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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 27, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Annual Picnic of Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society
The annual picnic of the Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society
of America, held at Ward's lake,
west of the city, on Wednesday,
was a big success. A vast crowd uf
sturdy and prosperous looking citizens wss present from Grand Forks,
Nelson, Rossland Trail, Greenwood,
Pboenix, Midway, Eholt, Republic,
Curlew and Danville. Tbe program was carried out with tbe best
of order, and everybody entered
witb zest into the merrymaking.
For tbe dance in tbe eveniog over
one hundred and twenty tickets
were sold, Ths various committees
deserve credit for having taken pains
in perfecting tbe arrangements
so that no set-back occurred to the
enjoyment of tbose wbo attended.
Tbe results of tbe athletic contests
were as follows:
Catching tbe Greasy Pig—First
prize, pig, donated by Burns & Co.
and M. Mullen. Won by Sam Peterson, ot Grand Forks.
Log Sawing Contest—First prize,
two suit cases, donated by N. L.
Mclnnes & Co. and Jefl Davis &
Co.; second, 110 cash, donated by
Winnipeg botel and Grand Forks
Market. First prize won by Victor
Johnson and pan ner, time 1:26; second, Wm. Hoffman and partner,
time 2.3}.
Trap Shooting Contest—First
prize, carload of 16-inch wood, donated by Western Pins Lumber
company; second, $5 cash, donated
by Grand Forks botel. Mr. Biner,
of Greenwood, won first prize, and
T. A. Mclntyre second.
Tug of War for B. C. Cup—First
prize, cup and 100 Arabella cigars,
the latter donated by Meligsn Cigar
company. This contest resulted in
.-a tie between tbe Grand Forks and
Phdenix teams.
Ladies' Tug of War—First prize,
S10 cash, donated by Mayor Fripp
and the Royal Bank of Canada.
Won by tbe Grand Forks team.
Boys' Race—First prize, 81.50
pocket knife; second, 11 pocket
knife, botb donated by W. K. C.
Mnnly. Herbert Gordon first,
Gregory Warren second.
Girls' Race—First priie mirror;
Becond, brass gong, both donated by
Woodland & Quinn. Flora Murray
first, Nellie Jewel second.
Men's Race—First prize, $5 hst,
donated by R. Campbell; second,
box of cigars, donated by Allen &
Bugbee. Bert Reid first, Neil Murray second.
Ladies' Race—Firat prize, brace
let, donated by A. D. Morrison;
second, coffee perculator. donated
by Miller & Gardner. Emily Jewel
lirst, Mrs. Bert Scott second.
Fat Men's Race—Firat prize,
Panama bat,donated by Clark Bros.;
second, pipe.donated by F. Downey.
E. A. Savage first, R. J. Gardner
Higb Jump—First prize, safety
razor; second, ash tray, botb donated
by The Mann Drug Company. Bert
Reid first, Neil Murray second.
Ladies' Nail Driving Contest-
First prize, pair of  shoes, donated
by McKim & Leroy; second, banging basket, donated by tbe Grand
Forks Furniture Company. Mre.
Lewis first, Mrs. Webster second.
Sack Race—First prize, fishing
rod, donated by Mclntyre & Smith;
Becond, $2.50 cash, donated by Jobn
Donaldson.   Postponed.   .
Spoon '.lace—First prize, baseball
mitt, donated by Robert Petrie;
second, 12.50 cash, donated by
Jobn Donaldson.   Postponed.
In addition to the above prizes,
F. W. Russell donated $25 cash,
whicb was used for the purpose uf
decorating tb* grounds.
Tbe followiug is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min,     Max
June20-Friday  49 69
21—Saturday  .... 44 68
22—Sundiy,  49 66
23—Monday  55 72
24—Tuesday  50 70
25—Wednesday... 52 75
26—Thursday  54 74
Rainfall  1.19
The rainfall for June, 1913, was
3 06 inches, as compared with 1.15
inches for June, 1912; for tbe first
six months of the current year tbo
precipitation was 9.29 inches, as
compared with 8.35 inches for tbe
first cix months of 1912.
Board of Trade Has Sent a
Display to tbe Calgary
At the meeting of the Grand
Forks board of trade on Wednesday
evening a great deal of routine business was transacted, and a number
of important subjects were debated.
A long discussion on the proposition of tbe establishment of a cannery in the city, developed the fact
that the sentiment of tbe members
of tbe board was in favor of a local
enterprise, provided an organization
for tbat purpose could be perfected
and a government loan secured. The
committee appointed at the last
meeting to collect a display for tbe
Calgary fair, reported that the
greater portion of the exhibit had
been shipped by freight, and that
the balance would be forwarded by
express tbis week. A communica
tion was read from the Dominion
Cannery company, stating that the
company was willing to consider
a proposition to establish a cannery
at this point, and asking what inducements, if any,the city would be
willing to grant.
to the city fully convinced tbat, all
things considered, 'Grand Forks is
ahead of any plaee be saw in bis
R. A. Brown, of Volcanic, has
secured a contract from the Western
Lumber and Pole company to cut
5.000,000 leet of sawlogs and 15,000
pole-*. Mr. Brown was in tbe city
on Wednesday and engaged workmen and a cook, and next Monday
will start a camp witb nine men.
New Home for the Moving
Picture Show Will Open
Next Monday
The members of Grand Forks
Lodge No. 30, Knights or Pythias,
will attend a memorial service, to he
conducted by Rev. Henry Steele,
uvHoly Trinity church, on Sunday, June 29, at 7:30 p.m.
Leslie Clark and Miss Nellie Webster were married on Tuesday even
ing at the home of the bride's parents, in Columbia, Rev. Mr. Barlow,
of the Methodist church, performing
the ceremony. Tbs groom ia a son
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark, and
was tbe firat male child born in
Grand Fork. The bride is a popular young lady of Columbia. Mr.
and Mrs. Clark will made their
home in tbe North Fork district.
E. Williamson, of Rock Creek,
has just received returns from two
cars of silver-lead ore shipped to th*
Trail smelter from bis Sunnyside
claim. The ore gave returns of near
the $50 mark, and tbe two cars
netted the owner a nice sum. Williamson bas shown a great faith in
the James lake section, having
worked single-handed for some tbree
years, hut his confidence and patience are uow rewarded, as it is reported that h* can with the present
elate ot development alone mine a
ton a day.—Greenwood Ledge.
According to the press dispatches,
Luther McCarty, tbe prizefighter
wbose tragic death in the ring in
Calgary is deplored, made £10,000
in. the past eighteen months, but bis
estate schedules only $30,000. In
eighteen months he spent $70,000
in ways that suited him and his
friends, while his wife worked as a
servant in a restaurant in Fargo. To
spend $70,000 in eighteen months
is to get rid ef the cash at an average rate of $4000 a month, or £1000
a week, or $145 a day, week in and
week out.—Detroit Free Press.
A meeting of the members of the
Grand Forks Produce association
was held in the Miner's Union ball
last Saturday afternoon, when the
following members were elected to
serve en tbe board of directors during tbs coming year: Chas. Hesse,
E. F. Laws, C. C. Heaven, G. M.
Fripp, R. Hughes, J. B. Markell,
and H. A. C. Baker. The officers
of tbe association will he selected by
tbe directors from tbe above names.
A resolution favoring lbe; establish
ment of a cannery by tbe association
was rejected after it had been thoroughly discussed.
A number of breeds from Ferry
passed through the city yesterday,
and camped below town last -night.
They were well supplied with firewater, and attracted tbe attention of
tbe city and provincial police. They
wer* on their way to Marcus and
intermediate points.
On Thursday evening, June 26,
the parishioners of Holy Trinity
church held one of their monthly
socials in tbe parish ball, and, as
usual, a most enjoyabie evening was
spent. The Rev. C. A. Seager, of
St. Mark's Hall, Vancouver, gave a
brief address, and among Ihe many
pleasing features of tbe program
were violin solos by Miss Hadden
and a very amusing skit by Me.---.rs
Lake and Cronant.
Rev. C. A. Seager, principal of St.
Mary'8 Hall, Vancouver, wbo lias
been the guest of Rev. Henrj. Steele
since Tuesday, lefl today for the
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson, of
Spokane, are visiting at the home of
the former's brother, C. B Peter
son, of the Pacific hotel, tbis week.
Mr. Peterson was proprietor of the
Columbia hotel in pioneer days.
Charles Hay, formerly of this
city, spent Tuesday in town. He
was en route from Vancouver to his
home in Staveley, Alta.
W. T. DeCew, of the Western
Pine Lumber company, left on Wed
needay for a business trip to Calgary- 	
Mrs. I. A. Dinsmore left tbis week
for Merrickville, Ont., wbere she in
tends to remain for a year witb
Mrs. Laura McKay left last week
for Fairbanks, Alaska, wbere sh*
will live in future witb ber daughter.
Chris Coughlan, manager for P.
Hums & Co. at Rossland, is spending a week in the city.
George Clark returned  this week
from a visit to tbe coast cities.
Miss Florence Gilpin returned on
Tuesday from Victoria, wbere she
has been attending school. Bbe will
spend her vacation witb her parents
in this city.
James McArdle returned on Mon
day from tbe Portland rose carnival.
E, K. Gibson  returned on   Monday from the Spokane Pow Wow.
i Aubrey Miller, who has been attending college at Pullman, Wash.,
j is spending his vatiun with his par-
j eute in this cily.
After being treated to a few coats
of paint, the Yale botel now has the
appearance of a new building.
A shaft is being sunk on one of
tbe seams at the Midway coal mint,
The coal at this property is said to
be very high in carbon.
H. H. Bishop and John Claney,
of Chicago, and Ed Lamb, of Du-
iuth, Minn., arrived in the city on
Monday, and were taken up to the
west fork of the north fork in rigs
from Burns it O'Ray's barn. They
are largely interested in timher
| limits in that district, and will
'spend   ten   days  inspecting   their
| J, T. Pell returned home yester-
! day from a seven  weeks'  vacation
trip tbrough the  prairie provinces.
Besides visiting all tbe principal
j cities in th* northwest, he went  as
far *ast as Winnipeg.   He returns
The strawberry shipping season
is now at its height. A couple of
dozen crates are daily being expressed lo the other boundary towns
F. R. S. Barlee, secretary of tbe
boaid of trade, is recovering from a
two weeks' illness.
E. Miller and W. B. Cochrane attended tbe sitting of the supreme
court in Greenwood tbis week.
Tbe Russell-Law Caulfield company, of Greenwood, bas made an
assignment to Robert Kelly of Vancouver.
E. C. Alexander, of San Francisco, is visiting his son at the Yale.
Tbe   No. 7 mine, in Wellington
camp, closed down last Saturday.
The new Empress moving picture
theatre, in the Kerman block on
Bridge street, will open its doors to
tbe public at a matinee next Monday afternoon. Thereafter two
shows will be given eacb night every
day in the week except Sunday.
Tbis playhouse is 'aodern in every
detail, and is a vast improvement
on many metropolitan establish
ment* of tbis nature. Tbe bouse
contain* between tbree and four
hundred opera chairs, placed on a
sloping door, tbus giving everybody
an unobstructed view of the stage,
and ample provision has been made
for exits in the event 'of fire. Tbe
lobby is spacious and handsomely
finished, and the bouse is an important milestone in the progress of
the city. The enterprise will no
doubt be liberally patronized, as it
deserves. Tbe theatre will furnish
tbe citizens and travelling public a
comfortable place in wbich to spend
many pleasant hours.
Supreme Court
A sitting of the supreme court
was held in Greenwood on Tuesday, Chief Justice Hunter presiding. Tbe case of Budd Pringle and
J. S. Jermyn vs. Jensen, for $ 1122,
was adjourned until next court. Tbe
case of Fair vs. George, involving a
sum of $3,221.79, is to be settled by
the registrar of the court, and an
auditor from Spokane auditing the
In tbe criminal case, Rex vs. Bu-
torec, the defendant was found
guilty of wounding Eleanor Palmer
with intent to do some grievous
bodily harm, and was sentenced to
eighteen months at hard labor.
Sheriff Kerman and the following
jurors from tbis city attended tbe
court: J. A. McCcllum, August
Schlatter, W. C. Chalmers, H. A.
Sheads, Alex Macintosh, David
Woodhead, Martin Mullen. Burt
Jewel, Ed Fitzpatrick, A. W. Muir,
H. A. C. Baker, W. E. Hadden,
Eugene Herrick and John Beckett.
Mr. McCallum acted as foreman of
the jury.
The following is tho honor roll of
tile public school for the month of
Proficiency—Division 2, Pauline
Sloan; division S, Ma DeCew; division
4, Wilfred Hrown; division 5, Dorothy
Jackson; division 6, George Hodgson;
division 7, Reggie Heaven; division 8,
Pryce Jones; division 9, Kathleen
Deportment—Division 1, Oswald
Hay; division 2, Quentin Quinlivan;
division 3, Edith Larsen; division 4,
Ray Lane; division 5, Norma Eriekson; division 6, Helen Simpson; division 7, Mai v Beran; division 8, Dean
Kennedy; division 9,  Dorothy Burns.
