
that will stand a mile or two outside
of a town and say: "If you want us
in, put up 150,000." Is this the
railway which we have been told is
"out for the business."—Enderby
Lots for Sale
Sealed bids will be received by
tbe undersigned up till 12 o'clock
noon, on Saturday, July 6th, for all
tbe Grand Forks city lots owned by
Henry White. Tbe property will be
sold to the highest bidder over a reserve upset price. For full particulars as to location, number of lots,
equities, conditions of bids, etc., see
Neil McCallum,* Agent, Box 484,
Grand Forks, B. C.   Phone R 117.
Copper company at Voight's camp.
If the company takes up the bond
on tbis property, a smelter will be
erected at s little lake about seven
miles from Princeton, and dividends
will probably be discontinued for
some time in the future if this re*
duction plant ia built.
Judge Brown beld a two days'
session of the county coun in Greenwood this week.
Alex McLean was sent to jail for
six months from Phoenix last week
for inflicting serious bodily harm
upon Bill Foley.
The refreshing showers yesterday
saved Peter A. Z. Pare's water
wheel much lahorious work.
Mr Rae, of tbis city; this week
moved the hank fixtures from Midway to Rock Creek, where the Bank
of Commerce will open a branch.
James Petrie Is Working on
a New Scheme of Concentration
_E Jacobs, of Victoria, secretary
of the western branch of the Canadian Mining Institute, was in the
city nn Tuesday. Mr. Jacohs has
just returned Jrom a trip to the Co
halt district in northern Ontario
He is very enthusiastic over the
mineral showing in that district.
Rev. William Quigley, the new
minister of the Methodist church
iu this city, arrived in Orand Forks
this week. Mr. Quigley was mar
ried in the east ahout tbree weeks
ago, und his wife accompanied thim
The union picnic of the Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship societies of
the Boundary country, at Christina
lake on Monday and Tuesday, was
a big success. There was a large at
tendance, and an interesting pro
gram of sports was successfully
carried out.
George W. Cooper this week re
ceived an Indian motocycle for the
Smith brothers.
IC. Miller, barrister, atlended the
sitting of the county court in Green
wood this week.
Tbere is a good demand at pres
cut for residential properly in tbe
West end.
Sam McConnell caught a rainbow
trout in Long lake last Sunday 32 J
inches long and weighing 17A
1. A. Dinsmore, of Greenwood,
provincial constable, was in the city
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Mclnnes and
Mr. and Mj-s. F. M. Kerby returned
on Tuesday from an automobile trip
to Vernon.
Harvey Maham, of tbe Gtanby
oflice staff, returned on Tuesday
from a visit to Spokane.
Fred Reid left for Spokane Monday morning on business in connection witb tbe proposed city reservoir.
Mysterious B!a,ze.,
On Tuesday Peter A. Z. Pare's
barn, on his ranch near the Kettle
river in the West end, was completely destroyed by fire. Mr. Pare
had his workshop in the building,
and all his tools were also lost.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
No insurance.
Taking a Vote
The locals of District No. 6 of the
Western Federation of Miners are
now taking a referendum vote as to
whether or not they shall affiliate
with the Dominion Trades and Labor Congress of Canaada. If the
vole throughout the districtis favorable, the delegates to the forthcoming annual convention of the Western Federation of Miners will be in-
structed to place the matter hefore
lhe executive board with a view of
having the per capita tax paid by
the Federation at Inrge. The convention meets next month at Victor,
Col., a place Irom whence the Fed
eration wns driven during the Cripple Creek.
James Petrie, of Rossland, is
working on a new system of concentration by air, doing away entirely
with \v_iter. By using air at a pressure of between tbree and- four
pounds per square inch, he is enabled to separate the values from
ores, says the Bossland Miner. The
ores of a large section between -
the Iron Horse and Columbia and
Kootenay are amenable to this
method of treatment. Owing to the
specific gravity of the values in the
ores of this section, he believes that
the air pressure method is the only
one hat can be successfully em-
yloyed. Mr. Petrie was master mechanic of the Le Roi mine six years
ago, and under the direction of J W.
A8tley,the superintendent,und The*.
Mitchell, the concentrating expert,
built the Le Roi concentrator at
a cost of $65,000. This was nothing
more, he says, than a silver-lead
concentrator. In this plant, the
values were lost in the tailings
througMhe excess of water which
was passed tbrough the mill. Mr.
Petrie says tbat a system of concentration by air is suited to the situa
tion here, owing to the faet that for
three months in tbe year water is
not available. A portion of the
vaiues in tbe form of sulphides is
very light, and is carried off with
the tailings with tbe water; on the
other hand, some of the values are
very heavy and hard to concentrate
over tables in series. The result ol
his experience justifies him in saying
tbat concentration by air is the only
practical system of treating,in ipniu
tities, the low grade ores of Rossland.
Hotel Improvements
The large three storey addition I
the Pncific hotel in the West end
has been completed, and the appearance of the house has been materially improved. The hotel is now
one of the largest in the city. The
new addition gives the house a big
basement, kitchen, pantry, storeroom and fifteen additional bedrooms. Tbe sanitary condition of
the premises has also hecn improved
by tbe construction of a sceptic tank.
Five  diamond
operated  by the
drills  are being
British Columbia
To whom it may concern:
Certain parties have been making
malicious and absolutely false statements in regard to myself. Any one
making such statements after tbe
publication of this notice, will be
prosecuted to the full extent of the
Henry A .mini Andkews. '
Current Motor Irrigation
The Carmi correspondent of the
Greenwood Ledge says tbat the
current motor that is being installed
at that place for Rev. Father Fer
roux hy the American Lund Development it Manufacturing company,
of Curlew, Wash., was launched lust
week by A. It. Brewer, lhe president
of thc company Thc plant was assembled complete ou thc shore of
the river and let down over ti|e hunk
a distance uf fifty feet by large cables und placed iu the river. Tho
massive machinery is supported on
two Inrge scows which ure unchored
to the shore ahove. When Mr.
Brewer pulled the lever a great mass
of water shot into tbe nir, nnd u
large canvas hose was laid up the
hillside to a height of thirty-live
feet, and the water sent to the top of
the bill. A crew of men is now busy
laying the eight-inch wire-wound
wooden pipe that iB lo lead the water
to a tank at an elevation fifteen feet
higher. From tbis tank a fifty-foot
gravity head will be used for the
purpose of operating the Sun-
shide sprinklers that are now being
installed by Clement Vachey, ot a
manufacturing concern of Santa
Barbara, Cal. Some of these large
sp/inklers are intended to cover an
area 240 feet in diameter. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
A Remarkable and Convincing Statement of the Success of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment in theTreat-
ment of the Pain, Itching and
Burning of Eczema
"I, tlie uniliflra.lsn.il, cannot give, enough
praise to the Cuticura lteftiedlet. I had been
ductorlug for at least a year for eczema on
my foot. 1 had tried doctor after doctor all
lo no avail. When a young girl I sprained
my ankle three different times, paying little
or no attention to lt, when ilva yeara ago
a entail fapot showed upon my left ankle,
I was w-orrled and sent for a doctor. Ho
Mid it was eczema. He drew a small bono
trom the ankle about the size ot a match
and about an Inch long. The small hole
grew to about the size ot nn apple, and
the eczema spread to the knee. The doctors
never could heal the hole tn the ankle.
The whole foot ran water all the time.
"My husband and my sons were up night
and day wheeling me from one room to another In the hope of giving nie some relief.
1 would sit for hours at a time in front of
the fireplace .hoping for daybreak.    The
Jialn was so intense I was almost crazy,
n fact, I would lose my reason for hours
at a time. One day a friend of mine dropped
In to see mo. No more had she glanced.at
my foot than she exclaimed, 'Mrs. Finnegan,
why In the world don't you try the Cuticura Remedies!' Being disgusted with the
doctors and their medicines, and not being
able to sleep ut all, I decided to give the
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment a
trial. After using them three days that
night I slept as sound as a silver dollar
fnr eight long hours. I awoke In the morning
with but very little pain, tn fact. 1 thought
1 was in heaven. After using the Cuticura
Remedies for three months I was perfectly
restored to health, thanks to the Cuticura
Boap and Ointment. I will be sixty-four
rears of age my next birthday, hale and
hearty at present." (Signed) Mrs. Julia Finnegan, 2-H4 tiehert St., St.Louis. Mo., Mar. 7/1L.
Cuticura Boap and Ointment are sold
throughout the world. Send to Potter D. tc
C. Corp., 47 Columbus Ave. Boston, U. 3. A.,
(or free sample ot each with 32-p. book.
Seem to  Have Been  Used
China Centuries Ago,
The general public has supposed
that the thumb print, system is something new that scientists have devised
(or purposes ot Identification. Such,
however, seems not to be the case,
says Popular Mechanics. Investigation has revealed the fact that the
system originated with the Chinese.
For hundreds, perhaps thousands,
ot years, the merchants ot China have
used impressions ot their thumbs ln
lieu of signatures. To this day ln the
Interior of Chine, the thumb print ls
used on legal documents, especially
wills, In place of the written name.
The use ot finger prints waB transferred from China to India, where the
British adopted the system sta a
means of identifying the native troops.
From that the custom became general ln the British ' military service,
not only In India, but throughout tbe
United Kingdom.
It-was Introduced In the police departments of Great Britain by army
officers, who returned from foreign
service to take positions in the police
headquarters. Its use has become
universal in the British Empire—so
much so that every man or woman
who has ever been ln the custody of
the police ha1! his finger prints on
file ln the department. The finger
print records of Scotland Yard are
the most complete of any ln the
world. H_H
, **Vhenyouronlcrcoraes from the grocer's
ike thnt lie has tent you WUiOSOll 1'ABtH
SAIX Wwihotli- you bother with aalt that
"caka*** MUM »• Brock-whu. tax, can get
. Windsor Salt Is all rait—absolutely pure
•lean ciystcl — end every grain ll perfect
A Dodge That Failed.
A party ot four—two young ladles
and two young mea—became acquainted at a dance and alter it was
over the young men requested tbe
pleasure ot seeing the ladles borne,
which was granted, and the four made
their way towards the fashionable
part of the town.
Stopping outside a large house In
Ihe best street of the neighborhood,
the girls Indicated that this waB their
"I'll just run ln and see what mamma Ib doing," exclaimed one of tbem,
and forthwith Bhe ran up the path
leading to the front door, returning ln
a short time minus coat and bat.
"Mamma «ays we must hurry In
now dear, as lt is getting late," she
said to the other.
They stood talking and laughing for
some time when, much to the girls'
■wmitot nation, a gentleman came down
the path carrying a lady's coat ahd
hat and addressing the lady, said:
"Do these belong lo you? I found
them hanging on tbe door handle of
my house."
Needless to say, the coat and hat
were acknowledged, but the young
lady never again attempted to make
herself out to be what Bhe ts not.
China's Opium Tcade.
The United States conBUl at Hong
Kong reports that in 1909 the imports
ot opium Into China constituted about
8.6 per cent, of the total Imports,
while In 191**, ullh an immense decrease In the volume of the Imports
and with very little increase in the
total Import trade of the country, the
imports of opium constituted about 12
per cent, of the whole. However,
this increase ln price and the entire
Imports of opium Into China during
1910 may be laken as the culminating
point in the contest against the use
of the drug ln China. The Imports,
though small as compared with the
year before, were nevertheless made
largely ln anticipation of further restriction of imports by law—an anticipation which Ib in a considerable decree already justified. The actual
Imports for actual consumption are
less now than before, and are grow
Ing smaller and smaller month by
crystal, "xtoosta uo more,
"I think we met at this restaurant
last winter. Your overcoat is very
familiar to me."
"But I didn't have It then."
"No; but I did..
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining (or
walls, floors and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write lor sample
and Booklet to the ss
Set* Cenadlea Manufacturer!
si Canada, Limited,
Dtantrcsl, Hlnalpcf, taliary, Vaneeanr.
