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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 18, 1921

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 I *
f   r
the center of Grand Forks valley the
premier fruit growiug district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the eity.
I *«•«*«..* Uhsarr
Kettle Valley Orchardist
THF SriIVf ''*tlle favorite news'
1 llll ij\Jsl* paper 0f t|,e citizens
of the district. It is read by mofe
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
City Council Deals With
a Number of Questions
of Publio Interest--Fire
Alarm Siren Has Arrived in City
this year. Tbis and otber matters in
connection with municipal government occupied considerable discussion before the private bills committee yesterday, wben the Victoria
bill was discussed.
Io addition to tbe two year term,
which will probably take the form
of one-balf tbe council retiring eacb
year, a change in tbe date of tbe annual elections will probably be
made, tbe switch being favored from
January to December. Voters' lists
will close October 31, with nominations taking place tbe first week of
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the regular meeting
of the oity council on Monday evening.
Rev. Hillis Wright addressed tbe
council, and asked the city to donate
Iota 18 and 19, block 21, plan 23,
Winnipeg avenue, aa a si'e for tbe
new Guild ball, After some discus,
sion, during Wbicb the mayor expressed a preference for donating tbe
lota next to tbe manse, tbe transfer
waa ordered made of the aforesaid
lota 18 and 19 on payment of tbe
customory $1 currency of the realm.
A letter from the volunteer fire
department extended an invitation
to the members of tbe council to at
tend a smoker in theG.W.V.A.
rooms Wednesday evening. Accepted.
A letter from tbe Old Men's
home, Kamloops, stated that Donald McDonald, a former resident of
thia oity, bad died there last week.
Mr. McDonald was about 100 years
ot age, and waa the original owner J,
of tbe townsite of Colombia.
A letter from tbe B. C. Telephone
company stated that it bad made
application to the legislature to increase ita rateB,- but that tbe new
schedule would not affect tbia city
very much.
A communication from F. A. Mc-
Diarmid, solicitor for  the Union of
British   Columbia     Municipalities,
was referred to ibe finance commit
A letter from J. H. Lawrence,
oity auditor laat year, stated tbat he
would appreciate an opportunity
fo tender for the position this year
if tbe council decides to call for
tenders. The clerk was instructed to
notify bim if the eouncil should
adopt tbia course.
The uaual grist of bills were ordered to be paid.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported tbat the
siren for the fire department had
Tbe chairman of the board of
works reported that aome streets
were being gravelled. He recommended that tenders be called for
lor doing tbe city teaming work
for the current year. The report
was accepted.
Mayor Hull was appointed a
member to represent the city on tbe
irrigation committee.
S. T. Hull, representing the Town-
site company, addressed the coun
ell, and asked for a readjustment of
the aaasaament on a 28-acre tract of
the company's land on Winnipeg
avenue. It was finally agreed to
plac; tbe value on the land- facing
Winnipeg avenue at $3<$ per aere,
tbal botderiagr on the slough at #150
per aore, and that in the slough at
•50 per acre.
No Extension of West
Kootenay Power Lines
Until Survey Is Made
Extension of the power lines of
the West Kooteney Power company
in the Okanagan valley will not be
undertaken until a survey cau be
made of tbe probable revenue value
of the district to be served, said
Lome A. Campbell, of Rossland,
general manager of the concern, in
an interview in Vancouver last week
This survey ia now under way and
tbe company will be in a position
to decide on its course of action
The West Kootenay power lines
now end at Princeton. Application
has been made by Penticton Vernon
and Kelowna to bave the line *sar
ried on to tbese places. Tbe extension would be 83 miles in length.
Additional power is badly needed
by all tbese towns. Mr. Campbell
said, as their present plants are al
'ready overloaded, it is felt by the
company tbat it would not be good
policy to build tbe extension until
tbe situation bas been thoroughly
There is always some hardship about these reducing exercises.— Eagle, Brooklyti.
Government Vendor of
Vancouver Now on His
Way to Britain to Purchase Liquor Supply
Seasonable Hints on This
Important Subject by
an Experimental Farms
more vigorous development.
But if tbere are weak branches on
one side of a tree and strong ones
on tbe other the reduction of leaf
area on the weak branches will tend
to further weaken these branches because of the strongest sap flow toward the greatest foliage area, obviously therefore a reduction of foliage area on the strong branches will
lessen tbis tendency andjthrow more
grawth toward tbe weaker branches.