Attendance — Division 1, Ruth
Krischke; division 2, Frank Hart
inger; division 3, Abrani Mooyboer;
division 4, Ambrose McKinnon; division 5, Gertrude Krischke; division fi,
Maogaret Fowler; division 7, Mary
Wibmer; division 8, Lawrence McKinnon; division 9, Willie Ruckle.
An addition is being built to the
customs oflice at Midway. THE flSUX, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH 'COLUMBIA.
Legal Term*
It. was a case of assault. The 111-
ii.eu wife was bringing the charge
against her brutal husband ami laying
lier grievances before the magistrate.
•E Btarted by glvin' me a biff ou the
nut, sho exclaimed tearfully.
A biff on the nut? My good woman,
you must not talk like lhat in a Court
of Justice. I presume you mean he
gave yon a blow upon the head?
Vus, yer washnp'. And then 'e
tried lo do me In by chuckin' 'Ib ter-
baccy at me hoptlcs.
By which I take It you mean he attempted to injure yon by precipitating
his tobacco box at you. Contluue,
icnd try to avoid slang. Pray inform
the Court what further violence he
Well, yer washup, 'e—'e—er—
Go on. Don't waste the time of the
I was jlst a wonder.!.' what was the
pet name of this 'ere Court for a dot
on the boko that blacked me eyes.
Couldn't do It
Look here, begs n the man, as he
entered a butcher's shop and displayed two black-and-blue eyes, you have
fresh beet for sale? I have, replied
the butcher.
And fresh beef la good tor black
It Is.
Very well. I have the eyes and you
have the beef. Do you think you
can sell me a pound or eo without
asking me how I got decorated?
1 will do my best.
The butcher then cut off and weighed the meat, and received the money
for lt without another glance at the
customer. That was not" the end,
however. A sudden wave of curiosity swept over him, and he laid tne
money down and said: Here, I'll make
you a present of the meat. Now, tell
me about the fight.
Captain Philip Henry Nicholas, ot
I-ongstght. who has iust died at the
ripe age of ninety-three, once had an
Island offered to him. Whilst cruising in the Pacific he touched laud at
the Soo Loo Islands, and speedily became a favorite with the rulers. They
conferred honors upon him, presented
blm with the sword ot state and other
regalia, and offered to give blm an
island for himself if he would settle
there. The gallant captain, however,
discovered there was a matrimonial
alliance with a dusky princess behind
all ibis kindness, and his affections
being otherwise engaged, he rejected
the offer nnd resumed his voyaging.
It PaU Better
While travelling through the West
a man lost a valuable dog, aud immediately proceeded to lho office' of Mle
Hustler's Review in the town where
he was stopping. Entering abruptly, he said to the editor: I've lost a
(log. I'd like to have you insert
this ad. for me:
Sev. nty-flys dollars reward for the
return of a French bulldog answering
the name of Darwin. Last seen on
Ttirnt-r's Road.
We're just going to press, sjtltt the
editor, but we'll manago to hold the
edition for your ad.
•After returning to thc hotel, the
owner of the dog decided it might be
best to add to his advertisement: Nj
questions asked: lie returned to the
office to And the place entirely deserted save for a red-haired youth who sat
gassing intently out ot tho window.
Whore Is everybody? he asked.
Gone to hunt thc dawg, replied the
lad,. Without removing his gaze from
the distant fields.
A Running Account
Briefer, the solicitor, was angry, lt
was easy to see that from the vicious
way he was filling in a 11.11 of cost
Snip the tailor, had actually had the
impudence to send his bill In twice,
aud now his lifJe Son had come to
demand the money.
I am too busy to attend to such a
small matter now, he said. Tell your
father I'm not going to run away.
Away went the youth with the message, but very soon be returned.
Father says he must have the money please, he lisped in chlldiBh innocence.
Tut. tut! Didn t you tell him I was
not going to run away?
Yes, sir. Please, sir. 1 told him
lhat all right but he told me to toll
you, sir, that he was!
Sample free If you write The National
Drug end Chemical Co., of Canada,
Limited,   Toronto.
She Wanted Comfort
An old country woman, compelled to
sit in a suffocating smoking compartment In a crowded excursion UratnJ
gazed open-mouthed through the window at a lady on lhe platform who was
giving the porter exhaustive instructions regarding the storage of her bicycle.
See that you find the best place in
Ihe van,.porter, and fix it very securely, and don't let anyone play with the
bell,.and-rfio«e Ihe windows - so that
nobody can steal It, and cover up the
handle bars and make sure that the
train doesn't shake It as It goes over
the points.
The porter promised slavish obedience, pocketed his tip and (timed to
go away.
One moment, young fellow, cried the
old woman, leaning out of the window
and catching his arm, 1 want to get out
of here, it ain't halt cosy enough
Here's tuppence; now show me lhe
way to lhe bicycle van.
Great Generosity
She sighed. I saw the loveliest
lace curtains today, she murmured. 1
did want them so badly. She sighed
again. But I knew yon wished to
economize, dear, she concluded, so 1
didn't gel them. And yet, a third
time she sighed.
Then he spoke. That's too bud, my
dear! he said generously. Anything
which adds to your happiness and
brings gladness to your eyes; anything which brightens your domestic,
cares and gilds the lowering clouds;
anything which borders with sweet
flowers the thorny paths ot duty and
appeals to your aesthetic nature, you
are welcome to, my angel—if It does
not cost more than fifty cents.
The world admires a man who attends to his own business.
A crank who makes
« genius.
a success ls
Where Jake Drew the Line
Jake Tannenbaum owns a theatre
In Mobile, where thi Race question i:
very acute. Furthermore, he exercises great care in his scrutiny of the
bills any company wishes to present
In his house. One morning he received from a celebrated Shakespearean actor the list of plays to be put
on during a run of seven days.
I see here, Romeo and Juliet, said
Jake, running his flnger down the list,
and I will stand tor that. But I
shrink when I think of that fellow
Playing Romeo. And here's Hamlet.
No man living can play Hamlet ns he
should be played. And here is Othello!
At' this point. Mr. Tanneubau_n
leaped out of his dial • and hung on
the ambient atmosphere a long - d
lingering groan.
It Is too much! he cried In angulBh.
1 am no fanatic. 1 am nol a crazy
man on the Race question. But I'm
a son of a gun lf I'm going to have in
my theatre any black man handing out
a lot of mushy talk to a white woman
To have the children sound and
healthy Ib the first care ot a mother.
They eannot be healthy If troubled
with worms. Use Mother GraveB'
Worm Exterminator.
li is easy enough to look pleasant.
When the spring comes along with a
Bnt the fellow worth while
ls one who can smile
When he slips and sits down In the
Broke into Sore. Itched and Burned
So Badly Could Scarcely Sleep.
Red and Inflamed. Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Entirely Cured.
217 Greenwood .Vvo , Toroiitn. Ontario.—
" My trouble wai varicose velot above my
ankle. 11. broke Into a aore which wai palatal. The sore Itched and burned so badly
t hat I could scarcely sleep. The skin around
I' waa red aud Inflamed. 1 could not wear
a shoe for night weoki. I tried several ointments hut t hey didn't seem to do I. any good.
Then I waa recommended to use Cutlrura
soapand Ointment 1 bathed with theCntl-
i-ura Hoap and put a little Cuticura Dlnt-
n.nii on and they gave the greatest relief.
I ii a few weeks the aore was entirely cured.".
(Signed) Mrs. MacOrefor, Feb. 91, IBID,
Woodstock, Yarmouth Co., N. 8.-—"My
baby was ahout three weeks old when he
hod (-alt rheum on his bead and forehead.
It ln-win In a little floe rash, which eamo
<m his head and down over his forehead
arid rormed a hard, brown crust. It looked
iwrlble, and It must havo bothered him
unite a lot, as be would not sleep. 1 used
to wash blm with the Cuticura Soap and
hot water and put the Cuticura Ointment
on, and in three weeks his head and forehead were clear, ] can't apeak too highly
uf tho Cutloura Ointment and Cuticura
Soap." (signed) Mrs. tteorge B. Allen,
Nov. 18,1011.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold by druggists and dealer* everywhere.
A m«lo set Is often sufficient. Liberal
sample of eacb mailed free, with 3__-p. Skin
Honk, sddrees post card Potter Drug _k
Ultra. Corp., Dept. MD, lloaton, U. S. A.
Land of the Free
An American paper relates that the
political boss of a small western town
drove his buckboard at top speed
down the main street on lhe morning
of the election.
Hey, Johnnie! he yelled to his son,
git down In the fourth Ward, quick!
There's people down there vot In' as
they blame please!
Had His Revenge
He wus a surly and quarrelsome old
farmer, and the only person of any
importance who had managed lo avoid
clashing with him was the mild-mannered vicar.
But even this forbearing gentleman
lost his temper when the farmer Impudently turned his horses loose ln the
churchyard and refused to tnke them
out again.
High words ensued, and the vicar
so far forgot himself as to call the
farmer a broken-down old mule.
Off went the farmer on the instant
and crashed noisily Into tho village
lawyer's office.
The vicar has just called me a broken-down old mule, he bawled. What
um I to do?
Now the lawyer had once received
a severe rebuff from the farmer, and
had waited for years for a chance to
repay lt. Here was his opportunity,
and he seized It wltn both hands.
Don't come lo mo about that, he
said, coolly. I can't patch you tip. I
am no veterinary Bin-goon.
In the Spring Most People Need a
Tonic Medicine.
One of the surest signs that the
blood is out ct order Is the pimples,
unsightly eruptions and eczema thai
come frequently with the change from
winter, to spring. These prove that
the long indoor life ot winter has had
its effect upon the blood, and that a|
tonic medicine Is needed to put It
right. Indeed there are few people
who do not need a tonic at this season. Bad blood doea not 'merely
show Itself ln disfiguring eruptions.
To this same condition ls due attacks
ot rheumatism and lumbago; thc sharp
stabbing pains of sciatica and neuralgia; poor appetite and a desire to
avoid exertion. You cannot cure
these troubles by lhe use of purgative
medicines—you need a tonic, and a
tonic only, aud among all medicines
there Is none can equal Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for their tonic, llte-glving,
nerve-restoring powers. Every dose
of this medicine makes new, rich
blood which drives out impurities,
stimulates every oigan and brings a
feeling of new health aud energy lo
weak, tired, ailing men, women and
children. If you are out of sorts
give Ihis medicine a trial and see how
quickly it will restore the appetite,
revive drooping spirits, and fill your
veins with new, health-giving blood.
You can get thee pills from any
medicine dealer or by mall at BO cents
a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville. Ont.
As Man to Man
Dick. I m-.ver nought my little boy
would tell his mother a falsehood, exclaimed the mother In the well-known
inoi-e-in-sori-ow-than-in-anger kind 'of
'Twasn'l really a story, muttered
Dick, with downcaBt. countenance. I
didn't run in the road, but only in the
That -makes it worse. Half a story
Ib worse than a whole one, as I've
told you often. And now I feel it to
be my duty to punish you severely.
This duty, he it said, the mother
performed most conscientiously. When
father returned home, therefore, ln
the evening he found Dick looking
vpry red-eyed and disconsolate.
Well, my poor little man, be asked,
what ls the matter?
Nulling, snuffed Dick!
But something must be wrong, sonny.     Tell me.   "
Oh well, if you want lo know, said
Dick, with a scowl. I've jnst been
having an awful row with your wife.
Atk for Minard't and take no c*.
Brti Summer
Mr 2 to At* 16
The Arts courte
auy e* ttkta by
tat etndtoU daelr-
Itf to fradattt
nut atttad aat
Far calaadart write
1 say, moBt annoying. .Mel Binks
just now, and asked him to lend me
a tenner. He refused. Then I met
Banks and Jaggs, and asked them.
They both refused. Don't yon think
they're rotters? Yc-e-s. Er—I'm
u rotter, too.
Tlle bishop was examining a class
jof girls.
'    What's tbe best preparation for entering the stale of matrimony?
A little courting, sir, was the reply
of n simple-looking girl.
Toacbci'-*Now who can write me a
sentence containing i lie word gruesome'.'
Tommy went up to lhe blackboard,
and this is what be wrote—
Dad did nol shave for u week and
grew some whiskers.
Lapiet of Novelists
Novelists are in a hurry at limes,
but only a few of tbelr readers are
critical. In a detective story of many
years ago the vllllan can-led up to IiIb
room a casket, containing 50,000 sovereigns and handed It lo accomplices
on a ladder.
This Is eclipsed In a novel by Mr.
Oity Boothby. Here the vllllan stipulates that 100,000 pounds In hard cash
shnll be brought to him Becrctly at the
place appointed. A gentleman with a
weakness for arithmetic states this
amount of gold would weigh a large
purl of a ton.
W. N. U. 950
Ho the Smiths have lost tbelr splendid cook? Yes. she married Into the
She (suddenly)—Did I hear something fall? He (timidly)—I dropped
a remark.
Proper Food  Put the Trouble Away
Our own troubles always see - more
severe than any others. But when a
man is unable lo cat even a light
breakfast, for years, without severe
distress, he has trouble enough.
It It small wonder he likes to tell
ot food which cleared away the troubles.