Rainfall and Consumption.
A study of the Influence of rain-
bearing winds upon the prevalence of
tuberculosis has heen made by Dr.
William Gordon, physician, to the
Koyal Devon and Exeter Hospital.
After Classifying several Devonshire
parishes according to their exposure
to rainy winds, Doctor Gordon searched out in precisely which parishes the
deaths from consumption during n
series of years had mainly occurred.
He found that the death-rate In the
parishes exposed to rain-bearing
winds was'generally twice as high aB
that of the parishes sheltered from
them. Further Investigations were
conducted in many other localities,
among them the city of Exeter. The
esult was the same. Dactor Gordon
declares that the important point to
consider Ib the matter of shelter from
the raln-bearlng winds of the locality,
exposure to which Is a more serious
matter than altitude, character of
soil, or even the amount of rainfall.
Could Not Work All Summer, and
Doctor Failed to Help, but Cure
Was Quick When He Used Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Benton, N. B.—(Special.)—Bordering on the miraculous Ib the cura !>f
John McElroy, a young man we.l
known here. He was suffering from
:.eart trouble and was so bad that all
Inst summer he was not able to do a
day's work. Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured him. In telling tbe story of hie
cure, Mr. McElroy says:
'I went to n doctor, who Baid I bad
palpitation, but his medicine did not
seem to reach the spot. I suffered
for over a year and all last summer
I was not able to do a day's work. My
sleep was broken and unrefreshing. I
felt heavy and sleepy after meals, and
I was always tired and nervous. 1
n»rspired (reely with the least exertion.
"After I had finished taking thc
doctor's medicine, and as I felt no
better, I read In an almanac what
Dodd's Kidney Pills could do and
made up my mind to try them. Before
I had finished the flrst box I felt different, and by the time the second
was half gone I was wbrking in the
woods and doing good work.'
Maypole Soap
one operation, giving remarkably
clean, bright, fail
colors. Dvet cotton,
wool, -ilk oi mis-
line,. 24 colon,
will give any ihide.
Colon 10c, black
15c etyout dealer's
oi pod[,'d with l>'lt-
lei "How to Dye'        ^^^^^^
l'°"  F. L. BENEDICT & GO. Montreal
A Statesman's Reply.
A story 1st told of the visit to England ol the late Sir George Etienne
Cartler, when he was a leading figure
In the Canadian Government, and of
an answer he made to tbe late Queen
Victoria that won her Majesiy's favor,
and caused the Queen to take a friend-
Jy Interest in the Canadian statesman.
8lr George—or Mr. Cartler, aB he
was then—waB a guest of the Queen
at Windsor Castle, and In the course-
of a conversation Her Majesty Inquired about the great bridge at Montreal.
'Mr. Cartler," said the Queen, "I
hear that the Victoria bridge at Montreal Is a very fine structure. How
many feet Is It frnm shore to Bhore?"
"When we Canadians build a
bridge," wns the reply, "and dedicate
l| to your Majesty, we measure tt not
'i feet hut In mllea."
The Queen waB ho pleased with tbe
answer that she talked fnr an hour
about the bridge and the railway system.
The Heathen Chinee.
The Stratford Herald nays that In u
"ChineBO shipwreck lho rule ij to save
men first, then children, then women,
lhe t'JQO.y beirjf that men are mon
valuable to thc state, whllo destitute
women are a burden. However, we
must remember thnt things are chang
ins In China.
'The Latest
Thing in Stoves
For a midnight supper, at (or any other meal at any.
other time, lhe very latest thing in stoves—the beat
that stove-artists cen do—is a
—nnaPEjjn_.il ii i i_—
Oil Cook-stove
tt concentrates the heat when you w«ri il
tnd where you wwl it. It W w Quick as ess,
steadier and handier than cot!, cheaper thui
v*   PittVrlinn 1	
It Burns Oil
-No Ashes
It  Concentrates Heat
It ls Handy
-No DM
It Is Beady
—No Delay
i The New Perfection Store hai jww, twin.
i; iMMbqmely hni
tunjuone-bluo chimney*.   ., - - ., -,
ii nk'-tet, with cabinet top, drop thehrcf, lowel
racks, etc.   Mafic wilh 1. 2 or 3 bunas.
All Anitjs carry the New Perfection JHow.
Free Cook-Book wilh every itore. Cook-Book ibo
oiven to anyone lendrng 5 cent* to cover mailai cod.
Amy-Why. did Miss Antique <!■»-  SX?h?r!_!iVA,^
charge her butlor. i *%£• ^Mil^Sf SS
Mamie—He    boasted  that he had  Furope   aro   strongly Indorr-lng a new
\ marvellous discovery of how to remove
■ ruperfluous heir from tho face, arm*'   *
_rown gray in her service.
Keep Minard't Liniment In the house.
"We've a brand new mahogany
piano," said Mr. Cumrox. "But nobody in your family can play It."
"Yes, that's the best thing about It."
neok. This new discovery ta now for tlm
tint time Introduced Into Canada. Any
| woman afflicted with tho growth of superfluous hair can obtain the Information
i fiea of charge. Send you name and al*
; drcia together with a I cent, etamfi tc
i Madam* Faj'nrd, Room iB, Blobait Block,
j Winnipeg.
t.noh better, fit better, wet,,
longer and give batter eatlsfua-.
tlou than other makes. They
are the result of &0 years' accumulated  knowledge, and  ex-
rlencc In tiulldlntt High Grade
...loea. Blocked by leading
dealer* everywhere tn Canada.
Hamilton, Ont.
How to Gather  Fish  Worms.
Now that tho fishing mason Is at
hand a new labor-saving device for
gathering Huh worms Is timely:
'You take a broom handle three
and a half feet long, drive It Into the
spot likely to be Inhabited by angle
worms. Leave an end sticking up
about six Inches. Then take a rough
board and rijb It over the top of the
broom handle. This rubbing will
cause a vibratlon'of the earth and the
worms, angry and disturbed, will
work their way out of the ground. A
fellow can get a pall full of worms ln
a short time."
Which is his
vato dlstuscs and drink habit.
Write 81 Queen East Toronto.
W. N. U. 898.
The VeracloiiB Vorger—In the far
corner lies William the Conqueror;
behind the organ, where you can't sec
'em, are thc tooins o' Ouy Pox, Robin
'Ood, nnd Cardinal Wolsey. Now does
that guide book, as I sees you 'ave
In your 'and, toll you who Is lyln' 'ere,
The Skeptical Tourist—No, but I
ean giieio.
I MURK'S no mistaking the expression of a man whose (arm is well "improved."
He looks as prosperous as he feels.
It isn't the size ol a place that counts most, nor its actual dollars -ami renin
value. It's rather that "well-kept," thrifty appearance; the appearance that make*
you think of fat slock, and well-AI'ed barns, and comfortable, contented living.
Neat, permanent improvements go further in giving a farm this appearance than
any other feature.
Concrete Is The Ideal Material
(or such Improvements. It Is neat, harmonising with Its surroundings tn the country.
Everlasting, It cannot be Injured by flro, frost, wind or lightning. Ago—Instead ol
causing It to decay—actually makes It atronger.
Concrete never needs repair—tint cost la laat cost. New Improvements can be added
year aftor year with less expense than would bs required to keep wooden structure*
In repair.
Concrete walk*, feeding floors, dairy-barns. Ice-houses, root-cellars, well-curbing,
fence posts, silos—which of thenc doea jour farm need most? Whatever you want to
build, It'a best to build It of concrete. "
Do you want to know more about thia subject of permanent farm Improvement*?
Then write for your copy of
" What The Fanner Can Do With Concrete."
It's • book of t«0 pigee, telling htaw other H	
farmer*  hav*  u**d the  "handy  material"  to /   uun ur
food advantage.    Publisheil to nil at Ne. a /    *"•**" *"*
copy, It la now being offered tre* ta ell firmer* I   YOUR   BOOK.
who writ* fer It.     Address '
I Cauda Cement Co., Ltd.,
National Bank Building, Montreal I as- ■•* A.. .A A-..
The Neal Three-Day Treatment for the liquor
habit oommeods Itself to all those whose nervous systems demand liquor, because there are no bad after
effects and no hypodermic Injections—the treatment
la so-mild- and- so harmless that a child could take lt.
Write for descriptive booklet and other itifor-
mat lion     Everything strictly confidential.
Tha-Neal Treatment for the drug habit ls perfect
and permanent tu Its effect,
Neal Institute Co.
2244 Smith St.,
Regina, Basic.
405 Broadway,
Winnipeg, Man.
820 13th Ave. West,
Calgary, Alta.
Cures   lho, stele and  acts  as
a preventative for others.
Liquid given on the tongue. Safe for brood mares and
all others. Best Kidney remedy; BO cents a bottle; II.OO
the daflzen. Sold by all druggists anil harness houses. Dis.
MEDICAL   CO..   Bacteriologist,, GOSHEN,  IND.,  U. S. A.
y/omen's commonest ailment 1
■•—.lie root o( ao much of their
ll health—promptly yields to
ihe gentle but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
Act Well!
And that you may, profit by
the health-restoring, strength-
giving properties of the time-
tested famous family, remedy
la boxtt, 2Sc
Gopher Rifles
tflhaht ator.   model   IM]..- W.00
Savago .fr.. imialet 1901 — ..$5.00
.tnven.l'    "<..ran.ni.lo_"    .     I..H4.50
■hivim-i    ita-neater,    model'   till,     -al     '
Kllalla.            I7.M
BatnfaotloKtlliarantoesV. or  money  re.
Dept. U. Winnipeg.
Hallway Aki'kIh, Telograiihers and
Clerks in ureal. iIhiiiuiiiI throughout
North-West. BU iiiiiiiths will quail-
ly you- H.iy and Mall Courses. Positions secured. Pree hook 19 explain* Dominion School Telegraphy,
"Which I. correct." nulled a poultry
Innl run res* <if her chum, "to apeak ol
a ultiitiK hen or a aettliiK hen?"
"I don't know," replied an Interest
ed student, "and, vtlial.'* more, I don't
rare. Hut Ihere'a one (hint. I would
like to know. Wheu a lieu cackle*,
kas alio heen laying or I* ahe lying?"
■fl/M  MW
, "Ml  ur-i/al ' '.'(. V
"a-J^'lll. rr'•   '   ..
W. N.'U. 6»8.
Reason for Haete.
There's an old story about an Irishman who was painting a fence and
who worked fast, so that he might get
the job finished before the paint gave
out. Our grandfather laughed at
.that Joke before our grandfathers
bought razors.
The new version came ln yesterday; the setting is up Ih date, but
lhe old point still sticks out. Our
correspondent says:
"I have a touring car and I have a
chauffeur The latter is a bright
Italian boy and an invaluable servant.
The other night, ten miles from home,
but Inside the city limits, I observed
that he was putting on a burst bt
'"Slow down a bit, Guiseppe,' I
warned him; 'we'll be arrested if we
keep up this speed.'"
"'Scusii me, mister boss,' he an
swerrd; 'we're ten ralla from home
an only got. enough gas for free mlla.
Bef wo no hurry we never mak' eet!' "
A«k for Mlnard'e and take no other.
China Forging Ahead.
. Pekin.—At the trial of a Chinaman
in Nanking recently a jury of twelve
of. his fellow-countrymen was Impanelled and a translation of the British
oath adminislered to them.
—""J*-**      .*
B»by'a Owe Tablet* are an excellent remedy for little ones.
They never fail to relieve baby
ot stomach and bowel tomplalnts
or. the many other little Ills that
worry him. Besides this they are
absolutely aafe, being guaranteed by a .government analyst to
contain no oplateB or other harmful drugs. ' Concerning them,
Mr*. Sam Legros, Ste. Ceclle,
Que., wrltea: "I have round
paby's Own Tablets "an excellent
remedy for my little one and
would not be without them." The
Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams'
Medlclno Co., Brockville, Ont.