Tbe central branch should be allowed to maintain the lead; tbis,
however, not for the purpose of
forming a pyramidal tree but eo
that from its several well spaced
scaffold limbs may be developed,
thus forming a more desirable type
tree tban if scaffold branches are developed on side branches only. After
a few good scaffold branches are
formed on tbis central leader, lf
tbe tendency is toward a pyramidal
witb a central leader extending high
into tbe air having many branches
radiating from it, this should be
checked, tbus forming a tree combining the desirable features of
tbe pyramiderl form and eliminating the undesirable open centre form
of tree.
To balance the tree the heading
back of strong growing branches is
necessary. This beading back tends
to develop side branches, and attention must be given to the elimination of some of these that too many
scaffold branches are not formed.
The whole aim should be to build
up a framework tbat will carry large
crops of fruit and at the same time
not have an over-abundance of
Finance Minister Hart
Delivered His Budget
Speech in the Legislature Last Night
lVo YearTerms;
; December Elections
Victoria, .Marco. 12—Providing
it receives the sanction of tbe bouse
When in committee, the request of
tbe Union of British Columbia Mu
nicipalities to bave aldermen and
councillors elected for two year
terms will be inserted in the Municipal act  and becuue operative
Commencing April 1, wages at
tbe Anyox smelter of tbe Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power company will be reduced by
25 cents per shift. Wages at the Cassidy collieries of the same company
will not be affected, aa the miners
there work under a different arrangement.
In   announcing  tbe  wage   cut
Tuesday, Valentine  Quinn, comptroller of the Granby company, said
tbat it was made necessary by the
present  condition   of  the  copper
market. Copper today ia only bring-,
ijg 12 cents a pound.   Tbe wages]
tbat   were   paid  wben it was at its
high war level are obviously impossible    today,   be  continued.    He
does not anticipate  any trouble as
tbe result of tbia cut.*  Tbe majority
of tbe men, he tbinke, will be glnd
to accept tbe reduction rather tban
bave   tbe smelter   close  down altogether. ^^_
No improvement in the condition
of the copper market cap be looked
for at this time, he thinks.    Financial conditions make it  difficult  to
increase the export market, and the
existence   of a 400,000,000 pound
reserve stock in the United States is
still   having  a  deadening effect on'
prices.                       >
Preparations are already under
way by the provincial government
for the opening up of vendors' ssores
in the various cities as soon as possible following the passage of the
, Moderation bill, says a recent dispatch from Victoria. H, A. Urqu-
hart, government vendor of Van-
couver, is now on bis way to Great
Britain, wbere be will undertake the
purchase of sufficient liquor to commence operations, and will also sign
up contracts with tbe leading distilleries of Scotland Ireland.
Little difficulty is anticipated in
commencing operations in Vancouver and Victoria, where stores already exist. Tbe one in Victoria
may have to be removed on account
of scarcity of space. Whether tbe
smaller cities will have stores of
their own will depend on the liquor
control board, the proposed measure
leaving much to the commission —
subject to consent of tbe cabinet.
Resolution Is Carried
By a Party Vote
The following is the minimum*
and maximum temperature for each:
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer, on B. F. Laws' ranch:
Max. Min.
Marchll—Friday;........ 30 22
12—Saturday... . 34 10
13- Sundny  27 15'
14—Monday    36 20
15—Tuesday  35 -Or
16—Wednesday .. 50 32'
17   Thursday..... 43' 35
Snowfall L   4.8
Rainfall 171
ViotoHia, March 12.—The resolution'to petition the Dominion government to provide special legislation in respect to tbe importation
of liquor into British Colombia was
carried in the house yesterday afternoon on a vota of 32 to 14, the Conservatives standing solid against the
City Tract Purchased
by Penticton Man
A block of land inside tbe city
limits, owned by the Grand Forks
Townsite company, was sold tbis
week by S. T. _EWH[ resident agent
of the Oompany, to H. Anglies, of
Penticton. Prior to making tbe
purchase Mr. Angliss spent several
days in the city looking over the
valley, and be is fully convinced
tbat the district has a bright future.
He will erect buildings and otherwise improve bis newly acquired
[experimental farms note]
The foliage of a tree is the manu
facturing centre where food materials
from  the  soil   combine with those
from the air to form tbe tissue build
ing materials.   The larger the active
leaf  area, therefore,  tbe better tbe
growth. Definite experiments covering four years in Virginia indicate
an average increase of trunk growth
of 1.93   inches   on lightly pruned
trees,   1.69  inches  on moderately
pruned  trees  and 1.61 inches on
heavily pruned trees. In other words
the greatest growth will iesu[t where
no pruning is practiced. Pruning is
necessary, however,   to direct the
growth so tbat an  evenly balanced
strong tree may be formed and surplus and undesirable branches  not
allowed to develop. The directing of
tbe  growth during the early years
of tbe tree is of particular importance. Tbe ideal tree is probably that
which has the first branches about
24 inches from the ground and five
to  six   branches   which form the
frame of tbe tree, spaced evenly as
far apart as  possible.   Particularly
desireable ls it to remove the   next
to the last top branch, which if left
will form a weak top because of tbe
forked . crotch  formed with the top
Heading back at planting time is
necessary to balance the loss from
cut' off roots because of digging.
