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The Evening Sun Mar 1, 1912

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Lruislslive Lil'mrv
^V«*fi ^^m^
^£§ .. c J
^^% iffr. *—**"*": Xatss**^
Eleventh Year—No. 18
Grand Forks, B. C., Friday. eTWarch l, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Ml WOF 1 011 i    Tabloid story o( the convention:
John    Oliver—The    speculator*,
with the connivance ofthe govern-
 _ ment, sometimes get their land for a
, dollar mid n drink, nnd   sometimes
Stirring Call to Arms Sound-1 for a drink without the dollar.
F. 0. Wnde, K.C—In these  two
' VPUlC* t\V Till? PlrIH' ,"ll!,"l " '•""""l"'i*;*''*"n fn"" 'he
' IM'Wm T "MP II co,lnoi,i "l"1 fxpressed the lieliaf
llllillU    V/l     IlllJl'lil    that the l!)U iinavincial poultry ex-
ed in Liberal Convention
at Vancouver
Battle Cry for Clean Government Eaised Amid Great
Vancouver; March 1.— \Vhatwa»
undoubtedly the most enthusiastic
convention of'Liberals ever assembled in this province met in this
city yesterday afternoon to discusB
matters of general interest .to the
party in British Columbia. The outstanding feature of tho resolutions
and discussions showed that if the
Liberal representation in Ottawa has
disappeared and that at Victoria is
at tbe vanishing point, Libernl Bpirit
is still a virile and militant force in
British Columbia. Enthusiasm in
a marked degree permeated all the
proceedings of the convention.
The following platform wes
We favor woman suffrage.
Representation—The present government's policy of revision of the
voters' lists and improper redistribution of constituencies and of precipitating tbe present election are a
complete subversion of all Ihe principles of representative government.
We insist upon new voters' lists for
every general election, personal registration and immediate redistribution.
Liquor Trallic—This is at present
under tlie absolute control of the
provincial government, and is used
as a political machine. VVe insist
upon the compl.te removal of the
liquor question from party politics.
Its control should be vested in the
municipalities. We favor the in
spection Of all liquors offered for
sale nnd favor the local option   law.
Other Planks—The public ownership of public utilities: government
aid to settlers for land clearing, dyking and irrigation; free homesteads
and no land to be sold to specula
tors; abolition of land slaking and
adoption in its place of the survey
system as in vogue .in the Northwest.
The present educational autocracy
of lhe government wns condemned,
nml the appointment of a representative advisory board was advocated
The present school curictiluni was
d'.'olnrod to he so overloaded with
subjects as to render a thorough
education in any branch quite impossible. Tho convention also advocated a.civil service commission for
'•••lli outside and inside service. The
convention condemned the policy of
tie government in arrogating ever
increasing powers to the lieutenant
governor in council and the ministers in their departments as at variance with the principles of representative government, and concluded by condemning the action of tbe
government for reversing the basic
principle of British law, which has
always required tbat a man must be
assumed innocent until he is proved
guilty. The revision of this principle in the forestry and automobile
acts sh absolutely unwarranted and
aliinks we have tried to exhaust lhe
general principle with regard lo lnnd
and tinilier, nnd we have tried to
avoid condemning the gov3rn111e.it
for anything they may have done
which may have been vuluable to
the country,
W. A. MacDonald—We have a
McBride Bowser hyphenated government in thiB province, but there
is a growing feeling that we should
have a better balanced legislature.
Hon. Win. Templeman—The tide
has turned and the pendulum has
swung just as far as it possibly can,
and it is going to swing the other,
Duncan Ross—Mr. McBride has
asked us to make a light in this contest with our feet shackled and our
hands tied behind our backs. It is
not a fair fight.
Ralph Smith—The one strong
thing, in my mind, in this election
is to seek to make a public man feel
(here is reason for suspicion and
lhat there is need of opposition.
Angus McKinnon—Mr. McBride
has been dissipating the natural
wealth of the province, and if we
had only one plank in our platform
we will defeat him.
' Farmers' Meetings
A Great deal of interest Ims been
taken by the rnnchirs of lhe valley
in the short-course lectures on fruit
and vegetable growing which have
I een held in Ihe Miners' Union hull
.in this city under the direction of
the horticultural branch of the
agricultural department this week.
The attendance has been exceptionally large, those present last night
numbering about 65. For tonight
tbe Davis hall has been engaged, as
it is anticipated that tbe crowd wil)
be too large for Miners' Union hall.
The addresses and demonstrations
have been instructive and interesting,
and the effect of the work of the
specialists will undoubtedly be noticeable in an improved appearance
in the orchard, field and garden in
this district in the future. Four of
the most prominent fruit growers
in the Kettle valley have taken part
in the lectures. The following program is being faithfully carried out:
2:00 p.m.—"Soil   Cultivation  and
Fertility," M. S. Middleton.
3:00 p.m.—Commercial     Vegetable
Growing," _?, K. French.
7:30 p.m.—"Orchard    Plans    and
Planting," P. E. French.
8:30 p.m.—"Hest Commercial   Va
rieties of Fruit to Grow," James
2:00 p.m.—"Orchard     Sites    and
Soils,;' B. Hoy.
3:00   p.m—"Culture    of      Small
Fruits," H. Thornber.
7:30 p.m.—"Irrigation and   Conservation of Water," H. Thonber.
8:30 p.m.—"Gravity     Irrigation,"
A. Tweddle.
9:00 p.m.—"Pumping   Plants  and
Pumping    Irrigation,"    W.   A.
2:00 p.m.—Pruning demonstration,
M. S. Middleton.
3:00 p.m.—"Potato Culture," P. E.
7:30 p.m.—"Costs in the Production of Fruit," J.  D. Honsberger.
8:30 p.m.—"Judging nnd Exhibition Standards," M. S. Middleton.
9:00 p.m.—Lecture illustrated by
lantern views, M. S. Middleton.
School  Board
Unconditional Grant
Geo. II. Hull, secretary of the
school hoard, on Wednesday received a telegram from Victoria stating that a straight grant of SI2,000
had been made for the erection of
an addition to the public school
building in this city this year. This
grant is in lien of the $15,000 appropriation, niada-jjlast week, which
carried wilh it certain conditions
objectionable to the school hoard.
Shortly nfter 12 o'clock on Tties
day fire destroyed the two small
frame buildings between the Yale
and Russell hotels, on First street,
occupied hy Peter Paire, burlier, nnd
S. D. Curry's cleaning and dyeing
works, the lire Stirling in the latter
place from a gasoline explosion. The
dye works building adjoined the
Yale botel, and the east wall of that
house was badly sorched, and one
or two bedrooms wero damaged by
water hefore tiie flames were extinguished. The total loss will not
tench five hundred dollars, partly
covered by insurance. Mr. Pare
saved all his effects and broke even
on the game, but Mr. Curry lost
some clothes nnd implements. The
two buildings destroyed were owned
by Mrs. G. W. Averill.
• A non-resident taxpayer of the
city, in renewing his subscription to
The Sun, writes: "I am a little late
n sending the remittance, but it will
help out suine in your your single
good fight against tlie lust council,
which, I was surprised to hear, that
Ihey had held the city treasury up
after the voice of the people had decided otherwise. But it is to be
hoped they won't cast the books
aside this time."
from the
provincial poultry
_ , hibilion   would    be   held  in Grand
Forks.     Lots 5, 0. 7, 8 and 9. block -
Receives an 20, -.inn e», wure soid io t. Howfu
Tor 850. A cntimijltee was appoint-
ed to inspect the Cooper liriilge in!
regard to repaiirs The chairman*
• >f the waler and light committee
was instructed In make some pre ,
liniiuary investigations regurdint! a
site tor new reservoir. It \vas decided to employ an assistant for the
ity clerk. The chairman of the
board of works submitted estimates
for his department for the current
year amounting to $1100. W. A.
Cooper addressed the council in regard to the Cooper bridge, which
has"' been closed to traffic, He
quoted figures to show the direct
loss lhat the ranchers in that section
would sustain from the closing of the
bridge. They bad worked up a
splendid export trade in potatoes
and strawberries, and tho action of
the council had seriously impaired
their shipping facilities, He was of
the opinion that lhe bridge could lie
repaired at a small cost to cai*^
loads up to a thousand pounds.
A Deficit of $6,000,000 as
Between Receipts and
The Eastern Township.) bank
ceases to exist today as a separate
institution. The Canadian Bank of
Commerce takes over all the assets
and assumes all the liabilities. It
would be impossible to pick out two
banks in the Dominion which aim
to do a business throughout the extent of the country whioh come so
little in competitiifh as these two do.
A postponed hockey game in
the Boundary league was played at
tbe local rink on Monday evening
between the Grand Forks and Phoenix loams. The game wns clean and
interesting, and tbe spectators were
satisfied with the work of the local
players. Grand Forks had the best
of the game in the fisrt period, but
when the bell rang at the end of the
game Phoenix were winners by a
score of 5-3. Harry Mann refereed
the game very satisfactorily. Very
few penalties were imposed.
Hubert Pribilsky, one of the first
barbers to locate in Grand Forks,
has sold the City barber shop to
A. P. Jordan, of Spokane, who haB
laken possession of his property.
Mr. Pribilsky left on Monday for
California, where be intends to re
main for a year.
R. C. Caverly, who his beeu
I'd^arke-per at the Royal bank for
the past three or four months, has
been transferred ti Vancouver,and
he left for that city today. He has
b.-en ■ leceedtd at the local branch
by Ernest Harrison, of the Hillcrest
branch, Vancouver.
Geo. Leece, of Nelson, salesman
of the fertilizer department of P.
Burns & Co., Ltd., attended thc
short-lecture course held in this city
this week under thc auspices of thc
Farmers' institute in the intcreets
of his company.
A Revenue of Half a Million
.Expected From the Entrance of Asiatics
The annual meeting of the Poultry Association will be beld in 11. A.
Slieuds' otlice, on Friday evening,
March fib. Besides the election of
ollicers, there will be a discussion on
poultry house plans. Thc public is
cordially invited.
At the meeling of the school
hoard on Wednesday evening the
resignation of J. W. Rutherford was
accepted. An election to fill the
vacancy will be held on the 11th
The Kettle Valley road has resumed its weekly trips to Lynch
Peter Pare bas reopened his barber shop in thc Yale hotel building.
If the Conservatives win in the
coming elections, the way to Victoria
Will bo paved with promises of good
Owing to an epidemic of grip
ng the editorial and mechanical
a,  The Sun rises a little later
At the council meeting on Monday night a communication was
recived from the provincial government stating that a grant of $12,000
had been made for an addition to tD**n USUttl this weDk
the public school building. Col.
Sam Hughes acknowledged tbe re
ceipt of a letter conveying the offer
of a free site to the government for a
drill hall, J. R. Terry, president of
B-. C. Poultry   association, acknowl.
The liquor ltcense of the Colin
hotel has been suspended for thirty
Barry Logan returned from Greenwood today.
Not less interesting nnd startling
than the budget speech of the minister of finance on Friday was the
voting of the estimates which took
place on Saturday. The bulk ofthe
estimates were passed at the rate of
8250.000 per minute and' $17,000,-
000 of the people's money—coining
and going—was voted upon within
an hour. With the carnival of
spoliation which has been enacteal
since the legislature opened il is but
tilting that tbe chief feature Bhould
be rushed through like a railroad
train penetrating a dark tunnel.
Plunge ahead is the policy, notwithstanding the fact that the carelessly drawn estimates show there
will ba a deficit of 80,000,000 as be-
tween receipts and expenditures this
This enormous revenue from laml
«ales cannot continue, for those who
hnve invested tbeir money will begin
to want to see some * turn over, and
it is no use denying lhe fact thnt the
fixed policy of the government actually prohibits tbe settlement of the
When Mr. Borden complies with
Mr. McBride's assurnnces that thc
Orientals are to be excluded and
there is no more head tax to be appropriated to the province the receipts will suffer a serious slump.
Those who read the estimates will
see that the government expects to
receive 8.500,000 from that source
this year. As the government at
Victoria receives one-half of lho
Chinese hend lax c illcctcd by the
cusiaims authorities, it means that
81,0UO,UU0 is expected to be collected tbis yenr. Tnat impLe. that
the McBride administration haB already bargained for the influx of
2000 Chinese during the current
yenr. The wage earners nnd labor
lenders havo hero a clenr indication
of how much in earnest .Mr. Borden
was when he made the pledge to
Mr. McBride which the provincial
premier boasts as a signal triumph of
tbo success of bis n.ission to Otlawa.
It also indicates how thoroughly
"sincere" Mr. MoBlide is when he
talks of keeping British Columbia a
white man's country.
