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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 16, 1912

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Eleventh Year-*-No. 42
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August 16, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Ranchers of Valley Organize
to Secure  Better and
Wider Markets
Will Grade and Guarantee
All Products Shipped
From Valley
The meeting held in tbe Miners'
Union hall on Tuesday evening, for
the purpose ot taking the initiatory
steps in the organization of a farmers' exchange, was the best attended
gathering of ranchers that has ever
assembled in the city. Nearly every
plantation in tbe valley was represented, over a hundred farmers being present.
W. A. Cooper was elected temporary chairman, and Mr. Baker
was tbe unanimous choice of ihe
meeting for secretary-treasurer,
Chas. Hesse, who was tbe leading
spirit in originating tbe movement,
explained tbe object for which the
meeting had been called. A farmers' co-operative union, or a farmers'
exchange, be said, was an imperative necessity in tbe city. It was
more i m port nnt to gel 1 tbe prod ucts
of the farm than it was to grow it.
There would be 300 carloads of fruit
and vegetables grown in the valley,
and it wbb essential to find'a market
for it. Farmers' exchanges were
successfully operated in the Okanagan and Kootenay districts, and we
could have a similar organization
here second to none in tbe province.
C. A. S. Atwood expressed similar views as the above. For the best
interests of tbe community, it was
necessary to have a selling association. All fruit and farm products
should be graded, well packed and
guaranteed. Tbe Riverside Nurseries bad nothing to sell through
the proposed organization, but be
would donate £50 to it for tbe good
of the cause.
Nearly all the prominent ranchers
in the room expressed themselves as
being in favor of the formation of a
farmers' co-operative union or a
farmers' exchange.
The chairman read extracts from
the provincial act governing the formation of agricultural and horticultural societies.
On motion of J T. Lawrence and
Chas. Hesse, the meeting unanimously decided to organize a Farmers' Exchange.
None oi those present had very
clear ideas regarding the heHt method
to pursue in perfecting organization,
or how In conduct it after the formation of the exchange, and on motion of J. T. Lawrence and Thos.
Powers, it was decided to extend an
invitation to Mr. Bullman, of the
Kelowna Farmers' Union, to address the members of tbe new organization al a meeting to be beld
in the Miners' Union hall next
Tuesday evening, August 20.
\V. K. Hadden addressed the
meeting at length on co-operative
associations in general.
On motion of Messrs. Hadden
and Lawrence, a committee of five
wai appointed to devise ways and
means of completing organization.
Tbe chair appointed Messrs. Hesse,
Heaven, Markell, Hadden and
Meters. W. E. Hadden and Alf.
Cooper pointed out that some
funds would be required to pay the
expenses of tbe exchange until it arrives at tha smooth running stage.
Tbe chairman passed bis hat around
the hall. The result waB: Cash on
hand, 111.20.
The secretary-treasurer was instructed to pay all current expenses.
Alter a vote of thanks bad been
tendered to Mr. Hesse for his work
in taking tbe initiative in proposing
tbe organization, the meeting adjourned until next Tuesday night.
Boston Authority Predicts
That Granby Will Be
Higher Than in 1906
Reservoir Contractor Asks
for More Money for Removing Hardpan
At the council meeting on Monday night it was decided to bold a
sale of city property next month for
unpaid taxes. Wm. Shannon addressed the council on behalf of £.
Crawford, wbo has tbe contract to do
he excavating work for the new city
reservoir. Mr. Shannon asked for
an increase in tbe contract price for
removing 200 yards of hardpan from
the bottom of tbe reservoir. He
stated that tbe city engineer bad
told him tbat in Spokane $5 a yard
—a modest price!—was charged for
removing this kind of material
Final action waB postponed until the
next meeting. F, M. Kerby addressed the board on the subject of
street grades, but no action was
At tbe manse in the city, by Rev.
M. D. McKee, on Wednesday, Au
sust 14, Edward Harrison Hippie
and MisB Catherine Monroe, both of
The Greenwood Ledge is still
camping on the trail of the real
estate sharks. Ii these gentlemen
would confine their rej**esentations
to facts they would be less ob-
The Ledge says that big Andy
Johnson, of Pboenix, haa started a
zoological garden at tbe Central
botel. He hu two young bean in
a wire-fenced corral, and already
they understand some words in
Swedish. Andy expects to teach
them how to dunce. Owing to their
hugging qualities Ihey ought lo
shine in a two-step waltz.
Everybody in tbe city except the
police commissioners appear to
think that Grand Forks is a wide-
open town.
Frache Bros, offer investors an op
portunity to make profitable investments. Read tbeir advertisement
on the fourth page in tbis issue.
Miss Eunice Henniger; of Spokane, arrived in the city tbis week,
and is visiting at the home of her
uncle, E. C. Henniger.
Col. Lowery, editor and financier
Greenwood's principal excitement, is in the city today. There
are no poker games in Greenwood at
Five Million Tons of Ore
Blocked Out at Hidden
Geo. L. Walker, in the Boston
Commercial, says that (he Granby
company bas recently been making
a net profit of $135,000 a month.
TbiB is at the rate of about $10. SO a
share. Tbe profits arising from one
year's operations, with copper at its
present pree, will be neurly sufficient to pay for the new smelter
and other construction at fts Hidden Creek property.
lt is estimated tbat five million
tons of ore, which will average bet
ter than 2 per cent copper, bas been
blocked out at Hidden Creek already. The No. 2 ore body, wbicb
was supposed to be lower grade than
No. 1, is developing much better
tban was expected. What is known
as tbe lower tuunel, 145 feet under
the upper tunnel, bas crosscut the
No. 2 ore body recently, Bhowing it
to have a width of over 120 feet. It
averages better tban 2 per cent cop
per throughout.
It is officially stated that all of the
openings in the mine, tunnels.drifts,
crosscuts and raises are in ore tbe
grade of whicb exceeds 2 per cent.
Tbe importance of tbis will be appreciated when it is recalled that
Granby's big mine at Pboenix averages less than U per cent copper,
and carries about tbe same gold and
silver values tbat are found in tbe
Hidden Creek ores. All tests and
calculations lead the management
to believe that operating costs per
ton of ore will be lower and recoveries of values higher at Hidden
Creek tban at Pboenix aud Grand
Construction work at Hidden
Creek is progressing rapidly. Docks
and houses are being built, tbe railroad right of way and smelter site
are being cleared and lbe power line
graded. All .the plans will be completed soon and then contracts for
foundations ,and otber construction
work will be let. The new smelter
should go into commission some
time next year.
Readers of these letters will recall
that I strongly advised the purchase
of Granby stock when it was selling
between $20 and f 30 a share. 1 was
confident that the management
could be depended upon lo pull the
coinpany out of ils difficulties.
Through tbe purchase, development
and equipment of tbe Midden Creek
property Granby is coming into pun-
session of greater and more valuable
assets tban it ever had before; and
there is every prospect that its stock
may sell even higher in the future
than it did in the boom days of
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
'max.     min.
Friday  75 55
Saturday  75 49
Sundiy  73 61
Monday  78 43
Tuesday   82 48
Wednesday  87 43
Thursday  69 69
Ranfall during week, 0.59 inches.
Ed Davis left for the coast cities
on Monday.
What Promised to Be aGlori*
ous Victory Ends in a
Winter's Taie
BritishColumbiaCopper Oompany Grants Its Employees an Increase
The Nelson-Grand Forks baseball
game Wednesday afternoon wus
a series of smiles and tears to the
local fans. Up to the end of tbe
fifth inning the borne team
played professional baseball, and
lbe sporting editor of The Sun
wore his .Panama on tbe right ear
at an'angle of tony-five degrees towards some easy money. The score
was 3 to 0 in favor of Grand Forks.
In the sixth, however, the Nelson
batters began to catch on to Pitcher
Barrett's curves, and from tbat time
until tbe end of tbe game the outfielders of the home club were bombarded witb baseballs. Tbe final
score was terrible to contemplate—
17 to 3 in Nelson's favor. The procession to the city nfter the game
was of a funereal nature, with bats
well drawn over tbe eyes to hide
tbe tiers.
A Montreal minister says tbere is
no bell. It is Tbe Sun's opinion
that the reverend gentleman was too
hasty in arriving at ibis conclusion.
Had he attended the Nelson-Grand
Forks baseball game on Wednesday
he would probably have amended
bis views on this subject.
Becker, tbe New York police officer who is charged with the murder
of the gambler Rosenthal, is said to
be worth a million dollars. How a
policeman earning $2 day for fifteen
years can be worth 91,000,000 is a
thing whicb only a policeman could
Newman Erb, president of the
British Columbia Copper company,
says that the company's production
of copper in July exceeded one
million pounds. This represents a
substantial increase over the month
of June.
J. C. Crowe, of Dalhousie, N.S.,
aas been appointed principal of the
Greenwood public school. Miss
Elsie Mansfield, of Granite Sidinp,
and Miss Isabella Montgomery, of
Nelson, will be his assistants.
The sports committee of Grand
Forks' annual fair have had JJ525
placed at their disposal for prize
David McBride recently bonded
over 700 acres of land near Bridesville for 120,000. He received a
pnvnient upon it last Saturday, and
will receive another in ninety days.
Wages Are Now Dependent
Upon the Price of
A new wage scale was signed this
week between the British Columbia
Columbia Copper company and tbe
Greenwood Miners union, lt is a
sliding scale, dependent upon the
price of copper. Wben copper is
selling below IC cents a pound the
scale will be paid tbat existed up
to the end of July, with the exception of tbe 92.50 men at the smelter,
and tbere wages iii future will never
be lower tban $2.75. This month
the lowest wages at the smelter is
$3 a day. When copper is between
16 and 18 cents all men above and
below ground al tbe Lone Star and
Mother Lode mines and Greenwood
smeller will get an advance of 25
cents a day over tbe low scale.
When copper is 18 cents or more
tbe wages will again be raised 25
cents all around. The new scale
became effective on the 1st of August.	
Mrs. Angus Graham died in tbe
Oroenwood hospital last Tuesday.
She was a native of Pictoti, N.S. A
husband ami one daughter survive
Typhoid epidemic at Ottawa is
pracically wiped out.
The Ottawa Journal declores tbat
tbe C. P. R. will make a further
$50,000,000 issue of stock.
Winston Churcbill publishes passionate attack on Bonar Law for
Blenheim speech, urging resistance
to home rule.
l'aris Temps advises America to
serve commercial interests by more
scrupulously respecting tbeir legal
Allan liner Corsican sends wireless
to Quebec announcing tbat she
struck an iceberg.
Canadian Pacific is acquiring
a large quantity of land at Chicago
for a terminal.
Winston Churcbill is severe in bis
criticism of Bonar Law.
Conference committee will make
a strenuous fight against free tolls
for American ahipa.
A British firm orders four vessels
for Panama canal trade to meet competition of Germany.
Bonar Law replies to criticisms nf
Winston Churchill; dcelares government is untrue to election promises.
New York district attorney promises startling evidence implicating
four police inspectors in blackmail.
Bishop Blair of Faulkland islands,
the largest diocese in the world,
threatens to resign because of anarchy of church and people.
Minneapolis firm secures contract
to   build     Canadian    government
owned elevator to cost $1,500,(100.
Allan liner Corsican proceeding
on ils way to Liverpool accompanied
by another vessel.
Two statesmen and ons influential
Liberal paper predict Ilmt Bonar
Law will be indicted for treason.
House conference committee tunes
down measures ou Panama Canal
Snakes and   Sense
Ever since the serpent in the Garden ot Eden double-crossed Eve. the
sons of meu have been swatting the
But now appears Prof. H. D-
Bailey of Muhlenberg College In Pennsylvania with a word directed especially to farmers. He urges farmer's
to desist from Indiscriminate snake
swatting. What ls more the professor wants to put some of the snakes
into the song-bird class, which Ib to
say, he wants them protected by legislation because ot their co-operation
with mankind ln warfare on pests
detrimental to man's agricultural purposes.
Here Is a list of the professor's
special privilege snake family; king
snake, milk snake, -bull snake, fox
snake, indigo snake, corn snake, and
common garter snake. We have the
professor's word for it, that these
snakes are harmless to mankind, and
are really benefactors because they
destroy rodents and many insects.
As a matter of actual scientific fact,
there are very few venomous Bnakes
In North America, but there Is a terrific aversion and prejudice ' among
normal persons against the whole
snake kingdom. What Prof. Bailey
says Is doubtless very well founded
on commonsense. It may be practical absurdity to Bwat a friend, even
If It be a snake. Nevertheless we
doubt very much whether legislation
would be successful in removing so
universal a prejudice.
When it comes to legislating in the
snake's behalf bis snakeshlp is amenable to the oldeBt law In the world
according to which he hae no business eating gophers and bugs, anyhow. According to Genesis all the
snake has auy right to eat is dust,
and If he had been following orders
he wouldn't be here now.
The Chief Requisite
David Belasco, ln an interview ln
New York, condemned a certain ultra modern type of society woman.
This type, which luckily Isn't
numerous, he said, lives on notoriety.
To a woman of this type a lawyer
said one dty.
Yea, madam, I can get you the divorce you desire- For {500 I can
get you a dlvoroe-^and get It without
publicity, too.