Teste made at Kentville, show an
average growth of 4.32 inches tne
first year and 20 inches the second
year where-newly planted trees had
three-quarters of their growth removed, whereas similar trees not
headed back made a growth of 1
inch tbe first year and 2.4 inches the
second year.
Strong growing branches should
be suppressed by heading back and
weak branches not pruned at all.
If the whole tree is weak a severe
heading* back in the ppiing will
throw greater vigor into the remain-1
ing  buds and thus   bring  about'
Victoria, March 18.—British CoW
umbia is living within her income
as regards ordinary expenditures,
and is borrowing only for purposes
of development and soldier rehabili»
tation. So stated Hon. John Hart,
minister of finance, in delivering bis
budget address in the legislature
Thursday night.
Arevenue of $17,101,595 for tbe
coming year (March 31 ends thi
fiscal year) is anticipated, which,
the minister shows, is an increase
over the current fiscal year exceeding
tbree million dollars. Tbe estimated
expenditure for next year is placed
at $16,980,208 on current account,
and $2,868,765 capital expenditure
out of income.a total of $19,848,974,
and an incerease over tbe current
year of $2,435,140.
Anticipated revenue is from tbe
following sources: Department of
attorney-general, $4,236,000; agri-
|ulture, $41,000; education, $74,-
000; finance, $8,374,615; fisheries,
$30,000; lands, $3,416,000; labor,
$35,000; legislative fees,$2000; mines
_____^^^^ $163,000; department of provincial
Sunlight is essential for   vigorous aecretary, $522,480; public   works,
leaf growth and also for ripening the $66,500; railways, $47,000
fruit,   a   dense growth is therefore
objectionable and tbe preventing of
this should for the most   part   consist of annual removal of such small
branches as are likely in time to extend to where otber more  desirable
branches should be.   Tbe judgment
of the operator only can determine
bow best to develop tbe  tree,    Tbe
tendency   to    remove    all    small
branches whicb may for  years   develop fruiting areas should be avoided.   It is, of course, impossible to
prune  so   that  some of tbe larger
branches will not in time have to be
removed, but a little   thought   will
romove this possibility to   a   minimum.
Undoubtedly tbe latter part of
March and April are the best
months to prune. The wounds made
at that Poison will more readily
heal over than if made earlier, and
tbere is more time to give to the
work. Coverings are generally of
iittle value except in the case of a
large wound, wben a good thick white
lead paint with a little linseed oil in
it should be painted into the wood
surface to prevent checking and decay. Such wounds should be protected from year to year to preserve
the wood until healed over.
Tbe cutting should be made reasonably close, as otherwise more
time wili be required for the wound
to heal over. .Stubs of branches if
left prevent a covering of the wound
with bark, and decay may result before the wound is healed over. Old
neglected trees sbould be carefully
pruned to remove all dead wood,
leaving tbe best and strongest
branches. It is not always possible
to make a good looking, shapely
tree in doing this, and the usefulness of many an old tree has been
sacrificed for many years by too extreme pruning at one time.
Things Shaping Toward
the Construction of a
Central Packing House
Mr. Lytton, of the Okanagan
Growers' Union, spent a few days in
the city tbis week. Mr. Lytton
came bere to give advice and tender
bis experience regarding fruit packing bouses. He was present at a
couple of meetings of tbe fruit growers of tbe valley, and he is said to
have expressed himself as beiug
strongly in favor of a central pack-
ing bouse for the district, and he
was of tbe opinion that tbe corner
of Winnipeg avenue and Third
street would be a good location for
it. While here Mr. Lytton met
nearly all of the fruit growers of tbe
City Property on
Victoria Avenue Sold
Daath of Mrs. Hoelzcl
Mrs. 'Anna  Marie  Hnelzel,  wife
of Frank Hoelzel, died at her home
in the North F^rk district, Monday,
the 14th inst., after a  long  illness.
She  was a patient   in   the   Grand
Forks hospital for a long  time, but
a couple of months she rallied sufficiently to return to her home.    She
was 57  years of  age, and she and
her husband  have  been living on
their North Fork ranch for a  dozen
years   or   more.   Besides ber  hus-.
band, a married daughter also survives her.   She had a wide circfe of
friends   and   acquaintances,  all of
whom extend their sympathies' to
the bereaved family.