So convinced have these men become of the credulity of lbe masses
that they do not hesitate to act with
the most brazen duplicity. After
promising the laborers that their
best efforts would be put forth and
the reiterated assuranco that they
intend to succeed in obstructing the
admission of Asiatics, thoy calmly
ilout tno public by estimating a revenue from their entrance at half a
million dollars.
It is safo to say lhat this is one of
tho items in the estimates which thc
Colonist argues will "exoped the
amount calculated," because it is
impossible te estimate accurately
and "the experience of tbo past has
been that tho actual income exceeds
tho estimated income." From this
source there is no doubt that it will.
Many of the others are doubtful.—
Victoria Times. f
What Is the Selling Price?
Wholesale price       $1.00
Cost of doing basinets WVk
Retailer's profit 10%
Retail selling price      ?
Hiia-iii!. yoiir percentage ,,n
sa-lllaat.   Jari.-Q   Ihe  answer  Is
not ll.lli.
If you will answer this
nuettlon, or »k how to
•newer it, we will tend you
free a 48 page book for
It will give you eome inside information on getting at the whole cost of
doing business.
Will  explain  how  successful  retailers are getting, every day, a statement of what each clerk
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know every iSty, all the
year around, what Is 'on
your shelves--which stock
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Why shouldn't you have
at your fingers' ends as
much     success-producing
information as any other*
We'll send the book to
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how he figures the problem.
Figure it on your letterhead or ask for the book,
Burroughs Adding Machine Co.,
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Mrs. n— That nurse girl Is sensible;
she won't allow anyone to kiss the
baby while she's near.
Mr. B.—No one would want to while
she la near.
Mrs. Utev.) W. II. Clarke,
Stirling, Ont., writes:— "I wish
to give Ihis unsolicited testimonial lo the great value ot
Baby's Own Tablets. Our little
girl, born laBt February was at
first very constipated. When
other remedies failed we tiled
the Tablets and in a week she
was completely cured. By the
use of the Tablets she has been
kept well and happy ever since."
It la strong praise like this that
has made Baby's Own Tablets
so popular. Thousands of other
mothers have said:—"Once we
gave the Tablets a trial we had
nothing but praise for them."
The Tablets aro sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents n box from The Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co., Brockville,
C.P.R. Provides Home   Comfort*   for
Trainmen at Important Polnta
When off Duty.
An announcement of some importance
wa8 made recently by officials of the
Dining and Sleeping Car Department
of tho Canadian Pacific Railway. A
short time ago thero waa opened by
the C.P.R. at Winnipeg a building tor
the use of employees ot this Department while on tlio various runs
through Winnipeg. The object of the
company was lo provide accomodation
for Its employees coming on or off Its
trains. Under old conditions employees on trains through Winnipeg
had to seek board and lodging at
hotels or private houses. This wsb
somewhat difficult for tho employees
who arrived :.t various hours and
whose stay was short in Ihe city. The
erection ot the new building by the
C.P.U. changed ihis state of affairs as
the employees went to the C.P.R.
building when off duty, and there
found the very best accommodation at»
a very low rate. Being an innovation
on American Railways this new step
In welfare work has been closely
watched by the railway world. Since
the scheme has turned out to be a
big success tt was stated by the C.P.R.
officials that the work would be extended. According to Information given out It is the intention of the railway
to erect similar buildings to that at
Winnipeg, at all Important points
from coast to coast. Those buildings
will not be all erected at once, but lt
Is intended to eventually extend the
scheme to affect tho whole system.
This will be a big expenditure of
money but the C.P.R. believes that as
a result, its service to the public will
be rendered even more efficient than
lt is at present.
There are more benefits to te de-
rived from the Innovation than the
mere providing of good accomodation.
In the first place, Tt ensures that In
cases of especial necessity the railway will be able to secure crews for
its trains on short notice and in the
second place, since sanitary rules aro
enforced lt ensures that the public
shall always have clean, tidy, sober
men to wait on them.
The building erected by the C.P.R.
at Winnipeg Is a two storied one,
built something like an ordinary private houBe, having a verandah, garden
mini lawn. Inside there are reading
rooms, smoking rooms, billiard rooms,
etc., and thero are also shower and
plunge baths. The house Is In charge
of a competent manager and from
statements made by the employees it
ts gathered that they are more than
satisfied with the new arrangement.
It seems rather filling that u man
who is down nnd out Bhould bc taker,
up and run in occasionally.
Itching and Burning
on Face and Throat
Sores Disfigured So He Dreaded to
. Appear in Public, No Rest Night or
Day. Cuticura Ointment Cured,
"Sit months mo my face and throat all
broke out anil turned lata a running son.
I did not bother about It at Dm, but la
one week's time Hie dlncnse bsd spread so
rapidly over my face sud llaroai and tba
burning Itching toran became so painful thai
1 began lo seek relief lu different ina.alla._nea,
but none seemed to give me any relief. Tba
aores .IWIIgnred my face to audi on extent
tbat I dreaded to apiaear In public.
"I Buffered terribly end could get no rest
nlgbt or day. At lut a friend trivlteil ine
to try lbe Cuticura Remedies. I had about
given up hope, but thought I would hava
one more try, and no I inert s lllilu Cuilcura
Ointment, and ll helped me from tin start.
I conilnucd using U ami lu bIx week.' time
was completely cured, and can my I would
ailTlse anyone Buffering from skin iV.xe.uo
lo uae (litii-iira Ointment, as It to the best
healing halm ln lhe world." (Signed) Iloscoe
Good, Seven l'creon., Alta., Feb. IS, 1011.
"Hy little girl when only a few weeks old
broke out on the top of her heed and It became a aaaali.i scab. Then her cheeks became
raw and sore snd after trying different
remedies found relief only from using CutU
cura Soap and Ointment, It lasted six
montha or more, but uftcr a lliora.iaj.il treatment wilh tbs Cuticura Soap and Ointment
never bad any return." (Signed) lira. W. 8.
Owes, Vadkin Collage, K. C, Uuy 20, 1911,
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Ointment bare afforded the most sue*
i-eaufiil treatment for skin and scalp troubled
of iiifaui", children and oaluhs. A single cake
of Cuticura Soap and box ot CutUura Olnt-
irrcut aro often iufflctc.ll. Although sold by
druggists and dealers throughout the world,'
a liberal aample of each, with Step, book oa
Ihe s).to, will ho cent free, oa application ta
Potter Drug 4 Chem. Corp., 51 Columbus
Arc, Boston, U. S, A.
W. N. U. No. 831
Wash Your Own Hair
If you are accustomed to having
your hair shampooed, try doing It
yourself so that you may reap the
benefit of an outdoor suu drying. A
half hour of fresh air and sun light
will do more to stimulate the growth
of tbe hair and bring out Its natural
lustre and color than any ahiount of
tonic. Many women go an entire year
without taking advantage of nature's
own remedy for ltisterless,
stubborn hair. A pure soap, a vigorous rubbing, careful rinsing so that
no soap remains ln the hair and a
drying in the direct rays of the sun
are possible to overy woman. Allow
the hair to become thoroughly dry before combing it, then brush out the
tangles with a stiff, bristle brush.
Continue this brushing for at least
fifteen minutes, lifting the strands
to let the Bunshino filter through. Do
not dress the hair for a half hour
after It Is brushed out, but let it hang
-loose about the shoulders.
Sleep the Fountain of Youth
-Any number ot women who are cut-
tiug ruthlessly into their allowance
to swell the cash drawer of tlie beauty
parlors could Solve tbe riddle of appearing freah and'animated if they
would make a practice of taking tlie
right amount of sleep.
The value of sleep as a restorative
aud as a fountain of youth Is unbelievable until one has bathed regularly therein. It almost seems magic lu
Its effect, and many a woman who
has discovered the secret Is the envy
and admiration of her beauty parlor
Eight hours for work, eight hours
for sleep, eight hours for play is the
rule. Up to now no one has Improved
on this proportion. If you care more
for the pi-enervation of your youth
and atlactlveness than tor your
nleasure take not less than the allotted eight hours of sleep from tho
How a Fad Waa Proved
A woman recently made up her mind
that the agitation against tho common drinking cup was a "tad". So
lo prove lt she took a cup which had
been used all day In her millinery
shop to a nearby laboratory for analysts.
"Now I will prove to you," she said,
"that thero Is nothing ln all the excitement,"
Tiro laboratory chemist found the
cup charged Willi diphtheria germs,
and Inoculated six guluea-plas with
Ihem. In six hours one culnea-nig
had passed away. In eight hours two
more had succumbed, and before
morning five of the little creatures
were no more.
Not only was tho woman herself
convinced so that sho abolished the
common cup from her shop, but the
story got into the newspapers, and
now that town has aa ordinauoc
against the deadly cup.
An Ontario boy was asked lo define
the word "goblin." and solemnly responded: "A goblin Is the gliost cf
a turkfy."
Changes That Are Now Under Consideration In England
There will be no need of children
to learn wearisome linea regarding the
number ot days In the months if Mr.
R. Pearce's bill ln parliament for the
reform Ot lhe calendar becomes law.
Then the first two months of every,
quarter will have thirty days and the
last mouth thirty-one days.
There will be only JIM days in the
year, ns New Years' Buy will not be
reckoned. It will be a bank holiday,
and the next day will be the firat of
January. Thore will be anothor bank
holiday every four years, which will
not be reckoned either. This leap
year day will come after the last day
In June and will be followed hy the
first ot July.
These small changes will simplify
the calendar In a wonderful way, as
Christmas day will always fall on a
.Monday. Thus a person's birthday
will always be on the same day of
the week as he was born, bo far as
regards tliose born- after 1911.
Tbo only difficulty about the arrangement Is that persons who have
been born on certain days under the
old style apparently will never have
birthdays. They can console themselves that Ihey will never grow older. ' Thus there will be nb 31st ot
January and February will have thirty
days each.
After this movable days will come
to an end. Each Sunday will always
be on the 14th of April, and the days
depending on lt will be fixed accordingly.
The Old Folks
______  find advancing years bring an Increasing' tendency
.    to constipation.   The corrective they need la
NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Not Just What he Said
A well known parson, preaching to
a crowded congregation at a church-
where In his younger dav-, he had
been curate, alluded to Ihe in„py
changes that had taken place, He
contrasted the attend « '* wi'.li I hut
of days gone by, and rmin.-b'l. "Al
one time In this church there wsb not
a soul—01s—person, ln the gallery."
Next day, In a report of the service
whicli appeared In one ot the local
newspapers, the minister was reported
to have said: "At one time In this
church there was not a sober person
ln the gallery."
Entirety different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and palnlesi
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed. Compounded, tike all tha 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemist*). Money back if not satisfactory.
2So. a box.   II your drunlsl has not yet stocked them,
send 2SQ, and wei will mall them.
pttiflstuwis, u_y
Constipation in the
root of many forms of
sickness and of an
endless amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
*   Indian
Root Pills,
thoroughly tested by
over fifty years of use,
have been proved a
safe and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. 4
25c. a box.
Einiiin Goldman, the Anarchist, has
her pretty fancies. Every year, at
Christmas she receives a papier mache
bomb filled witli candy. It ts hung
on her gas Jet. and all her callers are
invited to take one piece of caudy.
Aa the candy does not contain red
pepper tt probably tastes the same aB
If it were taken from a cornucopia or
a shining pasteboard box tied with
Wise to tha Game
Hotel Clerk (blandly)—Oh, yes, we
have dollar-titty rooms, but they are
all taken.
Prospective Guest (tn a whisper.—
Where are the speculators doing business?
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc
The Greeks of Fergamus are said
to have prepared parchment from the
skins of the goat or sheep. They were
curried, deprived of all tat, thinned
uniformly by the"knlfe, dyed or whitened, end finally rubbed down with
pumice stone to smooth and even surface. Called pergamenum from the
city of Its origin, the new material
became parchemln In archaic French
aud "parchment" tn the Engll'h
Rats on Auntie.
"Auntie," said little Helen, "are you
an Indian?"
"Gracious child, of course not!
What makes you ask such a foolish
"Well, I saw a lot ot scalps on your
dressing table."
r"ITT/\   Semi J"1" Fr«w    Book    giving
L I I V   full particular.* nf TRENCH'S
1 I I O   REMEDY, tho World-famouB
Cure (or Epilepsy and    Kltn.
Simple    home     treatment.
26 years* euccetrs.
Testimonials    from     all
parts of the world.   Over
1,000 ln one year.
107    St.    J*iT,ei'    Chamben,    Toronto.
The Arlington Co
ss ri'a-.f Hi-
Canada, Ltd.
r.taj, OnUria
"Jimmy," said Tommy, "what's the
matter with you? Tou don't never go
In for any tun nowadays."