"I am glad of lhe opportunity Ut
tell of the good Grape-Nuts has done
for me," writes an Eastern man. "For
many years I was unable lo eal even
a light breakfast wlthi. it great suffering.
"After eating I would suddenly be
seized with au attack of colic and vomiting. Tbls would bc followed by
headache and misery that would
sometimes laat ;. week or more, leaving me so weak I conld hardly sit up
or walk.
"Since I began to eat Grape-Nut*
I have been free from the old
troubles. I usually eat Grape-Nuts
one or more times a day, taking It
at Ihe beginning of the meal. Now I
can eat almost anything I want without trouble.
"When I began t. use Grape-Nuts I
wsb way under my usual weight, now
I weigh 30 pounds more than I ever
weighed in my lite, and I am glad to
speak ol the ft jd that has worked the
change." Name given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read
the little booklet, "The Road to Well-
ville," In pkgs.   "There's a Reason."
Ever read th* ,-bove letter? A
ntw en* appears from tlmt to time.
They ar* ginulne, true, and lull of human Inttrttt.
Steing It Believing
Tlie weather was wet. Business
had been bad. Hence Farmer Giles,
uever amiable,, was even move Irascible than usual.
As he stepped down from the cart
on his return home trom the market,
he noticed a lantern-light moving
about near his kitchen premises, and
proceeded at once to make Investigations.
To his surprise ' e discovered a yokel, lantern ih hand, talking to his
What's your business here? demanded Farmer Giles peremtorily.
. I be come a courtln' master.
Came a-what?
A-courlln', sir. 1 be a courtln'
It's a lie. You've come here thieving. You know you have. No man
goes courting with a lantern. At any
rate, I never did.
No, sir, veplled the yokel quietly. I
shouldn't think so. judgln* by the missus!
Henry August ns waa learning to
dress himself. He was not so big as
the name sounds.
Mother, looking on, said: Why, my
son, you have your shoes on the
wrong feet!
Well, screamed Henry Augustus,
they're the only feet 1 have to put
'em on!
Hollowoy's Corn Cure takes
corn out by lhe loots. Try it
prove it
A Pleasant Proipeet
I want you to put up some wallpaper I have bought, said Hie country
clergyman, meatlng thc local man-of-
all-work.   When can you do It?
Well, ilr, he exclc-med, you Bee, I'm
rather busy just now.     I hung Mri.
S  yesterday;   I'm  hanging  your
churchwarden today; but lf It'i convenient I'll drop round and hang your
reverence on Wedneiday.
Maypole Soap
Gives tick glowing
colon, fadeless it tin
*t sods. DyeicoMot,
silk, wool oimiituns.
Ust il vo.ii._ell al
home. No trouble—
to ntw. 24 colon-
will tive tay shade.
Celo»10c.bfack 15c.
al yout dealer's ol
postpaid with booklet
"How lo Dye" bom
f. I. BENEDICT & CO. Utoitiul
Baek Tree.    A I
Sen*  treatmeat retMvet
lease hvastbis lady's kraeat
Ola etres, tlcera aa*
Irewthe cart*.    Dascrla*
fttr tnahlt i we vill tea* btek ta* ItaUawalale.
Atk for Minard't and tak* no otlit-
He—A woman Is alwayi Illogical.
Sho—How do you make that out? He
—She can always remember her birthday, but never her age.
Always Reliable
Belief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is given
—quickly, safely, and assuredly—by the tried and reliable
M4cf-.r_.flTh-*. la boats. IS casta.
Fair Warning
Mistress—You have excellent
ten of recommendation.
Belligerent-looking New Cook—YI*.
mum. Not -t fut will Ol step out ot
anybody's home until Ol git wnn.
A Common Complaint
A little girl came to her mother on*
morning and said: Mamma, 1 don't
feel very well. Well, that's too bad,
aaid mamma; where do yon feel th*
ln Bt-i-.ol, war, ihe pronip  reply.
/jv Girlhood
OK '
Womanhood k . u     ,
The women who have used
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
     Prescription will tell you
■■■ that it freed them from pun-
helped them over painful periods in
their Iif e—and saved them many a day
of anguish and misery. This tonic, in
liquid form, was deviled over 40 yean
ago for the womanly system, by R.V.
Fierce, M. D., and nas been sold ever
since by dealers in medicine to the
benefit of many thousand women.
Nsw-lfswuprefer-gou etrn eblaln Or.
Pieree'e favorite Prteeripikm tablet* st
your druggist at St per box. alas ia Sts
els* sretmi SS one ttwtiiempo to Dr.
R. Y.PIeret, ButTal*.N. Y. for trial box.
Assist Nature
now and then,
with a gentle
cathartic Dr.
Pieree'e Pita*.
up and invigorate liver ant
bowels. Btture
you f«i what
ye*, atk fer.
•asm TIT"*71, Sirv* fit? A'VO voh'-:s, hliTTTRn rOT.TnTT.TA
The .Army of
It Growing Smaller Every Day.
ie.poi_-_blc—ihey aot^
only givo reliel-—
.heypwn.anc._l_y j
cut- Constipa- j
lion.   Millions use
ihem for
aat, Ittdigatka, Sick Headache, Sallow Shin.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price,
Genuine mint beat Signature
Is CLEAN, and
diance ot
if you use
The Guaranteed "ONI DYE for
All Kinds of Cloth."
I TRY IT ind prove It for yourself I
1 Sand for Frea Color Card, .Story Booklet, nnd Book*
I      tat giving raiult* of Dyeing over other colore,
I Tho Johtiton-KJ.hard-.on Co., Limited, ■ Montreal
Long Wearing
II you are looking for a pair ol
gloves that are as tough as a Mexican
Snake whip and that will give you
lull satisfaction or a new pair free
ask your dealer for
These are the best wearing gloves
ever turnedout from a factory. Send
for Interesting story "The Plnto'a
Caosta's tiperl Glove it* Milt Makers,
It Didn't Work
Two young women stood at tie
tram junction.
They're all crowded, "lllle, we'd
better walk, said one.
You walk it you want to, but I'm
going to ride, and I bet you I'll get
a seat, too, bumptiously retorted Millie.
The stronger wiirprevalled and the
two boarded the next car that came
along. Of course, It was crowded
just as had been the previous ones.
Since no one offered a seat to the
women, thc younger ot the two mischievously whispered:
Thought you said vou'd get a seat,
You wait, replied the other; then,
going up to a sedate-looking gentleman, she exclaimed:
My dear Mr. Green, how delighted
I am to meet you again! You are almost a stranger. Will I accept your
seat? Well, I do feel tired, I admit.
Thank,you so much.
The man rose
Sit down, Jane, my girl, said- ha,
pointing to tho vacant seat. I don't
often see you out ori a washing-day.
You must fcol tired, I'm sure. How'b
your mistress?
Regarding the tate Concerts which
King George and Queen Mary contemplate reviving, it might be mentioned
that many complaints have .been
made ln the past about the overcrowding at these functions. The official list
of guests has so considerably Increased that it has beeu necessary for the
Lord Chamberlain to invite a much
larger number that can be comfortably
accommodated. During Queen Victoria's reign the-number was limited
to two thousand. Everybody who has
been in office or who ls lu office gets
an Invitation to a State ceremonial
as a matter of course, and there are
a great number of other personages
who are on the permanent list.
"The best medicine I have ever
used" is what-thousands of mothers
say of Baby'B Own Tablets. Once a
mother has used the Tablets for her
little ones she will use no other medicine and never fails to recommend
them to her friends. Concerning
them Mrs. John Thompson, Coutts,
Alta., says: "I have given Baby's
Own Tablets to my baby for constipation and think them the best medicine
I have ever used. Please send me
two more boxes as I would not care
to be without them." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
If Bad Water
Causes Diarrhoea
Use Some •Nerviline*
A Traveler's Experience Related
The experience of Mr. Norman P.
Hendricks ls not an unusual one.
Writing from Prlnc Albert, he says:
"My business calls me from one place
to another, and I am frequently up
against the bad water problem of the
Canadian North-West. In so many
places the water disagrees with mc,
and I- used to be kept very miserable
on that account. An old settler told
me one day that nothing is so useful
to newcomers as Nerviline, and he
explained to me how valuable It proved to him under similar circumstances
twenty-flve years ago. You would
hardly believe how happy and comfortable my trips are since I learned
of Nerviline. I look upon 'Nerviline'
as my trusty friend, and give it a place
of honor In my hand bag. In fact I
wouldn't think of being without it in
a country like this. It cures any little stomach trouble or digestive disturbances and relieves a cramp in ten
seconds. To cure Neuralgia, Earache, Toothache, or pain in your muscles llko Rheumatism, you simply
can't beat Nerviline."
To cure little ills before they grow-
big and to relieve the aches and nains
of the whole family get Nerviline today. Family size, 50c; trial size,
25c; at all storekeepers and druggists, or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
Qhemist (to cfushed assistant)—
Why, when I was eighteen I managed
my boss's shop by myself, and I took
over thirty-six pounds a week; I also
■had a business of my own at twenty-
one. Assistant—That would naturally follow. But didn't he mls3 the
I cured a horse of lhe Mange with
I cured a horse, badly torn by a
pitch fork, with MINARD'S LINIMENT.
St. Peter's. C.B.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling
Bathurst, N.B.
Unsatisfactory Imagination
Perkina *waa feeling deoldedly
queer; he couldn't get on with his
work he couldn't i'u anything. So ho
decided to pay a visit to the doctor.
I don't fe.l up to the mark at all,
he said to the mau of medicine. Cau
you give me a good tonic?
With pursed lips the doctor surveyed him for a moment or two, and
rising from his chair, remarked:
Ha9 lt ever o_c.irred to you that
there's a great deal in Imagination,
Mr.   Perkins?
Certainly, doctor, answered Perkins.
Then go out ot this surgery and imagine that there's nothing the matter
with you. Como back ln a week
and let me know how you feel!
The patient went, doctored himself,
and returned to th physician at Ihe
appointed time.
Ah, ah, said the doctor. You are
feeling bettor now, I can see. Did not
I tell you thero was a great deal In
That's true, sa'.d Perkins. What is
your charge?
One guinea, said the doctor.
Well, imagine you've got it, sa: 1
It Was
There was an explosion ln a powder mill, and the proprietor, who was
away on a pleasure trip, hurried home
to mako an investigation.
How in the world did lt happen? ho
asked the foreman of lho mill as he
viewed the wreck. Who was to
Well, you see, sir, replied the foreman, It was this way. Bill went Into the mixing-room, probably thinking
of something else, and struck j matc"h
in mistake.     He—
Struck a match, exclaimed the proprietor in amazement. I should have
thought that was the last thing on
earth he'd do.
It was, sir, was the calm rejoinder
of the foreman.
Sores Flee Before It.—There are
many who have been afflicted with
sores and have driven them away
with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, which
acts like magic All similarly troubled should lose no time In applying
this splendid remedy, as there Is nothing like it to be had. It Is cheap,
but Its power is ln no way expressed
by Its low prices.
Something  better  than  linen,  and no
laundry    hills.   Wash with    Soap    and
Wtter.   All stores, or direct.   State style
and alze.   i-.r 25c.   we will mall you.
88  Frew Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
The coming destruction of the
Cafe Anglais in Paris is awakening
many recollections amongst the older Londoners who U3ed to visit Paris
a dozen times a year. Forty years
ago the restaurant was famous for Its
food and frequenters, who Included
nearly every celebrity lu Europe. It
was then King Edward's favorite restaurant In Paris, always faultlessly
conducted although strongly dashed,
with Bohemiatilsin. All that was best j
ln the social and artistic world wasj
to be found there. It was one of the]
few restaurants which- kept open
through the selge aud there was also
ground for belief in the story that it
never remembered afterwards to reduce its prices.
Stale of Ohio. City of Toledo.       \. _•
Lucas County I
Frank J. Uieney makes oath thnt he Is
apnlor partner of the firm of I'\ J.
Chenev & Co., dolngi business In tlie city
of Toledo, County and Stnte aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum ot
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the uso of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to befor* mc and subscribed In
r.-.r presence, (...* Cth day of December,
AiDV 18*0.
ISeol.) A. W.  OLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally,
nnd acts directly on the blood and
mucous aurfacoB of the system. Send
for teat: -onlnln free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75l-,
Tn'.e Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Whoever doubts that the newspapers have a mission should enler
a ti-amcar, and see how useful they
are to the men when a stout lady
with a basket 1. looking around fer
a scat.
So Much a Knot
Who Is the best man usually at a
Tho preacher—He gets the profit
ind takes no risk.
."'A HET Hi   'It**1'      ,
Mi. ■ box or alx Lcxu for $2.BO,
it all dtalert, or Th* Dodd* Modioli)* Company, Limited, Toronto,
Drives Aithma Like Magic—Tha
immediate help from Dr. J. D. Kell-
ogg'B Asthma Remedy seems like
magic. Nevertheless lt Is only a nat
ural remedy used in a natural way.
Tho smoko or vapor, reaching tlie
most remote passage of the affected
tubes, brushes aside tlie trouble and
opens a way for fresh air to enter.
It Is sold by dealers throughout the
Well, Mr. SRInfllnt. said the doclor,
It Is my pleasant privilege to announcement to you that you are the
father of triplets.