The funeral was held at 1.30 on
Thursday afternoon from Miller &
Gardner's undcrtakinng parlors.
The attendance both at the service
ahd at tbe cemetery was very large,
and many beautiful' floral offerings
were sent by friends, which indicated the high esteem in which tbe
deceased lady was held by nil who
knew her.
August Lindgren's  property   on
WiHn gton   avenue   wns  sold   this
There are Btill two feet of snow in
Phoenix. A total of about live feet
fell there during the past winter.
week to .1 oho Ellis, the deal
made by S. T. Hull.
j    It's unlucky to bet $13on another
man's game on Friday. THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORES.   B. C.
One Tear (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year <in the United States)  1.60
Addresr •■" ■»--"**"-*cation8 to
Tns Guard Forks Sun,
Phohh 101 Et Grand Forks, B. C,
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 1921
That is a puzzling bill introduced in the
house last week to amend the Municipnl act
so as to provide for the election of aldermen
and councillors for two-year terms, and to retire one-half of the council each year.   The
bill, we are told, is fathered by the Union of i
British Columbia Municipalities, and was in
trod ueed. in the legislature at the request of
that organization.   We hope the press dis
patches are in error when they state that one-
half of the council will probably be retired
eaeh year, because it robs the measure of the
only feature that might otherwise have been
advanced in its favor, i.e., economy.   If an
undesirable alderman is elected, one year is
long enough for him to serve: if a capable al
derman is chosen, it is easy to elect him to  *
second term.   These are the advantages of the
present system over the proposed change.  On
the other hand, if it is intended to hold biennial elections and to retire all of the aldermen on the same date, the scheme is entitled
to consideration, because it would save municipalities the exense of civic elections  every
other year.   City elections are expensive and
British Columbia cities must economize.   But
there would be no economy in electing aldermen for two years and at the same time hold
annual elections.
factory conclnsion. The clause, however, seems
to be doomed to ultimate burial. Although
the Moderation bill is not a party measure,
the Conservative members of the house appear to be more intent on making political
capital out of it than they are in assistihg to
frame a model and workable law.
In seriously considering the erection of a
central packing house it is reasonable to suppose that the fruit growers of this valley
have found the trail that will ultimately lead
to increased prosperity. The central part of|
the valley is undoubted this city.
The present session of the British   parlia
ment is a lively one.    It began with a rear
rangement of the cabinet, by which Winston
Churchill became secretary for the overseas
dominions in place of Lord Milner.   Sir Lam
ihg Evans became secretary for war, and Lord
Lee of Farcham went to the admiralty.   The
premier has his work cut out for him.  British
policy toward Germany, toward Russia, and
toward Ireland is under fire from ver ous
quarters, and the opposition, though it  still
consists of incoherent elements often hostile
among themselves, grows constantly stronger
in numbers.   This parliament still has two
years and a half of its normal course to run,
but it will be surprising if a general election
is so long postponed.  The latest blow to the
government is tqe retirement from the cabinet
of Rt. Hon. Andrew Bonar Law, who has been
Lloyd George's chief assistant in holding the
party now in power together.
Remark has several times been made in
parliament and elsewhere that the splendid
work done by the experiment farms system
of Canada is not nearly so widely known and
appreciated as it should be.   In the Agricultural Gazette of Canada for January there appears an outline of the system and the tasks
in wbich it is engaged.   The Central experimental farm at Ottawa is the headquarters of
the twenty branch or auxiliary farms or stations.   It is stated that there is one farm in
each of the provinces of Prince Edward Island,
New Brunswick and  Ontario, two in Nova
Scotia, four in Quebec, two in Manitoba, three
in Saskatchewan, two in Alberta, and four in
British Columbia.   There are also two substations in Alberta, two in the Yukon and one
in British Columbia.   In addition, working
with the system, are tobacco stations at Farn-
ham, Que., and Harrow, Ont.   At all of these
experimental and research work of national
importance is carrien on.   Eighty illustration
or demonstration stations have also been established in New Brunswich, Nova Scotia,
Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.   Each
branch of agriculture is dealt with in actual
experiment, and the results are made public
through the press or by means of addresses,
demonstrations, and exhibits.   In short, every
effort is made to encourge, advance and benefit agriculture, the basic industry of the coun
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The Paris correspondent ofthe Manchester
Guardian passes on for what it is worth the
current rumor that one party ih Austria is
suggesting that Vienna And the old duchy of
Austria be put under the sovereignty of the
pope. That would interest the politicians of
the Curia, for it wqpld give the pope the temporal authority he has lacked for fifty years
and might prove the basis for compromise of
the long-standing ^quarrel   with   the Italian
monarchy.   The pope would not be likely to
give up his residence at Rome, but he would
no longer feel it necessary to remain a prisoner
in [.the Vatican, and by virtue of his so ver
eiSnty in Austria he could take the part he is
ambitious to play in European politics.   How
European powers would view such a solution
of thc political confusion in Austria does not
yet appear; but we suspect that the would not
unanimously approve it.