While automobiles ure not yet within the irncii of all, experience teaches
that ulinnsl ull ure within the reneh o(
Attacks of cholera and dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being any
warning of the visit. Remedial action must be taken Just as quickly If
the patient Is to be spared great suffering and permanent Injury to tlie
lining membranes' ot the bowels. The
readiest preparation for the purpose
la Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It can be got at small cost at
any drug store or general dealer's,
and lt will afford relief before a doctor can be called..
"Didn't that man complain when
yon charged him with a broken appointment?" '
"No," replied the dentist; "he said
breaking an appointment with nie w:t.
worth every cent it cost"
-     Qulpf.
ta rise, to settle (Own.
Sfany a man will jeVour a girl wltb
klsees, only to find after marriage that
she disagree* wltb him.
There le room at the top—still more
at the bottom.
Don't marry a man to reform him,
girls, unless you have a good profession or trade.
If ln hot water, take comfort from
the thought that you will soon, like aa
egg, get hardened to tt.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.—Disturbance of the stomach and liver
always precedes attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement ot the digestive organs and deterioration ln
the quality of the blood, In these ailments Parmelee's Vegetable, Pills
have been found most effective, abating the fever and subduing the ague
is a few days. There are many who
are subject to these distressing disturbances and to these there ta no better preparation procurable as a means
of relief.
Ha* Bone* Badly Beaten,
Nip—Bones Is speaker of lhe bouse
and only 30."
Tuck—THat's'nothing! My wife be
came speaker of the house ns soon as
I married hei* and Bhe was only 22.
And Frantic Gasping for Breath Common to Bronchitis and
Both bronchitis and asthma are diseases ot the nerves as well as ot the
bronchial tubes, and for this reason
only slight irritation or excitement la
required to bring on the terrible
coughing spells and frantic gasping
for breath.
There is nothing like Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine to
bring relief to sufferers from bronchitis and asthma.
it soothes the Irritated nerves,
eases and prevents the attacks of
coughing a.nd enables the system to
throw off the disease. In fact the
great popularity of this medicine is
largely due to its success in curing
bronchitis ahd severe chest colds.
Since permanent recovery depends
largely on getting the nervous system thoroughly- restored, Dr. Chase's
Nerve Pood is of the greater
assistance In revitalizing the wasted
nerve cells. This combined treatment is ideal ns a cure for bronchitis
and asthma, for, while the Linseed
and Turpentine brings relief to the
organs of respiration, the Nerve Food
restores thc body to full health and
strength, and enables lt to light off
Thero nre many imitations of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine. The portrait and signature of
A. W. Chase, M.D., are on every bottle of the genuine;- H5c a bottle, at
all dealers, or l.ilnianson, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Acme of lncon»i»tency.
London.—Tbe Ealing town council
bas passed a resolution in favor of
the daylight saving bill, but at the
■ame time refused permission to Its
office staff to begin duty as hour earlier lu the evening during the summer
Death Duties In France.
Paris.—The British chamber of
commerce In Paris has again petitioned the chancellor of .the exchequer
with regard to the double imposition
of death duties on the estateB of British residents iu France, and asking
tor the same reductions as are allowed Is the case of residents in the
Minard's Liniment, the Lumberman'*
Physician at Watering-place (to patient's husband)—And after all, the
great thing for your wife ls exercise.
Does she take any?
Patient Husband—Take any! I
should say sho did. Why, doctor, she
fhangi's her dress at least six tini-s
a day.
.' Holloway's Corn Cure takes the
corn out by the roots. Try It and
prove 11.
"Watt It an elaborate dinner 1"
"Plenty of champagne?"
"Flowed Just llko waler, bill the*,
wasn't the chief display,"
"That so? Were tho favors un
"They were of solid gold. Uut Whnt
really attracted the most attention was
that there seemed tn ho nn tinliniitel
supply ot butter."—Judge. .
Mlnard'e Liniment used by Physician*.
Of all the sad words we see ln print
nnd this is a general rule.
Are 'tnose conveying ihe daily hint,
"Unsettled with rain, and cool."
To have Ihe children sound and
healthy is the first care of a mother.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. ' .
Bacon—Somebody said there was
something stunning about your-wife's
new dreas.   I don't see lt.
Egbert—Of eourie, you don't. You
don't suppose she'd leave the price
mark on lt, do you?
Gas Engine Oil
give* the best lubrication poeiible, alike In kerosene,
gasoline and gaa engines. Keep* Its body at high temperatures.   Equally  good for external beadng*.
Mica Axle Grease
•ave* power and fuel in your tractor*. The bed known,
moat liked axle greaee made. Never rube off. Never
Silver   Star Engine
Engine Kerosene Oil  Gasoline
Granite Harvester Oil—The short cut oil; specially prepared for use on reapers, binders and threshers. Greatly reduces friction and wear. Body not affected by
moisture or change   of climate..
Capitol Cylinder OII—The very best oil for steam plants
on the farm. Lasts longer and gets more power from
the engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitutes;
costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red Engine Oil—Strongly recommended for slow
and medium speed engines anil machinery. Eases the
bearings and lightens the load.
The Imperial Oil Co., Limited
Full Mealure
IvtwM —
"I bave a money-saving invention-
bandy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Hove them about
eacb year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
"These granaries come in compact
bundles. A boy can set up and bolt
one together in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole -saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin.wet and thieve*. <|Sell "MriM-bosMOnawr.-liow.
itwheayou are ready loading direct !?■,.*». *&,*•£?.*?&
from the granary into your wagon,    Jjfinj1,"- T1*™ »""•*■ Q"»».
or bagging it.   no musty or .seated
§rain. IJGet my granary anl be in-
ependent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you itore your grain;
The Pedlar Granary protects you."
"Write me for ray booklet. It shows how profitable my
.-nanairy I* even on n smelt- tiuarter-auH-tlon term. Ure
it for 1912.   The Book Tells of Bis Money for (Toil."
Writ* br Booki., n. ia OSHAWA, ONT.
wwmreo oaloabt edhokton   beuxa
.eL-ar.__a.ilSt.    Cmwn Black       _C_M_tt.W.   1»1 EitoiySl.K.
Drawer ims em Whltlodi * Merlin       lli Rth St. S.
-met Ith shows spout for hend
flllini xx sttaebad to Granary."
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will anawer you
promptly and   save you time.
HI* Gue*s.
"Wiiut   will    bo   fushlnnablo th's
* Whatever Ihey lln|a|>™ to lie overstocked with In Paris, I sui'luiH."— lio .-
(on Tr..ri.i.Tl|it.
London—A charity costume hull,
which will probably ho known ns tha
ambassadors ball, will he held nt
Olympia on .lun-* 8. The prooeodl will
l,i> il,,vnlaa| t» a charity or cliitriilea
not yet selected.
One greet secret of youth and beauty lor th* young woman or the mother I*
.he proper understanding ol her womanly system end well-being. Every woman,
young or old, should know herself and her physical make up. A good wey to
irrive at thi* knowledge ii to get a good doetor book, euch for instance, ai " lho
People'a Common Seme Medioal Adviser," by R. V. Pierce, M. D., whieh can
readily be procured by sending thirty-one cent* lor cloth-boucd copy, *ddrei<ing
Dr. Pierce, at Buffalo, N. Y.
The womanly system ii a delicate machine which can only be compared to the in*
t.-icate mechanist* ol a beautiful watoh which will keep in good running order only
with good care and the proper oiling at the right time, so-that the delicate mechanism may not bo vera tet. Very many time* young women
get old or run sham before their time through ignorance and
the improper handling of thi* human mechanism. Mental
depression, a confused head, backache, headache, or hot
Sashes ond many symptoms of derangement of the womanly
•ystem can be avoided by a proper understanding of whet to
do, in those trying times that come to all women.    ..
Has. G. H. WILLIAM*, of ..rniahsven. Vs., wrote-. "It la six yean
sine* my health rave- way- I had female trouble and all the doctor*
11 employed thro* 1 said 1 would die. I waa not able to do my work,
had to hlro aomeooe all tb* time. Finally. 1 read la tho papers about
Dr. Plerea'a Favorite Prescription, aad decided te try IL I had not
taken but on* bottle until 1 found It had date ma 1001!. I took. In alt,
lira bottles ef 'Favorite Prescription' aad two of 'Colder Medical
Discovery.* and now I am able In do all my honaowork, and bave tallied
four-ren pounds. I advise all woman who ssiffer from female troublo
lo ttr your' Favorite Prescript!**.,'  It's the only oMdicino on earth,"
Has. Wu_uai_*. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If Yoo Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
tlio science of refraction. Examination free.
nhllshed at Orand Porka, British Coliimhl
,. A. Kvass Bdltor and Publisher
A Hie ol this paper can be aeen at the offloe
,t Messrs. B. A T. Hardy A Co.. *', »1 and »2.
fleet Street, E.C., Loudon. Rnglaiid, free of
•large, and that firm will be (lad to reoelve
ilbsorlLtlons mid advertisements on onr be-
ticed that after a Socialist has
amassed a competency he has
not much to say about the
poor downtrodden working-
Roosevelt may keep on
talking for a few months longer, but politically he is as dead
as Christopher Columbus.
There is a deadlock in the
Democratic convention at Baltimore. The delegates should
compromise on a dark horse
by nominating Josaph McDonald of Grand Forks.
The Tory papers of the
province are now supplying us
with all the information that
we are capable of assimilating
about the Order of St. Mike,
McQuarrie & Robertson Buy
230 Acres in tbe West
of the Oity
■OaaoHimoa mt**:
me Veal   ..I *4"
1,10 Year tlir advance) ]-<"l
■ une Vear, In I'nlted State.  l-oO
Address nil communications to
Tub Bvikinu Sun,
.'HiaaaK   K7I liHANIl KoHKrt. H.C
Thkre does not appear to
lie a very good chance of the
school trustees obtaining that
,$.5000 for the new school
building. Judging by the action of the mayor and some
of the aldermen, it is far more
important to pay the aldermen salaries while they are
out of the city on their summer vacations.
To the present mayor's
name will always be attached
the odium of having introduced the spoils system in
municipal politics. This is the
lowest form of civic government conceivable, but we must
endure it for a few months
longer. At present some persons are growing phat at the
the expense of the ratepayers
by toadying to thc officials.
City work is handed out to
favorites, some of whom are
not even ratepayers, at what-
aver price they may choose to
Yoi have undoubtedly no-
It now looks as if President
Taft might become an adjunct
of the White House for four
years more.
The ratepayers should take
a keen interest in the construction of the proposed reservoir, in order that the work
may be honestly antl properly
done. The council should be
willing to accept suggestions
from citizens of standing, especially as it started the. project
by importing an expert to examine a site to which it had
no title.
The following ib the maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  64 67
Saturday  84 53
Sundty  95 57
Monday  97 57
Tuesday    97 .   60
Wednesday  96 60
Thursday  71 62
Ranfnll  during week, 0.13 inches.
The McLaine building on Bridge
street, occupied qy S. G, Kirk and O.
Armson, has been Bold to Gateway
Lodge No 45, 1 O O.F., the consideration being SI500.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Spink have returned from a shutt vacation trip to
The public and high schools close
to'lav for the midsummer vacation.
Tools w our
We can't be on the level and sell poor tools.
Bo on tho level yourself. You can't afford to buy
poof tools,
Our policy has always been, The best is cheapest in
the end.
We want your business, wo want your confidence,
and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
McQuarrie it Robertson, of Nelson,
this week purchased 230 of land near
the C.P.It. station in the West end
of the city. The consideration is said
to have beon in the neighborhood of
(30,000. It is one of the most important land deals that have been negotiated in tho city for many years.