"No; I'm being good because I'm
going to have a birthday soon an' I
want to get a present," replied Jimmy.
"Better not be too good, or perhaps
they'll not give you anything but a
-     IN HALF
We aa*.-) you 60 p.c on all drug
store goods.. Patent Medicine, Hut
bar Ooods, Trusses, Electric Belts, El-
istlc Hosiery, Elastic Supporters, etc.
Our large Illustrated catalogue ahoul 1
bo ln every home. A bandy reference
and help In ordering goods by mall.
Sent tree upon request.
Canada'a  Greatest  Cut   Rata   Drug
House. Toronto, Ont.
'  specialist, f. College St.. Tarsal*
Bricks can bu mude from Clay, Shall
Or bund. Full Infoimatlon upon request.
Tlie Bern Maohlnery Mia. Ce., Limited.
Toronto, Ont.
oriental  Herb
ht.  Literature Sent.   Orient...
OSS Spedlna Avanus, Toronto, Ont.
To sell the greatest Labor Saving
Washing Compound on the market.
Sold by Eaton ft Simpson of Toronto.
Send 10c tor sample to Henry Arland,
Berkeley. Apartmente,  Toronto,  Ont.
Awarded first prise'at World'a Ss
position on Its work and methods.
Write for a bee catalogue. Wt
also give Instruction by malt.
The last country to try an aerlai
postal service Is Italy. The Italian
aeronaut, Dal Mlstro, recently earriet:
a sack of mall between tbe Bologm.
and* Venice post offices In a Deper
dussln monoplane, covering the distance of 101 miles tn 1 bour and St-
IT the blood is poor snd Sited with tha
poisons from diseased kidneys or inactive
liver, ths heart Is not only starved but
poisoned is well. There era many conditions due to impure blood—such as
dropsy, laintinf spells, nervous debility
or the muy scrofulous condition, nleers,
"lever-sores," white swellings,eto. AU
can be overcome and cared by
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
This supplies pure blood—by tiding digestion, increasing eitlmiletlon end lay
partinj tone to tba whole circulatory system. Ita a heart tonic and a greet deal
mora, having ta alterative action on tbo liver tnd kidneys, it helps ta eliminate
the poisons Irom the blood. "*
To etrieh tha blood ltd increase the red blood eorpuseltt, thereby feeding
tht nerves 00 rich red blood tad doing twty wllb nervoua Irritability, ttka
Ur. Plena's Golden Medioal Diaeovery tnd do not permit a ditfaOMat dttltr
to intuit your Intelligence with the " iust ts good kind." The " Ditoovtry "
hts fitter, tf ram behind It and-contains no alcohol or narcotist. Ingredl-
eats plainly printed on wrapper.
Dr. Pierce's Common Santa Medical Adviser is sent free em receipt ol
atampa to pay nststi of wrapping tad mailing inly. Send SO one-cent stamps
for tha French cloth-bound book.   Address 1 Dr. R.V. Pitrat, Bulslo, N. Y.
Shotgun Shells
Repeating Shotguns
make a killing combination for field.fowl or trap
shooting. Ho smokeless
powder shells enjoy such
• reputation for uniformity of loading and strong
shooting quslities as
"Leader" and "Repeater".
brands do, and no
shotgun made shoots
harder or better than
the   Winchester.
Economy in little things is juit *» .
important us economy in big things
will answer one of your "economy questions." 60 yesra
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
tt la their way ol estlba your »«""•«'•-■ *•*■«[*
that they an not n perfect oooSltltm. Many people
who^Stotenlly l*^r*Tw^eMji*mlamt}ye*
by the kidneys an now ohrentemS.rmlr*n\Wn*r
and bladder eotnplahatt which will alar wltb them
until they <tte, ood pcthapa batten tbt oad.
Bow much better to help the kidneys tbe moment
Ihey ihow oifu of iwodltit a little aad.lei.cel   Take,.
dr. i-UflRiFs swTcr Witt. Pius t» tame.
They eooloin Nature's own nmedlee. They Ml lbe klajno-o out .oO^..JjKW"*'S
depreulon anl ttart them again in normal activity.  Sold everywben at ally «m»
a box or mailed direct by **
Avenging Wattttoo
The Duke ot Wellington, who had a
taste tor anything that Napoleon had
liked, applied to David, the'artist, who
had painted _Napoleon'a portrait, requesting David to execute one of himself. ''Sir,**' replied David, "1 paint
only historical characters."
' ' is ZanvBuIr,
- An illustration of the way In whioh
Zam-tiitlt cures even tho most serious
and chronic cases of ulcers, eruptions
and sores Is provided by Mr. R. H.
Barker, of Qlencalrn, Ont   Hs aaya:
"I would not bave believed that any
remedy could cure ao quickly, and at
.the same lime so effectively, as Zam-
Buk enroll me,
"My faco became covered with a
kind ot rash, which Itched and Irritated. This rash then turned to sores,
whicli discharged freely and began to
spread. I firat tried one thing and
then another, but nothing seemed to
do nie-miy good,.and the oruptlon got
worse and worse, until my face waa
Just covered with running sores.
"Apart from tho pain (which was
very bad), my face was such a terrible
sight that I was not fit to go out
Tils was my state when some one advised me to try Zam-Buk. I got a
supply, and, marvellous aa It may
sound, within little under a month
every sore on my face was healed. I
was so amazed that 1 have told the
facts to several persons, and I bave
no objection to your stating my experience for the benefit of other sufferers."
Zam-Buk Is purely herbal ln composition, and Is the Ideal balm for
babies and young children, for whose
tender skin coarse ointments are so
dangerous. Zam-Buk Is a sure cure
for cold sores, chapped hands, frost
bile, " blood-poison, varicose sores,
piles, scalp sores,' ringworm. Inflamed
patches, babies'-eruptions and chapped
places, cuts, burns, bruises and skin
Injuries generally. All druggists and
stores sell at 00c. box, or post free
from -Znm-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt ot pries. Refuse harmful substitutes.
The man who wears a celluloid collar nnd the woman who paints, fool
no one but themselves.
Its Virtues Cvnot be Described.—
No one can explain the aubtle power
that Dr. Thomas' Eclcctrlc Oil possesses. Tbe originator was himself surprised by the wonderful qualities that
his compound possessed. That ho
was the benefactor of humanity la
shown by tho myriads that rise In
praise of this wonderful Oil. 8o familiar Is everyone with It that It Is
prized as a household medicine everywhere.      ___^______.
In French Switzerland the shepherd girls wear men'a clothes.
tkmr *«»l-ra,iflfliaflfl-wimtta»retlit-r, and USUI tile tal
tew-ne™wM«woeedtotielnniial>le. Ie»ari«.ia
• _Saoy rente (kteton meooaaee* a a Heal ttmm rid
pramLu to si re-mull* ano tar txxxxxiaxlr leljlai
Cetm waa leeel tnaueni. tatmiaeet a BMitabto
Science Ma pnraa Catena to be a cotnutottoaal A*.
ewe. anil therefore requites eoaWtntMal treatment.
Hsu's Gston* Core, aaaotietuiwl.br r. J. Cheney
A Co., Tcal.de, Ohio, h tho only Conattltotloool cure on
tha market. It k taken Internally In doece trom 19
__nap_tn«_iOTa»-n.ua. It icti directly oo the blood
and mucoua surface, ot tbe system. Taet otter one
hundred dollare tor any cue It bile to cure. Bad
lor circulars and teetlmtnlsla.
Address: FTj.CHEm'.ir* CO.. Toledo, Olalo.
Take HsirsTsmiir rim
lor constipation.
It you buy a friend a drink, you are
generous. If In return he buys you
one, he's a gentleman. "If then' you
both lot it go at tbat, your both uncommonly sensible.
Lady (to tramp)—"I have some left-
off clothing. Would they be of any use
to you? Are you married?" "No, Indeed I'm not, ma'am, and It'a the only
bit of good luck I ever had."
ii,.   v»o-<i  tt.* f.-.pi "-*s
(lie efficacy of
in (Im* treatmt'nt
A N !.)
RMriMAilSM '
Call arid let us explain our Special Attti-Saggiiig, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.;
The Duke'a Story.
'   "Daughter, has the duke told   you
the old, old story, as yet?"
"Yes.  He says he owes about 200,-
000 plunks.
In Dread of
Vou Can Scarcely Tall What—It May
Bs Hyaterla, Insanity, Nervous
When the nervous system breaks
down you live in constant dread of
something terrible going to happen.
Physical suffering cannot be compared to the mental agonies of the
nervous wreck who fears that his
mind may give way or that bis body
may be paralysed.
In this condition you must suffer
alone for friends cannot, understand
or sympathize with you. They tell
you to cheer up or that lt is only
You can only throw off this depression when the nerve cells are restored
to lieafth by. such treatment as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food. Your digestive
system has failed to supply proper
nourishment to the nerves and you
are compelled to seek aid from other
It will take some patience and per-
sUtent treatment, but there is no way
by which you can ao certainly restore
health and vigor as by tho use ot Dr.
Chase's Nerve Pood.
The best time to restore the norvous system Is long before such a
critical condition Is reached. Such
symptoms as sleeplessness, headaches,
nervous Indigestion, muscular weakness, loss of energy, failure ot memory and power of concentration, Irritability and discouragement tell of a
failure ot tbe nervous system and
warn you ot the approach of serious
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food 50 cents a
box, 0 hoxes tor $2.60; all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates £ Co., Limited, Toronto.
The other man's word iB an assertion, your word Is troth, your wife's
Wise mothers who know the virtue
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it at band, because It
proves Ita value.
'How often, my good man," said
the stranger at the -way station, "do
tbe trains stop here?" "The trains
stop here," said the sour station agent,
"only once.- After that, they start."
Through Liquor Drinking
DON'T WA IT until you are In the throes ot Remorse- on "The morning after." Investigate the
Neal Cure now—"The day before."
You are only one of the thousands of men and
women who have not the will power to resist the
gnawing, craving appetite for liquor which dally
grows stronger—never weaker—and Is gradually
pressing you downward to the end ln humiliation
and misery. You need medical help—the help that
will come to you through the Neal Cure and ln no
other way. Don't waste time experimenting. Fake
remedies, mineral baths, and the like nevor cured
anybody. That the Neal treatment positively cures
we will prove to the satisfaction of yourself and all
others Interested In you.
THREE DAYS, no longer, without hypodermic
Injections. No matter how heavy a drinker you
are, tbree days at any Neal Institute' will restore
you to your former self. You take no chancoB with
the Neal Treatment, a cure Is certain. All desire
for liquor will be taken from you. Write, wire,
call or phone for fullest Information.
If you are in the grip of Cocaine or Morphine
there Is hope for yoit no matter how strongly this
feverish, craving desire has hold of you, you
can shake it off. Write, wire or call at any of the
Neal Institutes nearest to you and obtain full
particulars about tile drug habit. Not by and by.
but now if you want to rid your system of these
deadly  poiso ns.
2244 Smith St.,
REGINA,      •     •     •      SASK.
405 Broadway
WINNIPEG,    -    -
820 13th Ave.W.
CALGARY,     -     .     .     ALTA
Lady Customer (In department
store.—Have you anything to keep-
hair trom falling*!
Clerk—Hairpins, two" counters to the
right, madam.—Boston Transcript.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT ln a Bevere attack
of LaGrlppo, and I have frequently
proved lt to bo very effective ln cases
of Inflammation.
W. N. U. No. M1
One box of them cured Mrs. Mary
A. Cook'a Rheumatism from whioh
tha had auffared for fourteen yeara.
Mannheim, Ont., (Special).—How
quickly and easily Rheumatism can
bo cured when you use the right
means Is shown ln the case of Mrs.
Mary A. Cook, well known and highly
respected here. In an Interview regarding her cure, of which all the village knows, Mrs. Cook says:
"I had Rheumatism so bad that
sometimes I would sit up nearly all
I first thought I would try the doc
tors, but luckily I decided first to try
Dodd's .Kidney Tills.
"They cured me, and I didn't have
to try tho doctors. And Juat to think
that after fourteen years of suffering
oue box of Dodd'a Kidney PUIa should
pure! 1 will recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to anyone who suffers trom
Rheumatism." . _     _
"; Yes;-ft is easy to euro Rheumatltm
'when you go the right way about It.
Rheumatism Is caused by uric acid
ln ths blood. If the Kidneys are working right they will strain all the uric
acid out of the blood and there can
be no Rheumatism. Dodd's Kidney
PHIb always make the Kidneys wock
Here lies a chauffeur, who, on earth,
Scorched round for all that ho was
worth; ..., ,
If ho gets his doserts, 1 vow,
Somewhere he must be scorching now.