The sun is three million miles nearer .the
earth in Janusry than it is in midsummer. If|
some way could be found of anchoring it a
few million miles farther from the earth, the
real "estate agent could •do business at the
north pole and Canada would be a veritable
banana belt.
Spain kept out of the war, but it is scarcely
in a better condition than those countries that
went in. Its politics are in a state of continual
crisis; its ministries appear and disappear with
monotonous frequency. There are poverty,
uneasiness and discontent everywhere. The
Catalonians are continually restless under the
national government; labor is dissatisfied and
menacing; the politicians are flurried and puzzled. The extremists on both sides think that
parliamentary government has failed and call
for something different; tbe Clericals want a
five-year dictatorship—probably under the
king—and the Syndicalists are demanding a
soviet revolution. It is safe to say that the
troubles lie deeper than the form of government, in the ignorance and narrowness of a
great part of the people, in backwardness of
the economic and agricultural organization of
the country and in tha strength of the provin -
eial as opposed to the national spirit throughout Spain. King Alfonso is the strongest influence for national unity that there is. He is
tactful, energetic and possessed of more sound
political sense than most of his ministers.
The house at Victoria spent three hours
yesterday discussing the beer clause in the
-Moderation bill without arriving at a satis-
That sturdy and ambitious Turk, Mustapha
Kemal, appears to be making some headway.
His capital at Angora has grown to three
times its former sice. It is said to be prospe r-
ous and orderly, and the government is collecting taxes regularly and spending the money
in improving roads, erecting public buildings,
establishing a military academy. Kemal wants
his government recognized as the real Turkish
government; he does not care about actually
dethroning the sultan, but he intends to restrict him to his purely religious functions as
the head of Islam. He is in a fair way of car
rying his point, too; in fact, so far as the
Turks themselves have anything to say, he has
already carried it. No one pays any attention
to the sultan. He governs no one, and three of
his own ministers have deserted him and gone
over to Kemal. The allied powers keep up the
fiction of his authority for their own purposes,
but no agreement they make with him regarding Turkey is worth the paper it is written
on. They have got to treat with Kemal or put
him out of business.
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Complete Home Furnishers '
. (1) Heralds oi spring in England, opening ol the
lambing season. Children fondling the new arrivals.
(2) The Cambrian railway disaster in England, between an express and a local train when many people
were killed and injured.
(8) Break in the great water main on St. Urbain
street, Montreal. The water broke underground
into cellars and filled houses with water before getting to street, two children in bed were drowned,
furniture was floating to the peiling. The doors
could not be opened so windows were broken to let
the water out,
(4) A scene at the Canadian Amateur Ski Jumping
Championships at Montreal. •
(5) Miss F, Askew, first English woman Jockey to
ride over the hurdles.
(6) Princess Mary amongst ex-soldiers' children at
the home Helton Lodge, Yarmouth, Eng. The Princess takes a great interest in children.
(7) Girls play good hockey. A deciding match be-
tween Royal Victoria College and a team of the
' School of Physical Education of McGill, Montreal.
(8) Great Britain's latest weapon. This giant submarine is the largest in tbe British navy *wd mounts
a 12-in. gun.
Car Inspector Dollard Arbec, of the
C. P. R., stationed at Farnham,
Que., who" has been awarded the
Royal Humane Society parchment
for saving the life of a woman
who attempted to cross the tracks
in front of an on-coming express
train last August at i''_irulia**.i
Lake O'llara, which is to be the
summer camp of the Alpine Club
of Canada this year, so fascinated
John Singer Sargent, Royal Acad-
miclan and world famous painter,
that he spent an entire week in
transforming to canvas its beautiful scenes. Walter D. Wilcox, an
authority on the Canadian Rockies,
declares that in all the mountain
wilderness thc most complete picture of natural beauty is realized
ln Lake O'Hara, green as its Irish
name. One of the numerous mountain trails from Lake Louise connects with the route to Abbot Pass,
a deep canyon between Mt. Victoria, 11,335 feet high, and Mt. Le-
froy, 11,220 feet, to the rear of
which peaks lies .Lake O'Hara. It
is reached* more easily trom Hector
•on the Canadian Pacific by means
of an excellent ponj trail. Both
Victoria    and   Lei'iey    aro    stiff
climbs, particularly for those who
are ambitious to qualify for membership in the Alpine Club of Canada by ascending a mountain of
10,000 feet in altitude.