The will probably be irrigated, cut up
into small holdings, and placed nn the
Morrison Resigns
At lhe meeting of the cily council ou Monday night Aid. Morrison
offered a resolution In the effect that
men be employed to cut the noxious
weeds in all parts of tlie city. The
measure failed to receive the sanction ol ihe council, and Mr. Morrison haiinla-d in his resignation:
Aid. Iliivis iipplitd for a three
iliontlih' leave ol absence. Aid.
Miller nmvt.il hut the ri'i|iif_ti» he
giunttil, without salary. Aid. Miller aud Henniger voted for the resolution and A'd Sheads and Davis
against it. The mayor, evidently
loth to lose a portion of his salary,
voted with the two last-named alder
men. As the matter now stands,
Aid. Davis is still drawing bis
salary. But be didn't get _i,is leave
of absence.
D. Bain was appointed caretaker
of tbe city cemetery at a salary of
845 a month.
Tbe request from the school trus
tees for a grant of taUOO. was referred back to the board for recon
The Grand Forks waterworks bylaw was reconsidered and finally
The property owners on Observation avenue petitioned tbe council
far a cement sidewalk. Referred to
board of works.
j The aldermen present donated a
portion of their salaries its a salary
to the bandmaster. The sum raised
amounted to (1317.
Colin Campbell was appointed
auditor of the school hooks.
The school hoard wrote asking
that the city health oflieer be in
■taiiii'ti-d to notify the boiir.1 of any
cotes nf infectious disease, so thai
I precaution < to check it limy be
ttken.   The ri quest wus grunted
The couneil decided to |iuichase
Stmley Duvis' team, the price being
f>4 -V
(Ji'iira," I). Clink returned h day
ll'. Ill it week's vi*.! In the eieist  cities
X\ we are prepared to give the people of Grand Fprks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Port,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. B0RNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
omit:, Ki.fi Ilref (trout
HAN8B.N'sltr.SIIIESCl!,Itll8",Bl •UOW
Mt'i.KNl.'s Hi:. llJKScr. KI8
Silver King mid Hilver Queen Mltmral
Claims, slinaita' in the tiratiil Korks Minim.
Division nl Yale District.
Where Laaeaaia-al: On tlie East Fork of tlle
North Fork of Keltic River.
TAKK Mil UK lhat 1. Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miner's Crimean- No. -.'.81811, fur
myself and as nirelit fur William It. Huffman,
executor, and ltosa Major, executrix, of thu
will of Cattherttie Hoffman. Free Miner a
CertlHcate No. S5817B. intend, sixty days
frnm date hereof, to apnly to the Mining
ttecerdcr torn Ceitlflealenf Improvements, fur
the puriHiHe nf obtaining crown grants ot the
above claims
And further take notice that action, mulct
section 31, in ust tie commenced before tbe Issuance of such Cerlticates of Improvement.
tinted this Ith da, of May, A.D. UU.
cf THt World
200 Cartoons Tell More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoons from dallies and weeklies published ia
thia country, London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin,
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Petera-
buif, Amsterdam, Stuttgart-Turin, Rome, Lisbon.
Zurich, Toklo, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, and all the great cities of tha
world. Only tha 200 beat out of MS cartoons
each month, an selected.
A rmi*tre Hlsteiy et etetteTt Events sash Mtjrtfc
I OAaTOOMS-Followtha
...   -AHOoia" and- watch the oppos-
i caricature each other.
» sue*, wi start to*
Om trt« stsipl. con <riU ox sulttd by xdinuln, tas pcab.
Accomplishes Much
A two cent stamp does a lot tor
very Utile money', but it would require thousand* of two cent stamps
and pet-esal letters lo italic your
wants known, to as msny pcosIr as
a 15c. investment in out Classified
Want Ada
Sunrise Mineral Claim, situate lu the
liraud Fork. Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located: In Wellington oamp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Joseph Alfred Miller.
I Free Miners' Certllleate Mo. B_7.8«, Intend, sixty dava from the dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a CertlHoate
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a CroHn ll. ant of the above olaim.
And further tnke notioe that .aotloN. under
seotion 37, muat be oomnicnoeal before the
Issuance ot auch Certllleate of Improvements.
Dated thia 26th day of April, A.D. 1012.
Electric Restorer for Men
vim and vitality. Premature decay snd sll sexual
weakness sverted st ones, nssphnol will
make yon a new man. Price M a box. or two for
it. Mailed to any address, the SoeWeU Drag
The following are the returns nf
the ore production ol the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 2f.,305     437,654
Mother Lode  8,096     228,63k
Rawhide  5,987      70,032
Jackpot , 357       10,420
Athelstan  340
Emma       _4,901
Othere.. ....     140        4,72:1
Smelter treatmen—
Oranby:..... 24,130     507,202
B.C. Copper Co...14,990     234,044
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingin Tbe Sun, THE   SUN,'   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
light shine, but some of them preset)
you with au appalling monthly bill.
Yields of Orchards and Fields
Will be Large in the
The warm weather of the- past
week has made all farm crops grow
very rapidly.. A number of the fields
of potatoes are now in full flower, and
are looking fine, the early varieties
promising to be a good yield
The fall wheat is filling good, and is
giving indications of producing fine,
plump grain with good yields to the
mire, although the acreage planted to
fall wheat is much smaller than last
year; in fact, there is less fall wheat
this season than for a number of
In the orchards, cherries are ripening fast, and considerable quantities
are being picked.
Strawberries are about done. Tliey
have not produced as will as in past
Some men are worried lest they
shouldn't get what is coining to them,
while others are kept awake nights for
fear they will get it.    ■
Women can never be truly emancipated while their gowns hook up behind.
. A woman who can spend an afternoon at a church bazaar can outta'k a
senator trying to prevent a veto r*"1
There are plenty of people who
can't live without wink—done by
Some girls nre so sophisticated and
fascinating that it just seems thst
they are born widows.
aSome men's appearnnces nre startling, «nd others' disappearance are
The trouble about promising to do a
disagreeable thing is that you can not
forget it when the time comes to doit.
ficiency to his family, but a bachelor
has to bear the charge of extravagance.
Just because a man has a motorcar
don't be sure that he has had a raise
in salary. Maybe some one who had a
grudge against him gave it to hiin, -
. We wouldn't mind other people's
happiness so much if they would bring
it around when we are grouchy.
Oive a high financier an ell anil he
will absorb an entire transportation
KVsti.ni before you can ssart a reform
The worst thing about having your
own way is that you so often want to
disown it after you get it.
One of the penalties of not being a
genius is that your divorce case dans
not get a column notice.
t Most men are willing to It th-i I
It is easy to forgive our enemies,
but a real friend will not expect for
gi veness.
When a married man can not inei't
his bil's he can always charge tlio de.
The Beautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
thia Season,  zjin Inspiration of Love and
.     Affection—•(_/. Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHE Family Herald and Weekly Slar of Montreal, acknowledged to he
£ the greatest and hest family and farm paper on the continent, has on
many occasions given its readers most delightful premium picture,
hut this season tbey have secured what is beyond nny question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper render'!. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who mei t after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dng, famous for bis beauty and gentlenei-s, winners
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
has heen stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from.his collar.
His familiar hark brings bis little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted lo be "Home Again." and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a womnn of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—tbe two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhnod; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, ber affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture thai will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
Tbe picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horn? Again" on heavy plate .paper 22x29
inches all ready (nr framing will he mailed FltEK to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 19.2
Tbe small sum of II 50 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar hill, in fact it could not be bought at tbat price.
Every home in the Houndnry should get the big (1 50 worth tbis
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give A 10 per cent Discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 & 4 Zkigler Block,
N. E Cor. Kivkksidk J. Howard,
Wit ^imtterfc
THE STANDARD ls the Nations'
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
uf Canada. It ls national ln all Its
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
lngs, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
its editorial policy is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 par yaar to any address in
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Mont ratal  Standard  Publishing  Co.,
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W? Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next C.P.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
By the Barrel or Carload
McNeil  & Henniger
The Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
IVr-m* mul the hftilliiietover hknIii.  Then lie
ireinendoim Hltcnltiutnice will Iuwn upon ymi
An Oliver Tvimwriter-tli'e nUiniard  vtxlble
writer—ttie most highly per,  ted typewriter
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The typewriter that 1* equipped with teorea ot
■uch  conveniences as "The   Hn lance  Shift"—
The Rilling Device"—"The Double Rc'lense"—
The    Locomotive    Base"—"The    Automatic
Spacer"—"The   Automat!"  Tabulator"--'The
Disappear! I iKlndicaior"
-"The Adjustable IV
per KiiiKer_r-"TI>e thit.
entitle roiideiixed Key
Toon (or 17
Gents a Day!
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new salt's plu. recently, just tu iVt-l the pulse ol
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The result has been Midi a deluge of appllca
tions for machines thai wu are ximply astounded.
The demand cmncs from puople ni atl classes
all ages, all occupation.*-.
Tin' iimjuri'v nl luqulrn-a hits coiiie^mm peo-
h* of kiniwn liiiini oh siiiiiiliuir ivliu wen-a
trn<.t«ii tu the novelty of the pmput. 'on.   ai>
tmprei_iivedem»u_uriiUiiii i»f tin- Imiueiir-e poo
u aritynf tlttfTillvt*r 1'ype.vnter
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the Kra of Universal T-yp. writing lit at hand.
A  Quarter of a Million People
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The Standard Visible Writer
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Our new sellliu. plan puts lhe Oliver on tin
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NOTICK It hereby ilven that (ieortre Alexander fltuart Hell of Lot : 871. I*. O. Box
31H, Grand Forki, will apply for a licence to
take and waae one cubic root per lecoml of
water out nf North Pork Ket'le Itiver freak.
which flowa in a southerly direction through
Lot M71 and empties Into Kettle River near
Grand Forks. The water will be diverted nn-
liiiaaite the townsite of Niagara, and will tie
need for Irrigation puruo.ei on the laud described as Fruit Lund, ahout IS, aeres.
This notice was posted on the ground on
the 30th day of Maarch, M_. The iippllrntliiii
will be filed in the oflice of the Water He-
ooraler at Fairview.
Objections  may  tic tiled   with  the shIiI
Water Recorder or with the < i'i r..|i*-r of
Water Rluhts, Parliament Buildings.   Victoria, H. I).
ft. A.H. HSU,,
Thp ni"ii who tells his wife what lie
pleases seldom |(l|fl«M('H her.
Grand Forka Before Its Baptism of Fire
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the eoppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, aud its language is
e'isily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4630, copper
mines and companies in all parts nf
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard .Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the bunk for
the finis it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is •*_. in Buckram with gilt
top; {7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, ami
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
|Kdiinr and Publisher,
4o'.S Postoffice llloek,
Houghton. Michigan.
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Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 iasuel of 1912 will contain
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Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
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Tb* Companioo's Picture Calender
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Then Tbe Companion for tb* 12
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lastchaacoat thlsprlc. On January
1, 1912, it will h* advanced to .2.
iw SabKrietton Rsc.ivcd at TVi. Wiio. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA'.
Zam-Buk  Cured  Her When 3s  Bad
She Had to Use Crutches.
For varicose sores, bail leg, or
chronic ulcers, Zitm-Uuk la without
equal as a healer. A proof of this ls
just to hand from Montreal. Mrs. T.
Edwards of 164 Amherat St., writes:
"Somo time ago a bad aoro broke out
on my left leg near the ankle. For
a week or two I did uot heed lt, but
lt got sn bad I could hardly walk. I
sent for our doctor, and fee told me
1 would have to lay up with the
wound. 1 did so (or thitee weeks. At
the end ot lhat tlmn tho ulcer healed
a little, but 1 could only move about
by using crutches.