She wrinkled her smooth, white,
welt-powdered forehead In a frown;
she bit her rouged and over-red Hp in
But. what "would tt cost, she asked
wltb publicity?
Hadn't Taken the Houae
Ghosts and weird apparitions
which were said to appear In an
empty house were not Inducements
to possible tenants, so the agent had
It elaborately done up and decorated
and, by way ot tempting bait, had
some expensive gas fittings put In the
house. The next week he heard
that some bold, bad man had been
after the house. His heart leap i
with hope and expectation, and He
rushed off In franclic excitement to
the housekeeper of the haunt d
grange. ,
This Is splendid, he gasped. Son_a>-
one has laken the house, hasn't he?
I don't know sir, I'm sure. Perhaps
he'll come back for the house, but
he's taken all the gas fittings.—San-
Francisco Star.
When the Mercury Starts
Brown—So you're   living    in   the
country, eh!     I suppose you get up
with the chickens?
Green—Haven't any chickens.
get up with thc thermometer.
-Knt Mn«* 1 wa .. little El.t,thirty yearn
•so, j iiairi Buffered torture, from eeiemt In
one ol l.a wont forma. The disease run« In
my (amity, tnd mine wu ol * tctly tnd
nos. a'lsiimiring kind. Tho tutiu formed
la round rlnts, and then stairs all over
my fac* ud limb*. I
hare been smothered
from heed to fool. I wu
born In l.aamlnjlon,
which b famous for its
sulphur twttis tnd pump
waters, tnd one would
think that titer taking
ttie treatment there rega.
ultrly u I did, wo
disease would lone tip
havo been cured, but ft
nas not.   I tttcmlril the
 Hospital for years
tnd yearH, ao you will aee
__     --— — I save It t fair trial.
Everyone In the Iown knew of my case. Hy
face »aa distiguml very btdly. A. doctor
told me that I should never (el rid of It. I
•pent bounds In doctors' bill*, tnd I attended
Several boapittla but nothing did any food.
" Then one day rn uncle of mine recommended thc Cuticura Ki-nicdlra. I took hu
advice, and commenced to * xo the Cuticura
f_otp. To my (astonishment tu Improvement
at once aet in, und __y hair, v.lilch had been t
fomphate mau - f cculca tnd scurf, aoon
liect:i ... loo!: 'i splendid condition. Then
I bough*, a '101 of Cuticura Ointment, tnd
thi. cleared my .kin onderfitlly. In t few
weckf' time :.ll trace: of the scaly eruptions
had coir.;iltlaly disappeared. Now my akin
b clear and healthy, and thanks to the Cuticura Remedies I tm completely cured of
efzem.. All my neighbours were autounded.
Tha Cuticura Remedies tre worth their
welj'.it In (old, tnd one ttblet of Cuticura
Gotp goes further than four cakes of cheaper
aotpi. It hu brought happiness into my
home.' (Signed) __Si.JButler.17. French
Rd. The Ootterrlde, Klnf's Norton, Birmingham, Eng., July at, 1010.
Cuticura Soap and (.bur. nt are roid everywhere, but those who with to try tbem
without charge may do to by tending, lo
Potter Drug k Chem. Corp., S3 Columbus
Ave., Doston, U. H. A., for a liberal sample
el cat!), post-In*, with 3U-p, aluu book.
W. N. U  90S
A motorcycle Is a bicycle with S
pandemonium attachment.
Tbe motorcycle is equipped vith
a motor small enough to "be put in
a large pocket and loud enough to
fill a colliseuui comfortably. Tbls
motor Is connected with the rear
wheel of the bicycle, and when lt Is
in the mood will revolve the wheel
with tremendous speed, thus causing the bicycle to proceed from hither to yon over buggies, pedestrians,
fences and small Outbuildings.
A motorcycle' is really a miniature
automobile with full sized noise, smell
and dirt output. It ls not started by
cranking, however, but by pedaling
the whole machine along the road until the motor emerges from Its coma
and gets on the job. An automo-
billst can be detected by his vast
overhanging shoulders and calloused
hands. A motorcyclist, however,
may have arms like plpestems, but
his legs are seven sizes too large for
A motorcycle ls not as comfortable
as a camel or a lumber wagon, but
it is very swift, and there ls nothing
that feels more like flying than to
ride a large barytone motorcycle over
the country roads at flfty miles an
hour, leaping lightly trom bump to
bump—except to leave the machine
when lt has struck a rock and to soar
swiftly through the unstable atmosphere until some jagged section of
the hemisphere interferes with further progress.
Motorcycles are very useful and
have almost annihilated distance and
cheap clothes. They should be ridden in costume, except by very
wealthy and careless men. A pair
of leather pants with asbestos ilh.Jg
and a two bushel hip pocket for tools
a padded vest, heavy gloves, a pair
of goggles and nose and shin guards
make a tasty and useful rig for the
cyclist. Dressed In this fashion tbe
enthusiast can enjoy himself to the
full as he caroms from tree to tree
and gorges himself with dust, oil and
Motorcycles should be treated with
respect at all times and should not be
interfered with when ln a hurry.
Marvellous records are made by intrepid mahouts who have driven large
miles on a board track, and most ofthe way tip the golden stairs In one
hour by the clock.—Minneapolis Journal.
Items of  Interett
Mascagnl's massive ruby ring,.and
his lost trunk, containing 176 collars
and 75 dress shirts, excited popular
Interest In London tn connection with
the composer's visit to conduct his
"Cavallerla Rustlcana."
A (und ot 100 pounds is employed
at the Robert Browning settlement ln
Walworth road, London, for renting
out shoes to children too poor to buy
them. In all 238 pairs have been
loaned, for which rent ot 18 pounds
was received.
Joking Is blamed for causing the
reduction ln re-enlistments in the
French army. As soon aB a man
re-enllsts the jokers of the' regiment
hurl at him the question: "You have
nothing to eat at home, eh? and the
man's self-respect Is hurt.
Diamonds are ln as great demand
as ever. According to dealers in
precious stones they are an excellent
Investment and are almost certain
not to depreciate In value. On the
contrary there ls a constant tendency
toward higher prices.
Medland Hall, Stepney, a London
relief organization Instituted In a
small way ln 1891 by a few young
clerks in an Austrian merchant's office, has sheltered three million homeless men In the 21 years of existence,
at a total cost ot 26,000 pounds.
Leposava Jlvanovitch, a girl of 12,
drowned herself ln the Danube, after
leaving a letter for her parents, explaining that her school marks could
never be satisfactory, for she despair
ed of mastering German declensions.
The succession of Princess Marie
Adelaide to the grand duchy of Luxemburg ma' ks the failure of the male
line In the ancient house of Nassau
after an existence ot more than one
thousand years. The tact that six
branches of the family were extant
at the beginning of the last century
makes such an event improbable.
Women and Indians combined to
make Nex Percee county, Idaho, dry
by a vote of 2,407 to 2,127. Thus
Is the wild west being tamed, but It
is an odd combination of tamers. It
Is believed that every eligible Indian
voted for prohibition.
A Smile Worth While
When days were dark,    you    might
have made them fairer
By changing all my life with just
cne smile,
Fair days were rare, you chose to
make them rarer;
Was lt worth while?
You chose one day, to break my heart
by frowning,
When all my life hung on one tender Btnllo,
You crushed my hopes all eager for
your crowning
Was that worth  while?
Now,  I am dying;  could you, your
frown forsaking,
Juat for one moment lean o'er mc
row and smile,
I could forget Ihe life you filled with
Is that worth while?
Hylton Cleaver, In T.P.'s Magazine
The soles nre all worn off my shoes
Well, If you'd buy me a pair of roller skates 1 could keep right on wearing these shoes.
Proved Worthiest
Skinflint—I have no money, but I
will give you a little advice.
Beggar—Well, lf yer hain't got no
money yer advice can't be very valuable.—Christian Advocate.
Cured Through the  Uie  oi
William*' Pink Pills
There is an excellent reason why
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured
the most sever.e cases of neuralgia,
sciatica and otber complaints ln the
group known as disorders of the
nerves. This group also Includes St.
Vitus Dance, partial paralysis and the
common state of extreme nervousness
and excitability. Each of these complaints exist because there is something ihe matter with the nervous
system. If the. nerves have tone and
are strong and healthy you will not
have any ot these complaints. The
reason why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
cure nervous disorders is, that they
restore week, run down nerves to
their proper state of tone. They act
both ('.irectVy upon the blood supply
and the nerves. The highest medical authorities have noted that nervous troubles generally attack people
who are bloodless and that the
nerves are toned when the blood ls
renewed. It Is thus seen that Dr.
Williams' Pink Plllls cure nervous
disorders by curing the cause of the
trouble. The following ls an Instance. Miss Annie Jones, London,
Ont., says:—"For over a year I was
an Intense sufferer from neuralgia,
which located in my face and head.
The path at times was so Intense that
I could scarcely keep from screaming,
and nothing I waa doing for the trouble seemed to help me. As time
went on my whole nervous system
was affected. At last when I felt
that my case was almost hopeless I
was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. The result of this treatment
was that I aro now enjoying such
comfort as I had not known for years,
and only those who have suffered
from neuralgic pains can realize what
a blessing the Pills have been to me."
if you are suffering from aby blood
or nervous disorder begin to cure
yourself to-day with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which you can get from
any medicine dealer or by mail at 60
cents a box or six boxes for (2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
The Lester Half
Henpecked Husband—Is my wife
going out, Dora?
Dora—Yes, sir.
Henpecked Husband— Do you know
If I am. going with her?—Satire.
Mrs.' Scrapp—Whenever my hus
band and I get Into an argument I
send the children out of doors-
Mrs. Rapp—That's right. Fresh
air Is' a good deal better for the
children than hot air.
About What Her Husband Would Say
A Mich., woman tried Postum because coffee disagreed with her and
her husband. Tea ls just as harmful
as coffee because lt contains caffeine
—the came drug found in coffee. Sbe
"My husband was sick for three
years with catarrh of the bladder, and
palpitation of the heart, caused by
c-ffee. Was unable to work at all
and In bed part of the time.
I had stomach trouble, was weak
and fretful so I could not attend to
my housework—both of us using coffee all the time and not realliling it
waa harmful.
One morning the grocer's wife
soid sbe believed coffee was the
cause of our trouble and advised
Postum. I took It home rather dubious wbat my husband would say
he was fond of coffee.
"But I took coffee right off the
table and we haven't used a cup of
it since. You should have seen the
change in us, and now my husband
never complains of heart palpllatloh
any more. My stomach trouble
went tway In two weeks after* I began Postum. My children love It
and It does tbem good, wbich can't
be sail*, of coffee.
. "A lady visited us who was usually
half sick. I told her I'd make her a
cup of Postum.' She said lt was
tasteless stuff, but Bhe watched me
make 11, boiling it thoroughly for 16
minutes, and when done she said It
was splendid. Long boiling brings out
the flavour aud food quality." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
I.ook In pkgB. for the famous llttlo
book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They ere genuine, true, and full of
human Interest
Arsenic at Widely Used In India «■
In Ancient   Rome
Arsenic ls commonly- employed by
the professional poisoner ln India,
who will poison a whole .family to
make sure of one victim. The reports ot the Bombay Government analyst throws some light on the methods. The poison Ib usually given ln
sweetmeats, and generally by a
strange woman who has been met ln
the street, and who mysteriously disappears. This strange woman Is
found ln every analyst's report for
the last twenty years, and in circumstances so identical that lt would almost seem to be the same person.
Will tbls elusive person ever be captured by the Indian police?'
Arsenic has, perhaps, been more
frequently used that any otber poison
for criminal purposes. It has been
proved Identical with the wonder felix-
ir of the seventeenth century, when
secret poisoning became so frequent
ln Italy that the clergy, despite the
rules of tbe confessional, acquainted
Pope Alexander VII In 1868 with the
extent of the practice.
It was found that young widows
were abundant In Rome, and that
most of the unhappy marriages were
speedily dissolved by the death qf
the husbtftad. A secret society of
young matrons was discovered, which
met at the house of La Spara, a reputed witch, who supplied them with
a slow, tasteless, colorless poison,
carefully calculated to kill a husband
in just the time that suited the purchaser. La Spara and thirteen of
her companions were hanged, a large
number ot the culprits were whipped,
half-nr.ked, through the streeta of
Rome, while others of the highest
rank ► scaped with heavy fines and
binlshment.—London Chronicle.
A Medical Need Supplled.—When a
medicine is found that, not only acts
upon the stomach but ls so compose a]
that certain IngredlentB of It pass un
altered through the stomach to find
action ln the.bowt.lB, then there lu
available a purgative and a cleanser
of great effectlvenesa. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are of this character
and are the best of all pills. During
the years that, they have been In use
they- have established themselves as
no other pill has done.
should carry a stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device qf, seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails at 16c. General
agent, Joseph R. Wilson, 204 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nicholson ft
Bain In Alberta, and Escott & Harmer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Another Nlmrod
Frederick Wilhelm. Crown Print."
of Germany, is going to write a_il
publish a book of his hunting experiences in India, Ceylon and Germany.
—News. .- '•
We know not how the Kaiser
This gruesome news will brook,
That Crown Prince    Frederick   Wilhelm
Is going to write a book.