This club was founded in 1906,
has a beautiful clubhouse on the
shoulder of Sulphur Mountain at
Banff, is visited by the world's
leading alpinists and has a large
and constantly increasing membership. Each year it establishes A
camp at some beautiful spot in the
Canadian Rockies from which ita
members ascend a 'heaven kissing
hill or two, or in ■which they enjoy life in the great out ioors. Last
year the clnb tackled Mt. Assiniboine, the Matterhorn uf the Canadian Pacific Rockies, and 35 of its
members succeeded in nseenxling to
the very summit of this great peak
which towers nearly 12,000 feet
above the Sea. Among the 35 wcro
four women wh6 showed no signs
if 1 '■ '    bi   ' * ■        ."  *-
wsrrd ar ' . *■. 1 even in competition with alpinists of the sterner
sex. THE
News of the City
The members of tbe Grand Forks
volunteer fire department held tbeir
annual smoker in G.W.V.A. ball
Wednesday evening. Tbe members
of the city council were the invited
guests. Everybody present bad a
good time. The new fire alarm
siren furnished acceptable music
for tbe occasion.
way and Rook Creek. There is a
great deal of Grand Forks money
buried in tbis property,
A. E. Savage, wbo is driving a
700-foot tunnel on the Pathfinder,
was in the city on Monday. Good
progress is being made. The tunnel
is now in 380 feet, and it is penetrating farther into the mountain
every day.
Liberal Meeting—A general
meeting of the Grand Forks Liberal
association will be held in tbe G.
W.V.A. rooms on Monday evening,
March 21, at 8 o'clock. All Liberals
are requested to attend.
Tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce
will erect a large brick block at
Keremeos. The building will contain the bank offices and living
apartments for the stall.
Robert Turner, formerly of Pboenix, died in Spokane last week. He
leaves a wife and two children.
Tenders are invited, and will be
received by the undersigned, up un»
til April 6th, 1921, for the moving
of tne old Presbyterian Church from
its present site to a position on lots
numbered 18 and 19, blook 21, plan
No. 23, of tbe City of Grand Forks-
Further particulars can be obtained
from Rev. Hillis Wright.
Rev. W. P. Bunt.
In these days of tri-weekly passenger train service, it may be interesting to some people to know that
the CP.R. freight trains carry passengers aa well as livestock.
One seldom meets another
man that is smarter than him-
Stocks are apt to recover
from a fall quicker than the
operatoj does.
A woman can make a fool
of almost any mau if nature
hasn't got the start of her.
Sweet women and  clever
gamblers have winning ways.
Only Tablets with "Bayer Crow"
are Genuine Aspirin
The new fire alarm siren embraced
tbe opportunity to perform its first
official duty this evening, a call being sent in from Donald McCallum's
residence at about? o'clock. The incipient blaze was extinguished before much damage was done.
Tbe fire department siren has arrived, and it was tested on Monday
night for the fiast Untie. North Fork
residents say than Tim Townend's
dog bat already learned to imitate
its music.
It is a pity that March and April
can't conserve some of its rain for
June and July. If this were thus
the rancher would always have a
ingle in his pocket.
Mr. and Mr. J. S. Miller left on
Tuesday for California, where they
will spend a couple of months.
If you are interested in Shade
Trees, Evergreens,Flowering Shrubs,
etc., write for price list. We are selling out. Dominion Nursery Company, 155 48th Ave. W., Vancouver,
B. C.
Card of Thanks
I desire to take this method of expressing my heartfelt thanks for
many kindnesses extended the
jamily during the illneoe of my late
wife and to those who sent flowers
and and attended the funeral.
Frank Hobi.zel.
 li iMiiiniinii
'"!"' i i"i mi	
"Tulle's Diapepsin" is the quickset,
wrert relief for Indigestion. Ones,
Flatulence, Heartburn, Sourness, tsr-
mentation or Stomach Distress caused
byMtidity. A few tablet* give almost
immediate stomach relief and shortly
the stomach is corrected eo you oan eat
favorite foods without fear. Large «■«•
costs only few cents at drug
Millions helped annually.
If you aont tee the "Bayer Croat"
on the  tablets, you  are  not get*'
Aspirin—only an acid imitation.
The "Bayer Crass" is your only way
of knowing that you are getting genuine
Aspirin, prescribed by physicians for
over nineteen years and proved safe Ity
millions for Headache, Neuralgia, Colds,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, and for
Pain generally.   Made in Canada.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets alto
larger sited "Bayer" packages can ba
had at drug stores,
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacidester of Salioylicacid.