"The sore then lirnke out badly,
snd tlio doctor told m.i that the only
thing that would cura It would be an
operation, and that t ahould have to
'av un Tor U ya'ar. TMb, 1 knew waa
imossihliie, as I bad a family to at-
ttnd t». v
"My son had riifeai » bad cut, on
his finger by iijmg Ztn»Buk, audi he
advised nie to gi/n tbi» balm a trial.
1 did so, and in HHna. Mian a week's
time it gavo me wiwdeytul relief. It
stopped the pain, which had been so
bad that many iilghQt I did not get
a wink of sleep. In n very short time
the wound waa so much better that
1 hail no more sleepless nights, and
was also able to move about and do
my work. I persovored with Zam-
Buk, with lhe result that the wound
Is now perfectly cured, and the limb
'Is as sou ual anil strong tut ever. To
any person suffering from ulcerated
sores I would aay, 'try Zam-Buk.'"
Zam-Buk Is just aa good for piles,
abscesses, boils, acalp sores, blood
poison, festering wounds, cuts, burns,
scalds, bruises, eczema, eruptions and
all other Injuries and diseases. All
druggists und storea (Oc box, or Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse
harmful substitutes and Imitations.
■Have you tried Zam-Buk Soap? 25c
The Twin Cities--
Thc tourist wns for llm first time
viewing lhe Panama city of Colon
nml Ilie American oily of Cristobal
killing side by Bide lit tho -Ulavtic end
of .he canal.
"Whnt ts li tbey.. call the American
• cily.'." h" naked.
"That is taw hail." bo fiild "it should
be Colon nud Semicolon."
When Your Eyas Head Care
Try ll_ir.nflKyML.'iii,'<ly.   NoBn ~   "
Flu*—Art* Quickly   'ftrr tt *1
Watery Vyea und (Iranmaled I
Try llurlnft Ey« Ucoit-xTv.  No Rmartlur— Ft«!*
* ■ • "     **■"       *« Kfd,We»k,
^_^^^^^.^_- & .BifeUilM.  Illua-
ttaic<l Book tn eaoli PackitfiH. Mnrlpfl Le
C'>Bipnun>1'*!l l>r <>nr UcnllHln-not * 'Patent M»d«
lclnM*'-biit u-tntl hi H>^KiKH(u]il1hriicltini,Pr»3*
he*} fnr biriitr r«n, Maw tlnrticjil-od to tb« Frt»
lie und Hold Ut UniuiKt.H nt. Ka and GOo por Bottle,
Munii* Uje fta-va lu innplio TubevHo ondSMh
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Well, WeU!
con use
dyed ALL "»•»•
  of Goods
^F.ithHw. SAME One.:
I used
OLE AN atnd SIMM* to UM.
NOck.aaa, .,aa _!.«*. I'/KINC-O/a.<„Ok, _*•*'
on. haa. in ,.,|.,r. All .flS.ara, ttnmetmt Oniaal.l Ol
D.ilffl. fUll. II al t. a:«al«aat HttHtr OxatMIt
Tkii JaKW,a,.aH_a.iu.a»au CaJs	
\ Ne^^Kenddlls
Cure :
B*« Che differ-
eacc t»eiw«u (lie
ci»»t of ft good
hoTM And 11.00—the
coul of a bottle of
Kr nd All's Spa vl« Cure.
You ctn cure n Bptvln, Splint,
Rliltboin\ flony Growth or I.iinetitM,
with It, liki- (howuiBd*heve dour. Reid
thete Iriirm — Ihey will nrore that
Tbe One Sale, Reliable Core.
__ Cuat.nnL.Dn.Klt,. Ilia
'naw. Mat ma tows <MaUM aan Mm IMM.  I
hlflaa a-aiaai ii.liajj (aaaa, Kim,laa Cairo laarfa naiaaitaM
ot ,:,, wilh na*.! .aaa-aa... taiaalaif daaalaaff Oaflt
llaaaa ,-uttal a. Spavin a.aa * ..flliulal. taaa.aa. taa.l
laaafl    _>.«,    Utalad    bfUlfla fl,    .Wp|llla|«,    Ok.
flfl.a-Ur.lt_ GliaiitlAia LtaauaW
W. W. Illaaaraa. rtaantaaiit. Alia. ,<flrltaa,: .l„l- Itlh.l.lO
'*l bar. tflMfll raaaar Hpaflflln Cairo rail j.-.•.. atad
afla aflaaainl-UIr a aaaflfll faant Ka.t l.a Ul, feaifl tat
atUa, .ni Hullaala aaa.l S|aa*liaaa wa |..,,.,.   I (laaal
hat H tun. artarr.fl.ar It i. Ifllllal.ill/ appllaaat."
tbat It aaaaa*. artrr.r.r l't I. Ifllilalaall/
No oeed to wax ry about yonr tiorae If
fou have a bottle of ICruaJall'i Spavin
ure on Imnal for cmeifcncy. Get a
bottle from your ilrnyirliit Ht oace. Don't
take a 'lubitiltile. The meat book,
"Treattie ou tlie Horse," free, of drug,
tleit, ar write to MA
Demonstration by Comparison,
Before tbe use ol chloroform had
become so general as it ls ln our day,
a quack advertised that he wouid
draw teeth painlessly. A patient was
placed in the chair, the instrument
applied to his tooth with a wrench,
followed by a groan from the unpleasantly surprised sufferer.
"Stop!" Bald the dentist. "Compose
yourself. I told you I would give you
no pain, but I only gave you that
twinge to show you Dr. Carter's operation."
Again the instrument was applied
to the tooth, and another tug, and
another roar..
"Now, don't be Impatient. That ls
Dr. Logan's method," said the dentist. -« aii   ■   ■
Another application, another tug,
another roar.
"Now, pray do be quiet. That ls
Dr. Tate's way. 1 see very well that
you do not. like it, and I am not surprised."
By this time the tooth hung by a
thread, and, whipping lt out, the operator exulting!.' exclaimed: "That's
my mode of extracting teeth. Vou are
now able to compare lt with the operations of Carter, Logan and' Tate."
In the. Spring Most People Need a
Tonic Medicine.
One of the surest signs that the
blood Is out of order ls the pimples,
unsightly eruptions and eczema that
come frequently with the change from
winter to spring. These prove that
tho long indoor life of winter has had
its affect upon the blood, and that a
tonic medicine Is needed to put il
right. Indeed there nre few people
who do not ueed a tonic at this season. Bad blood does not merely show
Itself ln disfiguring eruptions. To
this same condition is due attacks of
rheumatism and lumbago, Ihe sharp
stabbing pains of sciatica and neuralgia; poor appetite and a desire to
avoid exertion. You cannot cure
these troubles hy the uso of purgative medicines—you need a tonic, and
a tonic only, and among all medicines
there ls none can equal Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Iheir tonic, llfe-glving,
nerve-restoring powers. Every dose
of this medicine makes new. rich
blood, whicli drives out Impurities,
stimulates every organ and brings a
feeling of new health antl energy to
the weak, tired, ailing men, women
and children. If you are out of sorts
give the medicine a trial and see how
quickly it will restore the appetite, revive drooping spirits, and (111 your
veins with new, health-giving blood.
You can get these pills from nny
medicine dealer or by mail at GO
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50,
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ontf
She—No, I can never marry you, but
we can alwpys lie friends.
113—Well, thnt Ii one of die advantages of getting married.--Lil'o
W. N. U. SM.
I cured a horse of .the Mange with
I cured a horse, badly torn by a
pitch    fork,    with  MINARD'S LINIMENT. EDW. LINL1ER
St. Peter's, C. B.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling
Bathurst, N. B.
Moro than 60 per cent, of the rail
road cars built In the United Slates
this year will be of all steel construe-
of Ohio, City of Toleio      \   ..
Lucas County. )   **•
Frank J. Cheney makrs oath that.ha ta
senior partntr of the r)rm of F. J. Clianey
A Co., <loln» busluem in tba city of Toledo. County and State aforesaid, and that
'^.<LflrnLH1l Utf.'b* ta-o of ONR HUN.
DRBD DOLLARS for euch and every
caae of Catarr that cannot bu cured by
tho lira of Hall's Catarrh Cuie. niANK
Sworn to beforo me and lubiorlbad In
my presence, this Cth day of December,
A.p. llll.
(Seal.) A. W. OLKASON.
Notmy Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
and acts   directly   on   tha   blood and
mucoue surfaces of the system.     Send
for testimonial! free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.,    Toltdo, 0.
Sold by all drufiiste, 7«o..
Take Hall's Family Fills for conetlpa-
'That makes tbem neater, crispcr, daintier, more appetizing]
The one biscuit good enough to take the place of your own baking.'
Fresh as the biscuits from your own oven,
Think what that means! Freodom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on the 'porch
or in the parlor.   Time to do the little knick-knacks that have been neglected.
Are tho creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They are baked in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg-
right at your very door.
Use MOONEY'S and  bo  sure of a biscuit  that if
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy the family,
In tempting packages or sealed tins
i you prefer.
An Imperial Chicken Fancier.
II may bc interesting to owners of
chicken farms to know that a genuine enthusiast in the pastime of
poultry-raising lived and flourished as'
far back as the year 410 A. D. whon
Alarlc the Goth was busying himself
about the sack of Rome. The Rev.
Dr. George Hodges' "Saints and Heroes" Is the authority for the story.
Only the Roman emperor seemed
unmoved by this tremendous calamity. He waa in a safe retreat at Ravenna when the news came. It is remembered of Honorlus that there
were only two matters In which he
was ever known to show interest. One
was the safety of his own Imperial
person, the other was the raising of
hens, In which he was very successful. His favorite hen was named
"Your Majesty Rome has perished!"
thoy came crying.
"Why," he said, "only an hour ago
she was feeding out of my hand!"
And when they told hiin it was Ihe
capital of the world that had been
destroyed he was much relieved.
Have you ever noticed what frequent use is made of the number
If you buy a leasehold h.use, you
will probably lind t»at the tenure of
the property lasts for a period of
ninety-nine years Should the doctor
come to examine your lungs, he will
most likely tell you to say ninety-
nine, and to repeat lt several times,
while he llslens Ih'.-.e'j.lx a stethoscope to the passage of air through
your breathing apparatus.
Sometimes the number Is pronounced "ninety-and-nine," which
makes it appear more full-sounding
aud emphatic. In this form, It ts very
prominent in a famous revival hymn
which was popular some years ago,
and which ia founded on the parable
of the hundred cheep, one ot which
wandered away and got lost, while
the "nlnety-and-nlnc" remained safe
in the fold. This parable nlso shows
that ln ancient times tbe number had
a recognized place ln the every-day
"What is a counter.lrrltnnt?" asked
Mrs. Smithers.
"A counter-irritant," replied Smithers, "Is a woman who makes the
shopman pull down everything from
the shelvts for two hours, an then
buys a pennyworth of hairpins."
Drives Asthma Like Magic. The
Immediate help from Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems like
magic. Nevertheless It Is only a natural remedy used ln a natural way.
The -smoke or vapor, reaching the
rtiost remote passage ot the affected
tubes, brushes aside the trouble and
opens a way for frerh nir to enter.
It Is sold by dealers throughout the
Lawyer (to witness)—Now. then.
Mr. Murphy, give us your last residence.
Murphy—Faith, sor. T dunno; but
It'll be the clmltcry, O'lm thlnkln*.
A Costly Gamble.
Mr. Marshall Hall, the well-known
K. C, tells the following Btory of a
County Court action In v*ileh he took
pari: "I remember many years ago
being taken down to a County Court.
I looked at tho brief and found that
the whine amount to be sued for was
$30, while my own fee was more than
five times that sum, and I could not
make the matter out. It was an action for trespass — seizing a horse In
execution, and the sort .of horse it
was cnn be imagined—and In the end
I won. The case took the whole dny.
Then when It was all over 1 heard
that thore was a but of $2,500 depending on lhe result nf the case.. The
nartles were all horsey people, nnd
they knew Ihey would got a fair run
for Iheir money. They used mo for
tho purpose of a gamble.