A Sure Correetlve of Flatulency.—
When the undigested food lies In the
stomach It throws off gases causlni;
peine and oppression ln tho stomachic region. The belching or eructntloh
of theso gases Is' offensive and the
only way to prevent them la to restore the stomach to proper action.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills wilt do
this. Simple directions go with eacb
packet and a course of them taken
systematically Is sure to effect a cure.
The man who ta nobqdy'e friend
makes tow enemloa.
Tear tjrusalst will refund money It I'AZO
OINTHENT tails to cure anv case ol
Itching, JBUlid. Bleedhw t»    Protruding
Pilars in Its II daya.    I*K
Oil lamps can he prevented from
smoking If a little liquor distilled from
onions be placed in the bottom of their
"I hear your wife ia out of town.'
"Left this morning."
"The gay life for you."
"With my mother-in-law on the job?"
aalckly stops coadfas, cares colds, heals
_!■• Ikroat and lunia ........
S3 c»ta.
If a woman has representative neighbors, small Is her need ot newspapers,
When Holloway's Corn Cure Is applied to a corn or wart It killa the
roots and the callosity comes out
without injury to the flesh.
When truth get's busy, fiction Is
apt to feel ashamed of Itself.
Minard't Llnimtnt Curet Dittempar.
The darkest secret usually comes
to light.
Before Hostilities Began.
I hopo your novel ends happily?"
"Indeed It does. .It ondu Iu the marriage of the heroine and hero: doea
not go Into their married life- at all."—
Houston Post.
When Your Eyes Need Cart
Try Untitle Eye Remedy. Nat Smarting—Feele
line—Ails tjulr-kly. Trr It tor Red,Weak,
Watery Kyes and Gmnulatral Kycllal*. IUua-
trated Rttulc In eat-h Package. Murine It
a-aamiM.u_tt1t.al by our <aa-ulisi.--.mat a "Patent Med*
ielne"—but ii.wl In inttctasnCul I'ltynlaalanaa' Praai-
tloe U.t moor yean. Mitrr dealia-aletl lu tlitt Pub-
lli- and Maid lay llranclat-a at Sic end fittt m-r Bottle.
Nurloo Kye Sulfa, in AscpUa. Tubes, _5e and boo.
Murine) Eye Remedy Oo,, Chlooge
Mns.Wii.»__ow'n SooTlllso State lias bees
ased (or over SIXTY VBAKH by MtM.HlNe of
MOTH1.KM tor their CltlLUKI.N WHIMS
l« lhe best remedy tor 1_.ARKII.1_A. Tl is xo- .
aolulely harmless, ae sure and ask for "Mra.
Wiastow'a Soothing syrup," aod lake ae attar
kind. TweaUfivcctaua bottle.
The Head Office Building of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Coafipany King and Yonge
Streets. Tori-hfo, which was recendy sold for $800,000.u0~a profit of 294,000.00 over the
purchase price of $506,000.00 two years ago The price per foot frontage paid amounted
to over $13,000.00 or over $1.00 a square inch. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
ye Strain Relieve
We are skilled Eyesiglitf'Special-
i»ls. We will examine your eyes
without charge and give you our
candid opinion as to their condition. If glasses are necessary we
are thoroughly competent to lit
you with a pair which will ex
actly meet the needs of your eyes.
.U.IVIorrison, optician
f nbllshed at Orand Korks. British Coluni 1,1
li. A. Kvans .
..Sdllor and Publisher
A SI* of tbla paperoan ka aeen at the efat
at Sam K. AJ.HararSCo-ai.siandtL
K*I_aet Street, R.C., London. lorl.aad, free of
.raerie, and that Arm will ba (lad to reoelve
tiibterlpttoi.s and advertlaataanM on our be-
auaaoatiTioM aalta i
tint Year SJ-JS
One Vear (In advance)  J-W
One Year, In Culled States  lJ»
Address all communication! to
Thb Bvbhinq Sum,
l»MO«B Bit QSANP KoHlta, H.C
The provincial legislature
prorogued Tuesday. The following clay parliament was
dissolved, and a general election is to be held on the 28th
inst. This unwarranted haste
in rushing an appeal is unparalleled in Canadian history.
As it does not give the electorate sufficient to digest the
alleged railway policy, the action of the government can
only be construed as meaning
tliat Mr. McBride considers
his policy weak, and that in
order to obtain another lease
Of life he deems it an opportune time to precipitate the
election while Toryism is in
the ascendant in the land, lt
lookslike almost an impossible
task to dislodge the government from power at this particular time; yet it has
lieen tho history of governments in the past, that at the
very time when they have
considered their position impregnable, they have, gone
i Iown to defeat. It may be
tlio same with the McBride
government, in spite of the
lavish bribes, made with the
people's money in the form of
i* rants.
EitiHT governors of as many
states havo urged ex-President Roosevelt to outer the
Held for the Republican nomination in the presidential election in the United States this
fall, and Mr. Roosevelt has
consented.    The   eight   gov-
Come in and see this handsome book. It will uid you
greatly in selecting a suitable
color scheme for your home.
Of course we sell
Paints, Stains nnd Varnishes,
because they tin. the very best,
beiiiH especial!}' made it*x this
Western climate — no -.Severe
changes in temperature can
harm this paint.
ernors probably have a little
more political influence with
the American people than
eight private citizens of eight
states, but not a great deal
more. There is, therefore, no
cause for abandoning the hope
that President Taft Will be renominated and re-elected. He
htiaS a better balanced intellect
than the talkative one.
In China they decapitate all
grafters. If the same methods
were followed in British Columbia, it would bc an easy
task for the Liberals to win
in the coming election.
The big majority given
Hon. G. P. Graham in South
Renfrew, sterns to indicate
that the Ontario people have
already wearied of the Flag-
Flappers in the House of
Gloom at Ottawa.
H. E. Woodland returned yesterday frum Nelson.
Mies Ethel Currnn, pf Xew West
minster, is visiting friends in the
Born—In Griind Korks, on Saturday, February 21, to Mr. and Mrs.
Win. Blaine, a son; on Tuesday,
February 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Jos.
Morrell, a son.
The voters' list of Grnnd Fork*
district contains 1326 names.
John McKie, nf the Boundnry
Iron Works, is at Halcyon Hoi
Springs.  •   '
Rev. M. D. McKee is in Nelson
attending u meeting of the Kootemiy
J. £. Thompson aud Dr D ckson,
of Phoenix, made an auto trip to
this city yesterduy.
Is Mr. Burrell Sleeping?
In October our minister pf militin
called it council of military officers
to discuss the administration of the
affairs of the department. Reports
of this conference emphasize the
statement that Hon. Sam Hughes
was determined that expenses must
he reduced in bis department. All
very good. Also we hud been told
that the government intended to
take tbe best of enre of tho agricul
tural industry, that appropriations
would be greatly increased. Have
we read the estimates as brought
brought down. One million dollars
for agriculture and about as ninth
mure for militia.—Farm and Ranch
The following is the maximum
anil minimum lempemture for each
day during the past week, ns re
corded by ihe governmentIhennoin
,'li'tnu t'nti|it-i- Itniflt.'ranch:
Fri Inv  IVs
S.tin-tiny  :i:i
Sii.hI-iv       ..   •>!
Mtiiiiltiy    II
.'iit'stliiv     HH
Wiilnesdiiy  |29
riinr-.l.iv.'  80
li.tiilnli ilium)! week, 11.(13 inehes;
snowfall, t) 7.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby r 23,518      194,412
Mother Lode.  6,531       68,305
Rawhide........ ....4,810 .- 151,344
Jackpot     329        3,177
Athelstan        89 ' 340.
Etnnia.......:..    436 '      4,496:
Others      493-      1,937
Smelter treatment—
Granby 23,875      238,470'
B. C. CopperCo...12,872       91,999
Tbe compressor building and contents at tbe Emma mine, in Oro
Denoro, operated by the British
Columbia Copper company, wete
totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday last. The property will be
closed down until a new building
can be erected.
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.in. service as well as at 8
a m. Week (lay and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Phesbytkrian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All, are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth Ijeague, Monday
it 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7;00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
it 11 a. in. nntl 7:30 p. m.j Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
There wn1* tl, e.t signilii-itii,' iu lhe
tirst'hye-elnlion held since lhe vie-
liny nf ihe C"i H'lva'iv, -Naiiii.imlisl
ciiilili'iii mi Si'|iti'iii'ifr 21 Nut only
all.I lhe gaaviMiitiifiil lit-e ill the (.till-
test, but every  C-iiiservaliva  news*
i paper in the culm iliiem-y uf lt<*n-
(rim. .wilh Iln- exception uf une nd
v.r it'll I■■•■ return aif Hon, (!. |'
(I nbiiiii,    Mr   Khnli'in.   cmi'V  is
11 reini-r I in ihus fnr lien ni e sue-
ce.M_i.li of Ili.liinVfct, Tit'1 siranuth ol
> the  nliilivd   Dominion nml   pn>-
VJ  li'l ll  lliait'llilHH  WHS    IHll    Mlllil'it'lll
la,   lalf-t-i   ih-   -tie'tnili  uf    public
!i|iiniiiii — Yi'tTii.t I tines.
Latest Picture of Borden
This is the season te subscribe to
n newspaper, or to renew, if already
a subscriber. Our pnper is as good
ih any, and better than many. Why
not lake it?
It reprensents the welfare and
progress of the community and district with which it is identified, and
is, apart from its local value, an sll-
i-iiuiid up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
has made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
cenlfnl figure of our Cnnndinn public life. Many would like a good
picture of bim. We can supply one
Funis W»/will send nny one our
paper for a year, and the Weekly
Mail and Fmnire (Ihe regular rate
of whicli is $1.00 per yenr) for the
•annie period, Ihe two together, to include free picture nf the new (.'uiih-
dinn premier, for 81.nO.
The Borden picture is on line
pnper suitable for framing, in pholo
lints, 18x24 inches, nnd is in itself
ns h work of art, easily worth the
price nf a yenr's suliscriplinn to
either paper. Send all orders to the
oflice of ihis pnper.
Tho high price of liviii» has
riot affected our job printing
(rices.    Wivro are still doing
ligli class commercial work of
all kinds at price.-: satisfactory
to you.     	
The only policy liold.er who
doesn't need to pay his premiums^ dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in lhe printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol rat-tores every nerve In tits body
rnospnonoi,  (|_ ,„„,„./tu,lsi„„. Ie,„„„
vim ;iii'] villainy. Frentittiiroderny rintlflll a. exult
av-aV-ncflS averted It Mice, rho_apt_oi.nl will
make you n new innn.   Price IS a hott. or two lor,
iV   Mailed to nnv nalrlrt-ti.  Th* Boobell Drag
!o.. St. Catharine*. Ont.
d Gourlay
We purclra.se ourTianos outright and are therefore prepared to give our customers the best
price ana the best terms. We handle only
High-Grade Pianos.
WOODLAND    St,    CO.
TAe 1?CXa£H Store:
SS we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mufton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B. C.
Ws Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, (olumbia, B.C
O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Menu i. Crouley Broi., Manchester, Ens;.
Mak tii* nf Gas Protlucvr Plant* and Of)
Ktigineifor general power or electric*!
llffMiiiff purpo*M.
Meti-flirt. Dick. Kerr 4 Co., Ltd., Prttton,
Khfrlaiid. Equipment for Mine* •ml Con-
tnicturn Lliclit Locomotive* (uteam and
electrical), i-.o.
sterling Telephone Co., portable   "hot-
flrlnir liniHiliu «for miners, contractor*.
iirti-p*'i*tiiiw.   Tlio beat un the  market.
Write for purti< -iilaiM.
Motors, fleiiertito4, Klcotrlcal  Supplier
Mwincnl Huutlnn  ami Cooklnu Apparti
tlm, Stnrau« lmtierla«,etc.
Your fMniiililcM will receive out-  promp'
«t Mlitloll.   Wilie for infoiui.itltili.
(I'litllshcd A ii ii u ally)
KiiuUgo trudern tlirniiphont the  world  to
eoiiiiniiiilcate direct with ISnulUl.
In riu-li clasKof (rood*. He»fde« beiujr h complete foiiiiiii'-rtiil irultli! to London and It*
tutturhs. the illrw'tory uontnhm list*, of
with the (tootle they nlilp, aod the Colonial
'end Korvltfii MurkeU they tupply;
■irriiiiin"! under the Tort* to which they -.till,
and i ml le atl uk the approximate Sailing:
of lead!nir Manufacturer*, Merchant*, etc., In
the print'.pill provincial town* aud ludttstrla!
of leading Manufacturer*, Men-hunt*, Pic, In
the principal provincial town*
Oiilitroeol the United Kingdom.