A copying after Roosevelt,
At whom the nations look.   V
All hall the Royal Nlmrod
Who,stands and holds his gun
While toward him, poor vflld creatures
Are driven, on the run—
Let calfskin bindings cover
The deeds that he has done!
—J. A
Good Cheer
The vegetable days have come.
With garden sass complete
Enabling us to laugh a lot
.   At the awful price of meat.
—Baltimore Sun
Wt offer Ont Hundred Dollara Ktwtrt
for any eat* of Catarrh that cannot bt
nine br Ball's Catarrh Curt.
f J. CHENEY * CO.. Toltdt, O.
Wt. the uwferilgned bavt known 9. J.
Cheney for tht .laat 16 yetre, and believe
Mm perfectly honorable ln all butlntn
trantactloni. ud financially able to oui*
tut uyobllfttlona madt by, tilt firm.
Wtldlnt.  Klnntn * Manr a.
Wholetale Drugglata. Toltdt.
- -   Caurrt ~           '
t.   Prla
Ttie sxtffe. Family  FUli tet CouU-
It's Catarrh Cure \. taken InternaUy,
iy_tlf tftui
Sir "directly upon tbt Blood tnd muo-
tut turfMtt of tbt ayattra.   Testimonial*
t.lret.    Prlct, lie. ttr kttUt.   Sold
 ...  _*_.ll'a. ~
A Bad Investment
Uncle—So. mv dear little neDhew.
you haven't forgotten your old uncle
on bis birthday. You have bought
me tbls nice smoking cap for a present. Thanks, little nephew, here's
a dime for you.
cost me thirty cents,
Litte Nephew —B >o-oo—oo*>! It
cost me thirty centB.
Minard't Liniment Curet Diphtheria.
Are vou still taking a cold plunge
everv morning?
No. I stopped doing that to save
Whv. cold plunge doesn t take more
than a minute or two.
I know, but I UBed to spend three-
quarters of an hour curled up In bed
The Oil fer the Farmer.—A bottle
ot Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil in the
farm house will save many a Journey
for the doctor. It ls not only good
for the children when taken with
colds and croups, and for the mature
who suffer from pain and aches, but
there are directions for Its use on
sick cattle. There should always be
a bottle ot It in the house.
Pity Poor Psyche
And whom does this statue represent? asked Mrs. Green, who was doing the museum under the guidance
of heT more sophisticated friend, Mrs
Tliat Is Psyche, replied MrB. Brown,
executed, I believe In terra cotta.
Oh, lhe poor thing! exclaimed Mra
Green, How barbarous they are in
those South American countries.
Mr. NEWLYWED tald-"Hello 1 U thltt
newklndofsaltweareusing? Itahalut
sll right, doeantit."
Mit. NEWLYWED eat«-'*Yea. It's
WINDSOR SALT. The grocer told mc
about it—tald It waa the only kind hla
customers would have".
Mr. NEWLYWED ttU-'Welt, If he keeps
auch good aalt, 1 gueaa everything else
In hla atore must bo good, so I would da
all my trading there, if 1 were you".
Mat. NEWLYWED aaid-"! Intend to."    It
vate diseases and drink. habit
Write 81 Queen East, Toronto.
Railway Agents, Telegraphers and
Clerks ln great demand throughout
North West. Blx months will qualify you. Day and Mall courses.
Positions secured. Free Book 19 explains. Dominion School Tele
graphy, Toronto-
Whin Your Eyis Rud Curt
Try Hurl** lye Hemtdr. No Sraartlnf—I-mM
Fine— Act* Quickly. Try it for Hw, Weafc,
Watery Ejsm and Granulated Ej tilde.  Illm*
trated Book In each Package.
" " - • ot a
is.   Now dedicated u
    ...     Murine
onr OonUiU-not ta "Patent Ht
jlne"-bnt wed In inocenfnl Ph.
lee for "   ~      "     - -   -
arlna Sr. iatvalli A-epUo ToMtvl
MurtM ays Remedy Co* Otiloogo
tin-i-ltr—i "r*- ■-—>—■-»
Aiimntoi) Co. ol C.
Star xflU
aaWi.aLow'i toormM svaw kitJ***s
..   BMl  tea   Ihe.lr  CinL_.6sW_WI.lLl
IKS  (or   iheir  CHILDRBff   wmu
imo/wiik wre'-TsuccBsa.  n
St tbo CIIIIO, •(■_,!-TBNB tbt OOmK
 sail pain i cut. AwimJcoyc, **?
& Ult beat remedy for UUKHHCBS.   It It ta-
«nttly ktraaleaa. Be tore aad aak for "Mn.
■elnr<i aeolblog Syrup/' aad take aa otktt
"   Twtaly-iTt ceniaa bottle.
.Botany v. Mercury
The alck and ailing will find a auit
restoration to health and vigor In
The Eclectine Botanic Treatmen
The weak, nervous ond debilitated an
made strong and robust by Botanl,
Treatment. Skin and blood dlteasef
syphilis, lost vitality, emissions and gen-
Ito-urlnory complaints, chronic nil.,
complicated diseases of men and women
yield to Botanic Treatment when 01a
other means have failed. Our preparations vere given the gold medal as highest award at the International Exhtbv
tions tn Brussels 1909. London 1010, Farts
TJtll. Consultation free, personal or In
Rtler.      Open   10—8.30.
The Eclectme Botanic Remedy Co.
263-28B Yoitoi Street,  Toronto.
Digging for Hit Own Money
A young man recently (jot marrlei'.
and took a cottage,. determined t<
grow enough vegetables to keep thi
household going. He started to dli
up the garden, and, after halt ai:
hour's hard work, was astonished ti
find a sovereign at his feet. Tbei
he dug with renewed ardor. Severs
pennies, a six pence ahd a hai:
crown rewarded his efforts.
Blowl It this ain't a bloomin
gold mine! he said digging away foi
all he was worth. I wonder what
I'll find next.
His arms ached, little beads of per
spiratlon trickled down bis nose, am*
hli neck felt as though lt waB break
Ing. He could stick to It no longer
He straightened his back at last wltV
a groan of pain, and at the same In
stant felt something cold sliding dowi.
his leg. In a moment he grasped tbo
truth. There was a bole ln big trout
era pocket.
You can't sit up with my daughter
after 11 o'clock-
Would you mind telling her thai
sir?    I have been trying to get hoaoi
early for six months.—Life. 1/
It Often Happen*
How did you happen to'lose yonr
I entertained her so lavishly while
we were engaged that she acquired
expensive tastes. Tben she wisely
declared that she would be unhappy
with anybody but a millionaire, which
I wasn't.—Courier-Journal. *
After/ Five    Yeart    of    Suffering-
Three Doctors Failed and Said
Caie Wat Incurable
Itching    and Bdrnlng   Wat Terrible
Until Relief and Cure Was
Effected by
Psoriasis ia another name for
chronic .eczema. It is the worst
lorra ot this dreadful itching skin disease. Once eczema has reached
thiB stage it ls usually considered incurable.
But here is a case which proves
again the wonderful healing power of
Br. CUaBe'B Ointment Not only
does relief come quickly, but the resulting benefits are thorough and
Mra. Nettle Maesey, Consecon, Ont.,
writes:— "I thought it' my duty to
write you telling you the great bene-
8t I.received from using Dr. Chase's
Ointment. For five years I suffered
with what three doctors told lt any
one offered to guarantee me a cure
for 160.00 to keep my money ln my
pocket, -aB I could not be cured.
"The disease spread all over me,
even on my face and head. The
Itching and burning was hard to bear.
At last my brother read In the paper
about Dr. Chase's Ointment as a healer. I used 8 boxes, and I am glad
tejay I am entirely cured, not a sign
of a sore to be seen. I can hardly
praise *-he rlntment enough, and you.
are at lleerty to ute my testimony, as
i hope thereby to Induce other suffer-
ers to try the same."
Dr. Chase's Ointment 60c. a box at
' ail dealers or EdmanSon, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Tou look down in the mouth. Don't
allow yourself to get too much cut up
about your girl throwing you over.
I'm not worrying over that. But
site sent me back my engagement
ring marked 'Glass! Handle with
Carel*     .   >_  :     . •
v/ Company
ii urr..
Frost & Wood Binders
| Meet  the hardest conditions of  cutting and
binding,   Do the work well.
Modem Version
Teacher—The poem we have Jj3t
read speaks of the "buttressed wall.!"
Mameale, cau you tell me what a
buttress Is?
Mameale—Yes'ni, It's a girl or lady
what butts in.
Few and Far Between
Pa, why do they call this strawberry
Because the supply of strawberries used In lt is so short.—Detroit
Free Press.
Healthy Mothers and Chfl.
dren Make Happy Homes
Motherhood la woman's highest sphere
ih life. It it the fruition of her dcarett
hopes and greatest desires; yet thousands o( noble women through some derangement havcbeen denied thit Messing.
In many homes once childless there ara
now children because of the fact that
Lydia KPinkham'tVegetable Compound
This if evidenced by the following letters
which are genuine and truthful:
London, Ont*—"I wish to thank yon
tor the beneflt I received by taking your
famous medicine,
Lydia E. Pinkham't
Vegetable Compound. Before my
baby wu born I was
to ill 1 could not
stand long or walk
any distance. I had
to Ue down nearly
all tha time. After
I took your medicine
I felt like s new woman. I could work
from morning till night and was happy
•nd well. I Certainly think it relieves
pain at childbirth and recommend it to
every woman who is pregnant You may
use thia testimonial it you like. It may
help some other woman."-Mrs. Frank
Corrin, 132 Adelaide St, London, Ont
Brooklyn, N.Y.-"I wu ailing all the
time and did not know what the matter
wu. I wanted a baby but my health
would not permit it I wu nervous, my
side ached and I was all run down. I
beard that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound wu good and took the medicine. I have now s beautiful baby and
your Compound hu helped me In every
way. "-lira. J. J. Stewart, 299 Humboldt St, Brooklyn, N.Y.
60,000 Unclaimed   War Medal*
In two large strong rooms at Woolwich Dockyard, Woolwich, Eng., are
Btored nearly 60,000 unclaimed
South African medals. Each is engraved with the name ot tbe man
to whom lt was awarded. These
men are not now with the colore, but
a staff of clerks and a department
armed with medal lists and regimental records are endeavoring to trace
Many ot this lost legton are Irregulars who flocked to the British colors when war broke out, but who have
since become scattered all over the
world. One young man, for Instance
after the war, went prospecting In
the interior. He turned up recently
ln Capetown after an absence ot nearly ten years and aaked for his medal. It was given him. Similar^e-
manda from all parts of the British
Empire are received nearly every
Hundreds of medals have been reposing ln regimental safes since 1904.
At the end of ten years, according
to the King's regulations, those still
unclaimed will be broken up and the
sliver debited to the mint. Many-
men have refused the medal on the
ground that lt ls 'too cheap-' Three-
quarters of a million of the medals
were struck—a fact which may have
been lightly regarded.
But these South African awards are
not the only medals at Woolwich
awaiting claimants. There are 4,000
medalB (with names engraved) for
the Zulu campaign of 1878-79, and also
seven medals presented by the British South African Company for the
Matabele campaign. Claims for the
Crimean and Indian Mutiny medals
are still made. On an average the
India office give away twelve Mutiny
medals a year, while the war office
bestows one Crimean medal a year
and replaces about ten lost medals.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear SirB—This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, bo I could not work and lt hurt
me to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and they did me no good.
On'e bottle of MINARD'S LINI
MENT, warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured me completely.
Rossway, Dlgby Co., N.S.
Contents of a Man
An average man ot 150 pounds contains the constituents found in 1,200
eggs. There ia enough gas in him
to fill a gasometre of 3,649 cubic feet.
The iron in him would make
four tenpenny nails. His fa; would
make 75 candles and a good-sized
cake ot soap. His phosphate contents would make 8,064 boxes of
matches. There is enough hydrogen
ln hin. in combination to All a balloon and carry him above the clouds.
The remaining constituents would
yield six teaspoonstul of salt, a bowl
ot sugar, and ten gallons ot water.
The foregoing analysis ls made by
tbe Practical Druggist, which adds
tbat a man has 600 muscles, about
1.000,000 cells, 200 bones, 4 gallons
arteries and veins, more than 25 teet
of Intestines, and millions ot pores
His heart weighs from 8 to 12 ounces',
its capacity is from.4 to 6 ounces ln
each ventricle, and Us size is 5 by
3 1-2 by 2 1-2 Inches; it pumps 22
1-2 pounds ot blood every minute, 16
tons in every 24 hours, about 5,840
tons a year; In a fully developed,
healthy adt'.l' lt beats about 72 times
a minute.
W. N. U. 90S
The change of dietary that, comes
with spring and sminner has the effect in weak stomachs of setting up
Inflammation, resulting In dysentery
and cholera morbus. The abnormal
condition will continue 11 not attended to and will cause nn exhaustive
drain on thn system. The best available medicine is Dr. ,T. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. lt clears the
stomach and bowels of Irritants,
counteracts the iuflamation and restores the organs to healthy action.
Manager Wives
A well known doctor, who claims
thst Canadian motherhood la the
hlghcBt type ln the world, was asked
if this waB not partly due to tho unusual amount of responsibility the
Canadian husband allow.! his wife in
family affairs.