Never starch linen thai Is to be
stored for a long time; it is apt to
crack, and if left fur many years will
rot. Rinse the articles quite free
from starch, dry, and fold away, If
possible, In blue paper. The blue
paper keeps them from turning yellow.
Ashmore—Did your bulldog get a
prize at the dog show?
Ashley—Yes, he got a thousand-
dollar-prlzo pootHo.
ioffiHRS tke CHILU, IlftlKSiJba <VU
ii the beet remedy for WARKHCEA.. It lain-
eoliitely Wmleei. Ba aure and auk for "Mt*.
WlaeloVe gootklag Syrup," *a» uke ao stbw
kind.  Twenty-fine centi a bottla.
Protege of ■ Countess.
Liverpool.—The Countess of War-
Warwick Is bearing the expense ol
the musical education of a Yorkshire
mill lad nam?d Buckle, whose violin
playing attracted ber attention at s
Leeds concert.
A train which runs every day In
the year between Toulon and Paris ls
knows as the "rapide des fleurs"—the
cut-flower express. ThiB train carries nothing but cut flowers, ln baskets and pasteboard boxer, for the
Paris market. The violets ot Hyerei,
the roses and carnations of Antlbes
and the Roman hyacinths of Alhoules
and Carqulcronncs are on the flower
stand., of Paris tn 18 hours from the
time they are growing on the shores
ot the Mediterranean A good many
aro shipped also to the cities of Germany and Belgium and even as far
as Vienna and St. Petersburg The
packages are handled by a special
train crew that sorls them out like
mall matter. The speed at which
this "cut-flower express" runs Is
groater than that of any other train
In Europe and It Is almost Invariably
on tlmo
Lady Irene (aged four)—Mamma,
why do f eople have noses?
The Duchess—Common people, my
dear, have noses that they may sneeze
and smell, but high-born people like
ns bave noses that, they may express
their contempt for common people."
"Did you say I waa a dead heat?"
"Nopp. I never said you were dead.'
—Houston Post.
The bootjack and the cat they met;
She dodged and yelled with glee.
Young man, you'll need that bookjack
"Then you'll remember me."
Sore* Flee Before It.—There are
many who have been afflicted with
sores and have driven them away
with Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil, which
acts like magic. All similarly troubled should lose so time ls applyl.i;
hut Its povcr ls In Ao way rx'j-iss.1
this splendid remedy, as there ls
nothing like It to be had.. It Is cheap,
but Its power Is In no wny expressed
by Its low price.
Life on the Planets.
The possible existence of life on
the planets ls discussed ln the "Journal ot the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada" by Professor R. G.
Aitken of the Lick Observatory, who
summarizec the latest conclusions "of
astronomers upon this question. Professor Aitken considers that the existence of a high form of life on tho
moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ura-
nas or Neptune Is extremely improbable. Although Venus greatly resembles the earth, it is generally believed
by astronomers that the day-and the
year of the planet are of equal duration. In that caso no lite can exist
upon It. Concerning Mars, Professor
Aitken says that "astronomers a/e not
agreed as to whether the much-discussed markings* are canals or merely
earthquake cracks. There are no
permanent bodies ot water on tho
planet.. The best that can bo said Is
that although tho temperature on
Mars ls very low, tliep^ may be on the
planet, to a limited extent, the conditions essenllal to life; probably only
vegetable and low-order animal life,
but no beings of intelligence."
An Unquenchable Fire.
A YonkerB, N. Y., physician had a
negro cook who waa a chronic com-
plainer. One day she came In-'groan-
Inn with a misery In her side and the
doctor offered to prescribe for her.
He went to the dining room, poured
out a spoonful ot game sauce, stirred
In some English mustard mul sprinkling a little salt and' pepper In,
banded the dose to the sufferer, tell-
lug her to take lt down nt otic swallow.
It waB two weeks or more befors
Mary turned up with a sew pain. This
time lt was In her other side. Her employer offered to mis her another dote
of his medicine,
"No, suh," said Mary firmly. "I'm
much obliged to yon, doctor; but I'se
done got my mind made up never agin
to drink nothing what witter won't
squench. , '
Kidder—That fellow makes a living
writing light fiction.
Klddre—He doesn't look like a literary chap.
Kidder—He's riot. He makes out
statements for the electric light company.
Itad softly-
Step safely.
Eabodg Dm pateatad features
of Cats Paw Heels.    „0
In one year over 33,000 offender*
have been brought beforo Biltlsk
S.../H/   MAVC»C?
The Story of a Scheming
. .       Friend
5        By CLARISSA  MACKIB       5
<3> *
0*0*0*O^Oa$aOiJiO Oi-0<$>0*0*0»0#0
I had stayed oway from Quince Harbor for two mouths, and, although a
■mall seaport Is a dull place Indeed
during the midwinter season, I felt a
longing to go down there ln December and see how tbe cedar clothed
bluffs looked wltb a snow; overdress,
I wanted to see the steely blue ot the
buy under gray December skies; I
wanted to hear tbe harsh cry of tht
culls ns they wheeled over the water;
1 wanted to partake of tbe delightful
dullness of Quince Harbor In winter.
Now, Captain Barnabas Flsb, my
stanch friend and fellow fisherman,
companion of many delightful excursions on and about Quince Harbor,
had written me n most mysteriously
worded letter, ln which he hinted at
bis engagement lo Miss Maria Weeks,
wilh whom I bad boarded when ln
the serport, nnd suggested tbat a conversation wilh me would enlighten
blm concerning several rather problematical social questions.
"Lord bless jou, Miss Telhnm, I was
Just wishing for you," cried Miss
Maria, running down tbe walk to meet
■ne. "You canfe lu direct answer to
1 wondered whether It was not Captain Barnabas' unspoken prayer that
had brought me, but I paid tbe stags
fare and followed Miss Uarln, who
was staggering under the weight of
my bags, into tbe warm bouse.
"How Is Lucy Drake J".' was "my first
tactless question, but I was interested
In Lucy, who lived next door to tbe
Weeks' bouse.
Miss Marin.tossed ber bead ss she
arose from placing my bags on the
Boor. "So far ns I know, Lucy's all
right," sbe replied rather tartly.
"In the Inst letter you wrote to me
yon said (but Lucy Drake was to be
your bridesmaid," I observed as I removed my outdoor garments with Maria's help.
"Bridesmaid, Indeed," she sniffed
scornfully. "1 did ask ber lo be, and
glad enough sho wns to Accept, never
having been so near the altar before In
ber llfe-not that way, 1 mean-nnd I
even offered to provide the gown for
ber. pink silk with pink roses." Maria
loosened my hnlr nnd brushed vigorously at tbe tangles. "Pink silk!"she repeated. "Wbat do you tblnk of tbatr
"It would have been lovely." I murmured, "but tell me wby she refused
to act os"1-
"Sbe didn't refuse. Sbe accepted,
■nd tbe dress Is alfmnde and tbe bouquet Is ordered from Smlthrtlle. The
captain saw to all that himself."
"Tell me nbout 11. Miss Marin. I
shall never know until you do," I
"There Isn't much to loll, only Lucy
has taken full charge of my wedding
and ls bossing everything. Miss Tel-
bam, sbe actually advised the captain
to wear one of-bis old yachting uniforms and call It a marine wedding.
Sbe thought It would be something like
tbe military weddings sbe reads about
in Ihe papers."
"And what does Captain Barnabas
■ay?" I asked curlousl?-.
"I thought be was kinder tnken with
tbe Idea nt flrst, but now Lucy has
talked so much nbout It that he's tired
of it. He dou't know what lo wear
after all's said aud done. Not belug
married before and getting the experience of having hnd a wedding Is a
great drawback." She sighed ns she
led tbe way downstairs.
"It must be," 1 murmured, wondering what quostlnua the doubtful captain wished to put before me. "And
so Lucy Drufco will nol bo Ibe bridesmaid after all," 1 said, disappointed at
this outcome.
"Oh, yes, she ssys she will, nnd I
haven't got any objection so long ns
she don't trim up the church so It
looks like the bottom of the ocean. I
reckon she'd llko to bave clam shells
all up the aisle and nn orchestra of
tbose little fiddler crabs, with seaweed
dripping all around. Sbe even wnnted
tne to have my wtsillng dress trimmed
wllb dingle shells nnd seaweed."
"Lucy certainly ls romnntle," I observed soothingly. "Do let me see
your wedding gown, Miss Maria, If It
Is rcudy."
"It's all done; It's here In the sport
room." This spinster of forty-firs
years unemotionally led the way to
Iho little bedroom that opened off Iho
sitting rooth nnd prepared to show mc
her simple trousseau.
The wedding dress was'of gray silk,
pearly gray and almost stiff enough to
stand alone. It wait made simply, but
I knew It would bo becoming to Maria,
who was plump and pink cheeked,
wilb soft broyni hair aud dark eyes.
"It Is lovely," I said, kissing ih*
bride to bo on botb pink cheeks.
"Don't fret about Lacy Drake. I know
It's going to be tha loveliest wedding
you ever snwl" ■:
I'm worried abont It just tho same,
Miss Telham. I bnven't told you all
tliere Is to tt. I.ncy has been teasing
the captain to bare Orville Beers for
his best man. She's keeping company
with Orville." ..-.._,
"ls tho captain willing?" .1 **£
"Mercy, no! Orville and blm ain't
■poke for twenty years. Seems be and
the captain were both after tbe same
(Ifl In tbe daya I mean, and*Orville got
her. Of course the captain got ail over
lt, only he's always been mad at Orville because be got tbe best of him.
Orvllle's wife died last spring, and he's
been after Lucy Drake. Sbe hinted
that she'd rather have a white silk
dress because sbe could use It later for
her own wedding."
When I was alone I could not resist
a hearty laugh at tbe tbrlftincss of
Lucy Drake. She wns Maria's age,
bnt the difference in tbe two women
was marked. Maria in ber blunt, plain
way seemed to behold ber marriage to
Captain Fish as tbe start ot a new
life, a life of congenial, affectionate
companionship, with a placid happiness
that sbould last -tbem during the remainder of tbelr balf lived lives. Her
love for tbe bsndsome old captain was
sincere to tbe core. Her contempt for
tbe foolish romantic notions of Lucy
Drake wns equally sincere. I was
vexed at Lucy for Intruding her notions In the midst of Maria's quiet little
wedding preparations.
The wedding was set for Thursday
evening, and because Maria's house
was small and because everybody In
Quince Harbor would expect.to witness tbe marriage of two sucb popular
persons, It was decided to bold the ceremony In tbe church. Captain Fish
had ordered palms and white flowers
from the Smlthyllle florist to decorate
tbe church.
In the meantime Lucy Drake darted
ln and out of the bouse her thin cheeks
pink wltb excitement her straight fair
hair flying wildly nbout. She was
brimming over with a hundred suggestions to enhance the novelty of the occasion.
"You'll only be married once, Maria,"
■be urged.
"I hope so," retorted Maria loftily.
"Do as you please about your own
wedding, Lucy, but leave mine aloue,
"A double wedding would bave
been romantic," murmured Lucy regretfully.
"You nnd Orville settled It then?"
Marin's eyes seemed to be relieved. I
wondered If sbe did not harbor n small
Jealousy of Lucy Drake.
"Yes-look!" Lucy held ont n thin
scraggy band nnd displayed oa tbe
tblrd flnger of her left hand a large
amethyst ring. "It belonged to his flrst
wife," sbe murmured sentimentally.
"I'll help you get up a big wedding,
Lucy," said Maria generously.
Lucy gave ber a queer look. "Yon
can remember what you ssld afterward," she said und turning on ber
heel, walked out.
"Wbat did sbe mean?" I nsked.
Marin shrugged her plump shoulders.