Well—say—here, doclor. don't you
knock off something for a "wholesale
order of that sort? asked Mr. Skinflint.
W. N. U. S5C
Mr. Hrown had not a very good
opinion of landladies lu general until
the other day, when he happened to
see his bestowing a kindness on the
oat. Of course, he reasoned lhat
anyone who would be kind to dumb
animals would be kind to human creatures, and he hastened to commend
her actions. I'm glad to see thnt
you give all the scraps to the cat,
Mrs, Miggs.
Oh, yes, sir, she replied. Wot I
seys, Mr. Brown, is, be kind to the
cats and yer'll And it saves yer 'arf
the washln'-up.
A colored minstrel of Richmond,
Virginia, has Invented a whistling
piano, the keyboard of which ls arranged on a scale somewhat different
from that- of an ordinary piano. .It
Is reported to be capable of whistling
the moBt dlfi'cult notes and the Inventor ls confident that his device will
become very popular with his own
race throurijout the world.
Freed From Bearing Down
Pains, Backache and Pain
in Side by Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound.
Toronto,0nt. - "Last October, I wrote
to you for advice as I was completely run
down, had bearing
down sensation in the
lower part of bow-
els, backache, and
pain in the side. 1
also suffered terribly
from gas. I took
Lydia E, Pinkham's
anil am now entirely
free from pain in
back and bowels and
—' am stronger in every
way. I recommend Lydia IC. Pinkham's
Compound highly to all expectant mothers. "-Mrs. E. Wanddy, Ui I.ogan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
Consider Well This Advice.
No woman suffering from any form of
female troubles should lose hope until
she has given Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicinal ingredients of which are derived from native roots and herbs, has for nearly forty
years proved to be a most valuable tonic
and invigorator of the female organism.
Women residing in almost every city
and town in the United States bear
willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
If yon have the slightest doubt
thut Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you, write
to Lydia E.Plnkham Medicine Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass., for advice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman)
and beld In strict confidence.
Not Readily Explainable
The old sporting squire was giving
a dinner to his friends to mark his
farewell to the chase.
Being well known for his tales,
voices on all sides asked for bis biggest achievement.
As was usual he demurred tor a moment, but tbe expectant assembly persisted.
Well, said he, I remember taking
off the riglit ear and the hoof of one
of the hind feet of a deer with one
Impossible, exclaimed his guests
with a laugh. Ilow could you do such
a thing?
For a moment the old squire seemed to have forgotten himself, and he
turned in his chair to his old butler
John, to whom he always appealed
lu cases of emergency.
John, do you remember how I did
There was a moment's pause.
Oh, yes sir, said John, perfectly
well. Don't you remember the deer
was scratching its ear with Its hind
foot when you flred.
Your dmsslst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMI.-NT falls to cure any case of Rollins, Blind, Bleeding or l*roti udini; Piles
.li - lo It days.    5t)c.
A Quick Solution
Angrily, moodily, Jack Jenkins, sign
writer, surveyed the exterior of Nichol
as Petroff Scavavoliski's new drapery
emporium. There could bo no doubt
that Je-kins was greatly perturbed
over something. Presently his ruge
broke all bounds,
The mean, hook-nosed, price-cutting
vllllan 1 he yelled. If he doesn't pay
me I'll—I'll smash every window in
his shop.
What's tlie tlirouble, matey, asked
a passing Irishman.
Trouble: answered poor Jenkins,
trembling with rage. It'B that vllllan
inside thc shop that's troubling mc.
I've stood on this tedder painting his
nume ror u week past, lu all weathers.
Pour chills have I caught, and ought
to be lu bed now wilh influenza, and
yet lhe wicked scamp won't pay me.
Di'Korru, said Pnt, does the thufe
expect ye to work for nothing? And
he walked to tho door and ominously
surveyed lbe Interior,
It looks like lt! snarled Jenkins.
Then don't ye do It, cried tho Irishman. I .i-i me hould tlio ladder and
ye tnke my knife oi.d scrape his name
off again.
Stories of (lend men's ghosts arc
common enough, but tlie shade of Mr.
T. P. O'Connor is probably unique,
inasmuch as it lias been seen whilst
the man himself ls, happily, still In
the land of tbe living. Twenty years
ago 'T.P.' was called suddenly to
Ireland to his dying mother. At the
time when he was crossing St
George's Channel his apparition was
seen by .Mr. Swift MaeNelil and others
occupying his usual place In the
Applv Zam-Bok to nil
wounaa and sores and you
■will be surprised how quickly
it stops the smarting ar.il
brings ease. It covers the
wound with a layer of protective balm, kills all poison
germs already in thc wound, snd
prevents others en'eriflg. Itl rich
holing; fccrbal esuaas then bu 11
up from the toltom, 'resh Ibiuci
•nd In a wonderfully short time
Ihe wound Is healed]
mttn B u ft popularity li buori on merit.
Imlt_,tl(iiiirievpr*otk cures. Italura .ridge, the ml thltif. "Zaoi-BuV" li printed
on every pteka ot the Rinuine. J-t-uM
■11 others, _(to gll drtifrg'iti tad itonl ■■>.
ZjtniHuk Co., Toronto. I
botlle may urn Mn
oven acrs. Muy i.:t<\
male s bttsistSt ol
buylnc lame h*rt*l ■■'■I
eur__iZt_.rt_.il.> w.___Krn.
Jdili'i.  T.leatherwilt.
t I.'j yrofil
SH^ibeutVOWbMNlf   Wbr net ftt« bottle o|
Spavin Cure  ,
•nil 1- ret-J.- to cure c»ft i.t C trV. Simla, Splint,
ktncU.ie.    Hour   Croiri'.-.t or ._^
!»ioraf.»    iron    bruiiti /^***^^    7+
or   oilier   i*. iimi     'l !.■.>■._■
(iw!t elo'hft I'M-ntr-i we.ia-
-B« l—have L-eejt dolnt tt •■■
o\rt U terns,    It's Me «...
j*!:. i-mt-O/ Tf'aa cm de-pcutl j
oa.   til a lolUt it on-1 i>;.,i /
Merio'-vrauili itt*""
M»s. Witruow*! BootniMO Svaur hts beca
wed foe over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
ia the belt remedy lor DIAKRIta.A. It it tb.
Mlutely htrtnlett. Be ture tnd tsk lor "Mrt.
Winiloiv'l BoolliiBB Syrup," tod Uk* SO OtllU
kind. Twenty-five centt 8 bottlt.
The Soul of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Mexican Pulque
Pulque ls salt! to be the cause of
over hall of the trouble In Mexico.
Pulque la something like Ave cont
American blue-barrel whisky with
flutings ironed In it.
LADIES WANTED—To do worlt at
homo; decorating cushion tops; can
make from 5*1 to JU per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N. 43
Steele Blk., Winnipeg,
Kent Is feeling tho effect ot the emigrations to Canada, and one correspondent goes so far ns to say that In
some villages a young man is comparatively, a rarity. Hop-growers are
paying nearly twice as much a* was
the case last year to encourage (killed
men to remain In their sen len and
are keeping them through lhe wet
weather for fear they may not return.
I'. wilUlran your lands t!ioroiiRhl>nr.(Uii!i,fl-
, __iiiUii.i ■*.•
ly no matter how noilptUii''/
nrrand leave tbem itnooi.}
and soft. Ii.l_.p-.it... oiloi
BRUM utaiui, oft" tlirycoif?
witb Snap. fltUCuTt-d*;.
Sue Ui (o.f..*.
Im CffHfiir Uwlrt, M-wtrtil THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
S. A. EVANS. EO.TOH ANO PUBUOHafl ! and    ^ „     j,   .^   t.    consi8tent
i propriety,   then   we bave forgotten
.uasoaimo.aAia.: | (he   deflnition   of   the words.    But
Zl SXi (in idViiio)"..._"_.7.._.."_,mo perhaps, after all, jealousy prevents
one vear, in United stat.. *•** (f rom   taking  the   New Zealanders'
Addrett all ootnmttnloatloat to j... ... ,.	
Th* G_uni. Fosas Son.  ! vlev** °f the n>««er.
t*HoN__ R74        Ghand Forks, K.C  	
, |   FRIDAY,   JUNE 27, 19IS
Grand Forks now has one of the
finest moving picture theatres in the
province. We should not be satisfied with this, howe'er. We also
want a modern playhouse for dramatic productions. The Sun has
often made a plea for a building of
this character, but up to the presei t
time no one has felt inclined to put
his money in such an enterprise.
But a scheme has lately been
broached that appears to be feasible,
as well as inexpensive. It has been
suggested that a company be formed
to acquire the opera house. By
tearing our tbe inside, constructing
a balcony and removing the stage to
the ground floor, this building could
be converted into a modern playhouse. It is claimed that tnese alterations would not cost over $2500.
If these figures are correct, the work
should certainly be undertaken, because in a growing town a first-class
theatre is almost as much of a necessity as a first-class bote).
A special cablegram from London
to The Sun informs us that the
suffragette bomb outrages have been
responsible for the growth of a new
profession—that of bomb finder.
Tbe police have issued descriptions
of moro tban a score of men who are
wanted for "•finding" fake bombs.
When the occupation of theBe enterprising individuals ceases in Eng
land, they might come over to Canada and find profitable employmen
by assisting the Tory papers in manufacturing fake popular sentiment
in fayor ofthe Borden naval  policy.
The Princeton Star sagely re
marks: "It is said that tbe adoption
of the cash payment system throughout the world would reduce litigation cases hy two-thirds and Ihe
number of liars to a small fraction,
ls caBh or credit heal?"
■vv- ru
Arrangements   Have Been
Made for the Sale of the
There is something absolutely inconsistent in a dispatch from Auckland, New Zealand. We are told
in one sentence thai "the welcome
to the battleship New Zealand was
conducted in a rig! t proper   man-
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the meeting of tbe
city council on Monday evening-
A large amount of routine business
was transacted.
Tbe finance committee reported
tbat arrangements had been completed for the sale of the city bonds
at 83.50. Tbe report was accepted
by the council.
The health and relief committee
reported that considerable difficulty
was being experienced in draining
some of the low places of the city of
stagnant water. Wherever it was
fonnd impossible to do this, disinfectants were used.
The board of works reported that
tbe tender for the construction of
street crosswalks hnd been awarded
to J. J. Gill.
A communication was received
from tbe city bund, asking for an
allowance for giving public concerts.
The matter was referred to the
finance committee, witb instructions
to report at the next meeting of tbe
The sale of three lots on Riverside
avenue to A. Traunweiser, at $150
pei lot, was ratified by the council.
Aid. Woodland gave notice that
at tbe next meeting of tbe council
he would introduce a tax rate bylaw. At a special meeting of tbe
council this afternoon the bylaw was
introduced and passed to the third
reading stage. The tux rale is tbe
same as last year.
"The Church Without a Roof,
and Its Membership," is the subject
of Sunday morning's sermon hy
Rev. Charles W. King, nf Ihe Baptist chiircii. The evening sul-j-ct
will be, "What Is Ynu LiM" an answer from "The Two Worlds"    Mr.
A Marvel ol Accuracy, Thinness and
BeaUtJf—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continnous ac
Qtyt familfcm »rtd|
ltTke Railroad Timekeeper of America"
We can aell you the oomptete watch, or wo
oan supply a Hamilton movement fitted to
Vour present watch case. All stsea foi men
and women.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely .sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
King will give a blackboard review
nf the quarterly lessons at the morning Sunday school.
In the police court today before
Judge Cochrane, Edwards and Nelson, two white men, and Martin, an
Indian, all of Toredo Creek, were sentenced to thret months in jail. The
white men were convicted of selling
liquor to Martin, wbile Martin in
turn supplied the firewater to his
brother Indians.
The Hedley Gold Mining company will pay a quarterly dividend
of 20 cents a share on June 30.
The Lone Pine mine at Republic
iB shipping ore to the Greenwood
The provincial poultry show  will
be held in Grand Forks this fall.
1 Tbe Sun job office is the best
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
SKAI.Kl.TKNIIKItS wilt Im rrr-nlvml by   the
uiiiIci-hIri wl till to I'i m'c1..1'U li.lttl on Tui'i-
ilny, -2ti'l July. 1918, for the piirrliuso of the
iliitlt-rmn tloneil mineral claim forfeited to
(lit- crown. All tender- miiAt be Ht le-i.t equal
to the iip-et price as (riven below, which rep*
respittfl- tbe tax to, nott,, Intercut, etc.. Crown
'irniit Keen uml coat of HilvcrtUlnK.
The name if the mineral claim Tit "Annua."
Lot 1247 situate ne ir Grand Porks lu the
(i-„>(„,« Division, Vat" District. U|»et price
111)6 Si. Kacli tender must be accompanied by
ai-ertliledclio(|uepay<ihl«at par at Penticton. Tlie cheque ol any onslicccsHliil lender, ti r will lie leturii'-d at • nee.
Dated nl Fairview Kith day of June, 1U19.
Government Agent,
Kairvlew, II. C.
StC.A. ABBOTT, Angus! n, ,*tf
l    feAnn St., Hew York City.