Quite true, the doctor replied. The
confidence her husband places In her
makes the Canadian mother capable
and self-reliant. The mother's share
In a family's buccpss or failure ls a
large one—much larger, Indeed, than
most men will acknowledge.
I see by the papers, a friend once
said to me, that Footlights is trav-
eling under his wife's  management.
So do most nia-n, I replied, but they
don't advertise It. jay«'"
! Naturally "»*
Was Jimmy   Jinks   angry at   the
result of hiB   Interview   with   Jenny
Blink's father?
Well, bc did say he felt quite put
Over Four Hundred Cremations at
The British Medical Journal in a recent article on the progress of cremation gives figures showing the
growth of this method of disposing
of the dead ln Europe.
The total number of cremations ln
Great Britain during 1911 was 1,023,
which shows an Increase of 177 aB
compared with 1910. Since the opening of the Working Crematorium ln
1886, there have been 9,984 cremations in Great Britain. At the pre-
eent time there are 13 crematoriums
ln Germany, six of which started operations laBt year. A law has been
recently passed permitting cremations
in Prussia.
In Switzerland there are now ten
crematoriums, three of which belong
to the municipalities ot Basel, Geneva
and Zurich. There were 1,210 cremations ln Switzerland ln 1910.
There are about forty crematoriums ln the United States, twenty-
eight in Italy, Ave ln France, four in
Sweden and Norway, two hi Russia,
one ln Denmark, and one ln Montreal,
Tbe beautiful crematorium in
Mount Royal cemetery at Montreal
was opened In 1902 and up to the
cloBe of 1911, 401 cremations took
place there.
No matter how deep-rooted the corn
or wart my be, It muat yield to Hol-
loway'a Corn Cure if used as directed.
Pretty Smart Work
Residents in rival cities, Jones and
Brown were bragglng'hard about the
excellences of their respective homes.
Take our Are brigade, said Jones,
after an hour's heated discussion. Do
you know, the other day a Are broke
out ln our town, and within three minutes the engine came along, but lt
was going so fast that the driver
couldn't pull up till he waB a mile
past the burning houBe?
Brown smiled ln a Buperlor fash-
My dear fellow, that's nothing, he
said. One day two men were working on a church steeple ln my city,
and suddenly one of them slipped. A
terrible death would have been his,
only fortunately, a spectator had the
presence of mind to call the Are brigade on the telephone, and they came
Jiwt in time to catch him ln a
Extermination of Rata and Mice
If U were generally know that there
ls no trouble to rid a house, barn or
any building of rats and mice by the
use of Glllett's Lye, it Is doubtful if
the article could he made as fast as
It would be used for this purpose
alone. The process connected with
using It ls very simple, the plan being to sprinkle a little of the article
ln and around the holeB made by
these pests ln floors, partitions, etc.
In addition to this it is well to use a
thin piece of board about a foot
square, or even smaller, and make a
complete circle of the Lye on the
board about a quarter of an Inch deep,
and inBlde ot the circle place some
ment or cheese. In endeavoring to
get at the bait the feet ot tho rats
and mice will bo burned and the
whole colony, whether large or small
will Immediately disappear from the
The plan is worth trying, but the
good kind—Glllett's Lye—should be
procured. Refuse" the many cheap
Imitations and  substitutes.
The Wedding Gift
The bachelor community of a certain suburb were greatly scared by
the advent amongst them of a fearsome type of thc desperate, husband
hunting spinster. After throwing
each of the bachelors into a state of
terror, lest he should be the recipient
of her attentions, the lady Anally cap-
fired the curate.
Local bachelordom was ao Intensely relieved at Us escape that lt united in presenting the curate with a
splendid wedding present in the
shape of a costly table-service. The
curate was ovei'-whelmed- "Such
a magnlAcent gift!" he gasped.
Well, you see. my boy! exclaimed
the chiet of the local bachelors, lt lo
really our thanksgiving service.
Minard't  Liniment  Curet  Garget  In
Johnny — OO-oo! Earlie DobbB
punched my nose when I wasn't looking.
His Pa—What? Where were your
Johnny—He told me to cloBe them
a minute.
Of Courts
Teacher — The burglar ■ leaped
through the window as the detective
entered thc room. How would you
punctuilc that sentence?
Bright Scholar—Make a dash a.' ur
ttie burglar.
'» '■'•teF'Z/Z'r^ .-.„
Is your brother running for office?
He was, but the newspapers have
him on the run now.
Labor Saving Device
Inqulsite—Say, stranger what kind
ot ammunition do you use in shooting frogs?
Andy—Pepper and salt—seasoned
when vofl shoot them.
Father bought a Rubens when we
were In Europe last summer.
Really I  What horsepower?
. '{'
Plain  Speaking
Why, It's aa plain as the nose on
your face.
Well, anyhow, It ain't as plain as
the face behind your nose.—Tatler.
The Difference
Bess—What's the difference between a bird with only one wing and
one with two?
TesB—I give it up.
Bess—Merely the difference of ■
Bobby—This sailor must hare been
au acrobat.
Bobby—Because the book says,
"Having Ut bis pipe, he sat down on
his chest."
' The liquids end the digested Iood. in the alimentary ctntl put through tba
wtll ef the etntl into Ihe blood. Tbit prooeta it called absorptso* and Uke- pltot
chiefly Irom lbe email intestine. Alter ab_.orp.ion (he blood earriet tbe food
through the body, tnd each cell ttket from the Hood tbe food it need.. A pun
llyoerio extract made from bloodroot, mudrake, stone, queen't root aad folden
toil tnd io|d by drujfists for tht peat forty yeart under the une of Dr. Pltree't
Golden Mediotl Disoovery, fives uniformly excellent retultt it ■ tooio to help
in the ittimilttion of tbe food tnd ia the ibiorption by the blood ol tho food
it requiret. Eradicate the poisons from the blood with thit alterative extract;
which doea tut shrink tbe white blood corpuscles, bcotute containing no ilcohol or,
ether injurious ingredients. Thut tha body ean be built
up — stronj to resist diseaae. Thit it ■ tonic taken front
Ntture's |trden thai builds up those weakened by disease.
Dr. Pierce, founder of tha Iavtlidt* Hotel it Buffalo,
N.Y., bat received many letters timiltr to the following s j
Ha. Fun R. Homo, af Paradise, N. 8, writes: "I take treat
BHasure tnwribnxrouu..sards mr case aad Ita cum In September I was taken with Tstheii Few, which pat ita la a dread!ul condition. I was yn*k. nnt dem, neniui end ami redand lo a mm
•ktkson. I had tried meet eTenrtklag I could (tot but raotk-M did mo,
any food until, fat laat, I wat advised to try Dr. Pima's Golden Medical,
_D.sew.ry. and Pleasant Pallets,' which I did.  Before I had used a
bottle I saw l anat Improvement aad when I had used this treatment
two months, ulna only a few vials ef 'Pleasant Pellets.' I returned to
sunset health.   I cannot find words to express my thankfulness for
, _, „ _, __!'• wonderful medicine.   J advise all sufferers ts write to~Dr. B.V.
F. B. Homo, Esq. u   Pierce, as he cures when others fall."
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Will Show a full line of
Motor Care, Delivery Waggont, and Heavy Truckt, at the Winnipeg Fair
July 10th, to July 20th.
You are. cordially Invited to Inspect these Canadian made cars If you
visit the/Fair.
We want agents In all the centres of Manitoba and Alberta, that art
not already tlgned up.   For Information addrets
E. D. Cleghorn, Sales Manager.
Queen's Hotel, Winnipeg
Agents tor the Province of Saskatchewan:
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts In tbe capacity of
and we shall be glad to forward copy of   our   Booklet   "Something
r.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request.
'^flGet My New
SEE how handy my nev granary to.
You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time In
harvest hauling to stacks."
"Thenmjr granarlMCome In to hold jour grain from etch
stack. My granny keeps grain clean, dry and unhet ted.
Ho mmty (rain, no lonet from rati or vermin. Whin
ready haul direct to the elevator from thi gnntrie.."
"I maki Mveral sizes of this handy granary You can
get 150,200, J00,400, 500, 600 and 1000, full measure guaranteed Imperii! Bushtl tiiei (not
imiU U.S. bushels) and you tet up toy
Pedlar Crantry in htlfadty. Remember
vou can move it easily any tlmt. My
Granary tavesblg money by cuttingdowa
teaming and keeping thi grain right."
"Set How the man at The lift can shovel
grtin In from tht thrnblng machine,
B it hu no leg-«pout to deliver grtln
direct through the mtnbolt on tht root.
The other man ii bagging grain. Granaries are had
with door-section or plain, at detired. My new Granary
it lutt right for taving cost. It payi for itself In a year.
It comes in tections—low freight cut. A boy can wt
up.  Write for my descriptive booklet." too
Writ, for Booklet No. tl
Tha Pedlar People Llmlted,0shaw8,0nt7
'vnmnrEo   oaioaxt eokohtor
76l.oiiibairdSt.   Crown Block   56.3rdSt.W.
Drawer 1041        care Whltlock A M-sUli       ill Filth Bt »
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.  They will kMwtTyoiit
promptly and   live you time.
The  Pedlar  Granary  It  fire, proof.   Think what that meant!** THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.X.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you liow vastly improved our
glasses enti make your vision. We
are export optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
ialall.laa.al ut Grand Forks, Krltlsla Cailnmhl
1. A. Evans Editor and Publisher
A hae of this paper ean be seen at the office
ot Messrs. B. A J. Hardy & Co., 8(1, 111 Bnd 82,
fleet Street, E.C.. Lotidrjn. England, free of
_.h_.rj.e, and that Arm will be glad to receive
aubserllationa niaal advertlsemanta on onr be-
line Tear  * *'■'<!
One Year (in advance)  1.00
One Year, tn fulled States  1.60
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
FRIDA\, AUGUST  16, 1912
Frache Brothers propose to incorporate
as a stock company, with limited liability,
to enlarge their Greenhouses.   Shares,
$50. OQ par.   r^/lsk us for our Prospectus.
Messrs. Cameron and Duff, of the
Canadian Pacific railway's land and
townsite departments, were in the
city this week on a tour of inspection. They went as far west as
G. M. Hill, of Fruitland, Ont., is
in the city this week in the interests
of the Grand Forks Fruit & Nursery company.
Miss Edna Traunweiser is visiting
al the hottie of Mr and Mrs. Bell in
Rock Creek.
the gold out of the dirt. At a depth
of five feet gold has been found, and
if bedrock can be reached at a depth
of thirty ftet the company will
make big money.—Greenwood Ledge
Tbe   Apex mine,  near   Chesaw,
bas resumed operations.
Next Thursday a vote of rate
payers will be taken on tbe agreement
between the Canadian Pacific and
Kettle Valley Railway companies
and ihe city of Grand Forks. Tbere
is no question as to which way the
citizens will vote. The agreement
is in no danger, but it might be as
well for all voters to cast their ballots,
even if they feel certain that by do
ing so the final result will not be
altered, in order, to show the railway companies that they are alive
to their own welfare.
Many promising towns have been
killed by unscrupulous real estate
peddlers. Investors want facts. Mis
representation is a slow poison for
which no antidote has yet been discovered.
The citizens of Cascade have made
a protest against the Granby smeller
dumping slag iti'o the river.
The Boundary Exploration company has four men sinking a three-
compartment shaft on its property
near Midway. Recently a gasoline
hoist was installed.
The Sun has a larger, wealthier
and more intelligent circle of readers than any other paper printed in
the Boundary. Some day—perhaps
after the- eastern department stores
bave made further inroads on tbeir
territory—the local merchants will
discover tbis fact.
The Molson Mining company is
making preparations to install a 50-
horsepower gasoline engine at its
property near Chesaw. -
Mr. nnd Mrs. I.loyd A. Mnnly
nnd family will leave next week for
Yellowstone Park, before going to
Victoria, whe-re Misses Norma and j
Helen will attend St. Ann's'
The Granby company is still
working two diamond drills in Pboenix. The small one is operating on
the Gold Drop, and the hig one has
been moved to a place not far
from the Canadian Pacific railway
The Bounty Fraction at Beaverdell will begin shipping ore as soon
as tbe Kettle Valley line starts to
haul freight from that point. Some
high grade ore has been packed at
lhe mine.
The shaft is down 95 feet, with
eost I showing in the bottom, at tbe
workings olthe Midway Coal it C ike
company, near Ingram bridge,
On the east fork of Rock Creek, at
White's bar, u California company
has live miles of the creek leised.
and has ten men  at work   washing
IS the: msttkm is
There'll be no guess work when you buy your hardware from us.
We know which brands will stand the hard wear.
When you need anything in hardware, from a carpet
tackjip, come to us.    You'll lind it in our store.
W*rio business on the square.
R U A Mason?
For two nights, beginning Monday, August 19, at the Grand Forks
opera bouse, Ethet Tucker and her
clever company will appear in the
laughing hit of tha season, "R U A
MaBon?"     Mirth    reigns  supreme
during tl e performance, nothing but
fun, frolic und laughter, with some
very catchy songs]inlro ueed—songs
that are ury well sung.
lf life if getting too serious, t'o
strenuous, ihis little comedy and
bright little company of players will
help you lo "forget it."
Fucsday night, the great emotional drum**, "Queenn."