A cupv of lhe current edition «||| he forwarded, fr.-it_.lit paid, ou receipt of Postal
order for 208.
DoRlcr* M-i'kliiir Aircticte* cau advftstl'e
their trade card* for £1, or larxer adverll»e-
monif from £3,
•J"), Aliuhurali I/itiiB, I>iinliin,  K.C.
Pnc&lcal Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Original Mineral Cluim, .Itnntra In tli.-
urniitl KaarltH MlntKK DWInIoi, ol Yttlri III-
W li.Ta' ltifttteal:   In Briiwn*. oamp.
TAKE NU'l'H'K tliat I. Alaxaiirlitr C. Ilnrr.
Krt'a Mineral' IVrtlllrata No. H."«5HH, lur
tttvKelf ataial m. afrent fur Charle. K. Hnker.
aV'rea Mlnera' (TerllHcate No. :i.W.l!H. In-
teutl, .Ixty ilo'i from tlie tlate hereof, to ta,.-
|ily tu the Mlolliu Itecortler fnr a CertlHcittt'
of liniirovi'iitent, fur tlte |inrl<ti.„ of uhtuilt-
Intra Croat u tliatttof the aliove i-latltit.
And further tttlte niillea lhat malltaM. uniler
taeetlon Ht,  lilu.t lie coinnu-ueeal lieftu-e tlte
iMttianoe u(   .ueh t'ertitltaate  of   Impruve-
llaretl tbl. SSth day uf June, A.D. IUU.
Tait Land Dlitrlct, Dlltrlot ol Slmllkamrett.
TAKK notloa that Hubert P. Page of Oltl>,
Allterla. oocupattlon Parmer, liitaiitK It,
apply for Ipormtvltou to |>tircha.e the foi-
laawiitflT aleierlbed land.:
ConimetielttK at a itoit planted about mi
elinio. north ol the northwi'it oorner of Lot
lintlS.. on Deep Creek, aual about Hve mile,
emtnf tlte town of Caicatle: thenoe north
10 obalm: theuce wett 40 ohatni: tlaent"'
fliintli Itlohaltii; thence ea.t lOohnlm to point
of commencement.
.1  R. Crntiiton, A pen I.
Dated September -.tul, IBM. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
i to give you.    Remember, vou can ob-  devil never has umie than  one wife
tain Kexoll Remedies in Grand Forks  He is (.fluid!"
only v.t our store-
H. E. Woodland,
-The Rexall  Store.
Promote   Hair   Growth Some M0U1W
■xxn       -r. i   •;-, ' Down io-Georgia a necio, who had
When ProperlyXom^        ,v  ,£ insured?for sevem, hunHred
.,'billed,   a tfi'llarnf.died   and  left the money to
' : -    :      the'w'idow.    She immediately bought
'   .~~' ' hei-self a very elaborate mourning uut-
Kenoi-cin in diie of the must eflectiva "t.
germ  desti-oyers ever iHwovei-eil   by      Showing her purchase*, to her friend,
science, and oniconneotion  with   Jietu "lie wa*. very particular in going into
Napthol, which is both germicidal and  detail »s to price, and   all   incidental
.antiseptic,   a combination is funned  particulars.    Her   friend   was    very
whicli destroys the germs which rob the. much impressed, ami remarked.
hair of ita   natural  nourishment, and j     "Them sho is fine does, but,   liefo'
also creates a clean, healthy condition j heaven, what is you goin' to do wid all
of the scalp,   wjiioh   prevents the de I di's black underwear?'
yolopment of new germs.
rjluoarpiii, although not a coloring
mutter or dye," i.s a well-known ingredient for restoring the hair to its natural color, when the loss of hair has
been caused by a disease of the scalp.
These ingredients in proper combination, with alcohol added as a stimulant and for its well-defined nourish
ing properties, perfect perhaps the
most effective remedy that is known
for scalp and hair troubles.
We have a remedy which is chiefly
composed of these ingredients,in combination with other extremely invaluable medicinal agents. We guarantee
it to positively cure dandruff and to
grow hair, even though the scalp in
spots is bare of hair. If tliere is any
vitality left in the roots, it will positively eure baldness, or we will re-
fuhd your money. If the scalp has a
glazed, shiny appearance, it's an indication that baldness is permanent, but
in other instances we believe baldness
We want every one troubled with
scalp disease or loss of hair to try
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic. If it does
not cure dandruff and grow hair to
tha   satisfaction  of the user, wo will
The bereaved one sighed:
'Chile, when I mourns 1 mourns.'
Compare Prices
The Farm and Ranch Review, of
Calgary, remarks: If anyone doubts
the advantages that might have re
suited from the adoption of reciprocity
all he needs to do to get some evidence on the point is to compare Win
nipeg and Minneapolis prices for grain
these days. On some of the grades,
our four northern for instance, there
is over 20 cents per busliel difference
in favor of the United States market,
Never Again
"I notice that you courteously re'
fnitti f null .mentioning the name of
your political, rival in any uf ihe
peeches!" .;
"I can't say uiy pniuti.se in that.re-
spect is so much ti matter of courtesy
as of prudence. I once started in to
denounce a rival, hut as soon as I
mentioned his name the audience
burst into deafening antl continuous
Metal Quotations
Nmv Voiik, Feb 29.—Silver 59$
standard copper, SIS. 95(8 14.05,
London, Feb. 29.—Silver, -27 7 1G;
lead, jElfi Ios.
Hotel Col1"
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently complPtPfl ami
newly- I u mi nil ed throiiirfi*
out. Conveniently located
for railway men. l-'lrst-
I'ltiss urrniiinioilittiiiii*- for
tniiisieniK. Board and
routni by tlie week at prevailing riites. Ptfje li"*1 "f
VVti|pit, MtjiiormiMl (ijrar*.
oIwHVt.ii. utoeleat tlie bar
Grand Forks, 6. C.
1 Fie O'iver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day! COPPER^
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Feb. 29 —The follow-
ing,are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentijned:
Bid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 36 00 WOO
B. C.   Copper       4.2,1.     4..50
All Made Clear
A woman missionary in China was
taking tea with a mandarin's eight
wives. The Chinese ladies examined
her clothing, her hair, her teeth, and
soon, but her feet especially amazed
"Why," cried one, "you can walk
and run as well as a man."
"Yes, to be sure," said the missionary.
"Can you ride a horse and swim,
"Then you must bc at strong  as a
without   question   or quibble return
every cent paid ua-for  it,    We  print man!''
this guarahtee on every bottle. It has.     "Iatp." ,
effected a positive cure in 98 per cent     "And you wouldn't let a man beat
uf cases where put to a practical  test, i you—not even if he was your husband
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is entirely | —would you."
unlike, and   we  think, in every par-I     "Indeed I wouldu t,"  the  mission-
ticu'ar,   better  than anything else we ary said.
know of for the purpose for which   it      The madarin's eight   wives  looked
is prescribed.   We urge you to try this; at one another, nodding  their   heads,
preparation at our entire risk.   Cer-1 Then the oldest said, softly;
teinly we know of no better guarantee I     "Now 1 understand why the foreign
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers •
this Season.  <^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^A Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A  Daily
.  Study for Old and Young
'PHK Family Herald nnd Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged tone
1 the greateet and best family and farm paper on the continent, has'on
ninny occasions given ils renders nitis-t delightful premium picture,
Inn this season they have secured what is beyond.any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It ie entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of mnny prizes nt dug snows, thc pride ol the family and neighborhood,
hus been stolen, nnd nfter many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor nnd returns home On a snowy winter's morning with thc rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted Jn be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and reeling his head against her breast wilh a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
nnd parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture tbal will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and gym pathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly .Star for 1912.
The small sum of S1.50 will secure tbe two papers for a full year including a copy of tbe charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home iti the Boundary should gel the hig ?..a50 worth this
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby, given
to the electors uf the Municipality
of the Corporation of Grand Forks,
that I require the presence of the said
electors at the City Office in the Municipal Buildings, on First street, in
the City of Grand Forks, on the
eleventh day of March, 1912, at 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing one person as School Trustee, for
the period ending December 31st,
1912, to fill the unexpired term of J.
W. Rutherford, foi the Giand Forks
School District.
The candidate shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, ami
shall be delivered to the returning
officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2 pm. of the day of
nomination, and in the event of a poll
being necessary, such poll will le
opened on the Uth day of March,
1912, between the hours of 9a.in anil
7 p.m. at the said City Office, of which
overy person is hereby required to
take notice anil govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as School Trustee shall be such persons as aro house
holders of the School District, and are
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years, antl are otherwise
qualified to vote at an election of
School Trustees in the School District.
Given   under  my  hand  at Grand
Forks, the 29th day of February, 1912
(Signed)       JOHN HAY,
Returning Officer.
1'i.iKi' raa'il lite inattllttelnver iimiiii. t)i«ii ns
'l'_li]a-lia.ia|a. -I.mllr a- aa ill    lataa -at   laaaaaii   Vi'll
•An Oliver Tyi.eavaifa..-tla_t -taai ala,ral 'Vlsilile
ItritaT—tlaa'  tlttiflt  lala_,lily  ] ttr..    let]   tyjaetvnlel
■ atl llltt liaiiriiial—yours fttr 17 attain-     tiny!
lilt.'   ryril'Va'rlll..   lVlla.tafrtintjiia_.fla    ...'" t ll.fl	
aaii-Ifiiii ataarl.l i.-aa milder aaf   llt.flttifaa - Vaaiar-   fat,
la a-a'lll-aaalaay!
Tlte typewriter thst is otitilpiit'd with .autre, ol
aiirli   i'i.,,v, lila-!ia'.'» aaa.    'Hit,   i.„|aiitai-  Slaiff-
'!ll_ertiillti|;Dev!.'e"-"Tlie H'aiiitie Keleeiio"—
"Hit*    l."l otlvaa    Huff"—"Tlie     Autumn ic
{•matter —"Hie Automutle Tiiliiiliit..r"--"T!ie
-"Tlie ___r.jM.tiil.hi I'a-
perKltiirufs"-"Tlie Sei.
entillta Ctiiileiuaetl Key
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
—.  We atiftitneed   litis
rew flailtas |tlttii reeeitlly. jttst to fetal Die jiul.e ul
tlie peuitle. wtmialy at .mall rut-h pityinetit--
Lilian 17 eeiasii tlay. Than isiltu itlatti lit a liut-
The refill! litis been Mieli it delaine of applies-
alia, fair iii.acliiiia's that we nre taimplv ata-
founded.   -
The deiiianil muiieta from peaaple aif nil dilutes,
all ages, aill faeolipiltlclltB..
The lilnjaarity aaf liaailllna-aa lias eoine Ifrtlaal [ieo-
leaif -.'iiaawai lliiaiiiiaal Blending aalaia were al
trat'iutl b) the novelty of tne pmpo.. 'nil. An
impressive dutiiianniaaitloit aaf tint Itiiineiise pop-
ii.in-ityaif the Oliver'fyputvrllea?
A startliint a'liiifirtiiiatjon aaf our belief thut
Ihe Krai of UttiverKnl Typewriting 1. al baud.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are M ti i g Mney with
niaailtiilih Oliver oil' a?
Write lair further ileliails of onr easy ailler nnd
n free copy ol Uie new Olivercolalog. Adt* rem
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. G.
Money Well Employed
Thar* ftr* opportunities to
put rowr ft*rplus fund* le profit-
•bl* ua* without Indulging lli
4*»g*roua ■peculation*.
An ad. In our CU*al0*d Waal
Columns will put you Into c*»>
-unlcatioa with borrower* who
hava good ■•curllr, and who
ftr* willing lo par good lnt*r**t
for ftcco»a«ocUtlon.     „
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter 1. a motiey-makrt
rielitlriiintlic word "khI" So ea«v to run Unit
!ia'_ll.aii-l'aa aaaaoll Ket III the ''expert"elllS". Earn
as you la Mini. Let the niiaeliliic ray lite 17 cent*
aa alaav—ntnl till nliiave that In yours.
'aVIaereva'i' yaait are, there Is waark lo lie done
"Md  may lai lie lain.I" by luting tlte Oliver. Tl'a
Itai-iiiesswaarld in i'bIIIiik for ullver oiiern.'trs.
thorp aire tint e fall to  |aly lite alemanal
riielrnaliiriea are faiiaaililerialily aliaave lltoje tn
many clntataesnl worlteia.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tlmt l« the laailileery loilnv. t.e Itave maidt
H'OllviTMipreiiie In tifliafiilneaaiami alwolittelt
Idlapeiimtilo In 1jii-Iii.«s.  Now earner, the eon
New Edition Jssut'tl Nov. 15, 19011.)