"I don't know. She's ncted queer
about this wedding business from the
beginning. She told somebody that
the bad always salt she would bo married before I was and she would yet
—I can't see how she's going to manage tt."
Captain Flsb asked my advice about
the wedding garments he must wear
and I answered him frankly,'.nutting
aside Lacy Drake's suggestloti of the
"marine wedding" aud taking luto
careful consideration1 tbe time worn
customs of Quince Harbor weddings
of the past. Beyond that be made no
allusion to any doubts be mlgbt have
bad concerning Lucy Drake and her
Ideas concerning weddings In general
and Ills In particular.
Thursday was a hurriciine of wind
snd rain nnd not a soul ventured to
cross the long rond thnt led to the
west side. Maria bad no near relatives
and so I assisted her to dress for her
weddlug. lt cleared at six o'clock,
snd we heard the wheels of lhe carriage grinding through the wet sand
to the gate. The ceremony was to be
at half-past six and the reception waa
to be held uflrr tho return of tlio
captain aud his bride from their honeymoon.
"I wont over lo Lucy's, but the house
wns nil locked up, so I guess she has
gone—but I dldu't hear any carriage,"
remarked Maria as we drove to the
"Sho probably went on ahead—ah*
will bo waiting for you in tho vestibule," I said.
It was so. Lucy, gorgeous In pink
silk with ii pink tulle veil floating
above ber wisps of fair hair, wns In
the vestibule, nnd beside her was Orville Beers, a very short, fat, ruddy
vlsaged mnn, now dressed In cslretao
nautical atllre, although to my own
knowledge he was a plain fanner and
could not bear tho thought uf salt
People were gathered about Lncy
nnd Orville. and (hero was much chut-
til 1 drew nearer that I realised what
had happened.
Lncy Drake bad taken advantage ot
tbe early gathering of wedding guests
to be. married to Orville Been tban
and there. That ceremony was over.
Lucy.was married first after all, and
for ber tho wedding decorations bad
I congratulated the couple wltb as
good grace as my Indignation woutd
allow and heard Maria quietly following suit. Tbe people crowded back
Into the church, and Orville Beers
tiptoed squeakily np the aisle to take
his place beside Captain Barnabas, t
could seo the captain's handsome,
snow crowned head os be stood there
waiting for bis bride. His face waa
ijiilto pale, but ho was looking down
lho nlslo toward Maria, who was approaching him. Sbe was walking
alone, with her eyes confidently meet-
lug his. Behind Maria minced Lucy
Beers, a shallow smile wreathing her
As I looked at tbe two wbo bad
been cheated out of their wedding by
Lucy's sensational act 1 realized that
they were quite Indifferent to tbat.
All that tbo captain saw was Marin's
faithful dark eyes coming to blm; all
that tbo bride saw was the lovellght
In hor captain's ores.
Nut Butter.
Nut butter ia s very good substituta
for meat. Run walnuts tbrough a food
chopper and rub Into them about one-
third ns much good fresh butter.
Spread wn crisp crackers. ..     y   ■
Tsbaoce In New Ztaland.
New Zeulnnders consume over seven
pounds of tobacco per head eacb year.
Ths English Statute Mile.
Tha 'English statute mile was first
defined ln the thirty-fifth year of Queen,
Elizabeth.    Before tbnt time lt was
put down at 5,000 feet.
Kangaroos Ara Fond of Using Their
Fore Fast In Feeding.
Kangaroos use tbelr bands very read-
liy to bold food In and to put It Into
tbelr mouths. As tbeir fore legs are so
short thnt thoy have to browse In a
stooping position, they seem pleased
when able to secure u largo bunch of
cabbage or other vegetable provender
and to hold It In tbelr hands to eat.
Sometimes the young kangnroo, looking out of its mother's pouch, catches
one or two of tho leaves which the old
one drops, and tbe pair may be seen
each nibbling at tbe salad held lu tbelr
bands, one, so to Bpeak, "one floor"
nbore the otber.
The slow, deliberate clasping and
unclasping of n chameleon's feet look
like tbe movements which the bands of
a sleep walker wight make were be
trying to creep downstairs. The chameleon's aro nlmost deformed bunds,
yet they bave a superficial rescmblanco
to tbe feet of parrots, which more than
otber birds uso their feet for many of
the"1 purposes of a band wben feeding.
To see many of the smaller rodents-
ground squirrels, prairie dogs and marmots—bold food, usually In both paws,
ls to learn a lesson ln the dcxtcsus uso
of hands without thumbs.
Nothing more readily suggests the
momentary Impression that a pretty
llttlo monkey Is "a man nnd a brother"
tban when be stretches out his neat lit.
tlo palm, lingers and thumb and, wltb
all the movements proper to the civilized mode of greeting, Insists on shaking hnnds.-I.ondou Clrupblc.
African and Indian Species Different
In Many Things.
The chiel external differences between African and Indian elephants
are well known. The enormous ears
and forehead, with its evenly-rounded
contour, at once distinguish the African species, tbe ears in the Indian
animal being comparatively small,
while the summit of the head is
swollen and the forehead hollowed,
giving a concavo-convex lino in profile view. There are other differences
less obvious, but equally or more interesting, recorded in text-books and
elsewhere. Of theso the least known
and least frequently quoted is, says
Mr. R. L. Pocock, writing in The
Field, the curious difference observable In lhe structure of the tip of the
trunk. In the Indian elephant the
upper margin ol the orifice of this
organ is produced in the' middle into
a short but highly mobile and sensitive finger-like process, while tho lower margin has no such process, but is
decidedly tumid and muscular, especially at the sides. In picking up
small objects the finger-like process is
brought down against the middle ol
tbe inferior margin, but this margin
i. capable of only very slight upward
movement, though its power of downward movement ia "considerable.
In tho African elephant, on the contrary, the upper margin o! the orifice
of the trunk is, produced into a wide
angular flap-like lip, and the lower
margin is very similarly modified,
while the two lips are opposable to
approximately the same extent, and
constitute a highly efficient prehen-
sible organ. Now, tho upper margin
of the orifice ol the proboscis, since
it overlies the nostrils, may be compared to the extremity of the human
nose, and the lower margin, since it
underlies them, to the human upper
lip. Then the trunk of the elephant
represents, strictly speaking, not the
nose alone of other mammals, but
•the nose and upper lip combined, and,
adopting the comparison made above,
it may be said that the elephant
picks up small objects by opposing
the tip of its nose to tlie edge of the
upper lip. This power does not exiBt
in any other mammal, and it is the
possession of sucli an organ of prehension at the extremity of the trunk
of tb,e elephant, and the trunk of
such animals as tapirs and desmans
(Myogalc), in both of which the
organ, although short can be curled
like a hook round stems or other objects, being used by the desman as a
tactile probe for finding aquatio insects in crevices, and by the tapir to
pull vegetation within reach of its
But in neither of these lias the trunk
the power of prehension resident in
its tip alone, such as has been so often
described in the elephant. If nuts or
small pieces ol biscuit or bread bo
offered to these animals, they are
taken into the tip of tlie trunk between the upper and lower edges of
the- nasal orifice, and are thence
transferred straight to tho mouth. In
this respect the two species behave
alike. But if a pile of soft bran be
set before them, they act very differently. The Indian elephant makes
no use whatever of the terminal prehension organ, but curls the end ol
the lower surface of the trunk round
the heap, keeping the nostrils clear,
arid, holding it (irmly with the tumid
and muscular lower margin, lifts it
into his mouth with a somewhat lateral movement.
Tho African elephant, on tlio contrary, applies the extreme tip' of the
trunk to the food, and, grasping as
much ol it as possible between thc
upper and lower lips of the orifice,
completely blocking the nostrils,
rai.es it straight upwards and backwards into his mouth, sometimes
pausing for a moment to thrust the
bolus more firmly into his nose, by
pressing it against tho lower surface
of the trunk.
What Is a Luxury to One n.-.ce ts an
Abhorrence to Another.
In the turmoil about the co.-t ol
food thero ie one lurgiil'.cn factor,
and this i» the too* itself. There i.<
quite enough Iood in the world i! you
will kindly sit down and eat it—having caught it, cooked it, reaped it,
gathered il, or in any wey convoyed
it from'hand to mouth. Ill a word, ive
aro all wasting food through silly prejudices that prevent us Irom acquiring
a taste lor- the provender Hint is nt
hand, and separating us nt tnlilc—
three times a day—Irom our brother
man,  says a London paper. -
Take the rabbit as su Illustration,
It is a prolific breeder, and even here
we try to "keep down lli; rabbits''
as ground gnmo. But we eat him
when shot, or trapped and marketed,
thongh he is not usually aoticpted ns
a dinner dish in lho most expensive
restaurants. Now in France the rabbit is received and eaten with a i:eu
erous welcome. He is in bis glory
there as the making of n dish ot excellence. But cross thc frontier into
Germany, and you will not find a
rabbit on the table. The Oetmaiis regard tho animal as vermin and won't
eat it.
Again, thero was a time when an
accidental parr ol rabbits emigrated
to Australia, and (with tlie family in-
struct) devastated the country. The
Australian wouldn't eat rabbits—but
caught them, anil- s<*«l them baek tp
Europe. At tl>0 present minient Australia is sacrificing rabbits which it
won't eat. In Paris rabbit is "lupin."
In Berlin it is vermin. And the Inst
consular report from Munich announces that tho Bavarians will not
breed rabbits lor Iood.
After that one can scarcely wonder
that the silver streak separates the
people who live t. eat frogs and
Bnails, and the people who cast ridicule and epithets on llio-e who seek
to enjoy them. A Frenchman is still
a "Froggy" to the English country-
mi.n who is quite ignorant of the excellence ol the left of a frog ns a table
companion, though hi* may find it bf
his door. And tbe snail (n clean
feeder and an animol less addicted to
roaming than the pheasant, for example) is neglected by the country
man who could pick it Irom his
meadows and (.aniens. We waste our
frogs and snails in Canad >.
In India the natives will not cat
'potatoes; in Ceytott tliey eat b.es. In
China rats are use.t as Iood and the
hindquarters ol a dog aro worth more
to the Chinaman than as much mutton or lamb. The question ol food is
thus not so much- one •! cost as ol
The Trustful Aviator.
"Modern politics," said an English
clergyman, who Is visiting this country, "Is worse than modern business.
You here In tbe States nre so used to
political corruption that you Joke nbout
It. I heard u Joke about It on tha
boat coming over. An nvlator-tho
Joke rau-deseended In n Held nnd suid
to n rather well dressed Individual:
" 'Here, mind my machine a minute,
will jotiV
"'Whtit?' tho well dressed Individual
snarled. 'Me mind your machine?
Why, I'm a failed States senator1'
"■Well, what of It?' said tho aviator.
'Ill trust you.' "-Washington Star.
Order of th* Garter,
lt Is certainly to_Edwu.d III. thnt
England owes tbo existence of tbe Order of tbe Garter wllb Ils motto, "Honl
solt qui mai y pense," commonly but
rather freely translated os '"Evil tu
him wbo evil thinks." A more literal
reading would be. "Shamed be be who
thinks evil of It" The order wns established ou April 23,1310. This Is indubitable, but It ls uncertain wby tbe
garter was selected as lis name nnd
symbol and what is tbe special significance of tbe motto. Polydorc Vergil,
wbose history appeared In Jr.30. nearly
200 years nfter Ibe event, Is the earliest
autbority for tbo familiar story that
the Countess of Salisbury, one of Ibe
king's favorites, dropped ber garter ut
a ball and that Edward picked It up
and handed it back wltb Hie remark
tbat is now proverbial. Uuforlunnicly
for tbls story, It Is known that "lloul
solt qui mai y pense'1 wns n familiar
proverb long beforo Edward's dny.-
St. Louis Republic.