DearSir: I have known far over 4eyean of th*
cftrcuol* Wilson'sKemrdy IWIIsoo's Preparatloa
•I Hypopbosphltei and IlltKliettl] in c-»-«o[ pulmonary troubles. At this point I will say to yo«
what you bavt not before known of t that 4a yeara
•iocs, whils I was a resident of N.Y. City. I was
severely ill with I ungtroulile. Physicians said I wat
• consumptive and my family physician told my wif«
that be thought I eeuM not recover. My attention
was directed to (lie Wltion Remedy, which I aac4
; with splendid etlett.  I have beca on say laat aod at
Work ever singe rnven-e.   Yours (rely,
raster II. I. Cmirch, Hunter, (Greens Co.,) N.T.
On Dec  1, ign, Mr, Safer wrote Mr, Abbott!
I   *'^ly health is very good.'*
If ynu will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly fnrni. It you any further
Information yuu desire.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, (^Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon'and Halibut
P. Burns CS» Co. Limited
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc;
Reach Balls ...  .$1.23 each
Woodland C& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
"B, O." and "Cupper Kins" Mineral Clnlms,
situate In thf Urand Korku Mining Diviidoii
of Yule IMtitrlpt.
. Wh«ru located: In Franklin camp.
TAKK NOTICK Ithat I, Wllllum H. Huffman,
I formviclf tit. executor of the will nf tlie
lute Catherine Hoffman, and oa agent for
■Iticob M. I'fiulion, Free Miners' Certificate..
Noi. 61349B and SW75B. raipcctlvely, intend,
•ixty .tiayi from the date hereof, to up-
ply to the Htuing Recorder for Certificate!
of Improvement, for the uiirpoie of obtaining Crown Omnia of the above claimi.
And further take notioe that action, under
flection H7, muat be commenced before the
ln«uanoe of Much Certificates of Improve*
Dated thia 6th day of May, A.D. l'JKi.
IS THU MATTKIt of an Application for thn
laaueof Duplicate Certificates of Title to
l.tita 1 to i:i Inclusive, Work 4, Map'22, and
i.ota 6 nnd 15, Block 1, Subdivision of Lot
-m Mop81.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that it Ih my
Intention to lasue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication hereof
dupllcHteaof theCcrtllloutcsof Titles to the
above-mentioned lx»ta in the name of Henry
White, which Certificates are duted  the 19th
day of December, 1809, and the 9th dny of May.
l'HMi,  respectively, and numbered 8178A and
32tMA, respectively.
Dated at Kamloops, IL C, April 'J4tli, 1013.
District Registrar.
R.S. B.C. 1911, Cap. iiW, Seo. 27.
In the matter of the Estate of Harriett
Amelia I .euch. late of 'irand Porks, 11 C,
Widow decerned.
NOTI'-E IS HEREBY OIVKN thnt all per-
soon tinviiiir any claims ngulii.it the
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia Leach,
wli" died on nr about the 10th day of April.
HUH, ut (irand Porks aforesaid, arc requested
lo tend by po.' prepaid, or to-deliver tn the
unite nitfiicd Solicitor he oin for Margaret
Rebecca brau and Eveline M Thompson,
Executrixes and Trustees under the will ol
tlie »ut«l Harriett Amelia Leach, their names
mud addremes and full particulars In writing
of tbelr clnlms and statements of th* li ao-
ooiinr-** and the nature of security (If any)
held by them.
An I tnke notice, that after the Slst day of
■un ,lfli:t,fhflM'd tXMUt'ixefl and Trustees
will pi-oeewl 'o'llstribut tbe assets of the
«nid deeeam-d among tha pernon* entrled
thereto, having regard only to <he claims of
which tb y shall then hava h d notice, and
that the snld Kxecatrlxaa and Trustees will
not be Mali i-for the s«ld asaetK or an. putt
thereof, to any parson whose claim they
•huM not have had or renalved uotlcc
hated at Grand Forks, BC thu First day
of May. 1913.
1 and 8 D vis Hlock,
Grand I orks B. C..
Solicitor for the sold Marmtrt-t Kehecea Hrau
aod Kvaiiue M Thompson.
Change of Program
Eaoh Week
Prom n MinUter in New York: "I wns
"severely HI with lung trouble. My ntteu-
"llon wns directed to tlie Wilson Remedy
"which I used witb siilwnild effect."
From n lndy in MWilffnn: "1 used your
"medicine lirst -.:! i,r U years iigo and It
"saved me from i titling my daya with consumption. There would lie no use of so
"uiuny people dying with consumption If
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
Tf yon nre suffering from ANT tang or
throat trouble It  i-t your duty to Invest!-
gifc  Etanil fr free full Information to.
Wilson's Remedy, WcatwooO. W. 4.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (&*Smith
At the Head
The man al Ihr hud of affair,
whether al home or in business, i,
the one whose attention you wish
to attract
Our paper goes inlu the box cUss
of home, ami is read hy lhe hend uf
the family. Thai accounts for thc
results obtained hy the um of
Classified Want Ads.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSphono! '«•!«• «»ery nerve In the body
v •"'""... ||, proper tension; restores)
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weaknesa averted at ence. Fhaaphoaol will
make you a new man. Price Ma boa. or two lor
W. Mailed to any address. TbaleoVensvu
Co.. It. t»lh»r In.s. Ont.
Don't forget that The Sun hax the
bent job printing depar.-me.it in1 the
Boundary country.
Take your repaira to Armaon's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
atreet, Grand Forks.
(I'ublUhed Annually)
KuaMe* tnidern throuirhout tho world tu
pommuulonte direct with Hogllih ,
In eaoh claatiof iroihln. Reiddoi lieliiff a compute fluinmercial ifiiidt. to Londou and It*
tuhitrbit, the direetofy coutuliih lifts of
with the flooda they uhlp, and the Colonial
mid foreign Market* tliny tuuply;
iirraiifred under the I'orti to which thoy iail,
and Indicating thu approximate Salllugi;
of leading Manufacturera, Merchant!, etc., In
the principal ni'-viiiHnl towmand luduitrlal
centre* nf the Unlti-d KlnK'Inm.
A qppy of tbe current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on rvoefj-t of Poatal
Order for 20*.
Dealeri seeking Agcnclei can advertise
tbelr trade cardilor II, or larger advertisement! from £3,
25, Abchureh Lane, London,  E.G.
The weather is just right for /Aden, Stocks, Snapdragon*,
planting out all garden plants \Dahlias and Gladiolus
We are are again offering special prizes
for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
FRACHE BROS., Florists     phone R2o
***********sm THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
Combined hurricane and cloudburst
striken LethbridSe and does consider*
able damage.
A conference of the premiers of all
the provinces is likely to be held in
Ottawa in September.
Connt Zeppelin today declared that
he was pledged not to accept any foreign orders for dirigible airships,
The United States secretary of la.
bor will prevent Asiatics entering the
United States from the island posses
The results of the civil service examinations held at various points
throughout Canada in May were announced from Ottawa this afternoon.
Many persons trom this province
passed the preliminary  examinations.
Thirteen yersons are dead, two are
dying and twenty Hve others are injured as a result of a collision of a
train of two electric cars and a single
car on the Sau Francisco, Napa &
Calistoga railway just north of Val
lejo this morning.
According to good authority Andrew Carnegie has creduentials from
Great Britain and the United to the
kaiser's to discuss a ten years' agree
ment limitation of armaments, and
the possible formation of a new triple
-alliance to ensure peace in the civil
izoii world.
Judge Grant at Vancouver defines
a prize fight as an enoountcr in which
a fatality ia recorded.
Bulgaria refuses to demolize, and
continues to concentrate troops on the
Greek lines, Skirmishes continue.
Fierce wind and thunder storms inflict death and great property damage in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
The first complete ascent of the
tallest peak of Mount McKinley is accomplished by Archdeacon btuck, the
Episcopal missionary.
The Australian federal premier, the
Right Hon, Andrew Fisher, and his
cabiuet resigned today as a result of
the re-ent elections, in whi.-h the
Liberal- obtained a majority of one
over the Labor party in the federal
house of representatives,
Three school children are dead, five
others and a teacher are perhaps mortally and fourteen additional children
and two men more or less seriously
wonnded as the result of a madman
with automatic pistols running amuck
in a Catholic school in Bremen, Gei -
many, today.
The bishop of London is the. leader
of a great demonstration against
Welsh disestablishment.
Nine members of a United States
survey party are drowned when a
sudden squall capsizes their boat near
New Madrid, Mo.
The hot sun shining through a defective window pane sets fire to a
Winnipeg house, and a church and
thirteen houses are damaged.
Donald Roscoe aud Hubert Moore,
aged 10 and 9 years, respectively,
of Niagara Falls, meet death in a
boat by being carried into the Niagara
Raymond Foincaire, president of
the French republic, will make his
first official visit to England on Tuesday. Boyal salute from the British
fleet in his honor.
Spark in shavings causes a quarter
million dollar fire in Montreal. Itze
woire ___ Sarraziii's sash factory is destroyed- Four firemen are buried when
the walls collapse.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
-Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
Twenty persons were today sentenced to death after trial hy court
martial in Constantinople for complicity iu the assassination of the
grand vizier, Mamoud Shefket Pas.ha
Viscount Vere Krabazon Ponsonby
Duncannon was 'oday returned to
parliament unopposed for Dover, succeeding the late Right Hon. George
Wyndham. Unionist.
Many buildings are wrecked when
a terrific cyclone strikes Estevan,
Sask. A brick wall is crumpled by
wind. People lie flat on the ground
to escape the fury of the gale.
President Wilson, for the second
time siuce his inauguration, today personally read a message to both houses
of congress, advocating a revision and
a reform of the nation's banking sys
Judges, lawyers, policemen and
spectators were sent scurrying to
cover in the criminal court in Washington, D.C., today, when Ray M.
Stewart, aged 18, fir d three wi'd
shots in an attempt to "shoot up" the
Arthur J. Pelkey, cnarged with
manslaughter iu connection with the
death of Luther McCarty, was adjudged not guilty, the jury returning
a verdict after an hour's deliberation
The case was tried before Justice
Harvey in Calgary.
Prairie farmers are optimistic re
guiding crop prospects.
The president of France is a guest
of King George at a state banquet.
Vancouver is short of cash, and
offers contractors treasury notes in
payment for work.
The Bridge River will  spent eight
million  dollars   to develop   '200,000
h.p electric power in the Lillooet dis
It is claimed that more salmon are
destroyed b) sea lions ou thu I'm-iliu
const than are caught for canning
Canadian Medical association's con
vention, at its opening session in bin
don, Ont, urge tho appointment of a
federal hoard of health.
Twelve   of  the   men   sentenced to
death in connection with the assassina
tion of Mahmud Shefket   Pasha  were
executed in Constantinople this mom
Four men are known to he dead, CO
were injured, some fatally, and four
are unaccounted for as the result of
an explosion late today in the elevator and grain warehouse of the Hus-
ted Milling coinpany in Buffalo, N.Y,
Theodore Roosevelt will lecture in
the Argentine republic this fall.
The western freight rates case adjourns at Ottawa. The hearing will
be resumed about (he middle of September.
Tho stores of Marshfield, Ore., close
c/41most zA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
Straw Hats ^J
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest, prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V.D underwear. Prices
range from 00c to 88 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
Qbirtc A fine line of Neg-
OlllrlO |igee ghirts, attached and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices $1 to 83.50.
women in silk I
for   men   and
e  and   cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland ifc Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethci you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it dune before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary,
ket.    Fully guaranteed.
Equal to any $50 wheel now
.on £ .rf. $38 CASH
while the merchants escort the In
dustrial Workers of the World agita-
tators out of town.
Twenty thousand dollars damage
was done in Vancouver by Tuesday's
rainstorm, when the flood descended
at the rate of three inches  per hours.
The sultan's son in-law, Salih Da
mag Pasha,shared the ignmninons fate
of eleven common assassins executed
i'i Constantinople for the murder of
Mahmud Shefket Paska.
Eight people were kill and over
fifty injured as the result of a wreck
this afternoon of a westbound Cans
diau Pacific railway train at McKel-
lars, a subuarb of Ottawa, caused by
a spreading rail.
The Canadian Association for the
Prevention of Tuberculosis unatii
mously adopts a report adverse to
Dr. Friedinaiin's cure. Improvement
seldom followed innoculation, although condition were most favorable.
Turkey Trot
When Beauty bloomed at Sweet  Sixteen
And Dryads danced upon the  Green,
With Tambourine and Roundelay,
The Fauns and Satyrs in array
Assisted at that Classic Scene—
And all the Woi Id was young and gay.
Beauty and Grace have passed   away;
Tho Dryad, too, has had her day,
Today the Coon has crabbed the scene
T i grin and shuflle on the Green,
And all his monkey shines display
Within a worldwide cabaret!
Gone are the gods of yesterday;
Their day of grace has passed away,
Their beautv banished from the scene!
The grass is dead upon the Green,
Where Youth   ho   longer   holds his
And all the World is old and gray.
Gone is the Nymph—the Dryad gone;
Gone are the Fragrant Years.
Out of the Night is hatched a spawn—
And Caliban appears!