Is a dozen books in tint', covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, teiinin:
ology, uses, statistics and flounces of
copper. It is a pnicical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 463(! copper
mines und companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen puges, according
to importance ui the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reterence
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the bonk foi*
the fuels it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is So in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.60 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, (ally prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be.returned within a week of re
•eipt if nut found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
City and Suburban
******* 4*+ -li.WI7.-a IT.  l.a >T laetwoeli
IC Jbll   H.ninlaai'd Thiol ..t
Jl-TZllI  Jimi <ilH,viflJn,lire i .-.a,,,fl -,
*mwwW^srwW   anal It. littw'H |ala,'pa; Pep-
aarailt'tl fr  all otlier prniiertlea   lay 80-lt,
iHnei as larva' if .tavi'ti or eiitlit aaralliniiv laat..
aailjadiniiir l,,|ai una worth |l*a0| would inahf
alee Itoitif, with Hlffiplflllt urniiinl fur ohick-
"tifl. frailt. a-iir.lt'ii i,i„l lawn; mutt deHiriihli-
oetltlnli lit eity.
88 AfltliS a.Onhiiriir
<liy limit* on ■'•ntli:
14 aorei elearflrii too
fruit treatt new four'
lum limine: Iuwn for nix Iiui-hum; li"r_if>,
Imiriry.'lipulili' li.iriif._- itml tiirntiug implo-
inctitN.  All for .?;;.'!m.   l*a,y turim.
und iliicc Infs wtthln
uim lil«*k of hiiasincrfls
fciitrc;    limn,   nIiiiiU'
'n-PH. frtllt irrfs, liiTi-y tiii-lic«, largeirarilpn.
Will iiUoKell fiirnltiiro uf hoii.-u if .lev.red.
ihii.-li.uf ouuU, liuliince terim.
■Vi mllei from town;
7-roum  hoiiKi>,   plitnt-
•JTi'il: liiriri-l,tii:ir)i.linilt
 _ . _   WQodiueai   lM   fruit
.men, 70 betirinir. :"■. ncres xlrnwherrleM,
UnunelierriPM, uiirrautfc, roiif.ljerrle**: free from
trust: the lu-at lui*ntini iirutinil Graml Furlc:
nlettty uf tfu..iil wuter; fruit uml cru|> in-
-Hetween .1 nud 4 nnreii
in Wcvt end of city;
firnt clan huII, nil under (Mil fviition; Mnii'l
home, womhhed anil outlMilldhiiiN: well nnd
pump; Rood fence. Thia 1* n Hftcritli
er ii about tolvaveclty. Torma,
For further information ro
gardinK tlie nbovo p^pertlea
cull or luldress
lice, aatotvtr
for 1912 foi- only $1.75; also all tlio
issues for tha, remaining weeks of 1911,
Tree. It is your last chnnce to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 19U, it will be advance J to $2.00.
Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of the
best reaalitiK, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by ruinous Writers,
Athletics for Hoys, Chats with Girls,
thc Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for I'U* and Sample
Copies of Tlu Youth's Companion, J.'tce,
FREE to Jan. 1912
Zrory rlew Subcerjbttr who cot* out
Md Mnda tbit flip (or nwntiont IhU
paper) wilh $1.75 for Ih* 52 Uiae.of
Th. Csmpuiios Ier IUU will receive
All Ihe  iMuea Ier Ilie remaining
Cwlu of let I froo, Inclinlini lhe
Ulliful Holulaja Numboni nlM SH
The Companion'! Plcaluro Cala-na! r
for 1911. lilhocraphed ia 12 atoloaa
•nd gold (en ealre copy bolna want I.
•verjt on* malting a gift lubacriplionl.
Thou TTm Camponlon for lho 62
wmIu of 1S12-.1I for 11.75-rour
lut chance al IhU price. On January
I, 1812. It will bo advanced lo »2.
H(w Subicr.ptioet Received al Tbis OHic*. THE SUN. ORAND FORKS. 23ITISH COLUMBIA.
Cored by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Morton's Gap, Kentucky.—"I sur.
tstsi two years with female disorders,
my health waa very
i bad and I had a
continual backache
which was simply
i awful. I could not
stand on my feet
jlong enough to cook
a meal's Ti duals
; without my back
) nearly killing me,
aud I would have
[such dragging sen-
Uations I could
jiaardiv bear it. I
bad soreness in each side, could not
stand tight clothing, and was irregular.
I was completely run down. On ad.
vice I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Fills and
am enjoying good health. It Ib now
more than two years and I bave not
bad an ache or pain since I do all my
own work, washing and everything,,
and never have thc backache anv more.
I thlpk your medicine' is grand and I
praise It to all my neighbors. If you
think my testimony will help others
you may publish ft."—Mrs. Ollie
woodall, Morton's Gap, Kentucky.
Backache is a symptom of organic
weakness or derangement. If you
bave backache don't neglect it.  To
Kt permanent relielf you must reach
e root of the trouble. Nothing we
know of will do this so surely as Lydia
K. Pinkham's Compound.
Write to Mrs. P!__V.ha_ii, at
Lynn. Mass., for special advice.
Tour letter will be absolutely
•onilden.tbU) and the advice free.
Energy Saved
"Ara you going to start a garden
next year?"
"I am not," replied the luckless
amateur. "Next year, Instead of bury-
lug good stuff, I'm going to eat it."
The Foe of Indigestion.—Indigestion Is a common ailment and few are
free from lt. It ts a most distressing
complaint and often the suffering attending tt Is moat severe. The very
best remedy IS Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills taken according to directions,
They rectify the Irregular action of
the stomach and restore healthy action. For many years they have been
a standard remedy for dyspepsia and
Indigestion and are highly esteemed,
for their qualities.
Mother hae Trouble  Enough, Child!
"Ma, this egg is bad."
"That's all right, you eat lt anyhow.
Do you suppose I am going to pay
forty cents a dozen for eggs and hare
them wasted."
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If it falls
to cure. E. W. GHOVE'S signature is on
each Ijox.    2Bc.
"Did you ever play In Hamlet*!" inquired a theatrical manager of a recent acquisition to his company.
"Ever!" exclaimed the newcomer.
"Why, I've played ln every hamlet
between here and Niobrara, Nebraska."
Minard's liniment cures garget In cow*
"Now," said the warden to tho forger, who had just arrived at the
prlBon, "we'll set yon to work. What
can you do best?"
"Well, if you'll give me a week's
practice on your signature, I'll sign
your official papers for you."
"Your brother Joe's boy Is Inclined
to be n little wild, isn't he?" "Wild
ain't no name for him. Sometimes
that boy don't seem to have no more
sense than a college student."
In the treatment ot summer complaint thc most effective remedy that
can be used Is Dr. J, D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It is a standard
preparation and many people employ
It ln preference to other preparations.
It Is a highly concentrated medicine
ud its sedative and curative qualities
are beyond question. It has been a
popular medicine for many, years and
. thousands can attest IU superior
qualities ln overcoming dysentery and
kindred complaints.
"How's your brother?"
"Not very Well. Ho was playing
with another little boy, seeing who
could lean the farthest out of the
window, and ho won."
mlckly stops coaihs, cares colls, heals
t__. throat ood least     -      -      88 cents.
He who's ever begging a match Is
a nuisance hut a lesser nuisance
than the womau wbo Is always trying
to make ono.
Yonr hands won't get
chapped this winter
11 yon use  SNAP.
Milking, scouring the separator and
cleaning up the stables, get the dirt and
grime ground right into the skin.
Coarse soap and hard rubbing only
chap the skin. SNAP cleans and
purifies because antiseptic—gets out the
dirt without hard
rubbing, and la
soothing and healing
to the akin.
VISA      15c. • can.
Advice Is cheap unless ono goos to
•a attorney for lt.
Tbe Chicago Fire could havo been
prevented with one pall of water, but
the water was not handy. Keep a
bottle of HamUns Wizard Oil handy
and prevent tho fiery pains ot Inflammation.
England possesses more diminutive
railways than any other country, for
tbere are said to be several lines there
tbat find one or two locomotives sufficient for their successful operation.
-\'l pills ^
Brldgeville, N. 8.
"For twenty years, I have been
troubled with Kidney and Bladder
Trouble, nnd have been treated by
many doctors but found little relief.
I had given up all hope of getting
cured when I tried Gin Pills. Now, I
can say with a happy heart, that I am
cured after using four boxes of GIN
Just think ot It! Four boxes of Gtn
Pills cured Mr. Fraser—and he had
suffered for twenty years aud he had
been treated by doctors, too. It Is Just
Buch cases aa his, which prove the
power of Gin Pills to cure Kidney and
Bladder Trouble, Burning Urine,, Suppression or Incontinence'of the Urine,
Backache, Rheumatism, Sciatica and
Lumbago. Try Gin Pills on our posi-
tlvo guarantee of a cure or your money
back. 50c. a box, C for $2.50. Sample
free If you write National Drug &
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Dept. N. V., Toronto. 93
A Passkey
'Do you know of any good remedy
for a dealock?"
'I should suggest a key to the situation."    	
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
W. N. U. No. 881
The poor imitate the rich and get
poorer; the rich imitate the poor and
get richer.—Now York Press.
■ the HOME
Almost every woman at the head of
a homo meets daily with many little
worries tn her household affairs. They
may be too small to notice an hour
afterwards, but It is these same constant little worries that make so many
women look prematurely old. Their
effect may be noticed in sick or ner-
voul headaches, fickle appetite, pain
In the back or side, sallow complexion,
and the coming ot wrinkles, which
every woman dreads. To those thus
afflicted Dr. Williams' Pink Pills offer a speedy and certain cure, a restoration of color to the cheeks, brightness to* the eye, a healthy aopetlto
and a sense of freedom from weariness.
Among the thousands of Cnnadian
women who havo found new health
and new strength thaaugh the uso of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ts Mrs. W.
C. Daerr, London, Ont., who says*.
"About two yenrs ago I found myself
so badly run down that It was almost Impossible to perform my household duties. I fell oft tn flesh, waa
weak and very pale, had no appetite,
feet constantly cold, and to further
make my llfo miserable I was afflicted with those other ailments from
which so many women suffer. I tried
many kinda of medicine, but got no
benefit, and began to feel thnt I was
slipping Into chronic Invalidism. I
was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and although felt aomewhat
hopeless decided to do so. To my. do-
light, after taking the Pills a few
weeks, I felt much bettor, and a further use ot them brought me back to
my old time health. I have since
recommended the Pills to many others-,
and those who have used them have
always been benefitted."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for 12.60 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Many speculators become bears after they have gone broke as bulls.
The most abused word ln the
lish language Is "guaranteed."
The devil seldom wastes any tlma
trying to tempt the busy man. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
iiam calves.
One of tbe most Important revenues
at dairying is the rearing of calves,
whether for veal or replenishing the
dairy - herd, writes 0. L. McKay In
Kansas Farmer.
. The Utile fann separator Is a bleat-
tag to the calves, owing to the fact
tbat, by Its use, sweet, warm milk Is
always to be bad. tf the object la to
bslld up the dairy herd by proper care
ta tbe choice of the sire and by careful
attention to tbe rearing of the calves,
tbe dairyman who Is compelled lo
•tart wilh a herd of ordinary cows
may within a few years raise the average production of bis herd to a mark-
Lord Mar, the Guernsey bull herewith illustrated, has fairly earned
tht title champion ot ths world. II*
has heen exhibited at all tho leading dairy shows ef England snd
America without ever being defeated. Hs was Imported trom the Island of Guernsey by W, W. Marsh
ot Waterloo, la., and it conceded
to bt tht greatest bull ever produced, on the Island. Because of
ths risk of exhibiting him on tht
fair circuits it Is doubtful it he will
ever bt seen again except In hit
paddock at Waterloo.
ed extent On tho otber baud, carelessness In breeding, tn calf raising, Is
bound to result disastrously to a herd
er atdeast lo keep it at a standstill aa
far as Improvement ts concerned.
In breeding n full blooded sire to a
grade the first cross ts more than 60
per cent, the second ts more than 75
per cent, tbe third cress is 87ty per
cent, and tbe flftb cross would naturally be n full blood. So It Is possible, for
•very one to build up bis herds at
comparatively little expense by using
aires of some dairy herds with tbelr
ordinary cows.