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice bv letter (returning tlle paper
does naat answer the law; when n sub
BCfiber dues hot take his paper out uf
the postoffice, anil slate the reason for
its not beitlg taken      Any  neglect to
lu sn ui'ikes tlte postmaster responsible to the pulilislier for payments,
2, If any i'1'i-flon urder. his paper
discaaiitinued he must pay all arrearages, or the" publishers may continue
tu send it until payments are made,
ami collect the whole amount whether
tho paper is taken-troth the ullice nr
not. There can be no leui.l discontinuance until payment is made.
9, Any person whd takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
tu his name ur nut, or whether he has
suhsciibed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. st a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and thu publisher Continues tu
send it, the subscriber is hound to
pay for it if hu takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for whnt
he uses.
5 The courts have alecided tliat re
fusing to take newspapers or per'odi
cals from the post office or removing,
leaving lliein uncalled fur, is prima
facie evidence of Intentional framl.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrmmit in the
Boundary country.
rownie -uameras
Work just like
PKICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
ww\ we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
<>vn. k, l.i.i; CW tfPPPt
Hansen's Rkbidikcb, ftis niai jiicci
ETC., ETC.   "
Silver King   autl   Silver Queen    Mineral '
a Iiiiiiii,. .innate In tlie liraiiial   Korku   .Manila,.
Division ot Ynle District.
When) Located:  On the Hart Fort of the
North Fork ol Keltle River.
TAKK M'Tll'K Ilaaat I. Jaia-ol) M. 1'atlilaaeaa.
Flee Miner1! Certlllcnto Nn. 8..818II, fur
myself anal as agent ft*r William, II. llaairniaii,
executor, unit lfosn Major, executrix, of the
will ail' Catherine llaalt'ataaui. Free Miner I
Certificate No. S5XI7U. Inleml, sixty days
lamia alalia- ..areola Ill apply tn thu Mining
Het-enlcr torn QetllfiCfltOOl Improvements, for |
ilie inn pose ufiablninliii. crown pants of the a
ahove a'laalmi
Anal further tultc uattteo thnt action, uniler 1
sei-tiaan 87, tains! lie a-ommeiici-il laefaire the Issu- !
niaia- of suela Cerilla-HICS aaf ImpraavelnenL
Dnleil this 4th day uf May, A.I) 1911
8EALED TKNDER8,eniJor*_erl "Ten-
der for Addition to School House," |
will tie received up to and including !
tlie nineteenth d»y of August, 1012,
addresser! In the  Secretary, Hounl   of]
.School Trustees, Orand  Korku,   BC,
fur the building of »n addition   to the
Grinul Forki. Publio School.
Plans untl itpeaidcationa may be
Meen at the oflice nf the Chairman,
Ihaaiailil McCalluin, First street.
The lowest, or any tender not neces
rarity aooepted.
Secretary Board of Trustees.
Dated at Qrand Forks, B.C.,
July __.); 1912.
The gentleman on the tortoise I
represents the man who does not I
silvcrtise—the one who tries to tlo
business as it was done in the days 1
ofthe tallow candle or the oil lamp.
Are you in the glare of the electric light—in the automobile of j
Modern Methods?
Our Want Ads. are high voltage I
1 batteries, whether you want light I
I or power— business publicity or J
bmpctent heb
Snnritae Mineral Claim, situate In tlaa-
Grand Porks Milling Division -ol Ynle nitric!.
Where located:   In Welliugtju ramp.
TAKK NOTICE that I. Joseph Allied Miller,
Free Miners' UertWoate No. 1117788, Intend, sixty .lain from the date hereof, tn apply to the Mining Recorder for* Certificate
ot Improvement, fur the purpose of obtaining a Crown titatitof the alaovc claim. _
And further tnke iiia'tce lhat action, under
flaoctlou 37,  must he comniruceil hefore the
ta-NUaiioe ot  such i.'ertlllcate of   Improve.
Dated this 2011a day of Aptil, A.D. 1912.        '
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol restores e_yery nerve ln the body
-rnuapssunui. _. „_ ^^ .^^. rc!l0„»
vim aud vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phosphouol will
make von a new man. Price S8abox,ortwo for
15. Mailed to any address. *-_• SoobeU Drug
Co.. It. Catharines. Ont.
Some business men are do (ond of
being deceived thnt they even en-
den vnr to believe that they cau reach
the consumers of this district' with
nut advertising^ The Bun. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
of the
Sold by W.K.C. Manly
Women ..Will Erect a Memorial to the Victims of
the Titanic
The women of the United Slates
are collecting half a million dollars
with whicb they will erect a monument to the men who periahed on
the Titanic that women and children
might be saved. They plan the noblest arch the world has ever seen, to
be erected in Washington, a monument that will become not less famous than the Washington monument, and that will proclaim to tbe
world the gratitude of womankind
that men, in a great crisis, proved
tbat he had not degenerated in the
course of the centuries that removed
him from that age when be had to
light for his womenfolk, and for tbe
lives of his childreen. There are few
great arches of any kind in the world
today, and those that there are have
nothiug to do with the heroism of
peace, but mark the triumph of some
conqueror of a foreign foe. The Titanic arch will mark the greatest victory of all, the triumph of a man's
soul over his flesh. It will bear in
i-nperishable marble the story of
one of the world's greatest '[calami
ties, one of mnnkind's greatest victories.
The movement to commemorate
in some striking way the heroism
of the men who went down with the
Titanic began almost as soon as the
survivors touched shore on the Car-
pathia.    Who thought of  it first is--latitude,  since  it  has already been
not known. Il must be that thousands of women thought of it' at the
same time. Probably a dozen little
circles worked simultaneously until
their widening operations brought
them into contact. Then they
merged, and finding among them
Mrs. John Hays Hammond,a woman
witb a reputation for executive ability, they made her the secretary of
tbe Women's Titanic Memorial association. Otber prominent women
were prompt to volunteer iheir services as soon as they learned of
what was going on, and a notable
committee was formed. Mrs John
Hay, widow of the famous secretary
of state, was made president, and
Mrs. W. H. Taft, wife of tbe president, was honored by being permitted to subscribe the first dollar.
Other women who have taken an
active part in tbe work are Mrs
..rover Cleveland, Mrs. Champ
Clark, Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, Mrs.
Phoebe Hearst, Mrs. OHcar Underwood, Mrs. Samuel Gompers, Mrs.
John D. Rockefeller,Mrs Alexander
Graham Bell, Mrs. Harrison Grey
Fiske and Mrs. Leonard Wood.
Aa soon as the committee was
formed the heads of practically all
tbe national women's clubs in the
United States applied to it, asking
to be included in tbe association. At
tbe present time it is said ih it 28,-
000 women's clubs and other or-
ganizatioos in the United States are
at work collecting money for the
memorial. Even from Hawaii haB
come a subscription from an American women's club, and fr.m Alaska
bas come a contribution of uncoined
gold dust. The women in Panama,
tao, have asked to tie allowed to
send on their mite. The result of this
organization is that for some months
past money has been flowing into
the central committee at the rate of
$300 a day. Even at this rate it
would require considerable time to
raise tbe half million dollars which
iB the sum to be spent on the mem
orial, and at the present time tbe organization is being fmproved with a
view of hurrying up the contributions.
Tbe women bave clear ideas aB to
what will be done with the money.
They have resolved that the half
million shall be spent in an arch,
and in nothing else, and that the
arch shall be at Washiagton, in the
Mall,   which will   then  have four
memorials, namely, the Washington
monumeni, the Grant memorial, Ihe
proposed Lincoln memorial, and the
Titanic arch. ■ The leading artists
and architects of the United States
will be asked ta_sttbtnit designs, but
they will be allowed no  very   great
decided thai an arch squared on top,
as is the Arc de Triomphe in Par's,
and ornamented witb classical pillars and appropriate carved figures,
shall be erected. It may be that the
poets will be urged to rise to the
great occasion and write something
that will be carved on the white
marble of the orch, so that as long
as the blocks remain one upon the
other the world may read tlie story
of the men wbo chose death on the
The taste of the women in choosing the arch as an expression of
their gratitude and reverence is to
be commended. This beautiful form
of memorial has been permitted to
decay of late years, and at the pres
ent time there are not half a dozup
great arches left standing in the
world. The most famous is the Arc
de L'E.oile..u. the Champs Elysees,
Paris. This arch was erected to commemorate the victories of Napoleon,
and was completed in 1S.10; In
1807 Napoleon himself began the
erection of an Arch of Peace in
Milan, and it was finished by lhe
Austrians fifty years later. There is
also the Marble Arch, in London,
which forms one of the entrances to
Hyde Park, and there is a Welling
ton arcb. None of these arches,
however, cost half a million dollars
to erect, and on this account the
money which the women of the
United States wil s.iend on the Titanic memorial ought to provide the
noblest arch ever erected. Posterity
will say that no other event com
memorated by a triumphal arch was
so worthy of being perpetuated as
the tragedy of the Titanic, "where
manhood perished not."
Bridge Sireet,
Hot and Gold Baths
Fi rat-Class Bar, Pool
Band llliard Rooms
in Connection.
Emil Larsen,
209 Carta! Veil More
Than 200 Ccfcmin
The World's EectCach Month
•Cartoons from c_aii.es and weekliesfpublished in
this country, London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin.
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Peter*-
burs, Amsterdam. Sunt;-rut, Turin, Rome, Lisbon.
Zurich, Tokio, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, end all the great cities of the
world. Only the 200 best out of 9,000 cartoons
each month, are .selected.
A Plotun History cf World's Evtrrts Cash Hentb
campaign ih "Cartoons   and watch the opposing parties caricature each other.
One free simple copy trill bc mailed hy addressing tttt publisher, li. II. WINDSOR, 318 W. Washington Street, CHICAGO
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|:!|;:;.:" :.jl:*:':' ■ : ".- MM
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Personal Chtistmas Cards
A new sample hook of the "An'
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The demand comes from people of all classes,
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j Weekly Newspaper of thu Dominion
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Its cdltorlul policy is thoroughly
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niideMtunrl Bell of tot B67I, P. O, Bog
813, Orand Korku, will apply for it licence tn
t   i.i*  ui'i   O-i'   otic   CUblo   root   |<* r - ml nf
rater nut of North Fori Kettle River Crerk,
w i.i. I, Bows hi a southerly ilircetlon llirouirh
Lot8611 ami cmiitlei lot" Keftle Klver near
(fraud Port.ii The wafer will bo diverted op-
po-Me the townsite of Muiraru, und will ne
used for Irrigation purpo «■•*. on the land *U-
srrlbetl ns Fruit Land, about 154 aer. s
Ti'ifl. im t■■-#- *mi- posted on  the trr-mml  on
the Kith day of (torch, lOia. The a mil lent Inn
will  bo  tiled lu the nfllce of the .Witter Be-
co'der ut Fulrvlew,
ObJeitloiiH   may   be   lil."I    with   the   -ni.l
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New Edition Issued Nov: 15, 190B.)
Is a dozen books in one, coveting the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics anil finances of
copper. It. is a praoical book, useful
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Its fact* will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
eisily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor
It lists and describes 4(136 copper
mines and companies in all parts aaf
the world, descriptions running fnam
t.wn lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propetty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded.
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fa'-ts it gives him alxjut mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
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Hundreds of swindling companies are
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Price is S5 in Buckram with gilt
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Ntw Subscription Received at This Offic* ,THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA!.
How it Will Increase the Car
Prom time to time the grain grow.
era ot Western Canada are faced with
problems affecting the disposal ot the
products ot their labor; questions
that require the most careful consideration. To come to a satisfactory
conclusion on these vexing problems
demands a thorough investigation of
all th" possible results which would
arise from the adoption of the proposals made. To often the actual
results of the operation of the pro-
nosed schemes are obsured by parties
interested ln securing pecuniary advantages.
Such a scheme ls the one now before the AY'eatern grain growers, in
which an effort is being made to establish a sample market tor the
handling ot grain. The Imaginary
benefits of such a market are extolled
while tho injuries that would result
from It are utterly ignored. Chief
among the faults that may be found
with the proposed scheme ls the
greater length of time which would
6e consumed In conveying the grains
from the point of shipment to the lake
Every farmer knows the value of
the rapid transit of grain from the
farm to the market. The present
cry from one end of the country to
the other is that the railways are too
slow 1. moving the crop. There are
too few cars and insufficient motive
nower. And yet the establishment
of a sample market would further
lengthen the time of transit and lessen the abilities of the railways to
handle the crop.
Next fall, one of the railways will
be hauling Into Winnipeg at least 500
carloads of grain every day. Should
a sample market be established the
grain would be sold by separate carloads en sample, and ordered out on
time. The whole railway yard cannot bc switched to pick out a particular car as each order is received, so
that there will have to be a rule to
start switching carB every night after
five o'clock. This means, therefore,
that a car of grain reaching Winnipeg
after eleven o'clock on Saturday
morning would not start to be switched until after Ave o'clock on Monday
evening, as the grain would not be
disposed ot a*, the grain exchange before Monday.
Cars that reached Winnipeg before
eleven o'clock Saturday morning and
were switched Saturday evening
would be shipped on Sunday. But
on Monday there would be no grain
moving out of Winnipeg. That means
that practically no grain would be
shipped out of Winnipeg for twenty
four hours each week. The same
thing *vould occur on Thanksgiving
Day and the other holidays.