While it is well1 known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the
public against imitations, the Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stamped
with their general trade murk, ua
"Bayer Cross?'
for man or woman, boy or girl,
is a watch—a (food watch—a
real time keeper. No more welcome or more useful article
than a wrist-watch. Before
buying see our large and varied
line of watches for both men
and women. Open face and hunt
ing ease, gold and silver. Be
on time.
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Cycling is Aay when you ride the high-grade Bicycles
I sell—the wheels lhat run smoothly year after year. Let
me explain to you my easy sale plan on terms.
Pint-Clam Repair Work done in Blackemitbing, Biasing,
Aluminum Soldering, Ozy-Acetylene Welding, Woodwork, Eto.
J. R. MOOYBOER gS^e,&&&:£
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Clock
Tbe Boundary Iron Works of this
city is doing a good business. Two
cars of castings were shipped from
the works to tbe flfccil smelter last
 it 11 HI I MM Mil 11 Ml IMMIII I'" II
"Cascarets" for
The machinery is being taken out
of the old coal mine between Mid-
Just think 1 A pleasant, harmless
Cascarnt works while you sleep and has
your liver active, head clear, stomach
sweet and bowels moving as regular as
a clock by morning. No griping or
inconvenience. 10, 25 or 50 cent boxes.
Children love this candy cathartio too.
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tenders for City Team Work" will be
received by lhe undersigned1 up till
Mar-ih 28th, 5 p.m., for team and
driver, at so much per day for day or
half day work, and at so much per
hour for less than a half day, and at
so much per hour for street-sprinkling,
and at so much per hour for one hone
and driver when required. The person
securing the contract will be required
to keep a suitable team in the Fire
Hall stable every night from 6 p.m,
till 7 a.m. and all day on Sundays,
The regular fee of $6.00 will be al
lowed for all fire calls. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted.
For furthtr information apply to
Chairman McDonald.
City Clerk.
Dated Qrand Forks, B. C,
March 17th, 1921.
I am rivsing my listings of houses FOR
yon will sell or rent
let me know your price
Lan4, Hoasea and Insurance
Historical Events in Nova Scotia
\ ■ ■■■'      -*w *W    .-»■*
« i * J"4 ' •'
*   4    <  mgr;
(1) The Officer Quarters at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.   This is How a
museum where many interesting historical relics are kept.
(2) Fort Anne is divided into two sections;   this is the connecting archway.
Tke Nova Scotia Historical So- and a New France thore might alto
** and it. etthort. th. Hirfori.*! &k%£bfe\£,ftK
Astodation of Annapolia Royal are
making combined efforts to brine
about a fitting commemoration of
three Interesting historic events thi.
year at AnnapeHa Royal, the ancient
capital of the province. In 1904 the
tercentenary oi tke founding of thi.
place, under it. former name of
"Port Royal,'* wa. celfbrated with
great eclat—probably 10,000 people
attending—and a monument to de
Monte, tne founder, in a commanding position ta the ground, of Fort
Anne, stands aa a permanent mem-
trial  of that occasion.
Now lt it proposed to celebrate
and erect a memorial of the tercentenary of the berth of tke Province.
It waa in 16M, the country then
being claimed m$ the British by virtue of Arrall's oewetieat of Acadia in
1613, that Jama. I. ef England, VI.
of Scotland, muted to Sir William
Alexander (afterwards Earl of Stirling), a charter te make of this territory a New Scotland in America,
tt«t M !_____*• Iaa § 1JSJ|
arranged and the King*. Letter,
authorizing it issued on the 5th August, 1621, and tiie date of the ter-
centerary celebration will in all likelihood be tke 5th August thi. year,
and the scene of it the old Fort of
Annapolis, now called Fort Ann.,
where a bronae tablet will be erected
aa a memorial.
At the same time and place the
legal profession will celebrate the
bi-centenary of British Civil Courts
in Canada and put up a tablet in
memory of the establishment of the
first of such court., which Mt within the wall, of Fort Anne In 1721.
A tablet will also be presented
and dedicated bearing the following
"Thia tablet erected A.D. 1921
under the auspices ef the Historical
Association ef Annapolis Royal commemorate! the one hundredth anniversary ef the arrival in this Town
of Thomas Chandler Haliburton who
lived here eight years and began in
this place his great career ia law.
Thus there will be a tercentenary,
a bi-centenary and a centenary celebration, all on one day, in tae old
stronghold of Port Royal, whose
rampart., bastions and outwork, are
still in a wonderful state of pres-
ervation, and form the centre of attraction for thousands of visitors
every year.