One of- tbo common mistakes made
la the localities where whole .milk la
•old for market purpose* or to con-
denaerles or cheese factories is the
failure to raise any calves. In this
esse the milk producer depends upon
buying cows to replace tbose discarded
from his herd. The excuse for this
practice Is that tbe cost of raising the
cows Is too greet Under such n system a dairyman will aimoat Invariably
produce milk year after year without
tmprvlng hts herd In tbe least.
Wben more cows are required they
■re purchased from a shipper or dealer and without any Information available regarding tbe merits of the nnt-
mala beyond what can be determined
from appearances.
The dalty cows lo be placed on th«
market tbrough such channels are almost certain to be of very ordinary
grade, since a cow wbose value as a
nllk producer ts known la not offered
for sale at the market price. Tbe only
Mir* means by which the average quality of dairy herds In tne bands of practical dairymen can be materially Improved la by tht raising of tbelr own
cows-flby using pnrt bred dairy sires
and saving tb* betters from th* best
Kspock,   a   Curious   Subatantt  Thai
Came* From Java.
Amsterdam receives jearly a great
quantity of a curious nnd Interesting
vegetable substance known ln Java
, nnd ln tbe trade as "kspock," wblcb,
| among other useful purposes, Is found
'very useful for stuffing cheap mattresses and pillows.   It Is a sort of yellow wadding that nature uses as a covering for the sends of certain trees ln
the Malaccss.   Its libers being very
nonreslstau't, tt has been found Impossible to spin or weave It, but It gives
excellent results for bedding, making
a mattress delightfully soft If it Is exposed to the sun before being used. It
Is exceedingly light sud buoyant, In
this greatly surpassing cork, as It will
support Is tbe wnter thirty-live times
Its own welgbt.
The tree whence It ts derived (erlo-
dendron) grows rapidly, and In tb* second year It Is twelve to fifteen feet
higb, but lt bears fruit abundantly
only tn the fourth season. Llko tbe
cotton plant, lt bestows two gifts upon'
man, the special wadding mentioned,
which lines tbe husk, and the' oil extracted from tbe seeds, wblcb Is specially used ln the Chinese markets.
The threads of the soft fibers taken
from tne pods are light yellow; rather
silky and only about an Inch In length.
They are made into thin rings, and
kspock, it Is said, never decays.
Besides Ihe ever Increasing uses to
whicb tbis curious vegetable product
is put, causing the culture of the erlo-
dendron to make great strides In the
Dutch Indies, whllo efforts are being
made to cultivate it ln similar climates,
lt bas been suggested that excellent
life saving apparatus at sea might be
made from tbls floating substance,
which sbould bo In the form of mattresses and cushions easily obtainable
lu a moment of danger. Tbree hundred grams of kapock, it Is stated,
will support a man of 160 pounds In
the water, and experiments mode tn
the Garonne by a Frencb society with
articles made of this wadding, which
had previously been soaked In water
for eighteen hours, gave excellent results. One small mattress supported
several men.
•Set a Purs Bred Ram.
No farmer wltb even a small flock
ran afford to use a scrub ram aa * aire.
Hotter let blm go to a shipper tor what
fee will bring and Improve tho flock by
tbe use of a pure bred sire, says aft
Ohio breeder. Two yeara ago 1 sold
• former a ram for $16. Ue bad ■
flock of open woolcd, light shearing
ewes. He remarked (,'iat ht never before paid such a price tor a ram. I
knew that Ho always bought cheap
rams, and I don't doubt that IIS wu
three time* what he had ever paid be-
for* Be felt that he waa being robbed, bnt wben the ram sheared twenty
pounds and tbe lambs an average of
Iwo pounds per head more than bla
ewes and after using tbe ram two sea-
aons be sold blm for ltd be took a different view of the matter.
Nor was this tbe whole beneflt Ho
kept tbe best ewe lambs and will bave
a flock of breeding ewes when be
turns ths olJ ones off thst will give
every year far moro profitable returns
than did bis old (lock.
' "Jonea embarrassed mt terribly t»
day." !
"How tor • j
"He asked me how I enjoyed bit
tpeech at the banquet last night"-*,
Detroit Free Press.
Maine's Output ef Metals.
The quarries of Maine are well and
widely known and Supply Immense
quantities of stone, especially granite,
for use ln all part; of the country, bnt
tbe ores of the state are not now extensively mined. For many years the ores
of Mount Katahdln produced 2.000 to
16,000 tons of iron a year, and in Ihe
early sixties the Lubec and other lend
■nines were worked In a small way.
In the eighties several hundred tons
of copper were smelted at Blueblil from
ores mined at Ibe Douglas and otber
■nines ln the neighborhood. In addition to tbia metallic output, about 5,000
ounces of silver have been mined at Sullivan and Byard Point. The total value of the metal product of Maine, except iron, Is probably about |400,000.
Alcohol Engine For Farm Ust.
The accompanying Illustration shows
an alcohol engine of tho type used on
many German farms for agricultural
purposes. Tbe engine Is ot tbe fourcycle
typo, mounted on a truck.   Tho valve
mechanism and magneto are Inclosed
In a metal rasing for protection
against tbe weather. A countershaft
ts mounted on the front of thc truck
and belted to the flywheel of tbe engine, tbe power being transmitted to
tho thrasher, pump or other farm machine by belting.
t wrote an aviation play.
The crltlct were tevtrt.
The lesson ll "(til down," aaid they,
Wes It lacked "stmespliert."
-Boston Transcript
Queer Natural ■alls.
At various points on tbo Atlantic
const, particularly In New Jersey,
thero bsve been found queer hollow
bslls or masses of yellow Iron ore containing loose particles Ibat rattle when
shaken like tbo contents of a child's
rattlo box. It Is thought tbst wben
tbo concretions of oro were formed
Ihe central parts consisted principally
of some material lhat afterward dissolved away, so that the Interior apace
now contains only fragments of oro
and sand. When these balls are broken the fractured edge* sometimes
show beautiful bands of red and yellow. 	
Strange things of China still srt salt,
For In lhat flowery nation
Tht man who tttkt to sot ahead
Must ust decapitation.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Come along downtown  .fltk ma
"Bnt I bare no money wilh mo."
"Wlinl's tho difference?   Two cnt
shop at cheaply as oue."-
Naval Pert at Dever Is Largest Area
•f Opt* Sea Ever hnletee*.
The opening of Dover naval port
marks the completion of the greatest
artificial harbor ever built entirely io
the open eea. . The scheme Includes an
extension of.the admiralty pier for
2.000 feet, the formation of reclame
lion works for the protection of tbe
shore at tbe eastern end ot Dover
town extending In the direction of St
Margaret's bay for 3,000 feet, a pro
tcctlng arm-extending from tbe eastern end- of the reclamation for a distance of 2.900 feet Into the open see
and an Island breakwater approximately parallel wltb tbo shore line end,
extending from tbe eud of tbe admiralty pier extension on the west to the
end of the easterly pier already refer
red to. with wide entrance openings
between the heads of tbe several
breakwaters; If we Include tbe eighty
acres which . constitute the present
commercial harbor there is Inclosed by
theso works u total area at low water
of 090 acres of deep water harbor capable of floating the largest of modern
battleships and ocean liners. This Is
tbe largest area of the open sen ever
Inclosed by solid masonry protecting
Although that portion of thc Inclosing breakwaters whicb ta visible at
high water gives an Imprcssiou of
their great length and of tbe wide extent ot tbe harbor. It la a fact that the
•Visible masonry represents only a
small proportion of tbe work actually
done. The total length, of the sea
works is two und a half miles, two
miles of which are In exceptionally
deep water. Thus the 2,000 foot extension of the admiralty pier measures
from tbe top of tbe parapet to the
fonndatlon nearly 100 feet in belgbt,
and tbe eastern pier bas a total belgbt
above foundations of eighty-seven feet.
Tbe total width at the base of the
piers Is over fifty feet and at tbe top
forty-seven feet six Inches.
The fears which bare been expressed tbst this, like, other harbors won
from the open sen. might lie subjected
to shoaling up by drifting sands have
not been verified, the deptb remaining
practically constant—Scientific American. s
Simple Method of Solidly Bracing the
Side Potts.
Tbe posts of a gate .placed In s
straight line of wire fence requires
jnst aa much bracing as a corner post
A very effective way and one tbat will
not require mucb extra material ts
shown In the accompanying sketch.
Tbe two posts of the gate will need
to be extra long and well set ln the
ground. Tbe tops of tbe posts are
then tied wltb wire so as to hold tbem
ln a parallel position with the right
width between for the gate. The
fence wires are twisted tight and beld
to the posts wltb staples.—Popular 'Mechanics.
New Sttsl Process.
An Inventor In London bus been doing some demonstrating In that metropolis to thow tbe advantages of bis
new process for converting Iron Into
steel. He declares lhat Iron wblcb Is
not worth more than 2 cents a pound
mny with case be turned into steel
wbich Is worth n dollar a pound, and,
what Is more, ordinary Iron, after It
has been shaped Into tho loot or vessel 'desired, may then be turned Into
this high grado steel at a cost of about
5 cents a pouud. Tbp process lias tbe
advantage of being able to turn tbo
iron wholly Into steel or If It Is desired merely glrhig It a coaling of
steel. The Inventor points out that a
great saving Is made by Drat shaping
ihe tools In the soft Iron and tben
changing them Into steel.
New Mlrrer Ftr Flagstaff.
A forty Inch mirror is nlmost completed by Clark for Professor Pcrclvsl
Lowell at Flagstaff. Arts., says the
Scientific American, The mirror Is to
bo thicker than usual to avoid flexure and Is to hare a focal length of
eighteen feet four Inches. A scries of
sine'blocks between the Iron supporting ring nnd the edge of the mirror
svolds strains on the glass with changes
of temperature. Wben arranged for
jdanetary 'Tl,rl* secondary mirrors aro
to De provided which will transform
tbe Instrument Into a Cassegralnlnu reflector of either IU feet feet ar 70 feet
focal length. Tor photographing nob-
olnc and stars a plane mirror will bo
used as secondary, giving tbe Images
at the principal focus
Primitive Agricultural Tools Used In
Tilling tittle...
For many ccuturie* tbe Yemen haa
beeu famed throughout Arabia for its
products of the soil. Though agriculture Is the chief industry of the country, It hss never been Improved, and
the system of land cultivation today
Is the same as It wss a thousand
years ago. Practically tbe tools of
the Yemen farmer are but four ln'
number—tho plow, the thrashing flail,
a pick with a short handle, but a long
curved steel point very strong aud
sharp, and the broad bladcd powerful
knife which every Arab carries lu bla
The plow hi drawn by one or two
bullocks, sometimes by a bullock and
a woman. It bas a single handle ot
wood and a wooden beam, but Ibe
share ts of Iron, nbout a foot ln length
and sharp. It does not turn the soil
under, but cuts n very good furrow
four or fire Inches deep, and no American plowboy cnn run n stralgbter furrow or break up tho surface of the
soil better than tbe Yemen farmer can
with this simple Implement, Tbe flail
Is tbe usual long and short cudgel fastened together with leather thongs,
but the Tomen farmer grasps the short
cudgel In his bauds and nays out his
grain with the long one. Everything
done on nn American farm with hoes.
rakes, harrows, etc., Is done ln tbo
Yemen field with the long pronged
pick, and it Is a most effective though
simple farming tool. The kuife Is
used to cut tbe standing grain; bauds'
do the work of shovels and baskets
the work of barrows.—Consular lie-
Movable pen* nr* excellent te
bave on any farm where begs
nr* ratted. If these are need
and moved from place to place
th* bogs an kept clean and.
healthy and tlie manure more
evenly distributed.
Medium tiled bogs are now
meet la favor. It Is best to feed
hogs for only elf ht or ten months.
After they are a year old thn
feeding is not profitable.
There ahould be placed In every pig yard and pasture a box
with salt charcoal, air slaked
lime, bonemeal and hardwood
nshes, to that the pip can help
themselves at will.
Sows should bo bred In trios.
Then If two ot tbem should produce small litters all'the pigt
may be given to one tow aod
tbe other may be again bred or
fattened and sold.
The sow that has proved herself extra valuable as a breeder
and a mother sbould bs ono of
the most prized animals on the
A brood sow sbould bs well
nourished, but a t*'eat mistake
Is to allow l\er to become very
fat, as a fnt sow will loso-iltten
or farrow weaklings.
Dtvlot to Ptrmit Escape of Water
From Flooded Floors,
In case of "a tire In a factory tbere Is
generally more damage done to the
contents by wuter than by tbe Are.
Especially Is this true ou concrete
floors. Scupper openings should be
made in walls carrying such floors to
allow a free outlet for tbe surplus
water to run away on the outside of
Ihe wall. This is necessary to protect
the contents of the rooms below.