Making the very best allowances
It means that one day In every seven
would be lost, and as there are only
seventy-seven day In which the crop
moves, which would Include eleven
Sundays and at least one holiday, lt
means that the ability of the railways to move the crop would be lessened by twelve days out of seventy-
seven, or roughly speaking, the transportation facilities of the railways of
the Northwest would be cut down by
at least sixteen per cent.
Then, taking Into consideration the
glut that would take place at the lake
front through the rush of grain there
In the flrst part of the week owing
fo the hold up at Winnipeg over Sunday, tt Is not an exaggeration to say
that the power of the railways to
move the crop would be reduced by
twenty-flve per cent.
' The agitators for a sample market
■re saying that the railways should
add to their rolling stock and yard
facilities. But every man who exercises common sense knows that notwithstanding their heavy expenditures nnd every effort they were able
to make the railways have been barely
able to keep up with the large Increases In the crops produced ln the
West. It Ib apparent, therefore, that
If the railways are hampered In their
movement of the crop to the extent
of twenty or twenty-flve per cent, that
lhe grain blockade will be worse than
ever before.
The western farmer ts well aware
thai a grain blockade always works
to the detriment of those who raise
the grain and to the advantage of
those who buy grain and hold tt In
their elevators. The results of Hie
grain blockade of last fall are still
felt In the West Let the farmers
consider the results of a blockade
twenty-flve per cent worse than the
last one before they consent to the
establishment of a sample market and
Us attendant evils.
__— "Vi>
First Thimble
' There Is a tradition that a DutcU
Rllversmtth pondered over a certain
notion which he had cherished long
•nd silently in the slow working
censes which he deemed his brain—
* notion for a trinket, a fallal, for a
dignified lady of Holland. It must
be ■ useful trinket, albeit a costly one,
meet for so good a seamstress as
Dame Allxe Van Rensselaer. When
the notion took definite shape, tbe
thing was quickly wrought lu pree-
lous metal by fingers as deft as the
brain was slow, and the Industrious
housewife proudly wore not only the
first thimble but the flrst thimble
possessed by any Dutch frau.
;> A Changed Mm
'   Mrs. Knagg—You were a different
nan when I married you.
Mr. Knagg—I sincerely hope so,
for thin I wm a fool,—Boston Transcript.
Thousands of people all over Western Canada are letting
MOONEY make their biscuits.
. They have found that MOONEY'S BISCUITS are just a
little crisper, just a little creamier, just a little thinner, just a little
more appetizing.
MOOltEY'S BISCUITS are just good enough to take the place of
the product of the home oven I  Use
Made in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg.
The biscuit that's good for every meal of every day,   In air tight, dust proof, damp
proof packages or sealed tins, ■
*! The Flr«t Chance
Has your afternoon card club adjourned for the season?
No, we have one mo.re meeting.
But I thought your president had
left town.
So sh9 has. That's why we're having another meeting. She's the only
oue wc haven't had a chance to discuss since she was elected to office.
Detroit Pree Press-
The Picnic Girl
She's gold of hair and blue of eye,
She never keeps her hat on,
And al.vays puts the custard pie
Just where lt will be sat on.—Judge.
■Choked tor Air. Some little Irritant becomes lodged in the bronchial
tubes, others gather, and the awful
choking of asthma results. Nothing
offers quite euch quick and positive
relief as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. The healing, soothing
smoke or vapor penetrates, clears the
passages and gives untold relief. Usually lt completely cures. It has
behind it years of success. It is the
sure remedy for every sufferer.
Hooper—Are you still looking for
your dog?
Hooper—Why don't you put an ad.
in the pa.ier?
Cooper--What'B the use—The dog
can't read.
When He Removes His Wig
Gibbs—In a way I've as much as
John D.
Dlbbs—Nonsense! Why Rockefeller has a dollar for every hair on
your head.
Gibbs—Well, I'll bet. I've a dollar
for every hair on his head.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Another View of It.
Little Florence had a very bad
toothache and was crying softly to
herself- Her aunt who was a believer In Christian science, went
over to the little girl and said: "If
you had any faltb, dear, you would
have no toothache." Florence continued to sob, and between the sobs
she replied: "Well, Aunt Grace, If
you had my toothache, you wouldn't
have ;.ny faith.—Judge.
Painful Proofs
What are you crying about. Willie.
One of the hoys called me 'teacher-
er's pet,' and 1 went an' told her and
Bhe Hiked mo to prove 1 wasn't —
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
To ■ Finish
Poet (to his wife)—Now let's have
a race and see whether you finish
yonr cake  first,  or  I  my  sonnet.—
Fliengende Blatter.
Loans on Honor
France haB an association which advances loans on word of honor ot Ite
customers. The fact that most ot
the loans are promptly repaid Is evidence that some people's words are
still ac good as their bonds.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root
■re made according to a formula in
use nearly a century ago among the
Indians, and learned from them by
Dr. Morae. Though repeated attempts have been made, by. physicians and chemists, it has been found
Impossible to improve the formula or
the pills. Dr. Morsf'sjndjan _Root
Pills area houscholdremedy throughout the world for Constipation and
■II Kidney aad Liver troubles. They
act promptly and effectively, tnd
Cleans* th* System
His First   Move
It was a shy young man who was
once asked to take a class ot girls
about 15 or 16, which had formerly
been taken by a woman. The young
cl,.rgyman consented, says London
Tit-Bits, but insisted upon being properly introduced to the class. The
superintendent accordingly took him
to the class for this purpose and
sa Ul: ,
Young ladies, I Introduce to you
Mr. Chlra, who will in future be your
teacher. I would like you to tell him
what your former teacher did so that
he can go on in the same way.
A miss of 16 rose and said:
The flrst thing teacher did was to
kiss us all around.
A Snappy Age
The young man breezed into the
old man's library.
I met your daughter, he announced,
at n Fifth Avenue reception. I want
to marry her next Friday afternoon at
3.30.     She's willing.
The old man turned to his card
Which daughter? he asked.
It's Miss Ethel.
All right, said the old man. Make
It 4.30 and I'll attend the wedding. I
have an engagement at the other
It wr.s so ordered. This is a snappy age.—Pittsburg PoBt.
As a vermicide there ls no preparation that equals Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It has saved
the lives of countless children.
The best Man    (making   arrange-
ments)—And—er—lt la klsstomary to
cuss tha) bride?—Sketch.
What 8he Will Sometimes Admit
Does your wife ever admit that she
ls wrong ln an argument.
No, the nearest she ever comes to
it Is to say that I'm not as big a
chump as I look.—Detroit Free Press,
My wife is trying to get all the
su.fra_.l8ts to come out and parade in
39c. hats.
What's her Idea?
Then she'll appear In a $50 confection.  —liouiavillo Courier-Journal.
Mrs. John C. Lepage, Rlmouski,
Que., writes: "Your Baby's Own Tablets are ah excellent remedy for little ones and 1 alway.. keep them In
tho house." Thousands ot other
mothers say the same thing. The
Tablets always do good—they cannot
possibly do harm. They are the only
medicine for children sold under the
absolute guarantee of a government
: nalyet lo contain no opiates or harmful drugs. They sweeten the stomach; tegulate worms; cure Indigestion and promote healthful sleep. The
Tablet*, are Bold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
A Chance
I've got an awfully poor memory,
remarked Boggs.     I just   can't   remember anything overnight.
You haven't got a Ave spot you
could spare until to-morrow,' have
you? asked Scroggf.        '.   '
~ ""    •,„•_.•>.• -' .-'-i*-.
What makes Flymann iook so unhappy.
He Cell Into a piece of property.
I should think that would make
him looTT KSplP5r.'~*-t*»*»=--        "•:». •
Would you? Well, this dldu't happen to be his property, and he fell
Into lt from his' biplane and twisted
his back. —Judge.
When You Buy Matches,
They have a true safety bate
head,  with silent   tip.    Will
never explode 'if Stepped on.
Etij'e Matches hare lattsflad Ca*
adlau tine* nil—accept m other*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails tind Tubs.
A Handy Thing'
A Yorkshire farmer was patd by
cheque for some cattle he bad sold,
lt was the lirst time tbat It had ever
What's this? he said.
Why, money for the beasts, said
the cattle dealer.
The farmer stared and had to be
assured that lf he took it to the bank
they would give htm gold for It.
Well, said he. Aw'll try, but lt it's
a wrong 'tin thou'll hear about lt.
The cheque was cashed of course,
and the farmer went home happy, but
he could not Bleep. He bad seen a
wondevful thing and lt had excited
him. As soon as day broke he made
for the cattle dealer's bouse and
woke the dealer.
It's me, he Bald. Where's tha got
thim bits of paper from? Aw could
do wi' halt a dozen myself.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Answering Her Father
Could you tmpport my daughter In
the style to which she has been accustomed?
I have ever tiled auch rigid economy, air.—Life.
We need a man In the packing
department. What experience havo
you had?
I've taken a few lessons ln boxing
You're the man.
Cause for Worry . ,
I'm worried about my boy.
What's the matter with him?
When I left home yesterday morning I told him to clean up our lawn,
and when I got home laat evening I
found that he had done it.—Pittsburg Post.
       *   ". iw.
Fisherman's Luck
Up near Flesherton, a Toronto traveling man who waB making a trip
overland passed an old man who was
fishing with hook and line ln a small
stream. As the drummer drove by
in a buggy the old man never took
his eyes off (he bobber In the water.
When the traveling man returned
late In the afternoon he was greatly
surprised to seTttie Aid man still ln
ffiST^-'pSlttloii^ wlthhUcyes
glfied on Iho bobber. ""zSl tUtsm..^
Hello, uncle I he shouted. . Any
luck to-day?
Without taking his gaze off the
corS "Milch rested on the surface of
thfrptaold stream, the old man replied:       ie**~--' ;-_•
Had a nibble 'long about noon.—
Mall and Empire.
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar, It Is clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
Indestructible. Makes houses
draft-proof, easy to heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or write for sample
and Booklet to the •_
5*1* CanUUs Mnvfacttmrf
•I atsssla, Limit..*,
■•atrul, Whalfci. CUfirr. tmmer.
Pat had a little brown mare, and
they were both familiar sights ln the
town. The mare was lean, blind
and lame, but by dint of much coax*
Ing Pat Jurt about managed to keep
her to harness,
One dav white leading her tn water,
he had to pass a crowd of loafers.
Thinking to have some amusement
at Pat's expense one called out:
Hallo, there's Pat! How much
Is that mare of your'a able to draw?
Begcrra, answered Pat, I can't say
exactlv: but she seems to be able to
draw tho attention ot ivery fool ln the
J    !,Ol.)S    1
Kill Iff IB _____■
,   PI LIS
_~r~''flM'-' ''■',i*.'
.■ ".i,,-7T7t-     :
W. N. U. 905
The Two |
3 They Turned Their Likeness £
& to Mutual Benefit $
i     ty JANE D. WILLIAMS     %
Fred Boyce, aged twenty-flve, desperately la lore, gloomy, a scowl on
his brow, entered the cafe of bis club
hy one door, and a gentleman of bli
•wn age entered It by another. The
two stood looking at each other In astonish men t.
"Are you my twin brother?" asked
"Have you ■ twin brother?"
"Yes.   Have you?'*
"I have.   Wbut's your name?"
"You don't mean Itl"
The two advanced and greeted each
•titer warmly.
"Ned, how Is father?" ', •'-"
. "Quite well.   And mother?"
"The same.   Do yoo remember her?*
"I don't remember' father al all. Let
lee tee. How old were we when they
eepn rated?"
"About seven."
"It waa too bad tbat tbelr separation
eatised ours. I suppose eacb wanted
ene of us. But sit down and let us
lave « cigar together."
It enme out that Fred Boyce waa a
visitor lo the city und bad been "put
■a if I were 70a and see If I can't (et
her to alter her decision."
"Do yon really tblnk you could de
"I can at least try."
"For heavens sake make the effort."
"I'll do it   When.can I aee her?"
"Go tonight"
"How shnll I be snre I have met the
right girl?"
Fred opened hla watch case and
■howed his brother e glrl'a photograph.
Ned' looked at it long enough to fix lt
In hla mind, showing hla brother thi
picture ot bis own girl, carried in hit
" "Very well," he laid. "Ill try It tonight"
The brothers reveled In their reunion till eveniug, then prepared for dinner, each  putting on evening dress.
keep It up?" .
"Ton betl"
"Don't be to rare. Ill put yon
through your pacee every day. You
ahall make love to me, and I will
coach you."
"Agreed. But how am I to repay
this kindness? Isn't tbere something
that I can do for you?"
"I've been thinking of that My Marlon doesn't tumble to my lovemaklng
■a your Isabel does. Suppose you try
■ like game in my favor."
"I will."
"Be yourself. Don't Imitate me except wltb your own fiancee."
"That's right"
Tbe experiment wag tried, bnt with
indifferent success. However, tbe
young lady, wbo preferred a more sober, undemonstrative man, was pleas-
Strange Experiences Teld by Eng. Tfi* Meeting With Barren Thet Cadet
land's Super-Tramp.