—Robert W. Chambers.
If you read The Sun you get the
news of tbe city, tbe province and
tbe world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily   papers.
Own a Piece if
'We Earth
But be sure it's a good piece.
We have the choicest
property in the city.
Literature and map free upon request
Grand Forks Townsite Company, Ltd
Boundary Trust & Investment Co. Ltd
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
C5* STYLE t»»S
A Hint
How would you Uke to bo hugged
by u bear! naked tho timid young
I tMft.lt I'd like it, replied the sweet
young thing. Which side ot the
stock market are you on?
Below is Riven a copy of a letter
fi-nm a prominent Winnipeg Druggist.
Tills Is but typical or lho many wo receive, ndvislng ot the great demand
lor SANOI, nnd SANOL'S ANTI-DIABETES, and tho many cures these
sterling remedies effect.
The Sunol Manufacturing Co.,
Dear Sirs,—
In regard to tlio sain or SANOL nnd
sav I have been handling tho goods
for nbout three months, I was
obliged to put In SANOL'S ANTI-
DIABETES to supply one of my customers, who now is completely cured
and whom, I believe, has sent a testimonial to your oflice. Another customer ordered SANOL and I was
obliged to stock It. Tills gentleman
was so well satisfied lhat he has sent
bottles to his friends. Up to
itils time 1 had never really taken
much Intercut In the preparations, but
when customer after customer would
come In and tell us about what SANOL had done for them 1 came to the
conclusion it would bo worth my
while celling behind SANOL and re-
commending it to my customers.
This 1 'live done, nnd I have heard
nothing but words of praise for SANOL nnd recommending it to my customers. Tills I have done, and I
have hoard nothing but words of
prats- for SANOL and SANOL'S
Yours truly,
Austin's Drug Store,
F. .T. Ilanilyn, Mgr.
The   original   of   this   letter,   wilh
mam   others of lilts nature,  may bc
teen' upon  our Files ot any time.
for Onll Stones. Kidney Trouble, kidney Stones, Bladder Stones, Gravel,
Lumbago and all diseases arising
from   rJrlO   Acid.    Price   51.50.
onlv remedy which has a record of
complete   cures   of   Diabetes.    Price
For Fib- nt  n". Leading Druggists.
Send tor  Free Literature.
Lazy Man
Nodlos is l.:e laziest man I know.
He'haa an Invention fixed so that by
merely pulling a wire in bed he can
light the lire; but that doesn't seem
lo improve matters.
Wiry not*!
He's too lazy io pull the wlr-j.
A gentleman, after lunching off two
soles, approached the cashier's desk
and said:
I have three fish to pay tor.
Tlie waiter (who had attended on
him) was passing at the time, and
No, two, sir.
The genlieiiuin replied:
Excuse me. I have throe to pay
for—two soles, and one smelt.
Miller's Worm Powders are complete In themselves. They not only
drive worms trom the system, but repair the damage that worms cause
and so invigorate the constitution that
It speedily recovers from the disorders
of the digestion that are the result of
the work of these parasitic intruders.
_*I*hey do their work thoroughly and
'strength and soundness follow thoir
An old negro, taken ill, called ln a
physician of his own race. There being no signs ot improvement, he at
last nsked for a white doctor. The
•doctor came, felt the old man's pulse
and examined his tongue. Did you
other doctor take your temperature?
he asked. I don't know, sah, replied
the tncgro. I ain't missed anything
but my watch so far.
Tako LAXATIVE BROMO Quinino Tablets.    Druggists lcfund money if it falls
to cure.     E. W. GROVE'S signature ls
on each box.     _.c.
I was coming to town ln a tram-car
this morning, said Jinks, and tho conductor came ln and glared at me as
if I hadn't paid my fare. And what
did yott do. Oh, 1 Just glared back
at him as lf I had.
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
Judge Greenhow, of the Leeds and
Wakefield County Court, who has just
completed thirty-two years on the
bench, has many pleasant reminiscences of Lord Russell, who used to
stay wilh him in hts cottage at Esher
in Surrey, where, as usual with the
future Lord Chief Justice, lie ruled
everyone with a rod ot Iron. On oue
occasion, being ln liasto to get to his
whist, he said to Mr. Oreenhow's parlor-maid: Here, "ary, take away tho
meat; yonr master has already had
far more than enough for him. The
maid cleared (lie table speedily, and
the guests sat down to a long night
of whist.
Would you really put yourself out
for my sake*; Indeed, Indeed I
would! Then do It, please, she murmured, with eyea half closed. I'm
awfully, awfully tired!
At the
Buying at the (actoty will Und
this range at your station freight
prepaid (or $20.00 lesi than
the next best stove on the market. You pocket the
dealer's profit—about 30 per cent—get a beautiful (leel
and malleable iron range built to last a lifetime. And what's
more you save money every monlli on your fuel bill.
Every Rang* is unconditionally guaranteed.
Dominion rnde tszs
It's as good as seeing
lhe range to read the
complete and clear description in our book.
The book also contains a
history of cooking worth
reading. Let ui send
you a copy.
Gunda Malleable & Sited Range
Mfr. Co.. Limited, Ottawa. Oat.
Wonder to tha Wife
A lady la trying an experiment,
Her husband la a brilliant man, but
loquacious. Realizing hla shortcomings, the wife ls feeding him on fish.
Three or four times a week she prepares fish ln some delectable way,
He ls showing some uneasiness and
has a marked predilection for water,
but being Innocent ot his wlfe'a motive, continued to eat the dishes set
before him. -.
To her pastor the wife recently confided.
You see, soberly, John ls a very
remarkable man, but he wastes too
much time sermonizing when he
should be thinking He talks altogether too much. To counteract this
I am feeding him on fish. During
tlie last two months I have served
him with seventeen varieties of fish
cooked ln forty-seven different ways.
Why fish? asked tlie pastor, greatly
Because, replied the wife, fish Is
good tor thought.
I see, said tho reverend* gentleman,
but have you noticed any marked
Tlie wife's face grew sad.
Uo you know, Mr. Jones, thnt husband of mine is such a chatterbox
that I do believe lie could eat tlio
whale that swallowed Jonah and never
lose a syllable.
Nova Scotia Mother Tells Hov. They
Cured Her Aches and Pains, and
. Made Her a Well Woman Again.
Ectim Secum Bridge, Halifax Co.,
N.S. (Special)—Prom Vancouver to
Halifax come daily reports of the
splendid work Dodd's Kidney Pills are
doing for the suffering women of Canada, and this little place can show
a splendid cure of Its own. Mrs.
Oraslus Pace, tlie mother of a large
family was a sufferer from those aches
and pains only women know. Today
she ls a strong, healthy woman.
Dodd's Kidney Pills did it.
"I had a pain in my left side and
down through my hips," Mrs. Pace
statea. "I had headache all the
time. My heart was weak, and at
timeB a pain i round It added lo my
fears. Some days I was hardly able
to walls.
"I road of a number ot cures of
cases like mine by Dodd's Kidney
Pills, and sent for three boxes. Today I am a well woman, and can do
as much work as ever I could.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured Mrs.
Faces because her troubles came from
diseased kidneys. Dodd's Kidney
Pills always euro diseased kidneys,
and as ninety per cent, of women's
I roubles come from kidney trouble,
Dodd's Kidney Pills have come to he
known as Buffering woman's bost
On the Honeymoon s
(Tiie start)—She—The guard says
this tunnel Is two miles long.
He—But hang it, thc lights are all
turned on.
(The Return)—Here is this lovely
tunnel again.
He—Well, why the deuce don't they
light the carriages, then?
A Standard Medicine.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, compounded ot entirely vegetable substances known to have
a revivifying nnd salutary effect, upon
tlie digestive organs, havo through
years of use attained so eminent a
position that they rank as a standard
medicine. The ailing should remember this. Simple In their composition, they can bo assimilated by the
weakest slomach aud aro certain to
have a healthful and agreeable effect
on the sluggish dlgesllve organs.
Easier to Use
Better for the Shoes
WINNII't-G   I THF.    \1/|I   I   I  A 1V/IC    & SONS *CO..| TOHONTO
MANITOBA   I R- S. .-VV.lLiL.I/\lVl_J    L1MITFJD | ON 1 AH I O
Wo _ruar__ntea tliat your horse will tlirive tetter on 1 quarts of
oauwitlintiiblMpoontiiloflitTORKATioilAr. Stock Foot, than
on fi juartu of oat« without it. Also, In ajaitionto saving feed,
that it will keep your horses sleek, fat and full of enemy and en-
durance bo that tbey will do mote work.
Wa guarantee that
will fatten your Ho,s, Cattle aud Sheep m SO day.lcss time and save Erain-ntid
that it will make your Milelj-Cows gain front one to lour qua. ta of tnltk a day.
It purifies the blood, strengthens tin entire ay-stem, Jjroventl many forma of
disease in ollkindsof livestock and only costs yotl 8 feeds for 1 cent
Wc positively guarantee results or your purchase price will be promptly refunded.
Far sale by dealers everywhere er if vour deals* cannot
supply you, writs* us direct,
Toronto,        *        Oot
Man—the 'Irute
It was a sweet, sad play, and there
was hardly a dry handkerchief ln the
house. But one man ln the gallery
among the god., Irritated his companions by refusing to tnke tho performance ln the proper spirit. Instead
of weeping, he laughed. While others were mopping their eyes and endeavoring to i llfle their sobs, his own
eyes lirlmmcd with merriment, nnd ho
burst into apiroprlate guffaws.
At last the lady hy his side turned
upon him Indignantly. I don't know
whnt brought you here, she sobbed,
with streaming eyes, and pressing her
hand against her aching heart; hut
lf you don't llko the play you might
let'other people enjoy It!
Minard's    Liniment      Lumbenr.an'-
Steel Ruga Ml-
Ce., limited. Oitiiws
Please Sud B-*k.
That Misleading Announcement
Boy wanted!
The notice was displayed boldly ln
lhe window; and Ben Simmons, after
gazing at It thoughtfully for a minute
or two, mustered his courage and step
pod Into the shop.
What kind of a boy is lt you want?
he asked the manager.
Oh, replied tbat gentleman, a decent
sort of lad—one who is quick and will-
lug, one who won't laze nbout with a
cigarette between his lips and whistle
and one—
Tho youth Uirust his hands Into his
pockets and eyed the manager contemptuously.
Gam! lie remarked. You don't
want a boy at all.   You want a girl!
Mclaughlin carriages
Have been regarded for many years as Canada's best vehicles. They
possess many valuable points not found ln others.
Noiseless running qualities.
Patented Brass and Rubber
Washers. "A" Ctandard
wheels, the toughest kind of
hickory. Wrought Iron
gearing, no malleable castings. They are highly finished wlih best wearing varnishes.
Have easy riding graded English steel springs and are upholstered
with highest grado leather.
To choose a McLaughlin ls
to exercise the best Jttdg-
.ment, and to obtain the latest in stylo and best in value. We make over 100 varieties and carry large Blocks
at all branch houses.
Insist on you. carriage hearing a McLaughlin Name Plate.
Mclaughlin carriage co.,
WESTERN   BRANCHES*.—Winnipeg, Calgary,  Saskatoon,   Regina.
I desire an audience with tlie manager, remarked the digniflod, smoothfaced person as he approached the
box office of the theatre.
Step right In, replied the man In the
box olflce. I think he's looking Tor a
tew audiences himself.
You used to want to hold my hand
hefore we were married, she complained. I'd like to now, said he
oasily, hut It would keep you from
your housework, my dear.
Why They Tittered
He was a good preacher and knew
his work, but he mude rather a hash
ot lt one Sunday, when he was doing
'sick' for the prison chaplain, ln making the following Introduction'.—My
dear brethren, I am so glad to sea
you gathered here in such large numbers.
Teacher—When did Charles I. make
ills greatest mistake?
Bright Scholar—The time he lost
his head.
Neuralgic Conditions
of the Nerves
In this age of norvous disorders
neuralgia Is fearfully common. The
first Ihought is of neuralgia In the
head or splitting headache, but neuralgia may affect any part of the body
ln which there are sensitive nerves.
Tlie teeth aro often blamed and
extracted ln error, when the cause of
the trouble is ln the impoverished
condition of the blood and lhe starved
nervous system.
While neuralgia pains are usually
sharp and shooting, and consequently
difficult to locate, the seat of trouble
Is usually sore and tender under pressure.
Neuralgia ls pain, and as such Is
the Byniptom of a disease—nervous
exhaustion. The nerves must bo restored before curo can possibly  be
In many cases neuralgia is easily
curable hy the use of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food. The patient ls thin and
bloodless and needs tonic treatment
to form new, rich blood.
The application of cloths wrting from
hot water will afford relief from Hit
suffering, and the regular uso of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food for a few week!
will completely overcome the neur;'."
gle condition.
Powerful drugs are to be avoided,
because of their Injurious effect IB
further weakening the nervous Bys*
tern. The Nerve Food cures by building up. the feeble, wasted wet- cells,
and for tills reason is ot lasting bene>
W. N. U. 850
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cents a box, 6 for $2.50, at all dealei-8. or F_dmanson, Bates & Cy., Limited,  Toronto.