Think of III
Two brothers, each of whom Is nearly six feet and a half tall, wero uu*
day Introduced by nn acquaintance to
a young lady. As sbo snt gazing up
nt tbe pair of giants In wonder aud
awo sho exclaimed:
"Orcnt heavens, suppose tbere had
only been ouo of youl"-Pliiladelpb!a
Ths Last Resort.
Matrimonial Agent-Yes. sir, I think
wo <nn Hilt-yon perfectly. Ab. our
preliminary fco Is 0 guineas. -The
Client—I'lvo guineas! My denr Inddlo,
don't bo fnrelcol. Wby should 1 want
to marry If I possessed all thut money ?-I.ondoa Opinion.
Cooked  1,1103,000 Chops.
Of very few men can it truthfully
be said, "'He hag cooked a million
chops." Yet William, oi Edwards', In
Fishmonger Alley, London, who will
presently celebrate the jubilee of his
professional career, is believed to have
cooked a million and a ball. About
ten thousand of theso he has eaten
The calculation wns mude one dny
on the table cloth by a distinguishld
statistician, who wns su shocked by
the figures tbnt he ilnrcil not go on to
estimate lhe tons of steaks, the maun,
tains ol kidneys, nn.l the miles ol
sausages. "I wonder, William," he
saial, "that you nro not nslisineil to
loo': a flock ol sheep in lhe tircc."
"I havo not cnlen a steak for twer,
ty-flve years," ho saial, "but J have
eaten a chop every day. Homo people
say you cannot live en one thing, nut
I slill niannga to keep alive. Sixty-
llx, that is my ag*."
(lug and buzzing, p:.J It was uot un- | inau.-Judge
Na Wander.
•Irs. Qlvem-Wbut makes yon to
Weury Wllllo—Hcrtdlty, mum. Me
father was tbe original tired bu-lnesa
Caught the Crowd.
At nlgbtfnll Iho junior partners et-
ultatlon of tbe duy changed to chagrin,
nnd be clamored noisily for tbe errand
boy's dismissal.
"Better think It over," tbo senior
partner advised.
"Why wasto time In thinking." the
Junior pnrtnpr retorted, 'when ho'a
got to go? Here I am. lying awake
every ulgbt for a week planning an
effective window decoration, which Is
turned luto it laughing stock thc lirst
day by the stupidity of tbut boy. whu
leaves threo yards of bluo woolen dust
rag draped around silver tnuUuids
nud trays of diamond*.''
"Wall." sold the elder Jeweler, "people Btopped aud looked, didn't they':"
"Yes, but what at-tbat dust ing?"
growled iho Junior.
"That's why I advise yon In keep
tbe hoy," advised lbe senior mildly.
"If It hadn't lieen for blm I nm afraid
nobody would bar* looked ut all." "
Now York Sua.
Just Oratory.
"I cnn understand spread eagle tactics, but here's sumcthlug I can't understand."
"What's that?"
"Why should a rongressmnn arguing
for an appropriation to dredge a creek
speak blllerly about thc crowned beads
of EurepcJ"-I.oiilsville Courier-Journal ^________
Her Suggestion.
Yotingbnbb-You should curb yonr
desires,, my dear. Remember, we aro
Just-start lug out In life and must economize. Mrs. Ypiinghubb-But Isu't getting Into debt the best way? Then
we'll have to econoailze.-Bofioa l'ran-
"So you bave quit smoking cigarettes'."
"Yes," answered the snd looking innn,
"forever nnd ever."
"Did you And tbey were undermining your bcnllhl"
"Wlfo object?"
"What cured yon of Ihe bnbll?"
"Tho ph'turcB Ihey gnvc away wltb
tbota."-Wasblogtou Star.
It Stuck.
Beneath tho major. h« toM his love.
The color left hor clieesv
But an the shoulder of hts eoat
It showed up plain for ireesa.
.rtCohw.li".*. J' THE   SUN,   QRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,    dentist,
block.    Phone R 39.
Father Bedard celebrated bis silver juilee at St. Edmund's church,
North Vancouver, last Sunday. A.
A. Frechette, of Greenwood, sent
him a fitting emblem.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres,-near
Cascade, is for sale on eaBy terms.
Address owner, W. K. Esling, Rosa
land, B. C.
A circus, composed of tame animals and wild men, gave a couple
of performances in the city on Sat
urday.    It was a small concern.
FOR SALE—**20 acres of good farm
land, partly improved, with young
orchard. Write for particulars.
Address Box 21, Green»ood. B. C.
A hnnd stand has been erected on
Firt-t 8'reit.hetwten Bridge st eetand
Winnipeg avenue. Let the band
play on.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot od First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, Btabls and woodshed; lots of small fruit.. For price,
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.   VV. J. Meagher.
After a cessation of work for over
a month on account ol non-arrival
of briek, construction is to be re
sumed on the new post oflice next
A. D. Morrison Disposes of
flis Pretty West End
The most important real estate
deal daring the past week was the
sale of A. D. Morrison's pretty West
end borne to Mr. DnCeuw, manager
of the Robinson & Lequime aaw
mill. The price paid for tbe property,
wbich is a horticultural gem, was
#2200. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison
will reside in the city until next
spring, when tney will erect a uun
galow on their ranch west of town.
Bonds Power Company
J. I, Harper, general manager of
the North Washington Power mini*
pany, bas returned to Republic from
the east, where he was successful
in raising $1,600,000 to complete
the original plans of the company
to erect a mill with a daily capacity
of 1000 tons of ore, and tbe completion of an electric transmission
line to Republic from British Columbia.
There are six hundred men working on the Kettle Valley line at
Carmi, and the town is lively.
H. Lang and Miss Gladys Pickard
were married in Phoenix last week.
Take your repairs to Amnion's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
(ieo. McCabe \jft ou Thursday for
u business tr p to Calgary.
The ranchers around Nelson intend to grow figs in future, lf figs
can be successfully cultivated in tbe
Kootenays, there should be no difficulty in growing oranges in tbe
Kettle valley.
There is a traiiiload of tails for the
Keltle Valley line at Westbridgf,
und it is likely that steel will soon
lie laid lietween Peanut Point ami
Cnrini **
A trip Up the North Fork ns fnr
us Niagara, Inst Sunday, convinced
The Sun that the settlers in that
district are doing their share to develop the country
Unfortunate Abreviation
Cardinal Gibbons was discussing
Gilmore and his band.
"Gilmore," continued the cardinal,
"was famous for his playing of Mozart's 'Twelfth Mass.' On one occasion he played it iu a North Carolina
town, and next day the local paper
announced that he 'rendered with
great effect Mozafl's Twelfth Massachusetts.' "
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. , To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Thuse'desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address.Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New Vork Citv.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
Actor of Talent
Recently a letter of introduction
was handed by an actor to a manager,
which described the presenter as an
actor of much merit, and concluded:
"He plays Maobeth,Richelieu,Ham-
let, Shylock and billiards. He plays
billiards best."
Hank Wotlin has gold his ranch,
seven mile* southwest nf Danville,
to S H. Burgess fnr 15000. The
sale included improvements and
sixty head of stock.
A Doukhobor was arrested yesterday for burying a child without obtaining a permit. The trial waa aet
fnr today, but the man failed to put
in nn appearance.
J. C, Dale iB putting on a atage
from Carmi to Grizzly, a distance of
sixteen miles. In time the line will
probably be extended to Kelowna, a
distance of fifty miles.
A Complete Specification
Somebody asked Sir liufui. Isaacs,
K.C., the otlier day what were the
rei[U.Hiles for going to law. He replied: ''Why, it depends upon it num
ber of circumstances. In the first place
you must have a good cause Second
ly, a good solicitor. Thirdly, a good
counsel. Fourthly, good evidence
Fifthly, a good' jury. Sixthly, a good
judge. And lastly, good luck."
Cut It Out
A California man has secured a tli
vorce because his wife went through
his pockets. Cut this out and carry
it in your pocket.—Victoria Times.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the  Granby  company'! Miwllet i»
thia city for lhe past week iiiihuiiiKi
to  450,000   pounds,   bringing  tbe
total ahippeil for the year to H.694,
500 pnunds.
Suits to Order &18 iwtds
If We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
f Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prioes. We always have men that know
tbeir business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prioes. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
P. O. BQX 1353 4.48 SEYMOUR »T.
Mew n. Cronnley Brew., Manchetter, Eua.
Miikem nf Oan Producer Plant* and Oil
KiiRhiei for general power or electrical
lifflitiiig: purposes.
Messrs. Dick, Kerr & Co., Ltd., Prt-ston,
England Equipment for Mines ami Oon-
traotori Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), etc
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
firing machines for miners, contractors,
prospectors. The best <»n the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Generates, Electrical  Supplles-
Rleetrictil Heating  aud Cooking  Apparu
mis, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our prompt
attention.   Write for Information.
Metal Quotations
Kew York, June 27.—Silver 61J;
standard copper, $16.25@17.00,
London, June 27.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10b.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, June 27.—Tbe follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentbned:
Bid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 55.00 5800
B. C.   Copper       5.75    6.76
(I'uMlihed Annually)
Kiial-les traders throughout the world to
■ commuuioate direct with English
tu each class of goods.' Besides being h com
plete commercial guide to London and ltd
•mburbi, the directory contains llstx of
with the (ioodi they ship, and the t'olonlnt
and Foreign Markets tliey supply;
Hrranged under the Ports to which they Hail,
ami Indicating the approximate Sailings:
_    ._,    _   ufac.      _	
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns
centres of the United Kingdom
A copy of the current edition will be for-
warded, freight paid, oil receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers necking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertise*
nients from £3,
25, Abchartih Lane. T/tindnn,   F..C
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Grand Forks Transfer
.room ii9
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A OoMPLvrit Stock op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
We. are prepared ttj do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the  moat up-to-date style
We have the most modern johhing plant
in the Boundary Country, eniplny cum
|ietent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery. , ,
A Fri-sli Gnnslglimellt fit
Confectionery"   .
Kerelvwl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kuzttr Hmi'tiff a Special;.
Billheads nntl Statement*,
letterheads nnd Envelope**,
Pouters, Dated and Dodgers,
Business nnd Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Ity laws
Shipping Tags, Circular** mul Placards,,
Bills of   Fare nnd   Menu   Curtis,
Announcement*   ami Counter
Pads.    Wedding  Stationery.
Everything mined out in nn
Up todnte Printery.
moon PRlMTINfi—'1'*kiml we <*,,—*H ■" itse"
VIVrVLf Ln,l^llLl\J „, advertisement, and a trial
onler will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best, Let ns estimate on vour oHer.
We guarantee satisfaction
ilp g>mt |lrittt Stop
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granbv Hotel,
First Street.
oven co VLAns*
Tradc Marks
Anyone f en ding a -ketch nnd deK_.ptl.Yn mev
qulokly ascertain our opinion free wtiotlicr eat
Invention ieprobeblrpotentntiUL Commnnlca.
Ilaaneeirietlrconldeiitlid. HAND000f.cn Pairuu
eent free, Oldest agency tor securingjavtenta.
Patente taken through Munn * Co. receive
UKrtaHtwMce, without, otairse. In th*
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly, Largest «tr-
ettlatton of anj aclentlflo Jonrnal. Term, for
Canada, IMi a year, postage prepaid. Bold br
au senid.ei.ra.
fiuch OOoi,»t Bt, Washington, tt C.
ClaaalAael Wast Ada. are aa
economical .** effective meshed
of raechlB* Um beHag publio.
Their email com le aot am e«-
penee, Ini am Imvestmemt which
will return largo dlvldeada.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French regulator;never leili. Theee
pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating the
—leratlve portion ol the female system.   Refine
lingly powerful In r-a.aili.tlr
generative portion of the female system. I
all cheap Imitation!. Dr. do T»»'e ere sold at
15 a box, or three lor 110.  Mailed to any address,
Th* leobell Drac Co,, It. Catharines, Ont,


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