Our everyday carelessness, and tha
manner in which it provides a living
for vagrants, is strikingly illustrated
by a chapter entitled "The Finder"
in "The True Traveler," ■ remarkable
book written by Mr. W. H. Davies,
the literary tramp, who haa given ul
such books as "Beggars" and "The
Autobiography of ■ Super-Tramp," in
addition to poetical works and ■ novel, and who, not from necessity, but
because he loves the life, has for many
the Brave Cemmedere'e Life.
The practice ot dueling, Inherited
from England, led to aome tragic
•rente ln early American history. One
ef these resulted In the death of one of
our early naval heroes. Commodore
Stephen Decatur. He bad gained die.
(faction ln tbe Trlpolltan war. In the
war of 1812 and stood very high la
popular esteem.
Another naval officer of tbe period
. wm Commodore  Barron,  who com-
Fred  altered  his whisker, to cow*  ed w)th  wU„t ,„, luppose<,  was
spond with his brothers, and Fred, chaiBe for y,, better tn ber lover. But I edon the ground, looking 'lor thingi
placed a sprig of geranium In Neds, Dufortunately „he wn, more observant which people had lost. In a confiden-
buttonhole, saying that his Isabel had■ imM       ,_. dl8C0Ter. | tial  moment  "?^e  Finder"  showed
been accustomed to seeing bim witb
that boutonnlere and no otber. Then
Ihey dined together, and Ned sallied
forth on a amission that was hla brother's laat hope.
"Remember, Fred," he said, "that lf
I succeed I shall gain for you nothing
but a temporary advantage unless you
can give up your pessimism and become both more practical and more
ed the trick tbat waa being played ;
upon her.   The truth Is tbat Fred bnd
not the histrionic ubillty of bis brother
and couldn't keep up the deception.
Later the brothers and their wivee
laughed over tbe comedy.
year, led a nomadic existence, mixin, \ «i^ Ita CWjIto ,,D «* fig"
with people ol the underworld in I with the British frigate Leopard.
various parts of the globe. While ln command of the Chesapeake
It was in a London lodging-house be wae charged wltb neglect of duty,
that Mr. Davies met "The Finder," *; wn tried by a court martial, on wbich
man who day after day walked the; Decatur served, and was found guilty
streets of London with his eyea fasten-j iDa suspended from the Bervice.
Later wben be applied for restore*
tion Decatur declined to approve It end
out of tbls grew a correspondence culminating In a duel, ln one of ble lettera Decatur said, "Between you and
myself there haa never been ■ personal
Found Wife In Canada.
William    C'obbett,   the   celebrated
English   statesman, to  his  last  day
Tide me over tbls bar. and I'll make i ™ver regretted the hour in which he
■annac.ac, ,».   mi .     ; first set eyes on the young woman
a bliTeffort not to get on to anotter wJJ made ^ the ,.h  ' iest*husband
one.    I may steal, in unobserved flnd;0iive
see bow you do it.   I know every door, j in Halifax, Nova Scotia, when he flrst
every nook lu .tlie house.    Isabel will Baw xleti looping industriously over I
doubtless receive you in the MttledraWfl. a wash-tub, her arm frothing with I
lug room.    It communicates with tbe j soap-Buds  and   her   comely features !
library, and I may find a chnnce to veiled by a curtain of steam.   But a
hide there" '°"k WRS sufficient.
•'That's all right, but don't spoil It all ^'^ ^^ftnt Zl
by gelling caught. KM divided them, he knew no peace I
Half an hour Inter Ned called on the. ^ h(j ,...., m(.(te g wjfe o( the „Ber.
young lady In question. He wns shown | vant.of.all-work,"   who   had  counted)
Mr. Davies the contents ot his lockei
in the lodging-house.
"When I saw the things he had 1
was astonished, for I believe this man
could have made a living by merely! aifflcultj, but I have entertained and
walking about. He had several foun- lo still entertain (be opinion tbut yonr
tain pens, one gold-mounted, which conduct as an officer of the Chesapeake
must have cost thirty or forty shil-' bas been such as ought to forever bar
lings. He showed me a gold pencil- your readmlsslon to the service."
case and two silver ones; also a Bit-! Barron sent a challenge, wbich Deca*
ver matchbox, finely embossed, which ! tar acMpttd> anfl the duel took place it
still contained the matches as it had
been found.   I saw several purses, all
of which had contained money; and
„ „ ■  -   ,    „      ,,..„_ 1 there was a lady's silk parasol, which
.H« S^ffi* 8?ni ti^t!   ! had been left on a seat in on. of th.
Bladensburg, near Washington, March
22, 182% Tbey fought with pistols It
eight pacee, and both fired and felt
together,  Decatur, apparently  killed.
Into tbe room where sbe bad been ac
customed to receive ber lover, and presently she came down prepared for a
struggle no woman llkes-to convince
him ibat bis case is hopeless. Absorbed as she was tn this anticipated struggle, probably no belter opportunity
could bave occurred for him to foist
himself upon ber for bis brother.
Knowing ber  lover's disposition .be
herself passing rich on $25 a year.
Banishing the Bill-Board.
The Alberta Woman's Association is
one of the most influential organisations in that western province. Its
membership includes almost every
woman university graduate in the province,  as well as the wives  of the
parks, and also a gentleman's costly   but he loon revived enough to aay a
cane found in the same way. few friendly words to hie antagonist,
"He showed me several articles ol   who also lay on tbe ground.    Both
jewelry, such is rings, bracelets, and j were removed to Washington, where
brooches;   and   one   pendant,   which   Decatur died tbat night, bot Barron
was a silver cross with a Christ cruci-   (jewrf and lived till 1851.
fled in gold, which he had lound one
Sunday morning in Hyde Park.   Even j
books—popular novels that had been
left on seats, some of which may not!
hV*e  been  forgotten.
Canada Loses Good Man.
Among tbe notable but least men,
.._,,_,  .„ „...._..,  but read* and a Honed passenger who perished in thi
thrown away—were to be seen in this! Titanic disaster was  E. J.  Sjostedt,
man's locker." | a native of Sweden, who for several
"The Finder" confessed that some-1 years has been engaged in geological
times he went for a whole day without   and mineralogical   work   in Canada,
finding anything of the least value,
but on other days he was almost certain to find a number of things.   One
principally in the copper bearing district of the north shore of Lake Superior. Some months ago he made up
.,_,_.„..,„  ....   . -   r members of the university senates and
caie forward expecting blm to wall! the board of governors.   It was or-
for her to speak.    Instead of thnt he ganir.ed about six month, ago for the
forward   with  one   word.  In promotion of higher education in the
"DO HOT CAS? m Off."
•p" at tbe club by a friend. The
brother, .bowed all tbat affection foi
each otber twins are known to experience. Tbey bad not been long together
before It came out that tbough physically alike tbey were tbe opposite In
disposition, one being tho complement
•f tbe otber.
'■You beve turned up, my denr boy,
Just In tbe nick of time to give me
your sympathy. I'm lo love wltb e
girl who bas been trying for .ome
time to make up ber mind to engage
herself to me. I bave Just received ■
note from ber saying lhat the can't
"There's her note. Read It and yoo
■ball aee for yourself."
He threw a note on the table which
hla brother picked up and read, lt
dated tbat, while the writer liked ber
lover well enough to marry him, there
.wsi an ineradicable blemish about him.
He was too theoretic, too philosophic,
too undemonstrative.
"I wonder," said Ned. folding tbe
aote. 'It something of lhat eon lint
the matter wllb my girl."
"Jon're no peulmt.t."
"That's Just the trouble between me
and my Marlon. Sbe Is « serious young
woman of strong chancier, very practical, and though she like, me and ba.
thooght urlously of marrying me, I
im quite convinced she think, me ln
eome respects ■ fool.
"It Item, thot I have been trying
to mate wltb a girl you ebould hnve
mated with, aod vice versi."
"Right you ire, I wonder If we
couldn't swap 'em."
Tbe humorous tinge to the proposition was entirely lost on Fred, who
took the remark seriously. "Impossible." he said. "1 can never give up
"Nonsense, Tbere are aa good flsb
io the sea as over were caught"
The pessimist heaved a deep sigh.
"I have an Idea, Fred," said tbe oth-
tr. "I doubt if either of tbese girls
.were we dressed exactly alike could
tell ui apart How would It do for me
to help you out by .going to your girl
Ud supplying In yoar place what you
' Ned looked op with a spark of hope
In hli eye,
sprang   forward   wltn  oue
wbicb  was passion,  protest, despair,
hope-indeed a mingling ef feeling thai
electrified her.
Tbere was 00 need for her to ntter a [
word. Indeed, be did not give her an
"I bave been crushed by your letter.
But It has produced a contrary effect
from what mlgbt bave been expected.
Confronted wltb Ibe fnct tbnt 1 must
lose yoir. I have become a changed
man. For you J will root out a nature plnnted In me at my birth end
replace It wltb one of a different kind
I bave been unklndled fuel. Ion bave
applied tbe torch that has caused that
fuel to burst Into ■ flame. With you
It will burn forever; without you It
will be qoencbed e. suddenly a. you
have Ignited It. Isabel, you »re my
world, my whole being. Ob, do not
ca.t me off! Give me one chance under thi. awakening to win you, and
every Iden Ibat enter, my brnin In future .ball be Inspired by a knowledge
that I possess your love
The members are interesting themselves in the bill-board campaign ol
the City Planning Commission, ami
many club women are expressing their
of his methods was to visit a he»th hi. mind to visit his native country,
or common after a Bank Holiday, | and the Department of Mines deemed
when he invariably found something i it advisable to accredit him as its roof value. And lie is apparently not' presentative to nuke investigations
the only one who follows this extra- into the treatment.of copper ores In
ordinary occupation of looking for \ Norway and Sweden. 3e wa. en the
wealth on the ground, for he finds it   return trip when he met death an the
necessary, after a Bank Holiday, to
be on the spot he has in mind as
soon as it is daylight, "for there are
others that do the Bame."
approval ol the desire of the comtuia- I     The   contents   of  his locker   must
(ton for more stringent bylaws.
have cost the   owners   considerably
I over $500.   Extraordinarily enough, he
j never attempted to sell any of these
Cockney. 1 things, for he possessed a small in-
There are not wanting authoTitiel; come which was enough to keep him.
who rise to the defence of the Cock-; end purposely kept himself looking
nev speech, as was evidenced a year. like the commonest beggar so that
or'twrTago when the London County people would take less notice when
Council passed a resolution recoin- j they saw him stooping to pick things
mending measures tliat would drive   UP- __
the dialect from the schools ol the |	
English capital. Then appeared a certain Mackenzie MacBride, who put
forth various pamphlets and a hook
to show that Cockney is no modern
dialect or corrupted form of the
King's English, but that it has an an-
White Star liner.
Hlddtn Treasure, ef the Tiber.
The waters of the Tiber are wild to
cover  many costly. treasures of antiquity.   From Lake Neml, near Rome,
.  ... .     . many bronze armament, ud statuary
cilnt and honorable lineage running 1 from th(| Ooatjng pa|aCee of the Em-
back for nearly . thousand £«'»• „,.„,„ Tlber1us and Caligula have al-
Mr. MaoBride points out that »nen ••**"" • „„_«j    1, haa inns h_-an
th. individual "who was born within   "»d»^D^'TSSf.JJT* S5rf!3
the .ound of Bow Bells" says "thet" j the dream of poets .and the belief of
lor "that," "benk" for "bank." and   antiquaries tbat the Tiber* bed con-
"byllff" Ior "bailiff" he is guilty of no ' ceali a vast amount of artistic treaa-
Sbe stood listening te this remarks-  corrilption ol the English language, I ores which have been flung into It
■•-'"•-  inasmuch   as   these   pronunciations   either from wontou recklessness or for
have obtained  not only in London,! t|,e purpose of preservation from sac-
but in Kent and Surrey for hundreds 1 r||ege.  ijhere Is ■ legend that Attlla
ble speech In silent wonder. But the
pleader, like ngeneral wbo pushes on
to convert a victory Into a rout, advanced, seized ber band and pressed It
passionately to bis lips. She looked
down upon his bowed bead-Inclined
partly because bc feared a continued
study of bis features mlgbt betray
hlin-but she could not speak from
mingled amazement snd pleasure. She
loved, and now Ibe way bnd been
made clear for lhat love. Finally she
found ber tongue and soid:
"Oh, Frcdl How bappy you bave
made me I"
"Oh, Isabell It seems to me that nil
lho Joy of my whole life Is concentrated In Hits one moment." ,
A blissful slleuce tbnt followed was
broken by Ibe closing of a door lo Ibe
adjoining room. The scamp knew
that bis brother bad observed Ibe
wooing sud. he hoped, had benefited
by It.
Tbat was Indeed a Joyful evening to
the girl whose beart bnd been toro by
casting off the man ebe really loved.
She could not understand tbe cbange
Id him. but cared not for n reason,
since she kuew tbnt Ibe cbange hud
come. Sbe frightened blm by saying
that It wns hard for ber to believe be
was not some oue else.       \
The visit would have probably lusted
till the wee hours of the morning had
not tbe actor sold tbnt nfter the receipt
or his note r*i«*tlng blm he bud walk
ed the floor all nlgbt. whereupon she
forced btm to leave her thnt he might
seek repose. The repose he sought was
nt the club, where bis brother bad ordered a bottle of champagne on Ice
nnd was waiting for him to come nnd
celebrate the victory, for Fred had
stolen Into Ihe lady's bouse, hidden ln
the library and benrd If he hnd not
seen the victory. He threw his arms
■round Ned's neck and hugged him.