But His Mother-in-law Wins From
Start to Finish.
And Proceeds to Put Htr Rampagteua
Gen Through Hia Pacts—Tha Lawn
Will Not Bo Planted In Hollyhocka)
Neither Will the Houae Be Painted.
(Copyright, 1913, by Associated Llttrary
I  AM Mr. Bowser's mother-in-law.
I am glad he married Into the
He's jnst the kind of a man
that needs taking down a peg or two
•very few daya, and I'm Jnst the woman to do lt.
I believe be would poison me If ha
■afely could, and I admit tbat soma
day I may break bis neck,
1 packed my trunk and took a little
Journey tbe otber day. I gave blm no
advance warning tbat I was to arrive, but reached bla borne from tbe
depot about 6 o'clock In tbe evening.
Be happened to be In tbe front ball
•nd anawered my ring blmself, and
lor a moment after catching algbt of
aie he looked like one wbo was staring
tt a gbost
"It you hare not lost wbat little
tense you ever possessed," 1 said, "yon
will pay the driver and get my trunk
upstairs.   How Is Amanda?"
"She-sbe—she Is welll" be stammered.   "We didn't expect you."
"No, probably not. but It's my llttl*
way of dropping tn wben I'm not expected,   (let a move on you!"
Bowser's Plans.
I waa soon In tbe arms of my daughter, and after dinner ahe took me np
to her bedroom and told me bow glad
•be was that I bad come.   Mr. Bowser
~uut you will talk Just tbe aame. If
you want to talk to me bere, all rlgbt;
if you wnnt me to follow you to tbe
clnb, Just pat on your bat"
Be hong In tbe wind for a minute
and tben sat down and began whisper
Ing to himself to show that be waa nol
afraid. Mrs. Bowser motioned me over
his bead to spore btm all I could, bnt It
did not soften my heart Mr. Bowser
ts a man wbo cannot be spared. Tbe
only way to deal wltb him Is to crush
him. True, he will only stay crashed
•a long as I am In the house, but tt bu
• moral effect afterward.
■Mr. Bowser."   I  presently   began
-wuat ta tnu l heir about tbe gaa
"Your daughter haa waated $2 worth
to aplte me," be replied.
"Tou know better, air! Tbe Idea of
a baldheaded man weighing 200 pounds
telling any auch story aa tbat looks
like boy'a play. Don't yoo want aome
bread and butter wltb augar on It?
You never go down cellar tbat yon
don't leave a blase of light behind yon.
Tbat'a wbere tbe gas baa gone. You
are the most careless man tn tbe
world around the house. Let mo bear
no more about Amanda'a extravagance.
Now, about this repainting?"
"Tba houae la to bnve two coats, and
I am going to do tbe work myself. I
calculate lt will take me two weeks."
"Well, 1 don't calculate It will take
you two mlnntes! Tbe house doesn't
need It,, and no painting will be done.
If you were to daub around bere for
two weeka your own wife and balf of
the neighbors wonld commit suicide."
"What! 1 can't paint my own bouse
If 1 want to!" be shouted aa be got up
and began to prance around.
Hla Mother-in-law Scons.
"My language waa plain, air! Sit
down before you get a crick In tbe
back. Tbere will not only be no painting done, but lf you want to ralso sunflowers and hollyhocks, go and hire a
piece of vacant ground, I do oot admire tbem, and aa I may be bere all
summer I object to bavlng them
"Sbe may be bere all summer!" be
groaned to himself.
"Having disposed of tbe hollyhocks
and tbe sunflowers, we will take np
bousccleanlng," I continued.
Bib aaieep and • Mar on bla cheek,
while the cat occupied a nearby chair
and regarded him witb looks of sorrow.
Rampageous Bowser bad been quieted.
Whan a Person Paint*,
If a person falnta he ought to be laid
down flat on his back, for thia will facilitate tbe return of blood to bla bead.
| Indeed, nature haa provided for tbla,
! for a person wbo faints will fall down
I ud soon recover if no one interferes.
j On tbe other band, a person with an
! epileptic or cataleptic fit, Indicated by
\ convulsions and frothing at tbe moutb,
i ought to be propped up ao aa to facilitate the flow of blood from tbe bead to
i tbe lower parts of tbe body, which may
be still further promoted by slapping
j tbe palms ot ihe banda Now, I cannot
i account for it, but tbe fact ta that all
> Ignorant people, ln an emergency, reverse this treatment   A person wbo
I simply faints Is carefully supported In
' a chair, and the face Is piled with cold
' water applications, fanned, tho result
being that tbe fainting Is prolonged.
On tbe otber band, a man who drops tn
I the street with epilepsy or catalepsy la
' Invariably laid flat on his back, whicb
i In some cases is enougb to kill him.—
: Family Doctor.
Turkish Artillery.
Authorities tell us tbut the Turks owe
their reverses in recent years to tbeit
weakness In artillery. In 1-1CS lt was by
virtue of their artillery that Ihey captured Constantinople. In 1452 a Hungarian named Orban came to Constantinople nnd offered his services to the
Greek emperor ns the "ablest foundet
In history." Constantino offered bim
unsatisfactory couditions, and he escaped to Mohammed II., who commanded him to cast a gigantic cannon
aa proof of his talent Orban took three
months over the tusk, nnd the cannon
was called (probably as an omen) Ba-
slllean. The su'ion Issued a warning
proclamation concerning the day on
which lt would be tested In Adrianople,
wltb good reason, for the explosion was
beard for thirteen miles around, Tha
size of the cannon wns heroic. Fifty
yoke of oxen were necessary to move
It, 200 men marched at the side to support It, 200 engineers went ln front to
-tuic-iiMiiiiie,   - cuuumuo.. | level tlie rosd and .flfty carpenters to
"Amanda will aee to tbat and take   make bridges-Westminster Gazette.
about three daya, and wbll» ahe la j 	
doing It you can either eat off tbe ] Areas Below Sea Level,
kitchen table and deep on tbe floor |   All the continents, with the possible
and behove yourself or go to aome   exception of South America, contain
waa on the rampage, aod my arrival
waa opportune. After questioning ber
•t length I discovered tbe following:
That be was planning to repaint tbe
house, although tt bad two fresb coat*
last year.
Tbat be waa Intending to plant tb*
Whole back yard to sunflowers next
Tbat tbe whole front yard was to be
given up to hollyhocka.
Tbat be waa going to clean house
•nd be tbree weeka about It
Tbot be waa going to attend an auction sale next day and bay $500 worth
af antique furnitnre.
Tbat be bad raised a row abont tha
gas bill and charged bis wife with having got up at midnight and turned on
•very burner In tho bouse.
Tbat ibe bad bunted np • dreee-
maker for $2 per day and he bad
called It highway robbery and uld ba
would (tay borne and do tbe aewing
blmself before he wonld pay tny inch
• Thero were a lot more things, one of
them being tbat he had borrowed a gun
and waa going ont Into tba country
■est nlgbt to atay (11 nlgbt and shoot
snipe, and, of cootie, I felt It my duly
to tackle blm as Boon as possible. At
tbe dinner table he waa sullen and
■cowling, and th* only tlm* h* spoka
was wben be uld:
* "1 tco by (be papers tbat tbla baa
heen a gnat year ao far for tba old
-women to dl* off."
1 "Tm, It hai," I replied, "bnt I'm lefl
M earth yet, and "I can manage cranks
■a well ai ever."
"By thunder, woman, I—I"—
"Tbat will do, Mr. Bowser! Don't
swear at me and don't call me 'woman!' Ton are red In tbe face, nnd
yonr ears are twitching, but It will do
no good to get mad. I am tbe mother-
in-law. I am It!"
"Woman, thia Is too mucb, too much!
I'd like to know"—
"Tou will know all as we go along.
Mr. Bowaer. If you are not very careful ot yonr emotions yon will tumble
down witb apoplexy aome day. And
now about lho dressmaker. I sball
go after ber tbe flrst thing In tbe
morning. Her prices are very reasonable, and If tbey weren't It la not np
to you to kick. If you want a aeven
dollar box of cigars, you order tbem
without ■ qualm. It will be $2 per
day for about two weeka, and abe
won't need your assistance wltb tbe
darning needle)
He le Quitted.
"I am told tbat you bave borrowed a
gun and are going to the country to
sboot anlpe at nlgbt In tbe flrst place,
yon couldn't bit n born at ten rode; In
tbe next, anlpe don't fly at nlgbt; In the
third, tbat gun will bo trotted home In
tbe morning. If tbere Is any running
around nights you can run to the theater witb Mra. Bowser. Wbat were you
going to aay?"
"I wai going to aay. woman," bc
thickly replied aa be flailed bla arms
about—"I was going to uy tbat my
name la Bowser."
"And tbla li my bouse."
"And I run tblngs to suit myself.
What right have you to come dowu
ber* and-nnd"-
"Tbo rlgbt of Iho mother-in-law, air,
and that's tba beat rlgbt tn tbe world.
On* more thing tbla evening. Tou were
aaylng you'd drop over to tbe Wbat la
It club for a couple of hours. Well,
yoa won't drop. They will mlu you.
•nd tbey'll be inquiring wby is It But
let 'em Inquire. Ynur place la rlgbt
here, and here you will atay.
"I am going np to Join Amanda now,
wbo la ■ bit nervous, and If you go to
banging doors, rattllug tbe furnace or
stamping up and down you'll hoar from
me. Tou may think It • good tlm* to
mend tbe water pipes, lit a door, experiment on the gaa meter or drive
nails, but let me assure you to tho contrary.   Thee* tow word* thia evening
arcaa of dry land which aro below sea
_vel. I
ln North America, according to tb*
United States geological survey, th*
lowest point Is tu Deatb valley, California, 2T0 feet below sea level, but
(his Is a alight depression compared
to tbe basin of tbe Dead sea, ln Pales-
tine, Asia, wbere the lowest dry land j
point Is 1.200 feet below sea level.   In j
Africa, tlie lowest point Is In the desert
of Sahara, nbout 150 feet below sea
level, bnt thc Sahara as a whole Is j
not below sea level, although until re-1
ccntly tbe greater port of lt was sup-1
posed to be. In Kurope tho lowest point
at present known Is on the shores of
the Casplnn sea. eighty feet below sea
level,  ln Australia the lowest point ls
at Uke Torrent, twenty-flve '«et below aca level.
Women at Ono Time Were Flsata el
Vaaaela In Their Hair.
Marie Antoinette had a pssslon for
extraordinary headdresses. One structure tbat abe Invented was forty-five
lnchea ln height and waa composed of
many yards ot gauze and ribbon. From
the folds sprang bunches of roses, and
the entire edifice was surmounted by a
waving plume of white feathers. It la
recorded tbat when Maria Theresa received a portrait of ber daughter wearing .this headdress sbe exclaimed:
"This ls no daughter of mine! It ia the
portrait of an actress!"
The Duchess de Chartres, determined
to surpass tbe queen, designed a bead-
dress two Inches higher. It waa made
up of many plumes waving at the top
of a tower. Two waxen figures, representing the little Comte de Beaujolola
(tbe brother of Louis Philippe) in bis
nurse's arms, were worn as ornaments.
Beside tbem a parrot picked at a plate
of cherries, and the wax figure ot a
black boy reclined at tbe nurse's feet
On different parts of tbe tower wer*
tbe initials of thc dnchesse's busband,
ber father and her father-in-law, made
from ber own hair.
At this time France and England
were at war. In o naval engagement
the French frigate Llcorne struck her.
flag, but. the Belle Poulc, another
French vessel, crippled the Hector, an
English man-of-war. As tbe Frenchmen were about to board two English j
vessels boro down to tbeir consort's
assistance, and tbe Belle Poule sailed
away. The English fleet returned to
Plymouth with two prizes, the Llcorne
and a French lugger.
The French, although they had lost a
frigate, proclaimed a victory. The
queen and her women wore headdresses that represented the Belle Poule under full sail plowing a sea of green
gauze in pursuit of the English frigate.
This construction was known as tho
"coiffure Belle Poule."
The wife of an English officer living
In Paris deemed tbe headdress an insult to the English navy and determined to resent it At the next public
occasion therefore she appeared carrying on ber bead Ave English line of
battle ships, a French frigate and a
lugger. An arrangement ot silk and
gauze represented Plymouth harbor,
which tbe English ships, with tbelr
prizes, were entering. Each vessel carried a streamer tbat bore Its name, and
on tbe edifice at tbe back tbe word
"Plymouth" appeared ln glittering'
beads. I
The audacity of tbe spirited English-I
woman struck every one dumb except
the chief of police, who Invited ber te !
cross tbe frontier at ber earliest con- i
venlence.—Youth's Companion.
For the Children
A Young Now Yorker at
Play    In   Central   Park.
nastua bad caught Sambo redbanuea.
"Ab'm gwlne tu hub yo' arrnstcd fob
stealln* uiuh chickens, yo' Sambo
Wasbln'ton. dot's Jess whnt Ab'm
gwlne to do." said Itnstus.
■'Go ahead, nlgguh," retorted Samba
"Go ahead an' hah mc arrested. Ab'll
met- yo' prove wbar yo' got dem chick-
ens yu'seff!"—Harper's Weekly.