The committee, in charge of the
arrangement, have hopes that the
Governor-General will be present to
unveil the tablets, which will be
formally presented by representatives respectively of the province,
the legal profession and the local
'Historical Association, and will be
received for the nation by the Minis-
mutant in* addifi Ub£
ter of the Interior or some one representing him, and committed to the
care of the Superintendent of Fort
Anne, which is now a National Park,
under the management of the Interior Department of the Federal
It will be a memorable occasion
and no doubt will attract a host of
vititors. a*
The full programme, we are assured, will be given to the publja
Ertabti-flhed 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Qrnnd Forks Towneito
xtm*    Company, Limited
Farm*     Orchard*     City Property
Agent! at* Mellon, Calgary, Wlhntpeg and
other Prairie polnti, Vancouver Agentc
Established ln 1910, we are ln apoiillon to
furnish reliable Information concerning this
Write for f fee literature.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
wimina Ararat
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big*
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Synopsis ol
Land Act Amendments
40c per $100
SELLING—4-room house, 3 lots,
for $660; central.
mb     J. C. KNIGHT     d,
Barlee's Former Office
Cheek Books
. it u stiiz ma.
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Porks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department
Hobby \
rpHE value oi well*
printed, nest appearing stationery as
a meansef getting and
holding desirable bus*
iness has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Sh':" ing tags
Price lists
And commercial aad
society printing of every
Let us quote you our
New Type
Latest Style!
i  prlo*  of  flret-etaae  land
MHw acre,
Pra-amption now  *%******%, to aar.
mill lands only.
w■RSeo*?__LSnI__?• «»__"ted co-mint only
land mitabte for aartoaltaral porpona
"ft***** la non-timber land.
bot partita of nrfnSSTtEi.%!!*£»
.__S_t■■,C_.-■0, .i*)*cmii P«**»-*inpUon.
wltb joint realdenoet but each maklnc
"""■T lmproTemento on respacUre
Pra-aaspton muat oocup£ olaim* for
av* yaw* and mak* improTsment* to
taprovamenta to
T.™-. _a *,v [n*r acre lmludlnr dear-
taj and cultivation oi at twit ura,
Mags raoalvinc Crown Grant.   ^^
j^attaa I yaar^and ba* mad* pro-
porOaarte tmproTcneat*. h* i
a*s*aa et Ill-health, or other <
frantod Intermediate
naeoratt   without j>ermanaat   ml-
amme mar be laauadTSSSS appll-
^ee par annum and recorda aam* eacb
jraar. Failure to mak* Improvements
orrword same will octant* a* for-
Wtnrfc    Title cannot 6V obtained la
_7\i_**2f * *"***• *** ttstwvtwmentm,
<ftM.ee par acre, tnotudlac I act-**
ffstsi ;km^3U_p,-»
Pre-emptor   holdlnf   (Jrowii   grant
aar r*oord another pw-ampUon. Ifl»
22_,lr!_L.*_S_?.*,n -»>5»»«tSr^rtth hfi
SSS Ti^?_L__ilt,u*r_2S_*aUo,>* «"*°-
TSt        mmm'Smm**0**        '"P" "■SOt*        XSX*Xm*
sfi.,sr,2sr#B,*tauta- - <*•*»
Onrmnrayad ureas,
aeres. may ba laa*— .
tw* to be obtained atfr 	
tnataf aa
CohnaMa AvesMM
wateeal bay
Af aWM
!5f* ___•*
tnt wltb jou -njaatre Mmm,   ma*,
•sn ■gg-'i**." -«^?dUJa
m a atxcmmates _M**-*-__Btar aamsr anniv
fer UUe under this la* sTStanaS
from Ar '~- — -^ *tm*mv*^*
«. 1»H on e*yt^a*at ffpVJSSulSS
ttrwa or eStr lou Seat bar =-*^"~~^
aufr*uMHAMM or enswN
" Set tal.
■rants to sab-pa
ere do not eUtaa whoU of
2* *-******* eHea-due at .
m-tdatty Hay lflHSr^^
Orulnc Act, l«f. for __„_„
development of Uveatock taduatrr^ZeW.
vide* for graitac «SS>toiSd r£Si
-ulmlr.__r_-.-_.lon a-der Comsataloni?
Annual graeln* teerstlu7^mrTS*a*a
on numbers rmntaSr priority for eitab:
llehed    owner*      ■Uak-owntn   rr_»»
mint A^T_Lto^^niSS:
tor se
to tan
taa, permit
avalfin. U|
I have opesed a new harness shop and au prepared
to make harness fo order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford


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