„m ,■,«,. "It's all very well, Fred," said bis
■J*ll reply to berleUer lo person Just I brother, "hut do yoo tblnk you ca»
of years.
In like msnner are justified "abaht'
and "ahtside" for "about" and "outside." It ifl further contended that
many Londoners have been laughed
out of these ancient and excellent
and    Mr.    McBrid*
burled all bis treasure beneath  tbe
No Reply.
Two English soldiers, seeing a com-
pronunciations,   and   Mr.    McBride | rade*s cost lying on his bed. Jthought happjne88."
earnestly urges them not to change   tbey would piny a  oke on blm. as be , °>..'™"™  ^ .^ ^
Whirs Eggs Are Costly.
Ranchers in the Bulkley valley
were selling their eggs this spring si
$1.60 a dozen,
Sun er Heat ee Maker ef Baldnaeb
Tbe fact that savegee almost alwaya
possess fine crops of bair, taken with
the fact tbat tbey do not wear bats,
has led some people to believe that going bareheaded mlgbt be a preventive
of baldness. Bot Dr. Gotthell In ea
article quoted by the Medical Record
points out tbst tbe actloo of tbe sun's
rays upon tbe bead Is Injurious not
only to the biir, but to the whole sys-
tern, overindulgence Io sun bathe causing Irritability and nervous cardiac
■nd circulating disturbances and lesions of tbe sklo thst are often serious.
But It Is pointed out thot tbe tight
hatband constricts circulation In the
arteries sad veins of tbe head, and,
as tbe Medical Record says, It Is a
moot point whether tbls be oot aas
harmful to the belr ss are tbe scttnlo
r«y« of the sun. ,
Th. Walter Understood.
They were lunching together, »nd
the talk turned to superstition.
"When you made that boast just
now," said one ol the party, "yoo
should have knocked on wood to drive
away tbe evil spirits that are envious
their speech by resson of sny uncalled-for animadversions against it.
Whether Mr. MacBride be correct
or not in his contentions, the fact remains that Cockney has survived lor
many centuries in the midst of speech
that is deemed more cultured.
The Curie ef Scotland.
Among the reasons why the nine ol
diamonds has been called the curse ol
Scotland are the following:
Diamonds, nine of, called the curse
Scotch  member
happened lo be an Irishman. So tbey , „yeg ... an M German custom
chalked a donkey's bead ou the bock , Ym_ (m wood lhrce til|leB Say
of the coat snd then w«lted to ieej that WBiter B, ollr§ looks like a Oer
him put It on. Wben Mike took up
tbe coat be gazed at the donkey'* bead
with deep earnestness, and then, turning lo tbe Englishmen, he Inquired.
"Which ot yea wiped yoor face on my
Historian's Companion," Fourth Edition, hy Thomas Tegg, London. 1626.
Tliere is a George Campbell men-
tioncd in Burton's "History of Scotland," as having catis.d the nine of
diamonds to bt called the curse of
Scotland because he stole nine diamond., out of the royal crown in the
rei-jn of Mary Stunrt, in consequence
ol which all Scotland was taxed.
When Newton Mined His Dinner.
Sir Isaac Newton one d>>/ invited a
friend lo dine with him arid, as usual,
forgot all about  it.    Tiie friend  ar
rived and found thc ,
,i, of abstractkm. Dinner mjjwugjt | gg-yf Jjg,-iushinglpn. whojied
man. Itap three times and tee if he
doesn't understand it."
The other man rapped.
Tlie waiter understood it.
He brought three Seers.
An Old Banking House.     .    -
en.!!.!... For the Inner Bar Child's Tlank is one ol the oldest
Something For th. Inn.r Bar. ^^ (|. ^^    „    , p,Mt
An eminent judge used to say that   J-.^ wa8 nK(^ % g0|,jsinith'. shop.
is said to have been changed
bank in the tine of Sir Francis
once Lord Mayor of London.
 now the custom exiits of calling
the front ol the hank "the ihop." «nd
the b»ck, where the ledgers »re kept,
the "counting house." Another old
cMtom still kept up is thst of three
Junior psrtners snd two salaried partners sleeping on the t-remises in rotation. Thus one of the psrtnsrs is si.
ways on hand if needed.
He was defending a prisoner, chsrg.
ed with stealing a donkey. The prose-
cutor had left the animal tied up to
■ gate, and when he returned it was
gone. "*
Missing wai very severe in his ex-
amination ol the witness.
"Do you mean to say, witness;, the
donkey wsi stolen front ths gate!"
"I mean to say, sir," giving the
judge snd, then the jury ■ sly look,
"the sis was misting."
Judge Leaves Faulty Will.
Ethics ef Bribery.
A certain saloon keeper years age
wss elected to the leglslslnre of a
sontheru stale at a time when there
,,,,.. ,„  ,,      II is strange  how  many talented | wns important legislation pending.   lie
forgot all about it.    lie ir.cno ."-|, (J       and  lawycr,  bave  failed  to j Kct.plpa a t|10usand dollars for his vote
M .•&»£ "SgfggW Sai5.Crto^. SI - •••— -— - « -
turbing Newton, sat down .Sf dlnei \ ««&. ^HL^s^J^l'l
up for one.
      ZZena "rotTh?! I P?**^"''1-1**
.1..   ..   iii.   cessityof having his will a
cil to it properly attested
'ell." reVlly. "if it wasn't for the : he intended {hattyl Jjrofl•fjonal OOl
,  beiore my eyes I co
•worn that I had not yet d\ucd
When  Newton   recoverea   irom    nis it—fir**".""i.""__.II_;"ijr."_iii  __„,. _,  „nHi
"Well, really, il it wasn't ior mo   • ~..--- •••—.;---„•," (nj|„.ti,  i.»
proof before my eyes I co'Hd have a leagues should beneflt indirectly hy
1 L_. , _5/j ... .... _»....__ ■•        tb) consequent litigation,
I hardly closed wben the opposition enme
I round, offering Mm two thousand. The
j temptation was strong, but tbe new
member shook bis head.
"No geutleman ns Is a gentleman,"
he said, "will sell out twlcet on wen
I Broposltlon!"-Saturday Evening Poet THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
A new postoffice has ben established at Johnson's ranch, Christina
hike. W. H. Beach has been appointed postniaster.
A pleasant entertainment for ohil
dren wbb given on H. Spinks' lawn
on Tuesday evening by Billy Spinks
and Peggy Burns. During the early
part of the evening games occupied
the attention of the youngsters.
Later ice and cake were served,
MisBes Vera Lyden and "Micky"
Ridell assisting in passing around
the delicacies. A short program of
songs nnd recitations was also rendered' Those present were: Misses
Dorothy Hutton, Mildred Hutton,
Thelma Hutton, Hilda Bruno, Clara
Bruno, Annie Crosby, Mae Crosby,
KJura McDonald, Mildred Ridell,
Al6ia Ridell, Vera Lyden, Ceilia
Lyden, Loretta Lyden, Mary Chep-
lo, Geneive Griffith, Gertrude
Krischki, Bud Crosby, Dorothy
Schlieh and Antoinette Schlieh.
Work on the concre e foundations
for tbe Manly and Boundary Trust
company's blocks was commenced
on Wednesday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
James Rooke returned the firat
of the week from a trip to Vernon
and Kelowna.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is for sale on easy terms.
Address owner, \V. K. Esling, Ross
land, B. C.
For Sale
Year old hens, to mnke room for
young stook; s.c. Khode Island
Reds and s.c. White Leghorns. Tbese
birds were awarded the following
prizes at the Alberta Provincial fair,
held at Calgary in July this year:
First and 2nd for hen, and 2nd
and 3rd for cock, in s.c, Rhode
Tsland Reds.—T. Bowen, Columbia, B. C.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city forthe past week amounted
to 340,000 pounds, bringing tho
total shipped for the year to 1-2,557,-
C00 pounds. '   "
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 25,602     69l,0i)5
Mother Lode  6,891     301,370
Rawhide  5,507     128,317
Jackpot        12,237
Athelstan   340
Emma       • 4,901
Napoleon      390 4.014
Lone Star      664 2,022
Others..........      315        8,195
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 23,940      772,721
B.C. Copper Co...13,629     373,817
^* a. T. HULL, M«»*SE»
Two Nights, Commencing   -i /\
Fred Knight, of Spokane, was in
the city on Wednesday.
Rev. and Mrs. M. D. McKee have
returned from their vacation trip.
For Sale, at a Big Bargnin—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.    W. J. Meagher.
J. D. Honsberger, the fruit grower, returned on Monday from a
business trip to Calgary and intermediate points.
Signs of the Times
Doctor's sign in Montreal: "Do
not absolutely abandon hope until
you have seen nie."
No'ice ut Stone lake: 'Boys, no
bathing allowed whilf. ladies are
around without suits."
At Highland, N. J.: "Ten dollars
r ward f> r mutilating thia potter."
We'd do it for half the money.
Advertisement in El Paso Times:
"Wanted, to know the whereabouts
of Fred Clark, who died in Chihuahua four years ago."
A western editor is frsnk enough
to say: "We print this paper to go
into the homes and fireplaces of our
From the Buenos Ayres Standard:
"Wanted, situation as plain cook;
no objection to doing a little plain
cooking." Evidently a very accommodating person.
Ethel Tucker
in the brightest of all Farce
Are You a Mason?
It's a Scream,
A Riot of Fun.
"Everybody's doin' jt." Doing
what?   "Saying the Eethel
Tucker Company is the
Best Yet.'
Tuesday Night: Queena
Scats at Woodland's.
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of charge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung uml throat llmladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, whieh will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Ch«rlcs A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Citv.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
P.O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Meias-i. Croaatley Bros., Ma.ia_he_.ter, Ella.
Malum ol Gas Producer Plarati and Oil
Engines tor general power or eleuerlcal
liglitliig purposes.
Messrs. I'icli, Kn.r at Co., Ltd., Pn-ston,
England. Equipment tor Mines and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), etc.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
firing machines for miners, contractors,
prospectors. The best on the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Generates. Electrical Supplles-
BleaatricHl Heating  and Cooking  Apnairai
tus, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries .will receive our prompt
attention. Write for information.
Metal Quotations
New' Yoke, Aug. 15. —Silver 6!^;
standard copper, $17.00@l 7.2.5.
London, Aug. 15.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Aug. 15—The follow
ing ure today's opening quotations foi
the stocks ment Lined:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 54 00 57.00
B. C.   Copper       5.25     5.76
(I'llWfghofl Annually)
Kimble* trader.)  throughout   tho   world   it,
collimunIcute direct with Wu^ll-di
Betides being a qoot
„.       „„ Je to London at
suburbs, the directory contalus Huts of
in each class of ROodi              _._    ..
plete commercial guide to London and IU
with the Goods they ship, sod the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
aud tudloatlng the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., tn
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the united Kingdom.
A copy ol the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order lor 20s.
Dealers seeking Agenoles oan advertise
their trade cards lor II, or larger advertisements Irom £3,
25, Abehuruh Lane, London, E.C.
^ Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next C.P.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
Suits to Order &18 iwa*
H We are agents for some of the leading tailoring estab
lishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
H Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guaranteje you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JS» Columbia P. o.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We hnve the most modern jobbing plant
in the Rnundnry Country, employ com
pctent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery. __
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes, ■-,
Fosters, Dates hnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
■Lodge Constitutions and By-law*.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills nf   Fare und Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
I'ndfl,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
QC*(W\ PPINTIlMfi-tl,c k*nt* we d"-~is ■" itHe"
"W IH.IL11I1.UI »n advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
3l|f Sum pint $ha(t
a ,,-8___ ^N. .-Ik ^S.  c_t^ ^*fl_ *«____. x r
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Furniture Mado to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fn-sl. ('ntiRiguraent uf
Rewired Wet-lily.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ur Honing a i
Kmur Honing a Special y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh North of Ouanhy Hotel,
First Street.
Thadc Mark*
Anyone rending • uke! oil •
quickly a-certaln onr opltafc
inmuVn ie probably puant
t.or_ee_.io.lyMnMen_r__Lll« _,_..
Scientific Ewttm
At*aeatm*i,xO,xiiiu»i*m*lr. I«M«
 -* — "*wiiao JoaraaL  Tome to,
,m**xm*mm**, sm\*i
Money in .Economy
CliceHed Wui Aaa. m aa
eeeaaammt .md eateaUaaiaattaaal
*t rMcklBg Iha amrlmg xroMx*.
Tkala Mall Mat la mat aa aa-.
p*—. bat aa Ineetateat whlafc
will nun largo 4NUn_k
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Frencha regulator; never Mle. Theae
ville tro exceedingly powerful In regulating the
W"lWo|»rtlonolfljoleinaloe»iilem. Kefuee
KlcheapImitation.. Dr.*Tya'a are told at
Wa box"or three lor III). Malted to any eddrejj.
■taa loob.ll Dm* Co* St. Uatnarlnet, Oat,


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