The Illustration herewith shows tbe
section of a brick wall and concrete
floor through oue of the scupper openings. Tbe openings nro formed with
wood wedges, whicb are removed after
the concrete has set. The rise at tho
end ot the concrete prevents thc cold
nir entering tbe building in the winter,
-ropulnr Mechanics.
Peril In Sour Milk.
Thc sour milk "craze," following the
publication of Professor Uetchnikotfs
researches. Is suid by medical men to
bc the greatest which has beeu known
in modern medical history. At thc
same time lt Is declared to be suited
to only a particular class of cases,
aad It Is therefore coming into condemnation by tbe medical faculty.
Tbe condemnation seems to bo based
on the fact that few persons have
shown any Improvement under the
use of sour milk. It Is admitted that
sour milk ia nourishing, but not so
mucb so os ordinary milk, because
somo of the sugar hss been removed
by Its conversion Into lactic acid. One
case Is cited of a womau who bad
used sour milk for two days und then
was found suffering from Indigestion
of starch In tbo intestines. The effect
of taking sour milk was to Increase
thc splitting up of thc starch wilh tbe
formation of organic acids; hence the
Pssr Pussy.
A lady wbo.owned it tortoise shell
cat called her grocer up one morning
and gave ber usual economical order-
an order for dried beans, hominy, yesterday's bread and so forth-and ahe
concluded with a request for 1 cent's
worth of cat's nu>at.
Tbt grocer ilghed, for Ihis ordei
would have to be delivered three miles
away. But as ho waa entering tbt
Items In bla order book the lady called
blm up again.
"Mr. Sands," she ssld. "Oh, Mr.
"Yes, madam."
"Mr. Blinds, I want to cancel that
order for cat'* ment. Tbe cat's Just
caught a bird."—Washington Star.
44*>flt^4*fr»*»M»i>H>»»»»«»»»fli »
Th* Wild Oats Crap.
If Ibe statistics were available
probably It would be found tbat
OS per cent of young men wbo
are sowing wild oats are permitting somebody else to pay for
their oatmeal -Oalveston News.
^H-mw-M •>»♦♦♦»♦
Fletk Nttdt Prottctien From the Winter Storms.
Sheep have little need of protection,
from cold further than tbat which,
tbey provide for themselves In tbeir
wool. After keeping them dry and
out ot the wind any attempt to keep
tbelr quarters warm will likely de>
more barm tban good, but wool Is nob
a very good windbreak and Is a very
poor protection against water.
Drying of wet wool Is due principally to tbo heat from tbe body of tb*
sheep. If any one Is inclined to doubt
this statement let him try drying ts.
fleece off tbo sbeep and he will bc convinced. It Is well known that tt taken
a lot of beat to evaporate a tittle wnter, and tbls beat must come from tht>
teed that ought lo be making marketable wool or mutton Instead of going
off Into tbe elr. The chili resulting;
from wet wool will cause colda,
catarrh,-etc., to interfere with tb*>
thrift of tbe sheep for a long-time.
Then when a abeep Is weighted dow*
with a lot of water or snow or sleet tt.
docs not cat so well as wben it is dry
snd comfortable. Exposure to wind
Is not nearly so bsd as exposure to
wet weather, but Is ba 1 enough an*
should be avoided.
Except for lambing time, sbedt that
are uot very deep and open on one or
two sides are about tbe best shelter
to be bad. Wben a closed barn t»
used the floor above the aheep eboulA
Tht so called r.anbouillet Merino
breed of sheep has become popular
In thit country In recent yters and
hat been greatly Improved by American breeders. This Is really the
true French Merino sheep, aa It had
Its origin In France In I'M. 'taa* It
bas a longer history ot a distinct
family of tht 8panl>h Marino than
the American variety hos, for tht
flrtt Importation of tht Merino Into
tht United Htates occurred twenty-
Ave yetrs letsr. flamtioulllst sheep
are of largo slst tnd trt good producers of both wool and mutton.
Tht Illustration thows ■ typical
head of tht breed.
be high up, so thst they will bavt a
good air space overhead and, beside*,
contain plenty of openings for the en-
cape of air upward.
II la very Important lhat ventilation)
be secured without sny strong drafts.
Drafts In Ilia barn nre much worse
than wind out of doors. The side ot
the barn toward the prevailing wind
sbould bo made close so aa lo avoid •
sifting wind, and especially It tbould
make good connection with the Krone*
so that thero will not be a draft running along tlio floor of tbo barn.
It ia especially Important tbat tben
be perfect ventilation wben wet aheep
are put Into tbe barn. Tbe gaaea from
wet wool ure poisonous lo sheep, in*
thty had far better ttey out tn any
kind of weather than be peone* np
aad bare to breathe theae gasee—O. ■.
Lewis Hefore West Virginia
Breeders' Association.
The purely American breed* of beg*
are Ibe Chester While. 0. J. C, Pole**
Cblna. Dnroc-Jeney, Hampshire. Ch*>'
shire, Victoria and Mulefoot Tbtt*
breeds were created la Amertcn. and)
owners cannot Improve tbem by la-
oortlaa breeding stock. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,   nfcrrison
block.   Phone B 39.
J. H. Kennedy, of Vancouver.chief
engineer of the Vancouver, Victoria
it Eastern railway, passed through
Grand Forks on Saturday on his way
to Princeton. Mr. Kennedy, whore-
sided iri this city for a number of
years, stated that construction work
on the Vancouver, Victoria le Eastern
railway west of Princeton would be
resumed early this spring.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders ofthe British Columbia Copper coinpany, held in Charlestown,
\V. V, last week, August Heckscher
and Joseph Seaman, both of New
York, were elected directors to fill
the two vacancies on the board caused
hy the death of Edwin Hawley and
F. L. Soinmer. Mr. aSommer was also
vice-piessident of the company, but
two directors, C. H. Burke and C. A.
Starbuck, will now hold that position.
All the other directors were reelected.
Three Rhode Island Bed cockerels
for sale cheap. Adjaly Cecil McCalluin.
- F. M, Sylvester, acting manager of
the Granby company, while in Vancouver last week, stated that construction work on the proposed smelter at Goose bay, Portlrnd Canal, will
be started early this spring.
Silkstone destroys the labor of
housecleaning. Choose n suitable
tint for this spring, and wash it
clean in the fall and spring. It lasts
for years. Call at our store and ask
about it.   Thos. A. Mclnryre <fc Co.
W. M. Walker, of Calgary, auditor
fur P. Burns it Co., has been in tho
city during the present week auditing
the books at the local branch.    ,
We are pleastd with the reception
of our new cash ayatem. It will save
you money as well as us. A cash
price is the cheapest and best for all.
Thos. A.McIntyrs&Co.
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Mclnnes left
tin Monday for Rochester, Minn.,
where Mrs. Mclnnes will enter Mayo
Bros.' hospital for a surgical opera
For Sale—Three thoroughbred
Hlinde Island Red roosters; two S10
each, nnd one for fit. Miles Barrett.
John Mclnnis, ex-Socialist M.P.P
fur Grand Forks, will b* a candidate
in the coming elections for the Fort
George constituency.
The Granby smelter has shipped
over 3,109,000 pounds of blister copper to date this year.
I have fur sale, Silver Spangled
HaniburgH.Partridge Wyandottes, s.c
It. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown l_egli:irns, Itluo Andalusians
ami .Silver Spangled Hainbiirgs.—
Hubert, Clark, nol ill nf Winnipeg
avenue briilgu.
Many Cathartics  Tend
Cause Injury to the
If you are subject to constipation
you should avoid strong drugs and
cathartics. They only give temporary
relief and their reaction is harmful
and sometimes more annoying than
constipation. They in no way effect a
cure and their tendency is oo weaken
the already weak organs with which
they come in contact.
We honestly believe that we have
the best constipation treatment ever
devised. Our faith in it is so strong
that we sell it on the positive guarantee that it shall not cost the user a
cent if it does not give entire satisfaction and completely remedy constipation. This preparation is called Re*call
Orderlies. These are prompt, soothing
and niost effective in action. They are
made of a recent chemical discovery.
Their principal ingredient is ordorless,
tasteles, and colorless. Combined with
other well-known ingredients, long established for their usefulness in the
treatment in constipation, it forms a
tablet which is eaten just like candy.
Tbey may be taken at any tiiye, either
day or night, without fear of their
causing any inconvenience whatever.
Thoy do not gripe, perge, nor cause
nausea. Tbey act without causing any
pain or excessive looseness of the
bowels. Tbey are ideal for children,
weak, delicate persons, and aged people, as well as for thu most hearty
They come in three size packages,12
tablets, 10 cents; 36 tablets, 25 cents;
80 tablets, 50 cents. Remember, you
can obtain them only at our store—
The Rexall Store. H. E. Woodland.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new skating and fin-ling rink
will Jw erected in Phoenix for in*xt
season. Tin- Phoenix citv counoil lias
tli'i.idwl to make a grant towards tlm
erection of a combined skating and
curling rink.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until
the 30th March, 1912, for the
following supplies, to be delivered at
the School House, Grand Forks. Tenders may be for the whole or any part
thereof. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Ruled examination foolscap, 13
Ibt. to 1000 sheets, 30,000 sheets.
Scribbler Books, M,000 books.
Exercise Books, 2,000 books
Drawing Books, 300 books.
Ruled sheet tiaper, size 3), inches
by 9 inches, padded in blocks of 100,
30,000 sheets.
Chalk, White Hygeia, 2fl gross.
Pen Nibs, No. 401 Gillett, 15 gross.
Blackboard erasers, Weber's dust-
less, 3 dozen.
Lead Pencils, A. W. or Johan Fader's drawing B, 4 gross.
Sample books for purpose of tendering can be obtained of the Secretary,
Hoard nf Trustees
(Irand Forks, February 20, 1912
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Don't forget that The Sun bas the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Dry1 four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, **Xw, Columbia p. o,
Bridge Street,
The best and most
-.iihstiintiul lire-proof
building In the lloim-
ilitry country. Kp-
ceutly completed and
newly furnished
throiit! limit. Kquip-
ped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally lo*
ated. First-clnss ac*
nni nitidiit itiTiw for the
travelling public.
Hot and Gold Bathi
Firit-Clasi Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
la Connection.      •
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
Wc have the most modern jobbing plant
in the linundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, nnd curry s complete'
line of Stationery.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable I'rench regulator; never fails. These
pills are exceedingly puwerlul hi regulating the
generative p >rtiun of tne female avstcm. KefiiHO
all cheap imitations. Dr. de Vun'a are sold at
Hi n box. nr three lur $1(1. Mailed to ;it* v mlilrei-s.
Tb* 8oobf.ll Urate Co.* Bt. Catliarlnei. Out
Suits to Order &18 iwtds
1 Wo nre agents (oi* some of the leading tailoring establishments in tlie east. When you order from us you have
tho advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satifaction.
' Our spring stoek of Se itch Tweeds and English Worsteds will lie in shortly. They arc the best you can buy.
We guarantee you tlie best made clothes in the country
at thc lowest prices. We always have men that know
their busbies making these clothes. Call nnd see onr
goods and prices. Wc want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Billheads and aStntements,
l/'lti-rhendH nnd Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
bodge Constitutions nnd By-lnws.
Shipping Trig?, Oirculnrs nnd [Mncnrds,
Bills of   Fnre nnd   Menu   Curds,
Announcements   and Counter
. Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in nn
Up-to-date Primary.
-the kind we do—is in itsell
an advertisement, and a trial
ordor will convince'you that our Htock and workman-
ship are of tlie host. I-et us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tail
Sty* gum pint Stop
Furniture Mnde to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. mccutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A COMFI.BTB stock oc
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly,
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
taoor Honing
Kasor Honintr a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ist Door North of Ghaniiv Hotki.,
First Street.
Thade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone eenoini a .ketch and description mar
nlcklr aacertatn our opinion free wliothor an
llonl "   	
sent rree. OI'loM iircncr fa	
Patente taken tbrough    _
»r».laHia).IcAwimontchine,lo. _
Scientific American.
4 hatidjomeiy Uluatnted weekly. Lameit clr-
fnfatlon of any momma Journal. Ternm for
Canada, $.i.7.'> it year, pontage prepaid.   Bold by
■fl nOT/_«C»,"C''.
...   •-■ -,. Hu Wainir_.-t.-,i. l\ 0
1%.. I IP)
(w.^Vv.---^--. /;/___—*.
A\ X
Want a Partner?
Perhaps business lo
tSreitrirlr.p, for tho want of
a helping liui'.J,ora little
ir.arocn.Jlil. Men with
money and men with
brains read thia paper.
You can reach them
through our Classified
Want Ads.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section than have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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