No Need lo Say Men.
Mr. Young-My little girl ls nearly
two years old uud hasn't Iciirned te
talk yet
Mr. Peck—Don't let that worry you.
My wife snys she didn't learn to talk
until she was nearly three, and now—
lli.t Mr. Pack's voice ut tbls point
waa choked wltb sobs.-Stray Stories.
His End.
Girl's Fattier-Before consenting lo
your marriage with my daughter I
should llko to know what you ar*
Yotiug Man-Well. I gel 110 a week.
but I atn worth flfty.-Llpplncott's
"She's been very busy telling me bow
to reur my baby."
"But sbe got Into a perfect panic
when I asked ber to take care of the
child for a couple of days. You know I
waa auddenly called out of town."—
Washington Herald.
He Stays Hems.
', Directly after dinner I heard blm t lre inly ■ sort of • prologue.  Tomor-
telling Amanda that he'd drop onr to
tb* What Ia It clnb for an bour or two
•nd glr* ua a chanc* to talk, bnt I
crooked my linger tt blm tnd tald:
! "Mr. Bowser, that Wbtt It It will
-wilt for yon In vain tonight Tont
mother-in-law hu arrived, and there
tre • tow things ah* weald Ilk* to aay
(to yon."
* "But I don't car* to talk," he gruffly
row we will get down to real business
and bar* • thorough understanding."
I vanished upstairs, and Mr. Bowaer
abook bla flat after me and tramped
around for tbe next ten mlnutea like an
angry lion. He didn't know whether to
buret out a window or break tbree or
four chain, but at last he flung himself
dawn on tb* lounge to tbluk It all over.
An hour later bla wife and I came
creeping aoftly  upstairs.    We fonn*
A Frank Admission.
"I wppose you are Interested In reform," said the conscientious citizen.
"No," replied Former Corntosael; "I
approve of It But I can't say that It'a
generally expressed In a way that
make* It •• Interesting aa the continued atort**."-Washington Star.
Would Hat
Casblelgh-You wouldn't marry Mlaa
Rosy tor ber money, would you, Dp-
eon?   Upson Downea-How else can I
tet !t?-London Answira
One Plunge of the Ladle, and Tako
What Yeu Got
The real origin of the word "pot-
luck" ts unknown to most of tbe peo-
pie wbo uso It In Limoges, France,
however, one runs Into potluck itself.
In a certain corner of that quaint city
of Jostling roofs there Is still segregated, mucb as if In a ghetto, a Saracen
population, probably a remnant ot tbe
wave of Saracens tbat swept over Eu-
rope hundreds of years ago. Here they
live In their crooked, narrow streets,
following old customs banded dowu
from generation to generation. Tbere
are many butcher shops In the quarter,
and outside ot each steams a great pot
of soup over a glowing brazier, ln
eacb pot stands a ladle as ancient as
tbe pot
Wben a customer comes with a penny,
ln goes the ladle and cornea up full of
aavory broth aud chunks of meat, odds
and ends that tbe butcher has had left
over. And wbot comes np the customer bas to take. Ono can imagine
how anxiously tlie hungry urchin or
the mother of seven must eye the lu-
exorablo ladle and how n pretty girl
might get another draw from tbe
butcber'a boy.
At any rate, "to take polluck" menus
to tske wbat you get and say nothing,
whether the pot ls lu Limoges or In
tbe flat of the man who eagerly Invites
a frlond of bla youth lo dlunor.-New
York Sun.
Gives Warning of a Storm.
Ill the boy of Illscay frequently dur-
Ing the autumn aud winter In calm
wcnliier a heavy sea gets np and rolla
In nn Ihe coast four and twenty
hours liefure thc galo which causes tt
arrives snd of which It Is tbe prelude.
In Ihis case tlie wave action, generated
on the other side of tbe Atlantic by Ibe
wind, travele at a much greater rate
tban thot of the body of disturbed olr
and tbus gives warning of the coming
"Sbe looka ao discontented aod dis-
"No wonder*. She haa a husband
who gets everything aha wante."—Lo»-
don Opinion.
Literally Spooking.
lie-Ever notice what n heavy fact
Mrs. Strongmlnd linn*.
She -Te* What a thump lliere'd
he  If  her countenance  fell.
91918, by American Press Association.
The overcoated, sailor hatted young
gentleman shown In the above picture
la Rodger V. M. Powelson, aon of
Lieutenant W. V. N. Powelson, Dnitea
States navy, retired. There have been
little ice and snow in New York thit
winter, and Master Powelson, who it
disporting himself ln Central park. Id
equipped wltb roller skates. No doubt
he would mucb prefer to be able to
use Ice skates, but the weather man
haa decreed otherwise. The asphalt
walks of Central park are admirably,
adapted to roller skates, but wbat boy
or girl would'not prefer real Ice and
tbe Bkntes that go with it? Master;
Powelson looks to be a sturdy lad and,
wltb bis playmates, may be aeen on
every pleasant dsy enjoying hit* outing. 	
A Good Geography Game,
Most girls and boys like games tbat
exercise tbe wits. Here ls a good ont
for a rainy day or a long evedng.
A leader la choseu, and every player
has a pencil and paper. The leader
tben selects a word—"republic," for In-
atance-and eacb player writes all tba
geographical names be can tblnk of beginning witb It, the flrst letter of tba
word. Tbree minutes is usually allowed for each letter. When the leadet
calls "Time" every one sbould stop
The leader then reads his column ol
names, and as he calls a word all tba
others who have ltsay "Yes" and draw
a line through it. If all have, tbe word
that is tbe end of lt, but lu case soma
bave foiled to write it then those wha
hsve It write after the word the number ot tbose wbo bave It not. Thess
numbers count for game.
When tho leader has read all thi
: names on his list the player at lift lefl
reads tlie words remaining on bla Hat,
marking numbers after tbem aa befor*
If tbe next player haa any worda lefl
be reads tbem, and so on through thi
company. Then each one adds bit
numbers snd sets down the total and II
ready for Ihe next letter. E. Tbe leader calls "Begin" and at the eud of threi
minutes "Time," and they proceed al
Whenever a name ls challenged tbl
writer muat tell something about It and
where ttij place may be found.
Tasa arouud slipa of paper lo each
player. Each one writes bts or hei
own name at the top of tbo paper and
folda It over to couceal tbe nam*.
These slipa are'collected and then redistributed, with Instructions to compose and write a rime or vera* ahout
the parson whose name Is on lbe paper,
of course without looking or knowing
whose It Is. Tbe apropos, or malar
ropos, bits make lota of fun.
Tben distribute slips to tbe yonug
men only, eacb bavlng tht name ol
some girl present written it tbo top
and folded over to keep tt secret. Tb*
young men are to describe the girl from
memory. Not knowing wbom they ar*
to portray, tbey naturally produce mod
glaring mls*ta, which it* very langb
Up to Date.
•Are yo* Intonated ln eontompon.ru
"Not much. I am men totertetod *%
what Is fotng •■ stnt."- BattlMM
American THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is tho time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-W'Hiams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Aak Us
Our Paint Advice ia Free
The com mittee of management of
the Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship society picnic wishes to return
thanks to the Phoenix Brewery, the
Grand Forks brewery, the Province
hotel, the Greet Northern hotel, and
the Pacific hotel for liberal donations of refreshments.
Gateway Lodge No. 4BvI.O.O.F,
observed their annual memorial
aervice on Sunday evening. A large
number of the members marched in
a body from their hall to the Odd
Fellow cemetery, where the graves
of the departed were decorated with
Miss Janet Munro returned home
laat Friday from Vanconver, where
she h8i been attending normal
school. She will spend her vacation
with her parents here.
The Grand Forks brass hand gave
an open-air concert in the bandstand
on First atreet on Tuesday evening
The attendance within hearing distance nf the music waa extterciely
Waltrr Ross, of Vancouver spe' t
• t *w dayt in th« city thia week
ner; E.J., Matilda Dunn; manager,
Edna Davidson; M. of R. and C.,
May Miller; M. of F., Annie Michener; Pro., Sarah Trouit; guard,
Alice Siddell.
Mrs. F. Hutton, of Lethbridge,
Alta., arrived in the city last Friday, and will make a protracted
visit with her sons. Frank and John.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church beld a successful ice cream
and strawberry social last night.
A large audience greeted the
musical recital given by Mr. and
Mrs. Painton's pupils, assisted by
friends, in the opera bouse last Friday evening. The program consisted of sixteen numbers, and was
very creditably carried out. Besides the pupils, Miss Alice Lequime rendered a pianoforte solo
entitled "Moonlight Sonata,"
Beethoven, in such an artistic manner that she was compelled to respond to en encore. Miss Marjorie
Kerman was heard to advantage in
a violin solo, "Schubert's Seranada."
Her rendition of this classic wae of
exceptional merit, and ahe was
forced to respond to three encores.
Mr. Painton played twelve selections
A petition was circulated among
the business men and others this
wepk to raise enough money to buy
uniforms for the brass band. The
organization now hag a membership
of seventeen.
Wm. Bonthron haa returned frnm
New Westminster, where he attended the meeting of the Grand Lodee
of British Columbia, A.F. and A.M.
Both Danville and   Repuhlic will
celebrate on the 4th of July.
Mra. George Stewart, of Oroville,
Wash., visited at Ihe hnmh of Mrs.
W, J. Cood the latter part of last
Next Sunday, being patriotic
Sunday in tbe Sunday schools in the
PrenbytPiinn church of Canada. Ihe
Sunday school of Knnx church will
meet ot 11 o'clock instead nf 9:45.
The printed program will be carried
nul, and thp regular mii-sionary collection of the Sunday school will be
taken. Envelopes will he given at the
door, ft is hoped that every scholar
enrolled will ha present, and all tin-
p-irciiis nod friends are cordially in
vited to attend thia service.
Grand Forks
IN B. C.
Grand Forks
New Arrivals: Silk Caps with
opaque steins for engineers and
firemen. Motoring Caps and
Tennis Caps.
R. Campbell's
For Up to Date Furnishings,
<*> JJ
Grand Forks Temple Nn. fi.Pythi
an   Sinters,   elected   the   following
officer! at Iheir last.regular meeting: i
Past   chief,   Mary   Munro; M B.C.,1      owm at mtwpi irom
Jennie Enfield; E.S ,   Emma Card- PHIINF 64 GRAND FORKS, B. C.
from classics during the evening.
Those present had to write the
namea of tbe pieces, the highest
number of correct anwsers being
awarded handsome prizes. Miss
Lequime won flrst prize, with seven
numbers named correctly; Miss Kerman second, with six, and Miss
Leora Hughes and E, Harrison tied
for the third prize with Ave correct
Highest c»sh price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
Ore Shipments
The following were tbe shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the paBt week. Granby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granhy, 24,-
8B5 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
Joseph C. Allen, of Grand Forks,
and Miss Frankie Wtrmuth, of
Ferry, Wash., were married in the
Baptist church, Greenwood, Wednesday morning, tbe pastor of tbe
Baptist church in that city performing the ceremony. Mr. Allen is a
popular young man of this city,
and jb employed at the Granby
Mr, and Mrs. Ailen left on   tbe
CAD C" A T P A o-roomed
r UU kSilLEi cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
, Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
fUlor Honlne a Sperla-t).
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon Nohtii or Granhy  Hotki..
1'iiist Ktiikkt.
SuitS   tO   Order   M8   Upwards
It We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
oven 00 YEARS*
-..—I Mam*
ConrniOHTa 4c.
4rtflon0 f (m dins a sketch and dsserlntlon nay
cklr Mcertain onr opinion nil wliotlior ao
lorsotlon il pronat,lrpalantiitiu.. Communion-
A bi>ml»mal; Uluatratod WMklf.  La_gwt.Hl-
Slniion of any aolantiso looms..   Terma for
iinmla.$j..6 a rsai-.poatase prepaid.   Sold br
Dr. de Van's Pemale Pills
A reliable French regulator; never tails. These
pills are esceedlnglr powerful In regulating the
generative portion of tne lemale eystem. Refuse
•II cheap Imitations. Dr. da V»»'s ara sold at
15 a box. or Hired lor 111). Mailed to any address.
the ImImU Drat do.. St. Catharines, Oat,
For Quick Sale We Are Offering the Following
Full size wood body, regular $25.00, for 120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter size brown wicker,  "   $17.75, lor 15.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for  10.50
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $12.00, for     9.00
Grand Forks Furniture Co
fift." B-amh-d, Etc. The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
j PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
C. P. R, Wednesday for a two
weeks' wedding tour, wbioh will be
spent in the principal coast cities.
Ou their return to this city, they
will take up their residence on Winnipeg ajenue.
For Sale—Two second-hand buggies; nearly new. Apply Mooyboer"s
Blacksmith Snop.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to ud From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Propa.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
TlL-IPaOKMi -*mmJX
UANUi'a RMiBtaca. RJ8 FflfSt StUMSt
We are prepared to do
, all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of   Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   tnd Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
we do—ia in itaelf
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workman*
ship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
iif? §rat -print Shop
i  flmTtmmf n*9-**ca.^m. **is.   i   ***-*-A ^a -A ^jl A ^ **j


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